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Fight Companion - December 3, 2016

2016-12-04 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Brendan Schaub, Bryan Callen, and Eddie Bravo to watch the fights on December 3, 2016.
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the job will gain experience or live well eddie babo brian cowen brendan schaub any bravo them introduce me to marijuana for him won't matter for medical reasons medical reasons medical thousands only legal now we don't lose intensity was whenever i go and no one is going to affect it's now it was midnight that night why integral chain marijuana recreational illegal why are yet to be eighteen or twenty one i think you have to be twenty one but now with attorney general issues such if he gets firms can he override the federal i do not know why did you would go against the world trump and i think the trump for olive fall
you might find them he's a populist the i think the asked argument is that a guy like him you can sort of influence him with the opinion of the country you and so it's kind of an interesting thing as it might be one of the first times ever like the the opinion of the country might significantly influence some guy who's just completely foreign to the idea politics is gonna get thing it's a lot of me you know if there's a lot of your age like man like many friends in lies very practice is not perfect nothing's perfect like many things in life but it might ultimately be a good thing to completely shake up the system the thing that troubles people than that oppose that idea is although wall street i sprang it in right away is bringing in all these billionaires goldman sachs again as i mean a lot of business being to our practical as well so i can understand the economy all sit and wait listen just it might be good there might be a good thing any might them
be what they need to honestly figure of the economy and isn't palming amounts it's impossible i'm not saying it's definite but isn't it possible that you could be a billionaire instead want to fix the fact of car actually if you have ever then you ve ever wanted a of these guys they do operate on that that you know infinite growth idea it constantly wanna get bigger yeah its bigger matches bigger houses but it's also possible that guy it's an intelligent guy that did really well and business like even some things set himself is again took advantage of these loopholes but let's get rid of a shooting thing about what he did for a long time which was he was he owned what hotels buildings in wanting to give you the best experience possible a guy like that who has he has a massive ego of course is is gonna do he wanted a legacy can play
do you want to go down as the greatest present who was officially fix these problems i can foresee that hope my worry as well as you know my worry is that a guy like that is used to getting his way all the time they did the nature of the presidency is one in which you don't get your way where you have to compromise where you gotta like why times you can very frustrated with the power you don't have that when we speak of a lot on business like he's filed for chapter eleven ball what timezone is that a lot of failure sure as as all business most exemplary rebel i'm just saying i wonder when what's gonna happen when he can't convince companies to do his bidding when lot of his policies maybe don't give his voter based the jobs they wanted because he can employ the policies you want that's why it's gonna be entreat you think we'll see in assassination attempt cheese
crash prohibited shaw what man met look it i dont things happen i don't think he has a crazed hope now don't promised upsides parts of their livelihoods always pass out what kind of people people tried to kill the president many done most of america hilary one the popular but actually gonna buy what fifty five thousand crazy thing about the debris between hellerman and yad trumps dunstan de bad things or whatever but when you guys you guys know today is about are you are you familiar with the pizza gay yes no what's your known as i do heard of it because i'm going to meet and explain it but i'm the adding any before you go into a gay it's been debunked it's the biggest putteth bullshit devise my guy it's fake news they face
this big news or so and i believe there are still one that is to say so that the request for the power the power structure in democratic party are pedophiles and they all communicate with each other but those secret paddles is this what really going on top off like any other take we're going up like there was it was proven to be a horse shit story if you buy into it the joe is on you i'm telling you i'm telling while i'm doing what what that's very unbelievable so so what is the so sorry you saying what are you saying that parents are actually not one of your house that's what i'm saying and this is what this is reliant but hold on a second this is what i'm saying misery and then is it so fuckin dark all this shit alex jones has been signed he's been saint peter gate shit for twenty years say everyone thought it was not you couldn't believe anything you said because of the things he said now when you look a pizza gave all should he was saying that everyone thought it was crazy for it's real that's a fake news story attitude a story every newspaper every every credible
news organisations when its whole shit cnn i don't know i should not impose more authority economists take both sides take the right and left that's a lie it's a joke it was a joke is why so any power structure joe s power structure or pedophiles what are you talking about what are you talking about that's all you're going to love so so the power they lit a permanent structure or for i had brought his usual assuming a documentary conspiracy of silence if you see sure have a body is still of course you haven't i dont know this i don't get my news from you to begin my news from seattle was worth political news organisations show top abandon lines of inquiry joke can you do me a favor and let is pizza gay ok let's get it is there's a guy who worked for hillary clinton campaign in his name is podesta right john podesta that's his name
is this some pizza restaurant in in dc downwards leave it there's a common path and best a pizza and apparently they have art that's like this kind of famous pedophile like what desire are art which is close to the and love is that all that is what about those paintings through i love you ok now i did not say just saint just also so that peace a restaurant with some cannons on what it would do but brian what are the paintings that their being accused of having says i'm sam last man love neither symbol the rather some paintings there were connected to do talking about through some like very bizarre act it does the shit out of me so much i said i don't want to spend any time looking at you know what i for sure though for sure hundred percent that speaker that guy dennis hazard yet they got put away for like fifteen months for being admitted
i must tell the idea that you can only get in the value of this guy was a speaker of the house he was a the house and he was fucking kids when he was a wrestling coat any peter another's edition notwithstanding doesn't say tired i don't do dont know what it was i don't know those because he's old and he's very second ill but it means nothing to me the idea that you could take get a admitted kid fucker and you only give him fifteen that surely there's more to the story i'm sure there is i'm sure there is more the story but the fact remains that guy got a very short sentence and was the speaker vent in spain once again how molester onawandah really one hundred percent was novelist yeah but they're always can be
thousand rival it instead of having this like gigantic blanket attitude away saying is ridiculous and then getting super emotional about it was just look at the actual fact that guy who is a petty file was the speaker of the house has nothing to do with a store you're right it doesn't matter to mark the idea that people were pedophiles can't get too high positions of power was exactly what you are doing is not at all what you get real emotional i was getting motion because this story was proof and through many independent line i've inquiry i believe to be a debate to be literally a hoax and when you give it a voice when it's a hoax and you know these people way close in any way at this table it's not about conspiracy sir harry what i'm trying to do is i'm trying to say guys guys hold on this was that this was kind of a this was a boy hoax and so many different people looked at a little havin a driver and agenda they
genuine i'm aware what concerns are fake store but one that makes it worries and yet we have many directs careful do we really want to spend them takes refuge took our real story let me establish where i am i know the very brief outline of what call but i know that a lot of people think they're pedophiles and crazy and satan worshippers and there was at some spirit king thing some bizarre thing that was released in an email about something that podesta was gonna convention through right here that's true but it's like some bizarre i don't know what the fuck it isn't aren't it's weird it's not nobody knows they won't speak up over well i've looked into a deeply and i'll conspiracy there is makes sense to me now i get it everything a one i give you want some sort is rising allies at five nor i can i can i speak in general terms without being checked every goddamn time yes
of course it's general when it got says he beat of every goddamn time i am tired but ninety brianna told you know who your brain is should have an entirely any would you in which in speaking in general terms and rolled out of line but i gotta get you actual number yes madame would you admitted would you let that human beings you me all of us do they get a feeling and then we have what's call confirmation bodies which will find wilful and we all know we all do what do i do it well then we'll find we'll find facts to support our feeling that so human listen i do here and argument between me and my wife and of lacking justifiably where can i find facts to get some of the high level i sat there and let me guess it was so let us be careful about coordination by mean san is like to just to get soup emotional and say it's impossible like at all necessary i think it is impossible that speaker thou sky was in place is this story particular importance
a pizza get you just gotta button bright eyes i know zero about store dilemma me that's from where i am i looked into very little i saw cuz i'm like i'm going to let this guy four go on and look into the dust settles a couple weeks which usually ask added that figure out exactly what it as whether it's bullshit a real it made me looking into it may we want to shut the fuck up about conspiracy theories because table people get killed when you actually look in doing it i'd brian cowen when you actually look and deal with elbowed a fuckin my ass near ass i try to go on having him every politician you knew that that shit i'm saying truth is somewhere in the middle you know i think everybody it's a position and i bet it's pro we're not nearly as fucked up is thereby making it out to be but
there's some weird that first although podesta guideline really in the u s house to i don't smoke there's guys guys get no i'm sorry i couldn't stop isn't pedestrian alive i don't believe so waiting i don't care about that but my eyes storm tripped over there is a fundamental what i'm saying is reacting to what i had read from crime well sort of and i wish you can say what it was i who the arctic ok ok i follow pull it up just starting just give it a jamie android by one of the big screen and the work the book mark this up yet i gotta say is outlining wanna get into it but all you to do is go to youtube and watch the conspiracy of silence at the documentary how long is it was possibly on bbc but they have a heretic who made it your mother cowan no who'd who made it important right now in its it's not no disney made it about diabetic don't you believe disney writer i what the hell is peter here it is jamie i'm gonna stay halted
online on his computers well it's interesting because the two you guys just because the two you guys are so on the opposite end of the holes in conspiracy complete mood and immediately go towards conspiracies he tends to immediately go towards the main i like it i don't know i've had enough gas guys who also want to convince me that that is what it is it i tend in not trust ship they say he tramped tends to trust everything they
mr earlier that's not a fair cartoonist always on the united your story saw you one of those guys you got me i read these do namely russia during whilst not just not nearly times i re oxygen between economics magazine the world you read all the propaganda do you realize that bullshit you know how those editorial must study the bullshit eddie do you know how those editorial both work do you know you do you really think the entire editorial order the new york times or the the economist or at the wall street journal where people who run the country in the world get their information do you think all those people are lying game together and being conspiratorial to give us fake news and for what is that really what you believe that there is actually there that's been proven i spent five hundred million dollars its eddie put a few version depending on that gasoline do believe so everything that the new york times the wall street journal the economist
ports not not everything and what just the agenda was getting we adjourn why there's an you know it agenda twenty one as i don't but i want you to tell me you know what the new world order is i dont but you never go of course you don't you think a flourishing controlling everything like the world economy or the oil markets how do you know oil is christ do you now oil is price ok it's it's an old been market commodity it's a world commodity right so it really depends on much is available and that given day to exact four eggs and example you may have an oil tanker there is on its way to occur tree and then somebody on the market in the marketplace bids on that oil and wants that oil and that ship will turn back around and go to that market it all depends on what the market place and what all the different players who need oil and the imf oil that's available whether its crude or raw whatever might be it there are so many different factors that go into pricing oil throughout their what
and look what happened when we came up with ways to shale to to get the oil at the shell sands right what what happened the press boil went down because united states became an exporter of oil there is such that was an oil glut and that's why run is having a major problem because their oil used to be a hot i was aware of what is it forty seven dollars a barrel or something so what i'm saying is that that oil is price that your time ass if organism called the world economy called the u s me where there are so many different moving parts and so many different competing interests so they say one group of seven manner wherever they might twenty one men rose things is holding the strings is hollywood movie stuff it's a would be impossible it's hard to control anything even in washington at such a chaos fuck john union so why you are so far on the other goddamn
there is not one of those who do it in the middle there somewhere you charlie you're right it's not possible but i mean people of inputs people like the people around the world bank people that have massive influence over just enormous sums of money don't you think it's past they can have some influence do the realisation of this all try and they have shown only if you are at the top bulldozers go alone i'm saying is that it again europe there their computer with each or rather i entirely understand right total i mean that's the issue right that the world bank is a massive bureaucracy right the eye however the massive bureaucracy now we understand i think they're there has to be some sort of control manipulation involve large let me give an example so little let's go let's go let's take the division let's take the latin american bank which is i think it's bob subsidiary or the world bank i believe and i sent excess guyana plan talked him and he said that so
much of them the these projects in the money what they were therefore was to essentially invest give investments give money to investments in the latin american economy to build up the latin american economy one way or another and i'm i'm i'm general is what happens sometimes is that that bank no longer becomes necessary because the economy of latin america what other countries is running on its own so now here's a conspiracy point which makes sense but now they go they go where we got thirty five hundred people who are working at the bank the latin american bank if there's nothing if there's nothing left them to bill we gotta come up with something that for them to do and they might indeed now they have a vested interest in staying in business because you have thirty five hundred people whose jobs are at stake now you can come up with projects that are fake or you'll like you guys still need us you know because we should do this that that makes sense that would be if you want to call a conspiracy theory i would call that pay look i just want to hold on to their jobs do about with reasons to x
do you know what operation mocking bird is colossal dozens of because if you did you wouldn't be so all that shit did did you hear what i said and i say rather idea what the fuck you said arthur listening to shit we motto we re knows gotta good top game flight to arraign was gonna turn admiration mockingbird you're you're strong where i looked up anywhere where i very there's not real bribery want oration mockingbird so it james why why do you bobby ownership mark but we know what why do you believe in all these conspiracy theories operational newcomers zadok inspirator conspiracy regular letters i do you believe in that committee on youtube over the economist would you believe enduring and made it but you believe in a documentary verses you're welcome about some shit you ve never seen just causes on you too it's like
it's not real zone you to pull away you don't even know what the fuck i'm talking about listen it's about this document or whether you believe that doctor you'll believe that not only do i must ask you why you ve seen it why do you believe only voting is right and i think people talk me that we do this i see the evidence at all read about it i see that as you both of your friends you can we look i so crazy here so you guys are arguing and we discussed what this movies about like it hasn't even than we have is a breach of mocking bird whether it was a conspiracy theory over there was a real event we didn't even discuss what it is you guys are at each other's throats it's kind of crazy i mean we did louis literally didn't even bring up what the subject is an find you jumped on em
why do they not jump i show me sir no excuse me sir you did because it seems to me a real tragedy about what you can't it's a real thinkers wikipedia it's on the internet that feeds a gate in first brought up your mom there's no way please please again i want to know what i want to raise the guilty and now look at him he's the one eyed pizza gearing i was particularly interested in you she broke out and you bring it up son of a bitch you son of a bitch you kid like on a point of order i think any brought it up the whole time and what is i just wanna call back together again and also sounds interesting had me a pizza gave me i want to know what it work and that i wanted to say because a lot of people on the internet want me to bring now shut up and am i really don't want to bring it up at some scary shit when you really look into shit that you ve never done
when you re actually look you know it doesn't even know our operation mocking bird is a cia operation where they were to prevent control communism infiltration they thought it would be best buy up as many different abroad has been companies and they wanted only media they wanted to me gesine newspapers cnn is part of that shit anderson cooper is admitted a sea ice age he admits it goes yells and see i so what are we actually worked for them like when it was in college i was doing an internship or something like that judge the cia college to be a sea ice age no no not random now internationally cia a generous over me and its members not a cia agents he could look into it
eyes look word for the c c i had had any operation mockingbird we're gonna media you buy into the media that's why you nobody operation mocking where you ve been cut down a dynamic economy i don't mind than they do now if they got you strong saw a long time convention rollback seeing right yes there was no answer vaccine olive oil crossing can have it not really it's not not with smallpox diphtheria measles nothin in months as a whole and all dioxins aren't the same so each of us access to their not centre some can be saved i'm can be dangerous go that's true i can i can understand that's all i want to say about that that's our letter raising with eddie alina many doctors gray yeah you know what in nineteen eighty six ronald reagan signed a bill that made farming immune to lawsuits because big i was about to say fuck making vaccines too many or soon enough so wrong
we're gonna note to come and say keep making them i'll make a bill were no i can see you're about it they can be seen that they can't be so that they can farming is looking design big no vaccination coverage for vaccines of seeing that they can get sued for vaccines if you want to see any body for backs indra could get fucked up from back since you go to the vaccine court of its it's a federal agency where they give out i don't know how many can build out i'll have allergic reactions of employees of course people ever occurred reactions are why i let you get but he had but since ninety six what happened since nineteen eighty six since big farmer said shit we can get sued that's when it you actually look at that things are not just gotta pull we are worried about poland would about small but when you look at what happened they fucking green light there like each vaccines prematurely and are and they so now the king rounds explosive she asked yes before it's crazy none other than that the prize and also what so so so that would make sense
so if you said to me hebron the once once these farmers who do nobody saw there was a lot of money in getting yo preventative vaccines and it goes up to sixty four used to be six are ten whatever when i was a kid now now you go oh well that makes sense because what is big what those big farmer
they manipulate the fda the manipulative governments easy yes they always show that they write so that they would say very much are you can spare us now and slow all rose suddenly now it's a real job but i really don't switch teams that you see i am racial argument mockingbird conspiracy that that is that makes sense from a business point of view which puts which i can understand it insidious when you have huge corporations in cahoots with government confirming my backing this dangerous and should then i care that we can get sued why test the green that their convincing the sea cdc with money passes
motherfucker really wager points for using includes innocence correctly this is common sense world economy really only media you don't think the fucking people the run should only media you're gonna be an area the book and i think that people the run shit on the media own mon average we got our behaviour shit down on the fucking along the tv mother always view does it mean that you can't get credible information on a lot of topics like the economy like the war whatever it is if you nor to lock it doesn't mean you can't get credible information i never said that what's going on roma must pull at someone how i do that control all entering over the mainstream media is all troll bearing reassured at all controlled as part of the agenda its outside
the edge take away the guns and that's fucking control everybody and in implode economies fuckin start civil wars they love that people they like that i think that i love you said to me that the mainstream media and on whether it's on the right or the left has agendas and has been corrupted and has allowed their own personal points of view to infiltrate the news and so report unfairly and so report in a biased fashion in the news is no longer as objective as it is or should be now it makes sense if you say for exam that g t or g owns certain news organisations and that's a conflict of it could be a conflict of interest and we have to be very careful because they may not report on g east
practices if their irresponsible now i can have a conversation because that would make sense to me that would make sense because but when you when you say that everybody in the new york times the boy imposed in ireland so this is what i'm saying there's an operation that the cia business conspiracy their operation mocking bird the day they there's a oppression pay preclude taken all the nazis after world war paperclip taking thousands of nazi scientists in to the government and creating nasa nasa nazi scientists and youth believe this their masters of propaganda the nazis were masters they put out films just to get people get they just to get people the people to get used to killing people like if there certain condition they put out propaganda films ink a watch this shit up a deranged people on the street killing people people thought that
what she's newsreels and they thought there was demented people on this it's killing people now is never happened they just want the people to agree that we can kill those people rikers yak is crazy no it's killing anybody but it was all part of the problem and our joint gave little perspective on that so einstein came from germany and allow the jurists scientists and authorities but when there is this rise of anti semitism migrated emigrated to the united states what about the nazis issued warming the banana production paper was now yes i knows and then what about that when we realise that the evidence is we're very close to creating a nuclear bomb that they had some really amazing scientists lazy
while they were they knew a lot of stuff that there is a real scientific tradition remember what that's where einstein came out of a lot of what is in fact the anti semitism that rose up in the thirties is why with a lot of historians of credit to the united states ability to create a nuclear bomb before the nazis because of that immigration so anti semitism in germany actually pushed a lot of these brilliancy this toward the uk toward the united states didn't bunch of the nazi guys go to russia's well how the russians russia half of them went to the states probably won't niagara slip by finally we took took half of germany more so than in berlin and whether that was germany west germany so when they when they took east germany nobody's get not east german it was understandably look if you're if you're gonna be intelligent pragmatic and the wars essentially overwrite its understandable to want to get there
right is mines coarse and bring them over for you ve already conquered them right is post world war to tell the tale them linger and become used by the establishment that you just defeated that's crazy these are super geniuses if you're a genius do these guys you black and white horse probably experimenting on nice guys use physicists sociopath wherever who now if we don't listen we don't know we don't know but i now that the salmon wiesenthal centre said that if warner von braun was the head of nasa if werner von brown was alive today to prosecute him for crimes against you minute because he he was instrumental in coming up of weaponry that kills a lot of you know the allies it was that was also that they hung the five slew slow as jews every day in front of his room it would lower the ones we the some out of any change they run they would hang the dance guys remember these guys who lived in ryan ass the guys who
lived in miami my damn hurry in the concentration camps they they interviewed him for this documentary on on the moon landings and nasa and all the scientists stood behind it and they were saying lighted the we see those guys come in they would see those scientists come in and they would hang the fao i've slow as jews in front of the building those are the guys that guy east of what went on in nazi germany there when i mean we don't know a man who knows when i study that was my area of focus in my main street was a very major instruments has estimated that was my area focused matches your maybe i'm wrong you're right about the nazis and i'm wrong but they seem like they were fuckin sick twisted motherfuckers out that they slow they were but maybe they want maybe you're right maybe saying they weren't you calling an amazing ingenious and not a word about the site does eyesight around you talking to me as i am not guys the site like that
the members i tell remaining on the elders of an integrated programme does not hold on hold on it is different scientists that are the medical scientists verses different scientists that are engineers versus different scientists that are working towards nuclear weapons but able they re literally see so that no eddie many of the sides would you know and they weren't killed because they were instrumental they they could they were to value so hides onassis fine so low that it must have a whole lot of the inventions that were made by like the harboured method that was made by guy who did tyler sky which is a crazy story may also created something called cycle on a which had as it was a gas that smell added to its would warn you that the gas was presence and then secondly night the nazi exactly the nazis took it and they switched to design can be they took the smell out of it you wouldn't smell it and then they use it in the gas chambers so this guy who invented the harbor method were fifty percent the nitrogen at sin
the human beings on the planet earth comes from because that's where it could nitrogen is how you fertilizing create for years and this guy figured out how to draw nitrogen out from the atmosphere with this complicated he was he's a jewish guy and he was he was like winning the i believe it was a nobel prize for the harbor method he was also being wide for crimes against humanity because he figured out how to gas people to this was like one because he was a german patriot exotic and he was there was a war going on it he would they were using gas warfare for the first time when the allies so the same time that he created this method it's gonna like doubled up population world by several life's people from starving asian or in the winter well there's so much more food available now because most people don't know if you're gonna throw some and into the ground in order further the the soil to is supposed to be a cycle things are supposed to die on it those things
yet absorbents sir cycle of the soil the soil is nutrient rich powerful healthy plants grow from it but we need it keep pup corn and the same spot over and over and over again you gotta throw some shit into the soil and fritz harbour figured out how to get it out of the air itself because the air is like eighty per cent nitrogen think of the air is being mostly oxygen erasing oxygen carbon dioxide no it's mostly nitrogen is that's what's so this guy just either line area the internet now that was on manner this fact but when you read i saw her radio lab within i read it all over the place on the internet or in the library i ran into fuck bullshit done anyway this hob hey lanyard harboured ass it just think about what about might i forget about like policy making and recycle just think about what a genius you have to be to figure out how to pull nitrogen
out of the air and put it in the soil and i'll set everything grows better smart but what's also amazing allocated human beings are because it raises some really questions the guy invents the gas that was used on the jews his own people however he was he invented chemical weaponry because he was a german patriot and wanted germany to win world where one and then i have a better way to do this and see yourself in his position into very its it raised a lot of difficult quest oh yeah well he was a super complicated person yes buzz are we only unlike many geniuses many like really fuckin smart people like that are fuckin very competent lighted why did why didn't nazis just shoot the jews
a mob and they did they do exactly why would they bother gas and that is not as you gonna take rag amount is put him in a sharp allows different this put a minimal starve them here they did a lot of the commitment of the gases in the algarve and then who's gonna drag him out what are you never seen drags on well you know heavy but we can never happen it ignores the san why not just shoot no soon while one out of tat i can do a lot of perverted and twisted those exactly what will i gas iguana issued on items on their gas and that another again gas in any sense why not just shoot i'll show you know ragamuffin keyser mexicans this way they do they take a big ass fuckin all with with that doctors and then he's lying them up but you know what they gotta clean up thinking about that thinking ahead but they did that in the russian reside there you can see video of a day they dug mass graves and they would they make them drifting
your own grace and then i was more but what what happened they dragged out of the shower got chemicals i later listen what they would do when they would bring them on trains to auschwitz rippling gun and dachau and all the different death camps they couldn't if they start learning people up what would happen especially just you hysteria so what they said they get off the train at this horrible train right and they say here is a bar soap you're gonna take a shower yes they admitted but i'm all tourism and they trick him they be in showers clinical showers let's along right but that some limitations and some would be kill that's right so they didn't so the strong so they wanted it up the ones it looked strong that could make it used for work they would work they do and the ones who are children one runaway hissing seem so twisted it so
don't make me they did a lot of things what i'm talking about it no doubt no legislation but hold on they invented a gas to kill juices unlike but there's a death is worrying as it is always gonna be demonstrating concentration camp guards and science yeah you mustn't off that's the same thing as us it's like saying that you as a marshall artist you train people i defy you probably have some connection with someone who's corrections officer psych its i do you know you do you know then but how much do you have an effect over what they do with their life people were working in the er as corrections officers are probably or the the guards rather at auschwitz probably so far removed from the fuckin scientists is now a day i'll get together and go we're all evil right yeah what are you doing today for evil torture in the make up of those i honestly there either olive i know that there is a high percent that's not what i'm saying
percent of all anybody subscribe to that ideologies evil cost any knows now heading like thoroughly police but eddie you know it but hold on a scientist i don't have a choice they had to work you you couldn't say to the hitler the nazi regime hey guys i'm not going to work on your supervisor listen man what you'll kill nobody just with a white with a white frock coat on just in front of a bigger like all day those due to one two twisted a call to shit sign i want
the brought it in may be surrendered nazis it was a religion it wasn't just like other white coat i gotta tell you that there was a lot of people they were trying to get rid of that are due to one or two fuck but it was people they were trying to get rid of hitler that thought he was crazy there is a lot of that go onto those failed assassination attempts failed coup attempts that it wasn't it wasn't like they were all on board it is he had massive amounts of power and he was a fuckin terrifying individual any was a dynamic speaker he can get thousands of people ass great hitler when people were did i only have you seen his speeches there still theatrical nice recently any store his i don't know what the fanatical you guys launches a guy got that he was so well spoke i don't i don't know what i'm saying notaries eyes you listen to that guy talk
god it's thought that jimmy bring whatever he's doing every only short joe we do you do it i'll bet you do castro its induce tat show you wouldn't like guys have you seen my stay mustanger sprang amazing fucking guy what is limp who is doing how's your birth i love because the only cause i'm never tax about tax cause he just did a thing for us he so you just did this sum stand of calmly specially for lisa yes he so do shoot it i shouted in chicago yeah outside of the field will just outside scott rosemont was that as early as there now we re mighty measures available money jesus guy that call me you don't but you don't know the platform be it's gonna be on itunes it'll be on stature everything you can buy
monday no politics injure has it stitches i mean that's gotta get it's yours fur ass right getting all the info on monday doesn't know is did your people work with the full bro you but what you have to tell me i will grant euros book no you know before the audio keep weapon broke the audio be available and i'll take it's not a policy of aid today on a punch identifies key factors in fact it now be on itunes gonna be on google play i don't think we ve made one caught on another finery doesn't like geologic hamburger sign mouths but all as other fight in good faith yet tonight but the rug handsomeness brett five just distracted me for a brief ma am right let's do better better as he gets older those less a fuck you ever seen his dick big yes not tat
such monitoring i thought i'd allow is honestly i hope i will allow managua fame for then i came out before laughing it might mean inside joke that just no one's tell me about it grow renate shower it could be at his side get ahead of what might have been partly inside joke was the river heating colonizers care what can you do tat will do is that the best way to do it and that the best way to galiano problem which is hands i want the scandal where israel if you're wiener now we're going to address such an approach but somebody just like africa this fuckin fight man pettus versus always a metallic that's it that's next week what amnesty cowboys i is that real now does not know what you're talking about so who saw it serves its purpose that's a phone card man degree car holloway nine in a row
carter had to block i am i got that were there to strip of about men finally he gets a title shot god dammit giving and it's kind of a fake intricate delight reducing the champ separate title the chair and why i just give it turns out i know i know but you already have a chip five router i like belts lipperty let's do it gets mad so ably personnel that's why i die i feel the same way i feel the same way i like you have the right of everyone gets belts using i wonder about the fight is i wonder well pettus his body adapted to one forty five here's the real question jos remembered they want the main event now they are five rounds now can we
i'm a damned alright with two to three rounds at forty five cry madge around forty five the champs ship round now let me ask monitor city loses weight is ass claudia let me ask you this is a guy who you of your five i've never felt i've no never poverty they sabrina now someone knows i'm getting but do you feel that the those like you when you get in shape to go ahead three how much of a difference is there between the hard three in the hard five is it mental like at certain point time how much more training like how much in better shape could you really get it isn't what do you think we're just harder it's gotta be educating the pace you as it just harder or is it like it require more time to prepare for five rounds i'll get it he'd shape nobody is p shale and the differences between
and you just having a five fifteen minutes and the potential twenty four correct in that fainted yes there are twenty five minutes all time all the city i usually or seven maniac last year but the but the two to your point i think the pacing in the early around cause like take for instance brandenburg whittaker when he came our always not fighting go five rounds like you i'm trying to get out of that china winning get out just everyone in the world knows that level you can't go for five rounds impossible you know what a little earlier my fans about to fight she feels like lace in tee bow put your hand on her shoulder i mean a good way she's a means such as another morphed yeah she's a fan of hers really strong powerful resolve matters now epics sure i jujitsu though i hope change as you said it such areas there is so good and is there any woman that you ever or with that gave you any kind of fats or any problem not be sexist
but the i'm sure by rolled gabby garcia she'd fuck me by my rising i put some heavy economic wax their data lie there little there like a hundred and twenty five pounds hundred and thirty five one you're going to live like one forty five a limited time here so will actually try to watch as for forty two four forty one for forty four thirty nine of the first round its ceramic man verses alexis davis i think do you think that that stop age when she fought run got caught him sent legit it was legitimately rhonda cracked her right hand cracked her with a name and then put his jaw yes what effect mc man develop some serious stand up she does have good stand up she ran into the freight train that is rhonda rousing shall suggest a d since fighter around she does a lot things good all around she doesn't she has muscular as
fuck me listen do how much of a bummer that disease out rumble that's a beta near what is it all levelling served reaches alexis davis be demanded nunez stared sky valid in the desire she's tough do but rhonda just was just too much for should be both of em right who else random both these girls are yes yes yes around us most both of the first round alone this marino gash also national man with a good move with that elbow right there shit that's knowledge people don't do that an applicant why not just total shortage that various shit go around you and you got a reactor tuna troubles like david andy was the first duty of any time paley landy back in the day in the late landings in brazil ho ho resolved tat he would do this all day on duty is a hard she's trap now those must add up to a set of her being in a good position she's trap get no boat will she added
action mode eddied you remember jason day was like when the first got to figure out how do that from the rubber guardia anybody do in this situation where you do mr doorn elbows right now he's not dead i want to show you what ceramic mandy here support actually support europe or not punch because if alexis davis really knew how to play some high level rubber guard she wouldn't know lead ceramic ban have her hand on the mat and then have had a chance have had on the mad about it once the hands on the map wilmot stays there we're not going back to try out though she about trying to speak but i do mean she has a lot of their love you could now large agonized franco's baby free from fox you just let those bitches lose em all corralled opinion come on let the branches yellow corral like see on this side like when she on a right side sewer ceremony man's right arm is that should never be there
when you're right arm is pinned to the ground like tat you have some of the strong rubber guard especially someone who is already taken mission control without left leg up the first thing to do is trap that arm so once that arm is down to the ground like that you never want to give it back and she keeps given it back over and over a billion years winning sears winning this round gentlemen yes yes but what i'm saying is there's a lot of opportunities for lexus davis offer bat nom which you just notably in every time sentiment man puts our hand onto the the ground like that she's extremely volatile you kill off that she has arisen with the very good rubber guard as soon as you put your arm down on the mat they're going to immediately overlooked that arm try to travel in place and then try to go to mission control sheets achieved mission control she just didn't exactly know what to do when she got there so she tried to progress any further and then there was the punches and cheat virtual if you just my elbow someone you watch the island day our alan belcher jason day fight jason
day was you know he beat alan belcher real early on when belt gum belches a fantastic fighter in these since then well let's see powers it has at its disposal gave went leg lock with domini position shut out of em down about sure that's a society this on our belts are love that dude but jason day showed how effective that position can be in holding that spot and blasting elbows and place so there's a lot of people that use like the first couple of steps of the position but they dont know high level shit from then out it's a long process
like trying to shoot doubles but you don't really practice wrestlings position you know domain it's like ok see you are trying to shoot a w he's getting pretty to look at the issues in a good position she so close to finish in this fight and deserves our clothes she agenda you shouldn't enter she should simply because hitting there's gonna basher out and should only has universities into this house she needs a certain that my overseas gus without money aren't you learn tat you know ten seconds left i gotta be clear tat sounds autumn meadows phenomenal access davis got a lot of potential offer back she can be as fuckin us ass if she can do if she should have that i was nasty that was nasty so the man what have you i would like to add my high level rubber guard players they were last one like thirty seconds that really rat i'll just around you say pure jujitsu guys pure jujitsu yes pure just
one point in workplaces and doesn't indifferent it didn't manner with the punch will make it easier to make it easier when the way stop rubber garden punch that's unless you roadmap elbows you in the first round then then you don't ever ran you're not an rubbers armed robbery but you can't get elbowed and rubber targeted elbow you're not around but you gotta give me time to get a guy and rubber gaddafi's aware of rubber god yes in elevator saying why do we not have not really now really i mean there's counters but then you know you just keep playing the game like then it's like sand through that had kick due to get out of the way right yeah we'll get out of the way you still fuckin thoroughly to set up a set of rights the same that is zack exactly the same trust i got guys all the players rubber guard and been arguing high level guys come through all the time and i see it i witness it can i have my doubts
i plan like i don't u rabbit how would you know about would be a re imagining easy i would be pushing shit that i want to imply damn good like how crazy what it's just take a lot of time on event girls this is that help us now beautiful take down had aces hunter percent he invented it named it the whole i think it was an event of theories justly eyes there was some guys dialogue gregg did some some interesting guards in the past and the reserve nino shambley had a lot of really cool stuff but what eddie did was he put together a system and especially a system that's really effective nokia and named it well he's he's
many chemotherapy bravo interpretation would have heard your guy says where more you guys here last night did you watch it nobody there but the waiter phoebe i hear our ground are we doing one saturday area not lessen on it invitation of this in any legal this study this total potential electric chair position let's just how badly ass she was in a position where she could it totally done it sarah gets seriously and she's nosegays is ridiculous may be an olympic that's actually start to deal what what ceramic man it's a duty free her right now and then go to three quarter mount that's all she's got it the demon my route she's damien maya something he's got really they get control of your damien he probably fuck me bigger than you but he's he's this he saw a man no one love nobody does the site so it's all old school at the yet doesn't look like these going much but he's on top of your back to our roots
cotton right through your bullshit since no jouberts just cut right throw you bush in putting this much doubt when you watch the really really like high level ransford does the same thing happening to fancy do an arm drag sea legs but they're so flawless what well you know what he did to carlos conduct i was just was shaken mahala god damn everyone designated stronger let s look at mount aren't you still got she's she's around in a half hour yet it would be over here with
what i should have guard this measure we need to really needs you could take your time i ere she could just where our ear and eventually pulled out right now just go to three fundamental you don't know what else you know they are really needed now use the user food if she were very well knows what she's going to settle billions is this dramatic events right you just turn away no she would it does that language is going out started she's not only due to being called on to your leg he would have an perhaps though she turned into the town go a long way from i will say this man is a master recite jokers it wasn't about just choking it was the seventeen steps before
where thou she said it all now sure man she was imagining she's a foggy whore still gets it gets you got here you can't go horse tat we can use our way you know used are rarely due to it if you if you got a new user fucking cried stale crush us your fucking you guys want to see the grappling it's like what it looks like literally fires caille sanderson's go metal match i think it's his korean guy watch what he looks like he's like going for a walk in the park like he's doing ankle pick some weird shit we're looks like he's literally kind of like you no kind of me moving at half speed in their host good aol romero is yellow romero became santos twice twice sets out scary abdul eric ass lie like right now like because you can't look at that issue for years
you sure you want to know if she would it is held at all she slept she turns into it like you i think she's always you have those hold onto the leg animals not call on the bed eddie let me know if i'm wrong on the leg in turn away from the one you eventually it doesn't matter at that point you just like that until they let go the lego their grip the gaza you hold out hurling or he should at all should be held on her online because the armed it's in the choke you don't want like this like this if it's like dangers you spend the elbow here you're good if you're like this ciao zone one or two decently listeners it this keeps it here holding or online like this if when does that do you go to the simpler if they try that that defence you try o needed chest i never i always do i'm trying was from the mouth i never let them have an opportunity to grab there like you say a rifle on everyone leave them out because if i leave them out going to do that if you know that and you know that deepens if you know that defence it stops all armstrong yeah
from that in paler i remember trying to define an early that's amount that's kind of amounting georgia that need is gonna be in the way of this right but you push that motherfucker out so really the best thing to do is just do a amount worth kind of like me on the belly but your needs on the ground so it's like a deep in the on labelling that's the best spot right there there's no do you know he's on the which needs on the ground so if you're on let me on labelling thing side that she just got right again so be left knee on labelling ok but instead of having the knee action on the belly it's actually all the way through its accession across the stomach me really heavy on the map because if you had your knee on your belly and they knew the defence they would fuckin path that mother fucker up and grabbed their lag so you have the left knee on the right side body in the shin across the top no way they can graduates of is more of a mouse it's more of you might as well not but that is actually better than us the boy you know when you would do it allowed times you do it we call them paler these still do
no i don't even this terrifying as they are i guess i've done it he was hurt river you always there it's always there is a need to the writer sternum is just a mass migration decide choke so you put the shot side choke in and then the needs on the sternum tastes and i've railways sound right now that actually sternum neck like a belt and it doesnt work on everybody but that's the best way to stop that defence where you grab and leg for me was always then paler than paler we stop that because you wanted so bad to get that me off your chest yeah you were willing to marry let your legs go to try to push that me aside and then all right into the well i only went out only go to the employer when the regular shit at work at an he's got like a little angle is got little spots it's not lined up perfect so now we gotta go fuck it let's just hold and drive the knee right in his neck and that is usually will make some tat do you do
the impale me one time in a really thought my chest was gonna crack i thought my sternum was gonna crash is is a terrible feeling cause like someone's cranking dounia not yet had an arm trapped in their right you're the arm choking they get their knee on your chest just anyhow i resent you are rather high school years just two years by your guts out no is terrible one take them two year when did you realise when you start roy introduced when it you won realise this was it you want to do it s true what i learn i didn't learn the twister there will largely reza the wrestlers guillotine oh you weren't what about my shitty wrestling nigh was how will you won't take down in two years after that but i didn't get shit out of take down or anything i was pretty good at arm drags but now they say it's like a bike i think after like thirty years it's not like a bike no more you that's not all over your body completely forgot it and your fuckin wiped out because i second our
drugs but i high school i was my should but was also my shit was i was a leg those week at gravy flat while everybody was possibly lifting waits i was on the side of the fucking building dislike the fact that nothing so i don't feel like right of every rustling team at three like right in all my wrestling by my whole life i never did i never once through legs and why those people are most people don't there's only by three per class and i was one of those guys who was the weak as they progress drowsing legal talk down by rising talk hu jia was the guy who show what right forget his last as first name as something a
or so easily showed regret western eddie i request right what do you think's makes for your boy tuna homelessness alex nickel chee that guy is the guy who's tosh to al iran the shelter alex alex you showed its products they catch you should be a fuckin tcp still live right here's to your positive juliana do it i'm forty six are not eighty mugabe's an eleventh great and i was nine all gotcha that is the current jesse barrios he was the only other leg russia so that it was too that i learned the twister in high school and i wonder what did you just as i shit i already got it one move so i might take downside but i got one move ice i couldn't fuckin do it on youtube players because in a rustling you could do it because you give up backs you know when you give up a back you stick cook in it's really easy but in jujitsu giving the back is that the old sin so as i can
but no demon give me their fuckin back how am i gonna do this only the only move i know in grappling then so slowly out a figure out how to get down to the right source guillotine which later became the twister because hagen and john jog named it that should adam era i don't get shot was your original teach right yes greg is this a promotion for these do filing what's going on right now get your shit it seems i did so i guess the tidal now because you want the interim title with frankie and now their show in paris highlights the showtime kick so awareness by brutal yak is lost to us less three what what last night he one knew i'd be wholly beat oliver right submitted em and before that he lost lucky still anthony mother fuck in paris
he was still along those lines or something i went some doesn't mean i got it's over for my sake is fighting i'm not saying it's over now it's it's over i'm saying it's a little strange that he's gonna title shot the thomsen my question to you i've now at four that is fucking dad that was the fifty five chat this chapter two years ago forty five as i guys gonna be right there in the mix a moment anthony for combating the forty five always nightmare ok we'll maxwell we were nine in a row and he's just giving a title shot infirmity of sea just you know that it's a good point i have to say that i love independent a fair people knew you see i'm scared what's goin out i'm scared of of the direction the u s he's gone for some reason should be well what is i might all of us it used to be that it was dana there and the rest
xo anne frank was right there but it was like you had four whatever forever like you need you can actually to them and like make a change like if something it was doing there i think for the support of all about everyone's we're all here we're working together we're doing the right thing for the sport the right rules for the support we are trying to make it right now don't even for can only feel myself who always crimination one i don't got shit we used illuminati owns week we still face this failure people six or seven the racism not faceless theirs is our regional gay dana white collar o brien those few few so everyone alarm annual particular lead are attacked our it's very nice guy i'm sure you're very smart guide alison's licking his is really wants to that's good day i ones to do their best thing they carry was our who knows what kind of changes they'll make once they settle in and get a get it but the
guys are masters of entertainment business will know how to handle racked by the fans of the sport but also the end for on the fireside that makes martial arts athletes so shaken is the first time works like a serious issue for them no dress you let me ask you this how many different unions are there are there's more than not sure about tat mister that that its results makes martial arts athletes association which on part of tim kennedy is was dissidents for board member i may just announced it they have over two hundred fighters right now on board with it now first like legit movement of it now what does that entail like when you're on board so that means like if you go to fight for you know you have you have fight comin up like how does act or a belt or right cause it's for everything right for everything
this right is for any organization crime and its mainly made up of slushy right now major you have displayed here is a good question is that hold true for like rise and stuff like that like what about if you fight oversees i'm not sure so the agonizing another focus as you have seen as the top dogs or a few extra the top to trickle down so the ideas they're going to have like a set a amount of money you're gonna make provide correct or correct when and their modeling after it after the base while you which is the best in the world as far as compensation and drivers good stuff this gets up great stuff ah shit on israel do you guys are short is there any potential we audible a bunch of sea fighters which is typical donald surrounding which is a big one g s p tv dela shaw was really weird with tim kennedy sustainable i the here temptation
and about beyond those whose like unnecessary evil he's these basic like the who's your boy from out the not your boy be found on the show the from now under contract was on the dark side and then he came out was like i know how it works now for the good guys i'm telling you what they're trying to do riots lobby one stone and he's like when they see this this is what he means by the well well you know who the fuck now because i was suspect myself you and i can t i perched stories about my report a and then why not to kennedy them off i could talk me into run through a wall whose them get at it i gave my going respond like bosnia mike olbers not parlor emanate association there's room where she was he's not that that be kind of conflict of interest but thing is is a bill yeah the dynamic element where there s no whoopi gopher like will hire you remain a common man he play there
setting isn't that these are wholly goldberg he's a giant do you're on your own goldberg says i m are you that's the one where you're like a coach your coat and now i am of course but they don't spin off we see the character wires holy shit that's amazing copyright thousands it's about time do you're funny motherfucker roommate be lost in politics i never forget that new year's falcon me do you like your i dared you had me fuck do you rushed my ruin the hired you laughing from the wings if you like laughing this weekend for life improv that's ominous conceive plus the shit outta my favorite place it is not about it's my life and knew how dare you go there a lot i don't go there nearly enough together once a year we shall go and i love it so much really bring the firing get there we have to do is that besides sputtered
he's telling implored are fuckin saved my life grady my greatest shows or at the furlano improv probably floaters florida people are so which eddie i can hear you loudly going so great we rediscover theatre thirty five people listening eddie cackle in the wings it was beautiful spear are you guys doing some kind or gas blackened and saint there oh you know what i do i do those founded totally has the right to enjoy ideas tony just started his pack has as its first gaseous did come on the pony our i may give you know that's perfectly do you think you have a name i said it's the pony how did the orange come on the democratic awesome nipping ever play there before suck those milburgh the new year's there last year simon and i of her place to do new years and when the agents look for theatres that are available that's the when they came to that's a good
zile out of place here maybe i love that place that's how i was excited mellow owner europe you boys derailment is the bad humming does us shudder to steve varies where's the northward downtown mendel even how may does it see eight hundred nineteen hundred all day and that many bigshot are dirty thirty i know that excuse me sir nigel same the orpheum when i was there ready i don't know it said that many people pressure and issues we're down on the front with five hundred of these no now no nineteen i think it's eighteen ninety something bigger than i thought something nonetheless we it that's why those places where you look at what when steve first ass we do ebay eyes there because we were doing about this working gardens initially in hollywood i looked at the website
like our man this guy doesn't he always he doesn't know what you'd ever to see him i guess this is too classy for it you jitsu like were dirty motherfuckers so i just turned it down and then he again said come down and check it out on my guy went down check that i might do this is like you do like the oscars shit you know why would you want jujitsu but he saw into jujitsu the guy that owns orpheum he's do that he's doing privates with com that's isaac and he so completely sixty five and is completely the wrong guy and he too do we shall avoid he's got his iii b i shared on has got us ten planets shared on the guy who owns a whole fuckin thing loves ebay you seem like a sort of fact germ cells found so when they brought me the options of places to go that was won the first one those again otherwise you did
wanna be ineligible urea nineteen eighty seven ninety waves one is only an early would data that fallen on the third i think it's saturday religion on a saturday night because as i was younger friday because you see didn't i consider thirty years eve so that's the on the rousing amended nunez fi shan max holloway and patent no less not jonah that next that's tackles december to amendment no one unified it's not max how it when one is that fight max hallway and every person december tenth right like what what does the other fighting is what does the other five other food is cowboy thrown out that's right map matter judy i arose both unlike the same level of expectation i just don't have because i look at paris holloway and then look look i think my brown is always death
it's always destruction it's always how other jazz they training must how is that gives us inside iran whenever they tell me out because it do ok it's what i don't do that the lizzy i mean everyone knows i'm a big mac brown cowboys kills out how boy at one seventy is a video game character ozone your games he's more people in training here he's merge he's doing something different emphases not fucking his body up one fifty five we're seeing percent cowboy he's had so much don't give a fuck him that's taking guy like unlike extract all the water out of his body and drain and deplete em you deplete some of that spirit make some exceptional when that guy's healthy like a lot of what like on areas into the octagon with him is like this zest for life and it comes out what he's fighting like that
gets depleted when you find that life we can come back to how good colleague at fifty five in saying that we should fight i believe so it's a cheese because everything actually way too much here she'd have like holy shit you should have though come up to multimodal viola yes he shivered let's just get this done also said that now it goes let me be the winner of max let in paris are win that belgium a fifty five he shuddered at loved but talking like that the region in saying that cut me rematch nay but i might find georgia have travelling to doesn't have a mother fucker of attack on here however you can get a fifty five this guy's got ted's he's such you'd want tom opel's joseph had some real issues issues one zero the hope
it is now goddamn walk right up to the romanian this latter labour cider thou in so that agrees with your star so what is the fellow is regrettably scare look so scared of those countries what if he's gets knocked out had vicious had taken five second brother he's gonna throw you out for this dude i'm scared their scouts path namely that it knows how to love that's abijah shit why do they have to do the other thing definitely can ever gonna get lit up our full recovery israel that michael clerk ducking he does look like you do good africa oh he's not for your throat slash not fucking come out a boom in oh would have it has not done they never now listen you will never ever made his play i mean it's a psychological good move but it's it's kind of
aided by the fiscal on the fiscal brains confidence back up a soldier doesn't will cannoneers is gotta get over the got fact the guy's face look so intimidating once he does he's gonna win the edge i know these look in his face anymore now they touch gloves again while unity going on i learned anything anything that's gonna touch the right hand that's gonna favorite cannoneers could elaborate keeps his hands down guys about it is about fundamental have always told you guys it's about fundamentals i believe i've heard that for me i had something you really do you guys and animal i u recreational boxing and amicable about introduce you know problems at least those are my problem legally with emma may is only wants it to me more die i watch and i will watch autonomy tie latelies you're a stickler for technical while it's just i just wrecking dies there's another level to be achieved that you're cn like especially with striking regular other are you guys you're seeing
a certain level of technique well and a consistent basis because its they have let's algerian alone indifferent thanks yeah i know i understand that but it's hard when you have a few guys that have achieved like like this rory mcdonald sort a spectrum of that can kind of do everything really good at a very high level like remember roy mcdonnel fudge eighty tourism metamorphose tissue towards very high level jujitsu guy roy huh with them almost any more i didn't tab you almost got his arm broke but ultimately lead to watching fighter what's his name the guy that there really high level friend striker talk tar sand yes and you came over the whole different styles watson's rawdon like good news from yale joe is it that evolution of sport like started mme when you use twelve emma may immediate specialise in anything so you wanna see like you ll get fucked in homeboy what's his name with a spike year looks like yeah more furnishes joy says that he is also a kid who stone so you may get this wave of guys who
do elder sage started with karate and he's way more of a karate guy the nasal jujitsu guy it's not that he's knock better at you it's you now i mean he deftly show them this last fight and he submitted guys the past he he's just a young kid yes freeze terry's radically of fantastic athlete whose a young kid he's got a lot in light of this tenth guard against mickey dull when the fog gives you rip that apple unanswered bar bird when is that a threat then brussels when is that now that fight is somewhere in december i thought am i wrong you like that fighting tomorrow's sage north god is a fun fight i feel like that fight it somewhere monkeys making girls get to diesel cars and others are usually very good i think he's more counted them sage north good i think he's extremely towns and irian telling me all the guys kid but we ve seen to real good fights for mom and of course one of whom was against it
sorry ok the seventy zero sea fight night too casually words michel how're you boys i'm not gonna be here until by and to how dare you will do your i favour this is the problem with haven't family we have had a sad ass i was i was gonna ages i got a lot of a case i'm sure then i wish i could try to i want to address this issue i'm in the i just want to live life phase of my life i just one experienced i'm not good at advocate i want to go places on experiences i get better all time you know it healthy animals jason college boy really now how much poorer now how did it get em yet it but you know the certain places we get em they re the prettiest again don't bring home to have we not worth it i'll be in my group are everywhere do you would you like a room every only entails a we're homes
mean to say of course fuck surprise you years will pass was in a few years there's gonna be places where they have like these spots where you get vapor up at the airport well like to have iron bars right next to those who really councillors looking people just fucking thing it about their dad oh shit she's at calm down turn my brain i can't do i don't do during the day this dude is heavily muscled which the blank white fella yeah you look into what like you better you acted gradually like white i can identify with acknowledge their ball jag above jacked but there was a confused opening guy about strategy and we really do don't ever you i locked and they wanted to slash and i was all just for a place with such clauses be friends
unless you the mother fucker of motherfuckers and it does matter come cotter macgregor on with a straight laughed and put him away and it doesn't matter if you touch glad hungry demand what kind of gregor talked freight train full of shit it begins dennis seaver then beat his ass did when they got as the octagon before the fight he read two shaking as with dennis even dennis everyone put his hand i got you they were merk dump you can't do that stared seed receivers inner life is all we have splitting back stairs we'll i understand but you know zebras they go from germany you flock will not happen and then i started more people up the world is a better place because economy greater one hundred percent about against violence and lessons joe we have lots of licence to see that yeah good for you what he said you see you she asked
dell voyage rock as fuck talk anymore parker low she's gonna you know that economy whose circular kind macgregor i only know ever love osgood set over obama jointly to austria leviathan over did have been tempted to ask us profit ferrars combat it before you ever saw the first round when he lit up coolio caesar shove as i said i don't give a fuck what anybody says that boys you're the greatest where's bobby i'm out farmers i saw that closer kittv at the leg whether clippers used to play with but the only form but the allay gravely should form an hour's allay irene alessandra clippers arena closer he murmured i used do that you watch the screens of the boxing hours big oscar fair big holier caesar job is bad i was torn
how to go with him or the one who is more mexican going sense here you know what the next real mexicans you like you can't even speak angle marianna cheese listen to this result in all of them are mattel you how legit aspidiums lawyers he fought who you're saying chavez and bernard hopkins many backing but yeah and maybe
nobody went all the way the book up and sugar saying all do an sugar shane organism up to bernard hope what the fuck is largely was that one hundred and seventy five pound yelled champions up to here is by with fernando vargas ghana man boys a lot of shit talk before that fight to overturn due to do at arrogantly words i asked you about your boy hush hush hush hush from all ass your boy arguing about alone i'm not saying it's hilarious upon i like you a lot of money amanda listen people are fun let's protected oscar i'd i'd love oscar did it was voted on here you got island sprawl hard elbows on top should again
finally what ones courtly what's really cool about anime is it you can't really be the very best and everything you could be the best and put it all together for years specific body but the best handlin pressure in your division but you can't be the best judges you got the best kickbacks are the best ressler mrs this kid you don't have time healed as so many super athletes out there this it's almost impossible for one person to be the very breasted everything that's one of the things that makes emma may so exciting is as you see this collision of different strategies and you'll see one strategy work for a long time and you go hey ground and powers where its at marijuana veto our belpher got up to two hundred forty pounds because that was the mother fucker
come on you know i was there was for a long while he was so this is what happened that's what u k mart when was just tat dues and smash and their families and everybody panic you when you interviewed was joe joe joe you don't want i've and this was like literally fifteen sixteen years ago a and marco's each other so what this strategy in mercosur maybe the fuckin shit out here he was drunk and ask what first vote scare and i've never seen you yet scarcely luxembourg but i love mark market have been friends for a long time we have now scared i was reasonably sure it wasn't gonna hurt me right but he picked me up like a pillow like i was a pill like a real upon me around here how long ago hammered mark kilometer molly at day although many dude he so strong our memory essentially i didn't know you were stammering you go hey man i was fuckin scheme so strong he's like my fellow i've never felt lighter
slightly amity because there is little pink about all around me the fucking shit now use even like this but it is up to you now ground pound fuck it should ask i'm telling you scammer do not forget i'll never forget when i met him the first time i met him it was after he got be by maurice smith and if you remember he was almost a cry much more is the kick boxers commentary well and at that point striking was useless at that point striking was useless and more common emerged after her boys so here comes lorries cement the strike or he don't know any jazeera nano rush things go you're fucked up but he beat him on cardio right gets my mother market like taken down like cake and like you ve got also give credit to frank shamrock does
shamrock worked a lot with maurice meant for their fight one things they developed is a really good butterfly guard for mores more is kept elevating marks have kept moving around lafayette evaded a very hard to pass out of affirming roddy well run ogier smith oldwick lorries with what maurice had been most guys didn't have in the early days you couldn't passes guard he had a very butterfly guy i'm not a retail of an eu law should back in the day so so marked comic have taken well but he could finish amalfi than avonlea what he is another point on which i know you're going to miss funding i love maurice whose another import a very important point you still have your if i wore an outstanding world class kit boxer like is he is the same principle defence apply on the ground with ground and pound it's hard to move your head backwards right but a guy like that is sick consequently harder to hit than a guy who's not used to taking punches sheriff
somewhere sterner obedient freezes up so when he sees these big bombs and he's doing a lot of this now he's grabbing you is clinton he's not going to sit there and of course there are guys that are overwhelming there's guys like like i keep bringing up crow converse guns aga through the second fight with croaker got revenge when he got on top of guns argon like when you see a world class striker drop elbows on your hair from the guard he doesn't need to be in the mount doesn't need to be inside control crow cop just needs that amount space and he is opening your head like a fucking
ok shadow my nose dude excellent so impressed by that elbow he dropped on the dog i might see i knew it i knew it if you could get in their nest aarhus on top eu on your mountain because you don't look like devastation ideas he was the strongest guy you'd ever i thought you know mercosur was to fight wanderlust soon and rising vandalism i thought merkel no vandals endeavour to valid when alone awhile and why would work owes it from an orange shit who knows million injured limit fuck now let me finish my maurice market goes out of love to see so hand back them by the way more common so an era when more eggs logs on your back run an appeals for nourishes one slith fatah mark coleman his pre fight footage was hidden running upstairs it was either that virus vie with comments every hour of silly era but i remember him
he be interviewed moist neither been kit bought it around the world champion and they show him like running upstairs and shit like a football stadium like that was wrong and that's how you be more common and he beat him on you know you beat him on car a common was fuckin holding his knees he was i bent over and an embarrassment to start a fuckin lay kick in them and beat the shit out of his legs but let me tell you this morning smith was probably the fur got ever talk shit in them of a world championship fight i wasn't rings women this is assessed as back when i was the pet post fight interviewer whose outcome mark grunted probably mark markdale carried out between the amusing mark groaning lag people forget more judgment was everybody to our thirty pounds this moral since a first guy it's incorporated like first got incorporate high kick in like a world championship fight
if the contents of europe yes he thought continents of urine world extreme cage by unlimited champ i wasn't back when john per ready was the interview was the there was doing my job pretty shot out to john prodi i shall allow to jog your virtue i love that guy's commentary always love is caution is operating study shot out he worked and stance on eyes i got and i'm gonna sit me fuckin direct message on to one day and then i nobody gets busy but he is not not me sent me a direct message like i had respect for you in our i can't believe that you wouldn't have me on your part gas so i sent a message as job ready so twitter mrs berger's dude i love to have you more apart ass i know we're talking about somebody whoever said that is definitely debtors fifthly incur adviser i was it i was always a fan john ready enough her back every backroom
well it but if i gave you a worm job that if he hears this i got nothing but respect for job ready i enjoyed is cometary back in the day i thought he was fun and honest and in new the fuck you a lot of shit about fighting guard dog other we scrap our boys get fucked up guys down the throats lashing get word he's gonna beat up things about arts but like john pretty doesn't get there's becky deserves there was no one before him you have to understand this guy was literally one a very first guys who was a high level marshall artists did you do to kick box and was in cometary for emma he was one of the very early on the show that battle can you know exactly which had some great fuckin fights brought i also refers to the world was so these various erect is very relevant to our seas where the verse aroused from voters have personalities and there you know how they aren't john did have a certain personality to deal with the fighters the staff man
focus my dress but that jobs out of his mind like john john how many we're on the sand and that guy was not interested in being a diplomat or your friend he was just very direct very honest and have the coffers internal though it's good like a brick shit house by the way we have good conversations back when i used to work for the yossi back and nine seven i never got to know well you know and then i took a break and then that more is smith beats mark comin home i don't owe you have seen in louisiana me joe there so nice adversaries about him back to the more comber this hey i never heard the millennium let any profit lilies deniston mark almost i've got a systematic are all that more he slipped beats market man i don't owe you have seen in louisiana me joe their jos do with backstage comedy i go down there was ricky rocket drama from poison hang at our i gotta go see you have see it's in a small three thousand signorina just a bunch of crazy love fuckers and care
per louisiana ninety ninety seven when frank shamrocks double legs egos and over having broken kill have a goal and i was there i was when i wish them when mikey burnett beat up fucking eugenio tat today that's olds boucher geraldo remember that shit but that's all who should i was their life met joe a visa is arrogant yet memory veto had a white man whose it was ass a little use our young and ship but anyway homeless desolate eddie bravo navigate friends you vittorio exam my fuckin set of miami vice we're just craig pre we'd from like nineteen years old look like a fuckin like love ass change your life you get english but anyway
i wanted to my comment that show this is the end i promise was set on a moral code of ethics it's like greeley unlike asking them all these questions like so this is furthermore he smith fight where gas i go dude i go what are you gonna do what did you learn from that fight woody do different goes brother the ghana muffy count jean valjean she's baggies i'm runnin increases poverty that goes voting time is used on the work that you have see i should be haven't some fuckin boots teller shoe once the proud recent stories like to show my comment i sat next to alive beltway went do and here too
the task is all tat he is a catholic i can i was less than him tell stories i missed every single fight men do always violating their here's my advice in the fuckin future you dvr the fight to go i can you watch me joy time with one of the fuckin hall ride i join you judy desired learn more common values roy you're he was like this all european why me you should have been buying him beer and lean in your ear in his direction i should have been given either i would screws didn't you know it was then bottom gill in dreams i haven't got more cold during silently colonel there's a larger with anyone that pride fuckin grand prix baxter duty was i was at a pleasure it is working raises body was more com
then pride duty was like these alleged legend john several countries lately choked dan henderson with that scarf old member that adam like aside headlong scarf old type situation armor money and i me dance don't say henderson w she's more common law that was a german ahead lock you fucking that's it it moved when you're that strong let's face it a broad majority sums skill don't know that drivers rocco strong but that killed move through i know it is though you do that you would do that he's only two hundred and seventy five pounds and he was really they just taken outside had log and just fuckin balancing things change as it does a strong mahmoud it's actually a real move that people just on explore but i
a guy named dude i'm fucking tat me with some do you have any hundred and seventy five as they did i was right out of here before i forget what was the dude there was a like a move from it guard move again in the rubber guard family after to get a zombie can't it's a half way through your eyes i remember and you just do a bicep crusher right legs i remember it but i remember how you do doubt this guy's going crazy the has well system around it and there's nobody on the planet like them on the phone with that shit i never seen anybody from the guard setting up risk fuckin biceps smashers and flippin in on people and we ve seen about eyesight and one that i bought three thirty secondly one people were given a standing ovation look pretty good yeah well it's always interested joint gives the fuckin the getting my good boxes the next slice yea we doubled
this way more calm on his feet when it stood in front of him and was so realises do can i gasped out molten along with fight you know you're either killer or you want anybody think you're a killer yet and i am the killers are like phaedr who now did anyone stupid shit wires were you looking like a cane came the last case has my all time favorite way and face because i he didn't give a fuck he's like a huge i'll shoot you name out i got it would be a little nervous someone is being tackled gas rain bombs down on you it's all over bitch where's he fight next thirty he's fine december thirtieth but man there was just some surgery that what the fuck is he need surgery you say is i want to hear that it's like is twelve surgery sits he's been in but you can't say you gotta fight coming up and then afterwards you're gonna get sir join us out because its original listening to say that's the lifetime of bone i understand but to say publicly seems pretty red
eliza assurance involved could point from a bit this move but as a fanny i'd appreciate darcy he goes through tools really should have surgery has to rely on a beat this motherfucker so bad and get the title shot i went away and do it after years of good quality you thing to get beaten looking it does he's right varying let me ask you this very do you think that insurance should cover all of the injuries sustained during training which of course all of them are just one hundred percent right i agree with both for being so is that the case right now like what does insurance cover now did only cover things that happen in a fight no it covers almost positive you tat s when you see boys put pressure covers when you're in having kept for that fight you won't say like surmount a week's outside russia and kept as your preparing for the bout but if let's say i've nothing schedule i get hurt doesn't cover the served ass the case than a dozen then what he said is actually become a gangster yeah right guess you against this is already covered by insurance and
gonna come out and say look i know i'm kind of injured here but i will deal with it and be around yet how great is a desperate economic brown warm up must be thoroughly frankie edgar had a fuckin pretty significant knee and not to the five jerry stevens will above or doom eddie you under the fight against drugs bow the broken foot me lie jumping sidekick the face and landed at length over the types and wobbles hours under the fight so gangster man fighting torn up along with broken that was what they'll travis brand i too crazy things have an eminent fight there's that kick that it opens up like where the fuck is this coming from and then when were doomed through that punch in
his finger member oh my god through its call i see this easy he snapped as an you you have waited second right that's he spare fucking game i what usually yeah i'm gonna kick you right in the face off it's weird thing man because if he says excuse me i'm done it's over my fingers broke i started a fight then you're correct not attack him but i went to a second limbering europe's my finger i mean but here's the thing i didn't want to fight and right there to do it that's the idea do you want to leave room for anymore national mistake in a time of dress like that or someone i might have uk radio eyes ok yeah yeah yeah and then jumps back in there's moments where something go wrong will you even realize like this is malfunction of my gloves lies my finger bed sideways hold on hold on what folks go going on
there is moments but but would lie honor you take it back to came back and problems that would lead of you're right i'm a newcomer about someone you know who it is like an ipod nano i'm not sure about the law is the reason why that doesn't count is because it didn't happen from him don't for tabling escaped it happened regime through a plot right and left that his hand and broke his fingers are now is my travellers have travis travis had his hands up and virgin through one i'm crazy chuck adele style around but i ended on the finger corrected eroshka centralized rat broke his finger broken right dynamism but about europe function of that injury is you can argue as poor technique right then i work that might work with emma may worth boxing gloves rather more tech loves you know too
perhaps you could say something about it i have open like this and they have a kick coming out you in your hand and also how some trouble rather gradual outbreaks in the same way praising position more space northwards and if we could see it literally we could see it but britain of john jones about have an open hand oh yeah well that's that's offensively though let's look what's a good proposal bottle i like that robust good point we can save time breaking a figures how ivan fingers how often do rags pungent fingers in the gym wants a weaker twice idle practice snapping arms or there's nothing i hold on this are you don't that's agnes hours that's right is our bars i could you not break with our environmental practice snapping natural on no aren't snapping arms guys will look into this fight right here this is the picture that landed i mean i can't move by virtue but i can't find anything travis did those a freak accident because he's doing the right thing
that does not holding his hand right you're right now i would also agree now if you did it in his finger at college shortening like fuck you must secular forgot you once clean do you his sense of move right down a percentage of irregular figures as emigrating to face pregnant hours no definite ryanair shoulder your neck you we have somewhere to distinction right which is why you can save time out for thou canst say time out if you hit the knows that's right we if you ever duke overdue meant but i've got fucking time out and when after that's ridiculous is it right that up in the post my interview i was really clear like you were well within your rights to go after him perhaps there was inside the rule of law is either ends and fur let's just be cool about it ok you figure
got caught i don't fucking wants you to die but that is not merely the like but hillsides luminaries gotta good point it is like goods is the audience wants to go on like we're like we pay and it's not like anders i saw radios land and infer that one guiles it only makes sense for the guy that through the punch that's the one guy that it makes a huge inflict everybody else that's why you know that a charity killing but nobody nobody was china break fingers with punches if that was part of the sport like you got a practice brick fingers it's not illegal let me not unlike the council more heartily give geronimo they will have to let me knockdown walter you're both right you're both right you're both right yeah absolutely listen it's absolutely one and i was on hold and i am absolutely an injury caused by someone executing technique but wouldn't you like to fight to keep
we use hyperbole would you like would you like came the last yes our excuse me for bees ever do to win on technical knock out due to a finger georgia does it matter i hire poland i agree i agree here the answer i agree with you but i'm not saying within the rules and say what do you want to see let me not more i walk many more rapid you gotta stop talking over china rude or would run by the wise men let me wrap this up ok let me gloomy cork it up quotes from the why its parents say hold no it's very grand later it spared say you'll you know it when you see it yes right and it's up to it yeah there's rashes in life there's discretion no when you see it leave it up to the fighters leaving too rough no it when you see it's gonna be a case by case basis i so ground you i owe you and that there is one thing i account just one that's our lot breton like this
choices you there's you d have to the social situation is different but they also you don't know what happened your finger mainly just get crack he doesn't know what happened he might thought he might starts fingers it wasn't worker i was tied up in his glove what does that look at i don't is wrong i think four dooms a hundred percent right but now there's a moment of confusion side travis got head kicked and was confused did you got almost knocked out i think what is failure was fucked up didn't necessarily know what was going on i think we have split second whether another i dont know only he knows but i'm saying there's a total possibility i'm sure you ve had your fingers the author mediator i chose right shows that not only look at the whole thing to look at the whole thing i am i'm saying even if you like oh shit my fingers broke remo
is that brought your eyebrow let's keep them on the street where we don't i broke your fucking finger welcomes had kicked the finishing off of millions of dollars on the line here you're not anger is russian eirik you're right you're right to run and wins note its i agree this is a thing that i do it a finger i here's your couch i'm leaving i am literally not even argue with you because i see your point one hundred percent but i always guy or to bring you even open i also as a person whose greedy what i'm in here i want to see them keep fighting unworthy does i'm very rightly say i've thought about libraries you're right i agree you know what fan of a ratio and i would like to see a wind but this is a feeling that i get someone winning by a broken finger that i dont like correct i like feeling furbish you'll want to clear decision shit out of me have brought us very problem
does it renders alike yea want turkey to be better equation whose a better question this is an illegal move how much of an effect should add ipo big big i really feel like a game i think not always a changed game like material versus travis brown he's a case where the foul went and travis this favor when when he poked material and stay another version to get sued by degrees and he did it twice two hopes and and you know material and who is winning the fight then goes to losing the fight it's a significant factor is almost it's almost so significant that if your marginally impaired from it you might want to stop the fight how do you feel that she's crazy because you startled me such a difficult like rats
she'll decision debate but if you're fucked up you can barely see at one i like now what are you gonna when she got so you can potent arable pay for that bitch recover those shoes has already made so guys never come back ass well that was a kick up as soon as i get any any i injury could be like somebody on the reality is a false there are possibilities that there can design some kind of like fighting goggles is an impossibility you're gonna have to protect the eyes tat idea of your eyes are getting poked the only way you can do it if you came up with some sort of adhesive like some crazy crazy glue shit that you could stick this fuckin thing to your face words possible to pull it out and works with growl are all those are the only way it would have to like literally almost be like cups that covered your eyes but we're like glued in
head than afterwards it put some solvent often ineffective and find out disengage fires later that fucking people dying from cancer braille you guys all male cinnamon testosterone ensure player the age when they make you dirty these have a chemical that they would make your europe europe you you know you're not a dirty was a wise move family as they move you in my lab or are they found a stop that they use was a chemicals doesn't we hang can we please as is also a fact that is more must be done verses dreyer russia of flour yeah how he's my eyes i lick griping shorts a great story short on we are honoured jimbo but
it's how you mentioned earlier come an offer that kayo of map relic he was on the desk doorstep did he had to beg for his johnny at a bank for its job is it please give me one more finely ok map brownies like oh my god i can't believe this hey gettys like i'll take it anyone out there and stop matt brown and one round his man manager went come on he'll give so nelson joseph said fuck it then you can you do it will take an idea that i occurs out of it i get out how to shit like that goes on to say that the sunset leslie jarrett is extremely weak and joint action of gossip and innuendo what did you watch the implant you're not ellen by a lumber and this wealthy secular defined imagine that j by going really all due respect my husband asteroid logic logic jake hamburgers above hunter commerce gonna be a left wing and i may and then a right wing anime
get into their personalities in their lie guess what right i don't win rob right wing eat meat does sport does not have the money than win alot are gonna be rightwing machiavellian bird dotted elam borg doesnt support nafta rights made ever may be higher has the dollar's fools and armed with greedy massive thou hast like i'm with her but account for four hours with screenshot
ministers with its democratic in this future is ready as red globally educated democrats has run away more pal moskva docking crackdowns volor get not gonna do that left took they play this glass but acting cracked it he's first get a knock out even words it eminent true he had kicked eve edwards bachelor are there was back in boded fight i would have never madam president for a republic good glens hurt him oh shit oh shit mass but as always in vitro travel neuralgic don't always getting that's it out
what the asked first he went ass towards them hips towards a new kind of status was the stay dialogue is not logical authority tells them because on you as you have just come back thank elegant nine year you don't know what i'd do not stop at i've been doing great cater for changes to be made to ass move you rarely the guys like you ve got to see the wheels is at your monsters shows you how good her dean is that shows you write their holy knows issue the ass look at this but moskva doll is gonna pinned up against the cage elm burgers gotta get some space data tat circle laugh circle out shake their bodies environment you up we'll jake still possesses that crazy fast which muscle fibre
so he can connecting crack you were the last thing that goes patty rhine jets always had polite but when you get her eurostar region for that as you know you're not gonna play like appoints game from here on out you're diminished as you got a few like significant around in your chamber it's just a matter of how long will it take jake ellen burger right now to recover but here's the thing if he's been train with curse i think he has for this final no yes with slight manufacture and to train one net curse on a big thing man a curse on whose that marbre and of his disciples that guy's a wizard man he knows a fuck load about strength and conditioning in getting guys ready for fights both physically and mentally and i think he helped ellen burger a lot would giving on the confidence with being in that insane shape to get away from that brought this there's no coach on the planet and go hey you fucked up the first and then we can work on that in i'm say there's no conditioning filette by your right there's nothing you have
exactly but it's also like elam burgers of real veteran now and he's experienced those wanting to she's been end those super highlight knock out like the map out finally hd shields sigh he's composed after telling them look at our competitors elinor allowing thirty mortgage what an war had the best of all hilary loves do you know where and how should the fucker it's just you know then have a merger knocked out paley landy with one punch yes that was back the disease eleanor right now as a donor to fighting is right then you can and you know it s you goodbye and finally my money right we live there was some jake ellen burger what did i do have one with the wheel jake left take to the body oh alberto slipped not rank is joe statutory courage you should let em recover whenever i think he broke is foot and or ankle in the cage what are you doing
this boy now might have held on this is larry's guys we're see exactly what we saw we are gradually which has granted as good as a focus is it is this that is this fight stopped john joseph letting in euros in the train give the guy little chance but i thought all through your site that's the problem eddie i'm having decide among both inside and say what my side was i can't i don't say but did before we're talking about the fire at this point he was getting fucked up so what what is worrying the usual very well let's find out what the hell happened here hamburger sprints like a sight he throws the turkey slides into elbows blow my way where i get it i get it i can start now do is now what do you think it out brendan that's never tell me what you think if i must all i whale away exactly like you did and when the fight exactly like you did
too much riding do you so mean tabled over and is override is over i see that please read your homeboy this what i feel like this is my take on this this is a great fight a fund fight that ended with a freak accident they must blogger it's a great shout yet sound berlin like you staying com but if you had to go to decision off of the injury you gotta give it to mommy but i was put to him last week i had a bit of a lot of trouble i glitter slides in his toe right in there and is always just snapped is toe background you just behind it it stands now not like you so ruthless as a whole because i was lighter work immunological hey skies let's look at it this way at present as people let us work maybe we should redesign the bottom of the cage yes
the reason for that but in its third is yeah that's this i've kind the fence let me again do you think that in our part of the game must also dismay at you you move the love than folk and slides and gets us for a long time that let me ask you this is a person has fought the octagon as an argument for extending the lip little bit sincerity finally like that extending it up would be putting in a part of his age how many would you don't have to go up a few inches in it would remove the problem of the edge but you wouldn't be elder like use you know that take down offensives guys against the cage take your heels into our monitoring assessment and i are well that's kind of cheap to his body that caught without would help everybody that everyone like having a little bit of let's talk about that having a little bit of fabric pulled it through and up and connected to the cage that would be a good thing
slipped in their oh my god it's awful foot out along these lines in the head and he still trying to get us they don't cut i'm giving one moors put your tongue gave him more than one hundred percent many just knocked out map round it is controversial injury india a hundred years the problem with the controversial injury moskva doll is the one who got robbed here because mass but i was put to him before that he still do you think he one they want both if it was drawn up bees injured both eyes i feel it both girls are robbed got robbed little bit of aragon rather retroviral comeback correct justice was done because mazda who is winning and he still gets his wind bonus jake it's not a happy justice justice it makes you feel cheer and saying levels not yahooville snatching they'll be no singing though there but yeah i agree with that i think right when you in any way like going out back and forth both eu sides i coming
i i get it finger break its a break its through due to an attack look honestly anytime you feel a give maybe should stop the fight you should stop the fight like almost every time for something like that should you let a guy go if you can't see it all out of his right eye is fifty seconds left in the round fifty seconds it's for the title the guys the champion you can't see says he's fine what do you do to stop at brandon what do you do it's a good she could sometimes guys go out may win that is like a case by case it's hard man it is it's not easy sitting are easy not i'm serious a fine you're in there you know what the magnitude that will do for your career and level and your punch daggers damn dog you got me me i hear all about the wind like what no one no getting what you're a winner
what do you know where your mother fucker autumn with that guy you're right you re in that might be part of the problem rather like a killer instinct in the minutes alex runaways ass i guess not just the ethics of mining are losing out of them out here due to win and find out about asia and yeah this out an issue as well bonuses are wind bonuses and issue and did they ever existed opting for ever misheard adopting them gathering boxing excited lunchbox larsson that's not true i don't think so i don't think they are i think the boxes they fight for a purse yes and then his flat fee if that feeling paper you boss is an argument that wind bonuses make the fights more exciting rural few medium like because because people i mean obsolete
we have windows you know it's like i gotta make the society and am gonna go do this gives hope like the wind bone he's always does and does style that's style is miles after eighty eight to weather is windows or not he's gonna fight like that that's told me that in his let me also wants to get their monopoly ones koreans like that he's a fucking i seen him train six hours straight you know what people say they too in eight hours straight i drink seven are you're ok you taken all breaks i seen seen due to use train all god damn day in in big bear in altitude mass hours dude hang it elements it only managed in a big there made me feel like a vulcan little decided to bayonets should not only be like to be where is that
they thought was you mean an eye but they they still right now we're gonna like remember they took be pulled the papery format is it pull the less they cancelled and whether the council tragedies but so is that official tony and could be it was supposed piano carlyle understood now that was taken on schedule it but that's the fight that's that's what i invite you to have a fund one of my has one corner wants take some time off is about to have his first child totally get totters fight with doubled in romania you keep saying it sounds like goddamn mantra it's like donald trump kkk goods are fighting the entire draggers real fine is our emmanuel casual its throughout the lacquered wow dan's guy i dont dime are usually negotiation room maybe there's a good place whose girl bore even if there are no good player fight you're a little bit of a gas upper like a giant low level
lowell bergman haven what year did robert now was a company s rather than i ve ever higher confounded guys wilmot low bedloe wealthy waste as you think you are going to shoot disregarding a little bit later let's go get you shine box guy has aroused great stance on the matter the raising grating so yeah blah blah blah it is when conor goes and ass i have some insight into what we cotton but white collar goes retorted goes i knew a portion of the company now violence gimme that whose his battle with tony version it could be they did no ownership the control of that well here's whites foolish to get a portion of the company because he by very nature of his dynamic being in presence makes the paper view
who's that he's on spectacular he doesn't elevate the other paper views so when he's theirs is using saying should get a percentage of the paper views absolutely or else he does a percentage of the company you'd have to prove that you making the company bigger no you're not you're making yourself bigger and he is he's by my most famous but it's that he draws for he will get compensated for an extraordinary manner he's the yeah feeling the idea of him him be being an owner of the entire company based what is able to do in his own individual paper views is that would before what about my obviously not a business which was what about why untimely gregor when they have like fuckin does anybody flag and i keep
it being less inherited three why didn't pull because you didn't have a fucking title vi what does that mean that you have see without gigantic stars like car macgregor around arousing or job jones or patterson how way without the killers nobody wants a watch correct troke correct that's no one to pay for pay here jailers part of gases hooper stars make men who accompany you can have some fights entire by throwing of lights you can have some sites that are paper view fights without without world champions on it it is totally possible if you had a bunch of cowboy ma brown type fight on any noticed a bunch of momentum for the world title you tell you wouldn't want
you tell me what you want you will feel well romero verses luke rock along to draw you tell me you aren't i would last i'm not talking to guess is viewed as our socialist illusions unions share you raise in the fucking you need a left wing but i'm gonna tell you daddy knows what's up for wars jordan mean verses a meal meek that's a good fuck as i wanna join channel kelvin jordan me in on cyborg the male cyborg in strike force land in one of the most devastating fuckin elbow combinations to put out cyborg and a meal meat is a guy who beat up took keen meal he knocked out to kenya when he first got kicked out you have see when whose marble horrors get outta you see he fathers mad viking emil meek and beat the fuck out of mikhail
first round what's turkey's volunteers out here dominating asking him way more than news you remember how scary to keno worth here's a think gary tone and is maybe thirty pounds lighted and not abolish this object sizing craswellers emma bonino was when oh yeah all hurries grandmother focus were here of fire you know what if i was fascinated about that fight or not was not just a garry tonon has a motherfuker but that john danaher and i had this conversation about the entrances that toquinho uses in am i the entrances how he how establishes the entrance into his techniques videos like some pretty obvious entrances is like he's kind of basic in the way approaches leg locks unlike his his take was that they
it always we like one step ahead of the united kingdom is ranked would run out and reckon could you you can see it coming see not a desktop that's how high level and sophisticated that whole eddie cummings answers well it's john china has a big part of it but it is also there's a tonic guys dean lister contributed to that in a big way ass he came over there is a lot a leg lock knowledge came out there but even so geo still one he behind last night respect there's a strategy but i do not like the way you brought that damn did bring you better tell everywhere that give me tell sandra most fear legs are your money commerce is the most fear the free trial because the best like icon eddie leg lock comic will i do you have to stop talking guys to shut off for a moment i wrap it up eyebrows i'll bring it back
can't who stands united anybody five minutes has garage it's a hoot open of unesco is also going abroad at most a very cummings files and an ebay i am just me as is the jujitsu guy watching him right on top of it i can't fucking believe it eddie comments as just a moment the falcon everybody the whole damn her crew gary tone and go rather fuck and everybody up with those leg logs mandrake they got a super sophisticated highly complex leg lock system in and you know once api came out and that's when it was exposed and me as a teacher i thought bach i thought i was already leg lock friendly enough
i had a bunch of wedlock wizards all over the association and their everywhere that i totally open a leg logs me personally about heavy into here looks bad man i love the fact that every class have like three he'll hook fuckin do that are obsessed that and but that was not once maybe i came i like that wasn't enough look with these guys these when you obsessed with leg locks in the system and every possibility in every counter and the way data has put that system together man now realize right away i gotta get fuckin mid evil with this shit so we did over the last couple years and i like your competing a little bit john or preserve i love a hundred stay lie beads there's that there's an ivy j j f crew out like the people the fans and an end the competitors there's the data her crew and there like tat
macgregor eunuch has gordon lions kind about spoke again and you know he's like one a crown everywhere he goes and get tone in these like he's is there are super cool men and that any comments like the coolest mother fucker ever raising our guiding communist i get asked for physicists cool dude i never just all those guys are ass a man and i would downers done with lead log system did he just so he took would deem lister showed him de mr came down the late nineties at at at hence our school and drop some he'll hook knowledge john danaher and dan are just systemize that shit what the fuck up and if you're not paying paying attention to that to that you just world in the sub only movement the data her death squad eddie communes gordon rhine gary torn and even gordon ryan's brother nicky when they got there they got this leg lock system that no one can fuck with
they're going through ordinarily bar industry moment where everybody that's like real artistry you feel you feel that that's that what did you feel like what what point when you were rolling jujitsu did you feel like it became more art than sport in that you were improvising as you went along in that everything was a reaction everything was sort of predicated by your mind set your mood of that day what that person was due had nothing to do with the mood of the day that i could do with a reaction just had to do with how many times can you do a movement and and train your body your body whatever you do we know because you do not have our backs basketball whatever you do if you do it over and over and over again if you are working in a factory and you get a job what you're doing something the more you do it whatever it is putting this contraption given me some fuckin good added bam your body is
will master anything you tell it to do a thousand right you know so who becomes a language you're flowing in that you're that you know physically that you know certain like any it's like getting the euro council building fuckin blocks phylactery workin whatever it's all about where's it's just practice makes perfidious just how the more do your body will end up doing it magically and you'd have to just kind of executive produce things in your body just as a magically like tying the measures like tying issues like playing violin when you're shredding on violent or of piano or whatever typewriter years type dashing i typing when you type disorder thinking like now i've been type over so many years
not perfect fuck up but when i type when i'm in the groove i'm just looking at the screen and thinking now and then the word is right on my fingers start move it's weird you send it because i was typing and my father said jesus christ you type fast i didn't even dawned on me i was well that's what they learn would you know with the leg locks that's what they ve done they ve done system down and they generally understand practice makes perfect right and they understand the perfect practice may effort exactly ass he wins out of here now i love that about life i love that about the idea that you can master something that we definitely can you know me i need you to get a better answer you put your time too even if you don't get perfected so worthwhile there's never been covering endeavouring down that road that is what you get the reason for this is whole lesson right now you'll have milestones yes but the through those milestones that the most important things you just enjoying the process and then one day you wake up and you realize woe we look argued do are you always learning what you do to you do you feel like you
a kind of over now everybody everybody learns for that word what what we're talking about right now it would damage is done with the leg locks system in what they ve done and that you can hardly dominate that bring an objective with the geo martinez when last night he beat geo he beat eddie comings and finals ebay item last night i was just in mexico city it was when your majesty not this morning down it was lag or now do it was it was just that gentler about he had turned up and as soon as we get maneuver raised is gone we think we hate each other but we're accommodating together why do you think you know people just silly through so you know like this conversation than happening became his podcast whenever anyone crazy we like the last time without i feel bad about you guys i feel about about an emblem now but as you know what i think is that thing is that thing that like people have to understand you you're allowed this
three about shit and still be cool you could be both monopoly that bin to disagree with something illegal go your cause you're fuckin retort that's one fucking duenna groundwater is eddie is any wants to solve a problem and any like when i think i saw you in specific terms we its we're gonna go deep into the renewed its energy should we now i'm not doing it gotta talk about no data listen everyone listen what i'm saying is that when somebody's passionate and cares about the world and wants the world would be a better place like he does that's where it's coming on the same team that's where the air so when you know when you know he's genuinely a good person through his pocket core which i know that about him like we want to hear it i've takes eddie about has no way there's no way i look at areas like that let me i'm running everywhere or than you'd know damn you dont know ok now i am you're me i don't think you're fucking me so like the report can be i would hate you
they are fucking i knew me everyone everywhere in jails goddammit we do not just want to let me i'm already everywhere or than you have no damn you dont know ok now i am planning to hear me out to gear bucky me so vital how can he i would hate you gotta get the xerox cow here embarking on track in homes lying here right cannon how many animal train with eighty bravo zero you guys are not well maybe underground school my family i know him better than i do the knock land i think is on my jujitsu class which is secret dogmatism or how many times i rather dark when right even put in or to ask area my right on us their fuckin here turn arrogance we arrive at him underground lawlor desire lessons victim or fuck him
when do you start working for fox news channel as your line there is a higher this is what i will say that i couldn't be years soldier revising television has managed to have a message for georgia while you're in office i want you to ban
and the republican party and join the freak party let you do whatever you want three whoever you are just trying to be nice to each other causes shit lose you got loose may they already one hundred thousand dollars a year brian cowen will you take on it i'm telling you ride on the pilot as we read his brother one eye fair people in the world in setting the archives of course how castigated hey listen that's not those garriga talk about these it get you fought out you know what i'm going to start i tell you what a really good at killing people like jujitsu style gets really good at playing games gets really good at arguments
gettin killer he gave you went out and you wanna keep though i am a little past think the cats gonna kill syrian is before the night over i need to know a pizza gate it's not gonna love camera hammer aids a gate of camp hashtag p illicit waters trust me you don't want this is like this is murdered yoga murdered in turn about this shit this is amazing five common ass absolute obliged either have drawn together you know what i thought i thought you know what i think the meaning of life pity is the meaning of life is there fuckin scumbags everywhere try to maneuver around them and try to keep your family you can't know yet about discussion as you think it about things this thing about ever made pizza gave his mark henry pitting or to set fire to paint supplies used or teachers world penal and ended with you
our of silence on youtube before you get into pizza gay first percy of silence then get in it's getting all makes out ok fine but that devices by like if i got an idea so huda amazing by two million on brown done a lot of shit shit gimme some violent showing our right back to youtube gimme some i wanna hear what's going on man here we go my pretty can benefit wednesday mrs morgan short killers short killers right here we go henry's a bad not the fuss is again a lie accounting wanna bet eddie quick will allow that allows an event is tat you re driving is terrible one origin i have jury paces goods oh jesus christ they're fucking swearing ivy pa flow
about dinner and asking for god's sakes i got a little crowd now now nor down under international for get it now not devise low boys please but now can i beg for money yes zoo written for as the only one i don't know i'm not at about one hundred is back i'll do it i'll just his bow don't ever lower in wherein where we get action vodka that's why you everyone now that i'm not betting on anybody that i'm amelia backer you're out of range of german ran and why so much eddie was a friend of mine so of course and when i go for him ass it was not for anyone to mark a well joe
but if he is a friend of mine when i looked i love sued out not kick out of that sum honour right their respective rightly nothing please annette jokes different he understood not kick jazeera it's illegal right purchase two things are not illegal yes he recognized it was correct and other technical different has respect thing then this is a bad thing you see a guy knowing what to do in the nuts and then go dead on i want to be absolutely more taint than balls still hurts still thought i was dead arcs arc obama that sound apologists i'm not enable list
shot able is not now evil ovida let you get your ass work now he's been not let it go on about oil he's no stigmas gaudy but yeah i let you tat from a man from high points not joe kill me when mother got observed in i was alone thirty i love you gotta have a mother got rapid texts me i'll fuckin watch it anyway horace was taking his remaining into jake jake shields eyes and macedonia just sat there mother all the best highlights or muslim country finds you ever noticed how about when mazarin was rough in brok listener forces for mere around almost separated his hips from his legs tapping like table dick again roy waves no nonsense ought not bullshit i joking around love eve he's unknown on its guy
thanks i that is too in a row he will take a point and here's the argument right if it was unintentional show you take a point well here's the problem the damage done benavides is legit as far as like it diminishes hand like around so that is worth more than a point on his is potential perform same with an ipod my book even worse but rather we should point taken really i think you're arsenic trade issues if i agree one hundred percent in the one i was initially bravo thinks that brian count is a bar i think he's gotten so drug use is holding the gladys too bright crown is now even little job whose a loving aren't you gonna put bread taken him ok why your posts for a driver
major you get one of those kids like that you can and you know this will not cancer the kicks there were other moving target wandering tenth grimly say stop has moved a little too the time is required didn't tell me i'm just picturing guy's name chat with no pocket patient should address browser like this which is dances with no have you planned for the fences man rain colored bill of this kind is our brawling those walking down man pistres is last while sues demetrius gylingden annihilated so never along these also probably piss because he's lost of one point already in this first round so he's gonna win significant leads branda be a draw because if he's with one point he is even when the whole funding last benefit as does something strong and which when it oh but no one man sometimes people take appoint away they automatically say what that guy is losing the fight now
it's almost like a psychological thing the judges a tall man by tat some of us somewhere or not good most of some of the deadly now let me ask you earlier what did you do the tyrant woodley wondered why fight if you watch out fight einstein called it i think you're right think you re brain what i say to you before before they came out when here's mine on my phone and draw this narrative i think it's only a draw because we look at fights wrong i think would leave and because he did away more way more damage waymore nihilism down period fight habitat kindly any at moments of total dominant first round would get on top of it was never a point we're wondered why was run in the fight nets that should be like this should be legal point aspect to the agreement it is your interact you're right i see these moments where you're like maybe like you landed and he learns away kick and what's better what's worse is debatable moment but when woodley took him down and freedom of the first round smashes knows open that was it
ignore innovating send the guillotine how can this happen the punches lit the guillotine ass it had him her almost an unfinished so i already made a mistake for the guilty he probably dead gush zion prior right that's why you fox not but to joseph here right now right one fight like in fight asked like you won the five zero zero muslims shit that have become of you is right it is right you both right breaking the brow of the voice of reason hutu fuckin everything tackling these guys are harmful and that's why you now tears worthy way and it works is really way one learning know their amazing shut the fuck up
brennan god dammit you fuckin giant giant privileges imprudently of yours would agree with me you arising for regulators male peer privilege and giant prevents you're a disgusting humans and i've never bad you have for these blue of white privilege you have big dick privilege shut up pine castor privilege we ve got it all your son of a bitch privileged area too he was the son of a bitch you like a fucking sure you're saying years movable out of a bitch fuckers there's gonna be that's that one night brian we can follow and i now will you son of a bitch i know how to be funny that malaysia drawn funnier with your fat garden hose dangling genes what the fuck is that how are you touch that bad boy about you hide it from the children
we are about to be put in a way god do the soccer when you see the road runner killed a rattlesnake i've shown everybody here have no i've seen it road runners kill me rattlesnakes for will you look at two hundred billion be reviewed but allowed thirty bird you looking to road rail rattlesnake you would say will reassure the rouse nature eaten a road runner ro brunners eat i would further runs from the real state of incorrect wrote one its hunting it tat all is literally hunt look that dynasty let's not likely to cause they're up close when you close look at this shit the road one or not so fast allowances away camera tricks browborough look right there you can see that this is i looked after i saw this video it's a fact rolling and say oh shit go my eyes always look at this he smashes is had on the fucking rocks how gangsterism bar do i don't know
favorite tele shit he's just smashing that fuckin head on the rocks look at its will to road runner to load pages that motherfucker ok just murmur commit off all bucket swallowed the whole someone say he dig throated that animals should bear my presentable guys buys back i show is bogged down there to keep that keep that brian go for it that right handed bad of life i write so who does winner irena molecule iran as peers emotional fight with this much bad while they worked alongside each other for a long time it talked a lot of shit to each other but joe but keep swain for that right hand counter deletes a little after a while he's probably tagged a few times that first round and he's looking for that big right hand and get things back
the reason i thought joad when this fight and i must say he's not going to he does everything really well and pseudo does a few things great so i thought joe with canada get out with j makes them up but he's not doing well sued straightaway near the level of experience other than the johnson fight you now have a fight i mean and benefit as is fought johnson a couple times that not one day a mighty my mind about from earth happily both of these so who dominate governmental how bad did he knocked out joy benefit ass my car crush them now and then what he did this are who those pretty goddamn and it is amazing isn't the beautiful to an end a technical kicks our knees rather to the body that my time from the clenched source perfected you hear what minimise set for that fight they will he has no one be gold medal listen recipe when there's two hundred fifty gold medals there's one fuckin
world champion like this i don't give a fuck oh my god of mighty mouse singing mighty masses praises forever you have he's not my power propounded by mines he's my night mr powell drown him alive john jones overcrowded macgregor yes seabed can't say that but here's what i think when you look at john jones i think john jones ultimately absolutely has the potential to be number one but he's to an active and the fight with opens peru other of its improve fills a very good fighter it's very tough fight if you look at who there has been no same peru and who you know how john jones looked again underlined as one five right you can't tell entirely by but as of late he's been incredibly inactive that's the way i see money by saying has been very clear answer when mighty mouse has been active he's been spectacular he's been spectacular but the thing
it is we seem mighty mouse lose you judges loose you're right you got some recent gray fight your right but is not fought and also what mighty masses he can make a mistake a bunch right hand their hundred twenty five pounds i keep on key blonde john jones one mistake of rights will not only fail because of their classes i don't have a pamphlet round number one that is it is a good argument against south africa is like john lennon grew not guys out with one porch and mighty mass who knocked out benefit as one part still different than it is a little bit me five pam your rights too it s a little bit different views have you forgotten about a guy named anderson silva brian cowen culminate in fact shot when we have our doubts about the best ever now one rice now it's entirely possible to make the case of either fate or anderson silver or mighty mouse
i am angry days she has been made me vertue the video is is that yeah dooms hardy nasty baby i ve not volume again willing your fire anderson silva who finished everybody is arguable that produce the best heavyweight of all time you cannot say that's what i'm argue not adverbs our offer heavyweight yes powerful john mighty mouse you can put connor up the other anderson corners and argument helicopters are only just energy on someone else don't you think he's the number one fighter of all time as far as i know i think that everybody think john so with styled waited what are we talking about here you know i don't know shit about survey that everybody you know that i don't know shit about striking michael blind wagons visibly see when he's corner countering like with his with his left eye could see that and i really see with a lot of buyers i'm not on oh shit but is that
now you're right you re like an amazing counterpart amazed one hundred percent amazed to see it like you i see that some of those because power always like this waiting three percent growth allow clean is so obvious so i waited for you synergies but i was gonna do i'm going well we're gonna corner has its ability to slide back encounter with such in credit precision he just got our its beauty bridge or don't you u to full precision tools the techniques perfectly plants it right on your chance is super accurate he so fast surprise don't you don't you like your strength is to cease as some sort of skill where he can predetermined you're gonna do you not that's only seen it nevertheless you know a lot of understanding of striking and movement i know how do you get that good countering abuse i wanna be of a guy come said joe i'm gonna dedicate my life d i want me i want you to turn me into it
ultimate count i would say go to that fuckin dude on his knees in front of us have been a venus going ludwig storming muddling at the counter stowed dwayne blood will have on the package that the fastest ever fucking cave in the eu of sea from a counter then you can write the canadian multiple colored robot can i resent caribous fucking name either tat this so we have a time for other what would you do know like i should not is ending may leave dwayne ludwig but i would like a drill you would come up with that you would you take you gotta do this every day well innovation where your at like skill wise i can you care can you part should you not even bother taken how much time do we have to work with you like what're you gonna do i give you a guy like almost no kicks whatsoever you'd say ok let's forget the kicks when i want to do is check kicks we're gonna work on punches can you throw out both i don't want you off balance thrown kicks you you there's a lot of different things you would think up but when you see com counters his countenance
precise you won't get that through that taiwan has now after nine years to work with someone you have five years we have asked and they ought to be genetically gifted because a certain punchers they just did not have that kind of snap to be counter guys like a guy like mad hamel who is a really powerful wrestler and a good picture and a good striker ultimately later in his career he never had that by there's that fuckin there's that against me somebody but you know i mean that it will have to be an example for example to the entire guy and a strong powerful explosive and right that right right grind of accuracy that yeah account alone there's a bunch of guys you could say that you could put in that category who will it really powerful grappling which warrant the most lightning like strikers there's that there's a certain type of striking is striking where you know that the guy has good technique and you know that the guy pretty understands where it being were not to be in one to be defensive wanna to be offensive that's like a well
ronda striker and then there's guys like roy jones junior there is every now and then yellow jenny freaks you have but rode jones junior was a weird one because roy jones junior banned in awe of the orthodoxy of boxing can mean you kept hands low jobs through leaping left took instead at ridiculous speed and power to the point where nobody can fuck with that you remember years how near melody using this prime yeah fuck you oh did you watch the coverlet underwear ass yes right man tear my watch again i watched it again and i wanted to do if i was biased sets out a couple of one and i still do you want yes and then saying one by one month i think our j war did a really good job holding his own but i just don't think there was enough convincing rounds were ward one in the way that i think the rounds a coverlet why i agree so i was like men as well
like i feel it call of deftly one but it was close and then well when letterman was like go to complete blot michael i don't agree with that i don't think i'll j ward one but i don't think he had blown out i think it was a one point four coverlet and i think the reason why you can make that is because i think that andre ward sort of claude his way back you want some rounds i like later in the fight it seem like he'd get that job established more pop to couple realisation through eleven he was due here but he got worse he was a round i think in the second round you mean you kids you could see in point round for kosovo a one point five o clock won the fighter but i just don't owe shingles crazy suitors raise larry bombs cranberry fight but again it tens entirely and how you score fights to write mean everybody has our own again when you look at the numbers the choice of a number of significant budget so that is every couple of true but my but joe jordan
on five may mass number two is anderson seventh year that's my number one a number two because i too judge him on what i see from him right now and when i see like i understand these fighting small guys understanding i was much power large i'm here i understood and that the march of various different however what i factor in is the greatness of movement and when i see a mighty mouse pure efficiency i seek easy shit like when he got so who'd owing to clench and he's throwing precision needs to the body that come with no wind up so hood no idea their common mighty mouse puts it on and i've seen the mighty mouse that saw joseph better vetoes leave his chin out there and cotton with one punching killed him when the knock on him was that it wasn't a one point striker saw him when he thought he oki worried dominated he oki four or five rounds and what it is ok to go joey's catches on one that our bar you know we don't including pamper pam does not active enough dynamic crews
you like it he had rendered it rained he's here to arrange report would he doesn't he's not there is a great i'll tell you what man him encoding no love is gonna be fine justify a lot white interesting disability catches anyone going to sleep my friend my fear further that way consumers are in that's a good point because what we're talking about us about like guys were really good at certain things like cody no love is way better at striking the what you see in right now joining way better he's the chuckle adele their class do not just have one thirty he does creepy scary shit to people like when he marked thomas i made out with a combination i keys is striking is like these guys make no mistake about it benefit as ensued enjoys very always dryness juries when i'm not sure i arrived at applies when this i've got on out and about that's catching and what can we do this every time arise when watch and we ve been talking the thing is though is with with democratic darwin dumb
cruises other market ours is far from it so he might lamb thirty punches garment needs one in twenty five what was never seen garber at four and five rounds in credit to emit thinks he's very explosive such fun fight them but has never been a guy that shows any sort of a slow down in his first i like it meant something group set that god i love it i know it's great the oil personally i hope that you feel bad for teaching them how to j here's fuckin linux two thousand not here's linen we're the language linear scary this yet he's scared yes he's dead so creepy power in his hands garber anthropomorphic in four years right and linux seems to have an iron chin to scary fight scared he fights these it's terrifying powerhouse see i thought john dots and beat him really let go of gentlemen for non stop i thought someone that fight i'd have to go back and watch again i remember seeing decision thinking it was correct and go back once again who using one is
we europeans into i've been talking to repair enjoy landed more strikes the plus precision clean strikes on space that's what looks like to me might have an end you're gonna have to pay his because you'll get throwing bite but joey was his voice was i've heard about whether the storm and not worth it at getting her like it i like put just don't act like being inaction i hear your man care with a horse main event does does is it won't take it to merit not urim and thummim they wanna bet you guys are down to order pizza right here it's my chinese employers to know where we are the players we were poor pizza play how do you want i can answer the door how are we to say it's brian to do it next door and objective the programme about time the com was in the waves and protein bars or opera martha it's just as gives people you on protein plants out be nicer eurozone aunt or none at fucked you do
sarah junk yard of the agenda twenty one store must coordinate ocean my third point together many our love higher than i abandon maharajah demands that i can count on us as we talk about myself that are starting to do this not only manganese stuff relax raised and i can't believe you bless them like a lax and often certainly get so great people talk about themselves peoples and shit that's happening to nice everybody on board about us somewhere to impose the microwave you see that they are trying to resolve and spells out the two you guys together you fight over each other so much come here you be put on us that's right now we're all sure that were not about guys about harmony we need here is there any browser i we get high when you guys aren't around when you guys are you guys are together you know anyone staggering
i don't really is wednesday five hundred bucks you owe me five m now follows other god bless choosing a joy for you there was room for new but he won't i fight brian cowen where's aware in and correct little i had always booze lurking viable is assured me both beautiful hard to tell i to road runner for his styles change rose running kill rattlesnakes with their face you fuck you do not pay attention and joy beds of judah slang bang ludwig technique has technical change and he looks amazing he'll have very different in this fight than any of his other fight ever totally different actors from the less all if we ve lost no yeah i absolutely wasn't pain he landed radiation load plus marijuana my system which pairs my judgment joy crushed about three ones this first thing i'm nervous about the same stuff is a shared it was nice failure friendly
good for you show them back on paleo i only got off of it because i went on vacation now are you for the holidays and i told you at the worst headaches brilliant gaia authority in the day i do appreciate it version where i'm allow myself to have like some desserts and shared but i don't go fork in full just the lahti understands was bad for now it doesn't feel good anymore but if like i make a old cheese sandwich for my kids that everything i love well she said i'd like to do better than i do by the bread of course you better look charity steel jaw you shudder that's a sharp chinese real short chatter monopolies tomato slicing like that das joe run like the tomato slice task lies really should be standard i gonna come about to be able to get the tomato and cheese and when she really should we stand are gonna break susie you guys wiper because i'm not an anything nutritious don't fucking jimmy we
a green arguing that version for one yeah like what i be mad at you if you made me a girl cheese sandwich with physique your bread elsie sprouts outta oh and raw milk good animal tested heirloom tomatoes we'll tomatoes take ahead butter on the outside easier better when you for prior to frighten the cast iron pan correct herman although you have none of her guardian and we have a food reports about per second doing this in a fucking george format grill these damn castor frying pan like a fuckin pie yahoo you make your grill cheese or anything towards former chicken you haven't exaggerate real i've made a hundred chicken males george for me to i love ritalin college i would grilled i gotta go
this is obviously it's a good way to do it you girl the top and bottom at the same time tastes like shit but only real most people eat on george form a girl's united filet mignon begin shit cuts anyway for its part is true of dreamlike scholastic shoot him former meanwhile mexicans figured out how to make skirts take one of my favorite stakes the best they start fusses marinate skirts take is it really is due to go you guys ever ever era like your twenties where you now living at home and you fuckin broke his fucking you have seventeen dodge dollars and you gotta somehow make that last week and near like ok i got top rahman rad no accurate and she's gonna guy that secretary now i'm on my way
how much you need two years where five hundred dollars or a thousand why are you really do glass news did you guys were ultimately narrowly in my inner circle your value for sure like ok twenty three dollars the market was not at all like gotta you later at the fuck i'm twenty two years old three boxes of macaroni and cheese jar peanut butter lover read the you milk afford and the tuna dad i could take that they got forty four hands letters radios mode man i grew up with a shoe revival when i was a kid
really i was when i left my parents house rain rahman was big what dear and top roman turnover is that when i was real arrow at my broke is tat was like nineteen twenty was my breakfast like glows highly gab immaterially meant i was going to cause but it was when i want to say i'm going to college that should be legged asterisk nurses statement as i was taken classes but i wasn't even everything thinking i was going to get a job i just want to i think that i was a loser run it people in my town they billig what're you doing my arm taken in europe they were so after a year mike i can't keep feel and that every time attacked somebody i gotta go to school so i started going to college but it was early paying attention and just i was paying more attention to like because that was at the time that i was considering doing stanhope com and done yet like in one hour doing that's my quick college but i was considering doing so is really more paying attention to people and how weird we all are in this struggle between been child being adult is weird
transitional period where people are feeling their oates and flexing their intellectual muscles in front of a teacher in trying to catch the teacher what's wrong and trying to debate the teacher i was fascinated by the man s face by that cause i was when i was fighting spent that was all when i still competing i was always it really really interested in conflict any kind conflict verbal conflict civil conflict game we embraced it is a lie interested in a curious as to what's going on here like why is this kid protesting with the teacher say is protesting because he's made a really solid assessment of the facts at hand he finds a flaw in the logic or as you trying to get attention has he looked at it from a visa step one through tending to really verify what your thoughts are really have you looked at once you ten or would you go up to like three and you feel your own you think you're smart is fuckin you dive then yes i was more interested in when i was in college honestly was just people interact with each other my my favorite moment from college
how to do with its port written girl that i was trying to fuck did and i wasn't i was in the house in the lunchroom with this girl this girl kept inviting me to go to these things with what these these these fuckin retreats she's like me and my friends tourism my you're trying to facts on do he was so hot or know that brennan she was so conclusion is shi ite dump it includes let me please tell me tell a she's thick and he was juicy and she had glasses and a new issues spanish jackson waiting here and i would like as a matter of time this girl's give me all kinds of vibration was tat she was going to break the what i would love to come and i fell back i didn't i didn't want to tell her that i was going to fight in a tournament i saw one no no no i was just super insecure about it i thought it was an idiot i thought i had brain damage was in college i was at jack you off in history not probably not
guys private in our judges it didn't sound even real to say you know like you i gotta give go comical kicks some deeds sounds like but when where i i couldn't make it so wishes like we do them all the time i would love to have you come again i would like i would love to come again life yeah i laughed at no no don't do it i was like parked outside damn we're in so there back to school after the torment see the lunchroom in error likely enough it was a trump airplane it was tromp airlines have you on transparency trump now listen to me i was at the lunchroom and we're about to eat and the tree airline that day the fuckin landing here didn't come down but the jed skid the jet skid into the runway sparks may put fuckin flamer harden over the runway was crazy i went down i sat down with these kids was this porter eaten gross an overview
i sat down with them at lunch and i said suggest you guys here about the jet that that just crash landed it had this rotten they look what happened and i said apparently the front landing gear didn't engage didn't walked out trop airlines but everybody is fine and everybody nobody at her figure praise god praise god praise god all members and then i realized i was sitting there over the table cause they're all going here he's got shit we're getting somewhere religious rights would have us out with some sadness but also happy because i love conflict right so savings are made this little demons is only a policy then lock in laser being back then nobody knew not a diplomat give i was you you'd even know me then savannas ninety highly what was twenty one has
tina rate fair all my guess i sat down to table they go out of my various mean while denying braddock you narrow my mother's a beautiful person must have dad's beautiful man i love them to death but they worked and when people work the kids are gone yeah from whatever time to wherever they get out a scary shit on wild wild goose in the streets and that's how i grew up in the world and i was a large scale kid from a divorced family and i grew up hang out with other kids develop these crazy and then i started fighting so no juicy border we can ask for you satisfied besides i had a very distorted version of things as it has sought then i sat down and i said so this thing that you wanted me to do when you are asking me to go hang out for your friends at the cape a big smile my face unlike that was about jesus right and they like is really important that you oh jesus oh you know jesus i got you know jesus
that is where is our conversation she's like a jesus is in my heart i really did you idiot ellie that's his name did you get to know him like we are talking about and then she started talking about the bible which by we're talking about we talk about the old testament talk about the new testament we have this creepy fuck weirdo conversation such you knew you were never going game over you never seen those two house idea wasn't i was at the time like for me i was as nice as i could have been vows feral i'm sure she didn't talk you after that none i was diagnosed like i grew up around i was in catholic in the first great i grew up around crazy religious people by the time i was like in it now my eyes days ass my high school days like i see what the fuck do you like your crazy you not talk me into this so i was just confuse here's my question everybody the table she saw had you at me
i expect johannesburg she's like michael right in really really religious girls fought immediately in my dating history at the growers about their arms to the way they approach yes give lord when they love the lord haven't seen any story will be sucking that guy bind him mad mother fucking hume that guy asthma let us say my means ass teach him and for us a hobby and there's like him duke rufus iraq for us this is a few are striking for sure but as far as over all emma may coaches mass tough do not give the nod madman humor for us or my number one other number one though there it's like the power pound to make him really rotate a man and a guy like gs be obviously he he developed under the to deliver a for us a hobby but he would developing the tools of matthew too maybe i would have if we could learn french for us in europe
were boys that europe's lazarus bonding connection is a big fire fighting for each other now your tim elliot its guns bombs away right i don't think so what do you do with bombs way you gotta go miles away if you shall go back to the wall in style year almost jamming almost like the only way to get two how technique this guy he's ratio did it more n n what are you doing high level guy i realized demetrius thy geo baden coming in a way i arrived most able cummings was and you know it fully so he's moment there everybody with this your hook aim anzio hang with that any did her do its board emma may is like wednesday on the mickey mouse club wednesday is anything can happen day oh yeah once they eventually mme else that's what i'm amazed as historic emma maize anything can happen day now this way class i discredit really
you can whistling resources up said just now when you want to know what i mean what do you mean anything happen can happen because of the way explain that said anything happening use i disagree because of the way the way class what can happen because of the way co uk guys will get care they do get canada like not maybe as are now not water they knew annul odds are out statistics rivals sized everything but anything can happen and it is not our can happen one but because i know how much longer can happen precisely the opposite end of the spectrum as we can to see that happen
so innocent get no i just asked lorry drivers and learn how can i stop this before this fight and it is my favorite thing to do my whole life is the best i love animals morning how i woke up this morning chrome is for about eight years maybe there's a fight so stupid finally we must watch this because you eddie and again here's the thing to say and i am saying this dude praises forever i think might emails gets no respect i don't think he gets there back that he deserves understands that a random he's acting your name right so you say his name i love my mouse he's got more disorienting forget about although we know that stuff you write you makes a really good points but as far as an expression of martial arts talent that's the finest i've ever seen in my life i don't give a fuck what he weighs suarez exe
pressure of martial arts talent that's defiance of ever seen so if tim elliot can beat him which he absolutely chemicals it's wednesday and wednesdays anything can happen not in the little boys can never know you most likely right you know smiling myself people get injured weird shit happens hands break knees pop i've got a mighty masters is for my master guy xerox when he should as changes it up blocking this in my blood on but you never know man the doings of philology loose inevitably you never know dude weird shit happens the world a string eyes move so quickly powerful new small but this team elliot good fuckin shots from the bottom
whose good scramble goods grandmama up any armed barlow spooning is left needs gotta get into play due to triangle illegal i control as high level fuckin level you just did that demeter's just gets i control opposition your high level this already announced that at all these like high level right there look is on top of my remarks told a year holding onto the negative position based race good wrestlers base mighty mouse is thrown those legs but car limited space look at this look at this basin bout this is why as beautiful you do this
why am i may is beautiful look there's elliot with a good grip on nice needed the head elliot highlights only it is less during this summit anomalies passing i do not always necessarily ass could be over ok good oh peter this shit holy shit shitty rule is what you do a dark guy here talking all that shit i tell you i was trying to tell you it's over it's going to sleep he's going to sleep it's
over these globally talking dj hold that thought intermediaries johnny he's got a little space there is a little space we see where it s tat lady so italy do very much degenerate like really tap at the right time with the fascinating gotta deep so quick means that he knows it takes a while some time you like to know it takes a while for em down knows that's good now knows that oil that's why so amazed damp via the debate will be shared by all
john about ass william he's going to back this up in the neck he's gonna try to go for they mash on top you know what that is a fight that's holy shit what have you get some of the exact same to wring our about this he's got an arm run under the neck illuminated with the same shit he might ulysses move in their he's moved under he's bay as for the under hook on the left side some of you under home you're just sprawl doubting got ahead or non do you know about the amount given that no i heard how dare you do this now under what he can get it
the exact same technically punches that fuckin right arm under would simply ponchas that right onawandah now you don't even have an eye to eye on this area back ass very nice should expire jaws say this with with the looks time with a less being john john you no good fuckin movement there good move avoiding all those punches even there this time there was good don't do this design now do don't put hands are no use dial weak that's not by unless you're fucking around what do you think you're tired tell me you fucked around what it s like this elliot's fucked around in its work is done is not playing
tired liquor irregular i'll give you that was i dwell now he's not minimise that thing is what is going on top of the world that this decision is uniting holes in this round these guy said anything can happen we may as well as to how the mickey mouse even boys club you what's going on members that what do you want to raise here they're gone just ask will immediately johnson is hurt and here just woke up dmitri just woke up and sat with his feet but he's getting getting here it's gotta be real careful that left arm this is its shit man he's really good at current incidentally
good do very nice grants to number one that oil you got him logic was well and it depends on how much i ain't never seen john and trouble i know you have to go out and fight he was in trouble six and fight and not this bigotry not this big rocked now but veto belpher did catch but an armed nor did he fully extended he said oh whom do here's the thing you didn't we didn't have which was fuckin substantial grandma i regard this as a second on your list i know you like john jones we know that's ok i can make its honour mighty mouse my message is by foreigners wait you rose on your shit role has hardly was ninety seven or eight last time we did not receive a nurse and duty rose like a mother gave hell yeah what those fuckin camelot
here's what i think you're right hand power a pound of color bricks we wish that uses waitin for who's gonna take that's what i'd let me ask you if you guys go with me this is how i feel about when you start talking about top ten pound for pan my feeling is that it's a fund debate currently the reality is don't really know whether its number one another to re now visit arguments because work syria fine it is our girl cycling us our though you know somebody there the longevity their looks like somebody was on behalf of everyone laws were made up this man look at this time to evaluate what karate who this fourthly i would sell relax its impressive while he dominated in several moments of that when he was doing it in the first four use really that's right he's ten tyres man man man like that so
damn was down in front of a man while the more relaxed against it like that how we can avoid shots and turn things are no epigrammatic ever relax was racist zika tat really do you see every pseudo like you so revised us that's what he's lazy people say that about they all its tyrant would we explosive what so you just look at him he's a key measure smooth smoke because raises duties more like foreclosure look at him not less emotional fuckin smooth fuck you're not small what i was going on
never no man is is is elbow you look whereas bicep is in the ear it's not going up it's going down time united in tat you might not but look at it will see us is elbow like keyloggers bicep placement is his bicep biscuit closer and closer to that doesn't matic is among several using the wrong side but if a guys really good at the empty have can take back like a mother fucker mighty craig elections as a mighty were technical share those guys knee loses defensively and all tat allows policy under look at that meeting of mighty moussa college triangle binding shopping lot that's a job in block russia elliot
in right would you rang the times are good move right there the well away from sight ass rise good yet robs position that there is any opposition it keeps him from gettin in that crucifix fucking writing crews of many in the as he needs is arm on the other side is form smashed him down with those analyses we can pass on causes them left arm was on the other side of his head that's you mean we can leave is looking for savary shit you can't put your arm on the other side can you get me a fact in the bright capital right dad got inverted our bar right away oh yeah that right is not a commodity and his or her something always nice neat play by the elliot together in brazil is a high level granular man if he's superhighway humble he's right tell me what's going on earlier this is like real it's not about the submission it's about
war elliot beach every champion in every way class in his division path of laws but war the submission even comes out on top that's another professor i may not every saw many wars letter these arms on the other side of the crews of policing gonna get out but is of dams fuck you need to get his left hand the other side of his head right there once is there he's goodies guineas keep it over there but not that much over their cousin besides i want gutter you gotta you got the mass of dealers and he's gonna go back chinese earlier are from the half gone oh shit he's gonna kill him that's enough that's one movie really can get from the half cartwright member wishes to step over matthews verse joe rigs
depends on which kimura you want if you want an inverted come or you have to be in and have car if you want the regular come or you can pass me inside control but if you're going to do that inverted one you can't do it for me control you have to jump into half grown unsavoury plant was actually you'll have to position you have to holding you hold your leading him and have got that's really changes first time i've ever thought about that that's nice aviator one politician no more japanese ties the same tat japanese no exact same thing you want to stay there were needle does it lots of downright at union transmitter within the emerald around bar it's all about the angle so you know what i dont want to pass after all you know what we're gonna stay at around a lot about anything if i was passed i went for the but a barn inverted
our job how hard it is to control the hips deities scientists but i know is not taking us back through this elliot wins a position we dig had kick his bag on top here dj china we have our position its wonder one this is crazy elliot on top again algeria's sear reuse rap got sales angry ass guys you have outlined his high level with the greece in the sad that makes even harder to stay tight and state controlled shut to keep position and keep down when a position all agreed in sweat vaseline oliver
how can we are back in all over our system of answer from you save ass i guess parties home there is clarity impose you will only impose you willing you're never going to give us his amiable imagine you re not just some always tell you extorted volume first time around even shook me up music i want to say in the heart of it i witnessed i wanna hear man whom advice damn that hit him jump and around to get a vivid cardio that do did spreads its all about you guess raises ruled out around eight rather than in nine round at ten rounds i trained six rounds and what is that what you said about buckin sprints
well how did you manage brown lenny you doing round bravery that's where the courtiers come another round your sparring brown three or five that's a realistic is fuck and these changes up from south on a right look at it this way ass a trump as president the biggest up as an area has risen listened miracles gun created you vote for hilary count i didn't know not turn this by five after it like you can actually we come back to you tell me that's not what i am i beg your pardon me i will be ready by any please i urge you to please daddy please i am joking amazingly ok
we are travelling on discovering his nose you don't do that or you are my brother was closed oh shit neck oh i don't watch one tonne of guys guys think they're all judicial tat mandarin i re dying jesus christ i look at this these guys are gone turning it into a gradual imagine he looks like he's getting the better of these positions he's owning grappling
to leave this is incredible amazing i wouldn't lose hangs on seventy jitsu around them and elliot stayed on top the entire time is an incredible it has got the leg tellingly thrift and determining demille arrest this is incredible and look at this all you didn't listen i am here and it is turkey about jobs and colonel i got what the hell do i do here dad he must evaluate tyrants since my husband i run intelligent and wrong he's a champion that's really really good race nice white while i value your worries why elliot's as as he's simians worm i didn't say swim sprint as a regular spread sorcerer debts as vegas doesn't work on elliot look ok bolivia this damages on top is get that right arm trapped looking
for that had not asked to get all but not so not totally really power to really capture really patents are used on mad no really pen it because you why why crash understands maple stats or on trucks saying i the step by many people getting their guard fast i'm sick of it and at right here on the job rogan experience i am not going to stand for it ok i love you very we're not elliot fine man why people diminishing guess ass i sat black people get past what political i didn't like other one of those ones is finally what suitable housing brian don't engage going i wash unified engaged just disorders is your protocol your cyborgs espouse target i artists united gaze shi ite real i was i was personally laying i was less if i might emails on top your folks round three or five
mighty mouse looking to pass our guard over no not yet at elio drags arrive again straw evaluate win earlier this round those by looted radios although you this if you saw those laser man alleys up games do my utmost to mathematically liberals right back in a half guard again nice he might language like us mortier diseases thrown elbow why not just as just should look at this visit this look at this guard with page elliot got with values with happening
very good off was back i'll tell you too because we are proud of it by the mouse can limited this goes right you ass i control they did this before he just around some up elliot's my new triangular arm trials zone arm traps mighty mouse makes it so mighty mouse can't you shit and mighty masses almost canada waning cataclysms sanctum wouldn't let you lose seek it hit me great if they still tobacco is a daily back up when i took up this is a beautiful position to this is a good position man tat great position its very you're saying i haven't seen someone do that effectively in championship fight i lost it man he lost it lets you know is a priori bogota look at that that's that's rumours is never an army that greece on the ball had forget a basement very many steps ahead you don't think that's a factor by greece if you i just had a nice welcome clay guido rendered shrub little fuckin or issues
or sharply guido little brother brian cowen do you would have in fact using terms only third ran right yes a grateful we agree like i was down is as winning by the way ok that was a nice around she was able to face that why does it it's too one busy gratifying mighty amounts hooray for years there is a good thing a lot of people thought this is a wash data the tim elliot was league this guy for a minute i was looking at a great fire i so bullshit aside we're joking around here and if you listen we say tonight anything alma their opinions are so fucked up we're we're intoxicated and we're not serious so we renewed to know like if you looking at the actual fight itself this is a great great fight and tim elliott deserves authors
back in the wording should be rang the top five every loses by announcing he's gonna lose but if he does you have to rank among the top lessons amazing reform change your stance now too late you can change your stance it's amazing just sounds i asses and powerlessness eight well it's you are based on your what you ve seen like there was yeah ok you got to this end we have to add this in this fight he's dominated on in grand exchanges by two million by guy who's not write them direct fifteen right you have to add that in if you want to be objective you have to add that in so then you'd have to look at him you'd have to like who the other guys besides dominant crews and down accrues of course you really do based on its past record the t j victory and then the domination over arrive they want only active enough you'd want to wait till coty in him play damage fourth round other than them who else in the running of john tat look anne elliot where he lay in hands
does that destined numerator i'd help right now to whoever has also taught us he's do it's a franco you know cry my guys joe you're ready here is whether who highest white guys at mme my the question is why ranked why guys in the u s is measured i didn't know the judges repulsion radiometer we can't talk over each other white guy cholera gregor done
why does my number one why kindly african white shark elisha does well known now unwise gave way you foxy russia that's a rational cronies evil in croatia leave when he's rural region would lilies promptly what does no steeply reality will be from cleveland ordering ok he was born there but with many we're all immigrant hey you fucking neutron erase it is just a highest white guy in do you have seen me he's not why would you talking embodies a heavyweight channel i kill off the runaway look classically heavy weight is always been the guy could beat everybody below and that's why i and others like amerika is white i'm doing lasses out any bravo please they don't have wifi wait classes because a small guys too fast for the big guy they wait classed as the big
i too big for the small there s really high guy that holds a built in the u s c and answer me there it is a major american like i'll get us back its oversight man good fidilini is over temerity able danger does not necessarily united slowly we can implement this isn't that over four million children lucky does that all right airmail chloe's like here he's such a meeting and have the right hook what are bad ass oh my god human will the good news the shoulders in the back life as a mega like hey guys went silent when you can name another american white guy with a like a million dollars a darling don't say they listen eddie mexican no is born in america he's down again mention yes but he's makin
what is it my associates is less than my italian or am i warrant and they know it and my wife is for my german german do you this dj onto polynesia crucify located what right arm is worth its underlying goddamn crucifix right on the wrong side of the head you can have it outside ever it's always gotta frame god dammit you gotta have frame look at having which a man i'm talking about he's good now the other why we talking about i give you describe it breakdown opposition is low arm needs to be an from all on demeter's johnson laugh showed on the left side snack right evaluation away well shit i'm fucked up right now i'm sorry wrong side el unites organise has i think he's into argue about right
ok now now for you and i just now so difficult there inside control how is not generally i set up a notch right there you know he's got oh now now has left arms and a good spot fighting is left arms and events bosnia sounds very good about its work has what is more there is left arm is on the other side of demeter's had a passport right so we ve got to keep it on this side of the programme was always framework that lorraine that's the first that's what they want to go on like this doors from the ever hit that doors from one guys pass and dear sighed control like give let guys out of half guard inside control have said don't seem that guy out of this situation super tat i would do i can't do this are no no not zono mascot i'm not asking right here but i'm asking you guys do you know that jeff glover he loves that the position where naturally as our because our industries are re offending he's ok if he finds out
a girl that's by those doesn't get now is our shared ecclesiastical arm bar he's a good man she's just so i propose that in my power why power say job is the child is bigger than other nodding off my god not joy they reject the very don't you i love it eyes this fuckin fight crazy just crazy just cartwheel kicked in creating callin like the nazis remember you joe here six years you like jobs if like zoos are getting very little was that you did you know about it time to fight politics there is a very serious one that no talking up what they should michael bisbee pump mountaintop thinking the icy lost you think as he's beat his chance now he's wonder what he's too
oh he's sharp double inherent in the us is great but he's also been fighting like tat also lost handedly whereas andersen's others lost once whose will he by rights job vacancy readily maladies born it doesn't matter you add a chair who have been lost it are you telling me business is more wind things and sober it doesnt but that that's the chain of romany it's well it's not a bad barometer easy chair right now he's gotta makes good point mike i think so i it people deny based on bad experiences that he had inside the outgoing but is best experience inside the arctic i was a loop rocco fight which is guardian rectangular them out knockdown one round he also about dan heterogeneity demolish the first challenge out by china alone and you got peter peter the israelis to hear these care boys boys the fence he just said the most brilliant thing ever said who's the champ i now do you imagine
it would be the right now is at one fucking eighty five this fight is going on with only one has he's the fuckin champ right now guys is finally going on it's really good last round its similarly it is not able to take that got to do elliot's of bees are you kidding me this is incredible this round five sun and elliot's on top that's crazy monument well to an already are denied network tunnel is it was kind of ruin for why power to help and i was sick of our universe it and that is because he's gotta took an army that hitler show i came here and larry so on pages i can't tell us by creating how do you know if you're in a red state you know me i don't care if no one's green or purple marriage i fucking don't care if they're fucking meaning
beige pension funds are flocking or my magic tough guy who uses a i don't care even care about watch the bavarian teddy bravo three minutes left swastikas vice anxious thought by them for you two major stone they deserve xilai joe it's like you did on tv right now right it doesn't look like you want to watch netflix to meet local demetrius is as dominate has controlled his ally and barely it's been i don't think it's more of a control i think it's more like he's just trying to be who wants to be my god you to find out what the amount that turns you
grandma which was a matter of yeah right after i don't want to do is glad we got ambient flag contain right now as you know i want you don't really great words a release of such rights over less to keep my mouth shut chemo marcia at the glass we don't want all of us it seems like all of us are talking over everybody we need to start i just think i got with thailand anything in a moment was just watch the last two now to have as many civil fuck up job which you guys on some other she had move now i want you spiles when you should we got what the fuck is this beside him doran verges era will you please pass on left hops over mighty house this is some day
as usual the tenaya gets me back and plague that sums how does your shit gone i'm right here people unless their disappearance but fuck each there are no dirt trinity college other has nothing to do with reproduction showing has nothing to do with that it's gonna be instinct for mighty mouse you know he was putting elliot endanger more than elliot was put him in danger at one time yeah that's a long time when this by an that's races come on we'll diverse that's reverse raises is gone forty earth what's he doing wrong here right oh shit these i do anything wrong here look always got control of that risk if he's ebby heavy just really put all its weight on this and so the results even better but i lost control try to switch hands looks like like in that position when you pay amanda alot of people like a pin at risk down it's better to fucking grab that here
is when you grab and having a penny do they can move on all its language from ending the old lady juliana came around his arm out that illegal entry the camorra shit look shall you got some serious garage happily do about defined mighty mouse your opponent there to do the ultimate fiery turns around is not out is look at this is incredible do anything okay go for it under guard let us live double we're gonna go is eating a full guard from there is going to keep those other domestic powders do everyone always gotta go to full guard look he's got to feed upon himself but he's old adding another they want what he wants ok to financing so now is god ok deal
once how their summer game from a how as our eagerly again you got it all different game from here we're gonna when you know there's only minute left with design a few seconds gruelling fight they wonder is so technical keeping that top half position it's gonna go over with him with double the amount is heavy sherry what i went to one of guy maya strategy just straight up forget the camorra forget the armor list is get a top hat it's gonna be free and then go to three elinor lose when is a winner in that fight caravans like holy shit you guys largely one hundred percent agree
he's a win win for him because five judo fingers don't lose my number that's one thing parliament meters and losing out to be positive to access do our part of guy just wait i want to talk about here's my number for you visit me stay friends don't know my friends don't despite our let's stay friends call me i didn't ask me i don't call me madam i gotta be talking a lot of shit out of their fight and barely hey my mouse hundred eighty percent of all the controlled elliot the entire use in trouble rounds we having a torrent trotted off its rays well if i looked at moments where looked like he was getting the better of it i would give him the advantage but there was deftly a few moments it was a competitive five order what has seriously whether they we won or lost so whenever whatever was that the toughest tunes for demetrius terms
far champion were secular well john ouragan credit to number three was a lot i submit number one with this number one the one china now right morocco put him the worst visually match rematch on this right away that'll be enneads eyebrows to wander in this fight ultimately he won the are still one he won the first arrest was that he wins divide it just i rocky one mining universities holloway i was twenty five a rocky buying put on to revive there's no fights for meaning rob here first go up and fight crews yes and they far before one that you gotta wonder at this stage in the guise career you know how many how many challenges does he have other than elliot they're not gonna be does arrow boys got benavides
we're gonna beat us beat but salute i think you would only be idea for a second time and again and again i am very definitely interested who don't now because benefit as just one and see them you have you asked why later suitors only nine may matters that is vital if ya mighty lousy like that there was no diminution with better vetoes and so huda sooner than the mix has riser top he's gonna improve to losses and i know i know but i know for a fact one on a disaster like us who though he is improving on a date basis as generous as about european here goes i knew you grab eddie rather than the one i want to say that the effort forty nine forty six rye coun mining all i've got my aim is of course one percent i'm noncommittal still of course of course you want and i'm in a question i'm not all right however i did not want to speak to know was a pen tend to at least thirty percent five
he won by allocating a miserly out however fight anne elliot is as tough as a human being gets i want to hear what john attic asks him whose election eleven look i'll goody grant this massive job articulates listen listen to me so good
powerful sponsors disputable about professional is there's no waivers there's no stutters watch position almost twenty let you die you got the wrong one always go back to do this for conversion is so good if killed them home market does anybody know what a chant wearing shouted and geo sheer jail put though its nest i hope we are somewhat snatch number coming out when the john outages very soon
yeah he's a big cities are probably set up up up up no guarantee a better deal back to you no big deal shit what are you guys like you i would devalue says this only crowd they love him i can alike and half a most facilities look at those get what the who the fuck is that his dad i'll show you will realise this elizabeth but jesus grace released when if it's a fight to the death if you look at him he's ready to go is running a tired he got eyebrow dies i think he serious its autonomy sensors i was on board we said that that's a very humble way of approaching yeah
amateurs agree fucking job to play by john always would we do all rush can you have there was a competition who's gonna loop outpost minories people pay by play by play guys or co guys play my black eyes would rush the colored when it comes to lack like thinking only god damn fee play an ivory guys you need those guys because opposed by the interviews do it got all fucked up because of you as you are so good at you were the color that an you could do the play by play shit you were just spoken sway and dragons so promoter promoters thought i get the car a guy to go in to the the cage and do the post minorities and they all are terrible because that's the hardest thing they do the coastline enemies you got thirty seconds to come up with a question that it's gonna be on tv in everyone's it's gotta be the best question ever the play my play guys always corsica does do their professional
broadcasters try traffic cops bold and lay down it is you just you know to me my guy for ebay i t j dissenters holy shit what i did like a guess commentator and he was a play by play guy i looked over a teacher my u wanna fuck work for ebay holy shit he was like michael organizing injustice swear tito decisions as is are you kidding he goes up there coral belt he's always been nice to me it is gravel michaelson stool peace right now let me back and ask you a couple when he got out of his way to do pieces in front of the camp he so companies like putting should together with this too a peace what this guy's upon was to do are you we ve got is forthcoming
i should like to highlight two i love tee day partner shouts talk has a fearless shouts or wrestling coaches shall i see you ve taken from brian storyline shut out hitler had a good story that are totally like all other regimes would i lie approach to feel great too how by jesus jesus chairs hey why i just want to pay a sharon's my although generals walk together shouted maestro rogan who has been getting such important people on its part gaslight jordan
be petersen wanting to mainstream guys what are now into that now is not if you're so eddie greatest this you're gonna go to trial of course he did calmly store audio guys some common out because after listening to the show any problem ten on in the area of dry brian whether why be our why and talent granted amphibians we call him around like any bravo though is known for a fuckin don t even know my own stood it smell pacific wants is now free of the fox umbilical cord their seal martinez peel geo
b i best grappling fuckin tournaments on the planet tat once you have seen bypass generates here next week couplet you crazy clocks
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