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#969 - Andrew Santino

2017-06-01 | 🔗
Andrew Santino is a stand up comedian and actor. His special "Home Field Advantage" premieres on June 2 & he's on the new show "I'm Dying Up Here" premiering on June 4, both on SHOWTIME.
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hey everybody what the fucks going on huh how are you big tour going on very soon starts june 23rd and june 24th in minneapolis and then indianapolis minneapolis not mini annapolis minneapolis and indianapolis second shows are available for both places altick it's available at joerogan dot net slash tour there's a new showtime show that's coming out this weekend ladies gentlemen today right now is thursday june firth firth what the fuck it always happens right during the show the tongue works great afterwards when it's time to do this shit june first is today thursday june first but this sunday june fourth at one thousand pm nine central there's a new show the series premiere of i'm dying up here now this is this show that is essentially based around it's loose
based on the history of the comedy store it's a new so by showtime executive produced by jim carrey it has a lot of my friends in the show including my friend was on the show today and your sand tino and if you haven't seen and are sent to you know he has a showtime special that's coming out friday tomorrow tomorrow is the showtime special coming out tomorrow home field advantage hilarious he's a really funny guy and a really smart guy he's on this tell doesn't show as well though he's on i'm dying up here along with our friends al magical my friend eric griffin giron who turns on it it's a great fucking show and it's on showtime starting this sunday june fourth and you can see the episodes at one thousand pm nine central on sundays on what time you can also download the showtime app right now and start your free trial it's all about a group of young
up and coming comedians hoping to make it big in the la 1970s comedy scene and again since this is like where jim carrey k from i mean the show has a lot of like actual real stories of things that happened to jim when when he was there so lot of funny people on the so a lot of good buzz about the show and it's about stand up comedy and it's about the comedy store so i really want to support it so june fourth this sunday one thousand pm nine central it's called i'm dying up here and it's on showtime check it out you fucks were surprise to each and every episode by onnit dot com that's onn it saying this ad like i always do that's part of the problem with these things you do a lot of them they become super similar on it is very important company to me i'm one of the owners of on it and it
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bang moitie so that's in austin texas go to onnit dot com use the code word rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements alright folks yeah so my guess today's andrew santino as i mentioned before hilarious stand up comedian one of my favorite guys to talk to at the store and keep an eye on him he's just really really fucking talented in a good dude and he's here right now so give it up for andrew santino experience trying my day joe rogan podcast my name all day watching percent i'll tell you when i first moved to los angeles i was playing this basketball league with these kids from e la there was like the only connection i had in la with these like couple of kids that i knew from long beach
and we would go play ball in this league and then afterwards we go to a bar and just get faced like just blacked out out of our mind twenty two like every time we had was going to the booze and party and so we're were partying and i'm wearing basketball shorts like white people do when you play basketball and all mexican friends you know they were like whatever they had on the floor that morning he was like jeans and you know there was never basketball shoes for them and were sick they're drinking and this dude pavo buddy money looks down in my legs and he goes dog i gotta fucking issue question player like did you have fucking orange leg hairs dog
it's like dude i've known you for years you've never seen that is acknowledged august so grows dog is nasty to look at bro is kind of like if you ate a bag of cheetos and you wipe the finger dust all over your fucking legs she got cheeto legs log so that she don't think so then all these dudes all these fucking all these homies were always like cheeto it was just just stuck so hard that when i got twitter and instagram i was like i have to have cheeto as my shit like i have to embrace praising the cheeto man wow that's a good time for orange haired comedians that have the greatest of all time have orange hair it's wild because all been such a massive fan of burger i mean i can't preach him enough i think i i think i do i do i do i cried him so hard i think many people i talked to her like alright dude enough like i get it you like him but i do man i i've always loved him and and louise change the game in a totally different way both just shocking now is he's doing
something real special yeah he's also a man's man and unapologetic man thank god there's so few it's such a hard time to be a guy you're not allowed to shame on you say that if you say that people like boo yeah i know it's so hard to be a man with all your male privilege boo cisgendered males complaining but hard it is i said judged folks from white hearts harsh least white straight male i'm the literal enemy public enemy number one right now yeah i walk around and you are the enemy you're automatically a rapist in a misogynist and eagle maniacal money hungry driven bad human being it's so it's so fucked up this is how ridiculous is gone there was an article other still complaining about being a man this is an article that i just read that was advocating that women should never go to prison is like let's stop putting women in prison
yeah see if you could find what would it was the idea was that women are suppressed and they are ready represent such a significantly small portion of the us population really there for heinous crimes don't then they don't deserve the same punishment as other people having a strain this crime went with the with the number of women hit men would just go through the roof right my god all the couldn't be arrested on my god so much room for some a so so what domestic well that's like saying okay so if you if that's what that if that's an article trying to say then then say any other repressed group in society then then minorities can't go to prison anymore well the same object they represent a much larger percentage those to the thing there she saying about women as are so few met women in prison already yeah and women are like a lot of their behavior is due the fact they've been suppressed by men okay
oh my god well it's just the idea of us being on two teams is so crazy the penis team in the vagina team it's that simple shirts and skins it's that simple you're all all people on your side or good all people in our cider back do you know how fucking crazy that is insane well that's what i said like not to say like i'm plugging my special but in my special that i talk about i was shot in chicago where i'm from an at the time there was a lot going on in chicago as there always is a lot of cop shootings an i think there's a big up there's an immediate uproar of like fuck cops and i hate that 'cause i've cops in my family and you can't just blanket statement an entire thing just like you can't blanket an entire race if people sex class of people and say you're all the same that's the same thing is saying like every cop is a bad person are you out of your fucking couldn't agree more millions of police officers that are great people you happened stories about bad humans that happens in any industry and honestly if you look at it statistically like the number of bad cops verse
the number of cops and then you have to breakdown the number of interactions cops have with people it's stunning we met people they're awful people are fucking awful can you imagine every day you but imagine how awful they are if you are a professional enemy and they know that you're just a person just like them so you're pulling this guy over this guys done a crime you know he's going to lie to you and you're the enemy and you don't even know this fucking guy you don't even know him you don't even have a real beef with him but his whole life is on the line right now in this altercation you never know if he's going to shoot you you never you never know there's so many videos online there's almost one most terrifying videos of this capo and this guy over and the guy was some vietnam veteran who is uh a real fuckin killer and he wind up killing the cop and they show him killing the cop on the security camera the guys trying this guy all the all the room in the world's like sir please get back in your car sir please get back a star sir put your hands down sir sir put the gun down and then it gets to the
he's trying so hard not to be a cunt in this i shoot him and kills him and your tell something that other cops haven't seen that video you don't think that they are terrified that they're going to be the next guy that's on some fucking youtube clip that two comics are talking about on podcast 'cause it could have open easy every time you pull a guy over your life's on the line and the stress of that is ungodly and we expect them to manage it like robots we expect them to be like no person we've ever met where they just no problem no stress if you're a fucking accountant what is the worst shit that can happen to you once you're in the office printer breaks almost nothing is life threatening microsoft well crash this morning everyone's going crazy and fucking accounting but you're not beat cop jesus christ but it's the same way with you know and i know this is this is this is been said but the way treat veterans and shit it's like you know i i grew up the kid who was a really close friend of mine that killed himself a couple years ago was a veteran and i think the expectation of the return to normalcy is
not only ridiculous and insane request but it's just so illogical that that's a that's not approach it's like do these people can't come back from any sort of combat and and just be push back into the real world like well you're good right you're good did we did you turn off the switch when you landed back in the united states yeah it was just a little toggle in my head and then i'm good now i should go get it the job i guess just the lack of possibility that we have for like taking care of those people crazy the lack of emphasis on psychological recovery uh being on coping skills mental health man that's the biggest issue in the united states i say that all the time so there's so much lack of help for mental health dude you see it's so constantly in so many turn facets now i think it's coming out more because of the internet because you see violent crimes and you see where mental health is kind of lead our country now there should be a bigger
focus on it i had a psychiatrist in the podcast yesterday kelly brogan who wrote a book what is it called a mind of your own a mind of your own its neighbors we talked all about these so ciatrick drugs and when they prescribe them and why they prescribe and what are the side effects and how easily they prescribe him and how so many of these same exact symptoms can be cured by exercise and diet and they don't even advocate that right and she's talking about like how incredible it is like her coming from a background of sight sorry been an md going through the whole training thing writing a book about it and you realize like oh my god they're just doping people up because it's easy meant they want short term short term solution as fast as you can working out and exercise sounds like such a it sounds like a marathon and they just there like give me the tim in the forty yard dash like what can we do to get him in the forty yard dash in there like here take this pill and that changes everything is the disassociative quality of these pills are so dangerous and we just an amount not we obviously you and iron are involved
but someone's not as far as the audience knows we don't do it imagine the guy right now working first pharmaceutical company and every day you read the news you see some fuck mass killing of please don't let it be on our shit don't listen pfizer everyday is like a rolling the dice online hoping it wasn't some guy on one of their drugs she was talking about not with the numbers of people that commit these mass killings that are on drugs there on psycho psycho active some sort of cycle pharmaceutical drugs she's like it's crazy it's like one yeah let me let me let me give you something this is how powerful that world is i probably shouldn't say this but i'm with you so i don't really give a shit but on the one thing i wasn't allowed to talk about we're not talk about specifically say on my showtime special was about accutane in accutane when i was a kid you know this drug you know like you said yeah it is but it's a new believe aebli unstable ok it's caused a lot of suicide people got real fucked up from it so it caused
out of chemical mental reaction that they didn't anticipate for youth youth you know kids under eighteen with underdeveloped brains used to sign a form to say i can die from this medication there's a risk of death that was a real thing for medication but special showtimes lawyers called us and said i can mention the company but i can't say the joke i said if you don't know contain was it was developed in the 80s and the 90s to kill acne and then people and they they were like we can't say that i was like why can't i say that's a fact and the guys lawyers were like there are massive sponsor jesus christ that was the that was the control there were like defensive i thought show time didn't have any sponsors hello this is cvs pharmacy at cbs is their mother ship its viacom right that was the only thing the right yeah that was the only thing that they were like we just can't say that which there's respectively removed 'cause i was like i didn't need that piece anyway but i was like that's so weird that they are that meticulous
but this one small thing because they want to cover up the fact that people people used to die from it people wanted kids who were for the most insecure point of your life you got shit all over your face and you just want to fix it with a pill want to feel better about your life you're already so vulnerable and ugly and weird ann they are willing to risk their life for it but this company won't recognize that that was a thing what numbers people died off of it at one i remember when i was in high school there was like three kit it made national news there's like three kids in a row committed suicide it was a consecutive like three young kids people boom that committed suicide and of course you can't just attributed to one thing i'm not saying you can point a finger said that's what it was but enough evidence surrounding things like that that made the company more legal action behind release form for when you take the drug
nowadays i think it's i think there's different levels of it you can't give to people under under sixteen or a certain age because of the strength of the medication jesus because all i wanted to do is not be ugly anymore so what did it do to you you know what's funny man cleared my skin up and i never had to take it ever again i know people that did it two or three times and it it gave me a lot of joy because i fell fine again i'd so i'd such bad acting i said such get when i was a kid that i made me not believe in god i was like nothing nothing exists i'm alone on this earth and i was i felt like i was the ugliest person to ever walk the planet 'cause you felt so so this thing fixed so to speak it made me feel like everything was good again which is so gross but that's how like shallow we are as kids 'cause you're just like so vulnerable around your peers your like i just want to be i just want to be normal when you like sixteen years old if you have a horrible acne attack it fucks your head up fuck you up you feel so weak yeah like you so
at the mercy of this i mean obviously ooh poor white cisgendered man worried about this now could you know what i understand this worst problems look at that this is a list of the side effects of this miscarriage in this carriage is birth defects increased internal skull pressure bone mineral density depression psychosis suicide aggressive final behaviors at acute pancreatitis unknown in quotes cardiovascular consequences deafness happy titus bowel disease excessive bone growth nye blindness site laws you can just lose your vision well then don't use your vision for your acne anymore so i guess that's kind of the galley on list of birth defects go back down again please look at this part where it says the the list of birth defects no up up a little up a little up a little bigger phonetic name integration facial and nerve system deformities mental retardations patia
this must be on birth control when using it 'cause you get miscarriages are you out of your fucking mind and that crazy patients must be on birth control if you want to use this medication you can't get pregnant your baby will come out of mutant a jersey man twenty five million verdict alleged that wrote the acne drug it ain't game inflammatory bowel disorder that required the removal of us colon rip out his fucking cold oh my god jesus christ you only get twenty five million take out your colon that's it did you lose your butt you get twenty five one page a from a rock one of his big movies maybe they take your colon he might get more than that and make it more enough like bay watch and to the right now in the memo the check for colon focke for colon for so i worked at a of hamburg
place it place called newport creamery when i was in high school and i gotta graduated from dishwasher to working at the grill that's a big deal it was a big deal but the problem was working at the grill you get fucking crazy zits oh yeah this is greece in your face all day like little you get out of there your face is covered in grease what how old are you fifty i guess the sixteen when i start work there fifteen or sixteen somewhere in there my first job was mcdonald's so of course i was really aiding in the shit face of my life i was like let me eat shit food be around greece all day all day all all all day last friday leaders like that ships in the air and rose like you have a thin film of it on your face as cold eve yeah mais it's got out of control remember this is girls really key new girl that work there and she grabbed my face one it's like she just being nice to me she goes you're so cute she grab my face and all i could think of uh oh my god she's touched my zits
i'm so disgusting i think about it to this day it's crazy it's crazy it sticks with you dude dude was so devastating at the time i just like because i was attracted to her she's very cute but it always felt like she was out of my league and then all the sudden touching my face in my god damn she came by zeds i remember we were going to like a a family some kind and i she just picked at something on my stupid face and my little brat sister was like you're bleeding out of my face i was like i'm a mutant you feel like you're like blanket me and hide me in the back of the car the only thing that what would change it for me was exercise yeah yeah one so i started i started with like really heavily working out it kind of went away like towards seventeen and eighteen by thomas eighteen it stopped but man for that fifteen and sixteen
who is bad well i played sports all through high school so that was an issue 'cause it was always sweating and it was making exacerbated made it worse and then college all i did was work out and didn't play a lot active sports so but that's it is all cleared up and i was fine but in school is just like i did everything to make it worse like everything possible everybody would get a sunburn to kill there's it's remember that yeah well look at me actually sits in the sun i just would get get cancer and get worse gas like in the summer time i remember that was like like oh boy it's going to be sunny out this is great i can cook off some of these it's going to set up these it's yeah man i had a buddy of mine growing up i cannot complain 'cause my buddy had it real bad he was one of those guys that was like his everything his neck was covered in pockmarks his face was covered in park mars and the poor kid was like barely hanging on right he's one thousand five hundred and sixteen years old
you know it wasn't like genetically gifted to begin with and then also he gets hit with this hail storm on his face i mean his whole all of his skin was just fucked and there's nothing they can do about it once that happens now unless you want to lose your colon and if you want to but even that it doesn't smooth your face out no no no way they could smooth your face i once you have those scars all over the place is they have to fuckin sandblast yes surgery yet raising done look good now now you can tell it's yeah no i feel like i'm i'm lucky that that it that it works because i had friends worked at work and i was like oh god that's just this so if you are my friend who just got hit with hail storm like you would think like maybe that guy be worth taking a chance of suicide yeah why not if you're do it do it cool you know you never know you never know right you just rolling the dice you might be that one of that one out of one thousand people that goes completely fucking and saying once that stuff hits your system goes blah
find insane shit yourself skull pressure was the craziest thing bone growth weird bones are going to start burn let it grow horns you see mike's second chin you just have another fucking chin start to grow below you ever will go to this lady doctor pimple popper on instagram no did she just pop huge tits addicted to this latest instagram page the point where it almost seems like she sponsoring a show if i tell everybody about her you go to her page everyday she's cutting open cysts popping zits i get to you you can she's got millions look at four million okay two dot four million humans watch this all the time constantly dude i watch it but all of our stuff is these giants that go to that lower right hand corner one gel right click on that this she's just cutting open these cysts
and it's so oddly addictive man when she like this little circular razor way too low it takes like a circular chunk of meat out of your neck that she can now push all the possible god is this is saying fuck like peoples bodies errors these like skin errors that we have like how many of those do we have inside of ourselves you know like when people hear about people having cysts and liver cysts and like that inside of you like this dude i have i have a sister when i was in when jesus well hi when i was in college i can't look away it's fucking insane know that's what i'm saying in the sunken place dude i can't fucking look away this year so it's very interesting when i was in college dude i thought i had nut cancer i thought i'd tell the cancer and i went into a doctor this is insane i wanted to a campus dr and he it feels around in my nuts and he feels the bump and i'm
did i tried for like two days he started sucking my cock's and he was going to get that nut i'm going to get that there's only one way to get it out he said so this is no shit he goes it's a buildup of semen a fucking doctor said that and i really he goes do you have a hot tub i was like there's in my complex hooked you come he goes go in there and jerk off in the hot tub he told you jerk off swear to god tell me what time like one thousand and one i don't want you to look up he said it was a military time actually yeah he said he said at twelve twenty two eat a context to close your eyes story time if you're talking about a guy jerking off and tell him how to do it during military two thousand and twenty two i want to watch this guy said it was a fuck it i'm not kidding said a buildup of ciment my dad flew into town 'cause he was can cuz i was like dude it freaked me out thing on my not we went to the best doctor we could find and the guy was like could didn't fucking have this other dude like get his medical license removed he's like
this build up of semen is completely incorrect this is a cyst on your testicle is not he's like it's benign it's your fine but the fact that someone on camp like a campus told you that that's a real medical professionals should probably high out of his mind baked out of his pocket i would arizona state so he was fucking lost it was just a do they found that morning at the bus stop that doesn't even make sense to me um i don't have no medical training when he said it i was like there's no chance sending video that's what it was he's like take a video of it that's what i want to do once you take your nuts and hold them over a lamp so i could see through your nuts and then take as many pictures as you can know filter i'm going to bring couple other boys in here young boys have you seen that have you seen that movie tickled have you seen that documentary tickled i have not but it keeps getting recommended so we're going to have to watch it's unreal it blows your fucking mind these guys were tricked into this it's as simple as young actors being like you got a few just make a living
can you let another guy tickle you on the internet for five minutes for one hundred dollars and these young kids were like you have had friends get hit on by guys it during casting sessions like just just straightforward like if you want to fuck yeah like i've had friends like literally get propositioned i thought if you very very famous very faint the people that are like you come to so and so's house no one no known almost anything but as of end up in the public eye people think they're straight to such a leap man when you're a dude and your straight you know like all right how much money isn't really that is that is the crazy leap like i honestly absolute we firmly believe that prostitution should be legal or one hundred percent it doesn't make any sense that you can decide to fuck someone for free and we all agree that nobody got hurt but if some for some reason there's wrong with like someone paying you to jerk them off what's the hires
or do you imagine do you imagine if fucking tiger woods it could have had prostitutes this would have never gotten exposed do you think if that process it was legal it was kind of not a faux pas thing in society do you think he would never had this moment of collapse in his career i think it would change the way we look at sex if prostitution is legal like now right like it's it's so illegal and it's been illegal for so long that someone male or female has someone pay them for sex you're a whore right it's a label right away but we know for a fact that there's gold diggers like gold diggers real but they're not they're not even hiding their blatant blatant yeah they just say right it on the internet that you've seen if you ever seen that instagram post where these really hot like instagram models and then it shows a picture in the next box of a bunch of guys that are like in their 60s with giant it's with great hair on their guts is like those instagram models in dubai this is who's paying for those trips yeah of course
you we know those people exist there's nothing really don't care it's like look at her she got it good for her yeah like that dan bilzerian guy you know him yeah that's like his that's his mo well sort he's a good looking guy too yeah but these women that are around they he knows what they're around four and she they know what they're round yeah it's a it's a mutual d it's a deal i think the best example of it was j howard marshall in and nicole smith a total in and call smith married that ninety year old dude i don't see this is she was just giant titties and big asses just out there brilliant it was amazing it was amazing 'cause it was so blatant i had a whole bit about into my acct there it is right she set the tone that setting the fucking town that's the gold standard of gold diggers right come on please marry her there how is that not prostitution that's one of the funny things will go back to that photo zoom in on his face look at how unhappy he looks it's remarkable this guys so fucking old he can't formulate a smile when he's marrying a woman one slash four his age and i think
by the time she was a lesbian so she was just eating pussy and hanging out with him and she had to do like marital relations with them and when she would do the marital relations with them you know it's like time to go to work what is she what is she gotta do he can't fuck what is she got it is just like his dad just i suck him no i don't think so i think they did i think we came up with the timeline and for vi aggre maybe they came up with it for him the song his research money there's gotta be a way not that close to marion anna nicole smith you piece shit get hard for an hour and a half after ten billion dollars in not long time and what you listen to me you sonofabitch so crazy i love it good for him get do you like my body go out with a bang or at least attempt an attempt at a bang is he dead
yeah he's dead as far what do you say of happiness that would be enjoy he died enjoy the world blessed him in his final years but that's legal it's totally legal to marry someone have sex with him for money as long as you marry them and then get to steal all their money it's like a small transaction like if he could just pay her yeah like for j howard marshall of multi billionaire type character but a hundred grand is not out of the question it's nothing one one eight running for one hundred grand seems like a worthy proposition but this is this this is someone told me this reason we're talking about this is amazing the diff and a million in a billion because i think in america we just kind of like we don't even think about it you know just hear it you like bill you know he must be a billionaire i'm sure someone joe rogan deuce to god fucking billionaire did here's the difference if people don't a million seconds is how many days would you guess a million seconds i've done this before and i always forget it do you know a million a million six hundred and thirty days that's a great gas it's eleven days that's good most people are fucking way off
eleven days chance yeah that's good a million seconds is eleven days how days is a billion seconds thirty one years jesus eleven days to thirty one fucking years jesus that so when someone brilliant seconds thirty one thousand years when someone tries fucking say like they understand what a billion is your like you have no fucking idea what a billion is a billion is so beyond far away now as far as it's been in splain to me and i've never researched this at all so i wonder if you could find this out someone said to me that when you look at the richest man in the world like they look at like warren buffett and bill gates those george soros although billionaire characters that they're not really the richest man in the world that the real richest men in the world are these saudi guys and a lot guys but there were the monarchs and they they don't have to disclose their wealth
we do it's not like they're the ceo of a corporation their head of a royal family they oh no government any indication of what their earnings are so this dude who knows one of those cats was telling me that he's probably a trillionaire fuck me and i was like what i go that's real and you see i got it i didn't know there was trillionaires goes if it's very like this guy might have access to a trillion dollars 'cause the only that we know is our famous billionaires were infatuated with our billionaires that we kind of have as these social icon do you like the zuckerbergs and these guys that are like they did something that we recognize this song the families that have had that money i've had that money for a fucking long time it's not new money nice is old but they had they had hunt of millions fifty years ago so now it's only accumulated into billions of i mean they own what the chinese billionaire that what was it and he just bought the basque yacht
he had it in his japanese japanese for one hundred million dollars were talking about that which shows i was bill burr yeah dude one hundred and ten i think it was i mean any owns another one that he got for like fifty seven but at fifty seven nothing to him it's like it's flick guys insane one dot four trillion fucking dollars oh my god see oh my god the royal fe family is worth a staggering one dot four trillion solemn been abt do the z zero is out pictured is the current king to that's ball in on a whole new level so that's this new shit one dot four trillion god who is this guy the are the rothschilds yeah for sure this probably bunch of those little scoundrels running around taking a piece of that pie but
so a billion is a thousand million one thousand seven hundred trillion the rothschilds estimated between one billion and seven hundred trillion hey how you doing better job i could do as good a job of estimating is that no shit that's so far probably a kazillion it's like when you ask a kid how much a car is and there are like eight eight dollar and you're like yeah it's like eight dollars that's how much carbs are eight dollars hundred olive yes exactly it is a mercedes so how the fuck did they have such terrible like gap in their guest that's got to be to see those kind of old families that have been around for that long you know that they hide money they don't like when they say x amount of dollars because that's what they've been told words for so many sources i used to you know the guy this guy george soros do that is the guy who broke the bank in manhattan the name because every one brings it up when they talk about like anyone on the right side like alex jones
so the george soros is making a marijuana stronger started from mind control i take it once a year i smoke marijuana to test the efficiency but i like oh he's the gauge i'm going to for america yeah i will smoke he says he smokes a once a year he said that during his custody trial that's it once that says once you to test is one of the x potency that's george soros soros so i sick i party with his kid one time twenty five billion two billion a party with this kid one time with one of these hollywood things and never seen someone so and i could say anything negative about him and i just never seen that kind of money for us and i've never i've never known a billionaire have never been friends with a billionaire and this it was so lucid it was almost as if he's now living now at all he just kind of go it's just flows so floating it's like whatever happens happens i said where you staying while you're here he's like with these guys i guess i was like what do you have suitcases and shit you're in town from new york like you're not he's like not just fucking i'm going to figure it out i guess bounce around a little bit so it's
like there is no there's no ground in this when you're that rich it's almost like no no i can do anything all the time forever there's no source of repetitive rights yeah yeah i don't think it's a good thing for it so bad it doesn't seem to work out i mean i would think the only way you would get a kid through that is you gotta take him to sports or something you gotta get him involved some adversity he's gotta lose at something yeah a lot if you if you lose that shit and you start to understand how human you are when you're like oh my god there's so many people better than me at so many fucking things dude 'cause when you're given everything and you never lose you never heard no there's no negative in your life like how do you get any sense of fucking any normal or anything grounded in your hands when you're like yeah we need feedback yeah you need to know that that's good and that's ok and that's terrible and that's you need to know where you land on the spectrum of in the social world that somebody
kids are socially so fucking awkward 'cause they never had to never got beat at school they never got made fun of it was all like zodd fucking flat flat flat yeah you can have all flat you don't want too many crazy dips your fucking but you definitely don't want flat like the worst drive over is not the longest drive the worst drive ever is when you drive in in those those roads the people we stopped take album cover pictures and yeah we just see just flat and not only their eyes were ever is nothing just flat they give you go this aim distance but you're driving on like the the pacific coast highway and you're headed up to san francisco it's fucking beautiful beautiful man barely recognize first voice like the clip what if i just walk in you can just do that and people do do that for sure they just go off the cliff and you just wanna make sure the guy on the other side is not thinking i'm going to head on this guy we're both going to go off this cliff do this together let's do this shit i'm gonna drag somebody with me fuck him
the last song so your life flying off a cliff 'cause some pilled up asshole decided just slam into and not one afternoon it can happen have you seen those but words that jump off the cliff right after they're born have you seen these this video yes look up look up bird jumps off cliff after birth the moment they hatch the mother and the father go to the bottom of this like five hundred foot cliff and the birds jump and they hit the hit rocks all the way down and whoever survives survives with the parents oh my god it's fucking i just saw it on i think it's on planet earth so i can't really show so this but it's the people i'll i'll look ok or something but you video so people can next jump off cliff jump off cliff which is another one that they do here in la sometimes in hollywood but i think that's different look at how this is insane they don't even have wings yet know nothing nothing just fuck in bold
this is insane this is insane so this poor little thing is it's kind like a flying squirrel looking scituate this is insane first time i watch it i was so baked i was like is this a loop because looks like it's never going to end it's so far five hundred or six hundred feet or so insane that this is how life gets born oh my god and he hits the rock and you got assume he's dead nope my god he hit more rocks old jesus christ so many fucking rub interesting it's flipping head over heels it's more rock so he'll grass there got caught a break gotta break for that's a good break right look at this thing it's going down the side of the cliff head over heels head first asshole head
do a rock for a second sold to a road got a minute we got a break nope go never mind a break the end of that and more more bouncing boom head for others you face the issue debt cole is a lock up your asshole there's one of the side of your face is one of your eyes is one of your joes oh another one hundred feet to go get those mom and dad and mom's lake is this mother fucker going to make it look at this another one behind it now look at this boom how's he doing so the making insane they stop and wait to see which ones which ones live jesus christ nature so harsh that i knew you would love this 'cause i thought about you the first time i saw this and i was like this is so fucking proof about so driving did it's so survival this is the most basic you have to leap and most died the moment you enter the world that chick is tough as fuck survival do five rounds of giorgio petrosian just shake it off
jail versus dead 1a chick yeah there's one that didn't make it i'm sure there's a ton of dead ten jesus fucking christ you could actually hit one of those corners and it got you for sure yep i mean this is all shale that stuff is so dangerous that's all that was dying on jamie don't show us this this is so sad i had a bird come in my house here today and this poor little fucker swam eflu right into the window danke really laugh every time i saw it was going to go out and then to look up and then flew into another window full speed dunk out cold so i thought he was i thought he's probably dead and my my daughters going on no is he going to die i go we don't know honey let's let's put him outside and hopefully he'll wake up fucker woke up yes yeah i woke up like five minutes later like shook it off brazil away like imagine there was a person that things going
thirty miles an hour right into a window don't little tiny bird too just got k o'd but then got up and flew away came back for another round yeah i came in the house that was weird about girls at a buddies i was at a buddies house at this like party in a fucking hummingbird flew right into the house like right through the double doors and was stuck in the sky lights and it was panicking 'cause you know what like it wasn't willing to come down so i was just fucked up enough that like i have this idea give me a fucking huge pan the biggest and from the kitchen and poor sugar and water heat up the sugar a little bit so input it and i put the pan up to it i got in a ladder put it up it started getting in there to drink the sugar water and i slowly took it down and walked it outside some wizard chimos wizardry did i was fun great magic hands that's very smart you've seen them in slow mo man they're so bizarre they're fucking their wings are moving no unbelievable it's insane it's beautiful to watch man oh man i was in
costa rica we went to this place that had a had some of sanctuary for the humming bird sanctuary yeah do you know what it is yet is it i went on a course record just last year so they have you know you can they have these feeders so just hang out by the man take slow mo on your iphone and you see the thing floating around your head there it is right there i mean they could just hover it's so how did they evolve like this it's so strange like no other bird make that weird sound when it goes by you they have little wings but they move stupid fast how many how many how many per minute 'cause it's a like how many heartbeat is insane their heartbeat is like one hundred times hours or something like that there's so cute they don't seem like killers at all no right there just out there eating pollen in shit right look at that look at that do they eat bugs like what do they eat they got a little tongue that sticking up
it isn't like going for like nectar and sets for nectar yeah this is going to have some facts for us hummingbird lay one hundred and three eggs several times per year eggs are about the size of a jelly bean that's not good facts i want to know what they eat yeah i want to know that kind of shit will get that no cause there's the craziest beaks to like if there was a giant bird you like what the fuck that's pretty sick did you see what that just said they have exercised eyelids and they can see ultraviolet oh that's fucking amazing wo crazy that beats like a narwhale horn like it's so any we don't notice how crazy long their beaks are too that's the other thing i can see the could you can there's no consistency of color between all the birds don't i mean like now usable species have a similar color pattern is there a bunch different kinds of hummingbirds sex powers sap tree sap pollen and insects so there are omnivores interesting that birds
trap dude they're some of the most unique animals on our planet true one hundred and fifty nord them i really ignored birds until i saw my first eagle in person in the wild it's crazy right yeah so i was with ari we were in alaska were in anchorage we're going fishing where salmon fishing like dude that's a fucking why bald eagle as eagles stand there on this branch just looking down on us i was like what like you start realizing what they really are like well that's like a murdering dinosaur a bird that flies around snatches fish out of is water dinosaur fish yet chilling we were catching these fish to do there with this big this salmon these powerful fish and this eagle comes down and grabs it out of the water with his talents and flies with it it's fucking awesome dude i started tripping out on birds after that just be being dm being near them in in the in the wild and seeing the move around it just seems so do
print then seeing them in the zoo so the wing spans are so amazing to me when they open up a huge there whenever you see one in person you like that is way bigger than i thought what's so it's a view back to a much more ancient style of living thing you know i mean it's a view back to dinosaurs and they're starting to realize more and more dinosaurs fossils are being found with feathers only fucking birds is have you ever seen a moose in real life oh yeah shot a moose that deal moves right whenever i so whenever i go up to cannon like if you're going to banff you know where that is in alberta yeah i know where that is dude that has the biggest moose i've ever seen in my life i've seen i've seen when i was a kid but nothing like up in northern canada dude i mean the size of a fucking school bus i mean it's so big i think people think i think they know what a moose is 'cause you're like yeah i think it's like a cow or something i mean do their mass i have message almost there so big shock
it was twice the size of our car i was like get the fuck outta here that's a moose there's so big it's insane and if you run into him like you him with your car at your fuck you fucked they would really wreck you growing up in the midwest sued right here people getting bad car accidents with deer all the time these guys in key so there is no stories about it you die you fucking it's not like dude you heard about mikey fucking hit a deer it's like you hit a moose it's like mike car exploded mike mike is a fuck you up though there's so they will idea mine who lives in oregon of guy on the highway in his neighborhood hit a deer the deer flipped over his car and hit the car behind him fuck and went through the win building killed the guy really yeah first i was fine how the first guy was fine the caught the deer flipped over his car like as he hit it went flying through the air and it landed like right right in this fucking into this guys car and kill them sort of crazy should i wish i was like eight years old my dad driving on the fucking dan ryan in chicago and a car the
world of lane was the fast one construction a car went over the fucking median on to oncoming traffic and hit another car like one hundred yards in front of us i watched it fucking app was the crazy shit i've ever seen in my life and it was like the afternoon i don't know if he was fucked up poop right over the median shred into another car and you saw the whole thing watch i watch it i mean it felt so fake when i was a kid i remember thinking iram we're getting older and asking my dad if it happened 'cause i thought you know in your childhood sometimes you're like did i see that enough i can sing and it wasn't real you know and formulate these different stories in your brain as a kid 'cause you know that line of what's real and fake when you're so young but dude i can't forget that happening it was crazy that is perfectly hit another car it was almost as if like magnetic fucking head right head on wow that was wild
i think those fast and the furious movies have fucked people up when it comes to like what you can and can't do in a car do they jump a car from like a building and shit to another building and live it's fucking insane i mean there's a lot of dumb kids out there that watch those movies they gotta be like yo man i got give that a shot has to be someone who thinks that that what's going to happen when they get behind the wheel problem would be the best ever i never even drove yet but once i drive be the best in over dog i watched that movie all the time i just want to be cool to want to be jack and that we'll do you ever watch those fail videos on line of people showing off like showboating in nice cars that's my favorite my favorite yeah they always like some guys like some guys spin the wheels dude some guy in like a fuck and gt rs are scared just right into the fucking wall next to him just spin out crash right away that's just did it great i love this
that shit i love to see people showing off and then right away there fucked i love that shit nothing funny many videos of that now too so it's almost like if you have a camera and you're pointing it out the guy you kind of hacks some 'cause you say man i hope i don't fuck this up 'cause it's going to be on every internet site everyone's twitter account instagram page it's like you're kind of like putting too much pressure on him your accident is now shareable steaks are now everyone's joy that's the world we're in now your fuckups could be if somebody great monday welcome to the new world is brilliant the crazy new world man didn't exist was never like this yeah you didn't have to worry about someone seeing your fuck up how old are you thirty three i'm forty nine when i was a kid we didn't even like when i was born
back in the day no you you heard stories that somebody up somewhere over there yeah i did that yeah i know that's all that's all there was one guy our town killed someone in a car and drag this guy around like he he got the guy stuck unders carney is kept driving fuck did not know he was under there or he was like fuck it i don't care i'm going to prison anyway no they don't know if he was drunk i don't know i don't know when he got caught either but it the story was in the news i remember it was in like i was delivering newspapers at the time so i saw it in the newspapers that i was delivering it's so weird to have known someone and know that they ran over somebody in a car and then dragged around yeah i didn't know well but he was like one of those guys in the town i think it was a little older than me but he those guys it was always kind of hanging out with a nice car yes i'd like a nice trans
and i'm just gonna said i and i roxy was about the yeah his family had money and he ran over someone and drag them around there's always this thing about people whose families had money like the rich kids get away with it what was that was a weird thing to it's like we knew that they were like a little off like you always knew that the rich kids were never like a complete human right there always like like it was just a few of them they were just a little like if you knew there rich there's probably a lot of kids that we didn't know they were rich and they're rich was there weren't up so it didn't come through right at the ones that wanted everybody know they were rich like it was a designer clothes on right and it was had the nice to share it and they always had like brand new cars like when they were seventeen this guy had a brand new car there it's almost there a little bit animatronic like there's something robotic about really rich kids where it's just kind of like super very like disconnected level because there's so unaware of what it's like to not have yeah why
i'm watching these shows my kid we went to see this diary of a wimpy kid yeah yeah yes i play a funny movie man there's some funny shit in there i laughed hard a couple of times that movie yeah i just went 'cause they wanted to go yeah but in this movie one of the things that like really strikes home is like everyone is struggling is fucking kids like everything is falling apart always constantly and because of that he's kind of got a fun personalities like he gets checked all the time soon as he gets cocky he gets crushed yeah right like this it just keeps happening through and there's a whole series of these movies but i like that not happening to that the rich kid that i grew up with no fucking now that's why probably when he hit the guy in his car and had the guy stuck under his car he didn't know what the fuck to do yes feet i was going to get away with whatever i just gotta get i gotta get away clean the car there kid i went to high school with that had a hit and run
they got he got away with it i mean obviously i didn't know it was a kid i went to high school but he got away with it for a long fucking time it was such a public story that famous nascar driver at the time painted her name on his car like fine so and so's killer 'cause it was such a fucking big deal this girl that hit and run and he came out years later this is crazy he was pill pill the fuck up showed up to her sister's house and admitted nothing to her sister and we're saying who's going to run away kill him self whatever she beverly she spoke polish she told her husband to fucking call the cops and was trying to call him this kid down in them well tell him to call the cops and they finally caught this get before you could off himself or something but he killed this girl in a hit and run and tidy and got for what it's worth got away with it for a long time and he was probably not a bad person you just was weak at the time and it haunted up for uh he had it had to come out fuck crazy right that's a mistake that if you make your god damn it shit like that happen like
from from your area where you grew up like do you read stuff now years later that you hear about fucked up shit from back then that like i said gotten exposed now like this teacher like these teachers i knew ran a fucking prostitution ring that came out in the paper the teachers the teachers to shop the old shop teacher his daughter this shop to shop teachers pivot dude that's insane who the girls the girls were high school students no not high school students they were fucking site girls in the community probably girls that went to high school and graduated but a little girls that they were pimping out from the school they were pimpin from school what school was this this is out in the suburbs of chicago wow here's the question if they did make prostitution google set it up just like you go get a massage you can go out sex with somebody how much that change like the notion of marriage
relationship nobody's getting married it's over it's over it's only a law that's keeping like what percentage of people married i said it before when we were when we when we touched on this prior the reason that we make it page 'cause the church gets involved right so if the church says it's ok it's like my dad was a drug attic growing up my dad was in and out of prison my whole life when i was a kid and my mother my father when i was one so i don't really have any recollection of any of that so i don't have that like damage that people like my dad got divorced when we were sixteen i didn't see it i didn't know it but my mom came such a hardcore irish catholic world that my family the older generation didn't approve and was like you can't divorce this man that's against our religion and my mom was like he's a fucking terrible person to me i have get out of this relationship and now she was just they were both young you know we just want to make the right move for for a baby but the
church has so much influence on certain parts of society that my gram there was like almost disowning license but that's such a reality for that generation that it was like how could you that's like your beer beer you're going to i like that's done so my mom had that kind of fuck up that's how much influence the church has over marriage and coupling and it's crazy it's fucking crazy it's unbelievably ridiculous that people succumb to that it's so crazy it's controlling man well the catholic church in particular is one of the weirdest ones ever also strange just insanely high percent each of people that are involved in child abuse i mean what other religion has that connected to it like that was none muslim is the biggest in the world right the biggest really in the world right i think it is if it's not christianity i start there
pablito to either way you don't hear about that so well covering up it's not the same thing the thing about the priests in the priest being forced to be celibate and then spending time with boys like that has always gone bad yeah forcing how to be celibate bad forcing guy to hang out boys bad awful someone something weird weird going there's no parents in the room dude when it when as soon as you deprive someone of something they are going to have it they want it immediately then you attached to it the ultimate power that comes with being a representative of god yeah you wearing a priest outfit to a little kid like that kid will suck your dick will do anything you say you know what's going on he's a baby deep sark my control and when you find out how many of them yeah that's the thing is it's not just one it's not just ten like the war you hear the more you're like do it this is not a fucking accident these are
who incidences this isn't like a conspiracy that this is a fact that this is keep it and it's crazy it's crazy because it's still happening so they don't talk up yet so it's like it's you know well how 'bout that benedict guy the pope that had to resign they found out that he had been involved in the move meaning of these child molesters from one place to another place keep him clean clothes the story down shut everybody up and then move back to another place and one of the guys went on to molest one hundred deaf kids what yeah he molested one hundred deaf kids and he was put into that position by this guy who wound up being the pope one hundred death one hundred deaf kids it's horrible awful it's hot there's so much involved in it there's so many people that coverage it up there so many different versions of the stories so many stores thousands and thousands of stories of people molested by priests yeah i mean it's crazy and if you bring it up immediately you get
people defending it no no no look you're exaggerating a bubba bubba i've said this like imagine if nasa our drivers fuck that many kids shut down shut the fuck down but because it's the church were like well let's uh you know but there's good things to their working forgot it's crazy that any organization can have a history of fucking kids were working for god is god side job fucking children because it's not whatever it is it's not working but we it's not all bad we don't want to break the whole thing up definitely don't want to do that so stealing is not bad fucking a kid is the save is like so minor bullshit infraction and society thousands thousands of cases maybe even millions of cases it's uh and then still you have these world leaders like trump met with the pope the pope is all bummed out trump should be like i'm bummed out
to be next to you motherfucker without you represent you mad at me 'cause i'm pulling out of the climate accord what about all the kids fucking bro did you bring up the kid fucking he's been fucking kids that's why you do a good have you seen the pictures of trump with the pope pope really disappointed israel bumped pope should relax you slow is fucking roll you're part of a giant ring who do you think you are yeah you're getting cocky because the billionaire guy who tricked american the voting form yeah he's uncomfortable do you know what the but you know tomorrow the thing that bothers me the most is the church is all about the community and the people they don't pay taxes on all the great real estate they own tons of it they can't house homeless people are sick people in those churches all day long while they're there that's free property yeah i don't know there it is yeah fucking believe this trump's like my hair looks good good hair day it's a good hair day hope you like my hair touch it
it's real i gotta done did the guy that i use went to tony and guy the hairstylist school the color of his hair is like the color of every retired florida golfer in his seventh fucking so gross he's got this week weird blonde gray thing going on it's like he moves it around a little like some days it's like a darker brown some days it's like a blonde like blonde great it looks it's just likes and he's getting it work done is what i'm like this is not the color of the hair now what you do one or two things let me be clear about this either you work on your hair or you don't work on your hair yeah ok so either you die your fucking hair or you don't dye your hair it's one of those two thanks how fucking when you die your hair be consistent i go gray and then be blonde again then beat dark haired it's too confusing to me i need to know what kind of a person are you like how much you working on your hair evil of hair care how much time
we spending putting that together every day does did donald trump changes eric of course it was a fucking obvious of course changes hair color it goes he's moving it around his hair is probably very great at this point he's in his 70s is nothing wrong with what did you think about all this kathy griffin shit she's ridiculous it's fucking insane she needs friends are you doing that it's just it's one hundred calls for attention and what a bullshit call for attaching edgy she thought she was being edgy and she probably was talking with the wrong p phone got the wrong idea in her head and went with and had no one like you around they go what the fuck are you talking about that's the president and it's a person human yeah you can't you can't turn you want to murder of isis stye on hold his head up to the camera like a hostage video that's fucking crazy i think it's just it's it's one of those things where both both parties both extreme left extreme right are at such a heightened version of what's happening that
becoming blind to like logic yes like one hundred percent logic is like it's gone you would fucking never if somebody did that with obama holy shit the fucking world would stop spinning to be so much chaos from that it would be it be an insane thing to see that happen well look it's just it's not anyone solution like this not real so like holding up that head is not a real solution like killing anybody like that taught not only that even if it's like the worst person in the world cutting their head off and holding it up like that is fucking barbaric we wouldn't even one that from osama bin laden if we found the video of osama bin laden one of the seals held him down and but his head off and then held up the camera we'd be fun
an extremely like what are we doing why don't you just kill him kill him like we're not them shouldn't were not tortured and we're not trying to terrorize all these other people we are not going to become what we're afraid of right that's what she's doing by holding that head up you are becoming what you are afraid of you becoming a monster yours you're dead face you're not even emotionally attached the fact that you're holding up this book we had no what kind of nonsense false imagery is this like you don't really think that you don't we feel that is it art like what is it is it art that's what yeah i'm sure that's what the argument from her sake was it in art sick piece with with with a photographer whose but it's about a real person that's not medusa you just not a dragons head you're holding up it's just crazy if your own head their own head you can make a funny if you're trying to make a statement sure but it's like what do you
your terrorizing that person if you're that you just have i know everybody thinks of the the president has to assume a certain amount of mockery and i agree that he does sure i agree everybody in any position of power like that is gonna you're gonna have people coming out to course but there's a difference between that and advocated in a brutal assassination and terror video that's head removal list yeah it's not it's going to be sympathetic towards your idea and in fact you're going to empower the people that are opposed to you 'cause they're going to think oh these p so are these crazy ideologues who want to like literally mode the murder and and torture of someone cutting their head off the whole thing is crazy but it's just it's still some and the people do when they're trying to get attention and they're trying to entertain are trying to be shocking that just it's a continuation of of trying to be in people's
lope you know it's like people in hollywood at some point just wanna stay in hollywood and i feel like that's what she she does a lot i want i want to do something controversial on the fucking new year's eve hosts that she does or whatever so she can stay in hollywood it's such a great this great directory tell me that this is never that imagine this is a this is an actor and and is it where the sun and you know the sun and the earth and moving moving around one another just like an actor in a spotlight it says if the spotlight has is on the actor at some point but when it moves away if the actor tried to move towards it is when it becomes sad when it shifted out of your line of sight when when you're working your progress has shifted as if your time perhaps maybe come do a close as far as it's worth when you are continuing to search for it though nothing more desperate and more obvious you can always see when someone's hunting for it sad it looks it looks desperate it's
so contrary to the very reason people like you in the first place like people like you because you're doing things they enjoy doing good work you're doing good comedy you make it a good movie whatever the fuck you do make it a good song that's why they like you they don't want to like you because you're trying to get attention or that trying to get people to to just what i mean what is that and what what what do you get out a holding ahead like what kind of a tech do get like what did she say go girl like you wear with you fuck him kill him there's people that do things like that and they could have easily been right there might be left they could have easily been right it's it's a way of thinking and you get that way of thinking and then you program yourself you get locked into this predetermined pattern of behavior like all right wing people like a joke ryan percentage of 'em have like a nist stab lish series of opinions about certain things that
we count on because they're the right right like like abortion or even it to be gay marriage right there's always a bunch of 'em that are just climate change is one of 'em like it's like halfway there like maybe twenty five percent of 'em hard score on the right where is the left climate change zero hundred percent accepted without it without question that's weird uh these these ideas become right or left ideas who log them into the database of which side do they belong on its talking points people on fox news start talking about it people agree with it they like convenient things are it's a cycle it comes it goes don't worry about it but we need is jobs and then they run with that and it's uh it's predetermined pattern that people just love to fall into man it's weird it's creepy should no longer be separation of just permanent party it and you're always left and always right that's so fucked up with two vulnerable i feel it myself i feel myself the urge to be apart of group
i do it all the time we all do we all do it that's that's that is nature and right you everyone wants to belong to a community that's why fraternities exist that's why when you in a gym you start to your mommy would join a gym you start to see people repetitively that you know when you it starts off with that hey what's up that guy you see all the time and it's i've got another oh yeah and then it becomes a relationship you create because it's communal because oh we both do this thing we both enjoy i see you off then we do this thing we create try yes we love haciendas we like to be a part of our little tribe and when it gets infiltrated it you vulnerable you feel like the walls are weakening it's almost like when the gentrification information really just means a tribes area has been compromised it's like this is been this for so long when white people or full of privilege or money move into any where they're trying to
overtake that tripe that's why there's so much back less that's why people fucking get so angry about neighborhood turning over quote unquote 'cause they're like what can be hours that it's such a fucking delicate thing 'cause you're like you can't stop that you're never stop that well not only that it's there's a game being played in europe part of it because you're paying rent and there's a game being played your part of it when you're working you getting paid for your time during that now you have to decide what you're going to do with that time and you might feel very stuck in this game that you're at right now where you paying this guy for rent and you working for that guy and he's we need a certain amount of money and it all kind of like evens out at the end there's nothing left over but you're still playing a game disc display in the game too but he's been playing it for thirty five years in this game is i buy houses and i sell 'em to white people and i'm going to keep playing that fucking game 'cause this is all legal and this is why you pay me rent stupid fucking we know the game but the game is
i'm thirty years ahead of the game than you and you know i'm a seventy year old guy with the fucking pocket protector filled with pens and i've got a bunch of apartment buildings all the place and i flip those fuckers there's a lot those guys out there like this gentrification thing i know it's uncomfortable for people like we're losing the old neighborhood like let's go back to the fucking teepees let's go back to the cave we lost the old caves man we were not the same what should move to other case it's gonna happen now shift things change you can't hold them back you can't decide right now we want this neighborhood to stay shitty or we want this neighborhood to be all puerto rican will listen sometimes it doesn't work that way some people die nuba will move in do you really care of swedish people move in your neighborhood you know we're losing chinatown what do we do are you going to be ok is it ok if they that live here or people that there's going to be change it's going to come and go you can't control it you can't control it based on nist alja this is always in east harlem's finest
so vaki place we have to keep it like no we don't know what they want to do anything i do love east harlem's famous lucky place i will say you know what that is thank you searching for work it was like that that happens like when when restaurants close and people get fear yeah so it doesn't have to fucking keep the restaurant open stupid i was up in in exchange up in these guys these costa rican guys i started talking started talking the at the fremont brewery were telling me about this great caribbean food place up the street and i said what makes it so great and he's like you know the recipe because the guy that used to own it was this great this cuban guy the brilliant chef and he he got sued illegal wage wage garnishing of easily employees i couldn't speak english to get food for the city shut him the fuck down some other fucking white rich guy came in bought the recipes from there try to help him out with his lawsuit still runs just as good
it can be done if someone does it correctly he bought the recipes he was like the mistake i think people buy at a bar or by a place they think they're buying the place now there's more there's more than just the brick and mortar there's more to it than that so he knew the food success was be cause of this the way he did it that you can just like it's not just a even restaurant or caribbean restaurant he was like want to do it exactly how you did it so he paid for him to give him the recipes so it could just the recipe just show him how he was cooking it she took that he she paid him for the recipes not or know the rest of the details but that is to get back to where it was and this dude from costa rica was like still the same i fucking love it why uses a couple of white guys that are back there now the same food it doesn't doesn't mean that i don't appreciate people that live in these neighborhoods that are being forced out you have to get a new place to live and you can afford it you can't afford to live in the neighborhood anymore 'cause people are buying it up i get it i uh stand that it sucks but ultimately it's probably good for everybody it's definitely good for
neighborhood the neighborhood's going to get like these nice houses now and people are going to move in they're going to have it it's going to be more value if you did buy a place if you did take the risk and bought it is that place can be worth more money now i know you couldn't buy a place i know it's hard to buy a place when i get paid i get it but you don't have to do that i know you feel like you have to do that and they can come up with excuses and everybody would argue all day long about white privilege and you're lucky and this the bottom line is you're not in a cage you're not in a cage and you're out there doing something you could figure out a way maybe it's a month from now maybe at six months from now to trans into something else figure your way through the maze we don't also the same spot in the maze no agreed couldn't but don't ever complain about your spot in the maze just figure figure way through that thing you're in the face yeah it sucks definitely hard not easy key she for keeps
you don't understand capitalism and that's why i'm a socialist and ok just keep moving though don't you know just talking too much and not moving and do it yeah there's not enough happening here this complaining about other things happening i get it i get it it's not good the climate change agreement is a terrible thing to leave it's a bad thing to leave his own dog i told him not to leave but i never liked rishons so we gotta get out of paris she did his own his own daughter was like this is a bad idea this guys crazy he is he in science he is perfectly out of his fucking mind is going against science the scientists are saying hey we've got to reduce emissions one hundred percent were pulled using the air we breathe or ruining the very air that we need to exist on now we we buy we bought new where there's so by chair have you ever seen so much air there is maybe he's doing this because he's about to move into position
to use one of those gigantic building sized air filter things maybe is going to have a trump air filter air filter and set them up in every city go back by diesel trucks and no one is going to care anymore i'm going to clean that air nice it's kind of like idiot you ever see that movie so this i never saw that movie did it was that kind of thing future is like they don't drink water anymore they've convinced by this this a gatorade type drink like this better than water and people like it's gotta be so everyone we can fix it to big fence they're like it's better than water if you convince enough people what it is people will get on board regard blind faith i'm trying to talk about that on stage right now about blind we have so much blind faith like i had to fucking i want the gas can i get this thing i ate a brownie like a like a protein packed brown or whatever i just trust so that's all real i don't fucking know what that is yeah bullshit ass brownie but it's like packwood protein yeah if you
you get the real statistics on it it's probably bullshit yeah there it is craved electrolyze it was brilliant and screw what was the name of the stuff what was it called does it say what it was called that should the juice it was it looked like gatorade it was like they were watering their plants with it and shit nothing was alive anymore sync would come this fucking gatorade type looking drink brondo that's right brawndo the thirst mutilator fuck your search cancel aereas i need to watch that movie click on that picture the up just a all the way over sat down at the bet left that one yeah look at that that's what the world has become so that makes sense you see the size that costco hilarious that could happen totally that's all have you been watching this handmaid's tale no what is that i'll have you know on hulu well written i want to twenty years ago
it is elizabeth moss is a star of it it's essentially about if world war three broke and we became like an ultimate police state and there is like a sub government that took over and we went back to essentially biblica times when women who were fertile we used for the rich as handmaids for making babies dude it's fucking trippy as shit whoa gotta watch it bro you it's based on modern time place in modern time is if world war three broke out i want to give you too many details but then were you're a police state so these handmade these fertile women who are of lower socioeconomic status they must wear these things and abide by their mass which are the wealthy one percenters of the world who own these fertile women because their wives are infertile so they must re populate this new community dude it's fucking right up your alley it's insanely good well that's a total possibility well that's why do it's getting so much love in fact some
parallels in the show of what's going on in society now in some of the commentary 'cause this was shot prior to the election it's so specific i mean that's why who are falling in love with because they were like this is billy real like it's almost no i i i think with what especially from a for from what i've heard from women's perspective you know like taking away the fear of women's rights being removed as this things like planned parenthood or what have you choices of your own fucking body i think there's so much echoed in the show that it feels creepily real like you could one day just go like they do in one of the scenes without giving anything away it's like all the women are fire today you know that i ran of today is now nothing like iran of like the 1960s know have you ever seen like that prince between iran then and now they became when i think when it was
when the sharp took you know when the ayatollah took over 'cause i told was a religious figure and he took over and the change the country i'm terrible with iranian history so if you're listening this in europe set that i'm getting it wrong so many around her fucking piss essentially they used to dress like much more free yeah look at those like much more westernized is like the 70s it look like 70s yeah look like 70s united states i mean and then shit change and now if you go there today i mean look them in least is with uh example of what is possible two thousand and seventeen as far as like some rich low cut her shirt is there i mean that's your dad if you big old are that chuckle but you would be right should be fucking slain for now they have to cover their head i mean they have like religious scarf laws and you know what really crazy is there better than like saudi arabia i mean free what you canning what do today
i mean you're essentially like a second class citizen if you're a woman below i don't think they allowed to drive now they change in that i don't know i mean i know some people that are trying to change that there's some people that are progressive over there that are trying to change that there's straight property man that's what they view a message straight numbers the idea you have to keep your head covered you have to wear those robes the garb and and then this women that are trying to say that that's a source of empowerment there's a bunch of crazy people out there just like there was always uncle tom's like during the civil rights movement and just like people are just there's always going to be like black guys for trump so is contrary and you're like really is always there's going to be women than say that uh where and how do you say at his job he job i think yeah sure your head shots it's empowering for women to fuck it is you have to wear it it's a religious symbol of oppression how could how could you i understand being born into something and not knowing any other way i do understand that like i get it too right but it is in time born into and being convinced this is the way that it should shirt but when you see freedom of the world when
see the freedom of the world that we're all born fucking naked and free to be these things i don't know why there isn't a little bit more of a click that goes why do these women in other places have more freedom because of the goal of any sort of religious construction questioning right so if you question it you're automatically fucked but if you question it and uh before you research and you look and you find out and you learn i would assume you would become enchanted with the idea of being free of just running to not have i can tell you where you can walk what you can do that makes ants but when you connect an ideology with with god and with the the of the development right that's the ultimate reason to stick around like the end of the day it's close close are made yeah people if you're telling me that god is saying that you have to wear some kind of clothes and not other kind of clothes i'm calling bullshit yeah who's the people you're not talking to god he's never
talk to you and told you to wear that this is crazy and when you have an ideology when you're trapped into dressing a certain way or wearing certain clothes or wearing a certain emblem or some sort of a symbol you're trapped by the kind of a human being that is the mind of a human being they've created a pattern that they want you to not deviate from whatsoever i want you to walk around like this we're going to cover this going to wear these and maybe have one of those on your neck and maybe a certain amount of beads that symbolizes you're single you're not bullshit this is somebody this is by a person this isn't cult shit today in one hundred percent has nothing to do with god like you would be so he got more to be free and naked like that godfrey if you if god is real naked it didn't make clothes stock levis gods not making burqas god would like you to be naked if there if that's real god just let's or wherever the fuck you want 'cause it's all there for
wants to wear right like if people are making close to making clothes for people they should be able to wear whatever the they want if i was got together makes sense where where would you like stay warm you know sure don't don't die i guess yeah i think the only reason i majors are not cover your hair why this is nonsense this is people talk if someone said that i got person said it we believe in it while the priest must trust that wizard why why you have to dress like that no one dresses like the pope anymore why is the pope dressed like the pope fucking get the suit up someone loved wizardry so much they were like i gotta we gotta fucking keep that we've got to keep somebody in that i always i think that when i was a kid and i'd have to go to church and likewise you have to wear that stupid fucking collar load selvin so silly to me does that caller used to wear that color so i know that is real and the one oh he's got the thing on he's got the priest collar look at that with that pope he's got wings like a like he's in a his win show yeah and m t v video in the eighties what is that that once but that one's sponsored by red bull is a blown in the wind is that what it is that's the answer might
that's his way in the winds blowing in the wind catholicism was one of the and this is what i was raised in sort of it was it was it had job just for you look above my my favorite a from from and why is that any more outrageous than that thing the i say yeah that's even more weird look at that they giant cruise of look at his fucking hat oh my god there's so silly the silliest people the fact that anybody says yeah yeah yeah the guys keep that picture up there what else has been that close that is those go full screen with a what in the are we looking at here this is this guys got a three foot tall hat on it's all gold and studied in ornate like wouldn't you think that god want you be humble if you're a servant of god he really supposed to be covered in gold look at his gold fucking pimp rank i represent god with my nugget ring because that nugget kiss it this is
persian rug draped around his shoulders fucking this elaborate work on that robe thing that he's got on it's so preposterous the idea that god would want you to dress like that you know i always think of when i see fit like big allow for things like this is at the end of the day he's got like take that off to take a shit it's so sad to like take that off and rape on the ground have any sitting there back sit on this lower back like it's a wedding swipe terrible job of cleaning up so bottom of it has a little shit stain on it but he's still the pope so he's bringing it up to the i think he's trying to wash it in the sink and it's just sort of walk wet brown is trying to get that little shit streak out of the bottom of this thing we call him to poo puppy but don't say that just respectful tamar beliefs your disrespect yes if this is what you believe they believed this guy is the fucking guy was talking for god come on man i'm not so
there is no god what i'm saying we have to be very wary of people that just people in cults and people in the patterns of thinking and behaving that they want you to engage in this is what we're looking at here there's people holding this guys fucking coat these two guys as you are dressed like gay matadors like giant goal old encrusted gay matadors and they're holding on to his cape there fighting the devil and they're walking with him as he walks around with his giant staff of magic he's gotta wizards one it's a god i'm gandalf wand he's dry like a wizard and he's got a staff like why isn't that glow why isn't there a lightning bolt going from that up into the storm cloud that looks like the level of kate bitches way above the other guys like that's a graduation for them to be kate bitch is really a big deal cape bitch is a huge position these guys took a pitch is the guy on the left probably annoying as fuck i bet he tells a lot of long stories yes the pope alone he's like you know it just wanted to tell you about my cousin and his
the same thing the lord and you know i think right now not get along to google is this the first pope ok with gay marriage is not what he said he's got it he's the first one that was like whatever he tossed out the throne to he's got a normal chair does he yes it's kind of cool it is kind of cool but i think there was probably a joint effort they like to pee the move it was a politically current is doors behind me is a thousand kids back there way to suck your dick okay we got to make this right so we had a we got early left him it's we're still going to plan a kid vulcan what what is up the pope but through a chair and got one of those like a the medicine balls the set on you know i mean like you started we started really getting hit standing desks and should you start again like corporate america what is the what do you show me here jamming this is the public build a new one the pope we built a new one doesn't have bulletproof glass anymore the last pope was like i know really want to kill me i'm hiding look at it any glasses all the way up 'cause his back artists over so much he doesn't sit up straight so they don't need high glass it's like a child window i wonder if that is different colors of
last because i would imagine you want to keep the head shots from coming down from the roof totally mean for some gonna shoot that dude but this i didn't think it was going to shoot him and he's like if someone wants to shoot me the fucking shoot me do it done yeah he's a is it a bent to benzo huh god always study love mercedes more baby jesus loves the g wagon kid like the other old ones abends to lily proof one i bequeath my son a mercedes benz boy this nothing says faith like driving around in a bulletproof fish tank right i mean that just shows you you really have a belief that god has a plan can run flat half inch thick steel plate lightweight kevlar armor got three inch composite play sick last with an explosive jesus christ it's five ton that's ten thousand pound truck that's crazy fifteen miles a gallon
very efficient that is really zero to sixty six seconds what quick to wait a minute hasn't even possible tasseled pull get that thing on top gear run a stop sign stop watch with that this no way that gets zero to sixty in six seconds we're going to race the pope mobile versus the king of saudi arabia's mobile solarius did you sound like the guy from the not top gear it's like fifth gear or something yeah yeah the other one the other one that's why did you sound that's creepy the popemobile mobile british car analysts you can eat so much well they take they take the piss out of everything i like how self deprecating that when they shit on cars it's my favorite jeremy clarkson's the best it's hilarious the way he shits on there is so much fun and i just like to see fucking friends dump on each uh on tv that's fun to watch people dump on each other well special in this day and age that would be considered bullying
battling their friend that's really rude to pick on him like that yeah they just go after each other it's fun show me i probably have a beer afterwards it's for sure it's fucking fine so they're playing characters like james may would be captain slow oh yeah yeah yeah yeah that shit they is a up when they answer that show jeremy clarkson punched some producer and they cancel the show and fired him really knocked out a tooth or something like that he's drunk that's what happens you want to hang out a big is he drunk dude wanna talk shit talk shit talk shit get hit that you guys are all drinking that's how it goes down guys at a bar fight six the most normal thing happened in his paula gys afterwards another guy accepted it is just they fucked up and then why can't that be the end of i don't know man and they have a new one they're doing now and matt leblanc from friends is on it now you see a big car guy yes oh wow is a giant car guy in tonight he's a nice guy
yeah i don't know anything about it but i didn't know that comes off like a good car guy it's not that he's bad it's just that god damn jeremy jeremy clarkson is a fucking yeah he's a maniac st icon but meh a blank is a zip car collector does the amazon box cars i don't know to what extent but he definitely loves cars he knows how to drive to he drives on the show like he's driving a porsche nine hundred and eleven are he can rip it he knows what he's doing that's good yeah he can drive so so you must have some experience real track time experience but the guy chris how chris was on it he's been on the podcast for that guys he's my favorite is called the guys out there that are reviewing cars now and you know so much about them like you really understands i did the geometry the physics behind like the suspension they can tell you what they've changed what they've improved what it feels like what's being lost in this that's always impressive bevy of knowledge like that my dad worked in the automotive aftermarket industry for so my step dad who is my dad but what does he do
for years and years he worked for the ever famous turtle wax car wash he was the president of sales for turtle wax when i sell toy and then now who were standard the gold standard and now he works but the turtle fired up the shell fire to fuck them and then he works for this company called haynes who's out of out of britain and they they are one of like the last remaining companies that makes zero a z manuals on hand building vehicles so if you want to have build kit cars or you want to literally build a car from fucking scratch most of their let's go to like spoto body shops but there are also they own the rights to fictional how do i say this the only raised a fiction mechanics fictional mechanisms that in our film world are real like the fucking millennium falcon they on the rights to how to build a millennium falcon from scratch and they well that manual that's a real fucking manual you can buy in that fucking crazy that is cruiser yeah they have that for a bunch of cars kid cars are pretty why
two kickers i was always fascinated with my buddies dad used to build em gs all the time and let us fuck around him and i was fascinated with m gs 'cause he he loved them let me give this dope english kit car that was for sale really recently and you would do it and then once you got it over here then you had to put an engine in it yeah tell to you with no engine you get about you will you build a first and they drop it in there ended but it wasn't that it was a different it was it wasn't a total kit car like you start from scratch you attach the suspension you it wasn't that it was like they would sell it to you as a as a car with no engine and then you would but the engine it's a dope attract the name is like it's right there but there's only so many block said there's only so many blocks i could fit in that free yeah yeah you would get like a parameter you know like a v8 ls one or something like that
and try to put it in there goddammit noble noble that's what it's called noble car it's called the noble that's still not dope looking car man and and guys i think they're just you know you don't have a a certain horse power could take but i don't think i don't think it had the drivetrain either i think you have to add that add the drivetrain as well i think essentially was the frame in the doors and all that shit mostly just been parts from other third party car manufacturers and they got whatever parts they could put them together you built that and then the engine is why from anywhere at all i think you'd have to just know how to do it i mean there's a whole at market now where they buy engines and then they put 'em in older cars sale by like one of the big companies is is a company called icon and what they do is they take like a sixty nine bronco and they strip it down they put the car back together again with
modern suspension then they take a twenty seventeen ford mustang engine and drama danko yeah well so they put totally modern brakes totally modern suspension bronco engine what the bronco engines nineteen a twenty seventeen ford four bt just called the coyote motor it's a really high end high tech motor it's a really nice motor so you have old school caught so they have like kids like they do that with ls one i've heard ellis and maybe you and i talked about the someone was saying that they were taking classic my ford might have been doing this themselves or they take classic mustangs and put new mustang engines in old classic mustang bodies now we were talking about that you and i were talking about that there's a guy who's got a page on instagram where he did it and so i think it's i think it's called gt500 super swap so he's got somebody had a shelby shelby gt500 two thousand and twelve and he put that body of a nine
teen sixty nine car over the twenty twelve car fuck so it's the best of both world that's it right there is so beautiful it's so beautiful while this guy nailed it on one car honestly it was like doing it i thought there was a company that was doing it apparently it's just this one dude is done this what is that run for it to say what he selling those for i don't think he said no he just wants to fucking show you how to he should sell is check out of that then he should sell the fuck out of that look that would be what i had a twenty twelve gt five hundred it was a great car that's another one though that's a different colour uh it's different car for all that having friends also say mustang three three k it's a beautiful car thirty three thousand miles is nothing that is nothing that's a beautiful card cod those things were classic those nineteen sixties mustang some of those beautiful shapes ever in to take that and put a i think two thousand twelve the gt five hundred pack five hundred
fifty horsepower yeah almost six hundred is not chris though this will be in the future that like in the future like no one's gonna have a lot of these car cars now just now go by the wayside like there's only so many cars that will stick around as classics from the you know early the thousands error yeah there's not going to be any like to driving yourself in one hundred years now it's over like that idea is fucking dead so that's a noble yeah that's it right there not a dope car it has a ferrari body a little bit right of sort of like like old dom more like what's the car i'm thinking of the lotus front used to look like that yeah the lotus crap that's quite like the load at the cool lotus is of like wow look at that that's a newer one huh wow that's fucking tight that's a digital image we can't hear you know website is pretty well i think that was a sentiment italy right is over there out of those into a british i think they don't have air bags or they didn't have
air bags yeah 'cause if you're going one hundred and eighty five doesn't that doesn't leak in air bag to maine just looks like a steering wheel you die you die i guess i mean if you're complicated yeah fuck it fuck that air bag thing i want to i want to find out like now that looks like it might have one a or is it i think that was the problem i think they hadn't i'm through all of the fcc what is it what would be the what is at the name of that now i can't think that fa the ihsa safety mode yeah it's fucking really sexy looking to block that's all that carbon fiber in their god those seats look amazing to see that ebay gives up but it doesn't look like it stick that's just what you put your in your asshole oh that's where you get fucked when you that front to can you suck one while you my on my can't be fuck that
be noble the inside of that thing is she go back to the cockle see there's no that's all push button there is no fucking signal manual no manual transmission that's what they're all using now those exotic italian cars and everything everything is paddle shift nana well look at this two years do you see this i've i had this this was for a thing on the show yeah i'm really bomb without the new nsx look at that fun thing i rented for the shoot that we were doing all that beautiful as the old magnum pi ferrari man no that's a couple year yeah it was but at three hundred and fifty five gta it's a similar design though who is jon lovitz had one of those i drove that once dude john spell fun let me drive his car that year a ferrari well not that year but i mean that was when ferraris one was down you know for as one is down yeah and for the set of up reverses up but one is down to three four five but that thing was so much i can find look at that
this writer forgot that they had it backward backwards one thousand nine hundred and ninety five was the think the year of that somebody wrote pontiac fiero dope fiero but you remember when they used to have those kid cards when you take like a pontiac fiero and put like ferrari the bodies on the outside like a fake ferrari body yeah pretty great as much work somebody just showed me i got about lamborghini could taschen it was like there's something year anniversary in a just a re releasing the contentious you member those are yeah i do that was when i i remember thinking and that was the in the car that i ever thought was worthy of any amount of money that it was worth it was like that's the any dime that thing is fucking worth i won't buy that fucking thing do you remember it was such a struggle or rocky drove that car yes in rocky four and he's going through a fucking real hard time trading for this russian
and so he had like there's a crazy scene the handsome bastard his boxing shoes on boxing shoes alaria that's the coon tosh baby is beautiful man back then but is a like it's literally a music video hey where he's in the car and the music starts playing you know he's cruising drive and it's so boring needed so cheesy yeah give me no easy way out give me some ball you want this but there are people at home can hear this or no s pole enough trouble plate was so he's he's driving around and these thinking of alt laundering kick his ass while he's driving around because it is lamborghinis and so coolly wages mansion so silly how to use the fucking man
no smiles at all not happy not excited about it yeah i took a deep root is italian i just gotta think rusticated now i just i think about where my life is gone the best part about it is to do this movie or to do this fight he had to go to old school methods and moved to the fucking woods and carrying logs around and running this right chopping down fucking trees dude that's how you get in shape fucking a man shit man chance woods laid reasonable if you log you go out in the wilderness gotta go out head shops would i gotta check but then i'm going to fuck you and then i'm going to go up i'm going to carry a log do this no shut this off for it die oh shit i can't do anymore those movies great though dude so fucking great window into time and uh return when it was ok to be ridiculous and film it yeah man now it's everything get
checked in balance so much that everything is like has to be proven by the studio back then that was idea i'm sure he was like water from driving around thinking about the fight music video there like great we got extra one hundred granted burn this week let's fucking do it i'm thinking we have a time lapse of all the shitty moments of my life all the things that were didn't workout can you guys show first time family member died about uh we go back to the first time i have a kiss to adrian yeah rock we have some of our own scenes planned that fuck i know my people he does the army he still dies in an action movie she's kicking people's in his in his seventies duty can i tell you that one but i did a benefit i did like the stand up at about a benefit for tom arnold for this thing this charity runs and slide was there because they're both they've known each other for years and as i got off stage i will pass and i don't want to like you know i don't be like hey and fucking call attention but as i walked by eagles very very good
i was like that's fucking awesome i was like that's enough for me did very very good i in feed him once for the ufc there was something was going on he was some movie was coming out i forgot what movie it was but he wanted he was fun he was easy he did the expendables or whatever this i don't remember i don't think it was he's single is another movie i forget what movie it was but he was super like self des creating an easy to get along with that's how you stay fucking on earth man said something about his mom that someone yelled something out like someone like him yell something goes oh there's my mom she's up there like he's quick but he was like a genuinely nice guy like just friendly easygoing like one of the biggest movie stars in the world in the world but like was like hey what's up what's up how you doing it was pretty cool i liked it i think that's what we were saying before we jumped on the level of fame means to be an international movie star now has changed so much that like i was in japan and i'm in japan
i bring up my instagram 'cause he's young japanese kids are wanting to like see my social media and he sees the blue check mark of verified shit and he's like famous listen i'm like no no no no no no no no no as again they give us any now and they're all like laughing because they're like what what you do and i'm like comedian comedian and their faces were kind of like comedian and one guy goes with me and i go yeah will smith that's exactly that's exactly exactly right but then you realize since that's the level of when you say famous around the world you're like so like when you say like who was a famous and i don't know if we like i don't know if the world knows as many of our stars as they used to it used to be you renee national star and that's what made you a mega star now it's kind of like you can be famous here in film and not really be known at all over there i mean you could then but there was so i feel
pumping out international stars at one point they were like just a bevy of international action you know what i mean that just became in that era of's coordinator sly even like we're talking with look up damn before this cigal like all these like mega international superstars is the action movies were so big now we put that into fantasy film so now it's is the galaxy now it's but i i miss the world of like why can we have an action movie that as it is in the comic book where is echo yeah we would need it would have to be like someone you believe you have to be the rock but that's not really could do it you can do it but the white why doesn't exist and people don't want those movies anymore fuck why not they have to have some sort of a metric there judging this from right they're making these movies i thank you i think it's because they made a couple of action hero movies i i am in the middle of a couple of comic comic book filled and they did so fucking well that now we have a bevy of them 'cause they know that there's such a big market for it so that i can
imagine you wouldn't want to see another die hard alright dude yeah why the fuck not like them and they don't redone die hard hey there you go yeah but don't really they redo die hard when did they didn't redo it it just kept there still doing it being done right now yeah i think they're even making another one right who the die hard die get the fuck outta here bruce willis is now kept himself up looks like draw shoulder would blow out would really out and less he's been working out since i last checked two thousand and thirteen and then it says future right here see it's all they started in 2013's last one came out who it did they try to do a tv show is that what they're making another one who is a diehard in twenty thirteen what just along i think ways got a bad daughter
and that doesn't sound at all familiar but i if you had to tell me to do and i'm a big bruce willis fan i think bruce willis is off the ship that allowed a few how to tell me like when was his last movie i'd be like i assume you just pop in by agron shoot loads all over the place i don't know what what is his last fucking movie a good day to die hard wow guy two sides that kevin hart now who is that i've never seen that guy in my life i was just a guy that was on set did anybody go to see would it get on imdb five percent are rotten tomatoes wow we can you go box office mojo and look that up will you look it up on box office mojo box office mojo there was go back sorry go back to the previous page what is box office mojo it'll tell you like budget and i'll tell you what it made here in international look at that
they're just not know all the ninety two million box office it made three hundred and four million is that what it says wow so it killed it is a great book probably all all receive all foreign sales yeah go to box office mojo it will show you so maybe he's like one of the few guys left that can still do that yeah you know like steven seagal still sells a ton of movies overseas they do those straight to straight to video straight to dvd duty makes tons of money they've internationally sell the movie before he even makes it do you know that you know he's a russian citizen i know i love it it's great aspects hilarious he's sticking around there you go were rushing past there's a there's the proof it made sixty two million here in a two hundred and thirty seven overseas wow international superstar did get that rosetta paper bruce that's amazing what do you think he walked away with he took ten up front to make it he probably got a ton of money i don't know how it works
points he's probably got three thousand and thirty million out of that maybe it was bawling outta control bruce hit us up dude yeah he's good friends with dom irrera those two that's so funny i well i would love to see a dead just to them to in a diner having a conversation i know right this is proof dom irrera we're still doing the day i did i fucking love him he did a bunch episodes on the showtime show identity yeah dude fucking so awesome that they got like real comics man what time show looks great man i love how authentic everybody looks and the hairstyles and they killed it real comics magical griffin on google does a few poppins on it oh my god run such a blank there's so many other guys that like came in and left you fucking gold yeah that sounds good that man that's crazy melissa
what you fucking leo feel like an extreme amount of responsibility while you were doing this because you're doing a movie that's based on the most imp comedy club in my opinion ever sure but yeah yeah yeah yeah you do want to show the pressure was fucking yeah man i felt the pressure the responsibility was fucking huge we premiered last night and it will air this sunday and jim carrey said some amazing things man yeah that's our cast photo that one that you click that one yeah did it feel weird to be on that i mean it must have been like i can tell you from the bottom of my honest hard it was the most important thing i've done so far wow dude i mean we were paying homage to the world that we love in respect so much and it was a big effort on jim's part and his producing partner michael agilar to like tell real stories a lot of the store and people will see if you watch the show and i hope you do come from games real life to do from boston move they live in a fucking dudes closet in west hollywood and they used to be a guy
i would jerk off and watch him change not that's jim put that story in the show man he wanted these little grated but there's a great moment about joke stealing in there and a fucking huge fist fight breaks out that was real from jim's personal life about guys used to come in from the fucking radio from talk radio in the in the morning they come to the club at night come to the store steal shit the next morning comics would fucking hear it yeah that's a real common thing that i was going to you know what else was going on a big one was writers for sit coms and calm yep same and they would watch people do sets and then they would wind up putting their or their bits and like even talking seinfeld k y que when james signature bits got used on seinfeld after he had a bunch the meetings and then they came to see him perform a bunch of like top riders came to see him perform an nbc showcase there's like when kevin was getting a development deal they came down to watch him and then like the next season his muffin bit was assign fell yet things like what the fuck man well nowadays they fucking their blatant they tell
like i i tested for saturday night live and you sign a form that says these characters can be used after the audition and this is crazy i'm not calling out anybody saying anything but they did there was a character ended up on the show that vanessa bayer did fucking late say that i did something similar my additional like damn that was really that's with me so you can you audition you have a character you audition with yeah i did this character this fake bake more skills that they own that now when you audition used to render the character like you man you sign a piece of paper that's crazy then not even giving you money and they're stealing your ideas do you when you get that that's the respect that the snl has earned in that community you you don't you don't have that respect it's crazy that stealing your stealing well i signed the form n oh my god do that so awful dynasty because of that because you can almost taste it you know if they're making you sign something saying we're going to steal from you totally that's insane
we're going to steal from you were not going to pay you anything we're going to use this thing it might be a fuckin mike myers movie someday and you have to say yes sir may i have another take it and take hi ticket so crazy i took it man i took it it was a wild process but the fact it's hugely successful business wouldn't want to compensate people for creating those ideas fly you out to show yourself off even if you i mean even if you just don't hire them but you i like that character there should be like in a stab lish rate that you have to pay for things but i mean and my whole thing is like i'm not saying they did was what i did but it was it was there was a some similarities in in that new wants is the character that i thought were either just you know of a confluence of i'd great ideas but it is hard you think about that stuff you like is that close to what i did because like we said back in the day like our show shows people were blatantly people who blatantly stealing in comedy for fucking ever it's been like the beginning of time and especially in the 70s which i think
what we try to show was like they would steal radio guys and fucking show up again and be like hey like it was like it don't make it happen on buddy i told him that one of your shit jokes from last night we always we always promote you whenever you're in town like i'm really i'm really lucky that i didn't grow up in a generation where you didn't get paid in the sense of like when i remember hearing stories of guys that would go on the road and then get fucked out of a check you can get fucked still really get fucked yeah i've heard people in fact george joey diaz had an experience about a year ago joeys really gotta fuck with too yeah he called this guy up and started screaming at him and said listen you don't fucking pay me he goes i'm going to tell the whole world he goes i'm going to have all my friends tell the whole world and no one's going to fucking work here anymore that's it and he wanted getting paid but it took him awhile we get paid there's a lot of club owners are still doing coke is not i know you guys i know
still getting laced up every time i'm around him he's coked up he's just living it like the old days but here i think they never saw which has been a part of it from the beginning of time like from the beginning of when i started doing stand up there was a lot of club owners that were on coke and they just normal they partied nicks comedy stop in boston it never happened to me 'cause i was never a coat guy but they would offer you if you wanted to get paid in money or coke not just any other industry they would pay the comics and cocaine like lenny clarke is told me about in great detail and said i'll just take the coke i guess some guys took the coke can you do a half and half can you do like an eight ball and these we're selling coke and running comedy clubs and it's kind of yeah i mean there was it was total organized crime shit was all organized crime it was just look at a level where it was acceptable it wasn't like they were killing people but they were selling coke but coke with oh ok then i was like nah second dude no one
totally captured the crazy days boston i was a kid back then so i got to see it really from the outside and it all started before i even started out for years before i started it was at its peak in like eighty four those guys were maniacs out of their minds maniacs hammered every night on so like mario joyner was talking about last night at the store yeah because he was hosting the show that we were doing and mark so join it was like they would just go up there and just get hammered and just be killing blacked out crushing blacked out drunk hammered a different a whole different groove man now to be on your peas and queues man now every got to be real tight i feel like the majority of people in comedy the the longer i've stating comedy the more i see people sober now i think a lot of people it's just not people work i feel like there's a lot of there's a lot more clean people working now than people who party i think
a lot of people that realize the consequences of partying yeah you can only stay on that fucking train for so long but if you look at the great ones got derailed katt williams whether it's kenneson the great ones been derailed by cocaine there's there's a ton of 'em that we know of cocaine one it ends in a bad way you go bad you creativity goes away you get paranoid you get tired your act finish is greatly but ken is in my opinion with the best example he's the best example of a guy at one point in time was just arguably the best ever for a two year nonstop good just a monster in a thing like no one had seen before like there was a sam kinison like uh an archetype yeah it didn't exist he was this fat guy been fucked over i've been married twice and he just would come out this giant fucking big energee this thing i got fucking human storm of comedy
but then it got dropped off so radically like ari was talking about the other night like if you go and watch his stuff after the second special it's like it's just to ease the second special the big draw the real shit is is cd but it wasn't even cd warner brothers wouldn't even make it a cd 'cause it was so homophobic they kept cassette for real his set louder than hell and then his hbo special and don't watch anything off to hbo specials seeing as like one of the things where i was like this saying this is like a fucking madman who's hitting all the marks you know yeah it's like a a smart man man yes at u g as genius but he but he didn't it's but he's not but he's miss it was weird it was like get like wow sing something someone do something brilliantly in sports where you're like everything worked perfectly it was like all the stars are aligning for him to just
chugging on this train of crushing that was crazy shit to see man it was like during the reagan era where people started to get a little button down like that was like we went from carter to reagan right so we go from this hippie peanut farmer from georgia that couldn't get the hostages back from iran to this movie star with a slick back hair and all i this is like there was part of that yeah i mean there was a part of the whole country was fucking crazy at the time and kinison came along and he sort of embodied the frustrations that a lot of people fell the timing was perfect perfect but cocaine got 'em like he was in the same guy after after that special that there's the dodges this giant drop off in the amount of focus he put on his work yeah well because you become complacent and you also like i think the more my in fame you get i think it unless you have sense sense sense of ground yes in humility around you like friends to be like
producer not producing anymore you're not writing you're not developing you're not changing who you are as a comic i think if you have that around if i run around you like more fucking cock dude more bitches bring him up that's overreaches that's it now i agree the train crashes i don't know katt williams but i'll tell you what to this day like open chronicles pimp chronicle so whatever that special is that he did that is a god damn genius it's amazing it's amazing and apparently he likes to go woo i don't know but i just wish he would clean up he's one of those guys i'll look forward when he puts out shit yeah 'cause it's so fucking different crazy it's wild wild israel i mean it's just
he's a maniac is fucking her is all slicked back and sweat like a pig he paused a special to change his clothes 'cause he sweat so much genius that's how you know you're put in work sweat through is close to getting your money when did it change it came back out and kept crushing it's fucking near where he put in work yeah and that was like after he had gone through all those cancelled show close all the craziness and like got on stage and yelled at a heckler right five minutes then laughed and everybody want their money back in the bottom and still came back and crossed yeah yeah he's good stat goddam cocaine they'll get some gets everybody everybody that we know that never made it i mean how many guys do you know that were funny that never made it they started doing coke a shit load due to a load not just coke to purchase anything anything anything i mean as soon as they got into the party world the hard party world of like yeah coke it's going to come it's called point it just it just just snags people
and they disappear man boo love coke must hate my podcast like he's always shitting on coke you don't even never done coke it's about rogan dude i like him but he's like a about coke dog let go broke a two little coke i do little coke every day apparently that is the best way to get girls have sex with you though like if you've got some cocaine it's the it's going to be in the right place or not people need cocaine are not allowed to say now for just say yes get crazy and they do coke i guess it's like a super in addition lowering thing you know i the idea is so fun that they're like he can get coke like anybody can get weed but it's like he can get coke waiting at the house for the guy to show up guys shows up in a lamborghini with that fucking music play in the background there's no easy way out his car puts the e brake on yo man i got your package to give them an you hug like a little bit too violently like a little slow
thank you bro hug you know that slap the back hug we know that you're dealing in some seriously illegal things that guy knows where you live too how's your sister man she's good bro thanks for asking no shit now yeah the coke man no doubt no stupid shit all yo the best yo next time i got some non some really clean shits not stepped on dog so fucking hit me the fuck up right next week next week are going to shipment coming in you gotta be careful don't know d 'cause this shit that strong don't know dude i don't want that on my conscious be dropping their panties for this shit bro you got a bitch in the house no alright man i gotta get out here did you see that that mary letourneau lady that fuck that kid in school and went to jail and then had a kid with oh yeah broke up after twenty one years together can you believe this kid finally woke up just like this bitch is crazy twenty one years later it's all took two decades twenty one years his kid has been banging
i gotta get the fuck outta here oh you're not you fuck me when i was twelve what am i doing here shit i didn't realize this was super unhealthy alright yeah thanks i gotta go i think they have a kid together daughter they have an eighteen year old john well she's gonna she's gonna have everything in order i'm sure give me the leader of a punk band yes of the slide hafer head shaved to be wear doc martens stomping around the terms has been we only split so i could sell pot now what i love it i love life life is beautiful siri is still happily together annie merely filed for legal separation from may ninth because he believes it will make it easier him to get a license to distribute signal we marijuana cigarettes he's a registered sex offender oh yes she has to be right 'cause he was underage that's hilarious i bet she still a freak totaly i bet she puts like
alligator masks on so he's fifty five cheese fifty five there fine they just got legally divorced so they could so we she's seven years in prison for unhappier that did she really seven years is fucking wild so stupid he he was in six grade what six grades at one thousand two hundred and twelve or thirteen what is thirty maybe he's a dj in washington will see his shows i was up in seattle i should have gone up there yeah it's probably awesome get show a fire bomb goes off i can glitter in the air it's crazy bro shits while this shit he knows how to party what spread manner whatever i'm feeling dog amp amp and kids love that music when they run the drugs though too when you're on that molly you can't escape the beat how many times you done ecstasy see i've done two or three times
mdma different things right i think mdma is x but the old ecstasy that we did in high school was definitely not what it is now no it was like whatever pill they crushed together of shit from the sink they lied you fuck yeah it was bad shit you got lied to in chicago dma was who made the first time i ever did it was in london and about ten years ago that was the first time ever even heard of it 'cause it wouldn't molly the note said molly but they have a psych through this guy who lived next door was i do i've got these m d m a to do you've got to try it and i was like all right whatever the is big like jamaican british doodles i can alright dude i'll try this shit we went down the beach and watch is concert and i was like
get this all the time music is limited supply of got more for you we did that you're for like four days straight i was like this is the most fun i've ever had and i just stopped doing it for years and years and years and i tried to get in one more time that was it never again i only did it once but it was spectacular it's amazing though the to come down those who strong to come down with devastating i was like do you get do you get hard crashes when you do shrooms or no no you don't crash at all no i mean i feel weird sometimes i but i'm always sober bad be littled not belittle so obliterated by the experience it's always like i'm trying to process it they like i'm barely aware of my physical state i'm almost like eat just to like just i because i have to i know i have to get calories likes us and it should be in my body that let me let me just figure out what the just happened you know it's always like oh yeah i knew i knew but i didn't know i kind of i need to see it but in my crack my crashes were for some reason they used to be fucking terabytes to come down off mushrooms and i would feel
fucking miserable is it always every time you did it almost man did you ever think that like maybe one thing that does happen apparently is it sometimes will grow mushrooms and oddly enough the mushrooms have fungus that develops on him and you can get sick from the flu angus and then sometimes people say they have like these they of these almost like hangover like feelings because of that i have read that i've never had a hangover i mean i just i just remembered a lot of the crash is being like a fucking bummer like i was like this is for some reason acid was first time i ever did acid was had like i felt like even when i was off that oath it was great i didn't really didn't with me yeah i i i did acid for the first time last year what was the last year six months ago someone did you like it yeah yeah but it didn't it didn't i didn't crash me i felt we when it was over i didn't i just i would just didn't want it i just did it and i didn't want to do it again i remember doing it again like i just didn't want to do it again they say the thing about ecstasy those if you take five htp you gotta take that shit
while you're on it 'cause it helps rebuild your serotonin balances it out yeah it's the building blocks for serotonin and take that and it'll it'll help you boost yourself back up when you come through because once you come through because it gives you this giant burst of serotonin you feel so wonderful with the pleats yeah he's a rain while before it's pulled back up the five htp apparently can help mitigate that this is a printer ink yeah it does negative 5h tpi guess that's so funny there's like a science enough staying fucking healthy while you're on drugs i know when i first started doing drugs it was like figured out did my chew your lip off you get a drink applesauce home remedies like that you ever have menudo manu how is the mexican yes yeah i'm like what's i thought it's a drug now it's my turn around new delhi and udo is the mexican hangover cure it's fucking great you can get it there's a legit mexican joint down the street love
it should work right is pork bases and it's a bunch of shit in there they have tried archery soul and shit there's like stomach like you like pieces of like stomach and then it's like this brown suit that chick peas in it or not browns like a reddish takes to say yes do it god damn delicious love it it you're not getting anything real place a real mexican and that is real menudo what's the fucking spot up the street should i go to i'll show yeah you got it i got a rim i don't i know exactly where it is but i don't know the name of it so i love some talk arena it's so good dude everyone's watching mexican tv you go in there everyone speaking spanish right they look at you like what the you how do you find this place up a little yeah he like a fellow barely speak english barely when you're ordering food that's barely and they have to ask you like two or three times you have to explain them and you know you could try try to like you'll be embarrassed try to say it with with a spanish flair menudo it's all good man
we have horchata big those big her chatta vats a lot of yeah that's that's yeah that's going to be a rich mexican you wanna hurt shot of at your house that you don't think gabrieli glass 'cause we got one hundred dollars he's got a giant look at oil barrel and he wears the helmet with tube spouts every morning when he walks around with it helmet scooby when my heart shatter helmet the fluff the fluff got it base like taking time off that guy i mean he fucking he's a machine is been doing it for so long i think he probably needs a little bit of a break right i think he said he just wants to do a bunch of shit now just going to have some fun just party just spend some money have fun fuck off by a boat made so much money he's got all that people don't even realize how much money that dude made but that's why so good at what he does 'cause it keeps it on the low he doesn't act like he has money doesn't seem he doesn't come off that way he's real low to the ground with that stuff he is doing so many shows he has the record number
of shows that were sold out at the ice house he did like some crazy run who's doing three four shows a day it was something on the how many was it would you say jamie he's back is fucking so he took the time off and jump back in fluffy's fucking back oh he's got a new special oh shit look at all those dates look at all dates every day muscle and it it it it it are thirty two today fluffy fan life dude is connected roper i'm sorry for what i said when i was hungry going to norway and sweden estonia you know the kingdom germany belgium netherlands holy shit finland vague iss bible sweet a whole european leg of his tour holds your own a park where is renee part ronhar parkwood question some place why people should no problem i'm gonna say that sioux falls back on the road baby
when is your showtime specials coming out very soon tomorrow oh jesus christ and tomorrow june second we released tomorrow baby which it called ho field advantage jesus dude in chicago get back home at the vic theater where i used to go watch bands play when i was in high school it was so fucking surreal did wow yeah i don't feel advantage go cancer can look at you looking don't mention wrong beard strong dear is this when i was shooting the show look at that you know what that is to go back to pictures that's absolutely me paying tribute to somebody you recognize a picture now or what i'm doing now carol burnett oh you said that girl fuck you i did carol burnett used to fucking touch your ear for grand for family wow this is a trip with her family she used to touch her grandmother was like touching from her grandma's i say say hi to nana on tv and she's like i can't do that right she's like a fucking fire may and she's like i promise i'll show i'll do something i think it's something that you know like as a shout out to you and she told him like you know for sure
time later she was going to touch my ear you'll know i'm thinking of you so used to do that on tv outside soapy some annoying family members yeah man you gotta actually realized anna i got shit i'm doing up there ok i'm working i'm god damn carol burnett and wish you restaurant recent couple years ago is at a restaurant she was there it's weird it's like she was just hanging out this rest really there was some guys kicking she's i think she's fucking shoes genius that show carol burnett show is a great father child she's brilliant thing about her was like so inventive that fucking time period appreciate that kind of shit so much but you also have to real is how crazy it was that someone was willing to inv in a woman running a show like that it was unheard of carol burnett shown as a sketch comedy show unheard of yeah i mean fuck man look at it yeah yeah it's kind of crazy man like at the time so powerful man how few women were like that at the time that had that kind of poll
i mean lucy lucy was the only one of of that prior error that had fucking massive influence on hollywood yeah who could say anything and be like this is how it is and studios were like your show was called i love lucy jeez it was it couldn't have been any other way you need for her looks like she's like i am a star i'm going to be there are the show i'm on the fucking intro to be my face and then show ricky ricardo i don't even know ricky ricardo's name how about that who's there ricky ricardo guy what was his name is exactly so i'm saying it's so embarrassing i do know who it is but everybody lucille ball is i honestly thought it the tv name yes ok i'm bad i'm just stupid i knew that i knew that i just
got it you're allowed to forget it but i wouldn't forget lucille ball fuck now can't good god damn show back then and that was back when a white girl was a lot of data cuban cuban we're very white back then well that was the only kind of cute but yeah it was only a minority should date on tv yeah like if it's like if she had local i love mexicans and she was dating a mexican guy not a cuban guy milk jupiter like from spain it's like a spaniard it was thought of as a different thing desi desi arnez a handsome bastard back he was no disrespect they were married i'm saying do you think were married no no shared in real life and then they work together on tv they were they were wow the heyday back in the day man you ever watch old tv shows just to just to get ugly
we would like to be back in that era my fuckin old man andy griffith this is their favorite fucking show in the history of television my parents watch andy griffith every day they said they love that shit my dad loves that shit they long for nist alja he he just thinks that like that's such an iconic period of time when like comedy was pure and clean and the jokes were about life situations that were there's a town drunk and the town whore even i mean it's kind of like everything was such a setup but meanwhile behind the scenes they were just as freaky back then nokia do don knotts used to use to stick the copperton up his own ass right before they shot every day are you sure nope look at that picture the botanic gardens at the andes laughing vine did you ever hear the fatty arbuckle story fatty arbuckle was the big comedian from like 1930s and 1940s and they had some guy
world they were doing something with and someone put a bottle inside of our like in her vagina and it broke and she he died yeah there's something along those loser and there was a bit where it was like we're going to put a bottle in your pussy i think so i think they were partying i think there going to hard and fatty arbuckle was a huge star at the time an and when that and died i don't know if he was i don't now if he was convicted he got charged with manslaughter yeah but whether or not he was convicted i don't know if he was convicted his his career was over and then it all dried up form i don't even know if he did it you know i mean i'm not really sure he was probably around for the party most likely yeah hotel room you know sneeze in the bottle broke charge manslaughter endured not one not two but three trials for the alleged crime not going to go into
nitty gritty of what went on in each trial but try to imagine the mismanagement and publicity akin to the oj simpson trial and you'll be getting close well then he should have got into it i mean who knows i don't know court tv there's no court tv coverage but there was a thriving tabloid press and no shortage of bombastic rhetoric the assistant prosecutor one of the trials minton milton became known for his florid damning description of arbuckles lifestyle to wit a babylonian feast was in process in progress there the defendant had sumptuous quarters with his friends food was spread wine and liquor were served in the it's modern belgie har i don't know what that means osha hard shell shell shazar bushes are belsazar sat upon his throne surrounded by his lords in their ladies there was music bee sting singing and dancing how do you know we there
he just said above he didn't want to fucking get in details and they explained a bunch of shit a modern bell shazar however last king of babylonia sundered missed his decadence this is some game of thrones as doomsday stuff right there that's a interesting thing that a prosecutor could do back then they could make that sort of like ridiculous description of the events that took place like you right there yeah you just say let you actually do not know you actually do not know that this is what happened it's a bit of a big fish and also the wind up going to jail you know many people stuck bottles of people's policies and they didn't die and they went they read that story i did it this morning and there have you
i like one of those mexican coke bottles was real thick ones those are hard to please a heartbreak you'd have to fucking throw it against the wall or something yeah if she had a pussy that was so strong it could break on those bottles it could probably endure the cuts too dense it killed his career third child he just pretty much left hollywood or you shun by hollywood and could not find work isn't that crazy that he was acquitted he got out he was acquitted and but still yeah i guess back then that was it it was it son and there was only one machine you know there was no internet back then nope you couldn't he couldn't had a youtube page made his own do you see a federal put out a special on seeso man it's pretty good it's an epic it's not going to sell it to netflix in five years houses working for showtime it was
i did good shows man they did me right i will say doing this special this friday and then the show comes out on sunday so it's like this weekend they're going to repairing it together and i fucking they were they did great by me man i can't fucking say anything negative about that the network is the shit right now billions is good for them they still are get shameless people fucking love shameless still looking really good shows resurfaced as premium cable network that it's what wanted to be for a long time yeah i did a netflix special in two hundred and five and in two thousand and six showtime air did they've put together some good comedy special well they have netflix and showtime have to have some kind of deal because a lot of times your showtime shit ends up on netflix they get a buyout the rights to that that would be smart you know if they did that that would be smart will they give me love it's good move for every buddy you know i mean i hope they also have it available like it's easy to watch online now where they make it with very few hurdles
be able to watch it online because you gotta give it to people men at some point not only not more people find out how good it is more people watch it you know whether it's your show or whether it's a stand up yeah you know the more stuff that gets out there the better it is right absolutely there's crazy day an angel hope my idea you've come along the golden age of the comedy store you know that right it's fucking wildman the boom this boom right now we're going through is the bubble going to pop i don't think so 'cause there's so much there's so many funny comedians like yourself there's a lot of guys out there that are really good and that are coming up that are really good there's real good comma going on i know it's crazy i think it's breeding really good comedy i think because there's so much great competition there's so many fucking good people i think it's breeding to people to be stronger and stronger see fucking guys when i'm like damn are getting so strong well it's like you he really good stuff around you you know you show up one night chappelle goes up then chris rock goes on after him and like you're seeing this stuff on a reg
their basis and they like the quality of the comedy that you see is very high guys coming up the one you know started the store ninety four was a dead zone it was just a terrible time it was like right after the kinison boom it ended kenison left there like eighty six now and then by the time i came doesn't eight years later cancer was dead and the place was weird nobody wanted to be there it was weird it was weird there for a long time and especially in terms of like talent coming up you know the town coming up back then was just like it was really poor is the best you've ever seen it since you started at percent now it's not even close for some guy said it was even better early on they say was even better like in the 80s there like before or like the kinison error like dahmer especially he says that like there was time when they were doing three shows the main room two shows in the or and they were just rotating just yeah
you close to that and i was just going to say that's that's were knocking on that door that's not that far away two shows in the main room all the time on the weekends we do two shows in the or all the time on the weekends and sometimes i've done four sets in a night there where i did two those the main room one show in the belly room in one showing the or that's fucking awesome the belly is developed itself to do like a real fucking great room there's just so much creativity and fun going on there that's why but you know i mean the improv is not bad right now to the improv's been really good too it's like comedies just like experience again a cool belittle bump yeah it's wild i think people don't know how lucky they are not lights wildman people people live in la and they're like yeah how many guys are on tonight so while they're all going to be fucking amazing soest around because everyone you're going to see is going to be a fucking good comics assuming couple that suck which be honest sure so few sure is going to be a few there's a lot of comedy tourism
people coming here from ireland scotland that's why i switched with strange like we flew over to watch the store like white i hope our show helps that too because i cannot push the idea of the store being just another iconic piece that people don't know about you know for people that don't give a shit about stand up when they see this i think it will be more like oh fuck that's kind of cool i'd like to see more of that shit now u torrent are you going around the world what are you doing right now because we're kind of waiting to hear what you i'm size if we're going to do this again that i have to fuckin cancel a bunch of dates but next week i go to austin city then i go chicago denver judge overlaps in montreal rally so torn a little bit here into the summer but if we have to shoot again i have to cancel a bunch of different dates no kidding huh showtime waits till the first episode airs to release any official announcements so the first episode airs sunday baby so if it does well on sunday they make a choice right then and there takes about you know takes up sh boom whatever of a little
so fucking manipulation time of them deciding what they want to do but yeah you play shortly after the first episode they talk about what's going to happen so did you get a chance to watch it we did we saw it last night last night was a premier for like internal for critics and shit now is fucking happy carrie said some fucking amazing stuff he's the executive producer of the chauffeur by didn't know if i said that earlier but he said some fucking really dope man he said how much this meant to him and how how people don't really so some of the true history of what that world was like to perform for no money and that that where there was one there was one way in was johnny carson was like you get on carson it was like you were fucking on the moon dude then he talked about how got episodes a couple weeks ago and he said you guys have been saying the word dark it's not a comedy
he's like we never sold it as a comedy never once did we promote it as a comedy it's a fucking dramatic show about the world of comedy is that funny sometimes yet there's some really fun fucking moment on our show but it's about the world that exists it's about what it's like to be fucking twenty three and hungry and poor us lock and trying to get pussy and trying to get stage time and trying to figure out what you're doing who's beating you and it's just about fucking life the life of a stand up the life of a hustling hungry angry angsty jealous fucking stand up 'cause we all go through that shit dude i'm excited i want to watch it right now it's fucking dude i really hope people enjoy it i think the first episode as powerful as shit we have some that the pilot is in saying we have robert moriarty from raging bull melissa leo is the the matriarch of the show she she plays goldie who runs our comedy club
ation of messy but right now she wouldn't say that we we're on our own space are greater michael and around all it's some just bangers on the shelf people that are they act their mind out that are just fucking really good man i'm jealous you i've said along with those people and i'm like fuck me these people are really good actors that's awesome hey melissa was it melissa was the best word that she want to fucking academy award mitch won an oscar for the fighter so it's like being around a fucking human that won an oscar is crazy wow well 'cause i never see moriarty was in raging bull man yeah also the dice clay show that was the name of the show bless this house house wife alfred fucking molina you know him alfred molina he's the shit he's in it too i mean we have dave they pulled out a few big did you always want to act or do you want to do stand up or do you want to do both when i
the school i went to school to write to do journalism in english and i knew i wanted to write and perform but i was a pussy about performing in school so i did it a few plays 'cause i really wanted to be on stage but i didn't like the idea of plays i just wanted to get on stage so like get my comfort level up and the and the training wheels yeah do it in one of the fucking one of the teachers pulled me aside one day and she was like you know you could actually be a good actor if you didn't just fuck around when you got on stage and i was like well i really want to fuck around on stage she's like well then once you go do that for a living and no shit i was like i'm gonna try and i knew i wanted to stand up so bad and i move when i move to la i started in la an like i'm either going to sink or swim now just start what year too thought i moved for two thousand at the end of two thousand and six i lived on a guys fucking lazy boy in long beach drive up my buddies truck every single fucking night drop him off at the casino who is a professional gambler i drop him off the casino take his truck is that enough car or money do fucking mike
go to the store and get intimidated learn some lessons and then fucking drive back home pick him up and we fell so you could get a burrito and all over again that's wildman so you started really coming in the store when i was gone yeah is like two seven days going around but your legacy was there you know like it was like we all knew those came before us and those that we talked about but it was like right there when you were when you had kind of left that left that world a little bit but it's wild because it was like i hated the store when i first started two thousand and six thousand seven was fucking awful the people above us now older comics where that nice negative who is open shit fucking brutal they were miserable they barely got watched you know it's just so many negative things about that place at the time that i was we were going through it and then it slowly kind of turned into this you know what we've seen now which is just fucking amazing
sounds crazy point of the parking lot is jammed the hallways are jammed with people and it makes me smile from years a year here right isn't it weird like it's a different it's weird that's where i've been since ninety four minutes never been like this this is a totally different thing it just you know it it still does this is a truth you kind of get desensitized to but seeing my name up on the fucking up on the board when it's a pack night it still gets me like i still get excited i might have to fucking cool i'm a part of this moment in time and comedy at that fucking club in my opinion the club that's just something else man there's something powerful of shit that's sometimes i walked the club 'cause i in the neighborhood and i like to walk instead of drive because it helps me get out of my brain and every time i fucking walk up that you know and i see my name up there there's like a fucking overwhelming feeling the can i see it it's like this is soak it in a little bit 'cause it's fucking
last forever it's nice to have a place that's like that too like to just have one play that stands out as something that means more than just a comedy club it's like it's it's an iconic thing there's there's something about that place like we're at the store it's bigger than it's like a it's something but it's something big something fucking special holly and i were talking about this and i told him that your mom's one of the most important peep however in comedy period like ever wanna influential humans in the in the comedy world in the world of what we know today as stand up comedy yes missy sure like without her like stop think about one other comedy club owner has had the kind of in points even remotely similar to what she's had
i would know none of the above i mean i mean i i guess the only person that you could bring into that name sake maybe but friedman from the improv maybe because he did even if the and probably a monocle everything that but i don't think in the hard core sense none close won't be the same now but but but yeah what she it was shaping revolutionized the business that you know today she knew to do it to leave it up to the comedians leave him alone also give him hard spots work from work for that was that's the best part about that club you think someone is funny good put him on after dice or put him on after whoever the fuck it was at the time that was killing see how funny they are up to richard pryor exact yeah see how funny they are after someone just destroys he just got to go up to this wasteland of the audience that's such a test about that club to what they've always done i feel it plates of shit that place no way around it following everybody following anybody
wild prior for five weeks fuck when pryor was in a wheelchair so they would have to carry him to the stage it was it was you know it'll be really funny if you had to go on you had to carry him off and then do your set gary artist started from the crowd yeah and yeah it was it's double data that philosophy that she had that make you work for it make you sink or swim yeah some poor because if people that we know to this day that are scared to have tough spots and we know those people totally there will they see something like joey diaz in the lineup and therefore i'm going to go for a drive i'll be back in a little bit they'll let somebody else take their spot and they come in and they check out oh is he up oh i miss my spot my next they were just here would you go yeah you hit from joey diaz mother fucker the only way to go after joey diaz is is to ride light you ride the wave you have
enjoy him you have to have fun i fucking love watching him yeah but that's what i'm saying like the problem with comics when it comes to those situations is you we see someone killing and for some reason you think that's taking away from your ability to be funny it's a weird the opposite yes they i want you to win with someone let them know that there to win again instead of you can follow that i'm not going to talk about uh what joys are going to be disappointing don't get your hopes up well good i'm glad you set yourself up yeah it's fucking you also should we going up a laughing like it should be fun something happens to some comedians along the line where they stop being fans of comedy like how did you get into this in the first place didn't you like watching it it was going to stop watching it now that you're a pro that's crazy it wasn't via all the billions of dollars that you thought you were gonna make you know i mean nobody got in was like to i can't wait to make so much bank on the ship yeah i know and get in the comedy for that
so it can be done you know if you are kevin hart it can be done but that's not why you get into it but like we were talking about earlier it's like people that are trying to get the limelight yes that weird depressing thing versus someone is just like i'm just trying to do my best shit just turn it trying to put out my best best stand up product i just want to pump out what i'm proud of just hammering that bitch too now for climate control in a fuckin head does the does the showtime special have your your rock bit the bid on the rockets on its on showtime right now on the south by sw to tour that i did they do the fucking behind the scenes of south by sw and i did a bit at the showcase for office of west i put it up on there is it in your show time special not too it's just that how is that possible because i did that first and show time put that up and i saw what i know i should have done it again i know of that bid so good i should have done it again
mother fuck i thought of you actually that's really i thought he was like i should have done that joe i bet you fucking joe i said i should have told him so many people about that bit that's a funny bit but beauty is it links to it so it's on showtime so they can watch my other set and all that stuff that's another fifteen minutes that i didn't put in my special that i did at south by oh really yeah i really like it that shit on youtube somebody want link knows how to strip thing somebody knows nothing about it no what is that more is that from my first album that's my old album when did you put on the album what year was this was two years ago that was my first job that i put out say no more azure santina say no more alright that's not it let's let's bring this bitch home so maybe so the show art sunday that's my first air i'm dying up here starts sunday on showtime and if you're a fan of comedy we definitely want that to keep going so let's try to support that thing and andrew santino's comedy special called home field
and it comes out this friday tomorrow bay did you run my favorite up and coming guys i think you're a fucking helaire see talented to thank you so mean coming from you that means a ton too thank you brother my man alright folks we you back tomorrow with bret weinstein and brett weinstein is that college professor that is being kicked out of school because he's been forced out of school because actually closed evergreen college down today because of threats the students taken over the college and that he forced out because he wasn't willing to participate in a white stay home day they wanted all white people all people of white privilege stay home and i was like that's ridiculous fuck i'm not going to not teach because i'm white and this guys super progressive guy too which is really crazy they're attacking him there screaming in the hallways hey hey ho ho this racist teacher has got to go there calling him racist we are
almost the breaking point of political correctness here talks to brett winds dean tomorrow about that these are also brilliant professor with a lot of other important stuff to talk about so we'll see soon but i all right thank you everybody for two into the podcast thank you thank you thank you to caveman coffee go to dot com and get just sell some of them premium delicious coffees is the code word rogan at caveman coffee co dot com and you'll save ten percent off of any of their awesome shit thanks to on it go oh and it use the code word rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements um and thank you to the new showtime show i'm dying up here which airs this sunday june fourth and hopefully it continues to air i think it's an important show
that's great show you're going to enjoy it and it's on this sunday june fourth one thousand pm nine in central i'm dying up here go check that shit out and again our buddy andrew santino who's on today is on that show along with al madrigal eric griffin giron horton jim kerr executive produces at gotta say it check it out ok that's it tomorrow as i said we will have brett weinstein on he's the embattled professor from in college that is a evergreen college was shut down today due to threats i'm not sure from who from which side but chaos there's a battle our minds the minds of your children it's under way i don't know who's winning we're gonna will talk to brett tomorrow should be fascinating and he's also got some other things to talk about non related to that so
should be a good time so until then see you soon bye bye
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