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#980 - Chris D'Elia

2017-06-27 | 🔗
Chris D'Elia is an actor, writer, and comedian. His new special "Man On Fire" is available now on Netflix, and he also has a podcast called "Congratulations" available to download via iTunes.
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hey ladies and gentlemen how you doing huh i got a bunch of in long i don't know why i sing like that's probably in security because it's not funny what do i do it don't know what to do such start saying i'm at the ice house this weekend but it's sold out the next week and the seventh of july i'm at the car theater at the mgm with the great tony hinchcliffe next week after that i'm in salt lake city that sold out and then the net this week after that i don't actually don't get back in until sacramento's when i'm on the road again that is the third of august sacramento and then seattle in the fourth and then san diego on the fifth whoa can allow shit going on folks joe rogan net forward slash tour i'm doing a lot of tour dates 'em all over the place
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b12 and adapted gins awesome endurance element really gives you extra energy through workouts but it's not speedy like a coffee we got everything folks kettle bells all kinds of great shit good on a dot com use the code word rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements all right my guest today is my friend chris still leah chris lee is a whole area stand up comedian and he has a new special that's out right now on netflix called man on fire and we had a great time he's can do this is silly goose and we had we had a silly old time so enjoy it folks crystallia the joe rogan experience join my day joe rogan podcast by night all day man on fire they should have available right now on netflix pause this podcast and go watch too even better enjoy comedic stylings of crystal
somebody what's up man do your shit right now it's actually i'm so happy i'm doing this and we're going to talk for a few hours because i can't stop checking my fucking phone on twitter like an asshole i know i know i think i think oh i will do it and then i'll be like don't do it don't do it and as i'm doing it i'm thinking i better not be doing it and i'm like i'm doing it fucking right now you gotta have a activity i know i know i workout but then i do stand up and i know it's problem probably not i mean yeah well you you're very dedicated to it you love it yeah and when you love it you think about it a lot when you think about a lot i love let me check twitter i know it's also such a safety kinda just move that you write you yeah i mean we talked about this before it's just like and he put up with phone down for a day some you know what i've been doing lately that is been more productive when i know i can't give into the pipe go over my notes that's good this
what i find man i find it like what i'm what i'm doing is just distracting my do it i i i i was her because of my podcast man i used to i used to think i used to just spend time thinking like just then time in my house or apartment just thinking about things right i don't do that as much anymore because i just think what this fucking guy say on twitter it robbed you of your life creativity so it's like i mean it's hard to be prolific when you're just looking at you on and it does something to you when you just get mindless tweets and you're still looking at him it's just it's like a numbing agent yeah it's weird it's because we're going to see somebody likes your special ok good why do follow a lot of cool people that will post up some cool shared in some articles and shit when people send me those i try to retreat the ones that so there's a benefit to it there but the real you get lost check in how people like yeah i things
i know i know i know i know i know i know trying to do more stuff like do more comedy but it's a thief of your time really is really a super leaves it really is they were designed for them now i you know i don't know i don't know what to do you see a person who's got epilepsy where they can't watch one of those animated gif files i had a buddy of mine and i thought he was joking nose being us i had this message board and on my website message board someone made me like this really flashy image for the face where it's like it turns on and off you know pulsates if my friends wife has epilepsy and he's like dude you take that down because of my wife looks at it should have a seizure whoa like a jeff yeah i can animated is that i say
gifford jeff i don't know i've never heard anybody say if for jeff i don't know i don't think i've ever said it so you think that is a big jeff slash give but he can't she can't even look so looks at it she will go into an epileptic seizure well how do the police that you just don't look online ever i guess they have to be real careful of like what she sees i guess like may if she turns away real quick maybe should be ok i don't i really don't know how it works maybe just to wear special glasses when she looks at online so i don't know what's like could you you've got some sort of a weird misfire we're just lights make your body shut off it's like someone hacked your brain you could shut it off with some light some fly fishing shit that's like some yeah that's like the superheroes mystery like we're getting rid of flashing lights we work on us now doesn't shit no such a pussy
now and in the lead in the one of the superman movies they didn't have kryptonite in the one in the one superman loses a lot but before the one before superman or batman i saw it and they were bad guy did i mean you script right so you basically destroy superman so this is where the fuck is this move even a movie because people are stupid or now they had a tone it down to like back in the christopher reeve stay you need to have like an antagonism protagoras you have a lot of people today like once we've moved over good is a secure because then they'll be some sort of one is set yeah i to defensive that's true too nine yeah so these flashing things when i found out about it that flashing animated files and then i found out there was television show in japan that they had to take off the air no because all these people were watching it and having seizures in japan yes i feel like every show in japan is flashing lights i feel like they have a show called flashing lights they have the flashing likely network and they just can't
it isn't every every clip i've ever seen on japan is like pink and blue and like right but if all they saw of us is fear factor well that's probably what they would choose to watch but maybe they have some cool shit over there but we're only seeing you know like when right through how many donkey dick can you small it's true what is this in the banned pokmon episode that gave children seizures i mean i thought the whole point of pokmon was to give people seizures oh my god seven hundred children were on their way to the hospital after watching that thirty minutes after the show set one hundred children went to the hospital for seizures is that what it's really saying that's incredible could you imagine a room of seven hundred people is like you're killing right if you have a stage imagine if you had a stage i always think of it in terms of that dude i always think of how many people in terms of like how big of a room with that fill as a standard
got arisha fear to feel really good about his twitter filing back when you only had two thousand i know dude you have a fucking sold out theater totally it's like yeah you gotta sold out theater people that pay attention he was like yeah my dear i go yeah you looking at britney spears you can't do that man fuck your head up she is one hundred million right yeah but yeah do something about that is crazy man seven people having a seizure in front of you imagine if you were on stage and the whole audience seizures i would just be like whoa our next level great and from new york this is usually the people we should a tape to this one to talk to lee bit stripped down to his underwear in underwear bright silver cart wheels and people seizure i've never seen maybe i'll yeah a claim will you could probably pull something like that off i wonder if you could make someone seizure with comedy you would have to imagine if you have like some sort of back screen on your punchline your punchline you rip your
track suit off like one of those velcro things those basketball players have when they pull their tearaway and underneath it strobing lights on the punchline joke see him with the punchline i said yeah there is my dick and just everyone would epilepsy just falls to the ground i wonder if it was silent though i like to hear that whenever we figured out we would certainly here it does what i imagine that a group thunder across across the city here fuck that would be seven hundred people falling down on their heads i'm terrible for you definitely have flashing lights but i don't like you know flashing lights anywhere there's flashing lights i'm not epileptic anywhere there's flashing lights i tend to avoid that place yeah i wanted that's doing do you like way maybe if it's person like you or i would doesn't have epilepsy maybe just a certain amount of time maybe you could only indoor a certain amount i would think so right 'cause when they torture using those videos and shit where they like i mean not torture videos but like really
prince like things in movies where there flashing lights engine and torturing the guy that's part of it right yeah privacy fences information the water chinese water torture we would just little drips drip you read that jon ronson book men who stare at goats yes you've had him on here right i have that book is crazy how they would torture people playing like hip hop music or whatever the it was there's been a well with panama what the fucks guy manuel noriega what they i think they used to play death metal i think they supposedly like doctor there yeah yeah yeah that kind of steady but i get that 'cause if i'm in anywhere and then that happens i leave i think they played uptown girl from billy joel and i'm not kidding really i think that was one of the things they did they play uptown girl in over a beer song too i think yeah that's town girl that pr or good pr for them i mean one
good one time you hear that song like i remember this song is good i have a theory about that song what incredibly talented musician but not the best looking guy in the world can we agree on yeah yeah of course sure right he's not josh to hommel back i was i wanted to know where yeah right who is another one that's like per charge to my chris pine looking at a good one and chris pratt nice good looking guy a great looking guys egypt alba it could looking value added a little diverse i i wanted to go a little good move handsome bastard billy joel is an average looking fella and then he hooked up with arguably one of the hottest woman in africa should brinkley and that just fucked him up what do you mean mu that yeah that's where
tell her about it tell her every theory feelings too happy he was too in love he wanted to tell him out of the story uptown girl he's downtown guy he says he wants to think of themselves as like his rugged a tree active rebel bad boy motorcycle and cheese is perfect featured sue supermodel with him hym possibly valuable eggs that's interesting yeah rectum couldn't handle it but he got even bigger after that but you're saying it doesn't matter i i hear she was so hot but he's not she still hot she's like seventy my favorite is heard in the chuck norris what do you call it total gym that's right when they would do the little dude i would watch that info i love infomercials i watch him late at night and that was my favorite infomercial and then they remade it an i didn't like it as much as the original that's how much i watch because the original was so good could chuck norris was like let's just fucking get through this
and christie brinkley was doing it really well but it was just so funny to see chuck norris his face during that and then read it any figured it out he figured out how to do a little better and i don't like that dude i'm at chuck norris i met him a couple times this the proudest moment in my life and chuck norris knew who i was for real meat and chuck norris it comes it gives you a big hug to holy shit chuck norris i am just let's see i'm sure you don't know this was not that long ago no oh wow my first madam i think maybe was ten years ago wow ok nine thousand and seven and then i met him again i think about two years a minute again that's funny i always i was sick about guys like that that were like big that got big off of like martial arts yeah in the eighties and nineties and then the ufc came along and my kind of made those martial arts in a fighting sense ops delete right you know like if they would be that i guess that's not going to happen anymore really i mean i don't know it is i know what you're saying but like kung fu movies are obviously more beautiful than what's that movie that callan did the plague
what was yeah warrior yeah yeah well the thing about that norris though is that he stayed current chuck norris is a black belt in brazilian jujitsu oh yes yeah he's legit under the machado and on top of that school he was a world champion kickboxer right yeah i know there's ours was he like he could grapple at a very high level and he can call i didn't know the world champion striker chuck norris is a bow as legit as any like movie character tough guy about legit as they've ever been a special the guy who went on to do all these great movies like bruce lee was phenominal martial artists in a brilliant guy in terms of like how he put things together but as far as i actual competition chuck this is the man i mean he was he was the guy but when i was a kid dude like chuck worst movies of the reason why i got into martial arts really
dude he was huge in jeans on with a special question jeans that special crotch cut in the gene so i could fuck inside pics of the phase in cowboy boots on i saw that i found out about action jeans in late in life and i was like that was a fucking thing basically where them yeah i would i wear now is more ridiculous than chuck norris is actually all the times have changed i mean i have job jeans which is like fucking their step so i'm talking about yeah that's why i'm wearing too they didn't have much more confident way more comfortable yeah these were bullshit when you had a throat kick bind your legs when we would get pan let's see if i got pants i was got pants that were too big for me just like you kick people i want to make sure kick people so that just in case it doesn't ever happen to ever never happened ever my body when i was when i used to train you know i trained when i was like twenty to twenty six and my body like why do you do that and i was like i don't know just to like protect myself
like yeah but what's happening to you and i was like well you never know and he said yeah you do and i was like you gonna fucking right man most of the time you do he's kind of writing in these definitely not right all the time 'cause obviously people get fucked core all the time of course but he is you kind of know where you're always going to be and it's going to be fine and it kind of time most of it i know you need general obviously you never know what's going to happen but but he's right in the sense that you put so much effort into self defense and it almost never comes up right right i didn't like wow your whole life is preparing for something never too place and then you get to a point where if you're known for it like you like knowing fuck with you so it's like then it's definitely never going to happen that's not true at all you're right you probably got fucking assholes that one guys fuck with chocolate dell that's so insane to me chocolate dell if you ever look in his eyes he is the eyes of a leopard seal like you
he really is a pretty ripe i fucking straight up predator like anybody talk shit any by the way super nice guy like don't get me wrong if you met him on the street he's the nicest guy super france saw his thing with like undisputed or whatever the hell that shows called with yeah you seem nice guy anyway dude i was at a club with chuck liddell way back in the day when chuck was the usc light heavyweight champ and some guy it said something to one of his friends it was like some douche moment who knows what was going on just a bunch of silly pedia you know and his buddies everybody's meat heads kids on both sides guy came over and said something and chuck liddell up turned around and looked at him and this guy looked like he saw a ghost he looked in the truck size is like there's a is a type of dude they'd
and start fights with me while still people fuck with them to this day people from that i guess it's kind of the equivalent as somebody going up to a comedian thinking that they're funny and doing a jump or just clueless they will walk up to the scariest motherfucker on the face of the planet and start shit with him i'm afraid of you bitch there's i've gotta be guys who do that alistair overeem brock lesnar people are retarded it's so weird all we gotta do is shake one of these guys hands and you're like oh you're a tree unbelievable dude i mean shape tape fletchers hand you're like oh oh you're off fucking your cattle i mean a small moose i mean even you know do it i honestly want to touch we said hi i see i you not and i'm i'm not blowing smoke we said hi we did one of these and when those side hugs you are my jaw i hate your fucking shoulder and for two days i was like i think it's ok i mean
get that but like it just hit the wrong way what you know i mean it was charles are weak man chargers stupid design it's the unfair part of the human body besides dick in pauls yeah have you ever been dropped over and punched and dropped in the balls in the chain no no no it's the weird on any man i've been rocked before but i got dropped once in a kick boxing fight and my legs just gave out where it's never happened like that before where it's like a which shut off i was totally conscious i could see the guy it click my chin and my legs just stop working so we just went out from under me and up see i feel like if i if i got hit in the jaw with a foot i my jaw would just break yeah this was a punch i get hit with a left hook and i just dropped but it was was weirder than anytime i've ever dropped before it just it was everything shut off like but my brain did but my legs just stopped working and so did you remember it to everyone unconscious i was totally conscious might just my body like once he clipped me my boy
just wasn't working anymore it's like two people working right now we gotta take a break i try to get out my legs were rubber and i got up to my feet and i covered up and he hit me with a couple of uppercuts and drop me again but the whole time like my body was just not working anymore once you clip me oh really like even even even minutes afterwards so for sure wow that's remember you couldn't move like i was trying to get up and just wasn't working right oh my god that's gotta be frustrated well if you get hit really hard there then the whole thing just shuts off such a stupid design it's relatively hard to knock someone out unless you hit that's weird like people get caught in strange ways and they get not like there's no science to when you get knocked out well so you got to worry about like when you're hitting the ground to like that people fuck you up well there was a ufc fighter named tim hague who just died a week or so ago about a week ago
boxing match it apparently it suffered quite a few knockouts in the last year or so and they really should probably should have been fighting at all and he got knocked out and as he got k o'd his head hit the ground hard as was out cold he bounced off the canvas of the boxing ring it sounded horrible but it was even even though this campus i mean that's hard but still i think it's canvas over would i mean they don't have like in the ufc bout you got a good sick fairly sick canvas because there's so many takedowns and you know body slams and stuff like there's a little bit of give to that floor but on boxing rings it can be considerably stiffer and there's different schools of thought like some people like a really saw floor because it makes it harder for guys to run i can it's like running in saying yeah and also safer if you get more of am at more than matt but the ufc is like it's like a matt surface but it's covered in canvas which is kind of fucked up 'cause you never grab on canvas until inntopia
in a cage and then you get ripped up with everybody gets torn apart by the canvas yeah i went back into rough i want i can did you saw the video i did with the with joe you know yeah sort of guys map but no we never met but i was a big fan of his yeah he he submitted fuck who was it is it saccharide now wasn't sakurai asian guy ray rumina sato he submitted japan yeah no i don't think it was generally totally maybe it wasn't he went overseas i know but it was a huge deal because rumina sato at the time was one of the biggest mma fighters in the world pull that up if that's the point it was mostly i think it's room and i believe it's soto cusato is like a super high level jiu jitsu competitor as well as a mixed martial arts fighter because joel said that he i can't remember he was saying he wasn't sure
his knowledge of fighting was until then huh that's because he got the guy in an armbar bar after right to the ground and you like it was over right then you know what man there's dudes out there that you don't know that uh fuck world class the thing about jujitsu is there's guys out there yeah this is this is it is it yeah this is it how does this go down it's it's not long or amagase it's four minutes but i feel like this is the second fight i think this is the one and he gay some down on the ground and it does armbar yeah yeah i don't know dude didn't fight twice then they fight once well this is it yeah yeah thank you for design up modestly did
that is incredible man look at look how bad it's bent match that is death to look how he he squeezes with his calf against the chin and tux foot under the shoulder that dude is submitted a lot of fucking people so this guy was a big jiu jitsu guy that he thought i didn't know that soto will soto is a big mma fighter but known for his grappling i think they fought again in a straight grappling thing if i remember but anyway that was a giant win for that dude yeah so you did something with him so i went to his class 'cause you know i was in toronto for like five weeks right doing a move and uh was the movie it's called life in a year and it's a drama i don't know about your planet being serious yeah i don't even know which will probably be funnier was it weird you know what weird about it is like you know i do so much comedy that it's so fun to do
comedy 'cause even in between your takes you're still in that mood where you fucking around but uh i was doing this movie where literal yeah i'm taking care of cara delavigne who is dying of cancer and it's like so heavy and then in between extra like sad yeah so it's like it was work i mean it was it was definitely i definitely wanted to do it i was just wanted to do it 'cause it's a new thing yes i wanted to do it because dude i specially after my where i had just fill my third special and i was looking to do another you know i mean like i want to do now i don't want to do another sitcom because i did two of those right now i mean it i don't do the same thing over and over and over again over right so why this even on this special that just came out today it's like i talk more about myself than i in my first two just because it's like i don't want to keep making fun of the same shit
right now here you man i hear ya yeah like doing different things is where you get new ideas from but yeah that acting things are grind yeah now i know boo hoo you complain about acting that work in a coma i don't use my hands i know it it was it was it was is boring yeah i mean i don't want to disrespect it that but it's like not that you're disrespecting it but it's just like the shit we do is so exciting going on stage for an hour and everyone is listening and you're in control of the fucking mood but then you're just like that if lead on a movie and you have one really great scene and the other scenes are just kind of in with four characters and you should say shit like oh yeah i remember that or something did i mean oh well she was always a wild one you know what i mean why did you say it's like you to do that nineteen times in a row because i needed from different angles and even though
we're getting juniors in the movie and you're like oh it's quite get to work with cuban junior that's cool for like four takes and you're like i'm fucking hungry where's my phone and why is there no wi fi in this bullshit do not i mean yeah so yeah people boo hoo you get bored working with cuba gooding junior fucking paid by no means am i complaining it's just like i realize doing standup is just such a fast paced fun lifestyle i mean it's work too but you know it's like we know it also it is stand up is you like it's you you do what you want to do whereas like these other things and that's but you know weird thing to say people like well you should enjoy work with other people and share and creativity that's great but something about like knowing that you put together your whole set beginning to end you figured out which way that shit should go and then like you go do somebody else is stuff you like uh this is an is engaging yeah yeah unless you're playing for me unless you're playing like a real character or like or something that's funny and you get
adlib and fuck around yeah yeah it's like people thrive on it some kind of drive on it yeah i know yeah but we lose a lot of 'em they start to just go to acting stay over somebody was telling me recently doubt about how and it was a good point about how you know people like fortune feemster who's hilarious like she doesn't have an especially yet because doing so much acting work yeah and she's like a true comedian i think she's really fucking funny but it's like well duncan trussell doesn't have a special that's insane there's another one that's insane but does he act now he just is what the fuck is he doing acid maine he's funny as shit though easel area he's also nice is shit man like the best but i mean for a guy that is advanced as he has he should absolutely have a special diaz should have another special for sure especially 'cause everybody has a special
yeah i mean they're not made specially com specials anymore yeah there are some hours thing yeah maybe it's an hour just called an hour ds netflix guy joey diaz coming in netflix guy is sophie one of our mods will say that i might have made a scoop well maybe you're fucked up maybe i'm maybe wrong by just made it up maybe you just fucking insane shit maybe i just talked about in miami but i could be that guy is so fucking funny i mean i think in first no one's ever been funnier the burst that joey diaz create onstage i've never heard anybody funnier he hurts my cells bone cells hurt him laugh he's like like him brody makes me laugh hard just cuz he's holtzman holtzman is i mean that i no longer has killed me
unknown ones man it's mostly the unknown ones and there you can't the people yeah people don't know what to make of them you know what i mean yeah yeah but the man known ones man it's like there's a ton of those guys there was that one drive from long island what the fuck was his name again bob we do this before we were trying to figure it out not bob nelson nelson was not the boxing gloves yes jiffy jeff gym yeah himself and i mean how much comedy has changed imagine doing that now i like one thousand and fifteen after you or may you can't even have props anymore i talked about this the other day with judd apatow we like it used to be like a legit for of comedy like prop comedy i don't even feel like you can't even bring a guitar nowadays there's a few of those guitar there is out there right there's a few in yeah a you
it could be a fucking hard thing to follow once and i realize that character is different thing yeah yeah if someone filled with a dirty song and then you had to go on after like damn cancel this dirty saw those guys they were like a bunch of those guys that would do shit like like harry basil with with the movies yeah that shit killed in the day i mean dude i buy open till two ten i would see the guy the left or the like these people are dying yeah i mean see him recently but no new kids coming up have a big bag fuck in santa claus bag of props like the grinch the grinch when the grinch stole all the toys from the town commencement bring a bunch of shit though that's one of the things i love about not being a musician yeah you know how people say comedian secretly want to rock stars dude i couldn't think of i'd rather be a fucking cry
mac dealer than a rockstar anybody who says that is never killed maybe like what are you talking about maybe rockstar i don't want to do that that seems like a lot of work yeah it does plus you gotta be like with your bandmates all time you get outta that nerves like you can't work with other well like we can whether people like being open to a gig together on the road and the next week you could do a gig with calendar someone and no one goes hey what the fuck bro we're a team and i know snow like comedy teams like that i know that's good well it's just like the movie thing you're on your own it's nice yeah how to deal with other people share their product who drummer bro matejka chance to san francisco with mike batman i was pretty drugs bad you know this fucking band is a single unit man no like you would have to be like a singer singer songwriter like a gary clark junior hires his own people like gary clark's june
here's drummers like fuck this i'm out here people like cartman yeah yeah i'm sure you're good but it's all it's all about the lead singer though i mean unless you become like lead guitars or something or like the violin player in the dave matthews band yeah like he was kinda see them even there though it's still the mother dave i all i know i had a problem with that son no i know but when its route that's when it gets deep that's like a dictatorship when it's like a dave matthews band tom petty and the heartbreakers right but when it's like rush right then you can the rolling stone or even kiss you know yeah kiss everything will people in there no no you can't switch the cat out for fox right okay not cool man that's true though i never thought about that name it something right then everybody is kind of the group everybody's in there if you're a whore
breaker though you're gone exactly of god you are you're a guitar and i could by charlie daniels band mother fucker what does it say what does it say steve miller's it charlie wilson no says charlie fucking daniels charlie 'cause of my brand you piece of shit you can't get rid of fucking one of those guys you can't get rid of any of those guys yeah and all those guys became or maybe one so quite happy i know i know when van halen van halen's named after van halen what happened to eddie fucking van halen is the lead guitarist david lee roth left and everybody went got damn crazy 'cause it's van halen name even though your last name it's not the eddie van halen band 'cause if that was the case to be like ok cool i get it different people so carlos santana different people sing for him sometime right right but it's still the carlos santana band just don't be a fucking heartbreaker
but van halen seems like a like a thing yeah it is yeah i don't know i didn't i guess i didn't even think put it together that i was just last night even though i knew that's like a vehicle like van halen it's a strong yeah yeah name so it's like the hindenburg yeah it is yeah yeah rogan that's good billy is not a good one they got there possibly fucks it all up apostrophes are weird while we still use know do we forget how to talk then yeah it's very weird i used to yeah you don't have to tell me how to fucking pronounce it just drop it by the way it makes it worse 'cause people like to earlier add fuckin else and shit so when you go to look at a restaurant you know what the worst is is when i pull into a gate you have a meeting anywhere and you gotta give everybody that thing and and i uh and then they say you're not in the system and i'm like try it with or without possibly which one you didn't do and then there like there it is everything
right so every fucking time you should change your last name spelling to duh duh hahl he8h i don't know if dolly my leah when i was little when i was little i told my dad i was like can we get rid of the apostrophe i was young i was like twelve and he was like and i it's just it just sucks like why feel like like what is like people always mispronounced and he's like you should be proud of that and i was like i'm not and then and then i remember i'm not it's just thirteen that's and then and then and then started to like it you know cuz i'm like yeah i guess it is my name fuck it you know but when i was little i wanted to chat i remember i remember asking my parents if i could
i mean this is embarrassing actually i remember telling my parents that i to change my name to two damian monroe no matter that cereal now you want to change your full name chris delea to damien damien monroe imagine imagine if my name was damian monroe you would have hated me immediately now i would not like the old minden yeah but david theo von the most contentious name ever my name is theodore theodore vomit but think about but think about this is why you don't even know why it why i wanted to be with me because this this is so embarrassing and whatever but ok 'cause damien was is the devil
and then marilyn monroe was like shore in my head also so you have both the so this was like a show biz name id i don't know i didn't get very far with that i was with this time yes image like young when there are tons of it either by could come i'm not just demi's of demi morale oh my god imagine now i would hate that to larious and we all do stupid things the kid i didn't get to do obviously my parents would have let me do that thank god i was a weird man i would ask my parents i would i would ask her because i always sat like this at the dinner table and i asked them as a as a key you call me crazy legs and i remember thinking like like that would be cool like if my call called me crazy later hey crazy legs crazylegs monroe carmen and then they were like
it was like no and i was like just like maybe just at least at the dinner table i remember saying that and you would be like i'm not fucking calling you crazy leg you need to chris oh my god so funny kid shit that was even younger the crazylegs thing was a product of nine god kid ideas are so stupid there's so dump there's so fucking fun i remember these women laughing in my face once at me trying to be cool and i was like twelve i had this fucking sneakers on i don't know what they were like these brown suede sneakers and i went to the period of time this is very embarrassing for a period of time when i was like twelve one thousand two hundred and thirteen inch where i got really into tom sawyer and huckleberry finn i even tried chewing tobacco at that age they would sell you chewing tobacco
little kid will be twelve and just bite you in the background for whatever reason like that wasn't like cigarettes right right right right you could just buy chewing tobacco like i bought it i didn't have to high that's so weird todds fucking crazy even godly let you but you would come in this like wallet looking brick and you open it up and you break a piece off real old school e fucking clinic could style chewing tobacco i was retarded so i had these these shoes on that will make a brown suede they were really goofy looking and next door neighbors in this we rented a house it was me my sister my parents and then one of our friends of that friend of my dad rented one of the rooms in the house like you like said had the upstairs and then or is it a very small house the next door was another small house and uh these young kids live there like the downstairs people they had a band and they were fucking horrible but they were
super committed so they practice all the time and they had they had carpet everywhere man like you would go down in the basement and what they had done is taking like thirty or forty sheets of carpet an like may doors and impact the walls and they essentially turned the basement into like a practice soundproofing but you could you could hear them super clear an ok i remember them friends name was death in the shopping mall oh my god and the song called my baby is a mutant you remember this yeah i got a crazy memory man and so these guys
my baby is a mutant yeah yeah yeah baby is a mutant but that's ok i love my baby anyway bye baby jesus christ you actually remember this shit fucking practicing blowing their job they were cool as fuck though they let me go over there and watch when i was twelve let me go and hang out with these guys one of 'em scoop ice cream made a giant forearms and everybody is likely to form many scoops ice cream i do scoops ice cream face with this jacked forearms and all the like young kids like twelve would be like scared of this nineteen year old dude with his giant forums 'cause he's scooping ice all the time but they were all super friendly but there's these two freaky looking girls it would hang out with them and you know when you're twelve were bloom run group yeah so i have these stupid sneakers on i say the girl i go she goes nice sneakers like she's kind of mocking yeah yeah i know close my sneakers it turns me off and they
first in the lab not not laughing like existed yeah but like look at this fucking dork and i'll never forget the feeling when i said it like only colors in my sneakers it turns me off like the feeling of you fought and won morally thought your ankle and quickly what you're saying is as you like this is not realize that's all there is division i was twelve i realized as you say it like how stupid are you really get certain items that sex when you that i mean i there was one time i keep like i hi see yeah that i mean i probably still around i don't know yet but obviously don't check it but there was grape that's them oh my god wow wow they have of youtube video is this my brothers is a song called purpose wow death in the shopping malls has a fucking this was a fight
four years ago because these guys at all know that it says that with this was in nineteen eighty one they recorded in eighty one while so that was right around the same time because eighty one was where we went to high school in eighty one so that would make sense that was like so i was i guess i was thirteen but that's two years later we're talking about in like seventy nine in one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine i'm pretty sure that was the age i was pretty crazy 'cause i was thirteen 'cause it was right first move to boston we were living in jamaica plain living on god damn i don't remember the name of the street remember the name of the street it would help but anyway i'll that haunted me though girls laughing in my face funny haunted me for years i still think about isn't that interesting i think about
like that that's i think about shit like that like you carry with you like you know how some of his yeah but sometimes it's just like i mean nothing but what happened you are too young to have dealt the situation like that yet yes so that was why you remember it 'cause you're still oh this is a new of god i was aware personally aware of how we dick ulous stupid i sounded right which yeah but as a kid you don't have that you know so the first few times yes the same age do you change your name to damian monroe so we're both for givens i remember when i had to feel like i did hang on to that i had for fuel i had high see i was in kindergarten or kindergarten i think and before first grade where that is and i guess and the high c straw
is grape i see i remember and i squeezed it wrong and it shot up on my face now with the table where there were girls there and it was lunchtime and i remember thinking oh it's probably per pull on my face around my i like kiss or something yeah and where and so i was like this is cool like i'm going to just chill with it and just because it happened by accident so it's like i tried to do it so these you're just going to see me with this cool purple thing on my face i mean i mean same age kindergarten so however although jesus christ so young as and thinking all these thoughts and then thinking and then thinking uh can't wait to like back on these girls like your mac and i'm girls into my right well it was whatever but it was before first grade that's kindergarten okay yeah yeah get on
mrs anton's hand so so you get great so so i can you raise great not even sodas use you on your face and i remember thinking like remember leaving it there and it was very sticky beak is it icy and it's candid basically so but leave it though 'cause it's cool i remember thinking like just stick with it 'cause it's very cool and finally it was so sticky that i was like i hope that the is like paying off 'cause because i got my face and so i asked the girl like really insecurity like next me i was like hey i was like is it like all purple on my face like but like wanting it to be purple you know and she and she just goes like this no and then i was like i can i go to the bathroom and wash my face he went in the bathroom then i looked at my face it was just my face zero purple but that was and those were actual thoughts that this idiotic fuck in kindergartner had
i was like i look like a rock star is what i thought this and so you can remember when you're just a little kid we are so stupid they will haunt you d but some say i think about that all the time i think about all the time it's it's probably shape to me you know it definitely has like one as kick it in high school could turn you one way or the next left or right people been some people been bullied in high school and it fucked him out for the rest of life well yeah they yeah i mean and even orozco at junior high in grammar school and shit some people was never recovered from it so weird the inclination that people have well you know what we believe we have schools like to for find one the kid who's fucking nervous and start fucking yeah that's very normal to me where you going for school nelson besides sucking my dick in the woods i'd have understood that i hate big giant gay dude
just suck his dick in the world yeah you gotta go to high school with them fight him off everyday parents don't believe you yeah i i i i loved always making fun of people but not bullying yeah i know well i think there's a lot the kids who get physically abused at home yeah that's a big fat to get their power back there and then there's physical bowling that way but then there's psychological bullying too and then there's a certain amount of natural pecking order shit that kids do to each other their competitive with each other and one will say something shitty in the next will say something shitty back and then they form contains the word gas crews krispies shit right now and then you like you know what man mike and i were just fucking you guys gotta pick a team you my team christine mike lions bro yeah there's a lot of animal behavior like i have chickens in one of my chickens like one of 'em something goes wrong like the other one stop fucking with it they pack at it really yeah yeah weird chicken to eat them no i don't eat
check just eat their eggs which are non fertilized ladies and gentlemen all you the vegans out there not get enough protein look in eggs case off some chickens there your that's they're going to run around you can even if you want to feed him you terrian dietze which really shouldn't 'cause they're not vegetarians little fucking diner chris bro but the thing is when they see something wrong with one of the other ones it's a real problem one of them gets injured the other one start pecking at it weird yeah makes you that's how we are secretively at our base level no but i think what is so like one it's interesting about all these anti bullying campaigns is that they didn't exist were younger and whether or not you make an argument for people thinking how to how to get along through the natural methods that we always and encountered like finding good people and bad people and finding who you like and find about your own behavior and how it affects other people either way what i think is going on is we don't want people to fuck with people anymore
i think in the old days everybody just accepted that people fuck to people and now we realize we're going older were really but what's crazy is that we're figuring this out as a culture in the la it's two thousand and thirty whatever the fuck years it's been human beings been around forever but it's on social media though that's what it is because now everything is exposed it is that i think it was on its way there just through traditional methods like books an regular media and colleges and universities that's one of the reasons why college and universities are so important for changing thought especially were the kind of an affair that place now but there was a thing where you would leave your environment and go to this new environment right in this new environment would be filled with intellectual right filled with people that are trying to change the world and you'd be exposed to ideas you never got before and so through those ideas then you learn bunch of shit and then you go out with this idea that you're going to do this or you're going to go apply your knowledge now there or get a degree here and everything would say
compound in your understanding of the world would be far better than the people that came before you because just the fact that you denny's accumulated two thousand and thirty plus years of information since the time your parents were in school right so all that aside as that goes by that gets you a certain way it gets you a certain amount steps past the barbarians and the fucking romans all the psycho pass of our history but now once social media kicks in now everything's accelerate yeah hundreds in a way we can't even control yes completely out everybody's hands that's why trigger words and safe spaces and everyone is going fucking crazy it is too fast for us to catch up with no but it's moving in the right direction like even all the ridiculous like trigger word safe spaces stuff all that stuff is like the inclination is to be nicer yeah that's a good thing for sure yeah so some of it's ridiculous it's not well thought out like you're better off have people communicate then having safe spaces you better off figure out a way to bake people just
not shitty to each other and screaming and yelling at each other like find a better method of communication the point is is uh they are moving in that direction that moving in a really good direction even these ridiculous like liberals it shut down that evergreen college there going nuts and they didn't want white people to show up for work for a day there inclination is probably correct they just want to balance things out and when things right now they feel like black you are still like in a bad position as far as like racial injustice and by pushing white people down there going to be it's a black lab leaves don't understand human right he just doesn't doesn't work like an hour now former breaking it down crystal i know man on fire is it hard to get a name special for this one it was not because you have a bit yeah yeah but yeah i find it difficult do you yeah i was actually before yours came out i was like man somebody should do like trigger warning or something yeah
that's a great title i did it because i knew what you're upset some people yeah but that's what that's what that's who you are though and that's that's what that i mean you talk about all the things that are would trigger somebody well i just talk about what's ridiculous about those things and in the with that special particular i knew like the bruce jenner bit i'm like you know this is this one's coming home hard they need a trigger warning i don't even know i'm a physic comedian i don't even know how you made that fit work yoga chair and all that no but i mean not even just that like the the cold and everything it was just like it came became a bunch of different like it started out it started out a little different started out you know it was a little more calm and then i realize like the only way this is going to work like where people going to really think i'm a demon 'cause i try to think this is a fucking goofy thing to admit but when i'm doing that bit i just do this bit about tigers fucking one of the key that that figure out the key to the bit at one point
the key to the bit was to think like a tiger and a move like that i do not think of myself as a commedia when i did that bit i was thinking to myself as a demon i guess i think of myself as a guide dot helms the kicks off in so then my inclination was to just climb on the stool right and just like in getting this weird sort of goblin hunched over stance because plus i figured because i'm really fly it's a look weird yeah it yeah strange that's funny but sometimes my openers like how do you do like to act out like that and i'm just like you just believe that's what you are for a little bit yeah it's so dumb but it helps yeah but if you do if you could pull it off you know you the jimmy shubert's bit about eagles mating too hilarious bit but when she
it's doing it it's a cause eagles have this crazy thing where they while they're flying a a and was eight when they they stay connected com so like sometimes it'll make it a crash to the ground as he died which is hilarious but his bit you know i was doing it yeah yeah sure and while he's in it even though you know which team is right you're thinking about his eagle seem like an eagle's funny he's he's an eagle right there he's in his he's in his element that's funny tell a truck backing out so this this pressure not to right i mean it's so loud or indoors track meet were nowhere near that truck is this how you get your money they just back up this time bro yeah not everything has to be white white
with names at one point and invokes white sox have one new sneakers every day of the week son the rapper i saw a rapper yesterday got a papa smurf diamond encrusted chainmen they just turned out to each other you don't have anything to do in i've been thinking of living two sep always they're going to get in a cabin in the woods right where i live like i have a well solar power just chill out there for half the year other half of the year i get the dope his house i can afford in beverly hills just walk around and farmers everywhere like call myself a long time and so you use side lasses outside at night always yeah great so you after your one slash to give the other a limo with face on it you the mask of you i'm going to get a grill that i can only put on for six months a year so at six months
they take the grill off and then i go back to be in the woods guy i'm just bored being one person look i will i think you know i mean i am going to that right well yeah because look to park we had the songs about how we live are women up and then he would be the other guy be like fuck bitches to yeah it's very confu figured it out well he was poet and also he was a reporter he was reporting what's going on in the streets are you not know know know bipolar i just wanted it for six months out of the year is one hundred and six months out of the year oh just what i'll do i'll get a crib in downtown la like one of the penthouse cribs we overlooking the city pull on the deck would your family be with you both run flats fucking one of the half different dude i'm a different do i a video of a guy where
they were this guy said he was trans age he was a young girl he like he identify with being young girl he was like fifty something year old man and the identify would be in a young girl's children they let this guy dressed up like a young girl and people are accepting his family is accepting it he was talking to really saying how he really feels what's let's stop you from being a totally different person i get it to identify as i get korean just identifies a different guy right now you identifies chris to leah yeah well yeah i'm with him now i thought of the character what's damien what damian monroe did was i ahead of my time you might have in ahead of your time this is what i'm thinking you could be this is the guy trans woman lives her life is a six year old yeah has a fan has children at someone's daddy
and how old is that it is the girl that he thinks she's so what was he doing for six years ago still the guy six years ago he had been born yet bro so can he did he ever say it was ever turned seven no no no and there's always displays identifies so age is irrelevant dude you can't age someone just like you gender someone piece of sh get there such a shit i know i am god that's him as a one but what about he's going to die one day incorrect he will be six forever called it so there was he had a gang of kids and then fell on his head or something what would cause it i don't know maybe just decided so what if you can do that you can do that that's who you identify with now you're a girl you could change your name you could change your name your becky now by becky caitlin i want you to be i'll be nine said well i don't mind going to six so i've been six ever since well
wow i don't know what to make of that jesus christ okay well i have a mommy and daddy and adopted being a daddy who are totally comfortable with me being a little girl grandchildren are totally supportive in fact her youngest granddaughter when i was eight a year ago she was right so she's getting older when i was eight years so i was eight and she was seven and she said to me i want you to maybe the little sister so i'll be nine oh wow i said well i don't mind going to six so i've been six ever since well so now he's just changing it though we are living in a world of nonsense i mean you can't just change it so that he doesn't identify with it just keeps changing it i'm not even going to have real diamonds in my grill i'm going to tell everybody there real but they're going to be cute
zirconia is because gives a shit doesn't have to be really could be like they identify as real diamond platinum on the outside though for sure wow for sure platinum and they're not going to enough every six months and i become a words guy words guy yeah i'm man all for you you you can be a different person you can totally be a different person feel different during the day you feel like one way it was some good morning you're sad and then at night you're like all this is a great life you know number that bitter sweet symphony song i'm a million different people from one day to the next it's a bittersweet probably funny this life not the way you're saying it but maybe maybe maybe your shit but there was a band called the verve and it was a great song i know yes i know this song the verb they lost all the money because
the opening riff sounded just as i remember stones remember that i heard something recently it's similar to this did you know that song i'll be missing you that puff daddy bad about that yeah she has made all of the money from that song yeah every breath you take one hundred and six actually use something like that how much sixty or seventy million others chose a huge hit yeah even share with the police it's just his but also the police see that's where you fucked up yeah that's right the police but he wasn't it wasn't staying in the the edge no dude you can't be the that's as you two right you choose it got the edge what's the other self the edge bro what's that one the isn't band and he calls himself that he's a white guy he's a white guy and he calls himself the edge hey no definitely no
i always have to be of the thing i just when i just love and rappers alike that's why they call me the edge and you're like you asked people to call you that too if that's what people call you that yeah you can't do that they call me to love professor no no they don't they call me it when you say they call me i i'd stop listening yeah they call me the psychological ward meter it's a good one thank you want your guys that includes guy psychological coordinator i just sit and write books on people is what i think i have a few dome on television yeah why can't you be a dick in person if you can identify as being just to say adam nine room six did you see the one about the guy who identifies as an alien or no he wants to have his yeah yeah hi yeah because he wants to be in it yeah well he's done his whole body he's yeah i know a lot of time and money is it a he not allowed to say he can we say zz what would you say zz has spent a ton of money
he has fake lips and done some nutty shit to z's eyes look at the that's fifty thousand dollars at over one hundred procedures first of all stop stop right there because the it means each procedure is how much one hundred procedures fifty one hundred or fifty thousand one hundred how cheap are these fucking procedures fourteen dollars each yeah this is rude calculus one hundred procedures go down procedures one thousand dollars it would be one hundred thousand dollars so you've done one hundred procedures at five hundred dollars each make it like a five for one dude it's a plastic surgery is fucking expensive that's one of those things it's like a burger you want to pay the most yeah yeah otherwise i mean unless he's got a friend is one hundred i just a hundred thousand dollars or fifty thousand dollars on a hundred is ledger is there that's when taken so much deck that your your your cave caves in
what he's what he's it's like when they call they don't do the proper seismic studies so he doesn't have a exactly joined a or a a a a whatever the season allen that's z's trying to become a genderless alien it's an interesting look i mean why not man you know people want to get their face tattooed wine get wacky and do this and who the fuck am i to judge my arms are covered in tattoos now i mean it fuck if it makes a person happy yeah the alien who might enjoy week of got art all of my arms but keep that picture man what you doing you wanna keep it to yourself by the way do you do you scroll down we see the top one that i have one the face one is it the weird face no no the one like yeah that with the top top one that one is trippy ones do and what is he doing to these eyes well vinnie isn't make up cars vinchio twenty two from los angeles ca ohas plan
it's costing over one hundred and sixty thousand dollars to become a genderless alien he's already spent fifty thousand the surprise so there's ten photos yeah jesus we are phrases that the others cock start screen it might be context but it might also be that's kind of normal ish right that is normally what kind of pain you have to be in the want to be genderless genderless alien who but who am i to judge who is anybody judge crystal yeah when this will be better for didn't the judge we didn't exist you and i would exist we have a job half the problem as such a bright orange joke when he's like who could judge who is only god can judge there's now a judge can judge you this funny joke i think that he doesn't yeah
so stupid and i will get that tattooed on judge can judge you're right you fucked up that's why i put away forty tattoo and like before i get this done is there anybody else who could judge me i me be honest with me a brown i would judge you but god nobody nobody joe judges in occupational way what it is yeah did you no the chiropractor is not even today did you i i i i love to do is i was going to get at his but like i just don't be scared well it's a two what if i don't like it lee exactly right that's the deal with it so let's go to a good tattoo artist yeah but what if i'm like oh i love well i got super lucky guided me is a gentleman named erin dellavedova from grew tattoo in san diego and he's just world renown
tattoo artist and as the kind of style of tattoo that i like like big bold lots of colors and stuff just so i got lucky that i got it took a long time now i live in a week to get an appointment in the s one took like once is when to quit fifty hours this one to collect forty so you that all done done you got there all done yeah not once not in pieces and pieces but but in your butt and put them for eight hours then i come back again and they would do like one part for eight hours i understand that but you that whole thing was a design it wasn't like exactly 'cause usually a lot of people just add to it started small right i had this little idea and he was like yeah it's like you have too much shit you're trying to do and this one little thing i was like so what should i go like absolutely let me draw up a half sleeve and then i want to fuck it let just go all the way in so all of a sudden then you were tattooed yeah all the sudden well no i had more than a year yeah yeah yeah but it seems like when people
like sort of piecing together like one little tattoo at time there's something about big pieces like when someone has a big flowing piece like if you're going to get something done and you like you just have your arms yeah i like him they don't bother i always think they look cool like you know even conor mcgregor and like that looks cool is crazy wacky after a girl on his neck and neck you know a girl with a crown but it's like cool it's yeah you know i mean and you see that fight i how to see that i mean i don't really follow it too much but i gotta see that right right yeah i would see i would say yeah i would watch it i'm working at night i'm trying to figure out how i'm going to avoid dividing out about the for yeah so you so you can watch it i mean there's no hey yeah fine now i'm in i'm in dc that night so i gotta figure out how i can watch watch without finding out what happened if that's possible way but what about what do you think you have an idea what's going to happen
i think floyd mayweather is going to win a boxing match that's what i think it's like how is going to win and whether or not he's challenged and weather is put in danger he could be put in danger for sure if connor put cars going to put himself in danger and he's got to be confident enough to like he's got to get a hoe adam i think he's got a rough him up he's definitely not going to win a urges like a straight boxing match against the best boxer ever and i don't i think he thinks he would do that either i think what he wants to do is clip him just like go after make a big sprint right away try to clip i'm try to hurt him try to rough him up or the time goes on what happens with a guy like floyd is he starts only he's been boxing for so long right he starts doing thing things didn't anticipate in your reaction of those things timing yeah she'll do things not even so that you get hit you but to see how you react and how fast you are and maybe
he did this and then came over the top or maybe if you did this and stepped over here and hit you with a left hook and he gets it his head and he starts moving around and he puts you in like sort of like has these parameters for your movements almost like he's a super computer you see like anderson silva is to do that to you could see him like measure timing he would see how you react to bang you would just drop that front kick on your face or something like that he just sees that there's an opening there he knows how fast he can execute a technique he knows how fast watching a movie for awhile that you can move and he and whether or not you can get it when you can get to like how fast or so once floyd those numbers in his head then you just get your face boxed off then you get your face pasta interesting that a guy can be so good at that that and work so hard and not get brutally ruined to the point to become it
become a champion unit i mean there's a bunch of fat all the training and should i mean obviously guys get hurt and then can't become a truck champ yeah to be that guy that's gotten to that point is just amazing floyd got a bunch of factors on the side one his uncle is of fantastic former professional boxer roger mayweather the black mamba corner he was a world champ and he was a bad mother fucker and he would start guys with one punch but he had a totally different style and then his dad with the senior fought sugar ray leonard i had a really good fight against a great letter if i want to remember he was stopped late in the fight don't remember when but so he dad was an outstanding boxer his uncle was an outstanding boxer and he grew so he grew up knowing technique at a very early age when you know it have really really age you can get really good at it because you can get good at it later there's a lot of fuckin unicorns like people that don't make any sense but
when you're young you don't hit that hard so you and your buddies and hit each other you don't hurt each other so you learn a box and you don't have the consequences if you learn how to box and you're one hundred and eighty pounds and europe boxing other dudes that one hundred and eighty pounds in your fucking savages and you throw and let each other or boxing scary and dangerous but when your little can each other that's what actually actually person was saying that it's way easier to teach kids how to like throw because you know you body your body up when you're on a twenty pound trying to throw somebody else perhaps yeah when you're forty pounds you throw in another forty or no one gets hurt floyd just as good as they've ever been in terms of boxing he's a unique style he doesn't take a lot of damage she's the best defensive boxer of all time in terms of the amount of time that he gets hit nobody gets it less yeah i don't know much about
boxing or fighting at all but i have to how do you see that it's a freak show it's not it's not a boxing match because connor doesn't have a lot of boxing matches it's not like looking at canelo alvarez when he was challenging floyd we're going home you think canelo can get doing well we can go back and look at this fight he did really well and that you can't look at anything yeah and also it look at it doesn't the wind the stamina i mean like a boxer stamina he's gotta go twelve rounds right true ufc is what five rounds for check flight button it's five five minute rounds with kik king and wrestling right fucking way easier to go three minutes boxing that is to go five minutes it's of ma fuckin ways here i guess i didn't know that i'm really done grappling and shit no comparison uh we've done either one of them professionally but i'm just telling you as far as like the amount of work that you put out in a three minute round just using your hands verse is wrestling fighting submissions getting your legs kicked kicking all those things requ
our tremendous amounts of energy think you have see athletes are some of the most conditioned athletes in the world high level like when you get to like mighty mouse level when you know that go five rounds full never get i mean how much she gets hit don't nobody hits my new mouse these days he's uh such another level right now we notice several pixels past mighty mouse dimitrios johnson who talking the asian guy now who is the asian guy that kept getting punched in the face we talked about we we we we are you talking the green superbowl yeah and what choice yeah it was a crazy fight with cops one yeah totally different file okay erica mighty mouse is the pound for pound best fighter okay okay ufc flyweight champion do choi is one of the most exciting one hundred and forty five pound contenders yeah and he had a full can crazy right with cubs won it was crazy oh my god it was just that was the blood got fight of the year at the comedy store
bone there was an area that was crazy firefight yeah it's it's all about whether or not connor can probably can't hear what you're saying floyd has been doing this for sold the defensive boxer yeah it's a different it's a different world man it's a world is no leg kicks there's no takedowns there's no it's a different world was it you that was saying somebody was saying something about how connor has something has the one thing over floyd that nobody's ever had over him in that that he can say i can kick your fucking ass yeah i can fuck you is there a chance yes it is me if there was an mma fight it would be what look connors a chance in a boxing match because you know that a bomb right floyd has no chance of what is zero right that's zero yeah it's a leg kick to
a down to smash to strangle every day yeah all day for the rest of your life a baseball player in the octagon yeah because the freeport even can't even get punch him if connor's kicking right they just let connor kick if they said okay ok listen you can't do mma but you can kick oh my god put all the money on concrete one hundred percent of it one hundred fucking percent you let him kick jesus christ how many leg kicks you think floyd mayweather junior can take even if he's blocking dude he can't is going to side kick his knees the legs yeah that's the worst kind fuck his legs up he's never gonna get close enough to him he's going to side kick his legs he's going to sidekick his body he's going to i mean there's no chance no chance before take the legs away and no chance for connor not no chance for connor but boy if you have money you bet i remember the first time i i felt a little a kick to my leg i i couldn't i couldn't believe how hard it better yeah it's horrible
yeah dude there's this guy named pedro his own it was one of the top ufc heavyweights fought all over the place and he used to link it guys and he was this big fucking brazilian dude just this was you have seen along time ago back and he would submit guys just by kicking their legs oh yeah yeah if you break your leg would break you but then his leg kicks were so heavy you would hear them like rings yeah it would just sound different to say oh no this guys going to let him kick him no this is not always going a locate the journalist is going to hold the package this pager his no don't do it he's going to let kick his leg now look at this site giant huge journalist is going to let him do that did he could just that's not even an exaggeration he touch you like chat with his leg and you but charlie horse what i'm not kidding dude he was a gorilla hardest hardest like cakes have ever seen because he
big ass heavyweight is this going to hold the patter what we're going to go flying now malaria is going to be awful for him even with the pad no come on son that do just fine through the air and flipped and landed on his face and it didn't look like it was nothing for him for the other guy dude that's how hard page rojizo kicks understand that there's no way that one hundred percent either probably was really let me see it again who flew through the air one hundred and seventy pound man he went flying to the air you it should he was terrified at least you went with him he fought rigo rodriguez regal was one of the top you have see halfway to the time and hit him with a leg kick lock up and you could see the look rico's like what in the is that all about he just had a different amount of power in
like that it was like george foreman punches but with the legs just had a totally different thing going on boxing back more like you have seen all that oh yeah man i still am i still am a big fan of boxing i love it boxing he's exciting because like when a guy like sergei kovalov first it versus andre wharton's last fight you're seeing in like the margin of error to each guy is operating in is so small and it's just two things is just left hand right and there's a two weapons and the margin of error that you have one one guy's an expert at punching people in facing the other guys an expert in punching people in the face we moving around trying to find your openings and these like world cup last top of the food chain guys are trying to smash each other with their punches and that's all have to rely on so in making something
like very limited to me especially because i watch so much ma it becomes interesting because i'm like ok now i don't have to think about later right right you don't have to think about takedowns all i have to think about is which guy you know like which guy is going to be to solve this problem and it's very fascinating to me to the point where people i like fights that people get mad at i think they go that fight right 'cause i was excited 'cause they thought it was an exciting or whatever exactly exactly well that's why i've always been floyd mayweather because what is able to do defensive right like nobody can do what he does that's cool yeah you say is an amazing defensive boxer i mean every fighter should watch him everybody should learn it just like how he could stand right in front of you to mean we stood right info guys just fucking there a video on on youtube of watching order was like i want to show you guys the head move that i'll just make sure you don't even block but that's how i'll never get hit in the head and you up to random people on the street and he's like hey i've yeah it was like go ahead and try to punish me for like a minute and i'm not going to block
the guys like ok and then he just never gets hit in the face because you doing this fucking head bob yeah but he's got to find the right guys while he's not finding professional box yeah you roll up on deontay wilder alright i'll do it but still i mean you know that's interesting i would have thought about that yeah i would move his head like like a floyd mayweather or vasily lomachenko like that that kind of guy the a guy can stand right in front of you and you can hit him that's one of those terrifying guys to face fucking crazy you can't and i'm like not there and then he's hitting you all the time but it's only getting frustrated and getting winded you miss a punch and you realize your spider web you slowly getting lit that's what's going to be interesting to see what happens to connor if he does fine himself in the web he finds himself in a web whether or not tries to distance himself with floyd from floyd and stay on the outside with know tries to clinch up
bumboo liam or whether he does something like really confusing the floyd doesn't expect like it's on like his coach john kavanaugh the guy who's coached him in mma very very smart guy in a brilliant tactician and together their team is i like their approach the very very unique approach and one of the things they do is they come up with these i don't really on earth x training routines because his statement that like really rings true with me as he says we want to upgrade the hardware upgrade the software without damaging the hardware kavanaghs is yes they do a lot of drills instead of like constant hard sparring and the idea is that when you do hard sparring all the time the problem is like it's hard for fermentation because punished if you fuck up and it's hot to download new stuff and then the other the other hand
doing drills over and over again can get kind of boring yeah they come up with all these innovative ways to incorporate new kind of movements and a lot of it's weird like they throw throw cards that i got this guy throws cards many punches the car does he have one now effective if at all that is now but it's a freak show that's so that's what i mean the crazy thing is what a connor win yes vance that's that's like kind of bad for boxing so awesome for conor mcgregor which great for him i don't think it's bad for ba this is conor mcgregor inbox i mean he really can't box or the questions kenny box right right right big difference you know i mean then conor mcgregor the biggest star ever yeah if he knocks out floyd mayweather he's the biggest athlete of all time he becomes first of all in europe he becomes the king of europe
they just give him crowns and they make a castle form that's crazy did if he if he now south floyd mayweather he is like literally probably most popular athlete of all time he might surpass like he's like in mohammed ali labels right i mean he's already he's already yeah it was problem it wasn't our time but i think he was probably at a totally different level because mohammed ali also represented like the civil rights miami represented this bigger than just the resistance of the vietnam war he lost his license to fight for three years it's a store yeah he's a he's a symbol of jenner asia connor just an amazing fighter so take away muhammad ali and i think he's probably on his way now but if he loses and he gets embarrassed by floyd sport he's really good he's going to lose i mean he's making a one million dollars anyway the fuck knows i'm sure it's it
so many people are going to be watching how could it not the craziest thing about corner is that for years ago he nobody knew who the fuck you want yeah i mean that's it's crazy that's like there's no profession where like all of a sudden you that big start but it doesn't even exist in emma mae you gotta understand nobody else does that it's just him so so what happened is that will do by the way he's like twenty eight jesus christ two thousand eight hundred and twenty nine i but we did him when he won the cage warriors title or you made it might been defending his title thing was cage warriors anybody flatline some doodles like this kids fucking really yeah tweeted him congratulations and i said i hope to see in the oc someday and that was like two thousand and thirteen wow that's 'cause i access tv shot out to access tv formerly hd net they had
so many good fights online actually maybe it was the internet amount of it on the internet i've seen other think cut your files which looks insertional hope senior see sunday best a little man that's crazy two thousand thirteen january two thousand and thirteen but to think that he tweeted that then and then now is the biggest fighter on the planet that before even came there so he so basically you're saying heroes so quickly because he's just so especially i got you something special and he knocked dead right you know he's yep everybody said nate diaz naked that just shows what a bad mother fucker he is he's the most underutilized fighter in mma period in terms of like his star power like capitalizing on it i don't think the ufc even knows how fucking huge nate diaz and nick brother nick branding weiser saying and just as everybody loves those guys they're fucking characters
yeah like an american version of snatched let's fucking funny right is it snatched her snatch snatch the movie snatched was the goldie hawn yes amy schumer one right by snag confused and there's snatched the that's just maybe like a tv show on the id channel or some was either alien abductions or a guy works in pussy pussy doctor i'd like to trim them snatch work clean set up this wide i see yeah i'll see doctor yeah yeah but that guide them to me nate diaz looks like a fucking a guy you don't fuck with yeah for sure he's huge people don't realize how is nate is in between fights mother fuckers walk around like two hundred pounds is huge it's big fella
how did he he just leaned out to fight conor yeah just well they fought at one hundred and seventy both time at that so much weight to lose as a two hundred yeah but uh you do it slow you know you do it over the course of you know like i'm sure he's carrying some body fat now when he got down to one five thousand five hundred and fifty five before when he fought a fifty five before the conor fight he fought michael johnson one of his best fights at fifty five thousand one hundred and fifty five dude shredded at the like buying who was saying he looked insane in that fight like for the wanshu is obviously in like crazy crazy shape smokes weed by the way holla now everything's weed makes you lazy well now i mean lazy makes you lazy smoke weed that shredded while that from that fight that's it right there look at that boom son haircuts a mean looking mother fucker yeah really have no fat
he's had some sensational ufc victories too well this is you got mean the guy should be i mean he made a shit load of money on the conor fight and the rematch i'm sure we made a shit load of money every last guys but now what though what i think you're right there jesus christ body you can set him up with some good five thousand connor was like severely dehydrated that's a one hundred and forty five pound picture i believe yeah it's fight night yeah that was a one hundred and forty five picture those before you had the notorious on his ass all right right up man do that vicious abs wow but yeah when you see him at one hundred and seventy like when he fought any alvarez at one hundred and fifty five or nate diaz yeah he's the one hundred and fifty five champ now what's really fucked up because he was one hundred and forty five pound champ and then he just left the title one hundred and fifty pound title so now he had two world titles in the
have c sort of take the that cnn right now is way bigger there yeah jacked well that's the nate diaz rematch he was jacked but how tall is he was not tall right he's fifty nine yeah nate is whatsapp so that's the algorithm so that's one less him at one hundred and fifty five actually the nate diaz fight well i bet there are real similar in size is that's the nate diaz fight like it is that now that salver because it's he's jacked on doesn't oh yeah that's right ufc two hundred and two right yeah so that's that it's 'cause he's one hundred and seventy in this little cat tattoo such incredible that's not i would say hey man put that somewhere else but that turn your back or something up your abs on but you know when it comes to person
these yeah personalities and fighting i see this see the difference he looks he looks different yeah he was so sucked in for that first fight he looks like he looks a on the top you look like a guy that would like yell at you on the street corner yeah crazy person around the bottom and space is nice and full it looks like it's going to he's going to make a lot of money whether or not he could beat that guy either way it's going to be fascinating to see going to be fine also isn't it isn't it too much but it isn't it isn't like soon to have the like they don't have time to train exactly which is why i think what floyd wants yeah i think floyd was probably in great shape probably good to do it this way i think they prepared for for quite a long time but they actually committed to it i hope it leaves you know he was preparing
take any mma fights did you think about and discuss soon though august is from the corner the which wasn't work also can't get they make so much money if they waited i don't know man this is such a freak show i think they might be playing it right yeah maybe 'cause this need something like you're going to plan out for six months people might look steam yeah maybe right yeah yeah maybe right you know it's the most dragged out fight of all time jean claude van dam was going to have a was it a kick boxing fight i think it was a kick boxing fight with some cat some thai guy who won the gold medal in the olympics and they went around for years and never disposing having like faceoffs and shit and i never did it never did it that's hilarious so he had the best reality shows call john and as my favorite i love that dude that volvo commercial order the fuck it was a nice cat's legs spread between the two trucks israel i mean you definitely do this
list but i really don't think that well but either way it's ridiculous i mean is i've i remember i watched street fighter twice in one day who is history he was the gotta guile guy yeah i'm going to get that son bitch bisons there so or he would say so hard fucking killed me i said he's at ord this a statue in brussels powerful john claude van dam look at him so happy sunglasses doesn't give a fuck i know the character he's got russia his people he just looking at john claude van damme has to have like he looks like a guy who would have the darkest sexual life you know what i mean like like wife copies like blah blah security right now oh legs i want to watch you suck his dick no doubt i don't think so
well that's how it looks and he has his sunglasses on it's night time you're telling me come on look at i'm looking right there is where he belongs security or right now i have had that happen where with a guy and the guy wanted his wife to suck a friend of mine said that this guy was coaching his wife through sucking his dick and he had just met the two of them that night different yeah i don't i mean like what we will see you get bored or what i don't yeah like is seeing that use with you before that and then it just comes out because that's what is that like that was like that yeah i don't know question like it can't be it can't be one day or just like you know i want to suck
you know it's not like that it has to be when with you before that yeah i would imagine it has to be yeah cause my i don't know might be i don't know though you know it's one of those things we go thank why does it bother us well here's the deal man being in an open relationship is different than watch well yeah but still why does it bother oh so you're saying why does it bother but it does like you for the most part yeah the idea that somehow or another you could blow a fuse and then you're right next to a guy going you like that running honey work the balls but suck suck on his balls do the thing i like put your hand to him jerk your hand off like where your fingers are facing him but it's it's and weird thing yeah it's super weird because i was like what do you it's a power thing right it's a power thing i
yes it's also like i'm a freak thing it's like we're being naughty with doing something dangerous were rebels wear something with our way i never i was going to impact at some weird stuff but i've had i had a fan once their driver came up i mean it was like hi i was instructed to come over here and i want you to this guy wants you to meet his wife and sleep with them it was in parsley with are you mean to hurry access either way i'm not doing it from but i really want to fuck him that was the thing had this face if there was like a guy out there sort of how that like picture x have seizures there was a guy out there that makes your dick hard in great shape just didn't expect it at all out of nowhere but you might not even have to like see him in person but if is it that's so pretty like they figured out a way to have the perfect about a masculine but not even pretty just to kind of vibe you like his vibe like a bear i could john
good luck i had here is a guy because like i'm not get a look look i'm not gay i never liked the guy but if i was going to i think i would pick like could the big guy a nice looking guy not like a pretty guy right like a tom sellick in his prime yeah no socks red car crashes the flowers in your shirt bro yeah that's how you hit on her hey man what's up with the flowers that you shared what you doing later how can we wear socks your feet stink to me bro look handsome guy guy in hawaii man right there in hawaii i was used to think when tom selleck was in hawai magnum pi was in a why always think like to see a being online after awhile guitar to about like because like lost and then they do i five o there by the way that god there's a guy let me there's a that was on both lost in hawaii five oh well he probably loves it out maybe it must listen man people who live down there you're living in paradise except occasional hurricane other than that you live in paradise yeah but it's also i mean do it it's so
damn it man i mean i was in i was in west palm beach this past weekend and i was like yeah it's beautiful but like it's too hot ninety two degrees feels like four thousand degrees yeah it gets fun and then you go back to la and you're like oh this is the best it's dry drive the best yeah like phoenix phoenix can get hot as fuck phoenix is yeah but you're landlocked too to i feel like nice if you're true right are you just getting a boat of shit gets rough not just have a load on your deck time now even if you're just in santa monica or like the valley as a tsunami hits you get in did you like freeze dried foods would you want to be the guy gets hit in the head by the asteroid or would you want to be the guy that has to figure out how to rebuild civilization again 'cause it get hit in the head and nice and quick view if you gotta reboot
civilization cannibal how many people in how many four forty and forty people it that's it i probably hit in head then you have to fuck your sister in order to make people i don't have one thing what do you do if it's just you and your sister and you're the only two people a lot i'd want to get hit head for for for sure but if if you are alive right now and she's alive as you want to stay alive you know i looked at only one way to make more people and just have people with that do you have kids with down syndrome and not yet i think it takes a while he's a few generations but even more person that you banging brother and then you have to bang your kids well the kids after bank charges up right because otherwise that's it it stops right there so then it has to be going to get to a certain point where there's like thirty or forty people everyone's fucking their kids and then you have to make new rules that planet people can't kids in him right now you're you got new rules by the way this is how it used to be guys we can do it
when was this four hundred years ago before the big rock from the sky shut off the power i can fill up the wi fi but my c sisters hot you know they beat the shit like i know you mentioned that it's forbidden now but your mom and dad were brother and sister you like that so far down you guys are fucking hypocrites that sounds like a fucking hulu that was that or channel yeah now who then you get to see like tits and shit in it you're not i mean yeah i remember that uh remember that movie brown bunny or vincent guys god i saw it in the theater and i brought my ex wife don't know what it was yes and she didn't and she was like what is it i was like it's gonna be good to go because i love vincent gallo and i want to and and when she sucks his dick in the movie my ex goes like this it's a porn and i laughed i laughed what's crazy
is it the whole movie i know one scene at the way it doesn't matter i know it's teleport yeah i know isn't that hilarious yeah i like anything vincent gallo does it so he's so fucking weird that's really kind of crazy though right like if you have a movie one sex yeah but you have a movie where everything is like whole areas but then someone dies like a lot of comedies like someone dies you don't say the card a movie right still comedy it's a comedy but if you had harrison ford cate blanchett in a gripping thriller and then at the end they fuck and you see in and out dick shots like that it's a porn porn you can't you can't not call it important just is that's hilarious that's weird right it's funny though like no matter what else do for employment in like coming on her chest you can do that we have a scene where like you see them like there's like curtains and see them through
so you see is that yes you can have that you could see her legs wrapped as long as it's tastefully done just kissing but if actually say a penis and a vagina this in a mouse or a it has to be in it all right even if he viewed his ever done is not porn gives the house of cards now this is seen house of cards where the president spoiler alert went down a reporter he in box and like his face is right on her box but doesn't show is on the phone with dad swear up never still fuckin show whatever they'll be like you watch the fucking the ranch with ash culture and you'll be like you have a dick it's just like weird yeah you could do any i showed my dick in my special did you how many times just four wow that's
i did it all in the beginning though that's a large for you for an hour so you know how to do at the comedy store i guess once you get ramped up you know you doing a special i probably come on down there probably should have done it maybe once are twice but i was excited i was in canada oh in canada you could show your dick freely there was a race french yeah you can can we walk around toronto with your breasts out so there was this video that was released online earlier today of this woman activist who is being in if you buy this guy and she says it's totally legal to take your top off so she takes her top off and you know she feminists almost immediately after she takes her top off this dude is black ice tea i want to say black eye but said it is their brazen when they hit on girls sneaks behind her and grab her tits now behind yes yes and she screams at them and they scream and they blurred the black eyes face out which is kind of funny with him but the out i didn't buy them cities out interesting that's very racist sits on the black eyes face but
but i think because whoever pointed video out doesn't want that guy to get implicated in for a crime i mean you know he committed one just yeah i want to see it here watch this so she's yelling at this dude so she's yelling and she takes her top off looks here full full breasts now watch this do with the blurred out face he comes up behind it oh shit oh wow everybody's like no no you do not you do not do that and then they even lose track of him he sorted lingering in the background there in fighting with each other now tim hughes also confused i gotta tell you he was smooth this fuck the way he did that shit well he's probably met girls like that before next thing you know old sheds millionaire garlic and spinach is there someone and she's like the finger at him like he went up like a laptop using the body snatchers but what are they arguing about what the fucks going on here who cares there arguing because they are poorly parented
and they never learned how to survive in microphone the whole thing is ridiculous this is just people today people losing their fucking months this is the shit that they will play for few two generations when they talk about the downfall of modern western society they'll play this kind of shit when young kids were so softap in living a life so easy look for micro aggressions at every turn and then also girls polar today's on guys grab because that's what some dudes do you can just pull your titties out in front of some dudes black girls still walking with her titties out right yeah yeah yeah impressive for only one grab yeah it's amazing so far but that's just because other people around yeah i realized the people will make different isn't that the thing in new york city you can walk out with your i think you can they had a gender thing right you can walk around and then you have the shirts off women don't most places most place for women yeah where do you think it's illegal to go topless you
yes well you can't do it in la would be funny if it was vegas can't do now i don't think so one if you can i mean if they can s feed right out so they can but that's different yeah it's a like a guy i can pretty much everywhere everywhere place yeah i can walk down the street like if there's a certain time of night will they arrest you like you have no shirt on it's midnight in the cop my trust you like dude what are you doing like why don't you have a shirt on right but it's like noon and you have no shirt on your sunday yeah you just hanging out just trying to get some raises chili dude right yeah if it's like seven hundred am like what's this derelict doing with no sure they would definitely keep an eye on you unless you're jogging they know like this guys an athlete too that's really fun it's like a carlin bit or some shit probably is true this is a certain amount of time is running all running to have a shirt if you have seven hundred am
as long as you're running if it's five hundred am you probably should put a hoodie on just to let people know you're serious 'cause if you have no shirt on at five hundred am like did you just have no shirt on and start running if you're running with no shirt on at five hundred am someone chasing you you probably didn't see him running at five hundred am keep running to seven hundred and thirty if someone sees you at seven hundred and thirty they assume you just start it then assume you've been running since like left the club right so basically we tried a marathon right after get along club sobering up as you're running i looked out of his shoes he's got fucking loafers on what is going on here so i gotta drink ticket bracelet yes crazy as i showed my id bracelet still as the sun is on from last night to be cool but now they're functional so perfect yeah the something what i do which move wearing sunglasses outside at night nothing worse bro fashion wise nothing worse it is so do she and black eyes
hold off so much better than one of course i'm not even offended when i see a boy that guy at a basketball game if he's like ll cool j he's got sunglasses on it still bothers me doesn't bother me but if it's a white guy might take those fucking thing he's off work you do it doesn't matter the race to racist when it comes to that it comes to sunglasses i hear i hear you're real rate the one time non racist against white dudes you've always been racing is why do why do the sunglasses like e not for yeah it's dark out you can see fine they're doing tv shows and you know what you said on the tonight show and they have a sunglass are come on it yeah really yeah a yes do you cry sunglasses on tough crowd auto show about comedians that's balls so you do it didn't workout well but they made fun of him right well gray geraldo shit all over him because they were going back and forth and
time great would say some funny dennis would like mocked the fact you sing something funny it was never seen this now it's one of the weirdest between two comedians ever really very odd yeah with the twin geraldo and there yeah of men to classic yeah i know that's weird probably right has that anymore that shit was funny miss fucking great right did you do it yeah i did it think it did it twice it was great a fun show colin quinn's the shit yeah it was just a great idea i mean basically like a podcast on comedy central was before podcast mean it really was kind of in some ways like well the i think the original podcasts is stern show and then and once the stern show went to satellite radio then it became unsafe you know so that's and then opie and anthony sort of same thing but i will anthony even more like a podcast 'cause you just shoot the shit and and then tough crowd came along and now it's on comedy central i have no idea why they stop doing that must have been
'cause it was it was kind of short lift i was i thought it was maybe maybe not maybe if maybe like four or five colin quinn's interesting dude he might just got tired of doing it i met him in the was i vancouver actually i did my special afterwards and he was just the nicest guy man my dad loves him and he was academy colin quinn and i was like yeah like my dad never so i got a picture of them together was like a really sweet fucking night with colin was the nicest he's he is one of my best examples that i personally use when i say you have to see someone to stand up in the flash live in the flesh to understand how funny there like he's one of those countries think as his act is so it's so absurd so silly in odd almost i don't have to see him lol and then you want to see a long set you want to look at headlines that we see it filled up and get weird well he got a lot of attention for the last specially dead i know
his family matters a funny fucking dude he's always been funny you know but that show was a great show how long was an unfor jamie stover just under two year today seal nothing wow i would have thought it was like four years yeah one now that vehicle show to do what the happen is there a wikipedia on that she must have been to hit why did it get canceled how is it not a hit it was just too many shows that they're they're back then they were like a lot of shows though yeah yeah and and like hits to feel like i guess there's more shows now than ever though right well but only because of probably the internet and shit but there's too many channels like when you i know it's something that's not true tv like wait what right where is that right right how do we find me i know what is that the tv do you watch tv you don't watch netflix and hbo and occasionally i will hunting shows right what we got here was say this say
what it why it ended up notes from comedy central's same time the chapelle show was on and bono democrats on a so they up the executives up how weird read a blog about it okay makes sense executive fucked it up the last show contained a monologue bike wind who attacked his distractors such as new york times for being hypocritical and elitist for their neck reviews he also defined comedic integrity as the ability to critique the hip chrissy of society but to be honest enough to admit that you are just as guilty of it is anyone else yeah well they up that was a great show and it could have been an amazing show that just bring it back bring it back how many central you need to hit canceled after show and also just a also do you can just make it the well he pride and want to do it now but yeah well it's
this weird man they like got rid of moshe casher show already after did i heard fucking jumping on that one too i think actually i don't think they this is what i think i think it was like somebody else is show in that exact whoever was running things is gone oh yeah that shit i shouldn't be talking shit i don't know anything about show business anymore i'm barely in show business i'm a non show biz entity i have no idea what's going on said are getting fired from companies with the show the storytelling maybe you're wrong now you know the show years now now this is not happening he always asked me to do it and i always wanted to do it but i never had a story that fit the theme and then i was just like i don't know how to do it and i just never ended up doing it that's a problem i think it's a great i think it's a great the awesome idea it's a business it's a show designed for joe ideas yeah this job ideas more stories in any human being that's ever walked the face of the planet yeah yeah yeah but you're special
is out now crystallia are you excited man on fire i am yeah now the brazen attempt to craft a new hour i know oh yeah it's like you know when you start a new one and then it's like i have like twenty five new minutes and and i'm like is this stuff they're going to be in my hour i don't know you know what i mean not getting you don't know do you write down physically do right physically never and i know it's a good idea to do that do just it's it's it's so much less it's so much more work for me to know what i'm going to say and get up there and say it than it is to show up with an idea and work it out on stage and i have so much more fun doing that you know and and for me you know i like able to not to get too heavy but like explore that bit way more onstage because i fucking half do
in that moment 'cause you're trapped yeah just two hundred and fifty people there or seven even if there's a few but like yeah i just like doing that and that's how i get i get i have really long bits you know so that's how that's how that happens lot of people do i mean everybody's got their own style i think the only thing that's really consistent is that you need to pay attention to it you can do like really focus on stand up yeah that's the only thing that's really how you do it like whether you do it in your car while you're driving you shut the radio off you just think about it or whether you do it in front of a computer or whether you do you know whatever whatever you do a lot of sets you do a set of the improper he said at the store and then set the factory it's all just about how much how much energy on well yeah because
about a really the only time the amount of time that you're actually doing stand up yeah an hour and a half at mom your admission two sets a night now that's why weekends are so good right yeah get to do two on friday into on saturday after doing improv yeah yeah but then like i came up with a new bit two weeks ago that's like a six minute bet james hand but it's you know it's a bit from find out you know something happened and now i'm talking about the universe opened up i know i know i know so awesome when that happens and then so i've been working it but i've only been really working it on the road so i in my head i'm like i have to get to the comedy store to see if it actually works right yeah that's how i feel or tuesday night yeah yeah on tuesday night is a perfect defining percent 'cause people are like first of all still tired cocaine they did on saturday there there there there unimpressed going to see if they pass the audition one hundred percent or a lot of them are fucking
question you know i mean just a lot of people have been flying into the store why wouldn't they just to check out the lines why wouldn't they yeah those lineups are fucking unbelievable it's crazy right yeah it's kind of confusing it is confusing remember how it used to be yes dude when i first got there nobody was was i mean they were doing well but they would do well on stage but nobody knew who they were we gotta show more love to laugh factory we gotta keep the fucking place to live would be a lot yeah i mean i like going there i go to come there when wednesday night meeting wouldn't plug oh that's right we are one thousand pm wednesday add labradoodle crystallia who else these theo on that i don't know feels on that show i don't know i have switch up which we keep going i don't know it seems to you man how long we've been doing it anyway two hours really that went quick come on dude fuck bro what are we
special talk we do bro ice so as i was saying is good to come back 'cause when i first did the first i fucking barely knew you and i was intimidated and now at least we're friends and shit then baby jesus leakages bullshit but i still get people that are like hey man song on rogan and i'm like jesus christ that's fucking awesome everything you guys talk to me like that that really just doesn't know what to say and you really want to blow you that explains a lot of have afterwards say girl two broke girls fucking funny i would if you did an episode of two broke girls by the way i would do it that's when whitney show it's not on anymore but i don't even know know know it literally got cancelled like two months ago maybe what was it like i don't even know what it was about two broke girls bro
would be funny if i did an episode why the fuck you would never do that what do you mean do you like dragon did that why for goof yeah i'd do it for whitney they would but then you still talk with her yeah she's great but then you should do the not not you should you should ask your agent you don't have one right i haven't ok so you should ask your agent would be one of those would be like fuck agents actually get rid of one eventually so you should ask your agent to find one episode to do one like i would love if it was sort of like csi like the new orleans one like not even the one that's like that you know i mean not even like the one but like one episode in like three scenes fucking hilarious being in terre they interrogated you and not even my promoted and then be like what the fuck is you
in doing it and you're like i don't know where i you know i didn't mean to i hear too hard you know before i can hold letter yes how many of those crime shows can they have what wall of time to the that where executives go we gotta stop i don't know i don't know i don't so this is murder on believable when did we get this murder fetish this fuck crime scene investigation fetish the ones i like are the forensic files the ones with a real act it and the and the show yeah yeah those are real stories i watch so many of those when marvin hutchings and came home early that evening to find and his girlfriend in bed with his brother yeah always arrest the spouse cuz it's them always they always like go to like the the most extreme lengths words there it's like just the rest that person and then check sometimes is the creepy guy at work that's in love with a woman but very rarely yeah you're right but but but those i've watched
so much for because by the way when you're on the road hln the network it's just forensic files all day long yeah it's like and then nancy grace for an hour what it did it used to be headline news i don't know i guess that that hln stand for 'cause they give up on whatever this format is like country music television yeah they're like yeah we're going to do fucking drag race is now going to have a bass fishing competition what we do i thought you was controlling it are not going to give josh show the country go yeah i've watched so much of that all see the same murder on the different episodes like forensic files a do it and i'll be watching snapped up like i saw this one of friends all your different because they all have their own reenactment of it because it's the show it to try and get this top yeah it's like it's not their subjects not like they wrote it yeah yeah they have to allow but another gotta do another recreation they probably cheat go yeah yeah he was itself like widget lease is some rare footage with what they did that with with i like the angled each show the murder
there's a really good one there's a really good one on the id channel but see no evil and they go through like with forensic files all they do is date they work out who did the crime with forensics but in this one they find out who did the crime only using the security footage oh really creepy and really interesting because like you'll see a i walk into the elevator and then leave with a briefcase and shit or like a suitcase and the bodies in there and you're like oh it's really quick because it's real footage yeah see no evil when you see a real body even if it's like through secure the camera so club somebody over the head and drag them backwards like that's a real body men like i what i don't understand is like heat the moment murders i guess i wrap my head around because it's like you just got so mad at the person person it happened but like to plan it and and think
but i'm going to make twenty grand office or the for the life insurance i'm not going to get caught is like you're going to get caught you know people get caught but people are stupid as fuck dude there's a lot of people out there that lie so much that they don't have a connection to reality they've severed their tether to reality so they think they can bullshit people all the time and they think they can sort of con artist people all the time i knew a guy like that right now i'm kidding with this guy was a take brazilian jujitsu black belt would be fake fake it's really a brazilian jujitsu black belt told everybody was and this is the early days of brazilian jiu jitsu black box where they were in a lot of them almost kind of get away with it like peep didn't know and then he said like oh it's like a japanese jujutsu brazilian judges i'm not really like a black belt black boat yeah his name forget his real name is like uh
he got caught no no made a fake name made a fake brazilian name we could damian monroe rafael tori close so he was friends with eddie he was banging this married chick and killed her husband brought him to the gym and strangled her kill her with like killed him brother killed him did i say her i didn't say these fake black belt he killed the fake black belt killed the husband of the wife and kill them and then got caught and he we tried to get this other dude that i know that's an mma fighter try to get him to kill him try to offer him some any was driving the car around after he killed them what a moron do drove the dudes got been driving the guys car in a small town after he killed him yeah so he's in jail now but he
we went to the woods and with a bag like a big ass fucking duffel bag and told his friend hey man drop me off i'm going to a secret no rules kuma te kura tournament in the woods and his friend oh ok so this fucking dude go into the woods okay with a bag with a bag that like you would fit a trophy in comes out of the woods the next day with a trophy the bag causes fucking trophy out and says hey man i want this karate tournament in the womb my god this guy is insane that's mean it literally and see ya in jail for being insane dude he went he could put a fucking trophy in the bags like no ones going to suspect this the total going to forget about that yeah that's what it seems like this is so crazy there's no no one is going to believe it everyone's going to leave because why the fuck would i make it up this is drop me off in the woods bro the secret karate kumatai in the woods this is
in the day like so we just sit in the early 90s but it's believed that out in the woods probably camped but maybe this trophy smells much of soup the noodles going to show this to my friend who is a famous story whoa i know her dad so check this out i was talking to this guy gerald my friend gerald who who was the guy that wound up testifying against them that he tried to pay him to murder him i was talking to him about it on the phone and the phone was being tapped so then the cops called me up and they say hey what do you know about this i was like i'll tell you everything out yet i don't know shit but he's already been arrested and it was already like a thing where they're going to trial but i'm like all i know is that he is a fake black belt who lied about a lot of shit at the time i didn't even know whether or not he really killed the guy right here so full of shit if he told you that he killed his wives husband he be like eat once yeah yeah just like you
on the karate kumatai just like your visual black but it's so hard to tell with a guy like that but then do turned out to be sent sounds like we pretty much never can trust somebody who brings a trophy out of the woods do you imagine the idea that you're going to take this fucking duffel bag put a trophy inside of it and no one's going to notice when you go back to the death so that's that's really funny the double bass this big now it's like shaped like trophy see the fucking fish like the rocky statue guy wow there's a lot of that back then man there was a lot of take martial artists it was like super comma they still to this day they'll catch a guy who is a fake black belt yeah wipe like put a black belt on and go to a new school and but he really doesn't know anything i care but you're going to get exposed why would you do that in jujitsu yes but in other martial arts notes because they're mentally ill it's always because they're mentally ill and this guy rafael tori actually had a fake fight he had a fixed fight on king in the cage
with one of his students so we actually had a proof national mma fight different any new news full of shit now adding new so shit 'cause meet taught him this super complicated move called the twister yeah i twist where is eddie's signature move and it's basically the guy teen the guillotine from wrestling with an added a couple added twists in the way security finish at is like a very specific way of s gripping the top of the head and also locking down the opposite far side leg so when he does it it's like a terrible position to be and he's crushing your fucking neck you getting all yanked up and it's really rough it's it's really hard to deal with and hard to pull off on people super hard to pull off like just even to set it up and into roll into it you have to be you could get a brazilian jujitsu black belt was a high level black belt and you teach him how to do it and you could probably pull it off on someone just 'cause you understand how to move his body in a grappling scenario but for a guy
my cam who wasn't really a black boy was really really clunky he went to thailand and and fought in some mma fighter that dude hey man i want in thailand pulled off the twister we have to do is like why he's like half what yeah he's like dude i think something is full and i used to be full of shit and he was like high as fuck over sadness conversation he's like dude you can't you can't tell me he did i can't believe he did that and so i was with eddie in the car when he confronted him about being a fake belt he confronted the three of you in the car no eddie was on the phone so i was driving eddie was right next to me in the past ursini was confronting him about it an and the guy that guys like no i really am i really am i really and then like cut to six months later the dudes in jail for murder
it's crazy so here's him so by the way this is a fake name spread his real match him yep that's him so the other dude was like his student so this is the fake fight yeah this is a big fight so he he organized i mean this guy had gotten deep into the world man how it did this fake and it had a few martial art skills he wasn't total e unscramble right right right right this is it yeah this is it so he's on the bottom here and do don could already tell that he's not but they did not really hurt each other you know they just like he's just pushing them it's really funny man like these guys are acting here looking he hit some of the couple of punches but not hard you know this is like pro wrestling shit so it takes him down steps over the leg and the guys punching empathy sore nothing punches man it's like nothing to this and
this is you know for a fact this is yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah and why everybody knows this is like they try to make it what we call a a hard shoot you know what you make it look grill pro wrestling styles they just drops down it gets out leg and he's tapping these tap in like right away the gold back up a little she could see the set up 'cause i set up is like what like he just oh yeah grabs it i mean that is so bad it's so bad he's so high up on the knee that he wouldn't even be putting pressure on the knee because he's not controlling the lower leg or the upper leg rather he pulling on the lower leg watch that again like when pulling on the upper leg look at the gap watch when he goes you could tell he's not a black belt no no super slots so big big big giant gap and see where is yankin the jews already tap and he doesn't have control of the upper leg at all he pulling on the shin like literally his ass is where the knee is and his pulling on the shin which means you won't be putting pressure on the knee is so horseshit
as only got my knee it was total fight whoa yeah so that guy went on to be a murderer i think you might but like up for parole soon or something dude people are rolly murdered somebody do that's the crazy thing people get out of jail for murder go to jail for murder and yet the trophy head in the back by the way no that's a new one that's why he's got two it's got two now bro that when he did on tv how crazy man yeah that's crazy i mean people have hold off some sloppy s kneebar don't get me wrong but i know for sure act that's fair yeah yeah dont yeah i did not have people to but that's the way the real money things like people trying to lick of concoct an artificial identity i got my dad's brazilian my name is damian monroe people are just a software people are just so afraid of being nothing you know
i mean is that it or does he identify with a half brazilian brazilian jujitsu black belt maybe we let him to the right yes yes i we i mean us with how much different is that that identify with being a six year old girl it's only diff when you get your ass kicked well if six year old girl and you go to school with my kid and it turns out you're fifty i might beat your ass also be a black belt i might not trust you maybe i might start asking you some questions like he had a opted mommy and daddy do you see that yes i saw that something we gettin trolled mean trying to it's not even real it's just everything is south park episode now that's what it feels like i feel like it's writing itself it does would you vote for devote in now i honestly couldn't do it conduct yeah yeah i'm open al franken runs saying it here right now really you think i think al frankin could be the best president we've ever had i really do i think getting tremendous ethics and his comedian
that would be amazing if anysia true patriot really is that guy you know al franken can draw the united states and draw the boundaries for all the states by memory he actually can draw the outlines of each state all fifty of them you know it's crazy pull it it's there's a video of it it's fucking amazing he walks up to a white board and just pause the united states and the right shape like he could be a map if he was living in the 1500s you yeah he yeah he be the most famous kind of would be the map maker i would maybe be able to do california and that's it i think i could get the line right yeah oh yeah that's the inside line watch him do this this is beautiful go full screen it's crazy crazy dude is amazing he draws the great lakes in the right size and shape and he does some by hand seat because a lot of people think of call frank and as you know he was a comedian he's on saturday at live people
uh i don't think they truly appreciate his intellect is a brilliant guy but he's also to self deprecate reading an two wise too humble to want to be the president doesn't have that desire in him that's such a shame because to be a president you almost have to be the type of person who would never who should never be president in order to run yeah i hear that yeah but like if he wanted to be the president i think you'd be like our best president ever since who the else could do this one talk about patriotism it's guy really that would be a good thing to run on a b i could draw the so i could you know coach they don't try to draw but that's crazy though what you must practice this around he's gotta have a crazy mind that's just like that's what i'm saying man he just threw alaska son now here comes hawaii let the fuck outta here are you crazy back that up
the two thousand and nine minnesota state fair first loses points were going to the minnesota state fair it's amazing but also my reviews is that if i was like they should have a billion but it probably has now a million million three hundred thousand that's actually for more than one video i'm doing this to you does it select a lot so it's a lot red school parlor trick he has put your foot play dries it all up but this one is doing on may draw america i have to go always do this one on the copies a cardboard all you can do it on a surface is free easy bro one of a dozen on the sidewalk with chalk to do the sand and that would be you know we definitely need something new this system we got going on right now just everybody hates each other so that's a bad thing it's terriblr everybody in the le
so everybody in the right everybody that he chose throats used to think it was the right that was the dangerous but now the left is so there's so mad and shit and their response meaning to the right it goes this way and then it goes that way you know people get super fucking angry when obama is the president has the right to have to worry about trump becomes president everybody gets super aggressive on the left what's interesting is so that gun sales go up when a democrat is is president 'cause they get scared people get scared they're going to take your guys let's go these trump is a lifelong democrat life long democrat but if anybody's ever had like the back of gun owners trump above a lot because his sons sons are hunters specially donald junior big time sportsman conserve honest very much in the animals hunts a lot might legitimately he's he's a you know go respected hunter but the the but it does
i'm shocked me that people buy more guns yeah but i guess i didn't think of it like that and then once i heard this idea that makes sense if that's the big fear that we have is that one day the gov is going to step in and going to take your guns away and they're going control you with an iron fist and tell you what to do people say no way that's never going to happen uh i'm not advocating everybody go out and get it done but if you say that could never happen what's happening right now with people if you go n korea is happened right ok how's it how's that going on right now in twenty seventeen well you don't have an armed population you know you don't have a free press and there's a lot of factors right yeah but the government could take it over anyway the problem with saying that is we are the government so if you say the government can take over the united states of america with soldiers those soldiers are citizens they might be soldiers but their people to like you and i did global exchange but not one percenters who own it's going to be
very fucking hard to get some young guy from kentucky to pull a gun on his neighbors because in america dick head in a suit that we know as a senator or whatever the it is tells them what to do that is a fine line of control that you have to really good when you say the military will take over the country the militaries us they're just regular people right it's when they get to the highest levels of gov it's weird when there's completely set when they're in a war room and they've never actually been in a war right when they making politically based decision right that's when shit gets squirrelly it's the network yes as the executive network executives is getting his guy to do that though are getting especially anime erica i mean this is not n korea man this is we have a way different attitude about each other in about human beings it would be incredibly difficult to get some regular kid from northern california to join the
military and then shut down schools and take away peoples guns and a daughter to a raid i guess i just always feel that people are such followers that it would happen but yeah you're probably i fucking hope you're right people are followers until some shit goes down and have some shit goes down people will rise to the occasion like that that is what open after september eleven they woke up a sleeping lion and people were excited about going to war again real dangerous when something happens because people like there's a great book that i just read from sebastian younger it's called tribe and it's all about bonding during war time and now people are losing their connection to each other by not encountering difficulty and uh not struggling and that like he lives in a poor neighborhood this guys i go super world famous writer and he lives poor neighborhood in the lower east side because he likes being around one regular people i mean his books are very successful i gotta imagine he makes a good down living
this war journalist and correspondent just he's he's got it's his ideas that the the live softap lives and the people that like you like your bodies on designed for it's not good it's not healthy and that's why people feel like shit in that happier people the people that are under stress and net if something did happen to us we would probably feel better and are they say yeah they say that the guy more likely to kill himself is the businessmen who is on the top floor that fucking lost at all than the guy who just kind of had a rough life because this bernie made off episode of radio lab radio lab where is talking to this guy and this guy made like i think he made like nine billion dollars with bernie and he had to give it had to give away give seven billion of it back and burning was trying to get him not bernie sanders bernie primitive see bernie sanders separated if i was thinking pretty soon there some reason think he fucked his name up anyway
bernie madoff was telling this guy to give the money back you know what you did right now we're in on this were caught we got to get this money back and the guy killed himself so he's got two billion he's like not a laugh what they found on the bottom of the pool two billion dollars not enough wonder if it was the shame that made him kill himself a she i don't make you kill yourself man well i think if you have nine billion dollars and your guy that is just constantly obsessed with money you're probably paulines yeah falling out right by maxed out across the board you probably got multiple ferraris on their way to you right now i need a bigger yeah you know how much of the island i'll take it right you have nine billion and then you'll you say okay i got gotta i need to make three hundred million a year just to pay my bill right yeah imagine
scale back and then all the sudden someone says hey man you gotta give seven of it back like i don't have it i don't have right yeah that's how i had to be how it was well i think the shame too maybe just died of heart and fell in the pool yeah that's a tough way to kill yourself jump and start breathing do they need to make this forensic files of isabel will find will give the show the row probably exist on the hallmark channel it does yeah it's always like some daddy ex spouse right sometimes a woman yeah well they have that show for that they have like sinful woman or whatever the hell it's called where they call it uh scorned winded wives are that you know i mean it's so isn't not one when is it going to happen on one of those reality shows like those real housewives one those bitches get someone axe murder one of those other chick i mean it will happen
that was it not already they fight they claw each other right i fucking hate that that's a show even just so there so popular and now it's crazy a friend of mine went to is one of the real house ladies has a restaurant in beverly hills and a friend of mine went to the restaurant and she said that when the lady walked in that everybody read her like royalty why she's here she's here she's here so crazy just walking with her dog and you're famous for being a piece have i mean you you are though like that that's what they glorify at least in my show i'm not saying the person actually but like those people are these have shared yeah you piece of shit and they're like oh i mean that's but she wasn't on the show that's one of the things she was like one of the more one side church yeah i mean i don't know much about i don't know enough about this shit i'm being it's just bizarre or that you would have so much money and still want to expose yourself to that 'cause like the money nuttiness in hate but
maybe it is more exciting than whatever else are doing and maybe when you're on xanax is not so bad yeah maybe just papa xanax everyday yeah going yeah you don't even seizure yeah from the paparazzi find the google razi what causes someone to seizure guarantee it's happened flashes of some maybe wacky dude was screw loose check check check check and the clock starts bass i wonder who this is a little bit of two famous would hurt about it right but if it was famous person who'd you you imagine like johnny depp like it does coke like every day for a month and then the cameras go off and it just whatever the fucking fine why
in that fuse in his brain blows out like a light bulb you find someone the only person i could find is david beckham's son freaking out so we freaked out but he didn't have a seizure did well i don't know if it led to national seizure it says it says he's got apple absolutely malone oh he does have epilepsy yeah might be find out why do flashing lights cause people to have seizures i don't know but i think that i would never think about that in my life you wouldn't think about that now 'cause it would never affect me so
not interested in how the human mind works and the laws of the operating system i am a little bit not that much the huh well i want you to tell me i don't it says it's all this amount from epilepsy dot com for about three percent of people with epilepsy exposure flashing lights a certain intensities are slow yes that's and i didn't know that that's interesting well that makes sense because i would have heard of it right i think you would have heard of it but for my friend it was his wife do you remember i don't remember so i'm just gonna forget this anyway which sucks you remember death in the shopping mall from you know that's what i'm saying i can believe remember that that's ridiculous that's really impressive if you're out there boys thanks for having your basement what schools for you think that maybe there fucking incubus now you have no idea you know i don't think so they're probably around anymore done done damn i think chris lea checked out
he stated about traffic he's like it's fucking four o'clock rogan live in the fucking suburbs yeah yeah yeah you gotta stick the road stay off the mowers do use ways that's the way it's the best oh it's the if drive somewhere weird neighbors people are so pissed people that never had any other neighborhood it's apart is not catch on more dude 'cause people like us don't talk about that much in chrislea checked out i check out too bad sometimes podcasts are what you got is a sustained by can do like an hour and a half where like two half hours in now wow really well that went quick though tude for friends chats good we did two years ago the first only day be even more conference yeah we see each other all the time colleagues yeah right there on the battlefield the field of joe
it's so cool to do the comedy store man and like to be i just that i try to think about like i'm so fortunate to like be a part of that like ever since like you came back and like you know it's just so and it was always cool but like i love the club always and i know i know i think you did too yeah always but then at like you came back and then like other guys kept other guys came up and they you know let it so call eric and adam ii yeah yeah eric an atom they changed the atmosphere the places now super comedian friendly and supportive to different place easy how great it is now yeah in everybody enjoys it too like everybody like we look at each uh work well i know here could have been born in afghanistan
could have been living in the middle the mountains somewhere in nepal you even though we suck in goat tits trying to get some moisture we could have been all we all could have been trying to win trophies in the forest men win trophies in the roads in the forest tacoma no rules come back hands perfect no cuts empty duffel bag maybe rubs during yeah i wanna do it kill them offers round everybody did it's like something is seven year old would come up with you hey this is what i'll do i want to get a trophy i want to write deadliest man in the world and i'm going to put that trophy duffel bag then i'm going to deadliest man in the world in the world first starting to take martial arts there's this kid to my high school and he's with this girl and the girl was like really pretty and she didn't talk much she was like in my class and he wasn't like he was from like another school and he had a
jacket on he looked like fucking billy jack this guys like real skinny and but like why are we looking and someone said he did karate man i did karate and he was smoking a cigarette and i remember he had he had someone hold their hand up so he could demonstrate his moves in front of everybody every scared and he did inside crescent kick swak swak the guys hand and their bodies like wood that's the real shit that's the real shit and never forget i remember thinking that it just watch them going i think that kind full of shit but i didn't know anything back down if it now here percent he was now would be laughing but i looked in the back panels like i think there's some i think i just know that throws leg in the air i don't think that's a real kick the battle is like that is not a real kick you just lie man and just i'm a fucking you know pilot the way he drew it like it was so stupid
his leg fucking went up in the air it was so ineffective in a real life scenario work is just the way he did it my brain but i didn't know anything back then you can remember i told you about that book gift of fear yeah about how you can send shit like that and then you know you know it even though you don't know you know that's blink malcolm glad well blank know same link mount malcolm gladwell books same thing about that got it yeah just read it it's so essentially about how there's certain things we you know immediately yeah finish the audio but we're conditioned to cover it up and be like now that's not right and then but it's like that's why you talked all these women and they were like i knew something was wrong before you know i mean yeah yeah a lot of times you know something and there's one great story in the book where they were talking about the statue that was this in
kredible ancient roman staffing control iteration greek i forget which one but it was a forgery and but it was perfect like the way it looked it was amazing but they brought in front of these are collectors and they looked at it for a second i went this is is not good is not good this is fake like them immediately there's something about it like they had done testing on surface of know what what it was that they felt that they knew that these phone came from a certain part of the world is ancient part of the world that was ancient stone by with the amount of uh some sort of a mineral ones on the outside of it they realized that it had been sitting in the ground for thousands of years they thought turned out bullshit they just do it there's a method that we used to create this artificial surface and the whole thing was a fraud it was all fake made you know they put and like famous museums and shit so fascinating story but the art experts just whatever the fuck it was they just knew immediately and they called bullshit on it when i
these are people that already signed off on it and even paid for it even asked one of the experts can you get your money back there like what blink huh yeah i definitely would like to read that looks interesting yeah it's really interesting about split second judgments like we weird things that you make what do you think you know something ever tell you the callans tori but this is one of the craziest girls you ever dated i don't think so i meet cal the was the irish pub pub that was onside dublins is taste you stand up at yep i meet kalin at dublins and he's like once you meet this ground dating he brings it over the girl says hi to me i look at her and i go come here yeah i poems i go dude listen to me she's fucking crazy chinese like what i go she's crazy he was how do you know i go i know right i go i know crazy you gotta listen to me that's a here in person that's in dangerous first yeah non and she's cool she just gets nervous around you cut too she's doing math she's a pro attitude
he finds her like like after they break up he runs into her st walking she st can i see your from the coach and horses walking the street she like lowest level prostitute you can get right how did he not come on i don't know but yeah that is that first to it's that first reaction whatever the it is a guy that got the but i've never done that before i've never done that ever i've never looked at someone really said to my friend that girls fargo yeah yeah it's a it's a bit of a stretch because with kalin almost every really dated was nuts until he met his wife they were all out of i don't know caroline's off to me about how he's like you got to meet my friend yeah i don't like all right like it four times i did it and i'm like a like a fucking literally like a turtle will show up and i'll be like so i want to know what turtle he's too nice yeah fucking callan just likes everybody oh my buddy and now you fucking text me all the time his buddies crazy math is trying to get you in the yeah yeah now too hard for this shit man i don't like stretching
oh yeah that's my favorite blink story though i knew to something about i might do it i just looked at him like oh this is not good yeah i believe in that shit specially the women time women's intuition but have you been caught about i've been full before that rafael tour guy yeah yeah yeah of course let's see with them but in this in the book give to fear they say that like you always knew somehow though yeah but i think you always think that check because truong sure retrospectively got damn idea no i don't know why i knew didn't follow my instincts could be some fill in the blank bullshit we can fill in the blank if you look for some to do night chris delay is no netflix special it on fire he's that's what you should do your part yes ma'am should do just a bunch of random plugs out of no where it is it's on their feelings is this your second or third one another a special second one a netflix what was the other one content from a central yeah june netflix don't take over the thank you i did my first one on comedy central and it was
it was still that was still a place to be yeah and then my second one i was like i'll do a netflix and now it's just like you're pretty prolific to look when you do your first one i was the thirty three and then help me thirty one after you know so for years ago so two thousand and thirteen oh so my last one came out in twenty fourteen ok and then by the one before that came out when i was thirty one so two thousand this kind of two back to back right and then my agent was like i was like i want to i wanted to do this one last year and he was like my agent was like how many so do you want to do and i was like that's a really good point oh wait that's not a good point fire your fucking agent listen listen fuck face you tell maine what theater i'm working in toledo yeah you don't tell me what to do it well he wasn't telling me what to do but i was like he's like he was making you his bitch that's what you think on this bitch with the way
i feel the other thing about the leaders he's his agent his agents built the dude is fucking hilarious he's a great guy but he is his age bitch they wear collie which a collar on him just to keep him in line when he goes in his office he does he puts it in the colonies as we want a glass of water give him a bowl bowl on the ground right crystal yeah uhm it's on thank you and you have your own podcast tell you about your old school congratulations and i really like doing it it's perfect name for your pockets fun yeah it's ago congratulations you're retarded yeah it's a good one so yeah and that's itunes stitcher googleplay full purify ufo play alright ladies and gentlemen that's it will wrap this up bring this bitch tomorrow youngest every ufc heavyweight champion in my good friend josh barnett will be here and i will see you soon thank you ever
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okay go on the website about coconut oil black people been saying asking a lot of questions about the american heart association had some thing coconut oil saturated fats things being bad for you and is being widely criticized by people who are big fans of saturated fat so if you want to read the full art go and decide for yourself it's really it will be one of those things we like my deciding for myself or am i try need to sort this out most of the time it's like try to sort this out try to figure out who's right and who's telling it there's also a bit of a critique on the american heart association it says the american heart association advisory wasn't spurred by the emergence of a new study but rather in parentheses by the
researchers own admission was done in reaction to a bunch of other ones they didn't like specifically a twenty fourteen meta analysis which is in parentheses a review u of multiple studies from the models of internal medison that found that there isn't evidence to support recommendations to consume high amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids and low amounts of saturated fat this is very complicated stuff so i'm going to bore the shit out of you at the end of this already long podcast but it is an interesting debate because it's like one month your cold coconut oil is amazing for you it's like a super food m ttl one of the best things you can have for your brain and then also there's new thing that comes out that says not who is right very interesting very interesting and read into it 'cause i'm not the expert i'm not the one
but i have not stopped eating the way i've been eating which is i eat a lot of avocado's eighty alot of coconut oil lot of em bt oil i mean a lot of healthy fats try to take in salmon and some other healthy fatty fish and fatty meats ever i can health it's but that might just be me i don't know i mean everybody's body's different too that's also part of this whole equation point being are the on academy has an awesome link about that that you should check out and read and he will help you make up your mind i always advise people experiment try a bunch of different kinds of uh dietze and bunch of different ways to eat for me the lower carb higher fat low low sugar diet or choices have been the best for me the way i feel boy talk a lot huh yeah what we're doing
alright this podcast is over tomorrow josh barnett will be on he's a good body mind former ufc the heavyweight champion the youngest ever and very smart dude really smart dude and you talk about a guy with shatter stix stereo types of big me head lookin cage fighting mother fuckers josh barnett is probably the best one for that because very why sky and then i'll see you guys this weekend at the ice house ok bitch alright thanks buddy see you soon bye
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