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Fight Companion - April 11, 2015 (Part 1)

2015-04-11 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Eddie Bravo & Brendan Schaub to watch the fights on April 11, 2015.
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the joe rogan experience trying by day joe rogan podcast by night all day and we're live ladies and gentlemen ufc fight companion podcast will not necessarily us it's not ufc endorsed or supported the opinions on this show are not those of the ufc definitely even though i'm ufc employee of proud ufc employ both of us yeah both of we're watching the ufc fight pass or were watching it on fight pass but we might do this mother fucker for glory ok we might do this mother fucker for the pacquiao fight i'm here with brandon mobile gacha with who what is up and of course my nigga eddie bravo you can't say that i did right just happened said alive we are about to watch watching ufc fight pass will watch it on my pewter so i can't pull up who is fighting but uh this
a lady fighter a lady there's there's so many fighters in the usa now even the employees of the ufc don't know who the fuck is who it's tough it's getting either stop five hundred signed fighters that far surpasses that dunbar's number of one hundred and fifty stuff especially when it's international like is in poland it's tough man remember back in the day when someone try to try to get away with saying that there are ufc lighter and you can say fuck you now shit you have to do some research yeah you can't just say fuck you you go like he might be like that he might be might be and then you find out i'll just do it yeah he thought that's right yixing all even like really good fighters like how many people did know about brendan dacc until he flat benson
that batch is fucking the jets tonight his name sounded familiar like thatch ok do duggars alleges big in denver he's big he working good oh that's your boy's father would and marose is that her name more how do i don't know how to say it there's a lot of fighters from uh countries now two men's one of the cool things that we're seeing jamie give us volume so we can hear this too so we get here the fights now is to not do that so let's just keep doing that and i gotta take this fuckin goofy lava lamp down i can't see shit the big ass lava lamp boom boom boom boom back is hard on the commentating on this it doesn't sound like hardy if we met by play guy
it didn't hear him earlier did you hear him i haven't heard of jamie we lost it what happened what the fuck happen come on fight path oh no more fucked hum let me try this again well uh what are what are people saying right now just us on car fail look at that picture such a sense of of those on the greatest knock outs of all time he could say no no thank you when he missed yet not not because it was like most of the high set up it was just crazy like as far as the result of a knockout like the jolted sends through your body when weidman connected on anderson it was like one of the greatest moments like not great like i'm happy interesting backed out or none of that just like the burst
what the fuck is more is more languid buster douglas knocked out tyson but crazy because it came out of nowhere like buster doug whooping that ass buster douglas hit true that long champ it's true you and with that path lap that larry homestyle jabin who behind it those buster douglas is minus moment i just saw that fight again within the last six months and god damn even though buster buster douglas looked amazing he looked flawless he was on fire but even and tyson didn't train for whatever but you look at tyson even though he didn't train he look good he looked good in that fight on his head movement was there he was throwing big shots he was really kind of knocked out buster douglas with everything he had he was doing a great shit and he did drop him in the eighth round you finally dropped him did you hear it what tyson in before that hussein not how he was just do away and work on those where it was it's tokyo is that right yeah you just tuned
work on some asian ladies he talked about that doing war really oh yeah for our ten more than twenty tyson he probably never took time off right here we go perfect timing we're back fight pass how dare you kick me off like that it looks an atari game guys how how dare you i wonder how many half mike tyson kids are in japan price seventy we got joy and calderwood in and do we going to hear it damn that bitch looks mean five in five foot tall on i five dollar five and oh my man bitch with all due respect holding it in between a professor
damn schottland does not play games i bet this chick as tough as fuck yeah she is good joanne not to put that as she she does look like this is paralyzed right there she was terrified she looks terrified that's the carlos barsa effect right it's not real carla just does this and then she goes out there with that not that last way but you're not that last fight down last fight she was just this striking was so album and i think that ship i think that chick is going to i think that chick is going to make hey joanna i think she's right there there she is she's the rhonda rowsey at one hundred and fifteen innovation with better striking she's going to make everybody look like carla do she sits there all look like are one hundred look lost and still be able to take her down she anatomy they're not going to be able to take her down comma can take her down most fighters in that division are not going to be able to take her down but did you see her fight with amanda nunez is very close fight in a lot of people actually thought that noone has won the fire inside i think it
nunez right was it nunez i'm wrong she's a these though dude she's fucking atmospheres win pick she looked like that rafter she is in ten i would google her but i don't know how to say your name on google i can even spell it if you a million dollars and i'm gonna try you on angela got good striking two dozen some power i just tried j y z do you wanna j y z and let's see if they figured dude isn't it weird i can't do this well not a girls fight like dudes how long is still not used to it yeah how long did we think that girls couldn't throw punches we just we believe that as a society girls can't throw punches but then you look at kathleen kathy long holy shit have you seen her have you seen her highlight reel no she is the best american female kickboxer in the 80s and 90s home
the shit old school when told youtube youtube search kathy long highlight reel who seen holly holm you seen holly holmes highlights done you know what all that can stand down for a moment have you guys seen an motherfucking wolf no we should stop watching this fight immediately and watch how ann wolfe is tenochtitlan that honor bar got armbar wow wow hills farm bartlett dam that was beauty call little ukrainian you is a huge underdog man was beautiful huge underdog i i gotta see how that was all set up we were talking about don't show the replay for sure we're talking about just girls will kathy law no no we were just talking about an wolf let's see this she pulled up old guard wow that's a joins him look at this
nice this year old guard run into an armbar she can't get out of that that's what's crazy super troll with their legs yeah great controls girls look at those leg curls yeah leaders rules target that is legit you know there's still people that say that you shouldn't cross your feet and i don't i don't agree with that it crossing feed with the arm bar thing that's like people are pretending some ten is just like crossing the feet when you have someone's back well it all depends if the guys on their back and you're in spider web if they're on their back yeah you cross your feet all the time but if there on top of you it all depends on the on going on the angle i mean what's going on with the arm exactly and what's going on with the locking of the shoulder what angle worth she put in all her weight watch this this is animal she's americans check this american until samtale bastrop for some trauma
for some shit that's going to change your feeling about what would happen if a chick punched you you just gotta see this fucking cunt i think you'd be surprised hold up with this boo boo dude are you fucking shitting maine god are you fucking shitting me to click the little mike tyson dude she lifted her in the air that was ridiculous girl went fly god but that girl like literally went flying ann wolfe can bang and change trains james kirkland who's hi this is our corner yeah i see she had scored through she says okay choose you to she does a great speech powerful dan hardy i liked in argument love the great guy
the best he's good on the mic to his smart dude is very smart damn her her walk out here just says fight night just fuck it fight night that reebok i don't know what the other has to be a better decision reebok there has to be something that is that what they're calling it i've i hope not that better not be what they want people bye i'm not wearing that i'm going to fucking on a big brown on the back maybe it's oh you know what it probably is it's probably they're wearing on fight night like that's why it does that make sense i should probably ask the money since i work for wow that's beautiful look at the control issues with their hands and boom no capitalization a small gap before the closure she didn't that was the one little split up an extended for sure don't stand up and extend
yes she hung out in there she should've squashed her she hung out in there when there was this one brief moment which should pull their arm out start talking shit to giant damn we say joanne his last name jerrod dixon young jet share their laughing well they know that's where the money's at now is not crazy fuck you powerful colored white shirt beautiful i think we've come champ they should have a stylus for you right away you can't dress like an asshole anymore i thinking about roy nelson of willie nelson became champ and decided to sally oh that mullet see you gq roy nelson would be say you're so wrong i think for women's mma they should be allowed to pull her and that be
of the game that's too much man so dark edit sound bar equal database coupon i'm cool with that much roads too much cool cool did you ever seen those girls can you imagine the technique horrible there be all these different chokes you could do with the hair i i hear you what is dew this is inject check taken out of spar that dude she's so lethal on feet real legit six time world more thai champion right there right taking that beautiful this is a god damn fire gallery just having like sparring practice with like pads that don't hit back you know this was like she was which she was hitting them it's with some light defense work right god damn she's good to the technique that you see there like that is his i mean is it gets when it comes with striking in mma she had
that is scary girlfriend i have right there she could fuck you up if you're not on your shed if you sleeping are you kinda drunk i show mail queue up i'll tell you what though no girlfriend mines walking out the house at that business polo on brenda in a real fight you she was your girlfriend i would snap her down to know you would you would fuck her up but if you kind of drunk you're in your underwear one not the lights dim children i love accommodation chevron whenever the thing though i think a girl like that needs a boyfriend like him she needs are giant gorilla yet she can't just kick in the head a mulch my billionaire dude is like a little old man the sheep eat supper he loves it chilly rides him you fucking little man i keep your life i keep you
he pays to have her peter up beat him up dude woman like that like you did that takes a lot of man you need a alpha male or you need to complete op prokop right yeah prokop would work she's not hot enough for croak out let's be honest how dare you i think oh i'm sorry she yeah she's beautiful for cro cop though this mother fucker runs croatia can you americans probably will imagine the damage is doing jesus christ my marriages get a family before that though when he was single google this woman jam i've never had a harder time good little woman's name i know to much addicted i got to basically know how to say it but this but i really need to learn how to spell it it's preposterous that they require that of you though i think yeah i know man i'm trying to figure out click on it and see what your last fight go to her
ki pedia beside for carl esparza i want to say it was nunez but i'm doing this totally off a memory and it might get all that decision decisions that's it was it was claudia gedalia ok mia apologies to those women named the top because i've been man at noon as i think is a one hundred and thirty five yeah she is she can we see the caffeine long of highlight reel on that is that possible that clodia gedalia fight that was a really fucking close write a really close for sometimes it's matchups man styles she's gonna be champ for awhile but without drinking clages very good dude yeah very good i mean that was a really good fight between those two i'm not i think there's a lot of action in this division i think i really that johanna johanna that's what you said is
above and beyond the rest of them when it comes to strike but there's some really good grapplers in that division and if they get ahold of her who the fuck knows what happens is a lot of karla kate baker down that means true every fighters have a hard time is true no one's going to take her down easily but a striker with really good wrestling might be able to pull it off the problem with carla was the gap in the striking was so god damn in norman the length the reach was trouble it's just an enormous gap in the striking but she still did get inside and she got deep and that's beyond astray ok and she couldn't finish it through she could have gotten tag before that though she definitely did she could have been diminished by that there's a lot of possibilities there if you saw the two of them i would have to go back and watch it again but if you watch anytime you see someone get tagged you know there's a pos ability that their functioning in a diminished capacity right
hell yes when people need my truck brown fire exactly went from from europe shit jiu jitsu guy to fuck in two stripe white i think he went back mount just and i have no idea i had no idea what was going on yeah i thought i was fine pages weird when you think about how good you on its hands are yes you could have easily clip carla coming for sure and then your your your your memories it you know you're more skills are slow you think moving at a good pace you're really not it's a distance there's a haze the distance you seem like you're alright you're really not everything is slow trouble man god damn headshot some killer focused not days boo wanna be a fighter huh god damn dude did you see the jamie varner shit the interviews jamie varner's been doing lately what you talking about very interesting is talking
about how he thinks fighters spar way less than they do he's like what you need to be doing is working on drills hitting pads working out on strength and conditioning do you wrestling jitsu but he's like hard course barring should be done once a week at most and not and only when you're preparing for a fight i agree one hundred percent he said maybe you could even stretch it out to even more than once a week like once every two weeks he's like what's really important is that you take care of your brain and you make sure you don't spar with bigger guys who saying that he he made mistakes by sparring with he's far sparring with some who was it he's with mason those guys seder east i know which part of beater i think he sparred with buczynski who a little large level to big cb dollaway he's larger than two when you get baiters big dude he's updated boy big thick the throws hey he's he's a hard punch
i agree a hundred percent with jamie she was a one hundred fifty five or any fighting guys literally fights in the division fifty pounds heavier m a sparring with a gun you know and that's pretty crazy there's a two oh five you know i think that's been an you think we'll ever see better striking like conor mcgregor you know what i mean by that is by just utilizing every possible strike he would have change a lot about the way he moves you know i think bait where is gotten a lot better in a striking like no doubt like the phase out fights a perfect example of that like phasia was a legit striker if you watch his fight with king moe strike force you see what kind of striking feigl has when he's on point even bay door glovers he did strike and he clipped him with the right hand that he did go over some monsters he heard him before he got caught when he's trying to close the deal that's totally true he's a really good he's getting much better too he works hard totally do you see that there's video going on
like a highlight of capileira ma have mma seen this no no they're doing spending dixon shirt do it i don't know if it's fake it looks still it looks real sompal capoeira is just like we'll kick so super apple apple era guys against capital guys and that's what they're thrown they're just doing massive double spinning wheel kick so doing all that shit and jujitsu they go on the ground and choke each other out whatever when i was going to say about buying bater in that like we were saying do you think you'll ever have like a full arsenal is the way moves to something wrong with the way like we think wrong see i don't think run not around wrong i don't think it's in his wheel how i mean for kicking do you know i'm saying like you would in not even wrong with the way moves because i was in the way moves affected but it's almost like his late legs like he keeps them close together when he's if you watch like a machida or you watch like a brandon thatch like that real strong traditional karate type background this is one that allows you to get away with everything that she is a chronic
he throws a lot of squeal breaks through everything or anything that's what i'm talking about he's likely pettis at once that you would have to have a wider stance so it's not there something wrong with it is something wrong if you wanted to throw all those kicks and all that other crazy shit you look at anderson there's a wider stance true if you look at thai kwando guys there's a wide stance going on i think that's the only way you get to throw those cakes like with moitie you could stand wait closer because it but i you throw in round kicks mostly and occasionally teeps but when you want to go off the back leg with anything where you're spinning you want to have a little bit more space and i think if you wanted to have like conor mcgregor style he would probably have to stand like mcgregor you see how mcgregor standing it's very wide stance super why would you think it's a good idea for every guy gay mma to try to emulate style that it's not for everyone the christ how works though man if you get good at it when it's hard to hit a guy like if you ever watch a good point fighter flight like
raymond daniels you seen raymond daniels fight in glory yes only the super high level guys have been able to get past that like the guys like nicky holzken he's a guy gets almost yeah wonderboy boy off the hit man in the ufc he's a phenomenal points joseph attolini he's a perfect example of a guy gets past raymond daniel and he's the champ 'cause he just kicked his legs out from under him he just used tradition call solid moitie hands up kickboxing style blocked through a lot of fucking leg kicks took him out and then took him out with a head kick but everybody else when daniels fights ago can't do with that kind of hopping in and out shit is lethal absolutely so to have a guy like economy your style or like a guide like lyoto or thatcher couch throws wild kicks if bater wanted to do that he would definitely have to widen it stands something better is ever going to do that i also think the style describing is is those guys thatch connor but their phenominal athletes phenomenon and
not be leaders in your house you don't think the band is phenomenal athlete the machida i don't think he's a skilled in karate or in stand up as machida is means machine is a slide a professional high level fighter when they've lost plosive durrance yeah well the cheetahs jim which is pretty special he's pretty special gay special all those guys are that we're talking about sometimes i think certain styles aren't in guys we'll sounds that make sense like bob sapp isn't going to fucking adapt to the thai kwando sure i have her yeah well just guys are made for it too much mass there will be haters a man who'd and but he could do it cause phase out can do those kind of jack's favorite vision to draw wilcox he's a sick dude to melvin man who's thicker than that fucking guy who's explosive and athletic once you know where melvin you don't see through wheel kicks either you soon mostly would straight more it all straight moitie like it's like a mother fucker different man i agree some guys don't because you could you got it
there are no good adam because they don't practice on web sinama victim of that i'm just saying certain guys like a guy like bater who comes from a wrestling background the chance him adapting that's not good and you have to have that athletic ability pick it up well i don't think conor came from that background entirely you know i think he's kind of picked that kicking style up more i think start started more as a boxer you know yeah yeah but it also thai kwando karate right be spent out of time with home in iceland one day goes under nelson machida wicked wicked wicked which is intended everything great brought back karate machida you can't say shit about karate look at much
also you can't say shit you know what you know this is what i would eventually we're going to have a couple with cheetahs the exception for sure thinks i'm in the ufc who comes out and it's torn all them crazy couple caesar mouton take it has though caesar mouton taking our is not going out there these background that's his background he saw the front yard off with that he's a beast is a guy there's a lot of guys with training cup where have done the ufc i'm sure but who actually while there and stand like those true move like true that would throw guy what do you guys think about uh about daniel cormier bader i would have to go with cormier that's going to be a great fight man that's going to be uh five and i friction really gonna love bad i love dc dc helped me out a lot they were both really good do good for the sport man yeah he's way of describing the great for the sport d c's from new orleans it's in his hometown do you like it do
pc's track record there's not too many foods beating him there's one guy on this earth who can beat in which jon jones i don't think he will for john john so how good is john john scott what the fuck is frustrating him we're watching businessmen i don't think we'll ever get someone as good as john jones i just don't you have mother fucker is bad he something special oh just what now is training full time moved albuquerque have you seen his instagram is instagram where is just as bawling house in albuquerque that means there's no distractions he's training full time he thought he was good before enjoy that beautiful beautiful let's say the same thing about anthony johnson you can yeah you can and you know what we've seen at the lose though we have we we seem we seen issues in at these game we have never seen an issue and john jones game ever that's true well you so we have that one aspect of anthony johnson's game but you can't neglect when you talk about him that's the fucking extreme weight cut it used to make sure we made the most extremely
in the sport ever used to all see him walk go around and hotels in between fights in ev e fucking normous he would be like two hundred and twenty even two hundred and forty i saw that two i saw him at two hundred and forty oh my god and then he would fight seventeen seven why the fuck soon settle down you're cutting eighty pounds why don't we rely homie once you fight somewhere else what do you doing what's the thought process that he likes being a bully is how it is i think why the fuck else would what are you doing there is also here how about this some guys think that they're not doing all they can do to be a champion in less they cut is much weight as they can to get to a lower weight as they can they think it's a part of our distances they think it's a part of the discipline of being a fighter that you have to that way and they look at it as a badge of courage
after he's miss wait so many times so much just me like yo my man how about weidman then what do you think about weidman weidman's a hard cut to one hundred and eighty five he makes it who makes it pretty pretty he's obviously the most professional because he's the champion right he always gets on weight even in the fuck he's never missed it though that's almost missed it or he didn't almost messy but had a really hard time with it in the fight with fucks his name italian boxer of phillip no no no no i saw rob us out it's sort of a car the card is crying how can i remember that legion areas unless you're sick staff fight i think that was on like a real short notice that fight in the maya find super short notice that's what it was my fight in my a fight now at t right eight days yeah now that's different that was it that wasn't right the legionaries fight he crushed him right yeah yeah my
to decision short notice it was a stand up fight yet most the time that was when ray longo was yelling his corner i saw what you got through at the fucking wayans if you can lose that kind of weight gain you can get through this right you give him the pep talks during the fight how great israel the thing with the material with wideman weidman though is that again there's no holes in his game it's dark anthony johnson we've seen him cut weight and there's holes in his game stride mean that we haven't seen it man why do design bad mother fuckers an animal whose an animal he said type of long island animal that you never want to have a fight with a bar how about his boy iaquinta
easy i love i love that i wish i was there to interview him and that we like you you love dating get in trouble for that right i don't know now this you get a bonus i agree hundred thousand all i wanted to get if i was there i wanted to climb through the screen an interview on i wanted to like a man i wanted to like like when he was a face and for you yeah i wanted to like first of all it wasn't his fault i'm blue the fighter he's not the judge he went out and gave it gave it his all john atticus like ok looks like we've got some curse words here see you yeah just shut up i was like alright i'll take care i don't even ask him to stay i would have congratulated him on a really tough fight it was a great fun out of discord the fight i thought masvidal probably edged him it's a great really now i had i'll winning two and three i think i i thought the first round was pretty domon from awesome don it from i agree now and i think the the
two rounds i thought masvidal did just enough who i disagree no i didn't i didn't think it was nearly as dominant as the first round i would have to go out i would like to go over again watch with you let's do that let's go over there will watch it after that would be cool would you say medal is a ten eight first round i could see it being a draw if you wanna go that route i could see a draw if you give it ten eight that first so i think that definitely should be a wider disparity in scoring that is a ten nine but then the less the last two rounds were also ten nine that's ridiculous right there i agree fight demonstrates it right that fight demonstrates the difference being that around the domination that masvidal showed that first round and then the really debatable second and third mazda adult kind of coasted though specially the third round in the second i thought he was losing it man kind of did and he hasn't well you know who knows this is the thing dude you know it as much as i knew it you never know what the fucks going on with these guys when they get in he could have been clipped he could win clip second we don't know and he's coasting 'cause he just wasn't there well it could have been that he was hurt
in training it could have only showed huge name oh sham nice sent we haven't we this fight once not really once let me find out what fight this is where the worst imitators ever the main event co main event is the bomb uh yeah let's see the co main event that's the best fight on the card which ones that that's meant harvest the polish cat the polish cat is beating a lot of ufc guys that a lot of people don't know yes he beat do some alexander can you put up the card like the full card so we see what the whole main card is this these were right now we're watching palo power block and sheldon wescott looks like a good fucking fight so far but we were talking about all kinds of other shit first of all i gotta go back to this roy nelson thing strongly disagree that he gets a full stylist broke
get a stylus dressed these guys proper so it'll look like asshole he looks like royal god damn nelson he's a fabulous human remote everybody has to be metro everybody i'm just saying that beauty can hire me as a stylist the first thing i do is go to joanna one hundred and fifteen pound champ i'm like yeah that business button up your wearing let's get rid of that let's ditch that you know i'm saying that hilarious roy no more t shirts belize and ginger would be roy i love you i love roy two men he's a great god loved what's next for him that's a good is he lost over the more unique actors we have the better that's fine you can dress nice and be a character you don't have to look like fucking like they just booked a fight for him god damn you see that documentary the sheik yet the sheik yeah the iron sheik documentary now
find a good fit let me know what you think you know i was into the w w i was in the www dot s watch culture high by the way it's very good fucking job if i could i would do it but i would i mean like damn i'm pro weed iron sheik story did the iron sheik story is fucking amazing you know he was he was an iranian national champion wrestler who ended up being a bodyguard for the shaw the shawl of the wrestlers in the top iranian wrestlers and may his main bodyguard dude forget his name but he was the best iranian russell ever and he was his main body guard the shock that dude ended up committing suicide so everyone thought oh shit he got kill so the iron sheik he was one of the bodyguards he decided to bolt
he bolted the minnesota dude the technical skin but he was the second best wrestler in iran and he started teaching thing on the olympic wrestling team number one he was really grumpy and full champion and you know what you know it's crazy you know why he he wasn't even like his characters the iron sheik with that when they call those headpieces turns out it wasn't a turban it's like you know i read was totally western iran was totally westernized he had nothing to do with any of that none of those guys like that he was like he was arrested was an athlete in where he was a regular dude he didn't he wasn't like that but once he slowly started getting into pro wrestling in minnesota he would coach like the call team there then and there were national champions five years in a row he was an amazing restaurant at university of minnesota yes somewhere in minnesota and and for the olympic team no he
is the man in wrestling and he started getting into interesting not desire she just as an american olympic coach each time he was an american but it was really iranian so that someone told him his wife told me goes you should his wife suggested that he this is that because because we makes money when we were in that iran exactly like wrestling's great why don't we make some fucking money and you get a person at that time at that time yeah right wrestler dead broke that summer that we were about to go to war with iran back then everybody you know the whole terror hostages so they took advantage of that he jumped on that how crazy is that a smart man yeah him though yes right in am
america he loved it he loved he loved being the heel filling he started blowing up in minnesota than vince mcmann heard about this the reason why he ended up being listen the reason why i ended up being handed out getting the championship belt he beat bob backlund but the way they shits decided they talk about this in the in the i mean openly about how these batman was the american wwf champion and they wanted to hell again do food what they wanted to bring in hulk hulk hogan how are we going to make him a champion vincent mcmane goes well he can't be the american champion we need a villain to come in to beat bob backlund so then hulk hogan save yeah we have a villain champion for like a year or two in the notes and then it blows up so they needed the perfect villain they fucking found it they find found iron sheik sent perfect anything about iron sheik is he would
blues 'cause in reality he knew he could beat everybody here is a real wrestling yes exactly something like brock they all respect even hulk hogan i'll talk about this in the documentary focuses in real wrestling the reason why the uh she was the only one that would be done with hulk hogan because he was the best wrestler fucking hong kong and they all know it they all knew it so he to indulge this is this you know says iron she could beat it could be anybody in any room for real so for him to lay down for me and let me and pass the torch to me that created hulkamania him passing the toy nursing yeah yeah we actually had a friend see no real sexy don't laugh and plank logan at the jungle mania you very seriously have you seen it sex tape is the best so much sadness and that there would have been no hulkamania it's glorious various still looks
bird in change it i watched a few seconds of peace to get his dick sucked he still yokte dude oklahomans arms are huge still fucking yot yot this is like a we see that's a weird love triangle with something someone got betrayed and that weird love try it was it i don't put on the line or the it was like his best friend yeah girl or some like that have some weird thing in the middle lobster man i'm not mad at him at all salerno and gave a shit right about a sex tape i think real wwe fans were like sad oh dear you hawk if you found out that did that on purpose be a bigger fan talk about iron shipping a massive cokehead like he got busted with hacksaw look at her car they got pulled over and had a bunch of
could we donham thing about the nights the host to party hard iron sheik is a mad partier did you see that add for steep ameo chick that's a good fight good googly nuts a good fight that's a fucking fight big big fan of steep a man after that fight with junior dos santos i was like this guy he still getting better he still getting better he's fucking really and still get better we smiling heavyweight sonofabitch competitive mother i think don't get around steep they fucking monster i think that fight was more of dose can't does the cain valasquez fights took its toll on him a lot of people believe that that's a little bit of speculative like a surgery every other week yeah he's definitely beat up i've heard that for that speculation you boys no girls fighting again and struve wow why your boy
so that i don't know well we both love 'em yet loving all of us love him fuck yeah yeah is after level yeah it's like because it's hard to watch the real legends like that but start going out like the roy nelson fight was hard for me to watch that was the worst fight i've ever seen that was the worst fight was like oh my god is like a shotgun going off yeah when he got k o'd you know it was tough to watch i belgium and when little nog fought anthony johnson i was in the back warm and pat cummings up those corn pat for that fight he was just so beat up his body was so beat up he couldn't hit myth he was just sit like we are now comes by now goes fire the whole europe no sweats walks up christmas stair walks up goes out there gets fucking and now do you think that he just had too many fights yeah too much train
time to too much too many wars in the gym too many wars in the octagon sharma when the best ever man so back to that jamie varner thing jamie there was saying that he believes he's having he's had about thirty concussions early you know maybe more that was his doctor estimated i don't know how is doctor estimated that they did bring our eyes a brain scan if the i don't know what they did but whatever it was doctor urged him to retire and you know that he's you start talking about cognitive issues memory issues things along those lines that he sees a cognitive therapist once a week to deal with them start that could you jitsu man it's very good i can't name too many fighters have retired like when i'm like god damn it guys sharp doing really well my man i can't too many months randy seems fine man when you talk to randy randy code tour is very lucid he's fine and he had his last fight really late in life i think he was forty
his last fight it's true what he started competing at what four thousand two hundred and thirty six i believe it was his first ufc fight i was there go ahead and come over did he he had a rear naked choke in his first ufc randy couture randy took tony couture hi tony hama and he thought this other dude to that night that had real promise i forgot the gentleman's name did he get his back he got his back as well right i don't remember what he did to him he might have mounted him and ground and pounded him but the tony hama one was big right hand ducked under it took him down had his will with him
tours a legend what stud how about when leo did kick this tooth out and he's like you know what i'm done with this bullshit these like enough front kick to the face god damn movies about to do some expendable series spendable sixty seven yeah animal i feel real bad that he in the ufc had that falling out most 'cause of assunto right mikey cornered his son or some shit like that right well i don't know if you can who is the number of things right but i think the thing that kicked it into overdrive and there was a few issues over the years but the thing that kicked it into overdrive was him doing that bellator show yeah that'll do it yeah after they put him in the ufc hall of fame he signed up to do that bella tore show and in the show i was asked to show herbal you know a man as we all have different opinions about these things you thought
shows good no you tuned in every week like i can't wait i didn't watch it awesome i mean different opinions about like whether or not he should have been able to go into some rival organization and pump up the organization i not you know debatable it's tough the champion of one organization but you gotta do what you gotta do man people offer you some money you know to listen again missed i've been after he's retired sorry kind of like a weird feelings on on competitiveness in and then a right now competition amongst organizations and may in my weird feeling as i didn't get i don't it's necessary i don't think like i think it will be a lot less of this now that scott coker is over at bellator go out less i think it goes up i don't think so well you're crazy hostility is not going to go out i disagree because bell torsion get bigger yeah it's good joker's legit he is legit but i think the ufc likes them
i don't mean they worked with him when he was the owner strike force and it is possible that was then yeah it is charging it's all fun and games to the belt or is a legit threat have you watch exactly yeah watch it last night but on this one i don't miss the ufc is don't even have see today i die but i don't miss one the i enjoyed it marcene held got some fucking nasty jujitsu jesus christ how about your boys get joe schilling how 'bout joes showing is good fight he thought he won the fight after it was over edge drug do you like this you're going to eat we gotta remember brooks will brooks the money when the fiber is a very close fight super takedowns of tough yeah showing did more damage with the dude did get dominant position on him lunch times which shouldn't mean as much but it doesn't the way they scored it does when the guys on top you inside control for prolonged periods time for what i have reason that's worth a lot even if it's doesn't hurt you but it probably shouldn't be
probably figure out like what is is actually just one thing where you control in a guy but if you're controlling again you're not getting any damage done what difference does that make is it is it fifty sent of controlling again doing damage that lasted that will get to quantify the one positive thing i saw in bellator's when homeboy immanuel fought who he just lost to the hens casey a single ended in the menu new yeah and he just lost it would yeah i didn't see that fight a mister what's up fight a male took the guy down the hall and in the guy was so active off his back trying alarm are so active and they gave him the win because you threatening nonstop nonstop who does that charles vera yes
true you get that kid is a nightmare on his feet and he scrambling on his back and let cowboys similar we don't see a lot of cowboys very soon cowboys guard game is nasty that's what i'm interested in seeing this fight you active cowboy could submit how babe good googly hope it does good googly mowgli that is a tough fucking fight top fucking that's a tough fucking fight bolt speaking a tough fights i saw fucking a materia spacebar five rounds like it was nothing not shit he go ten the fights in two weeks to him how's he looked best i've ever seen or do you wanna talk about a professional what the fuck we have to be he doesn't have much time left man you know i mean you think he's three thousand six hundred and thirty seven years old there's athletic prime is probably right now is about maintaining the super high level he's at right now but like biologically
staying age without taking anything you're going to start to diminish that that pretty significant diminish them tony man though there's no one more professor on him he's austin you idocument young leo is called the professional number fuck is just he's a legit martial artists three hundred and six dezir yeah he's a super nice guy still drink urine hey how think so you bring that up now how someone schooled him on that there are just can't be drinking pissing on line should i drink drink my piss i tried it like a month did you really yeah i tried it a few times i tried it too after i saw machito do i'm just going to eat this show really it's not that big a deal everybody makes it out that's a big deal it's your own piss but really i did it with a dj on the radio and i almost threw up hilarious really stood no name in san francisco he didn't think i don't think he thought i was going to hughes joe you drink this piss well it's really stupid to do it don't do it folks but
there is some some thought that certain vitamins are antioxidants are free the rap i would never do it if i read about it today but when i did it back in the day i was a little bit more susceptible to the internet schooled me on the reality of drinking how is it in the ufc on a cheetah do and i start drinking piss man that's how it goes this is the way i look at it i don't know shit about why we can't just piss out of our asses why do we need our dicks too i'd get rid of liquid waste another sign here is is coming from sign i'm thinking what i'm thinking is your this is designed to lean that important your re throw out multiple times a day cleaning bacteria out so that it can't be that you're pissed can't be filled with bacteria it's cleaner it's cleaning your dick out that's your body need cleaner for your dick to keep it clean so when you shoot out sperm it's healthy and clean dude you would be a scientist straight up that's my
that's my great upside to set my guess i don't doubt about ten tickets into that you know that makes sense it does a little i guess it does why would you do that to be a special reason for piss or otherwise we just piss out of our asses every animal does it that way too but women don't ejaculate in a pee out of their vaginas too so let's left open guys into it no no 'cause everyone is born a woman everyone having a woman everyones hatched a woman when you are a when you're an embryo everyone's a woman i told him that i did not know that that's why we have not yet whatever the difference in the chromosomes are obviously i'm doing a shitty job with the biology here but you know we're xy men are i've always had a set of tits man why gets established testosterone kicks into gear did did the change and you become a boy but everything
in the beginning every embryo whatever it is every now and then raise or raised to be obsessed with dick size when it comes to women to less than nothing yeah there is a void there's nothing there i nothing at the whole it goes in and there's a void if that lady valor that the navy seal what do you mean different different route will just try to figure out what are you saying you know girl likes a guy's private parts there's actually a six thousand seven hundred and eighty eight inches of a thing that they have for some reason they like the way it looks i don't like the way it looks but when it when it comes to female genitalia we obsessed with avoid nothing not only is there no eight inches but it goes eight inches deep of nothingness so there's just avoid
that we have to i don't know we're obsessed with that doesn't make any sense exactly makes zero sense not avoid it is there's nothing that wraps your finger dude that's the out edge is not the inside of all apps your finger squeezes that's like saying your mouth is avoid it is it's a whole the vacuum greatest stone biology rant of all time hold up why the fuck does seija cravers chris kamoze where's my boy fucking a that's right you didn't hear yeah he got hurt no fucking way when i get hurt he got hurt couple days john green camos iori thought jack rates amid him in like three seconds emoze gets a rematch on fucking fox good for him
yeah i like the most he's a denver boy changes as i should share it brings it one day boom big brown up in their two hundred and five one day look at that trying to figure out rankings here did you hear big brown mention two hundred and five yeah what do you wear right now about two forty seven i've lost six pounds in a week how does it feel to lose six pounds glorious does field yeah i feel great when you feel physically good great what did you do would you change just calories or the challenge that i was doing it myself you know for like two or three months you just can't do that man so i hired a nutritionist and do they the meals for drop imaf every sunday meals water plan everything i checked in with him all the time so it's way easier that way right way easier
so do you held a k1 of those body fat tests and a body composition test they do that stuff too no now he can i just i don't wanna drive out there and all that shit the good thing with those is those are numbers you know you get it down on paper you gotta make sure you're hydrated because those things the equipment that they use and less they're dunking you it can it can be a little fuckery there's always like a plus or minus three percent on those things right yeah let's go in those bod pods i think they say the calipers the little pinchy things you know like the least effective the most effective is the flotation this is a bad mother fucker jimmy manner he is a bad his only losses to augusta flea judaism and doing mma for like six years he's like he straight off the street right uk yeah day athlete for fees nasty striker dude serious fucking power this jam there's no punk man he's been tougher guys and then jimmy jimmy hasn't really called in on is his name ya is it
because in denver co tom fucking jan alright where are you from he's from when this is his hometown every colorado in denver color come jan it's probably on for sure yeah yeah yeah so yams becuse in alexander hisoka due remember that what's his fucking name relic do going yellow relative gordon rosas croatian beat him what happened to that we don't do that i don't know right yet skills i think just being bombed today think you got injured damn it was nasty he's a i mean dude there he was really good i think man was my favorite i'm taking my boy yan or as we call in denver strong words jan words for i know colorado kid
i guess this guy is just a harel out there in poland it might see my feelings about this whole bellator ufc thing is it doesn't have to be some crazy fucking hatred between the organizations everybody would benefit if everybody benefits i really believe the sport of mma still has room to grow and i think that uh big organization that is alongside the ufc is not a bad thing and it's a very good thing for the athletes great is great for the athletes better for the athletes and is the ufc it's very good for the athletes i think the ufc is obviously above and beyond in terms of like the talent is not even close it's not even close but it's not a bad thing to have bellator around i think they do great job i enjoy the shit outta fights yeah i like him and i don't miss them i enjoy this shit out of joe schillings fight that was great i like how joe schilling does glory and bella toys out fucking dope beast that do it is a star
wait up savage he's a straight killer super talented and of real good do too real good too how many of those belt or guys think would come with the usc champs and do well not many you don't want matt you really don't know until they get in there you don't know eddie alvarez where he thought donald donald was on point just say panels on put any lost again yeah he did every what did he lose to henderson look at all the fighters that can create strikeforce strike forces different ones you like to fight their cancer maybe you're right did eddie get hurt in that 'cause that's a hell of a fight why can i not remember that i can't weed headshot alright let's say benson
this is your best fight on the card right here yeah i agree well you know what i'm very curious to see what happens in the main event i am too feels two thousand and three this is wikipedia were already at the co main event yeah yeah there's not that many fights is this a two hour show now i don't think so man we been here one hour and where in the cold management that's weird it's also fight pass yeah alvarez lost a cowboy they lost one more okay the last fights for benson were brandon thatch and then the donald cowboy cerrone the fight and then hop failed those on jobs i feel the sun just bomb making flights up in yeah i think that was a fight that was scheduled supposed to happen right who is eddie's last fight
these last two i thought i didn't know that he lost two why do i not remember that so i'd love google cards awesome sirona beat him and then who beat out to sony though there is a fight that he know michael chandler taylorism bell tower yeah are you in your seat yeah you know who you looking up jerry yeah he beat mychel chandler to leave bellator yeah i think he's only for at once dude and then he got hurt he supposed fight ben right yeah i don't think he's fight pass went down again mostly five pass bypass it keeps kicking me off and i have to re log in this is really dumb i'm gonna sign in with facebook see if it makes a difference
powerful jimi manuwa i love listen to it european commentate yeah you really they talk his only one fight was donald you to give more losses 'cause he's so handsome he do his eyebrows are on point he's beautiful he for sure gets those wax i'm i'm really excited to see him adjust to the higher level of competition 'cause i think you will you do yeah i think you will i think you'd be i think you'd be surprised how half he needs some work with his leg kick checking obviously i just don't think he ever fought a guy who is is as click is donald when you say higher level guys who are you talking about i don't know i don't know i see potential in him mean it he's not young that's that sounds good just going to say it all depends on how much damage he got through those chandler fights is fighting in japan forever set some hard fights some really crazy crazy wars he's a wild fucker i love watching fight me too i love it man great but you know so as well as i know when you have a wife
old style like that there's only so much fucking area on the board see that yeah channels you get to higher level where the the pros pros ok your wild check this out yeah well just you open yourself up you know and it makes it super exciting i mean we all know those i would just go to war at the beginning of every fucking round and their super exciting to watch there a fan favorite and then next thing you know two years down the road you're fucking three and six sitting at home watching these guys who were winning by wrestling and being smart and you can win that way that's what kind of crazy like sometimes you can that way when you win that way it's wild to watch so it's like no one when that way you did the right thing but if you want to look at as a long term proposition can't fight that way he can't that way there's no way the long leonard garcia is yes legacy is a good example pussy i remember that the amount it takes on your brain lenders just awhile mother
so bundle up this one is going to be wild fuck yeah it is how do you say butt quotes how do you say his name let's just calm yan let's do this jen john let's talk like wind and went the barber said cannot just get that chuck liddell is there anyway kids chuck liddell jen block of itch damn jan speed some good guys man you remember he beat that latifi maryland tv has manafort since he found custom sent nope this is first right so he's been work a lot of stuff will eat now george abbott again hard job need a few more jan two hometown spot here before i don't know man like his chances although he's the underdog a good fucking i was one of the most underrated weapons man in the ufc think it's still the most uh utilized tool even more than kicks yeah i think it
these are definitely underutilized as well but man or something about a jab it so quick and effective look at massassi look at gsp yeah if you the real nominal jobs you can you can read disrupt the guy striking would you say yens stiff steph thanks i'd like to waste on that job the jam i like the jazz feel like jim little look loose a left hook that was pretty that left hook to the liver was nice who that's the thing about manoa man the amount of impact he puts on shit super explosive very exciting to watch mother fucker can pop like you said though you get to those higher levels man look at that need the body yeah i mean look justin got 'em eat that was a good fight gustavson showed what is made up in that fight these are gusterson anthony rumble johnson stuff going back and forth on twitter was the head but
no it wasn't even that a lot of people have brought that up to you absolutely positive that it was ahead but when you watch the tape yes yeah i want to watch it again everybody's i'd like them to fight again though it seemed to me like it was definitely had but that's what it seems like but i'm still i would like to watch it again before i would say you know it was ahead but it was one of those ones throw throwing the right hand at the same time yeah so i don't know what landed first the table slow motion it looked like the head does lancers but either way he beat him i don't give a shit about butternut yeah and the right handed land behind it did it did land so who knows a question of which one fucked him up first the head but definitely if he did crack into him which i believe you probably did it looks like from the angle is not one of those definite ones you know we could see absolutely side on have you seen it heads collide have you seen it yeah it's pretty good definitely definitely head but will watch it again year alexander said he want to retire after fight yeah hey man stuff los in front of you
hometown homecountry like that tough law i can't wait to see him in global fight nights that's a good fight great fight it's a good fight and both guys need it and glober is you know i usually walk around like two hundred and thirty two four thousand two hundred and twenty that's two hundred and twenty right now while he realized in that last fight that he just didn't have the gas tank to to deal with bill davis and he also trained in like connecticut in a garage it's i think that's all he had available is it yeah he had to stay his stay in town really want for some reason i think it had something to do with family makes sense yeah i think that was the story behind so he put together his own crew down there of good guys but you know i mean i mean how many dudes i don't have to tell you how many dudes don't have someone managing their training how many duis to have someone who's like a mark henry type dude ninety six percent of yeah ninety six percent i think that's the right
the main the main event nis gabriel gonzaga a guy who just his trained out of mass you know yeah team link he's the fucking link he's the biggest in the gym for knows join could've had it if you went to greg jacksons or american top team i agree he stays in boston well he's got a family and you get all that i get all that convenience but and i know what you and you know what man when randy couture beat him he beat he beat him when he was in this total prime you know that was when guns i was in his prime and randy just took it to him even gonzalas primes a fucking beast mage did not get a lot of dudes out he does the scariest i've ever been for flight hands down i was so scared really terrified wow just because the power the power
world champion jujitsu you know he's knocked out some fucking monster cro cop he's been in there against the best at croke up my account was terrifying that was the scariest ever been wow i wish i could not again going to be honest for real i'm not scared anymore do you think that's just 'cause you've had so many variances yes and in the training room i go against scary dudes all the time so i fight i'm not as scared not good man there's nothing like that fear of god in you to make you wow so yeah i see we're saying it becomes almost too confident or uncomfortable yeah i've been too comfortable there you go jimmy man was thrown some nasty kicks dude is a lot of good power behind those kicks that was a good round give it to jimmy yeah i hear what you saying about gonzago god damn talented huh fuck what and he's he's really worked on his boxing his last few fights and i think that could be a really interesting aspect in this fight no
conquer your world champ take him down some it on my man here's some of the guns on top some of the best jujitsu in the ufc men why do you think he abandoned that and just decided to bang things to the wrestlers now he took shane carwin down few maryland kind of woman shane's ass yeah it was forty seconds but he took turn down rock them took him down the shane got up and said oh cool story boom jab knocked out well he got it careless he had changed her and he got careless and he ran to a short punch that just kick the fuck fuckin generator down the street was like oh my god i change the older guy it was a generator tumbling down the street with accord following behind that's what happened to his brain with that right has he not i also i also think in saga has a mental issue with cardio so when you wanna grapple wrestle guy switch and you'll see at this point it's gonna take a lot of
energy a lot of energem and i think he's worried about that dude shane carwin is probably the la ask guy you want to get hit with a short punch from ever after in the history of fighting guys fucking they'd build them that fucker which is so ridiculous so much power and pretty loose with his fucking hand fuck yeah she was an athlete that frank mir ko jesus fucking never forget that frank mir scorns going he's not doing shit here just rest i'm like restaurant chain is an underhook he has an underhook and he smashing uppercuts through with fucking ferocious intention there was some of the best striking from the clinch in the heavyweight division i've ever seen that one fight i don't think there's now i don't think there's any other heavyweight who can hit like shane from an under hook that with that much power nissan who's not canoed out like that now he hates you so fucking hard and he's fast and loose even
a big giant leverage yeah he throws perfect punches i mean those perfect power punches all shane did his box i think his will shane's deal unfortunately in the ufc will always have been the injuries that he sustained before he got to the ufc one hundred percent it's too bad because he was a real god damn freak a real freak just i've ever seen i've seen a lot of guys shane in his prime when he's getting ready for gonzaga is the best fighter i've ever i've seen a lot of dudes men that strong words god damn dude that strong words only zelf an engineer to take a superhero yeah smartest yet he's like a fucking thick professor x when i hear about a dude like that that you know the back issues just ultimately ended it and you think about all the hits he probably took in football and if you could erase those and see i like that compete without coming in already fucked up in a certain way n wrestling though to wrestling said that took away
yeah man gotta imagine who dressed in these big giant mother fuckers what do you think of todd duffee frank mir todd duffy's a beast man todd duffy duffy throw some fucking heat todd duffy's a beast todd duffee and our trade partners for awhile i like todd todd's biggest tom has always been himself his mind if he's tentative against frank you can get destroyed if todd duffee performs it doesn't training room todd duffy's probably gonna be fighting for a title next year wow strong words i also i also looks agitated rebutting no for real so anyone who's ever chain what's on mass dc asking he's been that a k asked everyone down in florida eight at t he's been in denver he's been to fuck in every gym in america but if topper forms like doesn't rain room he's a fucking nightmare but when you see him in the octagon's just not there yet i harry amount that makes sense
you know if you look at some of his finest moments he the anthony hamilton fight god damn he throw some fucking fast power punches still for sure but in the hamilton is not gonna and you know the answer the hamptons big boy two that those were chris punches yeah they were straight down the pipe yeah and there's just a little which you can't do at heavyweight with frank mir how 'bout that fucking jab left hook he left mir looked fucking nasty look loose there's never been a fight that franks but besides shane carwin why don't root for frank mir what he's done for the sport i root form everything that's just dance now is fighting additional traditionally through that faint left hook not big foot out yeah because it's a nightmare man do you wonder though mean big foot went down pretty quickly gets arlovski and he went out pretty quick and frank mir and we know for a fact the big foot if any
body needs testosterone replacement therapy it's big foot i agree eight foot has a legit like two more honest but to terry glenn apparently according to what they interviews he's done he would have to get surgery and is going to eventually get surgery to have it removed you know but his testosterone is not like normal person you can't fight and you see that man i hate to be shitty back 'cause i love bigfoot he's one of the nicest guys here's what if you require that and you can't find the ufc right what same you're taking the right that's a good point that's good i need a bigger had given the same to you take but you would have to if you you would if you were going to do that if you gonna let people do it you would have to be monitoring them all to some of the day to make sure there not put in superhuman levels in and then everybody would have like a level of testosterone they're allowed to achieve you never
maybe you were a fucking i watch yeah right you were reports back to the ufc headquarters it checks in every day i mean that's not outside the realm of possibility they have watch is to tell your fucking heartbeat that's true that's kind of a good idea if they could figure out a way to test your testosterone maybe just point your camera at your dick every day and it no just by the way the dicks moving continue testosterone goes up in a real high right like pharma ladies man just destroying chicks and right god damn shops testosterone was like nine times hi this day you know i'm saying right that could be yeah if you could be around a bunch of pretty ladies man gears up for war i'm in la someone in idaho spry not the same you know they say that that's true that men around attractive women like literally their bodies produce one hundred percent you know what else engines rumbling engine like a v8 like year american i give my dick code for sure for whatever reason that makes your body produce more testosterone they have no idea why 'cause it sounds we have fucking dragon manly
ah more machines on tom tom tom academy war machine a fighter yeah definitely yeah it's crazy think about things that actually make your body produce more horn hot chicks and cars man what else what else isn't it funny though that you're criticized for being a foolish person you enjoy hot chicks in cars yeah such a meathead yufu i'm sorry i'm sorry to my fucking dna to love big ass titties and porsches i bet you're sorry that you enjoy some of the most fun things ever i'm sorry because it makes you dumb like there cannot be one with the other known man here what's going on here why how can they have begun around yeah do do do do powerful whole u k a here we go round to three three i say to
yeah we didn't even talk about the soccer and we talked about titties we did talk about titties and why we love him not to judge us cheese man yeah it's funny that certain things were thought of to be for fools but cool cars are one of 'em for whatever reason you know you never going to see like a science professor that drives a sick vet no it's weird yeah a sick vet and just have a girlfriend with a blowout ass you know i'm saying mean neil degrasse tyson is probably closest you would have to like put on a mascara corvette you know and so that people wouldn't take him seriously if he was bawling in a sweet corvette yeah there's no college professors out there with ferraris and girlfriends with big ass do you know what einstein einstein was a wild mother fucker who is lego rock star he was pre twitter yeah we got judged by everyone he married his cousin that's
thanks that's pretty wierd not not if he had he had a he he had a first marriage had a couple kids wasn't that great of a father according to this documentary and then ended up marrying his cousin and she became like his manager to do and he was allowed to me he was allowed to see anybody wanted like he and she was cool with it sounds awesome that the smartest guy with his cousin looked like she she was schlubby damn schlub really to make a deal but they were they made a deal so the deal was when girls would come over they'd have to bring her chocolates that was a record hit chocolates chocolates now we go suck your man's dick now and then they jump in the car and disappear for a couple of days that's a good deal einstein was a mad player to handle i did not know that jimmy manawar see i know ideas a rock star i like him even more i hate
even more yeah you can't you know you know who is allowed to that are sort of scientists or they're not scientist but there super genie is there allowed to get those kind of cars is like video game designers true those super geniuses like the john carmack type characters you know what that guy doesn't spare time oh oh nothing just makes rockets really yeah makes riots yeah he's the the the lead software guide the the lead designer whatever the lead computer genius at quake id game creator only what's it than in the actual name of the studio it but they created doom they created quake one and quake two quake three quick little orange yes the the day dave made a bunch of crazy games that john
carmax guy in his spare time he turbocharges ferraris he takes the fries not strong enough have a solution and he bolts gigantic turbo charge is to good looking dude too it's not looking guy really yeah it does judo to share a judo jujitsu we live in la i only live more frowns texas cities about mother he's at legit super genius like are you i have a dull mind as it were but when i talked to like legit super penises i'm usually ok like i can talk to them about this but when i'm carmax don't make mistake stay on food such as nervous nervous say the wrong word don't don't talk about shit you don't know stay in your life don't pretend you didn't sleep well stay in your fucking lane you're on a motorcycle and your follow
a guy who's a motorcycle racer and you're trying to keep up with them and you know you shouldn't be driving this fast just don't pop wheelie showing the student and ask questions ask question yes absolutely trying to make statements well he just he would talk about programming mean we talk about code encoding how old is carmack two question is only now if you like to do the house are kicking is like forty now because it it quit is a quick it's been around for a long time a quake i think in the early nineties i remember what year it was would you rather be a super athlete like michael jordan or straight bakken gene it's like an einstein or your boy at click see i don't think they're mutually exclusive i think that the only way really genetically don't think the mutual exclusive i think it's very possible that you can get a guy who has the physical talents of michael jordan end has an insanely powerful brain its totaly pos
i have both not true which got who in the history it's possible but the thing is in order to have that much now knowledge in your head and not much i can be in the gym ninjaman you never going to reach that level the i think one or the other in terms of what you focus your attention on but in terms of having the brain that has the capacity to reach like super genius levels i don't think they're mutually exclusive which is just guessing but i see i think you're wrong if you take the one hundred smartest guys in the world not very good at jimmy manner what do you think they would look like take the one hundred smartest guys in the world they look like mister burns low hit they look like mister burns that look like shit it wasn't it was the end of the fight i thought it was a low shot that they were separating that was i don't think that one is going to decision young black which is a tough motherfucker that's his name right let's manual is going to be tough for jimmy you get up that decision win
in jan's hometown i i think the ufc probably brought polish commission one is it a pole admission i would imagine 'cause they have big promotions out there was it k something it's a big promotion that jan was a previous champ of how do you say blocker which block of each block of with these tough as fuck dude that guy can take a beating that was a good fight he's going to feel that tomorrow as his mouth too bad yeah not too bad but i mean a lot of shots the body for noah throws those nasty needs the body man we were watching the sack around close enough so when it was just kind of shit about boo reason mustangs and shit and geniuses corvettes instead that are lazar that bob remember that guy i guy had a corvette that was hydrogen powered he made it hydrogen powered he took a corvette and converted
engine to run on hydrogen this story is because of either way what he saying is an incredible stew either he's telling the truth or of his lion he is one of the greatest actors actor so he's gotta it would take some genius shit and people do you know about it no eddie explained tell him what bob lazar you're better at explaining that shit tonight bob dunne bob lazar was a former scientist according to him was a former scientist who worked at area fifty one they brought him in because he was a scientist and because he knew a lot about propulsion propulsion systems and theoretical propulsion systems like i guess is a physicist or something like that i don't know what is his background as far as education 'cause it's in dis there's a lot of people that say that he fudge does a full of shit who knows however this guy says that he was working in area fifty one who is working on something they brought him in to back engineer a ufo
brought him in and they took him to some this is him right here they took him into hanger i bet i bet that vegas magics and while dude not about that what i'm saying is this dude was working on what they we're explaining to him nothing but he believed overtime was that what he was working on was back engineering ufo from another world damn do you believe him he has skeptical hippo most convincing of all the people that have ever heard discussed these things the most convincing he breaks it all down and press down anti gravity and how it works in other then he doesn't seem like an idiot at all he definitely seems like a fucking very very very intelligent but he doesn't seem like he's lying 'cause he wrote lots of books no i don't believe so i don't know how many books is rome but i'm too come to know whether or not he stupid too i don't know you know what i mean like i'm too dumb
like he sounds right but it could be like some martial arts guy that's talking all kinds of mad nonsense what his you know his qi gong one is going to do to you if you get near him and if you're not not world right shit so my friend knows a guy with qi gong yeah fucking nuts on your chest man that's where we're at right now there's guys that believe that if someone speaks well enough we we sort of like assume they know what the fuck they're talking about and i listen to him talk and he sounds like he knows what the fuck he's talking about it's a very completely made any money off saying any of this i would imagine if you really want to get into it you would have to google it 'cause i have a really read about it in about seven or eight years i kind of put it behind me i kind of decided somewhere along the line there was no fruit in this pursuit because they couldn't figure out whether or not he had lied about his educational background they couldn't figure not out whether or not he had actually worked for the
but there should be easy right well they found out that he did work for one of the labs that he said he worked for it worked for like los alamos they did find out that that was true so how the fuck did you get that job if you didn't have like a super high level education but who knows what the fuck he was doing there when you were working there true people they're like real scientists have a lot of doubts about all the shit that he said that's pretty much enough for maine but if i just want to have fun check him out if i want to pretend 'cause it is fun cortana tell you there so there's so much footage of him being interviewed in explaining how it all works he's an amazing actor of his feet if it's full of shit i'm just too stupid to understand it easily be full of shit but fuck this guys good super smart it's uh
it's like he knows it was on my own it wouldn't he's discussing anti gravity but but when you say all these other scientists come out mailings to full of well you when i say they can also be a free man he he yeah it's probably a bit of a hater body makes some good points man you can't the guys got to produce when you say you graduated from fill in the blank and i t whatever it is to be able to display a degree do you have a degree are you in their records and if you're not in the records and if you can't display degree you never had a great and i have to dispute everything you've got a great and so line about a degree black is it possible that a special we're talking about something along time ago is it possible that someone could go back to the records that school and scrub him from the wreck come on here's why it's not possible yearbooks true someone will want to hear but wow wouldn't one of just his classmates like i was in class with them yeah so when we come outback dowsing class that fucking doors yeah well he should be able to name is professors exactly should be able to be can uh i don't know i don't know
this call and i'll show you have from what i have read i would say he hasn't but who knows how much of what i read is the truth or what anyone 'cause i know if i graduate from harvard i have a fucking harvard shirt on right now you guys would hear about it nonstop you ever hear the lisa slesingers story about yale no she's a friend of mine now google it aliza's with friend of mine no no no it's not bad for her it's a she dated this guy i always pretended told me this story on the podcast leashes got catfished in the duty he's from yale not just catfished like this dude made up a story about his mom having cancer this dude made his job house made up his house made up that he was rich when he's really like one hundred one thousand dollars in debt he wasn't even at broke he made a facebook profile or i don't know it really was any mcafee is just a fucking compulsive liar and then he got a credit card and figure out like fancy dinners and shit be racked up all this money on the credit card we didn't have the money dude
he was on an airplane with their guys a hero in my book ha ha just kidding he was unable she's not dumb which is hell no she's a sharp girl well that's what's really weird about it's like how did you get caught with this like how did you i mean i guess you don't mean it seems like so many lies like you you get ripped up up anywhere me what was he telling the truth about you know said she said though he would lie about his mom being sick or dying and so she didn't want to get too into it so it's like almost along you know like you don't want to dive into someone's mom dying but the guy was smart but people who are full of shit or they the foolish i mean how good was this guy in regular conversation must be great rafayel tori rap tori eddie bravo and i both have a story about a guy that was completely full of shit he was a fake black belt saw some of total fake black belt and when eddie first introduced me to him he was a reporter for websites
was going and doing these the early mma reporting even do gonzo journalist questions i think they were describing it as like he would ask dudes if they like fucking girls in the butt like weird weird quest and he was telling everybody that he was a black belt in jiu jitsu and then adde rolled with them and eddie was maybe i don't know i mean maybe just like going really live here stupid stupid no no he was smart he was smart he he said but he's half brazilian half italian and his dad was brazilian was a black belt in brazilian jiu jitsu and that who knew all the old guys but he came from the judo side so he was smart he said we were more judo guys we were old school jujitsu than my dad giving a black bow when i was eighteen or whatever and then were is good is like nowadays jujitsu so complex and so evolved were not that good alamo dot com slash parable i'm a black belt but i'm old school black dog
so he wasn't he was smart so as he was pulling the bowl i've been so nervous when it to roll you you roll them too don't know i never all and i was really good friends with them and he was not me you weren't even good for we work together we work together on what he was a writer for the underground he was like the eugene rider yeah for the ug and he was is it shows that i would commentate like the case is still rider form no jail he's in jail for murder this is where it gets really really escalated oh dude this is where it gets really crazy so i'll take you back to when eddie exposed and eddie we were driving back from it was like king of the cage were driving back from some one of those mma fights way out in the mid have no know where it was it wasn't that i i expose i was the last one he was already exposed was the last one you dudes pulled into the side and said this is not and i mean in a phone call to his face
yes i mean you you basically you confronted him yes that is pretty intense yeah but he's a pretty intense called we driving i was driving and eddie was right next to me also uconn denali barely remember the conversation i barely remember i was like oh shit oh shit yeah you were going to do lying to me stop lying to me really you are not a black belt in jiu jitsu that he admitted do you are listen to me listen to me you're a fucking liar you're lying him anyone who are lying you're lying you're not a black belt in jiu do you crazy it is you tell me you're a black belt in jiu jitsu i can align eddie bravo it was it was it was pretty crazy and you could hear him like stammering and trying to leave for sure put that on speakerphone i wish i could remember all the shit that you said but you broke it down an end
undeniable way so then he killed a guy you're a crazy person that you i will kill any barber cuts got off he cut him off and then our friend gerald street vet who was his first black belt no danny probe this was your first black but when was gerald street was my first before i even had a school he was my first student the did on a knife before there was no thought of ten planet i was just showing gerald street vincennes you just i was commenting for king of the cage and that's how i met gerald he was done he was rough
well student crazy so eddie comes and teaches them some real shit has a bunch of real fights he gets contacted by this guy 'cause the guy wants him to kill his girlfriend's husband he tells gerald he wanted his girlfriend's husband is going to give a certain amount of money and cheryl's like what the fuck so gerald goes to the cops no jerry calls the cops app killed himself the guy killed himself choked him apparently like adam come meet him at the gym choked him to death kill them and then was been driving around in his car but a dumb ass dude it's crazy he was on the driving around in homeboys car why don't think so you don't have to be to know how to rear naked choke somebody you know you sneak up behind some fun in fat ass who doesn't workout at all and you get ahold of his neck and he wasn't like completely in app as a martial artist you know he's like a kind of amateur but there's some videos of him throwing a spinning back kick on a pad they're kind of
there is kind of hilarious it really is like you getting ahold of duncan in duncan's spinning back kicks for a couple weeks and then have it hit the pad it's fucking fucking possible which weird is this guys been lying the whole time that it kills the guy was jitsu was where it gets crazy he kills a guy and then he gives cheryl that before that bury before that before that before the murder he set up a fake fight and king of the cage big samoan guy it was totally fake they kept their now shut they made it happen so he ends up getting this big giant samoan guy like in a show the shittiest need forever is like a meatball it's like that in the kind of starts tapping anyone so and this fight was this back but he told everybody he was fourteen and i went on the mac but they were all undocumented fight too he was he was do i come into that but i was saying rafael torres returns to animated today to defend his undefeated record
and i said shit like that everyone at traffic i'll take it to the next level yet everybody do he wasn't fourteen and he never thought ever i'll take it to the next guys awesome i'll take it to the next level he had a friend drive him out to the woods and he brought with him a giant duffel bag ok he told his friend driving out to the woods i want about to compete you know rules kumite a you know if i win i'm going to make a lot of money origin back with first place this is important because the true story yeah she says to do come back tomorrow this is this is a newspaper journalists and newspaper writer he took the local guy a newspaper writer doesn't 'cause i haven't told anybody but i'm going to in the wood there's going to be this coma tattoo that's wrong that's fucking right it goes but i need you i want you to write the story on this but you're going to drop me off i can't show you where it's going to be so the newspaper writer drop some off like in the middle of nowhere in the woods and he says come
back to me in two days right and and the guy had a big duffel bag with him right with something long in it right so the guy come back two days later and pick him up so he was like camping out there right he had like camping equipment he came up and i had this giant trophies i won the kumatai oh my god that mother fucker packed it right so so what is the writer do naturally write a story on it he takes that story frames and put up put it up out of school that's true bananas proof so but it happened it was in the newspaper that so god damn but it's fucking crazy you gotta leave ingeniously she got a legit fighter coming out right now he's a genius prokop prokop's got a lot of redness on his nose first of all we don't know if he didn't go to kuma tank there's no evidence that we did but we do so let me wrap the story of real quick so gerald calls
me and tells me that the guy gave him is the gun or something like that i forget what the conversation was like what huh jesus fucking christ and then gerald gets ahold of the cops and apparently they are they were tapping his phone so that apps called me and they want to know what i know about the murder and i explain so i go look i know almost nothing what i know is what you know jerry told me 'cause they were listening in on our conversation so to say what i know is when geralt i told him everything i know with gerald told me the guys crazy liar he's a fake black belt i don't know if we really killed the guy or not it's very conceivable this guy so fucking crazy they made that up to you might not even killed somebody at this point at least i think this is pretty much proven that he killed the guy now
but so he's in prison and function at two minutes and don't bring it corner come on don't bring me to court 'cause i met rafael tori at at his house don't make me do this don't drag me and then it gets even darker 'cause gerald killed somebody one day takes merald killed somebody like a year ago in a traffic related incident some guy i and him were having some road rage incident and it got physical gerald was actually on the phone with nine one one any fucking shot this dude and he's in jail and he in trial right now dude some guy tried to run him off the road some guy was dry he wasn't drunk i mean the guy that was shot was drunk he ram like he stopped his car pulled it in reverse and brandon like there have like some road rage incident and that guy was drunk gerald out of his car he lives in oregon has a rifle he has this rifle and the guys can share it and he's coming form in gerald start he's like on the
inside of the car calling nine one one said don't near me dude i'm calling nine hundred and eleven don't get near me the guys talking shit the guy came to him an gerald thought he had a gun pull it out in a shot of god is that with gerald told you yeah that's that was not self defense though that is something that should be it is self to how long is in principle garner exactly how i got drunk here uh monster roadie rams jelly done that's all you need to get out with his gun going what the fuck this guys nuts the guys coming form he was drunk gerald shot him he was on ninety nine one so i got this crazy guy who's who just tried to run me off the road i'm stand right here you know the guy kept coming to and i think people that boom two people are basing the possibility to gerald might have been more of an instigator based on some of the things that he wrote on facebook apparently had written something about
get out of my way when you're on the road or something about some and had been involved in some other sort of road rage type incident but but who the fuck knows men and also we have to deal with the fact that gerald we know for a fact experienced a lot of action overseas oh really served and let that be came back and did some tours for like one of those stuff you know what they call in contra tours are like blackwater shit yeah he did a couple of those to fine ants his to finances jim flack menu now so there's that and that's undeniable man that's that fucks with that person had sent when you're thinking about a person in in a in an aggressive type situation and you've been in war but yeah you're used to people trying to kill you and you've got to kill them first and gerald is in a different place he's in a different place than the average person to the average person says you know hey you can't consider the fact that he was
you know in the war and he had ptsd that's bullshit well it does mean something on saint it does that not one hundred cents should like listen man he's under prince that are rumors are there some there some people that there's big misconceptions about martial artists that true martial artist would have not used the gun would've use this martial arts to handle the situation but that's all bullshit more martial arts you learn the or you know you need a god damn gun in your house you need some guns because martial arts the more you learn it you realize that's last resort when it's a life and death situation if it's in a sport or you know controlled environment that's one thing but you know gerald thought i had a gun the guy trying to run him off the road he's gotta go you're not going to drop your gun and double leg going to arm no no no miss stuff that's how the story went because if i have a gun and there's some crazy shit going down guys draw
machine that dick i'm not gonna shoot in the face going to be no rear naked choke who knows that this guys a gun you don't know so let's stop there if that's exactly how it went down yeah i agree with you one hundred percent obviously i'm not questioning thing but i was not there so i don't know that i do not know that he was on he was on nine one one when this happens stuff he timken supporting the situation before the shot the shot is at stop one thousand nine hundred and eleven on the call so that's uh crazy the case then he was why they have him in jail still there that's exactly how it was happen if he could be self dealing with a madman as a veteran you think they'd shown a little leeway because yeah maybe there was a veteran there is history of pass rd rage but that has nothing to do with this just 'cause you have a history of pass rd rage japan's of each shot like six motherfucker previous then we have a problem with the shooting people yes but there are no
thirty five hours forty wow all right this is it the main event ladies and gentlemen main event the fucked up shit as they got in sala terry confinement this whole time it's already been over a year at the trial don't start till january he's in sala terry fucking bullshit in hernandez murdered like nineteen people still water the pullman solitaire the fucking there just railroading a man why did they do it some has to be going on we have to be missing a piece the store i feel like you see in this over so they're trying to say that there's a that he has you know people have said he's he's been involved in a road rage before i don't know if it's like documented officially but has something to do with that but that has nothing to do with the situation is tough man the dude was drunk the guy that got killed he was wasted gerald was not drunk was not wasted he was coming from the supermarket these are all facts
but he adam on nine he had am on nine one one he was talking one thousand nine hundred and eleven telling the guy to back off back off he's keeps walking turns back off and then he popped him jesus cry i mean it's on the it's on the record so there fucking a man they're totally fucking his solitary feel like we're missing a piece of the story who knows we don't know we don't we don't people get fucked in right people just some people just got fucked and he's getting fun this crow copton sagas and go two ways it's either when the saddest things we've ever watched or it can be a fucking classic well you gotta think that mere go wants that wind back that was one that probably haunt some that was big fight in the ufc is second second event right eddie sanchez was first right yeah then he fought gonzaga is for a title shot to win adapting would have shot damn
that's crazy wow you know what man do some about gun zaga when he walks on the scale you know when i do the wins he sounds different than everybody else really sounds like he's made a stone like when he walks it's like food do you want me and i thought both of 'em in mirko crowe cop is the strongest guy i've ever fought barnett not even close he's like a fucking like shane carwin strong even even more so like can kind of move prokop was moving like the thing from fantastic four it's like it's like crowe cop was made of straight rocks jesus price really i've heard people say the same thing about dan henderson but crow copy a list
i thought a roided up fucking lavar johnson he was nowhere near as strong as try giving look up try giving dan henderson a back rub you break your hand i bet you will be comparisons made out of wood do with the same a sus and she says it's just a beast he made out of wood is there any program was so strong that's interesting crazy right so he developed a lot of really good takedown defense in pride if you look at his first fights in i'd like the first fight with vandalay when they have those special right hand right hand walgreens august tighten up his boxing a lot man he has we gotta remember to its crowe cop earliest karere he flew out ver doom before for doom really anything to work on his grappling yeah oh shit man that right hand finding a home that's not good what do you think about this if you had a gas before it started but i never pick against grocott many of my heroes
but in my heart objectively animal objectively gonzague has been fighting it in the ufc for you know at a lot longer higher level crowe cop really has it can zaga's looking very fast here too does that double right hand it just seems like croak up over his last week fights he's just he pull the trigger he just he's coming he's coming off two wins against e she obviously that in japan but each is much smaller than him too e she shorter e cheese every bit of two hundred and sixty pounds she's of judo gold medalist i train with these she she's a fucking nightmare six thousand two hundred and sixty two sixty i think he when he's in crazy shape found two hundred and forty five that's insane i had no idea i thought it was about two hundred and five fuck no ishi is deck that's crazy super thick and for him to be issued twice on a toughie she is men he's a fucking monster could kick to the body by going on marco's not pulling
there's not he doesn't want to kick 'cause you just want to get taken down he knows if he gets taken down he's in big trouble some of the best takedown defense ever in the ufc and what they say is fourth all time heavyweights i think i tried taking gun zaga nitride double again my face hit the ground so fast he sprawled every bit of fucking whatever is two hundred and sixty on my little neck crow cups a bit tentative and gold saga keeps doing that that lounging double right here it broke up just look at the clock with a bad sign man we're fucking two hundred and thirty into it well maybe he had a plan of waiting the round before you don't think his corner could speaking in christians there's deep deep deep double who he's going to path after go hard crow cups guard retention is pretty good it's not that he's very good defenceman yeah it's not that bad but this model phone heavy or heavy and a world champ world champ legit black belt
legit black delete if you can get inside get down from his back is not such a threat but on top man that's his game yeah she's gotta lock down in this strong control can't get out of that fucking half card huh it's gotta be careful the explosion is still there this is trouble man crow cup is always been like real explosive crazy explosive am i had a co captain garden get his feet on my hip and cool can can you wear slacks right good luck anyway he's worried about to his elbows he was talking about this that that was the big difference in the first fight and he said that mma probably should get rid of elbows 'cause it causes a lot of blood and people don't want to see blood and and focus less on the ground but that was crazy is ridiculous that didn't make any sense at all i was nice look at the show you how it happens happens to happen these have not yet
damn it's nitis fucked me too it looked like it who i'm not mad at the scrambles old haymaker in the garden i thought he was tapping couldn't see his hand but it looked like he was re and for right away that was a bad position it was nasty that was a funky see the disk in zaga using his grappling using tough to beat man i'm impressed with crowe cop recovering and back to full guard the ass may see i agree he was mounted and i was not mountain anymore anyway that's a sign that he could do he could recover he could bump a moth amount to coco to the virgin and dean lister for years yeah for a long long time and his defense in the solid yeah he's he's well trained it's not easy it's the cement man he's just dumb not at the level where he can attack now
i don't think he wants to be either well against this guy he went for that he'll hook man that's pretty nasty tap randleman two member back in the design i think when crowe cop goes in the fight the least of his concerns is submitting somebody that was the second fight after random and kayla remember that shit yeah it's christ randleman lunged in a nekros prime today's men who they were crazy however seed better fighting and then the wildman it was one of the wild west he didn't know what the fuck is going to fight until about a week out yeah yeah sleep well sweet man they were constantly at it was like a ice house show and just they would constantly adding fighters i put together those icehouse shows like four days out how cool those days were you had two giant legit mma organizations for the fans it was the ult
i went back and forth ufc once we get disney then pride steps over right there oh no he wasn't looking to tap at all he was looking to get that arm under the leg yeah damn it wasn't as threatening i thought it was in the scramble pretty pretty wild but it wasn't as close to us we need guys cardio issues between these two it's gonzaga he's always had some issue and if later in the round do you think that's because of training at team lincoln not training it like att or something not getting pushed enough problem like when you're old is a bully when you're on top it's easy to go three rounds try being on i'm getting the worst case scenario you know getting bad positions right and you gotta get used to moving in those positions whereas when you're tired right in in your developing technique and you developing
durrance when you're moving in those positions when you're tired yeah that's something that people kind of don't know until they get in there and do it and you're not going to panic and i can sure cook up was in may mount during camp an impasse like down there he got out of it got back to guard yeah but if guns are gonna get him to the ground like that again be he's in trouble it's interesting man you got up he is one of those that mean you were watching the main event right now so obviously everything is going well but he's one of those guys you got to wonder what if he did go to jackson's what if he'd that's what i'm saying now what if he did when he was with skill set how good he is with stand up wood tucked under that camp beautiful good luck you know nice needed the body do not take him down against the case onto nasty not take him down against the cage that one goes to the junk yeah him right in that croak update remember the one with check congo everyone thought that was attack against dicks there really was an assault on dicks
coke out means the cage is not have been getting down the open man that was our game plan i just don't like crow couple trees going to eat a right hand at any second he could that double right hands with gonzalez boom missed again no what i liked about guns aghas leg attack was he was completely safe from being punched that wasn't tank so he jumped on that foot and that was a safe position if you would have cranked it a little better or had a bet angle at it 'cause usually see when guys go for leg locks any bars there usually eating punches
ends on the angle you especially if you shoot up for a leg lock and the guy still standing if you get if you have strong base boom oh beautiful look strong god damn tested the flexibility that's our old school move that making you do the splits yeah super old school just looked that leg up i couldn't shit right instructing get outta here the fuck outta here so fucking strong man is a beast and in this top was ish 'cause prokop even laying under there is going to eat those fucking body shots you go for that for sure go for the finish them into going to is going to washington to not much is five rounds twenty five minutes good pressure on the mouth he can't breathe for chevron swing amount you guys can't breathe
share this what prokop does many hangs on hangs on you go to posture up he gets the fuck out but gonzaga is fucking heavy look at what i tell you for my friend boo gettel punching himself so that must have been a big part of his strategy mister knew he would be here and we attacked that leg try get a better position not bound but still gun zaga tough to shake make me tough on top and he also knows that he's robbing murgo of his vitality every time he smashes his face like that covers his asshole if your digital world champion this is you know this is a walk in the park being on top position here yup and then you just get them out surely that transition made the exact same path to the mountain so slick with it to men see how there's no air their grapevines the lid so it's like i don't even need to bother with side control i go right to them out on this do
you see how there is no air in his transition soldier snows oh god it's artistic now if you're croak up you can only mounted so many times because he loads to get out yeah man it's a lot of gas dealt to burn huh to get a tuner six five pound world champ off is gonna be tough n as horse grace who really say who he's cooking them right now you know by wearing him out like this before for sure don't china his mount i hate when guys on the bottom amount try to punch to fuck are you doing this god damn mount well that striker though do they feel like any time they have a chance to pop your chin a good knock to go out from outlook in japan knocked him out cold well how 'bout you knocked a dude out from his guard remember that on the show who will be there look at that right saga trying to set up there was you setting up in arms good move
stewed chicken saga shave his back look at this he's looking for the now it's still there looking for the amerikana a little blood on the guns on his head where's that coming from elbow jesus boom credible you know interesting that who that open who is gone it's interesting they just set up a triangle that crowe cop was talking about i didn't like the cuts 'cause i didn't like the blood and this is why it's fucking mother boom boom transition put control by gonzaga look at them fucking ferocious control that some ferocious control that that is exactly cro cop was saying he thinks needs to change by them and may grab sagaan the elbows funcion so i know what you don't like fuck man it's a bad cut but the only a person that says that about grappling and elbows in the type of person that doesn't want to get that happen to them as far as
can be able to do it to someone of course he would want to be able to do it that was his game he'd be all about it damn it be cool if that didn't mount somebody before and fuck him up from the mount prokop yeah pat berry he mountains perry mounted on his back right take down and they choke pat berry with one arm he kicked out the leg did you kick out the right leg or you kicked out the left leg he tripped him he picked it up and tripped out the left eyes look at this ferocious crown compound just nasty controlled this bone that was wanna cut him open do the control gonzaga had once he gets on top man that's nasty control prokop were to lose this fight thank you fight again in the ufc that's a good question mean they love him he still star he still a legend he still you know like one of the most important guys in the history of them ever
he's my favorite fighter of all time but at what point does the usc say in what we're good well he definitely is not going to fight gonzaga next in less he beat some i mean if he ko's him right here we stop talking if you fucking head kicks in saga right here we stop talking but he's a great guy in the ufc to open new markets in europe right you you have a ufc and the ukraine or something boom open up headline it would prokop he still got a few fights left in him if you want to fight again in croatia even if he's not the main event they'll still sell the mother fucker not sell out he's a national hero he's a god damn national here over there and like we said undeniable want to legends of the game soccer with the big takedown defense coke are perhaps a little just a though not
the left hands no no this is our shot men seem open up with the kids maybe even to the body begins obvious right hand happy though mmhm when the work force is going to get home hi can zaga slowing down yeah it's tough third one man he put a lot of pressure on him mount yeah held him down beat on him but he definitely took away less damage so if he's tired right here dude if he's tired i could see cro cop one in this you never know you never know three massey well you never know anything for three minutes ago and you got two more rounds bro you gotta remember spy rounders right i just got so excited
and his failed last to take the thames haven't worked and turn a man against the cage save your energy don't do it this is also from this is his game man he me up against the cage need to the body by gonzague while he had his bag of kids prokop oh oh look at this or takedown the temps fail ducrot cops looking way better he's looking way better that was a good scramble right there oh good left hand by crowe cop oh another world cups of those oh did here akane yes gonzaga soshite uppercut go come only thing he got his son what's wrong with ken saga he can't act all we got hit again he said he should let it not only shared car holy shit he should have stood over on them like a horse dance in punjab sure that got on his knees specially with just to go like this he's going to fucking chill here now man he's gotta pass home
shit it turn around great turn around what a god damn turn around and this is only a three round about two minutes ago he could still finish him here oh sure big elephant i'm at those elbows to the cold and you got i think this is a real striker throwing type he actually use his body but guaranteed he generates way more power than the average person in accuracy all those are some those are hard old shit shit up farm goodness oh what a got damn turn around holy shit those are for ruchika spaces fucked up that's it all go krogh copies in a party tonight we gotta classic on our hands dude holy shit hole the shit what a destruction that that was some of the back
elbows from the garden man ever ever ever ever ever that's where he should be he should be taken dudes down and staying in their guard shit this is awesome that's where the fire comes how ironic is it that grappling and elbows would want him to fight and that's always complain about so crazy and we were just talking about that would you put any money off you said hey cro cops going to take is going to get indian sagas guard and elbow the shit i'm ticket started with an elbow stand past two albert elbow in tight looking back over here right there just trying to hang on watch this boo that was ferocious and then another one old dude miracle can throw some god damn elbows did he shattered my nose like that exact same area oh my god look at this hammer hammer hammer boom boom boom what a fuck turn around we got to see some of those elbows duma guard miracle cro cop has heart fuck what
can zaga still down his face pretty jacked up that's his new sparred his new spot is in the garden what fucking heart to come back from that what a great win for merck oh man look at how this would be to the sport is of all the best place for the best striker ever to be is in the garden randall strikes in the guard throwing those god damn strikes that's where he needs to be with you think about it and round he can generate power in real short area he evolved into zacher smart coleman saying that all comes back to mark coleman the wrestler comes back to him wow that was incredible shoguns ice stumbling in the back he still not right man that was incredible i would this is only guy would i would never instruct to pass the guard the god jump in the car ham look at gabriel wow that's a scary game where four live would a big victory for cult crow
well now they're one and one do they do it again the trilogy they might they very well might they very well yeah that's three in a row for gonzaga does he get cut what does he say hold on great suit hardy thirty check what is would okay no translator it was also there's there was four of us and may the plentiful rounds two rounds just stay calm and the we believe we believe that toronto for wow
those always that nice uppercut to amazing oh my god boom look at this boom boom boom boom boom boom boom ferocious of course it worked legend son he is such a bad that would be just goes on a tear on everyone who beat him show and we're going home for croatia in about hour and a half we have our own transport not playing thanks air force one croatia's hell yeah i will take a rest and then marijuana to ease i'll take a rest and train again monster now if anybody ever told him to retire after his losses you know he would have missed out on this glory right
right that's why he can't retire gel but what do you think is the balance between a god like this who is just going to press on and still at times like tonight be spectacularly successful or a guy like jamie varner who say and you know what i think it's over but uh i like croak up what's left form to do that's true what's left well you basically love this as much as anything in life in this moment right now is going to be like one of the greatest moments and he'll never ever remember he overcame dude serious adversity he best ever is in ufc pride w e c and strikeforce ever twenty to ventilate right on his tail anderson behind that shogun i can take a sixteen while that's not meant all pride guys that's nuts what a legend that guy is
go back to his highlight reel and pride though numbers no no one had a better highlight reel of finishes that kick to the body on heath herring we showed it on this podcast before but it was like he went halfway into his body without rounds insane men do you think about the guys he's beat especially in their prime you beat josh barnett twice beat mark hunt beat wanderlei he lost to fade or still man yeah decision guide decision he lost to he lost to minute oral but minotaur oh had the best chin in the world at the time and crowe cop him with everything but the kitchen sink in the head kick them at the end of the first round when the round ended nogara thought for a second that they had stopped the fight so don't stop the right notes then the riser went out the second round him down our i think those were the golden years of mma will ever get it back well i don't know about that honestly i think everybody always feels like the time that was passed was the great time but i think the time were
not right now with the exception of a few days is so much higher level than we've ever seen before it's higher level it's just not the same well i think it's too much i think stu saturated it was awesome i think it's like weinmann at anytime there's new shit the old shit always looks better like would like it with me music with everything like you could say i like early iron maiden right early mtley cre i don't like the new album which would be one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight that would be new but now twenty years later that new uh that came out in nineteen eighty eight is that's an old album and that's a classic now and it wasn't classic back then i agree with joe what joe's anus saying is right now we're going to look back in twenty years at this point say sh yeah i did look at all these build muscle i don't think so i because i because now if you want to be a fighter you can do it there's a way to do it when they were fighting it was like watt duff how the fuck do we get how do we make this happen and these are legends now you have
now you know i hate to be shitty but you have some kids coming up the ultimate fighter or some girls who are three now and then on the big stage these guys well she's got murder fucking this rock and roll they play this rock and roll they play these kids these days it's not like it's not like boston black sabbath know you know what i'll say i'll try and makes legends time right now i disagree you look at the level of experience competition in those pride tournaments it's a higher level than we've ever been and i think the level is way higher now i think back then you had three guys that could strike really good remember bj was the only guy that box in the in the light this is now everybody in the prelims there all good strikers now it's like levels have well rounded guy like it use be that only a couple guys had professional footwork but now anybody in the prelims you can
get into the ufc unless you have professional footwork now the nowadays you know i'm saying yeah you can't be half assed and now everyone is also incorporating a lot of that they call neo footwork that dominick cruz tj dillashaw that's next level hyper efficient that's next level stuff but i see what you're saying it's lights out of maine pride is like led zeppelin and all that shit yeah but you know why i see led zeppelin outside of the plagiarism accusations that are pretty significant you just put that aside and just look at the finished product god damn i don't think there's anybody today that can fuck with them they had some god damn songs that were just so insanely good so insanely good have you heard imagine dragons there's different i mean eh well note that is there's different and there's equal there's a lot of bands that i think are on that level but there's like a whole lot of love i don't think there's a song that's ever been better there's different song there's awesome songs that are equally awesome but there's none better that's just like one of the all time great
something with voodoo child yeah hendrix to me and go back to think of linkrot cop was fighting vandalay mark hunt fuck josh barnett but these guys he fade or lay and then josh barnett in the same night same night thing how much weight he gave it to mark hunt yeah watt these are these are in their prime these are some of the best that have ever done it and he's beating him say nine how good was god damn fade or back then 'cause he walk down crow cop i essentially a kickboxing power when crowe cop was at his very best he hit too many functions nose out again with some hard shots and fade or kept walking now fatal was chasing him down the whole fight he kept him on the heel kept him on his back foot all the time it's tough man kept him backing up really interesting man that's how god damn good federal was in his prime when he in his prime the game just change it's like basketball like you look at basketball i don't know you guys aren't huge basketball fans really good basketball like
lebron like the games change where it's kind of like a fufu lead now well when michael jordan the rules were there it was a different time men basketball was better reason we're going to be as good as that never how can you say that though athletes get federal that i'm getting better but the games change 'cause all about offense so really no one plays defense really anymore it's all about the dunk and stuff like that but no ones prevent them right they said this is the twenty i go to there saying the exact same thing to maybe i'm old school are you i'm sorry you are michael jordan up prime mirko cro cop time mason legends overtime we're going to look back at lebron and things say the same thing well you maybe maybe you might not ever win as many championships is michael jordan but all ready right now you gotta put him in the same class of michael jordan irrelevant lebron come on i think you are in the same class at a guy like mighty mouse there's never been a dude like ninety miles people don't appreciate it because he weighs one hundred and twenty five pounds true but god damn mighty mouse good
he's so fucking he was so fucking me so fucking no one cares it's hard because he's fighting little dudes and they're all one hundred and twenty five pounds and people don't appreciate it just from like the human being perspective his first well they don't have to fight gravity is hard they can move faster yeah i gotta like you if there was a guy like you they could move like mighty mouse so they would have sports scientists come in and try to figure out what the fuck you're doing you know if you if you were doing something like unusual your training methods everyone will start doing it if you could like mighty mouse everybody would do it i kenny florian told me that dc was was going out one night and this was in vegas he sees mighty mouse talking the bouncer like bro let me in dcs like my man this is the world champion of the ufc and the guys like really yes you know i got a min that's fucking mighty mouse man it's insane it's just
is lighter weight classes you will a lot of people don't know it's unfortunate it but if you look at it from like the technique perspective like i always say that if you want to emulate somebody he's the dude who does everything perfect go around the game you appreciate it if you're a casual fan you don't give a fuck about the little guys while he knocked out benavidez which in my opinion was and insane nobody ever did that benefit is a month is it starred and cracked him with one punch you need a he so you need someone that's going to come around like another conor mcgregor at one twenty five ship although don't get me wrong although hasn't lost nine years he's a fucking monster he's never been bigger now that he's going to fight conor true is the best thing never happened all those connor it's hard though to deal with the disrespect and all the stuff that he does to him i think it's me trouble i think it's me trouble thinking and get a fucking nasty although man oh you're definitely getting nasty although the question is is going to have the stamina to do that for more than one or two
look at chad mendes fight that's true but although while he hurt mendez at the end of was at the end of first and second down the bell the second was the second and mendez tagged him but then to the third fourth and fifth rounds he won up winning a decision and you end up beating mendez but that was probably the best anybody had looked against although there's a first time any they have a crackdown oh goodness is he's very good listen connor connors my man but conor mendez is in a good fight for khan well it's interesting because he's such a powerful russell yes so that in fast and the one thing we haven't seen is the powerful wrestler but then you look at what he did to llama's he puts dudes away with his hands he's fast as fuck dude there's no one more powerful than mendez he's such a stud and like just try favor was saying men's is the biggest freak
jim into see although take his bass and still win if it was like jesus and jesus well macgregor's even bigger than him he's longer big boy and he throws something nasty left hands and i agree to some powers a lot of weight behind it and if you can get one off and if you can really impose that like his psychological game is strong he believes in him so hamid ali sonny liston strong i agree it's it's strong in a weird way like you see no cracks in it he doesn't ever back off it doesn't ever say anything stupid i'm rooting for conor you know he never did never say i'm going to beat you into a living death ten shamrock you or do you really come home and he never falters with his shit talking game is so powerful it makes you deny who you are i think i think it's better for the sport if conor wins i don't know about all that i don't know about all i do i don't think if conor loses maybe it's good for the sport
i disagree why i need that pink elephant in the room for what we're all gray elephants would set a wild wild good fight okay then what do you do with conor let's say lose three or okay buddy any rematch would you just you're you're writing the rest of the division thing about this division right now you got frankie edgars about for your writer will match up for connor either one of those key once they can rustle their fucking ass off your riaa faber it would be interesting be interesting 'cause we really haven't seen him at one hundred and forty five in a few years so he might be better at one hundred and forty five you might be better with not cutting such an extreme amount of weight i mean there's a reason why is taking this fight i don't think that's a you know an excursion into one forty five we didn't expect that nobody expect that he's in the hunt at one hundred and thirty five for the title but he doesn't want to fight with tj it's very interesting very interesting and connor is big enough where he can do super fights against pettis or oh yeah yeah not to san jose but then you know there's a lot of guys at one hundred and fifty five that would love to
write is a entire ufc wants flight down what he brings to the table all them one of item i just think his best matchup which this is fucking insane to say but just style wise all those the best match up in the top five form after that man it's trouble because we're talking about grapplers well it's gonna be interesting to see if he could hang with all those standing i mean he clip pourrie early in the fight he did hurt him no doubt about it we didn't get to see exchange you know one thing about connor that i feel that grapplers there's a really really good sign and i saw it first hand that he has the mentality to get really really good at jujitsu and i'll tell you why i'm teaching class one fucking day maybe six months ago maybe eight months ago and i'm looking over at the bag in the corner someone's punching bag in the corner and i'm teaching class and i look over like you said fucking conor mcgregor hitting the bag in my chair so
walk over like hey be there for some of them that hey do what's up what the fuck you doing he goes all night you know maybe they don't say mate right now it's australia i can't do an irish accent but i can't do any accents but he uh we said hey what's up you know tell him i'm a fan and all that shit and i said i'm just teaching you know it's ok i'm just i just needed a bag to hit i was down the street at hotel doing ufc shit so i go back to class within three minutes he shows up on a mat and he says where your best guys and i said ok so hook them up with my best guys in and he just kept wanting to go with all my best it's amazing i know freddy does to men you know right no ufc guys do that no ufc guys to
there's a lot of hardcore rappers and that's what they do they go from jim german trying to sure the different looks geyser looking for the best competition us looking for wars looking for different style match up because your your trainer the same guy all the time that's not good yeah there's a there's a two hundred styles out there in your training with the response number that you're trying to styles every day four styles you need big giant classes where so many different you see so many looks there's so many on grappling with endless com brown belt so he showed he showed up and you know what he that showed me that he has the mentality too he's not afraid to grapple and train an work with whoever on the ground to improve his grappling that's huge that i thought you know that's why he's good i agree that's why i'm a conor face looking to evolve kind of fan as well i think he's deaf
an extraordinary human being i've never had a had a famous ufc fighter ever do that they'll make a lot of them come by and say hi i have been there yet the staff lounge on the cage and they look and and a couple of train but when it came down rolling they don't want to roll famous ufc there's generally i understand where they're coming from eagle training they train him some gym where they don't they don't know the guys and you know there's going to cameras out and maybe he gets tapped out by a blue belt and someone goes on the internet so i just tapped out fucking that at all from let's see guys in the upstate dental want that shit they don't want to get hurt though either 'cause there's gyms i've been to wear all go with tough guys like you know some black belts on brown belts and then there are studs the corner waiting for me to get tired they go last
let's go and then you end up getting hurt digits is not online weird thing that people do when they said that they're worried about getting hurt unless that's not channeling tell you might come in like next week or two weeks then you don't grab a hard you don't want to get hurt but i think they don't want to get tapped so i think it's i think it's both i mean it's ego and they don't wanna get hurt but it is gross when you see dude sitting out and waiting for you to get tired and only then they ask you to roll like you just sat out i don't like what are we doing man you didn't even roll are you trying to cheat yeah cheating you trying to catch someone who just read that wanna nascar race yeah it's weird if there's guys that there's guys at all they do is leg locks i can see a guy saying hey i don't want to get my legs hurt people believe that people believe that you go against the guy that's going to your legs are going to get hurt i believe mention i don't believe it anymore but i could understand that guys dudes that are like assassins i know also certain dudes or hurt dudes we know that
that's the thing they don't give up well that's the pokeno thing that's the paul harris thing they talk about that and even in the gym here they had a problem with him like more he can only train with his brother while he can only really train with his brother 'cause it goes with anyone else he just doesn't turn off fucking rip in law teaches crisis will assume role with may him he rolled may him and may have tapped any released but he it is a bit like to see that this video love it online said awhile ago was in brazil back in the day he got him in a heel hook thing he got his back if i remember it forget maybe an armbar or forget it wasn't here though he got him in a few things i think it's a combination of both though eddie ego eagle one hundred percent sure if there's a fight coming one hundred percent you don't want to get hurt right safe there's all this money for sure for sure they're worried about being embarrassed yeah i just want some guys never got connor that's why that's why i bring up connor that's rare that's
connors mentality man i'm telling you that dude is special man when he went this fight or not that kids need to a long ways in life he just dude he almost retired two years ago i know not rising he was he had a friend that couldn't fight anymore he had a friend apparently had been injured so much infighting that he was on and you know he was thinking like what am i doing i think i'm done and he actually ste didn't show up for his boxing classes he was teaching a boxing gloves didn't show up for like six days from mike on the run these manager calls my two weeks two weeks to a month the manager called him up in his manager says hey do you want to find the of say and he's like oh shit here we go and he just decided to go full on into it crazy right he's really into not sparring with striking is really into that like you're working on technique more than very smart
anything super smart very internet box jamie varner was saying is a very internet you don't mitrione does the same thing too when mitrione first home that was because mitchell is aware mitchell is very smart but he's a weird dude he's different he was uh spiderman i just kind of get to the clothes that i bring it back hey you know will spar you can hit me but i'm not going to hit you why he didn't want to do it that's weird but you doesn't spark full go working he's on the team is working well i think there's a out of those tie guys do that the the that's a big thing in more tie like john wayne parr was talking about that when he did the podcast that they play all the time twenty yeah join the same way men with duane a whole system worked out wayne is a fascinating cat he has whole system worked out as far as getting people comfortable striking and like where he takes you into it step by step to have them explain it i don't know actually if you'd be willing to maybe this is trade secret is whole system too he has a whole value system is very smart
do when you can't writing i was really really impressed when i saw him working with tj it was really impressed hell yeah i was like wow dwayne bang ludwig is on some next level shit you don't just tracking coaching the thing is strike and is the ego thing too but we see it in nfl guys and pushing calls to at these big colleges in the nfl guys used to hit four times a week and kill each other four times a week and then some coaches like well this isn't smart guy don't get into the game they look like shit in the game so then schools michigan and ohio state they pulled it back and then they were successful and everyone followed them well now we but in the ufc where listing you get to the ufc without being tough you're tough man there's no need to do these gym battles get out you know exactly with jamie barnabas and those are exit his exact log in i haven't listened a where jamie varner yeah i love jamie varner he's he's a great guy but i haven't listened to it i believe you don't need to do it in the in the gym and yeah
right so there needs to be some sort of protocol established for training in like a like a real consensus protocol when it comes to contact like how much contact should you have or even mapping out of camp what if there's a protocol for eight week camp going to spar in these days you can do this and it's just the way it should be to down to a t what if someone figured that out how dope would that be the way your nutritionist is figured out your diet yes have that for your whole system everything you do isn't that what they do well not really lease team take down i guarantee mark women to show like that more claim does that and it works for johny hendricks right you know i'm saying right windows johnny and you know that john and very well yeah in china what that mean all it would take is although it take finger is branded all would take is figuring out there's a what we're going to put your wrestling
a week where you gonna put your striking what everyone does that right everyone does that also talking about but we're we're is it over training when should you spar yeah that include that too yeah just boring day wrestle this day i'm with you but where it's the most efficient because now i'm smart i was sparring when i get ready for trash round who is sparring fucking hard twice a week at black house fucking hard man you say anything that's a bad idea bad idea bad idea you said this also about your ben rothwell fight sparring with car when i got knocked out before then ruffles fight by left hook an hour out uh before i fought nogara carwin rock me so bad two weeks before in front of a everyone and then we're on the ground let me tell this story i'm getting ready we do an open gym in denver hey come check out local fucking guy brendan schaub in denver getting ready to fight nogar in brazil like an asshole we invite
family everyone's like rocky too yes i haven't seen shane and he's helped me nothing this camp shane's on a boat an hour away my coach knows bro you're supposed to be here showing us off shit it's saturday the game is brenda bank there's everyone here give me a second fuckin shade smells like sunscreen's uh burnt toast all shitty this gloves gets gloves on but i think like cut off jean shorts and a fucking van halen shirt some just some daisy duke van halen literally literally tells us tells his son he's like just wait over there i'm like i'm going to fucking destroy this hick what the fuck you doing shane he's like you ready cracks like this i'm like yeah just fucking is that me like a fucking great white shark left hook boom i'm like woah remind you all my family and friends like oh my god shane is going to kill shot shane's on ground and pounding i drew
option three drops for me i come to i go what the fuck are you doing he goes sorry bro here get up get up in take me down like no stop stop wow and he knew that you were about to have a fight that change super old school man shane no one made me more tougher than chain no one gave me morehead then change on jesus christ love that guy so the rothwell fight how far out was it met again two weeks she then that's really when i when i was in denver that last the two weeks out was when we went balls to the wall was mean shane only three rounds and it was weird trying to knock each other out and you know what we do the coach would go thirty seconds the hydrogen which shut the fuck down and such mean shakers thirty seconds met technique out the window plant your feet and punch each other in the face oh my god i would do a nice to bank on that people like
you're the best child that was so cool like yeah thanks man wah go to bank on that that was like my thing job toe to toe with man this so cool an idea man and i go in the bathroom throw up i get the car i wouldn't know how to drive home oh my god shane tell me the same thing call me that was amazing brother i'm fucked up true story man could sing some cheap clothes on because i know what it's like dude where's my gun all my hits me insane and raising so crazy when i think back on it now i'd like to get the out there like when i was given a for camp a black state they do this thing where they do rounds and you have to leave your foot into the they put three cones out if we've your foot in the cone and then spotter guys just to work on you know stay in the park get moving and i was just getting started man and they were doing twelve rounds knighted by it and i did like six did you rotate guys or just yeah you'd rotate guys oh my and i did like
six and then i was like dude i'm taking some shots here and this is the older you know big brown i was like i'm good man i'm not i'm done i wish i was that smart when i was young different people have different systems as far as teaching people how to strike and moving in like certain positions every time time and time again when you watch like the really high level kickboxers from holland they all have a very systematic approach like i would love to get you to sit down with or the train rather with rob came in rob came in is a really interesting guy when it comes to that stuff he's got a system and he teaches a system a lot like a lot of people teaching jiu jitsu system now is complexes like your system 'cause your system is just infant number of moves in positions but came in and had like a deep deep knowledge of that dutch style kick boxing semi the heavy weight any strain habits right big fella i don't know if he's actually had a over two hundred and five pounds yeah i mean he's a bigger to make file but he's a bad mother fucker rob came in if you go back
watched some was ever yeah he was tremendous his technique was spectacular in santa monica right he's out right now i think stand to paint he's here now he's in town what a great guy to justice we part of a guy but he's he's interesting because he like he was responsible for a lot of brandon vera's early success that's right that's why i know the name yeah he was working with brandon vera early and career and whether or not that's why brandon was so successful it's up to debate but he was doing really well back then when he's with cayman mean this when he be pranked me or so when he beat he beat a lot of guys with that silver silver and other heavyweights over yourselves yes was that it was guilty i'm getting a mouse nasty who did he head kick ko he had ko justin eilers justin bad just dollars and then he need frank mir remember that's why they got the mike was there gonna be the first fighter ever heavyweight
heavyweight you he looked good back then he was nest look good and that's those are the rob came in days relate but are not related i don't know and then there but there was also when you talk about him you gotta talk about a contract dispute so he's out for a long time and there's a contract dispute with the ufc came back is a lot of pressure on him didn't perform that well when it came back that taking that down time offer contract disputes to that fuck with your head man i think he still fighting in one fc yeah he is yes the heavyweight at the heavyweight yeah said fuck this diet yeah especially one fc i don't know most sort of max supplements they test for yeah i don't either do they have the full you've mex mexican supplement i don't know let's trouble fighting a brand on fire on anything well a lot of these guys as they say like you know let him take it why not you know how organization where they do take it let's see what happens you know if you've got international there's a fight over there to say
ok this is the pride of asia this is how it goes we're not going to test it for steroid we don't have to let be interesting this one fc test i don't know i have no idea so much for franklin the big dog yeah he's running it yeah he's right yeah yeah yeah ok let's ask does one fc test for steroids right now what do you think i'm going to say no i would say no to fuck now anything outside the united states i'm always sketchy about men alright let's say i would give a fuck where it lists to to to mmhm doesn't say steroid use american foot well why is it thinking about too many things events yeah is that it you gotta get on twitter for that you think so you think going to just ask people someone text rich franklin to see really someone's gotta know on twitter do they
test for steroids at is it the number one is it one number one fconfc chart this one of c champion versus champion ben askren bitches and beauties doesn't say i don't know who drug tests were clean ok that means they have a drug test one of the two but pride used to say there counting terry you privately now we're good bots website yeah we're good everybody will drive error that is and our george oliveira is it yeah he fought for them for awhile for one fc i don't know that yeah we mean which george over are you talking about some legends i think it's him as in first well well it's his drug tests were clean stating that george miller tested positive for steroids how dare they let's check like i said ma'am anything outside the united states
this makes me skeptical hippo skeptical hippo we've seen that mean to skepta will just sketchy eyes no skeptical hippo funny meme have you seen it the different guy that's a george olivera that tested positive in the rhine the flare fight that's a different that's a guy who fought ryan the flare in the ufc reese recently right i'm not here to fight ryan with larry fun the rental for undercard give me flight laflare fought demian maia great write lafler stuff this is our body that's our buddy oliveira sceptical the is skeptical there is that's my face when you ask if they do steroids jorge albor and that oh i know that guy
meeting with that guy is a black belt right so there's more than obviously there's more than one george oliveira wait is not your friend no that i okay okay is our friend he tracy trainers and yet from ledge legends ma was back in the day was fun place man i went there when i bought it i came to la with a buddy and at the time was it find out what the legend just because randy couture own about a teacher like a fanboy ward around on hey let's watch that fight if we can let's see if we can watch that like winter yeah the l fight or that was the one that we wanted to watch the one that we wanted to watch was the the ko the gustafson anthony oh yeah with the head back but will watch that first go take a pee young man hey if we have time i would i would love your opinion on kathy lungs
my light rail oh she's dope device unified before she was one of those american kickboxer's from back in the day right she moved very well very well yeah she she was bad ass dude she's badass she wants to fight that she yeah she's trying to get a fight right ok which is for the fifty one and she's in great shape t1 she's in great shape i see her twice a week at my gym she's in great shape yes he's trying to fight but that's amazing fifteen one invicta should look into her kathy kathy long can still strike she still down ass at her and she's got decent defensive jujitsu she can actually fight mma like two three years ago and once you really she fought in who had show is that that's up on youtube two he won she was forty nine and she won wow that's amazing she really wants to fight did she is vicious really yeah she
fifty one and she wants to fight like now it's hard it's like i guess promoters are worried about her age yeah it's hard to sell that man it's hard to sell that you look at her highlight reel did you like oh shit she could probably pull it off i think people day or more worried about people getting hurt that are older than ever before you know well look at what crow cop just did shit how old is cro cop four thousand and forty and a hard for a of forty unova guy who has been fighting top level competition for a long time you know in and out of the gym i don't think it's on they don't have it on fight pass too soon he i don't know is if is it a fox fight yeah it is fun maybe doesn't get on fight pass because that makes sense yeah it doesn't appear to be in the library on the some retarded which is possible can find
anthony johnson you should be able to know that you shouldn't listen i'm not mad that be shop graphic down there with lavar johnson nice pretty young anna conda let's try let's see if we can find the out iaquinta fight here i think if it's not i think i have it on directv i think i saved those here let's see iaquinta versus ross pearson in that's a good fight i kinda me doesn't seem to be on here either mike went down my speed dial come on bitch doesn't look this on their man i mean can you get the god
i think in some weird shit i was going to say you can get the replay there it is there it's not on fightpass ok cool go full screen on that shit son they'll be scared there it is what is it on this is something illegal we legally streaming right now dot damn it damn it jamie you're going to get introuble we're going to watch this fight to see clearly sure we could find just the highlight video that is a chopping can find that she can find yeah the how did you use that new component ok let's see it for a second yeah you know what it is to be too choppy to be able to distinguish
i was ahead but sure he's a how come alive okay when you're on the short screen like that really trying to catch up so it's a good video card thing wanna and that's with a little components for a better okay hi this is so this post ko we're we're gonna have to take it to the moment he gets hurt is a fight i haven't seen i was on a plane when this really gonna take it way back before that jamie way back like right about there like right about where the cursor was in my class need to go further back because he heard and then he stalked him down for awhile here it is look to the uh this means the fight is already oh oh that's the pope to the i ok so this is a start up after the post the out here we go boom that's it that's what did it right there
it's a right hand as well man it's you need to see the slow motion in ice the answer is going to win this fight anyways whether that what happened up in this in case the headbutts what fucking destroyed alexanders ok so tell me what you think him versus jon jones what happens johns reaches too much john we'll take him down and inside like trip where am out elbows from the guard proud might submit omurtak am i think it goes three rounds wow strong words and i'm a fan of anthony i like anything he's a fucking nightmare boom boom is interesting but every fight john like here's the guy here's the guys going to beat him here he is wrong well how long can run will do this like how long can you fight like this like this is extreme pace he's pudding angustus and it's like he's gambling he's going to finish gustavson you know i mean he's going full adam and he's got hurt real bad
and it worked here yeah but i can recover get to guard or something with a guy can't keep from getting hit with jesus christ or something nasty men have a guy can keep from getting tagged by him and can take him into the third fourth and fifth rounds of what does that look like well against phil davis look pretty fucking scary he looks scary in the second and he looks scary in the third but that was filled dave who doesn't present as many striking dangers as jon jones but you gotta remember jon jones dismantled victor fetures very similar anthony johnson when with john fotom he was explosive is fucked powerful remember that yeah you gotta come that armbar but he ended up submitting but victoria considerably smaller not at the time think about victor roided the fuck to the gills yeah i mean he eight thousand two hundred and five but he's a different two hundred and five this fucking guy man of war did upbeat or let me see that again see that again that was that was interesting looks headlands that lands i got
see it from the other angle from that angle that look like was ahead but it didn't know see it's a main here we going to sit right here watch this boom what does a right hand let me see one more time one more time see that i'm saying it seemed so that angles rough let me say one more time and then he seemed alright after that he was moving around and dance pretty fucked up i felt so bad he would go more one more time is the kick damn dude i think the head didn't hit i think you're fat you're crazy it's hard to do need a better angle let's say is that right hand not this one this one looks like it landed heads the shoulder his head his shoulder it does it mean at that angle it does until you have time if you can get the other view on the other same spot his head woodcock back if he got head butted that would be check it out again you would be able to see the impact there was no i think the head goes to the left and the right hand lands he might have bumped heads at the same time
right so that would be this is a bad angle see that was there was no good good morning again pangle you would see the impact to uh side you can tell though i think it was like this a prueter film boom adam could hit him on the right eyebrow if you type in head butt on youtube or something for me 'cause they give you different angles this here is more time boom you could have you think that right handling that hard to do that look at what we did you take it landed that hard look how fucking hard is throwing it he's throwing his whole body and he had angle looks bad the other one is facing one more time i let's see it one after that other angle i'm tony if we can just pull this whole he can't get another angle on to what was that like some kid in the crowd you say throw his right hand heart is crazy watch right here does it look hard hand are you kidding me right there doesn't are you're so crazy he throws everything in their power
lunch break is right here it looks like foot is facing tyson to see it again personal right through his back up against clavicle bro sis i'm telling you there's one more thing on youtube on the other side this right hand the idea though that's wrong that heart is so crazy it landed right here label it didn't land in the face in his face and then it's the classical look at his voice right here it does this right here it doesn't the head into that hit his fucking simultaneously it is fucking logic and then come on back it up again look at look at look at his fucking face it hits his cheek and then it goes into his gross dollar bump watch is that it hits his face fits right here you you need to go to a doctor boom
his face you see her go like this when we get punched you hear me out and hear me out jcj me when you get up in the morning one hundred percent one one hundred percent there is an angle from the other side hard times no this isn't the evidence this isn't the devils it's not just a video no big deal there's a video from the other side for someone who will go pink little chicken john look like now watch this next one in his holier is fucking her damn in the service before it hits any lower his head goes that way from ahead but just give her the proof is in the header only the punch lands on the fucking cheek that's what you were arguing against his clavicle it definitely isn't his clavicle that punch wait for the other view and then glances off and then hits on the gentleman here's the other view where's the uh when you talk about this view you can see the punch land you can see now that's all you can see the head but just like you can't see another side let's say watch
looks like him in the head with a head butt right let's it slowly slow slow look right hand right and hit the chin first clearly right and hits the chi is one hundred percent light hits the table you know what you know what he did head bottom actually headbutted him afterwards but otherwise he came first i gotta agree with you on that i'll give you that dead bodies after there is ahead but one hundred percent but look there's a head butt butt head butt for sure but here boom right hand first one more time watch this to write where does it go do do what you just did watch one more time look at that head but the sun but the rain came before it i agree back it up to have both there was i had but only the head but no notes before that here goes watch this look at the right hand see but exactly is that publishers radical and that's bad but no he hit him in the fucking cheek no but you see from the overhead that punch lands on his cheek it land his cheek which both what is llama bam the other
case and then head butt bam right there one hundred percent head but one hundred percent punch landslides both both of 'em are damaging put them up so i think anything would have won that fight either way yeah i'm not taking anything away from johnson from that angle one hundred percent they collide heads so now we know but also one hundred percent the punch lands first try it right there do and uhm beat him fair and square crazy powerful but i don't think it matters of it the punch lands first i mean it was ahead by the devil doesn't matter but but he got tagged by that right hand on the face the first which was robbed him or the which one wobble damours could question who we can answer his him really and i bet even he can't i believe so out of it he can't yeah what do you do in a situation like that if you have the guidelines of punch and then the headbutt lands in the head but clearly the guidelines of punch gets hurt but the headbutt stiffens 'em up and he goes out part of the game it is part of the game but what you said happened but the method of ko is kind of headbutt right we should bring back but but it would have to be like how much time has passed between them because like save you tag
the right hand and he was wobbly as fuck and he was backing up in a few seconds go by and then he throws a right hand and misses and you collide heads and he goes unconscious true then what happened then what do you do well then you need a rematch i think that one site you know i'm saying it's like you can't ask for a rematch in a fight like that magnitude they would have to be some sort of a huge event see i want to see gus pin in dc fight next that's good fight that's a great hi fi i would say within that instead of separating them well gustafson versus beta is interesting for two men would be did the over in saint preux i thought was really interesting but over in saint preux is not nearly the wrestler that dc is dc's wrestler especially when you're dealing with a guy who is his size world it's not a long tall guy like jon jones was so awkward and strong but a guy more his size i fix stocky guy like beta beta the beta won't take dc down isn't same proof i am pretty soon yeah he's fighting soon too when is that
you find my boy pat cummins better watch pizza choose gentleman he was out as a fucking nightmare he was at my seminar ovince st pru was at like he's a great guy man he awesome awesome sumana i hate to say super athletic but god damn it university of tennessee he is that rational not profess not official but i meant elite elite division one athlete he received tennessee he loves in twisters man watch he loves he already has a calf crank from the truck he already has a jason von flue choke number that yeah he got that didn't involve for you too in russian cat there's a lot of things you don't even know that position pat cummings i'm tony's they monster is a monster he's a monster in that fight over that decision left hook that knocked shogun out man open
yes i know man i had a dream a little very well on the ground super harrigan grapple he loves playing london he he loves playing now also known as sean williams car he time and coming back pat cummings is one those guys he's like rashad evans is fucking impossible submit man he trained with your doom all the time and me all the time and gets in the worst positions ever he's a tough do to install dricore cut weight down to eighty yeah and has insane endurance and work ethic good luck with that such such more bites over cummings baby gravel but that public debt payments does he said fuck open source how about put some money on it let's do it how much you want i'll put your one thousand dollars not one thousand dollars thousand dollars four hundred dollars twenty bucks for fun
dollars give you a twenty dollars extra polay how about a dinner how about a dog and they go we do you take the three of us out to dinner the loser buys dinner where at the wherever we want one thousand dollars a lot of io pizza place ok will go to a good joint house dogs long will you get a steak somewhere yeah mortons wherever to him you really get well how 'bout events wins anyways and i still pay for it how about that one thousand dollars fucking over and over one thousand right here down one thousand dollars you really want to one thousand yes or you wanna do dinner going to happen you get it let's play one thousand fucking elephant is incredible to events so bomans you listen to me i'm betting brendan one thousand when you really want to get involved in this you gotta decide right now before you touch hand it was my idea and you're about as well i'm calling your bluff thousand dollars thousand dollars
you're not gonna do it going man thousand thousand dollars i swear to god trust you it was my idea but it was a bluff it's not a bluff ok we both have our size cap back out you made my back not back out don't back out ah two thousand end dinner oh my god thousand thousand thousand thousand pat you better change your ass up events when is that fly dammit i'm two weeks it's on the machida komal goodness alright i wanted cash dollar bills yeah don't bring me no fucking chatman a write off don't bring me a tenth planet chapter so you have a corporation i could corporation that i could do that you could help me out i'll give you one thousand five hundred dollars in private list
yeah you got a free gym membership for a year i actually charge fifteen an hour two thousand and sixteen now bug spray are you all means one hundred dollars to our mobile nervous now that really that really escalated running with a lot of one thousand dollars is real cash man nice well wait no vents go fuck him up trust god just fucking her trust me is not you know what's going to happen pack comes going to break him in the second round break you know this was going to happen this was going to happen listen yeah pat cummins is going to get twister twister is going to twist your foot he's i would bet my entire bank account he doesn't get some it ok what kind of odds on the twister would you give what are odds ok here's the odds on twister if he gets him in that mister thousand one you gotta bet you bet one hundred and if he gets him in the twister he has to give you ten thousand ok
that's all in the right odd for sure that's right no no no it's not he's good dude that's not what is it raining with you full time now great to windows went to some of them just if at all he said that to win it's a very good that's an interesting bad it's an interesting fight you got gotta look at the fact knocked out shogun with one fucking punch like that and say this kid is a stud and he's getting better at he's fast and his striking is fucking for sure dangerous and powerful but the odds of him winning by twist when only one person ever won by twister ever in the history the fucking ufc that's the korean zombie one god damn twister of all time the aceti wins by a twister i say one hundred to ten thousand or you want you want i mean sure that's
but it's never going to happen i think very reasonable that's even reasonable i think gods are reasonable one in a million it probably more the world so you're doing is stealing stealing one hundred dollars from eddie bravo stealing one thousand telling you let's do it let's have another bad one hundred dollars bet if he get some in the twister you owe me two thousand no ten thousand and but if he does but then if he doesn't do i get one hundred dollars easier stealing one hundred and fifty minutes gift so if you damage him call his ass ralph applied fund kentucky and what we do twisters pat some what if pat summitt tip doesn't where is this fight what city is this fine new jersey it's a new jersey in two weeks shit i'm in town is that the twenty
april 25th whatever is in two weeks you're in that exit well hixon gracie is having a seminar on 25th so so it's the 25th what's that montreal that's that is the 25th yeah the fox crime is the for announcing it right yeah i'm announcing that one oh i'm announcing the montreal card too dimitrius it's a paper mighty mouse johnson here gotik ricard took ahead rampage losing or getting pulled out of the car rather is is a bad one i think was going to happen didn't like that man i thought that they could work that shit out i thought that mean i think that if there is some sort of a break in the contract enough to where he can sign with the ufc i felt like they would have already worked it out you would think his lawyers or you think the ufc lawyers who are the best in the business bike dude don't promote him yet we don't know let's figure this logistics out and then do it yeah there's too rushed yeah well i don't know man maybe they thought that
to be able to get it in under the wire before i risk it i don't know gives us1 event risk what you've already established that web page doesn't want to be in bellator so whether he would not sore not but now the wind but now they are not really 'cause now the court saying what money you still got a fight for bella tore but then it swelled utorrent is no the court granted an injunction i believe i believe that captain for fighting for the ufc with it in say the us to fight for bella tore they they recognize an argument and it has to be worked out now so they just said you can't fight for the sea at this point actually at this point the granted in junction i think they that's exactly how it works if i had to be out probably using the wrong terminology i'm pretty sure that's exactly how it works so rampage camp five go see the car takes a big hit it wasn't the fight in the car to dig up old was the other father got pulled it's not the big one right was it royce was beyond that they took him off to put aurora is now fighting for the title title
i thought it supposed to be there my crazy well that's a great place from right that's right that's where it was supposed to be and they took him off then put him on that vegas guard well that vegas card is a monster man when they have those title fights in vegas it's worth a shit load of chatter fuck you shit load data a lot of money in those vegas cards man you know and why because people like to go there mandated that the vegas loves it people like to do it it's a different animal when it's in vegas and them the money that it generates for the chino is insane in comparison to the money that would generate for some random arena somewhere you put it on some random arena in montreal i mean it's great for the economy in montreal but the amount of money that gets spent in vegas is off the god damn chart around a fire with bacon mammals vegas making a big comeback or they're making a comeback well they definitely took a big hit i think it's more of a normalization the economy goes down gambolling goes down there's no way around it people don't have
i think the hotels are taking a huge hit she was crazy as hotel they're not doing well we were in a car once and we ask the driver this cab driver like how much different is vegas right now and he goes it's fifty percent down five fifty percent down is it fifty percent down and then calls fifty percent down in business like they're all aware of it i know i know that city center the engineer fucked up building it it's not safe structurally and they have to rip it down why it's yeah the way this might be breaking news big big brown breaking but i'm pretty sure i read a gigantic fisher i read that pre she read that on a form from a kid not swear i swear them almost positive something actually is fucked up enough to tear it down almost like tons and tons of money let's get young jamie to pull up some articles on this bullshit jamie see if i'm lying that sounds insane if that's the case what a huge
who someone that's terrifying someone really powerful in vegas told me back when i was working in the ufc he said it's like it used to be the casinos or packed and then now it's like someone took a giant vacuum and just vacuumed all the p out of the casino damn that's what looks i'm not a vegas guy never had no which i kill weary you know it's real weird when you go off the grid when you get out of the strip when you go to them funky see now that are out in the middle another depressa what there's a lot of casinos in vegas you don't ever think about there's a lot of like weird fucking casinos all over the spot it's further true great gamblers guys that they just want to gamble they don't want to be on the strip they just want a place where they could go well you just see a different tone of human being it's almost a different teacher did carl icahn's shape don't give a fuck last countries people
gotta keep that mullet that makes it cheap gut never go to commerce casino that place is packed that was there last night there was something that was bamma fights eddie jackson really one he look like chuck liddell and this prime eddie jackson just destroyed his god but the place was packed it was ninety eight percent asian they love to gamble at the place was packed it was that's different though 'cause that's not vague these are these local casinos is all they got it's like this or drive four hours to vegas true if your card gambler you can gamble right here if you're a poker guy there's plenty of gambling in la like arisha fear before he made it as a comic was making more money gambling on poker and he was uh there's no music playing in tournaments oh wow he was thank you really good he's very good orisa already shit dude sounds like he would go to these poker tournaments and when he made thirty five grand one year just playing poker and i wasn't making much money as a comic be struggling it's crazy yeah you make money and you can you can get action that's the big thing
i heard on lines away to do it though could you sit at home in your fucking underwear interesting legal in america anymore it's different like i think you have to go places i think nevada you can gamble online but you can gamble you play poker online against people from nevada 'cause like all those pro poker players a lot of them moved out of country a lot of the move to monaco monaco how do you say that monica monica they moved to monaco they moved to all these countries legal they met some of a move to china and they they play in that chinese place china's huge what sets many i'll make how macau yeah macau apparently heard was how is going all crazy this is vegas times ten that's what i've heard just mad housing damn heard devices same way really not gambling as far as crazy coelomic right we run out of time how dare you would have
hi diane sons gambling good shepherd time give us five minutes what's up yeah let's go part to you when you guys got some to do you know who's doing our children around all right chill this will come back
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