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Fight Companion - June 20, 2015

2015-06-20 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Brendan Schaub, Bryan Callen, and Tony Hinchcliffe to watch the fights on June 20, 2015.
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The job will gain experience. I would like this fight companion, part just never heard when these part, just before, don't expect even pay attention to the fact that sometimes we do sometimes our great Josiana new commentary, no Brennan's, I don't go. Dairy cows are due account. I will do commentaries. I know nothing about the fight he'll pretend that he is giving strategy advised that wouldn't really work exactly, but where HU as we watch the fights and you can sink it up. Right now. It's the first fight who is this. Is Heine ends I say this news that Heine Nick Heine verses Luke, has said Jeff Ski Piazza juice, key areas
Luke has said juicy whose my favorite fighter, who ends in a ski, there. This is the first fight on the main card Hoosac either the gardener yeah fabulous Viking character with tax systems. A great look he's not taught them to come together to thumbs spill people like me. Running out. There is Lucas, and so I guess at we we might talk about this fights or it might be diary tat, maybe drugs and pack has that you knew sure yeah nice fighter in the kid killing time. Thank you to british our design, our chief designer fighter and the kid that Michael. I guess he asked me. I am a bit and I got I don't know maybe, and they
I'm not asking your opinion to show them to hear that a friend of mine, I haven't opinion. I said a city of the fashion sense of Anne Frank earlier. I did very interesting holocaust reference. I was. I was very surprised. You can't see what she's wing very similar to you. One now now now: you're you're, confusing Anne Frank with Helen Keller. That's right, Forza Italia! Why did you what you want so allow shit and frankly, be great of your word cabin and adding right exactly that its yeah? I know I know you are negative and I should have you keep my mouth shut, but the problem is Anne. Frank though you it would work with them
because she price war, just one like dowdy dress, because she had to live in an attic rover year. Damn highness ripped now he's a big. It is in good shape. Yes, he has turned this corner he's a tiger more targeted. He was also used also April policemen tie. Your movie tie. Apparently, is it just a fuckin, Bang and Jim over Paquette Thailand? They deserve. An amazing camp. Their visit to couple cab stand now a K. A has a big can't swim down there. I might swill halt wonder why MIKE's we decided to move as camp to Thailand. Oh shit tone, I know that's what is going on. Surprise only wanted lockers in since you when I'm? So? No one no one comes in here. Looking for a link for
which is not sure, as Mr Sedition right like he was gonna Jim and Wide Thailand, and he has a family on why the fuck you decided to go to Thailand forget he had a family affairs like while and out on the girls genes are sound, took care Paquette. I hear amazing things about that's why you're amazing, and when I, when I shot a little movie, called hang over to all the stuff eyes and most the just tough guys around we're all prefer. Snow or aspiring professional. Might I guys who spoke, I think a little bit about training input yeah. That area like I said. It's got that to those gems and its possibilities, really cool tourist area to be beautiful, get spelled p, h, e t, which would be pocket to my mother, nothing, a green light Bitch is on fire last night, the calm restore than chosen for the five companion funny less he's in love with you on our journey. There I'd say you're getting ready, for that is the only realistic for I have a virus
No doubt- and I thought about correctly when you get it on the buyers- have Abbas right now by the word used to that great feel it He's a jerk addictive, run atoning you might get upset. I get a little offended. You know this. I wish we could. I wish we could really respect Yo Hannah I do Maybe you know how to say or fuck a name for it tell people to respect the Yengeese check. You wanna know your your honor and airlines name Yon Yengeese Jack in Zeta, yet engage check. Warlike Yolanda Yanza see the way she has. It is like a little bit of an issue and there's your jet check. I scholar, J, J France Collar Jane, have you ever ecology- and I made that- are you sure During that time, o J J, the Champ Data Bees jeers marketing year, it's even tougher George Saint Pierre and evidence G S, p stew, long, one
however, when you not Hollywood, vitally ever guys guys guys, ok, first Bides, what dark units saint this up I'll, let you right when they touch Now they touch gloves so the clock Now the moment they show the clock will let you guys know, seek it sink it up. We call this another Michaelmas feeling the guy out with four forty measuring for forty zone for forty six for forty five, ok they're nice linked up because The internet runs about ten seconds, it least behind, depending on where you are. They use dream feeble run about ten seconds before great went on. I do get Tele trains in Thailand. Go and after it yeah you can help it he's gotta, the kind of going to smaller. Isn't it interesting like tat like that, is actually good for your body in your endurance and the way you're the your body makes muscle really
its anabolic vitamin d in the production of vitamin d and AIDS and at about process, that's why a lot of fighters get tans. I do still Maxwell told me that sexy bitch. I would get tankers on a day like today about I D artagnan. Very then, if you don't mind, wrinkles now may now I'm a face like that fuckin an old look well I'd die line it like I do die my beard, my sister look familiar than she goes. All your face looks like it needs of water? These? This is me. It's hilarious, but I mean she's very smart. Yes, she is yes, you can. Get along very well. We did we get along great at your daughter's party. S. Diet clung to her sister. My sister is one of those she's pretty amazing. Now she's very smart, Gus, Martin, not sentimental, either good, she doesn't You can hormonal when you have your parents, you just now,
oh- and that annoys me when she was young, girls are all never, it doesn't matter oh energy basis, to go on a patty great, very well call everybody policies, the cheese, that's too intense we're going to die and is now like when girls talk like them and closer scary yeah, my sister's Nazi policy, she's, not romantic, you believe it said. Madame it somewhat ambiguous. Your teeth. I see MRS Teasdale, my sister used to have an eye for weakness like if she saw guy without what what you gotta, we, gin or if somebody was sleeping with their mouths open God help you should be like hey miles, we beatin lines. You go! Look at that his mouth open. What a week like. And he just sleep and open she's. I've got annoying as your dad's barbarian, Jean yes she's, all my collar. I do
I'm gonna go Daddy Army Kathleen, they look alike, that's not good bigger bone. She was the huskies I was the frail you wish to have your sisters, genes dude, I would get cold prillie easily. I'd know I'd those. So soon my sister was I would he called for your baby cheese, a full set here on or delay as she does chicks, don't usually go ball right. All right, Brennan she's, not suffering from India Pattern Bomb Bore talked about are like you. Fuckin law allows as close as a little the. Doesn't this tiny detained cock but of all the nice thousand ice transition there behind recognising that needs common telegraph that me now right back. Give up the position of small small arms is short arms and legs about our position is very monsieur. It sets a rare look these days as guy sure did your hands in the lighter and lighter weak classes, guys becoming less and less muscular really yeah,
what does it get cow, jury and Seaver on the card tonight to guys that were real sick for their way class? Mrs super rare weight to this Testing can guide Gunnbiorn, you not joke, and to curb the frog acknowledge open. It is it's very, very weird. What what's going on here, because the CS deciding to do it on their own. They decide to clean up the sport on their own, but isn't in here. We don T sport, but there are not part of it right there, menial off, so he'll see exactly at the helm who to test their just saying I you guys do strictness, fuck, working, stay out of their try their tire commissioner. Do that now not a commission decision, Wada, the way bringing the people that busted bulk Rick this drug testing in they're gonna have a year round right, we're gonna. Do it randomly all year round the five five random Tessier they show, but you Three o clock in the morning brine get up doing now.
The problem is that in our way to me, why can you not yet I'm security, son, ass dagger, it they're getting back to react to ban they're getting guys that are like the middle. Your sleep cycle, your fuckin up their whole day. If you could fuck up a couple days, a train rob they could take a shot and maybe they wouldn't have taken. If you done that in our view, I might be slower in the June, because that does really you're gonna get a piss on a piss on your face. You wake me three in the morning. They should be, but they don't want to make it so that you could cycle it. You know you can get apparently Alex or drink is by the way, this scientific and now. Is broadly by Joey Deer hunting dogs. They got these fuckin Gummy bears Alex Roger as was taken, gummy bears, he would take them and they were tests by the time he knew exactly when they take these What can things so that when they were going to test them, it would be out of it says no he's right. Fuckin gummy bear he's right there. He would do it
burn. The gave at the end of the game is, if they tell themselves system. How is that possible no idea! I wish I had the fuckin scientists, but is that is still possible to some get those to be yesterday was We are this: transition of bodies, veto between Luke Rock Hold and veto fighting Whiteman dislike. What luck happen or our overrun the time now over him still looks like a stud over time is smaller than it used to be, but still looks like a stud when autumn looks deflated. I agree he looks deplete like for someone who s door is moonlit over him when he fought Brok lesson of the holy FUCK. You need to be bright ass. Much at all. What the hell yes call guys guys, obsessional, you beat Brok ass and then just walk on over to the fuckin or casino and win. The Mr Olympia, like yeah, he was mocking jack and I was like a flock any find a different girl or a different doktor horror. I from doktor
What? What? What can you guys? I watched Kimberly, slice, frank sham? I mean Shamrock fight done and what has in Canada can Adam completely stretched out what I gotta tell you right now that fight LAS Vegas FUCK, that's what they That Leary that's just a couple things I don't like a butterfly, and I don't like that clinch that law on closer. They had where they were mouth ear, the mouth we each other's ears, really struggling. They always turning arrested on pop in those elbows. In fact, I need to know about the fact that we had stretched out when a candidate take him down. He never hit him once about that. He never hit em. He had him down. He had a flat. Now he had his back and he's not crashing These are blasting with punches, he's gotta flattened down these not hitting it. That does It is also for her forehead yeah. I know, but he's also fifty one that's true and a fighter. Fifty one gets through you did two hundred percent correct and I was I thought, like I was
everyone Ray, I watch all ability, oil at all. You see out everything so the belet or when, when the entrances are like this So don't these guys like the pride not, then I was on board you happy. I wasn't yet riot big Brown on board, but then, when can Shamrock walked out of what the fuck was singing? What was
about. I don't see I'm down with that, though I rose. I will love for brightness thing for me when I walk he's a man may israeli Darlin Brow and I'm not a thing like that. He's got a great hey around a part in Bonn and great damage are more than the deputy break. His big brown, always Yoda. You could totally get opponents who, by the way, when he's laughing at your entrance, sedated he's got a princess guy has been taken. Care of his gait onawandah website story by its very nature is second to none is really handsome that living on a non. Why you don't ever! May I remind you, didn't even try but share my came out. I think his whole family was behind them here with the girl, with the daughter hides behind. Yet a girl that was with him was his granddaughter somethin. There was that had a daughter, maybe that had their until that. If, as I recall, that it was very W w F the entrances is it to me. It looked the whole thing. The entrance looked so suspect because he was shaken,
everybody's hand, it didn't go. He was about to go to a fight. Last night he was about to go put on performance was nervous end. If you watch Kimball fight when he was in the Euro zone is fighting like mitya owner he's now gender down more focused, serious. Now we fought, can shamrock he's talking home in the ring before the entrance? None of the bad is more effective than earth. Really don't talk like that, but they might have told them that this is the way to generate interest in this fight to hype it up all the fake bad blood like and then the other thing. Got me was the way Kimball stopped share mark. That was reels. Fuck me. Definitely has. I were crowded, I agree, so maybe they made remit and Kimball somewhat pushes mother fucker anyway, that's what I'm gonna do less, but he did have him completely stretch out with what looked like a full rear. Naked chuck. Am I wrong about the sort of, but he never went behind the head like e, he choked somebody had it like on top of that,
Some sort of usually I kinda, was able to just keep grab an outcast harder to date with one arm less Europe I mean you'd, be a superior how the fuck are you out of your mind anything embers kept grabbing the one arm, which is the right move to do, but no man. I was to me how Easy Kimball shock can off his back. Like those allow should about other matters dough and you see their necks card there doing a doublet they're doing gallery and for common Diana me, I love it. I'm on board nominal showing designing daily. On that I don't know he's fighting daily but they're both fighting on the car either you swine daily of highly gaelic dailies and fuck, entrust super travel he's in trouble. That is like Joe Shillings, a tall mother fucker who can crack and he's been in there with the best kick boxes in the world and daily data dailies, really good kickboxing for Emma, but then again dailies got that fuckin ridiculous nuclear left left yeah, but if you don't think Jonesy at a striking till he ass, he knocked out man again come on now he knocked out man.
The man have renewed the lack of imagining that we are able to watch most those kickboxing fight. Worse, just kick back from a man of his so he's. So devastating while it used to be showing showing knocked out. Fuckin Simon markets with one punch after they had gone to. War were four rounds, and that was the first get ever beat Marcus, This was under feel, like thirty nine, and I want to draw all right and then they dare to go to the next and the reason why wanting withdraw Simon had dropped him. Sorry had dropped Joe showing, but Joe showing you come back in and one someplace you like it was. You know the weather, a glorious. The old k, one way where three rounds and then, if it's a draw, the Yoda, fourth and final round typewriter, that's a mother fucker that affect your mind that will have on the fact that he had a fight to more times after that same night, like yes, Unified Fuckin Wayne Barrett, whose a bad money
fucker suited to fight him after that, and then he had a fight autumn Levin in the fucking, this disease, just striking right up, kickboxing behaviors down that that was a pretty pretty good paid. I m sure I heard he was too. Talking about how sorry was like four days imagine asleep in an easy chair. Happy like his arms, wouldn't bend everything this just try getting late and blogging, and three heights and one day that's waiting. That's crazy. He fought ten rounds. Ten rounds in three different opponents I did for sets the other night. I thought that was hard. Can I be out of your joy. Looking a little more vascular and I appreciate you live and waits the kid lifted away. Death squad straw, you start up on it when we were in Canada. The kid sauce with our shirts often decided tat lived in our brain switched. Shirts merrily of is to wrap you Yankees Yak ADA you're, one of refugee, our nice. So all three of you played a part in it.
Measured workin out the I had two of you. I saw the kid with this problem. I saw it made me like really sad rolling, reject rogues very affect the rumours are laughing. I Odin is Belinda Prisoners shoulder surgery, torn labour, I hope subs each man clicks and it makes more knob. The promise has been bugging me for a year and for years has been pushing because you're extraneous I'm so moderate. I always thought Joe Devils I called Brian, the other nome agree a maniac emergency room, bro I've. I swore throw right now, he's like I'm in the merger remains it. Could you know you see a white spot. They could be careful that right spot again, there is another. Now I had I had my dingle buried. I wore a white spot and I was like an aim has powder a new one. Now is the same one. That's cancer and a guy looks amazingly goes, and it goes
I was. I was so convinced, niggers ha. I wanted us as it that's why I got. What is it It's probably worry. I said I was in Costa Rica, his eyes to work in a clinic down their prior, something there by decisive, limiting virus by like gone the next day. I think it was food on my tonsil. It's embarrassing man he's probably at a chocolate down. It was like powdered sugar, some hypochondria powdered sugar gotten, ultimately that you're the guy. Meanwhile I pokes I fuck and ate them Jesus Meanwhile, your sister spots, Oliver Fuckin tongue and doesn't do shit a better give a full yes she's grass at me, Grandpa Korea. Now that's a meanwhile syndrome, foamy green. Calls on the clever land use, ensuring that cut again shut the fuck up, pussy you your mouth, but you don't have forced stomach zoonotic doing kind. A special type are due to be with a girl like that they are not
those guy I am behind I try to. I am not that guy I've tried to I like women, who are women me to women who want to argue with you and they give fuckin gangster with you. That's not interesting to me. That's what I want. I tried. I had a little affair with a groan national, canadian water quality and who is so high but back was thicker than mine in our hands her knuckles. When we, hold hands. I was like well, your hands are a little just a smudge bigger than mine, and I have a big problem with that see. That's what I love about my girlfriend Yolanda. Yes, that she doesn't start any drama, talk shared, but she she knows well shut actions will manage it uses it all up, given chicks, concussions, she's, exhausted by Turkey. It's too you Harry is very ambitious. I wanna see you really you guys fucked you I must say in it. Don t you like pussy. Now I like busy now come out
if you're fucking dire come on you and, on the other hand, on your transnational, didn't go to sleep. I know other call him the golden ball. Agencies is surprising. He has a surprising dick. That's good is dickie so bright I never saw anybody like me, but he surprising it's more of the ivory pony upon. I give it to our good guys and very she'd. How did you know her hair up in corners? I'd, give it to a good guy had a time you're, not really, because I wouldn't fucking, give it to her man. That's all you know a guy's not lay in the process of setting up for my corner. I you know I do guys like looking for everybody, to confirm my guys guys. I wouldn't I would fucker good fellows time will tell whether she needed we haven't talked about this fight once yeah, this guy's
large is actually get the better of realities is or is not mine isn't darning than Highness slick He is very aware of what's going on like when, when there the guy is thrown shots and kicks. He's is aware, like where the angles are coming from these capitalize a couple times on that he's cardio, he hasn't stop moving. Many is not tired. Worship. Roger words is good, can train around is apparently fighting em on the sea, now Finally, I want to see Loggia week last playwrights fired a sign for one. Seventy, two and Rogers These are not too big for one ratified and I catch wrangles over that. Do you mean Roger Roger when he was in the USA in using them? Postpones a first want. Everyone thinks Rhonda was the first one on those cover sport, illustrate, actually Roger worker.
I'm afraid this. My man, I'm here, is walking toward him two straight toward him and in the remote you because I can t be afraid who he beat in that way the logos spleen but whose front taken the guy knows the front cover sports illustrated, but there he got to many headed like I want to get paid whatever very data is not just any one of you. Paste are complaining about it publicly started complaining about the media duties and not getting paid for media duties, and it was like a mother fucker disappear. Immediately said what that's cool check this out she I feel for a nice young two years and here's the worst match apostle. His grey Maynard, see muffling, went to Thailand, some fighting is in a street fighting Texas? that was raising the they met a girl that, due to a girl, a parking lot. What yeah and Roger worked a big, ass, dude and Roger worked a k,
this dude and from football player big football player. Why is sucker punches? This girl? I don't know what happened, but this guy stepped up and suck approaches, girl and Roger. He got his face and he goes on knock you out to mother, Fucker, Roger takes shirt off and just he's off on this guy's got him action. The camera pans to the guy pans too. We are moving towards the guy next thing. You know, there's like a scramble people for whom the deeds laid out. Roger soccer kick at him and the biggest dude, while I guess did it get in trouble for no. He got love from the whole world. Tat is: how can we get Traviata guys? I can't run logically allude owed me as a very good. Do Marianna Guy, really good guy. He just had the wrong people in his ear. He's only. He came and abused in December for a while. I remember training with us and he was always just fuckin just brought man his boy. One Well, he's he's taken a lot of punishment in his career man. He tried being ripped year without
The thing you Tuesday that law paunch from that seven have shown here, and I think she probably got this head like the first lemme saw, thought Roger, so Tom already that shit, Dan hardy down our guy Jesus, no guys he looks like Tom Artichoke as time is also playing a character like because Roger Handsome Bastard he's Didn't ladies man, I've ever seen one kid stud I do in the whole acting thing in fine, they get you man, they get you will you get? What we are to give due the MIKE can't do that. That's frowned upon. The authorities in me slapped will hear what is his speech this guy? You can't do this, but the start, a revolution of some shit, I'm off yes, I hitler my comp is the state does not black did I'll show. You need a heavily things, and this is
Hence this somehow I know so like what she's a decent bypass shipment grabbed a buyer That might then already showed that I'll, who does this tell another ten Given that my stretch so big, no, no right to do that. You can and very rare occasions in title dine at the armed guards on trust. Fundamentally like we're really hard to share a MIKE with anyone ever it's your wrought when New York in control, but it's a different situation, because when I'm doing interviews like you, never I very I've no personality when I'm doing interviews. Personality my or my inner use are all about trying to get the most out of the fighter. I just try to ask a question, and you an opportunity express themselves very energetic very much most of what I'll do I'll give them a little enthusiasm. Tell me signing it was now Oswald, but my goal.
Hundred percent want doing. Interviews is to try to get that guide to express himself. So I went out. One have tried to give people advice about enough. I had a lot of guys asked me like: would he do? How do I give their users? scariest, partly log. These guys are real nervous. Bun interviews. Can live you dont know exactly what to say, and you kind of living it in the moment might the most important thing: It's not you! It's not about you! It's all about trying to get the most. How that guy does his moment, what he was thinking, how it feels to be a champion outlets? Does it surprising give us your I want to know how a guy feels after cuz. Sometimes the girl said you know what man it from second round my hand was broken, and you know it. Indeed, I know you have to you have to ask. How do you feel like what happened? What was it like was anything surprising. You know you can't given them. I don't give me the MIKE hadn T have eighty Kate. I hereby gather what was your were you support
Is that the cane Velasquez? Now I wasn't, I wasn't a word. I wasn't. Eyes when I thought about it afterwards, wows happen goes like was crazy, but you can't just go up to seventy five hundred above sea level and expect to keep your cardio, especially when you have a fine, too fucking years. Man, he just haven't thought I'd, see, I think that's good point. You can't do that. However, you don't become a multi time, world champ! No, that that's an issue. Might I think the his issues are way beyond that. I think he realized that I think they could find and allay at sea level, and he would look like the reality. I think I think out due to bad example. You don't get to his level without assuming that I think it's a cop out you'll, be honest. That's interesting! Where you're going to go on you think for Britain just got that much better things aims. I think we're doom got that much better and I think Kane has had damn near two years off and has taken a lot of people Schmidt man and good point and with these injuries it's not like. You know how
was made when you have some injury can still work on something to contain. Better? two years off of with surgeries and rehab to you, and Emma made you see the gains changing facets flocked man like even now thought since December. If I fought at then this next December, where a year off the Games changed linear two years and then you're fighting a mother, fucker Do we ve been activists flocking getting better and better and any how these go along reach, don't wanna take down enjoy that exactly so that we can now get strangled. We know what it was, which is our better for him. You know he was getting fucked up on his feelings about again. Not he's gonna be elzevir. Doom doesn't use wobbling all over the place. I would imagine if you are getting ready for her doom, as in your cable, ask as your coat says, never shoe to sack double like only a single now his course was to have your Vasquez for verse, wall
a heavier Mendez rather, who first of all is fantastic. Straining vote. Yes, doesn't have a background. Grappling zalm, black boat, Jujitsu Muslim World Class, or Rattlety he's ever rolled with Garlic Fabrizio reduce. Have you never role, the guy? Who has a fucking nasty guard like four doom? Just you don't know, you can't take that. I doubt you you can't you can, but there has to be. Bringing a guy like Boucher, getting ready for verdure shoot a single again because the different stuff to get hold your neck, like a single leg on a high level, guy jitsu die using get hold your neck, but you can pass and still take a better too should have seen around yes. Well, he left his head on the outside those problem. How did we on the inside of you has to be pinned to the chassis? Should a double on a guy like garlic from Brazil, but for breaches guard so fuckin good you bring in a very malaise or someone who's got like a commensurate guard. Good luck be being able to do
When he gets there he's gonna kill you, you know what is going to require that double leg was desperation. Zoom exhausted. Have you seen change Kate, Kane shoot such a shitty double and you just exhausted, and then is the first vote? Is technique with shit right you seem over his hepsey leans each. He like leans over a hundred doom is fuckin promo turn volume of Jamie Best Promo ever this is amazing. Fucking problem I'm so fucking pump think me and eddy around these Han declares better, and who I really am rooting for Canada I love that guy, look how he walks, even so cruel cocky faculties. I love it
a great just commissioned by the way cost a million dollars megabits eyes, but a great fuckin, commercial God. Damn July eleven hurry up and get here. Please say what was in cheap is using that J C Sung outbreak awesome. Nine hundred grand than a hundred gonna do that children, twenty dollars Ryan rains sang the song for that promo about it being under Asia. I have that's right, but she didn't Romero outside Europe. For that you in town, I'm in San Francisco at the punchline, that was around journalists are next week in town to twenty seven years. June twenty seven. This is going to answer you inasmuch as it twice a rational being near there too yeah we're doing business. What're you doing business.
Business now the park yes spoken of businesses silencers enough maiden receive answers. Rearrange the demand that we want to see. My work has lots of Saddam Hussein arose. I like it, open. Do you set out to see that now here now that you riding on it, you writing about new stuff? Now, let me ask you this about special, which, by the way, was fuck it so much fun to be. At the time of ever open up forgot Zone Whatsomever, warmed up a crowd and chrome. Like I don't know, fifty fucking years out of having gone to circulate on a show and fifteen years it was weird It is go up like that. You do it all the time, Tony now gee, it's this of a talent to getting the crowd going like we are getting into it- was fun yet did a great job, but that room Fuck amazing, for a special when I was backstage watching on the monitor goes like this is perfect, perfect room. I love that I love the. I love the state of the field on the floor. I feel so good.
They ask you to do. Do you have more than one camera company cameras, six cast six camera, so I was thinking like the one. Can that they have when you work there. You know you work there. They make a fit of film of every show and one camera that they have when you work, there's reject the aspect that one that I've been watch and specials lately in one one of things it I've been come into this conclusions like you need one view, of the show like head on going and why already eyes away, I'm gonna watch share differing twenty cameras. Overkill cone. Six cameras will ya die with him. The does hair. Let a holster TED Serious Interference, Derbyshire relax. I was given I was given to our credit, he's a good guy over given follows feed more in the way the air in the way of things king there's tumor relaxation might ass if what our Brandon and I pray would have been loose. Yes, we're back their bus in those guys balls, right, my guy had on a Bentley Bell, yeah them too much about. We build up of Red Congo Bowers of horse and a whole.
Does anyone challenge right? Nice was like don't fuck this up, see you and how long you granted by the ears. I wouldn't you like twenty fifteen twenty, when I heard about one eight. Twenty. Twenty able to grant Leon they loved it hell yeah is very appropriate and was great thing. We talked about care so ready to smart move to have such as you know, over qualified opener for especially means higher, as I wrote an opening form, I enjoy D, as do mine at the ice honeys do man. The outlets I do is bloody murders. Through the thing was I got a he I do. I go Joey, I can only have you do fifteen speed if you can twenty one minutes are longer there's no way they're gonna be able to listen to me for at the end, you have to be careful about, like you, don't fuckin like you learn about yeah Aren't you? You have Kevin hard open for you, Joe about three guys open for me before when us phone Especial is it too much, youse too much, sometimes like Joe, we Duncan
Oh no, it was a Joey ARI Joe. We are a thing. It was John, We are very and now read bandit such now's ridiculous to be monitored. Go on stage to our needs, show plus too much different, a special one, and it led out with you it's the Rhine, you're worried because you're sweating, some yeah you shot and Shell sexually turned out he's I opened that worry about it. Just do it show like you're in a club. Ya know you love, you wouldn't care right. You were just it was set on the weekend. It would even cross your mind if it would rush reminded me some wrong. I was just thinking about not being only the second take, as the sweat was different on my shirt and by the way don't wear Charlotte, doorway or light blue should assume I walked in on the God damn I know I always knew where a black sure best was in between shows delight price. We have to fix the Heron back your head, unlike no you don't Herr filling in the back of his neck, like the pact, was disquieting, uppermost no one is gonna. Watch is fuckin special go. I thought it was fun.
Until I son Aaron tear his sweating. Just isn't funny yak of his. Heck is just the hair. Is so when I just didn't like it. I'm a medical wet get a look at this guy, Steve Kennedy cassettes wherever you see, fighters bodies, gonna, look like after drug testing becomes Oh, my god, I look like I just sharp. I look like Roy Nelson Brown and Williamson. We do dude fighter the kid Dakar shut. The fuck up is mainly wanna considered. I know you're good. It's this only the weaker the fight, yes, really down the wicked. If I show you and your caught smoking weed- and you they're not gonna touch for wheat in this- is that we can. I add why, but this is the question I have so, You know how they saving a tissue five times throughout the year. So if I fight three emollient as it ate or that count Esparza five, that's a good question. It's a very good question. I think they said five right
comes throughout the year. Show does not count now they can afford you that's a lot of you know I mean you, don't think he's gonna Vorhees Balmy out. One of things bombs me out is it this is going to cost a fuck load of money to go. After all, these different guys using performs an answer the fires that my sad that's just say. The sorry needs to be said. Man needs to be said, can you imagine if they started jug testing and stand up comedy? what would happen, they would make sure that IRAN, we then make sure you do get suspend if you weren't, using cocaine and merely imagine is spent in Brown is ethically knew this, especially if you smoke part because it may be too funny. It's definitely performance. Enhancing drugs come to comedy right all my best shit on we'd. By the way I got these new vey pens cut down. The palm dignity really makes a big fan of vague pansies days
are no make some red light starts more aid had ceased, open amounts are, but a man wants to make your own fucking other people. Do I get a business businesses sneaky, like you, gotta, be real careful because its federally illegal You may got shit tunnel. Money came out. If you take it all, and if you like mean you like to talk a lot of shit, some things get up here. I'm giving people can get a planet find the phenomenon example of you know that it's one thing. If you like to go to weed personally, that makes Zaire, but if you're selling it and make it, then you don't need to now you don't let it get in a business. Is So like a level of wealth that I'm not sure you really want to get too, not sure you want to get to a level wealth where everyone knows you're worth a billion dollars drive around Fuckin guard raises. Whenever I look at Lorenzo fourteen Ernie, as he's fuck and former see around them all time with your pieces as he
Pierre Werner kidnapped and when I can take it, I and some being a sex slave. Was that the duty that Fuckin Guard Lorenzo for Tita or ledge, yet as FUCK yeah, you look in their eyes and like these adieus or kill you in a pencil, percent. You know: there's on Euro there's a service to the Serbian, whether if you're gonna do like, I don't know, sublet Crick climb out rest or do some crazy, fucking time trip or go to Brazil. You can pay a monthly fee and they will pick you up and rescue wherever you're out in the world, the oyster late. They will go to Syria, they would go like Afghanistan, but other than that. Anyone, Odin cover it's like hundreds, five dollars a month. Some shots yeah. Why? it's gotta be way more and that no it's not it's only more and that, if you do some like crazy shit, New tome ahead of time, but so membership, so we have to do
if our hour, if I d chip known check it, you have to have one though satellite phone, like those big satellite, for which a small price to pay a pretty small. Now we use one woman in Montana on their shrinking. What are we doing? Another hunting driven schedule it you want to kill, What do you want me shoot some shit if you want to get in yeah, you know we ve been killed. My wish go to to hone ranch negotiates and pigs are because our have rate. Socrates is one thing, but I'm down you don't eat Priscilla, just kid Alison raising they don't it's hard to get bacon because bacon really comes from an animal. That's been overfed, fattened up the pigs, black eyes, lit I'm not ready to skinny. Pies he's got his he's. Peter Sonata common, he doesn't is head, goes, I'm gonna get thrown Chin goes up, but the pigs that you're gonna get her beyond it again. We weigh leaner but the hands or Fantasies
Can such good shape are like that, while this far right now, it's lack all right. Now this guy bread or black short he's a nice guy up placards. I don't like being merely a y ever know. Many seem like a white spot at one or around one, but most of whom are black. You know at the demonstrators me as I will make them. My pet bring it home, have pets already. Thank you. You have a shitload of pets. Few pets, and cats, now she's dogs or oral all I'll, be like that. Yes, we need one. Those dogmas point amount wherever allows. Do an Kirsty Alleys tv show into our house and she had to blind lemurs She had a shit load, chinchilla thousand dogs, cats and she had a huge desert hair in the middle of her lip bedroom. It was fenced in an it. Couldn't use its back legs, so it had the dragon,
potential how rich your people are, where my picture, how much rain amass patchy das me carrying a bear out the words on my back shot with a bow, and that is all man. So may I saw a man now bird. I bear that night brominated Unita frame. This embassy, that the two an effort to save. I was there, I being the Baptist inheres Brennan tears crying. I walked terrifying wandered yards through the woods over dead falls within Burma skies. I wonder whether the luggage Marshall around my telling her how much of that thing way to fifty my shoulder was hurt from more from is about the bears your size, mother, Fucker, for real though, my shoulders hurting honest engineering, faith. Think benches is really what I did it just flat beds: very shoulders. Realise error. I incline benchmark more dumbass also bought at the rear. Get in one arm trapped
God is, is turning to crank is turning away from the church, which is it. You know, zones really pin neck down? It's a real crank, written General Yachting Map is going on now is more wrapped up. Now is more wrapped up that lawyers. I love that body. Imagine doubted triangle so now see I did not an enemy, we get what it transition tomb bluebell can defend the rear naked choked with those giant gloves on. So we feel the body crying. We can't transition invite you can really sap a guy's. Will I agree you can control reading, especially if you go badly down. You could turn that guy get em belly down with their body triangle got it so naturally gets a little can jammer. I am now shied Peters about a pair motherfucker dean. The sternest corner, You know, I'm a fucking child wrong de MR, been lookin for his neck for the past six years
just find a balanced just head shoulders, visas for a man I met Matamoras. I couldn't leave how thick he was that, while our cash Barnett tapetum about jobs, Barnett term, do tat, but you're here on to tap tap. Barnett other views, the best catch, wrestler rolltop all time. Hence the really shown press the button. It was better each tab de Mr Ken up here and why d you took the first one people say: Demas, there's never been tapped out in training and the sixteen year never been topped up in train eyes, open tapped on competition, Fuckin he hasn't happened like a nasty crank. Yet hey, he got gotta run their judo headlong. Silence while another five years. He has now expired, whose Roy Nelson Japan, son, I like knock. You have, I not enough. You have say like it would. You just say:
yessir. You actually want you got some bench, take a break down with sport. I mean fuck, you guys, I don't know, look at Dean Lister. I can't live in urban tap in practice. Even there your judgment. I said all that's cool check this out, there's a slick movies, the way said that that make it up. We he he made him send one arm to cite set em over the second one. He turned away from the one arm in the second arms albanos the fucking do. I am here like it almost like he fed I'm the one arm so that he would away from it and then slipped the second one under the chance, I'm not mad. That should airy lice here's a little tipsy I saw giggle. I don't take keepers but bear with me here. Daniel Crimea, Song he's the new light heavyweight champion right and you see son his shirt and then, as soon as July, First kicks in reeboks them a designer shirts. If arm Danica formulae Cotter Macgregor, around arouse you want these make a stars. Why would you
website and create your own shirts and sell the fuck out of me by your own benefits on irish big In my view, you you're a smart dude and you have the ambition to do that. Can stop at a lotta guys, don't they just that wanna. Do it you're right, you're right about you want you do it? Maybe that's a good sized business for your help America amount, Chiffone, Savage notable too much going on seven and eight thousand t shirts and twenty minutes I was takes you right away, much I'll check it out all right. I don't put up the shirts for sale and self thousand in a minute, and am I like thinking about the numbers as plus expenses, we shit, that's real legit money, and- and nothing gets me more excited out when they sell em, literally jumper around sweating. Was it Brian Zalm, taping, the fucking audience was filled with your t, shirts everything was fighter in the kid I think you'd be surprised. I love it.
So many different church s crazy audiences, amazing to really cool Charlemagne worth ones drop in, and so do I love you. I love you weren't in american flag types dread, red white and then look at. Clear. The master came shirt, but in red white and blue soda awesome, anyways quality. I love it half an hour. I go again from Helstone what a joy I need some fuckin prime angel rogue, insured summaries rock motor. I confess I gotta be honest. If you like a tool, rock amounts No, I mean to say you never see me where my shirts, nor do I even talk bout and that's a real problem, have a goddamned teacher company now advertise it three times, but you do well. It makes when I was taught us all the time I do know soldier till they quietly tat. This is what you gotta be a girl. You gotta do this. You, like mother Fucker, happens sure forever? Might oh, it's only really. Regina has pretty boxer. She with box and about the Muscat teeth, forget
I got him boxes that deeds are she's. Arms is awaited, athletes, personal care. I love athlete. All I sure would show her good time right guys. I went right. Wastewater Napoleon Pussy lip support, brushes or teeth cheeks. She has Second water pixel, they're, not today? What struggles real with what is her name budget is what it is short real. I love Earls Man, it's a fucking curse YAP, while their better than dude when it comes to have sex with them. So because you gotta do they. There's a reason: opposites tracked. They don't. I know not what point just attracted to work. The onset incurs would only yeah yeah, that's probably being attract ones, very difficult, the eye level all different kinds of women has also done this the problem of just getting along
everybody has a fuckin different sensibility. Men, men and women see think so. Goddamn different, giving souls trolling different needs different think differently. Some of you don't hurt. My feelings is girls. That data before we can we dated four years even live together, and now whatever were not, you know still intimate relationship were not friends anymore, but he's gonna. Think about the time you ve not not wasted, but he spent all those years together to me, I'm like no, it still be friends, but they can't do it. May some of them can't be but Uganda yeah because use descended in their sheep loads, insider body and they loved it
around you, the man. I love a failure, backed off a wall that they did. They feel that crease, where the spine is not the muscles rapporteur, medallions has Muscle valley shop. Does that thing we lies on his back and puts the whip or honey? Does those flock exercise low that they might want Instagram, two hundred pounds? We want to see what more rap meanwhile rampages trainer I follow, ran. He's a trainer instagram. It's a woman with an ass created by God, what's really employees Juliet something or another out on oil? Oh good! I'm here gas she's only squads France's retarded lie retarded and she does four hundred pounds why that action as its aim excises you only those of videos of it underlined
as the face, though she's pretty ugly at all she's pretty, but it's usually care. I'm gonna slip on behind them deal as was thinks his marriage has children had been their asses ridiculous. Its verdict but she does that same thing. She has a yoga map and that she has rolled up next to the bench she could pull appear and she put her elbows on the bench. He can get under strong as you'd get under it, but She gets under its on. Let me find a fighter for you will find that let's just show you, I get dead series and my loot. Sometimes european Instagram and you'll see girls ass, an object, TAT Dream I don't care where you just it's like so frustrating is like seeing a dope ass car exactly and then I'll go to their fuckin. Page or go to their instagram page, and you find that they have? Seven million followers can all. It is pictures of their girls, get way more thousands of jobs are not all those years look up their yeah, that's her!
find the one when she's doing find the one when she's doing that stronger, that critter got to shit or honour? Oh yeah what're, you gonna, wait. Chid Jamie find the one what she's in their doing the the fuckin that's rampages. He's, got a page. What does it said Juliet what yeah, but I'm telling you she has a page? So what is it? What does that say? That's their Juliet Lynn, eighty to fund, also she she's. No, this is gonna. Be interesting. Does nothing better? No nice as such this cat is a serious challenge. Younger redder does the comin how the fuck does. I haven't read short night says a great deal of
about that for men Bela toward tournament coming up in September by no right. What is that its? Who? Is it it's so Molly felt Emmanuel Newton, King Mo Phil Davis in his last gacha. Fourth yeah, Baltic one night great I'll. What one night right they're all fighting one idea: why our mid term and one night God damn you got Koker you genius Bela towards true. Some experiments on that matter. To makes it up because you gotta do some could unite going hey. Do you see count for town player this the from Patty or the comedy? Sir? Last night, with every he was waiting for that shamrock. Everyone must Jimbo men and it was in garnered attention- and you know I don't see that you have see up on that tv as much like mean that often, but you know that gets that gets a different crowd watching for sure. You know you agree
they do not smart man, I've never even really seen Bela torn the pass like year until until last night, I was really surprised about the W W event Julia C4 fund now here, if I desire for not quite doing, I don't think we have to demagogy. It is, and I don't think they see what works about the debate of Europe's entrances and they're, not doing like it's cool the production value, but too much corneas phobia have the guards walking and fight it's not Hence they usually do internet aimed at aren't gnats, not though around four about, or is, I think, the yours came to the right conclusion. They thought about it and they said you know what get more seats. We could sit more people in here, without this, in other, there really great seats are important to give her the ramp and plus were spent all his money on pyrotechnics and shit for what, and then they decided be awesome ass, a man. I don't want why. I think that you have seen more. They look more as a legitimate role,
route towards more respectable, but you're gonna be ok. Indian, do you got talent for tell you? This is what you do you poach? What Belgium is as smart woman that Goddamn Viacom money and take advantage of this. This route Reebok thing this river thing, has a lot of fighters that are going to lose a shitload of money here she is like this com. Son, why the fuck did, I say wow girls, no joke! There's a bunch of videos of doing that. She's she's! Let you know man sees you t. I would do serious things to her. No genuine fuss issued out a rainy day off and she would open up a window and I find that interests should pull off, pull your dick off with her vagina. Sky open up the window stick imposed, should kill bird with it she's and shit I just start doing what is access to start doing that? What's exercise or checks hips into glue. It gets you ready to fuck that colleagues,
for your sprawl, Riah, gratefully sprawl, good deed for hit mobility. Look at their booty. Look at their booty Nasser ridiculous body, not an! I ll, go down scroll down that why Jesus Christ, that's good, but its black, it's hard to see because of the blackness scroll down low, there's one low further little further. She gathered She gets that Tiggle baby. What's that fuckin bona fide booty for her regulations and wonderful body can argue yeah she always she trains heart. What she's rampages strengthen conditioning trainer, I guess, pages a gym, yea does Orange county yeah? What is its Galway Rampages fitness, her son, I think Sonia rampage him good for him. God is invested his money. He still deal that litigation bullshit right with Delta. What is it about belet or signed them, and then they violate their contracts, so judge released them. There
an injunction juggler judge List lifted the injunction. He thought for the sea, everybody loved and fought Fabio, Maldonado, great fight and then they got a new injunction. This new legal issue going on the table The date they had to release his contract. Revelatory than Ling was Beastie, gave me a lot of money. You allowed a banner if any of you, if you're under the real buck deal, can you hang a banner? Came there? That's over done without you have to wear Reebok closed the entire A fight, Candia shut on right when Reebok pumps on my gun, LAO You know what I am forcing me to gather rival, tat. It's an open barbed wire occupies a cook in triumph. Stand arose rebar trance than we re by naming nineties tattoos Kitty the thing about it is that its opening up the door for four belcour in a big way. If they
show that they can come up with a lot of money for you in a contract and let you get your own sponsors like away used to be that change the fucking game, because you need is a few those guys jump over it deals with the first reading, but Phil the free all due respect, those of agent with all due respect, fills not really threat for the title. Does not you watch me rumble Johnson beat him up. It's it's hard. Coal and Amazon Jones is gonna, see rhyme Vader beat em it's like I don't know. I mean he could eat my cheetah any biggest ass. He did he did, but because I've seen very early in is correct and that winning anybody here with various national legal overtake. You did it. You re automata, did when global Glover terrain for that shit in Connecticut this backyard, I'm just saying they literally do. I know you. Did he buddy boy on top top gun zone, look feel Davis's, tough guy, but no one thinks and the way they think about rumble or they think about Daniel. They, like you be, you know, is a real shot at the title, so
I'm going over to balance or not the biggest law. You say: unwilling motto, elderly exactly exact word. It also went over to Bela tour about this, although in barrage of Henin Barreaux how bout of Hannibal round be T, J diligence and goes over about. I mean that's craziness if they get a few guys like that, and by the way they have Fucking Petruchio pay, bullshit I fight ass night cheese is created and came back, came back and K autumn. That was a wild ass valuables life I saw some good sponsored built or balance. He, like any powerhouse monsters. Unsurprising aroun, not jump in the train; they need more numbers. You know- and I bet, alas, raises good yeah, I'm sure was they need to be on a fuckin name bell towards a stupid name, young, a fan of it. Bela tour mean it's like like warrior and latin, or its using a dead language, Vallarta homely, let's find out on target shit. I don't really know what the actual name official switch it up. They'll be low. More professions should be spike Emma. May I just like you know
Time has Showtime Boxing HBO as each boxing sms enemy with ice via come fighting, but maybe more more professional man. What is the name of God doesn't necessarily or what you're right, runs right. Why Brenner? What are we doing? Ok, warrior in Latin Dennis is hard. Seaver see to fucking. Get motivated after Convert Gregor stole a soul is enough. In Boston rice. He Lorenzo slowly I'd see war, so slow, so crazy. Macgregor walked him down a bit of luck out of em. I know you can't pig Joe, but Tony Brian Honey C, O Connor Alyosha Hick car. A common agenda there I didn't know his. Nor do I mean by that really what if I had a really put uniting underline fighter put money on it, I would put, I would put money on on Connor, because I feel like there's some, momentum, and he has so much belief and I feel in some ways maybe he's inside Josie head. Can I do to help
here. So you think he has more belief than Josie a guy was at last nine year. I do tat how best in the world Tangier ten, now yeah yeah a little bit more belief than Josie Elder, although as massive believe themselves, don't question that barely Paul those beaten, everybody they put in front of us, has the best leg kicks. Maybe in the world now his motive, Mme his leg, six of so goddamn fastened, nasty professional. Level soccer player and he has at ridiculous fuckin hips now because of that low in some of the best taken defence, our spectacular The only thing about Aldo is: is that a lot of fights and here a lot of wars in the gym lot of like tough rounds in fighting at last. Had Mendous five was probably the toughest fight is ever had inside the octagon. True Mendez cracked and mountainous areas, on which many Amman is hit him some bombs menace, can hit fucking hard man. You see that record. Lamas Fight- is the hardest hit that division by
crash in any Josie. Although took that still what he loves you dear twice and although dropped him and first round, a sort of illegal metallic after them it was tat, hereafter allow chiropractors taller and I feel, like his hands, are probably better wells. Were fought in these very same apparently as good as all those tat evening clothes level of competition net. Now it's true. If I'm put money on it in Vegas, I'm going so they all day might. But personally, for the? U have see rather sometime you see, I want Clonard away Give Conor winds, he's the biggest starting of seas. High out of order wins. It shows everybody what a fuck, monster, they ve been sleeping gap. I put them, would you do with content? Out again? Are you are you fill out? Only rebuilds depends on how he loses here's. My thing I think it's brilliant. They have Conner. Hiding! Although right away like this, because the reality as we have not seen counterfeiter wrestler, if
see Connor in there with a Frankie EDGAR Corner near with ad Mendez, tough for labour and ever know. Madam wrestlers can be a bit. You never know what they can do to him. You never know they could take him down smother and look at the way. Frankie egg restore Cubs wants and fuckin will just stole your daddy. They want to whom they don't want that clay. Guido, Anthony Pettus Anthony, if you don't want them and that's what does suggested to him to exam, but does not just with better stand up. Yes, so, but the thing is, it's gonna be rough for cotton. As long as he makes it a fight were good if he goes in and gets fuckin dismantled, Like all my other shit talking, embarrassedly, so big and so strong, I don't think he's gonna get dismantled, but I think it's a fight man, it's a fucking hell of a five. I think Connor's gotten a little too confident wherein sunglasses indoors and shit. Now, let's hostages are the show rustling fan, I know by India by as you norm, but most those guys come in and sunglasses win after they have the belt.
Wherein the sunglasses indoors before the belt. You gotta, wait. You gonna pay your days he's all knowing their sunlight, lying mentality adds gonna ruin this whole fight, podcast air arrive or how they bring us all side. How a jury on top with Tennessee really do this, but its upper wrestling its highest go wrestling that I'm talking about here is, I think I'll does gonna do to Macgregor what core me? I did the giants while those hang us law on a level that are those that you did you guys a big difference between. Ass. Now he's gonna try to knock your batch. Your battery, crazy, though, if you think you get them grappling MAGIC Connor's, not getting it taken down or outdated yeah. I believe that all jujitsu itself. Fuckin underway laggard is lacking myself. Well, let's see where that world he beat Corina bring all shut. The fuck up police surrogacy, guys he's gonna jobs are he's beaten, world class black, but to say that in straight jujitsu, castration, Gittin, yes, he's easily mean when you
such a move. You watches MIKE Brown fight when you find my browser the doubly easy title he takes his back, like a ghost, gets those hooks and unjust. You're going. No, when you were a kid second, your mama's titty using a key authorities would do maybe that's accurate, but While my is explosion his his speed with those who takes and punches man over me other, although the sixty three years are now, you are mother, phobia savers, busted up cow, a jury. That's a great value, Denisov, there's a guy where I was I was units interview with the Kremlin. Fee from mom, but issues with party, although so well, Would you like regular interviews with her she's, my friend, but we're we're too about ten shamrock in Cambodia were thereon. This pro p d Ratan they got cut off because both of em were basically, it is a fact. What are you steroids? You starts I'm thinking
Why cant guys like making agreement like say, like you know, if you got like veto Belford and whoever and they made an agreement to be able to use whatever the fuck they want in the EU. Both saying, like can cannon cameras, prove example, forty one and fifty one supersize like the event they fought soda bobbio actually and Bobby Lens Bob. You actually always fight these strange places with supervisory committee propped up athletic commissions. Yeah I mean I just think there's not nothing wrong with making an agreement. That will you it's weird me as, like you look at other sports like in baseball. If you get tested if he does Bozrah steerage yourself, I know hall of fame. You get outta here we go, Ebay, bonds, Alex riggers right now that all these records, if you get caught in the and you see your kind of fact, Mr Gallagher, author, who got caught or Astro room, then they fight around
forget to do whatever you get caught in full it's not a big deal, it's weird to me, man, it's weird! I we baseball's America, it's weird man does not cheaters damage. I understand, Erin, romania- has they weren't around once a year. Look at all can eurasian book if all look at all brown when our region is. I just think society needs be consistent, shouldn't matter right like if what is least balls are weird one exists. I who gives a fuck now you're back, writing a ball nunnery about speed. You can keep plan and all opening your thirty, I know shit. I wanted to see home run and I want them jack on steroids to the gills and crushing ball exactly the same, but also about Maguire. How dope was that they were excited health deflated. Does this weird
This will have a serious, also turn into a white guy. With the forthcoming Michael Jackson. He's, whereas Soubriquet police were scanner started, take a grey color, its weary looks dead. You actually goes like a corpse so weird. How do we want society certainly always ring up Sammy so that when he first when in ITALY and when and when he was to forty its it, the difference is ridiculous. Now, Martin Weir hires wise, then I asked why he was giant here. They fuck involve on your arm volume, rabbis forms or show gemlike my size, but we go with a hand at the end that that's what like I, you love fuckin bullshit wrestling program. You love that fake rashly like an hour now think if the drug tests was idea of seeing their all skinny is, it is cool. Now you watch programme, into their these characters. They they look like super, we'll see, I'm takeaway drug dozens of one nation has a bad example. That cm punk is what one of the biggest rest was in the world and is a hunter recycling, he's the exception, but
but there is a chance that those they will win through. What you have seen going through now back in that HAWK Hogan thing in the Lee amid MID early Ninetys was huge, and so they had to eliminate it. They had they they do it themselves. They, like a super strict per barrel. I'm serious super strict. Tell me a t stir in the rock or clean now watch your word, sir. Mine, the rock I think the rocks, and we ask you how long have you known is asking them out. This is tony way. Six pounds and you're talking about a guy who is an immense super ass is probably about two. Sixty is Brok lesser instead, of course, they're all devolved done something I have all brought Lester first, while has superior genetics, though he's always structure that that guy has you go back to my progress was in high school. He was
fuckin mom. Are you telling me bent to twenty five forty nine time? Yes, forty nine does he is Columbine areas, compromises stoop combine numbers are through the roof is reverted call, is insane pelagic brok, listeners combine numbers James all that said, he got shit on me at the affair. They made a further towards a more fun. It wasn't ready for it and was now you know and play football I've been doing rescue. Then France, broadcasters of super free, but back to shit wrestling. You don't think these guys could singular schedules to the outer schedule, arguments every night you not eating protein shakes and stay on that schedule. My men, eight, the piss on your sport or Europe entertainment, I mean Those guys are constantly not getting enough sleep every eye and in its a brutal brutal schedule, you talk to someone who's in our business, its brutal man and, after the last time that the pay for themselves, the added bone rent,
and then bill the company. It's a brutal circus shit, totally unique triple ages, fuckin clean you, don't get it like mad on at Watchin the wages doin. I bet. That's that's an I one. I mean he's a fucking monster. He shaped we're good above Battista Dude, teeth were off. I don't even acknowledge the Battista was ever even in pro he's, so he's so terrible. What are you talking about? his great gardens, the Galaxy Phenomenal Europe, mass now, how dare you now? The guardian? What's he talking join in that body was gray light we you're out of your mind around or some other form. What's a good movie, you mad MAX was rate. Since he had heard it was all you're. Gonna fuckin love it. You know too much action. You know it's dope. Do that. I didn't see. Until this weekend I was flying back from Mexico. John Wick
that Kyoto reason over the actual replay really ass and they re kills dog and it goes and kills everybody really all home they kill us. Does or does not, and I use like I'm not doing justice existing revenge, they kill sizes, combine numbers, it's a fuckin phenomena move their doing. John Wick to look at is forty four seven. Only by the way towards an eighty three pounds for seven, forty, thirty five vertical jump. Long jump ten feet standing, long job, ten feet bench press to twenty five or thirty Reps Jesus fucking Christ. A running back living in the body of a defensive in particular, is an easy free. I get I gotta be honest, especially the you know when he did do as a number of years ago. Now, that's not that freakish near really really be. Think about it. Some king,
weeks now this is something he was training for, no, not as an honour that was on towards route towards bs a profitable cited. Do it, Brok lessens the biggest freak the Ulysses ever seen ever ever has to have brought. You really are dicks off right now. If Brok Listener had the right coach like if he went met not saying, there's anything wrong with his coaches, What I'm saying is if he had the I quote a right amount of time like if you went to a add Hume or for ass a hobby and they engineered his career from the beginning to the I'm is being introduced. The you have see to the timing is introduced to high level petition. He could have been an TAT S right. Yes, all had hurried over. We indicate bill. He fought a former heavyweight champneys. Second professional fight, he fought Frank near and second fight had no idea as to defend against a leg Maya. He got leg allowed Us Mass, my fair fight of Malta, grave by Frank, Meares, bad mother fucker, but then in its third fight after daddy fighting
tearing beat the shit out of Heath Herring. Then he fights Randy Fuckin Couture stops Randy Couture and its fourth prefer no fucking via the rank tore was like in a wheelchair, too strongly gone injurious Vulcan Brok listener still doesnt matter is staggering foreign professional fight insane impressive. What stone in his career Mammy chain in this prime. Yes, he journalism is primary factor. Authors shamrock till after she had a should add or they could have started its beyond easily could have stopped it easily giving they did and because he came back in one or two things back and strangle them. Let progress you mean he had no business fighting Alister after he came back from that surgery had no business, I came just was not on that level, but if he learned to get on that level and all those who beats all because he has more talent- and almost all those guys end, but it doesn't get hit, dude asked berry when he was in his training camps and pap it. You know they brought pap area before he fought someone I forget and Pat moved out
and was in Minnesota any city We train like three two or three times a week. They are spying and pat in a plaque goes hard. I paths was a dream for my four years. Peddled really hard is of little blocks. Man he's a beast, stand up terrible ground anyways, so he fucking gets brought yes, Brok freaks the fuck out in its coaches, like the fucking. Do it catholic, when you mean like don't fucking here, in the face. Tat was like what the fuck am. I doing here than men, like you, just poor man's, feel about why the public, this simple shit lights, they weren't hideous I answer ass part of balancing, soon great story. That's him! Training with Brok. I had heard conflicting stories. I heard that's not true, so I'm gonna do a fight night without ass, a very sad no way. Next weekend, no man sat at an end. I'm really autos fighting to sending you don't have to be there with him. You come with me in the sky.
Before you doesn't want, is without me and gets lost. I think it does. Where would I think this is very nervous? Maybe this bet it's true worth. Brian I'm depressed his head only others fighting. I was with him last week, journeyman ex great dozing looks great. Does a great with him entering into that Rockwell fight as a second would that's it I getting at is right. My dear said about your right: knee was more important than even the job. I should worry, we're gonna percent. Getting that right, knee up in over was more important position over submission from having great want this programme. Is half again is a position of submission of subversive out the France, I am always safe LEO seven. I in that rock called fight he had in exchange, got hit in the background. And he's out of a sort of any sort
you he said it was in legal shot. I completely disagree. I watch the elbow land land. The side of the head was a ruthless now that rock hold him with Morocco that already had his back was already beaten. Mom rock old had amended and mistreated. Didn't look good physically. He look. Different physically looks soft. I agree. Run globally by widening extradite records five wise men and that's a fuckin mother fucker of a fine, real, quick best fight, middleweight history neo. That could be Maybe him Anderson, verses Whiteman might be the only other finer. That's it that's old school Anderson but aunt in the north side by action is Prime Anderson, the first fight verses widening. We didn't know that it was over and I know, we found out really quick quickly. We found out because he fucked up. If Anderson Didn'T- CUP Anderson escape from the need need bar right is, from the legwork attempt by women and was beating. Why In standing up before his clowning around and trying to go wide minutes and exchange. So he could. You know we can counter
it's hard line. I repeat: I am standing up to these. Making such a Joey's have shaken the shit out of those legs like him. In the face of Williams, not puncher in the faith, noise was not very well, you barely faced barely. How did you like it through a lot like cakes and ass? The first thing that John Donner said to me when I went into the corner John Don said. I say: congratulations after one being Donner such a fuckin wizard, the first thing I was miles, don't like how many times he was getting hit with his leg, kicks first thing out of his mouth like to give you your guy just want the middleweight champion of the world knocked out Anderson Sylvia great. How exactly I just think you have to fighters in their very, very prime right, like a record the slip up where you up his fuckin. I kicked out by of ivy to outdo stubby torn Brazil. Rather than that he's a mother fucker. You have widened as prime you have Rockland, Prime, it's rare. We see this man yeah I'd want to meet
That's right, my weight history, if not want to best lighten Yossi history, I would agree. I would agree with that. I think I think bronze chains better at he gets a bigger fight, but other than that, I think why magnify because it's a heavyweight, when I say that the most important title true, but in those also to true heavyweights, who brought some shit to the octagon bright Red like Keynes to a tough cell man, because he doesn't look imposing right. He doesn't really talkies wants to wrestle unslackened chill ray. I don't think so. I think give Kane was more active and he had been injured, knew just run through the division like he was when it was in his prime before it like this to your lay off. If you look at the cane beat up dos Santos and the second shared fights of yoga. The cane storm through Ben Roth, well, oiled school can do, but that Kane, if ye was like more active view, be like a canal avarice, big fuckin, huge interest,
to sell em ways on the shelf for tonight's or two years right, but think about when brought brought fuckin lessening the Dodo be crowd. Many had the you see, crowds home any is being bitches up. Former chief Frank when he hurried up Moraine detour, you know I'm saying it's insane when he beat up mere and star destroyed, essays matched his face is the biggest adios he's ever had and they think Harlan remember, shame just got done, beaten breaks off mere knocked Concerning your more like you want em GM grand biggest heavily item. You see. That's! Obviously you see his now, just think Racoven Whiteman is a dope dope. Five votes Also the biggest paper view card ever is also, as you have seen. One hundred of course it was a big event and he knows a lot o. Wasn't you see one hundred, that's right thinking, I'm here yeah you thinkin of mere brok, yeah Shane was you see one sixteen in GM grant ones
Sixteen was actually at our own because I fought Usher on that. There's you boy, Pat, the other, is get. I'm tells the story. Training with a blacklist. Emma may record three into an interesting brok. Does crazy stuff in the debit IVF, that's in human that other wrestlers have never been able to deal with joy. Schuyler, ask sir, don't bring into No, he didn't give you he bring it out. As the guy there has sixty nine he. Seventy natural totally natural now known, ever. Looked like that at sixty nine. If you quit bullshit and guarantee or to you, I could be you thanks. I want you one years older than me twice in Tunisia as improper out of them and saying Richie Shit riches shed muscular judges, it's great market or love, it increasing Oh, this is dicks, probably hard all day long gone, I'm gonna Macgregor
I come from the great Mcgann. I shall go on. I spoke my country's name in my native tongue. I said era Tell you what I mean is about. I can't wait to hear those irish and brazilian chance Goin back and forest. Can you can't wait to hear the sound of head kicks from the crowd as fuckin giant bright eyes I want, I want to shoot my myself like lightning bolt through his chest. You sound Scottish, well he's gonna, like is actually from Scarborough you're ruining did you say: totters knew TAT to the tiger and stomach you're fired up son I set about like Daniel cover it with that bullshit such good work. It looks like a three damaging look at him, Democracy had mother, Fucker people, gotta edges, themselves on all the old man and his eyes.
Finally, a mother fucker, there's no job any any motivation. Nother doesn't always, but now stuck on a ship economic counterfeit. How can you not? hey man. What is and what did you see, how all those brought in the jungle fight guy be Reno? How does it dont bill? How do you not know but pull up a visit? Josie, although brings in Jonas Bill hurry he's hole. Dont know how to set. It said the Duke name, but the point is the dude we he brought in can emulate Connor perfectly. Built like economies a beat seemed, does move like he's good dude he's gotta see this guy. First of all, pull out of them. The highlight of the pool, pull up a highlight, real fur Jonas Jungle Fight Champ Jonas B
EL age. A are. I am H. Oh I've seen this dude fight before he's a bad model, Fucker fights one forty five and you it's the same style that Conor die the fuck. Is he in the US that he will be eventual sure he's a beast means: Ghak ensures got a contract with jungle, fight use their champ. You know it's a big brother. An organisation trouble for time of events on a mimic that start wisely issue with Tom washed. His cat is cats. Good did look a bill Irina. This is him. His is the com, speed but watch others guy moves around. He moves around exactly like car and he fight Southport watch others. Mother fucker fights like this looks just like law is just one way to get his wife did he's he's here, that nasty, kicks he's a real good striker. All he's gotta viciously that fuckin switch kicked the head duties built just like on exactly what he moves like Connor. To look at this mother, Fucker Oval, he's good Kicks are battling carnage about that here.
It's too man he's good bill no no job, man strictly But another stand over now: ism ISM Emma may champ he's nasty. Do look at him he's not Joe so this is the guy over Miss actually got Connor's brain and a lot of Opel cobra labelling, I know, is better than Connor. A lot of people think that he could be Connor and Emma may fight looks good, men, man, this fuckin movement, he's
job illustrate left zero job losses? No man and know what his record is to me off sees the highlights Ojeda, bad mother fucker. But well you look easy moves. Just like me looks exactly like and there can be a better trained police nasty. I wonder how he's lost he's, even where, in his hair, like Conor, in preparation for this fight banning all India Watch, this ok now pull up a video of Aldo training with much this. Also, he painted face, look look I was doing his hair he's got his fuckin hair up like continent lowly she s on any. Just like exactly he's doing all this shit, the Konrad. Does he brought him into Mimic Connor Dude on put my entire life. Savings. I see how is higher. Yes, this is a game. Changer scares die black man he's just like exactly iron he's in our he's got that style of movement in the first place, while the three sixty
we'll ticks and Brown House kicks, and all that shit do that's trouble. It's interesting. It's very nice, like in my area, understanding what is ECHO has again been clean. Now eleven hours, promises from Brazil saying well or sage a high and h yeah, I might have a new boyfriend guys know Joe, is no joke. I like gotta, he's better kicker than Connor. Better! we now psychic see Connor's kicks or almost disdainful, you watch Throw this kid she throws is kicks, allowed. The way like exactly like bitch just throw this kicks out there, so he sings in areas at last everywhere in Spain by taking oil, is not one decision tat once emission we're naked choke he's a bad mother fucker. We flock. Where does he fight what divides? What? If I see the jungle of I try again he's
just one point twenty five five allay their final emanate. Wonder: heretic like fucking honour encounters, not five. Eleven five of these bodies, not five eleven. You see as I'm five eleven countries not close to five eleven uniting, and you know when we find out that you're wrong. That's ok. Guideline take a little cablegram picture with us. How must go instigated this? He slouching where I stood next to him and Eliza CARE. You know I look at you have salutes. I'm upset we're right, you're, right, you're, right, thank yous. Five! Nine everybody require. Isn't yes, Beverly Yoda give up can come on I'm trying to be that this may have nine Conner five eight says says there: five eight, while I'm five, eight and honestly, I think, he's in its taller than me. I think that's not correct scientists established there. That's insane
I don't know, I'm more surprised that he brought in that guy calendar. I Rina, Billow Reno is a fuckin real game change. Cheese us at the gate, change your big game changer, because she's gonna learn how to do that style and bill arenas explained to him all the different set up city does good billowy, no fights exactly car fight. He sets up send punches in a very, very similar way in that's huge make is when you fights only Connor, there's very few fighters, Connor LEO, the cheetah Rhonda Elsie stuff and strove to these Fuckin nine foot, tall dies we get one shot at. You can't duplicated right right right. So now you find the guy. Just like common, more Marian ass, you can see that do that's a fucking gauging exactly a guy came up a lot of money on Georgia, I'm ruined for Canada, Maya. Heart once economy at my brains, I dont be allowed the Josie. I love Conor too. I have no no dog in this fight. A really do me. I want to great violent deliver to high damosel things to be the biggest paypal you ever. It could be its item
Yes, you one hundred so real. He could be over either on these stars them brok of internationally. They certainly are Carter. Macgregor is the star in combat sports history to come out of Ireland. Really that saying this. Lot man caught Maryland our traditional raw blocks rendition here, but if we Mcmullen You boy Wayne, mechanically Mccullough, there's a lot of great boxes and come from Ireland like this. Superstar track for over one million people gates are not the biggest every says on track for women. I miss Gordana go I'll fuckin, rhythmic Connor thinks it's gonna be the biggest ever not Ok, my back condorcet ordain at the six over a million living outside the euro. Can it does over a million for sure it, over a million one hundred percent. The ice It doesn't know how much I think an internationally in Europe, especially. I think we really have no idea how big you, what is the date? It said, gelato eleven to find the kid.
We'll be at the sea expo with ownership known and what is not about how come you guys want, believes you can't touch it about Reebok and show that the ECB has to say about soon. That has little bit gonna, but do they also? What was going on should go and listen if we ever want to do it? Well, we could do. Is next time. Does you have see where you guys want to do something? We can just get a studio somewhere like it at a casino and do a live. A Van Ryan have applied
cats with the three of us we're just gonna stay alive on we'll do the way in and then after the way and will do like a six p m podcast somewhere and they only known eyes. You running a pm show someone at nine p M, show yes sued TAT, eventually, really Antonia live Tom Secure and I will be at the car theatre at em. Gm with a do serve to so lay that's a great shout, Lana you're tired. I just remembered you remind me: I've got to figure out. Maybe I should email shut that someone who, like knows more, but they told us last time that caught theatrics, it's a circus away, theatre that we can do like crazy stuff
come in, like on a zip lie in coming out of your fucking mind, only regulatory authority to rebuild till it's like that. I can ways now you can't do that. You go out there and you got sick, zip lotta, because it would have my long like the Golan Polio else. Do I get to do something like that? It's a cell theatre. You should show some censoring you don't you come in from the time. Unlike my eyes, I thought I'd died at that serve to so late theatre right. I am dying as a commoner Ashley Army to think about I've I'll, go fill of environment, bread, a hitman hearts bee bread. They men, hearts brother of yours, just company, I gotta take a link for this gets going. Why is TAT she looked com for sure, don't duck limit, though not again, sexy broke, don't hate on sexy hey. You know yourself to him. Do I just said the winner of this gets a nose job. Fredo
Dammit Brennan, what's wrong with that high, but let me tell you something about your honor Montoni. Yet a couple beaks herself here we do so throw me under the buzz word. No one's eyes duty has reached its peak. We're probably be clear guys. My nose is price mon, while minors right there waiting as you all know, that has a is the only one that doesn't have the weird knows. How am I to lose? No time in waiting for it to get must stop turning. I went on ass. No right promises, you on your honour- and I, like I like these. Both these girls are attractive to conquer, unambitious. You're. Such a policy should worry about me. The lashing alien to read my army Embayed did said were there will accommodate my request. Let's do this offline kill, sorry, but for one hundred percent dont text in the hurts me.
I mean she's, gotta wrestler, that's our only chance. Did you see the agency s? Identity are. Do follow you on on Instagram? Oh, I don't. Oh, my god. You should look up this thing of her striking the other with what we watched it. Oh, my God, give who you're lucky animal and aunt em the one where she sat in the midst. Less brawls line up up up up up up sprawling she's, a fuckin monster she's the best woman strike to ever grace the use. Ie eight issue. Gonna win this fight them in your mind, all you time at the fuckin minus some hundred favorite, yes, Brian, I think we'll just get a penny. I mean it's gonna be tough, go for because she fucked Carlos Esparza, FUCK Joanna a dead. Dismantled Esparza, so penny early, chick chance, striking she's right under the ground, yeah yeah, it's not resonance jujitsu and a couple of beyond his fights ago, because I've been a creative,
of em, just luckily, you know matched up with the gigs that I do with Joe, and she just happens to be on the car you whatever and two fights ago, she went all jujitsu against the judges. A girl and rolled with our man and her specialty striking and she just GI algae Gypsy. The jets who, having Carlos but a spars, tried, take your Nancy like sixteen times. Success like wants a right lies. If that and a spartan. I would assume that better wrestling penny, so she has her hands for. If I predict, and this I think, J J Knox around in the third round tables, not like out t gales and through I dont like seeing a girl. Has this good at striking to speed up some other girl on the flight? Cyborg GINO Corrado your scene, I advise it look like noisy down my God and the crowd ass, a sexy bees, beautiful sign me the fuck up she, the audience until I asked for economic go out. You wait, you're, just not her stone ass, a matter brought on Dayton, Superman whose Superman
Superman fight, though No, it's just a sexy. Pollyanna does not soon enough. You view camp. If you can't fight you can't fuck that migrant term maybe, but I just don't see him, she needs a fighter. He's a white men are some Fuckin Luke Rock hold Brendan Shop, characters, highlighting all that would have about my right, yeah resources too hot and she's about ass fighter, like she's not going mobile deal with some guy can't fight what he looks. What does she walked around? I wonder how much she way about she's, not little girl China's right. What well, when I saw her she was. She issues will easily the albino wondering what he's Vyvyan says. You choose one sixty when I saw the cheese. Yes, you guys, you think the girls need to be skinny, you're crazy. I lose my feet. London, number, nine son. I agree she's. Just a woman's Georgina crowd to me is the same,
is female fighter. Every wanna make some gladiator babies. That's your fuckin girl honey pursue. No doubt I mean for real man when she fought Cyborg Cyborg was at her Jews and Muslims, Jews. The hurt my feelings that was a hurt, I really like guys should have jumped in their defended. Her would be a guy. Finding I feel, like Roger worker should jumped in then, in defending plucked out of hand was fires such a fucking, be damn. Did they almost are responsible for the lack of drug testing? They did for her they just don't give a fuck condoms. Also, like me, I think cyber won't be Juba. Nice House is with her eyes or intense Logan. I look at her nose, see series irony. I think you know that I agree. I take that back only her in Rwanda, the only to that of an amount of good nose, flattened you know what, but J J, though looks better without make up. I think it's when she puts make up I'm here, God, Damn polo top. Is where it gets trouble she's such a
our country and pulled and pulled tops. The tots like pulling out so happy on Renaissance days like back Reuben. I was good to be Reuben. Ass, it s actually a catchy who prey protected from disease. Nobody, any food items are an ogre pants and L S. First, Polish Yossi Champ First, female european, you have see champion, she is what'd, you say under title: bad: ass, bitch, it's time world my tie champion a hundred percent legit. You watch her more time so crisp, first of all, her fucking is a laser beam. It's so fast, and so technical and confidence viable or she. So starts you doing here, that video of her lighting up the paths. Jesus Christ, that's impressive, Syn! seen agenda, pull their video up the video of her from the. U have see Instagram page just they get a feel for the fucking hands, be this chick per se, fort for the: U S c: they need her to be done at champion to make this was destroyed
straw, wait. Division, presiding, yeah, you're, right heard it dominate bitches like round is, if you have the belt Kanzi switching it's hard for people, Bon Boarding Ryan. I agree. I agree p. I think people are catch on. I confess I like round his arm bar. You know likes you sort of. Has electricity trading Marguerite, untangle watchdogs, Let's Oliver striking is not just professor outlook and animals is now a bitch is when no dismissed, Look at that look up! That's greenwash! This county! Does your worst nightmares fucking you watch your sprout lighted, lighted up, lighted, up brightly, lighted, up lighted up. Let it out lighted up, let it have sprawl. Come on Tonia machine too much my man, it's too much legal competence, she'll get out cheese, her hands. Speed, is wide world and need a girl like that. To defend me a favor,
make fun of somebody to bad they get in my flat. That'll, take its spirit and a camera spirit. I know it isn't: look the guy desires, girls, totally normal sick, but other guys, movement that doesn't speeded up at all. We also spew she's, a hundred and fifteen pounds of fewer run boxing today to man lives. While you know yet met no you're gonna throw your hands in the air. They don't. I'm gonna hit things your hands. You have another box way. Mcculloch makes me we're headgear right dammit. When I hear he hates it. No, I hate that you think you fighting? That's what he hates you. Don't you guys I've already on me when I see one way and when you sit down there in the middle the round from a dry out? That's true, I am forty eight. I just don't care last time I hit. Why do job Chirrup? Last time I hit meets a cute to do it so hard. It's it's exhausting two or three times a week.
Are you sure you know what it is? I have helped you out given shape and right what's wrong with you favour almond shaped dear. If you had a sip tween round, I dont have to sit anymore between Razumihin solar energy. You know every time you sit, I get a text from so he's, not their brains. The only guy doesn't have already been Maloney. I see sport, no long term multiplies on your brains, the guy who IRAN steer people. How to me, How can one say looming I'd Brian? the true that in between rounds and you sit down a guy comes in Texas, your hair, yes, and let me down without with a town, has a Bentley bill. Is it true that way when you're sparring you get free that you're sweating too much? He comes. Our consumers motivation things mire upset you that your wetter and round to than in round one sometimes good when I'm, when she Often it is so cool she's, a bad ass, regular I would eat her. Ass
You did knows, deepen and probably have to she can and may I say elbows- is to save she's not be that, as you know, your dinner that nice carbon nerve racking kiss. Kessler is noted. Nobody knows beak to be picked up the leak to be dug it. Let me explain something: you are you fucking guys right now you gotta get your job interface that is followed with a fuckin, serious cash. Ok predictions around T Caille by Africa, yellow round to Roger worth of jobs and airy go? This is the we're watching the first of all. These certainly does anybody know what the carriage and I reject the idea geology everyone by decisions. She suggests you bring the short up we'll play. Like the wishes movie tonight on the feed to thrown up a nice crisp jack to change, and I made you on a ticket around one, come out
jumped a guard. I like that jab o fucker. Don't kid yourself! Guys pen has been training huh Do that job that you're gonna has. As I want my marriage ass. All of them, and may I agree, she mixes it up to the body to the chagos. Yes in the pocket that left took pakistani right. There's a buyer. I tell ya, do understand when standing in the pocket Mwanza world, you have the exchange like these. Exchanges she's, getting to ask your put our joint Halfgar guys got tat, something that is the real deal with bananas. Very take down I'll. Tell you that Sullivan the ultimate fighter, she's, really good at hectares, has good luck. Taken fucking Jane is she's. Gonna, take your lines taken or back years behind her brain. You realize this is undertaken while
he's gotta headlong merit. As you know, Headlong Minero you have sent Rhonda loves his fuckin position. Eighty round with big juice used containing this escapes run as a european aid, is fuckin he's taken some shots. Man come on in keeping our eyes open to what I I don't like Jays Long board shorts mean either shoulders round her shoulders, keeping their protecting your chancellor oh right, when it comes to destroy a chocolate del style right, don't let that Fuckin Roy Nelson right hand had exact any. Those great timing by penny is now right back up by back up much unlike alive rise for pay really behind down. I don't know man. Could she such an underdog? I agree Mile Brennan, I'm with I am really liking. You're gonna take down to the USA needs J J to win, but its fitting that are names. Panic
Europe is going to beat our legal wet noodle did the other way. That's good kind of transport of this balance is taken out. A fact is that when I do Joe is did display eighty, when I see them commonly down the drain, that everybody is them. I didn't see him fuck and flashing lights, standing on its macaroni joe, but I'm Dunham, suppress you keep religions While the niceties of body lifelike pen, ass, you do an atheist lies needed, the money is going to tire her out. You guys, I told you. Nasty elbow on the clench nasty we can hold on related scientists, savour seal back and forth. Gunnar visit via around five kids. Yes, sir, oh don't you left her
then they can take it I'll. Tell you that my ass, you can she's taken some good shot. I mean they're a hundred feet, impose Jessica training with penny. She turned and I get it. I mean she trains. She turns out bushes jimfred jitsu. Until she goes there all time, shoes at rain for a long time in the show, so trains add Rocha Vieira Bisbees. I'm excited about No, there's your champ! Yes, she's gonna catch her! Any second do I now I'm sorry you may she gets omitted Tony, it's an it's impossible. Doesn't go higher Jesse. She had her. She got hurt yet another had o elbow. She's talking, I hadn't goods leakage allow those here who fuckin helps by you.
Can't nobody, I had no right those little slightly illegal minutes ago you get away but she's gonna go to your button recover there you go to their chill fuck you're like vertical school Chillun recover egyptian easels legs. The machines are fucking cobwebs, but those are all legs girl legs are all oft decanting, not change a fuckin bats. Will sinewy look at those little snaps, it's a weird, see she's we come in at this moment. It is smart. Super smart rather the parties about axing thing. You do latin or cobwebs clear. A little better than she Swiss Botz couldn't stand him up. I had to give way to go up to your feet, clean to school. They back up, didn't want about screwed up just go Pinochet. Man, she's game is far too. Don't kid yourself, Comma Jessica.
And you know what are the parting words around and around it was. It was a hundred percent logistical last year she did, but she shown that she's game is far from it in their common Jessica. Don't worry and by the way, you know you gotta, think that this is fucking wearing on with making our fight that kind of ruling grappling extreme exchanges is get aware on your honor. And so slow down. Fools and ask your right hand. Look at us very nice. Look. Got great timing great time in an action which is the real deal mare, which is forcing her to wrestle. When she forces that are wrestle you, this life nasty elbow on the clean hands? one. The pomp and I get inside man doesn't she has mean yeah she's mean both your hard life is important. Work like that and if you're fired,
turn skinny little weary chick if man hardy right the parasite, the boys are knocking at the door to take on a day to drown. Out of my uncle. Ammonia is when they got one of these guys on the planet. After when they stick nice she's funny to she's gotta get sensationalism like me cracks joke, always use at a challenge. Obama! That's right! we'll tarnish the sergeant lay open for you in Poland, what just over a dozen different budgeting is sitting on a shelf shut. She straw at these one punches one and one two and used and do that? What you're gonna she just so ready to be their right when that second punch gets pulled, that will specify you're lookin for a takedown yo through more one shot, the especially if she doesn't anticipate a third or fourth punch common like no change of angles, no apricots you so she's look the one if she throws the one, the tooth comb behind it? That's about it and she knows she's can be right there pulling back.
And then countering instantly when that punch pulls back judges to high level to deal with that bullshit eluded that running their total, maybe I'll, just say the gap, though police the clenched, the man you man, you're, get the planks, but she's gotta be careful that head the wishes at Heather Pinnate. When you watch the ultimate fighter. She took a lot of girls down from that headlong position illegally. As this did you know tat our position here. I'd like I'd kicks out on us. The African. Let's go girl was doesn't do have a few words about people take it down, but TAT was an ass standing right there, man, but cashiers she's tough, do honour toes really get Mozilla straight, laugh out chapter the bodies now to look at this combination. Hannay's region combination nasty. Despite close being over gentlemen, it's gettin rough. Let's get rough pennies just taken a breeze gas
come on pay less a third round loved a movement of you on the way she slides away from things that comes right back in attacks. There's those had kids she's loosen. Now the out like a man like you got down. Oh no, oh, she saw her nose for citizens in the wide open. Just is. Finally, this combination that hand speed is, would think you lose holy shit. You look in the clear she lands and elbow right to that same spot on the no it's a smart. A penny for gear is right. Behind him. She needs to bleed inside, want his ear. Gary knows inner ear and not she can take serious punishment mash,
and ass to evaluate the faculty and be broken. That's together elbow will I never noses splatter wanted all who gauges will hands down. Is this just allow tears? That knows. Look at this look at her face penny challenges head too? is barely mess. Ten again, don't you have got you wanted. That's not the left kick and when she goes out there look at you come in. Covered loneliness call me me me three other, although Simon that clear what I've never seen a female fighter fucked another grew up with this much damage ever look at her face vanishes insane losing a monster movie. She has a giant dash on her nose, real quick Tonia still into this, I'm I loved look. Look at my girl, she's covered in our opponents like a fuckin warrior and you're still attracted more attractive
I like winners. Turning, that's all the gay in turn, by only on the surface itself, informed and re examine every woman. You, you fucking. U chauvinists, he's appearing easy, imagining her with a strap honouring tawny care about Kalen left eyes closed her right eyes off, the two men dude eyes, oh Jesus, look at this Carlo area. Half is just remember: J J, a hundred fifteen pounds, fucking girls up you'll, see damage like this in the female to the body task. Just major just play is a bad bad, bad motherfuckers issues its fitting that are names panic. It looks like they ve no oils Europe on the years go, you must put them, but I say the better one, thirty seconds so hard to find somebody. This good, looking blood I mean
the tomato sauce two months away to a third round. So big arouse predictions right, not about head. What are you doing new favour female fighter? She's a beast Now a staff numbers J J J, my feet where new sectors be action, my I sit around to kill baby, This is so impressive and look at this pinnate still for the treaties is reprehensible son We all know that this thing's tiki on the third day we see flower on. I am so it's like. I'm a fucking alliance, lock Unimpressible, my god. I love her look in London.
Cash on her nose up. Oh my god, look at the cutter knows. I'm never seen a colonels like that. But now we are we here now because the female will they started early fills a male wherefore depends not experience with his email fighting we're in Germany right. Oh, my God has a huge gap. What are you doing out while they adrenaline on it and they try to close it up the closet with vastly ouch out a fact that I think it was an elbow that litter elbow myself right there immediately the bribes last J J, I pay refined are now a tony I'm on board onawandah fucker but she's. My fear, untidy she's, my favorite fighting this marriage is bad, real, quick. I never watched her final you'll be honest. I don't watch while the girl for Sis Ii Rhonda fight somebody in that way. Class with this kind of striking would be variants asylum really that we will have no real and in two thousand Do I know
Her nose, lighter she's had mash, not a bad ass. You gotta give it our man Jessica, Bananas. No joke generally been. I know you don't get to this level without fuckin mean tough come on man. This is different. This is more than tough. This is send him well, yeah sure releases. This is fucking. Well, no easy choices. I won't easy to know for sure. Take it. He cannot Jessica while come on girls, solar, oh baby zone, prove just companies, toughness man, Miss Opera House out, Perhaps if you please not I've never seen a little hundred fifteen pounds female fighter, but the girl up like this in my entire life, so good cyborg doesn't do this to girls, have funded and jackhammers thy hands, but she's. Not this contact me now why things calculate look at the wealth above and below. Don't let her get trees price, but only one whose nets for J J because China programmes earlier cod
today in her had a really close fight. She wants decision yea time out the other two point, o J J yeah I was, the different J J, we should not be another elbow for sure finishes: ransom right, don't Asia! What are you talking about? What a frozen or will rebooted manlike reboot scones, just reboot rebooted bullshit circular, held out on recording, is still live right, recording patents, but just companies, not hired contacts windows. I mean she's she's tired, but look at her when she keep Movin Man solitude she held out offers out out. She was so tough, doesn't have an answer to this. Who does look at the swelling. Oliver face still moving ahead still so it penny is definitely game. Kadesh air, hands up damn hands up.
Dressed out left hand this young. Why stressed out I'd like to see girls get FAO? Really I don't it's late, I'm economies urban and are neither lasted. I'm excited cringed. I know my hands on M J J a fucking nightmare machine judgment touched. No, no joke! That's for sure man! Protection it's so beautiful unless you're going to do? That is also why I like us. She switch is up to South Orthodox either can easily directive a job is ridiculous. Dare ouch up just Epinay with clenched you want to go a little careless they're just trying to drag out of the ground, not just congested dragon. I look at this hard to get down to knock her nose off of the large hard together down on the knee,
you why it skirting that girls face is a hell of a fight fuck? It is man, I think it's interesting that the Euro see as male centric as it has for so long is a leader in feminist, like a feminist activity like a leader in women's fighting at its evidence as adding a man's right. Well, there's no women's boxing of any Homenas right. Now you don't, of any women's champions? Nobody talks about in the dark. Exist, not while others in Victor right there all female, but today's lapsing mean. There's only does only lion fight that has women's? Why tie fights time bomb sees us about asking, should I just watch a day or so and present a tweet it out as a God, Damn tiff time by these she's a beast, get a girl like that refer to certain get a growing ass, a learner sprawl right enjoy the while young age in your hands. That is our ago. What she's at that same level, if not
yeah she's. A maltese and measuring shock is does not entail. Any Tiffany could go. Do Somalia, she wanted say up. That's when you get a superstar another judge it can't we soon elbows mantles, elbows and tight Jason going finisher form a girl. One when we learn your notices that way what what is the doktor do their stuff. It, though, My second puddings them in it, but like up it, but in the back ass. They set. You knows, I'm gonna set twice. I said it so here. Adrenaline hostility to Iraq in right hand now start sets a status that big brown call it. An alien financed crazy, she's, a beast. She is Can beast scary? Look at that boy no one likes our son.
Whose now, though she said, what does you haven't told you get far tonight? I love it. What has now just fucking bad ass? She so cool policemen, mad respect for just now, nine at too high a fan favorite. Now you cannot be a thing of looking to fuck. You do look at our nose, God knows now when you get a gas like that he's that'll. Do them learn his easel that that opens up easier. The next time, re, scar, Tis well yeah on the nose is not too bad. It's on the eyes were in trouble. If I mean What are you gonna, they're, gonna repair? It will do a great job and you see the who the fuck showed I recall Pennington Route, brute campaigns, big, gash forehead essential made pictures of it before and after like the job that they did preparing it, they didn't amazing job. You can't even see
This car- I don't know how to fuck that get it. I mean they have like really good plastic surgeons. These days, those are tissues, a Motherfuker man in people scarred differently like black people, they tend to get more key, Lloyd, scars and under for some reason their scars, like they there like thicker well type cut scars, stick up higher, Depends on the person depend, its islands, genetic whose job after I thought croak up at the kitchen, my nose with an elbow ten. Worried as I gotta my me, fuck from now on, the doktor like no, your nose pry will ever break again because what the way they structure it a bit there so advanced now stronger. Why stronger after regular. How do they do? What are they doing? I'm not shirk is. She threw out what like shattered my nose into pieces granted, but like a mesh net and it almost pay, so there never face, isn't taught us look at her fucking face like adjusted his face. I feel bad did, however,
she look like in the six hours. That's all former look at this fuckin monster not touched, not touched She's been Yosemite that far ahead of you and striking what you gonna do meant try and take them down to she's far ahead of her and grappling, but not just say, yeah notches far ahead and striking, but take down defences. Well unbelievable, take ideas or take dont differences, nasty, credible balance, their hearty broken, the fucking conversely stars are totally about to take its MIKE from home. If you feel at the other ones, have its current practices. We can hear this. Not really it's more of a beat well as a kind of warlike when you have see as a world
this sort of like when the United States Veda can Hannibal WAR, I guess or what but now we got touched gimme a shout Could you imagine my number one when Tony Hinge Cliff golden pony golden plenty of taboo idea to success and victory? I think she said it. It's our belt. Place, doesn't get his face. Kid, that's not resolve or spoon to see changes. My favorite her angles are amazing. Dammit marker, seen enough God, damn she's good
I agree with you. A big brown is so important for this division to have a dominant champ like that to really make her but excited about it. Think you think if there's no Rhonda one thirty five, what do we do not want? What do you do it again? Just announced change, nonstop, there's nothin, there's! No, the problem with round it that way class those it less. I board and get down to one thirty. Five who do you anticipate even a channel round is a different story because she's such a deal champ and she just destroying it. Now. It's like I, this cool, like she's, like she's, move past that point for one fifteen we need, but around is already gone pass at point where we have have some sort of competition because, like I bet when you fight in Brazil over the numbers of great concern, destroying bitches the MIKE Tyson effect where you're too good words. I call up I'm like a spin Seventy dollars, you see or merk some grown fifteen saccharine gives the Coptic is, then not that you not find good.
Fighters, but people soon that they're, not good and round, has just been. You know, spoon FED, which is not true. That fuckin elbow. Do you think Cohesion has a chance. That is really not sure. Nothing. L, oh really bad, in your talk, show about random document suicide. You fucked up dead While she said you said he heard it gone, doesn't commit suicide after the fight she It is apparently said she didn't know that her dabble in unbeliever now, don't believe me. I think she had too much he and then The gas pipeline rose button, but you you give. The reason of breaking out of luck and armed, because her dad what do she's in trouble but the Euro is doing everything it can to black guy this one's me close we're centre to Brazil to fight in the home country of batch now come on.
It's too much man, but we did not want, is for but the public of use it as all their just tossing anyone Deronda, but that's what's best available, not run. This fall. There's your girl time motor him, keeping my eye these coaches are getting a little touchy. Your girl Does she have a nickname? Now, need to make one for you, Sir Thomas J, J J What is a good name for him, and I, like Jj market that man, you know I like Jj. I think I think you nailed it the other one, the jerk a dick. I don't think we should use that money last, drugs zone impressed with her Mammy, two fuckin technique saw spectacular scary little thing. She so good.
Dude. I've never seen a female fighter just destroy grown breakdown and do that damage better than Cyborg where's away, better waymore way more skilful and not just overwhelmingly physically dominant. It's all technique, yes to law, not destroying girls with submissions which is not like cutting breakin on destroying this girl logic. Darien. Her had a very close fight this this the next one. In line Karadzic Delia, they went to a fuckin split decision they went to war manic day it took her down like a day, is James Good Day is pretty, and by the way I thought tat, you won the fight I could tell you won the decision. I thought it was very close. You will want to resign yeah club twelve and one in that one is to you on a day like the one. It is an honour and the one was a very fucking close fight. Guided J J now they fight. I want to a year and a half ago yet who deal with it
engage area it was before her word title fight with it was to set up the click of title fight with Esparza. Michel water, since in their division, but you don't know edict she's, not only you have known you see now really brought assign. You see: yeah she's, a similar issue of heavenly musk muscle to wonder if some of that help area where she might have positive, well, Michel waters in they'll be submitted. Just go. Penny show our sense of bees. Now she is beasts wearing Jackson. There enough your turn. Fischer? Stop, don't you what I was on his super marketable Michel waters, and she really pretty tat is true. While they that man and they need to make that she's ready, because you won't be pre empt assurance tend to on pretty far you does look who's next, whose neck sex, next June last night's showing twenties, even to man.
She's. What do I need not one when she, what does she stages strict more time that looks like boxing six time world share buses debt, I got great hand it's off somewhere, she home indulgently, more ties. You know, realize boxing as well like there's a lot of my time. Photos I ll yachts implies a fucking. Bad ass boxer means more. My ties not mean that they don't have good hands. Especially today, in this day and age, before guys, like Remo, Decker came over to HOLLAND. A lot of those guys didn't concern the hands as much once the european guys, and once some of the american guys started going over to HOLLAND in Thailand, inviting you see, to see a lot more hand, techniques from the ties, the elbows or the other
funding? Just people are really good with elbows man that do so much damage other, don't like what she des only get croak up, Connor Macgregor, two thousand eight cranked up my own wheels. It's always resented whose I'm lookin sharp. You really step this game of Europe, big head. Yes, it does not in the future, That's what I was sixteen down man. You know he was about to retire two years ago that the red I had a friend preparatory friend got so bad it up in a fight that they told their freedoms. Fight again is really worried. Like thing about his life, in fact, when my doing was out of the Germans coach call him, you see, offer them. If I didn't have to fight Allister and embargoes, didn't ask reform over an organ farmers like Africa Topic, how crazy Anderson Silver same thing. We base who's gonna,
walk away, and no girls like no man, let's see what you gonna get signed by the USA. Does fighting web address, leave it yeah, use, retired and I'll. Give you that my own group that says that use? I would think that no Derek, there's big nod was like no man just keep going for a little bit. Let's see what happens, and he talked amending legislation do now and he's in this weird predicament to the drug testing, where they apparently they found like he had two to sample, does and one of em tested positive and the other one from a different lab did not as positive. So this is dispute as to which one was correct. That's weird, the thing that makes me see just denies it like you should just come on back, listen! My leg was fucked up. I use some stuff to get my leg better. I think he said that I don't think you did he's be out what from what I've Harry's denied any bit of it really yet cause. You went on alternate fighter in here.
I've never taken. Spirits is bullshit, it's all scam. I thought he said Andrews. I thought I had understood admitted to taking something to heal is leg, but it was out of competence. In and then once he because he tested positive more than once. You know tested positive before the before the fight in camp and then he tested positive, and after the fight, but an acid negative after the first positive, I'm almost fascinated with those those moments in your life, where one person says one thing to you and it changes the course. Your life, leaning united me like bosom. I will know tat, don't don't quit. Keeping on maybe one more and you think of those times that were seminal in Europe in your life that one person one teacher one guy says one productive thing do or one negative thing, but I stopped competing. I stop fighting and focused Hunter percent uncommonly because, as one kid at an open like night said to me that I really good when I first started, but I've drifting off. Oh fuck is right
I really is yours. I didn't get upset of like he's right. It was six months and it's done Instead, as it's done so important so important to hear just as it were that I was too are stolen Brian. The talk we heard right about not fighting anymore and how I need a move on, but we are talking, are stuck in a name more carts, head coach, I sent him what make tweeted out, how he made all the excuses and they treat backing guy you you and feeling tat. He was sick and, like none, I get that. I get that it's time to move on men who have got the town, it's your guys duties to move on, and then it hit me. I'm like this is why fuckin YO was so honest with me, because if you can skip around it Nick and you leave that you know like you, cannot open doorway about their feelings. I can come with a meal. Excuses, why can be world championships in, but you have the floor? It's gonna hurt like a mother, fucking might ruin career, but you just fuck,
him right straight me, be dead, honest does even coaches right now he can. Figure this out magnano mother fucker. It's over. You have got to tell him it's time to move on, like yeah, but he might do this for what so there you see. Given these young lines, they make a name off alone for white Man gives the heat the vicious there's things were seen where it's not good, yeah, there's a sort, point time with your new times past you you gotta understand when the time is in you would understand. When the time is. Is you have to be objective with yourself? You have to be answered. Self- and you need something to tell you- you can't be objective in honestly self! Does you dont get elite level fighting being objectors rang out, because you know do I say: believe I can be a champion ya. Do not you know no matter especially now and what a philosophy beads for doom and then you look at our Laskin, your fight, which is you obviously one that fire deftly beat up. Look at
No one can be champ yeah yeah, which would which is great. But to me it's like when I know it never hit me till tat stuck in the night and other go my god this. What Jody do with me like you, you have to be so fucking arson You can't tiptoe around their feelings because they're not gonna get it's really weird like some. As you see. First act like I preaching, but doubt Lily last week was the first time I ever like. Oh my god, I get it does fighters you don't get to that level. Without this crazy confidence, man and people TAT, Stephanie, and sometimes not guilty of the block that out to go what's also different anything else. I give you a musician, nor would ever talk like that, but the difference in Vienna, musician, making bad songs and Vienna fighter in getting punch in the face
you're going to suffer for the rest of your life with any unnecessary damage you take and the more you can stop that, the more you can have a great rest of your life. You know what a friend told me, though, when I was we're argued Mountaineer, unlike Bro I'll fuckin talked on right, give me an eight hour very close and I'll. I'll talk to him, but he goes. I hears the different stream Joe talking you and you talk about Nate is you have their options I'll have never find again. I'm example: fucking fine met my life's actually better. Now, I'm not fighting so much way better knit. What's not gonna do true or any fair, not allowed wants to see us multinational coach time. My heart, most guys, don't Therefore, when kids, they also don't have that kind of personality that you have. The translates really easily into podcasting fuck, around and being flanking around. What are you doing you, as you haven't finally give pain funded around here? Are you fucking around crack and jokes? And you know that's that's entertaining and he's not that guy, but undertake
but they're down start now. I guess, there's navies goes use that easy freedom sake, as you can walk away, need to make more money, not fighting gale. You, like yeah seal everything's, great dandy, these other fighters. They don't have that men fall back. There's no for one kid: there's: no retirement price, NATO's for kids, a wife, a mortgage bills. Findings is number one source of income. You see him and an elite he's not getting like stone, every shod that lands are Grey Maynard, Gray Maynard bugs me. You know I really like that. Guy's love remains a good dude and a great fighter and came back when the world title, and now you see him when he gets lit up on. You see his body to start short circuit outbreak in its heart. What what? If Reebok, did this to help fighters out? What is the little off this and what, if Reebok said, to help fighters out to join and paid when you fight right, so geyser hustling, trying to figure things out what if in awfully
like as a money enough to use the other money to their drug tests in every fuckin finer, a million times which is expensive. What if Reebok, did a monthly payments system will not force, take fights, reuniting, injured and shown up her fights? What, if he's a monthly plan? It's not that I have enough. There's none of money invested in this evening about the seventy million dollars every bar put in over six years, which is nothing it's not much at six fighters. I'm gonna fuck me millions of Erebus nothing but took to give people enough might live comfortably bodies they comfortably understand. It helps out because the final solution, tons a month is right yeah, so you make that up in there. Not for you not. You know, risk in fighting injured stuff. Like that brain trauma you they get their monthly summits. Maybe, but you know what the real problem is- securing a future outside of fighting and what a guy like you have more potential outside of fighting now than anybody and more you ve ever had before and as your podcast, your podcast fuckin giant right now, and it's growing this crazy rate
Are you guys area millions, millions it downloads every month? It's gonna, keep don't go anywhere. You want to go and just get stratospheric. They don't have that they don't and you have like all this thing. You have something to work for, like you see You see like progress and excitement. It's like you're making a smooth transition. These guys have that and when they don't have that, there's literally nothing talked you boy, shame you know what his car when doing is working as an engineer does is not the same as being the fucking heavyweight. Shamefully, you see is not the same. The glory when he smashed Frank mere. You know when you smell Frank Mere and got a hold of them. Could tie Imagine that clinch adjust wrap in those fuckin, apricots bananas. Go lorry just glory on the highest level excitement as level an end and also you getting a paycheck, and the government gets a big piece of that paycheck paychecks. Now much anyway. No yeah like the present a document which is true at it
four fighters most in my references, all dogs, don't gotta- have in fact it's not like the movies man, the Saint Mark, Wahlberg Movie, where the credits wrong he's walked off than sunset with a bag full of naturally not like that We all know guys that while we talk to them, we see the diminishing things. We see their eyes, not focusing right. We see their game One of the things about me about watching. Nate fight was how closest stance was, there's something that happens when when fighters get hit a lot legs. They start moving their stance closer and closer together and it's like they don't have that wide. Like you know, Sierra Leone Conor fights guess, wives, Nantes, athletics, Naething. When, when guys get hit alive, they start moving their legs closer and closer together, and it's almost like they dare balances, factor motors, gills or affected its ones.
Should I talk to a guy. Metzger is working with this company in Dallas that rehabilitates people from traumatic brain injuries, and it's one of the things that they talked about the gate, you could see the differences in the way people stand in the way they move in the way they move inside the ring. This is Brennan, I'm talkin about whether or not- and it's a very tricky thing to pull of whether there should be some kind of an expert body. A governing body experts who can look at somebody in their fight and say you just can't find any more. You lose your life. Ok, but you say that But how do you know how to stop or Lansky from fighting speakers philosophy was on the way out, ll ask he get starched by fate or rice starch flat line. He gets starts by Serjeant Sergei heritage of kitchen. Aren't you like force ass? The bigfoot beat the fuck out of him by, rumble, smashes them in the first round breaks his job and you
looking him nice stop now becomes back to the sea winds. A couple fights not Travis Brown and is next in line four, I would say I would say the answer, those that's a hard case in the reception, hard cases, don't make good laws and an eye, and I hear you can outlier now Ireland and I think, if you'd, have to weigh the overall sort of benefit to to con too that so so I do think that I do think that most of those those comeback decisions could be avoided. You'd have you'd make most definitely very good. If you had a group of people who really know their shit and they took in all the factors, most people would go that person thirty six years old. Whatever is thirty. Seven thirty eight he's been starched whatever many times he's not I'm moving! This aim right. He's gotta! Stop! Ok, I'm only Goran Primate. How do you tell him to stop when you tell people? It's ok, skydive. We Toby
so category like anybody with suit and jump offer. I have but also worth it like a farm. Professional fuckin swimmer! That's like me got you haven't this great crammed like this is fucking crazy man. I got well yeah, you jump, and why are you where you fighting it punch in the fishing rights from same shit, Russia? We know what we're sign up for the same shit, though in, and the reason is that the same shit is that head trauma and end the damage these guys are taken, their pay for for the rest of their life and its life. Shortening I dont think you could say something about things like swimming and think Why? So? You don't think we know that that's like and I hate campaigns or soldier. I understand, like a soldier sign up for the Marines, get going out on a fucking drawer, get shot me like what fucked us is bullshit and addressing the fact that, for you don't get to be a fighter and a great fighter like allow the guy's without being objective is probably not your friend ring when you're a young man in all sorts, though full
everything, but it would you want to do things I shant Montana, which, if it was up in him, you'd still be slang for Basel foreigners at sixty years old for every athletes keep go until well there found them. It's very simple rat nope this young guy, we're not painting immortality. Why really bombs me out that they go after a garlic, Roger Clemens, for using growth hormone to throw a ball faster, safer considers like why I like he's yeah he's using some stuff, but by the way that stuff illegal- it's not like he's using math. Ok he's using stuff, that's legal: you can buy it that your box or to see anyway your body produces in anyway scientists developed it. It makes your body work better and all these do his prolonging his career, throwing a baseball, sees investing in itself, no one's getting hurt from Roger Clemens, taken growth, hormone and still throwing guess what every guy they speech into is on the same shit. Now. So what's the point and he's not hurting these got now: it's not like he's kickboxing, and because this is allowed, you know he's showing up with
or human hormone levels that allow them to absorb punches liked it that's just guys down as raw than delay in his pride with that kind of shit. That also comes back down to the old idea of competition sport on a fair playing field. That's where that's! That would be the argument that the commission would make an baseball right did say. Well, you know you You you're, you have an advantage, then overly doesn't have an advantage because he still just a pitcher and its knowledge through some one hundred ninety miles an hour when no one's ever seen that before making overthrowing he's throwing pitches added normal speed mean he's doing anything unusual You know, I'm saying I do it's me. I think baseball's, why the worst arguments I agree, I urge the skin and the amount of crap that very month took like just be.
Boot and brought we get our knowledge on regions right now brought. He just broke that three thousands home run. It's insane pass. A canker babe Ruth option that is european, will cover their theirs alone, ticker at the bottom, but there's not a lot the Yankees he spoke of these borders, not theirs. Now user say nope. We can't mark because you known as the steward user, he's like what the fuck to my contract. You owe me six milliners if I hit this mile stone. That's never been done. How many are saying no became? Do it how you now you tell me can't market you so you voided the contrast. I'd been tests above zero. Is it true that public sector, so that he did avoid, is contrary to meet illegally? Avoid that I got? I am I I don't know the contract, but they're, not Panem, and open up a fight either why The very Bonteen anyway, I'm already gotten gloves, are very want bonds, one nine, seven shitload an end that start knocking w necessarily field balls to that level. On that scale, will that's not true
It's gonna help. You run faster ain't gonna, get to the ball quicker. But I'm saying, like you said to your point of a great deal of baseball, is skill and I would say steroids for four baseball. Allow you to play longer so so now definitely allows you to hit a ball harder. You have sent annually at aspects castor. You know you bad ways less too, but you also play longer. You can also just play a near lay thirty, were you probably couldn't, because your bad speed slows down not yeah. Do you think this is comes with bully and all this shit do think with society become a little bit sissy fide now it's like petrol is a bigger deal head drums always been there about. We know more about them. We know more about a same time. It's like all. We should stop this for polish and play with helmets. Well, when I signed up football. My grand clash of my homo, your set dates, pregnant save the abbot, but I do it. You thought I was about your bowers wrong. Now we learn more and more about not only what it does, but the long term effects harder to its hard to condone it.
When you know that the people are doing it right now, we're gonna pay a very steep price or could pay for much harder for society. I think to deal with a lot of athletes, their various. I think, if you asked most athletes, I came in your brains. Gonna get fucked up, it's gonna take ten years. I feel I've still gonna. Do it most we say yes well, because we want us better than many honouring ass. They have no other options here. I think the theirs Those stories existed before of the guy who got a concussion in the coach, put him back in there, and then he got paralyzing moments later, but they never get by cast because it wasn't the internet, so those stories were trapped in. Leader, Ohio and some you know, some parents would tell their friends. Would be a tragedy, but it would never make it across the globe. Now, though, story, become huge international stories. You also see your childhood heroes talking about how they don't remember it tight or set. Did that interview and talked about how he just forgets
where he is and what he did to halting coach Hall of Fame player was like. If I knew the repercussions we can have on my players and myself, I would never play football. I would never coach and they go, would you let your sons or your grandkids way? Phobias nope tat, rang Nancy MIKE mother Fucking, Mr Football, Dick at so cruelly managerial and talked about the fact that some once by football- and he said well- that's not gonna happen until you can basically urine what sophomore, Junior and Highschool until your head started about. What may be called Well, then, you not play right stupid, but I don't make us at that material and play what for seven years as I want. My son plan for borrowing is an amazing. Like he's fighting in Emma may in the EU have see in his eye there there's those dangers that football things we really should be worried. Degree reeling. I'm airplane both eyes at ya. Think about bad right, yet neither ones gaff, even new ones, get for your health. What's what's worse, you think
Both were ok. So, let's let us say for example, so what this too than sixteen be my atheists you'll see right eight years in the NFL I'm set for life, I get stipend every every tyrant, plainer forlorn k, I'm good man. I don't have to go fuck in figures up mouse out to do. I can live off that I'll, be all right at full benefits. You see I take some had trauma which I'm gonna get a famine for eight years and I retired January. Second, after eight years, there's no stipend, there's no forum. One K. I have no option cyber figure, some shit out, leasing that fell, I'm still in your head trauma, but least tightly somebody get compensated for down the road and it's not the cease fire, because you'll see right now mean over again their berwin leather helmets of his than a fella falsehood. It's been a long time. It's a smoother brain machine, there's a play as union. So I get that. But if I had to pick least least, if I'm suffer head drama least, I will have the
when I retire. What value saying some back? What do not mix Anthea? What do you think what? But what the from the actual doing of sport- and I know apply- depends on the position, but the safety, safety or someone, Does that duty, free safety take more head trauma than somebody who is an active fighter in the I don't think so now I don't think changes today the attraction of the helmet on and then, if you're talkin, if you're a heavyweight swine with other two hundred, sixty plus pound professional athletes, and when you spot it must now we have. We have more knowledge and guys sworn in much taken as much in o heads, but today I may get hit with a jack from a u of Sea heavyweight. It's gonna fuck your brain up here and you're gonna get hit it's what it's what you signed up for her. There is really no way around now. As part of the game. Talking to Tony Jeffreys mean when he was, he was like calculating in the how many fine tony head trot. How many hit he took them
you didn't have if the five thousand said, if he got hit six times around in the head, which is low, if he got hit six times any idea, how many rounds he did in amateur fights and profile cannot do what fifty five thousand thousand hits the heavier, and I did. I cannot do it on my calculator and he was right. I was I got down, will think about your saint pierre. We know he got hit eight hundred plus times inside the authorizing by world class fighters, how metabolites gloves on how many times you get it and handed Jim. You now a different rounds, spar and he goes hoard, my cabin as those hard her he does and against the very best and once they come. If they come up with a way to regenerate brain cells, they come up with a way to fix, like if they come up with some sort of stem cell injection when they can regenerate your tissue, although more girls were good vodka until it s important world, then psych man
worry about young now, maybe they give you. Some shit makes your way smarter than everybody else. Once you get brain damage like em away with them when they try to reverse engineer the brain, that's a brain power back then, both China and and the southern I'm includes a brain, so complicated. Every everything else. There good new brain can't very difficult to ten year project. Not they just that. I think they're coming with a close to reverse engineering, the red blood cell of a dog, which means that they will be able to do with human, which really means will be able to replicate it with tiny machine. Well, that's what Kurzweil was saying Kurzweil saying and come up with artificial blood cells that are so efficient, you'll, be able to take one deep breath and go to the bottom of the pool for an hour about that about that and spread Zyobite was spent on a breath again is run
sports will never be. The second will be an ever be. The same will be fun without nears mantle strength will be a bigger now it's gonna be so different of the inner, be what the technology in your body. What can you I know it's cool. It will not cause people to me, like you know what I want my kid, the play like Lebron James and look like Brad Pitt. Well, That raises that raises not again raises everyone on the playing level through. I, like you, want people be different from what it raises. What like, then, if say, you could do that. So you can engineer like the perfect person right then it would then it would be great Really. What we're questions about? What a human being is because some what we define a human being, and you know what ailed I will and there really right now, just figure out how to make someone smart or make someone have a good personality created. Make someone have a funny sense of humor. This sense of humour, especially unity, carefully engineer, though the computer I put it all together and do you mean you have a guy lively, Brad Pitt. All you want is somebody like you comes long Guph Saddam falls,
hard times. I'm sure he's now used. Yes, huge, like look at you you're, not genetically engineered aria. What would you have done without that? Probably star in we were fuckin sign that Russia and, along with it, the girl, that's what we were talking about that like with an athlete where we're like there is indeed the human element. There's the immeasurable there's something called sense of humour, personality things. So we're done when athletes are you can you can make the best athletic Ackerman facets jumped the highest. You know all that stuff, yet so how they don't win games away. Somebody who does all that stuff in an average way does not as well so weighing Gretzky, didn't, have the fast snapshot and even close with fast a skater. Somehow we could put altogether. Western becomes. How much of a factor is that measure in when you talk about how good an athlete somebody with as Larry Bird, You know very bird was never a great athletes, but his fuckin accuracy and those three pointers is Jimmy had a diverse demeanor and confidence
and its ability to get into the other players. He had the biggest trashed augur. Yeah, I mean you know you Canada, guy, the cigar pasty white, do didn't look anything like James, so lost so dope endeavour. That is that that weird human x factor that, thank God, exists, Jack as technology may be moving forward, but a twenty year football fan when you watch it. Do you care that there's brain trauma going on of course, yet fuckin crazy? We still watch it every Sunday here. In fighting you what like use. What so you realize just Japan, Canada is got brain to adequately, don't ever fun. I got so. I got a couple. Bad concussions back in high school wrestling days got stuck in a head scissors and a guy slamming You know he pops back out. I woke up with puke all over me
the man lay issued by you hate that helmet that you aware in the cradle helmet. Those guys contacted you like that. I, like the aid I liked. What they're doing for you know just call me, is a really cool non profit organization that basically tries get the word out there that when you have had trauma he was a veteran think Daniel Damn Daniel Ortega Day or tease I'm sorry! I can't Dana does I think his name is and he runs it and he was using a skin most. Oh, yes, he was a few years or all of the same opinion as the last, whereas Champions Sardinia for not getting Rita but data within the Military- and, I believe, is a medic and one of the things that they found is that when you have heard, trauma and new call somebody Amelia cool their head right away. It can. It can be very, very beneficial to stopping long term trauma and this I who's the Cry Guy Douglas he his brother's a boxer. He was a box
his brother actually has a Jim, and so he created this. Basically, this cry hum awaits put in the freezer in each put on. After continent clicking answered using. He sent it to you, because you're worried about had trauma turning to the list of August, he stopped boxing What are you doing egos start boxing? Don't There's no reason do and if you insist on a fuckin cool your new Bell wrong when you bomb now, no I mean we ain't held catch movement is not afraid. Then you go home and you put cry or home it. Now, I don't do it I just got that I will now of Albany. Guy was smart, said to you in general, and not a person has a great guy with very small, fraternal fire. No, but I soon it because I think just call me as a nonprofit use barn with wind Mccullough in Macao is just like pop and not allowing with way Mccall way. Mcgowan moves around with me. I try to his powers with other guys, the icy spar, the legally would he do but they're not what does it look like waste? guys you haven't seen me a long time.
We're not gonna help bright brides, footwork spending is footwork spent in all these guy means not fleet. This fucking guy The other girls like so when you take your cry or helmet. Is there a guy with a blowdryer and holster? There things your hair, I e g S, O Brien, is getting him have witnessed not before downhearted still hits The head is still trying to the head. By now. I like doing it, though I liked box- I don't Why are you just Ujiji to that? to start doing. Why don't you do it I'm going to, but why don't you just turn a box. I have time all day. I play tennis. Would you couldn't rambler there good groundwork I miss that I remember when we first our training when first brought Yonah Crossing grace, is you go hard? Man who go out to those living in our union are all this Saturday, Turk and Jake Shields. I can't wait. How do I do
Jake the mall come on. Do you see the way Horican Jake she'll Jane, do Gray Brown said? Thank you unless I'm your own, it doesnt matter brow, because what happens is square up what you gonna do. Me down hold on. What are you guys gonna in San Francisco? Is that what you gonna train up there are you doing up? There would have to do in the punchline. An he's come and work I live two meetings with sponsors, one one for personal and one for the progress, and I wouldn't have fun like raw Jake shields. I can't wait. Yeah be fun for both, recently I mean I have no business research and, I believe, with Jake. First we can make is getting ready to fight all eyes so always work eyes like locks, he's a fucking monster, Jake's Obese, very good man prior humidity way to twenty really know once
one really excited when, once the auto understand my job of inside my my wage, all my feet is less made out of lead. If you cut down here, if you cut down to one forty hours, rest LEO Wrestle opt out at once, more the sunrise. I couldn't stop that kind of way cut loose. Thirty pounds it's hard. I think you could do it. Do to do a good deal. It man well, you're scared, one forty five to do a cooking. No. Yesterday talking about my diet and handling restricted to a five days. Just me bullshit and the whole thing is, I don't know about cloud like so like right now we are like right now known as the gas deal scaler my job. So I would like this type lecture. I looked like fuckin Jean Claude Vandam, like black shirt, but giants he's so enormous. We had need them. We would Dunham, podcast and starving star
I could see the frenzied look in his eyes: he's gonna food issue and horrible. We got it You mean you take away last replaces issue, he orders, he orders you're a sandwich that, because you show me bullshit my way through this time, whereas this that we're that's my mouth nice and it was the show was cooking, show just base of the big round slimmed down, because I don't know re was their knives and watch out Rachel, raspberries, Rachel, re resumption hell. Yes, those people who looked like a Burma, a burly cook very, are early cook view about cooking show depending on the continent. First, it would go your way up. Early was your shirt off. You know, I'd know lunch. It yeah, where I was so hungry, went to jail Lena's tabling. It's so much and it goes. I did you find that this does not seem to me. He looks matter because- and I got some things- are getting it Peter Peter I go.
Products. I am Brian, I'm gonna. Do it all right designers, great you're, not gonna, jump off a fifty four clippings, I'm doing it needs I'd like any other. Please, like you know that I got two cookies you're talking a girl, and I see it like a Mega Braddock Yet you say I urge cookies and pizza man. I tell you what you ve, never seen by you and sometimes a nut you need to see are issued. Here Edith forward a child. I had a lot of food dear, but I can't fuck with army when he has at all. But fair, followed a child is not forego. They have that the cheaply flip over. Not only does it he held each of us it's because of his jewish. Seize the opportunity to fulfil our line of security is like yours, like us. Bear he just may hibernate sector that all you can eat it's. I don't know how he does it do you eat held. I mean how could you do you're lean dude? I love that. I see your post that night words like Moose fuckin meet you on a car that doesn't like when I well. I don't eat much carbs leg of the limit.
I passed a toy going a couple portions a week and I live in a well bred. I don't believe in it. I think Heart is mostly just two: oh and it's fuckin Gaza, its! when you eat it its door, we jewelry massive fuckin. It's just, So I come in lieu of the ground and radically, while I have really good generics for sure, but I definitely eat a lotta good food aid. A lot of very delicate like what was your breakfast I haven't eaten yet given aid- I this bar. So do it? Do you do was like internet foul IONA late at night, late at night have five eggs and I had some steak I want also leap protein at night. I literally haughty, not normally, if I did, that of eight eggs and stake behind would wake up two hours later in a dna, hot sweat and I have to throw the covers off and I would be of awake for another three hours. I can't do it. I guess what I can sleep
carved big ball. Carbs no prob ly wiser when it depends on your metabolic type, apparently from what I've read like that and not give you a questionnaire. Would you can you eat carbs at night and usually about right through the night? If you eat protein fight any protein, I'm fucked see I fight carbs, like I feel, is weighed down LE to regulate a bowler pass. I love spaghetti man. Spaghetti me balsam in Heaven love it about about writing. It's over. It's just went after its arms, like all just eight glue. You know that penalties you're the problem, I'm having taken a strict diet is when you have a go like when you know you have a mother, fucking country, lousy, unified, croak. Up it's easy to be strict is far right now, because you're afraid they swim is below you, but we do have a goal. You have a gold mine like right now, there's there's no, like I said
voting in favour of super fight. I told you, I told them that so, but there's nothing sat right rather right now like tonight, I'm gonna do this dinner. It's like. I will use ya Goin on each super strict, but in my head, like like at the mini, unlike for What my weight subject just enjoy food man alive, and then I'm worried about you fat, because I've got it just morphia you're the best body. True, like girls, love your body ones. I hope you will arise blog about when we saw meagre Kelly. How embarrassed was that there is a clear stance- and I, like you, hit me guys it is. It is a an actress and I think, she's on the hills or something you dated dear cheated out the same place. She's. You hide your function. Farmers he's looking there looking at him that the three girls are looking at random. It too and Brennan Embryonic goes like this. Bread Ngos were eating. We're just democratic as I'll take a box. Please I'm good. Take this to go, and I got her and he puts a box as our best weird and I'm eating away.
As a leading us obvious. With the item. I think I was a fat ass often have stressed more remotely foul think that are now you know it's tell Bryce Tom. He was why you like that cause. I'm not light like I don't know like ouster over him and when I was in high school or girlfriend said something to me before. A huge competition sector be nicer, Fiona Little flat of stomach, and since then IRAN, high school, is not turning stupid by trying to get over that are lacking. What's a bully chosen by thirty two, so time get over that extending over that right now it was only twenty years, whereas some time, let's place like these eggs, you would finish. Ormond said the hypnotist around the party I was talking about this guy was six years old. Who was? standing on the top of the hill and it was down news like we're. Why don't you go dahlias? Those guys down there? These to bully me in high school is sixty and the guys.
The volume of high school doing was waiting for them to leave, for he went down that sad woe. Looking at me, I got bullied for a full year and in turn me into a fuckin. If someone tried to pull me, I shall be your Fuckin house and kill you. That's what happened I get so angry by now you and in tat moment where I hate, when I'm not sure you fuckin bully. Maybe you know you travel and me right now, you're about Mozart. Enhanced problem really tell me you ve talked too many guys it. Let you say shit like that, and then it becomes like vernacular
I'm sick of this. Why do primate, like I know, he's going to say that when I first met you obviously bees to hang around with those rock toxic and they ve ruined the way you're allowed to communicate with people Astrogas desert, stupid shit and then use its? If somebody who was Oxfam Ebro, look at how it? What do you have to say to me? I want my works. Is scary movie went right, we have to get a scary movie with them and it was the most annoying thing he calls for knocking wish a demon with. Graham, you know what I would do and I'm like I get MAC. Why you talk to me like not that you get mad at you, hang around with people for a long time. You hung around people. It allowed you to talk like that now without mocking Goin tough, who aren't aroused brows prowess breathless now rival, fuck some you pull
we brought about your USC bullshit and I will fuckin come right. I like opinion on the ground. I now publicly trial. You could try reason you could try and guess what gets the nice yesterday. I was fuckin come right, your house that matter now you'll be dead Joe. What Europe needs friends like because you get around say what eyes you dont, not waken. Magua aware of idiots there's a lot People who hangs ruthlessly full of shit that their dinner there, dumb trends, have you here. I feel certain you do you hang out with a lot of people there, such bullshit artists, now not measured veils, let you know you know, you know what I'm talking about friends that are bullshit artists and you don't realize you know everything you know, and you know why I know you do and you ve had them from the moment. I've met you when I lie to each other, a membrane
ninety four surrounded by idiots what's going on here, is a fucking pie, Burma that try to try my way slowly. I surely I push those people off cliffs slowly, but surely I think that'll rendering him from most of them are like your friend of nightmares and well. Just little heart is no holes like ecological marrying, one of them at a certain point, I'm all as I what the fuck are you talking about. Everybody is everything else is like less rather automatically. Good luck rather know it's going to work out an organ like what the fuck are you talking about you on your mind, you out of your mind, just mean Patty, were the only ones who tone. I remember you not marry Odette, save me dude, all my people are all meet. Some people whatsoever is not in for some reason by God, wrongly fucking hate dispersed. Where do you get things like? They were? Nothing is a jewel Ashley Black cannot let it be known, or at least just be kind of right away. Just ignore them really hard, and I never do that when you can't you can't ruined my life
you're a liar. You carry his eyes like those members that there is something as people have energies of rising to stick to the deuce did to you become a part of your life and then you have to deal with their bullshit. You have to do you have to like pretend then what they're saying is not retarded and when you do that, you compromise that what you think and behave and communicate with you in a bit in the birth rate or even show unipolar, but but even like one before we can do, is shown in the sky. Had this bullshit machine- and you like brothers, is fucking era blow that arm Bartha that it bone in my body I tried L people's feeling
Let me tell you I've gotten better Canada, because it's not bad habits, monseigneur, a loser, your bad person. Seeing this this the idea, one plus one- doesn't equal sick. You always plenty. My sanity, equal six, unlike this, is crazy. This is not there to people I've, nor my life who had really bad breath. One was a girl. I might get a worth rap. Nobody wanted sine die. We know. No, that's another guy! You have three light, but I love your whole. Life would have better. No, it's not really want to sitting, Catherine, how I tell this person and I never could cause. I felt like I wasn't quite close enough, but it was always, and so they ve been walk round about the reality of a mutual friend. An idea stood up. Kaliko bro tell him his breast smells like pure shit approach. We ricochet car window like who farting delors, whose origin my core values is rather like an open. Privately, please tell him, for I have to tell them so we just chilled for a nice three, our car right, this company. She I just saw the other day to miss out on what are you too, like oh you're, bad breath, and what do you say to them? Go to a doctor. What d you think wife would tell. I know you're behind
those is broken. Maybe she had a head injury. I think you have had injuries, you're fuckin, your nose gets your nose. Doesn't work, namely Marcus Davis lost the sense of smell for a longer life had trauma. Fuck, that's one of things at Rhonda, Patrick talked about. We had in the past She was talking about what the mechanism that goes off in your brain, protect you like when you start getting really serious had drawn. They just certain switches, start not Jesus, clergymen riggers senses smells a big one taste right. Some years of taste brown face these. How about losing your taste and smell its own? You, I must say I now allowance, as you lose, your taste is longer. I connected yeah me you're, fine, you're, fine right now. It's what you know, those guys who just continued get that I can add trauma over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over, nor Nova no trouble and then the gate nothin that when we talk about dude,
also shall make a spot man like our Tom Brian, this the other day like before companions like dude. I can't before fight complainants before the podcast, some I can't sleep at night, I'm so excited to it when one our shirts get released its the same to me. Is it when I fight on vat excite for them the fuckin drop, and so that's awesome is awesome. Men think you're doing something you really enjoy. That is really the key to lie. A purpose right, you want to wake up with perplexity, shows that word. We ve been doing my way you workin on new material and decide turn again to get like its exciting before, while you're doing it and killing this exciting. When and after listening to the right, hoardings, trying to figure tweak the joke. Add this to it as long as you're doing something building somewhere it's about building something? So I think one of the big problems we were talking. Melick fighters have is a once the careers over there's, no more pro restaurant: where do you place your energy here, what's happening, whereas where's your excitement, you know
you mean, there's only so many gems can open, and I thank her for that. Fuckin, the the constant policy always used in view I don't know what you do. Men, leaning out fuckin tell everybody and that's why lotta guys like you want to go on drugs, you wanna go something to try to get it. Man recharge that excitement yeah, get that juice. Tat. You should see other bitches wrap this up nice and tight with a big fat bow fighter in the kid com. Tony mother Fucking Hinge cliff in the house Tony got some data coming up, says ones. We we yeah, I'm gonna, be in Toronto, just for laughs at the end of some whenever Toronto. Just four wives, this a google that shit- that's some around here- doesn't twenties How come the attorney an hour, Zackie T f. Eighty Kader come out. Some phone can now do you have that we have the final get shop, Doktor, Boca, boots, T F, Teacup,
say the that fighter? The kid The cards first letter of each of those things come simians emphasis. Brian Cowen, with a why on Twitter, Brendan shawl been the mother, a k, a big brown Jerome, dot net tours toward dates, they're gonna, but should come up with Tony July. Tenth, we're gonna, be it the car theatre with Thompson girl, come and bloodshed are a lot of broadcasts next week so that much love they kissed by my plan.
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