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Fight Companion - August 27, 2016

2016-08-28 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Eddie Bravo to watch the fights on August 27, 2016.
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Who we hey? Everybody is fine, companion, if you never had one of these podcasts before it's supposed to be us watching. The fights were definitely watch the fights, because Jim Miller is right about the fight Joe Lauzon, on Holla, oh shit, but I don't were also intoxicated and we will be talking shit about clearly unrelated subjects. So don't tell the expert who your mad, whose Ford Bricktown Bro words, you says doesn't always happen folks discuss, I'm bitch this. We don't have a producer. This is close. I mean we have Jamie, but we don't have like an executive. That's telling us how the show go, so we just talk, but the fight is going to be awesome for sure. It's a rematch. Remember that fight the first fight any fights crazy blood my really close fight. It was a war. What happened, I believe,
leave Miller, wanted decision, Jamie, see if, if you correct them. You don't even remember if you don't remember how my supposed to remember super super close fight. I'm pretty sure that Miller wanted decision but I remember it being really tightly matched like if you look at the guys, like skill wise, you think about them, like both guys are like at this point in their career, like super consummate pros. Both there's real similar in that regard almost mirror images and the fact that these both guys are so competent and they have some amazing victories like Miller twenty. I tapped out only vera on just knocked Diego Sanchez me come on. It was like probably one of his best victories ever how, when nineteen, I think it was when he knocked out Gens Pulver Member, that shit dude Lowe's on this is this leg lock? Oh, oh good, defense, good defense
hold guys are super legit on the ground. Fuck yeah Miller won the first one in the decision. Yeah see my members. Aren't that bad but I remember it being a fucking war right- was this split decision, Jamie Unanimous, unanimous decision? These are the kind of fighters that fight to their full potential. They have so that confidence they've done it so much so much experience that you could trust them. No matter what crowd you put him in front of no matter who you put in front of them, they're going to do going to perform like they do at the gym at their best yeah. That's a great way to describe it season. This fuck they're, like that, seems like chipotle, fried chicken in three minutes and fifty seconds, four thousand eight hundred and forty seven four thousand six hundred and forty five. If you want to sync up in the first round, this whole card is fucking bad,
not man. I was real excited about this card. They're, both really good strikers they're, both really good wrestlers, are both really good. You get to I mean Jim Miller is a wrestler. The jet black belt yeah has really got office back. He tapped. Memory have for research coins. I got an armbar from guard. I don't remember how is our holy? It was legit as fuck dude his JU, Jitsu is no joke and those on as well yeah. Those are yeah and then made your two is a mass top shelf cast who's. Gonna transitions. He finishes the a finisher. He put you in a triangle: it's probably ninety, eight percent rap city. You know you know what I like about Lowe's on two. It's like he goes from zero to a hundred miles an hour like instantly. He hits hard as fuck he's gay.
He is a true savage. You put him into something in the Colosseum against lions, and shit be right there to hit. You know time, and you know what's interesting. Super nice super smart guy. When you talk to him, he's like a tech wizard you, embed about video games and used to work on computers and when dives on shit man, I mean he like completely fully come on things. This is some serious sure yeah this matchup Peppino. Where is versus Tommy Hearns or some shit you yeah, it's classic. Should we really going on we're watching some classic mma guys? Look at you look at like top level professionals. These guys are in you know for sure that the top of their class- you know I I I would put either one of these guys up against a lot of the hundred fifty five pounders in the you know the top eight top nine you know do they could throw down with anybody.
They could go right there with Conor Mcgregor. He could throw down that Q managing Joe Lauzon Conor Mcgregor. That would be a nice kind, so God damn fast, I had so god damn hard hold. This shit is notch is hard man, it's the accuracy, is a big part of it. I mean it's definitely hard. He hits hard as fuck but it's the speed in the accuracy combined like his. If you know like people, give him a hard time about doing that, Eagle, port, DOW movement shit- I don't know man his his movement is outstanding.
Like his ability to move his body, I think people joke about that. They know it's the chin, but it's just the way made Diaz called the touch, but you know what I mean. I think people know it's legit. It is. Movement is great. You know what it's like to know how much of affect it really is hard. It's basically like Cotta, even more crazy. Oh look at this fight to this. These guys are going after it good body shots. Yeah man, I just I was so impressed with the way first of time on that left, leg kick touch but touch Have you seen that? Have you seen those that parity of Nate Dee is and Conor Mcgregor there's there's due to ease like he uses the Nate Diaz type on Snapchat, hold on my instagram there's a video of it dude it's fucking hysterical. It's a parody.
Conor, Mcgregor and Nate Diaz? I getting intimate getting it's slightly gay. Have you seen that? No, I have not told to it so limits. It's so fucking, good, that's hilarious! The guy does Nate. Diaz is perfect that could be a cartoon too just Nate Diaz and Conor Mcgregor. Like the odd, People just hanging out that will be an easy hit, easy sensation. To the pace in which those guys fought that five round fight- I don't think never screamed- is much during that fight. I was actually screaming on all through the fight. It was so intense. That was a fight where I felt like man. I would have rather done a fight companion, for this then call it.
'cause. I wanted to swear a bunch of time thing. I've ever got as excited for any fight ever seriously may be the only other one was Nogara Bob Sapp, that's the only other one God, damn crazy. That was such an amazing fight, holy Shit, Connor, Mc Fucking, Gregor Man, Honan Lady, did the boat awesome they're. Both awesome. That was a great fight, mean honest. I haven't gone back and watched it again and try to score it and I stopped along time ago trying to score fights. While I'm watching him. I don't know what the fuck is happening in the fact that he went five rounds and Nate Diaz yeah. He kept up with them. I thought for sure. If they went past, three Nate was just going to completely dominate ' and he's fucking hung in there. Man survived that fourth round kind of see monkey kind of in a second wind somewhere around the fourth round, and he started punching like loose
and more relaxed. I sort of fell into a different pace. You know that fight prove that Connor has prove that he has legit heart yeah. He was in trouble there. A couple rounds, Nate was mass in a month and a how to get the k did look like he was slowing down and he regroup to God, and second wind or whatever you want to call. He came back and fuck. It was an important fight to watch. You know, because that was the guy that just decided that he was not going to be defined by this one fight and then what it was not going to be defined by his past result and that he's better than that and he's going to come he's going to show everybody do it if he could keep that pace up that he fought in that first round
so it's like he's so explosive Dominick Cruz was talking about, and I was a really got me thinking man. He said I don't know if you could fight in a style like Connor does for five rounds, and I thought about. I was like wow man, Dominick Cruz. First of all would know right if anybody is going to Dominic is kind of super high fight iq, so I consider add a respect, and then I thought about it. I was like well there's only one way to move that fast when Connor closes the gap and blasts Nate with those left hands the fucking, the speed and explosiveness of it. That's a very tense movement like that takes a lot of energy to do. I think it takes way more energy than what Nate does 'cause. What Nate Nick do the overwhelming you with volume and their overwhelming ability to maintain a certain level like a certain level of activity like especially it keeps the master at it like maintaining a level of activity that you can keep up with and then turn it on
and once they smell blood yeah, like the Frank, Shamrock fight great example, that the pool daily fight is great example that there was a war. Imagine fighting a guy that that's your that's there, oh next to wear you down and as soon as they smell blood. That's why they turn it on. You don't want a guy like that. You want a guy that and he's talking shit. The whole time is punching you. The whole time is punched. You use talking shit, you never get to relax! He's like what bitch what bitch and is hitting you, I think there was a referee, I'm trying to remember who was fighting, but there was a referee once where two guys were fighting. I want to say it's Nick Diaz, but you might not have been with referee was telling him to stop talking, and I was don't tell me to stop talking. Why would you tell him to stop talking as if it somehow or another, it's worse, to beat someones
Asan talk shit than it is to just beat their ass. That's so bizarre! An you know. Why can't you talk shit and Nate Diaz is he's beyond a rockstar. I mean he's as famous as a rock star. I mean right now, dude Instagram he's already over one million followers I mean he is he's, got it that attitude that now Don't will never be another new ideas. You know I mean you there. Can you imagine a guy trying to emulate his personality. You know they'll, never be anybody like night and the one thing that impressed me. One thing that impressed me a lot about Nate Diaz is his ability to track talk in the media. Back I mean that touch that stuff I mean shit. Some people thought he was going to get travel yeah and he got real real, quick yeah, no he's good at that. He first he doesn't get rattled, and that was a big problem in the first fight. I think two would Connor that he had it over.
This is the first guy that not only did he not get rattled, he got back at 'em and he may don't flinch at the weigh inns. I think that was big. You know, bunch of people talked about that red band was one of the first people. That pointed out to main sent me a thing goes dude Lucky flinched, and I went oh shit. He flinched that seems so stupid. It seems so fourth grade, but there might be something to do it without the greatest UFC fight ever goddamnit dad so hard to tell there's so many good ones these days, but it was one of your class rates plus the fact that their Connors consid it already is considered. One of the greatest some people might say, he's the greatest of all time. Some people might say that just based on what they've it is, it is amazing, but then there's car Condit Robbie Lawler and the Nate Diaz as well. No idea the guy that people consider this the new, unstoppable force nadija stop them. He choked them out now. Second fight,
it could win either way and I had made Diaz winning, but when looking back in again like shit. That second round that's a hard one to score. I see how it could have gone either way. I really do it's almost a shame in a fight. That's that close like. I would like to see what the results are. I think the majority of people thought, the Connor One- and this is what I think you have to consider those knockdowns. And that that Connor was staggering him with those straight lefts and and cracking with those leg kicks you look alike, decisive moments in the fight. I feel like those decisive moments of super crisp punching where he knocks him Now we just repeatedly landing that leg. Kick that's kind of worth a lot like he was lighting him up. Berlin if it meant, but if it meant that much you could look at it another way Is it that much maybe didn't mean that much because of the dead? How? How was he on his back when the fight ended and Nate Dee is on top ground and pound and like yeah? If all that meant so much, maybe didn't mean that my
after all? Well, I don't know man, you know that's just another way of looking at it pride didn't I mean it's. Everybody knows that they judge fights based on how the fight at the end, so how would have the japanese look at? well that moment where Nate's on top is huge when it finally takes him down, that's huge. I thought that sickness, that's what I thought I thought. Okay, he got this round boom, that's pretty huge, because also it's at the end of the fight, which I agree with you. I think it should matter more like, like the Japanese, had it for the last round was like the most important right. They judge the fight as a whole, but how does it look at the end right, who's getting their ass beat at the end, which is a real point right, because the whole idea about what a fight supposed to be it supposed to be like hi, LE problem solving right, yeah and there's some guys that,
Is that, like real scary problems, and you got to figure those problems out and whoever is winning towards the end? Is the guy that really figured the problem out the best 'cause the guy was on the ground? It's not you shouldn't really be. A fight just I've already ahead, I'm already let this guy get on top of me on top of nobody's thinking that it's right. So if the guy does take you down late in the fight, because he started to overwhelm you yeah, that should be worth a lot. It should be worth a lot. I don't know how much, though, and how much should a knockdown like the ones at carl- and this is a slobber knocker. Oh my god, It has shit, oh so she Miller throwing some bombs holy shit.
This is outstanding. Oh straight right by Lowe's on Lowe's on: oh, my god, those on got that good job he's got real good boxing man very good fundamentals and heart. Both of these guys got some whore I'm a it's interesting man deciding how fight should be scored, because I I don't. I don't think they've got it down yet it still needs work as a system, because I think we had a bad head start in MMA starting off with the ten point must system I just don't think it's adequate for all the aspects of MMA boxing is only judge. Sing, one dimension there. Only judging one style of striking is just with the hands. That's. It is clear ruleset you could teach somebody yet. I don't think a lot of p will totally understand who's, even winning fight. Sometimes you know, I don't think people understand who's
who is in a bad position and who's totally safe. I just think there has to be a level of competency in martial arts themselves to truly grasp it at the highest level, and so I think, like former fight would be like Ricardo Almeida. I know it's doing it in new New Jersey, which is awesome and he's a brilliant guy, and it was a great fighter. Two and a black belt in Jiu Jitsu completely understand the ground. Like that's the kind of guy you want being a judge. Like that's perfect, you want a guy who really understands the sport and its. We have to make some sort of consensus
as to what's most important, like if you're going to going to judge the fight. The way we're doing it right now round by round and a guy could just be overwhelming the guide towards the end of the fight. It looks like he's winning and he loses a decision which, I think we all agree is like it doesn't make any sense right here. Here's a good example, the first half of this round Jim Miller's, all over Joe Lowe's on landing the bigger shots, but now the rounds ending with Joe Joe Lauzon, getting the takedown an asset over his half guard right now, maybe not doing the same kind of damage that Jamila was doing on him on their feet. So the round ends here. Yeah you can you know some people would give it to Jim some people give it to Joe yeah.
Well. This is an awesome round because unless it's clearly defined and less it's in, like a rule, if in that situation like they have those situations written out all the situations, how do you score in this situation? You know, but then you know you basically take the judging out of it and then it's more like a you know. I mean judging system is: is it supposed to be exact science? Or do you want? I mean it's weird man, because you and I might disagree, oh look at that elbow mean we would it's very possible that we, disagree about certain aspects of scoring, or maybe it's good, that you can trust the judges. Then that forces the fighters to not leave it in the hands of the judges like every It says I can. I don't know it just doesn't make any sense, there's so the MMA fans out there- that would make amazing judges to how many people do you think that post on the underground would be incredible?
images, so many man there's so many experts. I think of these guys that are doing these Youtube clips. Now. You know where their breaking down fights and talking about technique. Have you ever seen a lot of those like Lawrence Kenshin's every scene has done now, I'm just a lot of stuff on Muay, Thai and kickboxing. Man. He knows his shit. Beautiful videos he's got him all over you. Any Bray it's down all these different aspects of striking and shows what would what great fighters look at this beautiful fucking fight man, Joe Lowe's, on staying on top where he shows like where they aired and where capitalize on certain things and certain traits you guys had like he had this breakdown about custom model and and MIKE Tyson and his footwork a bunch of stuff on my tie, H, IBM Jack Slack that, because
model. One is a classic mattered in mountain, almost going for the armor share, Cholo Oy fuck, what a great ending wow did. He went right for that arm. Oh my god. He often so that's the end of the round at the end of the fight. I know but like that, was that was a nice harmar. I thought you were saying that night, what a fight, unless I didn't hear the bell. No, I think you're right pretty sure 'cause they're not showing the they would be showing the finish. If that was that that was in around God. Damn moves powerful, Joe Lowe's on with the takedown yeah take towns are huge man, guys don't want to be taken down. It's like how much
of a big deal. Is it it's got to be worth a lot man because someone's doing something to you that you don't want them to do and it's hard to do it. It's gonna be worth a lot I know a lot of people say yeah, but you know. Sometimes, if God takes you down and get right back up, it's no big deal but had still kind of a big deal. It's still kind of a big deal like I took it down, you do Moana, take you down and you took it down so and how long told that's got to be worth something so the question I agree with that, but what's worth more control or damage, that's the big question like how do you define? I don't think you can? I mean I don't everybody's is going to agree strikers going to think that I'm getting him getting hit is worse than being controlled. You got
if it comes down between Arya due to come down and held them, but didn't do any damage, but earlier in the round he got hit with like three good shots: the kind of snow Newman rock them. You go with the guy, the land of the punches right. You gotta have damage right. Yeah, yeah damage is huge. Have you get rocked? That means you almost lost the fight right there, yeah, if you get taken down and and up in some dude's, full guard or even side control done in the fight was almost over. I mean view if you will get all the fights that had side control in them or full guard in them and factor in how many times the fight ended from that position. It's it's super low point: zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, two percent yeah! You know this is it. I think there should be a possibility of having longer rounds. I thank you be interesting. I've always wondered like when you watch a five minute round
and the guy takes a guy down at like three minutes and fifty seconds and then for the next. You know man, it is just completely dominating on the ground and- and you want to see where this plays out and then the Bell rings, a does one of the interest things about pride. We would see this arc and those ten minute rounds, and I know as far as like athletes performance, it's not the best thing 'cause, it's too hard to do like chill, son and things five minutes is too hard and he, be right. You know and now that everyone is all you cited there, they're forced to do this all completely on the natural and it's it's got to be hard to fight for five minutes, but at least five rounds. You gotta have a five minutes. I'm sorry five minutes in east. Anything short of in five minutes is with.
It seems ridiculous word for sure. I think organizations like the UFC or Bellator should have the option to do fights where we're going to specialize every one hundred and ten minute round or something like that or one five minute round and then a ten minute round or ten minute and then a five minute like pride to do why? The not there's, no reason why you why you should you should be allowed to do that. Jim Miller wins split decision slumber knocker from this perfect example right yeah, he ended the fight ended with him on his back mounted escape that armbar right at the buzzer, and he wins so, but based on the point system, he must have won the first and second round. I just yeah. I do not think the point system is diverse enough. I don't think you can have a ten percent like eight of the the margin is always going to be in these ten percent bumps in San, like ten nine,
ten thousand eight hundred and ten seven. That seems crazy to me like why why these big jumps, why these big chunks, like ten point, why why is one hundred and ten nine round where guy totally kicks guys ass and it's a ten nine round and another one ten nine round where they're just barely squeaking by each other? You can't figure out who won! You have no idea who won? Who? How do you score that round and you look at the numbers like equal number of punches and kicks landed equal number? takedowns attempted in and defended what the fuck do you do with that? Do you just pick a guy yeah That's what a lot of guys do right that should I don't do that. I didn't know you didn't know: first was too close to call I'm like I'm not going to call that one right now, 'cause it. The second was too close to call I'm going to give them around each and they were decided in the third that people used to do it for the UFC 'cause. It was so long ago, lol not officially. It was like just the way I scored in my
you do. You were not a judge for the UFC, but what you would do is like Harold Lederman on HBO, which I always loved. I love that aspect what Harold Lederman would come on. Tell you how I see it Jim and he would go over the score. Edie. Remember that guy yeah, of course, yeah I mean he's the best I spot was based like rip that off yes, I know, but it was, but I I like that I think MMA could benefit for something like that yeah got to get a real fighter in that yeah and I never found the of center find a nice and you, I was the wrong guy, you will. At the wrong guy, because you know a lot about fighting and you had a really good system, like your system is probably like one of the best systems plus if you're. If you also analyze the other aspects of the fight like, if you look at your system like you, you would have like take down someone column and then you have like submissions and kicks and punches, and you just mark make marks for each guy whenever and then you look at it all think about it in your head
and then decide like what was important, but I think that is like the the the big catalyst is like. You know, the subjective calls you have but towards the end of the round. Even though he only landed four five punches, he had his opponent really badly hurt. So I'm going to give him the round United, yeah. The only reason I did that is because I had to go on are- and I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about it when you're watching a fight you forget, so I would any anything significant. I would write down and I have the old shorthand for like left hook yeah. So if I went on air, I could look down at the and go well early in the round he had to take down, but he did get down and landed a couple leg kicks and I'm going to get around to boom. You know that I sounded like. I actually remember what I was watching, but I was cheating, but it would make a score easier. When I could go back in the round and go oh shit. Ok, we get it to this dude poem, it's easier to.
Back in review around instead of going on pure memory Sometimes you forget to five minute round. Something happens in the first forty five seconds and then a bunch of other shit happens in the middle. Now, there's fifteen seconds left some shits going down. You might have forgotten that shit in the beginning, yeah. You know why. I think too, when you really involved in a fight you're in the moment in a lot of ways you know you're watching it. You like, what's going to happen, what's going to have you locked in the moment- and I don't know about you, but when I'm in that spot I don't have like the best memory. No, the more I'm enjoying a fight like I'll. Remember it after the fight but like wallets, going on. I'm I'm thinking about what's happening only in like oh yeah, that did happen. Oh that's right! He took him down off the choke. I forgot. How did I forget the choke? I'm thinking damn. I don't remember any other shit when you get so locked up in them over a course of five rounds like I know so that Robbie Lawler versus Carlos Condit, one of my favorite fights ever, but I couldn't tell you what happened. Goddamnit can't Condit,
my heart is a nice right now holy shit that so excited so excited. I love this fight. You know there is hope that these conversations that we have on podcast about the scoring system, it should their service should be that it is nice to know. I thought they were to tell you the truth. There was a couple of times he got into it when I'm like why the fuck are we talking about this shit? This shit is never going to change. Is it's like forget? It unanimous drop it, but there is hope 'cause there have been chain yeah they made the new changes to the touching the ground. Right. Yes, explain you Brian, I think you told me so can you refresh my yeah this is. I don't want to screw this up and I'm not exactly sure it goes when it goes into play. I probably should first year damn look at Jamie powerful charge. You way more po, our way into where you end up UFC big time when you first started working. Just not really. Someone looked at me like the scepter in the fights last weekend, so
So you were just a Joe Rogan fan, but you're like when we talk about MA would be like a right. You turn it off and shit. It still doesn't stick very much for some reason. I don't know why but but you do enjoy? The shows now write it down on a percent? Are you would you you consider? Is a fan like he gone anime websites and shit. That's awesome what I love watching like the embedded stuff like getting pumped up for failure, fan then checking Jamie, is a fan of a lot of sports, though, and a man only has so much fucking free time. In the day when he talked to Jamie, he knows his shit when he knows college basketball, he's one of those mother fuckers he's from college football, mother fuckers who supposedly players you watched him you just alright, I'm just trying to I'm just always check with the sometimes this girls fighting accent had Paige Vanzant and Bec Rawlings. This is a good fight. Man. This is going to be a crazy fight. Holy shit back Rawlings is badass, and so is page that page go
It goes straight from dancing with the stars and is like get me invite get right, but she's twenty three years old, dude game as fuck ball to those girls. This is going to be an awesome fight man. This is a good one for Fox yeah. I mean it's always good to have it. Didn't it crazy that MMA is the sport girls, women found a fucking hole out of now they could just block even explode through the galaxy. Now they can't do that with women's basketball, no ones watching that shit, women's baseball. There's no women's baseball League of Women Softball and they show the college, but there's no future. There's no money in any of that shit. They'll show women fucking volleyball, but there's no pro women's volleyball leagues. That's a good idea, you know you watching the Olympics. Are you watching the Olympics sound like there
they barely shit when they show Mens Volleyball it like for three minutes. It's like! Ok, what's the least amount of time we can get away with showing the men's volleyball, so they could focus on the women, the women, in volleyball players? Are superstars but command there like okay, two minutes: okay, no ones! Intention to the men's volleyball. Nobody watched his get the lowest ratings ever for some reason, people are interested in women's volleyball or the beach. How did beach volleyball become uh? An olympic sport, Jiu Jitsu
girls seem what they're wearing fantastic holy Shoul areas that we think we know they have to be almost naked. Oh, it's volleyball. Oh it's volleyball! He went away to play it. Volleyball is such a sophisticated sport? Oh my god, I love is a lot to it. Man Perceval! You can't play it in shorts. You can't be done, you can't be done you, you must wear a thong. I gotta see your full at it's. The best trust me you'll get better Verticalis, no shorts or anything baggies, not good. They'll. Put some ramps on you. Bitch! Take your clothes off, it's not hot enough. Could someone make a fire, I think volleyball and then in the gymnastic customer service men porn ever mention about trying to find mens gymnastics. It's on for three minutes. They go to Bob Kostis. It gives you
quick review, and then they go to the girls for seven dollars. They do the girls all day the guys they want to see him do the rings or they want to see him break a leg. Yeah real, quick just in and out look for them in digital dead time because they got it. They can't make it that obvious, because they can't just have all working women's gymnastics and volleyball and soccer, and all that shit you can't do that is women got for guys in there is women's volleyball like the most sexist sport. Ever we will make him wear come on, I'm I'm not say and there's anything wrong with it if they want to dress like that, but the fact that they make him all dressed. That is, that a real picture- fucking crazy, like this- isn't like it's not like to stay alive or something you need to wear like his little clothing as possible, like that, doesn't make any sense while they're in their underwear. Look at this look at the why the fuck, what what year, what Olympics are there going to be allowed to wear thongs? Where is it written somewhere that they can actually wear a thong? Is that right? So why did they have to dress? Look at that? That's ridic
and Marriott on the beach stupid, beach, volleyballs and olympic Sport Watts the beach yeah dude. I go to me too, I don't wear underwear like that. I know that same fucking beach, I wear shorts, incredible team, Egypt oh my God, Egypt's that just like mummies do three people watch men's volleyball, come on think about that who's watching men's volleyball. Why does Egypt have to wear so much? Closer? religious thing: yeah wow, I'd like to see that game or their highlights of that one. I want to see. You think that there would be a benefit in wearing that as far as like not getting your skin scratched up by the sand, because that makes sense, but that would make you hotter ass, brutal man, religions that make you wear certain clothes you're only allowed to wear certain clothes. How
Ok will kill you, but if you cut your dick off, you can grab 'cause. Apparently it's okay. It doesn't say that you can be a transvestite or transgender, but you can't be gay. So if you're gay lot of gay people in the Middle EAST, they got to become transgenders or they'll die. I read some and about that's advice, news, and so that was a bullshit is vice real. I saw vice news. Well, you know the whole episode vice covers a lot of different subjects from a lot of different authors, but they, if saying their own by far so well, it's Shane Smith is a friend of mine. The guy owns it. If it but Fox on about it. That show is a matter of how much it's happening it might be, it might be insignificant. The Olympics Mongolian wrestling coaches strip in protest of LOS what they start. They started throwing their clothes at the judges. Cool was the decision that bad about the guys that got robbed
and and and Braille Writer did that happen a lot. No, it didn't happen. Like I made that story, I was bull yeah, nobody out right now. We don't get robbed them soon only been here about this. Well, that's alive, which ones they love you. Well, they have video cameras. That's why he had to tell the real story that security cameras from the place you might go to jail for Only not so nobody got robbed. No, not not only do you get robbed, but he changed his story and his sponsors dump them. He had a like a a massive sponsored, don't he was drunk. I guess he up. I mean a guided, apparently pull a gun on them. Right didn't guy, apparently they vandalized gas station right. The security guard is making them pay for it and need it in with
They wanted to do or not, but and give the security guard to make him pay did, but the sun was pulled out, okay on them, yeah, but see man, okay, even that alone, like that story alone, if they just told the truth, that's pretty sick. Watching you know what was the truth then pulled on you in Brazil, so the gun did get pull yeah. Apparently they vandalize adore who's. There Ryan Lochte T God it's clearly got rob. He was doing some that vandalizing. No, he I just think they were drunk apparently and it's a apparently look, I'm a lawyer or some bomb and they they they broke a bathroom door or something is that the storage room, we'll give you the whole story. Folks, I know how frustrating is, if you listen on the ship,
how 'bout browser going after it about backpacking page up she's, a very good strikers been backing it up. She's, a very good strike around maybe pages strategy is to make her come to her. Maybe page, that's a nice need liver back. Rawlings is no joke. Man, her striking is very legit super aggressive with it too, and you see a girl with how many tattoos like that check is not scared. She's, not scared, she's, not scared of pain, she's, not scared to fuck. You Jesus? What a combination of good old battle rawlings is going off like nice need to the bottom, really good, striking dude damage to both. Yes, very nice, very nice. You know she takes like two months.
He goes down to alliance and she trains with Eric Del Fierro. Who is one of the most unheralded guys at all the top guys he doesn't get talked about enough he's a bad mother. Fucker Eric is very, very wise when it comes to mma knowledge. Very. Why this man, I like his corner, work. I've seen videos of him coaching guys. Oh shit, she put some dancing with the stars. She went capoeira. She truly tornado. Kick my friend. And she does not want to be on the inside with Rawlings Rawlings was Hitler with too many different things. She was hitting her with punches up top and then needs to the body and the nice, the body two or three of 'em look real good and also like Her distance is real good, like see how she's like sliding outside of pages stuff, but to but constant, pressuring her so she's making page explode forward and then it's nowhere.
You're her and then she's constantly keeping up that pace odyssey I paid take that chance throws that kick, but then comes up empty and she gets popped yeah. That's not a good feeling. That is not a good feeling you can see like when one person is just starting to catch fire starting to find it and feel it. And then you see, like their skill levels, play out to Click Van Sant, like super scrappy on the ground, really tough but rawlings, is this a season striker really crisp. I look at those mode, the movement right there I take she sets up and then she doesn't like it she's up. Not there see you you if you hit our year catch her on the end of shit. She slide away from it very interesting, 'cause you're, seeing like the level of skill and women's mma like continue to go up and up these girls are having dog fights man,
some of the best sites we've seen and more and more of a more developing power. Page Van Sant with us jumping round kick to the body, and we see that that and that other spinning kick that she missed by a mile, but was awesome. Looking that's going to be on Slomo highlight reel when someone caught that someone catch that there in the truck to say that it's so true, so you had a good shot of that was just up there. Spinning like that in the middle of a fight it amount of land that we just need a couple. Just one per round just give me something crazy, but they told her to do it just do some crude for dancing with the stuff in about a Nike, commercial or something or Reebok, I'm sorry, oh, nice combination, right, leg, kicking in a row, hand by page page Sarnoff to read the man maybe page this is this: is a strategy just go backwards for awhile? Was she supposed
happy man and she's so fit and she's constantly thrown down with badass dudes? Well, so is back rawlings, but, like page, is one of those alpha male athletes, so she's at a team alpha male with the arrive Faber and Chad, Mendes and Cody Gar brand. This is Thomas Savages and Justin Buckles who's, the the trainer there now who's. One of the trainers are now. I think, Justin still fighting to can imagine on big pages. Anime and Fitness Academy would be good. Lord alpha female good, Lord yeah just have a bunch of bad ass, bitches smacking people and then brings in the dudes, and then that brings him to do. Then it's like a it's like a nightclub. After a while soon as you walk in there's no light just strobe light working out the strobe light. Imagine
there's meters everywhere and strobes going off go, go dancers a shot. Maybe Jess was she had just that's of Bella toward us. They just go. Did you go straight Strip club? What any Belajar, if Bella toward Senator, unlike the shows in the dark the fighters, got a Like flashing lights and schools competing with MA it's just too hard to catch up to the UFC, so we're going to do is obscure. The lighting were. Make it everyone's going to wear neon going to be hard to do ecstasy. You could have to do like me on around the wrist, so they were going to do. A special known, blah show jumping roundhouse kick in the face. Oh shit! Oh goodness! Oh my goodness. What a kick.
God, out of nowhere damn, it was incredible. And then she just took and swarmed. She is a tough girl man. That is a tough girl. That's the one, that's going to make the highlight for sure dude she jumping roundhouse kicked her in the face holy The sensational, maybe that was the plan to get it coming in, get her. If just keep coming in coming in coming in. Well, it looks like, You know she was having her moments, but it looked like Bec Rawlings was having an advantage over her in the striking. Didn't you agree, yeah,
yes, absolutely look at this old. Are you kidding me other guys, one over land like that before that? But the first one is a year. Rodriguez landed on Andrew feeling, like that yeah real, similar, I think, was the same leg too got damn. That was amazing. That's a sweet: did you see how she was holding her scrub right here with left hand? Up said she Look at this- oh, oh, my goodness check out the end where she's punching her at the end, how she's holding her or her hand- oh, oh my god, look at that's beautiful man, man that is beautiful. What technique very nice and when you're an athlete like her, like a dancer like that that girl can spring wow people are going to start doing salsa now, damn.
That's a tough girl, it's crazy there. She is holy she's ever bigger than Never! Well I mean come on man she's, like twenty three years old she's twenty three year old, professional ass, kicker, Slash dancer what she owed before yeah. There's, nothing, there's yeah you're Rodriguez, Damn James! your God Jamies Wizard, yes, same exact que yes in the Jackie Chan, realm, that's tied when people get mad wrong. That's that's almost like gay grossly right. It's almost like a one dish yeah! Well, it's accepted ground. Instead of like that front snap kick right, some Kyokushin guy! You still like that. It's just basically traditional sort of
karate. Once the snap kick in ones around kick, it could be that or it could be double round kick you can like throw the first one just trying to touch you not really trying to get all the power and it just trying to just touch it, so you can brace off of it and then switch the hips over and throw that second one. You see me doing a bag before you're going to do a dvd kicks a hole with the what you and you'll find that arrived, then just for free and just give it away for a dollar the only thing that I think they should be instructional online is how to correctly throw that turning sidekick to get power, and it there's. This almost should be like an instructional on that you should make it yeah. Well, you know I wish it was guy. I don't believe that this be cake. I mean it helps a little that was a construction. Yeah basically got all your points out. It was five minutes or something yeah he did there could be. You could do it the way you teach someone one him and just you do it the way,
teach someone you would break it down, so it because I think, like a lot, of it is it. The people are missing, s in, like one aspect of it that they just don't do right and they put the other stuff together. It just doesn't work correctly because of it, and that that aspect is that sidekick, is like getting the knee up for the regular side and then extend the body. That's where all the like, the efficiency and the torque in the power is. Is it crazy that something as simple as a turning side kick or just a regular side? Kick it's so simple! Everybody knows what it is side kick is like probably one of the most popular kicking kicking names. You know, and yet very few people on planet know how to throw right, especially like an mma in the UFC, how any guys throw it right. Would you say ten, five, eighty eight,
it's hard to say because a lot of them don't do it when they're fighting it's not a common technique, but wonder boy: does it perfectly with power ever oh yeah wonder born into power? Oh yeah, yeah! Well, wonder boy when he fights he keeps you at the very end. 'cause he's real tall and long he's got a very specific sort of style, and that style is like this. Like he's like he's got and when you're moving in on him he's like angles and shots, he he's angles: encounters he'll catch with that front, right, front, leg, side kick and then, if you respond to it, he'll go like he's gonna, do it and hit you in the face with a roundhouse kick. Instead, he did that to John Hendricks, the front leg side, kick them in the body and like hard in the? U C, Hendricks gets Jarred just a little pull. Well, it was a jab. Was a he thrust in there for a powerful front leg side kicks a c Hendrix. Try to move
Ford again like to settle in again and me pop some with the same leg, hits with a front like round kicked in the face, so I don't want to get out of the bridge yeah. It was like Bush and then there's like a little bit of movement and then boom. The round k can't seem to find that it was like when Hendrix, stopped or message me when wonder boys stopped Hendrix in the he stopped in the first round, which is insane. You think that how fucking durable Hendrix is Hendrix is an animal. You can stop that guy in the first round. That's something! That's something credibly impressive! You know I mean you think of the Hendrix that went five fucking crazy rounds with Robbie Lawler. She was last bachelorette fuck. Is that what's up, sir? At another, show rooms going on here,
rumor bats are at Vancouver Canucks. They take their hockey seriously up there. How about that they're allowed to punch each other, their sport they're allowed to beat the fuck out of each other. They just dropped, they drop their gloves and they go Michael, not close. The only time you're allowed to go knuckle, Nakal knuckle with somebody on tv. You can't go knuckle to knuckle with anybody in the UFC fight they make you take your gloves. They you have your hand wraps you put your gloves on. You have to have, is, did you know you don't have to have hand wraps? I want to see ultimate knockouts in hockey. There's got be highlight. Video on Youtube is back it up before this 'cause. He does is before this. He catches. Assisted living. The combination ends. The fight now is I'm sorry. It was earlier in the round. It was like when they were feeling each other out like Thompson. Just starts put it to him. Do that turning psychically through right there with my jet hold everything he does is legit. He does everything perfect. Is he.
Best Riker number right now, maybe Michael page, is up there too. I want to see Michael page fight a higher caliber a fighter, but that guys look meant. He broke cyborgs head yeah, Cyborg Evangelista, whose longtime veteran Amick guys been fighting forever. Tough, tough guy and venom page broke his head with a flying knee he's a high level striker. We just don't know how high level and I want to see him, but as far as the UFC Wonderboy is one of the best for sure, but you know it's hard to say: anybody is scarier right. Now then rumble who scary than rumble Johnson nobody. Nobody rumble Johnson is like. Oh here it is you gotTa Jamie found it now back it up. That's the same. Exact combination
But he did he land that turning sidekick right there. He hit him like in the chest, but he was you know. Let's hear it is. I think he catches some with some weird stuff coming in man. It's really interesting like they have this little combination He throws that round kick out of. Nowhere too he's real good at the ending those combination with round kicks where people don't expect it. It comes in fast, seek tags on their oh shit, so it must have been before that this is the this is the final combination. What round did he stop him? Stop him in the first wow yeah, we could watch the whole first round that yeah yeah, let's watch the whole first round, see if you could find it overwhelmed him yeah. This is how it sets up. Why is it all weird, it's not supposed to be on Youtube here to so like he also gets away with keeping his hands down like that. He tried that shit right there that jumping roundhouse kick
he gets away with shit because of his distance and is understanding of like space is so high level. His understanding like striking space, so god damn good. Ah he's really smart. He went right to Chris Weidman. Would you I gotta learn how to wrestle. I'm just going to fucking become buddies with one of the toughest wrestlers in MMA, and I'm going to train like an app Well, the the move, you know, look what happened top contender know. Look what what would you contender, and till UFC Fighter or like a new guy on the ultimate fighter show, and yet these young guys coming in, would you ever recommend they take taekwondo classes? It's not a bad thing to do, but the problem is: if you're, in the middle of learning, how to fight you might want to can't trade. On I mean if you're going to compete. It's almost like you might want to concentrate on those other aspects before you really attempt it. You might want to
concentrate, you would have to talk to like a girl. You probably training guys and is really away pair of how much resources you actually have as far as like how hard you can train at stuff you because of your training, two or three times a day which a lot of these guys are, you know you're, probably already dead. Yeah like strength and conditioning jujitsu cloud you're, seeing like maybe the style that Wonderboy has. Maybe that's a glimpse of the few yeah everybody got to get on this eventually. So, if you although I was just getting in it, you know what stick to the basics stick to moitie. Are you could do that later he won't get into it later. You know you gotta, do it like yesterday, you wanna get right on it, but here's the deal when someone's not good at that stuff. It's easy to exploit. So there's there's a learning curve where you have to go. You have to cross over a certain level of expertise. We understand striking when you understand like what errors to
think like where to put momentum into things and when you're learning like certain kinds of kicks like their awkward, especially if you not that flexible you're not used to it, you haven't done it before you. Try it in an mma fight, it could be a problem, but if you're, a guy like Wonderboy, he's learned how to do it. Since he was a kid I mean wonder, boys been doing karate with his dad, since he was a kid so like he's he's a god. Damn wizard I mean he was. He had some insane record of fifty something winds and kickboxing with no losses. You know he used to fight on that Chuck Norris World Combat League member that yeah didn't we go to see. Him live one yeah yeah we so it was like Atlantic City or something remember where it was where the hell was it. I don't know, but we were to see it. I hug Chuck Norris for the first time, I've heard him sense, but number that grace
most of my life man, there was a UFC fighter on that show. I'm not bullshitting either. Remember. There was a UFC fighter on that show a black guy who fought in the UFC who did who did that show as well from Texas to forget his name, damn it he's a rapper too he's a rapper fought in the UFC. I think he got into rap after the UFC and then he followed that show fuck. I forget his God, damn it from Texas Shit. See Jamie will find him. Where is it? I think if I didn't give him another clue that link yeah, you fucked it up. God, damn it was his name. The World Combat League was dope. I enjoyed it, it's not you. So it's not a bad idea to have a surface almost like a mini swimming pool, type thing the way they had it, where there's an outside edge,
nothing wrong with having a tournament based on just kicking, which is it's going to be just the best kickers? That's it we're not going to really bring in striking. You can't strike. Well, you can kick anywhere. You want or something like that or like whatever you know, like soccer, something that's kind of a tight little. It's like less of wrestling is just one tiny aspect of mma the take down and into the base. It's not tiny. Let me rephrase that it's a big part of the late, but it's just one of the big three. You know the big three be in striking wrestling and Ju Jitsu, but then there's also samba with jujitsu and and take down those judo with wrestling and then and striking there's more time boxing traditional martial arts, you know, but it's generally the take three and then there's like sisters and shit, but here's my thoughts on the Thai Kwando and Moitie thing. I'm like you cannot get Thai kwando off. It's not going to work. If you don't know moitie, that's what I believe
I believe that most moitie cancels Taekwondo, and this is from me doing. You know talking to my to my younger life and then doing more and then seeing like the the holes in it like if You don't know it like your watch like a Thai kwando, there's a few of 'em online with tight window, guys fight, Moitie, guys tickets get lit up. It's like it's like. It's like. We tie his leg locks and boxing is brazilian Jujitsu boxing is very important and in anime very important, but if you don't know moitie, you know how to check kicks you're going to get expose they're going to kick your leg same thing. If you know Bg AJ and you don't know leglocks h, I see it all the time if you go on, if your traditional brazilian Jiu Jitsu guy, who didn't get heavy on leg, Box and you go against a guy who's heavy on leg locks. You could take your guy, that's been doing leg locks for one year, maybe two years, and he just focuses on leglocks heat, see when you're really good at leg locks. You don't have to pass the guard, you don't have to sweep ever
with Patricia Traditional Jujitsu, just straight chokes an armbars, you have to pass the guy that God amtgard generally, if you're on top to get any most any submissions or you gotta sweep, but with leg locks, you don't have to do shit. Oh you can go right into leg locks from anywhere. You know, that's the beautiful thing about the glass when you add that to Jujitsu you combine, find sombo catch wrestling. Am brazilian jujitsu boom that right? There is huge just like combining Muay Thai and boxing. That's fucking huge, combining more time boxing boxing by itself in MMA you're going to get your legs kicked. Well, let me ask you this: do you think that it is important like if you were trying to develop a perfect fighter? Do you think that it's important to start out with one discipline and get really good at it like Damian Maia, or do you think you should be a guy or gal who
learns everything from scratch like another Pennsylvania start and what your is your goal becoming UFC? champion say if you want to be the next, how old is Van Zandt toppers and how old are you That's a good question. I think it's almost one answer right. If there, if someone's thirty, it's a big difference between that. If you're a kid I would say- we've talked we've talked about this before I would say: get into break dancing and wrestling put do that together. Breakdance can rest and get it Is that hard and new Jujitsu on Sundays or whatever? You know little submissions here, it'll pass the guard here, but make sure you be putting enough time in that wrestling and that break down sing combining both? Because we all know wrestling translates beautiful at Bree beautifully into Jujitsu, and now we know, break dancing, translates even batter into Jujitsu and because you know, when you don't break dancing, you're doing way more crazy things in your in wrestling Russ
seems nice, simple basic stay on top balance based stay on top boom drive through stay on top, don't let it guide you know, get on top. You poem you're, not asking your body to do these crazy manoeuvres like break dancing and when, when you're used to nuances, that, when you're used to doing crazy shit like spinning on your head and slow motion and shit like that, the amount of control you have to have on your core and uh strength to do all that shit. It's like a crazy yoga couple era much, but all that shit, all that shit combined into one 'cause break dancing is fucking everything. It's like it's gymnastics, yeah! It's it's wrestling everything is yogurt pilates. If its flexibility, anything you can put their grain bees in it. There's rubber guard in it There's all sorts of shit break dancing is endless.
So it just makes sense on paper. It makes sense that that would be the best thing to get your kids into a few. You know to develop the ultimate base balance in core string that will translate into anything. I've seen it over and over again with GL and boogie in all his guys and uh. We gotta shower, I it's for for sure it's a good base for Jujitsu. I gotta question The question becomes the like wet how much emphasis should be put on striking if your device being a guy, you can hear me from the beginning, I would say who there's a lot of time, I would say, focus the wrestling and the breakdancing addle striking here on the side, just getting moving me Thai kwando on Saturday Jujitsu on's Thai Kwando Saturday, Jujitsu Sunday, Monday through Friday, wrestling during the day break dancing at night wrestling during the day. Five days a week, Saturday go out, go to Mcdonald's.
Can get a little hot fudge sundae after Thai Kwando do all that shit boom and you're good yeah man. You know the only thing that I would wonder about. I mean, if you run into a guy like Wonderboy I'd, wonder about it, get it when you look at a guy wonder boy if you can't take that guy down you're kind of fucked unless you're a better striker unless you're tumenov yeah, you have to be going to happen with him until another question. It's real good question. Still this fucking he throws straight powerful shit certainly does so he's he's super fluid, very technical with his angles and the way boxes is kicks are good too good. Good leg kicks the same sport room so there's so many guys look, look at look at at the one hundred and fifty five division, even just killed
imagine the shit talking leading up to the fight? The countdown show Tony Ferguson and Conor, like even that? That's another! That's another dimension on its on its own falcons. He imagined his Nate Diaz. On Mcgregor. Almost didn't fucking happen this all this shit, this historic shit of of all time in history almost didn't happen. If, if DOS Anjos didn't get hurt, right, yeah right, yeah, If eating it hurt, we would have any of this shit. Do so imagine Tony Ferguson, Conor Mcgregor. Imagine that shit 'cause Tony he's going to Russia is well and he's intelligent and flogging. Dudas he's a full total barbarian. Yeah his whole hand should do the ones with the wind the way he put what the the beating he put on Edson Barboza Holy God. Damn everybody's scared of that said, thats is one scariest guys in UFC history at the scale, opponent, that's one guy like you
Where can we go around that motherfucker? Let someone else fight him. You know that's what deep down everyone is thinking that does that guy, if he lands, are super fast, crazy, spinning will kicks it. He lands that shit. You might be the same person for the rest, your life there might be a. Slight change, he's a perfect example of a guy who was outstanding, more tie and nasty traditional kicks his perfect example. Do you ever see him throw spinning back, kick perfect and in fact, this fucking fast as fuck in the wheel, kick that he knocked out Terry Adam. Do you know that was the first we'll kick KO ever in the history of the UFC? Really that was the first one Edson Barboza, now, Terry Adam in Brazil, first one up and there's an animated gif of Holy Going Barboza, spinning landing Adam, he goes down in the background. Are fear goes like this: yeah. Always like him. We see it's incredible. Incredible like as the wheel kick lands you see, ARI Freak
do they did someone make a special video and zoom in on images and make a meal out of it? No I'm sure someone that someone's that definitely I've seen it. I've definitely seen the meme, but that technique like with the way he throws. It is perfect everything he does is perfect. His switch kick is the best which kick I've ever seen in my life. I've never seen anybody throw better switch, kick do Anthony Pettis Holy God at the end of this season. I watch his work. All right on the background. See right, there is hands, go up. His head is that with this video look at this boom yeah exactly watch. He lands in now. Look in the background and you watch are easy. Then come up. Is that having done this is right there behind me watch this one more time, Joe Silva right here so Joe Silva. Is there an Arby's Arby's right behind him You can enlarge. That screen is really small, made a bigger, even smaller, That's right: it's not counts and UFC history to history really and
when are focusing like scientifically forensic, that's funny, but Barboza like as far as like technique like his zero holes in this technique, zero he's one of the best kickers I've ever seen because he does thing he does the traditional kicks. He does like a lot. A lot of a lot of my thai techniques he's the first guy to ever. Stop to opponents with leg kicks in a coffin only vera and my glue like Lou, that's right, nasty Lula, almost Google Platter and he was in danger for a little bit. I was legit gogoanime well, he went after cowboy remember that fight and then cowboy caught him with a jab and then took him down and got his back both Barboza closing cowboy remember that fight! I don't crazy white boy, cow boy
he's on fire. Do cowboy Mcgregor would be fucking insane. Please Megan have to that would be in fucking. Sign me, the biggest fight of all holy shit we might have to stop fighting for a month can read. After that fight Conor is going to have seven hundred billion dollars. Pudding retires to come on. That is going to be richer than that got nobody when he find when he buys his first fuckin G5 or whatever you don't think he's going to put that shit on Instagram every diocese. When is that gonna happen, he's going to live in a castle egitim it legitimate castle castle with the gym he needs that picture. That means that's the ultimate picture and he's yeah that look at this child Olvera closing in on Pettis were watching the Charles Oliveira Anthony Pettis fight. I've been looking forward to for awhile all avera move, get on trying to take him to the ground. He's wrestle fucking him.
You know the same noise strike, but a lot of guys have done. He's got all that Thai kwando sure we were talking about it's true, it's true, but all the various pretty fucking good on his feet too interested in this because was wondering how Oliveira would approach this fight. His technique is stand up, is very good man, his approaches, I'm taking this guy down. That's it seems like fuck that striking shits good defense by Pettis, though good takedown, defense. So far, all it there is a good grappler man. He submitted guys with a bunch of different shit, weird chokes. You know like he does not Jim Miller. I know Jimbo Jim Miller Kneeboard him know she see. That's how retarded I have got someone in a calf slicer. I think it was one of the first ever calf slicers in the UFC. I don't know the the stats on that. I can't remember another one. Maybe somebody out there can correct me
Don't remember another wonder people, don't believe me about tower seven. I can't remember shit. Damn all sticking to him like glue here, yeah he's one, he beat F rain Escudero with that standing room naked. Remember that fight yeah! There's the calf slicer! Look at that thing yeah! I don't think anybody's ever tapped. Anybody with that before people called out to all of their calf crank. And rightfully so yeah rightfully so, if you do it in the UFC, if you're the first one, that's yours, you own that much yeah this? A lot of techniques like that right set this only for a is back oh shit day.
Or uh. Oh, oh, is shit. What is going to happen here, all things he got interesting, my friend not good to have Pettis. On top of you. He got up in the horse interesting, no slippery slippery slippery. Here's a little punch for your troubles, great triangle, defense bypass right there, here's a question how much all of their lands around cape. First? How much of a toll did the weight cut? Take on Pettis? I mean he lost a lot of weight to get down to one hundred and forty five balance and very nice. You know You know at first the strikers. They were getting taken down pretty easily, but they have all horn kick to the bone crushing to the bone. Another one also he's hurt bad. Oh look at that. Look at that balancing based Pegasus Professional with the digits. Oh, I always liked him up. Go guard like that. You can have your guard open! You gotta, close that shit.
Oh, oh, it's always told yard pulls out UFO Boo yeah that swap walking all of errors got heart doing in their pet. This is how long ago, oh look at that shit too. Greasy look at all that shit. That cycle pass very nice money, crucifix coming fix common its pedestal. I don't know man because he's looking like a black, but I want to say he's at least a brown belt he's looking like a black because all there is a black right. Well, damn he's looking great that is submitted suppose. Should this be grapple grapple. It's nice! It's nice to see what high level Jiu Jitsu guys like Charles Oliveira spots like this, because you're not hiding technically you're going to your a game, you're a what do you thinking when you're, not looking? That was great, that great! Let's, try it! He too aggressive in going for the group mounted crucifix. He gave up position
the position now in trouble, all the bash it dude if he could all this off wow he what a fight no. I is almost suspect. Pettis got good defense here and look at this figure that details so yeah. It is back and now he's on his back again, Aldo kick good upkick damn! This is a real fight here. It look at this shit. Oh, he keeps going after. But there's nothing there. This is to do two. Are they only go forward? They don't know how to style. They just go forward after look at that, he did not look at their deli. Even for a second, oh Oh she's got some, throw things up. Medis constantly, throwing things up at damp. Editor open, keeps cracking him little guy lookout. For that up. Kick my gotta throw up to shit. If you Patty you. Let him stand up here, don't you let him stand up here. I think a party you says that there's no way
knock me out here, so that I might be in around us in the room wow they. If you let a lot of times people you think I know what is in the lead him up to him up and that's usually the best advice, but I assume that they're thinking, okay, if I let him up on beating him up, he still can throw. You may Maybe he recovers. Then he throws a big fucking shot and knocks me out. That happens a lot, so there's no way he knock me out on his back, except for that up Kik. Why want to stay right here? You know what I mean. I think that's what they're thinking, but I mean it could be. It could be. Also I mean that was a hard fought first round you let a guy stand up. He said he's got four limbs. We can knock you out. You keep him on his back. You just gotta watch that up kickin that shit so low percentage. That's happened three times in history, and he also knows that it's probably the end of the round. It's happened a few times in the UFC. What's the greatest up cake ever, I say
Henzel Gracie versus Oleg Taktarov and then there's a Morillo boost Amante on Jerry Bolander. Oh that's right, which one was or was that fabulous hair gel on boat Nona wasn't father, it was Merila Bustamante. This boom Pettis with a body kick all of air in deep shit can you find Morillo boost. Amante Jere the bowl and we go up kick around. That would be awesome Jamie. I don't mean to be like I like I on the shell or anything like that. So if I stepped over, my bounds, talk to Joe 'cause he's got my back. I like Oliveros Technique Man, so looks so smooth like that front. Kick to the body, man all of their looks very smooth on the feet. Man very smooth, good rhythm, yet he was trying to take him down right away, yeah. Well, I think he wants to just show up. We can beat him both ways he's taking him down again. Look at this spins around the Tabac Deco. You happy birthday, no joke averse! Look at that
he's gonna! Let us now. Is it a lot in high school and am stand out? He too much time love. You provided a coaching in the corner, they're, probably saying you're going to fuck shut up that left her body bolander right there, oh head, kick that he went over the top like that. That's it! Twenty holy vary with the right hand, all the various got it bad swelling on the left. I only just got tagged there too. Probably from some of that grow like that beautiful Jap Pettis is targeting it. He's gonna, let him up, I think, Oliveira struggling man. He can't see very good at that time and he's really badly swollen up and when it, when it's too swelling up that quick! You gotta wonder like how bad that injury is see how bad it is, but it keeps coming forward. Look at that was an animal. He start heavy shit too he's not fucking, we just going forward like a God, Damn cyborg! Look at that! One too. I like the way all of Erica but leads with
front kick to lead at chow. He throws a lot of that left leg front. Kick it's nice very crisp! He looked really, she fucks with you with so many wilkins to polish, oh shit, Oliveira on the run right hook, although I'm not sure, God, damn what a fight he's, gonna, fight fight beasts, beasts right hand by Pettis right hand by Oliveira. Pettis got some sweet boxing. Man he's like countering beautifully he's taken a lot of shit, but you know he's learning a lot of writes. This is amazing. Oh, is that and elbowed yeah You don't, it seems so people arthritis from right hand, did those elbow shit, Alvarez very clean with his movie time. He does a lot of
real good technically speaking, right hand know he's not oh right hand over the top. I don't think I forget where find out where Charles Olivera trains, I don't think it's Novolin. Now, though,. I'm almost positive? It's not oh look at this is so shit. Oh shit. This is this is why you need to be razor sharp on the back right. This is your opportunity to win. You have an opportune. You're just going to let it slip through your fingers. Look at this man. Look at this open in tennis is back. We can just control in here that buys you rarely good here. You gotta be really good on the back. You got the back. You should take advantage of that. What else do you need? You got the back. Both leg hooks, you gotta, add fucking. Well, look at body triangle. What else do you need? Is there something? Ok? Well, what should we be doing here? He should tell the people
I mean, there's a there's, a a there's, a hand fight oh look, it's a fistic, ated and complicated and you got a there's. A battle going on Anthony Pettis is using both his hands to defend his neck and he's got a good angle at that defense too. So it's really difficult 'cause, even though Anthony Pettis has back taking the way he would defend that show. It's like doing a pull up like this very strong, there's. It becomes very sophisticated spun. He broke it through he's on top now lot of Greece lot of Greece, you gotta keep that Paula triangle on as as much as you can, when there's only without too much grease and by Greece I mean sweat I don't have so many Bravo accuses people of greasing. No, no! No! No! I meant sweat, damn good technique, man, oh nice, new, the body on the break and right,
PAM by Oliveira Holy Shit, my god, it's a Houston Houston it I can't find the gym, but It keeps saying Houston everywhere. Oh well least, I know he started out at some place in Brazil 'cause they were showing it on television. Pretty sure right did. They have like a whole lot of Sao Paulo but yeah. I think they went to him original, Jim, all patties with the kings of the body. Pat, is another one. It was pretty flawless traditional Thai Kwando style techniques right here.
And oh shit. All of this is Olivera, gets it Pegasus. Take it's a big, deep breaths. This was called, who sell gold. I don't know. I think I just sent the video that I saw that was in preparation for this fight, so not quite sure, but whatever it is, he's super well tray And we should find out what is camp is just give him a shout out if that was through broil train. If there was three rules are two or whatever you can think of you can make the change right now, not the scoring system, just rules in the game Where would they be? If you had all the powers? Is the head, commissioner of the Nevada state that Athletic Commission Camden said Joe? Whatever you want? Let's fix this sport. What are the three major things you think we trust you so knowledgeable. You fucking amazing man. Well, I'm tired
bonus. He said no guy, ever no guy ever well. What I tell him to do, first of all, I don't think you need to be fixed. I think we could all, I think, the best way for us yeah, the the best way to find out what the best rule changes would be is to talk to all the experts. Talk to all the most respected trainers that Duke Roufus is in the Rasa hobbies in the Matt Humes and all those guys talk to them, and then talk to former fighters that are really smart, guys, like Brian Stann, talk to guys like Dominick Cruz talk to guys who are added right now, like Jon Jones, were in their prime talk to everybody, could talk to George Saint Pierre and then get sort of an understanding of what everybody would like to see change to what they think would be changed if they had their way. I think that's, probably the best way to do it to do it as a community, because I think uh,
it's not going to be a total agreement on things, but I think we can come to like some reasonable, reasonable agreements. If we all just sat down and explored what would be the best options for rules for safety, limo service, throwing up in our bar. That was slick yeah. He just snapped on it and let's see if you could pull it off, but I'm talking about the world in a fantasy, I know: you're talking about is like them even in a fantasy world. That's what I would do. Uh I would I would definitely if it was up to me, that's what I would do. I would put it up to Would you be? Would you be included in that group of people, so so every. I would have to vote on their top three. Then you put it all together and then from there you decide Wright, Patterson top again. Jim is a great fight. I would think number one much more comprehensive real system. Let's find out, let's find out what rules make sense. What rules are like at twelve to six elbow,
it's gone that that that make from the album out illegal, it's really from the Mount. Only where that comes into play. It's totally it's a legit technique. And then I think you and I had a point. I think it should be discussed white. You elbow someone in the back of the head. When you can kick him, back of the head. When you can you in guys get quickly this so shitty shit if he's not a black belt he's getting it tomorrow morning, my goodness, he caught him with a fucking gay, teen and tapped out shit guillotine and I asked was got some finishing power on the ground. Man wow that's fit tightly that beautiful display right there to over how dumb all very kissed him on the cheek. That's beautiful! I don't know why just touching to me for real, like it sounds like a bullshit thing to say, you know like a look at that they made friends how cute, but like really it. That means a lot man.
When you see these two guys train for each other for months at a time, talk shit about how the it's going to go down, talk about you know being each other's asses and then all that beautiful hold beautiful transition. Look at this he's going for the single he is it in the transition to the double catches, the guillotine and get that leg perfect over the top. That is nasty as fuck I guess he got it and he got another chat with that. Grip is right under the chin right that boom and he can't get it out and locked, and you know what the pence helped. Oh yeah 'cause. Now the left it in the morning yeah and he's pushing against it. The fence is weird man. I think it help things, and I think it makes it way easier to take people down. I guess a wrestlers like if it if the fence didn't exist, good, lock, luck, good luck, trying to them down, but the fence also makes it harder to take people down in, in another sense where you're leaning against the fence. You could put all you it's an art totally to use
your weight into the fence and just to use of times as a as in your favor, when, when you're working on you take down the phone yeah well, there was in the truly is a difference between MMA wrestling and wrestling, there should be a tournament would called fence wrestling where you start and you have a guy against the fence and as soon as he can circle out now you switching you go back and forth so who gets the most takedowns off the fence? That would be a great skill like you know how you say: Taekwondo is a good skill to have if you're like a wonderful and you can throw those perfect kind of kicks. If you had a sp a separate sport fence wrestler that was just fence wrestling. That is actually a really good idea for me would prepare you better for him. That's a big difference. Do with fed without fence, giant difference, fuck yeah! I couldn't run away either. Do you think parents, with their kids Russell in the cage? If that's cool, meets something that the parents, I know hell yeah? I got parents that I got parents at their. They want their kids to fight.
Do you have see more than the kids do their down is put, but do you think he was little yeah agent show Man Rubber Guard show it to him all that shit. We doing ballet he's doing you swimming that Solarius student, water polo for that explosion. Imagine it's like all wrestling meets turned in the cage, wrestling meets and uh look. Russell in attendance is down. I got good news and I got bad news, good news is, we got a solution to bad news, is in view all your little angels wrestling in a cage. How about you have, instead of instead of six That's out there like in a high school. You have six cages out there. It's just cage wrestling you'd have to get six fucking cages yeah, but you can't have cages run Simon honestly this. You can't just like a regular wrestling terminal just to turn. There's it at the world as twelve matches going on at the same time, he's put little cages in each match, but doesn't it seem like I'll do? This is a fan?
Message? Worry Jesus cries! I'm not trying to this do. How much is all is thirty thousand dollars to get the cages clothings optional? bring the cage. Is we get to page oils optional, oils optional? You guys are going toilet. Are you guys going to dry today? You have turkish oil wrestling. You know they have that shit, the oil each other up. You ever seen that do they reach into each other. Grab the book, one greatest photo shops ever of all time back when Photoshop was for invented. They took one of them: turkish oil wrestling. They look like they're in leather, pants, topless, leather, pants. It looks like the Chippendales outfit, but it's actually serious, what's going on with the wrestling and they're completely covered in oil, and you can reach part of the sport, is reaching inside the man's pants to grip around his balls part of the game. That is part of the game I want to know. I want to know, want to
What are the schools for this, and what is it? What are the schools look like? How do you train for this, so they oil each other up. They wear really tight leather pants like during Judas priest, and you can get in search of this Dickson Ball bags and they wrestling throughout the balls like handles. It's totally legal to grab battles. Think there's any rules at all. I just think you can't look at this planet he's got his hand, is fucking pants, bro, imagine the coaching and grab his dick. That is so insanely this bowl schedule standard around dudes the stands. These nuts? you know, there's at least one guy watched that going. Please don't get hard, please don't get hard, please don't get hard, not yet yeah. If you get hard, it's bad for your game, like you complain that have parties like yoga school. I was all over almost up six points and then I got a hard on and I was trying to think of Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold air. It didn't work and one you know when I'm not going to make any excuses. My dick on whatever I should've jerked off I fucked up. I knew I fucked up
Why can't that be in the Olympics with water polo? Can see this in the how come they can play beach volleyball with chicks in literally and thought, in Super Slomo like like the championship is decided. He was winning until that dude slipped, his headers that app in slow motion. They got so super slow motion and you could tell right away grab this dick. You can tell by his hips. If you see the quiver on the Hipc. That's an indication of full show have low you. When you grab shop, you want to go below the helmet line as long as you're below the helmet line, and you got it all depends on the group some guys, like the monkey grip, the shaft right there at the base. Yet it all depends on the size of his penis, but you want among you could monkey but you got all these cramps. Imagine the interview I had two hundred and two weeks of training his last minute, my my dick.
Not in good shape. I inject off in two weeks. I you know this time to like two things: you dick to toughen it up to hang weights off today. I've been you know this. This time I had a full camp to prepare been jerking off three times a day, so this time it can be a little different and I'm going to come with my a game. My you gain a It is a game How do you seen the game about fucking checking the oil? You know what I mean. You know they could quit that seat. You can grab the dig into balls, but you can't you can check that you can stick it Tom. What is our arms on checking the oil, because you guys have gotten like in trouble for that, like didn't guys get arrested for for assault for check in some kids oil didn't some two dudes wrestling and one kitchen. Get the kids oil and he got arrested for assault? I'm pretty sure that really happened, or I can actually need to explain check in the oil. Yes, I do checking your oil means when you are
grappling with a gentleman and you are behind him. You shy with your fingers inside his bum hole, and run in wrestling. We're not sure. If that is right there, they do it. They do it all the time. This is a really radical model. It's a great one! It's a woman and she's going full Tarzan on this girls. Soul and she's, not even flinching. Look at that she's like bitch, that's it she likes it. I think the woman on top is definitely doing something questionable who am I to Judge- is that legal, though in turkish oil, I want to know the rules of Turkish. Can someone just change depending on who kills the king. Someone tweet me please. If you could find the rules to turkish oil chippendales wrestling, Oh I'm curious, yeah right what a great sport so how come they can have that in the Olympics, but they can have the
women's volleyball bullshit its success total sexism all we need. This is what we need. We need. One flamboyantly gay star who wants to compete. And they won't let him in and it becomes like a global worldwide cause where people you know they demand diversity and and what, if it's, Judy Ality and took a joyride would've, it's cheating to be gay, so they gotta lie. They're, saying this straight, I gotta take boyfriends update girlfriends. It's been proven that when you wrestle a game man and he starts to win your testosterone drop significantly. Yes, it's been proven Death comments in the labs, so it's all like cheating, because it's like anti steroids, because when you getting whooped on by a gay, did you start getting so meek? It's like the nature's preparing you to be his bitch and there's no one true and there's no way you could a gay guy could even be she looking at me like it's real question. What is this?
Jamie. Are these the rules, wrestling dot com and check out number three hundred and two natives? Ok, can you read jump for the audience? This is very bizarre. It says the crush A fighter may maneuver his opponent onto his stomach. What Jamie can you make that bigger and then trap himself? Why is it also blurry? It's not that blurry. Sprouts. Are you get your glasses? I don't have everything on my glasses on and I could read that I'm shocked myself. You can keep him down or what are the rules against it submit occasionally the match under a hot summer, sons so long and arduous that one fight it will simply signal his submission to the referee in it's a pin since the wrestlers not restricted from placing his hands inside his opponents This bit, he may not grab his balls or invade his rectum. However, however, he may have crab is falls or invade his rectum. However, he can. He can also used away
this band of the other man to get to hold weather in place, so you can't grab their balls in their dick right there. If you lose your trunks, you lose the match. Oh, if we could take your pants off dude. Can you imagine it's even worse that you not allowed and grab the balls or stick your finger? It's even worse, 'cause the cheaters. Do the cheetah using the sport are always going to be the guys and how you going to prove it. There must be a guy in the sport who's like down the worst cheater ever there's gotta be listen, listen to the actual rule. Occasionally the Kispet is Yang. So the carpet is thing that he wears those leather greased up page. Right, ok is dropped so far, but So his hips that the fight you're being held cannot rise without exposing himself having lost his trunks. He also loses the match. Oh, you could pull the trunks,
We lose them at. Maybe this is life. Your sounds like up, you can reach inside, but you can touch the asshole or the dick and I'm sure no one breaks that rule ever ever. Never ever ever ever it's better than there's a rule that these are fully in there, but they are not allowed to visit. Guy pulls your pants off, he wins, kill Matt and the discussions the podcast. There must be. I cast about this sport. I do that are seriously into it and they're talking about, like you know, we're talking about like no need to down upon all that they're talking about that the S the S the elephant in the room is the fact that everyone's sticking fingers and everyone's and everyone's grabbing balls, but no one's complain because everyone just does it, and so there's no. No complaints like in football, like the defensive cornerback, when there's a receiver going out, you're not supposed to hit him outside of five yards, but they're hitting him all the time and running into him when they throw passes they're all over so there like, and they call it sometimes and sometimes
they don't and there's a big controversy. You know, like you, know, there's pat's, passing no one's calling it it's a weird thing: they call it every now and then now, when it's when it's, when it's really obvious, so there speak, like tips of fingers going into the rectum, but they don't call that they never called the tips, and it's got to be fooled, knuckle deep to call it. And that the price is aligned left across tit like a finger line. Every he puts the tip in tip is fine, dude there's gotta be world championships. I want to see like a super fight like the baddest dudes and do like a cow countdown show on these guys and how they train. I want to see that I would walk that shed. Well, don't there's one thing you have to think about when you do like yeah, it's a little weird that they grab each other in the pants? And it's a little weird that covered in oil, but you gotta be. You must have to be really fucking good at wrestling to control a dude's. Free stuff, we need to get the best mother fucker that sport and bring him over to the UFC and see what's up how good do you think they are
I mean. Are there any real legit like The wrestler athletes who people like this guy is like the bad mother. Fucker of oil wrestling is like with who's that guy the guy who's, the the messy he's there were now, though, who's the who's, the money and all right. What is his name with Lee, and I am what is it just leave a message LEO Messi that Liam messy guy who's, the baddest in soccer. If there's one of those dudes for oil wrestling, it's just just raining down, there's gotta be who is six aggressive all, but a turkish oil wrestling? Well, turkish people are tough people. You know it that's a tough part of the world, so you get a thing. It's a long heritage of having like fighting men from Turkey there, like known for being like, like rugged people, so you gotta think if they know how like like that style of wrestling, that they do
Do a wonder if it's just one of those things where it's just you invented something all long fucking time ago, and it never they're sort of like caught up. I wanted with Rhonda Rowsey of hot oil. Turkish wrestling is I'd. Watch that right now I paid four thousand nine hundred and ninety nine paper view for that shit, female turkish, hot oil wrestling desk to be a little there's, gotta be girls, doing it. There's a market. Probably ugly as far they don't have to be in probably like be no, no, no, they don't have to be man. I just need this once the right promote imagine that shit just pick it because I think the object of the game is to get that hip lock in like a get some kind of ball and socket get in between their legs right next to their nuts and lift him up, and I think, if you lift him up your yeah for sure. You can there's got to be a Joanna Hojata check of that sport. You can't take dudes pants off these beating your ass.
Right. So it takes your pants off he's kind of got. You do you think you could flip Maybe you say maybe it's like a maybe like a like an ant like in case there's a war against the gays like whoever gets their pants taken down. First, I don't know I'm just speculating it could be. You know what whoever wins, whoever is the baddest motherfucker at that sport? They have no fear of getting gang raped by or vicious gay dude, specially 'cause there's just you never get that oil imagine came out where you go. You agree ST gang of Gay Jujitsu blackberries. Imagine that and they taught they teach teach it to have sex with men. Okay, what would be scarier that- or
I would way rather go to South Central and West Hollywood? It wouldn't be that was ring of greased up Melvin man, Hoofs greased, up with good takedown defense, Lily greased up in West Hollywood, wherever he wants to go, will go over the fuck You want one dude or a bunch of dudes of seven of am sounds like Melvin Man, they're looking for dudes to Melbourne, man have clones great scarier than the mexican gangbang I'll make a beeline for e la anytime. This go to e la fuck. That greasy wrestling is one thing, but a greasy Melvin Manhoef throwing bombs on you. Yes and one is any wants your juicy precious little rectum. He wants that's their goal. They got big patch. Have rectums on their denim jackets and you can't keep him off. You yeah. He was one of those guys where I met him at the UFC, like as a kickboxing fan,
I was I was. I was giddy man. I come up to him and shake his hand was good too I'm a huge fan, huge fan. Isn't it weird that he never got into the UFC? That's strange! Well again in Strikeforce it probably Lawler had that ridiculously insane K love him. Remember that you can run belong there isn't a Condit fight. But Melvin Manhoef Highlight Reel is ridiculous. Kickboxing and a highlight reel. The hardest. Watch for me with Sakuraba. Remember that one what happened? He beat the shit outta Sakuraba. It was Sakuraba lateness, Karere and S grab a lost. I was a horrible loss, fried it soccer kick. Looks nice soccer kicks in Hammerfell. They didn't they take soccer kicks out of what FC did you about that day, when was this, they changed it. They took it out when they do this and Merced some hoax, but I think I read that then one of see that
that separated him from the UFC like at least one? It seems kind of pride ash, but they had that weird rule where they they had to call it. I I you know, I feel like Tate had this point first and I've it I've never heard anybody accurately refuted that's the problem with stops in soccer kicks in a ring. They were in a cage, rather, is that you can't get out away from home, like you do in a ring like the cage becomes a problem when he gets trapped, they get caught. A couple. Spots in the ring, but you should be able to move your head out of the way enough to compensate for wherever the ring the ring posts are. But the idea of getting stuck in cage, we can't move and then getting need to that where the the environment becomes too big of a factor, and as I thought about what he said, I said that makes a lot of sense. A skull could crush the jaguars thing about like what Michael page did the sideboard. I think if someone doing that to someone's face in the UFC once again on this very
yeah seasons face caved in what, if they cheat, what, if someone cheats in the heat of the battle, maybe the mean realize they did it, but they grab that fence and it helps them drive that need down. You know: that's happened before if you could draw, if you got a guy, was almost unconscious and he's on his way out and you grab the fence and use some mash. Your knee down with all your body. You get your hips up near like George, St Pierre, when he fought Matt Serra in the rematch in Montreal. Maybe that those knees to the body from side control just go deep with those bees bone a guy does that to a guy on the ground and he's actually holding the fence. That's that's a terrible place to be as a terror. There's like no, where to go. It's like everything just getting absorbed is the worst way ever to get hit. It's almost like a bit an argument for not having a cage, I said this before, and people think I'm an idiot and it probably right some of the time, but I think that MMA should be in like a basketball size place like you know, you have a basketball court and you watching the game
Think mma should be a flat patch. Did area with no fence and they should go about it in a large area. Plenty of room to move around? There's no excuse to go to the crowd like that. That's how they should do it so takedowns downs dance, submissions, there's no getting off the fence and pushing off of it and flipping over and getting out of positions. Everything will take place on a flat, neutral ground and I think you're going to find a lot of fucking people going to have a real hard time with wrestlers real hard time with wrestlers like real elite wrestlers when they keep driving for and you can only go back so much you there's no cage anymore. You can't push off the cage how about this again! This is all fantasy. How about so body- maybe you maybe someone else with the to get financially but to put it together, but go to God. Damn indian reservation, when you could do anything you want put together a show together, a show one. Shell doesn't have to be elite fighters fighter jets. Much put together. Show at you got show
show them how it's done, because one thing I learned with the is what I was is any the overtime rules and all that to everybody. Nobody even thought it was cool for a second. I talk to him. Explain Ebr people to know we're talking about e is Eddie. Bravo Invitational is Eddie, Bravo's probably got the greatest you Jesse tournament in the world as far as professional judges do because these rules that you implement September. Eleventh. Is our next court in Ryan September, eleventh on UFC fight pass or you could see it live at the at the Orpheum, get your tickets. At e b, I official dot com, but anyway Donna heard you send me a text that Keenan Cornelius and Ryan Gordon Ninety minutes in Ryan, Gordon submit it with the heel off yeah he's going to introduce to like four one slash two years:
Gordon Ryan. Yes, that's about four and a half. I think it's about five, something something ridiculous. Six get Gordon Ryan, it's crazy, Gordon Ryan! He wanted absolute. He could be the best Jujitsu fighter pound for pound in the world right now, that could be. He won absolute. He beat Yuri Simoes, he beat Rustam Chizzy. Who is a fucking russian assassin that guys that gorilla too he's, like literally a gorilla hairy, do crazy? Yes, yes in the finals, the kids, the kids would trade in five years, the Whizzkid Gordon Ryan versus russian bear russian bear taking it out everybody on one side, Gordon Ryan, the kid taken out, everybody on this side and then a matter the finals in Ab Isaac. Well, the next show I seven Gordon Ryan is going to do in the one hundred and eighty five that was absolute is the middleweights, Gordon Ryan, that is true weight, one hundred and eighty five and but anyways enough. With that show the rules, though, when I presented
overtime rules I special overtime rules that are based on submission and not based on takedowns downs, all about the mission at db, but when I first presented that like to different motors, nobody wanted to hear it. No, I didn't even entertain. I was too crazy, but now that we put together, seven show now right. You showed it to oh, it's legit, so everyone jumped on certain people agree, the best way is the best way to do tournaments really is because it forces action. You can't stall starting out in a bad position at the end when you going into when going to into the overtime the fights about start- and I don't want to interrupt this fight. Let's do it. Let's watch the fight talk about talk about dpi afterwards will hold please Carlos Condit. We aim shed I have no, I god damn Dhea for me all about whether Damian Maia I'm this, but it's all about what, in our maia- can get a hold of them
if the get a of them he's so big it once the dude he's so strong and his shoes is so glued to his Jiu Jitsu, so pretty when he could choked out Neil Magny. Watches transition like this guy is a fucking master, he's a master when he Ladies get in the back, like maybe when he choked out Rick story. He just cleans to like glue drags him into deep water and sinks their boat, like that yeah. He keeps getting better with his Jiu jitsu it you see what Donna her wrote about in this week, yeah I'll accurate, brilliant I mean my probably has in the UFC he's, probably the jet best. You get two player he I am best animated. It's a totally different animated, you're too, and NOGI Ju Jitsu is it just is different?
as noted, you did too and yeah it's just as different. It's so different when someone is trying to punch you and elbow you and everything is all greasy and slippery and slightly it's so different. If you think that's the same as training in the key year, just man, your I don't know what what to say. Maybe you're just misinformed, but is it not him? Damon Maya has made that transition. Not you know right away. He was a really good ed, MMA Jiu Jitsu right away. He was doing some half guard at stuff in the US. It was very, very effective back in the day years and years ago, but even as good as he was, he was one of the top guys to make the transition initially, even as good. You he continued to evolve and his jujitsu now is better than ever on the ground. Bun. That being said, Carl's content is very good on the ground. Even a damn in mind does take him down. He might not be able to pass Carlos Condit scarred. He
might not be able to pass it. Well, I'm not sure the big dangers in the stand up his car was throw some nasty, elbows yeah. I think he stopped Iago out those recently looked real good in that fight. Stop him that step in elbow he's nasty, dude, very dangerous striker, so Damian lies got close at distance. I think Demian Maia at one hundred and seventy is a different beast he's so goddamn big and his striking has got himself to a where he's not trying to be a striker, but he's good enough. It's striking that is distance is good right. There right, there is comfort level is distance, are very high so because of that and he's not taking any chances he's really just kind of like yeah. That's what he's doing right there closing that distance like a fucking cat, look at dragon. Con did the ground. Let's see what he does here, that he's able to do this to everybody. He fights Matt Brown, who is a beast on the he did it to him. He crushed Neil Mag in this way he's a totally different animal. When it comes like his level of pressure in JU, Jitsu, he's on another planet,
meaning he is really better at thirty eight then he's ever been before. Or including with his like submissions in his transition and a striking. Everything like not just his distance, but he could. He could get in there and takes fire take some shots and it's no big deal that pass beautiful but he's not trying to so far Oh good, now he's in top half he pass it. That's a fifty yard pass right there. He got into top half he's not totally passed, but this is looking I think this is now. Is it three quarter amount he's but now he's got the back purple position. Perfect position there to get the back. God is so good the understanding of top half right there. That position as opposed to just regular half guard man when you really uh, stand. How important mastering that position is that's. Why he's where he's at right? Now, he had just just have top. How he's going to he's going for right here, man, it's always going for right! Yeah, it's done he's got a kind he's done he's done. He's gonna show
come out right over his face man. It's just going to sleep, so we went to sleep. He's out, he's out he's out he's out wow. Damn holy shit, God, Damn Carlos Condit Holy Shit. He right through him, like Marcelo Garcia, would have to Damian. Maia is something special. He sounds! rush down. He something spare holy shit at Jujitsu is on a completely different level that some Hickson Gracie shit right. There, That's what we always wanted to see from Hixson I think that I mean I. Finally, after all these years, he he's so adjusted. It made the transition. One hundred percent from the guy MMA Jujitsu his me. He understands that the key was how would this bit by bit the bit by bit. He take some down and he's in his guard he's in his hard right here. You know he in his regular guard right here, there's no top half yet, but all he was fighting for here was top half.
They are not showing in here all the time between shit that made this possible. So just look at it keeps tighten it up and once, He knows his grad school and he's developed he's developed that World class Marcelo squeeze right there. That takes time together, but I would say, barely there while he's Tappan, but the way he got his back was all based on his knowledge of that top half position. It was all based on that because he didn't try to pass all at once. He passed halfway, his leg was still stuck and then he never passed totally He never passed the Fucking guard right. He went from pop path and he realized if you got a good top position, you could turn where your face, in the legs of making things. You got amount and the guy gives up his back what he did right well, yeah! Well exactly, but he never passes guard in the that's where he was in regular half guard or with the little shield, and that he thought for that in so
that position top half and then from top half as long as that, like this car, as long as the knee is free, you don't even have to pass to guard. You drive it down now you're in a three quarter amount and once you're in three quarter amount in MMA. It wouldn't happen as easily in grappling without punches, but when he's in three quarter Mount as soon as you or punching. He turns you never pass the guard. You never got inside control. You win from top half to three quarter amount to the back. That's with the punches do so that that path right there becomes so imply Orton MMA, just two guys that it's so huge. I understand that yeah. Let me ask you this, because we've talked about this before if they did make the back of the head legal, like they do used to the old days like when hands of grace, he fought that guy band strikers member that yeah, but that you
yeah. I took it back and just blast him with elbows. The back of the head early Battlecade shows were John Lewis would get a guys back. He would. He would just put his leg hooks in the guy would be in like in a turtle position. He got his legos and we're naked. I remember saying telling people before they bad those strikes to the back of the head. I remember saying: rear naked jokes are so not important. All what's important is getting the back control. Put in your leg, hooks in getting good at riding a nugget slipping off and just don't fuckin elbows rear naked choke is is like. If You want to be nice to the guy, you don't even need it. It's totally optional. The game is getting a guy's back and battering him with your with elbows in the back of the head. That's how fights were ending instantly instantly. If those back of the elbow horse tracks were legal today me
UFC's would be a lot shorter. They would be bringing in the prelims, they would have fucking seventeen prelims. You know what I'm saying 'cause, if you factor in all the time someone had someone's back and the fight didn't end because they weren't allowed to strike no, there be short ass fights everywhere. It's true because, like I guess, like medically, it's really dangerous I guess right, isn't that kick to the back of the head, the same thing, no ones jumping up and down for that, but also like how much more dangerous is it then getting your eye socket blown in exactly saw in that Barboza Fight or that Pettis fight with Charles Oliveira God damn damn MIA's, which is what I was saying before. This is what we always wanted from Hixson. We wanted a guy who could do like the kind of Jujitsu that we knew existed out there in the world we wanted to see? get an ma. Where is the man jitsu you'd see like great flashes. Occasionally you get a guy like
Chackaray or someone who's like real high levels, fighting in MMA but the highest level expression of it is. Sky right now. In MA I mean who the fucks got like tighter, better, more world class Jujitsu an anime right now than Damien Mine. It's it's hard to our shock arise right at that was right up. Jungle Ray could do that yeah, so good, harsher when it is Jackery one seven years of one hundred and eighty five he's one hundred and eighty five. Ok, so it's different weight, class yeah but that level is just so it's so intense and so extreme it was along for Damon Merrick is in the beginning. He knew he came misology. Did the background world champion things in Abu Dhabi? He was a elite jujitsu player who got mma and right away like most jujitsu guys and most wrestlers that get into mma. There think it fucked, the worst nightmare, is getting taken out on a stretcher by someone ahead,
that's the worst timer. So let me take care of my striking. They get involved in striking and Damian Maia. He got his footwork. Gather fairly soon, and he was like up there with with Anderson Silva. You know, but he obviously wasn't complete as a striker, you can tell he made a lot of improvements, but he was still at still at a lot of work to do now. Would it seven years later he stuck with it, it didn't quit. He stuck with it a lot of guys. You know, and I'm not, you know knocking them. I understand a lot of guys that did you get to guys the people at the end of may they with that for a year to three and I'm like there's way. Eight too much, I gotta walk to too much fire to get were damn in my as so a lot of top to get the guys would depend and they'll go. You know what this is we need to do all this shit for I'm already known as you Jitsu guy, I'm just going to teach Jiu Jitsu fuck. This animation, with Damian Maia did, is what only A handful of these world class jujitsu players are doing there to fucking walking through the fire they keep going and keep going. They just fucking
don't quit and eventually become legit strikers, like they got eight years of striking ten years of striking under their belt you're a legit now you're, not just a Bjj World champion there. If you stick it out game in my stuck it out, and now man he's got to the point. Now it's it's almost based on his model. It's almost like you take a world class jujitsu player. He wants to do a mini. Ask you, what do you think you would say dude you can hang in there for eight well, there's, no matter how many times you lose you just keep going forward, know that you're going to get shut off a couple times, try to eliminate that as much as possible and just keep going no matter what happens just get to the eight year mark as long as you spent those last eight years, always remaining a student, always learning training, a mother, fucking, ass off and all aspects of the fight remaining open minded constantly adding weapons right out the web no matter what happens when are lose as long as you're in the mix act around the eight nine ten year mark you're going to be fucking, Damian
to be in that game. In my realm right there he figured it out. He kept going and now what time I Damon minds like that, one of the scariest guys out there we weren't doing that as much for five years ago. He stuck it out. He was a word about wins and losses he just kept his head down, kept grinding, pulled and look what happened. He also completely devoted himself to fighting Ju Jitsu. Like he didn't try to be a kickboxer anymore, just training forces just to enjoy as he he he. We did have that phase where he was trying hey it, but if you look at it as a learning, that was a perfect thing for him to do it. Like. Maybe like you maybe in two hundred years are going to look back and based on all these guys. Like Damon my we're going to go. Okay, we need three or four fights where you just stand, no matter what you're just standing. You have to know that you could stand in there. If you have to, we have that we got to go. Tell you can't be trying to take a guy down every God, Damn fight, you got to walk to the our winner lose you're going to get caught. Hopefully you don't get caught. Hopefully you
end up being one of those guys that crushes people like oh shit, stay stand, but you gotta walk through that. Win or lose you gotta walk through that you got to stand with everybody. You can't be afraid you got help. I think that's what George your show was going to get. Georgia is always one of those guys who did you get the blacktop he comes in and he fucking the want to go to the and he's out there in the cage fucking throwing down in these epic wars. He wants some lost some, but you know what You want thing about George, your is he she's look in fury? Yes, he was a feeding, give a. He had a black bill due to too and was willing to stand with anybody. Some people think that was in the best decision, but he had good kick boxing too, though, regardless wasn't standing because he wasn't good yeah yeah in Georgia. Jail is one of those guys. I think if he would have just kept going at this point, you imagine if he would have just kept going. Georgia Zell could have been like a Damian Maia. He could have been just like will, but you gotta have manned the v
the vision to see that chick is a lot of guys. Just let's wait too much. God damn work, brain damage and I gotta kick box fuck head bobbing, again I got shot up. Maybe there's been brazilian Jiu Jitsu world champions that could try to do mma and do the first five fights like three shut offs and they're just getting crushed. I don't want to name any names, that's a good, as you say, you know what let me stick with huge it. You know what I some all time greats yeah. You know this small time to go, got and shoot from Ju Jitsu got an mma only had one or two fights is was like they us yeah and- and what I don't blame them yeah I mean there's a really good look at me. I have never dilemma ma'am. I like what we're talking about when it came to we're talking about women's volleyball like it's weird, what sports become like a couple? It's weird: what sports become a like a sport? We can make money and what's ones don't now like it would be one
Paul if submission grappling by itself. You know became a sport where there was a real obvious transition between, like amateur level, till like being a professional. He now may like getting them a map or it wouldn't even wrestling wrestling. How is it that golf is like this super JAG Santo sports, the media. I understand people enjoy. I don't give you control the media, I'm not a disc golf. I know people love that shit, but how is that a professional sport, but not wrestling like actual wrestling like you, watch like how difficult it is for actual wrestling, didn't sorry didn't make it didn't make it? What about basketball, basketball, basketball, guys have mansions and they live in, but we're both in the Olympics yeah, but no We want to see you you, I only here because we're nice to you. I bet, if got behind right. I bet someone got behind female wrestling, I better be fucking. Well, they tried for
while they had an actual wrestling event with wrestling rules. Remember that who was a professional, I think they called. Real pro wrestling like that, but it was actual God dammit see if you can find out, it was fairly recently like within the last decade or so the problem with with wrestling I see crossing over to the mainstream as big wearing problems in wrestling when transition and the night wrestling it's totally okay. To give you back, like you, give your back to win fights and to prevent losses, you give your except when you see that you see two guys wrestling in the guys, flowers, bat or flat on his face and the guys on his back, we know we've seen too many UFC is to we just know. That is not right, but I think if they made like, hybrid of wrestling in Judo. You could call it no good you because, although wrestling is closer to MMA, because it's no give you know and there's no grabbing
closing and that's closer, but you want give the back so that's fucked up in Judo, yes, further away from the day in the sense that there's a g in the plan toggle or with the colors in the sleeves on that, but when they to take takedown in Judo, they're allowed thirty seconds on the ground to go for submissions, so so some guys get really good at armbars. You don't have to it's like extra. If you do judo- and you know work on our bars you're. Fine. The most important thing is that frontline, what's going to happen in that front line, the in Judo submissions are like gravy. You could be good at some guys are get really good. I'm attaching a okay princes in Judo and when he wrestled NASH, Only in Japan he was known as not of the down Dallas. Those really good, I risk is black budget, but he was known for flying. Armbar in Judo told the unnecessary. What is the rule in Judo like how? How quickly do you have to go to a submission once
scrambling on the ground. I don't know it's specifically or technically. All I know is they give you time for submissions and they allow submissions in wrestling. They don't, but if you find it for the anime for, for the sake of creating the ultimate takedown system directly? For me, I think you would have to go with the NOGI judo style like it's part, wrestling partner, like you, take the rules of Judah Mall with oil in those pants yeah. We got this poor and you allow grab of the shaft 'cause. That's more realistic. You know what the fuck is. This Jamie, would you showing us? Will you show us? I threw around Fox the price list over to. Well, you know what I said: animal video just put up. We just saw what is this like a ferret or something running around this long? It picked up an egg. Take a quick go ahead,
I was like what is Jim show me just like breaking news is a daily zick of virus written for it. I was thing when you talk about the high paid athletes they weren't ahead. They haven't always been a high paid though it wasn't like she could be good question. I mean it's a good point there. Last thirty years, there's been big revenue sharing. I don't know when sports became huge. The I know the Yankees were huge back in the day. You know the old time days. Tv money, I think, is where a lot of it came from right. When did commercial lenders? Football become like the biggest thing in the world in the 50s, when it really bloom start in the 50s it's amazing fifty years ago. That's amazing that the Superbowl is only that. I mean that would say fifty years. Yes, I think the fifty one fifty that's incredible. Fifty five they're not they're, not that deep into it. It's really incredible when you think about it, because it seems like an ex rebels seem to you couldn't pull
out of America like if you tried to pull football out of America. People do like your ain't even merge, and it's only been around for, like a fraction of America is dying, but it's making just as much money as it ever has but the problem with football is now. We know if Fox your head up and I'm sure or the case is the same or similar with MMA and I'm sure, it's the same or similar, with a lot of different high impact, combat sports boxing cake by saying I'm not saying you shouldn't be able to do it, but the the fact that that's our number one sport and sport, we know you're getting lit up all the time Bong dudes are crash into each other bong. Last time we talked about this. Some people sent us some videos of like people playing football. I looked like high level football without pads
yeah yeah, I think that's going on now right, you can drink for you, allow him that, yes, he can drink so yeah, that's interesting them, because I wonder like at what point time they say look it is you know it is just the fact. The game we're gonna get hurt. Let's just accept the fact things are still one of which yeah, let's just six the fact and these gentlemen should get paid a significant amount of money. You know I mean I guess I mean it's just the revenue sharing theirs, but I just look them up real, quick. This really quick baseball, our MLB and NFL both getting over over three billion dollars a year that they're sharing with our players. Who knows how much it is and fighting but well share, isn't baseball's totally different, because baseball you're not getting her like that. The foot.
All things. A totally I mean you obviously have the potential to get hurt. You definitely get hit by a pitch when I was a kid man that was that was his name Tony see that guy that died he got hit by a pitch. I believe he was a Boston Red Sox player and he got hit with a pitch and got really badly badly hurt by the pitch. Tony Conigliaro, that it can easily r e r o r o yeah. That was a big thing when I was a kid like I remember thinking. Well, you can you can get that up by a pitch that you're never the same again for guys getting hit by fastballs was no joke and you have to think what kind of helmets they have it beginning. We have no helmets at all. You know What kind of helmet do they have in baseball like a regular like there almost like football helmets? Now they do once they come up with those they made. Little league
baseball players. Wear him all the time, but I don't. I guess they always made professionals wear helmet. Have you guys talked this out now because then, like hockey there's now there is a and when I was younger, the word players that didn't have to wear moments and there's even guys not willing hockey wear a face mask. I remember that hockey you had it wearing a helmet. May your pussy, or something right in hockey, but and little by little grandfathered in thing. Dude, there's gotta be a movie about that guy, the first guy that wore the helmet and all the q should he got. He must have fucked him. He must had a good excuse, He probably had some kind of head trauma or like dude, I gotta wear a helmet one more hit and I'm a vegetable or I'm from in Ohio. I think it was the first place in an NHL game that someone died in the crowd. 'cause. It puck came flying into the crowd. Yeah little girl died. She got hit by a puck. Oh my god, all around the outside citizens doesn't happen anymore,
but did it happen every now and then catching up a cat game used to be a thing so like a foul ball at the sound flying in and keep your eyes open, because how many people give stuff from fireballs. I always wondered that, like line drives and shed people, I've seen come flying in people's Nobody ever like had serious, like head trauma, broken bats of compliant the crowd to share flying and just yeah anybody get stabbed in the eye with a the bat, a look up there now how many? How often do people get up a baseball games like in the audience? You know a file box like about above and check 'cause. Some of them would hurt them line. Drive foul balls will right through someone's fucking forehead, oh yeah, how about bats they get hit with bats. That's a real scary. The payment don't fucking, put that evil on me. Jamie Varner, video, it's just a picture,
but I don't. Even I don't see it man, but a baseball is a hard rock to rock. With the piece of letter over it is out there all dangers such as consort when ads some of the risk and excitement to it. This is something bad that can happen to know. Did you wouldn't want to get hit in the head with a softball fuck, a baseball yeah? I wouldn't want to get hit in the head with a basketball. You know those flight, they jump in the crowd and land on you and fuck up, not only her closer but like they could break your leg or hurt a person yeah people could we get it 'cause, I'm not stupid and I'm a pussy. Ok, you happy. I don't want to get hit by a fucking baseball. If I went to a baseball game might be able to get an armored knight out of a shield and shit be looking through the shield. You walked out when I said it in Columbus, where I'm from one of the. I think it was one of the first times it happened. A hockey puck went flying into the crowd and it killed a little girl, so they had to start putting nets up around. I think it started
that's where people where people doesn't want to hear that can you put that you put that evil on me James tomorrow? That's cry during movies and stuff yeah, I'm a pussy, anytime, there's a kid good movie, I'm just I've always been very emotional, both up and down very passionately. Yeah, I'm a big fucking, Cryer dude. Are you kidding, I remember being sixteen and I got pulled over by the cops fuck. We were leaving a party me and my friend Willie we're leaving a party he smoked weed. I did not was against weed. I'm. Sixteen were out of fucking high school party that gets broken up by the cops, were fucking drunk or hammered, and I'm driving, I didn't get shit, drunk driving, drunk driving. I should be dead right now. I should told, is all fiction. None of this actually happened, so I'm sitting in I'm sitting in turn on. The car willing sooner
turn on the car fucking cop right here. Just waiting for me comes up like oh shit, I'm fucked up, I was draw He I roll down the window. He pulled us out of the car, I'm uh many crying and shaken. I meant by that. Really I kinda cool like that and I'm crying and shaking, and then the cop pulls out he searches my car and I just telling the truth. They said. What's this cooler back here and I said it's it: wine coolers, because I I drink wine coolers. I was a big push. Everyone drank beer, but I was the the drink wine because I think the case better. I don't care I'm drinking so was I had a cool to fill this wine coolers, because what's in that- and I said wine coolers- I just admitted to him like I've- been drinking- I gotta minute, I'm drunk, I started crying. I was just crying like a fucking little bitch and then he pulls out my ashtray and there's all this Brown Ashton that to this day I don't know what it is and he pulls out English. What is this? I looked at
it's more the marijuana and it wasn't, but I didn't even know what we did. Marijuana look like. I didn't even know because that's read in marijuana in Sweden marijuana. It says I'm crying through all my friend under the bus and it was obviously not weed. And then I don't know turn on some kind of some kind of ash. I was so stupid. I'm crying admitting the cops. Yes, I've been drinking, I'm drunk and that's marijuana and he's sitting there thinking that's not marijuana, but he saying it's marijuana. They were confused. You know what they did. They said getting your car and go home dating arrest me or anything. They said getting your car get the fuck outta. Here I confessed everything confessed, too much. They didn't know what to do with it. I told I was drinking and drunk and they let me go. He told them that something wasn't
It was part when it was upon. They knew it wasn't. Pot, kids, crazy, It's weed. We just saw you and saw just a gang of paperwork. Yes like this is too much work. They let me drive dude. They let we drive, there were so confused. I told him I was drunk and they let a sixteen year old boy drive home. Did they used cool this cop ever. Do they follow you in this? I don't know I just fucking drove home. That's that Peter Parker Spiderman thing, though like what, if the cop, let's you go and you kill somebody You know that story, so it's like it's like. It's really fascinating, because I'm sure Joseph Campbell would say that it's in one of those heroes journeys that he talks about, but in Spiderman Peter Parker who's. This scientist kid gets bitten by this radioactive spider
the gains, super powers and he sort of realized any gains. These superpowers and he's headed tour. His his was his grandparents that he lived with orizont. Uncle was his aunt's uncle and they took they were taking care of her. And along the way he ran into some robber, and he that the robber go? 'cause like this is the story of Spiderman? Yes, she's like this is not my business, the rob for kills his uncle. So he had the opportunity to. Stop the Robert and he didn't do anything his uncle died, and so now he takes care of his aunt and he's fucking Spiderman he's pissed. So he put some mass gonna uses his powers now and stops crime all around. Are they That makes sense. So that's. Why is obsessed with it yeah? This is my fault, my fault, all my fault. If I don't
I stopped him when I could have, but I didn't, and now my uncle Ben is dead. Hey I didn't know the back story. I hate you know mean I've said it several times. I hate superhero movies. I can't fucking stand him, but guess what I'm addicted to Gotham Fucking of the back story of Batman, real, you kidding me, have you seen it now? Is it a show? Is it a Netflix shot? Yes, I'm scared dude, it's the backs. Story of Batman. It's batman as a kid. It's batman on that time. It's all good, ok, I'll watch it and I hate I hate superheroes, but I'm uh all of run. Knowing the back story of all the villains, the Joker, the get all their back store, how it all happened, how it all went down it's so God I fucking love it. It's like the mob runs Gotham City, the mob. Just fucking runs the police, everybody. It's it's! The most co
rocked city ever in the entire world. That's the most corrupt city. Cops! Don't me there's just some mother, you just don't investigate because the you'll die. It's so corrupted, Sol, mom and- and it's basically about him as a kid, but mostly about Gordon Commissioner, Gordon, how he somebody he's like in a bag and the kitties like twelve, but he's a super genius in his parents got killed. He's like a super billionaires. Well, his his parents, the guy, killed right in front of them. He spent his whole I've tried to find the people that killed his parents and that's how it becomes Batman is trying to in Gotham it's fucking good? No, I was thinking wow. You were telling me this. Imagine if you, lived in a world that looked like those fucking. Batman movies. Look like grey and gloomy, and they try to make it super realistic, they're trying to like, like how so these guys. How do they end up in these fucking tights in these out
they're showing how showing happening in the in crime and but what I'm saying is when you watch those movies are try to make it believable, but you know how It's always like gloomy and dark and black like. If you lived in that world, what what kind of happiness do you think? What level of happiness you think, would find a world where it never got sunny. It's all shot like that too. It's all it's real! It's like game of Thrones production, the lighting is every shot, is magical. It isn't like when you watch like the office right shit about the shot you know, but the shot everything they do not like game of thrones. Like everything step, it's not as much of a feature. It's epic like every shot, spend a lot of time on their lighting. It's shot, amazing! It's it's a grape story. It makes a guy who hates superheroes I'm addicted. I love that man I'm in the Batman. If we all
lived in a world where it was that dark and gloomy. I bet we've been be miserable as fuck. I bet it was super hard is super hard for people to to feel good. We're so tuned into wanting that light on our face, it's amazing man to me. You know I started watching. It would never started watching, but I have a friend who's. A like conspiracy, theorists dude, who name is Reid. Dawson is like his. He lives in Japan, some american guy. We just is consider JFK and nine hundred and eleven expert, he spends his whole life on those two That's one and losses due to hang around with a party cause any goes. He goes you wanna know how should really is run as watch Gotham. You watch Gotham, that's how it's run exactly, and I said really. Because that's how it's for I'm watching it going shit, it does so based on money. Everything is based on money. You could just all the money. When you follow the money he's, you know what
I think I met you Michio Kaku is. Is he he's a brilliant physicist, totally right, interesting guy he's got some interesting things to say about a lot of different things. Well, I would say is on show? No, no I've been with him on the Opie and Anthony show those asking about mushrooms. You been on a show with yeah, oh shit. I was calling in man and I just bombed him with some mushroom question. So what is that called in? Maybe he called, and I was there- I forget how it worked. I think it's what you think Mitchell Caucus mostly negative negative, Sir Negative, does not do any drugs, because I asked him the last time on the show sure yeah mushrooms, he said well we're not trying to give our souls brain damage or trying to get smarter was one of those like that man that guys, like a paid science educator right, okay, well, what he does is try to spread science all over the
and when you're in that realm, you need funding for stuff. You need people to green light, your tv projects, you got to avoid criticism at all costs and any at any time your saying that it's probably a good idea, to do certain drugs. That's that's just yeah! You can't anyway, that you can't say. Yes, if you do mushrooms it's it's very possible that you might be in contact with entities rather to mansions, which did he did do me, probably would say, probably would yeah almost anybody. Who's really smart, who does like a dose of DMT, comes back in those ok. What the fuck is that all about he did. He was in this amazing documentary, just a fucking life. Changing documentary called the principle if you seen that no I'm not
block image your cockles and a bunch of physicists like professor from MIT, it's just a bunch of dudes and like route like religious scientists to they have like two or three of that's really, and I reason it's tense called the principal is a recent two years and just like ten dude, like a navigation, Expr physicist, Michio, Kaku and they're all just going back and forth. You know all these astrophysicist cosmologist and she going back and forth discussing space and they give you a time line. It's a high end document to give you a time line of why we believe what we believe about space and flock it is. It will melt your ranging to
the crazy, have you ever heard of the cosmic microwave background. You know what that is the noise that they indicate that they, it indicates the big bang that it's the afterglow of the Big bang right. So I don't know? Do I don't know if this is your the afterglow, the the yeah? It's like israeli action. It's like the big the radiation left over after the big banks, whatever the fuck. That means.
Do you know what is going on about that? I kid lost in the mix, but the crazy thing about it. This is the crazy thing about. I don't know about that. All I do is just watch him. Space documentaries were fed, I used to be addicted to space documentaries and then, when you watch this documentary, your fight and you find out why we believe what we believe and the you know the time line of Tolomei to compound a kiss to cap blur the gala lamb and all that that that that time line of what people thought and believe in everyone is always a battle of all these astronomers study. In there, the lights in the sky. That's all he felt the lights in the sky stunning, because everything goes this way except those wandering stars, and then they figured out those one
during stars or planets, and then from there we go. Okay. Those are the plans because they're, the only ones that are on their own quarters, so they're all trying to figure out is the universe spinning around us or a we spin around universe. That's always the at that's always been at. We think like, like, I always thought they're done back, then they thought they. They thought the the world was the center of the universe and all that- and you look back at that- you really look into unless you know the actual time when it's crazy hearing all the scientists going back there and you hear them explaining what how it all went down you, you go through that whole the whole story of what we think about space and all they tell you they tell you. We don't know shit, we're looking at a bunch of lights in the God, damn sky, you
not telling me that that light, and that light that's two hundred and fifty hundred trillion light years away, how the fuck did you figure that out and you live with? Don't have an explanation for that shit exactly that's what every would you just right now what you just said. That was what everyone's natural reaction, because, anytime, someone says anything about space. You automatically think someone figured it out. You don't know that his name, you don't know the name of the experiment. You can look into it yourself. You just think when someone tells you, how far is the earth from the sun as the old ninety three million miles away. Like you just you, everybody relies on someone figured that out and someone double checked it due to it's mass
science, it's math, but no one really knows you're going on what you read in whatever hit you, for you mean no one like that. We're talking to you, I'm going to bite you measuring this yeah. If I told you, I don't know how they met my told her eyes like a logical method of measurement. Yeah yeah, like you figured someone figured that out. Well, no, I just assumed that if there's a bunch of guys are trying to figure out how to get to the moon and back to Mars a back in the seventies rovers around that should video back. They know how many miles of this yeah they they they've got. It figured out, which I just don't know what the method they use. Someone figured it out. You don't know the guy's name right. There's names of experiments like you can actually look at and you look at. There was an experiment called Michelson Morley experiment to try to prove that the earth was moving so that so they they they. They assumed like that. The space is filled with the
ether. Like that's a dark matter. Maybe it's dark energy, there's an ether. So that's like measure the light waves going through the ether as it hits the earth and then we'll measure it back and we'll be able to tell if there's an ether based on the light going against the ether and with the cuts. Your swimming relative to the ground. You know the swimming against the current. You go one way in which you're going a certain speed, but if you go along the court, or the other way, you're going away faster. It's like that, but they couldn't measure. When you look in when you look into Michelson Morley experiment, the results were we could measure that we're moving at all. So it's always been a debate. Are we moving? Aren't we moving even with Einstein was a debate did like in the fucking, 20s and 30s. They still didn't know you assume yes movie It says right here, a thousand miles an hour, it's rotating, but the people at the top don't even know they don't even know.
But we assumed soon we that somewhere that they know, but it's all guesswork when you, when you watch this documentary, I'm just repeating, shifted when you watch this they're all saying it's we're studying for just that. This is what make out what they found in the cosmic background. They took one reading in two thousand six and one in two thousand thirteen and the one in two thousand and six. This is what the documentaries about all the signs were talking about it and they took a picture of call the cosmic microwave background. It's a picture of all the galaxies, all the way up. And you and they took a picture they did in two thousand and six, it's not a conspiracy. This is a sign dance documentary that I'm talking about I'm not talking about a conspiracy theory documentary is a science dock there at MIT, Well, calculus. What's it called again the principle? It's called out to perfect his principal what they found. This is what they found in in the first reading and they thought there must be a mistake. They must respect until two thousand thirteen, the European Space Agency. They found the same thing and this. This is what the right now because mileage
They don't know what the fuck to do. You know when they found out that microwave background shows did all the galaxies orange on shelves lined up to us that we are at the fucking son. After they don't know. What to think of this is in this documentary. That's what the documentaries about this is uh pull this document Jamie. This is a recent document and there's a lot of controversy going on about it. So who thinks, but who is it that thinks that the universe is in shelves, that's what their analyze They got down there looking at heat in, space, that's what they're looking just heat and all the heat, all the heat is all lined up. Like in shelves- and it's all surround I don't know what to think that's what this documentaries about is in two thousand and six. They go ok, but that must be a mistake. That must be other mistake, so they didn't do it again, till two thousand and thirteen European Space Agency in Paris they had a fucking press conference about it. They it was the exact same thing.
So they don't know what to think right now, right now, cosmology is like, if that's true, if we are the center of the universe? That means everything we've ever taught every every every new is all wrong. So that's where they're at right, that's what the documentaries about! I don't know if it's true that the cosmic microwave background could be total bullshit. That could easily be like a mind game in itself, like they don't know what the fuck. That is what you find out. He got assume that the top astronomers know what the fuck yes so, either way, either way, it's great constantly updating what they know to be true. So it's not like something that is rigid, but but astronomy is one of those things is like they'll release see every time they. Find out something new. Every time they find out something new about a planet. I think it's important to release that information. It's not like. They have like a strict narrative that they have to hold on to so someone comes around and says it turns out that our measurement was in
accurate and the moon is, you know, x, amount of miles further and ways x, amount of tons less than we thought it did or more? You would think that would be a bad thing for science right. There would be just a new discovery with better equipment that nude go, let the new discovery as when it was grown. A lot of the winter viewed on according to Wikipedia for this documentary claimed that they weren't told what they were being interviewed for and meet. Your caucus said that this was likely clever, editing and this bullshit they getting pressured. Also George Ellis said that I was interviewed for it, but they did not disclose this agenda, which, of course, is nonsense. I don't think it was worth responding too, and he goes on to talk more about it. There is counter claims just that this is all little false. It yeah there's controversy going on man, so the guy who produced it, the guy who produced it, the guy produced it.
He put out interview like there's people that are getting pressured. I don't know this is what they're saying I know all the bullshit yeah look at all the things, those the bills documentaries case so juiced up there, so there so juicing they seem so good. They seem so real. You get fired up and then once you get fired up, it's tough to get unfair. Yes, tell Michael a background could be total bullshit. You don't get a total bullshit I've read really recently. I don't believe. I believe that there's been some debate as to whether or not it's an eternal process that there was no beginning or end to the universe. In that, what you're, seeing when you're seeing a big bang is not the beginning, it's just that beginning. It's all theory when you watch this documentary or like
they don't know shit well, they know a lot, but they definitely don't know everything they're looking at lights, that's all they're, looking at their not looking at mass or anything well, they're, just looking things are measuring they going that the galaxy, because the red light is elongated, that's a galaxy and it's seven hundred brilliant light years away how the fuck it sounds. It's sounds like there's a lotta bullshit with cosmology there telling you this there telling. Who is they, though, as a scientist and Michio Kokko he'll say like the Copernicus Princip the one that we live by is that we're insignificant. We mean nothing were a speck in the universe and then there's a geocentric model. That's the heliocentric model that we
around the sun. The geocentric model means that everything goes around us. That's what this is in the Bible. That's what the first astronomers were saying. Tolomei was the first one so yeah we are the center. You can tell based on his observations, everything's revolving around us and then other people came by Copernicus said hot, not based on these observations. This could also the suns going around a we're going around the sun and and then there was a third one. Where were the sound of the suns going around us, but the planets are going around the sun, there was three models and they were all based on observations like dude, just looking at lights, they're looking at light- going to figure out. Ok, are we going around the sun or is the sun going around us? You know and even Einstein's times he has a quote saying that we don't have the technology even approve that the earth is even spinning. They can't even there still a debate. Are we even moving? Are we still do? We have to move 'cause?
Apparently the moon doesn't spend it. It's still. Why wouldn't? Why is it so hard to believe that worse because they haven't improved even at since I'm Nine, I don't know, maybe they did prove the earth- is the center of the universe and we stand still and the universe, spins around us twenty four hours a day. Wouldn't that be nomad, wouldn't that be not to think they're measuring that, though, and I think that what they're saying the Cosmere there. I feel them email me right now and tell her to go fuck myself and then this is a disrespectful conversation files distributorship that could be totally bullshit. We need to get Neil Degrasse Tyson on with Eddie. Bravo yeah! That's what they're saying yeah! I don't know who the FUCK 'cause. They- and I don't know what this I have to watch this documentary, Mitchell Chaku knows all about it he's in it he's in it and then their mother fuckers ' experience you, but everything but shit. If that's true, all the shit we've learned about, senses trash everything even Einstein's theory of relativity- if this is true that goes down, that Copernicus principle goes down, everything goes down about
face everything. Dukes of Hazzard comes back with a rebel flag on the roof guitar the world is up and down cats and dogs living together. Don't you think it's weird that we Ben and the water doesn't fall off the, that somehow magically gravity is just that we dealing with mass on it such a grand scale that, even though it's circular like what we think of as being flat is just our inability to grasp the perspective of uh. Twenty four thousand miles circumference, you don't believe I don't know I mean I don't haven't done experiments on it. I don't know you don't have I don't know just other people. Did it yeah read only with the scientists, I don't believe shit. Other people have done. I don't believe anything positive, Youtube videos. I don't know. I believe that I believe people talking when I when I see their video and they're talking like it's a physicist and he's talking. I like I like that kind of shit. Anything that's written like anybody could have wrote whatever. I want me to see interviews I understand.
Watch the principle your fucking mind will melt. This is not a conspiracy theory, video this I thought it might be. A bullshit video because with Jamie was saying was those people that were in it were saying they were edited out of context and they didn't know the true intention in the movie. I don't Well, you know 'cause, you see it, I'm just. Are parroting. When he's just talking they're just talking about the history of what you think about Dick I'm not really into it, cut to have something about space, I'm not really into it. It's not my thing. It's not you think! Well, how did you get this job hey, it's probably well. I went to school at the university Arizona you know, and they they have this like yeah. It's a problem with. I should know what you learn from that, whether it's true or not, about the cosmic microwave background, whether we're real, whether the universe is rotating around us, and it doesn't mean it doesn't mean what you learn. Is there so many d points of views and everything is just a theory and you learn that they still haven't figured a ladder, shit out that we think people have figured out, but they actually didn't figure out. They still haven't figured out there like yeah the earth spins. We have a pendulum,
fucking. It proves, if you see a pendulum, you prove that it proves that it spins, like re, a pen. Don't you think this is something you should probably really know what you're talking about before you go on these long rants, because I don't know what I'm I don't know what you're talking about. This is a stoner time. I know I don't know what I'm talking about, but this was trying to sort out, but it doesn't take. It doesn't take an idiot to figuring there yeah off right now, yeah they're, going crazy, oh my god too loud Oh! No! It's just! This is not something we should. This is like some. Really dumb dudes, who have head injuries talking about jet LI movies, turn it how they would use that shit turn it off. That's how they don't take that chance rate. You don't think! That's! If it's real, it's fascinating right. If it's real it's life, changing yeah it's real! If all those guys who were in it, they, they were tricked a lot of things now after re I've to watch it. You gotta watch why they said they were tricked, there's a reason they got. That changes everything did a crush. Is it crushes their careers?
Why does it even have to be conspiracy like if you just look at what? What is absolute about space forget about all the measurement like I get all the numbers, because we don't- I don't know when you don't know. I don't know just forget about that. Just just like what they're figuring out now about Mars, mean that they're sending back these images from those rovers and the scientists are debating what this is, what that is. If this is actual, the water at one point in time. If this is some sort of strange, all that for sure is really happening, I think that's all bullshit, you don't they're, really on or fake and everything I fake and faking. I think all that's fake, you don't they they landed on Mars were wrong. It's all fake. How come this is too hard. It's too hard to do they, you know what they've lied so much NASA's lead, so God damn much that I don't believe shy. I see, I believe I don't believe should place, I believe for sure they have shot rockets in space because we can watch it happen and also for sure people died. When they've launched those rockets in Space-
but they definitely have a way to move rovers around on Mars. Now it's not a it's, not a biological impediment. It's not like. They have to keep people like they're, saying if they're going to fly people out there, it's going to take six months, and you know they have to have enough food to stay alive and are and whatever the fuck it did to make sure they don't get hit by micro meteors, they had to put them on the surface of Mars. But that's not a person that you talking about like a rope and looks like Fucking Arizona It's like a red tent. You row because Marcia looks like there's only make Iraqis come on. I think it's all balls anything. We know there's nothing on Mars that doesn't exist on earth that, I mean that's all I mean this is correct. As far as like the minerals that there in the soil or the kind of dirt that they're experiencing, may I think it's different in its appearance in the symmetry, but it could just be that that's what
as without water, look like when you see a real picture of march, you see as a a dot of light right. That's what I understand, but that's what we see but like when you're looking at Mars, right or you're. Looking at the the desert like in Arizona like that crazy desert, the Utah Arizona. You know those rocks and shit all that crazy desert. All that looks so the ones that could be anything if you thought Mars's complexly been run from think again. That could be Pomona. Our warm blue planet is more similar in some ways. I did a desolate red planet than you know. And we have comparison images to prove it out, find out about the actual minerals in and see. If you can find, like the soil is significantly different. I mean the soiled varies all over the place on earth. Right, I mean soils everywhere. You don't think, there's a little tiny chance, small little percentage that they could be faking her. Now I don't, I don't think it's hard to do.
I mean I think it's hard to do, but they've done it. Look. They've already got all these crazy satellite images of earth satellite images, all the way out to Jupiter's moons they've got, that satellite image of that frozen moon. What's that frozen moon, let me see if that's cgi find that we got a picture of a frozen fucking moon I guarantee with cgi. What is the spread is so fucking for the frozen, the water moon. What is it called? No way they could take a picture well, not second man, What is Mars made of comparison of planet Mars, martian soil is the fine blah blah law and differ properties can differ significantly from those on terrestrials terrestrial oil. The term martian soil typically refers to the fine fraction of re. What is it that word right recall, wriggle if regular, if
earth. The term soil usually includes organic content. All that's interesting so because everything's dead is dirt, it's not soil. Huh! That's interesting right, like soil, is a fucking life. That's what people don't think about you ever seen, one of those documentaries do they show the intern Shin between the mycelium and the the roots of the trees and even rocks themselves like how they have this sort of crazy relationship. You Radiolab did this amazing podcast on it man, you know, we think of a tree is being like this, the treats in the ground it's by itself and there's another tree over there, not they're all connected like in some crazy superhighway of give and take they give each other sugars and minerals, and the mycelium actually claims to rocks and pulls minerals out of the rocks, and they all exist together in this crazy ecosystem. It's an amazing, podcast man. If you listen to it it's a mind,
blower it's it now, they might get all that out. They actually have seen these things under the microscope. They're, showing these things that these things exist in a just, a small area you'll find miles and miles of this bike, sort of fungus, growth and fungus. Apparently the week's explained to me it like we see like mushrooms, mushrooms, art like a plant there closer to a person in the article plant, mushrooms, breathe air wait a minute. You just said: mushrooms are closer to a person in a plant. Then they are a plant. The more like a life form they're more, like they're, they're, weird band. You believe that mushrooms are weird, so weird grow, it's some sort of a living thing that doesn't move, but they interconnect in some strange way with all the plants around them and become like a highway system. Even this with
this. In this podcast they were talking about how they find a tree. That's like specifically bb and they channel resources to that tree like that, like some sort of a way that these plants are communicating with each other, either just struggling to understand right now. They really don't know what the fuck they're doing they just know that something is happening and that we may have looked at plants as being these inanimate things are these things that lie that they live, but they don't have any awareness whatsoever of their surroundings. Now they know that they can play the sound of caterpillars chewing leaves around plants, and these plans for research release at Cox in that makes their leaves taste like shit to discourage predation. No, the eat. They can get any spray on him. They ran out of spray. What do you mean the ones that the bugs do eat is probably the ones that
they probably don't spray, the only one. This is not a real as they don't use real bugs for this. They take the sound so where it's fucked up, they take a recording, caterpillar eating leaves and they make the recording go off next to the tree, and the tree starts using those chemicals somehow or another. It's taking in the sound waves cuz, that's all they are of a caterpillar eating leaves and it's causing the leaves to become more bitter. Eventually, there's going to be one plant. That knows it's a trick and then Umbreon evolve. And then you got to change the systems. Well, yeah, I've! All the animals going to starve to death like they did have problems where anime eat eat upstream from other animals. So if a bunch of animals are eating the sound of the animals eating that plant gets into the system and believe the so bitter and the animals won't eat the leaves and then
wind up, getting sick and dying. And here's where kids trap, what what would get sales were a plan, though the animals they get sick and die because they don't eat they starve to death, because that the plants taste like and he's like shit. Damn there's a war going on right under our nose and we didn't know here's where it gets really. Weird that plant that they're talking about the does all this that's the acacia plant, that's the plant, those Jerusalem scholars think might be DA, t it might be. What Moses saw when Moses saw the burning bush that became God like that was God was communicating with them. They think it might be the acacia tree, because the acacia tree is rich in dimethyltryptamine and the acacia trees tree that when animals are eating it upstream, the ones downstream, they change their taste they smell it or they hear it or somehow or another, the become aware through the ground that the ones Uphill Hill are getting eaten, so the
it taste like shit and animals start starving to death by the way? Some of that may not be true, but I believe it is according to the Radiolab LAB Podcast, I believe, is true. You never know pay. Trans AM dime dime piece after a cage fight, it's worth a that's, that's a that's an easily sell
America and she she fucked up a tattooed chick from another country that strong, you know yeah and she fucked her up with a jumping. Roundhouse kick to the face dancing with the stars: food style, revenge of the hotties this boom. She did one to the body there. Oh look at that combination there. It is whoop Paige Vanzant number ten. Now what do you think she is now after this calculate seven right? She is the big jump. That's a scary division! The top the top's got that mother fucker she's. Probably gonna start acting doesn't make a page Van Zandt. She certainly could she could quit right now after that fight on Fox. That's a big deal to have that fight on fox.
Powerful patrons at super marketable real nice girl to that's a good opening line for like a hot chick excuse me you're, very marketable She super marketable girls in this porn. You marketable a girl poor guy in this sport you're in the sport for two reasons right, you want to be competitive for sure. But two is you want to make a fuck? go to money and get out while you can- and she was even say when she realized she was doing dance with the stars did an interview recently or she was talking about. You realized how much money other athletes make in comparison to fighters and she wasn't complaining- she was just saying like I'm still blessed, but you know this is the UFC pays more than a job I've ever had in my life, but man you find out what some athletes make other sports, but s the way it goes. It's just the way for the this sport is in this particular period of
development and eventually the money will be there, but not for people to say it's just the way. It is it's going to be there for her, though dude it's for sure, going to be there for one look at how she's laughing she's haven't missing their own kick. But what's funny is right after that he's like what This is a crazy kick man this, like some Lyoto, Machida type shit. That's a highlight reel kid and his brother, the ultimate his brother, fought in Bellator event. So how did he do he's? Got some serious, striking nasty karate duty threw an uppercut clip the guy one, one uppercut and he fights just like him You know it's like fencing, like a fencing stance. He looks. Jed he's been hurt over the last few years. He was you know, he's been working on is Emma maker for awhile, but he's. Thirty six right, three thousand eight hundred and thirty eight is striking, is left yeah. I watched him fight
in something else might have in their rfa. Would he fight him before this artifact artifact yeah yeah? I saw him fight now. He looked real good. He does look a lot like Lee. Go to like a lot of the way he moves. You you know was thinking to me meant it was something I was thinking when I was watching a fight in the early days I was like man would grind, it is to get into mma. You know you get these guys that are really good at a sport and they get to a level. Is this him here? Oh wait a minute. I saw some highlights of this online yeah exactly likely Ottawa confidence and he moms did they both learn from their dad. Seattle combo, he did that another time and really, I think he put that on his butt with it. Damn chinzo looks good. I wonder why the UFC didn't sign. Him seems like that would be a good signing. You know sign this guy.
Bellator looked really good, but you know what a guy like this you know have a few fights in Bellator. And then maybe the UFC will bring him over just like they did with what's his name will at. There is no well, of course, Eddie Alvarez for sure, see that, but recently cut damn I wanna blinking as name he just one. He just beat somebody I didn't. I didn't call the fight, though. He was Bellator's champion at one point in time. Yes, thank you, sir. Thank you, Sir will Brooks yeah well Brooks just came over from Bella. It's like You know they're going to probably exchange stuff back and forth now, Rory's over there. Roy Mcdonald just signed to Bellator. Do Roy Mcdonald versus Michael page
holy shit. I'm in I want to see that fight. That's an interesting fight. I think that good competition is good and I think that good competition like like Bella, tore. I think it's good for MMA, it's good for the UFC Good for business. It's good for business, isn't it! I agree. We need a bunch of organizations. You know, there's some there's an a large potential for growth in this sport. Bella Trust, probably number two right now for sure who's number, three, probably one fc I mean I don't know it would have to be well. You know, world series of fighting does have some really good fight, there's but doesn't get another enough love for some reason. That's kind of interesting right, It's on NBC Search, Titan, two yeah, but like world series of fighting has Fitch, they had Paul Harris until they kicked him out, kick shield. They have J,
shields. They got Marlon Marise, who is a bad mother fucker they got just engage you who's, a bad mother fucker. They got some good for they had Tyrone Spong. I don't know if time runs spawn is still doing. Mma, though I think Taiwan Spong might have decided to go to straight boxing he's doing really well and straight boxing. It's gotten nasty hands, man. You know, and he said Alan job on font. No, no, no he's much larger he's a wise. I guess essentially he's a light heavyweight if he was an MMA fighter, but he could fight heavyweight too. He's fought eating spots are pretty big boys I would like to know what what wait he fights at I would. I would imagine it would be in the two 20s or something like that What's the latest with Mark Hunt, you know he's out he's been protesting about Brock Lesnar's test. Is he so bomb? and he's really pissed right, yeah, it's a bummer for him. You know because that stuff that Brock tested? For I mean it's not like it's
really a steroid- is something that helps you bring your body back after your endocrine system shuts down. Obviously I'm not a doctor, ladies and gentlemen, don't take my word for this. Eg is clomiphene. I believe it's called. I think that's what they released. What that stuff is an estrogen blocker and it helps your body produce testosterone and it could, you know, could be taken it for legit reason or you could be taken it because you need your body to re. Kick start it's testosterone after you overdosed it. You know, shut the
falls down. So that's the real concern with people here that someone was taking an estrogen blocker like ok. Why? Apparently, the John Jones story which Red Band predicted hilariously, is boner pills. China would predict that boner pills, because red band is taking those boner pills a bunch of times. They said. Do this definitely steroids in them? They make you like crazy. He's like there's a bunch of shit in there who knows what's in there. I teach is by these gas station boner pills, and that's what Brian said, and I said what makes you think that he was like well, because he likes to party right, like Jon Jones, tested positive for coke. He was like people that like to do coke. They want to take like boner pills too your dick hard. I'm like, oh, my god, he nailed it. A monkey nailed some good csi shit right. So we should be an investigative reporter.
Crack the case and he was right. It was broken how people going to forgive Jon Jones, like those are just boner pills, and that's ok, right! Well, there was even talk about how long the suspension would be for Brock Lesnar. It's all weird man, it's really weird and here's another thing about like things like Bellator. Somebody brought this up online on Twitter of Weather, Bellator gets tested by Usada, and I don't know the answer to that. I don't know what they test or what they test. I know people have tested positive for some shit before at Bellator, but I don't know when- and I don't know what commission, but I do not imagine in any way that it's as stringent as the test of the UFC does right. It's not working
here's. The view like Bobby Lashley does not pass the smell test. No, no, don't fence Bobby! You live a hell of an athlete, but that looks like you guys or one fifty eight. They were tested by the Mohegan Department of Athletic regulation for okay testing. Okay sets mode MO, he
in son. There must be where the casino is so they probably have their own athletic commission and you know who knows what methods they use and who knows whether it's just a post fight test like they used to do in the UFC and a lot of guys had figured out how to crack the system. I don't know who it's a good question. Who knows it would be an interesting choice for people that wanted to wanted to get some help. You know didn't want to completely jump into this new school of constant testing feel like how it just test me after the fight and just will just work this out in camp, how 'bout, Nate Diaz pulling out that vape an and the press conference didn't that Bettig balls Shit's gangster, so I don't even think he thought he was doing anything wrong, so Cbd oil PAN, he probably didn't realize most people just can't they can't make the distinction between C
the oil and pot. You know that C b do us to some the do. I take that everyday, just as anti oxidant anti inflammatory, yeah well cbt wheels now you're, taking of plus or taken out and there's been lots of reports of success taking the Cbd oil when you're out of any kind of cancer. You know they've been they've been good start one one. I just take it before. Just maybe as a preventative, and you know can't hurt yeah, that's well from a lot of BO report, good results with it. You know, and it's it's supposed to be really good for pain people. How crazy is it that you know we have a state like Colorado and there's other states to like Washington and Oregon now, but there's states where it's like. It's like it's like going to Amsterdam. Colorado is like abstract, but then we got another
so they're going to Washington answer, then we gotta organ Amsterdam, but Colorado is that's, probably the most famous state for legalizing recreational use. How crazy is it that we're living in a world like that do to change their whole economy change their economy? Denver is booming. It's like a gold rush. It's like, they found gold, it's green skyscrapers everywhere. Is it like that? Well, the real state is gone up by a significant amount. Last time I heard it was like fourteen or sixteen percent like the real estate prices have gone up. Drunk driving is the lowest. It's been in decades violent crimes, lowest it's been in a long time, is crazy man. It's weird! It's weird people, less instances of teenage drunk drunk driving, getting pulled over with booze lot of less instances of tea, majors, getting families from all over the world uprooting and taking their kids that I seizures twenty a day they're taking him in starting a new life in Colorado and the kids are having their down to one seizure a week.
Maybe even less, maybe even last yeah. That's a big point in one of them is buddy in kids. You know my friend, Johnny Johnny Rotten, remember, Johnny, Johnny's kid He had a some some real issues and the cannabis oil and eating hash and, like, like you, saw the documentary with they had that kid or that a news report, rather with the head that kid who was, he was having some seizures and they don't know what to do and they were like at their, fast rope and they tried cannabis is charged. Given this kid Charlotte's web was in like a mango, they would give it to him and like pieces of fruit or a melon or something like that mean this. Kid is completely stopped all over seizures and it's apparently really really really effective for that yeah, so anybody out there that if you know anybody with kids that have seizures and that there on the medical and is the whole shit load amount there. There is hope for them. Got to move to colorado- or you know you Get you just get it.
You stay where you're at and just get it anyway. You can you know to save your kids life or you can move, but there's a place. You can go Colorado, Washington, Oregon. You can take your kids seizures or the kids that you know, relatives whatever you could take him to once a week, maybe once every two weeks that that those are the results, I'm hearing, yeah and there's also other parts of the same country that we live in right now, where, if you took that same medics and and you got caught with that, you go to jail, a guaranteed, go to jail. There's a bunch of stupid spots in this country. They're, not bad. People does operate, not bad old ideas and they think of themselves as being good people- and I bet in your head- and you are a good person, but if you're enforcing marijuana laws in two thousand and sixteen you're on the wrong side, you're on the wrong side. It helps a lot of people with a lot of shit and if somebody's trying to get their kid, some medison
and you were trying to stop them and lock them in a cage, and this is a medison that grew out of the ground. You're. Out of your fucking mind here operating on some old voodoo schedule, one drug and how about the Dva wouldn't change it. They wouldn't change the classification. Maybe Hillary is going to do it when she gets in. Maybe they made a deal let's make We change we get in, let's hold on our cards. Ok, we're going to get in. This country is in some serious trouble. Jesus Christ were going to make a new system Jesus fucking don't want it, they don't wanna. Do it so obvious system so obvious that it's rigged I mean when you got Hillary and Trump, that's righ, fucking city right there there, flaw in that manner trying to hold onto it as long as they can so ragged. It's going to be interest, you see how much longer we can continue to have a country that operates like this about that election fraud, shit that happened in California with Hillary and Bernie Sanders. It's like viral
as soon as that happens Boom Orlando Bam. What if we elation what's been proven about order fraud, as in anything been proven? I don't know I didn't read at it's, not something she it's not something that I'm that shocked where I need to know of it, and some like it's like telling me that some poor, some other dude. I'm not going to. I need fuck video, I'm like it would just be nice. I would just be nice and make sense. It would just be nice if you couldn't get rich running the government, If you know what I can be nice, if you just you know, there's no way you could do this to get rich is can't do it. I think that I mean if Jesus there's, no there's no, there too many too many people are just there with it. They just got him on that media. Dick. Do that media there's just no way around it. I mean there's a there's, a quote that I posted on Instagram from Jim Morrison. I am sure he didn't make it up,
and so so those who control the media control the mind that says Jim was that a bunch of gold was I'm sure it was but that I thought into me that isn't I mean that's. That's everything yeah. I know it's true, but the thing is today, hey, isn't the medias like boy? What a slippery grip they have on it? It's seems so slippery to Maine. They got it all under control. 'cause, there's like but I feel like this everybody's. The media now like there's so many different, access is something different points of access. They still trick him all day, still checking him all day, look. We got Hillary lunch. James hansen- wouldn't this be- this- could be someone's main source of entertainment, slash news in this: we would be their media and how would we be tricking them by? What we're trying to do is we're actually trying to tell the truth like we're trying to get to the truth usual What you see in the media has an agenda behind it. I guess I still keep talking. I don't have
an agenda, I'm not making money off conspiracy, theory money. You know, I mean there's no agenda here, so conspiracy, theorist, no matter how and by the way the CIA created the word conspiracy theorist to demonize like people that are against the establishment. So that's not a conspiracy theory. The word conspiracy theory make. People seem like ten hat full ten foil hat wearing a wackos, but anyways. You know when you look at the motive like what's the motive behind in a conspiracy theorists, no matter how paranoid you are the most. Now annoyed worst case scenario, type people when you know you know some people more paranoid than others and they jump to more conclusions than others, but all conspiracy theorists they have one thing in common they're not trying to do they're worried about their family, their health. You know even if this paranoia. Maybe they go too far. It's it's! What's it's! What's in the heart, we're concerned about the p
and what's going on and how were being fooled and where we're headed and where were led and all this bull shit, that's going on in the world were concerned with that the people on the other side they're, not concerned with that. All the people in power are not concerned with the right thing, they're concerned about one thing and one thing only keeping as much hours they can for as long as possible? No matter Lucy conspiracy thought I love it. We're talking about someone id like to go over. You know like I was I was at all I was having a customers. I was having a conversation about Alex Jones with my my buddy right Dawson and things like that. He just too paranoid he just he just it's too crazy. Just says the craziest things out just like yes, he as I know him. Personally, yes, he maybe a little more turn slash paranoid he may be, but that's why he's Alex Jones he so paranoid about shit- that he dedicated his life to try
And to get information out and some of it's wrong, some of it's right, you know, know conspiracy, theorists, it's all theories based on mostly circumstantial evidence is not like wrote, real evidence. We just light weight. I mean you've got you guys done this before, and you've done this for for Evers LAW, and it seems like it's happening again based on that base. Based on this yeah, you guys are probably still doing this shit. You know it's still there ain't criminals uh. Oh, it's all good. Now all they used to do after fifty years. It's easy to prove a conspiracy theory when we talking about exactly, though we're talking about, we were talking about. Oh Alex Jones, right. So what it? What do you believe that it doesn't matter that he's so parent ideas have to be right about everything is sometimes used to parent about bomb time. Alex Jones is right, his heart in it. I know one thing about Alex Jones he's
not a shell. He for really not a shell. He maybe he stays away from certain subjects. You know, maybe maybe he does. But overall the message is is well. He certainly don't buy into this game. This game show that that were being fat don't buy into the yes, it's that's what's going on, so I mean unless, unless you're sitting me sitting here telling me, you believe what you see when you see someone speaking in CN, I believe with Jamie says: do you think? Do you think he believes everything he's saying what is in malice Jones? Just will not there's people on ESPN that there's no way they believe everything there. So they used to be on ESPN. I should say no way they believe everything they're saying, because it's contradicts itself when looked at what it mean guys in slack CNN broadcasters on ESPN Espn, just guys talking about yes, yes, something very salacious and two days later say something that contradicts itself but they're, just doing it, because that's their job
and they're paid to talk all day long, of course, I agree with all that in that turn, in other people like that are also paid but Alex you have a better job. This is completely independent, like I've known Alex literally for I hate literally, but I've known him since ninety nine and he's always been like this, and he's been doing himself doing. His radio show and doing now is internet show my point that he's getting paid yeah yeah, he's gonna believe honestly that dude had a fucking insurance job. He will still be talking about this stuff. He talks this is a real conspiracy theory got. You could be at a Honky, Tonk BAR two hundred o'clock in the morning. The black helicopters in the cattle mutilations are connected. And you can't have one without the other he's got so. But the crazy thing he's not he's when you listen to him talk is he did he? He knows his shit he's not some toy times exaggerates on some shit like Y2,
hey, exaggerate. Another lot of people thought she was well it's coming to an end. To this we got a real one. Example is one example. There was a problem, though, when you have a business of doom you're, always looking for doom, like that's your business, Well, if you're selling doing we gotta look for doom is not these not write. A lot is about a lot of things like he was right. A bunch of shit that no one ever thought about that now, we think of as because of Edward Snowden, we think of just as a part of the problem. He was. He was talking about worldwide surveillance of emails, females and text messages and he was talking about that? Oh yes, serious connections on the inside he's got sources. Did he won't reveal their name he's getting a lot of information? It's proven right. He knows that were. Living in the God, damn matrix. So you believe the thing that burns the most super smart people are really smart and they just They know the people running shit are
controlling us to the Bing know this, but when, when it comes down to any topic they side with their word. The criminals were that's that that burns me more than anything Is you know that criminals? You know they, but are you going to side with them you're going to believe them? You know it criminals. They have to prove everything. Maybe some things are saying are true, but I'm going to leave you I'm, like. I don't believe shit. You say just like some fucking liar that you know some dude at the comedy store. Some duty just lies about fucking everything not going to believe, even though some shit is telling you might be true, you, like you're gonna, have to prove all that shit 'cause fucking lie about everything you lie about where you from you were never a wrestling champion, you didn't fucking, oh no god. Damn Charlie, your fucking liar. Why am I going to believe anything? You say: that's what's going on, so I think we should, when it comes conspiracy theories we should we should. We should always be at least skeptical of the official story, then maybe true or maybe not, but
I mean I wish Brian Callums here right now, and I will put I in him in a bag, says Mister official story, and you guys could duke it out. Do that. I just I said enough just like we're done, question everything yeah at a certain point time. We can't keep talking about this. Uh, would you think about some other fights that were happening recently, how about Janice here this way, UFC Fight stressed here this way this conspiracy swamped at what he does all into done, and that's just it's nonproductive. The problem with that is not yet open people's minds. It's not it's not always right It's not always right. There's a lot of stuff, that's getting when I try to get everything right, yeah, but it's a giant quagmire like if
start chasing down whether or not the CIA created Jim Morrison like that. Shit takes a lot of time and hours and hours of speculation and thinking it's not worth it. Just like very, inter smoke, a joint enjoy the music. It's very entertaining. If you feel like it's like it's almost like an open, ended puzzle that you play entertain. People are into game of thrones totally, it's not real at all. It's a made up Astoria, but all they get. I want some made up, but they don't want to watch like a documentary like a conspiracy documentary- maybe maybe not true, may be exaggerated, but God damn it's really. It's close. This is the truth, and maybe it is true, but no we're going to watch that we want to watch total fake shit. I just want to make sure it's all say the total fake shit, at least like I, don't feel stupid 'cause. I know that it's fake I'm enjoying something I'm not being watched. Conspiracy theories as it's probably fake, but who knows
there. Maybe there's a little truth in man. Some of them are fun to know my favorite. One, though, was the one where the dude thought that, through his rods flying around turn down just away cameras that can move faster, that conspiracy theory Tent last, at all proof that can there's was rock mother. A let's rob one job in hot. Do is drop. No, no says that they're stuck with that it was, I think we saw that was it. We have doesn't dropped that guy came to one of my fucking QA's. They did with the UFC. People still believe. That is the guy who made the documentary. I think his name is Jose S. Camino no gentleman is a fine gentleman. This is not a bad man at all, but he came two one of the UFC things and he things waited in line to ask me a question and he yelled out the products that I have the documentaries us. See. Ok, we saw it like two thousand and two that monster Quest show is what fucked in Mount did you know that
I was at monster Quest, show that show that they were doing for the history channel, I think with their congregating monsters. Now this is what happened. Monster Quest did an experiment, on one side, they used a high speed camera that does like, like very high rates of frame frame rates, and it could film, like slow motion shit, so you see like every pic. So it looks perfect. You know how to do that, those slomo cameras. They could film at a very high rate of speaking really come, and then we saw that there are distros and then next to it was a shitty camera and the shitty camera couldn't capture it. Quick enough so everything got elongated, so the image got blurred an elongated and it looks like tubes were flying through the sky. Two cameras side by side captured completely different things. One of 'em captured super obvious, bugs. I think it's slowing down in slow motion. You can see the bugs- and it would literally crossover into the other camera and turn into this too, because it was just moving too quick. So it's an artifact. This is, what's called, so that was a conspiracy theory that last there was hot for about maybe
Three years, then we even we were into it. I don't really get high watch, you shit, put their foot in aliens flying around everywhere we thought those were aliens. They were alive. They will look at these things. They were invisible, snakes number look. We were convinced that there's there's no twitter back, then they would have it would've kept. Bringing that shit up so stupid. That's proved that if we get to punk proof but we're not like married too, I'm not married to that but like it's impossible, will do it. You can't see it with your eyes and you need a video cam to see it wo. We were thinking that, like science, hadn't discovered, then went, but then you know one time we were like where the dead ones where's all the dead. These things like flying fish, live forever. What, if it's free, I'm going to going to relive rods? Maybe maybe that monsters thing was a bullshit and I don't think so. I'm pretty sure it's really broad guide, but she imagine if you
poor dude made that documentary and you've got all this money invested in those rods. I never hear anybody talk about rod. No they're done when did come up to me and say hey if you the conspiracy theory, where there's no forests weather this conspiracy theory with a small forest, look into it? No forest? I love these things. I'm, like I don't know what that is. Really I didn't even look at. I watch thirty seconds. 'cause someone in class told me, Ziggy came So have you heard that conspiracy theory about Nowego Watt then I went home and I put no forest and I was thirteen seconds I just stopped it. Have you seen the one with this due to the dinosaurs? Aren't real? Have you seen that one that I don't advanced, I don't know, I don't know, that's like some other shit where I'm like. I don't believe I don't believe any science. I don't believe in fact the only science, I believe is you rub too.
Mix together and there's fire. That's other than that, so you gotta prove that just like a boy scout knowing ignore that shit, all you gotta just tobacco science. What about that? You think that shits gone I think tobacco science is gone into stronger than ever. That's the one of the weirdest thing was tobacco. Weird things that politicians don't talk about? If you really stop and think about all the threats they talk about to this country and the people in our health and they'll even discussed bugs, but alcohol kills way more people than illegal drugs. And for sure cigarettes kill way more people than alcohol, and so you'll Casiana Lee here a politician discuss underage drinking drinking and driving, but will they ever discuss abstinence like and professing their hope for abstinence?
No way you may now from what I call for alcohol at the two okay. If they live with their, never gonna propose that right, they're definitely never gonna talk about cigarettes. Cigarettes is their dirty friend that murder. This is John Elephant in so they get a dirty for, and that kills five hundred knows that's in the clear example of why you should be. Conspiracy, theory that is right there, that is an absolutely fascinating conspiracy. That's a fascinating! That's been. They said. No one says show in your face: no, no one even talks about nobody talks about you know what any time that, when a boy I'm on board with you know was there's got to be some money in there somewhere this. This is I'm guessing. I know this. I know that sometimes greed, Greed will actually result in something beneficial to mankind, sometimes it it does in one instance, seat belt laws, seatbelt laws, it looks like God was trying to take care of us and they really were concerned with our health. But when you look
Did the seat belt law and the helmet law for motorcycles in California? It was the in turns companies paying, after all, that the bill because they thought it was cheaper. You know what, if you did, if you got an accident, you weren't wearing your seatbelt. You turn into a vegetable, your expensive all those accidents with no seat belt. Work on sting. These insurance companies gazillions villians. It was better to make him wear seatbelts. Then it was is expensive to pay for these bills. They don't they don't have as many vegetable bills and overall it makes sense so that when you find that out. I'm just get in here, when you see those tobacco commercials were that I seen the latest tobacco commercial at some, some African, looking girl who's like she's, wrapping, poetry, no music, and it's all like being super uh. St Jean in he's alley you she's, like you know, I
Do is just go out there and do my thing. I can a smoke I going to do that dang, you know just like stupid rap, not stupid rap, but just not I take that back it was amazing rap. It was amazing word, but it was all about not smoking. I'm cool, I'm not going to smoke from who come in the street YO, I'm just guessing, I'm just guessing it. I bet if you look into that at the same thing, about the insurance companies have figured out that I diseases from smoking are expensive. His flock we got to stop this. This is crushing us. That's me guessing I don't know, but do they really care if we smoke, but no, why is this on and must be some? You must be able to follow the money. That's me guessing, but of course, I'm wrong with this. Definitely billions of dollars and cigarettes think about people the day they buy so many cigarettes over the world to shut that business down. She got a real problem and there's a lot of people invested in that business.
This distribution companies there's people that make those things. There's people that, like those things you get him the dark market, they're going to figure out a way how to get him. The dark market, the black market, but you can't make things illegal 'cause. You can't tell people what they can and can't do. If somebody wants to smoke cigarettes, they should be allowed to? But it's just real weird that the government professes to care about us but doesn't bring up this one thing that kills a half a million people every year in this country alone, millions millions worldwide, one cool thing: that was another law: the cigarette law, where you couldn't smoke inside that was one of those fucking laws that was beneficial for humanity, but was rooted in my now it just. It just turned out that it was actually a good thing for us. Helmets are good thing. Seatbelts are great thing, you don't people like people, people that say
I don't want the government telling me. I have to put a seatbelt on. If I don't want to wear a seatbelt, I go dude. If you don't wear a seatbelt, you get an ax and you turn into a vegetable, your fucking you're, going to have people that you love that I have to wipe your ass. You want to put them to put a fucking seatbelt, so then I had to wipe your ass dude. You know what I mean care you're such a mean yeah. You know what I mean about yeah. No, definitely so it's safer to wear a seatbelt for sure safer to have a very big sturdy car. You know there's a lot of savers. You know most likely, but I it's it's some. It's it's weird, because I'm a believer that people set personal freedom. She will do whatever you want, but I think the when it comes to like young kids. There, too likely to do stupid shit if you allow them to and cars it's a it's a one mistake: stupid shit, you fucked up for life is not worth it. We should enforce it and then
we can, but that's sort of the same way I feel about cigarettes like we should kind of figure out how to enforce that. Like that's, not a smart thing to get involved with. Would you be opposed to a lot that made it illegal, no illegal, no, no, no, no, the something off eagle to be paid to paid all day to go out and and and us a spew propaganda on a certain subject. You would you vote on along with you has a lot to make that illegal. What do you I'm illegal to pay someone? my live show got to live on. It should be illegal right, especially if it's a guy with a lot of thanks yeah, if it if it was a serious crime to get paid to get on and spew propaganda. I think everybody would say yeah. I should be really legal. It should be really illegal.
The company to pay someone. So if you were going to do that, that would be some underground black market shit. We're going to give you an envelope with fucking two thousand dollars. I need to get you in the fucking. Here's the online you that I ip address you got a run. You know It's gotta be super illegal to do that right, okay, it's too easy because everyone's talking about all the internet, there's so much information out there. We can find the truth, but also it works against you. Yes, you can find the truth, but you can also get strategically flooded with misinformation strategically and that's companies are doing they will strategically hire people to sway opinion and then and then put it under science, daily dot com or sign. I haven't done one like that's, been confirmed that that's been done with climate climate change. Seen that documentary merchants of doubt? It's really interesting. It's about a bunch of guys who get paid and they, coincidentally, this two subjects are actually connected. They
get paid for going on. These talk shows and disputing the the fact that cigarettes are addictive. Let's see kids cause health problems, they would dispute these things. He shows that from like they were doing it like the 70s and the 80s tobacco science, and so then, these guys from then then went to climb. It later in life, the same people are trying to debunk climate change and they have these things. Where they'll They'll show the same people that were involved in trying to debunk cigarette, causing cancer and being addictive the same exact people trying to say clean. It changes just cycle, it's just the way it is. It's always going to be. This way do do you? Do you think that is a sign that something fishy is going for sure, of course, this is a basic detective show well and they're using these what's going on June, you guys are talking about this I'd. Google would put the propaganda been being less
I thought you were talking about Mickey Rourke. Don't have Mickey plan on two screens he screaming at people. They keep shutting Mickey Roarke yeah, who wrote this article. That's make mark. Have you seen a mailing he's? A he's gotten very weird: congressman seek to lift propaganda band happen in the Nda, but Michael Hastings is the one. Was right all my God propaganda this little six hundred foreigners can now be aimed at Americans reversing a long standing, something something something to score a Circa three years. What he said about it comment, cons, call the Smith want modernization and the new gives the sweep. The new law would give sweeping powers to State Department, Pentagon's push television, radio, newspapers, social media on to the US public. It removes the protection for Americans as a penny.
Official with who is concerned about the law. It removes oversight from the people who want to put out this information. There are no checks and balances. No one knows if the information is accurate, partially accurate or entirely false, It's so crazy that is so fucking crazy that they just try to make bills where they will out and out lie about things like faster for dealing with terror is to create a feeling of toll imbalance in this country like whether or not it's effective or not like as far long term strategy for freedom. It's one of the worst ideas ever to say. We as your elders, your daddy and mommy of the government, we're going to look over you and we're going to tell you about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, and we We're just going to make shit up we're going to make shit up for it all up and we think we should be able to because we know better than you because we were elected, allegedly that's what's going on,
you have the information that Bravo and I don't believe that. But if you dot com, shit, look at that. They got the truth there that it's right there, it says science. Did you see what happened with that fucking doctor drew show. Doctor drew talked the other day about Hillary Clinton having a brain injury. He talked on tv and what her brain injury was and dangerous, it was what she was taking and he didn't agree with her treatment and they cancelled. His fucking show cancel this fucking show doctor drew so cancelled days after host gives negative speculation, about Hillary Clinton's health. Are you shocked or something dude? Now people are dying. All the time did you know. Did you know during saying like this? Is some wide open shit? You know how many astronauts died in nineteen sixty eight two, eight and two more in sixty nine. What happened when they doing on flying into space
accidents. Did you imagine getting that number? Please recognize. These are guys that were going. What do we practice there like taking him through the drills gone? Wait a minute from the guy who hung the lemon. You know all about that shit. Did you know. Eight fucking died in one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight eight eleven total eleven astronauts dead. Three in the fire that that happened in the capsule during testing and then a car racks up a random plane accidents hi all guys that were saying we are not going to the God damn phone- I I I understand what you're saying, but as a voice of reason or is the the skeptical voice. I would like to know I'm not saying one way or the other, but I would like to know what the numbers for astronauts normally Arandi in TEST pilot in rockets and shit I mean I'm not saying that they didn't that dude's family still believe they whacked him that dude from the guy who hung the
the lemon on the lamb that would fuck with the one inspector the NASA inspector that was going to the testified in front of Congress. Congressman said. Listen. This is we're not going anywhere. He got suicided. He parked his train, a track with his family or parked his car in a train track with family in it. Now that doesn't seem that doesn't seem fishy to push fucking for summer. I think we're seeing that everybody like wait a minute. I pushed a lot of that stuff just out of my head My company want to deal with it anymore because it was so frustrating the a lot of the that's going on right now we have K stuff go over the J, Kay stuff and it makes it real life game game of thrones. Let's make sure that there are there's so many characters in JFK there. So for many holy shit? It's like to learn all the Bob guys that were involved in all of the government. The way was all went down and all
there's so much what subjects for of where can I find this eight action? It's dying in nineteen sixty eight and I look look it up we're just real quick yeah. Do they hit that shift from the the may and three hundred at the three of them died in a fire and yeah. That's during that sixty seven, who was the guy who hung the lunar lamb on the lunar module, Grissom yeah, Gus, Grissom, Gus Grissom, the hangover. They all knew they were remember the name of the inspector I knew they weren't going. I don't remember the name of the inspector, I'm surprised automatic military site that shit, but look into him too. They killed him. He was he was testifying, because what are we doing here- and you know- I think it costs thirty billion dollars or something to adjust it. I think that's adjusted to american dollars. Like the fence like here's another example at the fence, the fence they congressman lobbied for it. I don't know exactly how it got past, but they got paid
like three billion dollars to build up, which means the fence that separates Mexico from the United States all the way across the southwest. They never finished it. They got paid for everything. It's so not finishes like half finished today this abandoned it. You know what that was a money grab, it simple political. We create all this funding for something and then fucking skim pay for some of it. But then, if it falls apart, no one even keeps track of it. There's a documentary The fence will blow your mind. They never finish that they abandon it is deserted. Mexican do the goal one of these Americans doing they're interviewing Mexicans are just like. This is easy. It's it's ridiculous, but that's what it is. I can you tell me, put a satellite into space for thirty five million dollars to go. We need a satellite for more telecommunications. They fuckin want some shared. Who knows what that satellites doing they got paid. They do it all the God, damn time it's a scam which
I'm with you up to a point. I lose you when we went from Mexicans getting it across the border, no found a satellite talking about scout in Asaba lambs, it's all a scam, but the Mexican one yeah. Why didn't they finish that? How much money they need to finish that fence, but the problem they dig holes, even if you finish the fence they now they could have, but they never even finished. Yet they just go around, they should feel area. The documentary is like they show me how much is left, how much, how much fence left- I don't know they leave behind. I don't know, and I'm not not to have enough to have made what they put up a complete waste of time. Well, when Trump gets into office, defense is going to get tent attire yeah ten foot higher. Did you see that New York Times thing they're coming after him today, they're talking about racial bias in like renting houses and stuff, renting property you know it's funny crazy, he's so close to being the president. Knighted States is not going away.
Things are one hundred percent, but if he does he yellow when it's so obvious, it's so obvious Hillary is going to win dude one hundred percent. I think so one hundred percent, it's so obvious what Trump trump start to say. Whatever he's super smart- and he just says whatever he says whatever it takes to win a certain debate and he just goes up there, letting him go off there. Just like they said, go off, get crazy. So now the former how the CIA is. There's a there's, a video where it says she had a CIA denounces Hillary and Trump really he's denouncing trump he's crucifying Trump, and when they ask about Hillary, he said: You know I got a lot of issues with Hillary, but you know she. She is better than Trump and always she's better than Obama too, but I got my issues with Hillary, but Trump that dude so really he's the head of the CIA is bearing Trump
they want Hillary to win really mad and if they want Hillary to win trust me Hillary is going to win. That's ok! Let me play devil's advocate and conspiracy theorist. At the same time, if he did win, they should be fucking terrified 'cause. If Donald Trump actually does win and gets into office and actually gets to explain, he's a loose cannon he's not playing by their fucking rules. If they pull him aside and tell his him some crazy shit about Afghanistan or Rwanda or Africa? Well, whatever it is about the world who know Was what protocol he's going to follow this as far as how he decides to react to that information? Who knows what government organism since he's to disband who he's a wildman, but he might say slash and burn the way, Hillary one California? This is me just I don't know shit, but this might guess the way she won in California. In the way. Remember George,
W Bush one in Florida. Remember that one again articling the way they did that part whatever was involved in that shit is going to be involved in the king shit this year and Hillary is going to win the super nice Chad, that's what it was right. Well, you might be right. You know man, it's just weird that this is all the Republicans have, and it's weird that this is all the Democrats. How I think it's a simple story. I think that's the way they planned it, but I don't know I don't know. I don't think, there's very many people who want to be a president anymore. I think Trump is on their side and he's playing along he's. Doing that you just being and being crazy and then no one's going to be sad within the stuff when he worst sad, it's not the worst theory in the world, Krooked Hillary. I love it. How he comes up with names to them, Lion TED. They let him go or is he seems legit 'cause. They know it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter he's going down there
there's no way he's gonna win James. All this trams, the sports use distracting the out of me. These gentlemen are getting into trouble and they're causing a ruckus is, and it's up to date they know how to like. Keep you paying attention to that. Those t, z, sport shows, is just smash, cut, smash cut why she crying limo door, open cop shit, black and white punch shuffle to well chilled drink large bulls groundskeepers make the recipe. I need a better shot of a girl thrown a drink in a guys face. It's like hypnosis dome and once you get stuck like I'm slapping bouncer and I'm watching all this go on. In the background, like woah woah, woah woah, what's happening back, there funny how you get like the you were taught. You really want to explain that to me once the for the first time about music videos that music videos have to be like smash cuts, you got to go from one scene to the next scene to next scene to split. Second short, you can't have any
sing play on for a long time. People just stop paying attention and more the less continuity, the better. The only reason they they keep going back to certain sets of because they only can afford seven sat. Really the ultimate video would be you never go. You use every set, just one shot, yeah and that that would be the ultimate, but you got a seven and you three to three minute video shit. We gotta hit that set like maybe six times each. You know what I mean. So that's how videos are just just we got a bump large, you would shit and it goes everything is cut. Then you right, nice and fast, and it was a lot of bands got because, like real visual to driving in cars, you got to have a video you somewhat the same driving you know. Yeah Dmx has a video of him driving, that's the ultimate video of him driving it, but it's like some weird since the type special effects I forget, what song is fuck, but so good God, Damn
the ever seen, the one where are the best one of the best Gifs animated gifs of all time is fifty cent sitting in a drop top Bentley and he like, throws his head back and laughs and drives off he's in this, like super dope, probably like how much is a drop top Bentley like four hundred thousand dollars or something crazy? It must be something crazy. Right. You would not, I would say one hundred and fifty he pulls up. This guy is like a dope car in here. Fifty cent pulls up to him. Looks at him. Oh, it's. The dude from the turtle guy from entourage. Look so uh. I pulled up next to fifty cent once he had a driver behind them like trying to cut me off to make sure to put He was dropping in a convertible just like that. While I was filming the dvd mastering the guard. While this is like chairs ago, while we were we were driving around and we do still need me as I'm driving I'm talking about you get to and we pull up what I could do fifty. So
right, that is crazy. Some cars are so crazy. Remember when you saw them like. I was on the front of the comedy store once in a blue gotti, a drove up you ever seen one of those it's worth it's more million dollars. Building in video, I woke up in a new bill, got a. I woke up in a new book that it that's a great somebody is at ACE Hood. That's a great! That's the only time I've ever seen in Bugatti how much they cost it's over one million dollars over and how much it cost. I woke up in a Bugatti. That's that's the chorus. It's the craziest car ever it's like you know it's like the outside of it yeah it's the inside. It is like some sort of a time machine, some futuristic time. Machine doesn't even see, make a real car when you're inside it. When you see like the the interior and the way, it's all constructed, it's all handmade with these crazy gauges and just beautiful, let but it doesn't look like any other modern car. It looks like something like someone,
the Hg Wells days, who is draw like a future super car. You would draw some weird. We got a veyron type. Spaceship thing very interesting is very much its own kind of car, but it's too expensive and insanely fast. I think it has more than a thousand horsepower, which is just as faster than a motorcycle, twelve hundred horsepower yeah. What's the point where we are right now, with motorcycle zero to sixty in what they just disappear, they just vanished what is travel through time? What's the record two seconds, and now it's what's less than that one zero to sixty in one second. How do they have these cars now they're doing it in less than three like regular. By the store known world, I think the Tesla. Does it very quickly? What's the latest so They got some new shit coming up fast, the Tesla go zero to sixty. I was thinking about the I heard about the Porsche nine hundred and eleven turbo s. I think it doesn't it in two point: eight seconds zero to sixty the one does that happen. Yeah. If you got this
far, is it go? Let it get to that it's going to get to one, but it's going to be a lot of g force in that that's, not that's, not an easy thing to deal with seventeen model. S can do it in two point: five: Jesus Christ. That's a nine, even the a Tesla Tesla S. Five, two point: five is that faster than a motorcycle? I don't think so. I think a motorcycle could still do it in the two hundred. Range. How and silently in electric car that looks cool how about that drives itself. How does that work? It's! It has cameras. It's reading the ground in the with the distance around it that's faster than a lot of motorcycles on this list. Is it really yeah? What about like a high boots Perla is. On the one hand, motorcycle is a seven we that was just great and then
may apparel. It is great mma apparel, but it's also a bird, a very fast bird. I think Abou. So I think it's fast. What's the fastest bird ever, I think it's the peragine falcon, I think, there's a falcon. That goes like two hundred miles an hour. I did a commercial for them once where I was. I was like for the Falcons for higher busa. What do you got here, Jim? Is that it the fastest growing two hundred and forty two miles an hour, what do course right now. What it does is. It looks for a critter to Jack and when it's flying around it's finds one that wants to fuck with and then it died, behaves dive bombs and
it she's insane speed. I guess it like just flaps his rings, really quick, it's hard to get the perspective. It's a again see a video on it, but it's hard to like grasp how fast it's actually move and doesn't seem to make sense when you're looking at it just looks like it's going fast. You don't have any perspective, not on the ground, but it's like flu by you. When you're on the ground, you probably like what the it's a rod, but that's faster than any car I've ever seen. What's a fast car, two of fifty miles an hour is going to be like what does NASCAR guys too right only thing they go that fast. So it's like a formula once be right. How fast is now
cargo. Eight one, eight one. Eighty hey! Bravo hate standards, that's wanting me in any roads! Now I have in common stanchion manual. Stick shift cars. It's two thousand, sixteen sh, the flinstones here you I love them. I love the. I buy certain cars that are older just because they have stick shifts hi. There engaging, but you like associated with man. I want to to shift these Salicin music. I want to fucking shift gears the same flag twenty, two in twenty, nothing wrong! Thinking that way For me, you should get an engine with the fucking front, crank no That would be the question out what I like. I like to start my booking agent man. There's a zen state that you achieve you're shifting through the gears yourself and your your revving, the engine up to certain point
and you're all tuned into the action of the car? Where is a lot of people in those kind of cars they don't even listen to music, the music becomes like them them the mechanics of the vehicle that engineering the way the tires grip, the road you feel it in your ass. He shift the gear as you lift up the clutch and give the gas here the long war, and you become an attuned with the machine and you start feeling where the machines going and it becomes more of like an exercise and stimulation than it does just drive it. But I like driving to like I like driving in a fucking big, suburban. Like I rented a suburban this past weekend, do you ever drive in a big cushy, ass, fucking boats? No, but I saw it like this bro is driving. Did it have its own built in vacuum? Like I saw a minivan, the news, Fucking Lumineer Little has a its own good move. What a great idea idea, if you have kids sure Hooper, that's actually work. It's mark.
Yeah. No, the this. Those suburbans they're like so they have that cattle at Escalade, Cadillac Escalade suspension, but it's just cheaper tram, doesn't look as fancy, but it's a nice car or rent in one of those men. They drive so comfortable there so relaxed. It's like the way I go over bumps and shit like cars of today, or so God. Damn good I give you had it like. I was thinking when I was driving the suburban. It's like a twenty. Sixteen suburban house, like If you got in the nineteen fifties mercedes- and you like- this is the right now. This is as good as it gets. He got missing eye wall. Leather seats are real, would handle, he may be driving the same around
I think it is incredible. I got the top of the line, Mercedes man and then someone shoots you to twenty sixteen and puts you in a regular family truck like a suburban, which is just this big, huge, ass, hunk of metal and dude. It floats over the road and has this feeling and hit the brakes like it's just engineered to stop quickly. For this big fucking tank, even this gigantic, it handles good for a big gigantic thing. It's like comfortable to drive, yet it doesn't look that different than the cars from the sixties. I give the cut the the shape we got tires yeah right generally, it is the biggest thing a guy would trip on. That's got a jump on the time machine from the sixties and now would be the call so much as a still fucking pie you guys, are flying yet we still got it still round the four tires. You know you still up, for they would ship out on the owns more than the cars, the challenge of hi what the fuck we're connected with the world. This is our can listen to everybody
funny. There's some shit, that's just too risky, like air balloons, they never fucking got that. Nobody, nobody was ever going hey. He here, you know, with their balloons, is no fresh, our bob! You start up the fire fill up the balloon fly home, so big that they like well, it's not that accurate today, but hey you use the exercise. You walk a few miles from your home, you the lanyard your balloons close you can to your home and then you just floating through the sky in the air the people like man, you got to get that down, but there's no funding to get it down, 'cause, no, buying any fucking hot air balloons and every now and then like there's a big accident in Texas, like really recently in Texas, in an air balloon, yeah caught fire and everybody died, and it was quite a few people. I don't remember what day it the actual number was, but I want to say it was like like I don't like seven people or something died, went to learn more Jamie. Wouldn't the core team was at one thousand four hundred and sixteen bouge, oh my god, it's awful, wouldn't coolest thing to do
really! As a huge. Don't you put up a video Jamie? Don't you should put that evil? I mean he's reaching for the video, but don't do it man. I want to watch that flaming ball fall to the ground. What what would be cool and lighting as a hobby. Think about that hang. Lying to me. It was silver dollars. Gracie super dangers about right, horse gracing the times the times it yet you did it and you didn't dying How cool would that be the ever right, you're flying to the fuckin Erno Engin Gliding, some guy stay up forever and they the tiny little town. I mean it's, dangerous, but is it cooler than those wingsuits? I think the wingsuits might be doper I think you fly more when you're gliding, you feel like you're flying the monthly fly more, he could catch the wind currents, 'cause you're, dipping down, it seems like you're falling falling. Is your following but your last, your for the takes a long time to fall
Sosa staying up and actually flying over this mother fucker he's got a jetpack attached to one school to let's see that shit that pack flying wing suit available December. You want a fire self jet packs yeah jet pack will soon be available to buy one for yourself fly anytime. You want jetpack flying suit people going to fucking suicide, bomb right into airplane, the girlfriend is going to be flying across the country. Go Fluxo New! Do like this. I found a flight patterns right out of Burbank Airport. This they're going to get dropped out of a plane and then just going to fly right into thirteen, see they going to time it perfectly look at the shit get an aisle seat. You bitch do is going to be in his 40s on a flag light or next door, the plane, God damn. I think they just flew up real slow, but I went all the way around the world on solar power is like twelve miles an hour as well. Super super slow it took like a month but that
how to get food they just slowly stayed up there with food. How much shit do think? Why don't? Why? Don't you have solar power times? Do you shit if you're going it's being done? If you're going. All the way around the world, like that, and you have time to land to take a shit, how much shit do actually drop off in in airport? There shit hole in your outfit. Here's the thing you don't have to worry about the plane, getting heavier 'cause, it's not like you're eating the food and then you're shifting the weight stays consistent like mass on an airplane, is in a static state like mass on an airplane, never decreases or increases and less they drop shit out of the plane. Solar impulse impulse two approaches: Abu Dhabi huh wow. So he really did so. He had stages, okay, which makes sense last stop so he's doing it like stop at a top. Japanese have solar panels. That would do. Are you, sir, is powered by solar panels? Said you're gonna get solar panels that you do when you, when you
do, when you put solar close on your house, do you get off the grid? Now you can get off the grid? Canyon, yes, but most people RG to the city. Most most people is the most the easiest way for you to do it. Is you don't you're, not independent, you're, still connected to the grid? Like you Develop your own power yeah, not only now you gotta talk to Brian Callen about this is Bryan. Callen was the first of us to do it and he experienced a lot of bullshit a lot of paperwork. Do you have to go through a lot of red tape? They make it very diff. I called for you to get off the grid. It's really interest! You can just put solar panels. No, no and very uh he's not weird gotta go through a long process before they let his equipment go live it's all really interesting, then, yes, but in their defense. Here's like I gotta, do this. I hate to do this people, but I gotta do this
I don't know who's installing this electrical stuff and we live in Fucking California, where fires happen, all the God damn time. So I don't necessarily think it's totally unreasonable that someone doesn't look at the wiring and make sure if you're doing something completely radical like getting off the grid and starting an independent power source. You got to connect to this house. Let's just make sure that you have your credentials in place. Let's just make sure that everything is done according to code, so this fucking house doesn't blow up and you don't burn to death in your sleep. You know 'cause, like these fires that people are having they're, not controlling these God. Damn things too good. There's no water man everywhere, where we live. When we look around and you look around the hills, like code drive up to Penge Canyon and look at all those hills go dry. You know over pastor, one hundred and eighteen installed, hey everywhere. So when that crazy, like how If you talk to Michael Jai White, no, you know he lives out there where that bit last big fire oh shit, yeah. That was I was concerned. I need to get ahold of that dude. I saw that he was at
Bella tore yeah. I'm not concerned he's, hurt but concerned that maybe he his house one of the many houses. I guess you probably heard about in the news, but a lot of people lost houses up there around a lot of people's houses and then Sampoerna Dino out where hobby is in that area they had a gigantic fire up their huge one. They had one up near Lake Arrowhead like up away from Lake Arrowhead. They had one they've had that a few of these fucking things. They are giant one in San Bernardino or not uh, Santa Barbara. Rather do you see that one? But why would you get solar panels when you give the. Why would you get solar panels to give the power too, because it's more city 'cause, it's more expensive to set up an independent system? So most people get to a point where they realize all this is good, so I don't have to pay for power anymore. Eventually, my solar power will pay for itself and you, if you have excess power, you could sell that power back to the city. But this is the question: why would the city give a fuck- oh my god, this guy, who
how's the solar panels, you know let's try to get some of his power. That is collecting money, so we could always use that central power. I don't know if it's a simple like. Why would that even come up like his solar panels to give you the power that doesn't make any sense? Here's, how would that come up? Will let me explain, as far as I think I know it the way the grid work, so these power stations and they contribute to the grid. There's there are instances, sometimes where there's no enough power right, like in the summer time when everybody's fucking AC is going on and things blow remember those brownouts that went out where they shut off the power for different places? Remember that I think what happens is the way the grid is set up and I'm fucking completely guessing here, but I would guess that
if all this powers connected, if there is a grid that there's more than one contributing factor, there's more than one contributing factor in powering the grid is probably a power plant is probably more than one thing is probably it's probably a system of different power plants that power the grid and it's possible. This is total sing, but if you figure out how to make what's essentially a solar powered generator, I mean you're you're, you're you're you, so it's connecting a solar extracting. Device, that's generating electricity and you have an excess of it. They could probably use it. It's not. I don't. I don't know if it's that difficult I don't know how come there not interested in any of the power produced by gas generators that people have in their house? They don't give a shit about that. Well, gas generators. First of all, they have to constantly be restocked with gas. Solar is relying on const in power that's around all the time and gas generators are used by a lot of rural people for backups, like I know,
a lady who lives in the mountains and she's got a setup where, if your power goes out, there's a little switch that goes off and instantaneously. She has a propane tank, a giant ass, propane tank, that's like as big as this fucking room and it kicks in an that starts powering her heat because she lives in in the mountains. I wonder why their city is this conspiracy again, no I'm just I'm just I've never heard of any well the solar. Is there solar pan conspiracy, I don't know it, it doesn't really work strange batteries. It's just very strange that. That would even come up solar, your house to give the energy you only give what you're not using it's like that yeah yeah, absolutely like you're, not doing it like your farming electricity specifically for the city and contending. I think that is the way that you're using the power and some of it you sell back to the city but you're using the power. That's going to be your source of
your positive 'cause I pretty should be wrong. I could be wrong, but I could be that could be one could make it as a flower they're going to give you the power they're all hooked up with we're going to give you the three electricity and then we're going to pay a little extra collect our shit boom. We want that solar, shit and will give you whatever for this. Of course, I think, there's going to be solar farms if it's profitable, because you'll be easier for you, because then you could just keep your plugs. Are not the Replug everything just give us all that you don't re plug anything. You don't change anything. To say this study shipments on solar panels generated by DC electricity. The DC electricity is fed into a solar inverter converts to two hundred and forty volt. Fifty Hertz two, Forty volt, lacey electricity is used to power. The appliances in your home, sir plus Electricity, is fed back into the main grid may go temple because this is you
like it's like a renewable resource. It's a constant resource so that house right there has a solar panels and giving all the energy from the solar panels back to the grid. No ok, it doesn't know it's trends, sir plus see the bottom part, the last dot. It says, sir plus electricity is fed into the back into the main grid. What that means is whatever they don't need. So if they generate a ton of electricity and they don't need all the electric, like say if they have a lot of solar panels, but they only have a two bedroom house or a one bedroom house, and it's just you know small Conf place. They don't need all that power. They have too much of it. It's just so using that as a safe did phase one made there. They want that power man. You got that again, any actual power, this song, what it is, but it's just like I gotta get rid of it, sounds crazy. I think it's like again too much power and solar panels have too much power yeah. I think you can generate too much for what you could stop. That makes sense. Then, if you could, if it's a problem like shit, we gotta, we can't do
yes, because then we collect too much and then it becomes a hazard. Doing the city goes. Ok, you could give us the extra you know as long as we care about the people. We want to go solar. We want to go so so we'll take that extra shit. The government will give you a little bit. Give you couple dollars for it too, but don't don't stop. Don't stop the cause. It's all about so laboratory time. Eddie's having a conspiracy conversation with some imaginary executive is like a dude selling weed is a good good, so we do YO yo you. I know you situation, my right, you can't pay for Nate. Would you want to make some a give you an eight is what I'm gonna do a little a and I'm I give you three days and instead of that, eighth being fifty dollars is going to be sixty five dollars dog. What you're going to get it right now I want you to buy 'em my house to get to get into this weed game. The game is amazing dog. It's a may
they're wildly in the weed game. We should have our own dispensary out of jail. Bravo, we need to wait point. We can have our own dispensary Manuel. I think, honestly, it's too much work Joe and eddies too much if they can't use the other thing. We can't use credit cards and a lot of these places still isn't the case of the transfer in large amounts of. Cash their hiring ex military, guys literally get some Super millionaire guide, two or multi millionaire guide to use our face, Would you sell asking for just one picture? They want that one money shot boys in front of me and you like smoking, a joint or something well I'll. Do that, but that's a Cheech and Chong do right. They'll do like some sell some fucking rolling paper. We need, we need more stony. We need that but don't remember when Tommy Chong got put in the pokey yeah. I think those are gongs, but those days are gone. I hope so, but you know what is really worried. Man I was really worried of TED Cruz got in. I was like the nuttiness could like rise to a whole new level like if you give
people of bar- and this is what I've been saying that I like about Obama whatever he did- that people don't like. I understand I get it, I'm with you, I'm not even saying that I'm not talking about his performance as far as like what he's done, foreign policy wise talking, he would. He represents like when you seem on television is well spoken, he's articulate he went to Harvard he's a bright guy. He seems like a guy that you would think would be like one of the smartest people that you're ever going to come across make sense that he's running shit if a guy, like TED Cruz or a lot of these other people that wanted to be President specially people with wacky fucking religious ideas, it just don't jive with anything that we know if those people get into a position where they have massive amounts of influence. People start getting really confused and I didn't used to think that until the obviously I've learned 'cause, I'm older, but I didn't think that that much until the Bush administration, the Bush administration and then the nine slash eleven attacks, maybe go whoa like our consciousness, is so much more
fragile, and I thought it was because I thought we were like as Americans in the 90s before the nine slash eleven attacks during the Clinton thing. I thought we were ridiculous in some ways because of the whole Clinton Monica Lowinski thing, and there was definitely some fuckery going on in other countries, but it didn't seem like the world was unsafe, like it seemed like the world. The world felt like we got over, that cold war. Shit with the Russians were going to be ok, the world felt safe, like you had this guy, even if he's full of shit he's getting his dick. So Listen to him. Talk is obviously smart fuck. You know like maybe some you know, maybe some people that are crazy, get to the point where their president some whip, your dick out type dudes. Maybe people get crazy and they still get to the point where the president, but obviously a very, very smart guy, very well spoken, and then the Bush presidency came along. It was so transparent, all of it was so transparent and then the chain have Cheney was essentially run the show and
he was in a bunker remember when Cheney was always in the bunker. He was always in a bunker. There was always talking about Chinese hidden away somewhere in a fucking bunker, and there was that Wolf Ulewicz dude hanging around and all these other Fucking Donald Rumsfeld type characters all these merchants. All these, like war merchants, there were all swarming around and then we're at war, like all the sudden, we're constantly at war. Four like this massive massive amount of time, and it still hasn't let up all these years later do nine hundred and eleven was fifteen years ago, people jumping off buildings and the smashing into the streets that just happened was two thousand and one right. Two thousand and one that's fifteen years ago, that's crazy, like we've been in perpetual state of war for a sophomore's entire life sophomore in high school, some kid who's with kids that
here, I think freshman this year are learning about it. Just through history books, they didn't experience it and one second of their life and, of course, yeah for sure. Well that most people that are even you know, ten and above their parents, probably going to shield them from it for the most part when it's happening sixteen years ago, so anybody younger than twenty six barely he understands what happened. Barely that's fucking crazy. What a change of the world, so I get real nervous now I get real nervous, but I just don't think that the way we're doing it right now is appealing to anybody that we really want to run us. There's a few people like Gary Johnson makes sense that libertarian guy that we had in here he's he seems like a real
person and he has real experience like running New Mexico. I don't know enough. I just don't know enough about politics. I don't know enough to real. I mean, I think you have to know what the way you know Ju Jitsu. I think you have to really know it like if some dude who's, like a blue bell and Japanese, just to start talking about reflection, really patch. You know, that's that's what I am really when I talking about politics. I have a like a skeletal understanding of the way the system works, but I'm a four stripe Whitebelt exactly when I get my blue I would've had already, but You might have a yell about if we're doing karate I might have just gotten my belt after I got my yellow stripe and I was super pumped filing. My belt wasn't just plain white, but that's where it ends that's where it ends and so like. If I'm talking to some yellow about they're trying to talk to me about effective striking techniques, I get real yeah. But I like it when you are when you ask someone's rank in Jujitsu and they go I'm going to get my blue yeah. I I'm going to test my purple blue.
You just might be one of the only things that you really cannot possibly understand what's happening. If you don't do it, if you've never done it, you They are not going to know. What's going on you just not going to know, you could have like a little bit of an understanding like here's. An armbar I've seen this transition to triangle before oh I've heard it said that if you walk too hard on that come over and you don't have control the legs, the guy encounter count with far Side arm bar. There's a lot of people. They have these things in their head that they know to be true, but they don't know well way. You know it they're not going to know what the way you know it just there's no way they're not going to see things that you're, seeing your when you watching Damien Maia choke choke out Carlos Condit's night you're, going through the path with them right like when you're saying, yeah. You know the path a lot. Other people are watching it and they're like they're in the middle of it. Top smash them get on a Nissan, so we don't think about how few people can
watch Damian Maia choke out Carlos Condit and see the path see. The path is going to take. Watch him executed flawlessly see this jujitsu, not just in like, oh, my god. What is he doing but see? every single step of the way. Well, I think that there's just like Jiu, that's just the case with every fucking thing that I this god Damn world somewhere, someone is probably studied all their life to try to figure out how microphones work you were. I have put verse play no thought into it whatsoever, but luckily somebody did so. We have this microphone. That's how I feel about everything So I feel about astronomy. That's how I feel about that, the lunar rover on the moon. That's how I feel about all these things. I just got to be somewhere out there, that's going to be mad as fuck. The two donors are talking about whether or not the rover is legit, and these fucking guys been working out. Your whole life to get scientific papers feel like pulling their hair the middle of an adderall trying to figure out how to make the calculations perfectly. So this Jai
Inflatable Ball encompass what they do is sing and cover what happens. I think there's a giant inflatable ball. I don't know if they did it this way. That in case is the entire machine. I saw that cartoon is that what it was supposed to be was a cartoon, it's not real. Of course they deadly send video. They don't have any video that people listen right. Now, I'm mad at us, this is your. What too many lies? He's your like your bro that UFC Bro Bro this it's fake as dude. That's just like w w e it's w w e, but they got some other tricks up their sleeve enemy, I'm occasionally they hit each other. But do trust me it's all fake. So this is what someone said that so parachute came down thin ass atmosphere, right, there's, almost no atmosphere, actual actual footage right. So so it drops and then explode. Foods into the den into these big bouncing balls. If that was in a movie, you'd be pissed, and then it has
things that try to slow it down these jets that shoot down, and then it hits the ground it bounces. This looks like the shittiest fucking place to move to of all time. That's what Mars looks like it looks like the desert. It looks way worse than a desert. 'cause you go to the desert. Gas is a fucking highway going through it. Stop swearing. Take a shit, but very few spots on earth have humans a few spots. If you land on earth you'd land on this, probably more than a city a city is fun, there's hardly know cities on this planet to those camping in Nevada, high country. Just a week ago, trying look down. You don't see that many cities, it's way more barren wasteland than anything,
well when you're in Nevada, high country you realize, is a reason why nobody fucking build houses out of here like it's a hard scrabble world, we were there be like in August, and it's like a hundred degrees. During the day it gets hot as fuck you got to bring a lot of water with you in at night. It gets down to the 30s freezing freezing at night when you freeze your fucking dick off, and there ain't shit out there, just a bunch of deer and some rabbits some occasional streams, Sage Safe Bush's terminator right. There are you looking at the video right now, because people are listening. They don't know what we're talking about we're. Looking at the mall, his rover, landing on many ravel, doesn't believe in it. Well, this is Larry Others CJ. Well, this is C Gi. It says they have to explain where they are spending all their money. I like to make in this cool robot arm come up. This is which for sure, if I was going to
little robot arm I'd, make it bounce all over the fucking surface of the desert that so you imagine if your Iphone was stuck in the middle of that ball and it bounced for sure it wouldn't work. This thing is robust, strong wiring somebody fucked up one little wire and they they landed on the moon. That's happened before hasn't it having a shot things all the way to the moon and forgot, they turn them on or all the way to Mars. It didn't work, they don't always work. What is the months at a time yes popped back, on the up at the call. They don't worry nothing. Well, you Youtube. Video is the most important piece of evidence. Well, the any kind of weekend it could be on video. We should cherish, it could be on Vimeo or my space. It is a new stream is good. I like Geocities websites, does my favorite have the best info angel fire
and it's interesting when you look at all the different websites today, like how many websites are there. If you had to guess how many like different places, could you go on the internet today right now, one billion makes sense, but that's right, I think it might be higher US thing is, I think, last night there was a time on the internet. Not that long ago, were you consecutive seen most stuff that has come to make. I I've seen that I've got right now picture like you right see a booty like. I know this is our, but now there's just so much commander, literally every single day, you can't even you couldn't catch up. If you want to make a point, it's great for making like homemade, documentaries too, if you like, if you have a speech, you got any speech just pour out all your thoughts it's blogs or whatever you can actually any. I think you're saying you could punch it in Google and just like have like a like a low budget documentary everybody's doing those you just collect all the pictures of what you're saying you, listen to someone speak, do or whatever just listen to it once and right now, it's I a picture picture that the picture that you haven't. You get all those pictures Lynam up
when you have a God, Damn documentary yeah and that's on Youtube and then you change the world. Fuckers just know about rods. That on your phone now to which is even more on your home movie and video shop, I'm on lunch at all home movie on your phone. He could just make a movie you anybody see here, hold the phone now and then If you do you're seeing that This is seen. You add it all together. It's really does that. A lot is Carla. Esparza that you have said she she always make films, little tiny one minute catches good for her good for her she's, very animated nice. Women's strawweight division heated up tonight, hello, vans and jump in a roundhouse kick to the face. It was crazy. Okay, so who is Joe Hannah is the chain. Yeah and then who else is right there? Who is there at that Valentina, Chick yeah, Valentina, Shevchenko, she's and also
no Valentina Shevchenko, I'm sorry she's a bantamweight one hundred and thirty thinking of yeah 'cause Valentina Shevchenko just be Holly Holm, member woo, yeah man, Jessica, entourage. She drop down Those are the top checks. How do I recognize any of those girls? Damn I don't know she. I know what you want in the world, Cordy Casey, I'm not going to chase lands, a bad she's passed, Shamers, Heather Jokela! okay, current rankings, I can't because those top girls at and I'm never heard of them, but I've heard of holidays a man, but order now that I look at it. How dare you Jamie? I just click. How dare you, however, as a random listing yeah, it's just random at the bottom, let's see if they have rankings there, we go. Okay, that's weird that they have okay. Here we go women's strawweight. What do we got here blow that bitch out? What do we got here? Oh rose rules, not my unis Carolena callous clock
welcome his church to. I have to say that right. I always it up Caroline veljkovic pages way down ten whole shit, Cabal Kovic is they want to just beat rose that was a great fight rose, just lost yeah. She just lost to K Balkovec. Damn I missed that one in this Tiesha Torres, she's badass, so Carolina beat rose. How does she beat her? Just a decision really good fight is that a five find vision. What was it? What I think does a fine thank you then run is coming back. Yeah much money should make. Do you know a big it'll, be when RON to come back right now it could just be Ronda and Cyborg right off the bat right off the bat, and that would be the biggest fight just even right now, even though she just lost. Do you think she would do that? What do you think she would do
will be the most gangster move right. There just say fuck it. That would be the Ultimate Gank Chevron and just said, I'm coming back and it's me inside we're going to do one hundred and forty. Let's fucking, do this shit for a super bowl fight of all time. Let's do it that would be the gangster shit. There would be the gangster shit or you gotta, get home home right now. Homes like on a down swing it around the time for Rhonda to come because for sure home we gonna turn now run, right is in control of that fight? She can get redemption right off the bat. Do you think she does that or you think she goes straight to a title shot. All three cyborg would be the biggest title shot would be big. There awhile be big, but I think cyborg would be the biggest, and people would understand that she's not getting a title, shot right away to demand a new nemesis God, damn terrifying, she's, terrifying, but hurricane sidewalk would be bigger yeah. Even even with that one hundred percent fiber would be bigger than her and uh
Amanda Nunuez is legit as fuck, obviously after she beat Miesha Tate, but she's going to have to have some more fights where people know about her more to get the big money fights. I think you know like to get people to get a Rhonda to want to fight her. Everybody wants to see the cyborg fight home and Rhonda would be fucking mega. You just base it all on the revenge, but home did lose her last who right so that kind of kid doesn't matter: buster, Shokeir or Mickey Warden Homeboy fucking, Toro Gotti like that trilogy nobody cared, they weren't the best in the world. Don't give a fuck see that's what I think about this whole, not that this is that Connor is not one of the best in world 'cause. He definitely isn't so is Nate but like different from the title at one hundred and seventy and they didn't matter yeah Dana thanks for some reason that fight doesn't make sense to do it again. I'm like! Oh, my god, are you crazy, like please do it again, please like? If they want to do it? Are they both saying they want to do it? Who the
lock doesn't wanna, see that fight again and if he's gotta give up the featherweight fight or the featherweight title to have that fight. Again, you just give up the title, give up the title yeah put the fight on again? Definitely don't want to see that again, yes, but it'll happen with, word of Conor wins or loses his upcoming matches. It wouldn't even affect it like if he decided to fight Why take chances? It doesn't matter, even if he loses it doesn't matter that third parties there that third party Who is going to be there 'cause? If you put Connor against anybody at fifty five right now, having relinquished that title, give it back to. Although do fifty five to anybody, do magnum it off. That would be huge or Ferguson would be huge, would be a lot of press on that Tony Ferguson, reserves at and and also uh. You could just finish that Rafael Desantos make that happen, but I thought those fights at fifty five, it's already been stated is going to fight for the title, so he would go right to Alvarez, he'd fight, Eddie that would be beautiful too, that would beautiful holy shell would be beautiful.
That would be crazy, so many Epic Matt it did. I'm telling you dude Connor is going to buy a fucking island and shit yeah. Probably couple islands probably have a UFO supplies around he's. Looking at pitbulls he's going to have he's going to have what are those? fucking hyenas hyena. This is going to happen is instead of purples Pitbull reason I drive a tank instead of a fucking any car. What do you see a car in a tail covered tank, a tank one of a castle with hyenas yeah gold bars all around bad and a private jet like Trump's private jet, which is like a seven hundred and fifty seven just like a whole, not just a little jet a whole goddamned jumbo jet for yourself. Do you know how to all of this something wrong with Trump? Do you know? How no there's something wrong with Trump 'cause? He was eating Kentucky Fried Chicken on his airplane with a fork and a knife. Was it ok, let's jump on that flag, telling good
tell me tell me what the fucks going on there? Can you hang with the dude who eats Kentucky Fried Chicken with a fork and knife look at what's going on here? What's going on here, he has class. Maybe is that what it is, I'm a stomach I'ma skip. How do you feel about fork and knife Kentucky Fried Chicken? I feel like it's dude to wear sneakers that don't have any socks on. Listen! You stinky, bitch, come back to America, there's no proof because that's like a very product placement type little you're right it does do you think you got paid by KFC? How dare you I in all by get to himself. He might what happened on go off shit. Was it David, Letterman or I don't know he was on some talk, show where there are calling him out on bringing out clothes from companies that he owned like. Where did you you're talking about the China Trade or would you make this? Is the shirt shirt, your company is that talk. Fire show that Seth Meyers busted him out. It must have been alright 'cause. I'm thinking it's David Letterman and they must have been at least two years old or something yeah,
So I don't know I mean, but he gets called out on the show, he's bringing out clothing that Donald Trump is owns. Yeah make America great again by hiring chinese people to make your shirt But you know what whatever he's saying: whatever it takes, I have a friend I have a friend who has some sort of a marketing business where or manufacturing business rather where they make close they make like outdoor clothes like hiking and mountaineering close and they say that they can't find Aceso House in America that is up to the same standards as a so houses they find in China 'cause they do so much manufacturing there like look. We would like to do this in America, but in order to have the very best quality of clothing, like you literally can't do what he's doing in America right now, that's pretty fucking, weird, like that's one of
scariest things that happen when they started shipping manufacturing overseas. It's like other places, got way more manufacturing jobs right, but they also were working for insanely, low wages and living in the factories. You know, like that's one of the weirder things about buying products like if you buy something from China like if you buy an Iphone. We all know it in our dirty little heart of hearts that there's Netsol around those buildings to key. Those people from jumping to their death and they live there and have somebody actually like was arguing? Well, you know the statistic likelihood of someone committing suicide at one of those factories is not that different. In this statistic likelihood of people in the area committing suicide, and since they live and work in that factory 'cause. You deceptive number of how many people who work in the faq plus we have nuts, so what's the Well, that was like yeah, but the problem is they're killing themselves where they work. How many
will kill themselves when they work like worldwide, like the numbers, pretty fucking low. That's why it's weird when people jump to their death, it's rather than go to work again. That's fucking, weird man, that's weird, or were they smoking cigarettes when they jumped? Yes, even weirder to work as slaves to buy cigarettes, to jump to their death weather, making iphones and people stare at him on VI, Aggre yeah they get viagra random, boner pills. Foxconn replaces sixty thousand factory workers with robots, good news, not really for those people that need them money. I don't know man, that's the weird slippery argument. I know these people that had a factory down and somewhere in South America make some clothes for this big company and they were talking about how much money it saves a Michael yeah, but doesn't feel weird that these people are so poor and they work
today in the factory I feel like I'm not trying to be mean or anything she's like all them today and have that they would starve to death, and I was like what they really I kind of get there in the first place. Is this the only option the only options they have to work? insane hours for shit money, so they can make clothes. So they could barely get by like that's the only option that sounds so close to slavery. It sounds, close that is just like an economic, so it's a free lance, say slavery, yeah, it's like they. They found that you know. After a wild slavery evolved into you wouldn't have to house them. We just pay them, so they, don't think their slaves and then let them house themselves and barely going to be at afford any so they got to work all day, perfect
now we came up with orange for a fucking animals. If they came up with basic income here in America like they, they instituted like a living wage. You know like whatever the whatever it would be and then then we started not doing that and like not doing that to other parts of the world like if America got to a point. Whatever the point is like twenty five dollars an hour twenty dollars now or whatever it needs to be where you could totally survive off of what you can't pay anybody less than that 'cause they can't survive like it's been determined like this is like a reasonable amount. You can pay someone with their time the difference between that money and how much money
you can spend in a third world country hiring people to make your shit. It's staggering. The amount more money that you make is staggering. It's just weird that we allow it it's weird that we think it's ok, it's over there, it's over there, it's over there, it's just like if it was like. You know that your company, my fuck, is my company. I don't give a shit what we we have like boundaries like we're. Ok, if it's across the dirt or if it's crossed the water, it's ok, but if it's inside of us we would never allow it right, like think of the United States of America right night States of America from New York to LAS Angelus is big open space with a lot of crazy in there there's a lot of places where there's no people live in if somehow or another. They establish some sort of manufacturing in the middle of the country out there and paid people a dollar a day and had them working like slaves and living in these buildings and jumping off the roof. We would never tolerate it because it's inside
of our dirt patch, but if it goes across the water to the other dirt patch, like outrageous, meanwhile, for sure with us buying these things were directly responsible for them being able to have such a factor in the first place and everybody's like well, everybody else is doing. And we just keep doing it. Those factories learned how to use the internet man there fucking they bombard everybody in the Jiu Jitsu world, about guy is in rash guards, and so I'm sure yeah, oh man, I get these emails every day, multiple ones all over a China, Pakistan everywhere, they're trying to they're going to come and after people now it used to be that I only certain people had connections and you had to go there and find the connections, and you are crazy stories about these guys and George. It's like Scotty, Nelson from Otm. When you had to go with China deep in China, find these factories and make these deals and Scott. Is it all that yeah he's got some nightmare stories too in Pakistan? So I could imagine Razi
taking crazy chances going to die. I believe he's got some stories. He told my podcasts are fucking nuts. I believe it man. I believe it fuck that yeah there's there's parts of the world that you just not safe in that's when people come from those parts and they come back, they go dude. Like we got to keep this going whatever we got going on here, and we got to keep this going. We can't let this thing a road like it's, not perfect. United States. Isn't perfect but the whole world is in a fucking turmoil right now it's a sustainable, currently sort of sustainable turmoil, but it's in a turmoil. You know I mean this is a weird time to be a person. I think everybody realizes we're in some
strange transitionary stage of being a human being or human beings, are aware of like infinitely more now than they were just a few decades ago, and we're evaluating everything about everything and put it through this filter and trying to figure it out and going whoa. What kind of weird life are we live in this temporary existence trying to sort out this in im, possibly complicated, fucked up world the political connections and one hand washing the other and what the Clinton found station and all this we're done got fucking dude. He says God, I don't know if it's true but I'd love. I love some conspiracy theories and one of 'em that I've been dabbling in is all these people that crossed hiller. It turns out dead to business as usual, the same
That's not so many. So many had a meme that you are statistically less likely to get bit by a shark. Then you are you killed by Heller, he's a gangster her and her husband. Those guys are game. Well, do you think that they got done? I would love to think the doctor drew is on the way out anyway, and then you know he got fired. Just coincidentally after said that about Hillary, I think I would like to think that I think the corruption and polish ticks borrows a lot from the mafia. They work hand in hand most of the time and they bought they like to make statements. Is there so when you look into these, are people that are dying around Hillary? Do there's people that are dying around Bill and Hillary from back in the day they get sue decided if you got suicide, if some guy that was about to do, he was about to testify and then he gets suicide, but it's obviously started suicide. It's like he got. He got shot in the back of his head. It's a message: it's a mess, just like
Mafia, then you're not going to kill someone to make someone disappear. That's a waste. Why make him disappear? Put him out an open cut out his tongue stuff is. Dick down his throat may give a message so that messages shut the fuck up. We got. We obviously got the corner in our pockets, so shut the fuck up There are all those kind of murders are everywhere there soon as they generally suicides. Well, how about that guy that got convicted Supreme who the Guy Hassert they got convicted of child most Asian, the only game in fifteen months? How did she was Dennis Hassert. He he's some, I want to say he's with some serious judge that got convicted of
call molestation pedophilia child pornography is a house speaker. This is a crazy story. I just we did a study about it that they were doing an investigation of it really scary, stuff The first yeah enormous amount of tragedy surrounding revelations that former house speaker, J, Dennis Hastert section really abused a number of young men who me coach during his time as a high school teacher in wrestling instructor, but there's also an enormous amount of hypocrisy as the public words of ok. This is so this is him talking shit about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, but he the thing is that he only went to jail for fifteen months like he, he gotten Exxtra ordinarily low sentence,
short sentence him back. We just try to find what the census, because there is a- is a bunch of criticism about it and there's a bunch of really revealing aspects to it. I don't know it's scary, scary, to think that someone could do that and only get fifteen months because of political connections, but it makes sense right when I was looking up something the forget: the exact name right now when I was looking through these a couple weeks ago that the deaths and some of the people that were killed and some of the weird things that were going on I'll, try to find the guy's name, but he was one of the pardons from Clinton for you got out of office and he was indicted by Giuliani for what was going to be the biggest us tax evasion and a history of something like six.
Banana tree in one thousand. Six hundred and sixty million dollars is a billionaire and he basically bought his way out of his conviction he had had been. I think he even then he turned up dead after that. He wasn't dead at all. This guy just bought his way out of getting going to jail, yeah Oh ok! So this is not a guy right this and that and then yeah man. You can do that You know the right people and you got the right kind of cash and you can't do it. If you're Bob will send camera repair man, you know you don't have that kind of cash to pay. These fucking people off