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#979 - Sargon of Akkad

2017-06-26 | 🔗
Sargon of Akkad is an "Anti-Identitarian liberal YouTuber" (https://www.youtube.com/user/SargonofAkkad100).
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hey everybody the fucks going on i should probably put my headphones on i'm freaking myself out i can't hear myself um thanks everybody came to minneapolis and indianapolis the first weekend of the big fat tour it was awesome so we got him at the i see i see the ice house in pasadena but it sold out and then next weekend on friday night i'm at the car theater at the g m and then the next we began is sold out in utah and the next dates are job or sacramento seattle and san diego all three of those i add second shows of think the first shows are sold out but there's some tickets available for the second show rogue in dot net slash tour and it looks like when i'm gonna try to do is do another netflix special at the end of this that or goes on into december and then i'm thinking when that's done i'll know it
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then we had a wonderful chat few few things we didn't totally agree on but i really enjoyed talking to him and i hope you enjoy it as well give it up for sargon of a card the joe rogan experience trying my day joe rogan podcast by night all day standoff no i meant to wear it the panel yesterday but i actually i was late and i forgot you what we're talking about here folks is he has a free kekistan shirt and i just learned about this very recently from certain peter yeah he loves it had no idea i didn't know what the deal with the frog was an do you know that you can have the frog now what is it on itunes apple itunes won't let you use the frog is great what the fuck people what is apple doing it's a frog it's o'clock
hillary clinton denounced it so she denounced oh yeah she said something about deplorables what she say about the frog oh it was part of an article on her website they were saying how this cartoon frog is a hate symbol inside you fucking come on this is the best idiot the internet we can make them all while they look ridiculous on their own every it means today is we're saying there were already like doing the bad thing lumping people into these groups have a mythical way but it is a weird thing that they don't understand like whoever gets upset at this does not understand how preposterous it is to freak out about a frog and who the fuck is over at apple first of all what about the poor bastard that made papi the frog for tote lead non kekistan non red pill reasons this poor just had
this cartoon frog that he made feels bad man you know and then all of a sudden that poor guy is to say i'm killing off pepe and then the winters like bitch you not kill him off shit nobody knows who you are but everyone knows who pepe is you can't kill off something like that that's so crazy yeah it's silly to think that he could achieve it isn't everybody's so well that i it's almost like they have to denounce it yeah you know otherwise they'll get lumped in with a supporter like he probably does think these people think he's a porter maybe in a while i don't think they do i think he's like oh you know i don't know what's going on on this on by him when he looked into that too much it is a weird man because like you know people think that being shadowbanned like scott adams had a big post the other day we said the in shadow band yeah it is but he said he talked to jack twitter and jack said there's no shadow banning i talked to jack shots up jack we know this this is so hard jacks full of shit right
now we know that jack's full of shit absolutely why the fuck up like that jack tell me jack why haven't i beenverified probably super busy with the four hundred billion people that are on twitter probably super full of shit so if you tried to times and every time they just denied why i mean what is it don't have enough how many hours you have two hundred thousand there's a bunch of accounts about me my phones need to know who i am on twitter don't you think that's the reason for verification jack isn't interesting because if you were on a television show it would be expected that you would be verified by now with that kind of following that's a following and your two nine thirty thousand on you tube yeah that's a lot of people seems worth verifying before yeah but it's no it's about just status which is one of the verified milo i mean that's the middle with dick ulous nis 1d verifying she can't do that that
to verify someone and then gave air it's not milo anymore is it jack you're lost the gun right yeah you're a fucking lie you know it's a badger status you know you're doing it to create some sort of privileged class on twitch i mean they even get look at a different function don't they yeah well you can only see some other verified how every account on twitter should be verified yeah that is something you do right you're allowed to only see accounts that are verified yeah it's a privilege and he took it away from my life to punish him for being a day incident and he won't verify me to punish me for being a dissident and he knows it this is a strange your fucking balls deep in this do it you feel it you're like very emotionally invested i guess that's 'cause i've never i've never had to play the game i'm i'm where i am now entirely on my own merits i've never i've never had any industry connections i've never been i've never been to america before i've not but in any of these people they only who i am and they will afraid of me because because if i can do it anyone can do it but why do you
it's fear because every train them well you definitely don't no one needs anybody anymore exactly but that's a good thing but you can't create a system of privilege without interdependent connections there is no system of privilege if you don't have to rely on other people to maintain a privileged class if you don't have to maintain a purpose close and you come you don't have to rely on other people then that's a goes away let's break this down for people who don't know what the fuck were talking about okay your medical you carl that's your actual name right was a call he did naming his dunks and may i have docsis because you've already been talk we're discussing this now your youtube account you have great videos really great commentary very smart guy and how did you get involved mean are you won't like what is this you and all right guy no you're not right yeah they don't they don't write
is an identitarian movement for white people that have heavily nationalist protectionist anti interventionist they don't like laissez faire free market capitalist i'm a liberal i'm on like an english liberal and then i won't vessel rights laws if i capitalism i don't mind i mean socialized health can and will well first thing i'm happy with as long as it's universal's intends to plant some isn't anyone could access if i needed to just universal it's true i don't i don't see the account see a reason to discriminate against someone when it comes to dealing with well whose book like defining all right is it been clearly define and now because it's so new it's actually relatively well defined now because the alright have asserted themselves i said look no where for white people where program who sang that which which guys like you ramsey pole
but as soon as this is spencer but as soon as someone like that says they're all right than everybody else just assumes that day or the the what allows them to define it because i think probably a lot of people consider the cells all right where they right wing but they weren't race this they weren't all rights premises they just didn't like this old man right that was in there four i think the consoles the ultra lights i don't know at night i don't know with us at the time of disparagement on all but i can you write or something like that the things i don't want any circles so actually i actually don't really know very much about those guys at the paul joseph watson center which is right i don't find the particular offensive i just find them to be like a modern form consent i think paul joseph watson is a very reasonable guy very articulate seems pretty smart he does the opposite of what the media does but the any it's it that's not that's not a criticism
but points exactly that we think i think its name this very thing to exist you know he's like 'cause they both create narratives and is not that these narratives aren't true it's just that sometimes these narratives sometimes leave things out but not always this isn't like a combination of either side by saying this this is just what they do and that's okay you know everyone's entitled to create their own sort i'm going to use the web propaganda but again i'm not using it in derogatory sense right i mean you like look i want to make this point i want to make your point you know because you're making your point i'm going to make my point and these two points were both stand in existence and we'll both be true at the same time and so it's ok for paul joseph watson to exist you know it's fine i don't have a problem with them i don't i don't really have any criticisms of to be honest otherwise enough of them you know i i mean i wouldn't do what he's doing but what are you doing the you wouldn't do it goes the harder than i would and he
i don't think he is as objective as i would prefer a new source i prefer someone more like philly day is an interesting thing the office diversity is this is a real real problem when it comes to left versus right these groups like the you get lumped into these categories and then you start defending your turf yeah and that seems a huge issue today yet everybody sir dig their heels in the sand and the size this is who i am and those other p and and start using day in them which is why i try to avoid that the bad guys yeah yeah they and they what they want what the left wants yeah is is is winning tough answer because i'm that i've actually done like channel about you pulled my subscribers and stuff and the like is it a year ago but my concern has already changed hannah and i got like tens of thousands of responses is really good sample size a most of most of my subscribers center left liberals who lost in and then i did terms that it won't sit there in a note i mean i was at the con and
they had so many panels of the like let me talk about me being a latina annex then he took me being a latini and is on a last teaneck along today no binary lose tina come in normal joking i'm not i'm not making this up in home joking i wouldn't i would make everything up and i won't lie to you right i'm absolutely serious so for the thing is what really annoys me that identity politics right let me tell you about my dentist look dude that's not my fucking business i don't care about your fucking identity do not tell me how you identify is not my problem it's not my business is not political and if you wanna make it plus going to shut up and fuck off container hey joe let me tell you let me tell you why why aren't you of course let me tell you my white identity like this yeah i see tolentino pay versus latin x versus latin e which word best solved spanish gender problem really addressing the hard hitting issues here jesus rachel richard record right can i see your name on it right a record breaker right dhea what
word this spanish is gender what gender problem exactly exactly they've made up of all it is is talk about themselves they're not quite real problems is this what happens when you have too many vaccines i uh guess what happens when you have too much money we were just too it's too easy to get by this is too much food lenza thinking hey people give a shit what i care what i think of my own genitals not really you know yeah unless you're sticking him in my face i really don't give a fuck yeah exactly but then that's an interesting thing that's not like her political problem no it's not a political prop well i mean what put the politics of human interaction i guess yeah it's a little bit nothing that noise in most is when they say let me tell you about my blackness and i want the haunting me by blackness and they're is a black person that even start stereotyping yourself you're going tell even give me a stereotype of black people and then you this is somehow representative nothing to you but other people then you'll val
they richard spencer when he said hey consul to buy my whiteness what's your even say no not allowed to do that exactly why not what's wonderful why not you told me about your blackness i'll talk about my whiteness and all of a sudden we're going to both realize you know we're just talking ourselves which took him ourselves why don't we talk about something real did you see that uhm woman the delaware professor who was talking about that kid that got killed in north korea the kid who stole the propaganda i know that the kid i'm seeing the professor talking all man it's full she just got fired today whole reluctantly yeah this is it which is nice it's a good sign but what she had said is essentially he had it coming and that she tired of reaching blameless rich clueless white people who come to her class and then she just goes on these the series of straw man's of not but to do a coke and have no problem raping a girl at a frat party whoa yeah we were the come from this guy just get beaten to death in korea should the raids kills
he can rape anybody because it is yeah i haven't i see did coke like t analytical fun well she's apparently you know there is a racist she's ready systems right people i mean you can be that and that's in the area that's one of the wonderful things about the social just warrior movement is that they've made it so it's impossible to be race racist towards white people they believe yeah this is a relief yeah that if you are a white person your personal privilege and racism is something that a person of privilege does to a person in a compromise group so you need to know is really funny about it is they they by saying it's powerplus prejudice they make it they say rice institutional as i can but
that means you're taking away the word for interpersonal personal racism so if like an asian guy goes up to black guy and says hey what the kombi racism because he doesn't have institutional power there is no word for racism between individuals now you've read to find it to be institutional so what is the word for interpersonal yes i thought chris rock bit about for every black dude thinks he's tough it's a native american went to kick his ass amore marginalized group it's just it is one of those things which like people are seeking prob and there's there also seeking to clearly identify themselves as and from a more compromised group politics victim yeah exactly i'm the victim here give me some special treatment decided i don't want to be a victim you feel about trans racialism i think there's no logical argument can identify as an eskimo as far as i can send you can there was a big our in academia recently because someone published a paper come in the name of the person published by saying look we'll see arguing against this if you
identifies another gender why can't you identify another race same logic is applied to a different not necessarily because the argument of you identify with another gender could be based and some sort of hormonal issue or some neurotransmitter misfire there could be some something that could be physically there could be if if their arguments were whingeing on the idea that that mattered but it's not they say well you can identify anything you want this is all a social construct so you can do what yeah that's where it gets slippery right where it gets really slippery's that sex and gender or social constructs like little clearly that's not ruling it actually it is true they are social constructs but the thing is they're not sexism social construct isn't a lot of mileage to six is based on u crimson's right your gender is a group of constructed behaviors around but is constructed for good reason men of god in a clinical superior national dances and things like string
and speed of women and women need protection when they'll say pregnant you know when the looking up the kids they need society to look after them because they have something that needs protecting right and so we've got a hole in each society the reason you can tell these are actually social constructs is because i was assigned different i mean in saudi arabia the men walk in front of women behind and they keep their heads down again and then shut the fuck up that's a social construct nasa gender role right but that's a car cheryl roll this general in this mobile unit for us we don't do but it's not necessarily if it's not like a so like a social construct meaning that this is something that occurs all the time even in primates i mean there's a lot of behavior that males exhibit in nature sloane also is no relation to biology but let's the social construct well it's it's a behavior that we have right it's the it's not like something that's consistent like you know all the almond p through the the dicks is not a social construct right right every every man on earth does this but now
every woman on earth has to walk behind him and sunday ten paces back because she's female right in the west this actually you know the other way you know the man opens door the windows for there's a gen roll but it's not the same so can be changed it is a social construct but that doesn't mean that there isn't a gender role there is always a gender role it's always informed by biology because men and women are fundamentally different and they always will be well that's why people get slippery with you right that's where they want they like in that way they like it that way what is that who is the one feminist there's one really nutty young lady who was saying that even physical strength is just because men are encouraged to do physical fay are you referring to a one and he's is that her that she she's dead the center did she say that so come on i know she's loony but did she go that far there is a a school of feminist thought that thinks this the the the whole
that's a fun one they they usually literally believe that the physical strength differences between men and women are just because of the way society treats women heinous minnesota's laws to do sports and thinking come on that can be real really think that she said it i don't know whether she believes that see if you can find that she is from a video from like two thousand and thirteen or something she seems quite the opportunist well and she on the trust and verify galactic also see what he says in the which is probably one of whom was a reasons jack menace you sent me was was probably one of the reasons jack that i'm not say she certainly was in the so yeah i don't know whether she still but i know that she said he was at least a contact the man with this is a bit of an interesting development with misaki's and if you'd like to hear about it well tell people who she is i don't even know if i need too but most people don't know you live in a very insulated world like stress my mom wow yeah you mama note but people from the frequency for yeah of course you mom went ok
so in is an internet feminist who decided off to me a bunch of videos on the youtube channel like two thousand nine three to like two thousand and ten something twelve she he ended up getting a salute in a favorable reception with the progressive intelligencia very feminist very pro social justice and they like to pass a because some the stock pretty pretty stock in trade and it's and she was she came across as being very spectacle the issues well presented she's attractive she's well spoken she mentioned as a passer and so they they promote they you know they made a big deal out of a she sounds like a total bigots when she's talking about anything they get the also because she'll say willis is meant i mean the the whole premise of feminism is the men are pressing women and of men on oppressing women than feminism has no argument and they also have missile
the thing they say to each other when you have you have the rights to hate to repress his rights to do this as i can but i'm things have a right to hate even if you want this is some of that she said personally know her personally over the she probably has sort of person but this is the the sort of ideological full i mean if you read the papers if you were that if you request that they them thing again right well you tell you that okay they're talking about hard core famine yeah what we are talking about like a specific sphere of academic feminists in her case six negative six network yeah they don't they don't they don't like object application they don't like this is an sex negative yeah they don't like sexy women the male gaze oppressing women croft tomb raider culture yeah that was the that was part of the big issue right it was like second chances of lara croft terrible terrible pression i don't how women can get over it but any sakis in
up it was like you know it's wrong to look at these tits and everyone's like but she's wearing a really tight top for a reason and she's not real yeah but yeah so basically an install keys in comes from a school of sex next feminism and she decided that she would take advantage of now in two thousand and ten there was a video i think was two thousand and ten the video record in black and white of horny university giving a speech where she says i'm not a gamer i had to learn a lot about gaming to get into all this and then come two thousand and twelve i mean that video wasn't released until after she did her tropes versus women in gaming kickstarter twenty twelve may twenty well she's not the case and when i was in that within the first few days she's not posting updates on the i'm being harassed as i will yeah people germany react negatively to phenomenal bigots on the incident they they don't like him people don't like it i mean what when you say men are pressing women and everything she says is a variant of men are pressing with units of the male gaze is highly oppressive to women
toxic masculinity is highly impressed with his okay when when camilla just look at women any to no answer what is what is known toxic masculinity there's no such thing so what you're saying is masculinity and men checking out chicks is just bad and you hate it and the mineral bound to do and then there are pressing they do this well well i said it seems like she's a bit of an opportunist she's got an angle and she realizes that there's a lot of attention that goes towards that angle and she runs with it i mean if i said trying to say all women are a bunch of manipulate manipulative slags who will take your money and run there but you i'm sorry but i got to stop you there because i don't think she's ever said all men i don't think she said that she doesn't she just uses the term i don't think she does i mean i really don't think she says that she has that guy is her head guy writes for america says she found him when i was doing now he is nothing basically the the
this terrible thing but i i wanna listen hussein few things because this is this is something really knows me so when i went to become recently unveiled con yeah what is that you convention in anaheim seller good time it was a really good time for me so it wasn't wasn't for them their their panels look like a bloody death march when they spot to sing in the car then like face it's like oh god and say why they get upset at you yeah just 'cause we sat there listening to what they have to say in fact have you heard about this now dude i'm insulated did this is this the real so crazy so any easy she spots me sitting in the audience and then she starts freaking out freaking out she starts she's not saying things like there's a constant harasser remind call me you know she called me a shit head she called me a garbage human a garbage human i did nothing to do say what i just sent in the audience while she's that cuss sing out on the stage doing this now so she's on the stage with the microphone just calling you a shit head in the garbage human and this was because you have made
videos a better is because of my videos to videos appoints like and she's she's on the impression that all of my videos are about her and i actually on the right over i got people to like counter up for me i've made around thirty videos in about four years referring to and that's a lot no no it sounds it sounds like a lot but that's less than four send the videos i've made i made seven hundred and eighty videos i work hard i'm sure you do but that's still thirty videos i don't care if you've made one hundred million videos you still make thirty videos about her i don't think it's a large number maybe us number twenty two how does anybody work but if that's another interesting point but what's interesting about it is if someone put something out there you know you were going to you'd expect that someone is going to come along especially a guy like you that is very opinionated and if someone has very different opinions in yours your going to have a contrary point of course this definitely not harassing him
but i can't believe we're in a scary situation is asking their fine yeah so how it how you harassing like what it was yes the worst thing you've ever said about her that she's wrong well yeah i mean she's a shoot out you will never find someone who says she's just she's a good critic she's a terrible critic and she always has been she's always been it's always you rightly pointed out to the she cherry picked every time no one stands by work she's become like a symbol of feminism because well the harassment she's received on that is a part of the problem right victim culture very strange you don't get any props and less someone sending you horrible messages and then because a lot of people have been caught doing it to themselves which is really yeah loads like the black lives matter activists in mono so basically she work sucks it's just bad work i nobody in the video game industry with turn and so you know what that's great criticism need to only unlike the progressive press what black lives matter
it was it was ages gotta protest they basically have run around into the university's computer system logged into a fake twitter account on something send them selves bomb threat and the police tracked it down in there like we have the video camera but if you keep doing this video yeah yeah it was actually really funny being sellers so funny with there need to be a victim it well it's it validated him it really does when you don't have an argument you need to be a victim well does she expect well somehow i know that she's going to be able to put these points out and not have anybody dispute these points alone guessing so and she always she was conflates all criticism with harassment she never addressed the critic okay and the first time she dressed the critic it's me and she's calling me names yeah that's our goal has not done very little he has not over yet good luck she said she's this is the i'm responsible for all of the harassment now all of it well at least definitely not hers is not her fault yeah have a good day commercial opinion and someone disputes it that person disputes is responsible for all the harassment yeah well basically
i've always i've always said from right from the get go don't have a contact them don't ever contact them because for a start i mean they don't wanna listen she's not interested in hearing your fucking opinion so that would bother she's got enough the contempt fee but secondly don't send a harassment because eh it's immoral and be she's got the victim card give some money when when you when you send her message saying hey knees everything you're a bitch she goes ching you know and then she runs off to the next interview will actually gets paid i mean some of her speeches university she's been paid twenty grand a speech i am not joking right and it's just unfair to go the internet's being mean to me well maybe if you won't be in a bigger online they wouldn't be maybe if you actually did some solid work and didn't say video games are making everyone sexist which that obviously not this won't be happening to you but the thing that pisses we almost about the accusation tools me of harassment apart from the fact that i've never harasser and if there was any evidence at her ass to it be all over the internet right now
it would be nothing but twix bars you know because they're trying to paint me as a harasser when i'm actually just a critic of hers and i've always been completely against it but what really annoys me is that her kickstarter if you look at it now if you go to you can pull now and you can see trip us and and like you know she's got a spill and then all the terrible messages harassment harassment that wasn't two thousand and twelve i didn't make a video on youtube until july two thousand and thirteen this has been happening to her her holcomb maria is nothing to do with me is to do with her it's because she's a dick and everyone can see it and it was sick your dick like called guy pussy none culinary i can hear your dick anita every move your dick he looked into the camera you know that's her asmant do you want to know something i've spoken to a lot of interesting people recently since i've been here a lot of people who know you personally anita and they say everyone hates you because you're a dick uh this is ken me
did you should have seen the article she put up about me today another one well yeah it's called marissa coleman this stuff is i know you're a dick anita is being it did you find a video of her saying that there's no biological difference between the sexes and that men string will be buried in the middle of the stuff to simulate diatribe i really think that it was her now that i'm thinking about it i've looked at as well so maybe she took it down something so i remember seeing it i wish i'd say so much going to save it someone on the internet will be able to tweet the ass or something but that it's also hilarious because it's so contrary to biology just actual science everything she says is contrary to reality i mean she'll sit there and she will pick out like like the game man in her video she said something like you're insane devised to to kill the woman and then there's put body in a trunk and the foot she's she's using which she didn't take herself obviously didn't credit whoever took it in the foot issues using you see like the guy open kill the go and you see them lose points i don't know
disincentive ization you know that they're not incentivizing in there saying that penalising you for this anita i mean i thought my very first video was to anita as well you know you are very first there was one in july two thousand and thirteen and ice so this is art it off because of her you were inspired well kind of but it was a there was a lot of things that kind of you know in the we're going on the i was like you know i feel the need to say something just but apart from the quality being terrible i'm bill will did at i listen to it the other day and i was just like wow i had no idea what was going on and i was just looking anything i think you're just wrong i think you i don't think you understand like that there is a lot to this the eve usually you've left out i'm sure is a cherry pick but you know unless there's something this dog to holkeri 'cause that's all she's ever done her chris is terrible and everyone knows it nobody likes her because she's a divisive bitch and all she does is play the victim she's got
thing she has nothing else does is let's not talk about her specifically because we're we're kind of peter down here but this is the thing that it's hard to think of anything genuinely good about that we also talk about her i'm what i'm saying is about this these ideas instead of concentrating on her as a person disappointment been debunked a million times all over the internet by everyone and their mother this point i well i want to get to what's interesting to me is a force causes them what causes these people to group up into these weird sort of echo members reiterating things that don't really work or make sense like biological difference between men and women especially when it comes to strength there's and then the the tropes about video games and also like here's the other thing like when that gamer gate thing happened it was really fascinating to me that everyone we wanted to absolutely lump people in one or two categories and the two categories are people with it or appalled to it appalled by it and then think that
sexism is a boring and all this stuff is terrible and then the other people who supposedly if you if you wanted some sexy images and video games you had to be a piece of shit like if you sex negative feminists came out with that run into this weird category where people like hey we don't want you meddling with with art and whether it's a frank visit up singing yeah i mean look if you look at some of frazetta stuff with the the girls the bikinis and warren on familiar i mean hell famous fantasy artist will it we select from a like the eighties on yes whether an oral earlier you to flee painted axes oil barbarian these acts it's a it's a celebration of the human physique of it yeah yeah yeah yeah yes it's all robert roberte how
yeah yeah conan and present a yeah was like the most famous of the yeah i was but it's very cartoonish depictions of women you know working with giant and ryan blood all over the place and it's it's it's finally can yeah it's simply doesn't make you hate women that's with gross i just like looking at bobbio on the cover of men's top novel doesn't mean you hate men yeah right right in fact it seems you're kind of liners and look this is this is the perfect depiction of what the artist wanted see like a man look like in a huge rippling o carrying the maiden or whatever but it becomes this weird thing when it's a man people don't have a problem with it like no one says that it demonizes the male figure and that you know that you have set these uh natural standard so you fucked with the self esteem of all these young men but you absolutely have in the same way you do with women like bob body shaming or you know having ridiculous standards for bodies for females that works with men
two it's the same thing yeah of course that but they don't care because feminists dichotomized the world's women being oppressed amend the oppressors and it's ok take your oppressor the root of all feminist but that's why i want to talk about this in terms of the ideas because i think it's kind of the same thing as the right verses the left and i think it's all like a a symptom of human psychology or the right the right most of the leftist tribalism it is try elizabeth so it's female versus male it's these it is when you look at this blind allegiance towards anyone with a vagina it's very similar to someone who is blind allegiance to is anyone who is in a red state yeah let me know it's true but the people in the red state do they say that the blue states were oppressing them yeah absolutely i'll do that for sure yeah well maybe it is a obama he's a communist he came from kenya he wants to ruin america he wants to kill it from the in i mean that was the big narrative forever is is not them saying he's holding them down well there was he's like the thing that he was holding them down with the economy or the he was holding them down with
obama care and he was ruining with so many different factors so it makes it america hates america doesn't sound exactly the same to me because the the the the feminists are essentially what was called me a marxist and they take the soul of marxist tackles me the economy with the boys was the person the proletariat through them and justice in the wealth and apply it do men being the bourgeoisie and women being the proletaria which is highly ironic given the evidently privilege status in society women hold well that's when it got weird when everybody kept repeating that fucking wage gap thing was one of the most frustrating talking points even obama the god damn president united states on tv reiterating something that he knows is not true that was very frustrating because i just feel like human beings are in find very naturally to form a group to stay tribal and then i think it works with i think that is a part of what whether it's neil marxism that's collect connected to it or what there's something that's happening
and with feminism versus masculine people yeah then the men of the enemy but there's no like masculinist so you have to say masculine there's meninists but that's silly though yeah that's being funny disparity of feminism is what would you have meninism that sounds dumb doesn't it and yeah well then that's how feminism sounds to us what's the most amazing thing it's taking so long for male feminist to die off like that finally like rotting away after a few of them have been outed as being i was going to say that it's not funny i mean thank the baby jesus they got caught because yeah look man there's nothing wrong with being male and just because you're a human with a dick doesn't mean you're a bad person but they think there's something wrong being male well they only do because they want to fuck those girls on any other way to fuck as well i mean that's probably the roots of it but it's ninety percent of bozeman you see male feminists yes they're going to win any fights that's how they're going to do they even need to shave some of 'em do they're going to
they have receding hair lines of fedoras and they're like m'lady ing all over the place jordan peterson of the bass he said there sneaky now they had definitely up they're afraid they're afraid of lineman like you know they never gonna compete with you but they don't have to the compete with themselves that's what they don't see that way they said fuck buddy medic some of love and got fucked by genetics and so they're taking the only evolutionary strategy they've got you can hardly blue but they need to do is get to the lab and figure out crisper where at work can re re engineering yourself to look like for it down the fucking gym that's what they need to do seriously if you're a male feminist just shut up stop talking about feminism on the internet look at yourself gonna die get in the gym and an in a couple years time you'll be a bit it will be about five foot one and you weigh eighty pounds you're fucked not just keep eating sprouts and i've got a friend he's quite short guy did not he did he did martial arts is a nippy little guy and he's quite strongly nippy i know you can get around you can get around he's an amazing we go like a bouldering's are climbing
he's amazing at it you would not believe how i'm believe he is a his his girlfriend is so attractive i believe in and he's so self confident she's these caching hosted seminar this is how i did it yeah he should he's just he's just too it's just self improvement you working yourself and then things workout for you know that i mean absolutely think that that's a good thing absolutely but i understand the motivation wipe someone becomes a mail for because the word allies one of my favorite ally ally i just love that they are now synonymous with creepy harass a way we kind of knew it all from the beginning that that was what it was going on everybody knew it like especially heterosexual men you're like i know what you're doing you fucking weasel you know you're putting women above all else one guy read his twitter profile and it was talk about he goes uh in his twitter post rather he said i'm going to stop calling myself a feminist until feminists decide that i'm doing feminism right i'll make women respect you but the fact that he put it out on twitter like you put the
like this is just like this giant white flag it's but yeah that's the thing you know people in general women being people respect boundaries there is people who will enforce their own boundaries this guys let's you said hey i have no boundaries you tell me what to do with you wait no respect that you know i'll be willing servant give shawna never specified nice douche bag enough to say i'm going to stop saying i'm a feminist until feminist tell me i'm doing feminism right there's a reason they call and cooks it's a good word it is what word i didn't know what it meant i thought they always meant like a cuck hold like a porn film you kind of did originally but now it's just kind of means someone who won't stand up themselves yeah and that's really good well it's also not just someone who won't stand up for themselves someone who please pandering like your pant bring to the laughter you trying to paint yourself out as being some rest if you're hoping that the person is something yourself out to treat leniently so instead of talking
but individuals what i'm what i'm really fascinated about is the psychology behind what's going on now in this culture of free expression the fact that a god like you can not inside thing wrong with you but i mean like very much was just a gentleman from and who doesn't have a connection to the media owner can just by virtue of your ability to communicate and put out some youtube video those and have some really good points you can have this massive massive following this is an and these ideas that people are spreading back and forth even the weird ones like the kekistan the frog and all that shit is just a joke but it's but it's interesting to me its intra thing to see what like what i feel like is like fox news and cnn and even major networks when all especially all the ones that are trying to betray narratives and all the ones that are talking about the way life is the year they see
to me to be like these these huddled up executives at the top of like a giant pile of crocodiles snapping at it's like they have completely lost control over what people talk about their own discuss fire of rock and it's the oceans slowly eroding which is twenty years ago that there was nothing there there was the water there was no crocodile the only information that got away yeah i mean that was the only information got out with mass media mass media is controlled by corporations and we felt like for the longest time that was the only way and they still operate like that's the only way it's really quite fascinating narrative hegemonies social media has demolished them we're not going back no this is not going to the future it's not going back i think the only companies that truly understand that or internet based
please are trying to manage it like whether it's whether or youtube or even netflix even netflix they understand they're trying to manage it in some weird ways though like i'm really bummed out about netflix thumbs up versus thumbs down like you know what you should have one hundred percent things but given one to one hundred the more more range you give someone the better but up and down it's just fucking silly if if i were going to review things i would do it recommended not recommended and it will be quite subjective to my personal taste it will be obviously look if you've been following me for awhile you know what i like and i give my reasons and i try and explain it as accurately and concisely there's objectively as i could so the largest sweep of people watching the video could understand why i felt the way i did and so the invesco would would i recommend it yeah and you know your mileage may vary or yeah you've got to watch this is something about you know right but i i i hate the style system isn't won't mean you know it's not it's it makes a sound objective and it's not really well sometimes
his objective you know i mean it can be i mean it's not perfect though i agree with you it again is with all of this stuff it's about a statics and taste so for sure i mean i i loved the movie hardcore henry i mean i i like i realized that i irrationally love this message single person in the first person there was a lot about it i've never saw that you'll love it i'm sure looks like the galaxy crazy but it's it's not for everyone it's for the this is for the sole guys gonna lose a brain who likes months lizard brain i like that's what you think about mountain you're an mma fighter out of fighter i kick box i did taekwondo and there was no ma when i was ok but did you enjoy fighting other people that's a very complicated obviously i ended you enjoyed playing did it for many years so i i you know i'm is complicated in that i did it was important for me but i don't necessarily know if i enjoyed it i definitely enjoyed winning but
it is a such a crime it was a task you'll you'll like it when you get when you get past the soul maybe the beginning of his more shaking the rest of it but some when you get past the initial sort of this is way to look at you'll a it's fast pace it's action packed and it definitely taps into that sort of lizard brain where is the male desire to fight you know yeah this guy at the end of the film that he easily chan like a a fist brawl with like thirty of the disease and it's it's the most insane it's in these days you know all coming i mean it's just bam bam bam is help get get stoned watching get drunk water is is just the best thing if your into lassell thank but you know and so you won't like it at all you won't see anything into that like i like john wick is not always you know but like john wick two how about that i've never good but it's for a certain kind of person in a certain kind of mood but when it hits right i mean
it was the first film in a long long time that i was just sat in the center and just enjoy it with a smile on my face i was just enjoying this this was great fun you know but i i present it was just like tapping into the primordial desire to defeat your enemies i just thought it was interesting shot it like a video game like quake first person shooter and stuff yeah so this vidcon thing that you want to would who puts this together hank enjoy in green and who are they the vlogbrothers they have famous youtubers and i find it interesting when anita was calling me a shit head and garbage human that's a direct violation of their code of conduct and did i do anything about it no because she's a feminist on because she gets special is because she's any sukisa because she get special treatment because at this point she's basically become the avatar feminism if she
he failed is unreal though i swear to god in that i mean is she respected in that world no not everyone hates her why do they still proper up because she's a nice sakis if she goes there any sense why do i mean well there's a mythos that's built up around her and get word yes it's they've all prop to run the ball propped up level said good things about her level defended her and if it turns out that she is in fact an abuser which she did according to the viet cong code of conduct which what is the code of conduct i i come member of the basin but i i read on a video it's one of my last videos it was just a message to hank and john green and i know that thousands of people email them saying hey look she did violate your code of conduct from a position of institutional privilege at vidcon she was panel i didn't have a microphone she had a microphone she's calling me names she's accusing me of things that aren't true
she and she was doing that while you were in the audience directly looking me in the eye and it was ok that's fine but that's not right and they've done nothing they have done nothing they've said no did you talk and then and then afterwards all i got from her fans and i mean like hundreds and hundreds of messages all and i just retweeted them all night with exam in the same language she uses when she's displaying on looking nasty messages i'm getting of people calling me a garbage human which is what she called me and so she has done absolutely nothing different and so i said right hank and john she's violated your code of conduct her fans she's incited a cyber mob of harassers exactly as she claims i do but she has actually done this then on the saturday she was due to be on a panel about cyber harassment see but it
be harassment when she's a woman in your a man because you are the oppressor so it's the same the thing is racism a young black person be a raise young is a white person yet possible to the end the only reason to do this than to not to can take no action right he's if you wanna highly ideological and in interesting so you feel like they heidi i highly ideological yeah incredibly biased but why there they if they are youtube stars mean aren't they like don't understand if they're very program very progress but you're fairly progressive toonami liberal i'm not program the difference in a liberal a liberal school resolution to a progressive on schools about him quality of i don't come yeah complete night and day every drug what the problem with liberals and progressives this is by definition is that i've always thought progressive means that you support gay raw rates support women's right comes forth that's the outcome of games with non gays they won't be spent in case they have the same roses i'm done i want that too and this was going to say there's a lot of open
overlapping magisteria when it comes to these things for example the great word magisterial could never heard that forever hardly use the areas of interest things that they want domains there were cops it's so much better than areas of interest though write that down jamie let's go to start magisterial i'm glad i'm giving you something so yeah basically you know the rule that there's no real argument against gay rights from a liberal perspective because liberals one universal right of course if some people in america should get married so is the argument of the i'm kristin get up anything just not on right where is the progressive they wanted because someone else has it someone else has this level they will this because that one and then my whose definition by there is a your is your defining the moon the west will they define scene in the middle of the one st louis i mean like a free for affirmative action is the example of this okay a liberal would never us for offensive action because in the liver will g people should be free to
see that own goals now i mean the unit liberals and usually very anti racist that must not a that's not a cassegrain which would just some simple saxena i've never tenancy right k won't you know you see is richard i mean you know you you cleanly doing but you've got some tests again i don't you know that would be ridiculous you know what that's not a not a reason to do that but the progressive will do that if your a the progressive will say well i'm sorry we've got you know we want equality this this is what we define equality different guys i call it equality of opportunity they call it quality balkcom google turn on side we know we've already got like zero dollars and seven cents men so i mean you see if you might be great but you got a dick so we can take you were going to take that unqualified woman instead because we need to get the parasite because they want to close it back on the wall percent men fifty cent women i have a friend who was a big wig at a big internet company and they had to deal with that shit all the time where they would have men who are far more qualified who they were getting pressure to push out
make room for like there were specifically looking for qualified black woman there will a going out of their way because they wanted to give out the appearance of diversity exactly but that's because there also scared of criticism right so they're scared of being at packed for the rest of activists and by race pimps and there is there a lot of race pimps which is a dark not mine it's they use it for jesse jackson back in the days get time and he's been outed as a race pampa talk to people like famously come to organizations and said i'm going to give you dive versity courses and your pay me a certain amount of money or we're going to protest secular religion isn't it and there are new priesthood well it's p like gun sized and they don't want it to hurt their business and until you get full especially with you're dealing with an internet business internet based businesses you know like the like like google for example apple classically liberal right
you would say progressive there there not done so very living in england liberal actually means liberal in the united states liberal news progressive well i hate always the irons there is it's it is really is a nightmare it's taken me a long time to really be able to hammer out the you know the ins and outs ideologically of it and so i can explain quite efficiently now is it's difficult moves really dark about something like progressive thinking not progressive thinking but rather affirmative action is that you're going to create a certain amount of racism by putting someone in this or on the qualified in a position just because of their color on the internet it is racist you're you're being discriminatory on the basis of race yeah right person yeah that's racism by all races but you go to the deep root of it and you got to realize well there's some people that just they're they're given a terrible hand of cards we got gotta be able to figure out how to fix that hand cards how to make make
a little bit more balanced in our in our cities how to make him do it that's good one way to do it but that's where it gets really crazy i don't know why it said calls doesn't it and commonality with people that are born in these crime ridden communities and they get no assistance whatsoever from the very government that's sending billions of dollars overseas to assist these other comes to helping them absolutely not against i mean like i'm not saying you know you go hang out you know but anything you do has to start with them saying i want to change sure and if they can't start that if that's not very much they're going to start with then you can do nothing for them where they are happy where they are and how they are right now then you can't change anything all you do is throw good money after bad and they'll know it though i mean like think about people who win the lottery they are they happy some of 'em
mostly though runs our lives doesn't that's what they said was their relationship i feel like the people who write those articles are always sad they didn't win the lottery so maybe but i think that shit i think i think there's a lot of dudes out there was a lot of that are just straight ball and have a great time given has no valley it's anything you have value i don't know if that's always true summit is the only takes one person and maybe if it's like a super amount of money where you maybe you just gotta ease into it maybe one of those things now i should be at one hundred million dollars so you just like pretend you only one hundred grand span that but i do hello don't worry i'm not saying we don't have a camaro you know you got to help these people but they had a you have to begin from a position where they say you know what look i i wanna help because if if there's something going i don't wanna change within the knocking a checking but i understand that but i mean a lot of 'em change don't even understand how they would
so about changing and they are constantly surrounded and reinforced by all these people around them that are in jail or committing crimes or black youtube's occasionally in a lot of them like you know they do blame a lot of stuff on the way man they said the white man must keep it down and stuff see because it's not listen if this was a white guy and he was at the black man told me down you please shut up shut up you wouldn't accept it and if you're going to accept that from them that's you being a racist treat them like you would treat white people this was white people sit around guy i'm not going to i think i'm gonna join again i think what you know the black man's of the jews try to hold me down so make sure you don't let me finish i wasn't saying that license are in fact holding black people down i was saying about that idea of the white man like to have this man sorry we got a hold of black people sound problems that's all right this is a standard are i don't i don't think there's a coalition wipe on an oh i know i mean the thorn in their it's a sad thought deception i think that there absolutely was
certain times i mean is absolutely neighborhoods of black people were not allowed to buy real estate is absolutely systematic racism there are still a racist around you know i'm not i'm not yeah i'm not saying it's not justified that's the thing right i'm not saying it's not justified and that's i think that i think that's where like the argument goes off the rails 'cause they go what do you mean all the stuff happening yeah has happened and there are racists but you don't have to let that hold you back no you definitely do that is up to it now i think they need examples you know i think more examples and more role models in that direction i've actually i've seen the guys name but i remember seeing this this black doctor doing a speaking tool that was your real doctor or chiropractor then over the differences that chiropractic they aren't really doctor just shade for a recent really it's really they don't go to medical school yeah in a fucking crazy we know about that i'm having her on the planet this woman who wrote that article dude they kill people people who died from that
there was some recent thing that red bands sent me about some playboy play made who died because the doctor the chiropractor adjusted her neck and she fucking died fuck people die every they do it to babies man they had just babies there's people that do like chiropractic adjustments on babies their bones aren't even fully formed their bones are softap and these assholes manipulating them i'm really glad you told me that in about two one slash two year old son i mean there's nothing wrong playboy model katie may's death caused by chiropractor autopsy finds scroll up so i could read that fucking nonsense i thought they were docked i thought when a doctor tells you when you say doctor mike i thought it was a doctor i went to medical school and learn how to be a chiropractor no i can't believe you're not to do that not only that hope to settle down ready for this the guy when it was a magnetic healer okay the guy invented but there's all the
like subluxation is all these words they used have clear total yes entirely fake not only that the guy who invented it very possibly was murdered by his son that's assist the sun ran him over for sure they think you might have done it on purpose and then the sun ran over the car and took over the business and the sun was totally shady piece of we'll call it a fraud of risen from home you could have an axe and tragic accident the love down but the allegation is that he ran over his dad's to take over the family business it is not real at all it is not a real science there's no science to support it there's no it's but the crazy thing is it's so accepted that insurance pays for this shit she had some clock and went to the hospital where they try to do some procedures but she passed away so this guy jesting hurt her neck and they tore her vertebral vertebral artery
you haven't like a headlock or so now man when you're adjusting you you gotta understand there's bones in there and his violent jutting if you're a tender person or if you have some sort of vulnerability yeah model they tore her fucking are circle artery rather article subsequently cut off blood flow to her brain her death was ruled accidental white in can we can we can we get these people stopped somehow how do you call yourself a doctor this is this is what confuses the shit out of all these guys have called themselves doctor when i talk to them i thought they were an actual fucking doctor like i went to a place like this is doctor pete dr pete's going to work on dr pete's not a fucking doctor it's one hundred percent fake what is the arctic pull up that article by chiropractors are bullshit
because i want to give that lady prop she's gonna come on a podcast knows she's a she calls herself the science base is that the science bay byod and delicious hi babe gee sounds awesome yes science and very excited and very excited to have side the article was it was actually synchronicity because it was a conversation i was having with steve rinella is a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago when he was talking about his brother's got some issue with atrophy in his arm he's been going to a chiropractor and i said i think chiropractors are bullshit and so after the podcast i smoked a joint i was thinking about was i being too hard under chiropractors i'd be my so then i started researching chiropractors and i found all this crazy shit about the fucking magnetic healers and all this stuff here is the article chiropractors are bullshit trust him with your spine or any other part of your body and what is her name that you wrote this so we can give her some event at here we go the
mount in tremont it's d apostrophe capital a low low level what is this bowls it's not american spelling then it'll canadian cobra coleman lowell lowercase d apostrophe in large capital i'm in favor of banning freshes welt i like french people none of the language the food not the french but we could language sounds good if there's there's one acceptable form of bigotry in england missed french loaf of french oh allowed to how come you can do that 'cause we lost one hundred so it's an england thing we spent one hundred years kicking the shit out of french and then god intervened to save them yeah france seven how would you let me let me finish this deal with of the because it is basically like i know they're good they're good they're pulling a meal of black people so they can will holy my whole life i've been like i know the the white man's
keeping me down and stuff like this but this isn't this isn't all coming from me that's the thing i'm not fucking expert here this is coming i wish i could remember this guys name there's like a couple of years ago that i watch this guy doing this until and he he was on a bike doctor but he's like a phd in business studies also meant a lot it wasn't like you know you know chiropractor i was i was i'm simply loving his speech to the evans kids in school because he was just saying look if you drop pounds you won't get to where you want to go i mean you go look at that just look at cents please look at it through in like an hour to tina lens you are what you do okay would you want what you want to end up you end up as a scientist okay well if you drop out of school that's not gold off the table you can see some scientist but rather as closer no matter how much you hate school he's got because they can do you want to do something that's involved if you want to get if you were to get a sense as he pulled on your records are going to get to college gonna get in you know universe to get phd then gotta make sure that i've you know i've done on the right course is to get to the right field you've got a plot this out
if you drop out any point drop out any go will give screwed you screw joe life so you're you're gonna have to figure out something into i know because i did exactly the same thing there's just no getting around it and no one can know can give that to you you've got to give it to yourself that's what empowerment is if you want to be empowered you just gotta go you know let's let's just assume the white man hates you let's just assume he does every appointment just assume we're all fucking reason why would you assume that because this is the worst case scenario this is worst case during this thing that worst case in uh everyone person's race the one hold back but legally the cons so you might be thinking when i came out i was going to some bigotry said william day you know what caught destiny we can if you get what if you want to get there you go you've got i live in a paranoid world yeah i know i went first and hate to death i'm not it's just not really in a hand i'm not just you should actually do that hello i live bring up because that's the worst case scenario for them okay that's with a single point menstrual me back i can let's see as well as the premise right okay but does he actually
he's not mean they do actually have affirmative action for universities stuff so even if we still assume that this is somehow him being a racist and hating black people you can still go well i can still take advantage of that if what i need is these grades in these subjects go and get those grades in the subjects in fact you may with christ i'm actually go for the great up just in case there man tries to screw me even harder you know i'm going to work how do you think we'll cross that means go look how do you are you gonna work out i love the term the white man is a third you fight the white man they they're not the unified in anything other than keeping black people don't like there to keep a brother down 'cause you know i mean why exactly when he gets the presents are clearly are in dispute over everything yeah everything from top to bottom the new center yeah the new thing that keeps getting bell about luke centrist the centrist
it's the new center the the extremes of cancer machine down on them with the all that's the center sounds ridiculous to have it all sounds ridiculous on the oscars over drawn to the bench pair of richard spencer exactly would rather talk to me or any sake well maybe not i would like to talk to her okay she's about example group me or some who says that you know all white people are probably black people i always want talk to someone who like has these extreme beliefs like i believe she the first one i want to know like what goes on in your head i want to know why she thinks that there's something wrong with being mailed to point where like every male has talks it lasted only just you know i mean i'm two months would plug political candidates you know would you rather we do not have to people who are relatively moderate close the center are you talking to political candidates now yeah sorry i should this but how do you get there well do because that's the the whole the the center is the political
i is it i see i feel like it's an ideology more than is a political well it's probably live your life more than how you vote yeah it's not like an ideology in and of itself and you got like center left center right they've got similar but different ideological traditions and i mean it's it's basically but the problem is when you say it's someone else's fault that's the worst thing you can do you're disempowering yourself except when it clearly is someone else sometimes it is sometimes but most of not most of the time it's rainfall like the victim twality that you were talking about were talking about like hardcore feminist that are constantly blame man for thing but the problem is like what is it like being a chick it's probably fucking terror it's probably in not always i mean in the when the term that even let me finish you fuck i'm saying is when women are constantly worried about being victims right like women are worried yeah usual hand talk to some the talks about like driving home skip the get nervous when they're walking this
in areas at night in a way that a man doesn't this interesting since the same opinion the saudi arabians have the west now so you've given me the feminist narrative the old women are constantly afraid of that now in a lot of women are though you know i mean i think it'll send in a bonus in the note but like you know what i'm you know when you say right the other one majority of women are afraid of men that that's a feminist narrative that's also the wahhabi narrative from saudi array and that's why they have to go well that means all women a lot on the go wet but because the company to affect you become invisible a man i'm gonna produce well they have a very ancient culture and in that culture when he returned ridiculously different when they don't well how ism arrived in the 18th century with the abdul wahhab and also one thousand nine hundred that's pretty ancient to an american yeah not to anyone i'm american man ok but i'm not this nation culture is not my point into the tool is old as fuck my point is
the point one thousand seven hundred and seventy six nine oh this is only one thousand seven hundred and eighty or something up even though you solder by four years there before your country existed before one thousand seven hundred and seventy six just sort of existed is the same let your resume sheeple here bunch of phone numbers hundreds of years before the lady with the water the appalachian trail you have so many bullets this is wayne neela and way more cancers as well okay there's a lot of great stuff about point being the here is a very different classification of women versus men in wahhabi ism right it's the same theory behind it they say exactly the same what do you mean yeah but some women i like in certain circles what i'm trying to get at is that the way women think about men is very different than the way men about women a man does not walk to a group of women and worry about being raped a man does not walk through streets at night and worrisome woman's going to come out of the darkness and grab his ass
but the woman doesn't walk into a courthouse divorce proceeding and think i'm going to lose everything that's true that's true unless you're roseanne and you're dating tom arnold mode but she still paying again that's one for the team exception exception that proves the rule in ninety percent of the time the woman i mean i mean you hear horrific so he took some of the ways you get some horror stories where i mean we are a man's rights another use all terms in most people aren't they people of listen there's a lot of them are not get your ass off the sofa stop watching tv or nothing online and just be immersed in that world now go outside know why you don't have to be in we also know when and where religious thousands of pounds to come here tell you an mri things this thing right this is this is and i'm i'm i say this with the greatest respect from the more general generations than mine who are more used to the television people don't watch tv anymore and they won't go back to it
yeah i think you're right i think you know i mean we've got the statistics prove down videos on it we've got all the sources in the stats it's only the older generation like in britain all the tv channels channel four was the young hip cool tv channel when i was young the average age of viewing hours forty four but once they found out that old it had been fucking kids for all those years jimmy savile evil yeah you can tell lost a lot of no that's not the reason tv it is not the reason the reason that's not the reason jesus chrysler so you answer i've been dealing with some people who for canadians i get it in another life i'll have to be like really you were any specific reason that there was a group of people in line who knows i'm right and they don't like they don't like you right oh they hate that i'm we talk about this like again i found they hate me i e don't give them any more ammunition this sorry that she's not defending herself or she doesn't have the opportunity to eat when she called me a piece of shit in a garbage human i had said nothing happens
but plug your back i just want to talk and she was like oh whatever dude and it's like i came all this way to hear what you had to play and all you could do is insult me now there's no one interaction you had with every hash this jesus christ it's up i've been personally slide said man i get it i get it no i mean i think i'm being defamed all across the internet now there's there's a narrative going around the progressive journalists that has already been debunked by an actual journalist called tim pool and the video evidence of the event that i personally took the the stormed the stage and started screaming abuse service saying that they'll probably who sang that journalists might be actual journalists layer of an actual organism and i was in the article that said that put me on any ants but i bet you some going on their on school about me and some of them will say something like i abuse the office chance some politics in pause do not know shut the irony of we're talking about peep
old labeling themselves as victims and you are labeling yourself as victim of crime that has not occurred no talking about articles are being written by journalists and video being made but they have not been made yet and then you're saying just watch they're going to be made into this because open those red team okay do you not see that coming god we'll see that was i i i mean like i'm not like a victim this is something that happened to me right but do you get that will just talking about about right here think you who is saying that you were stormed that you storm the stage you tell me jerk yes and i see where these articles news he just wait watch the moment of the moon which will come out like rumors you know for example like it temple said that a friend of his i think she's an actress but you know it's it's the same sort of okay with a circles that someone gossiping
that doesn't mean that someone actually a journalist wrote an article that has yet to warming his hands yeah how do you why do you think they will this guy was a social media why would you even concentrate on that if it has not occurred i mean is in this sort of like a lack guy complaining about the man holding you back when there is no man in the back the other thing is analogous i i mean it is isn't it is you're talking about being a victim of a crime that hasn't occurred no but i know what these people like up dealing with them for long enough now i know what those why people are like man i've been dealing with in my whole life yeah but we actually have a precedent from doing this as well right but they're not too it right now and you're saying they are they are their own social media right now i mean like you got like journalist like young miles chung you said right so the prevailing narrative one journalist at the moment is that song comes on stage and abuse in the seventies and one video evidence as the
this is something that he posted online you put so there's no articles but there is a twitter you can tell that it's coming up there are going to be there soon and then it was bringing this is how these rumors start and then someone starts reporting it and then suddenly you get an error it's going on i mean another victim of this 'cause i've got a large enough reach to be able to say let's watch a video is 'cause i think people listening to this we have no idea who the fuck are new sarkeesian is and don't even know who you are like there's a lot of people listening to this i would like to get two more interesting things the gear an interesting guy thank you as a your your little wrapped up in this right now okay yeah and all yeah you know and i'll it was mark i your videos are excellent you know in your bones awesome great thank you i'm i'm i calmly to the russ who's your friend yeah he's a huge fan of yours you spanning russ i can't wait to see
do you do you like now that you have this gigantic audience to feel sort of my responsibility but i was on the insulation tags is the most important thing and the great thing about and the great thing about the way the internet works is that i mean it look at the look at the people who are at the top looked like some like pewdiepie man of outstanding moral character using genome to hang with them i've spoken to him a few times but i don't need to hang with the snow look at what he does he doesn't pulling people don't go around about people he doesn't you guys are going to charity and being like hey bros you know and being nice to people and being inspiration what happened with him you would know the frame should go over the actual this is by the way this is affected me and affected a lot of youtube people everywhere there you too videos used to have much rear monetization meaning that for people listening save sargon puts out a youtube video you could have at
it's on the you tube video and your youtube's videos get a lot of downloads man to mean that would be very lucrative for you yeah and then with us are we you two would money was cut by more than sixty percent a failure or some use i'm not raising to retain forty percent of your income is pretty good as well yeah well the old anything controversy will anything having to do with anything right wing is deemed not snot not friendly for advertising anything that has drugs in the title is deemed not friendly for advertising it's like we've literally been able to change the title of things and re upload them and then the ads exactly adults just so the same content so what all this came from is pewdiepie who was an enormous youtube too right does he look the million followers holy in
and he made some videos that was that the washington post is that what it was john street journal wall street journal can i tell you about it please do this please do because you i'm sure much i did a bunch of videos on this and it was the funniest thing in the world i love the language they use as well what's the scoop a scoop is a news story that other people are not aware of yet and you got it you got it first so if if 10s of millions of people have seen something and then if i'm a wall street journalist and i come along and i find something with 10s of millions of people have seen can i rightly call that a scoop well you can definitely called a news story and you can definitely say that people in the sea that's this goes back to what we were talking about before whereas they have a hierarchy of viewership like what what what is a a real network what is a real newspaper what is real journalism like in their mind i'm sure
the wall street journal considers themselves to be in the hierarchy versus someone who is all but they don't have fifty five million downloads they don't i mean there's no way if the is now the puts out a video yeah they put out a video if they have a million hits on their video that would be a big deal you know they'd be thrilled if pewdiepie how only a million hits i want to be sure he would be super depressed he is a much bigger entity than that but in their mind like a scoop is them the legitimate media so point out something in the illegitimate did noon weird this video you dialogo fear yeah so basically p by he's a comedian anne makes jokes right but he's a it looks like he's not a good character and he's a parent should be thanking pt part being person he is because he's talking to the kids and the kids are gonna grow up being decent people because of his influence the wall street journal benefits and raw
winkler and there was another one i can't remember the name of the moment they decided what we're going to do is and i don't know who put them up to this obviously but they're going to watch about six months of his video go through and find any anti semitic jokes that he made well i mean by definition is a joke so does not six months yes six eight they sat together video every day and they they got about another two minutes of footage of something with him making jokes at the expense of the effectively and they would like discuss promoting anti semitic i would like to see those jokes because i've heard about them but i don't know the actual jokes that he said that they were saying but but but here's the point let's get to it they were saying that he is making light of being a nazi or pretending to be a nazi and that this is what's fucked i'm to like he was promoting auntie right by parodying the yeah i don't understand yeah i tried to explain to people as hot as hogan's heroes work that exactly isn't mel brooks a bit yeah but in a
learn to christ he must be yeah even though it's a low gun just so you know yeah i mean springtime for hitler you could say was somehow another humanizing i'm not going to create a lot the came out the same argument that medicine made the argument the mel gibson created that's how far we've come over with mel brooks what i said gives anya he he might well that was clearly a freudian when someone says mel gibson drunk i think of him yelling about issues that you're with us all right we did everything do you honestly seasons well she's helped what's right close the book right yeah well he is what he's a serious like nine eleven conspiracy eleven conspiracy believer and yeah was a charlie sheen probably
them together but i think i might be so the these these videos one of them was the funniest thing because they were taking like and the the you know the the jokes were like you know like i'm in like twenty seconds of jokes taking out like ten minute video you know he's just it's just like a cuts away new in power you know skits you know what one was from like you know what one of them was a joke about how the media takes his jokes out of context to try and frame him as something not right and they say that out of context and used to and it was just like well that is which is amazing it's it's incredible it's amazing that they have the balls to do and then what they would not only proud of what he did they call it a scoop and then they went to advertisers and said look at this hates beach but how did they get away with doing that how do you know about them to how come no one from the wall street journal sat them down and said well listen this is definitely not him saying that you're going to take something out of context and then doing it is it be
as if it is and then you took it out of context and did exactly what he's saying you shouldn't do that's kind of crazy it's mental it is mental it's absolutely but they feel i think they can get away with it because they're in the hollowed halls of actual media and they're putting this stuff out there jamie see did you find it see what see what you can see the terms of the actual jokes that booty pie said that are supposedly a gram the the funny thing that is if you look at the numbers they look like that the wall street journal if you look at his now first they look like that and what's so strange but he's making hand gestures down for the wall street journal up for pewdiepie yeah and what was so strange about it though is that pewdiepie isn't there competition alright here we go here we go let's put some of them great let's see what we got here my name is
ok so him twenty seven year old better known as pewdiepie became famous playing video games on youtube typical not see this ok fifty three million subscribers so fifty jesus the biggest star in the site by far to go inside the stories the school that's best this better let's get into the latest scoops so it's him is the i think this is the one recently some of his videos of brief including nazi messages images of adolf hitler and explicit anti semitic commentary so this is the justin posted version it will fall the wall street journal rather sorry following a request for comment from the wall street journal disney said the videos are inappropriate and cut ties to putting five who ran his business costing of millions of dollars of disney subsidiary maker studios because put upon millions in a jan
very 11th video mister well below feature two men holding a sign reading death to all jews after hiring them from a freelance website i like the editing see the joke is his reaction to and the fact that you can subscribe to keemstar who's like another big you tuber he's mocking there they would actually do it i feel partially responsible but just i didn't think they might just be
crude humor but i think there's something funny about that and i don't fires back at the media for mis characterizing him anything about again i think there's a difference between a joke an actual like deaf to all jeeps if i made a video saying hey guys p pie here death to all juice i want you to say were after me death to all juice and you know hitler was right i really opened my eyes to white power and i think it's time that we indeed something about that that's essentially how they're reporting this as if that's what i was saying or some shit like that it's amazing how popular is with such a shitty grasp of english these swedish apologies can camouflage messages that may still be received and celebrated by hate groups the southern poverty law center says so if if the southern poverty law center condemns years becoming a
as one of these days in the video since removed he posted a video of a man dressed as jesus christ a level they have like it since removed is bold and that jesus christ is all really nice guy the g is gonna yeah what the no one wanted to act upon gots well don't worry them he stands beside god now using hand wait that's all folks jesus and i wasn't the one who made him say it or was it that wasn't i was sent he set up a go fund me page and his own website so you can take orders from jesus himself and also can i just point out that hold on stop it's not what i'm looking for where are the actual videos of him doing the nazi shit you just so that's one hundred percent that's it is their article that led to all of this
yeah right but what we're looking at here this is the wall street journal's version of it so this is these are the clips they said this is the actual clips that they're saying are the thing that shows him to be anti semitic yeah holy shit but the thought it was i thought it was way better than i thought it was just a little bit we got made of fiber yeah it's just impressing around on the inside it's just it's just silly chai these jokes and it's obviously i mean how many nurses do you think this made three really i guess i gotta get to feeling too high is this a new business okay doesn't take a lot to like turn on the that was the the really bad thing about this though is the fact that they didn't put this on school out until they had like taken these clips and told him in today's disney disney obviously new shit there is going to be a shitstorm about this so they don't do this someone but just put school tank but why what is
this would make some money and that losing money is politics are not very politics as well yeah he mocks like you know he mocks feminism mean mark social justice is he's not but he's a liberal he's not progressive that's the difference why would they think that they could just do that though because they've got the power to do that no one can stop them you can start they do they cost billions of dollars i'm sure they did but it's now costing them their reputation absolutely yeah i mean you can't just do that the wall street journal's they they took a big hit from this i'm sure that unbelievably arrogant well actually you know it's really interesting right there was after after all of this shit so blue over there was a bunch of polls done of like thirteen to eighteen year olds and it was really really fascinating how you had like favorite thirty and what how well known things were and like you too it was really well known really favorable with kids and then you have the wall street journal which was really well known but really unfavorable with kids how kids know at the wall street journal is because
pewdiepie so now they think of the wall street journal in this way the millions of people that are his fans exactly well that's a big mistake to a guy with a platform like that in ten years time when their voters there though reading consuming news the wall street journal will continue being that then continue to go down pewdiepie still be doing well but what's crazy is i never thought of the wall street journal is that what i thought of the wall street journal is being like informative injective information about business when if you asked me like what is the wall street journal that's how i've always thought of them so deceive the see this video pretty shocking isn't it well it is disturbing because there's nothing there they make the death to all jews thing the fact that did he pay those guys to hold up that sign in like five dollars to write on a sign so he could go it kisses to be right he's just breaking it to be exactly that's all exactly if nobody
said anything nothing will come it's in poor taste and if you representing disney you can't fuck with that stuff that's all that is something that is like he's been understand but it's not my point is i'm defending it's not evidence of anti semitism he's just saying something fucked up because he's trying to be shocking think that hitler stuff like holy shit is there was nothing there not so stupid it's just the stupidest thing in the world and it's i mean this thing right like the cake standing flag what i love about this is it's a parody of the nancy flank right of a swastika what is it in there is a silly internet stuff but is it in there yeah but it's it's it say yeah when you when you have to explain any of this to some of the sounds on the stupid thing the works is into making a living as a planting that you would you my flat i know isn't that great in that great losing steve the what is supposed to be exact that's how they come across to everyone else it's like guys you this is how much i mean you look to us yet for the
yeah let me just see that thing that somebody put up about it's you and milo and a bunch of other people and you've got a red pill and it says get in the car normies we're going to save civilization so i'm going to like what first of all who the fuck thinks that that's really if anyone takes a seriously there a fucking idiot very nice basic but that's that's the point is made about people who can't love for themselves if you can't laugh at yourself then i've in most point well there's also so many layers to this thing that you have to be paying attention to it all the time like you to be able to keep up like even i have to ask you questions like wait what's that what is going on here because i'm not paying attention it's it's a complex of it but what i think is the idea of it listening on the southern poverty law center of course came on condemned kicks down like because the but it's
real exactly understand supposed to is that is that supposed to be all right now is not in and of course not it's it's actually it's an identity for people who don't want to identity because we not identitarian i don't think it's very non binary sounds like lateen x kind of yeah well that's none of us but that's that's exactly what it post to sound like when they say i mean i am a latina eggs i'm let me talk to you about my woke blackness and stuff in there or be awoke black person well you can be his son was not what it is let me tell you about my work blackness and when the closings ruler of saying blessed but that's what it is that because once we come to you about our dentures i can this is the conversation one half of you is not politics as you try self as i well i don't have an ethnicity like like a of an identity you know i don't play identity politics they played into politics text on as a parody of identity politics and every identity politician aids everyone who everyone who gets into bed with identical so you have one on a black muscle the team
or whiteness on my jewishness whatever it is ok my cake astonishing us you know and they're just like we shut up that's not real well done you finally got right i don't give a shit about your fucking identity you don't give shit about mine so let's talk about the issues the issues that don't like so where is how does he stand now so he lost this disney deal because this wall street journal abby fine but how many people were actually aware of the real content like what he actually did but what i'm saying is and people are aware versus the magazine article oh it's about the type of people who are aware because i was is it aware of course so i knew who he was i heard his name and but when i heard the story i had heard a bunch of different accounts i try to sift which in two and the middle seemed to be that he was doing like typical internet stuff being silly but none of it was really an isometric but that's even my
wilder than what i thought it was it that's insanely milder especially when you're using the clips of him saying if i was taken out of context yeah it's it's it's absolutely pathetic but it's obviously the the audience of wall street journal is the elites the intelligence smart switch people people that don't have a good internet connection and then yeah exactly exactly the best internet connections but they're not going to live very long 'cause they rolled pewdiepie's audience is coming up they're going to be the ones who are essentially taking over the world and pewdiepie is the one who's showing them that look at the things these p you're saying there bad and you know because they're attacking me and you know me i'm not anything wrong so you know you can't trust these people they're going to come off the you think if they can go off to the party the biggest you to run the world then they can go after anyone yet but it's really dangerous to frame things that way because it's dishonest
soon as you do something like that and you make a dishonest representation all of those guys of putting by immediately every other thing that you print i'm going to go well suspect has already made us think about putting behind that was bullshit what do you want to a lot of work to make that the elected to cherry pick that will that hard they went through six months of video and a like two minutes of footage this is iris and he does video every day search just like his any use of the quality of the video i think it's just yet funded that the wall street journal funded the like that and it cost a lot of money right well somebody paying these guys by the hour they're working all gonna watch a bunch of youtube videos millions of people have already watched and then go look at the scoop with god and try to find one or two jew jokes dunt dunt see if he was jewish he could've mel brooks his way right through that mother fucker i've been fine but unfortunately for pewdiepie is called
privilege freeze on the thing hi well you have to recognize your privilege suture fortin check your provision of the door it's a it's a wonderful way for people to control your original sent to tell you but yes it is a result of that he really is these people craney priest at that minute if you look at the diverse the offices i mean look him in britain the b b c's the the prime example that started the the mean they actually have job positions with a high on the basis of race against people on the basis of race freeze i'm not even for like if it's like in front of the camera i can understand you i mean like i mean i don't like the we need more black people we need more brown people whatever but i mean i could at least go well i mean what you're saying that it's good to have examples i i can except i don't like it but not not because i don't want see see probably because it's discriminatory on the basis of race but i can at least accept it for a good conclusion but for this it's just a research position behind the scenes eight
in ground again you know making nothing but all your doing is typing into google and finding things and they're like white people can't apply and i have to fund that with my tv license it's crazy that why he and hannah plot i know you know what someone else races some are wondering why the old right to doing so well why why so many people just like you know a phone but the idea that you could say that like your melanin content is going to prohibit you from getting this job did you i'm sure you paid attention to the evergreen state college you ask oh brett weinstein did you listen to brett when he was on this podcast i'm not time i've been busy he's in all this he's a very shy shockingly progressive man is he's he's a super liberal essential for an arm of the what really napoli's can call you meant he's a really nice guy and yeah he seemed he seemed an the poor guys in hiding now he's in hiding hiding he like literally had to remove his family from from there and kind of put them in hiding he does the schools essentially almost shut down yeah they took uh i mean the thing
chaos and now they're voting to remove funding and turn into a private school because benefit not another like you guys are out of your mind you can't we can't type tax dollars they told him that he should stay home because we wanted a day of absence for white people were not allowed to go to work and he said what the fuck are you doing i'm jewish that's racist one of the women who was responsible for it called his wife a racist and that was saying that white what he she called for on a facebook post you called for white women to take this racist white take her racist white ass out or something that the thing about this caller out may be calling out the thing about all of this really dangerous 'cause at some point why people go ok but she's calling her white she's calling a racist why
yeah god damn it just because someone doesn't agree with you on something that's really racist doesn't mean there are races of course not but it's dangerous to do this because i mean if you are going to use this as a weapon against them now but this is this is an attack yeah he's refusing to cooperate so they're attacking him well it's a control is without a doubt it's about control this is one hundred percent about people trying to control other people's political entirely political and this is a political attack and if you're going right you don't wanna be racist d at some point why people go i guess i'm racist did you see where they had the president and they were talking to him and the president i was addressing these students they were being fucking completely ridiculous and they told him to put his hands down because his hands were a micro aggression and then i kid stood up next him in like a getting manner and told them to put his hands down and he put his hands down they started laughing they started laughing it's clearly game they're playing ping pong there playing checkers that just
doing their billing am but it's not just that it's not just bullying and of course like them grouping up its support each other much it how he fails or he was saying he believes it's like a mass psychosis that literally a mass hysteria it's like people losing their minds in the when are losing their mind so that's being given undue power that they don't deserve they haven't earned all of this power but they're doing something with they give you them how you wouldn't so it is some sort of a psychosis in in actually the these people live they've never been how that not being held to account right now not being told that when you when you earn power you generally have to crawl ticket isn't you hump how you have to be responsible that pop right and that's what a good leader is these people just being given power they haven't earned that they're being given and they are being told they count do anything wrong and so they will will do whatever the fuck i like them they're also told that like you can always step up and talk about your blackness or whatever and everyone has to kind of shut the fuck up like you have like there's these
carbon launch yes there's these subjects that you can sort of like intersect or inject your race into or your gender or the fact that you're trash sounds of the fact that you're marginalized marginalized in anyway latino and you in kind of shut down discussion and that's one of the things that you see when this president is addressing the students and students step up there asking quote this is a long it looks like a hostage now this was very strange they get up and they start talking about their own individual identity and told you about the color of my skin it's not my business but whatever it is the right the fact that i have a vagina the fact that i would like to have done now and it's that my wife's going to complain to be honest it becomes the thing
it becomes the thing that you're discussing rather than whatever the actual thing you're discussing is that's the problem of identity politics it's not a form of politics it doesn't go anywhere it's designed to grind the dialogue to a halt and to give the person making the argument control of everyone else around them that's where it riley this person hasn't earned this yeah that's where it is right it's like the couldn't you can do you have a two total control of the conversation now and you have set like these very clear parameters and there's a lot of that man there's a lot of the answer it is it's not healthy it's just bizarre that that would fly in a university setting traffic law disagrees with it yeah the deans some of 'em but also they don't want to lose their jobs and the students coming in you know they're going to change the world will look like 'em up then look at that an enemy faction an army within these things and this is the reason i'm so good at identifying this 'cause i'm well really well written like power
it takes me want to see if you know what's going on what you need to do is read the print swedlin scan read robert greene that'll teach you how to understand these people and these people are i mean everything they're doing is about power control it's about it's about influence over what's going on and any point you can break this influence by just simply understanding how the game i think jordan peterson's got some pretty unique insight into it 'cause he's been dealing with it for several years and in a very high profile way but one of the things that he said that he believes it's about revenge he says things that a lot of these people that are so active on campus and during this fever pitch he goes along out of them were bullied and pushed around when they were younger and they were socially awkward and not in the good cool groups and now they want revenge and this is why they want to label everyone who plays sports as being some sort of a massage nis woman rape are you know i mean
that's really what it is like everyone who is in a frat house is a massage this homophobic rapist is no way around it you're in a frat it's like their full yeah like that woman who thought it okay to say that that guy who got killed like that they would do coke and rape girls in a frat party like what okay this is a caricature yeah this i mean imagine if someone did in equal caricature about a black man this will racist katson bill equally racist it is racist but it's just it's is redefined racism and little mean those guys dead you fucking death taking a poster he did all these straumann definitions this guy but all this guy
it is the young guys dumb thing i'm a still this poster yeah he and he's dead now yeah like that said it to the the family's out wide to tele terry reaching you don't know something for most level folks would you be cool he was colombian if you use a colombian american they beat him to death yeah yeah how would how would you feel them would you would you come up with some sort of a cult ambion influence that he's got that you don't have an so he's got some sort of a colombian privilege but i mean how is this not going up being hideously oppressed anyway he's been captured the taken by the n koreans have been beaten to death and they were literally are proof of your white male privilege isn't universal is if you're going to say that i mean you would have to be a fucking moron say that because everything about the ideology itself is contextual its power
privilege therefore it must have a context there must be more white people around for it to work and therefore if we go to zimbabwe white people are hideously oppressed by their definition in zimbabwe when the white farmers getting the farms appropriated by black african pound marxist sort of there then that of course are being oppressed of course is unit not universal of course it's contextual it's the it's asinine thing to say yeah you know it's not universal fucking dumb even find a snow universal what you were talking about i'm drinking up 'cause i'm really dehydrated somewhere hydrate apologize for drinking water i don't know anymore i know i'm consistently doing it and it's like you don't worry bout it mentally again but i think it's also what you were talking about where they want to make it all about them like here this woman is taken this situation which horribly tragic and now she's talking about students that she has to deal with that are white men that are doing coke and raping girls of fraph ours just like this guy what is this horrible generalization the kind of more of the keep making the so
but she's making about her and her classes and the guys that she the clueless guys that she has to deal with in her classes and she is deciding that this guy is that without any personal knowledge of him at a mall but jesus sure we've got an she's turning it on herself and she's a victim 'cause she has to deal with these students and these clueless white rich male students fuck man i'm not saying there's no twats out there bunch dudes were shitheads and for sure there are just like there's women that suck to let me let humans that suck it has nothing to do with gender or race or that's racist to categorize them in that particular there's plenty of humans that have the white males that are great that happen to be black women that are great that had there's plenty of people that are cool across the board in every single gender race the of course are you treat people as a partial she's written
enchantment of the character lately i'm ok we sent mean that's the right way to do things that most disturbing thing about this is the fucking professor who is teaching young people is generalizing this horrendous way and she thinks it's ok because this kid stole a poster and what did he think was going to happen what did you think was going to happen jesus christ when you're twenty years old you're done thinking how the fuck this dummy not know that how does she not understand just just the science of the development of the human brain it's been clearly established over the past 23rd at mid twenty when it twenty five the frontal cortex is it's not even developed kids do stupid things of course force unbelievably stupid i have i'm sure you have to especially have a deck there's something about being a dude yeah dahmer my miss sounds like you dumber shed my mrs like look you know i don't i don't sound like a bigger but it's always been it is always best running press women also
but let me let me educate you on something please do send word at at now put the word will put the letters tw before it twedt yes that's how you say it yes if you can do appropriate on language not american american now that's why we spell tires different black with its twatt nice twins now it is said it anyway you want to bounce and twice on language i see only what i would have got it one enterprise on my little there's more of us well there are a few we stole your language god damn it man it's ours now it's american right in the future you know it won't be english anymore but like latin became spanish so i've got like another ten minutes or anything else you wanna talk about anything what do you wanna talk about sides arnita sarkeesian oh jesus christ bro she's going to be victimized by this she's already pissed but yeah by the way i need i got no hate for
hi no i'm not i'm not the other and i have a young i talk to you yeah should come on you should come on engine for macintosh in groper there's a lot of those guys lot of those van power familiars you ever see the the blade member in the vampire familiar hangs around vampires and things can get in and they eventually kill yeah same thing with a thirty days of night except the the vampire family is done usually sexual assault vampires favorite male feminist guys they really get that all of the panels will tree that the name is i you know the the mail feminist sex is sexual predator is the soul of a catholic priest molesting children of our generation new it's so true it is so fucking true in a lot of ways i love mel famous that just like the creepiest looking mother fuckers and then it ends
the way if you're not that way an you identify yourself as a feminist no i'm not talking about you i know what you're saying there's a lot of people out there that really wants to get locked into it because it sounds it sounds right like or you for equal rights for women yeah then you're a feminist ok okay then a feminist and you say it and then people treat you differently because say it because they know you've done a good job billy going to pat you on the head you called yourself a feminist why'd you define yourself man are you a human like every good human wants a only good you like many labels as well in a sense and you're denying sexism like you know you don't have to be a pro black out
why was held at night or to to rather deny accepting any form of racism learn or ten not that's a bad way to describe it then is how they define these things if if the if they have a different definition facing where i structural it's you know like institution was about racism sneezy a one way framing it and you say well you know i think racism i don't think the structures are actually racist i think of the individual certain individuals with instructions all racist than what you're doing is undermining their entire philosophy and if you underpinning their entire philosophy by this effectively individualizing it robin collectivising it then they have to consider you an enemy because what if everyone if you go yeah and then someone else goes you know that's a good way of looking at a new look at that too and then a lot of people that you know that's a great point then suddenly their philosophy is just going to collapse no one is going to believe what they're saying and there's like no but this is what i'm being horribly oppressed never was like mom are really there are some races but we deal with them we've got laws you know we've got
those against racism we've got laws that affirmative action laws that black people and you know i don't think the system is actually is racist as you saying i think that maybe there are a few bad actors and when we see when we can spot them and get them get them out you know then how these people going to play the victim i'm going to play the victim there's real racism and there's also real people playing the victim there's both of course there's real racism but we vigilant for that you're racist just tolerated well oh the present less now than ever right exactly that the present companies racist yeah well we're just going to leave him because he's just like you easy he's all right you shouldn't get jobs and crossing that he's going to be out of the door for sure they frame pewdiepie as being someone who may have been spreading anti semitism which he had this custom like millions of followers though will they did like two three mill but they cost him millions of dollars yeah but i think ultimately it probably balance itself out it's already gone in his favorite everything themselves but that's only because there was a credible alternative media i mean like
pewdiepie there's there's me another youtube crowds and t both made videos about what's his name was talking so fast you want adderall knows just there's so much i need to tell you i'm probably not going to be here again and there's a lot you need to come on man you coming back i'd love to you know you and we have more sleep as well if i don't do anything but anyway i youtube crowds and t krauss and tas german guy kraut and tea elected he's i get it and he did a video about this as well i did a video about this pewdiepie did a video using the information and statistics we've compiled to be like to do is own video and useless as sources say look this over this information and if we don't like holy shit that's really nice of him about it be interesting how we helped him fight back because he's not he's a median in he doesn't do well this professionally he doesn't know what to look for you know in in one why would he in and ran with you an expensive but luckily this was speciality
i've been going into the media since day one because we know there a bunch of liars we know they are some of them are yeah there's gotta be not all of them right i mean it's gotta be good journalist no excuse though a platform at the wall street journal if you want to maintain reputation you don't publish shit like that but has none except what is their response the tank ever don't address that why should that seemed so crazy that they can't they should address that mission division that absolutely i mean it seems now i don't think you see them why i don't know i don't think he wants the trouble if he sued them outback him i believe i think he would win but god can see how he could lose what you can you prove their cost money easily is this actual anti semitism obviously not did they take you out of context clearly what are the jokes was that they would take him out of context how could he lose
this yeah well some it is possible almost there i think that what you should do is find out how much the wall street journal cost to buy and then crowd funded internet so that would spread it around here was that there was a lawsuit recent lawsuit that i couldn't believe was thrown out god damn it i can't remember it now yes not going to rain a few hundred million dollars but like i mean he's got fifty five million subscribers and these are very influential man and there are a lot of people who like him who would love to support maybe it's possible maybe he could maybe he could speak too i know some nice wealthy benefactors who are like you know i hate these people like that peter thiel guy what he did with the hulk hogan versus exactly yeah why not wouldn't it just be the funniest thing in the world see pewdiepie is the owner of the wall street journal would not be hilarious yeah
and he would be wealthy billionaires who happens to be obviously wealthy happen to be watching this and think you know what we could get one over on these bitches and that we don't have to just let them win we don't have to judge but then we could feel like the new york times feels incredibly challenged right now in general we were talking about now from the new york times i've just make sure i was going to say with just you're just so ready to go i am just so much words i'm full time i know i mean i know you don't have much time but about us donald trump was going to say yeah i wish i wish i was there anyway you
reschedule or a schedule your flight do you need i could just i mean if you want to carry on i could just cancel ten if you just want to make sure you don't get stuck here well i can just buy another ticket smart are you sure it cost me a fortune bills fine well a fortune for an hour of podcasting seems one everett you've only got now i've got another hour assange pounds probably more is probably one thousand pounds or probably shouldn't what's one thousand program thousands one hundred dollars will take care of it really yeah will put in the budget of the fucking today we're going to hang out when you're going to go to the movies you have an ice cream well i'm not going to say i don't know what you're going to do it but if you want to do another hour casting we can we should just say we're suppose start at nine were a little late 'cause traffic here's insane my wife is going to kill me you why is going to kill you don't come home then go home man so actually understand there you sure mixed messages she'll understand she's going to kill me alright so we keep going diego ok so where we were
we played by the wall street journal with peter thiel's money yeah well what saying is that the new york times feels very challenged by uh donald trump's dismissal of them as fake news and all these different attacks and because of that they sort double down on the ethics of journalism they've tried really hard to be better at what they do yeah yeah i saw yeah they actually but that's a real indictment of the state journalism isn't it when they have to let you know we're going to recommit ourselves to actually being journalists good thinking was in houston neil time called out in a way that it meant this would have never been called out before of course they did lose yeah i mean he's the president then became political activists they want journalist everyday and they were on the losing side get wrecked you know of course you've got to suddenly go well ok hold their hands out ok let's let's try not being
liars anymore than you know what is that trickled down from is it from the editors who lost sight is it the writers themselves that they hire is at the ethics behind the business of the magazine or the of the newspaper unfortunate don't know the ends and outs of but i mean if you have respect i don't know if i had to speculate i would probably say it's coming from the top and they just like what the fuck is happening right like we're seeing with these tech companies like we're seeing with these people that are like uber progressive in google or wherever the fuck they are yeah it's uh weird thing man where we're dealing with a real i mean i hate to use the word but it's the real word culture war in terms of crazy people out culture warriors i mean and this is why this is why i turn this in like power politics because they are attacking people that you mean like attacking pewdiepie they're costing mean they didn't even publish their article the wall street journal didn't even publish their article before they had gone to disney and got
to pull their money from him wow so you brought it to my first house just behind because they heard that he was getting this big fat deal from disney and they're like fuck this guy discuss pewdiepie doesn't play ball with them doesn't like calling how so he's not a progressive but he's liberal he doesn't sit there going oh well you know feminism but i did guys and he's not he's red pilling the new generation about feminism he makes antifeminism visit videos every now and again and they're actually quite funny people check him out though he's just dragging on this because it's stupid shit in this is the sort stupid shit like we've been talking about and rightly so this is bollocks and it's good that he's telling kids look this is crapped just treat people well you know like just treat people as an individual but is correct it is but don't you think it's being sort of like it's a eroding the same way male feminism is eroding like that term is a very derogatory term we call someone a male feminist most people just go
if you call someone a social justice warrior i mean that is a myla skiing term now that term is not something someone carries there was a wild people like i read quotes like yeah we are warriors like what yeah i mean the beginning they were like a bracing and yeah i mean it's not an estate a military compound causing you know the number one paul cost in the world it's probably up there yeah this is not sjw site tell me listen let me tell you let me tell you how to check your privilege showing no i don't have one of those on i would be i would be fascinated you should get one just a just a pin number i know where my studio is you have to talk to them for an hour but i mean i can tell you what they think so i've spoken to it i mean so that's a cop out because the people who german show both sides jabul size now actually i shouldn't i should just talk i'm just not interested in you i want you creeping windshield so you probably harass someone so there's some
there's some merit to having these volatile discussions with people that you disagree with oh yeah i like it it's also people keep asking me to richard spencer said yeah but i've talked to sj ws already i know what the identitarians think i mean whenever every time like someone like black is something going on let me tell you about my blackness a youtuber called kablak deep in the youtube world yeah of course i am you refer to him like we all know who you're talking yeah sorry but she she's actually i think you're talking about call ro she's she's black trans you too but she's actually doing great and people are going to be surprised he say that but i've never done a video about her because she's not full of shit she's just an identitarian but that doesn't mean that she's bad or anything like this that just means she talks about herself along more out she's actually got this really great streak in her that's really fair and so when i mean these people run like lemmings off cliff when they get an idea in their head or my god yes we should all jump on you know like laci green when she abandons their community or something
those laci greens is another you too but i'm so jesus christ your mutual right you're on youtube you should allegedly who is laci green is with she's a feminist who realized how toxic the community that she was part of millions of subscribers wait a minute is she the girl that was it turned out was dating some sort guy who is is he now they know will you joking around he's probably working well i don't give a fuck if he's watching try to follow this is going to talk you know he's not jesus christ what was his deal when does the next like dating but doesn't he like ancsjw tuber let me he's pretty liberal is an anti sjw person that's what he is so it basically disaffected liberals mostly
and so empty identity people got mad at her because she was dating this guy who they don't agree with because he's against feminism and black lives matter why is why give a fuck with people date why isn't that controlling psycho cultists and they drag torah local social media i mean some of the worst things i've seen really oh yeah absolutely and like what did they talk about oh i like just you know i mean i want one thing the noise me is that like you know six months ago everyone's like yeah we lovely secretions grace of feminist she's you know she has sex that stuff really in blah blah blah right and then as soon as she's like you know i kind of i met this guy i like this guy and he's actually making some really good point i like your sex ed stuff sucked use everything you've ever done suck get out of and then i mean if she gets death threats and things like that and she used to get them from like i guess i write the types who were in their basements or something you hate it but now they get in should get some nasty w type so i wish people are just not send threats and shit doesn't do anything
just makes it's just nasty for people well definitely is that but it's just it's so sad that someone can't just date someone that they don't agree with okay let's leave aside she i'm selects the guy of course and if you can't change your opinion either thank you your call can of all state can't legal for your be a flip flop or yeah you and let you know you can do you can even control what you believe i believe that you could but then what did i just say believing that i believe that i could control what i believe is really exactly so now you don't believe it right 'cause you just decided i don't believe that now i'm going to believe that i can change that well i believe that people do change for yeah but they never their ideas it's not like a it's not like a conscious choice to say you know one day i mean i'm an atheist so one day i'm going to be like actually i'm going to choose to believe in god you are believing you don't believe it i don't think it's a choice well i can see what you're saying but i think that when you're when you're going over the possibilities of any subject in your mind you
who are your influence by a host of actors is well how you physically feel where you are in your life what would kind of relationship you have with your family where your job is right now like where i know a lot of people that hit the fuck and bottom and then all of a sudden they became religious do you think that's a coincidence now looks like at that stage your life you needed to believe something and that helped you and it helps you to believe that thing and maybe i mean how many dudes find jesus weather getting their dick sucked in the jacuzzi exactly that's probably pretty low right yeah yeah unless it's like really bad blowjob you feel sad and you actually like guy went really bad thing yeah could cause terrible jesus help me jesus but help people find they love and happiness in weird places they fine depressione weird places so it's really a lot of like what you believe depends on where you're at in your life it k
and very well be influence where you go one way or the other and then once so one has an opinion whether it's god is real or god is fake they fuckin fight that to death like that is their stance and they can't change it you can't move it around and if you do you're a flip flopper if he didn't reason himself into it then you can be reasoned out of it is true well that term flip floppers so fucking serious stupid because it's a moronic political term and really only existed because politicians did not have a form to defend the evolution of their ideas before now they can go online bernie sanders a fucking podcast now but yeah it does they can go on youtube or facebook they don't need to be in some sort of a you know political forum as some sort of a formal gives ages yeah they don't they can just talk about their ideas like this is what i used to believe and this is why i changed my mind and they could do that over the course of an hour in a youtube video and it's clear
he is the mind could decipher state their opinions on things but because the people couldn't in the path like he used to be tough on crime now is a flip flop yeah you know it might not be what happened he might used to be taught off on crying but then he was given evidence of systematic racism then he realized how corrupt the police department is and then he realized that they have mandated photos with after rest to certain amount of people in this is probably the best place to do it because people have the money for legal representation and like so that's why my opinion of all but you couldn't do that in the past so someone would just call you a flip flop yeah the the the incidents changed everything and for the better by lunch i mean like we by the way is not discrediting real flip flopping right on there is always a so if someone if someone's of the ina doesn't really hold position that just drag it because it's a popular thing to do like hillary clinton for example perfect example clinton and trump on gay marriage yeah that's the best yeah it is from has been consistent on that day
decades now clearly clinton two thousand and eight was i believe is malana woman till two thousand and thirteen wasn't until two thousand and thirteen she finally came clean an went went went gay marriage i didn't even notice that two thousand and thirteen i believe there's a video of her from twenty thirteen in fact saying that marriage is between a man and a woman because she was and suddenly all know you know you've got to change position this bridge on whatever i don't give a because of hillary clinton have the money yes you know i'm here i'm a careerist i'm the only one who did the first woman president because i have to bill clinton all right i would love to read what the crazy she said of those bankers in those quarter million dollar speeches i would love to have until now the the transcripts that she won't police no wiki leaks is released a bunch of them i did not know that really single issue as well do you want some crazy stuff
she won some this is a medical board is like a like hemispheric open borders were like one hemisphere is just in a free and open and another one is free and open to it to actually get like a united globalized world and you know the you listen there's loads of stuff and then this just as you saying how she holds a public surprise the bankers she said that in the the speeches you hold a public and a private position yeah i did not know that they got that why didn't bernie sanders ever discussed that was recently he's a hunk i don't know he's gonna do it don't even know know cock cock now he's not expensive only sounds like a very nice man that his cock he's been well i mean use or black lives matter take over a stage right oh yeah i did those hours i know said it was fucking sad bunny these little bullies have got no ride your platform and they're literally screeching in we are being reasonable screaming in his face i bunny
as soon as summer approaches the minus side it doesn't matter part of it that lost me i didn't approve of how you know i was i was i was at that point a support bunny i like funny yeah i mean us ok is maybe maybe a little further left i mean i have to chance and having him go up there and then i like that though i took that insulin shots and i i got to get i don't think they should be able to do it but i think it does give you a sense of who he is but he's like alright tell show me what you want tell me you're just like standing the side yes and the last any you know lied to me well if he moves his hands there micrographs we've learned that evergreen every you know you have your boundaries i mean you immediately capitulate right so you without was your boundaries didn't stick to it send point you should write you should've said listen no i'm going to call security you're going to be supported away maybe we could discuss it info teacher if someone comes up to install screeching your face that there being reasonable
draw the line and you stick to it you do not mount pleasant person you out of your podium it's yours not that has liquid no right to it don't get fucked what you know he is being investigated now they're going after but i'm looked into it finance dealings with his wife and him in a small university where she i made some decisions that ultimately didn't pan out financially and it caused the universe he need to go under they acquired a bunch of new land and they were going to expand the university and they got a lot of loans and they started construction all this jazz and apparently just wasn't sustainable so now i think there's allegations which of course whenever something fails like that as allegations someone mishandled something so they've been found houses over here drenched i do not know it's been the news you know i haven't really deeply gonna story but the bay
six of the story are she worked for this university she wanted it to expand they spent a lot of money expanding it didn't work out so it doesn't sound on the face of it like malfeasance was necessary in the worry is that he used his influence to make some certain things happen that allowed it to take place perhaps well that is the allegation i believe i i still thing room pool common to be honest he might he's old days way to open his wife they're always happen if it's like a politician sold out because it takes that long for trucks issue is sad though isn't there like some guy in his 40s is basically saying the same thing as bernie sanders who hasn't like every still still get boners we don't trust him creep big is a shit we fuck this thing bill clinton man they really piss me off like that i don't give a shit people do this way it well it's because they can find out about it and they couldn't find out about it before so you got a guy like jfk was a total
the hound here is a great great sir then okay yeah push him supposedly yeah he was i don't i reserve fund who co owner in this thing why do we care yeah it's under under my chin that's a problem with him in his wife eunice nothing to write you know it doesn't surprise me great men always get women flinging themselves of them and okay there are only human you've got some really attractive woman fling herself out you can go and we can just nothing is going to wrong you know be great no no fucking surprise right it's not a judgment on their character even though it's just them being a bit weak in the moment in know i was wrong they know the shin and done it all the culture we are very very very different the culture of politics was very different back down oh yeah people knew about the president's affairs like that what was that who is the president had polio who's president of polio into the when had a wheelchair what is it was roosevelt
is it the guy he's got a little round glasses and smile was the roosevelt let it pull you i'd have to look it up anyway it was teddy franklin franklin franklin delano he had polio and the press knew it and hit it from everybody he just a no one yeah twitter yeah i mean that was the thing with jfk hey there was lyndon johnson famously held a press conference was taking a shit used literally taking a shit with the door open in the stall when he's talking to the press because there was like boundaries you know you couldn't say it to the code of honour yeah so i was taking arms in the nation now well i also think that once watergate broke once you realize that hey it's pretty obvious this president is a liar and a crown and we need if we have any responsibility we need to expose this want to expose that menu open up
that door woo people find out the genie is out of the bottle and then they want to know everything you want to know as soon as it becomes permissible but this thing this up people not care it's up to people to understand that look at the end of the day you are the person who is making the difference and it's a small difference but if we all agree that will make small difference between working i'm going to act in a way that i find personally responsible if we also right we're going to act in ways that we find person responsible will just end up with a better world without any haven't change right yeah i mean it's something no hands don't think that today is probably harder than ever to manage like what a pain tends to one on oh yeah what would if you had if you think about like fake news in like pots and i mean that that's a real from the social media is out there instead and that show like and it's more on the left but it's also very much on the right you know like like seven thousand and sixty or something like that you know but it's slightly more on the left where people just sent you essentially get one political viewpoint and so the social media stream of content
it'll tell telling you the same thing what was the story that just came out about a fake news story that cost some company until hold millions of dollars might it even been they might have even said billion dollars in stock and it just came out today like the sound a company was extremely d values change because of a fake news story about my is a danger yeah it's a big danger especially if you trade in the stock market and then also at nick causes a cascade of panic and just are dumping their stock in your in at all times and all these things so maybe i it would be that would balance out eventually but if it was a fragile company who who knows yeah the missile damage like has done to them did you find it
it's a really recent news story just came out like is the is the la area the flip side of like being able to hold people accountable you know yes it's a yeah you can hold the internet's fantastic and such meters on testing you too fantastic and you get the i mean nothing can make real augments the these things on now but like critical to free speech i i agree i am in line then that should be like in the should be understood but on the flip side someone could say some is not true that's free speech yeah well it's unfortunate but it's amazing when you really think about it how rare it is i mean you know it's fairly common you're talking about seven billion people i mean even phony happened once a day that's the only one thing is that that's nothing but i mean it is up i mean like the the have to educate kids in school when you see something done with social media you're going to have to fact check it i think there's going to be
the much more sophisticated ways of understanding whether or not someone's being honest and i think what we're looking at now is just like when people started reading books were written they never imagined that someone's going to have a printing press and when people had a printing press no one was ever going to imagine that you're going to put that on the internet so i think there's probably something around the band right now for us that's going to radically change the factual interpretation of information and like you're going to know what's real and what's not and it's probably going to be something that you're not even going to understand what it's about now like that as technology evolves this bizarre an exponential hi there read some new critical way of distributing information and he's going to get very strange that the way they're strange now where we have this right new ability to put out content like you do or i do i think in the future there's going to be
another change that's just as monumental and just is huge and it's probably going to deal with how we interface with that data like some sort of a arable thing or a mind thing where you can recognize patterns as being true or untrue recognize humans is honest or dishonest like you're going to be able to see you don't you that going to find it man we're going to get to know people are really worried about the lack of privacy now i feel like that is just step one is ultimate very bizarre symbiotic relationship going to have with each other and technology where we're going to be inside each other's heads there very new way it comes but it's kind of a sing about racism let me the s c w's and lightly evergreen college students going hey do this you're racist image right k yeah racist let's just say it is your racism but you know what's and they'll be like you were do something 'cause otherwise i'll call you a racist joke just be a racist then
you know it doesn't mean anything anymore if i'm a race all you have to get consent to give that power and if i don't consent like that you know if you like what was kurt eichenwald or whatever who caught with a tentacle porn you should just owned it but yeah fuck you you probably want some shit stuff too you know what they say oh my god he looks at tentacle ponies yeah and you look at what god tell me what your porn watching habits are going tell me about your puritan puritanical porn watching you two people in missionary for twenty minutes and then i get you off does it shut up even if it doesn't get you off and you watch it you you like what if you just like what in the fuck like if you look through my youtube list sore look at my history online each is that something you like no i want to see it the fuck it was what it was yeah i don't like car accidents but i i watch that motorcycle kick that car and the car spins out and hits the barrier then flips that other car yeah i saw it
he sought to smell like dead the end of the day you know hello so it's it's hope he tentacles yeah well the some about that makes me skeptical wow he should have just done it is such a sin who is the i don't know what you're talking about this guy could i come world i think it is who is he i tennis i think is a right wing journalists or something on a on the call i'm in the tentacle porn i will i guess is in the search history of some did you find that story about okay well this someone did i know i know i have that devalued story like someone yeah yeah that was it was definitely something but but it didn't you know and but the thing is this this is the point that if we're going to a future where literally everyone's going to know everything about everyone there nothing is really going to matter but any person i mean there's some like well yeah everyone does this you know you know you know exactly who does this so it's not going to be shameful nothing be shameful nothing to be shocking everyone would just know everyone over everything about everyone all the time yeah that's the real worry right and then we're going to be coming back here i got it right here ok the fake news here it is i'll tell you i found it so easy jamie so sad that your skills
it says fake news of fatal car crash wiped out four billion in here's the company easter rearm ii t ether bitcoin that's like cryptic oh that's why you didn't find it yeah i didn't know what that was that's a new one yeah oh god okay so fake news a fatal it's on quartz qz dot com yeah merry wiped out the four billion dollars in their market value yesterday how the forty four billion dollars in market value of a crypto corn and i never even heard of no idea i somehow cryptocurrency works so that's i mean still i cast as would
it'd stock jesus christ i mean if there's four billion dollars in value to it that's his legitimate as a company but if it's uh some legitimacy point being that a fake news story wiped out the value of it but maybe now is the time to buy right well yeah it's got no value and it's probably gonna go back up 'cause it wasn't a real thing about it get on the ground floor divent take a chance to make it well that you got it what is a big story about the guy that created it died in a car crash oh everybody panic and everyone panicked because the creative guy is controlling the money in the market of it supposedly died that didn't happen ok but still make new type for him though by the way your stocks going down four billion dollars parking lots client can you imagine that's the other weird part it's not stock it's a it's a value of market prices that's another one of my favorite stories that last year the fano story woman who is pretend
to be the news female steve jobs and she had the look so everybody went with it and she had this blood test ding procedure that is more in the can so it's a great story i guns and she was she was touted as being the next genius she dressed exactly like steve jobs she wore black turtlenecks and is really hilarious and she gave the speech to like women in something or another but this each was so like jumbled and shitty and there's so much poverty of words in her sentences like the con intent was just so bad i was like this is a genius like maybe like super awkward and nervous maybe she just didn't prepare this speech at all but now it turns out she was a bit of massive fraud however things a massive fraud and her thirty four billion dollar company vanished so the company had a product that they were using where they were doing these blood tests and a whistleblower from
the company said this person they're ignoring all the bad data they're ignoring all the failed tests that to pretend it's much more efficient in as democrats do not only is the did not work hundreds of thousands of people who took these two tests were exposed to potential health risks they thought it was this is esther they know what my buy know where my blood is now so you could have gone you know more cautious or less cautious based on this or you know got treatment that you didn't need based on this or didn't get treatment probably did need based on this so they imagine the kind of person who does them she standing there bullshitting i'm so sorry lazarus sociopath and in some sort of away some or she was lied to to i mean who knows exactly what the actual story as but the the the blower saying no she's absolutely aware of it and so now she's she went i'm being like the number one self made female entrepreneur ever where she was worth like thirty
four billion dollars or something crazy to massive debt our company is worth nothing doesn't work so she fired a lot of people in the company still exist as an entity but it's it's like one of those really tortured things lawsuits are flying around left and right now but the whole story is cautionary tale in like what what we're looking for we're looking for this thing in this new image you know here's this and she's fitting the part just got a black turtleneck on june con artist came along and played you dropped out of college nineteen to start this business i mean is not have a background in medical science she's not wishes of a degree sound like she's a phd in some sort bio engineering or blood testing or whatever the fuck it would be yeah it's it's a crazy was in because you saying hey exactly that's when you know drastic part looking said the right words confidence trickster to come and says hey your interest in a woman doing this i'm a woman i'm doing
remember for she get exposed watching that video for talking on this not seen any smart yeah if she's just like rambling along and kind of disjointed or something which is clunky yeah like pull up see if you could find elizabeth our user name stan knows what to focus our name for your name is fairness was the right what was her name looking at pictures ever doesn't surname anywhere when i i didn't i did hear about the on off to check out some of the time yeah this is but it's
it look again this isn't what's that elizabeth home yeah okay so it's not it's not discrediting women this is not so great in the idea of a genius woman this not discrediting the idea of a genius entrepreneurial woman with this is fascinating to me is a person who fits all of these categories of people are clearly looking for yeah right and they just pull in texas what masses identity problems it comes confirmation bus and we love the fact that strong woman is doing this it's amazing strong i'm with her has to they went with the marine le pen though when they close at all at the french woman oh that's right now well well it's it dancing is no well you know i mean i know she's the woman but i'm fairly for alexander macaroni about europe i'm with her on right well you know i'm with her when she things wrong so it's not that she's a woman is the way she thanks why can't we just be honest about this you know that more calories a trip to knuckles cancer she's i can't believe the jet germany get rid of medical yeah well it would be doing what he did
doing this is a trip when i know about her if i know who's run in germany the germans just can't help themselves are they doing over there with with her that in a minute manacles i i speak to him my friend crown he tells me about these things that she's fine for her on items a flip flopping flip flopping i i but actually be a lot more charitable navigation of the political since like hillary in that way i guess which uses an opportunist another one i think this on fat comic genius because of sailors really really it's a smart politician isn't it saying well okay what what i mean it what where people going i don't think that's smart anymore well no i think i live in i think it means you lack credibility it makes you look like you don't stand for anything well look it is much as trump lies and he's he lied over six hundred plus times in the hundred
last time that he was in office they did a count of all the times he said things that weren't true publicly right as much as he does that everybody knows it's what he does they know who he is they know what he does they know he tweets all the time so you can if you tweet something they know who that is that's that guy that's him that's what thanks that's why saying it you never got that with hillary clinton which you got is is we it boiled down messages that seem like they were put together in sort of a writers room yeah it was i mean she doesn't control it with twitter account now undoubtedly but trump undoubtedly isn't isn't a hundred percent is so hilarious i thought it was where is she wrote to him delete your account yes that is legit banter skill that was good
got to give it up to her there but i don't know who wrote that's probably some twenty year old kid somewhere she probably wrote it yeah and some girls working for guys who knows yes from the the social media manager wendy's tweeted out peppy all of the wendy's i come as a peppy no storm absolute system of forced to delete and who knows what that person still as nope but people think that pepe is alright and you're saying pepe's not alright then alright use pepe but everyone uses pepe pepe is a ubiquitous into symbol prefers of dissidents and chaos or more importantly disrespect but isn't cached like the god of chaos is not may not but what if you die and you meet keck would you be feeling bad 'cause he said he was made up i'll be quite surprised i will ok you're going to have to work with me here because let's be honest would you have believed it but yeah
that would be so shocked if he had gold robe was a frog you guys and there's there's this he looks like pepe then he's got a gold robe on can i piss off like literally everyone who believes in a religion why would you want to because what about hope doesn't it just struck you most childish fucking thing that depends on when i die i'm going to go see most nina not scientology that's starting to make sense to maine i can tell actually but i like set up and watching but then i searcy it's obviously wishful thinking and it's obviously you're afraid of dying and it's obviously that you just want to believe it it's not true you might just want that gold medal that's not true i want that scientology gold medal they gave tom cruise the big one like a laptop it looks like flava flave up there with that fucking gold medal on but it's so arrogant to think that humans are so important that they're going to go to an afterlife it might be right
you know the isn't isn't that arrogant to me because it's the idea is that like your trying to his house on life right and the mind understands that this is sort of a futile effort you're temporary you have a finite life you know like what it do doing why why even bother when i just end this constantly suffering just jump off a building so no no no we can't do that because there is a greater good waiting for us there is a greater thing there's another level of the video game that doesn't make sense if you're going to go to heaven when you done right kill you right because you can't that's a loophole so can't tell where you haven't well as we can assure yourself you make the people around you that love to suffer you don't go to heaven killers that's convenient for that's got what they kill you could wife what was your particle kitchen like you know we're just going to a drink the kool aid the poison cooling killer cells while they after that with jesus jesus on the cross that's why we still do
we literally make head like make the cross sign the the thing that killed a bill that bill hicks at a great joke about that going to go it's like going up to jackie on asses with a rifle planning on he was just talking to john jack imagine if you like a pagan or something back in the seventh century or whatever and your northern european lithuanian or something and then these joke come on hey we've got this religion about dead guy we think you should join it when you play why well it's really sad it's a really sad story but he died for your sins but yeah everywhere you go this guy just being killed on a cross you know my religion is way more fun than that yeah that you have the original send too that's the great thing you brought up earlier about being white i mean it's sort of like just being a human the original send the only way they can have complete total control over used to say that you are guilty no matter what just by virtue of being born believing you're guilty yeah see if then it works yeah yeah it starts
from that that this all knowing infinite thing that looks over universe is incredibly petty very jealous if you yeah if you don't like the word anything else any other false idols and death you were two different types of clothes deaf yeah you know it's it's some really interesting because there there've been religions in the past the thought that that was an evil god the creator the f and everything in the us is created by neighbor called and there is a loving god beyond its but you come praise and has no interaction the you know you gotta get past earth yeah basically you have to live a good life and eventually would gather well maybe it's true maybe it's like this is a level of the video game right maybe you get past this right now but if i did would you get through and that's awesome i'll put money on it and if i see or things in the after life with her okay okay well put one of you want to write it in the us like i say and if it's true and you have to let you in their life but you're you're like in a few real being you're like sunny day i know many
sure but the absolute i do now this is this is what pisses will have had a near death experience man been there man it's obviously such wishful thing well anybody that says they know as soon as one says i know what happens even if you say i know that you diane and there's nothing well you definitely don't you definitely don't know that i don't know but if i'm going to put money on it i would definitely wouldn't put money on it because the money is useless when your dad but i mean right now you know tomorrow night on is not for me i mean that's more than my bill to prove it tomorrow you know the if you get a betting agencies like well actually scientists have discovered that god is bill and it turns out that there are seventy two virgins waiting in heaven so maybe you should convert to his son now you know you blowing shit ok and lower did you ever see that priest that got in trouble because he took photos of him in heaven and who is selling photos of him and heaven his wonderful it's him like waving and he's in like this pure white
background and he said i put it on my tool it's on my my isn't rallies out from awhile back to such a year jamie is hilarious is fay he's i mean he's a look it's it's it's it's adorable because he's so stupid like the thing is so far and stupid that it makes you just go or it's like that i just found out about this to the other day giron horton told me about the eighteen year old kid that uh is running a medical practice and he did not have a any matters a copy right to his car but the positive any sat down and gave interviews and said that he's being persecuted and of all those in the true facts will come to light but it's the way it's edited is so funny i mean it's really really funny i mean this guys all loon this kid boy sounds like you fine
photo of the guy in heaven version he's got his hand up there's a full version of it we can see like more of an with yeah it's like that but it's all just it's not that it's white is not a fake one it's whatsapp five one thousand dollars short one yeah i was charging people for the photo of him in heaven an he was i guess he was going to sign it imagine what kind of more only to not talking to you look at this look at the quote i just want to bless everyone with the experience i had talked with jesus he's a great guy he showed me a lot of love i can't wait to get back up there with that's it
you met the king of kings you met the son of god you met up i managed to come back to last the guy that and this is what he says he says he's a great guy he showed me a lot of love i will for sure it sounds like you real transcendent experience with jesus he's a great guy he'd pictures on his galaxy smartphone he brought his fucking samsung up into heaven the worst part about this is so that's basically the bible stories based on long time you know so someone was you know like enoch was taken up into the crystal ship of god or something yeah that's just horseshit it's just horseshit made by idiots thousands of years ago so i don't know what's going on they can't explain what's going on but they are kind of scared again and killed and that's because it might really happen really fucking soon let's get maxine then they're talking
an oral tradition like those type talked for thousands of years and by the time someone wrote it down it wasn't the original bible like one thousand years old last time anybody wrote it down well invalidly that was i mean we don't know how old 'cause there's no i don't even know where i come from anyway you know come when you hear like the similarities between like the samarian tech stories like oh yeah the epic of nash's samaria really similar to noah's ark yeah the pushed him who xena survived the flood what no idea if i just like really so similar it's like they they it's almost the same words just replacing gold with golds right well they'll see those goals with gold and i'm things we can even pinpoint so time is likely to have been adopted into the religion yeah during the babylonian exile when the assyrians conquered the nation of israel and left you to the undoubtedly the that they took him back to lois here is about billions on the net knesset to combat the problem and then they they they
the small jews were the at least the the educated people and unsurprisingly suddenly then this also includes loads of mesopotamia might is right wall whether that come from genie is not at all and then they go back consoles and over okay school in corporate okay yeah it's this is a whole whole should end this no benefit into really trying to include the older stuff that they find try to like figure out whether or not these are connected stupid it's just like i mean it's just like that there are so many gods why that one by that one you don't know probably because you grew up with it right you weren't reasoned into ability when you weren't reason that position you didn't say everything you know i've had i think and i think it's modoc that i was thinking about it i was thinking tmo yeah it was well t amount you couldn't really have cuss like a primordial god but that's i like i like the old ones yeah but they don't you know you couldn't praise team outside prom create across he doesn't listen now he doesn't i mean i like asher to be honest you know ishtar but you the
this is just like it's nonsense it's all nonsense well it's it's all myth and it's fascinating and what's interesting to me is the historical idea that these people were living by these stories like thousands of years ago and like what like you try to put it in context imagine what it would be like living thousands of years ago with yes with no education limited understanding of the world around you and then there you are abiding by these ancient stories it's a fascinating thing like the dead sea scrolls that's really fascinating stuff evans david deciphering that forever but they don't incorporate it into the christian doctrine you know it's not it's not a majority codified country visit what do do about that because if they know that that's ancient religious text and it's his old anything that they found right oldest version of and these you know they don't use it what are they going to do it so weird because they'd have to change that belief
then they weren't reasoned into these beliefs so they're going to know i don't just ignore it they've got a narrative they just ignore it i wonder what they did with the official position of like the catholic church is about like the dead sea scrolls and i give a shit catholic church says i'm fascinated by that well yeah but one thing that uh how was it one thing that bugs me about it is i come over since and see how this point you brought that the judge got it you got me blew a fuse yeah a day just just because of the bombs out about them yeah that is a the catholic church solution well it certainly is this is this more prominence like i mean i did if someone wants to believe and stuff that's fine this was secularism is important in a as a bus is like a dense tearing politics you know it's just a terrorist yeah but what let me tell you about my accent but you just talk about yourself right in a note to my problem this external to you
you're saying i have a problem i believe something you know i believe in god i believe that black people this i believe it why people this but i don't really care you know tell me tell me about the things that external to you that actually are affecting things in you rather things that are indeed that coming out i don't care about that you've got this the wrong way round i just find it fascinating that there's like a certain level of like when you go back in time there's a certain level of history like you just ignore the ideas like when you get past four thousand years old like epic of gilgamesh is no one is trying to live by the sumerian tech there's no one is treating that as a religion right the ancient mesopotamians stories are basically thought it was purely myths it's like odin and stories it'll say that's all abandon but at one point in time that was the ideology to live i like the way the gold never really get resurrected and i i yeah
i don't really believe the neo pagans and stuff of this alliance the believe this night you just think it's cool they think it's cool yeah yeah there is already on the weekend yeah no i'm not what we can and is not like old either looks like a knee that was like unit ninety centrism allowed i was a mentor well that's even dumber yeah i know isn't it right it's like the oldest version of the mormons oh i love the moment so is it joseph smith is it yeah yeah dies in a gunfight or something like that in a prison as a lot of my kind of profit these things out when he was fourteen to those golden plates and not so good stuff i mean who do you well it's fourteen that isn't full of shit have you ever had a fourteen year old it tells you the truth and they want this to be lying all the time between new things this boy has wisdom where did you learn this wisdom golden tablet come with me i'll show you where it is the angels new coming were they took it away it away well i'm persuaded
have your magic seer stone oh no they took that as well so close so close but they did tell me before they left that i could have nine wise on wednesday which is once again let you know what one of my favorite thing about a crown in the eighties is is a muhammad basically used to pull these dictates from god out of his office and one point his child bride turned around and said you know it paraphrasing but you know these are coming it's surprisingly convenient times for you mohammed oh you got called out by your child bride mamet because it's obvious you pulling this shit out of your ass for your own convenience just like and there's some really gross things about mohammed as well i better go and take some more probably kill me is an amazing the ability would have to worry about that yeah legit yeah yeah i mean people who have ma
since we got some time anyway we're on the subject of this week i think it's worth talking about wahhabism i've been learning about that lot it's crazy and muslims hate it it's like the sj ws of the muslim world imagine if the country was taken over by rabid sj ws who had access to weaponry barbie scary right yeah imagine if they had in every city like sjw police we went around saying right blacks over there why it's over there man over here women over here and if you were even caught in fraternizing with the opposite race or sex that's it you're going to get the lash maybe you get your hand chopped off and you know whatever punishment intersectional social justice would meet out if given the option that's basically was like in saudi arabia and other isis so it really is in a lot of ways a lot of things
we've been talking about today they're very similar and these were deep grooves that are this car engine human side and i imagine the kind of person who wants to be the person who enforces the right piece of well the social justice was a piece of shit's control freak control freak moral busybodies who of no real models at all and people who lack a certain amount of objectivity which is why that certain lady you kept talking about earlier feels like she he can say those terrible things about you but she com yes self yeah ironically everything the singer's projection i mean who's who's doing the abuse and used in all of this well it's not me in a it's in none of this is really true mid term yes the the islamic world the the wahhabis that there's very interesting read the full some fanaticism by some rust mountain english professor who when i lived in saudi arabia for three years to learn
about the radiology really ready for really fascinating one of the one of the most fascinating things is how much other muslims don't like the wahhabis and i'm using the same or hobby but what it's a school of islamic focal south salafism and it can best be described as autistic screeching it's like take oh really hard line interpretation ignoring other arguments against this hardline interpretation and going you know what just now not even listening and then just carrying on and seeing whether china logic guess here and suddenly gets too religious police only gets the throne days of buildings very glimmers don't need to do because my heart but well not pro gay i mean the end this is this is nothing answer but muhammad says don't kill people you know and one point at some point in the car on he says and so that they come as a rocket will i'm gonna kill someone you know i mean and i came into the gay things wrong some of muslims are actually
pro death sentence for homosexuality but you know you know they'll have i mean everything is reasoned everything is argumentation so the important thing is to understand that they are persuaded into becoming charities and it's not and this is one thing the west has to understand it is not the way our war with them might they and you can go to isis is like they they produce magazines those one cold got beat which was a city they owned but they lost it so they created new accord reminder which is rome what the arabic for rome the they have concord before isis but islam and want to conquer and they literally was fourteen of something they we turn around and say we do not fight you because you bomb the middle east we fight you because you are not muslims and no
it's not because you bomb the middle east even if you stop bombing middle east we will fight you until you become muslims this is why we do it get me wrong you bombing the middle east doesn't make us like you anymore you know and we're going to keep doing it we fight you because you insult muhammad we fight you because you don't believe in allowing this profit in the last day this is why we fight you do now don't misunderstand they literally addressed the liberal the progressives or you know whatever you'd like to call there literally talking to these people say don't think the the crazy and we don't know we just this is what we believe you are cancer and we want to exterminate you basically and you get the sjw saying well i mean it's kind of went bombing them in american foreign policy knows nothing to do with that it's all about their argumentation even if we will just peaceful peace loving people who did nothing they would still be like well allows tommy
ahead of me but again this is a small minority who and widely despised by arises i mean the like for example if you went to a christine school and everyone would prefer to chill you know the the you know you still got to let you know catholic school or something and most people you talk to the b family chill but in every group of people have a couple of people who would be the sort people watching you and if you start doing something that can get the nuns you know then they get wack how dare you know they are those people is just for islam they end up going and killing things because in islam you told right if you die and this is another thing that drives crazy but like the nine slash eleven hijackers were drinking and carousing and and doing drugs there obviously not muslims no you fucking idiots they think they're having all of their sins expand the second they die in the service of this is what martyrdom is no matter what you've done you go to heaven and get your virgins so
why wouldn't you do whatever the you like they have a free pass because they know they're going to do exactly so that's what we do and so on when the like a isis aren't really islamic 'cause look they're doing the luzon islamic things know they know they're going to die and that well in the logic of the theology that they live under they think they're going to die and they're going to get no have rescinded allison remission of sins isn't that the most fascinating part of it is just the things that people are willing to believe that they've been reasoned into it by if you take like saver i believe that the crime is the word of god and i believe that their deaths in the center of the actual sayings and doings of a habit and you believe these things then then you building from some bass and you need to in the end it basically is how you construct augments if you start leaving out pulse of what otherwise is like a regular muslims off vehicle to clock in and then you end up building look away tower of him this is going off you know and the argument so could
truck themselves off to the left rather than saying recently central i mean what most muslims and never gonna become terrorists because they don't autistic we believe that a bunch of things just aren't true just because i don't want them to be true you know they don't they're not cherry picking from the crown as much as the light unit to the extent that the will hobby store salafist are and they will be in june in general they they hate that you know their watchword is is the dumbest thing in the world there will be no more innovations what no more innovations mohammed was the perfect man we must live like my therefore i mean like you you would not believe how dumb this is you but this is really part of their doctor yes it's called b to bidai think it might have nature on it i'm not sure but i don't speak arabic and the idea is that there are no not have any innovation but what about the innovation
they are to use like toyota trucks yeah the the the the like for example cellphones king of south had a hell of a time that right k so study reviews founded by the even solid family in conjunction with adult hub he was a known in light late 18th century he was unknown theologian and he was he was a brilliant man but he was i can't think about way of putting it in autistic 'cause he he was really focused hyper focused on a single sort of shred strand of thought and everything that he thought was either black or there was no gray in between right and i mean i literally he may well have had autism not just use it as an insult he may
we'll have live three handles observers of this or nothing at all you know and so in the billing this theology and it's not it's not bad well i'm i'm kind of a sliver what's on this on this about it's not that it's not like it's not there is an argument that there will be you must be an argument or otherwise people wouldn't believe it right but only when you're you're getting me really confused okay what might be an argument otherwise people will believe what what he's saying in his interpretation of the koran and islam and you know all of this he's got a particular interpretation and he says to someone hey you should follow my interpretation of islam silencing of the rights interpretation of islam okay and the a most people will like not right your your ignoring almost everything you know and that's fine but what is enough to the nation right well that's the thing like beata is hot in a home for the
visions and but they don't run harmful innovations are bad by definition but there are also good innovations so you know the telephone you know the cards all the sort stuff these are considered innovations also other muslims are free to use them the wahhabis imagine now this point they've been persuaded that they all okay but some when like for example evens out first try to explain to them look we need guns and you know in in a maxim gun we plain sweet when he bombs and bullets and cars all these now televisions and satellite dishes another sort of thing they were actively resistant to this because i'm a habit didn't have this and he had these things called ike won warriors i'm probably pronouncing that horribly so apologies anyone who knows how to pronounce these words i've never seen written down
but these guys were like isis the the i mean it's the way saudi arabia's formed is exactly the same way as isis is being the islamic state is being full now exactly this and these guys were the most brutal menu of the scene and then we just go in and commit are entitled to just write a hundred fifty thousand of these people union and like that he used to conquer what is now saudi arabia eventually he was like i want to come i think planes good idea i mean like nine nine and so they revolted against him the british seeing him as a useful client decided to help him out with a few maxim guns if you'd like you know by planes or something so they revolted against him because he wanted a car yeah because on islam mom commandment avada ka the british kill milk
which was probably honestly that's probably a good thing for the world don't get me wrong 'cause these guys were nuts they would regularly and this thing it's another thing they've got is the tack theory doctor in your not a real muslim that's interesting thing isn't it and it's interesting how we do that to them we takfeer then you're not a real miss me that went on a position to help anyone who's a real muslim or not you know if they consider themselves muslim there must and i mean it like little they are then most muslim in their bra pinion in their opinion nobody else is a real muslim and therefore it's ok to kill them you can only you only have to give a shit about actual muslims under this doctrine again this is not most muslims think this is the antithesis of what most men actually and so these guys used to go in a huge ratings do you have to qualify that like you have to say you know the other ninety as not as not as this study should come yeah then and just just while we're on the subject right islam is totally in liberal i'll over of western liberal country should never differ
islam in its mild very islamophobic of you exactly the mildest phobic commonly i would never i would hate you would hate to live in charlotte well you might not want not you personally as a man you had to entirely benefit from living in the shower real house so the girls have to walk around like beekeepers right not all he's not not not such you know how do you know what they really look that century that since you know in the koran it just says be modest right mom you don't you know you could just wear a headscarf something that's all relative isn't it if you like an internet ho monist is like jean shorts and if you autistic isis member that's full on burger with a grill of your face this what's interesting about this and the the the thing with the like for example in in the legal system directly out to the crown women a woman's testimony is worth half of a men's and legal system in the legal so they you is that legal system like the user on to enforce the law so it's based on shower so if a woman says something like sargon raped me and you be like
we need you need a female witness he has two you we you need more than one feed another female witness to testify yeah and even then the worst part about it for woman for the western that is entirely entirely possible that the judge will punish her for tempting me yeah because like if she has a half an opinion and then the uh it doesn't have an opinion that's still only like one person and that one person is a woman yeah this ones one thing that women are entitled to half of the inheritance money amount is entitled to so that was the other half code are there any brothers will i think that if you're if you're alone sibling then ok learning child then yeah ok if you find obviously but like you got a male sibling you'll get half of what he gets pretty horrible in it yeah and this is just
a small thing and like the legal system is basically about a bounce is useful as hama robbie's code of rules but you know not for an eye tooth for tooth me without was outdated two thousand years ago in west now you know with the advent of jesus but not not in this office is is really personal stuff and it's just like okay well yeah i mean any progressive whoever advocates for anything positive about islam is an idiot doesn't understand his lunch they've got i mean i've i've seen them going islam's most feminist religion yeah if you want to be made a second class citizen it is absolutely if that's what you want feminism the installation of a systemic oppression against women sure that can be feminism if you like and that he is revealing about feminism isn't it what is going on lately with this weird sort of acceptance of how do you say hey job how do you say that the hidden hey john you know offends me more than anything right but what's going on with that
this is we're not saying where women are like being a better word they're pretending they're fighting up but they're pretending they're empowered by this and that this is their own choice that there's this is a feminist value only this you but it's not very common have you seen a single what no one thing that i i've never i never diesel for much of the supposed to guess fended when i see an american flag his job i find that fence home and they have those yeah i know i let you look at the end of this is the antithesis of what these values hotels and that seems like something a biker would wear yeah it sounds apparently tell sound like a parody but now it's you maybe that's really what it is maybe like one of them duck dynasty in their face maybe it maybe have a maybe i've been fooled oh my god isn't that is the symbol of liberty cover yourself up you for real wow cover your fucking her up you does so she is she wearing that to show that she's very american that when trump is saying that he wants to shut down mosques
did you see that whole megyn kelly thing with alex jones i saw that he scooped but to be fair i mean alex probably did say load crazy shit he probably lie by a little crazy shit didn't he well he's in in the past he's definitely crazy shit about sandy hook yeah and but she was saying that we never expected to ever be famous i've known alex along time it's not that it's just that he's just the building but he's always looking for conspiracy he's like when you think you know for sure that some things for sure that something's conspiracy when you don't really know for sure you're just so dang it and then you just run with it when you talking about children's lives it's very dangerous it's horrible you can have some bloody convincing proof the band and and in that yeah but it has a little band and it in pa apologize for saying it he's like the what is
done is like made the sort of like he's sort of like made some some some video where was talking to the parents directly and saying that he couldn't imagine the feels their pain and i'm terrible for i feel very sorry for your loss but it doesn't both saying i'm sorry i supported a hoax that's not true that says you are liars and your children would never kill you know there was a really crazy story that i read about a guy who was a conspiracy theorist and then as one son was murdered and then he realized holy shit in sandy hook here realize like oh my god this is how insane these conspiracy theories are these people that are there there's a whole movement right now where they think that polio was a massive hopes and that would polio was was them injecting people with the polio vaccine because there was no polio
injecting this vaccine they heard all these people a someone who has been fooled before i can tell you the any solution is education you've got yeah you can't just you can't just tell the people already it's never told them because of this thing when you don't have anything to rebut me with flat arm right yeah exam flood you got engaged in these people i mean that's the popular these days weirdly it's like what the you the satellites are for why put that ilan musk thing up and we've seen that ilan mustang i put on in ceramics should check this out pull this up ellon musk posted some saying about spacex you know there there there shoot and shoot something into space now and then land it on a pad we've figured out how to do that and so they spit up a sped up version so instead of taking an hour or whatever it takes to get up there and get back but check this out like how beautiful that looks when they coming down the earth but then go watch but why doesn't work fulcher i don't know but check this out the water it does so watch this thing lands this is really kind
crazy boom from that now fucking now right yeah that's incredible dude elon musk for president well i don't know about his politics but i mean that's even must've build shit it's amazing wonderful will look at that fucking video of the earth so all these dip shits in the comments i knew it when i played a fish bowl i lens right i was going to put it up 'cause it's awesome just it's awesome i'm going to put it up whether or not dipshit think the earth is flat or not but you clearly see the fucking circle these to the curve of the earth and there's so many people in the comments so i could see how it's food you really believe that bro you're such a sell out so we sell out bro what do we have some flights was the point i mean put it is not valid they don't think the satellites but you can see them lounging on a nice no no no no they're flying around planes ok why can't you see the sun at anytime of the day why can't you yeah because the sun goes around behind the flat earth won't
doesn't make any sense why you why you saying it like like you looking for rational explanation for this thing because let's say like gina this is the flat earth ice wall here in the summer and they say about it like it's like under like fucking like a spotlight right and it's for some reason rotating around but it's like any point to point over girl list son is shining down with know have understanding of flat earth theory sir i think i probably do so i think i think you're absolutely right but yeah the only way to any way to get rid of these things is to educate people you can't ridicule right because they're not they're not necessarily being irrational that just but it's a likes everything else we've talked about what people have an idea in their head and then they dig their heels in the sand and here's the thing once you publicly said you think the earth is flat in my once you said that like you have to sort of stick to your guns well does say i'm sorry i'm so stupid i really did believe these idiots on youtube instead of believing actual astrophysicist actual people
who involved in the fields of cartography airline travel shipping routes mean jesus as you can go on and on and on about satellites aerospace engineering all the different people that probably would have to be in because who doesn't me tell me about the wall of ice the walls of the is a photo of a someone sent to me for i i wall it's like it's ten feet high i watched it should be video by some buy some you tuber about and some here is one the problem and fucking youtubers is a lot it is a problem but he was like why do we believe in a flat earth how's my great i want to know you know that was legitimately vaccines on chem trails actually was that hope big looks like this it gives us a man will talk about bigfoot it's a hope they get ahold gives me hope like hope beyond the ice wall school that's a land existence and it's like why would it be any better than what we've now
you have a photo you dumb cunts is not one guy leaked a fucking camera over to that ice wall you piece of shit we fly drone over show me the edge show me the outside it's conspiracy to keep in what it is people love to know things that other people don't know they love when they uncover truth when there's a secret that someone is hiding about something as monumental as the shape of the earth people love to be the people no they love to be hash tag woke that's what i sense okay and they don't like to read books no none of the none and i think for some of the like aid i mean this guy who said that gives us hope and it's like that's because the you don't have any hope you need some in your single religious person and so you take on this is kind of a religious belief no no no you're wrong listen a lot of a more religious that's part of the thing the whole thing is that evolution is a lie that's one of the big parts of flat earth theory is the earth is flat the firmament
human condition yeah listen there's a big religious part of this whole thing evolution is a lie is a huge part of the flat earth movement is a belief in creationism ali the whole space is not real and then above us is heaven we live in a dome now this is there's a lot of different actions of the flat earth moving i'm sure lessons yes i have but no this is a big a big part of this is and i believe in in creationism says it lies american kristin thing no yeah the ones who believe in it also don't believe in dinosaurs i think dinosaurs are fake this is right the main guy believes the dinosaurs are by the way things nuclear bombs or hoax yes nuclear bombs or what is bom just about i'm not a big deal just a reducing a bomb nuclear if it's yeah but like
this is a massive folks this but a lot of money as a bomb just a really big dinosaurs are host to that billy real though of course who minion to chem trails probably could be real geo engineering is a thing oh yeah so it could actually be right now i can see the rationale from the government's point of view if they're like all the global warming is happening and if we like put extra clouds in the sky then it will deflect an excessive amount of the suns rays and cool the earth down well it do that yeah exactly so but it doesn't mean it's a conspiracy to do that that's whether stupidly it's no it's not the the the not trying to because they they a yes in the council thing the thing with the trauma like poison people here's the thing they didn't understand that that's what happens when a jet engine goes through condensation in the air creates these fake clouds and yes these fake clouds can cool the earth down a lil and in fact they put them out in on purpose yeah but they're now pulling them out purpose it just a side effect of air travel like they're they're making these assumptions based on
sing something in the sky and thinking someone spraying something that wasn't there actually look at geo engineering thing that was actually something they're doing or planning to do there definitely the haas ability of one day us having no real protection would know always on layers there's a there's a possibility in the one of the things that scientists have speculated is that suspending some sort reflective particles in in our atmosphere like satellites yeah that would that would somehow or another protect us from solar radiation so is this something that people thought of yeah but the doing on the for sure someone is thought about doing if that's the issue if we're missing some sort of atmosphere can we create an atmosphere yes we can how do we do it we spray chemicals in guy okay but that's not what you're seeing when you see those clouds behind jets it's really simple science the heat of the jet engine
combined with a constant yeah the condensation in the atmosphere it creates of eight these these artificial clouds they look like clouds because they are class yeah in the yeah makes perfect sense but to the armchair conspiracy theorists looks up like there's brain a smack death spring sky man i come out and defend alex jones for a minute i love alex yeah i know but i mean in a defender about sandy hook not knowing to defend about frogs what about the frogs true they are turning frogs gay oh they turn frogs you know was really ironic as well the global sizzling folks well there is well there is i'm i'm actually being literally service and as well this pollution pollution it does make the fries its corporate malfeasance and it's only a certain kind of frog in a certain kind of pesticide i actually read through the study and you played my video on it before you my videos a mile channel taken down by a man
finally got taken down it was just a little shit posting channel door about it but i'm the shit posty channel we'll just put bullshit on that bullshit i find funny and one of the only thing was looking into this study alex jones reciting so i thought i'd go and get the study actually read it and he's right kind of for example these people are actually globalist it's like a multinational corporation people who are actually open borders they are pro open borders there pro corporate influence around the world because they run a giant corporation the chemicals that put in the water technically woah actually he wasn't going far enough these chemicals are making folks trans but it would be for ninety percent of the frogs and it was only a certain chemical us and pesticide and it was affecting sent the frog so it doesn't unassuming on trans well i i don't know the process of seminal scientists but like
but i mean the ninety six of them are yeah find one and it lets you for ninety percent of the folks at the touch some of the aisle after the in a check the numbers before a large for the majority of the folks touched it would make them behave in like the fissile feminine white male frogs and make them behave in a feminine way of the ten percent of the folks touched by this chemical he would actually center process to transform into a tile female from we should so make him making gate was listening making when right that's not even trans right but that's literally like changing your your actual sex it's literally like transitioning into an actual female that's actually fertilisers better than we do for human beings but this was actually a real thing it wasn't like an intentional plan to try and turn people into gays or trans or whatever though and it wasn't it was done by people who are globalists probably but it wasn't done as part of a nefarious plot it
no because it was cheaper to just dump the chemicals in office and it was just an unintended it's just ironic when alex and alex jones as you know the the the globalist supposed chemicals and tool to make friends gay willie ease right we were in the desert storm that there was a project that they put together where they were trying to figure out a gay bomb yeah do you know about that yeah i heard about lately soldiers about stuff like you won't okay i'm i'm not feeling very but now decide i like men they would they would blow this stuff in the air blow it up and it would land down on them and it would transfer them into gay people and they'd be so ashamed that they would stop fighting and lose morale this was a real incineration is resiliency dollars even even him of the greeks than that yeah exactly this is because of face and we get him out of the that was a superpower to theban's scientist developed gay bomb to make any soldier stop fighting make love to the nines do do do do do do scientists at right laboratory in date
in ohio working to make america's military even mightier made the discovery in one thousand nine hundred and ninety four according to the detailed papers on earth through of freedom of information request and last night finally rewarded with and what is that i g i g r l g ignoble awards nobel prize for peace a spoof of the nobel prize r k do to be announced next week mark abrahams editor of the annals of the improbable research and the man behind the ignoble awards explained we don't know if this document was the start end of it or whatever in fact this project continued and perhaps continues to this day so to this day they might be working on a gay bomb trump puts a stop to that he does unnecessary spending is per gala yeah because i don't want to change something complicated
change people whatever a regular guy like him gets bitten by that spider i really like to get a spider do you know about that ticked that turns people into vegans yeah girl tells a tick bite this tick bites you in you develop a meet our g o really yep it's called the lone star tick where they live where they live probably texas causes cologne start i guess but i think they're spreading thing but it would be ironic if it was in like the meeting capital of the world lone star tick making people allergic to red meat i need to fuck outta some chicken i'll tell you that dragon it was engineered by the government i just think it's the natured deciding we're tired their bullshit look it's been recorded as far north as may mean in all the way to central texas and oklahoma wow the ticks are found in the den undergrowth growth in wooded areas as well as around animal resting areas you know the thing about this because i run in the hills were the sticks i saw tick like aryan i did a pike
the other day that we will release on july 18th which is the day that our is netflix special comes out but we did a podcast when we went on a high can i put on a weighted vest and we went through the woods and did the whole thing that i do when i run and a tick landed on ari and we we knocked it off and then we start talking about it and like going like is there the way to stop ticks from coming on you is it only going affective do they have a spray like ticks or not like mosquitoes right is there an effective tick spray no idea you should know do you're so smart to be done ever takes remote last month this ticket power other at all how effective it is a yeah i'm skeeter pela doesn't always work i did have a works i get blisters you know works thermos sell your use a thermos sell all man i don't know if
bad for you but it's a maze attorney no love this thermos cells into a piece of equipment that people take on hikes and camping and hunting and much did it screwed there's this chemical that screws into the bottom and then it has an element you click it and heats on and it makes is fine mist through this element and this fine mist if it doesn't smell bad to people but he does the cannot with it love ages day just vanish well i also is it is not poisonous to long time when i don't know man that's the problem yeah on a one eighty nine then this man five is legal dementia and i heard nine thinking yeah i'm panicking now ships something's i can't remember so but for them yeah around the same now i definitely have it but i went look in the gym yeah i did cv show about it yeah it is a huh yeah well i did this show what they used to do on the scifi channel that may
made me this is made a lot of people mad at me and it also made me realize what conspiracy theories really were all about in the show is called joe rogan questions everything so i would go when i would embed myself with these people and hang out with them and i embedded myself with these bigfoot people and what i said at the end of it was here's one thing that you don't find me to go looking for bigfoot black people you're more likely to find big foot then you are black people are forgetting someone so unflappable white guys out camping no that's true black people when i'm not to do is it says feed white session and it's also this no one that i talked to others like one lady that had a pretty good story yeah she believed that she was saying but here's the thing black bears are huge and they you know you can get a black at seven feet tall italy and they walk on their hind legs sometimes they just do everybody knows they do this video of them it's not a mystery black
bears walking through the woods on hind legs that are seven feet tall you would think that's big for this is really just telling my ship upside down i mean if there's no bigfoot but the earth is flat what do i believe well i don't think the earth is flat either i think it just everything's online and this is all side opposite the big for thing it there's so many like pretty convincing stories that's the thing with the right one sorry i haven't heard one of our book convincing story of big foot no hello hello is with the like you know i was i was like you know five feet away from the site you know he's saying didn't have a you know a dental benefits and a man's face i know the bloody known it was it was you know looking and stuff of this as i came to know nobody's ever go good picture of any yeah i know but there is no really goes to the wood yes on a regular other than less strauss survivor man he believes it yeah i think so but there there are never any bodies as the feces i've heard bears make a monkey noise to i heard him say that he's it made it sound like and it's really a primate sound but i've heard i've seen in
my own eyes in the woods of bear do that with another bear yeah they make that when they fight with each other yeah it may it must be bad it must be because i mean you couldn't have like you kind of like a species of australopithecus whatever it is supposed to be gigantic i got so yeah gigantopithecus whatever supposed to be and just like i mean the room is america's huge places you would find it well find something you would a dead one or something after a while there's enough people looking but the thing is when they found out that like that about that hobbit do you know the hobbit person floriane cell phone for instance is for it yeah i know the thing you told my vision yeah florida's flores yeah and indonesia they found within the last fourteen thousand years there was absolutely a little person that was like three feet three feet tall means around yeah but they look one hundred percent
oh this thing did not look a hundred percent human it was a new it was another type or offshoot of something yeah i mean i don't know if they've been classified yet i don't know if they have be honest it's a relation of him that jobs experience it's a type of human but it's not neanderthal it's not homo sapien and this thing was fourteen thousand years ago so they know the jacket i think this was a real animal that lived on hundred one hundred percent yeah inside human beings as recently as one hundred thousand years ago right this is the this is just nonsense well that orang pendek is much more interesting the orange danielle is a small hobbit like man that lived i think that might be indonesia as well but vietnam hold movies vietnam well i think it's
some of these tropical jungle climates where there might have been as recently as you know one hundred years ago or whatever that might have been a few of those fuckers raining they don't know mean when someone dies in the woods mandy now many people we lose in the united states loads thousands every year i i watch david polite he's all the time on like a bell and stuff yeah he's great he's i i love these i such clean coal american guy and he never goes into the wild conspiracy theory angle of it but it's it's it's always hinting that well that was a book on this number i never is yeah it's like bobcat goldthwait made a movie about big foot eating people awhile it's a great move they're fine it's call willow creek it's a horror movie one you like bobcat bowl gold women a horror movie do you mean a great harvey it's like a sort of
like one of those blair witch project type movies about a couple that go up looking for bigfoot you know and just a film like where the original patterson footage was taken place yeah it's a personal people off they want to believe this person to fucking say bobcat once believe but why do they put tits on the same because it's a girl get out why would they make it again but it was tearable anybody who looks at it looks like a person's suit the other night hit i said whenever you see something that looks like a person a suit it's a person a suit animal a fucking animal a person in this area i just actually not the conversations i know if we if we get mail so i mean it's going to look like personal super if we get a female so they can like why would why would they put it on
well he can be a real book they did a female because of female be smaller though so instead of it being an eight foot tall thing you get a six foot tall thing it's like a regular size dude with some nice tits like it's chick brow meanwhile it's a big guy look up big like i love the bigfoot like i love the breakdown videos all over youtube the gray and it's always like that let's do the soup there was a wiki leaks that was just released today about nasa knowing about aliens really yes follows come come pull jamie nasa knows about aliens they have information on wikileaks nose and they're going to spill the beans when it comes to the it's it really is true and then there's like an alien i'm faster on the white house lawn also you know like all okay i was of the interview for the problem as i thought it was links not much more likely to be pranksters yeah yeah if if you have a much more
likely that anonymous the global hacking collected these alien life exists and thanks nasa is about to confirm at the shadow we group yeah i love that that it's a shadow recruit poll to stay you can be in you can join so i have you know i'm not i mean i'm into exactly in a twelve and a half minute video minute video publishing unofficial youtube channel on tuesday the video centers around recent findings by the americans this organization including the discovery of two two hundred and nineteen new planet candidates ten of which present similar conditions to earth by nasa's kepler space telescope team in june as well comments made by a senior nasa official but here's the real thing right i believe and i believe as well that it's entirely possible that some life exists somewhere in the infinite universe i can't believe it doesn't course i'm we're on the same page why are we so skeptical about skeptical about it visiting us because it's very difficult to visit us right but if it's like way more advanced
shouldn't be able to figure it out just like we could figure out how to get a probe to jupiter but i can't figure out how to visit but then we've got a government conspiracy and cover do we or are they just people and they don't know anymore than you are i like we don't know shit why would they aliens came here do you think they would like go all that's an elected official clearly that has the mayor let me talk to him know it look at this fucking ant hill and they be like which one of these dipshit should we tell i don't know what you said stick some stuff up his ass and do some in tests on him that's bollocks though 'cause it's bro no let's listen to it i've gotten offended gotta friends online forever and this is just called counter argument is that we can distinguish between from one end to another we can see the workers we can see the soldiers we can see the queen they can well they they would surely be smart yeah but those are the measures that queen are physically shaped different certain they're different things like this big one it's all the babies it's pretty obvious the queen queen bee she
is a giant stinger that doesn't detach and she goes and kills all the baby bees a cunt bitch is trying to kill the women wish why can't they speak english they probably can yes has been the lead okay army will we have to think that if something is alien it could be so alien that all of our concepts of culture are so bizarre that there's no context for it to relate how come in send a language just now what we're saying they were saying on the it's fairly simple if they can understand our language then they must have relateable relatable similar concepts in their own not necessarily bills translink nonsense is not necessarily the comments on language that's not nice the true that's putting them into a limitation that we currently have like we understand dolphin language but we know they have a language of the i we can we can appreciate the dolphins party have a concept for eating right like if if the dolphins i don't i don't know what we're talking about culture in terms of like who's the queen who is the mail
cairo killian and they'll have like an alpha dolphin and people the the the the dolphins will have some like unit clicks that mean the person in charge i mean they must have some concept of higher rocky they have a concept seem under right but you know we don't really understand dolphin language well no but i mean we can surely pick out like the concepts them's else i mean they must understand the concept of leader i thought they just can't understand the concept of later i don't think it is widely understood what dolphins are saying i think i don't know i don't think we can translate dolphin to human we can't even recreate it no no i'm sure that i mean we can't recreate their sounds like we don't know what their sounds mean but we said a bunch of shit to a dolphin
on this and we can talk to the office or anything like but with the with the dog you know you can do that does it go certain kinds of and very very primitive method of communication but looking down wimp as you know at some point right you know who that is and so do i have to have a concept of being up being in pain to understand the dogs going i know that mean the told her i must understand that the concept of huts right so if the aliens if i can in standing placed in the must understand the concept of what president is all they must and they must have some more tough probably way of analyzing it sure they sure if they can take in all the disappear it to us yeah well if not superior technologically far more advanced in that they've been alive longer but when you consider the possibility of all sorts of diff weather conditions different life conditions may be different solar systems where they have zero
concern about being hit by an asteroid by people yeah and so i thought well that's because they're supposed to represent us yeah in the future because these is that what is actually because we've got a sci fi two i think it's a relatable that could be that's it but that was my point is that i think that aliens could potentially be so alien that they can even relate to the concept of our ability to communicate with noises like they might be the firm with smells yeah exactly the might be using some telekinesis or some shit psychics man maybe i mean that is so do you think if you had to bet all of your youth money very much available street journal it's been here or no i probably been now yeah but skeptic i i mean a lot of the ancient aliens stuff is total horseshit yes how tall horse shit
that stuff is really fits more into i'm graham hancock randall carlson mode of there being an ancient very advance civilization that probably was wiped out just like we know there have been civilizations that were wiped out it's much more likely that someone likes say in machu a peach was able to construct things you know that we're like really confusing because today yeah it wouldn't come from the world it's a writ what really interesting because as soon as you start going down the slide you think okay we'll do you need to have high civilization in a certain series of things and they're a bunch of you can read to abundance of food agricultural just nice so you need a lot more on that as well but like peace you can you can read thomas all things wealth power and will popped in politics come above the title is and why nations fail and
mostly guns germs and steel yes i'm ready i had read guns germs we still read these books in the something understand what what populations need around three quarters of it should be on this really get billed on its own but if it you know they there's a whole slew of things you need as a civilization for humans to develop high this muscle standards bracket population density in a little thing and so on but it's not just population densities lots of other places that have high population densities so in africa for example you have very few areas of high population density and so you don't have gray civilizations like in sub saharan africa because there just aren't great cities densities to trade with and then and then you get here what they had is difficult trick is in africa and this is something that also goes into is that look the rivers aren't very navigable you know there are lots of rapids or rocks are not very deep you can't carry huge barges down there not like the other than you
right you know this thing goes further into hundreds of miles and is deep and you can get barges all up and down and stuff like this i mean i'm traveling traveling goods by water is so much more fashion well you know like twenty times more efficient than trying to take some of the land grant and so if you do have much livings pretty large machine yes and so you did that innovation or to create a large machines in the first place exactly and and you need someone to take it yeah trading with anyone if there's if you're the one like atlantean civilization no one else is buying your girl yeah it's all horseshit it just couldn't happen based on what you need for this thing to actually end up existing right in order for it last to exist you really have have a have a landslide yeah yeah which is more likely that there were some sophisticated civilizations that were hit by asteroids that will it is for that is a lot of uridium yeah there's a lot of actual physical evidence yeah there's also this stuff so that's kind of clear glass well it's best
penske's the radio comes from space uridium when you find it in large quantities indicates an asteroid impact radium is very common space an extremely rare on earth so when there's a whole sentiment layer of a radium it's almost entirely provable event that's when it was hit by something would not be some sort of ruins underneath this yeah they found a lot of drones this is what really fascinating about how old go beckley tapies twelve one thousand plus years old yeah but i didn't get that didn't die because it was hit by an asteroid will say this is graham hancock and randall criticism in speculating that was really primitive ok you don't know that but before we well it's a massive huge stone columns that are nineteen feet tall that are carved into stone by people that are hunters and gatherers is pretty impressive but the point being you're probably for this you know for the thing but it's not like a technological achievement well what is
press of macho picho impressive it's pretty impressive right that's not very old well it's thousands couple one thousand years old doesn't hundred one thousand four hundred something i don't think that's true and i don't they know that for a fact and this is one of the speculations that graham hancock and randall crossing have presented is that the ever sense of this nuclear glass which only exists on impact sites before you go to your phone listen to me so you can understand what i'm saying impact sites where are meteors hit or where they've done nuclear tests so they've found this stuff and micro diamonds evidence of massive impacts when they do core samples they found it at ten and twelve thousand years which is essentially the same time period as the end of the ice age did he which podcast on it with geologists they don't know though here's the thing when you talk to an expert this is pure speculation there's no carbon dated evidence that points to that age where as there is with the sphinx so with the sphinx or excuse me with the great pyramids or the great pyramid of giza they've done some tests
some of the settlement and some of the stuff in between the stones and they brought it to about two thousand five hundred bc found like crazy specifically yeah they found a bunch of stuff that shows with very high high degree of possibility or probability that it's around two thousand five hundred bc what done with this we have and then the massive impacts willis yeah with with geezer right yeah but there's a with some rather around the great parent but there's there's plenty of evidence that there was some sort of a massive events around in ten thousand and twelve thousand years ago and what their belief is that this is where all the stories of atlantis come from this is where all the stories of these great civilizations that were wiped out come from is that most likely we experienced a big die off and a lot of people were affected by these disasters and catastrophe ease that coincided with asteroidal impacts maybe but i mean we know where the stories of atlantis come from
play doh right but he should come to egypt and been taught but it's all i mean it's not like a real thing it's not i mean he he said it was nine thousand years before the present and they but the thing is then he was that's what's crazy is that this is all explained and then click does coincide with the time of impact for example nine thousand years ago the wilson and egypt in of them from place as you know from like on the two thousand five hundred years ago from now like five hundred bc nine thousand is full out there was no each there was no athens and yet the story involves them that's not necessarily true either roberts shock 'cause it geologists out of boston university has done a lot of investigation on the temple that the sphinx was carved out of work the the sphinxes the walls of the temple and he believes it from water erosion there's this this fishers and his deep erosion marks that they believe indicate that the temples
thanks for the area that's carved out of his far older than the same like they know that the great pyramid giza is two thousand five hundred bc but they always attribute the sphinx of being the same timeline doctor robert shock from boston university says that's not the case he said what you're looking at is thousands of years of rainfall and they have hundreds of geologist that have signed off on this this is not like there's he goes over the physical evidence of these fissures and how they're made he's like as a geologist i can tell you you are looking at thousands of years of rainfall the la last time there was serious rainfall in the nile valley was about seven thousand bc so but he saying is it's entirely possible that i've been many different civilizations that lived in this area that egypt is
a civilization that might have gone back many many thousands of years longer than just the construction of the great pyramid of giza i wasn't talking of the great pyramid giza already but that's egypt will know that's just a monument in egypt but egypt is a place that did exist ten thousand years ago twelve thousand years ago i did a thousand years because i like as is but don't say no it didn't because you don't really know one of the we'll be saying no it didn't are you an egyptologist do you love your little it's on the ground and talk to the people over there yeah we don't really know right we don't know about say you said no it didn't we have the the state of egypt okay okay like as a mostly when people living here and there and that he would have been people living there right but i was calling in egypt your site yeah that would occur when did they start calling in egypt i'd have to look that up some the aid like we we can tell i'll kill just can tell like like when the
grains were first domesticated things like this and you're never gonna have state without funding you never have right you're not gonna have like a hunter gatherer state where they have a government and you need if of a surplus of food to be able sports priest the closeness of bureaucratic lost right so you want to get something bills you need these things right which i'm old i mean not necessary coming up stone like if you get into the pyramid yes you need these things maybe call these things thanks something tribesmen could maybe call cook felt happy out of his plans to go back click yeah compactly up not not i can easily believe that like an animatic on together as you know they could they could have crossed back so just let me just basically sanding and shipping it stone so they moved them to these are huge chunks of stone that were done back when they didn't have a surplus of resources hunters and gatherers anything wrong i'm not saying wasn't like a monumental achievement you know for the time and their resources obviously was but we know
they weren't farming well beyond simple might be right about that but we might not be right you got an incredibly long time ago twelve thousand years ago is a long time and whatever evidence would be left is really probably been absorbed by the earth by that maybe but i mean we can't sit there and speculate about something that might have happened if going away but that's exactly what we're doing if we're saying that they were definitely hunter and gatherers we don't know we do less or something but we do know is they were capable of making these incredibly massive complicated structures twelve thousand year go for sure is the spring sitting from the massive when our doctor about that we talk about go back we tapi but yeah the medicine is not big see it's huge and for you to say that
very disturbing because they've only on covered five percent of it or ten percent it's mass i thank of mom no legislation sold quite big studies and the pro you don't know a lot about it but you're automatically jumping to skeptical in houses but you have and if you didn't think it was i have to i i just can't remember from they had exhausted prob but you're so convinced in their argument but you're not really see the you know you're really spent a whole lot of time thinking about it comping stoneman muscle for its not just carving stone there carving stern with three dimensional objects in the stone meaning like lizards that are on the outside of it nineteen foot tall stone columns in concentric circles is a huge structure and that is acquire any particular technology to do it does to move those things look the image on the far right that's what they have figured out so far by using radar underground we look at the size of this thing wrong that is huge it's it's also really fucking primitive it's just stone it's not that
for someone to make something out of its own it's really impressive for any muslim primitive a term like they don't have a tv as a witch medicine like the like for example i'm sure if the i'm sure they went into some sort of like a you know super high resolution scans on a similar to the barber i can this man called to the listing tools you know they can tell this because of copper tools whatever this it wouldn't have been called by state cop tools in and we know they don't even know that when it comes the great pyramid in fact is a lot of people speculate they figured out a way to make some sort of a diamond tipped blades drill in order to me the the king's chamber and some of the sarcophagus to look at our friends they don't really know how they carved out some of the stone in that there's there's a simple with macho picho there's a simple voz in egypt they don't understand because it's carved completely out of one piece of stone but it's so intricate in so hard that they made this incredibly thin and lip on this voz and they've gone deep in
part of it and the whole thing is entirely smooth they really don't know how the fuck they did it probably sandpaper rubbing it patients they can't get your fingers inside thing i'm talking about an actual vase yet very very confusing to modern archeologists is not a change in anyway i don't i don't know but i was talking what i'm saying it was a sense of self what is an ancient advanced civil asian like don't you agree that the parthenon the acropolis that's an advanced civilization thank you for the time for what they what they need to accomplish is amazing yes and it's a great congress of stones that are cut in place the beautiful columns cutting stones fifth century but that well then what is an advanced civilization if that's not advance that that's the point is not so well is it possible to as a group the glorification of athens over its empire right right it was not these things didn't already exist it's that he wanted to make athens looks special in the eyes of the rest of the world but what do you just what i'm confused like what year did this have
when when do you consider people to not visit on the four brakes tb seals so they have like i said that an advanced civilization no really come on man if that didn't exist anywhere and then also makes sense from years ago it but yeah but it's ten thousand years ago something like something like the parthenon in the acropolis if we could prove that ten thousand years before anybody had done anything else that existed you would be blown away by that right yeah but shocking yeah the party on the path or maybe ten thousand bc that would be incredible right would be right but a bunch of upright stones that have been nicely carved to have animals on them and stuff but not not just that massive stones in nineteen feet tall in concentric circles all in this she was drunk on hands and we know how they made it went over the stones came from and i haven't gotten that you're one of those dudes
well you want to do in history that no not just read history 'cause you don't know anything about go back a tapping your so i'm so used to construction will try to tell you what i know i interrupt you you're adorable you keep going and with these things you'd really don't even know anything about this area and yet you're convinced him by hunters and gatherers there's a lot of argument one way or the other about this is that he did it is entirely possible that they had discovered farming i guess i mean that that's the area that farming was regiment the reason is for the problem right when you get to twelve thousand years ago who knows what the fuck does the end of the ice age isn't it and we think they knew th things and then we find out that they knew more but when the house is mostly covered in ice how could you get an advance of us heart of the earth yeah he is mostly covered in ice like when you're dealing with north america right north america twelve thousand years ago big parts of it but in the s too so you've got like a band in the middle yeah
and we're we're suppose what do they think turkey was like back then because this is where go beckley tempe is in turkey what they think turkey was like twelve thousand years ago and the problem is if that if they can updated absolutely twelve thousand years ago they know it was covered up it was intentionally covered twelve thousand years ago this is the story of go beckley tempe when was it constructed that they don't know because stone you can't carbon day like the way they did it with the egyptian pyramids they got the material in between each stone so i can completely believe you know like september thirty thousand years ago twenty thousand years ago i could i could believe at the center of the world that a bunch of tribesmen who huh the gathering maybe maybe seasonally nomadic you know for one hundred years you know maybe you know is a religious duty they considered it to be i mean
i think stonehenge was built over a period of like like one thousand years i mean it took a long time did you put these fucking stones alright so i mean we don't know how long this was taken but to have a bunch of carved stones upright even if they're big they're just requires more people that's not uh great technological feat that's the thing it's not what is a technological feat in improving the acropolis like it is not a technological feel it was a technological feat but it wasn't particularly unique to the world at the time in fact the persians in the babylonians in these hearings that none of one thousand years before that the greeks were catching up one doesn't then support idea the go beckley tempe is even more unique because it wasn't credible wasn't anything right beautiful none of us or is that is an advanced civilization that one well yeah i mean it's advance for the rest of the world but it's it's pretty advanced for today if we wanted to build something like that today would take massive resources it would take
huge machines it would take a gigantic group of engineers that would be huge project but that's how convenient i mean what do you mean out of convenience way discussing that how is it out of convenience when you get nineteen foot tall stones better because you don't really get loads of people in a circle mean it's a lot of work of course it is why would use machines 'cause it's just been it's not as simple as you just use machines like you would have to get very spit sific massive machines that are incredibly difficult to n trains and these people did that without any of that yeah they did they simply sending logs probably pulleys actually but the ropes and logs who knows how to we did it but that's what we're supposed to be there was no wheel back then that probably wasn't i mean it's pretty spectacular yeah yeah ok yeah ok so let me so i'm not trying to take away the amount of effort involved in building this thing and the willpower to do it and the manpower today
what are you trying to say and then just not any medicaid of of the vance civilization what when i think things are definition of violence for example like i would consider advanced civilization of writing i would consider them tough metallurgy out because of i wouldn't call this advance this mean this is them this puts them where we were four thousand years ago you know this species advanced is like assuming it's well well i mean it's all relative in it so it's like i mean what i mean yeah i mean if you want if i want to speculate them openly civilization like pre ice age or during the ice age that had writing and metallurgy and great cities and international trade agricultural wrestled so stuff that we would if you look at the roman empire we say we take them as the model of an advance of civilization right the but why must advanced we mean not as advanced as we are now run amok right right one
it's what every woman speculates about atlantis as well no one ever thinks it lands like today they they they think some crazy thing some people really some people some people are but some elf hello this is we should be more specific but yeah i mean in general i'm sure that for the time like when a run around and tried came of the hill and they sold the bucket happy and it was incredible lives of the gods of bill this unit that's when they would fall on shore univ to then they would have relatively been incredible in any of under more and i don't think with the chief of the people who made it because it's unbelievably good on sean should you know especially for the time but like if if they didn't have a mill tools and have writing the didn't have agriculture i wouldn't call advance i just called a loss of work for primitive civil as in the same way that stonehenge would have been here the real problem was we don't really know what they had and until more evidence gets uncovered they're just guessing they have carbon dating they know that the stones exist they don't even
so i mean they didn't even know about this until one thousand nine hundred and ninety something mean they found it in the 90s but let me all over northern europe the stone circles hinges may here well they find more of those now than ever before with satellites right yeah i mean the ones that they're finding now in the amazon and then like what the fuck is this for finding all these structures in the channels and you send me links interesting absolutely beautiful do you know about that right there's a there was a guy who looking was an explorer went looking for the los city of z in the amazon it was like a mythical law city and he got eaten by cannibals apparently is there some movie that's coming out about him right now that's right lester notes on their way to tell us about that somebody post privilege it was it was speculated that before the well that's the and we came out recently the amazon was covered in the ocean somewhere around ten million years ago or something but they think that these people
all had some sort of you know for the time again what is an advanced civilization yeah hi needs to be defined yeah i think most of us stuff but yeah i mean we we this interesting sailor isn't the path and advancing no not really you know it was a beautiful thing there's a great construct and it cost the athenians a lot of money and they did it to beautify the city and make it the jewel of greece but doesn't like you know what's more impressive it's more than they did for political reasons the parthenon is bill to speed clips they did it the acropolis is what's aurilia trip 'cause its giant fucking chunks of stone they have no it you know big they are up in their huge is and they don't even know why they're there they weren't even built same time the acropolis is just a natural stone formation not necessarily their stones under that natural stone like the actual platform that the parthenon was built on existed before the parthenon right and i'm not sure i follow what you saying that
as far as i'm aware they acropolis acropolis just lost information then they i guess they must have leveled it office son something but then there's actual physical stones actual monstrous physical stones that if all you can get your motor and seeks i'm so full of junk folder see if you could find that there's a bunch of the other old ones and like what's the thing at malta where they thought it was like build by psycho this is something giant giant says like three thousand years bc that ball back now that's lebanon back in lebanon they found these enormous stone carved things yeah see those stones which ones the the there's some styles if you could find some images of the and some of it is does from that side i'm pretty sure this is the natural stone and i mean the army the soul of like fortifications around it you know you can produce google final put up his public sixteen central something you know then there's nothing mystical about the possible it's just a really useful defensive fortification will not
it's difficult to sing ancient i think they are the speculation was that the the acropolis which ones acropolis not at the bottom the person on the top of the pile for those on the acropolis the parthenon is on the top of the necropolis is on the bottom that's insane thirty day and the the thing that they think the whole thing it owns okay all together yeah and the part that i was just a building yeah right okay the problem is the temple so when you say the acropolis the parthenon as can to learn in most cities have metropolis which is just a raise rocky but that they build defensive right on them but you know the put temples on this stuff so finally what where at where i read that see if you could google man made stones in the acropolis there was some sort of weird speculation that the acropolis was apart of some structure that was far older than the parthenon not not not persuaded by all that so that's a bit friend stuff for me you know in the friendship not only comes to history
i like to know accurate stuff you know yeah no makes sense it fringe is always more attractive though it's interesting isn't it because you never know and there's like oh you might be able to find out for yourself but it's also like undeniably it has gravity towards me at least i am i love the old stuff there like no no you know what they found out man there where wolves you know there's always like something that you find out yeah i i went through all of this in my 20s where i went through literally all of these fucking late bloomer really right i think you'll end up eventually where i am oh i definitely want to end up where you are you will how dare you know it's a good place to be it's some go through all of these very and you immediately dismiss things now you don't immediately's most things then you have to start reading about why things happened that's the thing you have to start reading the software and that's why i know who built the build the parthenon right but that's also why you just just flippantly
i'm really happy was small yeah well no no it's not the size was relevant it's the sort of like technological advancement in it doesn't take much to cut costs that they still you know the limited use of the stone to break case and then it's smooth it with handzus and you know it just took a lot of work for a long time i mean doing must be fucking awful hide leather and put sand in it you can spend ages smoothing out stone do yourself you like it's fucking boring you know but i guess we got nothing dueled because your please join us this right here but that's not carved its like a diss bass relief of believe it while i was like this is what most of the art on book about the tip he was it was like yeah yeah it's a three d and moved away and carved into right yeah that's what was interesting about it's more difficult i don't take anything away from the office what was the man made stones in the acropolis to finding that there was evidence of these enormous chunks of rock that were moved but i'm
because i'm i'm completing chunks of rock for a call back in lebanon with the acropolis it's all of fascinating to me because we don't know we just don't know what these people are up to and we see what they left behind we pieced together and people people it for thousands of years and it's just it's amazing just amazing mean that you've i'm sure you've been to rome right you haven't right it's on my list i had the car seems fairly recent right one like this century ideals something in terms of ancient civilization recent but it's it's so crazy when they show you the history of how they used to that whole thing was like nero's backyard i mean that's really well and then they decided to once they answer yeah well then decided to build this this thing to sort of entertain the masses and this thing is gone through all these different various stages and when they show you all the different things they used to do there like have these boat fights
of water and raises lions all these animals through the bottom of the cage and they would fight against him like fucking crazy and not that long ago two thousand years and now yeah i mean like people who speak brutal this thing people forget we're talking about isis they still are yeah well now that now i'm i mean not not shocks and israel units at the most people but let me look in in the fifteenth century six so three kids used to do cock fighting you know do it here in mexican the mexican neighborhood see yeah i'm just watching this did one of my old skype used to use as a gardener like six years ago he stood cock no no something no compassion for anything that wasn't human basically amazon definitely not for chickens they put razor blades on live with spurs on him they fight each other yeah it's fucking crazy yeah i went to this guys i already had like one hundred roosters in these like pens and they would have this carved out ariana pit let the roosters go
it's super common it's super common in many parts of the world in fact it's really common in the south of america not s america but s of the united states it it's real common like cock fights one of the same way as like dog fights like don fights in horrified people yeah but ruud chicken fights privileges yes there are steel suits honey the dog will still be still do bull fights in spain they do all the amazing is pretty controversial these days they just lost another matter door couple days ago he got fuck doug stepped over his own cape tripped over the cape got jacked yeah you get torn apart know cynthia will swear no no it's a foolish way to you wanted it so diane and risk your life and the whole thing is crazy except in spain is in advanced civilization well like i i've known to many spaniards
but in general supplies yeah there are modern western civilization and they have bullfighting yeah do you know it's really funny about spanish spain because i mean like in america you have terrible history we we have a terrible history being terrible that we sang yeah yeah yeah okay so the spanish at this but spanish history is highly islamophobic obviously and i went unspent if he's good and everything everywhere it's a white guy killing a muslim on every portrayed on every i don't know yeah because they they spent a hundred years kicking the muslims of spain because the muslims came along conquered spain and so everything is totally islamophobic because that is their history they can't get away from it then there wouldn't be a spain because the moors came over and conquered it and they will outright evans and muslim now or you're going to have to pay the jizya i'm going to be a demi and they were like no him next
he injured his leg over there would have been less resistance or whatever and they the spanish for it will be like you know just to become keister and it took several crusade to took it a hundred india's and gallons of but eventually spain became christian again and the muslims and they're like the islamic files will sit there and go oh well you know under loose yeah they were stolen from someone else and these people to go back i've got no fucking sympathy for these people got kicked out who came in originally and won't even supposed to be there and i'll tell you what the muslims are fucking lucky that columbus discovered the new world 'cause the spanish basically will roll up all of north africa those going today with trying to take it all fucking back 'cause this was all christian it really annoys me that people are now that's must know wasn't and it's because they took it and so if the spanish going to take it back that's just as valid you don't
the argument against them doing it once something that's been established though we don't want you take it back to the question i'm not stressing it now of nationalism but i know you're not suggesting it but it's still people right it doesn't but like when we're looking back at history through the lens of having a moral judgment about it or the spanish kick the muslims have spain yeah get for them they they have every right to you can't really have moral judgments about history when people do this whole time yeah i mean like the crusades like jimmy dore there's nothing worse than the crew said shut the fuck up jimmy you do not know what you're talking about just shut up stop talking at the crusades unless i tell you what you're right let's call him back bring back the crusading army full of bold in of jerusalem come on you gonna have to come home you come on open this is wrong we should we ended eight hundred years ago done conversation over pisses me off man they keep bringing up the shit
yeah but what about the crusades what about fucking crusades where are the crusaders junk you know where are the fucking crew are you talking to genk uygur from thank you good do you think people know when you were talking about yeah yeah some people do but most people don't fucking knows i saw him at vape called i'm sure he knows they're talking about when you say his name but i'm saying you're saying it to people in large audio poole no people in it just because you don't know if you know a lot of people don't but i do know i do know a lot of people are applying for people how do we get out of bull fighting to this cultural relativism i think is what it is and we're talking about a advanced civilization sea sick of the apologist so it looks like things that happened in the past we don't have to apologize full right the just happened we don't need to do things were going all the why people should apologize for all the all the horrible things we've done what the native americans who we apologize to them i think the if that pat to apologize to the people we generalize it well
it's going a little too far in exist anymore no you go too far back that's a problem no one who decided like one once we have done that we've trespassed on their let you don't bring up them doing it because that lab or them be native american folk yes it's not our place yeah son a place yeah to this self yes bollocks and this whole rose has with me off and it if we are to makes me a grin none of them will have a listen to the like the constructs is really annoying as a side note on a you know nobody's on the respect for you when you turn on a sample of crusades that's the i mean what about is the dumbest damn thing anyway because you never dressing the point so yeah what what you didn't even give a context islam you know that's that that we the united others in and they they they for some reason think that christianity is as bad as as long as i know so i mean of the crusades were distinctly on christy and i spoke to a story in cologne about this and i was like look these how did they come
to the conclusion that they should have crusade and he was like well the thing if worst anti and the orthodox the orthodox patriarch in constantinople was just completing a set x is nothing in the bible that justifies it in in the new testament creech images from manta not peace he turned right cheek he let his enemy struck him so you can't pick up sword and so i'm going to kill someone for jesus it doesn't make sense because it's just what happens when people have massive amounts of power and i mean it went weird with the aztecs it goes weird with everybody but it was entirely temporal it was about liking a conquering released but it was also about like making sure that they could get to jerusalem is there like an ideological think as the turks were basically preventing pilgrims from getting to juries mix muslims around jerusalem flight four hundred years and everything was ok because the pilgrims could travel along a pilgrim trailer
make money doing this you know that sell things and then the tears came in like hey when muslims and from because of the tax and that was it the programs can go to jerusalem the potent pipe i think was it was innocent the second of the second never mind which one it was which of the purples heaters hey i could create a spiritual kingdom on empire an empire faith on and he's like why don't you all rather fighting each other in europe i mean the europeans were not very advanced but they were very very war like and wanting to get the middle east and they did and the crusade was actually a real thrilling thing to read about now but you know you see said like historical films like all the time it's always the roman empire which one just every historical fucking frame and this is someone needs to do a film about the first crusades the first crusade is one of the most
doing things you can ever read about it's just the the most it's insane what these men do it in a mulching i mean the muscle thousand miles from northern europe and just a monster and just did so much stuff like the pope first cool crusade and it goes kind of wrong from 'cause everyone like the page of the emperor in constant type of buying tempering costs levels he says the pope look do me a favor i'm getting thrashed by the turks i need about four thousand nights professional soldiers good fighters so i can beat them back and the pope's like hey great idea why don't we will go over there and beat up the turks for christiana t and loads of peasants were like all that's a good idea and so like seventy thousand peasants led by peter the hermit turn up on the emperors dawson he's like what the fuck is this you know why you sent me the scum of europe they can't fight the turks so we just get some
cross into anatolia and they go on and let's get massacred by the turks absolutely butchered and then the crusading armies actually arrive pizza home actually match just to survive but then the crusading armies are often the turks think well this would be fine and the emperor like shit look at all these really and these guys were totally disrespectful get some across and they end up smashing the text of the turks just expecting another bunch passes and they're not expecting what we called the men of iron which couldn't be broken and that's why they bullfight in paris probably yeah this is you know this this is a running something and no one ever talks about it but it well the history of human beings as fast now like if you what we have learned and how long it's taken us to get to this point the rest of us to lose talk to like this is like a one sided the kristen subject bully them out of the blue one day saying no that was established old other things going on there is is really detailed political landscape and you get some of
the dog as long as nothing less than crusades just shot up just you don't know you're talking about just be quiet all right fella it's gotten a few time angry i've had that on this loan fund listen we did an extra hour past i did talk to do its to now this is when your flight so let's get you another flight yes and thank you brother really appreciate him and i thanks very fun was fun fun tie ins is nice that i can be some people who need to be pushed out they yes we did that they definitely did that alright folks that will be back tomorrow with crystallia see it do you see a card or cad not sure i've never i've only seen it written will never heard it said he was a lot of fun though thanks everybody for tune in to the cast thanks caveman coffee go to caveman dot com use the code word rogan and you'll save ten percent thank
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josh barnett former ufc heavyweight champion in a very wise man very interesting and renaissance man himself be here on wednesday and or all right until then bye thank you buddy
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