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Kelly Brogan, M.D. is a holistic women’s health psychiatrist and author of the NY Times Bestselling book, A Mind of Your Own.
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the fucking amazing gym i go there every time i'm in town it also has tenth planet jiu jitsu and bang muay thai go to onnit dot com use the code word and save ten percent off any and all supplements lies as error i don't think so i think of danglars but yeah i talk too much more guess today is a wonderful person a psychiatry and she has a lot of interesting things to say about anti cycle medicine about antidepressants about the science behind what what is actually effective and what's what is more effective diet is it exercise is it medication it's getting very controversial very its talking these people especially when you're a dummy like me is always a problem i don't really i can't really argue against some shows gonna be a ton of people
that are equal me right now going i wanted one shot was crack and i want to stop it say that go make your own pike ass stupid now if you really have something like super interesting say get hold me on twitter i guess i don't know twitter spam me though i've been down that road before and i just ignore it because its gross something i would do bligh might we'll talk and let's just get to the show ladies and gentlemen it was a wonderful shows got a great sense of humour she's a brilliant woman give it up for kelly broken will gain experience life that's it just like that so thank you for doing this welcome scorn election nothin happy to vienna lang are you i am always
looks good right now the rents good dislike jewish it's like an addictive relationship among us would rather be in california new yorkers yeah yeah yeah some your psychiatrist am i would think that there is ample work in new york just the environment that new or provides people stacked on top of each other like that beep beep car fog you other like otis assume stress leads to a lot of people with absolutely you're a fisherman you want to live near river right road and its fetish ized in new york to to have a psychiatrist it sort of almost expected that you do so not only is there like ample supply and demand but then it is a thing or two huckleberry what what's that about can you explain that i think it's like you know woody allen level
a re like sort of embracing year shadow and then there's something refreshing about it because we don't pretend to be ok i mean were deeply not ok in new york chronically but as someone ok like in general anywheres or spyware go yes yadda they ve got it nailed i mean there's this i'm actually in the medical literature believe it or not called paleo deficit disorder and it just refers to like how far have you strayed from the path in your lifestyle like basic stuff green space movement you know sleep and i would imagine that if you have more of those components intact you're probably a bit more okay than if you're living you know a midtown manhattan like seattle in the summer to me is a really good place because it so green and it's so pretty and the oceans right there let's see getting some good air and then you son because the site marcin i have that seasonal depression thing that goes on i mean imagine their jane
you don't remember you never i've heard it's like crazy beautiful at its awesome its awesome but those winners they get to you after the thirty day arraign you'll come on this is stupid like how much water dna so am i big big winter complainer and i have been my whole life's i complain ten months of the year of what it's like to live in the northeast we have been playing around with the idea that there is actually something cool about like a sort of sick little living it's almost just like if you embrace it then there's something just like everything dead ends miserable for a period of time and then it blooms figure gets experience like this rebirth and then it you know flourishes and then advising and that there's another perspective actually being i don't know like if you work with it it sort of like a woman whose on birth control has no idea
that there is any point to you know a cycle of energy over the course of the month range sort of thanks is that that's annoying but there's a way you can wrap your mind around it where you would or even more so like if you're on birth control you have no menstrual cycle right so you're just like you like a man you're like a flat line the whole month but there's something really empowering if you understand how to work with your energy shifts because naturally like a woman's natural meant another stripping what are we talking about me and its aliens raison d want here like i figure this out i'm thirty nine i was unburthen shoalford twelve years i never knew what it was what it meant to have like a menstrual cycle until very recently in aid to kids breastfeeding so couple decades into my life i'm just figuring this i'll let you have a totally different kinds of energy over the course of the month and you have to
work with that so there is a kind of energy that you really want to go out and socialize or you want to stay in work for you and sleep more or less and if you don't know how ride that then you could be sort of taken off guard by it but if you know i work with it it's so much more powerful than just having this like artificial hijacking of year end to some does interesting so there's like some sort of analogy to be drawn between the cycles of nature and the cycles of your body month my cat never consider that i never thought about it but i have thought about birth control before about our crazy it is that you give it when a hormone convinces or barter that she's perpetually pregnant and that a giant percentage of women are on it for convenience war even from other medical issue like skin issues right exactly i mean when i have always been of feminist right so even when i was
younger and very much asleep i identified as a feminist and i was one of those people who thought that birth control was like a female entitlement like how dare you not make this free and widely available but as i began to research more about it and more about how it's in many ways like the ultimate you not to send two inflammatory but the ultimate tool for oppression of you know the modern woman now i find it incredible that we there were still taking it because it seems like a good idea right who wants to deal with your annoying menstrual cycle who wants to get pregnant who wants to heaven meat rios is our policy sick ovary you know who wants to have acne like hair growing and weird places but it's the magic pill illusion there's no free lunch there's never gonna be some
i just fixes it for you and you just waltz off into the sunset there's always a cost in the cost is so much more that's like ranging from literally death all the way to just like subtle alterations in your personality and like the fear it's u secrete you now and there there was just a million woman study in scandinavia that showed about the vast increase and enterprise and prescribing for teenagers who are prescribed birth control so it's the beginning of sort is it it way jag sometimes for six months to day i heard i had a friend who one of his good friends his daughter died from some complications would taking birth control pills and smoking cigarettes yes parliamentary assemblies in that smoking cigarettes apparently along with the birth control pills are extremely dangerous put so many do it of course and europe we have to have that additional risk factor no cause birth control whether its appeal
something called the new harangue by itself has that you know i'm contacted often by parents of girls who have died from pulmonary embolism have now become like activists in this round that's because a birth control pills diana second known mechanism and its unknown respected like i think that's not being suppressed are hidden it's just that we are sort of in train to dismiss the risks as we attach to the promise so we sort of like collude in ignoring that potential you know that so interesting because most people when they think about the birth control pill they think about it as something liberated women because they can control whether or not they got pregnant they were allowed for the first time to have careers and do whatever they wanted to because they didn't have to worry about being trapped that's right that's a story but that's the biological free lunch thing this isn't there also lotta issues chris rhine was on here ducked chris rind author of sex at dawn
he was on here and he was talking about how women can like if would all the clothes of other men you can literally tell the man you are attracted to you would be biologically compatible with those men and when they did the same studies on women who are on the birth control pill they couldn't smell the different sets its competition study is that you can just pull like one little thread of the spider web and leave the rest of it intact everything else would be fine we're only working on this one area so with birth control for example the rest of it intact everything else may be fine we're only working on this one area so with birth control for example the aid fact it and of course taking over
the management of your sex hormones but the rest of your body is gonna be totally unaffected and of course as we learn more about how all of these systems are totally and inextricably interconnected we have a better understanding of how you know when you interfere with sex hormones you also potentially have other effects including raising things called binding globule ends including inflammatory response are depleting a number of new france and we're having you know it's possible that we haven't even begun to look through the keyhole of the effects on brain and in a suitor neuro peptides in these arenas where we don't have any idea what for mono secretion is about like we
just have to defer to the probability that our bodies are more complex and weave right like begun to understand so your biology is meant to guide you it's meant to empower you and it's meant to create a sense of vitality if you can inhabit your body and be in a truce with it that's part of the problem with the mindset of britain trawlers i'm just gonna do you now take this over i'm innocent manage this as who knows maybe even it's a top down like mindset thing that begins to sort of divorce you from your sensibilities we don't really know is the point that's couldn't that's gonna be a common answer i think i have to give you is that we we don't really know but it does make sense that europe may know the subtle nature of your biology that involves you know sort of guiding
human interactions and particularly sex related interactions is gonna be derailed i'm in low libido is one of ironically the most common disclose side effects of birth control so you're you're taking it so that you can have unprotected sex you don't feel like having sex ultimately anyways so said even really that well thought out i think by most of us is very bizarre but one other alternatives are there i mean if you're a woman and you want to have control of whether or not you get pregnant till you're not a whole lot of options other than weird ones like eu soon rule weird yeah i mean there's some of my patients is what's called a copper i you d you know it's funny cause i had one put in and tuna because seven hundred dollars in two and a half weeks later i had taken out because i just felt weird about having like a pharmaceutical metal in my body with elegant try device i feel there are now now not really it's just like psychologically out where
but i use something called a daisy which is like this highly calibrated thermometer any tracker you because you have six fertile days a month this is and you know like some major sacrifice you have to make in order to learn how your cycle works and then you get the benefits of bees being in your hormonal amelia you know like it's not something complicated but it requires a learning curve fino requires like learning how to be a woman and also sharing the onus because you know with all of these side effects have been talking about here there is like a male birth control study that was just terminated because of how many side effects like the men didn't want to deal with in recent such as socio cultural double standard around this but if we're talking about six days a month like have we collaborated turned figure something out that doesn't involve the risk of death perhaps
so this daisy thing just monitors your temperature and tell you exactly what's goin on here i mean it's a little more sophisticated and that it actually has the efficacy like above ninety nine percent efficacy if you listen to it that's part of their you know our room for human error but a basically just tells you like have sex now if you want to conceive or if you don't then don't rods like a little light green red or yellow how many women are on birth control you guess nationwide you know i would that's a good question i dont know the off hand upwards of like ten million and i would say but i thought the number of people taking so sort of substance that alters the very new sure who they are second
yeah me my interests in a really came from looking at the psychiatric side effects because i'm very interested in medications that have potential you know gateway affects around psychiatric meds that we are in informing women of before they start the prescription so you know whether it's like acid blocking medications you know or antibiotics you know birth control vaccines these things have known a psycho biological effects if you don't know that then you'll never connect the dots and then you end up in the polly pharmacy realm or you're taking multiple meds wrote that ever knowing where the dominoes like started to fall yeah i remember there was a commercial they used to have it all they still air it but it is for psychiatric medication that you take whose an anti doping and when you or depressed from antidepressants i'm talking about i think you probably talking about a bill of
i guess yeah is exactly the number one prescription in america recently terrified its use i gotta get what you read this side effects woe slow down like what is this like psychotic thoughts and death in bleeding and re and if what you were taking had similar side of excess and working men you can just later this on its very common practice its very rare i would say actually for people to be on just one psychiatric mad industry standard real industry standard to be taking would say of i would say no to three sometimes even five many of the patients i work with come to me on a cocktail of like five minutes jesus i am well you're chasing something for like ours rikers he never really gonna feel yourself the way you want to and that's what i found is really what we want you know like we just want to feel comfortable in our own skin we just want to feel ourselves like in
road i wanna know be her hammer be richer beautiful we just want to feel cool being who we are and you're never gonna undermines they never it's very unlikely you feel that way while on immigration that has consciousness altering effects and slew of side effects and so you're gonna be chasing that with other with the promise of other med siena a stimulant because europe axles making you tired and then you need events it as a pain because you can't sleep and you know then we're sort of depressed again and so you have another antidepressant layered on and then there's a fad you know sort of you know bipolar to medication that you could try out like lamentable or ability and so this is sort of third culturally sanctioned approach to mental health so how does a doctor no like a few you then they put you on some zoloft or something like that and not pecans olaf but then
they say whilst is not really totally doing it for you what about stacking abyla in with the xo that i think duchess might be taken to your happy right re right yeah well it's is immoral to remember ailing particularly in psychiatry there is no objective testing measures now give a broken arm i i see you have broken arm you your eyes cast over the broken i'm you can get an x ray right re improve they have broken out right in psychiatry there's no blood tests theirs e g there's no you know scan of any kind it's a conversation sometimes as short as ten minute legislative vacuum in your office and all my axis little different ok we just save your regular psychiatry man i don't know kelly i'm a fucking mess i can keep it together what do i do what i take just start someone off on a low doses of something and see if it helps and they come back in a couple weeks like how does it work it's like it it's like an art form i mean
you have your personal favorite medications that you feel comfortable prescribing so your more likely to prescribe m but then also and this is also as you know in the literature itself if pitching comes in asking for a particular medication then you forty nine percent i think it was like of prescriptions that a written are written because of space if a patient request celebrities where people's generational is exactly they're getting his eye as from the fact that we are one of three countries in the world that allows for direct consumers are the ones north korean russia now is rising in brazil a new zealand while that is surprising is rearing its head confuses the hell out of me when i watch us commercials and those like beautiful piano music plan and this cartoon flowers or smile and everybody analyzed
what are they selling may remain arcs rather worse ask your doktor multi billions are put as commercial and for good reason so there's no real like theirs not like a blood test or something they give you they say i think this is gonna be the ticket for you know i know it's very impressionistic and that's sort of the issue i mean the diagnostic and statistical manual the dsl is sort of the generic so to speak in psychiatry unlike in the fifties it was like a hundred and fifty pages and now its eight hundred and eighty six pages and its grown in volume largely because of the consensus decisions of of older white man sitting around the table our doom why man who supposedly in the vein you know almost all of them have industry ties and this is out there this isn't like cancer
you see there are no my wife mom was a nurse and shoes i was telling me that they would get taken out on these really nice dinners by these pharmaceutical companies to take it to a real nice thrust by state and so you know and you can have a drink and you know that would be so willing to be like very common entry of this medication y know a girl took this really helped her a lot and you don't need a long term effect you like i was in that you know generation to where i got taken out to five star restaurant the manhattan all the town is by you stop it feels really good because you're making like twenty grand a year working your ass off and so when someone takes you to a fancy restaurant with your friends but you can convince yourself that it's not actually going to immunity the urine intellectual and you're gonna make your own decisions but all of the data suggest otherwise that you are unduly influenced by that kind of courtship view here
it's it's true so we have this like you know sort of collusion on the part of the doktor and the patients to support industry interests over any any sort of an shred of a scientific evidence based process for really diagnose someone more special we're talking about something that is so subjective words not like a broken arm faint world joe you ve got a broken arm like i know to do we're gonna set your arming value cast its leg so you helen down hey man ray i like to do they even ask you like does this does a normal psych i guess like someone is really good would but did is your die and your sleep patterns is that consideration before they prescribe medical medication now in fact most sorted turncoat doctors like me will tell you that we have one hour of nutrition education in all of our medical school and residency
one clear your turncoat a u like considered like a rat your bad person and in industry and not welcome and really halls anymore now i like him guilty positions and live in this to study lot are being honest about stuff because i guess the kind of science that i bring to the table which is not my own i don't have any original ideas but i am really good i think curetting information and collecting it and synthesizing and presenting a right so what i hear to shine a light on his very inconvenient science
for industry interests but also for conventional practice because you know i don't prescribed medication anymore under any circumstances ever but i do have an entire practice devoted to taking people off of medication so i have sort of my thing and it's a lot based on lifestyle change as you mentioned right if you don't have your methodology as an alternative to prescribing and you're going to acknowledge what alone the science says that condemns the pharmaceutical approach what you going to do instead you just invested two hundred thousand dollars of get blood sweat and tears indentured servitude for like a decade of your training is going to give that up you know so it's a lot to expect the average psychiatrist to acknowledge you know anything beyond what's called like consensus medicine it's called that because it doesn't even have a connection to the evidence not having
this is how they all agree on it and they're just gonna keep doing it so this consensus medicine logan psychiatry there's kind of like this understanding that you dont criticise the the system that everyone is operating under he just work within that system you bother you know cause it's gonna get you are you're comfortable for years and get you in trouble the so there's no incentive you know like i read more science then probably all my conventional colleagues put together because a heavily no incentive to do so because i'm practicing outside of the you know the gold standard so to speak so when you're in the fold why would you bother reading science who cares you just do or you are taught to do don't question it so oh it's you know the reason that lifestyle is not presented as a relevant factor in conventional medicine is because it flies in the face of the whole model
like the model is still a gene based model it still you were born with it you know it's a coddling the victim there's nothing you can do about it so you know you better just be a good boy and take your medication is the only thing you can do because diet doesn't matter you know whether you're you know huffing fumes through your doesn't matter whether you're eating six kansas tuna day and mercury poisoning yourself doesn't none of that matters really maybe it's like of minor interests but the real problem is you're inborn genetic chemical imbalance right so if that is the premise and it's not just insect streets and all of medicine is jean based determinism freeze pharma to offer the only solution and it actually validates people on some level as the victim rate so like a lot of people want to feel weirdly you know like their own victimised
you should feel comfortable even others signs that supports that having a healthy nutrient dense diet allows your body to produce the all although healthy hormone and chemicals and narrow transmitters and all this and then along with exercise which also increases in south as they have in their research is also the show that exercise regular roebuck exercise of particular it does as much to treat depression as s r us more ma actually because the efficacy of most anti depressants is pretty embarrassing liked to be frank because if you really dig into the literature it's not what you think it is in terms of really being a viable treatment option so many of these natural alternatives like far out page seven things even like herbs like two merrick or acupuncture yoga
you know exercise and that's just a single intervention so there's nothing miraculous about my approach has basically just putting all those things together at once for like a synergistic effect you can send your body and mind like a signal of safety right and it works right so if you're just doing one of those things in isolation and even one of those things is more effective than you know it's really really comes down to the mindset because if you wanted in a pill it's gonna be challenging for you to get results through effort or something behavioral so the mindset peace has become a real focus for me as being maybe the most important determinant of what's going to be ineffective demand should peace meaning me what you believe
like about health and if you want to know believe that your broken and that we know chemicals are necessary to manage your scary body and of tangible smart people who believe that i have a french is assigned to shoot first more and she's on enterprise indeed if you talk to her she will argue to the death of these are of a critical for her life she needs a man she has some sort of a brain imbalance and it's no different than having some other organ in your body does not function properly you mean medication for that we have been told that i was told that and i believe that for sure you know the analogy is often what's like insulin to a diet it's the same thing and the more you you know challenge that your signature i say mental illness yeah how dare you you know i've been exactly approach i've been it he's of shaming women which is up
where's the last you know all i care about is is empowering women around their health literally i wake up every single day and and devote my life to that purpose like the last thing i have any intention of doing is shaming any who's made this decision watches whenever something make someone uncomfortable with their choices they immediately one turn someone else into an aggressor someone who's victimizing them with this this woman than friends with its unfortunate because i feel like if she anxiously she would know i shouldn't exercise if you dont exercise d don't really know that would help right i hate to be that guy because i already am that prosecutor you gonna work i've got a fucking annoying that's like the crossword personally our citizens vague in or whatever agnew called member right you just wanted those our you're never going to commence and people to hate you it's true when it's like you know you bring a horse to water thing now you can't you can't make it happen course
but there is more a readiness now then i think ever before like people are ready and once they have the information sort alike and then they just transform these conversations are happening now more and more with people were there are starting to look at like what what is it in my life causing me stress what is it in my life that is depleting my sleep patterns or my health have i ever got my blood tests dawn and find out where my nutrient levelled are ass an you know everybody's nutrient
the leaders are very different biologically people like people can respond differently to drugs people can respond differently food it just we we come from different parts of the world and some people need different stuff and this is being called like end of one medicine envying like meaning the number of people in a study like the phrases and of one medicine because we are beginning to understand exactly what you're saying which as you know it's you this is your thing this is your journey this is a very specific to you re so like you know your depression let's say could be because you have a beetle deficiency and could be because you have loath eirik function it could be because your teeth
birth control it could be because you know your dog died it could be because you have a shitty job that you hate me because your marriage has to go and we could be because you're ready for some psycho spiritual emergency you know and you are the only one who really knows and who really can figure it out but we on the conventional side of things seek to depress eyes so it's it's not you it has nothing to do with you it's worse or chemical processes and folding and you need this one size fits all intervention is very disingenuous brutes also super common has now weird but but that everyone numbing there's the access the data is there for everyone is therefore psychiatrists well like they would know the efficiency and effectiveness rather of exercise but that's what i'm saying it's really coming down to like almost religious level belief systems like i do you believe right which i used to pass
do you believe that were sort of machines re like as our motts would say we're like flesh robots on a dead rock floating in the middle of nowhere where everything is purposeless and random and ditches bad luck and bad genes you know it's like the other shoe could fall at any moment in life is just a hustle and you just try to survive and you gotta veil yourself of real medicine which is farmers ethical medicine see only widget option and you just gotta do it and you know what you want some credit for even having the courage to actually take the steps to take your man right so that's what
mindset and then the other which is i believe growing is that we have no idea what we're doing scientifically and we're just looking through the keyhole and science is a process it's not like a destination where the science settled my favorite risk so you know the body itself has this you know chiropractors college vital is unlike has this innate wisdom and it doesn't make mistakes like it doesn't mess up every single thing your body is doing is in wise response to a perceived stimulus right diseases of course burn or cancer no leukemia now it would include without exception really without and explain what i mean by that but by right so so if i have an acre apace
or i my ears falling out or i have a tumor growing out of sight of my body my first response it's possible could be curiosity like it could be what is this about you know where am i off right because in like indigenous cultures for example illness not like something that your body is doing it's the you know sort of manifestation of things out of balance with you in your soul you know with you in the relationships in your life with you and nature and maybe the collective itself so it's this expression it's this physical manifestation of something much deeper that has roots and until you understand what those routes are for you you won't resolving billig serious errors like birth defects and things along those lines that's not like a wise bonds to anything right it's an error is a good question you know the the sort of like congenital question like if you're just like born
without right leg i mean you could take it to the and were you say ok what drove the birth defect whether it was some sort of okay so let's back up a second because at b genetics right is the word de jure for beyond or above actually technically genes right so there's the genes are interesting but perhaps as insignificant as like one per cent of what makes a separate or well we never somewhat mix as well as like a total black box but ebby genetics is like how does the invite an impact our genes right so you could argue that a lot of congenital you know assertive malformations and things like that as this was an area of study for me when i was prescribing to pregnant women which believe it was my specialty prescribing psychiatric meds too to pregnant women that it is a risk in response to that exposure and it's the bodies method of adapting
to an exposure is an adaptation or is it just an error or gives ones bore without leg what kind of adaptation is that it seems like to reach some sort of a genetic air or no depends on how you want to look at it i mean to me there are no errors because the body is responding to perceive stimulus now if you throw a lot of toxicity you know the way of your body there may be a limit to which it can or will accommodate rikers like something confusing for me he was a one point i was reflecting on the fact that you know we ve had all of these environmental exposures for like about a hundred hundred fifty years like since the industrial revolution rate so we like live totally different lives now with all these toxic exposures that we sit all day and we don't sleep and we have monsanto and all the rest pretty much for like the past two hundred years or so we can adapt like my body is adapting within the hours that were you know hanging out so why wouldn't
we have adopted over the past one hundred years and like a paleo argument is like like we ve evolves the same way for ninety five percent of our evolution in and now we just having taken enough time to evolve to catch up with today's modern influences right but i actually think were not meant to accommodate this and we will self extinguish like if we don't course correct which i have faith well do but were not meant to adapt to this kind of stimulating checkbook alive draft yeah exactly so that you re at all as would be the end of people if we don't course correct i think we will and i they go eat your having pretty much like i'd i think even though we could biologically adapts i think we won't because there is like a cosmic intelligence that is holding us accountable to a certain level of respect for this human organism certainly
of respect for the privilege of being alive you know and the way were living today just like trashing ourselves and trashing this planet is in its violation so i dunno as is like a subtle point but i think the point is we're not going to apt so don't wait for it you know and we're just gonna get sick or insecure and securing die and perhaps that is the most intelligent terms from was doom and gloom giving a better member right yeah just like the sacrifice for productivity the daily sacrifice for productivity that comes at the expense of health and happiness is the norm you know take that that's what a lot of people deal with they deal with bills alike as your pointing about its point about exorbitant medical bills let me so many people it or in the medical industry start their practice or start practicing being a doctor of professional doktor with court mind our debt which crazy it's so
money it's it's so crazy yet is so what a terrible idea like what's almost man forty four any civilization well you need healthcare for short needed we will take care of people i got an idea let's take those people that you need to make this critical decisions to save your life and let's fuck them over who could saddlers people up with crazy dead and led them to act in a world of stress and i got an even better idea when they go into the residency let's not let him sleep we should like a rat camera guided work given the pills and even set a means give em after all you need a prescription sally are you tired sally i got a little pick me up call admiral sweetie it's not your fault you ve got adhd t you of the fact that you are ass but that it's like hazing it's a hazing process unlike the military right you know
that you remain loyal i mean that's obviously one perspective on it but that's what i'm saying right like i was two hundred thousand dollars and debt it took a lot for me to just like jumped ship and so can whatever i you know invested at amazon a walk away from it most people you know in a position to do that and perhaps as part of the design are now why don't you resolve design is very fresh and efficient survival mechanism for the industry it just seems like one of the worst where as for someone to start a career in taking care of peoples to be all fucked up themselves that they need to be broken down in that way since stanley nuts got it does this thing you sort of hierarchical systems work this business is it of conspiracy or is it people just tat the advantage of this need and being greedy and and just charging it amounts of money and having the whole thing
subsidized by the government so they could be expensive and then the whole thing is crazy and also here's the big one that a lot of people maybe if you're a kid you're not aware of this year stu alone is high you till you're dead you can get out those fuckers like you didn't get out you get out you could buy ferrari you could be stupid and by a ferrari goddammit i can afford this car and you go bankrupt and they allow you to go bankrupt that's static that can happen you can have a business make terrible decisions lose all your money go bankrupt and literally be absolved of your debt except here student loans that shit is in your dna care that they keep you you have to pay that you have to it's crazy it's so nuts how much money it is when you find out what the student loan industry is in this country and how much money chill
dron go oh you're a fucking child when you're eighteen years old right out so you make some ridiculous decision to go to some school and you get some grant or you get some sort scholarship and then the rest of it loans or whatever the hell you're situation is and then you get out of four years and then you go and do your masters you go and do some graduate work you're funny you're fucked you're so broke and then if you get out what are the odds even get a job in your field you know you have to scramble to try to make some money and then you have this never ending rahul of debt that you have done suck a little bit out of every month it's like living for the oasis on the horizon but that's what we do in this country you know we just are constantly waiting for it to feel okay costly waiting till we get there when i get it either they are getting free education it mean if it would be possible if it is possible to do with
ruining the educational system if it's not already ruined if it is possible to do that it would be like one of the best things we could ever do for young people to keep them from being saddled down with some bullshit that you have to keep with you for the rest of your life so you like are handicapped at the gate yeah it's crazy and it also it inhibits any risk taking you gonna have exactly any chance like two jumped ship and try some new it maybe you're doing something but all the while you have this idea god i think this is that's what we doing i'm always thinking about it i'm gonna take a chance but i had this fuckin debt and the only way to really paid is dead off
if i enter into this same that's it that's a really important point because if you sir to look across dimensions culturally they're all geared towards supporting a certain kind of mine sentimentality witches productivity oriented which as you know capitalism and consumer supportive in terms of that sort of financial apparatus and so the things and elements you know like grim hancock has talked about this you know that the elements that are convenient to that paradigm including psychiatric meds even alcohol on some level like these more sort of suppressing consciousness oppressive tools are sanctioned rain and the things that would encourage risk taking encourage creative expression
and encourage you know sort of consciousness expansion are you known demonized or you know rendered illegal because their incoming into the paradigm i guess but honestly i think there is a victim of circumstance more than anything when i i don't i'm not so i believe that when the psychedelic act of nineteen seventy was put play it was clearly put in the play because they we're trying to arrest people that were in the civil rights movement and the anti war movement that's been proven it's been proven that there was a collusion and that what they were trying to do was make it so that they can go after these people to civil rights movement go after these people that were in the anti war movement they cast them for drugs and arrest them and they would cripple these movements and this is all like documented real clear by the next administration the reason why they passed that sweeping psychedelic act of nineteen have any which covered a lot of stuff that's not even psychoactive they didn't even know what they're doing and they may some of the big ones they missed like five myth oxy d
tea which smaller most potent psychedelic drugs known to man just a few years ago used to build by that shit on line from chemical companies they would give you like a jug of it they could get a whole city high for a month and you could go by it was a credit card not that i know but it is an excellent i certainly didn't and evidently so still have any of it but if i did it's not even illegal that's crazy it's like they they made stuff that was like our part of human use for thousands and thousands of years that made it highly illegal and they did it at a time they were trying to break down these people that were trying to change society right so that was nineteen seventy but along the way i think what really happened is it became a matter of financial risk like marijuana a big one like financial risk of the pharmaceutical companies if they found out that there are so many different things that marijuana get help weather
it is people's abbot tied or certain arthritic conditions or getting go down the list kids with the lab see it's a huge fan children with autism especially edible marijuana all these dear and things all these different things at a treats if that was made legal and people are turning to that's an exercise in a holistic approach it would cost the pharmaceutical com is literally billions of dollars a year so think that's the big conspiracy i think it's over it's not real a paradigm consciousness sort of a thing as much as its financial thing think of the dollar were totally related www now think the people that are suppressing europe or even aware of these i would act green now i which as far as i know i own master mean a puppet string prayer it's it's like this organism that's just moved only in one direction you know yes money towards the same reason why also involved
than trying to keep these drugs illegal you have prison guards unions because they want to keep their money coming in you have police unions i mean there's a lot of that where you find lobbying by these unlikely groups like i do understand why and then you go they just want to make more money there are more than willing to lock people up there more than willing to demonize helpful things that grow naturally now virtually no negative effects in terms of like your health things like marijuana totally i mean that's that's why i you know when i speak about because i used to be really unlike my on this toddling hausa wicked we are worried because i just sort of gay like i've mina once i woke up whatever was some ten years ago your views hashtag woke derosa now should i nourish analysis joke with today hash homework or hashtag woke f i'm all do ok let's get what d ya think thing at that
i am afraid that it so when you saw him aware of when i became aware was passed close was it a gradual process now now no i am i were i got like sec ass i wasn't very dramatic but my big story is that i was agnes admire my first health condition which is an army in disorder monitor my first pregnancy hushing motors i'll have the o willingness as you say my data my brother do my mama also whence like not as common and men but public as nobody's looking for it yeah so i was diagnosed with that and i just said the slick intuitive sense that i wasn't gonna go to conventional doktor even though i never ever done anything but dismiss alternative medicine like i was hard core into the pharmaceutical model very to science at from that perspective and so i am but i knew
that all they had to offer was employed and i dine had enough patients and never felt well in it and soon afterwards word stuff i asked for a while and then a switch to armor thyroid i am and that's one reason why get pissed doktor drew when doctrine was giving that that when you talking about hillary clinton and oliver health issues and he was going over her prescription he was mocking the fact that she was on armor thyroid you saying that that's old that's an old way treated like he does no fucking yeah for peace is absolutely wrong because i went through a bunch of different stuff and then when i of armour thyroid all of the symptoms what awake gone and as the danish people feel subjectively better anti three continue i will explain what that is a comes from pig yeah what did its glandular and he's not wrong
because it is an old fashioned medicine is no longer an effective those we talk about how our data and that was it right at all people feel better on so i took that for something similar call nature throw it for a while but i went to a natural path because wishes so funny that i did that that time it sounds like a hippie did you go do i just let it go replace with like macro man start now arose learn out really ferns dermody someday friendly she's friendly did you smell like but truly or incense yes she don't absolutely i was get that's that's it felt right even really seen robbing wrong but now i did and she i put an intermission in the face of like a year in might antibodies we're like in a high to thousands mightiest issues like twenty and i need to do to put our mission so the same
things i do innovations so i'd be initially just change my diet so initially i just very simply at her recommendation and i'm battalion i've ever times from italy and i ate cheese and bread of some variety like five times a day literally for my whole life rose the two things of course she asked me to take our gluten india dammit some is at present a very amazing transition but i my early win was that i started like pooping every day and had never done that in my whole life resolution thank you thank you these things that's big matter and the question must be on to something and then later i layered and other stuff you eating a lot of vegetables the time now it is more about what i took out then at that point than like what i put in but i saw the change on paper i was like this is not in his report
the ball literally not even we're not even taught that this is possible let alone that it has anything you know the pudding autoimmune conditions intermission has anything to do the diet and so i was really indignant and i've always been a science not i've always spent saturday you know like a good for hours every saturday on pub man course i'm looking at different stuff over time but i went to pimentos like what else didn't i learn and i was like on an obsessive rampage for like a good couple years and that's when i just turned over every stone like everything every sacred cow weather all these ma meds we're talking about like you know staten sir ass ad blockers or antibiotics then i got onto psych meds and then i started to look at the science supporting a very different kind of perspective on you know this interconnected model in the guttmacher biome and you know sort of the impact of belief honor you know by
energy that we can sort of like reprogram are hardware you know and with our software which is like but the only species that can really do that though we can literally changed remote i now exactly and but also where your brain interacts with your body examined no change national dialogue you literally change your body so what did you do to do that like what methods so i was very reluctant to meditate i was an atheist my whole lot like a belligerent you know sort of like dawkins level az is my whole life because i was a science worshipper and i was like well you know religion is for weak people who like need to believe in some fairytale to make them feel better about typical new yorker new york where we welcome an actor new york liberal scientist exactly what science the re literally is the church of of science and
so you know what i had this crisis of faith so to speak like i was lost for a long time because science had sort of me now or what i believe to sort of failed me in some ways and then i didn't have a white the readiness to start meditating or find out what you know people are talking about when it came to spirituality although i followed the literature so like i read the literature meditation and every genetic expression for years and years and years and ice till my patients to do it but i didn't do it how what algae barton because i liked feeling thrust out her we saw when you don't do something you're not doing it as you like actually being sick you like how you're feeling you're invested in it is it that you like or that you're addictive familiar and ass comfortable and the unknown for some of my patients the meditation pieces the last part because they know it's gonna be the game changer and then they're not ready for everything to just be totally reconfigure than not ready for that
about transformation is now what they say to about sometimes people that are addicted to cigarettes the you're almost addicted to the dear you're doing something bad yourself here addicted to that rush of tapping not yes so till it confirms yes and like selling hook to because you like fuck it i'm alive gives a shit zol bullshit about the future fucked up journalists settled right seventy five it's more peoples most cigarettes and it's so confused it's like you making a deal too slowly paid using yourself you like it throw a little bit of money in the pot every month guarantee guarantees twenty years ago on thirty years outline how long it takes you gonna some some sample is gonna come off the machinery and hey mike the tumor in your lungs it's not good we have to cut one of these things out your chest goodbye and one lombardy as well
i do thou gotta yes starting papayas i why thing while he's alive we all this stuff like that i mean it's not always dreamed army i recognise right here we do because we you know were invested in reflecting a felt wrongness in i would call out wrong like we feel deep inside something is wrong wrong with us wrong what society right so things missing and then we don't want to pretend that everything is ok so we solve medicate in a rather with you no drugs are cigarettes her you know work a holiday or sex addiction or brawl sort of in this place not wanting to acknowledge it there's a reason you know like one of my favorite courts is this like christian
pretty good that it's no measure of helped me well adapted to profoundly sick society right so right we re really lie love new york bats traffic i love you i got your person is totally out of it that's a weird what about very very best friends is just addicted to europe and its title he's been there for ever he think any of us every loves a city totally but he loves the energy likes the cars and traffic what it does but he's healthy you liked fairly like physically got a few issues billig mentally throw of acts and usually like just one things sorted out small guys lincoln's problematic you just loves the i don't know what it is her colleague you know that's the thing now like if you if you think about what the messaging is from the top
we were talking very like the messaging is keep it together punch the clock on monday like veto sorted out wrong and you're supposed to be like fine be fine rate but many of us don't feel fine like range and you're a huge range of not fineness that's all i'm saying when i say like i felt wrongness and that's actually healthy you know to sense that and a lot of artists i would say are the canaries and the coal mine so to speak like they're the ones who feel you know the collective wound me if you want to call it that more than we do with our sensitive in ways while i want put you in my category sir we're of an artist and i am i'm not an artist so i sort of yourselves and artisans now i don't know it's interesting actually because most of my patients are real or they become after i get them off myths
oh wait a minute yeah so they weren't artist you get em off mats and also they start like composing music or something are making paintings or exactly they find some repressed expression something like that you know but if you also look at you like i just wrote an article recently that tied in crisscross now in one kurtz i now i now bothered me now and it's not an isolated i mean listen i dont know the details i don't know what happened but i i saw his life fully mellaril yet was to say what his wife believes this my leaves he took too many of his antidepressants i am medications but what and there are like some rumour about him having a relapse was there a rumour rumour that there was a child check marks duration
marsili find anything on that how the hell would anybody know that that seems like so share the people just start making up the lesson and i can be a case of doing the same thing even commenting but his wife who is married to him was the one who said that she believe like when she talked him on the phone that he had taken too much of his anti anxiety migration and it is one thing to just gonna go she's like a grieving widow if there wasn't like a very indicting body of evidence that unequivocally literally two new studies just came out this week that unequivocally implicate benzodiazepines in homicide and suicide right you are a very important finished study you know demonstrated that benzodiazepines or lead to like a two hundred twenty three percent increase risk of committing homicide jesus caused they
along with anti depressants and actually other central banks including stimulants you know all of these medications have been thanks to an increase in and suicide as well so when i hear about a school shooting or i hear about the german wings you know playground wings that guy lubeck like who who took down the plane the german wings plain he just like suicide it with a whole plain of people on crash the plane like when i hear about these mass murderer like menace to society kind of situations my first thought is what segments where they on and you know my training basically
dish and made to say or will there mentally ill so obviously there taking right man that's like saying umbrellas cause the rain rare that's that's outworks causation correlation exactly but actually there's a massive suppressed body of literature that implicates these medications all of them and we know why we think right so we think that it has to do with the way you metabolize some people metabolizing medication so they you might be born with the genetic variant in your liver that makes it so that you by design metabolize medications differently than someone else right so you can enter into a state of what's called auto intoxication more easily than someone else even sometimes in a couple of doses and you develop what's called acca theatre
induced impulsivity impulsivity which is like a like this feeling like you just get work following your skin but you seem really chill really creepy like horror movie level so no one around you know you're about to fuck and boil over explode i had i spoke in july in london i did this workshop and this guy contacted me named david karma and cycle of to meet you followed your work and i want answers how about my story i had known about this paper of which he was one of eleven ten or eleven subjects by these authors looser and crowding youths from twenty eleven older paper where they took all these people who had committed like heinous it's right like you know murdered their therapists or killed their child or themselves jumped in front of a train or whatever and they were prescribed anti depressants for totally run of the mill stress right so like work
stress or a dog dying not because they had like
severe mental illness and we're suicide alright these people were not suicidally were not homicide all they were normal citizens and they went on to do this crazy thing and what they found was when they analyze each of these you know victims for betrayers everyone look at it they found they all had these liver variance it i'm talking about so that they were basically poisoned by medication but before they were poisoned they were put into this altered state where they did impulsive leave violent thing so this guy basically gets on the stage where i was speaking any talks about how he was prescribed packs all because he worked i think is an accountant and he was prescribed for work related stress that gives you sucked taking on too much stress that work rate and he remembers feeling like his mind like slip away like he began you entered this realm of like psychosis essentially
he started to develop all of these paranoid beliefs but he looked and people talked him like all you're getting better so glad you you're feeling better long story short he strangled his eleven year old son dead ends that before a few menem after this is actually years ago and so you must nicely met him and he was telling you about others and then after that he killed this kid now he killed his son before we met a year ago ok but he wanted you know share you know with the audience of doctors i was speaking to listen these are based on this medication aid which is rare actually believe it or not because a lot of times these people are jailed so it's like you know punishing the punishing the victim so to speak but that sort of the issue that is an important issue re cause your friend right ok so let's say some people this is in line with their consciousness to to not have
curiosity about why they're having symptoms not want to see what they can do in terms of optimizing their lifestyle is just like not their deal right so they want to take a medication and they want to suppress their symptoms and just like hope it works out that's fine i don't care what people do this should be a free country right you do what you want to do in practice the medicine that makes sense to you but the sort of like chicken the armor is perhaps this issue which is we don't really have a good way of identifying you know its russian roulette we'd have a good way of identifying if you're gonna be david carmack all were so and it's you know it's one thing to kill yourself impulsively but like you know the school shootings for example have without an exception din committed by
who are kids who are recently medicated so she visited algeria meds or coming off side more rapidly than some angel honour berserk bs if not one hundred is really crazy that that's too not and when you bring them up by the way people call you a gun rights apologist while you're here distorting the issue you're turning it to a psych meds issue when it's a gun issue of these people don't have guns they can't commit these crimes like that may is a very bizarre way of looking at like the one we enter the science which is why would they but it's it's what you are talking about before we're psychiatrists aren't talking about this this is this is such a taboo subject that by the time it gets to the average educated and informed person who for the most part is probably liberal and in our europe we cause we're talking about people who want to get rid of guns well that's what they're saying is only the gun
seeing the mindset behind the ability to do something like that would airy relevant context yeah this liver issue that you talked about this testable is actually so and nobody tests for like literally apart from functional medicine doctors perhaps but for the most part they're not gonna be the one starting patients on psychiatric meds most segments are sorted by primary care actors after ten minute and there's a scientific consensus that this issue exists that this with this liver issue that if you take these medications a can lieutenant you into this take you to the psychotic stay yes yes and you would be surprised how much scientific acknowledgement there is of so drilling again i'm sorry it's called acca visa induced impulsivity agatha is the experience the symptom neurologic symptom that's induced by the impaired is thought to be in metabolism on the liver level of these medications so this is not like a theory is not a were mere but there's a lot of
stuff like that like there's you know in the literature there's something called antidepressant techie full access which is the acknowledgement in the scientific literature that like a good thirty percent of the time they just stop having an effect like stop working that's the thing the p that i know that have taken them said the doktor will tell you hey this is gonna work for a little while and then it's not gonna work anymore i just hope you don't like it might have means well my friend who got on them and actually i have two friends that got a great benefit from getting on s our eyes they had a great benefit and they both eventually got off it they got on them and then their life improved they improve the register overall existence that they experience like they improve their job they improve they're just their stay their status and life relationship stuff all these different things improved and there they slowly win themselves off and now they don't need anymore but both of my friends that work
some say that it was a great benefit to get on them so that's a rare story i would say it's a pretty rare story now you could argue that i've a skewed exposure to the population we can only see the people who have been on ten twenty years and wanting desperately get off and can you know but i am again this public health issue aside which is that you know these medications could be inducing impulsive violence at random and like perhaps we should at least be talking about this as a society roar
that issue aside i am me no a crusade or for informed consent i believe that you just should know all the options and all of the available science and then you make your own damn decision right with your free will you do what's right for you what matches your level of consciousness right because the problem is that most people are not taken off of methods and they are maintained for long term even though all of the long term science suggest that people do worse long term on all categories of psychiatric beds than if they were never medicated and this includes the currency psychotic receipts affront am all of all of them and the person who expose this and really minnesota blew the whistle on this issue has been changed my life and may be put on my prescription pad is robert whittaker whose investigative journalist and he wrote a book called anatomy of an epidemic
and i read it you know when it came out and i was ready to read it because and receive it cause i just had this health experience of my own right so i read it and basically what he says is okay so we have escalating rates of treatment right like more and more people you know sixteen percent of the american population is on these meds right growing on your friends my friends and with more treatment shouldn't we have less disability rightly shouldn't people people be more functional unless sick and what we find is that the reverse is true you know that we have more disability with more medicating so his book goes through all of these studies i never heard about one of them in my ivy league training all
these studies that are not industry fund it right because we know that the pharmaceutical industry is four times more likely to publish something when its positive and when its nod and they can publish whatever they want and not publish whatever they don't want right so they are in charge of their own policing which is the fox guarding the henhouse kind of a situation so all these were all non industry funded studies and the or they tell is quite different than what you might imagine and it's it's like almost shocking rate that you have schizophrenia rate obviously you need to take measures right rule but what if like doing something is not as good as doing nothing according to them publish literature right so doing nothing is better according to publish literature then doing something better you medication so taking medication for sites some sort of a psychotic disorder what what
the odds that it's going to work so we're looking at the data that suggests that is effective to take an anti psychotic there without exception short term studies so six to eight weeks but people are taking his medications for months to you hers and they lose their efficiency overtime or their effectiveness dating a fax usually up fries not the same as vessels or as in terms of now jeremy this story is similar because if we look at our outcomes in long term like like do you have a job you know do you have a friend network like are you a functional member of society if we look at those per annum letters in the long term people do worse and that's his argument you know is that that's why we have more and more the population literally getting checks from the government because they cannot function in society even though their medicated to the hilt like their fully treated so to speak and he makes this argument for
as a piece for stimulants and if you look into the literature you understand that all that's happening is your forcing an adaptation on the part of the body this is a chemical it has not fixing anything and just like alcohol k like some people love alcoholism some people it's very relaxing right some people hid it in its terrible and makes them sick so just like any other chemical substance with unpredictably psychoactive effects it may be a gap if for a given period of time but we know through the alcohol analogy that there's no free lunch right so even if his adaptive in the short term your body adapts habituate you become potentially dependent although that's a more complex conversation you know what drives that dependency but the long term is known to us like the long term picture of like chronic use of alcohol for let's say
who shall anxiety doesn't look pretty if you want to just stop drinking fifteen years down the line after you ve been drinking everyday rates of what we ve been told to think of segments differently and what i'm trying to say is we shouldn't be right because they are just chemicals having chemical effects at your body is adapting to so obviously that chemical effect not going to endure by ate like a second last and then there's gonna be a cost so one of the major pieces of informed consent i would like to see for grounded for people it may be nearly physically impossible for you to come off of this medication after several years of use are you who with that right like are you will really be physically impossible and all you have to do is google like antidepressant withdraw or benzodiazepines withdraw right because we're keeping people on these meds long term cause of course we're not fixing the root cause of the problem rights like if you have glass in your foot
we're not taken the glass out we're just like putting bendy ana giving you a tylenol being like a good out here you know so we're not fixing the problem so to speak so we're masking it and there's going to be you know sort of it's gonna it's like wakeham all like as a school key manifesting in other ways so people are kept on these meds long term and then coming off them is i've come to the conclusion that there more habit forming than any chemicals on the planet crack oxy content nothing they they do not hold a candle to how hard it can be to come off segments juice sky initiative is testament to your friends are very rare examples because there are millions of people on the internet right now trying to help each other like survive the process of come physically survive let alone you know psycho spiritually survive the process of coming off of men so that's what i focused
you know my day did it practice now northern certain methods that are more difficult come off than others i would say yes although i've seen exceptions to that too you know i would say that there are certain antidepressant set are notoriously challenging you know meds like tat saw effect sir but then prozac witches was to be like have this long half life and easy to come off of and i have patients who develop what looks like aids like they get so sick in such complicated ways that no one believes them then they think that there you know more than you must have em ass are you must have no mano where you must have you know some new diagnosis and in it in the literature since twenty fourteen has told us no this is a withdrawal is is a complicated protracted withdraw that is worse than any other maps out there and so if you knew that you might be like
what are my other options who have other options and nunez since i put down my preserve i have many years now have experience of reading all manner of bipolar disorder suicide alfie psychosis without medication and let me tell you like the outcomes that i get today i couldn't have fantasized about that was prescribing and even know that this is possible so if you know that these outcomes are possible then maybe you would consider a lifestyle approach but you have to know it possible so that we can assess the best case scenario when you were prescribing and what did it ever feel like like what i mean did did you ever get to the point where you were wondering like none of those people are really getting better there there proving in certain ways were there not getting better i do not have that all getting them totally better than what was i roll management management like some of the ideas you have an issue this is never go away but just throw up
like on the sucker yes if we get hold down the fire exactly and you know what i have a lot of compassion many my friends are conventional psychiatrists i've compassion for people who are in the trenches practicing conventional approaches because i thought i was doing good you know when i was prescribing i thought i was doing good things for these police friends how they feel about what you're doing now this like taller me i don't know what it's funny because because i have this i don't know what you want to call like scientific advantage meaning like i'm a no more of the literature i've read more of it i've to the excessively devoted my life to this subjects they know sort and onto fuck with me on some level like soda have respect but they also it's like my thing that i do over here rather woodworkers we're business
our business dim pills crazy like like my only realise exactly i share in office under my best friends you now you really rents from my office you know it is without a doubt is everywhere and i mean he's fair he's more conscious about it than the actually works and forensics which means that he works a sort of identify where people in legal system are being met it necessarily are unnecessary and grab and is also too weird specializations within the guilder psychiatry it's like i'm many tentacled animal soul when you say management like did you ever take someone from being like a real mess and bring him off the ledge and then their life improved yes that is
that's the good summary of of what i do today so i see the sickest people that no one can help because they ve got to the end of the road so they ve done electra convulsive therapy there on six medications even hospitalized even in state facilities there you know at the end of their wrote because they are not well and even commercial psychiatrist nothing left offer them so i mean people think like i treat the worried well like some upper east side you do woman whose having an affair and distress out or whenever the called the worried will lower it well yeah but it's not you know is a true like my patients are very sick and you know i have an online version of what i'd do in office and the outcomes there are even wilder than the ones in my office so you can even do this totally on your own sites like some voodoo i'm working on madison avenue in york but like for example
so what am i so i've started to video interview these people a social proof and like all my website and you can see what they have to say about it why would you believe me because it sounds crazy what i am saying so like what you do the words so you come to know sir i've got real problem across all calm iran superbum now can't you would gather nine umbrellas so this alternative woman alley social you're a real knew no she's issues on my website in a video yeah the shoes and she is and intrepid woman she's incredible so beloved of nurses but about a person to interpret that she is larger than a point of ultimately gonna make is that this process of moving through the fire of your
mental illness which i don't believe in mental illness but moving over the fire i don't would you believe i believe that we are by design ass humans you know that we feel things intensely and some people have experiences you know like in other cultural settings some of the early experiences as what we would labels gets a frantic you know there is the elder that is assigned to use it to shepherd you through your second spiritual emergence in it we just don't have a cultural context for anything other than full and total complacency full and total adaptation to this sick society rate such urban regardless of environmental florence is and whatever the genetic prob whom you might have people can have something really wrong with their mind right i don't ever think it's really wrong when it gets really wrong is under the influence of psych man's always
so there are very few exceptions is sums experiencing psychotic briggs and they don't get put on site medication do does it go i mean that's what the long term data was describing for you it does it does so we turn what might have been a single episode experience that when properly supported brutally completely resolves and you get back to life which is what used to happen even in the early nineties hundredths you know when we documented the natural history so to speak of these illnesses we would see that they would go away on their own within a year you know eighty percent of the total one would come up out of nowhere they would go away out of nowhere as well night ha and we ve turned how many people are being obliged start in europe now like what do how big is this study i come in there are many many and and this is where whittaker is like you know my night in china our rapporteur
has he's catalogued all of the state it it's there's a robust amount of data and importantly it wasn't paid for by the industry so that's an important biased to control all right so if someone comes doing their psychotic so so that and how about alley ranks and her video is on my website is all you know fully with her consent that i share it and she came to me and of her rope she came with her husband from kansas to my office she was active way you know in an episode what her episodes ok her episodes are three days before her pure he had for years she would develop psychotic sometimes become totally paranoid andalusian all to the extent that it but one point she was digging a hole in her face trying to get at like a red she thought was in their she'd commit attempted to commit beside multiple times she had been on at least seven different psychiatric medications in and out of hospitals like a law
laundry list of diagnoses like this literally including bipolar disorder what psychotic features pre menstrual distort disorder you know all manner of dating back from eating disorders in her earlier history she'd been through the ringer case ass she was like a professional psych patient and i was the last stop before an impatient facility basically like institutionalization of hey i told her this is how it's gonna go so i have like a very heavy hand up front and i can be a hard ass for sure by its in service of passing the baton to these women because i dont have long term patients like there's an intense window and then they done with me ray once there through the birth canal soda the great so what i asked her to do as follow a very strict diet no cheating none like zero bullshit ok towards the door so the template for that
that i recommend is based not only on like my personal experience but also my work with my mentor doktor nicholls gonzalez who was the most badass figure in modern medicine he passed suddenly and twenty fifteen but he for twenty seven years treated terminal cancer you know metastatic like no hope cancer literally neurodegenerative illnesses line disease you know diabetes all with one hundred percent holistic approach that was based on three pillars a personalized i it's like one of ten diets coffee animas oh do you know that if you heard it because it's like this like ice like people are hearing about why coffee analyse why shouldn't carve up your book yeah i know it is it's only necessary because we live in like a pretty toxic world at this point but what happens is that caffeine okay so you're sticking this little tube like
twelve inches usually i now and it seems totally cruising weird but you do it all yourself you don't go somewhere to do it it's not like that and you're hitting this like it's called a flexor you're hitting this point right here where you're intestines come across and then down ok and right there is a nerve bundle that reflexes to your it's called a parasympathetic nerve bundle it reflexes your liver and it basically helps your liver to dump toxic hence like it's it's a bit like a super charging of your livers ability to detox you roy pudding coffee and there is a caffeine stimulates that nerve bundle it's basically like jacking up your liver because we don't know how to detox better
our own bite as your liver is charged with that responsibility so if you can help your liver do it it's gonna be best and and this is most relevant in cancer like radical cancer treatments because when you the tumors are breaking down you need to flush that waste or you'll die like literally it's called tumor eliza syndrome so you know some early pioneers discover that coffee animas are critical like literally life or death critical for helping you flush those waste so i learned about them from the master and since using them in my practice completely changed my practice so like a mad taper that would take two to three years now takes me like six months with a given patient in an alley so so alley started doing coffee animas twice a day so foot the dietary template is is a little bit i wouldn't say it's like totally people think healthy ray and they think like began
think vegetarian think you know tons of green juice or whatever and i noticed early on that as long as my patient ate a fair amount of red mean they got better and i used to be like an ethical vegetarian when i was eating like she's doodles and pepsi physically and so it was very confusing to me that you read me could be a healthy part of anyone's lifestyle or you know anything i could ever read my mind around recommending but over the past ten years and now with the understanding of nix metric you know where there are some people who do require red meat to balance their nervous and essentially moses actual requirement or as is is can this be mitigated through a very smart and conscious vegetarian dialogue if you really careful about you new trance and making sure that the essential fatty acids make sure you get the essential amino acids and are really balanced profile of vegetable proteins it's a great question
ultimately my goal in this month is to clear the slate raw all the stuff that's like yanking on your brain and your immune system and driving inflammation so that you can begin to sense what you it has to have you ever heard anybody that attempt to do so i can't protein or p protein or vegetable waste processing this point i'm going for gold rights i'm interested in like massive transformation for people not just like i guess i feel a little better so i won't even see a new patient if they're not willing to at least try for the month t read me really but is this all anecdotal so it's all just like what you have experienced for working with nations what have you ever in his clear has a single patient they tried to do it correctly through vegetable protein now when i try it i wouldn't does you know i'm saying but i will do it online programme where there are people who get well on and they stick to a vegetarian diet so its apparent
possible will turn overseeing get eggs right in his model there were no begin diets and based on the work of western price stability is was impressed furthermore gaze like a dentist nineteen hundreds who like one around the world with his wife and studied all of these different people who condition is people all over like eskimos like himalayan you know folks mexican folks and south american and studied the healthy indigenous populations that we're not eating industrialized food right and what he found was they all a different stuff so there isn't like a diet run right so how do you know what is your version right so like and ask a motives and eat cocoanuts unlike a mess i warrior does any whale blubber so like how do you know what's your version the truth is only you know but like arson those are so distorted and suppress that we can't figure it out but you'll begin to like clear the like
lower the white noise enough if you have this month long experience of detox so i ask i asked for daily meditation three minutes i told you i'm kinda weeny zealots i ask for people do you told before the poverty yet alone benningham closer career so sighing came to condemn any yoga basically out of sheer does racial at a very difficult time my life after my largely after my mentor died and they told me change my like rewired my nervous system literally literally where now nothing stresses but if you have someone i mean obviously not a vision but if you have someone they come to that does not want to eat meat but wants to try this out and wants to try this out with i mean it's really just the science of nutrition i mean you can eat
can diet and be healthy as long as you do it right can't you also his model is that there are different kinds of people and different kinds of people and i can explain a little more require require for their health certain dietary compliments and what are called the parasympathetic dominance right which is more like the eskimos require red meat to be healthy you will not only never be fully healthy but then you're at risk for developing the illnesses that sympathetic dominance develop like leukemia lymphoma hi higher it is and you know chemical sensitivity chronic fatigue depression right so many many many many many former vegetarians converted from vegetarianism because they felt depressed right so why
i'll that's true on the other side of the spectrum are the sympathetic dominance who don't need to eat red meat and who do really well on like a full force like plants grains scene or even a high carbon diet and they feel well and its when they eat too much read me particularly industrial read me that they develop solid tumors like you know breast cancer pancreatic cancer colon cancer as is a very common ino so essentially when you're dealing with particularly indigenous people relations and people that have a very strong gene pool the comes from one very strong area in the world like eskimos or like people live in the pacific northwest or some thought not pacific northwest being on like alaskan people i did there's people that live unlike in new back and these different islands that have eaten seal fur hundreds and hundreds of years and have very little access to vegetables
and meanwhile another healthy super low instances of cancer so just because their bodies of adapted and evolved for them requirements with the environment were exactly that exactly your body save you came from vietnam you would have a very different nutritional requirements than that person right and you will never be fully vital or healthy on the wrong the diet now this all science or is this a anecdotal guess work when it comes to nutrition bay science there ain't none right there's just none because idea of nutrition research is like taking one nutrient out of the context of the person out of the context of their life out of the context of their cultural you know its surroundings that's how we treat we treat it like a farmer nepal we look at single new out of you know a whole compliment of information so we just don't i tried
learning about nutrition that way and i drove myself crazy because like what the hell do i tell my patients eat i can't find any science to support this and that's why i looked for outcomes soon nick and solaces outcomes are unprecedented in medical history literally like thirty four year terminal pancreatic their survivors you how long you have to live when your diagnosis pancreatic cancer mother eighty six months i know yardsman alliance lawyers are put he's they taken meds and that's very sugary yeah amazing sharon's fucker you're doing fine gummy bears and should do no wrong wolf to know robin issues yet not personally i know his work robs a really interesting i wanna things it does it's kind of fascinating is on his instagram he and his wife were these tests they'll they'll do carbohydrate absorption tasks and key toasts tests and that both the same things but he'll test
turn then test him in the results very widely yes i kick his history action is lucky just jokes round about how poor his generics are and have how robust his wife's generics are apparently nothing can knock radically toasters she can eat like crazy months of food and then like a couple hours later she's like back basing their fears his buyers are it is always eyes that iraq's eyes when they make us i got so his studies though it is little tests although you know their various small just him and his wife the really fascinating to see how to people who are in the exact same household same environment ones mail once female but also just different genetic and backgrounds and how wildly they very it's really so what do you do it re like that's right how do you know who you want the end of one medicine razor suit the truth is that you have an intuitive compass right especially with food you are going to want to eat the diet that is getting make you well oiled handy an ice cream
that's right wingers intuitive do evil thing i've been through this if you surely like take this breakin and detox so to speak from all those addictive foods and you have this shift in your body not gonna want it it is well you're wrong at least tell me soon after i got an ice dinner and you see that on the menu you'll come on roll it out ones do they get that cream my guy on the top of their telling so good oh such a narrow like the glare harvey like nine years ago and now those little percentage what about a chocolate ice cream zat ok nothing don't do anything for you would you like some sort of an android no wrangle years into this stuff so that's it starts to like d condition and then if you like of really really feel like something like that then you are you're like what's up like what am i like
you know i mean i want my screw measure for good i like it i was given sunday whip creating you understand i grew up in new jersey hey i was boy went to friendly's lying on the regular the happy ending carefully those but how do we do that sunday i now and the fries and is i u seed charles gould in through my training when i was by train at bellevue in new york and at the gifts are they used to know me said they'd have twizel errors and dark chocolate milky way waiting for me every day every day so i was yours like in attics you know by any definition and you can resolve that you know and then many figure out like what actually you're meant acres nick always said you you will eat the food that you're meant you'll want it but we have to sort of get your brain out of the way so if you have
you know all of these nutrition gurus in your head telling you like red meeting to kill you and give you a heart attack then you're gonna want it but if you can that's why i demand that openness as criteria in order to to participate with me anyway then it will setting because then like i can't tell you how many of my patients were former visions and now they're totally thriving ok so let me finish by you but alley which juncture so that's it basically what she did right she was off all man's except for as as needed claude open when she met me so she had already done what chloroprene do it's like out of an like longer time out of crisp grenelle its anti anxiety medicine like then acts are values if you ve heard of those yes it's one of the most challenging to get off of in the long term and that why wouldn't it be long term like that's the confusing part like why would you just voluntarily stop taking something that makes you feel
killed out when we're feeling anxious right but what if you anxiety is because you have unstable bloodshed during your having this like fighter flight explosion every hour and a half or if you're not resolving that then it's like putting abandoned on a piece of glass in your foot sick ok but when he just fix it and then you won't need it so oh you make them eat a certain amount of red meat do limit their portions too now there's no calorie canning there's no portion anything because you are initiating yourself into the process of determining what's best for you so the whole point of this month dislike military month that i impose on people is that it's like an initiation to europe
self so there's stuff you're doing whether it's the meditation animas detoxified your products and stuff like that basic you know functional medicine stuff or the diet is all in your control which is why you can do without me which has been the best like evidence i've ever ye i never even dream that was truly possible now i'm super pumped about it because the last thing i wanted to be as like about you know the kelly logan effect or something i ve run at all what i'm interested in two yes you do all this year's what how do you make for meat though besides road me ok so basically food so you're eating food anemometer if i'm right person literally never listen it's because it is a vote oxides animal food including you know any kinds of meat fish eggs whole eggs not just the white any kind of vegetables accept fur white potatoes explain why any kinds of fruit nuts and seed seeds natural salt
does he want tonnes a filter water that's important and their natural fat so like g which is clarified butter cook it anyway all while i think that's food by the way what you're taking out the little more challenging furs and people so you taking all this is just for the month it gets so much easier in future but you're saying all grains all beans all dairy and that's that he was going and then all refined sugar so like honey maple syrup our fine and then coffee and alcohol but listen if you were really desperate you might think about this array ashore and it can be challenging for the first like weak and then you start see the dividends and you wanted to have one in your adult life where you just see what's up when you control for these variables its worth
could run you know what the sort of relationships are between you and your personal you know biology and these you know elements of your new mission so was the general reaction we get someone to get rid of process sugars cut out the grains cut out the nonsense dairy and just eat regular healthy food what's than what's a normal reaction that sometimes you feel worse rail hanging on how much less of you reading you can literally go through like many withdraw like her egg flourish symptoms fatigue irritability and colored like the kyoto flew that little get off of carefully our paley arms exactly so that can be real from the coffee too obviously anyone has ever tried or it can now but it's like couple days in the name of through it and then one normally starts to happen is you start to like so to feel the clearing right so your energy is better your sleep is better when most interesting things is how many people tell me that they sleep better when they eat more red meat like you would never make that connection right
sounds crazy i dimension as i hope it goes without saying that there is a massive like militant focus on organic and sourcing like my would tell people never to touch animal food if they don't know me you know that it was consciously raised some that's a kaweah important got it so on sleep gets better a lot of the like ravenous hunger like i have patients who can't even go as long as we ve been talking without like having a snack are they get angry re likely irritable light headed you know a sort of racing hearts unharmed barracks yeah pretty much but later who is it you know when you're just eating convenience food like that's a natural response and then sometimes as much more radical so
like in in alleys case with an to cycles she was completely symptom free so she went from grossly psychotic and suicidal to not only totally symptom free but now she's like moved through is moving through i would say a process of awakening like it's a spiritual shift cause it's like you know good braun says like that do the wound is where the light enters and we don't have a consciousness as a society because we think that without rings i mean the wound is where the light and it means that grief pain suffering is where you grow like it's where the real experience of being human and where the real content with who you are right so so this is true even for something like i alaska like why would anyone ever do something like that right but the point is through that experience of humbling
surrender you meet yourself right but we don't have a consciousness for that in america in fact crying like literally tears is a symptom in the dsm so its literally a pathological symptom to cry that is the most basic evidence of our humanity is that we cry and if we are living in a culture that says you're sick when you're crying stop doing that you take this so that you can stop feeling we have a bigger problem on our hands right so i know i can just sit in my madison avenue office taking people off of medicine think like oh yeah i'm changing the world that this is a systemic cultural issue that we make no room for things to fall apart we make no
do you know that with the ideas and five so like the latest ds em they took out something called the bereavement clause from the depression diagnostic category and that means that if you meet criteria for depression which is what you would imagine you know what changes in sleep changes and appetite low mood poor concentration hopelessness if you made that criteria it for two weeks it doesn't matter if your kid just died or your wife or like your dad so that's bereavement it doesn't matter you're still a candidate for treatment or if you're fired or if you experience natural disasters or a few lost her house in a fire me does my night so some people saw that is like wow really last straw of pathology arising nor
more human experience so's i issues with these dissociative sort of chemicals that people get put on gaza like one of the ways to describe a lot of people's reaction to assess our eyes and antidepressants is dissociated yes they have a very they can anything happening there okay with it it's fine no worries nobbing ale so they don't get these highs and lows and so because they get the laws they don't get don't rebound and get the highs and then also find themselves understand themselves so they can manage how lo the loaves gatt except through the mind and through your just living in a moment and understanding exactly understanding that is just a natural process of life and you men through it before so instead of taking a pill just suck it up one no i mean we don't write like in in tribal called sure like men are initiated re lake aren't gonna video also
like a tooth yanked out like survive why i've circumcision video of really wanted you could ass well ass you know so we think of ourselves being lucky like they have argued for sure that's figures on thirty four words in this video in any way related to what i'm talking about stuff we now you and approve but it's true like we we're we're just like we just baby our way through life because no one is teaching us how did to confront our deepest fears explore the shadow realms an integrated into our own power right we ve no understanding of and we make fun of that we think it's like whew weirdness that like other cultures can minos do in their little tropical islands but what i have found is that taking people off of psych meds
somehow is seeming to serve as like initiation process for like thousands today so interesting or write like that he took it cause you thought it was a good idea and it's so challenging to come off it and forces you to confront a lot of elements of your consciousness live differently if forces you to work with your body differently if forces you to begin to look at why you went in the first place and then there's a whole another layer of just its being really physically disabling in some cases to come off these methods and it really brings you to your knees sometimes and so a lot of what i think of myself is doing is just like holding space for that process to happen and then once it happens they moved grew into this like awakens stay i mean the vast majority of my patients and you know online course computers go on to become healers why else would that happen if they wanted to people grows about war
return to but surely must plan is a massive blow back from just conventional psychiatric medicine practitioners we're looking what you're saying and say see you're telling someone all they have done stop beating sugar they won't be psychotic anymore that's fucking crazy i don't i don't know but i'm on boils down to that you're saying you took this woman and you took her off as foods he made her eat healthy two balls in meat and eggs and failure to manage a covenant oil and advocate oil and detox medication and all the other nation went away the problem of the the insolent spikes and other blood sugar spying that goes away and then the body somehow another comes back to some sort of a baseline that's right and you know in the new england journal of medicine recently there was a case report thirty seven year old woman who was so psychotic that her family
got a restraining order on her ok paranoid delusional totally psychotic she was treated with respect zoloft and anti psychotic in antidepressant which did nothing a year of this nonsense later she was free only diagnosed with gluten sensitivity because a wheat sensitivity right they put her on a three as in the hospital this is not like in some quacks office see no in boulder they how dare you go after both its once body that is essential and sedona us another then i'm gonna play lockers check it out totally so it so in three months on this strict gluten free diet she was totally normal again while so this is not like a wellness fad there are real route drivers but we don't know what it is for you re like i said it could be physiological where it's like you
no there's a similar story about a lifelong vegetarian woman this is in the public literature who became psychologically depressed was admitted for cattle tonia catalonia is like the worst agnes in scope and occasionally right should basically unresponsive she was so smoothly ill gay treated her with electro shock therapy because the eye antibiotics and enterprising these didn't work finally she gets the transfer to announce at hosbrook has there were like we don't know what to do with this woman they check her be twelve level and it's like you know tanked they give her a cup of be twelve injections and not only as she better but she's better than she's been unlike fourteen years from a couple of beethoven so my point is that for hurry these well for her it was weak for some one else could be blood sugar instability for someone else fired auto means i rode can make you crazy can make you suicidal according to the law
it is not a theory you ever had anybody that you put on this diet and they didn't respond they stayed cycle our whenever she was hears why not a long time because i screen for readiness right so i screen for mindset and as a result of an earlier because if you're ready and you believe that you like a whole radical next chapter of your life is like forthcoming then i'm just part of the ritual you know and its using the placebo effect even i dont know i mean i'm very able to rely on the seabed right but it is a belief that the if you don't believe that this is to do anything for you and euro sceptic it won't i won't and i will show you all the science in the world and it won't work for you but the physical
logical changes of adjusting your die those are real right so like why won't i hereby leaves can even override that well i think that trials are possible ok solitary about another study also these are people like your friends and millions of others who think there treated to remission think medication really help them re run with prozac so they're like well on prozac so their put in this study twelve study and they get to either stay with their same dose of prozac that help them or they get crossed over to the placebo arm the sugar pill arm and they don't know which is can happen right so what happened interesting lena study as at the time they were crossed over or not they both both groups became statistically significantly depressed right so like mary takes her forty milligrams on tuesday enters the study is
still taking her forty milligrams like next thursday but now allison she's acutely depressed just because of the possibility that she might have gotten the sugar pill that's no sego effect the no civil effect is the impact of fear or negative believes that limit your ability to respond to a given intervention it's real it's more important than anything were actually doing is what you believe is somebody convinces you the crispy cream donuts who could fix you that there are literally might be some truth there could be an eyes light i wouldn't who aid on some level like segments with crispy cream done it so there are some people who are going to say like wow that really help me so this guy irving kirsch rate is a psychologist who sues like a placebo effect expert arguably what what he identified was that when you control for once called the active placebo effect which
what happens when you feel the side effects you ve been warned about of a given medication and then you feel the medication is working and then it actually works right so when you control for the active placebo effect by giving people in in a trial all but then also a medication like atropine for example that has very similar side effects dry now ass he d had a constitution there's no difference so ahead showed is that there is no statistically significant effect of anti depressants above and beyond placebo and that the reason that people believe that their working and they are right that they believe it and then they do is because they feel a shift they feel a change and they ve been educated by commercials and their doktor maybe about these side effects and then they search say oh
chemical imbalance is being you know just adjusted right so it's a bit subtle but this is not in just in psychiatry is really relevant to psychiatry but it's true surgery do sham operations and orthopedics and its true in in even you know they pay management that the placebo effect is so real and it's not like you're being fools like like in in my training i was taught to dismiss the placebo fact like some new since we have to control for but its if we could bring slipped inside this like if we could harness this we would have a side effect free listen for everyone here you know but we don't study it we don't understand it and we just assume it's like people being tracked or something you aren't pussy facts fairly limited like nothing really truly more miraculous soon it's about thirty percent that's about it again
actually the efficacy of anti depressants this is iran thirty percent so there was a study once there was done on some a kid who had some horrible ward these where it was incurable and was spreading over their body there arm d study i don't and they gave this kids some sort of a placebo and completely cleared it up that's amazing i should never that and then when they found out that it was a placebo than of care problem they came back ugly i am i think tat there's something going on with the mind and the body right and that's what the placebo effect is demonstrating right but this is unharnessed and this is untrained and this is very different
and what's going on with the mild meditation which is harnessed and trained and focused so you're thought is that this mine fact there is not just an inconvenience is not just a variable but may be one of the most crucial aspects to overall health that if not the most crucial yeah and conventional medicine is interested in this to some extent now noticing that what people believe like that you'll lose less blood in surgery if you visualize losing less blood in surgery that that actually happens how can you controlled geologic activity of your body but you can do saying like we have proved that it's it's it's a study on they convince them that they're gonna lose thus brought they met it they visualize it they meditate visualize losing less blood so they have one group that says you're gonna do delegation were you just like visualize your body letting go of less blood after the surgery or during the surgery and then the other group does does it
if you have one group he said do you gonna spray lit up fountain the other got broken our hydro and you're gonna do speak you got over that is able to be a sprinkler you're right you should conduct this study that will be fascinating to see if they know seeber effects would have it probably would probably what a yard imagine there's probably away you can mine fox on on into some never all state right so you know where we see this as in cancer diagnosis is called medical heck saying that you know and you are diagnosed with cancer your risk your unit the completion of suicide but also other accidents and your health basically declines simply because of the diagnosis and that's why it's considered to be as a bone pointing something so it's voodoo it's what we ve always known like someone could but a tax on you and if you know that are taxes on you calm down as a goddamn hacks army has a new start leaving aside and then a good really caused a huge issue i know that's why
it has become clear to me is real and we're gonna think of better that way because we think medicine is science and its you know this in a sort of impenetrable millionaire the hallowed halls of truth but it serve religion just like anything else of ethnic involves my mentor says the last really unrecognised religion on the planet is medicine and here we have language and we were costumes and there's an issue tory rights we're talking about the hazing process but a real in a lot of aspects like the medicine involved in treating a bacterial infection antibiotics they met a medicine involved in healing broken arm in others does ray stuff there informatics as a whole other conversation offshore emergency medicine listen if if you know i get hit by a bus dome might bring me to my domino lower you know my natural have been who's gonna love what exactly is getting fired on discharging my body for emerge
can see that's what conventional medicine was really designed for we only ran into trouble when we started extrapolating from acute setting medicine into the outpaced world will also the denial of the aspects of nutrition i did denial the influence of nutrition like this this idea of the only concentrating on the medicine and not concentrating on what we know to be viable alternatives and things that can make your body healthier like not taken into account seems it seems almost insane it seems like you in to fix a car like i hear a banging arms now inflate these fuckin tyres and you don't like what about the engine is a banging in the engine fixy engine just turn off the arm lie just turn the althea like like there's theirs it's not a mass books are looking at the aspects of medication and because while the aforementioned variables like student loans the consensus of
peers everybody's in the sort of together resolves is unspoken were that you're not gonna critics these animals grant me can't really do thou because i'm you do you're out of a job and all your money being spent on god yeah i mean it's it's important to remember that the pharmaceutical industry is a business right when you when you forget that and you think that their in it to protect your well beyond us if you forget that which is easy to do right you know especially because they work with doctors and we think of doctors as priests sera if you forget that then you can get into trouble because you takes their word for something you perhaps should be doing a broader investigation but if you remember that it's a business and its very lucrative successful business i mean it's the business model
of all time then you'll look with some circumspection upon their claims and their approach you know but our education as doctors is is totally through the lens of pharmaceutical model you know regulatory agencies famously like the fda did you see and industry is a revolving door literally you know and this is totally available information on the internet that they're all the same people so we really do have the fox guarding the hen house and that's where we get into trouble if we don't have transparency around or a true regulatory body that is not you know fiscally invested we're gonna have a problem especially for presenting this is the only legitimate course of action for a sick patient you know where were you can actually as apparent have your children taken away from you if you don't participate in the model have there been any serious suggestions that we remove this whole ask your doktor commercial aspect of of men
can i get just seen us it seems so crazy we know how influential commercials are re mean they're so influential and these are not just fact based commercials they have got cheery use it go sunshine and butterflies and shit and it just makes you feel like super happily i want to be like these people their smile molotov all and its conditioning crazy that that they can do that for drugs but could argue right they you're just empowering patients with knowledge to to help themselves right that's why we're we're allowing commercials doctor for billy far as cheap you from jumping off brooch or make it asked the doktor had she said a bill if i was at one point on the most prescribed now recently it was the number one prescription they give us two years ago syndromes always up there but yeah
it was in its it's because its did there these trends i guess this stylistic trends and prescribing then of course have no evidence basements occasional were really vulnerable to that because there is in a clear you know aid be in terms of presenting symptoms and medical recommendation it sort of a free for all in know pile on as many as few as you want in their algorithms but they're very loose we translate scientology right who said that out of what you trying to say ryan mean aren't they like super anti scientology member when tom cruise was on what's his face what's a deuce name the dude name the good morning america only on openness nail our matt lao hello that's your glib matthews banana but an opera whose one he was in love of anti couch news in love like no straight man was ever lived on the face of the planet
it is in love love a little but back then i was into it but no one when he's was saying that on the good morning america showed not lower he was essentially just saying what scientology is always had like if you go down sunset or hollywood where wars psychiatry kills centre right you know he's on sunset there's some part of hollywood we said they had us outside the people would like electroshock helmets i like and like it's like psychiatry kills like what is this fuckin scientology senna you go in there though i do not need scientology you need to hold onto these cans are attached to the meter we gotta find out what's taken it now and then they start manipulating your beliefs and that in turn house you feel better so there some sort of a correlation between the mind in getting i mean in a way like they're almost like not totally guided in their efforts yes
i would say an important difference in my perspective perhaps in and theirs is that i believe in like individual empowerment also not asking for ten percent of all their income does require two and a half hours of of study every night neither fully more differences but but now i'm it's you know if you're subsumed someone into it i want to say like halt culture habitable to us pause for called sure then you're just transferring the and didn't see no friends one model to the next and units her my bag is really people back there your power through a methodology that's even their own alone i think that highlights why that stuff
works for people and wildlife different things work for people a lot of different kinds of religions and unfortunately a lot of different cultures and lots of different ideologies and a lot of different mindsets do work for people even fuckin cross fit there was a great article that i read about equating cross fit to the fact that people do not have these religious groups in these social bonding through community because you're not going to church anymore another go into this german build like a lot of em literally college m church totally have you heard of the rat park studies rat part clear rat like the road and about what is it which is what so they there these canadian studies that basically looked at the addictive model of who came right so like you put we know right or if you put up a rat in a cage by itself and you give it the choice of water a cook or cocaine rights can eat drink the vocation till it dies you i'm orders but
these yes so then these researchers are basically like will hold on a minute that's like totally a natural environment for it to be and so if we what if we like put it in rat heaven where it can like have sex the rats and hang out and have like a community and there's things to play with little wheels and whenever then what happens and if you give them cocaine or water they don't touch the cocaine and you can even dick them in isolation and they will voluntarily detox in red heaven in writing as i mean right it means that we finance till we need community like when we need each other like it or not and we don't have that as part of the fabric we live in boxes it on our neighbours like we don't have communities anymore and so any time we have the opportunity whether through air cross fit to to plug into a community we fix something inside ourselves so we have less of a vulnerability two to abuse the effect
server substance like cocaine her right down the rat parks it is so important because so many people will site that as evidence that cocaine is so incredibly addictive when i want to find out about this because this is a good deal when variation on that study and the old ok i'm in a rapporteur i will accept the context matters me your kind of in a report every day of your and ask a cubicle environment drag your heart and traffickers you're on the bus neurons talk in anybody here earring little cubicle by yourself you now with and then their share and suffering that coming from things like crossfire we have these hey these moments you bonding together arms like you guys are you know you're in the trenches right yeah their suffering together there's something to yo class like tat it will get all sought not namaste on humans didn't look like there's a lot of struggling it's hard hit hard for hard yeah yeah really hard and that's part of what's good about it is that we need i think we need hard things i think your body if you
is constantly nerved and every soft and everything's if a free ride and there's no ups or downs and everything's middle like what is that that's not a human not long one hundred percent so you can get ifor so like when you're having a difficult window in your life now and maybe you know why like you had a loss where you dont know why and things are just off right like either you have a consciousness it says there's something here you know there's something to this are some meaning to this i gotta look deeper i gotta pay attention to things i gotta rebalance indifferent i got my game you know of self care or you're like this sucks want to feel this way and there are thousands of prescribers like happy in their dirty you and that is really the problem right there problem is that there are so many different options other than what's gonna make a healthy and is so many different way
is to just numb this whole experience is nominal down like let's put some ice on a baby you gonna be on was none this whole thing down i i have been the opinion especially over the last few years are really focused on this heavily i've talked about it may be too much but i think people need to stop go in order to appreciate how nice things are and also to mitigate the effects of actual bad things happen to you if you can do difficult hard things on a daily basis a regular basis in whatever your schedule allows for but whether its martial arts or whether its yoga with a difficult struggle physical struggles we have to test yourself we have to pull through you have to have discipline resolve and it's hard to do when you get through that you you develop that muscle and that understanding of struggle and leave it or not this is where it's he really weird the struggle that
get in a yoga class is so much harder in a struggle that you'll ever experienced outside of that right here right any sense like no you're going to work out like this is just like now this has not been class now this is something like very intense now that's been class has on its values other than a mobile to spin class are too is a bad example where she says it's not like go into the gemma doing like a simple round of whack house down pushing you also year discomfort real serious discomfort where you want to quit you want to stop and you have to push through and that intense focus on difficult things it makes life more bearable toto makes more enjoyable my awakening so to speak began when i gave birth for the first time we're right yeah then i had an unnatural birth join a bathtub junior crazy so the second tied it and birthing centre for sent a second time at home birth why'd you do that though whatever
anything wrong in india the hospital it's interesting because my first birth i was still in the matrix right so like i was still eating mcdonald's and you know prescribe do you like that kid less than the second case the matrix baby it's me was is like a sage shared to compensate for my dark energy so i actually had a natural birth because of the science because i was like in this real like know it all place in my life are believe it or not i've tried we pass that but i had this obese at the time and as like she's and know what you're talking about and i researched like what is the evidence you o b is actually like psychiatry only about thirty percent of obstetrical practices are evidence based and the rest is consensus like the rest has just there just doing it cause they're doing it i would have liked the cords wrapped around the baby later another thing what if nothing we ve been doing this since the beginning
time and again the babies have died since the beginning of time because of these things we actually have the homework versus hospital birth data which should be totally unnecessary run right but we actually have it at this point to demonstrate that that's like patent is fearmongering its eye patently but people do get choked by w corduroy yes so urgently anything is possible of course so one let's go on down but the treaty when you and ask when you research the interventions you will find so i had a natural birth because research that i did on the intervention things like fetal monitoring a piano me even for sound let alone c section you know antibes ex during delivery etc what i found was that there was in science to support actually the science suggests that they should be abandoned so what i was left with what is the sign suggest should be abandoned these interests urchins see sections allowing the consensus even the debate show which is part of a machine
but even even the w h us as they should be less than ten percent i mean they're over in new york there upwards of almost almost forty per se it brings our survival by women doing they do not say the vaginas there doing it because they dont want to feel bad feelings and they i feel pleasure it's exactly what we're talking about harvard woman looks buzz if we say that all i get stretched out that's a big yes certainly but everything as a huge motivator i think people are really women have been made to feel afraid of their own bodies it's the birth control thing we're talking about earlier if you think of your body as a total pain that's dangerous is gonna fuck up at any given time and you're gonna do you know i wish you had list and here you know doktor was a man and never had a baby then you could obviously be led down this path that says let me manage your body i know better science knows better how to do this you buddy
mess up all the time right so that's the mentality and in their mentality in my opinion is that your robbed of this opportunity like psychedelic level opportunity to have a transformation of your conscience yes because it is hard and it is scary any breaks your mind my mind broke on that day broke it has never been recovered because it was literally so intense that my mind was telling me you're gonna diagram desired and dying from the aim it's like pain but it's more more than that it's not paying the you ve ever you would have recognised because it's it's purposeful pain at such as a signal of something wrong all right so it's it's a sensation that is a part of the process of moving a human being through an out of your body so it's not we call it pain but in a midwife so called pain for example some pleasure either is just
they're saying is anything soap and others screamin spraying because when you're in that intense portal you mon you have there are these primal sound we make you know one word making love or one were experiencing you no fear one where we're really in you know we make those kinds of sounds and and you and there is a lot of fear but ultimately if you dont succumb to it you it breaks and you see oh that was trying to tell me i can do this and look i just did you ever think that if you could make you are old self though your old self billig listen this crazy bitch one hundred percent i wouldn't even have hung out with me i like lie when you know like talk to me at all are coon delaney receivers will you want me to eat eggs fuck out of her skirt craig you need pills no you need pills your don't lose you know about healers and holistic
that is an ironical all time photo out so larry's how do you how do you know secondly because i feel myself like i feel one hundred percent myself is it's their zero self conscious aspect of it where you do recognize that there are certain science based practice there's that will be like role in their eyes at you i don't care i don't know i don't care about and it was interesting right so i publishes book last year in march in which problem a mind of your own and i probably it was really weird experience because i was total newbie i never written a book before whatever and out the gate i got like this very generous advance from mainstream publisher which shocked me and then time to publish it and they can't get me on a single reno the today's
oh doctor eyes sixty minutes and their use to waltzing their authors who they give these large advances to like right on to these forms re run mainstream media platforms i told them is not going to work with me like you haven't worked with someone like me before trust me isaak and work out these are all farmer funded let's even npr pbs they all are so you know we're gonna have to come up with something else and ultimately the didn't listen and and they started this bad when i a month before lunch didn't have a single interview they never had that happened before so it was cool because all media you know like this i just called on a bunch my friends and colleagues and we the air was like top twenty on amazon within the first week in that's like the power like mainstream media is totally debtor style you that but where it was so quiet for like the whole year afterward if you google my book there is now
negative review of this like very controversial text on the internet very weird because we have trolls on our sight every single day on facebook for example or you know twitter even instruments like part of the deal of being an activist is that you deal with astroturf in you deal with that whole you know assertive astroturf ring oh yeah oh you should there is some amazing ted talk that you need to watch by cheryl atkinson whose like a turncoat journalist straight like she used to be an anchor out of nowhere and so she has a ted talk on astroturf ing and she basically breaks down ass returning is like what they said the word rate it's kinda like a fake grass roots movement on social media rate so it's paid industry paid botz basically
who generate the impression that there is an opinion anti anyone who threatens the establishment right and then they there are people who like organically globally that so they create this this ok so they'll come on my site by the thousands rate in immediately after a comment is written like you quack like where did you get that fake medical degree you're killing people you should be ashamed of yourself your wrangler the exact and they almost always call me a twitter account that's like almost always part of it it's how you know and there'll be like five hundred likes within ten minutes that's like one of the indications that it's a troll you know i mean so like the be officially on another does the troll and not just people resonating with this idea that they hate quacks can i haven't made people on my face
page that that would ever be a metric you know what it's it's not even like probably algorithmic possible that it will be an organic phenomenon did you see that thing recently jamie broader yesterday about donald trump laid it turns out that he just had millions of botz follow him on twitter i know where began suddenly four million botz get just joined everyone's like ok what's goin on here what happened here what is this these are fake accounts yeah it's like a thing that's you pricing that did not answer my parent event of vigour manipulate this half of president trumps twitter followers are bought a holy shit this is so crazy seed generate the impression that there is a grass roots energy and that's it's actually not real he picked of three million twitter followers in recent days most of which appear to be recently created twitter boss
green biter john never pointed out tuesday morning the trumps account saw a big spike in followers over the weekend most them new we created accounts without photos or tweeds tell several times signs of twitter boss why rights so that is in that they are doing their making of active campaign sort of both up his big appeal is right and in that case you know i don't know specifically that case it would be to generate the impression that its grass roots rights when it satisfies called astroturf ing gaza's fatal grassroots garlic i guess so so i have all that energy my daily life but i didn't have a single negative review of this book in like a real effort where it says its fall now while this it's mostly false since the president trap like other twitter users with large following has a large number of followers that appear to be bought or inauthentic automated user profiles what's false teeth
i did not receive an influx of five million new twitter followers in three days oh so snubs questioning s over how it did i thought they had three million as of may first and had twenty eight point five set couldn't have gone up that fast over the month because its last one and a half minutes i don't know that's not even abnormal for someone with that many millions he is twenty eight million fidelity out on the story discount waiters corn to the image of our car doing just once her page rumours of a surgeon follows were greatly exaggerated well that's that work that's the that's fake knows
so it is targeted at jumped on the fig storied yeah but i'm sure there's a ton of botz following him i know there's a tunnel botz following me i get him all the time these women that are fake women that want to talk about sex who i come come chat with me about sex come sex me up and they like it's all like the worst broke the english like it's because you try to have a conversation with them in our death who explained it to a yard try them than ignoring who try to explain to us that they are you whose intentionally was it mouse was it michael mouse that they use intentionally shitty language so that if you follow them like airport grammar yea sort of like alerts them to suspicion people so swiss people don't interact with them but dumb people so there there are honeypot that creates this environment that stupid people are took as they can't see that grammatical errors cause there dumb and so it makes it more effect
so these nigerian scammers apparently purpose use bad grammar there more than they were using good english but they use this shitty grammar so that the people that they do get or just really dumb than agenda snag i tried to tell you the ivy league gabble anybody who's got a discerning i ask that we know what this may or may not be then do not trying to get that trying to get the gullible and there's plenty of them like why why go fishing for sharks we catch got you know get nets photocopies came to their way through the net is easy pickin stuck to try to catch a whale do that so much work really interesting now it's i mean if that is how sophisticated they truly are it's kind of fascinating but once i know this stuff then you can interpret yeah i just helps to be aware that it would be a big big deal if we found out that pharmaceutical companies were actively engaging in the use of these bodies to attack people like you like
view had someone like wikileaks on your side there like doug into the shed and in our scott some whistle blower from the pharmaceutical and if industry that cares and will release night of thou be pre giant where i have some colleagues working on real yea don't tell people now they're gonna get it over their tracks they'll never know no i mean that in the truth is that i don't think it's gonna require that because i think people are waking up it's like by sheer cyclist energy like people are waking up they are calling bullshit on a lot of the heavy handed claims of the pharmaceutical industry they know their doctors are helping them you know that no that the convention model has very limited ability to help them and or they ve tried it and it's not worked so people are we
up and that's why in more recent time i focus my energy not unlike fighting this is like some david and goliath you know situation but i am just focusing on making sure people know like what's possible me as bucky fuller quote like you you invite the existing system you know you you create one that makes the existing system obsolete basically i don't know who made this quote but it's wonderful one disregard the before diagnosing yourself a depression first make sure you surrounded by asshole its whose quotas tags great quote his great work as you know and also you might have a shitty life you know you might be bombed because you're working all the time in a job it's uninspiring you might be bombed out because you get an abusive spouse you may bombed out live in it fascinated you might be bombed out you know you might have some environmental issues that are causing health problems so lot going on
my work in a job that gets you exposed toxic few resent chemicals or night so that we we're in a medical system that blames your biology that's it just blames your by us gee so if a generous convenient and because it suits the paradigm that as is only right that it should be lobby board per ascribe to freud right but this quote investigator dotcom says that it actually should go to the twitter account twitter account which twitter account debbie hope should be credited with have exactly the same says debbie wizard you whoever was she nailed it
did she nailing attributed to freud does that's a kind of a lover move and alighted engine that really s added owners and really awesome and attributed to some dead due to a genius i found the site before they kind of like to the telephone game with quotes sort of like this is what we are saying and then they go through like tell the adoration of how it's been translated out both you member that one gregg geraldo joke that got attributed to me on line and we would have photos of me with gregg draw those quote something that i never said it's absolutely not mine whose it was someone had to say it's great girl draw those and then people sidewise dealing geraldo shut my make it means i'm not do that someone else did that but i put it on twitter this is not mine i think i'm gonna put it on instagram too long time ago but it was weird it was like i kept getting or you get them these means common waves yes you now i get ones that i do
say i get those in waves to get these pictures of me with like weird quotes that i had said means are very powerful yeah videos even more powerful because i think people have come linked to this conclusion that they can't trust anything in little rooms funny that's phase that mug of good solid time that's one of the things that were so great is about that fact guy now he was dealing these brilliant ideas and it made him look brilliant really he's just sort of this aggregator of other people's awesome ideas without giving them credit and just got in on this plagiarism loophole in areas like why and now he's got this weird thing that he does where he says that he puts up the meme here it's his own quo and then just puts the originators name at the end of it has even say originally created by he just put their name and that's like attribute and crime some sort of a we're we're in super slimy like it's gone on now would like and the problem
was like some little son you somethin and i have real issue with those like someone says you some it's hilarious and i want to put it on instagram why aren't i made it can i just put it up i got what what i do do i say hey i know what the fuck me this let me know and then put it up and then people oh is he which organs are those letters had sat in matters i'm big integration as it makes it like it's like i have to bunny around now i got but also people returning to a business like the meme bid this is a business and then they have sponsored sponsored interim posts and sponsored tweet they make a lot of money like there's a lot of money to be made a people are getting these development deals to do tell us and shows in all sorts of other things based on the content of other people's ideas there just aggregating that's amazing yeah but just to we're loophole like if you were doing with music like say if you just wanted to take rifts that you thought were really awesome and put him on your music page people go fuck you you can't do that this is my stuff
created this but we that signature unless you're putting watermarks on everything that signature is not necessarily available with me tonight because there that powerful that's yeah and even if you do what a watermark you know they do they just fine food i'll put their own quota of rare and just don't tribute anything to you they don't want you to have the watermark on a page sneak it's like some copyright loophole that exists now no one knows exactly what to do about it needs an ambulance chasing as yes ariel sharon's chasers so what below back have you experienced other than this in flux of trolls and that's what i was saying right is there for a whole year none like i took out a large and my french its policy to do when i published my book expecting like pretty serious word you're gonna die it's happened i have
colleagues in what it would cause you have that of died but believe that mystery hangar but it using people been killed because they criticise farmers companies you just have to know that it's the most powerful industry in the public eye anyway that's intense though what you just said like you you have colleagues that you believe may have been kept me one talk about an officer he clamp right show me up desire to something you really can only get it serves like to ted so i know what it means like focus on this layer in but i do on line and gets tolerable narrative habit that it's possible the mariner might silence you and in it in the realm of independent journalism in media where some random smell like me can actually have influence especially you know that i am credentials in a way that people might pay attention to
right and why would they not one you know quiet me but well it put labels on cigarettes no and gives a shit now i don't know what you're saying is worth kill somebody over who now as i am selling so apparently not right i mean i mean i mean like all those whistleblowers when it came to cigarettes in cancer those who is a shit people they make me money from cigarettes now than ever less people smoke so they just charge more for cigarettes and they make more than they make more now for cigarettes and they have the last fifteen years now and i believe that an inn in its true that just because but right like i'm not just trying to scare people out of taking meds ought also showing that you can t totally shed your chronic illnesses completely forever by catch her forever but that you could have long term shedding of your chronicles as that to me as a more threatening element of what i have to say that just like these pills are dangerous you should take them i'm not saying that i am saying you might have
and told your broken that you have a mental illness for life but in fact like i have a woman who completed my only programme had such bad migraine headaches said she had to be on i treatment she was treated by top neurologists at emory she was multiple pharmaceuticals she was bed bound for two years okay and she completed my programme which we talked about this is not rocket science okay and she's totally symptom free tonia that's pretty threatening right too to show you that in fact what you're told is a permanent problem you just have to deal with and live with with pharmaceutical medicine could be completely dissolved is it threatening concept and i'm not the only one i mean many functional medicine doctors and holistic healers are are you know working to create awareness of this possibility but regardless it was pretty weird that you know the book made the near times less strangely and there wasn't a mention of it in mainstream media for a year
not once like nobody wanted you to have you on their show this is amazing than that i'm not about to review like not a single mention in mainstream media so the negative review is the problem with as that you could refute the negative reviews and also calls tension attention on it they could suit her finally decided to ignore me which i call it because i too very chill year but solve your life insurance policy you have exactly does is waiting to get my couple million to make its but its changing like even in the past month or so it there's been like a more of a targeted effort and a couple of alluring cosmo in couple of mainstream outlets have begun to i suggest that i am you know a dangerous reckless person who shames women who who take man's lives this in articles nam why don't you give it the flame
energy is not funny that like if you give advice that based on actual studies actual medicine give advice bout the ok maybe a good idea to take these crazy medications where we don't exactly know why you're taking on we don't know exactly if these are the right medications for you there testing them on you literally as you go along that you're shaming i'm not even saying maybe it's a good idea i'm just saying here's what the science says that you might not have been told and others what's additionally possibly just at least now ok is the social proof you know interviews i'm publishing for case reports as we speak in the peer reviewed index medical literature you know so this is not like some random blogger road ok so i just know that that's possible and then make your decision and guess what if you're on methods and this sounds interesting to you then i'm showing you there's a path to a new you know approach wrong that's you know that
actually in here and hit even give it airwaves has a sort of ridiculous and i do believe allotted we initiated with ass returning but i'm being called it able list that where a before wonderful when the new ones the kids are using a visible snowflakes to know of it so like some shaming people who can do what i am able to do including have humber athena globalist this has been around for a while legs it is right to but either way privilege your woman is bad white woman privileges now real and is now i would certainly as early as good you guys ever struggle without a bit more yes i have a more conqueror man terrible person done or things throughout history grilling all men response here forever stuff online yeah able as is a wonderful term gary's that jamie now only by enabling our actually done well and i mean what they do and they do online honey
in aware i've been that i never heard that every boy just it's too is it a good bye susie to eat is it survives none of difficulty out their people go looking for insults and looking for things it there is a constant searching for outrage this closed for recreational outrage on in people find things to be appalled and then attacked them and go nuts over its is the very strange time i think it s a beautiful though i think it's all it's all really good like we're we're coming to grips with how preposterous we are and where we're doing so in the middle of these embroiled battles over ideologies over cultural expression i there's some girls in portland that had taken a rash of shit because our sellen burritos nor white they made a barrier truck and people going crazy attracts shut them down shot them down is there not max again and our sellen burrito like they're not
do not pretending they have put in shoe polish on and pretending that put brown face on their just fuckin someone burritos like it so crazy i use that their critics thing clothes white women portland brito stand for cultural theft what the fuck man they're burrito she assholes mexicans any meaning for edith they do not really you you got a nice is how you a burritos i've eaten them marinos email max again further yes i have had a real chicken burrito in mexico and was quite delicious i love next year i just our understand why anybody thinks it does something wrong with learning a style of cooking site i think if you have cultural per creation if you have like a person whose pretending therefore from and they start talking the fake acts and i know in any go hey man you for fucking leave when you're not even in of law how's descent like you do it
three a me on unified out like a flowers from finland like the fuck is wrong with you but there are people to do that and that is crazy right but that's just deceptive this is not the cept as someone who likes making burritos they're making burritos in these goofy white kids are fucking close them down and that's what it is cultural preparation heroes just was shouting from the rooftops you're wrong right your man it's like you said we're just always looking for who to blame who to be mad at who to make sort of the persecutor of our felt wrongness etc issue it so crazy now it is aware it is aware time and the trouble is you now that the more that we this in fighting is in some ways a distraction from the greater she is that our schlecht government overreaching these greater is who's that are allowed to unfold while we're busy calling each other names are you doing on twitter in the government's literally reading your emails while you're doing it like no but we have
wherever this burrito stand you think if i cannot say i saw you can't have tortillas here from here like why is wrong with people that never just before whatever here's the thing here it's fast ending it only works if the people there you're supposedly culturally stealing from our brown like if you try cooking for food and you're not a moment to say no and gives a shit yuki cook italian food all day long and no one cares about coped culture appropriation like you could be a way woman from switzerland who lives in new jersey and runs in italian restaurant and no one cares they won't care clearly they haven't been like oppressed i guess in the same way they were one point time scale through a nagging technical know it's a mexican but it mean for real mean that's literally the path of boxing in america was jewish people italians irish it was this suppress people black
looks it was always the people that were the most economically suppressed that rose two and then they were also like my grandparents came from italy and they experience horrible racism back then back an early nineteenth standards but by the time they integrate into society like being italian is even thought of as being not white anymore oranges yeah but when my grandparents work kids it was like just like being mexican i'm kind of thing was like you were treated like someone from somewhere else that they didn't want here right now they call them guinea warps and all these crazy slashings is horrible expressions that don't mean anything anymore that did so and effective now and our hope is right that one day it can get like that with mexicans the same way as like you carefully mock someone from being holland is a shit like easy you from holland like ever hit ya like i guess a guido thou like does it doesn't matter they call themselves guido
that even when they call themselves guido nando columns guineas columns cells and it's like almost like a term of endearment i lose its power and strain it solely losses because its cultural acceptable to be italian and then what and a mean but the idea that these girls stealing from accidents where it so crazy like the gestures sound burritos was just food just a certain way of preparing it in outside their pretending we event this no one else did it like the people make wraps those should be slap doesn't have rap by the fucker that's a burrito you're making us did burrito you call it a rap right for ngos in the real problem does the problem people economy wraps that's one thing authority oh no no no rob what is what an acre did they call a rapporteur in they say it's a tortilla what are they call outside of a rap rightly when the co opt
it's like a go at all only co opting right that's the real factors wraps but it is even taste those girls would just sell wraps everybody blake uh that's cool system that may dismiss label that is likely to have a mexican flag anywhere had he like cartoon of a chilly batman some rare issues i really feel like this goes by mean it's it's a stretch granted but i really feel like this goes back we're talking about as it people need difficulty in their life they really do and then where they don't seek out difficult in romania nature it yeah yeah i know it's true and i think that's one of the reasons why you're getting a lot of this from these college kids were there two issues being paid for their you know they dont didn't have jobs there not competing in the real world there just operator
ideologies and there being taught by these knuckle heads that are just trying to keep their ten year and they're trying to spread the same sort of ideology that day had when they were in college and they never really entered into the workforce in a lot of examples a lot of these people went from academia too reaching right i mean right in there just embedded into the system totally now hey how these races teaches i've gotta go its people are gone crazy i think a lot of it has to do with the same thing i think it's this new found ability communicate which is fantastic and it's gonna have its hiccups it's gonna be some issues to be some some real cooperation system like what you are experiencing were trolls attacking dear but over all those ideas spreading in a way is unprecedented possible just a few decades ago like your ideas spreading the
they have where i hear bottom and now you know you and i sit down and talk about this millions of evil guinea has conversation in this and this is unprecedented like this has never been available before so all the bad duff you gotta take it with all the good as outlined in the dark one hundred percent yeah like what you are expressing what you're trying to get out to people this is all this all new stuff like no one was saying this twenty years ago because we're all asleep matrix talk this is more happy talk the you'd hate twenty or like oh my god i'm so crazy when i'm older but that's why i think it is a cool time because it sort of like the democratization of information where if if you want to learn about other perspectives on anything look it up you know and then you make your own decision so it is a time where you have the potential to be an individual in ways
that were not honoured in a more conformist you know controlled media environment i mean the trouble is that many people are still you know still believe that mainstream media is telling them the truth at that that decommissioning is very challenging but that's all problem i mean i think even though like the trump stuff allows fake news talk so detrimental ultimately it is like you're getting people even if they realize this guy's knucklehead knees wrong about a lot of stuff they're gonna there at least challenging these ideas that these networks are giving you the news fox news is a goddamn sexual assault paradise over there i mean these these guys just keep getting kicked out a fox news over and over again though these the sexual harassment allegations and people are resigning left and right right we'll because of that stuff it makes you go out all these guys are creeps like there's a lot of creeps
they're like when brainwaves got busted lying like oh that was guys just like another asshole they just make shit up just because he sang the real news that sometimes doesn't mean everything he says is true i can there's no way to filter it so everybody has to question things now in a way you never question during the walter cronkite era you know and people giving the news back and ted copper was on the air you weren't quantities ted copper foolish no say on rice right williams is clearly full shit but that's ways weirder now to mainstream media because if you're not saying that like how are use have achieved so much allegiance to the machine that you would never question it like to me that's surprising i should also that machine is the only vehicle for these pharmaceutical companies they have the sandwich those commercials in between in our time never show your watch now three sixty whatever the fuck it is on this
guys every ten minutes and they just sandwich i'm in their whereas you're not gonna see those commercials like no going to read those dry gods on a podcast can i say ok we're hey been really nice look at you and i want to talk to you folks about a bill of why are you right now thinking about being suicidal really want to cement those thoughts and solidify into it and make actions of any right should say that i do not talk about you should be talking about this not made but here i am was this a bill of fine drug blame for compulsive gambling eating shopping sex that's just life brow how can you get blamed the vilify here's why are you can guess a vision impulsive anything i'm telling you well know by a gambling habit so between one million and two million in less than five years you just suck
gambling lady stop blaming drugs at the woman living las vegas it's ninety nine nine but she had never various handling gamble until she start taking the drugs get that money had tat lady got only let lawyer you got a good lawyer and she's crazy to other people in this lawsuit than of claim that game going on i want to take a bill if iceland get some cash for their work a drug called re equip there was a man in ireland that took this drug and said before the drug he was a health heterosexual and after you took the drug he became gay and a gambler gatwick to anyone engage risky sex and he would men and chat rooms and have unprotected sex with them and then he got off the drop i wouldn't do any one the equivalent of you somewhere in the neighbourhood of six hundred thousand dollars from glaxo klein psmith here it is man says park
since drug made him addicted to gambling and gay sex was that from two thousand what was its out there goes my memory as we all remember i never things that can turn into a gay section gambling jotted like hey what else can work good on partisans get pot but in part doesn't do that again this guy sue the shit out of him and one that was worrying that he won because i believe it was crazy one dude hopes for new drugs level the sandwich that now like as many as one million people and i say so parkinson's and this you started i add around inside out for sure i like i want you scroll down the video keeps plan anyway i take put a little video like an escape the video it's always in the corner guy press play don't be tempted haven't doing this on the bombs were usually you'll see i than another story or similar stories sponsored story of no you can't even taught sponsored usually
no you can now on cnn they have a ton of those on a lot of websites they have a ton of those he adds fascinating and it's like you know you won't believe what they look like now you got what they look like now and then you have to get you like fucking twenty ages of what other people that look like shit now to get through this one person that you might not they might even beyond that in our limit just be totally may evaluates in ten minutes in real life they never back yet i mean on med scape in these like seemingly official medical websites there are far more adds that are appear to be diagnostic quizzes you have depression and then you go take the question this is this is known in hours been exposed one hundred percent of people are identified in pretty much no matter what you click you're identified as being a candidate for of course right than our do your fine go play frisbee and this objective assessment near you're doing great here oh my god
so glad that i have to sell you drugs meant well that's so what what do you hope to to really get in people's heads with this book and with all this information and what you gone on in your journey if you had a like summing up well it's sort of like when you know better you do better psycho my angela courts like my favorite quotes a great quote it is because there's no shaming in that raise goods the fig freud well when you know better you do better through a girl when for aids and the word as are in a goat so so
with this information is there something you that's like excited about it or that says like yeah there's something to that because if there is then you should know what's possible right because if you know it's possible then you will naturally move towards that and the transformations that i have seen and continue to see me like a cry thinking about it it's so deeply inspirational because it's a kind of human experience that is so redemptive it's like a real reclamation that is not possible through the firm model in my opinion i want to tell you quick story about antibiotics as you brought this up earlier so i went to india recently right and i've got some antibiotics when back now never take avenue i'd take anything you don't take in ever what are you gonna infection what have you got staff then i'll tell you exactly what would happen so i went to india oak i brought my little kit with me ray knowing that there is like and honestly
like i i don't believe in germ theory in the classical and so on it and your arm neither should anyone germ theory is like if you're exposed to a bad bug then you get sick right exposure equals infection were right but you know pester himself on his death bed said that it was the terrain not the bugs what's the terrain the terrain is the contacts the terrain is your body in your lifestyle in you know inured existence so that it seems to me more relevant and then the discovery of the micro biome like this inner ecology has totally we gotta go back to the drawing board completely in medicine because we didn't know that the full how reason is the discovery the microbial it's about like twenty years twenty years twenty years with the science of programme
jackson and an understanding of the importance of consuming fermented foods exactly and venus super infection sir antibiotic over use and the fact that you can ever get out from under this idea of just killing the bad bugs it doesn't work and so the more you sanitizing use bleach and alcohol impure l and all that stuff you're actually distorting things and you're making it more likely for people to develop what are called nosocomial illnesses are infections which is hospital induced infections rights as the hospital is a sick environment in part because we have a wrong idea about how biological ecosystems work there's no bad guys everything works together it's a metaphor for life and fund there aren't really any bad guys it's all you know sort of part of the polarity of life
we need we need bad to know we're good like it's that ancient philosophy so anyway so we go to india and i bring bensinger clay i bring coil silver i bring a bunch of little silver did others are real fast something like ie use like a little electrodes instead of the water the stick or you just so i honour people to make their rights in a responsible way should not turn some blue yeah we're in a candy that and you too you ask the wrong if you're using our view article avatar like an avatar lady having at work but he may think of it undermine my credibility kind super healthy but a bluish fuck poor guy he dies out my guys and yeah that's a reversal apparently we have that you are that's why it as a deal why it may not be the best idea joe
colonial silver what's the benefits of colloidal so ok so like herbal the tent like botanical you sort of like anti microbial if you wanna call them that they don't kill stuff there i think they have like a rebalancing effect but there you know for like assuming you know seaboard small has no bacterial over growth if i get a thing people are struggling with that a lot of functional medicine doktor street there is right to my trial looking at antibiotics versus herbal botanical showing mobile tentacles are as effective so why would you ever bother with risks of antibiotics which are legit and i mean their massive wrestles what herbal botanical source reciprocally fishing things like oil of irregular four examples like that's really you're gonna be better study ones siena graveyard seed extracted in their power darker there's a whole number of them golden silicon asia that have these properties and a lot of supplements to sort of put them altogether were so
i'm making a sergeant long so i got andy i bring all this stuff right and one the women it's like a candle in each one of the women gets really sick like like projectile vomiting and screaming in pain like bad seen left right before you go screaming pay advisers is proven and now it was it was she was super sec and even the indian dude who is sort of like our chaperone away like a friend of the woman who led the bulletin led the trip was cycle we gonna bring her to the hospital and you're like now i gotta give a colonial silver as i gimme twelve hours sterility legitimizes like gimme twelve hours i know her well enough to know that she would be down for this approach okay so and she was not afraid important detail she's not afraid she's super uncomfortable but who she was freaking out and going on with i just you sick which is true russell intimate hours she was complete
well we were in the car for to our chips going to like another part of northern india and how did cure or trade may very well i've done it herself in and the ritual of supplements a bent and claim whatever could have just been an accessory who who knows the truth is that if she had taken antibiotics which he never did if she had taken them reflexively she probably would have sick longer and she then ultimately when she got better would have attributed to the end antibiotics about searching ever would have had the opportunity to just see what our bodies capable of so we make these assumptions about pharmaceuticals in the absence of any baseline evidence information or even experience to help us understand what our bodies are capable but what if someone catches one of these antibiotic resistant very aggressive strains like mercer
when you know so so my partner has a website called remit in photo copyright physical green met info daiquiri med info dark and he catalogues all of the data pub mad dog of on these natural substances evidence that shows that summit garlic because there's a study he put up on on mercer i think it was like garlic and maybe honey or something you would laugh at right dodger on about you went through this and she talked about on the podcast shudder and persistent staff infection that would not go away and trees she treated it with garlic and and a topical form and ensure that when nothing else would and she had gone through this host of antibiotic so really rector got biome and she was really fucked up like a year began to that treated with a topical application of garlic she's crazy and it sounds crazy
until you actually learn that there's you wouldn't know that there is actually science to support that yeah so there is a ton of science is support natural medicine uttered a who funds these studies it's crazy that their even done because there is certainly as a farmer money behind them but they are done and if you know about them it might help you to make an informed decision then but this is reflexive assumption that well pharmaceuticals is the only legit choice if it gets bad enough is conditioning the song saying it's like it's a conditioned assumption and if you have an experience that defies that then you make different decisions for yourself in the future but you have to have like that woman will probably make different decisions for herself in the future because now she trusts her body like just a little bit more you know she's that much less afraid of all of the horror stories the fear mongering is the greatest marketing device
you now employed by the industry is scaring you into what if you don't do it or are there a bunch of people that like when they do catch mercer or something like tat and then get devastated like the right move is to get on an ivy antibiotic my guess is that sometimes the can't you just told me a story where that's not what i told you a story ok so events be what is one but its wanted she had a topical issue but it is its wine in europe one then that's important information for you so it certainly is i mean aunt if i had one but i mean don't don't they serve a purpose in some function sometimes i mean you don't throw the baby out with the bathwater right made if someone has some rapid aggressive infection of bacterial infection if we only used antibiotics for true life or death emergencies we would have a very different situation on our handsome what we have now which is a combination
of you know devastating our ecosystem you know making people gravely ill because they have very serious and totally unpredictable side effects colluding long term neurologic side effects we note that the what's even going on with livestock like we're in a mess with our worship of this idea of of enjoy antibiotic means it means against life like literally there's something wrong headed about that mentality and so it comes back to philosophy like if you want to believe in in war you know you want a war against your body when a war against and blame all the bad people who do others bad things and you want to lock them up in prisons in you wanna hate the you know you know arabs in terrorist sent it let us hear talk again moody but if that's their general vibe then it's going makes sense to take medications like that for you but i you know have plenty of colleagues and myself we have a different philosophy so that's why it comes down to
it's a religion in our really comes out your belief system so you're fulla sophie is improve the health of the gut biome take in natural antibiotics things like garlic things like a regular oil thing where their nature yet may get back to the continual unlike you know there's this notion that there is like a path were meant to walk you know where we sort of follow mara what our ancestors or to set us up for and we ve strayed from big time and in word in some ways being reminded in other we can't go too much farther without like struggling pretty seriously i think one of the points you just may which is really huge is that if we only used antibiotics when necessary life or death situations we wouldn't have the issues that we have right now with livestock with was channels house and the people take z packs like it's gonna style men they take but to take tylenol for a headache i know so many people attending antibiotics they just thrown down
i feel so much better took a z back like you might feel better because gonna feel better anyway and z packages through on top of the mix and decided that was what was taken you over the top nuance like in the water supply them backs but it's like mama ceramic where's your account really did not psychoactive right isn't it view is justice there was just something i put on such a media it was like studying fish that are exposed to anti doping water and they became like more aggressive why something like you no fish and made happier by but but the point is that anti presence urged in the water supply no suitable products apparently in dosages relevant to the clinic expression fish behaviour adena but jesus christ yeah i mean free lunch there's no free lunch with farmers think it's but if you're in a good cause you want
was to be aggressive i'm you maybe they don't want a society like what they want or merely driving a feeling one disease shell i've never seen one they turn tat they should just eating things mostly other first or bunch goddamn cannibals that's the idea itself so i thought this thanks for indulging elsewhere and things are going on here i really appreciate we just hours there was fun said quite an attention span seed not one word after all you doing just you know i'm scared about all for two i do have two cups of coffee but if i had after all i just don't want to try one day both on terrified of it a canadian said he just came out that if if you take a stimulant you're thirteen times more likely to be prescribed in its psychotic four times more likely be put back to nanny i didn't i didn't like regular people it's totally to extra hours and very important super important
found it very above the there from the woods for forest focus and tackling ideally so one more time to tell people what is an aim your book where you can get it i'm sure you're gonna get a lot of positive and they stay offline for example my back i do under back just tell you that i don't want you i don't want you to get hit with the trolls now listen first of all its important it's my disclaimer that i'm here to tell you how to do right guy it's about informed consent and if you know the information you want to continue making your choice do you think but i do believe people are entitled to all of the enormous in and i didn't know about it when i was prescribing so i am i carry that charge now sir my book is called the mind of your own and the rest of my nonsense on website just kelly broken i'm data come around well thank you will enjoy grounds i antibiotic pleasure are my friends that's it will be back to
are with hilarious andrew santee no so until then get off those pills you fuck or don't take our folks that's it gases over thanks to caveman coffee for few link us through this extravagance go to kay man coffee c o dot com and use the code word ro again to save ten percent of any there are some products thank you on it go to owe an end i t use the code word rogan and save ten percent off any all supplements and you too upside business travel done right ladies and gentlemen go to upside dot com and use the code word rogan and you will get at least a one hundred dollar amazon gift card for
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so then my friends be nice to each other and i say soon yeah
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