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Fight Companion - March 14, 2020

2020-03-14 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Eddie Bravo, Bryan Callen & Brendan Schaub to watch the fights on March 14, 2020.
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The job will gain experience. There were large robot not a corona com is a miracle. I think I haven't been tested in their problem. A scar, shit come round and whisky sign we're going to waste huge, brings the plant and sort of shell. It's great, So we were, our children are all under quarantine, not really quarantine. Ella is not in the quarantine, yet I hear word your word that California and washed, and state against the lock down treatment for two weeks I don't know man, I don't know. I planned at all my plan for a month, a plan for a month of food, last October, the date I have tons of meat, though american Carnivore it to the end of the year legitimately drink
creek water are going to talk with filter, get a pop filter that you kid I did that hampers here. They love it man, let s just air buddy. You me carnival, though just have to. I don't think so. It's gonna come now, really, don't I think I think of you. The numbers like. This is not a good called. It's a dangerous one. It's a dangerous one cause, it kills the fucker all people, but so it is a bad, flew and dumb. Its definite about flew in in some people's accounts in that is causing serious damage. Would you Jamie, oh, it's, it causes damage to lungs damage you here on both ends, though you know, like you hear one experts as its help too. What can we hear? Another expert? Does it's actually go about your life, but wash your hands, be cautious. Go about your life, though here both ends of There's a good article manic, there's a good article in the Atlantic about it did the article in the Atlantic was basically saying we're all gonna get it in one. The reasons why this is a real tricky one is that the symptom don't
for a while, so you could be contagious. Long time? In all three weeks he doesn't kill people quick, see the thing about that avian flu that they put the cabal two thousand really deadly one killed, sixty percent the people, the got it so China acted immediately the killed. Someone like a million five hundred thousand chickens, it's all in this article and they just shot everything down like this is thanks to this is something that's: gonna, fuckin kill. Half the population, like legitimately killer, depopulated argon, wash imposed that that gets like a bunch of experts and China. What, though, They agree on about the krona virus and when you read that much feel better yeah granted a lot of people? a lot of it is up in the air. They dont know what what scares me What's Goin on France, because Jake Tapir just tweeted that some large number more than fifty
percent of the cases that are serious like hospitalization, our people that are under sixty, which is very unusual because the other people in other places a tweet there there reporting it's mostly old Toller, your people with underlying health conditions. We do me Cynthia weakening systems, people with high blood pressure, but you know you really stop and look at the numbers of just the flu in this is supposed to be way worse than the flu. But if you look at the numbers for the flu, the flu kills a fuckload of people. Like fifty thousand a euro, I'm just gonna United States, H, renewals, cheer, I gotta take asserts tat, cheers choose chairs I count will be here. Probably with cheese is probably the cheese to a right now. Turn talks wait and regular hours, no idea nobody's ever cheese door is another everybody, the her shirt with. Who did you guys, Selwyn Brian? What cheese there's gotta be?
No one Levin had achieved argue we haven't cheese and wine and children. The microphone did you do that, just one just break snack in in the maker. I get it folks. If you listen, you get upset at us, and people get upset me for clear my throat they get upset for if you drink on MIKE peoples, because you're in there I get it, but it also lira if there are the general now and they have airports on or through our plane, even better, because you hear anything else right, you're, not making a lot of motion yourself. You can hear all that for its annoying to address grass drives me not yet, but obviously there weren't concentrating in here, then she took effect. People at work for our social worker. Three hours show with fuckin for guys under the influence you have a job you're allowed to list. Dorpat Catholic does a good job earlier, because it on me boring shit, much better liquid? deliver newspapers eyes to listen to the radio morning law
morning. Mattress was the big Boston morning. Radio show trials lock, Madeira, I love it. I dont mean driver for leave knives. Forty five hour a day, you known studio, realities of some part. Yes, I love it meant yet and when If somebody, MRS of its late, like I know how important it is. I love about skates career. You learn in so we worked or slowly evolving into liking traffic. I like traffic, because that's where I I do my I'd, listen to music on the way to work and on the we back, I listen to the new. It's your touch, the saying that I can only time biomass I'll have to talk to anybody. I like it. I like it when it all red, unlike automatic the worst fucking three I did. I was it, whereas into common as it might walk around with forgot shut. No one is really round, and this garbage truck pulled up. You take us
job, what the fuck you do it up here show ourselves broke unless the fight to brow meals, youtube- The source of burial scares me I tried to score you score cough yes are in the wrong you're wrong area. Papa he's a dessert people get drugs, go back down nail. Where can I dragged heroines by ethical Carolyn? Now the ascent asked to talk to you brow. Little green Wrong plays the wrong time, but I'd be awful. If you wander through some city, Diana Tacoma, that's where a spoke in the cycle I would be so sadly how many people die from that should every year we're not worry about dialogue as it does. Oh fuck knows I was sentinels digging out everybody else. How many people I was taught them others. Instead, you tonight that's like some des. We just get real accustomed to real accustomed to those cot death, but of all the deaths that we're happy, because a cancer and people being fat, if
those were from wolves quickly. Would we want to kill walls lobby? But what are we going? it's, because this disease and failure, and all that kind of shit we like ok, but what? If? What? If you could see, and in fact in law, the hidden money, but one of stages in the early create ten of this? This panic! What if they just on for seven car crashes and people die from obesity and we'd be fuckin terrified. We would, that's not in our face with its way. What is media so power, so power so powerful? They can get the people to believe in fact, anything anything. If these days, guess what we found? Santa Claus is Fuckin bones in the mountains. And in Norway. People believe that they could A lot of people you know. Maybe, like you know, what do you know they found Santa Claus they be flying up their Etna due to meet us He super powerful. This
disease is a good example of is not something that we shouldn't be afraid we should. We should definitely afraid we should be afraid, something that could come down the pipe that's more deadly than we should be afraid of that's what those people the centre. For disease Control, told me and Duncan we d show their years ago, There's really have to worry about these diseases, just jump in people who said that it happens all the time you can control it, but learn from China learn from ITALY like they were unprepared, they didn't take it or maybe they, did not have the resources could learn from their mistakes. In China's address information they try to suppress informational. China is ready with the moon. You know they went to the moon, who does China. They wanted among things different people, no, not China, another winter, so one billion people disabled last year they went bigger video in glass about no media
but no one dares drawn to the surface the moon to the door, to the dark side, that's candidate, to build an area where it needs are also come on. This is the opening job about the corona virus, countdown to jump on their home. I hear about up cheese call the while this about it, you ve ever dress how you have a combustion of water by the USA is appointed. Easily slowed our aim of food ease. We don't shake hands around her elbow g. With the crime. There also saying that you know, because the lack of testing There might be way more people with it so shows at how how it's not that deadly through normal people die. That's for sure, but we don't know how people have it, so it could be a less deleon. We think. Well, I like to think of the glass half full Joe.
Tat, make even greater efforts were not what does make you think about the flu too. I mean if this is supposed to be ten times more, potentially ten times more deadly than the flu right, MRS, the worst case scenario they make. Our predictions, but they do an appetite trying to unite with these priorities are the start going you're right is how often they right you're right, but if they are right, we have to be here for the Black sea the best incentive for the exactly it could be an inconvenience to be prepared for the worst ouch. It should open up our minds and our our brain as to what is causing this and is there another way to generate food? Papa can be no one was when we're old, Werner Eightys, the kids. During those times are going to look at. This is weird because, like old people love toilet paper, they just ward toilet paper because from this point on we have never lived, wished toilet paper shortage. I
never you heard about toilet paper shores are really the what the problem is way. Big making diseases not only arrays food is making diseases. Child was an inch. I wasn't talking about China, not just talking about twenty toilet paper. I had done what I'm saying desirous of other. It's crazy we're we're making viruses. While they like avian Flu, that was buried, agriculture right, swine flu, that was pig agriculture made jam all these animals together. Occasionally one of those fuckin bugs jumble shares the spines didn't get it, but didn't bowling. Heiress scares Dahlberg, buoyant hemorrhage, attic, fevers came from fruit bats. I thank you. Ok for another animal is anyone who knows I was there. I mean this type of these flues, though Brown are the ones I jump up and they're all
rock and roll over there are labelled as corona viruses. Just different type of these are all the same stream or Sars apparently was more deadly even than this one. That's China as a wake up call man, it's a wake up, call for anybody to it. Has is to do with regulating how People raise food, but, like there's been mistakes made but this does seem like a wide. This does like a massive overreacts into about viruses only kills people are or what the meanings. Eighty one though SAM Harris told me about some duties in the fifties and well that's one example. I was about immune system. Who knows what could have happened? Who knows what could have rapid bloody could jacket but not a normal thing for a guy who is really felt like my dad scared at sixty my dad's terrified- and I The thing you said you
The group tags where its Trump confirmed the corona vice nuclear issues as Dude Ceylon urge bed with this black eating his fame. What you're fat aim account to talk with the fattest colleague version your life, it's great by those equally. So I said to my at those funny I said to my dad: did find it for he put what does from time to time. That's funny, like terms, are going to send us a picture that says if you know this guy's Fazio factor, friends, Is he a real boards? How my guide Piazzi lay back you they ate. One is less John Mc Jesse agency fighting these are good, but this is a really good. Car dialogue is earned. Gill burns area. My and I am grateful who is not only conall fighting we do have the the cards pretty stacked, it's better. NASCAR, it's very good car.
A new Gm Brazil they shop and there's no in the crowd. What's weird Rinaldo O this a good fight, Ronaldo, sixty seven years old and saluted raw he's a bad mother. Fucker, though that guy throws did here, from the beginning of a zero seamen where he's in a dangerous, a dangerous for which we are in danger. If you can listen, there's no crowd and you just hear Michael Bisbees Voice, narrating you're, right accommodating sounds like you're, watching the gulf of that committee to Turkey subdue too, because no energy suicide, any ghost amount there is nobody here, there's no one, others, no one! There's a girl in the crowd brought we're living in a movie. MRS range should ever we're living in a move at the hormone. Why didn't we have this reaction with eighty one and one that I put a lot of people geographical entity arena here right, but but the swine flu is fucked, a lot of you, This is madness.
This is madness, is an empty arena and I still do not lose. How do Tom Hanks? Has it you, son of a bitch time? Yes, why he'll be fine Europe or even its army? I'm still confused nobody's told me why this this virus, not none of its all theories Well, there's some real dangers that it might be as much as ten to fifteen times stronger. You don't like the media's standard of the media is run in with this, because it's bad for Trump I'd taken a killer economy. Now I don't know the viral adjusts have that in mind when they make their decisions. I think all these disease experts are trying to save millions. People from unnecessarily dying trying to stop a disease in its tracks, they're doing any they ve done is forever with polio that done this with smallpox. This is what they They try to stop the disease. They're trying to kill us every fuckin day? It's as if we have a war and there's a war against viruses. It's a
It's almost like a real war against a thing, but we don't think of it as a thing because its it's you, don't see it, but it's it's an attack. On the human system, it's an attack on human beings, a constant and its evolving. It's always changing. There's too many of us and that's what it recognized it, is trying to get rid of us this crazy. How many people, how many people have died in the? U S so for fifty thousand, fifty no fifty fifty exclude and what is the average urge, your various? What is the average eighty want, em in the NBA and all cancelled, only everything cancer, because nobody on the audience one or two, then the average age is eighty. You would think whether worry about home. You would then, if you just found out about this, you just walk out from a coma and then you see how everything's gonna will evolve. You would be thinking. People were dying on the street wrecked running if it was like that zombie, a part of that masks stay on their saw these on the street. That's right, the exact! That's what you with that! You write, but the
bridge age of the people dying in the United States is eighty and half of them are from an old folks, home and work. Washington. How did they get and then the EU You you see on the back of a licence bottle. It says it lists. The viruses that kills and its carnivores like so I want this was a new all, but it's a different straying. You know, Sunlike wait a minute. The average age is aid pause for a second. I give you all the time, it's two thirty of the first round to twenty nine, to twenty eight to twenty seven to twenty six to twenty five. So if you want to think it up or watch John Mc Desi verse tree. Now, though friends, school, southpaw, verses, unorthodox, Rinaldo, bad ass, kickboxing he's like shit, Our second he's always a dangerous you, never has like off night I don't think he's been funding since it was seven and it is a weird, thing to see no audience it. It's weird thing to think that so many people,
are so afraid of this, that they don't do anything and go out, but a kind of makes sense. If it is bad as they think it is now, it's not as bad as I think that is the problem. There's gonna be a lot of people who do not believe them. Genetics will something comes up that annex ones not known or they'll, believe everyone did. We believed everyone via the younger generation people get now some people. This is gonna work. I know I would I know anyone, it's all it always. Why don't? I always works. It works we two years, you boy! I don't think it's a works. Eddie, I think, is a constant battle going on between people and viruses. This is store than as a real, I'm just saying that we do not get intimidated, but it has a real clear beginning and you can follow the history of viruses in the United States and in the world per try. Where is only now that old, weak people
to be sure it without disregarding the boomer virus, and he found out the young lady Ali there's a or the spanish flu right that was really mad for young guys to eight. You wanted three or something whereas kill in a lot of guys with great immune systems by some some way be the way to tax, and this is what the nineteen twenty year when voting twenty didn't hygiene fix most of that interpretation? Eighty rise does its fixes a lot of doesn't stop it. Viruses are always saying that all Brian Same is: where are the bodies? That's all. He says what I'm almost. No, no! I worry the bodies. I hear you. I think you ought to describe what what the disease was. Guy just woke up from a coma, and then he must go. Oh, my God, NBA So there's nobody you see this is miss. I flew from the guy would think like what is it a thousand times more powerful than the flu and then you would say: well, it's not even one at the blues. So far this year, the fluid Can I ask us twenty thousand people in the? U S
so far since January first, but the living is urging that it has a far relatively new thinking. It's can now. They don't know is the problem. I my thing is: maybe that we're trying to tell you that the scientists insidiously might be saying: let's stop a peak. Yet to deal with this. This might be a very good dry run for whom we really do face a major virus. Nicolaides lets, you know really. Very good dry run, for whom we really do face. A major virus. Nicolaides lets, you know, really a killer. Will it's called to people that live in their lives like like? This can happen what it was all one other. Let's go home now learn about that deerlike. Finally, the world I must have a high level of their economic zone is now right. Now it's it's part of my hands are tied it no one wants to shake hands so we're, like cleaner than we ve ever been as as a society but good bye then the homeless are the dirtiest ever
for that they're fine in human history, there are still finding like a Bible areas. Shit reality by aware of this a dollar thirty bucks, where I don't wanna be room! No one's. Did you hear what everyone is wearing a face? Mass? No but you shaking hands anymore? There's gonna be a time. Ok do remember. When people use the Falcons Jake, I want to tell you about the kid people I remember that gives which really do touch her. We undoubtedly we are. We all have to recognize becomes too homeless or anything like that is like you're, not responsible for other people's actions. Now some people might have done tat. To get them to that position that were foolish or they got addicted to drugs or their life fell. Apart. All these all these things can be contributors right, but you are not responsible for them and the will to do to pretend though we are, and that we just leave him. There is ridiculous like it like. If some we'll just littering where they are and just throw.
We should industry throwing needles and arrest them, but, but you don't read them and their setting up camps under these bridges. This is nonsense. You're a figure this out and either you gotta either fine. Some way some for some form of cheap housing. For people, medical health services meant we have learnt the genes whatever the budget is for other thing, that's gonna be shifted to that right. Like that's a real problem, I think I think there's someone interviewing as men. His paw Lama, creditors. Maybe they have a story, but but he will listen to him. Cause are crazy homeless, but maybe by Why are these people on the streets out of a sudden what the fucking shit lose by now? What happened there come on the kind of things one is one is new laws did say you can't move and someone unless you have some work, for
to move to everything, would anything like what happened? These people's lives lost come home. Only there might be a crazed crisis. I think be opiate crisis has largely craze, ended Howland denominator. They all have all of the Sunday popped up and american tat. You are everywhere and it wasn't around when we were kids and they're all over the side of the freeway, and there are expressly why it was how it's crazy, why rare, Mexicans and use that begins? Aren't it's crazy? Why people who used to be super? They would see it encampment it like you. I've been a highway, see little encampment guys get a tent arguments were too. That was weird and when I was your age is very very red allows I gotta get alot of this came from the Supreme Court decision member when, when spring courts How ruled that you could not keep someone look by our whales in a hospital unless they were a danger to society its also, Expensive, though, to yeah
Aspects of that that was during the regular administration rags? I remember, I believe that all the SAD News homeless people, but of what It was really really it was challenged. The supreme court. The idea was, the state cannot take you a family member put them in a hospital if they are not a danger, so it used to be if somebody was cut. Easy they'd show with Patty Wagon Crazy Court on court on putting that in the continent, and they would This go into a facility, a mental hospital now held so nice you'd have not really do some weird visitors in favour. That would be a function that stop so there was a challenge and Supreme Court. That said, the state has no right to keep somebody against their will. Based on the idea that they are cook clinical, crazy, very hard thing to find, as there are a danger to society that by the way. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that was at the heart of it. There, the challenge and it was deemed constitutional to be able to keep somebody again there? Well, if they use it, they seemed a little bit off crazy. Whatever was, unless there
the danger. Is it? How do you do? Of course you gone crazy row. Hearted him he's got a favor, don't wanna be a formal you're on your own historical I'll. Make you a stick of genomics. Look here, you're cute thanks when well dressed. That's that's when you know world is weird were idiots like us, are explaining what's goin on illegal? Don't ass break down? No, it's done. You gonna knows them right here, the best breakdown from all the different angles. Where were you when you add whole binational? First time we heard like a legit expert, yes on the DNS control back. Here's on from the point of view. Here's what's goin on other that it's you get it everywhere. While he's in the middle he's an export, you know he's legitimate expert yes he has take on it is that these wet Marcus is something you fucking wrote about in this book. He wrote about this book years ago. He did didn't build.
It's the morn is about the shit anyhow. Lotta people have they brought the when Duncan, and I did a fucking especial this deadly centimeter. This is astronauts book. And I did the that cipher show back in the day about diseases. We were worried like someone could create a super burglar asked about a decade, it's possible, but you know it's way more likely. These things just happen in nature. It was worth fighting them tooth and claw every day, these offers her easy walls and vacuums. Yield search and you move around like you're in another world, their deal. What some of the most infectious diseases in the world? So we do have to grow food, look at the amount of pathogens we had to overcome pair.
Site. Everything else is it: has this climate of fuckin building with dean? As do you understand, that's how I looked at it, and it's like these. Are demons? Are locked in glass, invisible demons? There would kill meet millions of people whether they are well. What about when they work with fucking people infected monk hockey wakes up. Invite you to tell those Rowan dude at this Macbeth he's got great fuckin That's their bottle. Esteves stand fantastic, it's incredible! Two dollars it has been in the USA for a long time have any still a good fighter acquiescent slipped. He still super day. Your suit, I swear to God. Krona got Tom, Hanks, fair game, you take, could be Fergus and thank you shut your mouth. Do they do that? The APEC centre, dont chums gonna, make sure our movements are only able to exercise like the fight must take place when one is that, that's why withstood April? What is it eighteen?
What are you trying to pronounce that's imperative? That fight must take plan that date. It must take place too. I am, sad about man. I just I just think that to mean that that's gotta be in the conversation Is that so that remains I'm match up of all caress, gotta be convened. The conversation conversation that's cause. It's not a russian destroyers number one and the one deals that was who They came down to me one dealing with him. The one do the things you know what I mean she was gonna. Have you know me not just not out of, but I think for it to be at the pack Sarah, it can miss all that glitzy deserves right? Dude save it. Let's make this fight happen for fuckin time already, listen! My perspective. It's going to happen.
And it happened. We should be happy Loegria anomaly if the letter that the fuckin, let it be weird silence, so let us at least a quarter of its back on its automatic data. We could sweetener like tat. They got here. You know to me now: it's just you, cancer now don't tenaya was cracked make, ass, he with a level of U S about a dope now would be about the fact that so you can hear everything gets like. The document fighter is like that right, there's only your name. Is it and it's it's. A different energy it's like South yourself focus network. Gotten present people's. It's pretty doubt we are nervous. Will you more nervous fighting in the ultimate fighter or more nervous? Finding you have serious in Toronto. Iphone travel, my god yeah make us they're. Just it's like it's weird. It's like It's almost like a pickup name: junior boys, you train when they like. I, let's do this. What we do and there's no one around- you can hear all the coaching you're, all the punch, and in that way you wouldn't you fight material them knife.
Let me draw in Toronto: ok, but I'm not a valid and who how old is homeboy, there's gotta, be. Doesn't you hear me Ford Ahmad go forty three, forty four forty Onest guy on guard, whose the strain of sea travel is no joke. Is this a couple guys and there would have been John, but to look at how my guess you can stand at the edge of the pocket like this he's gettin he just doesn't get hit, he's a trice then, for I think you're look here mistaking like Amazonian for old man. You know them, and threw out all out do you believe in what they wanted. When the old woman s authority still holds morning on signs. Forty one brow housework,
I was off. I thought he was a little older. Is that all forty one, internal speaking fighter it is Brad Pitt is fifty three not enough for human for professional cage fighter, quite new jobs in the desert. Fifty six tellers, Johnny Depp, figuring area. Have some respect these rattoon, like he's still dressing like he's a phantom. This what're. You gonna do general jirga, golfer German. I have a question to make an effort to an old new. Do you have a take on why you are a marrow, didn't Russell and hold down, Israel at Sonia. Nobody does and punch him in the face. Well, you know that's a hard fight for both fighters ranked as you well wanted to present some weird yellow wants create some weird scrambles. He wants a Oh, you know a false sense of security and wants to get you to do something dumb. There was a cup
times are he countered with left hand that are so fuckin we had. Some of these aren't lasted a first one that there's one is about alone. This fact I had the same game plan and they wanted to stick to it and they think champion, stick to the game play not stick to it, don't get crazy and both among other game plan. Let him come to you. Let him come to you, don't go you're, never use right there. We treat each other to come forward. Yeah, that's a little bit, but style bender was at least on the outside. Trying to make things happen, you're out what you would you always do, don't get me wrong, it's very effective because it so crazy. He was standing there. Just standing, their social and phone for human rights and a low yeah, but he's its that's. The wicked could have worked. Here's the thing if it if he did that to anybody else, if you did it's a robber would agree today, any other finer than style better. It might have worked, and then we ve been looking at here
Like you see me to which every here's the tight. Ok, they did a study on the test on him because he he had a fracture around his orbital and they thought maybe he was gonna need surgery, the doktor cause the USA, Canada and says: where did you get this guy? any adios. No, no, no he's not amazing use. I've never seen a human like this. Now he listened. He was biologically I've. Never seen a human like this because the tendons behind his eyes are for times as large as a normal sundays. Behind why things it holding is fuckin against measuring this area, where they thought it was going to be really really badly fractured, frivolous healing already. It evolves. Waggeries. The de tentacles I've never seen a human being with structure like this war, because I've been a doctor for over fifty holy Shit
never seen a human being restructured with this issue and robbery, Luke rouses that it was going hitting summit because I've never felt a body when his hand. He said I like I was hitting kicking limit. Let me get you down the rabbit. Whole Eddie. Bravo! Ok, cause! Castro. Apparently, is really in to anything that could extend life and anything that improve athletic performance cause Cubans were banned. Ass, monstrous bad bad, ass, boxers badass type, one team, toolbars everything like this, the fuckin sports when they play sports. How many pro borrowers came from focusing an end in baseball laws, get monsters old wrestling, so many genetics off like the german one, look transversely their Hector Lombard like what come on man when we really do it. I'm lyrical yours, a conspiracy. Is that they're doing things to people to make them like, like Russian,
that sometimes either wet where it is not enough, as also another factor, beholden. There's that ways, but has also now in the womb experiments that they could do on full grumpy. Russia definitely did I'm. So you know Corelli assigned the keynote come round to have a lot in common honour, beset ok, but not so much, and not just that. But I'm talking about medical engineering. You want to go down the like conspiracy of medical engineering on here. You know Carolyn right. What are those amazing restless volatile? Ask raise our heritage like this big history. He was fifty thousand, whose born brilliant these three hundred and five June was these strange. Yes, this is an economic and financial. Your face all right there. You know pro that people, I bet out of all the people, that of every competed in anything ever he's been the scariest honestly I set out in his hand, was
the three guys, although at this time, is that starch isn't really that big, its squash against his side. You know no one. It squash, so it's not that big brother Minister, that that will be used to throw this a black and white photo of him. Go to this there's a crazy, but that what right there look at their aim was one can get tough fucking.
Anger in his back was now imagine with him three hundred and five pound six. Fourthly, three pounds: undefeated ressler, just rag darling, everyone where's side, he lost when you sixty was the last time before he lost Baumgardner when our long gardenings- sorry I made earlier in life. But you know I saw an item. You will raise them, they separated amnesty. That's it that's aids, it's just a difference in the new rules and like it was only fund rules will still raise it. S not being that is whispering one despite the ruler did, but also to rules also probably did of currents. Griffith do was corner, you really did Emily choose on after you lost a toe in a fuckin frostbite. Lastly, long lost lay still jack and full of ham turned off hand, eyes them. What I hear of a job, because by decision no decision but corruption crime when he beat, who is the iranian American? Who is it
several matters numerous you can see him whispering to him in the finals. He's whispering gordian knot and I was after he beat him. He'd been sixteen times urged something because in international terms and he's whispering to he's he's got here, he's gone, and you can see. What's his name, crying he's leaks, can't sunrise, visa ban and his cry. I ran didn't, have the good stuff Is by using America Mary Iranian when we weren't cheating, username Gaspari, I think cameras name just kidding about the steroids, but When do you think when do you think they stopped because they definitely to make olympic athletes? Do you know that right under pressure? They still the area? But I wonder I think, as I said, I feel how you know: you're well. One thing to keep my by euro is that if you, if you look at the caribbean slave trade and the caribbean sugar, when when they were brought to Cuba and places-
tat to harvest sugar itself, it was so horrific for those after and it was so horrific. The conditions that they were living corn meal and then they they would salt COD Annuity cod and at the end of the day it was so horrible that the people that we want to survive that varying already already Emily was horizontally tat, horrible horrible sifting of the fittest of the strongest. For sure you know they did performance enhancing drugs to others. That we hoped that too, What is just what I think every single fuckin country did is soon is whoever was the. When did they figure in extremely underlines that fifty in the these yeah. That was all were to do their work I must never. Never never injecting forties, but he's right to pursue nazis were on getting a job. Think steroids, though I think it was like the early fifty
that is one of the alpine ends in sports somewhere around then, but that was given stories of Hitler get shot upward testosterone inculcating. Imagine if they steroids back in time back in the civil wars, all of a sudden, the full you wore where those they needed. Food and buskins within its sphere. Back then back. Then there was there. If your receipt of pictures area massive number or Ziegler known, Success. That's wayward due to the use of testosterone, nineteen, fifty four and begin experimenting on: U S! Weightlifter! If you go back to that, I felt like in the sixty seventy, like lions, eight or those boys were essential united evidence. They were. They were also doing some, but here too shit or do you know how to get to human growth hormone from two davers back then like Why why they Johnny Walker fights annexed by North Korea? Love is axed yeah. That's a good fight! That's a real good fight, krill office
talented, strike you so tat what he should get an interesting. What does it mean? I know what it means to be won over to me about the wonderful wrestling, its rest, its ambit techniques, much larger box right, but but what is the difference? pancreas you started in Japan. They called it shoot, bought outside actions, either says the Brazilian. By the time they got to Rio De Janeiro. There were things, shoot the truth about. About an hour. She walks but shoot a box sounds cool total, that's too cool advice, plus what a legendary team I'll think about you box come on when they
our first priority bus and he would not the flung down on an annual basis and some of the greatest fights of all time out of pride involve those guys think about the gym. Moors air buddy, I'm sorry to hear about them. Old teams, Agamemnon, militate, didn T hear the team Keziah TIM Sylvia right. You actually met representatives shark, yet shall ensure people, sleep lunch on jerk, fucked up teeth, but the little bowling ball do do that guy's dude in his day, you hear TAT day was attacked. You remember, shouted from not handsome. He murmured around his dried yeah number showed reminiscent of a stranger silver did. You know like those both legends. I want you to think about how good be Japan must have been is be. Japan stopped Prime Shirk when, was a demon behind of worked out when she was a demon. Be Japan just beat him down those that flying me?
against turned out in trouble. You four p m. We fuck with areas have you could survive that first minute, you now that would be the first goal did ride you ever see during the beginning. Back in their memory came out with clean, Thomas fight. He just coming out of invoking destroys comes out swells at you. You want to throw down in the beginning. I think you did you ever see that it was like when they first, I do on the counter account down on Sean Shirk. Our train changed the way I thought about. Training showed him with dissuaded vessel, yet climbed. Up he's do Normally I got to do his in his authority, always the charts of the big page, eighty movement in the days and nights in him ass. He was like Georgie. If worse, he was Jason. You'll see a few of those gentlemen a veto size, but he had like. I can shamrock so good, so Jack that whole swathes you're right man, pragmatic
seem as though you know what I have would have. Even why have they would about? I understand you know we're out. I would give a million dollars to see a prime B Japan versus Cherubim? Oh The EU must gonna case. I don't know, I don't know. That's is Japan's Jujitsu
I should again you shut your mouth, hey guys. Why should I will bring us innovation really really school? You I'd be Jake you're about Corona PAN One, the Monday hours as a black belt three years and training to understand a genial. So you now, I know by ring it by cubby Brow, dealer, Stana, Kobay, town, barbecue love could be bilateral relations. I just saying is: I would give a million dollars to see that fight him turn. That say, and I know who would we also beach a world class bind us not to do you know any other bitch hello home. Other funding is only a guy. They got it hard, though any locks up, you're fucking pays. Bro, allow private Japan down good luck, bounces around short of a fuckin, but recovery transition. Have you ever seen the takedown defensive prime Peter had shot at around on one leg? How do trying to save you?
flexibility on pray. You watch out because I'm going nowhere, unlike the way you're fuckin get now straight back on me to half way, and you know that the serpent Brian Listen Matthews is one of the frequent most frequently strong guise of ever. Competing waterway division news freakish strike. He would get hold them other fuckers in his power. You would see it formal wrestling to just fine. How are you ve structure should be one be Japan. Just fucking took his back and strangle him. I was, I wholly. I thought eighty punched him in the face. Knockdown second time. First, I've been took his back and strangled at night. I was I wholly listen. I hear you if you listen to me. Prime time, be. Japan was one of the best, but the fact is that, if a walk, the face there, how to proceed, facts. There was a few years in there and most people, don't they dont maintained that kind of level for longer than a few years He was surprised, I'm cool Japan dear prime time be Japan was on the bad at all, but I ve, no doubt guys do radio, one hundred percent- do I know
you don't want you re about to Romania. Galleys YO people forget it was fun frank, trig, trig, look at This is the first time he tapped the second, We talked about there's no doubt as each time now it was late enough later into a great man was lined with our values we oughta, which either to IRAN and ran right through Ludwig Copy, beat him while he was too small for George, you know. Did the George VI was a mistake here. Look at him here, pair his visit to Georgia's I do, but only after he we're after two years after it tried whose garbage howls and leader he's about now watch GS. He still I'm fucked killed by the bars giving welcome, given nobody did to dissipate the show a boy said to know, and I didn T J is a real, legitimate street fighter. You like him
he's been fighting on the street is whole fucking Isaac, three designer who learned Jujitsu, throw you member sharp right, I shant sure, to showing shirk one remember when he was it Kenny, Florian that each tab together, Lego and lit the blood was that can or was earlier that I thought that was Joe Stevenson Knoweth with Kenny he carbon like this over him, there was who will be wholly fight where they were opposing each other's coaches and the ultimate fighter, who has Pga Buteux many guys fought. Didn't there's always turn you write a thicket, What, though, is one where you like you didn't want to? Let others want to hear my beating a pen store. I first ashore met him to genuine, has inherent interrupt, not Tom no interrupted here with one's eyes. Awesome mama. But when I was a bluebell in Brazil You get cylinders, Eendracht Machado, as a computer. I said I was there. I was legged. I was I was just too nervous knows and Scott Redondo. He was a blue, but also he was a good friend of mine
in competition, he just fuckin worn out at Bluebell he'd go out there, mice. But Don T got balls. He goes out there everybody up I'm too scared but I'll go out there and maybe I'll sleep you I don't know, but I was I never thought of myself ass, a fighter ever right, me doing jujitsu eyes like that I'll take fuckin anything in future. You never want to championship. Unlike duenna we're trying to win the championship, got in here that some fun and I'm out you know seldom do like AOI, but Scott Redonda was the man Joe Moreira back in the day. Ninety ninety six, he was drawn all the the only Jujitsu tournament in L. A it was Joe Moreira, every a bizarre and everybody was a fuckin bluebell. There was all purple belts are proud of. Everybody was a bluebell and when he threw it down here and Irvine people from San Francisco came down Peter was training have Gracie in San Francisco every I was scared, gonna, how crazy school, because you gotta have greater fiscal tat, your fuckin punch,
so you're not allowed a tap unhealthy Gracie school. So we everybody, everybody was scared, that's cool! I have fuck you up if you tat, so they came down Dave, Camel Rio Day CARE Maria there, too judo brothers. They were black belt and judo, and now there, who built in Jujitsu they're coming down be Japan. I had no idea at this point. I am does that determine I'm thinking. Got Redonda, I already loss, I'm just following Scott Redondo he's about to determine how can people like you always does I fuck everybody and On the other side of the bracket, I was, I noticed them, this kid. This dude look like thirteen and he was What can everybody up satisfy just got? Graham,
How can you do only walk, or do you want me to a pot job again came down with a part? Did you notice Joe? He has four for us in his corner joy workers at try, stark things, that's a good move that involve vowing. What we're waiting to see the tools of two five and six year, even though our six foot sick lobbies of being a cry allows no punk either. No Jesus Christ, no and cry loves tight with his his offices type. Everything is like real good sharp technique straight down the pile. Oh, my last bit around and Johnny Walker coming off k, a loss to Korea innocent, like you, never know it's whenever a fight gets killed, fight against Kayo. You never I do have I'll see him hurricanes. Granular. Look at this prolonged Marie toe shipments Work is hard really using our crazy power. Oh shit serious elder. Those are legal, bright lights cry aloud work, there is war cry, love is not really ass, a razor karate guy, meaning.
We also all dating back, take down you're, pretty sure he's India back. Let's take down the right rush. Indirectly, allegiance is obviously he's got an emanation amounts on its guises, but he's original is original. Marshall are, I believe, is karate. Here she looked like the third phase of our pronounced cut. Ok, that's. How am I sent my sense? It had forced us to say that otherwise you would beat me with Bamboo Green Bamboo K, brandy, member undisguised, frightened heavyweight like many cut in any way of me, he could be that any he wasn't bad. Nobody wants one size and the power to influence They found the Hayley. Somebody will set up this a tough fight for a genuine economic and easy one, always right tat, for I don't use as it just little eyes. I did not just Johnny Walkers racial ambiguous while takes a credit resilience bit. His mom is like a street Brazilians death, but I'd love to have little brazilian Simona me cut. Tat may
like us. How will you I think you do well with a little bit a Japanese if you like terms like Sweden, wants a mile in your own worrisome, Asperger and looks I want ass. You can, I wonder what is claimed: samurai blood's shilling inject new genes interior, I do in seven years. You started into another ray. I do it now percent happen. If we get I'll do that's crisper rival! I'm tired of these. I owe you baby sitting one of the few babysitting. What what are you going to drink to come on taken since I got a lotta whiskey and wonderful too? We have a whiskey for you. Do Are you sure you're not raise like job like I like Buffalo trays, Alec Jack Daniels, I challenge you ve not had this whisky. Does your goddamn two thousand hours? Some Japanese, not you think, is worked. My failures, Buffalo trace because it was made in seventeen seventy son, it's time to be Buffalo, just put ammunition us that Bush outta that Annabelle she was a call me Norma. It's called my my
save all wretched Buffle, try making it not my hundreds, Accurate Buffalo choice. They know what I love him. I love buffaloes. My number one will greatly on the automotive twenty three year. Old whisky is about. Johnny walk, just wait a minute. Right hand, there's no way this thing's Gondis resonant. While this fight Johnny workers, seems to have is shot Alarmin, Hickey DAS, gas, not really set nine bodies, they sent me not less risk ever out of my life. I did Oh, my in his hand.
His eyes black eyed coach him. He should go to fight this com, it's only a coach, not you know they should fire ferocity. Put you in there be one point. There is no problem there giving no respect. I now man and everything and everything you say. My life is training. You guys amuse. He doesn't need to train and he needs me makes us- or at least I know do. But when I tell you when I took courage and on food we always kept our hands train Jimmy do other howison disorders Harry appearing Brenner. Do sleep. Why we need a trick. I needed a short says. I train peerless. That's perfectly I think that assurance assessed already is probably a pitiful honours. Average people for oil spillage you're right, deeper, real train. My dogs, like I trained known
like. Oh train bro account leads us is like I'm, your master, some shit. You know when you guys. I've asked that when I left them, when I voted, no, you train driver, told you to whirl share. I already know you know I could tell by the cut throat you train cry. Laugh is on top you're living is more limited aside. Boys look at this good control. I call it got three groundless you gotta three thousand dollars and this price paid by the way you pay me you're, the only male, fine you spotted me of Germany, what three thousand dollars for dick you know what that's do take what the fuck you're gonna get style better do every day, but I'll give fifteen hundred I thus an old style, but I know you better get some shit. I don't like the guy narrow deal off. U else not loves laws can get anyone. I've. Let me stress this because I cannot stress enough Ninety nine point: nine. Ninety nine percent of population population were got lulls or lured into it.
Wrap by you Ellen that fight. That's how good stop it's out. That's not even respect yet, and there is a lot of people. They were saying that he didn't Andrews hunch, a merchant strike much I think I hear he's factors like it with takes we're sure, but I think that's the one. The only ways you gonna beat us: why would you risk everything you're, the champ, even more one middleweight nowhere? Why would you risk everything played his game, will also look how it worked out for Whittaker in the second correct. In the second phase What have you got hit with some big bomb or unwilling to survive disease? Tough as fuck, but there's a lot of you There were a good night night. What, when you're well hidden, were those big bout you nightlife holding did indeed amounts Whittaker jail air. I don't Kronos fuckin match up pretty sure they. Now I got out of the window. There deal, I believe the mother fucking fight you, mother, fucker, do let's turn out to be like style bender, while Tills I'll bender phrase dude tale. I stepped into the octagon what is now the girl s son? You have seen dollar report
In fact, I like it. I feel like a kind of five to arouse debut, but that has come out. Problems gets me so big. He should have been an eighty five a long time ago. He so he way shuddered and one or two and three pound my stepped into the octagon. What is now the girl s son? You have seen dollar repulse finest, so and as you Dublin, Frazier Saturday August fifteenth? Although they ll be a world by then we fight last he's not stop and got knocked up. They are all till till he one last guy. He beat you a great tell them terribly helping desperate, good fight, great fight, fire. You taught you buy. Kelvin retainers man comes dangerous. He's got some the best hands in the fuckin sport. Interesting, Agnes and wrestling and crises of his goods get snaky hands like crazy fairly. That that left hand that he had been worth member. That ten I only wanted to know a lot of people, think you know that most people were satisfied,
with your well again said style bender, but at least like for me anyways. I never really. I didn't know how good style by business is footwork in his fainting in it. And always moves like, even though there wasn t much action, I was a little Lou. Again to his move. I god damn I didn't realize he was six. Would for holy shit, he's very long talk. Any moves like he's a hundred and fifteen pounds. Everything he does Every movement is like. Like a terminator like a perfect, much like the perfectly crap that machine. He also believe along share eyeglasses six look for, I could agree more six foot. Forty moves like perfection and they can describe them as the most sophisticated strike, or do we ve ever see them. As I got termorrer raised her more than Anderson able can only function, but when
in time you just low level up. Tell you look at your well in this same God, damn by a whole different robot, his Robot is like he will John virtue with the ultimate fury some lightning and take you down and rush you all within a set? You know I mean if you play that different road Martians doctor that was examining him and we like, but I'm not you use G20, but who is we carry? Who the fuck is this guy? You send me how he's out the second best nowhere in the world which raises athlete ever exactly would explode, would explode. Everybody's I want flock, was he's so lad, he's any so good at wrestling. That's one thing rarely see from them. I would just point is theirs case I'll. Do mine is team in the third and fourth fit? How come know as I do that gambling work in these last words or take
stage and also the last hundred years time you could take him down. If anybody know all downs tab under it would be he's gonna kill you does the exact ever examined her to be able to create style, manners and easy to take down. You could tell right again tat guy under twenty pilot upright controlled by linking could help him down right transition love if he could only one second talking, I saw the market united, don't you think you would take him down? Let em up on purpose the only the only no one noticed the owner person that going to take him down at that way class and do what you think he could is someone who is doing it all the goddamn climate and is known for it. You gotta, be a fucking. Professional like Habib he's, no threat with how you doin what you're? Well, you are not happy, not madam, but it's not as anyone ever marry. He likes flock and people upon his feet. He's not nobody down. He wants to can just explain? You know, I think it is
I really wanted to be able to stop under I just his own growth. Orion knows it comes from a family, a box or yes, I do is Uncle Anastasia, other rolling. Something gets here for does he doesn't he doesn't want? You does want to gas. I met your very well. You ve got real it s, always gotta shining, heal, Johnny lot is really slow. Bad. That's bad, now, grant Croft Z, tired, tired! good luck, so they get the knee buyer he's gonna, go remember Oh shit, what does he do? Five months? Go we're Saint John Locke. Just gotta be jobs. We are wasted. Was dangerous, for I don't like just this. Is this? How internal latch form come off K o nice things about how it is that of the chronic and all in all? I guess it was asked, but it its ending like of attending like this. I don't feel, alas, it is a matter what you do. You know, I'm a whole fight. It doesn't even matter Eddie. How do I know I know you're right, but that,
where the flies right there, because these cannot win them on the fucking. Finally begin at the end of the five like it out and use. I wonder if you wanna performance and thirty seconds in the last thirty. You get wrong you're right position who go right now take if the around you're right. That's what that's, how the sports yeah, but that's where pride guided down. The best I growing and how are they to because, because they don't and we got some problems with Lucy, said cool story, the fucking equipment or body. Nor can we will open site close up shop. Do so you tell it ok, That means they go down financially, and that means that in other areas, India is a ship without them immediately took some good ideas from them. Some good idea, you think about it, I'm gonna break which yet we get to talk and overtime are we gonna, see stab energy giants yeah
I Huntington's years telling one day how crazy John Mothers houses second round us. There's one more round that around generalised out around ok Elixir Journey Walker that surety brand. You put all its hands brother cubic feet. I mean John Parker challenge. Still the ILO Frankish Holidays corner. Keep him on his feet. Monetary jargon. The time Eugenio Walkers Quota, cradle, each and every day for cry. Love! Well, he's my views. One of my profile us bodied up to my eyes, bought it up. We try nice job, the shit is why said. Not what are you kidding? I thought why did you want to get him in the face of general bound duty sought. Somebody you just uncharted waters suffered from a girl is not great
and we re in a thousand million those reserves. I've got no, not listen. I've. Let me talk to preserve them. I tell him to get up with a guitar understand up he's gonna preserve right now. We learn to rise up and have them, but on the whole though, so he did. I tell you tat. I was a thing he was. It will stay on TAT head back. Sweden's you tell us, we were legs Tom Sweep, and here I address this- does gags now organ It didn't come the job hey from a regatta reader to the world. There ever read the room. Sorry guys I get so involved in fighting it's my life bug fly around the screen. I panicked over the fact that I, a curl big bird data Corona Fly as Malta. I loved towel, come up up up up up up up. Remember. Back in the day, I was fought, relegated oh sure,
each other. Coming back these guys artisanal eyes remember when Hoist fought and him did someone not enough Marco who s arm. Trying Martin was its I'm trying to get this through this already. He had it. He met. Somebody far RAM called Pardieu way back. In the day and when he mounted on Ranco tapped out as we thought once someone got the amount that was the outcome of golden oil as much as is well known. That amount we're now geyser show girl up. There. Good that raises adipose violated. As I mounted better handwriting, everybody knows and bristling it's like. You agreed with nobody questions. What is more mother, they really do. I clodagh Kron Grassroots family. You comment on Mr Markov, who era like like calling fights, live a chance to see you
after I wasn't it in Nepal, violence fight that or do I remember, training jujitsu and in watching you see, I'm I'm doing jujitsu for a year you have and all my friends are there, Fraid do what they won't. Do it I'm trying to drag, but they wonder we're watching the USA, and I forget it as were he was a type one guy who had been doing Jujitsu six months and they said that accuse about If I forget his name, he cow worse, He remembered tat. He had been used to wonder black girl had had a bunch of schools and yet in doing jujitsu for six months, and I remember tat the whole party. I said You been doing it for six months, like it was a long time. He was a very long time. My keys, In our view, there is no pulled out. That's for sure he was gonna our armbar this guy. In the whole time cry, love has good top control.
Brief conversation with your boy called grass what you started: organ Chrome, Gracie, just I'm- I just realized. I realized it now yeah exactly it was gonna. Do ok! I was gonna precisely now. Throw people under the by products of your browser had a conversation with Chrome Gratia seem lead, Yasser Arafat and he's there I say what savings hay and then we'll talk a little bit and up and they like this, here's yeah fight Munich presume, Agricole manually, do Doob fight it out for you, and then he goes yeah. I do I have a lot of us. Remember like yeah! I was so long ago that guy got saying if you know that you want to preserve the unity of Europe, not just for our agriculture,
I would say yes, it was a useful Thursdays over. That's why I called you our air degeneracy, Gary Toning versus chrome. Oh did you just tell you I was their life has arisen based on now before her own, rounded chrome didn't ass moments of of the match. Astern man tat we re going to get a guillotine we show has. We should have robbed him. Sorry macaroni is over the top of my head. I did smuggled out away Gary was all over chrome and it was less than a minute and crown turn around fantastic and then choked out Gary to get his back. He got his back was one of the craziest matches. Advocacy. Look like area was beaten. Call Gracie that every I will have you a Cronan, yeah yeah. I love I'm a. I fucking love his his jitters off the hook. Man he's a master yeah, it's beautiful!
Gregor! Yes, I know it no united, nobody, nobody really new Gary turn it back on and all the sun. This fucking guys bringing all my or heat on crown and it looks like it's over and so then happen where I forget man, since in his corner. He says on this. That was a different when he went out. When against our tv, o Sousa from Gracie Baja Octavio was plain. You know I want finally to say the outsides Chrome Chrome, you fuck, you up, you tried to take him down. He wants you in his guard. Chrome is one of the rare black belts that is really dangerous, feel guard. He fucks he tapped out J T worse off his back and forgotten, women aren't bore me around Cronan, Roger Gracie are two of the brazilian Julia to legends there have known for attacking from full gardener to minimise
a technical guard, basic ass, she was envisaged super basic, but Chrome. Get you in that super basic shit or Roger Grace and get your nerves were basic ship close guard, trouble? So if anyone zeal Gary turning over that to every time with all over everyone's worm, Beijing dude surfing, there was fourteen people an audience, in Beijing. It was like the larger and more lasagna. Why exact right, while in fourteen it do no more than their only perhaps on a corruption we got. There was an assumption. We don't know about it, but they always got did. Do you think The back government is not privy to the fact You can control the masses with some Whitson disease should we were due to the government damned Bren branding
take a turn I just say anyway. I suppose there is either nobody that you never know what one for love one. There was nobody there. It was Abu down to Beijing no, but it was too people in the odd with so weird didn't give a shit out there, but. Garroters was all over chrome and then very and duty was the craziest come back. Several people holy Shit, whose is Gary toning down among risky, always territories, shifter New Jersey, Jersey Guy, I started with a boy, and those right don't hurt me it on her bottle. He was originally designers. Are all those monster. Now a nice guy he's under Danner. Now originally he was like a handle affiliate in Jersey or some, but Yeah then tell us now that was when people first found out about territorial right that he was little Brown Bell think maybe just correspond.
Well, there's something you don't know what he knew, who the fuck he was, but right there from that viper. On and then he would be. I and then you want five b b. I titles. California was saying Reinhard trains with the most Jim Santa Monica would watch is Jim called be together, which one can influence Morocco, my like my son, transparency, automatic illnesses, run change one at all. This shit. Doesn't Arthur it. He said fighting water? Who goes, I always with water. It'll Reinhold got peered up, he's gonna, big fight, finally songs. I can't fight that fucking guy. What is his name? Big fight, big fight for Randall, bring it shut up, I'm gonna forget it has to give everyone affected, be with it, and we ought to remember that we have common ground. You got see. Teenagers shut your yet Brenner Shop City, whose We can no longer require alarms a good fire, Tannhauser Motherfucker Rhinos, As I come, he took this.
Journey their families overdue and in migrant families who came out brazilian beef Belle World champion. Everybody in the digital world knew the families who was a fuckin at the highest level. You get Jujitsu bar, In the beginning, it I'm a man his he knew he was out there doing the load, Why should he started with croaker uses? until now. Not yes! Yes! Yet when you, when you look at his actual fights, yeah he's a stand up, is not good he's, aren't you in his early fight, is clearly not a striker, so you to a lot of growing pains when, when a lot of Judea too in structures at that point would go. You know what thought this taking deeds. Downs really earned, and I don't have that much time. Let me just stick to fuck and teaching I'm fine families are just kept on. He he wasn't striker guy he's a good guy came on and all of a sudden is no heed any became he started.
Nor can do down and all of a sudden he stuck it out, and then he became a very respected striker and then he became a champion. And that the Italian to champion you wanna talk about her accomplishments them with Rhino tapped out everyone great produce, thoughtfully heavyweights, Walter a hard lesson number one with a nice dashaway accomplishments. But let me tat our fate or an Kane. Are you fucking kidding, hey Fate or when it was fatal, got widow is lacking. Triangle yeah, but might be deflected became. My point is people forget about the line, the timeline where there was a time, if you remember what it is like everywhere, no big deal companies over Dumas, no big deal hidden. Striking to look good but then small? He stuck
Now, like six seven year, there was a long period of time case stuck it out. That's a Ryan Hall. That's what I'm getting the right of all. You got any he's known as one of the best you just two players, but he gets an animal is like ground, Lorraine, holding all for your legs. Only don't kill me, I don't know, but not only rosemary fuckin. Let us about we either that strike. This is a promising he's right partners to talk too he's a good. What I'm saying is Ryan Hall is a will to the exact same thing: poverty silver doom went through. He stuck it out. And now, if you look at a striking, is that people are very soon there. You're afraid to throw down with them, because he's going to take you down if you getting close so striking long, he throws high kicks he's he's got great. Footwork he's got a striking to make his jujitsu work. That's what
Santos, are I've not seen a lot of striking him. I've seen him the laws on earned enlivens. Third, we cared looking down, that's a dangerous for which I was less on the eighty below Mohammed in Lima, good, Tony for to be who that's a good one. That's a barn burner solving! That's why those ones you a Holy Shit act by wild if Tony could be done whose work bodied up in that Lyman fell. My were over That's got, firstly, has on Mary, so Jack. Waiters guys have no religious anybody ain't once every one is about thirty anything about. Let me let me get my main man he's a big fella do cavalier. I swear. I love a man yeah now with what do we know about he miss way and then came back and made. Is that worry were hearing I heard he made. Is that right, Jamie that he originally missed it, and then he made it but then no one was in attendance here, but that's what is count. I don't count
I don't know what the real who is accurate who's, that thousands of children who mother familiar lesson was fuckin, Beast news: undefeated, yeah. Let's I'm a good sign lie. What are you? Talking you wise onto fitness was inflicted it he's, reject. Well, he's measures. There is a threat to our own, although with opinions hardly, he could sound like an auto and that's all You put, it is words lowing my guys, we're easily down your local mentally start alcoholic mad at you. Well you'll! Never I like best outside that pictures. You know him in Lusaka, Tyler Topic, one of homes about like she imagined like. If you are rich billionaire, how much you pay for gay porn between those two hundred easy team, the cat cash Tina Lukashka, no, no! No! It's gonna cost a lot more than that. No, no! No! No! No! No! Not broken ass Wagner! Kids jack!
he's a jack kid. That's no joke he's made a fucking. Now did Kevin make where I did it to demand they must Mohammed was a tough mother. Fucker too too tough find Belarus got a lot of experience. You know he's a seasoned fighter. Now is a dangerous got its great fight, so by thy written all over it. Do you know who this who are not to my kind of fighting? Do you know the gentleman now on all the scar causes so many fires now did you see how many funds you see have under contract? we have three hundred when I was seventeen years. Five hundred now to mere had solved demirel heads over bugging rate name, that's like it so that a bad band well, some yes on russian assassin, what kind of a beast man you know he fell off track little bit. Although got em we're not going down episode, so
else got him till he had some tough final. You should just got kids corona. I tv show if this workshop american I love your show for real, because, Corona, that we are doing things it s out, everything's down the more movies like Netflix, stop shooting change things three running but attitude, and there's only a few people who now there's a shitload of people. How crazy that's crazy! His affairs average age is eighty, but thing is in the thing is their response: oh. If someone in your family is learning a zoo given lands, no not is owed Eddie. They don't want people to die if your grandpa lives with you or your dad lives a few or Europe. Contact with the most daily basis in you, get it from a set by Europe? It is to begin, handle it and then also grow. By dies twenty years young problem, that's real, like that amboise. Yes, your grandpa year, seventy or grab. Oh my god, it's basically telling people are sent more men than women. It's more of a problem with men.
Women for some reason grammar school but grandma. Next, I was gonna grab. You gotta make em Paul. You blew him toilet paper. Now anybody, with a weak immune system dismissing meal with high blood pressure, people are well, it's like your resistance to any kind of disease, the the thing that they're saying that's really good, for this is good for everything's, be fit yourself in shape your body in shape. It's it's a defense mechanism that you could actually build up yourself. Maybe so, what's with your show, so it's like us thank you but come out in. I was sad, I know, but where they do so outside. Where are you shot the finale? Actually, I also fear that as yet a word The merit of good shot about order here, but we cannot needed do still get paid, as you know the NBA, maybe they're not, then I can pay a little louder. Gonna pay them, they got families will they should be lost? A lot of my we're all have just how this works
yeah and also they cancel my road games which are adopted, Are they gonna burn all colleagues already scheduled that you can get their money back you? I saw the most outrageous article I need to find out. This is true. Jamie help me out here there. They are saying that Amazon, not Amazon, whole foods was asking their employees to donate their sex. Time to other people who might needed to get the corona virus help zone stands ass, love stubborn thing, but that instead of saying hey you work for us, we got you will to carry. We know this is crazy times. Fortunately We have a lot of money, but not fire about not equally like. No, no, you guys need to get your money together and take care of your problem, because we're over here makes most making most the money. They have got some good cheese to the air. So this, why it's bad luck! I don't owe who makes a decision, but I know definitely never let that massaging get get at it. You get out, there is Jeff Bays US facilities. Just man on earth.
Visa related matters. We're on a letter would have his mind if he's a richest man on earth- and he knows about that- is like sounds good to meet. You You know what the guy works hard whole food got a divorce and his wife was either. Female in the world. Now the divorce, every avenue we have respect like this. The ceo reportedly recommends and employs donate to pity, oh, time time off to another. Amidst the corona virus pandemic. Look at that Do you hear me? Ok, they're gone after him for some fucked up, you fuck. You're gonna Goin irascible do that he actually did did after I got in there turning on come on, that's fucking, based on the guy, has five trillion dollars lies. Why do you think the basis has been dreaming? Get the Belgians who said he why, turning on enemies protected he's protected, he made a deal with the CIA. She hey, you, don't think so,
the result is a new agency. Don't you think is an age you dont know about Jesus Christ he's supposed to be protected and their fuckin smearing me fucked up here some of my time something happen because he was protected. Ok, protracted, Now that throwing them under the bus. He here bodies why you know who now who's nicety murdered like your boy who supposedly commit suicide, yeah, but your boy, hardware, she's gonna, go any day who thinks Odin. Murder me has too much beef, which browser he's the liberty to the celebrities. How about that wine stymies is a thousand times bigger and more. Powerful Brad. He could make a break your career of the phone call out, such as the one I believe nobody knows who he is, but every celebrity knows who they were. Everybody knew he was too, though they wouldn't their friends with them. They would say his name when they went to exert pressure on. My point is bacon.
He's your he growled lobbies and knew he had got him in Hollywood. Black in Hollywood got himself becomes a piece of shit and start going down one by one. Why Tom nobody? But I was the first one: they got the king pin and now everybody has been greatly Emily behave in that way for not complex ideas. You're not Harrison. Who did big he's five? This is what you're saying king behaviour cried when you hear about mad kings. When you hear about mad things when you hear about people that are in these gigantic positions of power and they act like sex. Which is in yellow people and offered their had not generation has king, but it was the only one negative assassinations kings, we think of using of off with their had kind of fuckin head off the pleasure. But this is what happens when someone and absolute power liquid is that that old expression, absolute power, corrupts absolutely
You can see was a piece of shit jealous Orion. That's marred of! Why acts it's part of why he was a piece of shit. You're. Throwing light of wine is a piece of shit because using this incredible position of power, when he recognized TAT, was the way that he could act out. This power was to have an immense amount of influence on people, and then you can get away with all kinds of crazy shit. He could be the guy that was untouchable, Should I saw well look at my colleagues over my comes under the chin models, such as our tat, whose why do I voted life such as the guy got organizing guy from the bond movie. What kind of helstone is still dark and short term after tapped about we, Carlos filled with that of anger, do he's about mother
or do you motherfucker? I mean he got stopped by all though, but, although hidden with a perfect liver, shot man, member that we heard you use ass, he was on the right path. S claim any. I poked him, that's what I thought. That's what he's claimant exactly? Why else would he be talking? Should Africa choked outlining what kind of certain should to know? No, maybe mainly use trying to get out a stock of many? I we didn't see and seminars got me in the eye. We gotta talk to render there's no crowd here. Not at all. To do so in here so let us see what happens receiving. You could see, impose them in the Irish, something if it's bullshit no before that. All before that. You say, that's why he got his back. I read me: what's going on there and there they will get your ass out of my face and he might have been trying to Germany. I do it's hard to tell, but once it has no hostile prominence
look he's stuck his shit and looked on us. Don't you start talking shit when you don't look like the camera, man didn't get the opportune position to catch that was forty, Second, we're naked showed that is, the dude or professional factories of bees. Monster he's a guy, that's always been kind of on the costs, for I know he's right IRAN's right, there's a lot, but don't listen. There's a lot of anonymity fires that don't train correctly on the ground. There's all law, then another large per cent, and said really don't even work on the ground too much like. I show me how to get out on our role as it does not show me how to get out of a rear naked junk once he's a vulgar jump in, and are you showed me and I know, and then I'm gonna try and nominal revert back to what he showed me. There's a lot of duty I cut out. They don't realize the only way to know what the fuck you doing on the ground is by training
on a regular basis, multiple times a week consistently for years. He has now you listen to. He carefully was not allowed by the document containing come weight so tragically would have no sir. He missed it. As if I've yeah there is for all I care about is not likely the inferior condition to fight, but it would be impossible to turn up in one hour the dollar didn't give up, must see a baby Mme said so called the brazilian commission. We manage the only touch. Five pounds. I think, Mr Brian Reading, so here two pounds of marble mouth them round black Japan is threatening. Listen. I read you. Boys are great love you. I can see that, but I admit that I read this level. I do I do
hey dyslexic, I've read three books. My old above I admit that they're getting That is just like. I admit that you just like I used to break up when we are those that when we had book reports challenges make up my own strike up, and I just make a mile fuckin star is like my: how do I was getting C s? Mother fucker was again I'm you know what myths Michael seventh grade. She everybody around me knew I was making up story when you're lying and miss ok. What what's he talking about? Why this is so man can be odds, produce, speak orchard, Geese bone, Yes, he does shut. Your mouth was a spy. He learned myself causes Portuguese interpreted what its parents were continent, humpback, whales, this child whose schooled in many arts always talking about
kid tat. He knew he's crazy. This visa arrangements, mother, mother Fucker before Miss Stevens. Yes, yes, well, TB, Calvin, Kate, he's a bad mother. Fucking things happened, cater fight right, we usually title shot after the chose out. Oh, but then you know we haven't cater fight. Weren't, you, Sir Kicking carbons leg up what you find at one forty five five. You have three four or five years trying to appoint lies spare bisbees tomorrow, abilities, there's gotta, remember, Bisbee fought to five and the ultimate fatter right and then fought. Eighty five through the majority of his promise of fuckin hued and moral fibre yeah, the kids big man is Bisbee, thinks he's a big fucking. Five. Does business we have taken these target. Ok he's big man when you compare like he doesn't look like these forty pounds like he looks pretty fucked. I guarantee that Deuce cut in twenty I at least to so many of us are cut. Corners, wait, sit ass. You know, people don't go away.
I wish they didn't really do. I really do I really do want to Detroit or take us they met at him. Oh that's right! figures about. How do you take your cream zombie? Don't laugh at you know about that guy. I can't believe you did that. Why would I want slander? Rapporteur? I don't feel you shouldn't. Somebody like you should just location with their talk should align. While you were you talk Sharma, I don't know. If that's the guy has anyone. Really do the digestive. You gotta get slap Is she people love the dog shit? So yes, laughed personal. If you can make the connection like that's the guy, the guy who really like, if you can verify that's the guy, you give me Little combat jujitsu, no big deal exaggerated dog shit. Let me say shit, you wouldn't say to somebody to their face, correct or not
for sure siren with young outwards, terminal release explosive, you have you shouldn't, we ve smack and people. Especially when you're a professional depends on when he thought TAT. I want to say something about how his friend Green Zalm, who's, gonna, kick Ortega's ass, most likely, I'm just guess most likely that cash it it is working on a cold or really isn't gonna. Call that I do who talks on the internet fuckin smacked is not going to go a little a kind of cool, but it's not yet what its exact. What's going on he's hyping up a fight is well he's a famous wrapper, so he's a famous wrapper he's hype and up the fires in our animals fight. Now but any break his bones come on, but if you're if you let your title shed silly prisoner provider, you don't wanna, be doing that it has no outsider. It's it's. A nice Van Currency Union will ever know no, but if you're talking shop online, you should take a little
smart, but areas not regular, talking to promoting Levice matter for not because you shit to promote a fight. Its algae insulted his manhood, their talk and shit. Out of boys and setting up or manner to the good things for human rights is in no its? Not nobody cares violence. It's fuckin stupid courage is still supposed slacks violent sucks when we never thought of was a different kind of got islands between a guy who has no chance. I note that violence Harry arose, which is not only please. What is this? We shit, I'm not Bob and I ran which guy I'm alone is a professional fighters. Smacking goes not you know. So do you know what I did was. As you know new times you don't, let's not that big a deal on the big area we should write or take on those. Last me when I do it. Brunner takes latin past Brian or just ass. He laughed you would
drop asked me what I was despair. Honest asked me what idea, which rob Tune, Hell sprats balls from now you're, both wrong. You know what I did not let loose messed with his asshole, because you don't know him like. First of all, you have to try and give back at least three weeks before you start fucking. With his beautiful you can do that. Rather, what is a beautiful young man if he slap me attorney energy, all your Christian, like a Christian and then it sucks, You don't have to suck it now ass. You may not, like my point, is, I think, did he even probably would now probably apologize problem
as you know, I am living, should apologise on. You should apologise. You shouldn't have done that. We now know when you hear a story like that they cannot exactly like party fucker little. He may lie you. Maybe if its justified may be justified, if someone does have some really heinous is actually a deal, is just a little. How do I use dont know? What can I say that we gave him if he mounted him and drop some Fuckin Scott, more spoken, elbows, Pat Psmith back, and you have see to it that the different story, on a preamble. Wake up call living like a little, maybe those of professional Arusha Sakhalin guys it's kind of helpless shouldn't. Do that, didn't do it because he's a killer. Man he's a good guy and he get worked up about a promotion. Be reading comments. First, wall, can abolish shouldn't, be reacting decorators. Someone is trying to hyper fight. If I had to guess why the guy was saying that you say that support his friend, and he probably did understand how offence it would be too. Brian has
Brown or tiger for life, Listen, I heard you say my group from the family or take now I'm a flannel. I am fan of, or take your Murat, our killer. That use are taken up there and- and I brought him- I just wait for him to get back in because it's been quite a while here. Let me do it all started because they lead that guy who he slapped J Park. They let him run creams, omby social media zombie, don't touch shit so that J, probably other type it up, so don't show on there and then brands. Do I'm turning eighty blogging shut. When I see you timber your problem and then they see em and like all to we went to the bathroom ignore our problems can zombie. I know you told me he's run it what's up now do and slap them like. So that's what you're lonely like I kind of get it. I don't need it, but I kind of a lesson and when, as Howison per se- and I don't need a mac- I don't I'm kind- I ate it, but I get brides also Street Street
from the street rather tough. As do deny lay like that's what is used to you know you also have a guy you son of a bitch, I sperm too, but I think you gotta have some more respect. I knew was a bad because I was tat. I was disappointed that were taken out just pointed out that I called had only do what your boy do use here it's gonna this. Why do I don't approve today that I wish you didn't do that, but Brian told Do you get? We don't need torture, you keep on this, when I see you it's gonna be a problem. There's gonna be lots of enter a bench lay there will be some Britain Fuckin bills, laws where, if you say so, bangers, I'd be cool off, but can just combat You gotta become its worth lap and somebody a little slap joining reveals. Lonville justice. Alright, Mr Misdemeanor Bob, I didn't sell any it's a book. In my view, this is the main knuckles hit the other. The main knuckles, like I gotta go. It's gonna, be a lot of people built like corral and just run.
Round smash and people. If that's kind of world, you lot was going to be bigger people that run everything bigger stronger one area that not the rohingya have rules. Man, the reasons are you can't talk? She had on the internet and the euro and expect the low slant on cable, don't mind going to jail, because you can't smack paper. It's combat judge, it doesn't matter, should they'll sale This is a sign of paper sanction going to combat a lot of the commission. You thought that if you could talk guys it or in rice known each other into engaging magistrates rather than have a physical education, I talk to people online and someone combat jujitsu slaps. You and the whole thing is gone. Oh you're, talkin to you right, retainers, nickname, is talk, Shit get hit, everybody
let's talk show that you have me when I assure them and I go, I feel sorry for you does a time machine get hit and then I hope- and I say: ok- maybe it's illegal. I agree living daylight. Look that Woodley Edwards! That's a sleeper people are sleeping, right now tat. We have now party, that's everybody. If he's good performance is people sleep on Edward, you can't sleep unworldly five knots, Eddie beats and obviously, if you were to beat on illegal activity without doing it is a good, it was coming up or ass love reduction. Well, when I log into his victory over how boy when cowboy was compromise, cowboy was sick and I find it quite well still went to a decision and cowboys. Not unless I mean he's is certainly can be guys and good guys at a hundred seventy pounds, but he still can make fifty five the ring
He'll seventies can't make fifty five tyrant. Would these are making fifty five year tales and make that everybody hates goes down you, there are two down tells this terrifying strike at its destroys ceremony, looks like a fuckin animal smashes. People was a wicked wicked. My tie, nasty elbows meetings and they smashes. I'm drops him to the ground and beats item and strangled at its heart. It wouldn't be so afraid, he's your well two weights of all time. Snack me was the last fight with was a tough pill to swallow. He wasn't someone's rotation, but even before that we use raining, champ you'll see never gave Woodley. His is due at four. I think it's also is too complicated, performances against wonder boy culture. They weren't, they weren't that exciting sofa ever reason look different people of different ways of looking at things. My way of look
yet the wonder boy, tyrant, Woodley Fighters, debts as good as anybody had done against wonder boy at the time and that's the only way to fight he figured out the rubies can never have used. Have you got that back and watch them is way but stop undergo Romero? Oh yeah, some more rules. Would he clips? Yes, wonder boy like it, it's a good fight, not well. He heard impact, particularly the second for that's one team and he was yelling whenever nobody allow my prize, you know how to fix a lot of these this guy allows people to sleep. Is s and you gotta have submission or knock out bonus and it's got instead of Instead of five hundred thousand potato and five hundred thousand to win its five, without down the show five hundred thousand to knock out of cement. That's it! not when, if you win by decision, you don't get the window, how dare you so they get less money, No, it's not others entertainment today, many UK ok I'll, go wherever it. Ok,
it very much if everybody now come on as a case of dogs to talk about less that's out. That's too quickly fires to make an apology. I fucked up last time we did a flight companion and I confused SAM Greco was in someone's corner for me. Bernard accidents. Like this, you doubt what do you know different k, one legend so shut out to SAM Greco, my policy, sir, Do we say someone's corn and you are sober now I think I thought we were on the table, but to him I want to send somebody factually wrong. They're gonna, sound Graciosa beats day gives Zambia Finally, one was a bad idea about bags and bad motherfucker really twelve did there. Those as you wanna talk about like there's a whole era of sport. It didn't get it, had. She deserved the United States, its k, one during its private. In the end you hook days or ears of hers
Ernesto, whose internationals, precisely my guy nineties, Ernesto Hooligans, in though I think how early nineties early two thousands watching our NOS ninety three, ninety seven, how do you Ninety seven turned force as fourteen. Let's kid, what's come up with a classic fight and try to figure out the year went down pops up Ok Bob sat Ernesto, whose I once in two thousand to two thousand three now zapper now so as to achieve the same two thousand. Now it wasn't, even it was a little later than that, because sap came along around the same time as Nogueira right. Now, you're with us for that now now really Nogueira veto right from every power I've, no Gara we divided, and for that because he knows there is a vital for the newgate was fighting for some of those new fairly new and seeing your fairly new and a scene when Nogueira submitted him and he was smashed
but when you bought some working on vital to see the case, one fights were kickboxing and the only guy to fuck em up and kick Box was croaker. Croaker broke his eyesight. He straight left to them and broke his eyesight people who get what wicked kit, boxer croak up was so scared. So scary, we do Jamie with one or Nationalist Novo's upset. Why don't you come Henry? I don't, Henry wanted was to doesn't firstly because Henry Hook I say hello to December seventh tooth to think that don't worry about it to another incident again December, seven to those sixty thousand two Ernesto questions highlight we're out of his will, raise one two left took to the body right: kick the low kick, would calm down his left took, would come to your body and the law
Kick would literally come down like a tree was naturally come over how about marine life? You know how many people are watching. Those wiser than major pan is so being Japan, gigantic overhear them we're like all underground, watching, like everywhere people over one system able and croak up for failure. I'm telling you guys come over and watch it like that when he who gives a fuck do, but that will he's boast Emma may guys know about those days most and I may who ends up out of the kids, are figured it out when they hear people talk about fatal in the fact of fate or still fighting feeders knocked out. Page was was every day we are here to ask, be shooting I stressed that. Did the fighters realise the Alan back with the Irish? The end I mean is only so many times you could fight now like dinosaurs, it's no big boy, whether that you, let me my wretched Bradley boy
A lot of money would draw three sees like like that: you're a sick boy jack around them. I love you, but, alas, our guy. That is she is in the area is back. These two nor you I'm biggest for good, is barely get at. The fact is step with anyone like we'll both its argument, you that that is in force then by Gmos you gonna make millions to ring the Bell rang We do this deck nothin Bork as their guys, we're like me, or if it is true, I wanted to offend boys series see how to I love these young people love this. The good fight folks, so you mines is a good fight for both killed.
It's a lot more explosive on the fee is fast as final days also. He had his name and jittered. You know you're from an animal, be judge always phenomenon there, but he came level on the ground and he can bang on the feed. Like last year, gave in my area mile yeah You would give they might not now insisting on this None of your jets earns is he's Fernand level right now, The guy's about fighting world don't worry your magazine to any Eu Average fight any b, I he didn't, Maybe I didn't know you did I be judged on everything I don't diabetes. And I love the high sober high level high level bodies is like gaming mine that
that same level the same level but younger taming, our youngest went yeah he's really got on the daily life. I loved me about where we might not be a might not be able to pass this guy's guard. If you get some down you, my very able only variables or day my used to fight it. Eighty five Gilbert used to fight a fifty five and they re my fine way better. You notice anything at all mantra, legal and he's been just know: there's there's no way in Hell, Damon my a man handles him on the ground, John and I have to say that that is not saved Astrid, not gonna. Take the bio super. I level hey Joe other thing is he's he's a Henry Hoofed railway saving lives and elsewhere and along I love Damien, my I love em, but if Gilbert Burns took his I can choke him out. I wouldn't be shy.
He's sitting room, and here I can try. So you can control it. Gilbert burns is listen. I agrees. We are really really good role for the leg. I wish they just go on the ground Dorothy. What is mostly what's up so I say so. I looked in my view. This is a good man. This good. It offer Damien hook it out. I look at this beautiful You see how good there was stood up and persuade the treaty that has lost its highest level. Jujitsu knows little game. We might same think they might say he's high level too. The gentleman has taken no Pont they're, both now the best you can Papa gotta. We that is more about he's a relentless motherfuckers, but in the game for ever find the Barcelona that none of the one thing, namely my has a big advantage on, is the experience of Georgia to with strikes in greasy bodies, no right
scarves, yes way more expert against a cage, there's a lot of it. I'm a manoeuvre back. There are no rascal degrees, sweaty and the snow I've got a lot going for me. I mean he's, got everything but he's also also real, last competent member, this guy for Damien Damien, my four airs and silver for these back and ass, these kinds of October birds, Disworship. What's even nobody just governs the guy's control innovative, where hook erosion like no one, no one. Now there goes a little now. Why does it take to my people, those with that might be the other guy? Oh, my,
Given its wealth, all my trying to tell you now areas as lairs. That was brilliant. What a letter Lowborn was William, maybe you see fighter, would have been far down it round. His elaborate right fishing scale. Would you, when you act like this or that I got what like? While I mean you, don't need em to getting that's. Oh, my god. It's level to do. Look at this code he's right through the long ride and and went straight blast from G Coney Island, he went straight plan inside long man, heritable, France, charitable chance. You really did burning item again, look, look there's! This is actually car sportsmanlike. Boy that caused the grassroots class. To ask. Much too kind of how did you get the guerrilla war
which could stop it's a very good start. Brightness would abuse if a leftover check- and this is why Loveday Mile always have ass much plasma from when I got knocked up? I know you're in Brazil like plan to those who smoke no good stay like party. In whatever do my thing, Brazil stays another week and it blows point of my life, I'm so depressed Almighty implies back on that. With my brother in law, my best friend club or at a bar and now you know, people nice to meet with one around the white boy there, de my sees me and gave me the biggest and I need you get so bad. I, the I just saw randomly on the streets. Is I really love you, man he's a good guy
my good man, I love and one of these early. I hear nothing with great things about this approach is the best phase that give us he's been easily gave her long time. What's funny, when he's fine been asking us guy swamp, you're gonna get we see middle ground. I think I think benzine done. I remember you take like do I'm tony man to pump. It has put a lot of money on Bank Lilla Ban and Joseph Tony Dude bet it's it's a bad I because the ground you, the only go tell me, is a terrible idea like when it goes. The ground is, I guess, he's using school he's a bluebell. You'll do you're. The figure has good he's a graniteware angler, but always gonna do first day ones to have step ahead and give a scramble and out of all this shit, I emphatically constrict authority is an expert on strictly is an expert in strangling the life out of you and not as an issue. I talked about Gilbert Birds, Damien, I still takes us back at my feet What is beyond my throat tickling my bow Zambia. My nationalists. Just special combination of these got length, especially one. Seventy also is
a tremendous amount of experience against way, bigger, guys, remember when you fought all those fuckin beasts. Seventy, five or eighty five another name? I figured out five and he thought he thought if he's got to seventy at the beginning, as you have seeker who the fuck The change is watching. The fucker join us ass, real good chance, really chance, there's only human and Jocker re real stranger to a timid shock when he went when he across conduct when he to kneel Maggie. You want those those issue. But if I knew He was no manners. I have your antibiotics. He fought NEO Maggie. What is really cease and others have. That's right, doesn't youngsters why news is the good be judging how good he looked against phenomenal genially? I pronounced phenomenal, you know they came and he came in their final. Maggie was an underdog. What you guys, I'm workers earn spied out of what is careful. He, Sir Henry Hoofs hundred hoof floriszoon We're Luke comes from be yeah. I met him.
Sure he's a nice guy in the world, the lily than I Scandia, whose minds down there, and that's that you are talking about it. If you're a fly on the wall in that Jim a unified way awaited, and do we know what's next birthday announcement Maslow? Yes, I did Yeah use. My I think, he's gonna happen in July that a muslim fuck is now. I don't know my wrong news. Jamie going to break news Ozma model was right. I think I'll break news. I think that was just read out here. You're fucked up, I broke some news that you are still sure I did I'm sure I did for sure, probably right here, so she went dropped but not an important I'll, just cool shit. You find out little earlier, I'm not trying to do a. U turn in the electron Irrawaddy them off. I did. If I did tell them shit, tell people to shit. They told me not to talk about. They would never tell me that shit more. Why would I ever That is just to get a very excited know. I keep my secret to tell
behind malaria will share culture and some of it like yokels. Fuckin freaky does emphasise that hasn't. Tell you people I feel obligated. If I knew that information, you add that to those jawdropping spectacular, chew, been wrestling technique which is known throughout the world me how many wrestlers have gone down. Carlos Anderson Metal is totally twice. You have gone down and train with those guys and experience like how they do it. Who is it? Oh, that Brown, the immortal Brown went down to do is fuckin camp. There, brow whose you wanted so the savage law? Would he say he said it was amazing? He had a great Can time is surely to travellers who work with their boxer? go there to Thailand bad ass. His map, brown for joint lab round windows and trains and to issue must still to go towards. It is about again go. There are violating its illegal you're gonna get allowed to Canada. Amateur it'll. Take my training, leaner astronomy, says no
too many virus amongst many other comeback issues are doing deadlocks at home before you go the other till I do to just bill alive ass into it. I want to stay pretty scales, David Ladys, to the blows. Well, it's too, and I dance on I find all day how great and rum and learn forking spend your will still be there. You're born for balkan stem cells, bark is TAT, has come back at my lids dog back at the judiciary. To everybody's can check looks all day long. I care fuckin way pay if you guys in the end for this. This is something called. It is called the deaths Justices Moreau. This looks for eighty it's about.
It's about simulated realities, shit scares suppose we really good now streaming bitch and attacks on Hulu blows of the best with simulated realities and alter the realities is written Morty the cartel. Great effects. Subaru it's a great car to its very area that I know is awesome, but I just don't have the time for words that, like that of never at the time I have watched a bunch of Besides, maybe ten we must watch, but if I had to put it on my weakness, I d, like you to put all the things like South Park Right Standard Simpson, to put all the funny things that are available every week. I mean you know time can do you have to do it's not like. I was eleven. You only have two hours. I do it in the morning when I worked out. That's where you that's, why you, a lot of imposing them would not work and work with that two hours, abortion, the bullshit, would I Philip
drank the flowers. Upholstered away z. When I worked it out, if I glass like magic, corny, oh shit, yeah? That's what I don't. I watch allotted five, it's a big like come up like watching us style benefits or something like that. So what That's what I'd do guys my watch wrath as I go to Youtube. And chicken. You know me, you know me. I love you too, even though they sensor, everything still still thought. We have no rules that will do so when I do this describes all the cool people that I like and then looking can't wait after Jujitsu when I, when I drive home I just press the options and then all the Ladys video, their leisure. And then I guess that's my fuck, you, you would see. That's my adopted! Are you getting to you too, even though they serve the shit out of everything? There's ways around it? You not, I think, man any giant comp.
It? Has an anybody make videos about anything any time they want they're gonna try to control things that they have to have to tell you I won't. I just got my subscriptions yeah. I got my people that I watch and now that- and I understand, will you come from, but here's some, let's loose just make an agreement that some censorship needs take place of people doing live execution videos- maybe to what she would say to them, that the Nazis, real, that's, how they won't, they wanna make killing laptops. So where does it start wears a stop in terms of? If you you can't allow ices to make you should ve owes and you can allow a certain amount of sex or a certain amount of violence are like that. Where do you cut it off right there, but where right method, but the thing is Eddie the where people used to think that line was lying. Nine, not always moved by the alliance, is more like tat. You can't kill my book it on Youtube. Ok,
So what would you like that? What we do- and we have you here- we have the staff so no penetration, things that have already been here, though you do precisely as well as Russia. Algeria knows it. We go no enjoyed as we go into. Russia was how's, it is chosen. This is this is but a body that black dude massage these big girls.
These are the area, an area and its now I gotta. Do you tube? It's also on Instagram, Google in everybody's, asked the question: would you motherfucker massage, like at least he's like a very handsome well built man and his revenues Fredericks ass, which is what I mean? Is this law a generally where real legit massages like I'd, make sure female? You say female right, only always one little dude Spangler hands in my ass driver, I always growled. I wouldn't you down a man, nobody thought or not. I fucked up. I was at fucking airport. I had three hours those three and they said I said I say Gimme a massage. If you want to go to the fucking private room like yeah, I'm at the airport, I didn't even say female. I didn't the amended will have that. China's one that there are laid down in the work we do, I swear to God, he was a joke
it can take a man with the biggest fuck it as he was an ever advocate, american men, but he was about our by african american man, one with freckles all over his due to three hundred and seventy path at your end is that it is that, as we do as soon as I saw by regardless Now, though, you don't want it was. It was about it and I can grab my there. I've asked big round lands on my. I can't relies on my blog. I wish that was is gradually. I love that Macedonia has good missile answering as we can work, though my legs dude includes Messiah, originally called your boy you're comfortable. It would end from that. When did I d? Do I've button go out
walk when it might be said of the female give a female. Strong wrong. Girls, like my pursues, like your fat, green crazy thing is hands. I get it they're fucking the massaging people a day, so that's why they use their elbows right, but elbows straw, boys magazine okay, not seriously Monday, willingly give her it's when you get to certain small petition in between the fourth- and I don't even want to give this out. This is about this fights about going choice between you, guys, like pathologist, you like many others here have was right. Then I will do it the girl is like a hundred and five pound did I ran dismissal, he stood on a chair, this metal contraption over mine. She said she the whole
MR with their feet. On my neck, I am at the plenary I can hear my elbows on warm drive for elbows is too much at a time of soda hands. I get it the hands, I get it there, give massage all day that they were trying to save their hands. So that's where these are elbows but the between all my cottage come on Santa Monica Boulevard. Guy massaged me, russian guy comes in thick, I'm lookin out a matter is done and is just being is growing. He's been here and I'm looking. Off. Like you just gotta face, and I go, I do wrestled friendly, goes, judo. Yeah. I said you do compared. He said I have one gold medal Sidney Olympics up to now is sought by the way I got battle sleepy either about I looked at my leisure enough, legit. That's for sure
he was an old political Mendelson Judo attend and I got this Michael Michael how'd. You train that when you train we're doing is Google but well when you lifted www lifting waits allowed me said just the you shouldn't have. Meanwhile, I tell you about a bitch. I took them well, we're still, probably still dating involuntarily. Now is Hannah. Inexpert shit is phenomenal. Fuck and fight, though this is a very, very good fight, no more massage thing now. No, no! It was done with this. Last by my here's. One thinks it. I've been thinking when guys, don't make wait. The record, like the refugees as records. The regulars word now, but his what I'm guys, who don't make? wait, do really well such an advantage just what the employee percent yeah. Some there's, someone had piece it out like over the last and x amount of big fights or someone didn't make way how tat, the other guy lose the other you're fucked up. Does
fight, not count though, since it I it can carry out its. He has to give up thirty percent of his purse. Apparently, ok, here's the thing Have you ever heard of a good? Can you imagine ready lists a unit fighting where you re for fighting, I miss way and then they got Eagle, hey you want. The fight continue, like fact, do that's why every values yeah right I'll, take three percent but flocked to get started it because you don't know how much they really gave up on me. We then come in stronger because it it and lose that extra two pounds, and we can only carefully with Super anger ways audience I can forget. It looks so thick in comparison to how he looked before, forgetting there's nobody and not get aquatic here. What I need to do anything I we need to hear this. I wish I had an extra headphone lifting ring. Car girl sit by themselves as bonkers, so weird nobody's there in Brazil he's gonna fight. This is so strong change. How we heard a drain possible can turn now. Yes, piano now be cool with no other, not yes, they were well because then people would
What was going on without saying, ok, real, quick guys, you guys are all knowledge romanians. What are you guys doing about your date? Three now, what's goin on broke quick, we gotta we sit in a cart. Gonna sit in the cotton. Just re scared, landfilling. Everything last often lacks weaker caps. It he's not there not just under two fifths of carrying out its humanist ours too silly. I'm do against. It broke obvious risk lower and that's three hundred until even our even work, oh or direct evidence, clever, jugglers I've has elapsed. I've had it with you how he knows you're, not my preliminary April. The wooden back up my can cancel. Do the nose We don't know that day by the average age is on this item. Fifty people have died, nobody about what's goin on here. We are deciding where it is to day by day those considering idea, it's bad it on know. What's going on cancer, my fuckin last up, so they don't know what's going on and everybody wants to pause and the
I swear to stop the spread or which is lost is to mean being were saying. Oh people look, we could lose like twenty percent of all people in one of those worst case scenarios who this can be effective the very good fight also live it? Fuck brings it to see he super super technical too. Not just on the feet on the ground. In transitions, snaky he's got long strikes and Oliver has gone much much better Over the last, like three or four years, he's on a map is what sanctions, early, yellow, cetera, he's out Kevin. These younger early people forget how you can leave carefully with for us to me. Jim ship material skills regime should material on abortion. None of this is such an athlete. Swayed again. Do you want to get on that side of the view of the EAST West? She didn't white. Miss wait, really do there's nothing, they hate more, while its idea, rather him slap of mainly the four which is what's fucked up. It's like did
the only thing that makes any sense is. There might have been confusion as to whether or not the fight was going to take place. I like the you give them by car. Is I don't know that can count? how crazy Tony copied gonna be with no audience austrian watching while Gmos will maybe by then there's not going to be Bridges are daily teeth, went on. I was just going to everybody. You everyone, so goddamn scare, there's no way that shit even Russell Media has waited seventy thousand able to beat in Romanian through large. Not they did wrestling with the objective of this file audience they took off all gonna go hundred percent. They too could this. Why is it that means are going a hunch, personnel it'll be told his whole crowd, don't fuck it gone hard with this shit. Are you saying the government lighted, the deep state or so wise to five hundred precise to fight? This is the last fuckin chance this one's fight Oliveira did some crazy shit
here. Of course we all want. No matter where I shall try to do that. Works home in Washington. Denies I'll do work. I mean it wasn't. I won the ocean in the reflected sort at one time he cares about. I got tons of James, I'm very talked about it, but no one cares. We do care which would want to launch this file for his highness happening right now it in Washington. Yet no one cares old October. One ideas killing people voices, try. It knows Bryant Buckin. Now, ok, I might be on every side in this way. Folks, I'm in the middle nano you're over here.
Come on monitoring. Where am I or part of deeds to make me always flood in screenshots of screenshots conversation? Last but not least, I would rather be a runaway getting programme. Our Bernajoux Meum Brenner lie behind the dock. Embezzlement trees. As you know, the clause everything may now, you guys don't even now, we are Brenner like lover reduction, not rotations prediction, predictions collectively, tiki cigarette really interesting. I just think like any other relation, colonel you write, heavenly is a month. You know why come in on this, don't talk over each other. I know my room. Do you know where companies about Africa because he's a ressler, who uses his expertise to wind, piety like that, take motherfuckers down and take them back. We can heavenly likes that. Take motherfuckers down you're, not gonna, taken aback clean lever, nother men, ressler they're out to our
jokes on, but all these matters by ok now and parasites that guy is a fuckin savages feed of Papua. On the ground. On his back on the heel, particular phaser dude, Oliver looks really good stand in particular in the face of so others. Do both fuck it upside down flat high level. On how label to have two different styles, but still fuckin crazy. Oliver doesn't have a weakness in his game either in his Stanhope is nasty.
Fuck and his ground games terrify who's your area, really straight up, he's doesn't like tingling load is cross. Has a ton of experienced people forget? How long would do you just like this hot streak of six six or seven years been around a long time? Is this? Is it enough learning for that item? Slip wiped out have only just hit em Kevin has hard hard, hard, hard heart. The rice eight both led to step up all night, shouted God I shot through the body. Could fight up, but you ain't gonna tell he's already going completely now, there's a guy, it's hard to believe that only related transitions riding the leg looks beautiful. Beautiful, however, did you know he doesn't have high level. Jujitsu was able to see how the gaseous is allowed issue going on right ever do the right thing. People think like blocks. Are I ever made leisure
You still get, however, abuse hire you keep attacking. Haven't we let alone to keep you save the reap, keeps nothing so together he safe all that people forget that, it's it's one, who's gonna blossom. The phasing out Jesus you lay about losing sight of land ownership are no, don't give your backup by the way my voice- oh, my god, holy shit. This is needed, have gone down. A very complex jujitsu configuration very complex visited. Why not been twister shit. Only now cabinets upon or no writer, like one of the most efficient and undergone random acts, as he did lead, lacks a good look at this. Just he's busy what the fuck do you know what we're see him here is. Punch. Consistently offensive
like logs, while your bad you'd make a bloody they'll, go the robot, or am I look at his legs, a great for Emma look at them I'll take hours. David he's been gone for, leg locks the whole time, and heavenly cabinet is gonna blow. As my exact, this is real bad. That's gonna turn the other way. Look, it's fuckin do Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ it's hard to see from the other side like what is our goods like? That's, not good! Oh my god. That's not good dared brow! That's a Kevin's in trouble here, That's the way you have enough money on his knee task. Even Ivan. Does these outermost and is probably going to tat from this, but the whole story. Her. So this all is got em in a position where Kevin you cannot tower Nokia and indeed one until a the dog on the whole,
strong arm. Tsar he's got his armpit. The whole in tunnels are the very generous, but there has now both highly look at ass. Talking carriage was its last as high level look at home. I write how today's high level shoot high level, with the leg, lugs incorporated as irish and brilliant alive, also the constant costs abortive he's. Always add our defensive? Look at that always at a high guard. He read it. I never see, may work a guard that effect and I have to go back and watch this and listen to it with no audience bet it's so weird. It's though, as watch the preliminary out, this is all there is gone heave around. Eighty has when Della he bottom and then Kevin me back stepped into leg. He could
you could go into honey all but I learned how to relax. Daughters are business high level about given legal will realistic about John, and I know that he tweeted when Gilbert when's yelled. It was very eerie how it echoed in an empty arena with tat so strange, who'd you give this round to so far: Kevin unleash criminally desires. Nano now even own apply, even though Charles was doing words is the entire time enter the round. Both doing work, I mean Oliver hidden. What's really good shots, but when Kevin Liese, on top of the end of the round, leaving you up in a large the judges eyes to this, and I gave it to govern, but the child a battalion clouds just and hacking all tat. I love that mines biting time all about Solly Vera. I love the fact. The desert, Jujitsu blacker and has jujitsu is an orthodox. I love all that, but at the end
the round at the guys on top Eu Fuckin battering down? How did you went around all that shit did didn't really mean that much of the skies on top you big beating a downright so I give them around a heavenly yeah. I did what you are saying earlier, I agree with about the price. The old pride rules that the end of the fight counts moment at that jumping, financially of course, a look at this oh some nasty grounded pounced on next year, so Turkey late when he's punching now, it's so dangerous removed. This is a danger, and by and by the way we have two or more around you took out how great as and when the commonly twenty more minutes, I'm a little upset they make my Beltran hide is fuckin mustache. Now, why do they he's gotta? Must actually did. How did I thought now? It's tucked in tucked in his shirt, luminous man, it's wrapped up
like a beer or Colombia again there like he's the bad guy, he's my fear, these body, better than might Beltran best ass might interfere. He didn't say: let's find spinning back Mister Oliver era to our very nasty, and rightly cod do but he's so technically. Nothing's wound up here's a wind up with shit, you just fires, o big big shot by kept pleasure seeds. We take all my goodness good, like ouch damask fires in the summer around kids regime by Kevin God, Damn trousers, brilliant Charles haven't, had left her coming forward with their mother fucker, but you see what I'm saying about? Why not that anything, but
can we carry out our designs minutes destruction, work much harder, so good jobs. Only there will be a long and all their the ice was. The word out blows he's, a spy doesn't give you know you're. My shoe again give up far look out. Clearly. Is Christ clean Colleagues here have those won't bother he's like have ever Kyler whatever is cruelly you got. Ok, I like it. I can't keep doing Africa arrived in. Other workers is getting boring. Gotta keep do he's out or managers look at em. Don't you didn't want me talking over each other? in terms of a veritable given plenty look at you you look so good, I've never seen what is good, and this is one of the biggest fights of his crew. You don't give a fuck, my goodness
gotta. Do something erratically takes them down good move. Three minutes hours does like allow where in the little guy right now, you don't. Like my good tell you, I got great wizard. You got away their border shit overthrow heavenly. On top now, the greatest Lloyd sail this man. This is a great beast Macao me is a bees? Look at him duties of these. That's a hard won a finnish. These are working for
There is a strong guy for this way. Class Oliver's gotta get em off of them. Right. Remember all varies to fight a forty five, so he sat back. Considerably the smaller guy she s a beautiful thing about commonly renounce he wants. The back is that Oh that is bought. That's what he's? No, The microchip, not like my country, wants to back those super super impressive that each of the chest only children we hold you. I just wish they let it go a couple more seconds. We can see bill sleep too, so tat so it was the same. Nobody ever do and what we see there s a good show known when a reverie stops. It showed does not necessarily unless a guy I greatly wasn't I agree, but he's finished either way, but equally eyes, relax in and around you're right. I would bet I would bet the house on hunters. I would want to see, as we also Michael Yes, at once, seventy is a mother
while other guy he's a mother for girls get tender p I do like he's, loses all love mortgages it's impossible to Imagine that he actually made fifty five ways: it s real she's, a big seven time he's these legal tease, you dockers. At seventeen months, banishment, ornaments clouds he's Baker. Seventy bow great good, I guess I'll be right on the ground a right here. Cabin lean wants the back, that's where it would. That's really wants most intimate now there have battle going on. How are they score? And this too is a better balance, use personal model on the ground like a lot better, look that he took, he turned their top have into a leg. Lock battle is governed. Sport hold different support, real quick. Remember? Is Brazil sport remember in Brazil or rights in Brazil, so judges is innovation now this position as a whole different thing Kennedys.
Top half what lazy, daddy! I just a very long legs on on the gas turbines score. I know so I would give Kevin the takedown and control, but his What goes on items as words most the head strikes that he will what's the most obvious thing that happened, this rigour that my committee will take our share and he ended the round. On top How is that some of the second round Amazon government he held? No, that's the second shot. Third, not the third coming up, not yet here, since it allows only five round Claudio not fit ass. It will look at how these lesson was cited here. Think so comes with a slight look at em look carefully. We control he didn't. This is a hard fight for both God. Yes, the hard fight, yes and on the feed
it's hard, because these taken a lot of shots Ford and get to the grass roots fight someone's Katy peacetime, he's gonna last on the figure dude. I'm really impressed me to give up this technique is non that isn't give a fuck it difficult as forward, but he's also has his techniques. Super sharp look at that time, no, no fat to any. They stay in the pocket to read it. So good Samaritan telegraphing it just comes back Zactly, Barbara Brian there's, no telegraph, you're, not gonna use. You just said that it was we, but that he may you Brian, unlike Eyeteeth, my guys. Never too Y know about that. These valuable heaven in your boy. Tony wrestled in college, the other. Here we got against each other and we are three things jumping frank. Take two Sakharov see this where its most dangerous release to recover and he's probably
tired, and Oliver tell you is that you should begin. Negotiations is more tighter. Having aware gave its getting also money through the glass somebody's going to have less radical yucky scenes, are you going to do all we can to try to go back to normal? You can find No, why he tapped anywhere, but my god- oh my god, oh my god. I'll call you only as you think I went to sleep came back, never right there. You put him on that. Good thing, and I think it would immediately into like yours made him because he tapped the guys in the iron Rhine, mass arrests, calorie sober people and see the tat would say God, Damn Oliver Fried Chicken
body would essentially settings it in many of the past that lay much confidence you have to have another conquered. Do that half goes out and got this bitch half guard, he does the thought that set the shit. He just like that, Are you kidding me, according to my shit, It's like you, woke up our shared like you, cup and jumped on its back, my goodness, there's a poster right there. That's crazy. He must as a great guy. I wish you to walk around with you. This is the each other. Now, that's nice to say yeah did he must have choked him out you mustn't, choked him unconsciously, woke up thinking. The fight was still go on that
crazy, whose better better than whereas you train out of Brazil that what way division he so good advice, guys beings that forty five fifty four well defined. Forty five other device desert vaccines. Did you forty five? Yes and now one of the virus? It use cotton too much weight of forty five times what it says on our own producers over fifty five year. You know who I am a kind of knowing made them of people up his record. I was crazy. Amazing. I wish also to Morrow said Pringle. Irregular is ready, for some step, one three, four or five seem it deems that as a big fire. This assembly submission gmail and that's a big fight. Tunic choke clay. Greta, like we had a car tat, Nick Lance Teak, ale, you ve Roy Perry, felt or beaten with us last law into the seventeen has lasted three years founders of beast member fell. They got on top of Roman smashed him,
was a fight where he was tested to man. He was tested to the gas gets sneaky, have on offshore. Since, when losses to some dinner. When he's gonna lose part, they could put a man, you fundamental spy, you can hold a man and you could fucking Grand out of decision. Peter heavenly guy dammit. He super dynamic. He doesn't give a box. Standing, he's going to come forward. He's going to throw down some shit, you going to take him down and going to choke you or he'll. Take you down and choke you What is interesting is also that same precision with interesting. Also at his style like when you, when you, when you watch and fight, if you were thinking even gonna fight Kevin, Do you think we're Kevin these best chances on their feet? On a percent, that's what you think heavenly just knocked out your Gillespie Kelly's appear, partying, powerful guy. He didn't make the way struggles to make that way, but on the feed dude he was mission. The problem,
There is a flying. Kevin's main path is take down to the back and it works on most of these motherfuckers Charles Oliver, that it's gonna be hard and make that path. Work on, and they knew they take us back That's all I ask- is flies through taxes, taxes best path, so we took away that's what, Here too. We must also stand up so sharp. The cabin was always behind he's already coming up on the feet? He hit him with upper carts and bleed hooks jabs. I key looked like a like a world champ and on the faintly to house tat, make how stacked is fifty five is, is tat. It is the best are. Evidently, you seek raise your through the edge of women's women's, honest
It's a good Arthur argument, Ardelia insane young women who have made their way back. When I was watching that China I swear to God. Man was on John Whaley Whales. The cold. I lay she'd. Look like guys like a super destroyer. Like tat. You can get your dad didn't. Look like. Yes, you gotta God, I'm everything shit like that back she looked like Balkans or the best YAP unease Falcon samurai dish. You know version or whatever you know shall ever, but she was like some China bathroom the animal when John Roy year, we ve never seen any by what do the bathroom, and I thought you wanna one guy give to you. Wanna get back, don't that's one where the judges coming got it wrong with it. To waylay early school there. It should for Chirac,
it's been a draw or I will draw do I lean towards Yolanda hurry to so. Barely yes by right by eighteen, o Reilly. Would you like they? I gotta go may the way boy. You gotta you, no physical damage that you could see. He s got a that's gonna kill. Big. Every was a weird him. A job like this can be the loser. Cat like have no cuts, The wind was no catch issues that arise out of her feelings or swollen entire Johnny. I guess what lies ok. Whatever was you gotta go with the one physically look less damage of its that closely. Both by six months, I didn't realize you gotta go now: ok, she looks kind of fact, no Eddie. It's one strike. It's one strike caused that fuckin hundreds of strikes landed. It just happened. A swell up didn't affected her performance. She's still performed very well can't judge or based on our appearances yoga
based on the amount of shots at land that is so close. I thought you should know that must have been in one. That's what I'm saying I'm saying it was show me the way it could have gone. It was fucking close right. Everybody agrees that category the way, So what's the deciding factor, how do these damage no damage physical, about how difficult about our boy shrine allow at shit. You gotta go. Let me look at a physical damage that evidence. Our boy shot. Allowing all were slightly. Did that chinese culture, our she was fine, There's really likes you when you made your lower hung, you know it. Then she was gone back. She was gonna party shudder to fuckin civil. Where good night that's right, I judge Leslie cries out just a shotgun alley, lieutenant ass. They saw a light. He looked like a legit lit years off my superstar. We can invite crazies that two years after that kid comes back looking better than ever, never stop trainin. He got wrapped up in a bunch of
little injuries and then there was a bullshit. You sound like a sort of thing like on back up a mandate that you are bad, but they diet when they already suspended em. They don't do when that happens either in it. Even if you didn't do anything wrong, they don't do anything he hears as an attractive, but here's the thing it help the young kid like that can be got better, better skills that are so. It doesn't get fuckin thrown to the wolves. Also, today, that as of social media- and he does a video games so religion, Your games online people still know who is, are you stays in? The public eye puts up the social media training, footage, let's every no words out. Two years later comes back. I gotta go world Peter, I'm coming on the future direction of the catch. The eye is awesome and when he doesn't have, the corn rose in his hair. Is preposterous already fight, it's a tough guy, but you know like that. Yes, I can you of that. We're very, very tough
tat. It was like a like somebody toss them which graze with him. As you know, he didn't know then tied him in the park ass. He didn't have a background, my traditional karate or type wonder, and it s just a kid we see the way throws is kicks like really yup ignoble You didn't like do this for the time your fourteen or someone that no learned waiting. I gather he just one of those guys where you just put that weird it factor day puts it together. Restless introduced together tat. They just pick it up fashion, everybody yeah, but he's neither those he learn Emma he's a an interesting Emily further straight, a real, interesting tat. Just his he's got some weird quality down the people pay attention to and he's good. Does eyeball both things happening at the same time. You know like people, Major pan we're talking primarily when he was in his prime there's a sat. There was a thing about be jailer can be judged by your though she had been fighting. It wasn't just their skill level. It was some about em. People have a sum about em. There is John Sean as some about em.
Does he just love love? It's like when you see a throw us kicks that spinning back trigger the round. Kick when I did a little but a training with a week. I showed him a little bit stuff type. One knows tough old, hag yeah. We after the podcast we came, and we talked about some stuff and humanist coach. I forget his name really fuckin cool guy TIM Tim March. Whilst thank you really cool guy telescope, when we started doing some stuff in enthroned. Some kicks in things like do of backgrounds and there's like now I just started: learning ache with Emma Maj GEN summaries members. You learn dynamic, loosely karate guy he's also when he, when it was in those which is less time. It's all like your toes com and gas com to I don't fuck imitates, in my opinion, like a law. The way she throws. Some of his techniques is very wonder boy like, which is why I thought that he had not At the same calibre, wonder boy don't get me wrong, but let you wonder what boys, when the best striker something I've ever seen so the sport for the sea does the slide. He does a lot,
slide things that you really don't learn normally. Unless you have a background, traditional martial arts, like like Miss Daniels Road. Does it better than anybody find a marrow now, because he's got a background in traditional point grotto and he was a point karate demon, So Raymond Daniels, where he'll slide in our new approach, since they deem ethics, really religious demons and swallowed him in theme. Due to so called the type one diabetes in Raymond Daniels do crazy. Shit are seen in fact, demon. I'd like to be called a fucking. The ever seen his tail highlight real is the most recent Europe as you as a guy who, as background, I wonder if you would love, is highlight real. It's ridiculous. He even glory he does touch, jumping psychic, spinning back in the air and not unanimously against the rings. I guess there in. Nor do I love. I love her
It's not. A guy alive was more flashy whose fighting Emma Mayor take boxing. The Ramadan was not a guy, like you re, not a guy alive, Joe shallow malaise that Comic Gregor one boy had like this weird baby yeah to be at that same flavors, Conor with a hand there is the fetal open of wonder boy two years. Well, this listen to me. No Raymond Daniels think about how good Michael venom page Romania is another level does not. On another planet. You know what the planet credentials has clearly very well. They fought each other in point, karate yeah, but its pages note, but he went over but Michael than a page, whenever the glory and fuck eyes like Nicky holds and Joseph Vault Laney, he fought assassins and kickboxing coming out of like basically a whole lifetime of point karate. Then he kind of is greater love. Madam page, no talk about Re Madame's fuck. These had been a page, also fought within a page. Did he fought Raymond dealers in point five? The centipedes, when my fate
I would have fights eye to work out. What I'm saying is as far as their accomplishments in kickboxing, like Raymond Daniels, world champion. If, if I'm Bela tour, though I go, all linen Michael, been a page that sure that's your cash tell why, given that old shit, that's your efforts to help we gotta go on leave actually Mikhail them. But if you He if you look at him he's absolutely the most exciting gotta watch, because he does crazy shit. He does things society, but also takes but I really competent fighters and they make em you make some of them have no business. Five Dave Rickles was astonished to stop. This starts out. This is heeded by daybreak. There was, there was one has he says inside or you broke his fuckin. That was all those religious services ethic Nepal Daily Fight, which was tat, was incredible. That was in credit. But I do not recall Daily- took him down outside wow Paul daily.
Sided win the fight, not entirely decisions, not Paul daily. I think you some attitude. They talked so much shit. How did the interesting abridge fires about fucking wilder fury threes happening? I can't believe it could ever thy camps that box in that the money that, but if you're waters like do, haven't wonder what I've won b to round up having. Rather they fought twelve so you have the answer of the twenties plus rounds I want to. We will get this fuckin trilogy fight back and said. Strange, but it's crazy. Give us Joshua Fury you Fox who knows if they're gonna have any fights for months now, let's stop and think about that later, this Gayety God, damn and beautiful. Are you an ideal, tap tap tap and you know what he did. It was beautiful. That's right here, wakes up, I don't like diapered,
the car that determinately secular, anti terrorism wherever earlier in the five so bring on his back at the man, and he ended up in God. He's here spend any time is a similar and lay it was a little scramble and commonly entered upon top and as soon as he he got bore Gordy started, thrown elbows commonly covered up and then through an arm bar end onboard unworldly ended up in the imo blocker. He does when, after I'm immediately with elbows, parents are born, omit turn into alma blob. He saved a hold up, even among other works. If that's in your blood, position is just like, keep him busy muslim arm bar almost loudly you cash management, you he was on the offensive Malta is a thing to he's. Only thirty dark eyes.
Praise, lessons organise a long authority and fight. You remember police authority when my thought Efron Escudero, choked him out and say that border member I took his back standing. Remember that you gotta say that nobody knew who the fuck- you was forty handsome here, some amazing windmill, amazing who unwise names, Alabama City, but the jet You feel that fought on the card with your honor and waylay, who was that is another card. I'm not submit a railway but heard his eye these were the best juxtaposition of all time come on he's fighting your Siena he's undefeated come you don't want you to pay civilians Boucher these. Of older, for we are one avenue we want or lop ear. He wants submitted Goddess swollen shot, like you, probably with the We are still Alan. I gotta go down triangle, fragile peace.
What how do you have something in a scramble he got here how thick and he got a bride. I said during the climb down took him up in the same lab. They put cooked up Romero, Pollack, closed everything. He's gonna break through the Russia has a history, Gaza is so jacked. Look in his eyes. I was completely shut off third lines. Out of his head. Will offer returned to hide an android and submit one anyway all also missions under physiognomy. I can do in the digital world. He's heightens the men, their arguments so genuinely one last year, nobly avi one it and never stayed like your phone. I hereby Yang look at that, but now I get back. I was it better. I mean I'm sorry dad I say yes, I remember I rely on you guys are going come on. Do I love that's ok, I lost arising and while I love him,
Easiest thing is: I want to tell you that this body, urgent natty legend of them now he's is bright As you know, by with a merry part, I don't know, I don't know either controversial days the plague Rodya Panada, EU brazil- that puts terrorism. You hoped that takes a lively target or maybe economy. As may be seen the brazilian beef wrangling and he's a natural muslim world citizens either way trains like a mother, Fucker he's in jail, bright Jamie go back to that. One will get yours go to that one right there with his key, opened up the fought to the far right in the middle, the threat there. Looking man, that's on the cover of like one them romance novels. That checks
We must recognise that buying ass body. I sure Brenda both like this come on. That's the best part is highly view holds this. Listen, it's it's a romance novel like sort of romance porn for ladys ethnic rubber re! That's cover! Let's call! I take you to my mats body. That is that I think it is to my mind that this body I put about- and I wanted to know I give you my dear you- could you can see right government appeared APOLLO Casa, yeah, that boy I said: I'm a hoodie, the boys so thick. He so vague. He's so what does lebanese par with Logan part? There did he looks at these two, fifty bouncy. What have you I thought for real slogan? Paul can press all can receive a brass, although he was already in Ohio. That's a made his religion as they see it. When is moving too. I guess you
Scrambles like this is no joke. I think he's my dear aunt em around. I think he's really fight. Don't don't ask about him at anything can happen. Did you see little beggar? You might easily Logan slap that guy unconscious. You know that if they do what they slap each other, that's fake by the wage answered you fuck, it sounds are much bigger than ours. So if you up some expensive his riches work, but if you will watch him slap that dude saving finer video Jimmy him slap in this factor unconscious. In other thing, where people just let them slow, you you stand you slimy. First, then I slab, you might be the dumbest people of IRAN that services the last dumping?
There was dumber than that was when they take people's arms together and have Emma may fight, was not tested, Hills ex arm tape, their arms together and they throw head cakes and armed bars and shed against a table. Seed armed by some of the girls were hanging off the table. China hiking arm hike, high cash high kid it's so it was so dumb. It hurts like this guy. So you, this is big fat guy in an Logan, takes a shirt off zestfully. Do when you gonna slobber guy unconscious. If I've gotta do the same thing the wisest, this guy thinks he could take it This attitude has had the he could take a look at his house by the way this would happen and access was it s not acknowledge here, oh yeah, don't you kids do not do that cat like three fifty pounds to that's a big Kayo, that's a big care that's because we really give local and global aspect has all the money in the world. He keep like Youtube videos he signed up for this shit
wrestling. What follows, whereas in fact now that's what about Pollack Coastal like spar with his ass wrestling, taxing it's! It's raises no you're right, he's crazy, ilities, havin, fun, right and part of what he does part of what is businesses? Not a guy's got brain damage. Chess is now we're not gonna. Do I think, is, I think, should be more waivers low pressure. Was we really that fact classroom is this basis? Is elderly man he's always dangerous man oh it is like this head. Man is heads fucked up from when he fell, for it fell forward with ours, weighing powerful, no law not only tweet out, because I wish I'd never did this. He is I apologize ocean. Fuckin did, did you think not he would have done. I didn't tell me how parliament soon now Trust me here they go. Some way do not hurt. The guy was not only that that that shit is obviously something that people do as a sport, that slap shit is Let us get slap him to get him back. No. The case with the give so you think I stand in front of my because your slab him now we
tell me as emotional, so we get knocked out used to for you to get really mad or really emotion, that big big eyes really emotional. While now he s the world of Sicily, slap like that too. Those they have you no man, those continent. We have witnessed an affront to Jews, Russia that right is going to hunt Russians what web Russia's nothing but sloppy tools that dumb motherfucker that lets you hit them further. So does. Have you seen those driving letters? Slap anything unless you know the guy has nothing like there was one does one hilarious one was guy, slaps is gonna facing, is kind of like fingertips, Mcgraw surveys and these other guy. Grisly clubs and just snaps has sideways and instantly K. I wasn T slapped him, but its if you get someone to a joy, boss, roots ass man, get treatment
this matter, our palm! You can do this with European, never forget that and it doesn't hurt at all. You can't do that. What you're not going so well you're, not gonna, go like opera, it hurts, but this shit doesn't robust did this was, is this guy Let us do it for us. We ain't got shares process, ready, either we, oh, my god, you wanna go with us on the wiser go away. At this point, I would assume everybody s not a couple hours uniform with technique to show me that, again, the technique legal turns his shoulder into this watch. This this is due to its needs and it's the whiplash that not one the whip and eternal shoulder. Is there anything more disrespect woman slap ignited sicels like when they do in fact now? What happens they were that Europe needs a slab him or is not over yet not does games that match. I gotta go kids, you don't wanna kids get should come on
In other words, is gonna get an issue. We have lapsed team to talk about. Have we had okay? We spare sees that rural areas. We have such a surface. Trust you guys corona. I feel this is a deep state pocket. What does that mean man is simply cannot in fact, we really need a fixed ascii, all really nobody else, Tangley Hall, that's right! Now! I want my money back, I don't want to lose, hardly knew what worries dude knives are so final. That's why, for me everything I do is finally has banality. You got fuck and dear sparring. Mr final,
they are governed by world outside they call you don t. Should get ass at no time yet my way, they called me more than one name, because authorities lesson you here is that, as I drive a sad and six by I'm about that, have only just relax Thank Roma could be honorary australian. I would love to rebuild. I love a devoted a lot of talk about his his weight loss of tat, the most guys why are you look like a hallmark could create? You could be in a really good movie about a crazy purse. If you must really lie down under its a porno, would he done you to pull the knife now, that's a nice words with your boots were on purpose. What is good
Those boots you bought those. You did your door paper. There are Brian Brownstones Man we're just doin, you perfect. You preference of Europe those one somewhere where a knife Why you blew raining you guy right? What do you know you fox? These are fucking. These are These are below, does pushing I've downside. Please threatening people, keep your knife written, I drive, so I'm never have withdrawn the ceremonies la blood. That's my guest Samara. Always we fought for real deliberately
The daily Roth move, the Japan to study candle for a year. Madam, I went on to what did Japan with his dog just didn't know anybody there learn japanese little bit and loud to ascend. No everyday. Do you have to come over here? He was getting so when you talk about the number one rock star in the history of humanity, everything that is in the codification of used right hand. Ably rise is the apartment. Of peace. The date for the bottle, Jack that has been crying to your humanity will split and the daily Roth would basically he would he learner can a helicopter. He became a true parametric lives. He was put in whose help in this kind of guy goes
David Lee raw thing you know, is NATO brother? That's what happens when you get so much pussy. They have a lasting because, most guys it they wake up every day like how much the grand suppose a true wrote it. There was a loud pussy was the lasting lawns bind. It was so easy from cancer. What happens as you start talking to you, sorry driving helicopters. You start going Japan, when you get you can ever imagine, didn't now India bug and go, and you it's amazing. I tell you what man of hung out with them a couple times have dinner with them, is a very interesting guys. He is very friendly, Montgomery, Buddy, very smart and very interested in different things. People are really good at all over the world ass. It is interesting and he loves talking about the good old days too weak Madame at the conference dry, all he's a he wants to do That's what I like about this shit he's
then you all I want to do he used to of his road ease, backstage passes Baxter patches and they would sign on yeah and if He had sex with a girl with one of their backstage passes. He would give him two hundred dollars. Why? How do you? This is true as the rumour that we didn't say what he said: allegedly allegedly legislative. Somebody told this story, so, given that won't happen, do you know what I have to know? What had happened? He knows you're saying I recall, is not only that it is their advance information. What any some, probably some fucking government this
In fact I am saying it was also certainly reworked, found out some kind of a bad matter, though, just point out that I am saying ass, he was the fucker. What band was it between between songs Africa? A bit was my been ruined so as they would be, one of the lead dies which fuck girls below they come back. Go there. We can show them the Irish. The show up a brochure was all of them that pressure, not largely crew, motley crew, Europe, mainly through a lot Iraq, you'd puzzles and between far off collaborates rings. Of course, you have to wonder if you play share see out of date, perhaps that kind of stuff- maybe sometimes when you start by between, chose greener. What are you going to do, but who, whatever DE whoever predicted that, before rock stars, came around stop and think about that before rock stars? Do were no rock stars?
there is. There is a pressing reason. There was musician as jazz lump of people doing our team there's stuff elderly person. It was nothing at the level of rain as if it was not my uncle Jack Eddie, please, it's nothin feel like a rain is filled with people can now it's basically a new sensation for human beings? The apple fires come along unable to fill arena with sound, then they are pyrotechnics and lights and so hypnotic complete new. Sperience for human beings and only half, like fifty sixty seventy eight inches but nowhere so all of human history. Nothing, then, all of a sudden amplified music giant arena filled with illegal everyone's doing legal drugs. Alcohols. Everywhere at every arena and then plus a bunch of illegal drugs and then the drug of the music in the crowd and areas rock now? What do you think you hey? What's better penal q, drugstore huge comic comic
parliament has wrought so you see the same song. You can't you can't stop Octavia Senior all stop getting hit this complicated. Over and above that, we need a ban and get on with your view. I have travelled all Spock you already that, like a show, the because it begin to put together show you better put together a lot of day sitting. At the same time, the committee Jesus choice you guys, I gotta go, Brian love. Is you all you dont have your headphones on, you fuck! That's why everything's going on my falls. Big part of it. Get out a son of a bitch these days, save wash your hands. A mushroom at demanded of us. Take good. Take care committee, for this agreement can hold money, but another hat is a better out, for you can actually do higher.
Dammit Muslim YO, Yo Ass, a good back in Europe. You ever look older, moving, injuring butter milk. At the time that you guys man had with your age is bullshit. You look good little girl. Hey persuasion, none of their states, of their buying out. Ok, did don't get growing older, you're older. So over virus loving problems with all of you can revive, ran where character. The best is no one with him What else would do that that your leave that fifty two years hope that fifty two years Edison briars than I do there, is not changed and
now he's actually better senses. Divorce he's the best ever yet. We ve got well yeah Amazon point, He's a unique human like there's, no one like his kind of funny is a different kind of funny. I don't know that's funny now, like he's he's like to talk about writing horses I have a feeling. You certainly know that car making jobs right about writing a horse. Why quit the fundamental ya see? That's why I've got about providing horse and he The animals like what could delete Does that Dylan item at the stories? I would you talk about animals. Asia, unique dude is the best known microphone, Brian, that's what think that I'm open is good, is going to come out of all this nonsense of no crowds and everybody panic to touch anything or shake hands there. Appreciate each other with a bit more talk to your friends. Yet I want you appreciate so bad today, many times here, but we got a little drunk the wheel
As you know, the touchstone body, no more the apple, you want to touch her. I don't think we're in trouble, but I think I think it's a wake up call I stay. I didn't know that ninety thousand people sometimes die from the flu either. I don't know that high. When I saw that the number of wade- I that's a rough year for the flu. Why would the krona? They don't know too? If, when the weather heats up with, if it's gonna go away, they think it might be a differ. Strain around and I'm not where I dont know did not worked it out. That makes any sense at all yeah they don't say this is what happened. Kazanovitch Carling resides, he said to you coincides with it running through running through a community, so it seems that the flu goes away. What happens is everybody that survives the flu develops and immunity to that flew and if it sticks around, that's why like, when those guys in the EU, the pioneer days encountered native Americans, they gave them all these fuckin horrendous disease. They had no amusement.
Four, but these pioneer people were carrying the shit around with them. I didn't see anything within it off Susie, sorting intermingling with the white man. They started getting all kinds of crazy diseases. We killed, ninety percent of all the native Americans at some point in time. Ninety percent of some tribes. Ninety nine zero- that's crazy, just from bugs yeah, but but I can't get, does I like histories, sir? you can't trust history, while the numbers Marilyn's till forgot all now, all I know is fifty people have died of corona so far as our true. What more America in America Dude ITALY's shut down, get there first, it got all these other it is for us it is given people, it's only been here a long time. You know in a bomb called the state of emergency in my national state of emergency with swine flu or Sars. One of them to right forget it was after a thousand.
People had died after a while carrying them. But any do you understand that way? More than a thousand people died in China and in ITALY more than a thousand. Will justify mandates, terrain, It's just getting here! That's why they acted. Do they acted? Dissociate peak form like like two weeks well, while did on Well, I guess that's what that's why they're still murky happy, because they don't want to get out ass. The ideas try to nip it in the box and try to keep her from spreading can't. Can I just like Class Eddie this to me that he had been gone back for the text? Why would it if its? If I'm a conspiracy guy, why would they do the city? Where was the question? You know time manner, was the question. Why would they do likewise? They would fake a disease or makes it big darlin for trot I know I know trumpet her. It hurts. Is somebody fairies on people who need help some some the very least Hamley younger somebody would think well, but there was a woman from us I forget, which was from one say anyway. She's a press. Lady
asked a question like why his administration disbanded the Pandemic office and he didn't know about it, and so he turned to some other guy. There was stage with arms I do know about those are. Why did we do a lot of people in my menstruation donor with it, but I didn't want to do things and those we saved a lot of people on stopping Travel save thousands of lives and he told it was a nasty question, nobody fucked up more than Joe Biden. No, when you got that argument with that guy on the floor of that, you know that argument that he got with a union worker is talking with second men. Ugly Biden has said that these they're gonna to take away certain guns. He said this is recent so that an interviews before and this guy confronting a moderate and call them a liar and allow? No? It was
the girl by anybody talking about like making our guns smaller and there like spending time we need smaller magazine. Do you guys got fifteen? We d drop down at nine arrive at any time. You anybody's is anything like them. I can trust you and why you worried about the size of my magazine. You face protect my family. Who cares about fifteen rounded? Oh, we moved smaller guns. We need less ammo. My anytime summers is anything like that and on your ready done with me dude if you're you're like China, you spending time on the size of my gun, blind by? No, I bet you're done. I know you say it. I know it's a whole incident. You look in a logical, you wouldn't like that's his real feelings. The problem is when something comes along. Politicians have to make a move, to have to do something. Response, they have to have a response for a crisis if they don't have some sort of response, there are some sort response.
In terms of taking away some of the garlic lashing guns. You have that response. I guess that just about hold on man, but it's it's it doesn't it's not logical. I agree with you that, like saying you're, gonna shut down the amount of rounds or you gotta tell you. If you try to stop a mass shooting, a more effective way, be better mental health that be away more effective way and then its common sense. Yes, comedy islands as good like you'd, you, ok, some kid shoot up a fuckin mall. Now I gotta give up my gun. Your guns are to be, like. How does I'm like says I'm just trying to protect. My family gets any mother, Fucker common to all your guns, to fuckin big. We needed to me that some that, of course that's that when you're China, you worried about you, the overall goal is to take the guns. Totally I see
you're, doing you're gone piece by piece inch by inch that was agreed on spirits, he'd, that's what they re doing. What we are doing is their politicians and left generally wants. Control and people want a piece to people insolent here, and I understand what you're saying I understand that is more of a political early days. It's a start as soon as you start your into gun control. I don't want to hear anything else. I think what we have is all your dark and AL and of all the people, America, but you give me a choice of Bernie Sanders or Fucking Biden like that. These are the guy
Well? Not only does it make firm like its Bernie Sanders anymore, he's out is basically out that such a bummer, you know what you know. What they are talking about is there are talking about. What have I wouldn't be surprised if some, like so called experts, listen if we eliminated all the tax scams going on throughout the United States and our Congress, we eliminate IRAN issue, really put our tax money to work. We had some tax Fuckin tax force, making sure that the tax money isn't siphoned doubt and scammed on all these scams realignment. I wouldn't be surprised if we stress flat. Tax of fifteen percent would cover everything beautifully. Villages manage noblest cinema managing between my raising taxes, they already stealing all our money, and then you gonna raise our tax as more than what we big around with a buck stealing alors mommy.
And then we worry about raising in his little illuminated any games illuminate the scams and then think I'll bet. If we fucking clean out the scams, there were plenty. Wave to utter scams. What is known as are scams? They are the products they Biden was fuckin bragging about on video on the sea for the UK, c on you to those of the skin that are going on. We, someone out them using paid by foreign governments, run into their scams. Their scam tax money is being scammed, so they're talking about We need more tax, go to something at the tax money like so something has to pay for the fire department. Something has to bid fixes to reassure something asked about a hundred percent. I'm down was theirs debts, clearance of accounts so volatile getting stuff. No one of parliament's remain uncertain about. There needs to be a fucking passport then monitors where this fuckin money is going and his people siphoning and scamming and Greek certainly could
We did that's what they need to be talking about their time and more tat with obvious they were being scammed, left and right our money, our money, has been scammed. We should be priority like whose stealing our money. Let's have a task force in the real world is tax money is going in and how all these politicians are fucking, Writing these bills to siphon off money into their foundations, live look into that shit and then I bet When it's all said and done, we claim that shit out I've heard of everyone. Frozen fifteen percent flat everybody's good since everyone of any those aims with something Congress and sit down innocent with a mathematician, and they have to work this ass, no ten months and months. My care, this ridiculous it. So I don't know I don't rush ridiculous eighteen percent ridiculous without knowing exactly how much everything costs not only how much you presented earlier sing and yes, is released, closest fucking. Do this evidence of
Am, I believe that it took about some scams bent on. Ok, I'm sure it's hot, on the heels of their scams. Visually can address care or think about a lot of saved our money there scamming. Should be our number one piloting its mismanagement as much as it is. I know now it's a bunch of tax money who cares people looking after it there's people looking after we, find out who the fuck is more monitoring all that shit. It just seems I tax money, zero billion dollars always to that country aid they they kicked back. Four hundred million into fuckin foundations? what's going on right. May I do we know with yeah you're right we'll be rescued.
But they should be aware that you could get it like an account of all the money for swear so number one, and that should be counted and everyone. You know that all the monies accounted for, not just you, can be able to her when she was easier. If they ever do. One of your does a move in the Texas in Florida. Look at these politicians that are multimillionaires. Yes, I'm wondering shop. I do I do think about. Where are you where I get him out to live decently? Pay for what you are you aware that there's politicians out there that are well worth fifty million and a hundred isn't Nancy blows? words like the one hundred zero have an shit load to run in power that began ball. I was the pearl. Maybe they got into business like Bloomberg before they gonna, but that's ok, but if they made the money laundering, that's skilling blown lot of em, like Obama about me, enrich after we left office. That's what is truly wealth will want to see an stolen with his arms about a different asthma attacks. You know I've got a lot of gold isles being Eddie come on get a letter. The people talk, it's not a taxicab. That's a scheme.
Well he's getting paid to talk to bankers current in all these different people may Panem hundred thousands of dollars for all these fuckin speeches- stiff, it's very scam, is a difference, gets very scamming, does not was the wrong scam? I'm sorry! But it's you talking about tax and I'm sorry. I was all on the tax thing, but you're right, different scam. My I'm a real Louis gap still escape a little. Has the Clinton foundations is jealous down? Those things are scandalous. Does the salary the White House is two hundred? Is four hundred m? while a debit chump doesn't take any of it is that you can keep it So this is it this places. I think I'll. Take care of the long con thinks that the money tat of his ill take that long long days when our values and our highest rob, I didn't have to do or so after easy. Now they keep the vision to oppress. Do because more rob the slowness with which our european ok, that's enough. We did we made it. We got here even those
plague agreed at everybody, pay to governments. Can it can get you any brow? tat when a J J, Don T fat k dot com by the capsules next week? Maybe right up there? I think it's lockdown plant plan. You weakens stay home guy.
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