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#985 - Gad Saad

2017-07-11 | 🔗
Gad Saad is Professor of Marketing & Concordia University Research Chair in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences and Darwinian Consumption and author of "The Evolutionary Bases of Consumption" and "The Consuming Instinct"
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the top of the homepage and typing j r e stamps dot com never go to the post of as we did folks yesterday's one my favorites i love this guy's a just really of a brilliant man but a really nice guy too is a beautiful human being is lovely he's he's got great act it's gonna great life story and it's always a pleasure haven't mom please welcome my friend gad sad the job will gain experience there were large somebody how i do i'm very sorry but that sound of the thing in the background ladys jemmy here that wasn't does annoying will shut off to show the rancher go had ok he's hydrogen that is because there was there were smoke in this room
father has a an issue with the smoke how do you get gotta we asthma around puberty it often subsides especially if you're quite athletic which i was and then it completely went away by about thirteen and only came back about twenty five but now i am not full blown asthmatic only when i get sick if i let it gets cold it will migrate to my chest turn into bronchitis and what will take you for days to fight might take a month of whooping cough were just one really careful but not getting a cold you mean the hand washer well that's why when i came out of the bathroom my instinct was to tell jimmy as is shaking his head i wash my hands i'm always careful about shaking other pupils hand side to extend the same courtesy yemen i shake some people's hands and it's likely just adopted in a poor that some people like they get
so sweaty shake their hand you are well ok but what's going on with his hand like what kind of weird bacteria this article there was saying that water bottles when you re use water bottle they ve tested them and they say there is less bacteria on dog toy it's pretty bad well that's why by the way i've resorted to fist bumping because i'm cool but it just reduces the amount of germ transfer from one presently the other by just go on like this but don't think that that compromises your immune system by non exposing it to a lot of different things there is actually research on this vital medicines kids who grew up in very strong environments and up suffering from great respiratory ailments precisely because this system has been kicked up yet i believe that i rarely get sick and i shake a lotta hands but i know a lot of people that don't in their considerable time lugano get sick and like but maybe that's what's goin on maybe with french gazeta afternoon exciting don't you threaten me with the time it some i think
it's also really important to know how much you partake of this but to consume probiotics do you eat acid dha philosophy yo girder can't you do like yogurt i do like him she i dont do it by design i think maybe just those preferences are healthy and so i am happy to hear that a third yes they are good probiotics and look for grappling in particular grappling a very particular about the consumption of probiotics as we get a lot a ring worm and also why staff infections too there's a lot of different infections that people can get from especially ring worm no staff infections is really more for and from an open cut by having healthy skin floor as very important why are you kids list dont use antibiotics soap and software i went to get us out of here these soaps that are built these like t treat oil and eucalyptus that are really good for you that are probiotics right kept idea of warm and mine because later i'd like to talk about brain worms and how it relates
a condition that is affecting the way we can get into it now or aim arms mean like our talks or plasma thou be why this other ones there are many others you wanna get into that now sure ok sad supports guiana north line i should write home because a lot of amazing he is amazing i damn awhile ago maybe a year and a half or two years ago but at the time you come on my show but he was bit i very busy writing a few books which i'm guessing he's probably dunwoodie they will he was busy then we have to meet him and allay in his hotel room to be only a film we only at an hour he lit landed got into it hotel room we went with him as he opened the door terms hotel we sat down with them like there was just a little table chair there is fantastic yes so basically i argue that in the same there are all sorts of animals that once they are infected with this brain warm and they are britain sensations of it they they lose their becomes on fine right i mean grow unjustly the another example these
spider wasp will sting the spider which which is much bigger than it rendering it zombie fight if then carries it into its borough lays its eggs on the invisible spider and then when the eggs hatch the edith in visa and i argue that the be political reckless is akin to the spider wasps sting because it zombie finds us into walking quietly to the abyss of infinite darkness while horrible things are happening around us are we think they were doing the right thing while we think that yet we are we not we cannot racist and good and progressive but but to go back to that where my dear i coined the term not to be cured to actually name this collective condition i call it ostrich acidic syndrome you i've talked about this is not about another that's a myth earlier that the boss
yeah it's become just a metaphor for our yap the myth being folks that ostriches don't really stick their head and and its it's really taken on a life of its own at this point i am actually thinking of studying this scientifically not just as something that i talk about my public engagement what is it causes some people too be more likely to be arrested ties by the types of mindsets that would cause you to suffer from ostrich parasitic syndromes sk example would be which i guess we'll we'll get into how much evidence do you need to see around the world that there might be some room decide ideology that is somewhat problematic and at to secular liberal modern values how much information or what is the type of imagine that you would need to see before you able to arrive at such a conclusion and so one
please i'm thinking of doing is to formally quantify a score of opiates how much somebody suffers from what we have is a type of mindset and what are some predictors that could help us understand who is more or less likely to be effect afflicted by this mindset while there sir people that is never want to hurt anyone's feelings except when they think that it is within their rights to attack that person because that person is somehow another victimizing someone else and then they'll be far more regis than the original offence did you know about the guy in canada that's getting sued while he the human rights council find him well thousand hours cause you walked in his apartment of that he owned with shoes eyes as there was a muslim family living there there lease was up and he was looking rent the apartment they stopped responding to his texts and so he opened up the apartment to show
does this apartment that he owns and because he walked into a building that he owns with his shoes on he has to pay them twelve thousand dollars for failing to accommodate their religious practices while showing their apartment perspective tenants that's raised welcome to canada we just had a thing called the motion am one or three are from over this look at this slew the statement on sort in russia but the human rights count tribunal of two hour ontario also found that he heard ask them and created a poisoned housing environments right there you go you refused remove issues some sensibilities are more equal than others but that is just what why is it the people are so especially particularly with muslims like that you will notice that there's a lot of people that are they will accuse everyone of islamophobia yet they'll shit on christians it's really common like they don't it's not that they believe
even religious freedom it's that they have like a pet cause and the pet causes like being a contrary into a lot of like far right people who were really terrified of muslims like they're trying to figure out had had a balance that out with their own ridiculous and left wing version of it while i think there are two stood one is that they're just afraid to criticise muslims because they are greater repercussions to do so then too criticise seventh they haven't this so just from a very six survival instinct but i think secondly which is a part of the ostrich preservation almost speaking of there also of erroneous ideas that people have been infected with deep beat them the muslim religion is religion for the downtrodden the the brown people the exotic other and so too to quit size them when they are a hapless exotic minority is simply race
and success and people believe that even though most of the countries that these people are coming from when they come to the west not only are they the majority there almost the exclusive majority myself so they are out of i think fifty six countries that constitute the oh i see the organization of islamic cooperation something like twenty nine or thirty countries the excuse simply islamic they are no longer any religious minorities in the order of ninety nine point nine something so to argue that people who come from these countries are you religious minorities want their religious minorities when they come to the west but they're all coming from countries where never mind the dirty majority they ve never inter acted with someone who did not share their faith i think people i understand that if that happens here like you you can't turn back from that without violence right like if i mean i'm not saying that it would happen in the united states but the fact that it can happen anywhere means it can happen everywhere i mean it
really can i mean it's it's it's big reach on my part to say that there is no evidence whatsoever that it's gonna happen here but if you really look at some of the countries that are suffering under this these the oppressive religious ideologies where women are allowed to dry where they have to wear covering all over their body that signifies there are part of this religious sects like if that if someone tried to do that i ll give you had some blonde hair blue eyed guy that made all women where a certain outfit and they were allowed to drive and they weren't allowed to have the same rights how many people be standing up for them and crow aspires if it was a new thing something old things like old ideologies and legitimacy so strange what is that while it is accurate you said you take an idea that someone holes if he doesn't cloak of coca under the robe of religion you committed to a psychiatric institutions if he says not on all but this belief as part of my
religions suddenly you get a free passage grotesque but to speak to your point about well that you are stretching about it happening of united states you're not touching at all as a matter of fact i have argued for example wondered when trump one that if you look at a long term view of the issue of islamic immigration if if what you focus on is do we have the proper vetting processes to stop terrorist isis tears from coming and that's a very short term view of the problem but if you recognise that societies will take often very very long time before they become islamist it's not as though every single country today is a slavic became instantly overnight the slump in some cases it was a very very quick invasion and other cases it took five hundred years
before the demographic realities shifted and so yes if you look at it from the perspective of ten twenty fifty a hundred years the u s stands no threat but take a long term view i love this quote from the i think was the taliban who said that the united states have all the clock and watch as we have all the time in the world in other words inshallah eventually god willing we will concur you so this is the right way to look at this issue do you wish to have a society become more extra moist or less drawn other energy at the end of every day can weigh yourself and one of three things is going to happen you ve lost weight that they use did not change a single out or you ve put on weight so let's analogies this with islam when islam comes into a place either the society gets better nothing changes or gets
worse do we have enough data this point after fourteen hundred years to suggest that we can try to bet what will happen to society the answer regrettably is yes again i hate to have to preface of course muslims are lovely and peaceful and wished to simply raise their children but islam as an ideology of comes into a new society is it a good thing if yes let's all turn islamic no then maybe we should have an honest conversation about this an honest conversations which really important because these things get so emotionally charged like the infamous benefits sam harris debacle on bill marcia but that to me is a perfect example cause sam speaks in such a measured tone and he's so educated about it he's not making these big gigantic leaps but p but jump on him and call racism he sent me some video that's why other day were bunch people or just taking complete out
context statements attributing to him ass being like this is what he believes on things when in if you listen to the full extent the conversation is literally saying like that i'm gonna say something here that could be taken out of context but i'm saying is like imagine if someone was saying this right how responded and they use that as a state i mean there's so much of that going on there so much so dishonest while this there's this weird not me thing that they're doing it's like they there i'm not the racist he's the racists and they get very you're racist like depend afflux thing like he was that is so gross grow suited so races like instead of just discussing this conversation i'm discussing this especially the bill marcia because that shows although shows is not to criticize that show but all the shows we have a panel of six people what you see is a bunch of people waiting to say something and they got to jump in and it's almost like they have
be salacious or they have to be outrageous just to get heard you know like everyone its but those kind of shows promote this sort of disingenuous communication because you have to you can't be politely united be polite as you and i we can talk and we can have these long warm conversations but on show you don't have the time to unpack what's wrong with all ideologies all things that tell you how to think forget about whether or not you think it came from jesus or the prophet mohammed or joseph smith any times it there's a doctrine that tells you how to think because of some mystical present some goddard deity or profit who has gotten the wizard some of the universe and you men must not questioning and women have to wear veils and dress up like beekeepers and mean all that stuff is very very problematic people are prone for whatever reason i mean some i guess it's some something goes back to
tribalism and alpha male chimpanzee behaviour were prone to follow to follow leaders may makes it easier and that's what things you're seeing you well what's amazing is that it's one thing to attack sam because in the game of identity politics heave scores really poorly right he's a southern california and white male who doesn't speak any of the languages that matter arabic or someone and his parents had money that is barons had money so i love that your parents had money you sinner exactly i only recently found out maybe a year and a half ago madame last at his mother is the creator golden girls agenda that not enough to know that you happy and i actually i i just looked at what the golden goes that was we running and you see i think it's susan harris or something but anyways someone like me who comes from the middle east who escape that reality someone like i on her she alley had many people on my show out and how much you but a lot of people who have all escape from this will either there's
still consider themselves muslim but you know not you not muslim light or ex muslims in many cases they will be attacks or imagine we are so there is some woman who went to wellesley college who doesn't know anything about islam short of whatever she learned in her bullshit progressive course she were lecture to us what true islam is not the people who live there not the people who ran away from it she knows better because so it's really it's grotesque its infuriate its stunning and its also confusing cause like when you when you see them do it like i mean any time someone goes so far overboard that objective reasonings out the window in the universe oh committed to whatever position that you're in there you can't look at both sides of it i mean i could see why a lot of religious traditions would be comforting to people remind them where they came from give them pride of their homeland of them a personal good feeling at their connected sort of an ancient tradition brain is long
it's not a pressing other human beings and others to be some i mean i actually cultural patterns of behaviour the people like celebrations like her fast or something like that those things you promote some sort of a pride like i guess a pride in germany and their beer making and all that stuff without oppressing people but by the way this is a good segwarides what you're talking about is something that as upsetting meeting days increasingly cell so some people are now trying to draw a distinction between islam and islamism that is why i mention this because islam has two elements there's a spiritual part right which is you know kind of like your throat fast pray this way i believe in a guy in a monotheistic on its own but then within islam is a much larger component of politics
political islam so when you say something like while you know we should be attacking islamism as if it's something that is outside of islam that simply false islamism is islam right urged the one the prime minister of turkey and i could quote many other islamic experts said islam is islam the term moderate islam islamism all these other qualified are nonsensical now the reason why that sets me is because it's it's it grants people a false sense of security and hope renal islam is wonderful but we need to attack this separate thing called islamism while from day one fourteen five years ago islam was islamism neither doesn't that there isn't a spiritual element that doesn't mean that most muslims just wanted practice spiritual apart but there is no set of doctrines and a separate book called radicalized islamism at all costs from the same text it comes from the koran
from the had these and it comes from the sea rather biography of mohammed so so this kind of false narrative that people are promulgate so that they seem as though they are not frontal the attacking a religion while laudable nice i get that reflex its false and saw again to go back to our point of talking honestly we need to talk honestly there is only islam some people choose to practise it fully some people choose to ignore them ugly part but there is no such thing as islamism islamism s part of islam now you're a person that goes out of your way to say no we're not talking about the kind sweet islamic people that just want to raise their children knots do you sort of manage those two ideas that are the same like one the term radical islam gets thrown around right so radically islam simply means i really take my slum seriously right it's got lost
price a silly analogy if i don't eat pork a my radical jew or am i a jew right now i have to be jewish i simply ignore the kosher edict that says don't eat pork then why do you do that though because in my case i simply identifies jewish in the sense that judaism as a multi attribute identity it includes a shared history check shared yeah just a short time raise its work one could argue to re salts considered in a lot of people say writers so i could still in the same way that you might identifies coming from boston and there is a shared history from all people who grew up around the time that you grew up and stan and there is a sense of affiliation and tribalism ism would that reality being jewish as far as i'm concerned and for most juice is exactly that we don't necessarily take the religious ellen it's very seriously does it mean that we are practising a light judaism
or non radical judaism were simply ignoring those parts of judaism that we choose to ignore so there is no such thing as radical islam there are no books called radical islam there is a set of doctrines called islam and then i could duke what called cafeteria islam which is i pick and choose the parts that i wished to adhere to so again the discourse false narrative i understand the reason for it because people find it rather gauche to attack frontal the irreligion at least that islam so they have to i call this the the the ism magic aristocrat right add isn't the something it makes a bad islam is good islamism is bad barely for you i would like to defend you if there's a lot of people that are listening right now or offer up some and not not need defend you but offer up some information i guess you grew up in play swear being jewish was lethal i mean
you your life was threatened certainly when the civil war broke out prior to that you could live in lebanon your people know that we are jewish but no your place do that by the way is something that i explain when when discussing on a mushroom discussions on the show it might be worth repeating the have we discussed your passed in lebanon how you ok so but said not a demi is heavier that term there are explain what i mean to do again to saw so a dim me as a third class citizen comes out of chronic edicts that basically said that when islam comes into our society you basically have three choices if you're not a muslim you could either convert you could either get killed or if you are people of the book meaning christians and jews meaning people of the book that you're also going to siesta key or from abrahamic safe then you could live as a demi adam me as a protected class protected in courts we tolerate you and it's a tolerate you were going to remove
and you repeatedly of your subservient position now at different points across the last fourteen hundred years that mechanism was either instituted very forcefully or more lightly on the complex of lebanon which is which was a very progressive and modern country in the middle eastern context there somebody knocking on our door and levying asia pay or else we're going to rape your daughters but you didn't wear a big star of david because that might be construed as inflammatory just like the example that yourself are you sure you're hurting our sensibilities by pushing you judaism on us right so your your status did not always have been threatened in that my head is going to come off at any minute right my parents grew up and lived there they didn't die but once the civil war broke out then it became legally they just to be jewish up you are going to be executed we left so you ever know when we're going to go from
all the rating you to offer the heads that's been the history for the past fourteen hundred years and so again when people think but islam is not there bad look in andalusia jew and christians and muslims used to walk around hand in hand and in spain around the fifteen sixteenth century below me yes people were not being beheaded every day but you knew your place that's not equality and his kind of interesting when you talk about this idea about how people are reluctant critics eyes islam because their worried about the repercussions of this kind of speaks to how rare it is that people do violate those principles in those countries because if you do you have a culture that ninety nine percent islamic especially if they go by the book like every step of the way
there's not going to be a lot of people that are stepping on the line for fear of the horrific repercussions now psychologically this country you're seeing now for some strange reason emerging from the left and emerging from a lot of like really progressive colleges and universities where they want to be almost the first ones to step up and saying don't criticized this one particular religion which is very odd because it's the most regressive it's unbelievable it's it's very to really strange position to be a progressive whose reinforcing the ideologies of a regressive culture that very ancient but what's incredible as that they'll come up with ways to defend this cognitive inconsistency and hence that's part of the switch parasitic syndrome allows mentioning what a what are some ways they defend so example let me just give you
you manifestations of ostrich logic my friend mohammed is a very nice guy and he drinks and he for decades and he's very liberal saw the idea and becomes that as long as i can identify a single exemplar of islamic person who does not otherwise adhere to what islam states then it's not true that islam is bad now this is this manifestation of a more general cognitive buys which goes like this if i walk into class and say look you homo sapiens are sexually dimorphism our innate sex differences between the two sexes men are bigger than women someone will put up their hands but my aunt linda is taller than my uncle joe oji darwin is dead right so they they then to fight a singular exemplar that is supposed to false the fire a statement that is only true the population level so there's so that's one example
how much is nice therefore islam is nice he's a second example they point to a particular historical context where jews lived in islamic country and won't kill hey i've got sad youth of the lebanon and you still have your head the report that i usually give as well until they were going to cut off my head but secondly jeffrey dahmer if you take a think he he was guilty of seventeen murders if you take the number of days that he lived as an adult until he was caught as a percentage of the days of that he killed somebody ninety nine point whatever per cent of the days jeffrey dahmer a lovely guy so it's unfair for you to say the generally dollars a mean guy given that ninety nine percent of time he's nice so what you have to basically do is take each of these ostrich logic arguments and an hour
guys how idiotic they are but its very exhausting because the bent as you said of all these progressive is to do what ever they can to protect the ideology and so becomes exhausting to consistently have to try to fight through all their quota and it's not that it's it's not something that is structured with objective reasoning something that structured with their own particular ideology that does not work criticized this one segment of the eu population that they think is being persecuted great and meanwhile if you think about throughout currently in the world which ideology persecutes the most number of other people suffer if you talk about bloody borders right islam has fought with buddhists islam fights with animus islam fights with jews islam fights with christians islam fights with tibetan monk so in other words islam
doesn't necessarily make for very good neighbours why because again notwithstanding the fao that most muslims are lovely in just want to raise their kids is as a supremacist ideology it basically says that the world is meant to all be united under the flag of a law now some people take that seriously others don't but the doctrines of islam are very clear we should all submit to islam so even if nine five per cent of muslims dont adhere to that t tenant if only five percent do that we're always going to have friction in some cases it'll be like lebanon by the have predicted that in europe this is on record we can probably find it that in europe within fifteen twenty twenty five fifty years we're going to have lebanon all over the place and are now starting to happen right at one point we have daily attacks all over europe saw so again if you're going to increase islamic is immigration to the west of course most people
our nice and just want to escape to a better work but are you willing to take the risks for what's about to happen are you willing to accept people who cultural and religious values are perfectly antithetical to you for example if you do pew surveys from around the middle east or islamic countries about your views on jews while you get things like ninety five to ninety nine percent jus hatred so if i am can if i make an agent right an ice that fifty thousand syrians are going to come in is it that i'm filled with her hatred towards syrians or am i simply someone who calculates that the sick irregularities and basically says that out of fifty thousand people if ninety five percent have in there jus hatred as part of their identity though i have a right to be so about this i am not worried about haitians their black people i met racist what about the vietnamese right i'm worried about the cultural and religious baggage that you bring in what about europe
use towards clearances or homosexuality or religious minorities or or black dogs darwin forbid if you're a black dog you know dog them in mohammed hated dogs but he particularly hated black dogs so again so what do they do it black dots go go you'll see some pretty ugly animal cruelty they're not very tolerant towards dogs if you touch a dog before you're heading to pay this is called measures its impure by the way the kuffar the non muslims are also measures there there there there in pure as urine and blood and sperm and feces so should i feel bad that there is an ideology that considers me and impure quality now does that mean that all muslims are like that of course not ninety nine per none of the muslims i've met have been lovely many of them are my friends but we should be able to talk about what's inside those books
and those books are not radical islam there islam well let me ask you this what the turning to like save for syrian refugees means kind carrying person new concern for our fellow human beings seizes p fleeing and sees the horrific conditions that there can that their confronted with their own country they really dont have a lot of options they try this to the west what what are the options would you do there are no clear answers i would certainly say you first place them people who are most at risk in those societies on the front of the queue so you bring the oecd women you bring the christians who are being persecute women but what about the father of the dad is with the wife and the child and you can't just have the father stay back behind it asked me about the mom go to toronto what the kid fetnah fair enough but what what i was saying though is that let people who are non islamic horse fleeing those area ice at the front of the queue first but doesn't that isn't that religious
persecution mean or at the very least its prejudiced write me your ear you sing when people out because of their ideology or because of what religion therefrom not because of their past behaviour or any predictors whatsoever about their future behavior but we do have some statistical regularity about what types of values those guys are going to come with so i'm not suggest we closed the door right wooden that caught in a way i mean just by devils outrageous wouldn't that in a way a kind of put the muslims in toronto who do emigrant which but a pick that city who try to emigrate to canada in the same sort of a position that your family was in lebanon where you were hiding the fact your jews no one has an inalienable right to an anywhere correct so if you wish to emigrate to the west then leave if every single syllable that constitutes a belief attitude position value that is contrary to ours
at the door and then welcome in my brother but man is not a crazy thing to say to someone whose entire life and their ideology is a big part of their identity and who they are like how they view the world's lets the structure for which they interface with other human being but if those values let not suppose i worry with you in a way i agree with you overall when i talk about the entire human population than it would be wonderful if we did that but from indonesia the individual we know about the trials and tribulations of people go through on a day to day life and religious freedom and a religious ideology in many cases helps people get through the pains of life it helps them get through the struck i'm not saying that its rational but i am saying that in many ways its scaffolding for their own personal behaviour got it you would have to then ensure that you'll religious practice is exclusively practice privately
never should there ever be an intrusion into the public sphere no asking for prayer rooms at the university the example that you gave is the slight creeping jihad right it's the slow its saw my next book is called tentatively my change death of the west by a thousand cuts right is the idea that when you take again a parable of frog when you put it in boiling water and you do it very slowly the frog if you do it very very slowly if it falls below adjust noticeable difference it doesn't notice that the temperatures is rising until it's too late and at worst there right so this idea of just noticeable difference is something that is very important this conversation we're not going to get us almost overnight but egypt before it became islamic used to be non islamic once upon a time today it's by ten percent coptic christians turkey is now ninety nine percent islamic one day it wasn't iran wait version implies were not islamic today it's almost exclusively islamic so the united states
canada are not going to become islamic you know the next ten years but give it enough time have on long enough view of history and i worry about your grandchildren and mine and so we that's how you an honest conversation and i'm not sure what answer is one possibility which i discussed with folks on my show who are trained lawyers is that their there are proof visions in the law at least in the united states to the clear and ideology as being seditious so in this i'm way that you could say that nazi ism is seditious do our values of communism they are elements of islam the non spiritual parts that it doesn't take it's time to recognise that they are perfectly antithetical to every single value that you and i will hold dear as westerners so like one what would be some of those values so take for example shaggy allah right which is the islamic law by
which you organize society the first premise of islamic law is that the crime its severity and its punishment depends on the identity of the perpetrator and the victim so imagine the idea and the american constitution that justice is blind while that is eddie violated as the most fundamental tenet of sharia law if a model kills a jew it's very very different crime then a jew kills a moslem you can just golden go look up relies on the trial which is the english translation of sharia law and you'll see all these things so why should we tolerate this kind of stuff you right come in my muslim brothers but keep the stuff that you yourself escaped from out of our we don't want it and if you keep it out come in and lets grow together and how get out but why should i be tolerant towards the intolerable i agree with you in theory but i think
the problem is as soon as you tell someone to not follow certain aspects of their ideology those aspects become even more attractive and especially if they consider the west to be decadent and filled with sin and for indicating in drinking and all the other things if they think it's disgusting and then these be for other ones are telling you that you can't follow the word of god is brought down by the profit from upon high it becomes even more attractive to them so what do we do what's so what's your what drugs psychedelic drugs everyone gets on mushrooms and i'm not kidding we have a really think any transcendent experiences to escape from the day to day vibration of normal life have not just to commit meant to reason and science it would be wonderful if we could do that but people are so terrified of death and they're so terrified of the unknown and they're so tariff i'd of not having structure people love having
ideological structure that they can govern their life by real clear established rules and people get mad at me when i wear a fanny pack and i'm not sure one of the reasons why where it is because people think it's disgusting are getting is this trusting that i will have a bag around my ways that i can keep my keys and phone in sleep but we have structure you know and aren't supposed aware sandals of euro man you're wearing high heeled open toad shoes you will get ridiculed why because we have a structure and this actually i mean that's a bad example but it's not really because it along the same lines of thinking grass it we would expect you to behave like we do so that we don't have to worry about your behavior i like gentlemen like a man the thai and assume because i'm pretty sure that guy's not gus spit at me and said me and rob me we have these ideas about people that dress and behave a certain way
if someone if you're in a business meeting in a guy start swearing like woe all bets are off that's not establishing the gentleman's protocol he's not following these standard business oriented you know i would just like to exchange with numbers in funds with you protocol and so understand what is behaviour is going to do is unpredictable be a random streets with a hoodie you know that was a thing for a while he bore scared of young black men with hoodies cause a gentleman would not we're hoodie on a street that's a dangerous person by way our brains have evolved to think this way ice and snow this idea you're you're asking me earlier gimme some examples of ostrich logic so this gonna hashtag not all right here right now that again is idiotic why because when we think about it let's not talk about islam for second if you're going down
dark ali and you see for young men forget about hoodies and pants down just for young men so all you describe as the fact that their young and their men if you see for young men versus for elderly women just because of your statistical regularity that you'd calculate which is more which group is more likely to and part violence on you then you might avoid the alley with the for young men even though not all young men right even though the probability see that a young man is going to jump you and gang rape you a mug you and stabbed you is a small one but your brain has evolved to calculate the the single irregularities and then be very careful be very risk averse of and putting yourself in harm's way so again even though most muslims are very nice and very lovely i think we have enough right now if we look at the last as us two and eleven and two thousand
one nine eleven there's been over thirty thousand terror attacks committed in the name of islam i challenge anybody in your comments section to list me another ideology that comes remotely close if you up every single other ideology since two thousand one you wouldn't come up to a hundred so what is this a statistical numbers that you need to see before you're able to simply say look let's have an honest conversation notwithstanding that not all muslims and most our nice is their problem with islam yes not radical islam it's not islamism it's not militant violent extremism let's stop with the bullshit euphemisms there are inherent elements contents within islam that are problematic it's not my job to find a way to get rid of them but if you wish to be part of our western societies then you need to find a way to expunged that stuff if you do it welcome my brother we're all brothers if you dont than ike i should show preference to be
who share similar cultural values to me that's that's called survival instinct now about people that would say that there's inherent problems with the jewish religion is inherent problems with subscribing to that ideology that there they have been persecuting islamic people in palestine that they ve been succeeding in in treating islamic people as inferior to jewish people that's not me i know you're not necessarily saying but that's part of ostrich logic that's what i call but mamma the crusades right and it's not me you actually came up with the button right so every time would like but much more like it's it's a way of saying like by bro what about the crusades ma am you h where's where's that from i think i first sight and he'll be happy that i'm getting a shadow i think are you youtube who goes by name of tea and crowds or crowd and tease german youtube i am sorry i meant like does not from a language
journeys are not at all it's like saying bro lifestyle exile buddhism the crusade as soon as you as soon as you point to some islam ugly reality than someone points but broadway about israel but isn't i followed compares enemy marilla but your kind of claiming ideology right right mean but when you're saying you jewish and i support you saying a hundred percent especially considering of all p oh you should be in some ways proud of who you are considering that you come from a line of oppressed people that escaped a horrible situation no one is arguing that there is a monopoly of ugliness that only stems from islam juice can in agent ugliness christians atheists settles the wiser grabbed any ideology then because in the case of you ve got about specifically israel any any ideology any by five to not necessarily israel which is a land but i retired
jack all the religious elements of duties and so so why are you jus because i am part of a people a shared history sounds like i'm italian irritably i think you're a tyrant right am i belong to the lineage and the same by the way i recently put up a clip on my channel where i talked about academically so in the same way that you could build a genealogy of your family tree or of peoples you could do what's cod academic genealogies of example my doctoral supervisor is my academic father and then i could look to see her was his academic supervisor who was his academic supervise and do that martial arts is our right now there's a direct lineage exact and songs i could literally go back to some of the founders in only three or four generations would someone the pioneers of of psychology and so i belong to that particular tribe right comes academia when it's to my ethnicity to my religious heritage i belong to a group called jews
does it mean that all the google books bullshit and judaism i'd buy into i rejected so it makes already somewhat less dangerous in that if there are any ugly let's within judaism there simply not going to be instantiated because i'm openly rejecting all that shit right i am sent out years an individual me as an individual and most jobs was in the west i think would fit into my category by the way the later we should talk about four and a half hour talk i had with them see the very religious do the flying took to want to california others on a second knife most muslims said look there's tons of historical elements in islamic societies that's beautiful islamic architecture islam so some excite somebody how excited some islamic philosophy you know there is one the first intellectuals and in modern have big history so so i could be
muslim in that i come from a shared lineage of people and i could be very proud of that but i can also have the moral compass and the moral fortitude to say but there's stuff in my book that is truly growth ask and no amount of obfuscation and in reality operative dancing could alter that ugliness right there's no way to take kill kill kill kill kill taken espresso break resumed killing there's no way to take that and reinterpreted using modern sensibilities to mean killing with caresses right that's not play this reform came so be proud of your cultural identity if and if that incorporates an islamic identity gray but reject all the bullshit right and so i think that's where judaism and christianity at this point somewhat different from islam for most people who are islamic even if they don't necessarily believe it there you're very reticent to openly admitted that they despise a lot of the ugliness
they'll say it's not true it doesn't exist you didn't understand that you misinterpret the reza aslan bullshit right bright no be honest about it say it exists say you rejected and let's move forward but stop office getting more than this people like much it was who has he identifies being a muslim but he does reject those things but he says that you could reform them measured and i have had in case some of your views dont know this i invited at one point measured to fork to chat and he refused because i think he refused and i can't put intent into his mind but analyzing his rejection to chat with me i think it's because he sees that i'm going to call him out on a lot of his narrative boat no one knows why someone rejects hampshire the openly rejected like he'd has known in europe in the future however i mean at this point i retract that invitation so even if you wanted arrogant
especially in arabic i'm going to use this for second imagine this is that a pan he's holding up and i'm looking at you for letting the people at home listen all sort vast majority geisler imagined that the spend were a cork the cork of a wine bottle theirs suppression and arabic which i'll say in arabic some people i've heard mentioned before the expression is this guy to bees bb discovers baby is to get drunk simply by smelling the court cried so look i'm smiling it i'm already getting drunk that's what my should know was is he he he gets people drunk with his hopeful reform message so liberal that sounds so hopeful celebrated so the expression you be scheduled bills baby i can make that noise my face but that this otto boosts the deck but again it
yeah let's get out of here now i just as do you want me to have the rest this conversation and eric had asked ned i wish i could speak it sounds cool i surely what happens with a lot of the guests that i bring in on my show who are arabic we all always start off the start i shall speak only in arabic because to farmers westerners its size its soldiers i like my goodness that report so alien to the way his english the sounds ride but so going back to measure i think what maybe his heart is in the right place i don't i'm not i'm not trying to infer or or imply that you know his diabolical duplicitous i think he probably truly but is that he's doing something worthwhile the problem is that it's not as though until measured no worse came along no one had ever thought about this idea of reforming islam cheese really we never thought of that in the last fourteen hundred years but the reality is that they are ill
whence within the doctrines of islam that simply dont permit for this reformation to take place and even if it take place we don't necessarily have the time to wait another form hundred years while we deliberate how each syllable and each other romantic passages should be reinterpreted while people spotty are being backed up all over the world and so therefore i think that they should be watch more direct intervention and what i mean by direct intervention no then doesn't need to be reformed doesn't need to be interpreted it needs to be expunged these types of ideas if judaism has certain ideas that are belligerent to women click services then i want those he hasn't judaism out they don't belong in the public arena of ideas that's it now how the christianity reform and islam did not how would that go about happening because one point in time christianity christiana it was a very repressive religion and
pass to see the idea it was much more oppressed than today right now like is low was the only religion that i'm aware of me maybe there's more that i'm just ignorant too where if you leave them religion they can kill you absolutely i mean that's like that's what god why scott wants you to die because you don't believe in him anymore we have always said that islam is the perfect moment plex so i gave em over that a meme flax now so a meme is a term that richard dawkins coined and his book nike mrs held for shovel jean thank you he was a knowledge rising the idea of a gene genes propagate correct while means are packets of information that spread from one brain another and so means also spread we are both a biological and a cultural animal both our jean spread and our ideas so a meme is something that can go so if you read my books i am infecting you
brain with my means with my idea of scrap a library is a collection of means so a meme up lacks is a collection of means that in this case falls under a religious idea ideology while islam is the perfect memo flax in what sense in that its contents are made to spread for example judaism mentioned earlier judaism denominators earned will know our transport twelve what not of external security just knocked up agendas ok let me say how any how many seven billion people in the world i would guess there would be somewhere in the neighborhood billion jews a billion jamie on taking my five hundred million maybe gonna take a very conservative gas from a changed five hundred million i'm so glad that we did this you're going to be shocked how many there is somewhere between thirteen to fifteen million
jews tasman that new york out of your fucking mind now just look at our shut shut them my gloves guys talk and create she's an agent let let let amazonas she'll let levies jamie now do is little google magic thirteen fifteen million the thirteen fifty million there's more idiots in america than there are jews and that's only arkansas sorry guys i'm just he's every lydia think about how many nobel prize winners or june twenty five thirty percent incredible right and that that by the way some people say there is a genetic elements but even if he would go well fourteen million two hundred thousand i just as aged between thirty and fifty million it's always perfectly accurate what does the enlarged reserve mean across the world most the most the largest number possible twenty million that's like given that i've never seen twenty million it's usually the eyes have seen a sixteen million says cordial
wish and enlarge jewish what is like dude you get converted because their wife makes them at my uncle did that bye bye straight with by such a conversion laws that would not be allowed not allowed to convert for ulterior motives what alternative rulers he bought a jew nursery spiritual its spiritual awakening for he went to the whole process unwanted hebrew school process has to be for no ulterior motive it had can't be because my wife would not marry me otherwise by thing he did it because she wanted him to do and then he decided to do it because it is what i mean i get it baby that's let's go i saw they are about thirteen to fifteen million jews they are one point six billion muslims one fifth of humanity two to every one jus there's a hundred muslim which ideology is more successful based on propagation islam or judaism right now why is not well take for exam
for conversion laws free as you said about was your cousin no my uncle my uncle in the way that he did it as you said it's a very assiduously says it takes a long time before and as a matter of fact the rabbis or so so try to dissuade you from converting to judaism because that in the sun tests you're you're here faith your desire in islam do you know what you have to do to convert what i won't say it because if i actually say it in arabic than can be made to convert have converted and therefore if i leave it but basically you have to say the shah heather which it's like the eye testify while you're at it it's a once one sentence and then that's a bow moran if you leave they give you live and judy and there isn't that about laws laws for marriage a must slim man can marry up to four women including non muslim women and convert them but a muslim woman cannot do the other way around so the whole structure
of islam is built on the propagation of the belief system so just by that which one is going to be more dangerous one is a proselytizing religion the other what you're not allowed to and in judaism seller ties you're not supposed to try to convert others and in islam bower is to proselytize you have to now in different countries still do it in different ways in the west where they are in the minority they'll do it through interfaith exchanges but then faith exchanges are always the muslim telling the non muslim how great are the djinn is and why you should converted never never given take so just going about your early point about israel and so on yes of course undoubtedly there are some israelis that do very bad things to their non jewish brothers nor question but when we're talking about the stench threats to our western ways you and i probably dont
they up worrying about radical jews not don't i wonder what it is about people that make so susceptible to ideological thinking instead and where and whether or not its ever expendable you know whether or not its ever something that we can eradicate from the thought process it just seems inherent to being a person so much so that i recognise into myself like his approach number i ran into a guy just a few days ago and he was he said hello to me and then expect to me that he trains jujitsu with the machado enemy neatly were like brothers because that's my linear yes right so it's like it's like immediately and i might add so weird it's so weird you know like i i understand when i talk someone like you how are you train twelve years ok so you understand me and i understand you aware are you what are you train
charles ah we come from the same thing we're like broke there's a weird thing give me a ride on even know you're gonna mean ensure but that's that's the sick the case with religion that's the case with with many things it is the case with that net ethnicities often times with even with state pride like we we branch off into groups and we have micro groups and macro groups and it gets real weird when we do this but we all do it so to speak exactly about this granular way to compartment compartmentalize us forces them let me mention the hasidic oh yeah please do because there is not the reason that sideways because i she raised it with him on the plane i use live in an area in montreal called you tremble for the montreal out there on the way
there's where there are a lot of hasidic juice so now you would think that within this very small group of people called jews within an even smaller group of people called has sitting orthodox jews once you an orthodox julian orthodox you know on this the street i the polish orthodox jews on this side of the street i the hungarian orthodox jews and i wouldn't be caught dead mary my daughter to those heathen pigs from the other side of the street so in other words our ability to create us versus distinction distinctions as you said is is infinite that's what by the way i hate most about religion and not only islam right certainly every abrahamic religion has a very clear delineation between us and them if we are christians were going to have in the rest of you haven't except the jesus are gone how if you're a jewish they are jews and they are the boys right than the gentiles if you are muslim of course there
us muslim believers and all of you go far right and so it is an inherent part of abrahamic faith to play on this very innate mechanism of trial was an us versus them it's grotesque also what happened in iraq when we got saddam hussein is created civil war between two rival factions of islam hops shia and the sunday march but most people had no idea that was even a situation over the exactly exactly but to eat you wanna talk to our lives here so i was interested and asking him things that i actually thought about studying scientifically as part of my region so one of the things i study as you know is at i apply evolutionary psychology to all sorts of things one of which is making preferences are certain mating preferences that are universally true irrespective of culture rain and the answer of course is yes so whether you go so the animal more tribe in brazil
close society or you go walk round and lay there are certain things that men will look for women and other thing we know that foreign men that tend to be universals for clear evolutionary reasons so i was interested at one point and studying the mating preferences of the hazardous community again the idea being that here you're taking a community that culturally and religiously is very close way the cultural and religious brainwashing very very strong and moment in this movement making with your hands does that represent the sheet with them as you are doing this thing you join this thing with your handling it must be a subconscious they yet as our real i drive and i dont know if israel automatic there might be the ostrich thing it must be made maybe it sets a find out we're we're talking about explain what we're talking about the idea the
is that when civic couple has sex they have a sheet between them where they make a hole where the gnp area goes and that's how you get it that's what i thought you wake up do you know sir so maybe it was affrati unfair and my idea was at one point is to see if i can get access to the hasidic community which would probably not be easy to into the present community ass another meeting preferences and saw it was smile the i had over you don't afternoon gonna drop dead moved on to other things but here i was sitting with a couple a hazard a couple and i thought okay i can't do a scientific study but at least i could come up with some anecdotes to the sky
as i actually asked them things like you not can you can we talk about some mating preferences that take place within the community and there are some really incredible incites that came up so for example the what the wife said that one of the attributes that she absolutely was looking for a prospective made was that he be taller than her and it turns out that this is a tat this is called a sort of meeting birds of a feather flock together so if you look at night lee occurring couples it is almost never the case that the woman is told in the man there was actually studied than with seven hundred twenty couples a single couple the woman was taller than the men so here's an exam of a very basic physical desire in this case i just need them at not not to be tall just taller than me right that was replicating and a complete
different context and hasidic immunity i even asked about things like well will a hasidic woman ever look at a non hazardous guy that's walking down the street a bad boy that has got twos and greece back here as you know the swimmers body and desire him or has the cult troll and religious brain why she'd been so great that her eyes are shut off the these possibilities she actually said that no amino at bottom line as wilson said the genes halt culture leash in other words no matter how much cultural and religious brainwashing you have if you scratch far enough you'll get the same human nature and that's quest but basically got from my conversations with the that's a fascinating way of describing the genes hold culture leadership micro that's a also re that's a wilson ria perfect way of saying it that's
every now and then you're here phrase we like he's he's i yield i wish you could get him on your show not sure he's now probably eighty five juno eels and now i do not so your wilson is very famous scientist at harvard i've heard the name i don't on oh yeah he's amazing he's up training is an entomologist insect scientists he specifically studies the social social ants basically and so he looks at things like reciprocal altruism can select all of these mechanisms of altruism in the context of bee hazan other quote that he has but i love communism slash socialism great system wrong species what is basically saying is that that political system of we're all equal under communism is a great idea but it applies to social ass a doesn't apply to humans
he's got these wonderful pithy quotes i wish you coming i know that's robber suppose keys great but it from its is great you need to get your wilson on this but ass the boy if it's possible look into it with where'd you say yes he's at harvard harvard side of private i've come to him product daddy travels along the stages live well i'd be willing i'm gonna be back their events i'm sure saw haven't you go back to to boston well i haven't been in a while i'm gonna try to get there sprang i'm thinkin about film on my next netflix special their water i there is war started right ok trying to figure it out he's gonna be there here thank you my two options ya california very nice some for either my current of our former right right but so when you talk to this guy for food plus hours am my wife was passed by the way you can talk to her
guess you ve ignored she felt she was getting bored and you have to take care that kid's while i was having this one is my fight i thought later wanted have been wonderful if we could have taped it and i can release this conversation in on my show oh yeah i guess it was so honest try to keep in touch with this guy s so we we exchange an eye she asked him permission a dimension i thought were much as it would would you mind i'm goin on this in a very popular showed would he was gonna go head fever and saw a man there will be we'll get you guys together and moderate they are that we are now well now it was an amicable conversation very and i really pushed him very politely sat one point i said to him you know what would be the evidence that you would need to see to have any questioning of your and his answer which is a classic argument from the under a few weeks term god of the gaps from other than now so god of the gaps is basically
one point when we didn't know much in science god could be found explaining everything right wider stuff happen well god does it right now we find out that there is a very clear material explanation for foreign lightnings are now that's often our god goes and hide somewhere else and now he constantly finds the small gaps where science has not yet been able to uncover an explanation and he hides there that the god of the games monument and so he used the the grand daddy of god the gout he goes if you take me back to the big bang and you show me that there was no god at that point then i'm willing to renounce my faith to which i answer even if i were able to do that you would say find the way defence go your way into justifying their body and otherwise there is no amount of evidence that i could ever provide you that would shake your hand patient so we really got into some heavy stuff by the way that's one of the differences between i think in history
he's an extremist jew in the sense that he is the most practicing of jews well how come we could have this very very difficult conversation and leave the and shaking hands both richer for it and no one's heads come off while you are also jude maintaining help anyone if he had a conversation with a muslim don't you think maybe maybe they mortal intentions but nobody's head would be at least the general not an airline's right my point is that i think of jewish tradition even when you for example go to the achievements to study said without mood is that there is this mechanism of we constantly argue but everything nothing is settled we have to debate over everything right so you have to have that openness of spirit to have your ideas question and i think that if all ready islam were open to that a bit more then maybe it would be in a better place i've heard some of the most compelling arguments against the big bang from religious people are what at what gimme some
while the argument against it as you are not willing to believe that there is a creator than theirs sort of a system that was put in place by a much higher power beyond we can describe but you willing to believe that everything came out of nothing something smaller than the head of a pin for some reason the no one's ever figured out and the only evidence that we have is the radio wave echoes of this event right so this is i may have heard similar arguments having thomas aquinas is the guy who always argue i think the twelfth century by the first mover that you could always go back and say at times zero what started that one that i don't think you could ever really ultimately somebody's foundations right there's no amount of even forget about the idea of shaking someone's belief system it is odd that we're all willing to believe the most insane version
the creation of the universe ever without a doubt like every person of science but i believe in genes and atoms and subatomic particles and corks and glue ons and they believe that one point in time there was one thing that was smaller than the head of a pin rather became the infinite base that we see in front of us that's constantly expanding and so invented one of the things that lawrence kraus really really fuck my my and up when he was here he was accept to me that when we're seeing the universe we're talking about thirteen point seven billion years whatever it is you seeing as it was well yes not just seeing as it was based you're only seen the observable universe because the universe itself as moving faster than the light that you see from it so its entire the possible that it goes back far further than that you just can't see it right ear
and listen and richard dawkins the guy that we talked about earlier about selfish jean has a wonderful concept it's called middle world i have heard this before now but i read era gr tokens sentimental earth is that oh that's loaded ranks ok i know not how much prefer that's not but he eat so my middle world the idea being that our brains evolved to understand phenomena at a level that our brain interacts with right he caused middle world so that which is at the cosmo logical level at the lawrence kraus level of cosmology or at the national level quantum quantum physics it so esoteric nan our brains haven't evolved to understand phenomena at that level right so in a sense it enter intuitive for us to even do site that
think about it when you and i are actually most physicists when they study things at those levels they will tell you that the stuff so i sat there great richard fine than the very famous physicist right said you know if you if you if you think you understand quantum you don't understand quantum physics or something of that fact mass that it is so esoteric and difficult for you when brains to understand things at that level small or very big so but that notwithstanding that doesn't mean that scientists succumb to belief just like religious people do because scientists have epistemic humility which basically means what i'm always willing to see if your old into moral comes to me with data knowing that the mechanisms of evolution as enunciated starting with darwin are wrong then i would be this honest scientists do not revise my beliefs and light of georgians evidence so another one
scientists are always open it's always provisional knowledge it's it's only the best that we have now whereas in religion its reveal truth it is true because it is true because it's in my book because it's true so in a sense religious people are epidemiologically haughty their arrogant because nothing could change their opinions whereas scientists treasure opinions every day so in that sense i dont think we're both succumbing to believe systems norm not necessarily say now not equating i'm not saying that equal but it is an odd belief necessarily even a belief for lack of a better word but an it's a nod concept that because as we know that this exists and because we have some sort of residual trace the explosion a long time ago even trying and let my boy i mean i i probably just as a lay person in physics probably one
percent of what i see in a national geographic on physics i can even remotely understand is it just seems so and it's not as though i'm not capable of click start but it's just so difficult for human minds what what is it in sixteen billion light years away randomly right for the light to travel for sixteen billion light years that's the envelope i mean how do you understand these kinds of is to bear and then the concept of life and death is also like our physical limitations as we know that we live and die we noted the sun is gonna burn out and we know that life on earth lives dies and thinks so we we impose these physical restrictions very universe itself when in fact it might be some constant process of expanding contracting that's one of them disturbing ideas the universe is gonna expand infinitely and then contract infinitely and then do it all over again so that mean
i don't know if this is even a correct theory i don't know maybe it's been disputed but read once said there is a theory that the universe contracts to some insanely infinite position and then retracts down to the head of a pin again right and then the whole day bang is a continual process that might take you know a hundred trillion years or something and saying i don't know yet if you understand one percent i understand zero zero zero point one actually had the surf physicist on my show he might be a fun guide on your show his name is least small and he's a guy who produce right the way that i discovered his work is that i was looking for every possible field that i could think of where evolutionary theory has been infused into that feel rights or for example in my case i play evolutionary psychology and consumer behaviour you could study criminal criminality from an evolution perspective exciting medicine and so i was trying to come up
with a table that listed all of the various scientific disciplines where evolutionary principles have made headway and the field at the high level member we're talking about middle world and cousin he argued that the process of natural selection operates at the cosmo logical level where this grand set of universes are being selected in other words in the same way that we select genes right some genes get selected and others thy out that that mechanism sort of a cosmic logical natural selection at the cosmo logical level so that's high for this it is so mind blowing it is so esoteric it so difficult to so non palpable that it at borders on making mushrooms psychedelic someone that how my boy so you should you may
we should check out our chat on my show is really cool guy you you'll enjoy what fastening we think of how much the universe how many possible but he's exist in the universe cry i mean how many different solar systems this hundreds of billy and just in this galaxy one of hundreds of billions it's almost like far less tiny worlds like when we try to look at it in terms of the big picture we're not capable we don't have enough process power we don't have enough hard drive space we can't take all of this these points of data and bring them into our head and consider them but it's entirely possible that everything you see in the antwerp in terms of competition everything you see the human world in terms of competition natural selection and the constant and never ending desire for innovation for novelty for new things we have this kind
instant desire to improve upon every single thing that we ve ever done no one ever look at like car mean says this is the best car ever it will not be improved upon we're done we don't need to make cars anymore if they always want to come up with something is better airbags faster zero to sixty more protection for the passenger automated control you know you can sit back and sleep while your car drives you two were there's all the things that we just take for granted but their own is moving in the direction of improvement and you could do that with life on earth you go back to single celled organisms which become multi celled organisms and we always look at like all this is a coincidence and its dinosaurs and then it becomes mammals and then it becomes humans and it becomes air play in writing cell phone using video having in it just it's more and more complex but we do so that's just coincidence is it
or is it moving in this constant state of improvement until we create an artificial being that can accelerate things far path far faster then our biological limitations are capable son sure if this is where you want to go but as you as you are describing this sort of quest for improvement one of them one of the threats of that reflex or one of the dangers of that reflex is present see how and ideologies develop where they argue that our current state of the world is faulty and if only you implement our ideology the shoe it could be communism of good he is right to be perfect then it could be perfect socialism sunk exactly so so there is a way by which we could reach that utopia if only you were here to our ideology
so there is a real danger and sort of succumbing to that and i believe that one of the really went now a book by william gardener who might come on my show easy i think a political scientist his book is called the great divide we actually lays out some of the sort of fundamental foundational difference is between liberals and conservatives in terms of their world views and how because of these stocks in positions being so different having no overlap between them the van diagrams don't overlap that's why you end up speaking over each other without being able to find common ground so one of these differences is that and i i describe something similar using different terms a lot of the quote liberals and progressive view our brain as being blank slate right it's infinitely malleable and so if you see differences
between people it can't be because there was a starting point difference michael jordan was not innately likely to be better than you and screwball there were some environmental conditions that lead michael jordan to become who he is and not got sad to be there and be a player ever and if only we can find the appropriate so intervention strategies then we could all have equality of outcomes and so that is a fact t understanding of human nature because human nature as you of course you know it interaction of our biology and our environment but so much of the welfare state based on this idea that no we need more of your tax money so that we could implement social engineering programme so that we could reach that utopia where we are all equal outcome and frankly i think the desk nonsense it is fascinating the feeble seek comfort
in communism and socialism for that very reason like they almost are trying to slow down the competition that they can't win exactly i see it by the way it but my university sown in canada sort of social welfare state and cut back the province where i live is sort of socialist on wealth on steroids and so in the car so the universities have all of the metrics of reward are removed so that we can have equality of outcomes in the way that you instantiated that is through the union's right so there's a very powerful union that ensures that all professors are roughly treated equally because we're all social adds there's a queen bee and then the rest of us are all equal but of course you must not equal some are smarter some work harder some are more apathy some are honest some cheaters and so this idea of constantly having to have some external agent
manage the process so that we could all be equal to me is grotesque and it goes back to ethical problem they are first conversation you and i had when i was saying that you know i'd would love to eventually come to southern california because at least in the united states it's the society has been less per exercised by the social welfare idea of course that the democrats are more so than the republicans but as a general rule canada is basically pure social welfare we're all equal and of course just intruder certainly to push tat idea even more he's too handsome does likewise problem he's trying to make up for the factions beautiful be super sweet everybody that's what's going on up there did you hear about the i just put up a clip a few days ago about the ahmad how their case you know that is no actually few people tweeted all please talk the general good about
so my father is a muslim guy whose family had become canadian citizens but the father had taken them away i think to pakistan at one point two another and at one point they were living in taliban territory this is two thousand too i think the u s military had engage in some fire fight at one point that ever lived in the car kind of bin laden so these were really real apple pie canadian folks and all my father was fifteen years old apparently through a grenade engage in a fire fight killed one u s soldier and i think blinded a second one he was taken to one tonne of mowbray as a fifteen year old spent many years there he was in a military tribunal u s guantanamo tribunal gave
the symbolic sentence of forty years but it was symbolic and that i think it was only going to be a h here they agreed on a plea of eight years then he was extradited to canada very quickly after that he was released because you're really served quite a few using guantanamo and then he filed a lawsuit against the canadian government for not having protected his canadian charter rights because he was a child soldier and so on and he just settled a ten point five million dollar settlement and an official apology by the canadian government and then some most people were outrage most canadians outrage but then you should see the comments and some of my on my u to channel what kind of pig are you talking to me that i would not understand that this was an innocent child soldier who yet because most of us are usually hanging around while we're fifteen and the compound of bin laden and law
robbing bombs in coming marines that's a very canadian apple pie thing to do so again the reflex is not to be outraged at my tax bears are funding this guy now in a ten point five million that settlement i'm a pig racist pig for not understanding this just an innocent child soldier the wrong place at the wrong time ok let's look at two different things one the amount of money they gave him yeah it's kind of crazy that your tax dollars go to that but let's look at the fifteen year old kid like what do you expect and what could possibly be done to dissuade him from following spam is living in bin laden's compound you talk about someone who's vulnerable to ideology fifty old men are vulnerable to ideology what about a fifteen year old child i dont know much blame you can put on a kid now when it comes to throwing a bomb someone and taking the life of another human being boldly
just got to be a lot of circumstances involved in that i would like to know what they are before i think about any judgment whatsoever i cuz i don't know where they shooting at him with a shooting at someone he knew did someone he know get murdered by a us soldier was he we engaged in some sort of military training and considering become becoming what and i dont know right fourteen is a baby mean yes or no right i mean you can you can drive a car at a meeting in sixteen and cabuc yet we hear you could start dr drivers fifteen is i would is mighty yeah my my my mother and father my mother my father was nineteen my mother was almost sixteen when they got married so you can procreate then have a child but you don't understand the care but let's be real about physiologically you're frontal cortex is nevertheless warmed to your twenty five we have fifteen years oh you're not capable of making good especially living in a war zone you not
before making moral and ethical judgments above and beyond the ideology that you're being raised fair enough i mean i i agree that most of us in that situation may not have been able to extricate ourselves from that and what why to say next doesn't necessarily support the outrage but it gives it greater context he thus come from a family if you later if you check when we get off the air sort of the the queues of this family they don't seem as though they are simulating very nicely within canadian value system in other words for most agents the reflex of taking this guy who seems too quite resistant to liberty and modernity and freedoms and rewarding i'm with ten point five million thought that by the way this temporary five canadian so it's probably thirty dollars american at this point
i thought we were of similar now we we were to a few years ago we were at par and i think now we're at one point three third twenty twenty five thirty percent less than you that's how that was when i was when i first to go i want ya like in the nineties at par org or different different the waiters till you're saying now the american darwin farm longer yet it s right yeah is heading back towards that now not not not to do it's the worst i've ever seen it was when we lived in california and two thousand and one two thousand and three at one point it was six thousand four hundred and sixty five now point seventy five us not the worse it has ever been but we're heading in that direction but since with and about our maybe you'd like to talk about and i know that you ve had jordan petersen on did you follow both of our respective testimonies in front of the canadian senate daddy
bilbil i didn't you know i've read a lot of jordan stuff on that i've seen him speak loud and i've see i saw that one conversation than he had on television in canada with some person who is a professor engender studies who as ambiguous lease actual i got it i don't know what they were whether it's a guy or girl or transgender woman to man this is what it seem to be right and the one if there's no that gender was no biological difference between men and women yes which is just fucking horseshit mean that is just like one plus one is not too i mean really is there are obviously of broad spectrum of of variation in both sexes and they kind of coal ass in the middle somewhere with some
oh what's amazing is that i've been fighting this battle and academia precisely because of what i do which is introduce evolutionary psychology and social sciences so these types of conversations these ludicrous conversations i've been experiencing them for for much of my scientific career what's extraordinary at this point is that some of this nonsense is now becoming law and canada so too got to give you the background to what happen so i was invited both to speak if i became senate and also to give a talk in front of parliament on parliament here but the canadian senate part was bill c sixteen which is a bill that that seeks to incorporate gender identity engender expression under the rubric of hate crimes rights on the same way that i can be committed against you for your religion or your race or ethnic city i can't discriminate against you because your gender identity or gender expression because then that would be hit
and so i appeared in front of the cane senate to simply say that while of course everybody's person who should be respected and we are equal to the law the manner by which the bill was tabled the weight was written it was so vague as as it for it to be dangerous and so i give examples so me just mention a few here for it for you yours so i said look harvard university there algae bt q office came out with a pamphlet that said that the idea of promulgating and i'm gonna quote fixed binaries and biological essential ism close quote fixed binary means male female biological essential as it is to argue that anything's biological so the idea of promulgating fix binaries and biological essential ism is a form of transforming systemic violent
this is not violence violence is and is not metaphorical sought allegorical it's not that you mean violence in quote it is a form of transphobia but specifically systemic violent transphobia now how did they define violence because there is a very specific definition of violence well i don't know my job the general sense i think it's the desire to come up with ever broadening definitions of violence that any any transgression that you commit could fit on that ruby even micro micro aggression is a form of violence so so then i went in front of the canadian sent and i'm out you could watch this later it's on my channel i said look every single thing that i teach in my courses would constitute transphobia systemic violence based on that sort of standard right scientific data
exactly so if i get up and say here is how sexual selection works right sexual selection is the mechanism that explains how sex specific traits evolve while sex specific traits evolve you recognise that there is male and there is female here is why human males are likely to have in sexually selected to be more risk takers right while by engage given that conversation i would be promulgating fixed binaries and buy a lot nickel essential as in france phobic transphobia violence because a trance chance under student could come up to me say look professor you ve thought your court adolescent your course thirteen we she talked about evolve mating preferences or not once did you talk about the non gender binary the gender fluid the the other cannons on that's marginalize me that's excluded me you're being biased you're being prejudicial so i tried to argue that most of the liberal
senators either laughed and scoffed one of them accuse me of being programme side this is on record in the canadian senate so us it is with this person is now i think show senator job but i i've started pushing the which has now become maybe air and internet did you have a conversation with them in their it so we the competition we had was moaning genocide someone set what how do you respond to that when someone says this or that my response which you could see paraphrasing says sure that given the fact that i escaped execution in lebanon because of my jewish heritage that i need to be lectured about genocide and that to come back now apparently later and i didn't see this apparently later he wanted to retract somebody's comments and apologize for them i don't know about how did you justify genocide like what that's what happens when you have your impressive eyes by ostrich president syndrome wow
how is it ok to study all these behaviour patterns and aunts and monkeys and dogs and what have you but you can't with human beings because of do as human beings somehow or another anything that you find bout generalised behaviour patterns or specific sexual preferences somehow another man regionalize is or in some way diminishes how and other persons living their life to the point where it becomes violence so there is actually a term for what you just ass it's called the human reticence effect and simply put a lot of people are perfectly happy to use evolutionary arguments to explain the behaviour of the salamander the hyena the mosquito the dog but if you use exact same evolutionary principle to explain human phenomena then suddenly it's no go why
do you think is because we're aspiring to something better i think it's because people succumb to wrongly so to the idea of biological determinism they think that if you if you call up and explain a phenomenon a biological principle that means you doomed to your biology it's a fatalistic thing which are horses nonsense because there's no such thing as biological determinism because most of the things that are triggered by our biology have to be triggered by interacting with the environment right genes are turned on or off as a function of environmental inputs and outputs so the idea of biological determinism as it is a false worry much of what we do it's called the interaction is viewpoint much of who we are
as an interaction of our genes and our environment but for most people there is something vulgar about reducing the richness of the human condition to our biology it just feels wrong this explains the behaviour of the hyena but we are above that we are cultural animals we are prone to condition and socialization and high order cognition so you could even take evolutionary biologists so these are people who are trained evolutionary biology they will commit this error i mean that's breathtaking lighten the cost example is a guy who is otherwise in utter buffoon his name is peace admires but a fifth grader academic i say this because not to denigrate
but as i said to use the one that's the letters easily ever yes canadian so pc myers his claim to fame is he's got a very and hats off time he's gotta incredibly popular scientific blog called for angola which gets hundred million views or something so it is all very well for himself but he's the guy i who is perfectly happy to use evolutionary principles to explain the behaviour of the meeting in view of the salamander but if i come in as an evolution psychologist and use the exact same principle the exact same logical structure to explain human behaviour or what's this gets out doing this bullshit evolutionary psychology stuff that's nonsense that pseudoscience and the right flexi has doubts because to somehow explained
for the salamander makes sense its national geographic but humans they dare not prompted biology and jobs is given to other examples stephen j gould richard low and who are very very famous harvard evolutionists also despise evolutionary psychology but for other reasons they were avowed marxists they came sort of from the hip duration of the marks they probably about twenty use of them you are one of the mouse passed away stephen vehicles that but they were gone i who thought that if ever quality is right then there marxist bullshit ideologies would be wrong so they were strong anti evolutionary psychology folks even though all of their training suggested that they should be for it so they are the by the way who used to be or wilson i mentioned earlier so ie wilson the social ask i wrote a book called social biology and ninety seventy five where he is
how evolutionary theory could explain behaviour across all sorts of animals everybody was happy with the book and one of the last chapters he applies all these principles to the human condition he became persona non grata he became a see he couldn't go anywhere to give a talk without being shouted down unlike how you're seeing milo today being shouted down while e and went through those culture wars thirty years ago because evolution psychology was attacking the petty political ideologies of his colleagues at harvard of miles avowed comparison i think jordan petersen probably short at a comparison fair is miles obviously a provocative intrude on purpose to look at what he would do just instead appointments your at individuals i would like to try to figure out how we we're not going to let us discuss it what what is the motivation why will resist these ideas
of looking at the data of human interaction and genetics and sexual preference why did they resist examining these factors like what is it about and what is it people that like the guy that you were talking about that wants to point at you for examining these factors and call you horrific names and just for looking at actual provable data day now that you can mean you could show it you get there and minutes review declined why what is what's the motivation is ultimately eagle driven so in the case of those harvard folks they are
it'd more excess rife evolution psychology is right therefore my pet political ideology is wrong therefore i have to shoot it that's one example let's let's do for care suppose i am a overweight woman and i don't i don't get much action the mating market one of two things can happen i could either believed that there is and evolved preference that men have for certain universal standards of beauty or i go for the much more comforting message which is that these beauty standards are arbitrary sexist patriarchal standards and if only me and would stop being shallow and buying into these hollywood images than myself this beautiful eight hundred pound woman would be getting off ash the world so it's nothing wrong with me it's that they are outside forces that are causing these arbitrary preferences
the right naomi wolf wrote a book in the early nineties the beauty myth that sold millions of copies where she org with that there is no such thing as universal standards of beauty it's all a beauty met its the patriarchy that imposes these beauty myths on women to attack their sense of self well if i'm a woman who doesn't score well even if only if i'm a man for example and we know that women prefer men of high status where i could do one of two things i could get out there and shake my butt and get the stuff that's right joe rogan nobody gave him all the stuff that you have you have to work hard for all your success so that you could then hopefully do on the mating market or i could you know what these are arbitrary standards i mean and adjust world my being a lazy apathetic beta mail would just be as worthy of love and so i think ultimately there is in
element to biological based explanations that's unhopeful to most people write the idea that we could all be anything is a lot more hopeful and the idea that we could all be anything unconstrained by biology only exists in the recesses of ideologues there the world is not made up like that beautiful but our more symmetric now that doesn't mean that you're not symmetric your doom to a life celibacy but nor the fact that bread pit brad pitt is is considered handsome does he exhibit certain cues that women all around the world agree our beautiful sawdust your question there is something very non hopeful about buying the idea that we are biological beings it's a lot more comforting to know we are infinitely malleable filthy socialize a because than any of us could be anything given the right conditions
i could be the next leah now messy that's hopeful and therefore i'd like to subscribe to that i think there's absolutely something what you're saying but i think there is also this very strange and vague possibility that we are aspiring to a higher standard because we recognise that here beings are evolving and that we're moving into some strange place were were no longer just creatures of the flesh and that need to put people on even playing field is this is a part of aspiration i've i definitely think there's these influences and i definitely think are these there there's a lot of people that look at beautiful people they get upset i mean there's a there's a way that they do it where they feel that their justified and being prejudiced like they can see a guy like the rock for example whose as big handsome man is big berlin and they think that as a fuckin idiot media
really meanwhile like our primary law is pro smarter so rightly said the very ambitious soaking controls mind control his he's very disciplined he controls is mine far better than a lot of overweight people that would criticize him and call him a fool but meanwhile they let their body wrought to the state of decay which is not an intellectual thing to do if you're looking at your body and i got reach is a finite resource and how demands that resource will very poorly written rings drinkin fuck soda and smoking cigarettes and then talking about the rock being an idiot right mean that these are obviously strom adventures but i wonder if what we are doing what's going on in canada and this this liberal of social justice warrior approach to every body being equal and if they're not let's try to make an equal and if there is anybody that superior try to push them down and bring the brown people up and
wonder if we're trying to achieve some sort of equilibrium some sort of balance some sort of some sort of state where were no longer just monkeys were no longer just creatures of you know i want to fuck her cuz she got big tits right now there's our base ideas he's a base instincts that it's fine if we observe the men bonobos but we don't i see them in harvard educated kid is right so the male gaze becomes problematic right a man staring at a woman becomes a micro aggression meanwhile she's wearing almost nothing but she's got a shore skirt on and painted toes and you want more can help us of the genes come fired up you must suppress those because we're eventually moving pass the flesh and you are of the new generation the new generation that will some day be neutered and there will be some non binary expression of your humanity that you know exists as an avatar and some
virtual reality world that you'll be forced to subscribe to when when you join yale but by lay that's when talk about the male gazing much over this ass the sun the social before but its precisely this type of thinking that causes the western feminist to view the burka liberating and the bikini as patriarch of oppression it's exactly that right the to the extent that the male gaze is a form of visual rape near right and that should be condemned that should be stopped because it is a type of salt and quotes right the burka by removing that mail gaze becomes liberating now this is not an argument that i'm making up this is i've heard this argues idea on the other hand when a woman where's the brazilian thong you and i look at her and have the exact same predictable response that most men would have because its involved
response while that's we that's bad because we are part of the patriarchy and we are succumbing to this rape urge right so this is so when i talk about ostrich parasitic syndrome i don't it uses a metaphor its genuinely the case that people's minds are becoming infected with such garbage that their income the will to rationalize to think would reason and that's what i that doing most of the time that's what jordan petersen ends up doing most of the time which is we are committed to truth unencumbered by vertical correctness earlier you were saying what would be some how can we get ourselves out of us linked to this tribalism and so on i think the only way you could do it and i'm not saying that but he can reach that level is to simply be dedicated to the pursuit of truth when i was on some harris's show earlier this year about six seven months ago he asked
is there any research question that you would not tackle and your you're you're scientific career that is too abu and my answer is no right as long as you addressed the question honestly and objectively there is nothing that should be off limits right because then it becomes very easy while sex differences we should study that because then it will marginalize one sexually other race differences shouldn't study them for the same way so on that becomes forbidden knowledge no the highest ideal that any honest person should pursue is the pursuit of truth and certainly in intellectual so no don't be encumbered by political correctness just pursued the truth and i think one of the reasons why george peterson's message in my message has resonated now with a lot of people is because at least see that we are ascribing to that idea to the best of our ability if that truth hurt your feelings fuck you how are you
triggered hell i'll leave i use the f word arouses park has an effect on people i think it some you know it's a bunch of different things going on all at once and there's obviously some tribalism going on even amongst these social this warriors he's virtual signalling people who are trying to get as much credit much in our social justice warrior street crab as they ten like what happened with bread einstein open evergreen college and when i had him on i just read some recent thing where their doubling down on there of him and in our meme me they dare accusing him of all of this by simply going on the tucker carlson's show here's what fascinating huffington posed
is a really left leaning establishment right i mean if any website is left leaning its huffington post laughing to have some great articles don't get me wrong i am critical of all their stop at its very left meaning like openly regarded they had a piece breaking down how preposterous these students are end the faculty and the president and what they have underbred wines dean and criticized each step of by showing a transcription of his conversation on the talk or karlsson show which lasted like fire minutes and they called tucker karlsson alt right kay i don't know you redefining all right now by the way i've been called all right they reuben and i are our monitoring of the all try decencies a wheel leaders we re actual leaders they all our road a tweet about this like the fact that they can called dave ruben
is a gay man whose married to a man who used to be on the young turks whose jewish whose jewish and me i guess i call them a progressive but a programme given the idea that he he wants progress mean they them into the real broad term of progressive progress meaning equality for all but honest honest about the approach but i would consider and probably more than in a libertarian bent if you wanted to get like political i guess i'm sort of in this sort of progressive slash libertarian left leaning thing but i also believe in a lot of right things as well like you know that i think that competition is pro billy ultimately good right and i think that blaming other people for your lack of success is really easy and it's something the people while the time but when you do that if you look at things in that way then diminishing the struggles that down
trot and people and minorities and the oppressed and all these different small group that have been somehow another marginalized there you are diminishing their struggle which is now absolutely not the case but there have been people that have emerged from those groups and done amazing things but those are outliers and you can't hold people up the standards of those outliers and you know the real problem is that the competition is stacked in favour of these white men who experienced white privilege and what we really need to do is squash white men might have theory about all the stuff what is so it's i called it collective munch housing said this before and i haven't please go i'll tell ya noakes like us to stand alone thank you saw
how earlier i said that the highest idea should be the pursuit of the truth here so that the currency that i operate and is pursuing truth wherever that leads me a banker cares about the body like how much money companies euros there are in his back right and my case its truth now in the social justice warriors currency it's how much eagle strokes he or she gets by proclaiming unique victimised that is not why i call this collective munch housing so two thousand ten i had published the paper in a medical journal where i was looking at a specific all of which have so much hasn't syndrome as a psychiatric condition where someone feigns illness to get attention to get empathy to get sympathy it's a real psychic condition i know ladies got it right or else crazy later i won't you ok right
much housing syndrome by proxy is a different situation where you try to get your ego strokes by harming someone else and then getting the reward so what does that mean you are frozen biological mother whose who has this condition you will harm a child your biological child so that then you could take him to the hospital and he was a poor you you ve got a sick ailing child and so on and then you get your your or orgy ass thick organic strokes by getting that attention and that empathy right more you could do it if you have a pet or sometimes the elderly parents but usually is your biological job so i was writing paper trying to explain this from an evolution perspective how this mythology could arise and so that's how the the psychiatric sent syndrome wasn't my radar and then as i started seeing all these social justice warriors navid
leading the world through a game of oppression olympics where the the highest go you could achieve is to be declared the winner of the oppression olympics came right the pursuit of truth it's not making the most money it's can i be anointed as the guy with the grace and i call this collective munch housing because it becomes a form of munch housing the collective level right let me give you another example as ring to donald trump when donald one the re election just on my facebook page private personal facebook page i would see people outdoing doing each other almost as if it were satirical in terms of their collective much i am a brown woman whose attending this university now that donald from has one i'm afraid to go to classes meant just think about her outrageous that sounds i mean you may like or dislike donald trump do you genuinely believe that your ability to take cost
as in your bullshit college it and main is going to be affected you going to experience personal safety donald trump is setting up roadblocks so that he could create internment camps all women of color so they get gang rape what is the fear that you have that literally right but their testifying their nests defiant and so it becomes this collective psychosis where the way that i win is by demonstrating that i am the biggest victim so that's what social justice warriors do is that they have to win that game and so there is not so the breadth wines an example is those guys is seeking to windows olympics dear you say that you could come on campus don't you know what kind of victims rights or its it say it's a complete parker from reason it's grotesque it's a psychiatric condition it's it's weird how prevalent it is and how
it's almost one of those things that you as a professor are not really allowed discuss with the people that are exhibiting behaviour because then europe diminishing their fear right diminishing or marginalizing there their own personal issues that they feel they have except except because i always can pull out my victim knowledge card which usually out ranks all of them because there screaming while sitting yet wellesley paying sixty thousand dollars that they are marginalized whereas i say i'm not sure if i could be sympathetic because let me tell you my person has well that's what you did with the guy in the meeting when he got used to have genocide he's after you ve hit and went for is exactly like socket stupid exactly and so now the way sit the only way i could improve my support as i have jokingly said is if i self i then to fire as a woman i'm transgendered look i'm sure if you suffer
fires woman why do you have to assume the appearance of a woman i mean if really appear it don't matter exactly i mean if parliament would anus well yeah i mean this whole idea that beauty standards are bullshit networking constructed by the patriarchy why can't you grow big ol santa claus beard steel style identify with a woman we i'm with you i like you well let's let set the train but where do we draw the line because i have no problem someone identifying as woman if you want to be a woman it's fine i don't care rights as well where do we draw the line where are you allowed where are you how how out there can you get before i allowed to go well that guy might be fucking crazy have you heard about this new there's this new i think called i think sis sexism the heavier this no i i think i covered in where my sad truth clips it's basically the idea that so you you're a heterosexual mail and assist gendered
which is not real right that's not a real expression but it is but will all expressions are created by human rights evasion some humans accepts so you and i wished to mate with women we are heterosexual do we look right now stay with me by you restricting your preference to this old antiquated term of women meaning that they have vaginas you're actually engaging the form of sis sis sexism because they are women who have nine inch penises it also be privy to your attention so by you saying yes i'm attracted to women but only the women that our sis gender that have female i that's a form of sis sexism this idea is not being promulgated so you
even saying that you have a head or sexual orientation towards biological women as a form of transphobia not unlike by though it here's another example transformational ism of europe at this sight so yes ok i love this idea is an event ass the it's wonderful so what far could we take this how we gonna go that far so yeah you think that you think the falcons not gonna start swinging the other way and some play out for sure it will and it has and i think that's one of the reasons why donald trump got an office is people so upset with political correctness that went with the exact opposite which is buffoonery right out ages you know like braggadocio male buffoonery mean that's really what this mean he's a braggadocious buffoon buffoon in a lotta respects especially the way talks about his ratings in his hands talks about himself third person you know like use describing kenya western conny loves trump mink do and saying that about yourself describing
yourself in a third person that a famous person loving you it's so bizarre while you know a lot of people who follow me think that joke that that they think that have these trump posters in my room and be my big hero which of course is not and i too am can it is truly don't have a bug in this fight the reason why they think that is because i offered higher to the election being done i offered some compelling reasons psychological reasons why people my vote for donald trump so most famously perhaps my with some harris i explained the psychological mechanisms that could lead to otherwise perfectly reasonable people to vote for trump simply propose seeing these wise complete on it optimal i'm sure your where what's going on with got atoms miss scott atoms
lost millions of dollars for simply stating that he believes that donald trump is a very persuasive person and correctly predicting that that power or persuasion would allow him to win the presence is an aquarium he doesn't even vote scott item says because he talk so much about politics he does not want to have a dog in the fight so he doesn't vote he told me that on the pond cast and so people think that is a trump supporters like i'm absolutely not a trump supporting those i'm analyzing the human behave exactly as it is so just a kind of repeat what i have told sam so there are different decision rules that one can use when they're making a choice between the competing alternatives offers up if you choose between cars each cars defined by many attributes right its gas efficiency it sets the power of its engine its price and so on and so they are
different ways that i could apply decision rule and choosing between car ain't card be so here's one rule i could look at take all the attributes put them together multiply them by the important swayed of each attribute and pick the best product so using that decision rule maybe hillary clinton would have won because maybe if you put all the attributes together she ends up scoring higher than donald trump but here's another decision ruled it's called lexical graphical lexical graphical will basically says i simply look up my most important attribute what's the attribute that i care most when i'm making the choice within this category and i simply choose the alternative that scores higher on that most important attribute so for example if it were cars i only about the power of the engine so choose car aid because it has a stronger power engine right in the case of donald trump versus hillary clinton suppose that miles circle graphic rule is i care only about the position on immigration that's my decision that's don't
when i look at was very reasonable for people to think that donald trump had a more conservative tough view on the creation than hillary clinton so if i use that decision rule that psychological rule i would choose donald trump would it make me a guy who is sleeping with my sister and i'm a tooth toothless guy in arkansas and a heck it simply means that i'm using a particular decision rule that causes to choose donald trump over hillary clinton so again all i did not unlike what's adams than his own way is offer the different sites the logical processes by which a very reasonable person can end up choosing donald trump rather the hillary clinton and its unbent evil the kind of fuck i got was grudges it's your absolute area of expertise is ambitious what's your education is it it's what you teach exactly it's so strange that if it doesn't jive with people's belief systems they get upset at you for teaching something
it's a science right why call this by the way the the i used to love you got sad but rules i used to love me i sat by trump i hate you i love saying that though they used to stay love saying that they love to try to instil a seed of regret not just criticism but regret because even more painful i'd like to say i just think you for rolling arm or fuck you hear my fan mountaineer what's the number one source of flak that you receive from your gigantic fan base one the one issue that triggers them animals to boil now too neil i personally like you know joe i think you're a great guy but my god you're such an idiot because of ex what's x to so many things we therefore do three hour party asked us the name get a lot of facts wrong
lots of things are remembering correctly because a lot of like these free form conversations like we're having its not planned out the subjects are planned i in particular like the divergent past we take sometimes will go down a path and i'll go to tat was it so worry about that thing and i'll get that shit wrong all the time because this i mean as good as my memory is and it's pretty good there's just a certain amount of data that you kid instantaneously call up to that meeting ask me questions about certain things there my constant data to day existence like maybe perhaps stand up comedy or martial arts i can i get you you a staggering amount of information off the top of my head but there's a lot of stuff that in a week talk about in these podcast assist people say we should prepared well i didn't know we're gonna talk about exists no it's one of the things it makes conversations or interesting so in that sense i'm giving myself it get out a gm free pass but i don't know
mean getting things wrongs pro the big walker yeah talking over people being me head things i'm guilty of i think the problem the number one thing for me over the past few months has been this trump thing where people simply cat and the state they think i'm his water boy which are i'm not but i am simply saying look very very reasonable people could have converged to a trump decision vote don't you think that's like one of those one hundred forty character criticisms like it's really like i've been called a transport em honey percent not but because of the fact that it the crucial thing to say to someone yet still love trouble now you're fuckin idiot like london trump and while i gave seven minute one bit about him of my agri how my loving we target but doesn't because by saying that they get diminish you owe you a racist right you know you're a sexist rhino oh you're like that one of the craziest why is someone if someone gets
unfairly or unjustly or inaccurately accused of rape right yes mediately that persons a rapist and they did it and it is incredibly difficult to exonerate yourself from that and people who have been accused of rape me not people like bill cosby way get accused of fifty fuckin time something crazy but i've known people that were accused of rape and it was all i and they were it was done by an x and it was just someone who is a score lover and those angry and they wandered to cast the worst possible light on this person in order to give them some tasted the pain that they feel from rejection or for whatever reason and this is not uncommon i mean i don't know what the statistics are as far as false rape accusations some actual re versus people who raped don't talk about it but either one not invalidate the other
saying that a lot of women actually happen been rape which neither you nor i would ever argue if of course and it's a horrible crime and a terrible fuckin thing to do person take away their humanity in that way that does not does not somehow or another make it ok that people have false rape accusations though that's a horrific thing to me weaken quantify what's worse or woods are you now and i think we would all agree that it's probably worse to be physically rate than it is to be accused of rape when you didn't do it but they're both gross but if these think that i've actually written about this do you think that deed punishments for false accusations of rape are too lax because i do i think that i dont know what they are but i would say that they should be pretty horrific right almost to the almost the same amount of what he would have spent in in prison
think me like seventy percent i think i think we're false rape accusations especially if you agree chase it down and try to give his person locked up i'm there's so much wrong with that it might be like seven never sat of rape seventy percent meaning like seventy percent is bad shouldn't say a number i don't think it's as bad as physically rewriting someone but it's in the neighbour but am i think of it this way not to get to philosophical every day that a guy spends in prison as a falsely accused rapist while you the woman who falsely him sitting in your house i mean you are quote committing the crime every day of his life right every day that you don't stubborn or washing up with astonishing right again not diminished that one act of rape but you are raping this guy metaphorically everything if not literally because he probably going to be rates and in prison for having that accusation on top of
had rang right because that's a targeted programmes targeted person so in a sense you're almost as diabolical as a true rapists because you are living with that false information and every day you're going to buy your tomatoes and groceries unencumbered by the fact that their the guy sitting in prison whose probably pass some very ugly moments because you are unwilling to correct the wrong that you ve done so i think it's a pretty diabolical person does that it's a devil its deftly a diabolical and the problem is whenever you bring up this diabolical person you automatically get lumped in with someone who has some sort of an enabler some system endured white male privileged piece of shit doesn't care about actual rape victims because you're more concerned with man who get falsely accused of rape right this is another thing it's not it's not diminishing the actual crown array which is one of the worst things in the world next a murder it's just a horrific terrifying the aspect of human beings that we're even
capable of doing that but it doesn't mean that false rape accusations asians aren't also a horrific aspect of being a person tissue a lot of shitty behaviour that people exhibit in soon as we lock ourselves into these but these little groups that will always blindly support like i have this bit of a doing lately about in particular i saw a girl's cards had girls kick ass image of a guy had a bumper sticker this had boys kickass myths so you're signing off on a hundred and sixty million people that so crazy but it's one of those things were will allow that because we all agree that women have a harder go of it in this country in particular and other countries far more so right and we could go back to ideology for the reason that we're talking about earlier by the way speaking of rape
i don't i don't think we mentioned this ever on the show at two of my colleagues one of them i know well the other one not so much if at all wrote a book around two thousand or two thousand two hundred and adaptive evolutionary explanation for rape he had there you go you don't need to hear anything why so a guy do exactly so actually solved i'll tell you their names surround a thorn here was a very very serious scientists i'm craig paused they wrote a book i think it was in two thousand now they weren't of course justified rape of a working condoning it they were saying look if you wish to understand rape then you better have a good scientific basis for why it happens and therefore they offered and adapt of argument which by the way that's one of the main things that people weight of lucius ecology commit as a fallacy they think that when you ex in a phenomenon your justifying it so she explain
my men and women might cheat on one another and monogamous unions or you're offering a scientific justification for cheating of course you're not usually my rebuttal is the guy who are these cancer and oncologist does that mean he is for pencroft cancer he's justifying noise just trying to explain why pancreatic cancer happens is that across the board though i mean what if you try to explain why people commit violent crimes or explain why people steel things from store yes that's great question i think there are certain phenomena that trigger that recent more than others and it's an open empirical question what's the quality of the phenomenon that causes you to react that way i would say that its most likely the stronger person who seems to have the privilege victimizing the weaker person proud i got males versus female child abuse that satellites and failures exactly the sort of the book that got means illusion psychology out of us of mentioned the story before maybe on the show it was
my first semester as a doctoral student at the corner and the professors the vast psychology course and the professor assigned a book called homicide by two pioneers of every psychology been wifey margo wilson and martin daily where the book is about understanding patterns of comment criminality vienne evolutionary limbs and one of the things in the book but had struck me ass so powerful was looking a child abuse in the home and then the demonstrating that there's a very clear evolutionary reason why that happens so let me ask you that if we discuss it for instance shot or things not i don't recall skinny guess at all what is the number one greatest predictor of there being a child abuse in home to phase out but you might say all its poverty you
today i would say is probably parents that were abusing children no bigger than that bigger than much bigger i had that one factor as a hundredfold greater than so well typically when you say and was called odds likelihood ratio one point two so you have a twenty percent greater chance getting cancer if you smoke so having one point two great odds is concerned a big number here i'm telling you a hundredfold greater sort something that's almost never seen in science what is having a step parent than the home now think again here of another animal to get the people who don't like pondered the greater the so ashley it's now been called the cinderella effect because instead cinderella right she she shows that the evil stepmother loves her to biological daughters by
hates the step daughter cinderella so there are now think about would lions right in line pride you have a one or two dominant males who control and protect the pride and who control sexual access to the females there is constant testing of these males by bands of young males who are looking to take over and for a while the residents males went out and then eventually they lose when they lose and their either killed or banished from the pride what's the first thing that the new incoming bosses do they kill the babies born they killed the baby's what happens to the females that the lionesses s they one killed
they go on passengers rights so i mean instead of playing a very white music and the violin to get them in the mood killed their children and they get in the mood right natures rude or right while in the context of humans when you have a step parent who is not biologically linked to the child it simply increases the likelihood of there being abuse ral usually when you explain this what is the first thing people say oh well i grew with a step farther he didn't do this to me you're an asshole or but but what are you saying means it's ok to do it because you explaining itself look how they conflate explore meaning a phenomenon which justify the phenomenon so i think rape child abuse probably marital infidelity are the three evolution very phenomena that when you splain using an evolutionary lens people go completely wacko dear it makes a lot of sense i mean it it's something that its
you you almost can't look at it forbidden lodge esper my conversely with some harris avoid that topic because you'll get too much flock and that's dangerous nothing should be forbidden so these scientists that wrote this book where they are examining rape and causes of rape what was the repercussions so i i was invited so roundly foreign houses university of new mexico and he still their great guy went when he invited me to one group invited me to give a talk at the university him and i went for one i ask that question he said at one point there had to be constant police patrols because of all the death threats and so on but if he was getting by i suspect that at this point subsided this is fifteen sixteen years ago but when the book first came out it was dangerous to be brandy phone
this is so bizarre where people that you would think of the left right and it is soon as you think of people that are liberal and progressive you think these are non violent folks they just want peace and happiness and love but look what happened in evergreen i mean this is brett weinstein's talked about the threats and then all of a sudden you ve got vigilante patrols with teachers in baseball bat in these kids that are running around trying to justify using violence because cylinders and agree with their thoughts the whole idea of it is a day of absence of day of inclusion or does it day of presents right right that was the idea was that why people should stay home and once it was like that's fucking racists leg you can't do that and he as he self describes as a deeply progressive person in my conversations with him in indicating that in a huge wave aegis of really open minded progressive guy you they doesn't but he does want racism against white people to exist anymore than he wants it against black people but by the way
i was so he came on my show too we had a great shout and uncertain hiding now de i nanogram isn't he about or north if full hiding but he certainly not on campus women's movement he things and we said he had a move is family guy even nowhere but maybe i should well if you look at the comment section i wonder if the same thing happened when he came on your show i was amazed the animals that he that was being levied at him from people who are saying hey that guy as part of the problem he's a progressive who created the monster that is now biting his ass and so let him that let's let the
and that was his own uncharted about eating out of uniting get that but i do understand why fools we think there is not the real true progressives like a non audio logically days progressive it's a good thing exactly to give thing to do to north of the thanked him and we should all be the same regardless of dread locks or shaved head or if your white or black it's weird thing like like sexual preference and we're talking about before like if a man is only sexually attracted if he says i am actually attract by prefer white women you are a fucking racist but if you say i prefer black women like spiced spices weird right away this this cuts both ways and i shall comment on this if you say i'm attracted to overweight women you are objective firing and fed the shining are corpulent bodies are you done that's what they ll say that's what they also the complainant
be happy somebody like sector if you say i don't like fat women because i'm not then of course you're you're a big so same thing with with black women right if you say look i just have a preference for black women oh yeah the old stereotype of the sexual black woman with a beautiful behind your objectify ass you racist if you say you know i they don't like that that the the body types of black but i prefer asian women while you are racist so all roads lead you being an asshole if you like them it's bad if you dont like them it's bad if you just say just enjoy dating black women because of the weather communicate ray someone will probably accused listen at correcting somebody for their grammar if it's part of their dialect racist so ebonic showers was coming one we're coming here i was us into a song by cannabis seats era sierra journal no she's she's a hip hop singer and at one point
saw the she goes there you is there u s i told my way pisses me off when they commit these grammatical errors yeah but that is not an art thing i mean like i might say something grammatically incorrect on stage or thing it's funny or than saying incorrectly ok fine if you're doing it because it is part of that sort of the contextual ice stick but is now which is doing is perhaps on at all it's at all gosh i don't aviators rhymes better there you are don't say there u yours but would have fictitious runabout what rules it is fear fears had i champagne get my fears it look over there there u is she'd been rapidly by the way you set about you said that saying that you're attracted the black women might be rising did you hear the latest with the new letter that was uncovered from two bucks a court you were i checks then i know that he broke up with her because she was a white woman he
broke up with madonna madonna yeah you only just she was annoying users twenty five states good way like that you can ever change you can't change the fact that here why that's a good move but imagine the other way around right if if if she had written him a letter saying hey dear to i would have loved to continue relationship but given that your blind guy her career would be over but i am saying it to her he actually said he goes he said if you date me it appears as oh you're an exciting cool woman but if i continued to date you a lot of the people that made me who i am would i would lose credit with them credit taiwan issues thrown up pussy correctly probably still stuck around she's probably annoying by talk too much by dogs but herself in the third person like trump following the i'm going to admit going to admit something now that's gonna come back the hot were nineteen eighty five
my cousin and i i shouldn't be sailors watchdog drove the toronto see madame i wanted to make eighty five choose a fantastic performer choose a huge superstar turn still kind of is i'm just joking around about being her her being the noise is a fine thing to say i was always big madonna when i was younger i think you know too is beautiful interesting and bold and me you don't get that without a certain my ego mocked at egos like well of course you know it's like that's who she was here too you know and what to park is doing this is kind of like locked into the identity the politics of the ninety ninety meters what what where he was now as it is there a person that you would love to have on your show who is a item that you really love there's a lot of em there's one there's one
that's coming on my show who i hadn't announced its eyes hope that he doesn't somehow back out but i mention it doesn't matter if he doesn't an upcoming it's ok have junior have you heard luton now now it's ricky marked and i'm getting now it's eleven lolita logan gino jean other group statistics no ballistics worry old soul group that's part of jar called the philly sound so there's a type of black music late sixties early have any is very soulful sexy solve type of music silent site stylists work hopefully the epitome of that john but this is a group that i grew up listening to all the way back eleven when i was a kid and i've made contact with the representatives of the lead singer and he's but she will come on my shots site on top of all the people that i've had my show all of whom have been lovely and accomplish people i think and i hope not
insulting to anybody i don't think i'm as excited to be speaking to any one which shows by the way the power of music right as much as i am in speaking this gentleman you know who in this area go there s not much who that's actually not a single set of birch just under a suit co that's the guy that's russell cons junior while we throw a strong he not what's gather falsetto voice it was very very high with his voice you are every there a further song isn't it funny how people used to dance and move back then like looked everyone was like green and there was the thing they used to do together and that doesn't happen anymore i wonder what happened where people decided that synchronized singing like five men together on stage not cool anymore will you do have boy bans yet back street yellow either men is there many of these men deserve this
five men moving their arms and singing in synchronicity while people dance slowly which no one does anymore no dance like that a more who fucks things like that anymore who fuck dance like that dance like that anymore it's weird right i know so we need to bring the train in two thousand when we lived in southern california i had the crazy idea of calling the representatives of the stylus to see how much it would cost to hire them for private cars somehow i thought that a professor had enough of a salary the higher the statistics that a private how many people were at least you know i just have this fantasy that you know when to be amazing to hire people apparently a much poorer than i think i am i think it's five dude it was actually i can remember these i remember there was something in the order this is fifty six years ago was a member may be half a million dollars ass flying them in their feed outside
it's you see irvine was not pay me enough votes i came over the exact number but it was much more than i could afford while will you hoping for early ten grand fifty thousand fifty thousand you're hoping for a year that would seem like reasonable that's like you know i thought i had joe rogan money but they have mere professor money that's on even fifty thousand like i wouldn't spend how much money you release christ if you could what's your favorite group its problem metallica my right i love metallic i love me some metallic special when i'm workin out and i mean you that tommy prior to our starting how much you left shoe disease tramp soon thieves but the town who's your that i do not have a favorite gimme whaley don't let zepplin ok let's zepplin loaded on how they steal music heavens nor it hurts like that hurts me bad not in their brothers well what they
get exonerate ass they paid off some fuckin does that do not much money they would have to give back how much the record companies would have to give back but it was rather than it was stolen like in terms of the you want to play it play here here let's play it so we could just can we do with the weather forecast with youtube fog us so will we do this and it won't be on youtube so the people listening renown new to blogging your shit but this what would do we will synchronized jamie will tell you what this is and you can synchronize it exerting worker attacking open up to you to bananas are put up there i can put the video in the corner so you can see what words fifty six second video card lives up and were spirit stairway to having compare yeah so we'll have to kind of talk a little bit of otherwise the people that are listening to this live streaming earning a get this they can be blake dead air so this is the regional saw this is not let's zeppelin version this is the song that lead that fucking
ribbed on the sound exactly aligned dude it's a hundred percent it's not like eighty percent or seventy percent that's a hug percent they stole this this ban oh it's only one of many i mean there's a lot of influences that they had from old blue songs they added to like some other signs which is more forgivable almost kin to what they do today with rap music with sand sanguine which have any problem with it all methods kind of enhances it makes you think about the old song but this is reach so what was their position it just happened by flew up with the same not desire the best lawyers they got themselves some jews as that i submit its head you as our law some that are being lawyers so here did you play the those are those book is going to verse almost there would have been the second one was the biofuel that play the second part of the first walls the first one is stairway to having listened where does it go
there's a better version events show the that's it compare ok let's put played go back to its if you can what will see which one is ok here we go this is this is the california band psychedelic ban spirit this is true this isn't that sound now this is different as their business at the tourist the on your listening to right now hold on a second it just hold on a second area here this part yeah ok the courts are less even a good that russian reactors a better system riff is the part that in question that's it members want the other songs and as other songs that how can certainly nothing's what's that the potential for them having than some unsavory things that pretty bad ass you couldn't have you wouldn't spent
fifty thousand dollars you have as your guest of honor the godfather your house and then you say ladies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemen let us are you is a closet leds up and then i was trying to tell you how much we have the first person i know much money enough to pay like use here about these guys like gum in the middle east some sheikh there then i adriano to go over there perform i think a million years ago bargain yeah like what didn't beyond saying go and do some crazy concert for new year's in dubai for somebody for like five million bucks on its pays to be super famous yes but he just got jana jackson marrying some oil she's like a forlorn barkers burka yeah well some of those videos need to be expunged from our collective memory and which politics out at the superbowl
jason kostiei paid six million dollars to perform in dubai wicked it's hilarious is there a place that you would be invited a very large sum of money that you would refuse because you disagree politically or ideologically would whatever that person was him you stands for or over sure yeah for short certainly david didn't you know they were bought for some price well it's a little bit different what they do because they would go over there and then i guess they would know like what their material would be you know like if they went over there to perform ninety nine problems the j zis as lyrics are out there now they sailor k we would like you can he be six in box we want you to sing nigh on problems and all these differences the lyrics are clearly established right but if some like me when over there and did comedy like who was it was it who won the guests i had in the past
how sparks they was how sparks that went over to do by any he did a bit and he was told by one of the people in the eye he was going to be arrested because he referred to one of the royal family by the wrong name call sir instead of your highness and so there are gonna arrest him while but then some other member of the royal family stepped in and stopped it because he said no use respectful and he just didn't understand tradition they were ready to lock him up in a fuckin cage cause he used the wrong term not you disrespectful manner right yeah just just call them sir yeah like that's not the place an ongoing i'm just i'm not interested in any place look manage
we'll problem with canada right now i know you know what happened in vancouver were a comic was heckled by these lesbian ass any shit all over them and then they suit him and was because he had done something to violate their human rights because they were heckling notches him but people before him there are disrupting alive performance so do you think that this trend of famous comics refusing to perform at universities is only going to continue to increase or again have we read the maximum amount is gonna be blown cuz as an old jerry seinfeld doesn't do it chris rock doesn't do it right i haven't done since two thousand and three may be the last time as a university concentrate our sat here i don't think they have an of life experience you know i like talk to people that have lived when i when i talk to me but i want to talk to someone who has had fares a love affair
cows and has had jobs and been fired his head education and as i want someone with life experience another is anything wrong with being a teen verse or whatever nineteen but i want someone who's got some living under their belts and i know what the fuck i'm talking about i don't have to explain everything i don't think i did it answer once a concert but did ashore once in a universe and i was talking about something sexual and i saw this bill well the looks and the eyes her humming people are virgins i go don't don't even raise your hands out incriminate you i got just blink real fast they started laughing but it got real uncomfortable i go would you agree i know i'm not even look at you i go on to look at the sky would you say that i would be out align if i said ten percent of you were virgins and place one there were no no that's gets barber right we will again i'm like that's crazy ten percent your virgins that's like if there's two hundred people that twenty you're fucking virgins really that's a lie
people the problem more now probing modest or not being honest but it's not nothing wrong with being college obviously but as far as like where i want to perform i dont have allowed it you know if have a day is twenty four hours in the day i'll have a lot of ours to perform at night from performing at night i get a couple hours in i like i like doing actual comedy doing what do they want to things where comedy is its different than any other art form in that like say if you go to sea music like you know it you gonna go see you don't usually just sick alive music like growl its hope that it's all something i'm interested in you know we're going to see easy followed by johnny cash followed by rail redolent no it's going to be that way you can go to war rock and roll club yoda viper room most likely in here some rock n roll he go to a country western bar you know you see that
i think would stand of comedy people get upset if you're not doing like what appeals to them and their sensibilities i am i to go to night clubs well i don't even do corporate gigs i get a lot of offers into these corporate gigs and though pay you a lot of money as you'll be to tame the audience they won't now it's just like snorted it's not over quality show it's like you guys you pay it's like your gad sad painful de grand to have these guessing and you're back yard some weird ego thing right i saw my friend dana white who these ahead of the eu have see he had a birthday party years back and stone temple pilots played for their due died of an overdose plant and dumb man saw campaign attention was weird stone temple pilots mean they caught got everybody to pay attention got everybody move towards a stage but people a didn't know two expects them double pilots who is a big surprise and when
i even introduce them when i introduce don't ample pilots people didn't even think that it was really gonna be stoned double i got less happy rotated dana thanked him for everything that i said and i'm gonna blow your myra now listen gentlemen stone temple pilots and they came out it was really don't apple pie they went hard they did their if it was really really impressive stuff because they did their full on concert like a hundred percent all it was intense it was really amazing but it wasn't allow lot your pen tat and why was why was sitting there watch and i was like you know it yeah never again i'm never do i mean i've already decided i wasn't gonna do it i wasn't gonna do that anyway but i remain
something that you said i think and our first chat several years ago which has resonated stuck with me you're comparing your career as a stand up comic or in fighting to the truth that comes in science that you your annual comparing that to acting which is very from maryland fuzzy and you're saying basically look when you're a sign first you have to present stuff and it's either right or wrong and people are going to judge you and you analogized it to comedy you get up in front of a crowd you either know your enemy either funny or you going to bomb you get up at the fight you either are red are you gonna get pummelled that was a really good analogy because there's truth and honesty in that right there's no way to win get as a comment you get up and you better be funny i have at its very subject like one thing to make my make you laugh is there for someone might think is terrible emitters of people that are fans of certain comedians that other people think or how awful it just like music
certain types of its it's all subjective said psych when you consider art what's really did like fighting even psych whose it's not necessarily even whose necessarily better sometimes it's like what happened in the moment i sometimes deeds collide heads and it changes the course of a fight and it's not because of skill it's because in the moment something happened chaotic irksome someone got poked in the eye and they couldn't see well and then they got in doubt are they the worst fighter not necessarily sometimes as others all sorts of unpredictable variables that come into play is a guy that i recently quote discovered he's an italian comedian who had an hp a special i thought the exhaustion some ass a model sancho is a body mines but on the pact has no kidding larry s guy i live usually one watch stun optimism our life a bit i think this is via but that guy and in that
sure i probably watches on showtime middle showtime yeah i literally could not stopped laughing yet somehow his humour very resonated with some of our sort of middle eastern yeah yeah yeah i just scared so gravitate towards him disguise fantastic really as he's a great guy too he's he's like nobody hates that guy like that guy's loved in the car many community but as he is universal allies had been known for a long time been doing it for a long time and he's an interesting case because when he first started out he wasn't doing good you know he had a really work hard at it to become who he is but he stuck with it and chipped away at it and get better and better and better and i didn't see him for a long time because i had taken my hiatus from the common store and i saw him on show time when i was in commodore anymore and i thought it was so fucking funny i met a member tweeting adam than i gotta go
the van said do that was amazing it's so good and i'd heard that he was doing really well but i have seen him perform and whose probably like sixty years five or six years at least and he just have done so much better that's innate tried you agree that much of our humor i it's not something that you could teach and a workshop right how to funny one or one right it's just you either have that every you know how to say you have an amber if you long you have an amber you could become really funny but i've been a lot of people that socked in the beginning and they just got really good they because they really worked hard at an here's the most important thing in this is like it's this relates to what we ve been talking about being objective about the actual root cause why people like you or don't like you try to figure out what what it is about what you're doing the people dont like and corrected get better and prove and nearly went improve is not blame the audience oh you're a basis
budget nostalgia injured i mean but people do do that and the people to do make those excuses and dont instead look internally you know sometimes you can have about sending essay weena women a fact that by just one in tune dan i gotta i gotta get to readjust i got you know i maybe i was sick that day in this always like reasons necessarily not not monsieur excuses rather but not examine those uncomfortable moments and some people excuse themselves by that by saying that the un's or you know these people are assholes or you know these people are stupid there's a bunch of excuses a people make sense is super critically you don't do that you gotta look at get a look at the whole thing in early june juke answers of actionable feedback you look for it from other national comics because you trust your opinions more are you looking for this billions in the audience to give you that feedback with which one is more actionable your perspective as you're trying to improve your craft is very
problematic to play for the comedians does comedians like weird shit we might like something completely obscure that we don't see common in august donata of audience might not be laughing and you might hear one comment in the bag of gum adds value ridiculous and the audience doesn't think it's funny and then there's a trap that the comedian will fall into with a start playing for their peers specifically there's a bunch of guys it of botswana anybody out but there's people that of ruin their career because they essentially became the comical placed the back of the room the audience didn't think there are funny and is essentially they're making fun of people who try to be funny instead exonerating themselves for many real pressure to be funny hey i'm here to make the comic south i'm comics com a great while the no comics are comics conflict dave chapels comics comrades buddy el the audience to rise
because he's real he's got over the full package where there is a lot of comics that bomb in front of the audience but you'll have like twenty guys in the back of the room they think it's cool to chocolate obscure references and very bizarre words they get used in some serve strategy would be sort of like that right because you just follow as references takes you like a flow chart of twenty pages long right i thought you know all about him wants is really file sharing you know he's smart has really know words why then is crazy he i just freezes finds out words is pivotal now and egoism and evil laugh even though there are no one is talking so someone pleaded joke on him once where it use some reference use some reference on dennis mill that they made up always dom ira used a reference dat dennis miller that is made up and dennis laughing at even though it was a real because it was like think how to build cool too no time to remember
story but he was like you're his like he does i fucked him with his own thanks tickets i checked with his own trick wages used of reference is real and he just here you re at his people don't to be on the outside they people don't like to say what the exact mean right i'm a big fan of saying what does that mean because i doesn't look nine hundred plus podcast with seven people way fuckin smarter than me so i i have to say on an old i mean like gonna beat you mean but there's a weird thing where people don't liked and they equate not having information with somehow another being less intelligent rights which is a really bizarre thing because it's ok if talking to someone about something that you couldn't possibly have data on like you know
however a video game right you don't play like what's it about like has a girl like that's ok that's fine but as soon as its something about like some sort of cultural reference or perhaps a book that maybe you should have a knavish is youths who that's a weird damn you know it's weird thing to be somehow the two field diminished by information or lack of it so funny that you says because in middle classes as students will oftentimes asked the question that has been stopped and i will usually answer you know why i actually don't know the esa could you sent me emails i could look it up out of date i really impressed by that honesty as yours impressive hell yeah siberia ethics humility areas yet the other hand when i know something i come out with the bravado i know my shit try azores or have the have the humility to know what you know what you don't know as the old saying sense what you have to be that way you would say bravado it's like a pride of hard work
mean usual accumulated a massive amount of knowledge of seat from seeking this knowledge and studying very hard so it something that we should be proud of but it's not something that you look at when you're proud that you're not diminishing other people that don't have that information you're saying like this is what i know to be true and this is in fact this is undeniable right but that's a beautiful thing you could also say i dont know about something that you don't know right that will give the people that are listening that would them so much more of a sense of respect for you venture then horse shitting around and pretending at such a weird thing the people do and with the media offered times they want the two way and on things as a scientist which you'd feel that your area of expertise would allow you to and they get frustrated because then they feel as though you
we advocate a better look i'm sorry but i'm not willing to make that statement would that level certainty but they wanted because that's what the headline has to say and then they get frustrated that you're tiptoeing but i'm just being humble about what is true in what i dont think knowledgeable enough to say is true you i've had people get upset me about talking about upcoming martial arts fights because i dont give predictions are very very very rarely give predictions unless there's some gross mismatch it really should be happening in the first place because you really have no idea what's going to happen there's a high likelihood that some thing might happen if i look at the way one guy moves verses another guy moves and go into my data base of experiences of seeing a lot of life competition and knowing what one person is capable of i can make so i can make a statement
the reason the ball certain day but i dont know if there are injured and training i don't know they come into the fight sick i don't love their break over there girlfriend i dont know if they got staff infection two weeks before the finer on antibiotics do so the variables i dont know if they might get head budded like we talked about earlier or they might have an injury like in the middle the fight like something goes wrong there need blows out there's somebody variable has a thing between the boxer and the ever make i haven't had a thing see this is love when i connect soldier i know i love that anonymous criticising you but i love when someone is so far removed but there still aware of something like a big cultural event know it takes he's august twenty six i think even unbelievable novice when it comes to the stuff i think i could make a prediction here in front of your huge podcast that the area hey guys gonna get trashed correct
i would imagine that most likely he is going to lose a boxing match to the exact boxer that has ever so what's our line of this fine just fur from for my name thing if you want to see a figure skater play hockey against wayne gretzky ok so why would the guy put himself up for that potential humiliation my dollar dollar bills and i'm your show now he has not i fucked up i should have had a mind back before blew up he's too big now i refer to him as conrad last summer someday right well you see something like that his name's connor caught rigour ire he's a a real midi yorick entity in the the most media can all combat sports he became so amos so quick and for exists it is a real unicorn in a lot of ways gets so many different things going for him handsome guy
brutal knock out artists predicts to outcomes and pulls them often and has been incredibly successful in a short period time one to world titles in two different way classes and is arguably the gray is trash talker ever he trash talks better than anybody there is actually a big things going on today right the press conference actually i'm really famous scalping tickets outside of forty bucks are not too much it is as i have already it's a famous free my neck he was probably all over that stuff re probably yeah it's it's some it's the power scotland's itself will be a show because this guy's so good at getting people riled up and talk and shit and that's half the fun like i wish i was too young to appreciate the mohammed ali days but i would imagine that like men mohammed ali was channel sonny wisdom like half of the fun mohammed ali talk and shit like this guy's crazy i was now a mechanism when i
on some random person online and i just have fun with it sometimes people miss understand this to be getting past ravages have just doing bantering i'm usually doing this with a smile on my face but they think of it as though but i'm just try stocking yeah yeah thing man it's like engaging with but i dont know if sometimes that person's insane and then they'll make it a career to go off god sat all day long it's like its interacting with people in text for is very problematic rights is does like a lot of issues you don't you don't get social cues candy i just can't you know like in our conversation we're gonna go back and forth and you say something in our react to it and we laugh and we see each other all that's missing when you're writing things in elvis
especially if someone like writes a blog about you have some we listened to what you said on the spot cason they write a blog about defining you he is a man that does this his whole career is this and you read it like sam harris's just explaining something to me that someone did about him and i read it out i was so weird way to describe i been interact with the person you ve never met credible to write a word inside and thing where you don't even know the guy you don't really know but really known not you ve seen some videos that really smuggling and the issue and that you would muster such animus towards a person that you haven't met right i mean i am unfortunate enough to not have too many of these haters controls but there is one or two guys that have come to my attention that seems as though they spend ninety percent of their day do any trash stuff about me and you think what what could it be that i could so trigger in them that they would construed
as a valuable use of their time to take on some one whom they ve never even met but somehow there pissed at you and they think it's a worthwhile cars to trash talk you all what's a weird thing even if they have a valid point become some sort of weird symbiotic slash parasitic relationship with the person you criticise like you or inexorably connected to them they are your enemy you think about them all the time and by virtue that you become part of them or they become part of you exert that's a real thing about thinking right like when you're on stage and you are giving a lecture one the more amazing things it happens when someone is on stage talking about something is you allow them to kind of think for you in the sense that when you are in one of the reasons why it is so important to be articulate and so important to be very aware of what you got to say in advance the power comes out smoothly in his good entertainment value too it is that its pleasing to listen to
for you you are aware of how annoying certain speech patterns can be in you avoid those you aware of how compelling other speech balance can be new embrace those makes it pleasing for the personal isn't as they can to sit back and listen you talk about evolutionary psychology whereas when a person socks at it it's grading its painful gets in your head you you're not negative with them you're not allowing them to think about for you there's there's that that happens with comedy too when someone is really good like you see like a great comic like up loose see care someone like that when he's on stage unease is really in the groove uk of allowing him to think for you by illegal letting him take the reins of your imagination and your mind in your vigilance asian boy must be a tough job because i always think what if you just had a fight with europe wife i've had that before a piss right ten minutes i don't give a shit but your fight you have to perform ray
i'm gonna comedy you have i give you sam kennison it's probably better cause you angolans tat you would go and stays really angry pumped i mean they're really depends on what you're trying to do it also depends like what the fight was about whether or not you are wrong or she was wrong i would be way better off go on state if someone wronged me verses if i wrong them you're very wrong someone my feeling the intrusive thoughts in your head remorse inch i just in and re examining your own behaviour patterns and finding fault gnomon just fine that's that's the last thing i want to do is like meet someone wrong and then go on stage but if someone you did me like shit than one stage i probably feel exonerated in i feel like i feel i probably energized it out interesting very interesting
i'm not sure what how much i have left i died too we did three hours is valid raising neck and by next time will tell good luck as you mentioned i guess it's relate to regret yeah we'll talk about the psychology of regret psychology regret outsmart exit always a pleasure my friend i really really enjoy these guidelines thank you so much and tell her about how to get a hold your podcast get ahold of your youtube videos rather right so if you want to follow me on twitter at gadget as eighty if you want to follow me on my u to channel just enter got side or the sad ass a the truth so soon folks hours tomorrow with maynard tina from to suffer thank you buddy for it into the park task and thank you to our sponsors say you too i gotta oh and an i t use the code word rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements thank you to stamp dot com click on the microphone
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