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Fight Companion - May 29, 2016

2016-05-30 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Brendan Schaub, Bryan Callen, and Eddie Bravo to watch the fights on May 29, 2016.
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The job will gain experience, shit, we're back all time, favorite kind of markets and modern food bravoes. Thank you. Brendan Mother, fuckin, kid Kido, a K. Cato teacher. I tell the due to make a kid Kido teetering fuck. It jumps on that there is an entrepreneur cooler than Kido kids, though what are the key to genetic code? lie at night. You worry about for a while, I'm not an hour. He got me on obsessed with it. Last night I was in Phoenix walking by restaurant. This girl, maybe eighteen, goes shut up, I'm ok
Ok, I have not heard you do things like a bug. Is you don't? Larry is that of Agnes Documentary, Sugar coated antecedents, terrifying holy another movie, missing that sugar moving up she's Jesus Fucking sure desire on MR conspiracy theory, I had no idea. It was right in front of my fuckin follow its own everyone's to its own. Everyone's table zoonotic spiraea. Nowadays, man, it's a drug, yes and people are addicted to it. It's in everything number. What I'm talking about is. There was a conspiracy to pay off Harvard scientists and professor out here to keep sugar,
according to that movie, unless I'm movies, but now I'm not sure what the whole restocking than when we started the Sugar Association that they didn't want it to be labelled. As for what it really was, an addictive toxin, they want or to keep it, adding tat, bad and moderation and think that bad it makes things tat sweet. It's about! Love so they they paid according to this documentary they paid up hard, because I want I'm science on science, this science, that it's beautiful people did accept. All you do is by far the scientists and you got everybody. I love some sugar, though many where everybody loaf sugar, that's the thing about it, tastes! Awesome! I mean it. Doesn't it's not a drug that works because either
excellent pleasurable, sugars, very pleasurable, but it also has its benefits to post work out stuff, like that. Zorn athletes need that stuff. So it's different not only well designed you don't need. Hence that is arguments against the citizens network. I don't know I got a few sugar coated because now about the the conspiracy Brendan is about that exactly. I always thought when people ask me, why should we get bad for you, but as long as you don't get too crazy with it, and you don't even have nothing to worry about you're, not fat. Only fat people have signed the worry about zombies, but according to this, documentary, people that are in shape are getting adult onset diabetes because they think that apparently, according those dark one Coca day, increases your chances for diabetes by thirty percent. If that measure, if that's true the lot of Coke one Coca days, some insane amount of fifty grams of
sugar. Already forty was supposed to have twenty five in a day: glancing, sugar and yeah. It's including fruit, lactose, Yo Yo, is supposed to get sugar in more than twenty five grand. What have you got that? No emotionally nobody deals revive Platt noise. As a kid I was malls de too Graham S. Watch, that's what the man we bring it back to the post work out shook his marxism was talking about actual gains that your body has more gains. If you wait up to an hour after hour, working out before you suffer before you take anything for you taken any friend, I've, Sardinia, and he said there is like a reaction that your body has: where produces more hormones, because your body she had like this brutal work out, a new body hasn't had a replenishment so because it has an ETA replenishment. I guess during that time period, if
You replenish, I think, the sign the Sciences or the EU according to him. What studies smartest does a very smart do I'll take those were yeah that it's better to do it that way you get more results. Hormonally, then you do. If you immediately Gleich gin load, because otherwise your body stops duly is gonna. Do right does not all world? Yes all his elbows about. You know it so hard to how the fuck do. You know exactly how someone got their gains now: you're talkin about athletes rights. You talk about people, work, our genetic, really there's some of genetic freaks and you know most p. Laurent, slightly varied diet, and slightly married Sleeps, a schedule so its super hard to say like if a guy I didn't do that
way how much of again till we calculate I had some silly bitch tell me forever to drink chocolate. Milk Marilla was supposed to be the crucial element in the time that was supposed to be the crazy. It's it's a good acceleration. Iraq, a milk haliae, was hell yeah. I was so nicely quick. So with a fine words about the start, roof, but Bruce Buffer, looking slick, as always, is Josh Burton versus Paul Felder. This is a fuckin amazing fight, greater evolve. Josh Bergmann is fought as high as to o five Josh Bergmann FUCK Jeremy Horn, one day and jury horn choked him out and spit autumn is aggressive. Oh my god, they must have said some really dark shit to each other. Before that final success, but Josh Bergmann is a bad mother, Fucker dude and at one fifty five he so goddamn strong. If he can do it and do it successfully he's a bully at this way. Is this a tough tough mother fucker, and he slick, but this Paul Felder kid can crackle our tools. I feel like filters more tools as standing. He does, but Bergmann is down dude that guy, when we
was burgoynes more game, but I feel like the game, its evolving fast and filters more evolve them accent. Younger unless miles or what I like about this less miles for sure. But what I like about this fight is is essentially an old real fuckin, crafty veteran in Bergmann, whose dog I mean he's up. Fuck in bold aim is the game. Is they comp and less other yeah Germany shudder Lombard down. One point: one word was Jews in Le Monde reduced up, and you know, Lombard kept swinging ottoman Bergmann kept moon, but Bergmann was crack in him a little got lumbar to appoint we're Lombard slowed down his his attack because he kind of continuity was gonna. Take Burke now he was gonna have to do the long haul, like our fails, Antique Ale, the same man, yet for fifty right now forth. For forty eight four, forty seven first round Paul Felder, Josh Bergmann, a fight to have been really for this, I feel it is whole card
totally. Under the radar I mean and arouse fighting german Stevens, the fucking, the comin. Call me, I think it's more. You know, there's no like for that average trans, no huge draws, but as for Joe Silver and those in Joseph who's, the other due to does the match. Ups cha cha cha broad, they got their monies work say like they paid them exactly what they should do, because that these match up these aren't match up that you can go out five or six right to forestry. There either Maisie completes the best part of the preacher. Sean handles the matters for the lighter, wait fighter erect and then on unaware of what Weight Silva takes over, but we, both of whom are doing a fuck
awesome job in this is hard to discard, show you look out like Jesus Christ. The match apply when you think about it. Just mention the ship was tired of the ear, though, but none of that we will in the same breath as far as match up match up wise. It's amazing car is a really good card. Its way way better than people were given credit. For me, this is a first you see. I ever saw a black holy shit, what they. Sport out all this, you ll see just fuckin watch just lay straight up, just watch it man. I know you don't know the guys, but this can be a great notified. If your bearings me tat the pig man for exports, tropical Skype likes. He saw just go whatever eight four eight can be a beast. You know one man. This is sneaky fight, nice, fronting the body by Felder and Josh returns. It felt has got a lotta tools and becomes a stand up he's real.
Maybe it is on a weird shit like how women train at the ranch you get all your real similar in some ways, but also because he's got a type window background. He throws more spinning, shit and cowboy does cowboys like straight my time. Moody and straightforward felt good aid on a couple of times about a lot of checking good good defensive skills. Here, folders fuckin attacker to mandate of fish. Bergmann went till Belcour before the rumor. Has it got current world series of fight, that's Rennie, choked out John Fitch moment, fight. Yes, there's a huge fight, yeah choked outfits and real quick FED shot in first single without the fight when fichte us a positive. No, that was the Paul Horace fight boom. Pars got that knee. He got him to ponder, as is fuckin leg locks I mean maybe features like fuckin another's guys on it, understandable who knows DC bar as get wrecked.
We got married got racked by racked by some Viking did fuck designed a meek like one. Would you like fifty seconds? I don't even know the name of the show. Did it was the show? were, may him waiting annoying Saddam's rounds only amber Do he had submitted yeah. I think that's a fatigue thing I think anymore. Doesn't want to be their self sabotage. Need the money man's ground games, soldier, soothes religion will be real hard. The tap back, receveur doom black belt rolled with them, a bunch he's a monster. Yeah Jesus, no joke member, when nine Jason logic shields and had his back and have fully locked in were naked, choking funding it around. Here I mean he had Bolivia, gable grip, but he had it under the chin. Everything was tight, tight squeeze shit, they go home or merging with some good movement see, but this web workmen wants buildings are not do this he's more technical bow.
Great Lincoln's unless back up fell. The great take them fellows in a bad place here is on the ground. Bergman's a beast: yes, super fuckin strong again, yet a thing about Bergmann has fought successfully at one. Seventy and all the way up to lead to a five we have settled mantra is tossed his young. This is just a guy who's been around a long fuck Tat is a smart due to yeah that that Hector Lombard Fight shows your smarties he's never early in the pocket in it. You just avoid all cars is, isn't loses shit now I like the fire, will be hot his flock and he sits in their endeavour to lose control exactly he can do what he can do yes and he's not going too far short psychology stays in his lane to it doesn't mean anything to crazy. You like seal frickin, stupid Chris Wildman, bullshit, spinning kicker sunlight them. We never saw them from wide when year didn't election. See it ever again as crazy, crazy Akashi. The fights are now the art of getting back up. I mean it's so deep in the fence: crawl, some guy
is really good added. Some guys are ok hours. The best I've ever seen her keys, jutting, really, my god. Each ideas goddamn animal dude- he would always go- get go straight to the cage and walk the walk. He's such a big us right through the cage, and why, wherever you, where you had to get to the case, Was this thing and that's I start doing up here. What now? What are you doing? It doesnt upon your face and without Skeet thing, really, so he was when the first guys to figure out to use the case. You get up here that was This thing assumes you get taken down if the guy had two hits your school to get to the cage, to use it to crawl up many self fucking good at it. Man, none of us get holding them interesting, Yacu Sardine, is a guy. Doesn't Craig reserves in law was then I would chuck I would want to fight let that leg up man, Keith, Israel, small with the application leg, kicks any hint that big right so awkward media. This this whole thing attain jump, jig hands so often roach, orangutans, Thou, Bergmann, cracked him here you this
sidekick didn't care was great. Left London, sidekick, yeah, he's doing luggage, duet legs, now dangers, iphones loves, do and dangerous. You mean for swans me, yes, legacy. Bergmans well is more dangerous. Would you rather have someone today, to my me that someone should kick me in the head, definite without Orange, once more dangerous- and I was told I agree, one hundred percent totally leaders good yeah, but did the idea is that were used to being able to tap from knee injuries, so you know, because I got me bar when people look at a strike to strike to a new withal, thus Africa's Cantab but Eddie you made. The perfect point is the perfect point at the fight dab, because if you kicks
the head. It's fuckin way worse is that our daddy, delicious hunters hold up. Let's just go over that. So if you knocked out my head kick on what spent six months, you keep me in that Brittany Blue blow my ACL empty. I can't work work a year. At least I won't come back if you, let's be autonomy, is that if you get over here that I haven't I've never heard of it. It's like I'm, it's like I just with just one thing. You know what I did not always been. The in the USA is always not alone. It's been legal, but at John Jones is really the first. I start doing it. Act o fell just cracked and courage of guys. Gonna kick like that. Like them Johns when young does one flags break, is one five danish jail Torres Miguel Torres get some. He get an oblique kicked on the knee in his. This is in fact legacy. Kickboxing fight to think it was was pretty recent like within two years and Miguel Torres is need. Just went fuckin sideways was nastiness, he screamed and fell down and and got back up and kept fighting how the fuck he did it. That's one guy that
I was a sharing. Would it would still be at the top Miguel Miguel, with this new. That was rarely this, whereas USA, knockouts man, you either you're not not just a simple as you get your ligament repaired. Do you re having you back nine months later you mind. Would be the same guy again today, yeah like a real area. A real knock out, but We sign up for you, expect and contacts now. I don't expect get my knee blown out in a fight, but it's a part of your body like if someone can attack your head watching you attack your name will soon presumes crazy man, please I'm gonna fell La Similes NFL. If you can attack sounds like or Connemara each other out of his zeal sees a sport, but this is the sport of fighting with rules yeah, but the rules strict rules are already really brutal. Like the idea of taking out a rule of kicking the knee when you can take a guy in a fucking job,
face, but I can't you have them in their face if he s three points on the ground, so our rules so that we can say that my sport, like I will you I don't worry when that, either on an agreement that either I think this is you were that you see line is see where the outside logo. This is the line, the inner arctic ice. What I say is everything outside that internet octagon. You can't take him in the face because is to close the cage. The only problem with kickin someone that face when they're down is at the cage could prevent you from moving and you get kicked with something that you couldn't normally have prevented. So there's an obstacle that obstacle is sort of artificial? And since we can I've, just an enormous basketball size playing field, which is really ideal, The ideal way to do enemy is not to have any walls. There's something stupid about, haven't walls where we really should have is a large like football star. Eyes, arena that guy and so on. I have for worldwide there you put three guys feel it s? The only way you not having this bullshit see this?
wrong with learning how to clench and fight against a cage. Its super important because you use age but in reality a real fight should not have anything to do with the wall. President fight in sport. You have to have a structure. Bruno you're use you stay in bounds. This is your boundaries. You have a Yes, it s about. You would be made a terrible. My experience, I do as you please and bright light. You wouldn't have this shit. You wouldn't have this pressing again. The wall that our system- it is an art form, but it's an art, form this artificially created by an obstacle that this article should be their machines, actually were able to press people, guess it, but now that's just very well, but that shouldn't be a part of fighting. So there's this water.
Everywhere to me when you bring reason ass, the average you can't help, but that's like saying well, there should be not about you guess, run and now on football bounds. They d have plenty of room for gene is a larger and larger arena, but oh all fell just crackdown on the left in this plenary sitting on detail. I think offences are artificial and I think they should fight in large. An enclosed areas. If you hate viewer ship money, I'm verity, I want no gloves no more gloves her hand wraps no risk to start your own shit, no more! No you give. This is nonsense. He's gives us but please God exists for people to be able to only only for people watching at home. If you're real Marshall Artists, you would not want gloves
global giants? Gloves? Give you this artificial idea that you can hit. Someone is hard as you want, with your hands without them exploding on, but you are having on a dove rata underneath lets you gonna, Nelson, that gangster Ass mother Fucker doesn't mean where wraps this is good and what I was gonna tell you one thing: we're apple, your! What's punish you and choke you he's like I'd like to fill my hands. I can feel it better. In my hand, you you're, not gonna Fox, who would know
no gloves fuck. You know how I felt was getting hit by Barbosa. Take with those cakes, Felder Father held me. I can't Feldman, not love, not gonna, build or thinking as is right. This is that it is working with a bottle one fuckin, goat ass. She is its milk cheese. Everyone could ends actually get it at home foods fuck. Yes, I got it from all foods. You son of a gun, spent a lot of money to their. I had that much I like that's right. I've successful pod cast any problem. They said you have that cheese for anyway, no gloves crazy, don't wear Shin pads. How can we our communication breads measure your gloves, stupid and why it impedes grappling with messy from getting choke? We ve gone. So thank you want no global boxing too. Now they want to do that as their nonsense.
What is its combat since its carbon tax liar you are you crazy again? Do you know what you smoke before his beard? Crazy? You may guess it's not a good way to do it, I mean boxes don't push. It is about twelve or its wonderful sport to watch it, but as far as like fighting, it's not a good way to do it. This is the only way to do it. This is fighting okay. So if we represent real fighting- and this is what this represents, this represents what happened and guys are allowed to do everything we do need like that step in need felt, adjust Linda. They take to the body followed, just landed outside since this is a real fight, is what you do and you can do everything you do everything. So I love boxing, but it's it's only rough. It's only a sport. This is fighting. So if we got this is real fighting. Why why we weren't gloves why? Why do we have risked tapes and all that non
I gotta question for some reason you cut now it see you don't break your hands is easy, but you shouldn't be doing things a break. Your has. What are we put knows, protectors August, one ahead, but each other with our faces. You know I'm a nosegay broken too much every turn. My head, but dont head, but then you'd have to figure out what actually does work even art. Official surface over your hands. That protects your hand which, on how that terrorist s words appears in a pure fight, you're, probably right as far as us, war and groaning and giving kids get involved, and you have to have some sort of structure. I think one day figure figured out they can have. No gloves were to look at this negotiated Sicilian, guys get hit with a lot. More of you are going to see more more shit. You see pride, bigger, gloves, C4 headgear, Somalia, thou be worse than the science has just like Roma, but just like football button, bigger gloves is actually no
and worse correct, yet my Martin soberly the science doesn't support it and even headgear there. Thinking now, oh, we just tag them of the right hand. Haggard and having headgear actually can can give you a larger fulcrum cry. Apparently they can spend your head around more. You know what I like about. The gloves is: take a look, pot full blast. Mr O embryonic many don't cut, you hang out of any already, but how can we can't tell I gotta Russia just like you could just hit hard, but why can you take up your institutions to do in my time? Fights? they should, but then it's out will grant the USA the gloves or hindrance grappling. But if you have a chimpanzee and you're gonna move as well. Do you see like some those really good guys who do their share. Ankles like I was in Maurice his corner once more Psmith when Yoda Kickboxing Fight and in always taken his ankles up and shit. You know those guys do that may be they make. That thing like almost like a cast for sure
You know it's all protected in there they layered in their some. Do it's more than others. I mean some guys. Don't wear shit, you see a lot of even a top guys and glory in line in those countries do not unaware shit? I'm cited Bell towards gonna. Have that kickboxing authorization Belcour Kickboxing yeah, that's awesome! Dew fell would that beautiful combination, so you that that is increasingly hands and that the smoother within that switch kick on the front? Lay in the back? Let's kick his my tie, so pretty man slender watch really is in fact on decisions are, but you know a man. He just fine real, tough guys and real tough fights, homes heartily and a great and slow slits. When people get upset, hey man, that's just reality. That's where you stand and you
You're better, like you, looks right here. It looks better right here right when you say those gopher finish now manages to succeed, training in fighting and being Paul. Felder he's gonna get better. All that knee dude he's already getting better. Like look at this fight he's performing spectacularly in this fight. His move. His timing looks excellent and he's fighting a fuckin animal environment older guy to those already in animal the result, but still is not its. That is not against performances and slacked. You might be older, but he doesn't look bad Bergmann hasn't, look tired or weaken fight. German is a tooth. Ten points out and try this boy outbreak, so please differentiated frantically are only just to give as down. Oh will you this gentleman cheers my boys chairs thanks buddy back. Will you help us aunt Joanna rang? each other some rule. Ladies and gentlemen, we made rules for guys, one of them as we try not to chew into the microphone
I know that is so annoying expressive, you're the Germany of headphones smacking yeah. If you have headphones on its even more rude because, like in someone's ear, the that's a nice wine Brian Cowen, so Bergmans caught, he tore, landed, take down we're talking and I didn't get a chance to see what the fuck happened, but he's got. A pretty nasty cut is a lot of blood. I can't see a thing, it's his nose and might be his nose nice new body filled. Ernie's looks like the forehead, maybe more than one caught us into something, come out with his nose, the bridge of his nose and his four. Does this kind of blood make the sport more popular or less popular? That doesn't it doesn't have an effect on just knock. I don't think that sponsors and affect already there. I don't think anybody looked at ngos issues. How can they
the same clothes on where the only programme looked at it and said I need a uniform. I turned out that programme more of the. U S brass, doing it for corporate to try me. I should be one else, but it didn't matter. It doesnt matter only burden manner Willem improve rustling one just let down rather more found, are paid on blood felt throughout his bag and around four our thoughts and isolated Bergmann helps him up. He is a fuckin stud. Yea is man, crush are you you do how these are businessman, fuckin, animal things by thirty, six or seven messing with find out and do some work So that's what it is as elbowed allow bridge in the nose oh my god, it's beautiful Vegas, this give more fucking around its, but you know what that's going to win the fight to, because the riff replaying felt it so durable went, Barbosa was carrying them aside and and here and say Aragon shot and he just didn't. He never stopped you just wanted husband can take it that kind of beating and limited so he's Barboza some good.
Felt, but Barboza just so goddamn fast quickly, and that was just one of his first jaunts into the higher echelons of amendment. What's going to happen is Felder as you see in this fight, I think it is good in this fight is he's ever looked. He's gonna continue to get better he'll give those other fights tat he did, but I think you achieve Better. Now I mean he's not he's a young kiddies, improving and he's smart and works hard and he's got Donald with him. I mean did having ceremony as a true, partner, you so goddamn gigantic. When you got a guy, is first of all an animal fuckin fight anybody here, for if they column,
de baby I'll check is that what I gotta do not write a pull over this deeply that whole camp of financial Radipole killed. I can say, on the ledge wild man he's a total budget, while my end super success was an enemy fighter, so for garlic, Felder to have a guy like Donald and have them be a colleague and the two guys bill a train with each other like that work with each other kind. It's John! You know it's those camps that have other great guys, they loaded call me a and a k, nothing better and then wrong, Corrado around called and then Habib nor Mega met. Or if you look at the now your boy animal stood the kid the k when shaping their now trying for Emma, which is doing all right: very moving yeah. Oh, my God can take down he's the best of luck and good luck with them America greeted him. Do you won with ground encounters first, and I made my own, but he is a fucking Astley three might be the best
we are striking athlete in combat sport. These are real he's. Just like two, forty salad. Viking, genetic Maneater, peasants, Gub Gub. Today's let's go in prisons that conforms to sign for the USA covers Melvin Missus Garland Guys, don't you and business Calibre those Alan guys don't mind taken steroids Is your marriage in all its does this all changed? A lot of Zanu Roanoke and horse me gap is not a single person is more of a fan of of Dutch. My tie fighters in me, like Ramon, Decker start the bow come on. Mad rob came in ass, though, whose so the greatest combat sports athletes of all time. Dutch kick boxer, so many animals, I guess Melvin men who have got robbed.
And Belcour was but do people were cut? Call me I'll, send you see that were fury a cat, apparently even Scotch ochreous pest and manhood other one man, Jesus Christ, terrifying skin his end, he's a regular training partner, butter hurries, another fuckin psychopath literally. Like a literally signal, could I god damn he's, got any knocked out down over a year and not later than act to like that horrible arrange matters. There asked yes, the days the best rematch with him with butter is Stefan Lego. Stefan lack on staff on that got knocked him out with a spinning backing to the body. So he came back. And not let go out in the next overspending back to the head,
the same. Kick you is, I mean, are almost like a turning side. There was real skinny butter, hurry back. He wasn't Jack butter hurries. He got older and gotta while guides me now that I'm a little more educated on the stairs. I use a legit series when I go back and watch allow these guys fight. Never may I go oh you're you're, an absolute giant and there's a zero region? Who should be that bulky and no and nobody fat and thereby another can go on forever ha? How interesting, Morey Smith fought Kevin, random and rest in peace? Who is a great guy? Heaven Randal really truly was a great guy. And he was one of those guys that was probably like one of these freaky- is freak athletes, that's ever fought and combat also the best Sadly, Dover competing Yossi for a lotta guy, say that here you re, look like a better looking MIKE Tyson, like a pretty and my eyes. He was in his prime emulate
social dialogue is a flock to use back? We're gonna die plucked eyebrows. I promise you I dont that represent around here. That's like it when died, hair beautifully diet is a beautiful. I would blonde hair dude he's a beautiful The resolution I started he's beautiful guy, whereas I go on with that that we have I not far more Smith and out of sight more said: okay, freak of science or friggin nature. What is thousand more is called me. What are you thinking, and I said man is really no way to tell there's Morrison random stuff The tell said Dick. I got never got tired, never guitarist at a different. Well, now it is used in college at all how stated the freak two years, there's legendary storage. So it's easy in all you could say mate. Has he tried him his life? Maybe, but that's not why such a freak right? I don't like when people discredit does like he's a fucking granting happening. You look at our muscular is now that you know a little bit. He definitely
No, you know seeming caught like had this picture in high school jack. Like he's just is a free ride was not without why he was in high school. He looked like a freak. There's this definitely freaks. I'm not saying you know, there's no chance. Dabble, Neil Blacks, again supplements as this thing I like random, and you have to have two things to look like that. You couldn't take a guy like counted Gonna say what can I say? I'm not even on then I'm not even heard my job, and I would like to show you body. Let's be honest, we took you. Ok, you wouldn't even know way your butt gonna. Look like that there's no supplements on earth. Did you hear that frame frame is insane lilies unless go? There is in high school he's stuck college as a college, but look at times in Cardiff Ridiculously mosque, stud wrestler, I mean just in a really powerful athlete and there's guys it adjusts.
Just more metamorphic are another out there. Might Thyssen automatic sanctions terrorism? Thank you know it was not fuck you. Thank you weren't. You wasn't useless for doing when it was my sister's gentleman when he was when I was six, although when he was sixteen years old, sixteen and in looking the same not induce nor com, a grown man was a free. Given the way the amount is kind that lay out Andrew wholly feel that, like all right, what are we doing their fellows, like eventually He'll kill! You got first to Mr Olympia out of court, and Thyssen was obviously on some shit to one. He was on some shit. He's won't do everything else. He had no problem with any other. Drugs can already be a step too far. Crack is ok, I know not what did about for health. I would think about it for as many effect, this apparently very little evidence that, with all the stair reduce that people do all the crazy body. Builders like Germany or die
a strike. There's you have got it damages Hester or watch doubly Debbie's deal with pain killers, that nine other payment was answered. Yes, there are you sure, but it's the pain killers that are killing everyone. Mobile Crispin was a car he's on Russia. That guy also had some serious e t, probably all those due to every single minded wheelchairs and share what about somebody billows, likely there still alive there, aren't they most of whom are still in there's. Some of them were really abuse. I definitely there. Endocrine system is shut down rationally. They have to take hormone replacement therapy, but that's available you. I do that when you look at them, though, and you're you're not looking at like oh boy, exercise or old you gonna, like Mohammed Alleys era, which has the same- I guess maybe predated sorts and anger by a little bit. Ten years or so right, maybe more and more more when he when resourcing first burst onto the scene. So if you, if you look,
Sally Ann. You looked at in obviously he's in a bad bad place right, but you ll get Joe Frazier before he died and you look a lot of those older boxes from that error. There fucked their fucked, but the older body, builders, theirs lot of under still has only been physically fine hill. In the end, I have here a harp heart surgery. I bet he's fine and that was valve issue, but the ETA said Sylvia was heart. They said there was something new born with right, that it was a condition gathers if there's no, evidence that stewards Interceptions terrible free is like we thought right through the starboard Lyle as aid or remark that he's a guy have this cancer, this brain tumor, collective steroids, but does not sign out. We have to my problem. Is some people just get brain tumor, so you gotta wonder like how come everybody's not getting a brain tumor? Are we sure that the brain tumor is from now like it's. This is very individual cases. Apparently it's really hard to tell what's the ultimate cause
you deal with all sorts of environmental, economic and also look, is broad. Trends like they were talking about self on use. Seven years has gone up a great deal, but since ninety ninety, two from the last is it's a guy just read, which was yesterday nuclear, almost brain tumors. They really dangerous. What kind have not they stay, pretty steady, Nineteen, oh, do you think would all that virtual world? We would have to scientists, there is interesting, Brian, that's interesting dear, so you see a huge market rise over that twenty years Mass, of course, but you just happened with twenty six years. You haven't stage aesthetic. Maybe it takes like, like maybe it's like cigarettes from a while to be big. They set cigarettes, don't cause lung cancer took fifty years to figure out what it's not ionizing radiation. Its radio frequency is not ionizing. Ionizing, like which would be x rays and gamma rays. That kind of stuff. That's ionizing. What that does actually is
changes that Knox atoms. I guess off the dna of screws with your dna, which can then led to cancer itself, but it doesn't mean that it necessarily well, but but what happens is like if one guy dies of you know what ever cancer is to extend Lloyd's and he accused that. Then we, like all that's. What's your words, do there's no one example: the media of Russia's lawyers and important Crispin. While I was just a bad dude with some see Tom Lookin for a girl, you cannot lie. There was wrong. He was on drugs, all kinds of pain, killers Yes, there was still those things also when you taken painkillers, certain painkillers, they react really badly to other drugs and, of course, alcohol. If alcohols involve on off it was, but then they react even Worse still have been just a shitty person to like, maybe a bad do and they got all hind. Did some fucked up anything any couldn't you now gone crazy who the fuck knows, but
The law allows it'll. Take urgent and important point is that lie allows veto was taking human growth warm hormone and a time where they were getting it from cadavers, they will get their getting human work growth hormone in a different way than they gather it now where they gather it now as they produce it. With bacteria. Daddy these yams and stuff. That's for test, not our role throughout its also for estrogen there's theirs, steroids, fuckin soaked yams. It sounds so crazy, but they get testosterone and they can get female birth control out of why Mexican Wild Yale, decent legal yams yams are soon I'm doing the zebra noise like yeah. I like a body that is on testosterone. Replacement therapy is getting it from yams yeah problem with it now, according to word, no whiskey is that their they seem to have figured out a way to get it from animals. But so are you going
testosterone from animals, and it will be because the airline Dennett Yak the carbon and then they figure it out as it has a different carbon ratio, something carbon isotope regime. Design, it I'm sure you'll figure that shit is evolving alternator when it comes to that, Obviously a golden snatch, the old maids Nolan Dino. Ultimately, we are finding out what really does and does not. What's really will legit and we did not as work. She may now as far as whose on what because everybody is lying but look at, but look at overrun the arms I gamma launch it. Leaving me I'm flying for world title will how bout a momentum means. The dirty burger busted for taken some criticise in Turkey for crimes increase they tested is creating. Is its pisses stew found some share right off the shelf? They tested it new pisses, taken quite goes all ills and you can take it, but you gotta realise that most stuff you're buying your buying things like geomancy muscle buildings date. Theirs, they put stare
in them? There's a list on the? U you sought O Brien tasted. It is massive! There's a you! Listen! You saw it all these testosterone built boosters. How many of you make you piss Hotmail epics, it's like thousands thing. Do It is like we Jamie our went already today, which I just get through the letter. Whilst there are hundreds and hundreds of authorities can pull it an amount. Taking out one system as it sticks as do way protein. Basically- and this is what they do apparently quarter to friends. There are in that world than in the supplement world? What they're allowed to do is they can take something nice? Why, when you buy gas station by nor pills they have Viagra steroids in whose by really brine, read them via Malta, hey man, lives off and France. Italy does not suggest
It takes to threaten goes to worse Rock Korea, so they actually also it is it's it's a stairway to dislike. It makes you like super horny. It makes you aggressive yet, but what happens if they get caught and then they take it off the mark, Then they come right back with a new name of the new. Now it's rhino patrons, though they change like a molecule. If it is on the back, this change it differently. Chisel, shades and forever is not banned list. They just lie about within it. Go that far. I'm saying a jet nobody's turned right fake. My one, that's it you're talking like that. They do Now he's talking about Basalt Basle Switzerland eight take em, dna or energy was usually crystal thing in Ireland. It is people came out on windows state. Is it it's tweak out on that it should make? No one is a plant, though how they want to kids can can devise were for company that sold it. What's a? How do they do that they do they were distributed Nyc, they would show people that would
the story of Wang it they would get hit by the F dear. Wherever was against a d know Tom. What specific chemicals were illegal, they would then go back to the lab is take that specific molecule out change. The number two layers ceo right, but how can they do that with we'd? They did those Andrew stay until we'd. It's that spice theirs. Ring fake teach, the honest people think they're, getting close real name is honey. Waking up Ok, so children aiding the Mai is like legal anybody could buy BO. Is only trying to your trial was that's why the fuck would I would anyone that's what they do and then they change if only fifty million busted out and then they go back and the same company makes it may twisted little basically with Dassault's about sex if you have you seen, videos gets forgotten that what the flurry with the thing about people still do eyes. These pills that from the gas stations is then it's not like similar stuffed of Niagara its control
I grant instead of using the barn sire. You take a shit like girls, it base. Well, I can't, I can't believe you're ready takes, shit. I always look. I'm like a book by I love. The Mona LISA was mine. Does invite those lot lizards you ve, never met, read them Brandon! You never read them in a very briefly at our first live show at the calmly story is In the end him came through the red eye. Ass. We talked on Twitter Bognor play. We never had a conversation with a shirt which is where You just friends, you think we'd linked up. It is ridiculous. He'll take those things are
there are some people on their really is garbage grown systems. Muslims, Jews is a shadow, is smokes. Alas, my cigarettes drinks. That's like my friends. I want more energy can't. Can you help me John? I go. I gotta go easy, you smoke and he goes yeah go you. You gotta stop smoking before I start I needed. No. I can't do that. Then I'm gonna have a conversation with here. You can't live with a fuck. Do you know that you're talkin to new city go stop? Smoking is a famous, is a famous? Is a famous director, no afterwards ota, but is a famous director and I guess that smoking is no loyalty and I go you're going to die. He goes why I've I've never flocked to lag or anything like that. For you, you have no the horse really once again a headache amano right now. A news. Podcast We strong well eleven that right see that rhino twelve. The graphic is someone? Tens are not taken up
We cannot ignore my dear. It makes sense that what we're gonna pussy picks up rhino seven. Right Reynolds, while hunting Rhino eleven Michael, we had a party, see Like you know, around seven weeks were bitches Rhino, Levin I'll, take It's interesting! The right of centre might be forgotten. Rail its anonymous Rembrandt Jesus Christ Misa generate a party, I'm size and stem and is not kidding. Many really does take on milk at a good there's. Some do did a review of those things online any so they fuckin work not only did work. It's like their crazy. Maybe he's gone sponsor, by Mr Miranda and every day I can't be how will entail Emily kidding when I see every day, but he takes a lot Brian parties, then what you What would you stop taking, as you did not work? You like stars to talk to him. Almost like Joe, the residual Lorenzo
Norway masquerading as Brenda downright essay, and I said I have ever done Viagra for sure and J W, what I'm saying, if you ever do empty Emma you're gonna, need that shit. Trust me, that's all I asked and listen, let my wife I already know: let's watch is fine, because it's a big one, Lorens Larkin, Jorge Moskva, does it have there on the side, super skilful flight, distant? It's! Ok! That's a sleeper fight, great fight, Larkin, an underdog little surprised. Larkin had that fight with two men on the could have gone either way. Yes, that was him lots of Herpes fight. Larkin is a slick, stand up fighter, real slick, but so is Mazda tall. As the time of the first Kimball Slice, whose own backyard fighter in Miami or Europe
He was in the same group as can buy up bright young and he was in some of those early video em in super game. Phenomenal rough he's good at everything. I've heard everything very smart guy, yes, very, very sneaky, everybody thought he fought either birds and, I think, was boded head. Kick them due to fees on he just it's. I don't see how guys beat the values which so that everything is back when eases considered. One of the best in the world- yes, I'm everybody thought it was a means after ease, I think, was after he had beaten, Josh Thomson, so talented, oh yeah, we'll Father time, catches up everybody, justice, people that can do things you bought. It is can't do any or after not just father time, but I think more importantly, beatings. I don't get, can take the beans. I think more. The reaction to light reaction like glass like last time, that shamelessly fight asked him afterwards. I said you will find a young guy
twenty five. I suppose the differences my reaction times just not there he's way younger faster, but I believe you got Lawson decision use? I want to throw some just not there anymore. While he's like this, the first time, I've no said to go and how long has been senses, fight folic six months ago, some months ago, but if I do not know the same Albert guys, he wasn't fighting them dies runs fine, older dies. I thought a young hungry line right and chain was always so quick, so quick man, but you gotta, think chains also been punishing his body. Two camps, forty four yeah for all the highest level for twenty years. Yes, you know for more than twenty years. You know he was a stellar, nice witch cakes, the body he was a stellar amateur fighter, amazing, amateur but yeah. I think about all those years of boxing and all the damage does do after while you buys does not want performance, you and he still almost beat that young to them
we're just Larkin fight out of what is good. Many stand, millennia Jujitsu a millennium. May, but he is your stand fighter first and grab the second. These yeah he's, while he's got skills in the ground for sure, but honest feed super slanders. Look. Forty acts is takedown offences. Amazing. He can't arraign one time and just rustling fuck weaken people can get him down. He owes Cummings myself. Why is a monster? What Father little guys he be Robbie, Lawlor and strike force at one. Eighty five people forget about that runs. Larkin is legit and at this way class yeah at one hundred and seventy eight he's really really good, but it just shows you how deep the pool is because two men off beat them, although I, like, I said, could have gone either way. He said he throws this really creepy fucking spinning will kick to the legs. Alas, nasty he's really good at it doesn't on the inside and outside volatility outside a couple times against whom novels like whoa? I want to see-
Yeah yeah. I met you at last by the authorities and the guy. In the end, the calf freeze, adjusting Melick these guys are so talented right, you'll get well to what you'll get away. It's like Bisbee. It took him ten years, even title shot, ten fucking, that's how tough it is. Man, no and meanwhile, if you were marrow, didn't get popped and of Jacques Array didn't get hurt. Wouldn't have even gone now. He would never get title shot, muslin and necessarily true. He could have beaten one more guy and got a title shot wasn't really in line. He was in a tough spot man with it with where, with his career physically, his eye is tough. The girls. Do Joe go to Jackson's, is training there to listen. I don't know. I had heard something like that too. I don't know what you're going to do with it he was another one that is clear is that he is another one that he had a supplement that he took off the counter supplement over the counter supplement, those tainted There's a lot of them can shit, but it works with its works. There's other
Recent weathers dovers shit, and it is a reason we can't take. Your friend tells you it works in their homework ex wines. You gonna, be just makes it with our plan to simulate title shot, but it sucks it that way, but- and I think it would be the only one who's gonna happen- yeah most likely Mazarin autism good right here. While I mean it could have happened, he could ability just meet Anderson Above all, though, gelatine awesome, jock, RE, L, wide men, the its can be tough night form could be. You know enough. The odds are you my favorite? The odds would be in that favour, but not a hundred percent urine like this, a thing about guys at a tough like this being as they figure out a way to get, should dance all just put the shit. I've got it It looks all my god most allowed went nowhere can't fight after coming back from that, my god, I fuck him
He knew right away. Terry said FUCK man, nothin large and his finger probably went into his brain YO, hit here's an idea for you, as with title shot, You know how they say: well, anyone the top five needs a stay ready. If there's a title shot now see this. That's enough they also show how fuckin effect about an ipod is The EU is fleshed out rang in a street fighting in all of the Africa Attack, not looked craze that chrome a grocer right, my fucking hate the open expires, looks violent or not. Now is not now young one eyes. If that is not, I know, I'm plunging my fingers and dry rice from now. Listen man do think about. We, pull my how long it takes before you ready is ready to go there because they make an exact No, it has also. You would see a country like all the how'd you like this hills
what is like that to you know, I would like to see statistics on how, when guys fight what happens after I'm poked now only whereas somebody do that want to you in size and put them in the. I want to know we're talking about ourselves. You go through history, so what I may sites, please please do something on this. Have you have the the notion and kicks the balls takes? The balls are bears a good one, but I think I pokes or worse honestly, I bet you'd be surprised at both their clothing. Maybe you get kicked in the balls, led the saps everything out of you. That's it. That's a good question. Rick in crystal sure got kicked out. That's my gun! Zaga there, like you good bro, you got kicked so articles. Yeah good assay, looks like shit. Do who shall game over another but anyways, those worst I've ever seen. You guys can be bad. It certainly can be. This protocol, those gay all tricky now, because you got a cup so sometimes
like when you guys are going out. Gilbert, IVO Vander, lay fought and pride and and and ventilate kick Gilbert in the Baltic his cousin motorways, cop, as cup, was caught like right on his balls and it does not ensure balls. It was a different kind of paying now. I maintain that he could not recover from. It was our two different game as yet, but I want to see a statistic on what happens to guys when it's closed for fight like Mitrione and Travis Browne, and then he gets I post and then from then on. It's a blowout and there's a lot of fights like that. Where a guy gets eye poked and like towards the end it all had recovered. He look like he was fighting really smooth and well it didn't. Look like like Travis and Mitrione is perfect. Example of, like Mitrione, was not the same apps that I both you can tell you got any poked twice nearby and they did. Nothing was not a good reference job monopoly. Who did,
What are you do that way? He'll remember! I don't want to call now. I just remembered being upset with it like when a guy gets his eye poked out bad. You know, like did, there's a real problem with making a guy go fight. When you know it's compromise and the reason why is compromise the foul, so everybody was watching, wants to fight you continue. We don't want to be disappointed, but it's not like the fight is being stopped. You budget technique, the fights being stopped because of a file will that's where similar jointly large answer? What would you do about? Stop the phase blink and stop his brain? He won't stop Lincoln. I would I would Lastly, something's wrong. I think when a guy goes down like that, there's almost a good argument to stop the fighting it deathly changes the day Am I like seal statistics to I guarantee its brain like the favour, the go poet? The judges should be allowed to see the replaying. Ok, that shit was deliberate, minus appoint, what's not deliberate most times not deliberate
but if it is certain guys it, how can a judge at the? But what if it's clean but give its deliberate? Who cares with our thinking ever you fuckin landed it you're gonna get penalize honour percent. That's it doesn't. Maybe the mess way to stop it for sure. It's never stop but ecosystem instinct in because loggers train more time, and so they used to open handing people on the forehead and pushing moth. And then you go to with the regular got. Some guys are more time they do. If you don't get a point taken off, it's like for the first shot, then a guy knows he has one free shot at the balls right. Here's a route that words while they don't have complete data. They did find thirty two. I pokes it led depositing action from a sample. One thousand three and thirty, three fights and Ramey estimated. You are likely to see, and I poke in three to four percent of you have seen fights taken at the high and illegally scene. I Pope once every twenty five fighter, so conserve really only six percent of fights transpired, devoid of by products Don't say that doesn't say: there's a success. Re access sounds interesting now to hear now, and I figured behind that three mp3 format,
So while we may John Jones fights despite the three to four percent, I mean there's some guys just their style and he's a long. I can't we're Rumble Jones Vikas will then? well I'm waiting for me is going to fight. That's rather jump he's my suit all over running and rushed in fight and mice without looks, ok, but no only he knows within. I got really compromise monopolies doubling compromise. They could still you to win, but it's awfully, but it's not the same agri Non while with the driver, I wouldn't mind if they stop there's any time now rightly, undermining challenge is to us look I'll be pissed at they stopped at fight. I I agree with you. We peasant they stopped in this fight. I, but I think, in the material and fight there's a good argument for stability that fighting he looked like way more fucked up like when he went, twice in their ears, terrible than this because we are, as they do at ninety, there's a good argument for stop in it. It's just
it's almost and unfair to let it just qualified on disclosure yearbook veto. Two to three times what the fuck you gotta it's still in action, and even if its inaction is still still ourselves damage there, but then yes, Canada is up to the rough there. That's gonna bust exactly what kind of an ipod touch pressure on the rift too, given that kind of power What are they doing rather sees you can get a let in the run up to the ground, Lorenzo find it off all dealers, takedown offences, nasty Lorenzo Slick. But some miles an hour man, unlike in the ways fightin here, real the retina bandleader doll, some dude made that gives cool that is The goods can be like an animated series starve Solaris, when, along its at its funding, is the Euro
she made those little. They made a lot of dogs and they made with one of me and they gave it to me whatever the company was. I was like laughing. I was like that is so ridiculous and look anything like me like didn't look. Anything like me and why did you like pretend it was made, just a ball janitors? Let me just add that just love over there, he was back when I was born the thing I had hair back down, but it was so bad. It looks like you're Tor, our new arms. Since I made the guy did a great job usual older than the abbot. Still, I want everyone. You know we're all in later years, we're all getting older workers. You'd just went out about what was actually getting older everybody. Does I mean you a bit like Well, nobody said immediately you look older. It took a little bit because we all expect to get now you run and but for us and are not less. Compare you guess how they ran through the three crises. Every bit of it, went one. She had forty, you want those guys.
Leave out right am I come up, cannot come closer years a wiser, though F renewed, Larkin, silken smooth here man? Stan MILES? I doubt that switch kick damp loved, all which somebody's gonna get caught here of the upper cotton them will monument all through real sneaky, but so's Larkin locked into a sneaky was cast off the train for men. Yes, I want to mention was angles are weird weird boys got a little bit of like karate man with a lot of boxing in mind. It's like a man. S look at some of his moves, karate moose, but We don't want attacked a merely this. The right who saw that common isn't is just It is good that went on the round for sure Joe all. I was saying on those title shots what, if you know how these anyone in inch in the top five new stain shapeless case diameter one afternoon title shot, the USC tell
the guy he's the reserve, so I may gets hurt visiting Europe brother. You answered overturned here, but be ready cause you're. The first I would go to Hamley around. We have every matter that, like laid out like on the card, like the alternate I don't think you tell people because gone let's say indecision, one case will say, rumbled alter people see that fights like modern only gets or don't you tell me what you just said It was only the line or not only find or knows things start pay. People having role is dangerous fight in many ways. Cause Jones does take him to the face, and he can't do that with with rumble. Hell alternating you listed the alternate either either fighter my have someone pay someone off make sure that one. If you don't tell me, you can't only one knows made rapid and big title by joint. Should I want to fight back. I want a fight which you have to worry about some unscrupulous promoters on your heart and we're sure blatant get about. Tanya, hardly, like think, think, think if they told Bismarck Hebrew Use,
loses out for a while I'll see our boy you're out for while you're, if some adds a wide means, a good chance that he does get hurt, Europe, so don't go to one onion rhino unfilled film, a movie eighty one in five you're, one of five guys we're thinking up here. But if you're going to say I want to live in the EU, a fuckin moving only realise they were. You realize you're. At the end of your career, you gotta take moving on? I Hain, I'm understand if they. If the USA had a plan in place, yes, but then he would start to take their move. We do you hear taken, because a bird in the hand you know, maybe retraining in general, guys aren't film and fast and various nine or norms in like like jail, Sir John John, to feel a back up in case. You still have a fight so why wide men is out for a while man is gets a disk issues in his natty says: he'll be back for that masses were guarding Korea who wants to be, but he's gotta be real. Careful because you dont want to rush sunlight, thus get a battle hernia, aided disc and his neck. That's who caught damn learns is fast speaking of honey. I guess I go on.
I go into surgery, Tuesday, for Danbridge, just replacement baby, fair, fair, fair, lumbar lot. Lower While that is my desk by all five as one is, it doesn't exist. That's why I'm in my lower back is an eternal constant state of information is just sore all right. It's just a wreck everyday, no matter what I could stop working out for two months and it would feel like I did What's the data? Is there anybody you, and I don't know you not a minute for sure that Serbia is there anyone you guys know who trained introduced you for a long time with doesn't have some issue with their back or not my God, you're saying that my doctor said it on your neck and back all the time I mean it's like its way into my next got ready girls in here longer done anything there. Twenty worry Don T get the cage. Nope, no goddamn law
is tat all share, my dear God, Damn law over her down. My god is a fuckin slobber, Knocker, real Donnie, pass! No he's out. Do you see what he's doing that is crazies raging on his realities in trouble. Now it's over He's got a defence lives, beautiful defence miser dollars, fuckin relentless too Jesus current markings. Take down of introducing mandate. Come it's. It's not. Mozilla browser you just one upon his head, his gates, indifference tools and saying so. She had this ways this time yeah third round of mind and started wherein rash guards. If they wanted to know, we should build where those girls, what Why, when we can have their tidies, our country alone,
My thanks go to where it would take sweat out of the game, which I think would show more technique. Especially grappling with Greece? What measures it will rise at issue is that it is a rather. I would say that I can now and adjusted his interest in town. They should I guessed right that they should make. They should make rash cards mandatory. No, no, no, no cash. Sunglasses. Now these benefits tool in this negative to it. If your striker, you want to keep Lastly, I believe that in their early tagged wondered outbreaks this is no arises. Fight is amazing, crazy knots deftly not mandatory You got it. You gotta, you gotta, remember this is greasing illegal or legal, illegal it's either, because the fork softly evidence of notably that lies not only, but why, though, does its ones. The substance and the one happens, a boy from Adam
a games online affairs as it benefits the guy. That has it on him because he can't get ten Interpol, Exocet, Sir, of course, but not unlike sweat or it's it's nothing. Why it's very much like sweats. What a slippery increasingly sir, what what is very slippery, it's very similar! Yes, it does Are you sure you it's a lot more industry? That better just don't die. Double duty, ok, Eddie waiting. I do, though, put his eyes where we're not getting backfire out at all. That's like the key argument. What does nobody where again? Well, just it? it is illegal because then make sure to falling Greeley is illegal. It's it has nothing to do with a guy. It greasing is illegal because an make shit to Greece The Florence summit problem is: there's no tests for rape, our justly theoretical. How do you test for you didn't ask, or there s guards have more coming about a task as there is no tests, but tell me about the testing with with the vessel. You know what every year, how did they test did you can tell the other commission for
Won't you around from the lock room to the cage, but there is no ten there's no swab, and then I put it in a SEC testing in a cup. There's no official test that says that you went over the Briefly, we can't you recently about me. Let me stop this right now, because you one thing you definitely to do. One hundred percent that has been done is you take a mineral oil bath the night before yes, take a minute while bath the night before you get into that cage and uniform anything on you took a shower of aiming on. You are so library is outright your fucking time and there's another easy, but it could do about. Not only can do less, there's an official tests, but there is no official task, but since girl So where girls will ask ourselves, I hate anyone, neither european government last guy so but there is a huge issue where the danish going holy fuck you slip in our relations figure sum out here do every year that not every year the NFL casts meetings to changed up to make the sport more offensive. They owe that there,
figuring out away there always handicapping the defence trade in Eu Canada receive. You're, always handicap in the deep, and you want more often as a league, the same thing. What can be done for Emma you get together, go how do we improve submissions? For instance, you improves emissions by making one They want knocked out. They want lockouts as much as they want to know exactly. We do something for the knockouts too, but you do something for submissions to you every year. You do something a little bit here and the girls were ask ourselves I am particularly tidies I'll, take rash guards, no gloves for a thousand God. Damn it no no dies. I would rather you saying failure of. Let's do it doubly brag, we're anyone else, but you wouldn't have to create this test for this thing that you made legal, it's illegal, but there's no test because of illegal, otherwise no hold on. I dont people grace all the time. I don't think you're right, because I know that her being tested someone before a night entrepreneurs her. He took a swab off someone news is too
has to do. Is I guess they pay you land, listen up. Is it's a long time in advance? What he's crazy about you you're, going to get your rambler? Have you warm words? It's true desk Van Orton Herbicide MIKE what an urban try grappling with someone greasy when it hurts a punch in the face and said you talk to her. He said he's done like onsite shit, where like look and see, but that doesn't stop a guy long roses, maybe a couple months ago, maybe three months ago now, no there was at least I was asking. I won my vote that are known, there's no tat S biggest Lorens Larkin Monsoon victory listen, that's one supposed planning. I don't want to close enough to judge, but his takedown doubly helped on those two taken
I think he landed via a little bit more amazing play what we barely built. Essence beyond reach him out illegal, greasing and yet rash guard at the abattoir, something of its legal come up with an official tat. If there is no official to have them civilized or the simple could still expense employment, since we have to do with the girls. Do the girls where top plumbing engine was interesting with size? Is that with swear the conditions? Naturally change? They naturally change. They start off dependent upon you. Preparation like this one of the things we need more court fought Paul horrors. He wore a rubber suit. Backstage innate really got super sweaty and then, when he went out there to fight, he was already sweaty is fuck, and so one part one for that leg. Lock Nate was all sweaty dusts Nate slipped out, and perhaps I appoint an innate punches fuckin later yeah. My failure lot, I was great- was his weight, as did what was a great ending and invest you'd like turkish oil.
When you should tell yes I'll Turkey, where the roof at that sailor. By doing this, it has on reach into each other's pants. Munich, ravages is dead and the outrages do it. You got in ITALY to show up and no one knows where it goes. The body, your father, but you guys want that to know gloves India Grab and what must I like that? But getting ahead of almost ass? You look good. I have a question for you. Why headgear Is there is that science than it actually is worse? For you, when you buys hand, be worse, is not necessarily worse, but it can be worse rise. It makes a larger fulcrum, because it's a larger thing and you get clipped, makes your head spend more and its also have yeah, so you have this thing. What is away like half a pound of around in other languages has shots read. It makes your head it slower for your head, the moon, wanna things about punches. Is you see them comedy?
learn how to wrong what share. I can't role with shit. If you have this big asked fuckin hanging around, but then you can begin kit gives good for cut, so he can get tough, but that's just in training. Training is not I mean it's it's. I think you're better off greasing your fuckin head up within as a problem because they, Greece heads up. They grew faces up and shared, then you take that same Greece. You put our deeds chest as you try and take him down, and then you get We arms rapid about Greece and your boxes. Biomass power face up your mind. Vaseline do they use in the EU have see these days I wisely using less and less that's like left over bullshit boxing shit means vaseline. Oliver, you're fucking, rigorously. Apologies makes punches, not cut you also. They hit you literally slide off. Instead, instead of them's grazing with leather gloves the. I am doubt that I shall say this: no vaseline, no gloves cheese, rash guard, no gloves!
alas guard you said, Roszkowski, we're rash guards. Financing is a problem with rash. Now it's, but I think rationalizing, I feel like you're, gonna, rash garden. The option you against that optional, this legal value, commodity. It's a bad look! You can put your fuckin Reebok on such a bit. Can you imagine the Reebok Rash Gaza can come up with with the red and the ballade area. Woman haven't commodities has to a veto vigil Miranda in the kid. This too is a bad mother fucker. This is a serious fight here, as he composing Miranda yeah yeah, whereas we agree more SD king, where she from Meda zeal to mosey so game. Its main aim is for and he's been training with wide Minsk in great hair trains in Denver. Unloose go that's why I can't half man and so is Miranda Miranda's a little older thing. Miranda one sees thirty four thirty five, but he's a multiple time, kickboxing championing, there is a russian and a russian assassin, even though is from Brazil, knows, Russia's. I know, but it looks like a russian
and we use a final is the ultimate power Brazil. Remember he's fucking Margaret rose babies. It's a tough fight Bergamo Zachary to tell if I click on salaries prevent his name. Please veto my fire, whereas last fights were one came last way things through. Lastly, fights three finishes: MRI see that win, win, win, scrolled, o K, o K, o what's up son, why argue that Malta, Marcello Gooey maras, we Mars Africa so that guy's name, but he knocked. I do now nasty and grew morrows was really get strike himself. Clint has to fight to woo. I was like Jesus Christ she's only less that decision, not a fighter for now, and he just wrestled in the whole time- is about mother fucker, tough fight for common stylist emojis, not a restless, not a grapple. You like to stand and bang you know what they'll come and see. So God, damn tough, is just so fucking tough he's. One of those do just come out now. Illegibility like John Grey Drug is at what
Many of us are easy page. How is how you wanted a crazy the exact same? Why do they should all day for camels none of those losses, like you know you recover from those public. Where are your file happening? The next, where you fight course Jocker AIDS I'll get a baby. Now, that's fucked up twice short notes: what's the killer, Jockers raise ground game is my job. Tourist miniscule or something you gotta is gonna needs, beat up training, camphor veto for what he did a veto, or was he should have taken a fuckin cortisone shot jumped in that fight? It really should I, now, almost maybe, unless it's maybe you fucked up, that's feel like man he's gonna the title shot, but he fought against rock old, and everyone knows a rocket took that last firewood staff, its death in its foreign he's pretty fucked up, everybody fights hurt. You know you tell me like this attitude, I guess maybe it wasn't museum doughnuts, maybe
wanna breaker, maybe when on the Mumbai and above all, about her you don't know that do not have any new nor tired, I stared till. I don't think he did think drop dead, but it sucks that he didn't take that fight, something stylistic Hey, that's really, and it's gonna have now you mean we need to remain in Iraq, holler record. They fought defiant, strike poison record one decision. Jesus. I don't think I still think the guy who's gonna beat both Wildman and Rock Holbein in those guys is your Romero, maybe he's Romero buried beat Jacques Chirac, yet he did but like what is when you think about why anything about them.
The striking because Russia raising Jockers eight Romero. Rather, that's why he annex in line, but when Jockers beat Romero. He almost got taken on that first round, but then he came back and one second and third, but you don't Romero. I think we we fuckin Misdoubt Inky, hiding we for Ramiro Misdoubt in dad he's, like thirty leagues, thirty, six. Thirty six theories. He came late if we got hold a Romero issues like twenty six, what I mean he was just a damn super do at least all natural. He's a freak. Well, you know I don't know, but he did beat, kill Samson twice its wise, which, as you know, each other political model. He walked through the in that fight
korean guy, to win the gold medal he walks through. That guy was like he was just a crazy man in monsters. As a wrestler, I mean I've seen him do stuff inside the octagon. Let you just his movements. So I, when I'm watching fights in up close, you watch like thousands of them or whatever I watched at this point you like. Yet you still exert speeds of people move under and every now and then some of the move at a speed the like, while my brains, I recognise in this house like Barboza, switched kick. My brain just goes well over what the fuck I'm good right enough. I think that one of the biggest examples of that is your well you're. Well, the way he moves way throws people around. It's almost like he's. Not even the same thing is them. Well, you know tosses
eyes around, like like Unita like, like he's just some crazy ass silver back in your some dude in a robber girl outfits doesn't earlier, he lost the term, he lost Jacques Ray, I think. Well, he didn't lose. Timbale deftly should have been disqualify definite cheated. Thirty lomna out they knocked out TIM and a third round, but never made a third round. They should have. He didn't. He was not capable of coming off his stool for the third round. They should stop the fight and they should be the dingy, editing us now. I think you should a laundry website based off that disquiet that funny last January he deafening last jock ray. You lost a decision He definitely values I kind of close, and they now, I think, while he almost put jockers lights out in the first, that spinning backface and then after thinking, think, you're crazy. If you why, when John Grey had him in half guard, you see that when he stood right up like you know something about Joam Garral where that were
It seemed like jockers jujitsu, nothing was gonna work. He was very close fight, but I mean he's ultimate athlete. Yanks other fats law break free. He makes like real I'll give you solid Chris. Why? Minister, stud less Chris Y understand next to your Romero Chris won't. You work out right, very right and Chris, the gray restaurant, but is rather odd. Chris looks like Daniel has no makes just like super skin embalmed out. There's your neck intrigues. I want to see that mother Fucker fine, it's a great site, it's real, that's a lie, that's amazing, but that neck injuries no joke, and I just hope he doesn't do somethin drastic quickly in order do pair himself quickly and try to get brass. It's where guys does surgery for the macro suggested might not be immediate. It sound similar to the exact injury that I had what I had to do take a long time and you have to do decompression. I do that this network this that I hang on a door to door frame as, like: I'm hang myself, velcro someplace, I pull it down. I gotta go like this. Could click click claims and hang on? My
How long does it take widening? Need surgery, complimentary sure why these hazardous and in doing that in doing that, what I have just described over a long period of time and reject a keen those two things: it stopped my bulging disc and suck back into my neck. My disk stuck out like there was an mri when they looked at the desk and was six millimeter bulge now have none, it went back, you can do it, but when you go to doctors, one of the first things you want to cut you now Italy is a super important to talk about everybody's injuries different because it worked for me and my now work for you. Your mere injury might be.
Worse than mine and might get to a point where there's nothing you can do except for surgery. But you don't know that just by talking to some doctors, because some doctors are just ready to cut you and they might be right and they might have had success with it, but that gentleman is on tv right now is a testament to the fact that does not always work and boss will tell you he's had several next surgeries and because of that because of his neck injury, his arm, he has one on its atrophy that he calls baby on. Because his his nerves, weren't firing through his arm, was impinge hearing his is the area, though Jerry Shit, what what they're going to us, what Christmas decision be staff of what's gonna get me MAC. Faster trade can be surgery cat, but he's got a thing: that's what the hotel minuets he's gotta! Think about the future, because one of the balanced motherfuckers on the planet now thinking get back and action, but get it's an injury and you gotta let it he'll up instead of cutting out non eddies case, EDGAR totally different,
is any disc? Is God s gone about just now, my lower back isn't caused in a constant state of inflammation. It's been like that for maybe eight years I've tried. And very also has. Finally, when I finally- my mri people kept so get Aurora trot all everything. Fucking chiropractor, all this shit, acupuncture and fine I got an mri. An MRI shows amended. Any fool can see. There is no death boned about you, you, you are in a constant state of information. I would stop working out once I started haven't back spasms in my back felt like it was just gonna completely cut out. I stop workin out altogether and in two months I still felt like I did dead lives the Fuckin day before Miranda's back praising great. He then at least thirty seven
yes, Sir said I had an idea tat Young do now. I think you thirty five when he was on the ultimate. Finally for him, nice, stud and but you know, hormonally. The thing is when you get to be that age, psych, you're, you're, dealing with a reduced level of testing strong, unless you like Super veto, same producer on point with your diet, on this point with your rest, super on point with consumption of saturated fats and cholesterol- that's very import. If you want to have an area that on production- and this is something that really pissed off when people start talking about the dangers of saturated fats. Like your ear, you preaching some
outdated nonsense and non scientific bullshit that people have said and they ve set it to demonized meat consumption and try and meat consumption. Look with scientifically it's not bad. What's bad is ethically we. I think we all agree that factory farming, bad ethically, but when it comes to every scientific and consumption, saturated fats are super important for testosterone production. Super important for brain function, cholesterol, not just cholesterol, produced by the body, but dietary cholesterol, which, by the way apparently barely moves the needle unblock lipids. That's, that's than anyone else, that's right. Does the new sites do bog? eating. The yoke of the egg is not is not going to move the needle and eternal origin has where most of the nutrients ass. I got five new chippies fellow baby check. Where do you get out from the other? since you are low, Far Racine lawyer, allergic, non Edam, known
Jim their pets their pets with a smile year. Delay would remember. Remember one thing about factory daughter nomes are mentioned earlier is no way we can t get in their relative die if we don't need a buck and shall now their pets amazing. What been a pad eating and stars like about like our own food, Joel Chicken, no razor losing Edam to do it. Like I thought that was the ethical way and he's gonna shit, I hardly ever you check your username yeah, but why wouldn't? I would need them because we have a different kind of relationship. The relationship we have with them is that their egg layers and our little friends- like we go in there. My daughter picked them up, so you they still do have different personalities. I know they have different person. Now really do you they're, like one of those really smiling well knows right when you actually, my dog killed that one we had one that was really smart and she would pick up the dog on the chicken Man so funny like in the smart, aren't gonna chicken coop. Yes, my line, unfortunately well smarten wanting to have the lowest perch issues now
Will I see you dumb ass, Smart one yeah. She knew to follow me around and like she knew that if anybody picked up rocks that, like my wife would like lift up rocks and she would go into that to get the bugs she knew she should follow you around waiting for you to pick up rocks for smart little chair where the parties do. Can I get you can understand a little bit. My obsession with my Bernie Malone hours ago, and I told you that it was not, as Belgium says, that a bunny I was obsessed with that man. I was not in love with it did I was fucking, forty one forty one alone around in love with the Bologna dude, I'm in love with the organization was all composing elbow son, Kamikaze Tagged endued with straight left hand when, when I was doing the show and that one of the guys that the second eighty had a an african gray parent? Cockatoo and he had it for seventeen years. Oh my god. He and his wife got an argument, the parent
on the ground he stepped on the parent and killed it seventeen years now and he came- and I had my cause too- I knew what he's got it and he came to work and he was all bunched up in my firms like it's a fuckin burning, I did not just to Burma there really smart and it was killed, is desperate. Yeah step understand that wall, arguing with his wife is. Are you big idea? Is now what the fuck did you make me? Do you may seventeen years he met? He had the bird way before he met her bony play. We don't mosey scramble scramble, hips out, hips out, executive. Levelling up are all be carefully, Boss, laughingly bar that's work began I get so lightly, improvisational new bar get out of there. Now did you have any resources to answering purple about fifty fifty really is like defence? Well, I sent you a dvd
Events on the one I mean in terms of not gonna happen. Now commands you don't come owes you got some he's trying to send a lousy got something if we want to eat like indefinitely healed. If he knows what he's doing you gotta does he has a lot Gary tone Ngos can be filed, Christie, most martyr, those elbows to the thigh. From now. How much is that suck known? I've. No I've never had done, because you would think that a guy who's got really good. Elbows could seriously fuck your leg up front legs. Ouch. You see, I'm SAM, like Miranda at some serious elbows matches Hammond, unlike I bet this fuck your legs up, is actually cause could come alone has done because I, like we ve, been able to legislation like this. Exactly they seek to release.
A body locking majority married release. Nobody really is the body law. It's rare is weak. Maltese punched him in the face for the buying Fuckin Amano is right. You think. Oh you go for leg locks, guys gonna punch, you rarely do people say get a leg lock position, but instead of finishing M, because commotion isn't an offensive position he could go out that he'll, falconry knotted sitting on his is he's plunging the guy back. What's going on is Miranda everything backward see. This is going on. Around is trapped, mosey can move is body, forward and back where's Miranda. Can't. Oh now, commodious trial locker arms puzzles? You hit him with some hard right now. That's the resident score that, while you are actually you composing give their commotion will not just add that position even more Randy's above him, you have to understand whose close to getting something done and whose being more effect
our committee has a huge potential, have also punch him and the fate of big things, the branches and the fierce, even though Miranda's on top commodities tag and without right here composer, so May deposition happened here. Put on bosniak exact, which is that it did there's a new level of like blocking the John TAT put together. That's a very, very important part of jujitsu right now and attempt plants all over it. Man we will have taken the lead glass, game to the next level within ourselves. You ll see a lot of it and you have seen a postcard. Not are you here and now: you're gonna Ryan. All yours you know what you're going to say, is that you get us, that's a sheer one thing that you gonna see this different is leg locked battles against the cage, there's a whole
one thing: you get: there's gonna, damned angel, undue rash guards and leg locked battles, videos, Zono Super plan. Now eighty that's a super good point. We gotta can only tell you about the future you're sitting you're talking about the present good morning, The rival Miranda's some nasty smoothed Bausch, oh by the way, look at that leg living inside me. Will the insulation easy, don't he's attacking the Itself master strikes my group on their lousy guinea. Louisa skinny needs their most men, iron stuff. Nobody's knees. Area needs now may for sports. About that. Getting kicked me. That's all bones or Miranda's. In slam any shit into the outside on the inside of the age, ouch mushy parts, yeah, he's deathly, looks a little Miranda. Nanda inside you have a wise out when ok of people are upset about attacking the knee thou. One is almost is devastating,
especially the outside, locate logger Nestor, who style raised by the way. I feel a lot for stopping The low level of work a lot about what you're saying this whole about what you are saying in this whole time. I will let you know what sweep wonderful beauty, diamond ring. I share my Jim again composer entrepreneurs fuckin like care. How are they gonna walk with the grandchildren people dont think about that I think I'm gonna go Eddie that no random mastic I'll find by a fog in ivory handle came later Miranda's left leg. It's amazing it do his dick go in They have to follow the line. This follows a dread crime. That's the grand cloud of maize. Theirs amazing left this version of saying that a brazilian assets cry went ashore girl from my knee.
Is on the way to Magog all the way you know. Is he like mousetrap just go north. You find a way around audio, like a rat, how it no cheese it encounters openly gay play by play. Commentator accommodate this fight and onto I don't know brazilian Brazilian this Gaza, a strong mean. Is the mass the oil oil can. I have questions must be answered because it's you swear, it's not it's not oil, sweat for their for their body. On there, are not just work and how really hard body heats up machines hit all the hideous. Why? Why are there so strong
fighting other men. They have to be strong, ass, kicked and video to protect. Your joint size does and, as you know this, namely that close come on conquering animal you know the closer everytime, bigger equality Reebok Year on year, cops and evidence about the king. You are you smell good, A shower. I just got back there. I smell like bear, must notify us dismantling before us now veto Miranda cut over the left. Joe what Christmas? Well, man mosey work animals and rarely- but you know you, you know as well as anybody that the gaps and grappling are the hardest to close for someone Well, no, not the hardest hit hardest. Every every gap is a hard gap to claret. You say strike but not necessarily in the case of a guy like Damien Maya to a guy, was a good highschool. Wrestler you're, never close that gap in your lifetime,
They have to become obsessed with Jujitsu and live on the map for the next ten years, even get in his neighbor. That's good point to their diet, like like Astro Ring, whose just I'm really this then broth welfare, Risa redeem out of the two or three in Cleveland. Rulers? Googly moodily in that crazy that I like that, fighting against? deep ale room as the main event I like. That fight is so why is there not an automatic rematch for fur? Still every It is not a matter for us as you have to be about that. I mean I don't know why I see doesn't do that. There was a k, was a lot of weight in line like over him. I want to see the room. I want to see the over him steep a fight as much as I want to see. Any fight in the EU have see other than the cane we're doing rematch, I want to see you can redeem sea level. Such came out to sea cane in great shape, ice
maintain that I've seen against this common to movements and what you see inside fights, I think Kane. In the second fight with junior dos Santos. I think that is right. There in my eyes, with fate oars fight with Croatia, way to seeing a mallinger. I better animal against an animal and his pride by them. Ass came we ve ever seen, and I really can I would our loss. What I really would have wanted more than anything else in the history. The heavyweight division is that Kane forces that Phaedr Fate or versus Croaker versus Kane Junior. To that, that would be the ultimate who is the greatest heavyweight of all time, because right now they then it just become speculation. You know, after Kane gets like a back injury in Tunis surgeries and shoulder surgeries yoyo. How much of him does he have left. To me. How much are we seeing? Are we seeing the same Kane that far Julio Santos have we seen The same can, then, you know ran through guys on the way up to the title the ran through Roswell. I don't know if we are whisper.
Who, with his style style, just break everything, including himself bold and training. Men the time is for Roche's individual born to fight and the body just can't keep up with the mind. So to me those are the two does that's number one another to, but then Cain and Bull and fade, or both submitted by Vertue right both of Em Virgilius omitted the very greatest haven't you could argue dooms the grace everyone could argue, really care, could look lobby steeper, just shut the fuck and show off. So you can argue one are you you still? Can you get a lot of one fight? Guy he's gone the product, you can argue it, and also redeem realistically, is in his late thirties and what's going on over your. Why they stop about cotton, his cut the baron, but is that from say its thick He's getting fired, looks nasty, yet just don't worry about doktor. Does this dock smile smiled?
along the doctors yeomanry outright that mother Fucker is from vague he's not. He says I can dive. It is it is. I was far off now you and now I am now we're not gonna. Stop that Kurdish! I'm not gonna, be disgusting like the cry, gotta. Go. I hear your ears. Gonna fall off. Composes, kick boxing's, very good man, very good! I'm really impressed it's like his kickboxing. His gun, smoother is timings gotten better and it must be because he was really concentrate. Nobody's, gonna fight, Moran Janni eat. Yet having that and then he also to these coasts. True re Longo, environment, Denver more than his job man we're log was an excellent coach home. Would you lose composer with the two causes such a good? Do too.
Great, both guys are Miranda's. A really nice guy to host he's been fighting for ever men on the Damn receives cat, like the first guys, is doing the damn thing and again, not particularly physically gifted Vulcan Smart. How Eskimos? I thought it was younger than that allows morality, thirty, four thirty, forty five or thirty five, but has a shitload of experience, prophesied, gray, hair shop, her The timber water and Veto Miranda on his back is not good for the third round. Now no Miranda Green, like most mosey clenched down cover his face. Stop the brief. Any cover is fair, Go forehead and organs can hear brass, smooth saddled grass congratulations! So let us look at his skin. He gets ex foliated with a key training? Are you dont facial stuff? I gotta get a facial, gotta, pee, trainings nice guy, give myself facial
you can myself. Eddie has the best skin here. Look at a scared. A beautiful scams come on what he thought, how and you look awful is mouth is even a lot of work. You, ve got a lot of work out. What the result to thank you. Thank you. If you're serious disease, I am ears getting his hurry, didn't know. Maybe I'm just being gay with me. You wanna be farming both, but you do it. And I would thank you. Branding backed his feet and body is exhausted. Turned down as well that helps your hands over the size of being applied, doing fine, I got in there. You gotta help me down Jesus Maria. The tissue down hormonal still drawn headgear shoot composing Miranda's gone for man? Oh shit, Russell him! This is a frantic fight. That's another thing here is another thing that
in consideration time limits time limits for rounds. They impose a different style of fighting because sometimes since emergency, a better than astronomer, better entertainment, but are we sacrificing reality for entertain make better fight, I think you are wholly under real barriers. No under under confines and boundaries, you can still have the same kind of excitement or medium works. I listen to me. The goal is reality yields one thirty in it round? Hey come on
that's right, I did not realise is to migrate one hundred game national, a field of about one reality. You throw light trash cans in their home, grown on arms lying on the sun. Now, looking for reality, I'm looking for buildings how waste amount of variables possible- and you can take a certain weaponry- likelihood outweigh the stage as an ally in the fight. Is that no one in marine? You know the reality? Trains over a streak of six weeks? We're not talking about reality, not talking the purest form of the competition, did Frank Mere on Parker said that he did. He would never. He just recently started warming up because he considered a fight in the octagon he would. He was looking at his practice for a real street fight. Yes right, there's a maniac waters down like an armed fuckin weapon. Yes, illustrated very rapidly mania, very ready for the four these zombie apocalypse,
International aid producer crazy shit. I think all of us, if we wait for the guns are frank, would be like I've been ready and waiting to this moment my whole life crickets about where the gavel gather. Then, and I do love you soon. As I said, they will God. I love framework can have sixty guns on you, though. Yes, you fight right ground. He even one is look at this commotion with the upper cut. Miranda charter will kick. This is crazy right. We're missing pragmatism of Danes. Man plan be going nuts right now, you're afraid. One thing. I really worry about that all the years of yelling and the US have strengthened my vocal cords, my vote because we get our shape of a stout come now. Was tat or or will they lie, but then the young is a fuckin one hundred percent natural one finds out even realize, I'm doing it until it's out of it. So now you ve, never lost your passion for
How is it just keeps agreement? Yet even just around me thought. I said this, but just yesterday did podcast with Nick the two did his podcast. And a lover dude goodbye anytime, you come up with I got more. Why don't you come home again? You actually do I lay it on that for ten minutes, how much better but commentator you or than anybody out there and we know even fuckin- comes Brian stands good, Californians, good role in job, but I know get out. You can eyes, you can't throw it down like you, you can What does he hasn't personality jargon when you go to start talking about you have see, I feel like. Gamma four can be under a lower than average. You feel like this marching and added. Let you guys talk holy shit. You guys retain a lot more than I do. I have My head,
I don't have any kid boxing in like a mother, Fucker were no you watching this. How are you watching game of doing part cast three times a week and then on you gotta families in kids. They have been a lot of quality time with his party. Could you watching kickboxing, because your it's all that shares here's? How I look at the five year? Do you really sums up when we don't know? If I have the option of sleeping eight thousand night and not watching fights or sleep in six thousand nine watching fight at six hours? what two hours in writing sleep is. I will love it likewise. If we go to fully all the time holy shit, I never do the other two I have everything every life, conspiracy, theory document. All that's what
That's why you're paranoid and I'm your toilet. You rather killing you gotta problem Q, gigantic elites! We also need acquisition, sir, there he's either, unless it is by the back over two hours of flights. Every night, no wonder, is killing bear spyware. May resent currently We want to watch smaller organization, utilise arrests, their work and their wrestling baby will we make? for you, you want bugger, they refer to motionless, do nicely pairs earlier. Barely twenty I've got came. I want the real big sign, close friends. You can but kamikaze I welcome our great fuckin win. Nice guys, you know.
Man I want buys and everything's amateur I hold. You shall go with what I'm attracted to holy love. I love watching my tie that we want a lot of my time. Lately. He gone waves, though near like someone, I gone waves, and then I do that boxing. So for, like two weeks as balls deepen boxing, It is somewhat one man, but then I'll take a break from fighting the balls deepen. Cars would dude. I now go gonna go days, lots and hours of archery everyday. I wish our now or in the case of king. That's why well, it is irish, show you start shooting things with bows and arrows, and you realize that you get me.
Really good at archery to kill fucking Elk really messed with its gang adversary when the animal to apply until rogue and really I know you're gonna- be my falcon mass. Get me gotta Joe Rogan smoke nine June that reopening, but I know how to do it like. I can tell you where animals live be more than the life. You will be my leader. That's you listen. I lived in contrast, plains of my I work for six hours. Not no, not just listen, honey pot! Guess you, my pie, cast, like all my part, has its all like if there is to say all of it for how wars the fire genoa fit of home, and we have analysed the Unita, has united criticising the leader of the most powerful, apocalyptic
who ever going to lead an eminently a right to the list of particle of Dick where the fuckin super volcanoes gonna blow a mug want to be like right there when a boy, I'm so sorry are you guys guys are putting it also start under regional? Did you can call it Josie look far gonna keep gives you got me still needs you trying to get them back together. You know to make such a right down to bring you in update you on all that we need someone to whole parents when he can handle that. I I How do you say that we would like a paint arrivals level without really is a good thing? Is four hundred pounds We all the arguments I showed you are going to commercial freezes back their fleet. That is our shared by combining idea, more top dog does it rose in anymore, is frozen. Yeah frozen a solid, now, the all I want to eat it might have some do everything the elk the summer sausage does not frozen.
We're we're doing what we ourselves. Let you I'll be right when it should have a modern. Democracy may well just pointed that. What may whether Connor live on paper view? Zulueta justice wasn't no vampire everyday, my gossip, Gus outlaws. Syria's yes check this out, Josiah with the box in coming This battle we gale. This is for real avenant investors, investors in May, when matters when you find out about last investors and may weathers camp. The like really big in his promotion, say it's gonna happen in Prague in November, no shit about him, and may I go do no car Macgregor like don't. I should slapped the fuckin above you. Oh my god, Dennis why having dinner wife mats are net contributors wrote a bore, the other did. Ridable Gardena is they're. Gonna do stand up on Sunday night. The laugh factor you're on the show right? I guess I couldn't be on it because I'm doing a ramp up for my special in a few weeks, big. So why do you want me to come in? I have you re not doing Breyer, improbable habitual to sort out I'm coming in on Saturday to help them. I guess
good idea. Many more than anybody else. You throw anybody any fucking faggot. Vice China, both I think, Mature Jacamar, for me too, I was, I would not want to be an insult contest. Matera. I think mats era is pro Can we really gonna stand up dying away from the orator super used to public speaking and I think connected to does allow drugs should be lucky plus neck, is like an open minded, very small. Due to the really mother. I closed the tooth clause about the guys. I want to add that our he's, always our gas. I saw these so cool Norma Let us learn right away, but real smart open minded he's really interesting cat and alone Gotta go on site that you know that Guy Purple Bell and real leverage remained, isn't tremendous shape is at our borders. Is my age up? Tremendous shave usually are careful with his diet, he's a tight with half amend as rose and surely
Lay trains with him. What a nice so fuckin technical got down. When on Jujitsu rampage like a couple months ago, and I watched a lot of ices wash alot of rolling. I watched him role with some was hammer guy, who ruled with some Jake Shields when they put a video online. Every half, half and half resist this. Just in pay trouble impenetrable off his back and then once he swept Jake and he got his back. My Jesus Christ, you seeing just this you lasers, samurai shored scalpels fuckin sharpness of technique fascinating to watch. This, like small guy, not small, but I mean in comparison to Jake, Mean Jake's, probably one, ninety in a pretty wrong! Staminate, Ethiopia! I want eighties and maybe half as like one sixty.
I would just walk around one. Zero is fun whether we want that money. Does Abu Dhabi one garrulity five yet aim James. Now they were not a big guy he's, not a big guy out strong, like a big guy like you have some arose with him: undergo vow glass around like to underpin this world class. Above all night ass- I, u can pass out. I got my own body bomba on that brazilian beef before you know it, man dislike to steer strength that you develop from repetitive technique. Does like this like. If you look at someone's body, does it do like he's prove example, Michael Mcdonald, you know that dude frightened you have seen twenty one may be swayed to Mister, Waite. Kid knock out. Artists, man wicked, but if you looked at his body would never know. But what does it there's a strength in his ability to execute particular technically? I just got that group. Move carved in is, is synapses and when
unleashes shots man that is ferocious bombs grow, and you know, like here's, a perfect honey, paniagua honey I as on a big guy, but that Motherfucker gets your neck tell me sage, nor is they got squealing thing to say. Georgia is daddy, like six Adam Fuckin, hiking, up mountain retirees, Malaysia anxiety when there's baby strength like there's like on my son, went on your knock appeared like range and much more radical tours gotten term, our growing man's vacuous drought, the rest that hold your rest, I'm going to. Let you in others Young guy she's gone ahead at Genk are now that our fire breaks. E Commerce also join eighty five pounds, but I mean there's like we make this like some some ridiculous grapple strength. They certain do tat. Frazier fight, she'll tells us we will still be. There are literally every choke. It's not just to show you
squeeze in one child. Does another hundred Marcella Marcello, Inter Alia, Channel no Chrome Gracie. I don't grace I great guy. They originate always I didn't bring. Your job has caught US trial, but Brennan's also a gorilla but doesn't thing about cronyism. Croon looks physically imposing like when cloned Chrome doesn't have assured off you go when as a shirt off. Rather you look at em. You go with that. Kid is obviously doing something: he's obsolete some gymnastic. If what you are figuring branches like Fuckin, Ngos were daily, my god ridiculous. I saw Chrome, Video of him do in this shit on Venice Beach waste. Sound. Employees were swinging and flying through the air and catching the next barf and then swinging flying to the money is also a dime peace. They offer illegal, looking Gus, also very smart kid. He runs. The count me there and colder city vary in principle have sooner. However, here, take some pretty big heavyweights and to everyone to lose lit Linda
They stopped Buddy Siberia, crawl. Here's crawled check this should watch videos in Venice, but he's he does this shit on these bars. I could do this. Don't you yourselves have again. So am I not many where such would have the fluctuating want integration, Ojo dude? Is the linear, Michael Jackson, greatest fighter in the history of Jujitsu he's the sun, so can I use it on rarely wants and grim Hagen where those Marvin hackers action to discuss these he's in this manner, who also crones a bad mother, Fucker, Yankee, he's a bad mother fucker far. Yes, he's Gee its best guys ever and here's the thing man like his dad is a graceful time for sure his dad is like a legit like like a mystic alma.
His dad would roll. In four years the roomful, the bad, astute and you'll see fighters lot of a Hutu of Digital he walks in there. It was like faster, even I bowed down it should let me alone and make the one the one thing he has the most high level: jujitsu players, don't how did Louis when they're going to Emma besides a good, looks, is when you, when you're done, my just pure jujitsu weathered gear know ye. The fool guard is totally optional. You don't ever need to develop before. Are they just grappling, perhaps somewhat forgotten? I wanna play you open an innocent asian, our plan, you know, but in my garden, whatever full guard is totally are
theres many great jujitsu players at just at fault plan. For God, I'm gonna do some other chauvelin by Open Gardelle. Here we are opening up and Sir Swain around never really engage in this fool guard dimension. It's completely optional Guiana, GIG Nokia. If you want to Paypal Guard, if you d want to develop a fool You'll have to just open up your fuckin legs and then restart plant, a fine man, but our Mamsie Systems is what was but Emma. May it's the most important guard for God. It's thee me most in poor. You have two fuckin play for hard when a guy's trying to smash your flock and we are being sent, controls must and shall now. So now you are forced to play a guard the you didn't have to playing grappling ever now
I may, but Chrome is one of those rare jujitsu guys in his grappling. His full guard is its main wept, so he gets dude and full guard. That's his shit. If you watch is grappling or nokia grappling, he wants to get. You forgot The guillotine is among the best real. That's. Why he's doing good and ever may, because it may he's forced to play a guard that he wants to plan. Chrome has honoured me in front of a ton of people. Super embarrassing. Super embers has got a rough. Could series they were clap and wonders. Seven be made less right rolled for twenty five. It straight. We ll go back for no one tat, no tap derived from animals, and then it just came out of nowhere. It everybody stand and, above all in there beautiful Bulgaria Haliae yet appreciate it. You know you're a gorilla. That is why what ya for using windows, seven to hew small, now anti semitic, it's it's that doesn't matter
one of the most fascinating a world ever one, and I would argue, satisfying aspects of Jujitsu is at its truly one: the only martial arts where a smaller, more technical person can overcome a bigger more. Awful Pershing now unrolls Nemo vulgar live around guerrilla, that's a different girls. Maybe the Syrians eyes so far beyond, but I guarantee, if he got in there would Fabrizio reducing their, which is grappling Fabrizio, attacked them. You know, and I know it corrects: a hundred percent for peace is going to happen, bigger for bracy or change change, bigger, but it does. He sat at holler, there's a but there's a level gets to a certain level where the technique and overcome massive physical pecking order. Dude, it's fuckin! Look our friend Cade, you know like Cade is maybe one reading how much is gateway while thirty one, maybe one thirty five, that mother Fucker is put me danger: Tamagami lunch in times of weight, small at one, thirty, five me up and triangles where MIKE oh shit, I'm gonna have to tap
due to seventy pounds, Goin rampage, but I wouldn't be ok, I could do that. Is your friend in a specific and what I mean. What I'm saying is that we make this. Like my friend Danny my vote was lighted the mean Danny Danny taps Maritime. If, if Denny and all right now, I'm not have enrolled in a while, but if we were wrong- and he knows tat me he's better than me- there's even those more than me some of these Just a heretic and people get there just better. If there is like Marcello yeah, I was watching lines up with their way. Has anyone else? The miserable yellows goes back over style figure, you're fires? Have you known? Try this guy's, we can talk overcharged, try this horrible xenon is guilty as it is as any guys we're talking about an analogy. Multi, China, two thousand children, seem guy he's a man in all right. It's ok, others say, or do you didn't hear killer looking away from here? I am thinking about the poor. Little car listen now get its tit sucked. What
enjoy such another was a bill down enjoys like they have to give me prepares a good eye tax Aberdeen. His I love watching is a very fine Rick stories. Goddamn guerrilla will he's been out for a good rip, where's Rick story Ben. It's a long story. Tat part of it was the we do. I ran set ball there than in the bedroom door slammed Gazelle. You resolve their bread, the window over convertible star. Seventeen turn avoid that take down can get this fucking cheese. On my face.
What I mean is a very good thing and I just fuck anybody's it's so good. You got vacuous cheese. These one. Those thousand decided, cannot in fact that right now on those two suck everybody's tits, sorry guys she's gets me crazy, That sounds really raw cheese, Suchet's raw cheese pastoral immersed? Did you know they put by our group? yeah. I guess the gas station. They put that right lag when everything the Rhine, O Connell, I not just like sugar, just put it in every the german border. Six shit I did. I was gonna cut down on your by Andrew Agri Food. When we come back or I'll, be fine. We biography conspiracies. Had I Agri Association bought off Yale, profess,
to prove that it was a good first jeopardy and entered. What is our proper is good for indirect and they came up with a physical blood pressure medication, something what does ITALY. Tear gas sport. I believe those blood pressure and open up your you're capital at Eu Level, getting hard on you lately, my egg. It's illegal taken, the Olympics lawyer, burial, Let me give you more and derisory shots at that. You take fucking. Do not also I'm propitious was up for prostate cancer and they were grown here and there with the bugs Guantanamo issues and asked rise, Dotings authority and hold. I am don't take it. There was a cardiovascular. Thing for its ability for to lower blood pressure. Now,
That's right! Yes do! This is not good for you. How do you know it's done? First Walker they took when I got an army took it and it made him depress. Why are you got severely depressed? Who is due on how you might be? Maybe you ve been more happy if you were in a fast up, I'm not kidding that stuff is either very directly depression because it fucks with your bodies, ability to produce hormones. It suppresses diehards testosterone, which is a derivative testosterone. They cause you to get a ball and that of your overall system, and when you suppress that one aspect do system it could fuck up your whole. Incredible job is argument or where there is already like the same thing with gay rights populous talking gotta, be said, with a lot of hair and happy with Neuer. Ok, I love you and I are very different. Obviously but Joe, don't you think, or is the exception now super? press now, because it's a commonly used by common scientist supposed to know what the common side effect you are gonna shit and it changed. It changed
as I said here. That might be anecdotal, does know it kept his hair. Barely just like me, kept my hair barely and when I got off of it my body felt way better I'd more insurance. I was thinking I had chronic fatigue syndrome, housing why my fuckin at all times hard for me to muster up energy to work out. It was doing it all. On willpower I got a propitious, my body was and so thirty percent better. It is ridiculous, like urban, on a drug for an urgent here guy and I got off into our society- I ran out, it's been about very modest, but I've gotta go back on. It does make me feel better about feeling bad. It's like you still here, was born or low overall egg, baloney unity at ten years, eventually it's gotta. It's got of costs keep her ourselves for. Do you don't come? You know, that's all about! Do
don't come with that. Another jerking off just jerking off and have regular sex is the best reduce your prostate cancer affects all do Jews com backs up inside them like old sewage, adjusts dues, hours, Iraq, ways at airports. Think if you took the gun, Harry Shits left me a toilet and what that would do anything Why are they upon these worthy Harry? I'm not a kite hairs that are breaking off from your asshole. I wax my awesome here is my asking the way my fart sound they cause They certainly get somebody else's foreign. Anything online. Can I take a clever idea of clear. Do actually believed there, there's guys we're getting to a certain age and they just stop jacking off.
Depression allotted passion, I do a lot of guys lose their task. Account guys know how to prevent any care will accept. Like I can. I can. I can exploit Sundays. I urge you to produce here. Isn't it everybody fuckin jack, something we weigh more, Nor should we there's somethin weakness? particularly now that we mean is that we need. Start, a movement had hashtag jerking, off, more or or maintenance man achieves your body help. They all looked at some neighbouring adverse low Diana s neck. We ve been an end to slow down now. I can slow down, shares our ones, all aggressive, slow down the load, the powerful tool. Just a little bit Brandon disadvantage,
He knows that enable maintenance. Does the lumber? Decrees? Listen when you first what Eddie you- and I can't talk about him because he's got gladiator genes lose body. Bodies like that are mounted decline. Suppose I we should all over the layers of Harness Clare. I gotta have to sit with I'll. Tell you like six five. Six war, six bore me: she's carnivores, commonly thanks for natural to forty is shut the fuck up every, but you gotta come allowed by the girl. I'm writing just skulking. Your neighbor give me a community that emotion or their last night, till girls take my wife. I want to raise my own raise your child. This in a row I gotta come they'll, be fucking Viana do a deal
with story on his back. That's crazy. Savaging took story now: Aberdeen trains with guys like Henderson yeah. Well, that's what we went to when he first, I do get into anime game good. They advocate in good order. Olympic wrestler Stop this bullshit good climate change that black lot to Lily. I warn we know that fight with Nate Mark ART was a fuck. An excellent example of a guy who's got just like super fuckin high level. He technical lie things for the sake of NATO is trying to eat it for a while and then, when you need a few those you like you like, oh my god, I'm stuck in a pattern and then it gets here Joe gotta pay right. You gotta worry about what you can't go against a high level bought the kick box like those globs gonna check on. Let me ask you this: have you ever had a fight? We went into it and you were too.
Relax. You were too coffin Albania, you ask you Roy Nelson Roy Nelson, but did you big not fight that we wait to relax long one, that's a bad place to be, as, like everybody wants to be super confident. Will you don't want to be too confident? Ninety thinkers, obviously it's just its immediate- varies with person to person, from instance to answer, but I would think that you're almost better off being fuckin tariffs I agree in dealing with all the horrible feeling, because our member type window days whenever I felt like two good about things I didn't find, never let go. I fought like clumsy, and I was too aware of what I was doing instead of being instinctive and and like real fast with sharp unfair lied area, but but nobody wants to deal with that feeling that all of the day of the way ends this day or spar lots of fucking. But it's also what makes Mickey graph and its also what makes the experience of being victorious soap.
Mushroom, when you see a guy like chuckle, Adele Wrong, around the cage and he railways hours about how wrong when he would roar likely knocked out Tito when he knocked out boss. I more did the same shit exactly like you, gotta realising that feeling doesn't just come from victory. That feeling comes, all the turmoil in the did the fuckin who knows what's going to happen, You know that the only comes from when it comes to jog, as you know, how much picture goddamn, legged jack, The best pigeon you see here. Is that like much those trunks these I got, you know much pussy. This is get me, that's the truth, a job, but it enables an animal which are as good as the winds are when you that scared, when you do lose wheelchair. What's this can happen, you lose the worst way. Those same fears like fucking do that man That means the same pay off their summits is certainly that is well. Certainly those
well and they alone the highs or has also guys worthy start realising the loaves are coming repeatedly and it doesn't seem like as an escape for them, and you gotta realise, where the consequence of these laws their permanent, like a really smart guy MAC Danzig like when Maggie Danzig decide to retire. Yours, I that's a smart He should before that you may be, but it's hard to see when you're inside of it very few people may included, can see themselves as well as other people can see you, because we all have a certain amount of protective layers of ego and of narcissism, international fund of anybody. Anybody this trying to do good, an eighth of anything you you have to have a certain mouse self esteem and in order to pursue that goal in a cloud of fighters unless more man for sure for sure, but most must also be most likely. There motivation for getting in the first place as they had really low self esteem and one point time in life and fighting showed them the way our fight, like so many fighters come from abuse
of backgrounds, step fathers that we're assholes and all that shit, oh shit million with the fuckin question mark over the o, without story, no story landed at night and he didn't know Sefton did then he turned and oh Jesus Christ, which want to wish all crazy I read whose don't go out an election is that if she d via its bold asked she or the wine that we ask. Why is this we want to guarantee that is two thousand and eight or co like you is, has turned to have we therefore bottles are we lose tonight? Do we have to reimburse you for this now? You know oil is count. You know I'm through because the Ici throw into our box will call you ve nobody squarely caustic Missouri thing with less. Right now you serve and show your bow. Once I did. I keep asking
come over deadly dont climatic, you occasionally she'll, be there. I throw you dont get specific and you don't get proactive. Even sly need to start. Let's talk about these matters, but have a series of other serious talk right now, Lady Agnes, ideally earnest about how much you ve. This is one of the things I decided, because you can't tell me: do you how to do archery. You wanted to get into bow hunting, so I said: okay, what I'm going to do is I'm going to give Brian a bow and I'm going to we'll see how pro active you get to this end really hasn't hand Attard. John John, I give you a nice job going on this. Yes, I am you shot. Aren't you stay out of this room? Brian kill animals. Yes, I seem Brian Kill and butcher deal not Ryan Brian a good shot. He's a fucking com, dude under Portuguese It doesn't mean you legacy brides, craziest fuck and I love and death by that dude stays com on the trigger
amateurs time if I needed somebody to shoot for me in all your first one of my number one piss out of a guy and keep it, we only get one so fuckin crazy. You can keep it together. Depression. Sarkozy that undermine Cowan can fuckin can be armies running in Brien's direction. I guarantee Brian will shoot as good as he is. He would if there was no one. There is no doubt about that because having gone through their whole life in my head, it's crazy he's crazy We're way he's a smile and guy. That knows how to shoot. That's true in a weird way. Now, as I look at me, I'm dies down your. I now have a common over us and was constant. I'm coming all that's Bob, that's the we met in as how much money we have is a grand I'm in here is a great honour and is one of the best human beings is ever walked or face. The plant article eight meal is. That is why it is a gem of personalities. Life drew she'd she's, a painter. I tell you was this painting the painting of him on a cell phone
This is how we are better, like this working out its powerful first. Like how much longer we have here, we were laughing so hard beautiful. My first like homo sapiens. Yes, we're talkin shit on a stick busily there's a more that looks like shit. We barely pigeons Andy's faithlessness, meanwhile Rick's or in tax after the war were like those assholes in my pocket. First rather drunk a fitter generally pay the taxes antigay turn up. I swear to God who travels go this way This idea is another dimension. Rather there needs to be illegal. In short, we get a vague in the jobs on the while common in this week. Signing crime. May I kindly fish, you know they hunt for wild plant edible plants. What about our idea? What about that?
they never wild inedible plants. A boy I think, there's gonna be Saramago, can be a real problem soon with plant intelligence, whether that understanding things about the way plants communicate with each other arable land there not much different, then look Octopus, it's really super arguable. There would probably need Octopus write his octopus further. I mark a share, really Klingon region expressions right. There will not be that the communicate through the text or their skin they can killing in that they have asked that they blast in front of things they get there. Away senior there. We can say that the US is like a shadow ties, I'm a freak out with that eyes. We can talk over each item. I'm sorry, someone acids back up to thirty. One about this was like spin What do you mean we cause you're saying you? There's a real good argument between the plant life and that the house, my plan is I'm I'll, get really worried about that. Now, good dog, termites, bandaging
You ought to be a podcast certainty if you wanna be willows yet so high safety, I share with you. Some temporary will watch this browser. What we say here, Octopus. It's been inch. Oh, what you are saying that there is a real argument about plant life, how smart their convenience ale? Will we plants right? Will the yeah well did the organ is that we're starting to understand the plants community region with each other and very strange way, don't eat octopus. They have more genes, and you do I love it. I saw it at All- is well placed to wish not to eat parents, fragile, We have those chickens. This runs out like Octopus. Israel's plants react
and it is also our but the same weight levels. They do calculations ears with weird about plants. They do calculations and communicate with each other and we're way. Look: here's a perfect example: acacia tree of indication, trees up wind or yeah. It's up when in animals eat it like a giraffe each at the wind goes down and windows down hits the other case, trees and change the way they taste what they become bitter. Why fact, these prom with animals that are down wind of a constant breeze, were they will literally gifts starved to death because won't eat their preferred food because it tastes bad in organizing localhost plants about that yeah. How about that There is also too weird communication going on also with the ground itself, because we look at the ground is ranges dirt, but it's not follow. It's an ecosystem is filled with all sorts of different things and, most importantly, it is a big factor, decomposing plant and animal material which gets absorbed into the ground like when you we plant food,
You plant like vegetables, and they have to add soy. You have to add minerals to the soil. You have to add fertilizer to the soil for most lands, because we ve depleted the minerals in the soil. But when you go to the woods knows, adding shit. Ok, what's happening as things are decomposing the recycling animals are taken, closing bodies, Org also two things that are left behind on rural life. Yeah I mean it's, it's legitimately what it is and plants need that as much as they need water is like this constant thing going on. So without animal life and animal life dying These plants are not going to exist, liar easy lighting and their existing eating, this weird fuckin ground and then water and then their breathing in ox gin and spitting or breathing in carbon dioxide and spitting out oxygen, dude hovel? A brief. Why tribe, oh yeah, the things who man at the plant
how about lying about one we Amazon, each rats die, dies, a player that errs on plant that each rage Amy Jamie notions. We played this a dozen times, there's a fuckin plant, Amazon that honey dicks round and it closes up on its? Is fat crazy. Look at this mouse, just sweat this. What this whole watch? What happens? Oh, that's! A rapid Sweden there exactly sweet and slippery, and this Mouses Fox Ville. Now that mass is not getting out. Never they get eat. That's a Venus. Why try ning com, how my eyes the Fraser did that rag go down and will never come back. Heads on the red went to read: have so that we know what it's like the little Sharma hers. How do we know? I don't know about that. We talk is proud.
Want a video measuring influx of airline companies. Pulse is bullshit, would it not as propaganda the as propaganda is? What is that Jamie you're fucking Jim. What is this same plan? What does it eating a little rat Has this shit it's hard to say it's weird photo. I see the rat assigned lying all snap, it's over! It's a little rat myself this around that's! It is clear that trip to know why the fuck is a plant eating rats them Can you said you'd want to omit digested, look. It gets nutrients from it the same way gets nutrients decomposing, plainly gravity animal matter that gets into the ground fuckin place, I was going to say, as I play islands all of the fertilizer that we use today either it has. It has have nitrogen in it. Cuz it's like one of the key components, but a lot of like what it is like, especially people make compost. That's like the best people throw their food ways.
And then they throw worms and leaves and everyone, cereal, decomposes yeah. That's a decomposing. You can use your garden and that's like one of the best way. Sir replenish uterine? That's what you do that ship TAT guy now to check storage as one? Yes, I compost. I grow a grove, vegetables, Hamley chickens, but Happily makes me happy one Eight solidly, like some tomatoes that I grew it makes me happy to make me feel good feels good, It was it it's a weird we call man like Croatia actually is it's one of those things, I think he's telling you have you ever caught fish before you earlier these Craig Road English. When you catch efficient solution, oh shit, you're! U get excited, apparently, there's also a similar reaction to people that are, if you're a bug collector like a moth color,
during my friend, but I like you, I don't have any friends. Do that! There's something because we human beings for a long period of time were apparently insect divorce, restore one that fight with Baron. It's already just barely we do. What is Jamie a horse by the bridle snake? Warsaw Gillian somehow my letter. Where letter all all my gotta eat, check out it consumes that it's crazy a horse. Just luck with US dollars, tease, while squish them like a cab now so we were brainwashed to believe never herbivores while they are for the most part, but when they get a chance to each checks. What a page eighty moved the fuck out of the way Why that's like you're, smart chicken? Just a baby children, a camera whales, smart, one, its little ground grass, that's crazy, where'd! You find them. I forget where I saw, but I must say,
My group will have you ever seen dear chase birds and eat them. What the fuck, no there's a few dearie birds regularly, not only that there is a fence that was put up and it was one of these weird manning's and dug it. Birds got stuck in the netting and deer were eating the birds out of the netting some evil. As down the purchasing of an earnest, couldn't differentiate between the hole in the string and they ran right into it and got stuck done. The birds, the dearest Eightam and they just needed the protein- is they don't give a fuck about Since its really going on there not Bambi not just like we have a real in this country. In Disney's fact our Brian's is TAT were a baby. I love oh dear juice, friendly. I can't honey, I'm gonna get over that pussy. I'm trying to kill, bears Doug our colleague, beers, be or power. Each permanent. We don't want to do something about it, even though it is a better beers in all the good Look! I'm all other Jimmy
I am not here to say: have yours for gas, for rail, none of them, I need to get hold. I know, but you set it up on a percent. Tell me why you set it up with all of you who know me unto after now. Ok we're, ok, here's! What we're earlier hunters is. What would do care for here? Do an August Bear Hunt with Rifle Buck the area of us. You guys you pussies keys rifle of unease about. Listen, you, the other employment, this week. I come over to do right always used both promo rifles. I'm come over the goddamn, I worry is. When you have machine gun, I don't allow, shall use that problems. I had already ready. Some procured ready so ready. You intend courageous, rarely and TIM cannot everywhere about this sum this camp, that we would go to in Alberta, my friend John Jen Rivet, their fuckin awesome human beings and it places amazing
gee I, and what kind of is, and here like the happier now but blackberries innate there's grid Tuesday. I saw a grisly. I saw grazing where we're on a but near it on the way I saw links us on many many moose meal. Dear all, kill you right. Yeah saw him in volume you gotta doom during certain times war in the dead. The bare time partners, a thing about bears is like it actually does help the population because they eat babies. They cubs outside you kill, the big bores it actually is good. For the popular tiny to hear sounds countering tonight. That's all you didn't have a reason that I'm doing conservation like child services. While it is it's, it's it's a side effect of hunting fuck up like here is one thing that my friend Ben O Brien pointed this out. This weekend is good buddy. My used to write for Peterson's hunting magazine he's are super. Intelligent, guided, came hunting with us and what face? It he said is like honey is caught content.
What is the side effect of hunting and until we're honest about that, people are going to always have this argument against us or against people. That hunt, because, like people like to say that hunting is conservation, it is but it's a side effect of you really want to hunt, because you want me you're not try hell yeah, but then this people dont and they don't even really want me. I knew a dude whose to hunt all the time he hated wild game behind it cost us to kill beef easily. You live secure, he enjoyed hidden. He was a real problem. Do then that he's got he's, got other but there's something about how the horse, but I gotta told it, doesn't anyone honey when you wake up in the middle of nowhere, as in your walking through like Unalaska? There is something very primordial and very interesting about like not knowing what you can see around the next corner, but when you- and I will do that- that Island Alaska is one way to my favorite times as our human yes, that is when we were in Montana, we're in Alaska S only laughed. We left so fuckin and miserable tell anything
we have examined. We both did what in Alaska Unanimous did Joe how, along with the bigger humpy while the baron I just did. It was three days of honey, three one day of travel on each answer was a five day hunt and I was unsuccessful. My front camera he shouted seven foot eight Bear Daytona. But if we ate that bear by the way in its final Delicious, what about the rug and you gonna make a run on how we use every day processes for the road none? I will use every aspect of the bear, but the thing about bears, as they do two things: one they eat cubs like all of one hundred. Son of a mechanic. That's all I need to hey all come out now they come at a hibernation coming to hibernation. Looking to get a cab don't call, the cops are easy, so they going to dance. Is a female tend to sleep leaders in them later than the mail, and it's something that set up because nature knows they don't have any predator. This natures like a complex, but really
Efficient system in nature realise that there's these things are bears nothing can fuck with them other than them. They are so what it did as it made the men cannibals words are very different from wolves, see, wolves you get a wolf- could have a battle and get killed by amount line. These videos, online of wolves getting killed by amount, must really recent one. The Jamie I play the other day of a mountain killing a level where the guy the right on Mount? Yes, exactly foreseen and crazy marijuana are just Waymore gangster. The world wants to suck my mind, dangle lousy. They have no rights. Mount lion is like having a random and is prime and a wolf is like a fourteen year old girl, in a Fuckin, Mcdole jobs, variety class, further loss of my favorite analogy of all, but this amount mine eaten a wolf. You just kill on a wolf. Would it's fucking face? Will cats urgent, is not muscular guy cancer is going,
there is any animal, that's ever live, they kill crocodiles in the Amazon. The tiger kill but surely use it. But if you surely seen these jaguars kill crocodiles I mean I've only seen time Tiger the Pool Not Joe Jack, you aren't you, I hate you in the camel he's got a wife and his face. That's our sole gangs and look around involving he's. Not freaking out, is barely breeding and just slowly killing. That will end by lawyers and by the way for the Puma, the Puma, and that's how you look at the Puma is considered the most athletic of all cat. Yes, your correct it NASA House cat by the way they see it Tat was big as appear motivating. The house can be running shit. Yes, it beat and eaten cacti animal nuts. Weird love the want. The Anna like about love, never now here I don't know, ask TAT. I love. I trust. I have to confess that I am failure. You know you know a man. I gotta bullshit about cats now that they hold our voices, Watson
the sacrifices Jaguar sneak up dial job that mother fucker? He each crocodiles socket come on to look at them, Cree, don't fuck with Jackson, guys, I'm a shed jobs are no joke, thereby ensuring fifty pounds by those associated with this all swayed me towards liking. Caskets can't be, let go my house cat, so I like to watch their water crocodile swims out their water babies. Whims act has little fuck in Ireland and the Jaguars yea I've been you pig, lizard war creep in through the water and super watch. This lay over here, he carries them off carries carries you would carry a rule of toil looking through the water God dealing with media. We can't you took him in the end. We can just really this house. You can show why she answered in duty grabs.
Drugs, baggily learning and daddy always those them back in the wilds. It's not gonna move homey. He controls that body so well, swims across goddamn or of any. If you got a ten year old boy ahead, locked you think he'd be wary of us women with em yeah fuck that it could be a problem. The current proposal. Those fuckin jaguars. If so, gangster super I saw gangster miser. Do that so with bears because they don't have natural predators. They ve nature is developed this. This really dark dark system where the males eat debate has so the struggle is constantly the males so dry and eight other babies in order to bring the woman back. The female migrants lack an asterisk, so he can made with her and pass on his own genetics and just the fact it's hard to come by protein because they run fairly quick, but they don't run its course. His dear so the only dear they get to eat religious willingly are the baby's or the injured
when we honestly fawns, so they say that bear in Alberta, eat fifty percent of all moose calves and dear gotta kill when we also, alas, we saw female bear with her. Cub and cameras. Will ya, What was his name ass, yet I'm gonna sell us. Yours said that probably what was going on, which you are keeping him in the highlands is her baby away from the males who yeah down yeah, because she was keeping my pie way too. Late in the cities in just try to protect his life, because the males and they say mother nature as a mother fucking out, but you say mother Nature as a mother fucker. Well, what I'm saying is that people love animals. The sentiment is beautiful, but when you, when you really try to let all your predispose. Are you prepared to Congo anthropomorphic fishermen's It is a little of that. Putting given authorities, it's not just answer
I think it's also even the love of actual animals that are in our environment and are not trying to eat squirrels and birds and dogs and cats, and pats that you and I both have we both love but there's a big goddamn difference between all of those things and then the while itself, which this weird system in this weird system. Wildlife biologists have studied this weird system over decades and they have concluded that there's some benefit to removing sir dominant mails from the equation and that's what you hunt and that intended about rhino, you know: what's it well, that's one of the reasons why the quarry Knowlton guy got off the hook, whereas the lily, idler guy, that's like your DNS, yes, they're, going to kill their rhino. Anyways arena was killing other male rhinos, yeah, so Corey in spending tuna. Fifty thousand dollars, plus two too
on killing that right now we re said like a hundred fucking families. Yes, not only do they feed a hundred families who gave tuna fifty thousand dollars to conservation desperate, Hector, rivals and killed Arroyo. They we're gonna, have to kill and yes, which carries out the rhinos it helps other. But it's so complicated, because you would think that if you'd love rhinos the lasting and want to some dude paying money to kill arena you'd, like that's ridiculous, That's just education, but when you say you hunting takes out the big males that kill all these out. What you hunt, how do you? How can you tell the different just size? That's what at size you tell my eyes. I tab. I smell thing or brightness it's called game. I am, I am game, knows you Fox, meanwhile Ambrose, but by Jeremy. Yes, the goddamn comin event away. I had a browser see on ice obvious things like this. Guy's had about a good fight, that's what I say when I work. This is gonna, be honest with you. This is the number one argument from me: never doing commentary again,
this is ass. You, like best we're hammers, we're having to say what is this really say something really cheesy. I haven't overwhelming feeling of kinship for all my friends here. I know it's easy, but I love you. I love you guys to discuss a little and am not drunk Santa it's an umbrella unbearable more than a million human beings feel the same way: Jeremy, Stephens and Henna, brows and Motherfuker. What fight is Jeremy Stephens is ready to throw bombs, super confident and Hannah Brown first time in one hundred and forty five, knowing exactly how is gonna do one of the best knockout strikers in this debate and a hundred, perhaps more sales he's more scale. Henry had a brow. Don't worry that not had a browser guy who well trade and take shots, can you can take a shot for me Stevens all equality body? Can I don't either? not only slowly viaducts out one. Fifty five knocked out the chip Dose Angelo exactly with a ruthless apricots Jeremy Stevens is no Joe heart reprisal harder sooner. Forty five
one of easy, there's gotta Gregor guys it gets you ve forgotten about the origin, lots or that we take some controversies. This guy Jeremy, Stevens versus Conor, would be fucking chaos. Don't be surprised environment leaving wins. It is your fight, if my God, I think, arouse gonna, be Germany still jewish shut the fuck, Let me get my no idea what's gonna have neither do I can find already brought. No one knows what can happen. I know exactly was owing to tag them. The stray right keeping his head and correct hid behind the ear. Not a good plays Stephen that's, not an accident summaries. Singing IRAN, Correct hid behind the air is very wrong. I'm allowed to be of noxious about call your mama, oh well, I taught by every time you have not told you chair, Miss Stevens Head, like a bread the considerable all she might have left the house.
SK arouse brow gaelic scrape. Have we forgotten ugly brow? He was without a doubt when the best in the world one thirty five tail and I think it's better for him and one forced too much of a beast formed a cut. They said they said and always kill them. So, for you know you might be a monster. Forty five, how about members also of Euro five up all we know where he would never know they train. I don't be surprised, throw some light ass. I am. I don't want them to and I want them to want France. If I really don't like it I'd I'd, be down for twenty four hours a day, filling this kind of fun. There is sacred things I feel it is kind of funds on villages Walter shields and those got here? You doesn't think it's fun, though I don't care. What did I but that they make the match. I dont care, but my personal opinion, listen, I hired you know, I love every match by call every match up with with love, love em all. But I don't Finally, I know a lot of these guys and want to see them further. Yeah of Hamburg round all those fighting, you gotta call you agent in less this one.
Say in last they'll want to fight their friends. Think it's ok! Let you I am saying Juliana. Penny has very close with me, should take an apparently Juliana pain you set out fighter for the title and, if she Windsor next fine, I expected a win a fighter for the title. Also, you cool in their cool because they're both coup that apparently they realise its business? That's like changing Adele and they'll go back to being friends with each other at where's TIM Kennedy and wise enough, Jim TIM Kennedy still serving him. Kennedy is still involved in multiple things. You can't talk about it, but is also trying to get us haven't given the matter, but it would take a fight again and in others there's a religious problem I start new noise, but TIM Kennedys, a very vocal critic of all sorts of different things. He listened to Kennedy is a legit war hero and you you, you can't get legit war heroes.
Play games now, but also when I speak, I cannot tell I speak your matters. You Nazis, he's a critical thinker, he's not a haters critical thinker. He's at the highest level is an at the highest level, every every sport every endeavour, every application I knew Raynham your own creativity in your own ideals, but that whatever you're trying to pursue in this life should be done to the highest level. So all criticism should be taken into consideration, whether its valid or invalid, and a guy, like TIM Kennedy, I think, is an important voice. He's an important work is easily Jed. Human being I mean he's a is legitimate. A man gets this outrageous human, American and the fucking you have seen for what it does. Is one species, everyone far short and should they should he's legit mean I've LE jet, like master? respect, fair minded, guy and he's a smart. Do you mean you know what you mean people are dead. Man don't think you down, because these people on the other side I sat in the world and
Ideally, yes, we would all love peace in love, but occasionally you have to deal with assholes avenue. We have to realise that there's religious zeal, Some crazy people talk nearly zero women about ices and see how nice people are budget, how badly they loved every guy like taken tenders all throughout history men. Would you say if I rises DE as it is what they did that community in Iraq. The israeli women were, I consider the most beautiful women they had fair hair blue eyes. Your great hair and big tits, I'm only know. The fact is that there is the idea how right elbow Uti, Ermengarde many white skin, where you could see your whole handprint we spend. Did you say to row, sir? I did not say that I really had sixteen, but if you didn't say that Europe has a few hours world, that bottle was the son of the multitude of women on a planet wagon on Y, a raw per with red.
Our powers. Did you say that I did say that sir, if what he knew ass to the waste ratio? Yes, that's always very lives. A man, ass old ass, large ass to Frazier. What is that? I don't kill you. Let us not a man in his fucking that a ruin your whole life, a buddy, milestone me love his girlfriend, those girl reality was dating and they you know they got to know each other. Where a few times and one day he went back to her place and she shook her wasters too big creaked amount, Much luck. I wouldn't fuck around with a he's like she's, really good. Better ways to think I must have been a ladies man. Was she wasn't? Even I guess so there must have been. Is she wasn't even overweight? It's just like it. He didn't like her demand I've heard that aspiration to grow take gets wait here. He has hold on hold on what happened. I said I had a girl. Take your clothes off, she had Harry Ass talked about it before she was blown ass whole know every I'm. Sorry, tat genes are her to her cheeks,
She had black hairs on her romp Lansky up and guess what I did: a fake, the stomach ache, I would have far too issues a female where well after I came, I felt like I was trying to make her a voice. Help us bring her up passive paleo yours, you don't give Accra dump some caveman Those are just just hear all over ass. Do that's right, my proudest Romany, why might have issued a huge debt breadthways? Why not a common political issues away european share big beard, but shows a great girl other not she was a pretty pretty well, it has.
The dignity of our thoughts on this fucking, a wonderful girl mouth I couldn't we only data like six months, had smelly feet to ass. Man feel sure diapers Job look at home alone, Inanimated cartoon of Joe We must work on that. There's one hundred Scott Carnage and can do this in a brow, got right, we're job cuts and there's not a one. Stevens really needs to work around trouble. His travel use wobbly before stand still in front of them to man. He's gotta move Jerry's at a time. He's had got tag. What browser going too far about members eyes, hers we think he's he's here, Is planet using queerest regularly come over the top three deftly got hurt, but you gotta go
There- is a novel and yeah fighter and one of the things about those training camps, a novel and yeah those guys go to wrong over these stopped listening, rather pressure boy, that's hard to believe I address this star right. It's why a culture that, once I wasn't sure enough progress, establishes a strong, fifty five, but he forty fifty five really struggles had done. A forty five was brow was fighting at thirty. Five and struggled their citys more comfortable. Forty five Stevens figure bone character. S thinking, I believe, is an inch taller to looks. Well it's finally height and wait for these guys, yeah Jamie Jane he added she. May I please do we say hi. Seventy one tat. I was quite five minutes as I've not essences different witnesses. Fifty nine inches first about not five six says he's
Neither is why are defined and he's got a rough. That's five! Seven! That's five sexist sixty nine, five! Nine! five or six knives footnote sixty sixty five seconds. I said it is this five feet looks like he's in MID Hickson Gracie AB work out a certain imprisoned, as he has sixty. Nine is five nine right August, twelve years five six environment and then sixty six. So ok, five, nine five six. But when you look at them, Edinburgh doesn't look that much shorter than em. It just looks like more slender and not as like thing yeah like doubling Irma terms at its word, when you're bended at the knees and move incorrect thick is grounds I understand all bacchic by my egg Vision is getting so shitty that it's hard for me to tell what that blown up we're going. Nowhere lies
whether its has sixty nine inches or five foot. Nothing I mean I have beautiful. Life is like I've just at that point, where the six as blurry, even as big as it is hamson, so depressing Theo wear glasses, I brother, but only when a red things. What about the laser rose and that's no good? I did it's beautiful, but it's only good for certain types of corneas, Molly issues with your Europe, your retina singing rabble rousing long distances, none now much more its close distance, but even long distance. Not so, I have no problem. I think here see closer now, I'm still probably have pretty good vision. Like I see you Crystal clear, I see you critically has reduced slightly, read it, but it's it's this there's a certain amount of aura numbers. Is it not clear? Lay like It's a gave it to me lights. I look I'll put these glasses and ban and money it's crystal, so just where those like Malcolm X or now, Now that you should now
I wanted to get in the way that my contacts offer good and put the contacts out. This word classes they say for sure you're lucky I do my sister eventually but your problem of late sixties, like Cathy Griffin than a real issue, Apparently the what doling out exceptions, the Crispin Lovelace a right and a browser download Aristotle, o o o. Look I'll. Take that back. Don't kid yourself, german Stevens, amazed to see results where you out, bigger Stevens is also trading partner for Dominic Crew training alliance mean who's down there with Ill Eric Delf year. One of the most underrated coaches in the world knew where the lancet went to black ass. To me, I used a bull Thummim August, but he was there forever maybe Breton hears about our tools there forever, but I think they brought him in the black house, and Oil Davis is out of this alliance camp. There monstrous dustbin got down and goes to put up with him. They are the Pearson. Did they give us when a fight? Phillip glass, I feel a Gustafson just said something about not knowing what he's doing
thirty city lost the dry right, so you what he flew from Sweden to San Diego received the fire. Still there is still a question. I gaily man. I think he comes from money gases, nothing is he's got a lot. How dare you see? I don't think so, but you know I think you do. I think it's I'm money as these families that has a lot of money. If it's not even the myths and was always a kind of a problem child grown up, but now he's a superstar. Are you hard into his heart gonna bodies that training when you're, already kind of awry people from Stockholm and listening goes only joking about your money. He's a study that brain in here Don't worry fisheries deals with slight haven't macaroni is the only money is under just as it is a high tax rates ex something like crazy, like sixty percent of low doses of sand bridegroom, saint Americans, better yeah
she's Amerika son. I care whether for containing agreed to pay one percent taxes suck my dick you have to live in Scotland or where the hell you leave you, son of a secular, such dear retrograde, were really live home is a beautiful city in swimming that war in the water there. I believe what you might as well be living on the moon. Excuse added to shows all I'm sorry has weighed I'm sorry, I'm outraged. I did do chosen sock I suppose you think I'm from money Here there is a fuckin monster I'll. Do you gotta war or John Gonna, get rich transmitter really customer? Why don't you, Google, it dont say trust me trust me. If you're not sure, better than Google. I bought it. You shall have an inside scoop on out. To be honest with no, do you
well. I do I know I'm a guy. I promise I hate Zanu, not trained what that guy we comes from I'm not saying you got some billions, but he comes from a well to do family Okays worlds, not unlike the honest saying anything bad about him. That's what does it think? I'm a good family are successful, I found was very successful and apparently he was. I guess he had. Some problems grown up. Ok hold on your phone right once looked at what our? How do I look at our goods? Google AUS undergo citizens childhood. I wonder oh my god. I didn't evangelize just plug it in man. I just don't feel like Jamie, find only through a young Jamie will find that here the tastes like, I think, he's a spectacular persons, Onawandah disparages background and if he did come up from a hearts, I will exist if you want more and more lasting. I'm gonna here is the kid over. Their thinking should have acted shit, making
things there he's a billion is, is this is the kind of others uncle Gate Uncle Gates, Jerry Stevens Drop and bows drop and knees? I feel like light heavyweight needs or dust remain the renaissance, tough guy. Real, tough guy. When the best thing I close, it was the one in a whirl title planets and a true blonde com, a true blonde trillion, a big man, ammo and no one had I mean he took a final matter. One man, one is Jimmy manuals knocking out anybody, everybody pennants bleeding man. What happen Stevens is we're just gonna fight. What happened in that points to find our inheritance having trouble hurting Stevens with this damn it's got. A big head turned me just taken gonna walk through it. Keep pressure on him like this ouch outdated,
poor boy. He loves that other term Africa guys what means one of his most spectacular light real guys, you're driving, the USA starts adding CD. I blood like live. If you do it like that, authors imaginary was taken down my elder centres. No now do us if you could watch you see through snapshot and you could make a Brad Pitt Filter rather egg in Angelina Jolie pointed out to the death call you by Angela Morale You can motorcycles their bodies you can make like cyborgs body like you could have cyborg fight came Velasquez next, Amber doom fights came, she's turned, I warn you, don't like really any Wash Williams. Fucker was into hail asteroids announced in this fight. Let me ask acquires girl from frozen for frozen back in inviting and winning others snapchat.
Does a crazy, may I cry you could take your face plump and shops body. He could say anything there. As Brian Cowen, I'm goin to even the good needed the body. I don't fuck with NAFTA. Do you do do not do you guys doing episode where you play each other the whole time. Your incorrect you're carrying out the whole about idea. Am I value ride back to get episode for three b Paragraph Kansas hide you she's done she's disturbing, directing wonder woman. I don't give a fuck what wonder what we can? We salute the fighter and the kid making its number one, and I too am tv show last night, and I have no idea. Do you guys? number, one on Itunes, comedy tv that Scotland, gray edibles can't crazy about you know were proud of what we ve learned kind of crazy. That's incredible! You not number three number! Six! Isn't? U dont number two! I gotta start taken my success in. I don't, I always think of myself of the failure densely affair,
I am definitely failure, but at least It's my way. You count bad agent basketball levy. Have you the envious man, we're gonna believe enjoy? Look at you suck at software development, you're, never gonna, win that car there are so many things I ve, never gonna do tell your camp. Does anyone know how I called Tiger him time to do? He knew I was you know MIKE Mike exercise through that's fine right. There look at these two guys to killers. Good luck, then we can find the night. Night, then these are good run. All does himself. One fuller: when paying attention did you get my internet either to India inherited wanting to hear I walk about fights, I'm so sorry. I feel bad, not me. If you expect
we're just gonna die welt fights ram your face into your wall. Theirs, I mean there's now we would never do that. We feel that we can count, isn't important admit, like things you're, a failure as important in you, and I have had this conversation mesdames, I'm a failure at almost everything. I've ever done. Yes, ultimately in thy, you find ways of successful out of it. I've failed at every that more wisdom. What is wisdom, having wisdom? Would you fail? Isn't a little in the way it wasn't wasting away to get everybody jailed elder wisdom. Wisdom has its place veiled on the listen, listen, listen, listen! You always fail! That's why I say to younger people. Listen to me because I made months. Actually, then you have wisdom. Wisdom, every the wisdom is divided with wisdom is coming to terms with your limitations and learning what to do with it. That's what it is You wisdom is learning that you have limitations coming to terms with that, accepting it and then learning what to do with that. You're learning make that word for you, that's what
That's how you learn that. Will you know you learn, you keep them can you keep adjusting our approach and you move onto something now you work. Sometimes you sometimes you gotta move us unless you just gotta go Kido sometime soon, dual after your style. You talk, you don't go decision, no one highlighted by the way he's at his ease, trimmed out man. How about we have? No, I do wonders it pains me: doesn't zombie night watch this ship Fargo to sleep now really Jerry. Demons, Lotta Falcon, where the fucker that Motherfucker powerful dad by dishonest other powerful Germany. Even to their burden on been on our roads and experience Finally, because no Jeremy silence has been on a really want again, a timely wants Jerry, open invitation, Boma dog, what a big win Hugh huge vacuum
Gwen shut down, one of the guys who was considered to be one, the best path about fires the world just a year and a half ago, four t j seems like forever so seriously. J ate his she didn't like it is forever ago in the world of em remain as a one in a million things about the sport, the sport, a strange man, you're, always gives you last night. You always good. As the last training session, you can have a bad training session and they'll go fight like man, I don't even know you know like there's certain guys you can take on its trading partners. They get fuck up your confidence for a fight, because you can know, there's a rumble Johnson like that out. There are some due to translate heavyweight black House here. Any training rumble all day like. Why didn't? What am I doing? I am I doing this. What I like concussions, what am I doing? I'm gonna learn Eminem get better with this fuckin do loose. I got the freak of freaks own, although, like Anderson, that's what makes him so extraordinary. His appears dominance for so long and then he got knocked out once
and then broke his leg and well sublet? Sometimes it s sometimes sometimes just always are here. We re also of forty there's a hundred factors involved. There is life, there is psychology colleague, psychosocial understanding, who you are as a human being and how that gets distorted by massive amounts of fame and praise. And modulation and love from from your countrymen and from people around the world, because you're the champion of the world and recognize my opinion. If you want to ask me with grace of all time, I will always say Anderson, I think Anderson so was the greatest Emma may fringed everybody's. Please everybody he's the best feet about dignity, ass. She finished everybody did things during the apex of the prime of Emma S that nobody has been able to do before us. You know what he just was a monster man when he was with a knock off the veto: knock out the feed to another person whose staff of my honour.
Nay more court? Is everybody? God do everybody was a month's James Urban? How about the forest Griffin fight cheese? this fuckin cry when you have all major Jesus could on US law major whole majors. Jesus Christ is come in. I know you know even even the visitors wavin, even the first, why tonight, but not for me so it was in the fight for me because I was a fight where I was telling everybody that work for the USA. Do you understand what you have acquired a my gear of acquired? In my opinion, the bad as mother, fucker and division do understand how good this guy, but he was the dominant in Japan and India and Managerial a mother didn't matter they do is they must am innocent. When Anderson came of the sea, I was adamant and MIKE you guys have a guy who, when I watch movement, I watch like the way guys moonlight. This guy can do some.
It. My mom was it he did. It was just so much faster than most guys. Annoyed time is more ties. Us, like super super high level. There is up there. This is Anderson versus Forest Griffin. That behind this is Anderson in his prime and by the way, quite heavyweight fight to our times twenty pounds less as a champion and is just an opportunity for analysing the fight and not have to cut weight and in Brazil was this Brazil again hardly a saint card, because I thought no girl in a pretty sure. Am I right away? I feel like this is vigorous got you might be right you? I feel this is Mandalay Bay. I would like to feel this is Vegas. I don't think this is Brazil Janni find out, please young children, maybe shoguns
forest and Brazil. Yes, he dies right re as he did something my bet, but when Anderson and internationally I poker something also with any does the matrix. This is in Vegas you Rachel. We opens a map and just relax as an inner seems like really good, like figuring out your timing and lulling you to sleep with a false sense of security in the know where he would just drop bombs on you, but then he took a similar level yeah regimes to highly well, I think, with wide men, women took him down early and threatening with a neighbor. I think he was really worried about the graduate in Philadelphia. Was it filling? Thank you jack. I got boom.
And you know forces in trouble. The ash force shook his head, like a divorce, is every bit as six for at least two thirty five big boy yeah in Islam, arms he's led heavyweight, chant, that's right. He beat the key, beat rampage well close fight. They ain't right meant. I was about five dollars. Conduct well. Yes, I was, I was right, was worthy of others another go and us we're almost there does sellers engine is bad. And a man in the way. I notice that we moved his head. There was a good it's almost eight years ago, when we get upset about oh shit. Many tricks, always been marked out. The maid which I dare slow motion. You nursing seems ramp up. It's like you got a merger and shit. He got mad at forest. We know what the fuck happened. Man, white man, why an excuse me
the only difference in a way whereby resilience issues, one man needs more desire. Vitamin d, Amato guy dazzle a matter why people and on white me too, my hands and belongs and does not belong in a shot. You so lunar bring that shit My fucking auroras, I pulled back on around. Kick look at him you realize how slow force right hand, that's it first I forced that's a rat. Please enough is enough. You touch your way. People passes minnow, Joey Ojo, he does he's he's a bizarre how it everything, fuckin white people, I imagine that you wanna do this fucking guys been in the jungle. Jaguars Jaguar crocodile tears about a flock has hit them. What are right? Not peel organism, Vulcan White people he's here:
we'll get flamingos and Highlights Alameda Alameda is about Marla. You said you gonna, take your censure. Multivitamin wants to carry the same ass. I can steroids shot a hole in his dick Partlet by three stars: Odessa, Greece does. That is a photo from Joey's twitter retweet. Yesterday its he says come on Pittsburgh who wants them? the devil, Alvar he's got mushrooms and these stars of death, which I think these stars, the pot gum stars, like five hundred milligrams of th, see looking function photos. As a thousand milligrams of TH c and at least three grams of mushrooms.
Are you ready to see that Thursday knows rooms in german and stores of dirt and that's how he's living and how does it take you to this mushrooms before forms of co? he does. You said the workshop. You take the really I've got a little bigger freedom for the main events. Tat is an amazing picture or wine. Please is twitter. Yes, we maybe I haven't been turned down very go ahead. Turned she turned turn may not worry about. You showed, rose your while ensuring that per hour, I've got it just different other turned one can get involved. Look it's fuckin photo. Pittsburgh are you ready to see the devil, improv, etc?
then at nine p M, o she'll. Get that I'm sorry about! I'm sorry. Come up does Europe submitted by the wage eddies jocular shock, you dig Joe ideas will be here on Tuesday, so here too hey hey, you Fox, obviously, lose your knife. Anthem loves. You sell ox I didn't say that knows: J J we send you guys. Cheerily brides would be a huge cost. Little shit, I heard say: rapid Joint, do really the helium no Saint Louis airs and I've been. There is nice man? What's his name? Was there so that wrapper, asking Nellie Funding. Now these my boy a bright with a girl behind us daring. Can you say that girl understands the cameras on our arguments. I showed you know: she's gonna coating on us, I'm sure she's, not approach would turn say, broke
I say this because the girls are proof, a good looking girl. So I met that's all. I met a professional hot girl, But meanwhile, if there was a guy, ok, those standing back there, there was looking at us dead woman. That's like the female quivered decoding February. Natural thing to say to make ass here we ve got to make tat is, of course now tied down. I don't be of no leader eulogy attract a certain type of female. Is that true wonders cut it? Could it was dangerous shit, the neck, some girls like dangerous shit d like it, you know what he's so good looking to do that, chancellor, he's done. As a matter of fact, you run on a spray of. You must first do our job in the cap in Morocco because he's a very sure he's very cute short to be Luke rationalize, the captain. Nowhere wrong he's, not Joe millions of persons on the outer Luke's taller. Who could be with you you gonna play hide and seek see. I know you don't move ages. Extra has to legitimate even lined.
You know what I mean is something to which it to beside the once you get signed by a middle aged than your own model of Europe. Just as good looking you not sign your more jet. Maybe we will talk about anything ha purposes. We forget about this So did he got the tattoos on his neck to keep the girls like at bay he's gay knows Like show this to many there's, not a nose, I've never said that you never know. My last week and we have to go there. That's not right. I learned what's going on is trying to get a specific case already married in autumn is tired of women that, like looking for some sort of long term, serious commitments when you try to run you net morals and religious beliefs. Now So just as Europe has to end
My dragging the freaks he's got some ten zero. I saw your ban giant posts or New York New York City him. Should I realize handsome man well I'll, be talking billboard son for Saki what really polish advice here too, we now I'm not guys do and if your friendly with May Brendan just reach for it and large, I'm gonna degenerative now. Are you guys do Let me give you a job in your fucking, crazy, think, anyone's on that interact conversation is gonna. Look it's gonna, be nobody Rinaldo crazy. Nobody has run out of jail. Man looks like Rinaldo, not quite this conversation way to gain from home. We note an outbreak user surveying, be I'm right using always talk, normally vision, that's bullshit! Looking at my phone and there I'm with lack Shabazz's, beautiful man, we gotta be a little better about talking to each other. After an oil hate me.
As everybody knows, only voice in the wilderness. Rain is back his I'm, the one who has to read the tweets here I know What about your balance in the most beautiful thing ever are working together to create a piece of art? It's gotta be real, careful about stopping ages words. A piece of turkey based arises of whether we are talking about geisha saving Gay Japan's gillikin do. It is first team harmlessly brow how many times I gotta tell you marry. Tom saw made us on a bad luck. It fell either amounting to marry fury, Mamma and Vienna. If you looked like a deal with, you can t really like you did all due respect. Alot of black guy, exactly what they look at hey man, this is it
I think he's a fucking savage items are made, as God, Damn savishna. When Tom I forgot my Brian, what this nonsense of winning and wouldn't you say about the last time you were wrong barracks and now I was beating you guys, but here's the thing he's gonna want ye certainly can win. But you know what Cody can went to both these guys are undefeated on leaders, the favourite It has got twenty two flies, he is, but let me tell you something: Brad, pickets, stunned, Almeida any stunned, and heard him little I'll pick. Its great shrubs is true, but I'm Tellin you Coty Garb Grant. I believe at this stage of his career in life, is only twenty four years old he's faster in more dangerous with his hand? He also hits hardly anyone. I want there. Yes, please bottling background. Yes, he's a very strong boxing background. So if Cody can his box and skills in a similar manner to what Brad Picket did. We might see some interesting results.
By assuming Caille, but but I'm telling you this guy's hard to take out he's a goddamn savage this fuckin kid. Thomas on Meda is something super special takes? Hits, though rupture hope you had your cause back like you came up, allegations, Israel, Brad Picket hits fuckin hard and one project get dropped him and now made a came back and knocked with a flying me Kayo in the next round, we're about to watch some crazy epic shit. Could easily be a world championship fight easily. Maybe garb ran as a year away from World Janeway File ever yes, euins this he's after the races yet number eight undefeated glass and you look like the code
is, unlike in my opinion, a year a year and a half way from fined for a title agree, which means it could happen tomorrow, hate nickname, the last guy who's on rank to lead a main event that wasn't like a legend. What what is currently cannot ranking and our act while he's on the top of tat. He certainly dangerous and certainly council really good team he's a team alpha male God. They got a long history. Six knocked out, artisan knockout aren't, as he has little hands how policy I think, he's five. Eight. Three tall. That's not a short one five, why re varieties tall enough? Finally tall enough? What are you five, Israel he's fine I'll make five. Certainly, when you want to know I made as a gangster dude, he so solid alike, grant. Man will watch you right now we're about to watch some Fuckin technical Marshall chaos answer about to watch,
Well, don't worry! I saw him in the face. You might watch that or you might watch our Meda hidden with a fuckin switch knee, as is common in where you might watch some leg. Cakes had take Cody garb, ran out of the game. Minuai is it's all dependent upon approach. This is like this is guessing and theoretical ideas. It's like it's a theoretical that, if code he keeps it on the feet and sprawls and brawls. He wins, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's true. Kevin ran up and knocked out Marco broke up with less work. I mean this. Is it? crazy game are about to watch me. This is crazy game as people play or any order. Throw my bones at you with all my might that's the same kind of power produces a ninety plus mile on our fastball and I'm gonna stuff it in your fuckin lip the game is again make you quit or shut you
When I compare allows cup we're on the fucking out, thirty opens up where's crazy. Roused me touch. There's gonna CUP went around house damn. Here's the problem with that is probably shouldn't, be touched, the ground on purpose and then punching out that same handling of the referee, wiping, oh, my God, joke Emma. Now, if you go to the ground and boxing, they wipe your hands off your no said the wet your hands that fuckin tattoo on the bodies that arose in past years, adventure people walking like the referee walks through the arena and then, this same shoes as well: here, I say: make em wipe washes feet. I say you think, maybe we're in the ring, though really why? Ah here, when I like that part o my god, we lost power, a fox worthwhile, calm down, I'm allergic calm down, nor do soldier to video on his nose, Gary Cooper, Garber out with less so.
Thing. Is we every fight when it's dangerous starts off with hands cause? You don't feel comfortable enough to start thrown kicks in last year's some crazy. My tie style kicking expert work. You're, not often carbines like dies, we're like straight up, Mme fighters. They tend to favour hands with their nervous. So when your favorite hands car brands got a pretty fuckin nice advantage over a large percentage of the, people s face so far specimens is bought, Alexandria, Joe Wench, say skies favour grappling and the beginning a little bit of that, but there is also hands before king. I got round scattered just ask he's, got an old maid, our main eliza, throw knees and likes a throw kicks, but he might get it counter. He might get conservative in his approach because the fact garments, as is so good that he doesn't want to open a lot like he'd, probably considered straight right counters to write like kicks they garb rant. Might look like I have
Our brand is on the front legs. I would assume that he's ready for a straight righthand counter to that. How quicker is right, leg kicks too, is how weak, whose hands a lightning fast as their his right leg It is really fast to motorcycles. There is always a big Cody got brains all over him relax to watch and cheese, co2 A killer is taught us that access to look. If you we're what's up now Brian out, if you answer this he's Ares bade them is needed and plant bosomed. Let us hear arms always know. Damn Armada can take a punch guy get a star rattled low his if he wins hunters have. If I may, I can take up all you see, him does take that beating any state stand in this crazy goes all else on horizontal or not. Only son code is t enough,
a man who does get a little reckless stated that all matter is look? Oh my god! Oh my God, how do we encoding is legit as fuck you up on top ten now here you ve shared numbering airline analogy fuckers murmured beat me took him out in the first round you cheat or Finger Fox, Graham brine. Didn't you say that you were wearing fur. Didn't you were home, weren't, you Tom's know: I've been a garbage France, nice fungi night, I says limit. Did you say one made for shores, gonna, win no data, and since two thousand eleven here my link was Watson's, could resolute, let's just how much colonies tone, I told you Fogarty Sera, thirty, five son, you all my god. Look at this careful my beautiful girl, boxing- do ya technique, though even on the ground and power gone right, the Hamleys disguise my ear
beautiful. Do you know what have you the fact in huge windmills, beautiful good for him to me? That's like a mountain covered in snow, the sunrise. Great, it has a devil has. If has visual triggers nice torn it's right up there with asked waste ratio? Well the embryo, spect that strongly so high kabuki open his eyes deserves the shut. This off was enough, Finally, garb, ran down the dance this is my favorite might have thirty five Sun God, damn you look good tonight. You're coming our party for garb he's, not rank. They given undefeated twenty one, eighth right!
seeing him do before. That was like the best version of olive is combination in our part of the most for common outright he's a star. Now it is a good looking profile on out and a couple of times, anathema Hombre swung Cody Garbage and made a fine means undefeated isn't last moment. Fused I got baffled, will cut wood, Woody Deanna rank them. Yeah we're colleges night was like impose his skills in a way that I don't think you ve ever seen him do before. That was like the best version of olive is combination in our part of the most for coming he's a star. Now it is a good looking prefer long out and calm in all that fire in that fire range and african squadron of death range when you gotta, he was so his eyes. So folks he was so relaxed and I don't know shit about striking, but he leaves a boost,
you know what this is a great card chemically card basis, because the match for fun but look? Look. We have we had we're Jeremy Steve speed, Edinburgh hours. I why that was a big fuckin wind for Germany. Steve is holy shit and then because we had Coty garbage can take its totally next level. So like it was a perfect like the main and then me like a really looking forward to the mayor. Come on man. Are you gonna? Do that? I mean it's also amazing that ten and morale who just to fight to go with the world champion and realise and reside subjects for palm best for best in the world, like waiting in a man allow us to our thinking. He was number three. I was like John Jones. I felt like more for I was like because it was For, although that stop development, rigour, John John Major's palazzo, it was like a little bit below it was in it was. It was all it's all subject, but aims in the Mexican Hannah was deafening, the MAX top pfeiffers for short
sure and bravoes penal anyone found other people around the fence about a net tattoo boom outside kicked repair in Austria for four hundred yards down an act that here doing, I think, is important. Talk about for all they fans, theirs this is an issue that keeps coming up with ever may and social media. The p, I think people need to relax about, like all of us, as friends, disagree about shit, we're gonna! Do she about it like if you think that hen and morale was gonna, be able to figure out a way way to be Jemmy Stevens, but I think the Jeremy receive its power and experience at one hundred. Forty five thousand to prevail. We don't have to be animals. But this is weird thing go and I ll give you say something that, and I disagree with it like it and if, if that like, if that hits online like it too, people. Disagree on my people assume that there's like some sort of a horrible argument going
and they assume that in other does like some negative illegalities, Amory can escape me each other me you hated The man now good when that terrorism, to topple the, how many times have you and I'm Europe is close to it as a human being, as I could be with you guys, all of you guys you later in my life, but I'm still here. You know you. I love, you know give it. You know those guys we disagreed about and we ve had some. We have outside this agreement is we ve got some intense disagreements, but through those disagreements you learn to consider other people's perspective, but Joe they caught hating. They thus irritated. It's called critical things will link. Has it was my love for both of you and you too, all my lover or viewed. Doesn't change depend and upon whether or not I agree with you or disagree with tell in the magazine. Clearest example of that is the central issue,
Yes, it's pretty early and die. Can't trail of all about can throw well, and I am very glad that, as of now like knowledge, I did what I really feel like. I feel like it is entirely possible that at one point I d have experimented with spring. Things in the. U fuck is entirely not possible, they do, all the time and it has just stated scattered. No one can address without writing to normalize all the time or can no more and no less. Then there is the issue of the window. Curtains either go through condensation, the atmosphere. No one said there certainly have things here:
It surely ought all getting all means. We have a good day to you through this really. Does you trying to tell me that the ingenious that's, what we're trying to tell you May I yes Eddie Are you sure of every domain that nine eleven was real with me? Real, actually happen? while well? I was here September, eleventh
and then out of timber. Twelve them like a pretty heavy gets done with those powers, were a hologram that she'd never existed in the scriptures scriptures. They never talked about the twin towers, reminding you mustn't line in your line of the provisional chaos in the writers in the storm. You know the craziest thing about the writers on the storm, the crazy about the doors. Do you know the gym, Morrison's dad orchestrated the gulf of pollution that you know fuckin well. This is the programme makes this visit. This is the easiest thing and they sounded that's conspiracy, Jamie
I think he was a name, the devil me and was a high levels. Mourns Jim Morrison's, dad orchestrated the Gulf of Tom plans that the biggest losers, the danger- that's real threat of consumers. How did you write just make a pitiable rear admiral be in France with both AUS Jones Eddie? Bravo, occasionally they have solid point check this out this. The craziest think this is the tip of the iceberg. It's true you one ninety seconds of the crazy shit I'm into rather what I want two hundred twenty minutes, look what I got a blaze through some shit really quickly. I'm just gonna go out. Has gotta go my license shit out of my mind, opening my there's, a ok, those you gotta know that there's there's a woman in K Greg. Who was married to a high ranking army joint Chiefs of staff after George Griggs General Budget, they were married.
He and she knows all about his life. He was raised as an assassin. He was, he was a Navy seal. See I operative. He was you and special forces, and then there came a high ranking there's, not a conspiracy movie trouble. His name is George Griggs years. There's a shell the blood to travel, exactly exactly where you know the kind of vintage realise that there are very keen that there's a woman, I'm K Griggs, it was she's like she wishes. She was all to use she there eight. Our interview of hers chopped up a million times as luncheon it's. You can believe it or not. Maybe she's crazy, Bitch
Let me take you through this taken crazy, fully shit she's like she basically tells you basically sand how the world is one based on her husband who was high, ranking an army intelligence, real good friends of George Senior like right there. She was. She basically is a whistle blower she'd on there's one interview. Eight hours goes up and she breaks it up and she, basically, if you believe what she says, she basically says the C. I a that's just a scapegoat. There are doing shit, the but at a really run in the world, are army, intelligent naval intelligence and air force. Intelligent gives you said there that what K Griggs? That's it there's no cheese as the that that using the world there are and what it's all about it all about
gone run in and an unjust selling arms it all about all it's like mafia. It's all high ranking army intelligence, Mafia gun, running drug running they ve always done in her husband's part of it these assassins? They can do a number of you if you believe, ok, if you believe that this can we take it through the so she said. The army intelligence runs through all this shit right. So then you then you find out. Did you know that actor rockstar do Joe letter. The Spectre sweetheart he bought for four million dollars he bought. In the Laurel king and in the Hollywood Hills he bought a former top secret airforce intelligence bait me and there was that in Hollywood, this action now, ok, transmit others. Let him come on, and this is how can I suggest Morrison Electronic like living being. Aren't you this is real, but this is what I have looked into you
investigating the shadowy leprosy that Jared, let all the land. Here. There are two by the Israelis, India Laurel Canada, such Rios, our curb LOS Angeles. Ok, so you don't think that Jared than old on top secret ere, you nobody there because that's real, ok, Hoddan was I've been
although these limits, I know you haven't internet, is, I know, you're the hissing to mock things. Mark you all of you, but let us not allow them by him. Let you also ensured level an arm in arm with german wait here mind years. If I have to be given this, nobody did you watch you watch right now. Should tv, that's not true, and you are not going to let go Sir Richmond, please get in this game of thrown areas which may have an out of tune. It makes it better, but game of thrones. Ok, you watch came a throne. This is so Jared Letter that you look at it. He bought a top. See grid for since the forties, it was top secret and what they find them. This is all the second version there that this top secret air force until base was mainly of for work and force. Studio where they made propaganda films right here in Hollywood,
Marilyn Monroe Fuckin, Ronald Ghana makes John Wayne all other making propaganda films that no one can there's no records of what films were made there. You can't tell which fills were made in the studio which warrant because like and then you start looking you like. Ok, ok, Jared Logo bought this air force. Ok and then you there's this book called weird scenes and moral, king and and in this book the author of this book. Unless, as this is the crazy shit, if you look is not a conspiracy theory, all the bands from the MID sixties, the doors, the eagles all of em, Frank Zapper, the Mama's in the pompous Crosbie, stills and ass. They all came from Laurel King and motor sucker. So I did, I would also like hey ass nursery during no, not I hate this six. This is ok, ok, It was just tell you some shit, ok, so what happened?
so this is what this book is about. This book is about, isn't it fucking? Weird? Isn't it fuckin suspicious and crazy that there's this top secret AIR Force Intelligence base right there, laurel, king and and in the midst sixties? the band that started the hippy movement, the Anti war movement they all came from, or the all keep a moral king and queen and guess what all their parents are in intelligence. So these are all whom the doors, all of whom were King Pellinore, king and they're. All most of them in the back At the moment I drafted to Vietnam, none of them got drafted Morrison's father orchestrated the Gulf of talk and incident. It gets pretty fucking. Weird like this. Is crazy, Vulcan, weird and Jerry
parking lot, revolutionise grandfather vanish run any. Are you sick children than that of the Rhine, american rights? Let him see this through the I got, the guy you wrote the book. Its name is, there is now a book is called David. I made some Dave Macao now and I have heard of him so so according to him, and when you look into this out of nowhere in the sixties, these bans didn't struggle. They got sign where all of em all these clubs in Hollywood but the truth, but you're the whisky. This guy investigated this shit varied, there's a conspiracy theory out. There could be total bullshit. It could be done We believe that it can carry out their laurel king, and there was some intelligent mother Father was that there was a base Brian, let infringements
There is a baseline Lenin phonetic story. Tell me please don't tell me that the military fuckin wrote that awesome music that far can cross. Imagine your kids, all those other monitoring air, you, everybody! Let you talk for a long time, labyrinth of your browser, Jerry, you give the? U S military or the, forests are anybody in the? U S, government credit for the fucking autumn, Rock n roll that came out and culminated in nineteenth sixty eight peak hate Asbury, how fuckin? Dare you the model in the bottleneck that you are a fuckin plant and you work for the? U S talking more about your baby, I thought my ass all right. Let this be the job of Mozart like this using I thought I was born in a variety of utilise this as much as I realise this is much anybody. Yours is big brown and
our parents? Ok. Will we realize is it takes a lot of fucking time and effort to raise children and communicate with children and re children, it's a lot of time and if you work for the government, you down kind of racked, certainly don't have the kind of time to hypnotize, I'm fuckin kid and brain washroom into making the most exley. Music, the world's ever known as all that, and that is the opposite of what we already have. Let you talk to confidence, the opposite. What the opposite is a child grows up in an impressive, strict conservative family. That's connected to military and realise this is bullshit. They start doing drugs ass if they start rank in this zone. Hanging out with fuckin weirdos may produce amazing musing ass. We see you can connect to over, but I, Romania's connections. I think it's a connection and a p
here's to your desire to think that the world is controlled by a cabal of Superbowl come on. I like that that cut ball of intelligent super geniuses that have somehow figured out a way to me These are all love lives, their own financial accounts or on real estate fuckin whole days there on stock market portfolios thereon relationships that co workers their bees. The hooker that they occasionally take their penis end to day after applause, trails? I say no joy time in the world and the government did not make. Let's blood is not responsible for the door of this thought about this before I want to, I want to be in the God. Damn Illuminati, if there
damn listening of car. Why do yeah? That's right! You just get the military peculiarity military credit for a great music became out of the sixties. You fucking military, zero new field, Europe? To start my own false: well, let's get a call. You share my name. We got a disturbing turn of events. Eddie Brabble have had on this paragraph. I did not know he was illuminated. Shale gas is on. How can experience Priority do it has proven to be found. Your party can block out a fuckin, oh my god, you're in Please let me let me where's, my own fault YO. Have, though I talked about the vote, I would if I would get that fucking oil from Alaska. I would go in there and make it make it an electron make it look like that. I I says is Eskimos or train and ISIS. I would
you're, a national treasure Ludlow, a blue whale many rather than national trot. Nobody sees a true. It has to be frustrating Eddie too, believes that in your country, have that's back here that guy wasn't. He saw in the very existence of you know them with what we want. We were talking about before that. I gotta think about that. The same shit, it's like that, it's a guy damn sometimes like please, Illuminati. Take me. I want to focus on other factors. I wanna fuck with these modifications to science and give me adviser. Why you measure and shit
as I do. You know nothing, though, that the crazy I'm sayin you distance you. How do I must beg movies, going about psyches brow and are measurable experiments. Dutch Elsie same ship rope psychic from batches of ever get the states like shit. I love it is. Where is wrong? I think both things are true mean Gulf Tonkin was obviously coordinated. False flag event, the operation Orthe Woods was obviously an idea that they had tried to pass where it got through the joint Chiefs of staff. It was signed in vetoed by Kennedy, but they're gonna have a false flag and american civilians is obviously have been throughout human history, liars and manipulators. There were in charge of monitoring. We should certainly have some healthy scepticism, but we also have to take any consider.
How much fuckin time is a brazen avenant day who are all these mastermind again? Much of this is just convenient. The US and the time of the exception, yeah. Well, how much of how much of what's Goin on like ITALY, the sixty shit, how much just convenient rebellion obvious rebellion and have you grow up with someone who some sort of a fuckin military asshole, dragging a super strict me how many rock stars have come from that background. It's like a giant number. It's their outlet being create everybody lick earliest fibre currency. You talked accorded garb whereat. He did not have a fuckin cool seventh grade sure some show my grandmother. Who was a step down most motion. I would call them with noise, had turned up runs to on your neck. This is like self made, yeah
now. That's like you're trying to fight off something homecoming King Necked S, Iraq, nine, but we also have to be taken into consideration that, like we're talking about with bears earlier, the bears don't have natural predators, so nature is rigged them weird. They did natures, wired them in some weird way, with eight babies, where's wolves! Don't do that because they have to survive Elk. Don't do that! Pigs! Don't do that. It will take care of their babies exist, not is easy for them to survive, but the bears got to the top of the food chain. They realize oh, no, What fox, like week week with no one, can eat us, so we just keep fucking and making millions of us will overcome all the food and we'll all starve to death. Okay, we are eating our babies and nature's you break them in sort of a weird way. You gotta eat a baby one out of three babies.
To where I, when you're gonna, do not give me a hard time, you see my fuckin male seven foot, a maybe eight six, because I'm dead, I and I got a nose for fuckin. There do not giving our time when you with your toes to my fuckin, rub as I am saving hairs by killing where's right now. So I we we gotta paper boxes or who did? It sounds around me, but we all know we don't have to know. You understand rivets, my friends who live up there. They ve got a whole city of thirty or forty different spots where they put people. You have a job. More than ever there will. I got a serious organization, but also and they have do they get to tags per Hunter a year, you're supposed to kill to mature bores a year. I did overregulation experience honor. You stand the fuck down, wait till I get my trophy then let me you secure shit! You let me secure your hips, you let me you say the trophy that's a taboo word. Nuts will say why
trophies not trophy tailor our son of a paper on outside of real hunter. I've o Brien that meet I'll eat it all year. Let me ask you: this: is the jet Stana Comedian back to love you thinking when someone says, would give China Comic and a comedian? Do you explain it d say fuck you and walk away? I say fuck, you were good for you, that's real We're talking about here. It's true listening, we stand down stand down, you follow my fucking lead, you stay. Just behind me. I don't know what I'm talking about next time you got a hundred and then what is it? What is time for you to fuck and shoot and your Britons and put our their regular? Can I only I- and I hope you with your breathing, you understand. In my view, because you're breathings like this- and I will
hey smack official capacity. Look at me. I kiss your mouth as a man as a friend across your mouth, which you too far up there. Look at me, you're behind Em Jos, behind her greeting to your neck, and you can you can do that by them and I'm breathing in your mouth and we breathe altogether as men. Let me, as matters step in fresh money, go ahead. Why do you want to be little him and this weird what We say we are not a hunter where you know he's killed ITALY's. We feel three d three. The year three one in Montana Tune was contrary. Deerbrook he's killed. Three dear neat, that's a hunter, and it wants to do that. Crash last. Let me tell you. Brian Cowen made a hundred and put your heart. Fifteen hundred sixty shot your charming your first year, Things my main he made to one hundred Gerard shots. I say thirty now that no no! No! No, no heed our stand. We building a living creature, and it's all about getting it right in and trigger, does
planets a big deal. It's not easy and Brian all night again every time is attempted it now is eaten those animals. Look at me. You live and lighted by Anti war, more suitable job, I should have said if only he doesn't like love hunting city. Randy. You say: love hunting, Gittha, platinum, no bids! You with your arms up we're like robbing raftery everyone by, I love you I mean, I don't like me animal, but hang out with ears the drug. I like it. I dont like killing the actual animal, but I like hang with Joe that's a fact this in there's, the real Louis meant that I dont like killing the animal is the part, but I bet
What time do what I do it? But, but but I love the experience we have. We laugh harder. I make that Parker laughed heartily Noma anybody ever met that that he gets a high, intelligent ways. I know it's bacon, find it say what happened in Montana, waiting to hear him. We were in the in the in the Bush, so we talk We are on the same. The reality. Shrouds gets broken bonding brown recycling, sparing with Lewis and Clark Travel across the West that's where we, when we were in the Missouri River in the minutes, will win the Missouri breaks. Montana used for conventional miserable five days, a dick jokes It was our colleague and gazed at her and Brian. Do in its bid to today. This day is one of the hardest things I've ever like, like hyper vent.
Leaning tears right in my face. It's maybe six degrees. I was I. What do you call the ravine calmer rousing jerking off into a really I killed his dear, and we were getting this dear and brides? Eaten its eyeballs like using really needs a fellow behind walls. Yes, I'm fuckin crazy idea. Right. I cut a piece off in Iraq, the doleful around Browning lorries in Spain, the eyeballs tastes like bread, dough, Stephen? I gave it a man I ain't enough, yet I would also cover the various got throw up in the fog. In your view, caning in handle this conversation girl. How has this must in this character the ravine calmer? Do we have this? We have this dear titles tree repose dear down with fucking freezing we're fucking freezer. I really like only where am I chair. The ground is frozen, is eight degrees outside were cut in his dear. We decide to have fire twins little tiny little campfire, o Brien Congo's Wanna go
around here. I too calm gives clear the bridge, the oil that not a bridge like that that if someone is revealed in any stearns, like you, said Jack off in front of this review, save these the ravine, because you have what I was doing. It's me and more european workers rights years down our eyes opportunities to do no dear skin, that dear I'm, taking gotta and I'm coming in this review screaming I'm coming from carbon. You say you're coming like your poet, Taylor is usually. Did you see something about people on boats? In the dish, Since hearing your cries, I don't know the biggest we're like a couple of what we're gonna pack out with the meat is miles away from the rivers at the Emma.
My pleasure reaches keep Jack off farm officer, I'm off. I called farming, but it was five days there. I now was fine but you know best audience when I got you alone, you further best on it, because you fuckin laugh hard and I just wait from openings might poker. I just take em about when I left some days I fucking the other day. I will. I was blue joke laughing and I was fuckin finding out of ammunition to do and I just spoken. I was pass. Now my go, I kick table. I need some faggot attendant, nor do I wish my you see. Dog Durham was there. I was gonna, get make them all out and I will pay you. I need some Balkan intentionally. Barely had the energy asleep. When I was concerned is usually
this is why it is on the ground. You will laugh your ass off when you go down to be here at the helm of hunting hears what hunting socks, you're cold. You sleep on the floor. It right if you don't see animals at all kinds things, but guess why that's? What brings you together? you're, all together in a ten gale forthwith. In your laughing you're fucking balls. I listened park as we did with we're. Never after you talked about it. If it was great, it was awesome and we did that podcast soaking, wet miserable five days in a row. You are so how then do unalaska you remember this, but you are I'm angry and there is the morning and you couldn't get dry cause. Ownership is where you didn't bring waterproof anything, and so your wet it's in them. Winning six. The morning yours making so badly of numerous. You are saying so loudly- and I was too the miserable hook to say anything: your lips, your fuckin lips, wash going back and forth
They look. They look like a short when its grabbed the hut, where his letters were his lips is big fat fat, but he s, L, we're going back soon. They were they were literally going from London. To ask is to West is just the way people shakes a fuckin rabbit. I was I do. Those lips are blocking the needy and Paul like it's a member, the one where the rain for like a few hours, we start a fire yeah remembered with cheaters and by the way a fire is the best thing you're, so you're so miserably oft. We don't you got Judo NATO. You told me you'd, take shit, you tat you get up and go in my ears, the shit you gotta piss, you go I meal and just go just an enchanter, my fuck intently terrify Amerika. There. You want money. Yes dad
dirty and MIKE remember, might we figured out how to make a fire would cheat? Oh, yes was Dan Dodi's ideas and noting with when you light Chios, Tito's light on fire and other bullshit, that's in cheated best kindling, there's gonna be really do sleep here. Albert slow burn Tito's are incredible. Yes, they stay alight forever to plugging as it is it's one of those countries wanting to one thing. All the zombie movies in tv shows didn't get from this point on the gonna use, choose yeah just slow learn. A beautiful boy took some like real needs and we chop trees down in hacked off the bottom of the trees, because that was the driest bias. We hacked off the inside of the limbs, the outside the lambs, or where do we?
sporadic and we took paper, we started paper to develop a wet fire and we'll wet findings. It gets touch and go the whole way. You dear burning, wet stuff in trying to get the driest stuff it's available and Tito's saved our ally and tell me tell me to read a flaming challenges we currently have eating fail. This tell me you didn't feel as not being dramatic crisis like that's not possible. Well, that's shortly. That's furniture, but when you're in All of that majestic wilderness literally doesn't care about you. You do get a sense? There is a very soon there is a feeling of sadness, feeling of em being so insignificant that it makes you will press. Sometimes yeah did you feel that you are? I feel it when we were sitting up at the top of this one of these ridges and you and I and yawning, were up there and we were taken a break and we sat up
can we glass this canyon and it was the rain, was coming in and going out and we're looking around and and my team was there too, and we were just like Jesus Christ like this land, doesn't give a fuk of you're here or gone. Yes, it's going to be the same it's like a realisation that, no matter what mark you think you're laying doesn't matter if your fuckin King Tut it doesn't matter who are. Ultimately it's all bullshit. Yes, are you get this in this entirely temporary existence and it the world in the universe is bigger. Yes, Mr Grant and that's hard to do it because you want to pass your genes and you want to be special and you want to show greatness in. You want people to remember you name ever gone, but ultimately that's not really what's important and that when you are confronted with that reality, whether through psychedelic drugs or whether its through sitting on mountain in principle where, in the rain Lascaux New and in best buddies sitting,
I got married cave fucking find a dear. We didn't find it dear our days and days so lonely, it's such a lonely part of the world. You can see from miles and miles it. What you think for me when I thought about it, was exactly what he's talking about like the notion that I'm so I'm so insignia again and so much my effort there is so much my away so much my effort. It first followed. You also realise how vulnerable you are without food water without like know how without the culture and the accumulated know how of how to survive and that we should talk about what we bring. We brink, freeze, dried foods and we bring some some. My card snag also gives a gars nano. We're fine ways:
Everyone is survival. Your last thing now, I'm in your life for single ways talked about six days, but if it is true, we have limited supply any lets. You know that, like without this stuff is we're not trying to live off. This mountain tops food now, whatever the fuck it's called, but over the meals are calling these mountaintops monopolies like a good protein us company for hunters, but what we realise is like, if I didn't have the stuff- and I brought with me I'm not gonna, survives living off the languid. Does it's hard? It's hard this house should send. You worry about your twitter followers and scrambled realise how much bullshit does he need less sighted? Just the outcome is and is not just alchemy: cellphone doesn't work, isn't there satellite known silencer, direct direct, its likeness way, others fake trees and the four or five? this is often altering, I don't want no, no, not at all, not at all certain lines.
Thirdly, sat GPS, which is global, irish things. Gps is not satellites. I urge our goal and ground now. I ll wait a minute gb, if you're Germany, as more positioning satellites was literally, is yes now Russia be, as is not right. Back the jeep using an Iphone is run by satellite This is how it works out. Where is that IRAN explained cry? Explain you Eddie, I work does not lay down along just now known. I think it's all Lambeth, based, you tube sighing I'll say. Let us avoid that we are talking about, are being allow being up there without any any connection to what
You are used to realise our smaller, it's good to get away from the cell phone and the bullshit, and I think I think cell phones are awesome. I think computers are awesome. I think Google's awesome. I think these are, I think, reality shows are awesome. I think back but wives awesome. I think it's hilarious. I think we should enjoy the most fucked up aspects, the greatest typee Bavarian alive. I think it's amazing, but I think it's also good to push all this external dialogue side and just how do you feel about the world and how much of how you feel about the world is honest and how much of you feel how you feel about the world is objective and how much is based on the actual world itself and not the opinions of all these other people around. You get a good look at who you are and what you think about that try to do that. Every night I try to shut myself off like around when I get home from Jiu Jitsu and teach him if there's some important email I got to get to I'll, get to it, there's an important text or call I got to get to, but generally I'm going to watch some bullshit ass tv
for about an hour and a half. I don't want to hear, but when you're in that, when our hunting at any one who wants a bullet someone your hundred on Youtube and walks like the hottest, but what Eddie, when you're hunting those those usual escapes, don't exist and a lot of times for real? What you have just yourself, it also wreathing men and ends, I was very hard zounds arm of NATO's it like feeling like its avail, my king, in freefall, if you're, not used to it and in the beginning, like the first two days Might panic a little bit or you might color need to hold on thing by damages both sleeping, obviously better. Yes, absolutely Eddie. Together, you, the first american attack Gracie
Please now, there's no pussy in you. You know how many pussy you know you are mine, is known and know what you are as cider. Now you honest about wait the champ, whereas the lot of evil Britannia try to do a lot of people, pretend that they feel different in the way they actually feel. So when you, when, when push comes to shove, any perform its one, a things like when we went to sell Paolo like I'd seen, you compete in trials, expedients, Andy Egg on the trials and those of the only times a sigh compete as I could beat. The traveller saw you compete on video. We looked at some video before when I saw you could people we flew down to sound power, saw power, and I saw you tap Gustavo Dantes, whose a brazilian digital world champion of oh shit leg
bravo knows how to perform under pressure. They do a moment in the franc zone can do something about. This is two thousand three okay tat the world champion. Midday somewhat haven't any Bravo as got this dude in a position where a lot of traditional brazilians, Jitchu referees practitioners might not understood what was going on and he was moving towards this guy's back and eddies holding onto him, and the referee is insinuating that some stalling and there's gonna have to be some moving and any turns to Milosevic. As a start is almost all about. Take these dudes back and Gustave dogs, as he says, Vice like and then also Eddie, takes his baggage chokes amount taps them and what gets up and not a person in charge. But when you will try, But when you were in the truck, that's when the referee stepped in and said that you were still, calling you almost dawn, I'm about things back, I was it
he meant. What happened was swept them. We both pulled God, I forced I forced pull guard. He pulled gonna, pull guy. What I try to forty two, I forced him on top of the swept them any state in a position at an aside control any state in a position basically beetle away from me. So as soon as you gotta his knees, I was going to the truck or became Endymion gonna truck, but he stayed there for men is adamant, psychic direct aid- and, unlike are you, gonna, go this way. Whatever way you garment put the truck, but he and shit he stay there. He knew the system mark Layman, wasn't scorning saying don't do. Nothin sounds like just sit down. My ok yonder, remember saying to the referee, though, about taking back what the reason I send it our long road here and the reason I said that the reason I says TAT: we can reason I get around. That was that I knew Mark Layman stories before I do that the rough the referees and Brazil they're gonna fuck you there, the Brazilians rafts they don't like America, russia- and I heard that now, Michael scared. So
Something in the skies? Actually gonna stand me up. So the only reason I said anything is because I thought oh shit, this motherfuckers gonna stand me up in Brazil, but the reality was talk. Into yeah. I still haven't Obama. So that's exactly what I said that, mistaken alarmingly alone. Well, you know you know about the border is threatening. The point here is that you said unbundling batches gangsters law about take his back and then he took his bag and choked amounts not pursue the only real just something to show that the only reason I said that was because I said, don't stand me up, you have a call, I actually up. You do almost anywhere rise babblings anyway, that's an extra illegality saying they worry that never going today, and I think I think that, like what do I was looking at what bothers metamorphic. That's why I appreciate you you're you're, talking about your friend like what you did pretty extraordinary and you have to take moments in life. If I consider the way Mcculloch as one of my fair upon the Fuckin planet,
another guy and of somebody's talking away with a lack of respect to me like that in the Box and Jim there are acting like he was just a guy who holds myths, and I and I said to the guy, go I gotta just stop you for a second missis an important to make it faster. I viewed yes, really happen. I guess you can ask when I sent an but listen he'll get mad at me for saying this, but I want to say this listeners and I started to such a degree. Tat. Some show that today you search it Dick Marty by listen. This is my point. My point is actually what you're saying with Eddie. I said illusion bullshit. I say this to. You was a logic I didn't know so this yes- and I say this- and I said I said cross but Dude the way over pale. The way the person was task acts to be, I swear, I'm trying to kind of Talk around this because somebody wasn't treating way with the kind of respect it deserves, and I try to go is it listening and unexplained, came up revoking world champion. It was a world like W B Algeria who we talking about talking the guy.
I was round yes it. A famous person like what I say is nay the Dude Workhouse Junior. Can a guy this now, as you drop, that he was a guy or trying to box at an actual boxer. But you're just a guy yeah. Just somebody who is like a great yes who somebody with a growing so Gregg was true. Weighing radios, going restraining ray? I like the greatest treating way like oh hey hold. These means. May I say you know I mean and I caught up for me. That's what he does. Germany Now it is likely that guessing no he's gonna he's gonna legit guy was frightened right now for a big fight. Yo. You just told me that he teaches Bob was the point I made. The point I am making is that you in life, when you see somebody who accomplished a great deal, you gonna fuck and give it up you have to Have respect for that. You have to have gratitude, for you have the market you have to treat it with some reverence reverences important will give a Euro shine bought it. Aren't you M as examples Yoda toward here's. What is important is no reason disrespect him he's doing anything. Even if you, in the legislation
Of course no, but it's more than that. You know that is highly accomplished in the floor, that your attempt, silver metal, say Olympics it's amazing, but then that is reflected in boxer, but but but but I'm here kid, but here's what I'm saying is like. Why would you wanna say bad things about ever that? Go with it, people what I'm his people. They might have known. You have a people who don't express gratitude like that and don't the older boxer, though Joe my fears, gonna die was no idea who noted I did here's. What is people and I think that's what bothered me. People know that when you have something in it's amazing and then you lose it. You realize you're not as great as you once were, so they recognise that Wayne Mccullough was a world champion box or silver Medalist in the Olympics, and his athletic peak. He was lazy, love throughout the land and he's not there anymore rightly recognised. This is an opportunity to see someone who has diminished
the previous eyes, I'm in a trial attack exact, will try to attack him to make you feel bad because they know psychologically. This has to have some sort of an effect on the way self. But also because they are hungry because they were button, came close to that kind of accomplished my nose with that's. Why they're? Why aren't you gonna bring him down these acts in animal instinct? Exact animal rights are bomber, haters are low, whose exact like already have and that's what I was experiencing recently. A winner run also be haters. They don't do it. Exactly I let us go if you can't sell eight and have some reverence for what that do. Did or anybody like that. You that's your fucking problem last week? I never been beat up, then, probably hereby yet during the color that allow should arrive at such given that fuckin gentlemen guy,
the European Parliament is aware here was yokels like yeah. I was watching Jones. Hiv training footage somebody put on twitter today of thy cheeses, rainbows dad my guys functions, hand, speed, was retarded, who so fast he lost a Hopkins right now I've been Hopkins to be wrong. Junior bead Hopkins repay your later on Darth Vader did he beat had seated. Yes, he did. He beat Hopkins, he be Roy Jones Junior. We just don't accepting it. Wasn't it because he was a whose Emesa gentlemen, yet he did not know colonels and Joe Cows argues like an all time grey, Farming in my not argued mother that forty three forty six now he might have retired does it have- is a rat forty
six an outlet is fuckin run say has obviously but our cause. You mother, you couldn't sleep. George Bernard Bordeaux, Hassler. She has learnt a beat a lot less on Jeff Lacy was what was big winds like early on his career talk, a lot can be predicted whose Name Tiger Passport he be Roy Jones Junior. What was the year that fight away away Gimme Bernard enjoy in the same year. Honestly Roy was not the Roy of his power in a way a bad ass, their prey and always still pretty bad, as was me now really well Goodness me recently prepared. Everybody in this room is bad ass. Right now, if we are to get this Jaws Junior, get five to call the shots boxes. Everyone has ruled out that we give and take that silly bits down.
I hate this- has spoken reverent. This fact about you hate her mother. Why does not hated you and that's real life, and I was mistaken, think I said myself- I sent directly behind Rogers here and this with my mom log in my head. I was quite like this. I was gone graceful time in this house since, if this fast, which Muslim is for contracts, it's gonna, weird Betty move it Kick my ass right now what I would do find that these are the questions that I have already nine years old on asking these questions is the break in and now, if it has taken me down one already that what was it.
The new down. There's your minute, you're, not I own. I made out that's what's out Wilson and television Bigshot. I now get to win elevate, double like the fuck out of my cajoleries dirty body and tie him up that go issued. It was you do any hidden. Elbows he's got no gloves and hidden elbow as you do. You see the bone, mother Fucker, that's what I say is I pluck and bring is now entering a man went up and down, and then I am born with my bad armed by my bluebell armor. I don't see it lacks a month ago. The world has ever have we rolled a row and they have you in order to deal with we had a real role. Eight men around that's gulf array. Do we readily shot all that? A yes or no I have ruled it done. I always work I have. I have grabbed him in a perfect head. An arm lock, thrown maps out judo style
brought his head is basically with agreement around with a gradual grip kept my chin tight and look. But I ve gone. He was trying to take a nap and I go you're going. Back in nowhere, mother, Fucker and Adam Tight, I mean Armand had tied Juno hips clean hips played fucking. It is now a year ago. This is another one s eyes. While this is gradually. This is great. Look at his auditors. Chilliness Ngos have seemingly decisively running with no harm other men. You don't just break fuck fuck! That's highs! Look at that high fuckin user. You be Superfund, registering derby. If I was near the bill, exertions business, a hint tat tongue.
As the other guy named I'm already of nine year. Old comic did not be. I know it's not a cloud beaten. You like catch you every night was goes, goes top target. George. I know what I mean I couldn't do. Wi Fi had a fuckin gun. It would be a problem because what we want that's. Why you gotta? Let him come up in talking about how it always comes out of a job Growth is a reason why people exists. We are asking for four hours. The fuck was it measuring business now going well, who gives a fuck that we weren't allowed too so that we can do it? If you like we're in Alaska, J, J J me off a three hour, no more rules on tyres. I can't do it anymore,
we're all gonna cages will break this pact ass up in part, one in part to account be insemination, doing more in the left in me, his drain, like sponges quantities, IST handy free, this podcast for us, thanks to your urging, has been a lifetime. I told you choose a large guys that movie Now you may turn him up. I know you lose a generation after a betrayal of the regime in what is actually going to talk ain't going, is that everyone is loud Jamie where it will encourage any Bravo into bringing back any Bravo Radio, you wanna talk about tackling fatty, I'll I'll, have get points in the face and work as partners. I love to do my podcast, but I feel like sometimes you know when you do a podcast and you got to you, get a new audience and you got to tell the fucking same story over and over. I hate
This ain't, you know what people are saying a hearing one door and when will, I would say the same story or restored. As you know, it comes up here and a park. I've done that, it's it's gotta say you gotta kind of you, gonna get abbreviated, say I've talked but yeah for, but unfortunately, unless that's like cut up in like a clip, it's hard for people just heartless near podcast to find that. So it becomes annoying. It's like you, because you speaking so many people like we're getting like work. Fifty eight hundred thousand dollars coming down- oh no! I don't I'm when you get nothing whatever you nothing state. Let's say you say, you're, getting five thousand you to be getting five, that this five thousand fuckin people in an arena mean our united. This conversation first started talking about Twitter because argued on twitters. I've only got two thousand follows our goal What would you think if you want to show you, I could twenty thousand people with Shell and will you would never think that? Never think that really holy shit, there's two thousand people is your aren't. I began.
I'm right near two thousand people listening and eventually you're gonna, say something funny in someone's gonna find out about. A name is spreading to five people Where did the ten fifteen hundred people and yes months, how many twitter, you have to run over a million Swain nine or someone there. What is a gaming procedure? One point: nine Ganem one point: nine million Howard into our fathers. One point: one million demonstrate You know it's listen. You guys have that to prevent human of effect is girls out there just do nothing but stricter ass in front of a camera like ten times as many doubtless we're is the wash and broad, my god. I was jerked out from my friends. Loser so harsh use that Jaime Mayor sense until relatively men- and I want to get more followers to please tell me now I have no hate Uzzano, this ten fuckin piano later on a number of farm on broader debate on
I don't know Jamie you known as the one I just randomly found too. Dark, hair light lighter dark, yeah, Yes, he ever followers way where innovation is ahead. Of on Libya about is what's important in its up. It's about consistency like when you're, when you're using social media about honesty, inconsistency and you guys are super on its knees. Super consistent, so can be people dont, like you, its inevitable. People don't like me, they're like Eddie, oh Jesus, she's, law, good girl, learning Muslims. That was a muscular. Quite she doesn't squad yet which can jump over building. I'm an account can jump rope. You download, getter, guiding guys I'd branch Jane had just left his club you want more came about. Is the more modern property we take
don't James all, I'm thinking about the milking proper. Not some of it lies in the fact that policies our farmers hand squeezing out wet parent socks, I find his hand a fire, you guys you gonna go there. I don't want it down by the river, with a fucking both set a sheet that which is also my saviour slots, are way. Is that it's a let's come copycat, disguise more picture that girl, for they have no, no, who brought the fucking Puritan to the Party nos four things about putting felt on your hats. Beautiful thing about part guess is that what we have all of us together is like a legit network, not just ask, but everybody else out there. You know this What is the net worth of CBS and ABC and NBC with those networks like businesses, but like we're network of friends? But that's a new thing. That's a new thing like everything that you
do tell me everything that I do helps you. We all help each other. You guys come on I podcast we blow up on twitter. We put it up on Instagram, we do a fight companion altogether, everybody blows up. This is a net work like an organic network as opposed to a business network. Will we sat down and said I need to control forty percent or listened comrade. There's no time. Lawyers is no agenda. Just friends is no agenda. Little paper were at work, you know, paperwork, everybody's cool, everybody helps everybody, it has ever like, shows and need to be tweeted everybody's happy to tweet for everybody. I see everybody knew we all do for each other. Archimedean friends do for each other. Knows that shirt. The kid ok and when I get your slim on his Cato, you, don't even know about nature and you're in the business and insurance. I dont have a son I guess it is the first time it is barely banter. You just make sure it's not like. I go on sale, the sweetbread. I call them the Kido kid
the beginning of our last podcast, together thousand years, almost people yo and umpteen. Ok, I'm the care to Missus Verloc traffickers, Bonanza Kido kid is the stairs and more legit. What will you put something before cared for me? What would you call me you don't kid, I call you creepy Gary became for sure creepy do the perfect can mildly delusion. To really get the ring lying and came to lying to another present. My date have otherwise. I told a story like a really good long story. Dramatic and my father in front of a bunch of people goes like this, like friends and he goes now? How much of that story do thinkers, agitated, Hume, mother, Fucker? The problem is you understand
drama so well that you occasionally sprinkle it in his lungs. You keep the ethics of the original Dounia. What you're trying to manage our Dunaway you're talking to you, are more concerned with the entertainment value of what you're saying you are the veracity of the true I've already draw up plans. I am Benjamin button. A case is showing, while showing every decides this with a random chosen. I make it man the mere with glasses on then Tom and flies link. I think overall, like you, you would never change the actual results of the story. You're talking about right, but you would flavour that's door with additional spices that warrant near it. No respite. Like a lawyer, you throw some shit in there to make it better, and I appreciate that we took our lie. Detector tests, but as a good friend, I have to throw things through a film I am also sorry that I have zero,
have to go home sceptical. I love this dude, but let me see where I go with the gong. Every story: yeah, hey. I do realise that, as he asked me, I said ask me all the time when I saigon those I go now problem was that I share your complaints. That's one Brian tells a story happen. While she said she goes, I line across the port of everyone. Did you say Eliza, whether new or true, they asked me to see, and it was just didn't work out so by women as I and I swear, I'm using about Alike IQ test. Ok, here's the thing is soon as your measuring something you're changing. What that thing is because you're making some unconscious of the fancy of measuring it, and so, if you're completely self, just person who is always aware of how people are viewing em, like Brian Cowen, which is one of the reasons why so entertaining scares? You really want everybody around you, you very accommodating yes, you're, a very like Brian Way, more than me
this force. The actual whereat fools, unlike I'm, seeing us fuckin wasted time is a cloud common. We gotta get in the car we get I love them in my guy. He loves me love them are due for Latin America. It's because you so accommodating yeah he's such a nice guys a car, and I can't do it in one of my favorite it's time to go through my life and think about or how much time Oda saved. If I had just walked away from certain people, just listen to me, I love and yet how many times have I told you it s? This had been a dozen sounds like a lot of gardening. Retarded this girl's crazy, like we gotta get away from him like this guy's gonna fuckin, take it a jail. You do you you and I will bull tell about the same guy. Oh you know not where no hold up. You don't know the same guy. Now. See I have now you do now. I know by our calendar, no nineteen, let your time which would lose a lot of different raising per year town from twenty eight years. All this is like you know the rock, or did you know you?
Those goggles have people where, when they go swimming mission will lapse in the poor. Imagine if you took those and new painted black around everything, set. I got pencil seven centre which monitors and that's how you look at the world, its Ryan, who does early life just girls. Girls in Butare needs your girl, I'm good food. When you you'd have these friends and I'd meet these guys. However, I know me, you gotta get the fuck away from when you don't. Weighing throw in two dogs and parents and parents moving girl while edible I'd reechoed over is now he's got no doorknob. Firstly, I know you're not or not lives in Venice beats, yet no door. I walk in this house has got a book, sit on the table and like a Jack Kerouac Book, and I cannot read netbook, you want girls who think you read netbook. Why can't you remember I caught you fucking. I call them back
dude lays bare his girl went to print sensuous fuckin. Really some are let us, then I call Joe I got. I had to call you because you need to know that I am a fraud, but if I tell you I'm a fraud right, I don't get it wrong on laying books out about around my life, so the good things I read, not even an opening the pages without actually move, but the fact that I'm telling my my best friend and underlined the immediate matter fraud may lying, but I'm not lying do rule is a true statement, but the quad rosy load, the qualities broken. I had informed him first that he was a fraud with his books coffee table, I knew it united in their management called me That's all I know is a hundred percent true, but it did come In actual fact, you have to come clean? You cannot live your friends. Your present lean warm, but it's not funny. Is that like, like being a guy who is like secretly deep and is attractive, somehow
to the genetics of a woman is searching for a man with character, because the guy who secretly deep who can deal with shit maybe gives up in the morning sets Islam. Cargo for em goes running up a hill, that guy I can understand what it's like to overcome pressure and that's that's a peeling to women's genetic because they know that whole, supermarket highway thing to think, and, alas, Oh shit, his affairs. This is great for like a small brief window of history, but is a thing called a super volcano? Yes and it Sidney Yellowstone National Park and a continent killer. Then everything two eight hundred thousand years he Falcon explodes and everything ties and the earth gets cool because it goes into nuclear winter and the land time. It happened was eight hundred thousand years ago and its fuck, so any data you better enjoy this year enjoyed factor must be organised as wake up and will be ready.
You don't understand why you ve got a fucking volcano, prepare lava. You personally, and I want you to stay behind me once again, there's no mind a fucking foolishnesses. What I think you can control your breathing we're gonna start the universe. The universe is justice, content with us being hit by a fuckin asteroid being not back down to single celled organisms. This is as it is. They don't in succeeding and figure out a way to get to Mars. The universe is justice. I give of justice happy with either result you can find it all. This paper work in that Fucking AIR Force base moral can be used by my colleagues, MR, do it I am going to deliver on our terms, can be no doubt that the government has tried to manipulate the consciousness of the population. There can be no doubt
however, people form should do it in Nixon was Nixon was like a fuckin too. We'll sneaky piece of shit mean that's what Nixon's hold Dame who they proven that Nixon's war on drugs is about controlling the civil rights movement and controlling the Anti war movement is a hundred percent been proven, its one things being Sk Us right now in mainstream newspapers in mainstream magazines. The reason why they went after marijuana and mushrooms and, alas d is because they wanted to silence the Anti war. People in the civil rights period pool create the doors now. What did you guys like, but they did, but they did mean to here's the thing you can't engineer: beautiful creativity, dont your lover, birdling. You can't do that
You can't do that. I guess I don't recall Andrew generally, only Eddie you're you're, a brilliant creative guy in one of the reasons why you're brilliant with aid to think it is because you you were repressed as a child, you encountered a lot of stress and bull shit and a lot of a lot of people that work like counting against you, you're ruining against you, and you figured out a way to rise through that an and figure your way through this maze of life on your own, and it's because of that pressure. They created this creative
In my opinion? A meter might be wrong. He likes it and wars of digits, but I think that this same thing that happened to a lot of guys with its current Cobain or Jimi Hendrix her or Jim Morrison. I think you you deal with the wrong. You see the wrong thing. You see, a dad was an alcoholic grew beats asthma and this fuckin chaos in the House get three possessed, and you see all the flaws of the people before you and oftentimes the most together. People are the people who grew up parents that weren't together because they realized. Well, I got to realise what these people doing wrong. I gotta get it right myself. So when you see a guy like Jim Morrison issues like fuckin, brilliant freak who came out of nowhere, if you really look at musical mastery is what I'm saying if you look at musical history, like the nineteen fifties, we're like the doorway to this rock and
a thing like Elvis came through and generally Louis and nurses are ass. They tried to convince others, weird music cancer than the Beatles, and then there was a rock motherfuckers in there was all these drugs that are involved as also the war. Or and everyone is trying to get the slammer civil rights movement and its civil right. Let me will then be able to vote the leaden in nineteen. Sixty four was when they were give grant. The right to vote. Has boy all sixty four. It has all the elements of a classic suppression in response to the suppression. Creative purse, but is it not? Creative outburst is one of the most beautiful in like artistic accomplishments of the human race. If you look at the nineteen, sixty is look at the Beatles. You look at the lead, Zepplin, look at the doors. Look at the who look the music of the sixties, Lookit Jefferson, starship glad I am. I know it's no one's right and great music on anti depressants, as not hang on
All I'm saying is, I don't know what the fuck is going on. All I'm saying if it's true, if it might not even be true, if it's true that all those bands came from Laurel Canyon and they were all kids of air force, intelligence officers That's. How can we maybe that's what they related yeah most, but did you don't? They would show the parents would be busy at work. They don't even have time spent time of the fuckin kid leather cage, eventually wind up in drugs, actually go to school. They smoke cigarettes. A how the cool kids ago go hang out by the fuckin auto shop and learn how to fix tyres and there's none of them got DR well without its now. Without a doubt, the parents would use their influence, keep their children being drafted core. It's happened through a threat, history in police barely may become rock stars, and, coincidentally yeah, but at least I love. When I launched a coincidence, I am assuming that it, but Europe, everyone you're all demands. Yes, all the bands s yours assuming the Mahler pastures they're, all Freddy
you're, assuming the most preposterous thing you assume meaning that the most creative beautiful moment in music history, arguably, then I am sixties that is created by retards so fuckin stupid. They got a job at the government there How dare I'm guessing, as we saw in reality, its eyes, we're just suppression and they don't? Rather we should we not do not grasp plans. We Eddie do no reckoning the pressure at airports, intelligence, bays, making propaganda films in law. The king and all those bad. You can make em all the doors. The Eagles Linda runs that Kids. Let me ask you this. Let me handle didn't work that what would be the end? We urge fled. What would be the benefit. The government would have an aching off awesome music, like the doors beheld besides being a lot, so I don't know you tell
through the governmental level, musical Morrison's Father of Tom. What about your dead? My dad do exactly did orchestra what I'm talkin about. That's what I'm talking to both of us. Don't even talk to your dad's. Why the fuck? Would you say
the gym. Morrison talked to his dad. I will soon because we want to have such a bad bother. Fiona girl was close to us all come on. If you close, your daddy, don't do ass, he don't pull you Dick ally. I mean get arrested or legitimate point guys. Do dad don't pull the United States? This part gases out a fuckin handlers, however, are now seen. That's velvet. I hated the to be able to achieve a compromise, fuckin mule their very much hey. I wanna get rid of shoots, mule dear with the money. You know what you're doing by that time, unless we get some sort of practice. This looking around you understand this great because it is usually a target and I'm getting Grady is I'm getting my both fixed. I gotta play did not so we do not use every unchallenged. He can you were my house once again put my bobo bullshit. I wasn't there. You tell the truth. What happen my fuckin trick of attraction, servers,
look man fuck, that money has sixty pages and pull the ball back yet, but we have to it's not ethical at this stage, because we're talking about going out in August in my now it's almost jus wasted money, not regular progress. You think you're killing cause. You started small with little burden. Should you think you'll ever get another bear swine killer whales why Ryan Elixir occurs away till away? You don't eat them in their intelligent, and I want to eat very smart, their smart compared to what they know to either babies, because babies come at the latest so that as long as they are less happy, I shit right their intelligence, now? You is hidden browser that argument, but like this, but the book he's a little baby right now. Right now, but it's gonna grow brilliant, where this money is going to try to put my shit up about it either one
a little baby after a while. You know that in the wild, that's the law of the fuckin wilderness, that's not why they kill each other. They kill their babies because it brings a female back in the heat fuck em that doesn't look good when there in like that. So what happens is the female have a cub and then they go into their Dan and hibernate? Nor did they come out and sprang in the mail be horny, but the females. I already have baby fuck. You answer the mail, not atypical, not immortal. It looks like this. Same old ship precisely this Pcs! This prices is the same ship. Well, just about I gotta pee Hobart. You guys towards this. For the first time I, like the more hours were twenty six, don't tell me where twenty chance, my wife's gonna, kill more hours in twenty minutes case. Someone keep it
ass, our medicinal George you're, ok, Ireland, Jus, Moors, and now I'm glad for saying he's, Darns tax times about us. We wanted to do something here. You wanna be a fucking warrior. Show me told me my router, you wanna, be a warrior. Tell me how bad you wanna be a fuckin warrior. Tell me about you want, We want a better. I fucking practice psychic until I caught start coming off the ground as well. Yeah. I can't be see I'm autonomy, dick my job to practice my job I catch bird earlier sounds whereby ready, I hate to be a dick, but the other day brownstone. Me how he thinks that the whole nine eleven things is even cheerful should, of course, he's on Cyprus. You're lucky. I love Eddie liking ladder, nomadic no matter willing. I so much. I never argument what he's only dynamic like getting too much. I don't argue I haven't, tells us in our pockets
I die even when it is of no, because I like em too, and I would like believe the government and everything I say to our fucking. Now, I don't know I've done my bride anybody's evidence not think None of that tell me where I believe everything we wanted to tell me one big enough why was it well? We totally does because you trust, everything about nine eleven and there's holes everywhere. So if you trust watching tower seven completely free fall on video from five different angles, and you believe the government. Eight years later, when I finally came out myself, I got too hot yeah. You believe that shared Europe, there's nothing, you there's that's the litmus test, there's nothing! You could say to those got nothing I give up assuming that's the that's. Why go to town or seven hundred do believe tower seven collapse if we possibly because it got hot, if they say yes I'm done will that he believes all gun, that none of you believe that's the worst one. It's on video file different angles, theres many
on video demolition experts. Looking at this and an honour crimes and analysing experts. I dont really that you don't have any video camera concerning the very amazing there's, no amazing debunking all of your areas. Will, you believe, Tower southern collapse of repulse be because it got to. I don't know anything about it. I know nothing about that, using only whom asked when do you know what the vietnamese Educational down when they at a press conference without a press conference witness the National Institute of Standard and technology, there are the ones that came out and explain what happened power some when they ask them. Why didn't do you? chuck brutality. First, have what ails you close. It's simple, it's kinda guards when they ask the head of Munich alive. You check for explosives. Why didn't you test for explosives on Tower seven? They said there was no
he's in Congo is not entitled to relaunch and witnesses. Meanwhile, there's about an hour of witnesses, firemen policeman, saying bombs when bombs will have their video of bombs would up and the guy said we didn't check for bombs because there was no eye witness. What about the money so through those trains or kicks, says it remote control, nothing! Anybody can say it was removed. Subway you I can say to you, you don't provided you complete video evidence for you. I dwell here for years. The priorities of the US and Europe is still not enough. How money is a thing I can say. Zooming time I have, I haven't, said anything knives. They know how much we need levels where lovingly devils really lucky thing. Let me play momentarily when you look at tower. Seventy clearly losing control demolition
it looks like we employ, haven't seen so long into its base, its liking control demolition. Is it possible that you can get a diesel fire in a building? where the fuel burn so high that a fox up all of the supporting beams to this building and it all just give out impassioned cakes on each other. As an opponent of structural engineer, ladder went out, that's what I'm saying. I don't understand what happened. There's a hundred thousand architects and engineers and the association and one by one as I two hundred than was fifteen hundred there. No, no! It's true that they denied that you're not simply wrong. We watch it with buyers made the building. Do that fire. I dont know. Madam. You may be raised that all over that you don't trust the government. You think the government every swaying me, but but you don't think that's fucking fishy detective would be all over that, like a foot
like flies on. Germany has other violent building. I love my fuckin money, but not crumble. There's some kind of notes, the guy who, through whose fluidity learning is not or not lie in the kind of that not look like that was three that went down, but the third one was reported on because they knew the majority of the people. Like you rose, mark would not even allow me general. Smart averages should sit on areas where the fuck out of me read even guess. Illicit three buildings went down. Two of them got here, playing one didn't detective would be so. Although lawyers would be all over that shit and you don't trust the government, you believe the government are criminals but get you
on this, and that is that scarier than the actual tower dropping it Billy Haldeman scares the problem. Now. Is that possible Eddie? Here's a problem? None of us really understand. Structural engineering linearly happened here, not exactly, but when you hear guys the do one by one and we all of other honey, they leave scientific merit, warning signs, marriages and argue tat. Their own return of you want. There are bought off. Do if you just look at scientific Americans bought all look when you look at what's going on, I kind of like when people look at what trends are going on is the trend that's gone on? The trend is there's a hundred thousand architects and engineers in the association and bit by It is growing and growing, because you know what the guy that the head of all that, He's sitting down with sand is a hundred thousand architects and engineers at the eleventh hour truth, none on some some clearly association of Architects and engineer, there's a national.
Association, there's a twenty five hundred there's a hundred thousand of them will end twenty five, hundred plus another, since I have not met no that's different, a hundred thousand in the whole association, not including that eleven that'll give up. I know it's saying this. Twenty five hundred think probably knows that this is a joint letter. Pierce allows last let Brendan! Then you have. No man came a Brenda lay monitoring, it's the same thing that we were talking about. It's the same thing. It's the same thing in everything, exacting thing, there's two: you can look at it like hey. Let me ask some questions out of the hundred thousand. Did these twenty five hundred km from the hundred thousand being shown the evidence and only twenty five hundred believe it more we're. Only twenty five hundred shown does that make a difference. Does that make a difference in Europe in a way that you jump? Of course it is so the reality is the hundred thousand don't even know most of em. Don't even know three towers went down these architects engine
We have to look into it, but the one by one, by one that is growing in growing, is fifty. At a time. Getting fifty out of time their shores don't be evidence of a got hold the area it s, not about our broader, that's what's going on, but I will return to this in our continent at age. Not what's going Eddie anybody examining the evidence. No three towers went down. Everybody knows three times people don't know powers. Now we re not argue, do architects enabling nears you, don't think the predominant group of our. If you looked at a million architects and engineers, you know like nine hundred and ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine would fuckin know the towers and was brought down town a tower to talk just because it's like, I just rigidities in my guy just because will unite us as it now stands, just because you're, an architect and engineering going like nothing. Regarding the association Odin just because you're an architect and in
engineer. Andorra anger registered in the association does meaning. You have extra your privy to X. Dress knowledge, raw, nine, one wonder as the ogre? All the other, knowledge of nine. Eleven is most people don't know. Three towers went down you're an actual effect, so that we agree on these architects. An engineer I don't even know sit down all of em, a hundred percent when it gets to. I know the guy had a more my pocket he's the head of all this shit. Everyone goes, oh shit, we ve been honey Dick, that's, what's gonna, love and not allow about ok, you power? Seven go to America, but hold on a second architects and the engineers don't know about tower seven, but you do know, of course, because they didn't listen to their normal people, you're doing because you're not gonna get up. If you get a great you're gonna get an email. Most people don't know
Even today. I don't even know about three guy you're gonna get through email there not researching into what they really worried, outlines intact, or an engineer and new pass through some sort of architectural course new suit. I assume you get some sort of a man who disagree, engineering and someone asks you to come and take on one of the most historic contacts in human civil is Now do some research. You can do some research. Yes, when you're gonna now. Remember: there's a reason come on we're talking about Asia. Eddie, a hundred percent- if you ask them to examine what happened a tower, seven they're, gonna, look at tower: even if you think the them about nine eleven and not bring up tower seven. That's crazy, mostly
like about eighty there's going all by thinking is already up their recent. How, but no one hundred is up any level aid without reason are generally the only on Eddie, it's not covering up its sister. So much going on that data tower seven seemed less important and be generic media tower Wanna tell which hit by plane and more. But what was it didn? Whether was intentional cover up tower seven or it was a cover up because it without so much hoopla, most people No, no funding. This is what's going. So what so, when Richard This is why we reject any. What would you think that architects don't know. Why would you leave engineers? Don't know that what they do, but what will we do? Those who know what we did was we don't know you don't know I don't know, but what we do know is that I now- and they say- oh shit-
that was it there. Maybe I'll Erika Mann more come on man ass through you, don't notice as valuable, richer gauge I'll get he's crazy about this. You getting so emotional. We were not involved in. This is not a part of our lives and you don't know what they new before you want? You want to think the tower seven collapse because they got hot. Do you think that I know? I know you think that's what I want. I don't know why. I don't know what I don't want to make a conclusion without having any facts it, but when I look at Tower seven, the blacks, how caddy not true it looks like we're cultural autonomy or it can be used in court that there's plenty of expert testimony was I'm gonna. Shit can be used in court that were the case and there's plenty of expert testimony
I'm worried about nine eleven, but you know there's also expert testimony old that diesel fuel from the Bush eggs. Your basement show me that it is, but there is one said, show maternity many on how many aren't they send me a mink after telling you any as a mere like you. I don't know what you're trying to link that he came across your shit. Now your quick crossing each other ass. I am talking about some links that don't exist. You think you're going This argument is that you read out you fucking deny yes, I ain't! Goin, righted sharp and shahrazad away out and sharp. Thank you probably think now. Levin was committed by that motivated is fundamental. If we should take the time to address all the nerds out there, the field disenfranchise brothers, violent testosterone, gray, yelling, everything we love. You too,
we all love. We love everybody. You say a word in. Brian documents, Brion s some thoughts on how long dry just rat noses, wrap it up or expanded here. It's amazing that Eddie has inside scope when every major public Asian from the guardian notion than from any of the New York Times too. Lawrence writer when a Pulitzer Prize Winning Book of learning terror that actually trader Dantes Slacken, quote people here too, to two too I mean time, amazing news weak I mean they ve all been bought. By the luminosity or the government and eddies you tube. His his saying that I remain inside scope has The truth is, I urge you to our thank you for being who the fuck is because he's a national treasure and I fuckin love
gotta go now. I love it long. My love at first, you know what a good I've listen. I want to drag out. I believe the guy I wanna go. Please let me in this handicap, you don't you and I don't want. Your government must stop talking over Germany Illuminati one of these days, and I want to make a both were directly. I want her brother and you're gonna believe all that shit. I want it s a bad for you. This does deftly. Gonna have lab we're talking about it s totally, not aware that make it up and watch. I got any brought international treasure and every man I just want you to not give the government so much credit enough. That organise is also our real Duenna poodle. They couldn't do is real benefits. Getting emotional and yelling about things you do not exactly sure about talk about client is about much more than a better approach to step back and go. What are the possibility?
till they do? I have invested in one particular argument that authority already The only reason I gotta tower seven, because that's almost always one, that's those denied us at the moment, one. It's fuckin curious fashion, But it's not obvious. You nearest got obvious need a new, nor I is an architect or an engineer. But when you, which looks like uncontrolled demolition, is not obvious, why not overburden wheeler, steady jury is not an expert so when the jury sits in and they listen to x, testimony, Thou Desirest reason. Man. Ok, that's what can be done? Political identity, blame Creole, do you're running your leader, like, I think how closely diverted- and you know what I'm talking about. Have you ever listened to be mad? You later grandma shall come on
I ride the middle there like a fuckin forty seven tower of forty seven snoring fuckin, skyscraper, collapses, freefall, speed and you're gonna believe fighter. Fuckin did much easier flat. No fuckin round is like Her right, where's, your reputation, the grassy says, look God territory tell Degrasse dealing with is the arousing deserve flat lives. There is no evidence that the earth is flatten, but you know what there is evidence is theirs pure there's evidence all over the place that NASA s posting siege. Pictures other world around. Just a game. Thrones is ongoing. I'd like you to take any earth is round no Norma that's all right, so I'm dying mother, but you know that now general than they ever snapchat account and just like girls, Joe Organs, flatter denial. Please don't
you just like them. I don't think I've ever seen in this light. I am today a new draft flat or bad men say it's not flat really be. Japan apparently thinks the earth is flat. She hasn t secure retweeted earlier today thinks the earth is to secure she souci, I loved your father. Many a time go. There's a lot of people. Think flat. I listen. I You can't be my friend if you really want to the moon, but unless we as do believe, we went to the more examples. Of course you do do you believe in Africa and then back because of course we did. Now you're you're on the fence, peace from Ohio. You don't know you don't know that for sure we went we also want to the moon, was in a state other than the debate, and I just want to know you guys. I wouldn't know we research, listen man, his years, only honey, don't believe for one mother. Fucking second reading damn times and back and we can't do it now, we can,
we can do it now. The master says we can do we gotta figure out how to get through that Alan radiation. Does that's right now. That's what they said there on record. There's videos have their own record, saying that reveals Brian we're gonna get to the moon as soon as I Your Azra Threepence three things I gotta figure out. They ve already set their already admitted bigger. Figure out how to get to the Van Ellen radiation belts. They admitted that once they figure that out, then they can have a man mission in waiting material six terms and conditions, change, arguable that condition, ok, beautiful, beautiful and then the next. The next thing they gotta figure out the white uniform to handle What kind of radiation they haven't figured out?
I raised about world number loving young Jane. I never said that from branded from Brandon, Eddie Brown or user went to the fine honey. Please say goodnight rapid this breach of congratulations to the Illuminati so smoothly. Unlike any other government agency, you guys got this shit down. Reanimating media you figured out a way to create Jim Garrison is obviously one of the greatest musicians of all time. Don't make. In job and Ankara gradually since our seven I mean thing fell like butter. You got under way I got it. That's my mother, fucker theirs. Well, there's a way, and whatever
Whatever way that is you guys get all the meek and got it s eyes. Please I'll! Do all that shit. I was in the speed metal. Remember so Satanism is, unlike my fuckin out of my around.
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