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Fight Companion - February 17, 2019

2019-02-18 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Eddie Bravo, Bryan Callen & Brendan Schaub to watch the fights on February 17, 2019.
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hard ever on. Espn. It'll be a full boat, the forecast Eddie Bravo branded job and Brian Cowen and me, and we always have a good time with these things. I hope you enjoy it and you know you can watch the fights Sync it up to the fights and we try to make it easy for you to do that, but a lot of times we're like half talking about the fights at most most of it. It's just really good friends having a good time. I hope you enjoy it. So please welcome companion. The job will gain. Experience, lie Ladys, Shepard and share with the official comedy stored Jersey on that's a real. Mr Hoodie. That's real ships, the real deal! You wait, a doormat look like a doormat where those shits all the time. I love em, the army to which you might looking at the door.
To answer to what do I do outward to obey dormant come, MR mostly Gimme spots, no word two percent? Do you get one a m spots: you don't want them spots, sponsor confidence! Crushers! You want a clear. Why am I doing those about good if you Dave Chapelle, they're good You could do instead of forever gather good at your Dave, Japan and then walk in anything. Well. The thing about that is like it's also good for you to be in front of a tired small crowd like attired. Small crowd is good to test out shit here. Those are those are good. I did I did a spot and unannounced spot the other night at the calm, restoring the oars at half past and what time, but no one knew everybody was fairly late was fairly late, but it was people were beaten down to different animal energies, gay it's definitely come and after Hatter Hansel different, you know you can get fucking real use to a gloomy secure used to say that a
to show up, and even though really famous, and everything like that. When he's doing this still is right, but and he would show up. Would you like? they weren't there to see him. So there we get a more honest response to his material. I left my face like like when you go on like that. Go on other actors ago on my Jimmy Silenter or Jimmy J, like anything they say around, they got that apply side ready to girl. You know through hilarious, when wash those guys tried to stand up when get it in their head that they can they Clark avail, everybody loves me was rushing moving up at the store title, man, Michael Ramble Port, is getting pretty fuckin sporty. I saw him do a couple of minutes the other day and he
seem like a real comic, and I know he's only been doing it for a little bit. He did it before and then he got into acting. I think, you tried to perform a yeah he's. Style he's getting good he's guilty. I saw him once in it. We see we struggle and a little bit, but it could just been the crown. But then, ahem recently and my dad he's a tall motherfucker till I never realised that these tools for his tall pretty tall talking to you now. So these little short to Andrew freely, feeling in miles. Jury. That's good for conferring fight. So here we are folks. This is a fight companion. This is yes, peons. First real card, not on ESPN plus, is Yes, peony espionage, which is huge for sport and cane, mother, fucking Velasquez. My vote for the best we wait until you have see ever. I think that's for the most accomplished too steep for sure
That means sits heart Fabrizia, overdoing what a fuckin record that guy's, a guitar you have ever detained the minutes he's got it. There's a good argument for minnetaki of four of verdure being won the grace of all time cause or the greatest, because he tat Minute, Toro, TAT, Kane, Abt tat fate, or I mean who the fuck is tat, all those guys me he's he's a mother fucker, but as far as well, What I've seen from when he's in his prime, will you not outside of always injuries Kane at one point in time, just a storm and united I was really funny man we're backstage- and I was talking to Bob Cook his nose, like the people, want to try to ride that storm out. They were laugh and Bob could pose a storm. Never ends storm, never ends with his tenacity. Cardio was insanity. It did you make sent remember when he beat J D S when it was J. D second might have learned all of them. In the same, he was on the first Fox card. Yes
Yeah lasted twenty six seconds, yeah dodging yes, but you wouldn't isn't good for business who should not have been fighting. You know J D of no You cannot really fucked up me in that fight. First round Isles jury, Andre freely and then, of course Keynes fighting the scariest mother fucker in the history of sport, in my opinion, in less girlish you're, caught him well after steed? you see become exposed some holes in his game, but none other guys. We ve been fighting for a few easily. They did explosive butter practices. Credit. I mean he's back and ate them big shot out its deep. I took it my dear oh five rounds and when he came back and had a terrible, firewood, Derek Louis but Dirk loses a beast and others It was very nervous. It was about five but then came back and stop Curtis Blades yeah literature incurs criticism of the my worst fight, Derek lowest Francis, which we thought there should be fireworks or Paul. daily, envy p last night
do man Paul daily, what you know, I'm a ressler. Now dues crazy broke my heart, it was, there is more or less it wasn't good, but it was better than Francis versus dairy. Think I dont get it was. It was moments of action, Is there a whole maylie able to take down nuclear power which is not going to re Peter came down, but has not as yet show is that good family peace. Imagine what tyrant Woodley would do to envy p a match. Wait up where it blood. She doesn't have to worry about them now, Mcdonald. Yet this we will not only make brown but a real risk of it. John Fitch, but with John Fitch, though he's gotta be able to grab hold of the thing about Paul dailies, he'd fuckin. Britain's a shit out without power. He's got the scariest left hand the sport best left in sport. Two percent he seniors issued out without power. You got a mind european cues, but what I like about page is there I have always said that one I'm going to see a guy who's, appoint fighter who learned how to do other shit cause guys are impossible to hit because their whole
its plunging in lunching lunching one we're doin a little bit arrived when it boils That is more of a kick back yet point fight and so much phenomenal kick boxer Rinaldo. But but what use we see from envy p is like one of the best point fighters. That's ever even attempted to fight and it doesn't get tough cheese, so good guy doesn't go and hydrogen chips yea announced with threats against Raymond Daniels? You should see the two them fighting Raymond Animals is another. One. Was a legit world class point five M vps under freedom, professor ox in today S on, but the philosophy nobody's would still the rid. The first real by jihad was last night against daily, and there were some there are some halls were exposure is way too easy for deal. That is only thirteen and now, as true he's out, it would only thirteen invites way
too easy for daily to take him down. Nodded in the daily doesn't has next rights can be to what was Korea really tough, but what's crazies a daily was talking so much shit on John Fitch after John FISH took him down. Do dailies the all he destruction, guys rustly matter canals like I'd really. I was like what is happening there and I was how you're frustrated. I guess as what is happening right where war boots. Having read here miles juries already busted up when I paid attention that we gotta talk about fucking Paul D is unbelievable. I shall begin. Bp was originally six Louise, so tall for this for that division and also like uses it. He looked at his reaches insane. He does sneaky shit. They did like this sneaky right. candidate and when you try to hidden with hook, kick at one point in time. He landed that front. Yeah he's a beast man he gets his wrestling. Take down defence. On point I mean he's a phenomenal athlete, but The thing is, you have done. It is a bigger, but the thing
what you calls a London shewed fighters, great goddamn, Jim the thing that he's missing, you know I mean is: is just the rustling takedown defence just take down defence If you take a hate lifestyle, vendors, but yeah, you stop in Iraq Gamma to worry about him. Finally, grappling right rattler he's hard to take very tough. They done envy you're coming in you, gonna pay yeah he's so goddamn technical. He might be the most technical striker in this I want him in glory the other day. I was workin out watching some or glorified to stop and when he fought Jason Wellness his mood, meant phenomenon, he's world class me Wellness world champion. Do you have Nelson and croak up fought last night. Do programme a good God, witty amateur cook, up one a decision right, yeah wonders: why did he take Roy Jones down or or no? No? No, you know Nelson right, you're Serbia so save talk, whether Croatia with a black.
Damn right out? There was one of the greatest boxes and alter Windsor. They both you know they both looked like executive, like with like about knowing Nelson heads harder than Roy Jones right now They were Mile Georgia's Tagged, Andrea feeling, just tag them. On the left hand, yeah. I think if you had him on that power meter, I think I think Roy probably hit harder. but we always hundred fifty pounds. More close is probably right. Right. John Chinese programme, two hundred pounds each day when Roy was fighting shape, Tadeusz one well when he was at his heaviest. He was about two hundred right when you fought joy, Ruiz, one everywhere, title yeah. That was a phenomenal fight. When you watch that mean that was our industry speed and precision verses in l, a world share
been John Ruiz whose real good fighter letter home is a real good heavyweight fighter. Paranoid Jones was at that time. You know that the big fucker, the big fuck up rather was gone from, that fight, dropping down to fight Tarbert one. Seventy five backed using twenty five pounds and looking like shit, do and harbours a monster, his monster and also targeting him down to a joint decision in one fight earlier and target thought he won and Roy. You, like he's Roy, apparently had something to say about a wide and perform at its best. So when they were face off tonight and the referee goes any since he has got excuses, deny Roy and then he went on. My daughter for terrorists, He was so you so good people give up. These guys forget about tawdry still
when it, MRS Doyle's oversight, doesn't have you a six people know what you're talking to you out and I'll. Have the dogs? Are you do at her magic man? You don't know by companion, pants down now. get the fuck out of this boy Jones, who this the sharp jab Barton, better Never right! Now the cause, your fury and you Wilder rematch coming in May, as happened in Brooklyn. Why I lord? How narrow continue work on probably work in that and my special comes out same. We know how to do in twelve. New merits go good last night. is scary, write them. New methods are scare superstition, also like to tell you How can beyond the show there was a my crown didn't market me beyond none than others people my people went Goodman outside
Nice is weird for me to realise that this is a very good fight, we're missing a good fire. I know man, I never. I always have to watch rights when I get back home, I record now we talk so much no it's just so we don't see just so. We had a catch up and she is miles. Jury still with alliance. Is anybody know no, it's his own German. I think it's really in San Diego O branched off. I think so. he was Dominic Cruises stable mayor, the yearning together now feeling, with a nice right hand to wear. I thought the Francis was gonna go to new camp. I saw you just training full time in France. The mass rustling in France, but we'll figure it out. me. Those hitting like the heavy I mean. Where would you go like you want to go to places? In my opinion, I want him to go to either eighty tier, ok right. Eighty tea they allowed, they got enough heavyweights and they have a phenomenal coaching staff right
but you want. You want someone big to work with an occasion not really probably take em or go to elevation fight team, where you Gun Curtis, blades and recovering who has fought bolder. I great coaching amounts to their yap strike. Chris. Now the thing about that altitude training is it's really interesting? I was talking to teach ideal Shaw and you know he used to think that out to training was where its at until he started working with tallow visa and he thinks that you, you get more work in. I agree with them yet working at sea level yet cause I my whole career in Denver freely within the only come to see level like fire can do work. Man put work yes or no did the weather saying is like the amount of reps in the amount of work you do like what he's doing. Colavita is fucking phenomenal. The podcast I did with him was one of the most informative podcasts I've ever done with a fighter. In terms of like how Nicole, his training routine, is his diet is, however, thing is broken,
onto a science as far as like what to do when and when to do, was at another level anyone it ass, he realized it. Unless and not in the zones on it not talked about but won t do it while the others, no one more in tune with their bought it in teaching that fucking airport companies, given that same level busy trying to them brass as teach unlike. Why isn't y know? fall. You around his duty, as all these people can upon every which way I did. He should just do what you do, what he looked phenomenon, but he got wild tat very day, we see the video of us watching him loose disgrace, he would jumped up we're off Sheffield that could have been one of the most viral videos on Instagram like in the end that weak, probably it was crazy. That knock out was insane and it was the craziest reaction that not cows and said The accounts, given the general view that was a punch, knows paunch not hit a vast knuckle fighting.
That's why you dance strikes me as a couple O Cowan such a silly goose, there's a good fuckin fight man. These guys are so well well, matched really good did sterling beat Jimmy River. He must have was a laugh and on what we have is a mother fuck. What happened anyone who travels hurling anyone train, I guess in the dream, is a freak super freak touch Sergio Good Moslem arises: correct, he's the mother fucker. I want to see five for the timely, too he so good man was when you vote against the sun. Sound finishes Santo. Nobody no infringes in thirty four thirty, five, thirty five antimony yet known, finishes sense. I you with a close decision. If you're lucky, I ask tee, about he's. I got fired, but the all the care about this pseudo remaining yeah, unanimous decision-
such impressive first Mountjoy caught Andrey fatalism. the trouble here. I'll show you route for miles, jury, DIA always did the same. Geysers always roof to know him not that. Well, we had one show together than theirs. Gettin amounts Malta that damn feelings in a bit of trouble. Your interesting is pushing to the cage, is essentially a static and move because he could take a push off after cage with his feet and causes scramble feeling, in my soul, hip escape their get to guard. What would you say just before that. That happened sterling out more eyes. Yeah mass he's he's so good. He came out sterling. I mean Jack home run the other day.
Jimmy Rivera in ten seconds in both with the left high kick, I believe, oh shit, spinning back faced with Spinnin shit. Now Hamas Next year's yogi said man. He said our nobody, I want a party that is done, really care for him and yet this done here, because Andrews, there's almost argument: Anderson Verses, Nick and Conor said I fight need on the same card and then except yeah. I'm not find anybody hurt. Nobody has won a party, that's cool, then Israel has done Fuckin amazing career you got a member nifty has fought. He was one of the youngest guys to ever fight me. You see leave. He beat Robbie Lala, he was twenty dude he's beats you look at it: asthma, its impressive out guy thirties, flawed he's been offer. Hot second, he's deserved yet turn desert. I reject Yom Kippur younger than he does. Hopefully, financially is good too, when you think this Anthony Smith and John Jones, we think of US
we look that I would this guy. I like these Psmith. It's a tough girl, you legitimacy! We're being you like a person you, I don't know it. Does anyone whether that be that is story right, my biggest ones, Ozma yells and there's a big when John Jones do those Demur despite its. If this is at the Smith things, the folk scientists was it's a John Jones think I don't know any one in light, heavyweight or heavyweight. That would be John John to have strong words named so a heavyweight had beaten, strong work. Europe's like name a tough match up format. Heavyweight feed is if he goes, you're a fucking. Everyone now right right: it will use up like two forty if he gets up like Jack. Fine like he wasn't whose power left my that's the thing about that is, though, like you know, I talked Gregg Jackson about the great was saying that he didn't like him when he was powerless and like that knocked out Maurizio showdown? Who are he knocked
or shod loss to tackle Santos I want to say that was that middleweight That was our way with yes. First white light heavier was rich ass man, yes, yes, yes, I've got some good wines vice he's, not a young kid he's been fight for a hot SEC. Yemeni knocked out will exacerbate where but real shot. Seventy years, no he said it's. It's before he's more Russia with a were shot should have been fighting in. I think we're shots. Heart wasn't in the game, because he retired now shall show out yes, retailers and now he wore commentator. He opens up tonight on the european Project, which the shots amazed great, when those guys with great one of the best have you had one ask: no love timing, I mean, I would love to me I love her, but I was going to start to go talk to your shot, you to run a trailer park and well trained. I love that he's. It has. As we person, I've had some conversations with the mega as he's a lot smarter than you might think again, because these various
yeah he reaches out to me like when things are good, on bad or have an issue like this. It's out and the public will reach out to me, then always gimme, like words of wisdom about, would believe, always always he's that Guy Grant recently darted regard- and you know you go back to his career- may look when he knocked out. Chuckled dealt with one point. The are doing the hoary ends. I will never forget that cause knocked him out and then he beat Force Griffin. You know he's doing or what he's doing we does a hard thing to know. You know where you got them heard outside of their friends ever really your middle of coming to join you. I can't remember the out now on your home, I note your time up, you are. by member shot, knocked out force and use training with us and came back to the gym and at the time was in the sea and ass. I do care about what you like, as freaking out in his eye. I feel exactly the same. Nothing it. I thought you'd be everything and more life. Well tat same. Do
Is it good to eat? He's almost kinda like it's, not all that it's meant to be like you seem to get the top of the mountain and it's everything but he's like. I feel like I'm back here. Mary he coasts again, Sir Rampage as unnecessary power. That is my shot. My thoughts that pig team. We have lots of any hammered, Alice, dude and when they were in front of each other, you a bitch you will you bitch, you bitch? Maybe a bitch is for those like this, this can go sire, so intense tat whole show was like fuckin everyone a pop up in research, which was the division, one chant Michigan State Champion not a lot of work. No, no American, all American his room was grey mania, gray manner. Yeah, meanwhile amiss in a really good fight. Still go on this five rounds. Nothin
Remember I know if he done tonight forever. We should tell people it's at one hundred and thirty, five, one hundred and thirty, four one hundred and thirty, three one hundred and thirty. Two one hundred and thirty one of the third round in the first fight. Sorry, it's good that we don't give people partitions. What we're gonna do here when we do fight companions, I fairy video expectation. Yes, there s my favorite part. Can we ever do that? This move more for do this, and I mean I loved your pockets with scientists and geniuses and show its doing a little bit now needs a different food use of research to I'd like doing that. But it's different feel this is this party is fun. What are you smiling areas? Scientists size I believe in science than tat. I can they see we're. yes, I believe the science of disciple
that's right, that's real issues very severe thrills. Far. Do I was watching this as the very did exile have cable, I note you they move so whoever killed. So I have as Netflix watching this earth planet then we'll Smith is the narrator on it. It's all about earth and in their liked standing up in its astronauts time up what they saw from space. Nor does it and got any What apple, Stig Lucy. These lie close this us in our watch this bullshit that a real does show how many hours they hadn't space, like seventy two hours and space eight hours as I get, but anything these with me why we have no idea who, in this fight miles Jerry, you think so nope. I have no idea, but that's not towns good for Does he will? He won't listen was in her watch the nine miles jury to answer. One might be right, demo, fuckers light. While he lets you began, he landed late in Burma.
Earlier, I don't know he didn't say: dissatisfied landed late, Yemen and Vp Fight was Bush, so our soap is and I loved got. Cocoa is gonna tweet out some, like you know, I'm Sheila everyone's by piling on daily. I don't wanna be thy games you back out. While I was scarce raw material and fight and here we have another worry I'll, take them to better chosen around Europe, provided that they do not all time they have won paramount than they have one. On design. I watched on design on my phone. I got one of those, own accounts, and he knows I was in Vegas. For this event, my daughter was doing it so I'd. If I'd like your back It's my job was done, whether things that are rather than of the stairs and watch it some bullshit Amazon? You have continued just hold. I told my wife what I was doing. I flew, from the common strategy hang out. Theo's can be there. We were so stocks and business about the shown. Idler as I do that
goes a guy like you and BP, and daily or find a coup, My play later should talk to my fucking flew born after my sat the I get home, I'm waiting and like I guess you have disown or do not deserve the thing a good fight on their? They mean? I know something like it was daisy. It looks like days and terrible, but it's a bad name, that's what it's its De Asia is not able to watch the five, no, not watch on internet connection. I swear watch it on. My phone is paramount network. You have to have like you have to have an account with directive here. Some shit design covers whatever paramount fighting area. That is, people don't have tv, no more so lonely without so they gotta just have just through your goddamn. You don't get it up, then I got an order for other activities. Interesting is dishonest. They they spent a shit load, ammonia, Canelo Alvarez. They they signed up to some multiple. Two million dollar d- I think it suddenly. So
three hundred million dollars to highlight the highest paid out Leonora three hundred, like sixty five million. Yes, I'm insane amount of money over ten fighter beyond it and it's gonna be a subscription base. All on disown, you got all that. Isn't that, how its isn't that, what you hear the futures mapping where you Netflix Jest welcome from one pay war. What's interesting is if it's no paper view it's actually a really good deal right zone what does all this ass a month catches did the double click on my phone and pay attention, how much it costs, but what does it cost I don't! I don't. Let's find out what it costs. Because if you get having bucks a month assigning, you gotta think that if you watching say if you watch in a paper view like a big fight like wilder fury to how much second class sixty sixty ships over the ten bucks a month- and you can watch fights all the time. It's like might might take on flight paths
If you like fights man like in my gym, I have four. I live off a fight pass just watch old fights. I watch fight all the time, I'm working out the best thing to watch while you're working at Google a Gbi. Watch the whole Gordon Ryan Series. The other day, the whole little documentary they had a wash out was workin out combat ginger to fight this Friday. She lay right past month. This Friday on you, you have to fight past seven p, M Pacific, Would I get to fill in fora? Was it Barnett got her bar it's out? I've heard got her vertue didn't get hurt. It was supposed to be Ryan wishes were? Do Gordon rancorous me you're gonna run that we're gonna? Let we're gonna do verdure, Gordon Ryan. Later on this year, but damn it's a for man combat gets to absolute bracket, with them Yuri mouse, whose arguably one of them one of the best Brazil, Jujitsu practitioners ever
eighty cc. Medalist gold medals monster that monster and then the second seed is John Thorpe Blank one API, seventeen. He wondering I am the first and only sixteen man combat Jujitsu tournament. He wanted all in regulation all every fight within two minutes, so he sobbed everybody. So it's yuri and joy. Tor Blank are the top two seeds and then, if they win their first fights, then the fighting other and then the same night same night, though Kevin Casey is fighting John Thorpe Blank Olive given case India he jumped in and Stephen Martinez's local black belt he's fighting a yours, sir, most so on paper, looks like it only Yuri and John Blank on paper. Anything can happen in the finest plus. We got the best jujitsu girl. That's ever lived Oh, we only girl ever to when Abu Dhabi. I be
J G, a Nokia, black belt and Ibiza. She heard Beatrice mosquito she's the Baptist Church ever intrusive and machines biting combat jujitsu against Taylor, Patterson Schuman, slap ambassadors, yeah yeah, it's gonna be ass. I may come language eloquent sewing gets her tag me brother, Charles, given that I get your god damn you fucking crazy, would eat when, when you go back and think about that cyborg fight, would you are thing about doing now amount to. Is that what you know comedy so hard, I'm soap behind able I've only as you ve got this. Would you think about this? When you think about Paris, fine, wonder boy, guy good! For you, Paris, I loved, I get great. isn't it can't crazy? Those really goes from forty five can't make anymore all we have to seventy two. Five miles each about it, fucking did so much of a beast. Pettus fights Tony Fergus and amazing fight ray is only that he gets hurt then fuck. It
I cannot penetrate Brooks Hand, Paris Brokers Hannah, so it was a tough I for me the way, but then he jumped up no fighting one boy. yeah them. Both he's made a in bullfighting loud bullfight down, yet up that that Ferguson FI was fun I'll show! It shows you what a survivor Ferguson as he gets clipped an inner he got hurt now find and he just gratitude how about MAX hollowing Tony Ferguson talk in shares and children. That's the honour on the dark, where That's the room. I like that, but I don't like that. Why don't you I say Ferguson versus could be. I want to see their fight, but one AIDS out, for you won't find Vegas has spent so is out for little bit. Tony's right. You got that he won't do the won't. Do that thing. That Vegas is asking that commercial dress him into a commercial. Is that you have prostitution? You have gambling fuck, you
Why it s? So why does it he's right? Is it? What is the problem with Connor Tony? What's gonna love, that's! What's adding it's gonna be Connor and Cowboy Conor Cowboys a done deal as far as our now too as far as far as I understand it doesn't doesn't Conor Tony make more sense, though no Canada, how boys great and Conor Tony's great they're, both great both great fault? If I'm, if I'm Dana sit on this Eddie you, I won't be careful Tony cause. You love him, Andrews angular glass. I understand why not only to honour that it works for like do you hear it is Eddie Tony Connor caught her by a slight underdog thing in that fight, Tony's, a monster for anybody. So I think Tony MAX the income two colonies, gonna win, I'm not saying Connor's can be of huge favoured over cowboy, but he's more favourable in that fight than he is only needs a window or he comes back and
It needs a more favourable fight and on that same that's a great man cowboys mother fucker, I was on fire cowboys on fire right now, you just so lucid in the zone. Rain anchor encapsulate the tablets, it's a great fight, that's a graphic Tatar without me. That's a better fight for cowboy encounter Tony's up, newtonian great wrestling back and he's a mother fucker cardio for days and he's crazy. I, like that fight a lot, a really identified a lot matches Tony said, mother, fucking fight. I love that fight. Marvel studios whether there really is due superheroes? If they run no superhero shit on his feet it. This way. I don't know who is this in Samara Jack's? It has a different superhero who, at the end of the offenders movie, seem Jackson say noticed some captain Marvel, but who would wait a minute captain, I was a girl yet, and she and she brings all them back now, wait a minute who was
Captain marvel when we were kids, a dude waiting, ray look! It's amazing! That is trans woman. That would be dope that's what they're, not France. Yes, it was away the champions comes around. I want some cheese, she's no cheese he will get mad trees, are chewing on the microphone to repress problems. Nines the chair. Hopefully one prose cheese dude if you It brings improbable fresh filed. Ok, hey! How about this fight loose mine, whose mind versus tyrant window. I love those that I now that's march. Sec commodities are sound, was man with watch? Has come, come to various ok here, Captain Marvel was a guy in a girl in the clean up of different till she was that is bringing, but that's from two thousand seventeen man. This is
It's already been diverted give me ninety, nine or capital Marvel dude, giving I've been ninety materials. Motorman adjust mechanic ties in Captain Marvel nineteen fifty six miles, but this despite a verse moving, it just came out as it. Secondly, a four year old Spiderman stories of its non some old thing: they brought bad, that's choosing, but Doing that's a cartoon capital. Captain Marbles Old school known. What are those Spiderman is like a duck rate he's a pig. Well, it's a great movie. It's really basically rushing along, I found fives Bruce Lee and a superhero give em like powers. My kids said, nay to the Fuckin Legos movie, and what you want illegals move it? My lady played out do my layouts good, we see other ones. My son loves the Lego movie, it's a new one. there are. No. I just came out. Many of them have been too. There are only two real in so called Batman.
a douche bag girlfriend right and then leave the go because HANS all up and in the millennium falcon and see, which is a mistake, wait a minute. This is the old captain Marvel, but he was. We should Zahm Zahm that there's a notion is now there's only known ass captain Marvel but can marvelous she's. If, due to view held a gun to my head, it asks me issues Zahm DC or marvel outer cities. Deasey, for sure, is yes, yes, I remember that's what I'm trying to say there is a captain Marvel character in Dc Comics universe from back there. I don't know that. What you remember is that the marvel as one that existed so Why that's just ammo really close out is that, like someone from ever tour fight- and some of you have seen confusing dude, I don't come back and you know how everyone died. Last when spoilers enough, for now the years of Russia fixes sheep brings back other fuck. She do that. That's a comic book stood
do you remember not legal movie, one Batman. He leaves his girl to jump in the millennium falcon with want you back, and he says later until we jump than we thought it was gonna party like in space and then comes back to what happened in us turns out their work. If the Dallas Larry is no there's no checks in the middle of the Andrew tooth? Dude, ok, my view. Sixty eight nineteen sixty eight but scroll down. That's the first appeared as the image jerked was the immeasurable female girl sixty eight radio, this picture frontline, here's the deal. Girls were built tat back then now it is necessary to scroll down when we see that image that's out of a primo cross, fit chick, that's legit, it's a new version of it and I'm in Sudan Twelve yeah? That's it? You see fighter chick monotonously. You sold like
why multiple tabs marvels captain Marvel sometimes a guy's. Sometimes a girl tat. Nobody ever heard about it goes. Both ways can relate to whatever, but they run out of this so many superheroes that they have like ten different ones. On network of Adam, I share you guys what yeah fuck a longer time he was lost girl or so do I can't fuck with that or equipment get that shit out of this a good fight to Brian Barberini Vicinity, LUCA, is a good fight. We'll watch miles. Journalists be real. This a good fight, not Fisher. This a good clear on that miles. Jury did. I feel I did feel you found clear decision, yes to seal, it can even watch the decision while we watch the fact when I saw the decision, oh shit, by Marina Governing, do I can't wait for the main.
me too. I get away on gratia you cry like ice cream grows. I want to see Europe prediction on the main event: prediction brand counts is really just Scott here and when I get my mustache bro Mr Le pen up the bottle. Do we have a bottle opener, wouldn't mustache external, it's cool like school. You are handsome devil. You would you think in the main event, cable ask: is Francis gone well? Well, let me ask you this: how these grants is going to stop Keynes wrestling or his cardio his training in France, a ones you re at me. I mean showed that I speak French beneath NASCAR Go and throw nuclear weapons with his hands. Do this may be true, and that is very dangerous, but it he's. I feel it guys it's got of one of one punchers chance, but everything else came does including boxing he's better at behind just see what he looks like now. After all this time off injury
the injuries are the big chosen not mean openly. You can open a Mamma friend, doesn't matter raise landscape, crazy, we're gonna. What did you bring one thing I went a little California, I won one Barroso and I decided to go California. I, when I went old, stand, buys standard good, want, introduce more red. One would think that menagerie twice get from rival. Think it's not ok. Just tag Barberini left her barber Reno never bring up minority, never sure not devise workers, better Brian Marina, if you finally a little harder its cause. I was just a mercantile team with my friend, my good friend dust in Korea. Might Brown and child they make. You could wait. You look skinny to the private went around. Dude then that's good! I can't have any waste, is amazed when I'm doing strikingly showing all that with terrible Elvis. What do you have you do the paths
great care and head locate. You see that she does employer the loans granted Panama, my shower dozens hip doing is your. He looks. He looks fantastic disease waiting for a fight Yang is getting some stem cells or something like that. How come up with a good fight, he so great he's such a great good do. While the fucker it's over impressed with him against just engage. Look she fucks, fantastic, whose ages forgot a great fight, come up whose cagey fightin cages frightened someone really Oh it's in our ports gauge Jacobi wrestles things is costing us getting veto rights, Barboza Gonna, go you like leg, cakes check these. Our role as you can see, rustling thinks he can kill fantastic with play that give due to Chicago Joanna.
Just a dozen were showing me like what those those low kicks, delicate retail details and where you kick Garbs yards are so exposed with that we get prima. What he did Michael Channel and early cut, is much longer and again with dj and so who to errors, fight first or second, fine, that's a terrible kick up! There have been hit by one of those who know what it feels worse than kicking me. Yeah! no the thing about taking the knee it's hard to fuck your knee up like you. Can you can We extend the knee with aside kick you could fuck someone's knee up that way by Jean Luc ages? Get tat now is our right. There. You are legally eating lack why Lang you're kidding vineyards in here Somebody like he's, got a guy lego again, he's gotta put it in
flat amount is easy, even his laugh. Oh yes, oh no, no he's on the chin, but there is an urgent, always Craig unit. Neck nastiness strategy will show the ADI triangle, loud it's over. I grant you created is not so he's nice he's with the party to how sweet do doors that's ok of bees tat over right there. Nobody is delay at over right. Maybe not, may I not right maybe weights Obviously I have it checked, it doesn't check, receives. Ok, give me the thumbs up We want a draft resolution. Our fists, and now I got this is right.
That might arise that fighting right, those guys that's from a guy, was trained to top team Diana to five american top team in Cocoanut Grove, whoever fuck it is it such a nice facilitated. I wish them attitude as walked in and beat the shit out. While I was looking for, I did see junior dissenters walkin around so junior that was largest love to see these people see. That is much better than you. Bob junior I'll fix for I took him in. I took him in now. straining allow, but I took him in this way like what your eyes and mouth well with my line of Ireland with my hands, and I producing estrogen when I saw him, but he he his lips. He looks more menacing He looked at me and he goes hotel sharp, I'm not here Falcon peep out of him no out of be in Miami March 16th to the 18th and stand up so comes out. Well, you at which would you my main problem, you, I can't
and brought up with a new nuclear, knowing what the fuck em out club? It's both says: oh haunted, it was Bad, go so that last last homozygote go I've done. I go, I'm never calmly and they were laughing. I go you people are too stupid. I gonna kick back here anymore. They were laughing. You never came back, never, vocation! I have no desire to Miami. Last year I didn't I didn't theatre again when I was at a great time only bullshit but their their little crazy. I was doing that's right, performers, I shall I was doing those cellphone bags or they are protecting its rays or to use your phone, you have to leave the theatre, so you think they'll just sit down. I want to show everywhere else ass the case. Not Miami mimic, Dick leaving the way that the deadline for your party has. It says my guys, take back and forth back and forth not reflect what we found not a flat ass. We found him. I am, and it's my maybe my favorite place. Many way, that's worth
if any, has just she just had a really bad new year, set just and prepare yes drunk she's, also doing movies. There's that sneaky thing that happens man when you're doing movies, and then you become a huge star, see doing journeys, big theatres as well, but you're, not really Well enough stand around you, those big that you're gonna fuckin do mad wraps to do big places. There is not the same thing. Are you watch the bang away at his head? by marine, our big elbow by Luke K. You don't see a lot of mohawks these days. When I do see when you know he means business. I really just turned war turning away in getting back to the centre taken deep breath, but Luke ACE, thrown elbow site out from enclosed, maybe he's really good at elbows, or maybe heard his game o now. Neither one presiding we're going to sit there and cannot take those shots off his gloves and business is not o elbow but not already just sit. There.
Please also probably really tired from the chosen tasks in the dark attempt in the first round figures. Not only these guys are worried about lakes are their own ice frankly to the body of filling front kicks bodies when the most under used weapons. yeah. That was one of the things I was so impressed with Barboza in the hang man fight in the Dan Hooker fight Michaelis Fog, it Friday kid this fucking polar fiery, poor father, said our stage acacia when poor fellow has taken us kick to the body from Barbosa like his and his skin was so red, and I said I'd like you to look. You didn't even notice. He goes do they hurts they hurt so fast and I felt it as its guidelines that guy's a kill reeks like that. She's like one went from pluck, and I feel like being a guy he's a monster mythic yeah gauging knocked.
Cold member and last I guess he higher economic one, ten before the naiades at peace duties along tall due to that's right, gaiety, north of knocked the facade of I've, never seen these conveying is being thrown you and by Marina, have the same. Just there Are you so Ruth? What now that did not a bad thing no Cosette brain shrouded, barberini my chest, get it the picturesque. In spite of my silence, the prime barbarian is a professional fighter, but does mean as a good shadows, simultaneously grandmother better bought it and I'll. Take my shove right now. Put it up or gets us stand right next to him, and you tell me about a better body that bitch you do not. Yet the same chest and we see it, there are are you really matter? You look very good shredded boyhood very eager to about
You know, I mean you're very slim around the forms in the wrists. Doesn't have a lot of popular shots. You have flexing it? Do you I could show you one hand very jack, you know what in confusing to me is the hand to hand, restoration. I don't see a lot of power commoner those hands for arms, oh they're, so small too soon small, you could pick lies type. You could pick locks. The arrests. He does have a better body that you do better. Camera were better Luke guarantee or to get its vicinity lucchese name Women play his bodies, but a new look.
he's better yours by Rina, give you this guy's airplane rock and socket robots here, there's centre right front of each other. You would you think of Luke. You won't take this fight the ground. I mean he almost fucking choked him out. Did I get that he's tired when a really to get that, but I mean I wanna see attempts I guess I was getting it sucks. Its fill with Algeria theories in our country Thirdly, from abortion, fetuses How well these broad disputing o looking with big left, took out Jesus. Do these guys urges rarely see a fight, we're guys just standing right front which have worked and I'll stay and there's got right elsewhere. Recently, users can be pushed him down. They hate children, what's clincher providers of irrational voters, yet You will see a lawyer to swing in these days of value, oppressive, bright accounted. You did you watch em VP versus,
Paul daily life do not watch it, and I am. I only wonder how someone like envy people do if he ever goes the you have say I want to see in fact guys. I never want to wait tournament, though, that there are two terms. Legitimacy is for original Josie he's not gonna pay heed it known, not only NAFTA wasn't daily taken down. You're think what tyrant would do to him or would Osman would do call me come into our any. We re only those yet ressler, but the thing about tyrants, tyrants, village, it wrestle with nuclear weapons. just get a punch. You he's gonna put your fucking job on through the back your head, any phenomenal box and outrage like fuckin lyrical here, rock driveway, which is impossible to do what wonder boy. About he sat there until downward one shot. One channel five do a rational. Seltzer! Imagine doing television though tyrant is how is Jack, it's like the best body. Competition, like first of all, you gotta, give
all the Cuban you hurry on, Yellow Romero, wins best body. Competition parachute as records right behind these bigger Tyler Religion is a different thing. Roscoe ridable models, great he's got a beautiful body, but when you, well, Romero we're talking with bikini Greece on you like lieutenant, that's ache with I'm free. What is it? What is that afraid on farms like you can write as they go home. My deep drove me, their veto Also you nobody better body than over him when he was a brain. Nobody did not bring it prepares to three times you every day ass to be my God, you are, none are no over nine over every was ridiculous, but you're. Well, just as there is a perfect,
specimen Asia that, like you he's with no one, was tuna sixty five pounds rather rapid horse in it Jack standing on the scales, eddies flexing, I remember being behind him when he was waited just blinking all point in the fuck. Am I looking at? What is this even brocklehurst? what I would like to see. I was so pump for that fight. That was, as you have seen, Depew and, as you see they view against Brok lives there I was like I was so pump for their fight and both alone that saucy silent sausages, bridle, would like Luskin. Grizzly bears well yeah where's that wine fruit, for this is both of why row was I want, for. You brought us everything with doing that to happen. I was our over there freely we're friends you have what we were. America's would pay taxes, do we have to have some more whisky men downward? With your right hand, they look a little. Girls are hiding there. Also Now it is vital that all familiar like firing. Gentlemen, what's once more for UK
the mobile more? Can I just say: Gimlet, slim, don't be a blue gets bigger, you're our bad person, not european bad persons, cheers so report by my faith. My favorite we were talking. Regarding my favorite and the best I loved you and pike us, I loved your pockets with everybody, but some special, but these will be the upward elbow Anderson, silver style dude. Thus we are taught us anything good. He lay Larry. You look very good. I stop in a debate like an old weathered in Gaza. Good go yeah, I mean Anderson. Look a little. I mean he looked a little overmatch in terms of like technique. Coastal bender is a legitimate world class World championship Calibre kick back. sir, but Anderson was hanging in there. What are you saying and enhance, and also to cod to here? behind, like good lower vat is renewed,
chill behind on. Why enough? That's that's! That's a scarce, my revolver, and these guys are you score? Despite how would you ever score an arm? Weakens it more incisive who's. Gonna win this fight. It did impassive score very good question. They were, they ought to be a judge If I was in a movie you back. Nobody. Portugal today, has to think I want some glorified stairwells workin out two things. A glory does better than you have seen one five judges, not three brilliant to open skies, I love it. When you mean opens going with you, no united around you know, what's going on after every round, the judges have to put up their scores. So if you see a fucking, domination Then you see ten nine for the wrong guy, why the whole crowd and or what the ILO pressure? I love, love, love. It took them You have to change the commission's this legitimacy and by the way you know the best place to to do. What kind of changes right here Andy Foster is like one. A pro active
the curve intelligent guys in all, and you know and barbaric, over in Nevada is just as good he's excellent too. They can do but even if no value of Zodanga, if Nevada does everybody was gonna, do everybody so wish me entirely true because of the new rules, the new rules are not to hide the other not adopted by everybody gets adopted by Nevada, that allows in Nevada, I say about it to its Nevada. Nevada, and I said so I just say LAS Vegas that I say LAS Vegas I say about it, does also, dare I say, Rosato and I say not: radon- do save tomorrow, intelligent. He done. I say and Chile do say it before. I say anything, why and Paraguay by what are what about Afghanistan, Afghanistan, of course. I always have, of course- and I say- and I say- and I say God I say those right viruses insane skies are wrong
this way to file but long term career throughout their for bone interim play jeopardy when you're forty hours of bad move toughening you know what I saw you I saw Wolf Blitzer play jeopardy. He will leave. You ended up at the end of it with minus four hours. I gather that you can't can't wholly cat amazing fight. yeah- I would start with both of them. Look like not there, because the clock was also in less than ten sanguine ass rapidly. They didn't have to study this time now that, and they start you can't, you can't stand in Bangladesh, for they stopped it. That's MAC. Sometimes you can rallies have negotiated. Looked at a quarter goes whew, zebra, you see five pm? How bad ass or Brazilians is overall to stop just stop and about how many bad motherfuckers he met a bleeding coming out of your way.
Come on out of Belize Belly coming out of Colombia is over you view, but protect them or the majority or I'll come and opportune say about the hose in Brazil as well. That's just the whole nation whose are the girls need help with a rent ass. I hear you say that it's it's Rio, it's real! headed straight real, real nice. When I was the difference, because there, There is the beach looking little everyone gotta look good in Rio. There's a right, both those many there's another, not the way down the bow, the mouthpiece when four That's it stopped it look into this is my god, and thus they ve been playin Rock unslackened robots for three fuckin rouse. You can That's crazy! That's that's it! At this topic.
to cite the good furious began to get the Tom and fans watching a silent in the face of Rome abroad. I could do that dude for Georgia, Nevada. I thought it? Commissioner, Dobbs New unified rules are excellent. When is this was labeled November? Thirteenth monies are two thousand eighteen, ok, so they finally adopt so they re doing is apt. Gillies grounded fighter rule interesting, do they they? They took the new rules, but they don't accept. The one point down rule just so they were. Corridors is final I doubt that ground, if minor rule, it's a game, grand system gray too much greater. did happen, then says fuck in Paul Daily Protests and BP loss says Belcour rigged. It to protect their investment, Paul, Daily Europe monster. When you when his eyes a monster. There's no man on the planet who mean think about
needed. A Lorens, Larkin Right, Lorens Larkin, is really technical, striker and Paul daily to Linda Fuckin, left hand on you, you you forget your child who has been found. he is going to be said: Emily Politics and belcour protecting their investment fail won through answer to my pain, a beat that full, really close, I can see how he thinks you want three rounds like if they have the dilemma guide. Fine, we all lost the fans loss, but how he says three on my guy. That's fine! I don't know it's. It was a bullshit, find all the where it was it was in the past file. Why wasn't alone I went on? Why? Never nothing wasn't it s eyes. can to bluebells grapple daily, kept trying to give a daily took him down than he lost position wants and envy p gonna talk him a bit. His ass got his back. I thought him choke Mount. Do? They have a negative reserve. I was amazed that Paul daily was. It will take him.
He really made some big improvements in his wrestling and then I guess maybe felt like after the John Fitch Fight, if you can't beat them, join them. What a great that this is a great fight man. While six seconds left what way was a seventy seventy I saw my circle we haven't at American talked him was his hand, he just finish. Workin out and when she them like when they're off season there. Just they just like how you wanted I simply to know about Socrates, snugly Stephen? my god, I was like you for one, fifty five, he looks he's so thick and I didn't recognize him he's I gotta go. I think he has this and why will he lets you do in his way in one for defining. He would get on the scale, and I was doing what is that when you hollow school, I'm fuckin. So one of those bodies which have actually been lying- and that is that, like eight as well, I hate the fuckin hollow ones,
solving the hollow and did a rebuttal once what my teeth up ass first years ago, ass really Jago s where you do. I always go here so now, I'm like a goose girl, I'm askin looks with Colombo good, you tight all really address the shining and it looks very wide and was silent men over a week. Now, maybe that's it. That is just set up working on everybody's recovering? Maybe us moving on bird was ass. Good, a Billy's help pizza every day. Maybe that's what good you have a rosy complexion, I'll I'll take it may very healthy and sadly the whole whether nobody gets you. Twenty three goodnight used. Maybe it's the booze and the rest I have been drinkin and send a hot them eat eat and cheese and tomatoes body like she's anyone. I stood pairs of you both of Em John Annex interviewing bomb reality by Muslim Iraq. That must be from the truck out of respect, who did not give you that sometimes and walk into the cave
They give me a thing in my ear winner and loser winners, Miller Every now and then man yeah did David approach you to work for Spain and that we must act now. We know where I'm not not interested died. I, like our, Take this four zero money over being in Phoenix right now, although as loud want to see those fights live and I'd love to call us fights lie with so much I'm good with ten a year. That's what I like, I like twenty, but did they loud you? They didn't wanna, know ten ten year, ten years work ones in Montana shells tenure? What's a mile to once more what justice two months are obvious: two months off once a month, this man, I was thinking that I was on my way out. I was really thing and I was on my way out, but I still love it and I, that way more now, because I don't have to do it as much and I love her way more now, because we do this because can do all this shit talking and have one of our silly itself, one I would remind you in this for some of the big boxing like Garcia. Yes, that's it you're, my
I, this Earl spend your duties on looking good words all, but a grey handsome, son of a bitch Jimmy looks he put no stash ignore. I want I want to talk to him on the park ass. I want to reach out to him and get him on, because he had some amazing stories about wrestling back when whose wrestling and you know you go in an arrow rustling nano resorting to get more courage. I would love to get more. Current loves get him. How do you do now? I dont using Phoenix. Its was selling cars last democracy, efforts and classic stories about two I saw Jeff Munson ETA. Russia. Will you, Russia, yeah, he's biting his russian citizen myself, russian citizen. He sings russian songs. There's a video of him.
robbing round in a russian car singing Russians, gay here's. I love this guy. He might be on the list and Betty member when he took off all close and left Abu Dhabi in two thousand three member wait when Eddie beat Euler we're down in Sao Paulo and Monson got robbed so months into to protest, took off all it's fuckin clothes. Through a shorts into doesn't like a shady former bites, he was so soberly who is so giants choke the months. In terms of you know, I ass any of the time magazine legitimate Oak and it's like, I think, he kind of Buddha, those before Marcello to tap and guys with that. Remember that share. We think that the North South Choke was a goon was justly gravitate, squeezes scheveling, Martin, Mark curve or roman stash achievements and looks like he's in shape. He couldn't thicker.
Railway line legendary pass the test to pass the test chest positive does like I will, for we doubt that liberty, but if they tried signed by now, not only am I just know, a deadly looks like he's. The areas here he's preferring live and it is in very injuries. Last I saw you didn't weakened as a result of that I think on since almost fifty problem. Just like the site, you for chocolate Elles, lied, heavyweight way back in the members old school motorways of the and all the studies. Here's your picture him. When the protesters he's fucking like this yeah Swat team and he's got that fuckin, the capitalism tattoo and a bag had gone to the heads of capitalism. It's a guy with a hold of a gun to your head. Why haven't my cabin
he's crazy marxist lingering Gay Alec full on Communist come now. I only ask now no technology remarks to crack and about he's a libertarian margino. What sectors? Innovation, those guys that picture that like us, this will you paid enough and they gotta know who he is to the guy with the mask I don't like what does far to go. The mask eyes, I really swore TAT, lay rhinos giving talent is, of course get it for and points you know. That's from, though you know that what that signifies, have you weren't? You know a picture. from you can have all the politicized. That's for me, that's from, I believe in TAT from Vietnam, where the guy shooting another guy to famous picture real picture s of our shared guy, shooting, I believe, a veal com that started gamble. Is a mere with america- is called next. Ok this one we gotta watch. We actually watched us tat this great vice,
document to read the Munchies Documentary Uncrown what crone eats his training routine. It's amazing, you know he's of exit basket, area and he doesn't need any meat is a flat Arthur but I'm not gonna. Let you know that He's good at this place, good information about regional physics and all those other things, but I am saying this fighting not as world you went out while someone is taken up in a broken heart. Airborne well, that's what it's. What I was doing. Anybody tries go over the crime, for example like this guy Jesse, smaller or whatever. How this reason you- and I had our noses today- one often called appealed to me jamie- we shut the cameras, are really is everything done by an issue. I would like to this shit. I'm never gonna, say it quiet people texted me this is bullshit.
It's just sound count. I went sounded like from an elder yards some people are saying online that it was like like what happens when you let actors right a script right. Right, elbow sub Brigitte, Raven rarities worth getting an actor to try to get away with a crime. There are costs. Chica Go cops, haven't seen everything because they don't because those guys don't study crime in Euro to the game. You come and you're gonna pull the wool over the Chicago pull all those two technical and its. May I start fighting, though I saw some supper you to a moment ago and fight and about how, but they also have a they brought his boys, nay, squealed, real veiled, quick cargo cause. You know what's going on you as you have those guys loose, You will have our dyke we're getting just like guys, he he hired or Jack janitor. I looked David Sculpt invited rang the train Hector Lombard. No, they all looked like fuckin francis
to their that my imagination, what well who who's on top The brothers is like a spit. Just like a Chinese hang on. Hang us in that document acted in plain sight. We guessing Annette put so he's obsessing that I haven't seen you don't tell me anything about it. can see abducted. I well in plain, haven't seen it Joe, it's fuckin incredible tie afflux, you have to say about spoiler vicious cell on it, the dad sucks off the dude, whose most his daughter and haven't securities alighted and Sakharov, reject them. So he says the seventies. So what do you do that which look he had pressure, but maybe it's a long story, one really long story, but this guy I've done. drugs and she wakes up strapped to a badge. You know where she had. She said with a knife achieve holding retaining expensive knife cheese, I found my talk more custom, knives, tough
some fine when its ramp, without given to me by Paolo Reuben Work of authority, to dine events and gave to me that's it we're very Hunter who work of Ivorian on seven May and I took a more gotta content, you in Gaza, the integrated rampage handmaid knives. Why can I have my own feel so at home. you're unnatural natural, nice man. You know what I am I'm a nice man, God, I rely on the dogs is twelve year old girl drugs. Her wakes up she strapped up and she's got the speaker next to her and Don't answer this guy? This hit us She's gonna die, ok do oh, it's thing: do you even if you can have you watch through the world has ever seen a minor isn t. She gets abducted and this guy who's. This makes or think that she got abducted by aliens,
So then the aliens tell her he's got this on a tape recorder, she's tied up. She said Mister B, yes, names, MR the guy, who abducted or, and The aliens tell her that she must marry this man too. if the world and if anybody final pregnant, yeah, well, yeah yeah, she was tat? She must get pregnant by this guy that guided abducted, her and sociopath. Yes, she believes it and falls in love with the guy and she's in love with them for four years. Could she thinks she has to save the world? He got her to think she got up ducked by aliens in it. What do you think is happening? when people say they get a dutch balance. You think I think I'm not you. I can't. I think it's it's some people high level people doing, experiments and getting them that their abducted and their not being abducted. aliens are being abducted by people who make him think
get. It can want more more interest more obvious if they were just dreaming, because nothing happens physically using about do the alien doctrines? As you know, now, there's no that's a view. Local people have been alien abducted, like there's no evidence actually leave. Their house does not like there's no here, there's just no arms go off, as what happens is clearly that really have held idle when people sleep when people sleep, your brain produces all these chemicals that make you dream right. So all of these alien of dioxins, almost all this great she's, great talent knows all this alien. These alien abductions all take place. While people are sleeping, it's real, simple. There lay in bed at night. They have this unbelievable realistic dream, they all also was called sleep paralysis. Sleep arouses somethin afflicts people, where they're a semi awake and they can't move the body because you're, but your body, just like in a half state. Dreaming and awake called arms so
during this time, your brain is producing dime trip to me in your view, producing damn teeth, you're tripping your balls off and you having these weird fuckin visions and you think you're, bored, spaceships and shit. That's a possibility. But after watching this documentary another possibility? Is it there thereof, drugging people and making them think they got their getting that they could be anybody brow You could be anybody, there is no, they did everybody, Bruce Buffer, Chrome, Grantline Crown a more so Despite that, I am the them. Is this: a coma now. One leg: Felder duels view is like Comin is probably the command This isn't a comment fell out. Motivate products, then just ready he's a beautiful looking. answer my receive his mom diamond was a fairly while she was yeah.
Do I can't argue that greater and greater level of girl that he would wearing think about that is about the smaller ones. yeah chewing once ones that I wish you could show Eddie you choose the microphone, don't you know they were able get crazy. Good thing, I don't recall from behind this kid- is this kid kills. If this can be, this is a bad mother fucker, you he's a vague, crowns pesky, Terence. This is one for the people don't read which a musketeer take patent is characterised by a thousand moving over to the fish presbyterian thing I read me hurts me and when he saw TAT, she heard a lot about you. Presbyterians eat: Octopus, guys I'm opening any fish. Do that's like eating adults. It is due to either to small, they can feel are smarter than dolphin safe, even alien. I don't need any more because I I thought we would go here. We go come on chrome. Will pull guard plaia
he'll get his claws glad there is light, unison, leg, up, Chrome, graces, clothes garden saying so he will pull consummated me from closer yeah. I believe that these somebody Jimmy Maoist he submitted J T tore. It is one of the best guys out there in Abu. We two thousand thirteen in China from close Gonna Surprise race, rare he's not taken his dad's approach, which is that front legs IKEA? He does not know he'd o hit him. On the left hand, he heard a closer Oh no anthem, kung, Fu Cosette was wild. Shit he's got so much more experience, so crazy. Cross compliance how's, it might have you to shut up restaurants and buried yourself over over his clincher did
Please don't ask about the poor guard here is our car you take that he's got to do with that is essential. Grace you two areas of four minutes to workers have any that last night, I'm gonna. Take your badger benefit is took a guy down three or four times the aspect with their organism. Logic mood system. Different animal, though he's a different animal on your back.
This is a real world class submission strangle is all so all over dies, gray, there's no way to survive. He's fuck you just now. You just hold that hold out on your view. Be nice parliament when he was here. I've got full sovereignty of these three minutes calendar years corner. Would you be? Aren't you glad arch at your finds it aren't you back on. It turns over reservoir of full rights. A rat he's got. It is then everybody, colleagues, over now it's it's a higher percentage. Now he's. Do you really believe that either our job is to serve as a raw material shook his head like what luck to its territories shit. Is he
Just shook his head like what the fuck is that, instead of assisting the phenomenon, admittedly touches you you're you're done. non selective? How John staying illegally generosity boy out like a different thing to be acknowledged? Not he just get, you and punches assemblers requalify, certain Fleming Open, let me sound when people choose cheese, a microphone. That's really disgusting did that's crazy. How good he is look at this he's so girl you this appeal gorgeous: they think we pulled guardrail ravaged by the ground, but if this is world class man, it's a different, you would do. Then you wouldn't take a guy down if it was a rather than this is slow. Squeeze header Gracie a breakdown of it right right now that guy's check it out. This is how to have it right now. We need in order to break down right out so I'm ok raise with amazing where they really in trouble, but our guys, if Jesus his present huge when that's fucking big,
May I ask if there's a good fighter, but he just no crazy jujitsu list. Let's go a step by step red guards around three employees. Is God or their spots of six there, I'm sure, organizing Josie. You know it is maybe now watch it like surf in Rio or some shit man, I'm not. He was there and I don't have deepened the most of Europe with Brazil and we know do there's no way accept what I want. I want to meet him. I want to talk to him. You know why did they would show Hickson? You know many excellent. We can set up my friend, I love him. I want to me he had the most interesting description of how it finishes. People peoples, we started neutral. Point because now we go to one and it was when I to one, I'm not going back to zero? move into two and then to go back then checkmate going he's is a master fuckin confidence that confidence is a blue cheese. What is its sums
we ran a blue some half arc and when you are ready now all gonna shit are already do knowledge. We dispute. I do get this beautiful cream. Creamy French but I didn't rise as though this committee much progress Are you running? We need onions. Are you pesky sad? weird. They aren't you. Do you like you, and I have a law, God! I love and bullied ass. The right idea. Only to tell you, I'm not an ounce of dog out right now, a sure do anywhere. I'm an american man Why would you let us talk is to have an American. I prefer a certain opposition where's, where it's as you do that baby. So we preach two legs under the cheeks clearly laid down by June summit. You got touch them
a little baby. That's weeks, you, you go doggie stout eating ass. Yet to let him know you love em, up, ok plans for New year's eve. Look look, look at current hair, handsome bastard like his hair. Just let it go where you read school to cover city in the house, got out a great skill got out of his out of the challenges shook. It shook it out, In closing, I didn't know that the earth is flat, Now, please don't do that girl duties way down. He called me up out of the blue we gotta minorities. Awful. I flatter you didn't want you go flat never go back or gas pills in Santa Claus Finally, I should also like to go back to Santa Carla trial and I'm a dry make the joke. I thought your off. If somebody's I know already goes off it.
Said he's off. Space is Santa Claus for adult now eddies off it, but he has a following now of flat out there, so it s not ass. I will just make sure you call this love you cause. I can't say that loud committed now. Can you get it never go by a draw the line, the driver, this the softer cheese and I'm getting this beautiful life a little bit tarnish we're an antiquated chrome, Gracie shot You know what I was. concern with crumbs fighting correct when he was on my part when we discussing flatter he said that he doesn't know if fighting is borne him. There's a pressure, the family pressure and he was basically saying that he likes living without any pressure and he doesn't know if he wants to keep fighting a throne, but now you know when you listen to the countdown show and all that can only be set. No, he said you know what I realized it. Just teaching is like every day as I Groundhog day, and I'm not at my best when I'm just teaching that my best when I'm trying
for something, so I always have to be trained breeze. I'm sure your lies. I really I need to be fine. So when I heard that lets like seventeen out is evolving and inferior himself out so this this might be the beginning of some championship. shit here, for the? U have say, listen if he gets a striking together and he did Tagged Sarah with a couple of punches everybody who goes to the ground with this kid it's fun. What we classes is one forty, forty five yeah, but guess what good luck with mass Holloway haulage boy, I would love to know you chrome, but this is to my. Why do we do this well say fuckin brine or take overs? What would you what it is worth? Five. Forty ordered, oh shit. You know when he was having a source fire when you off when he was twelve years old. He wasn't that into
you just do a little. He was it wasn't. There was a boarding, he was skateboarding and Jean Jacques, we were outside of turnover and John John. We were walking and Chrome Gracie at twelve came bias and skateboarding start doing some tricks and John Annette forget the shock. Us, that's the one right there. That's the one! That's gonna take over really John dropped because he's really tight with Hickson and Commons is a crime and striking do we know well you know, I mean here five years ago has been doing Emma may finally fought and rising. You know and far too few fights the thing is like his striking is like his father. Striking is just to understand. It it's not really to do it in terms of he's. Never gonna sit close distant organ, but never gonna stand in Bulgaria clerk to close distance and gradual once you perhaps you a urine trot even could be these days like more than chrome. Chrome is just gonna Gideon, clinch up and, like you said, go from step one step to step three not go backwards.
dangerous any thoughts, excavators, people Spock? Yes, I wouldn't have been disappointed or shocked if Alex Corsairs escaped a couple times on the ground and maybe stood up again fried may be crowned Gatorade third round. I wouldn't have been that surprised because outscore says he's been fighting for so long. His early on the gas lotta Easy Spirea, that's none of these by Julia Forfeits, does gate and some good guys, male member, any beach Sergio Pettus lately that when Anthony Psmith knocked out showdown, meanwhile, how good it fuck it Chauvelin look in his last fight Shoguns made some sort of a crazy resurgence. Man, sir, at last Friday was so savage. Who was so savage somebody, whereas I pull up, who showed them I thought someone good to get more? No, no, no, no, no, his last fighting one by stoppage and he looked like a fuckin animal with. The children of all those guys who keep doing language was up as a major Thyssen Pedro all that right.
paid or some other place. A mother filtrate ye be rude. Show you in Australia. Is this Finally, on drones: that's what we're talking about this would be a highlight. Could organise? Who had this gentleman be Smith? Is a beast may go knocked out? Show gun he's a beast not does show gun, owes de MER, Russia he's a beastly he's he's a very: good fighter and I think, he's a table. It is going to rise to the occasion I mean I'd. Allow I, like I, don't worry. Headset, yeah! I don't know if it's ours you, how tossing I work for their agreements, got here I dont know if he's capable of being cause I legitimately feel like John- is not just the best light heavyweight of all time. I think he is absent, Thirdly, in the conversation for the best fighter of all time, greatest three or four guys therein that conversation last year, when I realized smitten mighty mouse? Who, I think is the best representative of martial arts of ever seeing came here? There's no, no. I mean Keynes that's heavyweight ever seen, but the best fighters of ever seeing eye
fate or is, in the conversation I think Anderson Silver It was in its price when using his pride, but always prime, he was a savaging ass. Ever he was an assassin. Look, this cave Alaska show not purple. Look, it's ambiguous as we look at sweet, not purple jacket, o Lucan LUCA Rockland newcomers her when he was healthy, was about to start on the planet will DC said to me. Man goes, I can beat our guy. He goes one It tells you, Ngos, and I can't beat amendment- goes out. I thought about that one else when I was train with them, because I can't be to look at his corner man's got us headphones on Tuesday. Forget whatever he's list to almost ass coordinating swag. Does a fantastic task, easier impressively measurement he's this specimen of all specificities. Great he really Now this during more fight how we gonna get fired
I'm crazy up in this bitch she's varying soccer, fuller and suitably soccer pillar. While a girl soccer translates by the way and Cynthia called Beale she's, a motherfucker now for male she's got she likes to fight to that girl. Ex scrap This is good shit. I'm sure ideas, mentality, gallop, give these people some credit was washed its fight against more want some drunk. actual UK thing to do after this one gets mistakes. I can't wait television, my boyfriend, Annie stuff for staying with me so is used. It. Would you he's here to Morrow Mabarak cast. You turn your back. This is a great guy a lot. I have really conversations that real staying with you know where and what you come with me. The progress more you shows downright. I could do that, but I have a common customer. What is your pocket? If I don't get you son of a bitch? Paradise about we import. As no one type of progress. You can't gas flattering the kid Brandon
job and ran counter pack has reminded once it without fail down there. Every Monday ones, how long the broadcast their as long as we do to three hours to our now two hour and a half to two MAX interests than ever learn to interest care relates only to you see, I have been through by thirty three percent this year. There I set it out loud. I don't want you in Christiania doing some stand up together. You pass through by thirty three pairs, while and that's the random, mostly burn? It was all right. He runs a business. Have, let's be honest, I show up now here's what I gotta get involved. Watches I got it does it will help with the business merrily a thing is, here is a letter. but it's why don't have to do a local press and why I basically sold out the West Palm Beach Improv, which I've never done, which is gradually becoming wetsuit
and about thirty years ago. I know I know I'm way behind you marry. They call minded thanks for making sure that the approach of those that was that there was a great debt of gratitude goes beyond the norwegian people. Well, parliament, if you have five shows you got a little hat, for example, has already really now they fight like five thousand. only five hundred tickets, but twenty five will take to sell out? twenty five thousand short elsewhere that we're doing a show in spoken at Ford? Twenty in the afternoon stand up. Organic spoke anywhere comical now, none of its four twenty, though still
this will show up man, Bert British, isolated Saturday afternoon- not good now, not on April twenty, it just at four towards reflect so something about what s March nine, but I know what it is: will announce right now, you're, so that mother Fucker arms, when the sun is still out it's a lot of it tat for four Steiner's, that's too, We talked about Burke, I should, as a morning thing no kills. You always did those fucking Doug Benson. He did the four twenty shows. He always did you do for twenty in the afternoon on Sunday Smoking is actually a fun fun place I'll just there's, Wilkins Gray, I've never been it's for an out and I drove down quarrelling core line. Beauty under Spokane somewhere and lowers away in his eye gods. Do I want to move that it? I'm really aware you you're gonna, buy place it where's the next week on quarterly asked economies, zealously, Serbia, where this is in Washington I would be Idaho Island. I know who is a beautiful. Do amazing, really unease? I'm gonna move it
Where did he lets get up? I saw I wouldn't harpy. What do I do? we have to get our hearts you're driving schools, but I'm sure, listen die for money, went there and took a picture of the lake this lake, a hundred foot deep. You could see the bottom It's amazing that great restaurant crystal clear. You should see the crime of the water. Will you let me like a great restaurant fattening? Why don't ever heard of having any working whirling evocative brow yeah? I restarted a proper policy. There is one issue: it's like stamping ground for white supremacist Slick. where quarterly in Idaho. Yet us so it s scary, rider of writing. A finely march eighth tinfoil had me in San Tripoli or into coma, but that for twenty shows spoke? Can on a Saturday, smoking calmly Club March, ninth, the spoken comical
that yet another glass, great room, ok got a terrible. I was like I was like almost four twenty in the afternoon. She said yeah we're gonna, try that here have been opened or more than once in my life, albeit Thea, nobody stories other if they I'll be at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver. Now this Wednesday I'll be. The ice house in Pasadena should show that we just we haven't even announced it. Yet he go to the ice House website because Monday night at the com is too are sold out to dinner improv sold out. Spot on that. I shall raising are you gonna percent, I'm at one hundred percent? Was it attempting? Maybe I'm a hundred percent urine? I mean I'm Wednesday night, ten p m. I see no reason why the vessel had like if I companion, show in ice house, it isn't ones in ones, and I didn't like it was
you want to know what our be scared. I guess I know when you're lying brown on. How is it that we actually did do fight it has fulfilled its planned? It just happened on one of SAM show what two thousand fire companionship. If they're, gonna fucking do a bright, I haven't and now also have a mother fucker. You know, I don't believe in anything you believe in but, like I like earlier around yeah, we live on a ball and olives. we weren't, you don't believe me, but do not seriously complimented me, maybe a compliment I get drunk or get confused. I shall kiss Eddie eddied me that you have some system section, there's some stuff. I do agree with Eddie on to some stuff, but I can't I get about so I get so with up like double is right there in the middle man, I'm a million more than anybody thinks it's right, fuck in there. What my point was wheedle when it comes to
Our belief opposite ends of the fuckin spectrum, but you guys thirty folks with you, but that doesn't mean that I'm not gonna compliment you when I, when I see you live, do you fuckin smash, dude, rush, Venus there's a night, and I hope you do not even know that she had by way of an early, I think politically we're pretty little you're our off I'm just like I am I,
you're, a socialist outside crying, creates an hair regional areas while they got him on our continent and shouted socialist. I thought you are you out of your job is to give that by a thought of you. Stop start. No one talk. He's fucking with Balkan got angry greatly. Spilt assumes is Jamie able. I brought this new right now, but a me right now table been up in America. Otto I believe in in the constitution, really make yeah you believe in God, rights yeah, I got guns. Ok, I hardly god. Are you? Do you mind if I am a very I'm not? I don't believe now that he's on you three percent a year ago now these allegations Rock Kostiei Cortez, you like, I don't like her home. I love you. Twenty eight, which has no abundant,
No? I was really anywhere until she had this clause, but no listen, listen! This is what I'll make young people that are interested in helping people and change in the world. I don't agree with a lot of or ideology, but she had this one cause. There was people who unwilling to work trying to give money to pay. were unwilling to have already are willing to work. We want ass now how about how the past legislation anymore only term abortions The way forward is now on you in New York there without creating league late term abortions celebrating and have a party its dude, it's yeah, their party, it they're doing. They're doing all that shit for late term abortions and help me up its walls. Don't work what does
go, and I await well right anyway. You're, like a wallet he well more, like the law travelling to Canada, you can't even get into Canada the fucking. Do you held up stuff? All I'll, stop, stop. Do you know there's no way. Yeah national law is no law between us. Carry you walk right through the woods people. Do it all the time with your mom? You not know that they did not very literally hundreds of my nowhere opens no it's. We just walk right as well, not so fast that we have with with against, say it well, give don't how these accidents or any just because I'm a capitalist free market guy. Because it's wisely in every area and I'm a Trump guy, I know you were, I didn't say, were trained. We're all gonna be fine the above Eu Airlines on the same team? Yeah we're always comes around when America?
more than you know, point during the final year of fucking. What's your problem branded job you're, a goddamn pranks? There shall be no unaware yeah. We have two more bought by the way I count on your fuckin wine choice is excellent and I M a cheese Mary selection monitor what don't fuck. I know it. I know it's up to you to comments will be filled with hate for this makin simplicity, bascombe. You know. I know comments about all this I never read about tackling boys. If you want to make you have a better life, stop commenting on a non any! You too, I don't know anyone whose success who goes on Youtube and giving Michael Jordan's upon you to commenting now that you know what are these guys that you know what you can comment and video given and the whole world going to see it gives an power while you know it also has it's like it's a message board that doesn't get censored. It's a very rare form of message.
We want it doesn't get censored right does like instrument. Tourism do share what people think it get censored, but what happens is people like, say you're, spamming and aid. They mark issued a spammer, but enough people doing its voted down. It's hard to see what you can find it ultimately, but I have mine, is basically to every one can post what chewing into MIKE I was very Jesus. Christ brought, my might think about a negative comments. Is egg. I've had read some of them could over things, I'm like a kind of agree with you on that my own biggest fan so fuck off. You saying that I don't you know like you're, not a bit I myself either right. As an aside, I won't know. What do you think about my means? Much, I'm amazed. I've got as far as I've gotten with how little I feel about my work. I think you become. I think I've known you for twenty five years and I believe you become not only incredibly thoughtful and you probably have made the biggest transformation of any friend I've ever had and you ve become somebody who listens and
odd cast so well. I was near podcast auditor. Thank you reminded us. It you know, I made a mistake to listen to one of my early ones here, there's all my words Yale back, but we were a little one. United eight years ago, like kids, says, don't go back. listening to your now. This new, how you like, listen and don't take a position and just our soul. And about everything that that path debate is just unbelievable. Well, you know what the pot debate was important, maybe I'd legitimately think that there are people who should not smoke pot, and this is coming from someone who smokes a lot of pot you're, a reasonable human being by I see it and I'm not a zealot. I see it. I see it in people, I see there's people that shouldn't fucking do it and its people that it does.
make them lazy. There is everybody's brain react differently to caffeine, to nicotine worked to fuck and all the drugs, and there are some people that I'd legitimately feel like I have a really hard time would teach see whether specially inedible form, I think edible form is. I think it's legitimately want the most potent psychedelic drugs that's freely available, I called the poison control centre after eight brownie gases that thoughts I showed you, but what has really I've called Lang called? I read them. Call the cops them so that's it. I live or garden weighing up. I welcome up. Our act was already a season Drogheda come back, then I had eaten the brownie and I No, it was going on with me, I said: do I think, I'm dying because you're not time combat? Why can't you myself breather my? I can't hear my heart. What are third, twelve iterated editor any real. I would understand I wouldn't like make assigning while the choice of legal, like I don't think, Gun,
could be a lively actually highly eagle is opposed by the sea, be no nine, my education, I believe, and education, and I think this one a things and I'm trying to do, and it's one thing to try and do their part too big podcast is let people know hey. I've too, in some pretty zealot like pull positions in the ass, whereas like everybody's everybody smoke, but don't listen to me from three years ago. Listen to me from right now, right, everybody should not smoke pot and if you're thinking about Morgan pot smoke a little tiny bit. That's what I said: Now don't vision when they don't do anything that I have always said, because I've seen a lot of people to smoke, but the one To conclude, I always said for the for the last twenty years. Is I've. I've always said this that I don't think you should start organ wait till you're at least twenty eight thirty the girl against. I think it's great that's great advice, all where it is. I have never said twenty one fifteen, I field it fully.
Oh I know who you are yet see become, who you are and then smoke. We that way you can tell the difference between what the pot is doomed to you and what you are without the pie. We're not only that European, although your frontal lobe, does not fully formed till you. Twenty five really it is about the hermit our point annexation and play football or fighter spar. Man funny thing about you: shouldn't play football period, there were people fight, Joe ideas sent me this link or eat Tommy about rather HBO real sports that they did on that's enough what some Archie! That is a lot of wine for somewhere cheese. Now I love we also good for real sports on football. With this kid was ten years old, his ten year old kid double concussion get a concussion. Another one right afterwards and he committed suicide attacks, Jesus Christ. Here's my thing with this, though, in football, ninety nine percent of people aren't,
that the like echoed rising in our problems with the concussion, not down the robots April you're just gonna wanted it might be an hour. You know where you see the proof, though, isn't that the retired? they'll play to get into compensating Michael. I was feeling you would see see when you hear it in their speech, but my Troy Aignan, for instance, he's have like a hundred concussion but he's one of the best commentators out when you almost had a two year within reach like eyes like Junior, say outboard on me, now run a Patrick actually detailed. This in length as actual scientific evidence about appeal for the type of theirs it actually ever. Canada is a genetic thing in retail. If you have that, you do not have among the good side of a girl traffic, beautiful you're right in us you still get damage, but it's not the same kind of damage. The city risk is less see, tease crumpled from me, say this choice
these will not take in the dirt another scenario when I just opened up yeah. That's fucking that started dating smell good on a few ass. He said: Good Cyprus, G midnight, Moon where you going. Where would you guys don't worry about whether often I get anywhere when you walk into the door? Do not work are all by always wear robe, and I know a guy he's cave are right now words I go anywhere. They hang it were their hang it ain't. You know what I want to take a nine speculative oats and knew how take you were APL, appeal: restaurant. Adam Perry Lang. He has a stake house where I ate a three hundred and eighty days a dry age extra I'll eat a factor that is amazed. Three hundred and eighty Darien in eight days wandering that's rottenness far counts weird, not because it's all, like thirty five zero exchange rate dropped, dryads being sized discuss, not an earth he brought out has brought out the photos of the meat it looked delicious. There I mean it. Randy Darius, you don't like it areas like onions, didn't
No one needs in the setting of onions is achieved garbage, delicious, dear Eddie, it's naughty and sweet was prompt. You know how these genes from brain damage it there's all genes for Flattereth, belief and bad genetic quickly, batteries and flattered delicious sucker. You know like that. Isn't this a good luck! You tried again by adding yet about not bringing you two APL, because I'm I'm over that words? I I'm gonna. Take you it's on vine. In Hollywood, its Adam Parallax Place fucking amazing, you don't we I and I got something to say what we don't do, dinners enough. We don't without we're. Let's wait to our old. We don't do. They should deny this fuckin guy goes home. sits there nor on video little snacking yet Peter, and we don't.
And I believe that never dinners are very important. I agree. I have some kind of my only go to cook while people over. Never you because you will Camorra cause you're like now too busy on unvalued. Did I don't give a shit come over and cookers has some guy. You know I have a shared desire to get shot. I have a chef come who comes over just twelve dude get our takes out and we car do you know of any goes out unless we only got across those traps, brass be globally. I'm down so John Joseph invited me this. What is Wednesday fuck? It might be Wednesday once you're, gonna, Fuckin Pasadena Asshole, Yea I receive community law is applied only trousers Barker and when we do that we're gonna Pasadena NATO Guy community authorities, old out by Tommy mentions pop goes back out for dinner, don't be a healthy and SALT Lake Marsh. Why you want to eat some cucumber buys gotta March, one
Twenty two wiseguy ass, I now lies: gas bride count, shouted to keep the owner her greatest hates my favorite owner elemental. Why keep no sportsmen's exports in the back? His brother was off its quota for the album. the crimson tied. While I mean him talk deep sport, cheese say appreciate the fact that a company that place that's one of the most underrated clubs in the countryside once we all desire, we arrive there. This weird thought about salt Lake the Mormons year my parents living and Dear Valley survey condemnation. I'll, bring other there's a place. There's a place. Next, Turkey's wiseguy called Red Aguano mexican food brow. My girls, Mexicans this places so good, ready, guano red gwan handle it. She hasn't been. She's making. Why Where was she shall makes Gilbert issue? As Mr Mexico was again, will you this Cynthia caviar trying to get their Strang on Courtney cases?
one thing I was talking about to do so under this I thought I d Santiago. I was talking about how you your lifetime is not enough to to learn anime like the target area, yeah you're always having to keep up and always have in a trice exhausted. Its exhausting hey. I saw I saw your boy, I'm the guy, who need that guy in the head, the China giant, probable or black. I owe you shall Gregg hardy gap punch you in the face? No he's giant amount. We kind of that mountain. I don't know anything about him, so I don't want to be, but I was like you were saying: seven hours a year. Can I and I dont go bad I'll? Be a really good I would have the oak is over there, I'm a collar. Did you know, I saw him and I knew that would actually we ve got kind of battle in the park as your heart in the picture, I saw him a thousand American doesn't answer and I said Jimmy Bert. Member of the Agro Jimmy Tomato that guy, I think I madam. I was at least didn't. I was kind of like yeah. I got. No, he strode China go, I don't think shower,
I just got a sneak out because when I went in there I want you guys like because they all want listening pod guess I was like a celebrity and I thought he was there, and I was just I legitimately was now, but I just yeah slowing down and choked amendment just as I'm dyke bread is going to, Are you for this? Has he is impossibly large will play for the now it's definitely big. Do I tell my novel athlete novel athlete, just its women's, I guess work with. That's nice. I thought. I'd legit I dont. While we largely well know we do get convicted, but maybe These three gun of you know what this behind found. You hold on. A second oj simply got acquitted. So what settle the fuck down on convicted and well? But he got it, but he did do charge gilding civil court yeah. So
We all got his now. You must agree on the arrest of the bad. If I know nothing, I don't wanna say and that's the reason I looking at it that way. Yeah. They might be a great guy me who might get along. It's our partner may seem like. He was very well like the guy's random we're just all right. I so I put out attacks have Ojo my podcast yea or not. I sit hell, you should. Why? Wouldn't you like he's not going to open up a zillion open up it? We did in one interview where he was like such a ban with glee. what I did when I wrote a book. You wrote a book, yet, if I did you could talk to anybody wanted. One life is like now they're talking about one of those interviews can we do like? If I did it part two? aren't. We is yea one zero parts as these are all lies. These are all I just want to let the audience. No. This is not real and just let him go, come on man, hippies silly kin. Do this detail but hit g.
He has ever see one OJ, did a music video after he got acquitted heat he was do Swine we're do nurses. Why we're flying? Have you seen it it's it's amazing. What is hanging I will always hot house is like dance and J. We pull up the OJ says music video that should have kind. I never heard a scapegoat jets can make my life guys get juice he's fucking. Do we play it? Are we gonna do with his girlfriend that we would get world how crazies ITALY beats rap and then it gets thrown in jail for some stupid shit. Stupidest no good shit like this. We can and to have a look at what they get a crown on. Just think about it. Cut his fuckin relaxed lives head off you into my. We got wounded kitchen knife and look at him in there that handsome yeah. This is right when he gets early August was out again video, its uncensored unmated, unlike legged childish, appointment uncensored video player OJ sent
and went away, dress not like Elvis after his murder, and unless this is our cheerleaders Andrey Adequate just think about that. He murdered two people less than ten years before he made this video and he's dead. Our these how's. That is busy. Do you know what am I not when he got to Miami? They said he fucked, all the girls lined up de facto do. Anyone got acquitted after I will help Craig. I want the actual outdoor Bundy they wanna, fuck martyrs dangerous villagers. Bang ambiguity think that let us talk about that. What you think that is either it's not all it's it's a small percentage was a girl. What is that? What is that? I think that it probably primordial. I think it goes back to the alpha male, who kills and rules with ruthlessly, and I think that there seems to be there there's, probably a feeling of see if you can a line with that with the biggest baddest mail, but yeah bodies
is killing women. Powerlessness would have. So I think that so I think that is also the idea that if I can tell him that there is a challenge to that their there, I know I had our. I have been with many women who are drawn to bad ass. Currently we is, I don't know. Because I have a job to the girl. I know my my wife is in lighting said like Bertone, Sopranos, sexy Spock even earlier belly and everything was choking. Nobody will wires something we need not go to Pablo Escobar. Even do like rooting for him he's a murderer, there's so much like by Tony Montana. For instance, you a ruling from when he died at the end. Every time you scarface at the end, you like? What are you doing?
forgot about you you're, the mouse carrier, given us all that you, the mouse, can today really see no more that shit, you gonna, trusting he's just run more quotas and just don't change to and fro and make the whole Keaton making people happy as we are doing, a good shows, don't shoot you and make you are correct. we re now does she is like can't get over soon enough? How dare you good scrap grateful a moment. Courtney casing fleas Herrick, they literally We wonder thinks we're talking about during the commentary was I take never moved from the same spot. They literally stays the same spot. Like Courtney stating once bought Felice, stating that buggered Nora was weird. They were to stand in front of each other and courtiers fully spit blot on our Jesus growth. Really, really! You spare you. I had a brow got dealt with names. Lucas had mother fucker, he care of Ethiopia, coalescing guy, like earth dreads natural borders. These are bees cool hand, Luke's no mother fuck, I mean he's no one fuck with Japan,
I had a brown yeah while he's gotta myself, it's easier ruined him Are we going to see t J, say hello at thirty five? I would like to see get a twenty day wanted at twenty five that five stop too soon anything else you want at thirty five wow. It would be good for so who, though, it would be good for T J if it's at twenty five. I really believe that I have learnt inviolate be better for pseudo, because it would give him the chance we champ Champ, wouldn't the latter fly we envisaged. While you get, you can have one more big fight this a few guys. So what's the plan with joy, but I know about the cut better how to cut it. They think it over May, the town of now known outlet data can do whatever the fuck he wants you to talk, but it went on. He figured out see upon do Davis avoid off. They could in a fight that they should have if they do keep one twenty five have joy been abused by any such who'd. Offer chairmanship
very close by whose nets for cyborg cyborg the female female, hey. one that fight so who'd or or Benavides when they saw hullo by split decision. That's right, so who'd only lost one fight yeah to Caesar but there is always a silent was with cereals. I won't know last two dj. Yes, he said teacher now dj mindset teacher meant DJ. If I did what would you say about cyber? What's next Amanda at put her get another planet. Imagine an amended essential site, hollyhock energies out. Why not? can retire. little girl, she's Tom, no other romanianus. What else is there determined, yeah, she's gonna say well, maybe sting rather do a naked, reminding Nano Synonymous she has managed to besides be naked. Would a pink fur coat on? Second did it's all. You know why she's. Not here not money, to be talking about millions of dollars million.
aliens she's made millions of history or southward made a lot of money for Leonardo. What applause I use boxer is. Is there any change of time as all those guys, the outcome? they retire and then they think about their black used to that money? Does I thought? Oh, my god. I have three million them into here. Oh, my god, I only have two million Chris, I Borg explains why she's a w w e performance centre? Oh my god, I'm gonna, go daddy, daddy and challenge drawn. Arousing shoe Madge of her round arousing have a goddamn would doubly Debbie type match. I care, I can pay covenants. You see, that's comments, since my overweening wash thirty seconds. I do it is a good one, based on the likely, rather than last of as it's my favorite movie, you guys, my message can be welcome to the night in my neck with Jack. Would do that Is it stiff? I live on bread and goes when you re like
my duty, I think I have actually meet on my MAC, Brennan kind of there's a pause managers Doolittle thicker Knacker, like a real problems. think about there's? U Geiger, I'm telling you, through the guy choked out that Mount mine host that would allow online eighty five pound Kazanovitch shut the fuck up. I know everybody now, there's a guy like a girl, know everything that was it eighty five Zaire or listen to me, mother fucker. I know everything about working time and this enemy mother, fucker that the cat was half eaten by another cat by the time the Rangers Gaza that are now I do not know either in areas like the black. I know that you know the frame of the Catalan is a juvenile cat. Was eighty five pampas huge? Yes, big cat. That's enough talk! It's big for a police state, not being able to count on our list of juvenile get the problem. I know everything about this case will not want to get there I, whoever you are gentleman, Sir, what funds man's name I want to get in here I'll pay, you medical bills cough,
Travis cop. Yes, I do Travis cough me. Bad mother, I'll pay, your medical Billy. I wonder how he did it. Tell me everything flout honest The human capacity came from behind he, since Something was there it jumped from behind. He got a wild scramble a bit his face. He's got a giant gas, on its face. They squares. wrestling match and he got it's fuckin foot on this thing's neck. When we see the petty hid, it was still sceptical. Here was no no. He killed. This fuckin cat was Damn bear hand. There was still ways limousine like knives, bro. Their sticks in the warriors authorities like areas like the world's not round but sticks art sensor takes real, sir. According to color. parts of my love. Wait! Thirty, five, forty, that's so no, no, no, no not carry was when it was dead cat. When he was only the archaeological, easy this appointment and find another one thousand. Now there was one today
This law is no news, provide another one, stop waiting Fake news Qatar. Just now. I can tell you right: let's have taught us an expert on cats, find another one. Google Google. My grandfather s face, I end, are starving. Thank you killed a separate can't via the Romans Leslie and Steve or Nels podcast sedately said was eighty five pounds is well Steve would like all those fish stores would become mister.
Fish stories has undergone. Officially that thing was sleeping an identity stopped. You murdered valuable, get word without saying it already today, not least by another one, all working with you out. There is real lives, it simply will not do. It was what we were disappointed with the horse. I do I just type in eighty five pounds. You see what comes up there's three articles once as forty one since eighty five months and months is a hundred tender
hundred eighty power, my ones pull shareholder, was shut article now tabling this means a murderer and look to you. I am sure you will you not gonna kill one hundred and eighty pound capital. No, not, but you might kill eighty pounds, you have something for he came hurrying I'll, kill your brow. The thing was already eaten and he took the nails any scratches on eighty five pound Joe heaters announced. Did you see his face? Scrap got a couple struggle to throw well that was a month ago. Bro. You know I do that this guy you're just jealous smaller, yes, he's! Ok, how does listless ass was asked this question? How does the empire guy recover Now it is done work in Hollywood dignities. How do you
How do you ve come about you, someone like Logo, T Mercer, she's gonna get prosecute black communities like like ridiculing. Now and he's done could easily he's a liar any ass. We're. Although support too that the director of empire like when I was like, I can't believe so. do that, because I guess he knows I thought, but his sisters thought back do. Did you see his interview with Robin from Fuckin dead Mortimer go he's like in the people who seek out Those are my full light. Perform wow what a scumbag collar bag gonna come at eighty five pounds. I can't find one y yeah. I know it's a twenty pound it's. Our twenty pound cat is a ten pounds of Moroccan House CAT Jamie. How dared you know what, even if it was a velvet looking further about some of the mountain lion, so there's some at least He killed a mental driven, harsh trivial, murdered them out question what Paul Felder Major in college. The theatre to Marlborough about that
there's a hilarious secular! I hold on John John Annex was doing. Research today are yesterday, and he put up this Graham or the pics of Paul Felder from his theatre days. It's hilarious, acc, it's hilarious. He looks like like a gay. look at how we are complete. As now, he looks like steaming king and drag that are not prepared to make fun of cause. He's out your bad, you, it's very similar, Stephen king. He to me looks like seven cases even can see that the young Stephen came out, but he's a early guys. Lot organ amazing Jimmy. What's going on that screen was a key blinking in now make it don't fuck it up. Now it's just what a great picture alma. I shouted things we look.
who's, a welder Felder is as bad as dynamic about John. I goes. Please don't tell me in the face for sure. Maybe that's all we know now, maybe when he was, he was in a play he was playing. I think there has now able to. There is often a handsome is rugged. He's a man grow man, manly man, a man fell deriving Felder. I mean he he's he can beat anywhere in the world it at the right time mouthing anybody he's gonna kick off for anyone. he's, definitely do tough shit. Many went the full three rounds of Bob both and took some arose shots you're amazing commentator two very rare. I really enjoyed doing commentary with him up there than Danica Steel. We ve Zodiac wheels are heavily Rosa. What's a quick correction, something together just what about eighty five pound outline suit. Also lost,
Benavides Joy, personated, stolidly Joe we better veto is Jamie, correcting The way joy benefit is one of them. Disguising the planet is greater nicest one eyes why Megan Levy, amongst other things, to tell them together. I roof them with everything they. Every time I see my go, have kids get you need after a magazine, uniting people for foot eleven babies, how dare you have let herself on about letting with actual bottoms thirty Lila Circus hedge funds area, durable, no circus by sound those kids get older, other smell circuses in fucking, weird places like now weird fuckin middle. The situation is now talking about America ring limits during lunch. It's done. Could you get have elephants anymore amount and want to talk about tat people like either by John? We dont there a lot of fighters there, there waitin to get visas just like with dogs, time there's all for Emma may and rest
Lange and Azerbaijan is their national there's one, my bodies, there are now he's working there and he said he saw wrestling club is arresting club everywhere and he said they, the all the kids, from literally from eight Sixteen years old there, all rustling guy comes out with mouthpieces and box and gloves no headgear and all the kids like yeah. They start cheering put on their gloves, put mouthpieces and start back while they need nuclear physicist, so they can compete with us in the global World WAR Can you lies about the next country? To good thing? Is that shit? That's great. If you want cage fighters, is Oppenheimer, FLIP, the switch on all that she has very expert who want to sit around the world. You can't do among all style anymore now. You know I'm not really masculine that ours. That's how you gonna win Taylor, boss, fuckin guy, did a great job
painted for me and I looked at it and the first hour when I saw in the flash of light that need to be in the fuckin studio kits looking over. He does a great look at her eyes. That's a good artist right there, no terrorism, every hunted, Hendricks out Norway to he's, painted acceleration and think it s really hard to have a Hendricks problem. Heavily fuckin handrails patriots are but the reason why this shows called the jargon experiences Hendricks Jimmy has expired. I've got a listener, Hendricks more than listen to any human being on the planet. You love love. I picked up on your eyes. You write about high level as representing us about says to me ass, my number one who, down there I'm sure he sent for me, but I think I've listened Hendricks more. You know it's just He was so pure who was so free with what did he die
dated twenty seven druggist want as well. It knows what I am drove them. There was a story stories draw gear, the fishes stories, what it was noted that conspiracy, having no other person, what is, is his manager that their reactionary starting with managers a gangster- and there is a guy who was one of the henchmen for his manner this at the manager, kill them central leaving. The one thing that supports that is that it was weird that he like choking ozone. Vomit didn't have heroin system will do this. some weirdness to it, but then the other part of it is that the girlfriend Hendricks girlfriend was allegedly committed suicide by jumping off a roof, but the hedge says they threw off relinquish swine yeah. Why chick wishes that without Yale thing, that's disappointing what Hendricks? If you hear that Hendricks used to beat his girlfriend, but that might She was a smear campaign, its agreement prior to whatever his wife down our throats did a lot of coke. In fact, everyone rich, Pressing ahead is what there is also rooms. He certainly did not room,
no, his wife is Ex wife, confirmed it like you fuck my own Marlon Brandon. Who are we run the risk of prior ambling not shut the fuck up. You normally have you seen in the day, man back in the day, hairs right came out with a hole in the sixty seven. If they really were now. No, no, she was saying really. It was ok. Bertha do by rattle salary blood meanest. Do you? Finally, everybody, but this story is that Bastard N and I've never done coke, but when you do coke and you're in the Sixtys and Seventys, apparently those guys just fuckin whatever their David JAG live David Bowe did that. Yet what she was saying, priors. I for saying we're slowed, I think, was your fucker radiator. If you get enough coke in front of you, you, because you have to try to deal you guys, you guys. Why do some? Why chimera? maybe now? No moral bro? you gonna, like maybe David Bowe, we may be Mick Jagger, maybe David Bowe, we didn't, they gathered stomach Panthers
like, I was aroused by the steward, but that's all that's all reject gear, durable, Marietta, Keith urban agenda for this might be real between. If we do not think my bridge gear, do you know anything about the richer anything more than a dozen or more ice strike, none at all, but I also think that the richer dear gerbil thing apparently came right after you left Scientology. That's the real yes. Ok, that's where they found themselves in is on the road at such a good smear campaign. Would I don't like web when I first met Eddie Eddie- and I talked about this because
grew up and allay. I grew up in Boston. We both heard the richer gear story with Santayana. Exactly his mother Fucker spread across the country, was a hearing good as a huge they were getting. He just had a baby in these eighty five thousand years older. To still, how do I get Jamie Breath Young Richard Gear, Laguna sexier, with a shirt off hey how bout officer and a gentleman spy guy that movie tonight? I know that movie and I love that seem amazing- do tell good as Louis Gaza job damn he was good. You wouldn't ask for that was nominated incredible. I recently we didn't wind the world's fuckin too, cohesion garage ever watchman unfaithful. What we are hearing I was one of her draw breath. Not only does it all mean that that's like a cigarette mood nights ago, remove billion have load up. Do you wanna do he was here
Was this shit when he was younger man yeah, but he never kids until his lowering vat lookin like through New Europe right here, he's here's your girl all day long! I want that's, not beat I gotta death or photos. Mom doesn't matter of these vulnerable. He cries and you're doing. Clint Eastwood beats than us, and I was a handsome boiling over your cue to procure picture you and I in the nineties. I now go into fuckin. Now you dress like shit now, I've just ridiculous, you're cool the heat up laser Jacob, the sweater. Then we were both in asking us whereas and while we may well, that's it it touches relative he's here we go Jane. The Duke whom we watch tall, I also knew that sitting at five billion washes would definitely wants to remain a feller, such competitor man. What are often while there are competing for living Brian Jesus he's just tell me they make it look out big vacancies so long, but you gotta think he can.
the shit out away. He is a giant that way eyes. He cut he's like Struve seven Struve. Is this? Isn't right through? It is eighty five? Is this fifty file fuckin way ass, big six, nourishing fix sixth that's a big advantage. tat so much way. When do you think I would give out the rock Felder, and I were in the fuckin locker room last time we work together, we're getting changed, gettin ready for you have to do what the fuck do you wear one night air, no bids, you too proud world for they always live out their way and he goes whereby you and I go pitcher Monti Rte fifty years I'll tell you about all the Jews. I need to get on that. You should have been done. for about eight year, that I dont want private dryness. So much energy idea, good good. My cock
just inject in your little skinny. Now my dog cut a die should shoot it right in the Tipp. Your heart, like my cat, would blunted clause on my friend who felt a disconnected still valid. Well, ok, locate their very hard issued any loss of now still fighting. Now, I think you still file think is officially retires terrain, funny you might have retired. I don't know why does muses job more Struve, oh good, he survived it all in the night, scan the planet areas These hopes in the size of an elephant. I was also a problem when I interviewed him. I feel so awkward might well dad to one zero
no two or or whatever do not cause you get your dick out of my friends so tired. You left me Janeiro when we meet we, I met him. We're all hanging because yours, it's him at last year and we were hanging out nice and he's sitting down, is, is tat. I M standing and I and I said Brennan I gotta go, did what would you do have yet to find him in Brennan was still fighting. You know him and break down to that. Damn confronting us. Why knock the fuck out? That's what I took. You took a personal desire to fight like twice. You are illegal, fire at here. Let's watch this fine. Let's watch to fight Paul Felder, double Chad double job.
But I should say you do everything about doing actual commentary, because I know you played me in a movie brow. I wanna do actually amateur bath back to where I met your role in the moonlight in warrior. I hadn't offer- and I said I don't know enough about took due to fighting. I think everyone should pick you up a rise in baby about one I will do it. I was doing one of jealous Miller do come with their old on tat. Was the issue when I started work of the EU have see. I was concerned I was legitimately concerned as it was before. You see thirty seven and a half when I started work fee of sea. It's Mueller. It was doing Monday night football. I was like. I don't want to fight this up, so I decide like? I made a conscious effort, I'm not even remotely trying to be funny, MIKE Unfriendly actually should right. First of all, it meant a lot to me. Like martial arts means we are Marshall, artist, S Miller D, never play football. Exotic can relate to maybe people jobs in Junior Oliver
Does it just one just like it? When George Washington was coming to crush the Delaware Payment, I do here, you will have a black suit. He was her. Of course I will that from today was set up for success in the slightly less no use trying throw those jobs around like you. How to Britain now like he was gonna. Like spite, I think they probably brought an end to do that, but their elders and others think about swears joke that. Ok, all this shit so think about pre right. There was a nightmare, you think so That is that, if we want to raise, is the thing about the sea? Is that they don't tell me what to do you ve never had anything. Outrage was the acts on here. You ve system should really ridiculously every year, also the best way but the fact that they have this billion dollar multi billion dollar organizational. Let me talk, is fuckin enslaved
I know you're wrong. You ve got it and therefore I may doesn't really any said you're on black about global geopolitical, but never play baseball ones, but our committees, how about your color, yellow play by player, color different play, my play guy doesn't after he doesn't have to be professional expiry do not have a job quality. I strike generally has to be an mba. What I'm saying is just so goddamn good some day said fuck it you don't care about that. While the thing is, I wasn't good when I first started doing them away from day one Well, why? Don't you just don't it's over? It's axiom, Felder is he's convention is a beast. Well the extra now show nasty. I feel sick for so much. To my surprise, I am cholesterol. Just shut up to three thousand of the worst nope. Now it does now it doesn't have any effect. Your rises, Skilling, Central Asia, the dietary cholesterol.
almost zero effect on blood lipids, most genetic there's a lot of different various issues. People that have certain genes really shouldn't fuck with a lotta high cholesterol foods, but for the most part dietary cholesterol has been scientifically proven. Have more zero effect, might have naturally high cholesterol, so I have two worlds. People? Do I shouldn't other thing is about what is it l de L or Asia, and what, if they're balanced out together? The real thing is like checking for artery and slack like to checking to see if you're, ok, Can you do with Sonic? Now I go to a real doktor mother, Fucker neuron, I'm thinkin, you Dave, and I agree with it. I can't do it for you can, arterial branch taxes. I can check your aura check? My was ass. I saw doktor be with such a freeze. Rice I care was. I had a finger you, but about two years three fingers deep figures: sizes
our shared. Should I do that? Did he groaned overdone kids? You know that was now. Will you re and residual fingering geographical ask me when he gets all three fifty on your fifty going, ass, doktor gets all three goes. You gonna go and ask me you gotta, call near me too. so my mom got hold of a Europe in which the union has become obsolete, nevertheless the female USA. I gotta say that I'm so happy that you have seize on European a really. I think it's so good for the sport. It's so much better, because so many bs so good, because so many people that are just sports fans just watch the ESPN all day long you how many bars have yes beyond all the time, just on a loop on alert idly vs piano. Yes, I'm Chauvelin, that's my default spirit and I don't give a fuck about sports, but I understand that it is such a big move for the assay its huge. I think it s time. For the perfectly. I agree, I'm so happy! when when I've won, I heard it was happening and then the streaming service, because you know because I spend some
all of it criticise fight I spend so much. I'm doing online stuff. I was really happy about that. As a good streaming is where the future lies, what is felt assured is that right, these, sir, you know it's probably top twenty five that they don't really rank you until you top fifteen, though he's I'm in a tough fifteen well. That was why he didn't get that Khabib fight, and now I Quinta did, but in retrospect that was actually really huge, because AL fought a great fight. I went five full rounds. We could be which Connor couldn't do and then beat Kevin leaves ass in his next fight and in that is ranked number four in the world and should be and should be, like winter. When he's focused is a fucking gangster deal unrest, I don't know what I was doing. I was so resolute. You guys are going to dust and and and journalism asked him and my ground, they haven't Jimmy said. What's the one discipline that you think is the
best thing to have the surrounding wrestling. Everybody should really be the learner rice, lock, Sayin old one. Why aroused long rest? That's why you shouldn't commentaries have been removed? I literally hundreds be smart around now exactly this glass lower interest rates are getting a conversation, crescents everything man, the ability dictating to explain. I rest my school. Do that's. Why do little chance? We use around all the champions Emily I remember there. I can remember when I brought Bryant Crossing graces, school back and crossing was still alive and causing a school in Hollywood off Hawthorne Right when veto was making, as you have seen, they view and bright, and I became friends and he was wrestle with Sergio colony Sergio got mad at him ahead. But remember that Ryan, because I would have taken a lot of those guys down they didn't back, then you do not take us while doing so. It is now remember. Watch against. I was role in those look. I was a white or else does look at overflying. O Brien was going hard with Sergio control to our Sergio. Just like this,
he took it. I've got my matches and condemn August go and take them as I had my airborne and he just pull it out both to our he broke. My luck is knows. I feel I must tell you how to get my second, which offend. I was young. I just kept growing. He got a thing. I broke my nose and solid for ten years we were like little kids like a believer here, a further boost to Monte Carlo spatters, their veto about Mario's barriers to veto. I tapped him a couple now. Not Mario sparrows teach class Marius various areas, one of things by our it- because I got so good at my triangle, because I get my girl in my guard- and I get her in my garden just deal and she says no, no one could do no more than five. You use data about peace practices, girlfriend higher, hey, hey,
I taught atop an old friend of mine, a triangle, so she gets really into which is like. Oh, my gosh stripper back when I worked as a DE days to propel yes club. So I should are triangle, and she because I wanted. I wanted her to do it on our next boyfriend and then have him. Ask whether you learn that from our pissed honor. You know that I am chess, so she was obsessed nor do try my hearings, martyr, she's, obsessed with travel, so I'm trying to watch Howard Stern right and she tried to pull in a triangle and I keep tongue stop. Unlike really This Howard Stern episode, she's, protracted forming a triangle you fuckin, stop she's lab is putting in the triangle. As you gotta stop you gonna fuckin stop and I got really physical, you gonna fuckin. Crying right now storm watching this buck and stop, and she wouldn't you laughing. So, if you put me in a triangle- and I fuckin
age, Ricardo around on the bed? I wasn't trying too hard right, so I picked her up and I title you can start crying Yasmine a triangle. I picked her up and slept on the back. you that give you to land or on the bed. She let's go. Doubts is off the bed. Ghost, why lands on the ground and lands on arisen? She starts work enquired about the baby, so she runs to the bathroom and- and I walk the bathroom and she's got the hot a running over her rest and she's crying, I think address we're going to the emergency room, choose what I go, get it we're going to do Let's go, let's go to the emergency room, you should broken water and I just wanted to get her lap crime and she stopped and those were round as this second year. Second part. Their lives, his hands. I feel that you weren't around. I have
idea would have been a good story, was a great story so going to jail. But my colleagues are not like when you start to use. Darn roughhouse thrives on you're hurt like you'd. Like you never signed, go to your girlfriend. You are trying to use energy and resource with India, eternal Vanderdyke unless there is legally now, but you ll find you ve got to get you. go to your swam, eight and a half way into the potentials. I I can't believe this is happening. I know I saw her rich Fuckin hall off. While this is not a fall through it. This has all my gosh what are you gonna need this, that a gradual, like WWW daily, do don't hit me static, grabbing, mom and dad used to beat the shit out of me you're dead enough crazy girl with her when she, when I held onto her afterwards, she admitted to me like he was like story of it does anyone whose roots, oh shit,
Vic was linen, some shot like thereby fell. Nice lookin, Can we made a lan hammerheads issues enjoy my boy. You go what we're talking about domestic violent moment dude which enjoy. I have in them moment: Britain I have been beaten so weird thing man went someone expresses some shit that they saw from the mom and dad I had a real I'm really lucky that my stepmom and my my dad you're mine step dad and my mom rather had a really good relationship and my mom and my dad had a bad relationships. We sell sight to see both I get to see like what He born they love each other and user friendly. everywhere dad stunt dad I'm real two. Do you dad understood? I was shifted, Claudia are? They were yeah? Do they hit you any more
must have been in backing to the murder, their stout hours, Paul Felder, looking good, but I'm glad he was because it made me the man. I am parents left the shit out of me? How? How have you rounder here and I loved your biological- that I've been talked him since I was seven, you remember him at all. No did he hit you now for money and tell us what we applaud them. Great stories. Flamborough we'll talk about our left, rather than talk about your mom contained shot to kill magic equality as the worse. Yet ever I could do to Bermuda beyond your biogas. Real wages are learning to hurt me to get one of those that anybody will contact you to go and parted. I got people the content.
Friends that I know that contact me to contact you tonight and I always Tom I go get it sooner work all the time. It's never going to that idea. with coffee. Today, dagoes, don't fight companion. I irrelevant YAP charm with my phone Germany's a coup. Hell Joe Gary from unlike alone now dietary a moment on ice. Crushing those when I have enough money, I'm gonna, moved Montana get off the core labour world can go to coordinate. I like Montana, no quarter better outlets for Anti. Ok. What do you like those politicians who feel do it's fucking? What is I mean? it wasn't me that everything is perfect. Beautiful formula is gone. man and if you go online, Jamie Vernon pull up sure. It's acted like thirty I'd, rather so just drive that these opposite, I didn't redound spoken. I drive I'm nervous Can I get you really property selvages miles and other kings, letting her man fell, fell just got him. Her he's limpid he's limpid
Corleone Teddy to sell their knows where Felder, no just wedged, doesn't my pants, why she's got shit brow now, don't you have a toilet its waters? Do you wonder Father think a fuse name, one in the water, but I cry: now. You can do whatever you want. You shoot it up there before I make you shit harder probably primer a little. The problem when you take one of those should guide you shit all over your ass sprays just goes everywhere. So why don't you wanted ears corner globally row as beautiful wow What have you got a lake now it's gonna like growled, the untimely is gorgeous genetic like big burying ground. Does less white trash up there that the families get at the other people who get a hate me for they hate when I bring it up to like it, don't fuckin Saint Grant, blizzards didn't want it. Bill Agnes chinese restaurants? How should I haven't a secretive canyon,
Wes as what is its ski town or what now? What did you get it? progress will have a moment. What are its inhabitants? No we'll probably happen is just Tanya. Is you know, he's a cop hated artist and I'm sure there's a bunch of other issues. First of all, he wants to get to know mean we're gonna get the hang out together. Shouted rather will time that shit we'll do it did when I was coming home with fucking. Do well do bring imprison Lastra he's a really nice guy man when I talked him on the phone is a very, very nice car. You're really talk the talk, so nice car we'll do it, but among the rush you know Hey, I told you guys, I really like Tunisia, this much like doing anything like when someone says like what was your favorite guest or zero? One guess you ve never had answered, it doesn't exist, they don't exist as no one. I like, I like doing podcast tsars alike, to impact
as with every one, watching fides dude glassware that isn't that a future that that guy who's workin on longevity drugs, that was fastened chairs criterion Sinclair? Where do I get rid of it all? I need some of that was very troikas by an online really learned. without first shit, you drink it all day. It's in wine. I now very low doses. You really want to know more industrial greed. Oh shit, Felder spit in like a mother for lake by the owl VIC. What the trumpet me? That's it that's a rap How can wait for for cancelling fifty five Kane adverse express enemies? Vessels certainly not be catered for. Aids can, of course, Eddie the gray fighting I should be going for tankers mexican figure out what to do about the value works in a tidal wave of Gabon Mexicans, William Box Orient Box, but
Ok, I'm going over ass. Really scared me well enthroned punches against Derek. There were those that scared, but his eyes. Why don't fuckin starch, Curtis, blades Here's. My here's my sentiments, here's my don't know like aims: wrestle whose Fuckin national champion Duca locked him out snapshot of stock, so he's back Second, fight devalue. Kosovo's back was thrown a large amount punches, no sight. Thirty seven was easy. Next is this matter too man was yours. You might take on it. Francis is a fucking, so some men in this story. Literally, as I read out a corner barbarian we're them or learners. He won't know he worked enough. fuckin, sand mill dig Sand, making sandbags all day. That's how he his body got strong
he lived in this incredibly poor country in Africa is from Cameroon, yeah, hey any went and moved to France. It was homeless, he learned how to fight and they wanted to be a box sir, and they said you should do ever may, for you later the guy is like at the pinnacle. of em, away fighting the of Sea against world class competition and fuck, and people of the union Then, when he knocked out Alister overrun with that vicious like shovel who every the hearts of recoveries, It sets in saying that he beat a guy who's, not just a world class, but a k, one Grand Prix champion has misguided once twenty year. For finally Mexicans he's older, though I don't know, that's an order, so. We got heart well now that you're way the secret sauce hitting it that who, Let us a feller, you never really never felt able to Father Father. One delta is valuable in this fight the VIC shaking his head.
Felder Paul Felder attacks right now, some friends with whom it turn now. Ok, he gave her These emotions to get our family law does not rise now low energy tax, like certain people, yes still texting this guy. This wrapper that I'm a man of shipping will shake well medical exposure ever no did he's just there's that there's a video called leg lock on Youtube shake! Well, it's it's like a team in arid awesome, show great job type, video, it's fucking, brilliant watch that shit and now we're texted. Now I'm like what we're gonna make us all together, it's like all giddy and family, do a lot of music. I say MIKE. I've always does not have never stopped you as a stubborn should never stop always made music. Always it's always been cited in the park. Is for us to stop doing part. Catherine,
period. Do I'll, let you know oil was started repeating myself all the time. Unlike you know what that so annoying to have you with us themselves. Tripoli Temple have podcast, no one We also saw Tripoli her couple days were really he's. Gonna seem at the store, assuming you know what, on this point, that guy I do my best serves the reason. Why was, I am also a great car, SAM totally he's fucking kill and it now he's killing Lily. Whenever every strategy we tat, we go on the road, some you know. Sometimes I have should he s night. I thank God that SAM Triply goes after me. And saves the guy. What we like you, I would answer. I spent two weeks and I've got some other guy back. I would get up and put me he would open for us because he was the only one who could soldiers sitting, there would be an middle and lower. He would get up, with a shitty MIKE and this motorway. Now it's got is God I gotta hinting years under his belt Keller?
these are now I climbing up into a standard with Tripoli for twenty plus here. So you know, I stood up. Love trip, PA failure, fuckers, look at em, SAM Tripoli, podcast info. That's a cognitive. They don't stooping down, hang out! That's where I go. I don't hold out joint hostage to knowledge of houses like subdued self here with your Brennan spirits it there is, but if you want to hear we go I've gotta take part gas. That's why they also get jail. Rack that new rapid after tonight I love thereafter. now I will now be embodied in love. You bought. The EU must take a bigger, hidden costs in Florence. must lassitude legal right. He didn't. I doubt that how do we want animals iconic moment in the history? The internet first was smaller in part, and it was completely and apply moment is Europe's biggest part. Does not biggest want, what's the biggest one chaparral
we are now whose number one we mean by biggest, I never down policies that Eli number. I always tell you too I'll buy what you see on dangerous. Have all done me, the biggest Bonaparte s history. It also made me like Ilan Musk. the deadline before I saw em around his kids go to Jimmy Scarecrow. I didn't dislike it, but that may not go to school had to buy his car because I told him out by his car when it did the part. I don't like him anymore, that's right, I'm so happy I was she did it not, and I have eight other cars should see. My wrapped him run a real love hereafter, but listen, and I'm telling you dont God, damn Tesla is the future. I think other guards are but you know many cars. Cars are stupid. You normally cars. I have right yeah. I do wonder what am I drive and here today I know it's driver and saddle german car drivers? let us imagine for reconciling Superman's. I wanna do other Tesla I've, because I know casually
Could I drove to try to do if you drive my doesn't like? Do you know what the fuck em, but while I bet you do with them all cool, just like the fuck do grand and you can't go there, you can go, because I asked I'm cool. There were still a friend like to think that, if I was gonna tell you, are you really think tat the cargo not around then it's just. I don't, like you wanna Jesus DR mind, that's what I need to do to try to draw on high end drunk right now. I've got another one. What about that tests so that he pretended to launch into space? What about our that one's come around ten years is not out yet that one go zero to sixty one point: nine, that's not good, like that's trouble Let me take mine, is two point. Four mine is the fastest fuckin thing. ever driven in my life, I have a goddamn race car. I have a Porsche, not allow raised ninety three hour s from shark works. I have a real heard. You say some that that Tesla, which made as well it's behind us like it, it's different I'll, get the fuck. It doesn't feel the same.
Because I have to say, but I shall say you re right: mad pronounced mad because now Joel Ryan can bond on their teslas and now you're no harm on you may laugh at. You have won a lousy shit. You know to me: I love you. I love you. I love all of you. You gotta, listen to me the things the future other cars are bullshit right, I'm a writer on article three like cars, bull aren't unknown or better, yet other cars are dumb. I don't know do as barbecue. You didn't talk owing to its part. There you wrote Basque, no, not even told you told me that the pond castles I get the fuck out here, because I had an m five at the time and I am being done. And five as a phenomenal car, the new ones even better than the one I had, but I was like come on man, I gotta for door said Dan go zero to sixty three seconds. It shut your Pio, although it is a nonsense, Brenheim hard, he hits. Oh, my god. Listen
the dream of three hundred fuck, my loop, outputs, gotta Vegas last minute, whim trade, Guinea, where you get someone else to drive for a married man test scores of sharing that around sure he'd ever enshrined. As you tell me, you feel alive when you appear to your duty three, I feel like I'm living in the future. yeah, tat s right, TAT product tell US law. What do you mean testimony swindlers reminiscent swing around to your brain, which was I do in the future? You remember we figures, because you what you look like a week, the only one we can talk all reach you guys leech. When you get sick till you, fucking old, timers fuck, you
like you. Wouldn't you drive a golf cart but all I hope you like this. Where your shoe lacks with you guys you electricity, causing get guns. Will you can do for you Car as real drive more than seven hundred horsepower zero. Sixty two and a half thousand. Really I gotta tundra. You gonna want Japanese you're, a wonderful car. I will never talk, show on thunderous. Once more the brass cars you can buy stuff, you wanna go stock. We want to buy a car that will never break down. It can tell your fuckin grandmothers house, you can't get a tender time, maize to run a ton turns a number of them are worth broke, Do you? Cars was right now,
I'm a gigantic Toyota bears when I drive the park guessing you guys pull up and you fuck in nineteen hundred thousand dollar carve tell drug Gower get with it broke your internal combustion engine, and this is a wise will. You I'd lived if you guys knew how I fucking I gotta. Do they want I never buy clothes you. Another closer were closed. My other schools, ten planets San Antonio, plans? Are you hurt French, maybe the most successful jujitsu guy with heads of grace, not hundreds of Solana Ellison? I have a hundred screen says: Greasy Bob goes debugger. Eighteen hundred is glory. Hundreds of scale not greatly Baja got fifteen hundred schools work area, one of your work at it works out and I'm saying that he successful
just out of the load, your local, your Berlusconi. Just let you can turn the cantons table. Its heavy aren't. Gonna put my your phones on God gave its assent. here are some that we're yelling too that's his wife, thorough level get excited, This is an amazing provide, I think we're have it up for this. We got people listening and they got their headphones on and there is no danger in the back in their ears. Ok yeah! You know he is such a balanced, but his body is now
its decisions in luxury, ignoble jack. You talk, as you say, he doesn't have when you look at his body, you'd be like that. Just doesn't look like ok, but that's all I've got data. Krona, save all that look shit because he's got the best body ever for the Emma Maize Heavyweight Division when he was in his prime well that body not say he knocked out made at our oh, he took a giant bombs will check Congo and how come down with the I simply to say that the closer we as that was the same body that these flat, but are we wait of all covered by an observer? Louise number one have you, I think, he's real John drones. Primarily big guy says not talk overture. This has got a ruthless. In his prime when he was at its best like when he knocked out. Minnetaki We been rather listener. Look at failures, body yeah, exactly distributes the body that the way it looks
they started mother earth. It means nothing! It doesn't matter what we guessed. What fucks we'll find out tonight, just Francis as the best, but it s, body and k, looks like it never talk about like that. The fee Oh, you have see bodies, it's always show you. Why are you always always? Do you guys? Never do. I always do never hear my favorite is Valentino Junot radios yards with, I think she saw cosy but car plant. It's always the same shit. Now Do the shot talked about most age? No Savage Amazon is relevant. Is the Berlin and Rinkitink, MAC Imbalance, interstate rear, their dying peace were rose images abuse. They also which has preposterous genetics, Ta rose number germans. Why this preposterous? rose. I am becoming ripping in weeks like long weeks, she come makes a ring, walk
he's got this law and takes. It often gets in the document that it becomes or thing. I think I think for me, I don't think so. You know rose is one of the most beautiful women and in the history of sport and she's, the one emphasise it. Almost livings Luigi John actually harm Europe. S magazine, like ball, Bald rose, Rama, doom source, she's dying. Looking up, she studying workings of amazing. She's great fighters his eyes, like super fuckin like lucky drug issues into our own, like her the way you know defends Gunnar. We would now man she's she's like when, when she wins the fight and knocks on army units yard. You know you're just be nice to each other
It is only right there that violence, Rwanda, John Georgia, which do you know her name right now, I can say, is ballot your Jacek, in general. I grant you could know ever we didn't like it. If you had a right down, it wouldn't be right is, and what do you think the precise families of hers. It's hardly carries out three eyes. Brian stand just start corner. You wanna champion The Deva pledges lazy bright stands out while he's respectful he's
Damn all american, whose more American Bernstein thought any kind of you announced that crazy may this is America. You know a level of hard, it's that its factor too high level give some of them tie names and Song Tom. I m pretty change on treatments to champion level the hard won. Those may be, I'm right there with those issues and money. Mediaeval Blitzer was unhappy at blue. Five thousand law allows looking for the best Myra. Can anybody here spell the beads last name. Speller he's that hydro and more than one might be able to do this one is as well to get online. Why would we
Well then, you Norman what I meant? No, no. It spells really more things at what I'm saying Jamie you it. Those who names are hard to remember to this day right now. I still don't know so beats last hormone like sumac, sharer, Paul there you go, but here's the thing about them. They are not working. I was stunned and work for the sea. Brunette did you out its many types, are practised it over and over again, because I had a really hard time of it to the point where his coaches we're saying just common values. Now what I was disrespectful but yeah, but I felt like this is the gentleman's they Haven T thereby and he's is excellent. Murmured, Madame Sherpa, I never thought like a heaps last night I at. Why am I going to escape up on it and said that there's no way,
As you know, we have to respect the valet gets this, but we have to respect the fact that they have a totally different language in terms of, like the letters TAT letter to respect the fact that completely differently, it's very hard. It's difficult society- and I don't know what the fuck's he's right here. I do not What the commissioner and we hear them does Galliot is heading two percent target. We just need to know access on around I'm. In my opinion, this is what it is the greatest as in terms of best I've ever seen, performances he's more one of those stunning athletes, overseen came Velasquez like one of the most amazing heavyweights of all time, if not the best of all time, he he might be the best and then Francis The guys I've ever seen fight is the scariest of all time. He, as the largest financial yuppie up most potential he easily. We are fighting a small amount of time and is already and wide world class competition you have to stand in
gotta gallic ouster overcome literally like five years and training. That's insane. He some you meekly special in terms of his like, like the what this they had to endure workin enough San mine dig in back the sand the kind of power? that he possesses. If you just gets all those the pieces in place here in terms of like an overall, physical specimens, one scariest of all types of this is in our view. This is an amazing fight. I mean this is like as good as it that's a viewer and Emma may fan holy shit. This is literally as good as it gets. It just depends what kind of game we get? It's not uncommon and sport, for you know fast, rising stars that are rising because of their beastliness in their knock out power. It's not uncommon for them to not trained jets right. We ve seen plenty of them know remain how crazy would it be
If then gone, actually train jujitsu right and found no time for the union, and will we don't know what he does right? We don't know over. There happened. I note the long line already I Authority Babeesh, I just hit- Stop it. I'm gonna happen, but how about? If you like, because like for Kyoto, let's say he just he just winter data hers disk fell in love with John Data. They just became best friends now would be many jumped in imagine our resources. If so, that would we know to be up with Jujitsu holidays holders, you could only survive of your knockout power, not only after a while, you gotta be getting clear. We tell guys we're kill in this show by talking over each other on this. We are you your hundred percent right know what I'm saying is eventually, no matter. No, we see over and over again, no matter how beastly wine, how powerful you are with those punches. Eventually, you're gonna get clipped road gonna to go down so eventually You might have to switch your strategy to instead of going out there
just trying to knock a dude out to go out there trying to take it, didn't how right despite the very door. Well he's so powerful if he had good wrestling skills wholly show unifying there right now. Exactly is out of that. But the thing is like with wrestlers: don't you think that you have to learn a lot of really young well sourcing? Pierre, didn't write Oh, oh! Those left herring good there giant dude. He sold. Why can't I get so big, so dangerous showing he's out oh my god! Oh my god, That's probably he's incredible. Did he blew his ACL M seal Elsie L something's wrong. I logged on maybe not dude
Pain is one of the best of all time. That's how good and gondolas he got through that block yeah. You got through it and TAT S. What I was saying right, we're gonna fight it when we have this carries guy I've ever seen, and it would have been a surprise if, in God, was super cautious, maybe two rounds of being supervisor. We wouldn't be that surprised It was the aggressor Sheila, brought by the fact that he fuck threw down. This body scanners. Almost like war, are meagre for armed in the first, the first, Where do you know any measure that suit us again ever got hit anywhere Jesus, so we saw them differently. We then everybody missed it. We almost,
heard his eyes for the Africa. We real, how will you ask injury- and I said it does- that Bessie Alden sale by some see. I know when it's meant this way when it comes to all of them. That's m see how old is he now nobody's or weathered whenever years, since thirty, five everywhere Thirty years now- and I said also not goes out now and even find now, you could only take so many wars. Each war is significant in your life like each one by took some of your life and eventually you can't you already you with the five crazy wars? That's that with Amr that India? Where will you know what it is man, I think guys through that championship, cow or like Kane their mind is so ferocious at their body is almost like a spaceship re entering its missing tiles, and it starts fuck a chicken.
Far too so powerful and terms their abilities. Rising can give you just keep driving in and they need to go in. The neck goes back goes and then deal with these physical realities of the body. The garret still there downright international there, but I do know takes about that when I say I'm in the middle. Let's try to come back to me right now, since my show it's been six months and months since my shoulder surgery had my bicep reattached. My shoulder had me surgery about ten months ago, but still not a hundred percent. Like it's they're, not read there still twenty when they learn who went rolling with a dollar one hundred thirty pound blue belts and shit. He read, write bow shit. The last three weeks have been wrong. It's a lot. bluebells. I gotta be able to have like fifty pounds out. O Brien have total control. You know that at this point you don't owe me I'm so little weight for France, Maloney Seal Fur K. Well
I mean it definitely is a blow me for Kane, but France was answering my because, like when France's come, and after many a clip them, he definite clip. with that foreign behind enact eighty percent as a nightmare, that's gonna die for him. That's a nightmare outcome. Ah, two percent, because France is as old as you know we reserve King got clip, did not, but I saw you wanna hear this year. Would they have Ceja Gimme some volume, the toothache anything good job? Jailing here goes:
maybe Lucy now, but he did. But my like did the way he was moving in on a man. I mean he really did look Lastly, that now that Land Rover a form to the formal and on the back of his neck. Maybe you was ship Van. Think what I said. I want to rethink it I thought I saw his forearm clip his net us now. We blows trouble. Did you know he kind of fell before that he'll jeeringly. Why now that it gets worse, statuary negroes I'll, just lilies derive a The thing is he so heavy handed you. I think you might be correct, but I do think that he connected with it neck, guys this heavy handed,
that November on his shoulder. I feel that was out nothing here. Nothing! Nothing there, though not the yap, negroes you're right, you're, right you're. and I was once I started with I thought it hid his neck. It did not. It is neck. It hit is back radio issue. It was clear there is the, here we gotta hold he his. He was torn around he's a freak practicing ETA. That's a defensive like a middle back a right. Well, he's not Don T, the thing about this guy's he hasn't been finally for very long, even though it loses steeper and has at the timid, reformatory and diagnosis
he's has so little mile little which what did you say about ITALY hold on or is the worst very classy, Kane very classy, never bitter how? Where does it? The fox and this one? he's not even talking about as May, I think he's in return these orator.
Sigh way by the way, how Europe is how good is John Annex is the best that he's a man at best it such a farmer to suit our wonderful that China is so good, John, I'm so press with handling work within these he's so like is such a good commentator. Riddles holding you worry at the first shot is Pierre, so no him and they like, cannot limit LE. Let's look at this was the owners was the was did says. Maybe now only opera card might elands right there. My oh, my right. There might be a break up. Might asylum applicant mighty, high energy I regard to that area so that we really have to go so now the other thing I draw ways so far, not just right
now. I know why. You're, so can I redeem ok, let's see that you are right: you're, right, you're, right, different Agora, miss that that was a legitimate again. We Like you didn't do clothes when setting the Africa he blew his knee out for sure, because the Africa, why send out I found out he was pouring no upper kisses. What's important remained tie B. Has a fantastic article out right now about one arms are society today. Is that people look at the news like they look at sports. Like someone asked me, right about things you have to know every man, but this it's a boy. It's a great article, seven that maybe this is a perfect example of four guys.
Who lifelong Marshall artists and we both went both ways. I was like you're right that we saw it again. I jump right that that's how supposed to look at shit here. That's how you analyze. It. We can't me, is tat of other that can't be attached TAT. I just fight certain fight to get stopped early, ok, T J answer, Huda I thought it was stopped. Really don't I'm starting to people who say they didn't think it was stopped early from my guy, Mary, a glistening, clip them, but I felt like when I watch it that you gotta, give a guy had changed to fight More, but always you're. Here you out again in the NFL when they review plays they review in, and one of the most important things about reviewing play is that you have multiplied.
It's all right, I'll give the article relating to very angles. They keep Goin back to the first angle, you waiting, we didn't get a good enough angle. That right hand was like a goes right. Am I didn't see you guys sought? I didn't see you know what I think we need another so exciting with shit like that is going on and the you have truck is the best in the world like marked the great day and all those dude back their Anthony you're down on the whole crew, there always moving more Adela Grannie marked got a mother fucker. Where's to heat he things out. There replaced. I love him. He's like you know, you have to take it from a rider ass. I didn't know that love that dude he's a shit so as he does like the he'll like pick, the play by play angles help collection and because it highlights our fight, because Yeah taught Feldman made bank offer Fuckin Francis by the Big bang.
I'm telling you dude if that guy or even learning- and it seems like you gotta yet a weird spot, but you know I really like about that. We're its poverty gun into friend was ass, yet he was honest about it. He said I carried over fear from my last fight guy. You can look at himself that we must push. His ego got out of control is not low do out, and then that is a good thing now, at a young age, no, he said unnerve like even is here GO, you're just like use that is bigger than the game they got hobbled, and now you fuckin just knocked up painful ass. Before that he Merkt Fuckin, Homeboy yeah, I mean predictors blades I can't remember the name you looked. He looked like you weigh category high King Alaska. He's there. If you don't just right, you know it is like that. Future is an athlete that really at two and sixty five pounds doesn't have to gain. Wayne doesn't have to lose any way. Oh they're gonna show to us again the
the future lies in how we deserve debut a fox king, its backed up by J J T S she's, the review of European. It's not tell by Francis he took their job right there to raise France's Clifton with a hard jobs, and it would be too, in soul. Why do I guess? That's some users. I was case one hour day. Larry reality would honour percentage work fast, and I want to see it again. I wonder now fast he back up just a wee bit. I want to see how to play this over and over its looked like this,
the extra cash or sweet see here. It's not the Rappahannock in right hand. Yes, right operative shovel it's a week, it slow model is Adam. He hits order. I meet in any way. The lands of the faded, some steady who pursue them he said see, child mortality is needs, ok, right now now, Hell's now, who wins? That's why I came to even out here. You gotta be called out soon. So power of watches Slovakia is just play. Its delay pause play. Parties play pause, play pause, dreadful, like it's up this year in the nineties. Let this angle it looks like we're trying to get a in the 90s Fishing Gunnar is a good and offering gonna right here. in writing es I watched his watch, had move and then as yet be classed as not to others like Did it addressed the Ngos? I got to close to sit here.
to when you when you think about a person might be like for what I d like area, Tokay Party or a person like. You know, he's is essentially optimized to sixty five. These optimize he's a good man is a real sixty per cent for five rounds of realising the Mai. Well, here's the thing, though it all he has to do is get better at that first round and Europe, think a lot of guys gonna make it has no second or third emotion they displayed in slum fuck. I miss this form of this angle. It looks like you, MRS now, really only shovel was three. This what's wrong. Just hold on hold on, I was ass la most, like you have to their hypersonic twenty percent. That's clips of Everyone says that you see his head move. That's like cages. Rosa single leg on the raft can Gus.
went for the seal arrangements is scary of all. You guys were of all time over Goober Review. The thing about France's speed. He's he's learning at this. I really rapid rate. When you look at a guy, it's only been doing it for how many years now a hundred percent train phone for Finally, the like, maybe five years, that, yes, though I think five years from the time he learns martial arts his dad with some legendary Cedric, died or he's doing. This was saying: astute he's a movie character. If he can, is over the heart that he got. Look, the steep Emile, chicks, fight, that's that's! What's up man me yet, at the top of the mountain, he's a highly see now your boy can. I was. I was Michael J, I Arafat right now how governments is likely to one of these is the language I wanted. My doing spot here is huge, but Francis is a giant Frances.
Joyce always reminded us a what goes. I. Why does a giant but how do I trained where there is nowhere near? As was shore in these two plague? Rock you train with who write Michael J White came into a box homer, great. Maybe that is all respond. John you maybe, as as Tollison put in the movies you can make I am talking for. She is my own journal. Why have you the permanent jet fighter honeybees I once can. I watch Michael Jai. Why do a hopping sidekick on a bag, legends and snapped a chain that and broke in over thirty zero random enlargement. You thought chocolate happened without some cohesion vital that these valuable, actually legs and respond he's are legit blackberry, nobody. Nobody is more critical judge of kicking technique to me. It makes perfect sense everything he's like a hundred percent Legit Blackburn, so
telling Michael shy. Why apply? How about little from just this rogue way? There's a good story me finish this, whose here Michael's I'm Tellin Michael's. I why, over and over time, explained to him how bad of a mother Fucker Joe is without turning Sidekick, good dude, my I'm telling Michael's I Y all. Stories that they're so many stories of Joe hidden the bag in front of traditional Marshall artist. You know, taught me, Nobody can get the bag like fuckin show. Everybody knows that now, because it's all over! You too, I fixed, but before that I was the one China for can tell everybody hanging out with Joe he's getting the telegraph tyrannies whole nothin, you a kick. Everybody GS, p freaks out when he yes treat freaks out when Joe Robin Kicks, and I know filled the shoe so weird flexible. You can do to split restart images. I'm just peppering Please listen to me,
so I'm Tellin Michael's, I y all about Joe Rogue. It's turning psychic blow on the fuck up. Tell em in the g s p story, it's on you to produce a million You're gazillion views all this shit. Everybody knows about it now, the old type, one don't put it just coming out when he's fucking there's esp there's a clip, would show do an eternal sidekick dude in the guy drops in autumn. Georgia's walks away, like he's seen it like he's done. In a million He just you know so he's become legislator with some telling Microsoft Wine office at legends, and then we walk up to the fuckin the bag was. I got a pretty good turn inside kick to the Atlanta. This disease story: what years he fucking does. This is like eight years ago he packages ass budgets. Does attorneys psychic below the off the hold on thirty and its caucasian about that. But I think you are. I think I was there for the one hundred percent of it
but I'm pretty sure he did a hopping sidekick. I dont think transitory needs, hike, nonsense about the turning show can get whatever it is his technical issues makes him pay dearly.
reducing brush water, like everybody do like high level. Martial arts like he fought Yoke, is only five like real cohesion fights, and not only was I am Paris but just fucking brush story girl to curb the first thing I thought was like oh sure, Chris Riley on the germ like oh shit, we gotta high the Czech penetrated into one of those grappling bags that you fuckin mounted with, but we ought to get rid of. The tree looks like a legitimately easy giant guy guy, only merrily West, like I've, seen in a movie that Michael Giant Eddie Bravos talk about kick in bags and share my why locks up to this bag literally chain breaks, sly, seamless, Babo and somebody had surely Android. Yet we have a problem that must shut the fuck up
you weren't problem with that changes. Can you imagine why, wouldn't you said, will any ways chose? Kick lazy shut the fuck up about you I'd rather, you up ever have on their ban some fuckin they re, including those as a real story. What paper like to, let you go Brennan was really doesn't innovation. People get even want out of a goddamn movie. If you put that in a goddamn look at when I saw flying Brian Cowen, we're talking about one thing at a time for not just saying like basketball, nobody, nobody is watching the westward cellular. We must be able to show that I see what you not. Let me, let me try and hit the myths. You'd been up every yeah, yeah there's certain athletes, and this is what I think about Cain and want to think about Frances tonight. There's certain athletes that if they can get the mental game into place
a warlike Kane was when it was at its peak. It's all about its all about it. How easy is it for you? How much you have to work for it? much of the reason. Why is successful is? Can you ve built up this insane work ethic? So you have for now. little cardio inability to push and you get a guy. Who has that but spectacular Genetics like how do you get a Michael Jordan and how to get a broad was having enough how to get a freak, and can you get that freak to train the way like the best trained Gradually, Brown yeah can you get banned freak a genetic freak, whereas advantage say there's a big difference? If you move your great ass, you may be a great athlete, but can you, when you get hidden face when you get knocked out, What are you like when you? What are you like the next day practice how much get your action regarding certain sliders, certain people that doesn't deter them and something
Will it would now young entrepreneurs, partly, I said, did you ever want to do play for biogas? I guess he so big enigmas, there's gotta play for one These guys are crazy. They bang into each other one you're, not, as has happened with song cost us yeah website footballs bad should be see tee, they were cool, launch sit. Super bowl. I his exact words, words, someone told them that cross the line, but he is on the platform. like shit, that's like you shitting on you think we're sitting the pseudo cool that your believe. Your problem, right, but we can have on our airways. there's a lot of ways. Other Dana wearing your show- and I talk it's your item. Well, listen! Mattel stability, hilarity! Dana white is one of the first guys to tell people to stop these one. The first guys tell me what to start. We told Chuck to stop him
paying chalk was not vice versa. Don't fight because I'll pay you to not fight and do not want you to fight Y yeah. I kill tell guys that it can make millions of dollars of no don't fight. They make plenty of money good. I mean there's people to want to fight in theirs that this is where the real philosophical debate comes in, like if you think I got to retire, but he doesn't think each retire, but he's gonna die some day answer you who said tell You get to say, find what you can't can't do. We have to safeguard you're right, you're right and he's right, everybody's right, that's the problem. It's like one of those really complicated debates. Words like. What is I mean. Did you do that to Brendan yes but I love him and I knew he was on his way out. A news on his way out and I would hope that if I was fighting and some one was close to me in new when I've when I was like really good. When I was doing in Taiwan. Note through to appoint when o somewhere around, like twenty or twenty one. When I realized was no future in that, and I start dropping off and one I think so.
Can I start training with other young guys like a lot of guys we're doing. Kickboxing is boxing and I realized their due, the way I used to do it. What am I doing? that way ahead and that none of this is that the Durban says Jim all day their living, and I realized I was like in I met some some young guys one kid, this guy Dana rose and blood and want to be in New England middleweight Boxing champion. Had we did a lot of training together We really have to fight on Tuesday night Fights guy. He five any position twice. Party has half my knocked out Terry, nor, as usual, be assessed with not ass usual. Yes, he did not go Turner's. He was a lead, knocked at our Davis Jr too Yet he was the boxing coach for american top team. Is yes a lot he beat the shit out of me. Do you? Click on the world's deftly. Did that
I hit em. I do you know that, but the thing is like he. Let me know from sparring with him that he was. He was way more focused on fighting than I was used to think I was ass, focused as to be that arose. Oh I'm not anymore! Here, I'm a twenty year old guy was launched jobs so twenty one year old girl with about jobs and here's this kid, whose I think at the time he was eighteen whose kickboxing in boxing and he and I talked about aspect which just pox is that you think I go yet. Your boxing is fuckin. Awesome consumers, spar, that's where he would fuck me up it would fuck map a boxing match. You there's no money in kickboxing there was no money back that zero, the stone, but there's some glory pays Bela tore pays. You can make money line, I pay see this pointing Iceland it's hard
back in business, or that eighty eight was at peak, hey ain't, but what I'm saying last Jan Lloyd, Dolly was nothing but also euro money. You say that kid with super passion about Hudibras now get out of this really get brain damage. how like these young guy's going to fuck me up bar with them with kicks yeah, we spot, we did books, we we kick boxed and we Box box relax, sidekicks honours us we sparred man, I remember was like. We What do you think? I'm sure I had but, but my take from it wasn't. You know my take from one percent was I'll discuss way more focused than I am. I
my foot out the door, and so when I saw that you had your foot out, there was a shit he's got his foot out the door. Thank God you did. I saw TAT. I was thy. Life is so good right side and I was like the dude you have. A real chance is fragile. Chanty, after travelling, all you may go struck by the iron was hot bill Yassin waiter at you, had a giant golden opening de jure funny. Guy, like yours, you a fun guy to listen to eyelike hanging around with you. We would like you to the molecular podcast and do not stand up he had the to and he misses fighting everyday look at. You can't give that it, as to everybody. A lotta people got mad at me for giving that advice and like I wouldn't that eventually miser Romania's good another. We love chow this guy's aside, and I was like this. I thought, I'd healing a party or past remained, but I've got some. I can't
I did that dude. I was like this a hell, I'm willing to die on. I know you don't want to be doing this known. What to tell you dont want be doing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for listening. Thank you for this because, instead of like losing a friend, you know now, as I have your friend grown or what is weird, I didn't foresight like they can better came out like FUCK Joe Mamma to a five die. in training Isaac what the fuck it might I suddenly now real shut. My first special I knew was a red sludge in Europe. We have a good eye perfect as that of us all three of us. What I've never told anybody to do that before joint, never mind how it I've been crying. So let's move man, it's like we love you. May you you monsieur crying when you're going out there, you gotta cracks in consciousness as officials. Here this afternoon you miss fighting whatever just no less
ok, what's crazies, I did, I did say whatever is currently still people their store last night, hang out and wondered why Nelson encroach croak up fight about how crises this amazing to me, I knew it. I knew you could do it because You have a pro athletes work ethic applied to something that you really enjoy might be with you in commenting comedian likely just out of your sight by human. Is that you know what are you going on time when it beyond suppressed by putting a lot of size? hey. Let me I'd love to, but I wouldn't miss you guys Joe Rogan Ladder, paternal psychic. Look at me right on this means he's my son to fight me. Whom kills both show us. I don't want it to end up on the ground, know Ways Brennan going to be able to finish Joe. No really.
you think so impossible. Parliament can, I just say one thing Joanna. We waited anywhere about Joe Eddie Family, never edge. I was getting without Zander talks about without any it's a joke. Fuck. You excuse me, Sir What can I say? One thing I know I have seen brandish job with that. Some of the best judge you two guys in a world. Please put any other guys and I've watched him tap them every twelve seconds and I'll take my name's afterwards, the money and you're going to em listen. I saw Brendan a hundred percent stall out with Cyborg get in guard and go to the ground within purposefully cash. I mean there's no way. now. Listen, I'm not dog, you gotta, stop I'm not as organs, IRAN, not. We would crush me like a pause and released gambling sites pounds. Bigger than doing, I gave him his black. It was here's where man, I know what he's talking to me right now. If we're debtors, I wouldn't give a good free,
What new material I would just fantasy world. To be honest, I've never tat. Anybody was any good anywhere near as popular widespread shop. Take us in the world. It wasn't happen. This physical advantages, people have that are so they're, so stunning does so stunning, that its creeping rightly Rita throughout Europe has the reads like our job as the only one. I know your name, but I tell you the name of my eyes. You're gonna, ass, though we gotta be on, is a giant. Yes, Lissouba NEWS, certain people that they get a hold of you, it's it's confusing. I watch one Roy, I wasn't gonna be honest. He ain't gonna cardio I guess, you're right, I don't have any shot external help arise. Topical maritime will listen! I'm trying to tell you I'm trying to kid. You props, I'm saying I'm gone back to panic. As I know, Brennan's of Butter Colorado,
in the bucket mountains. Sales may, at any rate, will this new Euro eleven on senior Eleanor listen ideal material about being of actually boy put on early, well people, those yoga mats on his hips and does like five hundred pound fuck trusts to settle breakfast. If he's a different kind of person, Frank different, gonna human error, and I know the difference between us. You always got no chance. We know many times. I saw him get through around and I want to give them advice on what he did wrong. I can't breathe even breathe. Right now. Do ya. Do now was a neuron. That's an interesting thing. I've I've never done more cardio. My lot yeah I do cardio super regular work is only deals you run or no judge your boys and original hug me how to get there. I called you finally get one address Napoleon like she loved. No, my car use. My cardio is always the worst part of my Jujitsu game
when you got somebody in a fuck in the truck and you put across crotch ripper Joe, we just we're on through people's legs, crotch rippers, it's it's like a banana split, men in the arrest, rustling getting, but it's a little different, the legs of spread differently. general bucklers last week that Motherfucker rushed he's grandma but it's a little submitted executes goes against your hip other the comedian too, like rustled or anything like that of hundreds just as much a really good Reza he's really nice guy. We restless and weaknesses are at the country, more J, more commercial, J, Morgiana Atlantic Area, where not all J, more commercial address around jailer about people tell me the GMO actually is coach wrestling wealth, J Morris, not I've. No, it's not he's all right, but he's never coastal coached the incursions by J wasn't a real Russell candidate TIM
kill. It cannot just be an oligopoly. This crash on tv wholly my others could hours. I owe my God oh my god, you, the Buddhist Round, Eddie, that's vague! This whole thing's, vague the craft egg among work, look leader, two walls, don't work only drug users, shit! Look this pile up to Look at this. This is insane unless these guys go and two hundred and two MILES an hour, cetera, yeah, yeah idea. Why aren't you he was great on the pod cats. I like it really really really nice guy and talk about a guy who's had surprised with concussions a thousand concussions dealer do you not getting annoying rear forty? This fucking crash man you're different crashes. That's why in the same down by God same day at the removal. What the fuck is very wise everywhere were really sure about that
Brazil was your blog ago by the other guy you're married, a family to the race way good night, three, four crashes: let's get writer! I guess that's. Google Eddie: what's your guess, I don't think there's a crash everywhere else. No, no, no, I believe because he's from Ohio Devil. I'm gonna go game, they wasn't Jamie's correct. I've watch is now say most andean as some kind of a crash Colorado that shit tell the same goes on to say: did who want it? Can I could give you fox racing, is a weird thing: urgent, taking your family spending, two hundred bucks on the race and there's no crash average of two hundred and twenty crashes per year. Still she's got every shall raise everyday matters like thirty rivers, I ever if they raced every will again. That's a shitload of crash lot wrote that allow cash is closed doors every weekend, but up to the main geyser house, counting all the amateur races, cheese, the time of this task,
holes in the back, These are the top demolition than boys made bank no harm just left her lot of money laundering is erasing because the other way they ever say good question is there Japan, peace are probably in in some while the real reasons formula, one Colonel Resolute in Bulgaria. Will that's a different thing. You know what I was watching that there's a on Youtube. There's a visa of an overlap between a g g, three car, which is like a partially Brennan House and a formula one car, a gene drive, there's so much faster. You Sid GDP Riccardi, like other guys fly, and then you see the formula. I hear you say that you have a video yeah, there's a video of a tv online comparison between formula one in Chee Chee three
Hungary's I like a Porsche you now pig talent, Deacon Nights, the sequel would be. Oh, my specialty Gabor ought to jump out. Are you kidding me Bobby? He was a man. and whose better than Chauncey, William and the main will feral whether together, she I know second magic, yeah, be it like that, leave the differently. This see the one I don't wanna. Rightly one of the right to one of the rights for everyone in the world. Let us JD three, it's fucking crazy Efforts in that car in the water, Joam Garral factories, that is real raise. They do that's why Europeans think Americans are goofy factory. I think that's Indy. Marge, that's formula, one! That's formula one! You don't want me, Is that really you're like sitting on a missile whilst
Also, if you see it's a changing course like the course, the formula one course has a lot of turns right. I mean what giving see if you could get a man of. Let's the alarming alive is like an a crazy track when NASCAR just search exactly exactly now. Cargo, an over what people say they do have three courses. Are they doing? I don't I don't usually do it. What is without an average form like pull up a famous. What's what's a famous formula, one race, they have a bunch rate, I know there's a guy, I know: what's our language famous formula, one race Mario and are out of a famous formula, one razor right, rear, arrays arising, isn't the one in our Monaco there's? No one here. You know that went on Grand Prix Monica Delmonico that seven forty one nineteen turns in the outer see without looks like those who that looks Jamie Is this handsome
man went among all those that have to look at all that shit load. All those turns God damn those are crazy. The upper right hand corner liquor, fishes mouth? Look at that crazy turn eel face. I like the mass card thing is only why don't they want all that shit because they want to be able to see the whole rays? whether weather city, I think it's thrives here. You gave this shit formula that labour, the guy's a pass by these stocks, are they still very there, but does it for you? the car is raised. I get it. I don't like your country guys like that. You're right mean that we to see it's like that flamed he's right. Are you listen? Then? Look intense and shit may barbecues,
to see thirty seconds of car forming where meanwhile, the countries around us they're the ones that are geniuses. This wreck happened this year and therefore really what this is someone Diana one old, and I wish you know she's back though Henry two still racing failure he's back right now we are broken Maybe just maybe there was his bones: separation Caesar flies into the wall flew into the water, she's young to she's. All right, though, she's only seventeen raises for your one who's, not legal fact dude, crazy is that hunger parents got a sign for that shit for sure go to school. Where's your simple formula, one is so expensive like just have so expensive and Does it wasn't right in your way more? Why? How come off so much
can european rights. These are sometimes Jane Rothschilds. It is that what they do. It's like youth, it s been I'll, admit now. What is it likely knotty, Movin Do you like how it be what it was? I know it is what, if it, why would it has its own volition President banality or not, I formula one races. What the fuck was honestly say: Jamie Horse was cold. I wasn't Jamie or a moment please, just Google search than average team costs anywhere between twenty two sixty million for NASCAR for F one. It's anywhere between two hundred around two and fifty nine. Says why verse is expensive? just read out for those like red Ball, Mercedes Ferrari portion those boys made bank too
hey, Buddy annual solution, Hamilton how it loose Hamilton, was a makes families dad would fucking work like three jobs, just because so expensive as kid to do it he's gonna pay, for it be got away he got a fucking with a form of Hungary's easier is developing, knows about it, but it's fucked, there's so much money America. As Europeans, we presented as an old man with my brother. Does that guy's gonna stop talking. but I know a guy he's below Paddy there's. No, like no kids therefore, the other one raised, because they are born into like the Vanderbilt that fuckin aeroplanes. You know to mean little
this. The masses are not entirely shit. You and I are not guy somebody's. That's all you're America right in Europe, its very familiar, the kids don't give a fuck about that. Should in your Hugh he may usual your kids, not I love it. I think throng who sailed into growth in those incorrect. I think you're Rockefellers or into it I think, there's incorrectly, in Australia as well as greater overseas? I can promise you tat day. The kids in the Middle EAST is priority under parliamentary. My my father is dear, it's so popular area, etc. So Senate lieutenant look at sentence. Funeral Brigham hurries assurance funeral in Brazil. He died. He was the best. Is the best? take a look at how many people should have raised Europe in Brazil. Take a look at this point. Increasingly less exit. Eraser he was
It is a little friends. You re like thought him and he got his son who races now, I believe so. He was the greatest and HEAT Amos such a monkey, women, Haglund, nor where we would have a matter door, he only. He only thought about racing and the bees to Yemen, and I think everything went through his, tat if you guys have funeral everybody needs. However, only amazing documentaries just called sent out you can get it on Itunes derelicts! Maybe I don't know. Maybe it's on lies everything Netflix with you. Eliza, I'm not sure, I'm not sure, but I got it off on Itunes like an incredibly man. We will see the footage. It's nice guys manned assesses like mean you're, living your life on these split second sequence and controlling some impossibly powerful vehicle. One you're going around the fucking turns, and everything happened so fast in this guy. Just head. This lightning, precision ability to make decisions. He wasn't like Daily Julia. What his when his pappy died, then they fix the cars
no, it's really died sets. What is dad died like when you fix a shit behind others, all sorts of safety stuff in it it some that was a fascinating conversation about how many concussions that that guy's had, because I never would have thought of that. I did hear a ton geared to forget that you I'm very happy for a month. You really have any it like. Moments worked for six months, he's just a mass Annie stuff like he he's had somebody concussions because they would block. Stores- and he would be the one to set the charge now as friends or hanging Haydn than he built where the fuck we're gonna go said. He said overlay two hundred, anyone got shot hip can't can't feel is his foot from the Why do you stay with me right now? nor I had places say, but I could stay with me with what you don't. I got I have a game at a time when we were on the man show we had sketched the God decline, it was about it Asian NASCAR driver- oh that's right- was blowing not because he was just always reckon entire
drugs ratings up so that everybody wants which is not about ass, proud basket. You would have to have an asian right but give Bobby Leave wrote that would be cool, but it is nonetheless an epic realistic. You gotta make people loved him her we're watching golf, their ass. She rose ever play. The shit guy violate its coming. Lambs are penalised. a lot not happy place. My back I wasted display once a year and that I can't wiretap. You add in fact That is why that's when all was cleared out, they're doin it into I'm glad. You guys agree that you have the same view on politics having control, Well, I think that's it's just an exclusive! Is there a one game that symbolizes more like really super rich dues out there making deals playing a game like golf? No, they literally tell you. If you tell us if we want to succeed in business, they call you
should learn how to play. Golf. Tell us how it happened in its name and I presented his and go out there pulling on businesses, but imagine that ITALY like OJ it's not as debts are restoring clusters, how does it go? There's a good story for you tell me about it. So grandmother? My father? Might this guy comes out to play off my father, who was a big investment guy and he wanted my father who invest in his? Company justice in this investment firm. When everything Nairobi this is one thousand nine hundred and twenty nine one thousand nine hundred and ninety
oh man, up at the up. Ninety nine the end, my he'd. They got to play off in Greenwich Connecticut. My mother watches him every cheese, a gulf, but my mother. Seize him. Kick the ball just a little bit into better lie cause. It here he was a taller grass kick the bond like shorter grass. We get a better swing. Here's the difference when I do that, I got em kicking a ball and he did it, but he looked around make sure nobody was watching. My mother. sicilian, girl from New York City. Just when I reminds us in trying to get you out of the five main route. So what's it at some time ago, their mother was obviously a mother goes, while a guy just cheated secretly into bullshit game. She was bad guy since my father had those was it What are they invested in this thing that guy's a crock my father's bullshit? Because if you do, I would endorse my father. you're really serious years divorce you. Why? Wouldn't you
planetary go to jail. I was jealous years. I derogatory was a huge, the auto his name afterwards, but is a huge It was a huge fuckin scammers. He was well those guys whose everything else that hoping I've been invested went work. Don't do shit around. I went home with hands a snake you you know that guy. You know that guy Road building, ok, Ok, so that's you know that he's a little things in life you can pick up. Agency are perfect example, any member there is a one time with Eddie met this guy and the guy, just just our doing. Jujitsu gives a wipe out and he called Eddie up and told that guy got a bunch of guys like triangle today, our bargain what the fuck are you talking about it like a new like right away like this kind foolish,
again in our Moreau Union trying or a bunch of people arm bar people's your first day, you don't even know what to do. Those things we aren't you can't hear here, but you wouldn't do right away like eddied and talk to me like what, because the only reason he started doing Jujitsu is because we worker he wanted us to co, promote some kind of marshal. to that end, I don't know what we're going to let you know he was a larger promoter. Naughty seemed really cool innocent people in some people that I knew he was, he had be wanting to do the shown who's gonna involvement in it and it you know, then he came down to my school and after one class is telling me the next day I fuckin loved it man. Trying old couple guys
our model might win with first day area, because yeah so means comes natural to me and I thought shed. Maybe I should go into business with not exactly so right down. Like I gotta back out, this Mfa learn about judge the elaborate everything on so they had led came a time where I sit here, you know, but it was ugly signa. Kick him aunt. Joanna Joan I would ever since we are like we'd know, has through a twenty eight and we're just be talk. Amendment like I'd, say something I began. I got an idea I am for whatever might be like. I talked about narrow, What are we take? Those weren't you tell a little white like you just didn't you just it's convenient and yet the walk. If you like mad enough, it's a weird thing: when people make should up there was a conflict champion, travel documents
want for everyone here knuckle. Where was ass. I never saw the house gallant when I first opened up ten planet. This is two thousand and four. There was a girl, the train there and she just started turn issues like a prospect I choose above and she just started she's six months into it, and she starts tellin me that she tapped one of my purple boats. five pounds, my tat, what you tab came out, carry out. I set up because I don't want people to have like a false sense of security in Jujitsu. You gotta know was you you can't. If someone If you sometimes we go the kid you lead and taken on board domain, you lad and when their kids, but when their adult, if you do that to them, they can actually think they really tat. You are not going to know some of them several more say. Oh he let me he's he's gone like he. Let me he's gone like some will: go fuck, I'm Tappan these muffin
is out and I'm a bad motherfuker, and this girl totally thought that I remember when I first learned man, I was a little confused- was like what's happening here. My actually typing this person am, I figured it out pretty continent girl called me. The girl called me, hey, listen, I'm excited I just one first place in my division and second place in absolute coming back on Italian was cautious, so excited she. One first place no division and second place in absolute. How many majesty, then she one too zero out with it every forfeit seeking the division is no. It showed a miser yet one that in absolute and she lost. So nicely wider division and she got there
the people are socially and we're whose aptly likes you wanna lottery there, the girl. I recently Sykes crime, which there is a growing up like this insane american idol. I wouldn't even higher. We will do that like that. Ireland is that I want to deal with a groan. She was I shouldn't we are and we want to data like there's weirdest. It Cynthia chooses weird just little zany and then I got a call from a year later and she goes on make sure you watch, it was like they are, showing the practices I'm actually worked. Partly why she has because my hands are in it and I put like I push a door, I'm not kidding. I go. I go. I saw laughing here right, What my hands are. My hands are you'll, see my hands like we're storms. Call my friends tongs. That's like my first I go. I go. We're gonna get out more.
other hand actor hire got more because while I go you can have, no, you can't tell people that you can happen. Should I about family watching what he's itemised my first? Our debate is now your hands because it gets gland close somebody was gonna, pull the door they used. Her has instead pushing closer to look ahead of you can tell I was so excited she's, a good person browser. It enables you to tell people that you can't tell because they're gonna think it's weird and someday just don't have a gauge, maybe for how we're I view this deal too. There's! No, you don't like you're on all these began. Allow has not a big deal stems from a small town should I think those are my. A huge part of a huge part of success is knowing, when you suck and when you're good, matter of sucking you're getting out of this. Not being that important moment,
but my dear likes you she thinks. Maybe you'd want to see her. That's my friend ass his hands. Now we have always and everywhere be maybe he's just trying to reconnect with my eyes now number. Seventy eight hours is true. Maybe she was troops be striving for. She was enemy on problems. A well read: hands gentlemen, with a real six pack without a real career and she's trying to flood. I never read she like strange whittled down wrists and hey man. I respond says she approached poky
cities are either being I suggest you to church corporate term area climate idiot, how ridiculous fifty two and I took my shirt on flowers, throwing putting one difference. Man, the only difference. Is you better, be it a person than you were when you were thirty, two or twenty two or stuck in your way now you're better than he had ever horizon? You better, it do in it with the least amount of fuckin stress and what's more friendly life, what's better lions, but at the end of the day you just person, it's all the same, shredded incidental approach, What are they gonna impressive? Did he have? What is that of leaks? oh yeah, there's a six pack route or Gridneva Route yea when show no degree, dig routers when guys pull their sweat pants down. Try that who's, the girl nice? Dane, has a controversial one hundred km chauvelin comedians. Do
that's no phone, cable, a Dickerson, totally normal. It's weird thing that you know it's kind of grown, I think it's gonna go the way, the Bell bottom personally. Doesn't it Yeah I got it. I know it shows it now. Ass guys are still slang in Sicily. We gave you to do so would be the Gay rights dick. I kept out of the shortest Ecclesiastes fat, one which goes no relation of, and I quote, that's my term dick group. I invented that there are. Various air lacks Ohio. I know my boy Brenner and says that guy's gonna good route, depressive route, that's a different thing: no different than the actual date itself, these data it is bathing site the bottom of the tree, brow like where the money goes, they are clearly he's got a macbook. Others do not, This measure will include on the right there. Well, you know Skype in amendment? That's a difference between like ESPN from decades ago that people give a fuck thing, but how many Youtube videos
what's it all granular shit, I don't care, they want to information your call me a talk what's going on here. I five randomly CNN needs good product, You know that I know is working icy. Washington policy, she's, gonna, defend is broken. Brother he's he's you see versus Francis before in crazing stubbornly DC. Really, I don't bet against easy unless it's hard a bet against in Ghana. That guy really I mean you can tell how much stronger. You, John John, usually Kane throws people around, but he couldn't throw this due time. Ok, from two thousand to stray John John would beat friend betimes around Ireland, yeah yeah
No I'm a level jobs on another level on other challenges. Now five dollars domain is John Fight. Next thing about, if DC fought, Francis DC would not know, he has more options. He's he's healthier than Kane is right. He's got more options in terms the way moves. Forty also areas, but also he's got success at heavyweight again steeping is on Strike Force Grand Prix, mainly through knockdown around, but she was a fuckin tank man. It was a tank Wendy within strike force, Two o five may vary. well, be that he fight at its best at heavyweight, I must draw the ivy way, because Disease had await, cut, weigh up nursing, John, a heavily. I don't wanna see them light have reached our worked out. Just not it would be a nominal fight. It have have you have to give you an ominous ridiculous, this guy heavyweight? This is that's the scariest Swann
I find John scarier, I find jobs here. You think it'll be like a deasey avenging his brothers last out areas is going to be set up a decision retired march. He says my turn, forty, which Dana's my for this. I think Jamie they keep cup. Today we shall return when I say so. Here's your money pulls out John wait. Here's brought whose job or here's Frances Do I d say to me: impress it like just from a statute, must invest fluttered, overstepping the octagon in terms of what he has to work with, as far as being five! Nine five ten million is told, is, I think, he's five. Eleven thousand, at least five year after year, five to the USA, five ten varieties below six. We talk, raise uneasy and shoulders a narrow, showed Ireland owed final and justice and is basically undefeated, except for Georgia and its assent. Is he sought out of town? We could find out right now you? U what you'd googled it and count for heightened weight?
Let me state an extra So where this matter is our standing there was. Then you have you fuck a universally measures you. How do you hear now? You can only pushing marks by you, already dealt Yuca where high heels tax for simple current six obese. Sixty shaker, I'm pretty sure thing is probably the shortest The way champion. The history of sport are at all he's all right. There look at the hill in Ghana well- be nice society and assiduous keep more in Ghana. Ways like ten times more must not in Gaza a raise. through unusual, OSHA, Snap, you wanta give a fuck about cosmic ass. Well, I'll call either we were there when you see these large road and understand when you see these athletes lighten Lego, Lebron James, whose like clear top of the food chain, when you, when you see one of those guys You see more of those guys in things I basketball football
clearly right. I'm already mean more, you mean all of them out of mind. I call it what it The numbers are it's not all, but what do you think it mean an honest gay freaks where the Greeks in MBA embryos, the beast and be able to let this Adam all. Let's go every year as a free and align best all three to get about how bout your behind her dear corn, Fred Fanny. Brought a San Diego at Jangle Clemens. Ok, that gigantic gentlemen. another Jean suckered Super nice guy skinny Rang the Bell. She hears a light ass, a worse that you ve ever seen from fires every day. There is currently an example: businesses hitting each other all day, long different sport there tackling you know what I mean. There's worry us free, shrieks and bald spot Herschel, Oliver Freaks and then be a real. You agree. Why do you want someone you down?
Jeffrey do eyes are just round balls. There's some free has inevitably different beast right. That guy's with the ball there's nobody tackling am against a guy that withers people trying to killing us and Charles Barbarous Forest, pure afflict ability. Mba has the biggest freaks in the world while tallest guys is what you mean although all over, so you have the excuse me, that's right, you have these specimens understand. Louis you have these specimens. Stand out in almost every sport rain and broken Brok lesters a great example that website about like a fuck with radio name, one more, maybe only wrought by the boy. What asked me what, if nobody, just try and fighting, not know. Don't you d like to have lies, hate Eddie? What time are behind us and if you did a calf and of all the athletes from MBA? As now ass? At each noted, I dont unlawful about dagger. The NBA beat Oliver in terms of like
now. Let me job no everything your Jill owing its basketball by so, let's just say, dominating another man, but let's just say, let's just to say: let's go, let's go NFL, let's go and be a you have seen just narrowed down to those three. Yes he's well, let's see what it, but what are the right? But what are the percentages of real freaks, the Brok Leisure time freaks in the end MBA ass, I saw the most who get animals and what is our numbers like their ordinary sank it down to the sea to ten percent. waiting. So please every death. Why does it reveals a knight errant readings, fell, nice, absent or you're afraid, because unusual here they are usually Pujol unusual and every facet like will you look at a Lebron James mean fill in the black there's that there's a bunch of guys, Jordan. If they get all that the vote.
The warriors, the Greek Free shall yeah, I'm in Castilla. La Mancha. Signatory high is important basketball because in basketball for sure, but I mean you Ellen, I restarted my fight in football to well you when China fighting footballs away more violent encounter and people that would be probably better fighting would be drawn to have more of a freak beyond that violence or as a Ryanair sport firstly to be like super of relative every legs cells away high and they were here's the other thing to its way. There's waymore long ago, it's way more in the line would like in regards to affirm the physical punishment, exactly the dead with that right, you watch it. Let it cause you're willing to run and don't know all our punch it does. It does mean that lets you rarely separate Riera, but we need Supra that guy's to survive in this. But here's thanks so important in the sea. I ain't goin on that there's not enough money, but here's the thing book
I have been one of those guys, trickling overt or not in the USA, by with a trickle over the Jew well because they think that they have a better chance at controlling their destiny, fighting than they would if they are being torn colliding with people Tom on the football field. Thing about colliding with people is a really feel like certain guys, like look at Ryan. Eight hours. Last few fights mean they were talking about this, yet they were talking about this in the belt or broadcasts like up. The guide barely got hit and like three fighting one: a heavyweight grandparent punch against world class common Why am I I don't know? That's good question arbitrary motion. Little money for but I'll play, regulate. Ten million a year is right, but the thing is like he controlled his destiny in these encounters, which I dont think you told we can in football, it's that, but still no rhyme bade her with the money he makes in the long term. Poverty, and all that is as a fraction, whether Anna filler me never sent. No, you re the most
the sky in the world, but there's this guy who's, the third string quarterback on the sending of charges who makes more money exactly you're right, I'm a hundred percent with her strength through stuff they like to buy these days is lost an exaggeration Would you rather be the guy who controls his own destiny like a thing about lay all because for every guy side, just right for every other controls his destiny? Allow those guys are fucked over here pension to an end. If well, does the razor recalls you one question, rather, as a blueprint pop water highs right on good, I get a college education, I'm good. I get it did you know he made a hundred fifty thousand hours flat and then he me taxes that serve it. What do you think upon? What do you think he may dumb with its sponsors and shook his belt, or you can do this by the same? A tour. Fifty thousand are all too all told two hundred m, while
it's about in this case means he's a world champion he's a double champ here there is world champion, light Heavyweight and has a weight over there. That's a weird thing right out and world champion things somewhat like. No one should be able to dismember. They try to do that. Share with fatal They try to give away Emma. They gave him the doorway about world the WHAM chairmanship over that they invented aware my and our voters, I. Why did you call it were you when you were watching croak up last night? I thought that you knew Croaker paid or, Do you mind it's croquettes? Firstly, both why what I've been thinking? set up programmes I want to shut her eyes and wash the shit if they, both in That'S- that's where I met with those guys right conveys to want to do a cook. Croaker army, the want of derby. Maybe you still want to talk about a fighting, wow Behalf
I would really want to talk to. Someone will give us all you need to do NFL week, Joey and Yoel was great cuz. I knew Joey and a new Yoel like when Joe in your hour together. So it was like translating back and forth. That was great That's a really know. Someone real well who spoke a russian friends. Russian spies telling me that counts got some connections meat by going to go to the beach and pick up a bottle with a message. They say: failures, favorite places red lobster and dynamically restores Abercrombie paragraph nine fastened, like that smell, unpleasant pray, faces on applicable. Number me, the law. Where would you look for Starbucks? the serious driver to travel. They know Starbucks gun to your head. You gotta one star notions. What about moving
is now thirty two. Why you're migrants conspiratorial you gotTa Bloomingdale's, you blooming, oh geez. I wanted to buy my wives and genes. Why? God damn it is more fuckers, cheap, Wildwood nonsense had higher quality cloning I heard you know the other today, another half good by Nord Euro of the related plug your less of a human. Now, it's ok, it's ok! Let me I won't talk to you guys. You hate me what I want. I want one one example of why we should believe that if this flag. That's you son of a bitch. I want it so bad and I am hydrogen as weak as well as long as it's a joke and it's funny because it gets angry units at five or not to the Israel of its Joe, I'm not married to you. You can convince me that its work, it there's no way I could do that really not one example, speaks about a year and a half want here,
this too hard indoctrination. So strong, you look at your sons, cartoons airspace. I look at all my share. All the ship, my son legs, is everything? Is there to stop doing? Research on is currently based peace. I wanna direct everyone, the hashtag spaces, fake, doing research, capacity and phase out that's real site, hashtags basis fake something on investigating for my next. Our firm legitimately looking deep into duty ladder, the latter as far as the latter is like what space thing? Why don't you flatter are not the same thing? You got it all wrong. You got it all It is not only the money. Gonna think this has not reorganise know. What I'm saying is a governing. I couldn't have it all wrong: no, nobody! Anybody! The things the earth is flat. They totally don't believe what we're talking about. What's above so people since by land and vague
they run the sun, they mean all the stop. Information were getting your lying about that shit, that it's not that it doesn't exist. Of course it exists. We see right, of course, but spaces fake sounds ridiculous, like this, I'm looking at it in its current state, that's ridiculous! That is not what it means that all the formation. We gotta by our eyes in the sky so that their lives are lies there let their lines. I would NASA lie and there's a reason. I wouldn't tell you, but you guys don't want to hear. So how can you give us a like the cliff doubts? The cliff notes are, Have you studied in Canada need to leave us here. Just a few of the goal has always been for the most powerful emperors. Is one world government always wondered at one world come the roman empire? They try to figure out between two different combinations about it and they were found. They were unaware.
Road comical. You know what I'm gonna fuckin rural domination with Mister, I'm not gonna. Let my soldiers get married that way, we'll have a stronger army, they have different philosophies. Everyone bleed different shit, but they all wanted. A one world government is no we'd. Have a fucking government is nobody's into that shit right, not even other rules from small countries like one world government, that's gonna put me out of a job fuck your one world government. People too, don't know shit about politics. Don't wanna world government there's no way. You're gonna sell the one world government. It's impossible. The only way, the only way to make a one world government work is to have the people embrace it. They have to want it. nobody wants it, so the trick is to make it to make people want it to embrace it. There's only one way: European there's all I'm sure this is written in our midst around us, analyse and ask you, don't know the
only way- and they known this for ever, the Vatican knew this: the Vatican, the Pope wandered rule the world. They all knew, but they couldn't do they all knew it, but they knew one way but there's no. How do I get a warrant? I'm the only way is if there was some extra terrestrial threat from up above us That would be the only way tat everyone embrace the one world government. They all knew that here they didn't work plan. They can never should have learned TAT. They didn't have the technology five hundred years ago. The Vatican knew about it, they wanted it and you go to the Vatican. You support tools, the paintings of like an old with aliens and back when I used to believe in you our foes, but before I figured out that you are foes were, are they want us to believe in you have those that preparing as for a fake alien invasion? That's all
We spend the plan a one world government only way to do it is to get us to embrace it and the only way to embrace it is from an alien attack. Ronald Reagan talked about it many times at the: U N C a far he talked about it as one and make he looked at all the deadly years of that of the nature of the world. One who make our lives easier fridges had some some kind of extra terrestrial. When he said that he said then a further you when wouldn't he's trying to get everybody into debt, You said no, no, he said many times that video model Ronald Reagan. What brought of space with goods vice president right? He was, about in theres many videos of him San we're. What lies before us he's in front of the nation state of the union address saying what lies before us is the opportunity to forge a new world order,
world an ordered us he's talking about. I can say families there, the spaces vague. Yes, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! When people ask me, why would they fake space, it's always been about a fake alienates, you can have a big, never polishers, never done rather vague in an attack without space, I've never heard of parties. You have space first, so they always. You know promoted space more than anybody who, one ought to tease ocean, but before the Nazis you know, can not avail Mayans divert again, they have all the biggest. They have all the astronomers they're, all Jesuit Vatican, all over all the ones that are giving us this information about space I'll come from the Vatican, the Vatican, as the most dramatic settled, with the name of the three areas. Firstly, is now the most powerful? Yes, you do. You know what its name is, what it has almost powerful telescope the bad again, and you know what name it is then the research on Youtube?
I've had to books is. Do you know what the mayor's wanted to highlight? The most Bela pouch telescope in the world is in the Vatican, but, as you know, the was innocent relax halls lose They combine never seen this back in today s religion did, I think, the biggest ones in Chile. I think they have to be in high out into attic. I don't think it's about again. I didn't want people ask me: why would they face all this shit? But I don't think that's good. biggest telescope manages the crazy theory. I'm sorry, I'm just it certainly every reverse. If I need these efforts, these are funny theory, but any these new. She lay very large array telescopes at their creating are fucking gigantic and they too, over enormous piece of land is in Athens. Will you have those very large and our railway its cannot? It's got a very large seneca telescope. I watch the document with you at your house. It was like to doubt
and one I think five years, gonna put their putting their documentary about them, putting together the very large telescope in she lay and their talkative, not by the year two thousand five we're going to have this. We're gonna have three telescopes link with the computer to make us we're going to see further into space than before none of that shit came. What are you talking about? Another answer came his out is averted very large array up. Yet no, it's our telescope, ok, how they have em in Hawaii. I visited weird. Isn't it weird that every space documentary the series, I had a module Adam all we watch him all the time. I try to remember all the shit about a neutron star and a Super Iver Nova. I was balls you job, we're balls, deepened space and every now and then we'd watch this documentary after
documentary. Morgan Freeman got the universe. We should. I dvr affection everything that had Spain will spell out as an argument, but I thought it was better than people that chick is only so much about space and every now, and then I'd watch all that here and wonder and wonder what this is cartoons, Eddie Wanna basis, our hearts, and then I go get whatever whenever and then I keep watching all dvds on space or I'll, see ya, there's nothing real and everyone watches they believe it. The narration is our programming what's above us, and what we're on we're being I too, once you go flat. You never go back this interview,
listen, they're lying goes about every I've always known about it's not about who is already doing this. The one thing I want to say is like it's not did. We believe something ridiculous and you don't you you don't believe in work gullible were gullible. Will we believe some weird shit about the flatter? We believe some weird shit, you don't believe it you're smart, it's not about that! It's about! We actually, Don't know what we're on a. We always say that we don't know, but based on all this shit, that we got by the main stream I don't believe that here's what you believe that I should point out that we believe something crazy you down, because you Well, at the bullshit neuroscience is neuroscience tradition. We are told TAT you will you use us now that you're in We already have a? U use right away, you use that microphone use a cell phone right sites. I believe in that time I believe.
Ok. What do you believe in that anyone believe study? I don't need to read something to verify that you bet. If I find that a vacant sides theory you benefit, resides everyday mother. So why won't you cut this? It's ten o clock samian cover vogue, Theatre added SALT Lake City. It was guys March want to do I love signs to. I love science. I do want to fight. I want to laugh about it, I'm an idiot, I believe in flatter. I'm crazy. That's all you need. Pasadena ICE House fight, companionship, Wednesday night, ten p, M haulage boy, Miami Improv. I only got mortally seven combat what they want. Indeed, one is large. I'm in Miami Improv March Brand New Miami approximates not myself stories, where watch in DC and today's guarantee that data got lovey guys by everybody. Bravo, anything I just drop the New
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