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#970 - Bret Weinstein

2017-06-02 | 🔗
Bret Weinstein is a biology professor at Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. Currently he is in the middle of an intense controversy that has been documented by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and several other mainstream media outlets.
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of a company that sells things but also an idea the idea that you can get your shit together you can optimize your time here you can make your performance and whatever you do make it better yeah on it dot com use the code word rogan and you'll save ten percent off any and all supplements alright well today ladies and gentlemen today we are joined by a man named brett weinstein and brett weinstein is the embattled professor that you may or may not have heard about in evergreen i mean at evergreen college think that's what it's called everything but evergreen state college new york times wrote an article about him and the article is entitled when the left turns on its own and that
it's really mean if you google him you will find so many articles detailing his situation at evergreen state college and the craziness that's going on over there he is very nice guy he's a very smart guy he is an extreme progressive in the best sense of the word and i really enjoy talking to him i really enjoyed getting to the bottom of his thoughts on this what he experienced and how can wacky the people the people are that are running this college and you're going to get to see it and once you do get to see it i urge you just go online and watch some of the videos that some of these protesters they've essentia lee locked out the school school is shut down today because of threats and it is the tip of the spear when it comes to politically correct craziness gone amok so that's it so the
this is what the podcasts about and i really enjoyed it i really enjoy talking to him he's a great guy and i hope you enjoy it give it up for brett weinstein the joe rogan experience join my day joe rogan podcast by night all day all right with brett first of all thanks for doing this appreciate it man very glad to be here you look great despite all this pressure you're smiling is for people that i don't know what's going on let's layout all all of the events that have transpired essentially you are asked to step away came from your college for today is that what it was is it one day well this goes back far yeah there is let's lay out the whole thing okay so we couldn't possibly lay out the whole thing let's just for people that have no idea what's going on right there
listening right now they're like who is this brett weinstein guy so the core of it surrounds a tradition that we have at evergreen called day of absence in this tradition stretches back long before i was ever at the college i've been there fifteen years this tradition stretches back into i think the early 70s and it's it's built around a play written by douglas turner ward a black playwright and the play portrays events in a fictional town where the black population decides not to show up one day in order to emphasize there roles in the town that the white population is unaware of and as you would imagine all hell breaks loose so anyway that's a it's an excellent play and some early faculty at our college decided that we should have a day that you're in this event and originally by
track faculty and students and then later people of color would leave campus for a day to emphasize the role that they play in our community and then they would later the the tradition was amended in at a day of presents added to it where people would come back to campus and this has been going on as i said since the 70s in the whole time i've been there and then this year it was announced by the organizing committee that the the situation would be reversed and i asked white students staff and faculty not to come to campus and that did not at all sit well with me as i said in my letter to the the person who had announced this receipt or i should say is staff online she has ended up at the center of this controversy i think wrongly just because my letter in response is addressed to her and then
was made public by our school paper so her name has been dragged front and center but in any case my letter i said that there was all the difference in the world between a population decide absent themselves from a shared space in order to highlight their role and a population deciding to absent another population from a shared space which i find unacceptable as as a person as somebody devoted to the gains of the civil rights movement i just i'd and i should also probably say as a jew and when people start telling me where i can and cannot be it at it rings alarm bells so that that's the gist of the story and the letter caused quite a stir amongst students staff and faculty who responded many of them quite angrily private
of course people were much more divided on the matter and there are plenty of people who agreed with my letter but publicly speaking there was condemnation of the letter but the event itself day of absence was mostly uneventful i did go to campus as i said i would in my letter and i actually it's neither here nor there it was accidental but while i was on campus i ran into a student that i know very well actually student that my wife and i were abroad in ecuador with last year we were teaching abroad and we had thirty students with us and so one of the students who had traveled with us to ecuador happened to be on campus too this is a student of color i'm gonna stop this right too much bang around here is very strong
sorry that's alright that was going to go on i was going to drive me crazy right keep going so i ran into this student that i know well and care about quite a bit and we had a very nice conversation mostly not about day of absence as a matter of fact i can't even remember if we did talk about to have apps but there was something poignant to me about the fact that while i was being condemned for refusing to accept this new formulation that i was able to meet with a student who is important to me and the neither of our racial backgrounds is fund is primary in our relationship we know each other's people and that's really how i would like to see all of us interacting on campus we all have our backgrounds they matter to us but it can it cannot become the primary interface between us let me stop you
here and let me try to understand what the reaction was because you right he said that you think there's a huge problem with asking people to not show up simply based on the color of their skin exactly and what was the argument against like when when you said that and i read your letter and your letter didn't sound racist at all it sounded very well thought out it made a very good point but the response the in flight tori response to your letter was so disturbing and shocking was there anyone who had reasonable debate with you about this was there anyone who said well we we should taken in consideration why there asking us to do this we should sit down with them we should talk through this it was there was there anything reasonable or was it just dig your heels in the sand and the
let the insults and the white privilege and all these accusations fly well like i said there's a huge difference that you can't see unless you're at the center of one of these things between the public discussion and the private discussion privately i had very interesting discussions with many people that was not absent but if you were to look in on the discussion at the pub level it looked as if there was consensus united against me now when you say public and private are the same p will making contradictory statements in public that are that are commiserate with you in private or is it just different people a few of them do that that that actually is the thing i find most surprising is that sometimes people will privately say one thing to you and then publicly do another mostly it's different people and i should say the people who have talked to me privately an expressed concerns are actually quite a diverse group so it's not as
white folks are disturbed by this and people of color are united it's not at all like that but the part of the the hidden story here is that in order to invent advance certain policy proposals it has to appear that the community is united behind them and that anybody who stands against them is standing against them for illegitimate reasons so that means that the number of people who are willing to express any sort of new wants about what's taking place has to be small and they have to be dismissive also what they did is they are called
a racist which is ironic because i'm an anti racist i really i've i've gone out of my way to first of all study the question of why racism cars and i've i believe been pretty courageous in fighting against it were i've run into it so to challenge me with that particular epithet was a mistake on their part was a strategic mistake and i i kept trying to tell them all this was still internally being discussed in the college i kept trying to tell them that they should really check the concept that i'm a racist they should ask because if they did they would discover that they actually way off the mark and then they would have an interesting puzzle on their hands then they would have to explain to them selves while they had found themselves hurling this most poisonous term at somebody who not only isn't a racist but is pretty nearly the opposite well it's a stand
maneuver when someone wants to silence someone when someone wants to put someone in a category that's instantly recognizable one of the best ones is racist absolutely and and what i found is that people simply could not figure out what they would do if that a term term was applied to them they were able to preview in their minds what that would be like and so many people could see that there was no escape for them right so it's like being called a rapist almost it's like even if you or exonerated they're still that cloud hang ring hanging above you yes but this also actually points to something pretty important for anybody who travels this ground themself they're going to discover this that many of the terms that are being used have been redefined but they haven't been fully re defined so one of the things that i've seen in several places is that a term like racist
has been redefined so that the bar for being a racist is so low that you couldn't possibly help but trip over it but then once you've tripped over it and you i accepted that you are a racist then stigma goes back to the original definition so it is the dodge in weaving between the two definitions that actually does the head lifting well there's also really disturbing idea that's being bounced around lately that it's impossible to be racist if you're anything other than white right which is ridiculous it's preposterous anybody who looks at the actual definition of racism will discover that that's preposterous but yes that is pass in certain places as logical yeah and it's parroted this very bizarre way that supposed to be unchallenged and this is a fairly in recent thing i mean this is something that existed two decades ago right i agree and the pace at which it's moving in the last few years is very surprise
it is surprising but it kind of makes sense because you get into these root groups of people they have this confirmation bias they lump up together and they all reinforced their ideas in this echo chamber and they i'll do it inside the colleges and then when he gets out to the rest of the world as we're seeing with your case at evergreen the press the world is like what is going on over here like what is happening in school and people who are sent their children off to school are very concerned with the doctor nation of these ideas and they adopt and these very rigid mindsets that the rest the world just simply could pick apart pretty quickly well this is the most shocking thing because i'm you know i'm i haven't been censured i haven't been suspended still on the email distribution i'm watching the traffic inside of my college and i'm able to compare it to the huge flood of
that i'm seeing from the outside world as they get wind of what's going on at evergreen and the difference a million miles inside of evergreen actually we are descending further into madness the the faculty are blaming the fact that the campus had to be suddenly closed due to a threat from the outside yesterday on me for having talked about this in the outside world specifically from various i see it i can't use that term yeah hopefully some day hi i i hope it's soon and you know i must say one thing that i don't know we haven't even talked about where this site where i got thrust into the spotlight here which your listeners are gonna have to no in order to understand why i'm even sitting here but but the the intent
city and the i'm out of touch nature of the discussion inside the college simply reinforces the the impression that something is desperately off that that what we really have is a filter bubble that is so so strong that even when the world sends very clear evidence that you've missed something somewhere and it's time to rethink what you've been doing there not waking up and i love this college this college we maybe we'll get to talk about it but the structuring of this college is so unusual and what one can do as a professor at evergreen if you're really dedicated to teaching it is the place to be because you have unparalleled pedagogical freedom more freedom than you'd have is a tenured professor at harvard and you also have room to teach individually to students because
our students take one program at a time there full time in one program and the professors teach one program at a time full time and they can go on for a full year so imagine you've got twenty my students and you have them for a year full time you really know every student in your class individually not just by name but you know how they think you know their backgrounds you know their blind spots and that allows for kind of teaching that can't be done anywhere else so i am quite distressed at the fact that evergreen is now endangered by what's going on and i really would like to see it wake up and rescue itself because it is worth rescuing i watched the is the president of the school gave the speech addressing all these issues george bridges yeah looked like a hostage negotiation it looked like he had a gun to his head he was literally a hostage it was so bizarre and kids are yeah
doing things out i'm like what the fuck are you going to do and and and he it just has to take it it's so strange it's such bizarro world view it from the outside and to these posture as allegations these kids are thrown at him of being racist and everyone's being racist and no one's doing anything to protect them and everyone's acting like they're in danger in their ideas are in danger and their their minds are in danger it's just so this so h grandstanding it's so preposterous like what is it well first did you see the video in which doctor bridges our president is being challenged for his hand gestures and the protesters are actually policing his hand gestures
it's what's wrong with his hand gestures is not doing this as a no no it was a matter of a friend i think you can even go like this to a friend because it dealt pause you write blogs right there in the middle no he i think he is i mean i i don't want a caricature this because i really think it's very important as preposterous as what's going on is i think it's very important that we understand it it's very easy to dismiss it because it's so strange but it's very important we get it right i think the complaint about the hand gestures was that they represented micrographs if you will i don't know sure that that was the complaint but i can't make heads or tails of it otherwise what was he doing you can you move your hands and i think he was kind of gesturing like a person trying to talk with the motion right so i'd i'd you think there's a there's a translation which is this can be it is a micrographs in some way you're speaking
i mean it is in your hands well we should talk about whether my congressional even a good category but let's just say the protesters had enough control over him that he gestured they didn't like it they told him not to he capitulated he's been doing the entire time i would say there's a huge amount what's going on in evergreen that is what i would call a show of force is he afraid of losing his job is he afraid of losing the support of the students what is he afraid of well if i got to guess i think he is afraid of the he's old enough he doesn't need another job he didn't need to take the job at evergreen which you took two years ago i think he is afraid that this is going to be the caps one of his career a scandal in which he is allowed the campus to get out of control which he did but here's the crazy thing it's a non scandal you're a non racist who's been accused of being a racist all you did was say hey i
i think you should be able to tell people they can't show up for work if they're white they can't show for school of there it seems kind of crazy and now hand escher's this is how far we've sunk that the reason we're not a kent state this is not the national guard shooting students it's this moving your hands around where you're talking with emotion that's a mike progression these guys free of losing his job because of his hand motions well it goes beyond that so when george came to the college he he studied us which i can't hold him responsible for that that was a good move if he was well intentioned he would have done that but he studied us very carefully he had a friend interview hi hundreds of us to figure out what was going on at the college but then he set in motion policy proposals and committees were empowered in a way that was completely at odds with the way the school has run traditionally how so well
so among the many unique features of evergreen is the fact that the caught the college is in large measure governed by the faculty and even the administration all of the deans are faculty members who have come from the faculty and when they're done being dean's they go back to the faculty to the faculty has control over the college in a way that i don't think there's another college in the cut that runs that way it's so what that means is that if you want to advance a policy proposal the faculty has to agree to and george wanted to do some things that the faculty would not have agreed to so i i've told you about these full time programs for students get this really personally tailored education and they they join a community that everybody knows each other he wanted to take those apart why i can't imagine
i can't imagine why you would i mean i i can the most generous thing to say is that he did not understand what an important part of the evergreen model programs are whatever his reason it was a terrible error only way to do it is to advance the the idea as an equity enhancing idea in other words you can say that that the full time programs are anti they are anti equity in the sense that if you are disadvantaged you are less likely to be able to dedicate your full time to a program because you may be going to school while you have a family and you have a job and so you know no doubt there's some truth to that but it doesn't you know how many colleges in the country do we have that do for credit programs and we don't need another we have one college in the country that does full time programs and eva
if it is inconvenient for many people for reasons that are beyond their control the real question is can we get enough people for whom that's exactly the right model through the door and you know they're like you know it it's also the college is very inconvenient for people who live in colorado by virtue of the fact that it's hundreds of miles away so anyway if you wanted to advance that proposal it had to be dressed up as equity enhancing and once it equity enhancing it became very hard to challenge it because of course if you did challenge it then you were anti equity boy that's convoluted you're telling me so he wants to sort disassemble this very unique and very beneficial model that you guys are operating under is just one part of it now how does this get to this
one suggestion that white people step down it doesn't the two are connected in the following sense the president empowered he he chose people to be on what's called the equity council the council has changed its name several times so i'm not even sure what the current name is i think it's the equity and inclusion council but but in any case he chose this council the council is if you count the two teams that are on it it's only one slash three faculty members so it's mostly students staff and less than half faculty and he empowered them to propose modifications to the college that would be equity enhancing and the thing that they advanced the strategic equity plan is extremely densely written so it's hard to read and most of the people on our campus have not read it most of the people in the faculty have not read it in fact
when it was released it was pretty clear that most of the people on the equity council hadn't read it because it was so full of errors spelling errors and other things that would have been caught if people had gone through it but in any case my wife who also teaches at evergreen and i and several others did read it carefully and we're very alarmed at what was in it so there were there were features of the document that would for example completely reorient are hiring so are hiring process i would be up to see it revised and made better too 'cause i don't i don't think we do it very well i think it's one of the things we were weak about but but anyway the proposal that they advanced was that for example every single higher would have to be justify i'd on the basis that it was equity enhancing meaning racially eckley equity and handsome so imagine racially equity enhance right so it is not just a just a policy of hiring all people and not being racially
i'm but being discriminatory in looking for certain people people certain colors what your little harmening twords i think beyond that beyond but when i read that i thought how exactly do you hire a physical chemist and justify that this is racially equity enhancing so you would look towards like say if you had ten chemists you would try to only hi are the ones that were of color yeah so there saying and that in yes i think so i mean as i said that document is so densely written that it's hard to know it really is set up i think to be dismissed so that it can be instituted and then we find out what it really means but think about the the all that i described about how we teach and everything that is not not a model that anybody trains to teaching
and the people who do it well are very unusual so they're not looking for the same professors that are you know that would be best at berkeley for example we're looking for unusual people who will take full time programs and total pedagogical autonomy meaning we actually literally are free to teach anything we want in any way we want so that freedom is a marvelous thing if you have a particular appetite for figuring out how teaching should be done that it's never been done anywhere else before and you're willing to to try it out and learn from the experience and and advance that way so we're looking for very unusual people who find that at and appealing challenge rather than somebody who wants to get a textbook and deliver the the regular stuff if we're now going to prioritize race over everything else in our hiring then
finding those needles in a haystack who are actually well built to deal with that much pedagogical freedom and that much contact with the students is going to be that much harder because sometimes the right person for the job just simply isn't going to be dark skin indoor who knows right so anyway i found the proposed lasted as did other people i talked to who had read it quite alarming at the level of hiring in particular so is it meant to give the impression diversity just by simply like look we've got our boxes checked here kate brown woman here's an asian man here is i mean is that what they're trying to do like look we've got all our bases covered this school divers well i'd like to a placeholder on asian man because during day of absence there was actually a i guess you would call it a say men are held on a how asians might just be part of the problem here yes asia
susan and problem yes and did you hear quote when you say the problem i did and i'm not even sure if i should you know the world is become so bizarre so i need asians are part of what problem well i think i think the translation is that becaus asians are a population i don't know to succeeding in a particular way at least from the perception of those who are deciding what these seminars look like that they actually i don't know how special obligations in this i might say everything i've just said about asians could be repeated for women especially white women who are playing a special role in this equity battle on our camp to so white women might be part of the problem as well as asian man quite clearly and so right so
the idea i think i mean i i have my own hypothesis about this and that's really all it is but it it does fit everything i've seen so far is that there are entities within the you know you know ten years ago the phrase women and minorities are a very common phrase right and what it meant was people who had faced historical oppression in the current context that's too many people in order to to utilize these structures to to feed a certain set populations you can't very well have all women included and so what's happened is people who are perceived as yes having been historically disadvantaged in some way but also at the moment being successful in some sense are being shoved out of the coalition and then if they feel i lost a sense of loss and having been shoved out the mechanism to get back in
is to take on the role of what is ironically called ally ship in this case which is not ally ship at all it's an abuse of the concept of ally ship ally ship is really of some symmetrical concept in the this is subordination is subordination that we hear that a lot with a male feminist community the male feminists are supposed to be allies to women and we i even read a paper that was or an article rather that was telling white people if you truly want to be allies you should not take high paying jobs and you should only leave them to minority yes my brother could ally yeah that's what it a good ally subordinates and that means stepping away from a job etc so it's not an ally at all no it has now thing to do without an in fact this is the thing that is most troubling to me about my personal situation is that if they really wanted you know mind you're going to have to fill but they means but if this coalition really wanted an ally for a quest for real equity i would be an hour
right i really quick reelect right that's not what they want right and so i wouldn't do that what what do you think that means that if if they don't want real equity with they want is a special advantage given to people of color a special advantage giving to people that were historically oppressed well let's put it this way i believe so i believe that in general at the moment coalitions are unholy alliances between two things and in this case you have the real equity movement which are people who we to end oppression and then you have another movement that wishes to reverse oppression and they don't know that they are different because until you reach equity there pointing in the same direction i see so one is trying to balance it out by in some way pushing down against white people
when people have historically had privilege to trying to to reduce their role they're trying to literally a press which think about the story we're just talking about where the president of the college is being told how to move move his hands that's not so unlike a black purse in a black man let's say being told that he's not allowed to the white woman in the eye right it's that kind of thing having been reversed this is people of color telling the president of our college how to move his hands so it was people of color that were telling him to do this with his hands that again i gotta be really careful because you know i've seen the video only once and i'm trying to remember if the people who are doing the asking are even on the screen so i don't i want to i don't want to project something that i don't know for sure but it was definitely this protesters which were protesting on some of them were white protesting on behalf of people of color and some of them many of them where people have
but even there were in trouble with the complexity because the people of color coalition that protesting is not synonymous with people of color whatever their many people of color at evergreen who are who are simply bewildered by what's going on or very troubled by because you can imagine i mean imagine just put yourself in the shoes of a person of color came to evergreen to get a really interesting education and didn't want to tell the president how to move his hands and then you see the happening in your name what exactly are you supposed to do that there's also the problem the very real problem with the mob mentality and it is a comma something with human beings and they get together in large groups and people start chanting and screaming and they feel very justified and they always want to escalate it's very weird it's a strange reaction that human beings have in large groups acting together where they just want to ramp things up they want to take it
the next letter they want to shut this mother fucker down it's a weird thing people do it but i was watching it in your videos or for saying you should resign you need to resign like you need resign like wow you did apologize to that woman for communicating with her the way you did right and very respectful and intelligent manner like it's they want to bully you around they want to push you around they want to take that professor that guy who's been allowed to be the one who's talking and distributing all the information and they want to shut you down it's flat out bowling yeah and what i'm what i'm seeing is almost nobody seems to know what to do about bullies especially and their armed with a super weapon like the accusation that you're erases nobody understands that capitulating to bullies may solve your problem in the moment but it makes the problem vastly worse over time and so anyway all i've done is apply that piece of knowledge that when it when
the challenges you not capitulating is just a prerequisite to getting anywhere ideally you want the bully to pay enough of the price that they don't continue what they're doing well ideally you would like to have a rational conversation with these people and get them to see your perspective and they should be the consider it and say ok he's not racist well yeah this kind of riddick those that were asking people who didn't have a say in what color they were born to step away from something or two we're literally discriminating and under the guise being anti discriminatory tori were discriminating it's not even it wouldn't even be hard to have that conversation on one even i do it twenty on one but don't you think that that's what they just start screen well i mean a that you have to get used to the fact that you don't get
they're all at once you plant a seed that's enough to cause them to know something about what we're saying couldn't possibly be right or we wouldn't be seeing what we're seeing the problem here is that the mob we're talking about is so large that even you know in the couple cases on last tuesday i'm not this last as i guess it was two tuesdays ago now the couple of times that i was faced with a group that was you know somewhere below a hundred actually do you think i made some progress but i thought it was not durable at all because as soon as the event was over whatever progress was made got overwritten by whatever discussion happened next yeah so it is possible to have these discussions but there's something about the momentum that is in play here that makes it impossible to make any durable progress durable progress is a very interesting description durable progress
yeah 'cause you're fighting against this current movement of ridiculous ideas that that's going on through schools and we saw with yale we saw it with those students screaming at what was it the yes it was a professor who is the put the guys they were screaming at that was trying to defend his wife's yes email about halloween costumes yeah maybe we should allow people to wear ridiculous hollowing costumes because that's part of like the fun of halloween yes people are acting like you were saying that we should be lynching people well i'm so first what he did reach out to me and his point was what you are going through is eerily reminiscent he's watched the videos he was just pointing out how shocking it was i mean even to the point of my wife having been drag and here oddly in this discussion where she
wrote an email internal to our our distribution list asking the college why they were not protecting me and my students who were being actively stalked on our campus harassed doxxed which stood my current students but why why your current students being harassed my current students like almost all of my former students know that this charge is completely baseless and so they have been supportive so in defending you then there being attacked app like their little soldiers in some sort of a strange ideological battle they are being penalized for not falling in line wow that's scary it's real scary bullying when someone says hey he's a good guy and then someone comes after them instead where this person lives let's find them that it that is actually literally happened and what has happened to the students once they do find them well so the
students have been i think the idea is intimidation so i've i've had students follow in the woods and i would have had students visited at home it's very scary and that that i should say in just in terms of putting the context here as the car college was pretending that nothing serious was going on the police call me up on the wednesday just after the tuesday in which i had been challenged in my class anne asked me are you on campus and i didn't have class i said no i'm not on campus they said don't come to campus and i said why and they said because the protesters are searching car to car for what they describe as an individual and we think it's you and the college has told us
stand down we can't protect you watt i know the college has told the police to not protect you the college told the police to stand down which means the police were literally barricaded in the police station despite their sense that they very much needed to be actively protecting people outside of the police station the police were left with no choice but to barricade themselves in the police station because they answer to the college administration which told them not to act i think because it wished to prevent aid a news story but this meant people engaged in these protests were roving freely about the campus looking for people following them they you know so incredibly aggressive like looking for individuals in a car again to do what well that's the question my guess would be even
they don't now let me say that it was me that they were looking for which would make sense i would imagine that they would have had the idea of i don't know taking me somewhere in getting me to knowledge something that they think some sort of a hostage situation right but suppose i didn't want to acknowledge whatever it is that they wanted me to acknowledge just as i didn't want to resign when they said i should resign i don't i don't know if they had a back up plan it worries me that one of the things that unfolded on the campus was that people who had a very clear idea of how things should go were they were literally they mean they were barricaded in the president's office with the president and a bunch of faculty members and staff and the story is that the president wanted to go to the bathroom and that he was not even allowed to go privately to the bathroom he had to be escorted by two people who president of the college but who the people protestors protestors had
you go with him to the bathroom right so that to me sounds like literally get nap this just stunning that he agreed to that it it all of it is stunning i can't believe i'm seeing it this is p c gone amok i mean this is what everybody's been worried about this is that what you are right now is at the year the tip of the spear we are previewing where this goes taken to its logical x yeah yeah i mean and could have been worse had you not been contacted by the police had you been in one of those cars had you been pulled out how you been pulled into some sort of a hostage situation where they're trying to tell you you can't go to the bathroom without us like they did to the fucking president i agree do it can't this is madness mean that's like people should go to jail for that well so
okay i kidnapping it's kidnapping i do think that the administration and certain faculty members have a lot of responsibility here so i think in some sense yes it's literal kidnapping this students however i believe have become tools of something that they don't really understand tools of what though of on making i mean is it an idea rg and ideology outside of the school they subscribe to or is it their own i mean what is it well i believe if it is a militant belief structure and i do think based on what we've seen on our campus it is emanating from a subset of the black population okay so i'm not saying that this is black people doing this but i'm saying that the people who are at the forefront of it happened to be in that part of the coalition of people
caller and that they are advancing a set of some shins and beliefs that they seem to imagine i describe some future world that they would like to reach and it's a future world i mean it's preposterous that will never happen because what is the future world where the four hundred years of oppression of black people in north america results in a a reversal of roles i think i mean i i can't imagine having that fought and follow get through an not realizing that this can't possibly be anything like a way forward i also see something that they've describe this reversal of roles well the day would
like to come to this conclusion so i would imagine that your listeners having heard me just say what i said have to be wondering a little bit about me and and where where my sympathies really live but what i've seen and if and if your listeners go looking at the videos that came out of evergreen over the last ten days posted by the protester i should point out videos that they thought you had them look good they will find and many instances in which the official order of things says well let's say there's a four hundred o'clock meeting on the tuesday in which i was challenged in the morning four hundred o'clock meeting that became very dangerous and the meeting began with an announcement that the chairs and the food were for people of color and that white people shouldn't use them yes i know the chairs in the food we're only for people of color correct white people have to be hungry right you can't sit down
right and i've also seen you know i don't remember where i saw it now i probably have a screenshot of it but i saw thing where some activists put out a message broadcast message that and a person of color needed a power adapter for a computer were there any white people who could fetch one or something like that jeez i mean the thing is that it's preposterous but it is also putting in danger the actual vision of a war old in which race ceases to provide advantage right so anyway it's jeopardize you that it should be reversed its just so crazy like we should oppressed now like known there should be none right we should get past this right we should be anti suppressed supremacist one hundred percent this idea get imagine if there was a college in north america that suggested that white people only should eat and why people only should be able to take the seats yes i was
have in three hundred years so it would have black people oppressed for the next three hundred than white people come back and say hey we're going to turn this around again i mean and the idea that one hundred years from now why people are going to be a minority in america because the rates of birth with latinos and black folks that we we will it would there won't be this minority group anymore that they will be in fact a majority all i can say is it's so obviously a wrong path just in terms of a it's not an honorable of give it's racist it's race it's absolutely racist and yes mean it's not even it's not even difficult to see that it just simply is race but if you say that on my campus at the moment your the racist for not understanding why this is logic so how do people react when someone says a person of color needs a power adapter can a white person go fetch it are these white quote allies running these beta males just running to go grab a white power
adapter and give it to this person of color is that what's happening that's the literal description of jesus christ and they have to in few years they're gonna have to go on to the workforce well and the thing that well this is a whole other side of the puzzle what this is really about and not just at evergreen but this movement which is and over so many campuses and shut down so many people who spoke with positions that were not somehow sanctioned is really a battle between two incompatible worldviews i within the academy so on the one hand you have the sign this is an all of the things that function on the same assumptions that the sciences do about how you figure out what's true and then you have these postmodern disciplines which basically argue that the tools that the sciences claim are about figuring out what's true are actually tools of oppression themselves and so you know another video rulers ruler right exactly
yeah exactly so there's this video in the middle of of the tuesday the first tuesday of these protests where the president barricaded with these protesters is talking to them and the protest is actually flat out say in referring to my email that i mentioned the word phenotype and that that inherently tells you that i must be racists racist to even be thinking about a scientific term in the context of this which i find horrifying because these very students stand to gain a tremendous amount they will be most powerful in the world in pursuing equity among other things they will be most powerful in the world if they are armed with a scientific tool kit with an analytical tool kit that allows them to to be forceful rather than
be preposterous what was the context to use the word phenotype again i i heard i said that i would like us in my challenge to the new dave absence formulation i said i would like us to put phenotype aside right put phenotype aside meaning that i did not want us discussing equity as teams as different teams broken up by frank color and so the very fact that i said phenotype and that i suggested that i would be willing to give a lecture to anybody who wanted to come about what understand to be the evolutionary context of racism and they did not want the lecture i assumed that if i said evolution and racism that i was going to give you ten x lecture or something like that and so it's it's preposterous that the way the way this works is they shut down the conversation before you can have it so that they don't actually know
what you're going to say and therefore don't need to address it yeah it's quite frightening well it's bizarre because it's it's primarily occurring in universities it's not happening really in high schools very much it's sort of bubble up in high schools it appears by people that i talked to the been in high school gone into universities that you see echoes of it you see the beginnings and then when gets to college you're away from your parents here in some new place he they ever gathers in groups they dig their heels the sand and they go fucking crazy well i mean there is something about college yeah and no and we all it sure dumps in college but i also there's a hidden reason for being colleges which is that there is real inequity in civilization that needs to be dealt with i would say the thing that i find
most troubling is the skew in policing and in the courts that results in disproportionate fractions of some populations being incarcerated which has terrifically destabilizing impact on this community so i think that that is a very real harm that would be hard to overstate and that absolutely has to be addressed and just just to even make any claim on being a fair society that said it is very hard to attack the the private prison because
thanks for example right it it's a it's a difficult challenge on the other hand the universities are soft target they can't defend themselves and they already have sympathies in the direction of you know a view of a radically different enhanced world so in effect i think we're being challenged on the basis that the inequities on our campuses are completely intolerable and that the is largely a fiction and that what really is happening is that this is displaced anger over a system that is fair that's been pointed at something that can't defend itself that's fascinating so this is a reaction to the actual real inequities of the outside world the systemic racism places like baltimore and we're finding out about places where
literally would not sell homes to black people communities that have just had generation after generation of impoverished people that are fighting off crime ridden neighborhoods right or what are you drink that has brad integrant right exactly so what the mercedes what happening in the universities is sort of a misguided reaction to all the real inequity in the world i would say not misguidance misdirect misdirect just pointed at the something and the reason it's pointed at the colleges and universities is that they simply can't defend themselves that's fascinating and so this is occuring in universities all over the country and at a rate that's accord into people that i know that teach pretty unprecedented that this wasn't the case twenty years ago that you would have to sent you would have debate you have discussion but you wouldn't
of these full blown ideological mobs yeah it would but i think the thing is it hadn't been operationalized yet the thought process that led to this was post modernism has been has been around for for decades and so there were places you could go if you wanted to have an absurd discussion you could go for example to cultural anthropology cultural anthropology was captured by postmodernism thirty years ago and so if you wanted to hear people say really crazy things about what's true cultural anthropology was a place you could do it if you step next door to physical anthropology
it was just fine and so anyway that's been in the university and what's happened is it has been how would one put it is been operationalized are activated so that it is now it is now it forms the core of a vision that college students are trying to bring about not all of them but enough of them that you can't run a college without either decided to capitulate or figuring out how you're going to fight what was there a way that this could have been stopped or nipped in the bud the years passed or zero way that this could have been sort of planned for or was there a lack of lack of foresight yeah this is exactly it's it's what i was talking about a few minutes ago if you if you give in to the bully the bully comes back stronger we've been given in to the post modern billy for decades
and it's now come back in a form that nobody knows what to do with it so what was the original reason to give in what will when it was a more mild argument well because it was an abstraction so originally the idea that that certain that based on their history certain people who had been for example largely shut out of the sciences were entitled to think without having to deal with the structures that had been built around let's say men and most mostly white men over the course of western scientific history so the idea that women maybe needed a place to discuss what was true that was not structured by men i get that and in fact there's a very good example in my own field where
the difference between the way men and women i don't mean every man and every woman but the difference on average i think played a decisive and very positive call when louis leakey empowered three women to go study the three great apes in to figure out what's going on with them and so jane goodall to figure it out what was going on with the chimps because she was because she was female and because she didn't subscribe to the rules men had written down about how you study these creatures and so it is a case where something about the way men look at the world had prevented people like george schaller who had made his mark studying lions he didn't do so well with guerrillas so anyway jane goodall's female approach worked and it is largely the reason that we understand chimps today on the other hand jane goodall took the scientific tool kit and throughout the room
that had been biased rather than rejecting the scientific tool kit which is what the post moderns are doing which i think it's just tragic what we should be doing is arming everybody who goes to college and frankly we should be arming everybody who can't go to college with a scientific tool kit that lets them figure out what's true especially now because science is the ultimate bullshit detector and you know this era is you know it hopefully this is peak bullshit but they need the ultimate bullshit detector it does seem like people bullshit right and it seems like that that's one of the reasons why it's so important for you to stand your ground is that you are you're being very clear in but what you perceive the situation to be and you're doing it in a very logical and a very
national well thought out and clearly structured way you're showing everyone what's wrong with this that is a scientific approach you are literally using the very tool so you're trying to empower these young children young children feel like they are yeah the kid is a kid young that yeah that works yeah youthful exuberance human beings millennials yeah millennials what i hate those words hate those generational terms but you're literally using you're dealing with a dilemma and you're using their very tool rules that you would like them to learn from this university and take forth into the world it is a very scientific approach you're saying like more than no this is not that's not racism and this is racism and what you're doing here is actually racism right and in fact you know the irony is so my students and really my students many of them are both my students and my wife's students we both teach evolutionary biology and students bounce back and forth between
our program so you know we have people in our community who are empowered by having an understanding of how things function evolutionarily that gives them a window into all sorts of things including you know human social dynamics and other things that affect us all all the time so anyway yes there is a way of thinking about virtually any of the issues that most people care about using scientific rationality which does not mean that you put aside your humanity but it means that you give your humanity a tool to understand what is going on before you figure out how you feel about it and weather something ought to be done how does this university survive this how does community survive this how do these students come out of this with a new understanding of what went wrong
and in some way that allows them to save face and still be a viable part of the community that is a beautiful question thank you for asking it i really hope it works i got three things and i'm afraid i'm going to forget one of 'em but first of all there's one clear first step the president of the college has to step down and there are two reasons yeah to step down one this is how things work i don't like how you move in your hand so i'm talking i'm sorry john microagressions that better so he got to step down because a when something has gone as crazy as we've seen things go on evergreens campus there is an expectation that somebody will take responsibility so he has to i stepped down to signal to the world that somebody's taking responsibility but in this case he also absolutely must step down because this is his responsibility he set this in motion and he made this happen and so it is not
and justice at all that he should have to step down and i frankly am flabbergasted that it hasn't happened yet i do not understand how the board of trustees could allow him to maintain that position as long as he has but first thing is he has to step down at the point he steps down that's going to flip a switch suddenly the question is ok what now the next thing that would have to happen is the faculty of my college would have to evidence that they actually got something out of this rather than feel
they had been wrongly portrayed in the media or something like that if the faculty and there are many good faculty who do understand what's going on so they have been quiet because frankly they're afraid of what happens to them if they're not but but george has to step down or be fired in the faculty have to rally an evidence that they learn something and then the third thing and in some ways this is the one that is i think the toughest they came after me they came after two other people the chief of police of our police force stacy brown who they have been attempt she is a utterly professional
stream league good police officer who is also an evergreen graduate and interested in cleaning up policing she wants she's aware of what bad policing is and what campus please correct this police we've so it's independent of the the region right which is why they were stood down because they are part of the administration is is has control over them but the proof of police was demonized and i mean in the most disgusting ways posters of her wearing a kkk outfit in some sort of i don't know what sex step garb was distributed on the this is a mother of three right and what was what was the logic behind it well no i hate to say it but the logic i think think was the saying that circulates all cops are bad so she was literally her her swearing in was protested so at the very moment she took the job she was already persona non grata they want no police
well i know in fact they advocated for that there was in the middle of this protest there was a something like a police community review but i'm not sure exactly but school but there was some sort of a gathering where suggestions about better policing where advanced and the protesters actually danced not only the idea that the police be moved off campus that they'd be disarmed but that in fact that campus policing be turned over to what they call community police so at the very same moment that you have protesters as judge jury and executioner searching cars for people stalking them their tail sing us that actually they want uh social control over the policing of the campus it couldn't it couldn't be more ironic so how do they plan to handle sexual assault violence
anything along those lines funny you made on sexual assault because the third which in addition to me and the chief of police was is our grievance officer our grievance officer andy siebert is a also an excellent human being who is very dedicated to her job and very dedicated evergreen and has been there for a very long time and one of the things that she's been accused of is not being sensitive to allegations of sexual assault now what she has not said in her own defense fees so interested in protecting the college from its own worst instincts that which he has not said in her own defense is that she runs a summer camp for girls who have been sexually assaulted this is the end i think chief funds it out of our own pocket so in all three cases in my case i'm accused of being a racist in stacey brown the t police chiefs case she's accused
is being a brutal biased and an anti siebert's case he's accused of being insensitive to people who have been assaulted in all three cases not only are these things wrong they are the opposite of right and so i was just going to say the third thing that i wanted to say was george has to step down the faculty has to wake up and then everybody needs to take a look at the fact that three for three they've gone after people in classic witch hunting style and the person in question was the exact opposite of what they were saying that the point you discover that you've been hunting which is and then it turns out the people in question are innocent you have to step back and ask yourself how you got there how did that happen to you that you ended up hunting innocent people that should be a wake up call for everybody involved well as soon as you start talking about searching for cars and searching for individuals my mind immediately escalates to violence that
how my mind goes when i i know mobs and i know people and i i just have far too much violence and i know what happens when people ramp up ideas without a real pre did open gold they don't have like what we'd like to do is get br and talk to him one on one inmate would want to invite him to have a debate a one on one debate with someone without an audience so they could sit down and hash out these ideas well hey you're working with something well how do we find them well babies in one of these cars like that that's not what they're doing right right now i think we're going to find him but they don't have a step after they're going to find you and less they do and it might be fucking barbaric i mean it might be you know we're going to kidnap him we're going to force him to read this letter you know i mean in this literally hostage shit i agree and i do think you know
i don't i don't know i'm not an expert on what happens when mobs ultimately do something you know like i think it's marshall con who was killed by by a mob over supposed blasphemy this last month but was that in turkey i thought i was in pakistan was in turkey okay but all right i'm sorry i should that's alright but that's a different man world in different it's yeah but nonetheless the point is a jobs a thinks that it's on the right track and it's so convinced of what it believes that ends up doing something that it doesn't know it's capable of it is also a diffusion of responsibility in a large group they're allowed allowed to do much more horrific things you would ever do one on one to an individual one hundred percent so i don't think that anyone intends that but i'm not sure that they ever do well the ramping up
things is what terrifies me i just i've just seen it too many times where people get together in large groups of people and things escalate and no one knows why and then all the sudden it's chaos and there's an a literal feeling in the air that violence interrupt i don't know if there's maybe you'd be able to tell me is there some evolutionary echo of that from back in the day when we would get invaded by large groups of people and we had to switch over immediately to some sort of a war like mindset i don't know what it is but there's something really bizarre that happens to people in large groups and if you've ever been in in a concert where riot breaks out or stampede where things go crazy it's scary it's terrifying well you're absolutely
right about the evolutionary roots that these are programs that exist in us four circumstances and one of the things and you know it if i had been able to give the lecture that i proposed in the letter that got me in so much trouble with people one of the things that i would say is that the most dangerous thing is that we have these latent programs that are waiting for evidence that it is the moment to do x y z and because we haven't been in those circumstances until the moment those programs are triggered we don't even we're not even aware that human beings are capable of some of the things they're capable of so we have to guard against these things at all costs if we really you know never again is a the important concept and if never again is to mean anything we have to understand why it happens in the first place so that we can repair the world so it becomes impossible yes instead of giving into the influence of these ancient programs understanding there their their and recognizing them when they go
live exactly in fact maybe the thing that would be worth remembering is what happens to a drowning person when a person drowns their very dangerous right because they their body switches on a drowning program that basically looks for anything that can be pushed down so you can get up to where the areas yeah which means that somebody can drown you know their closest kin by accident because as a drowning program that they've never seen active until the first time they face drowning is suddenly online right and so that's a simple one but there are other ones to their ones for for tyranny and i i believe things like genocide where populations that i have successfully eliminated other populations have done well
and so knowing that human beings are actually wired for genocide under some circumstances is well it's a sobering responsibility but it's also hopeful to me because if you know that it's there you can figure out what triggers that and you can i think we can rule it out by raising people in an environment where awareness of that program allows us to teach them in such a way that that program is the act and that might be the only way to be you must be aware of the fact that there is a potential to disassociate decide that this is the that this group of people is the other and that they are you and you could do horrific things to them this is literally a part of how human beings evolved to twenty seventeen how we got through all the horrific things that have in place in the past and if you think about the the religious innovations that have occurred in the history of most of the populations on earth
they involve a recognition at some point where the definition of self gets broadened to a larger group so if you think about for example the golden rule the golden rule has has progenitors in the hell tradition but it it's basically somebody saying some large entity needs to be treated as some extension of self and really this is may sound funny to people but if we are to survive the next century as a as a species it's going to have to be through the recognition that actually all human beings are trapped on one tiny little planet and we're in severe jeopardy and really we have to start treating each other not as other because we will you know we will
fighting each other as the whole experiment goes to hell we have to recognize that we actually face a common enemy which is the unintended consequences of the system we built never like to bring up ronald reagan as the voice of reason he had a fantastic quote way back in the day one of his speeches during the cold war where he was talking about how we would bond together if we were approached by some alien life form from another planet that threatened us how we would all realize that we are we are all in this together i had idea that he said said that a great speech because the conspiracy theorists went crazy no like there's a well i i think this is totally right and here's the even outer part i think which is yeah if there was a an alien race that came to invade the earth we'd rally if there was an asteroid that we had enough time to
no that was coming in that we would have to rally together to do something about it we do something about it and so it is perfectly possible for the mechanisms that evolution built into us to fight each other that caused us to cooperate to fight other groups to be re targeted at things that aren't of the groups that are problems and so what frustrates me more than i think anything else is right now we do face a common enemy and that common enemy is you know let's say climate change would be one facet of it but it's the system that set climate change in motion which has also given us nuclear reactors that are unstable and difficult to control it's given us economic policies that are going to cause us to destabilize as a result of concentration of well being and power in a small number of hands those are common enemies and if we allowed the circuitry that is in us to be triggered that allows us to fight a common enemy actually we would be quite united at the moment and for a good cause
which is one of the more disturbing things about trump pulling out of the paris climate agreement is that what what it says is that we're not in this together i mean but even more so than it says that these guys are mean he has advisors in this epa guy is very dangerous character that's climate change denier and there's so much i science going on this administration you could even know where to begin right but one of the real problems is it were moving away from this group of people is trying to figure out what to do about emissions what what do we do about all this garb what do we do about all this waste it's now even necessarily just about climate change it's about sustainability it's about what we doing with the byproduct of civilization if there's one thing that should cut across political lines it's that question what we do about the things that jeopardizes altogether and if it's one thing that should disturb us about capitalism the number one thing is putting
ahead of the environment that we literally need to sustain life and that's something trying to do with bringing back fucking cole cole of all things and they have these coal miners on tv and they don't even agree with it they have that they end a bunch of coal miners today they were president trump supporters there were a happy they voted for trump because he's going to bring back coal and the well i don't know about this why stepping away from the climate change thing though like even people and the coal mining industry are torn on this i mean this is a very dark time in that way up very dark and you know and ironic too because i mean we're now behind the eight ball because we've put this off for so long we should have started doing this twenty five or thirty years ago but even now it is actually not as hard as people think to figure out how the world might function that didn't create this jeopardy as a matter of byproducts of everyday activity it's actually not that difficult but the system is
built to frustrate it so you know in the same sense if you step back from the last presidential election and you think about how is it that we ended up with two such lousy candidates for this position with such power something in the system has to be off that we don't end up with any viable candidates for that office and it's same it's the same problem we are we are caught in loops that prevent proper solution making it's not that solution making isn't possible it's that solution making is not someplace we can so from here because of mundane reasons in our system that are ultimately going to kill us if we're not careful it's also such a complicated structure that outside of completely radical change like restructuring everything from the bottom up like tearing it down literally to the foundation and rebuilding it how else are you going to fix this thing lobbyists and special interest groups and congressman
representative government it's like there's so many different areas that allow for the lily of corruption and influence and just cronyism it's just it's such a dark and twisted corridor that you enter into if you're consider any kind of reform well it can't be reformed and it's not going to we can't tear it down either i mean well what we do well that's an interesting question i must say it's something that a number of friends of mine and i have been working on for some time there are answers which five seven years ago i wouldn't have thought possible that i now believe actually are possible and so what we're really talking about we can't have revolution we can't afford it normal work the power arrayed against revolution is so immense that it's inconceivable that it could it could function we also can't afford a disruption massive enough to cause the system to restructure on it
on if for no other reason than the fact that we've got more than four hundred nuclear reactors on earth today that require constant inputs of power or they melt down and spill not only the contents of the reactors but the contents of the spent fuel pools where we've stored decades worth of spent material so basically we have to restructure the system without letting it collapse and without confronting it in the traditional way so we need effectively revolutionary change without revolution however noticed that your life today doesn't look all that much like your life thirty years ago from the point of view of how you go about things how you navigate around the world things sweep across civilization in a market system based on utility and that model can also be used to replace the system that we have
i have currently so in essence if you think forward what is what is the world going to look like twenty years from now it's very hard to know because you know how much change has come in the last twenty years so there will be revolutionary change at the moment it will be dictated by a market and it will basically give us more of what we think we want rather than what we actually need however the same mechanism that causes technologies to sweep across civilization can be utilized to have of meaningful change in the way we inter relate with each other the way we govern ourselves sweep across civilization so that's the project that we've been working on find the scenes so what is the project like how does it work well it involves different people with different expertise and there are those
who are expert in the technological aspects in other words identifying those technologies that actually stand a good chance of replacing the dangerous stuff that run civilization now there are those of us who are involved in the game theoretic aspects of what it is that keeps the current system stabilized as it is and what would have to change in order to replace it so anyway it's a complicated effort but it is not i am hopeful in a way that i wasn't mac during occupy let's say b cause i no longer think that the only route forward is one of the traditional modes that we've seen so do you think that it's going to be a slow integration of technology into peoples lives to the point where it's going to affect the sis some itself to the point where the current system the way it works just won't operate the way
no not really what are you saying specifically what i'm saying specifically is that people have been shut out of the gains of civilization and they have been fed a small portion of the phony growth that our system generates to placate them they've also been threatened with austerity which is largely a false threat in other words they've been told yes we could do something different but you're going to have to give up of the things that you value so how about it and in fact the world could be a very exciting place to transform if we work to recognize the real landscape that we face rather than the story that has been portrayed that has told us that we really don't have any good options it seems that there
there is still time though frankly the clock is ticking so what would be the steps that would be taken in order make this a reality well question is do i want to say that out loud here where the entities that want to oppose you know exactly what it is before it comes i don't know how mark that is what i will say is that there are a good number of us working on the puzzle were serious about it and we are the things that would typically be is to dismiss us ought not be we're not looking too to be the head of some system that enriches us we're looking to make the planet function in a way that serves everyone so do you think there's some sort of conspiracy to stop this like if you actually bring it up you think that they would actually be people that would make or take act the measures in order to hold it off at the pass
i don't think it's exactly like that i think there is a structure that has emerged that exists um administrations come and go but there's a structure that doesn't and it seems to have a central principle behind it which is it doesn't like change that it can't control change is one thing change happens but it's not interested in change that could upended so anyway it the reason that we end up with a battle between and non viable republican nonviable democrat is that they have passed a test in which they do not threaten the fundamental structures underneath in fact trump may actually be a violation of that he may actually threaten those structures and they may be trying to figure out
do about him but but in general what we have is a system that filters on the way towards the levers of power such that anybody who is there wouldn't use them in a stabilizing fashion which is why we saw the dnc conspire against bernie sanders absolutely we saw them can spy error in the most direct terms and then we've seen them in court defended by saying that had every right to do it rather than denying it yeah so anyway i'm not you know it's too easy to say conspiracy and it is too it's too simplistic because it implies that people got gather in a room and said things out loud and that does happen sometimes but it also through another mechanism mechanism of but scientifically we would call emergence where those structures that frustrate change out compete structures that
wow change so it may be that what we have our forces that resist change reflexively without no and what they're doing the same way you know a tree grows toward the light without knowing what it's doing oh don't you think though that there be some benefit to discussing these potential solutions to these issues out loud and then people would so of like pick it up and act on it especially given this enormous platform i do so it's not that i don't want to talk about might mean in fact we've we held a called an unconference conference in palo alto several months ago not that we don't talk about them out loud what i'm concerned about is that a i'm only one of people involved and so you know i have my area of expertise in this group but there are many other areas of expertise that i can't speak to as directly
so anyway i'm concerned about unearthing the thing a place where it will be a cartoon version of something that's actually more sophisticated than that i understand that i'm not i'm not i'm not averse to answering questions if you got him what would be the first step well the first step it would probably involve blockchain currency that had strengths connected to it that made it competitively superior to something like the dollar
in other words the dollar is a flawed entity in multiple regards but the dollar depends on our value in it and the thing about blockchain currencies is that blockchain currencies can be exchanged between entities that have an agreement about preferring them so for example a group of people could decide to pay each other in in blockchain current be of some kind based on ideals that are not the same ones on which you know are our nation free sample is found it so you could agree to a higher set of standards for something and agree to prefer each other in the context of business so you would you would do business with those who had also agreed to the same higher set of principles and that currency could therefore
this place something like the dollar will be fascinating to see what i mean i know the bit coin and block chain a lot lot of these different crypto currencies are gaining momentum and in fact bit coin were we just talking about this is higher now that it has been like literally in years ever ever so there's some momentum in that regard to be nice to see them use side by side you know to see if it could be possible to gain more momentum to get to the point where it's me right now you bring up i'm going to buy some a bitcoin people think you're a freak like my friend and andreas antonopoulos who's big in the bitcoin movement i've had him on the podcast a few times he's written books on it and he does everything in bitcoins paid get coin advises airline tickets and bitcoin pays his rent in bitcoin mean he's he's deep but it may the blood is one of one thousand people in the world that might do that right although you know everything transformative starts in a
small minority of people doing it somewhere so what i would say wait is that the crypto currency isn't enough in and of itself you have to couple it with the structures that are capable of solving the other problems of civilization also someone figuring out what to do with nuclear waste that would be a nice one that's a biggie right that's a big and it's high on my list of of let's say fears is that those nuclear reactors are so dangerous by virtue of what it is that keeps them stable day in and day out yeah that really if people understood the danger they face based on on those reactors on the spent fuel that they they have people we be alarmed well if people just pay attention to fukushima i mean just look what's happening and know how many of those there are and here's the other issue you know i've talked to people before and there's i mean it's it's it's really funny how
when you subscribe to a certain ideology whether it's a liberal ideology or whether it's conservative ideology you meet lee immediately adopt a series of beliefs that go along with that and one of them on the right is that nuclear power is clean energy you know and my arg into that has always been we've only had it for sixty years and look how many places you can even go anymore i mean fukushima chernobyl what does it three mile island view my allowance three rounds of can you go there now i wouldn't go there it be the best of those three but we also have the whip project in new mexico yeah the the number of places on earth you can just simply no longer go is growing in its place is a nevada where they just bury the waste or they just bury their waste hanford it just had a huge collapse so let's put it this way we now know how dangerous this technology is an we also know that what we were too
cold when it was invented i mean everything we were told we were told electricity too cheap to meter for one thing we were also told will figure out what to do the waste and true and not true not true and here's what's really terrifying mean every now and then we you know they're digging in mexico city and they find some ancient aztec ruins and they have to stop construction 'cause it didn't know it was there with the fuck happen have one hundred years from now they dig into the nevada desert and just tap right into a chamber of spam fuel rods and kill everybody i in fact that's one of the problems that they've tried to solve is how do you how do you make a sign for people you know a thousand years in future one hundred years right we have no idea how you would warn them off nor are these things stable i mean the thing about the whip project in new mexico is that you know this was supposed to be stable for thousands of years and we had this explosion that leaked plutonium you know after decade
the thing was not stable the way we were told it was and so anyway we have this terrible problem and what to do with the waste you've already got is obviously a huge issue not making more of it would be a really good idea yeah and there i've been some solutions that someone there was a really young kid i believe that came out with some radical proposal for taking the nuclear waste and converting it into energy that could power cities for thousands of years whether or not it's viable in a bit i mean it's totally possible i mean it look if we if someone can come up with nuclear energy in the first place the ability to split an atom and power a city maybe it is possible that someone could figure out what to do with that way some new sort of radical approach to looking at it but can't just leave it now you can't just keep doing what we're doing over and over again and hope that we don't make more spots where you can't live well i mean the first thing is
there is one thing we can do with it it's better that we already have the technology to do and there's no excuse for not doing it which is that all of the stuff that sitting in pools that has to be actively cooled after something like five years it can be put in dry cask storage which ain't perfect but at least it doesn't require some system to actively keep it from boiling over and doesn't need electricity in order to cool it exactly should that happen in fukushima and that's strictly a matter of money right we could do that tomorrow we could just require it and we should because it's vastly safer we could also potentially there are ways to take the spent fuel and to burn it down that does involve other kinds of reactors but ultimately ultimately i can't under and why we have not made an immense investment in fusion power were we to discover the ability to make viable fusion power which i believe we know is possible
we not only would be able to power civilization without warming the climate but we would also be able to full carbon out of the atmosphere if it turns out that we need to do that if you have effectively unlimited source of power you can take carbon out of the atmosphere and you could turn it into building materials that were stable for thousands of years and the tiny amount that we spend on a fusion research is inexplicable to me yeah we button way away from the original subject but i think this is also very important stuff but i wanted to talk to about evolutionary biology alright and being uh someone who teaches that and being as that's your discipline an i'm seeing all of these been what it what is it like being a professor awesome being someone who's studying this stuff and then seeing all these weird tray it's in all these weird personality aspects
themselves in these times of crisis like seeing these these situations your time at people yes well that's an interesting i have become fascinated i didn't start out studying people but the longer i proceed in evolutionary biology the more interested i am in people and let's put it this way sometimes something is surprising but in general if you have the right tools to understand people an evolutionary evolutionary level things make a certain amount of sense they are i have something i say to students frequently which if a situation is confusing with people very often it makes more sense if you turn the sound all the way down so you can't hear what they're actually saying because very often what's being enacted between people
isn't really about the content of what they're saying it's about something else and so let's take for example my first project when i was an undergraduate i was studying with a very famous evolutionary biologist named bob rivers and i wrote a paper for for his class and it was about the the holocaust it was about the really i was testing the question at the time it was relatively common place to hear that
hitler was insane and something about that didn't ring true to me and i wanted to know evolutionarily speaking was he insane and in studying that question it became very clear that insane was the wrong description that he was a monster but he was a rational monster from the point of view of advancing german jeans and that was a very troubling discovery to me that in effect what he was doing was it mean it's the worst thing imaginable but from the point of view of jeans that are attempting to spread across the globe and exclude alternative jeans from access to resources it was perfectly reasonable
not only what he did to to jews and homosexuals and trial as witnesses but the military plan the future of germany lies in russia the idea was that this was actually a sophisticated plan that would have advance the cause of spreading german jeans spectacularly had frame please so many million russians not been ready to give their lives to turn the german war machine around so what i'm saying this this has to be dealt with carefully because people hear you say that and they think that you're justifying it but in arm of course it had to do you know whose ancestors were from europe there's there's no part of me that is in any anyway okay with what half
quite the opposite but understanding that even though the darwinism that hitler was deploying was deformed and not not accurate indefensible in a logical sense the plan he was advancing was german jeans attempting to take over a larger frac june of the the resources the planet earth has to offer than they had available to them at that point in the thirties so anyway what i'm trying to say is that the
something that we we often teach students first when we get him which is called the naturalistic fallacy it means that just because something is true doesn't mean it's good that it ought to be true and so discovering the nature of something like the holocaust is very important in the sense that it allows you to grapple with it logically but as your grappling with it logically people want to imagine that you're saying it was okay and that's the opposite there are many things that are true for evolutionary reasons that are completely unacceptable understanding what those things are gives you a pretty good shot at preventing them from from unfold it is also really is a problem with something becomes taboo to even consider hard to to look at like you you would you can't look at the idea that he wasn't insane and that he was in fact rational in rationalizing his horrific acts and that there was some sort of a plan to it all and
i would say that even by enacting that planned you would be insane in terms of how it you think of the world and i think of the world like if we found out that jamie over here was thinking about art a master race and killing everybody off food co james caan saying i mean that's like the to say no is not insane he has a rational plan map again immediately people would want justify any horrific could say about you just to be clear that he's is not doing okay james good fair enough like sports political reason do now but but having taboo subjects are having things you cannot consider even if you clearly not a racist person even you're clearly not a person without advocates genocide that the idea that intellectual discussions cannot be pursued about specific topics well the first thing if you're going to
go into evolutionary biology especially if you're going to get anywhere near human beings you have to really put aside the idea of taboo in international space you have to be able to consider everything because i'm so much of the story is you know it goes from bizarre to horrifying you know there's all great beauty one of the important things to remember is that the evolutionary the adaptive process the adaptive evolutionary process gave us not only our worst characteristics our tendency to to war and genocide into oppression but he gave us our best characteristics to our capacity to love to empathize to be compassionate to sacrifice for others so all of those things our evolutionary products and you know the the message i try to convey to people when i talk about this is that we have to pick and choose which of
the evolutionary pride and products we want to honor and preserve and which of them we wish to bar from the landscape this is really what civilization is about civilization is about taking the whole spectrum of things that were capable of and providing a landscape for the ones that are honorable and good and making the ones that aren't honorable and good so expensive that nobody would consider engaging in them now when you're in the middle of this crazy scenario that you find yourself in and what you know what you know about evolutionary biology in about the mechanisms behind human behavior and
how do you how do you get back to work well i'm lucky in that the freedom that evergreen offers me to teach what i want how i want you can teach outside of the school mean you'd be surprised my contract doesn't even mention biology i can teach what i want so you could teach like football scores i could teach dance i mean like really i mean i'm not a good dancer so i can't but but i could teach pottery doesn't matter i'm what so what that means for my perspective is that i'm able to take the stuff i'm intellectually interested in and i'm able to make it my teaching life as well and that has worked beautifully i've really had a great time bringing students in on what i think is the cutting edge of evolutionary theory
many of them have rallied so you know it it's a lot like having graduate students who are deeply interested in the same material and are able to play ball because you know they they take on the two tool kit they learn to use it and so anyway my intellectual life is quite rich and it it involves undergraduate students which is a pretty unusual pretty unusual thing but it does work pretty well how do you get back to work at your school though is that what you're asking yeah i mean how does that even happen arts a tough quest and so you're confronted with the very real possibility that your days at evergreen might be over well there's a practical question i don't think they can fire me because i haven't done anything wrong so that means i can go back to work in the fall and i don't have another plan
i'm on the other hand you're saying in the fall your your school how much longer does this semester have well my and in june or july i unfortunately have a conference that i have to i mean it's not unfortunately i have it but i have a conference that unfortunately interfaces with the end of the quarter such that i had to wrap my program up early and i met with my program for the last time yesterday after the campus had close we met in park again meeting in the park well we weren't safe to be on campus so we started doing that as an alternative how many students i i'm supposed to have twenty five i have thirty two so who are the extra ones people who beg to get into the program and i couldn't turn him away ah you're sweet so now you meet in the park are you worried that someone's going to find out where your meeting and you won't be saved there
you know i mean i don't go anywhere without thinking about it so yes i'm concerned so it's really gotten that that crazy in in your mind that you you have to worry if you're going to the supermarket or you have to worry if you're i never know what i'm going to encounter and you know i'm not a big worry or on that front i'm more or less feel like if i encounter somebody they're probably going to be upset and especially if there are a large number of them actually i could probably talk to him and get somewhere on the other hand given what people think is true about me an what they think the rules are with respect to what they're there for entitled to do i don't know i really don't know what could happen wow well what can be done or what should be done about some of the i don't want to use the term cray
easy but some of the more rambunctious students that are apart this i mean there it doesn't seem like they're going to just change their behavior and go back to just being a normal inquisitive young person trying to figure out the world it's like there's so embroiled in this ideology it seems and they've given them so much ground it's like how do you stop this and we when you've held the fucking president hostage and told we can't go to the bathroom without representatives of your militant group watching mp where does it go from there well i should say what i said i don't know five hundred and ten minutes ago probably sounded a little utopian i'm not a utopian i'm quite i think utopia might be the worst idea humans ever had so what i'm saying should be a worst or cost
well i mean the holocaust was utopian i guess it was right that was the idea so so yes that i think that but most people think of you open is like some moment in time but we all sort of like oh what are we doing let's work together let's all be nice right well people i mean you know you tell them yeah hoping ideas of utopia yes that well they very impractical ideas they think they a they think they know enough about the way things work to describe a good state for things to reach and they tend to focus on one thing that they want to make better and ignore all of the harms that will come if they engage in it anyway i'm not i'm not a utopian and what about to say about what could happen at evergreen is not utopian in nature but i do think evergreen was as
described earlier is really the tip of something what happened at evergreen is so extreme and the way it looks to the world is so preposterous that i do think i do hope that the academy is hitting bottom that in seeing this little preview of where these things go if they are allowed to to have all of their own accord that people will wake up and they will realize actually as hard as it is to challenge the stuff we have to do it because if we don't this is what happens now that said on our campus if if we get rid of a few bad actors starting with the president and we recognize that we have ended up in some new landscape where up is down it is also possible that we could find we could find a new comp kind of common ground
so do you think you could find a new common ground with these students that are screaming in the streets hey hey hey ho ho these races teachers have got to go i know this is going to sound crazy and some people are not going to understand why when you know my family and students have been threatened i would i would even talk like to be honest i understand why they would say that but but the difference is can you talk to him in a small group of people where they could be reached because indeed many of them are reachable or do you have to talk to the entire mob in which case yes it's absolutely impossible isn't it also a problem in that when people dig their heels into the sand and they decide that this is how things are and then even when confronted with the disability they may have been incorrect or wrong or acted irrationally it's very difficult for people to admit that and reconcile and step back and maybe just self assess
somebody has to blaze the trail in other words i find myself accidentally in the position of blazing a particular trail of how do you stare down and accusation of racism so someone from that side has to blaze a trail somebody from the realize hey brett is the opposite of racist were being silly here we all have a comma enemy in the common enemy is real racism good and and this is why i said recognizing that you have been involved in a witch hunt that's the moment at which you know you either level up where you don't when you realize you've been in aged in a witch hunt that's the moment at which you can discover there's something fundamental that's wrong in my program somewhere that allowed that to happen maybe that would be a subject that someone could teach as of course you know like how campus ideology goes amok absolutely how things go mock i mean in fact
it's not exactly that and it was planned long before this protest erupted but i'm scheduled next spring to teach with another professor program on essentially the evolutionary origins of human violence wow so when when you think about everything coming do you have like a vision in your mind about how everything would sort of the dust will settle and this president hopefully will either resign or be forced out and then what do you do these students that you looked at in the and they were screaming at you calling you a racist telling you to resign like how do you deal with that when you go back to school well i mean if they were willing to listen i could deal with it the thing that is i think hard to appreciate from the outside a little bit is that be cause
i know that there's nothing to the accusation and because so many students know that there's nothing to the accusation it doesn't hurt in the same way that it would if i had serious doubts about myself disregard so if they were to come around you know we could make it happen that said that's not the direction things are going as of this morning lee he the internal list of the the faculty and staff was headed in exactly the wrong direction what is the list look what a were they trying to do well they imagine that this entire catastrophe e including the closing of the campus yesterday and today is the result of the i think it was six minutes i spent on tucker carlson yeah you got on fox news you summon the demon i mean those airwaves are immoral yeah yeah so
have they literally said that that you should not have gone on fox news oh that's beyond that their point is this here we go every evergreen state faculty demand punishment of white professor who refused to leave an anti white day oh it's anti white day that's even more interesting wow came out today might have came out since we started the podcast too i'm not sure when this hit was it the college fix dot com that a minute that this is describing what's in the letter at the contents of the letter right here i've been we did it a few times to make a little larger for me we acknowledged all of us have power within the institution oh who have power within these the institution share responsibility for the racist actions of others furthermore is those of us who are white bear particularly large share of that responsibility oh god we've
how we have a great deal of work to do in order to honor and live up to the demands made by the student leaders though students are leaders oh yeah after leaders like how in yale the students that stared down the professor and physically threatened him they where they were actually it would awards where they wasn't one of them given some sort of a acknowledgement of like being a leader will find jane will find that but we acknowledge we have a great deal of work to do in order to honor and live up to the demands made by the student leaders during last week's protests we acknowledge as this of color and others who are under represented and underserved have been voicing their demands to us for some time through the students of color focus groups of twenty fourteen through their participation in anchoring the strategic equity plan
for november in cooper point journal blah blah blah and we have not yet truly listened and acted with knowledge since right to protest in a firm president three which is recent decision not to use the miss god the language of the current student contact what is that current student conduct code to punish the protesters what the language of the current student conduct code hey hello fine now but be i believe what they're talking about is the president said that that students would not be held accountable trapped in my class and then i believe he agreed to their demand for student of thorny over any changes to the conduct codes of the students who are engaged in this i hope this is right i don't want to say something it's untrue but my understanding was that he agreed to that the man we vehement we reject the claim the students have been violent simply because they have been loud and emphatic there is a difference between exercising the right to free
give voice an opinion and inciting violence and that difference has nothing to do with the volume of four so that's not true because were they were upset that he was moving his hands they calling that aggression and now they're saying that on the other hand she children scream i'm calling children now we support demands made by students and honor the positive institutional change they already achieved through their protest that's hilarious most urgent anne's below center on the safety of those individuals who are currently most at risk at the same mean like the professor at the same time we acknowledge that in weeks and months to come our attention will need to turn to the larger structural issues students have identified and how he was students we commit ourselves to participating actively and self critically in the annual mandatory trainings specify i'd in the memorandum of understanding recently signed by the u was us east for that's our union united faculty
and management bargaining teams holding each other accountable when we act the racist ways against our carly or our students okay well then why don't you hold yourself accountable that you acquiesced to a anti white day that's that's racist right but but what's going to happen here is this is going to be intolerable re education by people who frankly i i it pains me to say it but they're the most racist people on campus i mean that's what this is this racism it just happens to be in an unfamiliar direction but it's racism they also are going to be in charge of of sensitivity training here which to me is the height of insanity so scroll up a little bit in solidarity with students we call for the evergreen this way i creation to center student perspectives in a persistent media approach was
we go to can fruits that counter that all right narratives that are demonizing evergreen okay do you have an all right movement at all i agree if i read that correctly i am now in the alt right so you're not writer i guess so are demonising evergreen and day of absence is specifically wow pursue instant media approach was that you going on tucker carlson it's that must be it yeah so you have to break this down like it's code like we're not going to speak in english reading hieroglyphs here persistent media approach persistent yeah am i all right you are now i might be people think i am because it had all right people on is to stop war but then conveniently when i have liberals on i'm a fucking raging liberal god take seriously the threats made to the individual community members all are to an individual community migrant you're about to get to me here views available institutional resources to protect them demonstrate a can
ability by pursuing a disciplinary investigation against bret weinstein according to guidelines in the social contract contact contract rather and call the handbook weinstein has endangered faculty staff and students making them targets of white supremacists backglass by promulgating misinformation in public emails on national television in news outlets and social media that is a very very broad you should sue that's a hell of a bold plan huh you should sue just for that you have endangered faculty staff and students see the problem with that statement is someone just read that now
and and and use that as a quote and just start saying that as if it's fact well let's let's just let's just deal with this for a second get in ways please okay so that that is a very interesting bullet point the fact is i have gone on media media has come to me what i have done is i have pointed to videos of the pro masters themselves put up that because the world to say what the hell is going on in evergreen and this resulted the entire thing has unfolded i've been fighting this a year trying to point out to my colleagues that they were making terrible errors this is all result of reforms put in motion by president bridges so they are now blaming me and i should say i do think there is jeopardy on the campus we had a threat yes today from somebody have no idea how serious it was but i do believe that there is jeopardy to people on our campus what specifically was the threat it was at a threat from
a white supremacist group was a threat from the pro protestor group like it wasn't specific but so what i all i can say is that i got what i was told was a transcript of the call i cannot vouch for it because i don't have access to you know somebody could be probably getting a house i don't know right what it said was that they were coming to campus i think with a magnum and they were gonna kill as many as they could is what they said they do we can play the audio
yeah yes i'm on my way to evergreen university now with a forty four magnum i'm going to execute as many people on i can't because i can get all that you have that what's going on there communists from background i had a murder as many think one i can't this is like a fair just keep your keep your just keep your your eyes open scumbag ok first of all a there guys full of shit bees in amateur 'cause a forty four magnum holds six rounds mostly maybe five might even be five row or is that a desert eagle that guys a bullshit artist forty four magnum you don't specify the round we're going to use nor does that weapon make any sense but but nonetheless the point is his dirty harry he thinks so
right but you know i i i don't want to belittle people jeopardy i have to say you might have been crazy and that he might have actually been really wanting to do that he could have done right and it could happen and i'd buy i think the jeopardy to blonde campus is real and i live right adjacent to campus and i must tell you i brought my family with me because i don't feel that they are safe there at the moment the question is how is it that we have reached the point of deciding that this jeopardy is from me well that's horrific what they've done is so irresponsible in releasing that and making a public it's so irresponsible and and so so so silly that they don't the lies that other people are going to see through that so clearly well many scene information and like what misinformation what specifically they should be very specific when they accused
of misinformation they should be very specific if there going so far as to say that you are and somehow or another summoning the all right and get a bit bit big make bing misinformation public on mass media what is that misinformation well i know because i've been watching the email traffic right so their claim is that white people were not asked to leave campus that there were only two hundred spaces in the venue off campus and therefore this was just supposed to be for a small subset of people which is nonsense there were only two hundred spaces if
wanted to go to the particular seminars that they were holding for example the one about why asians were part of the problem until they had a seminar on asians being a problem or a presentation of some kind that is really racist i believe so but in any case they are conflating the two hundred spaces off campus with what was actually expected of us and it was quite clear in fact one of my they staff colleagues put out an email boy time is gone into some weird thing but i think it was last night in which he detailed the several emails that we had seen in which the school did ask white people to leave for that day so they are promoting falsehoods themselves designed to obscure what's going on i think because they finally understood that the world doesn't get what they were doing well do they not understand that this is a trail that's going to be released like that this is actual data and that this data they accused you of misinformation and then you have all of this data and then you could just
like release it to everybody like hey this is the actual emails clearly is six what you're saying it makes you a liar right several people in fact many people have now started to refer to what's going on in the staff faculty zone here as a cult and i think you know on the one hand that could be tongue in cheek on the other hand the mechanisms at work that have people doubling down on absurdities rather than trying to get on the right side of history as quickly as possible it is very cult like and again that you know the you asked me what would have to happen for us to to write this
ship the second one is that my faculty colleagues have to wake up to the fact that their belief structure is become bizarre an unrecognizable from any normal position and very dangerous from the perspective of an educator if this is what uneducated person who has gone through the entire system and now has a job in educating young people if this how you view the world and this is how you view facts and this is how you distort them and then disseminate them too the rest of these like minded folks and it's very bizarre echo chamber that's being rejected so it's almost universally outside height of the college i mean it not just fox news it's rejecting it's the washington post is the new york times that people are freaking out about you situation an recognized very clearly and very rightly that you are absolutely not a racist and this is
this is kind of a lot of what i've said to jordan peterson when i had him on like they fucked with the wrong person again they fuck with the wrong person and this is one of the most horrific things about what i find so troubling about what i think of as i used to think of myself as a progressive but i would i have a problem with all of this is that the left is attacking itself now it's like it's there's no one who's progressive enough no one every single thing you do is a micro aggression every single thing you do is based on white privilege and therefore you're racist and and less you somehow or other give up all your money and give up all your jobs and there people who are asking to do that too by the way because people were asking people to give their money and put them in black banks give him to black people i mean we're going crazy this
this is literally it's not an individual psychosis but it's a collective psychosis that were watching and i believe that in literal terms we're watching a kind of group insanity is this a problem with language is in some ways is this problem with in influence and charisma and people's ability to sort of change the way others view the world with dramatic interpretations of events and things emails where this is not a one on one debate is a real problem with blogs in emails and i've i've talked about this several times but it it's it's worth repeating there's a real no problem when someone writes something like that specifically about another person like you and just writes it but you're not there to respond so they can write so much stuff that's not true hey they can it all down and then is there and then some as to refute it but it's still there so you don't get to refute the actual document you
write your own and then someone has to go and read that at a different location it's a real weird way to distribute information and it's contrary to the way human beings rationally discuss and debate ideas well i would say there are many rules that written into the way we interact now that make it possible for this to happen so there was an instance where a faculty member accused those that were challenging any of these equity proposals as being part of a racist backlash and she was clearly talking about me because i'm the most the most prominent person objects as faculty member a white person and now anyway she says in a faculty meeting that now this is a racist backlash and i said to her in front of this faculty meeting i said somebody might
want to check on the question of whether or not i'm actually a racist because if you do check on it you will discover i'm not and if you don't this is going to blow up on you and the chair of the faculty told me that the faculty meeting was not the place to defend myself against accu asians of racism i said to her that's fine where is on not the place to live lately yeah lorraine to level the activations but i said where is the place then the faculty member who had made the accusation said you should not expect there to be a venue in which to defend yourself you should just get used to these accusations in a separate case i was told who said that a white car bonuses same fact remember who made the accusation wait a minute the person said that you should just accept these untrue accusations yes yeah i mean your reaction that this is not a place for you to defend yourself against racist accusations this
a place for you to just eat shit right you just have to accept is that use on a separate occasion we were also told that that to question an allegation of racism is racist now so convenient yeah try right around that one too question an accusation of racism is a right we have an obligation to believe what i know i know need a minute how that's crazy that is like that is such stupid back ask words thinking it you know it's it's what the cult mentality sounds like in side it doesn't understand that when you say that to an outsider you know it simply doesn't have or it's creating a structure that makes it impossible to defend yourself because these accusations are so preposterous that they realize that they have to have some sort of a bizarro world structure absolutely oh my god
so what is this person teach they teach media so they tell how ironic right they teach media they are currently running a program where she's teaching students to make documentaries and that program one of the students in the program filed a public records request since we are a public college you can request the emails of faculty and staff if you want them and so she had a student file a public records request for my email to make a documentary in her program so you got one faculty member searching another faculties members email through a student looking for evidence of i don't know what but evidence of racism well presumably god yes what little half of a sentence is she's going
cut out a contest with a few dot dot exact words i mean in fact if you can separate my letters from each other and reorganize them i could have set all kinds of them well i think you should have a student ask for the emails that came for her i but they'd be wonderful they could be very interesting i'd bet the wonderful she's telling you that you shouldn't have a venue to defend yourself and you should just accept the fact that you're going to be called the rate that the idea that she can call you a racist in a meeting but you fending yourself against racism is not it's it it's not the place for that is not the place for and in fact this whole exchange took place with the president of the college the provost sitting there and what is silently silently didn't say a word remove his hands and really good question i don't for him moving and i do remember him not releasing an email after that meeting saying that in fact accusations of racism without evidence will not be taller
yeah that's a pretty god damn important it's really from and you just can't just there's there certain hot topics that you just got to leave alone when someone levels an accusation this is the this is the current progressive mindset the current like she gone awry mindset yeah it's fucking crazy we're even we're all human that's it i don't give a shit where you're from i don't care if you're from your ancestors are from one part of the planet or right next door it does not matter it's who you are and as soon as try to gain some sort of a leverage position because of the fact that you think that you have some more oppression in your family ancestral history were way off track were way off track the track should be a already today that should be where we are on this and as soon as woman says you're racist but you can't defend yourself well we know
quality anymore man you're trying to have anti equality in order to bring equality to people that i've been treated unethically is that what it is absolutely right it's structural inequity which is the irony of the whole thing is that people who were wrapped in the flag of equity i challenged them because i believe in actual equity and i was accused of being a racist for doing it also sounds like intellectual poverty too it's like the actual structure of the thoughts that they're presenting so poorly worded so it's a bit so poorly thought out and you're not allowed to defend against it well that's that's what i was saying about the difference in assumptions and beliefs between the post modern disciplines and dare i say the actual disciplines in the post modern disciplines the illogic of those arguments doesn't matter because logic isn't a thing it's a tool of oppression
the what's cute way to just throw a monkey wrench into the gears compliance that's exactly what it is and what do they want to cheat out of this they just want to chi vol black professors and all white people on their knees as slaves and what is it was the ultimate goal you know just people run around fetching power adapters yeah i mean i have to again i want to be really careful most most people of color most black people hold no truck with this right they don't want the but a tiny number who do want this or maybe i think they wanted until they see what it looks like writing the narrative and that can't be they were going undo they're going to undo the civil rights movement and that can't be allowed well not only that the real problem with any of this really crazy shit is that it gives fuel to actual racists and then it makes
actual racist think that these people that are in volved in these protests as misguided as they are it makes them think that sleep look he told you that these people are bad see look we told do that there's a reason why they are inferior and it just as soon as you as soon as you open the door to that like you have real problems yeah this play is right into the cartoonish fantasies of the absurd left that the right believes in which is a tragedy it is tragedy but i will say there's a there's a positive outgrowth of this i think which is if if i look in my various in boxes at the stuff that's coming in from people that i've never heard of before this wake up call is uniting people across every known fault line so i'm getting letters from
religious people from very conservative people from very progressive people every known fault line is cut by this and people are they are galvanized by sia sing something that doesn't fit any narrative they've seen before that is to they staring down an accusation like this is not common watching it stared down and the world not fall apart is
is encourage ing and then you know you mentioned it yourself to have the wall street journal and the new york times on the same page about this that's pretty interesting so i do hope that what emerges from this is that all of the coalitions that exists will look at themselves and will recognize that they have you know maybe not every coalition has a noble part but all of the ones that have a noble part will understand that it's paired with something that isn't noble an i'm hoping that people who find themselves ill served by the narative will join together and that basically you know a coalition of the reasonable might emerge well that's a beautiful hope and i share that hope with you i mean i really hope that what's happening is that in these insulated environments of these universities and colleges where things just get crazy that when word
leaks out that they get crazy it's very much like cults when you hear about don't tell you i came payment don't drink the fucking cool something's going on down there but these group mindsets that people fall into you know often times when you're in you're in the hive and you're in the middle of it it can all be very very confusing my hope is that as more p people find out about the preposterous but hey that's going on in these universities and colleges and how people are mean these are young people that don't have a fully formed frontal cortex there are about to enter into the world and there they are doing this with this ridiculous momentum of these silly ideas and there's people that wanted force that more and more and that these people some of them are actually professors at the very college this is going on i mean that to maine is one of the weirder aspects of it and one of the things that scares people a lot is the idea that these people
or going to live in these insulated environments and then they're going to go and get their graduate degree and then they're going to start teaching go right back with the same ideas in this insulated environment and never really go out into the world where the market play of ideas is roundly rejected a lot of these notions that they're trying to pass off through logic and debate an actual discourse not through shut and people down because of the color of their skin or lack or you know excess amount of melanin i mean that's not this is not how human beings should be behaving in two thousand and seventeen it's just not so when you see it so and so prominent and so so common what is in utah verses in colleges this uh
people on the outside looking back looking in at this rather are are baffled and for the first time enraged uhhuh well i think what you just described is exactly how this happened the fact that the the critical race theorists in the post modernists are you know third generation mine now and so this has matured into a movement that wishes to reformulate the world according to what it thinks it understands but it's so confused about the nature of reality that that it's just it's hard to even describe how preposterous it looks as it tries to emerge because they go from being at the university to eventual teaching at that same university be the same one or a yeah they come they come to maturity inside a field where these things sound reasonable and then they go on to teach them to students and so the
ten city and absurdity grows with each of those generations and i think had they been is to the real world in the context of having to make sense in order to make a living which you know i'm not a big fan of capitalism but nonetheless just even having to interface with the world and make enough sense to get by would in four it's a kind of mental discipline that is not evident here yeah mental discipline is a good way to describe it too i mean it just it seems like like the idea that not only should there not be eleven level playing field but you should force a playing field that's not level permanently not well yeah it's it's crazy and obviously the world agrees or a good percentage of it is not even i mean i'm sure there's some bias in who writes in who doesn't
but i would actually imagine there'd be some pressure if you were really angry with me out in the world to write to me an i don't know i must have one thousand highly supportive emails all kinds of emails from amazing interesting people all over the world now and a few angry emails and i think hello if it's three or four angry emails and two of them come from inside the the college yeah i'm sure that some of them must be some of the professors that realize that this is a sinking ship that's on fire like you you can't keep doing it like this is not going to end well you can't double down that's what they keep doing well they keep double down what what happens now like what what do you just wait for the dust to settle do you i don't know i'm but this is never happened before so this is a very unique moment in your life completely
how old are you i'm forty eight so your whole life well essentially we should be careful there they've actually been a number nothing like this has ever happened this is the intensity of this the national nature of it is all completely unprecedented and it's pushing both me and my wife to our absolute limit of what we can do to stephen fielding all of the stuff that is coming across our desks and all that said there is a a precedent when i was in a freshman and in college and i've you know i've i've had battles inside of my field and so what what i would say
is that when when one has deep principles and one acts based on those principles irrespective of the i guess what would be called optics you find yourself the one against the many repeatedly just by virtue of the way the world works and so this is without precedent in terms of the magnitude of it but it's not the first time that i've found that just simply proceeding from principles that i'm pretty sure are right based on careful work has resulted in something boiling over in some amazing fashion have you expn lord the possibility of teaching outside of a university or college structure have you explored the pos ability of using new media where there it's on video audio text and in terms of
publishing things and maybe having a patron on page or something along those lines well i would love to do it actually because at the moment you know that the college has been a great place to do this because of the the unusual teaching model but it's becoming less fun i mean even if i was not the center of this fire storm the the rules that are being in did you did in the you know diversity sensitivity training that's coming and all of that what is that when they make you do by they haven't done it yet need to learn how to not be racist right so they have to assume that you have these issues in the first place right so they first of all why with never hire you if they thought that you were discriminate tori and then secondly what is going to be done has it ever been proven ever that you can change people through will compulsive tori or compulsory rematch mapping of their brain and anti racist some sort what is it like it's
two day seminar thing like something like that well the thing is none of this makes any sense because let's say this let's say that all white people pick up racism from their environment development i can't help it so we know you're a racist okay well if we know you're a racist then what's the remedy he is going to be some sort of since tv training well but if sensitivity he works then how do you know i haven't already had experiences that have done this for me how do you know right right so there's that the whole thing is a logical and frankly i think it's punitive i think i think the real purpose is we would like to lecture you yeah so like that in
to be a question about have i considered working outside the college system i've considered it the real question is how to operationalize it so that i don't strand my family because evergreen provides a very high quality of life we live well in a you know a beautiful setting but doesn't pay well so we have an accumulated the resources where i can just cut the umbilical cord and take the stuff to a different audience so i would love to find a different way to do it i was in no way to do it in the meanwhile like you you don't i have to leave one to do the other well that's certainly true and i wouldn't i wouldn't be averse to starting something like that while teaching at evergreen i really hope you do because i've you have some really interesting ideas and you're very smart guy and obviously your heart your mind is in the right place and it seems like before all this boiled over this new president things
going the way you would enjoy them going this individualized attention the the freedom to teach anything you want made it sounds wonderful in the hands of the right person you seem to be the right person is beautiful now i just like the whole idea of going to a place in learning i mean it's it sounds like a great idea back when that was how it had to be done but it doesn't take into account the wonderful internet that we all have i mean the the only that you have now with this platform with the amount of attention that's on you right now to launch something is real you're never going to have anything like this ever again in your life hopefully yeah from your mouth to god's here you know yeah okay well i'll take that as a piece of advice this is the moment to launch such a thing listen to it i'll help you i'll i'll promoted up all tweeted i'll i'll put it on instagram all put on facebook a let people know thank you yeah it's just that i think that's the future of the future is people educating anybody i
anybody who wants it whether you are you know here or there or do you don't have to be in a specific location and and i think that maybe there's a lot of this can be overcome if we don't have these these groups of people that like live in these echo chambers and constantly circulating the same groups that reinforce these opinions and and and experience all this confirmation bias that makes them believe this is this is all correct in that though the rest of the world is just misinformed and don't understand but clearly by that email that's it's big problem is the staff itself yeah i don't to say the staff it's whoever the administration and and some faculty they're crazy they're crazy calling you all riders saying this is all right in that you're racist and miss information means that is
that's slander i mean it really is yeah well it's slander it's is also anything it's just worth pointing out kind of funny yeah i'm they should have something to back those claims up those are just empty claims that they're beyond empty claims i mean you know i'm a i'm a bernie sanders voter if i'm all right where are they yeah talk across and try to say you were hillary supporter usually i don't know no no no no no no no i was going to do to say about me man it just have you thought about contacting an attorney i am now offers and people are contacting me saying i should you should as long as they keep that guys is you should definitely contact an attorney and is there gonna put it like that on the internet because for every person like me who reads it goes this is nonsense there's going to be a pos
ability someone reading it and go oh that brett weinstein guys are racist or that brett weinstein guys he uses misinformation and in in the media and he's actively sought out this attention and he's doing this today image the relationship of the schools he's doing this out of spite because called out for being a racist we have this professor who says he's a racist and she said it to his face and he didn't defend himself mean all that kind of shit that's how boils over no i mean it's clearly it's clearly justified and they won't listen to anything else i've tried everything else so maybe that's just simply the answer i've really hope you do something alternative i really do because i think if someone like you who has this unprecedented platform are you you have been launched into the public eye because so many people are outraged about this i know you were my my friend dave rubin show and you know i'm sure is going to be a thousand other request after people here this as well people people don't want this
to be the case anymore and they want to do whatever they can to stop that and they also want to support people that are brilliant like yourself that have wonderful ideas that we would like our kids to learn if they do go to college somewhere would like people to be educated in you these unique facets of the world and and they have a platform where you could teach evolutionary biology in and out in hindered unshackled by this talking nonsense that you're dealing with are yeah great idea and you know i don't know it may be that the university system is so encrusted with the stuff at this point that it it can't be freed that's what jordan peterson thinks i talked to quite a few other professors of think that as well mom dad believes it as well please like there's just a certain amount of time left in the system where it's just it's so caked up then maybe the only way to deal with this to ban that
then and then then we would have to reformulated yeah which would be you know unlike civilization the university system could be reformulated we could start with a fresh the paper is probably very dangerous to not have a university system not have it right have to said it's the way we figure out what's true right and there's gotta be a way to save it while cutting out all these cancers aspects of it or started afresh you know we could leave the carcass to the post and build something it works outside where we don't have to let him in and then they'll be a whole group of people just talk about what a piece of shit you are those locked in some classroom somewhere demonstrating all the different terrible things you've done bring horrible things upon the college just boy it's a such a strange world you're in right now it is really it's it's almost more dreamlike than dreams are i sleeping that's a good question
i usually i sleep pretty well this one i mean partly it's just the number of hours trying to field everything means i go to bed late and then you know by the time the sun comes up the question is how much more stuff is accumulated so less than i might i don't um i guess the thing is i'm worried about what's going on i'm worried about the danger to my family that gets in the road of sleep i know that what i'm doing makes sense even if my colleagues don't understand that i am so i'm not getting enough sleep that's for sure but i'm also not ripped apart by doubt it's what i've done nothing wrong so i don't have that blanket of guilt like why did i do that what could i have done differently right you know you're not you're not kathy griffin right now i mean it's
so i just i really hope this works out well for you and i'll be paying attention every step of the way and if my offer is real if you need some help if you decided to put something together and you need some promoting it i'd be more than happy to and i'm sure there's been a lot of people listening to this would love to hear your ideas on things great well thank you so much thanks thanks for coming in here alright appreciate yeah me too that's it folks were done for they will see you next week by brett weinstein ladies and gentlemen that's a brave man this guy who took a chance and a guy i think who has a real point and i wish him well and i'm going to from every chance i can thank you everybody for tune into this podcast thank you to caveman coffee for keeping my brain pumping while trying to keep up with his ideas brett's ideas go to coffee c dot com use the code word rogan and you can save ten percent thank you policy genius life insurance
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and next week i'm really excited because we have my pal arisha fear returned from abroad with many a tale of adventure wheeler walker motherfucking junior is going to be here holla at your boy steve rinella will be here oh my goodness it sounds like another epic we so that'll be next week so until then be nice to each other hopefully you have the urge to do that anyway i hope you're happy and i hope you're healthy and i appreciate the fuck other people so until next time bye bye much love
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