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2017-07-06 | 🔗
Yvette d'Entremont, also known as SciBabe, is a public speaker, science blogger, and former analytical chemist. She has a background in forensics and toxicology.
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don't be fucking sleep in or do sleep but wake up and things he asked talking about nothing really just bullshit and just ready to however you another fat juicy podcast oh we i got bunch comedy dates coming up i am in vegas tomorrow night which is july seventh i'm at the cobb theater at the end i'm with golden pony tony hinchcliffe then weekend after that i'm in salt lake city that should have sold the fuck out and then after that the next dates are in august third fourth and fifth third time in sacramento august fourth i'm in seattle in the fifth i'm in san diego first show for all those nights pretty much sold out is like just a few tickets left and we added and chose to all those so that's august third sacramento august fourth seattle august fifth san diego
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being tired but one of the things i was telling jamie was i was having like a bit of hip issue very minor it wasn't hurting sort of like like occasionally with a kenwood would let me know it's there on my left hip since i started all this trail running that's gone i mean fucking on i mean i don't even notice it anymore and i have all this new muscle around my hips and around miass think my booties getting more booty licious because most of what i'm doing is running very steep hills i in between a bunch of different shoes i i'm trying to do what the mark sisson method of using those toe shoes but those are i'm running on some sharp rocks and it's some of it is precarious and i still think there's like real bad fit in wearing those shoes but i can't quite keep the same
case and i was getting a little bit of foot pain so i think what i'm going to do use those shoes occasionally i got some morels too which are they don't have that oh thing but they're very minimalist and an for walking around just one around on i feel like a little bit more pain in my feet and i think really what it is is just my feet are not strong enough i just think my feet are just not used to using all the muscles in my toes move around used to having that big fat soul of you know sneaker like a normal sneaker they have been running in these under armour trail shoes the last couple of days and that seems to be comfortable medium for me is there a little thicker than normal but it's got a little thicker than what i'm used to in terms of the the shoes but not as thick as like say like a fat running shoe that has the big deal running almost most of it is up hill
most of it is what i'm doing is i'm running on the balls of my feet i'm trying to run the way you're kind of your body is designed to run it's very controversial stuff but uh lot of benefit in it i'm enjoying the shit out of it i really am and it's really helped my endurance one of the things that i've noticed is when i do rounds on the bag when i do kickboxing i did some yesterday and i had done some i hadn't done the rounds in almost three weeks and man my endurance was real good i was really shocked and it's just my lungs i've been spending so much time running that my differences has increased and it's very difficult and i'm not good at it it's not this is not something i'm excelling at and most people listening to this if you run on a daily basis i probably couldn't keep up with you but for me absolutely noticing some improvement
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sorry that very very nice lady but here's the deal she wrote an article while back about she wrote this article about chiropractic madison being bulshit an it became a very very controversial subject online here i'll pull it up the product characters are bullshit bk a very controversial subject online and a very controversial subject on this podcast because uh i've been saying it once i started looking into the origins of chiropractic medicine i was like wait a minute what the fuck i can't believe that it was founded by a magnetic healer and then he he found the information
from a fuckin' seance where talked to a dead doctor what yeah anyway yvette don't d'entremont wrote this article that chiropractors are bullshit you shouldn't trust them with your spine or any of your other parts part of your body and when she did she received a lot of pushback but also a lot of people who recognized that yeah there's some fucking issues to this nonsense i had a good time talking to her and here's the podcast the joe rogan experience jamie went three dozen how are you what's going on good how are you doing good welcome thank you for having me thanks for coming on you you wrote an article and i to let me tell you about my my chiropractic journey i had applied gets a deal with
my friend steve rinella a few weeks back and he has brother that has a herniated disc real bad atrophy one of his arms got a push nerves and you know the whole thing bulging disc not good yeah and we got talking and i said look that guy's got something about it right away because the more time you spend with an atrophied arm the longer it takes to rehabilitate that it's a pretty common injury with martial artists yeah that's something get yourself to a physical therapist yeah right away and get an mri and then spinal decompression the whole deal and you can see whatever yeah science based absolutely so he goes what do you think about chiropractors and i go so i say i think chiropractors are both and then he goes really i go yeah i go i've just had bad experience as with it and then i've read some things about it being bullshit and then i got home after the podcast i smoked
and a lot of times my smoke getting along i feel bad about some of the things are set rarely do do you it's i i i smoke more than the average scientists you my boyfriend is director of our india to pot lab oh yeah science they're not science there there is some pot kicking around on a regular basis well we get it free from a bunch of people i i have to tell people have chosen no disrespect people that offered to me like please don't give me any pot i can't take your pot i have too much pot we have a similar problem so anyway i smoked pot and then i go com maybe i'm a dick maybe i was rude saint 'cause i know people that are chiropractors and i know they're nice people and i know they mean well and i'm like maybe i'm a dick i think that'll work i think they mean well some of them sure yeah i think they're wrong but they mean well so i go maybe i was being a dick so then i google chiropractic and then i started reading
and i spend hours and hours reading about the history of i'm going to say this in air big airquotes cairo are practic medison inigo holy fucking shit not only do i not feel bad now now i'm angry about it all and this is so all you people and i'm going to ton and messages from chiropractors that i'm sure nice folks and then i'm really upset because they like this podcast and then like you know it on my business and you have understand i'm sure a lot of you are mean well i'm sure a lot of you do well i'm sure a lot of you try really hard to help your patience and i'm sure a lot of you incorporate a lot of other stuff like massage laser and real science into your therapies but the original and the origin the original guy who created chiropractic medicine was a complete total bullshit artist
working wack just got right here this this character daniel day good palmer so he started out as a magnetic healer in davenport ia i mean the whole thing he's one hundred percent horse and i mean we this sort that we wrote we sent this through a i mean normally my articles i go through at least you know two editors give or take this one we put through i believe three editors a fact checker and our lawyer to make sure that we were bullet proof phonics we want to make sure that we you know that that we didn't say anything that we get sued basically in a lot the information from this came directly from his book from his own book so they weren't taking anything out of context one of the quotes on how chiropractic started came directly from the book and he after after cracking half deaf persons or deaf person did i was hanging on the rose willing jamie just had yeah up in that article pull it back up james he could see that he claimed that he cracked a deaf person's back and restored as he
feeling or his hearing now a couple of things could have happened here either one there is no actual medical consent given because this person was deaf so i'm not sure how how that came about to he didn't actually restore the hearing because there are no nerves in the spine connected to your hearing or you know this guy is just lying there is there a couple you know we're not sure what happened but he like there are still and you know chiropractic could have done a few things with this they could have just about what happened and said you know we still have a system by which we can really try to relieve pain through spine relation but no still articles out today from chiropractor her day the try to claim that yes indeed he did restore hearing because i'm was it like no could you just maybe back down on some of the not your claims because there there is some some minor evidence that you can relieve back pain lower back pain spinal manipulation and there are
going to be science based with this but the history of it is so ridiculous i tried to back down on nothing and that's not how science works science works with the newest evidence and it tries to figure out what's real and what's not and they try to double down on all the craziest stuff and i think there are kairos that are trying to the field maybe be and say you know spinal manipulation can help with back pain but that's not what this claim to claims that you can fix everything in the body these vertebral subluxations that have never been shown what is a subluxation right so there are a couple there's there are two terms being used here and chiropractic uses incorrectly and in medicine we use it correctly so a subluxation the actual medical term means that a joint pops out halfway so you have a dislocation was it which is a complete separation of a joint basically and a subluxation is a partial dislocation i know because they happen to my shoulder there there a fun party trick i'll spare you but
a subluxation in the chiropractic sense they use this medical term kind of incorrectly they say your spine can be some but out of joint basically an it causes all your health problems your pancreas is malfunctioning because your spine is out of alignment and that's never been proven to happen and they claim that they can put you into a state of health by massaging your back what's important about this this was created out of thin air by a guy who is a quack the origin is not based on years and years of medical research none of this all of this came from the eighteen hundreds from a guy who is completely full of yep and he will he was a magnetic killer no magnetic healing like you still see at the store these little knee braces that have magnets in it guys save your money just get a regular old knee brace if you feel any any relief from one
those magnetic braces it's just from the brace it's not the fucking magnets yeah exactly placebo effects are i mean the placebo effect is a real thing you can get some relief from that but don't pause which may also account for some of the pain every from chiropractic medicine absolutely i mean they're doing what's yes on exactly like they're they're doing some massage along with what they're doing some of them problem because massage actually help yep and there are there are studies that show people who go to a massage therapist massage practitioner ten to get more relief than people who go to to a chiropractor so please how a massage therapist go to a to a physical therapist those are those are science based practitioners chiropractic it started out of bull good and it stayed directly in bull shoals i think it's like there's no the reason that anybody would have from this guy from this one original guy who created it this guy was a magnetic healer came up with this
somehow or another it slipped through the cracks yeah that's what this is i mean what they're running around calling themselves doctors like any this guy said to me one of these guys who got angry at me i've i've gotten at least does two dozen maybe angry messages for rafters but one of from the guy said does a podiatry go to medical school what the you the go to podiatry school only that they take they have a medical residency they have to do for three years they did they they actually go to a hospital yes to work in a hospital yeah and the podiatry is like an actual science yes a study in the foot and some of them are i could be wrong on this someone go ahead please fact check me i believe some of them are pretty after surgeons like they have to know all the anatomy of the feet in order to treat actual foot conditions there like these are part of the medic system chiropractic works kind of separate leanne on theories that they have never been proven to work they can't even do image ng like half i believe something like half of chiropractic clinics don't even
have x rays so how can they show you one hundred percent for sure that what they're claiming is happy sing your back isn't happening and i read i mean these are statistics that i found straight from chiropractic websites from their organizations and i am have this referenced the article i just i'm blanking on which place had this one of the chiropractic boards that does large scale surveys within chiropractic about half there were a lot of places a lot of people i'm sure said to you but my chiropractor is good my character doesn't do the bullshit stuff and a lot of my friends said that too they said no they just cracked my back they don't try to sell me any bullshitt supplements about half of chiropractors do the bullshit stuff they do extra the extraneous wellness stuff so when if you have a if you're playing russian roulette ann you have a fifty percent chance of getting a bull oh are getting a bullet are you going to do that no like that i don't want a fifty percent chance of having a bulshit doctor who's like well
maybe your to really a german you know maybe it's a ball i don't want the bull doctor i want the guy who knows what he's talking about and this is you're getting with chiropractic you're getting a bull doctor and it even if he's not a doctor yeah exactly part of the problem they call themselves doctors have you didn't know yeah this year or until so far when i'm just checking in on this they don't go to medical school if they go to they go to co chiropractic schools now one of the biggest chiropractor schools in the country is palmer chiropractic college and its name for d palmer the guy who launched launch this bevy of bull on us and he made after that guard named after the guy claimed that he left car and it's one of one of my no this is crazy sober there's gonna be a fun story by fun i mean horrify one of the guys i went to undergrad with went to palmer chiropractic college now the acceptance rate at one hundred percent tuition thirty four thousand dollars a year to learn how to crack baby spines now the guy went to college well these are babies
the some people do some some do know it is a growing field in this one guy said this whole area he said you're saying they crack baby spines it's a gentle manipulation like why yeah exactly nothing why why the fuck are human leading database is no evidence whatsoever does that help speed and this is the babies are complaining about back pain yeah no here's here the two things i've heard one is is that it's so gentle it wouldn't even bruise a tomato skin that why are you doing it why no the other thing they say is bullshit yeah it's because they can they can charge parents the other thing they say is well from doing that you because and this is this this infuriates me so much they say from populating the spine because the spine has you know within those bones they have the little column and the nerves control everything in the body and so from simulate stimulating the nerves you can give the all the immunity it needs to not need their vaccinate
tions and that way when i can really yeah they claim the shareholders there who's who's quite yet it's a be real specific claiming that by manipulating a baby they don't need faxing it's the this is not this is i understand this is not all chiropractors but the american chiropractic association this is fairly well cited within the article the american chiropractic us association they're generally anti drug they want to use the least amount of inter inter medical interventions possible and chiropractors are not in most states in this country they are not cleared to either prescribe or give vaccination so if you can manage to get a family to come into you for pretty much all of medical needs that increases bottom line and it stops you know and and you can just say we can do everything for you of course the chiropractors and cleared for vaccination of course they don't they don't give vaccinations affected fashions and i mean one of there's one state in this country i believe it was wisconsin where they were trying to get chiropractors to be able to give pre sports physicals and in in some
cases the pre sports physical is the only time year one a student will see a doctor so this is this is infuriating so the like whatever doctor i mean this is like you can look at the ac website there is put a couple links to it in the article where they say you know they're they're not very vaccinium in their language on it is under the bill but i condition of met freedom of choice medical choice and it's like they don't say straight out vaccines don't work they're bad for you but they're kind of they're wishy washy on it and they're not they don't say vaccines work and you should get them but a couple of chiropractors will try say we don't need vaccines we can increase your immune system we can increase your immunity by you know by pressing us when there's zero evidence zero evidence and i'm like doing a favor tell me which spying which part of the spine you press on to give a child immunity to measles and polio give me tell me give me the tigers test that trials titers to show me that they're immune to polio now from you touching their god damn spine maybe i it's like how about this how
i will punch you in the bed i'm not going to punch a chiropractor how did i just now just give you a few little like a little books in the back and then you're going to be immune to smallpox just just let me know how that works but i can't i can't get behind a system that has no evidence and tells me it's gonna make children immune to deadly diseases is a real question how did it get this far like how how did this guy hi who's a magnetic healer who had no background in medicine come up with this system and then it spread all over the world it's such a good story isn't it people love a story that says that you can heal them without without taking dangerous drugs and at the time we forget about medicine drugs and even just helping you with anything it's it's i mean really it's partially because of when it came up because we only found out fifty years after this that that that for frontal lobotomy's were a bad fucking idea and that the little my was going to kill babies
so we were we were really fucking bad at medicine when this came up and we're i mean we're better at it now but we still don't have the answers to everything and that's kind of i don't want to be a failure of the close system but it's just a sign of where we are now so think about the number of people who have sent us anecdotes saying you know i was in miserable pain and my chiropractor was the only thing that worked and it's like maybe did you get a get to physical therapy for longer term pain but these people they're still going to their kairos it means they're still in pain and they should go to a physical therapist for you know a couple months of therapy that will eventually strengthen their backs and take for those issues and you know get a massage but they're going to there because medical has not said you know we don't have a tricorder that can scan you show the exact thing and say here's the exact medicine drug and thing that will fix you it's kind of i hate to use this term but it's out of the failures of the medical system that something like this has shown up
so we're not perfect at medicine yet and that's why alternative medicine swoops in with bullshit well is the matter of innovation it's like there's a certain level that the medical community is at right now it's pretty staggering what they're capable of yeah it's it's still growing and learning and we're going to constant state of progress but what's shocking to he is how far this medical or magnetic healers quack idea got yeah i just thought it was based on something i mean i really did i've been going to a chiropractor for years or different chiropractors for years and why almost like this guy used to go to on hollywood's current forty bucks literally he would take care of you for like ten minutes he would rub your back a little
certain massage a little bit and then goes and then he would pop it and then go all we got it we got it and i'll be like ok and i would think her head man maybe i'll start feeling better now i'm not a foam roller for twenty dollars that i can lend you will crack your back really well so well yeah just just stunning to me that insurance companies pay for it and then it's been around so long how did that happen or insurance companies found there was some lobbying and i don't think i put this into the article but there was a lot of lobbying from chiropractors in i believe the 70s that pushed the america medical association and the insurance companies as a whole to kind of accept them as being medically a part of the a man that's part of why more and more insurance companies now it will cover them in them and even though like most doctors won't like a lot of doctors won't refer you they'll kind of be like well you can look into cairo like there's there's still from a lot of doctors push back but there's a
little bit more coverage now is because of a lot of lobbying in the 70s now if chiropractors do have centre or treatment center or whatever it is and they have a bunch of different methods that they employ this is not saying that those other methods might not give you some relief correct the actual crack king of the next and the cracking of the back there's virtually no evidence that that heals anything or stops any your promotes your immune system functioning better or anything like that all these things that it's based on its precisely the big thing is that i mean there if they were claiming we can reduce your back pain if that was the only thing they claimed i probably wouldn't have written the article you know but what they're claiming is that they can fix all of your health by realigning these for t brel subluxations which have never been proven to exist so like what are you doing when when you're back pops what is actually happening it's like i i
thank you jim being released or something i think it's just moving around air bubbles like i mean tiny little bits of bubbles and yeah they are like there i i don't the realigning is the right word but you know they're they're doing they're they're moving around your back in a way that it it kind of national news because you can kind of move and twist in your back will pop but what they're doing some manipulation of things that kind of naturally happen to to a spine with with uh little bit i mean tiny bit of degeneration with age i think like i'm not exactly the right expert to explain this type of thing in osteo that would be a better person to explain this 'cause there's there are people who or a little better at spinal manipulation then a chiropractor which i an osteopath so in this country we have am
indios and they both can practice medicine deals turned out doctor boss yeah doctor of osteopathy i believe that's the correct term and my doctors actually out my primary care is an osteopath and he's given me a spinal manipulation once my back was killing me and we had no idea what it was turned out i had a broken ribs which was not a good time to do a spinal manipulation we've got a rib broken right on your spine but it was like he difference is an osteopath never claims that they're cracking your back yeah i was actually they're they're giving you they're giving your vaccines they're doing you know they're going well there's something wrong with your with your ovary we're gonna send you to a gynecologist like they're they're doing all all the things a doctor should do for your health and if your back and say do you want to try to manipulation they're not pushing that that's a part of their care and they try to do science based you know
manipulations for the potential help of of back relief but they don't you know they don't want to do that long term they do it minimally at least that's been my experience with it and it seems to be like it they're still seems to be i'd say at best weak evidence that it helps with with back pain but the problem is the usually do it with other things also has been shown to help with back pain yeah like it like i said and also just just anytime yes rest ice anti inflammatory looking at all these different factors and it well i went to a chiropractor and he helped me me did he yeah sure yeah i mean i i think that and i think it's funny the things a chiropractor's add into it because like one of the things they went into in this in this article because we we we really like diving on some of the things that we investigate and it's like i try i like i i i'll admit i'm biased when i go and i because i i go after a lot of kind of the some of the naturally things i'm not i'm not in
i naturally carry but i'm not a hundred percent against like homeopathic we can we can go into some of the real riley are like really is good for infection on there's some stuff that so generally good for your heart ginger i like when i have a stomachache i'll go for ginger before i go further remedies that were there there are some herbal remedies and i'm like actually keeping your in in your cabinet i'm i'm not against them but i'm against people taking things without evidence and i think that's something like try it try absolutely it to look for the hard evidence before you waste your money and i think that's the thing that people have fallen into 'cause they'll say oh it's natural it's better it's like is it is polio's natural and i don't think it's very good for you like but i know i know that's a straw man fully aware of it but i also think that people should should ask for evidence and you never mind ask for it to manned it before you give somebody your money and that's what people haven't done with
actors and that is the very good point and it's you know i i think people deserve evidence and that i and i think that's something that hasn't been out in the public sphere like there is a an article i was trying to write a while ago i forget the exact top but one of my editors you know sending it back to me she's like i read that she picked up her coming back was well i've been reading this a lot online a lot of people have been saying this i'm like a lot of people have been saying is not ever since that's the exact opposite of it like i'm like here i put in the peer review data on the other i did work with her again she was blonde people been saying yeah you can't do that then that's not that i mean this is why like the editors i'm working with now quite a bit this album with this whole clinic thing though is that they don't have to have any sort of background in keys kinesiology or in physical therapy or in any of these things and so they operate all these other modalities all these other methods of healing you but they don't have to have
background in education those things and they're calling themselves a doctor no there is there is one thing i've heard of and this isn't this is why i'd say don't go to a chiropractor because we don't know so you don't know what you're going to look into but i have heard a couple of cases of times this being the case where a chiropractor at first they go to school for physical therapy and then they find they can't their own clinic even if they've got like an mba and physical therapy background they're like how do i open my own clinic and they realize if they just go to school for chiropractic they can do the physical the work they want to and offer a spinal manipulation on the side now how long does it take to get a degree and chiropractic house like on three three dr three four years like it's i mean it's a lot of school but think about it you learn i a how to how to cracks by so i mean i think i think created by a guy who is a quack what the fuck are they possibly be teaching you for four years i mean i do they do learn some anatomy but it's like they also learn some bulshit along with it so i'm like i wonder i mean this isn't i get it this isn't all
our obviously but like i know it's hard to figure out which one you're going to walk into that's going to be a bullshit artist and not so like i did want it like this isn't this wasn't the point i was going to bring up an article that was going to have a specific point of view but like i know there are some out there that say i you know i want to give people physical therapy i want strengthen up their spine i want to get them out of here in less pain so that if they injure themselves again they know they can come back to me and trust me with their spine and also give them some relief while we're fixing them so this is a thing that happens but i don't think it's all the time it's my mean is clearly not all the time so you know you're going to have i'm really moral people in every field in you're going to have some really up once in every field like we one of the things we touched on in the article were it's very social media savvy people and this is something that drives me fucking crazy you have to hunt and peck through their website to find that they say that there are chiropractor they just say doctor everywhere doctor
giving their giving recipe ideas and they're giving and they're talking talking about the adrenal glands and the adrenal glands anywhere near close to the spine and this is a thing that they're talking about i'm like the adrenal glands are there really talking about manipulating the spine to help the adrenal gland you're talking about one of the things we talk about a lot is adrenal fatigue syndrome which has never been proven to be a thing it's not recognized as as a disorder anywhere within the medical care system now you can have a couple of different disorders of the adrenal gland you have cushing syndrome had like there are a couple things that can go wrong with your adrenal glands or little glands that sit on top of the kidneys but this is i i mean the specialty i believe out sick having a blonde moment on the words like there is on the subspecialty but the specialty for which you're going to study the eternal this isn't even a specialty that chiropractic has so
if you want to know about your if you're having issues that like it's like the things that chiropractors the harp on right now or a lot with immune g or a lot with it sorry just having a complete one moment on this but there specialties at chiropractor seem to harp on a lot lately and it seems to be the type of things that are very nebulous and very hard to fell down when someone is having an issue with it and these are things that chiropractors just don't have the training in so essentially someone is putting up a health website and they're claiming to be a doctor and they're offering all this advice on diet and all these different things but when you get to what is their degree in they don't it's not a real doctor it's a chiropractor and and their it basically they're the type of device they're giving is take all these herbs eat you know even alkaline diet which is a bull shed its there's one of my favorite things with the
line diet is there always like drink lemon water i'm like that's acidic which i might know for my chemistry degree yeah what is the miss alkaline diet 'cause i remember people were pushing down awhile back there was saying that you could cure cancer and shitton just by having a diet alkaline set of a said it was like one it which is i mean it like that and that's the promise of it but it's like the here's the thing your your body's ph is really tightly controlled like your blood is between i think seven point three five and seven point five five different organ systems have a fairly tightly controlled ph urine can vary a little bit depending on what you've consumed but there's you know there's a tightly controlled ph within your body if you suddenly go you know if suddenly have a ph of ten which is fairly alkaline your there your friends are your friends are going to miss you at your funeral hopefully so that's that's
by god on that but like so you have a high ph you're dead yeah i mean listen if you're suddenly because you know that's a that's an alkaline ph if you're suddenly really really alkaline we're we're going to miss you that's would cause someone to be that alcohol drink sing a bunch a lie i don't know like don't do you i mean you're there's something really wrong with your ability to filter things out of your body if you're suddenly like that it's just it's just not a thing that happens to a healthy human if you're all of a sudden really alkaline but this diet won't do it especially when the things that they are recommending are like lemons like and one of the things they say is oh well your body takes that acidic fruit and turn did alkaline i'm like go to wild more where they going coming up with this stuff like this is just nonsense someone just repeating on line and here like now things they say like the dia
they've designed is a fairly low calorie diet like it'll make you lose weight but it's not going to make you go alkaline and it's not going to fucking fight cancer like it's like if anything they were a duck in and calories a probably be good yeah some body fat yeah i mean we have less information and and it's like yeah it's there are there have been shown to be you know links between lower lower body fat and and lower incidences of cancer which is you know that's a good thing losing weight if you're if you're overweight you're having medical problems from it overall good thing but there's no shown link between between this pacific diet and a lower incidence of cancer or any other disorders but it's just like in fact it's just one of those things you remember when people were wearing those holograms attached to rubber band around their wrists and remember these stupid fucking things do you remember jamie you remember gwyneth paltrow's got trouble for son
all the stickers no it's but i might have i might have said some mean things about points in my life music been a couple of things about her lately in her fucking nutty website she takes she most of where like a rock inside your vagina is not one of those things i call them percy rocks she rocks are hilarious i guess it would be like strengthen you if you want to strengthen just do kegels around a dick that's my that's my method works out well for everyone who rocks a good way to go gwyneth paltrow wants to heal you with magic jesus christ she's she getting paid though i'll tell you that is a lot of dummies out there later sought nom ing all the way she is atm machine she is proof that bulshit sells way better than science i'm i do not have her salary oh wait a minute you could re balance the energycap frequency i didn't know that hold on a second she's discover something about stickers different the stickers and there
and with the right material you just stick them on your body in the right places and they in quotes re balance the energycap frequency in our bodies now made out of nasa space suit material also said it was a load of bs but hold on a second i don't think did nasa's right one of them there's been a bunch of movies that i could have just stopped up stop school recent ironman about science it says gwyneth paltrow goop website a lifestyle business lifestyle which sells all things going with advertise these stickers are using nasa space suit material which presumably was the source of their magic healing properties jesus fucking christ these special stickers not made this is what nasa says they're not made of space material not the space suit so has healing properties the first place it doesn't but the quote the foreign nasa scientist mark shoul shell shell shellhammer shomer shomer sums it up heels wow
load of bs this is or that yeah ok she's obviously group quickly updated it site now it doesn't claim anything about nasa space suits and stickers but didn't back in the magical healing claims here's what coop says now in an article called wearable stickers that promote healing in parentheses really you fuc human body operate at an ideal energetic frequency but everyday stresses and anxiety you give me stress which you can throw off our internal balance depleting our enerji reserves and weakening our immune system fuckin' imagine thinking that you could put sticker on you and it's going to heal you body vibe tickets oh my god they're body vibes coming pre pro reprogrammed affect their programming program i didn't know this to an idea frequency allowing them to target imbalances you mother fucker you fucking crook don't have enough
the pitch she's parents rights parent lee the residuals on the iron man movies just weren't enough for her god dam six box for a ten pound hold shed tensed here's for sixty dollars it's uh oh my god i i am in the wrong industries apparel and you start selling some fancy mother stickers no you don't know okay but the good this is a very this is a very contra actual subject right like anything it's not regulated by the fda look i i'm a part of in the interest of full disclosure a part of the company on it which is we cells supplements but the it's that we sell we weed control everything that we sell so we make sure that we do testing on it elements we sell this alpha brain to do two double blind placebo controlled studies at boston center it showed increase in verbal memory increase in a bunch of different things uh
what was the other one there was a reaction time but this is a whole there's actual scientific studies on nutro pics they've been around long time i knew about them just because like i've heard i haven't looked into them enough and i mean i know they're kind of their new issue no into the supplement market so like i kind of want to look into them and i i don't know enough to comment there is actually the building blocks for human neurotransmitters which body use is the nutrients your body uses to make human neurotransmitters nothing about it nothing crazy it's all backed by science but when we started putting him out there's a lot of people that were claiming bulshit you're selling snake oil so we had control all these studies and we had to you know pay for them at the boss center for memory and input we also had make sure that we put a full one hundred percent money back guarantee on this supplements where you don't have to return i'm just say they didn't work for you we'll we're trying to like make it as clean as possible this is stuff that i use i find benefit in it let's see you know like what people think of
how let's make sure that we have studies but when you sell things like stickers like there's no fun studies on stickers i'm going to paltrow said like when she was on kimmel a few weeks ago and he was like so how does work eventually just came and said i don't know how any of this ship works it's like because you're selling rocks for your policy she have somebody else it doesn't maybe in a just unscrupulous and now she's a part of it she's she's a ceo and she's apparently in all the meetings reading it's reading scripts and should look at this one this anti anxiety unicorn skin at the beach beauty sleep wait a minute one of each vibe wanna vibes at the beach chill if that's what the pre programmed ignore me chilled for self love one of 'em is chilled for unicorns if it's a real love i demand an orgasm within three minutes i don't think it works that way yeah i don't think so i feeling good about yourself it doesn't get like rock rocked out but but these things are like
it's really weird it's like i'm not a big fan of the government stepping in and you know deleting everything because i know there's a lot of supplements that actually do work and for them to be to get passed by the fda you have to go through these exhaustive testing because right hundreds of thousands of dollars it's a huge thing it takes a long time it's i mean here's a i think that like the reason a fan of at least some amount of government regulation on supplements is to stop unscripted very unscrupulous claims because especially with some of the supplement industry they claim these are that there are certain things on or eat sorry in a package and after you know some independent testing you'll find that this has some packages don't have what they claim in rare looking at some it was something like a third of a supplement packet just didn't have any the ingredients in there or they had less of it and then like that's not that's not good
consumer so i wish there was a way to regulate it a little bit better at least i just don't think it should be the government i think there should be like some sort of an independent company that works in a very scientific way where you can hire them to test your stuff and run these tests where you can show is got to be some way to show that there's no collusion that there's no bribery see that you know everything is above board but i don't know what the fuck that would be i don't know how i'm not sure how it would work with i mean it it's like the fda has issues i know that drug approval definitely has issues like there have been drugs have been passed that had issues but it's all fentanyl that's all you need to know they sell oxycontin and fentanyl and people are prescribing ship that takes forever
to get off and only massive addiction rates it's things like frontal have some some very limited purposes like i've been put on functional for pre surgery before just you sir know what they put you want to just put you out let's get this check hi i was i i remember about thirty seconds and i was told they threw up well it was under and i don't remember yeah i now i know that i can't have fences but it's that was they just put you want to put you out but that's like that's one of very few ethical applications of of vented all i mean it depends on like i did my masters thesis on prescription opiate abuse trends and toxicology so this is a speaker that i know pretty well but this is kind of one of the thing tooth pain killers is that there's there are ethical prescribing practice with their ethical ways to manage patient use of it and then there are really horribly unethical ways that it can be prescribed and managed overtime and this is
this is something that the fda hasn't managed well this is something that a lot of doctors haven't managed well an it's like we we started this when we were when they were like let's go on a marketing campaign for oxycontin and it just kept getting worse from there it was like there's there just to be a better way to manage what we're doing right now with it and it's not being done yet yeah obviously this is nothing to do with quantum paltrow who but i just think that there some sort of an independent company or some sort of i mean nadia must keep saying business but there's so many problem with doing that and there's also problems with having the government do it i just don't think they've been adequate so far and the fda stepping in and regulating all vitamins and and making i want to do that for a while they want to call them nutraceuticals they wanted to have prescriptions for demons and things along those lines but the problem with that is i don't want to go to the doctor to get multi vine
but i do want to make sure the multi vitamins that i get are pure saphir or no just say but that later when it when you're writing for you looking for b twelve i wanna make sure i'm getting b twelve is now the other question is how much of a vitamin do you need and it's i think people are you know buy vitamins indiscriminately because we really don't i like the average person doesn't need to take a multi vitamin and the day after eating you know a healthy diet cuz you get pretty much what you need on a daily if you're not somebody with an absorption issue if you're not somebody with any like any dietary issues your generally getting what you need out of your diet i think people do need if your diet is really healthy but most people do not have a really healthy diet most people are getting about what they need out of their diet like most people seriously america it's i mean if you have some of the poorest diets or people are just eating processed bolt well no it's even if you go to the doctor and get the average person i i'm guessing you eat fairly healthy it's but the average person that they
the doctor to see if their deficient on everything on anything they're not going to be deficient on vacation i've gone and got my blood work done several times i'm not deficiencies in niacin deficiencies and vitamin d in before but that was right when i was diagnosed with celiac disease so i was i was deficient at a few things but that is that's a an issue with wheat you have an issue absorbing that food yeah so i mean now well now that i've been hits it was i was at the skinny as point in my life and then i stopped eating wheat and i gained weight so 'cause you're really kind of you know they heal and you're able to absorb calories again friend who's got a son who they they've trying to figure out why he was so small you just it could eat and was never hungry and he was yeah everything is miserable and he's got a wheat allergies got a corn allied jesus yeah everything was just making a miserable at world okay that's i i mean i got quote unquote lucky i only got symptoms when i was in adults and
it was you know it's so you ain't we all throughout your childhood years no problem no problem and i mean i was even overweight as as a kid so it then when i was an adult suddenly horrible symptom showed up just how does that work it was do they have an idea of what else is there silicon show up or the symptoms of it can shoot like you always have the underlying physiology or and just all of a sudden symptoms can just show up i was like a lying dormant in the house and becomes out it is i mean i kind of i had a bunch of health issues because kind of show up in my twenties and i mean i'd started i'm like alright i got to start taking care of myself started going to the gym ran a few marathons lost a lot of weight and like even when i was suddenly healthy weight it was like i couldn't stop losing weight because my my intestines just absorbing anything and that's not a that's not a thing you see speak you're like i'm at a healthy why isn't this stopping and it was not good but eventually it was funny because the gluten trend had or the anti loot
friend had already shown up anna doctor suggested to me well have you tried going gluten free and i'm like oh that's a silly fad three months later diagnosed celiac disease i'm like if i hadn't been so skeptical of ever i don't think gluten free is a fad i don't think gluten is the best thing for your body i think it's okay every now and then well but i think that will essentially what you're getting when you're eating process grains is you're getting something you're bodies it's kinda aliens bond isn't exactly known do that well there's a scene beers thing step test keep showing there doesn't seem to be a problem with gluten if you don't have celiac disease and it's what does that mean by a problem is it like for optimizing your health it's is it something that you should have in your diet all the time or is it something that i mean it really does convert sugar it's right everything converts to sugar your body convert everything in some way shape or form into usable fuel on the usable fuel is you know eventually glucose or nadph there's everything and body gets can
sure when you lose you lose you but if you eat a piece of salmon or if you eat a bowl of pasta is a very different reaction how your body absorbs these two things it's a yes this is this is true 'cause all calories aren't aren't the same that they don't both get absorbed to sugar but avoiding gluten and switching over to say you know all rice isn't you know that's not going to change for the all that much in your body in terms of what's in terms of the biochemical mischief in less you have a gluten allergy like that there are not enough hours yet seen sensitivities but there's the there's also level so that to write like this some people were it's like mine only minor really irritating and there's some people that have extreme issues whether it's old here's at this point and this is why i always say at this point in our scientific knowledge to scientific knowledge can evolve and we can learn new things you know at one point the thing that started off the whole gluten trend was a kind of poorly poorly sign study where they had a small sample size of people and they decided just to test you glued
versus a a diet without gluten and they came to the conclusion that about twenty percent of people just based on it's very small study had a bad reaction to gluten now and well in these people came in saying they had stomach problems now these people it turns out they looked at it and said there's no but there's no afterwards assigned to sell sat back and said why we're only about one percent of people having celiac disease and then all of a sudden twenty percent of people are running around like glutens making their dick flies off a fly off this is something up here so they made a better design study and they took out common they did you know double blinded a better design said he say we're going to take out all these other causes of gastrointestinal distress and we're going to try to make this double blind and they figured out it was
flood maps it was there were these short chain illegal soccer ride second pull water into the gotten because some gastrointestinal distress and it was really closer between between like one about about five percent of people that were having any issues with now the problem is that what was causing that though the the gastrointestinal stress in the small and the one to five percent yeah so one percent is celiac disease for sure one percent yeah what really what is across the board with people one percent is really high that is fairly high now here's the thing that that higher percent of people that two to five here's the question other still trying to figure out why some people seem to have an issue with gluten no could be wrong this is just off the top of my head so what i remember from the study but i've had decided a few times so i think my knowledge is accurate feel free to check me out at home the with those extra percent they're trying to figure out why they might have an issue with gluten because they you know like wheat is
so you think of it as a carb heavy thing right and gluten is a protein so that other few percentage of people or try to figure out why the gluten is gluten is in a few other things it's in barley raw and rye so what they figured out is that this is the going theory right now gluten can cause a small reaction the were you produces protein called zonulin that can cause an increase in inflammation this scene to and this is what i there's only been one study that i've read on it it's it should be relatively new they're still looking into it so there's a chance that there might be in the two to five percent that can handle it because of that it could be component of the wheat barley rye that's causing it but gluten in and of itself it's not you know it's it's in less you are one of those people has a u r e an actual reaction to it perfectly fine i want to have you know have a sandwich so but if you want one but if you want one yeah you know i cut back my carb
pretty heavily over the last couple of years and i've had really good results with it i mean if you're someone who's trying to build muscle you know some things that i just think that just eventually it becomes too much sugar is too much sugar in your body if you're eating a lot number back we need to have that food pyramid in the bottom of the food pyramid was all yes i mean you know i mean that's kind of interesting 'cause that's like still like doctor seuss books that i read to my kids like wow they haven't figured this out yeah there's supposed to eat that much bread and pasta is not supposed to be the most thing it's an it's fun i think one of the funny parts of that is like is that back in the day when that was made i think slices of bread were much smaller i think i think that's part of it they just think people didn't know as much back then well i think that's i think there are a few things that are going on with that one is that we're really bad at counting calories and we we were chatting a little bit before i showed up is that there are
they now have a way of tracking how many calories people it take in a day through this drink that can forget exactly how it works but you can take a drink and it will count the number of calories you've had in about the last twenty four hours and they've now you can there's a restaurant i forget exactly how it works is all fine and i'll shoot you the article after this but this was the it was caught i need to find this article but it was they they could do this and they were tracking how registered dietitian's versus you know average joe would you know could 'cause they were you know countdown how many calories you have in a day a registered dietitian who you know really well trained on dietetic type stuff versus average person counting there raise the dietitian was off by about two hundred calories average person was off by about five hundred employees they were guessing about what they were i mean they were trying not too bad they were one hundred over several thousand which is what most people take in but thank you
if you're trying to lose weight and you're the average person in your off by five hundred calories and that's how and you're supposed to you know in the course of a week to lose one pound you're supposed to have a five hundred calorie caloric deficit there's your deficit it's not there anymore so people are really bad at tracking their calories and they're really bad at knowing what a portion size is so one of the best i've seen from like the personal trainers that i confer with is weighing out your food it's much harder to make a mistake that is a good way another way is there's a bunch of companies i don't have any affiliation with any of them but there's a bunch of companies that make prepare kids meals that are healthy and they will tell you exactly portion sizes are and exactly how many calories are in and what the nutrients are in an in that package and that's a good way to do it too so there's no guesswork yeah one of the other things like i don't think carbs as you know in of themselves or evil i think you have to burn what you take in you have to balance your carbs or fats or proteins and you'll be ok and it really depends on what
we're doing for exercise and a lot of people overestimate how much they move under under overestimate how much they move underestimate how much they eat like i'm friends with a lot of people in the fitness community a lot of weight lifters and depends on what they're doing if they're on a bulk they're all their calories will go up to three thousand if they're on a cut they're like i'm one for like i'm on poverty carbs right now so it's like fifty carbs over the course of you talking about bodybuilding oh yeah it's that's so one healthy it's me razi that we think of that as a healthy and its thing it's funny because like during the like the year when they're not training for competition it looks fine and then when they're like six weeks out from a competition it's like they're like i have a cup of water a day i'm like how are you this is not good for you well it's not good for them during the time when they're cutting and trading that's talking about like when you see a body builder on stage and they're
shredded and they have zero body god made it down to like probably like three or four percent of their time floodwaters someone healthy it's like very there literally on death's door but they look amazing at like the shredded you could see every last seen you in five over there muscle but that's someone who's like in a really bad place their kidneys are like that close to passing that should go in a it's not good it's definitely not your body when they're in that forman zone it's so weird that that's like what we really enjoyed looking at the rest of the year though they eat and i mean it's my my trainer is a is a body builder and it's like what he has me on for for weight loss isn't that crazy it's about sixteen hundred calories a day a fairly the okay balance of proteins carbs and fats and like at first you had me at a much higher amount of carbs i'm like not losing builder and he's got you want to do is he a dietitian nobody wait no but i have consulted with
dietitian too because i have these you know these are the people i consult with for my writing and they're like yeah that looks alright you're not you're not anything crazy and it's like because of my height wait that i started with at first you had me at one thousand eight hundred and like i'm not quite losing here he's let's go down another couple one hundred so it's you know and the way they started out with is always you know your weight times ten and then they bust up the carbs proteins fats from there and you know if you need to just go from you go from there and it's like i started with lifting because i you know i've screwed up my joints so badly from the amount of running i've done that i'm like alright i will try weightlifting it's been kind of fun i've enjoyed i've enjoyed learning how to that's interesting so you screw your joints up from running but not from lifting weights lifting it's been a little easier on my joints actually injured joints moving yet so i mean i have i have a kind of a bit of a joint condition so their condition it's made the pop her way out of the socket and was out from the it's a it's called hi
you're hearing all of my medical stuff i apologize it's called our stand listen room do you do you want to see it now you can do it yeah i can pop my shoulder halfway okay let's see so not most people when they stretch they stop like here right one keep going whoa yeah like this ones had three seems like your shoulders flexible yeah but i mean if you had a bunch of dislocations you can see it's popping a little bit right there but yeah it's like my hip pops part way out depending on the i can't i'm saying that you can drink them to keep it from her yeah like the more weight lifting i do the less popping it does it's been i mean this is way less bad than it was a few months ago before like you could visibly see the pop but you can still feel it but it's theirs the problem with being hyper mobile like that is your you leave yourself open to a lot of different injuries from you know from like basic movements can make something snap and it's
i think this goes back to what we were talking about when it comes to people that have back issues and that one of the things that has been like super beneficial for me is exercising my back yoga and doing a bunch of different things stretching and making sure that my core my spine are very strong and that's something that kind of gets ignored by a lot of people that have back issues as like one of the reasons why you probably have a issue whether it's a herniated disc or a bulging disk is that your back is not strong enough to sustained whatever load you're putting on it whatever exercise you're doing whatever movement you're doing that's causing it to pop out of place the issue as most likely that you are not strong enough an a lot of that comes from a sedentary lifestyle 'cause we're sitting at a anytime comes from poor posture there's a variety of different factors that are not addressed by chiropractors or by other people and if they are addressed by a chiropractor well that's one good thing
for telling you i mean it still doesn't take away from where this whole thing started from yeah i mean it's not it's not always the case that injuries come from that like sometimes it's just you did like your disk was kinda jenner that was written into that is rented into your life like you're it's my boyfriend didn't nothing to to screw up his back in just a distorted started to generating and he was he was a rock climber and there was no known injury just it happened and like i'm is it i mean how do you know that though when you're talking about someone having an issue in their desk is it from continual use is it because they're not stretching is it because they didn't have enough strength in the back i mean those are all really valid questions and it's like there's you never know what like you never know what's going to be the cause of it beforehand that's why preventative madison is hard but that's why i always say get to the gym and lift some weights it will at least if there you're someone who is prone to having a back end issue because there are some people who are prone to it
you know as a means of double by would they be prone to its well in my case i have scoliosis is a part of the as a part of our stand so i don't think that's right that's why i say prone to because you don't a lot of times prone to disks degenerate none it's slight somebody prone to the odd because generative diss he's i don't know i don't know if that's actually i do i do i'm not sure that's a very us disputed that yeah i'm not sure i really don't know off the top of my head so i don't know if that's if that's something that that you're but if that's written to your dna or if that's something that you injure and it just gets worse so that's a lot of it i think that's what i've been talking to people that work on people that have bulging disks and doctors that are i mean there's some new therapies are doing for that now one of the things they're doing is they're injecting stem cells directly into the house yes yeah it's very new and they're doing it on some fighters hall yeah that's that's what to see how that pans out now well they've got some really promising results apparently also have started it within the last six to eight months yeah i mean like the biggest
so i have is that i have a i mean it's it's not about enough case of scoliosis where i need surgery or a back brace it's just enough to be inconvenient so it's like and my big thing i'm doing is it alright if i can lift and keep my back strong it will stop me from having surgery eventually and back surgery is just almost never a good thing to hear 'cause they're always like when you fix something surgically they're just almost always complications especially with your back so i'm like if i can keep rods out of my well you know i've had some surgeries that were very effective i have need reconstructions to both my knees been reconstructed and it turned out great but i have had friends that have had some back issues especially fusions that have been a big big nightmare yeah that's that's what i'd probably end up with 'cause like middle of my back it just kind of goes near and i'm like this is not something i like yoga i've been told yet really i love yoga and i've been to
it's not good for people with our stand the some like i don't been told that by my my rheumatologist and it's like that's like that but i i there are still some yoga moves i do just be at the end of my work out because they feel they feel great to stretch out my back they feel like they strengthen my core quite a bit why do they say it's bad for you because of how like because of how high mobile lamb am like it's i'll do downward dog and it doesn't even feel like it stretches me because i'm hyper because i'm so flexi to start with and then making sense but you still strengthening all those muscles that support your spine why would that be bad i got nothing they can dead lift and you can't do yoga that sounds ridiculous it doesn't make any sense
at all welcome to a really weird disorder it's is that what it is or is a doctor's a don't really exactly know what the they're talking about it because there's a lot of doctors you get injured there like we got to stop doing anything it's an inside thing worse like alice alice is a weird disorder like you're basically collagen is not able to heal itself or stay kind of in shape as it used to or else okay the deadlift it's deadlift is been fine like ida i got it it is partially into your it's partially that you're not flom stretch getting your strength or your i don't know how else to phrase it you're not you're not in your body into a weird positions your your tensing everything there's a lot of yoga that's not stretching and strengthening when you're you know you're standing well i mean there's a bunch of stretches but it's obviously there's a bunch of things that do stretcher body but there's a bunch of things that are just strengthening exercises using you haven't
you have a really good point and i don't this is just what i've been told from a doctor who in honestly i don't know how well he knows other stand this because it's a rare disorder yeah so doctors like to say don't do that yeah that's a big thing it's like when you've especially what thing injured don't do that and it's weird because the things they've told me to do seem so much more intense than yoga like what it's i mean i've been told go ahead and buy a go ahead and and and deadlift go ahead and and for sake they told me i can rock climb which is a think like that's one of my other size but yoga they've said is off limits there's no yoga i mean this is the problem like when people say don't do yoga always think they think of somebody's like bending over and touching the back of their head out of their feet and i think the reason is because they know how flexible i started out so they think i'm going to pull something out more because of how how much i'll push the
shin that's already there and i think that's the the concern to the prom was someone saying don't do yoga is like when you login compasses a tremendous amount of different moves yeah and it's very it's i find it really strengthening like and i was surprised because like i used to i used to be kind that runner checker was like i don't have time for yoga it's boring and then i started trying it i of all people my boyfriend tried drive me to a yoga class with him and i i left and i'm like i am destroyed that was the hardest thing i've ever talk very hard like all my got my arms were dead afterwards yeah it's very hard to know what made you decide to write this chiropractic article on what's been the feedback it's oh god so many like we but my my editor and this is the editor i worked with at at gawker at because now i know she's you know at at the outline i love writing there and we talked about two one cairo's for ages and we got to the outline it was like what are we what we have on the table for next month she's like one to your tires i'm like fuck
i do what it what was your hands on it before you wrote the article before i wrote the article i knew that the guy who would i i knew that a lot of cairo's did a lot of crazy things i knew they adjusted infants that they had claimed i knew about the arterial subluxation theory and that that was bullshit and i know that a lot of them on social media were crazy like one of the people who reported on was billy demoss and he the key things chem trails are real he's he's a he's a whole cluster of flux and he and so oh my god like it's some of the some of the like if you if he's a camp if you're bored go if you're bored go for like go for ten minutes and read up on billy tama he's fun it's just he's an funny 'cause i was up i'll get into that in a minute but like we learn a lot doing this 'cause i didn't realize that dd palmer the guy who invented it he got most of his information
from doing seances with a dead doctor that blue my mind i'm like i had like i i know it's late and i'm a little high right now but i had to have hallucinated that like you know read it this morning i'm like nope that's for real like it was a nobody in chiropractic questions this when they go to actually we were telling me this before the show and i stopped you said let's talk about this during the show when you said you've talked to chiropractors that were in the middle of chiropractic school and they read about this stuff and they were like what in the fuc it's sort of like that jersey going clear that scientology documentary was it good one yeah but like with haggis gets to a certain stage of the scientology with a given the written notes by l ron hubbard and he's like what in the fuck is this year three hundred thousand dollars in and you can't leave so i got two emails from chiropractors and it's like i couldn't you know put their names out publicly but
at two emails from chiropractors and i checked in and i'm like these are indeed chiropractors i went to their websites they were absolutely on the level and they said that they went to chiropractic school and part way through they realized it was all she one of them even said they wouldn't refer people to a chiropractor like is nutty and one of the guys he sent me to a forum for like in which chiropractors bich about the field of check later they said it's there like it and they were like which part of this is bull do you guys believe in the vertebral subluxation fear in there like no subluxations don't exist like you know if you want to do this i think we just cry you know to people in who have injuries try to do some physical therapy get them stronger and get them out in a few sessions as you can so they're essentially unlicensed physical therapy yeah and like it's funny 'cause it occasionally pass by a chiropractic clinic where i see them saying back injuries work injuries you know sports physical therapy
and i'm like okay if i ever wanted to go to a chiropractor 'cause i've lost my mind and couldn't find a physical therapist that's the type i would go to but you know you ever see them advertising magic crystals in aura healing bucking run run like this is there are a few of them there and i looked at one of the guys websites who emailed me and there was an fa q it's like do you have to keep coming back no we try to get you out in just a few sessions as possible i'm like oh i have hope but like theirs there's a woman who don't like the basis of it is bullshit so it's like if you're trying to get me out as few sessions as possible still there was uh there's a woman her name is britt marie her maze she was she this could be a natural path and she graduated became a natural path and she realized after a short period of time that it was all bullshit like naturopathic doctor and she's like we can't actually treat people we have to send people to real doctors the advice were giving is all based on misdirection
complete and i i i am so in awe of the fact that she went through the she like and these people or what one of the things they said was you know i was in all this debt i figured just you know i'm like paul haggis you know i'm already here may as well keep going brit said you know it doesn't matter i realized i was in a profession based on bullshit i had to leave and you did have some peace well that you talk to that were chiropractors that were in the middle of and they realized it was bullshit and they had to stay in because they because like what the fuck do i do i have to get my money back from my student loans and i'm like you know what you could have gone like you weren't you can get like i mean i say this as someone who got one too a lot of debt for my real degree go get another degree if you're smart enough to have gotten at least your undergrad before you went to palmer chiropractic to have to have an undergrad before palmer chiropractic i believe so given that it's a doctorate program now one of the guys that i went to undergrad with no he was he was smart he had a biology
and he was there on scholarship he's one of the smarter kids in the buyer program like there was there is pee could have gotten a real doctor it if he wanted he went to palmer you know same school as some of the cairo in this article and it was funny like one of my after that i worked with on this piece asked me so the doctors that you're concentrating on this piece are they the into the norm is this how regular chiropractors work i'm like let me go look at my friend from college is little chiropractic page and i looked he adjusts infants he claims that he could stop bed wetting from adjusting a seven year old i'm like oh my god i'm like this is and like i i'm sitting here going my god like the this guy that i went to school with who seemed he was smarty was was like this is i was i was kind of
like i wasn't it was hard to be mad i was just disappointed in this person that i just stuck in this system i mean is that what it is is like a bunch of people that are also doing the same thing and they just kind of get caught up in the momentum of this idea i think they hear it from a bunch of people who they think are experts like their teachers and they're going no this is accepted so we're going to take it it's like you know if you like if i saw people in science because i not a lot of things that you know we might disagree on but you know i promote a lot of ideas and science that i've seen the evidence for and i've seen a lot of it but when we disagree cena some dietary things i would guess like you on because you know we can we can pass house at like a water or well i don't know what are your thoughts on gmos i think jim kinetically modified foods is apparently almost everything that you buy the supermarket ok we we agree on that then probably an application badoo you buy every orange if you look at a piece of corn oh it's org that is is genetically modified modified for a hundred years we're going to make me cry
yes i've i've talked yet kevin full time yeah i was i was so happy had a mom because he's never in california brought a huge we went up we honor for dinner that night takes a lot of because monsanto is funded some of the studies that they've done but the studies are real in the studies of it means that you can see the results are there not manipulated kevin it's it well actually know these undid his communication program so that he can come out and do things like this and they never funded any his research like right i i misspoke and it was fun it's about you know what here's a and this is what we're he got a lot of was was that he's ed i have nothing to do with monsanto and like i i think if you just said you know what they fund my communication program but they don't have anything to do with my research nobody would have i think people still would've been mad but i think people would have been far less not mad and i feel so bad that he went through everything with that because there was anything
monsanto it's tricky mean i just took a toward their and i got i got hate mail they i mean we were so careful because i was out there for other business and they're like oh you're gonna be out mine in missouri come have a tour like they didn't pay as a to the star it's s i and i i had so much fun like it was there is they have a lot of really cool tech there and if if you're ever in the area they gladly i show you around so there there were they were nice to me it's funny one of the one of the rumors that i heard about that was they only have organic food in the cafeteria and like i'm taking i'm taking my camera around and taking pictures of everything the word organic is such a weird two is like what's organic and what's not now it's like it's it's very weird definition organic this is pesticides and that's something i think people see yeah absolutely i mean i that was the whole point of organic it so that you don't use pesticides right now i'm sure there are some organic farmers that don't use and let's always bullets google this what defines organic food
let's find out what is the accepted definition of organic food you want to hear it for me and then from google to see if i'm sure right so organic food works by certain farming stand or agricultural standards and they can use pesticides in most cases these pesticides are derived from natural sources not always but most of the time and some of these pesticides include pesticides like wrote known and the pyrethrum zan and also if you're familiar with bt corn though bt toxin is also used in organic farming for because it's a naturally occurring toxin it can be use and sprayed topically on organic produce so a out of these things that we think of as just conventional farming practices definitely used in organic farming make it any better or worse it just a lot of cases it's a little more expensive partially because of the certification process and partially because it uses older farming techniques that need you know
more land that type of stuff it also uses till farming practices that digs up the ground a bit more i'm a little more co2 so in general i tend to up here we go here we go simply stayed organic produce or other ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides synthetic fertilizer excuse hold on sewage sludge genetically modified organisms or ionizing radiation animals that produce meat poultry eggs and dairy products do not take antibiotics or growth hormones dus hold on i'm sorry s national organic program defines organic as follows organic food is produced by farmers who emphasized use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future generations organic meat poultry and eggs and products made from animals that are given no antibiotics or growth hormones organic food is produced without using most conventional pesticides there we go for it
there is made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge bio engineering or ionizing radiation before a product can be labeled organic in quotes government approved certifier inspects the farm where food is grown to make sure the farmers following all the rules necessary to meet usda organic standards now the one thing on there little disagree with with their first paragraph as they say without the use pesticides in the second paragraph it says organic food is reduced without using most conventional pesticides you see that slide little sleight of hand because one of them is there's and the other one is usda exact little slide a hand there it said i mean if you
if i may ask would you would you like to google will hold on a second let's google what pesticides can be used and still make it or dance exactly what i was gonna requests it's organic pesticides approved for use in the u s here we go now with what are the fears of pesticides right people worry about toxins getting into their food getting in their body and cancer or i mean i understand if you're partially because i i went through it quite a bit like when i got sick a few years ago like my first symptom wasn't celiac disease it wasn't my joints popping out i got the worst headache of my life one day never went away like that will make you scared to death of everything around you like i went organic i went vegan i went i cut everything out of my diet 'cause i was scared that you know like you get you feel like you're getting stabbed in the eye constantly you're going to cut
out of your diet this happened all at once you monday were said and i was working and at the time i wasn't working in the pesticide lab yet i was working at a drug analysis lab worry that that was what was going on i was out of your absorbs i was well it was i was the thing that i because i was at the time i was i was up there much more solid than there is here today i was there was much more of me than there is here today i was i'm five nine and i at the time weighed almost two hundred and fifty pounds i i need to lose a little of me but it was like alright i'm eating shitty food i should probably try eating healthier but i mean never mind just more salads i'm like i went organic i went i just cut everything out of my diet so there was a bunch of issues that wasn't it wasn't i terry as well as and i mean yeah like i cut a lot of things out started working out everything but you know what i still need medication because it turned out there was just a it was just i had and we figured out the headache was linked into the syndrome and some to clarify
some people when they have won auto immune they contend a cluster so there's that's i i i was lucky color one million but that was that was the thing with that but i tried you know i looked into this and i fell for all of it click so all of the the pesticides are killing you is the toxins so i mean i understand the fear of the people who were like i need to cut toxins out of my diet to do is there any foundation in truth i mean nothing but it has to sides are not bad for you on the pesticide here's the thing there is a little bit of truth that so sly is what i will give this because you know i used to work with bulk quantities of pesticides out my last lab and that was kind of what sealed the deal for me that these when they're in your food are not going to hurt you because the amount of testing we had to go through any amount of regulation i think regulation in this case is a good thing it it will stop a bad pesticide for making it to market and i want that regulation there because i eat the food
i i don't want anyone's child to ever get hurt from something that that he or another like i don't work there anymore but you know if that that i had any working getting on the market i i don't ever want that to be the case but once upon a time the pesticides we had in the market were much less targeted to hurting the weeds and could hurt people to like a person our cycles sulfuric acid those were early pesticides paris green totally toxic especially to the far and to the even to the farm equipment the stuff we have now far less toxic and i mean people usually far less though it is it toxic it's it i mean i'm going to qualify this answer and i mean i'm not i'm not qualifying it to back off from it but everything is toxic in some doses water drink too much water kill you but i mean so round up is one of the really really scared of this one that a lot of people know about there is a great graph on
on the showing how less toxic it is than the than the pesticides that replaced because we weren't we didn't go from using no pesticide to using roundup and i know someone's going to correct me saying it's an herbicide but on herbicide is pesticides the blanket term for all things that kill stuff in farming so before before round up i believe the one we used was cyana scene i could be wrong on this but the one we used before round up was in terms of the ld fifty lethal dose for about fifty percent of the population it was ten times higher than roundup and now we barely sell any of it so
it is the issue just lethal dose or is the issue is having some sort of toxicity that affects your body caused cancer right it's i and i understand that's a question that that people are you know keep coming back to you in part of the reason people are suspicious of it is because of its use with the gmo and did these things go through hundreds of tests and years of testing and because of the suspicion with round up it's gone through continual testing like they tested to see if it if it accumulates in breast milk it does not they touch is tested to see if it causes cancer doesn't seem to and they've tried they've used it at higher doses with mice and rats they've they tested in humans in on the market for thirty year old is tested in humans i do to receive and give us but i mean like it's been in the population it's been use now for i believe twenty five years and there doesn't seem to be the only the only apparent increase in cancers because were
living longer now and when you have any population that lives longer you have increased incidence of cancer like we're not dying from polio anymore so we're dying from something like unfortunately we're not going to live forever so yeah so there's this but this toxicity issue when it comes to round up when it comes to any sort of pesticide when you're talking about herbs herbicides or what kills the plants right kills weeds pesticide kills bugs or pesticides are it's the blanket term insecticide kills button so pasta size the whole blanket term yeah ok so what is the most controversial that roundup roundup is traversal and i think the reason that it became controversial is because people heard all right you have to genetic modify the plant so that the round up doesn't kill the plan right and it's this whole thing just to make money for monsanto and how dare you make money and that i think that was why people got mad was
of the genetic modification lincoln with roundup and you know it's a new technology you know it's it's one of a it's a newer technology and it kind of made people a little aware of farming for the first time and not like i go to farming conferences a lot of times to talk about how to communicate agriculture and i'll sit down and ask farmers you know what do you plant why are you planting what do you think of gmos you use roundup and do you buy from people other than do you buy from monsanto and you buy from people other than monsanto and that handful of questions will tell me i mean if i i wish i had more videos of this but like there's there's a video at some point on my site with two farmers who by monsanto and buy from other companies and one the reason i ask that is because there's a rumor on the internet that if you buy from monsanto you can only buy from monsanto just not true that you know
every genetically modified crop is is is you know just is made to be roundup ready again not true that you know that people are you know they are being that that people are dying i have cancer from just being around round up and recently they found that one of the reports that through the irc the the place that declares things service you know on their you know group one to to to a to be cancer classifications one of the reports was falsified that declared round up cancers now we also have to falsify but who by the person who is at i'm but i have to hunt down this report but the person was trying to say roundups cancer already do that because of a little bit of sense fishing around it because it's been people of kicked around that it's causing cancer or you know that your spleen to turn radio active for you know for ever and it's so is
say chemtrails type thing l riddles incomes one of the things that people talk about in terms of conspiracy theory and it just and it gets put into the public sphere so much some people start to believe it and sing if i saw of from evidence that roundup had caused issues i would say right away just get rid of it take it off the market an ikea on not seeing firm evidence of it like one of there there was a study there's a group mom's across our moms across america and it's i always get my scientific information for mom groups on the internet but this group decided to do a breast milk study to see if roundup accumulated in breast milk and the way the study was done was i just had women in just only send in containers of breast milk too to to them and they declared like the amount of roundup to be ridiculously high in the breast milk and i'm like they just tell women to spray like pump bottles like of of round up into these containers and then test it but it turned out
and this is just from knowing how analytical techniques work like i used to design the techniques by which we extracted you know target pesticides the matrix and you know analyze some on our on our big overpriced machinery but the of a woman who is a breast milk researcher out of the university of washington was like this doesn't seem right so she designed an experiment to test if roundup was accumulating in breast milk and had it verified by an out by an independent lab and they tested women specifically who worked in agriculture and she had their brush milk tested specifically on days where they were spring round up and there was nothing found yeah but that someone who's not necessarily eating the food that someone is working with the food well working with round up right it's and you would expect that if it was being sprayed well think about it this way around this issue though not interrupt you vote with the issue is people eating it it's but think about it this way if it's in the food supply
wouldn't they be eating it as well i don't know i don't know what their diet is like if you're getting it from peoples breast milk and those people say there's round up in my breast milk and i've been eating genetically modified crops it's well the other question is if are the people that are following of moms across america and their whole thing is that round up is the devil so you think other falsifying evidence i think that it was not a well controlled experiment and it will be interesting to see to see how the experiment would come out if the person who runs moms across america zen honeycutt would would how it would look if send we're looking on every step of the process with shelly mcguire doctor shelly mcguire to see that you know these people ate food that should have been sprayed with roundup and worked in the field and then at the end to see if their breast milk came out with nothing in so i think don't you don't you think that there'd be more likely
be some sort of conspiratorial collusion with people that actually work in far is that use roundup within someone who's just checking their breast milk it's like wouldn't you think if someone's trying to prove that roundup isn't showing up in breast milk and you've got a bunch of that they are living relies on using roundup well the farm workers themselves they'd want to be safe right many and i say that as someone who's worked at a pesticide company and when i worked there i mean i was i was just an analytical chemist i'm not someone who had any investment in keeping that company safe from being yelled at i wanted to be safe from the stuff i was working but i found it weird that you feel like there's some sort of conspiracy with these mom's that are checking their breast milk but you don't think there might possibly be some shenanigans involved in the people actually need round up to make a living no i understand what you're saying for sure but part of the reason why i think that dr mcguire would have conducted a better he was number one in independently verified
who knows how to do collection evidence not evidence specimen collection accurately and number three monitored and independently verified from an outside lab so it's like we don't the hat and one of when moms across america i was asked to so their data and how they collected the samples they didn't give they weren't willing to share their all of their data on how specimen collection was no one knows their excuse for not sharing the i a i don't recall the top of my head but they weren't like it's it's seems suspicious to me that they weren't willing to close that as very so i mean when you're when you do an experiment everything and i mean i used to work under glp standards which basically you throw out a glove you have to write it down and that that's part of the standards and how you get you know a chemical into into houston in agriculture is you really have to be careful and and fourth
coming on how you do your work which was the amount of pesticides they found in breastmilk uniform it's i've believe they didn't find i don't think they were only sting for round up and they found there to be they they didn't find there to be even trace amounts which i was kind of surprised that i would have expected something i mean moms across america stuff they found a lot yeah that was a uniforms out everybody have like a similar amount now they found it in the amounts varied and they were they were so high it was like it was like somebody drip some in there it was suspicious and that's why i was like i don't like that was way i didn't buy it the other thing is they used a technique and analytical technique that was used for butter and that's why i'm like this is not like not all techniques used for all work for all chemical matrices so that's another reason why you know a different lab was probably better equipped to handle it one specifically that analyzes breast milk so it's i think like the other thing is you know that the other lab
i'm kind of had a bias going in because their whole thing is how roundup is bad so we're lab like i just want to know if you know moms are being harmed if there's breast if there's something in the room in the breast milk that seems like a lab that you know when in just wanting to know the other lab went in saying i hate roundup so if you know what i would have if if had been owned in in the test the doctor requires a lot of it done i would have happily accepted those results because it you know it it almost wouldn't it would have surprised me not in the least if it had been found but i was kind of i was kind of glad that there was nothing there because it means that you know babies aren't getting a concentrated dose of this
because you know you don't want you no extraneous chemicals going into the food so they only testing people that worked in these farms is that was that the idea with my second test i think they did i don't remember off the top of my head but i know one of the people one of the groups they did test for women on testing days but they go this way they're not just bring it there also you know possibly eating food that's been that's had it on there yeah but that's possibly be more interested in seeing it one hundred percent sure that these people are eating food that i'm a separate with round up and that doesn't make sense to me that they didn't do that it's i mean yeah i i'd have to i want to have a look at the study again myself just to be just to be sure of what the what the options were found to reasonable tests it's however i have a look we can have a quick a quick peek after for a doctor she aguirre breastmilk roundup study yeah the whole thing seems a little weird to maine it's it's weird that one group test high one group test not at all it's it is i'm going say it is
easy to screw up a study using if you're not sure the parameters you're supposed to use in an analytical in a chemical analysis thing because you can have hearing species that come up with the same peaks at the same time so i'm the other thing is like i said the biggest thing is we don't know the collection parameters for the one that mom across america did certainly won't tell us yeah i mean it the other thing is doctor mcguire was doing it through a university and she could've been should've been in a lot of trouble if she divide or data or done or done a test that was purposefully misleading right so that what are the to pesticides did you google the best
besides that are acceptable there's from the bottom up it does does a long list somewhere but the i had it each it's on the u s a r u s t a good dot gov website it's just it's like a the standards of what they used to put stuff on and off of it okay and there are organic standards that allow some substances but brother mostly trying to get out synthetic substance this however there are also some synthetic substances that are allowed to interesting and this is to label something organic right and then there's a board of votes on it from time to time if somebody wants to bring something up and disagree that it should be on that list is a weird though i mean most people think you say organic most people think there's no pesticides most people think you're just growing plants yep and that's it i mean they they sell that so well don't they mean it for instance firm owns pheromones pheromones affero moans not firm owns
pheromones have long been used as effective non toxic ways to confuse insects mmhm that might otherwise infest organic crops especially fruit so they put some and smells just free bugs out likewise vaccines for animals are important disease prevention tools against many infectious diseases blah blah blah specially since antibiotic therapy is prohibited in livestock i'm picturing an anti vax are staying away from organic produce because they vaccinated against bees always grow your own food folks you know and not put anything on it but i think large scale domestic agriculture if you're talking about these gigantic fields nothing could be less natural it's not normal to have a thousand acres of corn it just exist in the wild and when you do that you're going to run into a lot of problems i always go back to the
i mean there's nothing we're doing is natural and away from where we're sitting in a in an air conditioned studio in california that we we probably be would be dead with a lot of the things that we we don't have that's that's you know how about food no food around here we grown food you know was known own food anywhere near us there's there's nothing that we enjoy that's that's natural anymore i screamed unnatural and it's kind to handle she's gonna get a freezer how to get a freezer it's i like you want natural bear attacks asteroids well i think there's little sticker things that come out of trees those are all natural so you going to stickers like groups groups jesus made those himself with something on the company that made the stickers number us going to bring this up a second ago i went to their website and it's a they have this thing called a digestive solution an energy card jeez i'll love for your enterprise one o outro digest
active solution enerji card what in the fuck is this now with this you can now in all caps bold letters boost your body energi signature alltel bold by simply placing this digestive solution tm energi under your food plate holy phuc and the beverage of poison receive energy from the card instantly you mother fuckers each card has a magnetic strip embedded in the back that holds digitally enhanced information that once your food or beverage comes in contact with it the energi is delivered immediately to the food and beverage thereby boosting the energi to your food to maximize the nutrition you consume you fuckin' criminals should be in jail you guys are monsters couldn't spell churches look at this shit the card
digestive solution ng card is an energetically enhanced product what that's what it is we've got hold on a second look at this look at that sentence that digestive energi that's just have solution enerji card is an energetically cast products english our engineers have achieved the correct ratio response of open c signatures through a technology that matches the same enerji received from the nutrients you get from the food you eat and drink you know guys wearing toe shoes when he wrote this right we consume food it converts into chemical energy which provides a nutritional needs for energean growth this connection is fine by the laws of thermodynamics requires all humans to burn food for enerji you guys are fucking cunts what is the name of this company this is the bio centrix khan sir warm lovely places these people are assholes china thing
suggested retail price seventy nine dollars oh my god the card is guaranteed for two years it looks like a credit card frame but just listen it is a credit card i mean it's one hundred percent sure damn how the fuck does someone get away with this this is horrible i have no but you just imagine the idea that you could put a card under your food it makes your food better like i'm trying to figure out 'cause they're saying it energetically enhances it does this mean it adds calories to it or does it lots of things remember the dynamic sites very they keep using these words i don't think they know what they mean yeah well there's a lot of people that like to use those science words right it's a character zero subluxation somewhere they always say that i remember them saying that all the time too one doctor you adjusted me do it five minutes right i forty bucks then he goes make sure drink a lot of water why do wash the fucking the side of my mouth you asshole
you didn't do anything this is crazy or simple shutdown yeah watch the bullsh it goes goes better with what is the response been i mean you must have got a lot of lot of swearing oh god twitter twitter and anger place i'm still getting angry tweets like in people that use it or from practice themselves fewer chiropractic some chiropractors and a lot of people who love chiropractic and are mad at me because i think people think i'm calling them stupid for using chiropractic one like no you got you stupid they got to have a a lot of us mean the it's like i would be easily be calling half my fan base stupid if that case and i'm not i felt kind of bad because a good friend of mine like she like after she gave birth she had like a severe enough injury that she could barely walk and a chiropractor basically from massaging the area got her
in walking and she's like and the thing she said to me was i'm tired of being called a lemming moron i'm like i never use number one i never insulted people who used chiropractic and two i definitely didn't you use those two words an i think people got impression that i was calling everyone who used chiropractors dumb and it's like that's never the point of writing it's like you're not the moron for falling for this there'd be assholes for selling it to even of a lot of them are assholes 'cause i don't know if a lot of them have even looked into this you know i've talked to some chiropractors about this stuff that's been over the last couple weeks since your article and since i did my podcast since we've talked about it several times i just don't i think they understand the origins of this or that or that that they're selling isn't considered scientifically valid if you're a kid and you getting out of high school and you're going into college and you know you want to get involved in something therapeutic and chiropractic medison seems like a good thing and you start going to chiropractic school like you might
even now and i really do sympathize with a lot of chiropractors who are out there that have email i came in like what you're saying could potentially destroy my business i understand and i sympathize but you not understand that if i knew about this and i didn't talk about it that way be more horrible and i have a responsibility if i find something out like this the guy who invented is a fucking quack in a magnetic healer and you're not really going to medical school there's a risk possibilities that you have to say something about that yeah i just think people are thinking about themselves thinking about you know hey i've got bills and have got this and i've got to practice and i'm going there's another job yeah i do i don't want to be the guy that tells you what to do but you can't get up set at someone saying something that if i made up the fact that chiropractic medicine founded by a magnetic healer and equipment killed by his own son do you
or behind that somehow i missed is run over by his son his son ran him over with the fucking car and they think he might have done it on purpose and the sun apparently was a fucking huge fraud and the sun went on to be the one who promoted chiropractic medicine it was really promoted by the sun yeah it's in in the wikipedia pull up the wikipedia on chiropractic controversies they a real theory that the son murdered the day and his son murder the dad to take over the business and then he's the one who pushed chiropractic madison i think we had to cut it off at some point because the article was four thousand words yeah i'm sure right here we go we got here tammy wikipedia this is death it says there's a book about it ok the homecoming parade that set area centuries by his son random over his son ran him over attempted son ran him over sis attempted fun
there was speculation that it was an accident but instead wow a case of attempted patricide that said that it was not an accident no one knows so who knows me talking i'm sure that went down the 1800s or actually one thousand nine hundred and thirteen i guess huh bulls one thousand nine hundred and thirteen bj palmer ran over his dad dd palmer dating and yeah and that guy is filled with fuckin' problems so if you look into him the sun apparent some was a massive fraud so in a sense chiropractic medicine was to buy a quack and promoted by a fraud and might imurders dad well now that fuck does it get so far the most stunning thing about it it's a sad thing where like it it took root before didn't like i said before real medicine was was starting and it just kept going like
well medicine was making attempts at other things and some of them failed and some of them stayed like think about around that time was and there was like we have a numerical cure heroin like that there's a lot of going on yeah so i mean like they were teams and coca cola yeah yeah like they were trying it real things and failing but at least they were they were trying like these guys were like hey we had a slowdown start those mother out and like that didn't work so well without the internet people would not have had this information like when i first are going to chiropractors is probably twenty years ago no one had information that wasn't available no one knew you just thought he's a doctor says doctor of chiropractic oh is a guy who studied chiropractic medison and i love it so many of 'em just say doctor and you have to dig through their website for where it eventually says chiropractor how can you fucking call yourself a doctor if you don't go to medical school isn't shouldn't there be some sort of a national standard funny because a lot of them like i and
the should but we're not because like you'll see doctor somewhere and the the days will say m d really crying carefully or pediatrician although be very careful to say what type of doctor they are if someone like now i'm very leery if i just see doctor 'cause i'm like alright are they had like what breed of doctor are they do they have a ph d do they have are they a chiropractor league of i see doctor and then i see some bullshit on their page and like what type of doctor are they 'cause like everyone wants you to think like i think people just want you to think that there are medical doctor and that way that tight has a lot of weight so people will take should advice of a c d r period in front of the name bill cosby was a doctor for a while to the took it back i apparently people were taken some drugs from him they just know it they gave an honorary doctorate doctorates are also weird right because you get a doctor you can be called a doctor it's to be doctor crosby but you don't have to have also we need to new word for that i need someone who's got a dog
it shouldn't be a doctor and say i go back and forth on that one because i have friends who you know have their ph dis and like i will you know you you're you're kind of you call them doctor and then like when i think i feel like when the email people generally in the signature line it's you know it's joe schmo phd like they're they're without an accent yeah it's like the sign things phd in general just to not be a dick about it but it's like the it's i feel like putting doctor blank when you're a phd it's like i feel like it can cause some confusion with doctor laura would deal with doctor or see a doctor was a doctor phil know doctor fills a docked i have not a psychologist right which one of you is off the top of my head i feel like there was doctorate in there somewhere or a phd or something probably
not even mad just don't have what they say it's funny because what's his face doctor oz really good cardiothoracic surgeon bullshiter on tv though he's so scary that guy selling miracle cures from weight loss he's got it's funny because since congress told him cut the shit he's been congress imagine that we still on tv he's been less full of shit but still a little full shift 'cause i work how do you fill a forty five minute tv show with complete like you know just peer reviewed science every day it's hard it's like so you start bullshiting and both were way more than that that's like shilling for short like selling miracle cure which is so fucked an it's like the disappointing thing is like was a rumor i i mean when i say good he was amazingly good cardio thoracic surgeon and that's what's disappointing about this is he used that credibility a being such a good doctor to be such a big well it's nine why why would you do that to people they expect we wanted
for me just don't do that ben carson the guy who's like a serious neurosurgeon right here isn't anything to earth ten thousand years old he thinks there's grain in the pyramids grain crane he was like there's great in the pyramids he's right i haven't been that's that's not so shockingly but someone would leave some grain behind i mean uh no like filled with grains i would if i think he thought they were silos they were ancient it's not that there he doesn't mean that there's like an occasional vase full of green he means like they were silos and that's not not accurate it was a young earth it's i that might be hello i haven't looked too much into him name and i mean it would nothing would surprise me with some of these people through a lot of people who are extremely smart but they close off just giant sections of their reasoning and understanding
hard to find people that are one hundred percent you know very sceptical and very you know or or critical thinkers and want to be critical thinkers in every field like look i have this will all be really good and really critical thinking about this but mother fucker this belief at and you can't touch it and like that seems to be the case with a lot of people i'm like i just want evidence about things show me evidence and the big thing is show me where the balance of evidence is like if you give me two articles that say this and then ten thousand to say this i'm like i'm over here i'm going there and i think that's i think that's kind of a solid way to evaluate evidence like if you've got a lot out of him to say this and they're and they seem solid an backed by back by people who know what they are about it just seems to be a good way to evaluate what your you know how you're going to choose your pin
is on something yeah i mean it seems like you just really have to do a lot of research before you form any opinion on anything it is well that's one of the reasons why i don't blame people when they don't get it right right away because do again this is something i'll i'll do some my talks a lot i'll say you know take your phones and google a term that you're not sure about in in health or nutrition google gmos school sugar google you know whatever and you know tell the top ten search results say and you know sometimes like specially with gm owes for a long time the top like eight out of ten search results were like why this is gonna make your dick fall off and it's like now like it's changed a little bit because there's been a huge effort by science writers to get out the word this isn't going to kill you but like fruit for awhile like how you know it's so many of the top search results so they were horrible how third should you know just a soccer mom in iowa have to hunt to figure out of this is going to grow kids like and i i that's why i really don't blame people when they get it wrong at first because the
this is there's so much bad information out there that it's easy to get the impress in that like i said the ten thousand articles say it's bad when it's really just you know screaming assholes repeating the one article that say it's bad well if you just google chiropractic medicine you're not going to get a lot of fraud articles if you google chiropractic is i'll show you get your article and then you go down a rabbit hole and you know if you google chiropractic fraud you'll find plenty of stuff on it and then the history of chiropractic medicine is where really unravels yeah it's hard to it's like when someone just wants to know what's going to fix my back like that's not where they start right and that is a problem means it back problems are horrible i mean that that's that is a part of the problem is like people get desperate they do not know what to do just like when you were saying you were getting those horrible headaches and you like a fuckin' try anything yeah and i'm going to go vegan i want to go gmo free i'm going to drink water only i'm going yeah i gave up my
love a diet coke dark times you know you get worried and you start thinking about different ways you can then if someone comes along and says look this is the solution just stick with it i need to see you twice a week might like this one guy that i was going to it was like you gotta come more often buddy it's really the way i go i gotta get you move my neck more often the fuck are you doing really you know and i stopped going to him i was going to this one guy and he had a really good massage therapist and i was getting a massage therapy then i stopped getting the chiropractic adjustment and then he was like look you gotta gotta get the chiropractic adjustment i was like i'm getting one thing is helping me in the other thing i don't feel anything i just it sounds cool i like the sounds like pop that trick feels it seals good like when you do this good but that's the same fucking thing the chiropractor is doing to you but then they tell you not supposed to do that to your fingers and like wow why well it can cause arthritis how to fuck do you know
you how many i've been doing it my whole life i don't have arthritis let's let this well the question is kind of like we're talking about with long term pesticide exposure i don't know where that's going to land me when i'm seventy i believe it i'm sorry but i'm causes arthritis question m seventy they're just going to throw some new drug at me and it will be fine point was that you can't have it both ways if this causes arthritis how the fuck are you allowed to crack my neck all the time that's an excellent point it was one of the other it's funny i've had m one person is funny for all the people who message me 'cause you asked what the feedback was it wasn't just chiropractors who would really mad i had people say my parents brought me for chiropractic when i was and now my back is fucked off so i mean i don't know how many stories there are like that from people saying you know we started when i was a baby and this was not the way to go for me like but got some of the want to see our baby jesus christ mobile what is a woman who just died the playboy melt model is suing the chiropractor so there are it like through the sudden very
in a kind of violent way that they crack a necking chiropractic can leave you open to to suffering in an artery in your neck now it's it's not often that happens but it happens and this this is one of those things that i have a really big contention with chiropractic with is that they have all these mornings about how you know western medicine and it's kind of funny they call it western medicine when chiropractic started in the middle of a cut of of the u s so you don't get to claim we made this in china for sakes but like they'll that western medicine is so horrible for you it has all these potential side effects and yeah it has potential side effects but they have potential side well they actually kursh it you have potential side effects while you're cracking someone's neck like right don't tend to side effects to your talking about three hundred in twenty million people that are going to the doctor if you have one hundred thousand cases of potential side effects across the board from all causes that's what they're harping on you
being on the minority of things that happen you know wrong and then you know obviously there's some shit like four little minds if you have anymore that are horrible on the side effects are little might never made it to the us that's something a lot people don't realize really it was used the country was other countries now we had one regulator in the u s who saw the drug was coming up for approval here and she said no we have to look into this more and then they saw the cases in europe of all these in is that were being born with me here side effects and she was like i told you so that was that was how they started and this is what this is actually what gave us one of the best axe for regulation for safety and efficacy in the us and basically said that drugs before they make it to market now have to be proven beyond a certain amount to show that they are both safe and effective and it was basically the little thalidomide that launch that that act which is which kind of like we're good at learning from our mistakes in
say we like i work for it but now it's like you know we're good at learning from mistakes when we have a fuc up like that so i mean i don't know what what worries me is that we're going to have eventually another we can very easily have another drug like that but it will be something that we haven't regular get out of the system yet so i don't know what the next thing will be but it'll be something that we haven't seen yet so that's the that's the the scary thing it'll be it'll be like we already know to test for things in utero we already know that that test for things that you know they can cause answer we already know certain types of testing like but the little my it was so crazy non toxic they couldn't get it to kill a rat how nutty is that it's pretty crazy landed the babies yeah i mean it's it's crazy that someone that was that six what was the purpose of it it was it was you
for a lot of different things and the thing that they gave it to mothers for was to stop morning sickness that would still used in a few treatments just don't get it any where near a pregnant woman so they they gave it was really really good for their face it it was really affective at stopping morning sickness but just nobody had a clue that it was what was causing to you know in utero and it was causing you know limbs to not be foreigners causing all these crazy things and tens of thousands of babies were born deformed for they went yikes pull the plug is there also an issue with approving drugs is is in there and also an issue with bio diversity in that like you have issues that i don't have yeah i'm so there's there's going to be things that affect you there's a knock on effect me into my servers and this is why after and this is an interesting to happen so it's you you know as you to happened with with your nurse hope that new tropics trowbridge up okay sorry my apologies so they on soon with a we so
know about phase three clinical trials and all that from from that so when you get to face three general you're testing between three and ten thousand people in the population and you've gotten through a few trials you know that this is a factor for this you want to see if people have your ten sing for allergic actions in your testing to see where people are going to have issues with the drug so that when you get to mark you know that you know these people like this is the percentage of people that have these side effects as a percentage with these if you have these side effects your doctor right away discontinued that type of stuff but that's three to ten thousand people you don't know who going to give it to that's an x medication that has x disorder on top of the thing or treating for that type of stuff or if it could cause someone to die these things can happen and like that's kind of what happened with vioxx is that you know like they didn't they there were some people in that room who probably violence which just six but it was art houses strokes and some folks out it was anti arthritis yeah and it was like i know a guy got a stroke
wow holyshit holy i mean there were were people in that room who look at it and said alright so there's this risk factor that causes to increase your possible risk factor by x percent what if somebody as all of these risk factors combined and you know like well you shouldn't approve it because there's a chance if you put it on somebody on this who has all of these combined it's there's a they're going to have you know their chances of getting a stroke is is you know having an issue with their heart what is a heart attack from it is going to be through the roof we shouldn't approve it and it got proved anyway it's one of those drugs it shouldn't have been put through the heart attacks and strokes heart was heart attacks i'm not gonna go to stroke from it it's a blood clot the most notable close yeah yeah it's like it should have been significant issues with some folks yeah and it's like there is chance when you put any drug through now they try to get two things to minimize this but because phase three trial only test in you a certain amount of population they try to get a diverse group when you get it out
don't know what the possible effects are going to be on someone else you might see new side effects depending on other drugs someone is on to pay because you know you're not prescribing these healthy people here scribing this to a sick person so yeah that that definitely can happen so that's why for certain amount of time after drugs on the market they do post the base though it is kind of face for clinical trials you're doing post it monitoring so that does go on for a certain amount of time and sometimes drugs are pulled based on amount of side effects the other things that doesn't happen often but it can happen based upon you know the amount of issues that you see after it hits market what are your thoughts about advertising drugs on television like ask your doctor about this ask your doctor i have i would say mixed feelings but most of my feelings are that it's a bad thing and it's the only good thing i see from it and i mean most of my feelings about are still at it's a bad idea the only good thing i see about it is that if you
i have a patient that's got should to see used to work with they ad aware that there's a new medication out to treat it but you know where they should be getting that information there are dr exactly so ask your doctor it's not maybe maybe you know what your doctor is if you're asking them a drug dealer well the problem is when they show these people holding hands and spinning around in a field of wheat and having the greatest time in their life and butterflies are flying around and puppies are magnetically drawn to them i'm not enough drugs for that so that's the problem is like they they they have beautiful music
and they're manipulating yeah like it is i i don't i don't feel like that like now it's not a pro and it's like you know i live is but i lived in england for a year and when i was over there i realize i'm not like it hi mike weir rural the drug advertise like there's this is not a thing out here medicine it's and medicines free is different it was it was there are some things are kind of crazy about that i like i landed in the hospital overnight once when i was there and i was so like me and i you already knew that i had no copays when i went to a doctor i'm like i'm in the hospital overnight i'm going like this is cost me ten grand when i left they were like did you take have here a like know why they're like if you had we're going to pay for it i'm like what are you people this is this is i'm american i don't know what to do with myself i'm just going on here they give us the treatment though is the treatment right isn't the same work if you go over there 'cause i have friends in canada
they have massive complaints about the medical system in terms of like if you get injured it takes a long time all my relatives are i have like five in this country there are still live in nova scotia and there are i'd say it's a mixed bag so if you need urgent care or regular care like you need to go to the doctor for a check up you need your you know your annual or you have a heart attack you i would say you're better off living in canada i had a little cousin that was born with basically no chambers in her heart which is horrifying so they saw it in utero and it was like ok we're going to have to give this child an operation like almost immediately when she was born and for the next two years there's out a surgery almost every like open heart surgery every year on the dot every year as the heart grows a deal like we actually know why yeah it was i mean they couldn't do all the fixing because they need to do it as a heart got bigger and what do they do how do they do that it was and i mean i
i wish i knew all the technicalities but you have to talk to a heart surgeon chamber so with the heart look like it was i'm not exactly sure i never saw the pictures of it but i mean it's a i'll hunt down my her father my cuzens blog that documented it if you want to have a peak but it was it's a fairly rare condition of the heart was i believe when she was born like it was a little closer to the center of the chest like it's very like my mom said that you know when she held her when she was first born like the pulsing even felt well or sounded a little different than a normal infants heart like it was but i mean the first at first i did a surgery that kind of put a band around the heart to give it a little more structure and then they formed more chambers and then when she was three they put in like full chamber now she the only thing she can't do is she can't play contact sports and they paid nothing template can't play contact sports because of possibility possibility of causing
exactly we can do but it's you know there's it can cause a little too much trauma to a heart that's already been through a lot of trauma but that's the only thing that she's been told not to do so don't kick box in a kickboxing basic to the chest to she can run she can i believe she can run she can happy active little it looks really healthy is about the same she's she's a twin and she's got about this she's about the same height as her brother like she's a then they just take it to a chiropractor where they could adjust it amber or heart see if you've been there to suggest this show should be fine rub the back here maybe she never have paltrow stickers and one of the things that credit card just put under feet once you're sleeping and nrg for her food
this is one mother fucker who was treating a bunch of fighters and he was a zone healer do you know what his own healing never heard of it but i've excited now seem like such a nice guy he was a chiropractor to seem like it probably is a nice guy but he would press the back of your head like little spots and he's like does this hurt here does this hurt here does this hurt here and then you press harder and i go well that one was kind of kind of hurts more and he's like well there there could be an issue with your hypothalamus or some shit like that i was like what and so you know i'm pretty sceptical per i've been put wink before but i'm pretty sceptical and when i know it's going to be a good step pushing on a part of my head harder and then asking me if that part and claiming that they can tell from the fucking skin on the cover of your skull skin on your skull like they can tell this is the area this is all you've got an issue with your liver this is the liver area when i squeeze them for sure so
you know this is the liver right there i mean this guy get into it and so i go i mean i'm being full but i'm like what are you doing and he's like well it's called zone healing he's explaining this zone healing thing to me and i'm like what is he doing i'm like well it can cure all these different diseases start talking to me about all these different autoimmune diseases that can cure and all these different things are going well how's it working it's like well it's just the way the time populating you in a certain way and with the frequencies and like what some might come the focus is this working i'm like that doesn't make any sense and so then we get to it and he's like understand the placebo effect right and i go yeah well the placebo effect is you give someone a sugar pill you tell him it's medison and somehow another it magically heals him right and he's like yeah he's like well this essentially what we do when i go see your bull shiting ann you're letting these people's bodies heal themselves 'cause i wouldn't put it that way i of course you wouldn't put it that way 'cause you're charging money for those it you you're saying that what you're doing doesn't really do anything goes but it does i go it does
'cause if you believe in it does a goat cheese spider have to write so i don't have to believe in penicillin ok exactly it was so disturbing to me because i knew a bunch of guys who had gone to them and they're like oh this guy's fixing my name was like what he's fixing your knee by adjusting your neck is fixing your knee he's not fixing your name you need and healed because you're taking time off i just i will heal you nobody knows how to heal i want to reflexologists mechanic for my car i want someone to start reflexologist same thing is where they where they say that it's not just that they're messing with your feet they're giving you a reflexology massage where they tap on certain parts of your feet and they say it's healing or liver so give me a reflexologist mechanic so that they're tapping on my directions like no no i'm working on your radiator i want to see that i'm not aware of reflexology i've seen those places where they show like a chart of the feet and it looks might as well be a fun in palm reader yeah you're walking by and they have one of those neon signs and so they what they do they say that
tapping on certain like this part the arch is really your liver and your toes are really oh yeah your arch is or i'm not sure like i'm just like that's the same partnership oh yeah but like i said give me give me like the chiropractic you know reflexologists of the mechanic work i want them to start tapping on on my oil tank and say oh really i'm fixing your alternator like like not nobody does this ship for cars because you know why your car won't run is a real problem with people saying they know things that they don't really know and i think people get really upset by it i think it's one of the reasons why it's so important to be honest about what you actually know what you don't actually know you know i think that's that for me is like the most important currency like you should never give up wow you honest feel and what you honestly think and what you want to know about something and as soon as so as soon as you are a fucking astrology or or a card reader or a palm reader or a psychic euro
bullshit artist this is you the reason you exist is because we can't really read minds yeah you should know that you don't really know that if i could see a little turkey tester pop up in your head but i know you're full shared like oh you're fucking tester popped up homie it's like the way i think if anyone out there because i'm guessing your audience doesn't have a lot of people who believe in psychics but if anyone sure they do if anyone out there truly believes in psychic walk into one an when they ask your name just walk right the fuck back out because if they were a real psychic favored know you were coming and they would know your name yeah maybe they weren't paying attention do i check to see if your lying my name fred like okay mark just walk right in walkerton give them a false story and see if they check it out friend who went to psychic and he's like dude this guy knew all about my grandma i'm like don't you know grandma okay talking you talking about like she was she was
the lady and she was grandma like and she cooks things that you like see i know about your grandma to mother well they give you missile they give you these leading questions and then you give them information they're really good at reading noble banat check is yeah it's up to i'm friends with penn and teller house okay some of those guys there it's i it's funny because i learned a lot of my writing style kind of from that there was it was funny there was a night backstage after the show once where i was talking about like what i was doing with with the site may be writing i was teller and one of things he said it was about getting the script back for the chiropractic episode and they have to really careful with how they wrote the episodes of bullshit bullshit what a great show and i was just then it was funny because like i i current into a skeptic from watching that show and it was just because like i you obviously never heard teller talk before i got to know that group and is like that was
so the first time 'cause i chit chat with teller a little bit before 'cause i got to know penn first hearing teller described like after i started doing this i babe thing to chatting i'm about that i got a little insight into his brain he's like yeah we got the script back from legal and they said just call the chiropractors mutherfuckers it's like i'm like inside i'm like i gotta keep my composition but my lord that was like hearing teller say mutherfuckers absolutely that sounds like something pen would say to these mutherfuckers it's there's basically everything you hear in penns tone of voice you have to hear it in this tone of voice like i'd love that it's his i've learned a lot about i've learned a lot about skeptic ing responsibly from him and one of the things i've always taken away is don't blame the victim
and that's that's something i've kept with me and i'll always keep with me it's he's he's been a big influence on my work and it's been it's been helpful yeah i mean we've all been hoodwinked mean at some stage of your life whether it's your parents telling you about santa claus or something along the way we've been tricked an it's not your fault that you got tracked tricked but the man sometimes it's not even the fault of the person is tricking of there being sincere and they're just they're just misinformed and they don't understand what they're doing is actually harmful and then they fight for their cause like they have this thing that they do whether it's chiropractic or whether it's being an astrology or whatever then they like they dig in and they defend their turf yeah but to turn typing or saying about vantage checketts or i'm now it's if you're about to go into when they full people to fake site with the fix i can know how good he is at reading people had him on i did a show called joe rogan questions everything and panic check was one of the episodes where he was x
sing to maine how they do cold reading and explain to me how they lead people into giving him enough information that he can form a re humble assessment of who they are and then he would answer certain ask certain leading questions and he's like have done this so many times i know how to get the and people are shocked and they don't know what to do and they've never done this before so you know it's like you can ask them questions and they start giving you information like your parents russian you're young how do you know 'cause it's 'cause you said it so common first of all and you know you could read certain things from people and i mean he there's a bunch of ship that he does like the spoon bending thing yeah a bunch of different things that one you just repeat that it's magic yeah and it's and it's it's funny because there's a big crossover with the magician community and the skeptic community is because they know how easy it is to trick the out of p sharon warned i i kind of love that it's kind it's been interesting to see this group of entertainers
think of his goofballs be this kind of sort of a bastion of intellectualism because i like that it's hard to get people to attention to anything on the internet but if you make funny an you had a dick joke suddenly people are like i gotta learn about this right well that's why penn and teller i think are so important 'cause they were the first magicians who were really adamant that what they're doing is bullshit yeah yeah there are there like no for tricking you may use that word trick and i like that which were really good at it still gonna be awesome so gonna watch it every time it's and they were they were totally up front they're like no there's no magic were mother tricking year yeah their shows god damn those shows our whole area some of those bullshit shows we catch people in this the the nonce they're promoting one of waiting one of my favorite ones is there is a there's an episode where they attacked organic food and they did it and this is this thing where people double down on things they took a can i cut it in half
and it was i believe conventionally grown banana and i'm one play they say it was an organic banana the other play they say it was a kid organic b r played conventionally grown and have people take a bite out of each one and people were you know they sit there describing the organic bananas creamy and sweet and taste like a banana should taste in the conventionally grown yet people and and it doesn't taste good and this one girl explained to quote i is to quilt pattern is this one girl after which is like i don't know if it if it makes me question my opinion of organic versus conventional it really makes me question the concept of the banana i'm like girl you're going to waste so much younger you could pull that off my toss ligero got mad at me yesterday what did the dumb girl more site but i i just i it's it's well it's one of skills i bring to the table we get away with it the girls girls get a tape i i i
i thought i didn't ok impression of pen but now oh yeah yelling no it just enough attend destroy my vocal cords will will produce a pennant impression almost well i think it's a it's a unique time for exposing bullshit and in no because there's a enough articles and videos there's enough like you can kind of get a sense like oh i see a pattern here people a lot of people i think people are tired word of not knowing what's real on the internet and it's partially like this whole trend with fake news an like there there's kind of a breaking point i think in terms of what people are are willing to accept for just ship speed on the internet and being accepted as real because there's so much content out there and people want to spend their time reading stuff that's for real and that they can trust and they don't want trust city source us you know like they want to go alright here's a source i can trust i can keep going back to this website i can get information and they want
explained that they know was researched well and the i a i think that this is this is a valuable good to offer out to people saying you know here some being real and here's some here's a dick joke to read while you're reading something real so i am for a good dick joke to research ratio that's important as well now when you did article and you you said it was four thousand words it's a particularly long article what did have to men i mean he seems like he i mean when you're dealing with four thousand words i mean it was it just that the comprehensive coverage on my car practically bullshit or is it just like a god damn i gotta keep this thing is tight as i can but there's so much to talk about well it's for the host gonna joke while i do get paid by the word of well it's that it that's true but it wasn't like what i never go into a going let's make it as long as i can make it sure is a can we like at the mix tribute writer at the outline now and this is and it's
whenever we write a piece it's always let's make it cover the topic in as entertaining in an as of the act as cohesive as a of a story as possible i will go for it let's go we kind of say what points to we want to cover in this peace and sometimes it's it's basically tell a good story and my goal whenever i write an article in something is let's write the best let's the piece that i never have to cover this topic again and with chiropractic like like i could one thing i have like to have covered if somehow we could have made it like either you know if somehow we could have still a little as so we could have had something else in i would have maybe adding a piece on our their science based chiropractors is that possible on his about to be a science based card read yeah i mean that's the problem is like i feel like like it was we tried to present
one point of view while still giving a to like we included a link on some chiropractors that are showing you know that they're trying to because science based i think that adding a whole section on it would have maybe diminished from the point of view of it so being making it good reading and so he's a point of view is always important to the article let me stop you there if you see some chiropractors science based if it was bullshit when it started if it was something created by a magnetic a it was it was a nonsense thing that came from a seance how does that become science based if the original the origin it's not base on medical research where they figured out that if you do this look here's all the study that we've shown when you do this this is the immune system response to the body has to be there's none of that right it doesn't exist well there is there is some and it's somewhat minor evidence but subjective pain relief
right and he said i don't i don't want to diminish and this is something that i'm sure people are sitting there like with dagger still mad at us for saying you know for questioning their their subjective experiences i don't want to tell people that they did not feel relief from what because pain is it's really subjective and it's hard to manage sure so i think that there are chiropractors who name specifically to relieve low back pain and i mean i think if you aim just to do that with your chiropractic practice while still telling people look i'm just doing this while you go to cycle therapy you should still be going to a physical therapist this isn't a if things solely to relieve pain and they try to see how it can just really pain i think it's possible that that but i think that adding that into the article takes away from it a bit because that's that's not part of the articles point of view and it's also not my of my point of view of how it's not a science based practice so i think that
mean i've seen some ethical chiropractors there's a sam home alone home alone i'm not sure how to pronounce his name i've never heard it said out loud before but that was one of the cairo suicide in there who you know he's continue to practice while speaking out against the chiropractic very vocally speaking out against chiropractic as a whole because he seen that it can you know there is some still manipulating backs he is but he's on what is going on and what does what does that do and that's when things were i feel like i'm in a gray area because i don't want to diminish the people who've said that its help them have pain but i also think these people should be going to to a you know to a physical therapist and to a massage therapist so like i'm not sure what the i'm not sure what the exact right answer is on that if someone says i've been to a physical therapist i've been to a massage therapist and this is the only thing that's ever made it feel better and i went in one session what do you say i like and i i don't know
where the exact right answer is to that don't know either but it all started from bullshit it seems so hard if the foundation is bullshit yeah i mean i mean i went to a guy that was really good at a bunch of other stuff like you'd give yeah yeah mass electro muscular sorry niles pads on yes i have one small laser he had really good besides they're a bit as he provided physical therapy had a little gym set up the end of the day still crack and backs well here's a question what if and and this is i i get it just completely hypothetical what if it hadn't been sir right by this nut job back in tequila ran it was a doctor who said oh this can you know this can help if it was just an osteopath who is trying to see if this could help relieve pain along with physical therapy so i encourage people if they're if they're looking for a way that manipulation can help maybe not go to a chiropractor but
seek out in your medical practice an osteopath who can who knows much more about anatomy and please keep going to a physical therapist and maybe a massage therapist cuz i just feel fucking great so the dow is just it's so hard to say that you know there's like science based ones when it all started our goal should like them you know it's going to be it will be very hard for you to find a you know quote unquote science based chiropractor please if you you know if the only thing this relieving your back pain and i get it i have you know i i have scoliosis back pain issues are very hard to manage you know an osteopath will understand your anatomy much better there gonna say you have to come back in three times a week they're going to send you to a physical therapist and you know maybe recommend a massage but they'll they'll do it in a in google fashion and not overstep their reach but that's you know there is some evidence that it helps with lower back pain
but not more than physical therapy or massage and that's i think what people should take away from this i'm not saying it can't anything i'm saying it's not the best thing and that's also because most chiropractors also in court my son and it's so it's so hard to decide what what what is helping you yeah i mean that's like i i think i think it's and i get it like i'm i don't want to i think the hardest part is telling people that their subjective experience is wrong that's like you don't i don't want to be that as whose likeness earlier saying it's wrong but you're saying reevaluate what the root cause it was yeah and it's like yeah i mean it's like if you went to a higher after you're not stupid you're not wrong you're not a moron you know you're someone who's suffering and i both of both of us and that it's just you know make sure being that the per sin who selling to you isn't selling a line and not telling you they can fix your immune system and cure your baby to the point where it doesn't need to
nations please don't let someone do that to you because so stunning measles is a you know measles is a real thing thank you sure can pox moms so tell me all of its i and this kind of a like i have did you it's have you ever gotten hoping hough because i once i heard it's hard i got it as an adult because in this is kind of this is kind of city they do need to make a new whooping cough vaccine that is not a reason not to get it please get it please re up it but whooping cough vaccine when they made it some strains of it wore off faster was originally expected somebody i'm into my lab and we were i mean we were given you know along with our package is working to labs ago i'm a drug testing lab we were given insurance and it was around the time of the first obama care debate when people were all like i don't need to buy health care and one of the
guys in the lab who is all why should i get health care i'm healthy he showed up with whooping cough and for two weeks we didn't know he had it he was just sick and everyone's like craig go to the doctor craig go to the doctor craig go to the doctor five of us got whooping from one guy from one guy let him hear the end of it kincraig it's fuckingg ragman fuqing craig and i i was out of we all had to stay out of work for five days all of us who had it so and i'm like within the course of a month and this is just bad luck in the course of a month i had hip surgery tore a tore a ligament in my hip running an ultramarathon never don't run off well it's a bad idea was hit in a car accident and got whooping cough with it wait that was six weeks so i'm like i had no vacation time left to miss
work and i was out because somebody coughed on main everybody mine runs ultramarathons all time there i didn't realize at the time that i had a joint disorder yeah well don't run him if you have a joint special run if you build up to him to write oh no you need to try it i mean i trained properly i just i didn't realize i'm like my hip is hurting and i went to my surgeon and this is this is something that chiropractic does yell about in the pain care system in the medical system that they have a point about doctors to throw pillows at you haphazardly my doctor and i'm i'm never going to not be mad at this a my doctor and set of saying we should do a scan with contrast to see what's going on because you're really complaining about this chucked me about well if i could and said go ahead and run yeah
wow so doctors name yeah i'm not going to say because you know it's like i there is a part of me that was really happy that i got to do my ultra but goddammit if you need bike it in to run a marathon don't do it doctor of like it is yeah it's i mean don't don't do that but i mean it's funny because after i read i'm like alright i don't need to you know take the medication any more because i'm not running and suddenly i realize how up my was and it was like oh my god i can barely walk lake what was wrong with the heavy tore ligaments tore my labor and it was like it was just to get that tighten up i just why i don't even like is a legit up its i mean there's all i have are like two little scars because like it was it was such an easy surgery that the day of surgery it felt less bad than it did the day before wow it was to take it was fun it was a week turn twenty nine and like it's turning twenty nine and already i'm getting hip surgery i'm like this was this was
yeah so that was my my all of my surgeries have been on i'm pretty sure my parents dropped me as a baby and just more admit to it because my headache left side three surgeries on my left shoulder surgery coming yep i'm a right handed it's i mean i'm right handed but i was you doing everything with your right side left sides atrophy kind of ambidextrous enter one of my friends is an archery instructor and i'm learning how to how to shoot bows and arrows you know just in just in case the revolution cup no not really but it's i and i i'm off i shoot the my bow hand my strong hand is my left hand i'm like my muhammad into my love died your left side to hold back on the way which one gets you a pull back on the level of your leisure and yet pull back on the left and my right arm keeps getting bruce like crazy i have to keep explaining to people that i'm not getting hits in the skin yeah the slang slapping with this one be any better for
warm yeah it's like i said to the ana keeps on going i wanted to put one of those risks things on her the wrong thing i have one and it's the worst this is the worst to happen because like all i have to do is go like this to get my arm out of the way and instead the this is the worst is when the string catches right here and this is right are you using a compound bow or a traditional bow tie i think it's along but i don't know if it's this days of cams in it like these big no it's a real it's a very simple starter boats me for my friend anna she's she knows all the things we're doing it's like i'm i just kind of show for mike please let me know i kill myself so it's we're how it's it's a it's a thing where i think it's a lot of fun and i'm hi i'm loving the crap out of it it's great a great work out especially for your lattes and and your upper shoulders but it's like dear god i'm i'm still clue is what i'm doing is funny 'cause like she's like she's one tournament she knows what she's doing i'd gone and shooting with her a few times then we went out my boyfriend came with us and like he's
pink bullseyes right away i'm like i'm like how are you fucking kidding me he just naturally great at it i'm like but i'm i still want meditation oh yeah it's just you're just you're sitting there going who who do i want to pretend isn't the target but it's so we do really now not at all i'm saying reaper like it's it's funny i put all my all of my rage goes into my writing and like that's that's like all of the i'm like and daddy issues all the time i didn't like why didn't why didn't this work goddamnit all the anger goes into the writing like the archery is just meditative like it's it's relaxing it's like you're out in an open field there's it's like it's a really nice little archery range up in glendale oh yeah i know where that is yeah yeah i feel like it's one of those things where when you doing it it requires so much focus it kind of like drains you of distractions you're just you're so funny whenever where's my nerdy
whatever we walked in the car the range a turn on superhero sound tracks and just walk out there and like i feel i can still remember hero suntrust like it's still the sound track to dead pool i'm like i'm like now like i can i can feel slightly like a bad ask for five seconds ok before i go back to my life as a writer well thank you you're writing thank you for writing an article on chiropractors being bullshit sorry chiropractors for listening to this or fuming and angry or they're going to hate me it's ok well i mean everything you said is right though the real problem is what you did was expose something it's the one thing i like waiting for this there you know there is a one article or somebody called me a sith lord and i'm like they and they get one of those without which is articles written by chiropractor i think if somebody had went to one and they said only a sith deals in absolutes i'm like i'm like i'm part of the rebellion but now they are so stupid it's but they were nerd out i am a
ok yeah i'm nerd too but that's that's so like it's such a out wait a criticize someone it's really yes the floor now i have it on my twitter profile now i'm like alleges said lord bring it on it's i'm i'm like you know if you're good at it how much after all the ins the people thrown i found an article written about me once in this was beautiful that i said that i was that that i is on i was a big pharma shell because i admitted to taking medication for my headache i'm and like if that i'm like i don't think i'm a shill i think i'm a customer of the relationship backwards you can't read everything but now it's like can't fight the internet we can talk about everything that you're reading you'll go crazy what's the correct pronunciation of your name entremont save more i don't trim all you nearest ferry there we go thanks for having me my pleasure see you guys and girl
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i have gad saad is back in the house the godfather maynard lead singer of tool and puscifer he'll be as well anymore and more so more see you soon thanks for tuning in appreciate the people and i hope you're enjoying this life
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