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Ari & Joe Go On A Hike

2017-07-18 | 🔗
Ari Shaffir & Joe do a podcast while hiking to celebrate the release of Ari's new two-part Netflix special "Double Negative" on July 18th.
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Hello friends cast is brought well. First is brought you by my tour, I'm on tour. What does that mean? Well means I'm doing a bunch of dates very specifically named the strange times. Tour. I've never done this before. I don't know why not exactly even sure why I'm doing it now. I think it was just fun way to do it and also to challenge myself and to prepare myself for my next comedy special. I filmed my last one just about a year ago and it's ready so like after a year. I decided all right. I got this hour, pretty much locked in no give or take a few bits needs some work and
I'm launching it. I'm going crazy. So I just got back from SALT Lake had a great time thanks everybody at wise, guys, phenominal club, phenominal staff to the people. There are so nice. It's just such a cool comedy club. An salt Lake City is one of those places not pretentious at all, because everybody like thinks of it, is like Mormon villain that they're all squares and bunch of white people, which, for the most part, is true ha not really. The people that came to the show born squares at all. They were really cool. It was written the work there, the real comedy fans it was. It was a real good time I in joy, the shit out of it, but I'm back on tour. Now, I'm doing a bunch of 'em. It started off a couple of weeks ago. In Indianapolis I did men Annapolis on the 23rd of June, and in Indianapolis on the 24th. That's like exactly one year from when I filmed my Netflix special,
the next dates I got coming up or August. Third, fourth and fifth August. Third in Sacramento first shows we sold out, except for a few single tickets. I can show how some tickets available same sing for Seattle first shows basically sold out. That's on the fourth Friday August. Fourth, second show there's some tickets available and then Saturday, San Diego same thing, first show sold out basically, except for a few single tickets and and second show there's some tickets available, Joe Rogan DOT net, slash tour for all your our nap. This podcast brought you by my all time, favorite to wear meundies, I'm wearing a pair right. Now they have panda, bears on 'em, don't think my daughters, don't fun of them 'cause they do. I've got ones that make you lady bug, I got some their camo very manly bunch of different cool, a little designs, but, most
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forward Slash Rogan for three free snacks, with your first order: Naturebox, dot com, Slash Rogan, alright, take a little sip of my espresso here That's the my guest today is one of my favorite human beings, one of my best friends. His name is the ads. You might know ARI as the host of the comedy central show. This is not happening. You might know him from his excellent pod past the skeptic tank, I've known him. How long have I known him now it's going on like twenty years or something crazy like that wow, that's so weird that might be right! I've known forever I've known already, since essentially he was an open mic and it's There's something amazing about being friends with somebody when
and you know when we met, I was already on television show and I was working as a professional comic and I was touring the country and a ry was a doorman at the comedy store and man. I I can remember when I first became friends with them. He was this young re the smart guy and just things about comedy about stand up. Comics is a bunch of freaks. A bunch of outcasts, and we stick with each other and we we have tight bonds. I have. I have some very close friends that aren't stand up comedians like Eddie. Bravo actually Eddie is actually started, started doing standup recently, but I was told him he could do stand up, but branded
Abu, also good friend of mine who's become a stand up comedian, but most of my friends are comics and I just they're the most fun for me to hang out with their the weirdest. They understand me the best we understand each other, the best. It's just it's a very bizarre way to live, and you know my friend, Doug Stanhope said it best. He said I could quit comedy, but I don't know if I could quit comedians and that's kind of how I feel I guess I don't know. I don't know what I'm saying here. I don't get too choked up, because incredibly, proud of our e, like incredibly may, have had a lot of friends that I've known like Dunkin and Joey Dheas from when they were. You know not doing so good on there to
start now too now, with their all flourishing everyone's doing so fantastic, it's it's beautiful, but no one, ARI from literally the beginning and watching some of his early sets where you could see the embers of his future greatness. You know this guy was just seeing things and trying to put it together on stage agent some days to be armed and some days you'd be off, and- and you know it's just kept getting better and working hard at. It he's a really discipline guy to diligent, hard worker and dedicate did in and just I don't know anybody like ARI and he's a unique guy. I know a lot of unique people, but ARI is very unique, like, for instance, If you don't know already- and you haven't heard him on my podcast recently already just got back from doing four months
by himself with no contact to any of us. I think he sent Joe We D as an actual letter like a letter letter saying just saying: hi: hey I'm just thinking about you is probably you know just on some beach somewhere, but he went all over Asia. You went to Thailand went to an all over the place, went to Vietnam. He essentially took some of the money that he made from his Comedy central show and from his successful stand up comedy karere, and he said you know what I'm just going to check out find myself for four months for four months. He didn't bring a laptop, he shut his phone off. He just went out there, man he didn't get online. He really had no idea what the fuck was going on the world other than things that people told him, and then he got back.
And now that he's back he's got a new Netflix special, so he he had filmed his netflix special. Actually, he filmed it before he left. He filmed it like right before you left and then I don't think he edited it until I got back. I might be wrong about that. I don't think I am now. I think he didn't edit it until he got back uh. No, I know I'm right about that, because is between selling it to comedy central and selling it to Netflix, and he chose Netflix and I think that's the right move. Netflix is fucking. Awesome that way, you'll be able to see it anytime. You want, and it's out now today today is July, 18th, two thousand and seventeen- and that is the official launch date for ARI's new special, and I think it's called double negative. I'm going to check right now, real quick.
Mother fucking show fear. I don't know how ARI does his instagram, because he doesn't have an Iphone or any kind of a smart phone anymore, but it's got some weird hack. I don't know how he does. It This thing is a weird special that he's doing what he did was he did. Two hour, long specials, it's it's like a collection. I guess he calls it and there's one of them, is about children, and one of 'em is about adulthood, so childhood and adulthood. I don't know why I called a double negative but I don't know why anybody names any their fucking specials anything you know, but it's out now and I'm sure it's excellent. So that's it! This podcast is weird because we decided to do is
ARI knows that I go running a lot lately. I do these trail runs, and so the thought was that we would go hike dumb, but to some kind of obsessive. I told them all right, I'll hike it with you, but I have to put a weighted pack on because I got to get a certain amount of work outs in a week. I've been doing this thing lately. Were I write down all the things that I have to do during the week. Like a half to lift weights x amount of times this week. I have to write five days a week for at least an hour a day. I have to do. My trail run at least three days a week, and if I, if I
all I can I'm allowed to alternate one of those days with waited pack hike and that's what I did with ARI. I have this thing called an atlas trainer that company called the outdoors men's outdoors men's dot com. They have this, it's a pack frame like which you would have like for a like, a real high end backpack an in the back of it, it has one of those would be the word one of those things at the end of a barbell. You know a post, I guess we would slide the weights onto it and then clamp 'em in place and so slide up late on your back and clamp it in place. So I did this with the weight and there's a lot of huffing and puffing in this in this podcast we're fine, we're going downhill, but towards the end, when we're going back uphill, it's very steep and it's very long. It's like a good, solid mile straight uphill, an and
we're doing this. It's it's just not the best way to do a podcasts. He might be annoying. I'm just going to tell you now some of it might be annoying. I think some of it will be great, but we stopped and smoked a joint at the bottom of the canyon and talked about stuff, and it was also kind of it was. I knew that ARI was leaving. He was going back to New York and you know it only had a chance to hang out with them a few times. So I was here so I was kinda sad. I was kind of sending him off our. I love New York, he he, are all my friends. He is making the most out of this this life of like just success. I guess is the word, I'm looking for the most of life up this life of freedom, this life of really being himself and doing what he wants to do, and that's kind of highlighted by that trip that he took for four months and just disappeared, but also
highlighted by the fact that he spends his time in New York and in LA and when it gets cold in New York. He's like well fuck, you guys I'm out of here. He comes to LA and he hangs out with for a few months and they want to It's warming up again is like a fuck. You guys I'm out here, and he goes back to New York. He's just he's a real professional, Now in a real I a little I don't know. Maybe it's weird. I don't really exact. Remember we talked about, but I do remember when we were coming back up. I was completely out of breath and China talk at the same time. So I was giving like really shitty answers to things not shitty they just they were. There were at very well worded 'cause. I will fuck exhausted. I got this weight on my back. Hiking and trying to talk at the same time and if I'm just
thinking without waited thing, I mean I get a little tired, but there's something about talking whenever if you ever try to talk and exercise At the same time, you realize how unbelievably difficult it is: demonstrating martial arts techniques and talking at the same time you just so out of shape, because you don't really when you're talking, you don't really breathe and when you're exercising you have like a lot of air requirements, so there's a lot of and they try to do normal talking it. My point is, he's on a very good way to do a podcast, I'm not even sure why we decided to do it this way. While we didn't just, I guess it was just to mix it up. But at one point almost like AL, just hide it with you and then the obsessive pardon me where I knew I had to follow my schedule. I decide to put a weight on to see what it would be like. I don't think I'll be doing this again,
so, if is annoying, and if you go dude, you're breathing so hard, it was so annoying we were holding microphone. We're doing this too. So if anybody came by and saw on the trail that really what the are these guys doing, so I already had like a large, not large, but you know it's like a what would be the size, the size of a paperback book. I guess MP, three recorder and he's got these two microphone cords that come out of it and we're holding like stand up comedy MIKE's with long cords as we hiked together. So if one of us felt you know the cord get yanked in probably both fall, but so That's I don't know, I guess I'm making excuses for why we did so much breathing and I was like why we're doing it. I was thinking to myself, like God, this might be fucking really annoying like. If I was If I was listening to this in my car or uh
taking, this might be really annoying, so if it is really annoying shut it off and go watch our she fears, double negative, which is out right now, as of July eighteenth out right now on Netflix and I'm sure it's excellent and catch ARI anywhere. He's that he's a very, very funny comic one of the best comics in the world, and he also has one of my personal favorite podcasts- is called skeptic tank Orisha fears, skeptic tank any covers a wide variety of awesome subjects. Perhaps maybe my favorite one that he's ever done. It was him and Henry Rollins, and that is, I think, the podcast that inspired ARI to be this. This wandering freak all across the country for four months because Harry
Rollins does that I guess he does that several times a year. I will just pick a spot on the map and just go somewhere, but ARI ran into Henry, I believe was at Edinburgh in Scotland and they got together and did this amazing podcast. But so I'm giving you an ad for a podcast. While I tell you about the podcast that I just did, alright I'm done I talk too much it's my problem. It always has been so without any further ado. Are, you should fear lives in german login experience. Trying good idea right, yes, is MIKE the might of the bit about that's the first I've ever heard Americana from you, maybe were off we're recording
citing it's that simple, when Hyclate is german for a hike, you're wearing forty five pounds on you, yeah the packs about five or six close. Your face. Sorry, okay, by the way this, how much does what I walk around with these? Are this is what I walked around with it now and inside these days. Yeah about this. This set up, yeah. Well, yeah. I mean the way it hooks onto your waist yeah and then the the shoulder and over the middle to over your chest for a backpack yeah yeah in about the same amount of weight, forty five pounds, plus whatever else hanging on damn. That was so you just carried your life, in your back carried everything I had. Did you bring a laptop fuck? No you're kidding me so called people did 'cause. They were like how to upload pictures ship. The two weekers did that right, but almost anyone who's gone for like more than a month, was like
You could just go to internet cafe right yeah. If you have to yeah and he would just log into your gmail. You had to deal with that notification thing right yeah couple times, even though I started at Gmail just the new Gmail just for the fucking travel, they still fucked, it was still like well, This looks suspicious, I'm like yeah, it looks suspicious. Should I mean fucking nowhere, I'm in Indonesia, absolute but then like can we there's no the weather? So what's your father's, which amounts made in their god this gorgeous pretty right yeah did your kids are so fucking big? Now I know it's weird right the little humans. I couldn't believe it when I saw them I was like I was just like no way. What do you see the oldest very strange dude. In one day we're going to be old men. We were kind of old and right now to kids, but one day we're going to be old men,
I'm getting gray's already. Nobody rides for free yeah. Does it ask Asha Grass, everybody pays. Yeah, it's crazy! Isn't it I mean just and everybody think you know it's the sort of the same feeling that I have when I talked to pee. About asteroid, impacts yeah. Nobody wants to build it's possible. Someone smashing into big rock from the sky. I've been obsessed with it. For years we saw one, You saw in Joshua Tree, oh Jesus lit up, it was a burned for, like fifteen, second yeah, those are so tear. It was so cool it was red and we're just like that's not a from mushrooms, but everyone had the same SAM book. That's it's a rock yeah. I just had burned off burned off burned off until it was just went out, but it like that's it for awhile looking for shooting stars and stuff stars out there. So great, oh yeah man I'll, be out here too
we get some light pollution that a little light pollution, but it's not bad. It's play better than the city, but you, I really want to go out there, like in Hawaii Holy Shit, what the stars amazing, really yeah! I wasn't lenai last week. The stars, were just stunning man. I can look up at him. Like you see the milky way, see everything everything you see. That's what's that, like that lying down the middle sometimes have split, big light. Yeah. That's a sick clouds and looks white. What's this now, what's that, what's this animal dog shit Coyote the reason towels cuz it US berries in it. Oh really what these are kind of there weird little animals, but they don't attack people right yeah. They do they do yeah they do if they have opportunity. Have some sort of a fucking truce, which is like you alone with a coyote last night. They would go for a woman. Canada was killed a couple years back. Nineteen year old,
comma sing. Folk singer is more coyote. You could see the hairs in it. Yeah it's an animal, that's been eating things, it might be a mountain lion, but I don't think so. It might be a bobcat I remember that that female canadian singer, apparently where she was the The problem is they have they have a real lack of things for them to eat and so the coyotes, are approaching the coyotes. There will even take off a moose. No yeah as a packer by himself as a pack. They just attacked the legs until it can't go anywhere, yeah keep chasing it and biting its legs, really yeah, some of them get kicked in the head and killed while they're doing it? I mean they just take chances, 'cause, there's no food, they have to sell food, so they found this chick walking by herself. Whoops and it's a horrible way to die. Man 'cause. They eat you asshole first,
so you still alive as a guard with the bears yeah she still alive a turner apart. They don't kill you first, no interest, they don't care about going out. There waiting start chewing you apart and when they got two still alive torn apart, and then they took her to the hospital. She died, wait where they found are alive, pretty sure they just up like half a face. Criminal first takes awhile to eat dinner. That's what they do to animals, they kill you bye, meeting you asshole first yeah, that's with Coyote. Do wolves do the same thing. They say right at your asshole horrible reason, for real talk, also the most yeah for real, like they start your asshole terrible way to die hiking in these vibe other shoes that go choose their minimalist shoes. There's like almost no padding there's just some tread. We see
oh yeah yeah, that's like heavy socks. Yeah there's tread heard you get those in your heel when it and it hurts now now I mean build a rock song yeah. I feel the rocks it's just toughening up my feet. So, let's do it make my feet stronger. The way it's been drive to me. Is that your foot, when you're in regular shoe your foot, is like in a cast that just like? So if you ever had a broken arm, you get that cash, no arms atrophy exactly yeah. For sure there was something with your foot. Your foot is walking around in this cast all the time. It doesn't exercise all the strong muscle group, your toes and and these things they actually lost a class action lawsuit. I think, because a bunch of
people took him, they started running and a bunch of shit and they got hurt really so much call believe. I do here turn thing off. You. The low, because you could look at her trying to run on top of him boulder censure well because the last of the lawsuit because pursuing them, because they said that they they may aid on warranted claims or something along those lines. That's just on this. The cigarettes really yeah because, like say for the smoke and the FDA, is like wait. Why do you think that, obviously, obviously I mean they could easily be causing some new kind of cancer and who the fuck knows. I think it also be way safer, but just like you gotta prove it then say it with these shoes, one of the things that
people who are big proponents of them like this guy Mark Sisson, who is the author of the prime blue friend he's a He was a really well respected, endurance, athlete and then went on to become like this coach and does a lot of online stuff and writes books about diet and exercise. He says you gotta, take it slow because, essentially, your foot is just not used to really working. It's used to being part directed by. So like your to basing out for balance specially with these things. These things, your toes, are all individually moving and essentially it's just providing you little bit of of thick layer underneath to keep you from getting cut. Oh, but your foot does all the work. I'm at this, in Cambodia the head on this island. This is Paris, I the lives there and
they just get it. And you see this worm inside your leg and shit: oh Jesus yeah, you gotta go to the hospital and take it out, but, like maybe drink some stuff, I forget how they got rid of it. But it's just like everybody was like it's not going to happen to me and then yeah happens to you just need a little bit of scratch as you walk in there by them and they were in yeah. You can see it inside your skin, like moving. I can fuck in wrath of Khan. I had this guy on my podcast recently, Doctor Roberts CALL Skinny's an expert in LISA expert things, but one of the things he specializes in. Is this parasite called toxoplasma? That's the brazilian right yeah yeah and he was Freaking me the fuck out. You know you have it. I've definitely have it. Yeah yeah, yeah If it's that anger thing yeah the crazy thing to raise what is just like get mad and fuck all the time. Yeah. This is basically yeah. You get mad and fuck disease yeah it's. He says
percent of population has it in the world? No fifty percent, nobody just like I'm, it's so crazy how it works, how it infects the cat and the only This is where it can reproduce in a cat's, digestive tract to survive yeah by the drinking a rat into you going near a cat who it kills the rats. Fear of cats. Again you see the weather here, stay down there, yeah, that's an animal! That's killing animals, that's a coyote, but that's pretty big, some big shit. There bears out here, no not out here, but not so far away Santa Barbara has bears. Are there rattlesnakes here yeah, it's gotta, be that rude. I ran over one. What yeah with my dogs couple years back is a waterfall yeah, where I thought it was a stick. Is a big stick Ross Ground and, as I was jumping over, the dogs already passed it I realized.
In the air. I was jumping over a fat, ass, Nigga issue, which dude what's it looking at? You know anyway. Just therefore can try to stay in there. As long as you could now, I put the dogs away and then because When I had pit bulls- and they would go after you, I got it right times by rattlesnakes yup. I said to take him to the doctor and super expensive to get anti venom. Damn huge band, the deck yeah. But where, where we yeah talks of plasma yeah, it affects the the rats convinces the that's that cats. Not only does it take away the fear of cats, but it rewires their sexual reward system and makes them attracted to cat piss. That's amazing get hard ons! That's amazing! If there was nobody reproducing if there was some disease, it was like. No fat chicks are pretty, and then you would just have to go for them, it's just like. Have you heard of this new tick?
new tick disease. For sure the answer is no. I have not heard of it well gives you a meat allergy spreading through Texas, so all the lone star Tick, so you're allergic to meet after we get it literally and then. What is that too? Well, there's a chemical called alpha gal. It's like alpha glass taze or some shit and forgot how to say it, but stuff is in this tick bite and when it gets in your system. It makes you literally allergic to meet people who are like rabid, carnivores, yeah labs in our our podcast. About it, yeah the podcast call Alpha gal of a gal, all the gals G, a l like a girl, yeah and so much to lose to me to the up from to what end, what with purpose well, something which is no purpose of just it's. Just the site looks like Lyme. Disease is a side effect of getting bit by a tick. These can't
bugs are tired of our bullshit too many of they teamed up. I started us about it when people said like you know, if it could, you be like one thousand, two hundred and twelve year olds, fuck up twelve year old sure, maybe one hundred percent, what if their organs? I know they don't have a chance. They don't have a chance if they all come at you at once, and they don't care about getting beat up. First of all, everybody cares about getting but you're talking about non humans now. Well, what you start, training them at a young age, I'm going to fuck him up, but they don't have a chance. The first one is going it kicked into a person, is going to kick it hard for sure, but other ones are going to panic and then I'm just start smashing, so, okay, okay, I'm a two hundred right through those cunts. Just like hey go beat up Joe and whoever beats him up gets lollipop you'll take those guys, but if it's a trained army twelve year old step, fucked 'cause, I'm trained
If I had to fight me and ten other dudes quantify to fly, one hundred pound man, that's more coyote shit. That was a weird looking one salisbury yeah. He buries need a lot of berries, If I had to get ten friends and we had a fight, five hundred pound hulking man would be to be we'll be with it would have a chance for about twelve like gun control cels. Could you take that little bit in his current form performance? Absolutely mall up? We have a chance. They are drawn by the beard, one of them in front of me at some point. Yeah- and all you have to do is hit that one and the other one going to panic that I never said about the Bruce Lee movies when they would come out of one of the time exactly and maybe sometimes two at a time, but never in the same place well everybody rushed into grab, am just grab him the problem with Duncan's. He wouldn't be able to really do any damage if he got close, so he could punch you square in the jaw and you'd laugh it off like via Caracas,
that all you got yeah. But if you had to deal with like three Bert Kreischer's right, I'm probably going to fucked up yeah, even if he's not a trained fighter, it's likely you have to you, have to really actually connect hard on that. First guy, the first guy take out immediately hard as hard as you can yeah you have to blast him. You also have to show consequences for everybody else to let him know like hey you're, not going to freak out on me. I'm going to fucking, kill you stomp their face. Bananas are down. Oh yeah. I said my dad's what they taught him: israeli Army, the you know, and they said, there's a good chance mbu with no weapons against two Arabs with no weapons like that's a decent chance. Is it here's what you do both you look at the one that whatever the right, let's say. They just kicked the one on the left and the balls as hard as you can. This is
music and try to incapacitate in that way goes one on one, any ab that tranche Salaria. This attitude! Well there Well, it's raining. There were kind of like you know, Melissa armies. They're doing you know the calisthenics. You know In the fucking jungle gym to train and they go, you be him and then go back in to kill the first one interest. Did you get up to raise a kitten and then fill it by favorite They make you raise it like the eggs in Omak yeah and then then answer break its neck. And break his negative presented healthy kitten. They have raised for weeks wow, looking beautiful pond yeah, you get a lot of crayfish in those paw. Really yeah when it was raining a lot? This would turn into a river and like during the middle this spring the middle the spring. It was pretty thick with water down here it would go all the way to the high spot over there, where, over there, I see those rocks
yeah a little bit higher, like maybe two or three feet above where the waters around it was pretty awesome, but just went all the water was coming down from the mountains. It all comes down here. Yeah I was the runoff from the snow then followed by the heavy rains that we had for days and days, with some amazing rainfall really yeah, so in my basement, got flooded, really yep where people like complaining about it in Hollywood slots 'cause all these days. We need rain rain, and then it happens. Two years later and like enough with us dude three days well, people who, over this room, I shut the fuck up. No one feels that God Damn drought in in Hollywood. Exactly just like now, I'm going to run my water wild, but you just turn the water on and the waters right here, yeah and then there's no corn suddenly and you're like what happened. Well, I feel, like people need some kind of weather in order to really appreciate the web good, the good stuff you need some rain like that was like open up in the east coast. It snowed so in
summertime came around appreciate it. Yes, you are in your short, so I guess yeah time it got to sixty in your like. Let's do this get some. That's my favorite thing about New York ever feel the together right and then, when it's finally gets one the whole cities like we did it. You got to survive some of us, not all of us, and then it's like. Let's enjoy. Let's go out there some to that for sure in the over where I was is three season: seven, four winter summer and rainy, oh really yeah, and when is rainy season, it's rainy season. Well, I think that it's like it's just like every single day, wow yeah. I think that's good. I think it's in but if of family, what's wrong with California? What time is it oh yeah! We like spoiled rich kids, working like a trust fund, baby. What happened? Lizard looking every camera, Jesus who's threatening,
we just trust fund: babies for weather yeah, we're just so used to everything being amazing, in January? All you need is a t shirt. The fuck is in January man and what every word skiing and hung out in jeans and at shirt. It's insane yeah. These trails. These guys are great nobody's ever on him too. I go running these things. Do the same for the weekends, like I'll, never try to do anything on the weekends. That's when the amateurs come out right, like Runyon yeah, it's like I don't even don't just wait till Monday. So there's gotta, be a benefit to doing this kind of weirdo jobs. Yeah, and that is, you know, play golf on a Wednesday right, exactly fuck you, the uphill got stuff, I'm just a little window. Until we go back, oh yeah, then it's all uphill on the way back. This is the first pill. Now this car hiking man
great exercise too man yeah you get some sun on your skin and hiking with turn your backs. Amazing, not good, for your legs. So I did a three hi. Can Myanmar and some company like take your stuff to like another location? All you do is go with like a day pack, yeah yeah, but it's you know fifteen or fifteen pounds. What you got on your and it's great you come out of it, so fucking refreshed. I feel good. Ok, now it's time for a beer, I've earned it. You want to pause before the uphill weekend. Where's the uphill right there well, usually around here If I'm running a mile and a half, I stop right at that. Crap. You run all this around on socks, sucks, wow, guarded trying to get in really good shape for hunting yeah because,
The kind of shape I'm in is like jujutsu shape, kickboxing shape, weight, lifting shape, quick First, instead of last big difference between that and hiking hiking in the mountains in particular, and never thanks give up a golf ball. Why is it here? Somebody Paul was up there. I know you have a weird thing about litter, which I don't, but when I'm in the fucking woods, that's when I had the weird thing: I always feel like. I never let her messing up one item. People get weird with me about how Where do I am with little you get weird about cigarette butts on sunset, Blvd yeah, it's like they have Mexican for this. After coming I'd chase receipts down the street that are yours, yeah. I hate. I hate the idea that I'm littering, I remember being in Denver once with the with the with the with the with toward yeah. I think a posse yeah he would get mad. I think me and red band was like don't fucking, throw out there
rolling on the ground in beautiful Denver yeah. I think people with cigarettes. Do they just throw it on the ground step and it goes away window their car. They just don't want to see. It's out of sight out of mind. What is that who, when bug that is to take some kill, that bug Are you trying to kill it? Well, there's a million of them to go and buy your mom just like number of Peter Parker yeah, the guy killed Uncle Ben. He let him go. Let him go you're right that that ok, let's get Lyme Disease, we're definitely thinking about it. If I come back and I get that fucking meet disease I'll be so how to deal with that chick just sounds down right back up, so you could find that content in no way no way really some time you could find them dedicated. You think so yeah but he still smokes foot square. That was a tick though right. I think it was flat red looked very ticklish,
now. Luckily, for us, there's not a whole lot of Lyme Disease out here, but it does exist and it's spreading I have to take the no Lyme disease, but it still gets here. This is just making a week makes me itchy just Conti little bug. I pulled out my dog's fully swell up. Yeah they swell up with blood in it just to discuss it. I was in duck speaking of litter, where's that southern southern Vietnam, so Ho Chi Minh, then take about ten hour bus down yeah, romance traveling. This is like floating where these trees grow. Out of this lie. Just this water and there's like Lilly pads of yours, which is looks like grass and trees coming out, but you're on a boat through it yeah it's pretty great great, but then a we get off the boat get on the dock. And this fucking chinese guy that the worst travelers of the wars he just dumped a cigarette and he liked it
come on nobody's here, man is no street sweeping here we're in the fucking woods. Did you say something to him now, of course not wet pussy? I don't want Conf but also it's like what I like, chinese travels are the worst. That's why the great barrier reef is dead, really 'cause. They said, please don't put on sunscreen and chinese people like I'm just going to put on all the sunscreen. I have. How about that? No kidding they say, don't put on sunscreen in the area of the great bear, while your scuba diving, also your cup in a wet suit. So, like you, don't really need just a little on your neck and put it on like forty five minutes before so that's! What's killing the bird, the refills on screens a dead roof. Now it's death with a clear debt, wow yeah, which means it might be more than fifty percent that or something but like it's been declared dead. Brief hold that shit, one of the greatest things in our Fuckin world holy shit by sunscreen and man's encroachment dude, I used to um sunscreen. In my eyes, when I used to fear factor, I would do fear factor that come to the store- and I still have sunscreen on my forehead and I would start Swi
sitting in the sun screen with getting my eyes and it was fucking terrible, would sting so bad yeah, remember being on stage just cry tears run down what later, because I have it on for the day. Yeah I had on during the day or at night I'll, be tear enough to explain to people, so I was shooting outside all that not good and got sunscreen in my fucking eyes. A cigarette or we'd come on man. I don't smoke cigarettes, oh yeah, you could smoke weed, we can smoke some weed or should figure brought weed on a hike I like it. This is like you can have cut down a lot on weed Should try weed and yoga? It's did a bunch of yoga out there. Did you like twelve times who, like it yeah? I got to the point where there's one of my goals, I want to touch my toes and I started right below the knee am I did. I got turned on economic,
such a toes. Now, yes, a lot more flexible than using yeah, that's great! Yes, one, the best things for your health and then just while I was on both the should I would just like to it a little bit. You know, and you take these classes, they teach the moves on you like a reproduce that when I'm sitting waiting for a bus, well, you don't have a phone. If you did have a phone, you just use your or a cover classes. Yeah! Well, you have you have a computer. Obviously, when you go on the road or even at your house, turn on a yoga program on Youtube. Just someone who's got a yoga workout. You follow yoga workout, it's simple! You have to go anywhere. I have to do anything once you learn it, then you can get an unknown. I know you don't use the phone, but I have app on my phone. That shows the move and then times me really stop. Yeah good night packages are home with that yeah do that yeah. There are a bunch of things where MIKE to miss a phone for that. Do someone for that. Well, what you're doing is admirable, though you realize your limitations,
I've slacked off heavy on social media, backed way. What for what we get work done right. You do want and that is it draws you out. My writing. It's gotten much much more prolific in much better. I was thinking about your improvement, where hill, a special you know, I think of it right. You think a lot of that's I mean I thought it was a weird spot has always work as my as a cruise only does pockets for years. I think some of his back, the store working out just in front of people who all know you back in the store crack me up. You crack me up cracked me up other solid notch, you see some other great comics just being back. There too, I got energized and then getting all the support from all the people. I'm back there again to and being around like a real camaraderie, seen a real scene of pier where I wasn't like before I was just showing up and I would do gay. Can I get out of there like with Diaz?
No, I do the road with you guys and I'd have fun then, but when I working out the ha ha or the in probably just going to my saying, get the out, there's a heck, yeah the storm hand in hours for hours to with a car. He just did it not if they whatever last week, yeah. It was the first time in a long time we used to go there. All the time all the time. For me, it was like more than a deck need more than a decade napping at Carneys how long you gone for seventy seven years, seven long ass years, but I had really good eight sets really did good specials and bad specials. When I was gone, but the bad special that I did wasn't bad, but it wasn't real good. It was two thousand and twelve ramped me up for the two thousand and fourteen one, which was talking monkeys in space which is really good and then that ramp me up for triggered, which is probably my best, one. But I think this new one is going to be better. People are talking about your new stuff at the store. I haven't seen enough of it
the door guys like. Oh it's like on another level. Now I think like, but it is, it's not like rock stars. Are like twenty five is their prime. I don't know, and I'm just I'm I'm not slacking off. I think that's what it is. I think we get to this point where we're dedicated to something and it it we get good at it or we get successful at it at least, and then, once you get modulation, you sort of relax like I kinda got it. I know what I'm doing now, yeah and now let me fucking go yeah nobody's gonna, make me think about quitting. If I do about set yeah just like that, needs improvement. So now my opinion is totally different. Like now it's all about look, I know that the only way I'm really happy is if my com he's good. If everything in my life is going great, but I bomb I am not happy. Okay so I fix that. Well, I have to fucking work more at my stand up. I have to just whatever it is so I wrote down on my computer and on my phone, a schedule that I have
here to every week and one of 'em as I write five hours every week, it's sustainable crazy, like Seinfeld, where it's like eight hours a day. It's like I'm not going to hit that and then I'll fail. Then they tell a people not to try to quit smoking their first year. 'cause they're like it's way harder you're going to fail at that and then you're going to think like fuck. It go back to everything. So don't even try that so like that's right. Make attainable goals yeah. I also set like attainable goals for like fitness to Sometimes we could do yoga at the amount of times a week. I run- and I think all those they like they build on each other, like the momentum of them, and it makes the stand up better and then also like just thinking about. Stand up like thinking about the that trying to make it better trying to like how much of this is bullshit. How much of this is ego? How much this is just I haven't looked at it enough. I need to get it better much of this is I only came out of this one way and I stuck with that way when I come out in another way, like I've been doing that a lot now. That's how I see a tail during that where it's like
change. One word around now back now, back again when it's like, I don't know just because I've been doing, doesn't make it right yeah, you never know. Do you like, sometimes you'll you'll, be sure something and you'll switch it in it the way better yeah! You don't know what to you. Until I get out era, you got to do it. I was so that's what held by the back. For a long time, but he's always like showcase for pussy. So he's like this is the best. It is right now I'm not going to fucking, go one time and he's great comic, but like he's not like one time trying to differently or try new shit, yeah, I've talked to Bobby about it. I think Bobby just never did a special If you did a special, be forced to write new stuff, and I think his new stuff would really ultimately the way better than the stuff he's doing. That's the stuff he's doing isn't really good. It really is really funny. I think Bobby has light, is a moral comic. Has a sub could right now seen as potential and he's just a little nervous about putting stuff out there? I think So I don't know man, I just been paying more attention to it. It's been trying to pay a lot of attention to it. Just put it for you: do it when you draw
I think about you. I listen to recordings all the time like sometimes I'm I'm listening to music, and I said you know what I should be doing work I should be doing work, let's dissect this fucking set, and I don't want to. I want to listen to podcast of Redus into your podcast or Dunkin their burgers or something like that or Joey. But I'll. I'll just I'll go myself again, figured out, you know, figure out is a journal title to it. The she said to me was who's the guy jets, with smaller five to japanese guy in the old bomb squad. He was there, Chucky Chucky yeah when he was like when I started he was like. You don't talk about Darius out, but he goes here, so you gotta, do you gotta think about it all the time I can think about just do all that you'll get better and I was like. Oh, I can't. I already got something for that yeah. That's a real problem you have to We have to figure out like how much any
Do you put into other stuff from me whether it archery or used to be pool pool was the worst, because you can't really do archery eight hours a day, you'll get too tired, but you can play pool later just day easy, just gotta stretch it back once in awhile, just get more and more psycho about it, and then it becomes like ok. How much of this is benefiting Maine? Is it benefiting me spending all this time, but we in about balls going into holes, or is it like a big distraction, Wanna put that same amount of time into writing or into thinking about stand. I mean honestly point of returns at some point you know, but on some level anything else about is in time in Austin and thing about exactly another might be like. We said nothing more than like thirty four hours a week would be successful, yeah, so taking away that time is ok above thirty, four, exactly interesting man, it's like want recreation.
Like recreation work, your mind out a little bit: yeah yeah yeah, like we like this or save it, I'm good. Even like video games, I think, if you as long as you, don't get crazy with them. I think they're, probably fun and beneficial. Problem is, if you start like super getting into Jiu Jitsu the way you are in a comedy. Your comment is going Take second position. Work when she won that award for whatever dancer in the dark, Bjrk, the singer. She did acting once and she won't like half the awards, Huh yeah and then there, like you, can do that more. She was she said she felt like cheating on music, oh powerful Bjrk. I saw her house in Iceland yeah in a video someone was found around taking pictures of lunch start beating around little Bjrk yeah yeah. Are there minerals bunch of some lady was like totally disrespecting our. She was just like like how to camera like interface and she's filming are, and I get a lot words. I don't know that
Jackson Area with bad words after I'm going to see that one. I believe. Let me put up that video Jamie pull up the video I'm a little high right now. I don't really totally remember the story, but I'm pretty sure she beat some persons. I would. Love to see. Would you most like to see fight? Who is no fighting experience? Anything like that, like like Angel Angele and Trump to the death, yeah sure death? Absolutely whoever you choose to do that. I was going to Angelina Jennifer Aniston wow, fighting yeah wow. That would be vicious. That would be vicious. Angelina Jolie's got crazy on our side, though right, I think, Angelina Julie. We take it easy now that I mentioned that I think about it. She's got crazy, she's crazy. She drinks blood. She had an amulet filled with Billy Bob Thornton's blood she kept around. How do you survive that as a career? That's full on publicly crazy she's, so gangster that's full on out there. You don't want
fight that girl would be like fighting a wildcat. She bite you for sure for sure for sure, dude you getting bit she's, probably going to fuck well you're, going to realize you took her lightly as you're going unconscious. So I see where I went wrong with smashing your head off the side of a sink. I feel really attached she's an assassin, so fucking moving or I didn't see that coming she would you ever see. I let them in the tree maker that vampire movie, oh yeah. I did the way that I can jump on that guy under the bridge. Yeah I got so influentially. Would attack him food? That's a good movie. I forgot that movie. I saw the original way too, and I thought this movie is amazing and then I'll die. I was like well they're gonna up the remake and they did they did they didn't they didn't get up at all. I low budget, why don't know they just nailed it yeah? It was really great. It was good. Even the remake is great. Now say they did it. I did it well as sort of a new story, but the same thing- and you know it's it's so hard to do a remake- that it has to be on
of deniable right and so was so good that it was undeniable in everybody's, like that's, pretty fucking good, you ever see I have two movies were yeah so great, a kid empire and the old man who was like loved her dude 'cause he's been with her for whatever years, something about a kid vampire that just scares the fuck out of us hope delete shit. They give amongst us a fucking kid vampire little like four foot tall thing run an actual crazy eyes and you're not allowed to hit back parties like weight. Can I go now I'm going to kick this. You can't even do anything anyway right for human power right even that little girl should beef those dudes up, there's no chance of losing that had no chance, no way vampires alike on a totally different level down humans was a girl, actor she's good she's, very good, like what see a vampire there's not like Superman, though no exact. I like it when you, because you are there. No, I don't think you can take to the heart yeah, but you got to get a stake in our hearts. Rice has only
could be up to a point where it is done. He's going to kick your ass, somehow another becoming a vampire makes you way stronger today. He select Wolverine, I don't think they get hurt. Dude, I think. Until the steak is in the heart, you can't really hurt him. He should wear heart plate both heal up dude like Wolverine yeah, but then they started changing that they started changing. That right like some of the later movies like what was that movie thirty days of night yeah, I was guys die is like sunlight, sunlight for sure Kellum with like silver or something some of them they make up. New rules like you can kill him with silver light weight is not where we could do that. A movie just got back. I know that was wrong with those people thought it's actually this we got bullets with garlic and it you gotta, kill him number that, like garlic, would kill him, and then they had would tip bullets yeah. So you could use machine gun. Well, the heart blade. The comic book, superhero blade had these teakwood knives, he had wooden knives and he would hunt
vampires and stabbed them to death, and they were just listen to goodnight, I devilwood knife. So we got this super hardwood. Wow yeah. That was good. Do the idea of vampires. I think it's haunted people for ever, because I think it's what people are capable of at the very worst drinking people blood to survive in human being inhuman. You heard about some of the that went down in Liberia where, during the civil war they were capturing chill learn from from neighboring tribes would eat their flesh. They would eat their heart this guy, it was one of the vice pieces on Liberia, where he talks about and describe, how he would do it, how he could go to a neighboring tried capture, one of their children and eat his heart, yeah dude. I'm going there in december- oh my god. Would you doing. I know they're done with that now, but you will see a lot of power, yeah and friends of all gone back. I'm going with that. Somebody was from there sorry stay home with my buddy from college like he knows it.
But even you know how I got started yeah I just found out. We never knew that as kids right now, No, I didn't know about it until the vice series, a pair, ok, it's they took a! U slave Colonie fruits list them back to Africa. Monroe Jesus Christ was in Monroe. That's why they call their capital, Monrovia is liberated to and then chaos? Well yeah, I mean whatever happened later yeah, but I mean how how crazy is it that the became one of the most chaotic spots in Africa wow. Imagine I heard someone NPR there's like ten years ago. They were like. Oh no, it's safe, now, When people comment, how dare they start walking back
I don't know shit about Liberia by the way, if you're from Liberia, I'm just talking Jamie, pull that up. Please Jimmy pulled out. We go this way. If there's a loop. Wait, give me a second. You know where you are gotta head rush. Damn we went, keep stood up too fast, oh yeah! I got too high. That's what it was. That's where it was. That's been nice out here. Oh yeah! I have that New York right, not really you get stuff here. There were not the selection and the amount in the fuckin, so stillness about it. So silly open it up so yeah yeah as a window for like a month. So it's like. I really been smoking that much this is nice, the land of it yeah. I get Colorado number one Colorado's way ahead of time, what state to try and like the way it down or cow and then so, okay, yeah, well, you know what it's like washing
state or like Oregon in the summer in the mountains, Oregon gets real flush. Hard to beat yeah, I feel like in uh and everyone has their own plant in their backyard yeah and they want yeah. Those people are around. Actually, I read an article and said that they were not fucking around wow. Officially yeah they come out. The article is entitled Are they fucking around? little Pacific NW people. They know how to grow. Some weed yeah Jesus by the way specials out right now today or yesterday, money somehow we put this out, isn't really double negative. It's called. Excited to present it to you guys, people get start streaming it right away right now, yeah, that's awesome, yeah, yeah, happy with the way everything worked out: dude fuck yeah, beautiful, fuck yeah.
This is exactly why I had like it in vision on some sort of digital type, one episode in the other right right back to back just click on on it's two different specials but similar, that's awesome, yeah and then the actual special part came out really good. But I worked at heart now will talk to you about it too. I took all those intermissions in Scandinavia and then you were like your game. Is so good, So, like that's fucking, they used to it out there and do it here yeah. So I tried doing it here, a bunch. Like the hang of it. So it's nothing like new in this weird. You know for the sake of weirdness right. Well, it's very experimental man mean doing a lot of cool shit, you're having fun yeah. You know, that's what I get out of your podcast, too. Your podcast, is an enthusiastic view of the world, I mean that's your the end of day you,
Very enthusiastic person likes you like a lot of cool shit like doing you know and for me like knowing you as long as I have known you when you weren't doing so good and you interest it's so amazing, seeing you so happy, isn't uh! There are bands great forget about starting to good in comedy and also like depression to like fucking, fine still lacks any easing yeah. I know, and I mean I'm sure, there's a bunch of different factors- Physically yeah yeah yeah- and I think I know you don't like this, but I those pills help me. No, no man you're one of the best examples. Ever you and beast. Remember Brian. And war machine he also oh, wait. No sorry do you, member Brian, from beast from tenth planet.
Remember him yeah yeah, yeah yeah! I remember him: huh bad asked, judge it's a blur yeah. The guard well help TIM, Bro, yeah. Well, researchers live forever yep. You want to put everything like black and white yeah and it's like when this is over prescribe that doesn't mean it's always going to be bad yeah exactly. You know that just means too much. Some of that with anything. It's like every that we know know that it's had pain, pill problems. They took the pain, pills 'cause. They worked right. You know I've gone crazy yeah I mean if this were having their fourth yeah had to check himself in I'll. Do it buddy Brendan Schaub, had an issue. His friends really had to take the pills from it, who's taking him everyday several times a day for like months and it's friends came over, so I hate to do no more of these. And he said he had, you know he had to kick it and it, but he's a and athlete he's a strong minded dude, you know he could kick it Maybe if you're like a week
well person, that's more inclined to give into things. Maybe well. Maybe it would get you or maybe if you have a chemical imbalance, it makes you look really super that definitely come off it there. Like ok, here's the deal. You come off at real, slow I was on one hundred. Let me think if I'm right and fifty milligrams- and there were like all right and that's we found that experimentation and then they go when you coming off it go to one hundred and twenty five for a week every day for a week always monitor yourself. If you start about suicide at all. You got to call me immediately. Go back on regular dose, Jesus cry yeah, they tell you like really like be careful, but not everybody does, and then okay, I'm done with that. As my last position, I will go back to write it well. I think the better example might be the pain pill thing, because this it's like painful for them to stop right. In the like day, eight yeah, I mean, if they're, all crazy. It's crazy everything as it's this way. Well,
Everything has its own crazy, nothing on this look up there, I mean everything- has its own crazy but yeah. I think those pain pills from just the experiences of people that I have talked do not firsthand stuff, obviously, but yeah. They seemed to grip you. So why are people just can't shake him. A lot of fighters. Man lot of fighters get hurt, have surgery, and then take a few pain pills and then also, and they got a problem person who maybe had a in the past and he took a break and you were clean and sober living, the MMA life and that's uh. Yeah and then you hurt your back or something you needed, the painkillers you just took him, don't worry I'll get off home, I mean there's just you're challenging people with these things. In way that I don't necessarily know if it's fair
challenging them with chemical addictions of choice. For yourself, hello yourself, it's I mean. I definitely think you should have the right to do whatever you want. I'm thinking like, though jumpers. Are you okay drive and it's like they have the worst judgment right now, yeah. Why ask them you're, taking someone putting on a chemical and addition to something and then say like yeah, but use a regular mind. Yeah you put in amount of crazy cocktail you're saying: oh, you got pain here, have some opiates take them all day and you're just going to be like in a heroin fog yeah? Maybe you get you'll settle into that heroin fog. I know it. Dude's got a fucked up back and I know when he's on yeah man I talked to was just how weird it out with a selfie. This is not a good place to take a self evident when okay, so by that. Well, how come, I believe you yeah,
I don't want to get these feet slippery because I got this weight on my back. Oh yeah, ok, there we go alright, yeah sure. No, I don't have no phone capable of taking this picture. That is by the way, anyone thinking about getting a flip phone. Everyone has a camera because. Never want to be without one yeah, that's true so you will take on their own any wagyu yeah. I like that which Bush thing on the side of the mountain. The white Bush have been coming out yeah. What is that? And now it looks like some tar Shit, yeah real white, it's so weird. When you look at plant life in the variety we could just just get
really used to it didn't exist. Look like the whole world was the Dez yeah. I was just sand dunes and you got to see some like this you'd be stunned by the one of radiant energy. It gives you know if the whole world is a desert and also- and they brought you to like a creek. That's like what they build holy shit, Can I touch it? Oh, my god, it's alive around me, his plants are there Life force they're saying hi. The four says hi. Some of us are not that good at listening, madam a check of his white with a search from the mushrooms and he was like and play God wants me to do that. I might not be wrong. It's a fucking telephone that God left for you to talk to him. That's a good way. To put it, I keep saying you got get up while so he put it here. That's a good way. To put it wasn't. Man made dude is a very strong argument that God made it stupid. Turning on the other side of the glass on Fuckin, when you're bitten someone in prison because of
don't talk, pick up the phone you might be right, dude, that's right that down somewhere text down to you for real the only people that disagree with that of people don't do mushrooms, you've done it yeah. So Neil said that he took him. We did him in Banff last year and He said he was going to Amsterdam and he took like like ten grams. For some reason, prices are way too much, and then he was I I did like was too much for me. I'm like I know, know what to do that. Much well whatever not real people, but like nobody, knew right but those crazy, psycho night type characters. I can't handle ten grounds. Three slash, eight yeah, that's a lot yeah, almost a quarter, three slash four of one, slash four: is it
feeling. That's you never talked about that. Did Asin yeah? What do you think about that very interesting? How different how different how same it's very different? It's? I didn't take a large dose. I took enough enjoy it. Okay,. What does that mean in real terms a a tablet, something a drop or something I don't know apiece, I'm not. It was in a candy form, okay, but, but I got out of it was that all of these things- whether it is a great time talk about this when we're on the full big time here all these things are somehow related what things all psychedelics, oh yeah, even pot, even edible pot, mushrooms, lsd.
All of them are taking too like separate apartment rooms in God's gigantic apartment building. They'll. Take you to different places like DMT. Takes you to a different room. Mushrooms have a different party show. You but it's all in the same same ramp, somewhere go somewhere, come over this house with me. It's did not hear you know. An ass is definitely almost like. What acid makes you feel like is that it wants to sort of change. What here is you know what I mean It was like we will say. I know. I think I have a pretty objective view, of how I see reality and then acid goes bad. You don't know shit. This is not that there's something else. We could change it to something totally different forever
I know when mushrooms happens, it gets this place of I guess from Festus over, so you missed it, but you can still catch up pretty. This is. But I've gotten to the place where it's like, like you see the truth, a lot on mushrooms asses little different yeah. I felt like it was pretty introspective yeah, but it was also calming in an interesting way like perspective enhancing coming. You know, I think we're like everything's gonna be okay, yeah yeah, but you see it since it was the first time I did probably go into that with some preconceived notions. You never know Larry Hagman example with some notions, and I think I did yeah Larry Hagman, from Dallas before he died, really doing all these interviews, and he was talking about important lessons in his life. I forgot the context was, but he said that he took LSD.
Really Larry Hagman and that LSD took away his fear of dying. Don't forget that, like he looks so peaceful when he said that to the lady who was interviewing him thing was a lady, that's bold! The network I'm middle, might the lady. What draw your own conclusions, but I think his his statements on an about it, made him not afraid of death and appreciating like what life is and how life keeps moving you know they're making any sort of efforts to make that legal. I don't think so. I think you gotta Read it carefully with all this stuff. As you get one of these Jeff sessions types characters
Yes, I'm looking down on this massive muscle in though the laws around they don't want state rights to take place. You know that yeah often elephant a rock in front of a lion over here, just trying to head. It looks like an elephant standing in front of a lion that rock formation, the rock the one that both you know them down from that right down from there looks like an elephant Oh wow, I can't see it I do see the trunk there and the other actors like sheer and something else shuts out: yeah yeah, yes, where's the lion, but right behind behind it about to eat it. Ok, ok, ok, ok, I'm saying yeah! It almost looks like somebody carved that shit. It seems to me, like a roided up, rabbit, I picked out like a Havalina or something but he's still, no matter what it's definitely packing up the elephant or next to him something's going on here actually thought that what in God's name where we just talk about,
we are so high right now vampire movies. Now we did that a long time ago. Did you grow up with any sort of wilderness yeah a little bit hiking and stuff like Well, when I lived in Newton Newton is like a suburb of Boston yeah, that's where I went to high school there was a lot of woods right across the street from my house. The Charles River was right across the street from my house. So when I was in high school I mean my friends would go out like the woods right there like a river and some woods, and it went back pretty far. We would just always go in there. We go fishing, go fucking around the woods and really oh hell, yeah, hell, yeah and shit yell and scream and always around her yeah. We did a lot of stupid. The device, fine yeah, but it's some. There was a little bit of woods like right out to my house when it was by no means rural. It's a suburb, but in the suburbs, like around Boston, like you get these areas that are just big patches of woods, because
right right. They just haven't like done anything to it, yeah well there for us through different alot a lot around my place grows there really! Well, it's rain! yeah, but you get the woods in Maine or something like that. That's the Fucking woods man! I mean it's thick thick timberman like we drive is the highways like both sides of green on both sides. But you can't see anything just woods. Woods do this, so that you take you where you were going to wear Stephen King lived talk to the lab Salem. No damn it portland me Portland me! No, he didn't live in Portland God then I'm so it was made right I'll, come back to it. Yeah. Main people gonna be so mad at us. Main people love me, whereas if you know the manager of what we do main people, they love Maine that Amanda Column maniacs are really yeah. They love main talk, should
Amanda charges. The client has to go there and talk about mainly was get up and yell. Yeah, really can't joke around. I love that joke around pump down down, get so mad. Well, that's true! You think, where you're from yeah from sucks yeah alright would like bear really establishing tribalism. With other states still yeah, we should probably break off right some states to break off the do in Europe the kind of Akia like. Why are we, Let's just get outta here you guys go on your way, will go on ours. Salt, too confusing man like I don't understand the military. You could have like open border crossings between the mall or something
but I mean I don't understand how how would that work if people, just if we pull the military's, the mill has a military work is that we get invaded too fast? Well, I don't think so, because we still have the same amount of people and still the same age. L A r, a b o like the military, because we have yet to figure out how to get paid, and how does it makes it's just protecting us and not under the will of anybody that has some of the areas and tensions. Now that there's no states are now there's no, you know one powers. No one power. Like the run tree of California man. I guess maybe what it was back to where was the beginning with the states really felt like no I'm a Virginia and as an American. This is the real right stance of bull. Yes, I will ship same reason why countries are bullshit. So what happened in order or to Kentucky what happened in World WAR one there have been a world war, two states invaded states, it's the same thing: it's like us being invaded by Nevada. It's the same thing. We would lose right. Yeah, probably stand a lot of guns for weak people here. If you really think about that, that's exactly what it's like. If Germany invades Poland,
Right right, right, right now, they're both in the EU yeah they both just like right next to each other. How far away is Germany to Poland. I like. How long does it take to drive Germany to Poland if you had a gas drive inside a day inside a private? Yeah, I bet about us going to war with Colorado Vancouver to Colorado in a day if you had to yeah, if you like, took after all, you can get to you can get them Montana from there from here the day I don't know we did Vancouver to LA took us like twenty seven hours with three people. People would kept switching switching only stop for gas and twenty seven one move that one like over some of the ways that wow yeah, I think, if you could just stay awake, you can go pretty far for people split in midday. If you could just stay away, you go pretty far today, but the point is that is that so there will be a war with right. That's fucking, bananas! That's
it is you know these people went to war with other states, don't call it a state, don't call it a country. It's just people. On that. I went to people on that side. There was as close as Nevada, you know, and if it is only four hours away driving but as close as Colorado, at least actually going to war with Colorado. We might win no, no, no, we get fucked up. Dude people would bail people just start swimming, they would jump in the water. Yet, let's play I just gotta eat England too many people just getting through and get out of there watch from ashore yeah watch it light in flames from the shore. It's ago illusionist this pretty one. I think we would survive a real revolution like if something fun can bananas happened well, got think they'll kill all the dissidents as fast as they can and a voice and then shut down the internet or at least shut down the intern.
Yeah they'd have to establish their own internet right, yeah yeah, so they could use it and then evil yeah so like avengers That's fine, I'm in line I'm in line of do it. What do you want? Well I'll, do it and said what did internet back on please? Let me I'll find you in we surrender. Can we get back or stuff and they be like? I don't know. If we can trust you guys yeah. You guys already broke from the team. Yeah we're team player over here yeah you ready to keep moving, and then you get some revolutionaries like. I need you. I need like come on man, I'm not fucking strong, like that, get somebody else. Remember that I only watched it till they hung that dude dude, the redhead homeland, yeah well after they hung on a MIKE. I'm out. You know how much before that that should be the end of a for sure yeah. He was the whole show yeah. The two's badass, how do you kill that guy? That's ridiculous! How do you kill him? Yeah why'd, you kill Daca contract. This view problem. It had
be yeah, why wouldn't leave unless you guys amazing? How do I do this anymore and there would be like alright, we'll just end it they went on after that. Set it, but that's just money graph Bangor me Bangor me Bangor me yet already Bangor most way too much part. For this part, you believe it was the right amount. But so how was it different than mushrooms acid? How long it lasts say that? Where do you do it? I just took it at the studio. Do you want around outside a little bit yeah, hung inside. Maybe I didn't take enough to have a super super acid experience, but I've taken a couple times to stay up way late in the same dosage is wow. I took him in Edinburgh last time and it was like till the sun came up and then one thousand am not even like
that's when the sun came up like this, so I like looking to go to I just think about you just keep thinking, though right yeah, it doesn't doesn't like edible pot. Do that too? Just get you thinking and a pretty profound way too. Yeah. I think with those apples word in casual conversation, profound profound, you start using it for burgers and stuff so chances. The ground beef. This is such a douche bag phrase yeah ropes of ropes, ropes, run by the ropes so anyway, yeah watch my how far should fear double negative? If you like it till five friends, welcome to thanks, So is good for you huh shit yeah, it's all the countries I went through, they can see my special yeah Netflix can put something on you can
watch it at anytime the place you have an internet connection, the one you can't do it on a plane. Yet but you can watch you loaded up loaded up some of them. They have in the seats oh yeah heading on the airplanes, but how does Netflix work and you loaded up on your life on your phone before hand or no it's only string now you can only stream it that's what solves the piracy qualms sort of, but I'm sure people can pull it off of Netflix. That stream. It I mean a positive right anyway, whatever, regardless of that still pretty accessible, yeah super possible. The point is, it's just an awesome platform and they have you know so much Stan there. Now it's the spot to be. They really do have a lot of stand. It's pretty great yeah, it's like the place to go, yeah, it's pretty good find. What you want is some
different choices to, and you also can stumble into people's speaking to stumble yeah kind of like a rolling stone, but a top five albums of the week. You know and if you saw you like that's going to be like at that, you know just like I've, always the guys, I'm giving him a look. You know. What's a good one, you've seen lately, I can't wait for Rory's when's that global it's out. I mean a month ago without now, it's out now on Netflix. It's always just out now. Yeah he's just always really funny out there and seen it, but I'm here it's so weird and different, but like not we're we're just like, I know you got to see it, it's just always trying crazy shit. I think I might have my la somewhere once this thing with John Door, where they first time I saw in Montreal.
I hope you're not too sure right now into my car. Ok anyway, so was this a man get me there have no id dammit lost the world, have Mara we're on a frequency interruptions talking about something definite talking about something. So Montreal at a something over eaters December. To find new people got it got it so I'm gonna show small place and Reggie Watts is hosting there's like eighty nine years ago, he's big but not like massive and it was fun and about two hundred pm play hey by the way everybody good hosts just weird stuff, and does it well because by the way we had a couple, we had a comic drop out. So because I might everyone in lecture time, everyone's, like yeah, fucking, sweet and then it goes to the
a little bit and then it goes ok. So here's the problem, like everyone, ended up showing up so now we're behind. So we actually have to be out here. 'cause festival rules, so the last two Congress agreed to go in together everybody, and then they do doing their own bits over each other. Just like anyway, they're not going to go back to back at all they're, both just doing their own x. Oh no yeah, and I'm telling you man, it should've, been funny for thirty seconds and nine one slash two minutes later, I'm dying laughing. That's it was so fucking good, really and then sometimes one to get his breath and use here, not my light bulb, from the other one and then it would go like that and it was like. Sometimes I sent you here like you guys, like impression, said it's like now. It was so good wow? That's amazing, yeah! That's what those things I was thinking that's going to be terrible! Oh no yeah! I know right. Then they didn't plan it not know they planned it. They did plan like how far in advance, I guess they general bunch but register setting up real. Well, oh that's brilliant yeah
yeah! I know that in just a touch can refuse to give in imagine the amazing yeah if they like, I'm, not I'm not the first to break yeah with neither one of them got upset I don't know I had this people on this side had a pretty good. How did you do your side that Solarius man yeah act out some stuff? he's, always doing shit like that. So it's like I'd. Who also suffers a soda? I guess you Lewis, I don't know who else? How are you uhm? I gotta finish on there The list such as when you feel like a disability, I'm gonna, look assistant special today. Last time I saw was bursting special, which allowed to look presidential, I think, like the Ali Wong special. I never got to see that otherwise yeah. That was really good. I like working with her at the store too she's super nice fuck. Her choose. I thought we agreed
This is coolish. Is nice. Let's keep going. Okay lot. Birds was really funny. We sound like a Netflix commercial yeah. Just trying to pump up the show folks don't get all Shelly on me. Fucking shells, geyser Netflix shells, you know who is where it's at? does Amazon Prime, is so superior Did you seen the Alexa sounds where it's like you talk Amazon. Has that Alexa is the box yeah, but selected Jones. It's Alex Jones, so you talk to this like Illuminati, is watching you right now from the skies Alexa. Please, conspiracy. Theory. Well, you know it's really funny man, that's funny. It made a video of it. What do you think of that? sorry people get mad that he was on
tv at all. I guess it's Why? Just simply for this fucking Mori, blacks, yeah? What Megyn Kelly said that justifies it in my eyes is that she said he's not going away. She's, like hook he's a guy who's out here soon as thing, let's find out what the fuck you really yeah, I like that Does I like that? I like that now what you want to hear all sides, and he has been around for awhile. He didn't do much mainstream shit right, no, not much at all dude. It's amazing how tired you get just a little bitch ass. Forty five pound played on so this is fucked gorgeous out here. For his boxer, great California, so many of these pieces awesome- you just are coming out here, ok now I've always cut is a bunch of different places. I go price, though,
If you go that way or that way, when I got a really cool place to has more people, but it's pretty fucking spectacular, really yeah I'll. Take you next time. How do you have to have in your backyard? Had one of those have steps right into the it's so pretty out here, yeah but place now. All these places around here is where the fires man, Oh really so much a storm right up and right over their houses. Oh every now and then- amber, goes right up. The thing gets lit up and it had throws a cigarette out the window. I saw fire start on the back wall of pink dot in the parking from my bathroom window. You see it just a little bit. And it climbed up that wall with
like ten minutes, is all fucking gone and over who yeah Jesus Christ. Any place would be really nice. If we get to a point anymore, people just stop robbing people and beating people up and shit. Unless it's prearranged fight, yeah, imagine how much better the world would be, God Is this fucking to have your stuff I'll? Have myself huge step yeah, it would be pretty good that never was an issue. If Trump was like all right, all the rest of stuff, you guys had before it's way worse than you think, but I think no more robbers at all. It's like rather people with rare, is cannibalism yeah. I think there is that in America in America, yeah
not really some of the world for sure to be neighborhoods were pretty safe. Most of the time too, there was an island Indonesia, where, as of nineteen, ninety nine there were head hunting, woo yeah, they would stop for awhile and, like another country, would come in there so you guys go back to head hunting and they were just would for like forty years. Is something really dark Doucce snap, your head, yeah say: if you drink a blood, thinner names I forget now of your enemy. That was fighting you. It's just super powerful, oh boy, but only there fighting you changes. Social media, talking right, controls of the whole time, that's beautiful thing about the Diaz brothers can do talk and fight, yeah, I hate when they shut them up. I get so mad at that, like this
into it the rules. So I'm saying let him talk, there's nothing to do with the rules is a fucking dick shot, no yeah one! but that is, if he's running a talking, he was like: hey shut your fucking mouth, it's wonderful, written somewhere. I don't think they should say anything yeah, then. Just like don't get built to be involved in the fight, I agree. And a lot of fighters enjoy doing it. Yeah Dennis Johnson or Michael Johnson, brother Dennis Johnson, Michael You can only talk trash their hands at the new rule in that segment. I don't think you should do it, but I think if you want to do it is your right. Yeah who's, the worst trash talker in MMA, the worst yeah. Have you seem to like how to shut up your so bad? This is a good question. A lot of them do that and they wait for this applause that never comes Oh yeah, I mean they went great, align well Randy Code tour almost too nice to be a trash, talker yeah. No, I mean other people who do it. People would do it badly.
Uhm, but Randy, but never really talked ran over anyone? Do it would be in the budget yeah Is that a lot of guys are doing it now, yeah to get famous yeah, yeah something so you get a lot of these guys. You don't know how to do it right, yeah. Well, I could poker player a lot looser like if you're from going to get on one of our sponsors. We cannot faking it. That's true and also part of what's exciting, about a guy like Connor. Is that there's only one of 'em like there's a bunch of other people that are loud mouth and funny and they're all doing it? back and forth with each other. He was not the unicorn yeah, his back just kicking my ass Forty five pounds it adds up after awhile yeah it does. You know I mean some of really be too much white noise, but there was ten. You know I mean be annoying. It's like a unique Lee. Malone. Yeah leave me alone.
I really want to diminish him. That would just make a bunch others talk exactly like nullify. Am yeah. Do the exact same thing, I'm the number one irish fighter, all the violence on my side. Have massive troll. They can getting punched for the Mayweather fight. They're like he looks terrible. He just like he's like it's not as bad as I'm doing it, but one step above like he doesn't know boxing look at his fights, they hidden camera of him, fucking, never become boring. Yeah yeah. I saw that video of him spar with that professional boxer, it's fake. He knows how to punch this even blocking it like with this fucking. I don't think it's fake, No way you just move it around with the guys are really good boxer. I was trying to find his range trying to be unorthodox and the guys are very skillful boxer. I forgot his name.
We could remember his name for the Outro finance, whose name is your bucket list? It's yours, no serious, how's, it mine, you're, going to put it out. Oh, I want to put it on the data special confuse. The shit out of me know: ok, whatever we got it now, I got it together, I'm so high. I forgot the timing was Jamie look at the fighters name, who is a skilled fighter, that an order with a guy that Khan was boxing is very good. He's very good. Like you could see, it would take beautiful crisp motion. He's a solid professional boxer. I got a really high level and you know definitely got the better of Connor but that doesn't mean that, like Connor, wasn't working on specific things or wasn't working that much on boxing. When did this habit? What was really trying to concentrate on right, maybe you're, just trying to work on range. We looked just close to you and say he could be trying to work on a lot of things. He could be stupid bad though you're right it does, he could be trying to take is minimal. Amount of damage is possible. Not commit himself very much but see what it's like to
move around and spar with a guy was a World class box because like if they had hidden camera footage of you like on your back and he's like no, I was working off my back for that hold two months. Well, mostly, did you guys? I think are super aware of that kind of stuff, like there's a lot of, guys will be the similar to that. Where he's like? No, what you think is bad is not bad at all. I'm trying to get in that position. Yeah, like you, get a picture of Jean Jacques, getting stuck inside control every day with one of those blue belts. Let's you do it so that he gets you in a position and I was like ok, I want to sweep you now next thing. You know you're on your back, but like you could take pic, use of it right there and say: oh, my god think I was getting the better of John Jock. He had inside control he's like well, I got John Jacket set up for second clip. Yeah just play yeah I mean you, don't really know what you're looking at, but you know you're looking at a guy. Who is a super high level so the galaxy he looks sweet. I like what he's doing and he's he's deaf we get in the better Connor. It didn't look good on cars for, But again I don't know what car was working on. I don't know if he was. Maybe you know how many training sessions you doing today? What do you know it? Whether
got injuries? Why is he just boxing doesn't have an mma fight is it is, before the Nate Diaz fight. When is it exactly that they were sparring right? Oh yeah, good point could fucking years ago. Who is he preparing for you know? Is he preparing to throw kicks? Was work is rain, trust you have any chance in the world that Mayweather who the fuck now I say no way more than I don't know shit, but I say no way. Is it lesson? Eight four Mayweather maybe if I probably tend to. Maybe even you would be crazy to bet on a guy with zero professionals? Never done it's almost rude to boxing to say he has a chance. Almost man he's taken on literally the greatest defensive boxer ever right. I mean come on son yeah, exactly it's almost like two months that it's like a people thing. This stand up just just on the spot. It's kind of similar but Connor does not
punch and he punches very hard. Yeah big lips, your right, but he's a bigger guy and he's bigger yeah yeah, he's a lot bigger and are you gonna watch alive, no 'cause I sold out two shows in Dc Bitch, really where you playing some theater, that's where I grew up that's right. You know it's called you never know. I do not yeah I'll, be there Washington DC. Whenever your theaters called Hey Hebrew Academy, broken! That's where you went well, then just high school wow switch cover the bad kid you're, a bad I went to the less religious school comedian that wasn't a bad kid like trouble like like like stuff yeah at least troubled any so that we're not troubled now
I mean they don't like once a year. They don't get in trouble. You know their kids. Do stupid things. Sometimes they don't understand, shouldn't even say stupid. I would say they do careless things sometimes 'cause. I understand yeah, but you know, but not like a real true. Is there little roll? I'm in your big one too: no, yeah. I don't know many comics who weren't in trouble a lot I feel like People are learning every generation how to be nicer to their family members every generation, are getting better at it and I had a when I grew up with in Boston. His dad was super strict and dad. You know fucking him and scream at him and shit. That was crazy and you know he had had enough of it by the time we were in high school. I don't know hard to see shit like that enough of his mouth and off. We had and uh. His dad hitting him. Oh really yeah. So we had
back or you say, get the fuck off my back, but he gets close to it, but But my point is like I in his jazz generation: that's what everybody did. They beat the shit out of their kids and then his generation before that they beat the shit out of their kids and I think, like people today, our figured out how to be nicer to each other like every day we're getting better at it seems like it. I really believe that man. I really believe that I, I really believe. If you we're getting better at being, not just saying hey. How are you just being nice? I wonder if ' with this, like in this happening now between liberal and conservative and like left and right and stuff works make people like sort of pre. She sometimes with me. It helps with like I will give up a lot of freedoms, but still got some like walking up force like that right. You know nature, that's a great yeah. So with that you get the thing too. It's like look whatever, let's be kind to each other right or no well. I just think that the
some people. I mean this. Is I've been dwell on this more than any other thought? in the last few years have that people are all redlined, because they're all taxed out like as far as the amount of stress they go through without physical exercise. The amount of thanks and anxiety. They go through with What resolution helping a lot? I've just seems to stay in the same state there's so many People to find themselves in these traps more and more. Over the last few years and what happens to them just it's. Just nothing comes good out of it. You know yeah. So what do with niceness? I think that trying to look at
with people how much of them are initiated by you right how much of our initiated by a situation that maybe could have gone sideways if you were defense, is just not yeah, we were just like hey what and they laughed like what and we've had sorry. This is so much standoffish is here. I know you look at people, they look down like, like almost like try doing intimidate. You know it's just like for what I am. I I'm nearest says gone, but it was like. I just saw friendliness before and then it's like there's a difference. But there's like this meanness it there. Well, there's some for sure, but this is also an overpopulation issue. Yeah. You know they did some kind of The study on a radio lab podcast again right, you'll have plug boom. They talked about how there's this direct correlation between how ask people are walking like how many steps they take like per minute on average verse, is the population in that city and how many syllables they say in certain amount of time
really, because you no time to actually formulate words, because so many people, so you talk faster, probably like Dave Smith, try just in quicker yeah, you can't you can't just lay back right. So it's like rush yeah like it like up right. Big families got a rush to get a check, yeah interesting, fascinating, right, yeah so. They found it like small towns, yes, lower, walking, slower talking and you could tell by setting up cameras in two locations on a busy ST how fast people walked. You could tell the exact population of the city. Wow really wow! Thank you walk fast in New York. They really do fast enough. You get side yeah. It's almost like athletics yeah; they put a to it, has over the girl, and she was like well why you, where you're going okay? Why are you running people bump
Apple II, yeah, yeah, yeah, see a lot of bumping. Had somebody call me a dick, oh yeah try to get wireless printer code, I waited for a minute and then like fuck, it I'll just get buyer and then I walked by she started walking so like you know, hit shoulder shoulder hard or anything and it kept going, and then she was like Dick and I was like alright, I'm not going to get into it. So I kept walking shoes like Jack. I kept walking shoes outside to the screaming dick how many times sometimes outside another two inside. Have you done this on stage? Yeah, no yeah, there's something there dude like Jesus, let it go you imagine when a psychopath such I live with that to do that, The guy was doing that to you. How scared me don't know my god. I bumped a crazy guy. I better get the fuck outta here, sorry bro, oh no part of me was like
without turning around? Like I'm sorry, I didn't mean to that's hilarious yeah. The three were camping. This goes up point. And we're in this group. We look at us we're walking here with hold on microphones. While we hike, I got a backpack on with a weight plate on it. That's colored like cap. Americans have assured she definitely thinks we fucked. Lady looked at me like. I is the best fucking words. I see him there. I need those guys were home. I had a captain America shield on his back is Fred and I'll share it on another guys, cum rag in his back pocket, podcast I got to get a move on hi thanks Joe your brother. This was fun, so this was just because
hey! Why don't we do this as a swap cast that you put it out in? it out we'll call it yeah yeah yeah do on that day, kids, the calm, Sopcast your own intros yeah, ok, I'm not going to do and show just put it out. Yes put it out You could do a nature, though I, like your intros one of my favorite parts, your pot, yes, you put it outside into them: I do it over and over again. Sometimes it makes a podcast a little more little something more. You know you got a really good work ethic, dude, your guy, who can fuck off for a few months disappeared, vanishing, should but Jupiter the whole when you're doing stuff. You have a really good work. Ethic house really inspiring thanks me yeah thanks for well, I think you know one of the things that I've had like work- and I like doing this stuff me to one of the things that I've learned like in the course of my life that
the more people that I'm around they're doing things that are inspiring to me. The more I feel good, I feel good being around people that are kicking house right. It feels good did you know like right to be around people who are like high level yeah just and also to be around people that are your friends that I'm right parties on whether it ds guys on show this guy's making money. This guy's got an audience as doing this is Kaelin it. Now it's a it's a pretty good design. They bitch man about the flogger's, but that this is a small negative with a giant positive yeah. It was you know what people are always going to have opinions on yeah, but the giant positive. Is there lot of people that get to enjoy your content over while it evens out, like you know, like there's a lot of people that just looking for things to criticize and look yeah racing looking to try to figure out. What's the next angle, the outrage and really a lot of it- is really just a kind of creative exercise. Looking for targets or good targets, and it makes
I totally understand convincing yourself insult rolling yeah, but I think that we're entering into a very interesting time as far as like your ability to distribute stuff yeah yeah. So let's put it right out cool stuff that people enjoy, like podcasts mean a bunch of people, we don't even know just wanna hike with us. Right I mean talk about folks. Just went on a legit hike with us for a few miles. Yeah, don't forget. If you heard him get winded, it's obviously, because he's kind of a forty five pounds on him. It is not that heavy a lot of guys use. Ninety there's a lot of damn why she can walk with Elk there savage. That's the thing about bow hunters in particular, like people have no idea So that's an athletic endeavor, one hundred percent. You're trying to load, keep your heart rate low, going up hills to get close to these animals and, if you're out of wrath to make to shitty shot if you have to keep it together under pressure like that's enough athletic
event how realistic is Daryl from walking dead. Not very. He gets no pass throughs everything supposed yeah a pass through his record in your head, so easy. Why is going to go out your head? So you know especially those skulls of those things we can punch right there and sometimes it doesn't get any pass. Throughs like I would think a crossbow so those mushy ass, zombie heads you get clean passes would just blow right through the head, yeah right. Did you get three at once yeah alright well fun times? Are you fear among bummed out that you're headed to New York? Again, I know what do you come in next work? It out Ufc down there in November, really I'll be there for that massive square garden. Oh shit, I'll! Go to that! I'm by myself against you going you going for sure, that'll be fun yeah. I miss you man, it was nice, seeing you every time when you do anything on the road will talk about. Let's talk like as real friends should shut this off
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I like having a number. We just call this one ARI and Joe go on a hike all right. Thank you. My friends see you soon. Bye.
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