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2014-12-17 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Eddie Bravo, Brendan Schaub & Bryan Callen to watch a few old fights and also discuss some other topics.
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cowan serious economic crisis not our life that's it are we want on the air our good evening everywhere this is if you listening to this for the first time this was called a fight can and in part has and what that means is we don't really talk about anything can expand your mind or we do it's totally by accident okay we don't talk about this i spent my wine thirdly sponsors we keep my coffee tee shirts on caveman coffees our body tape fletcher cave manage sardine to awesome toots guerrilla war one as others like medium slackened bust out of it we might legal gave we all got upon what i'm saying to let a party feel a little i will try and hard we can we're gonna go to the spot gas working days when a why some old school fights but we can we can only talk about fights until we talk about our last podcast get it because it kind became the biggest part
ass in the history of a moment how many i is by no means that you can of that sentence yeah it's off downloads off the charts jamie dishonours its theirs is that a fighter in the kid he's fucking people dialogue as the fires are that it was jerry now where we just did in his studio we had joe on and waited with this studio but you're hot right exact and and so o connor spoke is mine did you sit there and neither one of us actually goes yet it is just a chair and i think that we should actually that's why you did i why state run you tube
thought the whole time it was jerry without some gives its assent studio if i was sitting there it would look like the same show absolutely their red behind me instead of a break the briar behind their you'd go what what the fuck do anyway now eddies our concern with the majestic women their weary and airy brought my pay little high talk sick a glass the rail all i wanted to know is the view was it well what kind of each year to the new yorker magazine and got really we're number one on on their return there always a blessing in disguise i'm just under a lot of what its huge though it's you it was great for brine is now whose goal is great for your podcast and in a lot of ways it's an important conversation that needs to be had about emma may and about fighting green part of the issue with it was having it really honest conversation for the whole world that's part of issue with it
i could do it again i definitely wouldn't have done that the good part about do and that is that it gets this conversation out there the bad part about doing that you took a lot of heat and i i feel real bad for that i feel it i really fucked up that and i didn't go into that intending to like approach it like that but it seemed like when we start talking i said getting worried more worried that your perception of like the fight went down in the future and what's going on as far as like the amount of damage you ve taken is very different how i see it and how a lot of other people see it and i think there's a certain number that every fighter has you know like a certain amount of times they can get hit a certain amount concussions they could face and if i don't know a guy
and i see that i just know ok this guy's chimney you know of course a lot of sites like that of call a lot of fights where i know if this guy gets tagged his legs you gonna go you know we ve all seen it we know and i've called lot of fights where a guy's a young fresh fighter and then have called the same guy fighting seven eight years later six years later whatever and it's a different human being that's everyone's choice and i'm not trying to impose anyone's choices or my choice on any one else but there's some things that we ve talked bout and one of the things that we ve talked about before is you you were talking really open and honestly about some of the losses that you had any said why didn't anybody tell me you kept saying
why didn't anyway children but i should shit this kid down yet how him why don't you tell me i shouldn't be fight nogueira my earn my time out yeah you will like i thought i was gonna kick his ass i thought why didn't anybody tell me and you you kept saying that it was funny and european cells gonna end array joking around you being self deprecating is very funny but one of the things that you know you see time and time again about being a fighter is that same kind of belief in yourself that makes you want to get into that fucking as for the world in your underwear and throw bones at some other dude that same i believe in yourself can get in the way things aren't going right it's almost like so many fighters like have this ability to put liners on men and not see the danger not see do not see what other other people sand and
is as a person who is around it all the time it gets it gets super disturbing like you see it time and time again you want the best things are doing a white ever did in all the i might have known it must stop chocolate del from fighting so when the best things he ever did because it was he could have made of welkin fortune off chuckle adele just paramount was not we're not gonna pay something's gonna grapple with right paramount but some dude he now who's not not a big striker gives real good ressler now there's disguise out there is your vine a comeback opponent for chalk and just make ungodly amounts of money right franklin was wasn't supposed to be that dangerous on his feet it was like you'd think ok shock can out straight right frank resoundingly ways at the good could fight but right now jane what we saw was as rich franklin dropped on you know and it is
joe has seen what what he's talking about when he sees meets all these guys the new fresh crop from tough oh here's the new guys i would want when i worked with joe i would watch tough because it was entertaining but also to remember all these new guys that i'm gonna meet backstage i'm gonna meet all these do i worked with the of the eight years and you this new rob these new fighters and you feel like you have to be on top of everything that it's embarrassing when one of these new gas from the ultimate fighter season sixty of them today they come up to buy stating you have no idea who they are there was a couple seasons that i missed and it's embarrassing soon come and go it joe really is concerned when we see when you meet a guy may come in and like he sees like man how much damage is this going to take is this guy gonna be one of the elite that make it through or is he gonna be like most fighters to don't go all the way through and then they got there
they got to some tough times and all that ice the exact same thing but i look at it just a little bit different cause i i think a man you know it's dangerous you gettin in the in the octagon if you wanna do you want to put your brain in jeopardy go for it look at it is why these guys came in and why they got caught like when you look at these fighters they get why did he get why did you lose that last fight that got him cut always look at what whose trainers war what is training was what is jujitsu is like who is training with his rustling effervescing and striking a what went wrong there and because most people that into the u s sea devils the main card most people don't aren't even aware of these hundreds of fighters had come through never make it to the main card and gone there you you lose to fight and around the premiums they gonna cut you generally right but you know
when you have to lie up in a road to get to the main card especially if you're under one seventy yet the bullet eight or nine wins together before it's it's getting getting into the u fc gettin signed by the sea is easier going from the premiums to the main guide an antibiotic resistance i cannot back the easy part happened you got side of you see here comes the hard part let's see you laugh out to piggy back on that and i think what you are saying when i took away from it was was the fact that look to get to the belt you are going to have to take a certain number of fights and just because of the way this sport you're going to take damage no matter who you are and the question is is it worth it and you were speaking specifically to run is it worth it too how'd it go through that journey go through that journey and possibly do real damaged yourself when there's abridged across that an end
that i took her i think that's a question at every fighter has to ask themselves and i think it requires being very honest with herself so that kind of what i that that's right why i thought the conversation is very relevant to anybody who in combat sports look at your butt look at your brain this way okay pretend your brain is a rock that you're going to carve a sculpture out okay and you're chipping you want to do if you have one sculpture that you can make free with your whole life with his brain you gonna make the very best sculpture possible chip too much shit away from it and then try to put rock back on it doesn't work you only have a certain amount of rock to work with and look at fight in the same way you have a certain amount of brain that you could take damage with before you you start seeing weird shit with guys you start seeing guys get knocked out by punches like nothing
start seeing guys just a normal shouted they would have taken you saw this chuck in his early career he would eat nothing like candy and just blast you right in the face of it was nothing it was very demoralising went guys it fight chuck cause you they would clear them run the chin any which is fuckin break your face show me you just was so tough so and so i mean you know what europe means a very nice guy but one is competing he was just ferocious any was also known for having ridable chin incredible incredible chin he went from having one of the best chance in the game and we saw two men he went through what most fighter a lot of fighters they they go through their career and they try to piecing together it goes along try to get to you know maybe i should work with more wrestlers and maybe i should work with a good kickboxing culture its efforts
i believe i really strongly believe in this that in the future we're gonna have every fighters gonna have like a matthew or for ass a hobby or a guy like that whose i got maestro guy who looks at you rate is collectively and those are the best guys out into my opinion those two guys is a few other john crouches great at it but a guy who looks at you objectively and and what's wrong what's right and moves you into position slowly gets you fights with the right caliber opponent and gets you to a place where you need to be very few guys have luxury that very few guys ever get to that i think that along the way a lot of guys take some damage in training this unnecessary or that they could have avoided they and then you know you you factor in life you know you factor in like with you especially factor and how many years of football
twenty how many times you think you u bell rang twenty years football maybe six that's it like flat lined or just no yeah that's that's make sums get hit mad the earth that goes on in football it's really crazy people think about his chest when you're gonna check you get hit in the chest at sea like an impact not just on your chest but of a law a large amount of concussions even concussions it went up in depression or from chest injuries from getting hit in the body because your brain negative vanegas snapped back your head even though you're not getting hidden ahead your brain smashes around inside of your head and it causes some serious injury to the brain in there they're doing all these different test sunlight like what is important is its head contact is headway we allowed a soccer players have issues
with see tee as they get older from heading the ball was just having a fuck rubber were carried out much does not it doesnt it's not it's you have do a lot but it's a matter of that george like that thump that jolt that sharp it's your brain moving around inside of your head and it's not design for that and out a certain it has a certain amount of those you can give it a name just starts going it's like a fucking transmission that you just in a jam and difficult first when you're on the highway after a while that thing is just like wow hey hey hey gear start bacon should start fallen off if i didn't know you and you just another fighter and you asked me for advice be a lot nicer about high gave you that advice i did that cause i'm fuckin terrified did that cause i'm seeing you
smart do you're a funny dude and you're you're like fun to be around when i go back gozo neuron also was we're gonna good place if that if that goes away if that goes away i would be horrified i'd be fuckin finally i would have a real problem of that problem call and fight of people i barely know and then i see them get to that point whether there they they start slurring and start having a hard time i seed in your views i see them i struggle in interviews i looked at him sometimes it's just two guys tired that's possible should have you catch me from really tired you know in some interviewed me i bet i probably look like i was entails valiant answers you can usually but is this just a thing that happens when i go fuck he's gone and i too many guys man seen too many guys i've seen a bunch getting his fuckin dangerous is shit but it's more dangerous when you
not considering the danger it's like you know teach i grant grows heading for the lightweight title has a title shot lined up smashing everybody looks fantastic has one concussion and all the suddenly kent's it can recover from this fucking concussion his geologists year long headache fucked up try to get back every time i try to get back to jump tries to start train again fucked him up again he's like this my he is trying to figure out what to do like this must be over he was in love for a year and a half grown suddenly you're not going in the guy you this fight you fought before you got that with a shovel idols grey maynard a grey maynard gardeners fuckin animal guy comes off tough tough ressler hard puncher you know but goes through these wars are wars frank yet
he started off with a great chance here and then will you know some last night when they did he eats tat any just his body freezes tell you could see his face his body phrases like this guy just is not taking shots the way is to take em you know and maybe he's ok maybe you know he wins that fight that's ever think guys gonna fight with injuries already like you were talking about you fight with ben roswell the u n that fight we're talking about ass you got tag by car when in training up to that and you go and in all ready diminished goin in like with a weakened chin already we you know if somebody tags you're right it's like you hurt your knee so unique bar unique tweaked already like you're fucked that's that's the same way with everything so they wanted a whole bought random i mean if you decided or you like on the fence or you prefer fight for sure fighting i ve been up for discussion i what are you guys can keep talking i should at this point at this point does defence of bread
town arrived at this point it would be allowed i think it's it is dry and started hang out with any other fighter who just jordan got into the sea whoever it was there's a good chance eighty percent chance i would say that we would be gone through the exact same thing at whenever that person's career you know no never there was like two or three losses in their big losses ban that would mean if europe brian let me joe she too and what you're hanging out had to know you and and he's is it yes i know you notice it really is just him like loving you that's all it and i know that my direct exert often for me for me and my man if you want to still fight this what i think i think you if used to say fuck the brain and
i don't give a shit i'm goin i'm goin for i'm fuckin savage and this is what i was born to do i don't care if my brain starts going bad it at fifty if you're gonna do that then this is this is i would say just an added that you just let us hope that get out here scot free and every now and then every now and then someone some fighters asking for advice what what they should do and and everything that he set about like you don't look like you're footwork for example and challenging winter punching obviously you're not as smooth as anderson silva on your feet that's obvious the guy oh i would say if you can keep gone ok let's fucking get that foot work and the movement down let's strive to move like i mean john john what john jones stolen however he's moving maybe you'll never be john jones but you strived for excellence maybe you get halfway there but you're
in your pursuit you get seventy percent of the way there but i think you're you're a tremendous athlete you play football you can do anything i think you know just critiquing your life why it's like spend extra time getting your foot work professional rocky three rocky bobo mister t wash that moving you know don't watch along now you just what i want and movie i've seen that rather than allowing was about and about him getting his foot work together that hopefully he gets what work together and then he beats mister t git you can note if you remember it anybody can do it if you pay attention to bobby seale for instance right now is a killer striker with great footwork and great movement he's fucking people up but he wasn't like for while he was the classic jujitsu guy college gracie when he came out super good you guy did had z stand up and there they you don't think i take one
that really shaky they're trying to get the fight to the match they lose lose some decisions are taken down you know that they really don't have anything to offer on their feet right so but then you bob what problem silver doom did than most other jujitsu fighters into a lotta justified as they put it in into the economic world i want this going take aid to wait two scary examine open when a category four can make money just with due to its lotta gaza did that and in some digital guise of unity date i said a few fight but they can never get their stand together it was started looking ok but then is just could not in the name of the rustling to take down these rules are so their stuck standing and they can take these rustlers down there not that pro poor guard so they get cotton is mass and then they get in view of the outcome of all these black both an out and out bobby super do and out but you know what he stuck it out he stuck it our camp workin honest what were kept workin on austria
the power and the combinations look at bobby's we're we're do now stuck out people don't remember those dark eight he's working on good we're all right he wasn't stand up wasn't that good and it takes so long i think you you gotta get ultimate stand up coached you could find just like rocky through the focus on lit and then work with our disgust as someone is getting you advise us find the best wrestler rustling team gotta onerato git your wrestling on time strive for a limp level you might get there but you happy you can get real could be an amazing wrestler you could be an amazing striker you think you can throw all those spinning pigs and he'll kicks yes you can you just gotta prague's you can do anything you want every time every time we have had discussions like it seems like you you think that a lot of techniques are just for certain people for their body types i believe you can
anything you want to leave you can't i've i've i paid him before i can certainly does not require the rail and women in the budget to the jujitsu you need to not to to least started that it's it's told whatever is keeping you from opening your mind to the best possible jujitsu every seem ben saunders it is last by would rigs joe rig ain't heard it's not from a take down i wouldn't you just see our ban saunders about eat em up right away did you see that yours go you can do that i'm just blown smoke up your ass you could do all that then saunders came down for three weeks and i ran it people going shocked when they see him when they buy if that by wouldn't it ended all man the position we worked on joe rigorous fell right into he he was a boy to light a mob with amazing guard where ben saunders lot of guys have come through my german have allowed a great fighters then saunders is the only five ever than i ever work with the came to me a recur laborious blackmail he's all right
good at on the ground and he's all he has a lot of them and they experience and east rate striker would supra long legs six three but has the legs with his legs or insane and super flexible someone this gave me the if i said that it's perfect they gave me a guy to get his rubber guard together whose already a dangerous strike a long and lanky super flexible already apply got jujitsu man ben saunders as it is is gonna be shocked the world and i believe i believe you give me three weeks just come to my jem not going to charge you you still need i'm not saying we ve had our gracie to train with her you got a lot of great stuff integration has great stuff he's that great grand son of healthy oh come on get me up he's very super knowledge right all but you can always add to your game you could always add weapons and
it's the mindset i believe every fire shrub include are you always what weapons can i add and rustling i'm done with the rustling turn that into you need more there's so much master rustling off the fence and really turn that into a knock on jujitsu there's so much you add dude there's so much you can talk to bend saunter stock to tony ferguson when guys actually open their mine and come through man my my you know we're all working together to come up with the best possible do the two for emma maybe off we're gonna little off track i agree with you and on all points goes about and when his idea to regenerate brenner has really good jujitsu deafening could benefit you to work a guard but europe striking if i had to say one thing to you we talked about this four or run off their last you follow my you gotta go and do like some hard core
like you go to some like really elite jim and have a guy like henry hoofed or have a guy rob came in or have tween ludwig have someone work with you for a long time have some tighten up or audio thirty do your young you could take a here too often serious about some one asked earlier priority for another third youngest fuck you you look like a twenty four did great shape it would be a bad idea you know if i read tomorrow that you did you wrote a blogging you said you know what i decided when it take two years off to get my striking to that i'm not going to come back and tell my striking beautiful i'm i'm gonna go to thailand four five and six months or whatever the focus the focus should be the foot work and the cargoes and and the the arsenal the leg kicks the fly and knees brendan where were you what's your thoughts on the podcast
the aftermath and all that shit we're just talk about you yeah i don't know where to start i mean people think i like offended her they thought we were mad at each other and that they can be further from the truth i got i know you're lookin out from its offers the only reason i know this i was a man the least bit does maybe five people in this world in that way and i wouldn't trying till you don't know you're one of them and i don't know i don't know it it stopped to listen to you know i stopped wisdom but like i took a great naw man i don't know what to do i wish i could take their credit try not to cry to be honest that's all just gone because i know how to set more that i would have started crying and then people attacks roadmap goes i do just fucking leave this is brutal like i can't do that your brother also told you that he agreed with me yeah it was he agrees as far as hee hee
he thinks i can be chaired by could fight for a title but how things that i could make more money been doing park ass in my shows these also worried about yeah oh yeah he's like almasy a punch in the face you don't think we launched a banal shitty like you really could become like you guys gather especially as a team you guys can become a huge forest that's another thing like like your hillel like don't do this do not pockets with you it is by by father biggest thing we ve ever done and mr notoriety in the matter love i get now's insane by god i was walking down the street from starbucks and construction workers three of them came a twin gimme a bay code like dogs man we love you man don't stop like it it's inside and then you see the article in the new yorker i mean it's just well that's what the automatic coverage we got from and honestly when i laughter i text brian right awaited we're not post that i'm super embarrassed on crime i now do not pose that and i got home again
cried the more i think you and i start talking and as we prize should pose it does is our answer this way i've had alarm i can mention names i've got a lot of fighters reach out to me who are like thanks dude like that that when a law ways man i know did you hear that i can't believe you still and took it like a man bala so i've these people who are the business reaching out to me now since i've big shoulders ninety six can i be shows for a reason so i can take all this shit you know i'm saying it i took you just reaching out to me so we spoke about holding alien to them to our success i what he said about we talk about releasing it and you can i said this is part of this is part of my thought process this part of the experience of five and that's why you gonna decided why hide this let's let this out there i'll get the debate i talked about on our part just like it's like a journey like the reason the show so big and the reason why
when you do a show i walk in people cheering big brown it's insane man when out when i go to anything so the reason why is there on this journey with me like they care like they learned we care about me so i talk about signing fight i talked about in the trash brown fight how excited i am i going through training camp in the build up how exciting nervous and scared and then ask the fight win or lose their still parlors journeys i must get leave and this was a huge part of it good or bad it it does i think as wonders for not only me but other fighters out there are full but i've had football guys reach out to me i the tall people reach out to me thank you for having a conversation both fighters trainers former fighters just across the board you know so many people don't want to have conversation they just don't because we all know what's real and it's the monster in the room that nobody talks you know what it has done no it's like you also your powerful dude but i dont think you realize on
when you say some these fuckin people jump on man but it's open up a weird door because people realise that you are a good friends they think you know like they see me on here whatever six times year whatever the fuck i'm here so they think we're just whatever and you my fight in the sea so it's open this door where like that fucking guy had been against or whatever i hope my waiters like yeah man heard the podcast i think i could think i think you might want to my first you're getting salaries resource johns with i think we should go get my double step with saying it's like so it's open up a weird doorman where i'm antonia i've had closely my friends like where would you need to do they think as i too advising they things i took it well and has just try not to cry they day off
the advice now where you live in a fight nor lifelike at a family member go i just don't get why not do to we can't i mean do these eight we camped seem over train let's just go two weeks and then leave arguing that what they ask us area this because they signed up to five why did they want with the two we can't no one's ever said the hell it's insane penelope enough i liked your fine i don't know one somebody's i'm doing what is close to him said go down into a fact and five february use did it that's all it's open up its open up this door where p right o shopping curtly likes this i'm sure your advice listen if you change your my oil for surely jimmy funding advice so it open like during an answer and then its whatever let me again let me live happily conversation with dwayne and listen i've ip address conversationally people that don't like you and i say it's because you don't know that's it
like if you know him and you don't like me to take a page and job lose my army like that you know brennan job you know like in with them so that right but don't yeah you wrong you're die and you know and i think that's what the hard things about position where you're you're exposed to the public cuz you just going to get a bunch of opinions you going to buy it i get it no matter what anything i talk about it's it's one of the weirdest things would like you'll be in line at starbucks at someone will try to bring up some shit that happened to you like some personal shit from like ten years ago or something and i'll talk bought it like i heard you you talkin about this not the dude i'm just trying to call here we're not gonna go into which it about my dad then let us i don't know you this is crazy so that talk about some shit you know you and
i think your eminence way yeah has in a way tat i do but you don't know someone unless they know you too you do know them but you don't know them in terms of like how you guys interact with each other especially if not accusing me people being clueless but if you run into a clueless person they they think they have this idea of who you are based entirely on your interactions people they're not taking into account how that person would react to you like you know you think have this idea of who the fuck brian cowen is how to fix brian cowen brian cowen blake blackfoot what will happen you look in the mirror before her in items all this shit about me won't you look at yourself which is a crazy conversation that what happened with you're not qualified to be doling out advice to brand that's why potash or are so big enough like people buying to those same people are gonna listen every show you do what it rogan as british army this listen i remember like gimme do this row noted his man to numbers thing it's a numbers thing i mean
you're dealing with millions of people now and when you do millions of people you gonna run into a certain amount that are just crazy and a certain amount that overstepped boundaries and start certain amount there just getting real nervous around you and they think they talk out of character when they're around you that would never loud and i gotta get it isn't already do especially the drinkin fuckin drunk dues of not me impair hugs pick me option soccer as it were drag me over their friends when people lose their shit they don't want to do they are like out they broke up with you in a way that like someone up somewhere they get drunk and you know just its overwhelming and i've i've experienced it i've been lit up foreign met someone that i really admire and like you the only time i ever experienced anything close to real faith was i did one episode of sex in the city when it was biggest show and i walked through new york city and i am not i was with jimmy burke and i am not exaggerating literally every woman came by every woman was like oh my god you
so funny last night i start in jimmy into bars is to see just i had this experience thousand and girls would get drunk they dragged me and i was a prop i was basically a prob did you know my name or anything but this sounds cool but we're tom out due to which i am a little shorter you dissecting city did it better not always way better talk and we're all gold plated guys think is i'm a fighter hit me by holy shit shaw behaving like what i now hear you don't hear me now like to how many times the people ass you take pictures choking them i get at my mind's more of a punch upon someone i do a terrible choke just so that cancer like the people but you know that you have see actually told people did not take pictures with people i'm sure chuckle adele and matthews both got suit was to be alone they asked me to take a picture choking them the picturesque act i literally can't i've been told now
to get scammed cannot take a picture we jokingly whether like real guy did it with mad hughes was in this and the guy was a fucking bad cop the guy was a fucking dirty cop so here takes his picture with values mass choked him in the picture you don't look matzoh fuckin heart ass an hour and a reservoir of one of the greatest well to wait world champions ever so i'm sure he fuckin really choked issued like our do guerrillas rise want it yeah country fuckin farmers drawings like i do you want silly just fuck and gave him the clamp down but you didn't hurt the guy at the word the very least the guy got it he got experience what it feels like a child by a fuckin world champion so this goes any files lawsuit cuz you got the photo of man he's choking on me why everybody around says the guy asked matthews choking the picture and then they start into this dude constitutes soon matthews and i finally
it is doing all sorts illegal shit now goes in jail i am going to jail because of that shows people in pictures and then chocolate dell a wound up i believe i retorted school here but i'm almost to be settled i'm almost done there are several because with sums but number ten thousand in the wars like all of you to spend twenty five grand fighting i bet they use that consumers really does that oil filled the commercial whatever is where he's risotto zone regimes wave like more than launch such a long time ago this a long time ago this valuable aid while he was world champion yes crazy man happens all the time so what you wouldn't you want to do what your plan how you gonna rebound from this make some changes switch something's up on over it will pay what i'm gonna do but just make some changes camp wise co twice just focus on my listen get better man we're card and then i shall fight again at heavyweight imagine
next year would helsing right now you know i'm in a dark place but our pockets find the kid and doing stuff like this really helps a man so i'm folks on the pot gas of wrote couple new segments and if you can keep this guy in line like you gotta make him show up and niggers work together still guess her great team is greater clarity you have like and very give brian is callum brian you know i mean move on brian oldtime but what when i have this opportunity to go hunting for that show mediator sewing one i called because i brian would go camping hills
he'll sleep in the snow keys he's just he just can go through shit tank on my colleague earlier i probably know you can go to the supermarket i'm gonna have to go to bear down are burdened with guys brian is therefore you too and brian is also never angry at you and never in a bad mood he's very unique guy is a very unique guy you know like bravo i love eddie these my bride and see the kind of both their boat our brothers but eddie the difference between them is like any can upset at people about shit but i've never seen you upset it anyone in my life will you like fuck that guy man whatever rees whatever you have in you you have this weird thing and you man will you just like a duck water just roles off your back the shape that you keep on going i can't stay out its duties and amazing positive quality is etienne i very similar in a way we're both
really nice but do deep down side we have some weird resentment shit because of our dad's you know there's like this anger shit we both have above is weird abandonment anger shit where we live in fuck the world you know it's also one of the reasons why were brothers is like you know what i'm like the same with you man when we met each other we can best friends like in antonia sailor you know with you and with eddie was exactly the same thing like you you could sleep my house you do what the fuck you wanna do you are burma caught units instantaneously because we this you know the ito i know when due to a real you know i know when no one's gonna fuck me i know i know when i when you have love or someone any notes reciprocated you know i would do any for you you know then and i will do anything for you and i'll do anything for you it's a really would
so being in this situation where you watch and someone and they're they're going down a path that you'd like god dammit there's a fucking cliff how atomism fucking clip this shows parking cliff there's a goddamn cliff eventually as someone yeah but you know one like you could you can rebound from allow the shared someone who's a mixed martial arts fighter it's a fucking crazy cliff because it's it's goes drops off and there's no pillar the bottom there's no airbag and there's ways round that fuckin cliff you know man here is perfect example matthews you talked him today you sharp as attack he's fine he's fine and you never good striker you know you never got knocked out or he got knocked out in the cage couple times we never really knocked anybody out other than hands gracie like standing everything was like him take down ground pounding on meaning you got knocked out by be j got knocked up i pay lay way back in the day you stop
few guys your saint pierre stopped mp you know fought some really folk and bad ass dude but to this day is fine man talked time since he was one of those guys it's ok had a good run these new you told me shit i'm actually have to learn how to strike compete with these guys back the seer well either suggest everybody has like i said you have a rock or all born with a rock differ because rocks are different size markets rocket as big as this fucking you know he's got a different sized rocks some guys have a rock that's like a really small man some guys rock like you got to be careful with your sculpture your design something and you should design that to the best of your possible abilities and with you you're a very high profile do not just because of the sea but now because of the park ass you have the opportunity mean you could get guys who would be more than happy to take partial credit for turning your striking around
for turning you to an elite tick box dwayne which is the mother fucking man dude i mean i never met a guy was more obsessed with taking fighters and turning them into like prodigies based on all the information that he has in his head he's tax me several times ass right before we came in and we ve talked about it when we produce and i've talked about you too you know in twain and i talked about you before i brought him into work with you i brought him to work with you because i have a deep tremendous respect for dwiggins knowledge and also his obsession domains are not really he's a nonsense of that work you get that teacher delicious but work together you can do that you're just gonna take a lot of work but anybody could well don't worry that dwayne is dwayne does ensure coast jack shit dwayne not sure got any one you sure coach sugar dwayne like us plenty sugar if that is what it is now i love you my mother fucker but this is wrong eu lifting your back foot up off when you thrown right hands what the
kind of shit is that my dwayne will go and they do it right again mother fucker i kill he'll give you all the positive reinforce when we do it right but if you do a wrong what's a shit your mouth he doesn't give a fuck inner is a guy was fought for world titles and boxing was elite emanate fighter for a long time you know has been down he's been up he's been kayo these tail guys been submitted seen at all most lazy would it be if dwayne ludwig got his shit together waste coming out looking that would be amazed it is you know it's all remains all just about numbers and and i wish to say that fighting in a lot of ways is like having a conversation some shall you down in some if you dont know how to deal with someone can shout you down but if you'd nodded you that it tries to shut you down you'll you'll slip away and then the guitar to shut you down indigo what did you say now would you say you basically said
and here's why i said nothing cuz you're a fucking idiot and this is why you're a fucking idiot and then you start hitting him with all these words that they don't know and all these sentences they couldn't possibly form and you barrage them with a verbal assault of intelligence and of of articulate that did not capable of in a lot of ways fighting is like that there's some guys that could storm at the gate and they have won technique and throw it out you they fuck but skilled move and you slip and slide and eventually you start anderson silver and a mother fucker explanations of votes deafened bonner one of the best examples crises are forcing or force bottom a good both his name if i was crazy because you back this body up against the cage that we mean with four so we're oh yeah well he just left for profit apple in another way in that forest guy cayos dose arms and training he got knocked out twice in train they did
there were you know i'm sure had people telling him to not fight you know me i'm sure he is just what you know also forces a good example of a guy who want a world title came off the ultimate fire got fed nearly to the dogs and he was fighting like elite guys you know like right off the bat and then you look at forest now me forces his physically in a lot of trouble i keep getting brush his tea to his right hand is talked about a pretty openly his bodies like really fucked shoulders sting a lot of punishment the hair you use a big due to cut to a five fuck yet i want my size if not begins here boy diane's cutting down for that many years guess who else is john motherfucking jones jones walked round to thirty eight really i when john jones is you know like when it carries around your body fat measured which body fat as fourteen percent was really how long was who eight eight
how do they do this emerging you it's with some some body composition machine that he's your body santos thing way out i thought you'd been higher than that because i'm seventeen percent i was nineteen or fifteen percent but weights in our internal market you're pretty italy will you i am but i am i think we're heads fat whose eyes by land or its arm i got a couple big i think the organs probably bravo actually gravel guys i put my head next day mister laziness just no is world renowned for the size of its head a picture in world war and a world renowned my heads figures noting listers so milosevic is gonna go design had united noggin i won't genuine reasons i know he's got up what did you think watson i find what a goddamn slobber knocker steeple
enjoy your side and how they could take that much punishment speaking too high thought j d s looks stiff yes well you know what he looked bigger which weird is there a way really way the same weight or our ground is unfortunately might have a leaner like you look more shredded in this major swiftly it would perhaps zillion i thought it was better to what might have been lena john fridges body john i was grateful shreds crazy shred he's yeah threaded you know my used to be like might just see why two main points egg he stopped being a veal starting meet again how much he all right
you'll stop being a vague and don't you still be guy just talk to me would you guys think that recent arpa horace newborn naturally knowest run my gratitude monastery any get hold of it you you're getting no one i think man i think he's hot held on two submissions wait too long in the past but this round is yeah people saint was too long here's a deal of whose any other submission it was an arbour or runic choke know another problem is the fact that it he'll look and then a transition to a new bar and everybody's thinking of other knee exploding you know that where the he'll look especially you know a time gives by time you colonel jeers to lay how is his knee hit ok right sparked locked the position is neither said doesn't mean anything to you i mean it might get out of this round is what high puts eyes trotted need someone in the face there not holding back it's at eighty percent power if you are trying to put their knee through your face hundreds
power is many mother fucking times they can endure the reverie stops at its vital when you get injured with widdle joint locks firstly for me i did you just such as port game you normally yet he held it on a little bit long but that's emma it was a jujitsu match that the big he's our going to his opponent jointly managed as banks but he didn't even in this fight mean it was like literally he's holding onto john fishes tapping every grabs only lenity let's go i mean it's not he's in the past held on venus and the referees poor jobs we won't let go here and do that this very issue they have asked us fishes tapping into let go he doesn't like go to the rough stops you you're not impose exactly what everyone knows in the back rough says that europe then you so he's trying to do that
that's our usual he so wrong he's five foot seven and a half or someone does so things all muscle in all guerrilla bone and did you see how we try to re out tended aren't you notice that he pulled guard he was not does john which down that he needs john pic on the ground how the fuck is a brazilian gonna take a rest her down if you're not damon my he's the only guy this do you know who did it just like stupid little single shot and then he pulled guard right into a heel so i don't have any minority not as what did he look really feels like until that guy gets hold your leg some people that our i call on guard right there that was a perfect example of a guy he could not take down but he still got him down anyways he saw about our dangerous it's one of the things that people forget about horrifying i was scared he's horrifying easier mangle yola you not even in a train you never get what you want you and you know what all you can be a fight gruesome are bars taberley
if you are you just can't alan belcher not only did the best anybody's ever done at dealing with his ground game in being caught up in defending he also put out a video on what john fidgeted wrong which on fidgeted have really i want to see that guy he went into the fire literally stopped all of paul harry stuff literally caught up to see the hunched now pull it out ass or that up our belcher verses who some arpa yeah you put it on that we are still any and he hit my computer out is ok that's right of jealousy wicked fire solemn like two weeks after the event and i was how hard you somethin like that when it is just the e u can get its good with leg locks as recent more powers you can get that good and if you are in a situation where you needed to get this fight to the ground gauss too much so the striker but you can take in belgium to go you can pull guard windowsill hooks you gotta anybody
the date is gonna work on it and say this now powerful about her close on this matter for his good do too the brendan sharp come back i arriving in this is the first forty five minutes of the movie right
no no night rising a brown i they would then also show how maybe you could give do something over betterment of saint john did something wrong while people made the same mistake is discovered i look out for so first off players the way that he gets to the wagon sought his arms is eagerly attacks are like a single doubling drops under this take how many did was on the outside and then he started lived in the leg almost like use your switch to doubling does it with a perfect tommy with a lot of mistakes techniques he doesn't really good like set up by faking the town like he lives a leg right
the guy just do it that's what you drop your leg states after the leg lock right here sir john civic ajar tainting lessons down to put its weight on the life and start to go like this so why are locked his legs over here can be around you should everybody wants washes islands you're really breaks down who samar paul horrors versus john fitch traps the knee inside i know you spell when how hollers rights right what every hour
john phrygia can't move and i had a trapped here so priorities continues to twist here until the following knox fitch down and then he starts to attack this here but bringing his wrist on any here with his hand and then put on his hand like this are here and what he wants to do is tighten up the legs and push the toes bad get a hill hook just like that so what fish was doing here was unravelling to speak a little bit openness feet up trying to take this off players was to bring this over just like that and who is making space curtain is near cross in fish was also strainers leg out ok what price does now is he squeezes the knees brings this keeps twisting they even though it straight and he's expecting the guy to roll out because the pressure applied makes him spin but as he spends a turn back the other way which
break his name or but also puts me right into a position for a nearby so now he locks is figure for right above the knee and he keeps this group here and he can thrust his hips down while pull in the street and twist save your socks it's hard to use how a little bit and you can see in the fight for got on his side i think it might have been all the way to this side here whose actually elevated which actually elevated we get back more room it's almost as if i had this behind armatures really strong twisted hill boom thus my hopes there get an attack so we know what it is they probably too long for us i want to see what he should have done yeah but this it is a long time for people that are listening has a podcast
it will be a watch it more watch it after the show that i want to give i also want to get alan theres many hits on this is possible so if you go to alan belcher to page its alan belcher bring down who some more powers with this shit is like fifteen twenty minutes long or somethin it's actually to eleven meant but doktor like this how culture i'd like to see how he defended who did it no one's gonna better job defending leg logs in in the octagon in front of the world millions of people paper view than alan belcher he loosened up a horse was all over his legs had five different in terms that his legs and what our belts rigidity blue jean restaurant for that camp any flew in a guy named dhabi ramos sousa leg lock wizards and just had those guys jerome bond his legs for two months straight and he said the first couple weeks he was tapping left and right
but after a while he learn how to stop that enough and then it just became instinct and then he became impossible to tap only glanced you just have to walk through the fire you just have to go through all those taps and that worry about just now you're gonna get through it and no matter what no matter what unless you have some kind of brain defect you put yourself in those bad spots long enough you will figure it out and distress the then after a while don't worry about this brain not only do i not worried about a phenomenon tat from there whoops sought ones and indeed in eighty i gotta drinking a bottle of deep hamburg why so i think we probably talked enough about brendan schaub and branch hobbs career thanks i love you guys are allowed to go out and pull out you are sure right past fight yeah but we're not really watching them we're we're gonna want to go to the people at home again to see us the dvd up there is
where was she were watching what we know what what's goin on youtube but once we gotta bypass the people at home are struggling until we see that but we can run errands pipe yet what we're gonna watch the fights we're gonna watch right on fight pass and i want to watch we're gonna watch the classic fights man and i want to watch some early faded mad because i sort of ireland who such so scared mother thyssen thyssen days time this is fade or versus nogueira are this is the first one and we can get i am on this road here and so so fatal i was in the lumber world champion what what does sacra combat somber which is a different styles sambo it say but that also has have a lot of strikes and they were the key jacket and headgear and you know i don't know how long they been competing like that but its essentially like
i'm a lot of ways he's going always been a good position to flow look how good he looks handsome bastard baghdad as he was a love that motherfucker nogueira my here this was ten years ago i think i got a little bit more state my favorite brazilian fighter of all time i might say really valley day he was a mother fucker he was the first heavyweight they came along that showed like real luxuriate jujitsu losses back now occurring go through all this cannot fail to baby face yeah he asked in a low level her features missing a lot of the the big scars that he developed later his career
really bad right yeah yeah you got some scottish russian mafia is also his body changed yet look how commie is those are the weird things well fate or what he would fight carla esparza did you see her when she came out and fought rose now my jewels does she actually it was it was almost she was so calm did if you didn't know what i was i curdled thing you would think she was petrified she was just like you and rose is just dancing around and is shaken on earth our is not even moving not even an inch look at this they have the national anthem back then did you remember that i don't regret that because that was the mother of embryos to modern mario sparing with fucking here look at that really area that bulgaria man looking do oh gonna knows video trade isles off
i hope our betrayed should nebula why did you lose weight what happened did did you forget i put the pressure on you the heaps are you in that crowd look how quiet the ground this is the thing that created by watching fights in japan where they are you have see anybody was told me was like that but when see it live and by the way they would adjusted have changed since the old days the old days dead silence now they clap and sheer little baby is becoming a little bit more like some additions and start everything trendy thing now dan i'm gonna go get yours was how to fight our to talk look look at who is tighter back then now he never used to look yours looks down used to sit back and he was later in his career fate or like slim doubt you go smaller you can he's a super feedback was used a logic oh bells and a lot of power lifting back then
he decided somewhere longline skill training was more important but i think that you need both i really do both or by means of so many variables involved in old fate or they made him a monster just strength only one of the other thing was just you yourself are confirmed jesus time time it's fast to a heavyweight man deceptively fast stand right there is he also had a really good technical approach to emma may man he just what hello my heart so fast he spoke in its everything you throws is like a lack of which the latest he still retired also want to cut out he's not he's very smart he knew that those last you fight is not the same guys we're lookin out right here we're lookin the dude in his primary this is two thousand for ten thousand years brain was interesting is two thousand for
there was no body like cam nobody had come along before lie cam nobody nobody can we pass arm bars of their back the way he could and still throw in serious hands on their feet the way he could see think we ve seen anyone like in this war as an aside i ever changes and even in the fight is right days completely the same language said village showing emotion is showing weakness nogueira with fuckin wrist control set up man i was a shit he doesn't look like you warmed up like you just need looks called his body that uses let's take my show is playing cards about ten minutes ago fight and if it's hard to see you know i mean if we remember as brothers gnarly ass tat like another grim reaper home a baby brother i guess was down right now is in general as i think for rape and off he got out his brother de la crazy shit this video his brother drunk off his ass back i've been drunk be mad at you crossed raping
or be mad at you and re bringing no thank you i mean you only i'm out or even meet a guy i been thinkin about me was framed bolivia was framed by the illuminati i think he was going to drop the bomb is our own minorities as you know and you know what we're gonna get some girls year fox that's right complicated business about cancer outcome or you of he was gonna drop i'm about to see eyes involvement oh shit is call you while we're listen we're going in familiar with some fuckin ferocious ground in power from inside the big not got those scars from being run over by a truck i think is a different one on his back down is back but does he was in a coma for long term or in a hospital i think for years but they do freedom vitamins and milk happen vitamins and milk milk that no i were to give milk to a baby bones
figures lastly humans a baby and milk luminous it's just what everybody gets varies this is why gazing eyes love em this is it that's not why they like emma may because i think of a fuckin these guys know that girl the physician progress that's right you guys like him i know a gay man who is a comical variant lover brandon why isn't there gave you john adams i mean wouldn't you think back his eyes like brown version that's right they healthy life probably not another wasn't there more why isn't a gay jujitsu academy they're probably they would love it they wouldn't love it can you imagine put out an advertisement but even either edinburgh even in geology only alas even engage you jesse you don't think about sexual aspect of the procedure to eat and engage in no way onawandah gotta tap you out so even if
attracted to the gas you wanna do july's guys beat you up i think i francis bacon the painter let things you jitsu ass boys all out war not to get tat out that no matter what position urine you're not thinking about sex ever you're thinking about not getting tap even if you're gay you're not thinking about sex injured that's what i believe the moment of his son i call that's what i believe we about fighting in a ring that they kept moving people centre in the same position the good thing about the ring is that it place less of a factor like as far as the environment then the cage does cause a cage you didn't put guy against the whole report cage wrestling that is so different than regular rustling ruffling off the cage and all the possible positions against the k when you're rustling there's only so many positions against the cage and
johnson he's a rustle whose scientific about it here challenge bonn whose what are my guys and there let us think about here's a question i have if offenders the training and mostly sample and training in russia he doesn't have a large budget goes to train with probably right so how is he soda defending against all these tremble has submissions but the emotional leg locks and well while larger barboza tragic amours yes which is what has just gone for failures one a lot if i buy straight arm bar and a lot of fights by us more overdue used to be grown ups digital instructive our croatia to help him with his defence well even though somberly is like more it's mostly a leg lock system and catch rustling is like this a system without a guard toys gracie all grab
styles have adopted or the holes that were glaring since you have someone like oh shit we actually do need a guard because catch rustling did have a guard anyone you see this what do you think here above his art me when you see this mean this is obviously two thousand four but when you know your guard your style you mean you must be seen so many goddamn openings in this budget didn't people were unaware of back then well fires like when he can controls posture well no girl was the first guy to come along since hoist gracie to be known for his guard day we went quite gracie who tapped everyone out beginning and then people got hip to jujitsu and start a training that they learn the defence and then we had a long period work more common came in the restless started dominating and reading of any jujitsu guys in there that knew how to submit people off their back when i was punches in elbows and there's no key it was
it was to me it was a riddle that needed to be solved and the nogueira comes along and boom just like that he was the only guy out especially as budget for a heavyweight too if people out there back he was known for his guard when you talk when you're talkin about they may guards back them most of the time people said nogueira had the best garden he was the only guy go nowadays and man fiddle get out of a lot of stuff it's crazy in iraq is really really greasy its greasy any strongest yeah he's also by the might have been a up about that common told me that he was backstage saw vanderdyke oil in up ventilators i wheeled out before i often unfair listen brother did my answer gets away as bad as using he was now you can't i'd be shocked units apply these fuckin shots gara with this is this is the
rough is part of this fight and no there's another guy who was known for his chin based on these five he added that them of strongest children emma maybe if you talked about the best guards and i make no garrets gonna be up there back then we talk about the best chins and emily nogueira gonna be laughed at me you don't the bastions now nogueira has been around you know the sport so long that his then clearly isn't a strong as it was back that what we do a wider things into one would have no real said that his doyle watches blacks guru is noise now who's gonna make millions is the guru who could turn you from turn your chin around and strengthened your chin and make yourself and turn you into a guy you're there
to be some kind of tat not a girl brow that's a fuckin wizard he's gonna come in on a dragon if that would have that happens wouldn't there's something about amiss guy can make your dick bigger and you give up on fighting so big executive whore check it out my relationship by reason to water looking to breathe waterway which are very taken these shots i'm gonna bring your chin back and i'm gonna make you take three inches bigger trust trust well you know it's gonna be really interesting when they do come up with genetically engineered human beings or people have just unbelievably freakish athletic ability you're not going to care as much about like athletics and will mean as much a great now what it means is the represent patient your character of your will of europe do something most we want do when you see a guy was built you think two things one is all for good storage but
thank you thing is i while i guys put its important work like this even when a guy's on steroids for guys big the only way to get big pipe in the kind of work that most people are not willing to do so when you see somebody organs as we look at this man that was the brazilian elected to beautiful so when you see someone that italy this is about the last of it ass a power instil china pakistanis ira thats a beautiful thing about no gary's jujitsu so smoothly half sorry trot immediately any armed look it s because this is a monster mass so strong god so strong and such a good gratis pausing bride they found out this is channing first only slimness goin back our sun i've never seen this disease like all drivers cannibals ervic am i making a lot of new rights but there's no way been reacting there's no way that receive he said i may find the way i'm like a fan of politics
and every now and then their why'd you have to call me i guess you know like animals while there was sky mark fitch used finally you see now he fights for suitable fighting and i just got arm really thought this guy the guys like blood chapin arm bartha s behalf that should be one c b s comes our looking to super boiled looks like an e just woke up there's no actions face even in between rounds com is a cucumber the thing about he's fights these pride fights in is widely known i mean you know you talked guys like i had ants in any way in the park ass ends and told me like specific quickly said on his fuckin contract that they're not testing for steroids specific all that palmed she cheese
if we work with that one right i think you would have been overdue let's see the cavernous just those shots mr don't you delete your dress of as he was in his ground upon the same reason down the road when he felt a garlic were doomed submitted the average images way he's gonna get caught people get categories william condom verdant tricked them here it seemed like you went down and got her he pulled guardian and a different kind of way was adam plus it has taken to get on taiwan's this strikes a blow job but why is it that third right hand what got through i think you would have been not still hitting them both boom all my goes right left right left right
let us try jesus christ i should we give right there that right novaya wholly geo garrett could take it like nobody i feel like pride was back when baseball intestine guys like fifty sixty homers in these fights didn't tell me exactly last each other in the phase exactly plan last summer watch based thereon e p o they're all unemployment rises girl she loves him she love and you're gonna know i urge you know gara lives like a rock star that's her even japan him every brazil is the law saying he's iraq's to really yes might i a sheer good good i like it enjoys lifelike deserve one other right because deserves anybody's a warrior deserves no us no other here i hear that putin really likes failure we will watch in this but so is pay attention of failures physique because will show some later fate or fights he's never been lean
well no no no never lean but his bulk drop substantially his amount of mass like his muscle power it the five and shredded that would have been we should have been to a five year show into other over time used thirty and at least twenty pounds overweight like easily could have been to ten lean you know if like fate or was like enough fine i russian guy like ali bag teen off was shredded fate or like got down to that lean body mass he be two or three weeks cutting weight but he's got how bad ass was karlsson fuckin crazy man when you look into the the history of what happened in brazil karlsson grace he was the man do tat was all whole pain they will know ye they weren't on their boxing look at all the guys in iraq's moral mr monti had some serious boxy so did the nogueira ass they could throw
with their feet and that was all karlsson gracie about fucking veto abronia reading totally reverse gotta come along about yours twelve the only graces that had really real hands were karlsson grace he's got that clan that brazilian top team clan and grace brought it back i was the man that guy the unsung heroes gracie i'm shocked and how much bigger fade or is physically like his muscles night thomas young minds at your result vital on much jaeger swore like twenty plus pounds of muscle vigour i give you look at him towards the only when he fought dan henderson is a shell of himself when they make we wonder like how those roscoe's restates that's true when here voice gracie say it like you don't need a train boxing rustling you just need jujitsu like all units jujitsu when you hear him hey stuff like that what do you think it's crazy you say that of other graces all right he's not he's a rag and on hard your grace you workin on his remarks
meanwhile haji crazy saying that now as you say that now really he's turning into a decent strikers fucked up changed swinging understanding do you're crazy is it is turning into public overdue pages control that strike in training up here's the couches and he's got he's got the job that letter saying those voices saying that now he's saying one that today it's hard to listen to voice today because makes me sad because i think you know hoisted just i don't know what's going on with him but all the shit that he said about you the voice in a new category now michael carries that guy i don't know what's going on i don't know if it's emotions or if its anger but other should they set about you after you beat toiler the second time i know you didn't when a decision because it was a draw you dumb in our files you say that you dominate him in a match a hundred percent everyone knows it and you never said about about the graces leading up to it you guys we're very respectful to each other you and oil they were before the match even after the match gave it up to oil or in the graces you always
you always have always been really cognisant about it so when he got super upset about that i went this is like a non rational person is a person is not think it's very so when he starts talking about like all you need is jujitsu mike ok in till you fight someone like ants rumble fuckin johnson good luck with all that good luck with your jitsu when you get knocked into the fuckin next dimension with every shabby throws oh yeah good try that out the reality the reality cold hard reality it is a choice is he in his prime you fc one ok fights anthony will johnson he gets put to sleep in twenty seconds that's a reality as though the game has changed it is a fuckin whole new world and we do with a guy like rumbled johnson hate to keep bringing these provide examples of a ressler who is a strong ressler wicked take down defence strong as shit and has that god given power
given power with good coaching get henry hoofed where the best fuckin striking coaches in mme period a real dutch kickboxing striking and he's teaching those fuckin guys how to throw combinations that are technical put strikes together being there position to land bombs deal with this like super athlete in rumble johnson if voice had a fight that guy he would have a different differ opinion they would realise like while you're different with you deal with a completely different species of human these these super athletes of today they just on a wheel you against john jones judges is all you need ok good luck like using your jujitsu john how do you explain why you don't you don't bother with someone says the earth is ten thousand years old navigate ok i gotta go here's a crazy things not one rather than on the planet agrees with nobody agrees with that one and he's the yes you have seen legend of all
moreover this is the context in which it angry sure he says that he say that roger gracie whisper too much time working on a striking that's why he's not successful budget only met him king mole was a perfect example why had to work on other shit king put him sleep why could really the king more is a fucking italy wrestler good luck wanna take king mode down go out you are bringing about if he is because this will be the king also address with it for a while we're ras east and one of the best coaches over recent years you can quote some wrestling very technical you know he's kind of guy he's out of rough career man in ice had some real ups and real downs but always king low and our societies like he's got a massive massive fuckin potential here that electric chair again eddie hit intellectual chicken but king models are good law also has the he has some serious knock out power man he knocked hydra with a ball of a right hand
the coming why they looking novelty the problem with saying you only need jujitsu what're you gonna do with king mo protecting malaria well slippery body well it ll always had this curriculum in this system mastered of pulling guard and then other system mastered finishing people off is back in this emma may way at the add those two system then i would say i see he said because a guy like paul sas oh guy in u s history who had the strategy every five was shoot making sprawl and then pull garden finnish you office back he's the only finally i think in you see his right could be wrong dean tom was another guy like that he strategically went out to throw some throw some strikes shoot making sprawl pull garden then fuck fuck you about the back in case if that's what he's doing then and what is coming from but i don't you
any it out from a maroni ever here i am talking about different strategies the pool guard and the best ways there should be there is at least five six seven different ways the strategically pull guard and i'm not hearing but i think what comes the harder he seen hodges never gonna fight for a belt or whatever he has he's crazy skills and ginger too quickly in time on worked on strike and wrestling just win by jitsu that's retarded you gotta get your striking together you if you're gonna be an enemy fighter suddenly saint focus on gender well well well hydra greasing his one the best muggers avowed forever arrived so what about what is not like what i want i would tell georgia gracie based on my experience in watching fighters conversion rising and i would say don't get frustrated the striking gonna take about five or six years don't frustrated you got to get your fuckin striking together you can t push
you can't give up no matter how many losses there's no way you're gonna get to the top with suspect striking a neuron you'll be in your scared there's no way you keep an honest striking you strive to be john john to strive to be adders and silver whether you reach a monarch whatever at least you're trying to close he killed james mc sweeney we're right but that he certainly in a police overdue hydra grazing i would say work in that striking even if he loses its next to bite striking gimmicks the jury is going you who cares about you because no one knows anybody's record and i thought i'd boxer boxing it's all about the record emanate i'm a huge emanate animal anybody's record emily like how did you do your last couple fight and there's so much to learn you gonna stand that people are caught fighters are constantly stages of development you're not done it wouldn't when you think you're done in development you're done in your career you gotta remain a student there's too much to learn you can't think even
john john the baptist motherfucker out that he's got there still louder jujitsu to learn their still were here olympic caliber rustling so you strive you keep learning nude take down off the cage new take down different will take them if the cage indifference of strikes is endless never saw thousand president jineta scientists clinch work and he was much better than stepping zoo cheese in your mouth way to know it's a cracker it's more dramatic azerbaijan or far more remark listen do you know about our neighbourly as verses sancho central high minded outside of those angelos holy shit i think we do about those answers are not so much data may brenda denying problem with that that puts a lot of weight on that front leg he comes strong with that job does get good reach but
retirement zenos oh my god wise and so unlike making sure that is just not adapting to the devolution game really now we're gonna kick rashleigh exactly was almost disdainfully lackeys joking around with you throw zis like his brother does they more uniting us there's gotta throw aspects when you nowhere near him i like what we invite girls got an and nicky s book called come he just through like this i'll be around how goes it was overthrown spent shit i tell all my father's come of age i tell em all whether they want here do not i pull out my disclaimer now strike greater no shit that's just my opinion but if you're nuts i've got to be a striker like conor macgregor or like john jones down you're all school you got a stride everything that there are throwing break it down technically what does john john for he saw a spinning elbows
inside kicks generalised yours we won't like zaire takes a lead tellin me we'll kicks don't work you watching edson barboza you watch and veto belcour who never throw kicks before you saw him in his career add dangerous weapon like a spinning he'll crazy everybody allergy bond what am i fires he doesn't throw spinning he'll he'll kicks it isn't there we'll kicks i costly term dude that shit you can do it you're very athletic it's gonna take a little while maybe six months a year or two years time flies we all know time flies but men before you know it you got a fucking we'll kicked it your opponent s train form prepare for and if there was a more bout you gotta turn psychic look at that like a d diego brandy what's his name brandiles gotta fought conor macgregor yeah those guys to still everything you never know they're just like right here that you don't know what the fuck that gonna throw spinning back this we'll kick sidekick conor macgregor thrown couple where kicks in my opinion
that's the future right got a guy that control any kick any punch any spinning elbow all that shit strive anybody listening other strive for that don't be are those gods sticks with boxing that although the problem you guys get in emma may and they get an ever may after a lifetime of one style you know sometimes it's very difficult for them to incorporate other techniques like say if you spend a lot if time of just wrestling and you ve never thrown a kick in your life and then someone saying oyster ahead kicks like mother fucker barely touched my telling a long time that's a lot of these guys it's like you deal with an elite fleet in one area but when it comes to like the ability to learn how to kick you now i mean some work needs to be done for sure do you stretch stretching now yemen is stretching now promise probably yoga how much we don't know how much will it get to do yet obsessed with that get obsessed with perhaps less we ever you didn't used to stretch a tall
to use a stretch at all and i am using my eyes came in working out we're going to my system through my system and when i tell people what people ass i want to learn the robber going to want to do that flexible stuff what do i have to do i tell my to everyone every got just all yet to be able to get him to the most basic yoga positions of all time a rubber guard position jewellery over eddie you don't know you do your guy do yoga stretches but what i'm saying is if you get if you can get into the most basic yoga position of all tat lotus full otis it's a position that you have to learn in fact now there's some yoga mother but nobody has done yoga for ten years and not been able to get into lotus eventually you get into weathers for years eight year sixty it all depends on your work ethic that's it but what i tell people you can get into that basic the most basic like buddhas and and lois you didn't get into that you can delay
all positions in grab it's not just robber got human monastery pliable and the real issue is there's a bunch of studies that have been done on flexibility and their allies of say they're all but a lot of them are very flawed and i say this from a lifetime of working out with people teaching people judge techniques firstly kicking techniques seeing guys become more flexible and knowing my own flexibility limits i became very flexible and i became very flexible by through pain so when they say like someone is only able to you know get a certain amount of flexibility i see how do you know did
do you know how much effort they put into it how much time and putting it on many occasions when i did i put a fucking shit load effort it is the reason why do full splits like this way in this way in this way is because i didn't i couldn't do it when i first argument like when you hear it i saw bra by forced it dear also really works over he's got that we were at a meeting one time tv meeting any and we would like these like you know some people did loves you and he just grab both ankara's my meaning and put him straight up and urban is that what they like remember why did you do ass i say again that i have no martial arts rolando really flexible check this out and what can i tell you do a lot of martial integrity i doing is what are you doing this pattern i'd do it off when they asked me to show them some right so we want to see some crazy what's this i grab both my ankles and pull them apart like that i can grandma anglo kind that you want to grow and now that pictures views forgave gets its low that's that's from amends fitness but when i did it was just for what congratulations either way get out you held onto it
i won't you still do that that was a war how's everything about emu by it and our law no you can kick like em meal yeah i see kick i've never seen you do the legs like you you can't kick like that unless your flexible true hand you don't have that does it go witness of the already part like when you see guy who really knows how to punch wanna things you realize is there not tents the whole way now my it's like this us again that is like and that's a scene with kicking the anyway there's like oh there's a witness in italy as crack comes over and that of the the amount of fluidity that you get when you kicking is directly proportionate to the amount of effort you put into your body type the bone structure is loud variables but a big one is flexibility that's a big one
more flexible you are the more you can fuckin crack this just as just delete a sound a lot worse gazelle gazed last brendan but man to your good virgil are open presses world class fighters ideas pee on striking with our knives bugger rail airing download your friend if use this guy anybody who works with anybody that holds paths with them they always trip we all everybody the fuck out right every four years this is no one on fifteen years brendan this is nothing new to me this has gone on for ever this guy when you listen to fuckin powerful striking it's the fear factor guy how in same is that that is the craziest thing ever nobody believes and how is it possible you babbling early dwayne told me to go before the third brain anyone told me what to do anything to answer this
flirting kid regardless four five always asking whether it's a job or the hook everything he throws it's it's all from the hip rather power comes from that's what they say very calm and turn he's got he's got talent through this hips i can only imagine i you fuckin lay pipe john bunsby like blah blah blah pledges are just talking in the ten years ago is implied awoke in finding common fate or that i want to comment thing i'd be the hardest fucker ever robins villainous grow forever so it's been a long time about twenty years ago sure it's like none of these stories listen looking more common
fate or down almost immediately look at that slight difference here look at the difference now magic common had monster jujitsu because look at this moment of aid or down and i had just been out there this phenomenon with i shall at least show it like right off the bat like like this this is you don't give me that our strong you saw him but our moroccan illegal rice isn't thirty nine forty nine years all thirty nine followed for all natural not all now a little management banana one hundred percent national thereby alone no sanity beds no training i think this is common before he won the pro or did it was an everyone the heavyweight grand prix member he won the heavily grumpy book at last take some doubt she that's a motherfucker strong ships
do not a crime and had everybody lifted waits more common is our slogan that look fate or try to get up he's like negative if not app and wait a little thing do they do wizards in russia razors in siberia zone but he's gotta hear choking match any wrestling shoes gratifying others you could look he's got its full back man could you imagine if more calm and had a monster fucking guard in a monster fuckin ran it'll look at this he's such a lap were relax craig for you look just like other chocolate down more correlates corner look at this chocolate i would know sleaze on tab on his robe firstly one where like about his arm as a chuckle adele do in japan that year my god look at random tat are undertaken kevin memorandum whose whose a who looks like a bug mike tyson was in drag
oh look at its boom boom look at them look at fate or the under don't get up with a stronger and stronger drop drop well by this time call most probably already starting attired why utterance to hit women which is a natural one seventy or much now he wants and just then that is serious guillotine as this is swear becomes a project i forgot about despite i don't know how it ends don't arabs are real don't tell lot i dont know fate or used to grab the ropes le havre ceasefire with what may take yes to easy take tat man s fight without matlin linen little land grabbing the robes reversed the position because he grabbed the robes linen gotta body lock items but taken down fate or fuckin rope grabbed flip the switch and got on top ahead and want a barn barnum bogus com and just trolling on the ground
ass though she was determined to look how fast that shit was you could do wow deasey watches again keep working closely and look out or climb relaxed he is entirely lacks it up is that gives you really gonna leave is on the whole lot at last so keep track started thousand times that are rather second timely far was in las vegas replied came hurrying i was later darwin i was there and brought his kids they rise brother totally look out glorious that is billy john russian armed bar man he's so good that shit you so good at that shit that shit on everybody didn't hit that shouldn't semi saint they headed on show everybody up here
no i never faults outright he avoided sad that's right not to think you're the guy was three seventy five exactly whereas those girls i ride like that nobody no gear firemen they wonder vitamin again he's at night i had a tyrant and our conversation bob's at one time about hidden hypnotist like he was really into is really not zappia help nor do i understand he lied to his face i kept going to face it was so wide and sober these days is different kind of you all now smart guy on that last smart guy i'm nice guy and was really into really into hypnotized like hypnotism and just mind control and software to give me always bookstore it what i see the fajitas fight sells a crazy cook up ones get do yes twenty five foot cheetah tat he's got a lot of great fights gary goodridge forgot about that you know the other thing is when you look at these guys careers and he see how many fires that you forgot many fight you forget
i know the market here's crochet random and what have you remember that around with my randomize equilibrium demanded in head and then someone actually iron slater eat amber did the same thing them more cyborg versus the hot chick who with their name jean occur do you want by mr elles cancer it sounds like a fucking beetles comment dissimilar crowded the budget screaming in the audience jeanne cyrano cyborg that's one of the great what i took her in virginia juno said i was movies fuckin britney spears concert there's never been a fight like that before just chicks others his pride bad the boy handsome all mercosur fightin somebody else back down boy he looked perk indifferent he looked like three fire boss return
the joy of shame the boss route never fought in pride it had been really sing see him fight and pride boss was a fuckin do i i was watching relax real athlete real striker in mme fought in pancreas your seat he threw kicks the guys like what fuck is this i watched him hit a bad kick a bag with his chin it was the case they have ever start it sound like a of gun was gone off see pedro his kick about now being pedro his own throw some light changed kicks off his coat setting you won't hold network warrant lights i wanted my real i live on the bag was ways eddie did at one thousand hips our about this why they're they're they're literally about a quarter mile got goddamn tree trunks were legs to but the thing about pedro here who is man he would like he had really good technique to real holland style kip but he would hit guys with one leg kick and you would see them go what
failing this guy's were used to eat a short amount of light kicks you know like my eyes were only able to kick legs the way ernesto whose does the uk really good nestor whose was of technician but ernesto whose didn't have a kind of power that has had his job right give shape to the lobby and english power when his offer rico rodriguez in in the in the eu of sea he hit rico with one lay kick early the fighters and you could see the look of regos facing luck all this rico just completely adjusted and decided to survive i keep literally decided to survive from lady opening moments of that fight change your correctional ruin your whole it'll just you know what he fucked up random and so bad random legs are still damage to this day you kid orgies yeah yeah he's crazy all over his leg he's got who'd you say phaedr
rennie couture oh yeah yeah he has his younger days you dance really and we're oh my god he broke their veins elsewhere in the veins recuperate but they they form new channels so all over europe like yes he's gnarly by billing veins although his leg where his object em fuck all over his leg comes second o connor was gonna get an amnesty to comedy i think maybe you in january to be honest with me don't play will see this is fade or versus ruggedo this is like a fight where he got in the worsen the worst video it looks at these issues and after a body contest does not say that before yet he's gonna get it bad stomach but this was this i'm gonna throw those hammond dude he also mildly surprised timing now that we're egg to soccer takes her pagan prior right totally different experience man not a good thing and you could neither the head right was always on the hamleys that's
devastating i'm surprised you don't have a new have see that that changing and organised with cables it's different wise out a cage you could trapper guy ok go out again stop him socrates but to robes as you get slide around needed avoid stuff it's good in that respect probably a better solution someone haven't figured out yet now know what it is but here's here's we gets rocked like or comes in on food guida in food guida throws a fuckin how're his way and food guida look in his eyes his head they do he's all fucked up to now ouster over and changed his life all that knee of potato looks like he's moving like an old man right there i mean nominees stiff legged put up actually rather than his job he's a bad guy hit you oh snaps dude rubber lagged is all over the place their mother
hocker knows how to survive the locator s amazing that he couldn't for cheetah couldn't get him off with growing or leave of greasy arms is overlooked was so strong then will you hey just took hold on this the rough care mother while he just took a bad rough chemistry and if they had a rough can today be high death would be more about ass obviously should have when i see that some so also rough could say i didn't see the ipod pitch huh we can see the i broke through the phonograph camp lazy yes my head was look in that way we can now your honor well i'm ring car girls done distracted me yeah you can bring that it is not just gotta know brazilian ring card girl judge like you gotta understand picture now i wonder what what what's gonna fit is gonna be little still munched up here is back his face was probably slowly recover area
for wider almost rosengarten annie posted as arm that's fucking dangers shit check this somewhat into this area this shit writer deliberate lip and he turns around while striking those with low so do no standing stand right there right here to the body fuckin war i think he knows attitude is alas learn is here's another both you guys cried out for second job hook sleep blow to resume not too big but let us get bored by lever ah ah fuck em up what strikes and closes out with a rear negatively to their children that's fine man having the ability to do everything you so important have the ability to do everything you them the hague rocked and fight for gay didn't look at him walk around not enough of them
all this is about the size of their lunch angle mosaic it i am naked manhattan is back a brand tough now he's got job well that's that's the lisa yeah if you watch is overrun fight where they fight over my dream is a dream those dream it eats a being like can caves is frickin its he was our levelled in half an hour now stop asked us the watchman he said it was well worth stock out ever for sound like a shotgun tat horrible well how are you doing now fantastic men eyes light bulbs and lifestyle riding in cancer should so cool said no one ever commissioner who do you guys want to see you and now i want some audits and early it was anderson everyone pride gave one pride images and haven't lost their selected some others next year's while he won two we fought alex de blinked brazil
until a short and roots what's your child shown up that beautiful flying wiser he'll hook and watching ideas and that's why some fucking classic vander lay oh let's watch vanderwiller croak up because it was then a crow cop to especially was real it was a real education and what happens when an elite striker gets good at take down defence you know what happened to this summer happens these guys when they get you get it take down defence where they start in our they start figure in an all out and then they get loose on their feet and then you see the gap between them and and other people now what are which one do did vandalized fight i've started my take and even i maintain my take and events are far more serious than what was it
this is the big one this is when for whatever reason eventually decided that he was going to heavyweight over five it's metaphor merkel favorite firewall that really know their number two how it is enough about what fucking world we live in the brazilian have market was only thirty two back then i don't you ve got my several colossal rush i don't know where we go with you this how slowly ways natural here this is vandalism heavyweight he was to eighteen here here was actually to fourteen he could throw but this crow cop at its best ups legs this is crucial at his best zwyny was sponsored by purina now that's the thing toby oh look at kick to the body jeez
squire that shit was on you so gangster he was so much better before the tattoo oh my god vandalism now i'm talking about croak up to over this hammer fist he oh my god he wishes king vander way up in this fight strong he was so good back then he would just that kicked it body the opening round i a wash out all day long and she was ridiculous for sure the greatest left kicker our ever have them how how much different as wonderland look now time for face lift to read it boy out as a piece of rib taken out to reconsider his nose and he had his nose made extra lar so you get more air in it they got a more pussy you did i agree with it that is why i agree with that but watch this shit man this is rough
because he was already beaten up use already beat knowledge bomb straight left echo is so goddamn laser beam accurate back then too he just fuckin gone off on vanderwiller there's also first fight which is maybe the scariest fuckin stare down ever ever heads down when wanderlei and cro cop or standing vandalize doing i was normal like intimidation shit and crow cops looking at him like i have killed motherfukers with a knife and always got like that face was the only time vandalism burden out scared out stared down out stare down there we usually thought we see that i'm fine throws up still fighting he's fine i think issue soon belief dream yes or in the browser to origin have started well you he he won t one right a heavyweight on a version of a grand jury
like a year ago now look at the vandals is i know there is no shadow curve was smashed there's a lot guys i tat they get assets that that smash part of the middle of the nose the bible his eyes but anyone like their doctors stop it that's all vague they very real living on a diet censure ever they gave us giving him a break young one hundred to let em recharge makes a fight better so they they create some drama the regular greatly might stop shelly w i'm not sure they would never stop any there's not there's not enough blood even consider it the problem as mother doing this to given croak up a break too and that fuckin do so goddamn explosive he's not even the out he was only to fourteen back then
me he's yoked but is a different kind of yoked he carries around a lot of weight now it looks very different that he looked very way now tunnel to fifty forty somewhere hook up here he was to thirty five you said it was the strongest guy you ever tied up with hands down while nomenclature they start them on the ground again i like that i like that fanduel is throwing some hammers from his back here damn i just want to see it when i get to the feet and i don't want to live here
for our bars and shit now it is your talking saw me kerins podcast how'd you like this like that i have seen is a very sound counter receded so you just told me i knew it what does erin i won the air this is amazing whatever it's a car talking to mike forever programmer we want to cure the migrating but eurobonds i've been looking out for two hours glance it doesn't look good might around jerusalem and articles now leads to greater although the migrate on which progress on those two by my colleague that when i went hunting you're gonna be a nice naughty eyebrow frigate pickles right now it is your business nobody else eat a gives you want this to stand
the sitting while we want pickles you can and want to stand up and i'll fuckin tackles i've been here for six hours i'm gonna take all right i haven't been years six hours you regularly military late whatever no puts wine and i brought video gets a need for this because my get some dinner to let himself canada i'm so happy nevertheless rules are ruled i i just i'm sorry there's something i want to be pushed up here goes here goes i should a black list we look at this eddie back up to her feet were here comes does not crispy crew four miles away and you yourself or less uniting game a yellow card note i really thought up back then two men they would give deeds yellow would examine awry inactive allies that are like this guy you're a percentage of the matters right would take ten months that ten percent money baby here goes like this gear analysed levin caning is already out of his right eye watch this look up good programmes slides to goods good
that bow to the body looks for days out of one allow my god i'd never through straight by ever very rare we had a very narrow shoulders for a big muscular guy your kindness comes here she comes my god who sat in a mob butterflies i've seen a hundred homes he's a certain amount thou man here you can never give croaker upset up time you cannot do it no wounded check the vandals tag them but let cook up back for crew starch in back then managed to take it back that burma and there are many good lord rate laugh to face in the foot here comes oh good lord irreverence my little dish fuck and cash on the side of his head with a shin land that's horrifying
while he was one of those duties man that's car that's the way you moving them that's awful so different he won the war god cry sets he moved so different back he looks dead did by then i'm gonna do you see you got a wonder you know because of what they did in pride as far as like the drug testing and shit you gonna wonder what these guys were and weren't on back again and then you get for then and theirs is like this period your body just not the same right like a per example that i always use is roy jones junior when roy junior fight john ruiz he got up to like hundred ninety nine pounds like wrapped shredded and then he got go all the way down a one seventy five when he fought tarbert tarver after that and he looked like dog she's gonna got knocked out reside tar was a first gotta stop him and tom did you
not merely changes currently changed everything that after that if a glance johnson glenn johnson knocked about bad while they said that that he was so gifted physically in so found that he actually that when he lost a step because he didn't really have to work on fundamental the way somebody who wasn't that fasted once he lost the step he would get knocked down by guys we're really educate yourself on the watchman always about my favorite ever i hated that may whether pack efforts in happen is it that's what they're saying the alpine grandma now that my reeling may whether new amount in the pact as a cool money is not an issue i don't care about the money was just make it money was what was holding it up that's gonna be the biggest money making perceval five years ago i got a job it is a good time for it it would have been better for five years ago but it still really go salad you did to algeria and the s took his whole gamewell
jerry everyone not on his level me out here but people didn't really know that like before the fight we listen to people they always saying that he was gonna get our class that everyone knows too big a job for algeria though lied way here that i heard you talking about the fact that it was a huge hunting mozart virgil draw guide all current virtue hunter bradley bradley and they were taught and they were very respectful algeria like us plus twelve hundred under no would give him a shot vegas like he's exactly how you think of a guy lived with his parents and that's what you mean i raised when he does raise the boy was talk about it does yeah he lives in his parents in the basement but doesn't have his money now i mean he beat provide nicaragua nor made some money decide he's gonna keep agenda yea mandarin or those with beethoven allows and miles ankara like i'm even more he said it's me around his family portfolio don't be a locksmith humbug give the fans the fight they want
have waited long enough why day sun like the dot right before floyd may whether that let everybody no puddle appeared before for me so it's not just in its at mentions also eagle eye just lunar lame have fared collar don't be a humbug q that's what is known as the us is a nice gotta fox people up he's in it think how they did it a thing on scalability spatial here i feel very gang is bieber hair cut with a gang is cause for clues they did a analysis of like a skeleton apparently as a very has very large wrists backgrounds yeah they're talking about like they do i won the reasons why he's been able to carry his punching power up through the ranks he's so successful knocking guys out and ate the there's a direct corps
nation between the size of certain parts of your body particularly ichorous size recitals that is they have tat huge whose is it useless manic tackle he's after you here is our eagerness is forward but his speech so awkward he's just a beast nice guy orange did you think so far where did exactly what i said did your power what if they learn them they testing on our market allow amerika short my mother sir square serious question brendan company engine this is the your voice dropped into how whiskery about a serious question when many ages i like shit like that like all alone knows about i care about is beyond this more pussy i'm all set man had taken him getting
thirteen inches eddie thank you for asking that of very that's bigger than lexington loud just kidding i forgot roy nelson far croak up how do you do after royal rights of his back and smashed em no i mean crooked lousy out your crew broke out and wobbled though did you remember come on the ropes hell dictum are some straight laughed was he landed a nasty body shot on m to be i broke up gun down to gale yeah oh you mean roy goddamn money i want to sue roy verses nogueira ah really just a sea often the end what the giant right hand yeah i generally what's that you don't wanta that's tough the watchman it's like you like no gears friggin like this still it just gets
the ny elated spacey the envelope friggin legend made me sad that's when ssl stiff it is what it is cost but about the bob sap days ok i know unfounded nogueira carlos newton paley about where we are above satin augur we ve done that on the pot gas before i think people yeah that's about bob sap croaker gazettes kick acting as it were not wholly can seek a home in choice now last year you need a sleep more out of my mind heard how bad my car merom our current his body captain america right there you hear the craziest who marker mark occur likes the weather data as well one should arise there was once a price
marker i do a hundred thousand if anybody's ever wash their document doc deanna lhasa documented smashing machine grant documentary crazy documentary because they followed market who at that time are marker rather marker the time was a world class mixed side crashing guys and had this unbelievable body and they caught in the middle of this like drug spiral downwards i know that they are making and they had no idea right away out there with the camera fell upon the crazy about modern is he told me they paint as when mark comin was right as in the eu have c and there was a couple of the resource there's no dear a marker sounded guys were always telling me look do you should do that you have see you gotta do it you'd kill these guys and me curse said he did not have any interest in fighting he can those guys are animals i don't have that animal instinct with people kept human due to be so easy
lamar communism stories making all this money he's taken people down you could do this and then they twisted his arm he do you ever see a men backed out of it as a key this was not and then he decided damn maybe out he got off offer in brazil to do an ape man tournament and he said okay i'll do this us this low key tournament in brazil see how i do and then i will evaluate after that he went down a brazil he was scared shitless marker was scared shitless throwing up in the bathroom had diary is what he was telling me he was freaked out he went out there one the ape man tournament it was bare knuckle so we got the staff infection all up his arm so he was a brazil he won this thing you want this turn when he beat fabio shown the final and lives no gloves and he got the staff up his arm he
died in the hot brazil it was terrible he was supposed to win twenty thousand dollars a promoter of the show said aid is brazilian tax you're getting eleven thousand or whatever so we have with the money he added my experience in the hospital when he finally got only set i'll never do this again but he started reading stuff on internet about he started calling on the smashing machine and an umbrella marcie not their spokenness mushy or whatever and all sonny by wait a minute maybe i will do this again and then that sunny he does i wanna make out he resolutely one eighty eight and eighty five sixty look at the size of the asker sizeable forget about anybody else anyone you never live ever forget about anybody when you talk of size forget about namely that ever lived nogueira still trust taken down all really blows fact is world that yeah viewers right there really jack that our biology paul order for mr wonderful trying to do to settle driver pile driving force
personal highly piles wrong is seen the first minute of a fight unbelievably the strong fairer for first minute yeah he's unbelievably car when he was three peace bigger than car when those three seventy five pounds with that no one can tell me that's his power drab people and he's on every drug known to man i mean he's alive take whatever every wants mean he just he was so much bigger he's a hundred pounds worth anything other than natural some guys are totally thrust if i would address totally normal it's we will need all the time tat you know tat was in the movie along as yard with them and tat was like the dude carries round doctors bag everywhere hopes have you seen caught his eye likewise i gave you yeah heard he was terrified to fight the city would be in the back like just a nice guy supervision we i'd like smart credibly says we marked ivan salah varies a friend of mine and he's really close bob south and east
like the sweetest nice guy ever who just bound in amerika i heard he made a chilean small ships in japan but then it all went away man it all went away in a big way like he when he when he backed out o k one you know that whole deal if they did the accuser apparently allegedly due to unforeseen sir stances did not have the contract ready for him and they are trying to fight without a contract is like fuck you so he backed out of the main event and like they don't play that j don't play that shit like he was worried about his life likely the size of you here good lord nogueira still try for that take down next friday jacked up here but if he is using our paul harvested you know he could have at least grow the whole those garden something shot like you know what i'm not gonna go through my gotta pull garda got a beat him off my back and that's what he ends up doing this he sweeps someone an arm
and his neck is probably already injured pretty bad so at some point he made the decision i can't take this motherfucker down if i keep trying it's it's not gonna work i gotta pull guy got beat him off and he's gonna do old school boys gracie cook him these preparatory has competence in ease i could beat him off my back because in the jail our people our back all day tire my dear but as he beating so in this big means even know anyway i beg now have you tried ass a thing about saturday you don't even know you don't know anybody there big we gotta get to train different size of them i mean that i'm goddamn comical he hates get hit those doesn't take see that when you got head he hated with care areas i know well to wage a kick than that maurice training them though no more more is robia maurice adam least competent and boring
right up josh was in a corner for this situation this year i mean he's a sciatica try boom i start again tyres less five it's crazy are far over things come since two thousand for i'll never forget wanted daylight watching us by going fucking not all i was thinking about in the beginning with he's your big he's ok when you just do big there's no way can do this he's bag this baby switch ones at that oh shit that guideline bodies it's a little late for this round yeah but when he got bob inside controllers working trying for camorra three hours every five pound man that's a letter do lies out ass what a man has got around his neck looks now
now you shut the fuck up three hundred eighty pounded slabs yonder is your way her in his way all your neck believe me i've used an interview city what kind of my browser you give em a relish adds that that's why this vader wouldn't that items taste i worked law abiding mostly value i promise companies everybody highbury utopia
work out here you're you're next heard because hipsters super time will have one of those guys guys you think i have some magical seek well you know parking lot kurtz because your sweater gonna get amazon cards i think i wanna put put my hat you let it out i swear to god it over there that is your nerve centre their release almost thy way i know that's something i can't hurt alex guy i know it's cool it's cool but coming to a monopoly trying to figure out what am i going to tell you that i broke is i'm i'm i'm good with i just needed this part this i was glorious bro it's in your hips he really what you want to talk about the state of siege triggers a double fingers at my right of my having his story now we gave me a messire what are you saying he was a messrs annex vi satellite television and i was my back where they hurt and cause i had a bad back so my lord back and he goes so he's massaging me
these touching ever but my freedom is weird i feed me my back where i had my feet my legs then he stopped talk about my ass it goes you hold let attention here like ok feels good though is that the position of my boots and any goes he goes i swear to god it goes so now there's gonna be weird maybe you have the nerve centre and you have a nerve centre right next to your prostate and he was so what i do is i wanna get right appear that hang visa how'd you get around it there with my fingers and emphasise that area what can happen as you gonna let go completely but you gotta really let go start letting go now has what what do you mean he does i want to put a criminal i have to go in your anus am i gonna i don't know it's ok because for me more tied here are not used to that are not used in so that i find out that by now that my body who is
from jordan really macho dude macho dude he was jordan from in germany looking guy always comes here with a brush and work genes and pulled his balls and cocked on one side and whose very happy with that the current i do i do this woman remembered i make my that was based on this guy and animals there is nobody here i found out that
figured fingered and then he let her do blown these we're all i guess we're right yeah bodies from jordan man it's probably caught a motto we gonna wait a minute cosmical i really like eyes never america maybe it's like i can't wait a minute you let us talk about it again he let a guy finger harassment blow you that is again i would imagine you gave that's what i would say no experiment and would reduce tax would not be a thousand cause i saw him have sex with dry aspects in a room where you are younger yoga we care for autonomy we assure one what happens act he's having sex with job do it he bangs girls loud bang girls that guy's well well and hard and he was working peace i know do its vital both way but he left the guy blowin version for his fingers run together this is a guy who hasn't done that other in other places just
it is one time or what's or learning guys the blows i don't know man we really talk about it that we're like that that was the one is like you know a man will be bad you hold it how did you find out that the boots were blown he the guy who did it buddy dan very very confidentially very confidentially dan my body was dan actually i figured in the buggy download gay and she asked me how i was an hour in training gave our universe and daggers sorry it ain't gonna sit so check it i already is there a lot of people in europe in your myths that have had things with guys like like who goes well don't i've told you spoke of animals man there it is but he was so macho but you our second fits itself what is your bag it up
so i have met many stories you forget stories guy who tried to think of your ass the misuse hold this other god is worthy of adam fingers ass and blow em but that guy never admitted at anybody else nowhere so how do you know it's even true the guy he's a trickster you said the guy wasn't even the way leading it because he only told my other friend it was gay was getting items aid not to anybody and finally because he's lying it couldn't maybe because he's lying they and he's got a fantasy of blowing your heart ass jordanian friend may siberia and then you it tells you gets look gobbles everybody good let a blow you know next thing you know the guy who was here when i was a big secret my house he didn't want the gate anyone anybody know you'd probably thought you friend would kill him
danny and friend meanings of middle eastern guy is very likely is it must do so not yeah now we grow like because i was pretty bit about bisexuals and i don't think they really exist i writers gay dude and then there's really gullible straight due to get talked into below and crafty gave this guy's like making my act real that's probably doubts whether bisexual is like those guys just craftiest but my friend julius say they just greedy as visa said bisexuals their fuckin greedy you really want everything can you give me he's like figures gaming picket team just like the people wealth this guy
i d still facebook em over now over how did she ended sparring session on the messiah pages gave me he finished up and they said well beyond what is hurry goes he goes that because he has understood what we did for a while but he charged i what he does it's only after work up to and its
something that i think your boss algeria for little bit we like maybe i was like that would be we're how would i do that way i'm gonna tell you something else earlier millions that now i remember it i would like some of it did massaged my tongue i swear to god he emphasised that area because you told me that areas where a lot attention as this is awful over my toes cap points you can add with confrontation i wanna be applied as i just have a year is a good man that's glow of baggage reappointed my lower back mozilla worldview children from probably that's all i do i urge you to take you gotta do society bosman picture i haven't i haven't had a bad background sends you been picked up the prophecy arrested for prostitution when
don't cry is down i was this is great i said the other day i have an embryo thinks that it was fighting so that people are university why hours fighting i or story about passage share now no it wasn't but look that wasn't i was not trying to pick up prostitutes story than you tell me what he was doing i have paid for sex now anyone who knows me those that i believe in it i just haven't i believe i believe and i think it really does exist start santa claus that's trump and and i dont do it i dont do it in my adult years because i don't want to i don't i doesn't terminal in parallel reason that is torn apart but well yeah but even if i was married i wouldn't do it because i have six months you want someone to be attracted to you yes i don't know what it is now also the while i don't want to contribute to someone else's destruction there are lotteries and i have a philosophy behind it does but but i come out of jimmy births apartment it's late
night i am literally plan and these could these two want to rent a car and i look in and they got high and i go high what do you do i go now martian amelia interesting i figure minute example they look they don't you want to have the time monaco march and they were how much you haven't i got five thousand dollars has answer like that silly right so it's big oaks great we'll be right here i got ok i'm gonna go right to the bank machine you might not again so i go we see that i've seen by the way to get him to cash i cast to get in a cab and go home guess what either bank shame guess was waiting for me by two cops guess what those girls what cops it was a sting operate and they caught me and i loved the cover go you guys are really can arrest me i said five thousand dollars goggles yeah i know there's a problem you got caught up and swayed we're gonna taken centre
the guy who dressed like a woman who is trying to pick up women and he was pulling his many was so nervous he was peeling his nail polish off i spent two days in jail of his love and i really do want of asylum to thank god there were they are protecting serve and class for johns fur ride a class for me no whatever like for john john for people also story should be telling on state right i think i'm having a man a funny when ability what's the big unbelievably everybody prostitutes someone can what come up to you and ask you if you want to have a good time when you respond to that but as you are wasting our time here the cops recoup their eyebrow i mean look for me
by all means i get it the problem is you got caught up in the sweep in other like don't worry about it we'll be knocked out a misdemeanor just eyes upon the ass i know they're all core mainly but you are in jail for to day it s not a misdemeanor and i had to make up a story when a grossly when next the unicorn insatiate like that you gotta go up there a party of music video text that shit don't exist it does this though that's the problem you hear about and fuckin penthouse letters i mean it's not what you think he'd able and i was getting married the next year something my wedding would be over this all kinds of fuel i just learned when girls go oh you want a party turnout dantonism tunes now some tunes dual drawing their hats with rubber band to the bottom there are not two times in vegas i got i got had with a girl matter
cute we're talking hang it gets get upstairs you and we learn guessing yep than she goes and i saw a moment she does oh wait hold on home you have no idea how much fun this could be but nothing free you got me then another girl we were hanging dance and beautiful having a great time cassock easy go to my room she guessed the promise i have to go to work what will it mean when you work we're almost like an egg she does well cause me thanks as you know i'll lose a thousand last night if i don't ask you want two thousand dollars i kick lattimer you one hundred say david i didn't i was like that i really didn't i really like you know i'm gonna grow or do we take should of course to ignite you take i didn't like it when she did it is that there has not i should like to wish was trying to pull a fast phenomena is aware
yet a careful these days these jose loyal and other john you know i did or is of a giant by right my real problem with all that is when you make something illegal puts all this extra energy into something because you create two quinces the consequences being you could go to jail crime minos all sorts of issues can happen it is it a bit a misdemeanor source of prostitution or not of surveillance knocked out carry a gun still vote but either way the deal do they're taking what your freedom and putting you in the system you are
though probably have to register as some sort of a sex offenders are now you don't you don't you don't know you dates you do i don't benazir dainty count glasses for sure for sure you got a lot of free world humanity depends on work what the fuck you're doing you know what what are you doing with the prostitute didn't you sound like a fire from your job big consequence the ears of the point is in countries like australia where they have legalise prostitution their divorce rate is way lower sure they they don't have like all this violent crime and generosity doing tonight you need first of all they did with violent crime they dont need johns ok they work in these places where they have security to get people tested when people walk through the door they know you know they take their ideas on the way to go what we're gonna do regardless
show me where we should be legal reports if it is being fuck someone for free right which it is why isn't it legal to fuck someone for money what is different data they take if its legal to give someone a massage for money why isn't it let us stick to twinkle guys consensual and all free him free me b of young people to consider the altar and all manner of it are there to consenting adults and all my nerve anywhere and my dad is and i want to relax and yet i cannot let the guy problem his ring finger shit are strong lower back issue i do not care haven't janice ring figure anna's middle finger repellor should open did it matter what battle but indicated knox deep what's its i always bring back to if there is if this room ok to five of us in this room we were the only people on earth and for whatever reason and then there was like for the prostitutes and
oh what would one of us arrest the other one and lock us in jail for having exercised how many laws allow moraine rushing about crazy it would be good for voice right in what one of us said i mean it was really only met on the planet and what we found out brennan found out you were having sex with prostitutes he's like i've gotta bring in broad gotta bring any like what you ve got some crazy cage set up what bamboo fuckin bars some fucking lost cage on an island somewhere where the only people like you cannot prostitution in civilised world that's really what's just ridiculous if there's four hundred million is just as nicholas a groan adult telling another grown adult where its male or female what they can do or can't do that harms no one the woman makes a decision for whatever reason decided once have sex with a man and she wants to get paid for the man
decision he decides i'm tired of dealing with this bullshit i don't want a relationship i just want to pay for sex and these women they pretended they like me and they really don't so i'll just give them what they want which is money four guys were unattractive that is the only way i bang hutch well are easier to contrive there's nothing wrong personality it's easier to control people even in our married with kids then single dude and prostitutes you can't control those do the that's what you gotta make that shitty legal its ways out of amazing it's illegal it's amazing it to puritanical bought it goes back to you know it's stupid it's a stupid locked up in this is you know you don't want your daughter told me man do in prostitution ottawa my door doing processes but oh dear oh dear reality is she people are going to have sex with people are the reasons why prostitution has a stigma attached to it is the legality of it that's one of the main reasons sakhalin
we're all for it we're fucking weird with sex man various meetings are so we're oil price always happened only goes back though i think it goes back to dig kinds of diseases we didn't have cures for think about about exploring to around four about sixty years maybe even less i mean what you got syphilis gonorrhea and you gotta the disease it was no joke new if you stayed mother was a stigma too especially syphilis you went crazy when you did i mean there was a stigma to sexual liberal sexual activity because it was in many cases very unhealthy and the way they ways if these victims in like some can institution well that's what happened i'm glad you do that's robin our occupy people die what happened and each he needs you would became simplistic i mean
lot of the modern day celebrities come down with now they hit you in a box penicillin ashura clears their bread awakened shot your ass making clear that chick work but not helping to selling came on syphilis was awful because what it was you would get sort of blood giant your dick now i don't think so it's run any there and then you would go then then with incubate for a long time like ten years and then you start to lose your fucking mind there's no way could equally be footing fuck you well areas away in a dead there's a lot of these latter now about it i'm not being your body for a long time now the thing about hiv was that the innovation peoples the incubation period is what scare the fuck out of here but about your lot asia now is really interesting because the protests in evidence of its head a mutates so many times that it actually weakened itself you believe everything so many compromise
you guys are now hiv your straight you believe it i will join you like a guy or unpleasant virus is actually weekend over time you have to listen to the radio our podcast called patient zero it's fuckin amazing it's me what is it about because they tracked hiv from that i am have this guy that they thought was patient zero who was a guy guy there was having sex with those people and he knew that he was infected with it was the early days of aids in america like an eighteen eighties and everybody thought this guy was patient zero whose infecting always people then they found they traced lineage back i want to encourage everybody if you haven't listen radio lab its fuck an amazing podcast it's so good so can certainly good and really well produced really well edited its genius and they had this sum this these doctors scientists that traced the lineage of the
the disease they brought it all the way back to the early nineteenth hundreds monkeys well the rig there will they brought it all the way back to the early nineteenth hundreds in america and then they brought her all the way back to even earlier than that in africa it came from a hunter and the and don't number one theory is cut hunter like a hunter cousin they kill a lot of monkeys the eat them you know they re called bushmeat local monkeys jobs and that someone kill the monkey or chimp and that champ as there cutting it they cut themselves and they got the blood in the cut and that chimp had killed and eaten two different types of monkeys it had two different type of infectious diseases so different types of an ira yeah suit to different types of immunity immunodeficiency diseases and those two mute hated inside that chimps body and they got into a person and then it became lao hard that is to believe that they nailed that shit down
some do carelessness i also namely that can be if you listen to the park as they explain the linear explain how they did it is and it is fast knave also isolated why without those fastening why didn't hiv why was it a disease heterosexual aziz in africa not an in among the northern europeans in european general wilton making as the good things are secondary infections and stuff what they found was that anybody of european the age tat plague right now if you survive played you had a mutation in your gene that major resistance to the hiv virus which is wild and they ve isolated that and so what's really wild is like there's always incorruptible typical we have is true evolution is true by jerry wine and he said pollution or biologist and man when you really look at the science of how they isolate these things when they look at the genome and they look at like this do what they can do on a gene like viruses that word that that were dormant
that you you share the same kind of viruses that you're a year like ancestors your monkey ancestors did really fast stuff the the overwhelming evidence like as we learn more about evolution it becomes more true not less true which is fascinating to me so that there are things when when i believe in evolution but the whole h ivy thing united in a listen to duisburg then there is a good name form yeah you know a lot of sat yeah but here's a problem it doesn't make sense a biologist not a virus i was neither does it make sense to viral adjust it doesn't make sense to any the researchers that have been working for decades if it was a really i thought i was with you before i talk to duisburg in and talk to other scientists about it and if it was a real issue where they really couldn't understand the differences truman he's burger say and with other biologists are saying it would make sense but it's it's out there all the
patients out there and its hotly disputed like do duisburg is wrong about so many different things about how viruses behave in about hiv in general threats not specialty man yeah i'm pretty convinced that he made some pretty critical errors in the early days of hiv and then stayed with then it won't last i also identify what mary s wrath matthews wrath who is pushing his vitamins on south africans and tell him not to go with regular prodi's protocols and he said take i vitamins and that's it oh cure your disease hiv and duisburg was with him when he testified and you can see the people in that that did their talk mother people are working on the ground these things they were like shaken there i'd gone this guy hasn't eat here fluid he has no idea what we're dealing with he doesn't know he's nuts what we're dealing with on the ground he isn't she the kind of the kind of disease master we're dealing with that of the health crisis disaster and watching people die and get sick and stuff and sky do we're coming into testifying that
wealth and everywhere well duisburg is wrong then we base sickly stopped aids like aids gonna be a thing that affected in the not if the in the eighties when you heard all the predict one out of every morning dawned on a four but they pay did one out of four people between the ages of eighteen and thirty five somethin like that it was going to be it was going to be like a black plague and if duisburg is wrong then man we'd licked aids epidemic you know my only thought of it when you say that like people saying that you know who was saying that shit the media no the media if it believes it leads anything that's concho what would it everybody was gonna die than ever heard that i too have liked nationals lotta people first about did die in africa a lot and people in this country to know what is killed half of the people that have ever died ever wait wait malaria
as i say i malaria is a mother of your family life malaria kills more than a million people a year malaria el the should have every but that's why bill gates was so instrument on any said what you really news mosquito nets yeah i had to do in my pocket it had fucking malaria scenes i've similar with my own eyes i've seen so many suffer from that bulgaria's terrifying i was a kid i was from the mosquitoes those like this you shake your so called like you can fuckin diary easy a lot of people die feedstocks good percentage of the people to get married a bowler is another one develop both fuck a terrifying what do you think about this a bullshit that's been gonna last couple months pretty contagious you know what man eyes a bunch of shit that's going on it's not hype it's real its contagious as fuck as aids workers are getting it people that are giving but people that are medical aid where he's aid workers people there medical professionals are getting so you know they'd there dealing with situations we are trying to help people and around a lot of all the time while because they figured out
of course it off in the united states itself very hey you can use the thing is i saw his own eyes the of dying for me bullets so i mean the chambers i mean for another kind of your life than other countries if you get it it's almost a death sentence but in america is about forty percent forty send the people they get a maritime it's very hot pretty hot forty percent of people that their people that have all come over from africa that it had at their all fine there are no they'd they return when they were to isolate why some people survive in others don't they actually don't know they think it is genetic they think you are the genetic resistance to it were because typically the overall if you look at the grand statistic seventy even a seventy percent chance i believe of dying if you get a bullet if you look at the broad statistic summit that would i out what are the odds did the bullet all over the news was a distraction from like would say syria i don't think i don't think the news can work that exist on the independent outwits something of an independent member let people
the ground like the doctors are going there are making no money and is going there well we're getting library information worlds getting over from mostly health workers or getting information from cnn and fox and yet in order to try to get a miracle panic now that you think there's a possible military that's all a distraction i think i got really urgently need for media makes money by sewing fear i think the media say so if you don't like the media's controlled by webber's one and everything you think the people that are running everything afric don't i think about yahoo complicated and there are too many their interests for anybody run everything for example take the administration take a bright take a presidency first any present always says what i had no i had no control no power why so different people in his cabinet have different agendas everybody's undermining everybody and so is very difficult for any one group to take total control and they usually get found out i just think that immediately out ok typical what are you gonna go out what do you think i think
you can't rush it you see cnn fox i think everything that's coming through the major news that works all have agenda behind whether its distress because of always running shit i would if i was going to shoot and they say hey what do you think we should make a weight of it are you guys controlling the media first of all if they say no not really control of the media they do whatever they want i would say control the goddamn media what the fuck are you gonna how would you control may explain to me why i think you will control the media for example might be a bad thing for example like like when you have all those different people die right and you have people one thing more people die than the floor you not unknown number but ebola same devastating examined exactly why because i have become emails ebola is is heart is very difficult to keep and probably unclearable and all because it's so devastating and it so contagious and end it spread like wildfire because allow these people who were there worked when there
loved ones were sick they would take care of their loved ones and they would observe the flow of does why isn't the news covering all the innocent women and children dying and these metal the eastern countries through u s why are they not covering that we think the are there now i think i think where that sometimes the news could be sanitizing i agree with you but what i'm saying is that i think i agree that i think there are many people die right here right now that trust how many people died in iraq but it one million civilians over one million supposes product carving out a different i've heard a lot of junk mail and how many people have died of ebola not many fires five thousand less over one million civilians died in iraq you don't know we have regular about heard about i never did i dare not covering that that's that's the holocaust right there why are we
aiding the families of families of these people are we talking about this now we're talking about some to me to me was running shit i would have the media on mother fucking lock i would have the movie industry on lock out with tb and how would we not adam easy the cia has been in checking scripts since the fifties
to make sure that communism doesn't civil in fact lula easy i hate to see i know has no say and could never tell a studio i want you to know that's read it you don't know that now that you're not of what is actually when one of the things about wiki leaks and one things about finding out more about what kind of information the cia or what kind of operations yeas involve with even involve with the influence of hollywood movies forever operation my operation mockingbird is a real busy i am regularly but we then look at their own risk jerk allows those guys what about what about the lot of you guys are honouring a lot of these guys first of all want to be patriots allow these guys he's producer assholes that are involved these movies studios they also there access to information and can allow them to make a very realistic film they want the government to be behind it so do in a movie like you know i've filled the black black hawk down
the zero why are they gonna trouble because your dark thirty alot appealing thousand community control because it was so real a lot of things the the intelligence we didn't want expose smile i mean there's somebody moving you're so they went on to say not yours you're saying hollywood is if it's one guy it's out one guy you're talkin about dozens of hair rounds apparent answering do sirs money coming from all sorts of different regions a lot of foreign you know so you know it by saying the cia had one problem with one film discrediting cia influence on hollywood is kind of you think cia has influence listen listen i'm going to have but but what he might have out there's a great article in the guardian there's one there's there's a great article on global research calls lights camera covered action the deep politics of hollywood and its its been there's just now just give one eye and the laser and run howard want to make a movie i
very much and rewrite airline the answers i doubt very much their list the cia is coming and saying all our guys you can't do that you will be talking about what you're saying like area your comp you're telling those guys completely things since the busy i tell those guys they can't can't you see i'm their controlling all ok listen harry answering it was the first drugs are in the united states he's single handedly responsible if you ve done the research of making marijuana putting it into schedule one category harry anthony he was the one guy who is put who is having in front of congress with fake newspaper reports that did stated look congress we gotta law this dangerous drug calmer want and taken peewit listen limit eddies nobody's then gullible i mean i'm not you're not while you right you just don't know you just don't know but i know what you ve been there granted with harry ants linger was the guy responsible for marijuana asked
marijuana its prohibition he got in investigating or looking into hollywood scripts he was in charge of making sure the communists were screenwriter weren't trying to brainwash the public that's so the c i a museum cartier and that's where nothing ever pulled out you think they pulled out once you're in what do you mean you think they pulled out i can i can write i can write anything i want criticising view they pulled up you are told they got it and i can make on making rules have a conversation i can make a movie i can make them we the cia right no you can't and you're telling me that i couldn't do you can't depending on how you criticise the day will come down at you they were not on your fucking door and talk to you that's what they will do all that is turn on your fuckin laptop cameron kitchen beat not here are you kidding i tell you weren't in it's a fact that they were in harry incident was the guy who brought in
government to inspect the scripts to make sure there was no communist plot youth they play so something that disease control the news outlets as you know a nice long series i announced that it had established and entertainment liaison office which would come our aid in a strictly advise a tory advisory catch capacity we'll make there would be areas if they didn't if they did and they brought me in zaire inimical you motherfuckers got the fuck you guys were any you got out how time did you talk to the very odd times editorial board they would laugh you out of the room if you said molly i think i don't usually i dont know if they control everything what i think the research they don't come all everyone's by pulling on any comment that's some influence on some movies because specially movies about though the agency themselves they ve been consulted our national security and you can't why to make sure that they know how to look of your guy and you live in hollywood
no history at all in sea it service or any he won't know how the fuck things work how does it were what what kind of a conversation does the president have if they're about to drop a bomb on somebody what what happens if someone is trying to kidnap the present family what what steps take place if we are going to plant a phoney dictate in place are also there is without doubt some disk show me they ve had some discards have also been laid bare haven't they in this past like look at how had they look with this torture report from from the intelligence committee i have on my big will willingly it doesn't matter because the cia was is is the when everyone blames it's ok the people above the sea i like playing the sea i looked to see i so the cia different directors that keep rotating nobody's accountable for anything is it see i do see eyes but you know the ira contra contrast with george senior was the vice president
the head of the cia became vice president there was assassination attempt on wrong reagan whose known as one of the most oblivious dumb dumbest president's only say can to george w and george singer becomes president the headed the the cia his father prescott bush started the cia his father prescott bush finally the nazis through union back that's not a conspiracy theory we hope that it will also be at all a john a very soon i note that the areas that is not the cia there's somebody the sea is just the whipping boy there's nobody accountable in this room who is really running measure then who the people with all the money the law could be more northerly one item on the international bankers but the sea ice perfect this yasmine busted many times the cia has been busted
that the eu listener rick roth the cia is the biggest drug dealer in the united states how crazy that's not a conspiracy theory there brought over a billion dollars a coke in the eighties brilliant all those drug cartels and of all the little drunk on the news in mexico and whereas in order that the distraction meanwhile sea ice bringin and coke by the moment this is no conspiracy there you don't see nothing wrong with that ronald reagan an empty reagan dare to keep two kids off drugs yet the vice president bush roaring and in all the drugstore arkansas bills as a vice president is bringing in drugs i don't give a shit because getting an intelligence here is simply not possible legs or off george senior got busted oliver north i contractor nineteen eighty four
you know about it i wear was about six thousand prodi stephen elegant automata that was about bringing drugs in selling arms well busted its that would harm the comte de iran contra scandal was actually about drugs was it wasn't i didn't want you to know that was then drugs drugs were there was no big boss did so called cassandra yes sally rid the real question is how far up go the guy who was getting the drugs to rick ross who was he actually being green liberal rounding off nominal mean sakharov illegal officers is it the head of the cia that's work while you say why i went to see i do that make for a less about my house i ran contrary when he had the cia they see i had
all the money they want new as they do what s not yeah but they died because they have to do you know it their budget has to know their eyes they have to get a crew to do that they are ready to loans taken by paramilitary brighter because it's pretty much everything they garbage move and that they weren't with as i wrote cancer cell about bucket this all on so so so let's say they sell drugs they get that money ok certainly they related it how they didn't illegally right core ok so mark now now hold on who what do they do that cash i mean you're right then we don't know what they do with itself like it it's not real i'm just that the cia is such a big rockers ain't seen either tat alpine and everything they do basically is under civilian control i mean to say you arrive technically horizon what's the work they did as many here today that they descended and tells us committee gives them any pretty much they are lying check they have a lot of money that's not true they don't get all the money for through congress that they get it all black
style they sell drug sell arms so they have evidence it's already it's busted just google it look it on google i ran contra they got busted and the crazy thing about that not only did george singer get busted do in it the vice president but he became resident to go faster and then do they didn't get busted guess he got bus but nobody gets indicted nobody is held accountable will always or where they live or not when you say busted like in what way was a bus what's that everybody knows that looks into it and in doesn't trust the fucking government they go you fucking criminal he's a criminal rivalry whereas criminal brain or all the present throw criminals who have you will hear president unless your criminal i understand that but when you say busted like what specifically points to the fact that george bush was involved
all nor said he was is boss was george thing he was vice president everything oilers baldwin never said anything about drugs however our aid that he not an hour of selling draw what do you think big i don't know but the point is we say busted like if you can appoint like if you were in a court of law and you said this is where i among i didn't go to jail for murdering although we aren't we know he did it right don't do doable that he did ordered and while this is just the thing we distorted argument though because you know you when you say george bush was busted for selling drugs or george bush was busted for enabling oliver nor to let drugs go through south central ally
really think he was i mean did you have anything to do with it the cia had something to do with drugs and they use that money to fund the cell theory contracts without a serious and nobody really going on closing that money for illicit albania's annette our high up what they got caught i want to believe that shit you could believe i think i don't know nobody nobody will ever be accountable for that shit no one gets thrown imprisoned for that germany to nobody autonomy i board that we need a fight companion for this my companions know nobody gets accountable for shit see i agent i want to be around for freezing rain our denying the hour is a cia agents illicit out on a limb agent who years defended the c i a
any involvement in the jail care assassination for years i e our don't he was involved in watergate has worked very well known high level cia agents for years was the one guy in the end documentaries about the jfk conspiracy theory you how does like yours no proof would you he's got you know he was killed by alone knock lee harvey oswald on his death bed he set down all both because the citizens know what you think right zero anything about setting up a confessions for his work never seen it see the video the deaf but say that he or she has already the whole area does many interviews when he was dying is like he do and it's never made any less e our total kinda guy i've seen it but have you seen it was he worked up and rushing down you tell me that in the two minutes that's two minutes but there's no way i've already minutes of at any moment if people are old they
like they get delusional show your face i'm crazy date without a lot of noise lie anyway i mean those listed but i'm not sure but you know what you're right i believe you guys in sweden where you what do you say let's go but that's what i've been doing around a feeling i remain determined then you tell me with your judgement of the skies like this guy that high level see i let me as your question has you won't let me ask you one question are usually large old anomaly that fighting organised at the front page you just try magic i love you i love you and you are bucket here's what risk when whenever you guys like an you you'll have a guy you're talking about who many of these things in theirs video on that one thing that i always go back to his this there are so many investigative journalists so many who are good people who are trying to find a lot people i mean if you look at the new york times economist lemmings limitless npr near times the economist wall street journal these people to make a lot of money but they do
two countries they risk their lives and they they are as concern with the truth and exposing the truth is that there is any i love you heard of amber line but hold on hold on an end what and the way the way an editorial board works is one you go and you say here's my story the first thing you editor says an incredible newspaper like the economists the eldest magazine how do you know this the first nice i know a lot of journalists i've entered into and i've been at the first thing they say is worsening the original slit let em finnish man and the first they may says what you need at least i believe it's three at sources that we can check up on before we can run a newspaper max and a very careful about dialogue and so so when you have that much information and you the mainstream media which is the economist npr makes no money that they rely on public funding and stuff what when when nobody is essentially sharing the same story and checking these things out these guys are so credible but they are
i mean those that will give us a little so you saying that these journalists are risking their lives are are lying and your one guy is the one who has the truth that's one guy got lacking a wide that's what i said that this is one of the last all the truth i said that this one day and these journalists that you know so well on full of shit i be that you all these journalists that you know our full of shit you're talking about what journalists with the with a let that without sierra anathemas gimme three credible sources you don't know that how do you know that works on cnn arms you want our terms that you really think you're outline what really i think the reality as did that major networks are full of shit the gulf then at the high levels of job the corrupt and you could just
follow the money and find out how corrupt everyone is and the people at the top and politics are not waking up thinking about what can i do for the people think about data that thing about how i keep my power and how i make money that's my guess i don't believe any of those motherfucker so you don't think anybody is in the news items alienating ok but you don't the majority of journalists have have the interests of the true in my view these are being paid by somebody asked for you ever read the new york times have you are on your times with a kind of mr or duellist namby aren't you listen to you in the wall street journal gm i watch the annan margo you read those nations adam i don't watch cnn on a regular basis because i feel that
i'm getting fettered agenda every now and then i'll watch it why would i re read the new york times i think that the people at the top have all that shit on lock so why would a waste my time the only time i do reed new york times or want to see an end report i'm always watching got what are these mother fucking what is their agenda and how are they trying to steer the public into certain hoping i don't believe they're all flocking corrupt i think there foolish shit and it's been like that for already environment already very fair at all and i think your eye very arrogantly can state think that you somehow have the truth and all these people i never have all those who have the two because they re using like mechanisms to fuel your argument instead of its flax using anything i'm not arguing as you say you used to do his years deal because he never said that they will have all the truth it
i'll do what i say is setting out these judgments are our russian and we're talking about the cia is admitted role in hollywood utah until i do not want to buy in any of that stuff i tend to be the middle ground sweet what we have is the mama bear papa that down on the military junta those got my podcast host is you times ten he will not he think he was here will say stuff like you will say stuff like trust me i know the government's full of shit it's always been that way i know that that they're fucking i know that but he says that when he believes no conspiracy government conspiracy theories so it's kind of work so it's way moreover the top the new i think on the funding of the output from amazon divans brine reads
zack with a lot to day to educate right zachary the lot of books to do exactly that recent problems that might be the problem but the only thing that i that i think is that sometimes when we and we all do this when we we decide this is the enemy right when we go what sample i believe any of this i am going to read this and i think they're all you know to them are are not trustworthy i think that you the service in some ways because i think the real enemy as is a lot less insidious and a lot less glamorous and i think the real enemy for example is like let's just take campaign finance reform despite the most important to talk about the money in politics and the way basically somebody in congress has to spend forty to sixty percent of its time calling people it has no just to get enough money to get a reelected now that problem or for example here's a huge enemy
and ring with that and so were positive yet and so on to have that view but generally my into beliefs in two thousand ten for example this is fascinating that we have reforms in these countries and real challenges and the thing that they were arguing about on the floor and congress was sweet swipe fees for eighty ends swipe fees why because you had corporate behemoths there were arguing about their bottom line and influence in congress because they wanted to make more money and they didn't give a shit about the real issues that face you mean the average person s roma connemara up totally believe right an end but but remember now that was very very much dilated and and really exposed by some of the mainstream media like look for new york times it's great stuff on that lawrence leszek whose harvard lawyer and wrote a great book called republic lost so there's really great information out there and if you know where to look i think that a lot of
people in earnest and a lot of great journalists do a great job trying to expose what the real enemy as an i'm always fascinate with the fact that it's not so much the cia are the other they come out looking terribleness what they did you know these thirty nine detainees and stuff but how many people were involved i wonder we don't like when you when you leave someone alone with detainees like how many people are involved in decisions torture them how many people she'll themselves from that to protect themselves didn't want to know they want the information i wonder you know they didn't live your study on one of these at one reason to see i caught was because a lot of cia officers were were so emu is back to their superior saying i don't like this this is really bad will you know the rest it was the whistle blower the whistleblowers and it is the whistleblowers in jail everybody else who fuckin froze none none of that they from under the programme i did awful stuff and and
and with the other issue from what i understand is that a lot of this worry i'll contract with subcontracted out put him in a room make they chain them into a wall that they can do on he was naked and and and was cold and yet put down down down undesirable yet died overnight yeah but they need and we don't really know by the way we don't really know how many people this happened and we don't know a lot gotta get that info but i worked up zimbabwe any privileges for everyone else at home and abroad we just went to pay its metallic he gets
worked up i would i was hoping you jump over and choked issue here loves conspiracy theories he gets upset if there's a rational and even gets upset i love him i love my ravenously any bravo enough he loves this conspiracy theories nobody left conspiracy elicited what's that you may well have nine eleven alien haven't you advocate who unfortunately no every time we may run i dive the outward on death bed confession which is energy is with him talking about what really happened jeff jet case assassination cia agents telling you place on rapid he's telling you but no one was laid out for coun without authority plant real quick before you play you gotta understand we're not going to that the basic can't i mean why not because went on with it we'll show something on that that's all i'm saying is when you look tat j f k every time i get you wouldn't want to hear i want to hear here neither love its deep like game of thrones deep jfk is deep complicated as game of thrones thirsty you have as many member
involved and let nation as game of those names the how they affect the assassination everything in so deep if you look unnoticed so deep it's fuckin insane how deep it is and how deep sea i was involved in its very why widely known it's not a conspiracy theory the jet kate did not support the sea ice invasion the bay of pigs they do not they did society for operation forty forty assassins to take off adele castro the bay of pigs was their mission to go get fidel castro j f k didn't see port them didn't support air support they lost the bay of pigs the cia wanted with soap the job jfk fired the direct now in dollars buyer the directive this year as
a lot of what happened in the bay of pigs so the sea ice director is flyer by j f k the whole operation forty forty ellie international assassins assigned and put together to kill fidel castro the craziest assassins ever hate jfk the president lyndon be johnson was about to be indicted for two murders wallace was his bodyguard who murdered people for lyndon johnson linen be johnson was unknown cancer he mingled with the top mobs he was so and he he decided the budget on the cia and everywhere and was really close to j edgar hoover when you look at the what went down the only reason lyndon johnson didn't go to prison for two murders that he ordered at mac wallace onto kill people with a gangster was because jfk died he became president and clean that out when you look at all that shit and then you also look at you have k in this
thirty three months in office he had he had every month he added different mistress every must live in one of his men now mistresses was acquired with quiet i guess this cord meyer was one of the top cia guys back then ok this was son of a bitch was banging cord wires and wife so when you listen it's e howard hunt concerned we said linen be jaws and orchestrated the whole thing he left his tail you see i agent famous honest death but thank you we was cord my record my want of dense limit be jobs in here
of course my little mother times eddie bravo spent smoking weed peering out curtain thing you know you'll never know why wouldn't you like to assure you that we have any time will tell everybody bribery nice area fuckin eleven o clock personnel if he's gonna learn he's gonna luria howard hunt them around you anything now are you fucking listen do you should be oh my god let me listen this i dont know how to particularly perverse deeper knowledge i will i will now be smart disguise breakin and several people on it
are you gonna do anymore no news ever and this guy telling you how j of cake with the bog down he's telling he was there you tell you i was there these same every assassin was there they all knew about it all operation party there were dressed like bums he said that because i was involved in it but i was on the bench for the big event they called it the bigger than everybody knew about it there are set up everywhere all involved it was a huge game of thrones thing came up around a great tv show damages they have draghi howard hunt deathbed confounded slavery
why don't you would always maritime time do you go you do your research areas have sir i'm going to bury their without any want to look at it i'm gonna get you remember if you don't want me lord bro you dont want to learn beg you can ask and i think the news cares about the people and count will we go believe can be bought and about but that's a straw man can we say that you never says that this is the issue is talking about the ethics of journalism and the importance of italians wrong or any other day count reality areas all your mother fucker either does anyone know sugars some information is very difficult to acquire for journalists today there are some information has what do you know about very seals when you're in someone's has very seals you know a lot about em right airy seals without a doubt listen elude drugs in demeanor arkansas without a doubt and what area seals was involved in the murder of two kids that found a drop they found a drop
cocaine is guy was flying back and forth is numerous pictures of him not just with sea agents but numerous known drug dealers from south america and central america with doubt that pilot yes without that now we are dealing with an eye to tat tat is older news more recent news there's a cia drug plain that been to guantanamo bay twice the crash of four tons of cocaine one hundred percent gara teed verified fact a jet that it in to guantanamo bay and been used by cia was guilty of transporting cocaine in the united states crashed because the mexicans
he would not let them refuel you that's like you know where i think what you seen video that's like you see and of joe rogan second dick and not believing he's gay men you think there's a fucking us having you know relax you're not gonna get it you're not going to waste a fuck internal control is like out of sight of it frankly if you bring the law with you guys been hey man help ensure both here oh yeah feels good feels good on this side just here just real sorry that's in syria share this year got busted for for importing five billion dollars with a coke demeanor arkansas bill clinton was the governor of arkansas why do you think he became president odom they out he was huge he was governor of arkansas allowing all this should happen lose photos this is where is this is the plane this is all
that was on the plan for without the idea that this is the planet crap i see a count but thirty eight but skill era its economic should the county still believes that our cocaine they'll believe i am right hand tenders i won't know yes even on nine eleven i know enough time its labour you mother father you are doing here and there were inside for sure imprecise thirteen million represents a million recital now drawn the other day he brien counters took off his heads profound i'm always out you hot aim with this garden i go home very sick really my we ain't got wary seconds spy gases brought you buy oh and an eye tease covert rogan saved percent of any and all supplements you wanna get some guy sarcophagus also gave my coffee lays german caveman coffee company de camp we ve been fuckin drinking a shit hole podcast some of us joe than others by j e outward hunt tens planet j j dog cart brian
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why would you do these eight times they turn into whatever the fuck they strasser i wanna do again to whole nine eleven thank you got it you will see how that i like this is worse than this is real european playing a role right where you are the workers can gear slash tongue initiated looking to spy on earth caught cookies but really i don't know much larger pays i'd look tonight the cia has sponsor this podcast it's now over
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