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Fight Companion - September 7, 2019

2019-09-07 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Eddie Bravo, Bryan Callen & Brendan Schaub to watch the fights on September 7, 2019.
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The Joe Rogan experience trying my day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day is it actually happening all right, Lees, gentlemen, Flight Pena, starbright towns in route, Brenda jobs in the house, Ed, the mother. Bravo with the new hair cut yeah. I like it. Thank you. You go straight up Tom Pope. You grow pony tail. The look at that mother fucker. If you never listen to this before this is a podcast where we watch the fights and we talk shit where day drinking it's a seven hundred and fifteen. The am Eddie. Bravo hasn't cracked open one. Yet here we go come on baby. I'm scared, especially post Epstein's, allowed conspiracy. Yeah sailing in the city hung himself. What's the big deal, that's what I've been telling everybody Marbeck Tyson, wants a fucking beast and he's about to fight Diego for her and that is an excellent fight. So if you never heard
before we just we talk shit while the lights are going on. We kind of commentate on the fights, but not really, let's be honest, depends most of it's not there's a very good fight. Marbeck tie some off is a fuck. Killer killer, Diego Ferreira is a very good fighter too. So this is This is a good fight and there in Abu Dhabi. So you know when you think not a guy like tie some off whose Muslim you got to think, there's a lot of lot of pride him fighting there, but maybe a little bit of extra pressure home field advantage right. So I don't know about home field advantage. Man 'cause, sometimes guys don't fight well, when they're fighting in front of everyone that they love and careful too much pressure and there's a lot more to worry about. Did you hear I forget what journalist is cage side, but I guess the red on the cage and the mat it's hot as fuck. Oh it's hot dude, but they're saying it's like unheard of hot around there. So as the rounds getting going yeah, I think I think it could affect some of the fights most most
people in most teams do play better with home field advantage in this kind of like yeah. It's like no choice. You can't you can't crumble under the pressure. It's like there's too many of your loved ones. Watching you no choice: it's yeah, but some people just fold man Tyson mouse. Looking good, though just land, a good left leg kick in a good one too. He's a solid fighter man, but he's one of those guys had a hard time. I think he's had a hard time getting into the US s. I think that's, I think he was denied visas or something like that. That's a lot of these guys on this car did like beads dad can't get in, but he's in his corner for this site crazy. What do they think he's going to do with you album is he's got a tie to that guy from Chechnya, tough yeah, oh Diggle, for averages, cracked him awesome the same Barbara Allen, yeah we can fire on this tv two, so virus 'cause, I don't have to so you have to Karine now on Apple TV, again
Denny's big ass head, you don't know where we live. Looking right now. It says: there's people watching, but I can't find it so. But looking I'm looking, are you watching it? Can you see it? I can see it on my thing. We have a little bit of an issue with Youtube. Ladies and gentlemen, get it to me. Get it. Do me a favor, give me a link just just tweet, tweeted or so then, and I'll retweet it something something something when I was over there when Anderson Silva fought Damian Maia it was hot as fuck and it was outdoors, but you were there. That's right. You went to that was fun for the UFC. We had no choice and you have to go. Do you have to go to all come back in about it, though we were like there's going to be honest, we're pumped bro. There were bugs the size of dogs flying around like bugs
ever saw before. Like I didn't even know existed, I heard it's cool out there, though I heard it's great well, Dubai is gorgeous and there's so much funny. Hens said it's like LAS Vegas. He's hurt, he's hurt it's over for air hurt over he's. Really he's really hurt. He's a smart dude, though he's he's going to stay away popping out. Just make sure that he knows it's, okay, that, like good, that he's still still a dangerous fighter, but he's in he's in real bats batteries, forty five or thousand five hundred and fifty five. I believe wrong Jamie be find out for us. I think Tyson MILES, fifty five for sure lightweight yeah. Diego though hat is Diego fought a forty five before. Maybe I'm wrong, it's hard to tell me there's so many fighters in the UFC. Now it's just it's so difficult to keep tracks on uh. Oh dude have
Nate Mazda all secure the bag, it's happening yet was it November second Madison Square Gardens November second and they're still working on Colby an gooseman but they're. Not though 'cause I don't want to pay well, they are trusting. You know they. They don't want to pay Colby. What Kobe want to we, cracked him again but Dana said that that will be the main event. They don't want to put a title fight above that so then, so so there's no way you'd make Kobe you so on Nate Diaz is the main event is It's positive. It's five rounds. This pain of that Dana said he doesn't want to put a title fight above that. Well, if that's the case, they're going to figure it out they're going to live. There is the change. The way it works now okay, so is it Joe Rogan DOT live okay. End date is making a belt for just for that, like the people's champ built balding, no he's not what it boiled date would Nate says: is the baddest in the game about yeah? That's why so that's what he's making that you can't say that you're going to say that on Tv Espn can
say baddest motherfucker in the game they just like the hard chords belt. You know, yeah, that's that's the five k, I'm so happy. They made that fight. I didn't was gonna happen to it. I got I don't know how happen when I saw it on my instagram feed this morning I threw my arms up in the air. Like somebody got knocked out. Or when I say at the improv is like. I don't think it's going to happen. I feel like Nate needs much money. It's is too much and and where is the money it's worth money? Well, do you know Dana said something. You know. I'd said that I think that that Nate Diaz is one of the biggest superstars in the game right up there with everybody. Easy life yes and then Nate, and I guess there was some negotiations or something because Dana refuted as well. I don't think that Nate Dee is, in our long term plans and Nate fights once three years in my
say that that could be him playing the game. Yes, in trying to learn now, I'm like well Monday and also let him know that look we got other plans. Those are the we're doing. I just retreated a are. You did? Okay, all right off. Is it? What is the link I was in? Is it the powerful Gerry page now it's on there, but it's not that, like we have great alright hold on a second young. Jean I'm just excited, but I want small on this is versus because will be that's the fight to make one hundred percent that cards stacked, though even without loosening, Kobe hope they work that out 'cause. I want to see that, but Mazda Ball Nate, you could just I'll just buy that fight. I don't care guys are those two guys not only to the baddest mother fuckers ever but they're funny as fuck t they're, both great the fund, their ball super necessary yeah. All that shit
three piece in a soda. I have a name to move a transition, three peace in the suns, brilliant after habits. So really it's Kim. I showed it to him too. So I gotta learn this. I gotta know it. Yeah he's got a three piece with a soda that guy is so good, he oh good, and so he's so clever. You know that one of the best things to say about Mazda doll. All the thing is people like don't necessarily associate him with knockout power for some reason, but yet the guy knocked out bad words with a head. Kick you knocked out Darren till cowboy Cerrone knocked out Ben Askren and put him in another dimension with a flying me world record fastest knockout. I mean it's weird that people don't associate masvidal with a knockout artist because he doesn't have it doesn't necessarily have the most power, but he's so good is so calculated. The way he set up that knee is this throughout the card. Yes, Kelvin Versa. Darren tells interesting, Derek Clusive,
Louis versus block me Eve, novel of. Johnny Walker, Corey Anderson, look coy blue. I figured I forget how to say that guy's name black gold Even off, I think it's even even off scary dude. He is so scary, yet staff, yet in the heart, so it's stabbed in the heart, Korea, in in Walker is a good fight, but do Johnny Walker Shoulder still fucked up in that video of him working out easy mobility is not great. Well he's. Also he's throwing punches with only one arm in the videos of him working out and then there's other videos of him going through strength and conditioning, and you see what he's doing with his left arm and I'm like Jesus crisis, like he's not lifting any weight with his left arm, hopefully he's alright about Freakin Kelvin verse, that's good till, like nah man. Let me just go after these fucking away as well. He legitimately is a middle way. I mean he that guy was killing himself making one seven. I agree, but white but
you coming off the two losses that he suffered and then you know I've seen you he some issues is while an alibi in Liverpool and wherever ball, year, whether Hebrew in that hotel. I don't know he's going through something and then they just give them frickin. Well, I think he asked for Melvin. I don't care, but I'm a fan, I'm a fan to fuck you I'm a fan of both both those guys, Kelvin so good, I think amber style. Bender was my favorite memory available for her, which is rocked Isom off Bro. Sent it in a little bit of trouble right here. For her solid man. He solid tie some off might be in trouble. Oh, my God is winging shots at his face too That right hand just barely missed some guy gets starched on the prelims yeah do Tysm Office in a little trouble here right now open flat, Footed Huff and puff They said to ninety nine degrees in there right now. That is so ridiculous. Now is this outdoor arena? No, I thought they built it for this. That right,
are they saving money on AC with the fucks going on event in the arena, I believe the ac broke someone's going to get hanged up here, someone's dying so that oil money then they're not fucking around. Oh, my god, is it really? Ninety nine degrees in that's all things said. Ninety nine, then, is so bad to fight at nine nine degrees. You got to be acclimated to that shit and even then you're still going to have a performance hit you going to definitely have it before. Is it probably similar to fighting at a very high altitude like Mexico City type deal, they don't look that sweaty, though, do they To tell you know, I mean we're not in the air they look. Sweaty is fucked sweetie, it's fucking sweating, but I mean they just fought two rounds. I mean this is there in the second round? Who is a big mouse into the left eye of for Hera God? We haven't done one of these in a long time. It's been a hot second. Well, it's the last one we did,
uh? I can tell you it's been Mont. Callen is in his gym shorts right now, filming this television show, but he's on the way you think it be possible to do a team mma like Americans versus Bro, William FL, Brooke Rush, but like in countries like you take Olympics like the Olympics. But you do it in the UFC. You take the best guy at thirty five best guy at forty five, like the ultimate rush about to run the table separate, separate light heavyweight. You put, all everybody could believe everybody all the oceans are taken over everything. Look at what they're doing in bar sing this Russians and black russian russian black guys are owning the fight world. Well, Russians like the whole light heavyweight division. I had Andre Ward on the other day, he's brilliant. He is every champion all these two contenders, like seventy. Eight percent of them, are russian crazy. There's so many killer, Russians when we think about champs now I mean it's either shit it either
should a black right, the steep and the winning team gets a billion dollars. I dig it do for just cracked anti swaps in trouble. Man is bleeding too he's bleeding out of his nose got the UFC Olympics. That would be pretty badass too what the temp to heat, but he but who it was wasn't born in May, which is a gem you said heat Index is one twenty three and their daughters. The caller said: I'm cooking like a biscuit. The heat index, is one twenty three, so it feels like one hundred and twenty, it's not going to get for a performance. That's ridiculous! Imagine the third fourth round for cab even does so do that. I feel advantage the Cory, no really training in Florida. I don't think anybody's fault. Will there in air conditioned environment? They don't train outside. I mean it's, not training
tunes, I mean, maybe a new war that Jim in Orleans had no ac right, maybe advantage Korea yeah. Maybe I mean I wouldn't bank out, though I think everyone's gonna be compromised. The fact that it's that hot I'm gonna dollar text Dominic just a hot. It is just because I can Ben what's going on. How did they know that that should happen? Will you got? You got Joshua verse, Ruiz in Saudi Arabia and they're building, just ah ah fucking arena for it just for that one fight, try and find. They've built this arena just for this fight now for Joshuah Ruiz in December, I'm just in the middle of texting 'cause. It is designed to second event in this one, though maybe fucked, about poor poria. Finally, a title shot here you go when this one though we come back to New Orleans. I would imagine all right just sent him a text he might respond in between rounds. If he has a time. I love women, Crue shout out to Dominick Cruz right here.
The back of the head for hair looks better and you got a thing for Hera is trained in Brazil right is he in Brazil right now, training and these free Brazil. I know I know straining, but Brazil obviously gets very hot and a lot of gyms in Brazil or open air gyms. But he looks to me better, like physically. The way is moving anti. Some off looks like just trying to get his wind back. And he had a really good first round, so he might have emptied out a little bit in that first round dude I like for hearing here if I was walking in now in somebody wanted cash. Safer hair is looking good all day, he's looking real good man. He look at that. Man said he sees he's fighting at a really good pace. Oh don't do that don't do that, who elbow oh right hand, damn you know what I've been watching a lot lately on Youtube watching
this way. You know what that is. No, that's that moitie with no gloves and head butts price yeah. Does this guy David Ledoux he's like the king of left way and he's? Ah friends, would Robin Black Robin Blackstone breakdowns of his stuff and Robin has done some commentary for less way while to watch man would what are they doing meant not here? I think you, I don't know where he lives. That's a bare knuckle boxing. Yes, what do you interchanged my opinion on whether or not mma should be banned? Well, as I knew come around, it's a new become runs. The cuts are too much. Chris leavins whole face is like uh axe murder. It's terrible like you get hit in the head to hatch, you see, it's big foot prints can saga yeah. I don't like that. I don't like that makes me sad. That's a big foot on the yeah also he it seems like it seems like that very cold. What's the name of the show the event
fighting right championship, B, K, F C, it just seems like it's blown up. It is blowing up. The people were installed on IG fighting art in low bar. Get people excited about. You see the numbers, though, what kind of what kind of what's the numbers that up Jamie is not great. He said over two hundred something one thousand it came out. It was like eleven thousand Oh really was it. Was it wasn't crazy? With the paper view, numbers do Diego for her is pudding it on tie some off America. Tyson trouble right now. He just got hit with a big right hand, he's not offering any offense right now he's just trying to gather his shit and just moving away like even way. Strong punches is like they're, not dangerous, so you let right here reminds me of Tony Ferguson here. Just this isn't shop just stocking them down, and just do so. Tony Ferguson has changed the game in terms of like a guy who
has the ability to put it on you and doesn't get tired. He is at the top of the fucking list. I've never seen anybody like him that you know what he's gonna do the next project, as he's gonna open up a tenth planet in big bear. He wants to live in big bear. I like it he's gotta go gotta apps, some impact. It says just eighteen thousand people downloaded it. They said two hundred thousand. But I know, though, there's is a cave. Melters reporting Meltzer is a pretty solid source. We tagged them agenda list, eighteen, Terra, that's not a lot. Eighteen thousand, I would say I was that that Logan, Paul KSI, two that's going to be on the zone, would get fucking say. Seven million or some shit Billy Joe Saunders, is on the undercard of that which is so ridiculous what Billy Joe Saunders is fighting on the undercard of Logan, posing as one of the top twenty fighters on the planet. Earth would say just kick boxing, no boxing, it's to you
youtubers who fought before oh well. Now it's a different game. Isn't too, I was on board whenever just find each other Billy Joe Saunders, is a fuckin he's an artist heavyweight now, Billy Joe is Middleweight right yeah. I know he yeah. He could, like God, loves him against canal. I think you give can also for all you guys are my favorites. The user base is best friend. Yeah he's whole areas. Yes, the Pope. Imagine, for our is all the time they're great. He fights like come to a lot of ways. Mary mall bile he's a very mobile wow. I did some Dara Singh. There's no another head, kick bro entice off is not offering anything dangerous in return. I think he's like severely compromise right now, let's get cracked again, who are the judges? Um? That's a good question. Adelaide battle, a bird sees the peoples who else I don't know who's like who do you get excited about?
for just Judge Anna Labor 'cause. I know it can be. Chaos It's a Doug Crosby. Like for real, who is a look at that in the files in the file is no way you don't there's no yeah. This is your one that fight another country. You don't know what the going to happen now that they can't they they would be an embarrassment for them if they gave that to tie state give us face, got beat up. This is early in the fight Tyson. Track them why the they showing just his highlights could sway judges. Wireless like this is the end of the fight. Is the end of fight. Is the first round you see off system on comments from purchase showing they showed that then, as the fight wears on Then you see Diego come on strong, listen! I work in that. Fucking production the first round and second, that the first round was all ties him off, but then the second and third see now they're showing for her, you know all the
Kim Ternate. That first RCA. Do you look at this crack? It's for her is a beast man, so the numbers, though even round one, the numbers are crazy. Well, the is like Tyson off hit him with big shots and round one, that's terrible for Tyson because has not fought in the UFC in quite a while and for him to come back to the UFC hey Jamie on the other, some screen. Can you pull up Diego for Hera's? Ah record he's a fucking good fighter. Man he's a good fighter, but again the enduring this thing nobody's like Tony. I mean literally like he's like a super human I've. Never anybody that can see stain and attack like Ferguson, no one! So what does he got here? You lost to Dustin. He lost a Neil Dariush. You get Dustin KO them a monster, but he beat a Livia. He mercy. Rooster Hum Kabil off is a good fighters. Man really good.
Yeah he's a he's, a better father. If he he fucking loses uh, they won, he won. Marbeck went down and but he thought he was going to win. No, no, he didn't think is going to win anything else, praying yeah, I think he's praying and he kind of got to pray in front of people. You never know yeah no fucking way dude. If you that fight it would have been a horrible travesty of justice. How do you remember Alessio sick? Are overseas tallis latest? No, I don't remember that won't know what happened that one see Kara got the decision, but um tireless latest took him down over and over never really got hit standing and took his back like two or three times really and Saqqara escaped all the back attempt and then got back to his feet.
So the replays were also cars escapes back a scapes. Where was it at a guess who won this car era? Really because the replays influence that judges ma'am, you think so I know so, did I was in the truck doing that. Oh wow, what did you say? Hey how come you guys aren't showing the replays of the take down in the back control? I don't remember what what do you do with that watch that fight and then you'll see at the end, all the replays are Sikora escaping back control and he won was this back in the ok. When was this? This is probably about twelve years ago oh wow yeah. They don't know they didn't like the fact that we're throwing chicken bones to decide that right and then tell me who won who won wow. It's amazing the brought that up. That's a crazy fight three or forget that one, that's how I know that sticks in my brain, like the those replays. That's what that's! Why
that's like a replay, because the judges are sitting there going? Oh, my god! What do we do? What we do so they look at the replays and if the replays are showing one guy is getting the better the other guy, then they go okay. If they in the truck, they think he's winning. So then, okay he's winning you it's crazy. Is that that's what happens? Nothing. Nothing really significant is changed in terms of like the who judges fights. It's like. Basically, the same kind of people, same people, you don't you're, not seeing Ricardo Almeida's, a judge in New York, which is a great thing, but not seeing a lot of that. Nothing you're, not seeing all you need more of Ricardo Almeida type. Yes, yes, either former fighters or martial arts experts like if you say you want to be a judge. I want to see you show me how you apply. Arse jokes. Show me what's difference in Anaconda choke in the dark jokes show me when show me how how how do you do a ten finger guillotine show me show me,
don't know what that is, you don't know, I do it, how you going to know whether or not someone's in danger weather in the middle of a fight. I'd also shown fights like the one you were talking about with Socar. Ladies, we like ADDIE score. This kind of thing you guys are talking you guys are talking all sorts of fucking, common sense, dude but interesting fact about Dominick Cruz. Well, I don't want to say that, but he says so fucking hot part of what he said. I will not repeat yeah. He says fucking hot. You can't say that's all. I can say that I can't say what did I I'll show you he wants to? Yes, is it racist? No, no chop, Dominick's, not racist at all. Ok yeah, yeah sure that the printer but tell him to shut the fuck up about it status on your pod yeah. I'm we should all go to New York, I'm not doing a show in New York because I'm going to Madison Square Garden afterwards,
I'm going to do well far after what show is I'm going to Madison Square Garden in two thousand and twenty so which Chappelle nobody you're doing Madison Square Garden stand up by yourself? You've done it before? No, not the big. I did a little arena before wait a minute by yourself, those places. So what were you to say Joe, that's November? Second, so you're not. Can do one before then, I'm not doing a show on November. Second, you know we should. We should do a podcast in New York. How about we all fly down in New York, a good you guys, seats, ringside and the night before we just do a talkin shit pot cast free card, a pregame when there's gonna be a UFC and you're going Madison Square Garden. Now, I'm doing massive square garden a couple months later later, so you're not, but that's not quite about us a few months later. So it's like November is when the UFC is there. I'm not doing,
show there until two thousand and twenty. What show is Madison Square Garden? That's the big one! That's neat ideas: Masvidal! That's November yeah! It says Geren till November. Second Kelvin Gastelum. How about we did that we did a a like a fight, companion preview, get try, don't talk, shit, my hotel room on November. Second, free that weekend I mean, if you want to do it we could do it hold, would be so much fun. This fight style, bender style, bender, VS, Robert Whitaker. Oh, my goodness, that's gonna be a big fight. I can't wait for that fight.
I'm in town too, and so only we can I'm not on the road look at us. I'm I'm really excited about this Whitaker versus style benders, my big fight for the year. That's my big fight! I can't wait for that. Not sorry, Adam Green Tree, not big enough to get me to fly to Australia. They try to get me to fly over there for this. One too, I'm like I'll, be here I'll, be here folks, but Stalin, Diverses Whitaker's, to fight masks, added flight Just the fight just so they're, both in their prime. Do then, how about Costa now he's ranked? What he's too now, I think, he's right there, man he's so scary, they're all scared. He ate everything Jon Jones. Is that what you're thinking? No it's definitely class, what is what does it? What is it yeah? What does does style bender? I know that one out there, one close to move out. California's California's, like him and you've, gotten too much wait. California's dominating is only fought once in California, though. So, if California
Miss wait, no him wait wait, but in the the things they said. They say you can't gain more than fifteen. What is that? Fifty six thousand seating capacity, forty thousand tickets, already sold in Australia for Whitaker versus uh design, yeah holy shit? Oh my goodness October. Sixth, in the month of Marvel Stadium, I, like Marvel Comics do not run around around the home holds the record. Doesn't they? It just said that yeah most record when the host attendance record for Emma Mae in Australia, insane, I remember being there. That was crazy. And I'll never come back. No! No. No, I think she wants to. I think RON does a strong woman. You know she decides she's done, she's done, she's gonna move on. I don't think she wanted to. You know to keep doing it.
I just think you know, I think, making money off. I think she came back and found Amanda and then Amanda knocked her out. That must have like really fucked her up mentally, but like now, looking back like a man does that I could that, yes, she would up anybody, so I'm thinking that RON is feels a little bit better about that Amanda fight Ray be emotionally. I knocked up by Holly before that, though yeah and yeah yeah, but their own, and it just knocked out Holly with a deal even for sure they were competitive even today. Still, even today, if the facts on the ground, you've got to give it to run, Rhonda still better than you? I don't know about that with Amanda and she look like shit by Jefferson, Jujitsu yeah that shit but managed by far the only everybody on the ground with armbars, but she had a very singular attack. Arm bars was
armbar just said she was a very competent just saying if she just focused on her judo and her arm bars and don't try to be a striker, you think should be. It could be now? I think if she went to America couple losses, you lose a couple, everyone loses you just you lose you come back, everyone loses and they come back, I think Ronda would still be in the mix of one hundred percent. She would have to separate and move to a real camp. She would have to train with real trainers like a real group of killers. Grappling trainers, resting trains, make sure she's got the best, boring partners and more important in coach a real mind, a real like a go out for us for us a hobby like someone like that, or you know MIKE Brown or you know, do crew for someone, the food chain person, Matt, Matt Hume, right, a top of the food chain coach. Why would she is going to break
that's holding the right to be. She wants. That is not answered travels through the good of the slovak combat. This is crazy. Watch. This debate just knock out. The sea was crazy. Dude Oscars played on now to steeping how much money is wrong to make it in the WWE millions. Please make a million more money than she's ever met, no she's she's getting paid to pretend. So why the fuck? Would you risk all that and go back to see? What do you think about King Balaskas? You think he's going to stick with you see him he's good, it's
I mean when you put the mask on with the mexican Lucha Libre fun to do, he could be huge said he loves you. He could be huge, Lipson, Shelton, yeah, yeah yeah also he was not legs and this kind of up back. How can you do all that she does back, he does, or does he have a up? You know he just over it, like I'm gonna put this mask gonna get paid well, not to get lunch. I think, is a big division of flip that you orchestrate yourself or someone picking you on this claim and you on the ground, the right training, and you know to wrestle with how? How crazy is it that people are into fake fighting falcons? they love it. They love their passions too, and if you talked about they come at you in a row. Trust me. I know trust me. I know but look Tony Hinchcliffe, who I love to death, that fucking kid lives for it. He does. For fake friend, Billy Corgan from smashing people love people, one of the organization Bill Evans. One yeah
will make movies and tv shows while there now they want to see it live. They want to feel like a live play. It's like a live wild, crazy play. I respect it. Look like they grind. They grind it's hard. It falls into other shit like video games, cartoons, comic books, nerd culture like stuff that you enjoyed when you're a kid and these guys embrace it deep into adulthood, hung on to it it's fun for them. I get it. I don't mind it It was that there was like sit compared to do you watch rounds. They do make movies on if you knew that that's a now, while also be W B movies, wait a minute wait a minute hold on. Second, second WWE movies. They make movies. So these are wrestlers not are starring in movies. No look, WWE Studios whole shit. I didn't know that, oh damn they are making movies. Oh yeah, oh wow has anybody heard of any of these movies watch
no I've. I've heard of the marine heard them fighting with family with rock I heard's decent. How dare you? Okay? Okay, how No, you jingle all the way. Two San Jose Arnold suck. This change this right. Now I don't want to look at this. Get that off there Hey real, quick though those were terrible they might. You don't go to work. We got into a fight commando watch, one of those moves that Tyler Perry's movies, yeah Jesus Christ only like of the will probably get it. We get it. It dizzy dizzy, dress like a woman in real life,
head yeah gun to the head. One time is Don Pumps, a t least one time. If I had a bit everything put it all on his own, is he ever put pumps are? Does he have a size fourteen pump? It is drunk. I listen. You gotta, you gotta respect, respect, transgenders, one thousand percent. You know what I mean you got too, but I think like after sixty like after sixty, if you keep wearing makeup and wigs for ladies Christie, Brinkley's over sixty hey, listen but still wearing makeup, but if your help Cindy Crawford, if transgender and you're over sixty, you should probably dress like old, ladies right and with uh
with the gray way, but if you got it done this different. Ladies, like Christie Brinkley, if you've seen what she looks like now, I think she's sixty four, she still hot stunning, no filter, not long legs. No, no Louis hurt a little bit fairly Elizabeth Hurley's Instagram is God damned hilarious. It is all her in her underwear how the shape eighty five every picture, showing I'm fifty two she's like five thousand four hundred and fifty five every picture, allegedly every picture of, is her in her underwear in her instagram. She sell bad looking good looking good. This will filter she does is eat, go to the gym. Take pictures in her underwear. I think that's all she does she's earned it yeah man look she's, letting everybody know. While she still got this body, she's put that mother Fucker front and center of display she's eighty five years old. Eighty five for five thousand and fifty four Christie Brinkley sixty five
God, damn six, how we do it early fifty four that dude she's hot, is. I think that if you saw her to club, you think that's a thirty five year old smoking look at smoke, show serious filter that the cartoon show me. How dare you introduce these things? The footsie session without a filter, just click. It no show me the full screen, that's her! Yes, dude she's, hot her one thousand nine hundred and ninety last week. That's her in her pool when you got that early cash with the big picture right there with her the bikini on the floaty thing on the brink here, Mingo every bit, pink hot is fucked leader body man. She keeps it told you she has it like a thirty year old son. She has kids, imagine being her son, her kids, fifty she lives way live in a new world. A woman like her with massive amounts of resource is, and she can go toe all the best doctors hormone replacement all the best like look at. Look that that's her and her daughter, dude, she's hot,
fuck she's sixty five years old. Look at her outside. Looking like the ugly friend your mom's hot, can you keep your passes together at fifty five, though yeah? If I don't see any ass shove you doing violently Ash Elizabeth Hurley has ass shots. Elizabeth Hurley's ass hard for me to believe I think at fifty your ass white guys can do it guys can do it, though guys up different kind of asses.
They have longer ass is your hips are narrow, holds the, but you can get asked jobs these days. You get the worst advice ever many girls out there. Thinking about look, no guys like ass implants, no guys! No! No, no god! No, no guys, but here's the thing. Girls are starting to develop ass cancer that started developed cancer in the same areas where women were some women are getting breast cancer from implants. It's not always to getting ask yes, sir. Yes, but she can't service, but from the implants are they doing the brazilian butt off, which is fat? Let me answer it's a reaction to the implants. Your body doesn't want foreign substances in his body. If you put something in your body, a piece of plastic, and then your body like has to go. Is it here? What the fuck is, this your body starts to fight it and reject it and then develop scar tissue around it. That's why a lot older, ladies that got boob jobs. If you hug him there, it feels like they got too bad
skip balls in their chest. It's fucking, weird scar, tissue hell, Go Curtis Blades and what is homeboys name say that name Brandon CALL dude come on do not run out of my way to run up direct him off, lose big fella Chris played to this big shot, the deeps! and his mug shot is out over there. Richard Pryor, oh shit, the goat, crazy curse plays already on his back the boys hairy. So you got a good picture of Christie. Brinkley's ass. There must be one out there. I don't think so. Tim Turner no, it's impossible unless you're doing unless she's doing squats every other day in the Olympic Training Center in Colorado. At ain't happy, I'm tony you hating on implants, but there's the brazilian butt lift, which is an implant. It's all fat from your body and your horrible. If you
That's what do you gotta fucking put something in your ass to make it round. That means you've never worked out Your legs are not going to match that ass, but that does work on some girls because they don't have enough at four it's or, if do, is they put plastic in there? Those are the implant, it wasn't. Girls, girl's ass implants do not count. I agree I would rather, I would rather marry a chick. With a flat, no fuck, no a million percent no way he just never fuck her doggy style. It is commission, airy, got old fashion style. You never flipped over fashion style like olden days, who do you think, was the first guy to fuck a girl, doggy style, but what you Adam way right in front of the tree right over the tree, eating an apple you put the
apple or apple. Are you kidding? I think missionary came like. I think. Missionary started like two hundred years ago from the valley is like a missionary. Curtis blades wrestle for going to die. He can wrestle who's. A great wrestler think about blazes, like in Ghana's, beat him twice the last time we stop them. You know it will stop him both times. The latter stopped and quick. I feel a guy like him is in the spot, where it's like Kenny ever beat in Ghana. Right he's, a really good wrestler he's strong fuck is beating a lot of people beat the shit out of Alistair Overeem. I mean Curtis Blaydes, a tough tough dude did he play football? No Russell Juco National champion? Oh gosh, yeah Super studies, a team elevate guy right, elevation elevation.
So was he a NCAA division, one national champion, Juco National champion? What the hell is that June June, Junior called John Jones is: go national, Champ rumble Johnson, I think, was high up there. How about rumble Johnson making that come back? who the man is Francis sign me up right now, yeah post be so sad. I don't want him to fight someone like Francis in the first fight back. I wanted to make a big statement. I'm back for sure. Yep yep has raining he's easy. You just post a video said first time hitting pads in two years: okay, all right! Yeah! I don't William Francis. What do you think happened? I have a feeling like itching and then he did grappling match against Craig Jones. He got leg locked with the quickness. Okay, Craig Jones, locked him up, quick, probably got real mad, and then
I always said you know what I am going out like that yeah, I think maybe like retired life, maybe in the in the Bin, accuse like an ambassador for bare knuckle and maybe just retired. As a cut. The is boring. I can find a heavy weight. Well he's in the weed game too. He's involves somehow or another and some legal marijuana enterprise when people retire like in boxing when people retire, they are like I got enough money all this is not a couple mail, a retired, but then you get used to that couple. Mil yeah I'm running out of money. I got a seven hundred thousand love yeah you're right. You know I mean I got. I got to take another fight, they all come back yeah. Yes, he tore still doing the damn thing, yep fighting for one see, I think, in a drug test him and all the whole would you should just to make sure is on drugs. You shouldn't get your money's worth we're fighting in the middle of nowhere come on. Man there's no way Dana thing give Curtis of title fight with,
in spite of my copied. What's the difference? Well, he's gotta beat Francis Francis beat him twice mean the only way he's getting a title fight. Is it Francis wins the title and nobody? Fred Francis and you you're doing. If you look at those elbows from the map, Roche is over a kid, a wrestler in the Mount. She is really good because this is like see, aren't Morris Patrick this year. That's wrapped his ground down this hill ferocious as in and around. I don't know if they stop the fighter, that all really yeah. I thought all know that it's going to go on to stick around a bit. No, it's not! Okay! No yeah! Do you have the brain to scorn by a lot too. All I I'm. So all these Russians have terrible haircuts right. The novel, a lot of fucking testosterone, correct lot of here on the body not on top boom. You know who's got. The craziest is what's with guys name, Rustam Chiv, with the guys name, the wrestler, that rapport dude. You start
Rustom on Chelsea of Chelsea F that guy's the hairiest man on is the planet. At least one use, one of the beast list: grapplers really watch killer, roster, killer, Rustam, picks people up and throws across schedule norm. All the time he's like a giant could be he's exactly like a giant be exact card in here as he doing mma. He does anybody. Doesn't I don't know exactly what he's doing he's fought db? I he got to the finals and it will and lost a Gordon Ryan over time he got to the finals with Gordon lost in overtime. Rustom is no joke, but pull up a picture that dude is literally the hairiest man you're ever gonna, see in your life outside of George the animal Steele name is rest rust. On it v, I think Yeah he's got a lot of hair on his back he's a beast but Curtis. I can a lot better move.
Oh you got caught with an uppercut just trying to get in there yeah it's just trying to get to that same position again. Once you realize he could hold that guy down and beat the fuck out of him. Blades rusty paid, be fun, be interesting, sleep ideals of the store, the belts back in Cleveland now practically everything's in Cleveland. Now he brings in Cleveland to tell you that go in junior you kidding me the guy's body he was aware holy head set find a better picture of this better pictures, that's TIM Wright that simply shaved him clipped. How dare you shave how about that one? There we go. Do that's the russian Bear Russian bear right there. So here man, I've ever seen serious grappler. Holy I'm trying to get him to do combat you get to. Oh, my god. Look the hair on it up these arms, get for him. How many mma guys have gotten into combat to use to Jesse Taylor Josh near Upmost Kashmir most, I would say. Ninety
eight percent of the guys that do combat Jujitsu have Emma may have experience there or Ju Jitsu grapplers. They don't want anything to do with combat digits batshit. Ninety nine percent of the guys that I have all have mma experience when did Josh near compete. He was when we did e b r a seventeen. There was a the first. Sixteen man combat you just to turn that we did, and I think I I think you got taken out in the first round he's coming back, though he's doing the next one. The next show next combat Jujitsu is November 24th in Mexico. It's the middleweights John Thor Blank Is he won that tournament, Josh near a did. Josh. The bad John Thor's coming back Jesse? I was going. Do it the lead, vocal fogel? It's it's going to be insane November, 24th in Mexico, in where, in Mexico Monterey Josh here,
like one of the forgotten pioneers who killed the dentist killer, yeah, yeah like. When was the last time you find mma those been a long time right, so I just decided to compete again, but yeah comedy gets out. It's it's a look at that and set boy cursed, be the shit out of you guys. The last combat you just to show. I did not you didn't see it. Oh did you guys go get on? U F c five past and watch the last one. Do wouldn't do it it was insane. It's a great. I was saying it's a great step for guys who are thinking fighting and mma to go from Ju Jitsu MMA. I heard you to come back to him. I just you know, there's a lot of different ways to look at it. You know you could look at it as I, if you're planning on transition into MMA and your grappler, it's a great sport or or if you're done with them the names to brutal. But you still want to compete. That's it that's another way to look at it. I look at it as just the most gangster form of Ju Jitsu like when you just look at your
to forget about him and that you just look a jiu jitsu and all the different formats combat Ju Jitsu is the gangster. It's. The most scary is the scare this one and, like I said Pure Jiu, Jitsu grapplers, don't want to have anything to do with combat jujitsu. All guys from and and develop the site. I was gonna say that all the guys in MMA in the heavyweight division does curse plates are the best ground and pound by fine. Now the up close. Yes by far the swell smashing with well, you know, is up in there. Yeah yeah Kim has a mask on forgot. The external, but still he's still in the mix right in the middle. He just got. You know us hd there no contract. What is he done? I don't know he said right now. His focus on the natural liberty, stuff and then he's gonna to know your mouth is that what well, naturally to I'm trying to find Lucia, naturally raise the movie yeah? That's it act like you're going to get us online, you better yeah. They come up for you, bro, no, no, bring it
Not sure. Does I like his haircut too yeah, I don't to speed and knocked him out, starched him both times. We stopped him in the first fight and he did crazy, swelling care right. Doctor stoppage, yeah you gotta, crazy, swelling in his artist, was Curtis Blaydes, trying to take him down the whole fight. Yes, he was the second fight. He got starts right away: Franks women just clipped them. Now, it's a big white. Still in the mix, look at him! He still finds number forwarded. You don't give up his number four he's right in the mix. I think he knows now more than ever. I'm just going to guess, but I think, based on his experience in those fights with Francis that he realizes you know what I just got to be the heavyweight Habib I got to take people down and smash him on. The Denver. Steep is very interesting. It's just hard when the guy stopped you a couple times in a row. You know two's time huge, like a giant here I mean John's tiny, though an ex freaking tiny. Is it yes? How tall is he?
How tall is there any role he's my heart, so he's fine look, tail isn't sure. Maybe is five hundred and seventy he shorted he shorter than you baby. Five thousand seven hundred and fifty eight I'm kidding is in the neighborhood you're right when people say you sure, I'm like damn, I'm Joe Rogan sign, I'm right. That would be pretty short, fifty nine after my back surgery and he after back surgery, game a inch three quarter percentage. I swear to God and I went to the doctor and fucking had a physical and they measure that at nine, how are you, my god? How is it now? Not good? It's a big sign! Yeah! It's not good! I'm not liking that you know before my back surgery. The pain came from inflammation, so my bad, no disc in my bone is rubbing together my l 5s one or whatever the fuck. They call it. So what ends up happening? There's a prob, I'm in my back, so my my body. It inflames the whole
back to so it's like sore, so I was living life with just a stiff, frozen back. The time finally got an mri after years and years finally got the back, sir. So now there's a titanium disc in between the two vertebrae, but my body, he is still some rolling now and I don't think I'm supposed to, but I got a fucking lose weights and I don't know any other way. I think you're supposed to roll. My daughter, my doctor, told me he doesn't know anything about you Jetson and he said he goes you, okay. What are you doing exactly in the stretch it he goes. Are people picking you up and slamming you? I said: no, no, no! No! No! No they're, not picking me up because I'm always pulling guard you know. So I don't want to explain that to him 'cause. He didn't know what pulling oh, no, no ones picking me up and slam and he goes ok, that's good, but you're not like twisting or anything are you and I said, twisting well my nicknames the twister? No we're not twisting so he
as long as you don't wish. You want to do anything. You don't want to go to the gym and twist your back at all, no twisting at all. You know running no twisting and no snow, ADI learning, no school, no running, no squatting, no squatting, no data, as they call your. We don't want any compression going on in your spine at all and no twisting and Jesus what happening is I'm rolling and my back feels the same like before surgery like it's starts still inflate, it still inflamed. So it's my body. I want something wrong with your back. What do you think would happen if you got Regina King down there? I did that dude you have before before the surgery you did. But what about now? That's another? Ok, I ain't gonna! Do that shit again! You know what I'm just I'm rolling with little. This is the fight is market.
Are you kidding most zombie fucking Ramos? This is the fight I'm looking forward to almost as much as the main event. Yeah dovi rob once he is the shit, but but so is Islam. Islam is a beast that that is so good D. He said, he's the heir apparent. They said. If you see him go with Habib, he said that mother Fucker is the future champion. I pretty he's an absolute monster, yeah Jim he so complete. I don't really know that much about Davi Ramos stand up skills, but if the fight gets on the ground, I'm gonna go ahead. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's going to be over quick sync. I don't know no, not that easy domino road obvious he's almost out of helping me that easy, though he's one decisions. Eddie Davi Ramos is one decisions against guys who are not as good as Islam. Okay, this is a straight savage. Maybe I'm wrong about combos Davi Ramos is record.
Is a combat sports world champion so versed in grappling? So go to the this Thomas digits? And now you know? Okay, I could be wrong this. I don't know anything about as long so solid duty, so solidly crime might be hard to finish. I take that back. I take that back, but I just wanted to you know say that how much Ryan fan of Davi Ramos is Jujitsu. What he's done in Abu Dhabi is insane yeah, so see he's got he's got one decision against Austin Hubbard in his last fight. Who is this lots of surgery, Mariahs yeah Search Verizon, other nasty, fucking, Jujitsu fighter and Sergio was actually a larger guy. Sergio's surgeons fighting at one hundred and eighty five Z, fighting one hundred and eighty five or one hundred and seventy now no seventeen, but he fought at eighty five is losses were decisions he found in the finals of the ultimate fighter, Brazil. He fought eighty five, against so Mutante says, are hammer that was eighty five, when seventy and Neil Magne
yeah called Bobby Ramos. Armbar mistake, Davi Ramos Armbar, here first he's won a bunch of but his submission Nick Piedmont. You know, the decision Nick Piedmont, a decision, this Austin Harvard character in this last fight so that he did. It went three rounds of that cat. That was a good fight to Austin Harbors, a good fight, and I was a really good fight, powerful Rickly in the back. So I don't know if he's going to submit him quick, I think markets has the best fighters fought yeah. D'oh, I would assume he's your boys, an underdog Eddie, So piss on my I'm, not hey House Victor's back because Victor had the same surgeries you right
I came in last week: houses back his was a little different than mine, really surprised at like going when you when you, when I went to have back surgery. My doctor showed me x rays of all these different backs, because do they all look way different, like ever ones back is so different and some people have fucked up backs. They never done anything athletically the whole life. So it's like his was diff and mine. Mine mine was worse than that. Islam's of four hundred minus four hundred favorite he's got the he's the biggest favorite on the card decided, I didn't know, thing about Islam. He saw dude he's so good. If you talk to anyone who's in, like the circles, he's like the next, they think used to be a parent God. Damn he's a fucking nightmare, so it can. I take back my prediction: take it back? No, no! No! No! I gotta commit to once you say something you stick with it for life. We didn't battle, so at least we didn't bet on it. We could a hustled Callan call back, wins California, bucks. I got your uncle be twenty dollars. I got over twenty dollars, he said he's going
be done eleven, but is probably the one shop right now picking up vintages I know when they say you don't eleven when you're filming the tv, so you don't have one issue I I've been. I bet you doesn't make it doesn't make it. So what let me ask you this? What was the difference you Victor's back in your back? It just looked different. Not you had to qualify physically for this ticket for dis replacement. If you don't qualify for DIS replacement, your bones got to be a certain way. Then they just fuse it. Then they just fucking, put like a metal cage in your spine and screw it all that can got yeah. So fusion is that's hard core, but the alternative is DIS replacement. It all depends how your bones it and I was right dude. I was right. He was showing me my doctor said dude, you bare your barely qualified for just replacement. You want to do it. It's on you! I it was due to the game time decision. I decided whether I was gonna go fusion or desk right before sir right with the
right before they put me out, I'm not trying to beat a dead right. So you refuse. This is your decision, not mine, because I was on the on the fence. I was like on the borderline and I decided to go with that. Just replace so there's a risk, there's a risk of if you're not qualified physically. And you go ahead and do it she could fall apart like what is the qualification. So that's what I'm confused, what your bones are sitting like if your if your vertebrae are like like horizontal, then you're good, but if you're like this, if your vertebrae, some people are like they're like no, we got a fuse that mother fucker. It's slipping off your shit, oh, so it's so so cock eyed that it's like poking into the side of your body, Sim fight, it's just if, if you're, horizontal and there's something that it's laying on its good, but if you're like this mine was like this, my MAC was like they were ready to just fuse it rule, but the problem with. If you get fusion in five years, you got
use the vertebrae on top of Aave years later he got a fuse, the other one. So your back is just going to be metal pine. I know a girl she's to work, comma store whole backs fused. She had something fucked up Once you go fusion you just get five years? You got to get more bro. She walked like this yeah. What everything was like it was like she had a poll from still head. Is she still there but other than my back? Did I had shoulder surgery on knee surgery in those mother? Fuckers aren't one hundred percent either. I don't, I think at fifty when you're fifty. I don't think you have recover, one hundred still on the trt a little bit. What about stem you say: you're doing stem cell to no. No, no! No! No! No! You got to do that. I you did that that fix that shoulder guarantee about to get my foot for my planner. You still have planet fatia horribly. They still run running you I have to you have to I just love. Why don't you get one of them? Zero runners? Have you seen
a thing that I have out here? Is it a wood way? No, no! No it! It's like a it's sort. We're sort of lifting the machine, but you you're it's you're, actually doing it as a run. The movement, the movement is the same as running a chemical. I like to swim. I just got it here: try it try to run outside the I like. How can I do too, but I have accidents. I mix it up with that. I mix it up with the air runner, which is a runner that you push yourself. You be you, that's how it so would weigh up to get that tank tire out. I'm back takes right now, women's swimming every week, man to go somewhere to do that. You have YMCA baby. Do you nine sampler battle? I'm I'm sorry, I'm doing the exact same routine I did for the Matamoras fight, try to lose weight, trying as we try to get my cardio together. Do you in to my cardio? Is the war number? What about exercises on your back? What about using? Like reverse hyper? I do all these defining. No, I do I go there. We go. I do back extensions
twenty dollars in regularly. You guys ban and a lot of setups that my guy some minus four hundred Look Dobby Ramos can win this fight. One hundred percent think it happen. Man, David Ramos, gets you on the ground, he's a jet multiple time world champion legit and he's got real fucking power in his hands. Davi Ramos is a dangerous striker. Who really is I mean he's not like a helpless guy on his feet. Now he's explosive. You will fuck you up on the feet. I just think that market share is by far the most complete fighter, he's ever faced much of a motherfucker man he's. So technically proficient who's who's eat. What are his biggest wins? Well, that last Armen tarts, sir. You Kian that guy that he beat is really find kid he's like twenty and he's a fucking fenom, two that guy's a future world Champ
as well. You talk to anyone around eight k, though the the tell you this guy, that a k, two, no yeah, no change. The law could be this guy right here, yeah and yeah him and could be go to have called some of the sites for minimum blue started tests with them to decide to take the down a good idea, at least threatening sambo combat world champion but you don't want to copy down. I wonder if you want to stay on your feet with Davi thing could be a big mistake. Javi too is dobbies, it God, damn tank. I mean that guy is so strong he's explosive man. Look at the back on that mother fucker, to me. This is the best fight. Besides the main event me to the most intriguing. Yes, I've been looking when I found this was signed. I was like oh yeah, you guys did we talk about his arm bar in Abu Dhabi that flying arm bar. He did know I've seen it though amazing, filthy, dude, he's so good he's so good and he's so dynamically. So Exp blow who's the best right now now in like straight brazilian jujitsu like great President Bush's still Marcela,
I see, is still the best he still finance, a complete competition got guys that are competing, like is Bush just sure, like sideboard to those guys still doing the dishes. Asha's everybody up such a leap at Penn, yeah, Gordon Ryan loves Gordon Ryan back from his knee surgery, ready yeah, he just competed in some new quintet, type of answer. Please called to his leg was ripped apart just like four months ago and then oh shit, damn. So many good guys right now, dude there's so many fucking Right is this: is there ever been a better time for grappling uh? It's really incredible. Many good guys, dude there all over the place, Craig Jones is not doing mma right he's just fighting jujitsu tournaments. Is that correct? Yes? Yes, I do he's one of best to Craig Jones,
Sergio Martinez right now. Top PJ barsch is one of my guys, Bartsch. Sorry, I would say bars. Look. He is fighting rough lovato, so we got a lot of them are for is a term plan yeah. You know yeah. That was just a super brown belt absolute tournament yesterday, with all the brown belts from around the world and in the finals, both guys returned limit, Guys Kyle, Behm and Chase Hannah, so MOO tenth planet in the house. We made be the best, but we're trying look at this. Do you know who nobody wants to fuck with? And you don't hear much about him. 'cause, just steamrolls. Everyone is Ryan Hall. It looks like an accountant, but no one wants to fuck this managers trying to get it on the podcast with you know, he's a smart dude till he had great Ryan Hall. Is Ryan Hall expect reminds me a lot of published over doom in the sense that a lot
did you two guys a lot of high level judges of guys when they make the transition to MMA? You know it it's going to take oh wow that get you striking together. So a lot of guys come in and they get it's just too rough in the striking is they're just too far behind so they just say you know what fuck it I'm going to dip out focus on your jobs. I got plenty there's plenty of money and and running ginger to schools, but then there's guys that stay and they get their striking together, because if you don't, if you if you remember one of the server doom work when he first started, he wasn't that great his authority yeah was electric. He wasn't that great of an enemy fighter, but he stuck it how he sells stuck it out and then little by little due to striking, because he was legit and that's, what's going on with Ryan Hall, Ryan he doesn't even know what it will further like, but winning the cut. That's. Why he's so good? Because the striking is good, I can't get a match ups. They can get close to run all because he will throw head kicks at you yeah. Strong should be staying on the outside, so Ryan Hall stuck it out, he didn't quit could easily quit mma. Just
It I'm running my judges to school. I had made a fifty k a month. I don't, I really doubt he stuck it out and now it's happening you're, seeing the rise, a Ryan, all right kind of the king to the matches, the there's no market used to say it's too scary. The noise rip your ankle yeah because he doesn't need to take you down this fight. Is he not dive? You're, almost as clipped Islam, a big right hand, duty yeah, he's dangerous man backed over doom, though for doom top five all time I think if you look at his record, what he's done top five this? If you don't get enough credit before his last few fights, I would have put him at number one. I had him number one till it last when he, when he beat Cain Valasquez, you gotta, think ok, here, a guy who be fate or Nogueira and came. Ask us three of the greatest of all time submitted. All of them mean how? How do you not have that guy and then people forget to when he fought Travis Browne on Fox is like the third or fourth Big Fox fight that was Travis Brown in his prime, I think Frank like three in the world and we're doomed.
This is Travis and Travis down. If you talk to him, no, I don't mean him. No, I don't know I I I think need words for Rhonda. I think, like man helps her with like a merchant stuff, good man, you know I'm saying I think yeah there's plenty of money, there's no need to fight. No, I don't need to get punched in the face, but I I think with ver doom and he was people that he was so good he's my favorite man. I always love for discard. He was so nice took him awhile to get going. It took him, why was a hard transition 'cause when he first started from the server to was like his striking was like shit? I got I got to get this fight to well. He came in now he's a legit movie time. Are you kidding me easy Mark Hunt yeah with uh? That is amazing, but remember when you walked him out. Remember: Junior K, Odom with an uppercut and seeing that junior like burst on the scene. Oh god, I forgot about that. Uppercut that was Junior was an assassin when he was
first fighting and then I think you're, seeing that you're saying that to another guy who didn't give up and it keeps pushing and little by little, that striking is getting deadly Vinny, Margolus, Bj Penn on the shots, don't forget about big it Vinny model s 'cause that guy do yeah he's a look at that shit. Dobby Ramos is throwing some heat son he's looking for the takedown any get. It did. Vinnie, Michael, as he says, are twice in the same night and and with two victories yep and that p f. So there is a free duty, Progar twice in one night and social victories yeah he lost in that finals. You know what one million dollars you know what he learned a lot from that dude he's in he's any duty. Have you seen him lately? Did he show Brad shredded? He got his cardio to get a scary dude. Did he got it and he's he's like properties? He just keeps going. He doesn't give up and
oh bye little he's fucking knocking dudes. I would head kicks. You can't sleep on Vinny, no he's elite. How old is he now? I would say thirty four who right there he burst on the scene, just wasn't ready. Wasn't that striking wasn't striking once it radius. His problem is always been cardio. Once I always tell my did once you, you, conquer your audio problem. You're gonna be fucking hard to deal with for anybody. There's a good left hand. The body by market Kev he's mixing it up. Those was a slick, move and throwing him all the head and Dobby put his hands up and he went right to the rib cage. This is interesting fight. Man very a cakewalk is this is the second round. Yes,. I haven't been on the ground all right now, no I'd love for to go to the ground. No, I don't mean both because of tried to which is interesting. Markets have tried to bring it to the ground.
Is it just an economic cruise doing the comfortable yeah, just two man, crew, God? Damn it go home. Think I think I going everywhere kids. Go home to give him up races this gig man. Now he loves it. I don't think he was in China for for Jean Wei, you know what am where was he going for a take down it's hard to tell? I was hard to tell their um how about we Lee or or Whaley they like check yeah the one just up starts on drugs. She was which one I didn't see the fight was it legit allow forty seconds Honolulu's arising striker. What remains the focus is a twenty twenty and one she's like twenty, our own she's, a monster. She caught it with the right hand, herder and then finish, Roshi in one of six own
she's being bitches up somewhere, but she uh- maybe maybe I could be honest- I've never heard of her till then I was on drugs. You gonna steamroll! Oh really, you know I've seen her fight. I don't solve women's fighting that dude she's fucking, we need change. Did you get people get mad at you, you're talking shit about the strawweight division. I don't know, I'm sure I don't care fight show and then, if it's kind of just like the lifestyle show not like others fight this weekend. I know she is on Josh for the wind that this mountain covering this is ah, but Dobby Ramos is pushing the pace. Here I mean Dobby, is the one who's constantly moving forward here and he's he's trying to counter and throw these explosive bombs. But Islam is using good, footwork and good movement know you know, adapters eyes, cut nice movement there in the clinch. Was just coming up short he's, throwing that jab the
big right hander, but is moving just enough away. That's like fight! I q he's popping that Jab Adam it's real technical fight. Very well! That's how have market man his his whole game is to game Twenty seven, that's the other thing about markets have do that. So I think in the main event, could be better, could be, will fuck around a little bit and play the go game and strike with you. I think his dad's in this corner. Now you might wait doing that. We're not taking any of these risks and he listened to his dad. I think you get a phone, onslaught of could be grappling. So also this fucking HEAT Man, Dominick Cruz, is the hottest place on earth that's not exactly what he said. Joe must be honest, so something something that arena. Something like that see he's swinging his punches, but his
entry is short. Do not under the hammer fist on his forehead, how how will these rivals- thirty two so is on twenty seven Dobbs. Third to. He's just like in his entry. It's it's a lot of these guys particular Ju Jitsu, guys the even if they develop power, they don't necessarily spend a lot of time on footwork footwork is so crucial. Your ability to move in and move out. Did you see apple versus Lomachenko? Yes, woo that software baby get so yeah. I am. I brought it yes, he did does not know that wasn't a cake. Why things? What work is overrated? Half it took you two. So I think what's happening right now, Eddie about footwork. Do what works everything! Man foot works! Everything you know. One of the interesting things about watching a guy with really good footwork is, you could see.
His opponent like doesn't necessarily knowing how economies arrested get drawn. Look at that drop them. Do they draw Optima and then he anyone take down. It was like a good acting yeah while well, he was in the Area was like survival reaction, but market chef definitely landed Maur. That was a big shot, though Darby's fucking dangerous man. But look it's becoming more of a striking fight. Look out. Fucking he's he's got his man. Also open to man, that's how hot it is in that joint I'd love to see him just grab can't understand why they don't have better a sea. Do they should like those of MR is that they have like a universal studios misters, while you're waiting in line. How cool would that be? Well, then everybody be greasy, is be wet, will be terror, people grappling but they're, all sweaty anyway man, I mean how much better than you get. Nobody wants to see that shit on the ground. Anyways you abroad, standard, bang, o stand him up,
it's so old. All! Oh, oh shit, oh shit that fucking grampound right that combat solid ground and pound on Samsung down he's glass under right he's bite. Look at he's going to London right there! Look at that and see. If you could pull anything off Manning mean he's got to be exhausted right here really. I look mark chapels right out pops right out of there, so greasy so greasy. Let's see if Dobby can pull something off, though he's going to go for a trial. How many of these these guys, traditional jujitsu, guys, are embracing rubber guard? How many of them come to you to try to learn some of this stuff because of the fact it's like the best thing to do when you're in a position, someone someone's, really greasy, you actually have troll of your own leg and you could control someone's body and still it helps if they're, not that many people are coming to Maine, just crazy, not that manning. I would imagine
this. This is not a bad idea, but it's not as good yeah you're still doubting if rubber guard as the jet go go to the Instagram Rubber Guard assassins, know that and and then just look at those clips and then tell me if it's if it's legit that said Dope Instagram Page Rubber Guard assassins. I'm there every day it's just a reminder spots I go to every day see what's up accounts on his way by the allegedly calendar the cheese store right now sniffing they do. Some of these actually sounds good right now, dude. She played Jamie early, not count. I was that guy who I still got two legs were shaking. The thing is: let's him right: behind the ear: did his legs were vibrating him and I can run the equilibrium that happens on yeah does filthy, though you know when Valentina Shevchenko Head kick Jessica, I,
but she was down and out for so long and her legs were doing this little twitching thing like this year, sound like a bat wolf that girl Valentin to tango. You know I was talking to Gaston Bolanos. He came backstage to my show in San Francisco. We were talking and he said something that totally agree with. He said she might have one of the highest Iqs fight Iqs in any division on nail female one hundred percent hundred percent is so good. She so got damn good she's setting her up with that body, kick whack whack and then don't do that
right off the coconut he was. She said about arm bar on that left arm, but look it. The Russians left elbow not in a good spot for Dobby. He needs to get that elbow in before he got his dobby, a good guard player. You know what I don't know these known for, strangling people in all hours should his top games like high super high level, but I I haven't really seen him fight off his back yeah he's. He struck I'm here little risk control. Let's see this guy looking for the camera, uh lead going through uh. Oh, he almost had it that was sneaky. I like that set in a month, I think more on the right arm, but going for the arm bar on the left. Hey Jonas Dama crew talked about coming back in fighting. Yes, he's on his way. Yeah yeah he's coming back, he's trying to get a fight with Kudo, triple C great fight, yeah and they're talking a lot of shit to each other but
I make in the lab. That's right! The note I have I been a beat, as he does that's what innocent twenty five yeah or what okay, the only problem with that is like what, if someone gets injured, would benefit it's it's injured. True to this is interesting right here, because Dobby as controls, leg,. And Islam's. On top of am not much time to work for Davi Man, not looking good yeah, I think I think a decision loss well. This is why you Best way, Islam is a four hundred once it. I don't have to pay you twenty dollars today way down. You have paid twenty dollars at all. It's just kind of fun in the moment pay the money bro. This is nonsense not fair people are watching minus four hundred people are watching like you really. I don't have to pay it. Let's just keep Tabs serious. What what is Dobby do here heading tell me what to do. If you were in Dhabi, we should control dead orchard. Is that hard to do on slippery folk dude dead Orchard is the most
common submission in Ju Jitsu, a submission from your back in the history of Jujitsu, really there's more dead orchard arm, then any other kind of arm bar from the garden, any kind of style of grappling where's dead orchard on bars. Going on all day everywhere around the world. There's a instagram called Dead Orchard society. Do there eh alaris like regular traditional arm bars anywhere these days, when was the last time you seen an armbar from the guard in Abu Dhabi, I could think of to Chandy. Ribero he's got a good, close guard arm BAR and Kron Gracie. That's it that's a you, never see our marshman, and this is Nathan Orchards invention. Did you get really good at it? He invented it yep! That's amazing! It's amazing, when one guy finds a move that so effective.
Nathan, orchard is a bad mother dude. He was paying so pretty. Clearly Islam on this phone, yeah yeah, the most excited Seattle Nathan, Orchard just live shot out. Sorry about that who's running Portland, that's feel Schwartz. With another monster. Do we are monsters everywhere, it all over the world. Isn't it crazy all that should start out the bomb squad, yeah dude memories back. Did I got killers all over the guy Damn world every day I wake up my my how the fuck did that happen. You know who looks fucking great Ralph, Ralph Ralph, wearing, look at you following Ralph I talked to in a Berlin old School. Well dude. I still hate rolling with that guy. He was way bigger back then too, he's really he's leaned out he's shredded and we see the picture they post. Fifty five years old, full six pack shredded back he's a super athlete and constantly
working constantly training. You know Route Ralph was book for the whole leg, lock, revolution, Ralph from Victor um and me here they were all training with, W and Josh Barnett now and Eric Paulsen. They were my leg lock eyes like. I had a leg, lock, crew, this my leg, lock cruel. I thought I was balls deep in the last time. Victor caught me caught him with a heel hook, yeah those are my leg lock eyes and then, when the leg revolution busted out, I realize shit. I'm not doing enough like I thought it was doing planning with leg locks. We were he looking all the God, damn time intent planet but then once Ebi took off and I realized oh shit, I'm not doing enough leg locks. I thought I was, but I'm not so I fixed that shit was. I do tell him what to say call somebody up right. It probably don't forget to think
I'm paying you ship Brandon. No, I am not sure man, you don't twenty bucks. I don't give a about that. How long you're so aggressive and not paying you don't pay, that's what you're going to do. So let me go back to back since this is over it because I'm very curious, but I'm gonna poke you in the has. Has anybody ever gotten that disc replacement thing and and gone into athletics gone back? That's a good question. I don't know I'm trying man 'cause, I you know I'm rolling with little dudes Braulio trying it in there I'm trying to get my together because you know as you're teaching Jiu Jitsu when you're teaching anger, rolling, there's a big difference. Man, because if you're not pulling there's so much shit that you forget. When you, when you roll every time, I'm rolling even little like little blue belts and stuff, I'm like oh, I remember that little transition, I gotta, teach that oh. I remember that.
Oh, I remember this. I remember that 'cause, if you rolling dude, it's like you like, if you're teaching and you're not rolling all your experiences just like Plateau, that's it you, don't you don't you and it's so hard to evolve and progress if you're not rolling, so I'm just trying to roll just to keep my teaching evolving relative. That's right! Yeah! You know it really stop Roland Dude! You your frozen, and it's like it's like teaching a language but not talking exactly exact, so important. You gotta keep rolling so physically and I'm probably not supposed to be rolling, but I'm a couple times a week twice a week I roll and have you had your back looked at since you said that it's in pain, I'm afraid I'd like some shits loose and I'm afraid I don't it's. We have right now. How do you feel right now, like sitting there right now? I'm fine doesn't hurt how about what, when it hurts is. If I stand for too long
back in the day of the comedy store, when I would stand they go where is Eddie at enjoyed all he's sitting down somewhere is backs fucked up, I would have to I couldn't and for more than fifteen minutes was four years this, it's like where you can stand. I can't stand for only two through Joe it so he's sitting down somewhere early the 2000s you couldn't stand instead, I can't I can't stand like in one spot for more than like one thousand five hundred and twenty minutes. Without my back freezing up it stop raining stuff So when I'm shit, there's no plans when I'm teaching now I'm teaching and if I'm just standing around teaching app like within one slash two an hour, I gotta sit down and start stretching my hamstrings 'cause time. Would you do now? Let me ask you this: if you strengthen all those muscles like significantly trapdoors muscles in your back, listen man
place is open to you any time you want to use it. There's a reverse hyper machine, there's a bunch of back things. If it's inflammation that I'm dealing with it's not just a weak muscles. It's inflammation, I understand, but some of that could be mitigated by these machines and trained killers. No, no fuck that, on this and the other thing is sauna anytime. You want to use a sauna here, go sit, that's ANA! That will reduce inflammation big time. You know what cryo most is when I jump in a poll on, I swim take the weight off of it. It's like a it's like the coolness off the pool. It's like doing. Cardio in a poll did when I'm doing sprints, I'm dead, tired, I'm out at the pool, I'm gonna fucking pool and I'm automatically being cooled off in a pool it's the best. Like swimming is everything from you. Did you see that football player who, when the crowd chamber and it where the booties and stayed in there, for like four talking about that right before the podcast? So really the guy? What is his name? John Tonio Brown? He got cut because he's an asshole but he's the best player in the game
and he had a better than Odell. Beckham Junior, ok shut the fuck up aspect, Otoniel Brown right, that's better best! Catch of all time, the best catch in NFL history was by who the g, oh now back David Tirio, know, know, know, know, know Odell Beckum when he goes back with that. One with one hand it's like this, but the whole point in the Superbowl come on man. No, no that that's the best catch in NFL history, that's Odell Beckham anyway, you know jumper in case it gets cold inside in the van, as I said, during the UFC Fight X, fan experience. That's where Serena specifically for you have so you have a well someone's going to take someone and drag him into the woods with a camel, You mean the sand dragon the same someones dot years woods so fucked up. They might make their own words out there do you know Abu Dhabi, they make it rain there once a year,
usually once a week. They are allowed one. Fifty years fifty two times a year as I did, they build their own islands to yeah have a tip, though that's that's too. By actually by has crazy. The island that shaped like, like the world yeah like palm tree, but it has it's like each one of 'em, presents the different continents as right. Yeah, it's really kind of crazy. Some of our melting right, like the like the ones taken. Will eighty people of these huge crib level can't really fight nature to have hurricanes in that area? Do you know? I don't think so I think so. Did you hear people were to criticizing Tyler Perry, because Tyler Perry sent a bunch of resources down to the Bahamas, a bunch of supplies, but he did it in his private jet. He sent his own jet filled with products, and people like you know, that's the height of liberty, ignorance, you're, using a private jet and its control global warming. I'm like how the
thank God, you think, do you think that they're going to get these things down? There listen people who said Edwards, UFC Legend Yves Edwards he's from the Bahamas? Yes and he's like he's rally as many people as possible to help to go down there go to Eve it's at thug, Ju Jitsu, Jujitsu Instagram a thug, the jets you on Instagram. If you want to do Nate and help the people out, is it a go fund me? It's some kind of donation could just do it. Have you seen the drone footage of that island that go island dude? It looks like a bomb there's eve. Wow. Look at that! That's crazy! That looks like the fact that there you go Doug Doug put it soon master right to master, but it miss Florida right. It went right past Florida yeah, but it was on the way the Alabama Court of Trump. You see that no trump drew like they, they told her Trump said it's on the way to Alabama they like. No, it's not so he shows
map of the hurricane and then with a sharpie. He had drawn a line like headed towards Alabama that it itches. Like look, I know like what the fuck are. You talking about dude dude people were watched. Looking picture like Kyle Kalinsky was had it up on his howling howling. At this like just added a sharpie could just drew extra lines classic, but Jamie didn't you say it may or may not be like against the law when he did yeah yeah, it's like against the law to alter federal forecasts or some you know what that's out bullshit for not going to do anything to that. That's just fucking bowl shit is that on CNN they're talking shit on Trumbo everywhere, it's uses, sorry, no arrows all over the box. I know I know on CNN they're all over Trump. For that shit. They need to shut the fuck up at CNN. You know this was all good CNN. Fox news is making fun of a two day. Everybody, everybody knows two, no look. Eddie, everyone was made
fun of it. He literally drew a lot. It's just funny. The guy didn't want to be proven wrong. He said there was going to Alabama the forecasters did not say it was going out. He missed the whole area, so he took a piece of paper with the forecast Andrew actual line, a little loop headed towards our. As you know, that you know that Rylan, my God, look at the sharp in line with the bubbles he's like look see. I told you the foreca Did you see that help people around like dog? Damn it? They think it'll fly man. There's some people are going to see the people around him will not deny that he did it. You know that island got hit. Do you know that the
the theory. I don't know it's. No, this conspiracy on hurricanes hitting wow. What are they? Oh, it's a conspiracy, there's so crazy and the Epstein and all that shit. So crazy was Hurricane Katrina went with absolutely not Epstein happening dude! You guys gotta be opened at fucking everything okay tell us opened at us about the hurricane heading? I don't know matter, Ah I don't wanna hear any under here. I've never heard one of hurricane, I believe in Epstein, I believe in fucking a ton of stuff I don't know about. And then he can you know you guys you guys, you guys, love you get mad about Trump he's! That's what got him lease of Trump supporters good if Trump Trump trying to fucking save this kind tree and they're fucking crazy left, is trying to fucking put Trans leaders in elementary schools. Okay, so that's you guys. Could you believe whatever the fuck is simple, simplified narrow?
yeah. It's like come on man, Paul Felder. Here we go, pull filter, pool, Filter, Barboza, two There is a bank jack and light weight. He also shorts to keep in mind time April yeah. I don't know why anybody would wear shorts that are loose because it gives fought someone an opportunity to grab yes also the mobility yeah. Well, I wish why so much shorts mean your grandma, because people just do rabbit doesn't mean it's illegal, it's illegal, but they do. But nobody grabs tights mean with some grabs tight. So you literally grandma fucking tight to check Congo list for the shrimp sites. You grabbing my loose ass pants, I'm going to grab your tights. That's what happened in Metamoris too. There was like a big fucking. It was some bullshit ass legal shit. Going on with that because I was wearing pants and there was wearing tights, but since you're you're wearing pants, Euler can grab them and I
ok. If he could grab my pants, I'm going to grab his shorts. No, you can't grab shorts and, like he's crapping, my pants white can I grab his shorts because the shorts are form fitting and your pants are loose hey Jamie. Can you bring up our bows and making you know it doesn't make any sense. That was in the middle of all that everything to try to get you to use. It was crazy shit where I had to go at the very America. Ok, you could grab my mother fucking pants and I won't grab your fucking shorts it got to that. Is that how you left it? Damn like what problem other fucking because I'm trying to make it legal him to grab my pants because they weren't form fitting, but I couldn't grab his it's because they were formed. Let you ever find out how bad his knee is his knee. I never forget that sitting there, because I was I've. I was right there. I was watching you wrench his side ways I was just going to. I was thinking tap any second, it's going pop pop pop pop pop pop. He didn't
that should popped all over the place and an animal anyone tap he's an animal. The fact that he hasn't tapped- it's been tough for him lost those last four shark, Winnie that that's be fake, right, no you're Kot, who the FUCK shark win, who is shark, Winnie Click on shirt, the husband and that's fake bro? What do you mean? It's fake? He never headline in March thirty, it's fake, and now I just got someone to look at Bruce Buffers jacket. Who's shark Winnie, is the greatest jacket ever it it. Is it fake? It's a fake, it's fake yeah, because this last I need not Dan Hooker right. Is that real? There's no guy named Dan Hooker Justin Gaethje KO two minutes. Last fight this kind of reliever Barboza, someone FUCK with Wikipedia got us to say it. The goddess: enjoying won the first match. I'm lost Felder lost further
bars. Yes, it borrows a little mud fight. The pro he was hit them with the switch. Can everything that was like literally like be was moving through time. This kind of a crossroads for art Bos. Will you look at this kind of you know? Boats were felled or two men Felder got beat by MIKE Perry broke his arm how to get his arm bolted together. Again was at his last fight. That's his last fight right MIKE Perry felt it should be fine. Those come to he's a great common tied up in this case. His mind is so sharp too large. Do not have any problems at all and he's got a chin like a piece of rock. He also took some description, a piece of rock listen. All I saw it to last night, how wasn't fucking legit man wasn't ending little dice, Stephen King heard sucked from who
I don't know the same people that hated Dave Chapelle as calm as yeah now, if for for especially for pets, comedy special, yes, who did the crystals from here with social media? No, no, no critics! This would happen. It's ridiculous on rotten tomatoes. It was so good, so good the critics put on what they put on route to me does run tomatoes. Only let five critics judge it. They give. It is zero per they didn't. Have it open to the public and people were furious and they were okay. Here we go the fight started, then the opening up to the public you, ninety nine percent, which part is nothing, gets Dick Chappelle crew. That course shit. So Paul, Felder oh look at that right, wish Barboza finish it, that low calf kick and then it brings it back firing. It was it because of that Lbgt Bit, oh yeah. Of course, a lot of it fell just just touched him with,
switch. Kick these boys ain't trying to go over the judges. Are they that switch kick that Barboza throws is the best in the game. His switch kick to. The body is fucking Dude Barbosa ten is way better than Felder's. It's a lot better. Look at that tan filters that Billy White Boy founders, putting that fucking pressure on him huh. Look at that that low caf kick everybody's, throwing Felder's, throwing heat Barboza has a speed advantage for sure, oh yeah. For sure but he hasn't over. Almost everybody he's self fast. Will they ever on the ground in the first flight, I don't move that. I don't think so. I think it was mostly a lot of this. It would be tragic. Final does not taking anybody down. He cracks with everybody. Look at this thing is trying to take him down. He might just be threatening him also kiss hot as fuck out there trying to wear him out. I don't think it's that hot out there, man, I think you blowing out of proportion well Roussel's, one hundred and twenty. Oh there's blood someone's got blood.
It's all over Barboza is left arm, is Felder cut Hash tag in Abu Dhabi nice? Where is that it's right there on that? That's important to them, three, that God, damn NASCAR go in the ring in the Cato left took over the top. Where is the boo that leg kick in again? Not damn filters. Eat knows. Checked it, though, almost aunt left hand roll, but he's going to drop. Some was getting knocked out. Well, father left hook, connects on Felder is bound and determined to get this back and after he got killed by Gagi. He thinks it. Barboza is ripe for the picking. I think it's fair thinking who got knocked out by Jg Barboza did he did he starched Norman pounded his face with the right hand and they're doing gay g cowboys? What do you think about the fight night, so Felder's cut and it looks like he's cut on the
her head- was not the whole fucking switch to the, but we check that one though you checked it with his left leg. Yeah. That's how you do weird. Is that no no, it's not look at the body shot lands with how you do it you can. You certainly can do look at the look at his fucking ribs now, but the way he checked it, it was the Shin slam right into the thick heavy part of the bone above the knee or below the knee. That's where Chris Weidman broke Anderson Silva's leg. Do that's a disadvantage in the in color like bill, Burr, anything that hits so you saying it's saying he got headbutted he sending out headbutted in his head. What does he said? What is he saying? What is he saying? Are they gonna bring a doctor in here? He was talking. That was that's so weird. What is he saying he it's above it, so it's taking the carcass
come into his eyes. Not really that's a fine cut. I don't get it what's going on. Let's see what happened. Hank one hundred percent headbutt one hundred percent right there huh. So what are they gonna say: they're, just gonna. Let him play. I don't understand why he took that little break this one to chat. I think I want to let everybody know that was a head, but I think heard one to check on it to the property he was. He was motioning to check out it check, delays or something he was a learning herbs for her all my god. I'm Tony of Philly can land that left man. Well. Barboza is almost purely a stand out front and when you're almost purely a stand up fighter- and so it's Felder and you've had a few knockouts People, hello, it is a bar bose- is still a purple belt. I don't know I don't know. What is justice has got to be a black belt by now you think so
I be doing for our is have been in the mix for like eight years, he's threatened with the spin under order me to write. If you look at his hips he's looking to spin see that right hip, it keeps he keeps setting up with his right. Hip who's got a better wheel in that mother. She's kept up. Look at against Adam. Remember that that was the first ever will kick KO in the UFC. He's got the best switch, kick for sure, never seen a better ever, never, even in my time, I've never known to the faster easier, and it's also powerful man ever hit, see when Mark Henry's holding pads for him and he hits that switch. Kick it's like car rack, like a baseball bat call rack, he's feeling good. Now he saw the blood so fun fight, running down, Felder's face going good, now, Felder's in on an interesting situation because he's a dangerous guy for sure he's a tough fight for anybody, but his face is busted,
but can he be a world champion you know and if he can't is he going to eventually just step back and just commentate who ooh with? I would imagine if you let's say it's kick Kayode in this. I would imagine it goes through his head. Well, I could probably just be become too. I feel so. Those are hurt his leg right there. I don't like to he wobbled after fell to check that kick. I think Barbosa's right legs and a little bit of trouble because he wobbled- and I don't like how he's movement, which leg just right, legs right leg. He threw a kick and Felder checked it perfectly and Barboza had that little oh fuck, I hurt my shin wobble and now we wasn't thrown. It is moving away. And now let me ask you something: wow look at them: seasoned Muay, thai professional fighters, kidney still get like like he cared like. No like like: can they get their leg, kick checked and,
yes still, it still hurts. It still can't get to the point where it doesn't hurt. No more 'cause the nerves are dead right. No, no! It's always the muscle. Well, there's all tissue around Anna trees, but is all this stuff from banana trees are easy dude. I could kick the fuck out of a banana tree, so Santa trees like these and more tie fighters will still feel pain in their ship. They get it wrong. Most of it. They feel on the outside of the Shin. The bone in the Shin gets what's called calcified right, so you have these micro fractures that air have opening all over your shin as your clashing shins and hitting heavy bags and hitting handbags and all that shit gets dead. But what does get dead is all this shit around it so when he get caught on that she s all that to like here, like this kind of shit here now we thought. Is there a point where your leg is just like, doesn't feel shit? Well, your leg meet leg up here. Up top there's always always vulnerable, particularly like Ernesto Hoost. He used to tar
right above the knees, no matter how much experience you have. If you get hit in the right spot, yeah it hurts yeah, especially a guy like who stood yeah like more boz is a oh leg. Kick a saurus he's such a monster. With his late kicks, there's a that's which look at that switch. She's lighting, lease ribs up, he's checking it, though, and every time he checks it. Barbos is going to step back as you can snap, your fucking shin and he's checking it with his knee Polska leave. Next. Yeah it could be. I can't wait to fight what happened that was two hours quit what shall we shed their exam of the body filled with a kick to the body. She felt was like one step behind. I think if you're gonna be Barboza like the way gate she did it. You got a live, really throw yourself. The fire could be key e r posted around is mass from smashing Kevin Lee. Like you get, you got a Russell. You can't see him play this well, If you do sit here and play this game, you got to do it the weight gain she does get up.
He goes out. He runs into the fire. Look he's made out of asbestos. He just fucking throws himself into it. He makes in a fucking yeah. It makes it a whole lot outside in trade with you can't sit on that exactly exactly so. This is all one bar, but we never see now for you this. He wants steal this round now. Pauls lighting mobile, some elbows down then fell those filters. Double great linium followed him, but it doesn't matter he still, he still winning the round. It does matter just help crap it's around lens. It doesn't matter for holding him up bad. It doesn't matter if the round ends now but it's three minutes to go three: thirty goddamn! No bad did he cut him from the bottom. Yes, what he's lied? Susan went down their elbow. Oh shit, every scene Felder Play Guard, ladies and gentlemen so it's Brian aka come sit out. Yeah the actor where's, your wine.
You want some whiskey with the cheese. You want some Skippy, the little ok. I mean I I like plans alright well going to push me out. Do you like what blends we type still have it girl your was on from acting, I do didn't you happy RON, looks good to humans. Like Justin dying, you should hire someone to do that all day you have to watch you up. Machine and tight skin. Do like this hard bar from the bottom fell. There's a bad mother, Fucker man! Look at this is a bloodbath Is it going to say a lot of like stuff that you know just general? Look how bad barbos is leaking? Look up at the bottom fucked him up, man, maybe actually the best buddy push you better pusher! No! That's! When you join the fun, though this is a thistles the second round. I was that this is the best fight the cards for us to amaze and mouth behind his fucking here. Yeah. Look at that. Good God right hand have.
Hard time? Seeing this? I hop the farmers beds at the case had the first fight and he had such red way. It's on his body from Felder looks like such a talented. I don't know if this is a single in the first five I was there for the first part was that when it came member, but I can hear the Waka NEWS Vegas had him in Vegas yeah How weird is it? How weird is it that all this blood starts feeling when a savage walks in the room? How weird is it to a savage like practice, you walk in and all this blood spills. What's going on all the shelves, Scott Felder just caught him- that was a shot, Dude felt filters about to win this fight. Third round are those is getting hot. He's melting! Oh yes, look at! This fellow is coming on strong made up one hundred and twenty four to go to work. Philly boy felt really so hard to her. He saw
hard to her. I mean white people are going crazy all over the world right now. Really fine espresso, probably account heart for woo. Why people are going crazy boom? Nothing! Nice whiskey! I can play you're, not nice, to best you don't even mix it with anything. This whiskeys like you, could drink it straight I go to when I go to a bar Felder's right arm- is hurt them he ate. I do that because he went like this. Was his arm and a stiff way from the block in there yeah and he's trying to hit him with an elbow now. Look at this. Oh, oh you're, right, he's and hurt, see how it's like hey. He ate that switch kick on the arm. Dude Barboza kick so hard! You catch that shit on your try! Seven hey! These two are fucking, each other
yeah. They are that's a great fight, great fight, Felder theater major for those you guys wondering brilliant man, as he is look that deep, deep on the shutters on the shot, nothing damn people get twisted that they think Barbara was as horrible take on offense. He just fights fucking months. Do you think those guys in the White get mad a plug? It's on them going say: there's Dominick Cruz Dominant, but they like a little color, the guys back there, the Saudis yeah, the princes. Are they print is if there were that? No, but they think I guarantee there's some money in that group yeah. I just assume they're all princes, but there's a there's one hundred princes then yeah is there one hundred also for a to be a prince, oh they're, in Saudi Arabia. This is oh, no Abu Dhabi come on Bro second round. I assume that all princes they all drive, lambos, probably probably dusted and have to hey bar poses with Att t. Do that's that's which take place? Oh that's right. He went to Florida. He moved back down to Ford. A couple hours is no pinky was his family. I think he wanted to be. I think it's fam
he's down there. I think it had to do with something about also being able to travel back and forth easily to Brazil, who is a guy in his corner, the guy with the tattoos. What's his name, take the Marcos Tomada leading this parampara? No, that's not the good one. How do you say that oh mama? Oh who and I hook look at that hook? How do we go round? Three? We had a piss, don't go. Piss me right here run, run write downs. The expert here, that's right, buddy do group is just gave you kiss you. Don't laugh, he's an expert asshole God so rude. I know silly silly Brendan. Sorry, I come from the set guy, sorry about my makeup and I'm feeling a little. Are you emotional, because you've been acting you drain due to rain recite one line. Did you know know you get to the house, you have to watch the show. Sarah schooled twenty. I say thirty, let's wait until after the round, then you could do is set boom. Kick the bottle.
Barboza looks tired in between rounds. He looked very tired. He still throwing big bombs these cats and he still got snapped those bra. Apparently this is a new arena and it's hot as hell they're saying that it's more than one hundred and twenty degrees inside the arena or feels like it's one hundred and twenty degrees dry heat. I commentated for pride in two thousand in the year two thousand and we were in like some Tokyo stadium and it was so fucking hot thing had a suit with a coat. I wouldn't take the jacket off because I was weekly drenched on the inside. Do do you got to take a jam like dude? You don't want to see. What's under that, how was it looked like I jumped in the pool? It was still a lot pride. Ten pride tended watch all those fights. It was
one hundred and ten degrees pure humidity. It was death, go back and watch those fights that was when hens, oh and Soccer Robin went out of that shit. Yes, I do fell to just called you and the legend goes in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain places like this. It's certain times the year you can fried an egg on the pavement if it's bad Felder pressing the pace here. I wonder who's winning this fight. You know we've been talking, but I mean you've been talking about you. Bro have been watching paying attention, bro, I'ma fight connoisseur. Yes, you are dude and I don't know here with that tatted out. Well, I'm good at talking with your shoulders, watching I do that. Yes, you watch and talk to it for a living. Sometimes I wouldn't say a living. It's like a side job, no way we're going to this fight. One hundred couldn't get to you, I'm not interested in getting all the way over there. When I could do this with you guys and be like super close to home and do sets last night at the store I'm at
and when the fights over all I spinning back, I'm on the other side of the world, we'll have a flight is going to suck. You should show he still the same thing with a wheel. Kick I bet you catch the flight sucks and, if sucks getting there and it sucks when your body is so see, if used. Oh, my god, these guys are colliding. Two hundred and forty seven ago, oh, my god, who's, winning the first early, this barbecue clipped and what shot sure, oh sure, what Dana said. Okay, we'll fly you to Abu Dhabi private jacket, with a king size bed is not good enough. The problem is it does your body in and it still takes sixteen our king sized fucking bad one of those at home, bro some fighters can take just the full shot, full backaches and just keep coming. Two guys are made of metal. Well, it depends on how it lands who's, throwing it, but it don't matter who you are fat Lance correctly. You income full yeah, that's one of those kicks it's just
just not designed to take that. No home left hand you don't get in better shape than that fell to her. Didn't, laugh challenge you're in better shape than him with the right hand too. Well, that I'm deaf elder coming on strong man Felder an actor telling that left hooks. I'm immortal filter, foul, there's pushing it here. God fell, there's a based. They better give this fight with Well, who knows the last two rounds, the blood coming off for Barboza Barboza, how to put up with you, dear I'll, give it to fill them with he's finishing strong dude. I would give it to Filter such a war based based hands off taking pants, I know, based on white privilege I'll give it to elder. Tim meadows, told me that him and Chris Farley him Chris Farley, used to play this. They do this bit where Chris back, they pretend they were detected, and Chris Farley Big man. What do you think happened in Chris Brown?
Take the pants off. Let me fuck your ass. I. Why? Because this is how we're gonna figure out what happened so stupid, so stupid reminds me getting pumped. Really something that we did. Oh yeah, that was the past. You gotta play it so good around e come on Bro, it's so fun. We just compromise that, to you gave me the sense so round and do squats flat ass, and she says that you got a great ass dude. I'm here it's all round and muscular. Take your pick. You guys know that during you know, when you guys start fucking during that it would be oh right when I used to deejay at a Strip club, it's
That was that we had. There was a part that was the song by Enigma. There was a super sexy, spiritual, atmospheric. Sorry, don't let me take you down you gotta, who does that count hold on? It's not good for the schedule, the heights open. So what happened? So so when I'm, when I'm at the Strip Club and I'm playing this Enigma song right and there's this and it's like a Neil Culpa, very popular Enigma song, it's like spiritual and there's always grigori and chance, and it's so spiritual and sexy, and then the music drops out, and it's silently your girl go just for two seconds every time I got to that part every time it never failed. I'd always mixing you fucking,
so there's a girl going to be oh Theo and strippers hated that that I did that because you don't do that, but the manager loved it. So but he would tell them to produce shut. The fuck up go, do some lap dances, every time I'd mix in Youtube, fucking with a NIG Ma, MEA Corp, we weren't really fucking by the way. Where did you guys do you know about? That was that that was a very old I wish I was drunk. I remembered I needed the money is that for an album, the band which is an album on Warner brothers in ninety nine back that is a all twenty years ago. How many specials do you have Joe, including out twelve, three four, five,
sixty seven, eight hundred and ninety nine be when you drop the next. I don't know man no rush, I didn't by two thousand and twenty one. I have a legit our right now. You know I'm doing the big, these big arenas and shit, and it's all great, I'm loving it I'm having fun and I'm just enjoy and work on. My act like instead of saying I'm going to do an hour or special within you know like it's been most one year since my last special drop to be one year in October, and so I think I'm gonna wait another year before I even think about it. Hey. This is tight everything up. It's ripping already yeah everything's great man, but when I was talking to Jessel Neck was talking to Jessica about, especially if you have an interesting he's a monster and he had a great.
Take color tell their wine elite? I hear counter wanted talk about putting it all on the line. Man fuck. Yes, it got happy. He is far and also happy for him already yeah. I'm attacks them well. You know what man I mean he's had some hard times. Man, the MIKE Perry Fight was rough broke, his arm early hung in there. This is so cool too, because Annie can fell, they love each other's great. Oh, they do oh good. Why? If we've done commentary together. All true Johnny Anick is one of the nicest fucking Geisel I fucking of John you're. Never gonna find a single person knows and has a bad word randomly text about once a month. Yeah he's a big better, oh yeah. He is. He is. Does he not look like Stephen king? Am I crazy, am you're crazy loss.
Well, listen, man, barbos is you know, we've had some good ones and bad ones and always watch barber. Five, a great fighter man, his it again. His switch kick is the fucking. That's the benchmark for everybody. Look at so so happy. Also Felder Felder Felder. One. With twenty nine twenty eight fuck yeah, I just sent him a tax man. I love that guy he's such a good dude Yeah, I'm coming some look at him, I'm so happy for him he's right there. You know he's right there in the mix now, but you hear me just set an actor, that's kind of a job. He said otherwise I'll get on top five on Rittiman Alice, I can be an actor and beyond come get a gun at some schools. I put you on the slowdown. Redhead with the whole acting thing. Chill:
okay dancers are acting acting Sundancer seventeen. It's got all your parts yeah! I got all your guys from pretty good got the other one just got rides Deion's home, so I don't know the full. Tell him not. A real redhead, though, is a red beard, doesn't count like Santino's a real red right. Let's look at his hair on the top of his head. It's a brown! How crazy is that it's almost like he dyes, his beard, red, pretty cool, more of a celt is an animal though yeah he said he knows a real red hat with red hat aggression he's got everything already had her freckles. Are there he's an italian redhead? Sentinel is spicy. There is a fire. Is a fire The rocket is he half red I mean half italian half lab half is going to be half absolutely funny. Mother fucker! No! I love going on the road with him to such a good guy. Love Santino, yeah I'll
once you have you come in the metro, eight or Minneapolis now set it now, Detroit and Cleveland Detroit Cleveland Centene is coming with me. He opened up at just rationalizing great colors the eyes and animal good fucking dude do just funny solid, solid little bit of a Boozer way is a podcast, the whiskey ginger for toxicity I heard I heard Brian you're in time you're perfectly in time, because you may have made event turn right. You didn't come with cheese and there's no Aoki Pizza, but whatever I forget both yeah, we were trying. It was already so late pizza didn't even open until noon come on Steve I would take so Aoki has a pizza airline jet load of 'em, Steve Aoki is a business model he's a great pizza is not on the way. Now I thought it was we can get some afterwards.
Any anything that is aging better than anybody in this fucking room, but it sure isn't that cool look at his skin. His skin is flawless. He's going to mohawk that actually work. My skin is not flawless dude. You compared with the three hundred and eleven in the mirror going? Oh, my god! Now you have good science fucking almost sixty. You know what I mean: here's, how old? Are you serious, I'm fifty next year, fifty look good. I every damn like its own. You have make up on my site now, like my life is for my son, like I, like my life is over. It's all why you life is you're alive. Stop saying that you keep. I think that I think that all about my son, how well this is my life is over. It's great. Do you think, like that, but you're alive and you're looking great. Thank you. I appreciate that. I, like your hair. Thank you. You look the youngest out of the four of us, Do you wonder how Brandon House thirty six you're a baby deer? I am a date for when not really
thirty six inch shit shit and you have created thirty. Five you've got a comedy career now, I can't seven started comedy again. I I don't. I don't know how the fuck but you're fighting with him doing. Seminar. Last time I saw you last time I saw you at the store you made me laugh hard. I laugh a bunch of times. Thank you. This story by you getting laid for the first time. That is a fucking helaire historic. Did you try it before Eddie before this? No, I did. I did some like before ten plan digits. It was even a thought I was hanging out with Joe at the comedy store every God. Damn weekend he was in town and if he wasn't in town- and he was on the road I'm like hanging out with Joe, so I was balls deep. In the comedy scene and I did some MIKE's a little bit here and there, but I realized back then that
stand up comedy was like a martial art is that you have to spend a lot of time on stage getting good at timing on the public speaking experience and the public speaking skills. That's the most important thing. You don't even have to be fucking funny to be successful comic. You decide to be confident on stage and have public speaking schedule looks darn funny. Did you know, example, but listen! That's just because they're famous the famous had other my point. My point is that public speaking experience and those skills are crucial and I didn't have him back. Then I was horrible at public speaking experience yeah. Why do they? I'm that brought bra. They highlighting this. They do well don't dance to. Shit dude? Did you hear copied in the interview with bread, uh Komodo? No, he goes. Oh, it's not over. He is you know everyone wants a it's for. The fighting is not
me. I see him which were basically fucking him up, because it will never be over That is all that is that's what he said he was. He was people thing, you know, because the law, it is a sport and we find the cages it's bigger than never be over. Will we fight Mcgregor isn't absolutely not never happening. I see him outside of it will fight, and you know how certain guys heip things up is fucking boxers in his hotel room, just dead serious, like Jesus Christ. That's why he's so good who the fuck is as good as could be when you're looking at a guy who's like what is he twenty? Eight and oh, I mean what is cribs record, two thousand seven hundred and twenty eight twenty seven hundred and twenty two thousand eight hundred and twenty eight two thousand and eighteen now fought the best in the world, mauled everyone and what he did. What he did is like. Just like you see right now, it's been publicized, and so it's like it's not going to turn him from doing it again. No, you know I mean they're just showing the shit out of it right now. You know will Harris from Will Harris Productions is the one who fell
Connor, throwing that Dolly at the bus. Okay, in the UFC of C, ask for it and he's like yeah. You could look at the footage but thought he was gonna get credit. You didn't get any credit like will Harris Anatomy of a fighter. It's a fucking phenomenal. You could do too great guy among podcasts. He goes over to Abu Dhabi. He goes over to stand yeah things of those guys just Allah did he gets the best for that. She has the best footage fight for the answer. The training footage like inside behind the scenes, footage of anybody and he never be like because thought they would show it is like a news piece. Meanwhile, every fucking promo for the fight was that Dolly it will film getting thrown at the bus like TMZ would have paid two million dollars for that right. Worse shit that Connor did was the thing that they used to sell the fight. Literally a felony, I mean he's like people that guy can become the goblet glass and chase guys. Yes, fucking buildings. I gotta tell you right now, I'm gonna say something right now. I believe
this can be general. I believe that they're these guys, what guys from a russian republic, but now it's an independent one, match tattoos on there and you know what they're athletes no I want to say this, and the job is the most part money. I got my money on dust, import whoa. How much money, I kind of do it! Well, listen, let's see if we can move the money around here, because any knows videos Brandon twenty dollars he's never going to pay. So maybe you might eventually eventually I'll pay, maybe even take enough that Brendan and if it's a wash. If you win you let Eddie off the hook. I just think that I just think that, if commute tries to trade with Dustin Dustin is best strikers period. Well listen to prove that the MAX Holloway final question and he's got real hard. Real power and Justin gave he fight all, but also the other, the younger as find the. Although the thing what I like pour a
Little bit in this as a dog is because, if you watch that Justin Gaity fight where gauges applying pressure pressure, pressure, Dustin really doesn't fade. He plays that game right, but nobody has taken Dustin down, mall them on the ground, and that is the difference, for the question is going to be whether or not could be it can take here's my question: how did I did iaquinta keep copy from taking him down? How did he do it? Didn't could be definitely too now, but I quintas back is backgrounds as a wrestler yeah he's look I'd so space stations out arrest, but I it but gauging never like first Wil gauging, therefore could be and hi I'm saying with doesn't try to take guys down. Even though age is a wrestler he's also fucking one hundred percent savage and that guy just throws himself in the. But with you know, a lot of people think he's definitely wild, but it's a controlled wildness as intelligent wildness. So here we go be versus champion. I think
the UFC has to be very careful with this whole interim champion stuff silica's. They take him away from people like Green Colby like this. This talk right now of Colby, not getting the fight versus whose mind Colby says they're, not offering him enough money and it's gonna be in the state and apparently there's a lot of taxes that come down in fighting the same with Tony Tony, even more well, they're both agree, just 'cause Tony got injured in doing promo right accidentally, not so far. This trip am I like the way he's running toward the fuckin cash start interrupt. You keep going well a lot of guys to experiment to let this month overshot. He's nice and you know on paper, could be is definitely going to win on paper, but could be Stanford lost around him back guys. Mustache is going to fucking MAS Vidal Askren. Don't forget about that. Don't forget fucking. Shit chicken happen. One need one change everything right different, but I had MOD
domino's I saw Masvidal is going to win. That's a tough fight for Ben, regardless lying ass. Griffon copied are in the same dimension. Would you say aspirin, and could be bar in the same dimension, because it's a better strike. They take people down and they mall, but once a freestyle, freestyle wrestler One a essomba, it's a little different where is my super saver? What you're saying on paper in my crowd, think did we look it up, but anything differences could be be, has way better striking them then, but he's also, not a free style. You know double leg shoot for our like what he also smashes. People punches and drops conned want under hood. Don't under us underestimate MAS Vidal will set up. Oh yeah, oh no, not really glad listening. The plan was to run Adam and through flying me. How do you set that up? You set it we're doing the opposite. Where do we put his hands behind his back? She leaned against the fence. He did the opposite. Fuck
mind, Askren and then pull me bolted Adam and through that not all, although it was not just bolted. First, look at the passing of a ring. First, he went to his right, the I does set up and then he comes into the office yeah. I do the opposite of what he wanted to do right, that's fine! I Q Masvidal, should hire fight, accuse anybody and you know put that in a then in a movie he's happy to be. If I was the executive producer out, what shall I should get a life? Michael guys? Don't talk over any this is a life work days. Wait for this moment feels creaming in his pants right now at home. I mean he's he's. He is literally happy to be here. That's a huge sign to me. What, not he's get well, he should say pussy he's paying he's got MIKE Brown, this corner. I don't! I don't want this one if I say pussy, if you want who's.
Oh I go down my rarest style. I go who's there here comes could be comes, could be boy. I would like to here Jamie. Can we give us some volume so we're all crazy. Everybody goes nuts missing a bigger. We don't wanna, get taken off their smaller not a bigger reason at all. That is true. Sixteen thousand capacity. I think you should have the ability to do whatever the fuck you want to do with the UFC yeah. You should, but you too doesn't play, but I could you hang his foot, I get you I'll get you I've had my taking down off of Facebook of that much it taken out of Instagram. Has anybody ever while you work for the F c? Sat you down, so you can do this or that never no one's ever got the companion show where they may be chill out on those they love it. Dana wants me to do a complete for Tuesday night contender series so like he's, like my do one for those. Maybe we will one night, you know for fun if we're around I'm down for that I'm grateful. I would. I would do one for winter series in a lot of those guys eventually become like legit.
There's all there's some really good guys, Canada yeah. We should yeah. We should do a Tuesday night contender Series Fight companion for Boxing UFC. Yes has fight! Pat you! Don't know anyone of sauces fucking and man watch out my testosterone spike to my my head. Was good luck? Good luck! Finding my head, The protection gas from that mother had never stopped hey. Did you already bet? Did you and Eddie bet on this side? I got one hundred dollars on this fight you know what I one hundred hey Dustin's, a friend of mine, guys all through I'll, throw the money in just for a goof I'll, throw one hundred in on the Russian yeah he's got. It he's got his dad. I want to see your money. I got a. I got the Hyundai. I got it right here, let's put on the table, it's sitting right there do these wiping off his arm he's. My pleasant is not that I don't love doesn't portray, but I do love action yeah. I love that. Hey look at me. Look at me! After all, how much cash do you have any castle here you go. Here's 100k right there,
the money down you boys run long K. What the brass ideas in back you, but I spent last night all right. So, okay, we're all right a line of the money. I'm I'm back gambling, it's myself! This is good. Because this way I'm I'm basically either giving Brian money or not. So it's not like a gambling against Dustin who I love ya. Bebe is looking rather rather Jack, more than usual, in my opinion, three looks like all right. I always like to create little drama. I'm sorry, the big! The big thing is, is father in his corner in the back there's to me: that's the game, changer ready, guys father can't come to the UFC years than anything else. They want more because you can't get a visa, the but and here's the other thing is. Could He will listen to his father. If you, if you watch the the I Quinn Fight years, telling him what to do he's just like yeah, whatever dude and does his thing his dad talks, he listens. So his dad goes: hey Bitch, quit fuckin. Throwing let's take him down he's going to take him back? He goes over this bad mother fucker. That crowd must be going
crazy. Right now I mean you think, about how many people are muslim in the world compared competitive. Guy is the guy he might be the most. Popular muslim athlete on earth. International is by the most famous right the UFC fighter internationally? How many millions of followers the disease have an instagram too? That's good, no, not at all he's like twenty six million, no way how many Z on Instagram twenty six mil crazy was gonna, find the say seven unless they tend to come to say seven, sixteen million, that's Do you understand? Where is that official? Sixteen million? But do you understand the four hundred o'clock Connor he had like one, but not even how many does Connor have thirty Beyonc looked at numbers, even though they had like one hundred and eighteen million who has the most home just fashions? Who is the most trump trump? Selena, not Selena Gomez is the Connors got thirty to Selena. Gomez. Capiba is a way bigger star than Connor comes.
It's is as where, like the internationals to Turks that it's just as the ottomans that will say everybody we everybody be Gomez, misses one hundred and fifty six million. Is that she's number one sixteen and could be about sixteen million and Connor has one point: seventy more Selena Gomez- is that big cars got doubled Connors. How would she that Big Connors a super counter, psych celebrity Selena Gomez, come over then Beyonc? No way, you think that a lot of those are fake. Do you think that the gum is one to figure the little Kells their love, their kids, that that's why people that's ridiculing girls have the most Paul. I have no idea, I don't know one Selena Gomez Song. Do you? Do you know one song? No, I'm not even want to go to bed too and wake up name, one name one now I can name like in Singam beyond I can name a couple were all this fuck Eddie yeah we just talked about destiny's child song? Okay- maybe I don't know any beyonc, yeah right,
Marsha and auto- actually has one hundred and eighty two million. Who does or not a the best of a soccer player player, Cristiano Ronaldo Messi? however, that is Marciana sounds like a girl, Cristiana. One hundred and two for messy. They begin again Ronaldo's like a celebrity dates. Hot chicks and, look at him talks? He has one hundred and thirty Jesus Christ. How many does Lebron have fourteen So, yes, you have five thousand and sixty rock fourteen thousand one hundred and fifty six for the rock block has one hundred and fifty six he's number one that Instagram account is three hundred and twelve million. What we were told to my instagram. No one air account. No one does twitter know we who's their account. The instagram account and their own a cloud now that that in town, that's not a person to three hundred c Is three for Ariana Grande yeah wow she's, who Kelly
got seven hundred thousand? That's good, keep it low, keep it! stand the radar, it's funny how that slow. Now I was like. I know it used to be a big deal right. Remember when, when Witcher was in a competition somebody to see who hit a million twitter followers. Now, that's while it a big deal. Oh CNN, CNN and Ashton, all competition, so you hit some CNN to fix up these guys get down to fifty. I think so. People trying to wait, two two hundred Luke Rockhold companies like play walking around at two hundred now is try Yeah he's eating bad yeah is eaten everything that moves he's definitely thick, but never not to hunt not lean. When he's you he's at two hundred that has got us to close right there. Here we go baby here we go hoo boy, it looks everyone looks sweaty, super shining, that's how it's fucking or better. Yet that is that it okay, stop retention. This, let's go around the table. Any Bravo, what's up on paper could be takes.
I hope he wins only because it would make like a monstrous fight between him and Tony, but you can't count Dustin now. You know he could throw off line me, but you got to be a catch him yeah. If I had a bad gun to the head of that gun to the head. Algo could be that's the same, but I'm not going to be surprised if Dustin drop, some I'ma say pour one slash three round KO and then fights Connor, Mcgregor uh fights way. Think I'm going, but I love could be. I'm gonna, I think import a drops him in what round did um in the fourth round type move and, I think uh, I think, he's gonna fight kind of
wow yeah. Well, you just said exactly cable. You said: how does this go bride to do those results? She I'm glad you asked over the lines. No those lines here, we go we're about to do this. Yes, please. I want to talk about making a lot away, knowing note how I've cleverly avoided making a prediction. That's I let's move on to get a pretty you have to here. We go hello. She now now. Another thing interesting about Dustin is Dustin Southpaw, with a fucking nasty straight left hand and great combos, although he did fight Connor was also southpaw. While it doesn't have much longer arms got better. Cakes doesn't also has hip issues. Is that some pretty significant wear and tear on his hip? It's fine he's a black belt on the ground, but I don't think could beat, gives a flying fox
black thousand yeah got that led another team crater. I believe his training partners were guys, like you know, Robbie Lawler at such before. A lot will Robbie went left eight, that's a long time ago, but notice it right away as it could be. But staying on the outside to be was avoiding the kick he's. Staying away from Dustin striking length, because Dustin striking lights is a boxing length, so Dustin's forced to throw kicks which he doesn't necessarily prefer. So when he's throwing those kicks Gibbs caught a couple of more any or caught one of them at least, but he's avoided the kicks but see the distance look at the distance sees crib is staying out side the striking range and looking for that opening for the shot see see Dustin's forced to throw kicks, but he's not a kicker, it's not a shit, especially with a bad hip, and we look at that could be Lambeau shares the shot that here's a Dustins, no pun,
this takedown defense men right but he's never his chubby. Anybody like could be, never thought anybody, that's not good, but here it goes. But the other thing is even if not a playmate, if you have could be, doesn't take you down the drain. He drained and tired, like this, a lot of energy for kinetic thing becomes a striking, as he got tired, though really really iaquinta, comma, Gregor fight. He takes rounds off comes across street up until you know this coming over there. It is the mall in stand up The mall now he's adding up we're, not quite not quite up yet no Dustin's gonna get taken down. It's it's! It's it's! Okay! No! No! I was around nine. It might be over. There could be he's very, very best. First round stand for Dustin very bad. He might gets smashed here, so the guy pulls
face like that. He actually got fingers in his eyes. There bears a hundred. That's bought my hundred dollars. You know crazy, you know it's crazy! Is that all God, it's all over, it's over he's gonna use that focus. Iraq has been put on notice, not only from, but that was close to being over. I was close to being over someone hears a jujitsu coach, is Alex closes its where doesn't want to be sideways like not where he wants to be with sideways in this town. Now he's not he's in a good spot right indicate right here: 'cause he's in the cage face man like he's actually using the cage to defend the rear, naked choke. 'cause he's got that he doesn't have the Anglesey Howie's sideways he's using that cage governance. It's so cool should be just kind of bent gun any worse for dusty might be this might be. It doesn't try and he's trying to survive. Man
sure it's crazy is that more people haven't adopted this fighting style. No bank here doesn't survives. It's doesn't survive, standing standing, standing, don't count him out. That was so close. I don't remember your off the train. I don't have any still helping traffic jam. He's going to do that. I don't know why did that separate the hands, if you had taken down trying to separate the hand, never turn your back on could be, I think, he's just trying to separate the hands. All right, you just try. Face, they got a minute left, let's fucking go come on just just be cool. He might just where this out right. This he's going to survive to the second round for sure The first is for sure he was a minute to go. Anything can happen, he's good. It's going to take out.
He's that trick. Troll you just keep standing up. You know, standing up slammed right now get slammed the now. He controls this. There's no one better man he's Beth is a mall or both of wrestles with. Oh, he tried that last. How many fucked up it's not going to work with his hands were close, which is not going to work on, could be to be switched. It's not going to work on his mounted man now is mounted. This is only in only twenty seconds. No bueno right now. He's good Connor chilled here in the Mount. Remember yeah, but listen! This is we really don't do work? This is a different fight. It's entirely possible that could be. It could get him here. Boom boom boom, oh yeah! So how much time this ain't good ten seconds, five thousand four hundred and thirty two! I would fish seasonal functions yeah. He survives
I am not a mark on this going to happen to poor at Monash. Third, fourth round man yep. If you can make a third fourth round crazy, we got to get some food after that yeah. I would get up to the two bills, yet some piece of monster, but that's a that you got to walk through the fire to get to that. Third. Fourth round: yes, yes, I hope he gets tired from within your c son he's done at third fourth round. He was telling Barbosa come on man get a no is an animal yeah who's gonna give up, but they, but they good per dozen noses. He listen his fucking, how many fights forty five! He knows this. In the game for so long men, yeah he's been down only been up. He knows how to lose if they get a freak out, he's lost before and bounce back. It's not shit. His pants he's so fucking, full veteran he's a full veteran he's. Fine
he's, not a guy. That's going to get broken at this stage of his life beaten, Campep in front of his data. I hope the odds are not good in front of Russia's. Are in front of Russia in Abu Dhabi, Dabi shot from what I'm saying is that Russia's watch here we go here. We just watching there we go well now you know Dustin's going to want to avoid going to the ground at all costs, low, just dance now and then avoiding the distance. He still with those kicks man. I think you wait, it could be to come in. I would say, avoid those kicks and just no oh Jesus that he got he got clipped. There's no problem well to be was a striking is not terrible on the show we're about the take down my when he dropped Connor yeah hold on. Please drop to the guys
two, it's like he's! No, he can't get crazy? Can you bring him out he's weird alright, but he can't get crazy because he will run into a takedown chemo. She has to play Curtis in trouble because clip them again, it could be, might be in trouble here in our cars shit. Come visit, points of Justin's tire, Dustin, Stino, very tired. He just chased him for a minute straight to the brain, or maybe it was the shot, that's not gonna work. This is bad
she had 'em right there. It means something happened. He just put his enerji out there. Trying to finish him could hurt him a little bit. Well, he got real wild. We got real wild Dustin, Hasket loud yeah yeah to this way around now. This is the biggest three minutes and twenty seconds early in the second round. Why does he have to get wild, but when you will suck them out right, but he clipped him and hurt him? He could just do that again. He could just stay tech, nickel and keep it on the outside, where I think he has an advantage. I don't think its wildness was the result of this takedown. I think take a look. The wildness leads to you being exhausted, but they're both yes, both those big punches because all of his wisdom recalled tires, but but it could be behind where more efficient at doing this. Yes, he can coach your legs. These crosses your legs like a cross, no one's figured accounts cross. Your legs like on now is
move. What camp did you go to? Is that, like a merit badge, I want to talk about it. When I was younger, I was dressed up like it's. How I got myself all right all right here we go it's! You me two minutes in thirty seconds in this yeah, most likely Dustin just has to kind of hopefully capitalize on those little moments by the easy kind of resting. Here is kind of rest. He survives here and then tries it again. Another time is it again in the floor. He just gotta survive sitting against case is going to get another shot. It's really dependent upon what kind of recovery he can have. How is dealing with the heat and what kind of God give it back up again, but if he's going to stand up and then use like he's bleeding on his times relaxed, he's relaxing, that's a bad. This is place to relax so could be, does does. Does that he's got a summer you're going to get that left on the hook and he's fine? All you gotta do is just pull that left under look out. Anything
put I left. Oh, he didn't get it. He had to have pressure starstone official team here taking down sit back there, you go under hooks. It could be got Sirius Harrison should head pressures yeah about people forget about posts, have pressure in it. The way he dips his body down, go to the other. One is well, his head belongs on Broadway for could be the biggest head got up to his feet. Oh don't, Graham. What was he gonna? Do? Granby roll always got to just keep getting up and just kill time. It's a minute. Just kill this just killing, time for Dustin for another shot to get hope that smart other shots or another shut. Your best bet, smart, just survive the straight home go for It's frustrating to buildings that there are stand up have neck. Do there's no way he's going to kill it? No, it should imagine if he did. My only where he could guillotine am is if Dustin is known for a hellacious guillotine, and that's a shit that
who is the Glacius Darces Darcis, fantastic, good, I'm liking this right now, oh, how is the shot to shot to separate? It appears not gonna fuck with it. Man give you any breath. He can't do. He just ran at that point. Like Randy Riley read Branson him in the Neil I passed over inciting Brian as soon as I separation run. Look at this. Then up again wrong at this old trip down beautiful trip. Nineteen, not enough time he's got one thousand seven hundred and sixteen I'm telling you dozens not taking a lot of damage. You might be tired, but is not taken as much damage. He could yeah. Aren't you an actor so he got hit with a big knee there. Man who did Dustin did.
Oh sure, feet down two rounds of fury. Look at this God. Damn he's tired for sure. Of course he tired that presently is Klippe certain fourth round his usually a tough time for him. I'll say this, though it's kind of impressive what Conor did coming back of that long, layoff 'cause, we see what he's doing to Dustin it every I don't have her come to. You know he did defend if you take the high, you know what I am going. I see Dustin like like this. The game play. And where am out one hundred percent grounds probably sent the survive, survive survive stuns. One hundred percent danger he's in the mix. Right then, can knock you out. I would love to be listening to MIKE Browns Coaching. You know what, if it takes you down just survive certain love MIKE Brown, maybe beginning of the Rockies shots shots clock about all the shit manatee closely good yeah. Oh, I know that
that is good. He heard him. He heard him oh shit and then a show. The thing is you go looking For that she fucked up you gotta gotta serve it. If looking for those shots, you gotta be real conservative, calm cool because we want to win. If you want to win you wild. Just look at every girl. Here we go every beginning of every round. Is the time to knock him out and once you get shot on, okay, just survive that two chains in the crowd. How the fuck did that happen to change? Is there it looked like it is? How do you know what to change? Looks like I don't know, what's to change? What is that? What say: Jamie sit next to Dana busy two chainz is what is two chainz he's a rapper. He debated Nancy grace about marijuana. He hasn't been hot for a second, but. Maybe it's not just wide looping thing? He looked. He looked as though he certainly tired. You know certainly tired he's looking like that's the problem, and this is it oh Dustin? No, no, no, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No,
this snuggy snuggy, that's Maggie Snow snow! Here, buddy, Snuggle, Licious Dude, it's just never legs arms gonna get tired, still tell it's type, always rolling those. His dude is gonna. Put oh my god! No way no readable! It's time now I lost it. He lost his still in it and I lost nope he's out now he sucks. Now he gave it back now. You piss could be buff he trying to take a little bit of rock after I go with that guarantee you tugged on his neck. You tugged on the bears neck now is going to fuck you up his dad right there. Nothing moves on his face makes you think like uh, the brazilian Jujitsu black belt. It's in a position like that is trying to take him down and he's a little league percentages. A black belt, hey, I got copy run not up to no! No, you know, you know who I think, has the style to be could be info. Twenty finally take a
or tourney Ferguson, but as far as his neck attacks about Tony, oh here's that full control. No, this might be it nope, no tony beams the fight all day. I see I disagree with Brian Ortega because he's too small he's one hundred and forty five pounder. Oh he's a huge yeah, but he's one hundred and forty five one hundred Ferguson is the man under the oh it's over it's over it's over it's over to Terra, tell her wow could be, but is a God Damn monster, sleeping on Tonika Babe now dude, it's Tony could be even could be said. That could be because God damn monster, what's he doing is hugging his dad. Where is he run into the crowd. For with the camera go. Did you go to hug his dad yeah yeah? Oh, it's Dana. Look at that and that's amazing- he's hugging everybody he's humping, I think they're jumping up and down with them. That's his dad. I think. With the y here we went, we went out on a limb Brian. It made it fun, it manually
he was on his own. I got some money place. Four hundred you got it, take your money, is minus four hundred for a reason mind. I loaned you one hundred, you owe it to me or I made it fun, though, for a little. Certainly that's what you gotta do man that his dad, so that wasn't his dad that he was jumping around with that was somebody else's. Dad is actually good. Guy could be good fight, got a great guy. Look at that. Look at that point. Beautiful, sportsmanship soup is only going to do two more beautiful. That's what it sounds like two more he's, not interested in the long game boy who Ferguson and who else? I don't know he wants GSP just be. The problem is just amazing man, amazing, what a man that's it it's Tony could be, that's it! That's it the only now. Here's the difference here is the difference in Myers. Tony Ferguson does not get tired, never get tired. You tired, doesn't matter. If you take him down, he's just scrambling motherfucker and he can cut you up
elbows from the ground and he's got darces from every angle. Dude he's got long arms. He just fuck one little mistake and you're in a Darcin. It's over yeah Tony could be with triangles. Darts is gay teens name and he can hit you with his elbows from the back and here's. The biggest difference is Tony does not get tired, tony the only fighters who bomb saying from round one he's even better in four he's, the only guy that we know it's better for you, you've trained with them you've been in his camp. What the fuck does he do to have that kind of endurance? He just he is um.
His. Ah, you know my son is seven and he, like he loves baseball, and he came at me with some fucking Vince Lombardi quote dude, like some Michael Jordan, Shit one day, we're walking a baseball practice and and my son's a savage dude and- and I said how do you like baseball so far, he said daddy, you know, practices my favorite sport, MIKE Sh, SH practices with rock. This is my favorite sport. You could look at us wall. Pretty practice is my favorite. Yes, you can my seven okay with that. That's an amazing blocking that. Are you sure, that's right, Jordan! That's Tony Ferguson ship! That's about Tony Ferguson, he loves training, did what is it? What does he do specifically? Does that you've been in his camp like what is what is the schedule like cardio all day, the
the traditional shit, and then he makes up shit. Okay starts off in the morning house. You start off in the morning. You know what he does he's he's. I don't know his eggs but when you've been there, would you give me a typical day like in big bear when you guys go to big, bear and running sprinting doing all sorts of like, like football calloused, next type! Stuff Lateralus, like all sorts of like he's, plummeting loves training. That's his secret weapon loves it. He wants to train all day. He does not that's what I thought it like um. When he's not training for a fight, he eats like anybody else. No one extra tacos burritos. He don't give a fuck he'll blow up to like one. Eighty five: when he's training, when he's training he's a fucking machine, dude he's a machine he's just he eats like all,
best shit and he trained like when you're eating with them was eating? I don't eat with them. 'cause I eat some bullshit I'll go to in and out. You know what I mean here. You know they're often your own path, yeah he's yeah, perhaps everything's meal prepped him and his wife. They like thank you dude. He just needs like a savage. He just you know, put the hat on Jon Anik. He always puts such an on. He does it to men, respect AJ. Can you hear what he's saying? Is he calling anybody out give us some volume? I'm assuming call Tony out. Let's hear this, maybe I could even get permission from the US to play volume in the background that would be dope. Why not come here? I shouldn't fuck you for that
status is here to give you the results. Here we go, he is just saying how much respect the ads for Dustin I have a lot of great is not what I wanna hold. Your neighborhood. We really want to do. Is I'm a my family is no longer one hundred respect one young culture. Nobody do people can hear this. Please the same respect, respect teammates. Respect, Jim coaches in keep clean. Your gym he's just a just a class where sure he is It doesn't fucking source command, that's beautiful, that that makes me tear up here. Dustin's. Fucking amazing he's an amazing human being is incredible. I leave that ice guy in the world that guy's amazing. That really is incredible.
Seventeen zero he's got twelve got twelve wins just blow, Pierre's thirteen Thes thirteen, these killers behind them all those dudes. His dad Yeah, tough, fucking and lingo four rounds right now. He speaking now, do you ever hear when they were asking about the Conor Mcgregor Stuff, like jump in the crowd, and he goes. I gotta see my dad yeah I'm going to go home and see my dad is dead. Oh my god to talk. He said that well the ground one reason has remarked wanted regulations, the human body before we let you go.
The name John and was there is her to go. Maybe these people, you know? No, I don't so much, there's only so much. We resolve the problem very. Give me a couple days to think about it. Badass yeah good for him, Johnny Anick, does the best post fight interviews in the game. Very clear cut is the best so good so good at it. I don't like doing this should make him dome
the fucking I mean Tony first only. I can't compete with this amazing. A lifetime of discipline. Amazing, was it Dustin. After let's hear this was Dustin girl from here um I mean goes right back to the drawing board. Is a good fight? Keep it cranking up Jamie crank it higher. You know who he was gonna present. It was gonna, be against a fence a lot. I uh, just like myself down, come on Dustin you're, right, buddy,.
By chance, the respect for beautiful women people came from around the world. For that fight. He's such a great kid now. This is something I love now can we we got a little bit with this was off yeah. He just dealing with the aftermath hear anything a person is told me is one hundred will be grateful. It was times like this be graceful, so I'm just going to have a family. It's been a long road, I'm a proud of everything. I've accomplished in the support of a lot of trouble with the tires. Right now, I just needed to talk to think man his daughter's his shit, all right. Let's kill that Jamie.
I love this. This is what makes me more excited than ever for Tony Ferguson fight because think physique plays a gigantic factor in any to be five, and I think that is worn tool to Tony Ferguson has in this box that very few people have. The kind of in durrance of that guy has is almost super human person yeah almost super human yeah, and they also he's so good at rolling like you, don't you don't just take Tony down, it's not like you shoot and he resists and then boom he's on his back. When you Tony goes with you transit roles with and when you share ramble he's this arses. Yes, the different can't really trying to get in there. He'll thrown every angle, remember when darts ninety nine dot, nine. Nine percent of fighters out there don't see. Darces like
Tony, does Tony season with every ask the fire ban. He could be inside control in a fucking throw them in and how about the fact that he fucking hit Barboza with that shit when they were covered in blood and sweat and chaos, and coming off of this watching Dustin, almost catch that guillotine My only wish there getting one of Tony's strongest weapons is the fact that most fighters, boxers or mma fighters or whatever their trained. It will tell you the same thing: the goal is to take their performance. In the gym and take it to the ring and more People can do that most people fight their best at the gym. They just can't take it to the the ring, there's just too much pressure or whatever or there just too cautious, too much, there's just so much pressure. Only does not have that problem. You could in its prey.
Is it time and time again when you look at like that, when he throws like a spinning elbow now, he does. Will he throw a spinning elbow and not give a fuck but I'll, throw two in a row? Dude that tells you right there talk. We're told, is a lot like Nate Diaz, like Nate Diaz and Like Nick Diaz. What happens when they get in the ring? Is they don't give a fuck and they actually do perform like the in the ring like they do in the gym? That's the biggest difference is remember: Tommy Morrison, his biggest thing was: can we take what he does in the gym and take it to the ring in front of the world, and he just he just couldn't, do it on a consistent basis and most fighters? That's the big problem. Can you do what you do under pressure under the whole world and Tony has zero problems with that? That's as big as
especially now when he goes out there and he he he will improvise on the spot and do shit and throw caution to the wind. You don't give a fuck. That is why Tony is dangerous 'cause he has no once it gets in the ring. It's like there's no pressure. What's on the case of the rings, like the pressures on you, dude 'cause, I'm going to come after you with everything, so the pressure, is on the other, so he goes out there any place. One tony starts dancing it's over dude once he starts dancing and you see Tony just start doing crazy shit. Your fuck has he ever lost. Yes, two, the last part was to John Michael Johnson, Michael Johnson, 'cause Michael Johnson broke his arm. He lost a decision, he threw a kick, he checked the kick and it broke his for him and he was out for like a year. He had like metal plates in his arm and everything. It's kind of hard to win that fight, but. It's gonna be a great he's fighter, he's on a ridiculous win streak, isn't like say:
nineteen in a row, twelve twelve, a longer win streak thing could be in the UFC, I think, is the longest win streak. Besides John Jones right, it's really kind of amazing that he hasn't got a legit title shot yet other than the interim. We just I heard right. The fights you know likely miss what I doubt or or you missed weight. Would it's it's perfect now, all let's show in the past built this up. So now it's better than ever concocted hopes. God is better than ever right. Baby is so good, yeah yeah. He is good. He just gets on your back. Nobody can solve that problem. No well. Grappling is just so superior to almost everybody else in the sport. That's why I think Tony stands a chance because tone his grappling is so interesting and he so agile and the thing he does like if you watch Tony train, like he's always like moving in weird ways and that's not for fun that sack
see how he fights it moves and he does that for real yeah. I slices you with all this video that he put on Instagram of him, like fucking with the wing Chung Dummy and all these wing Chung experts came out like that, he's not doing it right. So that's not wing Chung. I don't know what the fuck he's doing like do. Tony's do whatever the fuck you he'll beat you up. It'll, take a wing Chung dummy and do Tony, for there is no beach. Your founder out there is there show when he was fucking up Donald Cerrone. I will actually I got look at him. And everything got to think about with Tony's. You can't watch it rain partnership. You can't find anyone to mimic Tony he'll get you from all angles. Dude. Knock you out and submit you in the same fight you just so bikes yeah
I definitely was a little success in the early in the early round, but he didn't mean the mountain. You got a good position, but yeah do any damage to others because of fighters that have had some success and- and you know, but but there's also a beep to when you're dealing with what fighters man whenever you deal with a leaf fighters to deal with guys that are going to test each other. I mean, of course, is not going to run through everybody he's going to have some difficult moments, but his ability to win is president. It's right up there, tony kind of big different beach, ran through the big difference between Tony and all of cubby. Bear clip tonight got put into a bad situation. Just like Tony's been put into bad situations your clip tonight, but the difference between Toniann all of cribs opponents is once generally most of the last time I forget most of the guys that could be takes down their spending. All the energy trying to get back up there, trying to get back up in the news that there trying to get back there trying to drag them self up. Defense, Tony is not going to do that to me is going to
PAC, embrace it. Soca peeves never dealt with the guy. That's going to actually go, ok, we're on the ground. Let's do that yeah! So that's going to be the difference. You know what I'm I'm, not I'm, not I'm not making predictions or anything. I know I've in this sport long enough, where I know anything can happen. You can't dicked any fighters that promise could who knows the battles on the ground, whatever you're suited to it. Whatever it is, he controls you hips and your legs. Nobody, nobody has takes everything away. Okay, he pinned her. I respect that right. He pins your hips to the ground, see later yeah, but but no hasn't. He hasn't fought anybody with Tony these weapon on the ground and the fact that Tony's not going to try to like spend the whole round trying to get back up. He might try to get look up here in that spot, but there's going to be spots where it's like. Ok, that attacked this mother fucker and it's a different ball game. It's a different game when Cabebe
trying to keep the guy on the ground he's trying to drag himself up the fence, yeah and a guy just turns up in squares with him and goes okay with attack. It's a whole different game, so I don't know how it's going to turn out. I don't know who knows who knows how it's going to turn out. I'm not here guaranteeing a win in the same despite it happens, there's no other fight, there's nothing on my my my feeling is that Ferguson can be busy enough on the ground. How Connor ranked number three he hasn't so so long seems so strange to me they're worried if they take him out those rain. Things are so odd. You know it's like who makes those. How do they do that? I know that the pound for pound rankings are made by journalists like journalists submit their missions. Sort of these does that yeah really ranking,
there's a hole, there's like a number of journalists. So after do you don't you think that, after, like a long, lengthy lay off? How long has it been since he fought corner last time? We fought was Vegas how long ago, maybe twice exactly a year and half after years right here. What is this yoga? It's been a year when I go into yoga class and they go. Let's do home and everybody is IKEA. Not a bitch, I might not hear sounds horrible. I didn't like when you Youtube price. I do yoga. I know I don't know. I do old man yoga. What's old man, oh my god, it's the greatest yoga ever invented ' 'cause. You don't do shit because you know what it is it's an hour of some stretching that you would never do at your house. You would never do it at your house, so the first five minutes to the you know. We
warm up. We fucking lay there. We just lay there and I'm like passing out in like oh shit and then after five minutes you grab a and then you grab the other leg, and I love it. I fucking love it and you know we cool down the last five minutes. We fucking just get in a fetal position and just take a nap for five. The first time I shared this past, my wife says you hate this, don't you because I'm my wife and my son, because you hate this- I know I'm sorry will go to someone I'm like what talking about this. I found my life's passion, old man. Yoga duty like your your character, the lazy dancer. Do I go to university? Take naps now, dear I'll, take a nap and you and my wife gets mad about it, because she knows that that noise I make when I when I go out like, like you know, when you kind of restoring wakes you up. She knows that so well, she's, not
kill you you been like. I love yoga, everybody in the class is at least Eighty, five years old I swear to God me and my wife and my son were like the youngest motherfuckers and I broke. You still rolled your kids out of it like live yeah, you're, full uh. I am rolling, but I'm not like you know, I'm not rolling, like I'm training for Abu Dhabi or anything like that. I'm like trying to lose, wait and send the stand holder interesting now. How long is it been since your surgery on your shoulder one year exactly and it's not one hundred percent it'll never be an percent. What's it out right now like if you try to
enter Jack this arm and try to ping armed Altap, like writing stem cell bro. You need to get stem cells in there once last time. You roll count. Everybody keeps saying mounting, not one cds were very widely available. No, I rolled was it. You know what everyone the thing about them is hard as I'm down with it, but every fuck in three months, there's a new dude that comes on, so they did their stem cells. Like this, we take our stem cells out of fuckin pigs and then you know which is better and then and then six months later all they've been taken. Their stem cells from pigs. We take our stem cells from fucking aborted fetuses in China, when they're like ok and then there another six months like how they take their breed. Their stem cells from aborted fetus in China. We take ours from aboard
fetuses from Haiti know now you know my god like. When? Are you guys going to master the shit amniotic fluid now I think, and they take it from Dell sent out not fluid. What's the latest shit delicate corded, using build MEL Gibson was on your podcasts are go to Panama. We do fucking stem cells. Slowdowns did stop, stop stop listening Doctor Neil Reardon was on my podcast need treated MEL Gibson Malcolm's, dad all well and runs a clinic in Panama because they can do things in Panama. They don't allow yet in the United States because they would have to classify it as a drug. Four, if you go, you go down it's a little bit in that range. I sent my mom down there. I sent me moto down there to Merrimack got a fucked up knee and she she couldn't get it fixed and she was falling. No worries, she's just got it done. She's just got my buddy. Will you actually you know what she hasn't find out? I don't think she's got it done yet might might it measures this week my body went, two hundred people were going to no, he went to Germany, but he did now that the people work he's done all the research that he said that
that she's my show tonight Brian was cutting it, so so the the bill, but that this up, it's called renew you and you have to read how they do it, but it it's essentially from caesarean sections they take the Santa and the umbilical cord from that those cells. Those cells, I guess are they can essentially become anything. Yes, when I do the job yeah zero, that's what I'm yeah and and I'll take my buddy did it shot at both shoulders shoulders hard for seven years. He said dude, I'm tell thank you. He said he got a lot of 'em done. He said I haven't had in two years. My shoulders haven't heard. That's got all this is a second hand thing I've had a full length. Rotator cuff tear disappear, it's gone, I'm shooting my foot yeah, you should have a plan, I says: is it works? Really? Well, I'm shooting my a friend. You need to go to a lifespan, medicine in Santa Monica and talk to Doctor Ben Ruby is out of money. He's been on, listen, my guys, the best guy on the planet, trust me in the United States for,
you can get done in United States. The guy that I go to is as good as any fucking human. It's alive, it's in Santa Monica California, you gotta trust me. I do all the research I've talked to all the doctors. Anybody read books on this shit, I'm about is up as you can get without being in the business. Anybody gotten stem cells in their dick. Yes, that then Greenfield said his dick bigger right here in Vegas. I would recommend getting that, so I would recommend Dr Roddy Mcgee said a piece on top that he does them. So it is the it goes down here for his body yeah. We're really he was Kelly. You need some like physical therapy on your dick, you fuck so much Fucking Lena changes. We need some acupuncture, but so for real. If you Eddie, if you want to talk to Ben rue he's the guy did your back with Regina king. Your back was too far gone. But he told you back too far gone because all it does is act isn't tell me that what did you tell you? You said it was going to work
Well, maybe it would work. We didn't do Jujitsu the problem chip point. No, he saw he saw my Eckmeyer MRI and my elf 5S one was like this and he he still stuck me with that shit. Well, I said I was going to give you some relief that would give you any relief it is not I'm not either. I don't even remember at this point you don't have. All I know is just like. I got stem cell, no one was getting stem cells. When I went to I still talk about. It is like a if this really is yeah you're still you, apparently you hit them with all kinds: crazy, conspiracy theories, while you're in there yeah it was there that he I went there thought I was getting stem cell treatment. I went in there and I signed a stem cell and then at the very end of all the same stem cell. This is wait. Why did you think it was MRS P r p? No, no! No! No! No! It's not p r p, it's ridge, any different! It's different! It's different! It's way superior to p r p. It's how I fix my bulging disc in my neck,
a real fucking problem, my neck numb fingers. What do you do? What is Regina king? It's a procedure they, when did Germany, Kobe Bryant went down there and Peyton Manning had his next Germany, and now they do easier, dillashaw themselves right, relax. I know they do stem cells there too. They do. You can't go in there. I went in there thinking listen. This is what I was thinking. Maybe I'm a retard and I probably am, but I went in there. Thinking I was getting was telling everybody I'm getting a swelled because you didn't listen and then, by the time it happened. I go. Oh, no you're, not getting stem cell. Why didn't you get my e r? Really Eddie didn't lie to you? You just didn't listen. If you want to get stem cells they can. But when it comes to look, I got king in my back glass week because I've been having some sciatic nerve issues. My my ass hurts. The nerve goes goes a little bit of a balls. That's pushing.
Did it help your ass hurts for other reasons. Hey season, sluts goes about things. Internal automata, rude, so rude Allan knows about hospital. I know about this in that they do everything they do everything there. But if I I had to tell someone if someone had a really issue and they want to deal with it did- I would say if you have time go to Panama, because they can do things in Panama. They can't do dude. My mom was about to get a fucking knee replacement, RI real, close eye center down there to Panama, and for I mean she, seventy three so for a while it was like wow, I don't feel anything is still hurts, but then about six months in like it really seems like it's getting better. Eight months
later no pain come on. Yes, come on. Yes, she was she's hiking in the grandkids one. Yes, I need that shit went on vacation, you're thinking. She could walk with no pain you're getting in your neck. Yes, they could put it in and get my footing that doctor and I sent my mom down there again. I just she just got back. I sent her down there twice my mom just getting less. Is that call it's not okay? I won't be back. You know how much in the price is right: I don't know what the fuck, but I sent it down there and I'll send her down there every time she wants to go I'll, send it down there three fucking times eat, or I mean it's real, but they're doing intervenous stem cells, they're doing direct injections in the problem joints. Anything you have an issue with its regenerating. I need to see a documentary okay papers on now several books- I don't read, left He'S- got published journals. Madam raised. I need to see a documentary art on Netflix. Okay, listen man too! If, if you go down there. I guarantee you will help you
for your shoulder started, sandwiches you service about the thing about your back and here's the don't get nervous in Panama, the guys from Dallas Kind of legal shit actually cashew, I told chastity because the federal government treats it as a drug and they would the FDA wants all that money that these guys drugs come on. Bro, yeah, Cal and you have to go down there. If you want to get animal management because it's look, it's smaller doses, you can get it done in America, but you want to get the fuck in full Monty, yeah we're going to go down there to PAM. I would be happy to go. If I have the time it was save your life. My body feels fine. My body is fine, had big result, it's from what I've had done in the United States and I'm telling you what I get done. The now states is not as potent as well, they're doing in Pana? If you thought about maybe making him a trip that panel one hundred percent anomic nonstop flights at four hours is what we're going to rise more than that, depending on how we do this, how about we get that Panama to sponsor all of us and we all
although they pay for it for free and we blow it the fuck up. Listen are we say: what's up, I've already blown him up, which is why he's willing to help a lot of my friends have gone down fight paying them, so we we feel yeah. When I was we're going to do with my family's we're going to go to Panama for three days. I get the treatment and they were going to go from there and jet somewhere else and then have another year. Connick injury like so so, let's just say my ankles the morning line angles are so Stefan I'm sending you fix ups a day. Can I make sure that you know your ankles yeah right into the joint genial about? Well, this isn't what Ben Greenfield with Ben Greenfield did with with with his dick, I could have been revoked, trying to dig through his whole body. He got a shot, and every joint. It was like they put him under. They did as bad as did blew up from that gold. Is they did his big toe
z, faster? Yes, yeah I mean he was like for awhile. I don't know it's like holy shit. His whole body was like out of it, but he said afterwards his biological age dropped. He said he felt significantly better through his entire body, like every joint felt better. His energy level went through the roof did you see those who made the news today, but they can they can do. They can reverse your biological clock by two and of years human growth who were dh, EA metformin and met Foreman Theo special calculator, but here's the thing about metformin. There's a guide David Sinclair from Harvard who's. Coming on my podcast again next week he's been on before and the thing about met Norman is when, when he talked about it, he was advising it and talking about the benefits of it. But then, when I talk to people like Greenfield and then Rhonda Patrick, they said, there's a performance hit, the like your physical performance suffers from informants. Not you don't have as much
like you're not going to it's. It's you're not going to feel as good when you train not going to feel as good physically, but it lowers your biological aid. It's a tricky one like she's, not so like this man, I put my right hand on the run, a patch of Bible. She says her as thorough a researcher is there is, and you know, she's a legit scientist and when she he does the research on something she looks at every fucking angle, completely non biased and she's not sold on metformin and uh a lot of other people that agree with her. Yes, it is there's a performance. It apparently but didn't David Sinclair's not exercising if he does like get a elliptical machine. While I watch the news is not do anything crazy. But if you're an athlete like, I know you are damn right about this. You ready. So that's a great shirt. I just notice that that's a good if I see a fisher, yet oh sure, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah for awhile. It was where, in the all it like and where the fish ones at the Windsor great tires and take my shirt off in front of everybody. The three great sure yeah
they make dope shirts man. Three bucks is a bunch of dope shirt, Sayo Romero. Once my favourites, I lower you the stop. It never sent me the style, bad things. I've worn that one. It looks like the matrix like different color. You see that cartoon of y'all Romero and George Mountain Trail, that is so great polar coast, is the only guy to slow down yellow Romero, like literally like put it on him, where you always puts it on. Everybody. He made Yoel fight off his back foot. He may yeah well like like little like having a hard time setting up to throw shot in Norco. Thank you believe. Will he be sleeping? Be dreaming? It's raining. Not, though you could. I can't play it. I don't know coast those that God, Damn talented, what you say right. Somebody else, video. Youtube holy his whole, you guys don't watch football, give
something happened in Antonio Brown signed with the patriots. What it's a bad altitude was about to the our side is added to the best team in the world and given the best quarterback, the best coach, oh what'd is ass. How is that guy still the best quarterback in his age? Forty two stem cells is well he's, definitely done some of that shit. Ton of it yeah doesn't take. It's he's, got a base. It credible. Just incredible are getting sense because, For him, convert members drew let's l like drew Bledsoe was awesome and to think that drew Bledsoe's backup would be the best mother fucker all time, especially since no one ever thought this, because he's not a fast runner is not no one ever thought that the drew Bledsoe was high level. How about that? Do that retired? What's his name, took man in the video for Andrew Luck, yeah. Why do retire because
he's only nine. He had one hundred dollars million or whatever and Stanford Graduate Engineering Architecture Stanford. You have other options and he's like I don't want to get my head knows he kept getting hurt, though so I was a baller super baller, but he kept having horrible injuries had missed the whole year preview, that thing came back, got NFL player that comeback player of the year then just is line side kept in hit and has money in the bank super Smart gives like I'm out man, I don't have the passion, for it the list of in house saying things like him, but I Brandon who played football. I don't get a lacerated kidney. He had a glass repair last week can hit a lacerated liver. He looked at the list and I was so horrified. My job was like what I guess it. It looks like you've been to a car accident, but because it's not that no, this guys way was great works. Even robbed in Broski was talked into like a crowd and he started getting emotional time out how he kept getting hurt and like his mine, was in in it and he was hate to play. It's just the guys place into the fucking four
play into your twenties and is fuck this man, right after there's money in the bank, you also see these guys that are getting pulled around in wheelchairs when their 60s and they can't remember what their name is, there's a lot of, and we we are aware of it now with they weren't aware of it. Twenty thirty years ago, I think fighters to fires a lot smarter now like Nate. Yes, like you'd pay me what I'm worth man. I know I'm going out on the reverse side of that. Is you see a lot of guys like they have had many concussions in football like Troy, eight men and Steve Young they've had trouble this amount of concussions on their commentating and they sound like they say it's a gene. They say no to make it work. Did you get knocked out by some giant Gantic two hundred and sixty sound guy running full clip like eight times?
Did you get like this? I'm not off season, they're doing commentary commentating and they sound really this fight is I like someone else over in sugar, Ray Robinson? No, no! No hello! There secret, you know, sugar roms, you mean letter to Robinson Letter, yes struggling, yes, yeah struggling goes Instagram and by the way Rochester Truculent written now, no, no. He has a hard time talking and in the. Robinson, was struggling. Real bad laden is How do you explain like Steve Young he's? Had him and Troy Aikman have had a sprinkle, pushing Overeem is the one hundred concussions and there's there's there's not one hundred there's not a ton season. One hundred is an exaggeration jump, but in football you season a lot of millions, all right say a billion gosh billion no. But
and those guys are commentating for Fox and CBS and NBC. It is a large circular as a g, you can go for glitch at all when you're commentating for Fox NBC, you can't glitch. You have to be on. I know you know something the five been tested for it, yeah yeah. I don't have it. Thank God. Let's see yeah, I don't see any tickets now because slight c teacher to get anything yes, sir, I see no sign of c t on what I see him yeah, what you do. What on whom Brennan chimed in yeah? I don't see nothing, not even a little bit. You see some That was good too. What
there are bites. You do that now this people that are fighting currently that do worry me, though you have conversations with them and they sound like they're drunk and then they pull it together for fights they pull together. They look at it fights, but you do what you're saying is no joke on on average, I know in the in the media- and this is a conspiracy might agree with the city in the street. I don't believe in your system. Okay, not sure, so see see two different species everywhere bring troll, but the odds are you're, not gonna, get it there's more guys better off to play in the NFL and college football and fought Struer. Fine, then
those that are so that's actually true. Okay, the hot. There are some options out there that have been like shot off a few times that I do not know. The long term c t study that they did with they've tested a hundred eleven people in a hundred ten of them at CT, yes, that they were when they were slash. How to it was a selective I mean what is it does with his inability? Like I just don't know now they have the ability to determine whether or not you know that's a very nice day. What was that's? It that's a little bit of a trick based on what what MRS does does add correct me. If I'm wrong those samples that were those samples were donated by their family and those guys showed signs of signs, so so that was kind of not a very good control group. Their bodies are fucked up their joint tobacco one hundred percent, but their breath there's more guys. That don't have CT, then do that's interesting. Yeah. Well can can someone be kept alive with just their head? Yes,
is there? Is there proof of how you mean like a head transplant? No, no! No, like, like I try. All I can see if I lost my r might still be alive right by lost. Both arms are still be alive, both legs at what point in the heart, I knew it long you, you know, you need to breathe. The socratic medical Science get in weird road you had a head and you had like is something like support machine. So there's guys that have been knocked out. A bunch of times like, like I said, Overeem Overeem is one of the best examples you talk to that guy. He sounds fucking clear as day he's gonna knocked out, but I mean tango time more than anybody in the OC yeah a gang it's time and he sounds fine super. Secular now says no problems, hopefully he I mean and he's still winning still fighting well, it's like have you seen that nicotine helps with that with that the studies on nicotine, it's so nicotine, the way it's delivered, fucks people's lungs up stuff, like that, but nicotine by itself into you in the Chiu, actually helps with brain trump stuff. Like
you know, what helps is silicide dementia Psilocybin, apparently regenerates neurons, really yeah. It's one of the rare things regenerates neurons. Another thing that supposed to be really good, for it is lion's mane lines: Mane mushroom. How much is a mycologist and Paul Stanley Stamets different guy close he's a not my podcast before he's he's coming on again to is legitimate, legitimate scientist and next time I have bought a podcast. Can invite me please? Yes describe has mommy tendencies. I don't know if it will ever be honest. I just it's one day: okay, please do you know when you when you're younger yeah everybody has. Did you ever hear anything back from Kanya? If you would talk about that off there, yeah, not not bad yeah, so you just hit me. I think it's better. For that garden, not do podcast just make great music.
This is why I don't think I'm that's why I don't think it's going to work for you, you're, not gonna. Let him rant like Trump doesn't get away with all that stuff is not what you do, but Trump. Let him saying you never saw that video of him in the White House knocked I'm out making his own like book and vocabulary and shit like that. Be cool too. Okay, you're on my side, right and talking would hang on with a country fan. I'm fan you I am to this music is amazing. I think she's incredibly eccentric and I think, if you're going to be a credibility except the way he is. You can have a lot of ninety thoughts and ideas easily dismiss a, and you also have some mental health issues like legitimate. These discussed the other public, and that that I think you some ways may contribute to his art because is off medication. He was on medication for awhile and the way he talked about. He was saying that it was stifling. Him was fucking him up telling him
yeah it was dulling his ability to create. How could it not it's fine, it's a fine line, though right, because what made him amazing? What made him amazing? Is this wild mind that he asked, but this wild mine is not based on, like mathematical truth, lodging right reason. It's based on this ability to just go with the flow and think what you think could be confident your decisions and just people- and this be in touch with your emotions and your feelings and I mean he's a fucking, incredibly prolific artist and delete that guy alone, and I think that Kim Kardashian situation is situations perfect, because she loves him. They have a family together. I bet she kind of keeps him grounded her and her family obviously have an amazing business sense. So, like they'll, keep all the money tight, keep everybody together, he's got fucking more loot than God, whichever have Kim Kardashian on your podcast. You know what I'd have her. I don't have her come on and talk about her decision to help with prison reform 'cause. I think that's really admirable. There's a lot people that have made a lot of money and they've gotten real famous and they didn't do shit with it, but she
she got some people free, yes, she's, actually and she's actually pushed a narrative that you can do something like this and she's talked to Trump, but she's it in the White House and she's got. I think something like eighteen people freed from prison that were raw incarcerated, incarcerated respect, so respect to her. I don't ever want to make you Kim Kardashian joke for the rest of my life plus I made a bunch of even if I did even special effects the one before that one before, but even if ice sheet. That was Bruce Metz right. But if I did, I mean I mean my my, but I mean what she's done is like she's decided to make a difference. Shouldn't have to make this friendship. She could just buy diamonds, get her toes done. She decided to make a difference. You know so I I respect her one hundred percent man there's a lot of fucking. There's people that learning grow. You know we want to sell people, shorten, write people and cancel people because of this or that and
internal into a noun, yes, who you are changing next month, thank you talking about nonsense about the difference between you and I, when we were twenty eight, oh, my God, the more the level of moronic and my God were Morris on what we thought about all the time and you and I were together. Let's go get a bull fight, ok, Pitbull! That's! Let's get Parana! I had a perata tank. I said to him one time I go yeah. I want to talk, but I want to talk. That's just basically jaws on a leash. I want a pit bull with a headache help you help. You save my house, the next he's like when he allegedly went to a guy who was fighting dogs to get Brian's daughter. I don't want to fight. I was one of fighting, not that I would I wasn't fighting. I just wanted a badass tall. You lose a sweet dog. Did you get? The dollar was a great watch on a farm I'll. Tell you how to die good question. Had my friend watched on the farm, my friend calls me goes
your dogs, not with us anymore. I go why, because, yes, sorry about that, wow news, I shot it and I go so he goes yeah, so you could have told me that that dog who's going to turn on at any minute I go, the dog went after a baby calf, a cow was holding on to it the neighbors. Well, no, I'm sorry! Let me start again: it killed a couple goats then, when, after the baby calf and when the family dog came out which was like a german Shepherd Golden Retriever Pitbull was like yeah and kill, got it yeah and broke it broke it's like, and then that was when my friend he said when I tried to pull that dog off. It was so swollen. It was like. It was like this small dog. It was, it was pulsing, he never and it was covered in blood and it was so excited excited, and I was like know. This is a demon dog and he shot the dog because he was like. I can talk. My phone heat gun he's a farmer. Otherwise everyone been fucked. Well, they don't bite.
I knew he was how on four wheels I know dude had a wolf dogs, there were like seven slash, eight timber wolf and they got out of his yard or he let him out. I don't know if they went to a neighbors farm and killed like eight sheep. They come back just bathe in blood. They always go out on the lot, both dogs. They are legal in a lot of parts that they should be listen to him at all man. No, it was not like sit. You yeah as like the conversation over the dog sit fuck you in their big right there, big man, big dump. Their pack instinct, is very, very strong, so chilled and our lower on that totem pole than they are. And so what happens? Is they look at children as below them subservient? They don't look him as part of the
because they're in there, but they're, very pack, or so the bike, kids and that's so they'll, take kids out. Did you hear about that guy that got attacked in British Columbia while he was sleeping in his bag sleeping in a bag? I'm gonna get a lot of males tried to drag him out of ten people are screaming yeah Wolf Bit, him is dragging him. The wolves ass was hanging out of the tent pulling this guy out. The guys screaming. The walls got a hold of his arm and there are other people kicked it. Some other campers woke up, kicked it to rocks at it gray, wolves up almost never do that, but that that was what they have in the past. You know, there's a story what happen well, they kicked in the thing, ran off and threw rocks at it, and then the forest rangers gotten shot it yeah, I'm going to get a lot of emails from people who own wolf dogs, don't send them to me. I don't know here, I'm sure they'll have done great dogs. Just you got to be in control of it. There's a guy in my neighborhood as one yeah. You got to be in control that God damn thing you know they like. He has a great deal. I think yes, thank you yeah, but the key is usually a kita. Kena
is more of a control is work where you buy cheap furniture but Kita Kita kita. You said, I know what you said: a KIA hi. I was the call thank you, Akita yeah, yeah t I k so we're talking about the same dog dog. Okay, apparently to japanese bear hunting dog. They said it would. What is, but not grass quiet. Very quiet they could would be good for people who have allergies. Ok, they can be hypoallergenic, they they are, and they are pretty good watch dogs, but they are very dog aggressive. You know what one of their main characteristics are that my landlord had one is that they're only loyal to their master and they don't give a fuck about anybody else. You know most doctor all about love, you know. Most dogs, like all they care about is love, is one they just want. Love love love, not a kita. They don't want that. All the
want is food from their master and everyone else can suck this dick dude. I I lived around a mother fucker like that, and I was scared that your mother flowers, scared as shit. Their badass dogs he's all dick too that hard he'll go right after a meal, and the last thing Kita wants is love that only they don't want petting that one dog not talking about a really low, fucking control. That's why they're, japanese police dogs is because of their quality is that they only care about their master and everyone else. All the they won't bite everyone else. They just don't give a fuck about. No one else like stay away. That does that that there is a german jerry. I lived with one my landlord had one guard dogs. You want to guard dog. He was a math dealer. Jesus. My landlord landlord was a meth dealer yeah, oh my god, so you want you wanted Akina. You are afraid, the guy the rent and he's fucking
it was cold and he was closely. This was involved in a lot of shady shit and he had, that dog. For a reason. I know like that with some serious protection, you think you like Navy seals and shit this mother fucker. Whenever I came around, I was scared as shit I'd come around the house and I like a paying the rent and that dogs I pleased pet is, I will bite your fucking arm off. If you picked up the best bike Ebay. One note you would just stare at you who just like, but shepherds shepherds a good german shepherd in Belgium, mail, those dogs, they they bond on one person. But good luck. If it does talk, train those big mail check, line Sharia that my buddy Ryan has enjoyed, that my buddy Ryan, who yeah yeah yeah my dogs, dogs, Ryan, can take his dog in the middle. The it's biting a sleeve. Why it's it's in the down position, waiting for the command! You can go up. He can say, go get him and he'll go through at your house. He will not
such a woman or a child, but if it's a man and you're in the house us taken back, there's no barking he's bacon, shepherd all dude, just corded steel, Utah's body, amuse him brainwashed, he's always ten message. Did I send you to a Hyundai, sells dog gods, amazes dogs and amazed? You remember taking he's really good at getting great talks. He goes for temperament first, so the dogs will come out. He goes to Connecticut this one place. He'll get these fucking dogs and I've met. Probably six of them there They are fucking terrifying. There already grown dogs, they are already fully trained, but you can pet him. There, fucking the friendly willing me well, they're, really well taken care of and they're trained right. There worked out well, so his dogs, that's big for those times they have to exercise. We we allow one of one of his dogs. Was there with me and I was fully trained and the gardener that he had never seen were just there and the dog didn't bark go after on. I went but the dogs, those guys,
even those guys in my- and he goes why they're not acting in a threatening way and I haven't deployed do do I don't know if you remember a sketch that got rejected by the man show those got super pets that we wrote. That was about it about like, if you're you're, suspecting that your your kids are doing. Drugs, like you, get a family pet, but it's actually a that's a drug sniffing dog that you bring into your family and the commercial was you have like your kids think you have like this. You brought home a dog, but it's a drug sniffing college and if you, if you're doing drugs like the backgrounds like the dog, just tearing apart your kids and you're all happy because it found the drugs super pets
got rejected ones that we would never be able to do today. We couldn't do it back then was first asian NASCAR driver Bobby Lee. Do you ever just constantly crashing in the walls he's a superstar Cartesian Massmart driver because he would keep crashing and everyone loves the racist Asian NASCAR about sack, fighting ultimate sack, riding championship that got green lit and then got cut off. Half was all about kicking people in the balls like that the balls were exposed out of your body and when the balls when play tag, walls Orem played a game changer. Yes, so you have like a valid to those shorts, but you had to have an open. So your balls turn up. The balls are the target. If the balls are in play, like you
keep your hands up, you keep your hands down. You want the guys to hit you in the face. You want to protect your balls, so it was. We had this whole sketch, we're like it's got. Extreme sack, fight and Joe ideas was gonna, be the master because he had the biggest sack and, like you know, Joey Diaz Balls would hang down low and he was like he was the guy, like the big boss, the end of a video game. How do you fight and change in the UFC? If you were didn't work up and you could kicking the ball? They had that which means that fighting that's what we did. Actually they did right right well, you you'll see wine will see two doe, but remember when big Daddy Goodrich grab the Pedro's Dick and balls and crushed him there was. There was a seizure, Cinesite control, the geysers there was, we don't know dairy Goodrich grab his dick and balls and was inside shortly. How crush how about the scene? How about a scene where guys in between rounds and his polls are all like popping out and their cut and there's dudes
they're like on your policy. You just cut him. Just cut and your balls and everyone is trying to do. The involved in bleeding, like Rocky, were cut the Mickey coming when fucking by the way, no one's ever done, no ones ever cut anybody, but that was the dumbest scene in rocky cut. Me awesome like why we can't I went back for my son for my son. I sat him down. We went through Rocky one hundred and twenty three and for all day in two weeks, do you gotta go back and like dude, those movies are fucking great great dude. Those are looking into rate movies. Are you kidding rocky fired? Forget about that, but Rocky one, two three and four: are you kidding? Lentils were amazing movies. Amazing. Did he win like real shit like Rocky one he's like a broke due to almost one and the rocky two he's like
got money, but then he runs out of money. She goes. Many has to fight, has to take the rematch, so he takes the remember Rocky three. He has all this money, these huge and then Clubber Lang. The young guy comes through and he's all hungry, and then he gets fucked up. Dude rocky three fuck me up, because Clubber Lang beat him like like at three twenty three turn: fifteen minutes, Clubber Lang beats Rocky and that you kind of thinking like what how does rocky lose like? What's going on what happened, and then you realize oh shit, they're going to do a rematch in the same movie they're going to rematch in the movie because they did it so that you didn't think that was going to be a rematch like Rocky loses the russian this world? No full.
Do you need to go back to the market confused your computer divorce? If your truth used about it, you gotta go back with your kids and watch Robin Rock Tutorial for sure Ski when trust fuck. My son was so deep in my son was so deep in and with Adrian Ghost, when Adrian goes to Rocky, when he was going to fight club, which is you Edwin Rocky, and I thought, oh, my god, my son's is going to be like because he was all about Rocky was like he was like. Dad is Ray begin with his rock. He wants to know the the results. I don't know you gotta tell me, is rocky gonna want now and then, when you heard that you can't keep, I looked at my son, I thought he was going to be depressed. He started fucking laughing hysterically. Like you can win rocky. You can wear my girl what's going on here. I thought I thought he was like,
so in the rocky, but he was laughing at Adrian saying you can't win rock because he knew that Rocky could win. I don't know it was so weird he just started laughing on that. What is going on, as you never seen the new ones like APOLLO Creed, I start create z, good create a because he's too supposed to be anymore 'cause. He was signing up to like six right, wasn't exciting and sixty equally fight Antonio Tarver. So we already got knocked down in training for that. I that they were sparring like go to the things and like having like little lights, bargain Tarvin Kayla. I know Michael B Jordan got knocked out, tell yet and see the video of it well as a result The training was actually filming a shot. He was supposed to rotate his head, get punch rotates.
And they got clipped him right on the change. How 'bout last part five that's coming out. That is so ridiculous. I was driving by there. Then I looked up the billboard. You gotta geriatric man holding a Bowie knife, but you know what you ever had. No wonder you gotta give you gotta, give Sylvester Stallone credit because basically was like written off by Hollywood yeah Nobody would give him a shot anyway, and he said you know what I'm going to Expendables and bring all these has been. Actor is kind of like on paper and bring them together and we're going to have so many of them that we're going to have a fucking new franchise. He did it Sylvester Stallone he. So we didn't want him deep into body with the sixteen David Warner. Look any different. He brought everyone in it. John Block card that damn his daughters, ripped off Langren sports and Egger everybody, everybody everybody back. I met his daughter's the other day. There is a lovely lovely clothes. I see young lady pretty too pretty and fucking cool and just great gauss,
I was like I'm not talking to girls from Jersey here they would illusion, and now he's doing. Fucking first blood again can be hard to press alone. Is the baddest motherfucker in Hollywood ever do the world who is better than him rocky? The rambos expendable is come up. Who is definite demolition man, but here's this nobody's done with Sylvester Stallone is done, but here's what here's this go from Rocky One, which is one thousand nine hundred and seventy something to Kimbo ninety nine, whatever the fuck were done in two thousand still in the mix. He still look report notes he's on Grill board, he's been relevant for still relevant soon, Sylvester Stallone. Is it fucking? Genius too? I don't know how he's going about Nighthold assure nighthawks tumor that with you- and I would remember it- he played a fucking cop with who is but the guy who was the Hitcher, the I don't wanna lose your good member rocky three who sings all sad. He said some hit. Do you ever
The the the escape with him in our source, Nager in the prison that was like three years ago, how many fucking blockbuster mixes that damn it he must be the number one guys I gotta get outta here with my friend. Can I give a couple plugs for sure next Friday, I'm going to be at San Francisco at Cobbs and then the Friday after that Austin Stateside Theater, with me, and SAM Tripoli were doing TIM four at comedy next Friday, some Cisco Friday, after that Austin and in Houston, 20th 21st this month and then comedy works, Denver Tampa Improv this 27th September and 20th of September comes in. Bye. Everybody love, you.
Are you guys hungry.
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