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Fight Companion - June 28, 2014 (Part 2)

2014-06-29 | 🔗
Jimmy Smith and Ian "Uncle Creepy" McCall join Joe to watch the fight on the evening of June 28, 2014.
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deal with badge you stream has a three hour limit at three hours podcast we just random because the stream doesn't have a way to process one three out nobody does three hour shows yeah set us right back or back perfect amy hump wait right the time in the round starts i like other doing though they have i got seven eight commercial pretty run arousing second round very interesting whose better than her being as reverie i say no one good i think these are best big john mccarthy le bossy i've seen the hardest i gotta bring this the hardest whenever saw i want to say for overseas marlon sandro there was a nut shot john says i don't you know a bad you have two minutes when design they're going you can
do that makes sense as a common draft explain the referee just said something that that doesn't make sense to make any sense things that thank you i can't do that germany just tag cover the nice right hand so that's the mark on on big john well how about diversity that is strauss fight when james strauss fought bobby be green bobby green kicked him is it not time to her bad then ticked with another third time so hard you can hear the copyright upon her the papa the cup and big john said gotcha and stop the fight and you know i think knew that factor but just didn't want admitted that that was a mistake that was just a mistake mean everybody makes mistakes especially when you're in something like your referee and i mean he's no not a variant of my all time fanaticism aided a grey fucking popham again armies a monster maize hit so hardy smiled at her and they touch gloves afterwards germany's power
that fuckin power something audio with man oh and it goes the body there the promise you cops once you have still busy cause you got outline the guy you go i for one would germans demons ways your love think anything at all i am here he's gonna do a lot of thinking that this fuckin monster in front of you to that problem is you have to stay busied atlanta but you don't get you can't leave a vote ability forego it's a hard you can't any quick aramis not slow and is using counterfeit or too is not just an aggressive guy he's good at certain shared doesn't nice inside like it he's really come a long way since he went to alliance to eric del euros doing a great job with him this is so fuckin huge to have good coaching are you been with osama your entire career now i started with chris brennan and then i left criticism new generation origin dimension next generation back in the day i was a fuckin kid united
no the cubs these right now he's in trouble there was a hard fuckin punch oh shit holy smiling at this one thousand miles here do jeremy stevens can falcon back while cup is gonna be very careful he looks alternative now too he added i would be photographed the capital specially germany one forty five carrying all their power down he's not a weird thing power site you can't really economic teach so much you could teach a guy they had harder but you can never teach a guide to be like a tommy her no you have that shit or you down to my brother got the power and the family he asked fuckin truck but i just it's weird isn't it you either you gotta do you don't like you
we tried that court will give get like a garlic george foreman each never teach you got a punch like that is they you can either diller you don't so strange because you can get a guy stronger you can live weight and you can be physic matter i think you can take it to like you said he and take it to a certain degree need to get a really turn over upon stuff like that but right yeah but you ve never develop a quavered left hook you have that hook because you have that yeah that power carry through technique here and what you're technical barriers you just punch and harder and decent job better but this guys like they have that running freeware noting the marshal jersey joe walcott knockout designer classic photo up against a rope is earns hang in there and he says kid ironing out walcott face and wall cuts faces a distorted marciano had that creepy power that weird thing you guys can just just fuck your world up at one shot
and you don't have that are you don't it's weird you know a great fighters who go their entire career without that one weapon you know jeremy stephens shoots would get to take down to that was one of the things that cormier was talking about in the breakdown was stephen should threaten with the takedown or two just to just keep cubs wants and thinking it's freeze people have a lot man and he's right front was corner to their sector of euro ran from the alliance team great fuckin team san diego is a good round for stevens huge round koslovski butscha roses on his leg to an interesting choice who another good right yeah i would like to hear what cubs corners talent man i'd love to hear what they have to say
what kind of advice given them you know whether what action is jackson using is gone is rising various our russian accident i think they have again that they play home like so many talks from like thinks it's funny at least that's what he said in his best fuckin locker impression that was a big fuckin wind for henderson beaten hobby love finnish new year finishing with a real naked yeah lower down and come back with something like this
miss stevens mother fucker nasa right hand over the top there really clipped em too big rounds for german stevens right yeah yeah jimmy looks like a good man yeah it's gotta be the beard it's a little bit everything man he's is he's apt up man kids motivated round three soon he wakes up in the morning with kids fire read up five or six in the morning was chained those are used to go down there and generally does and oh yes gets ever like six institutions kids a fucking chin marcher on the house couldn't breakfast they fired i really am chain didn't wake up early cross referencing that's what he said so he's like a chant leaders in the morning did just to get his kids up our bed that's awareness mommy's saying iceland mom get out of my room and you are an early morning person stop it i dont believe there are ill in early morning people there people are just wake up earlier than you and they want you to think their early morning people so they have some sort
john you know if you have no reason negative it's sunday in europe at five in the morning like my mom you're in love that shit you hurry morning person she will get the five five thirty on a son for no reason that's ridiculous that's ridiculous and my daughter with me like might again really wanted unama how they you my kids will climb on top of me a faster and more sort ask me questions yet and i might go these are certainly go hang out my boy my old shoe just touch my face daddy give kiss your you're cute thirdly we going to pool at either via worry was whim writing the right man you better than china we might add up at six and wanting a throne through a window seriously i do not want one daughter who is a fucking princesses me my dad leaving the house so she just gonna fuckin rapporteur fingers like she just am i
go away to the hash awake uptake a diver off come trying wigand cobb with a nice right hand man oh boy by him right he is heard another right hand oh oh germany ryan he's stunned he has any still time protect our body still argue he can't bring his right hand eyes tat even the old enemies reacting from the body it's a cub season gaza left hook you want with me took up generis any brow from download all right hand ah beautiful does the accuracy of cub he's got such good accuracy these are the seaver fight of good take down deference to was a little bit of trouble seem bree there is trying to bring together the flow back to his because he is
let us not everything out of that body should really fucked him up man kick in cubs which in that stance against to looking for it again looking for that left kick help me to recharge there are an obvious with that left can throw that thing logic asean wedding and blood korea unity blocked hurting why thank you is thrown it applies just you figure figured gonna protect his ribs at all costs jeremy still heard managed to hurt and we see the power difference cub landed some great shots in sequence and couldn't get stevens off his feet the man interesting fight very interesting and very very interesting and interesting to see what kind of damage jeremy is sustained from that came to the body you know a lot of guys get broken rose from that kicked the body a lot to members he's herring croak up picture there is a picture of crow cop wearing
through a left body kick in its half way in the heath herrings agenda literally looks like he got thrown from a car wrapped around telephone pole like who is it who did he leave the toe the foot bruise on values randal infernally silverman those first fight famous footprint yeah that was when vander lay and him had that weird rule the area where they only find the ground for thirty seconds they just want the stand blood each other while there was it was the first time the crow carpet forum in may and souci weird hybrid he wanted some weird rules and if it if nothing happens nobody finished anybody was a draw yes that's how that fight turned out a draw and then in the re match aegis beat the clear out of the room ass he was full croaker yeah there's a there's the photo at their there's a pic look at that picture all my god oh my god the photo of mercosur fucking shin half way into heat herrings he is so terrifying wrapping around
perfect check that you can you can you take any better than that about it is perfect and jeering jermyn cub go out in the third round we cannot wait for this round to be over the amazing fighter farther added we'll good needed a body by cub do we get one always says they'll hey there's that masculinity mexico has never the evasion of white that guy i didn't see that movie
that guy is a synonym other shit i'm here with their san gives some volume jamie he's talking about monet someone about his party deep breath here it is sleigh ride to deliver man that look on your face we know its common and he can't stop it is our right hand over to look out accurate cup is he so fuckin accurate in these wild may lays one the most impressive things us of ever seen as far as like combinations of techniques land it was his fight with see
it was it was everything was bunched up in one certain fucking box yadda enemies they were caesar was moving away and it was chasing after me still catching with everything there's a good kid by cub come on strong that third round is a very interesting fight now round to definitely you gotta give to germany stevens round three definitely gotta give the cub the first round i think stevens one but you put your gear heading into subjective incompetents area you know what we are fighting close it's like you would like experts to call it but they're nice that's the way it is thinking about ever made judging their lot experts at all some lady that got the job if she knew somebody than the yeah version mean fruit for people has anyone ever made them to listen to this you would think they were exaggerating but we're not we're not exaggerating emily judging is the worst out of it
sport in the world that you can think of where you have like experts that are worth choosing the contest at the highest level and there aware of the subtle nuances of ebb and flow the fight world will that must be the emma may surely where there's billions of dollars on the line multi national corporations owned by vice a calm and people zoo fine by they would ensure that these areas are if someone else's lie judged correctly cookery now the judge fuckin terribly there the worst judged contest probably in all of professional sport is mme there's more in competency new anime judging and more judging being done by people have no idea what they're watching just guesswork background in sport no background on enlargement as an amateur not as an amateur competitor not even as a personal practices in that
shall i martial arts background at all lot of the delay sometimes will get on when there's a bad decision in this there is a delay allowed times are ring answer michael see wombs is going around making sure that they knew it was the right person like you know they're the ones gray short another redcoat right we had one where they had mixed it up on person he had to go out to go you know they are the regiments hold on hold on these fraction different different numbers in it has this man incompetence its the sport was kind of like nudged in and one of those were the big of evidence was nudged in is the adoption of the ten point must system this is not a good system that's too much going on in may in box
that system makes sense because you're only boxing but when you have boxing with knees elbows kicks and then take downs and then submissions and ground and pound all those adult variables that don't exist in in a boxing scoring system just the ten points is just not enough what are they doing a thirty point system that's a good idea groundwork take downs and then striking and still subjective though you'd have to know what the fuck is going on i git have to know sometimes a guy's caught in eyes like a guy guys bone eyes while trouble and sometimes guys not trouble at all and you have to be able to differentiate with a guy who's defending really well and a guy who's not
anywhere at all was on the brink of getting finished at any second there's a difference lies cub smiling ass he defended to take them to the punch the monitor in short range is taken at right hand the body how hard earned those needs to tie up against the kids like that how most of those suck i don't know do you feel about the time now i mean you're so abduct withdrawn the end you just gonna get past the pain thing that that system can i go away on you remained where would you where new paths when you're in training do those someday i want me with a new pattern i mean that's not really fair riot fuck each other is rude yeah exactly justin some regions due to each other is like footsteps
in train a you have to be an asshole this fuckin stupid front me kicks oh yeah there's a brutal those oblique kicks in front like psychics it john jones does to sigh effective but their homes cub justifies he's blitzkrieg in germany slow down little bit and was never dream era get kicked me the muscle and i find that space between the muscles man i was always terrible annexed to that's it c of real time real target has outlined spot in the kick it twice in like fuckin saxon over this vanessa whose use to always get that spot right above the knee where the bone meets the top of the quiet but the bottom of the class stopped ego of changing with kicks in one year a few those guys it tried to venture forth into k one from din asters results oftentimes disastrous results but rampage did a lot of you forget rampage font might bernardo men beaten and beat him and fuckin came one rampage was up
beast in his prime minister sucks now here and talk about retirement inherent he still fighting but you could tell his kind it on his way out doing it for the money yeah jobs well yeah well it's a lot of money me gotta bunch kids to his lot going on you to keep that money coming in but it's the almost guys he was first guy ever with ever reprimand was rubbish sure that was for he brings it up a lot one wearing out nerds i'm assuming the nice real nice naturally one which is incredibly strong people yet he so so
my god you i before when someone you see whatever the fuck it will show for spike so strong ridiculous it would go find around here hey that last relative to good questions a closer it was close i wasn't really painted enough to score it ya don't like mean sometimes us around obvious but even when i'm doing commentary i don't know because what i'm doing com a term trying to point out all these different things about around and i'm not doing it you're gonna score around you shut the fuck up and you have a piece of paper in front of you he should be marking things down eddie bravo used to do it in between fights in between rounds he would talk about the round and united have like unofficial storekeeper like they have harold harold at an end
do you have a four hour boxing and eddy used to have two columns one for each guy and he would have all these marks down as far as like hard kicks that related punches at berlin did near submissions and he had a whole system that he would do it was a very accurate system i agreed with every one of his little little in fight in between around things creativity being smart and being knowledgeable what the fuck's going on control is a lot of variables i just think that there is too many variables for a ten point must system we need our own tomorrow i don't know what the hell's going to be i would like them to come up with better fucking gloves and i'd like them to come up with a better score on sat those are my two number one gripes i am score mine for belts or and i find it appears to me that side it why do they make it there is i was a good idea and other i mind do in it you know you should provide tell them what to do whatever the fuck you want but i would probably tell them unwanted anymore
just you know just who i think one and why it is a good template for right here why i think in explaining the scorecard does make me break it down what i'm thinking on watching it rather i do like it you write things down when you're scoring like when you doing cometary deriding dan yeah sometimes at a most automata yeah i just try to when i'm doing cometary since i don't have to score i just tried to a body tat he's in a hard with that left oh another right hand combat ottoman old car will kick for double jab looking at me and down right hand oh he's taken over germans a bloody mass too he so creative likelihood look just did their ducks down wings that over here oh left hook surrounded every time he so accurate man
and push on with your head off of the dinner the bee line a punch in the same area and still have you and have your head off of you know whatever line you're goin another led right two months ago though combinations this this round still kickin germans got a lot of blood come another knows splattered everywhere tat his face a mess oh come those a lotta off speed stuff to does things he's really hot to figure out what he's gonna do very sneak but the way he moves at you he'll like slow slow vast you know he does a lot of that nice left took their and it's hard to see is a lot and is hard to see punches it can the hip like the very difficult specially have good head movement and he's got very good movement very good waste movement back and forth time i'm happy
underscore this for conveying size to watch it did not work well that's i just don't know man i just i think if i was gonna score rounds in do do my best at it i really would shut the fuck up yet you have two here which i m sure some people would like i cannot get a thorn in school nice left took again by this is our cobb this round total jeremy gotta know that i mean it's a very interesting situation hinge on the fourth round those real close yeah right gus three and five are definitely cub would say one in two or stevens round with this report just looked up at the clock is a perfect example why one bit being a ten nine in this round being a ten nine is ridiculous so that with a round that was really close if that was a ten nine for either one of those guys and then this is a ten nine round for cub that's fucking crazy highlights how fucked up the system is because
is scooby ominous round and cut off school them in that other rau jeremy lands i right hand we're still dangerous still danger fuckin twenty four minutes twenty four and a half million the up here he carries out can power any he'll switch it up to thinking about that overhand come about africa or asia heard we heard em stumble there man damn jeremy stevens slant it's u somebody fucking meanwhile ass great a while wholly rate fight where are these guys awesome fantastic take back my large data to a lot of it i love these guys walkin around hold each other's arms amazing especially if there is a moment a pause bell rang still i fuck you if i guess jerry was chasing after a moon for the kill him at last minute amazing fight
i still gave that last round a cub but that highlights why you know it's like what is that nine round is obtained ain't what is attenuate ten eight what the fuck why are we still have a ten point systems but goofy so what you think you have to judge gary guess they come more damage i would take up yeah i always do as a mean the problem is it when you look at that whole ten point must system is is it going to be looked like that the judges so it say right now that the german broke his hand zones as he says renown dana white unwearied round to he broke his hand and the third round one of which hand i was thrown both there at the answer was pay attention he so crazy he didn't bother him at all it does not it probably knew it and just kept bomb and where the fuck i'm act crush my hand broke my not only five play a pieces and then broke my into impact at it
and it's just you don't feel it i mean it's not like i'm like bucky opera pain you know it's d just went nominal i think i've been through hundreds of some punches and make sure that this may be first that's where it goes losers right now so it was we'll sworn what am i can learn it in his father i socket and will you train in what are you would you do giant core every lands barcelona it's the padding their showed helps out a lot but if i still put it once forehead her summer catch it on overhand which is how i broke it fuckin hurts my fingers in the break with this i mean it's it's all fuckin browser now but you know it's is here is we want an answer though just where nothing that's just fine place i think is justified terms of the overall fight the overall fight i think debt cubs once in one the overall fight deaf
lee germany had some moments indefinitely jeremy scored a lot and add cub heard at one point time but could find man brilliant that's that's the kind fight that you want to see we see a guy was fighting for like a world title nastier fights another top guy in the division to hungry young lines in both guys moments in germany had some big moments that fight but combat more moments to big wind for him man on a german scheme has been that the harder hit her he he stepped forward and landed some good shot cub to do a lot of things to keep that pressure on didn't have that one shot power to show a lot of accuracy through a lotta jabs misled kicks in their lot ahead movement get to do a lot more because you didn't have that power yes an interest i like cnn version yeah i do too well that's that's it
and a fight to that makes a guy really grow that some serious fuckin experience yet there is an immensely just just your fight iq those up fuckin lotta points when fought like who do you think is easy emma call when you fired mighty mouse when you five benefit what fight d of any fights that you look back on you say that's the fight that really i took the most from i would say it viejo emily either was fought hard for potential my fight how come unambitious custard there we didn't really numerous move like we should evident get after it you know i'm pretty disappointed my yossi careers are you really care for no do you want a perfection is yak as outside driving to improve the ashes world champion it's not good enough
i think that everyone knows i'm the only threat to demetrius listen to you and you know it's i find most didn't want on the ground will do it again and again i can handle it i think that you know and i don't have the best purity jitsu i don't have the best pure wrestling best pure striking but when it comes to getting a fuckin fistfight and and upon the ground a fuck up anybody in my way class another vision but you can do want to scramble with me you want to get out with the commission's issue they then punches ah fuck you up what do you think so what do you think it is and i dont want to sell my jeanne the too much but are you well do i get off aren't you know it's it's maybe not a sexual jean jean i should be but i i thoroughly enjoyed fuckin people at man always entertaining i gotta love appended progression i like to perform i've been performing become the biggest part just putting us yeah and if if someone's in their well being
is it a stake during that unfair i'm i saw him that i and what card you on x july nineteen in ireland a fine bread ticket finally size revived aside an englishman in ireland the name while i have them super it's it's gaelic its in its irish scottish wales i think the that is all you last name yet in recalling don't anymore irish and that are not irish and yet again i've been bombed out like put the fuck man you confusing us we legislate even here you have already met as it can resolve them lariat man that's a good fight though i loved you brad pickets fun he's a fungi when we were gonna we're gonna get a bonus did take it fly way yet they once were invited neil snail syrian irish guy did you want to lose you want but it looks at ditty yeah mean he can't wake up i think that's what was a big part of it in you know you're supposed to be sir and you get cracked and you turn your wrestler but i'm getting a rustle binding women
but i talk shit but i got broken taken out by a brazilian so jumped into bassorah again i say stupid shit all time per year your comp oh it sounds stupid shit yeah because its entertainment in either wicked butter on twitter those should i say and unlike most you got a problem you can tell me or something but some people that i know i've gotten hurt the filled with people just about her but look here to be bought her and then is playing a game people have said the most horrible shit three online i mean whether with events especially should as has been said to me i'm like jesus christ because a mean cutting our feelings if i had a heart began should really suck not just mean but mean and they don't even know you might ask like the angry at using they're trying to get back to you because you did something to them they can't forgive signal you know have any relationship will them all did as reach
do you and just try to shit on you because life is fuckin misery ever map of workers now you're saying some shit if they were in person i break this fuckin mother had on thursday the neck you wanna fuck me i mean like a bright light for what reason just to try to get a budget the rise at eu to ruin my day well it's because response from you and middle have aiming on their lives there's no one was gotcha rogan mad and he said something to me is a big deal to them is definitely that's that's a fact shoes and that's a sure sign the euro loser because that's something that winners don't do our voice said that michael jordan is not leaving youtube comments you know he's not like shit all over somebody's fuckin video areas fog it blows said diana fire that kind of attitude is almost always perpetrated by losers and it is a matter of thinking a certain way that you will cost
chase down any in macao and should all over me try to hurt his feelings or try to reach him on law and try to recognize me i'm hearing i would think about your area likely she's back get really think it was to be a comedian and he called out louis uk for a fight to fight louis who some fuckin guy out on those new member by louis seeking wants to fight him when he called out means is checked this guy i'll call out lucy k and as i also retweeted it and then i watched in us like is that you your fee inducement horrible european shit and i'm sorry i fuckin retweeted that but here the kind of guy that i'm going to fuck and spit my hands slap you in the mouth with it like oh he's calling lucy k because lucy k is doing well it's gonna be out i'd like you to know who the fuck you're talking to you weird is lotta idiots out there but those idiots think that's the way they could become famous starting with india name you no credit card and used to do the m m a man censored show yes he is
everybody hates the guy because it he's like a new york loud mouth like radio hosts and everybody hates him ever do to shoot i was on the show and is actually nice guy and in real life and he goes not one time with all the heat i yet has anyone in real life in person ever anything really is once and he is hated there's only one other don't like you and me i'm talkin like most bottle nitrate carton he's gonna maximov you're gonna like you and they don't most people i talk to other mme fans like you a lot it is really well but the other some people that just get fuckin universally people i talked a lot of people that fucking hate john jones you now and i need to talk we want our john jones is hate it on my friends hey john jonesy so fuckin cocky like let me help you out here he's is going on you know and i know that john jones is awesome and that's why things as bother is it on jones noses awesome does it
things that are debatable yeah i got in an accident with the bentley when it was with a bunch of strippers in his heart may like he was having a good time is young and die for night you can't get so what you mad at you mad at the fact that it thinks he's gonna win every fine guess what you want every fight so he's right what're you matter i don't see how you may maladies is ducking gustafson he wanted to fight daniel fucking core me a olympic wrestler undefeated both as a heavy weight and is a light heavyweight a guy who's been right through people destroyed jan andersson he wants to fight him and you think he's a coward that makes a lot of sense paper fuckin still but the simple the simple fraser go ahead explain yourself de as most people completely have now just to take up further as well as what do you expect one piece at a time also involves apart the other thing that fox people up is the platform of being able to do like twitter post or
a blog and tree or you know anything where you're not addressing a human a person's not challenging and accountable like you're saying something even if you're saying something to me if you not to then the john jones you saying something to meet it doesn't make any sense i go wait hold on what i'll start you first paragraph and go that's not even true that doesn't make sense or here's why but instead they get to disband blah blah through a whole entire blog entry and justified their thoughts or what did unchecked and by the david you know somebody reads it they'll get angry they'll have all these opinions on it but it would have never happened if they were interacting with someone there is an x eminent stanford university where they put people in masks and have them shock people and what it is they control river one subject didn't have masks on and there were highness glass and it was shocking people when they would answer quest question certainly there they took a review and put masks on them and did the same experiment
we hit the button like incessant when i was there when you ask a question only saga as soon as they became anonymous they would hit that good thing when i said the right answer when they didn't even talk in and they realise when you make people and this is like nineteen seventy two and they realise when you make people anonymous they do horrible shit the incessantly was fiercely but mask on they would hit the shock button costly to explain why we think that kkk wear masks people a shitty people generally shared by also awesome young people are pretty fuckin awesome i or my favorite people are people the way the way i look at it personally good for that's a great city in the world they were people animals and thrown out there now and i like pets it shit monkeys and share my facebook i still have shit media and a fling it one thing is like i like you know
if i like something i'm a reasonable normal human being and i dont like pickles and i like the pittsburgh steelers i've never gone online and talked about either one of those subjects motion like something or no one the commission is all right there give em a form and yell about me it's the vast majority of the likes of interest enjoy it generally don't make a big deal i would a very slender part of population that has just loud and noxious about stuff yeah no matter how do they know what do you do in the smartphone every asshole is a fucking voice now everything's gonna be this thing about being anonymous be able to reach people this is unprecedented in human algeria has never happened before so people know how to fuck and deal with it they don't know how a manager is just not on i've ability that anybody ever had in history so this a bit
turkey is something that's gonna take a long time for people to manage and use and i think what's gonna change it more than anything is it's somewhere along the line we're gonna lose and anonymity i think everyone's gonna know who everyone else's you're gonna be accountable vienna say yeah it's gonna it's exactly like give if you're doing death threats to the government know who you are immediately you could try hide behind a proxy but if you're there going to find you going to find you really quickly and ultimately that kind of ability is gonna trickled down to the common man emeralds and have that at that and the world is gonna know that your account for doing that to have you found out like the union read it thing that happened a while back where there was a guy who would post all kinds of fucked shit on read it and he like like creep shots like up skirts since dove and under age shots and all his didn't we creepy shit and then found out he was in real life and they contacts it isn't lawyer and showed a model stuffily put online they fire therefore it could in the guy
like a wife and kids and hold deal and you know like lost his job and out it on the internet and tina millions of people hated that guy after that so many people got hold of the articles and retweeted things facebook didn't was a big issue a big issue but freedom of speech and privacy but also a big she about outing fuck heads near good fuck em a small fuck em all says in morocco airlines really well so work the over gentlemen i guess the pike s over to this then a great time yes there has been good for fun three hours we put this together this afternoon to ya gonna call happily we do not and browse like i am there i am there yeah there's a lot of one man to man i'll be there in what i really wanted to do with you too because we know how many people know that we are really friendly with each other yet you know this is despite the fact that our support
peace and was forced to knock i guess we're which was rivals assumption in aachen warts because the whole bjorn dana thing that's goofy demand is wait you know when you when i was talking to me in the way i see it as if there's a router and you seem built or at what level that really happened like when i see can't hear you it's like hey what's going we're peers we do the same job we have on man we talk about fire to whatever you know i know you know a lot of the technical people who worked on both shows like they don't get along director sees my director and start to find something fuck you yeah does not work that way it's really good you know it's funny i ran some deeds land is not another small frosty man levick yeah radio gregg boy love i ran in some guys last night that a judge you guys and we talk to jitchu till two o clock in the fuckin more just at that like when you run into someone who likes what you like you start talking like i mean course i don't know i've never understood that the support of the people's podcast voice supported other comedians i just i don't i don't
see that i think that the main competition is always with yourself and when you bring in someone else's good or you have someone around you that's good and you have to prepare itself to them i think it makes you better so i think it's important true you see that a lot and emma may man how many times you see guys that a training there are the same goddamn wait class in their their help each other out you know that one day they might have to fight you're right anti n t j d russia they re loses the edinburgh he says hey you know is a guy my camp i love him five for the total next lfc of strategic deal shall get a shot same looking way been each other's asses every day and still supporting him that's fucking that's the brotherhood of its work that right is not that big area so if you don't get is communities not that big enough i know one another at like two degrees a separate in this area must be how many of us are they not now i was out there jason chambers and he's a friend of mine who does one f c yup there's you whom smith who fought jason chambers
it's just like yeah there's only one degree separation and hire you guys both had a tv show we travel around you do indifferent martial arts heated human weapon i defy quest he called me semi messages soon is fine came out and goes hey man makes you on tv man will be getting out soon as i get good luck with your thing to row jason's what were you know what it is now jason his eye or again worded it was you i can soon it doesn't work that way no new now anthony bourdain in reserve in here you know like throwing all travel in you i mean how many of us are there is now there's a couple of fighters who do it cannot stand and in a frank near used to do it to what he said we wanted to kill brok less during the ring when he has to be the furthermore a gap mme death in ring knots well not smart but still i don't think it's like you know the guards great commentator whose newly good ass i was i enjoyed is cometary but i mean there's only the
being is maybe ten of us worldwide mean i don't who does that indian promotion they that india promotion she something that other one i the arab emirates you yea you a governess my body to find out there the new organisation i think so much money to have its own you think i have a love it's hard to think of any job where there are few fewer people doing it an enemy mr there are dozens of us nowhere over thought that is how many jobs are their yeah there ten of us yeah no shit users you know several hundred years why we can run in each other into each other and talk ship talk shop rather houses when we do you know how many of us are set to that's interesting yes probably as far as others like the new major promotions if anyone is
president of the united states is probably you know it's a cellular pursue vaguely when you run into former presidents you're fuckin vote but there's a former presidents therapy we're doing the job currently man yeah i guess boxing commentators but there's probably way more them yeah yeah its role of oxen on tv to what they always do more guys to like i was listening to some boxing last night there was a more dynamic and which i don't like him and now but they do men boxing well can fuck up especially if you know you got to meet people's can over each other when action happens or they don't like this if roles like especially when it comes to i think you and i both do something very different and other sports too with a color guy in a play by play but we both do play by play we do color but we also do play by play especially when she goes to the ground because the poor
by play guide it doesn't really know the fuck is happening with they do a little but you kind of have to do that when you have to explain every new wants of the position and then start to explain what could be bad if this happens and what could be good if that happens or women amazing color medium i it's jeff planet who i love love jeff make use of those greatest russie was a great guy to human being when he started doing collar counterfeiting of sea it back what color medium just because if you if you watch boxing my mom knows what's happening a boxing match you do i mean they would ask emmanuel steward little stuff or you know it was george former for while hbo and but the play by plague that's the voice of hbo rise jim limply basically with emma may come i have to talk about more judge there's a lot more the audience doesn't know the ice is never done you jitsu reassurance has never been more tie the audience
those boxing a little bit that never wrestled so there so many facets that the fans have just never been a part of that we have to bear down and explain and i think it's made it and the color guys have to a lot more to me than they do in boxing a lot more yeah it's a completely different gig and that's also it's also a gig there would be really cumbersome with a bunch of people talking here if you had like three or four people in the boat we ve done three in the you have seen before but it didn't work that well and dan it in again so they went back to its brief i'm so that in belgium have a get like some region in four round it to you i think will yeah i think what we call a guy doing the herald letterman gig other eddie bravo you do you know any you busy these days he wouldn't do it but someone who is a real experience guy like you know that would be a good thing to do like to have like a dominic crews or are you know someone long that lines whose really good at breaking things down very analytical give some i think would help give people some insight and all
give some insight is to really what's wrong with the scoring now we see if you get a real expert breaks down exactly what they thought about each individual aspects fight and then you see in contrast a shitty the the judges perceptions of the fight were i probably say sign me i'd probably say some stupid shit but then i stated my i would say let shit while you know what i like it i like to just barnett has a blog now or has it hard cash now i think you know you it's my determined way what about it i've had a few people can have hit me up about we have a business called the direct endorsement where we do lives aiming for only for an hour and we take an not just fighting but fighting scale remote across whenever it is they pick a charity we pick a product say it's the smug everyone buys a mug we are doing that neither the departure that person signing or talk and asking questions we didn't what the charity is and assist its knowledge
whenever percentage they want using twenty percent goes to the the charity they picks and others very cool it's cool saying we only had three of whom we did myself we did a good luck four skateboarding carlos evermore across and we'd lighted may not get on the bus or do more about you download for acting in just some you know just gonna just a kid different services because i have only hang out fires that much yeah that's interesting so like you and i retraining when you get outside of training dammit realistically i'm asking people to jim if i'm not at the jim i'm at home with my kid but a lot of people that are fighters find that they are the only people that understand them that other fighters like such a crazy lifestyle the training so rude all the it's almost like you need someone to commiserate with we need someone who understands what you're gone through you'll feel like that i do but i don't wanna talk about it
i want to just spoken forget about cloning out my we know in my my kid in my girlfriend her kid and does not have to worry about the fuckin misery that i put myself sir rye for free for greatness you know it's a lot of fun i love my job i can be wrong but a duty to monitor whether our message some like this so you'd be preserved your interest in it you because otherwise in a do i've been watching more lights lately now that i know meet me my dad lived together fuck now he does my daughter lives watching fight that's all there is a two and a half year old those websites and she now you know she seizing uncle shines on tv nor this person on tv is rome ii there's a culture when it was argued that is cute when you when you're in between camps like say look after a fight in need in our meeting scheduled for awhile how much time span training and working on things and how much is this just de compressing i live a very active lifestyle like everything
i do is outdoors in i i'm in tahoe arena lots high altitude were always gonna hikes animals doing your high altitude him with my girlfriend and what we just she has let me focus its oh like she always has something to do with kids are with me in her or fuckin a move even for travelling to costa rica research trip so he served him a jungle hiking and try to find for slots monkeys and shit i so like a she came in keeps my attention going in and i am always fit that's cool that's cool vacation yes for the diseases and the bugs can kill you seen in those areas was carried on everything that those regions familiar i i mean it's not like you gotta hawaii that go into hilo honey i'll be jane went to ip and looking around like we're sure bugs you have worked with us fuck mosquitoes buyer besides that unlike there's nothing here that wants to kill me in the mosquitoes i think came from people the autumn over on boats and shit he's like no bright school
gonna hang out and uniform some farms in terror bridges when their whole life and treadstone trains there that's crazy guy we finish building the jim in life his little daughter i call my maggie and and then he'd one morning like woke up the camera go wanna go bust jim yeah commissioners go we just fucking do i pianist gonna shit you know little shitty old shock he doesn't care about and drive through the river and it's got no no no no electrical insurance no no no rate anyone who just tries and threw them was fuckin beautiful country can and then we go in there we just beat the shit out of each other you half an hour we had some some shortlist vulcan hippy do during the time for us usually wrestle high schools or stocking rikiu just tell swans five minutes up ok really go how many people live and he will have no idea not i'm not that many ran like third
thousand or something crazy product is just a big ireland itself not a lot of people live in the big on the begins fuckin huge yes the big ireland only has a hundred thousand people on it probably i mean it's it's it's desolate on the big island alone there's like every single climate in the world except for like one or two it's it's it's their show much going on there so fuckin beautifully look if you like your and drastic park here and you get the hang out with him it's fuckin savage man it's a good time what do you think about this fight with him an frankie edgar he like i said when i was out of this is while ago two months ago or some he was hundreds three pounds i got tired first and i don't i don't get fucking time again and i just told my hip and my drawing but i still don't get tired much and he was still stated shape and i'm a he fuckin he was going after me for half an hour while and i was just like after like bob fuckin i'm excited because he s my cuz
i believe that a lock and savagery when you can make another make cry another man who nerves title shot at your title you can beat him up bad that he cries and then you fuckin lick his bluff your gloves and paying your head after i like the other just even vastly met and that the problem is throwing the counter here is that he's always had trouble of fights where he wasn't on top finally when the ball structure on the other way it rose bad my item goes the other way for him and so there's a guy get out work and that is as an irishman physical dj when i'm not on top and i'm dominating when i'm not looking because off my hands i start question self and i start rolling and written in it if he's got mental demons and check then he's gotta graecia with its the same figure you're always shows up in the same persistent miss so considerate so hard beach it was so good what is with the marina vetches when he fought deal sanchez whose incredible shape he had a fuckin full six pack
i mean he was in shape and jason to dig deep into the fight fourth and fifth round gonna hit them little liked him open bj's it was going ahead kicking a final fuckin landed perfectly you know i mean thou hast thou him at his best ziad tremendous stamina would you know he's doing now for strength conditioning farming alarmingly what what are we doing we're gonna go farm manual labor and strangely auditioning why are we don't need strengthening listening i will just add just built roads nypd owen fuckin farmed heroin beach a building roads we built like a fuckin and like with like it a unit mogg like mercedes unit margin for the fucking dead a digital the back and like john and i want you to margaret and logs of big like attract your kind of vehicle big mercedes you mock just three of them out there and is a farm so the farm and you're going to wipe your valley and its i mean nothing
where people live there is huge fuckin garden of eden them in its massive and it's so beautiful and just nothing there is growing weed i wish how does he firemen terror you know tat his terror if you stay quietly into might they can still hear you makes no bring it out what is with heroin taro is that trying to make it trying to make the hawaiian superfluity terror route and it's it's it's a really start she audiovisual starchy the bull that you know that why wines pencil hard that's what they tell me from the room my first point was and why i never heard a terror before how i have never heard it before it tastes like like put like blue and his father put children and his eye sugar but its first gimme superpowers it's it's out of a former where had a before which would you what's your impression of a second did you yeah yeah the best way to describe good for but is it really suki like out gooey heart we
they matched should i had it matched up with something he was like a turtle kind of stew is it supposed to be good for you actually like oh yeah yeah that's it i'm supposed to be good for your father in purple unum active were that's a unit mark so the the local what does anybody else eat it isn't anything like in i already eaten like bach choi now is the new kale every sound i gotta get a whole set of actual buddy it's ploy in hawaii dear but dino hawaiians or they believe in like mermaids in shipping you're crazy people i ll tell you here i love hawaiians my favorite fucking people on the planet like does not replace vacation i lived with two fuckin why is for you know and the machine and rich rich who a rich history and strike force leaves me met maastricht for strike force and thereby phone line and then
i don't know i just really like fucking line i tried vacation are the places where this is and this is why we welcome i go anywhere hawaii is right there it's gonna wife it's cheap can she still america but it's not like you protect but the cost to go to let you go to be jays and go and haven't take it away peel and you feel like you're in french polynesia some cause the people talking you dislike meeting him go by some vision of ground water we buy school they just fine phrase book that page where was in beijing starts rattle enough staff and the new start drinking you know like made saki down the valley and then you just it just turns into it man shot food near and why it played arches natural food how much was fuckin make way with this this is ambitious but it's not on my day yeah i remember one one of the countdown chose be j when news he had apparently burned off
too many calories he said so it's time to load up we had i want those local mocha burgers with an egg on everything and you get fuckin it your max salad and your fuckin shit in khartoum whenever and is just the other day are island people their fuckin crazy in it so entertained to hang out with them i think you just go out there like oh i gotta what are you gonna do do you live there though yeah but like be j i want to move to reno now that's just below by might be the only guy on the planet they want to move to have you never heard that you did you ever see the newly my life you know it's it's fucking u gruffer lives there yet it will then i would move yeah but it's enough its wilderness enough where you're emu funds she nevada part in about in europe where the fuck am i right
there's parts in nevada where they have crazy l counting where their bugles elks and you hear these exclaimed fuckin twelve underground bees come roll over the hill thirty and forty minute i'm her cousins or i'll trappers and hundred hundred other they like the to the best you guys other isn't funny that people don't think about down the thing in nevada and think of only vague is systematically nuclear waste the safari club is the biggest fuckin club in them an avoidable nature out of the air was we have no less towers it's fuckin seven thousand feet and your hiking you go running and do whatever the fuck you on do you get shit click yeah amidst this beautiful to its inspiring how beautiful it is my group wants a spiral in the later learned its it's it's fuckin increase i mean it is so nice and you i just point his yarn go go down the darkness like law enforcement girlfriend she's a face of harrison harvey's up to what is that she's the big hotels
she's they parity just fuckin stand around that's cool so sweet gig do uganda's isaak is no method up there though is a reno there's pursuing other shit don't get me wrong now there is really no nine on one there but i couldn't go to going to throw out the mad hilarity laying the free fun if you go to the free fine like the river and people were blue matched has gone down shit but if you can just you know say that's hilarious and there can be no have you unless they do your own thing i just like seclusion and becoming more secluded and again back to the beginning he'll go stir crazy and then go to we hear of a train and brazil they gets away and you get it we ve family right yeah i think that also to you live in a place in orange county super congested there so many a heap of hunger a fan of that either so you go somewhere else likely take a place where like reno which yes especially near tat howard is all nature and beautiful
felix we feel eggs relax she's you not stuck in traffic for twenty minutes jonah go two miles in twenty minutes that's a if you're in vegas and now you're trying to go down a strip and you trying to go from one in this trip to the other end on a friday night good fuckin lock you know might take you you know hours and that's that's everyday in orange county everyday i mean you'd go get traffic and orange county four in the morning literally i'm are another running to traffic so i got here an hour lakers i never know i was a fucking irvine and unlike up i gotta go now yeah what i'd texted you are things like two in the afternoon like one of that's enough time for him to get out he answers or lack of it so you go to place like reno and you feel that that nature and you go i could live like this though africans red hot girlfriend got you know she got acute kid i gotta keep kid and kind
living super low and i need is a nice little although drive you know subaru or somethin or and hit that fuckin kid you're a great while up up up up up up up with last would you train up there would you my training camps down in in orange county still but if i could just get away in amateur there is jim's up there but what does your high level gems real own nevada but i which just like the best him up there and they have charles gracie two they got some good bye ass nice and that's all in reno yeah an eminent people live in reno getting bigger and is getting them like the foods getting really good really an gathers no my girlfriend like us and canada face of the area and she's always run other hot that's what i mean seeing it as you how women are actually runs of emotional company sir i got it all gonna come to guess he's only send our stand i want to read them oliver of ass it comes out of haven her little town amending it
what an incredible my while this precious great that's interesting because i think of is biased of core but i think i've never been arena reno but i think of reno i might have been arena but i remember it but i think of doug standards quarter to syria there once because doug likes to go fuck that places and many more things i git it did one of them in oslo norway why fuck you do that they barely manner so saying he but he recorded as first see day in reno and voice that's chopped off two places i don't need to go to listen that syria like yeah area its change very recently where is becoming cool were to become a kind of portland dish but minus the fuckin do shields if the world can shed its let that happen recently super recently how many years past five years maybe what what caused it
i realise that people realise that we're fuckin everything up and reduce bags and everyone's ok but it's just it's so out noisy and it's so it's it's still gathered the fuckin zenos and they should become nicer but there's always some going on there the guy i know that lives in reno is my friend remy whose he's there's a show called solo hunters he goes hunting i'm sees a guide and is kind of famous hunter and he then he goes by himself and just brings these cameras and go prosings shit and films everything that edited altogether was crazy crazy hunted he goes on article seven the sword because that is causing likely you really go to the sword yes i get it back on sense you when i was younger confusion to just go with weapons it was all like three shops in growing shit and like i was just give weapons narrowly put on the candle gear and dialogues fund that is what they go
it should have each other we i was on your body while i think it looks like argentina candlesticks yeah yeah yeah yeah daily roth to japan any practices kendall older he does kendall everyday what's cause he's david lee wrath he's he's a gangster yes for gas and david dave do i can get took his dog took his dog guy for complain at like what sixteen sixty moved japan is taken kendall lessons that's the under some grateful for samurai warrior character they try to do it for five requests as one ones it we'd they tried to do and perilous association is unbelievably strict isn't like our of school we do we want now it's like the hierarchies very very rigid no fuck i want i want a pig to run i mean just sing and they had slide upon that was being the phone you do not want to pigs running as those motherfuckers when we were at to hone ranch allows pig hunting they had a skull from this one really big bore that they killed it was a foreigner fifty pound bore
and the fuckin teeth were like two fingers and they were sticking out like this he tells us and the aid they will tell you that they run by you they just run at you and literally tear at the side of you with these tasks they use task almost like as are those parts of cherry says we laid stick it often that's what the hogs do they run by you just like you you of fuck you up with an idea you don't want to i want a sword not always yes with the rifle right that alone egg bono good by our very there's a very small window to get a bore with a boner carried out with a fuckin spherical will they have difficulty organs to reach and they also have an incredibly dense upper body like your upper body the thick in around round their neck and cape it's like it literally is like some sort of like a shielded there weren t touch date when i was in camp there was i killed a female pig but there's a guy that killed a big bore and their expense
to me this is why like shot placements critical and comes to archery like touch this and is like a saddle like later the horse saddle that's what it felt like around the neck and because their constantly cutting each other up fucking each other up so they have a distinct meet all around her body can you do eat that meters justice shropshire businesses get a good pork is very good i lie low albert tenants honest especially smoked i smoked a ham and i'm telling you what the best things i've every news delicious and super hell much healthier than a pig maybe getting a grocery store because he's pigs it asean acorns and there were the running around the real muscular so there that's like a dense rich dark protein super good for you man have meat oxygenated in full you wanna go up to reno you get a lot of elk there's a lotta elk up and marinos lotta people that have you known lotta hunters up durham shriek employed by it up there to yeah i've gotta go kill myself i would just go with with my girlfriends cousins they fuckin that's there
like day i'd want em to me fishing over the winner of the river you know we just visa gathered there i missed birthright there i must again gimme that threatens kind of fish did he see it or you know where the pool he sighed and uneasy we're drive and buys like we're deriving from the highway one hundred down to the river is a guy see the fish coming up like no man he's driving yeah we're driving this strategy the road bedsheets it you see that's what i don't fucking author river like i don't know man so down there and he just where we tells you to put it if you can live once you landed in the exact spot you poland a fuckin fish and my coming tells you cut that fish who look at it milk maybe this one alone and that he's a catching fish would you tell march on that have come before tallow march from illegal money the real fucking ass a bunch of that area i've seen like ten and one spot in tahoe notion yes what my gregg presentment reference have had spots all over the lake but like right on the lake suggests
backyard and the second in the winter especially khazar white you know you can see these big fuckin birds i saw my fur live eagle last summer in alaska really credible credible ask as fuck me the over about me and my friend irish affair we went up their fishing and we did a gig up their flock and had a great time but when we were taken the boat to the spot on the river the falcon eagle flew over our heads huge eagle just big ass fuckin eggs and shit tucked up its big fucking such big bird i can snatch you up and take you looking for the same shit i'm lookin for trust deal salmon up there so big and this sum any of em you see him up there the people's heroic pigeons like moves like pigeons since bird the maggotty god dammit damage our national birds and nuisance bird that's a problem too because if it got things
so over populated they were they would never get so over populated in america or doubt mean alaska really america town of america but what our mother russia but if they got here in the gut that overpopulated they start like steel and cats and share perhaps not only an issue like the wolves now do in my neighborhood i have a problem owls me i don't have a problem with owls but you know my arise that all problems is an owl propaganda they'll fuck up some cats you need a cat outside our catches of cats leben the onlooker again swooped down owls people think of ours is being like vicious predators they are a ruthless wahlberg in their owls or big had an hour my back porch mother fucker three feet tall it was like this talk the sitting there my damn it i know owls or that big creepy fucker was backwards head
what else i once next there was a four for four and a half raccoon being the shit out of my sister's dogs you this charge back and they share analogy yelping i'm like god save my sister's dog directions will fire get a new issues therefore can vicious have you ever seen a very kevin rose he's from what is it what does he from dig from dig dark eyes he created dig and his dog was getting attack by a raccoon so he pick the raccoon up and they got it on security grandma picked a raccoon up and threw it down a flight of stairs it's pretty fun can the way does it he grabs a coup by its back to you seventy five zero fine he's got in well many rabies work refugees is loved his dogs just fucking did it in i just had to do it and get this is yet it should it
that's it so the he runs the rapporteur is that crazy we're gonna ruin that thing lula laggards twirling isn't there by the balls man easily eyeballs ducas he didn't like china underhanded he brought it behind his head epithet alone it flew he fuckin hated that raccoon dec bad fuck your pets up if you are not careful daddy's wild man that he did that meanwhile the raccoon probably walked off logos nothing this is my dog toaster crying and yelping in pain and discovered i do not occur encourage animal violence i want to get the wild was far away from us as possible toasters okay but has incline bite marks though you that there's a dog in the raccoon go and added man and he sees that shit he just runs up and grab that motherfucker
and website up up up up up i do runs after this bad mother fucker kevin rose is a bad mother fucker does gangster looks like you want to put on the other the dice kind of though about bad out there are not even sure if you are not even chirpy straight so you know whatever whatever we can he went after that reckon after through it he's a fucking crazy prick a guy's a madman i take that reckoned turning into hat done deal stockpiles little head you might ask from kentucky he was huns as you like three is eaten everything radicals in the woods many times squirrels snakes and allow new noon on kinds issued by a beaver when i was in wisconsin and i don't mean what you there's gonna say i i i had a beaver stew vanilla hee hee slow simmered a beaver he caught a beaver killed it turned its
it needs a body in a mitten saw that in the ensuing gathers that's the same beaver i ate some of that zero it was delicious tasted good taste like beef like like like a beef pot roast tastes like no no i won't eat anything like ours anything and my daddy's did eat things that i will not touch and my mom we think so my parents that are even worse i'm no radiating like balloon philippines yards in all kinds of shit doesn't really i dont doesn't bother me only you see what i drink is holding a turtle blood one time if i find out what it was like a thing for the gym like really fuck yoke issue they they said it's a thing and our jim first they gave me a curry that was it was the hardest thing i've ever eaten and i like spicy food it burned from like the moment
you'd feel were all your intestines wearily even always through my intestines burning everything and i have eaten it and other guys reading they were meditating two thousand a heads like blocking out the pain and their crying and stuff and i mean it i'm a menace fuckin hot and i just kept beat it an instructor jurist our transiting goes that is shooting japanese stretch transitory reels you're very tough we will pass out after gothenburg zero a lot of people die like why you're dumber than with their problem although died starts burning i was like before getting me and i finish an eighth of thing how's your ass my great pleasure you with vigour to burn on the way out here can burn is bad incidentally down i use burn like amazon com from we're not oh shit i'm in big trouble burning and then ex night he went to this old schools who she plays the mill tokyo and they
have a thing works like a mug like a beer stein full turtle but jervis turtle soup and put the blood in this thing and they usually mix with alcohol but i dont drank so they had mix it with some kind of juice and they mix all when i hear it out and i drink this whole mud turtle global have shut the iron rhine internal bloody chagall think how many answers like twelve seconds mere mug like a beer stein like twenty fills why there was a lot just chugged master i very go so it s like it actually wasn't bad it wasn't that strong so it tastes like whatever like an apple juice or something similar booze in there and i won't drank so they're like apple juice me the turtle anti semitic avenues tranquil oh so wasn't bad raw then it's not like i didn't i didn't think a blood test was that strong but
it would grow saddle up here and i can get through it i didn't really care mouth or still burning from the finance from that occur in a shit man was the deal they put their haste is pretty bad cut out a lot of it on the show was because you only fit so much in the tv show like when i want the gradual martha and brazil for everyone in the room for three and a half hours were ok by the time i was done i was like that gabriel my face like and now we're doing enough fifteen blackwell wasn't like how many times you tap i don't even remember because the first if i mention june vine right after that via starts given out on you they don't stop and they're all and then
look round and i realise that nobody else fighting but me like i'm waiting there all waiting on the majesty of face meat so i'm just ride in the snake for three now three and a half hours that is some annoying shit we see who's running their waiting to roll with you and he's not rollings waiting for you to get tired weight and then as soon as your turn is up the bell rings and then you wanna golly like what are you been doing for the has ten minute imagine a whole class full of back enemy like that fifteen buckles and i wasn't and this is the original gracie can he was like a bunch of chumps here with these guys were amazing skills gaps in the next day i came in and they did the exact same thing to me my goodness i can i wasn't me the great and i didn't have any now food poisoning they made me swim out deepening mobility one shot me swimming and this ok this one from year to year and then that night sicker than i ve ever been in my whole life the sound guy got sick listening to me puke
he was like he was holding michael and like you take heed literally got sick listening we get sick close shipment puking leg from the water in your mouth the funding they had me swim where the fuck off goes no of course not all the producers do research anything they do said three from the lyrics it would look good on i find in brazil and i and i want to go i went yeah i swam out there in the local looks it meaning goes you can't swim out there that's where the fellow runs off and i went they go no no no you can't swim out their use i can guess another like she that's why i got so sick you swam and fulfil a shit we're and the next day i had to fight the guy for the final fight and fight was an eye our standing there and i was so sick that was what you know so secure swaying you can't stand still and i was swaying around and
because they wanted footage to cut i fought the guy for twenty twenty four that's why i was seven year old was a sentiment match that is three times i am this guy was like if it was amazing use now there was a really good i was thicker than a god damn dog so it was his terror so that have no lot later laughings is didn't make the cut there were like that's something i shall ride man that's a problem with having to shut it's gotta be an hour it's got a fit between this knowledge fuckin hours and hours long he's never watch all of it his watch that sounds like a lot of entertaining shit went down a lotta so a new school and i was an experience of a lifetime and in that context i would like to see the video of the guy telling you that that's where the fellow run off goes i was sitting and knowing the owner sick you dumb waiter reserves leg now i was when i was to achieve a nominal dynamism that trip and down there for vacation
i didn't and one coincided safer few weeks and yeah i went back to the beach and local said there she is like if they miss because so goddamn sick it was horrible yeah that's not you propose soil ass i was i was in your product in rio and i can't i was lying on the floor i can sit up it combines it said get him in a room right now and i'm in numerous zoom room in rita wasn't like get around the middle nowhere is it pact measurement a major city in they went get him in emergency room get him in a room and you have to take the next step what the next day god damn gotta was falling ass you should shit all over the nice summit i agree on that i am i can be brief clarence i bet bottle quenched applicant roman man you know that's only with a fund show to do it was it was a blasted it really was it really was
it was it was just the disconnect between the people who made the show the producers are they weren't fighters they weren't much worse and our standing and right so dull got what are you doing cooks hinge and he got can cost so bad thirdly hidden he can see out of his eye he had a hemorrhage behind his i couldn't see out of it in and in there they would go to me and go already things wrong or dog and i go i'm not a medical professional i can't you know his knee was like great from its eyes or like a melon site and their work what's wrong with him and i go i'm a doctor smith gonna like nine things give your on to create those symptoms he needs an mri and they would be right and fought like they didn't this is what is it good staff regime have been anything but they did these once sanction athletic events so they didn't jennifer everywhere five what if we could get out there and fight we fly
that is a reality the that's the problem with reality is there's no you know i remember it out she doesn't like that safe they don't know we there's a volcano in time and then only signs going like there's there was that there was a wagon guardrail to keep from ground with as poisonous gas while the king we're guy goes out be greyshot we got out there and this is in the nature and he just turned to the guy the ranger we just go what's going around they're just as echo and the guy through his hands about yeah go ahead and then we went out there he goes out will have that one and so we did this turn around and we are sixty yards behind do not cross poisonous gas don't go over this lie a camera guides and our talk is due to the leg is get all the way out there in the starts talking and are transit transposing those yeah there are rivers of poisonous gas around where you shooting if you fall
that's it for you basically and unlike doing stuff on the top this mountain and though i gave you father that's it for you and the producer don't give a fuck and aiding united felicia it's good for the show goddammit get your ass out there that's the attitude the reality that sources combination of fighting in reality tv so it was it was because they don't know that that and i had to go hey ugh needs a concussion check and they went ago or i said we need concussion checks if we fought five guys in the cohesion final i said we need concussion and they said well how do you know i said listen to me i just what five guys in a row i i'm telling you we need to get now to make sure you don't have a concussion and then what fight me on it and i went we need a mushroom when it we need to encourage actually book i kicked and ahead there finally are fine but i whole point is i should know the difference
four guys tell you doesn't aching project needs a concussion so they went they took us there and dug blues nosegay blunders those and is cheap starts blown up like a balloon he had crack orbital orbital bone and so we can now through his cheek and so he goes on my cheek and i hid it i'd pushed it and it was going like right krispies because you crack your own go abroad is like shit and then we fought like today's or in another collide sanction thought again with a broken orbital later when attendees between shoots that's exactly this guy is always did ass we started the next down why fuck man i was just our lives man how old we then i turn thirty during the shows us twenty nine for most of it so you are young enough to be talking to some really fuckin stupid but i also also like defensively like the problem doug really appear on my my course in the show because i thought nationally when i'm in deep shit in the show i would put my
hands avenue my head and and and i around the block enough to know that when i was out gonna spend a heavyweight ok for i can rapid cover up in and not go unheard straight defect he had no idea how to do that and would just get hammered when there was his background not night he was using military guy he had been and he had been in iraq and in had been about guard in iraq and done like some amateur fights so we just have the wherewithal to go you don't you find six guys i'm gonna make it look for three of those guys and then for the rest i slip in a move in and you know i'm i'm working on it usually defensive he didn't have that skill set so when the water got too deep he would just get hammered wing hammered in i don't start reduces go you you can one time wherein indonesian in he's a real jovial guys like uses jokers smaller gas he's funny and in huge is depressed like to the point of lake wasn't the same dude and the producers went what's wrong with you i said he's getting beaten
every fuckin week you can't put him through this quickly and mentally every week like these starting to breakdown unwarlike weak sakes whatever was i go he give you can't it's like the gym when you get his fine if you he's a guy everyday for a month he starts just fallen apart you you can't i mean every good coach noisily put those guys are higher level but there are some points given those given most dangerous feeling good and if you dont have those you start breaking doug started breaking down what is also year your whole our normal system gets fucked up because of head trauma bad their funding man about head trauma headstrong intuitive grand just doesn't produce a chemicals needs when it gets smashed by a shit
kick it just doesn't work the riches the big argument about this t artesian because they're saying if these guys need t r t there's something wrong because again technology it's either that or steroids or there's a medical issue on top of that so how many of you other medical issue its percentage most hypo gandia goin out animal known as is either ma events either steroids abuse or they ve gotten hidden had too much or wait cutting way cutting as a big one to add a doctor told me he goes no functioning athlete should need your tea he's like if you need charity something's wrong i ve been here a consistent screwed you there's something has happened to fuck you up apply matt you shouldn't be thinking about charity therapy until you like forty five do you literally not you know my prisoner said to all is a prime athletes we have that on the oligarchs after you have given me lives it should happen if today
age unless something is wrong the other guys do you see that having their twenties and were well maybe i can turn yourself because he's got her usual ganz is he's a very extreme example these special case period he it makes sense that he would need it but now it's it's a fact in such a crazy situation because they lead it through for awhile you know so we got a guy jail sun and is kind of like the canary into coal mine he's kind of like one of the first guys and had the issue after the interests of a fine said they said it was clear but it wasn't clear almost one the title and then was suspended for a long time and then came back and then failed that task and then failed this new test and so but the problem of this new test if last tuesday had that obviously was
things to deal with the t r t therapy what i read in the arguments can be how does this effect is legacy in that he had in that they retire because he knew it piss off its other test didn't want that become in public and just raises all these questions about well he's on all the others have you knew it took the test already the one an organ was retiring because our man a piss after this one tune try it out in cages castle at this serious doubt on is his leg see when you drawn that the new task i announced today that huge ok but you could question vandalized legacy a little bit we're all sitting you're talking about one vanity was at his best motherfucker was used beyond we're we're sitting you're talking about man van with its head is bad we're assuming was our walk in farms where assuming assuming but that's legacy
was eventually silver joe what do you think of this rooted out beast killing people in prague different time different time but it's still what we're thinking about its until noon hour headed stir out of the conversation we just had a problem but a primarily involves i'm a suitable products that's legacy you going to oil it is it's what you talk about still my favorite exact form now rebates vanity fair till the day i die i love the guy to death but like as when you say legacy yeah you thinking what do i think than when i think of that no absolutely true i mean look it's something that has to be considered and with jail you know this more than one situation more more than one instance of it so it's you know it's partners like legacy shells legacy ultimately is gonna be me or of a self promoter than even of a fighter he's i think the best shit talker ever by fire his mouth is ice bronzy
this is fucking visa greatest of love his shit talking and it made him anything about he has a victory over show gone huge victory submission when the andersson fight the first one close fight get submitted in the final round the mean there's a lot of good moments in his career lady a leading up to the innocence of the fine i'm a real beaten more court i was grateful gray fight he had beaten i want seasonal commie before that equally alarming to desist i mean you know you'd be it i remember not thinking how much of a shot i remember thinking all those are good ways can solve guys but they weren't blow outside and destroy those guys they were decision winds his mouth sold that fight yeah i don't remember a lot of people thinking before talking that he had a great shot his i've made their fine i've heard from more than one person that they were worth that anderson silicates member he had fought tells later this goofy we're fight the day my fight
weird that data furious and innocent silver and they were worded and putting his fight like on an honor our strategy put on her cardona how real that is but she'll want fuck it i sell this thing that's when the mouth came out he has really done that before he goes through that fight that's just all came out and his teammate one whose team is result coach told me he goes they were worth anderson silva versus shale was gonna be on an undercurrent causes other forces have been so weird that there were gonna punish him so that children i got to sell this thing and just did run in his mouth off and made a fight that on paper i dont think was supercomputer falling into like must see tv and then it became less anybody hey my thing you the problem character and i told us to fighters all the time if it's you be careful it becomes you it's not you if you comfortable mayhem or became a dude may him
gimme person it used to be a nickname when i first met him now it's a guy it's a mayhem i gotta be and it's like if you weren't comparable being that guy please don't start because you can't just stop imagine not wanting to behold hogan come on go pay you have to be hope you can't be whatever you're right now you're afraid it back i can't not be that guy i tell photos i go be careful with that shit so once you start eyes you can start alternate wire died the ultimate major mobs basis seriously that's just turn it off the hour she can't go you know what i'm really sick they stick gotta worry that guy or else don't start don't created character to hyper fight and for the rest of your life
you are a whole cog in or year the autumn warrior or you some character you don't believe in because it won't go away that is larry will talk to you and be disappointed that now you're pretty normal i'm just empty words things that there really i really liked that people fanciful was met me and went well you're not that different like tonight yeah the shows just you one stop people see my cometary maybe in real life go you not any different really i don't have to create a guy that i have to be when people come up and i gotta be fight question me like i don't have to be that guy bobcat goldwyn struggled without forever bob for the longest time in his comedy i let you do that like you would deliveries vines limelight and then after a while amused hilarious but after while you get tired of fucking doing that he has had a great calmly dvd is he like that all the time bobcat go
it is you like that all the data and it is a really really smart guy with euro insightful things to say about stuff but not only does that at all any more than now just is allowed to be himself now but people it took it there was a transitional period has been on the pod cast for his great i love he made a big foot movie man a horror movie it's good let's common out soon where we're going to have some sort of a release party i'm anywhere we negotiate amend right back in an hour in brown level will be a screening somewhere i'll let you guys know loaded it takes place but bobbed i seen i've seen it already it's really fuckin good he had a really good bigfoot movie star willow creek that is not easy to pull off to a really good this it god ninety three on rotten tomatoes ask ninety three fuckin percent iran tomatoes that's huge or i am deeply one thanks whenever it is but it's it's good it's like out
your which style filming by like these people they went out looking to make a film about big foot and then they than other pieces either this documentary based on their own edited footage it's fuckin good that's crazy upon how it's a big believer in pink foot i wish people closer to resource i have a theory that if he's really has to be gay that's what is only ten of us otherwise they would be everywhere is no one's eaten bigfoot babies susie whose keeping from brain is way too much logic for most people because most will when you start time out you know you need a breeding population of something they look you this blank stare and you there has to be enough of them to have genetic variety and have babies is mixed and i believe there is not one big foot one likely fortunately if i but you can be in place knows them the pacific northwest so vast could be thousands of them i believe this about ten thousand sus question with america approximately when i did that chauffeur i find joe rogan questions everything i talk to all those fucking guph balls to attack those people in depth for
where's i went squashing i went out in the woods with those people for days poking around here just poking around looking and animals there's a lot of shit out there is little weird shit other argue in arms things ever say like you thither ass you i've never see him outlined above the rest i've never seen wolverine and we know that their real so that their logic they like but there are people who are very credible witnesses who took here's a problem and i went bear hunting recently and when i was honey i saw a squirrel for half a second i thought that squirrel wool half of one zero tonnes of oil is a faggot squirrel that highlights the fairly good light yeah i'm hunting and where i am oh i got a fucking bone land there for the full experience at dusk world was a wolf but it was only for half a second but it happened
with a sort of fucking word you that's all you got that much time but also the that's what happens man you see a bare ok you see a bare standing up on on its back fee which they do i've seen bears do it they stand up in the back three it's weird seek is our biggest fuck we see a seven foot tall bear standing up at his back feed and he's near tree and if you see that from really far away and if you're in the woods the problem also is not seeing its magazine a field you're seeing it in between trees so you're not getting a good view of it you're getting a view of it from without even if its pacific northwest especially so dense if its twenty yards away from you you looking at a sliver of it through a dozen trees at least probably more like a hundred trees depredations justify its off the perceptions fought what you look as part and then if you convince yourself that it was a guy standing up there was like blackened covered with hair you owe me
god i saw bigfoot many start pinioning in europe your head that it was bigfoot its buried dumb fuck two black bear a big time black bear those scratches back on tree what we saw them revenue these countries are females they their pussy up two trees mr robin hood he's on trying to work in that they get here ass they get horny and they serve regan guess i'll have you got it just fine my favorite is there's nothing like down the fossil record look you than other banks daily you know if we found every creature what now millions of years of versions of those creatures i never seen anything like it that's what i want again to pay because year after year because yet but it is so in have you seen one those year it is unbelievable lee gigantic here there's no transitional i'd have ever that that same theory there's no transitional species they fat like the go from there to anything bigfoot site there's been no it read that big see the thing
gigantic pythagoras it's really fascinating they don't even know it existed until the nineteen twenty some girls in shop china and they found a loose year they found tooth unknown primate to try to figure out what it was asked the guy where'd you get this they take him to this place they find more balance they find a job on that seems to indicate a by penal hominid the position of the job own with animals at a walk on all fours their jaws position differently than someone standing straight up so but based on job bonds and a couple other pieces they put to you their this enormous primate that they think is between eight and ten feet tall which is what lot of people say the big foot is chinese ten feet tall the other thing it's weird is at the gigantic pythagoras exists as recently as a hundred thousand years ago documented and in asia which is exactly the bearing straight connected to the north american landmass before the last ice age so if some
thing did walk cross during the ice age and followed people which is what they think happened the people walked across that came to north america that's why test native americans they test their dna they find that out of a more related to people from siberia we just kind of acid so the animal evaded did exist at the time in did came they don't know existed fifteen twenty thousand years ago we know existed a hundred thousand years ago that's a long long gap but if that thing did come and lived in the pacific northwest the idea that a small amount from would still be there there is a thing in sight they call them almost that's their word for the wild man that alike either big neanderthal or small i can it was an orgy of the biggest yeah yeah can't open it again till the biggest the solar russians have their own kind of bigfoot call them alma and in the mid eighteen hundreds is a story of a one called zanna that they had captured
i'm crazy fucker had sex with it produce have all my kids and their descendants are still live in this village in in the steps of russia hurry lies is out there are totally likely restores out the probably deftly happened at football the indicators were shortest native also short and strongest shit they super they dance i feed two hundred pounds data as fuck yeah they were we belle rakish they were built way more like a gorilla than they were like a person like wade dense thick muscles it's interesting that we don't know what they really looked like either we have these ideas is that they make thin out they will even what the color scheme was its toll speculation as to occur the skin was you know we don't know they looked like they could have looked way more like some sort of an ape yeah we do know that they fuck people though and that people factor we all those whose whole fuckin go on chromatic non either push them out or in her bed with them are competing funds
to extinction block them into extinction and of all those crazy freak neanderthal bitches and fuck that shit out and kill their husbands the good side of genocide is fucking killing a region it is interesting because they think now they're starting to think that neanderthals or waste more than without their work their brains are actually larger than than homo sapiens those brains that were larger was to compensate for the extra muscle mass and all the different functions that that their body was able to perform at ares warrant because they were way stronger than people than like they were if not in the end it all those fighting in the eu have see he would make whose power horrors look like big brad pickets geneva leg loggia he glanced at the magic word spoken things would look like just lucky five foot tall two hundred pound dense ass take bones giant elbows and shit you're extra long arm short legs were
you got a hunch just catches you pull in these on dried out if italy are designed this sucks so hard the jobs of the modern human d you know you see guys get right like shilling in market simon marcus perfection on the job shuts everything off not the end of nope it's like pungent forehead part of the roots of the heart of this matter that their heads were sheep differently as they had actually attachments here don't for nato muscles also for buying raw meat gesture through words we high to vet knives fuckin chouan through a fuckin bully mammoth face invoking take it down that's a good way to live they don't know what fucking kill those people off fascinating executive could have also died off at the end of the ice age they think because and it i don't know
if they know when the last once existed but they think it's recently is forty thousand years ago and now is the most recent explanations are ideas but that's also like ten thousand years ago is when the woolly mammoth died off and the sabre too tight and that's also the coincided with the end of the ice age and so there's a bunch of us think that happened because an asteroid olympics there might wiped off a gigantic slice of the population and the end of tat might have been too stupid to survive on enough that makes any sense i like the fucking theory but it s a little more awesome i must say you madge if we found neanderthals though and that they would be technically human serve some like you d box type dude went out there and included among whom vandals recruit at home and abroad back to america he's probably the closest thing due to anyone at all i have to tell you what do you think van running out of this drug test that stupid that's
but the idea of i ran out of untie erratic i now come on us little love ass she did and you know it's also coming from a guy who we sort of already decided wrongly since in our non medical opinion spin rumoured coded to phil baronial believes it don't even worse in the contracts yeah there and who were told by officials that we test for these drugs yet but we don't test for sale we'll jason chambers they told him began steroids they want get up two hundred eighty five pounds cases occur we once heavenly away one seventy right now and there is a bigger one eighty five much bigger jamieson i'm gonna come the greatest threat yeah they told him to go on steroids yeah but they don't didn't pay they did not blame and he was like out fuckin out thinks this is not a good idea at the best idea but those were interesting times man but like one of my
they were times ever i used to love getting in the middle of the night or or staying up in the middle of the night and watching those cards take place lie from japan the law but whatever they start it was topic stupid late at night i would give the tapes from little tokyo but the other like little runnel stores do japanese stuff say again that's high sagacity sheila man and i would write my bike and i'll go these videos towards new really speak english and i will go i'm saying like a lot of you emma maiden releases the time was like pride and he looked at me and he goes really understand gay pride and i said give up remember that man has got a bucket screen for years before me only worth in japanese five minutes left as only work but i look human and i go and i go she i'm trusting the name eyes went ruminants only goes subtle reuben any points of this area we had all these you don't pride tapes
i'm going back there in bank overall readjusting like then all of them you couldn't find many lotto ruminant fats rock and grappling room some money to pay for an hour or two and so cool we're day upon and you would do grappling competitions too he was a bad mother fucker madam he can't guyana realise i'm until it did turban flying fuck and tribal like three out of four people wouldn't ok but think about the level of jitsu than then and then the love of guys now where do you will you put him i think that he was back then he was he was at the low we're at now almost that level back then but he was you know a lot of those guys that the japanese an artist strong not not physically imposing that is what i have trouble new s once you get the super athletes or fiscal imposing that just get just as good sure
slick but they have that like one shot one kill all die before i give up kind of it just that they just candy with the physical strength of of can fuckin muscle she like that is wholly agree with that i'm a laker looking eyes like does now japanese mark coalmines no veto was but homesick yeah pretty he was pretty close i guess but just a different sort of thing that judo kid but he never pan out be vichy issue here and what they made him fate or like this i mean how many rights was the end yoshida satisfied yoshida has first five feet or within the first couple years that was thousand other pride thing like they would feel guise of a goddamn wool yeah faded if the door what are you thinking of that shit and knockouts brutal to mean he does really help us invaders sniping em to poland
then it was was exciting the watch thowt aid no one put a gun to his head alleged let me maybe they did and are never now it is a scandal again one guy missing a finger do you know it it's thousands our japanese fighters who come to us in order to bridge pamela kinda well here it's big physical wrestlers man it's hard to overcome that with our japanese like you said kind of balls submission starving and hard for this emissions you don't get it put also the way cutting aspect didn't really data they weren't cutting way not nothing like americans are couldn't wait till you see as way in the sea the gather refining like why that that's crazy like saccharine and an matthews privies ample matthews is a big fucking walter waiting time mean here these these garden hose muscles that would connect the back of his head to his neck justice thick ass you fucking country strong action sakharov
is not able to deal with that it was a different kind of any good fuckin passing a billy goods jitsu very good job sue he was the first wrestler my opinion than real we learned how do not just take us down ground opponents but learn had a hitting like that far side our bar that he hit on your saint pierre in jersey appear went for the camorra he had good jijiu sedated he had add real solid skills good defences skills to you now to frank trig rear naked oak seeking for guys away you could show guys and that sacrilegious not big enough to knock autumn to the mental sakharov good fucking cakes though to big ass legs good lakes fast fast accurate well floated sappho but otto he was one of the first guys to we saw get a little cheney he started to go towards the end of his career interests i call on the cliff
where am i yeah airy match knocked him right up our com but what a bad ass mother fucker that guy was he looked when he looked good he looked fuck em just super amazing and then some days you're just like won't be changes char spot by prescott back hailed him within the first fifteen twenty seconds and just left him there and then it was like one of those we saltier i reiterate that further costs get me ran out of the cage back like what the fuck is he gonna go crazy data romana murder me he went crazy man do you think he has a lean other than the odds are tend to one against him frank yeager tend to want the one i would say that it ten one year and i think that everyone here bucks on reality you never fucking know i mean
especially listening to what your sand and listen what you're saying about him being inaccurate shape tat was always a thing than held them back and if there's one lost that fucks with em it's not the law losses to nicky as or roaring gazprom just two fuckin pig should have been fighting those guys cinema father winsome and now that he's fighting and one forty five if you like wait a minute used to fight at once said you fought my cheetah to a fine what the fuck man you fought heavy weight you samuel machine it was over to a far but she was essentially a heavyweight was ridiculous and here he is fighting at one for it is however a guy like that that one from heavyweight done one forty five speed size disadvantage in any fuckin unzip choking not matthews and knocking yeah but i ve been asked him out with one hunch eyed him choking out man hughes could have been
in many ways common working ever happen to him that he kept flirting with one seventy against gigantic dues that success i don't may be set aside to high we the lousy met use the only guy you ever beat a one seventy that interest emily forgets mad he only guy he ever be at a horrid seventy pounds you're gonna beat only one guy and concern for the printing press it is we give me back to the well row you just can't equally annul those well especially george saint pierre figured out a way i'm out first and then beat him up grisha back up and raise your chest back every other guy there was duly voodoo ottoman chin rubbing his trousers honest and they they caught him but actually knows back like what are you motherfuckers do in attending that tension is nip yes forehead in this joy to increasing you have greece in your hands isn't it about the ufc two is that they have corner men but data i'll have it like boxing has their own cut men the sea
they bring their staff cut man that work for the entire card that's right the way to do it smarter yak as you in those panama louis type situations where lui resto irish believing that come on get me the bottle i made that aaron prior prior and the hardware agua was fuckin so the other louis resto thing man that was those crazy shit ever was the deeds named billy irish billy counts billy collins those crazy kid kemp comments i feel themselves joe is drove his though reserve car and offer bridge for people to know we're talking about they took lui rest those that took the padding out of his gloves those back in the day boxing those were made at a horse here and there have those foam pads like they had today and sometimes they still used those horsehair gloves that was when my daughter was trying to use a flight nay whether when they were like
could you not used in these four zero see their video but floyd may weather but the day after him with loves a real problem may what may whether whisper areas surreal simple will you he's my fucking gloves is rose i feel my fucking neck away using mollify glove and they now they're like don't be scared and waited eric be scared bitch i scare forty nine fuckin fights i when i use these gloves also did my hands are worth seven million dollars breakin them because and not letting him have those gloves that was the date they wouldn't have done as a ravishes fuckin punches but so they took the good though his horse here out of gloves they made a small hole and then pulled the horse here out it was essentially just taped up knuckles and he beat the shit out of billions the fact is always under needed at the time and it really provide a little more journeymen and and you're upset his eyes were so badly swollen they took up a photo after the fight
the promoters who want to take it with his eyes open ngos those are open but as far as you can a moment airlines but isn't that interesting that years later and may fighters were fighting bear knuckles and for life both ban from if the rest of an panama louis and they both did time for assault yeah and then panama louis went to work with thyssen afterwards but couldn't work the coroner cannot work work is somehow our in his camp but could work the corner he can train guys you can't ever corner so still doing that to this day is still doing it louis still never got it all billy cons killed himself spiled into depression kill himself lily resto in an attitude or homeless drug attic never got it out just that us documentary where he tried to talk to build can't we would have it mom mom forgave him the moment sister forgave him but the dad would have it
and he confessed during the thing to that that they'd raft his hand in his plaster stuff this shit that probably arenas marguerite oh shit that was in the fuckin two thousands believe that it is ears there's eyes now there's knows i mean and then you can then spoken it's almost advance this honour the deadly weapon i don't i don't get why and all i never got widely resto in panama louis went to jail ban for life more reader gets caught trying to do the same thing in a delicate asylum is not suspension but do most of the time for that deters shane mosey their beat the fuck out of him ready the piss adam i found out they wouldn't let amused the rap here they knew wraps and he got the shit kicked out and it was almost like shame was like torture and like you is punishing him for that and there would that that was a night it was a great fight for shame that was sheen's last great fight by the way at all costs to have them bad palestinians or punchy now people have talked to
in our view and am now they say that sir he had a few too many now probably that mark rita fight should have in the last one and how but he fought canelo after that and for me whether yeah whether canelo but the canelo want apparently was thousands beating that out can tough man fuck yeah and better all the time getting that for me what if i was a good fight for him was taught him a lot of shit you know when you're in with a guy like that moves like floyd does until you see that you don't know what the fuck that is either you're not going to get that in training who's who's going to be your sparring partner that's undefeated world champion one of the eight or ten best fighters its ever walked the face the plan the fur time you see something you don't want it to be in a fight what we have seen that before at some point in training you die i play chess airline yeah that's billy cowan
after the fight with his eyes opened his eyes opened so far that is good it would get gathered so fucked that's so fucked she's never so yeah blind right it was lost some of his vision awesome his vision and and he was trying to sue heat i do so basically the commission for not catching the gloves because his at the end of the fight you see it louis so goes up and shake hands with billy can't dad whose is trainer any feels the glove and whose way to say hey gets commissioner beak starts yelling this clubs if the patterns out of it he shook hands and fell bluff yeah and heat to sue the athletic commission for letting louie resto fight with the move from a glove and protecting the sun so it kept billy comes from five because they were suing and so you just sit around and just get worse and you know got press and that was also room for fighting
yeah in panama follows the same fuckin guy who gave richard errand prior that bilateral the bottle he makes any came out against elects our way or just supercharged whatever it was it was in that bottle lui resto said that he is to give him they were asthma pills crushed up asthma pill so you you would it would get your breathing back based amphetamines of amphetamines isa treat asthma isn't it interesting that both aaron prior anymore trivia just go through your master but both and prior and lieu resto became drug attics is then interesting intellects hardware any real may extremism cooking rig struggles killed himself in nicaragua it wasn't like a politician in nagoya either there's some suspicion about an easy life wasn't like gunshot wound the chest yeah which is pretty weird forsooth monopoly your story any while lotta boxers
especially they wind up with depression in out from just a repeated trauma cocaine also leaves no bueno who was it for its euro gaudy something about his suppose it suits there was no fuckin to damage killed not once watch but what i thought was interesting i saw very even handed documentary about his alleged suicide such murder where we think not once they go did they mention pupils dementia which causes depression and suicide since they won't even once go maybe hidden had one too many fucking dimes on aid and they they never once brought it up i thought it deserve mentioning that you know his brain had to be putting at that point but didn't have a big wasn't there at some point time was there during the debate that the incident whatever kill them
was there a head trauma like a big even gotten in a fight that night that's why they argued he had gone and fight on the street and brazil in the interview cabdriver the camera and drove him from where he was from where the fight was to his apartment and so those blood on the back of my seat then you may have been about pretty like it hit the ground he had gone with all these brazilians he had been mouth off this club and his wife left him and that's why they were arguing that night and so here and a fight will have three days on the street so the cabinet said yeah those blot on my seat he had now and then he said all that shit people beat him up and now he was brought up in the cap when he was in the back my my cab and then he was found on the ground and the only thing that makes zero sense to me zero of all the whole story i can see both sides with wanting to make zero senses the why claimed in the morning and thought he was asleep if you see the photos arturo gaudy which i have on the ground he's dead
in a pool of his own blood clearly like you walk passes and think he's ok words you in earnest or his ashes i'm a body was all right in oil for me all i find out what they said he will he always used to pass out and falsely drunk that mike hey you want that and go he's fine hey honey you ok i get on make some coffee and that's that but have doubled iran birgitta very interesting finished in case to save its add case it's it's a very sad case but when she got out of jail degeneracy the photos of her out of jail sousa smile laughin when they release to that yes i see yeah that was that was family was not these about that one
there is a fight where bull everyone knew these guys weren't gonna win a title so it was one of the first fights where was just an awesome fight because they matched up together well you know it wasn't ennasin vibe but making making war was going the world champion arturo gaudy wasn't he had a title at one point i am but career was dwindling down he wasn't gonna be like the top of the food chain floyd may with a type fighter plane he found another guy there was on his level and that came one of the first trilogies when the first series of fights where everyone knew these guys weren't gonna win a title so it was one of the first fights where was just an awesome fight because they matched up together well you know it wasn't an awesome vibe but making making war was the world champion are too gaudy wasn't he had a title at one point i am but he wasn't gonna be the best in the world everyone knew and that was the thing about boxers is we
want to see an undefeated fighter and we all want to see a guy for the title of the thing about rocky marciano was always and marciano died forty nine oh he was the best marciano never lost well in boxing that was like the first duel those two guys go out of the first match up where we knew that they weren't going to get away title but we still want to see we dont what's what's different in combat sports that's unique in combat sports is different than another especially team schwartz popularity and abilities don't go together they dont have the best guy isn't the most popular guy and arturo gaudy was that got it i would pay to wash check i fight no matter what no matter when even though there are much better guys out their watch arturo gotta fight was really something special in gaol would make you ward that amazing trilogy the promise i'm just you and me with a faint but i was like
millie our hard to watch her ass hardware there is too many after that after the make your drilled yeah i was also god he had already taken a lot of punishment is career he wasn't aegis had no business being the ring with may whether maybe there's way too sharp in these price yeah i mean i did me was better than me so sharp than unbelievable gray eyes amazing now don't you know i'm sayin is amazing now would you like a younger even faster version of may well kills our good you know it's really incredible is fuckin hopkins winning title in nine that's one of the weirdest examples in boxing of all time gonna talk about a guy that just never faded off still wicked not that russian do down in the tenth round at forty nine but style wise he's the kind of guy if you look at all despite the big knock on hopkins never took a lotta risks point an damage white fifty causing than ever took those and talks great great yeah his brain is in pudding
i just amazed that his bodies holding up it doesnt looked totally the same like it doesn't look his muscular he's a little more smoothly so little more saw but now my the difference of these partners is moving from one class a lot is you don't you beat is firstly to go and i think he realizes i can beat these cruisers i can out like these cruisers right i dont have you do that against economic lufkin guys middleweight ziad away andrey war right was ass a fast and i thank him he i think he's smart is a really smart guy in visa boxing accuse amazing i think he realizes i'm i cannot slick these guys that's good why this instrument away the last guy that he had real problems with his germane taylor and domain taylor was away fast when sixty one ones sixty lightning fast and then you know look look at the performance is that he's had a light heavy weight and you know look kid what's his name for pittsburgh the white kid
kelly paddling yes from my some youngster the public was a slower guy you know and public didn't have that sort of everybody's him look like a fool who was peter high performance i made him look ridiculous for tolerance and everybody was shocked at he was doing it at what i forty three back end like this is incredible six years later you think there's no one's gonna win a world title six years from biting that's why moving up and staying in these way classes were doesn't whereby the speed yeah that's point man that's artisan to deal with that is a good point because he's so good at being in the right place to make a guy move and you also you know like you see a guy like like today we saw like there was one point time we're cubs once and winds up and i'm seeing him getting ready throw kick have we seen a guy get ready throw kick we seen a subtle changes and when a guys throw kick you good spot it bernard hopkins
he's seen so many guys in front of him do things so many guys try to hit him with ponchas he knows what they're gonna before they know what you're gonna do so when he stepping enforcing guys for positions where he knows what they're gonna do once they get into that position data even know what they're going to do he's like two and three steps ahead of them so because of that body the knowledge that he has you get to see like this really pure sort of a pure execution of boxing from him dismantling is the executioner not anymore now had alien to save him he's the alien be thrown off i gotta hit as recalled yeah he wears a rubber mask he goes into the ring with a rubber it wears a rubber fucking alien mass he calls himself the alien this officially the longest park ass we ve ever done it's fuckin five hours pours it's midnight after midnight while so people listening
in trying to get us to state its over folks guy sleep over follow jimmy on twitter its jimmy smith emma may end and foul ie and on twitter but is not ie and is uncle creepy mme an uncle maybe emma may also on instagram way could see him wrestle with five hundred pound barrel this and you will see him july nineteenth taking on brad picket and dominating in his fly bout yes i'm ninety in dublin i kid in dublin the dublin ireland great fuckin place your fight i know it's gonna be fine i got mine i gotta bring your new shopping with both shirts fucking a man a man i ripped off the the fighting irish shirt glorious glorious i will love you guys was a lot of fun frank you re lying by blossoming bosomed fight cups wants and in germany stephenses great there there's bernard hopkins coming out with alien it like that
larry is my friends we'll be back on monday with crash from the float lab then
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