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#989 - Dorian Yates

2017-07-26 | 🔗
Dorian Yates is an English professional bodybuilder. He won the Mr. Olympia title six consecutive times from 1992 to 1997 and is tied for the fourth-highest number of Mr. Olympia awards. He is currently the President of Super League, a new event starting July 29 in Las Vegas and also available on http://superleauge.live
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all right folks this enough ads right jesus christ that's what i say my guest today is one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time an extremely cool individual i had a great time talking to him and so we terelle when you meet somebody that you've seen in magazines and on tv and shit but the dude couldn't be cooler give it up a and gentleman for the great dorian yates the joe rogan experience trying my day joe rogan podcast by night all day and we live what's happening man how are you i'm cool man out there in la and i'd rather meet you a person i've seen in magazines i seen you since man when did you first burst onto the bodybuilding scene what year was that if i was reminiscent today first time i came out here was one thousand nine hundred and ninety two golds gym came from uk to do my first professional bodybuilding contests was called night
champions in new york and i got second place there and made a real big impact and the weeder company that used to be based out here with the flex magazine a muscle and fitness and write down the street they used to be i think they are now it's all close down the fence around and everything but that's not that's less than a mile away from here yeah though the weed offices are out there and you know we there was a big name bodybuilding the magazines and everything so they flew out here did my first photo shoot at golds gym i see so yeah twenty seven years ago an i remember watching you in those magazines you're the first guy well you know where the first guy but you were one of first guys that i ever saw in a magazine that i was like how the fuck is that a person you are so big man well christ you were big that's funny because i look back at some of the pictures now with me and i say what the fuck they're not its extremists i came into this sport an
what i could do i wanted to take it as far as it could take it you know well you rep send it to me as an outsider looking in this insane determination you know like i felt like all the best guys weather was arnold or you or lee haney all the top guys they all these represented not just like the biggest and the most profoundly ridiculously muscular body builders but also this six stream dedication that was required to reach that level well you know i've been around menu with the martial arts and everything and it kind of sport is the same thing what separates the guy that's first from sex from third or whatever you know y'all got certain physical characteristics that help you in your sport and so on so you're all gifted up there so what can separate the guy from first and second and third it's it's all up there that's the key how did you develop your mindset was that something you always had or is it something that you developed as you were training i think something already already had an
kind of left home when i was sixteen so is that on my own on the street and you know you are there you get smart and you know look after you well for you going to fall down there's nobody there to catch me so that was from from an early age i think and i was just we determined to do this thing that our fellow could be good at in order to change my iphone change you know the protection of my life the people around me i grew up on a house in a state in uk had no education i was in jail when i was eighteen so i had all that that was you know the people around me i was like i don't want part of that future i wanted to do something else and i got this thing that was good at so i'm going to take it and run with it it's crazy how many people have similar stories like that where they were in just a terrible environment and they realize that they had a tough enough they had to smarten up and they had to get out of there and if not for those terrible situations who knows if they would
never reach the level of greatness yeah i can tell you from my point of view i don't think i would have done because i would be too comfortable right i feel comfortable in i'm going to put yourself through that extreme burn pain and you know i want to improve my life changed my life and through the sport here i am but in talking to you on this show people are listening to maine i've been all around the world thanks to my sport so it's been great for me and when you meet current bodybuilders other like hey man with the fuck i'm not a gigantic huge mister hulk anymore your regular size athletic looking dude yeah not really maybe some of the younger guys that are that are coming into this now but you know people know me was a professional body will there that's what i did and i was the best at doing that but that kind of training and that kind of physique is not going to serve me now so i do training to be functional also more health related now where
before i was young guy and i wanted to be the best at this thing i was doing i put everything into that but you know that's kind of physics not practical for everyday you said you know doesn't how to tie my shoelaces when i was three hundred i'm sure man and how tall you look at five hundred and ten five eleven thousand five hundred and eleven so like when you were that big you were just a ball of muscle just a mass and remember pounds i was three hundred and three ten in the offseason jesus christ competing but i mean two hundred and sixty five fuck dehydrated you know shredded oh yeah god that's that's all i did that was all i did i trained i ate a sleep i studied it that's just what my main focus was like lays it on that thing that we is there nothing else i woulda what are the movies i want to go to dinner if i got home after eleven cuz i got to be in a bed at eleven was you know
that was the regime that i live for many years and that's why i was able to beat that maybe could be argue with with more gifted than maine but they weren't to do that so that's that's what it's all about yeah that's what i had always read about you and that's what it did like i said that was like the impression that i always god like would you represented is the pinnacle of extreme dedication yeah and study you know we had no internet then coaches now and nutritionists a thing that appeal to me is it was an integer of thing i had to learn about the training had to learn about and trisha not to learn all this stuff myself and that was apart from the training that was part of it as well you know the learning part of it i enjoyed was it hard to get good information 'cause i'm sure there's a bunch of like jim experts there's always these bro science guys that are hanging around giving you shitty advice like how hard was it to get the proper
information we can training i kind of sifted through it and was very influenced by a guy called arthur jones don't know if you've heard of him but arthur jones who invented the nautilus machines this guy was like a billion a self made billionaire here just was fascinated the body building but had no business interest in it so he just wanted he started it and i was like what is it that causes muscle growth what is it and of exercise and there was another bodybuilder might men so went to compete in the mister olympia when the mister universe he took those principal and who use them so i read all this stuff and it was very logical you know it made sense and then i tried the gym and it worked in the gym and if i try and more often or if i did more in the gym my progress to slow down or it would stop as soon as i cut back and i made the workout shorter and more intense my progress went service
for me it was pretty early on i learn how to train properly and that's why i was competing are competed on well championship after eighteen months training which is pretty much unheard of that is pretty much uh now when you say shorter more intense workouts how did you regulate that like that is that's a huge issue with martial artist is overtraining or they going to do more work than everybody else they want to work harder than everybody else and they want to break in there body down and showing up for the fight exhausted overtraining is a big thing and if you see the process for muscle growth is you go in the gym and you stress on the muscle if you put stress that is not used to then it's going to react you going to get a growth but you need to recover from that first you don't go to the gym and grow and then recover later that's that's not the way it works you go if you if you know you give some your body some stress is not used to you'll get a reaction but before you get action you have to recover
if you're not allow enough time to recover you just i use this analogy at a seminar as i do it's very simplistic but i guess the point across if you get a of sand paper you rub it across the palm of your hand and it's kind of bloody if you leave it alone hey a lot more it's going to happen the skin is going to develop back a little bit stronger a little bit thicker than before 'cause he wants to protect against that stress so that's process but if you go and you make your hand bloody and before it's hell up again you go and rub it again not really getting anyway just going to bloody hand you know the thank you being tough but you actually just being silly yeah and that's why you going to the gym right i'm going to the and get results so i'm going to do whatever it takes to get results and if it means trying to thirty minutes once a week or it means training ten hours a day every day whatever it takes i was wanting do it and i would have done it but train in ten hours a day is not going to build your muscles just going to burn out so so an average four thousand five hundred and fifteen minute workouts probably four times a week
but we know that brazil that was there and everybody saying oh that's it whether i write on a piece of paper or the fucker that's not me i'm like okay but come and do it do it tell me if you want to do more when i finished and nobody has ever said to all please come to do some more that i can offer that's it that's enough because every set up by the war i'm upset you gotta warm up and you know to be safe and everything but the set the real sets i call them we're going to go to absolute failure and even beyond with forced reps with assistance reps maybe extra negative this is something that most people collect when they lift weights they thing i've lifted it alright let it go down i've lifted it but the neglecting the lowering part of the weight the negative so i get people to really slow that down so you're taxed in that part as well and even at the end of
on some exerciser machines were as practical so you you know your con call anymore physically on the positive on the contraction for your strength on a lowering is great so if you did curls in your file i could lift the way to the top for you and you could lower down for probably another free wraps so if you were just going to fight it here you wouldn't have exhausted the negative part of the reps are my thing is exhaust everything is totally fucked yukon lift the account lori the kind of left it total failure if you do that once on an exercise then exercise how did you develop your protocol just trial and error trial and and you know i didn't invent this system a training as i said people there before me arthur jones might men so i just took what they did and refined it a little bit more for a competitive bodybuilder because arthur jones wasn't types of bodybuilder people are trained weren't so his his proteins or even free for the mine but for bodybuilding you know you got you got to work aside dial to go to work different aspects o
i'd probably do a little bit more than they did so adapted it to myself and my nude now when you were at your height and when you're two hundred and sixty five pounds shredded and dehydrated and then three one hundred and ten pounds in the offseason you got you must be like used to looking at yourself like that like was it hard to uh adapt to being mean you still obviously a very fit guy but you're a normal site like if i saw your billy there's a normal fit guy that's why want to do i'm not training for bodybuilding 'cause it's not what i do now plus i gotta lot avengers from all the super heavyweight so did i got a torn rotar cough which is not gotta couple on that doesn't repair so you know i was trying to lift weights and continue doing what i do because that's what i'm used to doing right and there were doing something you're reluctant to change something else but i know just you know over my shoulders getting a bit worse and my hips were getting you know i'm like hold on is this
serving me now why am i doing this i'm not doing this just to and maintain something for other people what they think i should look like and i i want to come to the conclusion yeah you are 'cause you're not bodybuilder in the morning at competing right so if doing this kind of training is not really benefit in humans may be making your there's worse you know next year sometime not delta like lift your arms up something like that song thinking more practically an i started doing yoga and uh really fell in love with that it's amazing isn't it yeah it's amazing is physically it's amazing i got much more a range of motion mobility and then you got the spiritual aspect if as well so actually i was inspired to do yoga from a trip brenda dmt trip and i came back and i was like my body is all fucked up this at this thing right like i gotta fix some stuff here what should i do and i don't even vaguely
what yoga was but i don't really know what it was and i gotta do something i do you uber touchy i don't know what it is but started looking into it and then found a yogurt teacher and i'll do that couple times a week i found it's great every time i do it i just think i should do more i did this morning and i got up this morning did with your class at eight hundred o'clock calls german i'm just some water and some tea and if i can feel amazing although from that well it just to me it feels like a connects everything it excel the tissue from the back to the legs to the arms is like the neck and us the core it strengthens all the connect bing stuff and and you get your enerji flow this is going around and there's a thing with bodybuilding what is body building you're isolating the muscles right so you're isolating by super isolating the triceps are isolating the deltoids and put in stress on the muscles to maximize the muscle size of those individual muscles right which is great for bodybuilding but yeah but as a function like that
in a right if you throw something you throw up on shore it you know you don't use one muscle use a you know yes it's chain effects their whole body works together and if only we don't really do that you don't learn to do that so that's why i had to relearn you know so when you exercise today like what kind of stuff do you do besides yoga i'd do yoga do some cycling i live in spain we got some good hills there so i do 'cause i like to push man push the weights in a more i can't get in that zone in our because cousin my so i got to do something else jogar is a challenge you know and it continue to be like if i do that until i'm drop down dead eighty years old there's always more that i can do you know you can always do a bit more rains or a bit more difficult pose so there's no there's no ceiling there you know with i would have been on the yeah i do so the couple of times a week up and down the hill so that's like you know school now principles could you do a hell it's intense and then you go flat and it's a bit easier
i enjoy doing that i need to move to spain well i lived in uk and i started visit in spain cousin mar bear in spain the south coast of spain got a very big british community there and the weather is amazing is like la mar bayer is like for maine reminds me valet button on but many la all the bullshit and the traffic and crime and all that kind of stuff so that's why that's why i moved there that's nice now have you ever look anything for shorter like stem cells or things like no i had there's a new surgery not because what happened last tore my is supraspinatus a couple of times and because the end was badly friday to chop off the end so now it doesn't really bridge the gap to the humerus so it needs a bridge and apparently is a new surgery that they can make a bridge now but i went to see a surgeon is like ok what's three issues here pain do you have pain i'm like no
not really have range of motion actually i got more range than the other shoulder is a bit loose so the only issue with mine is strength and stability and he wasn't able to give me one hundred percent on whether the surgery would do that for maine at about six hundred surgeries i had a tendon area management here about three on the shoulder how to summon the hips and i'm like you know what unless you're going to one hundred percent for the inconvenience and pain of a surgery is going to give me what i need then i'm not going to do i'm just going to cope with this an account bench press but like it doesn't really matter that much to me can you do push ups or just i i can do some push ups but probably like ten or before do like one hundred or something so it's very weak in a stable so yeah she course if i had a surgeon says to me listen man we're going to do and i guarantee or show is going to be stronger and more stable after it 'cause you know you gotta sit with you in a sling for like six
right we actually can't shower properly can't dress and yeah and and all this stuff so for me to go through that again i would have to have like yeah this is definitely going to help then i would consider it and so then i i live with it join some pretty amazing stuff now with stem cells cells grow some tendon tissue so yeah they can do a lot of soft tissue regeneration there also doing it now the most recent things they're combining stem cells with platelet rich plasma that doing it together and they found that by doing the stem cells in the prp together it helps generate new tissue growth better yeah i know my wife had knee surgery and she had the prp and the recovery was real quick yeah it's nice it's a meniscus is or what it was yeah yeah so yeah it does and it says in the the the hello how to replace rifat dorian's shorten surface when it does that mean now is your situation the very similar to what a lot of body builders say after they retire they just there so much
stress and strain on the joints in the back and yeah well ronnie coleman who is the mister olympia after me and he says it's a serious sensors drawing he did a lot of really heavy squats and which also when i was getting ready for a bodybuilding competition and basically in powerlifting which not a good idea so right now is a lot of problems with his disks in his back and you know i'm not sure of all the details but i know is that a lot of fusions so his mobility and so on is going to be more than one fusion yeah several so he can't really turn his neck and his back too good and is that both hips replaced jesus christ see ya guy to how old is ronnies at thirty six nine r run is like almost major probably early 50s why do i think is younger than that only retired maybe i'm thinking through it should've said four thousand six hundred and ten to thirty six you know hit did we both were known to be very strong running around more so than myself 'cause they did powerlifting before so
we move some heavy weights and you know any sport many so you're gonna have some consequences yeah i know iran if you fight and play football whatever and everything has its you know its downside but all things considering i thank him them for a good i'm healthy and you know i got a dickey shoulder so big deal it's ok yeah i'm telling you man i'm just hang in there they're on their way to figuring something out for that yeah that that's almost what i'm thinking i'm thinking like nothing now cousin few years time they'll be dinner can really do the job so yeah wait until then first thing you want to do is get something like i always tell that to my friends are thinking about getting discs fused i'm like you know there's so close there now shooting they're shooting stem cells into the disks directly in re generating disc tissue the same way they've been re generating meniscus tissue and ten in tissue and things along those lines i met a guy that trained out here many years ago in la and
told me they were an option before and after x rays of joints that the joints let's show them you know connect replacement and these guys about to be regenerated the tissue back but it's quite a lengthy process of traction like hang upside down and hours of ultrasound just to push a ton of blood into the area blood supply and then inhale it up you can actually regrow cartilage sure but it's not it's not it's not on the protocol of the medical association so they're basically push these guys out of business with lawsuits well you know there's a doctor that we've talked about in the podcast before that recommends hanging from bars for your shoulder so it's one of the best things ever to alleviate pain and also to increase range of motion and reduce impingements on it will have to get in touch with this yeah well there's bunch of my feet from out from my back i got the inversion table i do that couple times a week just you know keep them
relative there are no one of my disk self i was a little bit warm but i don't do squats or heavy overhead stuff so i think it's going to be ok but yeah it's still you know it's all about prevention huh now you heard the reverse hyper machine if you seen that now now we have one back i'll show it to you but it's a creation of westside barbell you know louie simmons heard that crazy bastard louie simmons created this machine that when you lift your legs up it strengthens the back and on the down when it swings down it's active decompression it's phenomenal for disk issues it's like active decompression plus strengthening together uh i have one back here i love it so much right there it is like this you can see it up here we've talked about this so many times people would think this guys like hired me to endorse is proud
but it's an amazing product see how that is yeah it's a reverse of the hyperextension away is so he can explain it jamie she can hear is range of motion at the top squeeze the groups good squeeze control release squeeze control really she drops her crazy on the way up drops on the way down full flexion and extension is fine transaction motion traction and i do have one of those who are wife she was the service you got this falls in this well the wife looks very fit so i'm sure she does a lot of lift as well so there she was a world champion as well and i failed you know it's so calm for anybody that puts a strain on the body that doesn't usually live bill young for area on the on the bottom of this mind yeah one of the things about bodybuilding is that in isolation when you're you're constantly isolating these things down does that run the risk of like so we getting certain areas like you have to be i i would
imagine very cognizant about balancing everything out like with bodybuilders a shoulder injury is the most common because you got the rotor cuff which is all muscles and tendons which gives you the mobility that's why i can move it around rather than being a hinge so what happens is you know you packs are getting stronger without your let's all these external muscles are getting bigger and stronger but these guys inside or not so eventually they got overload and you get some kind of issue there some kind of tear so when i'm training people now i give them rotation exercises to to strengthen those areas so they can avoid that but i started training data like we don't know anything and when i got an injury in a living in england as well there's no sports madison doctors dealing with you know strength athletes or so on so i just go to your doctor and he's like how do you do that with dinner stop doing that shit why you left there might take these pills
that's it you know so now we have a much more information much more you know sports therapy this and so on so there's a lot more things available now and a lot more knowledge and information that we don't really have back then yeah that that's the main thing you know collect some the smaller some supporting muscles i think when you're doing major bodybuilding exercise do you guys now address that do they do like a lot of rotation exercises a lot i see it more in the gym then like you know if it did that back in i just people what the internet right away you know it's like a time down you know so if some white but i see people doing it now and with the bands and everything so yeah people are doing more preventative stuff it's fascinating because there's guys like arnold who like kind of the original pioneers and then guys like you who came after him but you are still again pre internet
and things out on your own learning from the guys that came before you but taking it to another level that was the beauty of it for maine you know i never really liked team sports because i just feel like this i was letting me down here you know and i felt like that through my life as well i felt like and really you know like everyone's fucking letting me down fuck this i'll do this myself and i got gotta learn about the nutritional to about the the train i got to do it i got to pull it all into action and of course i had people like supporting me but when i got on that stage it was when all lose i'm taking full responsibility for this we don't really have that not and the guys don't learn a thing because i got coaches so what should i do bus do this do that we need this and that okay and in a the beauty of it's gonna not learning anything animal what if you fall out of the coach like right in their next contest
anna so is that like a big thing now like there's like a series of coaches is it like mma camps as the same kind of thing and it's like i don't know i think the guys are suckers because who's making the money here look the coaches which is a making the money not the not the competitors the coaches are smart and i look at the coaches and i say who the fuck are you what have you done test if you actually one and the most of the haven't done a thing is just all fairy so so the exercise physiologist site owner well it just guys from the industry that you know there it rained a few people and they got a few results and uh it's more about me some more about the insecurity of the guys competing wait why don't you learn yourself and listen to your body and i used to make notes you know every week i'd write down my diorite that every single workout that i ever did from ninety
in eighty four to one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven i have in a training log you should sell that i print this book there's a little exercise books you know and like you can see the first one went like twenty one years old is a bit childish with the comments on but it's like you know i felt shit today this is a shitty workout never fucking let this happen again you know all this stuff i'm talking to myself so i got the senate is to go back and look at it sometimes and it's weird because i can go back to nineteen eighty eight i'm not look at my book and i look at work i know it's like i was in this gym i was training with this guy and i can even remember like like what was where bring uh actually go back in time and remember workout just from those nodes yeah like every workout as soon as i got home and i finished i was like hey bench press i did this and every month i would make notes and say ok this is what i'm doing now these are my goals for the next four weeks
whatever is like little goals like i'm going to put five on my bench press but if you do that every month and the end of the month you got here in the new year got sixty dot zero right so did all these things like mental rehearsal visualize a all this stuff i did it just nobody nobody taught me so that was one of the things goal setting and writing it down on a piece of paper just and then you can do this with anything you're busy yes whatever you're writing it down on a piece paper you make a commitment it's fucking there on a piece of paper every day you can look at that and it just gives you a stronger mental vision instead of saying right i'm going to win this contest and eighteen months time yeah that's cool you're going to win that contest but how are you going to there is like saying i'm going to sail to australia yeah it's a good idea is cool but how we're going to get there if you got a plan and we got a map fuck you're going to go with i'm just going to get lost in know so i found that very helpful that's what i try to teach
yeah i think writing down goals is huge and that's something that most people don't do yeah i still do it now like daily thing this is what i got to do today sometimes i won't get through it all but you know at least is there might put a couple of things off for tomorrow but i find it very very helpful yeah yeah under when should read it down like you know like let's say i don't know you want to stop drinking or something write it down i'm gonna stop drinking alcohol some if i can put it there on your table it don't just how you said that man you said it you said it you made the commitment to put on a paper so you're going to let yourself down the first season of it weakens even a bright that come you made that commitment right and i was there on a piece of paper so that's that's strong you know specially for the time first like you a dedicated focus guy like something like that is just extra motivation and uh like you know it's a scaffolding so without years is there at solid you know something just say casually i fucking committed to this i wrote it down you know
i'm a firm believer i think you should see it at least for a week you know at least for your week set set out on and have a little check box next to it make sure you can look at that like i did this i got my workouts and i got my my whatever or whatever you need to get done whatever you trying to slack off five things to do that did four of them attended the fifth one 'cause i smoked a joint ford still at four out of five i would reward myself if you do write things down though you'll just get more done even if you don't fulfill well yeah but if not all of it more even to get more done then then if you didn't do it hundreds is having a plan man everything needs a plan if you want to summer use that analogy if you want to get somewhere if you're a captain on a ship you don't get in shape and say hey ho let's go sailing and we're going to get there now you're probably not you need you know you need a route to get there yeah and you need to know
going to do this i'm going to do this fight i'm going to do this competition yeah cool but do you know what it takes to get there right first of all this is what it takes okay are you prepared to do this are you going to do this yes or no and if it's yes go for it it's too much to be honest not just on do it and there was a time when you were at the top of the heap where there was there was debate as to like what a bodybuilder should look like there was like the frank zane look which was like strong obviously fit guy but much smaller and just symmetrical and then there was you that just came out with the fucking hulk and then it was almost like overwhelming for a lot of people and then there was this debate to try to figure out absolutely because when i look at a bunch of bodybuilders on a stage and there kind of pick out who's number one who's number too much
i don't i mean i always assume that it's like a lot of other things like the deeper you warrant to it the more you can see the intricacies of it whereas for me the approach not a bodybuilder i'm like they're all fucking huge like how can you tell who's the best of you know its body building right now so is this muscle sites is is a big factor is not the only factor but it is a big factor if you look at the the mister olympia is for instance and the error of frank zane and frank zane is a body that probably most people would look at and so if i could now that's i said that's great and that's enough yeah look at me and say it's too extreme but in the area of frank zane who is mr olympia was arnold right was mr olympia you could you could argue that frank signs body is is more jessica nicer and prettier than arnolds but arnold beats him why it just was bigger
more freakishly impressed his bigger ann lee haney was eight times mister olympia you could argue maybe leal abroad or somebody like that was better proportion together but he was much smaller so you know friends possible guy you would see the gym today like array dude there's a lot of regular dew so this is a category now so you got bodybuilding but you've got other categories now that you didn't have so you got mens physique which is more of this type of physics that are looking for very aesthetic tight waist everything like and you've got classic model in which is height of a white ratio so it you know the guys are not that big so you got different categories is a reaction to people not really liking the direction that bodybuilding and yeah i'll take responsibility for it going the size roots and i don't
is it when i started and i had a nice visit had nice abs and everything but i'm like if i'm going to do this i'm going to do this to the max i'm going to see how far you know how big can i get how rip can i get how strong can i get i want to go to the max and i don't want people to say oh that's wow that's a nice pretty physic i want people to say what the fuck is this that's what i wanted to do well you see even that you deaf succeeded yeah the guy that inspired me to before that was tom that's another sort of the fucking freak you know he was the guy when i started it wasn't mister olympia but he was very inspirational and when he talked it was just full of energy and enthusiasm for the training and pushing the body to training absolute maximum the remember tom is saying when i walk out onstage bodybuilding competition
i want to see those judges there with a pencil in the paper and i would just wanted to fucking drop that pencil and just say what the fuck is that so later so big his things were so freakishly big like that guy i had like nobody uh huh is really surpassed tom platz is leg develop i don't think to this day it's fair to say now was that just it's weird because it's very rare that someone is known very specifically for a body part that platz is known for his legs at platts made a whole career on on the legs and not had for like push himself into the gym for to the absolute maximum and that inspired me to do that and try and take it even further that now is is missing that's not here anymore now for me the body build in the fitness industry people are just really more concerned with the cosmetic the look and you know
in the pictures and put it on instagram and all this kind of stuff not really into search for side of it you know where you want to push yourself to that maximum and see how far you can go and how you know how far your mind can go into the pain and all that kind of stuff that not really there anymore what's missing like what's the element that's missing like why isn't that there i don't know man i mean it's just a reflection of society in general people just want stuff like you know i want stuff easy now you never wants to be famous but the on instagram you don't to to do just just be famous go on big brother be famous for nothing it done nothing i don't know i think that's a reflection of the way things are perhaps in everything but what's the difference in way the body builders approach it today i mean there obviously doing something 'cause they're still huge down there still you know these jaya guys that are lifting weights so
but what element if you look at the giant guys that are lifting weights now that only look quite like my son often the guys from the nineties now the guys are just big everywhere the wastes so huge everything is huge and it's twenty years since i competed in a contest so i don't exactly know bye the guys are using a lot more different drugs then we used a lot more insulin and igf things like that so i think you saying in the big guys is somewhat systemic growth it's like they just got bit bigger everywhere and that doesn't look so appealing ortho right when like their got six hundred and ten so maybe the relying more on the chemicals and they don't really i haven't really heard anything from any of the bodybuilding champions in the last ten or fifteen years and think interesting or new or revolutionary in the training methods it just you know
talk about it that much now over on just as the same stuff well it was at one point in time where no one talked about it at all right like it was you would get the magazines and they would tell you to take creatine and you could look like me but everybody kind of knew who everybody who knew people who knew people was it was a somewhat of an inner circle you remember i started in the 80s i read the magazines and a few things is by arnold and mike manzer where they kind of did they use something but they're very downplayed it oh it's only for the last six weeks before a competition just to give us that last polish and stuff like that and i ask if you guys in the gym and when i first started there a bit cagey like no no no no i don't i don't do that i know later on i found out they're all they're all doing it right yeah and it was how much in a circle in the gym body builders now everybody knows about steroids and now it's mainstream and guys takes two
boards now just for cosmetic reasons 'cause i want to look bigger and harder and quicker i just equate it to women having a botox i haven't some implants the guys wow look bigger i don't want to work so hard they don't want to you know they just want a quick right so you get guys come into the gym and that just takes steroids pretty much straight away other necessarily learn how to train really properly and it's not just competitive bodybuilders now i mean it's it's everywhere several as mainstream they look a hollywood look at hip hop artists i mean come on the all they're all doing a bit of juice man looking look at nearly ten years ago and he was just haven't really been touched in nelly but there's a lot of 'em la cool ji mean you know they like all there all jack man you know it's not falling me
hey what's going on the guys from hollywood they want to get in shape quickly for a movie you know guys just one look good on the beach it's it's it's a for now its main source there's nelly damp nellies jacked we saw a picture of hugh jackman when he was prepare for wolverine he's doing deadlifts and he was in his 40s and someone was asking me do you think he's doing yes yeah why not may not how much did you get paid for the movie as well fuck yeah well not only that like for a guy that does not really that kind of an athlete to all the sun look like that like you got to make some radical physiological changes and a couple of months yeah like that was definitely a good picture of man is real good pictures i'm jacked but i mean there's pictures of them from the movie to which is his enormous lucky just became my enormous guy what i'm saying is like how much they get paid for the movie i am my point is you know he got paid for that so yeah maybe he took a little hell three
disk or whatever you can debate that but he's getting paid for it but is it is it worth it if you're just doing it just fucking look good on the beach and it will look good for the girls or something that's on how much pussy yeah sign to poland but his his a thing man once you get on that merry go round you don't want to get off that's the problem right and you don't want to get off because you took some stuff you know got bigger you get more attention from the girls now guys got more check for you yourself confidence is up you don't you don't lose all that man well i'm not speaking personally i took it for a competitive sport and want to stop this stuff that was it but that was my that's my question like how did you just accept the fact that you're no longer a superhuman looking freak show of a man now you bk a regular man was my traditional thing was the competition i never showed my physique even in the gym
the guys that are trained with i was covered up all the time if you wanna look at my physique and practice my posener stuff i did it at home so on the it always will long sleeve i don't give a about anybody else why is that because i did it only for competition but why did you cover it well you just dress like with because like free can wanted attention all the time and right now i'm not interested in and i'm around quite a guy and uh just wanted to go about my business and reveal this thing i've been working on no i don't see it as being is almost removed it's like a statue i'm working on you know so i wasn't tide up in like because that's who i was and that you know some water olea plane but the whole huge body and i didn't i didn't need that for every day use well that sort of fits with the sole spartan image that people had of you you know that you the image of you was like this guy that was just doing work that other people weren't willing to do and some
quiet isolation somewhere so they were in the basement the basement and farming i'm yeah england where you know it's not exactly a hotbed of body building activity in a i got bitches on authenticity industrial city so i just locked myself away there and worked on this project and i love doing it i loved like just being in that tunnel you know yeah same what i can do and obviously the whether you get along the more difficult it is to make any kind of improvements but i was trying that's fat we need to look at it that way is almost like an art project it was a not you i was but it was not i wasn't like building this boy ok so i could get in a bring from the girls or the guys going to respect i was already like a fit strong god before i started so i didn't come from that place of like i need to do this to make myself feel better i need to do this because i have some talent for it and i can change my life for this may
i don't know it's going to be mister olympia but i just knew that if i put my energy into this something positive was going to come from it an after few years i won the british championship and big of that yeah i was british champion i don't have a call i went home two one bedroom apartment with no furniture i don't even have a proper bed had a mattress on the floor i don't have a shirt but won the first championship and because of that somebody put up the money for me to open up and then i had a gym then i was making the income from my sport so even if it went that far it would have been worth it you know wow well i think that attitude is probably what's made you look very healthy like mentale afterward well you know separate from your body and then it was a project that was apparent afterward it was very tough becaus the sky was mister olympia and this is all of them during like since i was twenty one years old and i got an injury so at with my exit from the sport does not calculator do whatever you wanted i told my
on the left elbow and this had already want injury a bicep tear but i kind of handle that and it didn't affect my training too much but this was almost a complete detachment that i have to repair and after that i just knew i couldn't i couldn't lift properly and you can't compete with the rest of the world if you can't lift properly so i had to retire and then i was like in limbo as i don't know where the fuck am i and what i'm going to do with my life so took me a few years to kind of slowly get back up but it wasn't about oh i've lost my muscles what i'm going to do like it was more about i don't know what rollers in my phone don't know who i am i took me a long time to find that and i think a lot of athletes that retired from sport they have the same the same issues it's not shine issue with five years you you know you got this tano yeah but you're in right it's almost like being at war like to eat a stressful but it you know he got this role in this is the
they just came in for all the time and now gone like what the you gonna do idea what it's all about anna so it took me years to to kind of you know come to peace with that but it wasn't about losing the muscles it was about losing my goal in my focus to my role in life i think yeah the fur a lot of athletes is the intensity of life is all the sudden reduced onto a mundane honey comma normal guy and i don't know how i sunglows and just mediums all time but i turned it round cause when i was doing bodybuilding my life was very restrictive like a fucking monk you know i just had this regime and i didn't want to socialize they don't want to do anything outside of that so after some time became like hey man so you can do that anymore but about how about the one thousand and one things you didn't do when they were doing that is your code and now you couldn't do all those things you can go not eat
ok if you don't want to like eight six meals a day you can do what you want you know so i started connect to some other things i was interested in i was always been interested in wildlife so i study a few safaris and things like that and yeah slowly i realized like hey ism and one thing that can do in life like this you know i got of this so it's just a transitionary transitional period yeah but i can absolutely see why many athletes struggle frank bruno who you boxer world boxing i'm from uk i know we had a really hard time and almost like he was champion when i was a mister limpy and we've tried at the same time we both got divorced like everything falls apartment like you know and then you hopefully will back to something else yeah it seems that very few athletes have a smooth process into retirement and spiders in particular they always come back when they shouldn't well i know why they do that when i was
did i was always a wise why coming back man like just you know he's the greatest and now was going to get beat by some guy 'cause it's coming back what you miss fucking adrenaline or whatever it is if that you know that more focus all your soul everything is going into that one point and like it's tough to place but you gotta know when it's time to step down i think when you did decide did you have a plan did you write out a plan like how to step down 'cause you wrote out a plan for the rest of your life no because it was it was like new terror is like that you know it's like i didn't have a plan right so the injury yeah vaguely i had a hi dear in my mind that i would like to open more gems when i finish bodybuilding i took that didn't happen but i started my own nutrition company which is still there in sports nutrition during ice sports nutrition so
put a lot of energy into that and uh different things and being able to experience things in life that i shut myself off with so that's how i dealt with it and now i feel i feel great about it and i can look back and i can sit back and say you know what i could not give any more to that thing i couldn't have given more so there's no regrets like a lot of athletes when you're young and you're there maybe you don't really appreciate it so much and then when it's gone you're like shit man what if i had done this what if what if what if what if you know i don't have those whatevs man i did one hundred percent even too much to the point where i got injured so you know i'm happy with that i can put that to rest that's a great lesson that's a great lesson for young people coming up if you just do all the work when it's over it so what you can do man when all lose you do what you can do and then you have the self satisfaction the pride to look back and say you know what i fucking give it a saying i had an no regrets and that's the way i feel
about it i know as well of my contemporaries that compete against me i don't really feel like that that's why a few of them are still there in the 50s and the making comebacks that's one of the most horrible things to see someone who's lived a life of right yeah this has just now or even i don't like to see athletes coming back when they're not as you remember them out the best in the coming back in the not so good which i'm sorry but inevitably at fifty years old is going to be the he says there anybody does doing that now at fifty yeah kevin of our own who came second to me and mr olympia he made a comeback last year really yeah how you look well depends how i answer that question how to how to do look compared to previously not good at all how to look for a that is making a comeback at fifty years old yeah great but it's not a fifty year old guy looking good contest as mr olympus about right well so
you know we just try to make it come back within a year doesn't take like many many years to get to that kind of shape so there's a thing with with bodybuilding i thing called muscle memory so maybe it took me ten years to get to be two hundred sixty but now that information is in my dna is there so i could theoretically not train for ten years lewis all that muscle get that back in six to twelve months absolutely well i've heard of muscle memory and i know that it's a thing but has it been physically if the isolated what causes that or how it is in your dna i'm not really if they have if they're interested interested to do to the studies as necessary but those of us you know in the sport we know it happens i mean arnold did it like
one thousand nine hundred and seventy four i think arnold was going to retire but then it got this pumping iron movie that everyone's familiar so the nineteen seventy five mr olympia which is pompano and runs around he basically made a comeback for that just just for the movie previous to that he did a movie called stay hungry with sally field and jeff bridges and i think he had to get down to like two hundred two hundred ten pounds 'cause the director didn't want to be too big for that so it came off the back of that and then just put all size back on for the mister olympia for pumping iron really there's so the direct are made am sort of emaciate himself well i still look pretty big i guess for the average person yeah this is nothing compared to how he looks we still expect next to jeff bridges i mean he looks like a really big fit guy that you see at the gym look at jeff bridges he either dude abides i like to approach this morning too i love that guy still around man still banging out great
movies and talk about how many great movies that guys been absolutely was the one where is a country singer that was great all yeah yeah that was recent yeah god damn it i saw that it was a good movie i know they're all gone is it good actor he's good at choosing roles so when god does get down to something like that is it a matter of like taking less steroids working out less like your body just naturally starts to shrink if you're taking steroids and stop and they're going to lose a lot of weight pretty quick and maybe do swimming or something else and your muscle mass is going to go down so i'm guessing that's what it is now when you first started bodybuilding how long did it take before you did take something at eighteen months i decided i want to do a contest on and the guys in the contest with taken stuff so i just want to be on a level playing field with them
solve for like two months before my first contest in which a tech let about a two table twenty milligrams a day i was the first thing i ever had and then there it's a contest a switch to some out of our and from a ball in but i mean twenty milligrams a day is like fitness chicks take that now and i do they really do fitness gym do take steroids right mean one hundred percent hundred percent even bikini chicks really like skinny but they want to look harder than a cleaner and that's you know i got girls that are fat and strippers and all kind of checks asking me i want to take this one stroll stuff you you know nothing about that i'm like i do do you or the guy just told me it's going to make me lean on everything i said alright let me explain what this is this is an anabolic steroid and albert exterro
it is a derivative of testosterone which is a male hormone so what they try to do is minimize the androgenic part of the tossed around the mail like an so you're left with more of the anabolic the building part so even though stuff like winstrol anavar is less androgenic than testosterone is still there from a male hormone and if you taken off you're still going to get the male side effects which is pretty common women's bodybuilding and fitness and so on it's common in athletics across the board yeah you know we see it in mma we see it in women in mma as well look man if you're a competitive sport a competitive athlete you're going to do whatever you can do you know buddy wants done by a guy called doctor goldman and it's called
old man style emma and asked a bunch of athletes gordon thank olympic level athletes so if i could give a pill that would guarantee you would win the gold medal or whatever the equipment is in your sport but you would die at like four thousand and forty five would you take it the vast majority of people said yes they would take it that's the mentality you're dealing with specially when you're young man yeah you feel indestructible like nothing's going to yeah it doesn't seem real to right it's like global warming will one day make the seas rise yeah but not right now so that fire up the fucking right now i want to fucking gold medal that's all i'm interested in i'm not even and exist i'm here now on the fucking gold medal the mentality of the you know the successful athlete and please do everything but maybe is fucking businessman if you said you take this pill in your fucken make billions like would you do it
you know driven business amount of probably say funky out i'll do it if it's a solution that allow you to win so that's what i did i i consider him that i did a calculated risk you know as far as taking steroids is with the possible negative health effects which i try to monitor had doc this is in a blood test and everything like that so something really was going wrong at least i have you know did you ever find anything wrong now some things were lit the normal range when i was having when i pressure went up like not sky high but it was you know one hundred and forty over nine thousand one hundred and fifty over ninety so it was edging up there but i was three hundred so anna and for the other readings were a little bit but nothing of great concern you know but that doesn't mean to say that the the harmless because right it's over a period of time right i'm not quite to to smoke in anna
i'm if a smoke for ten years and then you stop apparently after fifteen or twenty years it back to like you know i got it done a smoke if you smoke four hundred and twenty those twenty five years then maybe it's a different story have you ever seen chris bells documentary bigger stronger faster i haven't no uhm i think i'm due to speak with those other brothers right now christian more think i'll be going on their podcast at one point but actually i haven't watched it great guys really guys they both been on here a couple of times and very knowledgeable and chris is just did a great documentary called prescription thugs to about the prescription drug industry and you know getting people hooked on these pain pills but in bigger stronger faster one of the things that was fascinated about it was he was new over like we were told that this is going to kill you were told that all these health negative health he's like but where's the bodies where are the bodies like when you think about all the things that kill
people obesity crushes human beings i mean it is one of the number one cause of death in america but yet it's looked at like guaranteed can alcohol scription drugs all those things all these things that have been some deaths in bodybuilding that may be attributed to steroids and been a couple that definitely attributed to which is you know diuretics you lose a lot of water you can lose electrolytes you lose potassium and sodium which regulate your heartbeat so then you're playing russian roulette little bit on a couple of people played that game and lost so that's an interesting thing to point out because the diuretic aspect is critical when you see someone on stage and you see some shredded those guys are basic be like almost dead right i mean you know like probably the least healthiest fucking point you've been all you are is is when you're looking like that on the nook amazing you look amazing but i can tell you you know you feel weak as a kitten
so good at that point but you know you do whatever you got to do yeah it's required twenty six when i was competing they had actually testing for diuretics because there was a couple of deaths the people in charge start again and concerned avenue and olive they don't attack they attempted steroid testing in nineteen ninety but it affected the guys look so much that you know once you've seen a guy like this so once you're seeing a guy fight like this or once in a guy run this fast nobody fuck let's see anything slower than that or less than that right right there this is not interested so they rely that real quick like fuck this would just forget about the steroid system and anyway steroid testing is like makes it more unfair because the guy that's got more information
like the clearance times and all that stuff they don't stop people from taking it they're just going to take it and try to avoid get round the test and it's the same in all sports ann i don't care if it's fucking running riding tour to france whatever it is it's going on to some degree well with the ufc is done and they've self imposed this is they've hired jeff novitzky the guy who after lance armstrong and he's ahead of usada and they do random tests on ended the punishments are terrible like two year suspension i mean i think first time if you could get pop first time for steroids i think it's uh two year suspension now for the ufc and this again this is self imposed is not even the vital state athletic commission or any other athletic commissions in positions and uh they've radically cut back on the amount of people that are first of all caught and second of all do steroids they're just not doing it what if you do real random testing you around then
then we get a chance of lemonade in something is athletes off because you wake in these fighters up at six hundred o'clock in the morning they need their rest but they take the blood they take you're in see you go back to sleep and you know that way nobody can be safe and you've seen or had a goal changing performances and some athletes a people are suspecting of doing steroids the change the way they look like there's so many pre and post usada pictures of people that post him on like twitter and facebook and stuff like that where they you know these groups are they talk about fights like who's in know what catholics have been hurt most by usada it's like it's it's interesting because they more the bigger guys or it's across the board it's bigger guys but it's also epo like a lot of guys been popped for epo they've been pop for i would sort of the same a meld melatonin there's another one god damn it and try to remember it but it's a similar thing to eat po if the increase a red blood yeah sounds so you get more oxygen which would give him
insurance yeah i mean that's giant in the sport mean physical size is not really that much of a consideration is very few guys that early big and muscular well here's the thing with steroids uh i mean they can give you muscle size but it depends on your training the kind of training doing right so it can also help with your insurance so just because it is not big and muscular doesn't mean there's not benefiting from steroid you get that sounds runners and cyclists and the whole thing with lock ons armstrong is like you know he was in pedestal and then his demonizing is down here like was he the only guy using a bit of testosterone or you know you know he was bill burr is it a friend of mine a stand up comedian had a hilarious bit about it and he's like are cycle path was better than your cycle path you got a dirty sport he's like we just have one psycho that was more psycho than your psycho and he had testicular cancer right yeah so
i'm assuming then you're not producing testosterone so you're going to have to put it in from outside how much i don't know well they had it in they used to allow testosterone replacement therapy for fighters they don't allow that anymore 'cause god they are abusing it and also there was questions of why they were losing testosterone the first place anwa other thoughts was damaged pituitary gland because apparently a big factor with fighters once they develop damage to the pituitary gland from head trauma they start decreasing the amount of testosterone the body produces and so the thought was put it back in but other doctors are saying well maybe you shouldn't be competing anymore maybe put it back in for general health and wellness but you probably going to be competing anymore of this is the way your body is responding to head trauma you shouldn't really need replacement testosterone and tell you like
or thereabouts you know 'cause you should be producing still in this ways to up it right even for those natural supplements to up it ds partic acid as one what is despotic acid despotic i said is as a compound things from me acids but anyway i've done studies on it that shows that i can raise your own natural testosterone some herbs and tribulus terrestris so has some you know some studies to tobacco also exercise right like high intensity exercise sprint certain kinds of squads in dollars how much is going to make grams i don't really know but yeah heavy heavy exercise would raise the testosterone of a normal baseline but once get to a certain age it starts declining in any case you know now when you started taking stuff and you started off with the ball what like at the height what was the craziest amount of shit you were taken
i took was in the offseason when i was trying to reel heavy trying to build sized becaus i had a regime that i used to get ready for contests i was always known for like really in in shape so i didn't use so much stuff getting ready for a concept to use more in the offseason so like one thousand milligrams of testosterone a week some decorative then maybe five hundred milligrams and d ball maybe four thousand and fifty milligrams is average and growth hormone it's a probably about thirty percent of what guys are taken now really thirty percent so based on what people are telling me i mean i have complete people come to train with maine haven't even done a competition let alone a mister olympia and they their stack is more than that because they found it on the internet and like what the fuck
you know why i just saw it on the internet somewhere yeah this i mean you go on the internet and have a look for dorian yates stack i get on there and i'm like first of all fifty percent of stuff i don't even know what it is right so i don't even know what it is and the red the stuff that i do recognize like if you take this is going to get real health problems like insulins an issue right i mean instead of taking too much instantly if i can kill over in a coma i tried installing the last couple of years i was competing is a net and so on and i don't feel that i benefited from it i got a bit bigger got more bloated the conditioning was harder to get suffer mate other fella got any benefit from it you can get bigger but it's not the quality and i wasn't i was known for like super hard grainy
let's see analysts follows lose a little bit of that here's an instance of that's my friend and i were i wouldn't recommend i recommend it to people trying with because it doesn't have a real benefits and has has a riff so why not just fastening with the quality like what constitutes the quality of muscle you're looking for well i think in my case it was known for muscle density so you could have a twenty inch on that's like good good volume we have twenty inch on that looks like a block of steel so how do you get that look how what's the difference i think the differences in the training that i trained very heavy and primary quite low reps compared sabbatical as i was working in six to eight mostly six to eight little bit higher on the legs one thousand one hundred and fifty but everything i did was like six to eight reps where most of the guys are doing ten to twelve and then
relying more on pump and just get a lot of blood volume into the muscle rather than overload in it so i had a density in a powerful look to my physique that the other guys when they stood next to me they didn't have that and that was just from really heavy training i think so you get the density of the mosque rather than just pumping it volume how did you figure out how to make that number like six to eight like why not three to five live like what you know what i'm saying like what has you were just over many decades first of all people in the gym and also studies as well most studies would say for muscle growth do you need to keep the muscle under tension from probably forty to sixty seconds which imo cases would be eight to twelve reps so i went a bit lower like six to eight that work really well for me but not on lex i went high ten to twelve on on the legs so just a better trial and we know the
give you more strength the more power without the high patrol feel the the growth of the muscle so that's ideal for fighters i work with a few fights as new kai and i try to explain this to them a hard for them to grass 'cause they think i'm in the ring i'm doing a lot of you know right and isn't yeah you do but you already doing that right so if you want to get more power behind get punch but you don't punch build muscle because if you build muscle you put on weight and then you go up a weight category so whatever more power you've got going to be in a gated by the fact that you have fighting heavier guys so you could stay the same weight but be more powerful and stronger without building muscle size that would be the key and that's really like powerlifting low reps like three rap son of a really long rest totally foreign to mma training you're going to do it and put it back and wait for three or four minutes you not do it again so you get that part that power
nine a punch but without rest without increasing your muscle size yeah because that would have in a so if you get more power behind the punch but you're going to weight class like so what you know you stay in the same weight but be stronger i would be ideal for a fight so that seems counter intuitive for a lot of people 'cause they assume that bigger muscles mean more power necessarily i mean bodybuilders got bigger muscles and power lifters powerlifters going to my way at least for one or two reps you know they're training for that power poem same thing with weight lifting is a couple of reps but very explosive and pie shuffle that's hard for people to understand couple bells as well like throw it up you know how well that's the thing about cats well competitors they did not the biggest guys then they got the internal musculature the call right does a lot of the lifting right yeah you know if you're throwing a punch i'm in okay as it got huge biceps it's like this
the internal right through it all the way up through the core that's going to give you that power so you got the guys like feed oil emily uncle huge fan of him i like his fighting style may as well you know i mean the guy looks like it's got arms like sticks it looks like he's got a potbelly it looks out of shape but if i can hit like a baseball bat man well early in his career he was bigger you know and he stopped raining weights and started training only sport specific which is is a very controversial subject have you talked to modern strength and conditioning coaches they said it's absolutely the wrong approach an if a door continued to do strength and conditioning along with his martial arts training he probably would have it'll prolong his career but who the fuck knows if that's true that's it's like a very it's a it's a very hard to say what would have happened but the modern approach seems to be you have to
cidr strength and conditioning as a huge part of any ridge regiment in terms of like some of the elite as fleets focus primarily on strength conditioning in camp and not really on skill work because they feel like they already know how to fight i started out in the branagh what's already the conditioning it's all about out i mean as far as the you know the condition their motions and their ability to react is already there it's just a matter of building the ultimate gas tank and having the body can perform and react as quickly as fast and recover as fast as possible but it got the guys hit the hardest did not necessarily the most muscular though that's some of our like tyra woodley who is the ufc welterweight champion he's one rare guy that kind of violates the norm build of professional mma athletes 'cause he's fucking jacked but he's also he saw you very smart in his approach whereas like he
consequences of engaging with him or extreme cuz he has is power so but he can pace himself more than like maybe some guys can 'cause if you get in a firefight with him like one not from him put the lights out on you so he's got this ability to developed a very very interesting way of fighting he just paces his bursts but his birthday so terrifying like when he come you when he can't when he does sprint your way so much faster than the average fighter and so much stronger that i guess in his mind having all that muscle and he says it's actually natural he is a missile you know it is a genetic yeah my son is is there in bodybuilding i know you don't have a particular good diet fried chicken and burgers and stuff and it's like shredded all the time tyrant son is jacked and he's a little kitten genetics are there's no that's like me when i started already a physique i had that
tabs i was leaning at the shape everything was there just had to get bigger so yeah jeans are a big thing as far as your body type is it insurmountable like if a guy's shit jeans can he become like a jack no no no whoa they can get better everyone just get better but you can't be lee haney there's it's a rare individual that you know can get up in the mister olympia stages probably hundreds of thousands of maybe millions of guys around the world that in the i'm training and maybe would like to compete what you know and everybody be ufc champion can everybody be a basketball player no you need certain tools to start with and then you gotta work on that and build that but at least for for athletes and fighters in particular you see guys who don't have impressive physiques that have incredible records and wind up doing really well with their skill and their tactic
in their mind said in their understanding of winding gauge when not to engage bodybuilding though it's a very specific look if you're born with like slope shoulders and small hands and right you need a first of all you need the frame right the frame you can't is the bone structure you can't do anything about that with the training right so you need a relatively wide shoulders the successful guys a tenth of a little bit longer legs compared to the torso because just looks more static and makes up about a lot more like that so that's a bone structure you can't do anything about that yeah you need to be born with the bone structure and then you got muscle bella's so you got the length of the muscle belly which is genetic so if you got short bicep you know i'll go to the gym to preach because none of what you know we get along now you have your muscle attachments a genetic
so the longer your muscle bellies are the more potential they have for volume so uniformly long muscle not with a good bellies and a good metabolism that tends to have naturally low body fat then you look at somebody with potential to be a good compressive audible there if they don't have all those things everyone can improve what are you gonna go unconscious no have you ever had a guy come to you and said door and i want to be a champion you like kid you're fucked damn i mean why during the house you're i don't say i try to be a little bit more subtle than that you know but i'm like you know i don't i'm not his abortion about right like so somebody asked me i'm just gonna tom like yeah you can improve man but like you know is it going to waste your time is joined by the mister olympia because you know on the road but you just you just i have what it takes like yeah i'm enjoy your training
have fun in the gym it's hard for people to hear though yeah but it's better than blowing smoke up there that's insane yeah oh yeah you know yeah pay maine and yeah you can you can have whatever you want 'cause somebody else is going to tell him that have you the guy the thought man i don't think so and then he became a great body builder no no jesus christ i can for i mean i've been around like you know what a thirty five shows up in this guy man so i can see people and i've seen people probably the more potential than maine but don't get anywhere because they don't apply themselves so it's you know you gotta have the physical stuff but the glue the thing that holds it all together as it is this so you can frank's in the gym but that you know most of all they're not that smart they don't really you know understand everything that's going on
and usually when somebody gets something really easy they're not not really that hungry so is not necessarily always the guy with the most potential that you know you can beat somebody with more potential by being so modern working hard but it's you know two yeah that's what i've always said that like you can get a guy who is the most dedicated the most hungry wanted the most but when you repeating a basketball against michael jordan you're kind of fucked because he wants it bad too and his genetics are just so superior there's just no way around so you can't equalize that what you're going to do you know i saw this thing in england recently guy came over from the states real i don't know what is was but it was a good martial arts is a kick boxer is dedicated it was laying it was fed and came over to fight this joe
the fighter over in england us guys like fat out of shape he turned up like forty five minutes late for the flight because it been drunk the night before and he came in is just flat and look like and for like half an hour to get his kicked then i think you already woke up you know and it kicked the other guys ass so this guy even training has been dedicated is doing all this stuff and sky's the night before is getting drunk but his talk going to kick their guys ass so in a they probably just had more potential or had a hard head or something i don't know there's a lot of factors involved in fighting mean is experiences ability to take punishment that some of it is just inherent like some people just have like a wider face stronger neck they can take a shot better yeah there's all genetic moving his characteristic the ability to absorb punches seems to be or at least the variables seemed to be a lot of it based time maybe you got sick of bones or short neck a
so if brian doesn't rattle as much or something mark hunts perfect example that is one of the best kick boxers of all time and from new zealand just to tag of a man five foot ten two hundred and sixty five pounds just built like a brick shit house it cut to take him out dude crowe cop head kicked him and he down i got right back up it's like nobody does grow copperhead kicks you that's a wrap you know he's one of the few guys survived it well i got i got my friend a businessman from new zealand i don't know if it's true but it's all meant about mark con is got a brother and the dad used to get him in the in the backyard there and just like not the out of each other and to like them you want to get ahead yeah i'll fill animal well he's been knocked out a few times recently like but you know isn't forties now it isn't the case with it is i don't know i noticed anyway you got a guy that's like seems to be invincible then it gets knocked out and then aft that he loses it like chocolate down for instance perfect example
well your brain does not want to take that kind of punishment anymore an woodchuck explained to maine was that what it gets to a point where brain realizes that you're too tough and just going to absorb this punishment and itches shut itself shuts down to protect itself and that's how he described it now obviously this is not like a neuro scientist describing it there's also the can active tissue that keeps the brain connected and in this loose inside that gets looser and more torn and if you ever seen connective tissue it's almost like like strong version of cotton candy so it looks like it's not not the toughest stuff in the world not supposed to take that many beatings like in the wild if you had that many beatings over a certain point that you'd be dead already somebody would have already eaten you but mma seems to be
times i mean sorta yeah i would say probably overall safir but that like saying motorcycle racing is safer than like going down hill on a skateboard sixty thousand are your kind of fox it's all relative yeah it's all like the the study that they did that just came out this week on football players would show they did the the did a test on one hundred and eleven fighters are one hundred and eleven football players one hundred and ten had true matic brain injuries i saw the movie yeah kind of school now with concussion will smith yeah the brain damage was causing the guys like the violence and stuff but they were saying that eighty seven percent of football players at all levels high school college all levels have traumatic brain injury eighty seven percent or we're going to do stop exact football stop mma like
rock climbing like everything but it's is risks right every sport unless you do it like moderately if you do things in moderation there good but dorian yates in moderation law competitive sports not anna they're not the healthiest thing in the world right now i mean you're dealing well i mean i guess there's he is involved in basketball right but you know you're not you know not showing who's your ability to think what even like endurance sports marathon running stuff like that these guys die younger than a sedan trip yeah cause of the massive amount of free radicals they're producing which is age in the is that what is must have free radical from all this oxygen like well you know your age and your cells are wearing yourself out doing all this endurance sports i think what's going to come out
in the future and i've been doing this myself and getting great results is very short interval training they've done studies with five minute cardio workout and is getting the same results as an hour watts yeah i do ten minutes i do what i do nine seconds like you know moderate than i do 32nd all out sprint whether it's on a cross trainer or or or kettle bells or whatever get the heart rate right up like one hundred and sixty or something and then go back down do that a few times like ten or twelve minutes and my resting heart rate was pretty good for a body but i guess it was like 54th and fifty five in the morning i've had it down to low 40s forty five in the morning unless just from devon a couple of times a week a ten minute workout and once we could do a hard bike ride but yeah absolutely because you want to get that you want to get the benefits from the cardio exercise which is a more efficient cardio vascular system for you know on the negatives fallout free radicals so if you can get what you
looking for in a ten minute walk out i going to do an hour two hours i don't know if it would you know be useful for a fight so because you're going to be in a ring for all that long so you gotta condition yourself with that but i'm just talking about general health now i've never heard of such a thing yeah interval training but ten minutes ten minutes they've done studies on four and five minute workout so that's wow so that's a future where you future know you want to get the benefit without the do you think you could run a marathon right now so i run a marathon now now running is not for maine now definitely not for you when you were in your prime fast walk and that's good
you're in your prime how much endurance did you have like if you had to do something you have to go up a flight of stairs we like it wasn't too bad because i always did some cardio i did some cardio instruction so i was a bit unusual for bodybuilders 'cause that doesn't give you a bigger muscles but i saw the other benefits of it because if i got more efficient cardio like i'm training legs and back stuff like that that's sure to mount a box and you got to fight on squats or leg presses you know that's a huge amount of oxygen stuff for me to recover from that i needed a bit of cardio saw was there in three or four times a week off season every getting ready for a contest but it wasn't very intense it was more like moderate i did like fast walking for an hour or do stationary bike for forty five minutes sometimes twice a day yes i was doing quite a lot of cardio work getting ready for a contest rather than starving myself oh i see no i was bringing the color is down a little bit and bring the activity of a little bit so it's a bit of both a bit of color restriction a bit of more activity more book calorie burning
now when you do in calorie restriction but you also have to keep all that mass how did you contradictory goals training we can debate because i train was mmi guys in england villagers it's of a manic conditioning stuff on it's hot man this whole not raining right into super hard cardio and then someone's trying to punch you in the face at the same time that's hard so we can debate about the training which sport is harder yeah 'cause i've done a little bit of both but what's harder in bodybuilding is when you leave the gym it's still with you and when you getting ready for a contest you're going to do more training so most of if you try you can go train harder than you can go home in eight with bodybuilding you're gonna two months before contest you you're hungry all the time
'cause you're trying to loose trying to lose slowly lose the body fat or maintain the muscle if you're trying to lose weight too quickly your body will preferentially burn a muscle 'cause it's like modify is an emergency store right but it doesn't want to give it up so you gotta like coax it out slowly you know you're going to be hungry and you're going to be tired for a couple of months ago for a contest that doesn't sound like fun it is not fun man it's constant mental battle as well as is telling you to eat and at night you can sleep properly because you go to sleep a little bit and then your body's like internal alarm clock will wake you up if i can stop and go eight a new light no i am doing that but how do you keep your body from absorbing all that muscle 'cause you're caring so much muscle is there a drug that you can take that keeps the mass uh well you know you're taking steroids which are anti which are anabolic and anti catabolic so that's going to stop you from losing muscle however
you know if you restrict your calories too much or you know just too much exercise enough is still gonna burn muscle is just gonna lower the chances of it so you you know you get you got a stock everything and if i ever taken steroids just you know try to keep the muscle mass and stop losing it but if you restrict too much you're going to still going to lose it so you need to like one or two pounds a week very slowly keep your body from going into shock yeah that's where a lot of fighters wrong 'cause i starve themselves for a couple of weeks and they lose muscle they lose strength to lose glasses in front of muscle and you know their weaker yeah they fight very weak that's that's a huge issue and a lot of fighters are choosing to go up a weight class and they're having big success donald cerrone's great example that it's been quite a few fighters or you lose it you lose that weight very slowly he has not depleting it down and what kind of diet where you want when you're competing for high protein very high protein offseason are still a lot of cops medium fat and then
and ready for contest the cobs slowly come down but i was a big guy you know two seven thousand two hundred and eighty or still eating properly today which is probably more than eight now stop what do you weigh now highway now two hundred and thirty something like that so yeah all that extra mass needed to be fueled yeah exactly now when you were in save like out of contest now what your goal where to put on muscle that you would eventually like you would get big turn bigger every year that was one of the things i would try to yeah and then then maybe there's certain areas where you want to like work on at some point that's a bit behind so you put more focus on that and a bit less on something else to try and keep the balance
and strange now but when i first competed my first contest a lost to a guy called mohammed bin is is a and his back was just like freaky tech it was like three d coming out not just welcome our mind i'm like fuck that i gotta put a picture of him on my fridge at home i put a picture in the gym later on in my career became known enough for the guy with the best back kind of thing so that was inspired by the people to do that hello well on the back for a couple of years what is the difference between the way you approach nutrition when you were competing verse is the way people do it today 'cause so which changes in nutrition i mean it seems like every five for six years like you know oh no fats out now you go high fat
you know high carbs are out now you go low carbs and it could change back and forth again i mean i think the seven is like arnold area frank zane they go in more low cops getting ready for a contest but then you lose sizemore quick body luzon more quickly that way because you got catabolic you haven't got the energy so you can nobody can use amino acids for muscle for energy so then there's a balance there and also you lose the glasses in storage in muscle is a seventy percent water and the war the water holds carbohydrates and and the most glasses and so you lose that as well so you lose that when you lose the glasses and you the water so shrink down a little bit my approach was more was higher carbohydrates princess to cut them down but not you know not zero and fairly low fat
i think people now realize that fats more important and there's probably more fat in the diet then there was back then which i think is healthy fats just got a bad rap and that's bullshit you well that's weird talked about that several times in the podcast but there was a new york times article recently about how the sugar industry paid off scientists to fake results and that was done in the i guess the 50s or 60s and that's haunted people to this day they think that fats are not for you well thanks was there ascential i may be wrong with the organization but i think it was world health organization the the basic submitted a study that showed how bad show us and some department of the us government which is getting a lot of money from the show the lobby basically said thank you want to reconsider this in a kind of like that's where the whole fat so badly in a low
that came from i know back then that's how bout childress so i found it amusing when i first came to the states in nineteen ninety all these low fat products i'll call my friends online bill how up this is man they got low fat muffins of course the fucking low fat their full of sugar people porn low fat low fat yogurt low fat muffins this fucking full of sugar so this thing could have you know so people thought they were being held there but they're being misled and it makes you fat yeah nothing wrong with fats as long as they are now you know if you get the fats in baked goods and uh this shit you know that that's not good but natural fats in animal products and coconuts and all that stuff it's great now what would you use for carbohydrates see did you have a preferred method or did you very complex stuff like owed miller was a big fan years old male brown rice sweet potatoes and some fruit and fibrous vegetables i was the
those are the main things that i use nothing fancy you know did you make your portions up in like a little tub ware boxes or something like that so that you could know exactly what to eat i used to weigh my food like pretty much all the time i don't need an restaurants very rarely yeah used to pack them up in boxes becaus you know you got to have it all the time right so that was one of the things i did miss man so relieved on occuring on fucking plastic boxes around with i just got to a restaurant and eat whatever i want and have a nice if you want to exactly that must have been nice when you realize you could just now season see some other too bad 'cause i eating good food but a lot of it but yeah getting ready for a contest i mean that was the real mental test you know 'cause your whole body is telling you they eat and even at night i said you wake up you could go to
right now i'm going to eat i want to watch mtv for half an hour from maybe fall back to sleep a little bit hopefully you know so yeah the diet thing i don't miss that at all it was now is a tough mental challenge and i did it and you know whenever you through a challenge i think it makes you stronger but no i don't ever do that again now i could only imagine now when you would give these seminars and he talked to these young body builders that are coming up how do you so even you kind of have sort of a holistic approach to life down there just your about health and wellness and but when you're coaching these kids are talking to these kids about how to be successful and competitive bob building is a multiple time mr olympia one the greatest of all time if not the greatest you mean you can't have a holistic approach can you kind of have to be a sad day coming to me for bodybuilding advice right and
have the body now necessarily but i got all the information here that i can put across to people for the training for the nutrition but it's it's called specific anna you want to be a competitive bodybuilder this is what you gotta do i'm not a competitive bodybuilder now my diet and my training is geared toward what my goals are which is functionality health and well being and that's that's what i'm in store now that's where i'm at i'm a bodybuilder anymore in know nobody juice or if anything right anne and i fucking got a suit from hugo boss a couple months ago iraq and this was like so happy i could just buy a suit off the rack four seven made enough to go for a fifth single for another fit at all and i'm sure if they looked at the measurements on paper there were like what the i want to make it as soon as far what is this and i was like this wide going on and it was this is what drove what is it in a so yeah
look on the other side of it you know young guys coming up maybe they think that's strange like and ask me don't you do look at the which is back and think wow look like that i'm like now i don't look at just look at that and i think wow that was fucking extreme and what i did and that's crazy in this incredible but does it reduce first competition yourself like this sometimes when i look at those black and white perch is giant picture of dorian yates in any of those black and white pictures amount and that's just like explain there it is look at that this i man that's like it couldn't really fit anymore muscle until on that frame really you're not really no i think i know i went to places and other things other people you know in the gym look at your forearms walmart there's a fan forums i never did any training for forums all that was just from griffin the bar when i was doing back training mainly and and some bicep training and stuff so
nineteen inch forearms in a single fucking exercise for them apart from open on to get that so ridiculous well that's a good picture but it's not maine i don't know how dare you jamie i don't know because so that's what i'm on right now that it on google go put it out in ages keep going to your right no no down where you were yeah go the right one more that one band so i trust that this asus because that's from a onstage picture from mister olympia so what you can see you look on the legs you can see the legs skin and like yes city of the muscle underneath like this no fat this no water between the skin layer on the the muscle layer what a lot about what a percent body fat did you get down to well i don't really know because i had skin fold calipers used to do the raffle calipers and not accurate i used to get down to like three point five probably like a month out but i
now i got leaner after that but it didn't really register 'cause they're not that accurate after that point so i don't know maybe three percent it's you know nobody measures your body fat is what you look like to visual thing it's really what you look like in a mirror but how did you know like how much water to drink and when to back off and variance i don't really get your fucking legs dude i don't receive sir warts and taken to like every twenty four hours before the contest look here right like there that's preposterous yeah that's a huge media alice right over there the the sh yeah that's a lot of sick work man that's like that's like i used to train legs pretty much once a week and for four or five days of every
i had trouble sitting on the toilet i had trouble moving around i'm in if i didn't i wouldn't be happy man i feel that pain pain in the pain in the leg just to sit down but hey set define 'cause you know you fucking done some damage if it's like that and the damage repairs itself to get slightly bigger and strong bodybuilders just knocked up tatian to stress you know you put a certain stress about it can adapt to it i need to get better and stronger so i can handle the stress next time that's basically what it is so you can turn i'm trying to stress yourself like anything like you want to get better cardio gotta stretch your cardio system so it adapts yeah there's no other way right to get that big i mean there's no shortcuts there's nothing you can do there's no easy route well i don't know looks like guys are looking for the easier not because i don't see them trained in that hard but then you don't see the the the quality the physics the guy's a big now but if you look at the quality is not the same
it's not the same okay not the same can you centrally accepted and bought a building that the nineties was the peak of competitive physics as far as the standard in the depth of the standard those would like six to eight guys on that stage that were like really like if you're off you know those places could change now you got one guy phil phil heath is mister olympia and it's pretty like distance between him and the next few guys now what is it though that i mean it it doesn't open the door for a current modern day dorian yates like some super dedicated person mean physiologically people can still do the same things that you did yeah but things have changed since the 90s is alive but more avenues that people could choose to go down as like doing a sport or for instance you have see it didn't exist
right in the early nineties i remember watching the first show on it was a new york costs on tv the first very first one in a with gracie so you got you got mma you got crossfit and it got all these other competitions now in the in the in the bodybuilding arena that's not body building it's men's physique weather where the board shorts and they're going to the nice physique and abdominals are kind of physique that most people aspire to have i guess you got classic bodybuilding so i've got a lot of different avenues and i think the interest in pure bodybuilding is a lot less i mean in the nineties i don't want to be a bodybuilder it was like hugely popular yeah what's interesting now what is this jamie would you pull up here this is a mystery from nine in ninety six is myself shown right in the middle and that's one a coleman on the end who became a night time mr olympia guys around jack also it's so hard to tell
see them like i'm looking at this in my can't fucking pick it up with the guy on the end is the best well it's also gotta be hard for that tiny dude that's next to you you know that i need to do is always been unhappy because it got been by me but the thing is i had a great physique just like frank sign out a great physique right you know if it was the same size as arnold maybe would have beaten but he wasn't the same size donald and ryan goes through the gentleman that mister shawn right he had a great physique but it an almost twice as big so a big guy is basically of good little guy right yeah yeah so crazy sport man now what about the top guys today like i said sean heath is the number one guy i'm phil hey phil with now there only different avenues now and a lot of a lot of people are going towards like the internet route because you can make a lot of money's
like an and internet like famous person for being a bodybuilder then you selling things and selling their is phil heath yep please fill if is you know giant is not very wide in the shoulders that's this week's point but he's got huge long muscle bellies on most of his body is specs and not great but the rest and the rest is it doesn't really have any weak points that's why is ahead of everybody else and you just think there's just less people doing it now there's less people going into competitive body because there's a lot more avenues and i think is less popular now because it's almost like myself and running and gone down a little bit it's like how do you know how to surpass got to a and guys are trying to do that
get big and they're getting big but they get in big with a big waste and everything is well so it's not the same is not the same look it's not that they don't have the same quality that's gotta be super dangerous isn't it when you see those guys those enormous below did belize yeah it's a huge debate like what is that you know is it is it internal organs that are nothing but initially that's what people thought right and i my so i started a little bloated around nine thousand six hundred and ninety seven maybe ninety seven when i was using insulin right got a little bloated and this standard but now retired it went down and i actually in england because i was well i i'm taking steroids for this sport number professional when i'm not completely going to take them so stop taking them and also i talk growth hormone an that was the thing a lot of people with growth hormone is going to increase the size of your internal organs that's why guys are going to blow to waistline so i went and had a real a battery of tests
where they actually measure all your internal organs and mine rd totally normal apart from my heart was a bit bigger and stronger but that's just normal athletic hot so that wasn't the case so perhaps it's fat this building up around internal organs or maybe it just a lot of water and then testing it just floats to the waste out the short answer is short answer is i don't really know who's that guy in the far left that's like a turtle shell turtle shell yeah jesus christ so that could be insulin that could be of right now i think this is we only see in this kind of thing happened since the guys use an insulin and igf which is insulin like growth factor yeah it's not a good look it's not a weird the turtle shell look is so weird it literally so it's like the guys that got big butt everywhere systemic like growth you know when you
same with weights you major muscles are going to grow but not around the waist can thicken a little bit but not that much now when you got off of everything we retired what was the crash like it wasn't something i was ready for i had a lot of things going on my life i had a divorce that somebody close to me pass away and you know wiring so you know they say a death in the family or divorce or retirement is like a major stressful event how 'bout oven or fuckin three at the same time while you're not while you're coming down from steroids so yeah i definitely suffer from pression anxiety i don't i don't know what's going on like why do i feel like this i didn't even like now i know because if i can stop cold turkey 'cause i'm extreme and like i'm using him
i'm doing this stop nonstop so and i had no real help there was no real like this guy's now in especially in the states that you know they they specialize and you're a patient set of using steroids and all possible side effects and coming off and all that stuff i don't really have any of that so i just went cold turkey and after about two years my normal testosterone was still not into the normal so then i went on the replacement therapy which is like twice a month testosterone placement an yeah then i felt normal again the come down like you you're taking this what were you taking like right before you stopped like what was the remember probably about one thousand milligrams a week total of testosterone the total of everything all kinds stuff dibal everything better testosterone but of deck error then stop and then you know
was it an undergraduate fact we bodies freaking out or was it like almost instantaneous this probably after a few months i started like noticing i wasn't feeling too good fun enough like sex drive didn't totally disappear and i actually had my daughter was conceived while not on offense so whether the trials of testosterone is a male contraceptive and it was moderately effective but not enough that they would marketed so yeah probably like six to nine months it was really not not feeling good at all and you so if there's a lot of factors there life would have felt as bad i don't know probably not but they definitely lot of traumatic stuff going on at the same time now was there any conventional wisdom in the bodybuilding community of how to slowly cycle off or what the factors would be
in how how you could mitigate them not at that time not twenty years on i mean you can go on the internet and find a ton of information but but not really then the only things guys were using using with atg which is like to testosterone low mid clomid and some natural stuff like that join endo chronologist and asking him like you know what should i do device eg and this and that and he's like look at me and he said but thanks for that man about this situation is somebody coming of steroid and no it's not a coluna writes a different era yeah but now yeah you got guys out there that have a whole other seminar plan in canada and ben johnson was originally the guy that i don't want to call my own yeah for a while he was he was there with his doc turns couple other doctors there and
one of the doctors told me that absolutely every guy that was in the one hundred meters race tested positive every guy but i think with cbs was covering the contest and they're like we can't fucking you know where i can have ever guy like choose one and make sure it's not american really that's the story they told me and i believe that there's definitely some real good evidence that they're all doing something i was just a scapegoat i feel bad for him he was like fuck demonised i remember all the newspapers and i remember my son went to school and they did a whole in a school about his dad was jacked up life the guy was cheating on it shouldn't do that all the stuff that's all in a school in our like all rights and i explained to you in a bit old and he also had no recourse like lance armstrong today as a podcast he's done a bunch interviews he can tell his story and now you know i mean i think there was a period of time
lance was demonized but over time that is greatly subsided and people now wreck denies no he literally was in a sport where everyone was cheating everybody but is it cheating well if everyone is doing it is achieving the real issue i think was deception an lawsuits and saying that he didn't do it and suing people who said he did and there's a lot of stuff that wasn't exactly the smartest thing to do but you're dealing with the corner person who's a super competitive alpha male trying to figure his way out of this mess that he's found himself in and this map that exist systematically or systemically in this entire industry the entire sport that is involved in so yeah it was a car that got stopped in the border two years ago in the order france going you know france to someone across the border anyway and it was a team in car right and then stop the team car and it was just full of epo and steroids and all this stuff you know
so it's i know invite one of the very early ones it was winning who died because it was using an feta means went back not ever i don't know nineteen ten one thousand nine hundred and twenty or something like that so is there as part of the stops poor when i came into bodybuilding it's not like i invented steroids with already there that you know my first missed olympics in one thousand nine hundred and sixty five larry scott was the mister olympia in nineteen sixty five and he said he was using steroids and that was one thousand nine hundred and sixty five so when did they start being used i don't know but for sure in the early 60s nineteen sixty five they had steroids when did they invent steroids believe while you had testosterone i mean testosterone was used in the second world war the germans were using that with the ss soldiers so injectable testosterone was avail well then steroids which are more refined version of testosterone
i think late fifties how was it more refined in what way we've got testosterone as a male home on so it's basically fifty percent androgenic that's mail like characteristics fifty percent anabolic repair build so they wanted to take this and
one of this part the anabolic and minimize the under jenna because that's what gives you side effects prostate growth and all that stuff so the truck the refined it so that those effects are minimized and more than a ball effect that was the idea and as a guy called john ziegler thank and because they found out the eastern bloc they had their own their own stuff call to run the ball so sigler invented donna bowl and i don't know don't quote me if i could be wrong but i think was about fifty eight or something like that he developed that her us weightlifting team nineteen fifty eight i think was fifty eight but before that had testosterone so who knows what when people started using a book for show off from the early sixties it's been a part of bodybuilding and then other sports and the use of a disclaimer inside the steroid thing saying antibiotics
rose do not increase athletic performance that's hilarious right so they stated this and they also told guys if you take this you balls are going to drop off the rack and die gonna get liver cancer so guys started using them i'm saying that's all bullshit right so then they don't listen to an f think these medical guys i gotta say 'cause you're a lying to us then so you're going to be lying to us all the time not necessarily so yeah because you do have chances of side effects but been greatly exaggerated in certain that's the problem was a propaganda deception right yeah just tell it to the truth man and let them deal with it and that's what i do because i saw all stuff on the internet about what i'm i'm supposedly doing and young guys are going to read this and maybe they're going to do it so
there's an article in magazine muscular development i said here this is what i did this is what i did and also there's a lot of different contest and there's a my opinions and you know my honest opinion is like i don't think it's worth it unless you you know you're competing so on but ultimately it's up to you let me give you the information what you do with this up to you an i don't know if seventy percent of the people this is bullshit didn't really you must have talked much more than this 'cause i'm taking this look like him i know a lot of guys that take more stuff than me then couldn't even compete contest i'm not even good enough is there a certain amount word doesn't help you i think it gets to like the cup is full right anna it's a lot of hard work as the cup is fallen more than that is not going to help you anymore it's just going to increase your chances of negative effects
when i was an amateur my policy was always take as little as possible to get the maximum effect and when that's not working then you can go up a little bit more but if you go day one and just never than in the like it but it's gonna get used to that way going to go where would you get steroids where did i used to get them yeah i mean when i got them in the in the uk was just from the gym when i first started i mean people are bringing a man with truckloads full from europe and it was not you know the authorities are not even aware of it or concern about it or anything now the policy at least in u k anna depends for every country in europe but in u k as properly legal to have steroids for your own use so
driving a car with a bunch of steroids on the bike and passenger seat and the place call in a light was system is a must it's okay your own personal use this isn't what selling making money and not paying taxes that's they care about what that's i think how it should be you know as long as his education as long as they're not lying but the problem is when you the people about the effects of things than they think you're lying to me about pain pills yeah line about all sorts of this of that is actually deadly i thank all drugs should be legal and she put money into education treatment and that's what they did in portugal and then the fucking results right down glenn greenwald actually post something today about that showing how it's changed overtime and gotten actually better since they who made especially in particular marijuana so they marijuana legal and started legalizing drugs in portugal they've had
far less incidences of people having like real issues absolutely and the money using it to re educate people and get him out that cycle and trying to get him back into society trying to get him a job and all that stuff is just going to punish people for doing it uh the fuck they going to get better you know but this is also a problem with telling people not to do something and they want to do it seems more initially especially when you're young sure this is illegal or let me do it you know like here it is you can have it if you want but this is all the negative consequences and i do now people are choosing not to do it the bodybuilder bodybuilders that died did any of them die from steroids or did they die from complications involving a host of different issues well that's hard to say because there's been quite a few bodybuilders and
miley mile a mile of the bigger guys well there's been a couple women that have died from heart attacks so do steroids contribute to that possibly what what else were they doing another individual cases who knows that you're taking pain pill because the anti inflammatory is what i do in recreational drugs as all of the other factors that but i think it would be probably for to say that using steroids over a long time will probably increase your risk of heart disease perhaps i think it say information and the line in the arteries can raise blood pressure little bit and so on yeah i i i compared to smoking enough probably not as bad the yeah so you know the way i look at it as i smoked for ten years and then stopped so now it's not good stuff another now speaking of smoking good stuff
how did you get how did you find out about the empty and how did you get involved because i i read something about you having these positive dmt experiences yeah wow how how strange is it reading about you know massive bodybuilder now getting into psychedelic drugs well uh speaking openly about the first time i did ios co was on in brazil i met my wife's outside so we went out to the amazon in there but this was like years ago you know so people weren't really not like now people know what i owe oscar is cause so much information out there yourself talking about i'm talking about is kind of stuff on the internet so much then but i heard about it and i heard about us it's a life changing experience and all that stuff so we're out in brazil
we got this guide in asking for alaska and is like bring these two balls of brown stuff i don't even know to this day if it was really i osca but i just got really sick and didn't see any great revelations apart from i got this thing in my head stop poisoning us off well the night before i've been out drinking getting drunk and everything so you know and a friend of mine are out here in california actually i knew about dmt i used to live in amsterdam and like i read the dmt spirit molecule and all stuff so i knew about it but i had no idea to get this stuff away you can get it from another thing so a friend of think got it and that was my experience of leaving the room here can planet and then since then i had some very positive io oscar experiences but with a shaman and doing properly and prepare in like five days of
restricted dia and no sex and all these kind of things you do to prepare on and also afterwards so do them say is like blow the doors off your perception and realize that this world we're in is like analysts nothing just a little allusion right there's so much more outside of it so that was that but with that damn say i think it's like you got a computer with like so much store rich space and you got like one thousand times more than you can retain so you see all this stuff and while you're there you like haha i know everything ha yes but when you come back how much what kind of hold and so you're not save center and that's like makes you look at everything differently but the ios korea over hours so i feel like from the uh marshall actually benefited more was like going through therapy or something 'cause my slower in a garage i just stood in a row so but doing it with a shy man i did it with a guy
call guillermo varela and he's one of the top guys in the world from peru comes to spain a couple times a year so it with him and yes probably i don't know it's probably two or three us inside the dmc because i sat down one day and i said right actually i fasted for two days before so i'll be like just in the zone i said right i'm gonna sit down got my dante come up by pro se i'm gonna smokers much damn t as i possibly can to like you know gone and passed out so i had that experience and since then i just i don't feel any need to do i don't think there's anything more take from it i've had many people tell me the same thing they had such a profound breakthrough experience that they're like ok i get it i had a crazy one in around two thousand i want to say like two thousand and eight or nine or something like that and i took a long time off i didn't do it again till like five years later maybe
one i mean the though i'll ask is nice because it comes in nice and subtle and you go through hours of this thing but damn to last time i did feel very anxious when you'd like like it's almost like leaving in so you get body for anxiety but once you go once you know it's cool yeah that's cool but if you've done it more than one time in a day like multiple times in the night now just just blasted as far as i could go and that was it i've done it several times of the course of a few hours and you know you're more comfort will let him go that way in some sort of strange way but it never gets less alien not to mention his name i don't know his name but
yes ma'am my friend a few months ago that i've never seen before because usually people take them to the very common send a charity go often in my style often but you know you don't move much right and this guy he just like freaked out like it wasn't for ten minutes of often our on my friend was a former mma fights used to fight with shamrocks terena into wrestling techniques so how tall this gonna floor to stop him from hurting himself because it was from the freaking out so i could see the guy was going for some something traumatic from the past so yeah today a message i must i i did you ever find out what the guy what what what what was that enough because it was he said yeah where it was from his birth what's his from his birth when he was born at the court round his neck oh jesus and he went back and relive this and like so that had been in the
after his mind all his life so conscious you know sub conscious that's a huge effect on us but we don't know it's there so now we open that box and let it out and that's gonna and so it can be therapeutic i thought this guy i was like wow he's going to but when it came back here is that i yeah i'm good i'm like do you know what just happen there's like no such good thing we filmed at them and go home and watch this i had a friend of freaked out too he freaked out he threw up took a shirt off was running around saying a bunch of crazy shit and then after you come down you know we calm down and took like one thousand and fifteen minutes he goes well obviously i'm a work in progress i never forget that did you know what it was it was troubling him so much i had a bad childhood for sure everything is like most of our show is from that right from the developing the your no for sure yeah i mean in especially like
ultramatics bonds abuse on being beaten by his step dad and a bunch of up those are haunting him but it you know helps it's come to terms with that especially the ios causes longer i felt like the first time i did i ask a profit with a shame and i felt like i was a different person the next ifr as like fifteen twenty years of therapy or something a lot of stuff that works out of my mind i could even see other people's point of view on things and that i couldn't see before and i tried in other people's point of especially a guy like you who so determine and goal oriented and just cut out the bullshit and get it done it can be a little insensitive to other peoples or nothing keep on my way that's a male thing in particular anyway right and then it's like sterilize on top of that and bob the building and intensity and competition and then being the best arguably the best ever and just fuck
finding every day to me a couple of weeks ago is like that you don't see yourself as other people so you so demand they said like i remember when i was a kid first of all the size you know it was fucking huge but it's your persona you might have said something very like normal like you know are you and what are you doing with a dog like just something normal and i said now i'll be like because just your your presents made me feel like that bright that's gotta be wearing your little tiny kitten your dads gorilla yeah i remember they did it did kickboxing right so he got his black but when i was about eleven or something like that and that was my thing i used take into kickboxing and pick him up what do you mean only to come in and like this way outside like you don't want to come it's like yeah but everyone's
freaking out and looking at you and it's gotta be nice out like no i'm fucking cumming inside man simply anonymous in crowds now yeah unless someone's a hardcore bodybuilding fan well that's the thing not necessarily slow because of course of the interviews i did on london real and i talked ios karen dmt in spirituality in reality and all this stuff i get so many people coming up to me like they're not from the gym and housewives at young kids like it's almost like you're the guy from london real you're the guy that you know so i got a whole bunch of other people that appreciate what i'm saying about speed mythology about reality and life and they're like fuck man what you said that really helped me in so i got so many letters or emails and stuff people you know like they just took some away from what i was saying so i mean that's that's really
why do these interviews is trying to help the whole general vibe when you know put it out there and there's a whole consciousness awakening revolution going on now and i'm just want to push some domino's you know like create that effect i know you know if you touch one person they touch somebody else and it's like you know the butterfly wings flapped there on the other side of the world is a you know yeah it really army or something it does seem to be working in that regarding right it is is that i manage the time is so many people that a more aware now like twenty years ago is any kind of like in this parallels to bodybuilding right when arnold first started there is very little information about farley and you guys got to see what they did and build upon that and more in for just came out and now because of the internet there's so much information it's too much information people are aware more of what it's all about well with
psychedelics i mean two thousand and thirty years ago there's so much ignorance and so little understanding and also so little understanding specially when it comes something's extreme is d m t there's still a giant percentage of our population doesn't even know what it is domino's they should all take a special politicians i like to get those politicians man if i can get him in a room and force them to take dmt and then see now they're going to behave afterwards how's it going the world and and treat people after they had that experience at all on on thing you can be you know so self centered and on failing as most of them all after you had that experience i think that any breakthrough psychedelic experience whether it's psilocybin or lsd or dmt there's all pretty much you know you know different road to the same place this man is to say that dmt is the center of the mondella the way i describe dmt is it's like
mushrooms times a million plus aliens and then it it seems so titanically bizarre that i've tried to describe it to people but always say look i'm going to tell him to do it yeah i'm going to give you some bullshit words try to do it because you can't i have the words to put it into words you know you can attempt to do our into this place or is not a place but right i don't have the word for it the places everywhere is like and this colours those numbers the shapes and people things and this is like everything is all one fucking thing and that i know this is like my breath was connected to it i don't know how it happened was in the trip and i went like that and the whole thing moved is that really let me try this then and then the whole thing moved and then those mu playing on the music was part of the bing as well like the thing i don't even know what to call it the thing that place
so i don't have a word you know we played bunch of these a shaman eqa rose and the show how many grams is the last time i did it in the shop how many like literally made the dmt images dance like they had figured out a way with these sounds and songs to integrate these beats into dmt trips and as you would take these trips these shamans had figured out the right sounds and songs and how to make the trip more intense sort of guided in a strange way what i had with the sherman ayahuasca he comes around and sings carrows and there's like changes tone and then it goes deeper bass in his chest and it's like it's it's as part of it you know and i was even moving involuntarily i was my arms going up a body was moving and it's like i'm not doing this i don't even know how it's happening it's like somebody to pick him up arms up in the move and i was a bit you know
put dancing around with this becoming part of this yes once one of the first times ever did dmt where i saw the difference between negative and positive thinking like i start thinking negative and there was all this like black and mark green and like these threatening and shapes and colors and then something sized what was going on in my brain that these shapes and images were connected to negative thinking and i really faxed in the shapes kind of like settled down and then i started thinking positive like i heard all these like expressi means of love but like you're hearing it but you're not really hearing it it's like the thoughts are getting into your head like someone's trying to say it without using words and then i started thinking pod live in from those dark images blossom these like beautiful like geometric flowers and colors and possibly spectacularly beautiful
images and i was like oh i i recognized in my mind there is a actual thing that happens when you think negatively and act it's not just some sort of an effect everything effect the program you're in a program in your thoughts the programs coming toward you and your thoughts are going and it's interacting with the program and that's why conflict like interpersonal conflict between people can be so negative it's not just a sim liz you in some person getting into an argument it's those dark image is in those negative forces becomes apart out of your system i had exactly the same thing so but it was almost like a tunnel i was in this tunnel the same thing is like the all these images around and scary and everything and i was like instinctively i knew to be very relaxed yeah and i started laughing like fuck you they're not even real you're not even real and when i said that
it went away and i just got this thing that came to my head you have just been in the valley called the valley of the shadow of death as soon as the lord's prayer yeah though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death fear no evil 'cause gods by the site i vaguely remember it from school or something but i got this thing that you were there and you're in the valley of the shadow of death and because you like fuck you would like it's not even real it just disappeared and then i went to somewhere really nice wow yeah i just wonder how much is real right like how much is real i don't know you i've been having these thoughts a lot lately like how much how much of life do you manifest how much of life the real cause it's such a bullshit thing to think in such a hippie thing to think and so people that say that are so annoying yeah but scientists are saying the same thing now quantum fifth
this a saying was things names professor gates now if you're familiar with them professor gates and he said that they've broken down reality into the smallest level and it's a computer code yes i've seen that guy not only what i'm going to go to specific computer code of zeros and ones and it was invented in the nineteen forties by somebody yeah i've seen that guy being interviewed we actually talked about it with neil degrasse tyson and he tried to get him to sort of break it down and explain but it is essentially that when you break reality down to the smallest level it mimics a self correcting computer code not just not just a computer code but it comes your code that self correcting which is right there i said a bunch of noises that i don't even understand you know just
on beyond my but now you're getting spirituality and science right is coming together because the scientists are saying what spiritual masters all the times that we live in an illusion and everything is inside not outside they were saying that thousands of years ago but some of it is real like you have to work harder you don't get results like your hard fast pray romantic reality of being the best bodybuilder in the world revolves around actual work real results in this reality in this program but also to do physical stuff yeah probably there was a lot of mental shit going on there too absolutely work was being done but also was probably of logs all day i mean i thought about literally all day so you know how to have the physical goods to make it happen i could dream of batman basketball player all they probably wouldn't help me 'cause i'm not built to be a basketball player but those thoughts were just
going out all the time and i was a kid in birmingham and city in england and i was thinking i'm going to go to america and i'm going to be a body builder and everyone around me was like it took so yeah that was there was those thoughts all the time so i think it's like a holographic programmer in what we influenced it we interact with it with thought that's kind i'm good not not yeah us in some way and the guys that was spiritual masters like boot or and and the guy that called cheeses and all no that apparently did things that were called miracles because they're outside
the box outside the physical reality we live in how can a walk on water that's not possible right but if you are so advanced that you really know there was a program then you can like hack the program and that's how they're able to do it the kind of remove themselves out of the program yeah how can i how can you do you know how can guys levitate or warm water you can yeah well i don't know i wasn't there see that's the thing there's no evidence whatsoever that anybody actually can levitate well people have witnessed people doing it i hope i have witnessed big for there's a lot of people said some weird shit problem with people saying things as they might have literally seen that it doesn't mean it wasn't a hallucination and then again it doesn't mean that a hallucination is an alternative realities of motivation what is it will say you loosen eight when you take lsd or dmt just hallucinate ing but higher or
just seeing more stuff that you can't normally see because now you're shifted your your vibration you know yeah well one of the things that i tried to explain to someone about dmt that have kind of used over and over again since then is that i felt like i met with the divine force of the universe like i've or a divine force maybe my puny little brain could only comprehend this level of divinity and that maybe perhaps or something even more profoundly more power full and knowledgeable and wise past that but i wasn't ready to perceive it that maybe there's levels to that that its fractal just like everything else and someone said like well you know how do you know that wasn't a hallucination i go well it could have been but here's the deal whether or not it was or wasn't the experience is the same like if you really go into some other dimension in mount god or you take a drug in which you experience
going to another dimension in meeting god it's still the same experience the exact same mix the reason why is everybody's experience kind of similar right you don't have a totally different functional no one seems to think it's no big deal no one that i know who's ever done dmt is like any snow began a eat you're not going to be the same afterwards and you get your your perspective is gonna be different your point of view is going to be different and never i don't know anybody that's done dmt and i never said that was not a positive experience i didn't get anything from every fucking body i know said that watt lot the clock what is where am i who is this that's like water now this come from my mouth my like nobody ever said to me even the guy that i saw look like he was getting by the devil
zach guy getting raped by the deloitte and see that but i saw his eyes and i saw megyn somebody's eyes with a look like that was happening so there was a look like an absolute terror is all i can say absolute terror soreness guys eyes for like twenty minutes but when it came back this is the guy that we've been able to know i'm like you ok dude yeah man that was fucking great do you know what happ and oh yeah it was great i'm like ok you know i want to go home cuz we fell into a man i had a friend my friend doug stanhope he's talked about this many times on stage i got him and idmt at my house and he's the only guy that have ever got high on dmt that i worried about 'cause fell over on the couch and started moaning and like foam coming out of his mouth he was moment he so unhealthy he
smoke cigarettes he drinks constantly and i was like oh my god that i break my friend that i was did worried i was like maybe i should have considered the fact this fucking guy does it really take care think think systems kind of toxic you don't the best or he came out of it he got great results he came out of it it was a fantastic experience for him he came out with all these revelations we had a great conversation about it bye in the moment he's like tell them this guy was like spasm picking i mean my friend had to hold him on the floor to stop him to smash in the furniture or hurt himself so wow and it was like thinking he was being chose like ten minutes fifteen twenty well god i'm i was like i was stunned to get concerned like jesus christ half an hour later he came out of it but did it now glad it couldn't see himself at the time
do you ever float yeah i did it once and you know funny enough when i was a kid i read frank zane frank franklin was doing flotation tanks back one hundred and seven oh yeah those somebody tanks so i always wanted to do it and i saw this place when i was over in england thrift store so i went in there and are so the guy like talking about it servicemen massive question i said is a good to smoke weed before you go in the as i i'll tell you the truth is that a lot of people come at a small wait outside for the comment he said but the first time i think should just go in often and see how goes and i'll be honest i was in the flight was an hour thing after forty minutes i just got really bored i thought to myself i i meditate every day so i was like this is like i don't well this is any better than me doing my meditation or just getting kind of same thing so i don't really i wasn't
i wasn't blown away by it like i expected to be to be honest but then run dmt and i'll ask are an asset and everything so maybe my expectations were too high i always give the same advice i say don't smoke weed the first time just go and experience it but my thoughts are that isolation tanks the isolation tank experience is something that it takes time to really fully blacks and settle in and there's layers to the onion and you gotta go deeper and turn peel those layers away and i've done it so how many times i have one in my basement so done it so many times now that when i go in i can slide right in almost immediately but i'll tell you this i rarely go in sober i almost always go in high as a kite and edibles preferably at the best way to really i can have full blown psychedelic experiences in the tank on edibles full blown and visuals well going to
with the jungle experiencing the center of the universe like intense intense stuff because the relaxation that did the fact that you are the only information you're taking in like there's a mild feeling of the water on your body very mild that you have to think about to be aware of and occasionally will touch the sides of the tank and you have to kind of write yourself there's no somewhat get in there or something but other than that don't rub your eyes get salt guys is a bad one but other than that you're experiencing no sound no no visual input and in the absence of that visual input i think all those other thoughts become more powerful so whatever the effect of marijuana is on a regular body when you just hang out sitting around when you're in that fun to go back and try that now time but when you're in town i can hook it up alright cool if you want how many times you in town for how long you in town for where on ahead so
thursday evening i'm going to vegas to do a competition there will be over in vegas too now they have them everywhere to make when i first started doing the tank for my first experience i think was in the early early 2000s and i got my first tank in two thousand and three 'cause when i bought my house one of the reasons why i bought a is it had a basement and i was like i want a place to put the tank and because i had done the tank a couple of times at this place called soothing solutions in burbank if you got it and you can do it every day then it's the best i'll do it at night and i get home from a comedy show and i'll say i need the process thoughts and go over my material and i'll climb in that tank and just take off the center of the universe and figure things out it also makes me reconsider like how my thoughts are be like one things about comedy is you know you have an idea and you just got to try to figure out a way to get that idea in the people's minds and sometimes the wrong way like sometimes it's like too abrupt yeah or two corrosive or it's too it's just not it's not
it's not smoothly getting into peoples minds so you have to like really consider it so that idea of seeing other people's perspectives like they were talking about earlier that's huge with stand up comedy and one of the best ways to kind of get out of your own way from me is to explore things in the tank's in the absence of any physical input you kind of stop thinking of your body and your brain maine and you as an individual as like the captain of the ship and all the other things to become more and more you got more room yeah process well that's the idea is like you and are having this conversation but one of the reasons why i like to do it in this room with no one else here but us so there's no distractions right but there guy in the other room with a jackhammer it would fuck us up we want to get out of there
we want let's go over here so we could talk more climbing gym you want to get in the gym you want to be like in your belly and that's why a lot of guys put headphones on right just want to fucking grind getting your own head well in life itself like while we're sitting here your chair is sending signals to your ass you know your hands on the table it's all data in the tank there's nothing and in the absence of sensory input i believe that your brain becomes supercharged and i think you can consider things in a much more clear way i think you have more resources as a set off of find the same with meditation is like when i try to explain to people as i said it's almost like i feel like a slow down my thought process so now when i have thoughts are on it i see them coming in yeah unlike bonam act on this thought or not right where was before i already acted on it before it was you know i recognized it that's a huge problem is being a reactionary person and constantly dealing with
input coming in and the like instinctively batting it away or incidentally are like stressed and anxious you you you're always going to react like that so you need to get rid of all that anna and people know so that i think that's one of the reasons why people have a real problem with president trump the real problem we will have with him like this the guy that argues with people on twitter gets mad and was only on the wwe yeah it wasn't that perfect training to be a president but that's fine that's it the may i mean that's seven it's just i'm paying money performing and yeah you know you for me that's just what a you know the president how much how does it really have how much you know influence or is it just a just a pantomime destruction for people but that was before he was president what i'm reacting to is like him tweeting things today like shitting on people insulting people like when you're the fucking prick president of the united states to the leader of the free world you can't be going
twitter and just insulting people pudding out that com inflict energy they were talking about for what reason that people recognize whether they know it or not inherently they know this is not the way to lead this is not the way to be a boy that all this is not the wise person that we want the top of the hill setting the standards for all the people have a which was your alternative there's no alternative buy a car i don't think there should be a president i've said this million times i just think that's how much power does the president really have i mean you had a a bomb i right he said it was going to close down guantanamo bay yeah great but didn't happen i don't know what did he want to do it but it couldn't because other people and control or maybe there was a major i'm like why they shouldn't do it this could be a bunch of factors i don't know but i think maybe go there with good intentions but those are the people of polish full of strings in the in a president's just front guy in that sense one of the things about trump
being so bold and so egotistical i think that's probably a positive is that he's resisting the deep state he's resisting all all of these other outside influences any so wealthy that he has the financial power to like insula himself from these other people that are like him well uh you know i got friends in the states and that was the feedback that i got the guys that like trump they liked him because i felt that it wasn't to be controlled by you know the big money the fed the guys on the federal reserve and all pulling the strings on the military and all that stuff but i don't i don't think you can of i don't think you can beat those guys the into the control the money system the control everything it's a mess i think i like your idea we need to get him all fucked up yet i'm all fucked up just get hillary stoned make a real nice cool lady and she would just go i've killed so many people i confess
is a picture of a deer that was on the side of the road that was dead and you know those one of those comic memes and it said what did this dear know about hillary clinton it seems to be dangerous to know too much about hillary and bill people were killed just in the last couple of weeks that committed suicide a lot of people know this right so like we got this psychopath we got this it is a guy that but maybe his a better alternative than the psychopath so let's go with the orange guy the orange guy you know is not part of this cabal and maybe he's going to you know he's going to change things for the better so that's why people went with him i believe because he was seen to be not controlled by the same forces if you like the clintons that bush is if i can all these people there on the same club right well it just seems that change especially change over our culture
over civilization happens in these like slow ticks to the right or ticks to the left moving in a good direction or a bad direction it's so slow to change and like so when something this comes around that is perceived to be a negative thing and anas pursue have to be a negative thing moving in a terrible direction and quite rapidly it scares the shit out of people well that's feedback i get now if people over here they're concerned yeah but i don't know because i don't think it makes that much difference who's president so it's just a it's just a side show to you know and to time people came distracted do you think that's on purpose at all yeah yeah it'll emotional like trump isn't there than that it's like it's just bullshit as a phantom line is just to keep the distracted anna keep your answer time just like football and everything
now it's like don't look over here look over here so magicians trick you know i like to think that way sometimes and other times i think it's probably just too complicated for anybody to really orchestrate and we're just reacting to these wants and needs and human instincts and all variety of factors that have been set in motion like the momentum of these things that have been set in motion forever and people trying to profit people trying to figure out how to control various factions of it but the idea of like one person or one group pulling the strings as time goes on to the cut is that yeah i mean it less and less plausible yeah this is was one small group the controls that the debt yeah not even money step down so few control that than a control pretty much everything right it is and everybody in debt is every country in debt is in china in debt too so who exactly that's
further innovative if everybody is in debt to everybody like is that really deadly more like in front money and put a number on a thing and us x amount is just council of that yeah knowing that's when the distracted with things like going to go after medical marijuana with that jeff sessions guy he's he's to the ultimate distraction is going to start cannabis is like that's a huge thing in the evolution of consciousness and it's getting your available on more accepted and the so many layers to it man it's like medically this amazing spiritual is amazing the hemp plant can supplied what you know henry ford fill the model t ford hemp hemp crete right not only that it's way stronger so is it with the hammer hits the fan doesn't harm and rust is this lights a you know everything he filled it with him
ethanol as well so did you ever see them make that a video where they have him hit the hammer defender it's like the first model t they had met feb ender's they had made him out of hemp an he's whacking with a fucking hammer and help the people understand if you've never experienced at the hemp stock the actual stock of the tree itself it will get very big and pick and it's extremely hard but extremely light it's not like any other would his lights on light wiring superose fucking and uh hard like oak but light like balsa wood look at this that is hemp so he's banging in his hammer against this fucking car and it's not even making a dent so tell me i didn't build the car out of hunting because the william randolph hearst that fucking cunt
william randolph hearst was the guy owned hearst publications he also owned a bunch of paper mills and he's the guy demonized temp he's also the guy that was the motivation for orson welles to make the movie rose bud it are the movie citizen kane rather have something to do with the the oil on scale industries as well it does do a lot of things but a big part of it was william randolph hearst because they're at a cover of popular science magazine it was like hemp the new billion dollar crop and they made because there was a there was a device that was vented called the decorticator and what a dick for decatur was it was a machine that allow how do you to effectively process the hemp fiber without the use of slavery see for years and years they had you slavery to process hemp and hep was what they used for canvas that's why under the name canvas comes from the word cannabis this little
lamont only read the declaration of independence on him the first drafts in hemp paper it's a far superior paper then wood pulp paper well when they had come out with this article in popular science magazine helped the new billion dollar crowe they were essentially saying that hamp because of the decorticator now hemp would replace wood for paper for these are the things so i don't need to destroy the forests anymore william brown hurst not only owned these newspapers but he also owned these paper mills and he owned these forests and he decided to combat this competing industry with propaganda so they we're printing these stories about how these black people mexicans were taking this wild drug right romero white women exactly and then everybody was like this is so when they when congress first made marijuana first of all marijuana was not even the word for cannabis
marijuana was a word for a wild mexican tobacco that had nothing to do with this mexican will see exactly careful danger danger across the border brown ones and so they people responded to this and when they made it illegal didn't even understand that they were making cannabis they didn't understand they were making the commodity hemp illegal like to this day until recently like on it we sell hemp protein we first started on it several you years ago we had to buy all of our hemp from canada because even it's not psychoactive it was a eagle still to grow in america so stupid just so tight an equally stupid but the you know the crack in the dam now and you can't stop it man that ball was rolling now an people are waking up to the benefits you know how many in us now that's legal this quite a few medical and i think there's something like what is it
nine record regional nevada massachusetts california oregon washington state washington dc did i say that already i don't know on the other ones are main alaska colorado of course yeah so how many of 'em legalized cannabis twelve million three hundred and forty five thousand six hundred and seventy seven legalized and then jurisdiction with medical decriminalization and there's a lot of funky weird shades to that there's more than three shades there so should i just make it legal across the board well it takes time man the amount of money was fascinating is the amount of money that is coming in and that's affecting it 'cause he's i'm getting is all about the amount is massive they put it back into the school system in the meadow in to giving people tax refunds sorry we went to much money all the time
exit thirty nine percent and everybody is like ok nobody gives a shit in nevada in vegas there literally running out oh yeah they can't stand of emergency that's right the laria yeah well right 'cause i'm going there saturday oh they'll get you some i'll look it up i know people nevada declares marijuana state of emergency to avoid one huh third million dollar tax shortfall because they wanted the money from the marijuana 'cause they were making so much money in taxes 'cause i think i think nevada has thirty nine percent as well right they had a thirty nine percent tax rate it's fifteen for recreational only fifteen really think so well they locked up i should've went thirty nine nobody gives a shit still five dollars for when you're buying i don't know if this storage we're getting taxed two for what they sell recreational limit tax thing is a balls all in is is not going to stop now and so many people out there of cute kind
sir as well by using the concentrated oil stuff i got a couple of friends that the cure their own concert from you know changing the diet going to plant based alkaline die and taken the kind of us soil and the doctors alike baffled yeah so there's that and that's a powerful thing somebody kills the console there going to tell everybody and tell everybody they know all their family and it's just a matter of time they just had something on on a mainstream which i was surprised at mainstay i'm new to show in england comma was but anyway just the point is his mother was sneak in an account of a soil and i got cured for that and then that that this whole thing breakfast tv about how the you know tv about was got rid of his constant was but i noticed they still you know the obviously told to say this
but you know this whole this whole story about the kid is like you know is gone now 'cause mom was thinking in the cannabis oil and we need to look into this but but we must right everybody people we must tell you we must you know is not a cure right the fuck you talking about the kids secured what you're talking about is not a cure but it's obviously something they've got a state because it's actually illegal to claim that you can cure so well it's illegal to possess the marijuana so it's illegal probably to use it as a treatment even though its affective you have to say it's not a you're exactly that is the influence of the pharmaceutical drug companies that will come down i mean this pharmaceutical drug companies that advertise on these networks which becomes a huge problem because of their advertising abilify and fucking well new trend in all these different shit there selling their now going to be interested in you telling positive stories about abandoning all pharmaceutical drugs then taking nap
remedies of course not in as their comp eight and so what they're trying to do now is make you know slightly different versions of it that they can patent yeah this one company i think at gw pharmaceuticals in your chi but guess what doesn't work when you do that now so i'm laughing at them well i started money the plan is perfect as it is a perfect balances it's it works as it is so but they can't trade market contract market so you want to change it a little bit to create something contrite mark mike turns a profit off but guess what suckers and then we looking yeah once you once you change it it doesn't work the way it's supposed to work it's all people trying to control shit you know it's people that are trying to control how much agriculture you could sell me that's what it is it's agricul where was marijuana really is psychoactive agriculture it's plants like the uh
either you tell someone they can't grow tomatoes in their backyard is fucking bananas ridiculous is a plant that grows from the ground exactly as it is god fucking made plant grows from around how can that be illegal right so if you have tomatoes in you backyard everybody knows tomatoes have lots of vitamins and healthy for you and you know what i would say oh you can't do that i got so happy that are good for you i can chinese have been using herbs for thousands of years sure marijuana is just the same thing it's just it's the mother of all like the fucking sometimes people get confused about like you know you're supposed to be healthy is supposed to be an athlete what you doing smoking marijuana i'm like this is the fucking healthiest thing i do every day i got like forty tablets area i got fish are there vitamin c a got referred to tall i got herbs i got everything in our guess what more power full and all those fucking things together although that beneficial is my the soil i take every day this is like i don't know if you're familiar with the geico
bob malamud doctor bob miller made his he studies free radical is human biologist i think and he states that cannabis is the most powerful antioxidant most powerful anti aging substance on the planet period that's a so i i consider it a health supplement and yeah i get high enough that it's a health submit to and there's also ways you could take it that are non psychoactive people that take cbd's or i take this stuff charlotte's web hemp oil take this every day but like i say we do is fantastic it makes you feel good alleviates aches and pains is good for anxiety it's good for mental clarity this is great for your body it's it's an essential oil for your body i got my left knee the cartilages their league on the shoulders not only the surface supraspinatous gone for scan they like to to know you
hurt your shoulder is the arthritis is really bad you must be in a ton of pain i'm like nothing i don't have any pain i don't know if that's down to my kind of issues but it definitely definitely a factor in the you know i'm sure it's a factor do you think also a factor is mental toughness because the fact that your understanding of pain is probably way different how you perceive pain you know like you know to do well on average high and is not a big deal and i live in that every day from from training so right and actually look forward to it in a way yeah so probably my perception of pain is like is less than everybody else's but for sure you know when i'm asleep if you had a real arthritis i mean it's going to you're going to get pain i don't get anything so something i'm doing is helping yeah consider cannabis to them in the most powerful health supplement you can take better than but i still take all the other stuff as well cuz i'm all the
you're my favorite yeah i mean i think it's really important guys like you that are going against the grain explaining your position an and also you as a respected professional athlete people will listen to you and they go oh well this guy is such a straight shooter about steroids about training and about injuries and all these other things he's not going to lie about this but people have just been had this missing information for so long so strong in their brain is like it's hard to change start to change is that you know especially we don't have any experience it with these self like this fucking drug i don't know if somebody put on instagram can't believe you ate smokes weed i just fucking hate lazy stoners that's a pretty strong reaction man like
you hate somebody because they smoke in a fucking plan like the house is hurting you lazy calling you lazy is olearius osika delemus i need to smoke weed to stop me from doing too much fucking stuff this is a slow me down to like a normal level listen yet it can slow you down a cassette and smoke wheeled incident couch and watch tv and an eight page says if you want like you know but if you're smart you use it one is time to use it and i like the i sometimes i like to smoke a little bit for ducati because it opens my broncos and i get a better fucking work out or it's generally evening when i'm relaxing or if i want to do something creative like i'm writing or something it helps me like think a little bit but the v times when it's appropriate and times when it's not appropriate and that's it you know no i think i can totally agree i just think that it's a lot
like we were talking about earlier with fats and sugar that there's this misinformation that continues forever it's like once you get an idea in your head uh oh low fat is good high fat is bad and then somewhere along the line you realize that that's bullshit like you might realize it you might do the research you might go into the article and then look at the studies and go wow this is in pain and how this happened and go into the new york times article about the sugar industry bribing but once get to a certain point in time is like most people are not going to do all this they're not going to look into this they're not going to get so most people are going to here what they heard when they were little marijuana is for losers marijuana makes you lazy you be a lazy stoner i don't want to be that marijuana is bad like jeff sessions the fucking the guys on record saying good people do not smoke barrel ana do you talking about millions of people you're saying none of them are good people you know it's a generator that is nothing the people that's my
marijuana are generally nicer kinder more thought people and and realize it in some way we're all connected were not fucking independent so that thing 'cause he doesn't smoke pot that's the problem we need fucking hold him down and making smoke pot that's what we need to do but will freak out apparently joey diaz gave pauly shore some stars of death on his podcast and now polly won't release the podcast he's like hide it burn it burn it the fire kill it like cannabis is so good that when you smoke it which is full of fucking taller and cost engines and everything and smoking and chill long as it doesn't even damage your lungs i think it's supposed to be a different type of smoke smoke that you get it's probably harsh but it doesn't have the same the properties they don't have the same product the
you apparently with tobacco in particular it just regular tobacco if you're smoking a regular rolled cigarette of hand rolled tobacco just pure tobacco no no other bullshit ingredients is not as bad for you as a cigarette but still bad guys got a ton of chemicals in this hundreds of chemicals by the way approved by our government though yeah pour it in there what the government says it's good it must be cold man can get people they did throw it in their governments govern what governments is your mind but marijuana smokers been shown to be an expectorant actually can clear the lawns of certain issues it'd dilate eyes eyes the broncos as opposed to the back of his closing remarks yeah i don't know if you're from
live with the study was done hera you you say ally i believe guy called donald tusk and he did over twenty years it was a properly funded study why was it properly funded because it was funded to look for negative results so the purpose of this study was to prove that smoking cannabis damages along just like cigarettes right so the followed three groups of a twenty us cigarette smokers only or tobacco tobacco and marijuana to weather in marijuana only and tobacco smokers over twenty years of course loss of lung function lot of cancers all the stuff we already know and in the marijuana group smoker like daily smoking over twenty years there was no loss of lung function in fact that a slight increase in lung function as compared to non smokers
why is it taking big tokes that's what he guessed because you're taking on not only that because the versus dilating the broncos all the time if you keep dilating it keep dialing it keep dialing is going to get more you know it's going to get more functional without it makes sense i mean just it's counterintuitive to a lot of people think that's negative it's bad for you so i just see it as a super health supplement i don't see anything i guess i don't see as a drug this is the plan and yeah you get high in a feel good so what's in a law office so they should not to be good for you right i agree and i think that people starting understand that more now than when we were kids for sure yeah i used to smoke windows teenager and in england we mix it with tobacco this just so i came here and now like people smoke it pure i don't mix with tobacco now 'cause i realized that weed is good and tobacco is bad before i don't know they're both probably bad for you and i'll give it a shot you know
yeah how did that get started in england 'cause every time i've been over england they do that too though make sure we would tobacco is like what yeah i don't know man it was like that's always always always done that way now grew up i grew up with in birmingham is a ton of jamaican jenna so the jamaicans are the guys that for the weight and stuff like that but even they used to mix with tobacco a lot of people smoke hash so how she got a he got a mexican in over something right so if people mister with tobacco but i think last time i smoked tobacco is probably like eight nine years ago when i became educated on so wow this cannabis is really good on its own a lot of people in america they take us a cigar they take out the follow wheaton yeah and they make a blunt out of it but you're taking in tobacco and belief and you give me this weird highlight because you get in that like head bus but you're also inhaling
in a way that you don't do with cigars you don't usually have here are you yeah profit out right yeah you put you get the tobacco gets in your body from your mouth but you don't really in his well deep until i like to use the ham papers and also a vaporize extract as well yeah like dabbing they call here right so i do that i find uh i don't know i find it a bit different between smoking weed and dab in the extract smoking weed i find a bit more relaxing dab in the extract is like i'll do that we're going to bike ride or do cardio or something like all man i don't get tired yeah i know right this is amazing you can you know whatever you do and run and first of all it's been a stylized tina brown coal so you can deliver more oxygen but i think also it's a mental thing they like get in that
zone perceived pain is less discomfort is less so just keep just keep going yeah the guys amber selig all smoke before the digits of because yes helps to be relaxed right when entering the in on a bill tonsil with on not just relax but also for singularly focused on yeah that's america two giant percentage of people spoke pop for the digits that's a big big thing here about of illness or brilliant man i'm the only one that talks about it 'cause although guys that like scared like it's going to be viewed negatively or their sponsors are going to drop the or something like that well i can tell you like half the guys on the olympic stage there all stoners because you know helps you relax after training you can't drink right you know 'cause the calories and if you drink the neck they're not going to perform so well i mean you can get totally fucking high tonight
you can go in a gym tomorrow morning one hundred over negative effect right zero do you member the arnold i'm sure you do arnold is new well you know there is working on a little one there i mean that was people were like is he doing back then it was almost like he was getting drunk or something like that you know people to even think about it and he was the only one it wasn't it wasn't like passing out around other people he was only one camera smoking yeah the other guys were probably scared on the smoky mountain that one camera yeah well it's still viewed negatively you know like an athlete saying smokes marijuana is risking maybe used losing his sponsorship and i don't give a shit i don't have sponsors i'm independent so you know bit more free to speak out well the crazy thing to me was the nfl the nfl saying that these guys can smoke pot and they suspend
for smoking pot meanwhile it's ok to run full speed each other and smash into each other and the massive amount of damage that's doing that's that's not that's not a problem but maybe the economists would actually help them with brain injuries because a lot of studies with alzheimer's and stuff like that it's very protective on the brain so maybe it could have helped them if anything i would definitely wouldn't and even if it's just it's just cbd oil you know neuroprotective canal cannabinoids yeah i mean we were living in an age where information is leaking out there and people understand things more today than they ever did before where there's still a massive amount of ignorance that you have to combat but it's it's ahead of ten years ago yeah right and uh i live in europe although i live in spain now and
spain is not legal but it's it's legal to to grow in a house for your own use it's legal to smoke in the house for your own use so what's happened is these collectors of being created so alright so i can smoke in my own private residents and i can grow whatever let's say three plants for myself arguably so what if there's a hundred verse now in this collective in this club so now we can grow three hundred plants and so that's how it is supposed to be non prof organizations so when you go and you buy it we do not technically buying your weed you're contributing to the upkeep of the collective that makes sense so that's how it works there and then in holland tolerated they call it technically is not legal is tolerated so they can sell in the coffee shops there and what are their in amsterdam so those two countries is a little bit of
but everywhere else is still still not legal like in uk where i come from it's not legal but the police have already stated then going to arrest people for smoking weed cuz they consider a waste of that time so and in major city in england you go walk down the street you can smell weed people just walk down the street and smoking weed if the police are there lights say on for that out but that's as far as so technically still legal but it's kind of like you know the police are not they don't care about it let's just i think canada is set to essentially legalize it nationwide i think that's the most recent revelation from canada they're essentially ready to just kind of has always been a pretty good weed country when the vancouver in particular there's a great day memory about the marijuana industry and its impact on vancouver it's called the union fantastic documentary just showing how ridiculous it is and how inexorably tie
marijuana is to their entire economy in vancouver it's the money that comes in from marijuana is just gigantic portion of their economy and it's all this unemployment right that's why you know colorado setting such an example of making so much money like gotta be other states looking at it like i think fucking detroit should get on that train fuck yeah yeah detroit's a mess right and coming back with like handmade stuff there's a bunch of things like different industries and different you know small businesses are starting to emerge in detroit that are kind of very promising but yeah that would be a huge factor that is huge industry out there now grow in the all the other i come here and like i'm a kid in a candy shop you you got chocolate and it's like tells you how much thc is in each square we got breast breiman
so you got cakes you got everything you know like yeah careful with those cakes though well edibles enough hours tell people because if with animals because if you're smoking a joint and take a couple of puffs it's going to hurt you i'm pretty much a majorly to brian she's going to fail and even it's the the way they want to smoke some more or not or maybe you want to just put it down right but when you eat it is going to take forty five minutes to an hour so hit your system and you don't know what how strong less going to be and if it's too strong which most of the time it is if you're not experienced then you run that fucking ride and you can't get off hours for hours and it can be pretty fun doesn't mean like too much thc for somebody that's not used to it you can feel very or annoyed at very uncomfortable you can feel nauseous you might vomit you're going to get lobe sugar yoga
is not going to be a nice experience and probably then you're going to have a negative view of cannabis like fuck that shit right it going anywhere near that again so unless you experienced i would just say stay away from edibles or like just have a small piece and wait a fucking hour don't don't be tempted to oh i don't feel anything i'll take another one yeah then you're going to be fucked that's great advice step gingerly yeah go very slowly on edibles because it takes time to digest it to get in the bloodstream and time to feel it so most people will eat some and say i don't feel anything i have another one and then the born i'm saying happen so many times that it's too late and it's not gonna be over in five minutes you're gonna have hours of that bike you know and then they could just gonna say that stuff that's kind of a stuff as bad as you know it's horrible but you're fine
that's a beautiful thing even after a horrendous terrifying right bad can happen to you physically you might vomit is like the worst thing that could happen but you gotta be careful 'cause i read the other day right there is a level at which kind of us can kill you so going to be careful that you don't smoke six hundred and twenty eight kilos of kind of us in fifteen minutes 'cause if you do that that could be toxic that could belief someone out there is going to try to prove you wrong yeah one dot five fucking tons in fifteen minutes if you can handle that good luck to you i think that's actually the ld fifty two which means lisa lethal dose for fifty and the population and fifty percent of the relation are most definitely pussies i survived that anyway i mean i couldn't smoke a fucking i don't know in fifteen minutes how much could you smoke like five grams or something i don't know the only could do more than that but in a vaporizer you can get pretty deep
i'm not going to go anywhere near six hundred and twenty i don't know where that came with six hundred and twenty eight it's around twenty seven or six twenty nine i don't know it's there to go anyway because no one ever died from unknown seven died from it so like what other substance cannot die from a life even waters right up to much water drowned right so i mean this is pretty harmless fucking substance if there's no there's no feasible toxic level all right six hundred and twenty eight kilos i'm taking the piss like you know i kind of smoke that in my lifetime how often you smoke pot everyday day everyday man everyday take my vitamin c every day as well fish oils respirator at all antioxidants i go sometimes with not smoking for a week or two just because i want to have the discipline
is right you know to say i don't need to do this every day but i kind of like to do it every day so why not i hear you man and when i you know i don't get up in the morning and smoke when i got shit to do because it might not help me do that stuff but i'm working out if i'm going to lie on a beach i'm going up the mountains yeah i'll take a joint with me wine why not inner enhances you your experience is food enhances sex enhances music you pre into the choir man who i know i know you know other people are listening i know i'm saying i'm going with you i'm with you yeah no i mean i couldn't agree more this and then we three hours wow crazy quick like that yeah sounds like an hour and a half or something anything else to say the people before we wrap this bitch up i hate to be the guy that goes on chat shows and promotes things but i'm going to have to do this please do i'm going to be in vegas
on saturday and we got a thing called super lee the actual date today is twenty nine ninth yeah i'm going in vegas we got a competition called super league this is for bodybuilders strength flutes and it's somewhat functional because you know you get a body builder on stage and the general public look at that and i say what the fuck is that there's like strange and maybe a product of just taken drugs and i don't appreciate the work that goes into that and how strong and athletic some of these guys can be so this competition is has two rounds first round is lifting so you get judged on eight different exercises you score a maximum of twelve rep set so does that and then there's a physique round but it's done by computer so it scans various areas everybody and gives you a score on that
sounds a bit complex but if you want to go on super league live it's got explain every how long have you been doing this for this is going to be the first one and we were not sure like what reaction we get with the first one but it's been off the fucking hook and uh then we're going to get a new breed of athletes that maybe not purely physique bodybuilders us like the mr olympia or got guys coming from power then we got guys coming from bodybuilding there's a lot of guys that there in the gyms around the world that are fucking athletic strong freaky guys and girls we got both categories that maybe they want to compete in bodybuilding competition and for various reasons or they do want to compete in bodybuilding competition and they want something alternative to do but we got a competition between team la and team atlanta as well and we got interest for the roll this out internationally so
keep your eye on that now so how do people go to it with super league live and the contest is in the city athletic club gym in vegas which is like another biggest gym in vegas so the website for it would be super league live or super league dot live i'm not sure super legalized dot live something like that light blue drive and i'm going to be there monday and a lot of other p pull from sport and i'll invite joe rogan if you got that i'm actually going to be at the ufc saturday in anaheim so unfortunately it's good card jon jones and daniel cormier great and such in vegas as well now that's out here in anaheim a cowboy cerrone and robbie lawler it's a great card actually it's one of the best cars in the year i'm just joking so i would do whatever
want folks but super league is gonna be awesome i'm sure at this a man it was an honor and a pleasure i really my mom has been yeah like three hours is gone like nothing like nothing i'm sure we could talk for twenty four hours but i've always has time to smoke a joint i agree all right all right everybody thank you brother appreciate it see you guys tomorrow thank you everyone for tuning into the podcast and thank you too movement watch is go to m mvmt dot com ford slash rogan and get fifteen percent off today with free shipping and free returns thank you to legalzoom go to legalzoom dot com and enter the code word rogan at checkout to save yourself some thanks also to zip recruiter go to ziprecruiter dot com
forward slash rogan to try ziprecruiter for free at zip recruiter dot com slash rogan we did it we're done for now tomorrow very excited jamie foxx gonna be here i'm fucking pumped about that one that's a fast getting talented dude that should be interesting an that's it that's it for now ok alright will see you both soon thanks for all the love take care all right
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