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#990 - Jamie Foxx

2017-07-27 | 🔗
Jamie Foxx is an Academy Award winning actor, singer, and comedian. He can currently be seen hosting "Beat Shazam" on Fox and in the movie "Baby Driver" in theaters now.
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debility eligibility restrictions may apply see draft kings dot com for details we did it why fuck around please welcome jimmy fox the job will gain experience this is grocer tarred brutal but when you're done cells did something gotta find sutton rank and file struggle ramp and have a struggle gotta certainly gotten hamleys there's you complete i've already shit we're gonna there's a little bit of that gonna tell you how to turn it over there which one is it in
check church and he's in my ears were life but i love you i love you guys are we looked at each other very well do now his grey logo and embrace we did not want to leave it to you it's been a long time there was no one to go now outstretched stay alive keep moving now you do on it whose as you know one day whose as you know where they stand you ve called out on me you called out among you just gotta get it today we get and creates a crazy way i was crazy when moves to extend it like it was i it was like gunslingers whenever there nothing you call them well that was a bad situation we had was esteem
it is a mockery another wrongs now and also because i thought i was getting to be nice now no no you by another bringing around you talk about eugenie fox doing whatever the because you wanted to go to to re loses argument of of of of my about how would we would have been in jail yeah headed in social media bedouins common we'd have life double life are we going to do myself you had to kyoto as and when we were talking about everybody that light came up in the sixtys and seventys the air the nineties everyone before social media the wild lives they lead you can't do that anymore or care do what it when what does comes edge came for voyages to we talk about in a classroom chris banner come up my house and you he'll he'll do sit down below what the fuck that's it listen used to tell it for one
like him and justin bieber who ve been who been blessed with extra they look good they can fight they their athletic any saying that damn figure dance at first automakers brown is crazy don't a party in miami my column pharaoh s murder you know where he was still in his years back to two thousand five may two thousand and six i'm hosting party where miami the crowds going within down like and the vip is some kids dancing my all of that daniel others it is my dj de jerry goes johannes anew kick was brown you're here
to be the next one as a yearly thanking day in and day out of luck emma jane is young member gonna know who i am calm down and fuck him up life that's ok so i go down and now you know it's all my time is where rice follow me about legal battle whoever this kid is so ass a year bro you think you could dance i d like some kind of bullshit member listen to me were all we're jam together right he doesn't do a movie nobody does he does a back flip but the way he did back philip any six too he standing in the middle of the crowd he jumped over the crowd did the back flip up here and came straight down as it was assumed but i'mma leave you to talk about i don't know what the fuck that there's some avengers shit and i just said that dude when he get on and then you know he gets on but then social media catches on and then
it is just how is hard it is hard to live oh when you live when you saw me then i tell him all the time you have this social media sought to make your color inside the lines yeah or try to try to yeah or like this it makes you took your artistry and sometimes little does it makes and talk you crazy and took a crazy you took your artistry like i don't know what a meme wasn't unum shit i'm refer again i was just catalonia myspace and shit shit shifted so much my daughter sends me a pitcher of rihanna going to the met ball embody tom at the pitcher whatever had been the pitch was ring and and in his yellow dress and our madonna's our love the dress is amazing i don't stand a pizza debts in it were you know maybe that's you know she's given an nod to italy or maybe she had to dress her she's not
as a as it were as me so what do you mean she did not is actually not a pizza in the dress somebody crafted or fixed there lady made it look like its pizza is because is trailing behind and so me i think you will the fact is i mean this as it so this girl worked ha ha at night to get this dress to go to them ball which is your supposed to be you know out the backs is it puts a pizza m s all you see is a pizza as to how to compete with that how could you be michael jordan and kids what do you say you too crowded thing you cry man and not a crime in has a monopoly of the like the best thing on the internet is one of the best things about the areas as plant being able to make funny it's the best thing but watch this so it was his sticks national say
what do i want also to deal with the microphone went in to some mighty under the age of eighteen he d crab we may grabbing the in a united fashion correctly got near half a living so julia and it says that while we were about john jones john john faintness weakening john jones is a wild mother fucker that's why he's the greatest have you heard of all time because he saw what part of what you have to have we don't go to be well my case in my time back in the day you couldn't that's why will say like why does my tears a fertile he's a fighter he's not tennis player but i was a wild boy in to hang out with him you could to stand like he was a biggest person the planet and had demons
embodies foreign to look as because you seem in a club and he's here girls you doin bmw's because their work you like the like bmw liked being values and crazy he take the girls out they'll get a bmw i'm he was that crazy the incoming call it ought to be opened up the bmw dealership but he was wild but i say just like how we say of it you can't have that type of ten in that area and not have to suffer john jones can't can't you can't drink milk and in almost kills oh my god you're gonna get homogenized but now you can the other gotta be something about you that's out of control and also of wild dangerous and that's what makes him so great everywhere even talk about even people are you are you look it hendricks elvis they have to have something because as god fucking money guy's gonna give you something incredible bodies
also to give you something to anchor that because i believe this what i believe in and you tell me if you i believe in the year in the yang of everything meaningly when there is absolute light there has to be absolute darkness to balance it out and that's what everything that we do it sort of we're not gonna get away with anything by anything it happens to you in life you have to pay for it like is like the grocery store ok i got career who can pay for that ok i got the money bull river and pick up the phone oh yeah need money year you you you for we'll go on go i'm a recent release a story about so it's all of these different things that you gotta pay for it why you see these guys like acres in a legacy of talking justin bieber you know everything ass if some of the ship is supposed to happen to you still he can't there was the thing the success that has had a twenty years yet it's impossible i was just written some shit about him cancel his tour because he has had too much work means is gone crazy i guess but
he's made ninety three million dollars if you like this crazed fuckin twenty four may i assure you know our aids once again will take their ninety million will go do a million but weak be in his mind and we can see how it is he grew up that way who have their way never had a normal life are you don't expect like i like i always tell kids who want to be and has been to please wait like even when my kids just wait wait till you light weight i can understand like i was able to be grown and in half grown should happen to me in this regular life should happen so that when this happened i still has a point of reference to give back to because you know like i know you ve interviewed everybody this business effectual in such a way where you see one person wendy hours comedians name but i remember comedian back in the day did like half of an hbo whatever and then week i saw him at twelve bodyguards enable pushing
back to yeoman yeah right now just gone crazy guy crazy crazy grazing in us our won't say the names would have been a couple of guys i never get this one do hid in i want to try to say something torment and for some reason he had a white sooner i'm going to call for this white suit on in these big she's no what the doctor and he said now right now man i'm rich that is why i got rid us let me be rich and famous right now i want to hear your pic and so must mean you think you could get away now and as he said i had a sordid lay ok but this is what happened you gotta be careful that tied goes in and it goes out and people come up and they remember remember in their member when you fucked with them and we ve and we ve seen em we ve seen a bit
being a competing we get one get a chance to sit in a different seat because we sort out our jobs or are observational and we still have our own demons but this is different so get humbled as a comedian near you gotta get those jokes the former five alive audiences all alive can it doesn't work you can go back to the drawing board gotta says actor don't get a lot of that this one the reasons why the cash shaky yet more shaky right don't get a lot of like that testing it live in front of me people that familiar and it comes up that you don't in its tough outside to act another actor mistook see i'm a comic who became an active stance eating their duties and i know i'm gonna be a saint louis tomorrow you know dr jokes lag and you know i gotta angola thing up adjust actors it's tough would you figured out a way to bounce three careers saying to me you could do anything
weird guy in that way you gotta lotta we're tell it yourself is talking about justin bieber and christine you got here ability to shift to its it not only had but i've been fortunate in the fact that now things have opened up like you know back in the day like you could only you want that one thing i never get keen and our waste only say yo was would distinguish it you weren't a mother casey you join the saying is either try doing how can you see there is real and grow bent or jamie stop you too funny in the face funny one thing into me use so out i my maybe you don't say i was doing of course stand oh don't wanna shit and then it wasn't until literally hours throwing these parties in my crib and i would always
already for like musical guys in also to a party for of puff coms in big parties like two thousand purposes and it's all about him and i'll never get he got mad at me a little bit because i would follow him and i would actually follow him would it would a camera because at the time at that time puff has the biggest gas were you know you can get in his party so the wagon his party that shows what can i putting document document to label as a year let me get their main about gettin is and it wasn't begging today with it you know what the camera phone i had to fucking cannon did you put on showed in the light and she s it let me change a battery when you get older chirac so at once when i told him we silly and fairly and useful a party easier playboy sport is a million and a half up ass if
like two for what he said it costs a million and a half dollars a throw these partners of oh my god i love to parties amazing yes the mayor is even ass if it s too much more as you come to my place in our otto your party for four hundred bucks uh huh will this part port and he got a little mad because you know he was now you know i'm this for this shit don't front respect you ellie i did not get around so it is too late and he calls me early in one your political make us heavens etc who are going to my phones and by twelve clock him a small house and tarzan and god bless my neighbours it live them no longer entering on immediate attic and those too much but a parties fevered pitch and i invited the right people you don't write girls were beautiful but not too tight not to you know just everything was the guy's would know haters aiding illegal you know me for not one in that it was the right has any shows up
and when he shows up he got does the girl or net tv to order a girl in a movie as your friend is well hang out here so it's like you so good enough looking up here as it will look at the party s look over there on the table i got kentucky fried chicken i put it in a nice place i got coca cola but this in a pitcher ass it were it hundred eighty bucks right now i won't go forward any had the most incredible time right but at that part was all musical people and i did it for a reason at their party missy i of course she had her room airbus going crazy michel it i'm going my garage and there's two guys a little i guess not target the little guy goes you'll be yours like so tell me as a year who use it with an active my name's room i say i'm in a hurry you that's how what why so that it can i we have a have greater there was another guy stand on a wall green jacket like green low jumpsuit
nobody talking to guess who jesse nobody knew has was an ized great pride so could be the real no one knows but in now way i got into the music however is that all of a party is gonna an hour like different music people leave me music in my studio that i built i went and got his grey studio built in the back of the house as a one day comes this kid backpacker jaws busted who is it who kenya jaws buzzer for my car accidents congo works and i suppose that is what i say numa congo may but be too she doesn't what to do when he produces but he also wraps ass it were able to come to my house they gotta perform so i say yo many so you know you rabbit he wrapped the most incredible for this reason it was ankara's out on the way you want famous he did it with a brook
john he had looked lou jobs a little swollen outing was broken but little swollen cause it into long after the accident didier rod and then he goes i got a song dad you we got on it i got dishonor i know you can kill me so guph device colleagues a year or so she called so we go in a bad one has to ask studios so he thinks he's is dishonest gonna she say she was marvin gaye some luther van so ass i got it jesus you also more being gear is i what do you know what i say i gotta put in an arm be on it you know cinema real singing i've been seeing easy don't do it
just sing a song causes hip hop in i said ok cool swab grudgingly songs are empty songs whack he's not gonna make it so i went off bad movie i come back about six weeks eight weeks later their songs number one model those are you notice all you say when shit is number one in the country and in that's how i got into the music so long story longer is like year you and do all of these things and there's a lot of actors and actresses that can't you just need those opportunities just like in life when you're wearing opportunity comes if you prepare for it now good jump intuitive and grab it in what i was told was by my brian who does all my music he found slow jams he found gold found blame it on alcohol he says you gotta stop
funny shit and seeing a real record and was using the real record in that saves you sing in it now you got a better so now all those years the people they grew up with me doing stand up a watch a cut off date their older and at a young folks as i you'd kung amy just like how you know two guys now going to mother got so so as i older you hope that your blessed with opportunities and you know the old saying but turned so to reinvent or re introduce yourself to people who may not know your what's also guys like you have other interests you have more than one interest you don't just want to be funny yeah what's going on in there is is a lot you know but like like we all are like committees we got a lotta shit that we want to get out and like being a comedian we have we we use the hair is getting is getting crazier skating tough on us
as far as you know everything we say you know they wanna come kill us right i mean i i did when i did jimmy famine once seeding their jimmy feminine every organisation wanna get me would you say i was doing a job of singing using these funny songs about who led the dogs out so we took who led the dog that and put it in like a like that like a vaudeville or shoot who led the dogs at whatever was right but beginning of their i saw that ad lib like i was watching these dogs and they were coming towards me and i was wondering you know who let them and there was a people there and you know you have to be careful because people's can be can tankers and then i go on to disarm the pitiful community was like jamie foxes
people shameless fearful shared involved and then it was another thing where jimmy found was doing was doing some type of where he was what what was gonna be in the next show and i was doing a bad version of signing which are actually know how sire botswana bear very low sign language and also a little more about it later all those types of different date but as i was doin it as a joke i didn't know the person that he was talking about happened to be deaf oh no oh my so then you know so it is all these things it and i try to tell people say hey listen we never mean anything bad we poke fun but when that wouldn't you you think garbage can just you know i can't you can't kill as i and a cause i gotta keep doing what do you know so it's is given
well it's just what we're talking about about social media about people commenting on things that you can read the common system too many people and people is looking for some be recreational outraged com is it get that is due to come in come in a hit you right away you as alternative grandmothers right it's good to the little bit when they're right when there actually write like someone can say ridiculous about you and if you know it's ridiculous it doesn't mean anything but if it's got hint of truth like the one when somebody says something about your teeth you kind of look in the mirror house damn man i got to go i'd like to go but i guess somebody hit me with the donkey the fuckin docking as i have got to know how the recurring so you but i tell you got time don't read the commons does the book the because it will make you start to change the way you do if i read all the comments i never tell another job yeah if i all the comments i never try another you know i gotta movie that we just shot for little enough
call all star weekend in in the jokes are like all the way out there you know and it's i got everybody in it you know i'll take you all play different characters like i play a white racist white racist cop and how do you do that i shall it to of everything shorty but it's a date rather than doing plays and execute gerard butler is a russian who loves gymnastics beneath editorial plays is crazy tend towards and were all you know we're out don't i so is like if you read the is dead i'll make you took that end but this some brilliant in its were it is is a cool the thing to which is called also weaken for reason is about two guys one guy lives deaf curry the other guy the brown james and all the trying to do is get to the again in a sort of like this oh journey running all these people so is dull but is something whereas i owe you see zombie some some shit but robert johnny junior just from tropic dunder think about that you can never do that anymore you can
black face anymore you know what i'll say this people have to undo and where it comes from their real peace glad that a really mean johan like outside of us i mean real people really don't fucking like you whatever you over the black why'd you straight you gay whatever there are some people who really dollar whither entertainment and it's easy easy easy targets were easy easy for you to jump on rather down a junior jamie joe because it's easy when it's real things which you know whether is politics what a lot of times we we sort of we're not ready for that fight but it's easy disorder pick the committee i call rabanus listener i need you to play mexican he's as do here to do shirt
wanna fuck it should of course mexican whatever but any text back and said i'm nervous to play the mexican us a bullshit you played black do you killed edge it which is all we gotta be due care who gonna blow back did the get from playing the black neglected known because we first before the wire to though it was like what what years tropic thunder i feel like i was ten years ago in a while but but here's the thing we followed are don't you like this guy like i did his birthday party and my first job losses how dare you take all of these rules from blame me whereby lab and obey it so it's sort of like in attain is may wish we you gotta give us room you say and liked to play i'll show you and i are gonna take that room you gotta get worry about us chapelle somewhere was like new and about his jokes these young man the people
i think it said something about donald trump saying grandma pussy assumption whatever but was choose like the one thing that you look at what happened voted for a lot of things it will solar dry the way a lot of things inside regardless of what you believed in left in the dust because people little i won't where he's he's got a point insists we're playing things a little too close so oh when you look at that to say what donald trump that as and they ended up being left in the dust because people little i good for he's got a point certain way of first was things a little too close so oh when you look at that as a ice like was folk like i say yes in a certain way of furs was is great jokes too is like it does say are we coming perception fragile when it comes to our race like black be like the
can we president the woman can't do it perception doesn't mean that if you forearm donald trump the terrain because i was a big day sometimes this perception out on me i'll make you click ok i do a job does it mean that if you vote for donald trump that you're racist i don't think everybody look cuz that was a big thing sometime this perception out on me i'll make it clear ok i do a joke in front obloquy black people and i said black people are very interesting people because we deal with racism and perception isn't i say because we're very nervous flyers light we don't like to get home planes first thing we don't get on the plane we see who's flanders marfa we look in the cockpit if we look and see a black guy we stop and go a hollow evil love you got two hours which it and it was the perception and don't let a woman sitting next to him oh shit we good they could be a break sunny day
the how's the weather are we good and then there's your sitting in that seat anytime you hit a bump my brother we straight same situation you go in the cockpit you see there why go with salt pepper hair in those aviator in its form hair like this in a storm and i sat flattish it'll hurricane the perception that we have to talk about santa does that makes it doubling make science that you know there's deftly that you don't like though the donald something's funny know that it set a best alonzo boden you know knows funny comedian he said he go not all donald trump supporters are racist here but all racists are donald trump support that he definitely away in this but when i really waiting but but i will but i will say it is like a said the perception gives us all to focus my mom my daughter it was interesting my oldest
his daughter lyman when when the election happen and you know the results came in tandem so can you tell us what would you we're gonna go with your though not all of us but you know i say will you know you gotta get out there because their perception was she had in the bag he also you gotta get at them vienna whatever yeah whatever that is indeed the weird times for everybody now because think social media allowing people to express themselves in everybody's express themselves and foreign and forming groups in other dislike their progressive or their their lives there liberal or their conservative and this everybody has a voice is everybody has a voice of so much voices i'll say this maybe you can appreciate this because we ve weave lit will live in into words we lived when it wasn't here and will again it's it's suppression social media allows you not to have discretion you
to go in and type whatever you want to say and that usually that's what we pay attention to discretion is its within the dinner table and yo i says then if you didn't like but the discretion was address it later right so now that you don't have any discretion anybody's voice can be heard not everybody how do you say not everybody has a point that we should hook of our wagons to read what i notice is that we will look our wagons to the most extreme point and let me be only twenty five hundred people my home is with is it may you what they say a man of us also asked how many views it again thousand views as his eight million people in vila why you listen to those eighty thousand people so you so i had to put balance in a way you sought to sift through its enemies than it does make sense while the wet
to put out people if you run into a room and there's a hundred people in that room what are the odds of one person is a fuckin idiot hundred percent right it one person almost every room random group two hundred people here italy and i've been very very polite person tat means probably if you probably few but let's go with one one out of a hundred so that means there's three million fucking idiots in this country were to straight idiots non fixable idiots here so if you can a red herring and your opening yourself up to that if you can get your opinion swayed by people just wanna just want to see if they can affect you just one see if they can work with you and your touch you just anybody jane you get you to change the way you dressing and that's what i like that's why like so i tell all my artisan alma friends don't change don't read because
happens is everybody stores cullen inside the lines and then nobody's dangerous anymore right consumer maleagans day madonna dangerous put right about a comma naked does dance and graham is like us all good so what i hope will what i always say just don't took your ardent don't argue for the four economies because will and up now have anything i haven't anything to celebrate that is that is good would like having some to sell that somebody did a song that was stillborn movie that was doable got outside the box as opposed to what we love celebrating with the crazy shit you know me yeah well specially for comics davits exist one per even to a crazy movies alot of people involved here you're onstage you say something fucked up it's just you here when i am gone back out so is is about to happen to be passing at home or to give basque there are more back out and you know like how much did you take off i'm never act
we taken off because i still gives i gotta go to morrow saint louis you know private gay whatever but but is just you know like i know like as a comedian you got to live i just can't jump out there and start talking or writing jokes like i've lived through some crazy shit so i got to go out there and talk about that you know how madam your cause the wanting a hate is the one thing this time for committing is to become successful because we talk from a shit is fucked up pointed view and i got to have a little anger and i can have a little poke fun and if i become that what if i become what i poke fun at then i can't get it off that's why it my house people coming to my house my daddy's estimate is dead why is this room not there's nothing in it as out want a complete the house because
it gives me a sense of like i'm still trying to get on like i don't ever want i don't put like all the pictures nothing is like perfect in my crib there's a curtain right now that's open in my bedroom well let's go get em church where was i just i just gotta leave it like to keep my house a little so that we also worked out a dysfunctional mention i talk about the destruction imagine where it is always somebody like like the other night does audio becum in my house dancing chris brown beyonce like who does that guy just just crazy shit happening at my house all the time so i can i have something to link my you know hits my committed wagon to you you'll be create chaos on purpose and aluminium i just leave it slight reservation i don't i don't remove myself from it i dont remove i don't get behind the gates behind the gases worship behind the gates behind again when you get behind the case when you reach a certain point you behind engage you can't really see i'm out
i got to be out with the people i got that people like i had a bet party right three thousand people in my house counted people gate china get air is and as i looked through the party dares floyd may when all tat you were regarding waste why don't you know get to gratify come jake you're so this floor despair joe this little kim is our states perform in and then look around and i see some of the home like the real gas it will suffice edison nice party right here cuz love it all sit so it's all of these mixtures of people lacking still touch hang out with people from from my community bananas aka she's like the honor initial mayor in our cities a little white lady from germany and she's on it as for dance with snow
snoopy does nepeian saw burden the we don't know is creating some sort of but that way so i could stay looser when i go out i got i got shit that i could talk about from the hurt it away so still you still managed to stay a regular person got too but how that that's a hard that for someone is achieved as much success as you have that is not easy balancing act to stay normal because you must get overwhelmed by requests and people just why in your time and wanted to its hits themselves to you one but you gotta look i think what here me is this the failures like do a couple of movies adult lives there vox he'll go don t say they all speak too
your movies out come other really make eye contact committee other animals so or you just get the two years ago data files what you do and baby what was that nevertheless it oh god was issued on thursday morning so it's like you appreciate those rights which key she regular keep your humble and you just got a sort of look at other people and see how people in our business when they do get behind the case you know you think comics they get that thousand miles stare and don't want aren't we funding on nor is this are you came up i wanna be sexiness you know they all fall into the tech cu and i want to say funny keep the teeth goofy keep my head looking goofy hair like whatever it is because that's what job we're gonna go out because people consists it don't you think oh yeah the i think stand of his kind of
in some ways it's like a mine meld mass hypnosis gear connect with the audience in designing false about what you think you know what you're saying a sum of at least can feel sometimes all of em but some of them can feel it fuck with the energy the room but if you're in the groove you're really being yourself that's what we need he dave onstage wanna things about chapelle as it he's always himself he can just be himself so you relax as an audience member and slide into his mind and makes you on a journey because he's himself he's not he's no he's not disconnect by famous celebrity in that way he was genius how he passed up all that money is went to africa just settled in and then came back and didn't do any scheduled gig for years here show up with a speaker and set up us eager in a park unlike seattle and just gather crowd around start doing stand up in sync with this
i'm saying is like how do you find it here how he did it will i agree with the because like i said if you success can sometimes be are our coffin specimen you like it so when you when you're comic even all the way down to the way i handle like michael like social media interest in getting an onion on me just sort a brand new on it and what people view like i was a desoto of of of safety but i was just talking about how people view you i went the gas station and put on his shade in and took a pitcher mothers gloves i needed some pickup some fourteen i wish it would not put it on to capitulate in my estimation blew up like shit was is ready may we get to shade emma was gambles guccio
without a doubt let me get out fires i wow he's just gas station jays whereby got they was you know saw mills and allowing now that i don't want them think that are more than that and i spent two thousand dollars objectives as we always lose african jays anyway so action hit my boy deva they shall stay nasa listen i want to do eyeglass well what do you do you know i want to do an eyeglass it cost less than thirty dollars but what we're gonna do is we're gonna go through each frame and mature each frame is tight like the dope like amazing because i told them the story about being a gas station enable i i think this good idea so we ended up doing this whole mine and went to all to under frames and we did this and it is called prevails
right and everybody thought that it was something else thirty bucks thirty six and now even jail the thorn always other people are wearing the chaise because what we notice when we did do that people embrace it a little more because we did a com so there was that we almost the mistake where we get clothes on and we tell people how much the clothes cost and people got to and because the genes will like four hundred dollars jacket was two thousand like what for and i know what we were trying to say was although these clothes causes glass his own cost thirty books so debt story in itself i take that in rome would then select i'm not the guy buying high in you know right stuff i want to keep it sort of cool regular sent
the amazing i does not really rich due to address a pickup truck he's riches fuck need decisive i run a shitty old toilet a pickup truck he likes it and why do they call you they'll normal feel no one's grimy you'll feel norm does wash and sometimes get dirt under his fingernails pretences a farmer in about a whole its people where many sub but we had the balanced both because that because because you know you ve been being being being urban i gotta step out they shine sometimes too i'm a boy has you know you don't we we get out there we show a little bit of the success young scientists but even though we still do not they love the expression be an urban it had become urban wailing was that automatically looking like a black tilby autonomy in acc eight nick palu if i lose being there if i lose me
and i got ahead at our yoda had not begun a very negative one i it's fun to re is foreign to but i gotta i gotta have that part i gotta have always had that sort of like a king lee kane leave where i came from rise this does what they try to snatch from if we did we did a television crispin sir buddy lose wrote this will just incredible script call white famous and why famous was about a comedian whose you know trying to become mainstream without losing is you know his black audience this is all these all of us we gonna do that because a minute you start doing you know the source soft movies in building submit your customer mama cosette i think the problem with shining is well defined zoo
problem one when you just everything is flat like floyd may whether in a way it's part of his persona it's part of why people route against unlike avoided gina simply my printed not just a genius boxing is the greater defensive box my opinion of all time but also a genius in that he figured out a way where he has his style that's not appealing to allow it but what is appealing people want to see him get his ass and it never fuckin how is this in any ploys flow caused by the house man and i don't want to everything out there did he does he super super competitive that's what's amazing but he also understands j fox ourselves you autonomy they don't want you to firefox but this will keep in competitive as you oughta easy work labour so he was sit at my crib and speak for like ours about the business of trying to turn these
boxes mines on you'll get your money you're saying don't you'll get your money a business get off and then he taught what you say he's is unknown the reason that i fight did they ll ahoy on single de mile is because they want a seat of a he and he keep he carved out image of being the charismatic villain oh yeah and he wasn't in the beginning he was it beginning it was pretty boy we may where and then it became money may weather but had he stay pretty boy what who don't know who i mean he might have been like sugar shane mozart but not really good shaded loss to a few guys what floyd did better than anybody is not get it appeasement like six times ran aground really hard like him ever him his attitude that you do his defining fight was the miraculous fight many former rouse goblet was made
in that he also said that that hit the sugar shea hidden him he'll tell i hit sugars tustin he said a really as she says shoot me somewhat jeff oxalic cumulative ox kill me he said why don t you see the innocent you sit in and around and around he did turn it but he's got rocked in their fight those one a few moments where we really are caught clear by world classified gotta clean twice so the interest in his next cycle connor's not that level boxer you know someone i forget who was it said it i think it might have been his daily yeah but but i am also saying that he's got to owes penelope saying that he has to almost cheat within the rules i think he's gotta like fight in the clear she's gotta like dirty box got a gigantic holding out a way to tie him up and manipulative and move as body around he's gotta figure out a way to be good defensively too and he's gonna hurt him we would all like high
really high risk low yield possibilities but it sees fit the where described it if you how would you expect the girl it is figure skater in the world to do playing hockey against wind gretzky high and it's not the same thing is focused excite now greatly rico ever is this the right way to freak show ever i'm waiting for that fight more canelo alvarez versus granada glove get even though that fight is legitimate levite revive causes me some crazy shit some crazy shit is there is a great will also does the mindful factor here economies the only guy the floods ever fought there can look at them and go this was a real fight you'd be fuckin dead knows knows it everybody else voids been able to fuck up up all of you know like yours the video with him and robert guerrero right before they fought they they d this this thing with it
photo shoots and had a stereos its whose is robert the goes guerrero fighter that floyd fought maybe four five fires ages worked pretty round sandra shit other but he stand and right in front you ain't gonna do shit is at your easy work your easy work ngos because he goes on to some extent because no one asked again while you're not gonna do shit get right close to each other you're not gonna do shit you're easy work and you can see that oh no he knew he knew that lloyd was right murray conor looks at and goes if this is a real fight at fucking kill you what do you boxing thing the real fight i'll kill you he's right he's right if we could say us and will do some emma he said it a couple times next we'll do mme he's no thought for what they float is so we he's got him on his his is his play a bill
so is almost like you started like i know but people start to go like this lloyd nervous i saw no but i think it is he's definitely alone is guy to play through their fight is becoming bigger bigger and bigger and bigger so islam he's got me is gonna go in what they flow would always tell me to his j fox he's they may not ready for is the lights that's what you mean he said lights when the lights on that boy and you look out you see all you see denzil easy or is it s a different ass a different thank has returned to out of it was hadn t was on my hat and in like manner he sent us wanting up in fighting j five if i nonetheless always like this so it will be interesting yeah there's gonna be entered in the great but counterfeits him to we just never box anybody like that that's gonna be totally alien thing when you get it that rang he's got shoes on they fills bigger
gloves on his hands and then he looks on the other side he sees floyd his moving around here and get ready as guy there's gonna be a shit right out there going to be supported in their is gonna be everything you ve broken every day because you think about it the above i mean they got is made i'm going to early afternoon press conferences were amazing i'm already booked i was booked in dc that night in vance i'd so already sold out to not to shows that night i couldn't i couldn't cancel and you can now i can come not gonna be i'm going to work at either they want me to do something for it can you do ask me too i gotta figure out a way to not see it until now what happened is no more urge you i'm gonna have to figure out a way i whole body has it's not tell it is probably do people watching it on their phone while the shows
like a guarantee of someone gets knocked down you did you ever hear the audio you it was a real job was then we would have a very great the answer is no listen to me no one would therefore start where do we go from here which keep moving can t move in new jobs really enjoying yourself your hand and i am having i'm having a good time for super successful guy you seem completely balance to be happy there there are there are things that you just cannot get away from that you know you re behind but in and for the most part this small step smart stuff families with me so had were worry about month my father a mom living are that's good yea and i was adopted seven so you my mama name a man named biological mom you know our crafting our relationship now in the in the last stages of her life so
you know this but i didn't want but i don't want no bullshit outside of it you know where someone is is is sitting somewhere watching me from a distance like you know some mom comes in they enable divorce for almost thirty years was great why do they live in the same say under the same roof is hilarious hold the shell wow he still dates young said he's still getting it in you'll be over there and then she'll float over to his side of the house to be like how are you this is why you know given the matter i just want to get some refrigerated spoil stuff out of intense and then we had had a muddle miss mapp mama pastor could you tell a medical mamma said she i might now parents in also but it certain things right but you gotta figure out your happiness in only where you forgot your happiness you
to try to see or foresee was gonna be the problem so i get my fate we close to me so whatever problem we gotta work out we worked as shit out right here get my mom among them in my sister's my daughters me so they see daddy going to work like this still some works it is lying now we do not recognise re carbon every day you know i gotta get up i gotta go i gotta how i gotta kizil ass you i got a whole lot of shit in order to keep this they gone so you tried it you know i like we try to see what triumph was was gone out is still gonna be son cyst always give me some money outlandish oh but you try to get it get in front of that's an interesting way to handle it don't bring everybody close to bring your whole family your house and not even begin to do as you know is like me
there's only child like haven't i can be monsieur the flowers with real parties out kidnap people and i ask the wily may chris respond to stay mega role for it is they know you could i just want to be renewed my family where you you got dogma august that not everybody can do occurs it you know it is its interest my father who has great store it must have others a great story you know he was on drugs or at had a situation about withdraw but were crack is in the jail i wrote him one let us are you get out i saved your life then my writing letters people jan like going visit people joe he does round just before nine slash eleven and incredible in my life because he taught me how to play tennis so back in the 70s in the in the in the in the in the 80s he was like playing tennis on my wife do play tennis he's got to learn say so people like yannick nowhere else
stasi beyond borg venus gear light as oda here ozma so it automatically play tennis so many get out of jail makes everything's cool i taken to the u s so the areas numa pass watchin venus why weightings crying at this this is what this is how we got to live this what you do this is what we need to do so it venus being in a couple days of after that of nine eleven but he stay with me they would mean since then early on and i would just go back checked drawers make should is no there are you know wrong she smokey we go right don't do no more than that and we ve been cool says do you know and save a lot of money ria yards is on the right there has on but will suffer who just being surrounded by loved ones is enough to keep them from doing stupid in the end it was but it was bumpy furs won't go into because he wrote a book talked about it it's bumpy first husband first get out a decent shift
gotta mayors ganem damn car whatever he relapses our guy he's back in also was a couple of things that we had to work out by now to see him now that you know you know like in it we got is different advance whatever like tat his whole war he also he oh he'll do does he got the actual photo eagle eagle developed fear low filmed so put the feminine developed feel scene but fair and he got a whole while everybody these met in all of us he rose so it like i say you know i try to try to look trotted beheaded occur when it comes to the fact that what about like www creative time when you have twenty people live with you did you get the ever feel like boxed in not destiny you know like animals
best way to create is unhappy round because i've tried a joke out on nato landowners yazoo tried his ideas he had a response as a family don't eat a real go you ass terrible you made it gives answer you always get it to me have people around that tell you the truth you know by my family you know they tell me the truth about sleeveless s into this day sleep is that it really is yeah so is like you know have in that allows you to create and then i have my own space where ok let me get this now let me they responded at now let me put this together here in a low speaks about your little sanctuary ilo dal studio than us then i said you were gone and all that shit you know but it helps the man i know you gotta get the fuck out of here you only here for an outright but this winter dude
listen you are you an amazing person and am very very honoured to have you here because you're one of the very few people that i know that has this what well rounded life but also very bad it's like you very amazing success in all these different things but here is normal and approachable as anybody i know somebody you don't i gotta be why you because you are a speaker of truth we ve seen each other well but one thing about your opinion is always gonna be truthful so you know as us come from a different time there's some people if we want to have the real truth come from you rock chapelle all these gaza we came up so
when we're doing our art and when we do whatever we do yes always gonna be those people that iraq with you but you want to get the people have a really artistic old opinion does it makes india ya know it in and if you hear them say you're gonna fuck with it ok j ices s cool then no one is why ways it echoes demographic until you he'll tell you today should wet any of you ass you say so gotta be in jail beyond be on point with this because i know when i run into those areas like you you want to have that favour doesn't make sense those equity said yes you can hold yourself do you guys do that people in your my right now than when you doing you're thing that you know of everybody's yell and all we love it would if their person say maybe this may be that you ok yeah yeah you people you're gonna be a hundred percent real yet here so the about mother fucker jamie far thank you buddy
what are they doing a previous revoke yeah that'll get how to get those ass amazon's outcome prepare bow you lose your clothes you never lose your glasses man this autumn a twenty nine ninety five nay you go they go germany's damp folks which stood a park ass a jamie thought we one of these recent across from even i've known him for a long time every tunnel talk down like a dream he is he's undeniable jamie foxes that's gonna be in you could be something this world folks didn't have to be famous just be undeniable whatever you do whatever the fuck it the undeniable thank you to our sponsors thank you to lift dot com forts lash rogan left the room sharing company that believes entreating its people better lift dotcom forts rogan go there and you get a five hundred dollar new driver bonus thank you
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can edwards is gonna be with me in sacramento and seattle and the great jerome horton will be with me in san diego over excited very excited thank you everybody has been coming out to these shows thanks to everybody they came to a wise guys salt lake to god damn that was fun that was that's the clubs amazing that was such a cool crowd to all of them whose just great times and got a lot coming up folks lot of shit happening so that's it thank you thank you everyone bobby guys and take care by
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