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Fight Companion - May 16, 2015 - Part 2

2015-05-16 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Aubrey Marcus, Eddie Bravo & Brendan Schaub to watch the fights on May 16, 2015.
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frankie edgar thrown punches in new jersey we're back or backup ladies and gentlemen powerful frankie the answer edward who's got more heart than this mother fucker have on nobody ever may you might have much heart his end but that's all it's available as a human that's all there is no room for an hour you get to the top of its obvious frankie edgar heart but you don't get to more than frankie at your heart that level doesn't exist on the game but you arrive every man you're i fear we get some fuckin mad hard to do that although fight that guy took bombs from all the leg kick after leg after like boom boom boom made it five rounds after its over his legs swells up like more than twice the size the other leg he took all these twitter
i was terrifying man favours a gamer to everybody trains of them says he's better in the in the cage and he is in training eyes gazing with his game is work an animal man your eye favours an animal powers so impressed with frankie you guys come later jose cheese crises so relentless i mean he would not stop just would stop and you can see cub there a certain point the fight we're just like a good is this guy made out of here just doesn't you're tired doesn't get tired four days nobody worked harder and unstoppable heart you watch those gray maynard fights he got hit with bombs s fights ever my god the two first rounds of the two second fights albania yeah the first fight was a loss in also like he lost
decision but i was like really early back in the day but the second to fights man we're just fuckin wars there were so crazy right that's what they ve got three hundred yeah maynard urban say man after those now now he's while he's definitely taken some serious punishment he had stopped in his last firelight yes who stopped him who do you mean you fight opponents this is a smart move by the u s sake frankie was just gonna chilling sitting on the shelf until album traeger now he's got a fight to keep them fresh well it's good too because it's not even in the wake lasted he's normally compete on so it's kind of matter what happens he still has that fight available the fight against teach areas like now not abbot undue says he's open for it the hissing yeah but he didn't
egg it that's a tougher match up because he's now faster than dj for sure housing open to a defeat and take it he did a interview saying he's not shutting the door on like is open to it after this body sit all after yeah how'd you said no to a hidell find the time here but i guess he said is open to that's what i read an interview online happen wonder what will change so alexander yak of view is the guy that be optimum stopped him in his last five i'll stop to watch ross pearson stopped and before that oh you actually looks like he's decision yoke of the arc of use decision brass pearson stopped him sorry while the second mate de stopped when the first on the natives one was in that region and learns the cage yeah the teacher groundwater bad the elbow yeah so he lost badly twice in a row
t j k autumn in the first round nato in the first round than ross pearson kyoto the sacraments of three ferocious knock out losses in a road agreement start to see right in any law yet her he's a nice guy to really light gray and then the last friday lost by decision together you know i never heard of before and he's i mean not the guy wasn't a good fight i m sure but me you think about he was fighting for the title for the title twice went to draw with frankie in their incredible credible fight but then did the battery got drained man lights go black frankie enters about stuff about oh shit here we go biggie by the bump bump bump
bob comes charging run ready his couch behind a landmark henry is a fucking ridiculous dude lit it it's tough to hear but here yet well they switch up their signals every time they have a whole language for each case front combinations you'll see i'm nervous the coaches and sweating profusely cause he's yell outcome was in frankie listens like a fuckin video game since say while score for wins by not our foremost mission three fight when streak we be japan three times jesus fucking christ did he b b japan three times how crazy is the last one was just a demolition the last one was hard to watch members fights with the agenda was good two men who were great and he saw undersized compared to henderson
play benson's a big a big one fifty five or and frankie makes one forty five pretty easy i like benson at once seventy man you look great against tat i grew love how is willing to fight other be reside you now i'll find anybody at least trying to fight tyrant would leave the fight to verify what we started that jimi hendrix yeah that's very interesting and very interesting and not another fight right out these tendencies now whenever say you say hand although i think dan my that confuse the shit out of me sir they we go number two and number three or three at bantam wait urea number two at featherweight frankie them on a fuckin answer reaches about the same and the same high
the ep supervising virtually identical it's crazy that is thirty six to me i was thirty six and your i favour when i was working for the us he was like a kid was twenty two twenty three and now and even thirty six back then you like thirty when one do you for the king of the cage nighttime i want i work for you have seen for the thirty five thirty six when he looking around why when you first some fight those king in a cage right some of you are telling me about him he bought easy was that it would be thanking the kids do daddy yea charming king of the cage once and then he went to dublin we see that's right i'm so
curious about this far less almost he thought nobly dhabi as a bluebell he rustlers whole life but he was a blue bonyparte patent being from american top team now is the first time i some powerful just buckles china is right there i'm really curious to see how this he's out predictions right decision awry all the way from these three years bet on double or not the older ones now the only went out a double on we have to get you later yeah we have to get half of it broke i can't let you do not get majority in the evening i think frank you and greeted to have that would suck let me close by imagine the means if you lose chemicals can we try to be tat bruce gentleman
of regarding funding areas i instagram fifteen seconds of that innovative part where she asked gangs are you gay please god that was hysterical so crews the circle is like his eyes a lottery twitching all these panama lives is i know i always have only been with women i don't even know if so what would you have something like tat like you transgender they immediately ignore all the other ridiculous aspects of your behavior like the fact that you fuckin killed somebody a couple weeks ago by pushing their fuckin car enough on we traveled a hungry worth paying attention i mean that
somewhere we had and whilst i feel when not only talks about the poor lady they city leading exit dialed now he wasn't tackling butter a paying attention though it wasn't an intentional eavesdrop was after a loud our or before before before you came out yeah maybe this is the biggest round now he was already transitioning armaments forever what if that's our large hours here goes but if it's also the fact that he's living with attention horses whole life i mean it's like he lives in a ridiculous household mean these things come into account light was the greatest athlete of all time nanos emily was when you when the gold medal now you know guy likes you are no real athletes are competing in that issue ago really at the boy michael jordan was not in the funding of the cap to any black eyes could be that catalan ok here we go he would go here he was the greatest ok has this play out inside
like kick bye bye riah frame get hit and sat come on come on i would be nice i think i think your eye has the power advantage review green hundred so you'll europe you for you right here right you know what we take here i have to get the best what was it about all free i got your eye on this one xo we bad double or nothing eddie bravo has your i get frank i can't believe you may take your riah double or not and even though you will you are very strong coming into this is it me it is frankly and your look way bigger than europe he's big within the same height there's nobody likes bigger i think you're alex thicker guys i guess it's camera angle sail away taylor is interesting there they move in light is a five round fight like frankie's nice paste slowly
not a lot of footwork movement but nothing crazy as far as output can we really close five men it's interesting seen frankie not have a speed advantage now i agree the rice process fuck man one forty five is used to fight those one thirty five hours i will i think i'd like the fact that he is not how does want to wait for this fight to again at thirty six it's probably he got his heart is art like i said i think you're right the power advance he comes off away ends and has a picnic on the ground like a meal ray outdoes i'd as his soup eating salmon off the money back why are easy to what eyes a smart s words business was goes varies erika yeah we're a ton of business i gotta get houses casino in sacramento cartoons he's just see no you're like part of a casino hilda torque real he sold other countries a case with
tell you what man torque is a fucking great company they make really good gloves man there their box and gloves of my favorite boxing loves ever really for work and i know that made fight out snow they made sure of dude when next time you over my pleasure i give you a pair of gloves gimme a few pears and they have really fuckin good man a super comfortable i dare the most comfortable bag loves of ever used don't eyes just always connected with the right people smart yeah we'll talk is a real good one they they make outstanding equipment there were great hand ramsgate everything his other coming with flour oh i didn't lead as dwayne ludwig working with them for this fight now your own dwindled sierra these were masters and martin oh right you were to take down this is gonna be a long fight the closeness was going down the judges eddie yeah this goes judges better not fuck me
well you got a freak out there just me meet users it just means that eighteen hundred dinars it's weird you see these like these logos all over people shorts is the last time you to see this out another month this dynamism me to some companies hi abou some adam and eve ran along ass for their all just gonna go to belet learnt right much thing it would be in this business they stole over the belt ashore minority there embellished or it's just not do we watch balance or last night i did who won the candle grow fight kendall loss beat up man by the duty that way so them they stripped emma title iii out and look i finished what round third red was it a fire horsetails ifor threat so what's around five andrea did he just kept taking kennedy
over and over his big fucker i heard his muscular he get ate up in the us either good loaded frankie gone high with connects us really room for kendall he's a good dude greater great doorsteps yeah he's been run along time really has a lot more expensive i was superman went whenever glories on in spite of super into our yeah you see them a heavy weight off from a big found larded course shit animism nicky hoskins one of my favorite fighter for in any sport he thought on that last one right you see the autumn levin simon marcus why went to withdraw spoken amazing glare
to see those heavyweights now there's no grown glory but there's no famous girl fights no more around arousing boxing it would be cyborg damn beats i wonder who use that take life whose at tiffany timeline she's a piecemeal tiffany time of year more lasting but she's jeez easy on the eyes and she's she's a beast the other some pretty girls it fight my tied am in but it some it just doesn't have the eyes still grappling that normally up your face i'm kirsten thing elbows and arms waited for me there might die through i'm curious to see to hear your critique of cathy long strike and how she and i like as i never really paid attention oh she's bad ass tat i desire highlight real men like maybe a year ago i work with their we train at this jim but i just never followed women's boxing i knew she was famous i just never seen him they ever matches and one night i put on a highlight real kathy
i am not familiar with only fuck poor bilaterally with daddy long highlights our own dynamic and just so full of fire jerome walks harangue walks a man like she comes fuckin on fire she knew we go out of the round to so who won the first round frankie thanks yeah we're down that take down is barely take them but it you know kicked the body would have this close those take guns and cage presence in the pressure when surrounds who frank you re annie i mean i write or rather with an e europe with a kick to the body and you re with occasionally had frankie frankie barely one that first love favor
you have your i can make this more of a kicking contest that's not like frankie strong suit of bolivia that frankie throws a spinning base for the altogether amis quick nosebleed i think it's always bleeding sneezes does bleeding that's like me mid answers normal your punch in the face all the time just try and after i had no surgery i put my nose blood everywhere when you had nursed no surgery knew how dear i your pipes opened up to get below some insane burgers either i was rather almost felt the that's the in my work i took photos of them and i put the money instagram by almost make security row up any of these terrible in the airport i wasn't instagram monolithic backed and was twitter i almost made woke had kicked by frankie i almost made tom cigarette throw up so showed a term that worries me a new frontier
a man his thoughts and serious conflicts the ice on some kicks i like that i felt more can really feel nursemaid i would blow somebody there were bigger than a quarter couldn't in sound big things it's crazy and their bloody in those areas where they when they took the things out you know right that guy stages is the best feeling the world yeah because i had plastic splint i'm too on alarmed like too little stitches may my nose wider the actual the actual space opened the dude who did it he was a wizard he retired but he knew his shaggy cut out all the sort of thing called terminates the inside of like the but the bump the bone bump cut those down and then like cut out all the scar tissue at a ton of scar tissue and put these fucking tubes in there and then splint is plastic splint to stitch
and when it was over like my nose is wider like all this shit like that like open did up like change the shape your brains out all my guy it's amazing my doctors i don't bring will you still get punch in the face of an been pungent faced that much since the surgery trust brown up a cut in help that's life though dude for most of my life i couldn't breathe undermine all frankly with overhand right those very nice now what you call a mouth breather this citizen knows i'm jealous rage have to hug you been breathed a fish i love it so how do you mean sir i didn't even bar that much thing at two nostrils that are totally different you're awful
up inside earlier ones like we're like less liver and one's a whole yeah i had three quarters luggage on one side and almost a hundred percent blocked and innocent my nose was useless at a quarter of nostril and that's it yep you're at where they at where they go in with a drill and just kind of get it out at like all the shit cuz i got a dick about you that everyday catherine yes i'd use africa clogged everything man was addicted should too i will training which as you know it really is your joy ideas is addicted to it he was joking around about onstage turrible for amazing what i did coca fuckin breathe perfect now meticulous work an average can't breathe the other efforts duff i don't know i then up yes makes the veins smaller southern you knows doesn't work as efficiently there when you get addicted to when you don't have it
literally will make your nose young inside of it swell but so crazy sought going they had like this little drill unjust caved out poles oh yeah i like corner where they thought cauterized yes that's what they're doing is nice did help haliae thy a punch in the nose again back to square one back so many fighters talk would like nasal europe talks neil do i sound easily a little bit i can't stand by this myself thought to lose the most nicely vanderdyke what used to be but any changes knows to invent chase you guys i myself saw you got a good face off nicholas cage stonework z doo doo doo doo problem do you see little arnold that is how the south do a pot castle of it in mind the sole showed up two hours later averted two hours later it's very good got to food
two hours later left reeling seven sorry cool man eggs browsers but then they silver he was two hours to us too we have received by brazil my friend of brazil this is no time now for eels though he changed his entire face face off style i'm thinking about doing there i want my new myers guideline who's the highly real check checking to see all oil oh time now know no now but she actually fifty years old and wants to fight she's in great here she looks she's in great shapes tat man she's about female fighter i've ever seen so check now jack no cut through all the shooting at some actual fighting holds black belt in three styles her brian cowen attitude we have achieved is bad ass though they he's fighting you think my mom
boom it has some high levels this is what you maybe do yeah superior graders ok here we go round it really like them come on don't show me that provides man she's my mom i'm only my mom would fucker come on with its own overtly this fight is good super close man back ground is really matter not tossing eighteen handle your majesty the riot pulled it off if he wins and ex three rounds well that allow ass rounds that last rounds of tacit while you re wins three out of five that's all
so do i think slow ray i went through the fuck knows man who the fuck knows around three yeah address probably at the decision this is a real fight for frankie to man rallying rise even ranked at one forty five he comes back to one forty five navy beats edgar is right in the middle but your legacy the rain rankling shorthand throughout europe you see though you know be legality variety supervised to sit like what's left free rein frank you do yeah paddle should be nice they both been there they both been champs right you know crazy you're all right i've been w c was
no it's crazy see in this fight man is like thinking like menu riah almost could have fought be japan though it had been saying whether denial throws we'll take that arrive fighting its be japan would have been saying how cool super fights though with it with these major legacy of these guys this is what it's about yad legitimacy frankie fight for his wake that i want to see you i fight so they ve been there they ve done that i think this is your eyes way class or would be all right there look at that only this lever footing is noted frankly if you don't think frankie drill piss out of that every day i did but still impressive nonetheless hard keeping down rebecca council those count the judges check one with frankie check one for big brown
sorry you can see it is about how we should provide john jones riskin thinks i'm in john john there's whiteman camorra signed by mr small how dare you face serious dare you jones kane i was asking square garden once you there too but i just i don't know i can't get you a drink you know somebody was like put in this out there they were like you really think about what kane did as far as i can make no mistake about the bad as mother fucker on the plant in her way to wish a heavyweight division but guys kind of like all of his injuries of kind of left that whole division and turmoil psych he's only for a few times this joint then but i dont let retirement some share the other than the heavyweight visions wide open be nice seeber doom when i think would be better for the sport for dooms a character he speaks well speaks portuguese english can speak spanish flu
a funny guy he's tv skilfullest fuck you re looking for the guillotine again keynes like of robot i was soon wrestling not talk of the tickets were as i'll handle it doesnt work where will you trying to make money in this game you those man frank even heavyweight champ son you have to be oh you know mohammed ali shirts i care about anti labour have that never know this is a matter of whether non he could stay healthy frankie said yellowtail man we're seeing grady is right now that other heads of government ricardo meta has shown that cubs wants a relentless is now better get up said slipped afterwards adobe super fight me ethel early but i'm just say in her me out connor paris it would be interesting to be cool fire it
it's gonna be out for almost a year i somebody fucked his arm up like left her in likeness alot yeah i do to paris got a new girl smoke show pays to be the champ man pay most knighted championing more what you know i'm saying no high area does that better this house don't tell she walks in she soon a belt so while yet they don't let me get the matter when he was out bid me in here right now over my shoulder you ought to my house it just be a straight fucking display just without highlight table my entire career as well as the belt spins simply leads to wear the clubs there was always the joke so he was a sharp at a bar with four campbelltown do the same shit those are just man holy shit is our guy got her eyes fell dos santos verses this was our eye open in fight what
next week dose angels i dont doesn't have anything now he's injured maybe cowboy maybe me cowboy do if he battery mac jesse their chief one hundred percent well i think and if he does give em a title shot with that seventeen zero now you know who's fuckin flourishing others reebok deals cowboy like day my fight twelve times a year might get paid so right dj like that deal to attack him arabia worked out for hemp works for something tim d like it very much we ate some it's great him was only twenty five hundred bucks so this is an interesting fight headed this fourth round breaking up frank is up at least to the one you think so yes these charges domain it makes me nervous at your sheep require lay pass we made this
i have this now not they walk out the money right off the bat would find did we go round bro how about that bet with mr byrne the bed but the match up with my cheetah in your boy you're remained at the fine it's interesting was very interesting you'll our marrow down he keeps getting her ray i guess heard too he's not young now that rests and catch up ray sturdy seven he had ass significant next surgery lagree gets in the scale is got a big scar on the back of his head like a worse back of his neck louder like where they get the disk fused animal in latvia the sector me or i don't know where he got it done massacre cuba but there's that and in this the last fight was operated he had a polite of who will have to get flight two thousand ratified but him rocco gets the next
title shot and then he got socket jacques ray i don't know what's next we can't beat commodity here he beat lastra title shot to so many fuckin killers at one eighty five eighty five what facts say it's so stacked frank has done a lot of spinning backs in its vote crazed arise kick him more unusual to why expected that the awry would have like if he had an advantage would be in kicking apparently mark henry thought to tony man more timmy rights novels on his fighters taking notes and share with there's an isolated just pull setting out so quickly and easily as a second time here i had like a little play on a single who nice left or right rankled
retract i love frankie this is a very good fight though is the very least man this isn't like the cubs wants and fight which is just a frankie edgar show the good fight now about this is the to the highest level ass we have in the sea frank errors foot so consistent disk every night he doesn't waiver he does the same shit he doesn't slowdown never slows down same pace for five rounds and never stands right in front of use consular moved only fight he stood and funny allows the gray maynard right in his coat when he comes back the corner market does what the fuck did i tell you what the fuck do we talk about my battling goes out and beat them after the first round you like how's even gonna fight and came back on one the second round of that here quick slam everybody go crazy this and fights that they really need to stop in between browns and with
you looked at the beating the gray manor put on him in the first round you would go man i don't know if you can build make it i agree but then like look at machida vs rockhold like they could have easily stopped at fighting between rounds they wanted to the boy shut up they didn't even fuckin put his mouthpiece in i know everyone thinks that mosquito tapping verbal tapping but he's saying i don't have my mouthpiece you're gonna get a breaking the mouthpiece yeah granted whose guinness whose gas roger he got he hid in the temple he didn't oil was so yeah yeah that one elbow the elbow you luke romeo and that a lot of ground a power that once you at the end of the round was so loud those spunk like you get here like cocoanut style one eighty five minutes not there's not a better division so fun right now you're right i think you're right between jacques array luke rock this nice takedown frankie edgar yet jocker a yacht raw cold
why am i envy to belford why may man man i'm peter has some very fuckin sophisticated striking has won the day why that's an interesting fight wildcard striking for sure of that shit lands are going to sleep i see striking is very sophisticated very tricky he saw explosive too but will he be though that's the thing it's hosty rte he looks good have you seen him a little bit in it the rhine loco yeah photography ryan said you know the photographer desires him in the middle of punching but he said he looks good he lost a little weight for sure but i see i've seen a lot of the video footage of him sparring in one of their nicky halts can videos him spar in the background he looks fucking good do this is the thing no man as good as we think he looks if you're a guy who's been antioch tier whatever testosterone your time career now you're off with your fight in a bad one
five and the planet where's your mental state at how you gonna go that far once the second round and you ve laid that spinning he'll take me landed that london and he's goin anywhere that's a good point its relevant point yeah that's the real point where you gonna be out mentally ill that's the different chris why minute chris lyman said he got his blood checklist assassins those like flacket i feel fine get me man ways test asked was low but i guarantee you allow those due to hard train hunters hard training just jack's your levels someone says i got my levels tested in the really low ok how often retraining how often did you yeah when did you test when you're in folk like member in d c and john jones both tested like super low yeah do what do you think about that is a lot of people said that that was so low that it was in occasion or indicative rather of them doing something tat is well i don't know enough about
by a run all the experts stuff well whoever they interviewed and they said forward them to be that low there would have to be some sort of abuse of now but i'll leave the idleness agree they know because they both tested it was low testosterone to epithets task ratio is the opposite of knowing someone took stare low is the opposite of that but we don't know where they started his disease owners of addressing all life jonathan compete our life so before camp were there we don't know we don't know for them to test it maybe that's normal for them because they ve been compete not alive so the jump at those accusations is fucking crazy i don't think it's asked her i think it's the training camp it's like that would do we know like what a really fucking heart ass training camps does do testosterone levels is a bit like is its consistent is it provable i mean this is a baseline that they measured before he went into camp and then in the middle can't we just
system randomly in the middle of camp you just get what areas right neck in early now yet we don't know what's causing it you don't they were sleeping me now is a stressful fuckin leader you know a lot of their lives having fight them prescott if you take a guy like you test virtual walker about his fuckin levels naturally really high new test memorandum people like our duties on shit now he's just a freak what do they do about testosterone testosterone ratios even if you're a freak there's like our natural level that you never get over true that's like when you see a guy like you ass i got ten to one testosterone avatar such really has to be honest yeah but they allow you like a two to one three two one i think for too long nevada uses a lot used to allow so used to you see the new rules not what are the new nevada just polish steroids three or suspension i'd three or suspect we test for diuretics are we'd what three
as for years for we'd wow that's we're gonna lose their jobs can bring that up so you're not sure i'm positive rather three years for we preacher oh no i don't think they're moving away from ships yeah but they change on a sunday change that no knowed nevada change the requirements as far as like how woods positive and what's not like what help what level the metabolites have to being the essentially don't want people fighting high oh those and i am i frankly not yet a pretty sherman ok there's a fifth round already fuck man had that happen this first offence eighteen month suspension that's for it must work sleep aids opiates caribous cameras at eighteen months second offend thirty to forty percent in your purse third offence you said didn't you say three years ass my did you wrong son well will you write for third offence if isn't
defence and am i mad how about a fine of seventy five percent of the fighters purse just snail money from the guy fight harry lay still and money from zoos on one we'd diarrhea a time two years craggy takes them down like this cocaine two years damn how good as you rightly stairway three years left took their first offence steroids yeah three years for it is unprecedented months seventy five of the seventy five percent fires purse while first offence three years second offence forty eight month suspension oh my god you run from the test forty eight month this month no so and so and i stared at thirty six months the universe that's three years so like a guy like our stroll rewrite he's been caught if he test possibly get does it start now exceeds cod is it through it's a very good point just now is it forty eight lifetime lifetime suspension
a hundred percent if you run for the second time i'm just i somewhat having i do eventually then these van delay in only there there's a big court case that's going out with him are you the time this was an in place right exactly they were so hope and they're gonna catch for may whether on to her his seventy five percent a hundred and twenty million share to build a new vegas would you fiber rush you i enjoyed it me too i'm one of the rare peoples you and i are one of the rare people had enjoyed it everybody an old shit frank atmosphere everybody that i know that saw those borings fuck me i didn't like it up a few people who loved it loved it i enjoyed to fuck mad you watch it again from start to finish i loved you out of the doktor pay hondo the stream that enlargement has online we are on my watch it i'd like watching floyd's movements we too man he's
so goddamn slick and that's the best way to box the best way to boxes he that i beat the game yet forty eight fights and oh and he's fine five hundred million in the bank he ones hoodwinked us to date only dick dave suppose so fucking funny he was at the collie store and he said that when he was at the fight whitney come yelled out another girl she held out the mail if i flew may whether beats women they chicago's men too to set it reflected audience fell out to be the way said laughing why has cigarette his men to shut up and what's wrong with with you it's doing well she's empowered woman
what's a letter but i know what they already know we came in support of the fight that you pay for a ticket or somebody bar for either way much for its part down you know what really happened that's it go five rounds janet yeah i'll be got round to the judge is there not a hundred percent i'll look at her anxiety your i would spring sat down ronald or how to produce powerful more can we regard me damn it how do you do that batman men i really like so much is this do you realize back again bag deserves the sets of an opportunity though for a new completely new a fresh start other fights next week yes vegas gonna pay their son i'm connecticut hosting the european sports centre breaking down the fights ya gotta medication eta at bristol that's what
what do you want to have any johnson requirement dc why that good bet that is integrated that lets you get that daddy don't take it when you think that whizzing that what about whiteman balfour i got widely alignment somebody's gonna be gangster and take feet or what about what about trouts brown andrea eyes dark brown far both of em i beat one of what who do you travis fucking brown we want our last chance gone this hurry the excuse me the next week card man is house dies you going about talent for them when they got
they were dc rumble of crushing your check the odds but it's ok isn't isn't there rumble like in china or somethin noise back using down for a while yeah i was doing some seminars are now at a tough one of you this fucking car did here's the fight card that's really benavidez in fuck yeah it is a dozen travellers but allow me to give i don't love what she's because the cap the car industry it's also those guys suck it so she made about round dodson versus zack mc caskey nomes talking about that that's a great fuck and fight two that's a great fuck and fine too many heavy hitters where we're not talking about frank you on how about you write crazy how about you write society versus halfway around the town that's a good fuckin fight to fight to another when people your eye how did we shake hands dead remember you're like poured away like grabbed her hand and shook it
saying i am i remember that we didn't shake hands at that and the double enough and i thought you double nothin thank you double and i felt sure hopefully the others jack's eyebrow frankie hijacking thank you and your without delay though have stressed this sum next week card is fucking insane crazy stir it is a really good tarred the ice in the jinx yet on each year we talk about the sort of outdated one of these more others more fides on ma am piles at the bottom gill louis camper it's a good five row row row cells is dope roosevelt superstar ran jack you have lost that fanelli but you can be a star don young cumbersome bergmann nonstop about that that's great fight but rose doesn't want to find your hata why
your has a savage either your safety i turned it down now and always trying to fight that girl now lighter homo shoddy inertia is finer she turned i added said i mean maybe she just want a piece of a right now right i mean you're probably most certainly would fire dog let her get one window yawn as she's bad ass sees her striking nasty yeah she's so this house frankie car macgregor breakdown attach a really good falcon question we ve never seen kind of a great gettin taken down taken down and at a guy quint arresting the guy quicker than you know who really would be interesting is mendez chad mendez versus com a grandma very fuckin interested chad mendez can shut the lights out i is most power that vision and shot the lights out when he at lamas lamas like oh what was that all alarm alarmists he was like bank squeeze it he's a fucking stud man he's a super athlete in a stud arose from the fort sure if there's somebody
fact about its baseball since i came home i shut this figure that terrible logo with that who came up mulder tallard marlon what marketing asshole came up with marlins fish that you don't even eat you tell us sponsored the you see someone talk show how come in my shoes i've been the works we don't know mister tommy dare come up this fight companions over i'm going back to sleep and how do you know everyone honestly do i i did my second daughter in between you sold out for a blue eyes it she's nobody's gonna look old aubrey am i cannot let you so now nobody notre nobody noticed replica go i did go we
pierre we got up here at seven o clock in the morning instead of four was almost for our three and a half hour fight companion damn good we talked about to fight handling that's one thing like in the beginning we first hour doing these people get pictures what if it's all about the fight now they never do the girl was given up our factories gal i understand these giving up our where were we doing these folks so thanks for love there anybody guiding the plug bravo ten planets age our car i'll go to youtube and watch the silent epidemic what is that a treaty on big farmer there's a lot of big
i'm a document is that there is a personal plugs he's going to table not yours you check it out and pay my camp helicopters i will be saying it was an important sign of them if you empires utilities three hour and a half that of filth conspiracy on dragging our half guy deal how much time you climb a baby big farmers have enough time that's jacket man this is from a company called reception minorities that are working on that like a like that it's like a jack are like a jaguar dennis robin somewhere down from his body on a dot com au un and i t warrior podcast the honor podcast just check out the fire and the kid ever so we did that it was a year of powerful fighter a good api forthcoming saturday august fifteenth orpheum fear
downtown oh oh good googly madly ebby i back in business the last moors awesome dude i enjoyed you sit yes do that that is the best hey to do submission grappling i was a little like i was a little curious like houses going to look it's the best that anyone is ever come with loving dope huge fan and so its august fifteenth saturday live at the orpheum if i'm in town for sure i'll be there blunder data off man saturday and i'll go locket you fucks yeggmen fighter and id pod cast branded job on twitter fighting to keep park as you haven't listen is fucking hilarious is one of the best part cast in the country it really you guys have such a great dynamic thinkers brian so fuckin silly autumn a year's pretty silly to together that's fine church drop this today the finally get shop dot com chicken had tea he's an master kim
tiger tank tops gotta get lonely stricken had source as i was all right ladies and gentlemen the next one of these will do fuck when is the next when they say we're going to do what we got coming the upcoming reasons for now tough and i still bright museum outta the sketch upcoming events with sue he has watch a note on fire with the booty louvres cause condiment that may thirtieth phuket i'm out of town sakes fuckin shit that's a good fight to conduct and two aurelia holy shit we didn't henderson tim both juice sixty yards in time for the entire essex down my work done my work junior maybe the next one hour at least german that's it you fuckers soon spy
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