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2015-02-15 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Eddie Bravo, Brendan Schaub, Tait Fletcher, Ben Saunders, and Justin Milos to watch the fights on Feb. 14, 2015.
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Are they German would would live right now? Is you've never listened to one of these things before this is not a regular podcast. Don't expect some deep insight to the nature of the universe or even rational conversations, 'cause, there's alcohol involved. That might be some weed. I smell some weed, I don't know there might be in weed in this room and there's a bunch of fucking savages to my left. Eddie. Bravo Eddie the motherfucking twister b1 of the baddest dudes on the planet. Thank you. Thank you. One of my favourites, human beings ever existed. Eddie. Bravo so his to his left, Justin Milos trainer Extraordinar alter out the you could find I'm online at the. What is it. Jack, very good. Looking as well handsome bastard look at I'm beautiful features, very polite, well, red tail, B, is in the fucking how old Shit Sanders UFC welterweight prospects, which is respect, fine air,
Silver in March in Brazil going deep into the lions den to toot- oh shit, all up in this bitch with the Caveman coffee to his left no mother, Fucking CEO of Caveman Coffee, the great take Fletcher. Take the animal Fletcher. Take the Savage Fletcher fill in the blank with the games. One again, one of the baddest motherfucker you, the Dana White of of Caveman Brun, Lorenzo I'm more of a one of the potatoes and Baby Dana. Also, I do all that shit. You know how we do it. I do. It always gets covered in Dana little bit now he's coming out and you think he wants to push the motors that were saying I think he's looking at. You know what I want to do it. They can do is doing both listening, go ahead and call me mister. Fourteen I'd be happy to help always hustle and caveman coffee comes in yeah. We got a microbrewery, handsome is fucking, beer might did you make it beer? This is outrageous I have work in this stage- is always moving always moving. There's no stillness with take flexor. You find no dust.
Brenda, mother, fucking, sharp, possibly the Funniest UFC fighter. That's ever lived potters in jail started. Yeah he's made that far don't put me in a sauna and make me my way out is one of the great all time one liners ever been daughter, huge compliment. Yeah he's funny, judge tales of the one of the greatest trashed is funnier than rampage. Yes, Oh, yes, he's been argued. That is, you know what the most time most time with questions. Funny, though, he's not on purpose funny yeah! Well, it's also Quinton is more irritable like Schaub's got it move the personality, I'm not going to freak out. Yeah yeah. You won't be angry over Quinn. Only thing everybody is ganging up on him. We're about to watch the fights right now
How do you say is Jones Name, the first fight? Is we gotta sync this up, so you guys know we're watching the fights and doing commentary sort of I mean we're not really doing commentary but we're watching the fights and doing a podcast at the same time. That's the idea behind these. So if you're tuned into it, if you're listening to it, you might want to just fucking ditched, want to go back to one with some scientists and lots of other Joey. One might be science here, so you don't know the Microsoft minus one thousand drop some signs up in this bitch, but right now it's Ray Borg is about the about the fight. This gentleman, I don't wanna say, is name give us some volume there, young Jamie, the ladies said the dude's name, hello. It would. Pal pal pal, alright, I'm taking the headphones off, so shit gets out of control. You have been warned fight starting right now. It's four minutes, fifty eight, so
If you want to sync up four minutes. Fifty eight seconds of the first round was on the clock when I said that Mario Masaki might be fucking mad at her right for doing that. Shit take I still machine Mario's heart. You can't do that. Shit did the heart, but she did she. Actually it comes out, but not asking around at it has. Now, but he busy on it for the UFC yeah it does you can't. You can't do that. That's gotta time steps around forever yeah, but so is the rainbow, and if you throw that shit on your car, that means you're gay, the rainbow that's different UFC thing: the cameras on you got you're doing you know like the chick referee, dancing with the blonde hair. She goes like this. You guys, like those guys like both windows, that's boxing, she could be the mills lane of a mmo, but if you're a octagon girl yeah do something right. You just can't wait, something you know what Herb Dean he discussed I'm old school, the referee, that's there!
Were there in the spotlight right there are you going to do something? Mario Masaki said fuck it. Ok? That's my second attack I do whatever I want Bruce bumper does fucking wheel kicks his shit. You know I mean why not throw little little Hanson is never been a guy like Bruce Buffer. You could talk into doing a three hundred and sixty pretty agile. He did a three hundred and sixty used to do the one hundred and eighty. I remember when we were all sitting there talking and you were like fucking three hundred and sixty. Who is the This thing ever was only blew his knee out No, no! No, he blows me out jumping he was jumping bro I've seen in the gym, with cables doing the Bruce buffer. No resistance, training show me fucking, stand here: commitment hybrid in front of everyone, like, though, for sure, relax man doing distant, but you know what I better lose a teacher if he took a little cup aware of that would help as well. 'cause he's
can copper wire. So meanwhile, not to be disrespectful to these gentlemen that are engaging in mortal Kombat right now, homeboy, that was a minus one thousand was the last time saw minus one thousand. What does that mean? That means he's a heavy favorite to win the fight heavy heavy favorite. One thousand is like ten to one who made these odds. Sean Shelby, I don't know I said well being- is not only. He would know right, sometimes their way off. Dude I've talked a bit on my looked awfully up a bunch of times where I was like. That line is crazy. Like you got a guy coming in from somewhere else, and people might not know the Vegas, because my never seen him fight before you would get the fuck outta here. With this line, this line is ridiculous. You gotta wonder who's making those they probably they're, not too educated. Yeah like, especially on the undercard there's been some. Turns in the past, oh, like when Wonderboy Thompson was fighting
This was a one. Was another wreck really good, striker I'll? Remember as a and I said sure I mention Sean Shelby, because not because he's an idiot all I he said that because he he's the only one who would know rag, one thousand minus the statue. Like I don't know these guys, I would just say it's either right, but if you really know like only a guy like Sean Shelby Studies, these guys are go. Do that guys terrable and this other guys are not everybody who knows everybody everybody in all the wreck. Joe Joe Silva knows more about me than Joe so Library for no one is more about, like you might not know as much about execution like how to execute that show that other car one time That's. Why is that funny? As far this? How many like guys who Knopf raiders and know who's, fighting and winning Joe Silva knows more than anybody know. Wanna make heart dropped more than one you on your when you get a call from Joe Silva order. When is Joseph, because you know
only call about matchups he's, not comfort, anything out, so you see Joseph on the cell phone, like that's all he's a smart This is hard to start the race. We can see just sell right away sweat, so I've been trying to get yourself on the podcast for awhile, and I told them I got food. How about which is? Don't talk about MMA? Just we won't even talk about MMA, like he's a really smart dude, but he's you know he's in a position that we just make sure it has to be very careful. You know I can't get him high and having talking crazy shit. You know, people don't know where I live. It would be a good time. You know where he lives. I know I don't know if they want quickly said something like that guy. I like a lot he's smart as fuck dude, give SAM Harris Book way back in the day for day, like I'm friends with SAM Harris, found out about it through Joe Joe gave me a book letters to a christian nation, great book.
Would you like to come on like with a guy like that just so he could talk to a guy that he admires. You know no yeah, I'm trying right there with low yeah that this time he's fine Thank God. It's over now he's good at around gets right up to is good more than that Vov right and you in Brazil when he had locked, What about you, why you gotta bring up old shit Nana he almost I don't know what I was doing. The defense would I held my arm or something like that. Everyone is whatever it was. I don't know what is doing and I was about to tap he he he gave me too much. My face is purple it's one of those old like tv footage? It looks like an old Mohammed Ali type. This old, but you could see my face, is per
are you back to go out when I was about to go out the tv show and then I don't want to show any weakness, so I stood up really quick and, like I got light headed, I was going to shoot. Meanwhile, I'm drunk as fraud and he's going to shoot is going to see that you just pretend like nothing's wrong. I was like taking shots and shit, never taking a shot. My life never taking a shot in my life, but that's. How my head was Ronda Rousey cat Zingano when in Holly Holmes, Rico Minimum. I think it's mo MMA junkie, radio, I think coined it. They would call it Lilith, fair
the gentleman main event of the woman co, main yeah, Holly, Holly Home, put that girl yeah. You know what, even though Weidman and Belford was not that much of that was canceled. That would that would be great, for match any maps that wide men in any match that beat their Belton it's great, but seriously. I love much of Rhonda 'cause? You know a million percent she's going to come after she I think she gets hypnotize. I think I think she's the only one. That's listening to MIKE Tyson MIKE Tyson, told everybody everybody an hour, learn told everybody. He said custom models going into hypnotising me before every one of those big fights analysis
because he brought in a real witnesses. He said, custom model was actually an amateur hypnotist himself, but he brought in a real legit guy before every fight to hypnotize shit. I need to hit up getting hypnotized after customer. How can knowledge called shit? How can learn everyone's getting straight conditioning coach they're, going to need a digital code to wrestling construction codes and a hypnotist who's, your So you know what I mean it's going to get to that point. Eventually, when people rethink or is MIKE Tyson, bat shit crazy. Well, you know that's what he said. He was hypnotized in the locker room, a professional but just before he went to kill. Are you trying to get hypnotize next fight or what Then you have you have to accept. You have to accept it like if you're, yeah. Are you know Joe Schilling right on? I don't know, know Schilling, got a hypnotist now Vinny Shorman Mini Shorman, who is Joe Shelleys up such abuse, and you see that spinning back fists right hand. He dropped that deal with and glory to set him up for the right to perfect timing, relaxed cracks in
mother ginger Bam? drops around how long what the time before and glory like a few fights ago, he the tournament right. You those guys there knocked out four five times: legit knockout, that they keep fighting all through to the finals holy fuck. Anything about kickboxing, listen to this lineup. He fought in one fucking night, invite Simon Marcus, who was thirty, nine and oh, who had already knocked him out in the past. They go three fuckin round to a dead heat so that go to a fourth round. This is the first fight gotta fight three times in a night, three murders knock Simon, Marcus out with the right hand, puts him to sleep, face plants, his fucking chaos. Then he fights way bear to do to also add beat him before beats him Decision Barrett's, a bad mother fucker. Then he goes into the main event in fights. Artem Levin who's is
showings, not the best leavens, the best. It's like those too 'cause shilling. It already beat Levin. You know he drop him and him with an e on the way down devastating fight for eleven, but chilling. In Lebanon. There, like fucking right there, man meal Evans of peace. We have to fight left the fucking finals. That's insane will find four fucking rounds with Simon hardly take root in say. Huh three times naked saying, someone could easily die from like something like that going to a decision, so we're talking. Yes, he's doing that. Now, this guy Viniti Harbor one isn't getting hypnotize. What's going on babe you have you have heard like Randy Couture talk about the importance of having a sport psychology, Maybe that's just a nice way of saying, like maybe
twenty two of hypnotize does. When he came out, then he seemed like he had zero fear, Randy character. Could tour came on never showed an ounce of fear? My tyson came out, never showed an ounce of fear. He came from the ghetto Hranica torquing white people neighborhoods. You know what I mean: People New York White Hebrew domain, so they both came out with zero fear, but ready to tour. Had that captain and my Tyson had that attitude, like I'm going to Fucking Ranger Andy, said the reason he was at nervous 'cause, he accepted losing he's like I don't care. They make different white people in Oregon man. They make different. Why people Dars see what's wrong what's doing wrong here, you go clockwise. Deep, is right on like to sit out. This is so many different ways to close this off. How do you like to do it hook that top leg with your right leg, top leg, did left leg and sit to hit? You will be there love the Japanese, the japanese necktie
he seems stronger than some guys it very very hard to check out they have like large carotid arteries or whatever it is maybe more muscle around, and sometimes it's just hard to choke, and then you we have a guy in a d'arce. I've had guys and Doris is full blown mounted, is so burnt. I couldn't, I know, I'm not going to be able to apple, I'm just holding their thinking about my next move. Sitting there going out zero Energie to squeeze this dude. I can't do it. I gotta go after like an arm bar or a calf crank, That is the shit. But when you get canteen, then rolls more about India. Team that feeling of getting that gets hit on in the mountains so now bitch Diep IO, Lavar Johnson, who tested positive for Pe Ds. I got him in a d'arce endorses my shit. You know when I had it, I had it locked up, and I was this ones over and he's
laughing laughing as it's on and punch me in the face: just so much muscle just did not did not get a Passat for the fight yeah I got cut. Who is this guy? The large Johnson Levar Johnson is not the most skillful guy and let me tell you some: he hits as hard as any human being. I've ever seen hit someone in the heavyweight division. He had also hard when yeah Pat Barry. I was like Jesus fucking Christ and Pat Berry, those the first guy. What check Congo is the first night of Kale with him Khaled Pat Berry, but the Lavar Johnson Fight was more shocking to me, because I was like man. I thought that Barry would be able to out technique this dude, I thought would be a lot of like that heavy right leg take that he throws and Pat Barry was like ashamed Del Rosario fight. He had good success against really high level kickboxers, so it's like there's going to be a hard on, but Lavar hit so fucking hard code
life changing punching power, sharing these guys that life changing punching power. This fucking such a mean what's that have such immediate Levar, I said who has higher especially car winner. After man maybe right right. How come more people are on this shit. My darling is telling he's the only guy in the history of fighting who went out there scared the living bejesus Bejesus out of his opponent, no fighter in history, had a lineup of opponents that were visibly terrified, in the ring terrified all of 'em. I think RON does drew said right now, they're, not those girls fireman, I don't like their skin miesha. Tate walked out to Trevor part of the timer. I don't know what you walk out to with the Katy Perry Song. This framework is a good fucking grammar man. This isn't
Some shit Ray Borg's, a beast. There he's going one sub for the next subject like subs and he's not tired. Like he's in aggressively and he doesn't get tired. Well, the guy he's Whetman guys fighting Co. Ladies he's a tough shit man is that guys with twisted and assault, I'm impressed that mean looked at odds right now. We know That's why it's a thousand one thousand one thousand you suppose going. There is supposed to be a one. Well, it's usually at odds. Are you know, but it isn't a mighty mouse fight like a minus one thousand, and sometimes it doesn't finish guys right there, but he's also I mean what is the A125 yeah but he knocked out benavidez. That one is the craziest puncher. Is that fucking little kid? I really wish make one hundred and twenty five. They said he can't fight at one. Twenty five anymore city has five. So we're talking about technique now
going for the d path. Look at this report boards grappling is like a strong, physically strong, just told, great transition, every position in is transitionary periods where it might tip the other way wrong. Bitch, I'm on you plant you down he's strong man. His grappling is soup I like that man, that's GEO tomorrow, number one move right: there sing a half guard at the Mourinho the with the left left on his back, that's where he lives right there when transition that you kind of get a free shit into the face too right, yeah, trying to sort out a little bit or right it. Put it right on our atoms happen. Yeah guy is a good camorra group of its solid. It takes a long time to master just holding on to that grip. It's not really about the camorra. These days, it's more about just getting the grip to get better positions. You can get the back from there. It's
article more guys, but oh did he did he got. I got him. Oh fuck that shit up quick as soon very nice. Let's say the colors, not possible obvious, is possible, but it's Joe Generally, now it's an art in itself. You can put a whole dvd out on jumping on a camorra grip in every pot Christian, and how to improve your position, how to sweet, how to get the back, how to turn it into armbar? How to do this? How to turn it into a leg lock boom. Just the camera grip, it so whole style on it, so it could be, it could be its own style, really just bam. It gets it see that, there's that free shit and shit you get a drop for shit. I would do space so hard to get that arm out at that point. He gets it right here, hey how close was Harvey to catch in in the camorra.
Uh. I don't remember that he had him in a camorra very, very briefly. In the opening moments in the fight he attacked with the Camorra and Gary Tonon wind up getting out of it, but, like you guys, are speculating, I was watching the tub. Will stream in the tub speculating whether or not a hobby would go something quick and like right away. He you know set right away Harvey tried to lock up camorra? I don't remember that who he can't see it. Gary Tonin, caught up with the triangles Garry Tonon, is on fire fire that triangles just beautiful the way he
from the side. How long and how much time do you catch it took about ten minutes? No, maybe laugh, no, maybe less than ten minutes they didn't. It was a really really high pace. Batch hobby could easily. He was telling me that he was going to take Gerry tone in it and it into deep waters because hobbies known first cardio and that's like his style. He likes yeah. It's like you know he trains with Heather and he ran while they like to wear dudes out and that's what he was telling me that he was going to, but he didn't do that at all. He went after him ruin after Gary Tonon, but it's so hard. It's all hard to tap out Gary toner. That's tough, tough! You know what I was really impressed with. I mean I was really impressive, Garry Tonon Triangle, but hobbies defense insane yeah. He defended all Gary Torrance Leglocks, that's what Gary just went, went transistor along time is known for liking, that'll do it. He said I just tried with Mister, and he says he didn't get near my feet. It was, as I felt, good there. Yet here he already had amazing legs
the train with Eric Paulsen down that Csw. My hobby was very hard rock yeah. I can be a hard thing to do and he spent a lot of extra time with leg, lock defense, because that's Garry's go to stuff, but he got kind of triangle. Gary. Turning at all kind of game he's got everything he's got thing. That triangle is so beautiful to to set it up in a guy like Harvey from your side like that suck it in and then just go through other, like every step of the way is like hobby. Couldn't stop it now he just, He is his match kind of one is matching Polaris. He beat. How the like locked him before that Metamoris against Zack Maxwell Allegra him and then, before that the other metal Morse, he did against KIT Dale guillotined him he's
just leg locks, his leg locks are vicious, does he do g and no guy or just keep know, does guy? He doesn't do as well the guy, because he's just not appoint sky, it's a whole different game, there's a points style and then there's submission own style. Two different completely like the way you would train for those tournaments is totally different. Well, there's! No! No one gives a shit about the points only once they don't care. If it's points only an it doesn't go to a sub mission. It just feels like it feels kind of fucked up, but when you're watching these fights like these fights integration naturals, that international's do those were fucking exciting. As shit 'cause, you knew someone's getting tapped is, that a better one that then Abi there's the best tournament ever been to the vast list kind of terminals. Although the Tional in overtime and all that stuff, the most twenty second Sun March, twenty second at the Orpheum Theatre, it's going to be on Google videos, dot com, it's going to be the first one that we do a different one than it is a hold of it. There's a or
every film american idol. We got hooked up. We got what time is it sometimes ago? We start with Where is open at two and we're going to start at four, it's on a Sunday March, comedy magic club at seven. Will I miss everything? Well, I missed them it'll go till eleven at night. Now you'll get you'll catch, a good you could catch, you might not get to the end. But it's going to be a sixty mentored me can take an hour and a half or it could take two hours and a half it's it's like a and a bad documentary. Even if you don't know the first, it matches the preliminaries by the time you get to the finals you're going to know. Those final is very very well. When you go see a sixteen man tournament, each match one at a time. It really is like a documentary. It's like UFC, two remember that shit. You want to see it all unfold. When you got to know the guys you get to know the personalities of the guys, where do you get to see a tournament unfold like that Lori Glory, they're, crazy, fucking, Lori? Yes, exactly was out last insane insane, that's the only other place. I think they should stop that. I really do I'm a big fan.
But but but want glory, be successively different differ developed into doing to do tests on taxes for sure one hundred percent, that's very different, mean for glory. I use in an mma it's more kind, but for a straight kickboxing is then what do you think? What do you think about that bend your active fighter? What do you think about like pull up microphone? What do you think about the idea of fighting like delicate glory event like it's kind? dangerous right three times, and I mean it's definitely dangerous, but it's also, if you're doing it you're doing it as like. That's the The goal is, it's so crazy: how many people are really willing to participate in this and really go try to become the champion of that night? You know, I mean That's what got me in the fighting. When I saw the UFC back in the day, it was tournaments yet tournaments, all in one night. That's it There's, not there's so much circumstance, and I guess there could be luck. You know you can win with a head. Kick break your foot right now, you're!
going along. You know either of trying to fight through it or you have to bow out and that it you know like Steve, Jenna member Steve, Jennum, yeah, yeah, Steve Tutorial, much more excited. No one really remembers him, those chance versus like the pride tournaments, when it's like this month, they're going to fight then we'll have the next. But to have it all in one night. That's the thing, man that, if you're going to do it, I love the pride style. I think we know yeah price point. I think we know too much about getting damage and then cooling off and then go back can getting more damage. We know that's like the ramifications like multiplied like you're. Getting all concussions and then you're going to go and have another fight
how much I hated over. That's a good question. Does anyone know what it is I don't know did own, he great want to speculate. There were nine I'll, tell you. What might my take is this? We could work because they're on Viacom there on spike tv spike, tv's making Friday night just combat sports night Bella tore one time kick boxing or time to doing Golden glory boxing it's gonna be great, but if the people just pay attention glory is gonna, be huge, it's just wants it can't mess. They just have to do like what the we will see did. Is the UFC put the ultimate fighter together and they spent forty four million dollars in losses before the ultimate fighter became a hit, so it was like they were real close to getting out. Glory is going to do the same thing if glory can figure out how to just hang in there that fucking thing could take off it's exciting. This shit man yeah, I mean Everybody- wants to see, stand up fighting people if everybody
bought the way Gary Tonon Fights or the way Marcela Garcia fights people would love to see. No guy Jujitsu too. Just like people love to see boxing too, but you want to talk about like pure excitement like kickboxing, is right up there with MA I mean it's like high level kickboxer with the best guys are going at it is some wild shit goes down that Fucking Raymond Daniels Dude, those wild. Three hundred and sixty in the air spin kicks like a fucking video game. You got to do that with like Will game share that he threw a jumping sidekick Eddie touch the guy the chest and then spawn with a spinning back kick to his face twelve, and it was insane it was out of control. It was some text to be like yeah like her harangue when he was a badass point fighter. He was a bad task with the tighter taekwondo or karate. It was karate, one of them with the lines are getting blurry without flash either getting real. Techniques, are getting real close. It's going to be a tough fight which
Is it got it can be? It can be Rhonda Stuff this challenge, but I think she'll pass the test, but if you just rips right through her again she's just like everybody is a new challenge for Rhonda and then she just fucks 'em all up right You know it's gonna, be a crazy fight. Well, I believe, I'm here to say that I believe Ronda gets hypnotize before she fights I'm just saying did clarify those she think she gets hypnotized. Look at the Wiki clean and you know, with his name, looks like Benson Henderson, her catch wrestling. He's old school. He might he might happen I hit by knows how to Hadley New custom model. They probably took empathizing lessons together. They got the blue belts together in hypnotism. Yes, That's that's the new that to your resume. As I also think RON is so much better all these girls, she could go on a three week. Binge no sleep. Do all the coach
can't walk in and just destroy these does she want to do whatever the hell she wants to do. Name a now throw under the bus, Walla Mustang. She is I'm saying she could he wasn't saying alright. Anyway, you know what you're doing you know what man, it's really about, cyborg drop it down to one hundred and thirty. Five and less I mean we don't know man cat cingano, you look at combinations, pc finished. We should take with she's fucking ferocious thing about runners, got more competition that all those girls combined so like what walks out with that stare like at, like I've been down that she's been walking that I'll for fucking years rankings getting good, now dangerous right now, right in Texas, when she bought there, she not the girl, every thought ground pounder out and then they go. No is the knee. Oh no is the throw bullshit she hit her and knocked her out and then need her so quickly and then, through her
before anybody knew she was out before she was out cold. Who was a SARA Mcmann that she fucked up with me before that Mean Jessamyn Duke was telling me weeks before she's killed. Companies. Is she like drop jasmine, Duke with any like in training, so Jasmine said, she's got crew easy needs. Ron's gotten, like we think about the girls, the girls that her friends, her roommates, as you said, she really wasn't trained with him should beat him up so bad, the coaches like now, we need we need use up in here. We need some in dude. Just imagine, though, that's an uncommon woman, the pressure that kind of training all three come on yeah, yeah she's, just as ultra winner take another Ultra women's Marina does it guesses, guys mind you not be bad ass. If Ronnie said, you know what I don't get home, about the steroids. Let that bitch did steroids are still finer. Steroid
but I'm still gonna don't want to say that man, you don't want to say that I need to watch that Gina Carrano fight yeah. She came out and said that that would do it most gangster thing that Cyborging Chronos, like crazy, elevator shit. There was just like, dear God, someone. So that's, basically what fighters in the UFC or doing like you have an opponent. You know the guys Roy into the guilty, but you don't say, like you know what you don't bring that out. Just like you accept it. Of course he is look at the guy we're going to fight you, don't even bring up the steroids a couple of like Chad, Mendes brought it up or someone brought it up. Couple guys do, but you generally You know that there's a good there's, a good chance that your opponent is probably on some shit right yeah. But the campers actually
guy kicks like you ate. My cat would be like. If you got to weigh in, I got some rope now yo Homeboy Homeboy's on the staff course, of course putting in line in your mind, you're, assuming that you probably is. Let me prepare for summer, probably write it right, yeah, but there's a big day, she's, someone who probably Roy did and someone like Cyborg who's, a girl taking male hormones. That's a different argument is that is she's she's, just positive sense of positive steroids, yeah. She, let's have a debate right now like university. While we're doing no, she looks a lot different. Now you look inside work now she looks a lot less the answer you give him someone else. If you do right, you gotta do to find him. Roy would be huge. I thought you said
right here tonight or anything or just you know the real argument. You are huge, though look at me. Look at me. You think I want noise. Think about that. Thanks for the compliment the real argument with a chick like her, though, is that how long was she doing it for and did she permanently alter? yeah. You know I'm saying like when you're introducing, if you look at like it, was like no women dancer and all that yeah. Well, those women these you like Miss Olympias. I know one of those, ladies and she just looks different now, like she'd used up guaranteed and she just looks different now she's in her fifties. Now and it's like man like what he means you like like you see, everything stayed very. Obviously she did some male hormones. What you do Wrestle Shooter was Miss Olympia body below Bodybuilding, one of the horses yeah. Whatever is whatever she was a giant eagle speed with the big size. You think they do rights with the big. I would think that a lot of professional athletes to
and do you play the game, but it's really part here and do you think that since the Lance Armstrong situation happen, do you think cycle? These are still doing all that shell yeah nothing changed. No, he got busted, nothing changed really. Did you see what happened with that? The next, the next guy that didn't piss hot, would have been like twenty I can finish. It was one thousand five hundred and fifteen range place. Can you measure the next best guy that didn't piss dirty ever was the 15th guy again to finish it is yeah there. Would you please hide the phone number in Cuba new number one year, one through fourteen plus? No, no! No, if there's twenty guys that raced fifteen of am pissed hot top fifty top? Fifty in what year I mean what is every year, it was get busted
ascension already sport that no one gets busted. Now they do but seat for the longest time people were lying, they didn't have a sophisticated methods of determining whether on certain things- and there was doctors that were involved, there's a lot of Podcast. Very fucking strong yeah, but this guys, a Jujitsu guy on top, doesn't tell you guillotine. You can let the deep guillotine his head was almost at least is getting through that it's a different animal Michelle Perez So I think that's the Deppe Sarris rather stupid, I'm telling it through some gnarly grappling going. How did he he's a beast? This guys physically strong? He doesn't finish often in the octagon he's having a hard time like caption guys this stuff but
positioning controlled. Almost every round you get describing physical strength and control ridiculous, but you know like Sometimes it takes guys like Damien. My you know, sometimes it takes guys a few fights to get settled in look like he discussed it. Delmia Myers is going to fight, find the flare yeah, the main event out there. That's an interesting fight and people don't know how good the flares is that your car Killa B, yeah yeah same card man, who is suppose to be on the Urijah Faber an oh, that's right. Yes, assuncao his foot up broke his ankle. Faber versus walking Frankie EDGAR yeah Philippines. Philippines main event for the Philippines, that forty five yep. So now yes fight and gnarly fight your I like your, I favor forty five, because
you have all that energy yeah I mean that's a tough. He cuts to get to one hundred and thirty five. I think it's really rough on him and I think, even especially as you get older, it might benefit him to fight one hundred and forty five Is he still going to cut a little yeah yeah like they're, very similar in size, but it might be the first fight everywhere. Frankie EDGAR is the bigger guy. I think. Every year the fighter could learn something from your favorite, no ones capitalized. As far as business wise opportunity, then you're, I favor. Must be pretty, though he makes it comes to business house not like it comes up, and he says yes, he makes it worth the companies that he starts Torquay sold to K Swiss. He just always. He always has his hand in the pot. As far as just make two torque makes good ship the best clubs over use man you have to Velcro's inside of 'em zips up really tight. It's a super comfortable glove. Like, I have a pair of twins that I was using and they feel like It now compared to the torque torque's sweet man. I love. The twins. Twins are
they're good. I mean I use them constantly. I like them, but these torx are so good. Everything they make is good. The Shin insteps are great gloves like they're, like the most comfortable gloves over put on. You know what makes really good gloves too high use, a high PSA makes in Delray, oh yeah, that's those type as we have Justin holds that I pass for me. And all these older ones and they fuck his arms up, but the higher busa Man is absorbed you all window at those tigers and hip mitts. When do you wear winning or any of the. I wear this vote for punch and are you where the Torx man, I don't wear any? What I have like eighty different, I always pick. Those torx up have you weather is winning gloves. Yeah I've tried those are good yeah, I mean there's a lot of good stuff. You know. A lot of title makes good gloves on people. Make good gloves, but I really the torque is like it's it's very pliable to like it moves good in your hand, you feel you get a good grip for me. It's all about wrist support,
then my wrist or jacked, so those ever list was Everlast. Do take the shit out of him when you work out like a mother fuck, do you do mostly sizes? Dearest exercises strengthen it, but why do that hurt? Why would I? Why would I think that that'll risk girls are big man? Don't do anything with the weak link? Don't address that shit, yeah yeah address for life yeah. I had a bad lip risk for like ten years. I fucked up my wrist once and it never. It literally never got better. I never got an mri and they were found out what it. What was wrong with it would click like no matter what I did with click. It would be in pain. Every time I worked out for like ten years. That's me, but you know what I got therapy. I got that prolotherapy shit where they inject. They stick glucose into your. I got done in the prp now it's a different thing like one of 'em, you do for joint,
it's like where the tenons are loose and yeah Bish dude it fixed it like you, never hear about something getting fixed like when someone is a chronic something for ten years. It's always like wow do that some shit you got to deal with, but no my wrist got fixed. They injected all these these needles into hurt like a fuck, specially the risks. I'm glad that my shoulder and my back, it's amazing it's or two and then sore as fuck and then like you, had no ibuprofen, don't eyes that we want the swelling so just sit with that hurt for a long time and therapy yeah or yeah. It makes your tendons physically thicker, like you, can make it as much as forty percent thick that someone new someone I want to say I want to say, Scotty from on them at one of his buddies was getting pro low on his elbow rose and his knees just to strengthen them from Jujitsu. Does it he didn't even have any issues was getting it just inject? It in it's a great idea: it literally strengthens your tenants that hurts so bad. It hurts so bad, but alleged
I mean I want to. I want to make sure that this is you should google it before you go out and do it everybody go get that shit done purple Velvet John jocks, he tweet Disney Indiana, Jiu, Jitsu, really really bad and immediately called the people from Prolo from John jocks, and they said, come on over now and you had your nsx and I remember he couldn't drive so I had a drivers Nsx an Einem Riverton High powered sports car before so. I was kind of like grinding the gears here here and his giant is you're going home and he was fucked up and he was like this is the first car I got when I got rich in your killing. Anyone in the worst mood he could be in his need. Thomas fucking awesome, washing him to prolotherapy dot so that we could avoid surgery. Perhaps right, No matter beyond overhead. You can't fucking drive with shit dude you fucking, killing my gears.
What are you doing? He's panicking yeah you put the pressure on so he's nervous, probably even more making it worse. It's hard car to drive dude! You have to practice. Drive to CZ accept cars to drive, skipper man could ever drive it's one of the smoothest easiest cars of mega bother driving his life come on only for big roasting whole lot. Rd drive very powerful man, I'm Acura I had stick shift Pinto station wagon. I was used to that shit. The one that you drove was the best one I ever owned too 'cause. It was supercharged. I put a supercharger on that one and the problem It's like fifteen years ago, man back then they'd, have the results. They have now write the scientific data. Well, what happened to my knee was. I had a bucket handle, tear the meniscus, so prolotherapy would have fixed that I had to get some surgery done. There was uh.
Opening in the meniscus word would flip over and lock it would like to. Meniscus was torn and like. If my knee got tweak sideways it would the the torn part would under under it. Would literally locked Lego is rough, so they had to go in there and scoop that shit out and fix it, but the prolotherapy is really good for if you have any like ten minutes, did you take some of it out and it takes about out, but they fixed it. I mean it. This sore occasionally now, but I could do everything with it. Then there's never needed any surgery he's never been hurt. You've never needed any kind of surgery right, noble, now knees. No, nothing! That's amazing, and how old are your lucky? Your thirty one right Randy Couture when his whole career with no surgery? That's amazing, amazing! So this fucking dude Michelle Passera's, he's a beast man. This is a good scrap and this Kevin leak in
Fucking good man, I've seen him have commented on several of its fights, are really young kids about to switch on him right now. Look at this so close. Damn Next Sunday is bigfoot in Frank, Meyer, yeah next time there, where is that in Brazil won the first main events ever where one guy zone four and the others own three in his last three yeah to be crucial fight for both of them? Well, it's a weird fight. You know the good fight, really yeah Frank Mir fan. Well, I've always been a Frank Mir fan of that Guy Frank Mir. He can't do trt anymore, though. That's one thing the I t a s. Why not? They will let him know what it does to your t anymore. Big foot can't do trt anymore either writers now are. Are they with the p? these! Now I mean: are they stopping? Are they really stopping? Are they trying to be more careful, come on? What do you think
and they really stopping you really train it. Alright, it's been consistent with the pop in the Let's just figure ways around it. You gotta is part. It's part of professional sports. It's not a UFC promise professional sports problem. Just you see What do you think about better? It makes a bigger scene NFL guys get caught all the time. What do you think of we can talk over every year every year NFL every year they sell every every year. There's nfl players get pop nonstop every year. The number of the about how many a year on average way more than you'll, see nine close, granted. There's more players. Yeah ten fifteen here are way more by more sure, but they don't even an outsider. They don't because it's just one yeah, let it go they don't have to like is the commission's announcement. The number one team that got banned the most had the most players test positive and we don't know whether it's it could be for Adderall could before steroids. We don't know they don't tell you that, but then uh what team had the most players test? Positive was thus
Seattle. Seahawks, who won the super bowl, makes sense so Why is it that baseball goes in front of Congress and football basketball? All these other sports is just a fine or it's an internal problem. Why is it? Did the patriots win? The Superbowl my bad, yeah. Lastly clouded even know yeah last my bat last an hour. I thought you were you gonna told me that football, you know, I'm sorry football to roll with one. The more I got into the F C, the more I stopped watching I barely watchable every now and then I I I keep track of it. I'm give a fuck about the patriots or the Seahawks, but I watched the super bowl and holy shit was good game craziest game of all time. The end that end that cat. The craziest catch of football history right there at the very end it just like hours off dudes body, I can't give you watch football man. I wouldn't think that no, the super bowl is crazy and then
today they still and then they threw an interception right after that, and then the games over how 'bout the Katy Perry riding the lion part I'm not mad at that either. I don't get to see bed the town to check men. I don't care anybody concerned that she actually wrote and she's very time. I'm not trying to buy your music or anything, but I see in their music music is pretty good. I try to buy it, but hey it's pretty it's better than fucking, According to you? According to Twitter she's, the most famous person on earth? She is the most followers out of anyone wow by came and tell you no but more than like a Kim Kardashian. Yes, come on. I don't know it doesn't seem possible more than Obama. What do you think she has thirty nine twitter? What do you say? he went thirty. Nine. This, like this, like price, is right. What you said forty two four thousand two hundred and forty two. What do you say? Five thousand six hundred and sixty
five WU's bitch ass, see if I can not action. What is the name of look how about that? God, damn it fuck her bullshit? No twenty, eight Kim at twenty eight step, your game up Kim come on on one of them. 'em has talent, I'm you can't be met Kim K, those zero talent, just kill in the game. I mean. I know that if kids are going to the game, what game is that the game of reality? Are you in a diaper? Do you have respect for got a diaper on to respect? I respect
for her mom in the family, for this is Bruce Jenner, really turning into a one hundred hello on the when you look at that right, you know what I saw one of one of those daughters, a I always do that one of the daughters instagrams hey we're talking over each other. Yes, I know when I listen to happen. Headsets those Instagram's. They have a picture. I love my had so much and he looks like her mom it is. It is real. It totally free, Bruce Jenner, gonna car wreck and yet to tell the notify the police that is taking hormones to become a female and he's doing a thing, on a farm around his transition from male to female. He had to tell the police that is taken off because they were like. What's in your system, is it all I'm trying to set it it's for God he said it that way.
Every time I join. You said a tail trying to get some store bought's over here you gonna, be I'm feel little emotional. You know how it is trying to get a set of so he was going fucking crazy, but he claims he's not gay. How crazy is that he likes women. He's a lesbian, oh turn, I have a little bit about it in my acct. I can't do it right here, though. Oh shit, look there standing in front of the Kevin. Please talking shit possess, getting tired the boys a swinging while preserving sister uses so much physical energi. You remember it's in Denver to altitude. Remember when Elton John remember, L John didn't fully come out. It came out halfway. First, he said it was by oh shit. Ten years later, he's gay. I think he was generous like too much at once, like I'm want to be a woman, and I'm gay, I think, he's going to tell people who is gay in ten years. I think, general Kim K, Kim K and the rest of family
We do. This is ridiculous. I bet you started dating guys, you're, going to start seeing after a while he's going to get busted with a guide and then it's going to, listed with a guy. I defended that do two man boy was I off at midway. Conspiracy. Theory is first right, no way. Yes, I thought Helen Callan broke. The news. Brian count broke that he had a friend Who is painting the House Kelsey and kill me for telling story friend for paid on how the story than that now their household say? What did you say, work in there working there I got another house. Is that a good account? You go to the do the flop through the pain on the bus painters, I'm like non disclosure, do not working again pay. Those can houses, will not real, my god, really get sued right now. That's true stop right now, but telling my ceiling knows either way
account at a inside source, also known as a snitch too late. Don't do it guys it's already. The painter is freaking. He left town, it's gone, you don't have that gig and the whatever so Brian Callahan saw wigs all like full man, size, dresses, all sorts stuff, his mansize man size, the most unlikely story. Ever I tell it, went out for cocktails with Kalin went out for a drink with him as well. Happy nice dinner. Look at this heavenly man is. This preserves, do is getting tired and Kevin Lee's, not Kevin Lees, all over a man. He hit him with some fucking sick elbows to the head of the clinch too. He's alright, he's. Just do things will take on a new name is not hurt, but he's done that his lungs are dying. Do you think that Bruce
will take on a new name: hell no yeah. Could there be more mainly named Ambrose no kidding then Bruce like the gay name. It's like hey? This is just gangster Bruce Bruce Lee Bruce okay preseason again, certainly not. Certainly everyone got all serious hell. No man, but you're going through Hell. No shit now is going for that leg with the legs crossed. Oh shit, Kevin Lee's, trying to follow a real naked choke. Look at this crushing that jar and he's got this dudes back because preserves got time. He's going he's going to do it. Damn man no way the brazilian one right now is that brazilian yeah. Did I got as tired as muscular he's tired as fuck
I think that like if he does transition to beat a woman who is going to want to change his name he's not going to stick with Bruce with who, I mean? What do you do? Man? Everyone knows your fucking bruises get changed name now, yeah man, girls! Do that all the time when they become a woman when they were, they used to be a man and they get a sex change. I mean I have. No idea must be kind of fun, picking a whole new name. You know it's hilarious once someone has transitioned you're, not even supposed to say they used to be a man, use say they were always a woman like because there a woman in their mind and it's cruel to say that they're one time a man like, even if there are a man like it's wrong to state reality that they had a penis the function is a man even had sex with women and had babies. So you just have to pretend that never happened dude. I had a conversation with this woman and she Twitter, and she actually said I go so he wasn't a man
and he had sex with a woman and got her pregnant. He wasn't a man, she goes no, not even then I might come. Ok, I think we're done with this conversations over conversation just Turn Dell Lala Land like what is that mean a woman fucked, a woman and got her pregnant? Is that what you're saying she's a woman physically, but in reality he was a dude that fuck the women she just saying he felt like a woman. Even though he's fucking a woman is amazing, you know what the problem with that kind of logic is: if that's the case. If you're already a woman, you have a penis, keep your God. Damn penis keep your balls. Your body will work better. You know like this idea. But you're already a woman. If you are already a woman, why are you getting the sex change? Then you're, not already a woman. You were a man at one point time that you're not helping anybody by twisting the reality of the situation, you just making it more confuse. And harder for people to accept. I wonder: what's tougher, to go from being a man
until woman or woman to man, I would stand in the Dixon be challenging to a man. Man like impossible. 'cause they build dicks out of the inside of pussies. What does that look like? Can you pull that Let me pull it up to me: can we get some? They make Dick the inside of pussy trying to get a virus put something in there. Want to fix. I think they use the break all right. My man, I know one of them yeah was that I know one of them. I saw this. This lady grew a deck on her arm What does rabbits with the ears grow as a stretched skin on our our man created a fake penis when so when she was transitioning and becoming a man? I take a drink of this beer right and he's looking at
you talking? But I was like waiting for him to look at me at my reaction at night, because I know in his peripheral he saw it look government well what the fuck it's pretty good, it's pretty good. It is not a beer guy, though it all takes the same yeah I'm more of it. Is that right. I couldn't tell difference between Miller, Lite and Coors light or anything like that that heavenly get that skin grafting shares corner men had some praise walks and appears lip whoa licking Rick James, in a lot better shape than last time. I saw heavenly up in this bitch he leather pants on Rick James does they might be allowed
holy mother? You look at his belt buckle. God bless him him. He still doesn't believe in ITALY. He's stealing the show. I don't know which one it is Migliore Vanilli he's in Denver boy. That's why I got such wicked cardio man is used to that altitude up there yeah. If you're not used to do that shit, tortures, you never seen Mark Hunt versus Ben Rothwell at altitude. I asked still to fight and Emery's like we're, never having another heavyweight fight, but they did, though they had even crazier. They had a heavyweight fight in May a city yeah, whichever hold emotion, yeah and higher I'll, be sued and more calm again and more and more calls came in like the day before yeah. He didn't even have any altitude training in a payment with the animals and, nobody in his court like he just walked he's like I'm here, yeah people worried that it was going to be able to make the two hundred and sixty five cities like three.
Can we get the color some shit? Three, ten thousand five hundred and ten guys abuse, even five one thousand and twenty five, yeah caught in wait to make two sixty five Kevin Lees good. You put that dude's voice with his body, and then they just There is no collusion there at all. You like how is Mark Hunt sound like an english gentleman. Yeah right, the date on this form: hey, there's that dick shot they wanted Eddie. You want those Dick pics, you put it up on you wanna, go under deck, but they grew on his four alright that dick did you put on, but they put it on the arm. They put it back on his arm to get the blood supply, keep that shit fresh but healthy. Why don't they just put it where the Dickens yeah. I got a lot of blood flow down. There
Can you find the transgendered consent that don't do it? Don't do it Cockblocking? You know weird, like that's. How they get off bullshit after this man, we can't do this. There's. Only so much me tonight, middleweights next there's so many fighters in the UFC that I've never seen fight now did did Jeffrey Dahmer eat his victims, Cox Alot our system? I think eight one. I think it one deck he I eat a lot that must have been the main course their dick in a bonom he's going to drop him up and eat him. Why ignore the dick? Now it's too fatty must be the main course the for three is jamming. What's he doing with fire, he does like nunchucks thing what mean he puts it on fire and is a whole show with it when uh
just on his own, when the fuck you want's know know what is that a raised? No, no. He used to, though he used to be a huge favor and so he's fought in this arena, pry ten time This is where all our fights were in Denver before were in the USC, and he would come out with those flame things. Walk not to the cage, no and then just destroy some poor kid. They let him come out like yeah Doug, the commission, they come out. You dangerous slip and light people are finding more shorts yourself accidentally invented. It is like a Vegas show need walkthrough, Octagon beat the shit out of someone was he's really, not good at it. Yeah he's dope at it like circus performer type. Yeah, he's really good at heat, so Thatcher was always the kid in the gym. Were like damn this kid ever got his shit together. He can be a monster, but he was that raves and he didn't believe jujitsu and wrestling, and then you if not can dudes out and then finally, he got
Leister Bowling- are the head wrestling coach there and all he's been doing his wrestling and he's a fuckin nightmare now nightmare men, here's a funny story about thatch we use to Brandon Thatch Cody Dahman, who, finally seeing myself, we all work nights security at a after hours. Nightclub so was the three of us were security guards and we used to dress up like assholes we had like is base like shitty, tuxedos because was the three of us? Nothing ever happened, then the one time something happen the boss came up to us was like Yo Man, there's a. Russian dude, on the dance floor, has a gun. Big ass gun he's dance with these chicks man. You guys gotta go handle this, so I was the head guy or had like a air peace in like an asshole. So I got Brandon Thatch in Cody Donovan, I'm like YO man. Listen, here's the deal! Finally, we got some action like there's this russian dude
biggest Russian do down there like they want us to kick. This dude Anthony is a gun and I hope thatches like what the fuck is like Bro. We don't get paid shit. I'm like I know. I realize that listen, here's the plan is the plan. I said I'm going to walk up to this dude, Yo Man, you gotta, get out here as a Cody Cody at Silas biggest flattening a black belt in Jiu Jitsu like you're, going to grab. This is if he puts up being fucking kind of fight like we're going to grab. Thatch is just a nasty ass. Kick boxer like you in the head, I'm going to take him out man. You know, we didn't know the rules, we don't know nothing right word first, as fuck everyone so nervous, I'm sweating like fuck. This job is my last day man. So I'm right, we even like said a prayer, no one's really religious, but reality kind of set of prayer. Oh my god go up to nine hundred and three. She should've left. That part. I know right now going to scare makes sweaty. I go up to dude, so nervous, 'em, all hey! My man.
Hey my mom have will have to ask you to leave. We see the gun, Anya and Cody's behind, like like grip, and the guy goes BOT bro you're going to have to leave. Now we saw the gun and you know we do many issues. He goes no problem. Yeah, ok cool, may, like everyone's like ready going said, no problem just walked out, that's it! I wish I had a cooler story. But he was like cool and just bounce another week there, that, wouldn't even more terrifying, because that sounds like a real God, damn professional he did not give a fuck yeah. I mean he's probably a dude who's been shooting people since he's, like oh yeah, I know I gotta leave. Now I don't want to go to jail again, big dude, I gotta later tonight. Actually I'm going to need this gun, so I'm just going to go. Fuck quick, as I talked all the guys in to work in there, but we could get out of like four five in the morning, so we thought we could work night train during the day, but we'd be uh. We want to get home like five hundred. Am we practice to be at like ten?
We go there and just get dismantled, exhausted yeah. How is the glory days when we had were shot Evans, Nate, Marquardt, Shane, Carwin, Keith, Jardine, all those monsters, all the George St Pierre, everyone was at our camp, can't have five hours sleep in show for that. What five hours doing some shady drugs and shit, not good fighting Russians make him four dollars an hour. Russian dudes, with guns, Daniel Kelley, looks irish to Maine. Was he from Texas, Texas. Can you do the Joey Voice, with an irish accent? Is that possible? I'd? Have I work on that? I wouldn't want to respect the art
Sonny, joy, DS's man, you've always told me. We had him on our show visas. Nobody like him. No one right hold, so we would talk about the fight yeah. I have no idea for Connolly and more restaurant, this guy, this guy Daniel Kelly Judo Olympian Board four times you olympian, it's gonna, be like RON. Nobody here, you you're, not there's not a microphone is when you're talking the becomes an issue. Right. I mean you gotta, step up to the I'll, be able to do the four time olympian. Then the girls, hot soup, she's australian, too she's, like a check that was in the Wolf of Wall Street. She sells that do
stupid, thrust, Randall ships going down her and Will Smith CUP how America the blackening is begun. The is a cat woman, yeah. You got the joker in this, I might watch it. Is this a new tv show? What is this awesome? Son gothams, most sinister- I don't know about it. Well, as long as you don't know about it, this see in commercials for Gotham for your free home or recall. Well, I'll give any Batman thing a shot, giving reversal, masher, Barboza, verses Johnson is the fight on that card. That's a wicked flies in a fight with Michael Johnson's been out for a bit right. You get injured, I think yeah he got injured right. You got injured any. He lost his last one correct, pretty sure any got injured yeah. I know he was on uh
yeah and I lost one yeah. I think you might a loss God got hurt again. You see that is needed that didn't accept the acl or something like that. I don't know why You know why that happens. I would like to talk to a surgeon about what it. What is the issue with ACL's with a lot of UFC fighters in particular the graphs below they don't work well, a lot of times they use uh some parts from a cadaver right yeah. Well, that's the one in that- don't yeah. Sometimes the body rejects. I don't think they know. I think it depends on the body cry. So just some people it takes some- it doesn't just like play Dominick Cruz, but there's also people that, like they don't give it enough time and they're already training and they blow it out again that this happened, which are now yeah. I think Ed Herman did that I think other guys have done that too. You know you don't know. Like you- and they say your body rejected it, are you sure I mean I don't know exactly what's going on, because what happen
we do a cadaver apparently, is that it's like a scaffolding, and so it's not that cadaver graft that actually becomes your Well, it's like that. Acl allows your body to proliferate new tissue into it until it becomes solid again, but you don't really take that issue stay forever. You know I'm saying like this. The cadaver graft apparently has been explained to me. It just acts as a place for you. Don't tissue as like a delivering system for your tissue to connect a little break, and so the tendon will grow again yeah. Well, you sort you using all that grows in that graph, yeah yeah. How long ago did you have the surgery? I don't know. I mean how many cruise? I think he did it like, like nine months after the first surgery, he blew it out and then now he blew it out when he blew it out, he got surgery, it was rehabbing, was training, blew it out again and then he had to go through a whole new surgery. So you know that's.
Why was out for almost three years then he just blew out his right knee. So they change it. Wasn't it wasn't pushing up your face? Were they saying it wasn't properly? Like you know, the new one is a totally new injury. So you know it's not so much. That is you do a triple like that. Like the psychic injury, that's there like he's going to be nervous every shot. He takes every time. He turns a corner like that. Can fuck a dude up could, but he bounced back better than this land of our year. Layoff yeah is like dudes are moving at light speed. Getting you know, I mean the evolution of the sport is so fast. He me to gaki up, though Ma'Am his style is full work. Man and you need those means. That's yeah, yeah to be that quick, can change the direction or wait and asked dad I'll. Tell you what the law I'm doing that later on so he's a beast. As far as being an analyst on you'll see the yeah.
It's really really good he's got the glasses. Now too yeah he did. He really stood with Garius very studious. Are they both from the show or just this? They said both my boy Kelly's stone, cold. Thirty, seven strong do this one was one hundred and eighty five and one was one: ninety one dot, seven Young Chicken, weighs three thousand seven hundred and thirty seven and twenty nine. That's a beautiful beard. Johnson. I know she can do that again, who raise the roof, raise the roof. You get a different way. Did she talk to the rock concrete check this side, or some shit from that like those wraps is just stick with the same? I want going to try it and she's going to watch the tapes later and see which one was best.
I think she can a clown for raise the roof. So we were you talk to bring that back. We get back from them feedback like semi Office, five to raise the roof right more Sars gonna texter food, also the lose laughing Adam. We have a right hand. Their dues here will short right hook. There. That right hand is low. Son he's well, he's he's catching with that weird rash. Hook over the top he's caught him like three times with that. Look at that and my boy Kelly is trying to get ahold of him to take. Approves Leatherman yeah yeah, it's fucked up, it's kinda red doesn't give up fall after an atom. Dude, that's gotta fuck, with your head a little bit
I feel like that. The red is he's very confident. Oh just fun: up Kelly's like real tentatively Eating those since throwing the punches, is half we get in there. This guy's just target practice, keeping the same distance. Three pops back a half a step and stays there gets hit well spent. I am Kelly that even on that front, like a lot to tell as get little Call Kelly might be what you call stiff. George Louise is E. If looks like the game, is this standard. Dang, though right you see the moment, I flew distance last night by shimming, Cowrite show Minco or some shit like that. That's spinning yes, oh yeah- oh my god, four and those nasty nobody's been
get out more in the last two years, then Melvin Manhoef, our fights too often just got invited to shield you, Joe Schilling, put him at us, lousy, dirty dirty full months ago. These guys needed. So you know those those two guys they brought a beautiful fight, though man it was, one of them was going to go in that round like, but he came back too soon and then guys aren't doing any kind of health care for their brains to come back, increase their three every time or their speed or their timing or anything bend. You follow wobble, look at this yeah yeah for Bellator yeah. I was with them for almost three years will see that Kelly caught Walshe, what's the biggest difference in them in the UFC. As far as like production wise, is it a big difference or not adduction? When I'm saying my brother
you know what I'm saying like like you in UFC, it's like fucking, clockwork, Burke, yeah, Download, yeah, signing on Tuesdays, signing posters got interviews Wednesday, Thursday, Wayans Friday Show Saturday things like that, they were a little rocky really on some of that 'cause. The tournaments were happening so fast that I don't even think you know they had planned out. They were going to do as far as where is the venue. Where is the next location? Where is it like? You know, that's obviously a process, and I think sometimes it was like just making it. You know just making it happen. But they've stepped their game up yeah. You know I'm Scott Coker's doing can as always watch when you fight now. Thank you. Thank you. It's going to be interesting to see what happens with Bellator with all that via comma money, Coker's, no joke either milk. He does does something right and he's waived
other than anybody else out there I saw state or at a signing see that Dana White of Bellator yeah he's the same position yeah. He used to work for the UFC and added no compete and then, when he left the UFC these free to do whatever the fuck you want. So then he signed to Bellator yeah well it's good for everybody 'cause the UFC, like some he's a good dude fighters like him, you know it'll be way more come people environment over there and maybe they'll get some good fights and I, like, I think, it's good. I think competition is very important for the athletes. I think it's the most important thing when it comes to bargaining power. So all it's going to do is force everybody to step their game. And ultimately, I believe it will make me more popular and that's the key. The key is Megan popular make it to the point where everybody makes a lot of money, and it's really close to becoming that and the way it's going to become. That is, if there's a bunch of
some players and everybody's, like you, know I'll, give you x for a file, give you. Why are we got busy summer? We got z sign out here, damn you lucky bitch and I like it, that's how it's got to be. That's the only way the money gets tossed around adequately. You know like. I think it's only competition. It's the only way the talent pool gets bigger too, is. If you have a lot of different varieties, guys can come up here. They can come up there, but if you only have this one play We're a guy's got to come up on the tough show and then he's got whatever your. Thing is in NFL with one team right. You know the teams compete with each other. They're like thing come to art I'll. Give you this much this much money, so yeah in all ways of evolution, it's got to be like that. Yeah is this: just how it is managed is how it is with with everything man. You need competition, it's good, It it makes everybody better as the thing the problem of compasses people get scared of the competition. Competition is the best God. Damn thing that could happen to them. Really I mean it's the it's the fundamental thing it does anybody's mad at you. It doesn't mean any of that. It means everybody is going to get better together. Like
hope that you don't have any. Not only that you don't cancel each other out and didn't get into this because you're, a fan of fighting in the first place. Is someone making money somehow another you're, not making money. Is that really what's going on 'cause? I don't think it is, but I'm not so much making money and you're making money from a fighter standpoint competitions great if you're Dana, why, I don't think makes everybody more really. I really believe so. I believe everybody gets more money if the sport gets more popular figured, you got two giant promotions. If you got one save Floyd, Mayweather immersion and one Manny Pacquiao and everybody on one side. What do you bring them together and you make fuck and one point five million payperview buys like those guys will? Probably do I mean that's how everybody gets money I mean you give it up, but think about that. That's like each one is seven hundred and fifty. How often do paper views in the UFC hit seven hundred and fifty they don't that. Often it's not George Saint Pierre. If it's not broken there, you know it's hard to get those big numbers. You know because times are hard,
people who want to pony up that kind of money on a regular basis. Three special paper watching this fight for free UFC Bellator UFC, that's it. Everything else is like their their feet or or stations musing, which you have see what everyone's top sees ever brought all as station. Yes, broncos no gap product was number one, never had a brother, he for others, it's healed again. Really nine, but that's that's top well shows what show it it was probably when he thought he carried probably fart Brandico tour for the title that had more Frank Mir. The say that would be the biggest one hundred and ninety one hundred five thousand one hundred just when he thought so. Yeah yeah what's the biggest star we never had What's good is also right. I don't know I would bring others also, but I you know I've heard a lot of talk yeah, because in
can't talk over each other. So listening, there's no way this is going to work. We will listen on headphones. This would be way better, but I want to avoid the headphones. We just gotta be careful that shit. I think you guys are all do great what we say about Gina Carano, though oh Gina Carrano supposed to come back. I mean that was the talk I kept hearing it. I I heard from like agents I heard like those negotiations a lot of shit, and then nothing happened. So you don't know, I don't think the Brock Lesnar thing is gotten that far, but all I'm hearing his rumors, everybody is tight. Lipped, but you're hearing people saying that Brooks been training that is losing weight he slimming down. I took some heat. I took some heat people if I called broccoli in route- and I did it now- I sent you a text that this is what happened sick. This is old. Two six months ago, I did an interview with the UFC. It was twenty questions. One was like: would you prefer ketchup or mustard over this? What kind of bullshit we're talking about twenty questions, catch up or mustard
I said anyone who says mustard is part of isys like every American is going to choose fucking catch up. You know like joking around then question fifteen goes who would rather, I said he's my boy, I'd love. If GSP came back but being a heavyweight I'd, love with Brock, Lesnar came back, he's the biggest star we've ever had and they go. Oh would you like to fight them, we went we age the biggest star ever that'd be great. If he came back yard fight 'em. That's it see. What about you saying about synonym go back to play. Grab. Well, that's just me like making a joke yeah if you want to come in the UFC and he's tired of playing grab ass in the WWE getting paid to fake fighting. Let's come back to see out love find a you know here it to, instead of like seeing it written right sure, look toward you that bullshit when they write it out. Look all I'm like. That's it, I'm like that's my friend, that's not what they meant. Man like you that was six months ago then you'll see tonight, like whatever for five weeks ago goes running shop, calls out Brock Lesnar first, while he's retired, I know
call them out. They just needed content. So then the Brock Lesnar train is crazy man. His fans came after me, like fucking, crazy, hurt my feelings. I put a statement out like yellow man, c'mon lazy, fucks sakes. How many misspelled tweets did you yeah dude, Arsene hate like when I was shit not like Tony Hinchcliffe is visits crazy, pro wrestling fan, and so when he was on the podcast, mostly just to rile him up? I was just shitting on proesel and just dump it on it and those tsunami of poorly tweets that came. My way was like what is this I had to like get my head above water to try to fit. Kids. Either extra words are not kids, either. Letters that hello, I love, I love the way ARI would deal with hate mail. Is he I just was working one night and he's just going through it every every time. The guy would send him something he would just say
The corrections of the previous thing like you're getting way better. Now, the punctuation, and it was just this whole fucking list of corrections of his script. That email no, no, like the dude to say you sucks mobile, two cases like any bright ass tricks as well. Phone man coming at me like well you're you're, fifty defend Wt work, Brock, Lesnar's, America, shit. Yes, the on America, it is yeah basic champion is made was when he was fighting all the wrestlers. They would all come out there come on watch and there's a whole front line on the right, yeah, stone, cold and Goldberg, and all those guys are there brought some monster man he's a piece is great for the sport be great if it came back well, I really still to this day, oh nice left hand by Kelly. I still to this day. Thank that Brock Lesnar. Did it the right way like a brock? Lesnar went an instead, you know doing WWE for all those years and not striking, and you know
then right going in the you have seen immediately find the best guys the world after one professional fight if they took Brock Lesnar and brought him to like an american top team like one of those professional camps with it, black zillions or you know, AJ something like that when they're gonna take you and they're going to take you through every step of the way like match you with the guy, I get a gun there. Paulson essentially did what he could when he had him, but I think a guy like broccoli. She had been brought along slowly. You should like he had the potential to be that big heavyweight. Ever I mean I know we did. He did a lot of that, but I'm saying do it over a year. The other thing is is how difficult it is to get training for a guy of that skill set in that size. You know, I mean it's like you always need condition him and get him tired before you would train with a guy like that. Well is, first of all huge an explosive, but his issue is striking. There's a lot of big guys in huh you go down the hall and inspired Daniel Ghita all day. You know you're going to learn that only that you can just do me like I'm a real believer in like if you
this bar lot and then great, you know you're tough. Already like, there's no need to do that twice a week, I go ahead and hit minutes get a good trainer him. It's all the time, you're fucking timing will be there and all that stuff put that shit together. We already know you're not afraid to get hit awesome. You know, that's the best way to do it. I think. Well, I think that guys who are going to take you like Duane Ludwig style through grills, that stimulate position that you're going to be in this is a response to that deposition. This is how you get back. Is your set up again, you know like Rob came in was really good. Yeah brown hair when he first or train with Rob came in. He saw like Rob Kaman system in Brandon when he was fighting him Dwayne. I think six gun, Gibson and and MIKE went to John, like Gibson man. He's finale, see the video he did with elbows with Cal Gardner actually does it I mean he's it's so innovative any so thoughtful about it. All these all these
just love and care for those guys, and then he puts that into him and he puts routines together. Man, there fucking fantastic yeah, there's a lot of good trainers out there. Man There's a lot of guys out there that are, you, know, Shawn Guy, so real high level stuff, and you see seeing like striking combinations, especially like. If you look at like Tj Dill services Hennon Baral, like when was last time. We ever saw a guy go from being Tj Dillashaw on the ultimate fighter, two. What two and a half three years later be in this fluid billion kickboxer week I mean you, look into moving around shuffle and switching stances like popping up with straight lefts from the fuck in South Boston and then hit him with an inside leg. Kick in you like whoa. This is literally not the same dude like that. He was three years ago. You're going to see more and more of that. How much a boy do group is with cm punk to first of all, Duke Roufus did a great job with Tyron Woodley Woodley settled down. He didn't dim empty his gas tank in his last fight
with Kelvin with Calvin Gastelum yeah you like that one was a good fight. I mean it wasn't the worst fight in the world is a good fight. Woodley broke his foot in the first round, sure yep, that's true, but this fucking shit first round, you never knew it just it just moved around like nothing, but what I liked about it is. He showed page it's in that fight like I've seen him in fights before were explodes any empties, the gas tank in the first round, and then he he a hard time in the second and third like he was way more patient, like you could almost see Duke you know and Duke style like influencing him slightly. How do you think Cm Punk's going to do? I don't think we have any idea. I don't think we have any idea. If I watch the guy do anything other than throw some kicks, which is all I've ever seen. I saw him throw some kicks and I'm hoping with every fiber of my being that he was just playing around and he actually kicks better than that, because there's like some
stage, WWE thing where he's roundhouse kicks on like a wrestling mat- and I don't understand it- I mean it's either he was playing around. Maybe that's a good thing, though, just started doing karate like a week ago or you don't understand it and he's going to mystify people well or he fucking around because he's a showman and that's you know when he's doing those things back said she's not trying to show everybody he's the ultimate battery is there? Is there any? Is there any word on who is going to fight? No word n? no word on a time table like when he's going to fight it. You know what they they did have a report from the guy who fought that make you work last that I've known so well, I could see the lab been suppressed for Joe CM punk. No,
I mean if we're going to see him punk. This is what I think. I don't think it's good for the sport. If he goes in there and he fights and people watch because he's famous, I think people will pay attention, but it's not necessarily good for the sport, if they're just paying attention, because you see him punk. However, I think it is good for this board. If he truly has a re will desire to become a professional mixed, martial arts fighter. This isn't just a money making scam. This is Noosa, publicity scam. This isn't just a one time thing. This is a guy who at x, age. Thirty, six or whatever it is, is decided. You know what I want I to Newt after my life. In that new chapters. I want to try my hand one hundred percent committed to professional fight. I think that's what he's doing I have. That is then it's good,
but he has no time frame. He's got no time what skill set yeah. We don't know we don't. We literally don't know no wrestling background noise straight back down his Nobel even know if he likes to compete right, there's no way he's got enough. Time does digits to whatever phone bell somewhere that doesn't come in. Have you been in the pan? Am's does, even though, if you like to go through a key of eight guys, they're gonna have no. No, when I say does Jitu he's doing just on the road has entered, is made. Did Eve Torres who's the day we do we great champion, so he was on the road with Eve all the time, so CA, Dunkin Henner, would work. You know once a month, so you do a potential for ten it just once a month, maybe once a month in the in the two months on the finance, what you're on stage and check this joke? No, you, you show a girl, something you're dating spur. You short triangle just so she can get her next boyfriend in the trying,
Joe Pisano. You know to mean they think they think they know digits. It is Valentine's day any! Bravo! It's Valentine's day. Even a triangle is a bit and then now my ex boyfriend type midgets yeah, I'm gonna put you in a fucking triangle. I think she could throw a laptop x go for a long time but triangle, and he was obsessed with that- were just lying in bed. I'm trying to watch Howard Stern on Y and she's trying to put me triangle, I'm like fucking God can you stop? Can you stop? it's like she's laughing, I'm I'm really trying to watch. This fucking show it's like she's trying to get into fucking triangle room and she puts in a triangle code you're, going to start crying. You are definitely going to start crying that she's killing. So I fucking you know I defend independent shit, so she puts in a triangle said you were gonna start crying, so I picked her up. I stood up just now
Aerona rampage and I picked her up. Whole glamour on the bed wasn't going to hurt her it's the fucking bed can be good on the bed on the yeah, either picture slammed with that. I want to stop this right. She she she let go. She like all the triangle, but she bounced off the glasses on the floor and she like Tweet, Theresa such crimes. You guys broke my wrist runs to the bathroom, and I all Oh my god, so I like strolling, I said I told you were going to crime? It's hot? That's the kind thing to say. I said: let's go to the emergency room right now I could come on. It's probably broken his no it's not
and I'm just trying to shut the fuck up 'cause, I'm watching Howard Stern, trying to learn. Let's go cut it off, let's get it removed, she would always exaggerate. I told her to stop with the fucking right before here and he's like no magic, there's a fire hydrant behind you Yes, I like a domestic violence dispute. What is that right? Now you just fucked up saying yeah, that's a felony to come out of the woodwork. It was some times fifteen years ago, but I work about selling the timeline document which I'm assuming the China to do not give a timeline out. You should sue Sue voice. Here is your inspiration I never hit. I just use a triangle escape wow wow, that's! Well, we penitentiary didn't win any fans
He landed more strikes, yeah one, twenty one, eighty, nine, You know the mass goes to make us feel better. I would like to see yes well, that's true, you're right, How about? How about that's? The move of the fight, the movie! The fight is one slash two play movie the fly over the finest him getting head. What that was amazing. That was a tricky punch, Well, we don't know what her arm that fight. Honestly, we really weren't watching. No broccoli key moments in the beginning, where he's getting hit by right, hooks tape. It's part of his success. You could call for cats in God to use that for argument. Actually, you know what the third stomping grounds, and he said he can either like it. It is a look in his life, she might be pretty good,
it's nice to find more interesting than whatever fights does a clip of her when she wants. She screamed and it's this fucking primal roar that it's like it's. The craziest screams ever find that Jamie. Can we find that? I bet I bet if you just go Google cat Zingano scream, watch I'll, find it right here. It seems like shut the fuck up. I don't take orders from you as a red bag but I would say that even like, even to shackle Redmond by that video would move. He just ignore me. If I only listen to Joe that's hilarious fuck that Eddie, yet the cats in gonna, smack said drunk guy cats in Kano screen. I think he deserved it screen yeah, I'm not motivated.
To look for it. Oh my god you're the one who brought it up still going to find it. You got me interested man. It works just talking about an instance after a fight where she screamed, but it the end, but it is maybe it's just like a fifteen second clip. It probably is it just not Youtube as cat Zingano scream, yet maybe it'll be now after this there will be a someone will somehow. I have faith that Jamie is going to find that mother fucking screen. I have faith I have Nathan is looking at his honor, which we fight easy, remember, Goddess member who was banned. It might have been a manual Nunez who was there last fight, but when she won she fucking what? If it wasn't what she does, what she wore
a man was not, and I was like she's an animal. It was like primal off. Okay, that's an are those real talk about her to Larry as one of just get a thick ways: she's kind of fat. Listen! That's what guys like we like girls, a little bit fat now, but the hips to waist ratio shut the fuck, no, no, no, no you're right 'cause! She was in that one movie with the third gay Hollywood. Talk a little boy, dairy, no, no she's, very different, huge from that. From that. I say I learned it from you dad, If you're going to like break it down for real, like menu, look that she does have a like. I like them, chicks. You follow like squad guides on
hi gene. You see, there's a follow brain. You have to ask ratio in girls, yeah yeah, just follow Britain's jobs in your area that you write down. No, no she's, not she's a little fix she's one of the things you with who's send us a little. She Kate, Hudson's boxy, there you go it's like a straight line. It's not getting. No should have like those sexy, curves, she's, boxy, not sick. Suggest some should I say serial date, she's pretty face big tits in it. No Kate, Upton, Chisum, Tego Bitties, though Teague they're real to she is a boxy build. And I don't think she's at sexy, You say they are real as if that's a good refrigerator. What there are so big and they're real real doll, it seems to be like the it's not anything anymore. Is it I don't feel like that's a benefit like
you know I mean I'm like get. They got a better way and I agree man, I'm with you do you like fake asses, though not at all I'm not a fan that so bad and then once you know the thing that I'm mad about, it is because the fucking legs are like little twig legs and then but this huge ridiculous says: get your fucking life right girl do something different. I don't know you see 'cause. If you, if you're born with small titties, there's nothing, you could do physically to grow. Those cities get big titties. Ask fix that fix. That all is shown is that you're lazy bitch can reshape her body correct if I did the romance of some of its genetics, you do ask what you want if you have a flat ass like mister burns, you ain't getting a bubble. Butt with uh rex. What house right, I don't know if you had to do with like nutrition power lifting some. I think you could do like who's to say. I'm
this bitch went ham on a Crossfit program squads in neutral and like the shot test, Oster right into the glutes. Well, now you're likely directly it's not my fault that might do it. Is it raining right, I bring a girl with a straight flat, ass, Mister Burns style. You can give her a bubble, but yeah, there's different body types. Now, there's like active amorphic girl, there's different bond thing is there before and after for just butts like blackness and curvature at all, yeah yeah I've seen some pretty crazy before after shots for based on yeah and hips to waist ratio. All that Brian Stann. Is there somebody nothing so good? What a fucking guy while you're eating chips on the microphone number Micro, River Wichita soccer? Really you are destroying those chips, though you're, destroying us good. How are those the salt and vinegar ones? Those are good
Vernon. I have. I have the same number. How does how does it feel when you when you first started at not doing UFC's that the first shows where they started branching out and using killer watch it better right. I like watching the commentary, but I like watching too I if, for whatever reason I never work for the UFC again, I would watch just as many fights pretty close. I want to watch. The prelims is much like the early prelims good. I just only have six hours on most days to be watching fights, but for recreation purposes like how much join it. I love always on tv. I like the fact that I don't have to go anywhere. I'm home hanging out with my friends having a couple beers watching fights. I love it. I mean I love working for the. U S c, but I love watching too. I wouldn't and if I didn't do it again, I'd rather do this and sit front row at any live event that the children- that's true, that's true how
often do you actually re watch a show. You just occasionally watch like big fights like big moments like something that was like really special to me. I just been some fights watch the I watch the same fight like two three times in a row just to let you know so you, like, while transitions or some shit and I'm depending on what the fight was like and what was going on. It was so interesting. Neil Magny Neil Magny Great the gazelle up in this bitch on that tough contract to work that mother fucker off, real on that tough class struggles really tell us about it, tell us about it. I mean I was fight Nogara for eight hundred and eight hundred and Brazil got my ass. Whooped came back on the plane with eight million yeah eighty eight gram, they created one thousand dollars, just stop and think of that. Go to see
South America and fight a world champion he's a world champion. Ledge Nogara is the fucking first guy ever there was a heavyweight that at a wicked guard I mean Nogara, is the form of pride champion legendary wars. He fucking arm bar Bob Sapp and with the craziest fights the world has ever known in your fight them and guess who knows this guy copy too bad idea, bad idea. Then I thought Prokop for ten and ten after tax is a nano Guerra fight you're looking at like, one thousand eight hundred yeah. No, I basically paid to fight no girls like thank you, sir. Here you go yeah. I thought Prokop. I think it was ten and ten. Then I got that right after that fight at to have reconstructive, no sir, what what a girl caught make that fight. He got a pay
had a fanny pack on and no fucks given like cool you, one man night nice bonus check, you got paid scroll copy deserves to get page, and I'm saying I didn't deserve that money at the time. I think I had four fights in the UFC fights in the oc. You gotta get your nose fixed reconstructed, no surgery after broke up that he hit me with that elbow and it shattered my nose like completely shattered everything in my nose second round. Two was like why the fuck am I so tired, I'm in great shape, and I couldn't breathe out my nose blood just going gushing down, throw had six would have to do. They went in they put like some mess thing in it because all the bones were so fractured and like tiny fractures, but some nesting in it, I was trying to get a legit nose job as a you know, Doc take a take a little off the tip from under the knife. Doug makes makes things look good he's like NASA. Now what I do yeah you don't want to give you some weird.
Then they know that these brackets up there than stitch demand so wouldn't move out to chill like that for six weeks was the most pain I've ever been in up in pain, because every day got a dick to tone down the take it to know she's at a doctor, who's like oh I'm cool, I'm hip here, two hundred oxy cotton as a kalya got the things taken out next thing. I know I'm still filling the prescription Papa every single day, demon notice. Finally, a buddy had to come to the house and take him for whoa, some in how many, when you take in a day price, six oxy cottons, Oh, my god, this was right after I fought Crowe cop I'd like one thousand and eleven months left because of it, and then I flat nogara after that you had a one thousand and eleven month layout because of Oxycontin addiction, no because out of nose job. But how long did the oxycontin addiction a fuck? That's why I tried doing it hardcore for like four months
for my friend down at my my best friend Joe Costa, and came over and took him for what kind of stupid shit were you doing on it where they had to intervene? They just knew let's take him nonstop, like whatever we do, how are you at and they must have been because if you were just normal like this people, wouldn't even no. I wasn't really don't like this because I'm not a like. I I'm not I I'm not everywhere. Were you sleeping all day? I think I was just out of it all the time like out of it. You know I'm a guy talks a lot. I think I'll, just kind of like this fuckin asshole, who just like chilled like it'll be just laying around super to, but that's also stupid, to press on. How do you take in a super duper? How is it coming off of a horrible? How did it feel super? that she has real irritable all the time, and now I gotta fight with no gear up perfect timing. Perfect must have been great, so you fought my terrified after you got off of those pills how long after you have to look at that, I'm sure people can look it up not far after
and then so I went off those painkillers fired. My striking coach. I was so sick this how stupid I was as a young fighter. I was so sure I was going to knock knock her out. I didn't go to Brazil, the striking coach just like now, I don't need woman not come out. Then that goes fucked your head up, sideways fuck me up. That's a crazy thing that a doctor could just start prescribing them like that. Isn't it weird like you, don't have to go to them to get your pill like you could, about two hundred once I yeah we want you do whatever you want. I mean that's, that's one of the weirdest things about, like doctors, give any pills, I've I've surgery, since I got my hand when my neck after transplant, but the aims of from my neck, I don't take them anymore. Really. I don't fill the prescription, is they take years out yeah they have okay, I deal with the pain yeah. I had three surgeries in the and I don't take a I'm, not I'm in their house, so bad man with the missing you be sitting on a chat on your. That is a lot a lot he's a. I asked to it's a
But I figured it's like it's a trick anyway. It doesn't it just make remind pretend you're somewhere else, the pain still. All there. It's like a distraction and I'm like fuck. It I'll freeze what with ice or I'll, take x, take tylenol or whatever for pain and I'll, just fucking get through it for sure. Do you still have those bills, though or yeah? I went to both my knee surgeries with no pills 'cause. When I my ACL done, the first knee surgery, my left knee they gay, I don't remember what it was was your vicodin or percocet. I don't remember. I want up selling them at the pool hall, but I took it, I took one hit. Was so out of it. I would rather have the pain. I'd rather have the people. I love that feeling I don't like it at all. I don't like it at all. I don't but I say I don't like it at all, but I used to fuck in love night Quil, the all night Quil with Cody. Remember when I was a little kid and just going into loosen genic state off, that is awesome dude I took it
one streaming the last time I took it. It was more than ten years ago, but I was sick and I got a hold of those before they took the coding out and I just felt like, as I would a guy got some Michael I'll take this idea and I hadn't taken it since I was a kid, and I just melted into that bed that Cicero have before before the rapper. I did feel that little Wayne censored as the truth. I felt so good in that shit. Right now, Michael how's, your boy, Neil Magny, you would drink some syrup, but you won't fuck with cons, yeah, that's right. Okay, thank yeah, one, one of one room, but I can only other didn't yet know. Maggie's, looking good and he saw me at this altitude. His cardio is going to be beast. Cardio is always nasty and lives up here. Trains up here and he's got style where he never like he's not burning out any fast twitch muscle fibers. He stays on you at like a seventy five percent pace.
Always yeah, it is biggest thing. Is confidence. Man he's get more calm, but he's always had the skills confidence. The only thing that's missing and with the Magni as like knock out, power? You know it's missing. He just he just not mean Niels now he's not I make name in the fucking Gazelle there I mean because of an aggressive bone in his body, right, nickname the gazelle, but he's a he's, a very competent fighter, like you definitely knows how to fight huge reach. Good cardio he's a beast: men he's a smart, fighter's fights very smart, very smart yeah he's one of those dudes. It's on a win streak to know we're talking about no talk so he's on a seven seven, five, eight six, six, nine one, seven yeah! I mean that's amazing in this
vision. Well, he's on the main card says someone's talking about it. Yeah, yes, in Boston, he's in Denver in Denver, yeah and it's on a it's a fight at night and where yeah he lives there. He lived with Nate Marquardt for ad for men. I think getting all place nine better. Yes, what did you think about Nate's? Last five is that hard to watch super hard to watch uh I sent him a text said hey. I need you to come in for a podcast, Joe Rogan. Skin. Now for reals, though they can be seen. I don't goes like I've learned and evolved through this. I don't know you know what I think do That's a lot of Terrell man. No, I wouldn't do it unless I love them not for me to watch man with Nate, especially Nate was my hair and I missed that flight. What happened you just look back. I guess Lobrada bars looked really fucking good,
not taking anything away from Nate, I think, makes a really good fighter but Brad to far as is becoming like some special right now. I get that but Nate Nate Marquardt need a young Nate Nate. His prime was a fuck. Oh yeah, be so well. The best ever really he's a very good fighter. If you watch the combination in the finished Tyron Woodley off within Strikeforce when he won the title, That's right! Yeah dude! That's some! little Kombat Shit, yeah, spinning elbow yeah, you look beautiful, look Nate's been around a long time, It's been fine since you seventeen, you know who gave me insight into Nate. Is you when you told me that he was one of his main sparring par? it was Shane. Carwin is me and shane- and I wear is only three of us here in in the channel yeah, but just think is someone fighting at one. Seventy whose bars which Sheik car I mean. Maybe is one eighty five at time, but when Nate was fighting in one hundred and eighty five, he wasn't really cutting any wait. No walked around like one hundred and ninety two yeah that's use fighting with Shane who was walked around two hundred and eighty meows too.
Body at that should say what number. What was that number assault. The song to eighty, the greatest training partner to work on for work, she sighed insight into now. So you know my yeah, that's not good for your brain. No! It's really not good for your brain. Can I was saying as the heart as you never been here. It is like his in a clinch and the like, under hook in their house that- and he says, is to just this far away his. Is it just that and he's like and Belle RON like fuck nobody, nobody hit, nobody hits like. She seems to stand and bang with Shane. Undoubtedly this dude, not good men, explain, shut up,
All of us are just Pontius love, just stop and think about everybody that Shane Carwin is spartan. Dude the Shane Carwin, like his hands, are so stupid. Big. Do that literally, like lunch boxes, they, like some fucking Thor Lunchbox shit. Some hammer the end of his rest. Would you wear for excel yeah yeah? I love ever biggest ever yeah yeah, but your gloves and rock yeah. I do things bigger than Brock. That's what people understand Fox, lower leg, lower body part. Isn't that big, like quads yeah his cabs, aren't that big chains like a Fuckin Mack truck yeah Shane, is a big fucking. Do. Do you know what I would love to see what happened with sheen, if you didn't have all those injuries from football, because football and wrestling yeah both of those but but they're back into
these two neck back and Spine X, fucked up all that stuff is just so debilitating. That's it removed so much athleticism. So much explosion like a fighter becomes so different when they have a back neck injury, but when change Club, Frank Meyer, we're in the same camp. Obviously I forget who I was getting ready for maybe croak a porno guy forget but Shane. Maybe him it's three times. Maybe train, not much man. Rolling
breaks off, Frank did know flux given well. He hit the gas from the opening round, yet under hook yeah he got tied up and it was hidden with left upper cuts that just looked like he might have sparred literally three of sons. That camp was perfect because you know that wasn't sparring. I was an whipping, I mean he just he grabbed a hold of them and beat the out of them. It was. It was a hard one to watch, because that one, I think you took way too many shots, not fight Amir did I mean I think that could have been stopped earlier. Just Shane's short, powerful punches were just ruthless and not fight seemed a little too relaxed in the clinch since the cage. Will France, coach, Frank coach goes relax here, relax here, you're doing fine of card after the first one that really yeah hell. No you doing in car with the Underhook. That's it that's where he makes his live
Everyone knows she incarnates under which you better get the fuck out. I'm gonna get fucked outside. She need like to wrestle either. He don't want to wrestle ever what is your insight with a guy like is continually getting injured? What do you think? That's about? Listen What we're doing with the wrestling he how long you've been competing for you, don't seem to be wrestling and now he's been getting ready for for ever, for MMA went straight into it. I just think is by never had a break, find the bodies like you know. I mean we can't do this anymore, which is right. Do this anymore? You you guys, like George Santa still I mean. Did anyone hear things due to set those from those to fight with Kane is the same as crazy that dude, like he's just not the same now he just had surgery on his hand and knee so so much junior, did he just after after Steepe, yet another surgery then yet surgery before that fight. So your body
honey, something and eventually your body just like we can't do it. You can't compete at this level anymore. When you see this deep, a fight. Do you think that that was just Steepe just getting better and better and better? Do you think it was junior sliding off a little bit or anything was a combination of both combination both, I think, Steve Bays. Look better. I've seen stupid. He had to keep are used to be a training part of mine. I used to fly Steepe into Denver, he's a beast, steep Razorbeast Ebay's, a tough guy. He looked very good. I think blacks, e Ebay look better. I think something that yeah really. I thought that was the best performance of steep based query. I thought he rose up. I mean I thought his timing The super sharp his boxing look good in the first round. To let you know he did take some shots, but in the first running let junior know like hey. This is going to be some for sure not to so yeah. Like I don't know, if you thought I go, I'm not fighting came last guest is going to be nice. We get a little bit of a break, then nope no break Yes, I'm trying to kill you. He went Adam and it was beautiful,
thing juniors the same anymore. I don't think I mean you can't get your ass whooped for that for ten rounds and be the same. Can't think that's just what it is. I think you I have so many rounds in your career, doesn't matter whether you do it in one fight, if you do five in one fight, if you do one here too, and this right. There's only a certain amount where your body just shuts it down. There's a certain. Everybody shut it down, but zero period in time, which is starts declining, obviously like you see it declining and then they still fight for five, six more years: one hundred percent! You see that with everybody, everybody. Press two junior because he's making Sears Bank because she right on on right now, yeah yeah could mag traffic trying to get his guard passed. But you take that says. The battle of the guard pass right here:
Now anyone you know on all the go to from half guard that you know when you see do is just kind of hanging on in these positions. When you see guys on the bottom, does that frustrate you when you see guys a don't attack or does it like? Does it like open you up to possibilities like way? Hey my students get in a situation. You can see some like how do you like when you look at this, and you see like all these like? If you look at what you would be doing in this situation, I would never have the balls to get in the cage and do any of that first of all images and that's very beautiful yeah, but I mean, when you say just from a technical aspect, if you see guys on the ground and they're there in in positions in the garden, you see like sloppy guard work, is it frustrate you
or does it make you think, like hey, you know look. This is just great, for you know why fighters guys, like Ben Saunders, that are trained to shit going off yeah he's like I don't like. Being on the bottom, I'm gonna go ahead and say: fuck you, oh it's level slipped underneath, but still that cardio Neil Magny yeah the save them. If we get a mean streak, there's just so much to train when you're, when you're fighting them in May, and it's a really really smart thing to do when you first start getting and animated get your striking together, because this is the worst possible thing that can happen. Is you get your you get knocked off?
log out that way worse than getting choked out getting getting put in a rear, naked choke, it's kind of humiliating specially for strikers like fuck, but nothing is worse than getting shut off and doing the fish. That's the worst nightmare. So you have to spend so much time on your feet to make sure that shit don't happen. 'cause these guys are animals that there's not that much time to really get super technical with your Jiu Jitsu there's There's not that much time. So when I see just vanilla, JU, Jitsu or whatever you want to call it from from fight it's it's sick! That's what I expect it's like! They don't have the time. I understand that there they're spending most of their time with their striking shed. If I was found under my hands. Someone said I have to do a may. Add we spending my time striking all day trying to avoid that that the worst case scenario just getting shut off, you know so there's just some,
I'm in so many hours in the day. You just can't train everything. Now you know let him Neil Magny's beating this yeah. So it's really shit. I think he broke him when he hit him with that left. You know what I mean. Breaking them in the altitude into him behind the head. No, I guarantee let him get to the ramp. Who is the best in the business men? I don't know. I think you might have been able you might have been at the doorway there about fifty home boys would have been a Badcock is looking at no, but I'm saying now could have landed more shots through. That's a Russ for man. I never ever ever had a dream to do and and and just not like a barbarian. I just I would have done it by back. We'll get was against the wall. If I had to. Luckily I did some things and you get to where I didn't have to fight, but my back was against the wall.
And I had to work at a regular job. Waking up at five hundred and thirty in the morning or MA. I would do a memory, but I would be happy about it. I understand I'm not that God, I'm not Brandon, you guys are fucking animals, Manta fucking Wanna, do it and want the big fights and want to do it in front of the whole world. I'm like ninety nine point, nine, nine, nine, nine percent of the population. We don't have the Kohl's there's only a tiny percentage of guys, I'm not one of those guys how like jujutsu it's close I'll get, and if I had a gun to my head I would doing today, but I'm not I'm not a barbarian Jews, fucking nerve, racking, two men. Why Metamoris? I really didn't think my nerves are get to me fight earlier. I would like shop you're up on the go shit yeah, but is an eagle thing really that just carefully guys MMA is ego and physical. It's non physical and physical, all manner yes in the one boom. That's why the Lori is so beautiful when you win that glow everyone, you know I've never knocked anyway.
Yeah, the UFC, but I see- and I could feel it when Chuck Liddell knock someone out he does not. He does right now. The whole world is watching anything about the party and all that shit? But when you lose, my man is not what I was an idiot. That's why the glory is so Beautiful because would losing feels worst ever so most people like that glory is the ultimate everybody wants that glory, but the rich You have going the other way, who's too risky. So most people don't have the balls. You guys are like fucking playing the lottery like we're going to fucking. Do it and you're happy about you can't wait that ringing Ben Saunders, and he loves every aspect of fighting I've sat down had many conversations with. Then then. This is one of the coolest he's got his fucking whole spirituality together an madam
So impressed with Ben as a person and Benz candles on it too yeah man, you know he's right there. It's like what time we do not proceed. Continue. Please yeah! They now NY is gonna, be really famous watch if you can give it a personality on the mic. Yeah damn, oh my god, put it on amount, It's awful Neil marry me start with the gallery. Don't there's no land of mine hire you as a personality. Cause she's got his cardio sane. So what I was other guys after they told my mobile payment fighters, they gotta go through you. Then you take a three week. The branch out into the ground, we're shop. What I was asking, I know how you feel that in the main you fighting- that's not what I meant. What I meant was like when you see all these openings on the ground being like a guard specialist. Is it like? Do you go to the front?
Thank you that people don't know this shit. No, there's no frustration. Does it give you a feeling of like look? This is good. That's my guys know how to do shit that other guy, aren't doing in MMA in the more mma fighters are coach with the right techniques. The more we're going to see this kind of stuff man. I You know what to say to that. If you see shitty technique, you're not like come on son. I don't know man, I don't know what to say about that. What do you say about that? I mean is too high right now. Frustrates me sure, I'm not I'm not I'm not frustrated. I understand the situation. I understand where the mentality of the whole thing and I've I've been backstage and talk to so many fires, the UFC for so many years and king of the cage I've been in the business making money for a long time backstage watching their lives and the more I work backstage the more to me, I'm like that's too much pressure for me,
see what these guys are going through. All these guys going not only the fighters but like the apparel brands and everyone is trying to start their own apparel brand, and I, like I remember back in two thousand and one rage athletic all. I remember that yeah yeah yeah yeah. I see these guys, we put all their money, but we're going to do with Emma is getting big. I got her clothing line and you just see them come and go so after a while, you see the UFC fighters coming through and like the tough fighters and doing it for so many years on the odds that you're going to be around the years are so not good they're, not good. I like talking like your loving life right now, enjoy that shit. You know, enjoy people weren't lasting. Look, you look at the USDA years ago, you put on a gift evening. These fighters are
it's you know the average Bruce buffer and a half exactly average current NFL's three one slash two years when you, if you know this right away, it's like a scared straight program, all these little kids that want to be fucking, mma fighter. You put it through a scared straight and you have him sit down. Fucking, not say any names, but I mean there's guys that are just fucking broken from it, but I mean we're going to say: I don't know. I think that's a different thing like that. Like that's a thing of a guy going, I want to make my living as a fighter, and I want to be like I'm looking at the lights, and I know who I want to be George, Saint Pierre, something as opposed to dudes that are real mother fuckers that are going. I just like this. I like to do this whether there was money, whether there was money or not, my heart needs this expression in this venue, and I want to feel that pressure and see who I am under, that, like that's a whole diff
kind of thing at one guy, but what I wanted to ask you was: what do you think about all this class action? Lawsuit? Stuff? That's going! Oh shit! I couldn't believe that recently I couldn't believe the MAC Danzig and Gabe Ruediger became a part of it. There's a new class action. Lawsuit I've had people hit me up. What are you crazy? What is what is it? What does it mean like? What are they doing? I'm understanding what a guy who's okay Ruger, like what could he be soon for I'm, not I've I've? I I see, I don't know the details. What they're soon for I just know it. They want the fighters to have more of a say and then get paid better. That's right! A medical class action lawsuit because shins and nothing right there yeah so, but what do they possibly? What's that? What are they saying in a crowded?
Did you know? I don't know? I want to go several times, damn yeah! So do you, so it's I'm not touching it just for the record course. I'm not Chin Y feel make a very good living mess with the UFC. I feel like it's a bunch of people that are like, especially lawyers, are getting involved in this. I recognize that there's blood in the water there's a guy that called Maine. That call things do. You know anybody that wants to get involved in this and he's just some random lawyer from Fucking Texas. That was like two weeks ago like this is grosser than gross are. Do you think a guy like gay? The girl or guy like Mack Dans it could. Mac could already Iraq a good career, one, the ultimate fighter and you know, had decided he wasn't taking shots well anymore and it brought a very eloquent piece about it and I respect MAC. A lot is of
a smart, great dude. I like to see him that he's in it I go wow. This is, I wonder what this is. I wonder, like I mean total speculation, I would have to ask, but if, if some guys are like you know hey, this is the end of my career, I'm not fighting anymore, so I don't have to worry about pissing them off. I got a want them to hire me. That's what, if you think you can get me some money? Let's do it that some ambulance chasing bullshit, that's what it is. I think it's week like the sport needs to change, and it does Dana knows this. Everyone in this room knows this. Certain things have to change. If the fighter add a union there's, no reason we shouldn't. We show that the? U every other major leagues do yeah the unions that exist in other sports. They benefit the players for shore, but it, I think, the the difference being that there's a bunch of different seems, like I say if Seattle doesn't want you anymore than Boston, wants you there's like New England wants you, you can travel around and be
part of different teams and that's where most of the negotiation takes place with the UFC. The issue that people have is that there's a UFC there's no teams is just like everybody is playing for the same team. There's one fucking team that teams the UFC: it's not the NFL, because the NFL comprise comprised of a bunch of different businesses. People own the Seattle Seahawks they own the Miami Dolphins, they owned the raiders but they're all under one branch there under the NFL Umbrella there. Under the NFL umbrella, and part of this union is when, when so, these, just for the NFL, these nfl play. These are destroying their bodies, destroying the brains for whatever that
Kristin F years. So they're saying for those three and a half years. What we've given you? We should be compensated for down the road, which is a hundred percent yeah, there's there's without a doubt, there's some merit in that. There's definitely some merit if, if they were ignorant of the facts, but now the fax been exposed you know, which is what the claim about concussions and nfl and in men I mean, I think it's because of boxing's cause them in May, because everything once you once it's all on the table and like the medical facts and everything in order like you you gotta say: ok, you didn't know, and they didn't know. But now you do know ok. So now, if you do know, you have a certain amount of responsibility to take care of the people that are under your protection. So what does it entail to have seat
What are the issues that these athletes could possibly be dealing with? You got to mitigate whatever the issues that come along with those those athletes being a token cost on a regular basis. You got to mitigate that. You got a mitigated by management. You got a mitigated by counseling whether it's you know what having some of those are. Sports icon having someone who's a neurosurgeon or neuroscientist, rather that you see on this examinations, yeah cat scans, all that jazz, they should check you out on a regular basis and that's great and I, but they, those guys, should also be comes shut down the road for risking their life being enter Well, certainly, how about? How about you, hello, hello, this and I've been through this, my life, you know it's up in the home start. You start all that, but like what about? What about that? Any kid that goes into into football, like your and you're playing football throat, throat, throat, high school in high school, are those parents a subject in child abuse. Then '
'cause you're putting your kid in a position where they're getting concussed study. I think you got a good point man. I think that I mean I see. I see these kids aren't dedicating their lives to football for hope they are not really there trouble Mormonism are some of them. Are I mean there's? there's. Some can all these loser parents that are like I want my kitty. Their parents realize it. You got a big kid like say, Brendan Shop. I know you're happily involved, but what, if some big Serena, I am sucking bitch we just like the perfect I say bitch with all due respect. Of course, it's a beautiful super athlete is what I'm trying to say if some enormous fucking volleyball player like was that chick's name, the Gabrielle Reece if you want to sling some some make some little Lebron James, make some x men, babies and then you really know how to percent, but but maybe you're a dude who, like you, always wanted to coach. You know you just wanted to coach little guy from the jump. So you get.
Little mother, fucker, you like. Listen you little mother fucker! You got some killer jeans, so Savage to make some money and your kids like daddy, but I want to paint flowers. I wish I was born. A girl get the football football neither hot Betamon a MAX Holloway in our boy, cold Miller, ready to go at it, so she called Miller some respect. I love that dude he's a fun guy to hang with he's down to throw down and Comanche, one accelereyes bad cold. I never goes back, is great Khali MAPS right going to be the difference. Is cats and get off he's going to win MAX? Is taken not fucking, cold Miller struck is pretty God, damn good. He not have Ross Pearson with a left hook. This is true yeah. If you are very good yeah Ross Pearson, is a fucking piece.
Call Miller digits on the ground. Cold Miller's whole family is down to struggle, clarifies dad still fights his dad. My in MMA, yes in shot MA. I sound like his dad this after his dad is cool as fuck too, and then his brother brother, brother, Microsoft, father I'll fight Dan, all cool as fuck yeah, all of 'em cool as fuck there but my Camila all bring drama all there. All game is fuck bound, they're ready to throw yeah there's just like you, don't want to fucking burglarized, their house Hey your boy ideas. What do you tell him Josie and fight more? No Nick Nick? Well, I think Nick is going to take a well deserved vacation now. I hope they don't take any money away from him. I don't know what happens with the weed thing. I hope I hope,
the same thing, but he only fights once every two years anyway. Well, it's not a big deal. I I hope it's no big deal because I think it's stupid unless its a fighting. This is third stronghold. Why it's a stupid law with the road less he's for I'm, I'm I'm my concern. Always with that with these kind of things is like what are they doing is helping them fight a could. Could there be an argument that the judge just smoking weed helps, is due get zoo and that helps us training? It helps his cardio when it rains and yeah there could be an argue. Yes, it is. It was a recent argument about ultra marathoners ultra marathoners. There were just talk about they're able to they run ultramarathons way easier when they get high yeah. They were in a straight line. Now these guys a run over hills. They do have a still running straight, but I feel that way, but I don't it's it's hard mandate that it's the what's happening with the the the marijuana is it reduces information and allows
U2 Numb the pain like you're, not thinking about it, you're pretty darling do is fuck your ceiling. It knocked out yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. No, I don't think it's. I don't think it's a performance enhancing. It is for Jujitsu. Another thing unless it's bullshit that has been written, that Meryl no actually opens long. Passageways actually opens your law, What are you saying about battleship Jamie? But that's what they're saying they're saying that that's what happens hold on a second, what performance performance enhancing they test for it they don't test for it. But you know it's almost enhancing when people do it bigger, yeah, no makes me feel, look I'll! Tell you what it works with the phone number. The whole thing that time dilation that's a real carrying trays like all that stuff about being in a result like that, that's there's a lot. Studies into that, there's other guys can talk over each other. There's a book called the rise of Superman that they went into all these studies about the zone about being in that flow and
time, dilation and and we'd like cannabis. Does that for people that gets you into that state quicker, we become a heightened, morally animal yeah it can, for some people, like Nick Diaz, loves it. So I've got a few. Let Nick Diaz smoke Weed he probably fight better on weed. You know it helps your cardio man. It just does like people. Don't want to admit that, but marathon runners report that they report it makes it easier for them to go, hardly hunger. Ok, alright, let's say it does all this shit either way. Anderson Silva was on some anabolic shit. That's illegal. We know for a fact that helps for Now, there's no argument. There there's no argument there. The real question is: is it helping Nick during his training like? Is it a performance enhancer? Does Allow him to train in a better way in some. But you know what guess what, though dude so, does a lot of shit that people do so this God, damn cryotherapy that we do that cryotherapy
most people recover so does creatine is fish oil? It's like there's a lot of shit that water is a hell of about captain. I gotta question for you then as well. They decided to legalize steroids? He did everyone? Could you steroids? Would we see fighters jump? up in way or staying here. All the Father look like fucking, Alistair Overeem. In twenty twelve right now seriously just fucking K1 pride days, Probably you would get bigger did want to get bigger. I don't know what I would do. Would you get bigger if it was legal, would you use it? I They say we're going to lead over question for him 'cause. He could go away pepper at that point. I'd say, show me the money again. I got to go up to get the money and it's legal exactly so boom most people just stay in the Senate. Right yeah were you trying to have you a? I would looks like yeah right right, that's a different yeah, but for you, though,
he like, wouldn't really be affective to add more muscle mass, like your optimized physically for your frame at one hundred and seventy degree, I would say so so if you're going to go to one hundred and eighty five like, if you like say, do it, but if you want to do it, if you look at it like was super objectively with no desperation at all. What's the most snow, it was the most intelligent way to plan that out. How long do you think you would take to put on that kind of mass and and keep in and just to go to? Have you wait? No, no! No one! Eighty five! You like if you're gonna go to one eighty, five, you really let you decide, I'm going to be a middle way fighter. Now, I'm in a band in this idea of cutting weight, staying lean and restricting my calories and dehydrated myself. How big would you want to get I I may add, roughly just try to do the same thing. I'm doing for one hundred and seventy just obviously we're dealing with fifteen pounds heavier so, but what would you do? Would you give yourself year like to like? If someone says I mean I mean I start at my first. Four flights were what I wanted one hundred and eighty five, but
stepping on the scale. With jeans, alright, well, rail right, like lowered yeah, just rolled it was. He was my first four fights you're saying if I was in the UFC and out of sight at one hundred and eighty five, honestly I don't know the science behind my body type and how long it would take me to produce that much additional muscle man, but it's something that you would have to really consider right. Yeah like if I was going up to one hundred and eighty five, I don't know if I was going up to one of the guys that you wouldn't even do it like, if not stressed, or we could say the same right well. The reason why I was asking was one reason is because Henderson tonight you just fought at one hundred and fifty five months ago and now he's stepping in here tonight and he's fighting thatch who's. A giant fucking welfare walked right now will be he'll, be one hundred and ninety in the cage he's a big boy, six to six thousand one hundred and ninety Hayes law lean any super aggressive, great straw, I bet Ben Henderson, ten, eight thousand one hundred and seventy that's where he was when he was cut.
Fifty five, but since then he I bet he pregnant so far articles I better get gained five pounds, so maybe he's like well Lady, who knows mermaid will be better at one hundred and seventy, where he's not dehydrated, so maybe like a rumble Johnson types of jewish, don't don't you think, like steroids and p DS benefit really one hundred and eighty five about, because those bladder guys really aren't. You maybe use an epl who knows, but there really not going to use the Anna Box, it 'cause they can't put on maybe not the antibodies more prevalent at the higher weight class. Hope for recovery during training, yeah yeah yeah, but they got cut weight. I bet a lot of them as a little sure just a little bit for recovery but like if you could do growth in a little test, all the time to stay, recovered and do Today's all the way through and not suffer over training as much and then get clean. The only going to gain that much like that
Belco Dude man. He was interesting as fuck that you talk to him and he's a fascinating guy, and you know what man one of the things he's been saying over and over again, is that these testing techniques or ineffective and that these urine tests are given fighters or just it was called bullshit on him. He was saying they were just these are tell I Q tests yeah yeah. What's the name was vocal cats needed to contact Ryan, but I had on the park Cassie interesting cat. You should listen to it's all over main now he looks vindicated in my opinion. I mean he's vindicated. I thought he was suit. Were they dogging him about? I apologize to everybody going to John Fitch would never put socks. I said Bj John Fisher, the other worlds guys are ever piss hot and when John FISH piss hot, I found out that Santa Claus wasn't real. I really like you to. Please: have you seen him in the cloud? So that's the first thing I notice like that, doesn't look like Regular John Fitch John Fitch has some big biceps with
giant water hose vain coming through. I still want my user id sees candies. I still didn't believe it he stupid. Do you think it's possible that wasn't? That's all I need another test. Anderson Silva said the same shit well and Silva strain of you ever seen. The picture of Anderson Silva Strainer Jasso, someone posted at Larius he's sixty and that's like the whole is really close to him and he's a trainer that guys always around Anderson. Don't do it as a good dude. I like that, like I just ate that guys sandwich, I did never inject anything. We shared a lunch. We shared a lunch one time and he give me a foot massage bigger muscle mass, isn't going to actually maybe dictate that you're going to
better use of that muscle mass. You know what I mean they have been slower. Well, the lightest guy in the UFC and title fights it's pissed hot is been I'll it I'll e boutin d, p o stop for you, which is the best thing to pass out for two with the po at that weight. Well, if at that weight kick rocks, you know what he's got a he wanted to be able to do. What he does, which is he has like, is very kinetic style. We use a lot of muscle. He explodes a lot and that shit gets you, God, damn exhausted. One hundred and two things is there are possibilities fighting mighty mouse who sold the opposite of that mighty mouse is super technical error. He's always in the right position even when he knocked out like Joseph Benavidez was like some crazy wind up punch. You know, through all his body weight into it just to protect the goal is so he could do that for a hundred rounds. If somebody wants to fight my name ask for a hundred rounds, you pry fight you for a hundred Rachael Miller, just pulled a gun hands. Yeah I used to pulling guard earlier by the cage. The
oh, like action is a little high. I really believe I believe leg lock we're going to come back in a big way and Emma may look at this cold miller- oh sweet. He might have it he's gotta. Let go that one site, though right he's under now he's caught up. He doesn't have it. Oh no problem! I don't think he should punch. I think, should defend the leg lock and get out there guys usually get tapped out when they go to punch strike before No, did you see Ian Freeman Boxy charm, my boss fired whether she is, I'm not mad. I don't get me wrong. I will kick her out of my bed. I just want to hunger.
You'd marry her. I would not marry if she wanted to marry. You no sign up. No, oh, my god. I love running, it's got to dinner and you guys went out seeking out you see this that I want to marry. You know much money she's. My girl makes her look like Oscar. The grouch yeah girl makes sure that, like Oscar the grouch with his head, that's funny, that's I thought the joke and that's exactly like with some joy was and how it is that we sent to exert Oscar the grouch with
six probably smells like I'm too lazy see that bit thirty feet come in here, boxy, you don't be boxy at twenty two either by the way you really don't 'cause. When you get thirty, two will look different. Forty forty year leave hot a serious issue, hard narrows it. Never talk about a guy's physical attributes. He's gotta get his ears were. I know somebody in Beverly Hills. You just gotta, do some about those ears. Why I heard Rihanna? Would I, unlike fucking TMZ, I heard Rihanna Bro dealt with Leonardo, Dicaprio 'cause said he just yeah. It's too much of a belly. They were dating yeah, so god- and she said he had too much of a bell. Yeah asked me to six bed for her really good for her. Some like supermodel is again don't get on. That was balls deep in some supermodel wow
cool story, Bro and then just flat somewhere. Did you hear this story from on line man bjpenn dot com. Is there a worse? There were sensitive than that lowers play barstool, I'm all over that she's. The much Ria got That's really like him. Oh sure yeah. He did not fucking time to workout. 'cause he's doing a list movies, all the over here? Picking up all these Oscars bitch and blow? I mean like that's why Chris Brown whoop that ass talking that way that did Django performance, that's aggressive, hate, Fletcher just went there. Did you hear that. Did you seem into Django? Did you not hear what type it is incredible? Incredible, damn MAX Holloway just landed a nice right hand.
You know what you don't see notes. Watch anime that Roy does so well is that question mark kick like. I was just looking cold Miller grazed, the top of his head with a kick, and I was like that. Kick will you come up and it looks like a front And then you turn into the brazilian style Cerrone. Does it almost everything he does? He pulled guard again writes another leg, log look at that Rory, I thought you gonna say: do you work so only so good at it yeah that seems really does out go a lot of dudes. You know. Who's that to who the very first person I ever ever saw, do it and not going to do it out, Mark hearts good nope right in that, really right is that you know you know put Pedis can do both motor. This shows up. All yeah can do both like a mother fucker. Oh no, I hope damn it's bad too son.
He's like looking for parts of his eye in his palm damn Oh, my God, business show Disney his structure. That's all you guys. All leading to this have aren't sure. Is that we all share the ball. Is I hope, it's the eyebrow. I hope it's eyebrows. Look at this look at PO. It's a heads up, good! Thank God, good good! It's only! I had no big deal, God damn. Unless it's the back shut down my eyes, so horrible spot other than what I imagine it's a big cut, which was his brain coming out through waving. I'm looking at the blood coming down there and I was assuming that that whole thing was cut. I don't think that you know it's not that bloody for what it is that, with the referee said they keep going, but he said you gotta clean my I yeah.
Going in my eyes, do they bring somebody? Rep was waving it off to Maine. He was, No, no, no, but he's not going to clean get off. I don't understand this, So then, what do they do to the you? Don't they usually clean it off of there is that I had, but I get cut Like that, they have to look at the doctor come in or someone come in and look at it, yet they usually that's why I would think they would do it only if the fighter can. Those who don't affect why right yeah, it's affecting his eyes, he's trying to wipe it out of his eyes. The only issue in the wife is going around my they don't stop there in the eye. That is not that the doctor, the the referee rather is coming over to talk to them. He gets five minutes right. Five minutes yeah, so you saying it: let's go, yeah. Let's go warming sometime this fire guys up. This could be the change in the match. You know, I'm saying do gets paid well, do like cold Miller he's been fighting angry since he was a baby. It's it's in his jeans, he's from the S gold Miller. Could Georgia scraps
Is that inside, like I don't know that MAX Max an Ben Henderson have the exact same back? Tattoo identical is true now, but isn't Bensons like angel wings, and his is like one angel in one devil. Is it I think MAX? One of them is like a devil wing. One of 'em is an angel. I'm not sure someone has that one of the guys wings, the wilder yeah. I know your rights is that right once a little different? Is it either to did you say mostly what he turns around and that we can see what I am. There is one fight yeah that it they're both they're different, maybe just two different kinds of birds. One dude has it where, once I looks like like batwing, you know, I think it's at all. Yeah his right one looks like a bat wing that left one looks like you're, not good at all images. This is getting real gay boys, Mooneyes nice. We haven't gotten low, yet.
You know, like sponsors like Alien, where it's gonna be weird in the not allowed to sponsor UFC fights I've you see in that that alien logo for so far yet is it said one It is like a devil value. Right, yeah orange shoes. But it's going to be sad. Seeing those those sponsors go, those portulaca specially Alienware man they've been around so long supporting fighters. I bought a Alienware computer, even use them to sponsor my podcast, just to sort of. You're, still Bella Tori, to say that you know just to respect them, because you know it's like it's a big deal. Female high busa they've been yeah yeah I have. Yes, they have high Cemex the best ankle straps. They cover the whole instead they're the bad they're, the only brand the covers all
kill. That right has like on the padding or no my wrong there's, let's kind of like padding right that I pads in the shit man, they are the best type ads like there's a real difference in like how they feel to the guy holds him after I would be done. Holding him with you, I would my triceps would be burning up. Super sore posted. How long have you got some kind of weird yeah, but again it's a long time screaming twice. Have you seen those that's uh, That is a horrible bad place, yeah, yeah, yeah, terrible idea, terrible all right. Now with the best in the business can do. Did you see the cut? It got big I think you got bigger
final punch when there is in the guard right before the bell was right on the button. Again, oh really yeah see that's kind of fucked up right. Oh look at this. No, that's nothing! they're terrible. I lied, but it's not like. I had a it's just like he's Robin is like this is going to assign and all yeah it's unfortunate that your ice block up but well the mind of mine, a kind of a no no soul for so when he's grabbing his head in there. Let's be honest, though, for June he's a he's a where's had yeah is hit in the gut. It's pretty bad, though it's a lot worse than I thought always your feelings right now in front of his eye yeah, when a company like high abuse like take something like Thai pads that existed for ever and just makes an improvement like that, where you know you could absorb harder kicks with them to the way they can make their cushioning whatever it is
he doesn't hurt nearly as hard with someone's kicking. Have you guys ever had blood in your eyes, you ever had blood in your life, and I think this is going to sponsor you on this, because the oil, the oil you can swipe and just doesn't, go away. It's like having a film of straight motor. Well in your. I just can't get it off it sucks man. Everything is blurry, of course, he's in trouble. Man MAX Holloway is a tough kid. Man he's had some tough fucking fights in the UFC Saying, but he's gonna write. You fought Conor when He made decision because kind of blew his ankle or is out out with Connor yesterday, who's in Venice he's a big ass dude hell, yeah he's big Conor Mcgregor I get to one hundred and forty five like a professional hockey. Thanks he's got Jose Aldo, some tough, that's a tough.
But I think it's by Jose Aldo Conor, Mcgregor Verse, our biggest stars, Anthony Pettis, think about fucking nasty. I agree he's not going to that's going to be a different. Yeah, wait a minute who is Frankie EDGAR what what about swine? What he's trying to do? What are you trying to do you want to see him We need, Pat, as you think we might just tribunals. Yes, he's gonna wrestle and I'm on I'm all list. I love for a but I'm I'm team Connor. After yesterday, man he's a good dude. I'm all team Connor it with the right matchups that kid he, I think he's our biggest are easily. I love Frankie EDGAR me too love Conor. Mcgregor too. I don't want to pick a side I love cub. Swanson is part of me. That was so. I love CUB Swanson till this Congress. Part of me that was so impressed with Frankie after the CUB Swanson Fight. I think it's a crime to not get my title shot after that I agree. I agree. I think it's a crime, the difference between beaten, CUB Swanson like that and be
Dennis Seaver at the end of his rope. Is it just told me, you know why it's okay, just think about what Frankie's gone through yet about Frankie's rode up right, but the thing is: if, if you get Frankie to wondering destroyed two superstars can't do that men wear yeah. You got it it's too large to huge. Give you look up. Connor Nosey, all that Frankie the fight with Aldo whoever wins that fight then Conor fights that That's how I would do it, but it was common one more warm, my money wise. They make the most of Conor fighting, although if he wins converse cranking That's that I, like I like seeing, although Jose Aldo right now. I like that. As a fan, I love exam. Sorry that you seen O'Connor Jose Aldo in the UFC knows that call grail, pink elephant common. That's really made match make in Japan. They think of a fucking match up and they do it.
You want to build up. The shit is like, let's make it happen right now. I just I'm happy about as commas management, unlike Bro, let's get one more it going to fight kind of a grappler, wrestler 'cause, don't get it twisted all those are black belt. It goes the ground. There's going to be some issues there. Any can wrestle is hard as fuck to takedown too. I say you give him one more match up with kind of a grappler guy who's going to try and take him down. I think Connor is going to I think Conor is going to hurt him standing. I don't think it's going to go to the ground. I think and really hits that hard. How many more bytes do we need to see? You know, you know why I still confident is. I really think that everyone that is training with is going holy shit this it's so hard and he's like fucking everybody up. That's the confidence! Yes and you know what she's proving it he's he dead,
even with a couple shots and dentist era started buckling quick, see through system power is Joe Rogan, which they became stiff once he felt the power. Now he was stiff from when he flew in on Tuesday yeah. By the way, Dustin Pourrie. Nobody ever did that before I'm saying the top this head. I think he really he's so calm because he knows that these guys at forty five can take power. It is a different animal he's, not saying the guys at fifty five containers power. I wouldn't be surprised if let's say he beats Rosie on his and he's going to fight this right, give me him and acting. I wouldn't be surprised if Connor said hey. I knew for a fact that could be done, those guys at one hundred and forty five sure I knew there was no way that we're going to handle my power Anthony predators like me, he's got so there is power, crazy strikes, there's like a five thousand and fifty five, an inmate at this got to overlook this guy would be stupid. This guy's a BC just like me, we'll see what happens does on us is fighting pedestal man, it's going to go on
yes, yes, competitive seems fucking. Unstoppable did he's so confident and you take him down to submit you in a second Angelus Angelus grappling's up beyond Dammann, that's coming agree. Any Paris considered anybody. I agree at least admitted that Henderson. I agree that guy knows how to squeeze max. He knows how to take arms he's a finished very good on the ground, he's a finisher and the way he throws strikes so powerful with no wind up. He just doesn't have your pile pam right? He throws him Thai kwando stuff with power. Don't say it's gonna, be a tougher fight form. I think, though, it's going to be to fight, but well that uh five form is not normal. Medoff hub number medoff. Is that up I'm trying to tell cowboy don't fight him and wait for your phone? getting title shot, because at one hundred and fifty five to get a power shot is going to be fucking nightmare. Is he going to fight that guy? Is that the story and start trying to set that fight up for
Did you just fart fucking six times in, like nine weeks, Bieber take some time off gangster cowboy yeah, it's great to be gangster about a certain point in his management needs to be like dude sit out, you might wonder, still never fade away. Cowboy will be around for as long as he can, which is great, which is great. The farm is Venice business manager. I'm saying you wait for the title shot. You want what six in a row and your dick tired. So you could be one of those shady managers that they fucking get on the underground state footprint, You don't want me to catch I'll. Take this bitch over! You don't want me to manage dudes, you don't want me to do that. How many manager stories have you heard, like a manager after manager aftermath with cowboy it's easy? Don't fight, bro, wait! Wait! Man, you've done all this work were in the gray opportunity, you're going to get a title shot. Let's wait, don't fight fucking hobbies and you might have to wait a long time though Habib's head of him in line. You know, there's a lot of fights out there. I mean he might not. Do it seven or are you wait title shots
about how hard is to get it I'll chat with people like the most active UFC Fight, he got overly denying fights Victor Victor. Did that happen down there, but generally Dana White offers a fighter Joe Silva and you fucking just do Mcdonald's Cerrone and your fucking. I mean him Dana. I command you could command fights. Are it's like Step brother John's, like your voice, yeah? So I'm sure he can be. Let instinct a much he fought for him. He thought Ben on a what two week three week notice your fucking hanging out with and you win seven in a row. You went seven year, oh yeah. Well, cowboy wants to fight a lot. I think he feels more comfortable anything that gets better when you fight a lot, so I would not go with that advice. No you would not a line for a media title shot. If you live for immediate title shot, I would say: that's good advice. Wait. It out, but he's not there's other guys ahead of them that she could take a year, but what of PETA sorts himself again? Okay,
Paris hurt himself with Gilbert term plot of people were saying the file, but it that interim fights no good. Now click went paddle, chant Pedis hurt himself how to get to go through surgery. He's got to at least two surgeries and there was a rumor that he hurt his hand or something after the the the fight with Gil, and it turned out that wasn't true. If it was her, it was okay. He could you know rest it it'll be fine, but anything could happen. Look at the fucking heavyweight division. They had to have an interim title because at a certain point in time it's like canes, going through other services like Jesus fucking Christ, and you can't wait around for a title shot in that situation. This thing is wrong. Is Kabwe fight so much better. When he's active, I think it's good. It's good general advice. I think what you're saying but like cowboy fight so much better in his head, is like like his head, is in tune a lot better. I just don't exactly, but the the thing is so he takes off six months or whatever it is, and he comes back he's not going to get a tune up, fight he's going to fight
somebody that's a fucking savage like it's almost better for him to stay in the fucking woods. You know almost yeah. I just I just think titles. As bad or good. It's good, just staying active man staying moving, you know think. First of all, a guy like normal Medoff is leap. Grappler and it'll. Show you where cowboys defense is and where his back game is cowboy, has a very nasty triangle that Yeah God is dangerous. Dangerous will carry super finish very nasty office back, so I wouldn't say that he couldn't beat number get off and if he did beat in our mega medoff, especially fucking showed his versatility. By submitting, am I mean you would think if cowboys going to win like most people would say, probably by knockout, never meant to end up yeah, he had kicked or something yeah, but man if it caught up with something on the ground. Now that would be even more impressive. In my opinion, me catch. In his own realm number medoff. Is the elite grappler whether he could do that or not is a big if
How do you get off and doing combat sambo combat so world champion and you watch him fight. Dosan joes, it's pretty obvious. His grappling is on some neck, another level meant 'cause. He just took that dude to the ground anytime. He wanted to read. Dalton a face elbowed him and he be done. Joe Sanchez beat Donald yeah yeah yeah, so so they beat band yes, so you look at like like a Conor Mcgregor he's not fighting elite grapplers. So why does probably have to fight this I think you do too. I think he wants to an if he wins- God, damn dude. If he wins, I mean think about it, took the Benson fight with two weeks notice. A lot of people think he didn't win. It was very close, controversial decision. I thought personally, I thought Henderson was going to get the nod. I didn't re watch the fight
I didn't I'm not like committed to that. I'm not married to that, but I thought I think Benson was more effective. We did more shit got more things off and I knew cowboy was pretty banged up going into that fight too, especially after Kickin Myles jury's legs? We have no idea yeah in the fight. You, though yeah he looks like a guy who, just for doing so, you know we still look good but took a head kicked in and and played it off. He got head, kicked at one point time, bye, bye, ban and and played off. Well, if you could see him stiffen up, though he got, he got wrong. It's tough ma'am! You fight and then fight. Two weeks later, you're going to be busted up, squishy cutting that weight and there has to be some sort of point of no return where your body is like dude. We can't,
June, but that is, it is also you look at number command off and he's been out for a long time. He said knee surgery and then I think you something up again like I think he hurt his knee and then in in in in re train too quick or something like that. He's been out for a long time. So he's he'll end up trying to get back on the men because they the reason why they gave Guild the title shot. I mean, I think it was supposed to get the title shot, but they were gonna, have a normal amount off was in the mix and they try to off from a big fight, but he couldn't take it because his name was up that was like about six months ago. I forget what fight he couldn't take, but so he's been out for awhile too. So it's not a bad time for cowboy to catch him. You know, if you wanted to let your gonna catch him, you gotta catch 'em, it's not a bad time. Are they both Greg Jackson? They both now one take a nigga
programmatic Ak Rustum hobble off yeah yeah lot of those crazy Russians and Benson be Rusum hobby love. So that was a big win for him. That fucking lightweight division is filled with murderers, mad just murdered Roman such a piece as they got a really good shot of beating had as well. You know the best shot he's got a he's got a strong grappling game, he's very physically strongly that Nate Nate Diaz fight. His grappling game is very strong. It is very big, very fit his leg kicks in NASA yeah. She worked as kick boxing yeah, so it's like that he's not a a like an easy out on the feet. It's not like you know, Paris to just let him up on the right. You know, I think, just as strong to
yeah. I think it should be on the field. It would be interesting to see if Pettis can get off. Pettis is definitely quicker and it's definitely more experience against world class competition of being successful, Mean Pettis knocked out cowboy Pettis is he's something special. He really is so the S pole. It's going to be interested in south Pole stands going to be really hard for buddy, to stand with Paris yeah he's too fast yeah. He doesn't hit so hard with all the unorthodox stuff I mean love to see Connor Al Doe. Do it yeah. I want to see, although versus Pettis, and they were trying to set that I worry and let me type sound Pettis was ready to go down to one hundred and forty five. It doesn't give a fuck. I want to fight that dude and goes out there and beat that mother fucker. That's when he hurt his knee right, yeah. Imagine Pettis going to remember. They were setting that up there, setting up that super fight, Pettis going down to one
five, a fight. Now that would be crazy. Look in those two guys just was facing off against the other. That would be insane not the super, but I think Erickson breaking Erick Silva is a very aggressive dude he's a very tough guy. Like you look at his fight with Matt Brown, he is ferocious dude for like the first round or so round two rounds. I've never seen him do like like a normal, combat off type fight or does on just like. I just don't sound as though he ground down Nate Diaz for three rounds in case took around smashed on constantly working, constant work and Erick Silva. I think especially earlier in his career, it tended to run out of gas like Jon, Fitch Outfits, dumb which is kind of took him down, mall Damen stayed on him and warm out. He just got worn out he's not the same guy towards the end of the fight and Matt Brown. That's Matt Brown's world he's into drowning bitches map Brown, drowns, mother, fuckers! That's what he does
and Tech Terrel hurler. He heard him in the first round. He had with a nasty body. Kick he's got a real good left kick to the liver. He throws that kick and throw like a front kick to the throat that way too. He's really good with this is distance was kicks, is super aggressive. His ground game is real solid, but he just he it to me. It's like he's a motion or something or to too much adrenaline or something, but it doesn't seem to hold a pace that he can sustain and if you get in there with a guy like Matt Brown, but you got to know when to lay off the gas man you gotta know when to recruit. You got to know what kind of shape you're in and Matt Brown, but Matt Brown exposes. People really did serve Wonderboy expose Wonderboy, not I'm not saying this in a negative way towards wonder border. They wonder boy what was exposed in that fight. According to my conversation with one voice city over trained,
said. Just a was really trying to deal with cardio in the ship that Matt Brown was thrown out of a said. He might over. Did it because he was just like real flat and then you know Matt, you can't you can't have an off day. We fight matter makes that's right. His pace breaks due to give you our mass Brown research Silva. I think Matt of NC broken yeah. You don't like what the he's not saying its rotors rounds, going to be a peace is not lying around. Thank you, then so they're still the no I got. I got my boy killer bee all day. That was, you know, cancel your car so unusual. You know, and the more you concentrate on train with this mother. Your to me or like I go, I've been waiting for someone to come along others out outside of Aoki, but of course it will give us how this crazy tights on it's like it's, it's so hard to find someone in MMA that understands the guard correctly and to be able to have the kind of flexibility dexterity. You have a wrap guys up. You're gonna see you get to visit.
Is like Jason Day was when he fought Alan Belcher in Canada. He wrapped him up in that mission, control and drop some bows on him,
and you realize ago someone is good at this position. You leave someone incredibly vulnerable, credibly vulnerable. It's just that position. Is there all day the position to lock up arms mission control in order to get to like a good place of completely controlling a guy, in a way that you rarely see and close guard? It's the the technique is a rounding grappling you seating wrapping, but in MMA it's it's fairly, not and it's not because it doesn't work. But to me it's like we'll kicks like for the longest time we just didn't see. I mean everybody that thing they work and then Barbosa lands that nuclear weapon on Terry, Adam and everybody spinning now v towards winning was spinning. Heel kick knocks out Luke Rockhold with a photo, so many junior dos Santos, it's Marcotte with it. I mean it's. I think, once someone sees what a guy like you is capable off of his back, it opens up so much defensive possibilities and so much offense of possible
is to put you way safer defensively and offense off your back in positions of people. Don't think they're vulnerable, for you know what he puts a hands on the matter, the? U of c everyone. Everyone does not want to. Have you put your hands on the matter his school and you gonna have elbow problems? Do you stand up or you can be just as well snap on he was in coal, Miller's corner, okay, yeah he's Noguchi. The great thing about Dan is yet I guess I've had so many mma fighters come through and try to add the rubber guard or other thanks to their MA game and sometimes some water, when their striking will be really bad. They got really good jiu Jitsu. They want to do mma, they just started striking six, so they want to add rubber garden. I'm like ok, we're going to have ever man like you gotta
only to go with the striking you know or from a wrestling background. Really good. Russ are not that good striking just started Jiu Jitsu he wants to do and then we got a lot. Work on. We gotta work on a lot of other jujitsu. Then Robert we're not just going to work on rubber guard. We gotta get your passing together. We gotta get your guard retention together. We gotta get so much other stuff together, uh, it's a long term project but they're awesome and not to mention your defenses yeah. There awesome people and then sometimes you have a tremendous striker coming to mean that I want to learn. Some rubber guard might have zero wrestling and Jiu. Jitsu is blue belt level and the and with him you have tremendous striking, that's awesome, but man it's going to take you down and you gotta have guard retention skills. You gotta have just so much other pieces of the game that it's not just rub guard. So it's a lot of things you gotta work on, but when Ben came to me he came to me with UFC experience.
He came to me as a black belt from Ricardo Liborio, so I have to really work on anything else, but just really he's we've got tremendously long legs for his size, he's six through six thousand two hundred and sixty three, but he's got the legs of a do. The 6a and their superflexible he's super flex. And a lot of guys that come to me, they're edited the ready to they're doing pretty good, but they don't have the flexibility. We gotta get the flexibility again that could take a year and I could take two years that could take three years that could take two months depending on how much time they're willing to put in to their flex so would be banned. Came to me already, a black belt from Ricardo Liborio already had his flexibility already was playing versions of the rubber car. He was already bring his legs up and and he's an amazing striker Jesus Christ. It's really really easy for MIKE
He wants to stand up. He don't even want to take it to the ground, but it just seems like at least his last two opponents in the UFC wanted to take him down. What was his name Seth Heatherly Chris heatherly. He wanted to take you down. He started tape when you look at the tape and to be honest with you, I'm so buried I've been buried with just life. The last few years I haven't kept up with me like I want to. I just don't have the and I can- and I never watch Bella tore when Dan went to Bella tore, I kind of lost track. I saw one or two fights I lost track. Joe is right. Bc of kick. You through what happened, he's a hell warm and to through a wicked around kids, so this is also important fight in the Serena. All this fight we coming up all this where, in this arena this is just another day, they'll say about anything else is wrapping up before we have real I just wanted to finish what I was saying about Ben is he came
I mean I really didn't know how good of a structure it was not the letter I so when it came out and said: do you have you seen us, and you know what you know about a strike? It was pretty good. It's got good news right. I remember like the killer beanies, he does do. Go watch him on you too. This guy's super killer. So I went, and I watched a highlight, reel events honors and when you such a highlight reel like oh shit, is a highlight reel of him: fucking starching, dudes and fucking him up with all sorts of shimmies head kicks, spinning back this elbows boom man, it's! It makes it easier to teach someone when they are already coming. As a killer team killer Bee,
What do you think about songs on? What do you think Benson Henderson's way in right now, as he gets into the octagon like? How much do you think he was cutting? What do you think he probably weighs right now, one seventy five thousand one hundred and eighty one. Let's say one hundred and seventy one, seventy one. So you think that that's all we weighed before he started his cut down to one hundred and fifty five yeah, once everyone is not much he just he just bought. In such as head coach, Lieser Bowling Russell in college with Ben Henderson and they're super close, and he that's what he's saying the advantages Ben walks around. It may be one. Seventy barely, and we know thanks on a strict diet, lean as winter, the locked on, not at one ninety, which is crazy man, while it was a big difference at all times so, you're talking about we're, probably looking at a fifteen pound plus difference is bored Joe ranks. Fifty.
Pounds and you're talking about a dude who use a KO artist, two at one hundred and seventy right that she looks like he doesn't look at grappling is different. The grappling will be the different. What I was going to say is Izzy ever fought someone at this level. His Benson is at a very high level. I agree. No, he hasn't. This is like the big boss, all of Iago in Brazil and a policy. I was nowhere as good as Benson Henderson, as I now is. Also that's. The highest level is fought. Yeah I was in Brazil. Odds are against them. You mean supplement wise. Yes,
I wonder how many guys, man, how many guys did get the free pass from the doctor? My friend don't worry about this. I got the right your for you in this one. I mean it had to happen somewhere along line in some country, where a local guy got a a free pass on a a drug test. That would be a giant scandal if we found out that someone in the Athletic Commission and some place was involved in doping, so one like helping some some super Geronimo type, dude. No, it's crazy out, and we were surprised me, the code in dollars. The prize was surprised me. They are the more surprised about Bruce Jenner turn a check, not surprised the shit. That was shocking. I want to go back ragging on way, listen to it, lesbians, everything olympion is either First Cornflakes Box or something so we I mean we do cornflakes.
Whatever, whatever buffer more airtime. He's doing all this shit right now he's got the most longevity in the UFC. Well, people are more into what he does now like. Even the UFC appreciates it now like these wacky moves these to be embarrassed by his wacky moves. Isn't it true, though, Eddie Bravo gave him the idea and inspiration for the buffer three hundred and sixty. No, no, no, no, no, the matrix, the matrix buffer was a different when he never ran with it. It was too hard so those who argue there was one where we we don't say it was too hard to say the fans when the fans weren't ready for instead of just going like that'll spitting on like that, I can go on like this. Keeping like how my god I like that, I can't even do I like that. But the idea like that
yeah. You gotta have some good back flexibility. This good, though, even that just twenty two wraps right there. You look good like that. You can. I contact keep eye contact and things like that. Jojo. You know it's weird I like it. I like, let's say thatch, knocks him out: what's it do for thatch Shins really, fifty five and put some on the map puts along That's right, just such a big big way, but in one hundred and seventy does it does it make a statement at one hundred and seventy? Yes because he hit talked doing one hundred and seventy before everybody knows the big one hundred and fifty five or he's a world champion, Benson Henderson is legit World champion class fighter. You see you well, I mean he's stepping up to seventy for sure, but for the facts, that's a giant win and for Benson is to let everybody know hey. You know I fuck some people up at one hundred and seventy two, including really dangerous, unheralded young, guys that no one yeah fight and that's that is allowed to do to do now- not wanna fight that guy. You know, I know a couple guys turn.
Thank God. Damn is there really is a big mother, yeah six, two he's yeah he's a fix, do is gonna, be a hard fight. Athletic two men, grappling's always been is his achilles heel and you can tell like he does not have doubt in his mind man least have been working him. Like a mother, Fucker mother, at least who knows shaping in the wrestling room, at least in bowling, Springs Trulia and Elliot Marshall, helping out with it. So here we go four hundred and fifty four, if you want to keep up with us middle weight, hello that is a superstar in Denver, two men, I thought you saw the billboards got. Tommy is here to walk him down, cleared size difference. I love Ben, no man, real confident God switching stances, making a Miss Well Bensiz gotta, get some respect here for sure he's gotta tagging with something
that gives him at least some concern because hey what if he shoots, though knees man legendary in Denver Dam. He's just waiting for him to shoot. His knee is fucking nasty. Oh I'm! Sorry! Last ship, body shop by Ben, really Oh no shit! So you don't be in the clinch with thatch, either men do this fucking kids stand up, is good night set up there? I, like, I think, with the right to set up distance for the left. These super creative men look at that Benson throws
the last guy who I saw as creative as statues, cub, Swanson, yeah right yeah. That's amazing, and you said that he's been trained by his dad, since he was a little kid said. Yes and Susan diapers man it's cool he used to come in the gym and we literally just watch him just destroy cats with knees. S Paul Retra Dish stand when everyone is like how he switches back and forth effortlessly up the that nice check there to real peace, which is after nice, right the body great body shop by Benson, but he's chasing him down like an animal list in the longer this goes. The better is for bed thatches biggest fuck, big burial naughty. This is no right hand over the top. I thatch God. These look like different weight classes in them too. Like I said, he's slot in this arena nine times is you know that pretty uncomfortable here he's used to be, and you know the star attraction so.
Just saying he nervous as nasty elbows to. I am a hard inside leg, kick checked my Henderson. Do these big nice front kick by Henderson and knock him down, doesn't hurt him but keeps minus get off your back. Southpaw did he hits hard you could see. It is very fluid with his kicks man see how he switch interest sample yeah, nah, superfluid man. Oh, are you trying to set up a kick? Yeah else is dropping his hands standing sideways. Looking for this being my friend
Who, if I'm Benz coach, I'm seeing him against the cage? Again, where am out man giving a third and fourth round? He sat in some up he's like Elechi sadness, spin. Yeah looks like you sent up a spinning yeah. He keeps doing it like. He keeps leading with that left when he gets that left forward, he's going to spin with his right side. But he just isn't pulled the trigger. I thinking about it too much doesn't nice inside, like. Grow by like that body shop Benson, you do color being that clips just so much stronger, dim! That's where five minutes is a long time. This kind of scrap, ooh nice bye. We checked by Henderson. That's why I'm instantly thatch in the third and fourth round: oh dude, he's going after Benson going after him, ban old nice, jab
Great big nice kick up, Henderson. God is fast, it cut them off and taxes from a karate background. You said running background and his main sparring partners. Matt Brown Background and Neil Magny are the guys that rotate in Am Matt Brown lives on his couch. When he does his camp than Denver. No shit help Matt Brown lives in Cleveland right yeah, there Cleveland, I think Things Cincinnati Columbus, Columbus, oh Columbus, oh
see. I know it rains at Westside, barbell yeah, exactly doesn't sure those guys are bad ass. I got one of those reverse hypers in the back, oh sweet too, I just did a seminar with the power that thing people with the strongest woman in the world and her husband and shit, and it's fucking phenomenal like, It's it's awesome, shit and really it's something that all fighters like as far when you see guys lose knockout power dudes that used to have it starts in dudes, and then they don't and they're. Just like it's like they're just happened dudes now I feel but their training is been miss. Used in a wide you're saying yeah and they and they and they actually lose that power. Because it's weird, it's like it's like what jujitsu is the same thing like where. Let's see a lot of rubber guard for a long time, and now it's like creeping in and all that kind of stuff, but it's like there there's time in MMA, where there was nobody that was, there was in the card, stand up and stand scrap again right in the end. That's because the just didn't know any better and now like a lot of guys like Duane Ludwig's in the world that are like actual fighters
came out, and now they can put that together, is changing the whole face of it. I thank you know so you mean like now we're seeing that was trying to get this thing, so we send our scene that was stricken condition as well yeah. Well, you never forget it's a bunch of people that don't know Bentsen, that Mark Maranda Mitch camps, those Marmor Marguerite of its cancer Bj went through for the best performances of his career yeah. He hated doing it, but man watched Bg Twenty five day. So He was a mother, Fucker yeah sure see right. He was doing all that USC yeah. He was doing all kinds of crazy shit. I mean there's videos of him working out. He said he was so tired at night. He couldn't even pick up his baby. He said it was just exhausted, but Benson Cottam, but the result was incredible. Looking for a dooney, the result was incredible. I mean Bj in that kind of
tip tip top condition. Is such a mother fucker? Did you see the roots of fight Bj documentary? They send it to you yeah they did. I haven't watched it yet though, but I heard it's amazing: it's awesome that way. You wanted Bj Penn shirt. I sent it to me by someone. Can answer yes to those today, yeah thanks to be J X, a difference. Bj was a policeman there's lease bowling Christian Allen, the master behind Brandon Thatch, oh nice! Now do you think that's starting to Go down yeah, it looks like it done it. It's interesting, th after the third and fourth round man. Well, that's well how about the fifth he gets into that right, but what is the knock on him? As far as his conditioning he's? Not he's really does not get everyone out in the first round, so we really don't know I mean training, he's always been a beast. Can soak as long as this is all stand up. He can do ten rounds bands
grappling with them. I think Brandon is going to be in some trouble. Do you think maybe Benson might know that it might be like looking to stand with them for the first couple of rounds and then, where I'm down the third fourth and fifth and then start take, down if you had to be in his corner yeah. That's exactly how to say to do well, the thing is is like I said: Leister Bowling is really good. Friends with Ben and Ben's head coach crouch. They just talk like when cowboy and Ben thought they just talk, and he told him he goes yeah. The best gunner camp right now is Brandon Thatch, he told him about him- is that he is this answer. The next thing you know they're fighting each other. Do that switch the old spinning back kick to the body that switch that he does where it makes it a. Going to throw a right kick and then he sets up the left or left cake and he says with the right that some beautiful shit man. That's something you only see in like high level kickboxing most of the time good job. But that I really was spent with Karpelman nice. Just gotta be waiting for it right or maybe just things to do is too big. It doesn't,
fuck with that. Hey well, the wrestling Viewtiful Jab right hand for left hand, but then Ben just went for a leg, but that might be to keep them honest. You know, I think, pennies, a switch it up, keep getting gas in men banister on a lot of who knows with that old who's, bound See right there, you should come back and try to press him on the fence if you could hold among the fence, but his it's a risk being pinned against the fence by him would be death, move your body shots and he goes up top soon. Good move. Moving these main event fights five rounds right, except for the fighters. So much more entertaining Yeah peaceful is for the camp yeah Unei straight It is great to watch, but you got to think they can't like Steve me. Chicken, junior dosan
who like how many of those can you do. Oh damn Youtube: maybe some of them don't respect the middle down by those guys. Just hugged knows even talking about it, beautiful jab and then switches stance, angle, dude, he's he's very creative, very creative. Look at that again same deals and let him up don't stay on their bed. How 'bout keep holding on that leg? Kicking the shit out of it. Dude.
And I mean I think, Ben's going to try and win this. He needs to go for singles and if he doesn't get him, I like that right hook to the body step and end with that is he's landed that a lot. That's a nasty shot over six times. Yeah, that's a nasty shot. Man surprise trying to set up the up top right, get it. Cover covering that because he expects it and then go over there Oh. I think that just said that the head kick, he keeps going low into the body. Well, he would think that he would have an advantage in speed, but what he might have an advantage is is is pace the ability to keep that pace up for five rounds. He's done so many times like Benson is a master at understanding, his own limitations. As far as like cardio, I keep keep
solid fucking pace. He knows exactly at a Red Lion Inn and he could red liner for five rounds. He knows his body real well in wars. You know you think of those Frankie EDGAR Fight, like he's he's, got some hard. Five round fights, you know, that's a huge advantage, the knowing you've been there. You know the territory yeah as opposed to thatch. I think that's his biggest advantage in this fight and I don't feel like he's using it. Going into round three now I mean this is right. If you gotta think John Crouch, his coach, one of the geniuses of Mmm, is like a handful of geniuses like vacuum. For us, the hobby is one of my favorite. Great Jackson has a lot of knowledge.
No for Carla Boreel is the genius of MMA. There's like these. These is a few maestros, John Donna, her there's a few of them. John Crouch is one of them. So when you're agreeing to fight a kid like this he's not dumb, he knows his kids, a giant savage. You know they there's got to be some thought to what the proper strategy is, and you know the kid as good as anybody and your your Thoughts are third round fourth round. Fifth turn it on now. Yes, if on bench coach, I'm saying right now, let's start mixing up grappling go for shots where is ass out is clearly last two rounds, though that's clearly most likely yeah, I mean in Denver, and he had double underhooks at one time when they were transitioning. Now, on a failed spin and didn't even try to take him down. I thought he would try to double yeah. I didn't write it's in your mind. If that helps town and leave all the money went. Yeah yeah, there's like seven seconds, left out the two short notice
I know it is a front leg round. Take to the head. You don't see that that often no switch. I did I see some takedowns events is got a lot of talk window in him as well man. You know I mean that was his initial background. Well, the thing is: is we've seen to take downs both from thatch and they were ragdoll takedowns, It would take down every track, someone to say yeah, you don't you dump them twice yeah. You know I like that right hook to the body that Bentsen's been throwing yeah, it's very interesting to me like owner right hand behind it, cut to size. Vantage, always so big he's really good at I mean I'm going to freak out. If Ben doesn't attempt to take down here, I'm going to freak out and eat this MIKE you gotta, sent it man, 'cause you're, getting fucking picked apart. Do you think is getting picked apart? I wouldn't say it that much yeah was like this abort
which is crazy yeah there we go keeping its cage, he stops. Monk incompetence is going to be fun, be bro. This is one hundred and seventy. I know, but you're wearing thatch out he's not wherever by nature. Look at this, though this is one hundred and seventy this is like they do. If you're gonna win this exactly his savage, even if you don't get it, that's fine. Thatch isn't comfortable. Here I guarantee you that's going to slow down and listen to break. You might slow himself. Those have Laguna Brendan Schaub. This Brandon knows kid. Oh, oh, is giving up the back and big depressed and now Janana a loss of confidence as well right? Yes, this is Ben's world he's a grappler yeah. This is what he does that was gonna grab a little bit
not like Ben Henderson. Ben Henderson is Ben Harrison. The trap of both dad got out of it. Pretty quick though, but look at you know, he's letting him know like some shit on down so you're my world yeah. We stand up check this out when the third round you're in a bad spot here kid hold on the glossy looking red eyes easily. Just he said in the deck lets us. Oh look at Sachs. I man look at right eye. Is that swallow or is he just? Is it just the angle, we're looking at all, and you know how it is if you're not really a grappler, you know nature when so natural back your hearts, fucking hunt miles an hour now. So, even if you don't submit a mirror on this fourth round you're in trouble, bensons making some progress with that right arm he's moving that right arm closer and closer. I mean he, I'm not good, that's not good, but I'm seeing some guy.
You know, I'm saying you know how, when you see a guy start to pull in a guys neck, and you see the guy next I started give is like I see giving. It's tough and I feel it is tough with the gloves man to submit. Even if you have blue body triangle, body triangle to get a flat amount goes belly down here. I don't like that. A minute eighteen to go. This fight could be over right fucking. Here they Tiens along time. It's a long time dude on your back and his eye. Swollen. We got a good job of defending at this long. That tells me he's probably not going to get him. This is exhausting all for patch. He could be very exhausting wait for this fourth round this stuff man, he could be Austin right back. The next day right. There's no devil may be on fire. I mean
He knows all they have to do a service. He could be resting right here is going to take a lot of thatch main patches. Never not like his belly down, sucking all the wind out of him. You gotta realize that all thatches wins were first round KO is not a body triangle. You know that squeezing 'em is right, He just tried them both of 'em both of 'em are photo both fucked up he's nice eyebrows though yeah I'm not. What's the traffic like their uof spider web, oh shit, attaches up now will see what he's got smart though he had to go for something right This round ends fourth round gotta fix it ponytail now single leg. If on Ben I'm just it's loose Eddie. Whatever look at that he's. You give that round to Ben right yeah. You got two to one going at four two to one goal in the fourth and the grappling hook in established the super dominant on the ground.
Here's, why loss at position? Because he went for the arm? True I'll, say this who's more tired, Benson or thatch thatch, I'm saying defending that easy day, trying to uh back to back not an easy day, if you're, not a black belt, if you're a blue belt, which I would say that just blew belt on the ground, yeah, I'm not that for one big explosion was the arm other than that it was just control. I mean when he's Titan when he's under the armpit and he's across the neck, no commitment. There was no real crazy, it's another day in the a lot of squeeze yeah, but there's no like crazy, like that. Go for a guillotine hilarious yeah for sure for sure that there was an explosion to get to spider web, but I mean that was one big burst. Other than that, it was that eight more energy 'cause that's was trying think that guy off his neck, he was uncomfortable he's got fuck in my hometown. Again choked rolled on floor pad was there we go got real,
now. You're right, both eyes are all swollen and shit. His braids are all fucked up at the back. He didn't fix his ponytail. I shoot for that soon leg. The way like we a little now I think about two: maybe mix up. You shoot him with right hand. Well, you also, knows that he can dominate, can do it. I'm surprised that that is standing up so high still he's still got the high kick boxer stance, and that was the reason he got impatient in that scramble and wasn't smart defensively wanted to just get back up to his feet. Right instead of, like mine, is piecing, cues and recognize it is in a bad spot and that that that recklessness care, closeness and trying to get back up to his feet is where it gave us back. That's the thing is some experience. That's just not his background. He just want to get the fuck out of it I don't want to stay in this spot, but in doing so we got way worse spot, which is the you know, the really the essence of Ju Jitsu right capitalizing on the.
Even if that's loses this fight he's going to learn so much from this that's going to help him in the future. This is 'cause he's not Thought a really really good grappler, like crazy down into deep waters with the world champion, is the best thing for Thatcher's career to ever happen, win or lose yeah. I agree with you one hundred percent and it's a smart way to do it to to go in a world champion coming up from a lower weight class. So you have some advantages going in keep that in the either way. Who's winning thatch out. I, like the sprawl dudes props, come up with a flat. Yes may defend and then go after it again right Throne is striking off with those takedown about slope that just becoming a student he stands for I mean look at that. He stand How tall is tall is taller to begin with this play over the body again, this plan only works with Benz Cardio's on point. Well, it's most likely will be
To me, it looks like I know you guys are looks like thatch is fine and he's coming forward and he's he's deaf. Not the same fighter wasn't finished around no, but the fifth round at altitude, you're in Denver, son, sorry bout it but like I think that is going to last here in the fifth round, is going to be tough. But but you know most of altitude shoes most of Ben's career was spent in Colorado. John Krauss Start in Denver. So this is nothing new to Ben. It is that it is to acclimate fast timing, time yeah, that was beautiful timing, step Bring over that leg look at this is to my friend my friend. You got a longer time arm triangles coming stepping on yeah, that's how much is
disposition didn't like the Brazil and oh hook in got that hooking z doesn't mean he's going to choke. Him means I showed now. Yeah is going to win the l, it's looking at this going making a list shit? We got a bargain menu. This though they all very nice. Look at this, though, but still I don't like this being on top man. I'd rather have on my back. I think you got a high level grappler Anya. No joke this Benson transitions, easy to the back of. Can you see a lot of wrestlers? Do this turned off for his hand, fighting stand up batches at kickboxer? Let's not do that. The night,
because you know natural, try to get back up. Oh ranking, is set him down. Dolls should be naturally nodes in it. If you train right, awhile back is just tired. He is out structure around Benson Henderson right here, so he got the yeah every single one. That's it excellent. I don't know what I was
he fixed it in the last round. It got cracked his life trying to fix it. Then I was like I pulled up some pick out of his mouth right after it app games, so you know he's going to get in trouble for that. They told him not to do that. Anymore contest crazy fights with a fucking toothpick in his mouth. He just thought that some Charles Bronson ship, he just thought Brenda attached with a toothpick in it. Some games put that in a movie yeah you, this isn't true bigger Henderson Fan now, because there's no yeah that's for taking on that was all look it up and it should look how he finished. It look at the way finished it just dance, seven right sort of, but it's kind of like this. Yeah like I said, domain, either way. Brain is really in a ton from this. This is best case scenario. He went either way goes up to one hundred and seventy seven is in
Just about see how is it? How does it up it's with the legs? It would do yeah school, it's not down its oxymoron actually Dan Fans- and he is a stab mother- he's World Class Manny's world class of up that tooth picked up. Do. Did you can't keep doing that man can keep doing that? Why not specially point in time, thatch without about Fun Jones, is that the problem like Athletic Commission get in trouble if it turns out that toothpick comes out poke somebody in the eye and some strange world with Bensons on top, he gets hit with an upkick. How many bedrooms are goes into the guys I put it all, but who's doing Pe Ds fight and then, after fight, Bellew Zombie event thing was on the podcast. I don't think they're worried about it's called hold on is that is that what happened? Did they know the test results before the fight We knew about Jon Jones, but that's coke.
Yeah, but settlement, but it's not a performance enhancing drug. I think if they knew that Anderson tested positive before it's way more damning than if they knew that Jon Jones did they knew that Jon Jones Jones Jones is doing something that What what? What about, if you're doing coke to just study Youtube videos that's, maybe performance, matched to the 80s and cobalt. Four thousand spinning kick yeah exactly lot of good points here, lot of good point, everyone and Joe said that y'all aren't going to learn anything that you aren't going to learn anything classroom with these new speaks, is the least of our worries, a commission for sure get those results back in time that fucking tooth make. That is good. Let's keep those results back in a couple days. You can't fight with a fucking toothpick in your mouth. You just can't it's so crazy when when he stepped out and then pull the toothpick he's like flaunting it I love him to stop a fight who likes cock and he did do
in like this, the third round faces, and he had it was it just. It wasn't a mouthpiece thing toothpick in his mouth, when pet his head, kicked him and try, and that was the side that he tucks it. I think the more dangerous for himself right. Oh it's very changes for him. Go to pick those toothpicks get like worn out overtime, they get all like, and it's Glenn imagine weird Lobo. Too little weird way of talking that thing in his mouth.
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