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Fight Companion - Feb. 22, 2015

2015-02-23 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Eddie Bravo, John Wayne Parr, Brendan Schaub & Bryan Callen to watch the fights on February 22, 2015.
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yeah we're live right fight day folks fight companion podcast if you listen this gas and they all here's another part what is a fight companion podcast fight companion plot gas supply gas than we do were watching the you have say so if you're too into it what its it's like you watching the fights with friends that you don't really know but they so brennan jobs here ladies and gentlemen my big brown and now brian cowen yearly yeah oh year can wait oh yeah of course energy but also known as eddie bravo that's what i thought we were in brazil that so called asia what time zone where are those that the first giant tournament that wasn't allay joam garral as he was the main promoter and in mind evasion those forty five guys we're all bluebells my division he's got to sit there and listen him call on everyone's name and i'm sick nam
in burma call my name is he looks at the clipboard than it looks oblige raw i'm sitting right parliament my man what are they gonna call me back and then someone say do they think you say in your name here where i never guess your nationality by the way i'm looking at you ever i examined it just in mexico and leaving the eta go through mexican customs and the guy looked at my passport just today he looked to my passport says edgar unbearable bravo he looks at it the whereas let in go ahead to speak spanish my spanish sucks but i can say nothing i'm a scientist pyramid papayas they were the jew owing mama they want a lotta back and say it sounds like i speak really good guys i got that mastered have said that a million times i got that shit wired so i said that and he was that stimulates shit you look out you looks like you you look time span
about my man i gotta dig deadly be like some like ex pat yes he went over there would ptsd one hundred percent follows a grown up unfortunate tyler pino metal and feet they ship the filipino then in the end the eighties short legs at that meeting the shipment is anybody know these guys sean stricklin we're lookin out right now here hidden under feelings acute in santiago bother get his name blocked off good job you have seen fuckin website designers isn't it if you play the guy's head in front of his fucking name twenty is terrorism santiago easy names pussy able b hans enable wasn't easy from brazil everyone is going to be like a lot of people from brazil because his card is live from brazil so you're if your tuna nanny trying to figure out how the fuck do we sink it up because the internet is always going to be a few seconds slower than life
action so what were seen and what you're you're seeing this can be a little different so pause here tv as the best way possible tv and like may be countered and i want to tell you exactly when i see five minutes in the first round is about to start now it's has four fifty eight right now for the desire for fifty six four fifty five day we're saincte up ponds and emu and strickland remember that was only three or four brazilian fighters and others hundreds of thousands denominator there are in the u s irrational day yes eighty five hundred now he's right five hundred mile zone same why five not really management montenegro the right hand that expanded that one and i subscribe how did they have for thought they had like maybe hundred people austria period no no they ve had a few hundred for a while they were like two fifty three hundred but now you know also i think that with
tore out there they gonna make sure they scoop up the young talent as its common outcomes would have belcour gets hold of a john jones before the eu of sea does trouble and they got some guy over there just ragdoll in people and john jones in them and you go out fuck we miss that guy you remember probably like two years ago when they're making crazy cuts cuz that to get rid of a hundred guys in lancaster due to the skin drawn fashion what john fits a vague left her by ponds enable strickland verdicts we're going to hang on very smart yeah you know how they show the records with no another yes twenty into you really don't know guys records these days what is it up i guess i feel like an boxing
more records i feel like i'm a guy i online cares about really i was you don't know the stars i was confused i thought you were saying like they might not you might they might it might be a bullshit reckon yes animals people don't know you don't use not alone does not on fire know anybody about over like you like i couldn't tell you but i'm not your rocks and then oh yeah when you're a boxing ten after no everybody's record you thirty three one with twenty four august we had departed yet i know everybody the top ten it was just gotta that open up the buck and open up brewing and go right to the standing of the top ten of every division i will just stare and try to memorize it did you guys you gonna u laughed and light answerable g he's up the wisest very jeez what's the third g great cannot eagle afghan that it now i think that was originally gee i think in what he's from pakistan while analyzing is just as things could check a stand but what is it
isn't that cut offended you gonna behind it is like you're an idiot whose giving a speech and i looked up at the sky when i said this is why are you wearing a scarf vital as i'm french like i'm keeping my reset your wife dress you put together that's a lie that's a lie not upset i just that it's kashmir it's a casual its cashman i don't care if it's made out of doors rippling ponds enables in trouble man strickland i have not stopped looking at his harem ass beautiful really attracted them i mean is making this motherfucker work i'll say that keeps mixing up from punches to take down these put a lot of pressure on this guy latorre looks polish strychnine he could be anything american there could be from georgia be french eighty they could be from france they could be from juggles evacuees jose you give me your name like like john jet check my gun a your hundred judge i think we're gonna go upstairs from kurdistan
now i'll be right did you watch the fight that i didn't watch it i was i was my or love that are being loved all head kick by ponds and evil everyone see him andrea board now yeah that's a great final thing andrea words you can take it wouldn't egg it cover lobby manner are now andre wardrobe why didn't you go vernal focus the ran over here as if my fingers in the neck to look at this shit he's gone crazy that was a hard right hands and work is ass up yet know what it is but this minute to go and still fucking going like rocky graziani i can't hear the crowd by better go and which was a good one lousy norma deanna low volume on the martha tv young jailing the graziani hey fuck what just talking andre whether yeah or take there because we know triple g but something triple jeez that
you start first of all let me make ourselves a lot like he's not gonna knows no noise not shut the fuck up because coverlet was the one is going to try it out of the year how does one sixty ones that one seventy five or three different wear glasses of wine growing andre ward one sixty eight olaf can ones lunatics cholera eleven seventy five always that is what will happen if i guess i'm a boxing i realized i compare attention is right anyway i really didn't you also fight miguel koto that's what you want beloved us no your war does triple jus must fight viewed as a really into boxing like lara yeah man you know what i should say that the part gas because bunch people ask me because i'm a long time ago and gotten us debate on s p m with that fuckin lou develop i saw that though the only reason why went on that guy like that to raise once you have she wanted me to place to turn me others because they knew this guide talks a lot of shit about the you have seen and edith
do not cross joe you why can't i have no doubt that juggles the fact is that box he's getting swallowed it's getting so why jesus forced more than a mile by more dynamic sport now you know but i've always been a boxing fans secondly kickboxing france is like i'm a straight jujitsu fan i'm afraid of all our european event of dummies but you know a lot of you tell me you know a lot about what's goin on a box we all i know is met packing alan flowing may whether gonna find they said i gotta make a billion dollars go off gets a fascinating guy because he's one of the best fighters in the world and very few people know we're that's outside like hard core mme fans everybody knows of lord may weather is everybody who many patio is those are the two guys but granada lufkin is a fucking murderers answer i mean a lot like guy yanza and russia
beautiful cutie little handsome fellow like us our white guys in a mixed with these void may whether russians man clothing i was also a russian wednesday's let's go not hunters called of them are still good right now duty of landmines hasn't beaten been beaten ten years living close by having yassum there's no really did heavyweights we astro you don't you don't hear but he's light years ahead of has to learn about this because his fights are so dominant and he's boring he boxes that major jobs into tat the love it gray well waters in the biggest strongest fast touching the rush delighted that russian opportunity for me to go to war they had for around to deal with finding the best black did you yeah you find their yeah if i know it is about this just be honest about some shit russians are different white people
the agencies are different white siberia don't say of tougher than there was cannot offer they just as are look there firemen is tougher they live in a harsher climate their histories tougher level war too worn history they were conquered by the mongols for two hundred plus buccaneers and not hard siberian climate in the country's flat among those tat gave a flag consider that will become the asian chinese looking guys we're ruling over the white guys in the north a lot of people in russia in certain parts of russia look chinese attract but designs why do cartography we can't targets and time money that's why weren't headphones boys way ahead of us as far as technology too our way ahead of us as far as technology to alliance russians
now we're american only marty i think they re more i think about this from kazakhstan in that area you do see a lot of because i could studies who look very asian waymore asian and where's cobler looks he's cock yeah he's caucasian option is like a mix golovkin looks like a mixed but he's a cute looking guy like he could be like sweet next door neighbour on us maybe even the gay neighbour mozilla com i know that he got his body comes in and just liver punches you undue fuckin oblivion he's insatiable box or anything highly aggressive while he he's special cause he has not got parent is left in right hand you i'm certain guys have certain ranches are not people out he's not dies out with jobs left hooks right upper yeah i saw highlight club job to do the right hand the body for dick jesse's and people so fucking hard but america doesn't care maker went on board in less can be good in front of a camera would do if ie if you when i was a kid
if someone came along and told me that we're gonna have a white heavyweights in that no one would give a fuck about and no one could beat the guy i built that doesn't make sense we're gonna bizarre or world we live in an assembly that some guys wedding he's lighten the bad guys dominate now i can't when i was totally into boxing you never heard of such a thing he's gotta pee jerry clooney lemme jerry coining he's a brilliant he's got a phd keys a brilliant guy he placed chess so its text let me ask you this chain tailors named term until he's all fucked up now to that's old one will do in all kinds of crazy violent shit like outburst pull the gun on powerful got arrested prescott i'm sorry not your maintain your agent who is the guy the big guy just be wilder yes the day was the ottawa reality do against he's gonna is he gonna find is already here
be ready of amity might be ready might be able to catch them the thing about clear because clearly has been knocked out back in the day when he first started working with a manual you're right before first article five will remain as you went to media has been touched and he when you went to manual manual just completely school them cleaned is game up and a manual stewart that is the hardest righthand puncture he's ever seen is live while now the guy had lennox louis and stable two different light you're not a manual said these like joe jelly habib number get off the different gonna white person that's a different way person carrier than that listen cocksucker these are not the same white baby you fuckin rub wouldn't calibre
what you're working hours away get out you arrange rover slop he's dead he's gonna kill every five years ago vibrant stricken does good groundwater in the market hi krishna districts they lost their opponents who asked the ponytail came in the fight that some bad dewdrop pussy their pro still grow there that covers over their eyes i asked i appreciate tat it's a via beautiful hair my growth there was no one i fuck it hickson when he was young had this crazy samurai ponytail it was like part of his mystique when he's a samurai warrior going into the news tattered black belt and almost look white so worn unjust
rang women's lie dude just get him in a long line a mob one and its role emma roll them up like it's nothing never yet never get out of breath tab guy after the next hundred years there is still a handsome devil seen amelia we are only sanity and purchase look sexual bangs and some people i never had he never have how do i keep our banks humane rugged guide you gotta be ready for action and moments safe but precluding the fuckin pig hunt we're going steve renault reprisals when that will do that would do that this week in town this week you can't go kill a pig fargo we're out and when the tone ranch up north while i'm therewith cameron's we're going to sacramento
that's organ job in that area that of relation but i don't think so i think we're using rifles they haven't infestation northern california has literally has a pig infestation and a lot of it well in neighborhoods san jose news the other day they had this this news clipping these wild pigs were tearing up these people's lawns in the suburbs and make a move ripping the ripping the lawn apart looking for something to eat and they're pretty gnarly right like a jack i cannot that's incredible of california and fresno there's a big problem we sent a really long it like a real issue oh it's real issue but you noticed random hunters we have a huge hydrant over the problem but we are reckons everywhere the families of raccoons little babies travelling together coming trying
been aren't or who is green notre dame oh shit strict laments swarming yeah i mean the pig problem is mitigate slightly by the fact that do not allow the hunt from outlines some outlines eat some of the pigs as you say the natural predators it just mountain ass now there's no natural prettier than not from here they're eurasian wild boars there they allow long time ago they believed that a lot of them came from william randolph hearst one we ran off first had that hurts castle up in california that crazy fuck kept a bunch of wild boars out there and a lot of not lose thanks hers and then they re right i'm fucking and breeding and then of course on top of that is just wild pigs domestic pigs that you know became feral and they start reading out the wild and then they become a totally different kind of pig but there are so many of the northern california you can shoot as many as you want you
girl like you get all your meat from pigs and just go up there like once every couple months shoot for five pigs bring back with you and it doesn't cost very much to get a picture so should be easy to kill him again you better take us on these pay we're about i killed one the first day we want real yeah i killed a pig it was like it got dark at five o clock i killed the pig for fifty i just like those actually freezing listen why don't we just go up there some machine guns do a gangsters tat you could do that for me after i dont think is rather strange that the user from helicopter in texas in taxes they have these shows about em when they see it at its core i think i saw henry ruins the right now tat nugent the opt out at right my that my back to some loud white guy but yeah they do that at an elegant as they a pork ellipse now it is the most fucked up i watch up there with the lying just gone down these packs of pigs in fresno this is taxes taxes they allowed to threats
will they cause billions reminded allowing a very neither i'm scared theirs there are millions of pharaoh pigs in california i haven't seen you know what else what else did william randolph hers cause like he caused the pig problem but the wheel yea was also responsible for we being illegal user o headgear he's responsible for distributing the propaganda and even possibly response the people responsible for using the name marijuana sounds like a real asshole i was not because of doom and there was something new that as well as well as his paper factories apparently but i mean that's the reason why william randolph first was the subject of that orson welles movie mean that was the whole rosebud done and can smell william randolph hurts allow will you men of hers was gangster when had control the newspaper back when it was only one newspaper may god damn european inside you
no known ass if it were on stories there were run stories i like that one stalwart woman said sweet throws our kids out the building and then suicide for madness that ship the item they really wrote down in payment immense shit up some people are terrifying we do not only should be initiative along designed by the article ten years of scaring people into making any legal now that this after the fucking great depressions report people cautious as it is in our mean that those crazy time easy to brainwash people back then the writing others one radio station they go to the movies the news rail tunnel propaganda newsreel whenever you never got the truth i feel like normal any truth in that i feel like i'm just starting to get a good rap right just now starting to come out of the dark that's how it just because as a kid i was a kid even high school and we fear smoking weed euro
i felt that meets i felt i went to humanity i felt i wait till i was twenty eight i felt that way about months go desert hale you yeah hi pretty rule why people it tells you that people on we too lazy like you i don't you we urge all the shit i'm doing there's no way i'm lazy i'm a lot of things lazy and not one of em they're gonna steal you might have got more intense with with people or lazy are lazy please when you're the one thing about the marijuana is the paranoia that it gives you about if you're doing the wrong shit he's going to war i really get what i think that paranoia makes you work harder to try to keep that parents it basically wolf you want to do everything you can to fight off whatever the fuck that things warn you against cover your bases it so easy to get here and go on stage done comedy a million fuckin times zizi start some years
doing you only high when you state ninety nine point nine percent that biogas nardoo like i did a couple sober sets this week is fine i liked to and sets i did the ice s human rights over its fine but you preferred like being high when i'm cool up shit that's when i especially european high because i don't know what i'm us comes create you you get into that flow state will you not there anymore you not there anymore and things just come out of nowhere and sometimes they come out of nowhere right after it comes out of your mouth your fuckin laughing you like that and you can even guess not really your own shit it's the weeds joke we gave you that joke red here too we yeah you're like laugh and we will show you the sheer stealing we gave you is awesome jemmy came out of your mouth but that's like that you're the channel will
where you humility really comes in when it comes to certain aspects of psychedelic thank you you get you get the realisation why you're doing it like if you're saying something its profound whatever like businesses new really thoughts now is like is coming to you through the plant to the plant and eddie you you do jujitsu high alot always noise may help i work out and not be i but why bother air strike its illusion why you'd bothers like there's a benefit to not being you get high for internal no no i want it's not we doesn't make you feel good or bad just makes you feel way more of what you're feeling you're gonna be nervous again do something that's gonna make it
nervous i wouldn't suggests you smoking we really oh yeah you weigh more nerve occurred the getting paranoid so but when you if you're gonna do something that is not going to give you that you love like we're just gonna go did you jets unused fun here then you we now have more fun because that's it you're feeling an ip address is awesome you're not you're not you're not nervous or anything so i'm i'm worried if i got into weed i would just become a three hundred twenty pounds she monster you wouldn't do that what would you do that because because i love to eat so you do do not much i eat it's so much we gotta restaurants people think i'm joking i'm gonna get a restaurant is after shows i to meals and go but you do not want to stake i don't want that to night that's too much food my is not too much just bring it you're pretty lean to though that's good genetics is good genetics but are also work out i work out man you gotta euro do you do it
out when i went on that you of course you do but i'm saying for people that complain about it man is that simple is if you like to eat that you mr byrne that shut off true but i definitely good genetics to some people that they could look at a cake and they get fair but you yet the monkeys do get the money from because i as we too house now some food you work out so hard and you got high and get paranoid about getting fat you'd probably right we'll get you could ardor these like it's of sessions just to lean up you know your odds some crazy die right now right you look and slender sexy bitch its face taught every if you look at it you look they might be hit me you're obviously giant but yeah you look like loosened body fat years i've been yeah just been doing this diet my train had me on no curb diet for it
weeks i got on no curbs at all and he did that should for years really low carb local why tat kids i was doing that adkins thing here and you stopped on yeah how come from protein now you know i don't know manners i hung and there it was hung in their manners you have a cheat day on sunday you have to have under thirty carbs a day if you could do that under many crimes that day then one out of the seven days sunday you can hear the back you want for just one meal or the whole the whole day you have achieved day you dislike so i was live in my life just for sunday i was just trying to get the fuckin sunday i didn't care about friday we went out i just wanna get i was just thinking about bread out and then suddenly i couldn't wait for the sunday come up when the sun came up i would just tear shit up and then i began to fall here's my deputy anything now i can't say that smoking
are we trying to get the money is going to back the psalms goin down i'm not even hungry i'm trying than a living like a crazy man here like a great like a now crazy was he stood we used to go to restaurants and eat and he would take the bread if you would break the bread apart and smell it we will need the bread and everybody would want bread they like what the fuck is going on with the bread eddied taken like every piece of bread and broker plants today's knows that did you from it i just thirdly and lastly i would really lean and i've never been that muscular anything but i was moon and i single was right and you know how the single is hell and leaner got the easier meeting members of the opposite sex were not entirely sexier the i have on my right aware we change our views aperture like reservoir
starving lundy that sunday eventually turned into our money starts at our name now let us they wouldn't by testing would my body still change as you know if you got thirty grand today monday through saturday somehow your body is fixed in a way that you could trash on sunday ended and it doesn't make any difference with your way into reject and i know you live until now on saturday night laid saturday night i'd say pocket i'm stuck in article six months that was my thing it has emerged doesn't change fuck you can actually take it into the night before so saturday night i couldn't wait saturday during the day like fuckin went wonder i started like when the sun goes down i would just get do crazy and then it turned into saturday morning i would start and then it was ok saturday and sunday i'm gonna have not achieved a pang can do and monitoring the friday night and then i just forget it then we just crazy and i just stopped
taylor we got here my focus is now back in the wind column in i wonder how much lighter frank mercury if he loses its why wouldn't i remember i can ever think you'd be surprised that we now but a brave men here i will refer fry johns got your message brave men as they joe you do the same on only lays out i have to be there saying i'm not that gonna be the guy that they talk to afterwards and consoling you they're gonna be there well yeah now doing how to joe crucify do umbrella there man don't worry where's the support group wants a we get the support group podcast i just heard out our ties of transparency if we if we could bring tax carbon this room right now conversation with us all i've got ok are we
but we ve learned siam gothic scarce right you can start bring an end by japan you still love who diagram disease guide but do interior noticed listen listen attacks cobb these days really oh good law that's man here and career for awhile cannons really on common values and common values goodman's really gotta get boxer before he was box or do you know he was accomplished kept boxer and i dont know who's this guy is undergoing fiery homes in the distance a text beat up by larry home so bad howard caso quit calling boxing do now darling i'm done he said you have done and disgusted yea y know a lot like vat as it was horrible my mother was women my morrow saying my mother said she motor lily said i should get my father was aims the slaughter and they saw the five my mother said he may have this he may have an extra plate is far ahead
so he's probably five mothers other national cancer radiology does have a plate in its far too he spied around dogma there's a guy that even a coat and winner you never work and she does he probably has an enlarged hearts pumps what do you ever sore throat a cigar fine like sort of in homage to the east coast yes yes i did i will simply say that i have been watching down let's go back paragraph shouting answer nor shouting i'm passionate where we really entirely no unjust super passion desire he don't gotta euro five and gave me the early say you know what i'm gonna go in there and i'm not going to give a fuck
i love you cannot get i'm around parent being high next suddenly fellow urea reopen tories abed mother fucker is i don't know frankie signs could you not fighting my son and he says name sands what's this about turn a subject we have a time here in town frankie's loves toilet paper is a break in the fridge brigades gay only speak your can't connachar everyone say it is a bad mother fucker dude he's really good that's a guy you know that was one of the most impressive victories for your i favour when he be this dude because
you're right came adam guns blazon like within the first couple seconds and then like literally fifteen seconds into the fight he mounted the guys on top arrived and hold them there for the whole round i mean he's hit number ground upon going on but you're right zander round gets out a position and then a jew common after room for the end of that second round with around puts the pace just puts the pace autumn and you could see the dude go oh jesus christ one is mother fucker get tired she'll may is one of the most impressive performances of your eyes created allowed people to talk about that fight and its because rough so bad i think i can t i had his back annoying mounted m be he got him in a very compromising position very early in the fight when everybody's dry and visit full straight trouble i got out of it and gay rights inez you're all men are beat the breaks off of one of them
listings ever i heard a fighter say came from there i favours mouth he summoned beat him it was a close decision one of those epic battles on i forget who enjoy lost title but this thing by the sea right and what he said after one of those fights i don't feel that bad i mean i was a kid fight could again you the way i'm right there in the mic summoned the top on mixing up even though i lost them one right there i said i think i'm in a million off that's like he has such a girl he'd attitude is always violence one lhasa where one went away from time to time we well he's gonna go to forty five now which is very interesting frankie re that's crazy fight man in frank younger lies gonna forty of wants five ranking as one if i t j interesting yeah i think he feels that you know that's not necessarily feisty may and i think he probably would like to take it i agree that fuckin horrible wait cut to get down and one smart it's not a bad idea in a super flight with frank is flock way better
than teach and if he does lose aids and even his division apparently apparently he's an amazing businessman owns a lot who told you idea the operating can i just want you to sign a day is obese welcomes a business and we talked about them before yeah richly noise and ambitious dude mommy two interesting is the most for sure the most famous and the most like popular guy that has not want a europe see title has been in the mix for as long as he's been the mixture medusa bc champion mozilla two thousand sex go on already broke both his hands against my brown tyres roanoke started although and i actually talk to my said you pranks
because now man no i didn't i've since i started through my elbows cause i was like there's nothing else i can do at that point on closing this after the first fight where might brown caught em too aggressive my brown micron caught him on the chin he is to be known for his insane and pound where he would do something that no one has ever done i've never seen anybody but i guess it because it's light he would get in someone's guard who takes pick em all down the beginning of his crew getting i got and then he would like raise openly the mob slam them down and at the same time ricochet him to elbows if nobody else has ever done that he would be in their guard wholly pick him up slammer than poor land elbow he's gotta go crazy
well no not about no mark do and then deciding what i'm just going to stand up what fools and then he just like stand up splotch annie like he started getting really good a finnish into that's when you know your eye paper was a wrestler he did abu dhabi two thousand five he went against by being a black but how do you do it was a blue about temporary use an amazing rest yes now made about being a stalemate have i think they read em cause he was on top he just bout being i can get on tat missus visited one voice i saw i won't say who's who is wrestling with butter i watch tenor gracie i'd never seen judges who on that level where i was right close i just had i really are honest they had never seen that where he took high level high level monster deeds and was tapping them at will make more short cars
ass makes marshlands who had aunt hannah grace whereat the crazy academy i've actually never seen that kind of effortless excellence with with guys word just huge and strong yet henery very very good very good imagine not raised or from the time european your dad and how could they nine hundred ride like they ve been doing since they were now i talked him that i said you know you you seem to be like your chunky information so what happens is shoes do something you ve already been there you know exactly which one on your way out of it goes that's exactly right so his body positions already he's already has he does you really dullness daddy bravo hope nine dairy i was acting as well as bringing up arms like that's how it must feel right now we really must get his heart back if she can do some green claimed at last girl new and raise the roof is young kids and then she draws yeah backhand kiss
the new version that might be on instagram all the better we do is to mario young sarkozy would be persecutes he's not even a mind why does he do that hard thing to me right rumours to me as a rumour going on in my area we have a talk the inca girls come to me some cool certain trying to shave the middle of your head like that our continent is back very little flexibility trial worked out rubber garden ermengarde can't get it look at those stiff he is at is that drive you crazy when you see guys like that when there in this position where men if they do that some flexibility he had a full control that spot it doesnt piss me off ever come on i'm i'm i'm not piss out i mean purse but isn't it you dislike like puzzle you that a girl ended edge strachan transition there just too much to train man that they would if it weren't for surely
saddam they have to search for and do the research and images in their face that worked in everyone's do in it they would do it but until then stick to what we already know let's just keep going gotta work on a striking get your cardio together fox news furnished with weird mandatory that's that's what they feel as we stand its where did even go forth of slow your shit like you're not that flexible ourselves there he found himself in a spot of his basket you when you're down their panic is pushing the first round that your go to gonna win getting support anybody can acquire the flexibility required anybody can get into lotus but you have to put a lot of time into and most people are willing to put in the time where the fuck is john wayne par series texted me i might be a little late oh my ride deriving from san diego hope that's ok no probably world champion a visa is good due to john wayne particle colonel i love those front kick so much is ever just so damned yet
we just a joke about yeah we made a video my garage rule you are asking me about my tabs yards you land and a red on the chin not so now everyone here i now learn i dont think of my entire fighting career ever kick someone the face with a frantic and now everyone stoner whereas as its mandate is land they waited for the genuine jobs never get random ever ran down the middle anderson when he landed that fuckin frontier gun vittoria changed the whole world crazed everybody was like oh of course for i was speechless leave us agog our speeches when i saw the other when yoda landed the jumping for kick right style crane faculty randy coat tool until then up until then it wasn't part of year training sessions if you weren't emma may finer newton stick tat an area like why practice and that shit's wasted taught you know what a nobody nobody was practising it you know now they are
no it opened up a lot in emma may as opposed to an kickboxing is the take downs and though the worry about that brought in a lowered stance there's a there's a different approach because guys like might be leaning forward a little bit more might have a lower big might not be able to not throwing a lot of the same techniques so you're catching a guy that's might be lenient forward a little bit more might have a lower bake might not be able to move back and forth other way is easy there's just because you're not seeing the damaging boxing you seem like push kicks to the face little bit in some of the kickboxing boughs and tie bout you seen some of that there really dont land right they can adjust they just push back they have a different stance they'll lean way back to life bad i wouldn't light on their feet it's a difference a different style
emma may fighters a lot of them are there your position themselves veto squares off more because vittoria always worry about take downs and he actually used to teach that across and graces his teacher the different stance like use like you know lilies go use actually talking about more psmith at the time who is i think it was the u s you haven't we champion pitiful taking i think those behind my comment is right there on his back willie slip off the gray slips right off with her eyes were at all greece cut it out of hell up lasted but and we're veto was explaining how morey still stands like a kick boxer the squire off more like you have to learn how to throw all your punches from almost like a horse dance mina squares nance bless sideways and if you look at a guy like four may whether i mean he's coming out let's try sideways completely sideways and it makes small target like tat but
do you get your leg kicked out her that's true but you can also get taken down its ties that were so it's more available member may because of the way people stand definitely king in their two sideways rather too so i wasn't move back to easy they're moving right right they move like watch like someone like you like like a real high level tie guy like watched like no one of those duties from in alike from glory bul cow book our poor promising young guy watch that guy when people draw kicks adam and it's fuckin moves barrier snake like the kicks coming towards me leanings way back like a snake and then comes back eight african exiles learning take you down then it becomes even more now is common and balls you gonna catch him he's gonna be open for if you throwin give
your leaning back like the way a lot of those guys will do and moving back and forth but it's like gaza time that figure when they take you down in especially for committing for gradual but when you don't have to worry about strike or you don't know about take downs you changes you changed stance and it changes what's available plus with meat was more like white stance keziah vetoes power guy he's dry dock dues you're not send shut up he's try not to do now you know everything about returned he doesn't have been hands at all does not bear smoothly i ate size eight years and certainly there not best they're not big and it's amazing how much power he is able to generate i give you watch his fight with like scott for rosa back in the day news nineteen school i mean he's throwing punches at you have never seen when i'm adra his didn't via his own i'm gonna fight nowhere invited the wireless grass lillian environment e fight back
the day machine gun five trade talisman doses first fight in the eu of sea and then right after that if what's got froze anyway the tournament he calls a heavyweight title but it's not really there was a guy you dismantlement get high level venerable effort and i know that you just had aroused him without power left hand if you just so much faster than over those big headache by our counter is like he's he's his hands speed is so goddamn blazing fast that if you catches you with one region will bullets you with forty more behind it before you can react as we did family he literally ran adam like chain punched i let across that they are i wonder what veto does if we lose loses two whiteman we where does he go from there it's going to be hard for him to go off tea party after in how many years of being on a hard core zeus you know his numbers were high
so he got is is get enough of what is a really high tolls high death that nice needs that by love those can you me inside the rectal area the writer deserving cause they're not going to stop you the hope is tat observing and stop you're gonna be sorry guys know reasons are the rector maria wouldn't you can me like the asked cheeks pressure for her when you're cough up in that as well but the fuck would be drivers ally you know it's it's i just i don't know how is going to be able to do you know that's the reality of getting old man have you not answer sort of hormonal replacement and your thirty seven thirty eight thirty nine forty four inserts get not there and your entire career you ve been using some sort of hormonal assistance mason i'm talking about a guy who's been entirely natural talking about a guy who stews taken a pig is
cars gives you for assisting those getting the healthy did robert necked like is oh furthermore the owner blossom does it that little slippery here double outside ashy slippery i will describe the double outside our she was at the leg pollution the au son who had invented it as a japanese sad position that existed as long as catch rustling in that should exist let the new why they just learn i just learned that proper name wise it ashy i don't know man that's a good question is it a judo terriers with when they origin i don't know because all hurry go she and although this item and learn those names one is dead and be a beast i'll tell you what i'm more excited fallen even pack your may weather is i've been talking shit account by the thai condo days for years now his wife has proof i guess of what a look at that liar
my worry and our pictures of me she is pictures of a timeline probably flying through the air killing a calf s none to be proud of failing this land would wonder charade tourism by the way i just i think alive for years now and that is why i voted on dough yes everything like a very brilliant i though what did you did you really get a backbone master come on i was only to really get about his rank master what does that mean how can we drag i went back hello i just ran along the trail powys seven year straight in your straight where were you learn to their places also college muslim in training when i met you then and in three years after it by this just stopped i wasn't i wasn't sparring thereby start just then so wendy blackwell nineteen eighty seven so how many years retraining before you got your backup to enough that sounds ridiculous
it's pretty faster that doesn't even psychological you're the bijou pennant iguana attack you get your backup pretty quick gonna when you are life is really go working earl can we ideas i went out and a black boy jimmy greater bible pan euro student you now now ready to learn i actually got minded two years really an error message with me now you could do it without showing you fifteen when i was fifteen i got my when i was seventeen i had my uncle's resides in those areas for in advance to well painted a blackberry course three years you pay for you good at someplace that sounds like some bullshit jan in our point nine point five million verses like you know actually hitting each other but you know what man it's like a lot of you what you pick up when you're young as far as like your bill i'll will do beauty left counter little hand a lot of like
oh you're reality to learn and shit is like so much better when you body still growing you know you like yours you're bodies are growing in throwing kicks like so easy he could take a fourteen year old you teach him a little at a time when though in two years they live like a wizard the throne jumping we'll kicks take a forty year old and teach him type one or two years he looks like a forty year old began talking dinner he gets for actually i did take wonder for a year i thought you'd be like blood work i want i want to be jacobean damn so my dad's mobility guano they had me punching like this yeah like like this i'm a flat fuck this noise left after you what is absolutely vital that after year will now that's what we started with no my death forced me to go by the next eight months his these schools man it's like there's a lot of just maximizing there in their income just trying to get as many students as they can and do not teach in the style that was would attack
originally was which most people quit though hard towards eu glittering money are you get kicked getting kicked socks yeah my along most of what you're doing is getting kicked due to went to sleep in my school time nervous everytime you accidentally people would not people accidentally on purpose to but accidentally friends would not friends out i've seen it happen meantime when i pass the test for my first green stripe on my white belgian karate the remark on the tell i pass the test and they said a fantastic overhand knives strike like thousands and those who reside and i'm thinkin flock i'm telling you friends that i gotta fucker actually does someone fuck with me i gotta go to my go do first both souring deduce exponents bar it was
students or the oregon and nothing at all no spar nominal make him assumption here i would also like to be able to resume the could you guys intact lando you guys don't take this thoroughly but you guys we're good at other sports as adorable has is that you now everything i didn't really football basketball obviously baseball play baseball is good at baseball real reason we're gonna die when those because i was at fenway parked see a baseball game leaving and allows says what baseball loved it played all time another kid little league knowledge it and then arouse leaving i was i could hit a ball fucking far did when i was a kid i had good like home run power as a little earlier that right as utterly with his lips with his hands ideologies and was almost like it also translated into chaos in punch but i like that i was obsessed
hitting hormones i struck out or aid homerun babe ruth not a single fuckin coach ever got into my head there are likely to get on first base ok pitch come swing in for the fucking moon everytime i don't care i struck out and exiles a terrible team player i don't give a fuck if we lost i meaning a home run that's all i want is home right i was on my coach liquid pull me society those living a seven home runs at eighty nine strike catalysis heads are either not that vaccines by allowing anyone i hid it do people go holy shit when i get addicted to that feeling of people going holy shit so eagerly base while took to win fifty because when i was when i was realizing that i get hit the ball harder than most people my size it became my thing i get so excited about it so it a practice obsessively and
and coming from a baseball game would see the red sox family park there was the line for the t because it was a summer time italy's people walk and if we took the tea and it was a long while you have to be like forty five minutes to get on the fuckin trains piles of people these drugs pile and out of fenway part because family parkers right down the street from the he stopped so we were walking home and we pass by the j hunt kim type window is too so i retain karate has taken karate at joe esposito in newton massachusetts but it's hard to get there there was wasn't good public transportation there i i get too was the top of the stairs as were walk i'm here like these change like is the best he's gone in the air and then the chain is like stopping it from swinging and i go up and as just holy synchronicity data i show up at the school was the time john lee who was
the time the most devastating student that mr kim hat as far as like knock out power he was is really tall black dude from a really bad neighborhood was like a street i learned martial arts learner fighting at other spinning back kick debt was on how god because day people say my my spinning backing good i'm telling you if you saw this mother fucker character by you will go that's where i got it from i gotta from my first impressions when he taught me to he taught me a lot of shit john told me a lot of shit i will i went to love tournaments with em actually when i was when i was older but i walked up when he was proposed the national champion of the time is preparing for the world cup so ass i walked up the stairs it was like him in his final preparations for the world cup you just just fuck in his bag this hundred pound bag flying through the air and bending in half an hour
breathing i never saw anybody do anything he asked us crazy i've never seen you buy do anything like this before and it was all about bag work because mr campos like men about bag work because they get what he throws kicks in the areas you gonna build resistance to it things heavy things yet two hundred pound bag it a series of brown bags and its two hundred pound back those like is big around is joe ideas and it was like seven feet tall kick this shit out it's fuckin thing now is this thing manages building power so i became obsessed so he saw that said fuck they quit rest wrestling quit baseball quit everything a bunch sports but how dare you think i was in goods nah it's not that it is more like in my neighborhood if you did take y know you won't get anything else does use it you know i'm thinkin you it's not a team sport you know get picked on so i
what can we do but this little bastard and take on the fact was tat in embryo take one daisy exactly eric and parliament it all depends every marshall depends on what do you go to you can go to a dog shit you jesse schools in its better nothin but you're gonna learn some shitty technique a lot of time and that's the same with karate that's a single i don't know i just got stupid lucky man i was in the right place right i mean do you can't get a better time this guy was kinda flunking shit out his bag and i just stood the waiter jim set up you get to the top of the stairs it is an area where you take her shoes off and that area was right where the heavy backs were whose by design because mr kim wanted people to work cut the stairs see someone murdering the bag and sign the desk right there so that's where job was workin out and like you got first we see a guy's a blackberry pc a black those actually doing real black belt shit that you expect a black
to do here that's allows our got hurt just out the nonsense because if i came up there is some fucking kids class and they like here that if that was my experience i would say later nerds i've been so as to make a lot of money owed teach just forms and point yes you know you know you can you can have a lot of money and get your viper right away but but and when we have each other that you does gems have a heart john didn't remember any of this forms that's one things i learned by john lakes is from chelsea this terrible neighbourhood did know any forms of men are mementoes dangers to act forget him reminisced shaken laugh about total street guy like he's a good dude man he had a lot of you played sports problems i played sports on my street
all the goddamn time on the streets with other mexican people my size in the older and stuff but then once and i and i played little league or junior all american football so announced at play middle linebacker indefensible don't actually thought i was gonna grow up to be a football player and played maybe middle linebacker maybe quarterback maybe defensive and like i was so delusional as a kid juno american about does it makes you think like you i'm a robust i'd try to play for everyone's learn about my freshman i get into pads i'm doing that its so called rights are our dear papa i literally was hundred what literally a hundred and ten pounds and i and my father was so huge i thought i was going to be like him so is the question of the growing into that i was i was getting hit
it was so called my eye was running away from the place and a guy gary laying down trees had you after russell you're just resolutely size yoda you our foot tat was our football coach was the assistant wrestling coach and this motherfucker do is try to recruit people is i grogan yorick tough bastardy should be out there should be out there on the fuckin field we had a guy in our football or in a wrestling team that was our heavyweight he was three hundred pounds bobby baker he was through a hundred pounds a nice going i'm not joking wasn't lean ok but he was giant he was a giant do i go and i just stood right next to michael he play football look i pledge wrestle one thirty four right here three hundred peril how the fuck do you know what north breaking me a man having someone over me and smash me no thanks the abolition of we love roost is another carving that's another different kind of white dude adriana martinez that guy the dots are only had kicked that's right
his last night right i believe so antonov martinez fought and won the under cards wasn't aware of this so many fights granada's we're area of europe you know fight pass between them the pre limbs on fox ports one dollar now he's responsible for two of them most stomach churning submissions and the history of say was the other term soviet snapped is working for half demon noah right you go in and then on purely it is no bad news item was wrong guy did that crazy americana from the guard cunning tat was also break me is what the reasons are start fighting no one's ever done that have you ever pulled it off that america from four guard guys did it after that they were fucking around with it i remember guys refer morality in class like right after that fight from full go to be slow
do you know i'm a very complex set up heaping somebody did yeah the issues are good when it's over it's you know you don't think i rest locks work you think risk locks who acute all day but french impartiality worry when he but lock or risk locked you from full guard he showed me ma am you don't go so little is a real shame risk logs sound like something to make fun of unknown really tell them there are certain guys they get upset with them and they pour models are there really goes on a lot you really an end using the set up other things you have this pressure and and easily put back the esa if your nerves allows man submitted cameron earl with risk lock want to turn to what was it like a restock from an all my blood members do not remain regarding i'm a nurse have you're older farmers soldiers online bitch google it it is he beat my ass
you can watch it needs is that good he's is that can get the wizard wizard had now there's a lot of high level guys now man i was so press watch and gary tone in avi so problem so impressed with hobby these defects incredible how relaxed he is my mounting i'm going after leg locks but he's bigger than harvey right by quite a bit
they were saying longer announcing the way ends there were saying one forty five and one seventy off that's accurate i would say heavyweight covet was not one forty five i would say was one sixty five one seventy somebody must adjust proteus we stated then i would say since i was in a weight limit and and and gary tone and cuts down to seventy four some fights i would say he might have been he could have been one seventy five one eighty maybe i don't know he's always a bit it looked a lot better than avi but god damn that triangle is a thing of beauty gary tonnes fuck and everybody so god damn you just ribbon through everybody's submitting everybody i remember when you came on the park ass you talked about that match that he had with chrome god you're scene i haven't seen what have they fucking cronies of fuckin madman nightmare either what a very tall ass brown was beating him he was about to get beat got his back he was
all over how long a rallying cry along it was it went to the last second the last second he was down did he get a minute left i forget now it's been awhile but those are a minute love they separated they stood and chrome and toning was was gonna when there's he chrome needed to submit so with them within a minute he looks over texan says it is does it man if he gets he takes him down gets his back and choked him out of the castle and chrome is already bestial dude manfred when i get ready for metamorphosed chrome was also on the card and so i go to his jim and trade for them remember we got done afterwards i was looking over and he's doing these breathing techniques or like townsmen fuckers are real samara why do from denver like trying to do is show how do i look at his dad you see in the movie choke well yet outworks einstein you should learn that shit man
send an interesting thing to learn and breathing tub breathing ass he does it all the time he took it took me through at its just you know yet to do it all the time it's me come party your game ass to your absence he such obese men chrome is a special special do not imagine that just the genetics has genetic some comments on you you're born into the greatest jujitsu family fuck that the greatest martial arts family by a long shot like what's the second greatest martial arts family in the graces about your dad is hickson no raised as on health and i'm playing to float you does not what if you did though what if you were all under the flute endued phase gama flowers or not but if you were out ass well the fact you called it a fiery would have you are starving into flutes and realise in your gracie like hickson zionist you to say
i'm dying to get the wheat flour stout air if it right in my throat all higher than all ye online how many times here do use flouted do it depends a good year a crazy flout filled year nobody said did you say it every time on your own pike s i thought i thought my robotic as every because it's really have left i have to say i've always fantasize about being flouted and now the calvin i've you oughta be honest look how many times a year do you think you break out the word flautist it is a word i think about a lot and i just never have time to really work it in until just now cuz i don't have sophisticated company i'm pretty sure that that's the only time i've ever said it is repeating
unless the rational i've ever heard about galileo beyond only an asset flouted and i expect that with the guy came in with a scarf cashmeres when a hundred percent we want deer hunting use where a casual he's got himself the kashmir killer he's in montana gets killed one of the meal eighty the killer is really one of the most desolate spots in north america i mean it fuckin wilderness there's no one out there he's wearing kashmir can't you can download it and you get to the top of mountain in new york for dear and you look off like like how remote you are like the area or in its the sounds pretty girls really weird than you governess counterattack jasmine cell phone
i shall certainly worshipping wide now did you in the middle of nowhere you're ruining you're in clay to you walk around in clay it's really captain blood clay cactus clay and like rye we grow there will you know what's its play its literally the bottom of an ancient see it's the great western inland sea of dinosaurs fuckin roman on that you find shells fine like like seashells their millions of years ago there was an ocean eddie hunt you don't go these guys hunting now sizing is shit ok right it should be as i have tried to shoot down you know guys and not hunt as you wanna be lando contains it's the hunting is that of the fund is actually the amount you laugh together with you and i laughed more we hunt could times it's
a little bit miserable what then they don't know anybody like us like they knelt don't ever have comedian hunting with another hunters surest joanna de bodies have nowhere to go whilst its great in all fairness i have a captive you have a captive audience in me i bring you a logs i know he's always on plus we can talk you know we can have a real conversations like frustration at first day and like other now where these guys gonna fucking get this can you know who knows this could be this could be a disaster who knows what kind of eyes were going where you have to go i go there and i guess i got a comment to make your laugh all fucking day that's my job all we did all we did was just how laughing shootings in are the other guys laughing at all my girl would cry and the way they had a five dig brian cowen comedy show
by the end of it they knew the rhythm too they notice all gay stuff so and at any time they would bend over to pick up fire will really have to do and it is the will you please john hunting shellfish what are you up to its hips but talks a red hair could have been a hunting show that character you could do that guides i basically actually harass dan dodi the whole time and its in these shows is now they they did they look very little they did what what you see on the show is like just did this to the usable parts to hunting show and the sportsmen chant ensuring that fucking at all gimme that wine to we're gonna want you therefore nice it's a beautiful this kind of discarding golly
but it some it's very satisfying eddie you enjoy you love me man would be i don't love me that montana like any gave me like elk and how do i know you don't know i never had to say about you don't i'm at flood rockers zis is crazy to stop right that's like saint karate doesn't work i saw fred valori but eddie eighty eighty that's preamble the reform raised our air its farmers i'll get my slovenia cow they grow this fucking things in cages new zealand they cut the meet up and they ship it over here you getting wild l from north america because wild from north america can't sell my can't ride in i dont like its you'd have to camp is daily lodges stay enlarges allotted times you say we go we really have done it hard core but we have also done we stay in a house that stuff
we have high or twice like hard core we only learn not an example let in manila now i'm not in the jungles will you go to a gentleman like leopards i've been handled let brown is no i bid you a jungle you don't want to be in the jungle i've been rather do that i've been the raven you like general listen listen you getting it is because he actually was like working as a bug scientists when i went to indonesia and went and tracked right as well let me tell you why you never want gone jungle ever ever do bugs you'll get eaten by mosquitos you have to carry a sulphur coil not just bugs break a sulphur girl you have to sit near hammock please allow ground because we live aground leeches will get in your skin and not to mention those
wonderful anson wobble it in a deep what about you the story about putting a turban time on the posts of the year you have to put perturbing done so every house there is raised up and you put turpentine you soak the the wooden termini why because you don't want to be in the way of the soldier answer when their hunting of their farming the walk right over you if their hunting they will come up those posts they will come into your hut and oh you and duff jump on you basically cover you and sting you and that's gotta normal thing that happened to date elephants this only they climb on africa's marketer they climb into an and elephants ear and the us eating it's fucking brain you can hear them coming never determining their for real you can hear a buzz you want your crazy soldiers here's a crazy statistic about ants the body
like the weight of ants on earth that demand is exactly the same or close to it as the weight of people that so many answer ass a shitload now wise amazon indian survive these but one of the great things that the dynamic who i was with they don't sweat even though you're sweating losing gowns why they don't sweat day there they have adapted to their environment so they can and bugs dont them skeeters dont really bite them why because they over millennia they developed they evolve to develop resistance to bugs to both of them area law makers and galicia barely make sense but there's some bugs get them shore rinaldo was in bolivia you know rinaldo just got back from bolivia worry ada monkey obey shot and cooked and ate a monkey not hand but the people in the tribe knowing it set but its disturbing do watching them throw this monkey and a fine
it looks very very fuckin human very monkey like a like a like chimpanzees are well known she was a little monkey would entail but he got stung by a bullet and he was in agony they say is the worst but these those guys stunned too as a part of their coming of age ritual they're not immune to that another not wasps could give a shit long you ve lived in the area it's gonna hurt just as much hobby love in art martinez and interesting fight man has hobby loves come off that laws to benson anderson and close fight pull them the deep what he's beaten good guys bead jorge masri dolly member hidden but that weird will kick early awkward we'll take some really good granular really not enough yeah really well gently and sombre yeah he was a skirt and his soup taxes are half the charts throw you on your head but martinez's high level brazilian due to black book
would kick boxer he was all in his own with cowboy means getting he was having an entirely that head kick me now cover certain yeah but he was doing well up to the moment is a good fighter ways so fast those headaches and he's not afraid to fight off his back there's not scared throw in that nowadays not worried about anything haven't a good guard eddie always said this so huge for kickbacks cowboys finer toby that's what we're talking about there yet i would i was a guard with them on the five one that's a weird fight that's really weird fight tat light tell me why does anybody i for one for both of em but if there's any time to fight could be its now after a long way off long live any surgery who knows like whereas needs
really i'll do day down then is that that nash know this rooster on his back and see how they guard look has our guard walcott allow together fence getting him off the fence but you might as well as all they do is warn you that pushing them away from the fence dawson right it's great control net leg interesting color does not want this yet again the ambient up little nuts today might learn this is getting right there is got good jets seal that greece silly slip so easy this thing was the soup like something does get aware of it and which to certain level this kind of you take it out now that someone took him down and engaged him grappling right
true that high level take another gonna call address or take the other great that's his world i mean that's hobby loves world and also on his back for the first time as you have secured he's been trying to say up more lately you did hurry this black oh that's get on top and continuing to that's a nice right hand he threw them like that's like a semi chuckle adele style overhand right yet mean martini really threaten them at all right no brazilians have great skin there i said it pitiful mouse was local prepare among men had no reason to be only when instead you have caused
that's so short sighted headache now realize above you listen yellowstone blows i might all be living in brazil in five years yellowstone explodes and half the fuckin countries dead zero chancellor factor giant genocide giant one huge channel bullshit a continent killer really oh yeah why the fuck isn't cnn tell me the students it's well nice kicked great by martini it's what they got called dare volcano which is a volcano that so violent that it starts out is like a mountain the mountain explodes and what you're left with his a crater they have to look out from satellites to recognise what it is they didn't even know was a volcano until like the two thousands like one when they started looking at the area with satellite imagery this argument we will whoa whoa whoa what the fuck we're looking at here and then they want oh
she own now that i realise its six hundred kilometers wide that's why there's nothing we can do our not only this and nothing you gonna do work goes off areas every six state yellowstone goes every six to eight hundred thousand year old ones lesson when ass secretaries so we owe to our downward if we're lucky it could go off tomorrow mean they ve had thousands of earthquakes every year for a long time they have thousands of earth every year i give you gotta yellowstone almost every day you can have a fucking earthquakes useless it allows multiple s here john
parlay degenerate bonica have see we're on the down arrow any outbreak in some other way you scare me with that talk he'll be honest my man the sweat of smuggling to if i did i'd be running for the hills right now pact while she sat in a beef afraid of but there's nothing anybody do about it you'd have to just get to another spot in vienna brazil's my only option well australia he'll be a good option on right now join par let your fucking know china has done we may have to move faster if the yellowstone blows can we crasser your place after it is a friendly well there's the plan plan be doing this dude is your friend
and it was a man get him on a chair something james than a chair form some sit down we're watching bruce tom hobby love and a journal martini first round very good round for martinis teens one that road john wayne our multiple time my tie world champion in the mother fucking house is amazing to be good to have you brother in over from another part of the world we're talking about places to escape when stone a super volcano explodes and kills everybody in north america so austria is a strong possibility now i feel like you just broke news on that now everybody you guys all knew you knew there oh you know only through jolly through job when it's one of the things that you know if it does blow don't worry you're dying in its fight now you might die slow if you're anywhere like outside of the perimeter diarist not that bad the further breathing a hundred miles around it is dead instantly what what about wealth yellowstone here five on the you gonna be
not a lot of people that agenda notions you're dying by lava don't worry i live is unrelated to stone you persist in the heat and the gas has won the garriga right there that we hear the last one hand you they get on your buggy born in order what are the lava women ocean or dry happened is that these son would get completely blog that's where that's what's out no more tools nome animals would die rotten meat everywhere can your food you fought disease that she gets a fuckin calabash as well everybody's lungs everybody novelty along the edge through their fact you're fucked first ball guess what fuck face the beach i'll be there because a super volcano you deal with massive earthquakes soon armies without a doubt no go the other way around the enormous you'll catch a wave all the way to japan because these agencies is nice and certain member escape from a lady russell duty was on a wave
we're doing areas like on green screen and serving on green screen so we're just also when you say how just exalt jesus christ you're saviour and you'll be fine it's one of those word when it does blow it's gonna kill em a major chunk of the population of the world not just the united states but of the world there are one or two happened in indonesia seventy thousand years ago and they think it's one of the main reasons why there's like when you teach trace the genetic lineage designate fuck and find out how the largest cracked and let us get shot yeah they think there's one of the men of the theology l debian elbow popular eternal shock has a nasty body shall take tat to his throne fuck and he is apricots mixes punches iconic mixing your
hunches up tat john wayne communist regimes and watching concerning the foreigner is anything why it makes sense that make sense of the dog joy diagram i will make my workshop have room for next week and this law has untouched children emotional work all life on earth we have a good cry and hold it as well on this we do not wear paths we restrict this is right i gave it the first vice like no first glad we called ifor guys apparently this ten super volcanoes that can destroy the world tat jesus christ is ones
and as one in colombia those are the conspiracy theories geologists man you can't even go to mexico they have won in mexico most i'm just saying come on should therefore be signed they still gotta shadow happens again on vesuvius what's kid if canada folklore people out of towns volcanoes imagine rocks jones gonna volcanoes forget the economy about the economy anymore and i feel like the chances of it ending america volcanoes pretty love well it's only precisely because our lifetimes are very short yeah you haven't single ninety speak its its chances of ending america hold its chances of ending america are one hundred percent two hundred percent of over the course of entire over course of the acts two hundred plus thousand years it's a hundred percent and makes us
whether or not it's gonna end america its working in america issues whether you're gonna be allowed see it happen one hundred percent or whether or not they ll be society at that point and whether or not we ve been here by an asteroid already or we might all be on mars by that could be could be i'm never now why why do you choose mars what's going when i hear the explorers the one in indonesia is the one i think that they believe killed so many fuckin people that's why when they do like a genetic lineage test you know people's gene they try to violent be u league origin of mankind believe it all comes back to this one group of people that survived the super volcano the blue seventy thousand years so sleep tight there is currently fight club med south africa being the cradle of civil war
that's where people started for sure but they move all day i was a beautiful left hook we're talking so much shit we miss that well we're talking legit which until people get you shit together to incite ok those about to blow not only of ceiling on asylum it doesn't matter even if you get your shit either of you live in america and it happens most people are dead it's a continent killer like my father used to ruin our base day will be opening presence at christmas eve let us in this book and go in nineteen thirty thirteen million people died of starvation and the ukraine enjoy yourself go back to his black eyes i got out a real number just might well in if you look at the greater area of before world war two when stolen starved ukraine the number is crazy high and i think overalls you consider
latvia and all those areas about this is about thirteen john wayne part on you i'm sorry did change subjects here but when you watching you emma may any watchin like striking eight onwards and what this early with eddie bravo we're talking about jujitsu positions like do you see these positions people capitalize on like what level do like emma may striking is that now it's not it is obviously not the level of the highest level more time but like what where what do you think about them and may striking thing is amazing some of the guys it likes i love serafine here he said there and then get just different because you guys can stand in trade they can go to toto in kansas cape breton the bombs go otherwise get taken down right say but i respect these guys they must not of course you do know corsica of you i wanted to compete in emma i did and then i brought my finger and then that's why come my new promotion with the cage mauritania because you're goofing grappling a year i d done my very first class and about my things
hundred and twenty more typhoid sort of how do you hundreds declares in burma thing how can i put in the cage but not do you did you couldn't i want to make any more fingers and that's malaria that's martha wolves stuff it onto cage my times did and you ve never want to go back and a man will now i got my desire to fight in the case you what i'm doing now and then i can be good at it too because i'm not do better my time what's the difference between fighting an occasion fighting your ring if you're just gonna keep it on her feet of also incorporated emma gloves will look at them oh yes it's everyone is in the main what no ground waters you're gonna grand you stop stand back up and then he's not being in again johnny depp guy down in the pink in thrall in there you can like
you can in the more likely but you can't whereas soup looks ok and as i can see is well so we let i can't say if you get knocked down there's still a changing still come back in the wind but is that very violent open up on youtube because of fighting the cage with boxing gloves on a look very pretty yes i thought you know it after being such a big fan of you have saved for so long i couldn't put be gloves on at the door probably so what would you think guys fighting bear knuckle in a moment to think that makes any sense at all to dangers my hands you break your hand in my hands screwed right but fur like for realism you now has a lot of the reasons why people were able to use on low with much boches because they have got on right true true here the damage bit the basis dane into trying it ensured would be quite his hands in his hand doktor honest afghan just in case of somebody dying to you would want to see someone doin than your promotion especially by the police had he put it on the pillow nighttime known as someone's died on your show
thing they would make people die more often with no gloves i would think that like actually i've sound cause more dig reminded random pan when they know gloves on could be go it's exuviae i wonder magazine feel like you can shin take someone in the head with pads on in need someone the head would know pads on elbows with no pads nay mentioning tree i just don't think that it would i think our contract my last statement those no glove on your chin i mean right to the face and that's ok i'm so you do with your fists i've seen you kicked it i've seen you can do to you kick it mean this is ridiculous the idea that anybody can punch cards you can kick is ridiculous does not a man alive that ponchas as hard as you kick this they don't exist and you're clang out genes of deeds heads blind i mean come on we're the problem would be just getting it sanctioned right as you have said just now get out of my gift
if you're see that if ryan's mama daddy re leonard below par he brought it back now right brennan it would mean it's it's really you know that guy there was fuckin helping keeper illegal in new york just get arrested for corruption and know that right now but i don't have a name mentioned his namesake satan doma janni elevator old politicians as old crooked roby fuckin disgusting little fuck carpet bag and concentrate disgusting old man disgusting old man existing arms lopes fucking time years so that he is out he's sees can manage huge huge huge for the usa to disguise done imagine john jones madison square garden god damned assaults are the wrong possibility at all me we're going back there in april we have to go to new jersey with grave in jersey
as you makes a shitload of money it's just right there is cross the river when i found new jersey we did all the press everything in new york lawton injures yeah course i mean why would you not you're right next to the one of the greatest media empires or whether grace media locations in the world for the for the east coast think i've lost i fight who the fuck knows you barely variant engine i was now he is here because we did get mounted a dagger he's been taken down what just happened i was amazed at martinez mounting an arms race taken him down that say terms beautiful that would allow the first john wayne do you have to do you have to constantly keep your actions numb oil they once they want they want you kill the nerves they never come back i've been delivered as wives tele waste basic issues
yeah roman every i got this far from mexico found just kick in the heavy bag and what's a fight in youth of soil use ngos flattened harding condense than yea and that now dramas anymore can i touch earners i'm sure has not dislike you'd yet these little micro fractures like tiny little micro fractures over the outside and those micro fractures yet a little blood in it now blood calcified in the hole almost becomes like a shin pair like a you'll give us a video of lyon fights ramallah pat was fighting this guy and started going to finish in with them smash he the guy they he sure to check to kick the guy did malpensa pet through kik and shin checked guy start limp and and so mouth has miles adam and goes charge on just issue with a mobile smash
matching action but can you feel it at all like he's wearing this giant armour plated shit and he's got those giant fucking calves anyway those tie calves and giants in both those cowan carries a good cause when we look zaza samoan calves that that way you can see my mother that went window is just starting out there is seen as a very my point is shown john whereas like applications and year than in the more you train and then slowly so the guy more more flat and then where's your school honestly does the potential delegation manipulation or healing behind us warrant honest assessment check his hamstring yes if there's anything is to pay brian till john about your candidate ok guys we had these forms that would scares online practice there before the competition which may have general might
balls into my body what was on deck remember that we like guys i would say that could do that they would take ball kicks yes but is still does like videos out there have guys taken balkans like scientific attempts to analyze like how there ever take baltics well they did that one on fire science with now stand really guises tell lean or germany adding worries greater someone just gave him like a full kick was both as an apparently is the exact same thing we're your balls become like stones like basically from what kind of kids do you make with balls at home in practice repeatedly a rumor is the equipment about when given birth is when a man gets kicked in the balls that's not don't kill me but that's what i heard now we will quickly into a different kind of bankers balls you get like a sick feel like you re ass sake it's not just paying its passing
all lies now you got kicked in the stomach maggie like you got kicked in the liver it's that mean we can pay the sounds of motion seen a woman give birth conservative i've been up close and personal pussy tears apart like a moose the got caught in a meek machine i feel babies the giant vagina too small to say excited starting moreover while i met a guy thomas they gave a friend of a guy cousin now is asking that groundwater is still the greatest line where there s a she's poxy do these exceed that is as it is then he called her ask as you said between his girl knows his girl makes our look like asking to graduate tits
i couldn't stand latvia has laugh i yelled it out and i myself as i was driving home altogether graduate did that like two days later on texts may last year the gradual dense such something that show ideas would say how it is in fact a basket of groundwater at one at least in the old enough to be kicking people's asses no earlier than i take it i like it i like that keep sean all dude doing great shit we're all gonna be all accidents at sea or six anytime you see that is going to benefit young and beautiful i like the most injuries on man alive oh my primary them lie i now tat should return to the budget now how about you john thirty eight young
how much longer is gonna keep competing ass i wanna go to cut more this year and then move play by you with that that that small ok j lucky what are you doing what i will do what does europe i don't want to know what is it sure you were a friend of mine these eyes plugging it in a trail yeah can use can you get in the clenched as long as you want to me yet limited roughs break it up ever when they clinch when its task in style and when you look as active but they let you workin the clutch yes that's a beautiful thing cousins i think that one cannot really going to stop right is very lively regularly and glory that you might five so why are they doing it seem like a sort of water downward so i know that you want to make in the training for the fans there because getting clench fighting it's not it's boring guess
they're gonna tell when the k ones change the rules since more cocaine decay warnings that dominating people say the thing and i hope we may even for the western is vista toys the uno and will make it like that three second worth one nehru will tie incorporate a lot of ground when you know it's obviously does narrow submissions and it doesn't have any you know any like take now so where wrestler has but that ground billing position with holding that plum clench and the way guys develop that squeeze the able to the ability to move a guy around is much like in a like a guy who's a really good next squeezer has just certain something guys get that with that tie clinch man we're moving anderson silva locked up with rich franklin you rich wrangling never seen that before now know what to do about it and anderson was just so strong our position is clear and he's compared to you know like the great time like a bull cow like commodities
no not close its eyes you know attitude is not is ninety nine unless they are not even close allow you want to deal with like dug the group it is time fighters in their technique in the way they move in the way they can hold and not even close you don't think that without without being disrespectful white that claims that he remained there was very amateur there was very basic clinch marriages those now there's no accountability was wholly hands down destroyed not the dye laughed at it pretty much yeah there so many mean it's it's hard for people never seen a really great more tighter two more tie fights john john we fight tat we ve been in total hundred twenty down and then i had thirteen perplexing for its also shall shit but and i had a thorough cucumbers and as long as it is my we wonder what what's the latest with japhetic jeffrey eyes the only thing in sydney is i'm just don't promotions now and promotes fight
yea all these may not complaining for use so he says he transition beautifully out of boxing interpol yeah he's in promoting as much above about three or four years ago he shows run then box but in pretty much every week say he's very busier what about troy waters toy what is happening there terry merrily i used to be really in the box and i was a fanatic until you have to ruin i will look at for like have as has been funding is how i value looking forger retirement night you're not dreading the data to be a hard on transition the air i tried to retire few easier in the thought of a just and dislike jointly knots and had to come back again because that was just killing me not in front of the grounds and not i was after parties while you just say that after part ass what it's really about nightmares lying in bed not having that non anticipation of of having of white coming up with jesse i missed it so much that it came back that's why guys who only have the feeling should fight that's it
these are these guys i did try one more time like shut the fuck up we have run into some goddamn john wayne part the up who sleeps in the upcoming fighting violently afraid alike fighting the guys it i'm scared of what have you always been that way since you can remember year since those since walker boys want to be avoided metaphors ninja to karate i just wanted to fight in anything and then this happened keep boxing was near my house that's how i start keep pushing and in austria in austria where in austria in britain and back then but now i'm gonna go whose but i made the thailand and undermining luton telling before these silicon bangkok and and and had about fifty votes in thailand and for an olympic stadiums and wanted to speak time i do now begun to actually get like one
rosetta stones because only the entirely next those those night imagine living in california with no other people who speak english there was a light was my lifestyle see just learned from talking i slip on the floor with ten other people have an enormous being we say you'd have to during behalf signals first by had a aid or sleep all awhile and how different kickboxing from my tie that you learn more more haines morlaix whereas the tie them or body kicks in a more knees ennobles why do you think that is different swine system that ties in school punching that school they kicks they cause it's hard at its heart throbbed body kicked into the lake anyone to throw lake he says that in the towel his arm in the printing is will the commission be high schools will is then interesting that we don't think about that at all is scoring position we think of the clinches almost being stale stalemate position
adding score who get the whoever can hold a plum clinch the longest river throws the last knee so if you can but two guys around fifty knees kneepan even though on whose goal is alas need scores at that that right well yeah say so that you can be they ever terminates ni ni ni ni ni ni lunch break adjourning the referee guy stop and that is one that's it but if we do not agree with punches says it is not yet than than you win but it will just boxes them up in the guise stand after three rounds ten punches in one body kicked the body keep going every time that's crazy and unless you re madeira and then difference the whilst other really really must be into body kicks public assets like to them that the most important kick gay about it you gotta thailand is completely different contrast to what you see here in amerika were in austria
but it's so beautiful to watch what would you heard about a guy like siren marcus early famous like really high level my typewriter and then he fights for glory they take away that clench they take away like what percentage of his game bethink gets eliminate when they take that away a year get back into the german readjust as workers are the same as may when i went to k one always sorted doing ok but as i was losing as well because our fight the title and then i'd lose the guy's your punching and be like thirty twenty seven this guy has hit me oriana shit and then i less hesitant about naming nathan corbett he also fought in glory he fought tyrants bong and again they take away and should take away a lot of his weapons he's he's making his elbow she's the elbow killer he's handling of fifty five on bobby sixty five fifty fifty or forty five knock thousand and thirty but my elbow and all of us not to take his elbows where does so crazy with item of this guy nathan corbett never heard anything gormans bad mother fucker but he looked
little like a little i not out of his element because obviously far that style before but you know when you watch him with the elbows on the convention everything and you d is very comfortable fills but it feels odd seeing that that aspect removed because it still stand still striking like why would they remove that's like saying no africa yeah sorry no body punches joint budgetary rigour if there is no body punch and everybody would just come out like this you know everybody would have like super high hands and we therefore worry about their body and of a totally different thing and then you will in body punching some guys gonna come over ripple left up to your living like what he was ready for you didn't know this you don't allow them do it that's what you're seeing with like glory in not allowing these guys do it one of the best aspects of striking and then with moisture in general to like this so hard to find a full mauritania these days like food toilet firebrands other guys gone three three is now for the promotions and then and i think the main concern is if i don't know both why i bring someone from thailand astray to america and the fight last
thirty seconds and the guy gets cut i'm just wasted ten grand on a plane to get it right as it is one of the big concerns here man i get it but still just its i think if you representing martial arts like on television mean they can do whatever they want that japanese had their ideas we don't have to keep the same ideas the japanese with glory i think they should go with that's why like lie invite i really like with their due in man like their full more die a little curious as well so they can clench lynch they they hold onto other throat other they dont beach other they hold kicks in their whole load tat cake for kick your leg out and you what do you think about the multiple fight in a night single night to do a than a couple of them before i want to begin in thailand in bangkok when our agenda eleven now get out at the body doesn't repairs is fast between them the brakes watch in glory that's making us thing about those guys who would have a battle that first fight and have
out my how joe shilling joe showing for four rounds simon mark as they got a third round its draw the of the fight a fourth round is going to fight after mark is out in the fourth fuckin round then he's gotta fight we bear it there's gotta fight autumn when the fines that far too much time is caesar forever and sam avi so get fight furs really fight do you know about how i'll be was a contested use on a team carbon and ultimate fighter i gotta be honest i'm surprised the kids here now because when he was on ultimate fires a guess coach you quit a lot he quit all the time now israel is kid have it your way already trinity yet injured and then he came back for a little bit and he was their first pick usually very first pagan it did not work on the shelves pretty sought zaza go the kid and have it so what i m f c and canada did great durham and got back in the sea one is last variants tom
watson and now caesar the guy's fighting i train with for a while with feet or scamp he's like little vittorio these guys are free ethically he train other anderson silver for two years he train would leave i'm a cheetah now is vetoes like protegee such a good athlete man yeah i watched him fight sergio what is his name for the for the title the aldermen fighter brazil yea answered your paint none wasn't he looks dinner he left a lot better did the ultimate follow this guy says are there we wanted out we did you like my father used to a five smaller a thing tat makes sense yeah hi where's the heart should go we have come up with some for them that's he's our tents because our joint tens of aragon his filing sounds crazy man i don't think i don't think the ginger has a chance here is big the ginger's tough old man really show
it is asking for fight to be tom watson your time he did be tom watson that different am though caesar's a different animal man certainly more i that's who was tribes job me fuckin knots of charm members name caesar's one the best athlete and you see i've seen sergio more i checked out chrome it was like the first gotta be only when we have this black bout that's background tupperware yap where do that was nice that shit like a job is fast see my but look at the front gave us europeans more comfortable may leave us airlines julia remarking nightmare all another one hit on what the front body speaking a body shots he say i'm gonna fly seventeen hours brazil fight caesar mouton day is this my like a like tat season that tough contract speaker have tough contract i made a mistake last time you show john the fight companion i said i get paid
in ten or eight name is actually fourteen and fourteen add i just learned that mass they just said a please please let people know that you're climate made fourteen to fight they looked nogueira and i made fourteen fourteen if i may go broke up my that my bad jokes within a white the rajah that's all it is there was no bonuses or anything else involved idea get a bonus of dogma contractually i gotta promise for knock out tonight when i thought merkel grow rich ass she it for that for that night for that night i bought a car in some share your mother would look at why did your foot now background exactly ever really get into that it did you play proof about just for i'd like a cup of coffee the buffalo bills and went back home practice squat yeah yeah i played a division one football for usually car out and then went to canvass social bills as a tied in a trail god what have you got to say your hands gotta be amazing a white guy jonah
i mean i don't be a white tyrant and draw boss he's been i agree one hundred percent right you're right you're not gonna let white guys drop any balls you could be a black guy you could rob bother you gonna make it up later friend and really why didn't you he'll be ass is the first time i realized in sports it's a business when i got to buffalo oh shit i broke my heart my gallant through another team concept may don't give a shit about me broke herman really about oh dear he strode that will take a lot through it again obvious yet to get something significant chinese trying to figure out man good luck i was your college career good i u labour colorado yeah the gold helmets yeah they go home and he started now now i were i worked in i had to a first round us aground wrapping ahead of me when you got to the bills like what was it that made it seem like a bill dismissed broke
heart when you when it when i got there i was in a drastic as a free age also so base it like a body that the bring bringing in and it was like they wanted to talk to me look mania there's like forty three over their men get the fuck over there while you're just a body don't give a shit about biggest ever that i'll tell you friend though you gotta understand their rights that words when i first really do you go from college wits about team and hard work we have this girl do i get to it i felt like or we will have anything there you are here not dead why she joined ruby came out of nowhere left hook dude was now brazil's nice my eyes his fuckin time biting his time landed at last and you do i sees is vital if you haven't i read ran right there living here has a girl a dead one is on the show you what the problem is
is with caesar what alarmed me as he goes well my training every night the fight known brazil we spar so hard on tuesday answers in i every night to fight him my her down like well that i may issue yet your choice i can hold out for too much thirty grand his knockouts siege i doubt yeah dollar way tat now there's a c b d we knox amount and then i'll be with this left what that will sink i spoke those java hewn hesitated like mario's gonna stop it look at that right now little a law that left zeiss sort of with regard to favour a second does lay on his neutral infra red randal he doesn't ran through another smile face here on the back you see he's smart this year
we're gonna get him some damn that is dark we those eyes it can be a dark night foresees callin what you think number two i am i'm wondering if that's his sisters wife but don't be rude you know i'm almost party i'm pretty sure life i'm pretty sure so tell me he looks very happy good while your example recently but things about you cleared unless it's his wife dancing to win i was afraid you never know you never know who never now let's hope she is makes us toy phone or tat was a good fuckin combination man nasty peseta forever guy what you said the giant researchers giant of others i whereas rain interviews any goes on too nervous because if every tuesday and thursday my camp is a fight night in brazil we spar so hard caesar you ve
talent don't do that macsharry rounds machete machete monsieur taught you when you hear that looks like a good job but like you school presuming talking and stuff like that would wander let us be they should i shall imbracus and taken the issue box guys yes you boss resent opting in your heart is knocking each other out the ads weird they didn't know john before before match how hard you spar boxing about ninety percent and in the meantime we just play your sphere each other really not taken hits the head nine are entitled why don't you just play in time and would only wishing pets is so controlled and then you know if you are he even completion across you can go fast an elaborate and pull it you know what i've been an actual lattices harder to publish these two let go right so it's actually good work out
it is so much fun and then get you smiling and an end of it no one's her no bruises you not limping and then you still friends did i i feel like the one you when you up the pace in a real fight doesn't it isn't it hard to kind of meat that adjustment could you going so hard on the pageant anyone i box by i'm getting a worker would cause i'm trying to really have a mate rivalries by with wriggly but button is no hard feelings of only box but are not just the title is just the way they do it is this you ve done so much in the peasant bagman the clinching vs working technique but atomic it to the discussion but that's interesting man i think that's a smart strategy for someone who fights a lot took the ties with fight pretty much every week another long jimmy i have no injuries johnny get tougher you know how to sport and take it you know you're tough enough when you to that level socialists about repetition you didn't care oh yeah that's where the erroneous assumption right that like fire training hard is gonna make you tougher no europe
you're at that level you rarity pretty tight we don't need the challenges that the debt that transcend someone they spy they get pretty crazy and the non but they think a bit warwick a hidden in sprang like this when i fight this gonna be knowing they shock but the dutch go heartily in the body and the kind of lay off the head a little bit in some camps yes and then like mike's jim their known not going each other out that gm com mike's golden glory right going gore than that while this you you're dealing with you get a murderers in a room there how do you're all patent it just takes a little bit of education work well oh so i'm gonna work on some of those goods got here from morocco of your leader is if we don't play that game sun and a numbering a family to our kids the come in i want more our parents are watching i want them to feel comfortable there can write walk away without concealing looked so when you have
kid spar when they first one had a spar would you how do you emphasise like the playful aspect that they see us don't they just want em up and i tell him to go before we start iran's gone ten fifteen percent there harder than twenty percent or otherwise in syria and play an end then i'll keep em keeper anonymous votes haiti spatially ten fifteen percent nor in twenty four that has beautiful then when they want to go hard you hit the bag the paths yes you work technique to understand your timing in your confidence and then is that we need time and with this borrowing to you still find passed rapidly still use these you can again as go slow you gonna let you shot so you still and then just a delay in the ribs or their thoughts or even across ethnic he's pull a backbone just landed there leave it every second major emergencies verse integrity that's
my way to do it but do you think they could do that with them and may because you didn't take downs and you have to be really quick with your sprawl you have to be quick with transitions between grappling and striking you think it's possible do that too is still just pulling back on everything that the work with george saint pierre for two weeks and that that we play we wouldn't go any harder than thirty percent maybe that would justify the whole time move unless mitchell what are those kickboxing remote control role by that had punches that haven't balloons like that when they land it was a balloon for anyone really what noisy and you can hit this this this role bought as hard as you can see here thought hard punches and its thrown legit lit it's you know legitimate not as legitimate right of course but it is going to happen bromwich right some really like that didn't reigners the guy who controls that that would be like you'd have to be really good and you know video games to be a great guy like you
like someone who can never kick your ass with a pilot a robot that can kick your ass go in there after duke and then they would be guys with the best robots and the best can their global robots way before the fire of our european sparring robot isn't things about how that is less a maybe already it is related sparring robot where they would giant robot i didn't i see that on each other that invite people we heard that is definite about sparring robot escape it really unexplored moccasin for kickboxing for the strike in general why should i come in i was allows facial here rather i like my slimness zero these twin brother might be fagin assets and so different i never see you do look so differ with a beer innovation area even have hairless first we'll cacao ever in emma mastery edson but well least
you see my johnson these as a ressler was if i kick over wrestler first arrest back was about that cat knockout was i kind of called it and i said that if he's the only way he's going to he's going to have to take some risks who takes the rescue runs the risk of getting out like as i said out though he was now cold like literally i was saying knocked out he's dead stiff flying through the air on his back is crazy timing craig ridiculous timing to say that total dumb block but what a wheelchair who the fuck out our coming but the best knockdown use history right up there croaker guns zaga is passed joe lows on that's thousands fuckin sensational had keg but something about edson and terry adam just when terry adam just as i go shit i think you'll be dead stiff i think there's a bunch of
crow cobb guns august so crazy is no one to our guns argo do in that way has gonzalo you're gonna head kick croak than think of all the crow highlight real had gig seller fuckers gonzalo hookups back son crook i've spent my indians i'll go right yeah he's fighting in zaire and poland crash he's back you know why you re why is there a target valets relatives in the us he said nasa not so fast relationship with the jesse we re was better signing with those earth will you i mean physically signing autographs rebelled arches now my scared the shit i would lie look i'm i'm not a you know i'm we'll do the same but i would not be angry if they fought sign fate or and brok of they signed
it or versus bright eyes on better be saying i heard brought time out concussions there is talk about concussion supposedly that's according to like the pro wrestling guys who knows what angle there those guys are always there is so much showmanship craziness in the world are progressing i'm sorry and understand that better be friends with tony hinge of because you fuckin loves pro wrestling never stop talking about it i feel like day they playthings out in advance like we advance for long periods tat we daddy's timelines storylines they follow take soap operas yeah exactly so when it was as eight months your men yeah brock's worried about passions they might have some crazy match setting up were brought a scary get mad they start talk any scared again in my head and brok runs
whaley cold in his hand he hath transfer those guys scripted nobody is to be resolved there is how grown men get into a get into it do i data the girl who was super into in his heart to take a series of fanatics who did it the budget's do you throw we'll kicks jumping spinning beckett's the sort of locally only by morning whether body inside joke it's crazy inside if i'm running out alone i'm not gonna lose all having been authorized especially for the panes but if my wooden throughout my show meaningful ok ok so that something of beaten the gaza mayoral so let s land donkey the only do it if you know that you do you think it is easier to pull off like stuff like we'll kicks when you're adding and all the other shit like take downs and all the other thing
like so makes his like so many variables then maybe get her off whereas like you we are fighting in my tie and he got although the lake kicks in all things you could do much quicker and faster to land and it's like less high percentage that way the matron essays destroying stay away from that the ties with never do it ryan ever but they never throw wilkins they they gave and gibson letter throw my years back in the day i had a vicious we'll kick maybe they didn't throw because just concerning thronged doesn't mean that they can be really effective right for multinationals mondo background and then and we should all maritime internet back when i was like alive and well and then one of the key populated arcane designed to remove any they speak anymore so dangerous you gotta stay front on the whole time and keep him cuban may seek an branch from people getting knocked out when they started spinning without what happened now what did you see the last glory you see glory yeah it's nicky holds in thought raymond daniels raymond dan is a famous point fighter he's got one
crazy kicks he's got one of the notorious knock out in all of kickboxing he throws a jumping psychic you see me do it back before its throws a jumping psychic touches the ban with one lay and spins in mid air and spinning back kicks and face whose crazy you see it brought we did raymond daniels about mother fucker summa nicky hold skin swarmed him got right in front of them power punches the body leg keg leg kick leg king power punches the body i just took amount is took him cuba basic debate empty basin kept in his face to pressure no room to spin the one time that raymond daniels landed he dropped dropped holds you want this kick the trade but also got back guides mild and git fucking yeah he's answering number one right pulse can some yeah number one an answer be he's an animal is another chapter vitally ninety other animal well him involved lenny i thought it was a really good fight up to the last round and he knocked bottle anyhow faultless
he's trying to come back and china like tunnel it it was real been aggressive in the final round and that's when now holstein caught him he's a stick issued to nicky yeah google yeah it is your duty tat guy dedicated sir i'm sorry i don't talk to me didn't dare did it is fight these last find is dedicated to roma raymond died here yeah maybe before than ever and dedicated their flight one always the car they gave him some sort of some award there was some sort of ramon deckers thing millions forget it dogs maybe forgets ira john in all you your years have swashing austria has anyone ever picked a fight with you when you're out never right they just now
through this december even though some people that attracted i think cause i'm so shortages hagen and smiling yeah i don't attract bad trouble agus where are the guys i go out and there albert near the top every sunday there get puncheons someone out too for myself but rather a rather have a joke and by a beard enjoying in casino getting paid you not in famous you get a jail what the hell no getting famous you're gonna get a truly profile to notice a notice what he didn't say you're getting hurt they did not get it as if it is blocking guys i've not order famous or theirs
maybe some wild unorthodox tie guys a few of them that are drawn allowed a spinning crazy kicks not tradition there was a guy called somewhat coming he won the first ever go metal in the olympics are boxing and before when the boxing he was mighty guy and he was a subpoena he'd spin elbows been back he wasn't very successful is this one with tobacco but without the backing of the ties with the incoming treatment and put him over people in the bum frankie frontier them not even yet it takes too long and span right that's been adjusts you to see it common yet i way let us it was ends on our fast wasn't it wasn't like a proper took on those who said it was a teaspoon says is a big difference aren't iguana spends were useless defence as people coming into living engage with a new european on youtube in yours is insane say yours is different to the toys
but if you saw brian's you would agree with the type that shooting at a word do that will examine you too you guys i was wearing a wig style you see a lot of guys do that that point styles no power to announce that the problem with me that's all you lose em so they might make you don't remember me they can only butter guys campbell there's a little away he is the bargaining falls away from me i've elaborate a mass of the back of this is the way i feel my rubella safely locked in the right love those olympic guys we're gonna melis they dont translate to look to the pros because they have a kind of a point scoring system and these browser knock em of locking do thou all about hitting the bag when it comes to kicking is all about having the back all those karate eyes that you see thrown kicks in the air and they never heard anything they never develop the wit
building to shift your way though you know when you throw a punch and you like in oh you at the end of that punch you fuck you're hitting things all the time you're hitting me you're hitting the bag these guys are throwing kicks they're not hitting anything does the number one problem with a lot of these traditional marshall artists they don't hit thanks anyway boy too may blue eyes than a bag i had him kick my bag and lived i almost i almost cartels you did i shut i shut down he's not allowed in there anymore doesn't get beaten and grow up kicking thanks as actually grouping terrible taiwan those school that had em like throwing flipping things in the national today at last was already message out it's not ranges statement tell em i never saw him can people i was complete
finally i have to find my library video will actually i gave my trophies two june of this year i had the melted down to reach now is often it see we're basically probably in the same way classes would so confusing travel around the world you say may you of our country italy slay me you didn't i thought style really cause i was like when our champion and i went back and bright did that without a b t f do not right here forever throw you out there i never saw you never heard of you never have you ever role not only at national level rather than on do you eddie you buy believe i would while why would you like to be very clear i actually wouldn't lie about we
just don't do you i think you did i went off if you like bluebell or something of that about you now have you won the nationals as a blog i fought the eye fossil are to believe the in iowa american tackling championships shriek of zero growth we watched in this fight for your type one hand michael monstrosity edgy bride you brought about michael chance a tremendous boost testa tended he's staying arouses iron tagged a few times in the first round and michael johnson's put the fuckin scare michael o that was hard left hand said about at barboza ghost town man you stay on johnson rapid both fast this is from us when i'm on a greater more knighted sharp you you don't know what did you in which i don't understand you didn't hit em what though not for example take the devil spinning wheel doubles
oh damn these have i use was illegal volume young jane you care at this pace for three rounds or are you can't you can't yeah you're gonna that point brent enemy neat they can't he can't go out at a hundred percent for three o is is johnson come now for us these are as a cannibal i'm wrong lay off yeah i had an injury is me right i don't remember what it was man didn't lose the tony ferguson things he beat beat only five broke johnny's i within a check to kick brokers form they have roddy without moreover year like it didn't you right the steel play will had a lot of problems getting worse still play a from did have the plate removed keep it in there i don't know what's going on with that but he's back on percent more ferocious than ever bob there was a recent allow me anymore magazine a great listen against tony fergus that's a great five is
gray is tony strain so got them hard courses is an animal i really love that ale trujillo find there was a strong fight for him really show re closure michael johnson's got some fast fuckin hands raiders he's really rush room and i think it's so smart but the pays man he's a guy that in my opinion has come up the most striking why since it joined the black zillions if you watch him from the ultimate fighter does michael johnson you see tag so those on he's just a different striker now i agree humor mitchell leg by barboza see john or material with a black to whom it jones come along one as well they have some rumble johnson shit fuck what do we or do we talk about iran jobs is number one real quick other camps kill and say that we are right loudly johnson man that right hook tag them on a temple can you be way my mirror luxuriance runes material
by the sheer displeasure why is like one military honestly fuels ironic wagering now he's three there's nothin about barbie these are very sorry more not countries strong not i've let the map monsieur le maire maternal down with us because ease to play in the end all nice making little nice clean laptop by right of blind eye of barboza is theirs at my right there's this italian kick damages got these cut yes his eyes and use that when he's coming to see that when i say this package is due always right about that thank you buy psyche is like you are now on champ well even as am i told you i can't not respect geyser on this hard this is ass you can you can not take your eyes off this insane when they let go do you prefer like watching my tired you prefer watching now i am amazed that wow while i love
of by white man by his eyes left eyes cut now both eyes doubt year that rat last right hooked really no respect johnson's is no response well that's what barboza had problems in the first round you think about it that's where i last called castillo deal them in the first round had i'm really fuckin hearse donald roy tagging when their job dropped him in the first round jamie varner fucked him up that right hand if you gonna catch him catch him with party was all over donald every hour out all over mad jab dropped on the down dropped him and choked him is he still it isn t still more coming as it does some work with them oh it was in one of frightens last camps the act is marked enemies of st fuckin magician he's a masterminded sport do again of granite you write this fifty five fifty five is what happens when these guys fight anthony patent
what our palaces there are many parents eyes on another level hesitated not bodies guys out he's on seems like years is no wind up with power that is also movement is way liquor and finish your son he's fluid oil is a perfect example of a guy learn type window first and then went to a guy like duke rufus justice more time encyclopedia whose also been true emma may fighters for a long fuckin time and no i gotta put it on i haven't seen punk have you heard some of the people are some of those fighters mechanical we have got the item as they still haven't decided who they're gonna give him they had no guideline neither do i figured it out you wants a timeline
thank you want to learn how to i it's smart man how do you do it in the right way and what do they know unofficially i don't even know he's training with duke until he's ready to compete without health and i'm not talking about yet until just trying to that could be a couple years i think now we cannot look i don't you get a couple years no yours he's not like yellow sign you you'll find three has no say given him six months i don't know i don't i don't have a timeline the literally he said he wants to make a big deal out of it in other did is little announcement and he said he wants to train until he's ready does not three years i guarantee you seem like three years do our knowledge the flowers oh sure was shot everywhere they lay with somebody not obviously now not only a couple of months you're not going to paris and cover the real name go now i know they're gonna piracy and plug rub with a guy who should never been the of say right now i'm not
shouldn't be in the sea i mean shouldn't be india see yet i bet a guy would like one and oh you think yeah i bet they seem like an old washed up goes beyond the sea so now recognise the navy out about everything own right now and as elysium pow rs has fallen fox who jabez everything you all right now overall involve yes yeah destroying class i would have picked a sample crazy demagogy it is still going hardness second impressive men may yeah he's not now a strategic approach this fight at all is now trying to test barboza i think it's smart man trying to break will i like it fuck em analysing and east is already kept too late kicks away is barboza has been real careful buckles counters hesitant measure in their landing nearly is very low taxes he hasn't suddenly smart man in a south or to sell part two
do you like when you when you see south pause and emma made it opens up that inside leg yes you girls they really basic mean for example always right cakes and hands rain with books you can't do that for she's not against us as airport doesnt work really i don't believe so you know when you have the orthodox fighting the south pot opens up the back leg power kicked all right but yeah about the other to the back but you can't you can't rely on your switch account front teeth is much anymore rights taken away little weapons good body heather rosati why god damn you heard him what that left it why k use the diffrunt deepest march for who sit down those punches gaza taken behind nasty old him as a quick switch if johns slows down barboza sort latin loose let loose those kicks is good late in the fight for other areas of cardio but i've got his rank yeager
further rendering cm punk would kick my mother fucker and fallen not if we went to the ground and i don't know there's punches involve anything can happen on the record cm punk what fuck me up and he's got way bigger balls and made for stepping the kgb what else do jokes fast humility is hurt my feelings to no no no i'm afraid that's not being humble if i bought theme park you fuck me up listen denies them grow restless you got me you did dude i'm relevant amendments but with tat was my nomes and so that was of those wi fi johnson got tagged he got tag dude barbosa just clean mothers mark entered his in his corner i was a clean right hand yeah you their main trouble tat great you know yourself up in progressive just a matter of time a devil got tag right there it's also
the bonds economy the weather the storm i agree o johnson town am who little wobbled his ledger will shaky he's trying to came down and fuck and just that our own weakens the cage some big heaving breast here folks i think use rocker yeah no doubt oh my god he's on his back is not good is not good friends and isn t a black don't you get it remember right now i don't think so there are on their observance of europe if if you're an aggressive by leaning your carrier last longer than aggressive live losing not not learning as much he leaned over and you are getting a goddamn according to escape pump come under the rancher overtime its images that the club skills years is that mrs shit untied boy linen
in every home interruptions a superb about rural provoke geezer which would require our meda down there in a jersey isn't for thy turkmen who set up the head kicks oh yeah intransigence common man france's ruins john how come you you never saw superman ponchas oh that was a nice right hand to how can we never saw superman punches in my tie very very rarely but you see it so much what is that i the little gloves little that is made to deliver difference even even george when george tourism sees a rock eyes his back but you do that and tenants gloves and nothing happens it's i do right it was funny what were you doing in my gloves all of us and not just rock you will
nor does if he's dead too which is a mother had punch you say she's gonna flash tat we re not going to be a diagonal jobs and no comment i mean jars and michael even though we watch so ugly michael my my how'd you manage to locate from yeah john bunyan ever to them i just leaning like x to say has no train but when i try and just like fighting philippine leg philippines yeah i was a third place we national chance in turn must have their place at the virus either at a virus the worm eaten had the run you're not by this national champ stuff can already but i wasn't hit thank mr here today with national that's what you told me there was a there isn't in called the nationals in iowa in nineteen these seven killer exactly where i'll find out let me again if we find out what's our final i'll get you all the details i asked
what are universal pages of town when no one right now i get out of it just doesn't make any sense that everyone that i knew from back then doesn't know you of you either well because there also i was going on i don't want my gallant its it was the eighties is late eighties weeding have second internet known storage what ones the thai believe it just like what did you guys kick the z kick paddles or did trees bags included you do other name terminal we were not five rich spelling out member was even not my fault less another last guy for me out i know the guy i far beforehand and knocked him out but what i d like to shit laura guys rightly compete not just to add or remove the last member digital rights i remember jack mc the great his fucking fight is crazy jesus christ even
around these guys are throwing man oh there you went for semi slip see i told mission to them he is thrown some fast kids i think they are raising a dollar two thousand forehead her facilities way which would you'd say that michael johnson kin control more x you didn't throw them and all those in isolated abiding i'm sorry john i asked you a question that we cut you off like why what about the front like deep what about the south boston takes away the t if you're sending orthodox and yet you lifelike forward and then you're births overlooks the liberalising to go through the sinner soon you'll get a sample of us on this in a chicken you can check islamic let things chemical asia scenario evidence would it be if the right legacy differently unama search over mia it lane flashy produces any and all of a sudden obviously
right right as you will wait you find out typically midway adds seventy two and a half and what do you walk around eighty five eighty six tooth for any more now you you you got way that just like a man and i ask that ten weeks out and so they go down so they go down and lose probably lust for sixteen this crisis is jaws on this is a war these guys are not fighting to try to kill each other i guess johnson set a very aggressive pace didn't insane i still keeping up yeah it's almost like trying to prove a point or make a big statement was a big kicked the body right there whose one and so far how is just a body johnson's i scored sameness punting you the chances of the second round and i wasn't paid enough tat idea talk to me is there any got that this now that's right we in brazil though yeah and he did rock johnson without one punch
johnson rock age controlling these motion that is easily be brazilian easily that was a beautiful combination to johnson is on fire good kicked in the bodies is trying to finish on a blood come another knows automotive can that's a hard care causing taken he rose that kicks so fast man this little wind up oh that's another thing john like what you think about like like a lot of these guys are seen in mma like liotto they throw karate style was no warm does no step has no like what do you what do you think about the devouring differences between like the karate style that you're starting to see from a lot of these guys and like thai style i'm leavin it i love the variables bizarre versatility laugh i love heaven the culture of karate coming back again all of a sudden showing that it is an actual format is actually working i don't wanna be a one person all my toys gonna beat every rise and the like
i wonder i like her ideology boxing alike mme awesome here if you can try an amazing spin kicking the eric organism amazing instead of the traditional if you can do the kosovo aware well you know that open minded ankles try one of the reasons why you became a great fire in the first place you were thinking now damn barboza has some really fuck and fast kicks superfast like from the chamber like right from from the law he's ransom not really land johnson's very aware ready pressure pressures and credible and the ones that have landed johnson's eaten well encounter counter tax of crazy shots this is shows you like how high level emma may as these guys have dedicated like their heart and soul for years to get to this point in both of whom would get lit up by courier how are you
is anyone take him to attempt as well the whole for his well yes pretty mention pretty much mostly stand up now you see no odd man seeing that law theres many many fights ago by now used to be very unusual that there was no grappling at all in a fight now it's pretty common i think that because of the pressure from he takes him down to number things maybe it's a number of things though if you have your grab large round on john scallon was around this room just said i would agree whereas i am master we'll kicker kind of international national champions national army was kind of inaction we can't just you read the turbulent times gazette if you do you're a loser jobs and one that we have outlined defiling it leads to are they really i think three nothin but its brazil that might be
as a british press reports say that even after the smith chess some of my how does what it had been doing the quota is era is anyone taking myself a man so that's five percent is a case of which exerts would unite whose open eco quality here look at that i did in the demand you guys think about the main event here frank mere and bigfoot behind frank needs a win there's only one guy needs a win more than i do think there big for needs went to reach the knocked out viral asking here's my question is allowed to do any lobby in brazil obeying lastly came right here i came here what's wrong with on within my way tested positive on sunday we tested positive he had a licence to take testosterone they tested and before the fight he was one level they tested and after the fight
is off the charts so that means in the locker at hanging tried spells and he's getting sued by his doctor cuz he's try to say that is his doctor there aren't you and him so so he's really own three mares owen for all my own for oil d say so and three after that fight with big foot but with the market rather cause all due respect if such a fuckin war yeah maybe he was on some chemical systems but god damn that was afoot for sure but it was in a way inside seals owing to yeah two in one ominous aids falconer tom would use would you call them what you gotta say that fight never happened i say was wearing which was a draw i don't think we say it i wonder i grant you celebrated about cancer will you could celebrated as a performance though who's got down there was a performance by both got so much so that however i have a room
to fight a very limited edition bigfoot hunt silva to before the drugs did the drug test came back came out classic they made this jacket and data sent me one we're laugh and he gave it to make his evil he loved that fight dana loved that fight and then when it turned out they got the drug test back in they found out that big foot was through the roof was so disappointed he was just so depressed he had these jackets mc class a gap that jobs make foot haunt too i was really i don't care amusement for that once you re rails your media away from its demise stairway problem kickboxing do we then test
but entirely their problem and you get around no then you don't have a problem because you know really caring i would say our problem but as an issue in some areas would you say in your india at what would you think that's a pride all the pride by another pride fights would you say the number would be seventy percent of pride fighters work something eighty nine b or a hundred largest up i can't say i do find it back then i don't know if you had to guess based on the things you here when i talk to anyone anywhere who fought and pride and didn't do shit you didn't take anything you talk to him i bet i bet he's right and most people so probably most sing means like seventeen sixty seventy something like that but he said i was in the contract that they don't test for steroids eroded down in the contract weird thing mancha was a prime example of someone might have done something only russia now he could result
positive thinking more about her if you wanted to start as you would have an hugh saint maur com there are no so so really does have the reality the reality as we know probably pretty certain if you had a bet all the money you would go yeah most of the prize fighters maybe ninety percent maybe you'd have to go with that and no questioning their legacies now exactly know its quick and we know there were they promoted they put it their culture but we know is it does no one tested positive once people s positive then people get angry than the trolls now than people share their opinions and people write all these fuckin peace about it and then it becomes like becomes a real thing recently nerds sucked it supports that are talking shit
oh it's a lot of people that are like in other purists they don't want to see that shit but it's it's always been in every major sport were pretending that it's not around sport you be more accepting like your email i the guys on shit what are we still great athlete if you ve never compete in sporting state behind a computer and each egos adi like this is ridiculous yes that's why they're better than me joe side you have been an affair i did the same shit already go take the sanction trying to base while i believe ass with a desire for everyone's pretending right there's a lot of everyone's gone ok let's pretend tasked we're gonna have a pretend press conference we can have a protest news fuckin media thing everything's bread and we know that i know another testing is fuckin for real esben shit load a minor conferences the press conferences but let me remind everybody that testing everybody does it involve they know the reality the test
he's just somehow make it look like they care no no the testing is to try to eliminate the trusting is try to bust people and now they're gonna give him huge fines now there take him out for two years two or four you're right by dana set our line for years most my man i don't know about it we talk about that's what they're doing but none of us would not in any way after kind of do enough to kind of saying that what they have to worry about it want to do a good want to clean up the sport i know this from the top down i do want to get the stewards of sport because it's bad for their business these guys can get and tested positive response words and it showing up in all these new it becomes a poor the store that makes it unattractive to advertisers and makes it look like what the worst stereo type is this thuggish sport that's phil with criminals and people do and unethical things and lance armstrong and generous and other buried yet more recycling everyone still doing it right but that's what you're trying to limit
how else would you have them eliminate with random testing has undeniably catch that everybody dominate it isn't there do victor conti but what does any sane when he said that they got steroids now that i get out of your system really quick and that's everyone's really on is it should it gets out of your system within days and they're just taken maybe lance arm shrank and ready to sound out my gun and isn't that we sang this podcast or maybe i heard wrong but you might not apparently that means i don't know about it i don't know it was you wanna go over it again and listened we talked about a lot of data are inherently every part of europe that there's like designer steroids they get in and out your system really quick right yeah yeah but
i don't know he's financially guides allotted dies me of zero metre for though that's i get a highly view time at lance armstrong jama anna fell guys by real so that there are different steroids get your system really quick that are super spencer that's advocate i've heard like you say not as or do you like that there still rights that the head of the testing will you know and i feel like he was a guy that would know because he was a part of that whole thing with the clean they would put that that they would like a gel they would put on these guys and they were there pass other tests and that's what's what the borgo scandal was all about was a desire steroids they created that's what he said and i mean that makes sense that this right you know it's been eliminated the you'll see don't random testing is well fuck died random but billy great what i lay still in your opinion do you think of professional football players do steroids don't eat into my yes
you think they do this will after all this shit you still have professional athletes still doing it drought it's always gonna be a part of silently are they still doing a hundred percent so how are we going to clean it up an enemy then they acknowledge is possible technologies i was dreaming ahead of the test i would say it's impossible but you can catch guys what is rarely does there i think there i think it's the other thing i don't think anyone will you try and i think it is a show but but now it is it a show eddic is now if you get caught dancing you're out two to four years if you're roy nelson are brendan schaub and they tell you out for two or four years you're done your dear good on fighting so to risk taking steroids if you know you're always arduous laws and professional sport that's what they're trying to get done as i was going on yet another point i can never got to that point in football which is also in its true
come on man doesn't have a state athletic commission behind him like nobody is out what's going on absolutely zero percent so football doesn't have a state have to have a state athletic commissions anyway their fight they they self test they look to buy them i felt the or the nba doesn't test for pot they may make it in their contracts you don't have to deal with the athletic such day they figured out a way to get around it no sport don't have anybody to answer to what do you know but the answer to the nevada to have let a commission sanction do you see to make it legitimate could you have see was this crazy sport there was actually outlawed footballs never outlawed so football didn't need to be cleaned up to the point where some regulatory body incense to having them performing their state also they needed banana fell those guys aren't punch me keep each other face so there's little but there should be stricter punch when it comes to fighting that's what's gotten into you get into punching kicking in the face i gotta i didn't sign up for extra punching
hard in the face i signed a medium punching i didn't want to get punch really hard it doesn't make any sense you didn't in a cage throwing down i don't know i'm not sure we have them to say that i think it's a big show i mean everybody everyone's do a shit so you say nation do anything about it i'm sorry that's all i'm saying they should there is work for pride do i'm saying the shout pride rules pride format pride a pride regulation that's rooms of the us bad for the sport was bad for prime did the pride idea belated do that's why i went on advertisements yeah pride when under dog in harley davidson jump on board but did it have to do with the steroids use the stewardess made pride crumble i'm shows a part of it you can i get you something else but that that have the added that correlate the demise of pride i don't get it do you guys have traps hang in there
they're fucking airs punched otherwise so holiday like i said i gazed on that's just not there press wasn't what happened with pride was the accuser that's what happened there's a lot of problems for islam jeff these different than us and they go in fact they have fads and sometimes fats or gigantic huge things like you know though that they would ninety thousand seed arenas we're kickboxing not anymore ma am really nan just things happen things change no no not might see how do people complained about what is best to rectify what about but about for do you reckon he was thank you no wait until you know for sure you can't say you know but i would imagine the possibility is high he didn't look because you didn t didn't he looked
maybe for creating snooty go back and look at what do you think only five lucida go back and look what he looked like lose a thick mother fucker will it anything like you looked when he fought bigfoot silver so what i m did you stop lives and wait that's possible or did you stop taking whether the vote taking as possible to when anderson silva test positive i would never guess never i would talk i'll i'll everyone apology i told people john feature ever take steroids chris told me that i believed him authorities you're trying to compete and ever may i mean it's almost impossible said astronomy raising would you rate for door even better than he already is forbidden guys hours to yes unless you're on steroids we're on steroids you know you don't know man look he's obviously in the pocket of some very wealthy people who would want him
do well at all costs i dont know what the ramifications of those conversations either but i do know that heard unsubstantiated reports of how he got paid and who got the actual money and you know he's doing with some very fucking powerful people went this is a lot of other people buying the show that also very wealthy and you know there's the areas where their fate or that fate or with big foot on top whom smashing is no no relationship whatsoever fate or that beat so many guys in pride is also older though is on a big marseille there may add is exemption yuppie did ever his exemption he was huge then he is old all those things are correct you're right but i still in meaning we certainly diminished because of just she training trauma fights some high level via its again some big guys
a long career there was all that too i don't even changed his style of of train true he stopped with the weight live i don't think like sometimes got just get all they might not be steered this get all washed up that shit happens we punch in the face tat devil have it would go to ya think break my big foot before i've gotta go affright mere i didn't like the way bigfoot went down against our last year you looked like crazy goes is chanted evaporate i'm also taken frank me surprisingly you're gonna frank mere go not for me for frank nothing you're going with you i'm not mere i think miracle when this fight but i wouldn't be surprised at bigfoot took it to buy some michel could win by submission some big twits never been submitted and he's a blackmail lies giant i now do she went phaedr what for that luckily i laugh again as idea
no laughing i just want to see franklin man he looks in good shape i mean r i watch some footage of him training you said you worked hard for this head ricky one down on the corner and did a lot of a lot of training with them a lot of work on his grappling fucking hard man at this age is hardly ever likes frank was twenty two he's been fighting the ufc's entire life now dude i was there back then watching it mean i didn't get a chance to see the early ones in person i didn't get a chance to see you in person like until i remember which fight it was well since maybe why saw i saw lessons for sure i saw the tim sylvia fight i was there for that talking to him in the act and we wanted to keep fighting and then we showed him the video is ongoing
now these like any real i like bananas shock sets annually arrogant allows these all i'll just appreciate what frank stands for and how long you been doing it needs relevant and my favorite you if the fight of all times he be brok lesson i felt like it was the emma make community against the doubling of the community i when he beat on i've never chairperson sword my wheel how crazy it take a guy's his second profile you may fight a former you actually champion in as a crime in a great ridiculous riddick well brok lesson i got brought along worse than any fuckin fighter ever in the history of fighting and still manage outrun the odds i still manage its leg of a frequent now yeah beat randy go tourists fourth fuckin profile how wide
who really busied area knock them up bead he's herring and then he beats randy go to your third and fourth profile are you fucking kidding me biggest submitted by frank gray with the second fight was sent frank yes frank summits and then after frankie fighting fairing steamroller seeks he's airing it's amazing how he remembers ardashir cannot nelson just fine i don't remember anything just a couple fight but that's not true because you dogma jujitsu submissions position submission conditions you could remember shit i see you go over moves and techniques i'm so behind the curve they're going start i would say that the odds are bigfoot knox amount in the first round that's the highest live other guys out they they know every like you could do you have seen trivia game or jeopardy where they know you could say you one hundred and fifty two and negative rattle of finance
plans for sure or other you i'm sure jos bright close kenny floyd's really two kenny noses shit every you see the number the headline in the co headline or other some fancy crazy rain man can go into the premiums and give you black and results of the pre lambs a guy called the fight past king knows i gave out there we have a little you have see trivia podcast show once scots ralph written down some guys get mad at me if i'm watching these no other not workin superbly was an item i used to know em all i don't know shit anymore i know bigfoot them deal with the time had but one of the things that i think they fucked up on they should have should have kept going was when you were doing those in between round
you would do your assessment of who want they didn't like it i like you i liked i really let the commission didn't like it because eddies eddie would have a rationalization he would have a voice beating speakers my doesn't care let him in london and i think it makes exciting for people because eddie had broken down i wash them duty sat next to me during the fight here i mean he was fuckin diligent shit he made his own system instead of loud instead of just like looking at the scorecard i'm trying to figure it out eddie had a whole breakdown of like kicks take them i think i think is allowed in shorthand everything had two guys now look at the fight and go kick punch punch punch king take down take no attempt left knee and then after that round there given me thirty seconds to make my assessment i gotta go back and review if you don't write it down like that you don't remember you don't remember shit you gotta go back and look at it so now i go i reviewed he landed to punch this guy landed a big knee which was more so than bam have something to look at when i saw a lot
look i'd much rather have that can help these three fuckin squares judge of my fight ridiculous ridiculous ridiculous still always bore his i agree it is important to have no those slugs judging or through i think so thank you aids granted litter zuma stars you think you don't think if you were run in the casinos all i should all the betting you don't think that it's good to have ball guys the judges good to blame stupid judge cats stupid wound in him tat i was it nowhere you anywhere now about corruption and casino i thought matters mean rhapsodies gone into corruption and this is the level we can let it out i was running the casinos i would want schwab's in their supportive if we looked at them
but when i should we need this decision that decision brian talk a little imagination they re without limits seriously i've had a judge tell me i'm overseas name it somewhere else i mentioned is named but i'm not gonna mentioned as a judge a very popular popular you will see judd has told me to a thousand judge judy judge judy told me with three separate occasions on three separate occasions he wrote down a score for one fighter and then when bruce buffer read it it was for the other guy three different times this guy to my thanks three different times you verify makes me never want to fight again eddie he might be needed
shit i don't know and he might be looking for a far guy as the commission saying that what i wish any judging no i didn't i would give up and running ok let's watch to fight about what we do want to inform you killed here these are just by crazy assumptions are both thirty five issuing story about big foot sober when chain he was forty five in l a leader sea had bigfoot so was contract they offered shaming contract to fight bigfoot silver that fight we ve been insane kaluza shankar winners back in prime bigfoot silver in his prime theirs was to fight but then the youth he offered shape so then jane went to the sea and certify bigfoot still that's when chain was what looked like a healthy man held in may last year the universe off dude i frankly are coming in to sixty one in this by the way were easily walk about it too
forty five are now already in the lot away pretty heavy like red after five bronx lobata acne on his back that's normal than normal and brazil a target realize you're sold its there are really hurt air conditioning was from the fifty ninety two do you think maria amazon he's pissed at the wing girls for ribbon up a shit for showing such as these are the bagpiper them back when i know these are your maybe he's that's ready means paying these tell him he's franchising we are marking is territory in autumn sam interest when they do the heart guys know a lot of beef in this ring earnest octagon right now i think the rank window gaudy winning on godaddy lost man he lost a lot of money
heavy got heavy after brok beat the breaks up about a half garden paramount half guard then he saw do this power lifting donald big which was in good than under the age of the big big heavyweights gone how bigger you two forty pretty bad is it you fifty pounds what twenty five pounds lighter than the weight can get king two to five had you yes you think about it maybe why yes look at that time if you can make it that's your spot if you can make it that your spot if you can't make it doesn't respond simple do again too joe turn it around five dollar bits before please you want big foot up the window i got for online gambling i'll get you got action yet attic i'll take them
american cause i'm america me to fuck year bigfoot bodies not looking great come on friday frank painful look so angry does a hell of a target that hedge cannot move change our target frank looks good man yeah lion sweet there well that's what it needs man that's we knew of his life he needs of speed i would love it frank submitted bigfoot said he's looking for redemption for his boy no big black that right yes ever been submitted ever in this and even in the game was ass good fuckin he says it's impossible i've never been submitted combination landed on all room there's one the best ever that you haven't seen in a case like that since filled verona caille dave monet ceremony come up against the cage yeah just dangling dangling dangling that one of the greatest hand combination kayo filled we're on his number one in my opinion that combination was just like video game name
a court versus tyrant woodley that's my favorite but that was elbows economy instills nasty banning i didn't hear you didn't gas oh right hand to write him by frame well each looking fast manly looks much fastened is looked recently that frank lives in the light of these visas we would around a lot of rhetoric mary clarence slow well that's what he needs man that's what was hold them back he was too plotting and he got too big big foot always has to worry about getting hit man knows his chin is just another good anymore when our last ecliptic one party to didn't but before that are you haunches from the hardest punter ever really knew was jews to the thirty their way though bright but that affects you i guarantee you that affects you it has to adjust only makes sense that it does how i run it isn't it we got his arms really skinny
no they don't look them in the big it all they look like buying talons arms on a big body raise my coil vipers always underneath the mobile telephone calls just two and it's over it's right there now it's all stop that does know they're not in your right i mean here look good brains right the take i don't have any american currents what'd he say what did you just say he decided something dan is a big cut big for just ordered when he stood up thanks we therefore glad jan son you know that's why i bet on him and that's why i want to die from john wayne part because i just don't feel it is due to take a punch anymore i don't like the way he went down against our last year look crazy like you went down knows why will you think it's a lack of tea or take for sure if i number of this that's all
this combination man a job left took that some fuckin buster douglas shit hell you for this in brazil burma's lemme beautiful man i'm sorry that is a beautiful combination for snap out of their duties you don't really see frank mere grounding pounding but god dammit vicious do that was you do it all that was largely nice dude this is the frank me all this is a really good lookin frank mere here i'm a practice that is fuckin ferocious who tell frank mom impress good for him thank you for the dollar four yeah what does he say is either he's talking to brag listener back now he sailed something like i don't know what he said i hope you have now i not talking about life
will that fight is over to the fights are over let's rewind and see if we can figure out what the fuck you said can we rewind it jamie we got a remote maybe your receipt in the post interview right here the right maybe says it yeah maybe ask at point we should let him so i can read this guy's it's good red lips for marine says he knows poem here goes i was so lazy right do he tirelessly them right don't talk why would you try there are only two ways shores everybody loves visor inspiration it wasn't decent daddy's making the money i think that along those lines like it's my job is bringing the bill but the reality is that money i love you baby daddy's making their money rigour as the best
goddamn good that grant fuckin jab left her combination was very pretty would you do if you big foot retire you're my friend you'd be surprised how do i dont think you could fly without testosterone this is what i think at all people there aren t r t that guy has the more legitimate reasons beyond he had a goddamn cancer of his pituitary glenn i mean look at that has a beautiful but if you have to have that fight don't fight your rifle that noise you're aren't you forget yeah i got your right if you have to be due to the gills compete how much you don't do it how did you find something else that i think is his natural testosterone is absurdly low because the fact that the eta a tumor is pituitary glamour his coat we're talking about when they eliminated testosterone how bad it is for him called it online you're right you're right i don't know otherwise let me do it you're out of your taken i gotta do it i think it will show you the way i do i point also yes form
that's my client will not speak sounds a little bit rise you everywhere you look really just a recovery right look at madrid will answer retrogressions agenda complete look at me eddie i'm sorry it's all the same i really like you what you said the other day about the m there is no negative to taken it yeah those really good red it's it's tough man but with these new penalties that dana whites talked about doing if they actually do it the two to four year suspension geyser yeah they're not gonna risk in as much at all i think the only way to go because when bigfoot goddamn thing is first fight back his four main of an event in brazil lena wouldn't you guys think when call me a and john jones both had those really weird tests like detest them after and they both had a really low testosterone to epithets dost her own level what are you doing here
what's going on higher now you just talk about you know something i don't know anything he sure of characters like death eyebrows i don't know either poker why shouldn't even asked your unethically though isn't it true from from that when you're just is very low like at chances are you were you and me that's what victor contact with sand but i think that's irresponsible to say unless you you test these guys all time it could be that they were brought i heard a bunch of different variables one of them could be there their body was broken down because their exhausted from training so margin and that their testosterone was low they caught him in mid camp that could be the case it could be that there are both over trade which is more likely than not and if you want to look like like a but i dont know see i'm an idiot i don't understand those tests enough to tell you that what cause someone to have a low testosterone to epithets touchstone ratio we would have to bring in like
margaret and we have to bring an end to crawl just explain and you'd also to do more than one tests and base off that that's why don't common i mean i don't know yet another not harnesses guys who the fuck now but i know that they had like a logic guy doktor read the thing is like there there's no way their level should be that low yeah you don't know what's goin on maybe maybe debt decent levels have always been which currently volume up so you could hear would frank nearest huge win for fresh huge and not only that but looked fucking great man schools these guys everybody building days there was a stone that you receive a longer suited to this and we can my lads mostly while no heavyweight is magic him frank no english
by the trainers ring round about regular downright behind you looking all angry face area he switched did you not on us right and even those kind either as such a beautiful combination man then hope only moved arranges too from europe beautiful especially those little gloves right they never amazing how much just meant d have to make defensively john when you work with guys we i'm sure you train with them it may fighters and teaching and my tie an adjustment do you have to make because them less coverage defensively because of the smaller gloves was until i started wearing them for getting ready for the fact that i really pre shaded how different it is it was like starting point i will i really want to put the little ones on i thought on your head
foreign you had a punch until i wore them so holy shit and punch you're my knuckles amusement pinky before close my eyes and the pads and their problem and now i can't tat in the same spot twice even when i'm fully concentrating so difficult is while that's interesting man then completely different star from our hopes in the right idea great idea kid oxen with emma my gloves indicate my time which i believe is granted it is pretty much even matter is mme but when they ground because you know what the needs do what they owe boge is due to take down if nothing changes and do fine guys press guys up against occasion blast him with all those in these the body and hold a man would or what i found with shows is say it i have ten fights majority this usually there were seven get a distance because the guy's a fighting smaller as well because i know that the constant in the pocket in trade anymore because the gloves are so small and they bring in a better a game now heads i noticed the after the fight you contests utopia
if we're about four or five days you can't we assign glasses on because you heads culpable why all that they get had fifty two hundred terms a five year that easily fifty shun member when you described a fight that you had when you're in high school like with sue punches that you you talk about argued landed to punch sprig of friends like bids you don't let her like two or three i breathe you didn't believe that like but in emma may finally land fifty two hundred solid imagine describing that fight to somebody you always described your fight righty dried taken down and punched him and then be teacher pull this off trying to describe a fight with fifty pounds to somebody you can't remember more brian through the whole just a lot of guys have to watch fights after their over just to see what happened to them remember what happened
many times of i interviewed fighters and they'll be honest like after the second round i have no idea what happened i dont know ages woke up and was the fifth round now that's happened so many times man so my most fight like if you ask me like don't heaven's sake around i can tell you therein they broke up and i don't remember lot from i should have been in zone was issued about the trash brown fight i was wrong when i went for a take down and he wizard in his hip landed on my head into the octagon and i my watch at night oh i don't remember any this after this i remember i just remember watching my tank for the first time i've ever you'll rout you is i was now there was less met mr just from his hip check it that was the problem hours from the matter when you see a guy like georgia pierre those like the greatest of all time and now you know since he didn't as positive a lot of people say he's a great while two hundred percent arson interesting ourselves yeah well i see that argument is
large argument but when you look at the numbers at times that he was hit they we did a thing after his career was over it was over eight hundred times so just in the octagon not train i'm just not in tee kayo and other organizations who fought war for i came to you have seen and you know what a lot of it was the last few fights a lot of it hit morn is alas like four fights and all of us other the it's amazing which washes again man can't deal mere look good even before that you look like a light on his feet do that is beautiful time off man really help em fuck yeah maybe that das which instead to does act orthodox there is tremendous right there tat ass beautiful technique smart dude frank mirrors interesting caregiver elements on which there have been many commentators dummy sees you really really good man well when he said he wanted to kill brocklehursts derby the first gotta kill him doesn't they pulled him off commentary you're gonna get
nobody remembers that shit anymore he's good put him back in india is the bees one of the best i was she really do more of it weighs very smart man is verticality result of books he knows it is an interesting do that frank morale unlike that unlike what a guy takes a little time off take a deep breath risk as is its back it sometimes due to run they run on all these injuries and unjust working keep trying to tape this up and patch that up and stretched through this and in orange is take that time to recuperate you know it's crazy is back when emanate first start exploring the you have ceased first art exploded peoples a man how does it feel you have ceased use i would always sake coming from being such a big football fan i thought well there you have see really isn't that huge
and so we start seeing these like football type nfl the day time shows like a nightly anime show we haven't seen like ten years ago we unseen it now how crazy it when we see it all the time like right now we're watch and brian stands in a suit and dominant crews is in a suit and their prime time nation wide on these major networks and now that there are the guys it i'm used to see him like a l t you know that kind of stuff or rob twenty zero goose so you know knowingly x x players now transitioning in broadcasting anger sing lenin they may not all these ex ever made fighters are or you are even current ones really they transit to put the suits on and there on fox not but it's crazy luxuriant stands on this you're just seemed like some college basketball show right variety and also those football
oil is either as a sideline philammon college firefox i'm pretty don't call me on that but he does college but i think really good now is really really very brian status is is like matter he's my favorite at last should pick a favorite guys do my job these great i want to be rude other guys you do it tell you right now jimmy's missed my favorite about that is marked with you have these mfa jimmy smith is known boxing now for spying working group jimmy's myths about mother fucker he's a cool due to is a really good dude yeah you know worse was you like rivals or some shit we're we're good france is that he's a nice guy he's the jet loves fighting mean that guy's sat down with no one around and talk fighting for hours he loves vining gloves loves emma may loves boxing does he have a back do you support parliament may fighter fought for a while you be jesse james chambers heal them he's backbone jujitsu is legit
you lose on that show us how i know travelled then show stuff i mean we're going home for monsieur he's a legit martial law is a great compter yeah there's a good deed it takes a lot of heat because we're both paul and they think that he's probably in may but really i happy tat really use ailed version save my second he saved is so ass not to use up in your leg zebra i get you only room in bloody i've got vietnam is good man you never said anything i'd like to know why disguise crazy guys will say things i don't know i don't think that's right now like there's guys it you know him and other organisations and ego is this are you had the zoning no i don't know what's going on man guys or call kicks you know spinning here too the way like that is not what you just saw like you don't even know like imaginative ahead kick eighty two leg
but we had a discussion without shows where they got professional guys guys that can really do the job i john attic rational is excellent but he's words guy he calls things wrong those guys are dont train mean i think annick my train a little bit but they just didn't call anything like tat frankly the christian compositions and they certainly shouldn't called transitions are potential bats because they're gonna miss some stuff then a lot of the lorry as women why they're doing they try to look down and noble some guys do it because they try to pretend that they know what they're doing me john i'm we talk and most about guys in the b leagues in john doesn't really do but guys who do do it annoying because like i know you do and you just trying to let everybody no you're now it was this is what happened is it when and the main first started like king at a cage for instance when i got thrown into the commentators the producer didn't even know the difference between a play by playing a color got iron most people don't really know they just here to people
if you really look into it oh there's like a news castro guys holding all together and then a color guide geeky who gets asked questions and times and whenever there is a professional got together just chimes and and i had to learn that the hard way man and what s happening as in the beginning there wasn't professional broadcasters to play but play by play spot so they would just take anybody and anybody there were throwing their would do color to media play my play an color so guys like my goldberg would see this and go you know what these these other guys you're doin play my part and a little color so my goldberg you know he's trained kickboxing anything when he sees it you know he calls a writer because the t because i'm starving people get angry but you know gilbert ghana bel air i love you i think you have either how dare you not even get through the el before you got your flock is sitting smile why because you got fired like he he's
argument people on twitter people say fuck up a couple of things and one of em two guys are the same name right this is saying a number of different nay admiring dialects colleagues one receiver bear the number and the same may no no no no no you don't like a receipt record for another team you gotta make stop you don't want him like that
try lions wins the bowels of the violent wait a minute this is a lot of fresh man i love my within this first gonna tell game yes and then i got fired got online my colbert our way my comments i don't even know what does it all the time and you shall yes it does not only the two of you have seen and i just you know berkeley rubbing he'll be talking about something in your say something you know the on going tonight i presented my gilbert anywhere like i'd like to talk about the rustle of why we are talking about commentators would they tie our deal among ordinary my goal but it is the best play by prego omnipercipient though we want others some a movie tie references and all that stuff i don't care about that as i understand it my goldberg working with them for eight years nobody studies and prepares that is the only guy in the meetings in this you have to be made if he's got his laptop out he's got every he's ready to go he's on top of ev
the he were horses all night in his bang eyes mega super for professional love but he and i have a really good chemistry too i really do hope that we can work together for a law and he's seriously on one as a friend that guys one of the sweetest guys if not this describe ever such a nice job to everybody nice to every body he's not a dick it ah then guys ass well my thinking what it had been a fell gig if he didn't get on twitter needless offending himself he been aligned because now that you messed up does eta lot to take on their allies in thinking about the impact of the reach you now i can don't twitter you know you're you're the shit non your followers that are calling you a loser wants you put on the headphones and get back there may be how to drink but i have always told them without these conversations about you know how to deal with assholes on twitter might you don't don't deal ignore what we do when and why which deal with why you and let
meant or near lies act he's gonna learn enhancement and by the way the ones that the sting the one that actually sting they're probably telling you some shit that you can use to hear and you hear that and then correct your game so that it doesn't ever possibly make any sense so that any criticism they have that's related to what they were talking about it's a logical does it make sense at all you know if someone tells me you know i you know you're you're doing commentary you don't know what the folks go and i want to fight goes the ground i'll go ha ha that's that's the adorable i'm not gonna fight with now that blood knowledge here you don't acknowledges intervene knowledge and people who joe o connor brian cowen acknowledged this negative stuff so then more desert monsters come out i think we're run our time here somewhere that's it it's over three hours
dont kids don't we then brand and mother for control can be reached on twitter you can watch endless into the fighter in their kid where he read listlessly corrects brine i'll that i as a fine often the number one sports podcast in america because the rest of the country is filled with bullshit and eliza laurance capitalizing on soft spot in the industry yeah i did the ads and to his right of course the great john wayne part will be on my podcast tomorrow at noon we will talk about his extensive my tie career which is unparalleled one of those real man you're one of the great is gonna be an awesome treat when i get some train and into they brandish i want to trade with us to learn whether that will tomorrow before what you doing things you got some fuckin just wish any sitcom you have to do i know what do i mean it's time we don't want what are we gonna do eliza i think a little
that's our gladiators off this is this things over any bravo you reach eighty bravo at any bravo on twitter tent planet j j dot com new video that you show me that was workin unbelievably an amazing ten planets commercial that bobby raise act produced how did they get it just go to youtube and punch and ten planet you commercial buildings and work time completely one hundred percent time it's over we're through minute three hours can either by rotation
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