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Fight Companion - April 11, 2015 (Part 2)

2015-04-11 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Eddie Bravo & Brendan Schaub to watch the fights on April 11, 2015.
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There's all kinds of is all kinds of booze is: is your water in a blue yeah, always anyway, yeah right? You know what, if you see a real coconut water, coconut water, coconut water, he's I'm telling him do it and some Coke Coca COLA, yeah he'll, hang on to that for five minutes to you'll tap any browser. The we're sincere it's funny as hell throws people off track. Yeah, I don't know you don't know, you know, throw me off track, The other day was fuckin' Joey Diaz I sent you that text. He scared me hold on hold on. I don't say this until we go back on January recording I we are we recording. We are right now: okay, go head! Sorry, coconut water, Grammys two! Thank you, sir. You know they're better in the box is not the cans. No! No! No see two is the best one hundred percent. You know why this is thai coconuts. It's a different taste! I get it, but he goes in the cans I heard it kills the nutrition. Now it doesn't '
patrician mode! Is that since science or you get this science of this is the same format I read like in Vegas is crumbling four hundred million dollar dividend for the city center. So it's making a lot of money. Which means not getting torn down so yeah. I just know instructing forefront nothing. I read Yahoo NEWS every morning, man like a fucking shark, like it's my job, are you questioning young jamies googling skills? Little bit, wow he's taking his shirt off. Let's try and scare you look at you getting angry got angry. He helped out the you're, taking the that's fresh, delicious right, see to so better than any other coconut water? We, you know I think was in it had these. Was he I brought a man. One of you guys brought these inside is how I found out about C twenty. We were training and uhm. They had G day. You know how I used to go.
Hey! You guys still do that sometime once a year, the old legend we start we stopped in this is like Coconut water is like what the brazilians have been known to drink. So one of the dudes that was training brought in a mass coconut water just for fun. Because, like it's key there, my friend on a train like Brazilian, that's cool but found it. What is it? Hotel was the Harmon Hotel, which was part of the city center and never opened, and it's going to be to done. Two weeks or demolition, never open Harman hotel to begin in two weeks, Omar could constructors all fuckedup right yeah. Yeah it not the whole city center, just one which city center still is like compound, which undermines the whole thing like, oh my god, real quick any. I exaggerate everything right, but let's see a picture of it, which one is it to the left of the aria side. Oh my god, look at the size of it. Dude
look at the size of it going to tear that whole thing down structurally site, not safe for people- oh, my God, wrapped in black netting. What does that say prior to demolition? Oh my god! That's why it's wrapped in black netting! Imagine if you have the hotel next to it and like don't worry, dude we're not even got your shed. Directions to your Portia, say: hey bro, I'm going to blow up my car, but I'm going to put a net over yours. Just just be cool. We don't sweat, it don't sweat it, well, I'm just going to blow it up right. Next to you should they should have they should build up a solid steel enclosure blow it up and then dispose of broken. You imagine for the engineer, looking this late. If it says here it was originally to have risen. Forty nine This is a show piece of the city center, which opened just as Nevada, was entering the depths of the recession, the four thousand
aria resort and casino, along with the Mandarin hotel, fewer than four hundred rooms and the all sweet Evan story via open within a month of each other, but the Harmon stage shuttered. It was the recession but construction issues, the kept the Harmon closed, Its construction plan was eventually scaled down by almost half, but then can turns remain that it would topple in an earthquake, oh wow, a new Macau hotel supposed to open there soon in a big air. That's been under development for like ten years in Vegas yeah. I watched a documentary, but it's probably talking about some of this uh. I think it's like the MGM crew or one of them. I don't want to say who 'cause, I don't know exactly, but they were developing a huge thing and it fell apart. Basically just been sitting empty for ten years in this Macau company is moving in and it supposed to open up in about a year or so, if it's not opening sooner than that big multibillion dollar asian hotel that
These Mcallen chinese people are supposed to come in and say, Vegas well crazy. Would it be if Vegas got taken over by Chinese? They came in guns by pull and just built some unbelievable hotels, because they're printing money over there just push through written money. So is my man Donald Trump though? Yet please get the fuck outta here with all that nonsense. Your peas and queues about Donald Trump could hang with the triads they're going to come over here with giant spaceships zeppelins filled with diamonds. This rain them down on LAS Vegas. It's going to build a building made entirely of diamonds. All filled with hookers filled with tens sign me up for a good driver. Everybody around a rolls Royce. No one's gonna go to any of the casino still to take it to the most ultimate level. Ever I'm not mad. At that. In Macau, really is what they say. It is if it really is ten
and today is the muezzin make intent on money. As a new member that jokes has helped. Her believe said that it was something about how girls will always be with the guys with money No matter what girl there's never a session for hunters, Darth, Vader, Darth Vader can come down take over and I'm killing the joke, but one of the best SAM Triplett throughout our trip. Do you remember that on yeah? I remember I can't do it. We see some ugly as due to the hottest chicks. That's true the only reason you love God got my paper map paper makes up for a lot of things, there's hope for every man out there
If you're an unattractive woman, mad paper gets you a gay guy, pretending to be straight ain't that a bit? That's what you get. If you look like a warlock is a girl in your millionaire. It's like five, so you think you think Bruce Jenner was kind of like that. No, no! No! No, I think if you live with crazy bitches on enough, you become one. No did you hear me know. Bruce Jenner said he's always felt like a woman when he was a kid he always felt like it was. It turns out he's gay the whole time he's not gay just felt like he still trapped in a man's body. That's crazy thing, the crazy thing about a lot of these people that become transgender, there's so many different possibilities when it comes to sexual, We need something that we still like six, that's something that a lot of us have a hard time accepting, because we only have our own version of sexuality and gender, but some people are men there, headed to women but they're, attracted to women an wish they were a woman and we're in love with a woman as a lesbian. Well, they will sacrificed their dick they'll sack
the ability to come they'll sacrificed their testicles, will sacrifice testosterone, he'll sacrifice There are male gender, you know and still be with women Bro. I don't want for you heard of Lady Valor yeah Flocking, Navy seal this bad Us Navy seal who said he she she likes what she so used, we see from seal team one to seal team six and then Like you know, I've always want to be a woman, my entire life. I felt like a woman straight now, you know like it's. Trying to look like a in address book. Address looks like me: Tattoos and Schitt Maskeran teaching other Navy seals out of shooting ship. Is there a chance? Is there a chance? Did the Bruce Jenner thing could be uh? he's coming out slowly. 'cause remember Elton John. Was he looked totally gay? He was flaming, tonight it is maybe then he said he was by
and then now is for getting so he came out. First, they came out with his by he didn't come out fully all the way, and so maybe Bruce Jenner is, like you know, you can come out and say I'm gay and I want to be a woman. Let me tell people, want to be a woman first and then laid I don't know man, I'm not gay, I'm asexual that's what he said. He said he's asexual, Bruce Jenner sat down with one of those fuckin' interviews and it's I just read some details about his come out, saying I felt like a woman, my entire life. I believe that is why we believe about. Why would you doubt that someone would be asexual 'cause in a lot of ways? Stanhope is asexual at this point in his life he doesn't have sex anymore. He's still a man, but he has no sex anymore. Maybe it doesn't doesn't get hard anymore, maybe hit not interested in his testosterone. Just so I can just booze damn booze and cigarettes he's having a great time.
Is there a living life allows it to each their own is not into his give luck having good time, I'm serious. He talks about it openly. He's like he's down with the slide wow yeah, so there's different people. Then everybody is different. I mean Stanhope is not the dummy he's just with his dick. He doesn't care and there's some people that you know like they might be. Asexual Morrissey might be asexual that might not be bullshittin. Because this is how he is. If everybody have you heard some of the Smiths songs. Thankfully, thankfully now I've heard a few of them, but they made me sad Spencer awesome. So I get sad, but then you know, there's there's a top is all about having sex reduce, no, you can just. I don't think I've heard the songs. You haven't heard Smith Smith, the Smiths with Morrissey the singer announcements again, thirty, one! Okay as before, it's like the cure, Depeche mode, this now
Morrissey everything there is this guy who is such a rabid vegan, but actually won't let anybody who works for him. He won't let anybody who works for meet meet this guy yeah. When people work of like the crew, he won't let the meet me like he. He like, if you work for him on tour, you cannot eat meat for such a fast guys, get together with the idea to dictate what someone's died as a slayer, but he controls not just their physical body when they work form, but what they put in their body when they're on tour with him. He does not allow them to eat me. So the crew, the get together in one hotel room, the front, pick a hotel room and the order room service and just go
off and have cheese, burgers and stake it shouldn't have to hide it from Morris. It would hurt us to see her from some kid. It'll bring a child that Brody inside sources who heard it from Brendan the guy who actually worked. Guy was a really that he He really feel strongly about it like safe, you hired a bunch of people and you found out that they like to eat babies. You like can't talk any babies. Do you want to work for me? I don't care Wouldn't it be a little different, but the idea. Is that show he's so anti animal cruelty that he doesn't. Anyone around him working in any capacity that kills animals. He feels like they're murderers. I mean I don't agree with them, but that's where it comes from. If you found out already eight baby dogs, would you let
I would try to convince him to not eat baby doll itself and not have to talk with ideological argument doctor. What is the lamb? What is Lamb Lamb is a baby. She exactly mutton is a sheep. I don't funk with Lamb either. SAM's doors, real. I don't with Lamb or veal in shops. I love Lamb, chops chops. I I don't eat veal, feel so fun. Dublin cancelled gig in Iceland after venue refuses to go vegetarian, so he so he wants everyone to go vegetarian, like no hot dogs. This singer was due to perform at the Harper Concert Hall in Regev Vik, I just look at Mick Jagger. He still Iraq style, give me Jagger, but listen to loosen. It was this request. Iceland doesn't have any fucking ground. You can grow vegetables in asshole, like you can't be a vegetarian. Iceland slammed should bring in trucks, would have food or unless you some sort of crazy fucking greenhouse in there. Now look at that face right that you think he's asexual sexual assault court decisions
visual, but I shall leave the Harpa concert Hall to their cannibalistic flesh. Bing Bloodlust Marcy said in a steel, quick, this guy real quick, but I love Iceland of wanted for a long time. To return. That's hilarious is this recent, that's awesome, but February, wow, really recent he's a nut. Germany walked off the stage during his Poland show after being heckled by a fan, it's a larious sounds like a real if he still claiming a sexuality channel. Why you care about this? Guy wants to fuck or not might be saying yes, other dudes, trying to fuck her. And he's, like so hung up on the guy being asexual. I just think he's looks of it. Yeah, I think he's sucking mad
What makes you say that, though? actually, I am not a homosexual wow- This is what I think dude he's a human sexual, exactly humus that human sexual exact? I think I know what that means. Just eat celery, your fucking, Dick, don't work! No more! I agree I would like Fuckin' commentators were commentating on biology. I agree with Sean, for the record. My which singer of all time is crazy. Gay! no difference right Talk about yeah yeah! Well, all the guys that come out like Rob. How, for I, love Rob is a rob over is one of the most famous singers ever he's. Awesome is open again yeah. He came out
he doesn't doesn't mean I still listen to Judas priest. I don't care she died. I could give two shits ready, makes no difference. I've. Just you know, just don't If you want to know, if you have a second dick about it, almost actually just come out, don't lie. You know what I think man, I think, might lose fans the people that care about that deers. To them and less them every day, and I think we just hang in there We just hang in there as a civilization. I think racism. I think people that are homophobic, transexual, phobic or transphobic, whatever they call people give a fuck. What anybody does long doesn't hurt you or other folks they're going to go away, they're not going to be around anymore. I think yeah. I think this is all just uh, blip in our evolution in our learning. How long? How long you think, how many one hundred years, at least at least notices no racism, one hundred years no homophobia, one hundred years, all of it will be out the window. It will be like a little blips here and there that will shock. The shit out of people will find out that there's still people that they're terrible at raising children
I think one hundred years is several generations in the future. That's two hundred and thirty, four, whatever the cat. What's a generation, what's the technical generation five years now I don't think they can regeneration seventy five years. I think it's like a ten or twenty year period that they called like how long it is before of your born, where you can start fucking and having kids like how long, I think, that's what they think of generation. I don't think it's a full life. One life is Mexico's sixteen. How dare you how dare you? How long is a generation roughly accepted as the average period twenty five years and their offspring. That's all it says the twenty says right here in general, we think of a generation is being twenty. Five years from the birth of a parent's birth of a child, family smokers again, pregnant quick, nine, twenty five already and kids in yourself a chance girl, the no go get a life goal, see the world to watch that shit on sixteen pregnant, though, Do you know what I watch other day that I got obsessed with? Is that God Dam addiction, my
strange addiction show yeah. It's good show watch five of those fuckers in a rush that girly the mattress is the beach now the mattress! Is you don't see this attitude now it's been it's not something that is different. One hundred and seventy eight her entire mattress and went to her moms. Oh my god, the mattress cookie monster masters market, are there was another eating disorder, one there too, or all you need to do she ride. Oh, my god, she's eating a mattress, it's great looking Allori calories, the one above it a face full mattress and what is that should drink and gas? yeah she's drinking now will check on the far right here with the biggest idiot Shizit matches. I need my addiction to tell what is she saying? Women have spent hundreds of thousands of hours of surgery crazy too? When is she done to Jamie? We need to know Obviously, she hasn't gotten a boob job. Oh, I saw a girl the other day that was into eating those dryer sheets. Oh yeah, I
and there were too strong, so Is there too strong? She would rap them in toilet paper fold them up and eat the dryer sheets. Do one you skip by the Fuckin' guy his girlfriend his car. He makes love to his car, so it's like after that now they shown up fools like dry hump in the car and she ninety eight Monte, Carlo. We expect you would focus. Get my car right, Guy doesn't say this is Fucking American. Did you ever eat paper as a kidnapping, but every paper? No, oh, my God, for one thousand and thirty eight KKK she's she's Ku Klux Klan. She just wanted to get the because it's a KKK thing that would be fun for night. Then you wake up next. One back. This is fucking weird dude are implants are fourteen. That would not be fun. I think you'd be
Press, the a hell of a time. Well, if you give away if you're scared, I when I'm saying did it so, you can complain about you put in or that's true, she's got fourteen pound implants. Magic takes. One conference hits get a certain size, It's a turn off really yeah. There's a number two giant: it's like I just raise the check cashing in all you're talking like there's only one here can now with scissors, oh my god nail files and other sharp objects until she bleeds wo. The check you it soap Jesus Christ. It's time I could feel it who dig in could you date on this chick? Could you could you put up with it if a chick was eaten matches all the time, but she's just a fucking smoke show but she's eating her matches when she comes over. Let her know that you can't do that in front of Maine. So she's like
So so you watch t shirt. She goes I'll, be right. Back attached, half your modules! Don't mattress smells like lavender five ounces, a day a disco, snow, snort and baby powder. Is he still alive? Well, maybe that's like what everybody has always been start never work when they thought they were getting cocaine. They weren't true and the staff found a cheaper way. Dick's begin one day after the woman after she spilled baby powder and inhaled it by mistake, over the last decade. It escalated. She loves the sensation and now, instead of just sniff. In the powder J shoves it up her nostrils, twelve times a day, Watt wow. I mean. What's the side effects of five ounces is a lot of baby powder lot, a pound? sixteen ounces, okay, Jesus Christ, is Biches Norton, one, a third of a pound, just setting would have.
Doing this to cover up a coke got this problem. Second, you can, she could always say she could always she gets busted with coke doesn't know it's baby particle, fuckyou and then Centrelink Legit click on that link date range addiction's articles about needing it's some weird shitman is that an ABC show was it on ABC com? Oh it's on. The news would have like every fifth line. Is coke she just makes it makes it just like tricking people that girl Miller she snorts mothballs, oh god, so, need all this and was he the one with the glasses the far left? This is a I don't pay the other day. Let me see that she's, an adult baby, she's Trans Jen. She was born. A boy decided she wanted to be a girl wears diapers an pajamas likes to be a baby, wears pigtails. How old is she likes to pee her pants? She loves to Peter PAN. I wanna see it. That's not it
that's not the one. Thank you for pointing she's fighting until Fuckin' rockhold your teeth somewhere, he was yelling she's eating, but we all know in your life. We've all met, someone who is so fucking crazy, go. You know what I think. It's real widow eats her huh I've seen that no Someone said that's. I don't know that one super dark, dad's, dark, cabey feeding oh baby shed click, the the one Dayton right. So my God look at her baby powder, chewed Coca Coca baby powder. That looks like it looks like a little baby powder. My well, this guys really fucking his car.
Balls deep in itself is just bad. Is attitudes in love with real dolls. I want to see that. Can we click on that click on it? I want to see the real dolls- oh my god, I think I think he has a couple too. This is a picture. Well, we'll just up guarantee you could find their video somewhere there available online getting gasoline how the fuck are you alive? This girls eating cat food? Well, that's just protein. The cat food is the least impressive, yeah cat food like mattresses next level should match your system shouldn't she devoured that thing. There was another one that was a pro bodybuilder, a woman who's addicted to body building where she lives she addicted to. What should you look in sexy as Luke barf? This is Gail K turds coming out of her mouth and she just drop some things between her titties man, yeah cat turds and get ahold of him you're going to stick your dick in This is the one I'm addicted to being an adult baby.
This might be the worst one. Videos on these pitches urine drinker the baby. One was really weird because I saw it point on a lot of things. She was talking about how good it must feel to pee in a diaper that was like damn. It does feel good she's like the feeling of release, and the warmth wetness of the diaper, not mad at them right away. Yeah. I can get that. I can see that you're talking to people just like in the Brighton bracelet just like in I take those gorilla, best known man kills goes with the only for about ten seconds and instead There is no ammonia in real trouble. Here we go. Ok, he still loves his real doll. What does that mean? Still they got in a fight. Well, there's a whole. You got be a fucking dude man. She is kinda hot though she but he's like in full play mode. Like he pretends yeah she's out of his league
Imagine, though, if you're for real woman was so far out of your reach, that this was the alternative, you look behind that guy backed up a second look behind that guy on the shelf. What is that? Is that all porn? That's exactly that is look at that. Pause that right. You know. That's fine! I guess, like the Dvds, the dvd. True, two thousand massive dvd collection, like that, this fucking dude is jacking it those are DVD's of porn. That's the only thing that sells in deviation today. If it wasn't for porn, these would be off the market they wouldn't even have to, because I can't believe anyone buys duties which is because tracks there's some people copy. They want. They want Blu Ray they want hd. They want it to be able to pause. Thermo, and they don't want the government to know the downloading it wow who gives me they got a shitty internet connection. Ok, maybe you don't so Jack and to be depended upon their internet connection through you know it's on your phone that guys whacking it for sure will he's not he's putting his real doll
right. He must just got turned down so many times like fuck this noise. He might not have even made her swing not you never step to the plate like in later looks like he swung at some dicks Be honest here with that haircut like that, hey and better and better? You know it's hilarious on the show. Is this fuckign counselor guy that has to come in and talk to each person has an addiction. Oh, I know it's a guy or gal if there's something there's different counts with all the time. This guy saying we're getting possible. You don't think he's like Muhfucka, you don't say no. I know this is fucking. Weird, look at the camera setup. How low tech is. This show they gotta go pro behind that dudes right. Shoulder there on tv that Gopro that's the video were watching were watching Gopro video look at this dude he's in love, though, but they give discounts for that comes in and protect he's got shot dog collar on 'cause it Dick
If he's happy the who gives a fuck what you bring a counselor who exactly is schitt collars on her yeah, that's weird owns those chicks, He has good taste, though that's a good dynamic. If I think I saw a couple man just backed up real quick and you see exactly what it looks like when you sucking it not right there watching you It's like a stay. Young rose Mcgowan a little bit, but not real watch this. When you see him like face to face with it, yeah right that failure is defunct, face and chewing gum chewing gum, sling and deck. On our end, I'm not you know I like to use a piece on hopped over like a letter c. What do you think the average years general in prison where it forty fifty sixty years were all you suppress your sexuality, so much that you start thinking about dudes, flowers. Is it yeah today I'll give down there? Like you know, I'm just
you see the picture of these a controversial picture. That's been going around lately of these two guys that are standing up and they got a belt around this dude snack and then do it's on his knees and he's got a black eye and then, like making gang signs in front of the. Obviously it's pretty sounds awesome. It's pretty crazy man see if you go out How long do you think it is? What is holding me? Explain it Jimmy surgeon, there's two dudes that are statue too young african american fellows that are throwing up gang signs in front of them. Is a dude who is on his knees and got a belt around his neck, and a black guy in the dude was doing eight years. I think for armed robbery or something along those lines and his beat his and making him their dog or whatever if they want to do with them, this is a picture they took in prison for his camera. Somebody liked we did it or something
Yes, it can happen. They do man, they call on hold our dog, they have phones, they get phones in there. They get all kinds of drugs in there. That's it! That's the picture. Look at this Georgia gang launch attack on what is a Dance craze is their worst job in the world again been prison. Mom's furious, teen, manned launch gang attack on our son, eighteen, a prison cell than tight leash around his neck and pose for a facebook photo despite being behind bars. How Hutch dental sworn I for two shirtless young man, one of was holding the leash old family members- do is jump by ten of the inmates and guards couldn't check on him until six hours after the incident, whoa investigating believe the ensign was gang related, oh my god, twenty sure it's for the department that he will be able to pay. Death society without being killed, killed picture. Maybe that might be fun time in the next minute. Look at that picture holy ship that scary, imagine being that guy and that's your life
set up James. I don't mean to laugh, but could there be a worse scenario? Look at that man that is crazy, That's the worst. It's embarrassing, pics that you don't want on the internet, but that's the worst one. I still worse picture of all time, if you like, I don't have a Dick pic out. That's a good picture to Detur people from committing Actually, it's a good picture to show that people learn when you put him in jail, they really change. They change their ways. They don't continue gang bangin, the guys pulling the trigger at the camera, the other guys throwing up a gang sign and he's got a leash around a dude who's got a phone. Duck face. You don't know that the gang sign that could be Mork and could be Star track could be STAR Trek. He just lived yeah science prosper site.
Guy on the bottom, it is just like fuck cock. It's a crazy way to live, that's a crazy way to live man. This poor, guys gotta, live like that for six hours until the guards come and chase on, and then what happens? Does he do that solitary yeah he's hoping yeah It's best case scenario: Fifi does is going to have to do this whole time in solitaire. He thought Defrain out of bed home boys fucking, you just don't push it. Train from Shawshank redemption would fight off the lady boys, wow powerful, strange, yeah right super stretch. All I references movies, that's hilarious, but will she have time to train watch, all these movies and then know every God Dam fight like an encyclopedia. Do you want right?
twice or all you need to do is watch him once usually, once once in your remember, you gotta remember: I do those shows for fight pass. You have seen now so I research a lot of schitt. Ok, ok, this dude there's another photo otherwise I'll fuckedup! on the left good times, we go the right direction. The I choked him to sleep, it says only do who knows it says the gang related aggravated battery robbery and theft of a motor? This is jump like ten people, Sun Oct it's terrifying being in jail and and knowing that you're in jail with a bunch of other prisoners and that there's no one watching out for you, no one protected. You that's a terrifying thing about being. Do you fight back or do you just like you know what fuck it tear this access to side, whether or not it's worth it, you could die and if you don't die, you know you could be unbelievably injured to the point where you're never the same person again or you could just deal with their ship for eight years and succumb and then get out and never be the same person again 'cause. You always been. You been
next by a bunch of men who beat me down. You have PTSD. I brought you fight if there's ten guys it to fight yeah, a hundred percent, your fight yeah, you know who knows what happens in your mind. If you know you never get out of there, I agree. Do you eat that's a different animal? We go to think that this is my new world. I have to figure out how I handle this Ipad. You up and you knew was inevitable that they got you. They got your hog tide in there ready to go and ask. Do you want to use you want to dry syrup or jelly? or peanut butter or or your own spit or your own spit. You could spit on their get his hands. Yes Dry dry was in syrup jelly. Junior owns jelly jelly Jelly all day. Is it raspberry jelly? Whatever
it's going to be in your asshole: it's pretty without fail prison jelly. So it's going to be those raspberries containers. You know I mean the little flip I know, but raspberry has those little seeds that lubricate you assehole a little bit. I feel it's kinda fuckedup that they take people like in jail and they make them be around other people that are also with. No everyone is at their youngest most horni. We do a like a lot, a lot of violent criminals between the age of nineteen. Twenty three I've just been studies done Bryan Callen. I will talk about this last podcast. We did from the car that, if you you few removed all the nineteen to twenty three year old males in our society, violent crime, a drop by like ninety percent shift. Some crazy number came up with that studies on the amount of people that commit violent crimes and when they commit crimes. The age for young males, it's very, very, but they always say, went in the prison system. You go in with whatever you know your bachelors of crime,
we come out with your masters masters yeah. They always say that yeah around other criminals who know their man and it's not like you're, going to learn and positive, is becomes your culture too. Yes, a good you get out. A lot of guys are habituated when they get out there for, they don't know how they out in the rain world, what a shitty system and the fact that someone could do one of those and make money, and then you find out there's guys like that judge in Pennsylvania, that locking young kids up publisher van I'll just to get the money he was getting kick backs from the prison's locked, so he was taking kids and railroading them and sending them down river, making money off of a holy one. Kid committed suicide. His mother was at the trial screaming at the guy. It was dark I get put away for ever, for you have to be forever one, how to The bus should or no it's good question that is so fuckedup
story bother me so much to do you want to read into it the idea that some that's happening. A lot, though, is that the private prisons and all that well, that is a specific case. When I talk about juvenile offenders, this guy was sell, sell, sell, getting juveniles that were innocent to like these detention camps. How much was in Macon, I don't know, damn that's not that he didn't. He made hundreds of thousands of dollars over and then he went to jail. Fuck yeah they're, going to they're going to fuck him out to dinner, he's fucked the idea that a judge put people in jail for money and now he's in jail, they're, going to fuck that guy up that guy might not ever he might not make He shouldn't you shouldn't. I agree, I mean that's karma, that's justice. You ruin kids lives. You take him in there. You stuff them in with kids like those guys, and they do something like that to them
and then you have guys like two thousand and two thousand look at that: Fucking Delmar, God create fake. Even if this guy went to jail because he created a fake, humorous myspace page about his her schools, vice principle, twelve cursed at Another student's, mother. Seventeen did nothing at all day: iron man, kids for cash, is a documentary. Oh my lease, and then called kids for cash. Your documentary, where is it on Netflix? I'm sure I don't know do this. Oh my god. He made two two point: two million as a finder's fee as a finder's fee for the construction of a for profit facility which house he so called delinquents. Oh, my god, he since around three thousand children in a similar manner. Oh, my god, I guess go to prison is get as
every morning- well he's doing twenty eight years, which means he could probably get out in less than that, but most likely won't make it God. Now it's locked in there god what a fucking piece of shit. That guy is the idea that a human being could do that to a kid that crazy huh, it's just terrifying. It's just terrifying! It's just terrifying that someone would have that in their their dna to have that in their brain except that I don't have guys like you- see the documentary the jinx on H B, holy the other guy like Robert Durst, who got away with murder, he chopped do the limbs off and its head off. He got bus, he admitted to kill the guy but he says I I kill. I had to do that because I accidentally killed him. And then I don't think anybody was going to believe me. So I thought I better chop off all his limbs in his head and throw him in the river and he got off, to the money yeah because he said it was self defense
that's fine that up with him, but he didn't call the cops he just decided. Nobody is going to believe him, so he had to chop the dude up any got away with it, god dammit so crazy, totally get an on top of that when they first arrested him did you saw it right when they first arrested him he posted bail and skip town, so he was a few. If down what the flu I finally catch of the kitchen and they catch him he's a millionaire. He is mentally murdered the guy and chopped him up, but he said he he did it because he didn't think people were going to believe him because his wife was missing and they think he'd. His neighbor went missing. His wife went missing this fine wet miss his wife went missing that he killed his best friend. His wife went missing. They never found the body so for ten years her family suspect. And they knew he did it because she was always saying he's going to kill him he's going to kill me. Some funk me up, he's going to kill me and then one night she disappeared and he had an alibi. Oh you know she never showed up or she came. I dropped off at the
I don't know where she went. We were having a lot of trouble, so maybe we should just left me. You know people just leave, you know, and so they never found the body. So they just let it go and he's he's an error of like a gazillionaire who owns. Skyscrapers family, don't yeah. We had a lot of power, a lot of money, got away with making his wife disappear. They still haven't found the body they think. There's another case to from the health food store in Vermont, there was a girl who is working in that town. A young girl disappeared, that's another one. They didn't talk about the doctor, they didn't, but it came out right after this is a new one, they're connected to him, wow yeah that might be in the first one killed as one of the greatest. As of the last ones insane when he goes, the bathroom is a way to go like talking yourself like an yeah. He got killed, for course the copy. Of course like talking. He doesn't realize that yeah he's going the bathroom himself confessing 'cause. I must throw that
that's. That's a that's not enough evidence, though, like his lawyers like dude, if you think enough evidence we can go. Try right now, I'm going to shit all over your stories that they're saying he's like that, but the letter that the killer wrote to the police department. It's his right to that was great. Have you seen do you see you never see it. You never see a guy go. I like you know in true romance later my Panama as a people lie. If you could you ask him a question directly lack if their line there's like things they do, they scratch their head or there's like a check when the answer or something girls have a thirteen things. They do guys have nine something like that and that and that's what people out like detectives. That's what they look for, actually keep asking questions and may just have a camera on your face. They would be the camera, that's how they do feel. Align, your twitch, it's and mad. When they said. Is this your writing? Those? Yes, that's! My writing is boom boom. He was, but his face goes what you thought you would like to
No, he started gagging goes God now this is, I was you know, and I was you know you. I don't know what the I will You know what I mean you're doing all these things. He would like this. He went like this and then the gulf in the burping and when he's in the bathrooms- and why did you burp the burping? You think it's so obvious, awesome. So how my God, it's so crazy, the pressure of lying. That long must be overwhelming. He must have been a smart dude, because some the investigators came after me at the same story over and over, but thing that factum is the way spelled Beverly Beverly hills. He spelt it with an extra. So the killer killed a lady and sent the letter said. The kid
verse here with the address and he spelt Beverly with an extra y. Well, they why I killed. He was all about his wife. He made his wife disappear. So for ten years he got away with that, but he had a really is best friend with some chick who was the daughter of a mock big mob boss, so he was really connected with the mob. So that was the only chick who knew she was his publicist during the ten years. When people were accusing him, they ended up dropping the case. They could never find So she knew she ended up. Moving to in LA she was a writer big still kept in touch, but I heard that the the wife who is missing her family would always tell the investigators full interview that chick sharing something go into project. That signals go question and then, when they were finally going to do it, one thousand and fifteen years later they're going to reopen it and go question check he's in New York, she's dead, She gets blown away and it just so happens. He flew to California
like that day so far, but he wasn't even count 'cause I was in northern California and they track him driving down 'cause. He would they try to struggle with you. Can he goes out? California, because, but you can't put me in Layc, had to kiss people all the time you plan, there's like what are you doing in California? California is a big state, yes But the thing is you know it all stems from his dad had like four five brothers and sisters and his mom commit suicide, jumped off the top of the house. But the dad goes your mom's about to do some. Only makes him up. Brings me to the window like look at your mom. The mom commit suicide, jumps off dark right in front of him in front of my mom's about to do something you want us to watch. He wait he's the only kid he wakes up, grab them and go. Check out your mom out there and he's like at least my wanted. His mom he wanted to see was on what he's doing yeah that's what he said, but he all his death. And it was always about feel sorry for me.
You know, I feel sorry. It was all that's which is good he created a monster, it did create amounts. But if his dad killed his mom in front of a well really what it was, what it was, he got rid of his wife so the only reason he murder that check was because- who's going to start talking, one thousand and fifteen years later, so we had to kill it without the neighbor, so he killed the neighbor because then he kills her and then he disappears and red. Is up. Like a chicken rents, a house in Arizona fix. I can fix my commute chick in Texas so that no one talks to an old lady, so three kills her he's in Texas hiding out any this neighbor that eventually he started talking to after a while, and then he he stop telling him who he was an and he had to kill him too, because he now like it was just really
Obviously he looks like Shih Tzu Hill. They knew he was killing how's it going away with this. He looks like a piece of shit yeah. He looks like mister burns. Bro looks like mister burns, just for sure he is shooting and killing anybody who's chopping, which is up to and then check this out. That would be like this. I would take forever so the neighbor that he told his wife disappeared because beautiful great great skin, and so he has to kill his neighbor in Texas, because he knows everything so he chopped chops up his. He drops his arms and legs in his head. He puts them in plastic. As you throw them in the lake the next morning, he comes to see if they floated up and they floated up. So it's like fuck all these body parts right there. So he says fuck. He grabs the head 'cause, he shot him in the head and disappeared with that. They never found the head. They found the body Obviously they check the fingerprints, they went to the guys they went to the guys house. They
start interviewing the landlord and the neighbor who lives. Here we go some mute old lady. Then they started. Then they figured out oh shit. This is the dude that fucking did it. He gets busted, he gets arrested. Post bail disappears, they catch him shoplifting a sand, like a week later. So then he goes to trial. He was a trial, but he Just wanted for the murder for that, lady in California, and still his wife, but Texas said he's going to try, and here we got him open and shut he's done. He was done dude. There was no way he was going to get on, say anymore. I want to watch this fuckery so we've just told her literally everything it's not, but they literally every detail, but it isn't about that. It's not about that. They tell you all that we've done this whole story on the podcast several times, though we have jinx, who was it that talked about it. Tom's girl story it is in with enthusiasm as any property. You know without man here daddy, but you want it feel like you've seen it multiple times. I will be honest. I saw it once 'cause, there's six parts
How far is six hours six hours straight six hours here, just go to another undo, HBO Fuckin' rules that HBO go HBO go get the funk. You just got pranked, you know when I'm not a big fan of old music at all francs. Doctor was like. I don't give a fuck about franks and I watched it. I did you watch that documentary from a big Frank Sinatra Fan Housework Buckingham here because of his story. I can tell he was you got huge, really quick like in the forties and was massive left, why he's related man married AVA Gardner, like the like the Angela Giunta Angelina Jolie at the top Susie Meritor his career when she hit the labels drop them the movies, had no one wanted to do movies with them. Do I come here?
first. No because it was just a new time Elvis came in it was a new time was a drunk to his up. He was, he was, he was on everything he was just a while cells arbitrage. He was little in the in the early fifties. He was washed up. Duty was done, EVA Gardners, trying to get She's a dime, she's, good, she's, doing movies in Europe trying to get away from him and he's on plane, Stockinger and going after and she loved but she was done with them, and so it at that he was rock bottom anyway, had this script from here to eternity. I don't know how I got the script, but that was apart. In from here to eternity that he thought he could play a nail and he the studio. Please one more chance. I could do this and they didn't want to do it. AVA Gardner puts the call and says just give him a shot here and he did for three grand, so he did it and while was making the movie. Everybody knew that the movie was going to be bigger than Frank Sinatra's, going to make a big comeback. So with that HEAT Capitol records, random and gave him another chance, so the movie
and his new album. So now he's a hundred times. Bigger he's ever been? He's a monster start his record Let me start his own movie company man, he'll, sell anymore. I watch this is Laurie is just right. Everything is guess, he's the general alert at Bravo ranks issues. Did you say, do you see going clear, Scientology? Jesus? Yes? Yes, the fine! You don't clear Scientology to read some of the book that should be and say it's amazing, as I thought about that, I don't want to guess followed and she had no I'm. No, I I converted stand. I convert to Christianity is way crazier than site which all a bearded guy. High up in the clouds or an alien that takes you out of all yeah. What it's what's worse it's worse is the guy who is obviously mentally ill, created this religion. Well, obviously, I think he was brilliant.
Vegas- You know he wrote more books than anybody ever yeah. He publish more boo than anybody knows how close they are so bad. You could write him in a day. Yes, that's. Why have you ever read battlefield earth? all right field or don't say that about Lrh battlefield area. If you look at the, if you watch the movie, it's it's a fucking, amazingly bad movie. The movie with John Travolta and Forest Whitaker Forest Whitaker. Is giant Alien, John Travolta, it's so it's it's the worst movie ever right. It's not that I've heard it seems like a sketch and Saturday night live like a parody of a really bad science fiction film. This is it it's so bad John Travolta defends it. How dare and this is all based on an l RON, Hubbard book about you- know invaders. Do there saying Travolta once they get out, but they have too much dirt on him? who says that this documentary
I can't get out now son, it's too late. You have two deep Miami, two man. They scared you to convince, could confess all your shit and they record it. That's what they do. That's how they get you on cruises. Balls deep allegedly yeah. It's also a gang yeah, we don't gang they'll get hurt. If I had to pick a religion to be told me, one hundred percent devoted to would be real. It would be Scientology far off it would be they will they have a lot of the things you know what they do in this is killing people. No, no, but you know what they say: Stayed the IRS make them they, the IRS. All a scientologist got together, 'cause IRS a barium for billions and billions of dollars because of the back taxes. They weren't paying taxes as they. 'cause, they were saying they were religion, funk you guys where religion, just like all your other religions, so the IRA, You were not a fucking religion. This is not over you own. Five billion dollars in taxes, They decided to do. Is they filed each one of 'em. All the Scientology all file lawsuits again
IRS and when after different people individually, they all did so. They flooded them Oh, how do we make the should go away? Just make a religion. May a fuckity religion I've done some gnarly shit. That's not really. Dirty is fucking insane, but the guy that took over after he died. I forget his name is garbage or something it looks like Tom Cruise, that Galaxy did you see all the that they wrote about? All the well that were in going clear, like all the characters Nations are really seeing see a Scientology response, Well, there's two not sure, there's two sides to every story. I just want to make it really clear if I had to pick a religion Olympics ontology, that's all I'm going to say you're crazy or for combat, as great documentary, though, seems like it's a good one to be in showbiz Yes, right, you get to hang out with Tom Cruise and John Travolta dude Seventy show the guy with the Jenna Elfman yeah, there's a lot of
this is in it. They party harming Greg. They party hard. I don't even drink they don't they don't drink. Oh, I didn't know that it is that true I heard they have savage parties with sex parties. You know what I don't know that Mormons I yeah I might have made that up. I might be confused, get my culture mixed up. I know stuff they're, all cults, I'm eating rubbish, but you do it. We just did a four hour podcast from polls close to it right, I'm trying to everyone guys showed awesome. Stamina, damn we got cardio throughout this up. Merkel. Cop is a bad mother. Fucker hell, yeah, Mirko Crowe cop respect. That's one of the greatest. Another time right there. That was impressed. That's intense Eddie. I was one of the government's come on. Come rematch he's getting his ass kicked. Give up on him. It was over. It was mounted why
now. What did him twice he in in hindsight he should went for that arm, will more diligently and made You have finished it from amount should be given amount. You don't camp out amount, and you finish the fight that quick. If issues yeah 'cause, that's what they're doing a lot it happens, a lot more than you think a guy will mount a guy and then the next round he gets knocked. What's next for coke up where we end up, I don't know man, but I think I think that's a good wife just goes on a revenge tour. He said I wanna kill Brendan, but if you did that ooze going to go back to the gym, I mean here in two weeks: yeah he started taking time off. I don't know. Sometimes it took some hits in the face if, if, if he decides to go out on that high note, I'm going to item right. I hope he does right by now. I see Keep fighting till. He loses that's a great flag. Hell yeah, that's
that would be the end of a movie. That's a great I'm great, ending yeah, so you get Clint, Eastwood, movie, yeah and then boom the credits roll right there It's not going to happen that way, but yeah I like it. The crazy thing is we had totally given up on him. You know when he was getting mounted and he's getting beat up with God Dam August, is Jujitsu too good. You know them. We were saying it's gonna rain amount. The name of the movie was good cop, Crowe COP, I'm not mad at that. Alright, I'm just throwing that out there. Another documentary no come on, give it up. Please fuqing pro bars. We don't even sell these things. You are so far, I told people not to eat on grammar, wasn't the policeman. He was a policeman.
That's why let on growth cupcake reaching cop who's? Well, he's a Antis, an anti terrorist anti terrorism team. You know in Croatia and he's on government now, in the still pretty sure, the folks, the train. I just kick nonstop this, like iron Sheik, baby in a suit, and timesheet documentaries, amazing, don't know That's on Netflix, alright, so I n c dot the jinx on HBO, going clear HBO was other lady Valor, Frankie Sinatra, Frank Sinatra: Parliament is a documentary what's that about but maybe seal turns lady vowel. You don't want any guys making documentaries out there. I fucking love, documentaries, Joe everybody loves documentaries. You got the title, as to tell you what the documentaries about don't get all artsy 'cause. I don't have time to go, I'm just flipping
documentaries man and I'm like that could be great. I don't know what it's about, but I don't have time that looks great. I don't have time to go to the info. It's going to tell you. Right there. What it's about I mean Val, is pretty cut and dry. I went past that a couple of times without Sun flashed up lady face you watch it the weed documentaries. You know it's a weed aquaculture, Roger, how you know it's a high business or what does that other one? Something business? I don't know we'd business, yeah, in those on yeah, for some reason, the we document. As you know, it's a week yeah. This is like a big well. The union union was a little weird at a big leaf, though yeah you can. I so believe this got to be something you know crazy with. Is there a more recognizable symbol that a company didn't create than the leaf yeah? the company didn't create an create? The pot leaf is not like Coca COLA. Anybody could use the pot leaf, but
a more recognizable symbol that that that that the government company didn't create about that upside down pot leaf that Todd Mccormick uses. You notice that he does the leaf one, the regular ones. Not he does it upside down like that, it's pretty damn cool looks cool upside down. Cross, it's cool, it's still a pot leaf. You can't you can't mistake it. I can't think I don't think we can think of another like iconic shape, you're going to smoke weed by printing. I don't smoke, I'm just worried about my lungs man. Would. If you found out, it's good for your lungs JANET. What? If you did what you did, what it would have? There was some evidence that you could read that should actually Colangelo and he just up went into a dark hole of any brobible talking about pot. I'm just curious, you don't even understand what you're about to experience will know, but I'll kill right here. If the UFC sanctions it yeah yeah. Oh that's right! That's right! and I think the NFL is going to change it before the FC really for control yep.
I don't get upset trying weed smoking, no damn 'cause. They see the benefits from these concussed dudes artless rapids, Bishop Bravo on Twitter, Brendan Schaub on Twitter, Joe Rogan twitter Eddie. Anything to tell people where to go. What has a tenth planet? J, J, dot com hollow fighter in the kid podcast the Eddie? Bravo, radio, podcast goods choose. Thank you for everybody that tuned in hope. You guys enjoyed it. We always love doing. These are a lot of fun. So that's it see. Fockers later bye, bye.
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