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#988 - Nick Swardson

2017-07-25 | 🔗
Nick Swardson is an actor, stand-up comedian, screenwriter and producer. The second season of his Comedy Central series "Typical Rick" is available now on YouTube
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you want a trial this amazing offer go to sea w hampton com and you could save ten percent off everyday plus or everyday advanced with a promo code j r e podcast on ads board on which has ended with their o on it always but on on oh anne i t use a code word rogan save ten percent off any and all supplements reason why didn't do a full on it as we talk about on it inadvertently during the past we talked about our my buddy it was the bog yesterday was on jesus i want to say was only the first hundred episodes what episode was next words and on the first was it was at when i used to do it for my house sixty six episode sixty six and now he's episode nine hundred and eighty eighty eight jesus christ we'll figure who the fuck is one thousand people getting the clan
who's gonna one thousand broke i don't know i might be a few people i might have to fly and stand hope so if he's into it maybe joy ideas and maybe i'll stones shows what to to get he keeps saying crazier crazy shit he's dublin down the crazy now postmen there is cause for civil war with alex brute jesus bro relax you're right you're right i apologize where's geologically fired up but anyway jesus christ and we get on with this my my guess is fuckin awareness and it was an awesome pike ass we had a great time silly was fun it's nice to be back after being italy for a week give it up for my how mr next wharton logan
experience so far and with mixed ports of drug dealer tones to restate that the pebbles details of youth gone while it's a tale of he's gone why don't you ve gone wild how many people it broke windows because they heard that's on black cats me man second while finally somebody labelled as we all do use in science could be inspiring in a bad way sometimes trying to get you to do some stupid shit the way people carelessly whispered i know careless do maybe the world people are before they go rodya come up they were not ready they don't we were planning on going so low cod just a lot of fucking people this year and to stop and think about george michael prince who is the latest one there was some vague oil in part just that after that was a big one
where's cornell both in the same way then chessboard between its has had on his birthday to hospitals birthday do yeah that was a really there was a weird one man i was forty one on top of the world the lead singer when the biggest rock bands of all time but it's it's hard to say like what caused him to be so fucked up at most people point too he was very sexually abused when he was young kid and that just you never it is never recovered from that yeah yeah i never knew but i'd friends are really close to them and they said it was like the most jobs this sweet i fucking powerful voice my day out shred who powerful notes formal it so hard for people to understand that you could be the lead singer of like mean arguably one is bands of our generation gap giant erin up filled up there was a photo of him stand on stage with no shirt on in there
massive arena shown everybody had their cell phone light on in oak people do that now instead lighters by i was a kid but how the boy we didn't have self always turns our bodies we had fire and we had in fire hazard he was he was standing on data like yeah that's a photo like look at that shit man that's no one could ever possibly imagine that that guy would not insanely happy i may look how many people love that guy you just getting a tiny fraction of the love what guy must have gotten still wasn't enough so hard to understand i mean that level of just in our sadness and darkness and then good lord it's awful things i guy went through to get to that point any had six kids yeah so immune system it had to be so much that even having kids and when's kids wasn't enough fuck man
frazier picture though that's a sick fuck mine in the rafters yeah i mean that's public thirty thousand people something crazy like other people that don't have funds yeah what's ordeal losers religious cheap merely ari maybe they just want flip phone i can handle it can handle the aps this is too much much temptation our is resisting and is can we charge at his own would soon i have a well i guarantee i guess i d wanted by land and i was like you want to build a house he was known on ozone camp there so what bite land to camp he's gonna buy like land but he's not going to build a house like land land electrolux camping his kids was can't think that good colleague lumping which is camping with come it was here a pink j ochres in big j posted runs instagram page but he loves being outside love nature they just
i get it look if you can camp within really don't need a house what do you need in a trailer to keep her shit on me like a trailer to put pots and pans and if yeah if you still want shit you know them you can't posters anymore this year no posted but we are fastened on the roof a u turn catholics the youth gone wild closer dad what is its view can go camping what you have to live by that tell me that if here if you own apply of land and then you're sleeping on it that technically campaigners are very point that slovenia on your land that's like if your hunting and there's a friend around the animals in early on one acre exactly that really hunting fuckin hiatus chasing down shit that can't run away you know eating you not camping no bears going to wander up by your campsite nope that's part of the thrill being camper yeah you're out for real and the wild yeah
can't be on your own little where less your land is huge but then of your land is huge like save you have like one those ranches in texas rangers he does you know texas is like something insane amount of texas private land is now while public land and texas its edge all giant ranches and some of them are like ten thousand plus acres like twenty thousand a hundred thousand like uk camp there i guess it takes three hours to drive across it that's weird he had drunk how's it too much land too much rights too what any that much land about ted turner doesn't guy own like the most land of anybody in the country here too a king ranch sprawls aid under twenty five thousand acres of cells texas land an area large in the state of road i owe my aim as the home of thirty five thousand cattle and over two hundred km horses king swell largest ranches no world today i wonder if they hunt on that ranch
who does king some fuckin bawler he might well be accused the king rhode island burger king maybe it's a bit king isn't sane man that is insane no gay bars i get three or four in there for sure would be ok boss but is putting a truck stops rest obsolete where there now they haven't really got into the foreign gay bar not admittance is one of them meet at the rest stops when we were kids that was like a thing i get always know dude would try to bang dude at arrest a hundred percent i give you the rest up and someone knocking adorn into dude is again get about i address no rest there nobody is resting irresolute our wider digs wide awake and in your mouth figure out to meet at rest ups i've always wondered i caught his eye see you later break
bridegroom one now i'm looking to search and dig anybody out there how my sixty nine or sixty nine are coming greater rigour one i liked mitten bathroom smash it excites me that was it as such mr whatever the politician was that the gentleman who got arrested in a sting operation to solely dues were second eggs in the bathroom at the airport the act like those that nobody minneapolis where i'm from people called me about it i was like white and black at or no man what's the codes up with your airport with those when it up so you have to be so many people that they actually went and put a cop there to try to bust people i mean how many people to get their dicks sucked in place before they hire a car we found a hotspot here is senator pleaded guilty reportedly after bathroom stall incident badly
erasmus apple simple airport yeah anyway he was like tat and on the ground they had aware tat it was a tap move ok what is he said the time of the ensign into i complained to the police their misconstrue my actions i was not involved in any inappropriate conduct he said i should have had the advice of tat so in resolving this matter in hindsight i should not have plaid guilty i was too to handle this matter myself quickly and expeditiously get it and i travel wearing taboos see party methinks is a celebrity a part of me sad that this guy has a like hide what he's into and yes to hide bathroom stalls and learn some fuckin secret tap smell farts from around the world as he's coming according to import cited by roll call craig tapped his right foot which the officer seti recognised as a signal used by persons wishing to engage and loot conduct but what if you then you just tap and your foot what have you to say
patient should take another sort of stuff next he also and entered the stall next door and block the door there's luggage oh geez what is the right time to speak people get in and oh my god was in there with somebody he was trying to block anybody from common n o my god he must have just gonna tell eyes and then airport there was a spy and people are kicking trying to kick in the door what was happening there i got yet but how does like how does a spot become notorious like how does arrest it what does it say he did a swipe his hand and the stalled divide or several times i want to know what the fuck with the cop was saying if he's like skype i cant do can't circular take here we don't know at the cop was an accomplice holy leading among sound like any green light unless the guy's a total psychopath when you go into stall with another dude you stack up your luggage and further door that's a bold move weird it seems like
you can only do that if you were in bold and then just tapirs foot he touched the officers foot with his foot he reached his foot all the way under here's my question we know capture full shit just like people people full shit put cops are people not all cops lot cops are awesome we know some cops a full shit like when when some like this happens i feel like that's one person verse another person i dont really feel eiger cops word is worth more than a regular persons works i think your copy just write a person right you should listen to them and doing a job but something like this it might have exactly as this cop described but had been like that baltimore cop that got busted planting drugs with his fucking camera hit a body camera on and would you didn't understand as we turn out of body camera records thirty seconds before you turn it on so just in case
he turned on a moment of direct with some crazy going on shit the camera present they can see someone committing a crime perhaps a third of a thirty second buffer i didn't know he didn't know that either dude solely they got on a video thirty seconds of him the only man in planting the drugs that he then pretended to find our way god do that's horrifying horrible parking horrifying that's horrible see big seekers if if you're gonna be able to convince on one hand this guy says this and that guy says that and would you believe i believe the copies an officer of the law that's crazy because it's just a person this not additional that's one thing it's cobb's i'm not disrespectful personnel but this very area amount power is scary amount of power and it's just a person now some people like i have a bunch of friends there cops and they know how to handle it you know they ve handled it and if they d get it they know what it is and the real cool about it like big john mccarthy the red for that you have see he's one of the best examples big john
he was a serious carbon involved in some fuckin harry shit for years one of the night this guy's you ever want to meet and totally fail air and reasonable guy and he was a guide you know that like a bright and shining example of what a cop could be in no doubt that the world is filled with big john mccarthy's as cops it be a wonderful place i think we would all figured out what capture just people man especially when these cops are going into these situations like magic to twenty one year old guy over the fuck all you are and all of a sudden you were king in like camden new jersey i get the fuck out here you're not ready for that you're saying regular dude you gonna get thrust into some chaotic almost semi war zone in some of these bad neighborhoods these people have to patrol yeah just another world with another set of rules into shit just going down in all their i think you're coming up on is most likely a threat to your life you pull a guy over
like you poor guy over sixty five in paula what are the that guy doesn't have a gun right you want them low rider cars and you see some some gangster lookin fellows with some crazy face tattoos and shit and the driver was hard to imagine having to pull over someone who you knew it was probable willem issue you and you have talked about the might be an offer there were five miles an hour but the speed limit you you you know the videos you seen videos cops get shot we have you know the dac it happen our people just lie and all the time draw lion how many to tell the truth i talk to you ninety percent fourgette ninety percent so every day it is true as pair we would like when i would get polarized me like i'm panic i fucking like that cop that shot that chick the recent one where the woman called and minnesota yeah she called for the police and then
he came out and when she came out the cop charter that to me is a perfect example of why like what we should re assess what a cop is and reassess like how many people get to be cobb's its inaction tat neri responsibility you're putting on a just any person an ordinary person i would say i think you have to be an extraordinary power soon to be a good cop you also have to deal with the fact that has been a lot of bad cops and his love prejudice against copses like two giant factors but i think that job are you decide whether or not you pull that rigour and end someone's life and you're panic or you know europe could you not you not a guy does well in confrontational situ since gray we haven't been allotted conflict may be seen too much shit they we seem to me we get shot maybe your suffering from pay testing maybe you're on edge all the time maybe have nightmares something to take you out and then so you're in the hallway and this
it comes out or an alleyway in shooter and you like what the fuck you like use you like many men saw her you know people have collusion nations under great duress when they think that it is on the line they see things that aren't really there it happens people all the time they lily mistakes someone for something else the mistake someone for an attacker that's fucking insane she called the cops craze that's what's fucking remain to call nine one one because she heard but she i was a woman being assaulted and then new approaches car and they get fuckin shot phrasing i watch but it what it is people not handling pressure very well pressure is it it is such a massive factor in the way people behave and there's no bigger pressure than you showing up you have bright shiny lights you're in the enemy car ok you were in the enemy enemy uniform and they know you have a gun and how if i have watched so
videos on tv of cops planting evan aren't you tube of cops planting evidence of kids being shot by cops and stores were cops got back amelia lazy shared so you're dealing with the weight that when you step out your car that's anxiety twenty four seven tattooed that's a job that insanely hard to do and we should we should figure out a way to reengineer that position we should figure out way to give them more help more support and explain like that is the only way like cops and civilians are gonna get along is if there's no fuck ups or very very few fuck ups likes anytime some like this happens you realize guerrillas i get a bad system with the system as a kind of its regular person given gonna run a kind of psychological training do they have have you seen what did what they're like how they get the gig if you seem what they like under the gun have you seen what when someone what's a bitter ass we see with it
when someone is throwing ponchas at them trying to kill them some guy randomly right here this call he opened a door guys strolling bombs adam how does what does he do has handled this does issued the guys you run away can fight back has ever been punched rife man you're asking some regular person to just be involved in it potential civilian war zone on any given day like if you're in miami florida and someone cut gunshots fired warehouse like what are the odds you guys have like two pubs piles of cocaine and his warehouse soon got seeing narcos come on man that's the thing is i ve never seen a mellow caught movie does not like shale movie where it's like i gotta spinning take it did in the end i always focus not smoking abandoned pretty prevent then they drove recklessly but the eighties closely nobody around nobody hit i have a question for you
what is this i hear about your dream pills but jane somebody soviet year its alpha brain it's a u tropic would is it s actually nutrients it or building blocks for human neuro transmitters august like i certain foods that are called or i should i'm saint food to eat em it's there supplements mostly vitamins and minerals and a bunch different things in get from plants and there's a series of different kinds of new tropics and if you ve never looked into it it's a cool thing did to study these there actually supplements out there that enhance your memory hands your reaction time as well like what you know how you feel like fuel hung over or another would you know this is such a man of health never drink but that feeling we i kind of foggy i cut network some days just kind of its not firing right so we for sure this is
i really obvious to everybody that there is a difference in your performer based on a variety of factors right right lack of sleep nutrition exercise stress there's a whole host of factors that affect how your brain forms new tropics what they can do is ooh stop your brains ability to remember things like verbal memory is a big one that that they show and with that we did to double blind placebo controlled studies about our brain ass one things we found we found memory ray action time in peak alpha flow state all improvements in alex statistically significant improvements in those areas ogre so what i found is there was company called
these neurons one is the supplement i forget his company but its bill romanesque nobel run as i know the real very well back i issues is savage savagely slip up like silver savage and remember we talk about the new sea t study that just came out it's crazy football players but only bill roman ascii he's to be friends this dude sarah and no name and no name was there were cool radio station san francisco so love doing them and dumb no name was friends with roman asking romanesque whose training up he was like trying to get him in shape as a commodity fuck i went to work out and put it through a bunch of brutal work out they gave him some of his supplement that's how i found out about it in the subtle a neural one he invented because he was frank from head injuries russia been so many concussions man he's haven't memory problems all sorts of issues so he started looking into nutritional cures like what's what helps boost nero
ants minutes which helps boost serotonin there is like five http is a big one that helps boost saratoga an l trip to fan as well as elsewhere defence converts to fight shipping and then have to add in a bunch of other shit like adapted genes and be vitamins and all these different things because a combination that you can hit of of nutrients and romanesque ease i think use a little caffeine in his as well a letter relating to do with him by the way and there's not a advertise when we don't sell neural one but it's the shit really good inessa decibels they have found out about it found out about that and then we want by making our brain which is our version of it with a bunch of things at work together soon and and dumb if you take that stuff before bedtime a lot of time to get free dreams like if you take a like an hour before bedtime like right it seems like right when you go to sleep in oh that's when it's get in your system and yes
when you go into your ram sleep you skin actual fuckin fat juicy pipe of narrow transmitters to wear away in eastern have a free gas three years as full inception disappointed whereas the tim is really good to people love that stuff love colleen colleen big one that's one of the ingredients of alpha vi in our societies and lucky charms that what is happening phalion lucky chocolate should be people like my lucky charms made me very smart today at their basically out their nutrients that's a trap narcissism people superscribed sceptical about this any definite should be you deafening should be would never ever in a million years try to sell some when something that doesn't work on a desire of zero desire and doing it so everything like we do it on it re use yeah use i or i believe in it this directive nothing there's no horseshit thing so when this whole new tropics thing came out we like we re
and got off a brain out and a lot of people called bullshit billig like there's no studies is no sciences snake oil like you gonna have like all your ducks in a row raised our claim in the of neutral unit of of whatever anecdotal evidence of learning but i mean that's we're because people never just cry bullshit over stuff for no reason people never to go what now thought it's like every that every yonah happens what i saw katy perry said down with the re magazine same occasion cousin magazine of black lives matter and katy perry was apologizing about cultural procreation cause agus war braids for whatever fucking reason and sitting there is the weirdest thing ever met there both on a couch they have no shoes on and she's companies when a blue vast like what the fuck am i watching was that in a dream no other web look look here's the thing dude whereas
blue vest everywhere i mean he loves that blue vest that's is look you know i'm saying it is unwise to a larger luck mr accidents finally the socks allows us strong common are they in the matrix little stocks are rainbows homey what cars there and so she's culturally appropriating a lesbian right now with their hair she should be careful she's brook culture per reading literally an old lesbian shutters re hector insane asylum there and that's her bathroom door she sits down that picture in the wall it comes down and she climbed onto ships in the mouth oh my yeah yeah it's crazy it's a new thing all celebrity doing color sitting here facing each other is so bizarre i can't play way this those i get the video pulled off you too but it's silverware mostly it's him sooner listening to her just go like this but should also coming out of a bar thing she just did want people to be mad at her for
doing in preparing braids yeah fruit for cultural with variation outrage let's see what she looked like when she was culturally appropriate and cultural preparation so crazy the idea that you can have bread if your why do my guy do people just control people they try to control people once their fuckin two cents everybody wants to throw in china in it just everywhere really wants to do i gotta go i have something to say it's like i walk in i want you to be able to be mad for whatever reason it my dear we touch with earlier everywhere on animal super superman's yeah we're talking about the behind the scenes stuff at shows and about how many different but my since you have to kind of manage when you're working on a show and how many people just looking you get outraged about stuff especially lately it so it's a weird fuckin time for this yeah i know you can't joke i mean i i send alec loose cannon tweet sometimes and i would do more back in the day and then i guess
the more you now get shit face and i might do it's like right a tweet and unlike others that i want to deal with what is somehow alone a kid eve i mean even like innocuous harmless answer arms and sub yours like jump autumn i saw it spur no it won't work ok bird is what did you find what're you gonna be like when you any other bernard aside side don't you think though that for the most part more so the interactions are pretty nice this is more sorry right there's a small but those small percentage you dont forget now and it's just i mean it's the ones that are really irrational and the ones that always make me laugh for people in a guy comment or something i don't really you now comments they gonna neuber on a plane or something and to state our sea check of the common some could be like hey fuck you piece of shit mike i like it and then they'll come back like cable if you like the allegory kidding like em a huge fan and i'm just like all this is
weird for measures word here the senate destroy wholesale it i'm i'm a piece of shit and i just like tonight are like knives i decided just want to get you a response from their perspective like that's the best way to get a new respond like that's the best way that way you know you you'll be you have your back up against war what it's like you said as they went out well out of some positive and than the ones that pop the people that are like hey you're fucking face sucks you're not a man so rude which it does you face does not sockets ds dude you fine disperse listen there's lots of people out there which in fact our faces it would kill for freight but i was saying about dreams i would have liked what i our detox like a fuckin booze extravaganza and i would out dreams that's why i was intrigues out a fucking crazy dreams where i would be it will be so lucid i went here writer in the storm right now move i can say
there was a guy like a mixed version yeah like elevator mushrooms dj version so you detox detox out have his dreams and they were so loosened ivy like walking around the dream and i'll be there i knew it no i was dreaming and i couldn't wait myself up and try to make myself up so that tried alike jump i've out of a window to wake myself or try to like do something that will like jar me awake and then i would do it and then i would wake up and i would be in another fucking dream to be in my bedroom and i feel like i'm gonna get some water and then the sunrise almighty i'm my stone the dream because the shit on my walls right after make myself up again fuck it normally did like you said about it makes you wonder what is real if you live in a perpetual dream what's going on there you still wait that's a nice guy fascinated by
i wonder what is real if you could live in a perpetual dream what's going on there you still there's something happening your experiencing things is things are happening what lying there with your eyes closed or not is a bunch of shit it's going on much of experiences the your senses are taken in that a pretty fuckin markedly similar to real life right like that's why it's so crazy because feels real right that's why dreams i guess but they lucid dreams trippy out because it for is real feels real but i like that the dream like a really where dreaming just accept the reality of like like when i remember a drain on yeah studies in its treatment it is accepted that i was like writing a rabbit economy like over a fuckin skyscraper that like save katy parrys fast or something we also accept unlike sunday fuckin beer that fabulous morrison bit people now beards backed and either when he grew
beard the video him in a fuckin beautiful old mustang being bad mother fuck beards will i considered rode back yet he i was he was his rogues came man do these two dick onstage went to jail for he's driving the tempi improv rather i'm gonna go see joy how do we know what really goes on when your sleeve for eight hours how do we know when you're outcome when you your outright how the fuck do we know what is actually happening what's going on in these disdain states casually remember a fraction of the time you're out right there's a fraction tat would have dreams are fake what is it just alternative reality that you occasionally intermingled with when you conscious or unconscious rather like when you go and dream state maybe that's it
like the shadow of something that just happened that was real maybe you have like these these moment it seemed like eight hours to you or five hours to you but you really facing with some completely different time line in some completely different reality and mill what the world is pliable it's not down like rocks are rocks and water isn't water but everything's flu in changing constantly and that's why when you're in these dreams you free because almost like the physics of reality or god you have they often have to do it maybe but you there might be a war look just the fact that this world exists and state that exists in this world is very very bizarre right wasn't real like this with reality real if we all live in some sort of a black and white print version of life and then you go
experienced the life tat you and i know the steward stand up and being an ally and fly in planes in using the internet and experiencing life in the twenty first century and two thousand seventeen you would be like this is the craziest psychedelic trip if you want a times square road never you'd never experienced anything like human culture and you went to times square you would beef for wreaking the how can be insane he would be insane we're just so used to it were so used to it we all realize how bizarre the actual world is what is it possible that these dream worlds that these are just different world you tap into and you can't out every night a different world be could be infinite could be you're running a series of lives but give multiple lives going on and your decisions you make in this conscious life affect all of them and maybe you have other lives when you're asleep our conscious when your wig but much like europe sleep and you know member what the
what's going on when there is he did or what the fuck is going on a new interface you might not it's been exports and stand competing at you might be an entity the interfaces with multiple different dimensions in night and you don't remember it just like you don't remember sleeping riles heed our member dreaming you dont member lotta shit that happens when you're cocked out for eight hours rang well then probably dont remember when you're awake you're you're interface you're not just shutting off like your your brain wants to everything needs to shut off so that your other south in his other dimension can interact and can go it's it's world and maybe eight hours to it as a month or a week to us we don't even fuckin know it s a huge important part of being a person that other world hast it has to coincide with it maybe that's why michael jackson died because they gave that shit that conked em out that didn't don't dream under that shit they would base
they put him under anesthesia every night and he wouldn't get interface with the other world around i gotta go oh no you never know far too i am fascinated by dreams they fuckin are weird man but i mean the other be they do mean something maybe there's another most likely not i mean maybe it isn't a hundred and spiders and screening that's basically what you were an earl you work out stuffing your dream sometimes like you experience i worked out i'm not i don't i don't work out ever aims i never going to the german dreams that's good point i've never fucking ever worked out and in a dream of never done than either fucking crazy i just realize that i used to kicks in my dreams i used to like when i was young especially girlfriends we complain that would like twitch are like literally like throw a kik narrowing bill permit jokes about illegal ollinger bruce with peru springsteen song thrown kicks
an old eyes house chronicles we want the whole read about it restricts the guys have that problem like fighters have that problem do my fucking old room in new york he couldn't wake him up you had to you had throw something out i'm from like across the room and then hide because anyone who would wake up in an immediate malay is immediately like game time and we do not we found out the hardware we're like i wake up and i was just thinking name and it is this right which is ever taken like fuckin like fifteen seconds till i come back down oh my dear so i don't know what every day alternately every fucking would have an alarm clock welcome the waste swinging or no as be a person they would have to be a person why just put alarm clock most whom we afforded we were the alarm clock the bloody alarm clock some people don't like to be woken up man i get super mad at you and other people just chill what's up
what's goin on my lawyers workmen were you know you ve seen someone get knocked out and they ask questions they think like what's going on here weird thing like when it where why you guys here again staring right i've seen it before but i ve never not in front of me it's weird too though the brain the human brain where did shut often comes back on it's almost like old windows ninety five computers when it reboots and you see the dog thing you see there you will what is that the black with the whites green the boot screen doth the door screen did you ever take a long time to boot up and be a junkie in shit and you wouldn't be look on the internet yeah nose like when you get clanged like magic football players the same thing but that they often times all remember shed their remember anything that happen not even remember like getting into the ring they might now remember any who i was going to say many since so many fighters go through a debate today
remember the knock out some of them do some of em remember everything they remember seeing like a flock of no last mamma is like he caught me yet it is out gather number getting hit the remember what hit em some of em some dont member anything that's the thing about brain damage its it's completely variable its variable like there's some guys that just they ve been knocked out a times and they're ok we're like ouster overcomes proofed exam he's been knocked out a gang times and he's fine like illegally appears to be he's very lucid right to mean he's got his composure but after fighting doesn't you know like when you get crack that he got knocked out when he fought steeper mutual and is not his fault and i said after this that i don't think we should enter your fighters anymore if they get knocked out because he said that he thought that steep a tapped he thought he had eighteen instead they tapped russia was saying that in the replay so we had to play the replay back cause we didn't know
it was right like we'll play it because he was saying this to me miles interviewing while so we played any you couldn't see the tapie i think he believed it was just because you just got knocked out yeah not a good idea to interview people to get back to terrible idea why i thought it before but i never i really involves like i just felt a felt bad luck i had to play the video because he said that it happened so fast that had happened my job as an interviewers to play the video right i just expected him to say something along the lines of thought i had in if you can remember the fight i thought i had him but he got em a got me fair play to him you know that normal nosed have given the chance represent themselves so when that was going on outside ok it's not fair this is like he's see got knocked out cold no way like three minutes later yet no way no way and then everybody gets mad at him for that you know you can't get management for that it's too weird yeah so the study came out today
brenda shops and to make these freaking out it said that what is it something like ninety seven percent ok though they re examined hundred and eleven former nfl players only one didn't have city while not only that they face that eighty seven percent of people who play football at any level had see tee this is what really crazy man who play football at all levels all levels for like so i assume that's gotta me like high school including i sequoia it's gotta who is our guy jamie we talked about this before forgive me for not a football fan alike football but just don't know enough about it who is a guy that jumped on the car chris henrys yeah back i was young and like a super stud athlete right like twenty five twenty six and like when they not autopsy on him they found had severe see tee guys brain is correct like pull perceiving it pull that study because
people were super shocked because he was in his pride yeah man he was as prime and he was a super athlete yeah i remember that what you jimmy you know a lot about football but how much of a bad ass was he as far as like top why receivers wasn't maybe like in the top ten body he was nobody was not easy i was starting to get come into his own when he died a traffic accident had chronic dramatic in several of path the i was fucked up and cephalopods c and set in sub encephalopathy such are the central lapithae encephalopathy right in pappy and civil law and the sentinel apathy encephalopathy oh my god it's gotta neurosurgeons going crazy right now shut the fuck up you idiot you can and ass it were to form the generative brain damage caused by multiple hits the head at the time of his death according to this
just a brain injury research centre a research centre affiliated with west virginia university guy says in quotes we would have been very happy if the results have been negative but multiple areas of chris henry's brain showed see tee and then they go into details about it sega thankfully here's a guy who's in his prime twenty years old right just bad mother fucker and he's not show any signs of like falling apart and he's got c c to eat it's out scary where i mean it makes you think i mean i touch without lot of my friends is i'm a big and i fell did die hard football fan we were talking in a day like this does it continue mean like twenty five years from now is one area rates for the lebanese yeah but i'm sanely designed afar mean oh ass you say does the nfl continue made at some point these studies and these things are going to come out and it just going to be you know it horrifying think you're better off fighting i think you'd get knocked
fighting you devilish brain damage in fighting but i think if you become a mighty mouse like if you get to a skill level that very few people get to when you are at a super elite skill level i think you probably take less damage tart say because he's been fuckin or will we amend the mighty mouth thing might be bad example because he's so fuckin good i was finally just mismatches right now it's not like does another mighty mouse out there that china fuck him like someone and everyone be the mighty mouse grounds and i could ask to be there there's gonna be like various levels of competency across the board but like if you could fight the way that i fights like he doesn't he's brawler he's not do anything stupid he's not just like bite known as mouthpiece drawn bombs his soup we're technical is approach keyser like consummate professional and like us teach a wizard and how he approaches interacting with guys who almost certain the wizard i myself shall cut that out
wizard had already tense but what he does is just the problem the safest way to do it smartness way to do it because you're so competent bodies getting hit is is is tat takes are so clever and so skilful that is able to like avoid a lot of like big bombs come his way right for popular on avoiding shit now you're getting hit getting here i had ever you're getting hit there's no mighty mouse in the football world right if your linebacker you fuckin hit and people their hit knew your hidden them peer if you're on the line you're not its non stop i mean do not just that it's not having any hidden ahead there saying doing this like slamming many another class jerks year knack injured airhead and all that stuff just the sheer impact would show the alternative they just started this weekend is like the pilot but their colony american flag for bali so there's like some former all players in this but the y know they just blow guys on the failure enough to get their act together
there are no less than four balk those depressed you can have no one guy knows what he's doing the loom going on for years getting skating lag we need to get something more manly lemme recycling has like their helmets lack thereof though i liked out i think that's very smart you know we just does a roving elements those rugby home right and economically helmets the headgear this they more protect your ears in other gonna help my head ground maybe i guess maybe a little nowadays were earmuffs these to have those things and now when i compete in the type window days the guy's got knocked doubt and when the real horrible things was they are kicking they had knocked out easily out cold and ahead would bounce off the ground so depending upon like where the fight was taken it is also time there was no surface we would fight like on an actual basketball court
is a video of me fighting our actual basketball court they use your lines on the core is solid would write and then you in kick a guy and they fall back in their head would bounce off the off the wood and it was terrible i some people got knocked down it was horrible so they start making people aware first it was a headgear the egotist where on the back your head literally just to protect you any knocked out knocked your head in bounce off and then some guys they guys making you sundays voluntarily did it you start making you where the bigger all inclusive helmets that's a big foam protecting around your head like the thing by football games like a foam now it's like you can find it pull up one dough headgear it's like your face is exposed but like you have like these things occur your ears and of his farm all over the protection ed very later that's what it looks like that's exactly two looks like there's an adidas one so it's like she has got the foam around the ears and foam on the top of the head there your face is completely
boughs and most i don't know what that one that's not a year ago on friday the thirteenth no one you had honest perfect that's a real time window mass white one or their red one there's one yes oh that's in those are we take window federation once some the international techno federation ones those tournaments love em they did differently in aid they did the fuck and big they stuck old school a lot of times i remember they still have the year though floors and there is no headgear they'd but i think they probably change them as time goes on but they are those those headgear were designed really mostly to protect you when you got knocked out from head bounce off the ground then they start making people final paths to after a while they changed the floor i mean the heads the key yeah migrants havoc in hard wood yachtsman did didn't being i fought on the fucking cement hockey rank during two didn't have any water in it they put a top down my god they put a top down we find concrete
horrible i put the top down i saw people get knocked out two and one due to got knocked out his eyebrow bounced off the author can the concrete like guinea there is basically just like that whatever the bottom of ice or it could be your dreams for the baseball games to was a big tournament was a big deal because used against the olympic festival and was the first time i think only time they ever had type one don't fight if we're gonna was gonna ass a thing was nineteen so was like eighty six so why these guys yeah there's one google tackling determine their kids on a hardwood floor see this might be it till i might be a tournament where they spar or it might be a tournament where they looks like they have headgear on the ground there i do have the worms turn area on a red thing right here those are haggard what's the problem
are behind what the fuck does not like a floating for a pull you know what that is that might be a different kind of tournament that might be we tournament it gets floaty fighting the new it's a news horta dildo whipping so i was i was thinking about this this past weekend of sakharov to somebody about them brown bunny movie with talked about that move before this vincent gala movie where our yes act was only seven year who you send a perfect i've never sat right out how very gay agriculture preserving a seven year yeah and we're talking about how that fact his career for sure and probably fucked her career for a few here's to write idea i'm in he was so promising the b lieve gargoyle
but he was in freaky dude we are already working out there i mean like i'd friends a reference of them years ago their like this did just on another planet like of course many goes dick sucked in a movie for real ngos dixon by a movie star that's not just like it your dixon i mean she's had a really good career thou shalt than a bunch of shit since then yeah that was a while ago so she milo loop so what was what she been in farc as well as six it pops up and she's on an easier show with issues on big love i feel like i've seen a lot of good india films but i feel like i remember there was some patterns to her and the beginning my raw shoes and kids was our first their shoes we called three needles that sounds hilarious suit kids heavy shouted glasses dough levison party mouser wholesale she genuine the girl the main girl any enforce dump knock for the scope
he's got factor on camera i don't remember kids remember bs shows as the check that got aids yet willing sir yes that is seen they did fox russia's asleep psychological anxious me casper whispering she's aids in the ideas she gave him aids jokes on your screen runners mozart is more subtly remotely tele again and he was in the wire everybody so that i look like him and i was in high school i remember that i was a great click on that what you was that movie this isn't noise don't cry american psychosis and some shit did you but when did all that stuff happens like when did the the brown bunny movie happened around body no you just back up was right there go back fast unless brow right up there there that is ok so you see the academy award winning movie boys don't cry and then she turned to fuck no this item two fuckers before that no no brown bunny is fuckin after
so that is a lie within the man who has brought boys don't cry here download it goes lower i'm going wrong way i was thinking the top was the more recent ones while yet that's crazy choice so she's a bunch of stuff since brown bunny she did zodiac she's unwillingly issues on big love but not her it must be so confused so why do not to do he had a real he had a real backlash prince in gaol didn't he i think he's walls like self imploding debts and i think he was ever really like you did buffalo sixty six was actually call movie sheet she knew stop working sego two thousand three little king or so it didn't impact negatively maybe did not trouble she still worked but you don't really here but that didn't more and before that movie he was like he was a big he was in buffalo sixty six member that yeah that's a great fuckin movie
it is said that show did you send area are you so sorry dreams day i'll try to remember astronomer or just the above sixty six the school hemorrhage you did i didn't hear you say that i feel embarrassed i want to listen to i'm going out for a cardinal sin of conversation i was just struggling with my memory it's alright likely enough after telling you about new tropics my for home right now the ugly today drain my brain i'm fifteen percent stupid why do yoga back in doing fifteen percent stupor aware for like for five hours asked her yeah wrecked hot yoga browser god my brain cooks i did that once and then i was i i'll try my sister to me and i was fifteen minutes and i thought we were done a guide and then i got up from what we have to be done and the woman now we have another forty five minutes michael you fucking do like
like i just got out of there it was so intense as i done yoga a couple times i got coffee you know i really liked yoga like kind of cinema and solving the fucker you know and i tried the hot shed and ours is not cool man those too who intense its intense like you definitely i was dizzy in but you know what it is dude it's not the best if you have to use your brain right afterwards a fruitful really solidly three or four hours it is really good in terms of like overall overall the overall that your health in the way you interface with the world the way more chilled out if you do it alot yeah but he's sick you did it and under similarly got your car drove away what outside you stay sent up
a land lump i should go up an area eggs you know took showering for gather khatami dignity are course gaucho comments what de i think to some real good for your body that especially that hot one i think that hundred four degrees stretching out sting and makes it more pliable deadly makes more flexible when you're doing it you can get the positions that you can't get into when you called sat means to me like there's some there's some sort of a benefit and being a really warm in terms of pliability the muscle tissue a hundred percent hundred percent that's questions that popular for warrant didn't have some kind of a fact yeah like you know it's even like getting be in any situation when you're cold and stretching are trying to do anything activists socks socks yeah yeah i can't you don't perform at you but once eighty below zero outside gallagher yet on the solidarity and was freezing the air than i
they're gonna like what the fuck you do in them why did she get some now nobody what worthwhile man by turns off a friend of mine his girlfriend was a masood at one of those burke williams places are somewhat something like that you know might not been that place but is like a high inspire place and they had a let one m dude go cause he had up it was running a whole prostitution ring in there or a guys would come in really and it was alleged like a name brand play a little a jet place he just develop clientele that new that he would suck their dec you as eyes and suck you d like he'd had the market cornered yes i guess it was when when he likes aachen deck and makes money from massages those books were fell how can our saving up for that land i'm gonna pay for itself the land i go
fuck it fell so if i can this plug my son typical wreck season to already cancelled out is already there he saw me that there is always the same speaking of already glowing rice sugar comedies unless they gave it a shot us how long the episodes that i do before a candidate two seasons six episodes age still watch it it's going further what is a surprise to you that the council now know now there we have to show that we wanted to do we want to bring you on to do something that was called bros ass an animal about a guy who's raised by an assassin and then he the assassin dad feels babbage s son never realized discrepancy assassin environment a jungle susan the college and becomes a gardener frat did but he moved
it is an assassin still but he sleeps frank i dreamt of girls and that was me and i would like sleep in the bay is like in that are an attic and then i would be an assassin unlike the download at night but i was is too high or hung over too drunk one and we want you to be one of the guys it would be a recurring s attitude a man come as such in the room i wrote the pot described every was i gazelle areas there like now linz pastime woe like her i log doc i wrote it for free and there like yeah we still michael i'd you buy it now i gotta know like call she has later i can talk deeper legs tarred pardon executive given that some of the bad shows a come their way the appropriate so confused you know it's probably like bad cops like now where executives like we get madame cause they they fuck shows up are they put in their own input or imagine how many chose come their way how may just terrible ones
they are the ones that are on the table and they think about the getting their job fired the shows gonna get cancelled people in a lose money they're gonna be out of a job do a bit of paper mortgage like fuck this pressure on them fuck no gap will buy it by they will have the show why are the show i hated to do can a process and these people on after all their all tweak in their work their work and ten twelve hours a day and after all is a lot like math if you don't know that one of that one of the key things with people they do when they do math is their share at decision making the decision in terms of shit caught to headline rogan says all net executives are due in math how do i wish that's how it works at least wayne everybody mozart writer and he told me everyone's really egos yeah it goes i just now so many journalists wrought somebody writers drawn out was fishermen in los angeles
in terms of what i've seen socially out and about i mean a holy shit every check is it's like fucking nuts i've never i've done at once and i was should first savagery and of course i put in the mouth and then i just i don't really feel at birth and it made me more alert like kaliko keyboard wasn't special but i have friends if they did they take it constantly nea depends i'm sure on the dosage depends on the person and i can handle maybe you can maybe some people its super beneficial they can actually handle it nuts i'm upset it's not understand for sure there's some abuse going on i know people at a beautiful yeah i mean every certain things are made for a certain purpose you don't like when you make appeal that helps people like focus certain situations easy folks yeah that someone you fuckin take it could shallow like a bottle of fuckin fireball out why anybody made it they were like yeah this is will the eu take music fuss
old fireball agreement along young lord david you tat wild what's accordingly we know you ve jar while such skid row gap ro right yeah yeah i tried it rio q skid row on cells a fucking horrible mistake i try to carry oki that song i will remember you re met yesterday and it fuckin goes on flag six minutes and i know larynx cells i cried blood was horrible drove the hotel the other day were janey lane died dont janey lane the lead singer warrant she's my repair dinah hotel over and woodland else how to die vegetables too many vegetable did was ourselves in this house were his place was filled to the wall with salad
i gasped up man you got to healthy so how to drink too much water even her that people dying from drinking too much wandered yeah like frat paintings and shit like that one i have water chugging contest super bad folks do not do that you you can get a state where your body literally can't process all the water inside of it and you die you can and what i e dive watering tat was just water how does it kill you ruins organs or your heart and i do not know which find an answer to drown that's good question something happens some sort of toxicity some of them effective the water doesn't like toxicity sound smartly say toxicity so you're good word throw in here in the middle of words right we're dealing with a lot of issues and nino they random toxicity of the environment central are they gonna keep gone with this is not happening without our aim is that the daily
keep it on the era has season and that's it i don't know he's a fucking genius idea what to take him off that show yes so fucking weird genius plan pull him out of his own and we only talk about why it happened we can't one if we can now these guys special netflix i have to ask permission for the stores ridiculous it's hard man like said harding executive hard being what we call a content provider nick i believe your content provider why i'd prefer come central but i mean undersea in general advocates that hard if you have talent that is proven that trust fighting where can you brought me a show that what for it'll be a ninety percent chance i would go to pilot for sure because all i need is nick to become executive and figured out my career path ok as i was plan the the odds before they weren't ninety ten it was not good was like a fifty fifty so i like yachts or do you think you could
maybe do that from just quit my for me for natural gas sign up for corporate americans negative growth magic this like i don't this shows your pic and i would be one of you from this island that's not thought about doing that because i got here i have so many friends we this we're all from the same temple of comedians and writers and suffer like everybody historians roads i guy persists and like that's fucking hilarious they were like now and i'll get it why just are doing should on your own because like oh yeah he never simon rex in particular i feel like you guys could easily do that on your own and put it on youtube would be giant we couldn't me we're going to try to shop around took up our networks and i get involved so that with other people let me just my already have established contents we already have two seasons in its already there so it is it's only to go like yeah we get it what do you own antlers bring it somewhere else here because it's true streaming which you know come such was obviously like cool enough time that to give us
that and those all executives got fired so because a man well done they deal with the thought that can give him jesus christ just gonna check it away what's going on vacation and have you heard about his dreams a boy you man he's gone crazy man am i gonna do it yourself in us not their fault even psych would be counting on em an oath fuck they're doing they know what the fuck are you doing what they really be a tv executive who want to do that how many we want to do i mean they might think they were do but once you realize i stress involve fuck all that it doesn't seem to have complicated railway tunnel i think so i mean if you have people were some of the brain new seinfeld friends and in other but names and other shall bring some big ass frazier some big acid cashiers seek cheers perfect example you of that
goddamn genius he's the kind the cheers in their work we could have just got lucky they could have brought you the fuckin section city or the single guy or logic is sitcoms and everybody forgot they can have brought you a lot of people who i the musical this there was a lot of bad coach hundred member coat i like coach fuck fuck is wrong with the pan abandoned backs variants well that's you that's don't put an unfortunate guy was a writer for leisure sick and i did so i quit did you up acted up just swaying and with the double edged broadsword chop shop i would say about that's a different you are your passion about an hour ago ok
like him one of those may like embassies he is like that so arbitrary and what's gonna be it what they bring you look is your mean obviously of say contract agenda tolerable talented people yeah for sure by even talented people the really course part while you are presenting them so the show starts out new show who try to develop the characters you develop the way they interact the characters you develop the way they interact each other while you're putting it on the air creating any pioneer a gas time goes on these guys like you saw alex this impassioned idea that i think is funny i'll give him a pilot thing is about shows this is a really hard part about shows your develops job developing them while you're presenting them so show starts out new show who try to develop the characters you develop the way they interact each other while you putting it on the air creating any pioneer aghast ngos on these get like solid seinfeld like in the later years or friends a perfect example everybody knew the characters avenues flowed together you know even
there are new scripts like thing was so established like what was flying about in how it worked when you creating a new shall there always like fire and feeling that kevin james show like they're there they change outlets swap out the wife like they did it b which get her out bringing to an end and we need a black neighbouring like ok you need a good friend and then like right then did open when it's not working everybody wants a throw their fuckin jews into the soup makes a guy i know the fuckin perfect thing this is missing and that that's that's what happens with those show was right they all just casually deserved they just get all these different and until they take out like south park didn't listen to shit though isn't anything but that's my point is that if you comment major networks is different like the cable networks save a little bit more leeway where it's like you know many comes in with if talent and without a strong idea and a strong scrapped and strong revision and stuff like that i think that is different with networks you're getting up
four major shall runners with that idea and in other trying to fit into a formula that's different it's still hard it still but it's under singers different percentages yeah i know for sure i mean south park came in there like him an amber stories are there like didn't get any notes there like don't even live here i think that in colorado resume there is a gap we're gonna make the shouted like state a fuck away that's probably did move they're from evergreen it's like one might say ever the gypsy the original on what would brian boy tunnel do of course that is that's how they got started and that is to this day like one of the finest fucking things are seen in my life when someone these issues are actually a girl i was dating she was in aid insistent and she got a visa copy of it and she she brought it over my house we watch together we're fucking
crying is falling on the corral cry you so silly and jesus versus santa yes that was insane i didn't say they i gotta be adjusted and like ninety ninety six that's exactly when the time somewhere around there and i have to be addressed and i would watch those like what this is insane it was made so good andrea some kind of funny because it's like much more shitty animation and drawing even than the current one just crazy hard to believe you watch its leg you why sing like ancient like ancient cave art of jesus or something armenians like it's weird when you seeing this off way these to dry everybody and compare and so the new voices are so again he's maize their genius those guys it is true parker did the voice in this new for the fucking animated show that i watched it did the voice of some one and then a despicable me
when it is despicable may area i saw it with my it's hilarious those despicable meagre all really good even if you're a full grown adult their fuckin fund it is like my kids love them but i actually love them their fun those move a good man he saw the third one asylum all i've ever alternatives have kids brow seen a multiple times how'd it gives us a underwear man oh captain underpants or something was underwear man god captain under beds as that debate a movie out of it and probably i can see that by myself of a super where the guides watching captain they make good fuckin kids movies today those too people may movies are good movies there really well mine but the third what holds up turn one or might be strongest one lotta people like dominions one like i'm tired of this little fuckers need the other guy grew to balance out demands have the many millions went rug cottages on how
and ass all people like it i found it i think it was good i enjoyed it i found their daily fuck fuck the minutes well i toy story did twice or three was like one who is ever see i was good i wept gather disliked him dark moments when the teddy bear he's trying to fucking throw them into the incinerator thou as in ten as intense shit lots of air lots of later that is baby in pig moving jealousy bay pig in the city part two dont think all arrive they see that movie they decided to take the talking piglike broad farm movie throne the city where some of the dogs are prostitutes so fucking rogue that's amazing you'll love it real you remind you oh my guy we hagen a city and there is a big outrage because it was
like a grass seven we're looking at super dark and trippy wow big in their prostitute dogs i swear to god looking back one of a hooker dogs all mike and think that is larry i look up at harlot larry's yeah weirder dogs man these three wolves they're scared the shit out of me i get underway determine that never live with us i think about that when i'm around my dog was my new dog recently seven months all now i got em few back in his arm a golden retriever it is the least wolflike dog that has ever existed on the planet this dog has like zero aggression in em like even when you play fights like it fight with another dogged is like zero threat of anybody getting hurt like theirs the mellow west calmest you guys think like somehow or other people figured out how to take a walk and slowly whittled down to you make that right
where there was a eating their game some weird fuckin shit mess with the brain denial it's his breeding figured out a way where i mean i think that life is crazy pliable and where you have the best chance of success may novices not my theory but where life as the best chance of success economy moulds itself to that whether its by putting people in cold climates making their skin lighter so they get bet more vitamin d because there's no son out since it this fair lady could be in the atmosphere of a dog is young way a dog food how to be super cool with people so the dog we're cool people are the ones who stuck around and they kept breeding in breeding in the ones that are the cause of the people the ones you got fanny arrived a shot and killed in it and get the breed so it's always one of the cruellest with the people they got closer and closer to the camp fire and they get the scraps throne why is a sweet deal you bark and they there
with you and give you free food and you keep the fuckin wharves and the bears from eating them and bark bark bark when aids incomes and they could be alert there was a whole deal people and wolves and and dogs so they figured out a way over countless generations to turn that wolf into this fucking dog into a poodle like they figure to do that and when it is life perhaps it find some weird ways through then you know you're holding a french bulldog like what the fuck used to be a wolf i got a wolf got wit down to i'm not no disrespect to french bulldogs or adorable levels all dogs but i had a factor that even happen you never see like stone like cave drawings of poodles didn't exist later i didn't exist like perfect palm palm like ankles and you know what i found out about dogs it's really fucked up is that all of them came from old they thought it was like that like dogs
came from my girl a bunch different wild k needs in a bunch differently african dogs and different dog nope nope often came from wolves all that super weird dude we're gonna wolflike fucked a frog something's there's no way of fuckin pulled dog she comes a wolf it does slowly but surely over thousands of years they turn a wolf into a bolder nuts are we going to go back to wolves dealing with we could turn into jello for sure we could turn some chub like thing that sits in a hard form that we carry around if you i found him any cambric airborne if you don't have any move things told genetically now we're going to fit into this fuckin cube and would just be a square a thing with no bones just slops right into this just indestructible plastic barrier run in life until you wanted to fuck and that we wanted to fucking has which jake close to the bed
and then you just lose out on top of each other you would like open your doors together and you lose on top of each other my entire family in arkansas latest zip pills separate hills ganum skills i don't dog scare me because a dog bit my balls when i was a kid i was playing with about my front yard and i'll never forget it and i rounded third and a dog lashed out punctured micrograms and i ran into the house and i put my pants down in my mom's now and then cyber dogs and always to this day every time i pass a dog horrified do not call the burning coal maybe i will be jello guy yeah for sure not or about better path and get bitten and not by a dog if you have no organs ok nothing right down just a giant hive of tissue and thing now is a dream but it's a dream you can control have gone to the point where you don't need a
physical structure you don't need skulls and organs and livers all that stuff is handled exotic earnestly they bring in things they bring in like these connections these tubes the link up to and then slowly our bodies devolved to the point we don't have organs anymore we rely on our organ functions to be handled outside of the body by machines is way more efficient and allows you to stay in the dream state and control your life devise now dude need you see way better in the dream state you have me ass of cells that somehow i know that contain consciousness that interfaces with the dream state twenty four slash seven can i wear a hat but doesn't matter you have a head it's like i had on a table i'll jello shot you can but a lot of juice there you want to be a big fat to block a garbage dumpster filled with cells
the more cells may be of more horse power in the dream dimension right that's hard to make sense re obviously what we're deadly devolving right if you go from like if you look at other primates like primitive primate you'll get a rang it hands and guerrillas and they would fuck us up were so weak compared them right so you were obviously like the weakest by far of all the primate other like little tiny monkeys yeah for sure so by far our bodies have gone weaker in delaware and less capable and our tendons are not the same there's so much stronger than us so there something's happening to a body we're getting like smouldering softer and weaker and live a plant based diet which seem guerrilla chimps eat the fuck out of every now they eat more closer us there a fine permanent story about the guy who brought his champ birthday cake and a monk attacked him and then bit his nose
his fingers and rubbed his penis off yeah bite his fingers off to bed but his fingers his fingers up and his nose distort yeah they play towards face apart he was jealous but the champ than tat was jealous cause he brought a birthday cake which empt that used to be his so the champ used to be his and say the worst is at it that's the story the chin used to be his and he brought the champ to a sanctuary when it got older workers as they get older they get super sketchy this are buying peoples they're not of jostle now they get super aggressive and the consequences of them being as ever saw ferocious don't don't show me pictures please only want to see yeah give up the championship loved him still to go visit among us they brought him a cake with the other chips are the data and get a cake and somewhat fucked up and left some doors open and the chimps opened the doors and just fucked him because he didn't give a cake that's all cuz he gimmick they tore his fingers off they towards dick off just didn't give him a cake was cake the idea was it because
the care was a fire no fairness not an ounce of fairness issue they were jealous that he gave the cake one championing getting a cake and they were fuckin furious and you're also deal with this ships are contained in this artificial environment dinner i read em maybe allowed unaware and they direct associate people with being their captors you now the people are the ones who keep men there but the ones of feed on the people who want to control them and then they can get out fuck up the person doesn't get my birthday cake worst aspects of people magnify times a hundred you'd see right in front of us again this is what we used to be this is how we got to two thousand dean you had be fucking ferocious you couldn't be like him here to be one with the app in the days of living with jaguars and shit you russia's you had to you had to literally argue with livered i was so when we think of like what were becoming we're obviously becoming more passive
becoming more better able to deal with it in acting with each other without violence and that all that's all that stuff makes us monsieur all this is making or so weak just like physically not not attuned to violence so for physically not attuned about why do we need our strength equity when you need to be so fast those trying to kill you you don't you sit in a cuban gaudy several things just try it just like a bull dog face some faint and make the phase of flat our whole body as you do that linda's flat now so that our bodies can absorb the bones once restart like in casing ourselves we go back to the job people here you realize you ever need food it works like a plant this this box that contains you
and it uses photosynthesis smell so you'll yourselves alec water and she just like soil eaten soil put some soil below you gonna be a plant you can go back to plants foch plants in the matrix like in a week now take a while but i got a hundred million years or so will definitely be like some sort of a gigantic organism connected to some probably some natural internet you know to do their figure they'll get to appoint whether i can order regular internet is too unreliable work lastly relying on these cables i have a new idea here is my new idea we are going to make an internet by going into all these plants in genetically engineering them and turning them into wifi towers everything is a wifi tower and this the new internet they're all connected with each other and you through using computer or cell phone whenever you're interfacing with nature now you know greater facing what some artificial servers and of a rise in in know
fuckin throttling your data because like using netflix than now you're dealing with reengineer plants or plants are now the distributors of information i can't he tells us that terrible my real coming they know that plants talk to each other there are two percent certain prance plants allocate resources they this whole underlying like there's like us a whole almost like an internet of i see liam unlike fungus and honest different shit other than the network of their root system and everything that the communicate with each other about we don't know what we know they they do certain things like plan here other plants getting eaten and they change their flavour pro file and they become toxic they d like a terrible toxic taste to them what yeah giraffes do that now is its works or non traps
eucalyptus trees do that when drafts are eating them and a bunch of different trees shown that when you now i can eat it is a crazy started it did not always it knowing for sure that these plants are being eaten but if they hear it so they played recordings of crunching recordings of caterpillars eating leaves and they played it next to these trees and the trees alter their profile they start excluding some sort of a chemical them makes their leaves taste terrible so what they found is like that like in it'll but in africa where one plant will be thinks the acacia tree that's what it is it is right pressure phase the occasion when the changes its not eucalyptus z case retreat and one animal will be eating it the other animals catch wind something's eating it and they litter become toxic to them they taste like shit and so they won't eat no starve to death row beneath the plants some crazy chemicals strategy
they communicate with each other that's how they find out that this other plant is getting eaten goes through the ground davis fibre jesus it goes to the good they have this fibre of all these different organic things like like fungus and mushrooms and shit there communicate good lord amazing that is amazing did they think that like leaders to anyone hear it the allocate resources they like figure out a way to allocate resources towards plants that are connected to them that are more needy very bizarre totally dont know why they do it we time you don't know how their do it's all some new thing over the last twenty years the people are beginning beginning to figure out that the plants are somehow another interacting with each other maybe interacting with their environment away we just don't understand yet fucking weird man meaning be conscious and some way we just don't imagine we can imagine it right
but it might be some sort of a cleaner we think of consciousness as i came home and go to the store night do said you know hey man you know me to go take my girl to the movies that fucking planet of the apes thing looks sweet you know that's what we think of as consciousness everyday i do that without language and with whatever the fuck plants you for communicating it might be some sort of a weird language they have but the we dont even proceed but could you don't have to find out language could be we don't know i'm just guessing talk show one ira right i'm not i'm asking you questions because as we can one thing i want to have a more plant based die of another wants to other fuckers west brand shit yeah like toddy careless whispers new cauliflower tat mark memory but maybe they like you to eat em they like it edam how come when you shit out their seeds that's how plants get distributed we
also how do they know what about tastes like shit to us their altering our teeth cycling they're trying to get us to eat and it was rightly a better for us to eat them they like maybe always eating mark maybe i'll fuckin create a new spice and maybe better and how eat me faster some shit hence peaches why peaches so delicious try tricky and eating i'm shit out one of those pits right if you get some nice nutritious shit and special have you been eating nothing but peaches you're shivered private fuckin primo for grown a peach just right for us in a dungeon you're out there in the words you take a massive damp with a bunch of peach pits in it an aging fertilized and then a new peach tree grows and this one's even better it talks you and deep to slowly just like a wolf becoming a french bull dog the pizzas become sweeter sweeter and sweeter and then even we get in the mix like you know what this whole pizza it's saying is inhabitant fast enough for me me
boys monsanto would but scalpels and laser beams and birth control pills i gotta figure out how to yes verse we may last for a year right if you take a shit and a tree grows and it's not peaches that's right had grown to shift and you can hang out where it that's what ends up happening each other teachers get so sweet that they turn in the ship yeah you that's world i want to live and psyche fixin to break it exactly you fucked up he tried to sweep try to get the peaches to swim and he got to the poor grady nature rebelled so that's the argument for diseases the reason why so many diseases for human beings is that there are too many of us and natures like light not on and on and on and you can't do this you can have seven billion of one thing this is fucking stupid we gotta kill some of these things now figure awake now we're like plague and all these four things why we injections kill all that and then went to keep silk battling one
step ahead diseases and scientists to go into war every day on the front lines i mean us was going nature trial jackass either states discernible the plug on us was last time you dog got sick the die is we'd if you have a dog has really do you give you dog carvel shot they get like distemper they get rabies and their good they go round eating everything they find licking everything linking everything pissing on everything what percentage of dogs gets secondly even one one could argue that they get cancer and share right right tat can happen but like dogs getting cold when you what did you do get sick he d dog starts neither dialogue in a cold the fuck out of here dogs don't get my knights i don't have a dog but we did but i mean i've never heard of a dog getting like a scientist infection they happen they have windows bulldogs for sure they get all fucked up to their noses like a half an inch
they have aroused oratory like horrible problems i have friends at a ball those and i said it's a fucking nightmare one why doktor have pulled out his happily and half she billina so he's got it little bit of a longer face why star wars character what does she billina s dog if someone bitch you fuck em maybe i didn't conti little fairy dog on the aggressive side you know gill twenty sayer dogs of candy have country have most snaps swanton now he gets country with other dogs he bit my party in the face for if i say it out and now ass i went on but my other dog the biggest dog have as the most chill it doesn't fuck with anybody what the fuck is that what is wanted none of what did not have eyeballs it did have eyeballs de glasses spool epic
all that little cutie that's why i gotta because we would like doubt news baby does your dad was a little bit based go a little more bulldog to him tat either put the thing about dogs man insisted very so much personality wise it's a trip you could have three dogs from the same litter and one of them's just a totally different kind of dog in the other one like when they get dogs for police dog training they never know like what dogs going to like how they're gonna come out of you look for a specific area based on a why is a good blood i never thought i'd die but out of a litter did not it's on a hundred percent even in a good bloodline but their normally what kind of like police dogs are never like their specific bigger they like in german shepherds or whether they they have a bunch of different dogs they use belgian madame was a really good but those are super hard to control but old and their willingness to hack dogs there we'll get attack dogs this concept on people like very effective because their super hyper aggressive emerged go right for your throat
fuck you up these ocelot military what they call the military theatre oh i like that that with this nor does it say that military theatre military theatre this stuff close seven and then it's like a way to sound smarter than you really are she said using something in the military theatre had become an asshole says a military figures add feared anything is somewhat yours my alone with the diarrhoea theatre we're going to the ass they like had musicals they did a minute basketball courts they'd make two dollars no you go see a basketball court you have to go to that now have to dress up i can see it how it really is sneakers we cannot aluminum i'm stepson these people have no microphone and below you doing stupid play this shit like the forgot rich theatre hu it went to the this new musical at the gymnasium it was terrible everyone so
going toilet paper down on them if you go to the theory like this place all dismissal rule i've got a new suit for the gym numbers listen going to the theatre some of the theatres performing well performing theatres across the country you yield performing to places like started was founded and like thousand twenty we back stages you to walk through and everything is fuckin pretty dope what i was gonna say earlier is routine of florida i'm on my did my last tour and added fifty five cities area it was great and there were only the only train wreck shows where florida and i did a performance art centre and it was then i believe orlando i want to i share and they had i went back stage and they have a huge murals for like wicked and the lion king and all these huge productions and then there was i next autumn and the hannah says
the guy did the show me to stop the show is to checks got into a fistfight oh of course over what out of nigeria as in the balcony and i was trying to figure out what is happening but i couldn't escorted out and then afterwards there like gas fightin bunch people there's vomit oliver the bathrooms so that went out to the staff and was like what happened in all this for these old women that we're like used to plays a musical ready per thousand exports fuckin tornado to come in so obviously gaiety on women were not equipped for like this that people are sleeping in the bathroom there's puke the floor doesn't let us by god is hilarious pretty funny hours i guess i'm a that next week there we ve got who is she next week it's a resurgence of cats brought back by popular demand is cats being played anywhere across the country i know it's not we need anymore
i don't know actually assets in question it's not on broadway at all now so that i have a bad bad opinion of these goals and a lot of his based girl of data of nos eighteen who made me go to sea cats with her in your eighteen you know how many falk impatience anything more yeah what the fuck devlin on every page years old and music people that are dressing up it is playing someone who wears applying back on broadway andrews webber's long running classic is back on broadway exclamation point i mean i don't know it does say from carolines murmur automated visit last time i saw was thirty fucking years ago thirty two years ago almost others still cats they ve got involved i feel i need to go now let's go i gotta go lasted likes seven stars of death deep and we should eat first like have a take the stars of death like full on
take five stars of death and then have a stake so this is my thought process you're sitting in a restaurant like right after you order you guys do this you dump this stars of death value system and then the food starts come and so the food piles on your body a struggle to digest the star and all the fat from your food like stake mashed potatoes if you feel and non kido and as you get it gets cookin like right when these deuce a duty to do do duty due you you're just in sigh clone of fear and self doubt and an insult criticism and introspective thinking feel vulnerable about everyone's watching you and you know you're gonna die in everyone's gonna die and then to do that top it off we bring a letter box and so we all deficit in the letter box and then when they get matters for like it's fuckin around cats do this is perfect i was in pittsburgh and age
up for you have seen pittsburgh at the sight in time we had a fairies convention no way totally out again could network cancel the show i can't i a show and then i had a you see how goes there for both sides how do you see way inside the wagons on friday and then i have to show right off i don't wanna go anyway i just i just wanted it then you could see enough to spy seen them interact in the streets you're driving on street you would see fucking dozens and dozens of people in these very outfits right dozens i mean everywhere you look you solve these mascot squirrels fuckin people are just like monkeys that foxes and shit and they fuck it so they do but here's a you know that anybody wearing that is fucking something yeah and you know why you might like try to fuck female fox in you pull down the peasants harry dude but you like my god dammit i'm already air normally ready for this but like look out there are
walking around and they get together of this photos of thousands of them together just thousands and people love it it's early so hot flock leia at our fishermen have weren't costumes like badges unlike sketches and shit ok boy what is going on here in this picture so strange their courting each other their holding hands and steering juices eyes like you this is so i saw cartoon you're a little can they just fucked your brain like all this is what i'm looking forward to when i get out of this house and you get to the house your car accidents gunshots rape but today fuck each other whether both worry costumer they fuck people that aren't wearing a costume apparently and this is i've i'm sorry if you remember the fairy community in a misrepresent but some of them have hatches where their asshole is soil like those old
go pajamas and those wild west cartoons and with a wild west pajamas where they had like pop i always had those duty flap and you get to buy things they cover your shit her like the shit trap and open up the trap door drop a bomb in ireland but not fucker back up didn't have the air may i draw strength and probably even have like rubber waistband back then ran like hell like those big buttons on either side holiday tightened down your underwear back down was buttons that make sense to buy a buttons in the front and buttons shudder fit buttons on everything back them so these kids they thought that was the future and then they went out there and they got punching a face the moment he left the house and probably somebody did terrible thanks to them when they were at school and i got picked on and then here they are switching they were a squirrel all its view squirrels slogan the cartoon those my favorite though no museum just grow cartoon a big o interview squirrel when we want to go to school and what do you say more twenty squirrel
will the hotel they had a request it with a filled up the fairies that means a few of the other you see staff i'm not i'm not lying it's a mill noisy and they got a request in the request was the fairies asked if they could put a little box in the lobby no way ass they wanted to pay for a letter box we brought into lobby they like this whole convention is all us so can we do that unlike what the fuck are you talking about mighty africa they tried to get a little box and put it in the front lobbied like the west in pittsburgh six million apparently i mean it could while just been just they get a bit like come on man while they deafening we're asking for food to be delivered in balls on the ground whatever they order they want to put a bowl dog football and even ground ride in several different rooms that requesting this that i
see though figuring go that distance but if you do not think a shit no fuckin lobby right you don't august you don't don't we ask there is all us it's all us here she stopped us we're amongst friends will pay pal opium image staff wishes ask if they so crazy it's pro asked here i mean i get it's like heavy does have a little box in your room lobby come on man i've been a lot of madame in the room goin up that fuckin flight of stairs duffel bag phil litter escaping and a big deal and plastic cement mixer
where the genie litter in one of those plastics are met mixes you know you're make concrete when you were a kid europe to make concrete no construction jobs sometimes you have to make concrete you have to pour the shit and for the water and mix it you have to mix witness they all fuckin plastic tub that was a lot like a big letterbox road and you could you do that so given them cement makes an tubs lord i want to tell you that i want to try it if you give thousands p i would get into a furry outfit and only in fact i would you be would i be ass you could be a fairy like what creature would you would you feel like you period animal s neck to get question i don't know maybe you think you're a monkey or wolf sam monkey over a wall of those of the ongoing ok we're moving more towards monkey i'm just trying to get like a taste palette i would say it is a question that i used to term which one would be best for you out
is squirrel squirrel like you i made worse you are right but you tail so cute we let us live plus you only eat nuts and play rats eat everything you're not a fucking sketchy erasmus campi rusted carrying diseases squirrels a chill i say i was girls in new york i would go into union square and i out to get a by so i get a bag and nuts and i watched we'll sit in the middle the park and squirrels would come and crawl on him and he would put the he had put it in his fist and the sky what region like like it was like a little hole and pull though not are on his arm so i study this guy for a week sounds like our fuck can do that so i in a bag and nuts and i have the courage up got into the mill the parker set their squirrels the coming i mean i started going like panicky but care panic so it is owned out and then the squirrels started feeding out of my hands and i sort of becoming a squirrel man and then i started i wanted to show my friends so a brain
body bodies unlike like to the park with me mike watch this and they like what the fuck are you doing now and i'm like watching this grocer beyond my arms and staff my friends are like did i'm not i'm bored with this nobody thought it was cool it is thought i was like a lunatic and i thought i was like this i thought i was going to x men or something i've gotten disliked power that dialed into like a hall now make a beast master yeah i thought it was read but remember that show no horse the duties to be able to tell amals what to do and then i'll listen ambien business was the shit is fuckin ripped though i make they fucking doubt are they a sweet remake hundred percent you should be the bees master you or me we could be bees masters do brothers and sisters these mass we need a bunch of checks to we gotta get to have diversity today if you get a pitcher of these one black female trans beast master we'll get up these act
seems like the new or like the astor that the original beast master i didn't know that no these that i read a move that their that that was the original beast master tat was the that was in a movie called laser blast lay blast was fuckin favorite science fiction movie of mine and i was like a little kid man like during the star wars days yeah and he found this gun he fell this guy look upon the right our so bad you put the is alien gun that you put it in your arm like you put your arm in it rather like you fill this gap yet tat works any found this thing like the alien like crasser spaceship in lost a gun and this dude picked it up and the guy slowly but surely turn them into this monster it was ah fuckin thing you see that go like see the pictures the actual aliens that's what he turned into the light
you're blast nineteen seventy eight due to allow now was eleven years old this came out so when you see the guy like in the upper pictures goat scrawl grow up a little bit then see that like the mobility down the left hand side the top and the left answer here that one that that is what he turned into when he kept fuckin with that gun the more it was like a sort of like a take on columns ring in a way right with the more you fucked with his gun like the more he would become with one of those aliens and starch shit with his weird feasting gun i was done thou do it's even get a clip you find it on monitoring and me in vegas when you are eleven its awesome go i'm sure screen its assent show preview all this is a preview see so dude finds us in the desert what the fuck look in the aliens like oh no he's got our gun their pissed off see their inner spaceship and he uses it happening right now somewhere on this planet
seating spaceship land story you have all that has landed and this check with these are the facts my guys grace thing of all time each them up beneath him who is in the future it just looks like adieu shrine monster they shouted comcast tried to take it away
oh my god the dover laser we're not where we have the new studio we should do a fight companion with this movie lays a blast homer you you don't drink anymore dammit i do you do taking a break how much of a break i'm i started a movie and like to eat some i'm taking a break into after labour there ok after labour day you and i'll get fucked up and we'll watch laser blast her percent and we will postpone it from play who watched his fucking so will we play more of a givens he's gay run in the background the entire time shows ten seconds after the treasure it so bad how bad as it looks really them a sounds like that so i was wrong that's that's not the laser blast guy it's a different grandly dioxin iron it looks like he's
from another movie though the guy the laser blast guy was in are the beast master guy was in some other movie looks familiar he was a little by little shit what is this the french version at the movie so away so these master trailer how bad it is look out badly even though the like though in letters are shaky i got it the letters leaders would look like keep me no effort and other they define the skill back then they would like that would do us should by hand like a bunch of monkeys as a dude kim no further cheryl smith was programme as far back in the day right she definite cook do you think so those seventeen seventy i don't think they would do anything he had a choice back then we may be duco they punch cog in your face when you were born and you had a wear bell this is the beginning in the movie do like hey what's that this movie so fuckin stupid is like hardest
organ walking through of oil in shit down or so i think this is the alien with a gun bullets save it until we wait j will save it yea does the original alien than he was that's what it was dark eyed dies leaves in the gun toiler alert so i'm wrong i thought the back i was the bees master guy but the piecemeal doesn't matter we were still turned onto a jam with laser blast from glad i remember that our member that i don't know how the fuck that still in my brain they haven't seen that move in i probably seen it is like a year after the words that guard singer using a but he was in some way we played a blind guy that guy's been in every limb yeah
he was obtained wolf schism indubitable cut up beauty in the beast he's gone allergy nation that guy's gonna gang movies you did also peace master and the young and the restless if you these master would it would people thank you racist if you hire blacker what i mean if you had a guy that could talk to monkeys lorries is a white guy if it's a white guy in the way i can walk in the forest falcons land on em and fucking giraffes come of germany gizmos apple shit every school with it but if you had a black eye like jet black wesley snipes black and he's walking through the jungle and other animals flocked to him and he and the monkeys they talk to each other tells the monkeys what to do people will act now falcon
where that is so racist are you saying that black people are like closer to these animals the fuck no no no not summers and now we're sandy's really cool and the animals like that's all i got out of it broke how come white people can't talk the monkeys but black people can get the fuck guiding it raises the bull shit ass a blister movie but he but if it's a white blonde guy you like music thought and talk to any maisie music channels spirits of these animals they know is pure here's an official here yeah you a unicorn people in africa it is how to close on those hairs croft his shaggy does need close sprouts need shampoo conditioner he lives in the jungle but his hair is perfect seasick styles little some kind of frost did some areas highlighted a that doesn't make any sense a super clause with eagles did i have
a hawk issue in my back yard yesterday i tweet did i instagram his picture that i found a hawk dead in my yard that other animal had something at bitten its head off cheese and is eaten its breast tissue so that was a while back well yesterday i was out my yard i let the chickens out i've chickens and chickens are wandering around and there's three fucking hawks they're not big hawks or small so exercises thermos subject twelve inches hires i'm not a big hawk but there trying to jack these chickens there like on the chicken coop and one of em swooped down and slams into the mesh like bangs into the measure the chicken coop like is trying to get out sees it can do so like this is crazy so i have my
his command my wife come on we're looking at these birds swooping down in one of em landing on top of the roof and the other ones in the trees like this so fuckin strange man what is going on in there just make it knows it really loud other juveniles and i've found two of em that are dead and what take the two and then i found that are dead or bigger so i did i these animals is small ones and then every day i found a dead one in the dead one off who had its head missing i think there's some sort of a bird war going on in my neighborhood that does i got gang war going on i think there is high in theirs larger hawks in one my friends saw a larger hawk eating baby hawks in a tree girdle or gas yet he was he was in the on the way down the street and apparently going to his car and he saw these high
ox that are in our neighbourhood killing these baby hawks knowing what the fuck is going on and sounds like bob so there are the babies were thereby themselves they will look in the hawks killing the babies and he saw it happen as like that as i say to those like some sort of a gang war glenn told him about the hawks being dead he found one of em like that shit real your did it's crazy fucking heart mcgowan i wonder who i think has hawks killing other hawks like they're like trying to like establish public just like all these other animal apparently man lines do that to bears do that the young ones define other people kill em cause they think they're competition is only so many rats you know the right or a rabbit to the hawk and chad that's one way and so we found to two different hawks no heads do you normally alot oxygenated is definitely you seem all time seem floating around there's circle and all the time seem all
so there you there's your answer birdie burnt dirt that's in tat friend tom tom shrewdness director he was in his house and studio sidney washed up like but davos small bird just get jack by a hawk right in front of him it was sitting on a young offence to stop bourbon sidney children who live wonderful data be a bird and he set his heart just kinda swamp just grabbed and right then fuck him just for fun see that i gotta see little eyes in a distant oh yeah i see now our jackie a hog craze i seen hours they eat rabbits and shed right they put a night vision camera on this tree so they could capture these these hawks that we're in this the sum nest together might even a young hawk this outcome in from out of the sky like you don't see anything
his eyes he sits floating eyes and then who watches watches video it's amazing that's a hawk yeah watches letters just jackson his buddies one more time momentum homeward ass i see little eyes in the distance see how floating always services bitch oh my gosh freezes so area there's your answer birds birds dead that's in tat beat the fuck out of each i mean if you see even hearkened or neighbourhood neighborhood really worried this predatory lately that would be really scary job ozma same or hawk you can make it hawk but he did you like it s namely even winners nets off he's got a mysterious goby hawk
ethan channel emma jane i as a lot of people have done that rightly jamie fox here the most willing do you ever he made his name and androgynous name so that he would get picked as people to go up and laugh factory because it was a laugh at you open my and they would pick chicks more new techniques for the word for many checks so try yes certain amount checks right so he it is name and vigorous he changed his name jamie fox with two axis let's break or smart his old standards whereas as that which is also transpose it can be on thursday zero now it's amazing i can do everything he has bizarre guy sally talented can sing he can act again like lived legitimate would sing and legitimately and you stand up and you stand still the fucking heart is the minutes to be like monitoring is a big headliner did did you a monster to stop doing it the foxhole member
he had adam characterize it on in living color the woman with a giant crazy pierre fucking hilarious schumacher whose original duck face right wasn't she what did she do that it's my imagining that she made a duck face no sudan is that right i say again yonder do you think that ugly wander is the original of the duck yeah there's a duck face we wonder at that there might be the original ducks dominant would like what everybody copy authority hilarious right there and slurs dude in living collar is a forgotten show has won a funny spoken chose out as amazing to de handyman they of course demur fire marshal bill my member plainest marshall bill tat against up causing fire marshal bill i was i was playing pool me my friend john replaying pool
new york in this show was on in our above the pool table we're like what the fuck you like can you believe this is a real show like third never been show like when jim carry play that guy urban drop in a fire never been a fuckin sketch show with showed a guy burns oliver's face like what the fuck oh yeah also member that had no lips levick raising that is insane wanna clip was venus de milo the person was did crystal meth a crystal meth trans weightlifter lake or even a little crazy show people forget about two snaps up my mother was amazing people forgot differ gonna go to show us the other when we were the young in the nineties this was the show there are several areas is the show
that launched the general lopez launcher she was a flag robber we it mean but she wasn't acting on the show demanded she became flagroot coming i have some respect right now i'm not impressed look here you are going through presidencies flag or i did i being a flag on saint shouldn't that was our first it was our freedoms are first thing then where's your car that's her in the front and turn the bottom who the fuck i want my money back what would you really look like how did you do that that is funny than they had shoes first of all i girls she was the first girl become famous for her ass brandt not for opposition counted don't get me wrong threat now ocean agent which he also resisted the
temptation to accentuate that ass an artificial manner she stuck with squats dancing respect backed does she was the original big booty girl right i mean if you think about it in and also the checks that's the first person i remember people i share that some people are taken too far i saw a young lady this weekend there's a second we do why me why it's about implants to mere so bizarre why the fuck i don't know what that that's a real but that the general opposites but that is the bottom that's that's legit is latina dna exercise squats dancing just a sheer love of dick that just just comes out in british does likely that damn that woman let's see she's forty should you be a hundred what she's gordy eight if she's a hundred looks just like that people a line up the fucker look at her skin yes isn't insane insanely
it's like some wes world shit while she's gonna like soup power dna there's no way you just get that with the right of regular person that's like superpower vienna yeah now it's amazing was the points like my skin see she she stayed natural man that's the crazy thing like they're so many women like an obviously not her stature whether leg legit these stars and stuff like that but like sleaze pop gals our stuff and so much fuckin stuff into their ass yeah that we goes like a waterbirds like an sounds there was such was the girls it gives an aim there's a video that she's doing which is shaking your ass i salute or electronic fuck in a waterbed is this it exists ice slow down unless it's you relax in which case multiple policies multiple
many bodies not your big ass shaming body shaming nobody share but if you have a crazy body we're gonna talk about it and if you ask that giant people can talk about it since by shaming to be now it's it's surgery shaming that's what it is that's legitimate to surgery shame shore right if you call it i give it's not like if we had done that earlier would we have lost michael jackson like if somebody surgery shaped like soup a dude hey hey heck star yeah what would you do with gotta watch knows doing this what's going was against small like mozart cavan in man kate i'm aware good lord good lord i mean i've of france i went to dinner with a friend of mine she's awesome and agency for a while and she got plus surgery plastic surgery and i didn't
bring it up sooner for like five years and i was ever was noticeable not big time but enough and i didn't what how to handle it i don't know what to do scientist didn't say anything but i wanted to be light why but you know what somebody does it it's fuckin moot point to be like what you do go back a scientist let it go but it was really awkward suez she was already fuckin gorgeous and then i was i don't know why she did that set herself so it was really it was really bazaars very bizarre feeling you have you experience out of you have seen a meaning i generally have but my friend even weirder was dating a groan asian girl who got that i surgery when and he had seen her in a long time and then you heat actually told about this is me after we did the password
the amount that i surgery every move showed it like how many korean women in particular are getting this crazy surgery where changes your face a major eyes way bigger they cut your lids if you like is i'd anime weird look in its apparently super super popular but he hadn't you're in a while and he saw her and she had the thing done and he didn't recognize her ears i wait right it was off as i saw you and also your eyes were giant how to go hey what's up neck for good look at that while yet in that case it was really good but this but it's it's weird thing is like super super common to get that look right so they go from having a bunch of different girls who that scared the shit out here we have a friend i just realized who got it done that's a bunch of different girls i freaked me to fuck up
have you seen em now he's got a gun you know that is course he did the same thing with eyes given india so i wrote down answer but that's like you she's becoming like westernized this would they do it so crazy do they slice your lid and they take like it chunk out of it like say if you were cut up a mango into slices take a nice little mango slice and then stick that bad boy up and then you lids just way smaller says nations have different need for beauty choices in korea the land is small and crowded that everyone can see and look each other in the face of forty two you know you dont like having slept the eyes that's all it is you don't like the way your eyes look i get it dont say crazy shit and then i sense a translation problem nations have different need for beauty listen to this expansion hey why do you
i have so many eyes surgeries well in korea the land small crowded and that everybody can see can look here they're in the face the did you say your desire you're on pills the other guy should first what must be some sort of a translation issue i think so because i give you said that a man like neck is i think he's gone crazy duties he doesn't descends don't make sense no joy that debate since i joined by eyes the currency about your face hi what's wrong mozart where is he my friend that i've seen throw out in order to do i didn't want to say side is started screaming and through hot water enough my god as does that laws i could start screaming and boiling pot of water sorry i ever stopped
and i just ran out jumped into camp gemini living dead or none what my living dead come invasion the bodies answers here when someone would turn into those things and they would just be like to see the long ere i gotta know something's wrong with neck it doesn't seem like nick anymore and there was a these lights wrong you wander off really be an alien find the pod but they find upon your bed like cobwebs and shit like most like the thing member thing i do that was a fucking that's the best movie when my family's all time they are written junk arbiters gear without was so drippy there was another as a remake but it was really good remiss awesome phenomenal remake i was so trippy because you didn't know until they burn their blood who is an alien to grow like what's up gary no you're right mark
yah tired didn't get the dog tube part of the idea that when they burned areas they got the derisory lay on two thousand and ten they're doing an opera men what to do an operation the guy in the chest opens up and becomes jaws blighters arms doing what's it called the other frivolous while it is every later simulator defibrillators genetic in his fuckin this go through it turned into jaws and open up his arms off the other that movie ruled them movies and it holds we know the effects are bizarre it holds up so gives you like waken anxiety dude kurt russell in this movie is like one of my all time fear reallocate that that's crazy it opens up and bites our guys like have cheers seen cheers he could be so he's not he should be sailors as this
seen frontiers this one episode through they neither of these categories cream stevie caught up i'm returned the big spider thing the other was the head popped up legs so running around a spider taboos scariest fuck me about the end and as the still spoil our spoiler i didn't i didn't rick baker yeah for years rick baker he's the special effects gotta did merrick moreover his fuckin ledge he personally i do not think you did i think so i'm sorry i believe rick bigger still alive i think you should work on somethin something's going on right now i forget what it was but i feel like there's some new project that i just read something about a figure what a god damn it do you see the new version of the thing they the third version i thought i thought i was good alighted and i like it
no i just thought it was i wanted to like it i decided that those bad took ebro people get man if you dont like things they like yeah broke maybe you suck may i use are they turn it on you but also i'm somebody we're like i wanna like shit so that when people like all your just like no i thought go to a movie so want to like it if i want something like i don't wanna hate something but when i go well i make an effort to go to a movie to hate it that's fucking retarded agreed is i've gone and oh i god it's like this people go no you don't and unlike now i don't i just i didn't like it wasn't you know yours highbrow teases her so touchy ridiculous did she life ryan reynolds i did see life did you like it i liked it did you like a game i liked it i put on twitter i got attacked
you're fuckin idiot i just stopped the movie blue was stupid was cliche same old shit is rebuff valiums people like did but it was like it seemed like there's a good percentage of hatred well here's the thing is like that critique where people go you know they too this is it's like movies do borrow certain elements firstly like life had certain stuff that yet ices that they used it's also it still you just have to ok and then likes it back in and just enjoy performances and enjoy what they made it's a fucking too really well shot movie in order really highlighted to me that television shows like its contagious brow you're done it thanks evidence shows like house of cards in games on these cereal shows they ruined movies this is why because like to tell a story ninety minutes or so limited the union it's so invested in the character there's only so many different plot twist you can have like especially
this sort of a genre right like you take an alien life form it gets on board the people try to kill ok how many more as we see now we see that a fuckin thousand times and movies right rise you gonna run into a bunch of prime you gotta jam at all in and ninety minutes like their certain things that have to be like plot mechanisms they have to take place at the alien has to attack the first person you're gonna see it he's gonna be illegal bunch shit going to have to adhere to certain cliche devices that's our people that the jew like prometheus i did like i didn't like previous i'd love it and i like the new alien i didn't see the new but herds got awesome it's raining i mean i like both of them and i got a lot of shit for that people like your fucking idiot and i was like what grandma around hang around going what
no i wasn't migrant but nobody people an idea with people that are critical director friends and ship but directors of the worst to watch movies with the other pretty bad director people there there so beyond critical but like i am critical of comedies agree i gotta comedies i walk out of a lot of them said is unlike you know the worst is your round actors that haven't made it actors like barely works you i'm gonna have to understand that choice there that was never yeah that's really bad would have happened to screw you like that they know they lose missus biddle day tat is true roy fell off after that movie thus we say that about the dude jurassic park my keys in fucking jurassic hark it's one of the biggest movies of all time everyone's career falls off after jurassic park ok it's no way to get bigger you stupid fuck like i'm sure
guy probably a lot of movies after jurassic fucking park also maybe he made enough money doesn't have to do movies anymore you twat right cash is fuckin jurassic dollars and can i have my latte i'm tired of this whose his choices courage cruelly dropped off do say non fat our soil nine fat saw their sugar free please yet as funny like i'll i'll do interviews for stuff they like yeah man slipping over your stuff why you do that movie i close my friend in any ass you do it some of our livestock mike i fuckin yeah i'm friends or people they are doing a project okay you you want to do this and my guide i gotta go now fuck you man you're my friend like yeah like other variables besides you now get me
i was born to your assassin show exactly there it says you do that for me exactly only look into a fanatic half way into the filming neat it's a pound of andrew holiday a full and of admiral big big day delivered in pounds he just on admiral even those making movies has found out it's a move at times in a dream about making a movie you just found out it's actually making a movie his we thought it was at the theatre hasn't in a year does one no sleep this guy etc on his foot and kicks it in the next mouth a thing if you didn't for a long time but you're still up moving you'd protista just start hallucinating right is not what people dead right we'll just story i did a show and tal riders i did a show in town and i forgot to be higher that said and get hydrated earl inside and drink any water and i was drinking
the plan the meal nobody gonna arena which our dow we're drink and how i did my show what is kept again at any drink any water and then i got a i was up like i don't know maybe like fifteen hours and then i kept drink and enlightened i think about it sooner madame fund from the nice doing sick and that i try to go ben i can't so i'm awake throughout the night and then stay i still awake and am i cannot a keynote zammit slept like over twenty four hours and i have like we are about to signal that my puking some sort of drink water so i got drank it ideot alcohol poisoning and sickness and sleep deprivation since i flew home to allay and i thirty fuckin six hours and i'm in my bed and like any sleep so you know my bed and then
to start hearing like music and like all this stuff and people like there's a party next door but there is no party and then so i was like what the fuck i'm lie in my bed and i do so pounding on my floor and i was like what the fuck her like legitimate like pounding and i like totally awake i realize i slept and then i like it took like so like some sleeping like i got some nyquil something i finally get to bed he rose super weird man i've heard people the do those races those alter marathon races to start seeing chip is not their camden have that hampered avert other people they see people inside the railwaymen at them but i been there really dude altitude we regarding outside fox of me real bad my friend ben brian who's on the show last week with weak for us he was talking now he was in nepal and he was getting out to sickness boys in nepal and he saw baby on the side of the road and there was no baby and he saw wolf saw wolves acute geysers walter
oh my god how he does he always know what he's way the fuck up there he had about so even bad it was above thirteen thousand feet and any was sick too it was everybody at food poisoning so he got food poisoning and attitude sickness was just seeing things our baby he's like you guys on the baby nobody'll calmly card you see a baby you see a baby so baby just chill on side of the road do you like look to look closer at the baby and then i just push him off deuces guy this is wonderingly cuts losses like this guy he's not gonna make it bang i about survival the group man but it would not survive or i may do do you have lost and think how you to handle things differently i never saw loss and it's all one never saw one absurd i've heard people i watch it yes up until the last season
and then quit hired a guy or to canada jumped ship last season was like like standing around waters a pool that brings me back to life and no one's freaking out like what is wrought what the fuck gonna show my watch and jabez forget the people have to believe this ok what do you do that just standing around there in like that perfect order that you do on sitcoms was a person talking here is another person talking with that never happens in real life the perfect blog in perfect blocking and really but look at each other you fucking asshole you're standing around no one's freaking out there's a pond brings people back to life and you guys just phone and i like you i think that's why i jumped ship and excited to see derailed super bad and and i heard the writers didn't think i was gonna go that long and so they ran out of ships that so that somebody told me that they were like out and think it whether we weren't really ready it's so good in the beginning now in the beginning it so good its such good show for the first like shoe knows how many seasons i've been
wife was exe virus six right yeah up into the air ass like season started far apart he died i think the shook i fell parks boiler books there are many people on the show that our boy dominic who's on the show on this package so funny nobody air carriers here and there haven't a little can over one the lottery there's a girl that often lost she did it she was one of the girls in the the habit movie angela yeah sure i elf of chick foxes elbows and sows dominate moran yeah here now two she's had no dominic was sought mounts wasn't your habit he was a habit what am i moments as an additional audition time years ago and lord of the rings you just come out i'd seen it we are addressing some shitty movie he is in the waiting room and they came out there like it we're running about twenty minutes behind house like you fucking kidding me he was like jesus and what the hell why what are you doing here and he knows what it may and i go
we're just in lord of the rings and he us and i go their innovation make you wait forty minutes do be fucking mad and it was like you right peggy yeah no shit fuckin call your agent man you're revenue in the rear one of the rings of the lord would you do and not just to kick him out of there so you get them now i wouldn't let him go in front of me i'm a good guy i was out of a fair was a duty on the biggest moving the world put a picture beggar once he something here i forgot all these characters now remembering what i'm saying this again member the deletion guy was named saeed as name his bad mother recent avery if he was a first elation due to get the fuck why checks in a big time show right you're hot white girlfriend and keith urban is no that's like he's urban rural area and then there's the green guy who was in hawaii five o and he just they want to believe in
i favour their pissed off there's and there enough respect the asian actors workin paid as much as the white actors and who i five oh yeah that was the comply true enough owed comply with those shown hawaii abyla get his companion fuckin doritos shut dude i think after while you just get tired of everything you do and if you do somebody show and in paradise you tired in paradise about why don't they save you get island fever rise they moved like a wild and then after a while but i gotta get out of here do is well i guess if i did i would do that then the fever i would not mind getting do you see sulphur living in mowing the future here maybe open a bother you buddy opened a barn yeah and he said i open a bar as true story and i go can i get a job because what you mean i got an hour week barton what if you lose again the house him see i don't know
can be the house some seem em just to have a microfinance artagnan's keep away from bob so it's horrible not one from really parent paris paradisaic said a word till i had only a fucking onawandah microphone i've been isolate bartleby like yeah the cook kick up my tears area to be like i tell you know remain think of your sweet apartment above the bar wake up the pounding headache every day is just drinking herself to death yeah fuck yeah sorry me dear sound the water crashing into the bottom of it some way is like stone pylons and hold this bar upness elevated over harshly elevated over the water it's eat some leaky off the tree french luigi it's really a contradiction it's a conundrum concern paradise most beautiful place on earth its peaceful you relaxed you ve given away all your personal belongings your pyramid
what now what we have here a few pairs shorts some flip labs and a microphone case to make from downstairs breaks out so you do now he could only talked people going out tonight to stand up and more tired you stand up we now have a mike but you know they never know what i'm coming i have a mike so yeah it's kind of whenever i wanna do it immediately you tell me you wouldn't go to a bar if you knew that every night so we was guide take em graphologists walk into the crowd talk and shit a hundred percent did unpleasant you ever that's joe it like i'm i would i get it that you wouldn't be but getting better ok can i get better and being a bar guy far and see tat said see it's a scam man like anything else i playing golf jerking off you're better off right doesn't make sense it doesn't but i think it does know maybe he'd is billig it turned to a singer basic needs
you really tell jokes again now marriage jimmy buffer tongs but i make my time in my voice the sunlight diary every clap economic funny songs that's the move i board and i felt able to wigan guns from leave right now being present you're gonna be in place do you healthy and up do i try new just kind of back in the ship the answer back in a jam i'm an i've been pretty good with my diet and getting kind of fascinated by diet simonov dear for eight years well and then by pretty much cut it out sugar i have like dark chocolate if i really likes are craving shit i'm trying to really get my body i might really fast they buy its manufacture nation will you find a difference right eat healthy environment difference when i quit eating dairy and it was some random due to the juice bar who work there
and i was always sick and he was a man you're always six words in that area is like do you dairy and agrochemicals do this just quit eating dairy of two weeks see i feel is a cold turkey ok fuck it so i did and i remember eight years why my sleep everything my stomach never sick never migraines it change everything and then i got super fast by that i still drank by tits off in urban have monitoring raw milk now appear some people have an issue with homogenized and pasteurized milking they don't have a withdraw milk or they don't have a with goat's milk to especially my law goat's milk i've heard about goods work i just wanted to buy it has all of it i do like almond milk in rice milk yeah but it's it's an ethical thing to buy past two if you really stop and think about it because some fuckin creepy about mass produced like hand those yanking on tidies me how's that electronic perpetually pregnant like as nobody them they are there the cows like there
silly nursing ran so there where they make em get knocked up nor to have the milk come out the milk doesn't just come out on their their nursing it's a little weird where'd talkin weird but i want to try to fuck with god big phila see out is so i'm how do so far calling me do it today's but i mean for them most part i dont really eat a lot of read me and i mean i eat like chicken and fish but i'm gonna try to go we can try to do it for two weeks one way that you can get protein that's very ethical and you don't even have to think about it too much is scallops and muscles and things on those lines waiting when you the fuck are they called molluscs is that the word more else's outages what i'm looking for shellfish particular gospel clams and like later
yeah oysters and things on those lines there so primitive didn't and have like nervous systems we just think of them ass like an animal like a living creature because they can move right enclosed this but a venus fly trap is probably way more sophisticated and its way more sophisticated and organism than that and then especially talking this occasion trees will have this communications at that nothing going on like that with molluscs daily really stupid there super ancient life forms that are kind of meat but they're almost like we're talking about like that fuckin gillette this thing inside of the box that's what they're like you can eat it yeah scallops are amazing i mean i've had scallops maize in their mollusk yes scalp is a mouse clams mollusk muscles mosque that's a john rumour fella expert five minutes ago can you remember the new forgot yes scouts are amazing but those things are a good way oysters there
where to get protein a lot of mistakes but a lot of those things are sustainable because they actually make like forms of them they grow on the ground the same way you would grow from the rome on the ground of an ocean obviously the same way you would grow fruit or grow vegetables like you can grow these things and there good source of quota on quote protein and ethical way like these things are so primitive they have like they're there do not feeling shit like they're not getting bombed out the you're eating right they just clamp down and clothes are super duper their high protein very high protein really good for you oysters are a good way to special oysters and olive oil it's good to stay in a fat based diet like you to jenin dogs of so much fat in them for the the oil and then the oysters themselves very very healthy for you will you're really good for your body i got sick from noise they had too many a one time but i'm oysters are different different story no raw oysters you really any afresh what are you talking talking about cooked smoked oysters he didn't like cans it like i take me
me on the road to a biomass in bulk and i'll take with me on the roads i have healthy snacks like in my hotel room and oysters they can't shoot bad for you i'm sure like this sum leaching all sorts of different things we put something into a container i wouldn't i wouldn't say should eat it everyday glade icy sardines every day but i turned positive for arsenic they found us traces of art taking my system and their allies dudley waiters but apparently just one of the heavy metals that is at the bottom of the ocean that's affected by pollution levels that is affected by pollution and so these sardines in particular the kind of bottom theatres if you're in a polluted area and you gets sardines from polluted area they'll have heavy metals in them in more the reason why i am ready to use your that so i got
sardines for awhile my back and got tested ozone impotent clean there like it's gotta be the sardines is totally makes sense candied them every day there are only three four candidate like i fear for anything is hi of sodium to saddam's ok just drink but wanted to drink water studios fine like the idea that there is a total misconception about so medium causing high blood pressure and heart attacks that was all based on a bull shit study as somebody pushed through what what was that study like sodium does not cause high blood pressure google that because there is like this whole bogus study that people keeper leaning over and over again about salt obviously have too much of anything until you right look we talked about water right water will fuck you up too much sought with definite kill utilities aren't drank a pound of saw your fuckin dead man you're a dead man right you need a pound of meat
time to end the war on saw the zealous dry by politicians to limit our salt intact as little basis in science yeah it's bullshit now we that it's an essential mineral like you need saw yes or does it really important you don't want to have too much of it absolutely the meaning like you don't want to cover everything and saw just like you don't wanna drink too much water just like you don't want to eat too much fruit i give you eat many oranges is now you get a hundred oranges is not good for you it's horrible so much was somewhat sugar but to have a good the amount of salt and you're die especially like him a lane salt really girls that shit's ancient these things like him away and saw that salt crystal thing isn't it that's all right out of here athos one within its lit but if you ain't that probably superbly negative cars run that things both like in the energy mix
feels like it has now also you jimmy remind me to replace the battery in that one or whatever fuckin needs as new ball stuck does its intellectual acquire burn me you don't fuck with debt is now do maybe so it up is it plunged in point anymore i think gambling i hope he rode all she's right doesn't work you plugged in losses in their cookin couple start smoking yeah but i don't get it i wouldn't diet and like really fast so yes when i'm doing this for you you talking to an attrition gunnar meeting shit and is growing by you to make sure that you you get what you really should do really should do i can send you to a guy is gonna real good doctor specializes in nutritional profiles and get your blood work done
and may i now like t need maybe need nice and unique vitamin d in the environment be like here you're low in this area low and that is a lot of stuff that people in the world act in there in an even know you may not know until you actually get your blood work done you don't know its low what's okay i do want to do that and i take a lot of vitamins and stuff and i ask you and i think i kind of like i'm doing it and jobs going road those my last her to other way look how drunk reunion i was actually it is there element i got in vegas why you decide rogue and your arm in it let me remind budgetary garlic eyelike warlike partying and liberia likes me you wanna go to germany like i'm gonna fucking around just means that's gonna signing up for lander you're a good party here though dude i'll tell you i've run into you go and rogue many times and has never been anything but hugs laughs
no i'm like a really good drunk like i know how to do it and i know i am people like see me like off by post photos and shit i'm always out like raging i'm not always raging but when i do it's like really control its laid out you're good at it i've i've built up our answer and i know what i'm doing like i don't just any shouted hand me and now i i keep it very simple but yeah really fired i love drinking and guy out yeah i'm never like fighter guy i'm never like moody yeah dark guy that's the worse the depressed cry guy sell jesus we stop why cry oh over our eyes food he broke up bans second it for you you i'll never acquit drinking drinking to fund thank you that idea
that i am i mean i'll take breaks i like drinking it's fun like the effects of it on the body but its that's that's the fuckin trade off it offers its fun for a little while and then you get in italy wine every night was in italy go back a drink wine seven nights in a row i drank many glass of wine i passed us seven nights in a row totally went off the rails my diet gain five have to its italy that's what i'm saying dog that is also reset yet you got it off the rails and enjoy yourself but its funding off the rails and get back on the rails and appreciate being on the rails i like the way you think yeah but euro you not a drunk that i'd ever avoid by see this people we all know them you see him drunk
i can be responsible for this i gotta get out of here now it's scary there's some comics where i'm like baby sit back maybe said person there are some dark modern fuckers where this text completion that's me broom oh my god i can do this can do his carriage attacks i can't help you with this this is yours people go bad rug pro ok ok i gotta hey look at the time you're not think king rational you're drunk you party then do a family in the middle of it like he's going through tinder slogans whooping mary work dating back in the worst i lost my best friends is like one of my road and bodies and here my roommate was friends with his ex girlfriend and they were
jim movie and i came home and i went to bed and say hi to women and the next day like flipped out on me and i will take some i know it's a man his like my ex girlfriend air fucking house area is familiar with my body in his like what the fuck man so you didn't tell me fuck you and that is never talk to me again so you're supposed to tell him that his ex girlfriend getting your buddy it's like so bizarre and use all my friends and one man that you wouldn't didn't tell about it it's been a year and they want to anymore woe no disease did you want you to stop in some way i dont know i never found out that doesn't make any sense so i could stand like but if you want if you told him you just get bummed out well that's the thing and they were to watch a movie it wasn't like but there they weren't dating images really weird anyway my point being as it was the moon while you around the room those socket
it's like bad road friend that just gets fucking this i just can't you withdraw about like when i go out i don't we drama and nobody does i think we're talking about earlier how chimps have this horrific behavior i think there's some of that is left over in people and i think it comes out when you get involved in latent chips breakups and you see that angry chimp come out sometimes oh yeah algarve as one of the things obviously it affects people not just even so that our policy to the judge she is well below but also with but jealousy field without all waters is a disaster amigo people there are in jail right now because they got drunk and got jealous and pulled out a god pulled out a baseball bat and just working and then add coke too that you get confident our guerrillas confident crazed righteous show her like you in some stupid two dimensional movie i get anything in another
two quences sid i can even cocaine i can't even do i never got really and do it made every did it but i was never one of those guys i was just a my friend still go hard and the paint with that and there like creeping another forties still every weekend duncan as a great big after all that i wish to add our own cocaine and a wish i'd each to share with the audience you have to go see him duncan trust alive new york city levied on again do not stand up moved his happy their number upset as they like nobody hated it is living in brooklyn so the king of brooklyn i can already him later in brooklyn had it took a man they gave him fresh hats is like you guys guys you're sweating these he did a recent parterres folks with aubrey aubrey marcus it's amazing thriller guy is live pike ass are incredible earlier you guys gonna fuckin called donkeys essentially running a call me is he would be the best called later he has a house omer his a guy
like the house own guy now the guy did arm in did arm so good and his name is like fuckin bobby something i shall among from some fucking ancient interesting swami swami rick or something and guide does an arm in front of us i've audience it was so good is like will you be the house as a house own guy every time does it show that guy's can owns form oh lord he has a chance that he does we waste we ve done it before like in audio as we start off a show with it once the dinner was disaster is a terrible idea we started off a shovel we all got on stage and had the audience home and then documented but they were so weird it out by the army like what the fuck are you guys doing service we did it a couple of times we did a couple times like breast bless the show i wrote my cigarettes twitch channel two duncan does twitch stream every so often
you're doing here he is i want a james cordon dancing in some way but at a mask on and camisole nothing of course grief yes i was minded dugan wrote on my eyes vagina mask zella vagina looks like a vagina where no vagina mask show on come central pretend i'm a sketch owners like really aggressive and weird says i got can you get a ride so broad duncan right and areas gets you hand and i was always like all right what the fuck is insane is like playing liquor a poor thing like shit thou lake and like the right to juggle then they like others i was asleep i would have to like just every scared to try to find work is arable out of it
but i mean there are like more obviously moment civilians but they would sometimes i was i do what in fact is what in fact indeed exports and don't change oh beautiful thank you familiar any plague again pulsar in the show still available people could see that typical rick me in turn ass guy directed grandma's boy you're restore all the time or worry you touring alla time getting ready for my next netflix special criminal shed doing that i don't know maybe so it's gonna be next spring but it might be sooner biggest sets are coming together but yeah almost its are posted on re on exports and instagram and next words into it we already have a website the websites coming up i just were developing renounced it'll be up soon but oppose some social media and then i got a bunch of dates up in town christmas so awesome
if you haven't seen nick lives fuckin larry's thanks and this was life on the eleven days like six years i know it fucking nut with each other all time we did this we did a pike six years ago we did that would do more often amanda laser blast clan i'm very sure down for that that's gonna happen so do that soon as we set up new studio which should be within the next month or so i right thanks yeah i was dorin gates for multiple mr olympia a model thank you ah you motherfuckers for tuning into the pod cast we had a great time i hope you guys have a great time listening to exert was a fun silly podcast those the best silly part gas we throw them they have their own merit different ones other i won't say with the best made my favorite whenever still jordan peterson but people by like a midge so out of love which think some firms can shut the fuck up
thanks to the sponsors thanks stamps dot com click on the microphone at the top of the homepage typing j r e hook you up a hook up with you for we try plus hostage in a digital scale without long term commitments that stamps dot com click on the microphone and d j r e thanks also to square space and amazing way for you to make a beautiful professional website you the average person you you talking to you bitch for a free trial and ten percent off your first purchase visit square space dot com for last joe again doug stand up dot com is this course bayside duncan trestle doc of course pay site fuckin awesome way to work rate website and thin you to see w hemp dot com go to sea w hemp dot com and use the promo code j r e podcast one word and you say ten percent of everyday plus or every day advanced ok tomorrow we
gonna have dorian yeats on i'm fuckin pump for this is a really interesting guy and he's a former multiple time mr olympia and just call by the fucker and i'm just a big fan i was i was big fan back when he was that mr olympia and he was like why the first guys just got posthumously powerful and must always be looked at in view of what the fuck is that like there'd been like the arnold days you know like we're arnold was like here the symmetry in a small waste enduring just the hawk can we find a talked him very cool guy again tomorrow and then jamie fox be here on thursday osha and most likely joe ideas this week to try to figure out why aren't folks thanks hanging in there thanks for the kind words while the park ass was out you guys look forward listening to another one and i look or you don't do that
for now see by
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