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2017-08-10 | 🔗
Pauly Shore is an actor, comedian, director, writer and producer. Check out his new show "The Pauly Shore Podcast Show" available on Crackle.
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the Joe Rogan experience and we're live. Do you survive what's up for a surf at these? five, the Joey Diaz experience. You know I gotta I got a. I got. A attacks from Tom Tom Segura Tom right yeah, I said 'cause. He asked me where backstage about to go on stage at the main room and he's like. I want you my podcast blah blah blah and I'm like awesome, and then we were texting just about my schedule with him and then he and then I'm like. Ok, I'm going to go, see Joey Diaz, that it and he's like dude, fucking gummy bears watch out and I'm like what are you talking about. I didn't like I didn't understand what he was talking about. Like I didn't mean I didn't I honestly didn't like. I was like whatever I don't know, you're talking about and then once I got there, you know we sometimes you know, I don't smoke all the time, but I like to smoke weed sometimes, but they, but as far as the edibles, I'm not
dean. Gelber is like giving me some like pot stuff, but like cookies and shit, but then like he was eating. His gummy bears in there in a bag, and I was like going Look? Ok, and he gave me just like he gave me just like an ear or some shit, and that was it and then I was just like talking a and then like literally I I couldn't talk anymore. I couldn't talk, only part of it only had a half a one he's got some bad to leave. He's got so that are like five hundred milligrams, which is just insane he probably had half of that which is like two hundred and fifty, which is fucking insane. That's an insane amount of weed but, as you know, gee I did, but I had done mushrooms once before. When I was younger and it felt like that. Yeah. Well, that's give repeating myself over and over again, which I do all the time but um when you eat marijuana, it's
yes by your liver and it produces something called eleven hydroxy metabolite. It's a totally different psychoactive substance sets four to five times more psychoactive than thc. So that's why it hits you like that and that's why people think they got dose because when you smoke pot the eleven it's not psychoactive, but you eat it. It's processed by your liver is something called a one pass and that's how it produces that an I can. He let me drive home like seriously, I mean I could wait, because when I was driving home, I thank you and I got to go like I stop that guy can answer your questions and I said let's I have to go and I left a drove out, and he like he. Let me drive like you are Joey Diaz found his mother dead on the kitchen floor when he was on acid, when he was thirteen, he would let you fly a fucking plane on those things. He doesn't give a shit. He just like you, you're a cock, Sucka
anyways. So when did it hit, you like you, did a podcast like how? How do I fifteen minutes into it and I couldn't speak. I had to stop I couldn't speak to release the podcast I don't know. I think he did the audio, but not the video. I told him not to do the video, because I couldn't answer any questions yeah, but wouldn't that be funny yeah. I guess I don't know yeah. I would like to see myself that fuckedup, where I can't even talk. Yeah so. Those edibles are a fucking terrifying Something like they're like you know, different or some he's a different type of human. Well, there's a lot of people now, because edibles an marijuana has been legal for so long there's. So many medical patients, California, that you get these people that have been being tolerances and they're just doing dabs and eating cookies and just like Jesus
they go down all you need the whole marijuana movement and that whole thing is so much different. Different I was growing up. You know when I grew up. We still like smoke, it we go to the beach and we a towel over us. We hide it now like like last night. I was at the funny or die party, and it was was the tenth anniversary and I'll just walking just smells like weed everywhere. It's just very normal. Now, like you know that, like I don't know, it's just the way. I think it's it's like drinking is normal. You walk by the bar, the comedy store. You see a bunch of people having a couple of drinks go wrong with that sounds good yeah thanks for having me my pleasure yeah. So how did you this this impression you're doing his White House care to what's his name again, Steven Miller yeah does first of all everyone's doing Sean Spicer. They were until he got fired or all they did was it's scare Muchi
yeah. Well, then sit in silence for Mccarthy, doing Sean Spicer and killed yeah, so there it's funny Trump thought that it made him look weak that a woman was doing an impression so we should go and do an impression drop. Now because of that yeah yeah, no, I mean I don't know I mean. I think that yeah I did it special? What was it I don't like? I think it was like two thousand and twelve for Showtime called politics where I went to DC and I did stand up in DC and I interviewed all I love politicians like that's all I watch when I come home at night. All I watch. CNN Msn Fox, just because that's it 'cause, I'm in shock, and I can't believe it. No. I just got back and forth that there's so many fuckedup things that are going on the world the whole North Korea thing is insane. It's scary. It's fucking insane, but would scary is that Donald Trump is and shipped like fire,
and fury that the world has never known like Jesus to like this isn't a movie. This is real life yeah, but I mean in this n korean guys, fucking nuts. He is he's fucking nuts, it's like it's like dude, stop. She- in fact missiles in the this. Isn't like a playpen thing. Do just keep shooting missiles in the ocean. All the time like it's like he's like it or some shit anyway? It's just, I don't know just, I think one is only like two thousand miles away from North Korea or something like real close, so they're talking about him, possibly bombing Guam. And as they're saying now, yeah I know I've been watching, it would be a death sentence. I mean, if we decided to attack N Korea, it would be a death sentence them and then also I heard 'cause. I know I know Dennis Rodman, you know dentist appointment. Do you do you have hot water and when he went over there I know I don't want to get too too into it, but
no know that he goes over there a lot he meets with Kim only because they just fucking get Drunk- and I don't know they go on jet skis or some shit like he like. He like, uh he likes Dennis Rodman. So he brings them out. But from what I heard is that Kim Jong Moon really loves Donald Trump, like you know what I mean like his the America he is America but he's like kind of acting like he doesn't love America like he loves the american way. Look at that picture, yeah! so I mean is. I think I really think that if Don Trump went over there to meet with the guy. I think that would appease and just chilling the fuck out. I think that's just my opinion, He should be like a liaison, yes see there, you go, but he gets. He gets a he goes over there and hangs out with them because they Kim Jung, Hoon, kid loves
loves. I think he, America, yeah, loves America, and that's it. It's just kind of like a weird in there's there's no. What's the word, there's no I know an imitation communication: they're, not communicating right. You know yeah well, there's a language barrier. Obviously, but isn't he young isn't Kim Jong Moon? Look in his 30s? How old is he yeah he's pretty young? imagine running a military dictatorship in your 30s and he's already murdered a gang of people. He already in the thing. That's so crazy about the whole thing is that you think of ISIS and you think of that whole. You know how those people like they don't care. And they don't care if they're going to die, and I think that he's trained his people, all this You see all these on CNN you all these marching soldiers. I think those guys are ready to die well We lived in a shithole like N Korea, where every day you're under the oppressive book of a military dictatorship, maybe you'd be ready to die to you like it's either escaped
South Korea or die. I think, should happen is I think Trump should hire Dennis Rodman in like put like a tracking device on him and their jet skiing in fact, in the ocean drinking and shit and then seal team, six comes in and fucking Kim Jong own and flies America and then gives north korean internet and set them free. No, this week, don't you was Stephen Baldwin. It's not that I disagree with that. I just think that there's, probably waited to to show everything out. There probably is a everything out. This is not the way like launch test missiles and saying fire and fury and all that shit. Not it's not not show anything. But you know I don't understand what the conflict is about in the first place, I'm not exactly sure everybody's angry. I think because they think that we're going to bomb them and why are we going to bomb them because I think that we did years ago right here on this yeah- Well N, Korea,
here Shima was chopping the Asian, so I think I don't know the details. So it's. I know that there are different part of the world, but that's cool it'll be super site, conflated two of 'em yeah, no I mean we did horrible things during the korean WAR to the North Koreans I mean, that's literally the cause of all of this all the anger and all the you know, but that's when North Korea and South Korea were split in North Korea went communists and you know it's, it's all a byproduct of that you know there's you could read about it, and actually this is a really good book called dear reader from Michael malice he's, a guy who is on my podcast and the history that part of the world is really up but eats interest. Because you have North Korea and then of South Korea, South Korea, you have a thriving economy, a amazing Electronic SAM Sung. They make all kinds of great over there, is probably clean plastic surgery.
Yeah and then North Korea's just right next door to them terrible dictatorships, fuckedup man well now present has been able to deal with it so yeah We won't be able to mean. How do you resolve that one of things that matter Alice was telling me that makes it so fuckedup is that everybody has to rat on everybody else. Like say if you and I were working together, we would have to go somewhere and tell someone what each one of us did wrong during the day. I think maybe you didn't cry hard enough. He died or, Maybe you weren't excited enough with something good happening, cheer loud enough and they'll rat you out for that and then you have to be accountable and then so you have like a culture of rats, everybody is ratting, everybody out sounds. Done we don't realize how lucky we are. You know to live in America. We do DS one of the reasons why people complain so much about stuff
we're so softap or any slight little thing. That's wrong. If you ever been to prison before no, never Bob went to Alcatraz, but just to visit never going to now is always think like spending. In prison would make you appreciate just the simple things: because you always yeah, you always see like you know, people that are incarcerated they get out and they like sunlight and they're like oh, my god, this is fucking, awesome and part of me is like. I think everyone should maybe go to prison for like a month just to like kind of get that get their normal freedoms taken a from them. You know I'm actually doing a benefit. I was going to ask if you want to do. I don't know if you're in town at the comedy for the innocence project? Are you familiar with them yeah, yeah, this one's doing it I'm doing it on. Are you see your name, these people that are incarcerated, yeah innocent yeah yeah? So if you want to do it, I got everyone's doing it already. That's all Twenty 27th and it's for dairy shack in that whole team of people that
exonerate. You know people that go to prison for for crimes they didn't commit. You know the whole thing right, yeah! Well, I'm flying in from DC that's on Sunday yeah yeah yeah. I could do that. That would be great yeah I'll. Do it yeah that big? I got a great line up. I got everyone's on it already, but I was going to ask you. I know I'm sure you'd be into that yeah, I'm in I'm in every season. I before cook, I'm flying in So I want to raise money for them because I want to give. I want to give money back to these guys, because when they got- the jail, they don't have anything yeah they're, not given anything right given like a dollar here I mean I know, and then they have to somehow another figure out how to sue to get some compensation for the fact they were wrongly imprisoned. They had like to be in prison for twenty years, knowing he had nothing to do with it and there's people that are in prison. By killing their mom and stuff. Like that, imagine someone kills your mom, it's not you and then you get arrested and go to jail for it. Yeah. Now it's terrible, but the fruit person. At the end of the
our is pretty cool. You need here this Alice Walker, you're. Okay, did you see, is your blood sugar solo like I can't. I can't wait. Fifteen minutes no, but did you see the fruit man at the corner? You know I did not there Then I a little mexican fruit, guys, Johnson, the for don't. I see so yeah I'll pull that guy across the border bring him back yeah so how did you? What was the thought process behind doing impression of this dude? It's become viral silver million hits now right. Yeah. It's like at a million seven wound that yeah and it's a John it's just I don't, now you've been doing this even do this along time. We did the make up for how they do it for hair dye yeah. You know the business statue of liberty, facts yeah! You just do these things and certain things catch on certain things don't get John
in in this thing caught on so I don't know I was pretty stoked- is that him back in the day? That's him now. He doesn't look like that. Now, though, these were more balls than that now yeah he's home, but yeah. I know it was cool. It was I've done stuff with them so I actually did Anthony Weiner Sketch too. I don't know if you that we I did yeah it's pretty cool idea that way play Anthony Weiner. I did that about four five six months ago and then this thing came up, they just hit me up and then you know I do stuff for funny or die sometimes and in the thing caught on and it went everywhere, and I I was on CNN and in you know every even political political sites picked it up the hill and all these different places picked it up so I don't know, I just did it and I think
I mean yeah, you just get a shitton like you, don't know what the fuck that so yeah. So weird thing is funny. I saw the weird thing to wiener. I think wieners, a comic he's hilarious I think, he's a comic he just doesn't he doesn't know it? I mean he still committed to being the I mean he tried maybe the mayor and he can't eat it, wasn't the late latest scandal he would've come close hundred percent yeah, and did you see his documentary? Yes grazing? It's amazing, so so good, so and last thing ok, so you didn't give me any eating. Give me edibles give had this point in the Jodi. As I was like dude I gotta go. He kept asking me questions. I couldn't anything now yeah measures every sorry that I know do that to you every time, security too. I did you read bad, doesn't it but I've heard everyone kind of can't handle it most people well numbers of Joey puts up now very few humans can handle it, but don't you think
so back to Anthony Weiner. I think that guy should have been a comic. Like he's got this idea about. What's good, it's bad, but he's also a pervert. I like the guys, yeah he's a great speaker. His whole areas is hilarious. Yeah. I was less posing always on us, but I I mean he's he's a fucking character. I mean that he's trapped in that suppressed world of beer politician where he obviously doesn't fit those standards as the standards of behavior that they demand of you that bullshit anyway, but yeah this is too up is too crazy. I think the more up things that people find out about the politicians, the the more popular they become, some of I mean right yeah I mean in a way clean about it. If you could come clean about all there and tell like that, but still a ball in the day of Trump things, the way different right, because Trump got a low
we did a month after that grab them by the pussy thing came out. Everybody thought that was going to sink his boat like that's it. He still wins. So I The world is different, but I don't think Weiner has the constitution. That Trump has Trump say what you talking about him, but the mother Fucker as Teflon for skin things, saying bounce right off season, give a shit he's like yeah. Insane yeah. I know him from back in the day, yeah yeah I mean I understand I've been doing this. How long you been doing it? Thirty years, twenty nine! Yes, I've been at thirty years. When did you come to the store where nine thousand four hundred and ninety four yeah so you were there is that when you came with the store, yeah, nine four hundred four became regular while yes I was. I was doing spring break for MTV. When was it, It was like eighty nine, ninety nine thousand one hundred and ninety two, an it. Obviously the biggest thing in the world because it was live
yeah it was giant. I did was bring break in two thousand for an MTV okay right when was sort of like on a lawyer, now earned right, yeah a and we did it and it was a hawaiian tropics or biggest thing in the world, all the girls- and Fabio was there and Jon Lovitz was there Vince Neil was there Kennison? Was there Rodney Dangerfield was there and Donald Trump was there and because Donald Trump, to go to the Hawaii Hawaiian Tropic part, that RON Rice used to throw after you know the spring break. And Donald Trump is. I knew him back then so and then I saw him probably about a couple times at the Playboy mansion. The last time yes, I'm at the Playboy mansion, I think was about four years ago, and he was just there
his hand, is hanging like bill. Maher unity me bill Maher, just so I can hang it was. It was actually in the afternoon and I think it was like a Sunday Funday thing or it was like some like Easter Egg Night Day or some, and he was buzzing around in in a suit, and just talking Rosenblum and yeah. And OJ. You know oh oj oj will be out to. I know it's bizarre what what is Donald Trump like when you're hanging around with them. He just likes vagina I mean like he does lately us? You know, like you know he's. One of those babes are you know is always like that. I mean that's, why anyone go to the Playboy mansion because they like the China right and we're lucky, to get in the Playboy mansion, we're very fortunate, the to get in there and but it was. But so you know- and I was actually Kellyanne Conway
about right before Trump got elected on email and I supposed to have dinner with her and some of her friend, but I had to go- do some shows in West Palm at the improv, so I had to cancel out you can at it talk to who telly air calmly about shares just to be there, of course, how weird within a lot a lot, a whole area. So I want to yeah in any means for sure, but she was cool. We run I have or email ever information inside while yeah you should get on your show. Would you put on your show now yeah? We don't we talk to our yeah. Does it feel weird, though, to be connected to them? Now what happen to reach the end yeah once yeah once she got once they got in an I started to see all that stuff. That was going on, I kind of like backed off, and I was like you. I mean I didn't want to really be. You know yeah, but I want to be the vagina coordinator for him. That was my dad? I like hooks it up. Yeah they get some good job can be public about that can talk about it. But if we talk about it in fact it up for him. That's true right now you factored form. Ok, this is just
it folks yeah we're just now I will, but how great would that be idea is, is that he's got the Trump plane right into the trunk playing it's sitting there. It was. He wears it sitting somewhere right. Where is that It's got to be sitting in like on a tarmac somewhere right. I want him to. Let me borrow it. Second pick of the China from in the Midwest. The girl Midwest is the move. Well yeah the people that voted for they're happy for him yeah, the hundred flowers, these bring some. You know. One tooth wonders for him to they're out because do he hasn't gotten anything think about it. He's been like cut off, cut range one hundred percent. Do you think so, there's like a basement that they have in the White House there is no way he's getting vagina, but so not love 'em do. Do you think none of the presidents, like with modern presidents, like I guess, like Bush, on right Bush Obama now trump
there's no way they can right. I don't think so. Clean kind of sucked it up right up here who is it Linda, Tripp, said the lady right, yeah that Monica Lewinsky girl out of poor girl. I feel more bad for her than anybody. Like she. She do article about her where she said. The shame sticks to you like tar, like imagine years old. At this point, guess you know I mean now, but so is Trump like those in a good, a good guy to talk to it was the light, obviously hadn't, I didn't want to run for president back yeah. I think we've been wanting to I mean if you look at clips now you see a lot of clips where he was if your now about like you find clips in the nineties where they always say the guy from I forgot that one show on MSN, but him something on a know, but he said well, if you are,
isn't it oh yeah meet the press, yeah yeah yeah? Actually I was watching that today when he was talking about North clip. Where he's about north one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine never really engaged in, like heavy conversation with him was always kind of just. You know he smiled each other just that you. So I never like went out to dinner with them or anything right yeah? I was supposed to do celebrity apprentice. They ask the celebrity apprentice when they had the second interation of fear factor when fear factor came back in like what is it two thousand eleven or twelve or whatever it was and I just feel like. I don't want to do it. I don't to be in New York for three months. I want to work on the show he just seems kind of gross, and I now that I think about a MIKE's probably could move because like what, if I did it in the MIKE got an argument with with him like hated me, but a ten. This if you'd like Rosie does because
Rosie O'Donnell. It seems like it consumes her like her fucking twitter feed. Was it still? Oh, my god, this whole area comp she's, always asking about Trump being a piece of then a loser and he tweets about her. That's hilarious, they're grown people, yeah right there. Look at that O'Donnell king bad honey wow take time to take care of, you. It's only Wednesday golf sweetie golf at Select home, my god. That's how that? How can? How can she say anything about anybody? Looking bad, that's, what's even more dumb yeah, which is crazy. I don't know it's just like if you'd like that they're not helping they consume. You not good, not good. Now,
not good at all, so you're going to continue doing this dude. What's his name again, Stephen Miller, I guess if he keeps messing up and they want me to do it yeah, you could do a whole bunch of things with him right him explaining things to different people. I think it's more. If he messes up, you know, you don't mean it's more. If he goes on that you, I just wanted to get back on that press stage, because once he's on there, then they start in on a main right and that's when he then that's when he, because you know as weird as is when George Bush was president. You know I was doing some shows in DC and me Dean Gelber we went to, we went to the White House and we actually went into. That room, the press room and it's actually like small, all. It is only a little. Have you been in any number of on tv when the show from the back of the room yeah? But it's almost like this big, it's it's pretty small was like whoa, you know I mean, It was limited to be grand yeah yeah, but
the White House said. Have you been to the White House before like what just the tourists walkthrough? No, it's fucking, weird, I'm sure it's so weird Where is how close it is to the street I'm close by it, I drove by it, but but that was back when people had like muskets, you know like they really it couldn't when they built. Stupid fucking thing they didn't give their solving enough space. You somebody just pulled up. A high powered rifle. It's right there, which is weird the people live like you, watch House of cards great show, but in so it's weird because they are engaging in all sorts of illicit activity and there's windows everywhere, it's probably unrealistic, but but um how many people have lived in that fucking house? That's even weirder, you know forty five different presidents all live in this one spot. I know it's crazy, I mean they have to be saying that shit to each other. I mean bill, Clinton or Trump's gotta be saying there. It is
Trump's be saying like this is the place that Bill Clinton got blown, this is the area? Look how close it is legal can left side and the right side. Look how close it is history I guarantee I could hit that with an arrow you're going to DC right, yeah in you've been there August. Twenty. Do you like DC? I like working there because they feel like they need to blow some steam off like there for the kind of wild, the kind of fun yeah he as far as your stand up and stuff like you know, see an arm where peers, see you and watch you and stuff like that at what point did did your stuff like just really start to blow up? Do you mean like really from clubs, 'cause you're working clubs like I'm working clubs and then also now you're working like bigger places like at what point was it about five years? go four years ago. Well was it so I did. Theaters in some places, but I'm
probably my is also changing in two thousand and nine. That's when I comedy central comedy Central Special first and then they they with tv and then conversation yeah, I started doing bigger places, then I started selling theaters have like two thousand seats in some some markets, but you know take me like a few once and then then there was the text, Carmen Central Special that was another big bump. Then I was selling out places like the Belko and Denver which, like five thousand, takes? It would take a little longer to sell out, but now, with the Netflix special changed everything, while that Netflix is just a completely different thing, while so many people have Netflix man No, and if you think, Mcdonnell actual you know, you really put together something good,
say all you know this guy. He he actually is a real comic. You really ask actually is funny, you know, and then they want to come, see you and then it's your responsibility not up make sure you do a good job and keep writing new yeah keep producing, but you should write, but what does it feel like to be out of the clubs I still took No, I know by Scott, as I said earlier this year and you're playing bigger things yeah it was that feel like to you, the DOW. It's great I mean it's fun in a So it's a different kind of show, though it's like there. More pausing. Here, it's more theatrical, you're, the age moving around more. This really good to it. But I wouldn't say it's better: it's just different: it's better, financially yeah, but it's it's just different. You know, but it must make you feel good, yeah, yeah yeah, that's awesome, because I I played the I play big places and I've also played class, but now mostly playing I play clams yeah Kim
so you know play all the same clubs yeah like client playing clubs, though yeah that's yeah, you're, connected to the people. It's intimate, you know yeah. How often he turn. I don't know kind of go in spurts. You know working a lot. I mean I don't work a lot at the store during the because I'm like so exhausted from editing and edit and edit ' all day, long with editing, editing a finished, the show on crackle that was took, long time there in that show yeah that's on now that sound crackle and uh. Editing that and that you I spent a lot of time on those videos and and from there I did. The documentary polisher stands alone, which was on Showtime and now it's on Amazon, that's just the straight dock that came out a couple years ago. I had such a good time filming that that I kept shooting. The whole thing is about me moving my mom out of the House Adams at the Big House because
did the original doc. It was just kind of like kind of skimming the con. After that, and then I go. I got to start doing that, so I cut into this it's six series almost like my version, making a murder, but I don't kill anyone. Obviously you know, but it's a six part kind of series based off the original doc, so we've been putting that together and that's fucking did. I not know so I think we should set back and does your mom is probably one of the most important, if not the most important characters ever in the history of stand up comedy like her run, and owning the comedy store in the glory days of Kenneth, Shannon Pryor an now today. Even you know like she. She the stage you know no, I mean at all the people that helped me like were important to me in Mycareer, your mom was pretty uniquely significant. You know she
the she she created. You know my dad and mom started the place in seventy two. You know I was four and then there's no crazy yeah, and then they got divorced. She won the comedy store in the divorce. He says he gave it to her. You know there's still like Friction there with that concept. I wasn't you I don't remember. I was a fucking four years old and then my mom, became who she really was. You know you're a comic on the county. That's who we are. She became a creative kind of force. She came in at the limelight at a time where everyone did someone like that. Yeah, I don't even mean like yeah. Instead of just like a club owner, you know she creative. You know that's why part of the reason why she's sick now is because she, she was never like a real business business person. You know she's. She was a woman, so hard. So but she was so good at fucking like Roseanne, wear suspenders, you know You know Gary Shanley put a sweater on you,
just different things that she would help develop. Means what, with the store missing now gender, right. There's no message sure, there's no Mitzi shore there to really garn please common love, Adam the death, it's doing an awesome job, yes yeah, but it's not Mitzi Shore right and that to me is something that I think we have to do. I think it's our response, ability you know to kind of give back to younger guys and maybe spend a little more time there on a Monday night or something and kind of help these kids out and give them some action. 'cause there is no direction. There's no Mitzi shore! There that's who she Two, she was that's who she is, and that to me is what best quality quality was when she first met. My dad was in the 50s and my dad was touring comic. And my dad did a show and it a summer in a place called Elkhart Lake Wisconsin, and he was doing our summers like that's what you did, the fifty should play there the whole in it was a camp.
And my mom worked for the boss of the camp, my mommy said take my dad's jokes. Yeah, she would type the jokes in the back and all this is good. That's not good! You know she would write it down and then she would say this stunk. This was good. That was good, that's not good, and then she just developed might help develop. My dad's they started dating, they had sex and then my dad, took off and then and to Toledo? Ohio and then got a call from my mom, I'm saying I'm pregnant with Scott and Scott's. You just turned sixty four sixty five years old so so back then he have a kid whether you want to or you don't you know I mean the portion thing didn't really exist. I mean did I'm sure, but he didn't never wanted, Academy, never wanted to get married and he never wanted all of kids. He didn't want us I just wanted to do what I was doing, what I do, which was just bang.
Giant eagle on the road have a good time you know which is which, which was my me when I first started. You know what I mean and that got taken from him so in his day You ever talk to me about what it was like to tour back then, because it was a really comedy clubs back then rain. You know it was more like a right yeah I was by bowling. Alleys places I play now but I had to be a real trip to go from that to being a part of original comedy club. I mean other like the ice house. Right now is the oldest comedy club in the country uhm. But because that's because it started like one thousand nine hundred and sixty, but this
door was it seventy two so which says it's incredible, really stop and think about that. How long ago that was through it before that there wasn't really well the intersection in New York, the improv in New York, yeah, there's catch a rising star in New York was that it was sort of around that time. Yeah there's a new thing, yeah So if your mom and your dad or my mom my dad. The way it the way it happened was Frank Santos who owns the building who owned the building said my dad and his friend, Rudy Deluca, said Hey Sammy you want to start a comedy room 'cause. He on the building with zeros is and that whole that whole that whole building there the room right there original room actually, which was which was it, which was what it was originally and my dad ok and then routing my dad's, my dad's writing partner, Rudy Taluka. Several
we call it. You know. Let's do it and then my dad was like. Let's call it. The Sammy Shore Room right and then he's. Like that's fucking stupid. You know we're not going to do that and then I asked my mom and my mom's, the one that said, let's call it the comedy store so she's the one that came up with the name, so they started. Comedy store. My dad was like the alcoholic MC unit parting. Is a alcoholic dude big time like he left gamby, was his favorite drink and he would go on stage an hit, bring up Red Fox, Pat Mccormick you know you know lent Merry Lancs, then you know all these are guys yeah and my mom would work to cover both. You know we're Tommy's to work in that little area right there and she's to give out like like little peppermints and stuff. You know to the gas that would come in and then my back on the road and open for Elvis and open for Engelbert, Humperdink and Sammy
Davis and Sinatra, and all these people and my mom we started to take over the club while he was gone like her heart. You know what I mean she she put her heart into the club. And that's kind of where it started and they were never happy to begin with they were never happy. So it was time for the divorce and then my dad just gave her. The club gave her the house and took off so he wanted to be back on the road yeah, but he to these this fuckin' pissed about it, because he never got a piece of the comedy store. He never got a piece of the commissary and I think that's terrible because he's the one that and started it right. It was for him. There would be no commas or if he never had sex. With my mom in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin, there were. Rubino Comedy store. So that's why my dad needs to get more in my opinion needs to get more credit. He doesn't. He never gets any credits, always matter yeah. I never met him. I never met her death. Fuckin' man is the man. I believe you second awesome.
Ninety years old did when you were when you were like growing up, did Tennyson babysit you ever really happen, because that was always like tell you who the baby sitters were Kennison. Never babysat me. The baby sitters were like Lois Bromfield Jack Produ. MIKE binder, Argus, Hamilton, Mitchell, Walters for sure yeah MIKE binder has awesome He was awesome. He they said statement a little ache, now, really yeah. Why the at the Beverly Hills Park, yeah and but my binder MIKE binder. Fuckin'? He was like him and Albert squarely the youngest guys that came on the scene, but binder he said, take me to skate parks and all that shit 'cause. My mom was busy at the club, so that shows gave me the comedians as far as Kenison I was a short order cook at the comedy store in Westwood. I used to cook for everyone. There's two hundred. People there, because I was a good cook, because my parents divorced.
I took care of the high make not I there's like a menu in my mom's office, Polly's menu, nachos, hamburgers everything. I would cook really good and that's where I first met I was fourteen. Why isn't the doorman there you're working there as a cook at forty yeah, because I want to save up for a saltwater fish tank 'cause, my mom went by me a saltwater fish tank, why I wanted to get one hundred gallon saltwater fish to eat. When I came around in ninety four, I don't think the Westwood Club was around now one thing it does. I think eighty four oh wow yeah So it's bad. I heard that place was wild. It was like the bastard club. It was like, where every you know, like you know, I mean Arsenio Paul Rodriguez Andrew Dice Clay. They would like. Go there, and it was like off the beaten path and then work out there and then like the Howie Mendels would be in the main room at the store and all that stuff yeah yeah how Mendel even back down it's not crazy. He was fucking awesome, huge breasts, huge, it's weird
you know seeing him on all these game shows stuff like that he went up. Comic store the other night, and I heard someone say he does comedy and I wow, it's so weird like people, they don't even think about it. Game on television as a host of a game? Show you kind of forget that he was huge. Huge before ever you did it yeah huge well, I stayed in the cloud so yeah glove over his head and blow it up with his nose. He'd play that little kid. Bob. I was great yeah. He did that he actually did a cartoon Bobby's world right yeah? you know it's a weird. It's a weird like I was at the funny or die thing last night and I was with- will Ferrell not to drop names, but I'm a huge fan of him and he owns the and we were talking and he just gave it up to. He's like dude, you started it all. You know and see goes I used to watch you on MTV and Encino man Adde. Generation doesn't know what I did most of the kids that five and younger. They don't know that, started MTV. They don't know all the films they don't know if they think Sandler, they think all right
other guys? They don't know that I was the first. I was you know at the time 'cause MTV was so big. Yeah you were the first celebrity you in like Dennis Leary, like Dennis Leary, became a big celebrity off MTV to and then there's like remote controls on movies, but I was starting in a lot of movies and I was doing albums albums seven? I was in my twenties and I was having an awesome time that to be weird was awesome, but but growing up like in the store from the time you were as usual, as you can remember, being a part of the only store and then being twenty and being famous yeah on empty it was the best tv was gigantic. I had my own billboards with you sick, it was like. I was a kid and look I had It's sold out all the shows at the Roxy. You know an album and I was doing all of it at once. Was it weird It was so much fun. It was
how much fun that's. Why now, when I look back on my films, I get kind of sad. Why? Because that time of my life was my happiest time or does it make you sad because it was really amazing and now life is still good, but it's not like it was so what it. What I think it's time? Well, I think for a lot of people in their twenties. At least my opinion in your twenties. If you up, it doesn't really matter, and it's in life is like one big like whatever that's kind of what I miss now like when you get older, like things are like yeah mom sick or this or you know, there's all these things. Life things you know or, like I'm going to be fifty next year. You know I mean just like things like when you're younger dude I used to have like me and my friends. We used to go to each and smoke pot. You know Let's go to the Roxy, we used to go to the rainbow. It was like. It was, will do that because I don't feel like it
When was it make you sad that you don't feel like doing those things? What do you feel like doing going to the korean bathhouse and watching the news and chilling and drinking juice, and just that's what I do so was. That said, that's what's confusing, I wouldn't say it's sad. I know I stalk of no, not the movies watching the movies, make me sad because I miss starring in films. So what happened like? Why did that dry out? I think It's several reasons. You know number one. I was so big and I think the bigger you are Fast, you make it the harder you fall, I think that's like normal, because it was like you can only you name. I mean that was, thing at also, I think the whole weasel thing was like it was. So for a while and then like after a while, it's not cool. Just like a lot of things, and I I think I didn't listen to my age and some managers. They told me not to do in the army now
I did I was movie no, I know, but here's the story behind it. What happened? as I have three album deal at Disney, I had Encino man, son in law. These big hits he did really well and then it came time to do. My third movie and it was in the army. Now and my jurors in agents were like we don't know. You know you have to cut all your hair off and all that shit and the scripts kind of like ok and new line approach this with this other film called totally London, which is me being in. Aaron London, which I thought is actually a really funny idea and Jeffrey Katzenberg who used to run, Disney. Wouldn't let me do that movie at new line being uh no pair in London, so he bought the script and shelved it so I did in the army now in the army, now didn't do as good as the other films and then after that need inside me: Simion nut to do more movies, and then, after that I did jury duty in jury. Duty. Didn't do so good
You know what I mean right, so it was actually it was when the movie started to drop, maybe poor choices. Yeah script was like not listening to my agents and managers and stuff at the time, but I didn't come at it like fuck. You came out like I want to work. I love acting. I love going to the sat. That's another thing is like Adam Sandler film, I don't know the last twenty to at the sandy Wexler and you go up on the set in Adam starring in this film, and I'm not you know what I mean and I used to star in films and it's it's a weird feeling for Maine, like I'm happy to be on set an I love, Adam he's an old dear friend, and I'm super happy for him. I was starring in films the only man in everywhere I go, people say why aren't you starring in films like what? What's up I can't answer it in a mean: a porch, Royce says the weasel ship dried up movies in to perform as well. I don't listen to my agents, I wasn't like
doing drugs. It wasn't like. I've got all fuckedup. I just one didn't, do so good the next and didn't do so good, and then they eventually just stop coming, so you think about it by tires on see a bio dome didn't do as good as jury duty even know now, like it's a big hits, a call call it for me, but at the time. You know what I in an yeah, and then I gotta sit come on box and that didn't go so things were like and I was also turning thirty, and I was my 30th birthday was emotional. For me. I cried a lot, my 30th birthday, because I was going from like a boy to a man, and I didn't know how to do it. You know what I mean. I was just like I didn't know like I didn't know how to I didn't know how to deal. My 40th birthday was awesome. Great I was happy in on a yeah, my fiftieth birthday. I'll, probably cry again it's every twenty years, exactly but uhm
miss starring in films. You know I yeah, I miss and I love acting. That's right. My first love, I think you know, Well, I mean you on Fucking tv. I mean really well acting really I mean it's. Ok, as you were great on that show, yeah well I'd love that show. I love working with those people, but I've done some. The acting was like her, it's okay, it's not my thing. The end of comedy to me is more fun than hosting you love hosting I'd. I don't I mean I like doing the UFC like working for the essay in doing stand up, comedy and doing commentary for the UFC. Those things are fun doing. This is fun, but acting to me was like long hours waiting around and then also a lot of actors are cool but like ten percent they're, just fake they're, just weird as he passed through the care of themselves, are complete narcissist yeah. They don't have that. I just can't. I can't connect with them
You know. There was a lot of that because I think you're a good actor and I think that if he maybe to shower a film. You know for you. You know I think, would be awesome. That sounds like torture yeah you're, saying that I'm like oh, really stuck on a set. Yeah. So you know we just don't enjoy it. You just don't enjoy acting. One of one of the things that was appealing about fear factor was no actors and so like I don't have to act, but I can still tv and make some money. Ok, let's do it and I felt like it was going to get cancelled. I was like this is to be some that horrible disastrous go, have some jokes about it and I'll definitely get like at least ten minutes of material show huge hit at one of shed doing a hundred and fifty four episodes or something get recruited you get like what is it can get something you don't get the same residuals that you would get for a sitcom though, but is it called? What's it called when there's over a hundred episodes syndication
locations in syndication. You got syndication money. Syndication money is not what everybody thinks. It is syndication like Newsradio in syndication, so I got syndication money from that, but it's not like Jerry Seinfeld, syndication money see he owns a piece of the show then, get the real money. But you get me, you can't complain it's a lot of money my friend Peter Lang costs he Hawaii, five, oh wrote, which is CVS B S original one, this one it's on right now, but he's went over it. He went over a hundred episodes. That's the big pay day. He's in he's got like a seven million dollar house in Malibu and his having a big old party, all night yeah engine as soon as it goes over a hundred you just go: yes, all my God, yeah yeah, Well, you know Kevin James of mine and he can't queens one over hundred
and when it goes over one hundred foot long as you don't fuc up you're pretty much set. Well, you don't go crazy, you don't start doing math and find yacht yeah yes, so maybe stuff like this will bring you back to films. You know I I said. You know what I mean, that's it, and that's all that I was happy that the Stephen Miller thing he worked out for me. You know. I wonder how would be the strategy to get back to it? I guess like to kick asset a comedy special, be a good way to do it to put together like a really good comedy special without local. You thought about doing that: yeah, you know what I mean they have Robbie at Netflix has to hit me up. You know he's like the guy. Yeah. So I mean but you still doing a lot of stand yeah. I still do a lot of stand up. Oh talking, editing earlier so another thing that I'm editing, I'm editing that documentary series, which I'm happy about I'm also adding a documentary in my life and I've been doing that for three really it's fucking sick yeah
60s seventies, eighties 90s and I got over fifty interviews. I got Jeffrey Katzenberg and wine, Rotenberg and Doug Herzog and Chris Rock Mark Meron. I mean everyone sag every when started from ex girlfriends too. You know we, from the seventies Lenny Schultz did it. And crazy landing crazy learning. So I saw Lenny Schultz in Montreal like one thousand nine hundred and ninety two. Like way back in the day. I saw him at the comedy works the Montreal Comedy Festival. Yeah he's. He was a lawyer yeah. He was great. He was the original Gallagher yeah a lot of ways. It was one of the original guys. Is he still around the a lives in Florida? What does he do these days? I think it's just retired. It doesn't get used to work the main room. He was as a comic growing up. He was Billy braver. Oh my god.
As a comic or that he is the one right above Billy click on the one area and that's leading yeah. So he's you know his his joke right, which one where he used to do the he's to do the Lenny Schultz Diet. No do you know about. I don't know where he would take all his clothes off and he would do this in the main room he would take. You take all his clothes off and he would come strip down to a speedo right to a speedo. And he would say a lot there's a lot of diets out there and people don't eat the food they're supposed to eat or down into his own Lenny Schultz died. I put the food on my body of the places that I want to lose weight right, so he would have these fucking pigs and these ducks behind him. He played the music and have all food over there any of spaghetti in India, not only all non. You all done that that that that- and it was just like turn this crazy thing- any poor- tape or cottage cheese in his balls, and then he have like great fruits. He goes he
to lose some weight in your l book, the mother, great fruit, the grapefruits, the people have like yeah here and there was the not getting you have to. You have to see how manic and like psycho he was on stage he got into it. You know I mean I would hate to be that type of comic, especially traveling in a carrot. Top is stuck because he's just stuck in Vegas yeah. I mean to me if they had to bring a case of stuff around. You know where I was just talking to someone about that recently. Those guys don't exist anymore. Thank you. To be a genre needs to be prop comics, but like carrot top it is this: let the nine mil Numb noon yeah. He was He was my favorite comic growing up as a kid. He originally are huge and long island, all the guys from Long Island loved him yeah they loved 'em yeah. He was like when I just move. There was like who's Lane Johnson, like you, never seen crazy. Lenny like he would hold up uh
bear. You know that only you, the the smokey the bear any he would. He would hold a bingo only you can prevent forest fires go Thank you very much. It didn't make any sense yeah, but you would laugh your off you like. Why am I laughing at this? I'm not sure why, but he was so funny. Hello there's a lot of comics out there that have it that never made it that are really ever eat, I'm sure you heard Ali Joe Prader yeah sure no one knows who he is right. Yeah the best to me had the best strong as forty five minutes. I've ever seen, wow, but it never changed it. So you that happened with a lot of those guys that never I really got mainstream exposure like like. I remember C Kennison after his after his HBO special, and he hadn't quite figured out that you had to have all new material because the spur I should come out and people were yelling out bits like, while is doing the bets. You know and
like it was that transitionary period, because when the guys would do HBO specials there was nothing like that, but More then, where someone who did an hour on television usually would do it tonight, show you do like seven minutes and then you would go perform. People actually probably wanted to hear those seven minutes again is the most to me. The most prolific comic that always change it up with George Carlin sure every year you gotta new hour every year every year, I think it fourteen right. Fourteen HBO specials, I mean that's fucking insane saying you know who else Richard Jeni, Richard Jeni worked at EAST side, comedy club in Long Island, and he did a different show. Friday. Eight hundred o'clock, showing different show Friday. One thousand o'clock show different show Saturday, eight hundred o'clock show and it different show. Saturday, ten o'clock, all the comics, were sitting around scratching their head. Remember, I was access, is a good idea. I was an opener backed and now to start now I was backstage with all these guys local headline or snow we're just like Fuc were terrible
so it was just confronted by how good he was. He was a fucking gee. I thought, still to this day, I think that he's one of the most underrated comedian yeah ever did you ever the thing that I noticed because we have the same manager of Michael Rotenberg was was my manager and Jennys manager at the time. The One thing that I noticed about him, though, if you, I don't know, if you experience this with him, is that his stand up in the club was fucking in same for some reason when he was on tv doing it. It didn't translate as much. Some reason I think the you know how sometimes the it just doesn't play w yeah. It doesn't pick up you as he is you- are yeah that was kind of my experience with him because he was, he killed himself in and I don't know if that was part of the reason, because he was frustrated. I mean a lot of people, I guess they kill themselves. If things. Don't work out for them right yeah I mean like in their career,
I don't know. Well, he he always wanted to be Jim Carrey. That was his thing you want to be Jim Carrey, he wanted to be the comic that transition from doing stand up to these doing these gigantic movies, and he had a for a while and then the Platypus man yeah, and did actually did the mask with Jim Carrey was in that movie was great yeah, but just didn't get a lot of roles did get a lot of parts, but I I still maintain that a steaming pile of me. If you listen to this and you think in like when we go watch some that you can get it on the I tunes the steam Compile me is one of my all time. Favorite stand up specials, it's fucking great! Well, it's a lot of it's relevant today, because it's two thousand and seven, but he does this thing about the difference between people on the left and people on the right and people in the middle and was fucking brilliant. It's brilliant and he was like a guy that I saw when I was starting out where I really realized watching him, how
It is to really go in depth on a subject because it in just scratch. The surface is like when I was open MIKE. Are you one thing you see about open? Bikers is they'll bill touches subs. And then move on to the next subject, but they basically just scratch the surface of it. Jenny would dig it branch. He would go deep and he would like get everything there was to get out of that bed and then he would move on to another subject and by the time he did. You were and howling in laughter and holding your sides, and yet he was it was amazing. He was he was. He was so good. He was he I agree with you, though we seem in the clubs. You really got to see what it's really all about. Yeah, that's really, the problem was like specials right is like trying to fit. Figure out how to translate what You do when it's a Friday night in the or how do you get someone to experience that magic of like a perfect club set in? You know a special. I think it's people's faces
I think it's comedians faces some just pop off of screen and some That's my opinion. There's a little bit of that Richard had a weird face. They didn't have the plastic surgery in his class ship. Yeah yeah, I don't know I'd like clubs, Two was in terms of like filming, because I feel- good connection, yeah five yeah 'cause when you do your stuff you're here in the audience, is back there, it's a little disconnect if you're going to theater, yeah, there's good things about a big theater. It's like if you huge roar you get to see the place and everybody's like while Pauly Shore must beach. I I a look at all these people in the audience. When your at home, you're on a couch in front of the tv, is very intimate, so you don't feel connected to this big giant place. That's why it my
the calmly central special from two thousand fourteen rocky mountain high. I did in Denver at the comedy works and the reason why didn't there was like this is in into my room. I want to have an intimate show in in the phone I'm here. This is the place to do it. It's like yeah, it's nice, but I let me ask you something at what point as a stand up. Did you feel that you've got really funny? Thank you like you felt like, oh, like I, I feel like I'm really funny. Thank you know, let's say at the beginning. I know it was a more than ten years and probably ten years and I fell. It was because he wasn't there when I feel I'm better now than I've ever been before, but it's just work. He just constantly working at it. Like I feel like stand up- is one of the unique things that require. It requires, like rigor Chris attention and detail and you have to be patient and you have to be enthusiastic and you have to be disciplined like and it it's almost contrary to what a lot of us are like. A lot of us aren't discipline
people, which is why we're funny in the first place, 'cause we're silly and were impulsive. And we laugh about things joke around with things and think about things in a fuckedup way. That's outside the Box of normal thinking. You know, so I think that a lot of times. That sort of mindset is contrary to the mindset. That's required to be disciplined to write, but but but as a kid as a kid growing up tell me about. It was not funny yeah, that's what I was going to say. So, dear brothers, Sister sister, and how old is she compared to you dear younger, and then your parents grew up in the house, all together, yeah like not no we're divorced. My mom got divorced when I was like five so that was like me right, that's good! Did you have Did she have a lot of boyfriends? No, no! She hooked up put down and they've been together ever since,
My mom had a lot of boyfriends yeah, that's different yeah yeah, but but anyways you would walk in a room. Joe Joe Rogan would walk in a room in and you'd say something with a laugh. Nobody thought it was funny, but so not funny person say one funny right. You know how I got to calm is making people laugh when we were doing martial arts because we're like going to fight in tournaments so do we would we'd be nervous and it was like I would be the one that made everybody laugh like we've, been a bus to go to a tournament at fight areas for real. You talk about this. Not really I mean. Maybe I've brought it up before it's funny, but it's funny, you just the scene, if you on a bus, us Fucking shit shooting the chef well one of them to this. Hey. I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to my friend, Steve, Graham and my other add shorter they're they're, the they're, the guys who talked me into it. If it wasn't for them, Steve, Graham, is still a dear friend to this day, so you
on the bus you're going you're you're wrestling tournaments in Boston. It was kick boxing or talk window back down to that yeah I would. I would eat yeah and by using upright in Boston, a group in Newton Newton Upper falls. That's like a suburb of Boston. Is that, like by Springfield Mass, no I'm at Newton is like it's our right. Right off of route nine. So it's like Natick NEAT then, in that area. So it's pretty close to Boston. You know it's like it's, not a not a far drive at all and I would drive into town to to train, might talk when those schools in Boston and we would travel around. The country would fly to places compete. You know it's like a giant part of my life, a karate chop like and I went over to me yeah same yeah, so we were always nervous. You know, guys get knocked out guys get kicked in the face is terrible radio. We started fifteen this one and this is in high school yeah yeah so you're driving to the things yeah. So by the time I was twenty. One like I was like very
accessible at it. I was a four time state champion and I was competing honestly, I won the US open. I want to punch these like big tournaments, like the A state game. Did you ever go against black eyes? Yeah with is scarce and I did I was nervous. I know that's what I'm saying right did you buy? It offers good black. I far knocked out That was a huge alleviation of my worries. I assume right after I, the osc see stuff, and I watch you out there and I'm like when you first were doing it there. No black guy. You know what I mean, I'm thinking, I'm just the guy watching him like where's the fucking black, guys 'cause. They would kill everyone analysen this black guys in there. Like oh shit, you know they may well its interest, in boxing that was always case right, but now Russians like Gennady Glove Can you know and like this mean It's really just a matter of the economic situation 'cause in there early days of the nineteen hundreds, it was a lot of Jews
because, like Slapsy, Maxie, Rosenbaum and there's a bunch of jewish fighters, because you know there which immigrants and they faced a lot of hostility and poverty? And this is a way out and then it became Italians like Rocky Murciano, Rocky Graziano, there's a lot of italian boxers and then it became like Puerto Rico. Ins and blacks, and it's mostly it's a of it- is disenfranchised people that are looking for some sort of a an escape for, and it's also a financial failure. Thank you know. It's like Kevin Durant in a way and Missouri playing Coop and, like you know, right yeah, I mean that's their way out. It's a ticket out of poverty. You know so you're you're out with Russians down a lot. You know so you're on the bus you're with your friends you're. Joking around you know what questions people like do. Impressions of our friend, having sex. Now that's a different things said in so. Then, one day they said you go to connect, go to comedy connection in Boston. My friend Steve said you know you're funny like you're really funny and you know it's like look. I make you laugh 'cause you're, my friend,
and, like other people, are going to think of an asshole, because, especially in Boston, which is like really conservative place and my sense of humor was very fuckedup, because these people, or fighters. You know so there's all these black belts who are competing on a national level traveling all around the country like they were very intense people, so you could say up things them to make them laugh like day. There's there's there, but their borders, their their boundaries, were very different than the average person, because we're experiencing such assumed cops would be a lot like that too, and maybe even soldiers cops. I talked to like a lot of apps that I would train with two. They had the most fuckedup up sense of humor. Yeah? That would be seeing gunshot wounds all the time and you know- and there was- a lot of jokes. It would tell like now's the guy was dead in the lake, be over the guy's body making jokes when no one was around- and you know, people would think it's disrespectful but a lot of it is like the human brain is not supposed to experience that kind of stress of with copper soldier experiences and gallo.
Humor as a war. You know that's what out of a that would turn to for some sort of a relief, so I did is I went to an open mic night and I watched This is actually a Richard. Jeni quote: it's a great quote, he's right. He said one of the great things about terrible comedian as they inspire other people to try it because you trying to go with this. Guy is fucking terrible. Please leave I suck. I won't suck that bad so my idea stand up is I would go to some place and I would see like Robin Williams and Richard Pryor and all these people that which is like gods and I'd be like there's no way, I'm to be able to go out there and do that. But when I went to an open mic night I realize like oh no. These people was just like being a white belt in martial arts like they're starting from the beginning, and so that- swipe. This is that which club was itches stitches boss in the 80s right. Yeah, that's 27th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight that's funny. I started in my first one was September 25th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty five
That was my first time. Man, you crazy just think back time just keeps moving on Paulie, it's not cool, it's definitely weird yeah yeah it's not going to keep going when you have a family now yeah how many kids three wow. I know that's not coming here. You have no desire, none whatsoever. Yes, yes, yes, but you to find the right gal. Guy Guy never know right today, Danny asks for an article the other day it said Trans Gender man gave birth to baby and then and then Ben Shapiro retweeted woman gave birth right yeah just. I'm, I'm feeling it more now that I'm getting older because at the bottom is you I don't want to mom you know
Larry King, Michael Douglas Letterman, these guys have the kids were in their late sixties, yeah, cool yeah. You know I mean so now you see him. Do it yeah if you get in like right now, the others listening just three tweet their photos Joe Rogan, and these urges it's time to start yeah exactly right. I should get Whitney Cummings pregnant when you think about that. Might I just talked to her and see if that something should be interested in I, with a matte, and she would not be, and she wouldn't right yeah. But I want my semen. You have talked to her to be clear. I wouldn't want to decide for her or could be a She's getting married yeah, basically made a low for who I don't know. Why would you want to get in, and I know you are, why would you want you? May I know what and who, and that was k yeah. I don't know then it's like there's pros and cons. You know like uh are on my best friends in our travels the world and he
This is a life. That's very I mean you know what I just did we took three months off the four months and just vanished, didn't talk to anybody, didn't bring a laptop yeah. He did this ship l thing right now, yeah he went to Vietnam and Cambodia, and not only Cambodia. Thailand in one all over the place, but he did it by himself no one and just met people experience things and no one knew who he was. No. I mean a few people recognized him and he took pictures with him and put him on Facebook and that's how we found out. He was still alive, but it was weird, but he Just decided like hey, I'm just want to just have an adventure. That's something easily is out of the question. When you have children, you can do that. So there's there's there's! that I wouldn't want to. That's not me. I wouldn't want to disappear for months, no kids or kids. It's just like. I don't have that but for him you know the desire to do an adventure to just go. Some place for a couple weeks is cool, but when you have kids, especially if you have little
girls that wait for you and then you know you talked him on the phone and can't wait to see you it's it's a different world. You know how are you now, I'm almost fifty I'll feed fifty tomorrow? Oh my god. Oh my god, birthday Joe. Thank you. That's amazing. Thank you very much. Are you doing a big fifty Nothing really know know think birthday parties are bullshit, physically look at me, I went to a friend of mine's birthday party- was his fiftieth birthday party was so knowing they played a video. We had to watch a video and it was like twenty minutes and I was like Jesus rice when is it over and then when it was over his father, family members and his friends got up and told stories with a microphone and they held everybody captive with their shitty stories. It was death, it was death. I couldn't wait to get out of there. You know it It was funny is that plays video. I have here You know it was weird, you know. Do you ever like sometimes like dream about things like when you think things you, you have dreams yeah. I knew.
It's coming in here today and I had a dream about you. Yeah and it was in sting? I I had to game that we know we're doing our thing and it was cool, and I said, congratulations on your new show. Your shows in the air and it was like it was called the Rogan's. And it was you and a camper, with your your wife and your kids going across America. It was like a family mostly almost like the griswolds right, the rogans like every how make it, but I know that that's something you would know do, but it was funny it was hilarious. It was like on the travel channel. It was like you with fishing and eating and just how hilarious would it would be kind of hilarious, but it's kind of gross too because, like whenever I see people that have their kids on these reality shows like you're, not even letting that kid choose right. You don't even give that kid: a choice to be famous like honey, boo, boo or another stocking people, you're. Just putting your kid, Tv before you kid even understand the consequences of it
I mean at least when you got on television. You were in your twenties, like you kind of worried, kind of got it I mean it was young and I'm sure it was weird to grow up spotlight like that, but least you were a grown up yeah You know see people that have their babies on tv and children on tv, like what the fuck are. You doing. Do you no as a persons on tv this it could be like detrimental filling manifesting. Read the comments, you know, Instagram or Youtube, and read the comments like Jesus Christ. You know you will look at child. Tears on all of them not as unit did did recently, and it is a comic con. You know what that is yeah sure, but you know that, like you sign things soon, whole areas and we did it yeah, it's a sat down with those boots yeah. It was like. I never done it in a friend of mine, my friend of mine in San Antonio hook me up with this agent, and he just you know they give you know they.
You obviously, and you fly in and there's basically comma, As you know, it's all like you know. People are dressed as Superman and Batman, and you know all these, but then there's the section with celebrities so there's a lot of like people from breaking bad. There was a lot of people I'm walking dead. But then there was like rob. Schneider was in a booth, you Val Kilmer was in a booth and he's got like three Cancer, Val Kilmer okay, I did it's fucking yeah, it's not cool, and then you got like, off longer there I had no, had throat cancer that oh yeah, it's not old he's like forty five Something like this really fun. Man yeah, so it was just. It was a weird kind of experience. It was like some- and it was also not awesome to Val kilmer- is that ship in tombs it was, it's say, a spotted with a breathing aid. Oh wow yeah. It's terriblr
I can. It's terrible well he's had some crazy ups downs with his weight. The we gotta go like look at those pictures of him on the far right. Look at those pictures, wow DOW was in the massive alcoholic days. I mean there's nothing that does that to you, like that other than massive eating and alcoholism. That's so sad, it's weird man people just abused the shit out of their body like that, did size road cancer. What happened in he was, Let's look at him. Where is he at the he was a friend of mine- and I don't know- I don't know he's, He has drug it yeah some serious drug issues yeah he was like. Actor right, focu fall tune amaze. Now. I know it was the last Saturday June he's a savage I saw Michael mats in there too yeah yeah
Now it says it was like a bummer. Well you good sense of humor about yeah demise of your film career yeah. I have seen you joke around about it on stage about, like you know, trying get TMZ like hamper the tends to me man over here yeah you have to yes, yeah yeah think you you have to in. In fact, as I still have all my money yeah, so I didn't like right, you didn't go crazy, no, no! Not still in my house, I don't live in it. I live in Silver Lake. I would apartment out there which I enjoy like Silverlight, but when I like to live in my big mansion up in the hill. I don't know print it out, at least it out that smart, yeah do it yeah and I'm one person right, so yeah? That was the one thing silver lag. I like it. What about civil work? I never it's over like it's some, it's known bugs you there there's no
tour buses. There's no billboards, there's an a star boxers. None of that stuff, it's different than the valley, where I think all like, really cool rest it's really cool bars Like really nice people, people are very quiet, you sit, you can write, it's very creative. It reminds you that religion. New York, that's the vibe yeah! So if you ever go out to the east, so it's like LOS, feel I know bill bill, Burr lives. LOS Feliz in like that whole area. It's pretty cool in the thing that I really like about. It is the architecture. There is the old Hollywood yeah. You know I love the old buildings like the building that I live in is like in the nineteen twenties got that history, and I love that you know. I love that kind of that history, like I don't like sunset now, you know I drive by some so I kind of like you know what I mean like the store and what the Roxy in the rainbow the only places left. I know right is it when they, when they chew down the house of Blues yeah. It's weird, the cool thing is the view. Now the view from the store is sick yeah, but what they're probably going to do is build.
Something bigger they're going to boutique hotel they're going to build a high rise. What do you think about the store in the future of the store I mean, I thought about it. It's never been doing better than it is now. It's amazing how packed it is. I mean it's sold out every night. It's constant know what do you think the building itself in what way, keeping it or not keeping it. It's a building. What else would you do wall? I mean I wouldn't do it, but I'm just saying if someone came in and offered a whole bunch of money to knock it down and the hotel dude. I mean what would you think? well with suck for comedy for sure, but the laugh actors- probably not doing so hot and probably take that mother over take the laugh factory moon, but the one, the but the rooms, not that egg back. That great of a round now be my bill of of. Do some mounts fit well, the thing is the comic stores, perfect. That's part of the problem, a ban. It literally is perfect. Yeah. We have three different like
Wednesday night. I did the hat trick. I started out in the belly room, I'd or Tuesday night. I started on the belly room. I did a set in the main room and I did a setting, though, are you know, there's not a place in the country where you could do that? and perform in front of ninety people, four hundred people and then one hundred and fifty people I mean every show is sold out to not have fuckin' Tuesday night Tuesday night three sold out shows in Hollywood. You know and for me Workout, my material, like it's so invaluable. You know I like to do the ice house like I did the ice house last night. You like thirty five minutes, and I did it with Andrew Santino and Tom Segura and Tom Papa Anne Frank Castillo, and you know it's just killer lineups and you get awesome shows the people get to have Tom time you get to down around and around and like these clubs around here. So critical and there's there's so important. I someone came along and bought the comic
so I mean it would be. The end of a giant arrow would be devastating. What do you think about? I like what my mom thinks is: leave it alone yeah. I wouldn't. I would knock it down and well who would be responsible who who who is in charge now? Well, I'm not in charge right. So who is Peter Peter yeah yeah yeah. Well, the good thing is that the my sister making money. Now and a lot of money. It's doing really well and hope thanks guys like you coming around for sure my pleasure. I hope it keeps keeps come and I can't help it- I mean: look: it's the most iconic comedy club in the history that I don't use. I agree it's my heart, you know what I mean it's where I've been my whole life. I walk into that place. Every day like I'm walking inside my mom here in Maine, yeah. You know I mean like. I really feel like her in there. I feel her MIA Jana and it's like you, know the bar in the in the back.
The backroom that bar. I took it from the Doheney House oh, that's right, yeah 'cause that bar was was. It was in my mom's house and that that's the bar that Kennison in prior and everyone got up on yeah. We sold the house and I was cleaning it out. You know. That's one of the things in the dock series is, I might keep this bar. Yeah 'cause, it's great, and then I had one Carlos pick it up and we brought it up to you to Eric in the back back ruminant. Saved it for you guys, amazing. I did that you know so the comics going have that feeling. Yeah, if you know of lake 'cause, that bar that, any houses is as iconic as the comedy store yeah. You know because that's the house that was like the comedy mansion we know so crystal. No now the door Haney House with him on center went but I almost bought Crest Hill. Okay,
tools for for sale years back and look, I would have been for you that would have a divide, It was just Is there a comet to living right there yeah? I was like this is just two derelict like I've it's been the guy who likes to live away from stuff and then like come in and get some quiet and p no like this might be too much to be like right above the comedy, store and slurred. I might be like I my burn now, yes, ma'am, I'm saying but like that room, it's interesting, because that that back bar is a new place, but it doesn't feel like a new. It feels like pro, probably because of the bar, and also blows in the store way. But it's also the old video room right,
So my mom did. It was like the comedy channel, that's where she kept all her old videos, so it feels like you know that that bars amazing that vibe yeah coolest place. You go back there and RON Weasley point deleted their own. His hair around it doesn't work. For me, Bro don't mean that's, not cool Bro Billy is what's going on, Where is his lawyer? Who is a great crew there? Now I mean there's so many funny comment: yeah, it's really an amazing time. It's also like a lot of people like you know for me, because I've seen the decades of it they're still nothing. Like the Kennison in the prior days, like, I watch everyone in the back and I'm like they're killing, but for some reason it just doesn't feel I felt when I was one of the reasons why, because back then in there, with the never been anything like that, you know I mean you say, about prior before parking around. Who thought was like prior? No one you know, and Kinison Kennison was a completely unique kind of talent. They had never been. Anybody like him before
and so now you seen so much since then they'll never be that uniquely innocent time when you were like Jesus yeah, but but you know on to the the prior thing when he would- I saw him for years developed this show there at the store when he would walk, stay stage, and they let's say, ladies and gentlemen, Richard Pryor, it was like Fuckin' Jesus. It was like people like literally like with stand up. We like no way it was like that type of shock, Elvis yeah like that type of ship, So I saw that in there was something so obviously lot. He was just so funny, dude mean like, even if material wasn't funny that night he was just funny. There's a genius yeah real comedy genius an No, probably one of the most influential stand up comedians ever him and Kinison can think innocent man. I think obviously prior was for Mcinnis and learned a lot from prior, but Kenison was very ground break.
In a lot of ways to never been anybody like him. Well yeah, and it's also before SAM Gotten- to that you know too much of the drugs they have to have that five year run, which was yeah yeah. I know I was on that run to with, and I was like opening for him for a while on the road and then like, We started getting, you know what I mean he started going off the deep end. Can sustain that, especially I mean did you ever read his brothers book SAM, I didn't read. No, I didn't read the book and in his brother sort of talks about how SAM just kind stop right. Because he partying all the time and its material suffered, and you could really feel the difference and nobody could live rock and roll crazy drug life and still be an awesome, creative force like creativity. And your attention yeah his. I got so many stories with So it insane, but the his Rodney Dangerfield young comedians specials were like and now Second, was just as good as the first one. First thought it was genius, Dude
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