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Fight Companion - July 11, 2020

2020-07-12 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Joey Diaz & Tony Hinchcliffe to watch the fights on July 11, 2020.
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What we do is who buys the fights the you have see? Fights and We talk shit. We barely pay attention to the fights. We feel that the sum this time but this is an unusual crew. Generally, it's usually Brian Cowen Eddie. Bravo round job, but eighty Bravo, to corner a fighter for submission event and Brenda Job and Brian Cowen. Both got covert. Nineteen Yikes Brenda's doing great Brian knots, he's coffin up a storm, but either way both guys got it less than two weeks ago, and they are not here so it's Joe mother fucking D, as in the old and pony tony hinge. Cliff. Please enjoy the fight companion, the job will gain experience for ya and would live. The covert crew cannot make it Brian Cowen
Brian Cowen, still coffin, not doing so good Brandon job is a hundred percent even tested negative, but is a fool fourteen day mandatory quarantine, Bitch, you gotta, take it till we mother fucking. Do you know about these fights tonight? I'm very excited my heart is an amazing court are, of course, the goal. The pony in the house year. Tony here's where this is We are taking precautions for covert. Everyone gets around joint, that's how we do it here and Buffalo trace will kill anything. Do you have any problems is put on your microphone and put it on your fingers. Whatever you need one drink, a little one yeah, that's one target, Iser, no eyes ice. We know very well on the way up. Here I told myself: I'm gonna have a drink, I'm such a pussy. Do you have a little drink? I can't now because I can't land will come,
people's me always enlivened drink, and I shall be here for three. I know, but the other one drink right now, two pounds Ivan drank want another drink Ivan drink. All points like I'm drunk the whole you brought, my neighbour hasn't stopped now and not those pegana. Neighbours loss every time, I see him, they were drunk. All Europeans people are really wrecked by the shit man they just they just good bye and the boost that they said. Booze consumptions up, even though the bars are down reckon I talk to my colleague deal. He says, he's, don't start making delivery. She doesn't know where we're going money in the morning. Delivery, Jesus, Christ, crazy, I'm not shocked. I am not shocked, so why this is the first flight from Fight Island and if you don't know the history of fight island is fucking amazing what they ve done. I do no. If, through the the sale to WMD. If this,
shake of Abu Dhabi, still owns a piece you see. I would assume that he wouldn't want to get rid of that casino in a still owns a peace and but anyway they they can start. Did this insane structure Yours, island, just for fights during quarantine, Obviously they haven't for fights after quarantine if they choose to do it, but the is, is sick, there's a w hotel there. It's all top on top of the food chain is obvious. Full, and they set this structure up. They built this structure. Just for these, during quarantine, because they needed Place with the good ship, the international fighters into does it can get as the United States right now they test. Everybody the test everybody before they leave. Then they, asked him again when they landed Vegas, then they tests, again when they land and Abu Dhabi, they quarantine them For forty eight hours, then they test him again do
they Tesla shit out of these people and its great that it be done. They ve done to me seeing TAT life pedraza she's, a big a dog in this fight Jamie. This well she's, fighting Amanda Rebus is no joke. She just beat Mackenzie Dern, who she was supposed to five page represent, but page got injured no pages some serious injuries she broke. Her arm and one refers to the spinning backfire. She threw a spinning, backfires and hit a groan form same thing that Paul Felder did too might Perry Ets. It's a real common injury. You spinning, instead of hitting with the back fist, you want up hitting with the the middle of the forearm and it just snaps and so she's had multiple surgeries on their arm. Try to fix it, but this girl's a piece. Brazilian, yes, she's, very good lifelong Marshall artists. Her father was judges instructor any taught my tiny judo she's
She's bad ass, she's, very good. And now she's a big favor in this fight isn't pages. I guess so. To one underdog increase like that plus six hundred, that's what it opened up it. That's that's hundred dog, your pages, a lot of experience in the sea for it to be. That way, when under that's ever gonna, bookie with part time jobs and have Somebody told me that before you got Mazda via getting points, you gotta get what you got money runaway may have you fucker miles without. But how could you fucker had annoying on time to worry about gonna picture garniture sign on Mars, Daimio Judge? Ok, I get it gay you cuban, but most of it all. That's like! Does your people you give That was my mother gave me miles without before. So I don't know you, don't I didn't Robin and dream. What is nationality. He's cuban and subtle his mother's. Some Argentine
I think they want a mile now Peru, some something like that will find out Jim. If we go back pearl there, we go so Cuban in Peru. St Jesus in the Middle EAST, oh shit, I think that what have you went It's got a lotta that that need Diaz, Connor right here it's a big deal here. We go for people watch, home, trying to sync up we're at four hundred and fifty four four hundred and fifty three thousand four hundred and fifty two for fifty one. Four hundred and fifty of the first round. Amanda, Rhebas and page vans and and this girl's stocking page please learn. I take their how the fuck did you eat chick fully, cocksure god dammit
about ease the Mcdonald's twenty years ago. We come on now. Yes, if I'm from stoned are still those. Now you don't like fish, my god. Oh my god bless them. I had a migraine headaches its Bailey fish, it some that fish swim by leaders paid Will we be scattered down inside control? That's not good. That's not good she's got her arm trap tune that scarf old, that's so uncomfortable position and page is trying to hold her in place, bug by grip in her arms like that she's already cut, but that's all to do that rebus. All she has to do is fish. Her arm through see her right arm fish it on through see she's trying to do to have a page gotta tight if she could figure out of
her arm through clamber heads together. That's a legit submission man, although you this page about take her back we'll get this look at this. It's what's up against the cage. If she was in a better position, she might actually be able to take her back from there, but it's it's hard when you're up against the cage like that is hard to maneuver So many arenas has some blood coming out of her nose, She bit of Rhebas can get her arm through. All of you that pay he's gonna take her back, oh shit. She took a chance all rebus is gonna. Take her back. Why that was slick, thou slip? our bar arm bar pages and real trouble. Yeah that was so slick. Man see this is a same thing. I wish you much flipper over, but the cages where she wants a talker Schmidt,
I'll get it might get away from there. We get it right all she's gonna, get it right from their page gas tap catch, Cambric Europe, TAT, uptown, she's, having set man, that's she's! Ok! good. Well what you say about bookies, never seen a book of apart on job you have you a lot of people took the underdog, That was a huge. There was a good line now that girls really really good again there's something about people that have done martial arts, the whole life like You know when you see someone like her, whose dad was an instructor, her dad taught Judo jujitsu and my tie. She grew up with martial arts. You know it's like a part of her. Her being page really good athlete whose learn late in life and she's, dedicate herself to look at that transition man. That trends, into the back and then
which is so the arm bar knowing that pages gonna roller over caught. Damn that's pretty that is so pretty and She can't get it to flip over. So then goes the opposite way. She goes belly done. That's like that russian style arm bar when she's forced she's trying to roll over a page to unroll reboot. Where she was especially where face was. If she rolled over shorter fucked herself up, then the girls speaking to roll another cause. Just give you a piece of advice: it's time you up your lonely, you got to watch the last Rambo movie, The uncoiled gave you they really. The movie theater. I went to see it on the road. You know me, I'm a patriarch. This is the the best you ever it's his This is violent, has he's
ever made a movie really as this most recently. Some reason why so they released it and then he got his daughter because they cut it out a bunch of faith or you re released the sly style with the ship cut out. He won't. Let them know you that he will extend the good now these seventy. So he worked it just like the mechanic with jobs rather than it right. They shut off it seems they showed. Maybe. Who fights Eads? He killed a forty million people with just his brains like he built up, you shit into the. So this is the last one: Jerome, that's it, so when he's in caves, this shit, job go. You really does to man that's just what I got live This is fucking collar bone out. Who does that
Does that anymore? This is what I'm going around stone. Monopolies note he takes his collar bone. I'll show rugged does! Is it? This is the best They rode out was good. What do you see? Those look it up here fucking around I'm gettin trip creep, thereby his face not moving it, don't matter go what you're gonna be spoken tat you he's he ripped people apart laws? Did they cut? The original movie, the collarbone, see every day every they cut that out button that didn't put it back in yea. Put you wanted to put this couple scenes blow for you, so the funding, is rather Joe Rogan arrows like other countries would everywhere there will come from everywhere. I bury shut, my wife. Could you
take it no more. She went to sleep she's joy. I this I've never seen anything like it. The aim for around again and at the end they show all the way back to the beginning, only the mind, the sole Vastest. Only the minor, still vat system and I watch Goodfellow this week I gotta fuck you gonna fuck up and get help I bet I know what you're talking about a cigar. No Jimmy comes into the room before that Henry's, making a sandwich. Thank God. Above all they produce what moves and the guy white bread is made five in Britain there wasn't. You won't even elite Ile de white bread. I remember african Americans tellin me, don't eat that shit. Doug does Bacon I beg with a more focused the right The time beg visages have bread. I am example I to go to those years Zeppelin. He doesn't even know are already yet italian. Like pastry dessert,
type like and the given tuna Brown back like a fuckin puerto rican on the fourth day, poor diet. In calories, a party should eminent and their ability to cover easy, my god, oh my god, you're so good foe year, hasty a bag every morning. What a long, skinny real one thing: bread with a whole stick a hotel bob, but sixty four coke- the sixth grade that was my Brighton amazing, was alive. Zap penalties, if they thought, can breakfast six another one in good faith to spend my favorite movie of all times those a little kid. I watched thousands of times like a crazy man and there's one soon, member one pulse or Vinos, making the deal but the guy, and then he asked to pay him forever billion help. I really need your help. Polly anything you could do. Polly employees got a cigar. I knew my home if you want Excite me watch it there's a continuity part where he has the cigar in his mouth and the cameras behind him, and then it cuts in front straighten than theirs
securing their likeness disappearing. I'll, tell you what is a fortune really good movie Oh that's. The thing is that you could say that it's such a great movie that you watch it so many times you start to notice things that even the fucking director didn't know tell real good. That's when they're at their mother's, you really have to sit down and go. Toward the dear on the wall, go to the mothers guy not shrunk of a car and their mothers, and she makes I got traditional time breakfast before the morning- flock enrolling catch up and they got a guy in the trunk might think about this night all seeing how more, but that is how we will tomorrow we ought to talk, is ice We got a guy in the trunk
Many banks would tonight and it's the way is known ass. They make all that food. Look so good. They make everything. Look at that. Damn movie makes me want to smoke cigarettes in beginning of that movie whenever a car there in a car- and this is EAST New York and Jimmy the dual sleeping right down there. It is too fuckin, beginning of this house, that's how it opened up, but you like what what's going on in, I have watch the twenty slash twenty and then I read the book when I was locked up, so I was waiting for this movie to come up. This movie came out when I was halfway house and I had a system on how to get high and not get caught with the test. I just had to take a joint and take one hit off at in my gym and put it down. On this day I fucking told him. I was going to Denver for a car I want to smoke that then I got chinese food that went through this by myself. Why one hit in you wouldn't test positive outcome. It'll look, there's a limit One hit battles, little thing for this
little bit of a limit limbs and wait. I was running abandoned Greek. Oh you mean lack, happy seat, writing tell people, but that there are no decided. When you would you do drugs has no more. Now they get the data that figure out what the hell They just take your hair and find out what I don't like. Is this what we call the test the moment the nose my god. What a weird feel is a fine thing like I did it, but I've got a blood. I didn't drug listless and we place on to you to want to put a gun Schwab
Well, what happened? I gotTa Angel Dust Chris, my uncle, I fucking pupil, I smoke. Nor can the supper I smell a club can fuckin. Are you kidding me when they did my nose all turn our eyes. Hope that open up an absolute does comes. Nobody knows! No. When I walk the line with Jerusalem, my nose than this box a couple article I got I still coke works in those land, carbon swab in there and they're gonna forget Could you not aiming at stake rights from around my there's? Gonna? Go you no one. Is illegal union tests positive account, but you get that you need treatment in how you gonna kind kilos in your fuckin, aroused
who said I was what eighty four thousand people, while the new one, they barely go inside, you know stages, do you have to go deeper near knows, but now they just go into the opening is under bad news and thereby Like you ever thought about this. We ve never discuss this. Young generation about dick- and I did the Fucker research when I was growing up the seventies. You got at the moment in your ass home, yes, safer, put it happening ass altogether result of what they did, the people, if we go back with we're going to see how many people a gay, because for years, tabled here tomorrow, to put it rather foundress exceed what difference does that make you would put at the moment of my ass you? Let me time that's how it works as a mile unable to creepy esteem people. Ok, you went to that leads you to find out what you ve been broken up. You'd have what else cobbler fevers, are you to bend already get that demanded vaseline and he
taking Europe like a minute and you sit. There would have the marble and you ass. I look and have liked make eye contact them talking. Then he would take it out, wipe it and then not look real close. Tell you in ninety one boy. Warn you know amendment the moment in the ideal world. I remember them you'd think about. Then. I remember them in the mouth to learn about that, because you have this metal, fuckin rod and you're my bit to really now for a while this. Is of C4 commentary in this one. Really I don't have the time Let us try and it takes a long time to do that from surprise. They just wouldn't use the master recordings from the year before whenever they are now know what happened, I remember a meme data when I had a conversation about, wants us That's why I remember another: we settled dig a minute- maybe I am it now.
I really dont know, but doing it the first time the first two times? Like a fucking work, man, it's a lot or its hours and hours and hours of God he's got the arm are always Tristram translated the triangle and he's out or hours, It gets a tat will give to do it like it's a fight right and possible way for every scenario and I'll do it for hours, and I would leave exhausted because it would be like three four hours of the The craziest moments in a fight like when I do commentary for six hours Times nothing's happening it's in the middle there, setting out fights or talking about possible match jobs. You know what happens. Got this guy winds. What happens this now? There's lots of times. Are you not screaming? But when you doing Videos you just scream and the whole time I just you do you do it constantly. So it's like hours and hours were drinking coffee, gone back, doing more they're, getting
the man, they look so good. It's crazy how good it looks boxes is today. Jobs there. Yet him an empty gesture said. Are you calling ivory orders? Nice, nice I'm wondering when one big name boxer is gonna, say fuck it. Let me try this that someone who knows how to rattling turns Crawford could do it Crawford wrestles, his kids wrestle too wrestled in high school and he's a super athlete and, as a fighter here wiles rare dude that switches stances very easily. He can fight basically as good from South PA, as he does from orthodox. He can go back and forth no problem, so inlet, where'd, scrambles and shared this is this is how rose loss or title boom she got slammed Sheila By came from the slam, I'll look at that she was peace in Europe too. Before here it is. This is
slam spiked iranian ahead and K odor. There was brute power, this girl's real powerful on drudge. She super super strong, But up until that moment roses one in the fight, if I remember correctly, yeah sure that's happening right now. Kid sitting. These video games getting so good out Jamie now we're playing some clipped the other day, when Hannibal was here of these new video games that have New engine is the unreal five engine, it's so good man. It's it's so good. It does nearly remove anymore, lighter matches, it doesn't Like a movie, I mean it doesn't have a video game anymore. It looks like, like actual real lives, shit happening like the duff, on the ground and the lights and shadows. It's crazy. They ve got it so good
Is this an ashtray, or is this like some relic from some like temple or something I never know round here? Thank you can use as now sure I got fired from mafia to you did what you do. I did the gay. What happened I settlement of obvious things. Oh, I didn't ask you to say some inappropriate things and he took it too far. We're fine up the boy, no NGO, hey, hey was the same thing with the Chapelle joke. He set up a special same thing like with communism. Lady got afraid she was gay, now send the Stockholm and coughed crisis councillors and know that you in there you are crisis councillors? Oh my god, what do they do for grant have started when someone's murderin hookers we're crowbar? For?
they do. You get the like. You put the chicken lights and then you stand. There was a thing at issue you from all now someone I mean, I mean what happens to the crisis counselling for the people. That work is a video game. There.
Get out of my orders about Santa due to Dick and great gaseous show on tv when two weeks every day from them. Are you sure you know you don't know you? Should we not do the debt issue very actor on the set and every person there was service, but just in case they got a friend a great guy, see with brilliant, respecting the sort of two people having sex and the guy was a lot of virtual glasses on he puts where it yeah. It's me and you can blow the guy. You believe Gregg ass. He got away with that. I do believe it that's how bad of a mother fucker he is always on the dews all tied up. Oh, my goodness
I had a fuckin sign. Twenty nine thousand documents. Talker was there a best before that you want consistently high me. Wasn't I got a job for you suck my dick and show you gonna love. It. Does. We said to you call me, and I call them back. Please do not ask sent you a lot of fun right. You don't give a fuck might show you yeah. That's that's lairs! The burning councillors. Oh, my god, is right through the need to make this right in the beginning. He's like ambush. I'm vision. Is that push them? That seems Ladys like this. It's ok I mean it's a guy you're doing it to another guy, but it is devil against his will consume enjoys: it is tied up,
Why why? Why do people that people tie them up? The police is worsening and explain that to me I've! Never! Even though I don't, I don't want to be around. Anybody wants to tie me up about that. How about that? That's like we know with Kate. Was it was in the Bible. Where died, trying to trick somebody and kill, and the sun was can enable now, which would you right, which was the story, we're God tried, tricked Gonna, kill innocent. And then right for the guy kills. The Sunday was that I was only testing you. That's I'd, be with time people up On what you want army up guy tie me up and then right whereby time yet the Blake, you failed, fucking timey. Why would you want a timely that somebody has to know now number It's a weird thing to want to do to somebody. I don't want
to a girl either and Onawandah Devlin, or what am I doing it to make up. One of my relationships years ago ended because the girl one that so badly and I just could not there's like the community aid, like a comedy, pardon me or its decide. I just thought it was to Sally discount anyway, I came. I did not. I don't wanna when I don't want to feel like I have to tie someone up. I don't fly, she wanted to tell you upload. She wanted you either to tie her up, and I just couldn't you don't think I'd never raised the issue of gold that all that Greece and the monopoly When you think people saw time people up on a regular it nineties when the clock, in those Romans gravity guys with the ways in which they were free zone for each other. In the leg eleven give about you know it's back, then I think I think people. First of all, I think it's been pretty established back then people, rape, kids, all the time, was real com,
You know I mean you, will you go back and read stories of Greece, even even like famous philosophers. They had like boys like little boys that they would have sex with. I think they I d done to them and they did and it took a while before people were, held accountable for the devastating effects of that, as on someone's life, I made took four people too, I don't know what year people start figuring out. Do you not supposed to do that to people, but the longest time that just happened. It's kind. Creepy, when you go back and you think about a lot of the great philosophers- may think about how many people- discredited today for being creeps like Kevin's basic right, a May amazing actor programme, A great actors right mean how the cars was fucking sensational yeah, and big part of it was him up huge part. Now, just a picture and next agenda lean gazelle in the face.
Wayne gleam now people say or creepy like. If you just talking a stranger is- and you like about House a card, so I got what are you gonna like creeps or somethin rights like like it right? You can't. You can appreciate what was the wonder when you play Keyser so say the up was the usual suspects. Let me comment is an amazing act. Is an amazing he's all actors or solve, Scotty's was now. Studies would like the most normal guy. I've ever met my wife, so Chris Pratt Soup normal guys. We just have to be actress, but most actors, Muslim. William brilliant actors are fucking, crazy and That's crazy is what problems Is this amazing work? Marlon Brando was fucking crazy, but towards the end of his life. He way through inner pounds on a fuckin. Ireland did everyone out, therefore guys and girl? Fucked everybody? He was crazy, more
and brandy was a wild man, steam Mcqueen, wild mother, Fucker crazy. I just get a wake up with my we run. The street is horrible. It's no right! John knows it was going to happen like that. It was actually here alley. Magruder off beautiful, beautiful you in the scene he actually kicks or ass. He pulls over. The side of the road is smacks of shit out of her. It's hard to widen. Butyl Venus movie is just beautiful loan or movie yeah. Beside this he's, fucking beautiful movie really is. There's nobody Doin, what east When in this movie based- MAX this shit out her for real, like you can't fake this and she's hard man. You see your face. Gettin read me really fucked her up. You could not do this today, because this wasn't stunts me- he was really kick your ass. Look at that man and she's gotta
He put together for the scene. Imagine you dont know guys gonna really hit you imagine, the pressure put on her like you have to now, let s take now. Yes, because you ve done a beat again. Yes, leave their solemn smack of this way. The wind wind behind you haven't brutally, with tie that that the aims trailer, really the I and II wanted age wondered what each other had in that crazy steam, Mcqueen, they're gonna, be an act. They really want those bits, lap people Bruce Lee, you know bro. Why did the yards were Reynolds? some, while shit about Mcqueen, that story about prison under direct his grave when they got fired and he sat on the piss on his grave and it's like me, Santiago per annum of August grave and to use my either called Doug,
I'm picking you up, what are you doing with taking a ride to Vegas off is on that Motherfukers grace that was the queen just on garage right. There. Rose Mamma you ass would see. Let's see, straw wait out before. Yes, nothing, it's flyaway, no extra red strongly is drawing near chooses trolley champion. This is a battle of the two girls, the shortest hair in the UFC Right for sure. It's crazy rose just decided to cut her hair off just like I, it just gets in the way because, like she's beautiful mean her face, I mean she's, like
she is like cover girl model, Herpes, just perfect bone structure, but she doesn't give a fuck she's, not even remotely concentrating on that, oh shit, she looks good chosen thought I dont think since then, until it's very sharp she's Trevor Whitman Disciple. I mean It's crazy! What she did the YO honour, the momentum of the train that how how fast The Yolanda train was rolling to put a stop to that is completely insane out, and we know where did it to left hook, how crazy the momentum of women now to my whole fucking greatest is so good tat, so good, I think the little polish girl I love. Vaccines? Should Genco no Yolanda engage? Does my auto protocols, Mademoiselle painful toenails,.
No matter. She fights as always vaccine is not published. She's russian she's, what yeah, but just a little experiment, technical you follow! Sir Graham she's, beautiful all the time. She's such a she's such a hundred euro joy, the can of worms use open up. Why tone is in love with her love it forever? Why don't you didn't? She come to fight and you're gonna. Take my friends, we're friends, we text Valentino. What is this she comes to my shows when a man has extend palm beach or door out router Gagarin asked around, I mean we ve myth you know then higher floored was, I mean he's right now area viewing the way she fights makes me more attractive to it. Like I like how she's, she's a technical she's got a lot better at the way cut too. She was right, have real problems with way. Cutting the pass. Oh damn rose, looks good, real, sharp counters she's, working well off the jail
job, Jabba jobs, snappy Andrew lost some muscle mass. She is to be a lot thicker she's to look like TAT she's go in to look like a small female the way silver, but now visa This probably realises after a while, most of it do you care and all that muscle mass, that cost in Europe in your conditioning and endurance, also like harder to the cut the way spyware cut a lot away. She was very thick before I can tell you from experience the smaller your frame. The later you are The so much harder it is to cut way like I know, that's common sense, but those last few pounds. That's all, despite the euro liver belong in such a little bit a liquid. You have left yells. The guys who cut the easiest actually are big muscular guys. Those big thick muscular guy because muscles like ninety, some four percent water, not
really water? It seems plasma so the ship, but slot fluid you can, you can lose water yeah are, we did and high school, it's for damn sure nice one tune the outside yeah. I didn't realize it was easier for people that are, must Yoda cut, wait till George, lock heart slick, one of the best coaches, Wait cutting in sport. He explained to me as I do that actually make sense. I never thought about it before, but the like the more muscle mass you have, the easier it is to lose waterway. There was a couple: I'm sorry. I wait in with just straight up bone skin and the energy What about raising our wrestlers? Is you have to compete that day? You cut that. We need to put as much back on as you can before you dress at that's ridiculous, ridiculous. I gotta problem Jerome was from my last physical. The doktor calls because everything is beautiful except potassium. What does that mean?
Well, that's easy, but that's nothing nor you dont, even banana than ever take some of this, the Chevalier Liquid Ivy a drink that should every day you take that in a bottle of water. It's come way more potassium than a banana Scott. All The vitamins- and why am I alone, protection You probably don't take any you don't take it into your body with potassium variation of thought. When I was told lately, we let sodium the goal that sodium poker potassium is something different. Potassium is just another lecture, but it's a critical. Actually, it's a think. They stay put When people are alone potassium it's when they get cramps that second, liquid ivy shit like started. Take electoral rights on a daily basis, changed how my body opera. It's always getting. Cramps now, don't get him anymore, literally, stop getting gramps. I get him. Dehydrated in a most people, run around dehydrating dehydrate, you, you don't realize that you have to drink water, all fucking time, man, you really do you have to drink why
all the time and if you Do that you're operating at a less than optimal method in all your your your brain is not functioning the way it should, Inviting all, as you know in obviously in the hotter, Places like you know those games, it's not so much of a game. I am all, his cramps, oh yeah and they're, trying to drink water, the whole time, those big boys but their sweat and it out faster than their body can absorb and their fuckin going full tilt You know I mean imagine a man a mere two hundred ninety pounds super athlete just going full tilt just strike, hoo, hoo, hoo hoo I mean the amount of explosive exertion, those guys put out in a game. It's fucking nuts Zella gaming else, if you really think but even fights now, there's a lot of moments and fight for their pace in themselves that, like this to move in and then they explore Occasionally football has
the giant burst were you're running at each other, full clip just all fools, printing? You know, and he stopped they decided. They also have longer breaks than even here, because when you're on defence, IRAN that sidelined for maybe five eight ten minute and brother Augean injured, that's a hundred percent. They argued entered They get injured Joey You would love this Aaron Hernandez Series that they have wandering d ever listen of wandering the podcast network very good. There. Really well produced? They have it's really good one on Erin Hernandez in his life and why he was so fucked up. Oh, it's crazy. Bright killed a bunch b, does it kind of things you old people and got away with it. He more than the people got in trouble worthy killed a guy in Florida he killed a few people to watch the Netflix one day. Did not know it was great yeah. They cover a lot of that. It's crazy, crazy story, but
lot of that man is fuckin brain damage you PETE age twenty years old, when he killed himself. They said he had some of the worst city they had ever seen, and you know he grew up playing football so They would they did a study on kids like all the way up through professional, all the way down to high school football players who had city, and they were like its most kids. Most people play Football on a regular basis, more habit, they don't have it crazed. My towns are very big reporter we want to stay championship. Kid went to Penn state from and I watch him. I've been watching them just for purposes. One guy killed himself, but I'm watching these guys in either either this solid
One body is in the hospital. I absolutely you know it. So it's it's! Almost football player brown roses roses tee and often arises on draws is again really pieced up here. Look at that one too roses just sharper and her footwork is better constant movement and her counters around Look at that block, perfect time, new one that punches comment on drug, just look for opening seizures, looking to swing, big hammer, shots or Israel his cup peace in our midst. Without flying me, I think when it comes to their feet II, it really slow. College. It starts when you in high school around colleges. I think it starts in high school, but colleges were really because it sell competitive gal. You really bang out there and you are young. You strongest follow up your juice in our seas.
You train basically eleven months or a year, six allows It will help you I mean you. Do summers was know how much and show the bad no content and you saw an usually the better- you are the more Europe Two naturally hit your head on Mars is far more wants you dead, I play this fight, is wild? Does a while fight. Roses catching her with all kinds of big shots coming in drug keeps common, remember when you you wanna fought just gone Drudge Tony. Sort of. I remember it being that dangerous of a fight for it all dangers. It was dangerous, but you house so technical. She so good. That was when she was like legit inner prime, I gotta say I went back over the way Legion Fight and you could see her winning indecision
look at that combination by entourage down. There was a hard combination. Good left kicked the body there too, you could see, but it's not bad enough where You couldn't see young women either a sheikh. She didn't want to it remains a lot of that sort of like Nate D, as effect to cause the damage that you Ilona. What's she looked like has to affect the judges, decisions and perception. There's! No! about its aim, is that every new ideas, fight where it looks like he's gotten, beat up just cause. He has to cuts that opening and his as soon as he starts by your had that enormous swelling our forehead, it was crazy. But meanwhile she acted like it was nothing, but you didn't even exist. She didn't even didn't slowdown is unbelievable till phenomenon by the UN and to keep fighting and Whaley Man, God damn she so good to saw aggressive, it will mean. That was absolutely one of my fair for this african painting of it out in the hallway. Here you saw it yeah
Zella means a reason why the pennies there's one my fair fight of all time. That was the first time that you. What do you see the union? Can she saw that fight suck? The earlier I watch ass. It was amazing, after that the party was openly nobody cared about, whether was after that was style, bender verses, your mouth, and that was a very tactical Mayas urologist stand alone, but many other member. But twenty five minutes you were pinned to the tv like you have that you want a wing fight. I actually got to watch in the bar at La Jolla, like that main lobby. Like half the cause I closed out, I took off five minutes from opener in five minutes from the featured the only time I ever did that in my life, just because a tie wanted to do my time to not miss the thing, and that was one of those times because I go, I said
me when the second fighter in the main event gets to the Octagon Gimme a safety light. Knob is already in the middle of my closer and it was so cool and the majority of that audience I mean they were slammed in there. You could never never. There won't be five people slammed or in five year Is there won't be that many people slammed in that room for any reason all on top of one another, because they all knew that the fight was Anthea that room being the bar the bar, yet. It's like this size. Basically, that lawyer club is awesome. They're doing Stana begin now close to close it. And he had already closed, as was to be that this weekend, when did they reclose Tuesday, because they covered the wrapped up? That's crazy, good San, virtually open. They don't have that many It is down there, but there's one county outside of San Diego- that has a shitload of cases, I also think there realise and like people just can't be that close to that.
And people see other people doing things like lagging. Do it will just do it ourselves would just all hang out like Yup days. The big big eyes was that we should get shut down, saw what happens on Thursday. We shall we may we get shot down. What are you here and back the level one thrilling Tuesday who told you this would just wrong. We want orange cheese for the results from the weekend to see what the fuck goes on its issues. They make the amount of Monday data deaths are down now, that's, down, but in cases are high. The cases are as high as I've ever been. Our high can't believe they opened up Disneyworld in Florida. Did they open up yet today, like today, yeah Florence does in fact I don't give a fuck. They don't know that duties. Goofy is a governor Orpheus factor,
That's, not a good situation to see him not be able to put on his magic is trying to put it on vertical. You guys have no idea like that. Guy He had to follow other kids when he went to school related. My boy was: he was one of those locked morons Hitler, how beautiful that Jabba's of rose chiefs pop in that job and she's plead anonymous, knows rocard. Roses fact is West Palm Beach is open, but my enemies, dough, Jesus where's palm Beach, is open. Here that's so close to Miami raises dime yeah he's so the Improv Miami shut down, but Wes Bomb still open those clubs or so of unease role those dies. I wonder what what, though Ella well comical about account and Shaw, Bolt, tested, positive end, Stevie Blue eyes. I wonder what They did o shows is in trouble in trouble roses and
well, she got rocked the control, your butt, Oh my God knows the mass crusted, my friend the HORIZON mass hoof. Hundreds of TAT man rose looking for their armed Barbicane gave it didn't, have a good technique, here. Good guard use. Two men had her legs up there, how nice job kicking off? Yes, she might might be too busted up. My whatever is going out with her face. It's not good. She hush awkward, She covers up that underground, shake his hard strawn them. Hammers power, consumers thick thighs, long jobs through this the trunk. The everything about that I wish was sought. We're we're talking so much. I didn't really see what happened would hurt her
oh shit, hurt, It would be right hand their and our counter and that's right with the parlor face its injured. Oh, oh, my god. She has busted up dude, look at her fast shape. Everything hurled faces of bloody mask woof. Oh, my goodness. What a fight when, when people slow down and then you get into these exchanges- and one of them is just throwing hammers and he keeps getting hit like when undrawn gets caught. She just wing in these big shots. So every time having these exchanges as a nice left hook there but rose and have enough energy to really keep her off of our ceiling, she's cause she's tired, she's hitting her, but she does enough energy to really keep her off over and then in these exchange
it is our view that take down the sole she got mounted wow barking, tough, she's, very tough much better faces a mass dude that left eyes fucked up woof, oh she's, getting hard all my got her eyes, swelling faff got it so now did she got hit again and again? If she can't see anything come from outside and she's getting seconds ago, go here, when you have an eye, that's that close you're so susceptible on that side. This might be it. They might stop it. It's over this the end, the third Oh, my God, Liver Jesus Christ. That's one of the worst! I've ever seen her dog, give you the one of mine, I'm getting a fucking potato. Oh my god! Look at it! Joey Diaz brought cuban food before us.
And I fucked around the volatile chick allay rape of locking cuban balls of death. Where are those these potato balls to meet the middle? I got no fuckin time like you, don't mean that I shall be my lad. I don't know misunderstandings. I understand why people usually have the basket like I'm supposed to be impressed, didn't play in So here I hope you, Mary Mary, I'm with you, my Megan Buddy, don't understand tabasco brave. I would like to ask him Eggs is very, very good, but not as good as any other hearts francs yeah. This does well. I am a big fan Like hell, you attack I like that real mechanisms like to, but it is what is that is what we will fight for Ass France, red hot windows, but- and this is a wing- that's like anything Else- go fuck, you Bob, You know what makes great hearts ass gringo Bandy
You know that the offspring leads bring of offspring. Dexter he's got his own too hot sauce. It's fucking, great man really good, real tasty is got a real kick to it We don't even know who won. This looks like rose, one on looks, like least the first two rounds in terms of like total strikes, but we're talking to It looked to me like she was women first two rounds, but when someone gets that badly beat up in the third their faces, much of a mass that infects the judges, Depends on how liberal they are with those ten rounds to you no Democrat, look at her. I that's bad. What Do hungry sponsored by Man's gaped Europe's seas? answer by landscape, though I have one of them yet yeah I didn't realize you asked Israel's legitimate.
Over the toilet. Oh yeah, that's right over the toilet. Take the cuban they grow. When you dick and you go up, would you take them that sacked the whole thing? They had come a look water? They got the low packages in case you want a white beard. In case you in this situation, the ball, why? Before white frock instruments- and they got great- marshals now they just do it right. They fuckin sponsor you're, the what's, amazing that people have been shaven and not forever, but man's It was the first person to figure out or the first company and figure out how we need special tool to shave you, nuts, Why does why anybody ever a tool that doesn't make your balls every time I would shaved my balls. I would get a little tiny, little tiny cut unless I would like I used a razor. I can use a razor like maybe some of that year it dear use the dossier club easy butter is that they have this body that likes
far superior to shaving cream and you can use that the razor zone as your hair is not too long, but if you let it go and develop the Bush and you want to use a tremor euro. Europe, great peril here in danger, with a regular here like the tremor use. My head, I make my boy all the time of the four containers are good, for which, The size of the important thing is so good, not I, but it doesnt work glass incredible. He should I wanted these turns on camera. I mean on the microphone no answer sending classic like a rose, my God only that I that is crazy. Her nose, is cut her eyes, Kurt who dammit eyes crazy. Swollen then, while. So you want to be a fighter like
It is the one we are. Finally, where that knows, the gas in her nose. Do you have Has really good plastic surgeons? Luckily, it's kind of amazing the the work that they do on them. Queen fights like when someone gets like this. Does down they inject, like no the cane in there and then they put stitches inside and outside the go all through the meat of the tissue. They don't just stick to the top You ve seen him get cut stitched up after fights. Now it's pretty heavy duty man. What do they do with an? I like that? they cut it. I gotta know lily. No, no! No! That's a horse shit that movie Rocky when they cut may give Z club me go back, there would never caught you Never in a million years they made that up what they were doing put ice on it in an end, swell and swells of a piece of metal. They stick
nice and it gets we'll call, may take down the press, the liquid and move it away from your, I say could see no, what is it swelling down, little nay put ice on it the only thing that can help that eyes time the nose the problem that knows nosegay stitched up for sure, that's a big gash. They all develop cuts on the nose, though when he gets scar tissue around here when you get a guy. The idea of yours and I keep gets hit once or twice I watched make deals small scale again this week and like right away, First couple combinations and needs bleeding, just always bleeds just so much scar tissue, believe it's bud with just about everybody, death almost impact,
what an army was brother out an operation. He had this bones of his eyebrows shave down a little bit to make it so that it doesn't cut as much still didn't really help the scar tissue just opens up. So this next fight is a mother fucker, this next fighters, Josie Aldo and Pewter yon. That's that's a serious fight. This is the biggest fight for your ever for sure, but he's very good bad super technical, striker, real, strong, two areas, feel for the russian fighters cause. It's like. You know that they probably have even crazier per sure than a normal. Anyone, other nationality like theirs. I feel like Putin in the rush, Are we really like you must when that think rocky? For I don't know,
yeah! I know their joy knows. Portals is the number one restaurant in California poured out its com, where's that Glenn Dale Burbank Downy Number one fucking rest, California, service! Look it up. The programme clean Bob Good next time I come up, I'm bringing might well red things in there. What is that those peppers and and the trade in the tray? But rather what is that can sue tennis? I shall appear with locked mumbo jumbo. I understand. Certainly forget some hundred this is its eye, two deluxe spicy chicken sandwiches, I'm not only hungry. Not only that you always do other people
That's right! Shamefully, will not do you that I didn't think about it. What I went in and out in an out of life more supportive in causes Goya their cars we're Goin Goya legs Trump, all their flocks, brown people all pull up yeah. What's a thing, I eventually for real Goya accompanying the president. I wasn't the present CEO Goya said something in supported our trump and now people going crazy. Hello oil borders, it was on fire right now is better We welcome the great weak because uh, you know Netflix. They released the water Mcdowell documentary here again the Nagoya minutes miles without fights the Wolf MOB
That must be thou, he's fighting the work mom, I'm sure he did. But goes well these boys this week. They release this documentary Java, and this is what every spanish person has grown up with, can get it from a game called the more jobs, more! It's the documentary on water. Make gallo weight. Is that this fuckin beauty, Geronium, wait till you see this guy. This guy was the moon, star in the world. Guy, yes, come on it that flickered men three, who is I'm also laying this person or that the actual perchance the purse what is that the it this. Is u gotta? It's an old lady! You gotta see this campaign. This is a guy. This is the guy Joe Rogan. This thing will blow your foot and mine. He was the biggest lie,
star in the world. People beg from a game horoscopes, but he gave Be that as it came a giant star, why do you are scopes? He would just give you a sculptor Morgan, morally muslim older. He would just give you horoscopes and shit Walter Mercato so tell a moon, picked them up. Howard Stern, even I would said to him the Jesus spanish people, because I'm not as Jesus, I just you know. But you gotta hold that lament three. Is the rise and fall of water lily? I never heard of this kind with what is now a real on this firm, the trail of what does he do what's this thing here I just told you, but it is good. I just horoscopes Aeroscope audio you're very determined, and so I think what you mean: look at her mother, Howard Stern, that's insane!
I do not know about this? It is this. Why give your spanish? You grew up by them in that you don't know, you weren't allowed the boy that its brothers guy, really, if you must have you came on your mom, would say all done because you had await be assigned He would tell you the sign of the day. Oh my god. You, like oh shit, I hit the number would have better number. They don't you know. The day will come when we get border, we go. This guy was in managing the guy stuff. Always identify them. How. Just sign over face his character and his name he found that vice or is he gonna pull What team million thou fuckin tremendous he had none, but gapes this month after apes. Now but it is not a word about it. As you get all the look in his face wholly when another radar, Walter Magala tremendous
why so spanish people have the good for a week there, like a guy diabetes, and then a very fucking guy had a fuck up everybody, mutual Would you are more damn I mean that's all they got going. I did, as he said, something pro trump. That's it! That's it! That's all you have to do it. You gotta do people or of their day lather border weakens, like you know what they ve colonel they stole from the border regions and then Trump didn't help to border, weakens what all the hurricane stuff and now you're gonna cyber them. That's how they you. What was Trump statement about porter rigour was something about how corrupt everything was over there and that they did help, but the problem of corruption in portrait, whenever there is a national disaster. This always corrupt, ok, Surely this is a national disaster weight to the corruption to start soon,
Tina who went to jail Katrina, Debate That's big money, Jack, a train, every business both to get the birth way with a mayor went to jail. Could after Katrina, New only check it out and not gonna Merrick and gentlemen were fought and dip double dip in they get greedy. When national disaster comes, so here we are about to see Josie, Aldo and Pure ya. Know it's interesting about this fight is people think of Aldo has been done. Some people do, but how was only thirty. Three make sure that's correct. Is thirty two or thirty three. He might be thirty. Two. Like he's, not old, but he. Forced onto the scene when thirty, three that's crazy man, I mean he's as prime all those in his prime and in my opinion he beat Marlon more eyes. He lost a decision that you have see agrees with the opinion, which is why he.
Fighting pewter yarn for the title and not Marla memorize. That's a very rare time where some loses a fight and then gets a fight for the title, and everybody agrees. And this is where it's all right now mean people. People saw that I know a guy. I think he, I think you want let em fight for that. And so soon is Henry so who step down here? women are trying to fight that Ryan, Garcia guy. That boxer NO is Ryan Garcia is like he the latest, really popular up and coming Young Box or he's ridden dickie list heavyweight. No, no! No, lightweight one thirty five he's got a fucking pretty good. The color Lysol legumes ecological islamic years that load import, Jake Paul. Let me see it oh, my god, he hit read the solar boxes:
He loving, gotta punch, M or excuse me in Ghana. Let him pawnshop with a body shield on and he got didn't you feel it, but then again I started latin big people punch him, but nobody shield gas, so big man he's scared. He's the scariest guy of all time of it into of like overall physical danger that you're in whenever swinging, there's? No scary, they gotta I'll, never forget being there when he knocked. Thousand array up yeah. That was insane. You should have been there for the last one. What? Why is that, so? in Jamie. What happened? We have goes in here, The last one when he knocked out Georgina, rose and strike. There was no one in the audience So is one of those apex fights so and they did it right in front of us, like each large dam and just hit him with this left, took and then rose. The strike drops in any power
this amount why's. He was already out cold and he hit some of these two big bombs so year them. Some in his book the former to sixty five and they just collided which are out towards what is without, was somebody suddenly an email. They went to moving the house. They ripped up the carpet, need they found it. Like surface with Queer elucidated says quite clearly that I was made the licences of Jamie. That's so rude. Am I gonna sit what's going on here The governor was sniffing. What is ever, you are already, unlike second best, with the quail it's over their God. I never know that. I know he has like scientists combined. Please, I'm gonna fuckin way
take him drive this kind of thing one outlets uttering currently away. I would be happy to drive you home. Whatever you want I'll drive you home reality to lose, leave a kind of her. I gotcha we'll have you car park and oil, so this thing about, although to alter the struggle to make, seventy five are she's been make. Forty disease to walk round like one hundred seventy pounds. He was big and it just really had a hard time many times making the weight and suffered, but then when he went down to one thirty five. He got. He got a nutritionist for the first time in his career. And now he has zero problem in a one. Thirty, five, his cut to one third If I was way easier, there's cut to forty five, he said which is crazy and she levels the same. Invoking tremendous his life fight with Marlon Arise, exists, attacking the entire time. Just run. Down at attacking. This is the way you should have been out his whole career. He should have it at one. Thirty,
Five, his whole career and you can win a belt here for them time since Conor knocked about her. Oh, yes, you will. He won a belt, he won the interim featherweight title asked connery lasted two max our. I think that's true. Ninety nine percent? Positive! That's true! I think you he beat forget who he beat. But he knocked out Jeremy, Stevens. He. Knocked out and not more conall, and both those guys are big. Powerful forty five and he just decided to try to fight it. Thirty five and he looked better thirty five than ever why, of times and a guy later in his career when they cut way sort of a last ditch effort, new start thinking, man, skies and trouble. It's got that Chernobyl power behind mine here borne down the river, how dare you nuclear power pressure, trains and Thailand
I think, he's a year, Paquette top team guy. I want to do that one day was at hand. Borneo Hannibal is such an interesting guy. In one of these he did. He took a whole month off by himself and just. Went to Thailand train white- I not even like, does We have experience in it, so I did. It life always want to be a tie. Boxer that'd be funded train and live in time. For months now, just decided to go what the fuck in Thailand TRAIN there, and I just happened to be in Thailand, at the same time with my family, so. He came out from a think. He in Bangkok, he came up to change my where we were hung out with us. We had dinner, shot the shadows. What are you doing out here? Man? train in my time here interesting guy. You know. He's doing now. He's gonna Ghana still alive in Ghana.
I don't know how long will you know? Few months, scum I've been living ain't, no wife, no kids. Do it out of the buggy, wants His real estate is made. Investments is got money, that's a great city site like when someone lives like that is like fuck it live in Ghana reason why pick honour its from Ghana, his his. They did as ancestry test. In his honest father's side, lot of its from Ghana and you know he fell. Like hey man, what a great way to get material in what a great experience just the life experience to go there and live there, but also Imagine how much material he's gonna get Livin in Africa for three months for a girl of Africa, not wear can Jim Jones. That's Guyana, that Sally America yeah that South American J D want to put on their that places pro still fucked. You know from that. I took the the bad
Vat voodoo in the air from therefore, but was that document I didn't want you remember. I was a kid I point to my mother's bar. In the end, the fuckin congressmen add the whole thing I watched it and then he is later either you read it out. Whatever it is. It is it going to drink the cool it on practical way. Meanwhile, do, you know, wasn't even cool. It was like a child perversion of of like some fucking punch MAX maybe a little good too. Maybe they have some say that he was doing drill test. He was making do shit before I just watch Somethin recent Scary part of that documentary to me where those morning announcements he'd make on the Fuckin p a system even say whatever creepy shed, he was shooting was asleep. He was a mess.
Back in the seventies that strong, but we are on an island. My share the Elles angel sold that shit that came in John Guy Amazon alone. Oh it's on now, no guy ever you gonna Jones. Where is how the matter and it just it's. It's the country is plotter, something I don't think I as an island ninety nine percent, sure that Diana, an island. I think it's just justice, it's a country in South America, where he set up is called, I think they fellow thereby persecuting the United States, which they always are, because It's always the same story, one guy Wednesday, all the money, fuckin every woman. What? Yes just a part of South America, you only family. This goes were the have said. What I was going down at school yeah, I remember being in the news jungle book. I remember, Jonestown was when I got to wake up way more than that.
Wake up is not the Waco was fuckin. The first one was dead people men and that crazy. That's what so crazy. There are lie in their poisoned. So, Can poison doesn't work is good, as everybody thinks it does It takes a little time burns and shook off pure poison of all those rights fight. This is a great fight, because this is like the big test for Yon and for all the man you wanna talk about Duisburg. Around the block. You can't fight a more experience gained world class competition that Josie Aldo he's about. As ex France, as they get, who attention that also is, he was the best kicker. By Keyword vast, like fast people's legs. Upon my he almost never cakes anymore, almost never kicks now. He just concentrates almost entirely on as boxing. If you watch and find
very rare, that he throws a kick very rare. It used to be like you would chop with those fuckin leg kicks man. It was like the most port and part of his game, because you here with what like, when you, you re a favor. I mean he arrived favour with the first like in your eye was done. It was just a matter of time although very rarely throws kicks, and I really want to ask get someone. A translator and ask him why? But I don't want to tell anybody. You not outs, tell em like just tell me- and I will tell anybody I mean. Is it an injury like what is it because it might be? It might be like his knees. Fucked up, you can kick anymore. Does all these guys, you know he's been in sport. Ever and then before that he was. Is a high level. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt been training forever right. He's gotta some sick, serious injuries play soccer, yet so soccer guys all have fucked up needs.
Saunders like one of the best ways to tarry ACL those guys tell the ratios. Oh shit, on his hand, with a big right hand, the thing about this. At this way class that all there's a kick at this wait class. Although is so durable here, So strong because you, defining those forty five hours shared. We got cracked, oh my god, yeah so sharp, but look though, can take it at thirty five disease to getting hit would like Connor big ass. Forty five hours, you know he's used to getting hit with not so my Kano went up. The light weight against God is phased Joe is used to get in fact some yeah listen. You fell in a barbecue when he was a kid oil gas. Again, you guys back to kick in dude. He can It takes so many those lessons he loved, quick, My goodness.
Damn mrs good right away, you. Switch stances is very clever. He's setting up traps. He also doesn't want that left leg out front because of, although keeps kickin at it you know? Everybody was always wondering like when all those going to return with his leg kicks as they were, the thing that everybody avoided forever and you see lucky throws too, with this fight and both of em spin yon around those guys. Come from that soccer background man, they can fuckin kick the motto. Leg, strength you have and like your your use the weapon, your legs around. All we look for one there. He almost spun himself for a moment. Oh shit, yeah goes up high sneaky well out.
Got hit with a high switch, kick now and rise in their fight in the first round. Rise, throws that he throws really sneaky. Left switch kicked the head. It's like a whip. Another kid by, although I like it, although back to kick in landing, that's true love to a lotta kicks alike it. That's that that's a lot to me. That means a lot. Does that he's got all the weapons because, when he's just track guys down and try to throw bombs autumn with punches? I feel like it not the same guy, it's not as versatile enough is, may things to think about. Like when he was a double easy. He opened up in this fight Cubs, wants him with a fly knee and knocked him in the first few seconds of the fight was wild. Very goes against.
He spent number out. I kick when, although kicks FUCK and legs man, it takes all movement away if fucks a lot of things up in fighters because they have to think about that now. And this is only the first round. This is a five rounder, because a title fight all those keeps chop and at that work- and I hope he does John with occur to the body. Although the shot look at that trip gets them down. Big shot by yon. Oh my goodness. What's he doing with that? Thereafter, oh shell, oh shit, like that you're honest mean he's mean He doesn't want to, although with his, fingers inside the gloves. That's what's going on you you're, not
loud. Oh, he got hit with a big shot them out. He's hurt, he's hurt real bad body. Real bad, real bad to the body is breaking sternum. Now we got hit with a liver, shot man. He can't get up right now he can get up. He's got his can't. Take this yawns fuck em up man. I was in the round. He got her real bad with a body shot real bad, so they read. This are on the right side of his body. That's where your liver is. You see when you got here, he covered up in winced They show that in a reply higher up to me, maybe MR Now, when he had on the right in the body Joe where these thirty two thirty three is gone to some He's deafening artists moors but was it was interesting as Ali that right hand, it was his movement that spun round that locate. It was his
Movement advocates the the left hook, his movement, that cause that wound up Minos back see. This is the end, but this is what caused the body shot. I want to see the bars of these big bombs get hit with, though my God yawning hidden. What's a big fuckin That's didn't show the body on the ground. Unfortunately, but now yawns fired up commanded. The second round. But was also try to take him down that fuck that up for him and see what happens now. Ok boss, guys assuming a convoy ties, dance either Lyra leg left leg. Ups, it doesn't get kicked well. That's ties
You know, that's the light front leg. It's also you can throw at eat from there and throw that inside leg. Kick is ready to chat to both doing that, so you think they're both are both tossed out right now. Take them with an already just a few of those man in your legs, Fox veil, and all those already hit. Oh two in a row Although started a lighted up, our stance is now and then he goes. The body. Shall it oh shit, that's where I saw to it. Looked high up, what looked I up that Pine Stephen Thomson does tweeted that he thinks Haute, Josie, Rhebas, broken might have been too was way up there in a group,
chess like that and looked horribly painful and getting guided grabbed his chest or were river something right. Here's where your liberal Summa hand his ear. He lives. Big, delivers a big target. Quite a large large patch, legally fuck someone up, and when you get hit there, it's the weirdest feelin man. Everything goes like this. Can phrases and some guys can suck up and make it look like nothin, but most the time get hit there, your body just kind seizes up very rare- that a guy can play that off. Oh out, just hit him with a liver shot. Who, although hit him and a good left hand liver there, he switched dances again left leg for it and then immediately chops added Dan is illegal. Although of old,
good right hand, the body by Yon, Dennis Fight good is that leg making it up in the air every time that oh now, you're, tacitly insofar as a right leg. Yawns leg is in trouble, but left legs and real trouble already automatic kicks out front legs. Into the sky, on is really strong, like you can see it when he, when he clinches up with dude. He One of those guys is very, very physically strong and he's fucking mean You know, there's like extra meanness that some guys have an yawns got that damage
is good. Russians are wild man. I just watch this Oliver Stone Interview thing. You ever see that on Showtime, Oliver Stone Interviews, Putin, life part C worries. I went on board across it because I watched other crazy documentary on Showtime. God would certainly one called where that about the kid that gets brand new. It's crazy! It's about a high school football player that gets. Queues of being pedophile who of sexually Using a child- and it turns out he was completely wrongfully. Connected. Oh no, you up for years, he was in prison, while the other guy went on to do it to more people. Oh no yup! The outcry outcry. It was unreal, what happened so that they have to pay him and if how much did the guy yeah? How much can you pay em? I can't remember if they even give out the actual payment but a mean
you you'd changes life. We yeah, no number. You can ever put on that right. Did someone lie in the witness stand like what why they convict him. It's so crazy, don't tell me: ok, Wachovia, it's well worth not, this is the most kicks of ever seen all throw in recent years that goes high, oh shit, he fucked you're in trouble. Yards in trouble? You're hurt him there without combination the kick to the body. We hear that left up to the Lahti man. Only recently hasn't been paid yet poor guy. Imagine you have to get a job after that her whole even jail for year. Not only that, but it is pretty heavy at us full scholarship for football. He was bad ass football player My full scholarship anew his plan.
To be in the end, a felony probably would have been able to do it all my god. They even they show you the clips of em as a Texas, high school football player and he's just of STAR athlete collapsing, crushing quarterbacks, and how old is you know? I think he spent three or four years in prison ray some like that with these two and the sign up, you know and there they do the wholesale that liver right deliver. I missed it was a hundred percent lower than just showed it. This is, I can't forget, imagine being wrongly, he's in jail well and is and what it happens. A lot can always happens alighted, especially when you have a public to find this office ambling that, because the case is so overload, they just cut deals. They just cut deals. You base.
Leah, a piece of meat by any imagine if you're a public defender, guys, a lion d, all the time and you dont know whose innocent news, not everybody, no budget does no. I cannot have a budget, the higher investigator right to go talk to the people there that night, when near it a deal that so many different obstacles. You have you know what I got sentenced. I got sentence with an attorney. You know is a big difference thing on and there was a public and the big difference in that pay. A guy's got. Eighty people he's gotta, take care of he's just in business. A cotton caught me out of our own continent d, two big shots, the body from. Although, but although looks good we're in the third here.
Here that one moment in the first were yawned hidden. What that big Lahti look out, though, and yawned is forced to switch stances. Yawns fightin southpaw now because those got his left leg all fucked up, two more rounds for work on that right, leg, no is thrown kicks with the left leg, but he's gonna child chop at that. That right leg is well. Oh good, shout the left leg! This is a good fuck and fight man. The tigers fight. This is the first time Ian has had to fight five rounds in UFC. If I come correct, all those done it many times he's been released, scheduled from multiple, multiple five round fights all of his championship fights meeting, but how many fights has guys fought and went
I've fights went all good shot to the body by Aldo back when he wasn't cutaway correctly either. Oh shit, although looks good, nasty level to deliver digging that liver, yawns trouble? Yon is in trouble. Oh look at them. Young comes back with the left. Kick his left. Leg is chew. Now, just using as a weapon. Don't do this. It is also of all languages to the body. Oh my god, he heard and with that left level to the body and now you're standing orthodox again. He said so man tribes. Look. I left, I learned. Look at yawns left calf seal read it isn't swollen, look at it when, when the ship If they give you a side angle livid is left out. It's fucked up man, it's fucked up.
Although just needs a couple. Shots on that. See yeah. Oh, we hit it again. Every time yon is throwing a punch. It's gonna, it's gonna, be like thirty I percent less powerful because of that leg is leg. Just he can't generate power off that left leg me. You could do it little bit, but it's gonna use gum be missing something: a good fight. It's crazy that, although drops down to thirty five and like becomes a reinvented fighters, unbelievable and then, when you now it is really only thirty three like wow he's been around for ever. Oh, I mean he's been a world champion for ever. First, ever featherweight champion the double easy further first ever Featherwit champion in the you have see me when
instituted the way class. He was the guy. They brought him over from the dove easy again that left voted lever. Oh he's had that spot so many times lifestyle combination, what they call the duchy. It's a level to deliver the right leg. Kick that's! I got Nestor used special, whether this tat these guys, Bang is tremendous. There's a fast pace to man. That's the guy! if you think about our logo and thirty, five, that he's a universe bidding beautiful, beautiful he caught arresting. That's the thing about yon many, so called. For his filled with someone is that so many technical again, oh, my God, get their left foot to deliver although an account or shot to the head by Yon guys who it is
oh, my God, near the middle by Aldo. Hoof, o nice elbow off the brake by Yon other keeps given the last minute that these around to him man. This is crazy. Very this is crazy fight, hoof enough! That's right mentality, when the round for the first four minutes and give him one minute is not trying right now. I know sentimental Justice is getting. This is a really close fight, oh and that he worked for the spin there, I watch the best breakdown up. All we Frazier a guy that went back and looked through all the interviews of both of them and tells you how their feeling in between each round and everything on Youtube, so cool,
telling you a one point like at the end of this round. Mohammed Ali said this is the closest to death, he's ever felt, and it's just the around eleven around twelve or something. I think that was wrong. Wanna jungle, rare relent monk throw in Manila rumbling. Not thrill in Manila was in the Philippines. When it was, I think it was a thrill in Manila was Joe, but that was your was rumble on the jungle Ali and freight foreman right okra gather someone's Frazier. They don't do. That anymore was like names, was a festival thriller in Manila in enemy investor will. Do you know that a festival that's James Round put no? That was that there was a year right, Zaire, yes for hours, that's right! Now a lot of fun and fight those who was formerly Riah. I believe so. That was the one and were James Round came out, concert, sweet, king and engaging play too. Oh wow. Wasn't James Brown at the beginning of one of the Rockies to yes
Live in Nepal, Creeds, APOLLO, Creed, end of three three, no, no you're right Roger was rushed. Right was when he was go right, Miss Lahti Luminary three Zaire and seventy four That's rumble the jungle cancerous motorway Don king. Of the build for the Ali form and fight, why. Damn bill. Whether I got the you too you to brilliant he's no weapons destroys the place. I asked a guitar up joy at the place where the acoustic guitar I played the weather Day was workin out. Put some support, Some use me on leave out his lie that radio city music ha, oh, we need does life, is so crazy, especially with that song with the use making fight man cause,
uses the crowd like an instrument, uses the clap everything. Oh, he he keeps looking for that I've talked to the body and then yeah encounters with that right up to the head. Oh elbowed over the top, who had a fight. Oh nice needed the body with his long what's women today We have a good time to go swimming in, like your poor there with a dog nice. He loves it. Man I jump in, Who is a gps? He jumped so cool when he's a golden retriever. They there in other duck hunting dogs there,
Travers like getting sweetest kindest dogs but like there were developed to hunt, birds really pretty sure all of you that we want, for the trip offers little tired here. It's these moments, where one guy needs to catch her breath in the other guy doesn't, while things can change and happened in those moments, but you're still being forced to fight. From that south stance that opens up a lot of shit, though it opens up power kicks from both guys. Bodies up an owl young with a good combination. But although was so good with that right, low kick to the orthodox opponent, that's like such a big weapon for him.
When someone finds himself Paul account changes that oh John, with jumping knee attempt, wow I'll, do, landed more significant strikes already in this fight than any other fight than any other find tat said his personal best. Wow, that's crazy! Excellent yon keeps common legitimacy, is so strong. So, although try Kate take little breather here, catches breath and your senses, it is coming. Strong one thing that, although has had a problem with in the passes when guys pressure- and he has had problems, maintaining the stamina and that's what MAX Holloway did to him and both fights particular in the second fight cuz, all the fights in such an explosive way that when you explode like that and dig in with big shots,
you like sprinting and you need some need a break or is MAX Holloway everything's like pop pop pop pop pop. We put that pace on you and that's what he did to Aldo and Giannis doing it right now, as long as all the leading like he was leading in the mall and Mariah fight, he never got tired, but he's not being pressured and Ian is pressure. No shit is not good. That's not good. This is not good, but it's great for you on that beat him up. This might be at. Is my pee yet there's a whole minute to go. Try to grab the rest. You just you just risk control. That's Haro Young goes right over through, with the knee, that's been allowed to hit some big shots. One hundred and fifty four Significant totals total strikes. One hundred fifty six significant. Forty six shows significant strikes. That's crazy! He's positron bombs. Oh shit, bigger over the top thirty seconds ago, can he's survive. It just takes a few.
Big shots from here. Look at him he's looking he's looking just try throw those legs. The side just doesn't know which way to go. In all those now is not a big threat with submissions office back specially, not ways as not weird for brazilian like that. Well I mean it has never been his forte. Never really, in my recollection, ever really submitted anybody would like an arm bar anything off the back when he's on his back. He just can hang on hold and on, although it does have great brazilian judges Skills he's never been like a guard specialist. His nose is fucked up great school. With Novo on yeah yeah top top of fight, one of the very best. And Andrea had Narras, whose head instructed this the guy in front of him not not Yossi cut banned as another guy who do not that guy is
You can't see my gown. Panera's is a real veteran mean. He was round the old school Valley to today's silly. This really that counter. So all those- for the love of the body and yon is waiting for him to throw in an email account that jab, who he is so good at fighting from this position? Man, that's such a big plus that he can fight so good from our position as well. Because, even though is left, calf is fucked up you basically, glad kicks out of the equation by switching stances is all does not have a nearly one success with that right. Leg, kicked the right front leg as he was to the left right leg, just a fifth and final round. Oh shit, wonder who wanted this is. The great fight to, though, is a good sign when their hugging
at the start of the fair, become much energy is done on the study was in trouble. This could be it. This could be it. This could be a man. This is this, is it this is fucked pass an obvious. Yes, he's gonna, feel you know a crucifix and smash em, so Janusz slide that arm down to lock up the right arm side, his knee across and lock up the right on. All those other can defend himself. That's where's, our announced for crucifix things right. Leg is trapped in the middle and half car, but still miles or be a crucifix that right arms just totally taken out of the game, so that no defence it honours right side or get through. This is used
leg dependent down, although almost loosely almost recaptured guard their. No, although is grabbing the fence with his toes and are certainly the referees tell them not to do that and interesting man gazed now that you just ass to get that leg free. If he gets his leg free, it's a full crucifix, but it keeps getting to that spot. Fuckin holding land now has taken his back. That's it! It's all floods allowing right now! It's it is over man is over. It's over had elbow busted on yeah. He's he's just can't. Take it anymore means basically just hanging on here. There was a big elbow. Blood math FARC
My God look at his face. Dude yon is no jelly hammering passes it up. That is to stop this fight. Studies goes down to fight start work. Stop the fight! Stop you fuck that poor out, though fight over Not yet embarrassing that reverie up bad spot God come on man, stop the fight he's not doing anything he's just covering up. Oh my god,. Fuck he's not defending himself. I dont know why they do not stop in this fight. This fuck, you fight already, please stop the fry come. They will stop this fight, Many other cases look at how much blood is on their canvas. Whereas head is that's not man, but now you,
on his punched himself out? Look at this table? Break he's got two minutes ago, though, about those I go now he loosened blood by the fuck a minute, puddle in front of his face. Man. Obviously fight island is not new. York city is a different thing. When you mean only, I just feel like every time I bought fights in New York. It seems like they're always stopped very quickly and clearly only on whose flout stop authority comes out commodities kitty and with clear what it had not been TAT is to say thank you for all those not bad for three weeks at least yeah. Not necessarily, as you know, no reason he had to take all of Sharia LAW, No, a guy's got to do something to improve his position to sit there like that cover up and just
hammered in the head. It's not enough. It's basically like you're, getting punished for not going unconscious. That's good point down periodic no fucking joke made some big ass adjustments switch dances, smash them and when he got on top on the ground, he shall strong is as follows. But like physically strongly is like. All, though, is always been very good off his back. Defensively is always been able to hold on to look at that. Hang down into the Really that drop some of the upper cut, fuck man- I mean and the pro long beat him beating. He gave him enough Fifth final round, I was a prolonged beating, their referee, Ed five bucks on elder if that's all it takes advantage of those all those five bucks. You gotta get beaten to death
the fire five hours, interesting that there's no crowded all you would think in Abu Dhabi, What they do is just test people, because they in fact, in test anybody, just just they have so much money just test a bunch of people and of pay, ten Now to take it or some shit, no! No! No! I can't do this is dangerous for years you so these people, the ring in the arctic kind, no mortal life for people. Get the fuck out of their one of everybody has been over eight nine ten. You don't want some happens when this nine people, even a verbal test. What up? Why take a chance. The chief that's just not working job, which is now worth woody woody. He's gonna have willows, covert shit. You think we're gonna have to get vaccines, they it's gonna, burn,
people develop, heard immunity, work it's down, but jerseys gonna come back. Is it creep oh, but only name ass, though emptied out, but those savages they go down. The sure I got a picture from a friend of mine at the beach coma nobody's gonna fuck em mass I would walk nobody's got a fucking mask on those. Are people from up north that go down to South Jersey up North got destroyed. South Jersey was okay, it was at least men's amends now, they gonna bring it all down, while the Good NEWS is. The word is that ultraviolet, like light, kills it almost instantly and sin. Sunlight, kills it arms as late. They believe regular, sunlight, kill, kill it almost instantly, and this was the bright Weinstein's talked about in the park as it did with them that it sort of indicates that this thing might have done developed in a lab dispread faster indoors, there's so much creepy shit about this. This fuckin disease. It's definitely else's deafening. Some scientists,
but it's a man may disease. They did they minute related this virus and they made it more potent and they made it that way, so they could study it and it got out and that's why. It spread so fast and that's white. So weird, that's when, as such weird weird effects on different people, in our towns. Gotta right now, I was talking to him on the phone. Is like it so strange is like one time, because I feel fine and then an hour later, I feel terrible, coffin like crazy? My head hurts Ngos and then after that'll be fine again, because I got feel fine. I don't feel fine nights a rough did he mention that sometimes nights arrived. Wait a minute. No I've gotten coughing fits. Sometimes head hurts. He says like flew head, like stuffy, like real bad headaches, but you know he didn't take hydroxide clerk when his foot something funny his doctors
To this end, the doktor said sharply said. I don't know what we're your political leanings are as I what he does because this drug hydroxide clerk when is a drug, that Trump kept promoting and he owes but put that aside, these legal, I don't give a fuck Does it work? He was yes, it works, so he gets a is works. Put its particularly effective. We said in the very beginning of the infection, so he gets on. Hydroxyl clerk went and he does vitamin ivy drips five days in a row by the fourth day, he's good He still has a problem is taste and is a sense of smell, but and feel bad at all for days in Callin, it's been eleven days or whatever it is twelve days he still fucked up. He still feels like shit he's. No energy. He didn't do anything Kalenjin in wanting to drugs- and he didn't
Wanna take the vitamins. He said he you know he's got a weird thoughts and vitamins. I dont understand it. I he thinks it. Vitamins dont, really work like. What you think constitute we'll take environments for no reason, while study on vitamins. Are they all faked like? What do you think he's got some this weird thoughts in his head about vitamins? You should be able to get enough from your food. I might do you eat. But Getty activity. Vitamins from your forget spaghetti its argue that he'll go to let in view of a narrow and get take out. I mean it's great food, but you need vitamins bitch my eyes and vitamins aren't even upper argument can argue Vaccine specially vitamins rub stewed. Whenever I come back on the road, I get a vitamin drip, Phil amazing. I start doing that. Chapelle chapels professional partner, those guys go on the road they get. Hotel room and they all that they get like one of those ivy bag trees and you bill.
Nine branches of a tree everybody's in the room. Gettin ivy, up with with water and all the time I remember glued at thy and all that shit he is. Does he have a club in Colombia? He has this thirty see that it's not in Columbus, it's another town last spring his friends like wedding, pavilion, and they have outfitted naval bill. They're allowed add more people, they just contact. To me about some some dates. I'm gonna go down. There once over the summer, I need to any day experience it audience, whereas mass even outside, and then they the distance everybody away from each other. They got. It marked our shares, are they Chapelle masks pretty dope she is repel, see above the stage. Yeah looks ass. It's pretty bad ass men in their real strict about their stops. It everybody funneled, often test TIM, gagged, varied
a stout of everybody gets tested before the show it smart. It can be done, but you're right, Joey. In a lot of ways. It is catchy there. It is men's crazies on it like a stage where people get married, and I think this one's for this special or whatever they take this moment right, because normally there sat up, they even have people up their six feet away from me on your left, your right and behind you. So they keep it. Oh sir, and tighter and behind you see, are surrounded by laughs. Houston was fun. Yeah used him was a good time, man, it was weird, though he knows
fella cleric forthwith, something which I know I did right, especially after seeing what fact that up in gaol in those guys are, do like Meetin, greets and stuff. What are they martian? That's going on? What is that? They are martian yeah this shows are over the masks, come off hidden. Well, all those guys on stage that such a post ways, all those guys on stage have been tested. The agenda you think about it. That way. Oh shit, Vulcan asking how all the way next, but I heard a rumour that if there is nine people, even if they ve been tested with nine people, I can do too many fucking crazy map, Andy identity, evil torn Things can happen on my right. It's right my right hand welcome people realize I got it
I'm telling you something man right, you know they opened up Disneyland. I got it man, but it's got to be for me to do it's gotta, be just right. You know what what is a six feet but yeah. Let's do ten disposed, have six feet. Let's do ten. Maybe that we can we ve done. That's illiteracy, that's a good! Instead, along and everybody bottle down, I like that lets renegotiate Islam is called red. Didn't understand that covered means Baker, Latin, that's that meets were called with means pay cut in law. Everybody should lose money, so you got an option you come on the road or you fuckin down we're gonna sell. What do we see Hundred we're gonna put a hundred in that about fifty tops, spread amount, so everybody feel comfortable. Because I don't know about you guys do you, I didn't next to a girl who, like me and also call
free sneezes. Why does the band to play skidded? Do you guys need that you're, fucking life so get the fuck away from me I never like people next to me, but what is called the jet? Even little restaurant and this three tables threaten their altogether. And they try to put you over there with those bucket and you I'll get it with such guerrillas work anywhere Rogan Day, Houri dont get a red bad, you wanna put his neck to a Fuckin family Joe go along? the way to commit, listen we're say the word content. What these kids, that no silver S give it away. I don't want to walk, or would I don't give up? What are we to? What do I do but be around. Three people never If I have to talk to you and speak loud, I don't I do not want to be also conversation right. I've also he's been like that solve this works. For me, I rather work and be safe.
You deal with one person, ok, a person, picture, but the boy take you to. Tell you know you're only trust the four seasons. I mean. What do you do Malta XIX now some book, stand and that a week before you going on, there lay a buck uncovered farming, so you gonna gotta pick you up drop you. Of the same guy as the big you are. He has that the screen on the window windows, gotta, be a down mask you get to the club, no high, Mr Rogan NICE, to meet you Joe by name. Gloria, the assistant manager, high Mary, I'm, the wages is do you hire Morty on the sound guy from time? Do you want to do and that motherfucker right out, son, I'm PETE.
What music do you want to hear? warm Unreason, weren't purse. Ten me but it becomes problem. Why purse? I want you to call me in my hotel room, and ass. We how much time do you want to do and what are you For dinner and for love this man. I think there should be where aiding the law of all this is, how places can you walked out and at the hotel? They pick you up, right, say person he's a call, the delegate. We day, Joe Rogan check your junk box check your jump box ray the sad notices start reading sag notices, diagnosis start reading. They go into your junk mail. What do they say start reading, but my written you're gonna read what what they're doing, there's only one person, the business, that's making it work right now, and it's Tyler Parry. Because he's got his onset, sir, steam union by the way. Sixty
he knows how to do it. Yeah warranty, nor are they all get quarantine, hotel sixteen is before you flatter Van eyes tested. You and in Atlanta tested you get quarantine for six hours tested. Then you get designated into his own. He took over like some type a mall a bubble he's dead. When it right, if you shoot at best one hears, the is a dilemma. There's ten episodes if you shoot episode, one You have to stay and you should up the show six. Gotta stay, and so will you better think about it stand, the Abbe No sundry Zaki now go on now you up. The scenario is always what's up you know what mandate a lot of Joey it's a job. No, it's a jotting go! Take it that seal and then
the best way to keep everybody safe. You keep how you gonna, keep your kids. If you're an active actress may get a good job. Well. You can have your family come with you. So a rumor. Is it's not working here it's not working here and how you it's just not working. It's just dinner is Philippe on a show that just started Feldman fruitfully Brazil assuring downtown movie from nine days. A move at a movie What kind of precautions are they turn? He said that deal Jimmy Schubert, I thought was dead. My only Schubert went to Korea March thirteen to shoot a show for network in Korea in the heart.
When South, whatever Korea now sound, was on fire with it. What happened? He told me the stories about how what they would do, how they shouted down quickly, have said how the people acting spray and wiping ads everybody had fucking guerrilla mask you weren't fuckin talking they put that thing Maria had they don't fuck around. It is also an injury. I dont, you said he flew to the plane was empty and he flew back on the plane was empty. He went the Boston did sets I don't bro. I was ready to call Adam and tell him Jimmy Shubert can go to the store. No more. Like I begged my go. What are you talkin about because I'm going to Korea to shoot, with his eyes. I saw a few days ago, is still funny very aware that one of the managers walked up to somewhere in the mask only over
his mouth at the nose, hang out and Schubert thrust on fire is making the whole table laugh. The manager comes over needs like waiting. I cover your nose like where the fuck and not condom on your boss act. What are you doing here is so like I mean, so we should as the worst Schuman and pressure fire. Now I write your voice higher. I don't do go. He wasn't a career he was like was a complete the procedure which there were clear. Sprain during about Taiwan, how they got ahead of it as their vice president or whatever. Is it epidemiologist? And basically the point is none of those countries trust China, so this, Second, there like what's goin on in China. Is the region, chinese people's tweets, random people just to keep an eye on them? They don't trust anything out of there. The Taiwan actually picked up before the World Health organization. Some people in Taiwan's health organization picked up that they were seen
suspicious tweets from people like I got a bad car for three weeks. Nothing can shake it or whatever and dumb they were the first find they were there, but for the World Health Organization. These taiwanese health people because there, like, we know because they were watching the tweets, get the weighted like on the fly there staring at chinese shit, all the time khazar like these people are fuckin wild. The title. Anyone at that time, when these do what they do, they went back and they shut everything that fuck down to three months before us, their parting in Taiwan. Right now, there weren't masks behaves like zero percent case, further literally like the past month or two negro. Nothing while New Zealand do better than anybody they did their an island there like no one's going in and They the locked everything up and they have no cases. Now I talk to my at fifty five cases. Thirty four hospitalizations hospital in four days where Cuba
Brill, fifty five. How are they doing that. Well, nobody online in Cuba to what are you doing to Cuba, this different fifteen hours mass when jail, you mean if you love, The EU too fine fitting heard our mass war. You go to jail, fifty a fine if don't have amassed garbage effort here so everybody wears a mask. So that's. Why then, did it didn't spread wow? What Also, because it's not really a tourist by right now not assessed, enough for the United States. You know you get penalised. If you go to Cuba, and under this administration? Don't you don't you find something happened, you used to be able to fly during the Obama administration Sassanian term afterwards. What happened MAX Holloway? Oh shit. I don't know how I feel about this here that full ass haircut, I'm not sure
discovered meter ever give. Maybe there's not of item about why he said he did all that's rainy and zoom and Vulcan asks com bullshit. I call bullshit to believe it, but they know they had real, strict lockdown down. Look different only looks like Patrick Dempsey from the old timer movies from his eyebrows Emma Jane Reference Dave, but he doesn't like onto dreamy. I know amid the needs, a guy from that one movie right right. We fucked, although lady I can't buy me like, I was announced the allotted time when there's a lot of all the best pawns guy comes over the pizza fox, the lady. When the husbands of work there is a buy me, a new MAX, Holloway quarantine hollow. I met him once the communist or work in these very nice.
Actually told me not to let a heckler get to me. Don't let em kettle some horsetails captain date, rape, cat to warm up guy for news, radio, you his fucking guy and he would try to run joke Patrick Dempsey, I don't you know what told him up Patrick Dempsey was, he was, a child star, and then he became an adult star history, joined up again in succession, yet
Beata haven't yeah Mccormick, Hawkins younger brother. It kills. It is our most unbelievable show. Joey the show is a drama, but it's done by these comedy guys that only no comedy It's a super serious show and then, when the comedy hits here, it's fuckin hits you like it hits you like fellows are tearing Tino or the sopranos when it fuck and gets Yadda nowhere cause they sneak it on your doing serious shits happening on. Is it so funding could the type of stuff that would make us like a fuckin legs and Vulcan asking the Dutch The same shall but look at at least fuckin legs tree trunks yeah. This guy scary. You don't use to return and fourteen pounds. His accents are fucked up. I thought so too under forty there's. Yet, if I did australian accent, interesting
One went straight to re match her if he wins on put not that fuckin crocodile Dundee had on on the keep it on standby. Oh sure yeah yeah yeah, if he wins. Mrs Keller, no disrespect to MAX. I love MAX. But if he wins, I unaware that you have a lay. You could Max ones somethin reply now: flax until you're my shirt, max ones or pretend I'm on vacation was robbed. Cornering she Lucia told people eddies cornering one of his fighters. I believe it's grappling event. I'm not sure I forgot no fans yeah the rambling about right, no fans
is it a submission, underground, jail sentence event so, our times he does those and the a time when they have, you have seen at night, not sure I'll, find out. It was called. Submission on the shore unaware that is submission on the shore. Pedro so I'd, say: Jiu Jitsu event, this lot of those now man they actually pay his a lot of these submission events were you know guys, can win a couple of grand for winning and they do him alive. Because, unlike striking you you really care have fights every weekend, but you could grapple pretty much every weekend. You wake up grand here a couple grand there some guys like a grind Gordon. They actually make real money doing. That means for made a million dollars. Grappling Gordon Ryan. Excuse me:
I said, Ryan Gordon switches, name rap Thy blamed the weed, but Gordon right and has been winning big grappling events for three four years and he just bought a Fuckin house. But like a million dollar house, grappling money which crazy here we go baby did a lot of good sponsors to yeah to get good money from last year. What does he know those Ebby eyes are doing really well, they they have. Such a big fan, now you know they're always There was exciting his rule systems the best rule system in the world because its it cuts out all the bad shit about stalling and of steel it's rather not instead stalemate in our guys cancel each other out, if forced them into a position where the guys on your back ready, said, go or guys got you, and you know our position ready said: go
when the guy has shown that spiderweb position roof is not at issue. Is not the only thing he could do it. I just asked me because it covered yeah it's hard man, it's not ignored easier, avatar elements. There working. You can have on their work, but you we have the audience. You don't get the money from the audience, think about. He was selling off the Orpheum right was european. That's two thousand people at least right. Who do you think so? Probably now ravage year, specially time, biology engineers do it. I'm really surprised that listen man, I said there is no direct me you can What two hundred people in you want a venture gonna shut you down, especially West Hollywood's gonna, be the last thing to hope.
Ross that ruling that had covered in spreading until the community that parade destroyed Hollywood. Its well known West Hollywood is the less play stopped their interesting. What that's what the stores yeah! So that's it, where the stores doing the outside patio area eat in regulations tat. Its girl gave a shovel, as long as you're outside a man? Hey you the car. We had to weaken the long out outside the park really rabies toilet and their part and eighty people well enough. Do you want to do what you want to do? Gre there this weekend, I really go round want anything, really bad long, island last night. So I didn't talk to him. I was under it then This is what to think about is Vulcan ASCII in the first round. Did a lot of chopping at the legs took MAX awhile before he had just
and he started adjusting by switching saw paw, but he got his like chewed up early in the fight in it And be interesting to see what adjustments MAX is made and what what Vulcan ask he's gonna do differently fork analyses of such a tank. I watch the great breakdown by dominant crews, who explained that Vulcan upscale also made a big. He circling to the right side now button. He set em up that way and then takes a big side stepped to the left and then, when Holloway tries to adjust. That's when Vulcan ASCII strikes is after his steps to the left. It's interesting seem do the opposite. Now, well he's been quarantined too in there. He he hasn't been able to go to city kickboxing in New Zealand,
see trains at city Kickboxing in Australia, but he allowed time to go to New Zealand Forest camps and he hasn't been able to do that for this fight too, and I don't know how much if any of an effect that's going to have so max, is battle being a little more slick so far in this first round keeping his distance. And avoid knows, leg kicks pretty much get hit with one I believe, but much different than in the first fight, Real aware of it cuz, it seem like that took a lot of the movie. Away from him, but was interesting. He came in here after the fight after last Could not have been like more relaxed and happy and, having a good time just accepted it didn't have any problems with wasn't limb being at all how soon after about couple days foul play for Saturday he was here on Monday, that's crazy! You look great.
And he was like I'm telling you. Man he's in great spirits, he's a really good I like in his head is really on straight here as a great saying goes hey. It is what it is. You know. He really means that. He's honest about, like his style of the benefits, the pros and cons of style that he was talking about. Although and he's like Those guys with power. Man hears us. Why so tired is get so much power is like you know, I don't have that kind of power, but because of that he can go longer and harder those guys with power. They try to use it all the time and a guy like him. He can knock. Go out and he does not. A lot of people are, but did knocks, speak loud volume and precision puts a pace on you and, whereas you out beating down, whereas, although can stop guise of one shot, that's a difference.
Really stop too many guys at one shot working off to connect there. I'm just interested to see what changes he can make. Well now that he's getting kicked a lot less in the legs so he's moving away more as volcanoes, he tries to engage turn that front kick up. The metal is keeping I'm keeping back up to Cuba, Pressure on keeping him up against the cage got hit without one That is a staggering knows that here we know that now he knows how to do it. Interesting, very interesting.
God damn it is a good Carter and that we know that it was one mile she always the best. When you are seeing hard so go the authority even forget. I did almost forget almost forgot those of the best one flower. So looking for this for a right hand over the top can't damn. They must ve ones are like that: alot real, like off fuck man, two more fights laughed and I already mines blown- Max's inside leg is already get real red, say it. Her retinas he's been hit with a bunch shots inside that part of so tender to it so hard to get hit there of sucks. I'm sticking. That Patrick Dempsey thing. I know it's weird reference, but I keep looking am I just keep saying it over and kick? Oh.
Max Holloway, Oh shit, I miss dropped him with a firm Can head kick, staggered a man. We believe the stats thirty one significant strikes to twenty, but that kick was big. He heard him with a right hand. Earlier in the fight. Look, as is his left is right. Cheek is swollen would see this. Both oh shit, staggered bullock, roar and backed out came back with a big shot, poem eclipse, something that's funny about that shit, guys that when fires have a good time and a ring so much more loose, they do so much better. We learn
from Ferguson for a long time, had the last night of your eyes. Tony's always lose your onstage and use. That's it. You won the war, damn really weird state of mind. It doesn't happen a lot for me. It just happens, one of those nights, the original room and you just don't give a fuck. Oh yeah, right yet alloys, even the ones where you feel good. We feel really getting yelling ominous fuckin kill your already sort, a skirt goin him at that mentality. Yeah love! You lose your! I look at my mobile air on this good man right away. I gotta have a good time when you loose Ipad its good and these guys like when he was Guph matter. Yet that's good he doesn't take himself seriously noble. He always toys or people. He fucks with their head mean a lot of. Max does like he's, havin fun in there for sure, but he's also
Let me know I got you, I got you. He does it all the time, so he drew first blood for sure Irene Vulcan, ASCII Devil got offset Leezie Tewin up that incite leg to row. Then his ease definite get off some good inside Loki, certain that lead their legs travel alone in trouble. Nasty combination, nasty combination by Holloway God. Damn that was nice those nice he's peace in them up, but again folk and ask you low kick over an overall en masse, trying to return the same care, which means it probably socks. He had em again and every combination is hit them within inside low. Kick the pay.
Dividends. Man, that's gotta block that. Demo, roses look shit, the plum the still pretty there she is. I was one of the things above especially bothered me with her knocking out Yolanda Tail was like cheese, a sand she's, a beautiful girl Scott that their voice. That bother do that's it. I mean it's funny, because I always pictured the girl
beating Yolanda being, like a minus three key monster area of full beard than ever happen very about this. Did you bet this one german gambling from you d, better divides. That's unusual. Nothing seemed like a good but you're you're sounds we're coming in one year. So? Do you think happens now on garage zelie. Who knows you know what's important is rose one so for road She moves on and get closer to a shot at the title.
No stay the body by MAX whew. I mean the Whaley John. You want I was so good. You really could mega. You can make an argument that have every match. Was How good it was about as good as a fight has ever been. I agree, you can make an argument that that's actually better than rose fighting and roll, His face was so fucked up my Take her while forces able to fight him, he went inside and outside without leg the maxims limp and raising it can't be good, but so far is moving pretty good. I try to go up top o good right hand by MAX.
The both really good guys to this is one of those fight where you know, be harder route for somebody unless you're, good friends with them. Max, was a very funny relationship with easy to use those on DC, tell telling them we want to fight him. Just play an immediate just friends. He went over the top that headache get. This terms is grazes ed. He sees a damn anomaly to me how like eyes so good, soon, smart The octagon and commentator and going round in Africa he heard him. Oh, he heard em MAX's, really smart too he's very smart.
Really smart, always thinking, always think he's town, somebody's shush was it on a shush. That's interesting move to go back and watch this at home. I wonder: what's goin on. I don't know what he's doing there that would, I wonder what he was. Who is so it is pointless one on the corner. Maybe someone in Vulcan Ask is corner, so that's two rounds for Holloway for sure. The railway dropped him with the head. Kick the round ultimately Africa. Those are his in the last sailors, bang, bang, oh boy beautiful and then the one drop some need of the body to do that here is the link.
That's the third time he's made his knees, buckle and then again it's whenever coming the way up and he gains he does. He goes on right. Last eyes. The rice is insurances, phenomenal, phenomenal one of his best tracks. His intelligence is endurance volume. That's what's wild to me about this main event is Moskva down. Whose mans endurance to be about ago five with Covington, who I thought had best gas tankers of everyone? Well, those wrestling that's one of the reasons why there are legal. Five like that. You know coal a nightmare for a lot of people. The fact that this man didn't just beaten but stopped him says a lot, but you know loose monism. He said jurists person is very strong and you know he has really fucked up needs to look really fucked up. Like you talked about his knees,
in so bad that after some training he had to walk on the grass is, you could work on a concrete hurt too much Imagine that then imagine he's fighting mashes hidden what need, but he's he's kind of just resigned himself to the idea that when he retires you're gonna have to get his knees, replaced. So he's just fighting just you know deal with assumed trainees owes me braces irony sleeves on. He talks about a two pretty openly. He had that They do this thing where they they, they did. Micro fracture your knee like to try get your car to go back and actually did lose. Money have been worst form if fucked it up These I've heard for more than one person. That's had that operation, Donna think it's probably find for somebody who does like regular shit, but if you want to go back to some, hard CORE wrestling Emma may training programme a terrible idea.
Our main partners had some crazy surgery, her others that he had his hip replaced. Yeah. You got a new sockets, really crazy, semi. Their pictures see the picture like giants car. I just watch. Does the undertaker go through that on his documentary, he loves. You were crazy. You John, I think there on resurfacing. So it's not as much of a thing. As the the old ways to do it or in some cases how they do it and he he will be able to fight again, apparently, which is just not. And he's also walkin around now pretty much without a limp thirteen days the operation, it's really crazy. The way they do it now and this not even just for young guys, my friend, Graham
income got his hip replaced in six weeks later he came upon cast and it was walking normal animals like what six weeks kill you get hurt replaced. I we need different gamma said every game there. That's why I was there was miles. These does it can't raw knee replacements had different animal like and what about the stuff you do for these But light stem cells, yeah yeah. Do that you're sure did you do that for sure? For now I don't think he has a definite talked about it. I don't believe he has but a lot of guys have tea they do so. I went down. There are a couple of times for shoulders. He talk pretty openly about it, a bunch has gone down to Colombia as well. Henry Sahuto on the show argued about how he went down to Colombia to get stem cells down there and a fixed shoulder hit some real show. The problems did when they when these other countries, that
They don't have the same regulations I have here in the United States, United States. They can only do so amount with stem cells, and even that has been amazingly beneficial to me. But if Europe Panama or you know Cuba has lung cancer vaccine what's up a vaccine up how but lung cancer is not a virus. How could they have a vaccine? They had made some weird thing. It's on The available in Cuba for lunch, answer languidly, lower Ricky, Ricardo, smoking or five cigars yeah. They figured it out. They figured out tat, I thought and lung cancer, does in fact with people either just spreading setting Cuba's she'd. My aunt of me all the time they just friction, there's no pills after they just fashion Ok, it s see. I am a vaccine g efforts, a lung cancer treatments developed in Cuba, the type of immunity therapy harnessed The bodies immune system to fight lung cancer up why
two dozen seventeen lung cancer vaccine, it's over Ex infused Algeria and by the way, people get it, and then they smokin party, if there were any final Gotterdammerung smoke cigars cigarette in the time of their lives or imagine getting a vaccine for everything my body had was the ass. You get us, asshole cancer, its assets, I believe the medical terms ass hawking, they called it and the beginning. My friends call me a daggers as our body dude I was a kid I got. All I know is he's not gonna get your colleague again. One might think: what do you want with me? What I want that should be our if you get that that should be to soften the blow. That's how the doktor should break only desire bad news, our lives. We got asshole can't he got five treatments, that's it. They worked it out. They call stage, one early with peasant blood, while he pissed blood too, I'm sorry. When they call it five treatments, five
Friday's in a row. Radiation, yeah radiation, so well It is wise to bust so good at a cost of. I don't know four dollars a savage yeah. We had this discussion when you were talking to me and my you boy with his eye socket Neil that's fine. Oh yeah! Well, you know they withdrew shit, Cuba. They were shooting pregnant women with fucking guerrilla biscuits Jenna. They would just. We deserve round. Yes, yes, it is here we go. Is the fourth yeah raw or championship browns. Ten minutes left in this puppy ice backed the body he's got a couple of times
Vulcan army is yet to reeling her oh tagged when that general parliament that job those beautiful jab nice inside locate again to arouse row. Bang bang so quickly like it's. Nothing. And on the outside to men's he's gettin to what was very successful for him and the first fight, but you got thing Holloway one at least two rounds. I don't know about the third. But I would imagine he one. Those first two rounds dropped him twice. So let's say Vulcan ASCII One, the third who knows. Who knows? What's goin on here? Oh the leg buckle from that low kick
again he chop the same area, man right red, it's fuckin up, man, crazy, the gray heard dean. But Joey, but Jesus Christ. Why I'm too much at all, and I feel we know what the bugs round flag now believe how red Hollow Wade's wages, nor does it is catch up, though
Please check the fucker dump me in a punch dogma right and to another right hand, I smiled wild two island, guys, New Zealand in Hawaii, New Zealand is an island. I guess, but he's from New Zealand from Australia, outrageously the New Zealand, no does some of his training in New Zealand, the city kickboxing, which is the big Jim, where ocean staggering. There, oh shows evacuate the body, swear at Sonya? That's where he trains is city kickboxing in New Zealand, Dan Hooker, also city, Kickboxing and Vulcan. Ascii does city kickboxing, but the one that's in Australia.
There's a lot like real high level, kick boxes in Australia, Tralee amounts kind of amazing. Why do you That is because a soccer and rugby and stuff there, just tough people, their men. Their manly men. You give them something like Jiu, Jitsu or kickboxing. They sell that shit. Earhart hard people over there. You know it's a different breed. That's why? crocodile Dundee worked as a movie. You know it's not like he's talking about guys from I'm going to want to disparage any country, but pick a country where men are thought to be more feminine. You know, yeah Australia Psych NASA life, that's alive. That makes sense it's comin from Australia, their bunch of fuckin savages over there. You have it over there, oh yeah. Fun place to do stand at least once a year ago. Even the things that thing
like they wouldn't be savages, are several savages. You ever whole day Koala Bear. I have not. Things are fuckin, there's a reason why they call them bears. I promise you that causes things are fuckin bears. Do they look all cute, but this can you stop feeding eucalyptus as soon as its like we're fox, my they get mad within seconds to get mad at you anything that a world that they only one thing which is so weird be one goofy plan but they never stop eating drilling. Swim around people. I don't think you're a real quickly gifted it's basically like thereof scope, drug and food is their drug. It just feels like it's like a drug to them there are just addicted. They started get mad. Normally, if you dont, if you stop feeding something for three seconds.
And get that now has been eating, how its tagamet that right hand. Oh head, kick you know a lot about picture over their richer prior. I keep thinking about how not unkindly shape. That makes me fucking said as well as about nothing about nothing. You a book, I'm saddle fact, because I hope Box not opens first, which is probably gonna, be the thing I got a couple weeks up in not on Wednesday night. Just to warm me up money. They not happening I'm always the way book till December Joey. I have recently resign myself to the idea that everything is cancelled for a solid year. That's my. My recent resignation on hold be very happy if they came up with some sort of a really effective treatment and then they open everything up again, but here we, in July and of you, know some big gigs booked in August in October, and I'm not coffin
I'm not coughing a lot, even thinking about those type of gates and breaks. My heart beat and tell me my anniversary Thursday, and I can't be on stage you know night. Twenty nine fucking he's out. It didn't bother me for the first ninety days, guys it didn't really bother me Give me a little bit like MID June. It started getting me in MID March. What's your last was a the show is March. I read, I went to the storm much. Second, I can smell it, I was chasing that thing all the way down to my last. Second, I was doing shows it got so bad at the end. The last show I did was at the haha cuz. They were the last place open and I closed it. Forty five minutes that are like you can do as long as you want, after a whole night of a show. That was only like eight people there, but I knew cuz. We found out right before the day to close that night. They're going off here was fifth and final round they're going for broke, I think they'd is anybody fight max? How is pushing it. Oh
oh How we let him, let him up there. Oh I kick to look at that. Damn damn. That's always busted em up he's deftly been way more effective in this fight than the first fight move. Big job Okonowski he's he so powerful man, just as as your right hand. Here crazy endurance to for such a power, striker man. They are beating each other up.
Oh bigger, Burkina, good right hand behind it by folk and ask you to facilitate town good left hooked by Volkonski. I wish you guys he come with me to one of these with no audience Abbe fun. It's some they won't. Let you know I tried One of my security guys was in Vegas Durham when the fights and I are gonna tested in everything. I'm like he's good Letterman. Now I can't do it. They will Do it beggars is particularly strict. They wouldn't even let me go into the octagon to interview him, even though everyone's been tested. They wouldn't. Let me interview the fighters. At the remotely like there to be there and they had to be. There is another room
see them. The rule fifty yards were was real weird. I was going to say you're so connected them, usually that that type of distance and energy break hostages, sonatas, good. Besides good for questions, you know you want to look at them and you want to you. You wanna make em com Two ball unite his mom You want them to know that you appreciate it. You know that the fight was awesome. Nice, local, thereby Volkonski, o left, took my work and asking
MAX is kind of busted up, oh right, hand by MAX their boats, so inaccurate yeah, as is a wild ass fight volcanoes killed over the take down again I we catch it. Look at that crazy. Back up quick, would you tat? He really is great max is amazing. He really that's a champion right there, so so weird Vikas, I haven't. In Holloway son. You realize like eyes, probably not their Elisa. Oh you think so yeah, I think so. I think you said many bless was gonna, be in his corner, that's cool, but I think it was just joking around about that. Like you said he. Didn't really train with anybody trained on zoom? I can't believe that for a second
This is welcome anybody's round man. This round could be the fight right now vulgar now. He's a good protect new world dose o nice lever last minute Who who wins this one? Who wins this one? This is a fuckin anybody's fight. I think max is probably done more damage in those two big grounds were dropped him, but Vulcan asking in his in as well and a volcano,
He steals us round who fuckin knows man so like the opposite than the last Vikas Holloway, when the first tune broken off skates, been picking it up ever since twelve seconds ago, wow, oh, my god, that's big had taken. Big one second ago, wow, who knows that could have been that could have been his round for that got two takedowns in that round. I mean that could have been shocked. That could be the fight I might have to be wearing a crocodile Dundee hat Very interesting
one sixty one MAX Holloway Total strikes one. Fifty two significant strike so best at him in total and significant strikes. One forty one, forty four fora, Vulcan asking here- I chose a stretch at the moment. Mary that level of issues you have given me girl. Yeah. No, I and all tat I can see it is. I could see it manually dumb. I tell you why building up a club quota last up accommodate have a seat wealthy became area. Twelve people last supper calmly club I get. The Chinese gave the boy tend to check that the cap budget, the door rent thick. Allow there's a place. A chasm, some catches, Jujitsu bread place, is Felice put twelve feet. So what is the other
option as mild buys a lick relations from nineteen. Sixty nine If you want to liquor licence at ally- the way you want. You can write rock bottom, pockets in your all have live bands. You can have bah back these. Eighty two policemen, torture, me lately. Why? Because he goes every Friday. The sand later was bought and it's been closed and Girl was his mistress. He was married, he had a mistress running up the mistress cousin knocked up. All these abuse visibility. I love biological, so now you got the mistress broker and she's. Look. What a one thing about my uncle, you don't like people around them. I got used to being single again without, what's he to answer.
Forty four, somehow a while. Why did I, then they figure I fuck yeah well deal deal. I'd have to our fight again with no talking shit for twelve people suffer from waters to five shows
night one hour's shell and just I'm not looking to make money. Now, I'm just looking glass yeah, I get it. You understand me: I get a do. Drugs, I'm not looking to drink. Another gonna do anything, and you know what like how leave and tony Hinge good comes in does and I'm telling you we're is why us hold our guy it's twenty months, it's twenty bucks, people, you'd aggregate, Galvin, they're gonna, be ten feet away from you staggered staggering yap. What is maybe some fuckin bring us a pizza from a good place some cuban papa? Yet something just someone it all? We did. We ve been doing it for Kill Tony starting Monday at the comedy, stormy switch, the microphones. We give the cord and stand a quick white down with a thing like that. You know that
producers must enable believe what you collect movie right, or rather, what them right, but I'm talkin about just how easy it is to switch, might react. Oh yeah, I'm talking about I never got to like each comedians, can just bring a microphone Unama. We all can quickly. That's two seconds swear knowledge. Other happened about. I know what happened to be too many people out there stand and wait for Mamma right, so I like to do comedy outside if I can write, Maybe twelve fourteen people yeah sunlight the sunlight. Are you gonna? Wait till night, six o clock, that's good for two hours it can only be in the room if we do it in a row, maybe in their own right now, and I can't have consistent breathing wreck- be out of the room, will allow sprayed down air conditioning rollin fan We have to remember that you gotta get the filters YAP guy.
The thing with the filters and you check the filters and tells you raise Virus- felt about TAT stay at this maiden Cuba, not nor made in the Jersey headache finally phlebitis. So that's the only way. Jerome we do not have these new filters that you put in these the planes gone over to so after every flight when they cleaned the filter. They analyze, and they could tell you that somebody had been on that fucking playing really the filters that are coming out now, like the filters to pick up to make. But never rest arrive. Tat all that shit are gonna, be filters that tell you does covered in the air. They make sense
That makes sense when they used a plain job. That's what it's gonna! Be there! That's what asked offline again when they have those filled their it takes it out of a little distancing. They're gonna raised a prices, a deuce, so you can afford to fly now forget about to fourteen years. Teddy ATLAS had Holloway three to two interesting elbows a Dolores. None of these things is very attack. You watch him a year later, with no hype and you'll feel well sometimes asked what I'll do I'll catch you. She has a new thing. Late late night on aspirin, you see something it's the fight without type no hype,
Life, so now you get to see Carter D as to get back to me, get back Once does no more, I would you say about that: I caught ideas to when you watch it again: yeah rather low tough fight com. Fight the courtiers, my one of ok site, you want fees fights now without the hype A year, eighteen months later whatever- and you look at it, these type in your yoga, Thank you said some very interesting. You could argue that Joanna yeah the whale is on fire depended. Who was there? You made some great points last week with Josh Bat, the officiating as some states- that's my point blocking embarrassing. We had bonuses when bonuses, if you want to have we
bonuses and you're bad officiating. You can't you can't do that cousin. Steel in money away from people when fights, and then they don't, they cause some fifty thousand dollars because the audience or because the judges rather incompetent here it is baby. You gotta be look how good that looks. Look how good that look! That's incredible! I show you, you have to be a purple button, Jitchu black belt and something I don't care for cushion rue karate. Ok, I want you to have an idea. What is it gosh karate? It's? U rattled, that I'll write you have to have some! I want you to have some type, the very instant judge, guys the sea, all regressing? who's running. To add those things it I've
seemed judging on the road map out of all states. It is because I don't remember I'm not your Rogan, but let me terrorism, the judging has been Terrific right, let me look where a lot of them New York is just fuck how many days holiday one rewards the worst beatings ever given was regretted the ran on that poor girl. Relying war, and they de fight Davy more that's how much of a gap like even push them and fuck and pushed them back and through a fucking to make at this kid this kid was standing up our dead and then in call the fight in New York, but that was forty years ago. That's how much we ve, not you, know, look at the fighter that kid punching two thousand times in fact period that they could stop the flow every evil every. I want will it be on the same page if we all have to go to a conference every year,
If a we have to do like it. I, like the doom, cops thou with the screens simulator. Type situations like? Let's call that I tried to announce a fight one type. It was the most you announced to fight like you playing around some guys. What was I shall ever made tonight with boss rooted yes, I went on there and then they did they make they put me on the spot. You fuckin crazy. Are you fucking, crazy but what I know you'd be got rid of Thursday. I can't see a problem That's another thing you, but twenty twenty vision and I got a certified cuz. I can't see The fitly here and I can't talk because I've got a book and look at forget the glass nowadays had you judge report can help you you're, not a beef, pork
what I say I wouldn't glasses of you. You just don't see those things man you could you gotta have great vision to. I bet water, water. And John Mccarthy, they were contacts. Some Your vision really has to be honoured the rat, sir, about the judges rang out. I want them to take out the brain yeah. I wasn't a little be alert and the weakening of our judges. I want you to stop them. And calm down. First, I don't want them tab I would, though, wife we have said about the kid. A psychological thing are you fix? They gotta come at five and just Chichester will. But how do we go back? A judge I want skies they're, giving two the three guys. You know. I don't know what happened to that guy
on the way the judge maybe is, Wanna told me: she wants to be a prostitute now and now these poor bastard watch these fights fear daughter with Dixon important mouth. Tell me how you gonna judge of fire. Never go all you watch a movie, you watch a movie, I, U elephant, you'd, think of a joke and you watch. It is movie what you wise and all Suddenly, you can't tell you can't say like what just happened, because you just thought about a tag, rejoined You just thought about a new idea forest. Now you just two these judges are the same way up. So when you can't be listen, greatest mob. Was a wartime Carlo Gambino, never answer the door he had a rule. His wife always answer the door because she was the old lady and she thought she was a mother.
So I'm coming their beef about your Rogan phony inch, yeah! Guess what she'd make me said. The little room and offer me express. I don't wanna narcotics battle, I want to talk to call Joe wrote to rob me, but she will come. How are you how you children, how you're beautiful wife, so you like I'm like I'm gonna, kill you. Scan be like you know what my kids where'd. You learn how to swim. The other eighty just fell out escape what got three stitches in his head, my wife she spends or could talk to her. For now when you go in the room, you're more com I don't know where these judges, who had a common but I've seen things that are just mind boggling, and I'm not a judge and modify the unjustified sure I don't know so I want to really work on that. Worldwide Austrian, as their own division. Do you care? as their own division. We have our own division.
But we all zoom in once a year it should be for a while. I started different citing again I'm an aside every six months. You should be tested by agreeing to shut honestly do is re ramp. The whole scored a whole scoring system is how you is biasing system. Basically, they adapted. The ten point must system for boxing but everything's different first, while the round five minutes long saga of all. You got all these other things. A thing about. Take downs, legs, elbow submissions to so many different things and think of other than just hands. Maybe it should be three different judges, one of wrestling one of Digital, one of boxing in each three get their own thing in both the area that is even now sometimes is no take that right and it's just kick box and then what do you do with the wrestling judge? What is his mean nothing now that doesn't make any sense, but what makes sense, is having more judges. Have you have a lot more?
Did you get a more balanced perspective? You only have three judges. One of them could fuck it up right, easy. Two of them could fuck it up easy and you get bad decisions, but if you have ten judges, judges are that expensive reared you. These million dollar promotions have ten real experts as judges. Your problem gonna- pick the right guy every time you know if you have ten, even if like, if they want to fix. The system have ten great judges. Ten, instead of three then how did those judges get those jobs? You have to be like the child of a congressmen or something right to know a lot of a murdered Vegas employees? there's a bunch of vague is that I know for a fact. Dont know anything about Marshall. A man in our treaty, martial law, but their judges. In Vegas, because their judges under the boxing boxing commission, so the athletic fled, Vegas hires em. They all do
bad job either. Even the ones you don't know shit about martial arts, ever trained, they don't I'll do about job Some of them are terrible, but there's plenty of it. Spreads out there, man there so many Marshall artists theirs. Martial arts schools in every fucking city, all over this country, and each one of those schools has probably dozens of people who are legitimate. Martial arts experts who love fights who would do in May in job doesn't do what the scoring system is shown by the score fights and let him do it haven't, does know it's like It's like judging race car driving when you ve never raised to car. You know it's like. Judging baseball game. If you now ever hit a ball ve, never thrown a ball in your life, but it's worse because, baseball, doesn't matter, there's no, judging necessary if you hit the ball and it fuckin.
Goes into the stands. It's a home run its clear judges, make real good money. While paying Jonah. I wish, I don't know, is just finish: if a ship that today I was annoyed, One way to find out on me had a rule. I might hear about that job. Remember design guys. Did the boxing judges get paid for members to read with a dirty wrath, the basketball wrapped item on the part that make money? MBA. I knew when I was a kid pat the puzzle without that guy and a child and a child at the close of fucking gotta Let me end the full name: let the poor boy out of pocket not burn. It was, and I shall repartee working Patty boy like good money. Baseball, makes good money how good
a vision that to be the beer of first base on pilot Jamie. Think about how good your vision, especially with instant replay, ok, so referee, gets. Nineteen hundred bucks judge get sixteen hundred bucks, this year, but it some probably saying that minimise my birthday. But that's a big fight world out any fight shy yeah. I wonder I wonder what is for fights in the you have set out a magic in the neighborhood at least something we got. Ballpark wow, that's crazy, but I don't care what you pay him of this shit. I think I'll do a shitty job, it's not that you want them just be trained. Guy said he can't really be a fire, because then you boys, I don't I'm terms, Do the San Francisco calmly competition, I quit after the freshly. You know why. Why does that? Commerce's judges, never talk.
Play friends by Friday night I got my card. I went right back to get my main room spawn Saturday night. Cuz judges is terrible. Do you want to do it Jerome cannot become a judge. The general get right, How many judged I mean imagined, Mama com, a judge in its EU and light what does it all now, yeah guess off by the law by the they have no chance, but so usually they use like when you do Seattle, comedy competition or the sandwich common competition like Doug Stab, wanted one ten grand cat, that's what But catapulted Doug, I love how he walks into the plenum yeah he's beautiful, but let me just dancer. Jamie was the line right now. Right now he's a favorite for
your loud imaginative. My guess it was my guess, is whose months too, to one yes, probably dropped a two way street, or was it really one? I think two to one is fair, because would you I didn't get really at a camp. Would you bread miles without oh yeah, and one which must be taken when this fight Muslim in this fight them all, but all is a bad mother, Fucker and he's very sneaky. He's very clever. He does a lot of really does interesting. Shit like Would the way hit dare until there and tells a very good striker, but he realised that it switches stances and comes adamant that left hand he so soon. Stances in comes out and with the left, her from the thing was in the South pole side. I forget how he did it, but he did at once earlier and hit with it ass. He was gone here and then I found it. Play switch and cracked and interactive knocked amount and that was a big knock out man and then the way
the bed Askren fight those another sneaky fight ok, two point: sixty one minus two sixty. So Ozma monitor too minus two sixty favourite and plus two hundred. If you want to bet on Mars but are not but like me, what are the way knocked up an aspirin. He knew if he came charge a bet as competitors who would automatically go for the takedown is built into is nervous systems, become charge. Dynamite that ask us try to go down to just Carter that me, that is an iconic photo photo of Shredded is GCSE full six pack, and with a braids than me, you probably saw, but then ask tweeted a few days ago, a lot of men in the most embarrassing moment of your being getaway Ella Braided area. Do I give every day, while its
Every year coming, this is the first year anniversary of it, but it became like it's like a thing where everything is also to ensure that a video game that photo right that is fuckin. It's not that one Jamie's, the one down them ass, one! That's the one! That's iconic! Look at that The only frames of the fight that fight so quick. That's Second, Vida sick. Third, the fight right there yup praise but I mean that is I mean when you look at like icon? moments in ever may? That is absolutely one of the most iconic moments in plus, I think even though we know how the time is capped. I think every the above a level. One like you have see fan knows that in all reality that knockouts even faster than its recorded as it was on the initial knee. Yet he let it go to punishes, which is just gonna yeah sort of fucker The record later on his roominghouse was gone for the re or yet or up
whenever that Neely into that he's kind, when he falls backwards, fights when this guy was a contender. Everybody want to say the fuck away from Libya that there it is for fifty seven, that's a three second fuckin knock out he's out. Askern is out fifty seven, how crazy resistance is called that should be three seconds, Pops up on that frame, I remember I really really should be. The second matter through every just did get some time didn't take two seconds with a reverie to get them from their. Did it guys behind but Elysees right there, you let some land to punches and then then he calls it s EL chatting love how he tweets right afterwards. Well, that's all
I mean nobody have laws better than him he's been funding. Last year we get flat lines like this. Fight man holy shit. This fight crazy. Here we go baby. Jimmy give me a little volume since I don't have headphones on. I'm going to hear a little of this a great Bruce buffer. I can't wear headphones with. This beautiful haven't. I What does this mean? is this made a kangaroo does say he told me I forgot What do you think, like the most like, demonic, her? Haunted relic you have in here is Felix How much of this crazy stuffs, probably from some hidden temple, something that's a good question. What's the most
did shit we have in here, but his picture brought his picture brought. His person might be the most highly yeah geology of those who gave a stallion theology from that those things committees. Horns of HANS? That's that's dinner! That's great energy guzzling gives me good Algeria. I love those things. Did you eat that fuck now is already eaten. That's shut that two and a half three years ago, when it was him Aid is his aid is heart. Every cop big was a big elk you're a big area took me, a year Edam Damn
can eggs this morning for breakfast, it's great doing an analysis of my dna. They billet what the fuck is, this Ninety percent dear me, as I know, you need a lot of it man, I cook I'll cook, a big elk roast itself every week and then I'll eat it for breakfast slice it up put hot sauce How about you? Can you get a trigger yet Joe ideas, one a trigger girl, a smoker tellin? You did me out. You would, if you add this mammoth generate. I'm telling look about food robber What we have heard raw you look at me. You look a meal. I joined the great cooked. I could sit with you and tell you they do it. Restaurant because kitchen laws, We look at a chicken, a rod, chicken and touching it all that
really know. May I could picture you over a grab. You good casting every character that stands over a little ice make chicken Allah cocoa. Here when I was a kid which was chicken cut lucite when onions and Garlic Ozma just walked all the way across the cage and stood right. In front of Mars vodka, as they say, his name. This is gonna, be cut, easy. This is very interesting, very interesting possesses biggest strongest guy that miles without ever fought at well to wait. It's a pretty big guy while two way to, but physically Tomorrow is a different animal. I mean he's a national champion wrestler and just spectacular physical specimen. This.
Locate right away from Azmat, but all another low, kick and equipto a left hook inside located because we're out of him down. Oh excuse me tomorrow to him down Mozilla is a very good wrestler, though he's real, sneaky very sneaky with his grappling interesting down this fast. Yet is interesting, but he's kind holding on a suit What do these fart? What happened but I would say is that you know he fought like,
wait most of his career. Mao Zedong did and Ozma is much bigger I mean he's a in enormous lightweight he's about as big as a light. Waking excuse me enormous. Well too, it is about as big as a Walter. We can get in the only guy beat a small was lot taller than him. Right is not always got caught in a famous his first pro fight got caught with a rear choke and he got tapped only an they do something bigger. He just didn't understand you them yeah he's out he's up. Just now. I understand at all nothing very little. Been there, but now on the feet. I give a big advantage. Depositor actually when it comes to, especially when it comes to combinations, he learns while combinations locate again.
I do. I browse miles without ones is fight, he's a goddamn, superstar NEA need the body bowlshit. He heard him. He heard what that the old woman kicked him in the body who, what did you say in Cuban a second, I got the thing about this fight. Is it as with all, was training for a fight on July Eleventh, but then the negotiations didn't go well and then they gave it to Gilbert Burns. Gilbert burns was willing to take a bit different deal that Mars, but I wouldn't take, but it is still true now he says he was ready anyway, because he thought and one of these guys gonna fall out because out cuz guys do fall out. Guy, get injured all the time out. It's like forty percent of the time and these big fights, some shit happens and things fall apart.
I mean I M Boreas been training. All that smart, it smart look. It could be better. The version of never happened every fuckin time their support, to happen. It doesn't happen that fights been cancelled. Five times so when you're at this level, Oh, it's a smart move if their negotiating with you for a fight on July eleven to keep train and man, even if the negotiations far apart, because if you do that call six days out and you are in shape, but the question is: Mars raw meat- we don't know we don't know but she was train and we don't know what he did. Do our big shot by Ozma little blood over Mass Fidel's eyebrow. See see I'm saying he sneaky, he said stuff up. It does like some,
Crafty veteran shit in their sea like he'll rush, you you would shots come in, loose bonds, those com and steady com and steady its I was with call me to come. And steady just kept. Pressure on didn't throw percent heat until he knew he had him hurt, he does- is calm and steady. He'll stay have you in the stomach? Allow those front kicks too, but see, poor aid action with these combinations. Man. Oh, it's not good for assessment. Who. Mars infidels, just too clever and fast, with his hands, he's gonna get away from that cage.
Who were the right hand? Oh big shots, the body by my by Ozma Hoof, the wild thing mass without is basically out boxed, Nay Diaz. Maybe the shit out of me jazz man, who should out of him? I was who outfox continent Gregor, who one rounds against around at least against May, whether while they were talking about certain moshood, o Connor Macgregor and did what it was like get the fuck out of here Do not have enough fight. That is not happening there and there are also target about setting up with Ozma and again in what was like get the fuck out of here talking about a right after he knocked out cowboy when kanaka cowboys. I I fucking. Let myself had one seventy four, it's wrong great job.
Much better than my Jimmy shared, I can do all these things. We can do all these things if one seventy with a spoon. Oh they right hand, their bows might break bank or you are right and the left on the bird again chop and at that egg. The low calf kick you know it's interesting. Moshood stands dead straight like you Watch how he stands, he doesn't look like he's avoidance. Take down. Look at that single they got out of it in no way high to have stretched amount hard to do this. He's descent adding he must have got some good coaching in the corner and they'll kill us and fuck all this boxing you're the best
Es learners, division get up, Go get a whole, This guy drag him to the fucking around a mall him. That's what you do because he's get hit too many times. He's. Only human is tough Lisbon is a guy like Mars, but all clips you a few times that little video game power Barge keeps dropping. Kind of oppressive what else can I say about Mars with dollars that he stands straight up? He doesn't like have it doesn't? look like he's trying at all to stop. Take downs, like he's in a kickboxing fight his like got perfect, upright posture, but his
balance is so good in his takedown defence is so good, usually can avoid them aware position therein. Scott risk control. Taking a lot of footsteps. Yeah. Those are weird man. If someone does imperfectly whew Mysel Bowler. Someone does it perfectly you can you can you condemn someone's for, but its oftentimes has just annoying seems like. Really does good left hand. The body Bozeman he's digging into line with that.
I guess in the new video game you could do like Florida Backyard octagon like where laws would on Kimball slices defy up. Does it look like mass with eyes like white stuff on his face and the only one thing and then on wireless atmospheres remain, looks like it's like he's losing color and his face, or something.
What's weeds argument, you see that like how it looks like a sort of like a son, suntan lotion on or somethin contrast is sweating near. Maybe it's just the contrast on the tv or something and you just swearing in a fight he's gotta get away from the fucking cage voice, stopping guys, leaning on policeman. Definitely just doesn't want up. Why is smart? His strength is in his grappling and his physical size and power, and the more. Does this two miles with all the ways digging into the body, the more it does? This morning I take away from Moscow dolls ability to explode on him. What is most, what need to do here, big step to the left and push
lifetime he's is deafening, get get his back away from the cage for sure he's. Gonna try to turn him he's got a scape he's. Some are another get out this clench But it's like how much energy is going to take to do that and if he does do that, will was Mombi or, to put it right back on their these guys. Do so. Thing or is losing this round, means only fifty five seconds to go right. These keeps shoulder checking them. Mademoiselle smiling, but he's for sure, given up this round, they love him, but it was my master. Still as a full gas tankers o nice inside locate ocean. Almost that's that's. Why I'm all I wanted do that shit.
Oh nice, low kick Dan, didn't in cash online camera. They were, they had amid body camera shoved those a nice locate. The am ass. The. Big control, stand up. What does that mean means good, Good things, Avenant, Doni, fuckin way people, MRI Joey Cubans implacable, have been lying come over here when a crocodile ya out was the contrast by the way prisoner,
no it's beautiful, hair supervision he's tell them. Don't let em all done you, oh yeah, you can translate this allows brief. They must listen to my password James Nestor Lotta Gook over his left eye look at that shit? They should wipe that off at Saul, your Romero shit. That group is it'll get into his eyeball, though I think it's just vaseline, but. And boxing they actually use adrenaline to stop cuts to stop bleeding, which is interesting. I wonder how that even works like its crew.
I think it's like an ointment, like an adrenaline ointment that they used to stop. The bleeding have never asked a doctor about it. But I know that they have heard commentators talk about it. How these adrenaline. If ever interviewed, Thyssen fury. Yes, he's awesome. Chance he got to use the kick machine. No, he didn't use the kick machine. I'd love to know what he'd score on that. If he tried from a part of that, dude could kick if he could land a kick with his punching and just brains. Well, ngannou punches almost as hard as I kick we're going. You look at the meter like. Would it registers here's a hardest registered punch on that thing for while the hardest registered kick at some other dude bested me, damn
I thought my see you can kick his heart. Is nagorno can punch your harder. I kick harder all that shit yeah, but it's the egg Judea Right, Siberia, different site that still pretty cool thing. But I was doing it with Joe, showing an oh shit since I locate oh shit get after it here, oh. Third round here these are eaten up anyway, I tore my miniscule. Do it an idiot may enjoy showing you doing it. I had my pants on no warm up Fifty two years, all full blast kickin this path like in it
and the next day my but was really sore. I got an mri, a little tear and there now been working on it ever since. And fix it at stretching important. It's not stretching it's getting everything right, warmed up. The lashing is ok, but really what's important is getting heat, your muscles sweating. Do you take one and then that's there would happen. This is nicer table break here, for Jorge What did he do here? I'm confused. I didn't see that replied a you
had didn't look like a low blow. Their maybe was indifferent shot. I didn't see the the replay at off the replay looked above. The drawing, but I think they may have shit on me as a time punch after that Zeus. My talk interim and thinks loose man ready. We see well, what's that that's the part that was where It took a cup, does not yeah yeah. That was it wasn't a punch because that
Twenty rack reacts on the other angle, the severity that cup for you gonna, let em squeeze my junk like. Who's, your favorite referee, Joe Rogan, her dean of her body, is the best but there's a lot of guys at a really good is like there's that level that her dean level now, especially now that big John Mccarthy's retired but there's a lot of really good guys.
I just want to see her being. I get a feel safe microbes, I'm gonna fuck this up, so weird While it is in their weird factual you gotta go there live, I wish come from watching the sunlight. This is, I wish you could was made a want, there's a lot more people in the audience in this one than normal, while that big take down for use mine. This is big. This is big if we might get a couple. It take downs like this. That's big And here is inside control, mile big, striking advantage for smaller that forty four tolls drugs versus eighty nine
get up no control of big elbow by Lisbon. This is the first fight where boost minds work. Would Trevor women too, he's down in Denver with just engaged in. And that's where arose normal units is training to shout to Pat, bury that they all training, Denver, yeah
Stern abandoned the round for whose minds there are big advantage with that altitude. That's a good cause! Because some people say yes and some people say no some people, say: you're, better off training at sea level, because at sea level you could put in our work. This is me, air in really what the altitude is for is for recovery See should sleep at altitude but train at sea level. That's a lot of people think that's would like the current cutting edge science seems too decay, so they think that they may be the best thing to do. Is to train at sea level. Oh and then sleep in an oxygen tat. I have sleeping ever was where I live. The spell mass village yeah! That's when that waken up in the middle, and I should add that in my life I will leave the window.
Opened. Two inches argued that glare, my two in the morning heavy stay up again: have you ve stayed in a hotel since the lock down. Now we missed when we were in use than we are? You know, there's nobody there, nobody there jelly! You can't fight. Sleep like this in LOS Angeles you're, there will be a helicopter at some point within six hours. I mean I didn't realize until I woke up. I didn't hear a peep fur, eight ten hours, something crazy damage eyebrow, whose nobody in the hotel. So it's it's O. You're on the twelfth floor, ginger was down grabs leg, do undeniable. Novel wrestling and strength is miles without farther off. Oh it's different with no crowd man, you hear the shots when you
they're alive, you hear the breathing it's crazy. It's wild because. I'll go win its pact arenas even when it pact arenas? You can hear so much. So I can't even imagined when it's like it's amazing when it's empty. I gotta be honest. I kind of like it better there's something the undeniable energy of a big crowd. That's pretty amazing to it's not like it's bad, but there's something extra special About being able to wash these fights with no audience when you're, there live because first, what you feel so fortunate man. I can't believe I'm here watching tyrant, Woodley and Gilbert burns live.
You know no audience deny that many people got to see that fight live tomatoes. He's is fight. Not these. Take down all the time now. Man who, as is having a hard time, others wrestling and here we are in the fourth she's got em covered. I wonder what a fainting would have been different if he did have a full training camps for this, because Ozma just six sensational.
Saying something and Yas Island? Oh my god, is it really that's kind of crazy? So when was the first fight and can't imagine them ever getting going trying for that schedule, though, to them it's got still be so. The first was like what six hours ago so we started the three thirty in the morning. They did that and we had to do that in one corner. Pouring cod with a big shot, though
We were out in Sweden, dude. Whose main let them stand here he's tried. Alluring somethin see. Does he does? Is Russia's oh shit? Don't given that for other take down those punch, value
damn Straight press: these fights are so like these kind of fighter so interesting to me, because
like you see a guy who's as strong as Usman. It's such a good wrestler and figures out how to get a guy up against the cage, and I know for a lot of people that shit's boring cuz. It's not a lot happens, but it's so hard for him to void like, as is waning Tang nice elbow as a fighting tactic. It just that's out all the striking cuts out. The danger and then use mine, completely controls, what's happening. I was really interested in seeing Gilbert Burns vs Camaro too cuz they train together. They know each other shit wow this rounds going to be tremendous guys. I bet this is going to be tremendous.
What do you tell us what our right now in his corner, gonna win Benaco knock em up, yet a final knock amount. Do not let him touch. You do not can grab ahold of you and if he grabs ahold you you gotta fight for your life. You only have five minutes just give everything you got for that five minutes, but do not let him grab you do not let him press you up against the cage. Don't resign yourself that position either. I will go.
It's just that that clinch so hard for oarsmen to be denied, In our he just so good at getting it and then you do you can't get em off. You he's had Macedonian. The cage like like Habib keeps people on the ground. Javert is a big difference. She knows two things right? It's not a good sign is good, is getting a guide to the ground of getting ironical could be, does the most dominant yeah, but it still sat down
Randy, co tours, move you guys up against the cage, beat him up against the cage. They couldn't do shit where ya out there. It is whose months on top relentless pressure manage just no There is no substitute for that ill, ressler grappling ability, elite wrestlers, when you get that National Champions World champion level of grappling, those catlike like And you call me a tomorrow, excellently these, like top flight wrestlers, they get a hold of motherfuckers like that.
Just saw such a big advantage. This is not good for miles with all three minutes ago, stuck on a need here. He dines even me on his neck no, no I just got his knee yeah tomorrow does looks like yeah. Does it looks like he's? That's as is left me. That's interesting. Fuckin police move. See how useless tells you now are, you sure, tells me catches so crazy.
Boswells gotta get out of there. Man he's gotta figure out a way to get out of there. If he's on need this for the remainder of the fight. He is when this fuck and fight no chance. But if we can get up and get out of here. Anything can happen. One fifty five. Sliding amount is wrong on stand firm under it's gonna, be a lot energies try to get it from here, man whose ones keeping that weight on that front head.
Anyway, he manhandled Superman me: he manhandled Tyron Woodley, which is fucking crazy. What is he doing here looks. Is he going for an anaconda choke it's hard to tell here? He might be gone for an anaconda choke. I don't think so, because his right arm, you could see it with one knee down. He can only use mine, can only meet him in the body right or the legs. Oh he's up he's up forty seconds seas and why you do he so tired man I mean he might not even physically be able to get him away from home. With this point, that's why
is so interesting. I know people dont like these positions, but God damn it's crazy. We go further seconds left there, both on their feet. Well, the winner, and still here for sure right absent
Thirdly, and raises re fuckin fights re fights realized sites the whole night there is. Finally, I got stolen for there was no conspiracy. Theories are used Because for visiting my God Eddie by now, Eddie would be drunk and their abilities. Cure or some earth is flat depends on what, whereas heads out at the moment, there is always some new one. There is a new thing going around that you need to know about I know about stand a boys. I really don't Tony have you and I got back we're good time dog. That was the worst. When you call me that day, you done, I felt so bad. You done well when I found the Brennan
got covered when he tells me that he got my goodness. Vegas was about to open comedy August, first untold, what's his name fainted in Nashville he had, they are usually the burial. That's gonna pull the bag. My face idea. They said without taking a chance spinal too smart. Too rough. Like I'm telling you it's it is it is it where it has its hundred it's a hundred, you know, and people entertain. You know what you gotta will turn data. Ok, If you really really really want you Kommeni yet three to be more like night, not even not even thousand people. You knock down to three hundred three hundred paper view paper paper view it and keep them and they get by the whole week on paper view. That's gonna work,
that, if you want to do it and everybody's gotta, be you were you pretty much to the theatre, keeps the three hundred seats and that pretty much goes to clean the data they could sell. Booze snacks take a percentage of GDP, shirt shirts and you keep some of the paper values. They got a raw beyond the paper views. We are, as we know the deal I took hollow with accounting, but its labelling. Would sit on your ass alone. Whereat six months, we're close to six months as far as like when they found out about this disease, someone that range close to four months for when they really started work on a vaccine right, I mean it happened here in Amerika was like Marge April May June, or in July five months, they know what it is there. There are several different vaccines, their work and on maybe they'll have one in six months. You maybe six months from now it up and then have a there
dying. Your s home is really great. You got your shoe whatever the fuck, they give you a! U vaccinated. May add. I have no idea I remember I remember again now one of my arm, and I came from Q all that shit. I gotta go back now you buy now, I gotta go back and that this shot and one for chicken pox. You to continue to develop chicken marks a kid you come back to you when you did it really? It's called something command Jamie when they had work in parts. You get one single shingles, that's what we will get a vaccine for shingles when you turn fifty wow, because that shit come back to haunt you and they say that shit hurts
Shingles is supposed to be really right when I try to take a tetanus shot, but a friend of mine said he got a tetanus shot and his arm was sore for three fox and weeks. I think I'm good with giving you wait a minute, your friend's pussy before where'd you get it. On another free. But you, like all that shit, he got a little light brown you gonna like needles. No way said Joe Centimeter flocked in places where his neck. He said that they stuck a needle in that he passed out. You woke up and they were still taken- blown big. They made them drink a smoothly. They just passing out when I give blood guys ass our from giving blood that happen because his fucking neck, or whatever, I will deal was due to unravel the lazy I sent him TAT rejected keen on his neck. So he told me he goes. I passed out twice and woke up. He and I were in the back- we're in the back parking lot area back lot. And he went like this one. When went near him
What's Matthews hey, nobody could touch me about energy man, I'm not forget to appoint an egg cells. I wouldn't time they told me that some crackhead method, rather Crackheads with eighties ring some methods in a car knocked to move some lady over on its moral second fucked him up really bad and kept getting worse, and I was like: two years ago right they stopped right and bikes. And but the injury just kept getting worse. If someone, even bumps interim would send a pain up up his neck. He said that one of his arms was start, two atrophy wasn't working. While the other one, like all my god dude you gotta, do something about that right now, and so I say to my guy in Santa Monica Life's lifespan, medicine. They take your blood and links,
Whenever they knew the it's like of advanced form of platelet, rich plasma, it's called rejected keen and they had a clinic that people were flying all the way to Germany to get this treatment on that's very effective, especially for boy urging discs I've? Had it done multiple times I went one of those places. One time I was just hung over a shit one day had a bunch didn't do that So I went to go, get a fluid ivy drip down the street, and I at that ask I got sold on one of those things were like they spend your blood at ozone or something like that and they were taken blood for me and I passed out at one point and I came back and
darling. I was seven last put learn chocolate. Tat can be in my mouth. That idea that I also remember like the guy like you're gonna, be ok, my down on the chocolate. You have no idea what I've gone through my life from the first flights to the arguments to the beans I stroman, my mother, take me into a restaurant bathroom and hold a man would set when the headlong dealing with guillotine pungent shot you up yet, with what penicillin- oh my god, because my time when I was a kid I was so six June ahead, like inside your web of NATO, listen to topple Alban's, Coburg, Doktor Lando devalued made house calls okay became over.
Because this is very funny calamity I'll, fuckin, hysterical annexes hereditary rather Terry shares, your kids get what you got that he would come over, not that devalued but from time to time, but this is all day about about ninety six. The author of this goes in it, but he come over. I logged on to offer one day the eighth street he brings nothing and then my mom went off and my stepdad and then somebody else will be there like a chick. That would help my mom and sure enough. He would come over, but Mama, my ass, you may suppose I told you have to give you a needle, and I go give me five minutes. Let me think about My mom go. Let's go around here to think about swear to God. You take that meat out, kill you so that they would go on the parlor that put out Cuba.
Using it out like put Clyde Tunisia like it was. Of ever bought and then he would, they would have liked to drink. Like how old are you doing this since five six, he would have to drink. So he come back and he goes. I told her you ready yet, but I'm like not ready so for years. They call me my while alive. That means it's gonna hurt they would have to call me down Gimme a shot. So then my stepfather MA The baby sitter at my mom and my mom a bit like a flock and knock you out, stop crying you fuck man stop it, but might have an analogy to a certain penicillin. So the next day my temperature will go up So he knew he was such good friends. My mama goes it. This is a current continuity thing,
Why don't I just leave you with a penicillin police, refrigerated I'll, give you a couple syringes and whenever you get sick, just fuckin stick why so we were at a restaurant. I was going to sacred garage school boys, and my mother was drop me off at five o clock. We went to a fancy. Wiping will rest next, declining New Jersey, I'm told in violins like why people in the seventies, this isn't right now. I, ah these events We conservative why people have not decent the double whammy of the day you ready at all fuckin like milk. My mother used to look on them. I don't like milk, Fill this. I don't know where I can. You didn't know that pays a baby. Not that I must. I drank trinkets erected to look and one day I got old level. I just didn't like milk,
Few people have this thing that they look on the islands and my mom, Let go you are weak somewhere, so she would make the mill whatever for what a restaurant. Ok and, unlike my mom's like drinking milk, I got one Hershey's chocolate. You know the powder away in those days we were either job about it or the strawberry I wanted to stress Bury the chocolate the the guy it was. This we will have do is put a ice cream and we'll get me milkshake and this motherfucker did. He got a glass of milk and he put ice cream on the fucking thing like a scoop of ice cream, So my mom is, I greet the milk ago. It's just fuckin milk. What am I reminded my mom's outcome and no fuckin movie. It today drop you off to school, but you want a drink. Fatima: would a white people, restaurant, Stanley CUP nineteen. Seventy two, my mom, goes about five minutes to drink that look I'd my
military, Sudan and ship? My little catholic futon cuz that'll bring you back with a suit, but mom goes if you don't fucking drink and I'm going to pour it over your fucking head in the dresser. I've. Always like I'm tellin you right now I've got a drink. You know my mom took to flock and milk my eyes no group with ice crimes world we my lap why people? What got so my mom like wipe your face. So when she works my face Jerome, if you do, you have a fuckin pigeon, because I was such a sickly fuckin kid she got. You got a bucket How long have you been to walk around with this fuckin fabricate? She does this go on tobacco use
the rest are still in the restaurant I got should go. She pulls out about her. She carried it around with their which you had TAT was that clearly I was at the hospital every other week. They both nay what the base is crazy. Why she took me in the foot ladies room Lock, the door take a bath, I'm not doing it. Take your pen was Antonio. Please don't make me, give you beaten his fucking bad will, stop I'm not doing it and that's when the beaten stuff as she got me one of those fuckin thing. My pants punch me the stomach how she was agreed that the Roma issue is shoot me that thinking about a nagging at a blood clots. Because my ass for me tightening up would get like a purple all the way down my leg, I gotta come alive.
Yeah, I'm alive. My guide allows Jersey City one time I fainted I'm a nurse. I pick my pants. The nose comes that pistol bed this my first time ever pistol fucking bad guys. Will you painted of northern? They put me in what night for a long infection in the middle that I was so scared. I paced the bed. There was a rubber bed for the pistol go into the matter. She just following your old best, finally find them all. I get out of this place, and juice, Just sit in a chair look The window is lady, comes a low cry and she's like Jose DS. My guess is like I'm here to draw blow. You listen, I just for competitive man, I'm scared shitless come back and we can now make it
had to guess what he owed by needle and she's torment. While the doctor says we have to do. I know now here with a black, the stone it. Let's get some pajamas. Let me take a shower. Let me get battle made some practices. I now do before breakfast. She breaking my boss cards. Now we do before
Bergamo, you wanna fuck. I need a bitch. You wanna get me a fucking needle bits. What's gotten, I got so mad. I don't even know why I thought at that time. I then have wars, but this bridge aggravated me so much. You want to see what I was told. I wanna go down Antonio Machado notice, but certainly swift and don't should stand up it's better. If you stand that, let's go down the hallway and the noise will distract you, you won't get that scared feeling. I said this is not an end like this. Bitch was not leaving without my blood, so you in my blood may argue with me. I gotta go. We will outside the fuckin wore away. She put the fucking uber, imams, yellowcard I'll, never forget one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine show little fucking car. She put the thing around me. All I know. Is she stuck the needle in next thing? You know I'm hearing sirens, okay,
that causes Tipp, though I found a guy she's under the guy movement of things. None of those things they rat you may not yet down saw them in my nose directly dick I they couldn't get me they just put it in my pocket knows levity about that. Don't they experience something I never. Get a shot with the lead that I still remember from September. They. Let me out the day I ve lost the Larry homes out timer, twenty, eight one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine. They let me out at two and we don't want to ask the other party fresh from the with the bracelet on Zan, like I need take them bracelet. There was a party for me the whole day. We were factor.
For one thing, I remember my dad's experience was the third man. I was scared. I was, and the guy next to me was an old man and I go way which unite he's. A good tallies, Excel Lycosa. What's going on, because, while I had a stroke in the side of my body that has destroyed is decide that develops to shit from Heaven. What time should I go really and I'm blowing farts the whole night? It's a two man bet that he's in that died and he keeps just farted a tomb. Better to man room out and they had a curtain between our own? His name is sound, is making this whatever is needed. It was a very nice man and he had a family and they come in at ninety glue. My stomach. The whole forever and they tried, the man in the one made them a light. That's it! You re this shit and tonight
was so during the morning that that I'm listen but that you can hear the Dobryna guy next were like. I wonder what the fuck do this motherfucker they came like a ghost but the girl had a two minute. There's all forget this. Having my little black and white tv and just sitting there watching tv and you're like a lost in water, is ass. It like an old cheese. And then you have people. Not a cover and the ship was come. Another disaster like one run like how me like, I was a bit, but I beg you didn't shot with mother me. There was come, and I firmly believe that they did everything they could, because I know they. I think I like I was gonna call like whether then that go back
Would you go when they that clean up. There's somebody you call like they may code who the people make code. Like will never make code tat like flogged and rub my shoulders, a ppp, a pre retirement protection agency. I won t. I knew that burning cover whenever I protested. Ok, just cable! I watch this work wonders. Stockholm is ass. His aunt blew up There is no one's gonna work. There were like we. Maybe it's not gonna works right. There came a very time in alarm or when they shot the copy gun water possess shit. Common everywhere I go about Kane, I'm not kidding I see it. The curtain was they who are less well, you ve got it. I wish you'd never wanted possess like what are you going
Of the Tao may prove them, and then they had my own room. There was a small myself, though it must deal with them the label will say they gave your own room. They made a single room while time right re smoking. You do a smoking, I know is. I was like a dark look. I don't know they were like TAT last June Diaz likes that's how many winds my head, like a fucking, bad lung inflation, and they pretty much ass, mainly thirteen days but ass. He leave because was too much money mean my friends were covered with cases of beer father, your party him whether they back the web, when a case of nips members figure, Latvia allowed him to bring beer dead in alarm over the weight, and they just did one night I got thrown down these furniture at the window. Chrysostom boy girls used to come in
at night to see me. I was like a stud when you realize you get sick. Everybody comes to see me, and I can these stripe. As I know, from grammar school was Jersey City. So the good old days, antisocial, mainly pages, drew me to fuck out there. You know what it is. Fine girl, you you'll, be fine, so see a doctor. I know what is it that, through the gas that night September, twenty eight was nine wearing almost want Mohammed Ali, while was rapporteur wrap it up the agenda. There is a lot of HANS design fine I wish we had our gates to give you come up. I always year data Evelyn, but
There is killed Tony Monday and Tuesday of this week, Monday and Tuesday, but normally we do it. Every Monday, you can sit outside on the patio. Now big big outdoor patio, it's on the killed. Tony you to channel erect a high and church what's happening now regularly. You do twice a week right twice a week for which I thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Everybody by. You friends for tuna to show and thank you to Buffalo Trace Whisky, some damn good whisky? That is Hilary of the year for twenty twenty. And they ve been a sponsor. This part gas for a long time in theirs, actual real balls in the level. I respect all those things distilled aged in
buy by Buffalo traced, Sillery, ninety proof, frankly, County Kentucky, Buffalo trays, american family owned and independent granted. Much love to you all. Bye, bye,.
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