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Fight Companion - February 19, 2017

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Joe sits down with Ian McCall & Eddie Bravo to watch fights from February 19, 2017.
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the job experience john is only thirty two so just so we live we try to figure out how old johnny hendricks is least each other you i'm guessing probably eddie bravoes and jewels in macao has grown guys this is my companion part gas if you never heard one of these most the time we don't talk about the fights unawares sense but we are watching the fights and now we will tell you when it sinks up to the first fight this is you have sea fight nightlife from halifax any hendricks versus hector lombard and trap brown
verses derek louis so that's a big heavyweight bout very important fight another scary guidance lucid and frightening lately he looks good em really good i was super unprecedented gets roy nelson is get off sort of endurance now he's been like really concentrating on its strength and conditioning for a man that size to carry that sort of genome just to carry that body over that amount of times yeah he's attacks deftly worked a lot hey man before we can get we should talk about europe last thing because you ve u r them curse to fuck endued in all of emma may you just how does cancel how many fights arose as now i've five fights and run its using that is of course it's got near the point were obviously people pistol their hayden on me fuck whatever we can't we're about to explain but explain what happened so that the money goes with the rebels
wait you loved your smile and laughing i saw the video i've never made weight that easy my entire career that was i mean you ask anybody the usually you you stop drinking water twenty four hours out from winds were i can wait than i do know that night thursday night and i was gone so well that i had five glasses ice water throughout the first fights unionist exaggerate cracked with a stupid story so then i think i guess i can either about hiv little but a salad through it up but i for that was just the just see the dressing assuming that the limits massa my stomach right i have at least a cup of omens five cups of water the rest in the morning and then what he's trying to gain any way back my body wouldn't i couldn't i couldn't hold solana anything you kept your honor turn up everything so you see i woke up saturday morning at one thirty one side only gain five pounds and for those pounds had been because you
she gave me two ivy backs and how much did you you have seen gave you ivy bags wait a minute you are now to use an ivy gap because they were just a bit by bit what do they go from hospital but also i saw you can't use an ivy and then fight will know that they we're just to me as a precautionary either way i was going need it way but but is that the whole thing about cutting weight is at its much more difficult because you can't use an ivy gave you an exemption guy gets or some sort of an exemption but i didn't even have again exemption having put has anyone i hope as this like a nuth is this like the first time anyone's hearing you probably know that follows yet the bottom line is original whereby you see what i mean by you have ceiling who i'm just getting about our host you could do the ivy o jeff care to my room jeff the digestive risky so this judge address key doktor d they all were with me the entire time made weight so easily that it was it was crazy does anything i'd put my body i'd throw back up so what the fuck man keys
you can use an ivory can't use and i'll kill and i we motionless exemption which i dont know the rules and then again so sick times on what the fuck is going on then in a day they gave me the two ivy rags i or ingested maybe a pound of water whatever myself that's the only thing i keep down but i guess that i buy by the next morning you need and i i'd still only gain five pounds so what you don't eat drink water you had neat nathan biassed born and eat everything i tried eat i threw up and i was growing up in front of although all fighters every single chance we ended up had been a group in public i fuckin thrown up so then sir the dock i did the next dammit ok gimme tomorrow be bags gimme some so frankly afore i view backs tuna i asked why i ended up getting more but ass a man and a migration that just let me fight gimmick gimme these gimme to leave as campaigns or france like an whatsoever to help her stomach then i can wholesome food samantha not just and they look
like no did you need to go to the hospital like and then they face then they were gonna do emergency gallbladder surety which you didn't have to do that guides urgency gallbladder socially what we're move your god they did this you scared the shit out of me what would it look to tell you you you could die in ever know mike wouldn't fuck you mean you never know so when they say emergency gallbladder surgery there like what is going on with your barbara a globally was it was super is the shrunk i guess we're u say contracted from that migration i guess and then suddenly saw shadowing in some other stuff and they thought i had gallbladder david i had garcons so then as it as their you're trying to set everything up but that's getting more in depth and more advanced version of what we just did and they put me in the back at me with a bunch of morphine i might give you have to dig everything in my stomach i'm going to punch him i so just at least knock me out
anybody morphine set me on the table but does your gallbladder do do you no shelter showered toxins that those real ever does does gallbladder do that does anyone know what a gambler does it's one of those things we ve had a name i get crucial organs you go i think we got on spam bots vienna's about it exactly i guess so then maybe they do a more advanced version of the altar sound and they didn't seeming to that end two basic aber just running tests were running tests are weak so you're ah bladder is obviously there's an issue because of the dehydration like yes it is falling apart that that south and then i mean i did i wasn't even i'm still skinny but i think i mean i hadn't been i went a day later i was supposed to go home and i was still under a hundred and thirty five pounds i got in thirty two pounds
and were you eating by then i cried i was unable to hold food down until i tuesday so i'm sure it's in my body just fuckin failed me gaped make their larger please this is when is when is a t not required for an ivy infusion of the athlete has an acute medical condition we're an ivy lawns essential for treatment in hospital admissions surgical procedure or clinical investigation examples of biased really dehydrated athlete with signs of circulatory compromise need for an ivy line during a surgical procedure and an ivy line in the antibiotic treatment of an acute infection etc so i guess they decided they made a giant mccall they decided but they're gonna let you with an ivy which is kind of crazy i think they can and new i wasn't vital time there are now really put me on the heather only we were a little body
given you the ivy just to make you stay alive i'm just thinking not nine cry fucking hate way cutting with every out it might be puts that the value of this report as i had the best way cut him i let you didn't you you answer the last week out of your life where you obviously got down two hundred twenty five pounds but your body was shutting down when you can't say i had the best way cut of my life if you almost died you gave a point i mean it's the whole thing is open to exaggerate so bananas is fighting practice of weight cutting is so crazy the and of course that something still tied to what happened in ireland with me most don't know but i was in the hospital two three four times before that fight with some vessel with sink hey where my myself a guess would would freak out in passing out and this is before the weight before this training camps for them fight and then it would what causes that now i've been trying to get test and i've ever had and ask me i gotta get another camera hurried down my throb of similar mass
you're lying numbers gonna fight anyway yeah well that's what i like doing understand rather do they facility in this fight is about to start so let's go with the very first round we get that card on the screen so we could tell whose fighting here filters and so on of elder yeah he's great he's is excited and homeboy who is fighting reaching allow it right away with allows counter her what is what's reaches full name reaches got the old school tie tattoos on his back i'll sandro i thank our sondra reaching yeah sancho reaching orgy from good question
sounds like italy yeah like his heritage for sure i love those weirdo thai tattoos like he's got on his back but they tap them in you know oh good left hook over the top a lot of thai guys have in there but you better be legit if you get one of them tattoos can be a fact composer with him hold may not ready yet thank our granting these john john wayne parliament sure got it has an amazing human he's awesome god i was it is his daughter the day online she so fuckin good has brought jesus what magic your dad's john wayne par bowler now strike shits chemical yet haven't come up you know this is a pub felder like to start off the card it's interesting because like this is not a fight that a lot of you have been talking about this guy felder just like a year ago was like the guy to watch
at one fifty five and then you know how to few losses lost a barboza a great fight me he has taken a great it's a good head movement pungent off his angles and everything mean his losses had just been a bet against super led fighters mean he's just fighting really good guys and does just nobody knows better than you that is how it happened oh straight right beautiful so what happens now with your your medical treatment today i mean is there a way that it can do some sort of a comprehensive scan and find out what's going on with your body yeah that there you know we're doing a lot of testing we're trying to forget they ve done they blood hair whatever else you check your here that loans with your her not ask questions why do that if they like the hare tells you everything which is where we're going another area above and beyond like to check everything eastern medicine like all kinds of shit so hopefully within the next
weeks are these understand what's wrong rio partially was wrong in then fix it because i'm i'm an amazing shape in i've had a really string a bad luck whatever it is though it sounds pretty significant i mean if you if every time you getting down to falling apart that seems falling apart that seems there who's been there it like you turned from us spinning of backface to spinning elbow and the middle that oh right hand but yeah you get point i should probably get this under control before i cut wait and i don't come back you think as a professional cited that there is a way to get people to stop cutting wait do you think there's a way of the eu have see made a concerted effort the same way they made an effort to cut out all the performance enhancing drugs by having of its gain usanga run the programme and make sure that donnelly's doing all these random tests on people and brutal
they waited sanctions usually evidence enough though because people still cut way and you are not going to get crazy people get crazy they got you gotta data recover you gonna go full alone not side if you gotta fight the same day you don't go that crazy you might be right because you'll lose their stay away you gonna make it through like that's what it does we do any b i i think i would do thirty five at at at syndrome any lower not unaware do you think though that you would worry that was the reason why they had four day before wanes in boxing was i think it was the duck who kim fight i think they change the wagons and i think they also change the number of rounds it does yeah i think that was the fight that did that but they used to in the day of the fight yeah and you guys used to mean that was that was the standard there was the way they did it in our and i think if you go back like those old school tommy hearns sugary leonard fight with us there was no one of fifteen
those rights i'm sure i think i can fight was when the seventies eighty seven eighty eight i was in high school year because i remember i was in big re monsignor anne and when that guy died it was just like diamond do coup camp here oh oh oh felder got em it's over the worrying i got him some before an ornament and and amy be j j f does say a mat sideways like u way and on a new compete i like that by heart but guys in fights it's a different feeling to go into a fight in there's so much psychological shit going on that there are certain eyes limp into this you're not gonna go crazy with the wake you're not gonna do all that extreme stuff you can't but that's it eliminates what i'm saying is some guys you wouldn't make the weight if they had to do cage side and then what the fuck do you gotta backups
a part of the sport there's there are some guys we all know that this happens some guys that just get real close not good they get real and then the day of the fight they just don't fuckin make way when they do big but a few of your force does not mean there's no way you can make a big cut of its same day or matt sire you can't do that crazy normally jet do it to cut a little bit but it's not gonna fifteen pounds don't you think that's going against dangerous i think also they need more weight glasses i like the way classes the big make it out i like war but i think it would be as high as a giant gap between five and tool five luxuriant gap between animal five and heavyweight yes a bunch of people they just don't have no problem with the way the way divisions and zero problems that i like it whilst it certainly debatable i think they do ten yes like every ten paragraphs thirty five riah but i see it but the fifty
five hundred and sixty five hundred and seventy five eight thousand five hundred and ninety five two hundred and five two hundred and fifteen i like the history of the way it is now you'd have to re write after jazz maybe i could they did now they used to be two hundred is to be light everywhere in and they turned changed to a five when tito t ortiz first are competing with two hundred and changed it big deal they own the fuck first of all that i can wait like a heavyweight is never been to a five and boxing was always one seventy five the attorney light heavyweight into two five which is bizarre as it is like welter wait what way was one forty seven when we were kids sugary one hundred and forty seven right then all sudden multi way was one hundred and seventy like that's bizarre like in boxing that's a weirdo awake that was when roy jones junior was one sixty eight name he was simpler and it was like we're gonna pull shit division is that i just met await and there's lighter anyway i can nonsense is this and everybody thought the idea of going from middle way to light everywhere it's crazy but has only fifteen pounds
and then you see that's a normal jump you know which way big telling you man rogan fighting chance he was organised that my idea of doing it in basketball court yacu magic ever man a basketball korea so where to go in rash guides what i want and what rights no you force it the apt aware you one last guards and tides because you get us words organizations four year they meet and they discuss how they can make their sport more offensive basketball does is based bob that's all about how can we make it more effective and they really need to look into the greasing problem in in anime there's a greasing definitely an issue because its officially illegal officially illegal to greece explain how people get away with it though because a lot of people don't know well in emma may in out a lot of times the mass
so the striker against a guy who has way better jujitsu it's really it's old school it's an old school emma may tactic there you know if you are my tie gonna go against jujitsu emma made fight greece up and some people do it by getting into tom i've never seen anybody do but i about it so getting in a bathtub of baby oil the night before and then and then ate it could take a light shower and here you know a light shower and here you know if you sweat in the fight the oils going come out again when you can we really greasy at you just get more slippery and the difference being is you it's not like anything that they could put like something on your skin and find out the you did the only way they can organise liquor it's illegal but there's no tests forts there's a problem it is a problem and what it does is if you you want the sport more offensive the more
greece the less offensive on the ground that's why people want stand because in the third round just a greece fast they they vaseline all over their faces tat gets all over the body there shall super greasy hard to submit when it super greasy it's illegal the greece but no one's checking there's no test it would be better and easier instead of hoping some kind of test like after the fight they get a swab in the night they go down the fighters backs and if it has eighty five percent oil or whatever than their busted they could do something else like that i don't know but it's easier just have em we're rash guards the reebok rash guards reebok tides europe that solves problem we can greece have you got rules where rash god sort of dinner anything the covers her arms but i i say they should the it's it's backwards thinking you want to promote our friends on the ground if the letter if we eliminate all the greece and have everyone why rash gods people aren't
slipping out of stuff less defence more often that's what that's what happens to more greece the more defence the less often you want to see a greece a slot first on the ground or do you wanna see awesome submissions i'd rather hastily motion of my business standpoint if we were able to do more sponsorship stuff yes we look like fucking nascar irish quietly into a report entitled we can make money out of it but i don't know i don't fight what goes on yeah i saw your site i don't see any idea what you're so i see your point of view too i think maybe making it an option would be the worst idea because if you do have a rash guard and your opponent does it doesn't have one you definitely be able to control them better you have a barrier stood i bury you want less less of turkish oil wrestling match on i just want to go away from that to growing is a good point and i think that the idea see and more submissions also being able to control people on the ground more
but probably lessen the amount of stand up that you would have to have good guys would get things done better it would sit around and solve the greasing issue just like that you make reebok rash guards reebok tides no greece problem it's it's only a problem of its illegal there's a problem and no one's doing anything about it and if you think guys are guys if i five jujitsu back that's on greece and were then you you're probably right watch soon and what each don't go there it some it's not we're not done i don't think this board is done as far as figuring out all the best ways to go about it or ever we're all gonna be evolving what do you say would you think about long around our short around do you think that the five minute round is the right length or do you think ex i've heard people argue they should have three men around because people could fight all out faster and harder for three
then they can't for five and then i've heard the other arguments for ten minute rounds cuz you get to go to the ground like the old pride days here that first round and you have plenty of time to get something happen in i would like would like the longer rounds of yes shorter learns fuckin drowned somebody deep water and that their that's that separate pdf they got also allows more tactics that allows you to figure out how to pace yourself more it allows you to figure out like to be raised part about when you put it on em in open and be able to feel persons timing out feel whether their fading guy agree with you guys are now think ten minutes is the right way to go it's been being an opportunist i'd i wouldn't i can see the benefits of fighting with with a rash garden of regular choked him about whether we have a better grappling or you know it was almost half of europe for sure to be baron regular and there's no problems with it like a few where it's like it's crazy rules are still exists it like
you can wear tights compression choice to your knees but you got to the end goal that anger the cap is dangerous programme up you iraq up your ankles and someplace apples yad and we made an attitude to slacken used to have it is doing as of executive yes dump the less greece the more offered you want more of events particularly on the ground under british sound crazy that you could fight in rash garden it's not going to be a problem people aren't gonna grab at girls on grab in each other's rash guards and sports praus their not being grabbed it's like oh the duty if you were a rush garter gonna grab nano grabbing as illegal you dont grab right grabbing anything rash corridors way better than shorts the shortcut grabbed all the flock and yeah
honestly lugosi tyrant woodley wherein right there that's the way to go let's do it like a little let's do it majority should be the way to go in and on a basketball course see for that you put it all together so that it takes on my lose your money i need your earnings and like all produce it i need less that's what i shall love you to show up that now do even that it can do rogan providing detailed just so busy much more behind and i should be partially gabon it's a genius idea actually lest i should be half is busy as i am right now maybe it'll happen maybe someone also take that idea well it is already being done in russia and russia they had on a football field in the grass is due to britain should have each other some amateur event so the russian speaking of the russians fire got cut this is like not that long ago sent me and i still offer which russia
i have one more thing under which ones it as we know these people now digital high arrangement zerlina russian this irrational recycling my agent needs again he's a guess how much average six figures like wow who will then the noisome gonna be bargaining bargain chip away i can use in the future the of zeal for greece over dome strategy cuts would involve their there they their pain fuck and big money for being dooms always hanging with that chechnya leader dude that scares the shit out of me that's like one of the things we you get over there and you just like he does get there and hang out just in time to get out there before some crazy rebellion breaks out they start blockage in the sky yeah mean that man it was like maybe the boot what is needed now is that russia it's all part of the old roy singer they get along with russia
love a man jujitsu maybe get mad ass we don't know shit about russia people get so passwords are talking about the ukraine i didn't know that ukraine's peace a different language and i don't like family because they all part of the whole big mass i love them all so amazing how many tough the fuckers comedy hard at work on the savages christ such bad asses from top to bottom what jane james can give us some a map here the russian republic it is illegal so what that guy he loves emma may that testing leader and he's always got like mme fires knew of sea over there but i see that the president well no kind of leader japan colony i don't know why the name is to find out what the chechnyan lieber leader is is he like like what is putin's the president of russia right to call on president
i think he said some other others latona prime minister prime minister we should now here but were american there's computer somewhere and magazine oh jack shit about what's going on there s the world we know what's brooks it here but breakfast but the dune another wolverine movie thank god logan apparently they made this one extra fucked up so it had to be peachy thirteen lucky they they decided did make it way more violent are its our oh that's right radar not pitied thirteen because they wanted to do right well super violent good touch it in logan three men like you do with sword around his hands over that's his name is disposed to be pre cool or seek question he looked older there so i guess it's like later in life several weeks ago baffling image made the rounds on social media chechnya's menacing and unsavory president farrago
rams and had he saves named cadre cad cad caddy rove jubilantly sitting side by side with you of sea heavyweight champion risa overdue might not have we champion anymore holding is over as belt was is an old pictures that what it is her there's an old article you have ceased champs complicated russian ties were years russian is like jesus christ mugwort maidens do in some some s an irish well some some rich famous some rich leader just like sums paid him the fucking you hang out and what he likes those due to come over and party with the way i mean when you're a super powerful bawler and some other country that's like the ultimate it's a heavy which hamper the of seed complying with you here put this had on take a picture of me here it is anybody about tony ferguson habib norma met of holy shelly shell suddenly away as canada you're gonna be there for that add value to be asked
the fucking nuts magnitude where do i remain would tony is that's funny that's an exciting fight man i know we can talk about strategy but it's it's crazy fight between the number one in the number two contender and that division will of the obvious strategy for copying is to try to take tony down and obvious strategy for tony is to keep it up and dot em up on her feet how much do you think like opinion changed when he got clipped by man people are saying and i mean if you look at it i mean it's pretty obvious ok he kicked his human yet sam and i mean if you look at it i mean it's pretty obvious ok he kicked his human yes that's really what you saw finally saw hume exactly because for too many for fighting the mall twenty airing fights for their own mall in motherfuckers basically sides who does ask he's not one of those guys that can take anything we're and others as other can take any shot they haven't been rocked yet right we're safe
a little maybe would shrink little tiny junk never everybody's looking at that you know domain it's gonna give people conference but he so good it taken people down and millennium you know that that is the hardest thing to stop yeah but we're doing everything we can to prepare for the best the worse the worst case scenario the best scenario what we're doing not i mean tone doing everything really tony's the second he's a maniac it's the most fascinating fight in the division for me outside of conor macgregor versus be those that those two fights conway hours of even twenty ferguson vs cubby those are the two exciting fighting that in my opinion what we without giving anything away everybody knows based on the past the tony can seriously show people anybody yet any any wrong move on the ground and he could hit that doors
any position and he did it isn't conditions allowing an expanding and he's he's i'm so on orthodox on his feet on the ground is pulling are flying seminars he's all over the place he's when gymnastics he's doing flip he's doing but has no one's own regal day now do you know the one he data rather think out only when really i try to do it and big bear my under that ball you steal bowling ball does others easy like almost like dancing deals with its looks he brought a wing chung dummy up to bed bear he's into wing chinese into everything everything he is a true sign that wasn't like a joke that so he's really he liked he trains like no one ever seen before just hours and hours out an affront up and big bear he built everything the bags the stands everything he builds everything is your house is the ultimate macgyver no he rented it and built the first two days
the broader our duties the ultimate macgyver structure and you can build ceramic man take down right away seem so damn do when i put my hands on her you know when i put my hands interviewer her back like glace antibiotic she's marilla legacy stupid and draw wrong woman stupid strong olympics weird way of working out a key does all these strange moves with it like javert ask em like what is it's so what a weird way of working out a key does all these strange moves with it like javert ask em like what is philosophy is because violence is obvious he built believes in movement train yeah khazar just like some crazy yeah cap aware but with steel ball he's caught do this all day he d we always exist at all we know some he's always do in some areas but when want to sink this up at home it's round
i'm sorry i didn't do this for the first flight round one reform drawn re three fifty to seventy one three fifty as triangle tie a rap sam the sermon you just punk that girl badges guerrilla squish do you know i'd she's helping to full maybe she made be the first girl jesus did that's known for taken bow down passing their garden choking about like that their go to look at a shot of african we're saying that what the hell's she's fuckin scare people a girl does that takes them down past a guard chokes on control should be that could be your shit right well you know she got tag by a nunez judge choked ourself like her stand up his power or in a punches she's a big power puncher but she doesn't have the kind of how are the nunez as nunez is gonna be
real problems most guys it might i noted the way she closed that i'm drunk so professional she's chicken could take most girls down because of a rustling and you see understand she's a finisher scattered medically porthos bonds are generally blackmail is neither believe he's a judge's instructors data from the mount to very interests i saw a total she's she's compliment girl that's what she's doing goes jonah you can to be all right i had some doubts about our early could she said some things about you get to it when she first came on bfc the judge treated like to jet so she doesn't rangers jets or something like that she was like old school wrestler type of mentality but it looks like she of finally had our mind opened you know some good good solid guard passing wrestlers just on past guys like that unless they train jujitsu you no rest
as some of us was never learn how to pass the guard a kind of seems like that's a thing of the past though does not exactly that's why i was kind of worried could she would say something like that she was saying i don't train jujitsu go wait a minute it's two dozen seventeen everybody needs katherine jujitsu if you're fighting in the u s see do you have to love it i need to say that did you would see because when you say that it was it real early on man she did say something that she suddenly to the effect that she has in a light jujitsu well my guess being earlier early in its an school wrestler mentality that all no big deal she's the only rather like that exact there still rustles like that and there's been a that were famous to deal with is always a bunch of people they get a super attached to their style that they start out with one approved that honestly i don't blame the rustles look what happened hoist shows utter ever these midwestern wrestlers are looking at this who's this
mexican kid choking everybody albania was in there when challenge matches and great though it for these guys are how they take me down i do that shit motion on most of the rest is rather like that they obeyed they do that because her fucking lazy that's really so that's what it is as that they're they're so good at wrestling and they just i just you it's just a better a weird little like lazy thing for one because its extra work into because you're gonna get fucked checked out and resident want to lose right it's that kind of thing where it's hard for research to progress i think it stems from a stems from the great he's comin out challenging everybody and beating bidding rustlers a damp dancer when gets choked out more coalmines come and more calmly trying to pass the guard he was trying to beat you gypsy to hold you asked what it also stems from the same thing is with kick boxers kick boxes don't wanna train judges who either mean that was always the problem with certain fighters they just didn't want
tat means grandstanding unable again that's from the u s sake as you also saw the strikers getting taken down easily in getting choked out easily so right away due to spend twenty fifty more striking thinking fuck these jujitsu guys but the woman learn a little take down the fence and i'm a fucking knock em out without learning it fuck learning i'm allergic to take down the fence and i'm still i'm still knock you us croaker celine back in the the other world summit did not stand up even his hold even this whole thoughts on the cage and his training indifferent europe no man as long as you said then that was ressler versus striker that that i've already we need ie gorge bob tension far more per hour kidding me now do you remember that i went down more change can yet more and more curb took down at will got tired would never pass the garden ever tried passing gauze will change and had a decent guard he had a good survival guard hued he had good recovery and market
admittedly never worked on passing he just felt that he could just stay in the garden pound someone but you can do it above change involve tragic turn em up and then laid in the round late in the fight he could take him down anymore they rebuilt on their feet more her was folded and that's when you have a chance and led him up member that is very interesting back and if marker what had just spent hey one wants you decided to do and then make lemme get really passing and mount ok but that we will but in all fairness does the least of its problems that guy was a million different drugs without that document the smashing machine is created only misery hitting out only to find out what exactly he was doing like woe like tat i was fighting the toughest fighters in the world while he was shootin heroin i mean here he was shootin like all or japan away that odette gypsy the smashing michel who shoot opium is a shooting that it was it was all pharmaceutical grade you don't painkillers that he was in jail
raise on steroids stuff so crazy documentary universal number this yes but i just remember the stairway part that that was nothing it is swam painkillers into his fuckin veins and you just sit there and letting them filled the whole thing and was i would also like like for my fucking does this graph for opening a fresh bottles of whatever painkiller reuse fuckin taking but eight catching is written his arm and they thought they were filming him they were film in the bad mother foggy on the planet earth and they were like oh my god we're watching this guy right as he falls apart like right as the fish started beginning grimace was apart here it is only murkison so here's the sleep sha la la let's go time he's gonna be very hard to take down and it could be takes him down he's gotta be really worried about them chokes that we have already seen yes so he's you can just take down tony like you did michael johnson do not worry about
the g8 chokes from all sorts arising it's all in the transition is so lacking in tony growing europeans too and great marcella team to add is that he wrapped he's always looking for darcy so could be you know his one of the best grapples and you have seen no doubt he may be the best at a grounding in paris and controlling you like i was like a legit level black belt he passes who knows i was going to match up against tony member preparing everything we can do it we're doing everything we can i don't know it's gonna look when it's all said and done but doing the best we can to prepare for the worst case scenario who knows what's gonna happen but the things for sure is one mistake on the ground and tone is gonna wrap in that case but this motherfucker
here as well mean one mistake on the ground and hubby member commandos gonna break your yes he's he's a freak and that's why this is so an interesting because tony's afraid too and like when you see tony up taffrail dos santos here i mean meant tony and easily could have been the you have seen lightweight champion the world if he caught heartfelt osanna when does soldiers had the bell he could have gotten and in a tonic i think twenty could do that anybody how did he beat barboza was he did choked barboza s yeah he darst him right now does it hurt him standing finish them off on the ground was perfect tony something special that's why this fight is so interesting because habibi is obviously something special he's the only guy that's indicate a contender that has been fighting the best as in world and is undefeated as you fight for the title that so unheard of chemicals in one or to everybody's got in their career there's gotta fight or two that the laws but he's one of the very few guys that has only show
one moment in this entire career inside the octagon where he really did look so good and that was a brief moment words johnson hit em obviously he recovered from and came back to that most mashed him smash it just when he gets guys on the ground it's almost like he's a different way class than them yeah there's level thousands of levels of had been heavy and he's super heavy sticks armies and some person is this my fight that vital ass well tat s past big his passing to from poor guard or like open garden right into he forces a z guard or quarters see like right away though does movement to set up the half guard that is going to try to pass really and his niece lashes brilliant his mouth to control the crucifix move man he's a black about yes everybody knows it very few people do it yeah he's he's looking for it
obviously his you know if you look at his earlier fights he's got triangle choke someone he could finish off your back to his so good to me right now on the ground for tony but believe if you mean tony is i'm pretty damn good to me right now on the ground so it's gonna be crazy he was out all plays out the unsuccessful if i turn on my heads can exploit yeah it's a crazy fight it's gotta be more creative you'd get so much investing in it for me as a guide to gets to sit there and call that fight i'm fascinated just because when you see a guy like twenty ferguson do you know he's a problem i caught you solve that problem like what the solution to that problem and i dont know the answer to it
that is why i would say a guy who can keep the fight standing up and t off autumn and land good strikes like maybe a guy who takes advantage of the aggressive style the number comment off has but you know maybe tony's i got can be interesting as as michael jordan show you can you can punch you can hit and we can learn a good shot rockin and i think that you know that's gonna be the main place to catch him but if you can catch him keep on the outside to eat a guy like that and fight so that way that gotta grappling that at a wrestling and take out and constant pressure on your face the horse i may gotta keep mouths i'd think it's only torn up to do it because again see how small could be was last week in many not a big of a guy i'm a huge fan of it i think he's fucking awesome but we think with larger on seventy five maybe maybe you didn't it you know how the russians travel there always in groups of fuckin a hundred so
entertaining their big fan letters but he just didn't in the bay at all well her there was there was only the shot because he solely on adrian wrangles everybody we send someone here i thought that was you the tv there but little loud i'm confused beat you would think like he'd be built like latency mao right to rag doll like i think they're gleason's he bowed thing only works without usanga but yeah you know when grace and got popped in they live like a punch you demonstrate an umbrella dude i mean if anybody was gonna get caught grace t bow looked like it was three hundred pounds fighting one fifty five so big i'd never seen anybody there was remotely as big as glazing wineglass was at the city so ass if he was so big he was big guy sketches jack you ve gotten from over to around and shall read it like completely totally shredded
i was touch sparring with them with our data the day because he's downturn in russia now and then he's over there a little bit as i did you you're not that much taller than me but he's by two hundred five pounds fucking hugh and he's wells were now yeah but i'm just trying to movement cannot just be nor playing but try to foot and i do a french it jesus christ really heavy without these decided to go the way of doubts rony move on and i'm only get a bad idea not lump again i keep going back this one say it again i think is the worst thing in fighting his weight cutting and he is the worst thing i think you're seeing guys that make the weight but they can't fight of their bit neither buys compromise even though the mind is willing and they feel like pretty gangster about it all day they does don't fight the way they can and when they move up you seem fight much better i mean barring doubts throw last five which i think brennan shabata really
point we said it was just too close to that fight that he had when matt brown he got rocked enough fighting dropped in that fight indecent looked like he was vulnerable but then again he's also fighting jorge must without whose a bad mother fucker orange very much a stud very talented guy in very diverse he can do everything and slick larry guys it's been your precious so many times not even against fighting crime you see where the guy came up in all these crazy as videos in fighting the streton backyards lydia easy is very common pressure he is and he is also you know he's unpredictable network you are to mix things up is real good doing evidently wants you know me said fights where he got hurt like down hurt like derrick cruikshank hurt him i do turnus nor wrestling match and adjust just rest of them to out of him he's a real versatile he can do anything so donald lost to him i think that's a tough fight for donald
madonna wasn't hurt you know so take that out of the way i think donald at one hundred and seventy look better than he's ever looked at one hundred and fifty five by far and i just think that's you know i think that's a function of this disintegration of your skills that comes with the losing weight is like what's the point of diminishing returns when you get where the diminishing or the cutting of the weight the benefit the genocide this is not enough to overcome the amount of weakening yes your bodies done like ponies a good sized were fifty five i tony provident get over one seventy five what is tony walk round up very easy cuts yeah he don't fuck around it's alright were easy cut a soil where he is on their very early even cuttin never get travis looter when travis
define anderson silva for the title and i watch travis shuffle to this to the scale because he couldn't walk cuz he couldn't pick his legs up he was shuffling his lips were all cracked and he was like there was blood coming out of his lips like you could see the skin like the skin is broken like his body had no water in it was nothing left he was done and it is still that make the weight and it took anderson silver down it will mounted on a mean travis looter was a bad mother fucker he's whilst people the people forgot because he was one of the best american related jitsu black belt at the time like super respected brazilian to black belt and dizzily world anywhere so i don't know what he's one as far as grappling eddie do anything i don't know i don't know but he was always always one of the best in his in his time you know he was up there he was right up there with anybody is as far as grappling
and you would see it when he was fighting guys who just passed their guard get the mount fucking spin for an armbar and black wolf that's how you supposed to do it and then type in this fight up i love it i'll be returning folks just caustic for yesterday those kind of sad caustic got rocked taken out and that is something i just got knocked out you write he had taken out too i just think after awhile man you know there's nothing not that much durability left in the brain yeah thompson got it looks like you got head butted first and then he got clipped with a little bit of a left hand and then they re engaged and then he got caught with a big uppercut they just swamp that the people do can punch though yeah oh shareholder brothers crappy air baltic so it sir you know like our abilities no fucking joke right now mandela torres guy
especially there one hundred seventy con division douglas lemme is a killer he's a fucking killer dude where he took out chorus cough and after course cop fucked up bensonhurst simply hedges lets you know that is a little shit division it's really good guys and how you got paul data there and you got michael venom page and then you got roy mcdonald dead they fight who rode on fights which one fight some jesus christ what would you say he fights with one of them in april paul neo capitalist interests workin says he fight paul deal that's in i think it's in may be suspect right yeah that's a big fight does all i do have to do just barely connect with your brain will rise but having a problem for a long time with his nose so he decided take a full year off and let us knows heel and that was when you sign for ballot or that was the understanding that is you take all this time off and let us note here because every time you get punch than those which start bleeding bad and it would be breathed out a very open your mouth
yeah i refuse any surgery or anything to to fix it but he thinks he can fix it by take time off maybe that seems i sent you have to have something certainly dumb yeah i mean i know we're configure fifty picnic beyond what the damage was but after that robbie lawlor five mean that that knows gets most this interesting finalized theodore versus says over here her hair was i highly touted everyone the ultimate fighter in brazil i think i found an seem cars him a long time ago so big fellow yeah so big fella to be making a hundred eighty five pounds two guys giant was easy the one that was like protegee to towards or yadda yadda he's here he's large heavy doors can verify calvin cast one tat is interesting calvin good to british when i see bobbing up by saw through veto i think so i think the vetoes find in brazil
secondly i haven't factor i don't know if i'm gonna go i thought they do they go now who's they do not do that the terrible mobs in other thing if a guy with a thing tat though you know the guy yeah they're manchester wickwire gather that you know i have become a fan his bulldog he's a fucking i've you know you can see how most average and looking at him to fuck this guy just just strictly for his job alone but the guy's been you know been very good to me if you don't have to do is a very smart guy to death and these are fucking around man you're clean sport up single handedly you seen people fall off the map
somehow on their guard yeah literally like you seen them fall off the map because they're not this without the shit exactly who obey and caught on the left i mean there's there's a big difference between guys on shit and not on assuming enemies as large stores don't help your crazy go five feet or co financing our tv door or shut the fuck up course they help they help in a jam way anybody tells you differently it's just there either line and themselves or their own fucking steroids typical because here's the thing this guys that are mentally strongly and durable and their warriors and there on steroids the idea that you can't either or you know like you the other guys tough or you have achieved
no you have tough cheaters click click tools are real really tough cheater to disburse if they know everybody else is cheating guilty too and i think that's you know i mean when you see me no disrespect we see croak up come back and win rise in britain that rising it back japan at forty whatever it was a thing is forty three forty four forty five i was in his legs or back to being just fuckin thirty four she's shredded six barrier looking huge looking to be about two thirty five to forty again cracking dudes the fuck out of here mo yakking king mole was that mean that was king was a serious fighter man yet a tough guy and he flung crumpled him yell and just shocked off the wrestling and cotton with some hard drugs
in his he's just such a hard kicker too that if you just take one of those in arms i mean you're you're that life level what can say game he kicks you so hard ass it changes role your black hole outlook on life one kick to the arms now you see just darkened what am i doing i go via zig when i should zagged navigating catches me if you're coming at my face but wait a second so let me ask you this even now that you ve gone through these five finally did a beautiful like kick and returned but people that's interesting you know you talk to my entire guys and they'll tell you don't ever try to return a leg kick after someone throws a laker gazetted gonna know you gonna do it not gonna check you because its human instinct here but in emma may a kind of work sometimes
what now you're dealing with five fights in a row that didn't didn't happen are you you're starting to think like hey maybe i'm not gonna do this of course i'll be right yeah i thought about i thought about that before when i signed a fight this most recent fight against scoggins i literally was like i laughed as i was signing it i gotta get my my arm wasn't working mike surely sure i'll i'll take a fight one arm was more than my right one after my surgeries you shoulda certainly after my shoulders early so if people no no i've had three the recent my hand i fracture desecration of my show you show you the fist that you are capable of making that's my thats my fist expands to that and cause that's identity blubber this which israel cork as when you still have a good day aspiring and just nice swollen to joking
josie anyway when the people only listeners in can't totally caused his hand in his index finger his index finger protrudes if you put someone wrong approaches we breaks and you can't really i mean can you actually punch them what you're knuckle how do they let you fight like i remember court i just figured out lotta elbows and i mean i drive and kicking for most of my you build for the last how many years has been three years and then i ended up having lamb my shoulder and i had a fully torn bicep tendon to labral tear in the rotator cuff so than that so that that's my right arm and i just wasn't working and then finally i ask my doctor like i want to get another mri cuz i have i just signed for a fight so we got an mri and he's like okay so you want to fight
he's just fuckin fight through its gonna hurt by your shoulders fine your not is causing the pain it was just from all just from tissue and all their impinging all the time whenever by shoulder your hang our need you the man not often i do it every day and they need to get one can i start off for thirty seconds and i work my way up two minutes nice day thirty seconds my warm up you know i'm more mobile for thirty seconds but i get to the point where i'm holding i'm hanging for two minutes nice no shit out of my hands to chalk up enhance our your elbows complete log dead locked like my hands gripped i gripped by death grip that bar but thumbs out like you know use your style and actually hanging hanging there's no pull up at all
parliament does total locked arms out and you i feel stuff loosen a few and assure you that pull out enough you do it potu minutes today our good for your shoulders man it's it's posts to be one of the most amazing things for rehabilitation shoulders because seconds and then to me why work my way up the thirties go through seconds and i'll do another set of thirty second then i'll do a minute and then i'll do two minutes for like my final want and then i do chin ups do chin ups now lately i've been doing heavy chin ups so just regular chin ups now to channel for the 70lb kettlebell strapped to my waist i put one of those bars you know there was a wait those vest best belts with the chain you know i forget some shit and i put a kettlebell in there and i'll do chin ups with seventy lb how many can you do five holy jesus does that with its other bad there's lafayette ok it's not a lot i could barely handle my own weight how much jimmy jobs can do when i'm in shape
probably when i'm women shape twelve thirteen just straight strict all the way down although it back up lawyer out i can do so sixteen chin all the way down all the way back up all the down all the way back up completely locked arms and then all the way lower the bar i need to one thousand six hundred and twenty four if i just go like this you know that shit the people doing this perhaps i can to have you do in that way but if you don't have to wait a long time to wait it out but i want to do it that way when i'm doing it i'm not doing it to show how many chin i can do so when i do the negatives my negatives are twice as long as my positives and sometimes i fuck around
do real slowed negatives faye is not really an arm bar guy he's got the back and that it is in this light over for it always ride in the guy right yeah but he's got decent jujitsu lilac i stay close to me squeezing it shit out of em up lost it good defence now that's greece right there arrived here s where you see i guess i've read online will guide you like this slight there's no need to put vaseline over their eyes could they grapple right get in the way it's true i mean a deafening becomes a factor in a fight there's no doubt about it stop what the vast lane and eyes now that greece gets everywhere if we accept the ground it will get so slippery while it's one of those things that they have to kind of due to stop bleeding now there is a hot they have to do it but they do it even one there's no cut should eliminate that they don't let the the corner doing anymore now it's gotta be a comment there do you
member when pat military fought carlos newton and generally morn was in the corner and even jokes about like he doesn't even know why did he was like pudding vaseline on pats neck the eyes like we're like you know what the fuck i was doing is like massaging of yours like i don't even know i was doing it and then anyway it turned out the fuck him because newton got him in that bulldog choker just wait that's right under the chin remember that yes carlos gap military among the first bull dog chokes we ever saw the usa has really been like three bulldog chokes and you have saved ashley we actually have a smith got choked up retail pennington there was a fuckin wild one recount pennington retail pay
there's one too you have sees within one second where i was screamin so loud was blown out people's eardrums like that like the one with actually have an psmith those crazy with those blood everywhere and she gets round the bull dog choke and she's gotta face down than she is like the end of the vice the letter options our colonies blood everywhere was chaos and the other one was chris lights out little against turkey yup you guys i leaned out is hungary's out now how much time do how much greece can you get those dread about that ground and pound theodora he's a tough guy lies theodora
but yes so that was the other bulldog choke there's been three but i could think of maybe there's been another one that i forgot or maybe call the fight as a rare move though but it's one those things man if you're in front in your sit now and he got locked in you got someone's neck trapped on your forum it's a good shook its very hard to verify to get out of that as your good move ready to get out of that if someone's got it locked in and they're sitting out and it really got that fucking head in there and you're back this way like you're on your knees like a lot of guys seem to get it what the fuck do you do to get out mean obviously move forward and try to take that back what i have to get down the mountain to show me exactly what a heart to get out i tried to explain with words
you know what i've been seeing guys do to i've been seeing guys get like get into like a guillotine position from the back and leaned forward on a dude like getting like a guillotine like you do like this but they get it from behind and leaning forward on a guy i saw somebody do that recently where he didn't it didn't it was like from a north south position and it didn't have hooks and he caught like like a gaiety from behind and had his head trapped by a shoulder and lean foreigners net cranking them and choked him at the same time it looked fuckin nasty so you see a thousand fights and you were pretty whenever she anger and then someone comes up shit no well let me see that again well i got put not just a regular schoolyard chunk once and fuck me up man i ice i didn't the league baseball and i saw tat i always led the league and strike out tat i was terrible i was a bit
i my moments remembering i connect it wants and was fuckin dead center they caught it knows that was my glorious a ball and deep the centre feel there was caught though but at least i headed i would strike the flock out but i put catcher and sweden the music i sucked it was ages eight to twelve rights eight year old and then there's twelve year old i sought but i was born and in a month where i made the cause i was an old dude now and i could still play a little league and they go you wanna play another year and i didn't i was of being humiliated but i was older than most of the guys so even though i shocked i was to three years is older than most of the guys on the team so they wanted me to be the like the captain and
man i was such i so did want to do it i was being a total de bagged everybody everybody on the team and are right field or how to last a glove and i would make fun of his plastic gloves such an asshole why unmet foam i was just an asshole an and oh i was the author of this team we hang out forced to be handed out with eight year old nine year old and i'm twelve you know going be here but the coaches wanna be there because they thought i had leadership skills but i still sucked i still couldn't it anything i stole i couldn't connected i was just always strike out and out dumb had we pitching and should just cause i was older that now has a terrible picture but anyways i was talking about fire led the plastic glove we were on our huddled together after pranks then i'll stocking shit on onest plaza glove and ages got me and a had dude and just held me there and i don't know what to do any fuckin views all is his hate towards
he squeezed my mental disorder can i had this guy the shit out of me and i couldn't do any i had no more i was twelve years old and in full the whole baseball team he finally was the wandered stabbed dick to every older kid and i know that my ego is exploding cause i'm the older kid and i'm the captain of the team even though i sarka i just was that i learned my lesson man i learn my less because he put i stop talking as much shit after that cost quit the baseball team i just disappeared man i was gonna arrest format every well who's logo cuba china was he he was like nine or ten he was there it was eight to twelve legal somethin like that he was a young kid you nutrition but he grabbed me mother fucking head and embarrassed the shit out of a man i was i felt like i was gonna die i'd know
idea to get out yet but those that's a real choke if you can get it right i mean you gotta figure of someone like marcella garcia who has insane guillotine if even get you in schoolyard head jokes the squeeze is still there is still very similar the very similar way of using your arms to choke someone's net we seen it all men you that there was one dude this crazy choke he was one of tiger schumann's guys got there what i'm trying to remember his name is about whose founder from my gary goodridge tell her era goodridge paul horror is that up fine oh yeah that's the most brutal cato still and emma may history born i was brought one there's nothing more brutal there's nothing more prudent zog of her sorrow cops right up there did he was he was in the cotton a crucifix almost getting elbow faces i'm lying about going
above all year round was applying rule was rude or here it is he shoots and goes to the fireman's carry gets caught a crucifix and this is where they ve helped gary goods jamie little sprawl levy this look at this right here like a traps that arm and then what is got on our blam blam blam blam blam blam he is out fuckin cold he was called and he probably get hit willing the hard shot this issue while he was i'll call its lowest brutal override dollars boots quality they didn't shore replay either when when it was on live there was no replay they never got her reply plan plan they never replay thy mean that it's crazy that is one of the crazy scales ever do you remember wasn't it paul herrera that fought in that where there was a show that they did when the
when it was illegal to have emma may in california so they had a show and they pretended that it was like pre scripted they'll ok he's just to show but then emma fight so there was a delay ago they were trying to find a loophole and i feel at ease joe moreira dave already fragile mirror was and everybody was like hazel real fight like what the fuck is this and that everyone it was it was at the palladium what was it philip was somewhere in orange county the fur when i get us anywhere else we added a warehouse we had to go up the stairs amber man there is a supply of those underground in days any we saw soul many fuckin sketchy fight and sketchy places how many times we go to indian casino like this up check this out i was talking to my students about this now and how how i've been in the business and in the enemy business making money since two thousand as a purple belt i was
containing for king of the cage so i see all these brands are these fighting brands come and go rage athletic death clutch courage and girl were really know what all of us all of whom are go on govern so when i hear there's theirs you know how hard it is for these companies dad like rash guard companies man what is it up man citing that's it was it that was it was hit man hiding promotions yeah i've been going through some going through all my province fuckin picture albums heaven hers they haven't section the time machine i grubber she was she i was raised in this fuckin sport like i m going to key indicators announced fifteen she was there members are we going to refocus photo album and like ocean unlike you write these four
the lions den amounts in diego when i was like fifteen she's like i put those white on like oh i remember looking across gone oh my god one day i'm going a grab professional fighter just i can show our common going to just like that seventeen wicker gotcha bitch it's so fucking weird growing up in the entire work should have done more stuff back in those days man once he went those like babies we went to those fuckin the ones indian casino ones you know you know what i did film i filmed the lot and one thing that i found for sure it's two weeks before i went to abu dhabi in two thousand three i had my video emma with me out the whole time i wanted to make a documentary about a you're in it a lot
and i kept this cab footage its eight hours two weeks my train in camp while the last two weeks the train goin to brazil did i got home video footage you're all i've been going but there are still coming back getting my black belt i videotapes whole experience whenever released it ever but dumb where's eventually i still got it why yeah it's interesting when we realised how much time has passed does a lot he's a big star when you get a jew yeah sometimes monsieur yeah that's weird like you can kill people songs like everybody agrees well just you should kill them or or kill them that much so we're going to have to lock you up for a little while
general from fuckin from when i was in for continued her at all kid hatred reactors by us so weird down whole story so so weird it's so sad the up you know they d the plight of the american veteran the comes back with ptsd need the the issues that they have to deal with mentally in trying to just from being in a fucking war zone and shooting people all the time to not shooting people all the time mean that is a that is asking people to make that adjustment is one of the craziest things they ask of people in the military it somebody knock to make the adjustment from military to civilian life unbelievable
minutes really when you think about the length of this more from two thousand and two right two thousand and two we ve been in a perpetual state of war just so it's so crazy when you think of how many people have had to deal with that people that a wrestle with that issue doesn't obama hold the record for president most conflict wherever the idea that he was in a war through every single day was present jesus christ that right while he inherited it when he came in two thousand eight we're already at war here we have we have any any peace and set since you should turn to it i wonder how much they can and cannot do i really do i just really wonder i really wonder how much power they have i mean
what's what you seeing now a doll trouble is not the best indication of a because he's seems to be like imploding that their most recent press conferences just like i have buddies their conservative that work call me up and go to dump i'm fuckin worried now this this guy seems unstable ideas the most recent press conferences that rambling press conference on these talking about how about what the wide mouth urgent that he won the electoral margin and then this report says mr poos then you stated that you wanted by the largest margin ever when in fact barack obama's more and was much larger in these women about republicans goes george herbert walkers boot bush was much larger in that sense it well this is the information that have been given like he's like and you watching these just craft shared so that every so bizarre it's like we ve never had a person's the president like this would never have that kind of a president that you just can't and then
how is the american public supposed to listen to you when you tell them that the news is fake when the information that year providing is not accurate and is like well by one how large margin did aren't i die and the president and the guy's idea the president's chair you in this too such a strange strange time for us as a country to two of elected someone like that and to be going through this process or we try to figure out what's bullshit and what's not and what's bullshit about political system and hearing him argue with people about the thing about your leg and none of its ever nothing he says is ever right or even remote
he ever says is rising seem so stupid i always full of shit about something its full share by lottery years i what the fuck is this gave him saying agnes what he's was debate engined who's this homeboy that their go derek loses head coach barbarous where's their coolest straight out of you know i had no idea so this should be the next fight should be hacked lumbar johnny handed hendricks no one what's an excellent sam cecily too good fight gavin tucker sam sicilies wanna watch dog about someone just throw led whose there given to destroy fighters are no anybody anymore i give up i can do your research organised before i watch them
for i wanted to fight to call their fights but god demonstrated people now and you have sees released a lot of them today lou release lorens larkin i have no idea does a mistake i don't mean that guy's fucking good he's so fucking good he's one of those guys going to watch real thing to watch he's one of those guys that can put it together and be the champ at one hundred and seventy any really good he's got tensile his stand up is so so now still early so on orthodox that weird oblique kick that he does to the body did you use against neo magnates did he throws the way nobody else throws it that's another new technique like racine like a lot of winkle johns guys doing it to the to the legs but no one no one ever thought of that
that has been said of the body lorens throws into the body and fucking hard he sends you fly and i've been practice and then on the bag it's it's a good kick man it's a really good kick there's a lot of power to it and i liked the impact better than that's we fucked up guns aga i like the impact better than a front kicked the body because a front kicked thing but the front kick is even if you throw from like a snap kick karate style your foot still gives a little your foot is kind of a flexible thing but when you throw it like that oblique style you're goin heal in and there's no give this is why i am it's it's a really strong kick man and it's it's one that very few people it's kind of wing childish and a lot of what you now been winchell uses a very similar need to that these two legs i dont know we're not me we're so what's the origination of the oblique kick what's the origin of that
do you know i did some asshole ways they would know that an economic strategy to organise it with some kung fu kid i don't have that kind of thing kick i mean i just i'm trying to think of like devotees intact window because they didn't teach then type window i mean i'm doing that similar to it as there was you do like a front kick in a different way sometimes what you would do a stomp i would do a front kicks sometimes world throw it in our throat with that you'll have to the money lack now to the chest i throw it in i pull the foot way back in and in line with the heel and you can get a lot of power for that but i like this to me i think this might be the better just like a little bit of a twist to the leg the way you're seeing lorens throw it but iran's might have moved on tormentor oh no i haven't talked on
i know that they were all negotiating and if bela tour puts lorens and there too that's does that's who really good good way class to fund almost commensurate with the usa and the eu have see as damien maya cowboy donald tell me when wanna to see donald only vs learns larkin the holy shit yeah that would i share her or iran's verses mazda i would like to say that i too i want to see one of those we're pretty knowledge about that up these that that's fucking christmas present remotely add one seventy might be the most talent rich division in the sea right now and the idea that connor might one day step up to try to fight whoever wins woodley verses wonder boy thou of in the craziest move i mean it looks
life really looks like he's gonna fight for i may whether connor really looks like he's gonna happen it looks like this too much money to start that to them since and i was thinking is that you have she needs do they need to get a return on this on the money they borrow but the best way to make that money back haven't they fight but it's a weird fight how do you what do you do that fight you gotta make it but in boxing you can't make it an mme its outcome in them five voice not going agree that so it's gotta be a boxing fight it'll be menage so you don't have it in the eu have cedar so the sea what call promotes i've what do they do that three of them get together as a promotional entity and what kind of precedent does that set out exactly far as control no no organization has ever had the kind of control that the usa as why it's like isn't it's an epoch level of control they they can choose the oh there's gonna be for interim title page twenty ferguson abnormal men of congratulations i know cottages when the title a couple months ago but
the way we see a girl you guys to be the champ i mean we have to interim chance right now that right as max holidays interim champ max i wouldn't give a fuck about that title i mean his he's got his eyes on josie aldo when they gave him that belt mean literally was i designed the belt i want i want that what i want to fight aldo so that make only some more sense thank other do another king kong will be exactly the life and an even bigger than is even easy rebellion ever mean my man how are they they couldn't hide the first the little one killers like he was gonna fuckin some beat all we have google earth now betcha address things fucking sixty feet all knowing how the first almost fifty feet all this one's godzilla was five hundred feet tall which is one of things god's delivers king council fuckin stupid because when you went to japan allison king kong was five hundred feet tall too so i will man marijuana
i'm in the empire state building he was not that big he was about the now much bigger than they just very old love they can they run ideas i guess a giant line on the same idea must have what my throat it was about the turtle member camera who spent around rockets would shoot at all is holes spin around our circle managers you remember gammarus couple due time i was stupid it's fuckin monster ever remember gammarus if he showed me jamie a poet up epilobium rights i remember moths yeah i remember super moth stupid foxes eat nearby sweaters broken a sweater factoring is fucked it up japanese will your sweaters man i have a lot of work oh shit like like hunting stuff a lot of is made out of wool and the fucking monster my house manchuria shit out of my war theirs
shouted to get him are sending me some stuff by the way beautiful would they send you civil set up you know some short some pants wearing jacket circa jerk how does a mortal enemies of clue you not really i added besides there there people are always so that are dependent on each other all those people in those businesses i guess i say with him and made to write like the you have seen latour super competitive with each other but yeah i refuse to step out still exists now they do but they dont look i'll see i've ground area they do what they dont there out there in progressing now but our yeah i mean just it was that's it examined rustling program you think i got bought out fucking years ago and who knows the other day some sort of a deal at progressing now we're tap out as a big part of pro wrestling they have to wear tat out shit
that's the best background i don't i mean i don't know if they can get i dont get it i think they d i gotta go what do they have a notice you people weren't about anymore i dive they can have top out church of pro rustling on five fucking little ask us let tap outlook oh it's different looked new logo guy simple bulky whose again jamie was saying tickets they took nevertheless i he's gotta totally and low look the new logo the tea above the to get my vast goody move still it's one of those brands adjust i wouldn't genes i see it just gets so beaten down its one of those things are just no brains leg it no brands gotta them amira no brands make reeboks gonna make it do you think i know other bans are real is a brand outside of emma me that's why it's gonna
give them a sort of but the only reason why making it may be because of the u have cd deal yeah yeah you know what's forced i kind of the horizontal panels now i'm all the time i rock and right now let's see we say let me know bob i do this a few years ago tat about it no reebok ok that's one of the things that make sense there's stuff is cultural i'd like it better than first i was critical like most but actually where am i where all the time they make good stuff that's not the problem the problem is what happened with the deal to emma fighters and had sponsorships before the rebate deal team around and how much money they lost yes that's the real problem it's not is nothing to do with equality there items which is kind of fought for the company we think
the negative energy in a negative press they ve gone from may funds that are made of the deal i was making a mean very good money for small surely a grand a month when i first got yossi just response just sponsors and how much we made from tab out cannot pay me so much that i would have fundamental thing tell you how much you made for me back make five five provide here and there is no other sponsors involved anymore now but i mean i like everything i have everything i ever wears old is all some companies that would sponsor me if i if i like ruca or like this company or whatever they would sponsor me if it was can point to now how's your part just don't know you don't podcast now eric apple that you have my podcast which a storyteller local creepy that i just me get more in depth empty ripping you off basically talking president just me off i'd rather people zack or maces have got it right nobody has genre exactly
and then the other one is this to american animals it's me my cause a gap boys been my boy my best friends were burnt our lives we just we grub together but we just its utter nonsense pretty much we just touches halves of von just have fun and fuck around and so if you know they're they're both you can still find among you two were as i do and on any of the stuff we can usually yeah i heard one of whom were heard like one of the intro where eric was talking about sort of the social issues it again in the world today is very aware do he tries yeah he's he's a little of the times is my kono says he's burning the exactly banal erics awesome you know he's he's real says my best friends he taught me help you without his diaper didn't really walking the fuckin hospital you know how to change divers he beheld raises sister and stuff i'm sitting there i got a fucking who are you he's a cobbler adjusted or do you ever come here my
he's got he's like the uncle it takes us a detour disneyland over time but if if you wanted to hear us just haven't fine screw around you know it was always a good time now that people have seen how much brendan job you know how well he's transition from being a fighter to being a pike astern brendan works hard i mean he's fucking hustles he's constantly making new tee shirts constantly promoting is is episodes work and i'm getting better guests me he's legal added and attacked it he's not taken lightly and some people they they look podcasting and you know they just take it lightly they don't they don't get serious about he got soup serious about it and you know he's did to you today the ones that have a really what i done don't do it in i get downsides remnant i've been really bust him ass to do
and will you an interesting guy in your smart nino a person like you can legitimately trance transfer and do do something else outside of it yeah that's what i want to do you know i like i just did that do those silly no story tom another creepy but like i get in bitter do other it in like that's mercer yet he knows the popular reviewing nosedive partners who neck and ideas that you describe relax two extra they should do let's get blasted with nick and they d s and just found in bonn on a table i would the size of a nuclear missile anxious fire it up and you start times shit about everything and have people on how people get blast with them ps get incoherent forget what they are talking about i stood radio blasted radio lasted two oh nine within the union india has lasted two can they not have an episode to unite in stockton they have you have each or nines comin out but it's not stockton that shit is unconscionable they had one opportune
ever in the hit me you have c and they lou they should have planned it like i play episode nine eleven to be out jones they should have planned pursued to oh nine to be informed and starting with nick and they d is i guarantee you that shit would have gone two million paper view by sorcerer where they set if they jumping out of the bond of you have seen too oh nine and then just that warehouse and then said the snow they find that they fight whoever you know you could get him fights look she s peace back just peace back gnp verses nicky as is the permanent lied to me does the perfect fight to make because neither guys for a long time neither guys entitled contention and it's a super fight the super fight right out of the gate very true the point so tucker watching him warm up man his striking looks really crisp can we interesting zealand renewal
yeah interesting to see him versus sam but you can tell samson line up a shot so sound throw some hay acres exactly do throws hey but he's a lease keeping his hands up for the most part they start to drop again like cecilia he's like famous for in his hands right about waistband level and gentle launching bricks your way and she has a fish and many tat beard i really think that that is the fight i really think that nick ds versus gnp is the fight because it's a super fight both guys haven't thought and forever both guys are not ranked and it's a fight you could sell yes like right at the gate there's no repercussions but there's also allow money made and i'm hear rumours about eddie avarice fight nate ideas but it was
the reality of the rumours is among hearing them online so mean they might be total bullshit like i could probably ask these are the real life can have a direct line to the usa but meanwhile written into their imposed offer real has thus real sheds i didn't knows for real but i love that i too eddie average verses nate ideas as a good fuckin fight this a lot of good fights it could be made right now but it seems like the transition between zoo fur and this new company in a train double emmy in the old guard it's like there's there's definitely been a transition airy period where some things are seeking up as well as the eta would you like that brooklyn car
it was a hard sell it turned out to be like a really good fight card but the the main event the featherweight title bout kind of a hard sell for a lot of people and we all know that titles just place older is the place for their fur dress where people are mad that chris is getting a test to not testosterone therapeutic use exemption there's a lot of people that are pretty pissed online there saying that usanga was manipulated but i don't think that's true i think that would they have found that whatever she's taking was the right thing to take for whatever issue she's gotta that they know everything they testing and they can see everything in your system there are not stupid scan be very interesting see what happens when deronda me comes back if she's gonna fight holly home for rematch or if they gonna go straight to cyborg or what the u s he's going to side
i boards where the monies that of course you know me most people irregular folks don't know who cyborg is she is scary but they'll know they'll know after that fight yeah she's the she's she's such a bad ass miss you at jim she's fuckin so tough and so hard working that roca to write again she training with some recent jason priscilla yes she's she's nobleman works so fuckin hard she always doing some running a marathon doing this announce a cheese did you call your alfonse she's did admirals on with appreciate what you did fear play adrian and rocky that rocky three parody that another who she satellite adrian dude it's one of the funniest sketches of all time had though is player rocky it's that sooner emotional just like right now it's like i'd really emotional and sighed
who plays adrian its historic how funny as if the resort to this day is like that he that character that is not to launch a character is inexorable mean that is can he's connected to that got his him there was always a guph like hanging around the jew it was always like fun to this day people think that got an argument with a brazilian jujitsu black belt about we they really did come up to me and give me a hard time we had a meeting with them yesterday were worth thinking about doing an end to the dragon parity with call entered the death knuckle regular would would we will probably do it boyfriend is he still doing that little talk show that it was doin there when it was said dorothy i know said twenty four that was given that was part of the rocky sketches every show was a talk show but he'd have a sketch
it started each show that the first one was robert deniro sittin with al patino in he did a scene where uncanny florian plays out between now and cannot though plays robert that's a great sketch one of the greatest sketches then he does a josh barnett one a brokeback mountain parity with and not though and josh barnett in the woods one the greatest not only does it really does the intro another one he read does interest to the incredible hulk show its get him out those david banner and when he sees only gets child support notices seeds
they have them around to show are you kidding it's funny man you're kidding me what's interesting as emma may gets bigger like that character is like more more viable i mean it's a really good care he does he u ease of justice auto de bag person round to cabin tucker sam cecilia we re has de bags every rice oh yeah you know what's the race with the least de back i would say canada a race race and many many de canadians i would say they have the less assholes as far as countries i think that's a nice country of beer i've already there i would iceland never been within no i'm discussing whether
so big ireland is languishing idyllic number one would like strong men's i got lost amount of those drawn planter there the central bank's how it or something i didn't sunlight iceland kicked him i didn't i they arrested like a lot of bank laid aside just a fire revolution do that when this fifty people and that that better regulation that burden whalebone stay warm but that's right that's racist i don't think it is yes you lied to me why people all day nobody gives a fuck you haven't even aware oils come on i think about more some generalizing but a lot of lad comedians start off with the jokes i why people do this is our why people do it and then a white bambi like a butt can you imagine of white comedians did so this is our black people are like any joe
like i can't you do want about you you can use a black voice every now and then in europe in a routine i think maybe you are but not like in our countries fail positive one of them it is notions of people thrown around today's at white people are the only people who can be racist and black people can't be racist towards why people because they dont have power over whites it is one of the most ridiculous interpretations of the word racist it's so fuckin stupid it's but it's something that people are embracing like you look at it online now again tell stay woke people people that really believe in that you can't be racist and be black give your races towards why be with those in count like well what is it then if you just don't like all why people like it's it's gotta be racist no no no no it's not
it's just a little free if you remember when tincture per would play the whiteness castor ballade light for his amendments he stole that characterises literally due to internal why did he do oh yeah dave to pebbles fucking furious she knew the same character literally stole the care put the whig on everything the best one the best chapelle sketch was when chapelle did racist katy cake does it knowing ass black ass blind leave me why aren't you came over who is blind and they want to work in rome came off the guy and audiences had exploded neil was kneeling those the best get show of all time that's the best i mean it was the shortest running is only two year but i think this chapelle shows the fuck you
and as a comedian man he can do yet comedy and his comedy is fuckin among the basque some of shit is that you can get any better than that bit he's got so many of those beds class the airlines have those laying a shit you could do right there bow he crushes data russia's law agrees i year after year crushes then we are watching finally wily wage and he walked away from everything from from the fifty million whereas it do you know why too much pressure no no no they were they were trying to changes act what was and was he was well over the inside it sounds like you're right it's nasty what was happening was they had a dvd deal back when dvds where real thing is when you can make money sellen dvds and this this deal part of it was they wanted to change the kind of sketch
they didn't want him using the word niger anymore they wanted them to stop doing certain sketches make just cleaning up a little bit yeah i feel like you could have it just as my butt cleaning up a little bit and dave just recognized what was happening you recognize the my eyes he just didn't want all these people tell them what to do is like like we ve made it so far so successful so far because you lead me to fuck alone and al when you say more we can make more money if you just just listen to us and it was like pocket well imagine africa went to afghanistan after a photo just realized like what am i doing and then from then on he didn't book into gigs for long time anyway just show up and do gigs he would bring a portable speaker and set up in a park in seattle and people just gathered round you ain't even let him know he was there he didn't use from these areas to show up and you start doing sets still this day shows up places when i was in denver i got off stage in denver my sex show friday night i go into the green room dave's there are we doing here hey joe i got you want to go on
davy goes our should i go fuck here i grab them and i go out the audiences leaving i go come back i go back when will we dave chapels here and they went white and everybody came back he sat down went crazy and they went up in another thirty minutes after the show was over but that's what don't call me too shows up places this shows up after a show and the set to somebody else's i'm really enjoying yeah that's his farmers able von it's it's all fund hinges on the fund should exist one she does not having a scheduled a function is doing it when you feel like it is definitely times you don't feel like it time to do a bit you don't feel like it what he's doing some specials he got to deal with natural she's gonna do some specials netflix has gone off they they got here the surest way i'll stand up to national yeah yeah that's how we are going to be remember netflix east sack there's nothing on your mobile phone are you get it for a box and its act and use
and saw that shit everyone like ok they don't go but documentary like should we keep it for the documentaries then you end up just fuckin cancelling it over and now its awesome i never watched it until a few years ago i wasn't gonna shit i was on who watches regular tv i had a netflix special in two thousand and five joe rogan live that was netflix dan that's two thousand five and i wasn't watch enough looks like i do especially of those other i mean but he saw it on netflix back then nobody had netflix and then it they sold showtime alike are violated it's it's the netflix revolution oh it is now now it's the charts man know i've been watching i told you untold history the united states that all oversight documentary will have you seen it now you gotta watch it it's the rabbit hole is deep so craze was about
the untold history of the united states it's amazing it's our stone that's netflix came from forty dollars in late fees on nepal thirteen rental that's a larry's that's what the idea came from yeah netflix is awesome man and is changing the game i'm so deep in the house of cards now among season houses are its holy shit i started it watched like seven episodes leg i like that sometimes you lose it and it's good and you go back to her i'll probably go back to the recipe i forgot the whole thing though yeah i hear you yeah i was i got to go back to narcos i haven't finished season two i'm on that one i'm all out of that show so good so good finished west world oh i love that westwards amazing love that show then we're dissenting was kind of weird yeah we're and i think that is why i want i want to die dates and every i'm watching this and i'm thinkin i where to go on thinking tat would be per
a further three aids pops out i must instagram posts from a long time ago but i swear i saw the seeing them i am taking a perfect look for for this shell and pulled areas there is a solaris sam cecilia yet tate is probably one of the most successful character actors in the business right now is in everything amendment at first start scene of movies alike check data but now it's like ridiculous damn paid again because it change she's gone for like luckier o neill that's another thing is be ensuring about usb gps better at a time with john down her he's in new york a lot the real interesting c4 incorporates a leg login and its also can be real
interesting to see with all the you know if anybody is gonna be greece and when they fight george and what kind of an effect that's going to have you not seeing that it all in grappling are you eddie greasing and having on effect on legwork games or like that who knows abby who knows how i know it in api theirs rash guard rule i dont have a title you could wear anything you want shorts whenever but i think ultimately everyone's gonna have to wear tights and rash no matter what you said there is no greater role now what you where now you wear shorts ugo anything anything shorts but you know just to eliminate any possibility of grayson you know there's a lot of dangerous like lockers out there and there's a lot of people that are really
surrender bottom and you know i'm not saying this guy greece their legs or like i understand it's it's really easy to do we're not checking you know so instead of coming up with this crazy ass tat which is like a more spaz most people to have no problem warrants bad we're spats and then board shorts over there no big deal people did all the time why always find it interesting that in no gay those danaher her guys weren't wearing them i think that's really interesting zero leg lock eyes like any cummings garrick tone ends a choice you have to make you know if you're goin leg lacks a lot of people they like the greasy like war because it increases their defect their ability to pull out a leg locks of picking up go right leg battles man my blog battles and one little when you should have zagged you think you're on his heel and he's got you there's it shaw mother her rays
the modern day like large game its and less on its own with so everyone's got different styles and different paths it's insane elaborate did you see that g match between gary tone in a jay no i didn't see tarrytown got him in this horrific leg lock in age they didn't tap it you see here is his legs bet you gotta like a knee bar sideways any better leg bent sideways ill if it was awful sylvia fine put in tat he didn t but john down and made a whole point about how we should adapt you now he went on about how gary tone and tapped but that flying trying to shew face you no one that the carl's junior unsung clear yet three yeah
and then they ve he d done her made this big instagram post about the importance of tapping and you know you see a j not tapping while this horrific leg lock is put on and then gary tone and made a post ananas instagram about how is severely injured and now even though he won the bow and didn't get the tapie severely injured em but just tat people here fuck just jesus christ don't let you should get ripped apart of reserve daily won the battle is up to them i know but it doesn't bother you like your from your match with toiler when you're ribbon his knee apart i didn't bother me did you hear a crack in higher ribbon we're talking about it ah what we say had told him did you hear that you put me it's it's gone crap
yeah i'm fine i'm fine and then another one pop up and what about that i'm fine i'm fine might ok let's go tell yemen will give a fuck apparently he never tab select lux so everybody that knows them they they knew he wouldn't what do you think the inside of his leg looks like now sometimes year leg can pop and it's just like your knuckle cracking you know because he was i think he was walking after the match yeah you know even seemed limp anywhere and i think he was surfing a couple days later so maybe it was just like it it was his popping like knuckle crack or maybe just get chewed up miniscule in their anyone it's just crack around running around maybe as a lot of people like that
just get used to class rudeness bone on bona his knees he walks around how are you may his knees are fucked he told me it's all born on both know cartilage it's it's gotta be so much fun waking up every morning we can train can do anything boss written former yossi had which amateur up still excited stud can train can do anything one arm is one arm is all fucked up because of his impinge mints in his neck caused severe atrophy on his right arm says right arm shrunk literally half the size of his left arm and economic weight with it means up like ten pounds curls surely count crazy you tell me can hold up a jug of milk a good juggle milk like that is armed with just for this interesting fina tyrant woodley wonder boy too i think
i think we must he probably say they were the first one just kind of a stalemate i don't know about that men are feeling of woodley decides to take him down what you did in the first round it changes the whole fight but it but is actually the do that well you just decided not to and the sex fight or in the in the second round yet just decided not to for whatever reason but it wasn't like it wasn't available to him as it was really weird and i asked him about a i have no idea why didn't take him down to tucker this seems to me that this guy you know what would happen in that fight but when when woodley took him down the first round dominated beyond the ground is beat up and it didn't look like wonder boy the boy answer an answer all smash and then the fight change
the second round ana became my kickboxing fight woodley still hurt him hurt bad in the fourth but one thing that he took away took away a big part of kicking game of wonder boycotts wonder boy did want to kick and be taken down by i'm be smash on the ground like that again so he kept it standing and kept moving back and forth the way said just sort of like can appoint fighting with his hands in our seemed it was more that where that that's how you gonna win that fight that's how one of his gun easy ass to keep your distance you know me his insight aim is bad but it's that we defer the take down his she's got no
chance irony inside i now in power exchange to i mean you think of how much power nor tyrants got ya wanna ignacio out economic euro retiring to knock your own one shot and wonder boy malta time it's a bunch of shots me he can knock you out clean for catches you special kicks it's just an interesting fight to see who makes the right adjustment exactly that's the ice and they're gonna go maybe do decision i would think just just calibre how the sound match appears or two guys it see myself will end up there but i'll see a problem with a very real sheila like whoever game crap game plan can really work this time not just one of macedonia know yet what crazy fuck and sport i just so many variables are so many different ways to win and it's what makes it so exciting but also makes it so difficult to call i give you watch and certain fights like a boxing match or watch and certain boxing
as you know how one guy fights know another guy fights you can kind of figure out what's going to happen and you be with reasonable certainty both emma may have the time you don't know what the fuck's gonna happen they have to tackle the best strategy for woodley b just to continue taken him down he asked relentless i would say that right our treasure ok i don't know i was his while he could not you to this thing about woodley is he can do both wonderboy can't do both one more can't take tyron woodley down he's just not going to i mean he could he could wind up on top if you know like in the first fight wouldn't want for that guillotined was choking the shit out of him at some other wonder boy got through it and it wound up that will it was on tat have wondered what was on top that's possible but like shooting for power
double and taken down the woodley like maybe maybe going happen but it doesn't seem likely what's really likely though is woodley can take him down and was also really likely will really could knock him out but wonderworking knock em out too and wondered working not people out just it just he doesn't have the same amount of horse power that woodley does in fact accuracy its pits places her gently permanent time in haiti with a couple of his strike is so dynamic he can do so many different things specially off the front legs but would leave got that one punch smash power like there's at that video the fourth round or would they connects with the left up to the chin and you see wonder boys eyes robot
back in his head and managed to survive as one thing we learned about woodley from that for wonder boy from that fight that fucking do got heart man he can take it the fact that he didn't happen that gayety like look there was horrific usually even in the couple real bad petitions in that fight and he saw tat he really is he stopped no doubt about that it's just going to be a matter of whether or not he can avoid the takedown and whether or not he could be effective standing out and avoid the bombs yet but i was impressed with woodley's ability to fight five rounds to cuz i was always a knock on these so big he's so muscular he's not going to have the endurance but he heard him in the fourth you know what's so funny what are you laughing at the level of the whole muscular cardio funding was a fine i don't know
i'm gonna start hopkins in it so it could be fuckin real shitty was worlds onto nuts on vacation makes money man cannot shows good it's on vacation on hiatus this almost too many shows nowadays there is by far ire by national time like i can't do it i can't do it people always tell me duty i'll check out the show much fuck you i like sleep well it's guy that shows good it's on vacation hiatus this almost too many shows nowadays there is by far about new should all tired and like i can't do it i can't do it i don't have time people always tell me duty i check out the show much fuck you i like sleep well it's it's fun to get distracted but via the end the day that's what it is we have so many distractions here we go hector lombard speaking overnight
brussels johnny hendricks or he's that freaky as to the free common yellower marrow we ve seen in limiting here see why he works out when a lumber works out everything is short like his chin up suggestion object and when they like it's not there's no long big motions tries have extensions very sure everything is like not like full range of motion stuff everything's like short distances interesting when and why i don't i'll just his his style of strength and conditioning morgan out and one eighty five manny such a fucking guerrilla what what did well where she train now he's eighty silly that sea always lived in look everything is like he doesn't it doesn't have a full range of motion with a lot of his exercises
he's a freak when he knocked out nate marquardt was jesus christ it's amazing that mountain there it is right there it's amazing at marquardt still in there swinging he beat the shit up all rights that was at one hundred and seventy two right
scary man it's so strange the sport are you get to see inside of a few year period the guy's rise and then complete falling apart you just get to see them at the peak look in their best and then you get the see them just really when you just hoping and praying that they stop doing it and i'll happened inside two years it's like the music business it's worse though because the getting beat not be eyes algorithm gay being abused that is like the music business in a way the right like think of a big music act from like three years ago that you can see the canning club to morrow night of all the bands get sign ninety five percent of them get dropped
within by their third album don't make it and make it most bands don't make only the very very few make it it's just like it's just like emma so tell me about chance the wrapper as avenues named it doesn't have is not signed anybody sell out gigantic arenas ethnically yes technically that mean he's got it is technically corn quoted independent wrapper right so is not technically on record level but he's got great friends all over them all over the map is agent is the biggest agent in music and assure was careless biggest so it's he's gonna help that everyone would need you don't need the backing of record label which was like lawyers and promotions and other aid or himself so lawyer them indeed the record label things can a useless nowadays right yet just doesn't doesn't help anymore
yeah just amazing change in the world with digital amazing what happened with me it started out lars or which rich then i say his name he saw the writing on the wall with that napster shit he saw what was happening and he called at first and then now you're seeing like the business is almost a completely different business than it was twenty years ago it's all based on live like performing there's no money and certainly what is a person make from record sales is another point i can assure you something star still make it does to make money off of albums like this kind of west far from achieving links there filled rich silk was of course one filthy rich but it does little money you're filthy rich less i'm saying is making life record sales obviously filled you
selling out arenas but as you make money for reconcile still that's a good question some accents gods suborn conversation this argument to steal it s a finer and not a port up but instead of seeing a lot of pop music or people are charging a lot more for their tickets now to three hundred bucks reedy bitches that's where they make their money back sure yeah sure that's means you gotta do somethin how old you gonna pay for you fuckin mentions isn't your enemies all they do is to or now onshore man you have to the ones get back together now should see what happened guns and roses wholly goddamned shit i ended up in mexico city doing at the same time guns and roses mexico city i want to go sam and man i was completely by the way they have so many heads of it
slashes up there looking like a god i was never the biggest guns and roses fan when they came out i was all into slayer and i was in the darkness aerosmith signs first farewell toward dates oh shit gone for wild oh shit there all get back together again i make money may even i hear smashing pumpkins might be back to the original arrogant alyosha than what ails you james he had darcy smashing bumpkins ever really broke up it's always been billy corrigan with a different band so it's gotta be him again so it's gonna the whole band again the original abandon up living morgan was going crazy reading propaganda not even heard daphne lincoln conspiracy there's no original smash in pumpkins line up there i'll fuckin that's thinking i got from liquidators oda ah that's on talking about right here
down with aliens rodya things really answer put it what are you a short time the long about whether you would be right it thinks that their visiting us got daily basis how about that fuckin basketball player a flask player things the world is flat dinosaurs our real unfortunate thing tissue into do he's probably when i went to do boyfriend damn johnny and it barely made one hundred and eighty five what is a twenty five point five lombard one hundred and eighty two interesting one of his thinking about going on a one seven modulation re numberless way more fresh oh yes can a battleship gloves who the he would go well joe martinez and server i wonder what's goin on buffers almost always at these events when you have not there just doesn't seem the same i liked martina don't get me wrong but unless you
here too i am museum beat red scream and nobody gets me public cover some shiny suit he gets crazy ass they gets like hand tailored suits made for specific events ughi had one aid for the usa in new york i did what was it too was it too was it to of total tax you have seen too oh two as the date inside of it all embroidered and shit i played i now incirlik bruce buffer slash dj underground fight it was never back down to strike the dvd but i played bring announcer so i'm talking as the fights are going on i'm kind of ring announcer last commentators last dj and man was i was horrible i was so bad in it but i did just try to do a bruce buffer would do like how improves buffer say this name and i was just basically
do in terrible bruce buffer impersonation doesn't it so cringe cringe who would go oh boy had lombard johnny hendricks for fifty five four fifty four for fifty three for fifty two the first round from sink it up this is huge man heritage is so fuckin explosive when you watch nimbus like you're watching and a gun about to go off is like a championship the distances that he can close is insane will the question is how motivated is johnny like how much did he prepare as he is he back to training like real hard all the time and how much better does he feel it when he saw me maybe he just back to old johnny andrews again mean well i e doesn't look good physically physically and fat and unshaven cannot you said that i like it i didn't say that
ass well ass my point out i marked the body shame are amongst us i think if we say the hair off you wouldn't say ni by hendricks he clicked on what that knee he clip them with that need that was a good knee town jimi hendrix till the next year interest very interesting yet remember johnny hundreds of fuckin however russell wrestler any real hard while he was a one seventy knocking people dead for a while but you haven't seen evidence of that lately which is really interesting moved away from that left hand though look good there the good they're moving away from that left hand put lombardies like one fuck up just one fuck up and you go night night
and he so hard to take down the joint judo world champion rail yeas judah world chap i believe he was a silver medalist nay olympics now that's thumb euro romero what did did lumbar competing olympics i think he did i do not think he metal neon pics i think i may be the way be ended jesus lombardies connected big right hand over the top pretty sure i yellow removes a silver metals the aspects there's a there's a bunch of people that believe that over marrow through the olympics for money to the huge crazy conspiracies here yeah some cnn i could library could be the library
i have to hear all these a funny funny funny stories about is my my wrestling coach there christians was on the on the olympic team in the world team with joe warren and all the people so i just thought i could funny should i wrestling is assured other animals suffer the animals animals animal savages their savages their core some of them are may its that's one of the reasons why it's like we all remember i was so interesting there is because if you talk to real rest worse about your marrow anomalies just a freak since such an incredible athlete we're getting him while he still i mean he might be nine years old we still able to put on shows and move like a freak freak athlete athlete with the left hand over the top there i mean that fight with chris wyman holy shit that flying naming duty he doesn't like nobody like who else who else fights like him
who are explodes like that take off half your head he's so scary he so scary and abuse of distress stronger than johnny has a great back up good defence by hendricks avoiding that left hand hit some of the noble this could be interesting if lombard did not expect hendricks to last in this fight goes into the second and third instrument lombard starts to slow down a bit and you also gotta think lombards come off of a devastating knock out loss you gotta remember that hooty stand henderson oh memory got hit with that back elbow you got elbowed and i got fucking hammered when he was on the ground to dude that was a crazy fight he didn't move for a while
an interesting it as clinching with them yeah it is interesting it is interesting and this is like johnny hendricks has gained jai hundreds a hell of a wrestler really good at manipulating bodies want to pick clench with him if johnny's healthy you everyone thought george saint pierre georgia's could not do anything it was picking your job thrown around when george was trying to hold onto a single and joy was like a good luck with that good luck with that leg taken me down like a monopoly ressler like his level of wrestling when he was in his prime his level wrestlings like as good as america has to offer at many points in times that beautiful trip attend by lombard and johnny hendricks makes it through interesting here's your thing hendricks looks kind of fresh here he doesn't look cookies tie he might have gotten a real good shape for this the end the fifth
for although as you saw some bad fight from him right you saw some fight where he self admitted that only trained for hours a week the delay say you look that you're here didn't dare magnified yeah it was a real close fight there was a real close fight that was and he didn't make wait for that fight to right that's why is a bit on any five now tell you what though you go back to the one the young the johnny hendricks it knocked out john fitch the johnny and jerks it marked knocked out marvin campaign yeah he was just thrown palms man it just the elegant death touch you hit guys they ve got the lion lie back in their heels it was weird there's a couple knock out city out particularly fitch encampment whereas look like he had some superpower ip address crazy
vital overhand we just videogame shit samson life from but that's one of those things it's like i was super excited to see fate or this weekend superseded see fate because i'm always wonderin like when as a guy like that like how much does he still have at how much is that the how much takes all this time if he comes back is going to come back just like super pumped up to fight like his fate or going to come back as this you know this view version of who used to be or we're gonna see the fate or versus maldonado the didn't look so good he eat depiction the shirt shirt obvious evident look on that fit well he never looked all that fit worse than usual well one thing that i saw when i saw the picture the way and i noticed it looked to me like a shoulder pray for the sun so gay posts outside the appeal of strong to me as well get into a guy
fate or always carried a certain amount of body fat never heard em i was never ripped and whose discoveries guy alive for awhile do you think he's grace have you heard of all time i can feel it almost have to give it to you for that error because it was as someone that little i've watched sport my entire life like that's this is the one thing i look to hear him he was at that i mean since then there has been a heavyweight that struck fear in and people like like righted move maybe came flash is a little bit but under the care well recently please ranges kept getting injured unfortunately but when he was at his best here
is horrid so scared feel like feel disrespectful to disrespectful to fabrizio doom like realistically if we're looking in terms of accomplishments you have to really consider like when did verdure catch him go we completely disregarding how good fate or was up until the time virgin caught him and we can not giving redeem accredited deserves cassim vote for recent receiver doom has tapped out three of the greatest vault i'm tapped out nogueira tapped out fade or and tapped out can't so it's hard but then he loses steve at he gets knocked out by steve but she didn't want to like re established evaluate now he's fighting doesn't does on yeah dos santos is going to fight those angelos yeah exactly so i bees he's been all about people so for greece has now finally los angeles d pay is found us onto does
santos or dishonest dos santos anthracite los angeles yes now junior tunisia santo yes sir he's fighting yeah he's fighting steep ok that's crazy that's gonna be another good fight member that first by the first right was soon close but it was crazy war the hell out of each other s awful oh who johnny hendricks looks to me way better here one eighty five then he looked at once evan his last who fights oh just click on the left or right hand sleep for a fat boy did he looks good looks good has he looks lazily he's late as feed looks fit it looks durable he just looks healthier i mean he maybe not le gripped but the ways performing looks better like is able to take it look that ceased is still tron bombs man his reaction time much better who is
who's better at eighty five to see their say about kelvin you look at it calvin that fought tyrant woodley the calvin didn't make way and kelvin looked tired he just didn't look the same then you'll get calvin fought tim the wonderful tat kennedy was off fuckin world beater man calvin asked alarm at one in five is a goddamn world beater he looks amazing i mean his is grappling defense was incredible and then it was light on its feet miss hands were flowing his chin his iron i mean at once that guys fucking healthy and when he's healthy you get to see the real guy the real guy is super talented you ve been seeing the real guy that's other by weight cuts like real hard way cuts and it is take too much out of his body and i think you're seeing the same goddamn thing here right now i mean still loses fight active lumbar still a fuckin beast right but this
to me like the best hendricks we ve seen in a couple of years i mean and this is like a competitive fire he was a good left hand over the top positions when his head is that he and his also i think he's banking on the slow down because the slow down lombard especially if he thinks he's got you hurt is a real deal like with neo magnet maggie man to survive a whole nation storm de member that her pisa arrived and then meal magda eventually one by tee kayo we got on top of only was beaten down and lumbar just didn everything left to defend himself so there was a second i wasn't
i know it he almost finished and at the end of one of one of the rounds yeah and if any fishing and after that i think you're right i think it was the third round of fascism and it was just a crazy war what's gonna break them up morning grab fence so we're in the second round sac around what's the time they have the time back up have got minute left lombard slowing down for sure it just seems like some of those guys that have cardio problems a lot of israel to the actual style that they fight and to knee punch the style of numbers like so sprint oriented and when he has to adjust that style and then become like a technical oriented fighter this is not the same thing like you're always on your heels in that first round and you first round your always getting away from this
just super athlete common actual the swing enthroned led right but then the second round you get a regular fighter and is what you see now you seen lombard skills which are still substantial but you i see in any evidence that freak out let us ism anymore now is fallen into a rhythm so like that forget so at sea i was drawn that kick like that that's kicks landing and he's throwing it because china murray you that kick you know i can say that young sailor dare punch it changes at all changes in that second round which is really interesting hundreds keeps come there me it's closer this dude lombards go about his corner it's very tired and hendricks pumped up fascinating i had thought comments this fight it this would be a fine where you know johnny hendricks is in a scary match with one of the most fearsome kayo artists in the sport i mean you
especially his better highlight reels over that need those a beautiful nearby hundreds you'll get his belcour highlight real back when whose merkin people over there like oh my god area was afraid of him on us she was huge is huge he came over here struggle a little bit of first lost tim bausch boring boring but wasn't a good fight for his didn't open up but the henderson one the last one was the scariest lost cause you got rocked by henderson the first and henderson rocked him took him down held him down was beaten him up on the ground and then they are the crazy exchange or henderson caught him with an elbow then dropped him he offer singly yeah dude and remember what he is inscribed post it american flag wrapped around him he said i smoke that cuban that's our road we could accept what is needed is a new day and understanding it away our our clifton with their right of
i believe this hendrick makes it look look good still out his feet still moving and not lumber bombard totally flat footed and the more hendricks does this to and faint some gets him too react and move the more keeps lombard from recover so round piece peace right pour out i'm not a good score around forty zero to peace eyes looking better right now as did last could you give the last round to lumbered with possible that you were given the last round of hundreds of thousands now i'm asking could you is it possible thanks to the rat last run you feel pretty clearly went to hendricks yet the first round if we went lombard not by much but mostly talk and shit interesting
lombard throws what you'd call short kicks because it shortens zaire but some guys that of short legs can extend he throws the same what we're talking about how he like when he does his weightlifting as short extensions duty does that it could be powerful and like little short punches in short bursts i have no idea what it is like a theory to that you know the ultimate fight or how they have two rounds and hits a tie oh nightingale about their online hurt we want a tie after a third dangerous to do it just like the ultimate fighter saw bad idea would it push the fighters more i would imagine that it would a little bit for sure right given more time i would also like maybe reserve a little an attack and be begin keeps it and what that left name he's hurting with that left me he season
opening every time lumber lombards closing it and now lombard it's very flat footed you really need to win the first round and now yam afore from becomes very important year yet when it's two round fight you know they always do that and k one and in glory they do it too like in that fuckin kid easy one night we should act in the same way three hundred and one that shilling at three fights in one night in glory last man standing it was fuckin crazy and it's so much fun it was like an dropped in like the first or second round of his first fight and then comes back and knock simon marcus out cold in the fourth after they had gone to war for three rounds of made fight another round was crazy i mean that was intent father and then if
again on the same night i mean how the fuck is that legally who that they will here he had how many rounds any obesity adopted very verge around which meant that it was it was in the i think you fought ten rounds soy he fought ten rounds of names cake box heavy heavy should i do me neither there are three round fights right where anything item eleven were they they weren't two round pilots though didn't make em to round fights in the semi zero now there are three rounds and he fought one for so one for because they went through with simon marcus you had the final with item but then you he follow who divided between ganda need that drugs cottonwood that we do not have any amount another one we got trapped tripped let's see how quickly get up always get not just got the fuck up why he just got up he's gamer is back everything he knew them
i was tired i slept right off slipped right off does your argument eddie right there i totally makes sense you want to promote offense on the ground in my opinion
that would be the smart business move lombard still closed in geneva entire other ball tired right now but lombard seems like fresher allison i think he smells blood who that front kicked the body and again wooes that take to the body interesting lombard looks much better now oh nice like take thy johnny ten seconds ten seconds what happens now oh january's alligator his hair why broke his hand he might broke his hand with that one punchy through or just brain business had hop tunnel
it is possible good point calibrated cigarettes gus where the judges decision now you know i mean what are they really do mean he kid i want a couple good body kicks bird in the hand i'm totally i'm getting broken who i mean there's nothing you can do about that now i know but it was so like waiting around here be brokers rare never heard there at the end i don't know his kind of way now i'll be there would mess with euro notes network and everything to do with the judge and the end of that fight look i think if we judge it i mean running around at the very end we would have been pushed it don't push it one way or the other you know that ending at that ending with the rest what do you really remember the first round clearly i remember moments in the second stage of the attack in it i want that method that you you were doing when you were doing
you see we u the unofficial harold letterman for you have see that was great doubts fun and you had a really good point to it and you can help me because you would like quantify like why'd you give it to that guy and you like while he got the to take downs but he hurt him but the leg kicks and hidden with upon similar cassie was like felt like that more gotta take notes or system if you're goin on air to give here analysis of the fire you gotta know your shit don't really good you should do that again man i'd like to know when the hbo boxing will be oh you know a brows breakdown blah blah blah yeah why little numb you have two rival did you have a fucking little chart but the way you wrote down was the way you did it was really good
getting a good system i feel like johnny hendricks might have this barely paid attention to fight solve here my unofficial take on the official take big rig our i see i told you and your mother just tell me no idea how you that right the idea but i felt like hendricks look better in this fight then he as an immediate i'm media right now after the fighting looks way fresher fuck way cutting man is one thirty five possibility for you where do for real maybe that's a solution could you imagine someone's gonna photos her face on a guy like hurtin from by cutting the third way cutting photoshop you'll get out better thing it's not hard for me to make one twenty five right
but i had already shuts down and i would like you actually do it but it's obviously vastly healthier to not do it yet because when you don't do it you don't have these issues right you don't ever get like a battle point we can't suave attorney or any that desire used to that then after i got sick and ireland that went away but i stood up that women like getting sick in ireland cured it originally went away just stopped it stopped be happening as bad as it was as well for whatever reason i have that seizing up my esophagus and i would either pass out and throw up or i would just feel like i'm going to pass out and then my throwing up and last like an hour or two a couple days damn do that's horrible than they did no ideas we all but i'm fucking do they achieve any to fight so let's do it so
i bet issues before the time which is you know i just feel better eventually because this isn't working out yes for killing me how many times have you computer band white bunch a bunch what are you how do you feel differ enflowered family damage bigger the bigger i know they were frame but whatever i want to fight but how'd you feel like physically while europe peering aren't you feel different life if i saw one twenty five your phone fires well like when you then aid weight and been able to find and unhealthy its potentially that as you get older you ve just done it too many times you cut way too many times you bought his turn rejected that could be it to have been doing my foot whole life much gentle finally got it figured outwards easy where i spent the last half my life doing it the negative harmful way i do you know what i think it also has to i think you're probably tougher you and you get as you get older
when you get like more accepting of pain you know you find that a lot in like older fighters in particular are there a lot of them are like like granny or like layton his age he was just so tough because he had experienced so much shit had been through so much tat he had been through and his mind was so fuck and strong in the grand eco tour dude armor when he beat him sylvia and nobody gave a goddamned chance nobody gave him a chance he was fighting the heavyweight who was a giant tim himself is a huge man randy seventy eight he's his horse he's gotta be and arrange some giant tim huge and randy hops in with an inside leg kick fake to an overhand bomb and just dropped their hair on to himself he knocked him down member that i am which eddie i was talking about it older fighters that are just tough guys like hand like dan henderson his older do it's there just south fuckin tough that
i'm wondering if like maybe your weight cut is easier just because your mind is different now you know that you're just you're just more custom to all the pain from the surgeries and all the different things you ve gone through the union can eat it better there's willie again jesus christ that that could be indefinitely i've been through a lot of pain or things like up mild cosette colony ojala he's just like you just have a different threshold is a united mode of other guys my brother teammates your shot by five times so use you guys have different pressure both of you guys died before it's just towards what is cross border labour yachtsman super spiritual power son yeah what has achieved a court mcgann as such it matt brown probably court magee rather corbett gown the comic it does now that it all is a nice guy shaming nice guy came in imagining beat in a fight that court magee is got that unbreakable spirit i mean for whatever is
is body holds up as much as is bodies can hold up his mind skins pushes body to its limits like when you we sell em and fights like a lot of his fights particularly earlier in his career he's had some tough fight lately but he's over well guys with cardio and would drive he runs with wait vest in the altitude in utah you know he's been elevated that's what's right home from from the pit but he's while those guys heats thing had a drug overdose died they brought him back those guys i've been to the other side there is more than just there's some scary about em doesn't mean you can't beat him right every one of those guys is lost but i mean matt brown at his best marching towards you trying to kill you is one scary simon beings really frightened at its ever ever lived mean until
take him out if you're in you're and a hellacious battle with a demon you know my browsers common at you elbows knees ex punches he smells any blood he's in face is are we language matter haulage acts like he's dying couple times he probably has a there's nobody on the plan like mad horrible you guys super super interesting i wilder you think you can maybe it's time to it not fight any more than a weird things well make a fist i think what else am i going to do my brain still while i mean why should save outworks earlier thirty two sides its amalgam fight for much longer
i buy me a lot of other stuff though the sun figures one day and then gallbladder the next day we don't no one maybe maybe maybe it's better to be broken alive we remain right it still killer of closer first to another man you have a gem right now you know you never know goddamn jam anybody in the fight game unless you have some kind of job that is secure and theirs i mean shit why not open the gym teacher if that's what you do your professional finer make people want to learn how to fight like teach people much why think worlds than fighting when you have exotic as problems you know domain yeah what did you do tat
logical winner he's having a lot of one finds a esophagus guess the next i'd gallbladder canada make affairs you should open the german gotta do it eventually i can still be motherfucker love but you want to open up a gem no then you should not have a giant idolized alive on time must stay alive now eighty strand taught me to think i'm talking about staying alive to a german start i ask i've got an i've got the pod casts and staff and more than two months whether stuff ok i've there are many areas amelia indifferent different ways to make livin in this world again i think the most important thing for everyone is to try he tried to make a living doing that thing that you really enjoy doing you love teaching jujitsu i've always loved him genji it's for you it's a totally natural thing there are some people they just don't like train or the people man these down don't enjoy it i don't know i guess it's it takes every kind of people you know
but it took if you really want to make it as a pot castro you could do it you can do that to man you're funny eric funding because guys interesting together good idea how do i get to show so over the work out what i'm sure we can at least i feel like that thing those things is just trying your best being consistent trying to improve and you can have stumbles and you'll be better another shows other you weren't certain shows but just keep doing it and you out you know a fuck load about fighting dude and i feel like that big brown breakdown that as one of its most important part gas and he's getting millions of downloads now for that so big because experience former you have seen fighters smart dude he understands fighting he's is controversial not afraid too things like he sees them he's not attached to anybody no one could tell what the fuck do to say and because of that is podcast millions of downloads you know also another option is if you don't like teaching you could be the owner
you have to do any of the t1 don't let him in his do the same within my business is trying to draw silent together for some pyramid scheme of an intimation planet template psychological rogan fighting capitalism miles run of the mill yet semi applying only collars colosseum beach uncle creepy emma may have a big kids programme it would go exactly these words were re sappho here interesting trap brown block in a cage re ray the legendary fuck yeah and so they there in vegas and bringing lando whose awesome love that was there a nice around the planet on a saddle i don't know maybe i remind you that nice guys ever lived there who only really one down the interactions are however that our land and shake sees the nicest funny that i myself am also right up there they can be roommates you know like one of these guys smoke any best friends man yeah he's a super nice guy man
resolved i is one that i skydive live to between marcello and kelvin gasoline he's a nice guy to his long those guys like i still believe in travis brown men are really do of travis brown could get back to that foot work and movement that he habits deference true as you know the deed though the will to come back that he had without her i still think that travis brown physically like the tools that he possesses we could put it all together and be like super motivated and have his mind strong and disbelieve himself he still got some of the best school best tools in the heavyweight division there was an atlas sites so long and is movement nobody's to move almost like a giant dominic crews he would see him
popping around and moving as a big heavyweight like this is a super unusual i see a guy that big that can move that well but i mean who knows maybe sesame knee issues or something you really dont know me he did have that hamstring blow out number when he fought big foot on his leg just gave out his hamstring just blew out in the middle of the round i went down i remember what it when it was a detour it was a hamstrung and i wonder if his leg got fucked up in that moses conspiracy theory eddie my meaning that one is very very about travis bronze lack of movement his leg explode that's fake news i know a definite gave out on em in the big foot five but i wonder if that was an injury that continue to be significant did someone put a banana deal or was it a real estate
how many times have you been injured and look whatever the injury as you came back to the point where you could fight again but that feeling was always there a gets always been compromised coming comes out avenue once this whole thing the whole arm thing both bodies hearts here yes is brown said it might have been the very first kicking through his left hamstring popped extending the injury isn't known soon begin cleary wasn't working in the stable foundation s always see when when you're in your hamstring pops like that the thing that i would think another issue also be the knee because of your hamstrings not connected anymore your knee is going to be all mushy and shit and you're probably not going to have the ability to
personnel from twisting it windup fucking unique up its least possible the wine of fucking you now i just think that like when he was younger man he was so mobile now it's when you are amazon eager it's true to write he was training with dominic crews wonderfully be they decide after a while that that takes too much energy for heavy weight possible the maybe he chose to or synergy brat lay that we might obtain right neither did the human body can take so much
yes so i don't know how much i'm supposed to talk about this so i probably shouldn't talk about it too much but i was talking to dc about kane you know about him him coming back you know and apparently he's back to training again he had back surgery and yeah i do not like some something but when you start i mean apparently the doctor said he's good to go he's ready to fight again and he's training light getting get back to the group but when you see a guy like that that has that kind of crazy indomitable will and then his body to start breakin pink it's just redline everything to paying no one those things happened how often you ever on a percent again man how two percent with a long time ago
right you tat s the same thing just is off the record but for a guy like kane sauna threat people listening with word i'm not unofficially the idea of course you can get back to upset but you that's just right that's life insignificant ends he's very dear like tito ortiz pre and post all those spinal surgeries totally devout side or that that's crazy tories line romania dude several times get fuse did us he's got fake discs he's got his neck you'll never see them work and on his neck yo bad how about that video when their hammer and interest with a fuckin screwdriver whatever the hell they're doing terrific in that guy went about yeah that guy one and fought and got guillotined after that
as you know and shell sun and almost getting them it's all after that is nothing is its neck is screwed together it's a naughty a sport there it is right there that's the video of them work tito's neck he put it online the sick bastard who that they've got now go back look at that shit dude certain things out of their digging in their fuck fuck fuck and look they have to hammer and place it so hard to watch dude is so far hard to watch him squirm and i always was no way they could have put mine on video if they went through the front beta pull out my organs to the side road dude and that there's a special doctor guess i guess a cardiologist at the splits all the organs and opens everything up so that the back doctor she can go in there and do some screwing but they did to me
his attainment bottle programme i don't know how many hours i forget but they put me out and they woke up knows lay in there and these gases wizard at it apparent i got a really good doctor us and they put a fake diskin there and how long is the fact is good for fifty years fifty sunlight them i don't know how do you do when if you still alive get sure did you shit fixed again our only get ninety five you know what i'm gonna do amount is comprehensive ninety five might just jump off a building lot of life i know sometimes i think what is one of those rose gets loose or somethin i would however they did
i'm not sure how they did as i am sure that some kind of screwing involved oh yeah right in use glue some kind of jailing yes i got screws involvement and sometimes i think about them they stay area your body absorb some of em like on one knee you can't even tell like the screw marked like it it the body absorbs whatever screws made out of o derek louis not swinging but my other one still another still metal too big boys yeah this is dangerous fight very dangerous five for both guys anything can happen in this fight who nice leg kick travis brown light on his feet on the outside i just still think this do it has some extreme physical gifts and is x is in in moments he's been extraordinary you know if you looked like that superman stephan struve twenty nine
ouster illumining knocked out schaub he's had moments where he's extraordinary yes he's not done but look at his frame along his letter is a heavyweight he's not done his gifts just gifted that frame yeah he's also savage yes it's like i just i just i believe and travis brown i think travis brown just made maids jane is in i know he's done a lot of training at black house for this fight that could be real beneficial form probably needs more big eyes to work with but he looks good here man who nice isolated by louis see loose in my opinion like he improved his cardio more all part of europe and with that they kick to the body he's he's hurt why he heard em we're gonna surviving wow very interesting
why travis get in their name to the body wow this is interesting is gonna feel terrible few lessons survive that was only harm the up from here to the body and again is kicking you from so far out he throws a good round to the body to very interesting in time they kick like how far is again a frontier to the body he heard em you heard m o derricks far back this is interesting man see this is way more kicks and we seen of him in recent fights look that beautiful lake kick slides away from many parts possible counters hoots fucking great sinner that left left body kick or the right body kick he's been doing it with the right leg
both those errors babies i like him we'll take he's got more people and more fuckin trouble the chris wyant wheeler care that is the we'll take around the world heard again he's a slap and with his toes a little bit in its hurting em all beautiful lake kick nobody went down oh shit back up to his feet very is this fights fun i guess that's what actual yours hoping wasn't holy shit out through the frantic again dirk lose with bombs derek louis improve just our abiding uniform beautiful finishing goddamn he's tat damned derek this can take it holy shit he's tough that's your lifetime minute forty minutes forty why can you recover
most during the failure to recover by relying not totally recovery still hurt you know and you definitely more susceptible to abolish are so bad too so she that sternum shot at the dead so our plexus shot the way he just landed at me off and if you ve been liver hit as we're in in stomach were you lose your breath breathe is that deliver now levers we're dude citizens sometimes people can hit you in the same spot and nothing happens they get it right there pam nothing happens but other times just for whatever reason and it doesn't have to be the biggest shot either it just a perfectly plain shot to the liver and your whole body just goes just locks up and you can kind of you can kind of fake it you can kind of move around a little it comes its horrible in one
talks about the head trauma and fighting and what about the body troms organ trauma it is there trauma there too good point withers damage thy permanent damage damage done there to all coarser is cast in the red stomach imagined i was brown namely in the chest live cattle red observe how the fuck does not permanently damaged of course it does does some does get scared me some bleeding in their ok not just and bleeding there this tearing there's tearing the serbs our tissue written some important organs of again squashed yeah what the we kick yeah liver man you're livers a big part of what gets hurt but you get caught with a turning psychic to the guts i mean that's horrific for every ashley the way you throw their who could survive the only guy survive it is if they catch him long catch with your toes and you don't catch him with the heel but when they get here
he'll if your extending as they get here it's there so much force it's one of the worst things the world kevin raw survived one in his last belcour fight he got nailed like early seconds of the fight you got nailed with a ride to the liberty said it was one of the most painful things he's ever experienced in his life you didn't see a goddamn thing in his face and he just talked i'm down i can't move and kept fighting and about twenty seconds later was a hundred percent recovered how do you see the evolution of the sport is you ve seen how much it's evolved over the last twenty years whatever minutes it's crazy maybe what does the future hold it should keep evolve and maybe one day instead of two or three guys in the sea with that
power that turn inside kicking the arsenal but maybe it's just like everyone it'll be standard twenty nine the front lay side king in the turning psychic should be standard just like the front dick is maybe standard eventually everything year rodriguez animals will be stand i ask you to do is learn how to do it everybody that knows how to throw a good right hand everybody knows how to throw a laugh took everything that knows how to throw light kick you can learn how to throw a perfect we time sidekick a perfectly time spinning bacchic we of course i'm not special there's no special about me that i can do it i'm a forty nine year old comedian if i can do it may you can do it you could totally do it the way i do it do we learn from this type of instead to that i learned from that teaches you perfect technique and they emphasis is that you never fuck with that technique you always do it the right way anybody in these guys can ten years ago if some u fc fighter told told you that he's got a sign for fight and he's gonna start trying to take window school to get ready first fight you would think he was
craze losing his mind right ten years but now you now you it's not a bad idea go to your local type want all school get your spin on right get your car fool you notice zan lakota resell them spending kicks just to get that spinning kicks down oh tat was dropping bombs travis trouble but he's got a lotta hard though lad arby's these hang in there it in their everyday lives are going oh he's gonna move move he's trying to movies hang it on the we share standing cocoon rather holy shit now what are you doing travis oh geez traveling should have kept that all my illness man he's hurt my he's hurt is still chicken owing to the body beautiful shot you still in this oh my god this is incurred edible
remember that over him fight man remember that over him fight he was down and out and he came back and knocked him out travis brow the following things being mistake what the fuck huge mistake is pull them and of mount i just had a higher theory was always gin veiled he's in trouble man it's gotta use that you set under her get back up don't stop don't stop keep you don t people keep going down there things have brag down again christ we share this is a great fight town two thirty two go half way point baby sometimes the best time to take someone down is as are getting out i would add that yeah i'll big elbows by louis
like i know anything about take this up big fuckin win if louis wines of winning here only those doors is that how beautifully back up back up the professional that's a professional travis brown two minutes ago were bound would have walking round oh my god it looks like it's clip stop it my job in tunisia ass to too many shots three too many right there at a big win for derek lose the holy shit
what a fight to survive with those powers god damn fine haven't you ever seen a fight like that with those bodies shots in the way they were landing and in all the draw my most recent you're standing there holding is tat we ve never really seem an alibi fuck yea did want a fire not favoured by and want a won a victory for him to the way ended it to stop a knock em out cold like that it's terrible that he took those extra shots but you know what you're published four to six weeks that is to have any idea as it gets why why two polar wasn't there let's see that then do travis brown tried so hang in there man but look at this try boom isn't that nail polish there's a laugh the left really heard em judicious wing that right in
it's beautiful beautiful like going around the guard good placement of his punch is this an elbow i was an elbow right there here it is boom boom boom boom boom like right there because stop that fight told the unnecessary the last few shots they could see even show the last few shots like boom right there that fight is over like doubt those or two a completely unnecessary shots that reparation jumped in earlier yeah that's it necessary that's unnecessary but travel is known for coming back strew break but there wasn't there was no break anymore use dawn he was gone he was unconscious when it to those last two shots but fact derek louis dam is good whose tougher than that guy man awesome each those shots the body survives comes back
smell the next round super impressed with him in the roy nelson fight because i felt like two in the roy nelson fight like roy throws big boss she a strong guy like this could be an interesting fight he get tested derek loose get tested but instead just overwhelmed roy new strong nasty combinations in his conditioning was so apparent that there was a big change in his condition and he even addressed that he was talking about i just realized at a certain point time that if he wants to compete at the upper levels he's gotta have the gas tank so you see it now with a man back those crazy what on nutty division man the heavyweight division is just so different than any other division cause they're so fuckin big they hit so art and even though there they can take more
no one a heavyweight division one crazy punch and everything's all fucked up in one way or the other idea was that was a fight that could have gone either way right i'm half i was gone back and forth body in the head crazy cyst its it is dead interesting that the heavyweight division right now there's not like i mean there's the big fight between deep pain junior dose santos which probably only some crazy war judging by their first fight but does not like clear fights after that it's not like what eighty five you got yellow romero is waiting right behind him rock array waiting either one of those guys we fight for the title right now to make a good argument you know all the others this is their status as hell
three way division looks better than ever but it still doesn't compare to like five thousand five hundred and seventy and even eighty five there's so many fights so many awesome fights you know what i think though if it's one guy that stands out it's francis ngannou that guy stands out as like one of the scariest he's he seems scary to me like i would i would wonder if they would make this but i would love to see of cane get super healthy of cane is surgery successful and he feels good when he comes back i would love to see kane verses and gone and i want to say is a brazilian in ghana no noise african milosevic garage yeah where is he lives in paris but we said the wrong country last time can you say in ituri andy's from cameroon is that what it is doing so he's a fire can beast still school we scared added a nightmare i so big ones
they doing god oversees derek louis act be crazy to good lord yeah someone's gone some somebody's going night night working he's hurt man a gaze curtness hold an aside while yet let it that's a tough do right there it's kind of crazy do name to the black beast for real you want to go with you if you will but if he wins the titles well we still have the peace is a heavyweight championing comes out with a fuckin crazy out like a progressive biggest could work crazy nickname whatever the fuck you want i don't get me wrong i think god dammit tough man just bang man i'd like to see them and slew mode
it seemed like you just caught him in the solar plexus or somethin are caught him like under rib really interesting man the devil what is what most knock out and you have to have you here he's already third a crazy is that last year's thursday's number nine and history that those crazy that's not he's only a couple way from the record there's that there's a lot of fights for him lot of fights for whom it everywhere now but i feel like i'm in galileo and came the last shit that i'd like to find out what's goin on fighting whose i think i've heard that there is a potential five rumble johnson is at a time when i return i read he could do it they're here do it my talking about we fought have you outside the eu of sea not there are lucky did not come out and now you want decision
dr mccoy first round broke his jaw though so horrifically that is jobs i literally one of these things whether you teeth that are up of your scene it ever it happening so nasty the pictures of the fact that he he did it any did in the first round and then they want why fighting the rest of the fight like that now that's crazy to get your jaw broke and then punched again after it's broken half is but maybe if it doesn't hurt as bad what did you just go now he's going to slip in her whole communities that it's fine is people have followed up for came couture did that the ashes sputnik job right brigade that's where it breaks on some people right in the middle so crazy she feel that force that you have to have to break your jaw people still finally find her split to a yankee like was bleeding one up one down horrific vega cynical as you
so bad face so this is it ladies and gentlemen yes this should probably be the end of this broadcast probably one of our most boring like a parent ever mellow there was no viruses that's right actual right that's right in and very little marijuana deep in there but dare gluesome in he's gotta be like we think look top three contenders now right may the advert doom dos santos who else frances and gone it was like top ten now right is like six or seven or something that he's gotta billing number three or four i would imagine dare close so big went for a man to do like that it's good for you gotta go back to immediate amazing like when early in his career he got he'll kicked in the head and we got hook kicked by sean jes sean jordan hook kicked him
crazy the way did it to material unstarched m member i sent i sent him a picture of you remember member that at the hippo enhancing hippo after that he'll kyrgyzstan ineffectual let it get shouted what he's crazy athlete flag is big issues sean jordan to do back slips in these two and sixty pounds round eyes fuckers buddy he stopped derek lose with a hook kick to their fate one of the only hook kick cayos we didn't care the looking but put em on queer street and then he put him away afterwards but that such a weird technique for a giant due to throw it was like his his his head was lower than his ass
yeah examined again just sort of swung his leg out there but it landed perfect in their material and stopped him again of so bombed out about yesterday about the fate or fight not happening there was such a bummer manner that they pulled mitya on the day of the fight with a kidney stone white the day of the fight apparently they offered it to check congo and he said he would do it fade or said no and they offered it to the other guy that check congo fight and fade i was like nope i'm going to wait for metreon and then just going to run it back
well i mean anything well beggar arrogantly money doesn't gives priority that was your point against free money i gotta get trained minority trained they had to be some sort of a clause totally makes sense totally makes sense this is just a crazy fight man i mean this is as close to getting stopped as anybody is ever gotten to come back and win by ferocious knocker menaces right up there with czech congo versus pat bury except congo did with one shot oh this is nuts lao boom boom boom boom boom see here so city on everything oh say yeah see to completely at the very least to completely unnecessary shots he could is not at all a liar lower than that but they also good edited out to keep shown at lowood
talk in earlier about one day someone having all the techniques those kids are out there right now i think i think if you started training anime when you were like twelve years old and now you're twenty in our gas reserves i guess that regional errand pico oh yeah there's too have an example that the fervent and i have worked with me exit training camp and watching move around he's fucking twenty i think you know be twenty it freak wrestler olympic lover wrestler fucking free striker good good boxing like that's the financial causes kicks let's see much of it but know he i we just see each other going to jim does have some missions i don't know i i i that is also one of one of our nackerson disciples exactly so zones in pretty good shape yeah rehearing like freaky shape
no knickers on the dough trains dos santos he's got that his is comes from the more enriches that school of strengthen conditioning pliers explosive from the you know like jumping over hurdles and shit like that i dont really pay attention to fancy strengthen conditioning i respect the hell out of it but i dont really what kind of show now do you still with wait right now just doing yogurt no man tomorrow no wait at all nothing man i love you i got i hadda well only because you back yeah subject eight months ago in down it still tender you know that still healed all the way and i came back came back amended jujitsu i came back to early i went hard for the weak and then manner in the shower go my backers sores right now what the hell am i doing it back searching
so i just how much violence was that before you start going to start a role and heard again like at five months what the doctor say about that and in time but course bud but the good news i don't think i did any permanent damage cause i've been having lifted way and i haven't done i've inspired judges i do teach jujitsu i can teach quite easily ninety percent of the positions as but it's the pressure any time some puts pressure on me and i gotta start twisting hundred percent to get out of something or banned it just is just too soon i just came back to see inside decided the two i've been wanting to do yoga i know how important yoga is i've been for the last twenty years and i got a gob i got to do yoga you want to be that seven thousand five hundred and eighty year old guy that can walk on his hands
has been procrastinating experts so busy everyone's doing yoga danny's doing yoga jos do your government i fuck youngest shit and they get up didn't i know i had to do it but this for then do it finally so blessing in disguise then i came back to her because now i'm forced into yoga an amateur gonna give you good chance its task as i do the hottest class and its ban on like a total wipe out man i'm just like fallen apart in those so so it's the hardest one but it's that the best time i love one thousand and thirty in the morning i wake up at one thousand and fifteen i just get in my car and i just jam down should i get into literally i get out of bed and gotta yogurt perfect timing is perfect for my life but it just so happens it's the hottest one the hardest one but and i m conquered halfway through thirty minutes went down i'm just lying there just completely drenched in sweat just dead and am but only done it's like a month so you know i'm proud
that i could go thirty minutes in and around not hard on myself my shit it's hard to breathe this motherfucker and hold those poses in pictures yoga look so easy it's like they do and there is a big deal but to hold hands up like ninety percent of the time for an hour you're always holding men killed your shoulders i can't even get even hold my anymore so ardor that's all i really wonder whether certain poses you do like this one like the beginning when the beginning poses will you have your hands together like this and you keep your example touch you have to keep your palms touching pressing against too that you could have asset and have your hand separate your elbows bent but when you have extended and your finger palms touching it's very difficult is very difficult to my struggle ruggles it's hard man i'm not that i'm that beginner guy that's just running out of every class i got right at the thirty five long they don't much
play some day she got his items as it does anybody to leave you can't you have to clear that with me and please let's not in an out just try just if lay there don't do nothing don't leave i don't care i live a boy lovely girl i've euro i thought i was gonna throw a highly room i came in i was a little bit sick and i put a little too hard line somewhere around in our animals like i'm gonna fuckin throw up i it's me every day so i had to stop and lay down and i was like maybe i can call myself down and get back and then when i get back up i was it was worse now like i gotta get outside i didn't know that was the toughest i thought that was a normal your class now is a super was outside as we know is the perfect timing am i do this isn't that was a normal class they turn up the heat here about how yoga and i couldn't i can even breathe and when it when she opens up the door it at that
remit it marked to let some fresh air and that's like some kind of wind of god and eternal life like flushes you feel that winning you it's like a drinking what you and your dying of thirst in the desert and you got a giant bottle of cold water that's it feels like that when i need that win and i didn't realize i thought that was a normal glass and i went up to the to the front desk and i said are clases de tacos no this is the hottest one there's classes without any heat at all there's different levels and you're at the hardest one of mike no shit no wonder i fall apart in that might the last and win friday made it through the whole somebody how many but i had i set up my time i buy the door smart so when she opens up i get that rush i don't have the lead they re right there my problem has called on the other side of the room i was too deep do they
learn how ya doin place right there boom in age by their five minutes earlier share you know what i personally when i first went in i don't wanna be that total why does everyone stretching out of one's everyone's and like a different clothes and stretching so all i can do is i can get into followed a sound like an lotus unlike you like now what you have just sitting there you not only because i can stretch any other way reflects that it was on one side in this motherfuckers grew yeah yeah that's what i was thinking but they never got an awful lot it's you never do that in the routine we're doing all this shit i cant do make one when we get the lotus never download as the occasion yoga that pigeon one though you do a notice it yeah yeah that's basically you get the same stretch of the tow stand when you have
up like pigeon one yes any of your things down like none and i'm time that one town that was tree some tote yeah i'm still confuse the terminology am i am one of those due to comes it don't plan of a crack what like last about doing it for two years and i barely pay attention what the names the things slowly inspired me is joey diaz doing you did so he's always telling me the stories of those first the first day that he will he walked away he showed up and then like i forget the story goes exactly but he had a real horrible time in jujitsu but he kept going you couldn't even shrimp across the room he said couldn't even shrimp he would just be daddy couldn't breathe the added leave god silent in and get some oxygen thought about that my joey stuck it out and i have no choice how much was i know i cannot quite yoga from this point on manner on a flake but i know i can't egg is gonna help you jessica
and i want to give it some time and will see how i feel in six months ago my back feels its feeling pretty good now but still tender and in some places but i haven't done any jujitsu swat or know about me don't you gets rhino maybe besides hell again so it's really to tell i don't know man i'm just gonna give you good a chance a while before i start round again justice see if maybe yoga it will work is therapy i think it's doesn't work is therapy intellects my hip you're all those great stories about did yoga you know to mean he's got mad testimonies will guys we're in wheelchairs and it can walk and they doubtless arrogant pages yoke is very large now and he just see just set us up the whole little lifetime thing about this they really set it right i hope you know what i'm thinking it's it's his style of yoga but it still yoga until you're still younger what he's going to test out of one's got our style so i'm thinkin am man i under i
it is hard for me to breathe and then eventually i'll i'm gonna be really and you know what you're gonna do not that generate before you go there i don't drink drink a lot of water within an hour or so before you go that's hard to go i am bound a part of why you have in our time it's a very gruelling rigorous work you want out of food in you do holding them squats why were you not i gotta keep agenda diet or anything right no now so that means you bodies burn up blue glucose so you your burning off carbs so if that's the case you need some forego there a european emily finance just like you wouldn't do jujitsu that way you shouldn't do yoga that way either i know you ve done judge you hungry for its terrible so well fill in the world when you're hungry negro jujitsu new year you fucking gasped out will you have your tail and weak but if you didn't even you had nothing but you ve ever live waits when you're hungry terry right you feel so you'll know what we're that's that's my problem i gotta eat jerry had awakened
now more than that more than we have in our earlier you wanted to digest wake up you eat your food decent beating as things stand the right given if you were gonna go running we're gonna shit would you do before he went running but would you eat over who runs if you we're gonna die run around that's ass humans sprints nepal sprints in the pool you are doing how to do that new new going to do that in how long would you want to eat beforehand but like two hours right maybe even more or something like that i would like maybe even three five law empty stomach cliff bar get right to your fine clipboard is like effects of measures against it i didn't write into it you don't have to ease into shit it's driver really light just enough to get you go on to power through the round before before i do so do seminar that's why my rituals a cliff bar i don't wanna go to breakfast and have french toast
like that i just wanna cliff bar and let's go well that's good foreign rockstar fuckin refreshed that's that's good that's eliza somethin we need some similar to that to your eminence maybe a little more because i think you there is more akin to those poor sprints than it is to teach in a seminar yoke is it's fuckin really hard everything you do you do in one hundred percent if you're doing it right you're balancing you're holdings position your you're flexing your stomach in your tightening up your back in new york extending your legs and lawyer minding your body that these are all the movements i still need i still want could you not there for very long long routines and you go through your positions just wants may be twice you go back to that sit there so many other ways you can twistin bend your body its base we just reminding your body don't shut this down don't shut that down don't shut this down i need this working every day its remaining a body don't shut this shit
because if you don't mind your body you will get shut down you'll be that seventy five year old guy that can barely walk to the tv turn it on go to the bathroom take a piss walked his car go to the market can barely move and you're seventy five it just like ready to go utah to be like that there's enough due to look at how your grace using his nine these any was still out and about do an arm bars on people you know domain puke oh god is the best way because it goes through everything it's like it's like out more agonized ok we got we mapped out all a twisting the bends and all the hold and all the way you could use your own body weight instead of external where'd you using your body and all these different ways and having all your muscles at first i thought there was no the whole was there was no lynching and in yoga but there as you couldn't you legs all the goddamn time there's all these positions we clenching squeezing too so really there's its yoke us everything that's all you it seems
gdp was always tom he gave me a yoda lesson we have the twentieth in its initial road deep gdp yoga was all about and at that point wasn't ready to stop lifting weight as the kindest one if i stop lifting way it's u nominal lose all my strength and idina get you know paranoid about that shitt now i have no choice i gotta stop the weights focus on yoga and am you know once i mastro shouldn't the my balance together i see how you can turn the strengthened rarely get some you know might be able to get all the strength you need from yoga you know done properly i ate my hoping i'm hoping it will allow a knock and have the same amount of ability to poor things but here's the thing you don't have to stop lifting weights like there's no reason to stop just because you doing that i think i might have a totally different way of lifting waits now you know first person i've heard about this from was actually felicia felicia teaches people are due kettlebells the ask of us
she was tell me a long time ago about not going to failure long time ago suzanne she's always leave something the tag and they just do it more often because i dont do it to failure i gotta think that's interesting but it didn't look into it and then i heard pavel tat celine talk about it years lanes could news by the way how do you do in it so what i do now as i don't live weight to the point where like ikea like last set i don't do that i do less sets i do less reps i just do it more often i'll do it like two or three times a week so i'm never super sore get out of them never exhausted and the difference between this kind of strength work in the other kind of strength work is the other strength worth our do it i would blow my shit out and then i was done for like a day to day yet super sorkin do any day now never like that so that the idea we always had of late you gotta go to fail you gotta everything down to build a back once a week the bar part policies bullshit he says no aegis
do it s often take bigger breaks in between the sets and do it more often during the week it's a fantastic lazy where the fuck is out there joyce a lazy is still takes time and still do it with a lot everybody's like anything more than five reptiles body building is i do not want to do more than five wraps when a do short shorter working hours lord you find this out possible tat celine he's you too while he's on everything that things are not as well but also in the library you'll be confused as he spake new caledonia well respected terrible guy he actually is the godfather of kettlebells he's ago brought kettlebells overdue america he's those to get a pull up bar at your house and if you just did you wouldn't you did your max like once a day every day once a day didier max you think he's that kind of stuff if you had a poor bar at your house
os and everyday every day you did like a ten in the morning and then ten at night i could not to failure i give you do it like save ok if you can do you know if you can do seven chin ups with fifty pound credible hanging from your ways instead of doing seven this too much with three if you can do fifteen gin ups straight do seven just do fine so just haven't do it often and then after a different way and strong exactly injustice that's wrong exactly you get it i'm gonna get stronger quicker my wife is popular you don't get beat up the pillar put a poor bars are amazing degree for your shoulders hang from all the time if you get those goddamn gravity boots yet those into those you can hang from your ankles you can solution you're back from there you can do those set ups from you so you hang are you do in our little l with your legs when you're hanging might by half do have tonight my legs up in my
i have two boys out ok my system yes but it doesn't give the same benefits are your lower back cause you're tightened up i like to do it in a hang on fortunately my bar at home is not tall enough i should get one is taller i like to hang where my feet aren't touch on the ground and i can relax my back toward we do that and let my like jim's gotta gems and the road logjams eroto have like a bar that's what it whatever the height is that will your arms are fully extended probably more for other people more i'm only five eight but i can hold on to their bar and if my toes aren't touching the ground then i can relax my back when i'm relax my back i can feel it like extending to sort of loosening up but between that and yoga exercise like the one we reach behind your calves in a grab your heel and yes stand that is pop in my back like crazy like i feel my back every time i do and i feel a little pop pop i could feel my backing
scratching and the amount of tension that i carry in my back in like like during the day like being sitting in a chair sitting in my car it's almost non existent now but just from doing yoga a lot think it strengthens a whole spinal column underwear i've i've have gained so much milk i love it i've been doing it for probably is for years now well how many times have we not enough like it helps your kik the week maybe i mean there were times i was doing it three days a week but then other times i didn't do it for two months so just just always i have a yearly subscription review ass to the patient my house i do three times a week if i'm in town and the weekend two times a week when i go out of town just for right now i just i'm just trying to hang through the whole class and trying to get my parents to go like all suppose like the standing splits another i know from here the do that right there's some much shit like that just this
i bet you do the side ben i go down this is what i do for you and then there's other outback surgery outside where a really bands you're talking about them the lowest link worship you had a vague in those girls and their bills why premium is one lady in my class at the waist she can just literally take a right turn a free he's together like lies going out with your rib cage is that this is is it that her bow are lined up in a special way or that that's a possibility anybody could do that if they stretched properly anybody would be able to do the sheet this why decided my class she goes so far right i just can't imagine that my bodies ever been able to maybe maybe and not as much about is there a way to take and regular luck i like me are you who as have no side ban and it's just like tendons and muscles that have to be stretched right actually have a pretty good side but my sideburns actually pretty good
but what am i gonna get really good can anybody really good at that i think anybody think you can get real good and about the yeah never gonna get us goes i laid yeah yeah body just gozo up this lady my class robotic just goes all you need money to get outta basketball but doesn't really gonna be michael jackson deplores and others are going to do when i say my city acts that i did i do that all the time well jordan is the michael jackson basketball good point except the kid fuckin back then what about backbones how far can you go back nor am i not much man and is it a little bit more than it was in getting a little bit better i'm hang in there man like i'm tangled in there like a trooper eventually eventually i'm gonna kick i stick it out and when i got out and i think you know you cited jujitsu i'm tryin to it would be nice to be good at it because i right now it's really annoying harrison resolutely and they like oh my god look at the sky i feel like
where do you start transacting effectively here you will again devilish inhabit in castelo episode of them doing yoga you know domain i'm terrible you give attitude hybrids the worst balance but you don't wanna call moves right just think and externally matter think about how good you gotta jujitsu moves right that you're gonna be able to get that good with europe as well it's gotta be willing to put in the time the way i describe it is your building a mountain one layer of paint at a time and so for me it's like two years and i still suck i'm not good at i am looking forward to it certainly better than i was a better at younger than i was you probably can do a lot the should you have a crazy bound from type went like gm martinez already martinez they can jump in the younger right now does offer is right here the east they want to do some crazy yoga some power yoke and sharing of side things legs
stand logos mainly inversions that there are it's either certain spots where you could sit and fraga you could stand frog or you could work on your inversions right hand some people are doing crazy handstand almond frog ease we both my this is my my world frog are you kidding that's the has wanted i the best yoga pose a crush frog this is what i do this every day an engineer to well mosses classes that we do the what fails me first is my feet and that's way less than almost was time and what's interesting to me as i always thought that like from boxing org you know just even lifting way to my feet or private very strong my feet or so weak it's kind of crazy how weak there and with yoga like the thing that would hurt the most is the arches of my feet my feet would start hurting that doesn't have any more and what's interesting interesting is that was always happening also what i would go skiing to go
terrible person he's fat fucking caveman feet is too wide so they don't fit in the most mostly shoot have to buy my own shoes cuz they don't fit in the ones that are like if i buy a size eleven they don't fit my size eleven i have to get lakeside 11s be wider it's in my foot would always hurt man we do engine went louder something something happen there connection but my foot would always hurt to normal cell when small his shoulders and our real why the sun about its now know he doesn't have about ok that's some shit you by the store a guy we're so aware that bitch you fuck up and drink one of the do not get me son of a bitch i said though at first so convince me but anyway from doing yogurt for two years now my feet on her anymore they don't
in yoga my balance fails me before my feet found me or my hamstring get sore can my god of the weakest calves unhappiness i'm no camps man doesn't hurt me at all this interesting my roommates my hamstring stole my hamstring hurtin like when that one these stand that on one may in your foot bag by extending your leg like it's always a mix wearing has changed i go about enough for you you fuck am at my feet i mean arches my feet just kill me michael guides have to like not cinema ass that's one thing that doesn't happen anymore shocking it took litter like over a year and then after a year my foot just from stem you go unsteady going steady suckin my foots eventually got strong enough where it doesn't happen at all any more so now when i go skiing my fee don't bother me at all i got thirty percent better as a scare because he over a hundred percent because my big problems my feet
how i could ski easier example i was i was always free download why my feet her we're getting good now oh yeah i'm not good relations with the snowboarding sweden we're almost no borderline i bet its awesome but if you fall down you kind of ten to follow you fuckin you ve got a lot of people get kayo you get good i know there's really able to curtail our k owed an empty john bill was jumping to jump don't you did you jump exactly don't jump be happy with down the mountain battle job jump fuck that shit you never fail oh shit the first day you got a sacrifice the first day first i tell everybody you try up you're trying to win today just to enjoy your second so you live your birthday you're not going to have fun do you think that i would have profile since i've skied for a few more everybody starts can i started seeing the moment you switch gosh it it's like going from like microsoft apple really
is that much better very few people go from snowboarding the skin relays what is different and feels different skins awesome to you down amount either way you look at it you're going out other markets is the different angle different turns feels like your surfing on the goddamn outlook bothers me that is you're stuck on that board yes like what i like a scheme is when you fall you kind of small like a person you know the scheme papa and then you can roll like i never got hurt followings i know how to far since i know i'm fine i just go with it trying to like plant my leg and stop it from happening is low and go that's that's like it's the same thing what you're saying because i've done both but you yourself tat you know you're so it's like it's i understand where you're coming from its like a guy that done karate any feel uncomfortable there but he doesn't
did you just took us it's just way more dangerous and you're like i see what you think that but actually it's not more dangerous you know domain it's just like that so you could fall and controls of just as easy you get her knows no borders you'll get hurt just as easy as inward slimming ask him can you say that he also does it what do you agree with this i've been snowboarding magneto life my started scheme of course my parents had asking only like to but yet you fucked up anyone i put myself in the hospital stop worrying that cost barcelona hospital skinny police often haswell snowboarding hit man guys did my libraries but it's not like theirs don't john my cousin shattered everybody do people shouted collarbone they're trying to flip in the air we don't do that don't flatly jack you're right and it is hardly shatters wrist not chairs heels nobody gets hurt your snowboarder skis jumping up a road gap in a road gap area some sort of gap that's a road but then you can jump over enough i was trying to jump
cs did looming over if you ask us no part a magnificent amount oh shit if you're really like a scam barrels after all this is your inner city areas risky dont get her don't get it don't get her drunk it didn't get her don't get her don't i'm done i ski for couple hours and i'm good i just got you this crisis is in that fun that's all you gotta know more that's gonna snowboard man no that's what you got family loves rhythms and combine trying to kill nobody that's not people man animals feelings of they do you eat him all the time and effort why don't i i thought only way to learn about that we are only now we re having any whatever you worry eating in cairo when you pull that burger king did you hear i didn't i didn't he urged me that's a real me if he didn't
they certainly does not actually say fast food meet isn't real misjudging am i gonna just ask china worry there there are very concerned about crew due to animals that's why they make those burgers that aren't really meet would you did they give everyone a health or make test tube meat now get eleven dollars a burger like day it was like three hundred thousand dollars a few years ago and they got it down to a level i wonder what kind of cancer that's gonna all kinds everybody did everything fucking comes near do that enters the first gonna tested on inmates they're gonna get inmates vague me so you're gonna turn fuckin than they're gonna see was the people than the beginning nightmare living dead set me army is concerned people look there's a movie about fake meet it just seems there is movies held fake take it's
there's a disgrace i bang brothers there's a recent study they did with with rats i believe it was where they fed them meet for older animals and meat from younger animals and it turns out about when they fed them meat from older animals it sped up their aging process in compared to the animals that were fed meat from young ground that's where the politicians want to eat babies that's like with her blood thing really change your blood for that's a new thing that they think that's highly while they're doing it they don't know this is no real proof that it works on people but they have shown that it works on rats and mice and they think it might be more of a function of there's things in the new blood that aren't in the all blood any more than you know and as soon as you get them you you just be behave like a younger person verses there makes you younger they think that
your body at a certain age lacks the essential properties of the blood that it has won its young so when they ve shown it in room in rats in an bill is actually mice when they showed how they put young blood in them they started behaving like young eyes and also when they put all blood in the young mice are behaving like old mines man that sound that's that's why they're in the babies that baby blood don't you know what i wanted pull the blood out and that actually kill him dislike like have just for the baby blood didn't they do then laid you not only leaders have a bunch of babies bonnie goose egg in there quality free baby bloodletting let the baby's play in the nursery is a very fine can make this meeting in an aid to make us think of me if i may give an army what if what if they made like fake babies that were headless that just gave him blood and i just you know what dad you're gonna fuck and find some reports on these a new sites that
the way i was dying in the blood is dying when the bodies dying is it needs to be done in the process of dying the blood something happened to the blood that's where the golden slight seems made it there's a bunch of people that are looking at the human by like its mouth problem colonel jailers drive that no that's not doing ok let's try that what's the password is it that and then one day should end they gonna find it and they got a bank ok we got it you gonna live two thousand we win is probably kid today that is in july two thousand and it might be completed and it upon when they catch it like maybe they catch you you know and they give you the immortal immortal jean injected in you before you quite puberty like rightly figure gotta make decision when you're like eleven or twelve do live forever you want to die like dad would you think well son i'm gonna die and i won't be here for you
figure out where then i take it and if you give it your kids then one day you know you're going to be seventy kids so give me twenty he's going to still be two thousand and eighty still two thousand and ninety you're still still twenty you're dying your everything's falling apart and shaking their plane tagged football and give a fun serve fan sling and dick all over the place is still twenty seven years old is twenty you like what the fuck what did i do i made an immortal seeks to get hit by a car though do you still feel yourself nor you'd have to die in the people are probably engage in much more risky activity there he'll like little kids it by we i mean that's that's gonna happen they're gonna figure there already figured out some credit stuff with stem cells they had a guy who was paralyzed and he he's able to exercise with upper bodies able to move as ever body like this is what a first with stem cell therapy where'd you find this out
library and you to accept the very and you to buy at all sources bro all bro source we mean we're living in weird times too because i think we're just one generation or to away from people being able to completely changed what they look like like at a genetic level i give you seem like like some kids are doing today eyed young kids like young reality starkey like that kept carnations getting extensive plastic surgery at twenty just ridiculous didn't go today really get but jobs out of sight on research on upset did anyone need that he has my big enough it's one heed their business go and yet level making manoeuvres have about job is that like known for
well i'm not a doktor nor am i detect i'll say yes i got a letter he admitted it or not i am sure i don't know there's a little more in after photos she's got a fucking producers if she what are the bigger she fucking god she got her ass one that's the biggest gigantic as based on her her proposal i get all this she was like a normal hips up she's real almost she's looks like a little frequented ass just blew holy shit giant large like barrier to trade thus if you know what i mean i mean it i let's stop and think about that because that didn't exist twenty years ago it doesn't it didn't exist in both ways natural and unnatural it didn't exert exists now show because you weren't girls are doing squats you didn't get
crazy like of cross fit asses some of these girls have now they look like their thoroughbred they can leap over a building some of those cross with girls it or did their developing these muscular asses that didn't exist twenty years ago you never saw that you only see em like all the time now you know why i don't know if it was the time i grew up in but i've accepted i'm totally could fake teddy's real daddy's affected is our only get you know i'll take either but ass is you can have a say gas or where you cannot have vacant bravo thrown down now you gotta i can accept it carries out the tasks i can't ok personally dude in the future they came out with a legitimate fake dick like legit with that i go through or not now not
argued about about earlier protein guys don't give a shit problem we do with vague dixie be like the same problem fake boobs if you go back to fake bush and eightys bold now they feel basketball so things are hard as iraq and disgusting and they feel weird they don't feel like a faint but of thanks lube circa to die in seventeen they figured out a way to make it soft and mushy filled fills outstanding right agreed works over that were agreed ask autobiography but a fake dick i dont think that women would have same appreciation for a fake dick that a man ass for fake tat thing women are buying it now i dont nothing to write a phase i think the hare extensions into poets craig hickey way harry said lady had soon why doesn't it seem like a hare transplants we ve found out now it's been twenty years whatever do or don't work they can work the problem is the rest your hair keeps fallen ass exactly it's like the bitterest to do about it that they take hair from the site taken people from a neighborhood
everyone's really healthy and move them to an area where everyone's dying psych they stay but those the other stuff goes away so like for me my problem was i'd air transplants in the hare that's doc was like all had left and they didn't like it filled in first of all i got this untenable position where there was this does not of arab some time to adjust george and burn yeah you know mozilla shaved my head from the jump i just wish i did i wish i'd shaved it was that we show me here people hair transplants sets the dude from the brady banja luka yeah i mean you can deathly get your hair thicker but my was destined to fall out it depends on like how much your hair is destined to fall out my hair had no chance of year out like a
little bit of a chance like maybe if you you're only thinning and then it brought it back somber my hair was golan son it was that's way out of your hat your aunt hair hat stop dying yeah yeah yeah and the only way it does if you take propecia which has massive problems of its own and is really bad for you and causes depression and just it's just so unhealthy for you i told you about one of my fingers and i was a drummer and speed mental band what am i senders ended up getting extensions yeah a bunch of extensions i was like a wig was basically a unit went out and as he had long hair from the age of nine but he was those guys all his brothers they all lose their hair at eighteen so he was dead with the longest heron high school but of high school ended he lost all his hair so they decided he does the two are not aware a regular wig because his older brother oh shit like this we literally saw i'm sorry we just literally
on the highlights the version of the very good real yeah but with hammer fist was crazy anything brought that up because that is exactly what you just did jamie run that back a little bit we were here and that shit to me where would we point out that even watch this eddies so funny that this happened because this is exactly what you are talking about oh shit like this but she got up to that position is literally the same position as this crazy liquor this watch she gets her they out she transit but instead elbow on she's hammer fists i mean that's the fucking gary that's right there how we should finance is crazy that is not the heavens that since that fire in it to see it right there and i had no idea mademoiselle i think this fight was in the premiums or would have been missed it i had no idea i mr to carlos bars are random mercosur earlier to the i had random
observe iser what is this jamie what is that tackle santos knox out jack marshmallow we'll kicked and ban while jungle santos is bad astley that allowing jesus such horrible take to get it with your fuckin he'll with that you like top as ours it still to this day that you know you you can kick someone full blast with all your bones but your hands have to be covered by a leather pad how crazy that begin clang your he'll off someone's eyeball and no problem the hardest part of your body here here little eating and stop on the ground so part another party or body where you can walk up to the ground and snob i could stop on the ground barefoot there's no i can't punch anything barehanded like i can't budgetary i stop trees all time i'll walk up the tree does
hurt me at all right your heels crazy your heels crazy bone and the fact you bout that of someone's head when you're spinning around like a ballerina full blast and whip your leg into their head saw him like a bad but you can't you cannot bear knuckles so bizarre rogan fighting championships right if i go if i change my arena that's right i was one hundred percent change bear knuckle i don't care what anybody says and many say you break your hands that way while you then you shouldn't be doing that then we wish you figure out what rallied around no rap sir no wraps this is what i think i think what what what actually works if you don't have anything tightened up unnaturally with wraps and tat been gauze and tv essentially got like a soft cast they keep your wrist in place that wow you just throw bombs with impunity i don't think that makes any sense because that's not real skill in the real world you can stop
people but it's not a realistic application of like what could happen with two people just using their bodies you ve added in this extra element of rap ok that's the same way i feel about the cage i feel like the cage allows people to get taken down stand back up what they might not be able to its ads in this artificial thing that your handling you have to deal with no wraps no cage basketball court we already got that maybe i reckon nuclear power is very similar woogie behind us thrown kicks in punches combat get your that starts by uniting chicken head kick you will note that there are palm strikes now but on a brown bowling the ground nuts down and not a rustling standing up only on the girl palm strikes desire not to add out or tito's to the show but to open submissions no there will be a t kill every now and then but i don't think there's gonna be that many with you how much do you ask your elbows are nothing about some guys can hit so hard
gowns memory loss craze resume ashen geysers palms well he figured out a way to pull his hands wit like my hand does not go that far back my interest ass he was right to say that as far as my hand goes back but boss gets his fuckin hand back like an extra ten fifteen degrees i don't over stretched it or its natural so he was just thrown punches he was drawn palm strike punches in just smash and will here if you accidentally throw it bobo or a closed for strike stop the time that guy gets to be honoured factors like gpa over time and then we start in regular still start with the gardener back with the leg cooks his you can't the point away when there's no points right so much additional points so what do you do you have right there bam any any clear elbow strike close the strike i stop the time you start on the back that just ensure the no one's tries to take you know that don't have a warning shot oh that was just a warning no warning
clear shot that's automatic penalties where they came on that party or an elbow because the problem that is if somebody iran a sack of lies that my bonnet if i said if we want to catch somebody on the jaw they get you see it opens a dick you have been the guy gets knocked out dick you what if the guy gets really hurt week every five given five minutes to recover and then he's gonna be onto its back from that point on what if he says after the five minutes he can't come back for if he says you got two fucked applicable to so many jobs abroad modern we say colleges please i dude i'm out of it my feet our work and i can do this agenda i can't get it again today you isn't it you re so that a live the opening forgot to fake it as a double the devil did you know the guy that through it is going to be did you for right for sure guided through it but it also leaves room for someone to fake it their voters our boat out and the other guy ones because we're only doing for man combat jujitsu turn of the four men think we're still
when the regular ebay rule sixteen men to wait tournament sunday faith on you have seen pass but in between the rounds of the regular ebi sixty men tournaments there's gonna be a formal combat jujitsu tournament got some animals donated fucking beasts manner gonna be interesting now it turns out its imagine maybe i but you can pass strike as hard as you can well combat sambo comrade samples one of the best martial arts for people entering do and nationalization shouldn't even immigrants obviously with fate or and combat sambo you fight with a judo beyond with stripes showing a leg casual joviality earthly refers no i organism is it always shortly gets a little short not falling he'll be other goes out here it's like that it's enough they get a grip on it i think they're cut our sleeves man i think they're like karate kid like kilkenny thing i think it's like getting inside it s almost like it is
maybe they are obviously very little to combat sambo i think it's more long than you think it is i think i know what you think maybe there are differing arioch wishes there might be different garages but i believe probability should be a dude who is going to force to fade oars fighting in fighting in combat a guy from cosy the they do have though the damp veto is a beast in the ship this is not in a cage and their fighting let us not get out there also shoes but they're doing ground and pound look at this with headgear on i think the world is not as is missing something here look what they ve been doing i ve been doing this for a long term work with the world needs to zero and on what they're doing in russia with the combat sambo who they tell me i'm talking about blue never let me ask you this wise that better with judo guiana instead of just doing combat sambo like em a amateur style cause that's really what it is it just there's more grappling because they're allowed to grab a hold of the g
it's very strange because in a lot of ways you get more vulnerable you're putting yourself in a bizarre that you might not be so they're doing there doing a verse vision of emma may but you can grab each other better because you have the gay like this kind of shit you also there's no cage sick i do their due it's the size about like an olympic wrestling match right that's all made you don't need to remember you don't need a kid you john it's better off without a cage honestly its way better off without a cage and end when people stand up actually have to stand up you can't push up against and better seeding for everybody you could see but that's the most important right there the most important thing is can see way better as a spectator you have seen most of the time most of the guys are looking at the big screen it hard to see through the cage it's hard to see through the fence are easy to see through the house you keep cycles
from the rush onto the man eater working people know you don't wanna you're not going to do that i and the mayor that those guys are those guys would never have the balls to do that you imagine if anderson silver like lost by some funky way people were bedding and thereby resilience in the crown they storm the american stormed possess lay ninety sallying so it can happen looked down on people get in it's all the time inside the ring i like the no cage it i wouldn't think about the key you who told you to devote journal was without its different you know domain it at least there's punches and strikes i am no remains so that the gate there's not a well at the gate with no right here it's amazing amazing mine i rather sleeves as much of someone can punch you you know i think maybe you don't grab the sleeves as much you know i don't know i haven't really even looked at this let us start paying attention is the crazy way to fight magazine huh
old you in this position awaited equities pounding on you would agree on in a lot of ways more dangers and a lot of ways this is your argument any for emma may like there's no greece involved here no great zero greece and that one jack it i'm san make em where he rash guards would be so goddamn cooled or letter you just ripped i shoulda i mean maybe let em where did judo pants too or a load of cattle how about is how but let them where whenever they want they want to wear a rash car they can if they don't they don't have to but here's a whenever they want here's a point to think about the way he is right here with this courts on it's not as a big of a factor because where where he's gonna also time be in contact with his covered with cloth right his legs are his legs are gonna be wrapped around the other guys upper body it's gonna be wrapped around his arms all that's covered in so he doesn't even need pants yeah so it's just a different approach
instead of using a rash guard like you came up with it just using emma mayor combat symbols the fuckin waited maybe that's again for real we must stop and think about a man man that's it it's a really shouted to really doing they gotta down the shot out there you should have a variation for india well you know with combat you did to looking to see how that goes first it couldn't be a disaster if it could be a total disaster or it could be a total success you know i think jujitsu would some palm strikes i don't know how that can be bad i don't have that can fail it'll it's a little closer to emma may it's not emanates not even close but it's closer than your regular submission only jujitsu matt so to this fate or when he was a king logan here fade against semi shell look at this shit man holy shit is here so dominant dude and in other the one thing
one thing you got a wreck really be impressed with when it comes to fade oars victories is it he fought that crazy shit when you can stop and soccer kick that means that is just a wild way of fighting during the pride days when he was the king when he was the best fuckin heavy weight in the world they have the craziest rule system in all of them may stops soccer kicks you could based if they do anything you need it on the ground yet here to settle down our great man duty was a monster big daddy there's big daddy again be doubted comes boom boom boom boom boom come on i have pictures of me a big daddy in amsterdam training digital from two thousand one of this one kevin random and slander and as is going down he's holding out like that it means literally landing on his head
trying to hold onto a camorra though i mean who survived like that they escapes and tabs right we're gonna camorra yeah failure was something special tat he was really answer so gay people gotta nazism reversed just rolled them over that's crazy loosen the mob these punches try the arm having got a right to it was gone right to that is the lesson around like it's hard knocks him now if you will you that as soon as you wrap that up tat is not here and now he was not do doubt from that position he another thing they ve got as you have credit for you gotta give fate or credit for the ability of tap guys out and knock them out because he was a guy that was always threatening with submissions cashing people with armed bars catching people can wars everything tat he could do everything he grew naked choke you everything and he would explode and take
everything that was available would you allow in rogan finding championships in basketball arenas with red guards would you allow a star to the head yes what about them zog is tax neither had everything you're hot ever sat down on a percent we need a backer no no gloves needed ahead soccer kicks the head but really good reference rate as crazy crazy millionaire wanted to finance it i'd say you'd love do you can use my name a really big rugged running chairmanships oh shit still things got himself ass its do really well venture monceux not a sewer it's not a good name for it anyway should be something like our limited fighting or shall rogan now i've seen my name and it should be something like gum they should come up with some name it like that shows how it has the most the most limited
restrictions player the year it always rugby dignity html gloves no gloves that's the indian reservation i am sure you do not get me wrong our next september casino that might be made only was due to a basketball arraign hollow grandma bask in an on an indian reservation i would need really good security though especially on amateur fights and indian reservations things like that because people will rush that fuckin matt you you're not gonna stop people from russian the matter does the one thing that saves the people in the cage psych when they rushed a cage its oliver it's hard to get everyone's gonna sit in the bleachers you know no one's allowed to sit on the floor everyone since on the bleachers yeah that's your shit there should be a it should be difficult to get to that can get to the bat area and there should be a lot of security you gonna have to have people standing by in all these areas also to block people to block fighters keep him from going into the crowd he's gonna to be someone that makes like almost like a physical wall it started
you have some here on rushing pierre but there's how to be like a warning tracked and you gotta like not you gotta respect that warning track gotta be a big ass area as soon as you get into the outside ring you gotta break selfish are gonna wanna go once you know there's no merit and go you're not going to go that way when there's a fence you you'd lean on it you pressure he's leaning on the fence but if it's not that it's not going to do you need good like if it big if you got pressed against the fence and they break it immediately after a while people be like what's the point of pushing against the fat and how they can reckon up in one second year you know so then there's gotta be strategies that involve the fence was there will be no fence no exact they put speaking to accompany the same thing in a ring there's no reason to go on the outside you're gonna star and around it just like a resting that well i combat somber they're not trying to get to the outside you know what you could do you actually could do some sort of offence but you not
to go anywhere near it what's happening protesting but you know what the feds because all of us a visual it's all over the visuals you'll be fine maybe basketball things are done rally where he don't want you step out of ellie i get a free shot you receive letters references the dogs of where they get to a sermon the exact here zapped you set up you stakes in it announcing a radio frequency when it gets to a certain point the dog passes that line you back how to go about it you take someone you push someone out abounds your opponent they stop it and that guy gets on your back booming far from could you imagine if you were front row and you saw travis brown and derek louis dog pile in your way trust someone tried to fail to take down till it was trying to get it common straight towards you and you realize oh my god the guy was block and is not yet at one time crushed and you get crushed by derek louis and trousers brown toppling let your stupid front row seeds now bitch right
see that happening a basketball game or do not have also has a different does happen in fighting it could easily happen and finally you would have to have a good amount of space a good space and i wouldn't take the front row for a fuckin bet no i would do yeah he made it like to the deck i leave into the audience i the guys who have little pads like that of pads oh my god that is nobody's gonna be doing that it is so exciting for today balls from going he's a crowd about doing fly into those people and some good died for his these for her power he so big if you landed on your handed down there you but you know what a tar play investigated led broker to digest smashes all your fingers like chopsticks track crack cracked you get those you know those disposable chopsticks
we had some sushi places new fuckin break i'm wrong cod please try to get cleaned up and instead one in three quarters traps at essen and one quarter chopsticks it is so depressed me shit chopsticks twenty is basically to know what is this guy do it was another guy flying into the crowd similar check at the hotel gets all aware no that's lairs boy those are athletes your quick they moved wasted berlin down your way they i think the front row should be all security with kicking shields but that you hold the council for cop your vision now you all you have him down on your chest some guys on the person behind these negative equity such as those referees i get knows why are you how do i saw their solve that you just have security in the front row uniting had in my work i think probably awaited do you know what a real good way honestly frank shamrock
he had a a racist arena he had a member that here it set a little where there was like it was a flat area and towards the end a kind of went up without looks like reconstruction will find it i'm sure got everything an actual frank frank shamrock fighting arena what did he call it he had a new or locks issue the yeah yeah yeah maybe that's what it was maybe we should just your box maybe and then member of your yama yadda yadda that's it but no that was afterwards frank shamrock did at first the yama thing came out words intimacy francs yama thing was the guy from that you have said really this is river that are now in origin now known guessing names now why can i not it's not our davies i don't fuck is wrong my memory lately campbell mclaren all the other guy are davy now the earlier got cash
put together how kind errors aims a great guy come branch it regards as sprang shamrocks violent area is so yeah he's got look a little bit of a raised edge velocity around this way this way i swear you may have figured it out long ago we definitely good idea it was right to face looked like that no holds barred and we want nor was barred by this is also to look at this is exactly what we're talking about smart meyerowitz cheese let's do this is it yeah i mean already centrally its basic lou dog look because when you get to the it goes up to go you up so you feel it and you know what's going on everybody knows what's going on i give it more need a little bit more distance i think this centre area could be a little larger but i think he essentially nailed it oh jesus this is great like switch forget is aid
that's right you know what he was ahead of his turn frank shamrock fright of ahead of its time actually that's the way to do it right somebody right invest in there that looks pretty damn cool i think that i need to do is going to have the best vs there are immediately and because what are the best seats at you have seen the miser look at it ass a floor the risers everybody gets arises it is a writer yeah i mean this is this is exactly what you are looking man frank jesus christ frank nailed it he nailed it mike swim with beautiful knock out their shit let's see another one this frank frank varied idea how many views is and what was called was a culture has nine thousand view oh my god it's gonna shoot about shoot box number one and it says mike's wait versus who's the gentleman i thought what does it say which bacon bacon fuck a name
maize should invest in frankfurt am represent the only video of issue box and dine with jake an inch yet i'm here to give out advice retriever free that do not want any money stake might well i think the basketball court idea is per but that's it that's the way i think that is a basketball court a high school jam or less algonkins as risers immediately it's the way to implemented maybe a little larger move and has a metal mass they see the metal found someone about that like them elephants maybe like every ten yards have ado with a kicking shield you normally down in the process we need him and is ready to frog stands for seven bout can you do it soldier a mobile the frogs dance bro i do back squats against a wall i'm all about
the lotus position and i a double up at the horse dance i have the kicking shield i think it's deftly better than a cage i think the cage also gives it gives it a weird do she connotation right cage in this you know it always had that weird sort of people on a fuckin chain with spikes coming out of a snack feel there yeah it's ceilings to look at it for what it was really is like martial arts its purest application you would want no cage he s great shamrock nailed it ladies and gentlemen all i need is rash guards and no glove no gloves rash guards will our fight would know gloves he fought he did everything he did all the styles he did pancreas back when they had said perhaps then fought emma may when you didn't have to wear gloves like when he beat
when he became the you have see champion do they have to go back there he was love for should definitely for sure i think percent what is defiantly war glove when he fought kevin jackson armed barton i dont know by japan you know about them i think by then they were weren't gloves whenever one dozen jackson frank shamrock you have see japan they were wearing gloves here what i definitely know that in my tenure with the usa when i started one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven you did not have to wear gloves you could wear shoes and they they let like way smaller people fight way bigger pee but when he fought still grab cups do you still grab someone's crotch and they both valley jean valise ishmael out some japanese character and has get japanese do gave a wedge from hell are you allowed grab shorts and his shortages dig into his ass and balls was horrific when you
was totally legal back when he fell frank shamrock when he fired dead henderson and i think it was battle kate i think you're one of them weird one offshoots shits i told them henderson and i don't think devouring gloves now but that was there was a different thing would show that was in an rattling thing that was all grapple i was that was again matt hume he waited grumbler yes olympic wrestling with an all grappling never has right now that one was all shambling yet i was all grappling the one you think it over dead person versus frank shamrock has all grab i didn't i don't remember it was a pro grappling thing in value ending violence nightmare that are trying to find the best scrapper and then there are to find the best striker and dan gable did commentary along with i think it was john parading thing was john prodi and dan gave i might be wrong about peretti i think was john parities event in fact
think about it in yes battle k no no he did that as well but i think he had already left that biota i think was called the contenders i think it was a submission grappling event only that was called a good tennessee if i made all that shit huddled together can allow monitors that i'm a hundred percent plus member was it the same show or airports and headlong here and he was getting as air pulled without the europe think that's the same show guy museums polisario guess thousand different thing that was a different thing or non up eric pulse and against a black box our black box and i remember that wish was that boy no that was like we're bart veil fought didn't bart veil fight on that card member burnt veil like but tonia yes we thought that due to a kind of model lion bone breaking style system over the use it every crazy areas emma may has so many non you have seen how they went on that just got just disappear
so horrible monarchs mahmoud frank shamrock bt authorities holy shit that was a crazy fight tito was a gorilla frank shamrock outpaced and kept him warm out captain gone advantages hat was morpheus data which has done me anne frank shamrock played mexican prison guards in a movie with making work we're both mexican prison guards uneasy and in the end war never like really trying to thirty up our uniform and really try to make it all messed up and dirty that was pretty raised year with this this was a long a maybe one of them says before making work had come back this before the wrestler this is after the rustling was it tat he made the come back or writing this is
we that is fifty cent wasn't at its core thirteen entirely wrestlers way before two thousand a rival wrestler i didn't realize how many movies are made by big name actors that you never know about that just they just consider failure enlightening lenin gaza that you know that so maybe movies that yet ever see they decided to pull the plug midway through production sunlight is released on dvd all quietly to any about it now i didn't know i thought for sure mickey works in it and fifty cents in jail stay them isn't it caught thirteen i thought i was gonna be big nobody wants taxing its submission they buried it yeah silicon tenders submission grappling go to all don't look for the contenders that's right pressure that was the name of it yet what year is that ninety ninety one ninety seven yeah that's it that's it it was all grappling yap all grappling yap frank shamrock versus dan henderson
that's right canny monday verses madame that's right another olympic wrestler and madame submitted em frank chairman jan andersson can we see now yeah that's online gotta men at all they got him a little but i swore as well as a regular may now no definite wasn't i remember it super specific here we go full screen look at this holy twenty seven years old timer jan andersson twenty seven ranch earmarked five holy fuck you it's really crazy by this time frank shamrock marginally betraying like seven years seven years longer started we was ten years old and the new start have gloves now does not white dude this is a grappling match one hundred percent cuz look dan henderson wearing shoes one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven ninety ninety seven again here where she was in the eu have see the men
i plan to whereas that trade telling men fought veto belford in vetoes debut and trade development did not have gloves on mobile positive this it's got for rosa using other gonna tournament here gloves aren't i totally forgot all about it being a grappling match yeah well so long time man and dan gable did commentary and let me hear the volume on the contrary we could figure who did that