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Fight Companion - June 18, 2016

2016-06-19 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Brendan Schaub, Bryan Callen, and Eddie Bravo to watch the fights on June 18, 2016.
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yeah we're likely to gentleman eddie bravo fresh out of fucking surgery is here looking good gangster as fuck very few people would do that i'd be in bed my feet up that to my mind images mine surgery topic the ideal dude gotta disk replacement tight amy am disk incredible brian of course this year popping wine as we speak bottles organic wasn't orchestrated although village abroad cowan had a character is opening into sitcoms like ice cream or sly could have a nice bottom they would pop it in the new explained the vineyard let's not of france and grew went about all this about affirming heavily italy castilla ato and tell me all about it because this is so good united young guy then i'll give you my favorite my vote is on the table one night fund rather brigham realised as i was permanently driveway by brendan manufacturers here with a powerfully
jamie t shirt fresh out of the box as they are really where does a modified get a why and g jamie like run dmz janshah young jimmy dotcom jerry matter com bits of people getting matthew folk saw the germans one of us he saw the necessary legislative for the money you jack meet you don't have to buy but it is a dope sure throng with you how could you not i to throw it on not a nice style assured but you know i appreciate it be jellies like he's got his own short on which is a strong move that's like a ball that's on rapid progress with this name sure we know your name i figured that is one thing extend comic cannot pull off you cannot walk round the shirt with your own face on it
literally cannot be done now and jujitsu it's it's weird thing to its very like the russo one short there was any bravo scramble shirt i could never where i can't wait i gotta tell planet should all dare yet you know but something that says eddie bravo jude tourism i don't know what i'd like to get jujitsu shirts may with my name just says he used to be a blue but of the world are you sure it's before but it was almost like nobody knew what the fuck it meant inhabitants thus all bray and it's not like me sort of you know like don't say joe rogan burn my right away but i feel it when you get back to a certain amount of fame like you like so you'll see anyone doing you're gonna do it that yeah like our finally kitchen for some patron whitney comas let's don't ever postal picture you where europe surely do yeah but you know you never do that you're the fighter and the kid like you can't yes that's what it's weird you know
regions are promoted he can't be on america's got talent and where in america's got talent teacher if iona milk has got tell him and when he got home if you are like those host of star search knew it there are always sure everywhere whatever what what did johnny depp were that said parts giant began are just johnny what kind of west days ass the year but this is designed that's different if i design something cord word duties should look i think conway is quite silly and a lot of ways but his fuckin sneakers libido it bad ass he's a great designer he's got a good mind for things he sets the trend for fashion is an interesting cat in a lot of ways is about she's got a lot of pressure for about who the fuck is and you are too bitch earlier i am as well everybody's roof crazy he's originally author prolific i want alice music i was i told you i was here and i went home
yeah listen everything i'd like limited but all music and so listen man i don't know he's a bad mother fucker for sure whose no doubt about it kenya west you know who fuckin makes me feel laziest shit is kevin heart came in the rock the two of them together with it take it down what can i relax he wanted to tell them how is one in ten days he sponsored by making get along shoe o speaking of speaking of someone who makes me feel lazy my friend camera aids is in a twenty four hour race right now he call eat to me seven hours any authority ran fifty miles i said buddy hurting is gonna keep hammering so adapt pace just stop and think about this he's not gonna will keep up the pace that pays insane seven hours for fifty miles it's a hundred miles in fourteen hours nobody does that it usually like twenty four hours ago what he did in six last time in twenty four hours and he came i won't say like fifth place
that's crazy signals are woman in front of them there was a woman who was just a month what's the matter tomorrow is that to read your role in december and a hundred and six miles i believe and i think the guy who won i do not remember his name but i believe he was north of one thirteen we might even read what was hit or towards his bills like many or was he like fuckin gazelle cameras to big at the time can was up so like one eighty billion that's a lot of weight and he's up like one huge for along this virgo runs a hundred it it's real crazy but he runs a half a marathon literally every day because he's preparing for big foot two hundred in august so this hundred mb i'll race that he's known as twenty four hour race is just to prepare him for two hundred mile race in august
like dude fuckin relax among four miles and he's got a full time jobs department of water in power in oregon fuck it flies johnny trying to do most successful bow hunter in the world one marathons and it's like that you put what does a lamp leaping lance armstrong in the boston marathon why true yes not on a bike sitting on a matter slanting what does he want to re growing athletes are worlds there are no but what what is it what does he do remain and how does it keep his body ease outside edge there's a hundred percent savage she gets the elk this elk and bear any runs and he lifts and it works and eight our data he resigned i'm tired i'm tired come on facebook freedom exhausted i gotta start up in my my are you sure you're running on a game so you slow running exhausted was sorry what the first fight this fight is gonna be fuckin bad ass these chicks are down valley
really turn also this is a fly wait fight this is the first i think this is the first you have seen fly wait fight is that is that what it is as these twenty five would it s w straw wait she's number five straw weaken tender but this is now strongly to fight you fly wait fight i think if i'm not a totally wrong in the fuckin nerds gone crazy right now could you please fine in fact in poland i love you guys relax everybody relax calm down that refugees and nervousness shit jean valjean it's a beautiful name i think she's cute show us the car jamie on the other screen so see what what fights are also find card adding she's cute tells the first one brain you think everyone i am also all any grown or twenties adorable creeping over them like dahmer asset
she could have a goat had chosen one s soul call their one and maternal and maternal just had a fuckin amazing fight we yonah you in jail check really i've round war and australia she went away renewed for five rounds with this beast of a more tie fighter enrich she lost the fao but she more than held her aren't you on that the champion yes verily real eternal she got down to one twenty five which i think was too much of a struggle for now or sees me yes thank you and now she's at once one in five is the first five point twenty five but i believe she's fought at one thirty five would you say you're the best path pam female further i will yeah just and hands do she's just it's me her striking so clean but i gotta say her fight would logically data with super super close man it was real close really close she dropped her though with a big fuckin apricots little by little
i gather that well while road should be announced i think so too when i found again the claudia andrei two hundred die in peace i realize it so said roger ultimate fuzzy she's very british react to she saw was drawn to the girl she socio like the love as urgent issues nasty maharajah top pressure so very tough to escape from really strong technical jujitsu and her kickboxing now bad either man now she's very around it very well rounded if anyone beyond its her if you watch the ultimate fight i thought she came off better than you wanna show one more of an you know they had a full length is via paypal straight overthrown head kicks at each other in everything those hotcakes elegant meanwhile call the wood
value at the turn of armour her arms i insist on her left arms in a good position should have the greasy just gonna hold on big right hand call the woods nasty man she fight hard real aggressive o valerie goes for it again but this time not even close edge abroad kid a comment on the control the past old school style you not doing too gypsy against that fence it's it's tough squashed and digital practitioners generally used to that he really gonna have to fight with our train with one of those you gotta learn huh you got to learn how to use the fence to your benefit and that takes a lot of practice i'm not that good at that you know man i was really surprised when we used to roll at legends how much it hurts
the first year merciless rising i know your head the word like when your head gets banged into it in your head gets pushed into it fuck and doesn't know that much of your fingers doesn't feel good fun if their brother now i mean if you're gonna do extreme you did soon you just want to give you just two and never get involved in emma you really should have like a padded wall hell you forgot his age the case but the case looks good if someone can sign up why won't be like brennan john mccain funding abrogate cage full cage ok to manage a foreigner may trigger place full cage brown eyes themselves as a fucking
toto poseur i select walker that call they were no longer maternal is heard and you know you're bad vienna shaved territories scribbling they could easily stopped all my turn ozal why god they didn't see why didn't she got that spinning elbow right and where new jobs i mean look at the whole college he attacked again valley there i was so tough malhomme bows you know she has a good striking background i think she's is used to get hit man but she's just tough to o underwood with the big elbow we should tell you guys have one around thirteen if you want to think up it's eleven ten nine eight seven six five that's part of a wider risher first round joe
called or would lead to higher demand is very good rights funding to see the town and clarifying earlier we have which colonel talbot do you see that tending got starched with one straight left hand dammit saw homeboy crazy soul damn gravel of doing i see little daimyo mile demand mad pressure too he was not fight he was losing that fight but they were giving them enough credit for the pressure that he was putting ox because you get tat things had used by bodies giving too heavily give i hit by thought the second round me while because they too have so we went to second working with this guy this fight when kennedy was saying that it was down to rouse to why was not an easy one world is girl this growth pic i shouted one one and then third was up and in turn down at night and see what i was saying there was a lot of pressure chaos controls odo katy christian definite hitting them but he didn't have a part in any point now and soda
was constantly monitor what they were doing their utmost only pressure another around what a fight you have regular fight and then in the third soto started tagging sort of start really the pressure on them in book it's fucking heart is hell you want to tell you to back up what is striking accurate and striking is so much harder would mean backing by ever move backwards i never moved backwards a real if you run for press all run backwards all the time i to aids exhausting its way harder to move backwards assets like since smashed ah unduly oda when the order was at its best you couldn't get near him but that's just it's a thing that you can get good at mohammed ali to run miles back when it's over years argentina boiling balloon it senses are you gonna do you gotta do it it's like it's a really important part of footwork the backing up there can't be exhausting because of moving for things easy for everybody so for guys just sort of walking you down
can't hurt him his walking forward is relaxed and even this nadia has vessels he has good blocking which are constantly springing your body backward springy body backwards different lobbying for opens its exhausted it takes like thirty percent more relaunch ass well ass this this is crazy it's perfect she's out she's hurtin for sure to definite was now joe think round the guy's aunt hannah backwards successful some the bekaa for sure the worst to deal with their hard can mimic it really wanna things interesting about this fight tonight is that rory brought in one of the best guys in the world at it he brought in miss daniels raymond dennis bad ass karate gaza lorry throws though three sixty turning side kicks in his face with these wild man is kicking is insane so wrong he's gonna be work with the guy who can kick arguably as good as wonder boy or in the neighborhood at least habits
better at his level social professionally as a kick box has a cake bites it's it's good to make that i must also say that in general the thing is wonder boy as a kick back who was absolutely perfidy salmonella and raymond's law some tough fight but raymond lose two guys like file to lean annually and did did you lose those guys do they were just so world class competition wonder boy never folsom linked as it is i am she's tag and our internal so tough recommendations about so much shit through his awesome firewall it's such a good fight lots lieutenancy since jack and after it's amazing very good fight damage a good fight she's getting caught turn off just throwing and end connecting every time eternal like you see her striking it's real technical permanently at nice a raid on our cut
you saw that in the engaging fight that's the only way you can survive striking with your jake but to have to say to want to broker hand that fight that's right could have had a better prudish factor away to still throwin bombshell torn bomb thrown bottle of day and land basis you don't a golden glory in just do worked against do like you just said john stewart can imagine i can imagine again jimmie dale is being her size do you wanna go when glory super impressed with what is less journals backlash striker first to i ask her she's an eighty zero trademark adopting which right now we're even boxing of crockery short they should have their fuckin germany shows gotta you germans your laptop a rebate did she doesn't have you germany shorts why don't respect re agree why dont more fire fighters practice running back words it's gonna wait too long hard targeted i welcome the fact and i never heard of the flaring you know how not to do so to be on the bottom tat same thing the other things people don't
one i don't know i do things that they don't like to do in training and especially running backwards is not it's fun it's gonna take while he did but it seemed like a good groundwork out do you now just run back we're just for cardio i realize real early in doing tat window how exhausting and is to try to move backwards because i isis power this kid was a really good boxer and he's pete mass but i was always moving backwards from i was always moving backwards and i would get exhausted us why me i'm so fucking tired and then after a while i realized like it's got to be connected not just to his pressure but also the fact that i'm moving backwards so much it's not just a physical thing and then as i get better at a deftly found tat was the can it's a lot more energy like you smell like when i move forward if i'm offering you the counter punching you're gone backwards you take him way more steps and i am therefore so doing
more work death of mohammed ali was when you think that everybody would do not anyone's i thought i saw the running backwards thing may turn out a lot of churches alot of coaches work on that stuff now the even do it on treadmills they do experience on treadmills went backwards also less tyrannies is really backwards i guess you're gonna have to go in your balls you're fuckin went backwards yankee can't go he'll you'll get up and go flipping backwards football players practice that yeah just that my corner absurd physicians here when i asked this question forget it you trained at jig lasers place to those watching instagram of that today those that join d d j glaser just that up i'm self i mean she's definitely captain that ship his who you're one of these organisms huge move that is your hand that's a great start to run off sunset thereby pink taco reside brought up daddy's football players do in these is exact same drills their running forwards backwards and duels crazy sprinting shit
it's all like in the matter like direction you ready backwards go forward back and they work and other stuff out while reactions oh look at mrs heavy duty shit what you guys attitudes see that there's almost almost all other sports practice known backwards yeah well another think of quarterly layers like lot of fighters do am obviously conor does connor's really good at moving backwards and moving forwards got like i can go on but no doubt a fool out ninety moving backwards costs more energy and kind of counterfeit that movement gotcha getting he's a guy looking back on it
everyone in the gems that a climate fucking law after that from what i really like you don't i'm going on climate change and shit we're gonna do defence the other guys the logger or work or same shit ok i disagree on the movement of matter merit in the movement movement and the guy who is the head of this movement movement was like our good are you some two reasons one break dancers wanna things into jitsu and eighty bravo tested this is things and jitsu and eighty bravo tested this we had a bunch of brake dancer start training and eddie was like the first comment on it like how crazy strongly are and weird way they can move their bodies how well they are going to give you our liquid all of it wasn't just one or two of them they all got good it's got a couple more sense their rights they come in and really good right away
other motor skills to that movement if there is wrong that there really ask also much shit from their body and memories and passed a guy do spend on my head in slow motion to have her dress i do you want to have asked ends building reduce arm like this you guys are apportioned is what they do in bags lives there don't want him to hand santer jumping on one hand they do it i mean have you ever goody eyes his black boat region martinez no talent and geo jill martinez richie martinez brothers had been bright breakdowns in their whole we tell him to tell mary john merrick was these are as an instructor no instructor wants to give black belt early nobody does it isn't that you wanted to because outcry that's a reflection on you yes and if you give it to early and they get crushed you look bats are like let me give you a blackmail until i can make sure that you don't embarrassed
right on the main rights a lasting we wanted it we're back on the five year roquat because there was a some sort of a change we explain what happened january change challenges jail from fox worsted fuck sports one why would you those nascar raised i would just took over in the also the fox change mid fight this is i brought this item fusing what's they change it makes you're fired then you're tired who the fuck changes of fight like this in mid fight that just in that is so crazy people going to miss this thinking a nocturnal fox sports wanted at anonymous does it go to take a piss they come back or their talkin like i was mister early with a thank you jimmy the inside of a young jamie living with you screw jamie something else anyway anyway i got to step up my dad
second statement cultures are breakdowns what do these guys let's it'll foretold soup extreme movement of movement got extreme it would be what these guys are doing them yes is super crazy like the ultimate that man should that you could possibly i wish i could break the yellow where'd you get that body taken why do the solar panels nice guy dimly turnover tax so tat all my gonna come environed ease it she gets cracked with an elbow characters called it would as a beast but so return on older oh my god i would like you to her whoosh interval hook as you know that then why are you you know you don't let's kick up in
i guess you know how to kick in the dough you definitely now as i do not now be managed that check their girl that can't be true yes attitudes can be kick me there man is i sensed variants busy i will very good right a minute that's not true is raised or cancel no hidden in the glass you fox i can't look again kick me to take my tv now did you can't what happened what happened you punted get those really big hit i didn't really nice or would they certainly black bread and would show that we have a girl kept another go right nagoya would they show the retina show with guys i know they do in slow motion super bands
tat s all my dad was a crazy ending hammerstein girl tat s attitude is like my go down there was a beast that wasn't a tv shows a bias i think she broke a rib with that one shot early i think i need the replay you're somewhere in their plans she's she's if that was a beast of a fight laura turn your back you meant relentless synonyms elbow this is the day where people online go hey you fox occasionally watch to fight this is crazy this crazy fight oh my she's so tough that girl no let me see little working spartan kicked the tit stuff that's renaissance that's right in the stomach that's a second term should do that to you if you come right you want to stop this and she comes irrationally to the side are opening move that's beautiful see the first one watch this boom ah but checked
that run needed a thought i d salmon around my why would she tuna leaning back oh she's jacked mean you mean valerie you kitty's around she's our drive to the ground on your back when she got hurt with a bad shot the body earlier and that round i think she was really hurt are the key so fuckin tough they should be really researching does now we're detractors tough my god she's tell if that is the first some of ever seeing someone riots someone who's her and open with a needed the thought and then a spinning bessest trivialized way out a complete my tie gay man that's a complete game like she's in all these different angles she doesn't have gunfight she's never go limited approach brow speaking to fund fights rumble johnson out against what happened i don't fucking know ruin my what happened idea injury do you know
james injury fishery pulled out a little far out to pull out the candy like break a legacy of share some really wrong this earlier knox right goddammit as you have my number one find this year for today make gustafson verses galore they escape justice bullshit has will then and dog let's get a move in the chicken is role of let's get back to an all shit son out that bats isn't that sweden shit fuck i what allowed us to send his he is he he's very much in the game has been required just enough to fight our best he's right up they look you went five hard rounds john jones five how decisions are made on the issue in the world forget him uneasy lost rumbled but guess what everybody rumble hits like that goes knighton but you did you see that they played it over and over he did get head but little eyes there was silence it looks like it looks like it it's our
hard to see look i've looked at it and thought that i didn't look like a head but then i've looked at i said the punch landed first for sure but look they definitely calliope s ear tough it's just waving having touches anyone like i think they fight ten times you gonna different resolve each time it has a good breakdown of it in slow motion was hard to see link of the right hand linen furs or the head but why should i get down i was what did we think would have behind that its head but needed in but what the more replay i must start siding with you i've always thought was a head by little high once i watched a big for further thought it was real how someone like me maybe i'm busy jesus tat took snapshots stomach upon their new tarzan cfo if he fails we want a text that is the impact is a very reasonable look it actually yes he is
looking out of you guys gonna small not yet i'm saying that we all go out and not a bad looking handsome but i've seen his body is like a guy works out it doesn't look like battista she exactly exact steerer gills bobby lashly as another while i jesus we have already amazed by propelled toward a slight and a lot of events revelatory i'll do that for was tat he also you know it was known i was face and then she pulled her brought her boots popped out bra while respect respect to call the wood friction web it will do this in the now this zone assuming this was done but there is another one is slowing down where did she buckled there was another shot into the stomach before that major buckle so there's more than one shot to the stomach that had valerie in trouble i'm pretty sure mean her of the exact same fit observed now we remember savior using your above
things you get a good you're not items is avoided in some transparency i'm fan leases and resignation audacious com this is happening entering watch ended with a spinning backers after cage you wouldn't hurt backdoor it would look unrealistic i know right her combinations were beautiful too so technical needed but and then she threw a right and left elbow and then a spinning backed as they closed areas you will notice a fire it was neither side so she tease often heard this is the first one right as the first knocked out now washes shot the by that's the one does one turned around like you to watch around my goodness fucked you think we're gonna happen my goodness this fight club outta combination will she just got her real bad there man she had
people get hurt all the time you never turn your back and run mosen man i'm not forgiving out i'm saying i think your guts for on fire you now dropped to the ground those things man we are turning that moment you get hurt bad fate or metadata you'd get the fuck out of my mouth shut the fuck up in our motto caught him with those swift left organ views on queer st valentine's fight happen i mean you're in russia russian judges there was i mean they were to stop that it feels here fitter loses i should like to deal with the belladonna but a note maldonado a good boxer man he caught him of that right hand cut with a nice short right hand and beat him up on the ground he was out there was out on let me look bad and then he got up at one point in time and fabio hit him with a bomb legs wobbling need it did the chicken damage has now gone and he still ass a decision this rush i mean but does the second two rounds he did
do a lot but still that around ten a if not drag you send for it might be ten seven it might be ten seven least ten francs z he had em like man when someone get a ten servant that would area so close to a stop is that in the u s that fight stops i think well just that but then there's like frankie agar gray meaner well a lot of my god is the refer whatever the fuck you guys are events andrea alas what tarzan traumatized moves so realistic because line cool with a white man let's wait a minute backup is africans snoop dog now man samuel jet and your highest in the very last thing it will do this what is this oh my god he's dead he just jump through the air collide with a low the chip bright i see i can't watch it was chimera grilled eyes i wrote in korea euro and was ass tat month i'm gonna dead but he's dead that's like what did you just like head but an airplane although you just tat
a girl yet there are six hundred pound animal research effort and views young cemetery i can look at this guerrilla computer graphic that's he's gonna go to war with this girl bitch no one is going to work for him for him until our lies in what they collide then different grow i think it's that they're trying to stake their territory for a hot girl you know what man is he picked the wrong primate to have a war with a fucking scary man yeah those things are just way too big like the idea of an eighth propound human is terrifying but an eight hundred pound guerrilla was selected the debates that we ve got over this thing was like five hunter think we dishonor five six hundred of those six thirty those the issue right there was quite a few definitions like one of them said eight hundred one of them said five hundred coupled big ones i think that i like that talking about it i'm five like like an average was the outliers amounted to like the mountain
i would assume that right yeah there's the king tongue out there in this bit you watch game thrones i don't recently the strike item out we ve been over says if you get to a certain age and dragons no longer become yes never lie and i'm really yonder not that i never was and is an episode i never missed allison i need something to marriage my final its awesome dare i used to shut everything down by away really bothers you emily seasons hidell uneven sex of sea every one of the mother of dragons do did call easy shows and i've seen every one of them did she can t can step in a fire and be five four and twenty five six twitter here that's one but if you go to another one of you gotta wikipedia now downgrading mangroves get up to six hundred largest edges or twenty is what i want you to go please what is the largest guerrilla biggest girl of all time
six came out of letting go what's the bright eyes exam guerrillas cause there's a mighty mouse johnson there's a brok listener what is obviously you list of proxies happily earlier stay me was it said jim but less so in writing a six hundred pounds man i can't really he's out of shape though was a sage em they're always wait bull shit dear biggest around the world to while rather fucker thy grilling crocodile yet i am so not in fucking cromwell algae relates to be indicated on the more what we're talking about that look at that lithuania shoulders to you're ok they got sucked into the water and or land i blame the parents a little bit its florida son yeah just maybe they're not from florida their family browser nebraska nebraska its injury i know man like veto if you're not around those guys monsters yonah hey disney let's go and put it some crocodiles i must be safe and well they had sizes they don't know swimming but they don't have signed it said beware of by the way where my more retarded moments on the show we're trying to figure
the how of crocodile is not the biggest lizard when there's so much bigger than komodo dragons like why is a komodo dragon not nearly as big as a crocodile that they call the biggest loser crocodiles reptiles amazon lizard has a very specific really see i've got a lizard read today's union too little bit no lesser deafening didn't we're doing that all measures you officer on board i wish to raise a reptile of listen i definitely hopefully crocodiles not of users i would even think tat while your misery definitely reptiles crockett is not a list which is a sales rep isaac that's what we're saying different species demonstrate yes here so but it's like one those things like me guys like saying monkeys or chimps from what i've just got it wrong you know their other the same kind of thing you know yet what about the reclassification right so apes dont have tales right right so you have you have baboons gibbons my eyes now real though it's not even a real work
the issue is like monkeys scientific terms to cheer has met the semi answers all sorts of different primates right but but the way it's too scribe now like the way it's been accepted there was an article about it mean that we can find jamie that all aid or monkeys but not all monkeys rapes apes are monkeys not only see they call it makes sense this is in the classification there's the waiter other there go and often in this article like you could call a champ or person you call a monkey but you can never call like one those spider roses you can recall that any right to suddenly i wonder yeah what's orangutan that's it that's an ape that's a chimpanzee mt guerrilla ragtime given which is smaller than just a small as a lot of monkeys and then the bonobo that these are all apes and baboons rapes right here there are their weird when they got millions mainly about monkey to fuck that dog
are we as an absolutist dude we shot something with a diver memory shuffling what about the guy was missing fingers abydus fingers off what's gave a trainer miss two things i breathed his fingers i ask because a man basketballs deepen their male level so antonia views to any goes university us don't look at me i don't like those who wants a picture i went not me put them due to line up and when do good line up thy sorted out the babylon take pictures like this i got a fucking straw on that bitch grabber and just like hole on their tiny kindly yes i want to see video this ollinger about having with me that's me dressed as a hormonal friend one hung his dick was up
entire die that's my dress is a winner with my babbling jain motor the entire strategy as a partner in purple no way i'm sending it to myself before you forget yeah and by the way those things are teeth like little shit teeth like the males will test you the males will wool cargo you're being dominant right now going to have to sink monteith what did i say to you all the guys goes down look this thing in the eye my are you finally says look nothing lies in ripley didn't fuck those things i'm closeness shit i'm mad and you know what that is kind of small i felt like i feel i've thought about i felt like i could fuck em up dude fuck that well you could
but not are you damage you can't let you down but the biting highbrow does that the one i solar fuck now can we will deal with now without acknowledging that special time in its own right as greens is everybody at home get to see who is not with us that we have on one hand thing a sink in its funding counting on your neck apart learning algorithm razor your neck a person at some watered down fuckin it was on matters unreal skinny take a bite from a german shepherd over that fucking do there's some of the most ferocious priming why their asses all pink that's why they show you bitch is what time they fight leopards any more questions you fox and i will not knowing that do they train dogs
boons range of very intelligence and weird way trains book and would you rather would rather fun with that figure chimpanzee these conversations conversations accra private pray pray him over cheerful nano out it's gotta be gives way stronger regions bigger why he's probably pretty fuckin strong tool those guided me like i'm giving us a goddamn champion jumps will change your whole life just of aid or of babel chimps will for free you of your face and your generosity i think ok young thought these owes us i think i think i could camorra this fuckin for that's what is your job if you monkey back you could joking give me back for sure but there too little monkey monkeys a little you have displayed a soldier under a ban might surprise surprise asked that expenditure is take on and i respect the allotted time though we deserve a dick it is not like day that's kind of a dog it's kind of a hug
sitting right it's weird it's weird adds like all wet like real sticky west like aware we're gonna tell humming tight tommy though well do you think tat we're gonna worry the werewolf came from like baboons resolving those it had to be fuckin huge don't inward if so you think he was a big one our own person the biggest babylon you get baboons at our hundred fifteen hundred i think jimmy was biggest baboon we ve ever seen let's take a guess i'm gonna go it brian i think it's that sounds write to me what may i found i mailed hydrogen ten pounds and ultimately also go ahead say there's a big boy out about hundred eighty pounds to diesel got the maybe diabetes yeah maybe ten pounds it's getting diabetes they get diabetes they're probably do yes what the insulin resist i see and i couldn't ensues i'm always appalled and zoos i've read they don't feed their their apes very well this is a sturdy sturdy young man he is friends with my friends who own joe beef which is one of the best restaurants on a planet earth ants in more
trial canada maharajah back try this year about mercier he fought in montreal when we were there and then came to the restaurant afterwards what a nice guy genuine bonfires we'd heart of a guy really good jujitsu super fuckin straws it up but it has taken us big enough champ lobbied super super friendly not like you wanted to ask for like someone to represent and i made some one who thinks that mme fighters raw thugs and assholes young man is so polite and well spoken in smart and just such a good guy in a really good fight or to really do you know they get finer blew my mind's eye got a chance i can how with paul felt or a little bit of great great guy and a theatre major in college and thank you very much smart super smart a shit oh my god is all one hundred eighty five pounds did he looked so i said to my uncle
please made his bones are made a city gather jamie what we are doing chapman shocked by this as one of the heaviest and at most ways nine power get the item i argued that there my fucking thereby denying familiar you're not ten pound male babylon inherent a peep out you ain't here in a peep out of you and tat s good luck keeping that mouth and that that non neck away viewer families deftly dont want to do that because i believe me i had a pitiful that was ninety pounds and he was a giant problem this is the matter you there were twenty times what they wanted to get at this dog so he bent the bars on my house the wrought iron bars god i had a bar welded across the perimeter of my fence because he realized tat if he slams is fuckin fire hydrant head through during and between the bars here get them like that why fi slackens head right so a dog like that's all head so once they get their head do and his body guard
through he bent a flock in bars lack of work and so i did why did you have that thing he's my bet scenarios of rank is almost frank you interact with great nay frank sinatra frankie users a beast i had to have a bar install all round the perimeter of my yard dim and this is really guy comes over and started was one up near the dog did it goes the dog they goes wholly do i go i did it with his head forget it it's over the dog loose over the bell of another just sitting there he would hut lizards up ass to where he would just hunt leathery all goddamn down on the pact was beast is look i am not a fan of dog fighting i think that heritable horrible thing but what they did is the engineered a super dog and that's all those things they are not like regular dogs would you give them and they are i gotta from a breeder we like in creating i'm sure you know how to do anything with him and he was a super genetic freak those dogs are those dogs are different
need any other daughter man made dollar two hundred sand made dog there so goddamn smart and loyal and they're so loyal and they love you so much but daily in the right direction and the gambro dogs you know animals find out of fear of dominance cambridge dogs fight as they literally enjoy it like you to ask the other covered in blood ripping each other part and your wagon their tails ida red nose mantle of peoples to i don't wanna hear but with i've come home to dead dogs before tat we fought frank use tune things to our female female squeaks remember those i found her brow bryce harvey table with jaws rescue dog and she was so sweet call squeaky frank she'd been there's a l a shelter that does not killed dogs try not two thousand and so were brian toby do you gotta get this dog you retarded i know you're retarded amateur to conquer the style of fog of yours i knew the minute desire i drove down there went down to shelter bolivia
borsier with to take down real close good defence this is this another rough wisely doubt tat so anyway i i go there enjoyed extension so sweet she's such a sweet dog and she's litter he chewed most of her bottom tease out because she's trying to get this cage i m didn't have any over a little teeth in the bottom of her mouth saga fuck this stocks coming home with me how does she she was about eight months did you look beautiful daughter willing an alligator with with legs she was so sweet man nipples monsieur such a sweet swede who is so kind evil but killed today hills kills happens every year about out of a female qian mailbag never happens by this is good and i can't i can't go to the dogma of growth seventeen guys actually back on level today and i went to one of those puppy mills with your kids at the mall we walked as you violent no
no you don't i wonder is disturbing ino and just like maybe like twenty yards away from the puppy male they had a protest sign and a table set up to not by puppies from puppy mills in mrs fields is next there are very few putting to you we like that it's like fuckin bastion robins theirs what is your table save the way you feel the whales mended pretzels becomes so popular right i don't fucking lighter pathways pretzels insular one it's like of one type of food that you can guaranteed always find them all axles pen express cinnabar mrs fields is buttery asked pretzel salvation ok ok now forgive him all day there are no other shit the people were utterly that into olivier mercy but but you know what while kill similar services one thing though they people might nice nice back control but people might not be into a book
the smell is super powerful it has got over the universe ass love oak bombers awesome fuck now my cousin the round is try and keep it together this do can ground and loud skull timing it does not escape to escape he didn't have contrived a bad idea leg eleven spin out while let's get up how often commentators com the truck i don't know i don't i don't think so this one those we're positions very few people those play there locate it off when you had alan belcher almost twittering powers that and then
korean zombie this tuesday mechanically he's models yeah yeah he's very what with seventy no light way what fifty five wow that's a giant fifty five that's ridiculous he must before one but that was confined to fight weren't battles in the trunk there's divides there was no truck battle so that the budget they went straight to the twister oh don't don't go straight back county siri giant jaws could gouty killer zero was on one large finally episodes about undamned firebug jesus is good at my boyfriend guerrilla purse three do another program love the perch per hour i lawlor drive you love had really supplying criticizes the game of death or thrones whatever it is wrong with our three nine days a week you would love to per job just
approach garage happened there are no fuckin dragon it's our good friend yellow go peaceful guitar shit about you boy are there smiling thrones oh my god is setting up do you have a cell i'm not thrilled with somebody were thrown by setting up do you have any idea they listen this guy to disease gimme some long periods with setting up some chaos yes like the red wedding wants you to read where they set ever like where's it's gone jesus when it angela what nevada well downwards one down we'll have to more episodes right i'll yes tomorrow says i liked it that day the girl who the girl has no name yes
she's becoming a savior she's gotta through she's gone through the fire lieutenant that's how he wasn't she heels african stab me to meet with canada many shots at the start came out after my surgery on thin bush listen i'm asking is just try a little magic that's all give her a little man shall cover the actors heads of fuckin magic does that she had lain around they took some huge huge steps john snow back from the day that's that's almost show suicide they get away with it and he hears why there's a rumour that john snow might be hey easy with the fucking always bore now you're gonna do not spoil the hot you're right you're right here son i heard it i heard and i want to hear share i think that's what they say something he's a good a good example why spoiler torrents are not i saw the other night man when clover feel dane good
i say to eat a good it's fucking critter really you locked the reviewers some of it was quite a lot to say about it because i saw loved i john deadlines in that do john goodman is one of the best actors and may have a visa or our african from playing a crazy about him from the piglet housekeeping think about him from this movie king rouse do when he he's crazy he plays crazy eleven year old this motherfucker knows what the army member him in barney what was a movie that it concerns known somehow not party five barton fink party upborne think even an amazing how to safeguard us kroenke about that move flintstones honourable areas but he's a bad mother fucker dude i'm telling you he gets to this crazy place this edge of reality that oh wow tail opening out tonight you so he seems so crazy that you like man you have to really be crazy
this creates like this guy's ever he's felt those thoughts rang you know that's the issue with brad pitt like he plays like bad guys pronouncing is about on this head john and judgment does johnny dooit johnny depp too obviously we all we should all hope to john goodman does very well in life and never fails and never gets the point this is going to put more he's up is in a position where he's got nothing to lose and inside you once kill you that's right because there's a thing that that i know about an unlimited in these characters like that exists in his head he s a water he's gonna he's gotta spree search esprit should have just dying guess sizar just run he's got a gun you gotta see this i'm still on palestinian now i'm marveling over about now see as a body i wasn't that thrilled about ending now than it was what i don't know where it would say our word about it because i want el thank you i'm all over that almost see the firstly a word about lucy other movies ideas maxine maxine
my machina might amazing right that's great do i just saw prometheus for the first time thanks to the movies fuckin dead but not for sis ii endless dark primordial village was awesome left me feeling like on the move so good alien was so good the first one through these goddamn work of art how about five years but even the best of the best ways all time but that's what i'm sam high standard my men are now push i'd be entertained it was so good it was so good that like if you think of this one is being like the prolonged aliens is that what it is we got no pre previous prick while the pre crumbled within a frequent other making another one tabled by parliament is the right word i loved no problems the end yeah what happened in that was prometheus set before alien movement has ended it is before right could gonna nail as the aliens still firmer piecemeal anytime you have those alien
those are some the scariest masters the world's ever got because when you think about bugs man you think about legal wasp like there was a fucking oh jacket by my polio debt terrifying outweigh this by a military or set still terrified at its so scared i am bizarre via my kids screamin physiology dog runaway contributors to pull up the japanese yellow was bright on me so what's your pepsi was perplexes it's actually melts your face you drank the traditional hawk jets knelt just recently the tranquil huh it's called the treasure because they can they kill any direction is if you get storm it is the most with most painful
thing in the animal kingdom down yet you're gonna fuck that you ve that's my reader son your father and i really made oh yeah it's getting shot with forty five i heard a guide to rancho a hawk with materials rancho and their go back to that end their and our way and there in los angeles wait wait we wordly way why a hunk brand about the guy that their indigenous to allay to arizona yes sir to utah they're all over the americas what timezone is here don't you like you're the trench lumberyard whether accidental several days i got out of my house wants it nighttime i was walking towards my car and i heard crunch and i looked down and
torrential the size of a fuckin blue crab under my life my ok surgery laser it was a huge training and i'm barely exaggerate their everywhere purely exactly large oil is bearing on bring up japanese yellow loss i'm telling you dog like some dipole stones from pepsi was pettishness pepsi like lot pepsi nice little these changes of yours who decide here names the here agree here is that here's the merit that what the fuck is yeah that's a yellow moss will you can arrange its author they'll make your face japanese young at what the guy was doing a weed whacker off me was a guy was using a weed whacker they thought he they were like that guy's a threat six of them landon faced man i'll raise is patchy and die die melted went to heaven we mean by melted the melted away
maybe look what does your at each year flesh anymore questions asked was read this the asian horn is nearly two inches long with the three inch wingspan slightly smaller than the european hornet but much more aggressive conceal forty bees in a minute oh my god one asian haunted can kill forty bees in a minute a handful can destroy a hive of thirty thousand bees in a couple hours anymore questions why do i say i've five hondo pay fairly have five hundred to and then took these things really live fifty five days of you see if you're seeing the video of them going through a bee colonies chop and father hands you know it's weird i have to say they scare up intruders by sending alone worker warranted to warn them if that fails the workers attack on mass which is french for group do you know how bees figured out how to kill them on one of those one of those workers gets into their nest with bees
do you know ass in athens they cover them and they overheat yeah they cover and they beat their wings smart little bad guy and fitting little fucker they cookin at look it up or person relating to realise that they have to do it they realize it as the only way to them the sooner the assault scotland has that crazy somehow got that information that one of these fuckers comes in here you have to cover and he did at some iron man three shit it's not man do you think that they fit bo album rca withdrew naked do you think they figured out now it is a law that out because they just know that does their natural enemies they just kill one when they see if there's not a bunch of em they just do what they have to do to try to kill or do you think they know lately yeah do you think they will do you think they know that if they don't kill it more coming i would imagine how the fuck today to have learned they learn that right so so when you kill crocodiles if they want to clear and eric whereas if you
really weird if you kill across and you kill every crocodile comes in that area after awhile crocodiles void that area is the date they will pay sit down there passed out information down to our how their brethren yeah we don't even though the communicator they communicate bullish something going on genetically pass no offense elephants will remember watering halls and drought that they work both to his babies sixty years ago so about the lead the end i heard to a watering hole some twenty miles away that's insane did you guys here that their say knocked whistle the sparse animal now on earth where are they now more than us not easy stay off seaward number one but never to iraq to plan and i do not know their service morland off he got it why you're smarter than i'm here really they probably why deftly saw the night a resident binding dory fuck now i didn't see that but i did so sad
how will they are and how unusual they are and that their like they're almost ailing they have more from us all and any other animal no one ever really hard fight and they can read the attitude of a person like what they're trying to do to him i heard they also can regenerate limbs their smart there i so like ours scenario voices i know it can we face we ve done in the pot casper for non disabled smarter than the more she came out of our social agenda strangled assume like nice real easy now he's a human health as western video of a guy draining cauliflower ear and i was scale he's got the fat years yet other guys re shrunk to as the biggest years i've ever seen in my life i was watching videos easy now he's a human health as watched a video of a guy draining cauliflower ear and i was oppressed up until i saw the syringe they pull the bravoes body microcredit to have where they stick that they went through my stomach opened up my stomach pulled my guts to decide what
i know what i do drain driving when they drank well one showed me up a week later it does started swelling man i got really big fat fuck man maybe a tear only look at night maybe outer hernia black ps i went into the nigerian like something's wrong i got this massive swelling on the scar the scar here but under it was massive swell fat its whole coconuts big report that was all right right my right a barely any serious question again in my brain killers so may remember german signal not even that good shit narcos didn't give you the writer didn't give the good ship nor goes that within our cause that's like mike and understand that's easy that article five ass the good should ever did not are they gonna chop up yes nor do lapierre texted me do be careful but those ox he's don't get me out of pure terrible period one word about it i thought brenda
can you give us a negative thing in the world yeah really i don't have an physically addictive body and i'm gonna dictatorship her down to everyone is bad news eyes world like dogs gets you think i'd be a raging alcoholic and movement have been drinkin since i was yeah my first simonov donating managua if you ve been drinking every day since you're a kid i don't say every day well that's all you added every data may thereby sorry your arm enigmas way to do it for comedy sweated exaggerating ya know that it's it's definitely for some people it's obviously like a biological thing when you can't sleep at night you can't get comfortable cause yet back surgery you can get you keg it sucks you wanna take whatever
who the fuck i was taken stars death that shit work better than anything i'll bet you joy joy came by dropping off a bag and it doesn't kill the pain i never thought we'd kill pain from people say that all the time for me i'm gettin killed mixing focus on the pain but them stars and try to have holy shit what happens is the pain still there but you're so you're so stone younger shit you just want to point out that in all actions w doesn't like bearing should then they start digging what the fuck am i complaining about this refugees that are sleeping on cement and asphalt and fucking ecuador and generally high you know domain unlike all of a sudden my king right here shall ride out doesnt we'd make you feel it really thankful yes we ve made me feel super thankful to know i think that every show better this i can watch teen mombi below no way or not i can't believe you slowly down there
at night there are two things i may add tat one is getting into has only one can talk over each other ever gonna work why didn't you a warm bed and i i know that nobody can be knocking on our door to take me for a walk of my political point of view i feel lucky that i get there sleep and then fault as soon as we grow up with super conservative brian go night no fox news right but this is your favorite nobody's in history governments have always done what they wanted to their people we live in america and making kelly shows on wake me up in a data committing kill anyone i feed my kids i know it sounds we're gonna have enough food i am waiting to end his stay up because memorable how tvs at one point time there were just the tv would start there were no more shows just end and they play the fuckin star spangled banner
brian would stay awake i don't want my heart and i'll tell you i'll tell you idea i gotta get good route bulgaria i never use of city theirs as for table same here all right there you know he said we city got most of his real damage from fighting k one no shit your life from any final out of fights and k one and they fought the milk close together to try and had real tough fight manufacture really tough guys kill me jerry goodridge time our very good was fought the guy who is the crab magua instructor for the israeli special forces news is big stud with blue eye is any of sea multi horns india and he how awful memory to hit destructive arriving anybody says about fucking pot ruin and you may now you got the socket warehouses brok lasting and come back or fight markets insane i say it's all i almost feel a really do almost feel like you two hundred to insane almost
they did so in saying it's almost too much its arms to manage almost too much handle my weak ass the whole school pride which heart can't handle i agree star agree it's all twice a year make a super bowl tight corner is almost too much lazy and even a super volatile anyway if their eyes and you have see history fifty five percent take down accuracy if he d he grabs marketing is one that i fight is true still didn't want out like a percentage he's not going right hasn't rice ira without noise absolute going you tested but only before we ease exit no no no no no no he's exempt from the floor months in advance real art which means you have to be tested up until four months in advance this deal came together so quickly that they didn't make dig this is no way they can have that because they were even down to four months ago now it's true they weren't talk until four
when his fight foremost using brok literally went from through training and that the zero train did themes are vital to four weeks before tonight i'll take it i'm i'm saying that this deal like him getting signed to fight did not happen until recently it was a very recent thing we're trying to make you have see two hundred crazier after conor innate fell true true this is where all this coon from they had to make this like i can't talk bout it because i know too much of the inside stuff what they had to do to make it work out what it was an ordeal this is an ordeal to pull off the innate they know us brok lessons it is an exceptionally illegally because he stove he's too wrestling for the double double the size of a crazy deal it was not an easy thing to put
so we do not yet have why these custody nurse you just as it has had fought like they're not gonna tell they won't tell them four months ago like every other person in the world he added he's the exception but why did cause you why did brian i feel that it wanted to make exceptions we're here for other guy for years at the right here's the this is this is the argument against it the arguing against did you say listen if you want to make this gentlemen you should have no question whatsoever the your athletes are clean and compliant and that means for months out how are you not to make this fight like if you amateur and there's no way you can test a guy from four months ago but you say listen we can test them right now we tested right now we have an exemption we're ok he's on steroids right now we're fucked and we're done in his deals of rain but if he's clean says he's clean let's fuck and do it you know i did it for for entertainment and paper whenever it makes a hundred percent
if you want to say is a car we don't make seven for anyone rockland here's an exception brother will the hand from w many have a different kind of its national make an exceptional because you're doing you're making an exception to what happened in the past before the deal you're not making secondly as far as like what you have to do from here on out in terms of promotion and in terms of what's agreed upon by the promoter and the ass true but if ever once agreed but was just talking about so let's say what let's say i want to come back right now i have to give them a four month advance and if the testing lore you're a big enough star where they use their exemption so so the neo colonial fighter and they do not know if you don't know that you're gonna fight into right before you fight like let's put it this way verily i'm not necessarily unfair you might be an impulsive person i don't know it's like you say you like brenda job you're pretty crazy guy if someone came along and maybe a year and a half from now you're fucking still keynote up and
you in tony jeffreys are hit the path you found when you roll with hannah morale our denigrating edinburgh that before luck mix of my brazilian awesome to do if if you did there and you said fuck it man i want to come back if the fighter in the kid blows up and you didn't twenty million downloads amount and everyone is in slavery things everything's happy and fascinating and you go i need some miles i need i need a fuckin challenge our fight and data why calls you many smoking a cigar if there's any and in a crazy idea then you you saved flock it i'm gone crazy i'm going to make that exemption maybe they would if you're famous has brought glass burning another you gonna get onto your bachelor crazy if you think brought in those who fight for its volume you might become you also in also terrorism i tell you tat he we're going fourthly known for taken steroids it's a little fishing it is well prepares its
definitely not ideal when you're trying to promote this sport as being absolutely test it right because you have this little weird ray airy that you'd introduced its mother it's entertainment than sport as a fan oh marilla no two not make this fight it is criminal our malagarazi it but i feel you my country's antecedent yes he has i understood and you were in no wise we with you man i don't want to highlight certain exceptions than we too weird grey area but why wouldn't brok wessner i mean we're
you have your region has its let's take a moment to say about fuckin romania like mary right the lion was the more they got a real nag at the scope and it was a real good dude great guy always i join my camera who's gonna play him but no gas me annabel robber damn giant scraping my face now you like you do like drastic park you just get a computer to make images akimbo and you get some due to rig doing campbells you don't can have an actor well thanks and i use revolting anger was generated my gosh i why now person there are now in a better good colleagues you nothing like last actually neuro michael what did my wife is any point in time is tough he's good polar ice come on you don't believe us by her dear he was born i liked him and spawning deaf and by the way on nigeria one might i admire your piece acute around employees
because you're racial at some bonds are less able to stop all that nonsense migratory mahars microwaves koumongoe phantom as a person and as in a spot he's a great due to come into play some other guys in do is hope for it certainly the chain would break all time turning now this one the whole thing was a term he's dude he's a good do no religion martial arts does michael j why i came to let things get through a hopping sidekick at the back granted his bag the chain would break all turn turn shaggy now this one thing was attorneys do he's only like you sure i thought i was a humming signs that big tough nosing around in a way they don't like whatever that's the kick it don't say is an imperfect technique michael jai why as perfect captain technique his sight these are like some leaders are sharp extends its foot he holds it out their house battling legit very high level black
by which you are sure you can you can ignore them you can you i can see you mind appeasing gives if you see him in a bar you buy a drink and you thank him for his work and i thank him for it stops there now you wait a minute hold on a second duty brian let me ask you this thing to you a hundred and seventy sounds of supple glory and supple i'm elaborate on that you can kick as hard as shop can even though she doesn't kick now i try to organise charlotte i shall try to answer yes yes said yesterday yesterday i said to bring the shop and i was caught i was half serious we came out did this real fun press thing and he grab me around my my torso and i said oh my back my back please and i've tapped immediately and then i said i got something happened maybe too much coffee instruments coffee and i said and i have serious maybe even so in recent years ago our wrestler i don't know
the way we came out in the middle the sunlight hammock canada yeah i'm a man and by the way shape my box play tennis i said if i didn't want you to you not get me in it in a body like oh my god and where well a ten mile zone when you did everything you put its phone and one on top of this clause on top my comments i put my former larger and then we engage we engage i try couple armed rags i get rich control i get some rest control are tries to eat tries to hadn't had me he tries to kind of throw a headlong coming i bore my neck eyeball my neck and and then he got two on one of my rest you got both gentlemen i say what i say goes here goes oh get to i want at a big mistake i whispered and then i felt i felt his explosive power and he put me into a body and then i began to immediately squeal like a pig
the best part and then i go i brought meet you at the lunch place he drives off leads us phone walked up with his car and he ran over disciple i sure as an objective person this is why this is so disturbing to me i know what i can do to you and i know what he can do to make out isn't that doesn't make sense to well i'm a good i have gotten a hold of you before you rarely helpless wrestling wrong i'm a good european issues to worry us on his integrity and they charge from a thousand thousand longer snake brill it's worth i think those thousand dollars worth five grand poison us it was
hustler rifle i mean how could you really think even grapple with because i'm a girl i'm gonna my feet eyes is weird i know it is starting to decide it is near this system in order to compensate for my guns to say do he's gonna be another time when you try to pull my bow back you don't know about that i should remember broad view is that there is a brick wall that like god i've just it just was no move we listened right now i've ever wine i remember what you're talking about this legitimacy never range is strangeness to this humour because i know it is human but the strangeness is there's a whisper vote ruth lycophron tat s what i am a hundred percent convinced that shop is too big and too strong for me to grapple with him but you're not
i would like to raise a point that we are obviously if me and sharper roland i'm thinking and whether or not i can give its opinion we'll get him so tired and deserve i've long enough to catch him bs so getting we'll get him so tired piazzi so much bigger yeah and he so strong and by the way like to state my finger in the cage and poland the bear i think that's what weird but did the weird thing is like i don't think you're totally aware i am what you can you can know i'm very might be like crazy it's not a little known you're no nano nope i'm very aware of how back get beat up and i felt it i felt that have been put in bad positions by him by other guys by boxing all airlines hug dan henderson also very uncomfortable feeling he's made of jackie jake is no longer so fond of you say that that's exactly ryan parties who trained him for ever said graham said he would have to
you like d tissue one we grub him down after five city be exhausted he accused made out of a different aim is gonna semi simeon strength there's nobody more so they just he's got out his head everything about a more fuckin hector lumbar the guy you just fought good luck do i think i actually think dinners neonatal shut oh i hope oh and i leave me the kid was not one of kid you're the kid kid down like what notes keaton was let me person i was lobbying may i called dana bite it do let's talk about this really hum and then i judge you is aparicio now i'm sure how this thing what could be a better more exciting is being handled too and they walk away they both what weight the lima rocco too i feel it hurray as a fan is disappointing needed he isn't just step aside and that this should happen as i can
i thought you were i agree as a french jogger ray you're next brow a hundred percent you guess down for now live weight with only the truck touch it's gotta has torn charge worn i'm sorry i was something dude fuckin yoga austrian whatever you as you said this fight happen please and then you next i agree
live in iraq with every man yes come in turn bell blow guys just last widen wants it rocco wants it come on some no interim belt it's too elysium went away too many interim build on what has today and they both retire after that is called why as a guide for the bell for yeah that's a good idea jock array wide this guy's jock colonna why then on the scale of that stained glass and got a tattoo tat usable he's a radio got really felt he's gotta morning show c4 otherwise lena loyally you're really good guy really nice guy and he bought us in tough guy i know he is he's the hockey enforcer this as i like to an institutional highlights stir it aims to regulate hockey those in in a gel either way talkin about not an issue really i don't think i m most positive yeah our producers have eleven the club is balls deepen hockey me today that land in each area ok so either way either
some bad hockey by high level hike hockey's and send he's been winning fights disguise the worst emily mighty near one of the you have seen so far jamie night just two and one right yeah knocked out his first when the last what he took his first fight like on short noticing stop start someone who stopped him otiose santos santos disease one and one in the eurozone be changed to whom to whom is legitimate knocked amount fast fifty two seconds look at his fuckin fights thirty satellites began to bow others so you're not out of gangsters now you got power with a stained glass and o connell stained glass and theories years how because power and he stays in the pocket i don't like what he's doing this right is his very j very roman catholic stained glass tat too i've never seen before me i haven't either it's an issue i'd get sick
helena celebrated stood one guys gonna turn as some of you knocked out fighting group has the zircons gather we can get tired that is an odd choice of tat to you that's what i mean really guy was that i've had touched a fuckin did he's out glass further where jude how tough as basel hang in there both handball o beautiful ten the european left in ten and then the sum of others kitten is here and so let em back up and do it again one hundred percent man keep vietnam we talk about cars almost done it just in my experience you don't have any less tat is right you know come out against the scourge of right wing when you're up you got a chance when you down european pension up right gather as a target which cover the tough he just took
o connell cargo nasty left hand man he's just toughie shit just whirls irish fox it just doesn't you don't have stained glass tat is not top is clear you don't get that's the clown home another knockabout did very the iranian regime's name wrong bossi bossy bosnia possible big like i'm thinking it's both taking over the circles as visor may wish to change it full ten august let's go and look at the five on this kid but it boss he's thighs whitcomb the basi about just called the boss novelist com is real namer who get man think just double a young girl canning stew there's a big legs that's hard to get done without being nice to hear enough this fight was on eyes your boys that is an interesting thing man about cocky players manly develops series of again of course been doing of his ease
aiming in combination with the left hand and that's where boss he's getting caught as is done in a nice hutchison bunches in its land it's also is is accuracy is really good when bosses moving correct catching moving back catching yeah catching a moving back that's easy to do at home i mean he's dead tours moment collar baron delved over grew tattoo san diego my signature were colored like a cradle about some help adds one good thing there why people i know you color why people get some amazing fact in life people like like of your rug serious albino you could have some beautiful colors i know i have noted your away peace paper a blank canvas black jews they can dig it but they can put tattoos everywhere and then they would never somehow another it's it's like a subtle thing they should do
i think though just wouldn't take those skinner downward did look sick ah you as you have mentioned the body fewer but you know that's interesting that the black i covered in tattoos is a fairly new thing culturally in this country wrappers athletes are made but it's so common now it shows just how it took off like if you little black guy well like mohammed alleys error joe fraser is abraham lincoln lady ongar wilder yeah you're right so many guys like somebody get well tat is we're subversive up until really the night these same lose i mean you know the body art was always considered subversive and we're decoration and you had to be you no kind of on in to be a criminal or like somebody like yeah something the desire to add value on the outskirts of society to have a tattoo even in here i remember i told my data gonna nearing as a joke when i was so
sixteen i've been watching now you read as yet i really didn't gratify sorry you thought oh sir he's a boy words are travelling about you're trembling less sense in ireland is too so that where the socio its use sometimes a people is arguing with each other if one person's right he's a bully a basque buzzing take us no shit hit the fan man's gonna middle eastern mix it too gaza taken raises shots abolitionists ten the tattoo so why people like fucking p half accomplices love tattoos lotta why people get the red tat the writing these days messy girls with running that's iconography shit got day osman there's that live enjoyed siam jesus christ and he still whether one incredible incredibly powerful tan
damn book it isn't always it so we can prove that we just wrote a luxury that left took broke that knows for sure hockey minded on that are probably hockey we're hockey some rough fuck induce fema how many games they play the cardio placed eyes to train with some professional place they are flocking gangster too so party harder than any pressure lemme think about how stupid noses are you gonna be ass little structure and how different emphasis awesomeness do a smash it in new year like down like sixty percent strength all they have to destroy that thing you think i know parliament be smash though what wise there like that full giraffes have shows farewell they are no longer make a big strong knows it's trapped punching giraffe pitch its eyes i reserve on camp really break it tat knows candia punch outhouse correctness face no
in your sleep made made the area with its fast and their nose it with their noses are all wet my job as fighting is frightened boys at all levels by two thousand troika was about to go economy when one of these guys she's right take em it's you know it's go time becomes a big depression oh yeah he gets asgard shahrazad good for his head please though the young and that's a blacklist either these girls gravel it's interesting we see a guy come back while he's hurt because like that's what you find out what kind of condition you really correct how quickly can you come back while you're here yeah do you see the train factories do he'd like to trade ideas wobbled know you'd fly around in circles like use punch and then spot are you running and shook is not a man but he needed it
can you get paid off well you know he's a tough guy that paid off but i don't like the way he approached that fight this is a guy who went toe to toe with cro cop okay i don't know what kind of testing they had him under do you wanna do none just sir now the viking gamma ok it looks like one of its key likes to call the smell test he didn't i smelled like b o and kettlebells to me yeah thus malagasy steroids i smelled like cabbage paternal unless you look like shit what is it what then i'll i'll allow me i love out like he's so close common view of sea i dont give bombard two thousand seven you get paid before this fight i would have argued with you now molly tallow exposed him in a bit of way but it also could be he hasn't mozart semi competed how long ago was not that far far gloody fight for that
come and get the fuck out of my right color mcnerney by us except with some scrub rise and what scrub he thought about your work and in russia paid to go down this alone the show i am used to fighting yet do like lights is already he took that guy down and punched him until he tapped lies in december yells a terrible fuckin fight he's not fighting anyone so he comes just as you see we gonna testing less whereby glaring these guys you're fucked up so a boss he's gotta call my ground wrong but what am i gonna fight crazy of meaning who's gonna finish him i think you'll come they keep some half guard only to have cars got the under hook lastly without his own on ur gonna leg stops it stop surpass oh shit oh shit what policies
when this fuckin fight damp bosses tough its wound up this is a war the tangier line ties was he to want it looks like he's really happened out of a year's basi looks like this i have no idea what i d like you to take positive with the whole hog and skill in the hot dogskin thereby hot dogs ghana's larry five years that have that everyone is best looking guise of hot dogs there i've got the whole cohesion looks like you're dude hotdog skins address expression ever you come up with that for a while the beautiful its geographical eventually now relations is a few a few descriptions my life really sancho o o o o bossy with the hammer fit
causing trouble mary is in trouble causes in this kind of task does in a lot of trouble resources will take functioning zob that's for sure one in one meannesses looseness five it is a draw means in trouble now agree i think if so it's in asia better in this fight i got bossy ok i say it was a fucking never know what to do like o connell he just so goddamn you never know where he's yours i find one of these guys or policies one and one one thirty second knock out one fifty nights i cannot go and the ways via that onslaught i'm in his head snap back is eyes rollback faster the ground particularly jobs out of a cake although not a lot of you just how good enough for governments to high level jujitsu here just went to the junta percentage controllable just wish to stand up and blasted face a sound like a family the tab cause he's got joy here we go what's the new tap out you're fired
oh my god you're right they're everywhere they are everywhere seem all time of my shows oh she wore knew the body this new you got that fuckin coward guy wherein one comment on dying loves noises i know right away you love the series unite the three these her second is a big deal i know the lord s name calling coward music good i'm a famous stir tar it'll give i know who you are you faint yeah and you are you're religiously right yeah it's my favorite need good man guess asking questions is smart guys objective gone completely posts but he was better than others that's a really famous guide to skip bayliss radio guy neil vandam pattern yeah yeah i shall recently really i'm surprised you that he was a boy i was doing like a tour of the sea
similarly nice guy to be definitely didn't seem like in those laws shit about fighting now well you ask a question will almost really a lot as a profession super professor he has won the best a lot of on bring on your seek as they realize it gets ratings but they don't know about the sport but whose ask me questions like what's who's the most legendary emma firewall time scares me says pretty jane i say i know but i i want with wars grazer as he was always lose the most important one and one of those things whose biggest star like i said always greatly because he was the original because he changed everything about him i must apply in areas that we have asked for change everything about martial arts with his victories craig is everybody had to go wow what is he doing and then we have to learn it correct changed its fear i mean i would say it was his whole family in is cut his uncle lex thence down from his dad and do i had to do a shower to do a tribute show this kimball slice for spike dude and were there
ask me like the euro normally take down we get flat this will ask me for the mount rushmore nice he can't be up there without gmos slice for what he did on youtube stuff like that takes the by dude i started crying so bad is fuckin i'm awfully in it what do you do that but why wouldn't agree with that as far as amount rushmore but i would gladly agree with it as far as like a guy who is are important for the overall picture that's what i was saying emma may is and the difference between like backyard fighters and may fighters in a gal akimbo who was backyard fighter would then came a legitimate that significant significance is the idea that you can be somebody in your backyard and if you if you have the skills or the person out or something the magic yes i do it's just areas knock em out spinning backface calls on queer oh oh my god
say crazy guy race or man all live where the fuck are you gonna do that you don't have a breather here don't do thou chaos oh my god this is crazy oh nice let our cars got very nice left hand yea does he's been linen mixes up between like i have a job and a hook it's like michael j smith or whatever is shameful two major michael j siam smith is my mission as well as i do i'm algerians two major piece and gives around when is tony baltimore fight unhappy ferguson right here that's that's going without spending shit
the greatest and ideas courts of all our thoughts in short i got you gonna high five again bodies i love and not kind hearted firing killer is enjoying themselves that i was la boys you can't keep iphone appeal to the gallows fuckin fresh look how good a shape is in third round is moving liners viennese ate some shots may cause noses and peace as mass but look at bosses nice these around he's also catches raw three is but a man he's punching well this is fucking criticism i'm sorry i'm dead this is a candidate for fighting here my wrong my god is like rocky certainly brawl uncertainty about two or three wise deep i don't know joe but from the three wine glasses yes you're right certain
the broadly what was wrong rory rory fuckin that was a while ago the does a year geek this fights like this i think we should all have a button in home we can press would you say no decision no one can lose us we're your eyes to lose sight america just spoke need elbow either there's no way either gonna live by the night bonus culture in this but whose less somewhat staff someone in this fight ends right now the way this is going ahead i fucked you pick a winner this goddamn five it's not easy life it's wrong how you feel any meaning mining people out of here it's easy gotta doing my mama
i don't want to hear you say my career went again don't branches i like it i like don't put his light spot his name in your mouth cause aegis benighted pleasing daylight yolo ranks you could look at total strikes obviously around one round to one would show conall one went for bossy but you can't let us only gradually all this strike out together o o turning it another that at this time right there they should both make our agreement no restless till they get there all right here on the brake logan mechanical la say about it about fifty fifty seconds tyrant variable said enough i think it's stop it now i'm like sk as these guys are friends after this is mary is not ironically scene when every sound they see each other they help each other for the rest of their lives depends who wins well who wins nobody's winning or now that the wrathful i bet you money bossy ones this really you wanna bet car terminally always find out i believe really i believe about anyone please frightening can
june was bent over their eddie you're pretty quiet you wanna baron you i got there somebody you want it's bear right now two thousand billion in two thousand and users in a truck lorries your bride think you are certainly making the free pass this is still alive i got that applause i fly thousand now got buzz i got well fuck i got buzz i too could cause a peer pressure i back the kimball i was saying is what he did does he brought in the average fran from you to term martial arts wealth lies a big deal well even though my mom who kimber was from the youtube videos i definitely that what i'm saying at every sees an important figure i witnessed how many people are horizontal for five no one rush morse horses want no my voice must be five i think i believe say africa whose busby number five inappropriate haven't we put ronald mother fuckin reagan an insane
not much that goes around a regular dialogue a movie with a monkey we go i groundwater say no american friend our current i myself is a roman is planning to slow any was margin is another cabinet eyes tat none have vocs news guy i'm genital limits rhyme i mean i just another kind of many tat up our meals for i love same format might have been a fifth maybe they were thinking by that did you name the four brown you fucking better balance in the four eulogise general why now rushmore what is is this giant economic cycle they now john debs off everything by giving him bitches into commercial there's there's not collapse of ronald i'm gonna go with why king terminally him abe lincoln that's not him just got hardly gosh i like to think that we can have jasper sanderson teddy roosevelt that's for joy for and lincoln there right
he's right that's why we're getting a guy right godiva eyes i shouldn't history doesn't matter i can't believe i got us more about this for i got lucky i'm alan guy so if you like an enemy got hoist gracie for sure total adele if you are trying to do do you have to have rampage see that's why can't you can have a tito anderson rail those whereas andy can however andy csp you have to have just pay the arrest and silver dj akimbo gotta know you gotta be see a lot of money guise of too many that's eight is no waste you're gonna have fatal and broke up oh yeah you're gonna fate or the other people who are all time wandered on that bit controversy fuck you and choke on my journey we can say that and maybe even ninja how do you come on jobs legends injure for try to fights surging character of it was a bad weather for years to probably compared to show gun his problem she ran along published
both that's our laws are you know a man with canada the fans that's a hard law we are worth in one's what we all want we want that's our loss lisa there sweeter to cause a bad what europe do you mean dead zero sesar is sick my brown ask you get their colours for very uncomfortable about what's it like this that's a caramel row did not want a fifth faced be carved in nineteen through sodomy handling love susan be anthony should be a bunch of fuckin gas try get laid we assume mount rushmore suffer violence you're the people that's what's wrong when she was the first man and i tell you this boom boom we can have a look at this bone look at this one left this the one that's just the lights off you got it yeah i mean
mean that new round loud sam zella tenet round he so tough he said tough which we heard he said that's gotta be tenant ass lieutenant that's why i don't know what is in isn't anymore man who knows these fuckin rafts judges but it's i don't think it's done nothing is done the right way and i think we should have a ten point system i think it you're going to a hundred points of sunlight that solution energy and reach out or thirty points or they should be a bunch of points where it's not ten nine or not i have ten i especially with the grappling does this commission does not have this was one get off my back and conceal the guy in danger or from a town or rather how should i know you're not saying we disagree with this decision right disagree with it like i said hand was right but i really want wines deep idle now out clear criticism on the finnish only emma maybe my sir note in aiding institutional react out if there's no similar you want them like rome what if you add what if you had grappling judges and striking
haven't you ever made judges fuck all that yeah yeah right but what have you ex fighters as judges doesn't wearing we have here is we want matthew who judge for pride mad hume you should have judge yeah you should have got dissolve handful understand like twenty ludwig match yeoman do grow roof dwayne ludwig is another great example you know have people that have fallen standing of eminent yes you may be japan was a judge of his knowledge of an army follow or of the end of the maize rich frankly why you turn i'm rich rank rich franklin housing origins pull over think about how many great fighters that don't fight anymore but have deep knowledge of emma may shit dollar bill why are they not why the davies better no daughter one of the main road and the other guy they reach out to those guys well this commission
you know me and after fires do you know about that so far the probabilities followed governments first nights a mother fucker this is dangerous for calibrated my boyfriend writers big and its heart is bought does any detainees regular to urge it to man under resupply though as of legal blackmail is come on down but i was impressed when he fought ben when you ve been almost caught him in an hour more from the bottom and i was thinking that account the quotation is crafty guy that doesn't sit still for a long time but it keeps getting better just so let's horses flock deftly does it does not rest on our laurels and you watch and fight now fights much more technically doesn't unload like big bombs some because that really does we still hasn't with ben he caught ban any hidden will focus on africa but he's
fighting more technical but that it is heartening that how're you doing better chiesa veterinary dominant factor for tidal no anderson anderson muzzle in his prime thought girls my boyfriend's unesco shut up is a file cyborg normal but it is really is not a good while it's a tough fight for both guys also dawn was no joke at one seventy five are not like him held on one has more tools up he's east nasty off of his back his kickboxing is legitimate fuck you i don't know what's lears migs scares me darling when he fights good boxes struggles kiss and he even admitted cuz i go forward or backwards i don't take any angels and we're facing a guy who has good boxing you're in trouble man i hear a guy like him say that and i got to assume that he's working on that i got a suit i'll tell you that that he's trying to get better at it but you always get a job you got a kind of gas where guys that based on its previous performances civilians previous perform signet diaz really troublesome fight for
we had a really hard time taken in the first round what can they do bosses i will but i also think through some emotional stuff go on out of asia is nate talked him into a coma hundred percent nate knocked his hat off and tuck cow is a nice guy like we see cowboy winnings lining up to fight curtailing the winds real friendly i see it i was a real friendly i really friendly daddy's a really really good guy is a really guy so he hasn't he has need or want to hear you don't need an we're outside like the diaz yes but i think nay nay really got in his head without you and it was like while not emotional i mean this guy was late night nate super disrespectful when he's gonna fight you and it's part of the strategy is you makes it personal yeah and to make you think about it because it makes your emotions ramp up and makes you tight mature myth magnetic makes reference the brilliant as very smart brilliant at o connor legal common he's greater than do you like that i go back and forth man because i've seen
like two alike la josie aldo i love shit talking when it's done really well but you know what i dont like sick it seems like a lot of people are trying to do that now there weren't you brother why though because the guys who do by making more money and get more fame so now guy it's not in the personalities on their demeanor and are trying to do and i can't stand that is fake and it's not good but that's what you that's what you get when you ward that because everyone mimics mimics everyone mimic i willingly trade off like a tan support for for cash that's really because once you start talk but it's just like your genuinely viruses generally guys people on into the generally it turns people often they generally makes ray i make my lab arguments head what do you think car never turn anybody mayo name the most famous fires nor floyd may whether the most biggest should talk about time car macgregor shit talker brok less no shit talkers and think about it conor put everything together he had incredible performances and he too
mad chunnel jail cell donation she'll solos grid attacking should not degradable fight or will you be honest good fighter but he wasn't good enough to be a world champion came so closely saunders i know joe but what time at that point that shit talking the shit talking but also the performances guineas nightmare court you can't you can't say that i think is not very minor s and i'm just saying with this shit talking we write down it channels phenomenon transformative nominal athlete in greater understanding with his profound his shit blocking it elevates him but yet i think when a guy like connor does something and he did knockout josie aldo and thirteen so called it he's a different it is a different thing i like his performance visual yeah there's his his winds were a different thing but then it back firefox is my elbows are you get look at run you get it in full as a guide would render it that's the price but you know what the fuck it anymore that money in your bank account must aim at guys like randy couture we lose
people like fucking still a bad monoplane no one true you know one hates you not those randy qatar days are over my brother conor chosen tagging there's a lot of guys always designs tat i felt sure as hell not fighting anymore but if you want those days are over but do you understand that if your seem jersey appears a beautiful man was a great fighter doesn't touchy and much more respectful where's my suit he would still cell like crazy today he just deal seller crazily came up to allow me to use a future before answering named so right now who's currently five nancy whose quiet and is a superstar it's going well you really this the superstars are rhonda connachar but you got a little the extremes of john jones is like on the brink of super stardom of georgia he passed cornea in they get record numbers for yossi two hundred and becomes a gigantic event john jones of the
or she started the kazi because he has great talent brings us in the headlines for bad shit is he's making headlines but some times that i mean if you wanna talk about what make someone a famous person sometimes that's almost as important in its goofy society as someone being a shit talk but look at a guy like romania headline and what do you think is you re a failure should talk or not at all the years i think superadded when he's an ultra he's an old school guy we're your eye vapor talkin about an upcoming fight he never he's an old school guy natasha strongly moretti he's old school guy he's from the old familiar i favour still right up there is a reason why they had you arrive versus dominic crews it wasn't just cause you guys been doing really well it was also because they know your rank and sell some four hundred percent majority or nice all unsafe name superstar who doesn't talk shit that's all i'm saying that you're i favour a he's old duty is not open to all of europe
come on let's define superstar if so is it you have tabled world champion paper of not just paper view just paper of egypt who has been a paper you draw besides you riah that's not a world champion yossi and sober don't touch it nobody but it would who has ever been a paper view star that's never been a world champion in the usa is a con macgregor no car mccurdy knocked out although he gently but when we fund ideas even world champ one seven but it doesn't matter is a world champion one forty five he was he had beaten josie all those while the best man at once set out with all that one seventy wasn't for the way it didn't matter cause it'd make no one i ll stand and being rather less noble total damage must draw that's not a will check the answer but he won the world championship answer me here one girl doesn't matter broke he won the heavyweight title saying currently hasn't been has it hasn't been does not one so you re i favours the only guy and consideration if you think about a guy who's that
git star was never won a u of sea title who can sell paper use your ryan might be the only guy your i want double seat earlier whenever you see nobody in the u s see light like has come along in these years whose not a giant crazy fight pass fan has like fighting s life true you know it's hard gesine see those when they show those you have see countdown shows you see highlights relationship but you really see w seize on tv what i mean i gotta do not least are only allowed its do talk shit but its fighting that its natural you ve got to talk to draw not a wheelchair ceremoniously good good call
i'm really talk shit he's gone close come again that's right either fighting shit you know but he doesn't get the kind of like numbers who is actually talking about that he didn't interview recently we're talking about how he'd rather fight nay then ds or ninety years rather than conor because it doesn't matter to him whether it's for the world title nicely same our money weathers fightin it'll get paper you care about in the orchard because once fight the best guy who what's a fight like a guy who he wants to fight a guess he wants to get back at night because he fought does he beat or it makes ain't zita many doesn't feel like you fought his best that's also white cowboys such a bad ask z just wants challenges like that's what he gravitate color recent that's why you mean he's a small one seventy dude paul felder look bigger than him the other day were hannah the comedy store following a film the struggle by like a few pounds like maybe tat while he was thought father was an hyades when we saw him and downward
isn't really mats hallway when nine in a row doesn't talk him out of shit you know it nobody knows we ask that i'm saying here but he also had the bad part to be right on the uk he could he could have managed a uk shall write max holloway fast humane hawaii mother bug over there but he's only you know john holloway theology power ok you're john hathaway john let em how to ask you whether these following its factories one night in a row give a fucking us how we so quiet i thought he was he still fighting good max always so ghanaian fuckin row a beat a loose who due to his hawaiian accidents so fuckin pick cowardly urgently all that no good for you i know if you pay tax the flags are confusing cause a lot of people realize hawaiian book eighty mortal eyes hawaii comes into force
flag it looks like a british flag i thought i'd also as you like we weird way because like no one in exile to quota comes in with fuck it's how to quote a flag there is hope that is one that promote more proof positive things that hawaii is like an occupied country we have today in over hawaii and say you know what you motherfucker you little too close we would like to troll you since you are in the middle of the ocean and you know i don't it's a good idea i live here five hours by plane from fuckin los angeles so we're gonna own you so that's what hawaii its mandatory others a lotta hawaiians that want hawaiian independence to that i would say settled farewell everyone's next we can't let me why we will respect you deeply as your own nation just wicked
he's just want less anyhow you love yourselves and why i love her why i love level i am little on vacation rebound on only ever been i'm probably gonna die there in this sense it like one of noble then i'm gonna move their mabel i never been there i love it fuck knows best know what that's what it always gives me probably gonna tell me that they go there and the wines treat them bad ones are racist throughout yeah i know how that issue dish works they couldn't be any friendly i really nicer i went they take me and like unfortunately loans you're the best i went to for a wedding we went to my wife went to a wedding out there one we're friends cap maranon big island there was like the hilo side and then they found others by tellers at your side be j is very popular in and then the others they're like rivals like and we were on the side it was like rivalling be j and you know we were out there whether i was what in the u s see on the on my phone
during the wedding i don't know anybody and everybody that live there was a white people that move there they also do not go out do not go out of the house have you go out at night locally to any of these bars you gonna get fucked you're not gonna bark will certainly just studio city would you not gonna live longer than i did i went through the bars and why they are calling for a tall hawaiian brought europe europe being driven inside your ear you gonna marry tank top man but with your nose adhere to get points about the local said do you know a third of embargo dilemma drilling is are you some one think as you get a lot of heat on line sometimes i don't think the yeah man like people think because you talk about shit on the progress people arrested this is like elevated conversational
in real life you go along with everybody everyone every button bright and everybody so i mean do you want those guys like everybody you me everyone's huggin everybody everywhere go he's he's also very compassionate to all people like easier carries a soft he's a softer you just talk match down javert i settled there what do you he growls ok go today what also download all ready now that take them by donald naturally wrestling dude in cat patrick grotesque jujitsu man he's very sneaky office
back surrounding us really good gets here damages did you write submissions are now less runners bestrode he's been top five four times a year or thing triangle some ridiculous i'm ridiculous them was big he throws it so fuckin fast his body briars more triangles an end but in view of sea ever well if you think about it all the fights and a double easy one on one of the things that you and i talked about a lot eddie that he was a great example of a guy why it's important if you're a good kicker to have a nasty guard conceding give a flock of you took him yeah so he would throw these nasty as head kicks in if you took him down oh shit where that triangle come from into well and then he talked about when he fought d as you say how use embarrassed because you so afraid to go the ground with music what the fuck is wrong with you you're believing jitsu man
the july when they live two years jujitsu is pretty for high level it is until chow boys it's fucking good nobody innovations are worried and ms but should not go down and no madonna's here's the deal a guy like ideas could tap cowboy he's one of the few as a guitar and i'm not seeing of a very good pussy argued that there was no man s orders cowboys so bad that transit gunnar s got em up and now we're just stand there scramble for that's the perfect scramble cover i just cannot re quota to be the aim of love or you stand up a new or you get to sack introduce beautiful cobblers gonna have a speed advantage but the power skill and useless we're cowboy shines is with his fucking leg cakes man wearing ada betty over us and that's where started are they tied on nigeria's he star attacking their heavy function that he's our focus on that front foot cowboy
has nasty leg kicks mass just the power cookery scares the flocked enemy with donald count would then take back where you was brilliant what our power of quality because when we get comfortable he stands upright and has a move is i don't have to worry about quota expected take down now that i think he was that was at last mind you until very prepare comes propelled tony cowboy for three for years moved basely the dumper for six months and just railroad least her boy wrestling nonstop russell every single day there man i'm not great when you're fuckin russell tat wrestle man his judge you to leave no space is governed tight by god jazzy ever it isn't gauges digits very very much so if it so explosive it's hard to train format down and rustling helps your jets of silk on research you know about the rustlings is about their base the stability the balance
that shit india jujitsu just gotta ceramic brennan would you train with down does he just pick up things very quickly that train always taken aback do train underbrush reality like visa regime is literally all he does just trial he just trains all fuckin time and jump off boats in thousands to guide dogs roared are you bad mother fucker cat tat dams are bad mother aren't i wish i was you i could throw my underwear and these are not getting their body trying i say oh god there is a long to controls don't kid jolly good good under hook by the way he looks pretty much as big as co to actual ignore our right to limit assignments more shredded pretty second unless you get some funny he's pretty these honest categories also carnage share these data shit saving
nah god save and unless you have noticed that in our view your boss he's not boss eight in he's not hold hogan hot dogs can we see like a rose stood out in those days i brought you relax i've got his back like a thick shot i look fuckin brought tomorrow committee are brought in the summer i gotta get out you luminous right again is power peppers and onions tarred i'm sofa reno me too oh yeah she's and because in the back room that's not good enough i mean indeed meet me too i know you have been watching me i'm sure we got another level more as a rule of law we now stand up the air patrick quotas so gay man so goddamn game god eddie i'm in inside that show
this europe of ours and i wonder how wide areas kick enough work eta homeboy from san diego ground oh yeah you're dumber store all now what the fuck is named blackwell four zero literally jujitsu journals miles per hour i live in jerusalem not where we sent jury i'm not doing him he takes its ism emma media just turn a baby everything we say because some goddamn fake news title story can it do you me you do and i understand i'm on hate no friends a lot of them there are actually really good guys there's a lot of good gladsome suck dick alarm a pretty cool while you know when i feel like i feel like but i really do feel like this a lot of the animosity between am i may media and you and i and a lot of other people
would probably be solved if we were actually talking because we would probably have a conversation that wasn't is one sided is sound writing something shitty about you you responding in a shady way somewhere right some too twitter its tasteless communication tat its base that right is also like can you not reading people's phase it is also an issue with writing something right as you write something about someone's opinion and is a lot of assumptions lot of you you you not communicating with them but if you have a dispute about something we all women these have arguments for the latter always resolve them because we're both reasonable and we're friends talk and be friendly but if you just wrote a blog about me he responded with a blog about you here we know each other forever and i love you billy probably manage each other this is this is the right answer but but this is the issue becomes if silent ceremonies
plant arise here i find tat all he's not here and a peace everybody for nice kicked decided earlier than you normally does it over with the articles the thing is what gets clicks is negativity headlands let us do it needs a ceremony is on twice he is he's on point right is enchanted just personal by it's not i understand in some ways but a job but i feel like it does as much damage to them as it does to the personal misrepresenting so they write stuff worry about you and they don't like others has fallen put quota has to come back with one of his own man that's him you know he's a fucking
aim do super he's along an ordinary those airlines pay huge donald loves his eyes you shut the fuck i now my mind right angle i think i'm a fucking camera casualty andean cameras days also beasts of and analyse too he does a lot of work ok just be careful michael j why that's all i ask from like you could walk you man but drinks and areas because a spot you swear respect and for a psychic and ran how do you know who need some fuckin props who is an awesome analysed reform eve edwards god damn he's good tyrone out my lobby that were very good joint lisa be set both currently work leads only data could be good as well now i do not agree with me and bring up another black i love your black guy says would later you guys
but you guys a little respect for down right now like i can tell you that power scares me don't believe in his look at dawn i'd like donald better one seventy because he's not a fucking dry himself out he looks he does a great example i look at how many also speed advantage sham walk you imagine dogs ronnie verse robbie lawlor far more lot until a psychic or what we may not like this now this is a nasty jack o i want i want mine to take down from donald i mean diaries take your same benaco crazies like you'd have to like the battle eyes before that could have pay terribly lonely words works every as is done its job it's almost crazy italian above somebody else fighting robbie one robbie is about to fight the way the world works that's our support on two percent i'm talking shit
what the fuck does dollars such a big name i could see him jump into number three will you pattern tumblr is tony josh it now we're doing should we found them i dine bases and on this point here quick following a big boy he's coming you can't come in come in quotation dangerously has so much parallel so do we keep it down over their brennan you keep it down the thing about could tell them to fight my way calais fight like ours can guide what about the flag missile systems lisha dams our own pocket no country may not go to you you can talk no no don't don't get abruptly match don't do that should allow public jobs
smooth shake him in the face of a company has a right to use copper three thousand please headache for three thousand at heart quota how we cut our shared in ok slits hotels and without trying to set this play i believe you tried i'm fuckin stepan away all take a kick fourthly that in place up crazy i'm looking for their seven knee i can't wait for the set it out like hell donald and with the left me maybe there is a real good job of catching guys as they come in cause he throws all that frankly chose a temporary use and jim is so good throws that they needed a body very sparing just keeps coming amber offend keeps coming any man to man cortez tough code thy brown these canadians are built from different stuff don't problem that cowboy
o donnell with a quick which can cause i love that switch nigeria is on my usa stand left switch kick back i am against all say somethin while i've already leaves guide books and relax brenda's billy nice guy this is like fun fun do sham he's the best ways broadcasting during following the kid when you do an issue fund of course fun knows a lot of nerves out there that a friggin out their angry nice that's boom pull day who defends bernard's whose brenner shot he's afraid of you if you are if if you're a nerd and you're getting picked on british jobs can upon the guideline face now find any more folks stratum makes him hype zelie does it that's ok relax everybody with especial that every relax enjoy co taber cicerone here allowed to disagree and agree
good good but a guarantee for madame in real life it is again yes and if you seem on stage of brian cowen your guy looks a little nervous up there of course is nervous never done this before to buy shares in a way it is he's got five a thousand people the wilbur theatre in boston sold out show i got the report yes all at the lower he's crazy for podcast crazy i do not say about it it's just amazing it's fun i mean allowing me brennan shot my whole life changes have been the mrs forever i'm so happy you know you're the one who told me to do a podcast i'm so happy and i spent amazing what i may certain i can always talking about you guys you guys have all look at last my guy just one scientists round one this round their shut the fuck up did you say you want all round and i know other domestic use poor value that drink like a woman maybe
i'm not your colleague of debt is he'll get out voters he does gets out get eyes were point in my house i do all it can to boy it's crazy mothers mother is a healthy you're thinking we are obviously not genuine ganders actual israel items sharks dolls i'll drive for me i'm a blank everyone in your brother behind me i love better sweet as is it is very exciting man come on i like our doubts which stance is too there are men and there's gonna visited donald sir only switches stances and it's not because he's injured this is because he's got so many variables in his task look at this can do all kinds of shells attack is based just don't like your head hunt i know you no you deftly right and it's interesting seen him do that at seventy i think this is a good example of a guy or girl first of all let's bring up patrick cote for tito ortiz at two hundred and five in his ufc light heavyweight dropped him
dropped an all time great light everywhere into sir oh my god cardono surrounding look this is an argument for the point of diminishing returns in wakening networks are up died looks foot but also drop them twice argument for donald sorority be it a bad motherfucker you already knew that dives bad at any rate where airlines seventy i think he's at home ass perfectly looks exactly examine asked cod you can take a shot europe is get run healthy man he's healthy isa goody jyar he was once when i was talking to me very lonely six pounds wait kind of i'm not telling you that's the move is really the move failures that there's a cholera epidemic forty five anymore it's tough for good so let it go man he's a superstar is needed fuck and sorting i'll do just like those aged forty five so my young wins maybe lose their body makes money who gives a fuck
don't look so that the world over ass were you by donors bloggers x on right now to say there are men and there are done there's davos wrong that's the kind of beet we all know yardsticks that's kind of stuff is my board donald think anybody ever beat down cocheco taylor dam is a bad thing everybody that anybody ever beat now patrick metallic petticoat is lost he broke his hand versus donald belcher now belch economy to rear naked anderson silver lose me out who the fuck is everybody in him desolate natalie drop them three times who's ever beaten him now i done about nobody no one no one and he's come in on us wednesday s and he's come in at tacit ass quietly ass a granite chin he's no maj gen known for his chin god damn doll throwing look good
he's a bad book that left left took was landing on in the pocket not taken any shot what heart ponchas did he taken this fight you just too quick he's too quick for these gases it but not just to quick fuckin healthy brow he's fucking i am will be that fact informed i give you imagine dollars wonder boys and done last you down as our friends so it's fuckin tat data like about jack and i have to unbridled do you yeah there's probably not your best interests swirl ideas like now he did it's like when it was agreed that our dean's like the howard dna what did i do
here whenever they see themselves to look pretty manly i feel now one drink to any guys like you just get it sounds like you watch somebody fuckin going now it's like he's migration ironies ever out an audition before and they go action areas year and then goes i greatly brennan opinions i ve got your info our way that's johnny depp crown you're not reproach you thought that was johnny depp mean that the other and i stooped doug period for sure solemnize fuck jones speaker has fallen john fuckin jones fear was brought about well here's a thing for the main event job for the man is our respect here's the thing about this
this yossi two hundred things iraq wessner thing you know is a thing because emma media loves right stores rather stuff i'm a fan of aerial how waddies i'd like aero hawaii when i was telling that what was told to me about the you see about the leak i don't i don't like i do not like aerial how one it has been a nice guy to me i like em how just simply stating what i was told me i know i mean i don't i don't give a fuck about these big promos you know and i care that brok listener he's gonna fight market i don't care if i heard from my mom my mom called me up but i work for the you see i didn't find out till i was sitting there doing commentary i don't give a shit if i'd found out because of aerial hawaii story instead of you have seen right i wouldn't have given a fuck it didn't work men any less valuable to me can i ask you something as as a guys on the inside why would brok listener take a guy like mark han honest
first fight altogether so it doesn't make any sense of their choice it's good question they're gonna give up josh they want the fight you'd fuck and rapid and it could be that both jesus christ i would almost like to see josh barnett more parliament wanted the progressive barnett barnett did we the five promoted for the fight didn't it till it is so many reasons man i don't know man i would it from time to time our stressed i mean heart press i'd be hard pressed to pass josh barnett's offer hunt is gonna cable ain't the undertaker fucking africa cited somehow let me tell you something man josh barnett ozanna fuck uneasy five for safety is barnett's a fuckin monster i say in hot isn't cakewalk no no neither garlic barnett can russell exactly exactly can't yeah but bought brok listeners fuck and jane you wine in sea double aid to tie eighteen ninety six but he still a fucking guerrilla ressler
here's a fountain how long to get points to huge point she knew her cousin and we're going to need your larcom whose he can get too weird hunters are some weird damn doubts around download is a bad motherfucker ato s role is to do this you never see passionate about trying to seventy think that the core fight to seventy four down never see practical turtle i'd love it i love him and made a set of basic scratched now to address what is it gets libya on a boat tomorrow morning yeah he'll be while some jet skis lunar fuckin riding a bowler so fucking to bear for sure relax he's a different kind of guy man meanness what makes him happy he likes doing crazy shit when i'm a big fan if i had no idea how much like i'm as a person yes the balkan war no downside rainwater man i don't madame like maybe twice you now as i early on
day and i said a man what's up and i want to give my handshake goes all kemal may we hung around here it gives yeah but it's a genuine scientists not its political always now now he's either release it i guess you know four tax and jams subscribe and yes i'll take it everybody should pause he calls it the companion for she has the same way you have a fucking when i called the company and understand who gives a shit no what you got the same legal rights companion i think that this show someone has investigated and compare them with his guardian bad motherfuckers because a bad motherfucker wreckage once i got was that guarantee killers recycled prairie home companion guy narrative in killers that his name or there's a radio show them successfully famous very happy and his companions copper i remember his name but he garrison he had he added on them
here every sunday there fuck it is one of those things to listen to your etiquette systems completely shut down no longer interested in guys joking the prairie home campaign yet is it is part of the public's radio path i don't remember a fuckin heard of them while it's a famous thing and i believe i've ever listened to a whole one but i know that it's a big still on the damn thing this would be the main event gentleman i hoped you guys already folk and fight ok let's break this dumper job eddie bravo and brian morgan croon would you guys think starwood brian may i say what you think i mean look here's the problem here is the problem does no problems worries trained a trained with wonder boy broke
i doubt if it is on the right or if worries the roaring gives him space it's gonna be a disaster if worry stays in boxing wrestling distance he's gonna be he's gonna win this fight but i dont if you can do that now i don't know if you can do that with canada without one boy wondered why may have figured out distant eddie you one of them is figured out how to keep away when you close to cause back let me hear what branded things out your brain and things are going to do next the boy has too many tools these too smart and they ve trying together before it try star for us help wondered boy out bond so they know his tricks and i think roy once a slight and it's good for the sport because he's a free agent noticed free market waters so it changes the sport for the good interesting eddie bravo anything it's too close to call that
should bear by if i had about a gun to my head i would go with your right on paper you're right roy making my to us too many tools pot cause i've just strike in russell stephen thomson he's just so common in and out i'm just just with that kind of shit this is explosive so difficult goes wrong over that just for guph walter analyse picked one boy on your seat enable here's a things off like one boy has been hit before didn't alembert attack him yes the roadmap and my brown yeah map round table map brown was initially rising errors but a bit in his words he said that he was over train going into that fighting inmates mister eggs are real and it is totally possible that's truth but he also fought matt mother fuckin brown and you might feel like you got over trained if you
mass mother refresher eyebrow puts pressure on you looking for solutions is immortal he takes you to a dark place and carry it s our place before you might think maximum poisoned my fuckin soup represent not it's my brown clarity for myself generally more party on this matter in draining away that dude whose died in been brought back to life by employees can do beside really size girls colleague human don acquainting pay besides cross kind when it is really young the only person roaring towns lost who i believe is robbing lawlor am i right elastic china must robbie long that's it that kind of any use be you ask if conniston to bring their darkness court magee coordinate
yeah he dies matter some sharing the same darkness i'm out that touch a death darkness has adapted very there's dollar there's fuckin the immortal matt brown and there's court magee court magee might lose some fights and he's a very very tough guy but he's in a very very difficult division with a lot of very tough guys but there's a dark does the court brings when he starts being had gone down to it he beats out ass in a very positive animal list i call were like a technical clinical way where he seen the edge because he has technique from the grim reappraisal say has been to the edge of time for real they both have come back him a map round its not they carry with them some harry potter like frightened or as in this case is why this could never be on television and folks never turn myself i remained quiet amateur goethe ok treasure yeah i think i agree with you guys that if you looked at it on
or rory is ism a more difficult challenge because he has more tools and he can not guys out that are legit stragglers like tax anthony his knock out attacks happenings big because seventeen so like a very very skilful striker and safareen ran a clinical nightmare court to win the strike force while two way titles planning clinical leg x and technique in footwork he's really good striker suffer roared and not came out the way he did pre stunning and its royce any changes between wrestling and striking that can make a big difference in this fight jesse his royce fluid in that were as state and wondered why thompson unless he figured out a way to put rory on its back early and shake him up the way bossi try to do but the danger with that it is rory has a wicked fuckin guard he's fast off of his back he moves quickly rises set up sweeps in alma plant is doing to draw mother took metamorphic right and you might not have seen it before but his leg jean as the fuck he went to draw with j t torres painted well
you understand folks mean donner stand like this is like the top of the food chain in brazilian jujitsu competitors he's a collision now is in that breed so this is our homeland exactly so roy mcdonald can go to the ground at that of the level and survive without in tat really close ghent out his arm got jacket dig it unilateral i was almost fuck you say reflect any fight like through exclaimed fourthly nice he's a mad ban so the canadian serial killer but you i'm telling you man wanted things it came about him being on my part gas is people got to really understand you're only seen em in his game face of course we see a psycho now when i was on the pod castle areas when he was on this part cast people got a chance to see him like as an actual person and the like
i've only been seen you when you are completely right now is the back door jane who don't adsum great nice at home i felt funny guy that's all that this is a perfect example of what we were talking about we're talking about with connor this is a guy that should be applauded he's a fucking intel sadly there is a super straws number one a bell exact can face of character never one of them close gilding when the bell joy jos hey you know what i say decker down that came from him the time housing over he was single there's a budget goes on babysitters stems
write them other hand from the goose and dig him down jointly tunnels our divided into my phone to remember as in an area that that's motherhood is there's one girl like taking terrible piece of advice these guys the best he's india's knows looks different he saw is talking to one shot me up the robbery law fighting goes no destroy the one that's why you mean one man he's thirty three he's a really good do man is a really good do both guy borders does you know about them pretty well right really really well trained but for a long time but roy mcdowell just for the good the sport if he wins and test this reality it helps the girl rise sport but let me just say this about wonder boy wonder boys extraordinary and his ability to close the distance and land and these like thunderous shots at a nowhere are the best and what is combinations are so fluid there enough
him to land one or two hard shots as exchanges and if he does that if he somehow another can attempt rory into some hip dance yes indeed some high level shit on him it's all in his abilities stuff to take down if you feel super confident disability stuff takedown cause they train would widen and so much he hasn't been training with macao and ongoing fire but utterly made but it made a big wonderful eileen one abortion and when this wise understanding of how to stuff take downs history is take down stuffing is at a very high level it absent movie has something do a training with wine but it's not saying that he's so silly that he would subsidy to that end not have a high level wrestling test him he's not dump here smart guy sources debt if i can call i think roy eating lunch i think i think one great iron i'd love one hundred dollar bills that i am one hundred percent fifty fifty onest via one hundred percent just for just to be controversial cause you now i am guys
here you rebel one wondered why by knocked out brian kick well let's roy there's everybody local democracy it is aiming to knock em out its role and its at one or more people get mad at me be a noncommittal it's because i like both of these gentlemen it it's really honestly because sport is so fucking crazy it shows how my elder butter de mining waste being knocked out luke rock i won't get my fucking baby my pain fell asleep i finally put first i'm a reporter sleep might knox amount i love my good but i would cry my i've been text what you got my kid was worth it that's
fuck i wait i might like crying when when busying one i feel it crying ten fucking i was happy for i wish you had she had gotten on top of the fence and got a key who now whatever he wants a roller coaster right that is based but him winning the fight and win the world title like that you can't faulty for that now talk to him die sales talk to him monday and is barely ds actor michael business is being denison to be healthy title both walk away it's the best i've ever seen in the last story about i've never seen a knock out i doubt whether this look at this go here we go now here's the question his a question can rory threatened him enough we'd take down to get him off of his game of strangled can kick to or well when i have of course want to boys common on more destroy decided on that train with raymond daniels has made him comfortable enough with a legit high level karate strike
that he thinks he can look out the sideways sideways royce the harsh voice daniels fight sideways too which is one of the interesting things cause thompson want a few guys they can pull off that stance a total front legs i cleared you don't run around leo enough but leo doesn't do it is good to have you back just in scoggins does it very well that fly way kid it very very well very well he's one of them may be the best can i be the best everything is better moves fantastic moves like a fuckin there he is a high level kid got a lot of potential shot if you can pull that stance off and control without fraught leg like a job does a lot of guys aren't ready for the top that fuckin left leg is wound
z one bottle leaning far raymond daniel outwitting roaring here my almost silly area introduction of j j o smart words like big in very important these a killer man transit try starting try stars heavy deep in the leg ass a day s brass donors comes up there so those guys are all about
guys thrice a hobby apparently is not down to kido jack diet he really yea i would love to talk to you about that because i'm so smart and he's more than likely to die like a good browser like i'm very happy with your kid you're peculiar about he might not be correct i don't know whose correct i mean not being nice i want a border zone abortion fast he's also so confident rory sworn head kicks man enjoy connectivity eyes he can kick and also it keeps him at a distance where he can head kick thompson but tom as to move forward to counter with that punch so if we can get that head kick off as quick as each did it gives wondered why some to think of her ass it will have a set of music is turkey's wonder boy is always must have been fighting on the outside so roaring be the guy on the outside because he threatened with that head kick it changes the whole does i guess you think it looks likely signing case for his mirroring wondering
style right that's what i look right also has the best job at one seventy in the world s marriage he zog is marrying his exact style those damn stance every well it's in which insignificant if it can threaten malta had kicked that's really interesting if you can hide behind us punches damn really no one's lindsey or lower locks one guy south violently looks like the other tat but they look like they say i know he sent his marrying him in terms of he standing much more side would have usually does tat weighs down sparring daniels pity understands how to negate the front like so that frontlet kick is way more effective if you're slightly sought mostly square because you finally a tie fighter you exposed that front and tie fighters they throw our teams but they dont necessarily through the same kind of sidekicks unless i have some somewhat sort of other background as well
noise biggest advance she so smart and put in altogether he s very george saint pierre s i am now he's the strategic ally was though willow summoning back again he's got that see really witness twenty with raymie damaged by my poems between with rain again attired in europe not just getting love both is doing but see that prague leg psychic style a ball lenny beat that down hands anyhow motorways although size with a nice anchorage slick cape breton music or downright that's the benefit about where we elbows and clinch rough oh please rory tries to get you back man when you hit worry even if she him without front legs he gets better served its boiling he's fucking no answer at a bad motherfuckers that may possibly
gets point about fucking no it's interesting easily appeared like for you see someone like mushrooms options jobs is europe perspectives crags me up says them short so interesting about both of these guys it's gonna get better if they don't get physically injured in this the point where it incapacitates them stop the training these guys gonna get better because this fight is there in that prime period roy has to get going will you look at our right here is like some of the best movement in striking in one seventy that you gonna find today wondrous to some beer and as far as like emma may strikingly these guys are god m as legitimate only of the elite though the echelon you'll get the one percent is one percent china and that only guinea battered ass was fascinating like standing on the outside watch net on watch that i'm gone these guys are gonna get better as a chess match for four roy i'm a little scared he loses this one it it's a little tough with the fighter of two thousand twenty five gonna look like me how
than a matrix how god damn good news like the major break dancer slash i don't write again that doesn't it hit areas karate skills it might exaggeration point look at boxing socrates ninety hundreds turned his dive son major danger robinson major will run then how about thompson with slick get away like not tray fashion and ran professional defence is standard practice since but really get off we saw the syrian mother regular corner raymond daniels for us what does raymond daniels's actual dottie champion
courage ambling also ignores lord you have to listen to me i can't believe you're gonna we may mister dick like a chimpanzee guys out makes my ass off my dick went era keyser x i was wrong and i know it s question for the icelanders tab like say please god let me have heard the hens india is my fuckin hard hurts you listen top one of the top kickboxing works in the world i dig like analogy is nobody can you guys leave your skin nicky old skin and who joseph was his lady you finally finally not get fascinating goes the only guys it beat it they both in the same way i remember that my time hi hi guard highs and lows camps thompsons there's a lot of progressing fans like
ass if it were to happen the jeweler britain talk you will never get to fight for the job i have appeared google sneaking around the body by lapses wedding foiled credibly the debts of right well i always feel roy bring a queasiness i dont want are either guide early ass i don't either going to lose worries are terrifying individual but wonder boys fuckin with smart does more flesh or are they just allow depression roy may face a canada he's gonna free agency one avoiding me fine in those thirty through now think that fact rory the same way it affects a regular personally disagree i think you fight harder than robbie lower fight was goddamn chaos ivory watch that best buy the fucking century almost shit russia today it's amazing how can a high time tightrope
for how we i'm very judged by what i was going to buy dv excess runner spain is i don't wanna boys and i want you to cross this fight the lock the rory mcdonald s be logic i wanna watch it a little bit of it again this is like jesus did how did he tell me when you got hit it went why it just all wet why can't see so you just had to sit down that's terrible i was caught up ass he was it we use my nose german into tat to my foot phallic is germany my psychic just out just the right amount away from wonder boys myself calculated it's really interesting he's the first guide to give wonder boylike real problems with his tongue i'm in my browser i'll give a fact i've been dead and just walk through it well maybe it was a different wonder boy too obviously wonder boys got better at stuff and take downs and
any with wrestler true let my browser we got hit in just walked through a royal not get really hit stateroom outside ya know hundred work unquestionably and worries threatening i'm everywhere he does given every fight to rory comes up with a new bag attracts every fight blow he does that wow that front like psychic is legit son slot if rory kinda like slide back with it if he sees the leg come up and he let his body go with it's not as bad as serious weapon right a hook fund brought hague that's that's the benefits of leaving your leg do you remember us talking about this like ten fifteen years ago oh good that's a great shot members talk about those karate guys like they're coming man in roy can recipes these guys that can throw these fuckin kicks i've seen them i've seen these great elbow they're going to learn do everything else sure dude one or both
this is blocking it though but those shots the body suck deal now to move idea is like investing and is hazel round fight alongside do yourself more this fight goes on the more those bodies shots are gonna means do i've made want to buy a fallen multiple cards would say managers earthquake sometimes lines up and want to boys dad trains and he being the back crying like the skies but to get his ass worked and we'll go out there and starch dude i walk in starched because when i see a guy comic you're fucked brow he go out there and fuck dude you can handle it has gone through its system in gaza then performs how am i feel like a man i feel like i happened to guys quit from leg kicks to arm
like very other fighters are just like flock that what is now mean that guy quite rare the workers on happened while frank shamrock with calmly recently what was his name to go about our marred by jacques chirac who just recent mousing yeah he he was his knees broker alternative motion did it two eggs giraffe and others people other than quit from leg kicks out there's something i've like ex remember remember religion or one of the legs or bans man it really depends do remember plans where on the arm too like if you kicked someone here right here it significantly easier for you to absorb than if you get caught
tear due to whose whose home by the dutch kicked boxer for an spun the usa that i make sense of that night anthony hard on the heart of that made a guy quint dates from like easier to block a kick here than it is blocking yes as you if you're black gonna kick higher towards your hand gonna break your aunt your arm gets real meaning i give you get kicked like in the middle like up here nerve damage robbie gonna get your arm broken born waiting to hear you might be ok the same kick here like might hurt you're the guy shin it's a difference a big demonstrating catch our boy catching a shy but you still don't work with legs them now rightly claim is as yet no want to u can definitely break a guy's foot like a guy throws see why things about wonder boys he throws some instep kicks which is really interesting because his distances way better it's might not be like the best thing for leg kicks like like a guy why use she was with the leg takes money you shan bones but with he can throw
instep kicks it are superpower feels a traditional my tie kicks ring it boy does those two very rarely what i'm saying is there's a difference when a guys really good with the instep that gives you almost an extra foot of area we were you're impacting delight at a lot at the really good dutch kick boxes like an extra boost he would arap that foot around the back yard he would bland review really talk you into like like when you were flax your foot he would talk you to sleep there is a hit back if you turn back banda he'd pie she jack punch and then just throw it over the top of your show weird and chop tat was his six or at least he's a very how many men above address a very nice guy too and so skilful what a great kickboxing sick priorities will cost us from that right hand what i'm saying is like wonder boy offers a go out weird shit that if you don't prepare form which roy
clearly did bring it in raymond daniels he could be a real problem too because his distances so much you're right hope by then you think it should be there was no distance really well when we want to fight for answers back with speed does well worth a sheet that moving very well here but but the thing about wonder boy if you ve got a mind all european queues get a fuckin dot your eyes grew twenty five minutes just i wanted michael j why you for twenty five may to review and i swear to god damn it might care to salmon margaret pays what i got very much like a faceless psmith such why watch your fucking piece in kyoto she'll hey biomed drank and thank him for his work and shall do i love responded ends well you beautiful kick but don't get frightened boy wonder voyage smith changes to wander man too low
somethin madame so impressed with the controlling of distance by roarings while you wait is that high left hand the garlic really does this he like leans for with his arm straight up in the air on the left side and that's something to use against towered willie he shut down would would these right hand or you can just joy just general have you just half guard he's looking for that right to the language i guess he's gone peace will soon get on top of this we brilliant oh my goodness is gone after all my his hammer face look at this shit oh my goodness these gentlemen we have a very even fire easy but gets right back of this fee wonder boys lick his beautiful fuckin technology wonder boil them right hey one fuckin chess match what just me and this is no different than steph couriers leubronn just really that left hand and wonder boy just landed moving away very slick dammit you don't want
websites to total hand then i may add its fine holding hands down total hands down these punches coming up from the just look at us oh blitzkrieg dude it's not laming notice roysterer right john minimizing the damage reach up and constant pressure so again wonderful as we're same before he's gotta move back more causes more it's it's a little bit less natural the moving back and jumping whereas rory rises her plotting forward just keep it distance with that long straight left hand and threatening every time they engage hey good luck judging this fight they went down o j meetings maxie artemis in these areas gonna have a slower rate in sweden we thought you somebody like you directv fuck you americans
donald grows like you i thought everybody they finally got those out into the tag ire come on tat did like judging this fine mastery its mastery is interesting letter been songs you lend some major maybe not man this could be a five round it fair that's very similar to what we're seeing right now if both guys keep their fitness they're going to realize is it imminent threat in any kind of like any opening any chances royce he'll have to grapple to test the fitness atomic comfortable china has been trial really not really that funds that right hand is put in front of us all my very very very nice i wonder why this point will both as a group do this tough fight to jog absolutely who the fuck fights are undergoing remedy this gas which stand
his hands down low i feel like he's he's in his house dora seeing my own i gotta get tired you do this return round nor has the force of grappling why he starts to feel like roar slow down a little bit relax he can do more this shit this isn't as this is a man with hands music and you shouldn't open up one sided place i'm telling you i had a feeling brow i had a feeling i'm telling you i had a feeling tony we're gonna move right when they are already living aims i know but i do i haven't overwhelming feeling that he's gonna win and you and i shit load other people you're crazy for you and mom before the fight tunnel people did not the way i did not want my conviction new crazy i don't know how you judgest my grace if you could say roy is willing to the octagon control i don't know
businesses and also in canada you motherfuckers seriously this is a fucking us fight interesting fight this isn't just matches a super high level affair between that two of the most dangerous guys on the planet guy moorish correlates i grow in twenty years they looked very similar same same long presumably could be like those that do you might be standards they asked me strain of what a wonderful job pie about who have you talking i know i know more than we can turn it i'm not tonight the legitimate man too much data i understand that if europe as if i understand you're gonna get out and if you are looking at if you're aesthetically looking fighters and yet choose models he'd be in your top five fuck you won a boy and i want to do this anymore we'd better job number one year and one voice in the top five now please i wonder man is thirty three we're going over to me there's no thirty three on all i'm also does
we have a lot of natural robber of yes no has wonder boys were the name came yet has be wonderment they still none and on our reference like fifty claims on the kids runs the timbers a great thrice games will lose out that is why a black cat he can catch you from every angle i think of it things psychics you know if i was a feminist writer obediently matter that movie the natural why so make evil woman took away the gene genius of some very masculine man how old is that moves views oldest funds dissipated it wasn't even photographs they'd dissolve just cartoon kind data have never heard of it writes to grandma we run its really move unnatural chicken is about baseball early days only answer to that before a black people figure legate had to black people
humans at all how do you do about with a black money we had a white male and we see this way better genetics wait till they fucking finer now hockey we're all fucked and we live on an island this is crazy fine we play baseball better than you we're common for each other that's why you're ready jars you're fucked diversity gourbi you had four arms it did the only way they belong per saigu shaved down that guerrilla gave it a baseball bat this for arms if zone slight his forms will like someone sawed off the last reggie jackson was inches really do is so thick it was retarded a bread in such as a group of business then did you ever play like charades i guess who i am and you like like a guy do you ve probably was still got me i still guy you know something's gonna forget obviously in people drive down a prime number brought down from the angels
not a lot i'll talk like rights ambrose margrave blow me as you aren't you what's your point and you look look in one's own countering catch him flash impatience to shore just jump the shark when eddie certain baseball fucking remain wonder boy just landed a slide combination is who did he's he's she answered our act baseball thing i apologize no dig it when the boy disclaim venture shorter one eyes ball takes to budapest saga of internal soccer lately ina right leg jack your phone right especially now that copper america yeah spin interesting america chlamys amount really were trying to do this by nationality try to do this no no no half filled no are you you as this is the first time ever my life you have a chance to acknowledge athletes from other countries as if the current
is that we all enjoy watching perform didn't i'm not a part of this competition here or gm american joe i'm enjoying what just like each other for christianity is jocker ay i would not i can't do it allow mushroom job i'm a sufficient reason to unite like for what whether the bull shit right it's likely jaded psycho whatever let's have a reason the united just fuckin start usa india do so will unite fuck you colombia on this day for colombia right now there's no our agents there's no role i have a soccer jersey and i will make it hard on their knees sunday ruiz for elton john sunglass mcgrath tear out of a real reckless got out of his garbage each other with iraq wonder
it is impossible to attach touch one oh boy what am i talking about it i'm sorry but i'm so under this fight i can't help it oh good level by you i heard tiger something from what we know tigers about life cycle we talk about trade regime watson that europe is a thing of beauty this poetry and motion both of them but wonder boys and much about you can't touch one about turkey is not a generic higgins psychic is beautiful here he's winning this fight and winning indecisive lose one this wonderful people the shapes hitting all regard control now he keeps hitting worry keeps hideous let's all be honest we have been paying attention i've been wanting a lifeline hawk outbreak in on you as a highly bush colombia's watch wonder why hasn't been touched i might be lying is ease punching rory i'm over and over again
hard but he's can their ideas i wanna stay offline for gobbled is about this hunt just tell you my leyla deftly don't you deaf least away fridays by brian cowen kit i'll be in florida on june twenty three twenty four twenty five lay low sometimes better just watch in greece are listen i get excited i look at the data was the largest washington was if i may mr president land be we did it did not know that didn't know dear i landed in commercial did talk in what is innovative ass i ever going to accommodate sites i get excited brow i can't help it i view for education resilient to accept at least russia's president megan entertain you want to say something on the accidents so we get funding is right hand your some person that we don't know
and brian say retarded shit like brazilian your brazilian voice so that you can say something about this this commission alzheimer's an englishman right have you that was still again we have forgotten him together with an eye to the home another behold l b and we all know about that forever has a possible exact oh my god this week around this week zora when you even for work we leave for the author comedy carbon naples joe june twenty second to perform june twenty three twenty four and twenty five what's in your fucking know what he called a dont chewing the microphone i we got the complaining about that i commend my you just did i want to sell son of a bitch twitter are you for guys a week ago mellow any lay low i mean i want to look for a cup of do i was already ragged step up my twitter game guys let's
norman it's thirty from brought leg psychic his nasty wonders when it differed wonder boy in any but will remedy angels for sure between wonders why a lot of guys that you'll sparta is it he can hurt you that front legs psychic the body front lakeside the bodies get like a real snap to whereas lag as it is they do it a lot of time to touch you with the ball of the foot more than hitting you would like the side blade or the here for wonder boys stuff on it in the he's too hard you let this latter by very nice roy economy that lesson that that right arm across the face in that left arm extended very interesting college form on judgments by aren't she more style i mean come on one the boys kelson annoy you beheld think about octagon control brian factors into does it matter when you're always punching a middle ground with last year's landing stuff to really bother i
because you'd rather honestly this is a very good fight it's a great violent but he's gonna kill a man who i just showed you left her card instrument we want more to win my love roaring i love them to shut the fuck up hake i have to say when i was a judge we'd have to kill swastika fight hi guys i think i'm being accurate here i'm being fair it's very good looking lorries are neighbours would agree with you raise sneakers right hair tarpeys shrike would agree with iran unseen octagon control significant strikes roy might be winning i don't know anything locked in canada is not not coming close to winning bob he's just not i'm sorry he's now it also wishes to stop worrying about the end of the goddamn fightin enjoy the fucking fire which is playing here we're talking about let's talk about soccer currently about who one wilds actually happening you fuck heads
i merely man gone shows you just saw labour i mean these stop and these are your passionate will control that doesn't make sense jamie is roy pointedly around homework it is to that but the again the judges when you get pulled ground are viewing it as one of my gallery is trying to attack him from his back he felt like i was a good idea right is that what happened with it he pulled him he mumbled or downright imagine no fuckin happen our past hard elbow is my allows recap side control enemy you are do this might lose roy the fight and these wonder boy almost are pretty
fight so close then when you pull fuck inside control you know eddie you won the first guys who say that it was before one a crow cops fight you know we're talking you're saying like when you get a gangs are real experience striker they can generate some power and they got real close area like you are you are noticing that gaza ground and pound from inside the guard even when you see what band i in private back in the pride days is evaluated one or two states to anybody rarely heard or an hour now of ocean of he rode away hidden worthy of him who knows but he hit with eleven when night noise covered up what did a hidden with oh yeah we have sought to that same knows he broke look i want lydia wanna boys cardio deserve really just say that the same knows broken
robbery law or find that you gave your nose forty two like oh yeah oh hey man i necessarily the same nosey brilliant all right if i was you have seen fire me call me up right now i live here bonus i give you forget promotion that's enough you no sooner bryanston thirty seven which emphasise the boys bleeding batter knows man does not look good i'll jokes good luck in the east
that is real kick palm oil seabury brought out of what is to be approved at the knows that knows no laughed in first wonder boy came murmurs moms now the representatives air the hospital sadly no son were ok so bright since you are paying attention so closely much more than any of us as you too you hardly do on research i jaffar one hundred percent without a doubt one oh boy and by with yet without the strength scientists and leave a thousand looks like thompson when the fool you think eligible you think brewer mcdonald mightier than not because of a black helicopters encountered
our seven out of the dance tonight we're gonna get scared scared not only do we really believe gain we pay attention enough to real an honest reading of who one if i guess wonder boy definitely one thank you i have to say i wager i bet you do it's your nose assuming a super impressed with two things one hour super impressed with royce that we're defences use without high left hand and that right hand alms across his face like archie more style and definite like use really good at controlling to distance but i think that as the rounds went on you start to see wonder boy gaining a lot more the more everlasting into that sniping jumping back and forth style and that's one that's when the tide sort of change looks like to me where it sorry to establish that wonder boy was getting slow
we better and each exchange and that's what we talked about actually before the fire started saying if one boy can lend one or more punches in each action than rory can who let us again again and that adds up over tie up that's exactly what happened fifty forty five fifty five i wonder why fifty five that's insane boys i'm gonna go to some standard comedy i love all three of your love you too jamie i love you j i love you i see a boy's later and you are on a per cent correct on us mooring toby nailed it and now you're writing fighting is my secret garden guys so please lobbies really can't really high level fight man i think i'm no we can all agree this bobo who set out to sit up for once it was wrap this up you have a show till you ve a half hour scenario i said i asked for those people
this there's rise guy is always a guy but that this was a super interesting style right as well as yes it's almost blood right i mean one boy is the new blood you just is sounding rory roy young really nor dynamic i think you have to give one where the title shudder for married the tough wrote deny goes in a free agency i may go robbie lowers the basement of our planet and one a boy will beat him safely journey hendricks it's over at times i agree one hundred celebre on that continent yadda yadda can dismiss tyrant woodley yes you can withdraw your vices amp inventory fighting to do the same with giant but i'm just glad i don't guess robbie in tyrant woodley or funny you can't pretend they you know what's going to happen
now if i can't really will and i well that's what we're doing as usual would you things can happen in their fight with with toy while in robbie law you do you think you know what's gonna how well i think i think there are no longer i think robbie laurent pills no listen i didn't robbery long before the show one lighting gonna get out here listen let it drop this i fear only on job robbie law has something that i've never seen the finer and that is in around five and i am not exaggerating he's my pumped has more energy than a dozen round one and on top of it that is their suddenly indestructible about that guy you either major yes i am am source or felder i got out of the coveney twenty are why and seeing a l l e and twitter such a savage silver me he says fuck and savage so finally
he called to relieve the ideology stanhope capture nowhere shows that this is like exactly what we said before the fight up i was saying that if wonderworking just get a couple extra punches in each action or one every now and again those are gonna accumulate i don't like that that open hand he landed a palms and a face further roar is young but he sets a miles on ways had done right right was absolutely brutal and this was less brutal fight but yeah definitely notably for sure just the next title shot those things within a more general watching the robbie lawlor fight again oh i almost forgot not really forgot but i had a rear minded a little bit of how primal that fight was of barbaric close guys bared at all like a but the thing is i think one of boys chances against woodley or ah
and robbery lissouba like his chances against both of us he super dangerous especially if they take a chance to try to hurt him so you think if i opened up here it's dude it's not going to decision making if you take a chance he's gonna capitalize on it he can do that little slyly back counter left hand can nasty more any can fight for south park or orthodox to man you know if we fight himself paw a lot of is those sidekicks as front like cyclists the goddamn annie do that from the less i too feel you throw this front legs has been doing karate since he was three two through this guy the always joke about any brow it always joke about it goes he does if you took a dude who do unlike karate from the top we wish to raise one was like super ninja there was like fifty two and now and you talk about a stand up and avoid take down and how will you do against most these drag your day go use that we you and i used to have these very title next it's almost like you created this do
imagination you know what other conversations they have is back in the dark days of you see when it was underground on on directv only only on satellite is the data we have shows like this you know on networks with spock scores on the bottom and their own these big yes paean type studios remember do not one of these days that can happen and it's it's like nothing everyone would you would you do where does roy mcdonald gopher me specify and see well you know what it was a very close fight but he he lost the decision to wonder boy who right now is the best in the fuck world that standing up and doing next does a matter that slice outsiders and i know not what i'm saying is he still a few years younger than me the boy i think he learnt in this fight and gets even better but i think this is a goddamn wake up call to the rest of division is wonder boy dude is legitimate and his angles and all this shit we're seeing his creativity this ability to stay in the pocket not get hit newly is much throw a lot of things
you're a shit lilies angles man hang them there with the left hand all i'm saying is very rare mcdonald lustre number one guy nailless number to god would you do that the drawing board you keep swinging between six years or sign with your seagoing don't test rig who knows what do you know when you say free agency no one say do you see isn't going to counter the offer and going to come to a nice unless i'm saying if you re just somebody of sea and try fight for dialogue i think he's good absolutely be a world champion resign bela tour or in the note was a noble world champion in any organism question built its he's twenty six man like he has like for five years for years is prime but where you're going out with with wonder boy right now is one of this slickest sneaky strikers one of the basket
is it moving back and calendar i don't see anyone would entitle thought one boy was the toughest style style wise match a possible i think it's will earthy beats robbie law i think he smokes regular be honest that's crazy honest i don't know you could be so common i agree think of it we got past rory thousands biggest doesn't that man there's not worse match up golden grapple strike do everything in a smart you take chances you beat him you're after the races robbie law as a barbarian straight banbury buddy brawls and he rolled want to point out that doesn't animal maybe two calculated maybe or man rossi classes are seven opponent maybe robbie catches and we jake amber problem and you put him away that's entirely portugal yeah what he did they again burger may be such a bad way the midnight atonement to look totally possible well what i'm saying is nobody knows what's really gonna happen until they get into it
when i see a gallop robbie lower i see a guy that's like it's it's in less like of physical punishment that is taken in these chaotic wars with hendricks sorry unless it catches up with them you lookin at a goddamn barbarian stream be lowered goes to war he goes to war with every atom in his picture his blood on his arm for as we know is the most dangerous fuck and fight for him that due to write to the right today a mile foggy is not fighting i know that you but if he ever does damien mise dangerously fucker when did you get the title shot askin me well you know what man here's the thing i don't stand ratings it's all subjective it seems like there's some by the decisions they get be done that get done rather when one guy beats another guy and this guy agreed this guy was number three in the sky the greece's cars number two but you know you might have a safety agreement then differently rather than i do and i think it's it's a subjective thing so i i've tried a reserve but do you see
so trumps rankings google he goes well we want daimyo undefined argue for going on for three will favour the town actually gonna make it up we'll demons and interesting guy because he's older for sure thus a thought for the title eighty fire and what he's been doing gonna get some on the ground nothing should our calling gunnar nelson keep talking these young line they start the sailor nelson neil magnuson neo magnets in that sense like i'm almost like them enemy of two different people here on the enemy the people that we respect the rankings because i sometimes see what happens once he would have assumed guys fight certain guys it's one things like i don't necessarily like about the idea titles we're going to see a guy like robbie lawlor like i understand that the world champion respect down it's like an amazing but really what i care is it robbie lawyers robbie lawlor with exactly which you and i want to see robbie lauer fight other guys that are intriguing like
better than regulars thompson it'll just completely different manager seven hundred percent whoever sent and i'm with you percent i'd like i'd like that fight as well today i also like tyrant woodley tyrant woodley for the ocean factor electoral the ability to close the distance rest rest rest like a mother fucker serious knockout power like tyrant woodley against almost anybody he's dangerous man striking zoom trouble against these top as i think this a lot of fuckin high level guys in the one seventy division and what first it was interesting to me about damien maya is i see them where he does the guys like rick story and i see what you guys it does the guys like neil magnesia goldenly daily while all work led my what we see this triangle always see tyrant would be with some ridiculous nate market
it asked one hundred laugh out who the fuck knows man but i think that's a super power for fighting garlic woodley ain't so fund throw take down either no because you as a disincentive to his heart he jumped gaza like roy did here like withdrawal from those really don't pay off really look good in the first round the net is cool but did someone give wonder boy the first round yeah they love to judges at forty woody forty five what did you think about the first round if you if you had a gas out he gave a settled assure your memory yeah right based on this fucking pino no war member i give them ran riot and after it appeared that he lost the rusty goddamn i love the way wonder voice slides into the shots he said love how he stays in the pocket to and throws all these these angles there and their realized hurdle did you take one a guy who realises stana potential please worked on his grappling and take done defence so much he was so called
we'll training autos jim softer line who's the best well let's go too wide mints care begin annihilated for months and months might citing get better at one seventy that's not make us do that by now i figured it out cool man well and he's also train by his dad and now it's crazy most more in most was father some relationships are tough to bring someone else into men they figure alone it must have figured out but he's he's an interesting thing because he brings a totally new sort a vague style to the top of the heap i just know on the top of the heaped mimics that we ve had the wrestlers before matt hughes two thousand johnny hendrix like really powerful wrestlers young matt hughes would get more submissions and log ground and pound victories and johnny hendricks got a lot of stand up victories lot of stand up kos a crazy fridge caille and martin callanan tail johnny had some ridiculous one law
ten allowed tales jesus so there's their different in that way but it's it's real interesting we see a guy that you haven't seen before really her roddy guy like wonder boy with his crazy undefeated kickboxing hurting you can't figure it out notes figured out really jorce happier told me the best tracker that he's ever sparred one well i'm tellin you man toward saint pierre brought him to denver and we'll accuses skinny can i go he always conduce because time using thing about enemy you just striking have you seen rush hour where crystal greece kick my face a guy which one you all i'm telling you what he's sport with this i was like i don't know i wasn't doing it felt like that your saint pierre nate shame network all this when i just got river racked wrecked well he's looked like amateurs he's the best example
someone that knows that other style and implemented in anime fight now because that style has always been of a question because i can't come some of these national karate the endued haven't gotten in emma may because if they do those poor karate guys sport i wonder guys more sport try guys a lot of ways cuz some of their matches concentrate more on punches lot of them us swift punches to the face like even the sport pun in a one point karate guys appoint cry we are lagging behind is not they still concentrate more on punches two faced and type renault guys so but you can get like a really good combination of the two those techniques and if those guys it into emma may mandate there so hard to hit because the sport karate guy you used it is our job it back and forth at each other and most calloway their whole shit i think water boys gonna sit the blueprint for some those guys cassim golf himself in their grappling too cottonwood workers concerned one of those guys
it was when i was really good attack window when i was winning state championships i had karate match i took a fight of tournament appoint cry tournament and i fought this dude nay mafia holloway great news like this big time point karate in this guy funky up i couldn't i couldn't get all the vote because i was used to like continuous style kicking i was bound to this this darthians smash starting with a punch the vase they did with dart in on you then everything was stopped eager ok i'm way behind on this i should train for the train for like boxing overtake window and this guy had this totally different saying and i member from that one match which you know it didn't last very long and i didn't i didn't get hurt in it but i definitely got tagged tagged me with a front leg side kick to the body and a couple other things but i remember thinking like men
i got a rethink my whole approach to darting into now because they don't like type window guys don't necessarily do that the same with the same explosion the same dissidents covering then i remember thinking those guys a really hard catch those guys get really good that thing in eugenie with that kid in in belcour mike page my page sign thing you're certainly seen satellite resuming tougher competition city grubbed up karate ass he so bad mother fucker do he's a gas day karate championed walking along on his last five put up his highlight is is wikipedia would you find out what his actual credentials do actually to herald tonight cowboy yes absolutely absolutely but you know a man that michael venom paid but i want to break from him or run because easy
nah not or two but he's he's some new he's a unique guy man i can't figure out while his ease like way way above the guy's he's faults so far the coup is idle law i understand but they don't belong in their way no sorry amazingly man but you know that's how it i should be built when i look at it looked like a media record but let's go to what his his credentials are go back toward it but jolly good it's good he's not finding criminal cram because right now is building his experience and he's u is style down is this what is your name enticed nicely wanna make a larger ones it says page ascribes did one is not creating a type window it's a hands down kickboxing style lichens himself too don't fuck with this we can say is like ghana fans right wikipedia as a movement based fires is game plans this is weird it's terrible
regular do karate or more politically growled the zone stylish doesn't have credentials they had like some like like a war or some shit like does he have any background there goes i may i point granted a background clicking kickboxing her career bow my really wrong about his point karate background did he never assume kickboxing i knew it that too but i thought it was like initiative my garage i agree i thought he was do men maybe you told me my man the english take boxer fraud credit caretaker was a sport critique erotic ok he did yeah keys counts are hell that's exactly it's warm karate secondary weird i want to know what what he accomplished i thought it was a very high level guy to its very like he's just to go to detect some might think so
it also rex condo sporran karate that go into that having haines taiwan don't go into that idea for port caretaker right though would ensure a teacher i think said watch these burned down and gimme a reality and then just flattering king on the return is down it was what was still asking what was your time like those actors the fiery now with the foxes called betty he was the best thing as black rapid that fuckin was that he was working with an association called the points bitingly grove as a team points league woe team points what happened to you this cowboy with no shirt on but the cowboy head on we now know damp and how many guys jargon after this right now million seven more than
bill i'm at seven million british no doubt it was the other question we had there was one is terrorism economic kenny interconnection eight and it has just been so wrong i didn't know grape juice over like hebrew fuckin relax man bunny stop zone amount even now tell when or how he's the best he's the best i can way maverick kenny mixed together like water no italy's fucking combinations well i have to god he was the highlight of the night he dismantle till it you have turkmen stew quick man hostile calculated how good his angles our man aground those two right have you leaving it touched either today such dangerous fight do it he beat him down i was ferocious i really liked
sir only one seven do imelda first vital nice girl take the other grown the two inch turned aside what happened what what do you want down and she pulled her bra her titty got better just like we hopefully legal and illegal i think we have received is obviously some time now which he kicked during the things but as our footwork was coming down the foot caught the brow the bra pulled down the teddy and you know what happened folks but then she did we get it right and so but without was dinner my girl turned around and rash he's gotta i still this day i want to pretend that i remember a kick before that cake to the body i don't know if i'm right or not but either way there's three kicks it was a beast of a fight was awesome good night of fights
and callin watched freethinker one leg commonly called the longer you write he was into every one is on fire and was over he was using the zone which is going to shut the fuck up with arms there i'm sorry i didn't mean to talk in finale was getting joy to make a phone call during the main event like in the third round of the fourth round my guide howard harold letter and giving his war zones to areas idea that's great i do that it is always at my guy must draw stand any problem with the home run calculate idea would he say got any called in the in the fourth round one the boy is de facto ways over some old school game of that type of knowledge in a corner is gonna pull out for knives china's own pocket chat foot a phrase pitch
great i is one of them north carolina christians dog you never lets people before the throne scientists south south carolina carolina north carolina he's carolina science because people are even that fucking dumbo that crawfish in it it's something about the crawfish some above spice dog my fucking call eleven the fuckin swaps come on man gave us here fuckin swat people show who just go on some swamp people show ran you'd be i guess where will you go where oil where i don't cry calling i haven't
yes prank call jimmie dale i hope these are really interesting man i enjoyed this i was watching us earlier breakdown argos workin out and i was watching these guys do there are different point of view that what one guy ass due to win another guys do two went very interesting and very good very good i think the best who had chosen if you want your money is man i think he's a fucking oyster outbreak of the fantastic at it you know i think i might have aside edge darwin crews i think article is the best that luckily it grows i'm fucking amounts are these the rest that i think jails at least there i think they're both french out oh you haven't even seen them joe ideas can work one by one year not surprised
so you have to come back with time negotiate locker south we should not forget that led to a close i met someone looking around dollar alibi magical daddy is great people do you think the donors erroneous better one seventy joey i didn't really watch a fight so much like us to expand a bit too through losers one by one and you told someone i don't work even great jacket is comparable eastern is he still does he doesn't he has his own can't do it
got this thing called bad mother father ranch he's got a ranch in new mexico its close to jackson's sharp benefit it was a nightmare had nowhere that's it requires courage ran that's ridiculous you can't have hot comedy you can have your gravity a company of going hush up no i never guys always was word was sorry it we ve got kids every time i ever these being we must you brother now when i watch rating
oh yeah we were still wonder yeah really really surprised though some crazy thing that happened fox botswana five sports to jamie nailed it it's changed over while we're watching it actually but you're fucking caused not at all sure ok baby thirteen brilliant jolly words on how do you take that voting for thirty money is being used brian cows anyone here this is brilliant job jerry what's our brother what beautiful about that please
you're welcome back at a banal jane had been bred good gonna been justin bieber you gotta watch your welcome because it breaks down all away thinking was in you and you see the most interesting shot down what fatima but i will put that thing again into the black athletes yeah he said fuck that i'm not black m o j in separate himself i'm glad you but you know i think the best analogy what have we done he's got the best allowed you because one thing is marked by what do our homework firmly had a baseball bat and what form and told him twice to put the fucking back and the third time stick oj was just glaring than he came back and they said that
guys projectors point could we got the same shit all these other policy do you do what cd rom it's called city that their say that if the trial was today they would are you see tee clinically inside out here it's crazy he's crazy you what is it what does she do you stand for chronic dramatic and several idjit or something like that what it has so far i'll be dramatic green set for love encephalopathy punch strong nobody you have to sell forward you better
sweet ass i did joy how has always waited his why steroids guerrilla biscuit rob are you alright are you all right gee up up up up up up up up up up what do you say we shall call i just got a legend he then went outbursts how do they know you didn't want to resent why how everybody would do it
no way so they went through everything like yeah right anyway a child he was on the floor gets too i'm not doubting i'm not doubting that they figure this out he did at one hundred percent not doubting and he came here i'm not doubting that they figure but you know the one thing that perplexes me as a dummy how the hell are they figure that out by looking at where the bodies are the marks on the ground like terribly figure that blood at his house at her house right but it's your work right his hands here also warming yeah
and also joey they're saying it was such a hate crime that when he hit her in the throat it basically decapitated her so they're saying that it would have to be such a passion of crime like you had such a love for when you hit someone that hard to sever their neck and almost cut her head off and had them in the passion can you imagine was a shrewd let's assume that much knows where am i a male night fifty thousand a day well paid job will be how autograph he was three point five million holy shit when autographs
there was a joke about most at the fence team the about most advancing is dead tunnels are mother fucker show trial well i haven't seen bluff poor fibrin was informed is there a way to why haven't seen any these episodes way assuming i've lost my mind and i wanna be terrified no to brilliant that's the only guy you get well you have any other stories about how did they would come on
even the joy even to the way they dress they had a whole gameplay me to their ties the suit they had a phone tableware while fucking it's brilliant this is the best document you have ever seen to him it's amazing it paints a different story how oj simpson he went a social himself as being black you have yourself as black of yourself as oj so we will study is bigger than the racist it's so crazy the way they abandoned the picture but is that editorial choice or is that based on has been one of his friends and family one guy guys they left cocaine
bowing down long that's a big red flag there hey there's a documentary you go watch on you do about thirty o j the untold story is sunday was unusual untold networks at the library broke in america and tomato a hundred seats why did they dug up the cocaine interesting that's spain will you know what's in crystal joe what i said was interesting is one of them actors that was somehow involved in the case back in the day was on tv recently and he was talking about the new discoveries about
see tee what would the new understanding about city and they said that it is very possible that they might have actually introduce their into the trial back then if they knew they knew now which crazy right absolutely absolutely absolutely just makes sense because job he goes back i had a good procedure shit you know you don't just common goals yeah he was killed a white boy you gotta see this general gonna break it down just along hours until we let me ask you this man how much do you know about city i dont know i shall i saw the movie certain caution you something cousin i just started thinking about
allow me now things have happened over use of people i never play football it just laid siege to me i didn't even know about the pittsburgh steelers all that stuff with the centre the other guy i had no idea but it makes sense to make sense of one of my friends or even younger you was a sad news also undoubtedly was also knows guard it all the time so i look like a kid played college boy like the kids i grew up with a play college boy you can see that some start right i did the probable really puts it over here because it puts distress combined with the hedge and now you make money you really push nobody else that's just too many years ago ruin should become a
when you add three or four years you know i don't know much about atocha relative i know they're right now and i could see the beginnings of it some fighters and if you don't see the beginning of some traders than you not looking you can tell that their little box you know hell yeah because it's like when when do you make a decision one europe fighter and brenda yo yo i wanted to talk about this one make a decision i gwen you're good french or italian sits down till some fuckin saw her never showed up your work except once those people out over the years experience headaches shopping with the means to do away with task worrying like
people listening there's joe ideas on speaker phone on any bravoes phone and he came here brendan whose on either side of the table has as yet the speaker farmers israel hardy here so he's georgia you're not on joint julia said rightly eyes re joey i think you dead right i think you dead right we all do we all agree with you just tell people that you couldn't hear brendan yeah it's it's it's one of those things where you got a wonder as a fighter like where do you draw the line cuz you'll get a guy like alistair overeem he's been stopped a bunch of times but alice about the fight for the title you know so when do you make that call because i was just as good as ever been doubt you know he knocked out june dos santos in a spectacular spectacular raphael knocked him out correct take their knocked him out the first here's the question joe what other options tat they had that's why not that other out most guy right don't but he's yeah that's a good point
we can say well you ve done to me fight you need to stop and do what the workforce fuck you i make six figures fighting i'm get punched on shooting my pants in front of my kids but this also since it is an important point we have to decide like whether not as it's what you actually want to do you have option to do other shit who is a perfect time for you to just stepped back and do the ship some people also have geronium brian cowen who helped me out and gave me a platform russia entertaining due to them they would do podcasting bullshit that's fucking suck unless daylight and other other options joy snores dies half delight distilled our joy joy six starlight we're gonna we're gonna wrap this bog kazaa joy we love you man i love you run a look what are you doing here our task is a national
frazier world you won't drive and define the chickens to fall back on these do not have come at me i'm fifty one so let me take up motherfucker nine years let me take some bitch because i'm not only eleven eleven you got zaka for he saw you guys are right she had to say about so knowledge we're not gonna get him over there on the west side like marina del rio was then am i going to do you know and you know what he's he doesn't tax of tax on hey man can do eleven the call me we call on every tax you're no injure me and drive and down to fuckin laguna gal won't eat what four o clock on tuesday out but you suck my dick i read you asked me to look it's made an asian about those involved will make a nice and simple come to my house ralph vision
on studio i know i went to move into the need to set up a system no liking i went to a studio and if so how do we think this perverts how can we go out and talk to me about border what you say you let them gave a sort of older is so high i'm gonna take a nap or to talk to mountain regions goals and ferrets valuing dog eat dog back better than ever spoke of the bomb me about your dollar value long ago when you nothing done we gaze digital part gasser southern we did it i guess you just so high return as eu border for two hours it s letter role is debating is what he is made perfect is the best its target
fuckin a sizeable supplies is never even been yeah does not accord a pig why did they stinky fucking choosing what she's chinese women assert their dicks come over and fucking oh or to snoopy wrap them out of the sky they just socket deck and they just fuckin shit we're back off at its base will make some shit it's like ryan totally unique individual when you get to meet other joey deals in your life never he calls and checks on me i know a bit of work it's great wonder boy nasty in this fight man
this highlights or watching you have not wanted boys only loss was tat math fuckin bow he no other ninety starched everybody while he is far real smart i wish was shot would stop i think you'd probably will eventually for sure but when i favour people our planet stuff while that global fight can be hard for a proud former champion like him to go out on if he decides to ended on the revised light for whose global fight now good question we said just when the beginning i like gust of i think that's great fight but gustafson already has a fight scheduled and might be a reason why they scheduled the guy against him do you know it is who is got they just announced it like yesterday right to carry out rang through the top ten and that's a weird fight to make its name social be blunt arch unblock of which is a good fighter is a very good
fighter begin enough to fight us when his room number three or four evening viner highlight real for young yon blot out of a job these are being used obviously but the only thing is disgusting gone you know he always be john jones it citizen who dc indecision than fighting this guy well i think it can be said time off it's almost a welcome back like we know you have had mental problems will go back to see almost be i like to say loss to close fight to that fair cancer speed because never did it really was beating job is gonna beat chant jones gets a mouse that's not good models but you never johnson trot john jones always came back return joddrels de grandes fuck right but it came back
you don't even know it i don't want that firebrands whenever right but it was good fight is a very very good fight close by sea like the fight where he was a knight trouble that's like the rumble johnson fight like when he fought rumble we gus without that's in trouble that we in europe are losing right that's losing the fire right judgments has never been provincial guzzling games tavis tests interesting right everything that's how well you indulgent when these are adamant and our bar strobe slander and then submitted them be one of the most dangerous times in his career because his arm was completely hyper extended to snap does he showed but a bad mother fucker eagerly night for wales he snapped is yes he say hi bricks ended his elbow it's one of the rare that is why he took that job on the ultimate fighter with chill sun and because he willing to fight for quite a long time so they knew that so they scheduled that fight next and then if you member correctly
he has that fighting beat the shit out of jail sun and embraces toe and processed he was pushing off the mad so fuckin hard trying to kill jail sun and then he broke his own talent spotted around remember that sheds fuckin ma it even realize it until he looked down propound them he was standing thereafter the fight was over i was talking to him and then he looked down and realise that he twisted toe upside down off fucking night give my mother fucker if dc don't beat on its own wave motherfucker but here's the thing off is right but gregg jackson was saying that he thought that want to things about john being interview sluggish i thought he took a lot of time off any a lot of pressure at thirty five very creatively thirty fought well you tell us be yes your magic naughty i didn't know antibiotic idea definitely defiles best but i think considering the fact that we offer a long time
sal personal problems we went through and he fought a real tough guy i know a speed that was in a fairly defensive position a lot of the fly he didn't risk anything is more else varied john while always pay for smart fight for smart fire can't protested the water he did the best his abilities chances but god by ultimately in pretty good shape with separate zadig aren't going to come to win real another guy usanga broke by kick john broke his arm we signal hurt his load him down here so i didn't think was a bad performs at all i think always peace fucking good man and better and a dangerous eats a tricky fight for anybody's a super powerful also south paul i thought i just thought john what kind of lack of days ago hidden risk anything get too much to lose slot factors by factors are also getting that offer chest and then getting back in there and fighting daniel he's gonna be like a warm up fight against a top six guy that's always p was a pressure is ranked number six that's a great thing for john he also that show anything he didn't he really did
jody anything but this is a great jackson seem to think allegedly after that fight that the weightlifting might have played a part in him looking tight that's fear he thinks up that's fine and as we in the way we put our more muscle you know you're slower you and were not more you know he s fluid single ezida fight for a while and you withdraw shit he's in jail hey hey gregg jack i think it's great action i think it's more than he t owner pregnant lady ran from the scene of time in jail can you didn't find not gone forever skull lockdown rust they found a very talented health paul whose tricky to deal with that more what it is it's not await lifting well yeah it's interesting that you would like it immediately like blame one aspect is one of things that was after i talked to john a while stalking john after the fight one of things he said was that he felt physically felt great he just
and was an engaging and offer was pulled the trigger and want to this is probably like just a comfort thing you know you had been fighting in a long time all the pressure all is like probably quite a few factors and maybe even not either or maybe even the weightlifting might have slowed down a little bit like you said i think the number things but look at just one he's been out for a while they give him a pretty i must say to warm up five percent by the top ten guy johns war i was against the number six guy in the world or south paul whose explosive this fact rice was to fight for the world title hu jia was to be a little has that safe he knows what's on the line is there some sort of history between justice in the guise fighting reason why they're gonna find things i think we were doesn't i got off our do this anymore something it's more like teammates
let's let's see if this is where you go through twelve we drank able to see what happens to your phenomenal fighter really that's interesting man because i give you as a fighter when a fighter starts entertaining those thoughts of stopping scheme over came over scheme over you and it came over it really is be and this is done from a guy who did think that way for a long time when he told them like wichita my one foot in one for that and then when it finally the dust i'll make some kind of fuckin right cause them you find guys you it's all they have good like being a global picture whose in fucking connecticut in the snow running spreads and only gives a fuck about is not can you out or anything and while he cares about is not yet he doesn't care about anything else and when you're one foot in one foot out you just can't be at that level you just can't you can be a i am still fight when some loose some but should you should leave i think you're right i'm glad you said that you should leave
i represent is i'm telling you those guys out they live and die for this shit man who care about anything else slowly nothing our mcdowell renewing appear them good augmented luck good luck what you're doing fucking radio show tone did jokes this guy is hitting merits or get better laughed you just can't compete man and it is paycheck tell feed this family ujiji you're gonna get hurt systemic coroner candidate knocked up his cap christoph doktor john oh you're a hologram name clean left hand he was soon prussian pressing the action lookin to establish his ranged on things like a minute in this do him at a perfectly time left hand like right in the eye socket just jardin went down any finished him office some sick hammer fast check this out watch he's moved forward this guy had been like threatened with the left hand couldn't
finest range watch how its slides back and then back in time i mean that as this thunderous healing coils differences that iran stupid fuck you win enough people have not had a good in the movie is used in the year eighteen man whose unconscious after us he's wayward general statements he's dead he's tapped algeria recently died champions hold them in this area they are among our jason stay the man turned frazier celebrities there are the better for all of us trust me says mister for her hair i would have thick here privilege of supernumerary foreigner an old we can't listen to you i want to share my china joined the bald headed
attempted mccoy looked really good his last fight many won by a quick knock out in the first round and you know this is this is just the nature of the beast really good guy strike meanwhile account fucking goddamn good cowboy tonight do i touch you the best by us all last weekend i take you was lemme genco six fucking viruses barton like someone thirty years six fights he was a gold medals the olympics is first profiling goes i wanna world championship fight the goat we can't you done first fight so yes i second fight once a week championship now to six you want another world championship i'm tellin you man this is the best path profile in the world right now he's bad my god gradually abandon the angels are fucking nuts if you like tom cruise disguise doing in boxing islamic franco right low much ankle yellow that's i said his last name
forget his artists in their mouths yourself under what they had lost to worsen lease right he did they fight against fraud and smoke and what have been the first fight against it it was a decision and some people even gave to low much anko well solicitous really good a brawl tough tough dude man in he's one of those bad ass mexican fighters and have you got look like bats blood and guts fighters at its look like one nation that continually produces bad ass blood and guts fighters execute max max occur looking canelo about leo caesar chavez do mexico's had some bad mother does enable and ask your deal jolla didn't want to give it to him cause he's good looking tell him he's a bad mother fucker ivory watch us today why versus holiness he's a shovel we do god tat where was gonna love boy is the best i saw that at the delay sports arena on close circuit like you gonna take a bite
sk in bahrain and you get to see it on them all them to me one jail markers fuck you back somebody's our markets show a shirt on the pod cassie does i think i did you really are delaware jim was a router fight it shall no no no no no no no is a fight that saw him fight at the yom at the forum with my friend terry clay born i saw him fight marco antonio perreira fuck man marcus was they fucking stir so tat i got all knows who fought with a fuck fought either got does all that wasn't the fight that what on the recital can't dammit tweed chocolate cedar blow you fuck him to flags of government better the retina it's amazing what he had that fix it one memo marquez dont manner
magua antonio bearer marco antonio bureau had that prince i'm advice was marco antonio pereira and whose fighting someone else arturo gaudy now damned gimme margo antonio bearers wikipedia figure which fight it but how long should no longer more new york or for here from new york all while with my friend terry clay born who still a boxing trainer nl i will watch him whereas jim is marathon he's gotta jim on the barrier somewhere i haven't seen him in a long time and is a really cool dude i went with him i too to watch it is when marco antonio perreira before he even far prince not seen hum ed let's see we got here as item together with the automatic scientists and rolled out i've gone you guys are living on thursday beginning that's it was go here
through them three son he housing anaheim sing you when you were already i know is that whereas yeah that's what i was kennedy mckinney yap as what though is that ninety ninety six benefit as was ninety ninety six on doesn't really february nineteen o six very tired i got the days wrong cod that was when i was working out of the house with jim that twenty four hour jim it used to be on forever forever in a week jim that is still there that hollywood gymnast twenty four hour jim still to this day it's on libretto right across the street from where our old legends used to be a raw oysters out there and he was when he was trained john david jackson when john david jackson was a middle way champion packing hey sal screen is when sugarcane mossy was just coming up dude searching mostly there is posters him he had won the olympics and was just coming up is a pro boxer
there is a god damn your eyes i shudder shane mouldering power propound best in the world for a long time to do that the lightning fast hands the militant combinations on people men in what was it in writing most like to encounter and his fight to be i did it for what would do for severe cbs sports he's he's a body it's tough man because it's tough because ass he passed his time right like he fought a lot young wine and you did well buddy duff in only prolong the fight he definitely the fight but it's like where do we go from here because unlike the where that fight fights sermon sermons or border what you gonna do with the rhine do it that way oh here's my question i dont know how and the thing we shall each other i can say hey brother i don t distinguish about gmos from a guide for our hopkins a guard bernard hopkins if he thinks
he can fight somebody i want to see him see if he can fight that guy even if an even though it's forty nine almost fifty mean that guy the only got it really kind of dismantled his defense with cold cobbler payments and real trouble real drive cobler to me my dad s in the world bank is one of em he's gonna i love theory chronicle asking him apparently has wars and some mob boxing wars the rumours are they both nasty nasty not our russia's own comments words really think about it not really name one you see russian jam already got neg among never met off till i get a copy maintenance out of date is another matter jump to conclusions you might have good shit now agamemnon hobbes von defeated just injuries stop them here he beat the janitor santos ok one and is actually define that illegal devotion you no more the outliers he's lying demons auditing may fuckin zoophyte of em
i want it all myself a jury tightened furious beat vladimir could grow the fine again here but thyssen furious beak vladimir klich girl correct coca cola i'll do lobbying that globally you didn't hear me but andre ward my build bynum i don't think so i know there are some writing confident brenda i will now if you decide you it's just random relaxing like now is there american heavyweight boxer louder luck and visionary wilder joshua from england a fucking the miser joshua anti joshua has advanced list lady it when the limp your this pole about who they want wonder border fight sixty three percent of the people said wonder boy nine percent damien my like pass our five zero about noise sisters people see knock eurostat gigantic killer burying their world champion angler fuck that damien maya puts the talk to people
my final of watching doing lyra josie oda this fight was interesting man i was watching as chris beer was tag and joe soda but joseph was moving with shit conversely pressure not out of any got him to the ground and took his back and see this he's bite in the next area using a lid on total race josiana next maria he's a david oh there you guys around by guy returned to the finals against any coming an ebay i for the lady and we realized tat the mind who yelled something to me and i wanted to talk to you about this because he yelled something to me during the four every one is last fiat urgently requires a bigness understand that's over yeah whose like i'd in greece and in greece we did i dont know what don't worry about it you like as if i knew it because of him tell anyone in greece up it was it was about misunderstanding if you're telling me son research we need away my supersize will you just try to clarify to me because he knew that them with their own commercial
but it was whenever that matter what he did tonight was beautiful graze unifil grappling great take down he took his back a wiser real strong way took his back and a second third and i was like man if he can threaten because once it gets a once you got to the ground he was taken his back i really quick isn't lay out a quick like he s like knife through butter he wasn't like do he was in danger we're getting reverse now more like how quickly would be hebei able of progressive the back is just a matter time forget his neck he's a very good grabber man very grab raising i wasn't aware how good it was three ass david ral geyser can anyone i know says david trail is in the training room is the biggest fucking freak of all time all the liked them legendary stories i hear they everyone till they do trails the mother fucker
we saw here legendary stories from every we saw grapple in his prime in abu dhabi two thousand three back when any went down there i saw him like in his prime get some really high level guys see i heard i heard even heard even then he never lived up to us to speak i heard in the train scientific i've heard like i've never look i don't know i think i met him once i think do you see in the world i'm saying these like us centaur like he's lightly stories i hear from other people and logic people are not wanting it was clear joe settle in ebay ifor was his leg locks really good in his leg locked offence hasn't rail org enough and it was because dave truck all day he's been all about like locks for the last ten fifteen years and he got to the final against any come into the leg lock three men you would think nobody ever sits on their ass in place footsie with any come as a general
we don't that yeah that's like ok let's that's try to get around those legs and try to play smash that's not everyone's trying to do that i want to go like four legs had he come and which also did in the fuckin fine he's dead you told me that they will soon enough now but any common disease the champion he's coming back to defend the belt that's saturday july sixteenth bypass yours i'm gonna be i'm fuckin firepower so this gone well so fucker it's the last grappling format zurbaran by far lies with such a smart move on when you guys want the right always but its easily it's more than we were walking away that's onawandah everyone have about bite shows is that one thing king of the cage had that no one else out as it would have thirteen fights will never be no waiting as soon as one bite was done boom they start the next
soon as i got a better idea about a hurry virginia to work well for anything it's great because it just lose the show along and you know we were a behind schedule because we have to do everything in the three our bloc as a paper view and we are behind so we went in ensuring replace people thought that that was our style will not replace weeding out replace girl we because gaga cocoa is that little girl still room been heels love which when it on my grace you know i'm not the only weapon here love o reilly yeah she's gonna buy soul snatcher in september rhetoric we finally an opponent but we don't have an upon over but grace is fighting anemia and his wife what i'm super curious to see how this is received because as a person who loves jujitsu and i think we can all agree on this like one of the big problems you been involved in these kind of matches they go to draw
and it's like a lot of them go to draw on you have professional matches four five six in a row and nothing happens super boy and other than that the net all draws a boiling though some browser amazing nigeria out against an exile one hundred percent airy tone in versus whose of our binary rather rate dropped further rather further public they're not trying to see that writing on open wretch i only joy that finishes yeah but they still enjoy them just saying if you lot rating janine finishes bar none what you my son or now rise sort of but i see your point too because there's something interesting about a fight that gets that close to being finished several times what a guy escapes not know exactly what's going to happen in his lot of drama and then it gets to the end and the children but it be infinitely better if then they moved into your former that's one way and light hearted that was pretty good because it was a technical jujitsu battle but your format makes that draw
the best fights and his shoe the world's two thousand ages cat jake shields back and he starts you start to the over under or jake's caddies back any starts growing run the same eddie you're format proves that we want to see people try and finish because if you of the meadow more style it proves that that things not working dial is is that i like your style that could work the meadow more file if the there was more incentive when instead of a draw there's modern incentive people i want to listen zennor lobby is that the problem is the problem with the draws is when you have when its clear that one of the fighters are both of the fires totally satisfied with the draw their like fucker you always out you know domain is always it then then it's a problem you know but two guys are really gone after then it's not a problem so how do you make guys to really go after you ve got to make it
fine area i well there you go where we time i can't tell you how to do it we are always otherwise you say it's all good things a beautiful porsche just wiped out of soda wrestling with safeguard destroyed crazy race and forging tv for i don't know what the races but solomon sign discharges nine nineteen hybrid what hybrid my phone guys all car expert aren't you is people who knows more about cars are they jogged russia for you're like a bluebell new like a black but right yeah them georgiana car magazines for the last piece of coregos was its i've known at least balls deeply like slicksons cause i'm a fascinated person easily fast germany and certainly no the ins and outs of it like like archway shooting you your spend twenty hours i spent an hour now move on to sub mouth and come back the next day another hour not
nothing no ma am in doing so as to ring yourself that's mental powers yeah you're that eta jesus christ court i think article wiped out but it's a beautiful cartoon jesus fuck it all oh my guy the asian last car drivers earth asian nascar groceries as well our protest against you and this is jesus tat woman job you drive innocent men know those things break dude ship goes wrong another standard that file that were not as a different one guess they have a bunch of actually that's bad ones on fire yo it's no big deal if that's what you're about mobility have to run at this point oh my dear miss piracy and it's got to put any movie what happened at that point you gotta get the fuck out of dodge for you become part of the problem i wonder look like actual
cars that are in the revised though i think racing is fucking probably so unbelievably exciting but the consequences are absolutely devastating you die raising the have to be a writer i did what they all crazy no they do not add up a real good sense of how to control the car and then at a high level here on a lot of other people the really good sense of how to control car and then your mind each other and that was like one of the things about that fuckin dude ayrton senna if you ever seen that documentary on air consent he's a brazilian guy who's a former one razor whose extremely aggressive i think it's formula one is a race car driver i don't know much about the stuff i believe that no they make sure no one but i was there documentary autumn is fuck ingenious man's brilliant he was just this dude who just felt where the car was go
at a level like an understanding that very few people ever get too and he would push it to that fucking limit he like had this feeling for what a car could couldn't do any he better than almost any body of his error could get the car to that limit every scared of critical superman you really push nine eleven g are ass yesterday was just like you do to her see i don't want to do this i don't i deadly don't i like google e g threes damned one step below the ilo ideas but i like to go into account in a slightly unreasonable raised re speed that's it just whaley days or am i mistakenly here rum are set down shift to feel a car poland into a corner i don't need to break the law that deep he's mother fuckers are crazy do you love me however die in this in racing are they diet
really i think that here too you're so much knots much how often they had a bunch of regulations put in place after like dealer and hurt for to the law is the main character there there's enough one you tom nascar over what to think about this what kind of sport other great car driving we want a number one guys die on a job and our business world tomorrow and now i've lived but they didn't get really bad directs now in their that walk away from it is because of the new technology and share entirely moving in those cockpits their heads or threatens without that's actually really good news man i wish i knew that one i do know that thank you thank you but that's awesome that they figured that out that definitely is a comfort but it's still a dangerous sport but dangerous endeavour and these guys our athletes for sure right i agree that it takes a lot of fucking me gotta be resumed its exhausting and also my rates mantle
colleagues out it's it's argue it's not athletes to the same extent its on an athlete the sami that is like a fighter or a basketball player or someone who relies on enduring wells explosive get both aid this i think is a physical how's this in a different world yet housing me different if i play a race car game on my couch enough sauna way our can't die you fuck ok songs my question is this is real shit if you play game on your they barely ever die though they rarely ever come on man still but it's really lie the terror of getting an accident even if you don't think you'll die so jungle plainest or eyes jump through a plainest work jumping through a plant jump and awful plants or i'm paying this hang lines were its words is overcome
petitions were hanged gliding better sweet ass a physical activity so i think the problem is that a definition the damages trying to put this in we dealt with this is this is car racing scottish and why does it have to be a sport or a game or an endeavor this is fucking car racing this is what it is like there's no need to categorize and decide whether or not it's a spa any measure that will be more joy from whatever the front i enjoy the ready say it's on fox ports one brow a means not an fuckin cnn monies involve money sport professional work up will be proposing poker sports competitions yes is pokers elbows on five words one pulled yes yes that gets weird maybe if any four hours are takes a lot of local diverse views on the sba unto ok well in his chest sport because chechnya
like a more complicated what about go it's more complicated than chess right back just boxing years others return that's ridiculous you then grasp the stuff i let's start with freedom of movement and accomplishment stop don't do that anymore that's a gimmick man tight deadlines have these fuckin cars of sugar damn capable today to maison when you look at cars just a few decades ago like car engineering is amazing level right now some sort of really strange place lower point of this kind of at a standstill what point is there a way to appoint let's go away when you have fuckin was drowned themselves for i would where's my eyes on us and you probably eventually debating me here on the fuck are you doing now stands because that is how it is done on wheels that will enable our do the frames are alone and we got you headlights
still we restarted i've to stop at least ok we're restarted we can we can go and i will stop unanimity does i will take a leak folks will run out of the way our files killing so long it's gonna be that this is actually should they laughed by one or two eggs a second then i'll take some men so far no forever where i live work do precisely that knowledge on yeah we came le man's of where our minds marcus lemme long brown correctly we were trying to watch the fate of our fight we gotta get a new apple tv oven this bitch regret this old shit the new one the new and has a better remote ali i got to know and i try to download the routes used a remote anthony guessing only worse on one apple tv can't use the one you have somewhere else effective was marijuana anxious path about what is going to work
the failure fabio maldonado fight in its entirety entirety who is this this threat but we must not allow the anarchy password cedar wrote i know eddied easier i saw highlights of it in addition for treatments i e more shocking if a guy like him took that much time often came back and was as good as he's ever been in something tat we expect from the greatest heavyweight well time what do you think is going on do you think is the same thing that happened came the same thing to have an anybody at a certain time your body just here alters just all right like father time does not give up if you want i was areas is delighted when he did throw down when you install notion its powers unless you go eddie he throws them like i don't know anymore through russia fuck into the way lucinda those down like a king you see that
the powers has power to less than yours why heavyweights less along but he could not do that as its strength to the facts it let's get a big old spy apparently this white grown clear those my dear russia legs idea ethel russian lady gaga rather well what i want i was little cultural appropriation poisonous buyers that's you like pepsi was seen in the bitch yes right it just a black widow what's his message man black widows ether mates is isn't the villas like my pussy so who the fuck that threaten you with the fear of me killing you after a fuck you as our heart i am on my song i mean we're who's this same fate or though not the same vader car russia's with some dark shit isn't the kickboxing gentleman knocked about her hurry is peter grams graham
you never ladders kickboxing sir just check is still singing so strange i'd like to know she's saying fast forward do they peter grandmother i think it is a powerful violence violence arose strong instrument josie of class sophisticated fear about the tracked him not up in here tracked him the russian track teams ban from the limp dick saw were well cheat algae mayor of testing the sailor check other sports russia to the room in fact some like olympic duties tweet anatomy sand that then i say that steroids an epa aren't dangerous and on what country and when i say steroids dean in each of our limpid guy to suck dick like anything maintained others doves danger views too much of it view redline allah shed fish are forbidden gaily can be dangerous those fuckin dangerous moon cheese earlier
i'd be proven really your blood apparently that stuff no sentiment thinning your blood it causes all sorts of issues with your body this nonstop royal anti inflammatory education that a lot of people take all the time what cameron haines was on that shit is running a hundred miles right now he he he was on its way and run a patrick him on the pod cas was talking about dangerous it is in all the stuff does and he had been like like dude i need it i'm sore all the time check this out he gets off of it and because he's off of it apparently in talking to people that understand it it affects your gut bacteria when you take too much of it if you abuse it is taken eight hundred milligrams the morning eight milligrams of nigeria to my voters so as raising his blood pressure was all a shit to air was creating inflammation is good because it was abusing it and it was fucking with his joints so he gets off of it because that podcast all the pain it is taking the fuckin medication for in the first place goes away
because the pain had been partially illegal because of the factories is creating information by taken the ship so is the sky was running so often it didn't make any sense and understand blood pressure and understand what why do get high blood pressure why do you not i don't understand it but i do know that he gets off this ivy profile doing the same thing in every other way and all of a sudden his blood pressure drops jesus that's crazy it's not so this guy who is doing the commentary for this thing apparently was the finest factor has to bear i was listen to one thing that you say was hilarious man i want if they would let us listen you're supra porsche really find it has really get permission
don't trust you talk your boy dana italy was permission to much danger to be association he give you permission maybe jump bypass maybe sunlight ezra our failure to bypass ass advance i won't bother scale are planning to do how is it that the u have see two hundred is still together how did this the catastrophic hasn't happened cards to goddamn good you just changed no no no no no not really is that card goes through though exactly as planned you'll have to fall out it's still the best carnivores our lot even if four fall out we're still good but what that's what they're doing how weird would it be if nothing fell out but that's how crazy this fuck its borders
sport is so wild and so volatile fair you gotta except the fact we all do like when rumble just pulled out against glover we all accept the fact that man there's like a certain there's a certain amount of fights are just not gonna happen not need to do about it literally nothing into nothingness parlor sport party sport just to grace it's too crazy to dangerous training suit of trains to bad and the joints in the neck and what did rumble pull out from that this raises jamie this is the fight cars you on your first farther nights jim miller verse talk nor go me like you diego sanchez joe those on by our second further moves saucy runs in waters that's five past pray cards they have you seen
we came out and fight our marriage he's my have not enrique marin the guy's fightin sage northcote i dont know him enjoy that sage enough and horse tat though what do you mean by that mean incision within rip your face off with his ads you'll see geographer reason usernames game are all you never know son is north gets every reason interesting great guide them the level of their that argument about bypass car they ve ever had never meet the violence bypass card ever right you'll never do better about calves in ghana and juliet now we shit asked me a wild fight mad at me it's fuckin nine last cares travis brown jos i although frankie edgar me should take a manned and nunez brok lester mark hot shot you call me a john jones people going
have a heart attack dana why not start a card by the time you get to the main event you're dead that's crazy joe what i'm going to say it without brock lesnar mark hunt that cards not that big of a banger paper i guess it doesn't be calling card or on the card maybe that's whether in us why they sent a bat signal brok lesser came event area we will you know there's a reason why they pay them money you know they did two they played a very very smart move strategically recurs he's the biggest pay movie star of all time brought let us there's no numeral oh no numerous that flat top good for him so and cholera gregor comes long in cotton macgregor in the you have seen have some sort of disagreement about things that it be that is their fuckin for aces that they lay down did they pay for the others deficit pang urea much how much
don't know shit i've uh what from what i hear is the most are funded urban paid out to examine closely collar makes more familiar collar i merely apparently kai was the first of may athlete ever enter into forbes yeah thirty four thirty year whatever that occur as top aid ivory tower whatever the hell he wasn't in all those number one year and then there was that other guy was the other the soccer player rinaldo number one you have it as the other guy see mess yeah he's up rinaldo that president santer player from my ten years ago now those are banish the brazilian the fat from party ranald humdrum we should remember that gave my ten years ago the brazilian guys superstar not that you there's a bad ass occupiers these days they made a lot of my man it's crazy we don't think about it because
i'd say the song a big sport in the world's giant ronaldo and messi a number one and number two ian edwards going to get me into it i've been trying it's it's it's it's fun i mean it's tough studies struggles real say it was just walked into the cage there that's the top paid athletes neural fuckin good for you tiger woods at fuck it number twelve in your making forty six million a year consumed and shit he's on competing right now to have kept newton the bronze jameson seventy seven on how far you hu jia lack job flat go fuck you holy shit jesus christ keeping aren't you gonna get some god damn there like fighting
but you are makes more than joe flag oh this isn't since these numbers banana com regarding the categories thirty four seven going on ass used its he's at twenty two million more now in various quarters and there is no thirty four woe it's a fucking lucky number there is a tie somewhere on the list probably vote came in on top fifty that there he's not here and there is no use the fire in the congo twenty two so i guess it's a hundred very paragraphs one two hundred does it force one hundred thousand euros writers on earth is right there areas two million that's interesting lotta guys in this twenty he's number one enemies what is that five in order to support the call these people a jimmy johnson makes twenty two million dollars a year good for them
canelo makes more than can or cannot allow such a basing the biggest guy box arena yeah that's interesting right for a while the biggest guy unboxing when i say as the biggest dropped no use them because the biggest drawn as as another star really a box random now that may weathers got by american before that fight but that there was a big victory for canelo canelo still the bigger draw the numbers weiss miguel koto still miguel code is another example of a guy like super tat it up and is a world championship caliber fighter does that's real rare back in the day that's a real new super tended railroads out it up and became more more tat it up as a career went on mister gibson would homeboy looks like the white dude from my youngsters
are you talking about only publicly pavel jellyband we saw last year saw bodies to supervise went naughty would it you'll soon eyes a young kids silly skateboarding did you bobby green did tat to his head like a dragon mothershead well ok there goes ask in time did who is roddy looks exactly the same they both your dad but evil thus additives on it's interesting they're in the neighborhood there that's the neighbourhood john no man if i came overdue taos any liver daddy and i'll be green there's this area has pants off and he is not called clenched up very nervous for sure shoulders it looks like this what it yeah there's bobby greens head it eddie fetters never happened ass farmer green tattooed his whole what do we know what it is i don't know professor leader bus
my man you were gonna re max work lincoln length schooling gotta does from night i hated i'm pregnant i'm saying her out of it as it is the dragon what jim do i celebrate that ship no idea some sort of dragon yeah something like alex looks dope wish i could do that you could not well or what's his face jason alice has the craziest one's gonna wait awhile river so intense it so intend with one shot jason i never seen jason else jason i was tattooed a wolf on others the least well off a whole is halt the head is like a wolf look at local and his white
there's a bunch of pictures that we could see a straight on shot we could see the actual wolf that's a wolf dude legality that as he saw it as is the crazy you're the love it boy some people you pulled it off his did it is of the same gonna me these people like excited about washed his fate or fight that might be the new shit she's your head and tat till it or bill has does make it looks like her to me tattoo that fade to tat to imagine you have a good design though as i have heard designed it isn't gonna style you can't tattoo mullet what have you have on their what does that is that that barrier loser
was boolooroo boozer that real its attitude is all have like spray nay you wouldn't reveal how weird ex fucking terror i hope that that catches on article i seen some really bizarre head pieces that have been done like people of over the last few years has been more more common do like these really crazy art pieces on your head the easier for last year s army but excuse me sir don't fuck like this one fate or malta nano and fate or just swain for the fences man look at this holy and modernize covering up in more than ours move in stand a right in front of fate or just blew a giant wad and modern doctrine covered and blocked a lot of that failure
if we unloaded arm so much not very long run now thirty nine impersonator look like this fate or to swing in man this is crazy maldonado block in a lot of stuff and go without a sorry to stroke this timely killer about its areas of information led ice cream i checked your blood no eyes real give everyone see the hot dogs was bleed now left there is jealousies he's out oh my god he's out our current out my goodness he is expire stop and this legal spelling universities top of sparks fly we advocated that's amazing he's about to start my god
do my friend then wooden legs and about time but god dammit you how the brain can take some much the head can only take some money i do it how do you know a man would mean the close what are you doing you see his life outside of this probably not as fund love your best friends fuckin putin putin likes to see victory it is best bloody we duly buys deepen rushing girls get time russia russia veto myra lasher this is a beat down man is an ugly be down he's gettin box two years on all get fucked up oh i started this my man i mean he's move in his movements to look at all my god there's one hundred like one hundred percent that both in the earthy my god jolly share a common
how about that but the forms or nuts when this them in my gun the now feverish this is worse than i thought it was way were at home this is oh oh how was he surviving omar what our fate or guiche gets k oh jesus christ excuse me come on lilies back o o
thing is fatal comes you see they tiresome fuckin sums normal dude you get no marched past alma the craziest fight the very same oh my god about still factor we still get bobbin at head move and he must be so determined not to lose like this again with the draft again the emperor's a fuckin monster boy he has taken some horrible shots the russians omby you're fucked him bad grace think that russian judge or refaced stopping anything you don't want to die for journalists you re batch about failure either this is so why it's so weird watch him like this now and think about when he was in his prime my gun where you're burma so you know what they're day just fuckin gave that rough oh my god a new car
you know him the mob turning this show oh jesus christ leaders oh my god maldonado that nasty africa box to forget can me her glover near me get dealt with all my guide she jesus christ is apricots dealer rested must therefore give a break back what do you do there there's mouth about myself and i just got him another car africa another one another one fellow try crazy me failure swings back legitimate exhausted where the fuck is he gonna go three rounds as is incredible in amazement power failure possesses hasn't ass we have seen such a powerful flatters that's a very good point right someone's gonna is a tiny ass most guys do them at five fucking
cheeks on a lot of shoulders are here nobody would know ass a swell your power comes from bodies in other thing is you don't need that much power you just need to land with power bright eyed the difference between a guy who's got like stupid one punch knocker patterns watson yeah an explosive as though here cheeks but was knocked like what's face the grim reaper foxes grim reaper do in command and strike force doma barrages rogers right exactly didn't cause of a girl river i think so did he brought the grim reaper rogers that sets a nice ring it never has a nice ring to somebody com and i did it i know because i can fight is as that name no room what's up to grant the grim casa i'm sorry
graham but he oh my god i know this isn't what is this isn't round and i think i think it's just a shorts i'll be we already guineas on you would see little bub remember brett rogers knocked out andre latchkey in a first round and he was like a really good and i think he fought fate or after that if i'm correct etc for a better andrea and there are many elements of big high profile five but it was a tough fight for failure before he bombed with a right hand and there was an interesting five because one of his trainers was like fate or one with his old tricks by can you to be training there and their reverberate registrar of hurry he fought over him over him you fucking thrown to the mad urim was terrifying back that is it hey brad the sweet knocker of our lost his fate or newbury enjoy this you're gonna go away you know don't enjoy may that overhead shot in writing and move
and now he's got a nice short right hand without job filter signorino god dammit wow maldonado where you that like double job faked the face and jobs the body nice and loose he's a good boxer man be a really good about barely clip fatal anyhow failures faces a mass too many such a warrior in russia that omby amby they try to find me he's a savage man shows you how far the sports come now while access stuff like god damn it's not i watch in wonder boy unites man is a different thing but it's also a different way class as well has never been anybody in this way class that can move like wonder boy magic ahead as now my god fate or comeback strong
they're both exhausted federalism land some good chaucer all eyes light of inner struck them up well here's a diversity of failures attack verses malden hours boxing vader entourage ass outta here as you just used other bodies is good it get back up may or may not least through the body old time you see is the brown bout eddie what is one i feel use brownlow fabio molded jujitsu find out what is our shit
to see fit or can do everything man you know and this has in essence messia get heavy magda his exhaust is but i mean failure is really good look at his adjustment he's decide to fight on the outside star kicking now and then he found a weakness in maldonado range is fighting way farther apart now look at em cause you get ate up i saw its punches man's got such a beautiful those commonalities punches bodies on the outside with us kick see this distance he changed the whole distance game i think anyone the top ten would eat his major now god dammit watching this shit almost makes me upset that's all i'm saying i lied or man than i acetylene that pride in the eu of sea didn't come to some sort of an agreement early early early on and we could have seen fade or like croquant phaedr at his best fight against the best heavyweights or him
very well may have been the best for quite a few years most likely while slightly most likely means oh it's all speculative until we actually find a guy came a goddamn he was good maldonado bramble blue beautiful fuckin combination oh jesus rice he looks gloves i'm talking about those guys not remind you that there are now two but the guide oars his ease lands shit you as with him because he beat bay doors ass we got tired from anything out i smell killing nothing vade organs the asking you know that you know it's a wonder on the other side and punishment i got fate or a mean he's hit no one some really good shot swords in this round i think it's his round
one hundred percent of modern all has long drawn out punch this round no yours you didn't beginning legally raise a guinea here with good shots but feeders deftly taken over this raw to produce on upset first rally loss ten eight out of your money from russia gyp that's it might be tat seven man might intends as eggs if we're in fucking cholera look here that we decide what that is because that was arrested and there was a vicious be down in this round is a perfect example of this is not the beat down that that first round was its he's ok this mother clip don't draw modern fucking clipped him again and look at failures face man's a horror mask o o o o my god goddamn the failures brothers improve the right i think that's what i read last on i too like mozilla may new sites housing about interviewed american imperialism tell anybody in this now think me what
we will now work is a savage us there was a blue that exists the commentaries at its best i don't know what is going on what he fell down bet she's orchestrated create drama when there is no eyes is fat fuck in five minutes and fifty that is how it man will fight so fatal one that rambler ten nine round the tenet harbison i agree one hundred percent even though i got knocked down after one year
thank you i think you know he d got clipped any went down but you are right back up a yearning other russia he learned some pretty significant shots it was a close round but i think i gave it to fade or but i'm not a judge and are really the north for component of us did anything terrible scorn things i don't think tough sports were i don't think in some cases they should be you know like the boats invite both say yeah i'll show you don't like that is like to say i want one guy lost my goddamn that so close it so close he gets it who is graham you could say that you saw that both c1 and i could say that i thought but if you if you if you look at it all together so i can man it's just a it's a guess i'm sorry era is the ties are great guy down fight so
why not go how tough z me to watch again alongshore yeah need to watch the whole fight asia do thou record amount of sunday morning told you the companions so this is a third brown five ten a first round for a five year favorite favour while failures busted up man the greatest all time right what am i still does it the only other guy that it's on the argument about the greatest of all times kane how dare you will love or do while reducing phaedr yankee kane yeah that's true true robots dubai yeah you know what what's albania steepy has the potential for sure he's like at the door in all honesty battle he has less to do before using the greatest while no no no no no doubt but he's he's in an advanced place right knocked over doom and a beautiful one punch knock in britain we tighten warburton le monde
the beautiful overtook damage boxing's crisp model striking better this fight this good man does looks more chris we also noses super dangerous opponent how nice by valuable aid or fears of quick as fuck man combo beautiful campbell by failure da god dialogue clipped magellan left them up that left work on the outside o the job falcon striker you know it's it's one those things worry you gotta wonder like this were fit or want to do this like an exciting fight trams enjoy
this or is this is it a financial decision if you like is diminishing is low you see no not me to me it's just this is who he is not what is dodge the fighter what he's done is fuckin an experimental yeah i mean if you always be pounds pound one or two for me heavyweight are ya think one i think one link for dumas case it does have a case but the is i don't know a fate or was the same guy by the time he got the doom meanest total speculation also think you're gonna come along and errors my agree because you would get kane did ember doom there also facing i think more well rounded guys yeah good shots without evolution sport controversy but you know when you look at all time grades don't you think tat mohammed always agrees boxer volatile do for me
the ways and right but if you yeah for socially yeah what he stood for us over pop culture why do you think that he would survive mike tyson mike tyson the beat marbles frazier do me the budget was henry cooper knock em now though it the same age when henry cooper knocked thyssen down or exceeded him how an alley down and or talk we're talking mohammed ali before the draft bullshit yeah oh yeah this is of this when it was caches clad obscene that when he's gonna play he beats mike tyson afterwards it's tough aged yeah he's talk it's hard to say that's a thing right it's like when you catch the guy like when you look at this fate or you can judge this fatal in the third round of this fight with fabio maldonado who's been beaten up his eyes are almost one his is not quite this guy as the guy who we saw just arm bark
random enough to get soup lacks the guy that we saw come back against food guida defeat however the big pause here those nogueira grounding pow yam ass nogueira rhetoric with the title does remember were doomed fought and pride and he would have eight fuckin were lunch back then but for do now with list is fuckin head off i think there are different kind yeah rejoin you say for doom now how is on the he's still at the very highest level i mean we got to see how he rebounds from the steep a knockout cuz i was a brutal knockout but before that fight if you look at his knockout of mark hunt if you look at a submission victory over k you'll get like the best vertical you think about your dos santos in his prime against fade or fight junior dose onto
prime in his pride the farthest kane stuff that i want dude he look really fucking good in his last year i rate they did look really good a great shocking right amazing really good maisie mean a lot of people father ben roth well had the answer to his boxing style with his young ban as is awkward this real awkward and dangerous like super daggers was knocked out dealt with and also like really confidence in our ban is just a real savage and super experience guys been around for a long time huge huge enormous like one of the biggest like physically busy biggest guys in heavyweight eventually lights are busy how big it wasn't even wanes as it is not that big no you're not jesus christ what the fuck am i doing a heavyweight he's so base enormous and harry he so big that he had a right there's no doubt he could not make up to five
did he go why the fees are real yet our fight out like every last year i came away thank you to a five no man we think a three hundred yeah he's the argument for the way class yeah it's got his hands down boom boom whose exhausted i thank my way buddy you ought to follow that i didn't really in every move like then but he just you know when you gotta consider the beating we took in the first round but if you remember like to crow cop that used to there is in the first round ten line cigarette ten emmi first mountain eight secular and ten nine this ran i don t want this round to fair when i ran to the drums like a draw i would do i would assume that its draw if i was afraid no school i jumped up on the ringleader fisher had well you know full well no not for shining secondly for aid it must aid yell faded would be a lot of it