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#983 - Natasha Leggero & Moshe Kasher

2017-07-05 | 🔗
Natasha Leggero & Moshe Kasher are writers, actors, and comedians. Look for them out now on the "Endless Honeymoon Tour" where they perform their individual routines, then appear together.
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conditioning equipment, kettle bells battle ropes. We got clothing and foods and snacks and again use a code. Word: Rogan, you'll, save ten percent off any and all supplements Hall writes I got two guests today, ladies and gentlemen, and their fucking married. They they are. I think we try figure this out how many hello areas couples. There are really funny a stand up: comedian, husband and wife teams, it's rare as and these these two are amongst the funniest Moshe Casher in Natasha Ligero they're, both good friends of mine, they're, both real funny really smart people, and we had a good time. It's not the longest podcast the world, cuz Natasha had a boogie. She had to do something for her tub show. But I love talking these guys any chance. I get so it up for Moshe, Kasher and Natasha Leggero
Logan experience join my day, Joe Rogan podcast by night all day. Yes, yeah, I'm trying to retweet it you're trying, but this is hard. It's not coming up. There goes this interface, it's very hard, it's very hard are you guys worried that by calling your tour and let's honeymoon you might put the jinx on it, sort of like how Rob and Black China reality show a jinx on what our marriage of the two or we can. We can pivot into the endless divorce tour, very quick right, because you guys be friends even yeah. What what you hit the rocks strictly homies tour. Well, the way.
I thought of it as we are in Newport RI. We learned about this rich couple who went on a ten year honeymoon, and then they came back with four kids and I just thought that sounded so romantic to be so rich that you just like, went away for a decade. Do you have kids on the fly? You go away, newly wed. You come back grandparents, we didn't know the doctor there and in sweden- and I mean all those people were so rich men. Do you know about the new port that the the seat of wealth that was Newport, Rhode, island yeah? I used to do a lot of gigs in Rhode. Islanders isn't seen mansions there that that big in the this is the well in Asia, in like nineteen hundred basically, ninety percent of the wealth in America was in Rhode, island and then everyone else was living like you know in squalor the established personal income tax. Yet it was like the years right before personal income tax had been established in this country, so people had like Thirty five indoor servants, fifty five outdoor servants, like you could people like would come.
From Australia and boats- and you would just make them. It was like slavery, but this is the show at the endless and mature. We do an extended lecture on personal income tax in the history and slavery. Yeah, it's really close show. Another period is based on that. That's how we know about it, but yeah they were like these people. It was the carnegies an the Rockefellers, and these like seat of power, like Illuminati Old Carnegie, had a billion dollars one hundred years ago, like these people, they were just but now we've come full circle. People have figured out how to legally steal money. Not paying income tax so, but not that many I mean the different part of shocking, but don't like the raw and these of the world. Don't they know how to not pay or like the Romneys or well like the like politicians. Do we kind of know how to you're talking about is just a big old corporate oligarchy, billionaire people that have figured out any super rich people are going to try really hard to hold on to their money and pay as little taxes as possible and form
LOL season corporations and all kinds of jazz, but it is funny that comedians are like mostly super liberal and they're. All like man, we got burn and we got a like pay. These high tax rates, and anyway I'm incorporated and my l l C's name- is like you're doing a corporate fiction tale for for entertainers, but here's the problem like where's the money going like I'd, be willing to give away more money in tax dollars. If I knew that it was a rock solid yeah, I was meant they really know what to do, and they also take if you could take like little Phil little bubbles like wide right most my money to go to education. Note to this. Nothing to that. All that be amazing would be, but the country far yeah the roads in fall. Apart quickly know everything would fall apart. You know cops would be out of business well, no because off of the country at least, would be like all my my the cops all my money, defence defense. I would love to see
I would love to. I don't I wouldn't have to do it, because I just don't think that that amount of power should be in peoples hands without a lot of research. First, you know, I think, that's a big part of the problem, even running for president than voting for president. I don't have to have any research done before you choose a candidate, you just like them, and also you don't have to have it done any research to be the president. Also there's, like no choice, are you ok, I guess I'ma Hillary person, yeah yeah, you comma Hillary person, just because you don't want to reality, show with contestant or whatever the he was with the crazy thing about, and I I do think I think we're done with this. Last time I do think Trump in in, if you're doing any, being good for american society he's pointing out how ridiculous and r Trade, the worship of the american president, is people and that's not presidential presidential means that you look dignified while you bomb a village in Yemen like so we should just destroy presidential as an idea. Gore Vidal said
he called it, the uniquely american religion of President worship, President worship yeah. That is really I mean it's really just a new version of kings. That's so funny that whole foundation. Mythology is based on the rejection of the king and we immediately established King Kingship, which is what they did in in Christianity. I think of Christianity. This way like it's based in this judaic religion, that says, let's get rid. Of the idea of a man that you worship or a figure or a God, that you bow in front of there's one right in front of us right. Let's get rid of a statue that you bow down in front of and the next Religion was like a little bit of a human being like it. So that is so in us. Well, it's alpha male chimpanzee stuff. We always try to look to the number one, though the one that knows the most, the oldest with the most scars, it's gone through the most battle as the wisdom lead us, because you we want to know which snakes are poisonous and what plants you can eat and what's going to kill you and everybody worships the past
that's what's so funny to me about American it's the day after July. Fourth and everybody talks about the founding fathers is like, dudes, who had the education of the eight. They were brilliant people in the eighteen, hundreds and seventeen hundreds, but I'm not like trying to I'm not try, We go to a doctor from the founding father's days or like yeah people probably stop Think people probably did sting Thomas Jefferson, probably stank it, probably just what people smelled like back then like. If you got a gal after a bath, you were psyched, but even a bath. A bath is, let's be honest, about what a bath it's asshole and vagina soup you're sitting in a big teapot, but you don't put your dick or balls in there. It's just the men put their ass holes in women put their vaginas in, but then they hold up their assholes, their dicks and balls. So they don't concern me what a guy smells like. But maybe it wouldn't have back, then maybe it yeah.
You just your standard change if you're horny enough, you don't care. That is true. I'll, never forget this past year, always but sure. Person. Let me just say guys my life is so horny I love that word how you did in a sort of a gay. Isn't it funny that like being mobile, is gay is gay? If you just start going like this, people go out less case, fuck, there's a story about Tom Cruise. We heard this that he came to account. We have some comedy person who is like a normal human being right like but famous, but not like Tom Cruise Famous Tom Cruise, like connected with that person. I can't I would it make it a better store, if I remember who was there, somebody like that, like your level or Lex or like a mark to play So you know I'm saying like marked boys got your level. No.
The deployment who everybody is, I don't know who the deposit brothers ad there made. Togetherness on HBO. My point isn't about the Duplass Brothers is like they were just like semi, famous, not like okay, when Tom Cruise say doctors got also yeah. She wants to get to the phone, so she got invited to a Superbowl party at that's. This person's house right men's of Tom Cruise, come to your house for the services to people several parties. I hope asking Tom Cruise in the service. Yes, he said. Yes, we do sh right at a metal, be Tom Cruise, like I think I will be among the humans to really shows up with a brand new like clearly fresh football. That is a system like you know. It's like tossing, like a literal football in the air there and they're, all talking about marriage at some point in the day and go you know what the best part of being married is, though right fucking, your wife. Am I right?
you just your wife and everybody's life, but I felt like to come home. It's a girl, the card sort of like a robot like an alien visiting yeah. He must be amazing to hang out with. I don't have to hang out with them your wife right, I mean when you're that famous your work ethic, it's like you just devote everything to that. I think because, like I have my, my agents were like. They know that the agents who are Tom Cruise- they don't- they said Tom Cruise- always gets back within an hour when we sent the script, because I like keep a script for like three way: and then by the time I redid the parts being cast nowadays that Tom Cruise will read a script in an hour and get back to them and either like it or not like it, like he's just like on the ball, yeah he's like he's trying to win, yeah he's one and it's in in human instinct, because our human instinct is to just atrophy in a way I mean you have to kind of fight it, but yeah we to be
lazy am to procrastinate. It's definitely easy to be lazy, but it's not if you're going to Tom Cruise really have to be on the ball. There's no other way. It doesn't just doesn't know times, but that's not just what's going on now. There's some weird alien sort of behavior pattern, so that we don't recognize as being normally when he jumped up on Oprah's couch. But I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love's like what the fuck is going on here. I think this person know it's like a person who doesn't understand French but you're, so making French to a french person. You saying all the right words really what the fuck is wrong. It seems like every choice he makes outside of acting is based on. He's assuming normal human beings. Think is the normal behavior right, because all love is when you jump on a cow to go. I love her, which is informed by movies. Really right, like that's more movie like right. That's, like John Q, second say anything like well. That's what love looks like it's not you know or is telling a bunch of the fellow
As you know, we're going to have sex talk with the fellas. Also I'd like to fuck my wife. A the friction of her vagina makes me just splooge. Huh right guys were sick of fucking, our wives. Never I've just done relate to that joke that you made. Ah that's so sweet yeah. What a fucking strange die. He might be one strange guys of all time. I wish you would just like come clean, would like one day just just sit down and just be given some ecstasy and how we just talk about who he is like. I don't even know who the fuck I am Scientology for so long yeah like thirteen
Last year there were they going to tell I'm always worried there hell with it. He did Chris Hardwick Podcaster right. He did either one on one interview it recently. I wish you get. You could get a money because you you you get a we get in, but I don't think you could pierce that impenetrable layer, I think you'd be fake with you too, even even if he's fake you find out of his face, he fights himself. I will this, you still peers. He was telling Chris, like I love movies, you know, I'm passionate about movies and Chris goes yeah like what are some of your favorite movies. This is how politically like constructed. He is. He goes
just movies all movies, all movies like he could. He was such a political being it couldn't even put all these are the same. There is no different biggest movie star. Couldn't pick three movies that have inspired because he didn't want to pick like you know a Spielberg of Bruckheimer in a blah blah blah, because then he pissed off Coppola and Scorsese, and you know I mean it's all construct God I want to meet him. I can't believe he did. This is that's so cool you should have on the show. You could get him. I think I got. I got faith you could get him. I've had this guy on RON. Miscavage is David, Miskovic is DOW wow who's. You can't have Enough Scientology Anna had Leah Remini on your dinner me and we talked for three hours about how crazy her life in Scientology was, and your classic Aspie there's no way you're getting time suppressive person. I'm not. I just know I gotta say the the more I learn about the catholic faith and all these like kid. Fuckers keep coming
not the more I'm like that's the worst one. Do you see the new one keepers? You know the new that australian guys there's an australian one thousand cases of child molesting that they just uncovered. I mean let's just shut down that religion. Was it catholic job more efficient? Eight thousand was no. No I'm not doing a bit, but all eight thousand of it was connected to the church at gym. You'll find it was just I mean I didn't even read it 'cause. I looked at the headline and at first thought was dull and second thought was just can't. I mean it's so much worse than like making someone believe they can get acting work like whatever Scientology does like the catholic religion is like they're fucking little girls and boys an like permanently ruining their lives. Making them have like terrible flashbacks making them have like wide chunks of memory that they just don't remember than they do remember, and it's like it's just the worst thing you can do and how do you like? Have sexual problems? I'm not catholic
jewish. Now we know the Pope, the last Pope rat singer, that guy one of the things that they one of the reasons why I had to step down was because it found they found out that he was one of the guys that used to move people around He was one of the guys. When someone get caught molesting children, he would move into a new new precinct or that's good that what do you call it? That's! What takes you the way we live actually right next to a rehabilitation, so a former rehabilitation center for wayward priests on our Miller and I was like? Oh, I always thought we were priests like. I wonder what that means when, after we saw that movie spotlight yeah, we looked it up and that's exactly where they are Housing PETE. When it was one of the places they were housing the molesters. Well, it makes is really interesting point about the church, which is that the the commonly held sort of folk belief about the catholic church is that when you take away someone's ability to have sex you will, you will concentrate their sex drive in pervert it and you will become a child molester and with spotlight the movie sort of point that it makes
it's the other way around. Is that that basically, when you're, a child molester you go to the church, because you know they'll, give you a haven cover for that's. True, though, like it is hard to become a priest you have to like study scripture for I mean how long it will last a child? You got a groom, you got to hang out, you know I mean, but I don't know how true that is, a Ratzinger moved, a guy that went on to molest a hundred deaf kids, I've yeah. I saw this documentary because they couldn't talk about it. There would They can sign yeah, but no one is going to listen to them. It's not like they can just start talking. You know I mean it's like it's a way. Just I mean he was working with deaf kids like death or well, it's just it's not that nobody would listen to a deaf person. It's that this is how scams work. One step removed exactly it's one more. You want little easy. What you want is a predator is is the most vulnerable person that you can be predatory towards making the documentary keepers it wasn't until this girl came to the priest and said I actually have been molested, he
It's like. Oh, you have have you and then he started molesting her, but he waited for her to come into electron. Her found that she was weak and then she was and then that's who we picked so it's like. Well, I remember Is Nigeria speaking of Dichotic, it's insane yeah and it That's what they want. That's the child molester. It loves the the weak and vulnerable 'cause. If they go look strong, confident child who they know what would be like if you touch it, tell my fucking dad and I'll kill you listed like that. Girls got big. Now also. You do not tell so I've seen your baby pictures, you weren't a hot kid I was, and I was always trying to yeah, but it's very much always boys right now. It's very rarely ever works for keepers. Yeah yeah, it's girls, amboise, it's like have only seen documentaries on boys, but the boys thing is weird, but I'm kind of
I do believe, there's a math to like suppressing someone sexuality, and then it's just going to come out in these other ways. Well, I think that also monsters are orientation is spread equally across monsters, so yeah. I think that yeah. I think I don't even know. Are you even gay if you're a child molester delectable boys that even gave that seems like a third thing like you're, not even in a sexual zone, anymore, now you're in a pathology zone? But since the cases are so there's just so many cases like, maybe we should just let priests get mad. For a change well, the used to be able to, but they were rock stars. The problem was back in the days like in the the during the Lutheran days when Martin Luther was around priests controlled everything I mean they every his wives, they really hope had wives and children. Pope said wives, they had children, they had money, they had armies, the Roman Catholic Pope controlled armies. You know like they
controlled troops like it was totally different scene and then somewhere along the line, they were fucking, so many women there like hey, here's an overall going to be a priest, you can fuck any checks and then just the whole thing when he does. Anybody know why that happened. The change over happen because they're rock stars, because you're banging everybody knows what a man's I'm not right. Okay as it was, they were too irresponsible. This is what I read whatever it is that there were. There was a real concern amongst people that, were you know, under the tutelage of these priests, that these guys were out of control, they're just banging everybody. For now. What was the reason? That's why they made them not able to sell, but I wonder what year do you think that is it wasn't long ago and like one thousand years ago it might have been less that's, so the interesting thing was less than one thousand years ago, because I know that during the is Khan ERA, the Pope still at armies, and I think still could I so I think,
there were still allowed to be married when I bet they were using their religious status to abuse their power and probably probably women would like fall for them. Two, there was no think about it. There's no musicians, there's no comedians know. Actors who are the hose going to go to the hose again goes straight to the priests. They go to the gestures, so they had comics back. Then it was to do with like a floppy hat yeah, but they were like cruise ship comics, so they couldn't get out of line at all. They got killed so rock stars. They were just like had white hair and deal with the latrine that you have to shit in what is the deal with cornish game hen? The white hair play the piano that was later. That was like yeah. This is like a dude. Probably write a harp. I want to like have a timeline, or is this idea that the guy, the itinerant a singer that would come to town and like plug the Luton, tell like the tail was always fuck
everybody everywhere. I went through that gotta be, who I'm sure we all came from was like Robert plant. We came from the jester there, that's rockstar versus comedian right. We were the people who, like coming on wagon yeah, like juggling balls of manure. You know like the king as the years of an ass when you on the head with a bag. Comedians, do you think that you guys have like genetic ancestry to former comedians? I believe that more than most of the, as I believe I don't believe I just feel like I have a blood memory of like like, for example, I do think there are people in comedy who are doing it, because that's where, like the energy is right now and they're, just like trying to like make money in right after yeah or whoever? I think it's moved beyond that. It's like now, it's like everybody that would have been a dj when I was like seventeen is now a comedian right. There is a lot of that's cool. It's really bother you guys. When I was going to, I don't really care, I mean we just have to like to bother. You doesn't bother me, I think it's cool, because when you go big
then the ten percent of geniuses that wouldn't have started? If it wasn't cool, will start and then the ninety percent of people that were going to be garbage? What do they? They don't matter, damn nine thousand and ten, probably That's probably ninety nine one now of genius of person. That starts comedy that to becoming like a forget genius, personal arts comedy does a set at an open mic to becomes like one of the like great comedians, like even in the top ten percent of comedians. That's gotta got to be one percent. That's the point that time but the problem with is, like you say once they start, because the ninety nine point, nine percent- that start never even make it that's part of it but like it's like the one percent that do the point. One percent that actually become professional means like how many people out of your group of open mikres that used to hang with how many years
doing stand? This is a bad ratio, because how many of them have a tv show all of them. Things have changed like it's easier to be famous now, so your ratios are a little off dude. I remember I remember when I would makers. Well yeah. No, the numbers are very are start. I remember when I first started like I would have, would have fucked let a man fuck me fifty times to get like Montreal spot and now it's like yeah fifty times I thought about it a lot and they would. They would rub my back very gently and smoothly big man like Alonzo Boden, ok, that he could do twenty five times did I looked at Alonzo Boden's fingers once and I was like there are men with dicks smaller than your finger over sure online, dick smaller than your finger yeah. Well, that's rough! If that's true, it's true anyway, Alonzo, if you're listening every time, I look at your hands while I think of his dicks wow small dicks. But but my boy, oh, is that uh would have done anything for Montreal spot or or
spot on on the tonight show and now there's young comics, who like now I'm not really trying to like, be a second lead on a show right now, I'm really waiting well from my vehicle things have changed. I dated a girl. It was like that she was like. I don't want to do tv I'm holding out for film, because I was on a television show at the time and she was saying that she didn't want to do tv. It's like it was beneath and you're doing tv at the time was that news, radio, I think in a great number, I'm a fan of that show. I took an acting class of Paris, Hilton and she and the teacher was like who wants to do a tv and everyone raised their hand except her, and it was like who wants to do just movies in Paris, island racetrack course, once we legit so funny, how was the thing in the 90s yeah if you know the Paris Hilton is one of the top the highest paid DJS in the world, she can't have good taste in music. Go dj. She's, not a dj. Also is like twenty perfume
Another was Adidas, socks should go in a dj, it seems like it's. An open market seems like you just dominate. If you have half a sense of entertainment is that guy is going to billboard on sunset. Much is like he is like DJ. Ing at a swimming. Las Vegas feels use famous celebrity dj. You know how in la always know what's happening. Okay, I guess of but like Paul Harris or what yeah guys- and it was literally you look down, and it's like Vegas Swim Club in a pool of blood does pools, will have fifteen thousand people stuffed into the area going on saturdays hardy, and do that's probably where I would hang out with about twenty girls in this yeah, not hang out she's on her way, she's going we're stopping on the honeymoon tour where Nixon masks go crazy and mix, so it like a beautiful naked woman by Nixon Mascot. I heard the
they recently. This could be bullshit started, making more money on their night clubs and on the then on the casino. That's got to be true, it may be. I don't know I don't know the numbers are, but I would imagine they make a lot of money on the casinos. Soon as low, because there's people like Jon Taffer that guy that does bar rescue talking about it. On another another interview. He said that they'll go in on Friday night and make about five hundred thousand bucks for their club, show and then wake up the next morning and do the pool at noon. For one hundred and fifty I don't know you're talking about the actual performance, we're talking about the club itself, I'm talking about the casino that the genomics, but imagine that if the dj makes six hundred and fifty thousand dollars for a weekend, you gotta multiply that by what twenty one hundred percent. Well, they have the odd person like I am on that show dice about Andrew Dice Clay. Have you ever had to show many times? So, as you know, I mean I did. Notice is a real thing, but in the show the whole premise is that he's paying off his gambling debt to the casino 'cause it's like
a hundred thousand dollars and it's the only way you can pay it back, but that's a true story: yeah he was in debt. He would lose an eight hundred thousand dollars in one night. So as long as they have people like that, they must be making a lot of money. Right, yeah, there's always going to be there's always like the old lady, like pudding in nickels, but then there's also like dice, but you also have to think like how much and it cost to run a casino. The overhead is insane right. It's also. They also exist in this odd. Like then, a gram of like a legal business and an old world like criminal enterprise, and I don't mean that in a mile away like don't they have like indie it like why Is it even legal for them to let someone rack up in eight hundred thousand dollars debt like a normal business? this would say, sir your twenty dollars over your limit. So we're going to that. No, like he's got credit he's nice he's going to make money is ice. He's going to my grandma blood he gambled away. The d do is at the Riviera,
my and Anna's wedding ring, and then one told me when I was at, I was at foxwoods and performing, and they said that at Mohegan, Sun they're, like yeah, It's gotten really bad at Mohegan Sun. When you gamble away your car, they won't even give you a ride home, but we at foxwoods are giving people rides like it's happening like people are just like they run out of money and they're like ok. I can win it all back. If I just sell the car right and it's like they just gone yeah. Here's what's interesting, though, if you win, they ban you, like my rytina. If you lose, they give you ride home. Dana White is a notorious gambler, but he wins millions of dollars, sometimes he's one. I think he said he lost as much as one million dollars and he's one as much as seven million. In a knowledge has he gotten banned from place? You couldn't really yes he's a celebrity. Only does he get banned but he gets banned then he pulls the UFC out of them like these to do us
at the palms and he killed the palm. The palm's band am so he's like fuck, you I'll ban you and I moved to the hard rock over the whole thing moved in next, but yeah they they've banned him for a bunch of casinos. 'cause he's really good at blackjack wow. What stakes is it? What what's the minimum bet for the day in a white black was out, which I know that sounds crazy? Is it legal to ban someone once they win at the thing you're saying I'm saying these casinos are not fully legal there like in this weird area. They reserve the right to ban you if you kick their, which is crazy. Can they say card counting or something you're, not card counting, I mean. Even if you are it, doesn't matter it's legal. I mean you could do it at the fuck you want. I think I think it's uh used on your head later something it's technically within the rules of the game. 'cause, your job is to sit down. I guess card count
blackjack? They have, and I mean you supposed to not know like if you, if you have knowledge so just ignore it right if you know how to count cards and so stupid, it's like a girl going to a bar and watching a guy roofer drink can't pay attention to that set the rules. But you know what the fucking rules are. The rules are like. If you do you know how many decks they're using and you know what cards going back then, when not to hit and just play it smart and count, and thinking calculate I don't know it's like that, also in a way to reach right. Why this do you know the repeat thing that we all accept that it's sort of it's your house. We are like, I thought Joe you've got yeah, but I was like why why does Dana White Gamble or ignore the famous basketball player that, like Charles Barkley, what drives those people. There was so rich wiles. What is also people have been hit in the head. A lot day has been hit in the head a lot
Tory Slee Impulsive and are notoriously susceptible to addiction, whether it's gambling addiction, alcohol, really yeah. It's a big part of DTE, with chronic traumatic, encephalous e, see. You think I said it right. That's brain damage from getting hit in the head, the big part of it or something but yeah other times at the dome, rattled he's not supposed to punch in the head ever right. You definitely right punch. They had multiple times a day for you worse. What about like you train right now? I don't do any kick boxing sparring at all. I don't know because of that yeah and even in Jujitsu Helix Lamina, someone's knee accidentally or had you get your had balked your daughter up, it's not that common. But when I was kick box bring boy I got hit in the head a lot to the point where I it's like. Sometimes I think about some of the decisions that man I'm like whoa,
going on in their hearts with screws are loose. It's even with head gear. You're saying it does worse years were sick. I all I had a lawyer. It actually makes in in artificial lever like save your. When is this large? That means, if you clip it, it's got more level fulcrum affect hoppers of your head is smaller and compact, and you just take it off. So Richard Nixon, the Nasco be bad because yeah big ole Chan knock and not a little bit sick. The robbers in the mass, but the the idea is not necessarily just the initial impact. It's how much your head moves like. How might like the stronger your neck is, the less likely you are to get brain damage. So these guys do a lot of neck exercises. Just just just to keep your head, stable, Wanna gets hit. The ideas like the more your head moves, the more your brains, gonna switch around side, your dome and and break off the canal. Active tissue. That's also part of the problem is connective tissue. This, like really Softap, almost like cotton candy like tissue that connects your brain to the skull, but stuff gets ripped up You rather be a NFL, whatever
the guy that linebacker thought it is sure, or like long term, prizefighter long term prizefighter for long term price fighters can get through it like there's guys, like burn Hopkins or you know, fought into his 50s who speaks well no and there's a the problem, even guys that speak? Well, there's the weird shit that they do the impulsive stuff there's there like. If you talked people that are CTE experts. I tell you some really disturbing things about brain damage, but how manifest itself and the weird things that men find themselves doing, they don't even know why they're doing it they're just doing it and like real impulsive, be hey easier and just stop it on the gas on the highway and just like we gambling, stuff and sex, stuff and drug stuff, and a lot of it is connected to ct but if you looked over and that she was crying looking, no, I don't know shit when I say Moshe watching. Is it mma like where they're like doing sixty nine and just writhing
and their writing you're like yeah. It's like they're, just like like once the head in his dick and then the other ones got his super hit stick and they just kind of like ride back and forth, and then it was like one of the main commentator say: he's got his head in his dick in there writhing. Sometimes I have said things along those lines. I see I listen mod sport. You have to understand from a woman who is like not into sports and that it's it's it's like, I don't, stand that she comes in is she says, always did derisively. Did your team when I'm not, there are no teams, you know there are I mean, I'm just barefoot have been game. That's the the video the video game lets you get low, gay or than the axles. It looks you actually that's a good one. The guns are women yeah, it's a great day
be now that looks like a dude. That's dude can't triangle, so it's people who don't they don't care about brain damage, though, like these this sport, you get this, break. Why is not funny? I like? Don't you think, that's important, they don't care about the cartilage that connects their head to their cartilages or the connective tissue connective tissue. It's not that it's not that they don't care. Is that this is something that they started doing when they were young. They got good out of NAC it as a path to make a career and they like thrilled. They like doing things Dane excitements in exciting. Some of them just accept the risks and so love. 'em say I would rather live at dangerous life. That's exciting than a really fucking boring like and respect that sitting on the couch atrophying. I can respect that like. Of course, this funny, though this is like this is like going to like Davinci's podcast and being like. I don't know about this art stuff,
I don't know, but this is Joe can take it. I think you're right now, you're right. My perspective is when I see it, but now now, when you put it like, that, too, is like. What's the alternative get a job in a factory? they get a job, we all die mean. This is ten, sorry, this is not going to last right. So for them it's like how am I going to use my meat vehicle yeah and I'm not going to use it for fun. Just go crazy and mean So that's the thought process behind it is like yeah. I know I'm doing damage to it an you know. I know a lot of guys that I've known when they were in their prime, where they were just kill everybody and now they're broken that's crazy. My days, I know guys who came to brush their teeth, really their shoulders so shot they have to like brush their teeth. Left handed me suck at it in the car is going to move their head and how old are they in the thirties yeah? There is something about the human animal that wants. It's an interesting fact set of humanity that wants to achieve greatness for some reason, the,
glory of winning in that, too, is also directly related to the danger of doing it's like there's something dangerous about it. That makes it super and if you pull it off crazy feeling it's even more than making all these other people happy too 'cause people have like voted on. You know how do you do it? You vote on them on the route for you on the people. I mean it's like you're, it's so many just I've noticed something people get their mood is changed if their team wins, so it's like it's a problem that made or when Chuck Liddell started. Losing is when I I realized, like MMA, is not a good sport for like having to have your guy win? Eventually, your guy will always lose oh really, always because they'll get older, that's like just the inevitable realities opposed to a team which ones people exactly the team dynamics. Your team can always be a winner, but if you root for
fighter at that Federal get old and the young people come in and it's like thirty eight yeah, this way old, really thirty, eight as Wales. So like thirty, two something, let's see now with drug testing used to be back in the day, that when you would get tested you, it was really like they would say it's like an intelligence test, it's more than a drug test like just don't take anything the remaining few days before your test- and they just testing your pee for like- really obvious stuff but now super comprehensive and they use Usada the Us Anti Doping Association and they fucking crawl, up your ass with a microscope, people wake you up, checking for what people watch you pee, they are in the room. We look at your dick because guys use rubber decked out. I I went to rehab. I was a kid so I know I know the tricks who was in the years I room or you get your home me to piss into a bag and you'd have the back in your pocket. What kind of drugs are mma people doing
so right? It's not like medical errors will know nothing about a liquid, doesn't even make sense to drop. Isn't that illegal, so they're all doing shit? Why would they do it? If it's illegal joe, I gotta say your impression of Natasha is spot on. I mean ok now by the rules. To do illegal drugs, or no now now I'm horny ok hold on. I just thought that people had you know Stan There is that they wouldn't do that, but that you're saying they would all do it if they could. No, not all. There is definitely a core group of champions who have never thought about taking drugs and still don't think problem with steroid there's a lot to do. The problem here is also is that when one person starts doing it yet the person beneath him either will lose or has to be pressured to do it, and so it creates this. Like sorry, p There are upset that I'm not a sports fan, don't think about them. I just talked to
That's what you do you holding us back, don't sweat it! You do. I don't I mean I'm just like your sports are holding us back now. I don't know what you mean. I think he's doing a bit. What's elevating us? and that's holding us back. What's elevating, I think making sports like our main thing, I hate when sports are on in any sort of public establishment. I think it's aesthetically nothing wrong with it. Did God tell yourself it's? Ok, you don't like when you sports in an establishment? I find it depressing depressing. What about law and order when you that that's like one notch down very depressing to see inside my love to hand off the carpet in the blood sticking to the head. It's been dead, for our Natasha, I will say, is: is it stream Lee connected to aesthetics more than any human being I've ever met in my life? I think tennis is a nice aesthetic. There you go. Okay, I would I was so that it's a sport. I know. Ok, I think, like a tennis match,
I could handle that. Why is that? Ok in, like honestly 'cause, I like how like how they dress? What about basketball? No, I hate those. Not sure now I don't like baseball or friends, I mean my aesthetics hates it when there's a dark black people play tennis. Yeah couple of chicks are really good at it. I mean, I think it's probably thing, though it's probably because I grew up, and I was always the last to get picked for sports 'cause, I'm so small, so maybe that's why he or she really wanna, go deep. When I hug you I'm always where I'm gonna break you away like eighty pounds, I weigh one hundred and five, not that small come on. You do not weigh one hundred lying yourself. Do you do with yourself in with clothes? On I mean I'm not like that skinny, I'm just small She weighs one hundred and five what we fuck and it's one hundred when we're not fucking, have a five dick. I mean I didn't want to mention that I asked us not to bring it out, but it needs to be said. Yeah I've got on Alonzo Boden to a lot of Odin
doctor for Alonzo Boden thinking about this? No, I don't like sports. I also don't like it again. The only thing I watch is fighting and I literally don't watch sport. I don't, I don't even know the rules like you know, like any sport other than MMA involved. I don't I don't watch them. I don't. I don't even know when they're happening like when someone says all to see the NBA Championship game like when was it no. It was last night man you can watch on the same, as I was saying, the only sport I watch is MMA and have watched consistently, since I was a kid, is MMA and then boxing's secondarily, and that I can't get in the at all. We did a winery I've seen clips of everything. I don't know why. I can't I can't get into 'cause I like him. Much more than boxing before, and you would think I would be more in a kickboxing boxing, but I'm not sports just seems like men exercise same. That's that's funny, but like I just I mean I know it's more than that. But now I see it like if you saw operate. You'd probably like this just seems like fat people, screaming you.
No, I felt like it was just like antiquated form of entertainment. I watch I was super duper high. When I want to see it, I knew I knew I had to see it. Why did you have to see it so just how to do a favor? So When I went to watch. I was like listen, I'm just getting blazed out of my. Fucking. Mind. That's a good instinct, but what's interesting is what I really started: paying attention to was uh all the people in the audience and there's like this class of p bolt that probably live in, like Bel AIR and Beverly Hills and want to be seen at the opera, and it's like a big deal to say. They're going to the opera- and I like watching this was like they can't possibly like this like, even if like it, they don't like it that they don't like it like people like the UFC. That's true, that's true! You're right have you been one hundred percent now it is true, but he saying is like pretending to like usual different level. Today, like it's, not true, it's like sophisticated entertainment, I mean like we went to the to the orchestra, the symphony recently and most hated it. I've been
the symphony. When I was a kid with my grandma, she used to take me, and there are some bangers. You know yeah. You know like on that not on like as a banger yeah. That's the you know the he was just in there like doing things, but we were to see. I don't even who wasn't and you read the description Mahler and it's like eliminations on death, not discord into not pleasant to listen to so we're going to sit down for an hour and a half performance of like something that, in its description is like that you didn't like it either did you know, and there was like a Moshe got in a fight with two different elderly people. He tried to help this woman. There was, I was walking in people are on like double crutches. It's so old. You can't imagine it it's like it's so old and so white. It's like unbelievable. You can't believe you know, and I was walking in and this old man was city and down is like eighty five so I told him he started to get up to, let me through so you don't need to get up. I can kind of crawl around you and it goes we're not
well as young as you. Some of us are going to die soon and I was like oh I'm trying to like. I just read Wikipedia pages. I go like oh well. I guess that's what we're here to listen to right and the guys nothing iced me out and I sit there like board and the worst, and it's got it's the worst kind of Symphony Mahler because it always seems like it's ending it'll, be like data done done done and you're like. Oh, let's get the fuck outta done that and it just never about the old lady who yelled at you and she almost fell down the stairs. Then, as we were leaving, I was an old man and he was so feeble and wobbly that I would staring at his body like in my mind. You ever have this kind of situation. Where, like this is going to this person, is going to fall. I can feel it in my way before they were like way up on the rafters in the steepest possible like wood, and I could feel it like. This guy is going to fall. He's two feed while he's too old to be ascending the stairs and he sure enough. Does he just don't select
over, and he still goes for it because I was already like looking at him. I grabbed him by the the top the collar and the bottom of his jacket, and I just like tell them up right. Oh my god, and he fucking like just like shrug me off of him, gave me a dirty look and stormed off, and I was like I just saved your fucking life. You will bit wanted to go, maybe wanted to go right. Maybe he's like I listen, I listen to Mahler come out pressing shit pretends he slips. Listen his wife complaining about her stool pardon. My story is like I'm just going to fall. You know my grandma, it's Gloria, some honest good, steep angle. No, my grandma! You let me know hear what you said to me on her death bed like days before she died too low. I mean she said. If there is a god, he saves the worst part, your life for the very end bloom like back
my grandma thinking about that, because I was like going into like an old persons. Home seems so depressing like. I would never want to do that to go away from your your stuff in your house. You know like I'm just trying to think. What's the best way to go, I think all people by themselves in a home alone when they're dying, is super depressing too yeah yeah I lived in New York when I first moved there. I stayed with my grandparents in New Jersey and my grandmother. They had an aneurysm. They gave her seventy two hours to live. She live twelve years, wow too, and it was How are those twelve years of I was only there living with them for a few months. I think I lived there for maybe five months six months, but it was bad. It was bad like the grand Father. They had a nun or a non nurse would come over and they would help, but this like she would have horrible beds.
'cause! She couldn't move she's paralyzed. She was completely vegetable isle. She would talk a little bit. Teeth were falling now, they've had all fallen out. Would you want to live at that point? No! No! No, but I do think like the two ways. The two main ways to die are like to have a death bed like that seems kind of glamorous 'cause. Then you could call able to you and give them wisdom, and like have a last word I know, but if, if you die in an accident, then you never get to have any of that number that you have like those funny last were the third way. What is the? What is you your bid about your grandma on her death bed? I don't Oh it's the third, Third way, though, to go mad and to shit your pants and two of my Gramma didn't die like that, though, that's just a joke. My grandma did my grandma is great fear. Her entire life was becoming a feeble senile person that was battling to herself and, of course, it came true because the only way to avoid that is to have a heart attack or or an accident, but I say that about my nana: it's just a dumb joke. They have assisted death. Now, California, eleven people did it on like the first day. That's crazy! Please
My absolutely did in the first day, which I absolutely believe in I mean I think God damn it. Why do we need have people die of natural causes when they're horribly, so bring it in the depressed. That's a good question it's like what is suffering if you're please find have seventy beats per minute. Resting heart rate have no cancer, but you just five bag. Every day, five compact everyday hating life yeah. It's crazy, in Scandinavia, where they've had euthanasia for a long time, they they've started to accept that at the the a person who suffer from chronic depression can opt out and take a system suicide as a means to escape the depression is a part of the problem with problem with chronic depressions, like we don't know what they're feeling yeah like if you, if like so, if you have a broken arm like okay, I broke my arm, I kinda get it, but it is someone says I have chronic depression is like ok. What does it feel like? I don't know. I don't know what your depression is in your chronic depression might be different than another persons and uh
other person is like, and how do you know that it can't be turned around with a pill or with exercise and diet, and if you did turn it around like, I have friends that way, suicidal and now they are super happy. So it's hard well, the problem is, main one of the main tenants of depression is hopelessness, so if you can't feel at all hopeful are you ever going to to get your way out. Another strange thing about mental illness. In my experience- and I have a lot of it in my family and is that it always looked, not always, but it off, except for schizophrenia and stuff looks obviously like that person is sick and can't help it, but with depression or alcohol is, and that kind of thing it always feels like you could act differently. If you Joe just tried a little bit harder, you could not be doing this. You could be less depressed, you could go apply for a job. You can get up. A little schizophrenic is like as good a friend as you can see, is impossible with looks to the normal brain like close and off to normal that they could just change your circle.
If only they tried harder and mental illness is maybe the inability to try harder, so it's very seductive to the normal brain to think of mentally ill people is lazy or not trying to get better? No, I just think it's one of those very odd things to quantify almost right possible. Like I don't know what you're feeling you know and what is like. What's normal, for some people. You know and like a some people are just ecstatic all the time and like what it, what is normal for them and also the anti depressants are like literally just a chemical, the experiment with What is brain? Let go of a tinkle this and do this, but I know people who ever since they start taking antidepressants it changed life on their life way. Better sure. Have you ever taken either of you ever taken an anti depressant know. Someone gave me some adderall ones restaurants, similar I've been on and it was a native presence. When I was a kid- and I was like one thousand three hundred and twenty remember your personality changing, I remember my brain doing
this to me that I didn't like physically, like I started to see things in the horizon of my vision. I started. I started to feel like less hungry. I started to like what what is see things on the horizon of your visits. Like me, you know, like actual apparitions, not operations like look sort of like sort of hold synergetic, fractal situations. You know I started to see that and I just like, I could feel it. Tinkering with my brain of course, happening was. I was getting given antidepressants to combat like being a juvenile delinquent like druggie, and so it wasn't, it wasn't wasn't reading a thing that existed so a psychiatrist gave you this yeah. I was all fucked up with psychiatrists. That captures will give you that's the real problem right they'll give it to people that don't need it and it's happening with the opioid crisis like they'll people, just like they'll just give you Oxycontin like it just seems so crazy. It is crazy. This doctor told me this week and I was talking to this family member. That's a doctor that it takes eight days
of a regiment of of what's the drug, in the current, the there's one drug that the all the opiate addicts are getting addicted to its, not oxycontin. It's not oxycontin, it's a sentinel yeah and all it takes me or dead eight days to get hooked and a and a treatment. Regiment is something like twelve days, so it's like everybody. That's given the treatment rep! and for regular pain is, is having to kick it when they get off That's why that's why we've got a crisis. That's incredible that eight days in you're hooked, it's insane because everybody who takes if you break your leg or something They give you Fenton all. I don't know why they give it to you. I would just give you medical marijuana for a broken leg, so for pains real simple. I mean you're saying it like you haven't thought it through, because they make a lot more money selling you something you can't get anywhere else and two naive. Doctors are is not like the first rule of being a doctor. We're not going to hurt you when I do any lation ships with pharmaceutical companies means it's a standard thing. I believe that people are like, but there's
so a bunch of doctors that are ignorant to the actual positive benefits of pot. They have a negative association about pot people, don't smoke pot, but also to get real like. If you have a compound fracture you don't what you need is more than medical marijuana, at least at first. You don't agree with me. You would take your bone. Is your bone sticking out of your leg and you put your hearts, you pop it back in an what would you take only did you get the cast on it? You're? Fine! It's just you just sit there. It sucks when you move, but you don't have to take that stuff. You do in medical marijuana. Supposedly they did a recent test in ninety. Three percent of people with chronic pain, prefer marijuana over opiates. And my mom has pain and like she's, never tried drugs and I just can't get her to try. You know like there's such a stigma, like she'd, probably try Fenton all before as a doctor A doctor said it was okay, then marijuana which we could change the We are slowing a fan of pain pills. I hear you, then I got my main reconstructed and I didn't take anything.
I just really ma'am, I'm nothing in them. We took marijuana that are you know I was on smoking pot back then. How much did you suffer? I had just painted, on your tolerance to cut yeah, it's the kind of pain that you just go. Ok! Well, that's what that feels like ok now I know what that is, you know, back pain is one of the harder ones. How many tattoos thing you do. That's very overrated By the way it doesn't hurt nothing. It's like scratches. Yeah, no I've heard people say it hurt more than anything in their life, so you're, just tough imposing it doesn't hurt that it just doesn't hurt that much. It really just just absolutely does not hurt that much there's spots or it's not comfortable like bone. Phones like little BO bone when they go over the elbow bone and, oddly enough, like right when they get like close to your chest, that's painful but not childbirth it's fucking manageable, you just go woo. It's like you, just I think a lot of it is just how you think about, of course, and the fester, what's the most
info. Does anyone know what the most painful thing no human being can experience as what's like that, the top threshold, it seems to me a call compound fractures as bad as it gets, but maybe I'm I just seems awful earning the death. Probably her can bones sock and cuddly come broken, bow a compound fractures, a broken bone and in a horrible laceration all right. I guess that's true. I had a broken arm and it wasn't that bad but burning, I think, right. Burning burning is one of the most absolutely painful ones with burn and not burning the death. I think that that's rough, the recovery process from you know that when burn victims are in the hospital, other burn victims. Random strangers go to them and talk to them. I didn't know that my friend Zach Zach Cregger who's from the Y this kid you know and he's a successful actors on that show wrecked. He told me he turn himself at a party in the Caribbean and in the Caribbean. People would go visit, burn victims from the
would go visit. I, like a community like eight or something yeah, because apparently the pain is so intense, an insane that they have nice, it's India. Let me say this now before I forget people who Stevo Stevo did something I don't know what the fuck he did, but on his in Graham, if you're going to Denver this weekend Steve, I was gonna, be in Denver. He has horrible burns all over his body and he's looking for some sort of an e m t to take care of him like someone to help them track. This is wounds he's still going to do his shows at the comedy works and apparently he's going to. You won't tell the story of what happened to him, but he put it 'cause. He it's to tell it on stage, but he put uh, these images would put a video of it up on the instagram and his fucking skin is falling off of his arm, but he still going to do is show yeah. It looks really bad. Don't do your show did go. I want to say to Steve o if you listen to this there's a new step. I'm still therapy that they've created for people that have burns with a
Spray stem cells all over the burn in the healing time is radically reduced as well. The scarring, the scarring is radically reduced, so I think we have look into that. They put tilapia skin on the Bernie heard about this. There's like this fish scales on burns apparently is one of them much so much more healing than bandages. I don't know why, but like creates this sort of skin in skin healing and apparently there you go doctors trying on FX pro street burn victims using fish skin, that's fascinating. Dave are going to be. Ok, that's yeah he's going to be ok, but he's gotta go to the Stevo Instagram Page, so you can see it, but The stem cell treatment is pretty radical, like they've shown people with third degree burns they sprayed on them in a couple of days. It's gone. That's crazy, like literally no scar, no, nothing just heals! That's interesting, yeah ' we're in a new world now, this in the next one, the next one.
Take it off! Oh wait! What about that one, but he took it down. That's a video of him. Getting blood poured on his face or he took it down wow, that's crazy, so he is telling skiing for people to come and see him all that stuff all over his body, all those like he showed what that looked. Like click on that 'cause, it just seems like yeah fuck. This is one video that he had. Okay, he's not going to show anything, but the next video so he showed what's going on under those bandages and it's horrific. Maybe it got flagged. The most painful thing you've ever experienced. Feel like I'm so lucky what you'd do not the another. I am in your shoulder. I'm a baby! her shoulder popped out in Hawaii, and it was that was not even that painful though it was. I just don't like getting like blood draw Felt very weak is a man. At that moment she popped out of the ocean and her shoulder was
separately body surfing, and I was so nice that you did you get an mri. Do you know what's going on yeah, it was like three years ago. It was just so did locate, yeah right, but no tearing or anything now I'd doesn't feel the same. Dislocated. My shoulder, I didn't even know, weird yeah, because I did see it physically on her, but like all the other night with muscles you, but I was looking at her arm going like I don't what to do about that. I don't know what I'm going to do. I guess I could oyster on my shoulder and walked back to because it was like. There was a one move, my arm and it came back. I just thought about you're supposed to like for some people you supposed to like lay them down and
stretch their arm right, hold it out a little fall back in the most I know about shoulder. Dislocations is from lethal weapon, I'm I'm up against the recall yeah do they would throw it in their self, but some say it'll just have loose shoulders like. I know some girls who, like every time she has sex, are like one out of five times for shoulder. Becomes dislocation I'll be on a show in times is on the loose the shoulders and the gas with those girls are just like drama queens. Yeah like this, in the it's like being hurt, whether it's like a little, can you imagine, know how bad they'll be if you're girl and her shoulder got this located yeah that wasn't really bad. I give her some pads shoulder pads, some sort of strike some football strong support. I do that anyway, just 'cause, I like a more masculine woman, so I looked everywhere big back something with a helmet. So we're given little tv high dramatic boo
the injury, wow man, you guys have been jailed so easy to go to jail now, yeah. We should be in jail just for saying this right just for talking the married now, so we can aren't you glad that not be dating right now, yeah, it seems like a nightmare for everybody. I know that is so. Yeah seems so scared. If you get How do you find someone? That's awesome, it's great it's good time and it's fun and exciting, but you guys feel like you got in right under the wire. Well, you know I remember who had been a little rpc like you know, right now, it's like if a girl wants to she can just say that she didn't consent and you'd, probably they can find forms. Fill out. Forms forms two bedroom, but you didn't need forms, I think, should have a stack of 'em. Next to the bed, just to let chicks know that this is like really casual. They do that all these, so many forms all these big stars do that they make you like Instagram Cruise, not like. There's a story,
Justin Bieber will make you like videotape yourself, saying, like I'm a sound mind and body, and I choose to fuck Justin Bieber. You know that makes sense whatever, because he's fucking a lot of skanks, yeah, yeah, allegedly and but you know they're, probably trying to get over on. Yeah. I would imagine if you're that wealthy, like you, have to worry about everything you do all the time. There are a lot of guys who are lead, trying to take advantage of girls so for sure, maybe there's more of that. Maybe that's on the rise, so it's bad for you, boy I think within. I bet it's the same as it's always been. There's always been creeps and there's always been creeps on both So this is the thing. Is that there's more creeps in the men's side? Let's get real, I mean there's more like there's more psychos, maybe more crazy people that you date, but there's more predators that you is there more male predators, and there are female. I'm sure there are female players and their psycho men, but if we
but really do some number crunching. You know I would imagine it's not. Even I've never had its 55th. I've never had the experience that I was actively scared and had experience where I was like. I'm not spending the night at this girls house, because I don't know if I'd wake up the member or friend this girl emailed him and let it left. Well, I'm just that's too real if it is real. I remember this one girl, I was at her house and I was like oh this person, maybe would kill me in my sleep. She was. She was crazy. She was, I remember she kept things like real Hollywood, like like punk trash right when I move the talent, you ok with the story and she she's okay with it. She kept going. She kept asking put a cigarette out on her, and I was like I don't. I can do that. I don't can do that, but I would like kind of hash honor what to do if you were like full put
and then I remember that she was she was she when she should go down all means you kept like horribly by biting me in my genital. And she was like biting my balls. I remember- and I was like please stop that like please, please, no and then all of a sudden we kept make it out and then she looked down and she looked. She was like what is that like the way you say what is that, when somebody's got like an std? right. You know that, like what is this and I looked down- and there was a fucking cunt fusion in my nuts like a providing from her bites. You like burst a blood vessel and there's like, and then she was like mad about it. She No, she snowshoe and not,
hello, respect in the room, so she's sucking my boss, so well most memorable, email, him and said just so. You know, I know enough sex, but if we had this is we didn't have permission and it would have been right right. She goes all right. Our friend was at at Reed College. Actually we're not we. Yes, I read every not ever green but read where it's like side of the center of like the walk sort of you see campus culture and she extreme that's very dream. She called him and said she was drunk and she came on to him and was his name is Andrew Michonne he's. Oh, I shouldn't say that I don't know. Maybe it's too late, because I'm just telling him he didn't do anything now we know he did. She came on to him. Let's not say her name now. I don't know who she is, but he's a comedian and I just figured he'd want to shut up, but anyway he's a great comedian. He definitely avoided the punch line in San Francisco. At any rate, he
he didn't hook up with her. She came on to him and he was like I'm not feeling this. No thank you went home, went to bed, gay guy and, and then she she tech it in like a week later, as I guess wanted to thank you for not take me home that night because I was drunk it. Would've been consensual, would've been raped. So thank you. This is a well that's. A lot of people want to like this is firmly established. That, though, that if you are an adult and you're drinking and you have sex, it's rape. Well it This hard looks, you understand, being a woman, you are still vulnerable, like men have more upper body strength, we do have a hole and they have a thing that goes into the whole, crazy things right now that no one knows now that slow down it's like we, drop that kind of knowledge you have to imagine yourself. Imagine yourself if you had a whole instead and you don't have those muscles and you were just walking around well, what is the idea is women or men are afraid that women are going to laugh at them. Women are afraid men are going to kill them,
those are both very different things yeah, but that's the reality. Is that the it just like when you say, there's like that equal dispensation of a predator is on east side, it's like well, no. There really aren't right that that really answers as to this creep symbol side, when it necessarily thing is equal know what what I mean is and I'm not trying to. I wasn't doing that to like somebody on said that, but I do probably was flippant, but my point is that that that the world the women walk around in is one where they feared that the worst case scenario is there going to be kidnapped, raped murder in our worst case scenario, is usually is not that yeah. Well, exactly the right part in particular most the time: it's not that, and if it is it's also from a fucking man from a dude yeah, I mean I had an argument with a guy who is a men's rights activist about that. It's, like actually more mana rate than women, their weight by men yeah. You just arrive just reinforcing the argument against man. That's like such a dumb argument with they always like they haven't even looked into it. They like they really it's such a surface thing to say they give you done like the next.
Yep like who's raping his kids, oh yeah, guys pro should bring up yeah, you probably shouldn't bring it up. If you want to support men, you like your whole thing, is that men are awesome like men are actually the victims were raped more than women right by what goblins, so fucking demons are coming in the middle of the night and raping unit. That's a good point by other men, but this guy was saying it like. I got you with this fact that I bet you did know well, because people like to talk and talking points they don't like that. I mean I had that experience with the alt right people on what's shell, just that they don't think things through like. I was trying to tell you that the people at the Womans MA she's like how did they take off their their work. Like it was on a Saturday yeah. That's right! Do we have this guy on on the show that was like the problem is It was all these out of work, people that just I don't know, but this was that uh point in the right about the women's marches or just about protest in general. I don't know how these people are able to have such privilege that they can just take work off to go protest, it's like first of all, there's a history of protest where people strike that's the whole idea.
The second of all, the women's March in particular, was on a saturday who is this guy? Who is this guy named kid name, Lucian Wintrich. Now you were asking Milo who is who is like a good alt right brain? That's reason I came to you because we were trying to get basically did the show right and we started with cultural appropriation. We ended with the alt right with meet the alt right, and so we try really hard to really explore ideas right- and I guess there's there's one thing I realized in the in the wake of. We definitely you're. Alright. With that cultural appropriation thing, people were very upset that we even broach the topic without condemning it. Essentially, I think there's one thing I realized in the wake of all of the show is like there's one position, I truly don't respect it's. I disagree with you. Therefore. I won't listen to you fuck, you yeah, that's really, there's nothing about that that I have any respect for now. I completely agree. I think I want to know
how you came to that conclusion, and sometimes you could find if you mean, especially, if you put really disagree with something someone says and you thought your side through and you talk to and with an open mind, you can actually find like the holes in their logic, and it will help you understand. Maybe you got holes in your own logic in Delaware of 'em, and everyone has their own experiences they're, drawing from to help them come up with their way of thinking, and I definitely exploring all those topics found. Just what you're saying I found like the part of the gun the moment that I really fully wrapped my brain in my heart around the pro gun, the second amendment right, I mean I'm still not like a wildly program guy, but I totally one hundred percent had this understanding of where they're coming from that I never had before that. Really, a lot of the condemnation of the left is that they condemn identity, politics right and really when it comes to second amendment stuff. It and also the truth, is that alright too, it's also identity. Politics is just then the politics in the reverse, it's not like left this identity politics, it's more gun
owner identity, in other words, when you condemn, a gun owner, your you, the liberal thinker, is going. I'm condemn when guns I'm condemning violence and what you don't understand is you're condemning a person with their hearing is your calling them their identity there. The thing that makes them passionate, illegitimate, stupid and based in ignorance and violence and, of course, a person is going to react and go go fuck yourself I'll. Never listen to your argument. If you start your argument by basically telling them their whole lifestyle is bullshit yeah, those are problem with the the gun, ownership argument and one of the big problems is the mass shootings right. Everybody and EMS Mass shootings there, horrible they're terrifying, and they only happened with most of the time. People with guns I mean we've had situations recently in Europe, where people driving over people with cars and a lot of insane shit. That's going on over there with that, and then people have been stabbing people in some places, but for the most part it's guns right, but my
thought on it is always that it's a mental health issue. There are more guns in this country than there are people. So if you have three one hundred million gunsan every once a year or so one of these things depends. When you have this mass shooting this horrible tragedy, one of the Constant things is mental illness. Almost all those people are either on psycho psychoactive medicine, either there on some sort of a antipsychotic or an antidepressant or the coming off of it. They have a history of psychiatric treatment, a history of illness mental illness, it's one hundred percent, it's almost one hundred percent of people that are severely mentally ill. We have horrible standards for mental illness in this country. For people just being roaming around the street and a lot of that came from Reagan when Reagan California yes, when they let those people lose. That means people need fucking treatment. They need help us a lot of 'em. It's a lot people that are on Disassociative's there. All these anti psychotic medication there fucked up man,
real issues, and then they can get ahold of guns. I agree with you, but I also thing there's a flaw in that logic, because the mass shootings didn't start commensurate fix. Shutting down of the mental health facilities in California, when did they they they seem to me to be a more. I mean Kent State obviously was the original notes. Kent state was the the National Guard. I'm sorry. I was alone in the tower in in a second I'm sorry, yes, in ten states, no high skews me yeah that that was like the first right. The first yeah big one, but the modern phenomenon of the mass shooting is a bit if it's it is of a fairly modern one of it's like the last twenty ten twenty years right, no, that that guy in the towers mentally ill. I do not disagree with you at all that, there's that mental illness is a huge part of the pie in the Reagan thing, I'm not saying the Reagan thing is one hundred percent the reason for it, but it's a big part of why there are so many mentally ill people that were released in that time me Niagara,
for sure kid 'cause my dad was talking about. It was like it's crazy, this, like so many more homeless people. Now that someone there talking themselves they're all fucked up. We just abandoned these human beings. 'cause their brains, aren't working right. The the idea was that Reagan shut down all the mental health facilities in California and the idea was that they would be replaced by community centers where each community Each neighborhood would have like a check in center and the check in terms, of course, were never built so that people just hit the streets California was. I thought it was when Reagan was president. That would be. These standards, National NASH and I could be wrong actually right, yeah. I think it was when he was president might be wrong. All dark and they never made the check in they just didn't exist. I mean what what the only thing I was saying, though, was that it's there something what's happening in America. That's like almost feels mystical or spiritual with it when it comes to mass shootings, because it's like there are other countries with mentally ill people that have access to guns, and maybe it's
we that we have a less unless or standard of care for mentally eel. But Canada also has people babbling on the streets, although they have limited access to guns, there's something else going on. It feels like to me- and that is totally anecdotal and just my opinion, but looking for something that we don't understand that it is, of course, mental illness in it is of course, access to guns and there's some third thing that people don't really can't put your finger on, which is like why is happening here. Why is it happening so much here? Well, we could be related to overpopulation. It could be related to the sort of established mindset of the american people like why Canadians so much nicer when I connected to us, like you just feel like if you look at the in mass there's, no real line, but you go across it culturally yeah their way nicer there just nicer, you know, and there they talk like us. They look like us. They pronounce a few words differently and their way
answer you know, and they don't get a lot of mass shootings up there. It's super uncommon. It's interesting. I mean it's based on this. I think it's about the connection of America to its guns is based on its mouth. It's it's a foundation mythology, it's religion in a weird way, right that the religion of America, the greatest country on earth, the once based it's a lot of it's based on fear means it's freedom for sure. But a lot of like the tactical people, like the people that are agree Lee into what happens, is on breaks and you gotta be ready. I haven't pulled a gun out. Two point: two seconds got built: Ting Ting, Ting sure is mean, is people, I know people and good friends that practice that shit all the time and if you break it in their house, you are fucked, 'cause, they're, ready and they're looking for it. They want. But I know people who are asking people pulleys break into my fucking you. I took Natasha to shoot guns in anticipation of this gun episode. We did with the show hated it so much I can't say I love to do. I will I got there and I thought I'd make a joke 'cause. You have to pick your little target, so I was like. Are there any trump
and he was I'm nudging her like just shut up. We are not in the right area like we got the Hillary's coming in next week and I was real Hillary's that you can shoot us much fucked up. I think he was just talking shit to her for asking the translator. Yeah, probably Who is the talk with a southern accent? Now this is in LA? This is how I heard it was decided to give him a TWAIN, and then we get in there and there's like people just like doing. The magazine rifles and then there's a guy going through saying what he's saying like no rapid fire know rapid fire, 'cause they're, just like just like these, like kids, it was pretty crazy, like there weren't, even dividers in between us, and then he was telling me how work the gun- and I was like he's like make sure that your thumb does So here ok go ahead and I was like wait. Where is my thumb not supposed to go? Can I will you please 'cause? I know he didn't know emotion, didn't know either I gotta laugh
complain to me. It's another part of this little little poof over here scared too. We did a one. Oh I didn't know. I did, though we each did what we got like fifty round. Yeah we bought, we bought two. You have to buy the ammunition in like a box. You can't buy like so we bought two boxes. Thinking I'll, be there for awhile the training the training session was literally two seconds thirty seconds on Witcher. Here but they're. Ok, here's your gonna go shoot and people are rapid, firing, you're surrounded by other people that got that same safety briefing right and there's a celebrity walled. One celebrity Shia Labeouf, This is not what you want right. It's not what you want to see me. Weird. Twelve right, yeah That's what I'm saying I lied about being there, so we know what the picture of him there. So I shot the gun and she shot, and then I shot again and I'm feeling like I got to get out of here real and it was like I gotta get it. I just think it was a bad. I think every gun advocate
gun person. We've talked to since said about that particular place. Like that's not a place to start, it's not a cool place to unsafe, and so we just so. I think we picked the wrong place At any rate, though, I'm thinking about these two boxes of ammunition, I'm like I can't go to the dude up front 'cause he I think the on like a little bit, she noted mean, like I didn't shoot all this ammo left. Do you know what I mean so and then she's like Natasha's, like don't be an idiot with get outta here. So so I walk up to the next, where I sold her out immediately. I'm just like you know. I love it here.
This? Is my home baby, okay, go black, that's my, and if you want to do in India, you go black. What I want to be tough, the guy I'm like I'm, like the wife you know to the wife, is like: let's get out of your. You know. Women are right. You know she's been here, but I want to stay. I want to stay, but I can't I gotta admit I'm a cook. The life I did. The wife is, you know, I'm all like emotional from having shot a gun like I got to get out here, but really I'm just like you know. You know it is you want to. You want to shoot all night, but the light first time ever shot one. The the first thing I felt when I went into the the area where you put that your plugs on, then you stand next. These people there is little dividers the place that I went, but when you hear that to yeah, you feel so hope all yeah. You feel like whoa like. If that hits you that's a wrap. It's like they're not going to make it yeah exactly I'm gonna ask you guys is before you take off.
You just see this trump thing. The CNN thing they're going after the kid who may in the meme heard it wasn't a kid well, this is the thing. Jamie will explain the whole thing, but it was a kid. They went after who had made a video or made a meme but only the meme came from a video in the video was made by someone else other than this kid, and they essentially. Threaten to Dox this kid. They said they reserve the right to expose him an priorities. Fifteen, I don't know if that's being one hundred percent proven. I don't know if it's been one hundred percent disproven, but I just heard that that is a lie. It was a lie. The fifteen year old ness of this kid. Well, I don't know if that's the case, because he's not actually fifteen or its beak and now they're talking about a different person, because the original video that was turned into it. You know the video gif file, the Trump bot,
the slamming the CNN, oh they're, saying that that's faces Trump. This is what it is. Trump was on the WWE and he did a thing where slammed into the ground and so they're going to they took that put a CNN head over the person's body who trump slammed to the ground and then Trump tweeted it very, very offensive, very inappropriate, very non presidential, pretty fucking funny. A mega for the president to do that. Nothing compared to him talking about that woman having plastic surgery and saying that her face was bleeding badly from a facelift. That's gross like that is like so busy something wrong with him. That's so beneath anybody. That's not just beneath, like the President, that's beneath anyone alienating there's something deeply wrong with him. He's getting worse, he's going off these on right! Now, pressure probably getting mentally ill at this point, because all these isn't isn't mental illness like your brain
changing, and can you imagine what would by the way when the all right all right came after me for the for the show? I read had this other realization, which is even people you don't respect, effect on your brain, and imagine think Donald Trump, where half the world or more is like fuck, you all definitely more than half the world. It's a cool! A man is a large number of people created, maybe half of America, but exactly but it's it's way more than half of american now, because a large number of people in the Republican Party that are criticizing. What makes me mad is that we called it the women's March and that no one really gives it respect for what it was, because it was the largest protest in our head. History of our lives was to an anti basically an anti trump protest like when that guy was elected and like we should just be talking about that more like that,
never happen in our lifetimes or our parents lifetimes. There was that big of a protest because someone was being elected and it just kind of gets like pushed to the side I mean I'm glad it's called the women's March, but it's I think that, basically, that we, the idea of it, was marginalized in the scope of those marginalized because they called themselves the Womans March should be. I don't know, because it's such a huge deal like I mean it, was so exciting to be a part of that, and you saw those pictures and they weren't just in every city, America. They were in every city in the world. That's how opposed we were. That didn't happen. You know anyone who, in our lifetime no we've, never seen this kind of a reaction to president before never. But you wanted to talk about the CNN, but that's what's crazy. Is that CNN is becoming a monster to fight a monster right and there are threatening to Dox people that are making funny memes. It was was funny. I mean nobody really thought that Donald Trump was at slamming the person that is CNN, that doesn't have a head that as a CNN for ahead and all tennis doing
More porter from CNN was going after the person they track the person down on Reddit who made the memes who gives a fuck who made. Means that is created by the way the meme itself isn't offensive them itself is funny the offensive If anything, is that the President of the United States thought it was appropriate to re tweeted it's more dumb, then it is a fact. It did offend me even slightly. I saw him that he retweeted like her. That's my reaction. Listen, you are correct, in my opinion, that the the CNN in particular, and the press in general is as filled with warts, not as with words, but is filled with words in the same way that the? U as your five pound dick to me, sorry Joe, that was the right job and the right time I didn't didn't mean it and it just affected the cross over there, the top you were there. We would have such a laugh over this. We gotta send them off before. I see the MRS farmer, but it's not that
this new realm that were in where these cable networks are struggling so hard to get attention and their focus thing on really crazy. Shit, like CNN, had a bunch of people fired for making up fake your is about russian trump or not. Serbs, cheating these stories and making sure they're correct before they released it and put it live, and so three people had to resign thing was CNN's, not struggling, that's what they what's they are there struggling they're down twenty percent in ratings? I thought CNN and MSNBC and some other left. Leaning thing, although I don't really consider CNN left leaning, is like at the top of the it's now and what I read in my people said. I don't know, let's pull pull this up, see if you find out what I read was that c n N's down twenty percent since June, and that Fox is actually up twenty percent? No, no! So I just looked like typed in C n N ratings. A says trump is way off on CNN's ratings
in down, and he said from now on- and I didn't I didn't hear it from Trump, and I heard it from someone else was probably parroting trump yeah. We were all that's that this there in lies the problem, we're all being prompt filled with misinformation from both sides, and each side is so ideologically in their echo chamber that they all accept the left and the right included all except the the information that they are getting as gospel. Truth, that cannot be assailed by the other sides facts, and so nobody even knows what the truth is anymore. Nobody knows what the argument, but I think if they read it, it's true
news, CNN and MSNBC. So Trump is responsible for everybody. Paying attention now. Yeah, driven by searches for the Rachel Maddow, show last word with Lawrence O'Donnell. I've, no idea who that is: MSNBC's up a whopping. Eighty six percent and local view total viewers, wow and primetime. That's amazing! You watch! Do you watch Rachel Maddow? No, I she, I think, she's great. I think it is based she's, just so good. Our Tucker Carlson, well dressed guy with a gray hair cut in a good vibe when he is, is like this on a bridge between regional people and right wing, maniac yeah he's a he's, a ridge really reasonable people for sure the sanity so much more reasonable than that. Since the deku, though that's a problem, okay he's an he's, an the people. He interviews in his whole thing is that he bombards them with like
kind of snide interviewing that relentless snide interviewing until they make a mistake deserve it like. He brings up several pastors people just because he knows that they're going to say something stupid is this id can mock exactly well there's this idea called not picking in Natasha's gotta go right, I'll, take an uber and you can stay well totally fine, weird little moment, new relationship. No because I'm sorry, I had the whole day like just by the hour. You know and I have to be in hollywood- it's for I get it it's something. I'm doing like I'm. It's a voice over bring this home cruise wo It's not Tom, she's, meeting time, ecology, promo film, I'm sorry! It's just! I have like partners who are waiting for me and if I don't get there right at four It's an adr.
Session that I'm hoping to open my show another period, an it's in Hollywood at four hundred, so I have to go. I'm sorry know where I had a great time. I had a great time as well. I think we learned by the end. He's poured things you guys have a an awesome tour. So yeah we do take off. Tell everybody July nineteenth we will be in New Orleans. Louisiana came into my dental says that on the I mean which are never going to Atlanta Miami Montreal Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago Milwaukee, one million yeah, we'll most guys dot com, the social dot com. We'd love to see what I do is said he does a set. Sometimes you know we switch the order and then, at the end we both come out and we've been giving people love it. But yeah we do live relationship counseling, it's been really fun and we've like health. Some marriages, I feel like improbable feeling you haven't, do you feel like we haven't it's a funny thing to say right:
fuck out there filled with warts baby. If you did, they give them a microphone and they ask questions to you. Well, they come up on stage yeah. We basically we put crazy. They have. Some of them have been one one time we help some people in the most minor ways like you as I like the cat likes to sleep on the on the bed and we go well. Why don't you once a week put a blanket down? Let the cat sleep one guy was like well, I think we have phones, because I wasn't touched by my parents at any point until I was like nine years old and we were like ok. Obviously I would love to stay here and talk all day or for another hour lesson we can do it. Another could do a solo podcast after we leave for another forty five minutes, but it will be fine, there's plenty of entertainment out there for these folks. So you want me to stay or whatever you want, but I gotta call
overnight. We can wrap it up. I think we should take whatever you want. You decide will wrap this up, wrap this up, not Tosha lush, ammo, ammo, Sha Sha. Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever had a more awkward ending to a podcast was perfect. I love the awkward, wasn't awkward, all she's angry opposition in the car. You guys should do like this. It would be a good point. You can tell a lot about a man how he does an impression of women. I mean accurate, it would make them. Dice always makes a like no he's like, I believe, and then other guys always make him seem like gay like to do well, my Tasha, I'm not making fun of all women, I'm just making fun of you know general. I impression of women goes like this.
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