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End Of The World #2

2020-11-04 | 🔗
Tim Dillon is a standup comedian, actor, and host of The Tim Dillon Show. Kyle Kulinski is a political activist, news commentator, and host of The Kyle Kulinski Show.
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and cargo and will gain experience real live. World part two TIM Dillon, you savage it's good my friend thank you for having me we're back. Calculus gave voice reasons, person who actually understands politics. That's debatable better than this debate to see how much the voice of reason. I am I say. I will lean towards you, knowing what you're talking about. What's up, so do you do an opinion about how this is to you I'd be. I do I have a prediction: yes, yes, it's very low they D be Joe Biden winning and what went when they first of all. Let me just let me just make clear so you won't get mass downvoted. I'm not saying that, because I necessarily vote want that to happen. I'm saying that empirically I think it's very likely that he's gonna win and the reason I say that is actually
this Eu Jamie. If you want to pull it out, but Look at the polls and I know we get into other. Not you should even believe the Paul's right right has twenty six year old thinks all right. Well, my thing it with poles. I even have a bit on who answers poles morons. So are you listening to morons, like forty six percent of morons believe this, but nobody normal person with an irregular life, the Hake May I have a few minutes your time to ask you about politics. You don't say as to that moron say yes to that, so the people that your polling Almost all morons, yeah lonely or sad. Only in that is try talking about normally because many waning every night because I want to talk for hours about, and no one cares. You ve a pole. I've ever answered, appalled, never have you. I've never been called if IRAN suitable.
not a real one. We next, we all know who they are. On, why? I don't believe in Poland, I believe and Nielson families anti malaria. I've never met a Nielsen family Skype Point people say they a friend alma, runs in the family right, rolling, right so our ravings everything just fake topic. It we don't know anything new it is now. We know the noses deftly fake I'll. Give you a wife, fake news when you hear, would hear fake news and believe that such an unfortunate term, I hate when people say that No, it's not fake. You know Hilary started that right wasn't trump. Why artillery was the first of the original one who said fake news and Trump took it and ran with it, and everybody thinks it's just a trumpet, no way when the idea, I think, the first time that term came up. She said something it may have been in the context of like we need to regulate fake news online like fake news, All they do is all these stories I blow up on Facebook and they're, not true, and maybe we should do something about it and she used the term fake news in a speech and then, after that it was trunk Using a now, everybody thinks it's
in all our interests to understand well, he used a lot. That's for sure I meet yet now it is obviously it's crazy. No, the delicate patent on it. Two thousand sixteen was when we first heard that term, like that, we have existed for a long time There's been media for along comes even internet for a long time relatively and yet fake news is a new thing and now, but I used to think it was bullshit. I think, was a cheap cop out for someone who didn't want to deal with facts and they would just tell their people hey. This is fake news and you'd, be but you know that's not fake late. That's one of the reasons why I think Trop resonated is because he would say stuff that I People around the country just had a sense that he's right about it, like Joe think about it The media in this country led us into the Iraq war right if there was a like that, is the definition of fake news, not always at fake news, but is fake news that led to the deaths of two hundred thousand
innocent iraqi civilians and thousands of our own soldiers. When you say that you don't think they were in no idle. They see the way it works? Is unknown, charms he's got a book called manufacturing consent. We are really dived into the specifics of this and gives you the mechanics of it, but basically the way which is the people who get high at these news outlets they ve all have liked a proper training. They go to Ivy League schools, you know they study journalism and you get promoted if they know you're, really not gonna rock the boat, and what I mean by that is you basically repeat the line that the government wants you to repeat, and so when George W Bush and Dick Cheney rather make him a case, a good little journalists as oh here's. What the president says in here's. What vice president says and they're saying that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction and then you had Colin Powell go to the U N and all that the uranium. It's a ah see! Why me what you want to do. Do you want? What do they say? Do you want the evidence to come into force of a mushroom shape cloud. about what I'm saying we need to act now and for it forget about proving it. We have to act now in the media when right, along with, was there any doubt
they knew that that was not true. I think there probably some people who made the argument who were convinced of the propaganda themselves, but no, the decision has been made long before that that Saddam Hussein was on a list of rogue actors who we wanted to overthrow and by the way that lay still exist today, all this fighting that we do with IRAN thereon less than we want overthrow them as well. I want you to know that you want. I will get them bad, they examine that a limp wrestler. Now. Why do they do that? You went to a protest there. The Iranian, so he went to a peaceful protest and they wanted to make an example. Him he's an olympic hero. How did they executed? I don't know I don't over the You have see made a push Dana White put out a video begging. The government, please not do not execute em so authoritarian theocracy, that's what happens regional social freedoms, yeah idea. Freedom of speech is totally foreign, their whilst its, as you said, a theocracy like we item
but would grant Glenn Greenwater today they have an extraordinary high number of transgender women because they don't allow gate and allow gay rights. Yes, if you wanna your manner, the man you you have to become a woman right, but which is crazy. That they're. Ok, with that, in a word, we caught a very progressive like an incredibly progressives day when I left we're. Gonna gave no we're getting all right over there. Ain't no riot, aggressive and homophobic get those same member weird. Why the fuck you mean like we're, we're down twenty twenty people getting beheaded in France for show in Khartoum. I mean less in all over again. I was actually just talk about this earlier that you know one of our top. I Saudi Arabia, they still behead Peter, in the public square, you know it's a and they do it for drug smuggling and they do it. For a policy all these crimes that are not even really crimes and they'll kill you that's crazy that that's happening in toys. That's the thing that
bull when when people are not afraid of dictatorships or of the governor from running wild in Amerika. I was tried. Tell them like North Korea is happening right now human beings. Those here beings it went down a path. Is it likely that go down the same path now, but human beings have been going down those paths, from the beginning of language from the beginning of time, The strong man is a big. You know the idea of a strong man, the dictator, the person. I call the shots. That's why we skirt terrified of Trump. That's why a lot of intellectuals were terrified trump. They didn't like that language. They didn't like they didn't like what people were tractor too about him, because they knew where that lead that, like with like what was that it was a free he said once or we were talking about. I wish I was a dictator would be a lot easier overnight.
dont. Remember that no one can. I would remember that what I remember it did something like that. Something like something like that. If other dictators job easier, I think someone was call him a dictator in order. We shall stick to, but debts hit him lamenting the paper work that he has to go. Now that I'm using the vapour organs me, this is the thing that me crazy. Is that like so you had under Bush and you had under Obama. Basically, the expansion of the security date and you had like the Patriot, ACT, an essay spying. All these tools at our authoritarian tools that the government can use and trunks directly when he ran, spoke about the wars and but then he gets in power. Or in the wars continue and they get some power, didn't dismay. He talk all the time about all the Obama campaign was buying on me and I'm watching it like. If only In a position of power to do something about that like disband the essay, but it will only innocence via that's a good where they get shot yeah yeah, that's a good way to get that actually in the consumer made that point too, when he was on MSNBC at a moment of honesty where he was like. You owe me,
with the guys in the intelligence agencies. We have begun a thousand ways to Sunday to get back at you right. Yet there was one of the things that he said to Trump Glenn, Glenn gleamed land, rundown, that's right, gonna be out just as well would also it doesn't seem, like Biden, is more of a war hawk though, in a weird way. Kemal is more war. Hawk it's about Russia, their talk about trumps, Friendly with North Korea to using on resource use, absolutely cannot agree. It only shouldn't. We be friendly with these nuclear powers that out, but is in fact just a court. The people on the right, the maybe your they fly out now and I'll, listen bigamist. Are the Obama administration. We don't have to guess they. Can you the wars in I mean, as I think Biden will continue the wars and to your point. Yes, there are some the big issues like Russia, where what the Democrats say happens to be more hawk Montenegro, Kosovo, the Republicans, but the thing that drive me crazy is that whenever any of them getting power, none of them just end the wars, none of them get out of Iraq, none of them out of Afghanistan. Every now and then trouble fire off between result
You know we're getting out and then what is a general behind the scenes is like no we're not he's like you're right, we're, not I we can only live more. Can we afford to get out of the wars? This is about the question. Can we look forward to stop? The war is now of the word isn't it a money maker? Isn't that while I arrow military industrial complex, I mean you know not how to make a lot of money from its tough economy. Maybe we stop the wars in a couple years ago now I know, and actually at one time on CNN, using an odd time, Wolf Blitzer actually said that to Paul rubber comes. I ran Paul when ran Paul me that argument he was like. We should not be giving weapons to to Saudi Arabia and Wolf letters. HANS was yeah, but what about the jobs right and is also yet raise. Yes, I mean listen. I know you don't want like babies to be.
In Yemen by Saudi Arabia. But then again Raytheon needs to make some money what it is actually dirty game. I ran into him in a hotel in Vegas. Does he exist as an actual persons who deal in these? Even robot right wasn't coming? He was coming now the elevator and I was coming towards him and he looked at me. I looked at him and I wanted to go he may I ask you some questions in a minute and then I didn't know said: hey: what's up lenders got the elevator shit fuck it Tom he's what I alluded to before, which is the reason why he's on CNN four forty seven hours a day is because that guy's not gonna rock the boat back, I'm going to ask the questions of the people in power. Want him! That's right! That's why it's weird about the system which we the system. When you see people like Chris Cuomo talking to his brow,
other, and you know, he's never gonna bring up the nursing home thing ending any was on CNN like every week. Here you got this one chance to talk. I mean you. Ve got a real issue, yet a real issue that we are not as serious as it gets life and death issue and he's directly in charge of it here could fix it and his brother thrown softball. Talking about you know, hey remember: we are people the other week with a framework and guided gummy radio. I mean they're disgusting people. You know the fake, wait controversy, I've been involved, the figure, contradictions, weak customers, faint, wait, I'll think we wait because I bought into it as like me just really strong. I thought it was. Bigger than he was, and I didn't realize how hard it is to lift a hundred pound dumbo, which sounds ridiculous that work out, but I don't I don't do that kind of work out some like maybe she's, really strong and everybody was you're out of your fucking mind. There is no way we, your more on what people want. Analyzing that, like building seven like we're, like freeze, render right, take a look. I've taught Robert O burst and robbed who are real.
These guys are real strongman rob you one of the strongest made these strategies manpower for power and his in his way class and then Robert oversees, a legitimate giant, is three hundred plus pounds music. You would have to be one strong men have ever seen in my life So there's no way. Let me just so I wanna Gautier Chris Cuomo is releasing videos of himself working out now so far worse sitting at a desk with a dumbo. This has a hundred pounds on where these experts or saint in no way be a hundred pounds. dude your news guy. What are you doing like you? Don't nobody want to see you do that? But this is a lot of weirdness to write like how come they never brought up those tapes, the Michael Cohen Tapes, the Tucker Carlson was playing over and over and over again, when he's preparing Michael Cohen, for the questions. If he's going to ask him on CNN, who was preparing Michael coming,
whenever father, no nine zero, fuckin full on less and less. First of all, you are it's funny that you think I sit around a watch CNN and MSNBC all their you for getting. I did. I know it's. My life Fox spent day after day grew like going over these tapes. because I don't know how they got the tapes? It's never been clear, but its Chris cuomo- it's like, I think, Michael Cohen, probably bugged his room and taped all of his conversations and probably gave it to Tucker Karlsson, like maybe he's making some sort of behind the scenes deals because Cohen is you know he's been known to be a guy who he's trumps, fixer he's a fix, it does sleazy shit and his his thing with this was there preparing him for the questions you know like Chris qualms
was telling him how to answer the questions right. He was gonna when it came to the pay off money for stormy danger on, after which, by the way, I really think that that's a perfect example of a kind of politics that simply doesn't work. more back and like nineteen. Eighty seven, you wanna have a story about like the present, in fact a porn star, whatever people would be all over it, and maybe like oh, my god, this is, this is ending. Him depends resident. The present approach depends on the president, but really what trump shows is that all it takes to over? I'd scandals like that. I'm watching all scandalously scandals like that. You put your chest out and you say Rome, I want to do anything. We're gonna talk about something else now and eventually people go either. I wasn't ass now, it's everybody knows he fucks girls right. I guess not confuse here. He was there. He ran the Miss Universe, pageant he's a famous billion Riah whose had multiple wives and in all his life. Fuckin guy, right, mover, shaker guy, but the best example
This is remember when they release to access Hollywood tape, and you know he was caught on tapes and I grew by the policy out uneven weight and then the me. I don't remember the media reaction to that, but they were all convinced like that's it the races over he's. Gonna drop out pence is going to take over it's gonna, be pens versus Hillary Clinton and his wrist also that I think showed this new era of politics, which is actually brilliant you always go on the offensive. What he did at the next debate. He brought all of Bill Clinton. Accusers yeah like six of them sitting there and then when they asked him. That question was by of course, was like the first question asked ask he was like this. I'm not proud of what I said, but what I said was just words. It was just words without real dialogue was actions. What he did was actions in there all right, they're bill. I think you should apologise to these people read here what you do is you and you go on the offensive and then the best defence is a good orphans and they made it a wash. The issue is now allow also in his case, that is a really good
It is always a good eye. Ass. Now your regular person leasing enticing Bill Clinton whose married Hillary Clinton, who is as opponents or her calling here Sexual predator is rich. I mean that that's right and also, let us be serious. It just diverged from what really supposed to be talking about. When we were discussing the most powerful person in the world. Tell me what you're gonna do it the economy right tunnel, we're gonna, do attacked. Tell me we're gonna. Do the infrastructure, ten, what you gonna do with our policy and if we Having that conversation, I do think most Americans there's something in them where they're just like this is not serious. Let me ask you this: you you you see. They that he should have ended these wars. He should have disband the USA I would go therefore just stop this by. I, don't you think it's possible first, why dont think the present has a kind of power well, there are technically he does like. Technically he can cause that's an executive agency and he controls executive agency, though he could literally disband the inessa he could do whatever he wants with any of the executive agencies. Good luck with good
would that well tat gets back to what we were saying for the humor point of like no. They are gonna fuck with you and with very similar, but don't you think, there's a mean for sure it is aimed at. But don't you think, there's some if it to having a really powerful agency, like the inner that understands how to spy. On bad people and make sure they don't get away with share. You have due process only if you follow the constitution and have due process. But how can you do that installed I am people without warrant, you gotta, show evidence. Yadda yadda show evidence to a judge, a judge will approve it and then you can spy but the wage as big mouth, but the way works. Now you know Pfizer. Courts is just a rubber stamp where they say we want to spy on this person, didn't even look whatever that's fine, discuss, buying them where we are where we are now at the end, can take everybody's Medeia everybody's in patient and they could spying units up. So you know if you do it follow the constitution, and you follow the law and you have you know a reason and you'd followed you
This will then everybody's okay with because ashes called regular police work can be wanted, disbanding, etc, and now he's dead, and I see I was quite willing. We wanted just to see you, I figure was gonna. Have you any idea of a lot of the peace time? Military? Are the intelligence gathering capabilities to the Pentagon to the military and cannot get rid of the CIA money for seven on account of all unaccountable. You know war machine look at. What happened is probably a lot of reasons why he was shot. I mean I'm is probably more to pull, maybe Marylin Manson was passed and hired hit matters. Hotmail and man is literally every new conspiracy, Madeline Man's it. It's fucking JFK, says something nice about our country that the deep state has tried to kill tromp. I think that The good nice thing It will thus helping it says
something nice he's keeping the woozy going right means giving the wars, but also because it maybe they're getting a little softer a little bit more more progressive there more because it whatever it is, but I think it's nice day because they would killing everyone. Remember Bobby Kennedy, J K, L I mean it was and is a period of just do it spray and bullets at everybody, and now it's kind of I touch what will say he's a soviet asian or will. Did you read that book about chaos, that time on your work, A few chapters of it's amazing. It gets into the existing Bobby Kennedy the yeah like that, but that our last guy that yeah sure yeah that guy was involved with Jack Ruby. That guy was involved with certain answer here. He was involved without you should use our Robert Kennedy talk about it on the MIKE Tyson package. Really they have trade record of April, a second file that gun and they weren't fired, Robert, I believe, is the way he that whole era was just a lie like
who are allowed alliance lotta, why not a phibbs lot of meal, but eventually Vietnam ended and we're still in Iraq were still in Afghanistan. You know in a non. We we talk about a logo such a long war. It wasn't shit compared atta two thousand and one we started nineteen years is still in afghan work? We still have about wanting about five or six thousand troops. There. Why? Because I have friends, have done three tourist air. Another back like people have gone three or four towards in time. Are you now chunks of their life? In that war? People forget its even ass. I can the story on my show there was a father and son. There is not on some military islet, where the daddy talking about how now my son is going the same more than I fought in, and you know I pulled up a cartoon that was drawn like oh seven or something we're somebody made that joke. Joking around, like a father and son, going to say more than it happened What really during its? If you know, if you're into it
Maybe they like it. I mean that certain families want to be so people just wanna, go to war. I have friends in the military they like to kill. and they want me to go, kill somewhere. That's me it's true, but don't you think they think they're doing it for that recently now, not not those people in Long Island and I now send out a very powerful one island have more than that. I now know they just take the anything a good reason for them. You now yeah, I'm gonna have a thing for people right. There Can you know more about violence in anybody? There's gotta be something we're violet people can go and prolonging outlet, they needed out invitations of people, but about violence. Whether like here, like violence, has no place our society and they did. They think that you have c is bad for society. Micro, those are some of the I've seen so few brawls at you have sees its it's amazing. I ran into Hundreds of those things I don't know, May times I've ever seen a fight like maybe three four times never arrive and those drugs. Read that something like that.
Good outlet, yet a kind of instinct that you're talking about general, gets it out of legal system. I gotta give a fuck. If you wanna voluntarily have a dual like it's the old west. You know go out there and why ten paces in turn around how she residents have done, try we ve presence in a dry weather and offer yeah burnt baron haven't praising. So when we looked at Korea, I'm pretty sure, does a jazz it's them. What's really crazy how recent that was was pretty. It was not that long ago and people are getting in outhouse, lonely we're monitored by talking about beating each other obligate. We could see it goes back to the. How long without last twelve seconds is both gas out with a blur Hamilton. Dual look at that. but also the vice president. Treasury bonds Oh my god, like early in the morning of July, Eleventh Eighteen, Eleventh Eighteen, o four wow generally one years ago, like pensions, Steve, Minutiae, dueling. Today the culmination of a long and bitter rivalry between the two men wow
shot Hamilton while Hamilton Hamilton shot broke a tree branch above and beyond Burs head Hamilton. Was carried to the home. of William Bay are Junior Hamilton died at two o clock the filing afternoon. Heavy. As I was back before, the you had people doing it for the agencies and other Grandpapa browsers muscles yeah. Just gets into deeds. Being deeds, if they want to do it is not the ultimate like you know, libertarian argument I go and stop fucking bother me. I believe, there's places in America think Arizona might be one of whom were. You can still engaged in a dual because I believe armor of red, a story about a cop who a dual with a guy who was fucking, wife, yeah A dual, a downright item that will headers. I was wives ratchet Herschel, but I think they had. You know you know like someplace, mutual combat laws like Seattle has a mutual combat law, where the cops
and by I give two guys want to fight the problem is an anti foreign they go out in Seattle. Accustomed to anything. I don't know. I was gonna be nice. I think they're just overwhelm. I get it, but I think in Seattle in particular, we want to fight you can stand by. Yet there was a guy named Phoenix. Jonesy was fuckin get his name, but he was the call himself Phoenix Jones, but he was an actual Emma may fighter, who go around and hit. His brother was a fairly successful and the main fighter, and he would go around wearing a superhero costume and yeah and literally fight crime. I give you see, people doing things to stop people and there's a video of him with his superior costume being the shit out of somebody, could sum I decided to fight with him in the cops were literally standing there. Why? This one guys bouncy types of his toes on the balls. Rather moving leg kicks the guy lay kicks again you, like all my God, like this poor bastard, some poor drunk as is get lit up
I geysers, train them a fire with a superhero costume at what point you they step enemy then have to step in a certain points about the beaten to death- probably right but it. But the problem is on the concrete. Any punch could result in new death rattle fallen bout, your head off the thing you can easily be over by the way, almost did that today you almost fell. I did fall but I must get my head. I'm lucky, I didn't what happened. I was among those stupid, goober scooter thing now. I was bad now and then, as I was falling, I was like I'm fucking thirty, two years old. What am I even doing here will not now, you're about to do the most important protest of your light offices when trumpet real. Actually people have enjoyed it. If they saw giant scars exit out, one Kyle was tell me out trumps, not gonna win and it sounded Conor, persuasive, ok, gimme that We the run down like us tonight. It's not me, I'm just for laying the information. So it's ok. I know you haven t I do, but I hate two Jamie DM do this if you want to pull it out, but the thing here is. This is based
ugly, every single presidential election and where the poles were going into that day and basically the Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump election was the only election. Were somebody had a four point leaders Hilary had and then she lost the electoral college. You wanna popular vote, but you the electoral college by innovative case with Gore's well with Gore while he was Bush was up verses, Gore, three point: six percent: points NASH didn't Gore win the he did not deliver winning it by a razor thin margin. But the point is the polling. Going into that day was Bush up three points in this twenty twenty Biden up eight point six, while its high, including three points three points Obama point three and twenty twelve Obama, six point, seven black two thousand and twelve use only zero point. Three. He ended up winning the electoral college with I want to say about three hundred and thirty electoral votes, but yeah he was up nationally was only zero point three. Why was he so low
railways against Mitt Romney. I am no idea. I thought cruiser that will heed in terms of the electoral college numbers, but nationally was a very even race. Wouldn't lie down treated as such, but rather a lot of polling right. That's the now. Colonel polling, which that so low yeah. That one is a little bit surprising. I would have guessed he would have had a five point lead or something like that. But anyway, as you can see here like what we have to go back to what Clayton and ninety six, when you actually landslide it, I think it was dull and ninety six anything about your Reagan. Nineteen, eighty four plus seventeen point seven, and then I guess but hd. bushes well plus ten point, one like basically ass to the national number is not. The most important is the electoral colleges. What matters but Biden has has now been down in a in the national number at any point throughout the race and then, when you go to the swing states, trumps path, just so razor thin, where he can't have anything, go wrong for him. So he needs to win floor. Yes, he has two in Florida or is done
If you lose a larger it's over tonight. This in Florence filled with all people. Yeah wishes I was lying. Aren't I didn't now is winning on. I was in Florida and I'm Tellin you right now. They love trumpet Florida there's a lot of signs is lack of enthusiasm and it isn't. It is legit swing. State like I think, to averages, binds only apply to points there for the race, but It is a genuine swing state, but he's winning. Now with old people. Biden is he's waiting with that demographic, because tromp handle Corrado. We because a covert, that's right, so they're scared right. or what their reasoning is by just know that that's what the numbers are showing you. I could have been been done differently What we actually talked about this quite a bit more, listen, my I'm, not a doctor, I'm not an expert. We obviously eighty it. You know I'll go get my medical degree, you gotta food, jewelry, mother, Fucker, I see you over there eaten you man. I saw you Porthos bags. We all My dolls in tribute to Donald Trump diseases,
honestly, this interview to me, because I Mcdonald, probably one eighty leather, whether whether you Windsor loses he's done a lot of great things, unite the country I think that we all have to remember that this is gonna be quoted and some of his blood Tamara same people called you far right. In spirits he dearly, I can't believe it who called you that I don't know the text Loggia people it will obtain care and people are angry at the same time What were saying that we had an anti backs message and Jones Partlet. Listen, you guys were really trying to patch check. Everything. Tat was pretty clear to me We that the things he said was absolutely true. The thing you said about the one vaccine that bill gates promoting that has eighty percent of people it took. It got sick yeah? Is he I'm sure he he is? He gets all vaccine now, let us not now. The thing is like look that our chances fucked up right. You really fucked up with the US and Europe,
Really fucked up he's had some mental health issues. Is that some stuff substance issues, particularly booze and He also is constantly around conspiracies and I think you get legitimately psychotic, when you, u delved on those roads, I think you lose your fuckin, my it's a tough and he lost spoken, my license for mine on more than one occasion he has, but and he knows what everybody says it is you're migrant Jimmy. I think you might sound very loud over there. He knows he's made mistakes. He sat on the show that he wants to correct mistakes lie, but the thing is, he also gives out a lot of real information. He has had three or third one. Would you get now to gaining. You can get it. I had not shows right before I came in what I thought this was for you knows we have yet to flourish for me. Thank you.
The first time in my life, I've ever passed on Mcdonald's for the record of the rescue outrageous. You gotta fillet of fish three with their great you're, the only person who gets the fillet of fish that when their massive one Abiola, I've never lie anymore. It's all lack people love them. They call them the mic. Fish do that's true. raises another factor that I've heard a lot about. You can have a mig fish using road seems races. It isn't right off the edge this they went on the edge might be the last thing on the menu I would get is a fillet of its raise their very good too so good basic aim, the bond of them or chicken or beef and while I just thought I'd house, So you're saying that if everything's, equal and tromp wins everything he won in two thousand and sixteen right here,
still has a very narrow path to Victor now. So the point I was making and explain it, for he wouldn't get suggested it, but it basically, if you take the poles into sixteen and do the same sort of pro tromp swing. That happened on election day. They ve done that and when calculate those numbers, it still Biden with three hundred and thirty about five electoral votes. So, even if you that same pro trumps wing is by winning by a fairly safe margin now to get to Europe about. Does he have a path? Yes, tromp has a path for sure, but it's basically one path, and he can't afford Any message along the way. So we have to win. He asked in Florida he asked who in Pennsylvania here, Stu in Arizona. He asked what Ohio and these like Ohio, and I were the only to swing states where he's actually up in the average of the polling all the other ones. He's down There is also another point I think I'm going on with you and I struggle to believe this as well. I think Trump is probably going to win Texas, but the pole
right there now is there actually dead, tied Biden and trumpet dead tied in tat. Yes, that is arouses, does not skew biased towards democratic, as there too, Finally, voting, earlier by male. Yes, I was another point I was gonna get to when the vote its role in everybody's gonna freak out at every single thing that they see, but there some states that count the Melians first and when they count the melons versus gonna, look like binds when it in a landslide there's other They should do the opposite, which is they count them on the day, votes first and the states that do that look like tromp is winning in a landslide, so Bay, Equally, everybody has to relax until you actually get. You know to a very high percentage of the votes counted before you really know. What's going on, because there's gonna be big swing, throughout the night in every virtually we say, but actually have the specific states if you're interested in knowing which states are gonna swing like that, let's find out where we're right now, their anything Jamie, Choses whereat right now. Here we go through that Florida looks like tromp. Alabama transposed,
had been its trump troika. So here, right now is the president's everyone again, So right now is blue. Cadets again. Ok, that's because their counting, the Melians first in the mountains are heavily Biden, see that's what I'm saying is like it's a little misleading to watch its second by second, because it there it's gonna, be scheme based on which votes there counting issued, What's a chance, we don't have an answer to night omnibus home, probably fifty or sixty percent chance. We don't that's! What's the chance of people handle that majority in dumper things down and throw bresler when negative. Fourteen thousand percent look so farts. Eighty five, fifty five Joe Biden winning so there's a few surprise up there by the way there. Obviously Texas is a prize, but even Ohio Trump was up in Ohio when the average of poles and that's looking blue. But again I want to get ahead of myself. I just told you guys don't pay attention until the number gets up a lot more sixty. We now see that's gonna swing back to Trump, though, as time goes by because there's no way Ohio
finish on that number. Nowhere, not a chance in Hell. Only thirty two reporting gummies are counting the melons, that's what that tells me and all the other states just in in play so as time goes by the Poles close at different times, and so on tell you the order that everything closes here. We're supposed to get seven o clock had Vermont Virginia Georgia, I've Carolina Indiana in Kentucky Georgia's only one of those it really a swing state. Seven. Thirty. We had We have North Carolina Ohio, Virginia North Carolina high we're both swing states, then it clock we get clocked over the head, so we just got clogged over the head here. We have Washington you see: Delaware, Marylin, Massachuset, Rhode, Island, Connecticut, Illinois, New Jersey, mains, first district knew how sure, Pennsylvania Florida main second district simply Missouri Tennessee Alabama Oklahoma, only one to three of those. swing states? We really have Pennsylvania Florida, and main second district in another
Clock, we get New York and a bunch of others as well. I've never felt a time with. There is more on edge during an electric guess: there's never been Alzheimer's, been this bad. No one ever know they came up thing. They said, there's a good political I forget what it is, but there's some indicator of political tension they set higher now than the civil war. I about that. When people I mean, that's what a huge each other in the face. Well, it wasn't that they heard a polite agenda that is Ireland. I wore powdered way that could happen with us, though you know, I think honestly Joe. I think that we just have to many good distractions to ever be in a civil war like people might think like let's go, do it and then they go, you know. Netflix has no shit out not rather just watch that you don't we can fight and their home there will be civil unrest like we ve been seeing, but you know I don't think never get to the point of a real civil war. So what happened when that cow? Rittenhouse kid, like the judge, didn't press charges, but then they extra
him to canosa right right. So what happen there I don't know. I watched a tape and the Tina clearly that he went to him Parents went to the protests right Why heavily armed right, which is not that's a choice, did the family. My ex write me: that's that's a shirt type of family that goes heavily armed to protest, didn't do that when I was growing up and then it was a skirmish. But if you watch the video people got mad at me on Twitter to say that I think if you watch video, you do see people chasing him. And then he shoots them, which again this is all about easing court now right, isn't he veil forgotten something happened where the judge said he wasn't prosecute him. That's. Why is confused? I thought it was being released because I had read another ruling or the judge was going to press charges in a bunch. You two people are making these videos about it. I call Rittenhouse are gonna free him and then all sudden he's now got two million dollars. Bail
I saw on Twitter that somebody tweeted died. It said it was a sign that said Kyle's. Life matters here, and I thought that should be about me and not him too should be called Donigan keep up their instagram page. The the thing is like I'm supposed to be open carrying, so him carrying a gun was illegal. It was not good, but Jim. This is private. Read from you today. Well, that says, is extradited to fit homicide charge. I feel like listen. Kid got horrible parents they're, probably their prince, probably very bad family, not that this excuse the baby. The family drove him to their protest right. Jesus Christ, really, I believe so, yes, the mom and the diamond. This is not a good group now there is something else
This is not it. There was something else where the they were not pressing charges. I guess somebody else did you have probably only was not pressing charges, so that was constant could, but it wasn't canosa right than the actual shooting was inclination. Wasn't it yeah, but he's from Illinois believe I think that sound right, I think that's what it was. So you got Illinois wasn't going to charge him, but can or should it hardly went home yeah he's been being held in Illinois it he went home and arrested. Remember they didn't arrest him right away. You they took a trip to the protests. I work he does not from the area they were having more, we are crazy a lot of people are all about this man. Lotta people love this. You know tactical wife yet lifestyle, rather just kind of searching for stuff to do. What are you a tribute that to elect a rise in violence and the rise of people kind of buildings empty? Is that where they get it, I'm not kidding. I think I see man I and some people might come after me for that
I really believe that, over the years the Evelyn would show that when people feel like there zero hope for a brighter future and there patchouli shit on by a system that doesn't give a fuck about them. Yeah, usually you turn to more extreme ideologies across the political spectrum. Rights makes a lot of sense. I mean I would I think that's why he showed up at their protest what a gun? No, because I was just going to say you have to look at everything on a case by case basis, and there are going to be many individual instances where somebody does something fucked up because of say mental illness or somebody does something funding, because they were brainwashed into some sort of phenomena. caught from when they're a kid, but I the broader societal trends where these things a catch on and more and more people are willing to be while in some sort of violence, I think you have to have an unhealthy society in the first place. To have that flourish,
You see I'm saying you do and the others that makes that makes me listen. This is probably the key for example, but you couldn't have had Hitler. is to power without the Treaty of Rome die which FUCK Germany after World WAR, one as we had this whole. Our generation of Germans, who were like we ve, been fuckin shit on and left behind, and you know what what we are we supposed to do? We feel like there's no way out, and then you have this charismatic guy, come up and say: hey, it's not your fault! Blame the Jews is them. So this is what happens, I mean and I really fear that stuff is gonna, get worse in this country, because the ECB, The situation is just abysmal. I mean you talk all the time on your show. But when you shut down the economy, basically because of the virus, you can't shut down the economy and then not give people a lifeline. Monetarily because then they can pay the fuckin bills rest. This isn't rocket science. You know other countries Joe what they did is they did like this wage replacement thing.
Where they temporarily nationalized wages. So, in other words, if the government told you how you can't work because a covert they We then say and that's why we're gonna pay seventy five percent of your wage until covert is over. Could they have done that countries. Are we absolutely could it are? We chose not to do. In fact, what we did is probably the worst of all which is we took trip of dollars and threw him at the corporations and said here we're giving you a bail out and then the corporations turned round of fire. People anyway, beginning of covered my trunk, they would have like these press conferences. Then there would be like the Sea of Buffalo Wild wings like let's bring out the CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings and the guy's, a gay which is committed to helping we're taking some of our napkins Megan phase, It was just just crazy group of people, Take me out, like the guy who ran red lobster, was also involved in the fire. It was absurd. It's always
corporate, like always, which always cormorants legalism. Let's let slip David Busters make ventilators upward ethics, the idea that they would give those people that money and not have a clause and there we can't fire people- is amazing. That's right. I mean, and again this also happened in the Wall Street bail out back under Bush, under Obama big there. We do the same thing they bailing out and they have no strings attached and then what happens is These executives paid bonuses to the same people who crash the company, and you know there no accountability, those people fail up all the time they fail up. Oh, I beg you to my company, but it's ok, the gold, the governor, gave me a billion dollars because Goldman Sachs basically owns the government you know and that's how it works and is incredibly corrupt and that's why, when something that happens and the people needed, I ve never get about. What's what people get a one time, one thousand two hundred dollars stimulus check, which is amazing and without least who's gonna, come more frequently and never came the Ivy League and one check and eight months, his kind of in
He bore. Don't have money to to stay afloat. Their people had been trying to get on employment for six months. That's right. They can't even get unemployment because he's fucking state, I mean it's crazy and all the protection for becoming evicted is assessed. Expires, that's right and so worried about. You know. I saw tweet about this earlier from their guy the Washington Post, one. The only good people at the Washington Post AIM is basically listing Andy's. I hear the things it, expire in only up however many months and people are screwed man, their screw automatic gonna pay bills were already seeing. Poles were, like thirty per cent of people say I can't make rent. So what could we could but I mean have those people tried, hustling and grinding. Only fans is your bag explosion. I didn't Gary V would but basically tell them that they should just and invest in themselves. Hashtag keep going out just never give up is never give up unjust, hustle and grind hashtag hustle and just be now just do it so what country handled it well, so they example
we have spoken about this before, but I liked early on. I liked what Japan did because Japan did like limited. Shot down. They did some shot down because something there is no escaping. It makes sense to shut him down just because of the nature of what they are like bars, herbage, breathing on each other, two feet away or whatever. So he did limit. shutdowns, but basin. Only thing they do. They had a universal mass policy and culture its viewed like you're, the biggest ass all on the planet, if you're not wearing a fuckin mask in a place where you should be wearing a mask and then they will a thousand covert cases when we have like eighty thousand ninety thousand hundred thousand and rising steadily. So that's one We could have done it or the other we could have done it is. You could have coffee, of the European nations that when they shut down, they did we'll pay you. Seventy five percent, your wages. Until this thing is over what you reprint Rams was one they did that where they shouted down and paid people, I figure with seventy five percent of their wages, but I think you can do that too for low, but it made an eighty percent of their wages that isn't this a thing where, unfortunately, a lot of them. you know, or fortunately, however, want a lot of those other countries, they just there more of a monolith and it's easier.
You know those people are there's not. This idea of you know Frida men and doing your own. Seeing and and and an old owning your own business, like a lot of those countries, are by their nature? The populace is just more submissive. There is definitely there's. Definitely culture, differences right. But I think that, especially in the case of France, the government is scared of the people because they're, like you, better fuckin, do shit, that's gonna help us or else. Why are you even in power right here like where more like a just government. Don't fuck fuck this up too much round. I mean right, so about again it you there were men simple ways to address this, and if you go the way, Japan, where You could have kept a lot more stuff. Opening just had everybody wear masks. Has you wanted? Was anybody in government calling for more stimulus? Checks was but in government caught calling for more relief, was anybody in government calling for
If anybody on the left calling for these check, all absolutely I was calling for the Bernie Sanders was calling for it. The squad whose always made fun of they were calling for they are. There is right on this economic stuff, not only where people calling for Joe, I believe one of these things past. I think it's called the Heroes act and there we're provisions where they gave people more of a recurring stimulus check this? in a wager place when it should be clear, we're not talking about nationalizing wages like they did over there, but you can do a similar version of that by just doing a universal basic income. You know: that's Andrea, hangs, idea that some that he's really popularized there's other ways to go about laundering are United Quarantine, Nancy, bushes, giving Torbert elected or her she's the worst, and she was showing the different your Lotto did. She had in her freezer. This is right. After thirty million people were instantly made unemployed and applause. User was going, we like the chocolate and then we To this end, it was like the craziest thing. I've ever seen an that's The party that supposed to care
ok, she's done so many things I e ass, so many, but also she lied about town people. Wait when be bore like when the pandemic ashore, starting on people, please go out go to China. Yonder people were like total idiots and they weren't listening to the real experts early on and everything was in we politicized, but it too Your question, though, from before been manoeuvring were calling for it to Joe. They also wanted stimulus checks to people. didn't want stimulus, checks. Nancy policy in which Mcconnell, but Trot managing the Treasury secretary, wanted stimulus checks because wasn't tromp new, hey, you know kind of struggling in the polls. Here I want to throw a hail Mary Pass, one of the waste, people like you. You know three weeks before an election caught him? Another stimulus check and he famously wanted his name on the checks I put my name on the Czech Senate when people cash, if they know that is for me and then their more likely to vote for me and what in this way was Nancy Pelosi who wouldn't accept
any deal, even if it was a good deal and Mitch Mcconnell who, if Nancy close accepted the stimulus deal Mcconnell kind blocked it anyway, so those are the real ghouls because Trump wanted to. Manoeuvring wants to know ever Lillian credit to they ever leave she's a hundred in addition ever go away. I know she spooky when she went to the fuckin beauty salon and had no mask on and then was talking about. They should apologise. They set me up like in our. That is why I say it again: I don't even have hair and the beauty someone's collapsed, re everyone. Now. You know you that, ladies a hundred fifty years old, radiator hair died, every fifteen minutes are the greatest story about her. Was there was a bird the got in her George downtown message at the chase, this big bird out of her, I mean she's, just as we all the fact that she went to a place that was shut down and she wasn't even in a mouse right like, although there just hypocrites care, Yeah. I mean new leadership. you know has been amazing Jimmy door, Jimmy doors
can bog Castro. He is he's a good friend of mine, please I love Jimmy Door. He's common everybody out everybody in the left, Aberdeen, the right Reeves by you finally breathes fire. He doesn't give a fuck he s heart. He was doing this thing Obama. I forgot about this: where Obama went the Flint Michigan and was drinking water was fake. Drink is gonna, get us through the water. Can I get a glass why this is not a start, actually need a glass of water from actually thirsty. Kids, in doing this. I guess this way. Does particular point that kind of a fund that is, as does not stop. I mean Harry Can I get a glass of water? We still don't have clean water and Flint Michigan. What about why? These only? Why is it so hard to fix? The reason why they didn't want to spend the extra money to get the proper pipes and so then, when we got terrible and it was contaminated, they were like
whoop sea and then I dont know how at this late date, they haven't fixed it. Yet that strikes me right out of the Obama administration of Cabin under Romano Trump Administration and has a mere appeared Obama didn't do anything serious, trumpet known another. That's people's lives as it gives lives now that long long term repercussions rights or we're talking about people. Now, who knows what it's like fifty in years who now, twenty years now growing up without water, it listen people. This is stop that? Actually matters to people if you really, if you want successful running for political office. It's not that difficult, it's the bread and butter issues is the basics, wages, jobs, I don't know your water to be poisoned, would stop them from fixings thanks a lot. corruption, a lot of the fact that these politicians take money from corporations and billionaires and then they turn around and they serve them, and they don't do anything that their constituents want, because, as a general rule, whatever the people want is opposed,
five billion, are classed billinger clashes once more tax cuts for themselves, regular people look at the polls. They want a living wage, for example, They want it in the wars they want to do in infrastructure deal and give people. Jobs like the things are very basic basic. Actually just gets back to what we we're talking about earlier, because Trump in twenty sixteen he was. He never got credit for running a superb campaign because he really did what Hillary Clinton was not stepping foot in the respite to campaign. He was doing rallies there in the final weeks leading up to the election were nonstop hammer on jobs, He would say you know Hilary bill. They outsourced your job with NAFTA. They outsource your job with permanent, normal trade relations with China. Amateur bring your job back on the outsiders, she's the insider. They sent your kid go die in a war. I want to get us out of the war ages. hammer in her hammer and hammered her- and the reason he wants is because those states are the states that he picked off to win the elect you one by some from likes many thousand two hundred and ten thousand votes and in
I kind of show you this add, because it shows it perfectly trump closing ad and twenty. Sixteen, that's! Actually what s called on Youtube Jamie. If you gonna pull that up trump closing argument at or something like that, the air for nominal its policy based its substance based, and he portrays himself as the outsider and then comparing how good his campaign was in twenty. Sixteen, versus how shitty it is this time around surprised that Joe Biden who bear has a functioning brain is casually by nine point. Eight point: nine points whatever it is. You wouldn't you agree that it's not that Joe Biden run a good campaign is that people hate Trump Ig Debts exactly right that's exactly right, but they didn't hate trunk, twenty, sixteen trump twenty! Sixteen was a good politician. The best legal Emily guidelines issued in this cycle is not really go out to deal with the public
I'd like that is really tiny activity, fucked up fifty percent of the time exactly so that was that, if there's anything that they did good its keeping him away from the people, do you think, though, that have covered didn't happen where the economy was before cultural, draw, much more likely that we will now he was winning a hundred percent more likely to win. I mean I usually thou culvert tromp is, is I mean he's be wins do you by the argument that tromp is research. Sensible for the economies big boom, or do you think tat? He was writing off the wave of Obama, or do you say it's a combination of both see, that's each link, as I actually don't agree with either one of those. I think the economy was always a house of cards. I don't buy it when people are all we have a low unemployment rate in the stock market is doing well, so people are doing well know even before covert. Seventy eight percent of the country was living paycheck to paycheck. Like it, it's a house of cards that these indicators, which are not good economic indicators for regular people, their good economic indicators for the top ten percent that fuckin stocks? You don't I mean an end by way
it's the gig economy right. It's not that people were necessarily unemployed, but people were underemployed. They would have They have these fuckin degrees from colleges, and then they have to go take a job where their basically make an minimum wage. working as an independent contract or non employee so like, the economy was always a house of cards and I never bought the argument and by the way, not a hypocrite on this because, when Obama was acting like his economy was good, I think you're economies fucking shit, the same problem as it was under tromp. These are not, the economic indicators I care. wages. For example, rates of unionization usually go right along with the health of the middle class. Back when we had strong unions in this country, we had one of the healthiest middle classes in the world. Killed that off now NAFTA was had a lot to do with the outsourcing of jobs. Actually permanent normal trade relations with China was worse on that, for there is more outsource under that another NAFTA by now, but we did was. A lot of jobs
the auto industry last little John, what a lot of jobs because or stout again that was because of corruption. That's because the people were the executives, these companies they pay politicians to run their campaigns and then they would politicians at hey, hey, I financial, ass campaign. I need you to do me a favor. I want to make my product a lot cheaper so to ship it to some chinese factory. Where we have fourteen Europe. workin for me, as opposed to paying in american work. A living wage with good benefits, so It comes down to money, it all comes down to you know corruption, and that really does show with hypocrites we Arcos all these people, who are progressive thereof, iphones inner pocket. Yes, that and you're right we're all hypocrites all of us that unless you buying some phone. What like what is the most. We ve talked about this before Jamie, but I don't remember anything. What is the most ethical phone you can buy? because color clear it's fair phone. Remember right!
I think I learn from you. That's right. That's right! That's what it is and even that like where the minerals governed from it has the chain and their slaves somewhere in there's a slave labour somewhere polar. How do you wouldn't know me? That's the problem its world complicit in these things. What do you do? I mean I mean we could do what we can control and I did think you know a lot of rhetoric in twenty sixteen on trade. Are they readily with graves? In the China father slate on within the giant and thereby reducing slaves boxcar, do not enjoy it at all today not enjoy that all of them is actually knows. This is beautiful, was actually expos. They recently written by a guy who pose as a guy of and he's December believes American and he worked in a factory making iphones and doing one twelve hours a day and he wrote a story about a like how inhumane the condition
these are there and how to get it in people's heads like this is what your supporting, when you buy a phone. What's really crazy? Is that apple with all their money right there? My favorite phone company right there with their my favorite company, because they don't they don't they don't sell your information like Google right yet again about privacy, they even right you're with Apple man, they out? They're, not like consular collecting data Just selling it always companies even them they they don't. See this massive problem and they don't do anything about it. They disk going down the same road has been effective and because economic, they have an obligation to the shareholders, and this is the most profitable way to do it. So they keep doing it. That way, that's right- and this goes back to dear Iraq, Afghanistan, war, there's trillions of dollars of mineral wealth in Afghanistan like a lot of stuff that ends up in your phone. Yeah comes from there,
for shorter lithium eye on right? Now, if it isn't right a huge deposit of lithium in Afghanistan, there is a big story about that a few years ago, but that they had found this new massive deposit of lithium. I want imagine this because- and I want to put this out there, if apple- had their version of a fair, I say this is art Iphone twelve MAX pro, but this is our fair phone. Now this phone is everybody makes. At least fifteen dollars an hour right you this is, this is a phone that doesn't use any conflict, minerals that come from war torn countries but It costs a thousand dollars, but it's not as good as the phone that costs eight hundred would get it right as the quality. I think a lot of people would cause. They would aren't you signal, they would say, I'm using the verified, even like virtues humanizing negative content, rather than reducing good, where what? What are you
I have a new, far gonna twelve m, a fuckin moron right, good pool their camp sites so flat now love it, but I dont know get it right with. If you made a phone, that's the equivalent of the Iphone seven right, and it was nine under box, but you feel good about yourself. You know you don't feel, but what the fuck do you need? Your phone to do it's not making complex mutations. It's not doing likes super difficult of video rendering unless your hard core gamer on your phone. What are you really using your goddamn phone? Your face time and your friends, you make it
The text messages you check your email, maybe you watch Youtube video you play upon CAS when you're in a car you listen to music with the fuck. Are you using your phone for that? You need a new process or every other new o lead. Has you know they didn't? New resolution is far better than the old there's more pixels, I'm fifty four years old. I need glasses to see my fuckin text messages. I'm no. It's gone out with your pixels. If, if you cell phone that you you could feel good about. Will you could say if a phone company came out with that and that was their big campaign? Have you been every time now the time they could do that an alibi. I don't fucking need this stupid new far, but I bought it gives I'm a moron right, but if it's a phone company came out and said this is it we have a phone, maybe Korea's better. Maybe SAM sons, better, I don't know where their making their shit where they're doing their shit. I think I think they're all bad. I think at the better.
Or of its that slavery involved with all this and its terrible, but is probably true right, like yours, anybody's hand, really clean, and all this mean its relative right leg, relatively clean, cleaner means that I mean this is why we need efficient approach. the regulation is lying and lead to the slavery thing. What mrs its harder than the broader I hope, the harder it is. So yes, our if you're asking Hey Is it really possible to know where we get everything from four phones there, audio when none of the materials come from here. No, it's really not possible. Someone's gotta know right apple phone as a bunch of recycled materials, but that means recycled from the slave s. Getting out of the ground from mother phones is right, but it originally came from slaves getting those materials out of the ground. I don't I'm just, but not. Kadijah saying run. I turn you into feed the slavery line. Slayer a better result. Apples, rare earth recycling anew Iphone serious steps up environmental response here without just
environment. This is even This is good because you're not wasting the materials in the recycling, the materials, that's good for the amount environment right, but that does dress the Fox com, workers who live in a place where they have dormitories. They have nets around the building. To so many people jumped off, they decided nets up you need the international community to get together and we all say to show no slavery of slavery and thence. I'm in some countries, would decide we're gonna be assholes bs, we'll get a competitive advantage if we have slaves and then they prefer We do it. You know I mean, but yet well Timmy pull up the fair phone they would really get a fair found. Now, I'm just I was lying on the part of how depends how surely it is the right way, your actually obey even less legs rightly less, I'm gonna go slaver here it is not happening. Can I airdrop with a fair phone them easily androids design. The last was a recital old, recycled and fair.
materials to forty eight megapixel cameras pregnant. You look like a punk. If you have, how dare you you look like a hawk. If you plot a fair phone fucking. Guided its high doesn't even agree with slavery. Does, after all, over the stations are therefore on. Oh using you stop slavery cause you have one fair phone: will this little? Why are they have no access to ongoing, making ungratefully linking agree? I always doing because it's not an individualist you it's like when people say about my life, you never know what I'm doing. It's like when people say about climate change, our knowledge, you drive a fuckin cars. Are you? Did you drive a car to get here? Did you know that fuckin climate change happen so yeah asshole and it's not like one individual can really make too much of a difference. You actually need action, from a higher level like seventy, three percent of the emissions that lead to climate change come from the same come from countries outside of Europe was set Three companies. Don't say it like a hundred percent or ninety percent of the emission, some crazy within the EU and Switzerland
as an organization based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, we currently focus our sails efforts in Europe the same time we are researching the market and logistic possibilities to sell outside of Europe. You can find our fullest of countries where we sell and ship to ok when they try to click on our side of the seller. To American. Can I buy one? Does the United States elemental, be curious nope. I can see that they don't. Even if we do not consider the hour when you're molesting children, you really want a fair phone they don't even allow here, neither with available salad here. I think we did. We call. We say this is slavery, but we don't really know right? Well, at the moment, with the minds, yeah there's a child slaves in those minds. Shipping, outside of Europe, we do not sell or ship fair phone products outside of Europe at the moment, yet too good Is we plan to start developing a selection of countries up up up up up question at the moment is how fast we make this happen. As Amsterdam based Organisation,
We wanted to launch a fair phone products in Europe a year for the cap, time will contain a focus. Our sails efforts on this region out. They dont have any plans so that the EU can invite his fucking phone here, but it's a bad phone. If you look at what it is its forty six megapixel camera uses enjoyed. Ten, which is, I think, that's the latest no sir andred Eleven now the thing they have endured eleven. Now, What team is right. This is not an individual issue. It has like action needs to be taken at a higher level. Kid just one person right. Oh that's, right, air phone, it's gotta be systemic. we're not going to be able to airdrop to appoint was trying to make. I couldn't get. Our system works. Well, my phone so we get will get the nice fall jelly saying is we protest and every that eliminates mats, prong slavery, but if you are child in China, you have to keep yourself occupies a great your camera hammer modules. Conical, that's pretty coover works good discover the Green away to get new features wow,
so they have a module they can take out and input bag. It probably also means no water resistance and others. modular shit? You pull out batteries and stuff. That means usually generally the ear you're not gonna, be able to have water resistance. You seem like actually somewhat interested in this issue. I am someone interested in this because I recognize my own hypocrisy by not supporting slavery. supporting slavery and its author It's also weird to me that, in my opinion, five something about a progressive tech company apples at the top of the list of them there I didn't have the most. Elegant design they have these. Like super intelligent people working there is beautiful campus. They have all these things. They an enormous amount of money mean APP as more money than the United States of America right, they have more reserve more care, ash reserves in anything like there's how much? What is apples cash, research. I think it's in the trillions of dollars. Have an enormous amount of money, well there
credibly successful. But here's the thing. That was nothing it's our lot, but it's about two hundred billion dollars. I thought I was in the trillions, not so much the worse. I believe, and I think that in cash okay, so in cash they have hundreds of billions of dollars. You said you got can't figure it out. Camp pace lives better money, you can't say they don't have to work eight hours a day. So I got this I changed so much more. Would it cost you names I hear you, but I think it's more about the supply chain. We're like that at some point down the line. There is getting something from somebody else who is doing the work elsewhere. You not, I mean like they come to them for the raw materials for whatever days and then they suddenly on its own the land where the minerals are being extracted from that person's run a slave operation. Pretty much is why does what the CIA would do as a glowing needed minerals to whoever was running that country they'd be like he seems like a he's, hurt his own people
he's a genocide and, moreover, we must do is always an argument. There's something you arrive. Always bill, Hicks showed with a guy he's Hitler and whatever you need focused on every word Owen. Well, that's Us Butler right. The general rightly bother you damage Iraq. That is that's really the extent of his argument, or is article brothers when he wrote that he thought when he first and listened Army and by the way, I believe, that's thirty. Three. What year was a smell. the Butler wars, racket and want to say, is ninety: it's in the nineteen thirties and he wrote this five eagerly accurate account of what we're dealing with today. when it comes to why we really take military action, certain countries and they re. In his his case back then, who talked about protecting bankers, and yet we had. Jurors, who were dishonorably discharge when they blew the whistle on some of our allies having child sex slaves? Crazy. What say that again? So it had so
yours who were dishonorably discharge when they blew the whistle on our allies in Afghanistan having child sex slaves. So they spoke opens at our allies are fucking children here dishonor dishonorably discharge, but nobody likes a rat out, but no one wants a rat. That's a great point, because we also do horrible things in illegal. If he's gonna read out our allies, it might rather us and they perfectly to young who, who were these guys and wherever they went on article. I read like five years ago all trot in Afghanistan. We have this whole thing where it's a give lady boys in, and they have like, goat herders have sex of the warriors legality It's like a warlord culture, extended what I know about it, but I read an article that, knowing the other use shallow, very small amount of information, but its very visual, like I know, they're warlords that working on rocks they got here. Is U S, soldiers toward told to ignore so abuse of boys by afghan alleys. Credit that cross of afghan allies and right? U S, senators
You know what I mean a slight. That's also what's his name. He was this. Wasn't gonna speakers, speakers in the house right any Hasta, pastor, yeah! Well, he was more. The boys when it was working as a rustling coach, yeah, I'm gonna good friends with telling Fidessa Javert s has brought by the way? If I want to say, I think he got fifteen months You got an incredibly short returned it. When you are an area, yeah hassle put pull that up speaker, the house has done and what he got in. So I mean that fuckin. That is the tip of some. iceberg somewhere. Absolutely I mean you, you know you gonna wanna, Epstein shared provisionally so fifteen months, fifteen months for fuckin kids imagined imagine think about all these gases are in jail right now for pot nonviolent drug of nonviolent drug dealers, adventure deeds that have a comma Harris. What what what. How many did she hurried away? Hamanaka motorway for way way longer? Thirteen months are well known for good.
David, in fact, any kids, Nigel eight months- and this was one of the issues this was one of the issues were tromp. Could hit Biden hard because Biden did the crime bill interrupted the first step act? that's a reversal of the roles there were, you have like binds acted like the republican ransacked and like the democratic it is tough to hit Kemal on that is tromp. Was she put black p? we'll jam across a year that it does not hold she's a car like us. So it's a tough you gotta, relentless that's. Why do that's? Why he's had a hard time defining Leyden? Because you know if you hit him on the crime, build. That's like saying he's too tough on crime, but it did it among the credibility to be. I know, but then in the next sentence. What did he do? He said he won't even say law and order disguise. Ok with the riots you gotta pick You can't say too tough on crime with the crime bill any too soft on crime. Does it wants a law and order crime that wasn't just tough on crime right here for non violent crime which is and should- and it was it was also like it Didn'T- give
anybody, a path for redemption. It just basically lock people up and then, when you are dealing with this is also during the time of the rise of the private president's and so all those being funneled into people's party Biden has always been a shady guy right. Did me like help all the credit card companies really as Ella, whereas in the Benghazi Bill Group sees it the guy. Is you can't filed for bankruptcy on your student loans ever all other forms of debt you can filed for bankruptcy on you can't do don't do loans and others guys, you know, might be Ex President will find out and argues that you can't filed for bankruptcy and student knows no matter what it is. You all forever this people right now there are getting social secure and they get some of their money docked because they owe student. Imagine you hit the end of the line right you're. Seventy years old, you, tired, everyday feet, hurt and your social security check gets sliced because You have student loans that you never used anyway that logic
Didn't you a damn good night, no good at all and the money The reason why I was so expensive that education is the government was subsidizing, that's right in their other other developed countries, a bunch of them do basically they. college. The same way we treat like Highschool here, really just go daddy now I that is one of the reasons why I support a Bernie Sanders one of the reasons I supported him for couple reasons, one the idea: abolishing student debt to making college free the what we want? People who are educated we want them to be more educated, is one best ways to ensure that we have always say that was the best way to make Amerika great have less losers was the best they have less losers, give more people opportunity so get him out of debt, for that they did when their seventeen they didn't even know it can understand what they were doing. You do you're getting endeavour Hundreds of thousands of dollars for education is be literally worthless, like Jamie went to who for shit that doesn't even work anymore right. You spent you make
education or you get this education for computer programming or or you know, you're learning software that completely irrelevant by trying to get out of school you're. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt you should be able to issue is really you fuckers. you may be less than one just share clean. I really do alone that we think about. We bail out your bankers. Without Wall Street, we have endless amounts of money for the war rifle war. If we're gonna be allowed anybody and should be students, oh Christ and medical debt, and by the way I like the questions you asked conduit because its was funny to me watching you were bureau every policy focused ok. So what do you think about the issue of soon alone? That, like you, have a plan for that? The big one for me was what are you gonna do with the military? I give you. you have to. If you have military, I set a prayer. I believe was his answer, though it is going to consult Jesus. I like her
and I thought that was really interesting- that his his answer for the military was not something that you just rancid on. That was something they thought about me set out. Consult experts. yeah? I'm a civilian transpired that allow two and twenty sixteen, when you asked a question, he wasn't sure about is likely to be surrounded by the best people to he'd. Never said it like. The way can you did not, Saint Conway should be present, but I I genuinely impressed with his thoughtfulness, genuinely in penalties for president, but by the way Could be one of the numbers are not now. I do not want in this election and I'm not this one but understand He could do no bullshit, but this is how fuckin sideways where we ve gone through. Yeah look. What am I supposed to mean good politician? No joy, I really think tromp was as a really he didn't get his due either because the media hates him so much that they didn't, denies what he was doing was he wasn't running like a traditional Republican, which is like Mitra me style, which is uninspiring. He was running like a populist and had appealed to people who otherwise would
There are two times Obama. Voters vote for drop, yeah, guess what now they abandoned because he stopped he didn't govern like we thought he might when he was being upon me. Do you think that was because he was lying when he was running or do you think is because the things was promising one you get an office in you see the reality of the job? Now I will explain it it's it's. I think tromp is a path of least resistance guy, so when he, power, he surrounded himself with the same fucking ghouls that have been destroying Washington all along. I mean he had Gary Cooper, Goldman Sachs, Steve manoeuvred Goldman Sachs Larry hello from CNBC? The guys never been right about anything economically in his entire life, but I was making decision for the economy and we know that John Bolton on foreign policy, one of the same guise of fuckin war criminal who sent us to Iraq, so Trump spoken see record than he hired. The guy was most responsible for getting us in a fuckin erech. Try to make sense of that one. So the problem is he picked off.
these career insider swamp creatures and then all of them were talking in his ear all day every day. No, no, Can't do that thing, you can't stop the outsourcing. No, you can't get out of the words you can't do that you can do that and trot listen at the end of the day. All he really cares about is getting the adulation and he loves like he's doing a rally in the crowd is like love them. That's his thing, man, that's what he's into so. He wants that eleven adoration, while he just keeps the status quo going and holding it together with Fuckin Band AIDS and well gum. You know, like that's what it is its. I wanna keep the status quo going relatively normal. As I portray myself. I think you're right about all that, but the there's gotta be some allowance made for the fact that, like he's, two years defending himself from the accusation that he was a russian spy. That's right, lad! Tat we have is a democratic or ensure you no idea that the guy was originally set by and that's the reason the Democrats did. That is because they don't have any
thing policy why's that their pushing to make count arguments right. So, instead of saying like we're going to do is we're going to abolish dude alone debt and we're gonna fight with the Republicans honesty out day in day out. They didn't do that we did exactly what you said, which is all my God, maybe he's Vladimir Putin's puppet manchurian candidate round, even in for America and of course, where that get absolutely nowhere. By the way, I love how the Mulder report got trapped on Dick when it came. To that end, The democratic acted like this. There is no doubt reckoning what we'd like to him! We really like this from the beginning. I remember that one of the first or second time, though I was on your part, as I told you, that you can get nothing on the Russia thing and they got nothing on the Russia to theirs. Kinds of standard issue is actually going on in there. That claim that the Russia thing did show collusion. Ok, then, why tromp still, president. Why are these one of? Why hasn't everybody around him toys. What reason Jamie thinks that
Jamie things that he was evidently we may also pretended to have covered. So this is scared of meat in Kenya exactly so. This is a pattern of behavior where meat is idle. He didn't you know, don't do you know. when you lot. When you look at your phone, did you going to do to get any hot results? Is there anything off the others? Some shit goddamn Florida? They projected winds for both of em. It's got a good going back. Well, I can show you the trial, twenty. Sixteen I like it. I know it's me. It's we're. Gonna, look, ok, other Citoyen, sixteen again will the identity, Jamie I'll show you how to do it was that's correct.
good. He was Joe. It would go with. The new government is about replacing the sale and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the american people, the established as trillions of dollars at stake in this election. For those who control the levers of power and watch out for the global special interest,
with these people that don't have your good in mine. Geopolitical established that is trying to stop. Is the same group responsible for our disastrous trade deals, massive illegal immigration at economic and foreign policies that have bled our country dry. The political establish has brought about the destruction of our factories and our jobs as they flee to Mexico, China and other countries. All around the world is a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class stripped. Our country of its wealth had put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations.
and political entities? The only thing that can stop this corrupt machine? Is you the only for strong enough to save our country? Is us the only people brave enough to vote out this corrupt establishment? Is you there? Can people going further people and for the movement, and we will take back this country for you and we will make them a great again, listen when he got them do. That is not like other Republicans, that
being incredibly populist right now. I just want to show you can also use twenty twenty closely at ok, you can compare creamy idea that you, as well as the Trump tweet that says, vote vote vote. This is what he released today as basically his closing ad and just look at how different this ok Gimme, a leader, I'm sorry! I'm sorry about your guy. I get excited sometimes, but I was gonna write Alexander a damn good, fucking time machine go back, I mean it's a great add their supper house. Joe Jorgensen doing point six percent. She won't phenomenal she's got point. Six percent you guys? loud applause, ok, to mutate, mute, a bookkeeper go and for us to hold this This is the current blending thing, Joe Rogan just dancing the song of all time?
dance. I actually dont remember how long it play wouldn't. Let us we're gonna be out, as I also like this, where I also equally assuaged by there. That's the module man song. Isn't it isn't the mileage people there? Why Why am I here? But what doing is giving via that stuff about NAFTA women for a second why's that is new to me to be rooted out? I want to get this. That is immediate, that is his ad This is the air Jordan Didier. Yes, every other scientists playing big dm slope, it'll start playing at their seats in the system but he showing his young is vital. You just got done with coveted he's an answer. Here's the thing Joe like her. hence my hand, raising alarm person. His attacks against Biden dont resonate as much as is attacks against Hilary resonated thing. Isn't it what is its legs or broken desires? You don't worry, he's a paralysed would have weird dance. Some start
Neither was in a car accident. He's gotta run a loop. They must have the same dance answers crazy, add, but so it's just musingly to Tiktok videos way did so yes every minute. But it's just music in him. Dancing! That's right! That is so bizarre, ok, so now the on this job, because the main argument he's using against Joe Biden, Joe Biden that some sort of radical socialist anti full lover and that's not landing, but look at this slogan- is as low as ed who someone hates him, inside the White House hates him and they made this delicate ominous, sank his fuckin battleship this shit. I think I'm gonna have on your bullshitting on it. I think it it's it. Yet! miss out, get out and vote that's ridiculous. Do you think he knows it's over his shoulders, maybe does he want to win? Who knows? Maybe
secretly really want this is crazy. Is the Damas out of ever seeing that this move is strange we always eat any. We do that with the words vote bills vote. Let's get some updates. Twenty seven, my views on that twenty seven, nine well, twenty seven, People know what the fuck is. This we're gonna get some mom. You need money, It's our ability to a rat. We got foxen, I say It's all right now says updated as of right now drop us up the biggest one. I think that I have seen so far as far as reporting at eighty nine percent. And Trumpet Lee Tromp is leading so trunk needs that state to have any chance, and it looks like he's in the lead by two percent, which is actually not terrible. Eighty nine percent in which is actually looks like itself, for him at the moment. Ok, so is gonna win will not necessarily and wait until they call it. It is good that I think it's. I think I think you're. Ok, what so, if wins Florida. What else is new
a while ago that you just gets Ohio Pennsylvania he's in Rome none and on an archive if he wins Florida. The next thing you have to look at is Pennsylvania. Any must win Pennsylvania as well. Husbands of annual Pennsylvania's lonely Revolution a moment: seven percent then that's all the mail, the mail injure, seventy six percent Biden, which is what I told you earlier, that the mail and you're gonna be provided and on the day, vote you're gonna be pro trump but he needs Pennsylvania. He needs Florida. He needs Ohio Pennsylvania. The poles are still open. solving. I tell you again as open hold on I'll. Tell you one second ten p m. There. Pennsylvania, nine p m there are we able to sell open vouchers, has caused a pm Eastern Times this year, about an hour ago, interacts yes, Pennsylvania closed at eight, but their counting and they're, starting again with the mail and votes, which is why Biden has such a strong lead at the moment, but in the polling
in Pennsylvania Bind was up about five or six points in the average of the polling. So that's basically trumps. Biggest hurdle to winning the China's Pennsylvania cause he's down five or six points there. So if he can win Florida, which it looks good for him now in Florida tromp then it comes on a pencil vain you and if you can win Pennsylvania, then you're gettin, now you're really having a conversation about the election. Will that's why? what is not what I thought you were saying? I think I'm saying that was it and he wins learners. That was it now. We could play the end again. Then he's in a bargain gonna get excited again, then he's in the ballgame using the bodies in the market would arrive at start. Let's get the riots go and look at the bricks if he wins order anyone's Pennsylvania. What as you have to do to well Heil he's gonna wanna higher than what is Joe Biden have to do to win at this point, Joe By, if Joe, by first of all Texas looks blue right now, not saying gonna stay like every jewels. Itunes. Taxes is high, said man if Joe Joe Biden, somehow
back in Florida. Now he wins it's over games. Prom is all my people from for bailed out a California here like there was a big push turn taxes. That was a big thing. Ass they had now. There's really is fascinating because I I think Texas is gonna, go read, but I thought Florida was gonna. Go blue, so we'll see to this, Google is showing an indifferent and aware that slow, Maurice here look ok, it's as other groups of the swings hideaway scroll down scroll down Jamie for once I North Carolina is an important swing. State and right now binds up just a little bit there that and by the way, by an up in Ohio was well, even though that is probably early votes and just mail in, but that's big, to cost needs Ohio. Any needs Pennsylvania when interesting to the numbers of people. Voting seems like women people are valued turn out jail. He's gonna turn out Georgiana. Now, what's the number of apple em up for you right now, two hundred too early
Well, I didn't vote because I felt to know whether this is in the early vote more than all of the vote from now. Yet I'm yes, that's right here say it for a Texas, because I've been led him answer says, he's the fuckin expert James. I Texas, yes, attacks. Has the total number of votes in their pre voting in their mail in votes? ass data Craster, twenty? Sixteen! in total, in just the mail and doesn't that is when you vote York, I didn't know you didn't vote. I don't know why I believe you're surprised by the way. I know you work at a vote for binding, but I didn't know you were not going to vote period. Wise was going to do, no. No, no go Joe Jorgensen or do I didn't vote. Does it look kind of look gross devout, exert doing it at fireplace fire houses and law. berries. It was a little grotesque and they all
and outside with mask it seem very low. Read I went to dinner instead and that's what I've been doing it for years. I think a good healthy wait. Let me explain why I did what I did so. Basically, May it came down to Abkhazia, monotonous portrayal of road and a million ways to Sunday and continue to do that. I think he's been effectively governed as an establishment republican with tax cuts for the wealthy and continuing the wars. And I to me that's you're done I've. Kristen more tax cuts for the rich I've, no interesting, continued wars. I've known prison deregulation itself like that for bite. In my political awakening came with the Iraq war in two thousand and three when basically were lied into a war and we continue illegal war. and he one of the guys who voted for it and listen. I truly believe that everybody who vote for that Iraq war should be in prison. I think they're all war criminals, It was an illegal war. Even according to the U N and over, to hunt thousand innocent civilians are dead. So basically,
couldn't bring myself to do it because that was the moon the foundational thing happened when I was growing up getting involved in politics, and I just can't pass it. That's not a little thing to me. So now, if you want me to give you break down the candidates. Do I think overall Joe Biden is a lesser evil I do, Joe Biden Gonna get us back in the IRAN deal, Joe Eurobonds, gonna get us back in the Paris climate agreement. Things. I think a really important, but I just couldn't bring us Tupolev risk. As I live in New York in New York, the safe state anyways, I might say, vote matters, but Just couldn't bring myself to do it, man can do it. Do you take me for that I didn't disclose what I was gonna do yet until right now- and so now you closed that you weren't and, above all by people, given the need for that yeah. Why so that, right, after the primary, when a defeat We were wrong with Bernie getting screwed again, So that's. Why is that advantages? Take that land down? Listen! Is it,
is he that nice of a guy he really likes Joe Biden number one number two. I think he really buys into the lesser evil framework where he thinks like no, I mean it's either gonna be proper button and you have to pick from the too. So I want to go the guy who's. You know better on more of the things that I would like. For example, Biden has signed up for weighing Bernie Sanders living wage idea, fifteen dollar, minimum wage and so you'll burn takes and he goes okay. This is enough for me to go out there and push you make an argument for you now will buy. actually do that. I dont know. I hope he will. I have no idea if we actually will ok. What are the arguments against that? Well, people Oh it's gonna led to an increase in unemployment because small businesses can afford to you now four, especially at a time like right now with covered, where small businesses are having a hard time, stay open either way. But it will also there's also arguments that these jobs for young people, the perhaps to work at home. The data doesn't hear that out there there's plenty of people who work full time and they make em universe, but you don't want people that are making the fillet of fish complacent, like you want them,
working long thing on the urgent need to another stage would become adjust. Hacks music, I can't believe you're eating flatfish shut yelled at me for not voting. She let me from voting just set its how bad, for my tell her, I said, tell her I say thank you, cause she's backing up my fillet of fish argument. She said play bad for my career. If I don't vote because you should do you want to be the person twenty slash, twenty didn't vote, and I said yes, I myself, it's too. It is what it is you Oh, are you fuel in California? I live in. Poverty is not a swing style. You register devote their and I dont know I my manager, car makers. Should we Reggie devote myself to try to get my license back. I gotta spend lies in New York. Child lives, focus on that and it will get devoted. What did the voting in three or four months in a timid cell sub prime mortgage yeah? Ok, cracked,
correct so, and I and my party the brand my living he was taking advantage of mind and by a via an authoritarian government who took me a lot of men from one island who are trying to help people realize the american dream work on a fairly paid as criminals up just because we are expanding people's ability to get credit. Sorry, sorry, I wanted everyone have a pool, Yes, MA am you that respects and you- and I- and I am here to give it- you started out sub prime mortgage. I started out selling cars a while, and I as well was also on many substances that so far I was doing it, but that's all you got what kind of cars are you see? I was so when she levies and are you? Are you like a good salesman, hiker, I'm too nice and I don't give a fuck if the person buys the car not me. I say here that I don't want to honest, while what I was going to say, as I was probably the number one
consumer of four loco back when it was the original. Ok will you I was wrong or drought, which is that clearly, there's Tyler is called Cain and occasionally rights not really ensure we would do a cocaine off our death. I well. If I had, I probably would have done the same thing or local was taken off the shells, because people haven't thucles lags lose you. Would you like a blow over Dad's gonna? Take it people's ten forties? What white out and get them to get deals done Jamie's this motion to meet. It goes to start trotted, not talk overtook. I have. I am as very rough. Moving in your car That is why I keep doing that. I'm sorry scooters waymore. You know I've been doing the horizontal and sign language, the worst excesses, the sign language interpreters are show out of troll. Now member that in actual fact, one saw my hat was hilarious. He had no idea what he was doing. You ask do, and budget Tik Tok moves. The guy got three inches away from a bloodless. That's in Sunday. Little shows you how fuckin poor
poorly managed. A lot of situations are where it like such poor security or planning. You have a fucking guy, you don't even know stand and rapid and of the United States present. I wonder how long he was doing that to before people. It was a while I sign or like hey, hey, hey. What is that Finally, that's good. That shows how important confidences, because the person started doing it is really confidently like they belong there, and I was enough for everyone to be like a long line of the all the people. Now, it's disgusting, what to do their very big and everything and it's like we get it, but you're distracting. Most people can hear so what you're doing is your distracting for me, I'm trying to them, as is very striking of somebody who is very, like over the top doing it and that's true, I get it. I get it.
of people, for the most part are very rude. There was today about the avenue, some there's a really bulgarian Gavin Newsome. That is no more like something about his using unconstitutional policies. Yeah, you know he he's unlike the man right now in California, automaton of car salesman, he looks like this. Sleazy is car sales on the planet so ago should be president he looks like a movie in a movie. Maybe that's what you're pretty looks like a president sounds like a president the are looking do. Judge rules to limit California Governess power powers mid pandemic and he's out of fucking control. Out of his mind, it's amazing how much money people are losing too, like Disneyland, Disneyland is losing some insane number of milk two dollars a day. The
prevents Gavin Newsome from exercising any power under California. Emergency services act which amends alter. Or changes existing. statutory law or makes new statutory law or legislative policy to judge determined that California, emergency services act itself was constitutional. noted that it does not permit the governor to amend, statutes or make new statutes But I would saying the whole time he's like this guy's, an autocrat government does not have the power or authority to assume the legislators role creating legislative policy and enactments. It's just so spooky help, we'll get into power, and find out how much they love use. You go back to that again, it says, determine one of his orders was an unconstitutional exercise of legislative power, yeah gross, it's scary. There, man, like they're there they're giving you orders on what you can do for Thanksgiving like you
did your phrase you can have more than three families you can have any singing UK wait. A minute you have to be outside is that true, nosing singing no saying to be outside. It has two only gone for two hours as if Two hours are one turns into a pumpkin this absurd and this is an abuse of power and he must be eating auditing stopped us did, they do have stopped, but it disrupt the type of person that would say that is imagine magic being governor YU dealing with half your fuckin states on fire, like everyone's out of work, and you, like you, can't sing, don't say That's absurd and your parties, you Jeff where there is real, the carrying yes, yes, yes, yes, I saw this going around too and I didn't think it was real. When I saw it and look, I'm looking to look into it now that citizens real darlin something alert put out, but our favorite websites Nope says this is for
yeah! That's right! That's like some knobs funds, little Limerick, some Shia, generalised Fox it none other, don't say that unless you sure Jamie's wrong all the time with this stuff cosy, only Google's he's lefty, liberal, fake news slopes. Snubs is a fake news. They get busted all time for figures vary, by and by the way, the guy who run snobs. Like these huge Democrat, The whole the whole organization is heavily levelling, but we let but that didn't, set the alarms off to you, the oh. You can't sing. Fucking government agency would know that only you can't stay down next. I think, maybe six months ago, that might have been funny but it's like now, you like, ok, I'm sure that's gonna be next yeah, I'm telling you it was Fox news. Yet another went well. Fox news is certainly always area. Was eddying asked around what I'm saying that it was being passed around on where it is written on Fox news? It says no more than three households present parties no longer than two hours guess must stay outside
Lloyd, singing chanting and shouting ripe year, but that our that's Fox knew tat. One thing: when my realignment of public health is a quote from telephone Department, but just Google, it you fuck and don't you of Karl anymore. I asked him I did ass. I said that sounded fake. You gotta, look at me. I was going on various looks, as is now fire Fox knobs celebrities, rip Calvin the governor. Would it's gotta, be corona viruses, California, Gavin Nuisance, Thanksgiving rules, click on that that's daily mail, though That's what they are saying. What I want to hear I now understand how it works. This is like in excess barricades. You know ideological there's, confirmation by what I want to hear. The guidelines, but does that there must be a link. The ox tourists are either than ever, as a link must be. Chuck. Foolery is backing us moving to vast government. I worry that on pop ups, we'll be right back into into the order.
requires a host of priority announce ahead of Thanksgiving Holly, define, gathers a socialist situations, bring people together. From different household at the same time, in a single space or place through The order requires that a host of private gatherings to limit attendant stop you're moving surrounded. Finally, that you're moving while I'm reading. You know that right. Here's the link that would tell ok hitter, let's go California Department of Public health summary. This provides an data plan for California to gather outside their household and replaces prior gatherings. Guidelines issued on September twelve, throw up again man requirements for all gathering school for, of course, its frozen Goddamn California website pieces, how did they get rid of chanting when it, when California everyone's a Satanist and that uphold chant
We must not consider it. How funny is out of them website crashes crash. The website oil Oh, my right. We're alive, we're lucky that eyes. You forgot where large, that's fucking, crazier, Erika, mandatory requirements were gathered. Attendance gatherings must include gather and include more than three households are prohibited. Ok, this is This is exactly what it said: Snowplow Fox Stop stats, grown Keep the households that you interact with stable. It was their time singing live by spending time. The same people, risk of transmission is reduced, gather out, doors gatherings that occur outdoors are never save, for the they undergo. All gatherings must be held outside again, that's what things said attending make it may go inside you, the restroom as honest.
Austrians, are frequently sanitized jeez they're telling you you have to send ties. You're fucking, restaurant restroom, if you want to go inside gatherings, may occur in outdoor spaces that are covered by umbrellas, canopies, awnings, roofs and other shade structures that provide at least three sides of this. or seventy five percent opened the outdoors. This is fucking outrageous, ok, Bob but by the covered part is gatherings of no more than three households is permitted in a public park or outdoor space If unrelated gatherings of other groups of two three houses also occurring the part or outdoor space. If my multiple such gatherings recurring! Mixing between the groups, droop gap. is not allowed. You can't mix with people easy at the park. Additionally, Multiple gatherings of three households cannot joint, cannot be jointly organised or coordinated to occur in the same public park, my god. So what else does it say.
Scroll down seeding must provide at least six feet a distance in all directions. We want the gathering should frequently wash their hands of soap, what the fuck and does she items should not be allowed during the gathering and most possible any food or beverage outside gatherings. Be in single, serve disposable containers where a face covering to keep covered from spreading. When gather Face coverings must be worn in accordance with C D. P, h now, Cd Ph, you. Unless exemptions are applicable people at gatherings, maybe room, remove the face covering briefly to eat or drink as long as they stately six feet from everyone. I sat chanting and shout and thought snobs your mouth Junior Europe, we yes and so here's here's my question, here's my question Joe, because aiming chanting, shouting or and physical exertion significantly increases the risk of covert nineteen because he's activities increase the risk of rest, release of respiratory droplets,
fine aerosols near because of this singing chanting and shouting are strongly discouraged, but if they occur, the following walls and wrecked and they apply poor thing in Chad should wear face covering at all times, while sing or chanting, including anyone whose leaving aside our chance, because these activities pose a very high risk of covert. Nineteen transmission face coverings are essential to resume, reduce the spread of people were singing chanting or exercising are strongly encouraged to maintain physical, distancing beyond six feet Joe first of all. Yes, that silly you win, but here's the question. Thank you. I, like very true- I mean yes, said Aunt Jane, it says mister its zinging, summarised
So but here's the question that rising like? Are they just listing this to try to be like a helicopter pair to say this is what you should do, or is there actually and enforcement mechanism where they can have the LAPD knock on your door too many people that can I cant? Do we have done that large gatherings? California, take time power, the tick Tock house than these peace people are patriots they were having a before and they shut down into the sway house I believe, was calm and there are a party and they cut the water off to the tick Tock house. That's Yemen that's crazy, when it would have editor regime, but right aren't the when they shouted offers like these giant fucking, parties remedies to India away from each other Brandon on each other. You know that's America! Listen, I'm not arguing against it. I'm just asking the question hiding what it down. Our reason have to be near a person because its dance! So you
yet the social distance you not in frame. How are you going to highlight the other six feet away if you're gonna Holly's kid? These are seventeen year old millionaires into giving should about governed the knockabout? They really are seventeen year old earners. Really there's they're, fine and the Tiktok Other Le Havre, Thanksgiving in part thirty percent of California, is almost one. I know what I'm saying with with snowflake, you gotta be careful. Now you know you're right, that's definitely what you said it is is what it is. I guess my only question is no spleen hair, horsemen mechanism, they'll, say false. If its, if it doesn't alive, visited our ideals, I think you're, a hundred percent right. My Point was, I also show caution when it's Fucking Fox NEWS, because you know shown entities not exactly this back tonight, intelligence is, I think, when they print on the screen, it has to be true. I worked if they have, you read either the show there and I used to wear a tie, and I got to say whatever I want. I think it's a great institution, whilst tuckered Karlsson, doing something right, strove
lazy stood out. Your number one show in another one. Shall you bill? O Reilly was number one before him doesnt, yet news number one from a lot of year. He did a lot of things. Right decides that the over the rape, that's the bed, the Louvre the Louvre thing complex. I would like to pay the girl who got thirty two million thirty four billion over thirty five since then tell her story to firewood. Let me just like you, no use trying to flirt and called aloof falafel by accident eyes. You decide that it happened. That deftly happened. He did do that, but I do think that for thirty two million there's bodies buried like you did something show crazy guess how much money I got a lot of money. She has, he has like the possession in her possession tapes, something like true detective season. Why I mean it's bad, it's gotta be criminal. You pay that much money, you're really trying to bury some. Your girl t. You got it. You are guilty, but he's still doing really well with his political show on line. Apparently, why?
because all the fox watching billow rising. We research this and we really millions of values as all these books. Now he raised by these books with that guy marked regarding the butcher, killings, Ya'Ll and careful killing carefully, and I my handling a princess die killing the woman I paid thirty four million dollars makes a lot of money It makes a lot of money. Last all looks here: they were best sellers who reads o people that eight, which is why That applies that his fuckin thing online is doing well, because you know there's like it was all geriatric people watching too no disrespect to Jerry aggregated. I love commensurate numbers to you or things do in both the new. I would be surprised if you do Are there any internal uterus aversion you doing very well, but I really think he is and where see primarily hosting, he shall well. I don't know he's on you too, but he's on Billow Riley dot com right we looked at. How do we use is on his own website yeah right
Jamie, and I looked it up once has about a year and a half ago we were stunned by the number of use on each page on each occasion. That's even more impressive. If you did on his own website, because that's hard to do. Usually you have to go to right thing that hope You don't eyes like everybody knows, go to Youtube and see staffer yeah. Whatever else is an amazing that you too has a solid locked down on that and it is. They are the number one platform on planet earth for people just upload. Videos is no even close, and I dont think their handling the responsibility of it? Well, because they ve tweaked Al Gore, comes to de prioritize, what they call borderline outlets and, as you that's definitely may now. What makes you boredom Could you not with a giant organization? I really think that that's probably at the fact that I don't answer to anybody. I my own person, I could say whatever I want whenever I want and simply put they don't know going to come out of my mouth right, but let me put back on that. they don't do anything to me, then I'm impressed
they don't upstairs. I'm impressed by that think about that mean my videos. Get insane number a really do. Video only allows that that doesnt makes. I don't know man, you have to talk to them, but what convinced of- is that there's different levels to how much they pay our ties you and how much the algorithm pushes you out to new people- and you know I've got talk that as we met you Jimmy earlier him and I've had a thousand conversations about this where we know other channel there were similar sized to us, and we were chugging along all it basically the same rate and then out of nowhere when I was gained in thirty or forty thousand new subscribers a month. It's float of six thousand. Is there a possible that it's less nefarious and then they made some sort of a deal with just political outlets across the that, will that is it because they admitted it, they actually released it. They have this thing or that they tell you what they're going to do and one of the things they set is in order to combat fake news, they want to make sure that the stuff they gets recommended is the respected outlets, namely cm
and Fox NEWS Msnbc near shit. I watch videos all the time in never get recommended to me exactly go, and I think what are you gonna dark web but because then years it always video penalties can also expect. I wanna be independent, really understand your videos, recommended occasionally and should be really honest about this, but Jimmy don't get recommended all time to me just be that you watch more him than me because, honestly, as long as you're a subscriber and you watch my stuff, then they will recommended to the issue. Is they dont recommended them two new viewers, to be. If you're watching CNN video, you watch and some other news AL it, they could recommend one of my videos, bigger. I get I used to get better
use than they do now. They pop there's out all the time, and they surpass me so that would be non. Religious people have never looked at you at all. Yet so that's your new you're not getting that right. That is right back and get this during the twenty sixteen election. Twenty sixteen, I was gaining thirty to forty thousand subscribers a month. Now it's like six thousand and other channels that are not deep. Our ties are still gaining that or more no one thousand. Fifty thousand. Do you think there's what what happens? If someone like CNN puts out information, that's demonstrably fall seat. Then that's a d, The point that I was going to make, which is it's ridiculous- that they even have this notion that, like all these, are the real outlets and visa, the fake outlets, listened. We you brought of Russia Gate before, from the beginning. I was saying hears what's gonna happen with Russia Gate, absolutely nothing. The people were thinking Mcdonald troubles getting to know that I just follow. The evidence, Joe, is not that difficult you'll have to look at what I don't. I'm sorry, I'm getting
whatever the intelligence agency say. Usually it's bullshit, these the same people who, like us into the fuckin Iraq war, now forced to listen to them, and they tell me that the president's a maturing candidate there is an old saying, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, didn't any real evidence was just a bunch of screaming idiots like Rachel Maddow every night. Did you see TED Cruz cross? Examining call me about the about testimony about Russia at about evidence. That was a emails that were added and they were the at the emails- were edited two to imply a completely different outcome. And yet what the email axis yeah? I did not see that it's crazy, but that's a battle of smug, motherfuckers they're, Comin versus crews asked, but I really respected TED crews, for that conversation was stunning, stunning listen to them. So in know, colleagues, just basically
recall that this is not what I'm aware of and ie and you you know: crews reads off of the email easier, the actual real original email than the rest. Email that was put into their was submitted as evidence in raw was edited is disturbing Its disturb me rather disturbing that someone in the intelligence community could get away with that. Whoever did it we're ready but that is to make travelling. Get I've been aware that some saying they lie all the time Joe just cause there. You know all their official and they don't we. curse like I do or whatever and they seem like their bore relaxed when they talk there. Flyers and CNN oftentimes puts out stuff is complete. the untrue, The mainstream media outlets too, and you know, there's never a moment of reckoning where it's like, okay, well, that was fake news actually and what the independent guys we're saying was actually correct. Was it you was Tom, it Delta was saying: don't listen to other news out I wasn't me, but I do know what you're talking about. Yes, I was having a conversation when someone there were there telling me
He literally was saying: don't listen to other news outlets, cuz they're, not going tell you the truth. We're gonna tell you the truth. That sounds like a cult thing right does one of the skull thing, but when, when they ve been wrong and haven't told you the truth about a number of things that approval look it. Syria is another great example how long where they tell us about Syria that you know all there we saw did a gas attack against his own people than you have whistle blowers who were doing instigations we're like this is not true at all, and then they correct themselves, meanwhile than theirs. People like me, there's people Jimmy who are like that's not they're wrong about this, and we know we get de prioritized when we say stuff like that, there's never more oil. Actually, they were right. It's interesting because you have to stay independent and so does Jimmy people like you. no way Jimmy Gore dork do that show if he was on some sort of a coordinated and have a boss.
to wild? I can't I want either I'm not gonna. Listen. Somebody tell me soon, Israel, not this, but Jimmy Door. Like you said he spits fire. He gets crazy. He gets crazy. He says wild shit and you know like because he's a comedian as well. I now here you can see that influence twenty two I would like a boss. I would like to be sponsor, grow poor and they pay well. I Exxon accompany with I hear they say well and with a line and where the best conspiracy theories from the pact as we do with our yes, they think that there's a woman's voice in the clips saying, you're wearing relax, we're here, we're here woods, It's actually me added that whatever who did they so whose double checking I wanted to make sure that it was a guy Elliot Seven's in my ear lie, someone directing the shells bought a fire when someone directness with Alex Fuckin Joe and TIM Fuckin Dillinger me that most you crazy that you,
couldn't more of an obvious that there's steering that ship and people are? If you like? I always somebody steered list the most ridiculous steering too. It's me telling Alex relax, we're here, relax and the like women's voice. You hear that here's a woman's voice like I had a friend, send this to me there are no incentive to make those plate play this. Who does what a voice. I go. That's me mother, fucker, that's me relax. We're here reacts. There's a woman. Voice theirs woman's voice. I love Spotify being like listen, nothing's changed, but the show we organ have a woman in your ear and she's good. Tell people lacking to tell people to relax and she's remind you that Spotify here I saw other than that. Another show your video on now with the pink air in the carriage will, therefore, that people are fun. I mean you got a laugh at this. You got enjoy what I worry about, as is far too many people. There going to enjoy what's clearly end of the country, and
and treated with laughter. I think they're gonna go out and try to kill each other and ruin businesses and ruin property lit out of just accepting that this a good run. We had a fine run as an empire and now kind of coming apart, but everything's, not horrible. There. Still certain nice, is, it really is a communist heart for sure fillet of, if I mean it is, it is gonna, apart from violence today it when the polls in North Carolina, when you got your James, dried up there. The as of this moment, which, whatever it's almost eight thirty trump is leading they pop their vote, but not the electoral and I mean trot her. That's nice! That's not gonna hold Rwanda. I want you to five million there's a zero percent chance that holds. Someone sounds like a fuckin expert over here many people see the rest of the state. Yeah right strata was who to other states. We by yeoman went red. That's weird.
I can't leave. So are you saying at Cheyenne Maxillary Jimmy show me how much of the Texas voted in by hovering over the taxes and sixty three percent? Are you fucking We do that. You have a recast close. It is here but Emma promoters of losing by fifteen points. I look at it and look at it. Forty, and to forty four nine point. Six to forty nine point, one, that's real close, I know, but it should be Donald Trump plus fifteen because all my fucking asshole people moved here for gas oil Rogan spots around I've thought about people like me who are left word: the looting and pandemics like we're, done where are your weight outlet Missouri is blue now that already not gonna hold. How much is in sixteen years nobody's gonna buy wins taxes as of right. Yes, no there's no pray for tromp of fine winced and one little wind taxes tell you gotta pack up and gone. What do I do
you gotta, go back on the park ass, any gonna. There lay we over the very coherently in another, a dim when you have a nice few months. Think there's a reason why Texas is fun and I don't think you can have that with a Democrat you can hear, but what you gonna do: you're, not gonna forced Texas to do like, but the last Democrat was what an Richards democratic, what governor yeah? Oh, I have no idea and Richards things Lydia. Georgia is like a republican shows what happened. I did wrappings again if they ever known, rash and yeah Joe Mansion is a West Virginia Democratic, basically, republican, look at us and disgusting and blue to sit. No, it a big blues Middle said Alice all the big cities, Joe TAT, that's what happened the big cities go left and other rural areas go right, but is not the case with I mean that's a whole reason why New York in California we're talking, but before that big cities always go blow ways. Why usually their younger people are closer together. But why make people democratic
What do you mean? Listen, there's something to be said about when if you live the kind of rural lifestyle it's almost like- and I don't mean this in a derogatory way at all, but I'm saying you like you're the town he of the air that's what I mean road towards. I dont mean it like that is on the opportunity, I'm still in the place where I grew up you, no, I guess not in a room area more and more cities, too then type area but anyway, and that the people who live in cities are more civilised, no death, I heard then it did not come out right now. I really think they know. There's something to do with population density has a lot to do that. The closer you are to other people. You feel I well well, we got some rules to make sure this thing. Gonna go smoothly rise. You don't need that many rules when the nearest person to is five miles away for you want people telling you what to do. I wonder why someone who really understands that to explain sorcerer, sociologists, light always been like that? You more cities, you need more government right. I mean yes and managing mortar averment inside you
there's an interdependence in cities that doesn't exist outside of data. So when you have that interdependence, you need some type of regulatory. whatever. It is action that that enforces those things so that everybody the benefits or the, but the great majority of people benefit when you're in the suburbs of the rural areas is kind of people are more likely to be. Like hey, leave me the reality. We are well. That's why even more fascinating that aren't Schwarzenegger Republican was the governor on point. We because people had had it right, Rudy Giuliani got elected in New York when people have had it. Yes, I think people have had the Duma haven't after that are going to have an after this. It was about those twenty eight hundred homicides, usually ironing out in as eight a day, Juliana got elected and and then what happened was that shift started that that started decreasing, brought to trial higher than that now in New York there they probably will on another tracking higher than that, but the crime is, is that is skyrocket and the Plaza defined
the police, why does this whole idea like if you get rid of cops and give social workers the the job of police, it's gonna work out well does seems to be a little childish, yeah I've done where's. Your thing seemed more like an accounting trick he was trying to say to the activists I well, although I did the thing you want me to do, but he didn't really substantively address the funding for the police you'd article on that awhile ago. Right. So what is the break it down for don't matter? We could try to pull up the article to see the details of it, but basically he just use he shuffled money from one part of please department to another agency where he could say. Oh, I defended the police, but the money being used for the same thing It is amazing how blue Texas looks I'm I'm floor. by that that is a political realignment that is wow. If that happened, they been saying for a long time that this might happen. I just didn't think you would happen this quickly. I didn't think you we by twenty twenty, that this happens. Because that would mean so if taxes-
is blue writing his on he's? Not he's! Don't If anybody home was luxuries October, no way, there's no way, there's no path for tramell path. We fight. If, if Trump loses ardor it's over how's, he doing floored slightly, would say they say it's too, two copies winning wish. There was someone I could route for in this large member ray I'm having fun in the idea that Trump could went again, just as so many people that does relied on my anger and rang yes, but I don't really want to win right. Yet you know you're gonna get in his chaos in ok, chaos with Barton too, because this needs to be frightened of K. I guess I don't even know where I am. His brain doesn't work ratcheting, but you don't worry about it a week at four a m available, but then you get someone who you didn't elect to runs a country. That's that we're getting lanyard, yeah, Listen! No! I mean if, if Biden is in camp,
you're saying so it is the people around him run, adapt our daily something the TIM Pool brought up and I didn't think it was right, but the thought it was a weird thing to bring up interesting thing. I should say the twenty fifth amendment, the idea the presence unfit presidents unfit that they could that would bind and not a first of all TIM. They try to do this. There's Democrats we're talking about doing this with Trump. Yes and the point that I made a lot of other people made is once you open that door. oh my god. I think this person is mentally unfit mentally incompetent. So I don't care what the voters said: I'm going to override them, because I think I'm some sort of expert yeah there's no shutting that door. Every single president will have the opposing party say we're going to after because he's not mentally fit, but whether or not a true is not a thing where people who want to take over power, they look at them I am bound to try to find a way that they can do, but the donors data that can be used on them exactly this. the argument that I was making those dummies that we're running Chaz in in Seattle saying
you understand now that you said you could take people's property by force right into force, your own laws in your own country, inside of a country, and you could put a bit and reason borders and you can enforce those lose those wrought laws with violence, but guess what now you ve but not the door to someone doing that to you exactly right, because they don't have to have any sort of legal precedent that will have to have any legit they have powers in others as a force for us renounced people struggle with being the thought exercise of like a universality to their acquiesce. You know and is actually what, when I brought up earlier with tromp, always talk about their Obama campaign was buying on me. This is crazy. Like yeah Dennis I still spying on all Americans. Maybe should do something about that rightly pardons known is Chaz darn out. Otis Assange is well partner, Snowden Partners on here now, but they won't do that. You know that's that's the case with that. That whole thing you're talking about where people want to do something to someone and donor sent. Those things can happen back to them. That's that's! That always applies to
once when absolutely I'll I'll go project I had you like is stop there. Doesn't it does this not adverts right along domino, regulate, the violence from the civil war that lasted for decades or people still murdering people from the other side that killed their kinfolk punch Nazi, like others at passionate, I was the word list by people who should never even think about punching anybody. There I'll run around punch Nazi. Look. Why don't you know a punch you have to think about violence and I'm curious to know what your thoughts on this in a principled way. So what I mean by that is, you have to have a standard and the standard that I've always defaulted too, is only in cases of self defence for imminent attack, basically- and I think that Doctrine works well in your personal life and I think, doktor works well as a foreign policy for the entire country, yes, said: hey the only time we're gonna send people are fighting dies when there's really some legit threat of attack against us, one percent went on
I agree one hundred percent, but I also think that the people there and for violence. A donor stand violence there, Sir you're crazy. Your literally like a child who is calling for a fight with someone who knows how to fight. I give you call violence in this country. There are, would have the number of veterans in this country. I mean it's gotta be more than a million There are so many people in this country that really understand violence and they are not the ones com for violence there, not the punch, a nazi people. the people that really understand violence have seen vows and committed violence for their country, though those are the mother fuckers that you break glass in case a war. You need them and people stand like these We were running around calling for violence. calling for a revolution like you are going to, open a door that you can never close and when those fuckin soldiers come poor now that door and they want to defend what
Thank is an attack on their freedoms and their country, you're, fucked, yeah and again, that's why happy to get back to the point I made earlier that we have so many good distractions that I don't think we're going to get to the point of the Civil WAR Ii God. I hope not because I think Netflix kind of sucks recently liked a lot of shows are not that good. now. I would rather do a civil war that listen Fallon would about cold. I actually agree with that and that that would have October. I think he agrees around like please give me a musket. I know I've already they watched over God has great, it's fucking, that's great does if you are using a cobra guys like a time warp, it's like you go in the eighties, really breaking news breaking new. Marijuana legalization, referendum way ahead in New Jersey, while via Paris, Christie about that Chris well that listen, here's reality reality Chris a healthy guide and wants to keep people healthy, you'd be covered. That should be the aim locked out right there he did be covered.
this sort of? Why I want? Whenever drugs they got referendums? Eighty needs us beat be able to let it drop shit tricks of ivy vitamins. So you sit for four days: Wowzer New Jersey, government filmer is highly confident marijuana. We be legalised clapping, I'm gonna get high. As a Fleming, I ask what, if I say, let me give you I'll tell about the direct bout initiatives? If you want you, we are weed and a bunch of places, so we legalizing we'd in Arizona, legalizing we'd in Montana and in New Jersey, that's three and then also Think we have self CARE South Dakota and Missis hippy are voting on medical marijuana, not legal, recreational, but medical. They really have medical there, yet and then apparently the polls show that all five of those are likely to pass. She's what Montana this gets. Your point in our last podcast we spoke about this
bout initiatives, there's never better idea, because usually when you put things directly to the people there overwhelmingly reasonable and sensible We owe this initiative Anyone decriminalize psychedelic plants, oh shit, while in look at the number seventy six percent- oh oh yeah, and or in Oregon their holy. decriminalizing all drugs are drawn small amount. So look at this that means in DC you gonna be able to get mushrooms. Finally, How did the initiative due to kidnap Gretchen winner, whereas I was sixteen percent? Who was it that it was our students, who said that it was an FBI organization and the two I threw down the iron, we add to those who have been called it simple, John John, really you Jones, Alex Johnson
our job. They called it. But this is what the FDA does all the time they did. They try to go into a mosque and NGO here's a bomb, and then they come back in and go. Did you know that guy was greatly women? This is what they do. They trap, and this is why they are guy in Dallas was to do they. They they gave him a bomb the new work. We are this is the way they operate in. This is why I like Boston bombing all these things that are weird and you don't know anything about them, a lot of his cuz. The FBI doesn't want you to know how they recruit in for and how they operate. Didn't wanna, dirty its dirty seriously dirty the root of the matter. I I go crazy when people cite the CIA are the FBI's. If there are these objective, serious people bodies know their incredibly political and they ve been evolve.
and all bunch of shady showed me still are to this day psychologists hot one. This is limiting like gay pride or you know, as I do not like the FBI's like gas, coy like absurd and then liberal, like mainstream levels for for this horse shit. It's like corporations do in black lives matter like ok, you got black people working for you and you pay them away. They can't even live on right. Their black lives matter raised their fuckin wages. Right well. That's why I support TIM Cooking Apple, because they're just do not doing anything wrong to our people. Little slavery, never hurt. Anybody is anybody, in addressing you think I mean if, We do believe did not a beat that all dead horse, but if one so phone company came along and made a cell phone and start shit on all these other companies that make these phones using slave labour say no, our phones are made by union workers, they,
the more we make less, but we can sleep good night yeah, so I dont oh because I feel like it has to be addressed at the top level. You that's one, you can't do it an individual level or the bottom up like market forces are not enough to fight. So like that new actually need action from people with a thought in power, but also at such a complex thing to make a cell phone. It seems like look too in all you have to get in in varieties in an eighteen t, remember like Verizon how to deal with waterway there about to go nation. Why with Verizon and then the government came and send it did the digital and then both there. On another and another routers outcomes and re act there do and I think some sort of anti trust case against Google now to governments suit, Google, I'm not sure if it to break them up or or whatever by its about their search engine, I think you know. Listen. We do have a lot of things that are effective monopolies and that's a real problem real problem, the consolidation of of power, but we could without
cooperation should certainly say that about social media companies. Absolutely You really say that about toward the twitter in out, through no fault of their own as a minimum, It's not like they bought out all the competition, but somehow other they made something that was so effective that nobody else really came up with a viable alternative. Become the number one source of distributing hateful messages, and would rock area was scary. Is how much like me stream journalists view their job s life run to the mods to tell them when somebody is acting up or saying something. That's not true. You know what I mean, and I know you and Glenn talked about. This- is some not talk about a lot of wealth. It really it is the case that now the new people square. Is twitter, Facebook, these big social media companies. honestly, if we believe in the principle of the first member, the? U S, constitution, you should span that and basically treaties companies like public utilities. and expand free speech protections
apply? Everybody the only time, legless, indirect threats of violence? We all agree can have that right outside of that, and we have somebody's just passing no doctor no hurt loathing, Aurettes, direct threats, oxen direct threats, violence harass, distribution of some while you're someone breaks in your eye clog. It's all you dick picks. Carl can't do that. You can't do that. Don't do that! That's wrong as wrong, but other than that yeah. I agree, and I think the problem is at them, the medium is so flawed that I kids a great way. If everybody plays by some real moral, ethical standards of just dont, say if you someone, you wouldn't say to their face and try to do it at Conway and don't try to hurt people's feelings it like we do it all act in that like even if you disagree with someone, that's fucking stupid. This is why it's dumb, but people when they read mean things have hurt. It literally does hurt them. It gives them pain. We discredit that pain. Smith that pain as long as it's convenient to us now, if someone is giving
paying out somewhat of saying something that we don't agree with, that we fully support and we love it he's out. If someone is dishing paying out to someone who we think as a protected person. We have ever had offended you very offended and we apply different standards. That's right, I mean listen, I just don't read it. Do you read your style, yellow red and he gets too when you hit a certain point. It's like. Oh, this is not adding anything to my light. I would be an insane person me too. every time I have a pot guesses, controversial, there's thousands of people that you cannot gay, because then the Ellie Times or right, article and blame you for things in your, like? I think it important to read all of the negative comments and then respond in kind to the highest will write an article or not once did Ellie Times. Some publications were right and article based on a couple of mean tweets. that's right, the apple of mean, tweets and pretend that the relevant and write a whole article about it did ignoring any positive tweets are native treatment or narrower our tweets, rather that are in conflict with that get
farming, but I want to certain Arab of undergoing assert that I should at heart that too, because that's the first amendment, that's if they really must do whatever they want. Absolutely. I just think that we have this weird time we're. Is this weird time this sort adolescent stage of information distribution where its soul, like it late without an event of its calls. Processed information, the Wade's bad for his same processed food is bad I fell down a really great wave announced. Make make an analogy, because it's that process. Will we all great? It's like you can eat it so good for you. If you do it all the time you gonna get sick and that's the same, with process information. If, if your person number ITALY during Covert- and it's a huge issue, because many p were they. They really were tat from the outside world, specially people com as immune systems were scared. You outside older people, they just we communicate with people online, and so you just doing you can getting people through Facebook messages, and he doing
Just work in arguing that people in and don't no one is you don't see anybody know ones in front of you and how people even good at that right, we're so loud that just talking face to face people, bad yellow, Kelly Conway just came and said you will hear from the president tonight. He's, probably going to write a display of victor. I, why wondering if that is the case, but Kelly and saying that our daughter, Texas, what right bench there, you go more what I thought the out happen, I'm just I'm not even rooting for aid by this is only by this yards. It doesn't sound like you are run away. I don't want sixty six percent that there could be more near, but it won't be. It's gonna. It's gonna is lean red, partly right. Now that may be the last election republicans. Can you safely say they have tax all year? They barely got. It now, barely got it now when we are nowhere near what is the numbers Jamie go back to that as far as percentage counted yet, so we sixty six so they could lose it already. Still. Thirty
represents a lot of what could be to dislike for three to forty three, not that's not thirty. Four percent is a lot and imagine all these fuckin liberals out here that came with me from from California that word around his fall out of the islanders tuna they're moving, so flawed is gonna. Tromp Kansas went ran. How weird flawed is going to tramp. I think the ones that are bold red colors they ve called of Yad of Cholera I'm kidding about Kansas courses were now what about Ohio, so lives. Florid is rarely Ohio, that's more reflecting what the poles were. It showed Trump a little bit out now trumped up at o koyo. So if we want to see ways in semi see this oh hi o Florida Texas, what else is there a way? I need Pennsylvania that it has been here. That's why doesn't leave? Does it get p? I can get anything else to make up for p. I gotta. Well maybe, but he doesn't it's not possible, like he would take a Jack Nevada, but that's not gonna, be good enough. His way off and Pennsylvania will do. That
seventeen percent report here, but no no, he actually that's not terrible, because they count. I think they count the mail in first there but look at an alarm. Let me let me facts like that: it's only seventeen percent, but he's off by what is the fifth. There's a nine thousand there's time, sixty thousand by the time there's a lot left to report lot of farmers. What about calibre hold house? Caliph, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania? I think still open to go to California secluded an area, a good us he's me guy or you're right about Pennsylvania GEO Eurasia Slovenia, they count. The results are released from Elect indeed, first and they do, the male inside it already has a less than that's. Looking good provide support and if by winds, Pennsylvania he's got it. There was only one thing: is the Pennsylvania seventeen percent work reported pensively, Maybe one those nessler counter their slow counter. They are because they had to wait to count the mail
is there any more? We see the governor of Pennsylvania driving a Ferrari two weeks in line wins eyes. There is there yet with a new laptop is lacking, is like any covered and dies anyway. The trump wins the popular vote and loses the electoral costs less than a one percent chance. What theirs you'll have over now. What do we would? We are Jamie, it doesn't matter what it is now and again, can I know- and what am I just wanna know, I'm gonna question is ahead. Point two million is ahead millions of issues go along with this is kind of looking like Biden looks like Biden if it gets better Ain't! No! No! No, not for nothin right now. This is not terrible for troll. Ok, don't issue? For him, as of this moment, is Pennsylvania Tom Tom Tom? If he gets the Volga Arizona he's not going to negotiate about. He can't win now no in no way he can win without Pennsylvania Florida. Those too
tourist so important, a floured I've gotta get Florida looks like he's got Florida, but loses Pennsylvania, that's a rap, etc, etc. There is really no other path they're lying in saying? Oh? Maybe we can win Nevada they're, not winning Nevada, he's eight more than eight points down and about C Nevada with about everyday poles are debating the closure of those. So weird man fell so weird let's do a monarchy. What I mean is that every every year this is enough, Aurettes do not envy legislation between the king in Thailand is an official Compton concubine somebody that can figure it out. You want me to give you the best numbers for Trump. Yes, I'll, give you the best numbers for trump there. There's so evidence out there that he's still got it. You still got a shot, so and pollsters asked. Are you better better or worse off than you were four years ago, fifty percent?
say better. Only thirty four percent say worse, that's crazy! because you gotta be worse, knew where a monster. That's what I'm saying too, but this is what the poll shows. An NBC News Wall Street Journal, Paul's totally legit the last I'm an incumbent lost better pulled it through seven percent and worse pulled at forty percent, and that was George W Bush. Ninety ninety tonnes- AIDS tricky, is also a big enthusiasm gap, so only forty six percent of and supporters strongly support him. Sixty six percent of tromp supporter straw we support an I'm amazed, the forty six percent of Barnes Ports, I think thirty, nine percent of more lying. Most of them are lying at the old age drop like Mama, I hate, tromp, guys think they'd have a better chance of Kemal was on the ticket in the front. I think it was Kemal verses. Trump did have a better chance, You said it already yourself. This is really just somebody is not tromp. That's the whole mindset. right but Camel Harris. At least we cannot come all this rude. Its common law is
look comma well not like the wrestler from back in the day, commoner commodities. Here I think, have a better shot and our own, I don't know If she'd, she got absolutely and elaborated in the primary task of tolls, he sank. It wasn't just told you. She also went from pretending to be like a lefty like Bernie Sanders and talking about health care for everybody and then, by the end of the campaign, she was begging to four Donald Trump band off twitter as if that some sort of like principled stand, who was out about cheese, has no political instincts and the euro is around her. Like hey use. This is your main issue like getting bandages areas to putting people in jail. She's my cinnamon ass little jail to see that weird conversation she had with Rachel manner where she pretended to see the fly on my pants, his head and was laughing about it. But so obvious, its fake it's, the weirdest conversation is so weird did you see,
when Colbert was asking her about her strong line of attack against Biden it to pay right he's? Actually, didn't mean we resign, it was to pay and he let her off the hook. It's like at least bullshit us. Well, you know don't, but given that that's it that's a crazy for imagined a debate. Yeah it's like this before I let you go if you noticed ices, and vice president pensive, had time to re, establish something that only go. We and on. Could you see it sitting next outwards slogans did you have? What is about like did you have other instinct hard hitting journalism?
you know there is I Don T know. I think that it is important that we kind of fun in the way and will stop that's the figures. I've ever heard my life? That's like a producer. When you do, sitcom run through- and I made my jokes Jeffrey absolutely justly- Maxwell have so much more integrity than these, be. Let's get here, yielding there's a long history of flies, linear candidates in elections or an in debate One land on Hilary didn't one round on haleran debate was right from and there's another one, there's another one. In the past fuck, it happened with Obama before too did it as- and I remember, Alex Joan saying that evidence that he's a demon.
He said that many when they use a gallery smells like sulphur ass. He asked that a reasonable national front of your router, enclosed ordinances, mellow sulphur beat the guy someone took him saying all those things and put. In a song I did see that it was hilarious, a fly lands on Obama's lip. I mean what is so weird so we're that flies land on people in debates, and then we make a big deal and that becomes the number one time as opposed to the substance. The policy leather discuss it s, nothing, that's boring Fly landed on a pensive head, he's pissed shit. I do believe it immediately even understand posit like if somebody came up to me and we're like why Paul. I would really wait what it's so hard to understand the intricacies of like a particular policy and it's so difficult for most people that are we
working and have kids and trying to get by two really know like I mean health care and health care, explain anyone it's crazy right well so long ago I was a month ago. Nobody knows, I think, you're definitely right about that, but also wrong. In one sense, which is people people gender, Lee their got. Instinct is usually correct about the direction we should take the collapse churning out, I mean like. Oh, we ve been in Afghanistan for nineteen years. Should we still be there probably not like us, we'll be there if you tell them here, but we're getting them to get the metals for the fall and they got all go back to work like past. We are a continent where they don't say that you set out there. You go again the metals for the phone there they go right. Ok, but the argument they really uses IDA were fighting for your freedom or something. Why does if he said, is slave labour good? They will have no right to be your phone. all on.
yeah. No, I think of you know like Healthcare is another one. If you bring up healthcare, you say: hey: should everybody in the country of healthcare? Yes Do you know where that money come? Yes, every other developed country for the people who are so they say it actually saves money. That's something like I think. So. If you ask that question, I think your hundred temperature right busy phrase it another way and you like socialized medicine. Well order should, should you not be able to get private insurance right, people would say not a wanta right. That's right, it is on the framing, never answer you want. If I really felt like my taxes, we're going to good I'd, feel good about. I was as you that's the problem identical to bail out whilst repel our military industrial complex. Also, you dont get oversee. Don't you have you? No If you get a receipt of imaginative organs can opt in on what you put your I want my money to good education in a certain person like like, then you realize what what people give a fuck about and what you don't give a fuck about and right you vote for that
report for where or taxes go, and that's actually why? I think in many other, like european countries, they don't necessarily view taxes the same way that we do because they actually tangibly see what they're getting for that money. They see that they get the health Are they see that they get the education? They see that they have you no paid vacation time by law, for example, is every other country every big country have soared? as medicine us? Yes, every other developed country has one reason or another of his own personal health. Yes, yes, they vary in terms of how they do it. So here I ll give you an example, like the UK, for example, have what's called the National Health Service and a chess, and basically that public funding of public hospitals, public doctors, public institutions, In other words, everything is the government when you go to the chest and when you go to the doktor right and then there's exam like. I think Canada's like this in France's like this, where you have public funding of private institutions, so you have private.
Actors. They have their own practices. You got private hospitals at their own thing, but its funded through tax dollars. So that's a little bit different and how they structure it there's various ways to do it and get to universal health care, but the connecting tissue is funded through taxes, publicly funded and that's now that creates some problems of its own riot like what What he's I will give you have in the UK, for example, people coming in when you don't have to Immigration standards of people coming in from other countries getting operations that haven't paid into the
system in all their dialed adding that becomes a problem. There is an old saying Rex, it Frank you can have a welfare state and borders or no wealth, welfare, state and nobles. Who, then, why do you have the squad and ale see in all these? Unless letter they did no four Bernie Sanders said the same thing about immigration. It open borders is cocoa bottles, rather proposal that you are everything trumpets set about. Immigration was uttered by Bill Clinton and a lot of it by Bronco harm, actually deported more than tromp odd represent. Why is this? It Paul identity, politics like right, gone so insane on the left hand of an actual conversation about immigration, depressing wages. Without calling me or Nazis. So, yes, I mean a media. There is definitely shows what social media could shut. Someone down by simply saying that the road it does seem a design the design like today or see in all these people are the pro open borders, It seems like for what I would actually contested. I don't think there actually for open borders, but they say they are it. She said I
open borders, she's very any curbing of immigration. The discussion of it is shut down immediately by a by our. I agree with that. I e that the discussion is usually show our its last open borders. If they don't say over borders, it we can come over and show up for a here but you're not gonna, show for hearing because you're we you, and so that you could say that of wars, but is de facto open borders. If there's no Foresman. So she's Any type of enforcement of I said tomorrow, there's no force meant for drunk drivers, but hey what don't Dr Drug, that debts de facto progenitor, I think I think the distinction they make is criminally punishable versus civil punishment, and so they say don't treat, like the criminal matter treated more like a civil manner. Now, overall, listen, I'm not your! How do you get money from people, though the come over to the country? How do you treated like a civil matter?
as in your lock him up in a cage necessarily does happen. I don't owe you have, as their model have the same position. I have to say, but I'm saying that's the problem with a lot of people and you look at that flank of the Democratic Party and you go great to have health care and all these things. However, can't just have poorest borders, no enforcement. It's like crazy to think you could do that sort of overstated, though how much they ve put on this issue. It's not like Democrats when they get in their local vehicles. Are language should open the borders. There talk, or about health, but I tell you this argument that it is the least in the trunk one, and it is the most popular issue. If you look at the numbers in the culture, puts all these numbers up all the time well over. Seventy percent of people, blacks, Hispanics. Everybody, including recent immigrants, favour curbing immigration. Do not want a just unfettered immigration. That's that pretty like that's pretty poor
and every single time. The question is, and Obama broke the deportation record right Obama deport him more people than trumped apply just want. I'm just wondering why it's become this. This hot buttoning you, where everybody who wants to talk about it, is a racist nazi. When literally to be understood that you needed a border and will hear Israel central, simple trumpets, present trumps republican restaurant. really been labelled races. Then you have these cages, you see, when the cages it looks terrible and you see children being separated from the parents, it seems terrible debts, but supporting any sort of curve. of immigration, supports that so rights are sort of an established right. What listened soon of saying, I understand you're saying listen. I think that I agree with you should be clear, though I did. I dont support totally open borders and you literally dont have a country rattle camping favour that What should we have a process? to get in here should the process.
Sense and be humane? You know: should we like? I do Think that the thing about kids in cages they were in cages under the previous administration in there in cages. Under this ministries, I do think it's a genuine humanitarian concern when people see that their like, oh man, I don't think that looks on that's a horrible time. Russia's ever haven't, I should say real clearly when a trumps, Miss Tablet is being races. I mean by them right That is why we need a narrative launches campaign by saying the thing: what did he say? I'm asking about the Mexicans german criminal either rapist? I soon some good people now is saying the ones it sneak over here. Really there's a lot gang members. A sneak over here and that is either backed up by the evidence highest demagoguery. That's not even true! Ok, you! When you talk, about sheer numbers or that there are some that come their large sum. But his argument was not that there are some. He said there criminals their rapists, and I quote, I assume some are good people sellers yet lived
you're saying yeah, I'm in earth, yet right you're saying some of them are criminals and rape is saying the default is their criminals and rapists, and I suppose we must be clear why their criminals, their criminals, because they don't have anything going on their country to come over here, because we have crazy drug law the drug war rival say if you legalise drugs and it sounds crazy people that dont want the kids we hooked on drugs have kids and I want my kids. We ran drugs but you legalise drugs, you would essentially take, though legs out of organised crime by two percent. Its literally would funded right. Al Capone rats literally, would funded all the moonshine runners. It was the then it was illegal. It's it pot propped up organised crime. This country's in so much of the police state that we have a kind of I guess, dependent on these silly laws being endorsed and a lot of people are drawing a salary and forcing those lost. One hundred percent of part of what keeps marijuana illegal is the put a prison guards. Unions right. They did try to keep the they want jobs. right, they want jobs, they want people in jail,
crazy. If you really think about we just gotta problem where it's like, there's not enough jobs right now and that's a real problem and if you unwind, would you should all the unfair system you have a hell of a lot of people? Would nothing? That's not true. You can have a hell of a lot of people who so we'd like yeah, there's a lot of even possible areas that are selling week. President has only fans, whereas all the prisoners guards, and now we got a pod canvas, and now we sell part. Now we do listen. This there's a lot of things that people can do the idea that deal with the thing they're doing now. The only thing they could do is ridiculous were treating them like two children but which reading human beings in prison. When you, when you're talking about private presidency, praetorian on people generating money by people in jail, you are treating When beings like organic batteries of general coins, for you is literally what it's like. It's the most disgusting thing that we ve ever done as a culture is make it so there's more laws that key people in jail, because you can make money off those people in jail it right. It's it's one of the dark,
things we do. rising. It would have been great if you know tromp in if you might want a second term, but I'm saying if he decided we spoke about this just legalised marijuana taken out to sketch is take it off as a schedule. One substance release decriminalize it That would, if it also says, there's so many people on the right. The dont want only evangelical Christians and he's already got them law. No, no! It's a lot of fuckin hard work in right way. Really ten Nugent man me into new. You got into it over pot because he's like one of those guys it thinks, like you, know, hard work and higher plane. Americans don't want paduan doped without their killing. You motivation. TED. I smoke a lotta we'd have three jobs are worked out all day like what the fuck are you talking about man. This is nonsense. You ve got the stereotypes in your head. The poles are clear those, over sixty percent. Want that so trumpeted that'd, be popular tide is turned right. If you went ten years ago it be selflessness, have the other? Yes, because its information people getting information there, but by the way I don't
it's safe for everybody, and I say this as a person who smokes along. I get paranoid, I know, and that's what happened to me has no is ok. I think it's good for you. I think they're, not items are larger than for you. I think it makes you wonder the paranoia wears off. You have agreed appreciation of life? I the paranoia little baby near death experiences. You have an opportunity here. person when you survive? I think marijuana can be gaily. Drugget led me through the gateway to enforce, and I and I've, and that was a good part of mine, a big part of my life, the we're the thing about it that I'm concerned with the schizophrenia Gentlemen, yes, or would they personally Parents is not myself but friends. I know people that have had a particularly people that didn't smoke. pot and were given edibles and had these schizophrenia breaks. not just one either multiple people that have had like really good people, good sound. Did people with like a rat ambitious had their shit together, Someone gives them an that. This will help you sleep and someone Fox up and
like a hundred milligrams or something like that. You're we d as numbers Jody, as is ruined of b a bunch of people who does what thinks it's funny when he hastened he went and animal what happened suggest among its last night was long. The loosening not not me, not you, but maybe me, listen. Some people have it. in Alex experience and wrote a book about it, and he debated dear MIKE heart from the UK. Who are you from Canada. Rather, who is a cannabis doctor- and you know he had some good points but out soon outbursts and wrote a book about it and he came in the ass to talk about it and I'm. I agree with them for some time. Poland, it's not a small number. I mean it might be. No one percent, I dunno what is theirs actually study on this yet and I spoke about there is a small percentage that you know. It leads to schizophrenia these or people that have a tendency it's funny exacerbates it and that's why
wise it? You know I used to smoke every now. Now then, a James had something raises founded looking at something that this is not the best thing to be. Judging the election off bye, mom, look slopes, Stephanie I'm looking at a couple different bedding websites live better it was one to drop for sports swung to drop he's on one side is as high as minus eight hundred. What does that mean? aid to money. They re eight hundred dollars to win a hundred dollars on that that so trumps lose not at a huge fave, always winning, and I was Biden before the. Why our let me back four. Let's take a look at the long heavy to tramp. Oh, shit, convening a Covey Trot the cup on the ideas that have very different. He absolutely can win on. The very sad would use beset if you want this I'm gonna be measurable, no matter what the fuck happens. We got a guy zombie and a guy who's, a fuckin bloated Magog? I just
a candy sullens to be happy sharing has yet to be re. Aben she's gonna be very happy some front of space time right. I've tried to get a number, but now you are. I will I want to face summer day at the end of it to just you know, you don't have a number I have. I have her managers number managers K is sent to her. My number, funding to just face timer, get away an update from Canada so daily. Why are the only thing that makes me happy? Is the people who are going to be upset? Well, that's all things and some of the people I hate to, but I. Both sides, so I can get high by no matter. What like no matter who wins I can lay in bed tonight. Go you know what good good good I was gonna have overcome you yeah. Am I going to make things my tradition if Trump wins again, because you young you articulate this up better than anybody? What the lesson democratic should learn if any the up, the one, they should learn verses, what they actually learn a totally different. What they'll, what
I'll do. Is they ll say we fucked up? We should it got somebody who was more pro establishment we. Finally, somebody was further right when we ve got somebody who is more like Trump and like the Republicans that they'll do and that's what they ll think what they actually you have done is realised that hey you guys jacket from Bernie Sanders and twenty sixteen this time around Bernie Sanders won the first three primaries and then what happened mare, peat and aid clear, which our dropped out and endorse Biden at the very last minute, because Obama Game a phone call and told me to do it, usually through all the votes behind Biden like that, and then Elizabeth Financial AID, Ernie and Elizabeth, worn, Satan and siphoned votes for burning and then an end did Biden burnt a student from there on a joke, because one that election he could won the election and twenty. Sixteen you gotta one and also obviously this time so. Now listen dirty. The real lesson should have been. Oh, my god, you should have one with Bernie, but they're, not gonna. Learn that led me to go with Fucking Amy Club, which are the gonna go with common house again Ding along those lines would have taken pump Bernie. I would steroids and growth hormone and any d and like just back, is aging up at length and is telling
years keeping alive a little. Is it possible gave them some of the trumps to have given some? After all, a monster matter? Also steroids, I give you know, moves eye level, even those that moves in a wireless router, it's fun to stay there like I'm crying like I'm crying just sitting here, I'm so proud of whatever stateroom lost another like I'm crazy. She was crying who knows everybody that we now they're all cried the old that nice things they all like lead a person to interlink. I found an old woman who was lying in a letter pause I tweeted earlier today, I helped the blind nazi. Ok like some for you guess there to hunt seventy four thousand male ballots in Philadelphia County. There won't be countered until tomorrow, at the earliest and those are very likely overwhelmingly probity because they had they have a law. You couldn't start counting until very late, so vitamins pensive it's over that right and lives these winning. What's your name, see we're penalty was an area fickle, so
at seventeen percent about forty five minutes ago. Romano home debility another longer twenty twenty have our whatever the twenty? Seventh! Ok, let's go Twenty seven percent in its red, oh shit,. Pennsylvania's red bitch, that's yet nobody dares that's it's over Kyle now and look at him he's angry, but he was very slow commit acts of violence are flying the legal state giving me the anti for face mask ok. If he gets it, though, He gets Pennsylvania's. All absolutely is one his one relaxed went feeders. That's for sure it looks like he's one to me You gotta be, or the Melians men of innovative and say we its
we twenty servers, it reporting and you gotta cannot available, which have been telling you they didn't most irresponsible election show of all time. No bro commas is actually offers made by experts because european values here he and the fact that outside things to do its balanced out. His Alex voting somewhere he's definitely voting. I heard he's lying. I heard he loves Biden, drunk transport, baby eaters. The main mangoes read her always right, railroad was constant, Wisconsin is colonel, Bruno yet, but again, though, those are all that, on the day votes without counting the mail and yet so when they count the melons Wisconsin of Michigan, we're gonna go to Biden what is widely huh, percent go to trap.
You ve represent I've already called it worthwhile clouded this four thousand votes. It's like New York or California is guaranteed to be rude, but look at the numbers. There's four thousand votes. That's that everybody! There, though you know, that's not hold him, and I would do there s team and I have to show their vows. You will show for everyone there. We do have shown Wyoming TIM. It would literally before all the voters of it for the three electoral that's yet we probably more people than voted. I bet we could get more. What does Paul Eurasia? I'm gonna come out with a prediction right now early- and here I think it's gonna be tromp within me from either he's gonna be Trump. Well then, went to the environment around seventy thousand in the whole state, and there's only four thousand people voted the governors MAR Gordon my four the doktor who the governor com, this supreme courts, can we all conservatives it already is
three. I know, but it's gonna, it's gonna go your guy. It's gonna be nine, I'm at the non military until after the liberal zones are not well there. I don't know. What's gonna happen. Was it kind of weapons hold on colony was voted for himself, but won't vote as a kind of west unless he puts him more work. What, but it won't counters vote for conduits was he puts in more work? What does it mean that sums? That's? Why arming he's got a spotlight on three lives? That's why we doesn't live air permanently to like all the time you listen, California, as well. Maybe he does have a ranch. There he's got a gigantic like four thousand agar ranch their ball in, I had a dream that I moved away roaming there was a rumour you did move toiling people actually bought a ranch away on real, Just say things that you ve done that aren't true. That weird be my friend here this rumour largest, I just got ok good for him like they like Joe bought this club. He lives overwhelming now, oh he's model,
presidential debate and my good. What do you do do differ diffuse logically has now, because the people who are saying- and I don't take seriously anyway by the way. Lindsey Graham has officially one reelection when the ground is up against how an ancient Mokanna was it give it here is no, I mean this race was actually there was a chance for the other guy who runs against these guys. I mean they're, so pathetic as well. We ve been is paying Mcgrath and Amy. Mcgrath should have been defeat by a guy named. I think it's Charles Booker, who is a much better candidate, but she s him out in the primary energy guaranteed lost her Mcconnell. Two seconds wins Pelosi up, so I saw it Pelosi she'd be in primary law. now by guy by the name of shaw- had better Brenna. Yes, I believe, right now I mean she's gonna, win She's gonna wind in this election, I believe so I believe she had but ours up this election little. She looked at me: Tiggle Tromp, baby, he
do it, and this is a real interesting moment in american history, how many guns you gonna get you have to get one or two to have one. No, I don't for now, but I should get one when you move here. You gotta get a gun if it if he When do you have to move here right? No I'll wait a little. I don't want a little, I'm not saying. No. I'm saying I got to wait a little bit Pelosi's up now, but I got it. I got it. You know she's up, Well, no she's up isn't cheese, offer real, meaning she's awake those systems and she's like this in the coffin. She just got up like a vampire, do not tell you right now? This is gonna, be the moment in the night, we're all gonna say it when it turns to Trump first results in ten minutes. Ok, first results lost. How could you possibly lose. registered twelve. This is gonna, be a really interesting next couple directly hundred Ireland I'm flying out early in the morning, because I think some of the people in Austin are gonna, get fun now. This now that fund during
town you don't think you're gonna get her whack the car? They did listen, governing here doesn't fuck around many days here shit. If they think something's gonna happen, they will do so. but about what I'm amazed is there's, not a revolution in San Francisco, I have some friends got back from San Francisco: they they used to live there rat and they haven't been awhile and they just went back in the fucking horror stories you by the way, very lefty right, left, leaning people in other words, and they were furious What's going on, I gasped and they were like. I can't believe it is literally shit in needles everywhere, the tents everywhere they will. Whatever it was like the law. this time they were there. They were there about two years ago. They think they said it was getting bad bright, but is at its and recognisable I have another update here for you. There's democratic, senator Senator by Minimise Doug Jones in Alabama, and he was just unseated by a Republican Tommy to Brazil,
so a democratic guy's name at all, not back to Brazil but ass. If a bucket to prevailing for higher doing right now, the real to re or another Jingo Republican Tommy to Brazil has defeated democratic, Senator Doug Jones, Adam Sandler Character ass. He does. We're gonna movies. You seem like a fake name, have very fake. So the head football coach for a dove journalism, Doug Jones, one, a special election and so he barely made it in its alabama- some miracle that a democratic one another about anyway, and so now the Republican took the sea back Tommy to replant. Now, what of it all higher? Because Ohio is, is, is busy pivotal state There was a project and right that a lot of things are gonna, go democratic, this term, yes, there's. I should tell you which the witch which states were predicted to grow which- which one do you want an oh hi, was predicted to go to trial real. Yes, he was up. He was up in the average of poles there,
and I was well was predicted gone. What's this pulled up, Ohio worries, unreported trump Ohio traps, got fifty thousand see. That's that's trump. So far, Trump is outperforming the poles by two percent, which pretty solid, go over Pennsylvania. Awkward, that's big right, Pennsylvania's, one everyone that Pittsburgh Philadelphia all the places that you'd expect blue town. That's interesting. I think the Male Bowers Kyle Sacred two hundred some thousand that are heavily by not could definitely yes, again, what they're doing in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, like all those states, Joe their counting the votes on the day first and then the mail and later so it's gonna, look like tromp is up at first, but especially when it comes to Wisconsin and Michigan trumps. Gonna lose cause binds up big in those states nor safe, blue states, interesting because its red now so the big? That's all the vote from today right and those always skew more republican, interesting and but again theirs
faces words, the opposite like in the sun, built, for example. They count in the other way. How did you learn about this stuff to do? Go to school for large? Now I know I can arrange your resurging reading about, but but how did you get into it? I mean I buy, did go to school pupils science and you know, like I said my kind. I had my political awakening with the Iraq war and ever since, and I just cared a lot about what's going on because I was crazy. Others create working to go to war with a country that didn't attack us. To be there. You know we been there to deck. Now I was click. I was one of the EU in up on long island and red trunk, and I thought the Iraq war is a great idea because I had I was, I would argue, with people in the bars and another out say we have to honour our commitment to the people of Iraq. Do you not understand a little bit? Why was, not such a horrible idea. Fizzle out of people gives both to make who anti war non. Roma are not caught. Our lord, I am talking about you. I thought were doing the right thing. Why would you think could make it? Can't I wore oaks, you're, just happy
Well? You know you're angry copy boys and when I had the angry when she's the best kind of happy, I want to start what I did. Andrew allowances at the same prizes are always just a list that is, it wasn't the fights business. How long did you out of it? I never did it regularly, but I would urge colleagues to derive right now. I've, I've dabbled, I tasted I tasted it. I dabbled so Jim you have any pills, maybe could put me now. I wish I don't have a sober now. I've nothing has actually have nothing. You could sober for quite a while ten years as a main over ten years, no lapses at all no lapses at all. What was like to come to Jesus moment I bought a house when I was twenty two years, all four seven hundred thousand dollars- and I didn't have any money- and I woke up the next day- and I said this is a real problem. Most people with up to some, like they wake up next zero body, wake up next to a woman that they're like what happened here. I woke up. Six hundred thousand our house that I had no idea how to Billy Paper, but I was investing in myself and I
anyone they didn't take out. A big mortgage in two thousand seven was a, and I still think that and fuck you. You should learn how to live, learn how to live when the crash came. What are your thoughts? We, like This was gonna, while my slots warm and a little bit of trouble, and but I you know, I was like I'm just gonna write it out and and and and just keep keep on he put on and cause. I was workin for die, that's edges, dont revenues and on track, and what did you think we're Nancy Pelosi said that, regardless of what the numbers are, we're gonna, let Joe Biden as President you see, I do not see that I saw Hilary say something along the lines of guilt has vetoed where any circumstance. Evidently the pollution another level. She's well she's, like with I'd results where she's a zombie like her brow,
he's not firing on all cylinders policies a little bit more lucid than he resumed. I've seen videos that are just as bad as the Biden. Videos were really really having trouble. Yes, he's here, bark at Wolf Blitzer. I did see that in fact I cover that was the first time. Wolf bleachers ever done a good job, basically yeah yeah. He, basically I may say, unlike the organised by people, need money matters. We don't have the ability to four around here, and you know she basically couldn't she'd. Never answer can demonstrate, but she also was chastising been real it s right to yet the trial is really weird like, expressing yes, like almost royalty. She had done so I'm sorry, I'm so sorry you're wrong about this. That's what she said remember that we are less heavily Miller who used to climb and Nancy policies window and stuff like that. she was fun though I like, but Nancy Pelosi, never like Nancy's, intellectually, doesn't have any human she.
A million years old. She looks like this porcelain, good, the weird grandma great eyebrow she's got good good, I breath, but nobody knows what her dishes words like Non Oda: billions of dollars, her husband see YA hours on them. You can see that that's kind of crazy Thea there when you see how will rule out or something else it all in their power to damage Sheila just got dressed now is fragile, just beat Laura Bloomer, that's the big! That's the big race of the Nile, Lois Dammit lordly we're gonna have to go back to climate and energy flows can't win Florida. God you're Florida? Let's loomed country, you can't do it. There is amazing, though, that she won the primary yeah. Why not theirs the Cuban on people that are now winning like primarily thrill, no one upon the earth the trunk suffocation of politics and that you can kind of wing it, but
You have a better like put presentation than the other people like you can, with all these old politicians show. You know there are some stodgy and stuck up, and I have to ripped and then someone is cool supporting the fucking Papa. She went on supporting Kennedy, much more human and more three whole surname more large Marjorie Mark retailer Green guaranteed congressional when she didn't want you did when you did what cure on candidate? Our opponent dropped out was the approach of life, they pray Let us show everybody on Twitter is convinced now that trumps gonna get it that's what I see on Twitter, people saying is this lady is even live. Twenty, sixteen all over against the lady with glasses and saka industry.
I know you're just kind of twenty. Sixteen it was the Paul's what one way and then the crowds. What did I say at the beginning of this fuckin part? Guess we'll around you and you said trumps gonna win. Yes, he's gonna when I don't believe the poles or morons answer poles ran the media is insanely, biased against him, and they think that by saying that he can't win and is not going to win that somehow they can hit and ass. It were joined by voting period of time with the media we watched things burned down and people's probably get destroyed and the media it wasn't happening is not happening in if you bring it up you're, not also there's a psychology offence, sitters cycle- defence unintentional. They don't want to vote on losers. and then they want to be. I went tromp, you know I was. I was thinkin host, again and again, and I think this is real real when the media is gas lighting. You in saying it looks like ninety nine percent that Joe Biden is gonna win job on stronger Canada is gonna, win all these to run in and then pay
here that they go well by mothers, will vote for the winter and though that doesn't I mean this is interesting because it we did. This has made significant turn outward feels like there's an inevitability a little bit about tromp. Second term. This is the opposite of that young Turks candidate. On the contrary to down sixty two others were Alex Jones deposited here was cigars and those engaged in Christ must have his own life show results. I do think that people are gonna get ahead of themselves, because we are seeing the mail and votes versus the votes on the day in the communist. Nor can there be lesson if, if some marijuana seems like its past in New Jersey, foolishly for those over twenty one, it's being as I've only been to New York a couple times being so close New York City is almost by default. Nugget of illegal there, because of how close it is, unlike like ravel manner, in terms of perch
sing it no, not necessarily but bringing out even smoking, it yeah. I can see that for sure what there's it there's an issue with alcohol lobby in New York, where they actually paid the politicians quite a bit of money, and that's one of the reasons why you haven't seen much chatter about it into your persons. Other states to New York is dirty. They have so much. corruption in kept the you have see out for decades will we were we're stuck because of unions think they kept us about it. It was the that there's the also to dip disputes and people want to jail because of a for corrupt there's so much dirty now, those with some some of the union for not that you in a bad right up, so I support a lot. A lotta people learn. That are in these positions. It did not do what's best for people to do and what, whatever the fuck, this person paid them to pass or not pass, and not let pass I mean Emma was legal and every other state for a long fucking time right in New York is one of the last ones.
It was always has been that the american institutionally corrupt cargo, Andrea, I'm gettin, triggered kiss your bashing my home I want money. You're too, I will. I know you actually, where I grew up is where you are. I live inertia right this right now I was born in New Jersey and Minimum EAST Coast spent most of my young years in Boston, more from thirteen to twenty four at least my high school years, author boss, and you kicks the Boston access. yeah? Why tiktok as a source of on tv when those nineteen when I was nineteen, I wonder stay games in Taiwan. and then I heard myself on tv items are. Oh, my god I wanted a cat. Is that those like me where can really hard? My god I did you know Look I was trying to fit in those but determined, thirteen when I moved their move their from Florida and I I just wanted to fit it and then
When I went to high school, I was gonna high school in Boston or in Newton rather and the other kids. How that actor? So listen, silent patent haven't conversational. I recently do you human. I definitely have. He has probably a little bit more of a New York. Accented me guys. We I've matter really New York acts, your accent is barely New York, I would say educated east coast, but not you dont have like The accents rely sounds a ease, goes on, educate, not educated on these could well islands. No, we actually knew share some words, Yahoo com and like when I say the word all I struggle with let it sounds like I'm saying hey you, L L. I sound like Collen a little bit conquer. Yeah yeah yeah, I think so I can see that, but we have a similar cancer. Rasp will rather rasp, but the cause of much more east coast with Agraea yeah I believe that the other word I'm told, is very New York issue. How I say it is Florida Florida
our motto floor. Florida, like speaking of Florida, signed uploaded, live better so anyway, I like it, I like hell, that's our go to just moving much ass, one of the biggest there is not yet just around the corner have to one that's a fuckin big. That, I think, is all it all comes down appear. It is coming down appear, let's see what he is now again. It's gonna be republican communism moment we're having a good time of here as it stood thirty three percent what is the best for avoiding violence in this country. I mean leaving by but honestly terms of local wins the best case scenario. To avoid violence. I didn't buy it well, it had been a landslide, either way he's up. One hundred and seventy thousand noble,
fearing right wing via like little. I think my eyes idea, LAR lawyer, yet on the other, the majority is, I think people are fearing a fifth trump ones again, their files, I don't know man there was. There- was a trump like car park, by my place, the other. These motherfuckers were Harkin for two and a half hours straight and block in the entire list. Seventy broil last Cuomo branches think we will always worried about like the Nazis in the White Rude, the right wing supremacy militias. I don't know that ever comes true in this country has just that neither has made it does that happen because there are, there are their debts from right wing front but large right terrorism, damage done over the last six months with political protest or political rights Ninety percent of it is left, went cap, but what may be but hold on certainly tried to kill the fuckin governor Michigan
we don't know about that little and that nobody even try they got expose yet the I probably put them up to it. I have said many times that seems a they Israel, the guy's refugee, inform. Well, maybe that's what people mission who wanted? The point is this: I don't know, I'm asking you if that was a popular position once the initiative on it, but no, let's be honest, its there's like this, this fantasy of that war. The edge of what you know. All these right wing militias coming right into studs. It's never borne out by the facts. Well, it's a thing that they like to repeat the news like here's, one of them when, when Chris Wallace said to Trump, do you denounce white Do you know this is like a fuckin video compilation of trumped, announcing white supremacy S over and over and over and over and there's always over and by the way? It's always like email sympathy. You want me to say, but I make about a real problem, is anti for and was only turns out. That's not true, not known in the video compilation. There's multiple occasions where,
asked me to do that. He was absolutely you, as I denounce all hate. I denounced the KKK denounced. He says it over and over again right, but about that quotas he's here right after not listen that Chris Wallace doesn't know, that has already said that there is pretending that, hasn't done. It is kind of shameful for a guy is doing a debate. I know that the media is dishonest and I know that they do exactly this ox that you're accusing them of doing. But my point is He leaves with that and then it's always like, oh by the way, the left wingers. The real problem is folks, Leftwingers, not always but he has certainly alive thousand, but but the left wing when it comes to these attacks like import, linen the Seattle and a lot of that. That is a lot of Antigua to love, but the weird thing about that is- and I was talking to someone who actually understands stuff- and he was too me, listen make no mistake about that. Shit's funded. He goes on in organised because funder of enlargement idiots it's not they cut, you know.
There's like the sorrows conspiracy like oh there's, big money for there's, big money, funding, some pink haired and purple haired college kids. You don't even know what the fuck they're doing in there there you they came to give you a real political cause there to guaranteeing Jane out, but that creates all sorts of turmoil that call turmoil that Croatia, erosion of our belief in our democracy right Thirdly, what do I don't think, there's an ideological, long game being played by a purple hair college? Kid I don't during body irony doing. I don't think there are part of the ideological longer. I think, there's any refunded. No, no. I said their points right, but you were saying they were. Someone wants this to happen. Someone want lightens deterioration of our democracy. That's a good question Please George Soros. They say fine, George Orwell, because he's the fuckin bogeyman. They always know why. Why do they always say because their half right, because, yes, he is somebody who funds politicians and is corrupt, but is the same with the Co. Brothers is the same thing with fuckin shell denounced and adjust gave trump. Seventy five million dollars the other day like. Yet this is what they do
What is weird and if we are on the right and the left, when they single out like one evil billionaire, make an accurate and they act like all. That's the real problem. No, the problem. All of them are finding our politicians, you know when Glenn Beck was at Fox. They told him there's two things they want to stop talk about. They want him to stop talking about God and they wanted him to stop. Talking about George Soros, I said: don't bring up. George Soros Glenn back towards the end of his thing. It fox kind of one in saying something about the masons global and symbolic Jean it with some of the best television I M yesterday or today, when he had done with great, seem like a really rich guys. Damn, yes, maybe had a nuclear reactor in his basement. I would just like. Why is this symbol on the money is really getting new it now we know we're really getting it and then they took him out and act in a box. Will heed start doing his own thing on line in Rio? The first guys to be super six,
I suppose so successful. What we believe there is a window is always that the tides and parliament corn remember a corner was that this was the biggest scan of all the Republicans like people were given cigarettes to vote for Obama was bullshit, they fight. New did this for two months, so that people are given ripple and more liquor in Newport, so they could vote robots like ok, guys, wait a minute gradually glass of water yeah. They were like yet areas, Glenn Backward, loses marbles version of it, but it was getting good heart at any time someone's drawing that islands there in a good space mentally. So when he laughed and went over to his own, he did the policies and yeah blaze. What is network? I think it went belly up. Something were built because ablaze is still around, but we want out I think bench appearance people so do I think so maybe, but it was very successful for awhile like he was. May I remember it was mainly ten million dollars a month, those like what that guy's got issues
He handled the finances particularly well, which is why I think it kind of twenty seven coke drugs horse. He is a ceo founder in honour of mercury, radio, arts, the parent company of his television radio network, the blaze. Let me see the blaze and what happened. plays bencher clearer because I think that they might have been working on a deal now daily daily Wire turns five. You know. He's moving. National is moving organization and National who bailed out a California say it. I don't know why you? Why was he ever there? In the first place, Where I grew up. Our girls grow jewish community. He aids any sort, a left, leaning anything will bit yellow bit I'd, say it's a of Europe,
I've never met him nursery very nice guy. I like him on. I hear us now that I know that our about ventured to hire engineers then severe. I like em. A lot is: very nice is a sweet guy, so many farmers market wants his physical small man he's not that big nice gather he's very insecure. He really is like You know we don't agree on everything, but I well you're stairs amazing when somebody's like a guy like that dangerous. How much has talked him bench appear, Shapiro website is in talks to buy Glenn backs the blaze bought an oath, actually did it for the delivery. I asked for a daily why're. You know it's interesting, and why would you want to buy something about? You already got your own thing. We re expand, consolidate, by TIM, Dylan's going to Hell and bring back, please you could do it what we want: a boss, we're looking for a boss, I'm looking for a positive list and you will want independence. I want sponsorship workers sponsorship deliver for anything
is the flatfish their daily caller. Anything daily racist policy with the latest results are hit me with much sums yeah he sighed again we're not we're not getting tight one away. One! Thirty one tonne content on TAT, the real, accurate picture of the mail and situate hop with the mail, and I just I gotta be ass. I see everybody flippin out, I'm like idiots their cannon, all the mail and first in certain places in the council, the regular votes. First, let us look at the gap and Pierre because, as hit appear, this is widening the gap and Pierre is very big guerrilla, its two hundred and no but that's what this is. All the on the day votes this is not a male ends at times, like seventy percent exit points harming ism, that's a six point: how what percentage of the state's vulture melons
I don't know the percent that's Malian, but I do know that the breakdown is going to be sixty to seventy percent bite in the mail and understand that you had six points there that somebody, a gas. You said it's two and fifty thousand people wrote the mail and vote no! No! No! No! I was all about Philadelphia. Diseases are changing in real time, wanted twenty thousand in Pennsylvania trumps. declare victory in five minutes. He's gonna use deafening it to do that in the coming out with a battery in five minutes, I wonder whether you could declares victory and whether now cause Joan Joe. These are the states, Zack ones were tromp, is up they're, the ones in other Midwest pencilly. Those are the ones where we having did the melons and if he comes out says it looks like we're having a good night with what s going to happen. Can it try to stop the vote there? Do you you have a little bit of sadness that he's gonna win again said
this over Trump winning. I'm I've been fucking dead inside for the long haul dumping that I had eyelids life here. My job Joan Rogan is to follow this Duff every single day. You can't this is alien as and when you do this. This is what I would want to things. A trump said is that the country was uniting. This is like his narrative. The country was uniting before covert restart, two like em cause. The economy was doing well, yeah, yeah, variety, the no, of course not. I told you that even pre cove it we had seven percent of the country was living paycheck to paycheck. Half a workers were made thirty thousand dollars. You are less winds. Integrated was honest. When was has there been time- and that was the case in our lifetime, Our economy has always been bad boys you're asking me for a model to point to the respect, I would say Fifty are the new deal, the Social democratic Iraq in a different world, during our lifetime. As your ever been a time where people were not living, seventy percent weren't living paycheck paycheck, like I think, the further back you go, does get a little bit better because
we're still the remnant of the real era programmes, not only innovation, yes, guys it, and how have you I've t exactly right? Not our lifetime drown not honouring our lifetime has never been a time where people have been any better than they were then during. Try I mean maybe they were slightly better in the nineties, but I dont I've never seen data for back. Then I was going to tell you what I want. What do tribute like, I know, and I'm not asking this cuz, I'm trying to prove anything. I literally know nothing about economics. What do you think The reason why the economy was doing so well, at least on paper, during the Trump administration before Code, why so you mean wise the unemployment rate LE? Why was, in my toilet rate, low? Why was the star market high? Why were always indicators that Trump was pointing to? This? Is the greatest economy the world's ever seen so a lot of it had to do with the twenty seventeen republican tax couple a lot of how to do with his deregulation, because what happen when you deregulation, what happens when you cut taxes for the wealthy incorporations? Is you have this thing called a boom bust cycle where every
kind of takes off, and it looks like everything's amazing and, oh, my god, look at these indicators. The unemployment rate is low. Stock stocks are booming, but that's the problem. Is that its kind? fake and is exactly what happened and lead up to the great depression. You had the roaring twenties as it was called because everything was taking off there. Oh, my god, to stock market amazing everything is great, and then eventually you have your day of reckoning. It just so happens that in our case, it was covered that kind of pop the bubble right. call. It was the thing that really was I built. This thing is all fake. Anyway, there wasn't Colville would have insult mouse because, just like into debt two thousand eight as safe to say that its covered, because it wasn't it was real anyway, because covert just stop people working dinner, that's not right! That was a giant. You know issue that basically ground. You called me to a halt and there is no escaping that. You can't get the economic reality that, which is why? What did they do in response? Like we said they did, the Cares act five trillion dollars in a continent vehicle, me handed over the corporations and then they sat back and watch them make these terrible decision. What could be done? Good, say: Trump wins again. What
done to bring the economy back while first things first stimulus in media I would do universal basic income check for the remainder of covert if you're. Do any sort of economic shut down. You have two pair that with relief for people we will discuss this rightly, but he obviously is not interested in doing that, but he is using. It is not you be, I believe what he did want to do. Another stimulus built. You say that we have all seen Mcconnell who were blocking. Do you think it s more freedom to do anything? If he wins again, does he have more freedom to do? I guess your any brought, I'm looking for a silver lining here I mean listen, the best he could do cause: you're gonna have a Senate and house, that's not really in line with him. Ok, so the Bessie could do is go all out on the executive orders and do the best you can do through that through that path, it'll be a four year kind. Lame duck situation where the Congress descended. Don't let him do anything right. Little Carnegie he'll do some, negative orders will immediately be released or reverse when air sea winds and cuts everyone's take off.
I believe that you will be doing that, because you know it's good to see that choice. He's gonna, he's gonna win again problem, maybe maybe maybe not, but if you again it swing in hard like it, be ill. Hot, Omar and EO see for the same that seed. The thing is, I, actually, It's gonna be the obsolete either we will further right wing getting bigger, go Amy Club, which are, I think, they're gonna go Kamel Harris. I think you know I think established rules have a stranglehold even more democratic or wanting twenty four Don Junior the empire. continuous. Why? Don't you like. I don't know what you mean. What the daughter in the sun vodka is a killer. Do you think they do that over anyway lives. Let them try doubly three got the most ability of the three who's got the most of vodka. I dont know curiouser, you think of the three one. Of the three General Commissioner
his son in law, about the third area Eric and dont Don Junior Erika, vital they won't. Let s talk, I think, something's wrong. I such Ruiz on Fox NEWS from time to time Eric Eric is tie with baron, and then you would have done if you and your and then I found out, I mean less beyond zone juniors the best talk Eric. They tried to get cold. I already Islamic Ovid and getting married. I actually related in months ago. Actually Eric has more promised and Don Junior telling the truth oh. I forgot about preventing you're right, shouted, Logan kid and I literally forgot her. we're alone. Now, if that's the way I won't actually we're, trot watching the results in a goal. Castle, sunrise underground noise at the White House, they're gonna party has started jerking off yet
I don't know man how many harmony with you deal with the current IVO are saying what what you are saying, which is like, let's wait for the balance or is it cannot Facebook and Twitter their door though unnoticed now am. I got trouble on its already over hysteria and remit This is mostly left. Leaning, twitter, tis everyone, racist now. Now here's what's the question what the percentage of hispanic votes. It got an african metal votes. That's fastened, fascinating, let me say somewhat little pomp. What the number show already is that he's do better than he did in twenty. Sixteen with them, I know, he's gotten, we all others here Latinos more black people and even less lack. Conservative movement is not covered at all by the media and you look on Youtube. It's got. Hundreds of thousands. Millions of use is very interesting and the media ignores it completely. What do you think would be true that too I mean he has laid down some token reaching out to them, prison reform will do whatever he was doing. Follow up with little weighing the other day and then before that he was doing one with you know, who is other one little pomp
called little pimp does there's another one com? Will pimp problematic get? Can you get that I've Jamie brings it out? This is amazing. If you see those you have the same as you have to watch. That is just not forget. He has no idea what's goin on its correct, nobody does even better with lieutenant then than he does with black people worry miles, but I was campaigning form Trump little pimp This is a rising rally. Itself one is not ignore: rap you're, gonna Watts's bears out music and other things. What are the big superstars of the world a little the not will its little pump He said little little pimp little pimp. That is letters I imagine. If that was named, you should come up with a character called little pimp. I shut little pimp. Listen so thought, that's
bad care, not a bad idea as a very good idea for us, not a bad idea here, braided yeah, so a lot of good things based tat, a lot of commitment, rosier and you could be little pimp its its interest, to watch he's gonna come out tonight, definitely claimed. Sometimes. I do think that, yes, I do think he's gonna come here. I think we do amazing. What do you think now? The odds are the ones the you're deftly a lot better than they were at the beginning of the night. For short, me in number, I still think is: probably eighty, five percent chance button wins real yeah. I do Because a lot of what you're saying there's is attributable to what I said from the very beginning, which is their counting the votes that were in today first and then the mail come later housing waiting right now, I'm your of Jay tweets and all the times you tweets on non stop. This as the time of the treaty? We are looking really good all over the country thankyou as radical hours ago, I was still in love with. and really good. He's gonna be happy
just taxes, somebody with Canada, a little in silence. Information see, was gonna, see I now, that's yea somebody who knows a little bit of the ceiling on deep state out Johns you know the kid from parkland. You wanted more guns, Rebecca, hear him. It is made sense, Despite my deadlines, biting wins Illinois. Well that we have been saying. A big. Now, it's not it's. Just it's blue state is always a boost. It is always boosting. I'm asking, I think, Yes, I do think so. He won by now. You have a pretty good, twelve percent, so why? What's it out? Now was the
total vote out now, one thirty one to one away. How did he do how's? He did with Latinos. They don't have its upon here, South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina Florida is Florida still play with the numbers in Florida. Now, anyway, An updated it interesting now he's got that yeas up by four hundred thousand he's got that, Ben swell anyone or reliable trojans. It. Listen you! U communist none. I it's very likely. He wins it, but it's interesting to see that these may gain, as he may gains with lots of voters. We don't know that, yes, he's made gains from his twenty sixteen numbers. Yes, LAO well, there you go, I mean, makes a four years com and I raised is everywhere. It's actually really it's the only one who did listen was Louis Chagall Mass and, now and now it's actually binoculars thing where bite and took from tromp was old, suburban white people
ok yeah, deserve our aid whereby embryonic the bug is numbers runners further covers showing for by an interesting sunbelt, not good for but no that's going to know. What is I get? Arizona is gonna swing, the other way it can swing. Pro tromp is more votes comment, but look at the numbers. Fifty three point: three percent. Forty, five, all seventy three already. Ok, so yeah you're going up there now he's ahead by two by the way, a news projects the democratically to retain control of the House representatives. That's not true, prize. They were ninety seven percent favourites to do that. Anyone Montana go back to that. What's goin on my profound has gone down a bunch of California and moved to fuck in Montana. That's what it is. They wanted water, equal fires and ranches. They are wanted branches. They wanted taxes better to North Dakota. Interesting interest. Nothing. So I'll tell you what here's the here's, the bad news and time I dont think gonna be getting an answer tonight, because if it wasn't Florida
going to bite in seeing calls then It's gonna go on because we're not gonna know Pennsylvania for three or four days. Oh my God but chaos or we can have on the streets and get it well. Could you give Tron eight May so come out and say right? We do. We really splendidly is really amazing is really incredible, but you need to see this. It sets really something else. You never seen anything like this before listen folks. They ve never really seen. Anything. So I think I think Trump will. He said I'll make some David statement tonight. I don't know what that, what time is it in EAST Coast right now? One thousand and fifty yeah. I would imagine he's gotta make a statement within the next hour right he's not going to speak after midnight when you're on that Addy son time doesn't matter here. When you zoom point, I know what I think is he's gonna, come out declared a true that fifteen minutes yeah. I would imagine, he's Goin goes to bed yea just gonna come our guide to. I did this one tonight we risk
probably give em to extra shots steroids tonight to so it could be, and now, whereas Kampala and die Hama COM, a lie, camps, fuckers world, I apologize com or an awkward biomass. Still in the basement, they haven't told them that the election started. Yes, Ma Am, but can you got him got a minute radically sealed chamber. Where is he you know who's universe smiling somewhere? Is Hillary Clinton? You know she is. Why here's my course. Why did I not hurried IRAN? Should I run yeah she's fucking incredibly disliked right, but you won the popular vote. yeah, but did she could have came back with a Yas Queen her and just laying Maxwell just bought him going nuts? She might have one when you lose. There is a of time where the countries like fuck off it's the the bandwagon, a fact that we are talking about a million because then you're just view disillusioned, like happily Mitt Romney when they Rami lost for like a year and a half years of Fuckin Mitt Romney get the fuck out here. Can he was expected and actually verses, Obama yeah, I can
believe. I never knew with appalling. Was that closer them? Yes, crazy up? There was, he was only a point three years on my back, that's crazy. I'm stunned by the I just hope you have a good with this, I'm I'm good weather. I tend to survive, I think I'll, be fine, a lot of people that I'd know and respect you're going to be very upset, but their generally very upset about everything. Sidewalk Ike You can't be happy then I don't know it's not my problem. I voted Liberty, I've been, I didn't, go to Rio Jorgensen. I thought you had a shot and I don't know who she is a new. She didn't. I don't know who she is, what she stood forebears very excited about, or candidacies legalise drugs, good fur we did, you have Virgil, Georgians and really I respected I've done. Third party rose before I knew California was goin to bide, no matter what
I do not loading plan was, but I was looking at all the Ngos like what is this. I just felt. I now think just call me at a great line four years ago: Andy they said. some some than that anti coming you. What listen tromp Does the movie doesn't end with Trump losing that The great line anyhow like and everybody's, ok, ok, and he was right and I'm just wondering now, seeing it as a movie, a weird cinematic thing: what this? Because I was sort of convinced that this was by? is to lose walkin in here, and now it's like all is definitely by was blind is to lose my own. It was on trumped cause he's the one with the narrow path we were fed. A pile of you were rising on right about this. Now I'm sorry, but the numbers Where would they words not like? They were efficient for that result? If any here? But if we want to help biting, they say the opposite: the poles are morons, its morons answering the poles.
might be more degenerated. Twenty. Eighteen, though, in the mid term, they got exactly wrote one eighteen, zero point. Twenty, and this is for the president. but in the mid term, so many people vote its. For each obviously lumber turnout logo granting difference right. But if you know with the data UNESCO with the daylight, but the the ramping up of the Joe Biden Shit as And over the last few months has been really ridiculous in a instead, the media's pushing it has in this. It says the media's ignoring all Nigeria has differ from the pole, Loring all of the corruption, ignoring all the Hunter Biden, email altered. All that shit with twitter. We're twitter ban, The New York Post, where Facebook was banned. All true that stuff was bad. All that stuff is, but it's no one thinks that's a good thing, but I feel like that get your point, I agree with you. I just think perhaps,
to online and our own world. A lot of people are just fuckin work in their jobs and making their decision when they see a speaker to on tv. You know I mean they're not following this shit in an act like you and me you're right, but they heard about that. I know people the word regular jobs. It is a disease here, but this twitter shit there really upset about it because they know that I've talked to Jack Dorsey. I've had a mom before and that this twitter censorship, always skews left like there is skewed towards the lesson and end sensor. I gotta pushed back on that because the chapel trap House read it was banned. I have a friend running about twitter. I'm saying social media, I'm saying you have on Twitter, ok, we'll theirs. It there's twitter there's face. Look I've seen censorship. Twitter sent a lot in the last twelve sensors lot of shit on the left as well. There's a unity, twenty twenty which is sort of central centrist, that's Breton
Einstein's organisation, where he was trying to get people on both sides to come together and Twitter ban their account, which is fuckin preposterous facebook man there can but then, due to a lot of push back facebook rinsed did it, but then Eric Weinstein's said you know why you lying in saying this was an accident because manually reviewed by someone yet theirs left outlet named Jacobin and they had they did reporting on the light in Bolivia and that was pulled in Bolivia, Socialist, won the election and so their actual about, like even smart, really smart people and the left Gaza. Chris hedges people there that your friend Abbe Martin, they understand she's been that ensure a million times are all the critics of the state. Eventually get sensor is so it's not. Leffertses right is establishment, verses, anti establishment and there's different flavors and varieties of being. It establishment, but if you're speaking up yes, your Pa
we gonna be in trouble. Abbeys censorship of the sea is a lot of push back on our stance on Israel right. That's that's a big part of it right last time she did my part. Ass too, there was a tremendous I'm sure of it, but this is some she's been dealing with for the longest time and yet his censorious trolls, who want to shut her up because they don't agree with their yeah the others. A lot of that there's a lot of that. But the thing with twitter end near post was particularly all it was How are you gonna to they're, not even making the aim of theirs factual inaccuracies, there have been saying that you're just saying we think this might be election meddling or something maybe the information came from Russia CNN, one, the reporters, vision and tweeted that it was rushing disinformation, no our two zero and by the way, even if was let's say, is appointed Glengarry. Romania's, a million per cent right. When you, journalist. If you're given something newsworthy, Udall Fuckin car in the source. You say this: information that people should know it's like
the Chelsea Manning Julian Assange when we learned that the United States was own striking innocent people, and then they release that video that showed us doing it and then became a big story. If somebody said hey. Where did you get that from? Did you get that the Taliban give that you, or did this personal leprosy, given what the fuck does a matter? The information stands on its own two feet like it's important: in and of itself. Imagine of trumpets and for a second term, then immediately pardon note, if that I also argues for Odin and then pardons Assange and then legalise drugs and then releases the greatest about the long with little temp he'll be a phenomenal. I mean here Do he's made a lot of peace deals that nobody is talked about right through cutting because, while those are like that, like the Sudan one, I found that layers cause to Israel in Sudan, we're not at war. So when I can peacefully sorry they were fighting well, they were
I think this is all it's a show to be. Like I vote for me, I'm the fuck you so there's no peace deals that works optional now. One thing I give him credit for on foreign policy and I get a lot of shit for this, but I say because I think it's true is with Korea, because North Korea It is true that this this was a place where Obama was not able to get a deal and Trump basically sickly went in there and I don't care I'll ll talk to him in any talked to him and listen we're not at war. We don't have an official deal, but I don't care we're not at war, and that's all that matters to me the thing that's really interesting, though, is weird. How Democrats and Republicans just casually flip their position on the same issue when it's different countries, so like Obama, What Obama did with IRAN is what Trump did with North Korea, I mean, like Obama, wanted to make peace with IRAN into the the nuclear agreement. Right and trumped did the same thing when North Korea and then they their positions on the other countries chopped kind have been masterful with North Korea.
whereas a lot of people, because you need a crazy guy right because Kim Jong moods are crazy. Guy, you need it equally crazy cycle, and they ve kind of live a similar look to them. They sat they make these bellicose threats, but that is not really mean them till they control. Uncle they wake up the next day they like to their smiling, remember the rumours that he was dead and his sister was run. The show great yap and with great fuckin fake news is what happened with its jurists. They ran with those articles in it was bullshit, but what was he put now to define traders? I dont know got people I don't know the mechanics, although Thyssen Fury did then his last training camp, what he put it put out where's that his ankle was broken really here to find out. If he's got some rats inside his camp how she said. He had an injury that so we started put not pictures of a sister in the jungle and sister we all got curious and then he back that was a great dramatic tennis, Mama
people do shit like that. Just a fund of the got rats in their camp right an honest flush out the rats with ties infuriated allowing this feeling that somebody was somewhat that's why tromp gave himself cove it he's like just want to see. You got random samples, yeah me what to do in jail. do you have an ugly little pump rap on election, Joe Biden, just one California, I know big child and I doubt it literally just announced the whole f calls for by that those Also wait a minute lighting, one cow worn! That's what are they not is absurd. What is the just hit the time such as a clock, zero percent reporting? So they think they just call him, because pictures now, rigged Nevada got an extra hour out onto its size Donna looks like it's gone, blue. Whenever the Woods Arizona now he's not unusual that Arizona goes. Blue was an error on all your red stay for a long time, so there's gonna be a lot closer. That's no you're in
the right to Arizona was a red state for a very long time, but some, but doesn't it see a line of Warner by pulling well in the Sun Bell, because it's a lot of old white retirees and that's who I was saying before: that's where he took from trompe didn't like trump he's doing better among Latinos compared to last time crack sort of just saying it. rob was doing better among minorities than he was last time and Biden is taking all of these old white people from Trump go back to Texas. Missy Texas also cover has a big Durban. It is now thirty eight electoral votes asking to bring trumped up plot gonna see that's what that's what Texas should. I was by thought. He when Texas, I thought trumpet winter floored is gonna. Bring tramp of Ohio gonna bring boss, amazing how close Texas is those our highest gonna break pop and then pencil, though, see hear hear everything. Here's what's gonna happen, offensive in here's, what's gonna happen, you're gonna have very close to you,
have Michigan and Wisconsin are gonna, flip, blue and then Pennsylvania's, really what it's all riding on now pennsylvanians. Forty four percent is up by foreign. I think trumps, winds, Pennsylvania. If Trump in Pennsylvania, being anyone, I think he wins. Haven't you dissolved steel, the lot of frack a lot of steel What were the miners, their glow minors? That was very bad when Joe Biden guided by, but when you are in use coal minor, but when Joe Biden right outside border they have them. But what are the minding austerity in Pittsburgh used to be steal? It is not really see. That's what I mean when Biden lied about racking lied said. He never said that he was gonna ban fracturing again these videos franking he's now, but he wouldn't, but his he said he was gonna ban from I've been they on general land specifically, but he said He never said he was a ban fracturing, but he did in his lot, a video of it, and so they call em, but I think he's referring to federal land specifically. In other words, I'm not gonna ban for the whole country said he never
I know, but they're kind of miss stating it because they want to make it seem like always get a ban on all across the country. No, he said I won't banner, unlike federal or I will better on federal lands, although which, by the way, listen we I live in New York day. And frankly in New York because they caused fucking earthquakes and they pollute the fucking water, theirs problem with Iraqi. Oh yeah franking, I'm not a pro franking guide. The one thing the firelight Geldof Racking wondering diffraction has done. That's good is serve released, our dependence on foreign oil, God, as you Know- and I think it is buying- got a lot of shit for saying this. But it's absolutely true at some point. We can have two fucking get off the fossil fuels and we can do is forever and bind said by twenty. Fifty people were making a big think about it. That's crazy, like really that's crazy. What date would you ok, with sixty twenty seventy using Biden comes out, makes a speech tonight they allow him. Let him talk vine rights over. He never told us in any member heavily speak. They got a pop up with the. After all, they got a pop up with steroids. What do you think they pop up with before their first debate could have a natural could have been? will it must actually like cartography?
There is also a news lucid in the debate with Women suffer realisation that we have. We have to pump the prey. It candidate full of anti psychotic before they go out. What is it that? Isn't there something wrong? It seems like there's something wrong now: what's the emphasis comic do it makes us soon. I was reading I it's. I chair equal at some anti psychotic. My mother's gets a frantic. They may military rasper all things like that, but what a synergy more clearer thought, my friends is it takes your coolly would like format about, and for that it was a good and that and that have happened, but if he doesn't, but if he's not psychotic, you still would give him this medication. No, I was large, joking, when I said SARA will fight. I know I thought you were certainly like. Some after all, is the admiral's. The thing that I would actually are still two point, two main mail and bowed to become an and Pennsylvania about eighty seven percent of the total. Yes, so that means it
why? I think Pennsylvania's gonna its by genetic sorry, real I'd, wait and ass. He was up six points in the fuckin average of the poles coming into today. It would have been a miracle of Trump pulled it off six points. Way outside of the margin of error in point two million. So many of us and he went his way outside the margin of error trunk and maybe swing at three points, he can swing it fucking six yoga. How many of those two point two million lives Seventy per cent of the bottom right now, there's. How much does it began as a citizen of one point, two million to be count to mine that eighty seven percent of the vote. How long is that going to, like, I said for five days, maybe wiser some long hours of any cause. Now, since with covert there's a lot of places that have been doing malay law, everybody rushed to the poles who do mail and tromp lost you see what happened right now. one in any fuckin laws. We we are not going to know it's going to be at a time like this.
Election day, and I hope it last for six months is kind of crazy that there's like this one state that could literally yeah factor the holding out her sheep, and I'm sure you remember this, but in the past it was in Pennsylvania. It was it was Ohio did a lot of times, Ohio, sometimes Florida. Other times sure. So you know two thousand was Florida and then you had to die, for there was a higher they put it over. There has never been a situation like this. We're we're gonna go to bed, not knowing where the president. Oh, yes, has there's been a hundred anguish, dangling Chad's thing right, well, yeah, but I think even more elections and that a lot of what many them with our sleep, not knowing noble, we kind of now carry one right, can carry carry kind of Lhasa, think comfortably actually yeah it with us. Didn't want loyally, don't know, but a lot of them. We would you go to bed, However, there is a strong indication:
Gary One that was at the dangling Chad's. We know that our two or three thousand out or Social was Harry, though there are some areas where he ran against a bush, and his argument was all like ya: wanna keep do in Iraq or two, but I'm just smarter than this guy none. I mean there are some weird about the election itself. Yet it was an issue with the voting machines and it was like a private company that was running Emerson, Diebold divergent revenge idea. How can we actually hacking democracy ideas? A terrifying documentary, that's not fun is it. I mean, listen, just the fact that all the states do it differently. There's no uniform rules as to how to do this at the federal level. Each state terms how they're gonna do their own election? The battle- wildly different from state to state different rules. Different time frames, so we represent I mean listen. I don't think we're going to know which one and then he lost in Venice apart. I don't wanna go we'll never now we may never know people, we met a board, you guys for not vote.
And me from voting in the ratio of arrogance and listen. I did what I had to do. I was going to vote. I thought about it. I looked at the people doing it they set out. I want to be associated with them. So listen. I just want to look. I want to reiterate this before we finish ain't even I said about seventy eight times tonight, but we have list of the state's Michigan Pennsylvania, Wisconsin Virginia, they dont the mail and balance as they come in solar, counting all the votes from today, which are gonna, skew Pro Trump and then after count the melon votes which skew providing Coos. It is the states again, so those states, I think, are employed now. Let me ask you this is: is there a path where, if tromp wins Pennsylvania where you could still Lucy election? Let me see the map, let's see if he were, if tromp were to win Pennsylvania. Any window Ohio anyone's Florida see his
I'm sure he's not gonna win was content of Michigan. I think he might eke out too to seventy eight. If he gets you if he gets North Carolina of Florida Pennsylvania, Ohio. I think I might get him there, but I toy he could win. Ursus me Biden could win with out getting Pennsylvania. They would give him to seventy exactly So I come so tough. What would that? Maybe I'm trying to us? I can't I can't take this week as you desert look at that to several win. One listened to and on a real, as a rain out really all rides on Pennsylvania, because I'll tell you what Michigan and was constant or not gonna stay pro protract there, a hundred percent flip into buying because he's up like eight to ten points there in the polls and we haven't counter the mail and yet so was in Michigan are gone forbidden for sure. So it's gonna come down a Pennsylvania. in Arizona to a little bit, but it looks like binds. Gonna hang on there, which is kind of surprising consumers. Winning Some say and cut down appear: Arizona is another fuckin state where the California flood do they all want to see
next to saw it, but it's more old, suburban retirees, Jeremy were not given in Ireland, and I know miles a thing like this. Arizona thrown out. Let me see the map actor of Michigan and was caught school backup either You know it's gonna go to bind as Canada. Wigs campaigns have expected then Pennsylvania take Centre stage right, not necessarily Biden could lose pensive. still when the presence, if he wins Arizona plus main too and ask it to, is not an amendment split, those not an old main second district. That's not me, Ices, it's actually much more likely, would be to seventy on the nose interest. Yeah boy it's. I think it's gonna come down a pencil race as a tight raising trumps, not gonna raise buck in Hell. If he's got to sixty eight trouble then let s go
could he do Supreme Court tell say fuck it fraudulent is that's vague. This is a reality where it is only right that that's when we have a real problem and Galicia will, because his Supreme Court remember those people who try to knock the Biden boss off the road. Yes, you imagine how they're gonna react if they think the Democrats junk Contra steal it at your eyes, a bunch of shit. There was happening now if you saw the violence in North Carolina today where people were trying to block the poles there was allotted- chaos and police were pepper. Sprang people at the polls, trays didn't look good doesn't look looked offers, like God dammit this is voting. Is there a shot that we don't know the answer to Morrow? Yes, there is. good job because it might take a while. What do you think the view? I guess, if I had to guess, I think it looks relatively close. I'd say three days. Maybe we might all the answer for the weekend
I can tell you right now lie in the wall gown. Was it yeah, you're you're, getting out under the? Why I'm gettin outsmart, six thirty eight per for smart, go right back to the desert pack. You should get out of the mover yeah its common, not immediately its common will say come I gotta see Michael blow. Ombudsman will say now. I think I think trumps a lot of potential, it pry very hard, but a potential tie up to sixty nine, each lacked. Ok, I would be now they ve devonshire than the oil happens there like another slogan out, yet they fight dual. Do as there is a limit to tell you that comes out of the base for the weight of the climate Duke it out with those fuckin on body with us things, there was only a four percent chance. It would end like that and it seems like them. I happen to know: why happens in one in case of a tiger? They revoking goes to
Chris hold on. Let me look cuz. It says that it's. This is from five hundred and thirty. Eight, who is everyone's favorite account today, because the polls, but it says in that case biden- would need to carry either Nebraska or Maine Second congressional district to win, and I don't know why those two specifically I'm going to look. I actually don't know what happens if it's a tie and I'm going to look now Nancy policy default for her something in the United States. A contingent election is that is the procedure used like the president or vice president. In the event that candidate for one or both these offices wins an absolute majority of votes in the electoral college contingent election for the president to decide by a vote of the United States, our representatives Congress decides will continue election for the President, for the vice president is to sign by a vote of the United States Senate. Oh, my god, that's interesting because that would mean did Democrats in the house would take bind to be president and then the report
begins in the Senate would pick a Republican to be vice president and then what this Supreme Court pics to the default go for during a contingent election. Each house day delegation CAS one vote too. Herman, the president, rather than a vote for meat representative senators instead cast votes individually for vice president, the contingent election process was first established in article two, section one clause, three of the US constitution. It was modified by the twelfth amendment in one thousand, eight hundred and four the phrase contingent election is not found in the text of the constitution itself, but has been used to describe the procedure since at least eighteen only three wait saw. I just read over their real quick, a new kind of glossed over. It says that neutrality and vice president, are indirectly elected, submitted to pick em. They each hour separately right. That's what I said. I didn't really an analysis. Autumnal fast is the very best I said I said you have. The Congress picked the president and then the Senate depicts the vice president. The Senate Republican right now in Congress is.
Democratic right now, she'd have a democratic. stop the ticket in a Republican at the bottom that I think you'll have a winner. I think she's going to steal somebody's going to win somebody's going to win these things. I think it's come down a Pennsylvania and I still think it's very likely Biden when Pennsylvania, I gotta count all the mail and balance and their overwhelmingly button but I will say this: listen if if by which this election and he's got less. Three hundred electoral votes yet an tromp outperform the pulse, he absolutely outperform the Poles because all the poles coming into today, if you just copy and paste it. It would have been by three hundred and fifty one electoral votes, Savage tromp, album on the polls yet again. It finally went for like two hundred and seventy eight or some shit. So it's Pennsylvania to mail in votes account carefully. Are those going to be monitored like the counting of them really we can get really where you can get really ugly. We know Trump is probably already gonna try to downplay them and get them dismissed,