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Joe Rogan Experience #1098 - Eddie Bravo

2018-04-02 | 🔗
Eddie Bravo is an American Jiu-Jitsu instructor, musician, former UFC analyst, and is the founder of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu.
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focus on it, and I want to focus on the sound of my voice right and focusing on owed its blown out in my head and all that shit going on. That's smart. Two was up we're talking about whether or not you should have headphones on a knot of headphones on, though we know, if you here in the audio recording this what's happening as we switch to a new try, castor we're having problems with our old one to try castors that machine. Loud Jamie, to switch cameras and put everything up on the internet and hopefully include Skype. So we can get some people from like it and signal, but there's no video showing are we gonna restart, make sure that this actually sorry, that's, ok, we might have to restart folks. Would try and
live wobble, go and live to some new shit. What I want I want people on Youtube. Is it audio, but no video, ladies gentlemen, fear just A black screen. Would you have to shut the showed down to get video. There too, it should work, but I just do a double camera, a two shot cigarette because it live now. Mother fucking know song when we did, that can half an hour turns our none of it got picked up. We did a whole Schiller accordingly and was gone on. You too bright now for sure. Just didn't see us right now he's trying to fix a mother.
Fuckin dollar June. We are having problems with their old. Try castor crashing a lot so that a new try, castor, but it turns out that what is it that doesn't match up? What part is wrong to control panel? Your goes. It goes a fuckin here, oh shit, oh shit! What Just talking about we're talking about material headphones, headphones! Oh, let's see yourself into headphones. What I think of his though it makes me like I close out the outside world, totally just lock, Conversely, I gotta tell psychological yes, but if you will watch the Bavaria would be nice to hear it in any writing. You have to put the headphones and I just feel when that's on its a cigar, I pay more attention to not talking over. I to can't stand the sound of my voice, so sure you anymore, it's thank you. I can't stand the sound of it and I I hear it enough. I don't need it blasting in my ears as I talk that I focus on it and then I think that
get depressed to good quality day your own voice, otherwise, you'd listen to an all time low you know how hard it is to listen to my stand up. That's retiree hard, recognising its damn. It kills me, but I do, but I always hear your voice. You gotta, listen to you shit. You gotta go back and added you gotta, edit, your yet. No, I don't want to listen to my self. I just I want to put every every time go on stage behind me. I don't want to go back by no, that's not the right thing to do you. You get a take a lot of time out of the development of a joke process. If you just listen to the previous versions of it, because I have this new bit, I'm doing right now and I have like three different versions of it's. It's not right. Now, it's very shaky. It's very shake! it goes. One way or the other way sometimes gets big laugh. Sometimes it's just its clunky and I've gotta figure, which ones the right formula. So the only way to do that really is to listen to how I did it right and then play it back
and then right it out a list now I said and then I'll write it out and then I'll think about like what would I would be, and give our sitting here. Listening to this, some more scientists in what I am dissipate what they're saying with the punch aren t going to be before because, if you do, that takes a lot out of it. You know it's gotta find a way to sneaking in going to find a way to make it where it really relates, Remit drugs are ever have an old bit that you like an old one for my ten fifteen years ago that you think I dare. I should add that you know you're going to today. Oh yeah man, a few cap go on that site the hour, are you had a good point about that? He was, I give you just keep adding to bed making the better and that's why, You don't want to release a special. You could abused at sea, creativity to come up with new bits of doing the same old bids for ten years. He could have used that because there's guys. I think that, like if you get those old old old,
It's the samurai swords man. They spent here down upon the fact they have this rhythm to me. Jesus Christ, like our member, I did. I did a special wants rarely have I hardly any new material and so like to thousand nine issues, some that so some of my old old shit from like ninety ninety nine tiger, Not at all was some other stuff that what I didn't do that one tied that bit, I retired that Britain, that you can only bring that it's over, but I remember things Damn these are these ten year old bits- and I had four like literally ten years before I did. My first recorded starting eighty eight and are recorded in like ninety nine, almost eleven years for actually recording it. There are so tight that I've been I've, never done him on anything. I could do more time. On the road. Just here
like you, gypsies yup, you learn had that path you're going to lose, you got a ninja, its unconscious yeah yeah. I love your description of it. You talked about time your shoes, that you know you tie issues. You don't think this looped go in here, and this is going on here and then am I bring here. It is doing that, that's it you wouldn't even be able. Don't you couldn't even teach it to someone over the finest and explain me with voting rights. I gotta go if you transfers and figure out what the hell I'm doing, because I know you know what I'm doing, I have no idea what I'm gonna turn my shoes and I do it every day, my son, learn today issues like maybe six months ago. It was he never wanted to his like. He wants to do everything he wants to decide where we eat every day, but he does want to tie our shoelaces. So we finally made em if you know- and he was how he was struggling with my use- that as an opportunity to to show him how you could master anything anything you haven't trouble with the look right now you haven't tried,
you could do it, he could do it, but he struggles. So what Do you gonna, do like daddy, the cow daddy? Does it I'm not even looking at my shoes look and I do it for me that look at that crazy again, why other shoe- and I do in his eye? Why did you do that? Daddy, that's like magic, and I go. You can do it to what one day you'll go do with United look so like that Ex day. He's try not to look at tat. Look look worthies, he struggle, but now it's got it isn't that road that then now I could use that whole story that he will forget it remembered member when you He had trouble tying your shoes. Remember how good you get the cow you are now. This is the same thing. Others gymnastics outbreak, dance in or Jujitsu Roddy, whatever we do it. It's the same
acting a body is magic. You just gotta, tell it a thousand times and then finding listens and I'll do it itself. I thought about that today, not today, but now like. If someone, if I had to learn today, how to do it, got three sixty round house kick at fifty years old. I do. What am I gonna do? What are you doing, but when I do it it just like it, it's just something: I've done my whole life. He asks You know like ants, and you bit like you were talking about like I did that even take your Noah's Ark Dead was so goddamn tigers. We were on the right back. Back. In the day we were on the no. If you went on the road I hung out with you have been on the road and air, if you want on the road we were at the comedy, store every We can you weren't on the road, so I saw your your act. Over over to the point where I wasn't listening to the jokes. No more, I was listening to the audience.
Action. That was what was entertained. I gotta sit through another hour of your shit over me. I I started being entertained by the audience like which oaks worked in an fascinating a window? You know there's women out there did go out there and they had to drag. There has been out. He don't wanna go out one instead because we knew never take me out and she d Damn out, he said a lot of money they thereby money, their buying drinks. She wants to make sure that they have a great time, so there's always I ten of those wives, the drag their husbands out. They just want a lab, so it's their debt laughing at at stuff. That is the punchline and you You are there were so many that you would say that just the way you sat. It wasn't it wasn't the the joke at all, but they'd be like for checks for discussion.
They're like ready the lab debt will be people that love stand up. Comedy data like you guys get into like certain. Rhythms, but then you it's like everything else right like you, like one level of comedy like one kind of harmony, but then you see a bunch comedians and then the original stuff you liked, you think sucks I used to think comic view. Was the funding is our success. My whole life was all about music, but my my two sides things were fighting I loved boxing. Ever since I was a kid. I was a huge gigantic box and found, and I got in the sea by and then comedy It was all I taped. All I taped at home on my pc was common specials and Tuesday fides. Any kind of boxes which is commonly lifeboat comedy and fights where my hobby and music was the goal I have two which want to become a view. It was
Da Black, the BT. Yes, yes, which one that deal it was all black yeah, ok, as at the one that deal you please to host yeah, ok, and in that you know- Yeah yeah, I always. Although rigorous fan of black harmony, the big ears, I mean you know right away, you know, and then you look back at like some of those those standards after hanging out with you, though it all I started gone ocean. Ok, that's load, hold a lot of those guys are low level, while it's just these premises that just get you know, there's there's guys life out there, like billboard or inundation power, the real high level their like out there like their commenting or things that point things out. Maybe other people didn't Let us then there's other people letting on things that point things out. There may be other people didn't notice, then there's other people that are doing bits because they know other people Stephen, but they're not really being creative. This is like trying to recreate cement
there's a few guys. Do that, like you, you hear the mini go man. You know that bill makes it a bit about that. You know this. Guy did a bit about darling. I see what you do it you're, trying to like Red Elect you. Don't Have your own original point. A lot of those shows we're like that. They would just trying to make it because it was the comedy general point, allow those shows we're like that. They would just trying to make it because it was the comedy What you're talking about was like. There was a comedy tv boom that included evening the emperor The h want some Friday night thing. They had on Fox that these to be at the laugh. Instead we shall yeah. It was crazy. There was so much com to be at the laugh factory. These ten was crazy. There is so much comedy. Man was out of control, but There was a lot of guys. Basically just didn't, belong in the business, yet I mean I of those guys it couldn't eventually have broke, but they Harry and there's guardian.
There's a lot of those guys room. They would like labour goddamn comedy rhythm that they would do, but they have shit decide but must have worked. A lot of those guys were doing comedy to get a sick. They weren't they didn't really want to do common exactly exactly exactly. I gotta be easier if they did it that, while there is a lot of actors at our talk to about delay came out for me, it's real hard to get additions and he goes and for the longest time it sit around and watch you guys get development deals public, fuck that guys, don't even act, and then I realized. I why my complaint in wanting to do what they do, how hard these guys don't even act, and then I realized why my complaint and want to do what they do. How hard can it be tat? Is so easy to SAM Tripoli did especial last week at the viper room in Hollywood man we ve known San forever. I don't know I've known for fifteen years, something my God, maybe longer God, damn God, Damn special emphasis:
special. It took him out ten years to get a shit together but holy fuck that our slash dutiful. Russia is a viper. He lashes, that's a great place to film Especial yeah man. It was I stay for both shows he did You know when you tell me to just in case some goes wrong here, and he would do some stuff too. It was weird I've. Never a comic before you fuck up a bit more weight, and that's it I would again and then started it is one of the major was perfect right, because the response was so great tat. He was just on stage. He couldn't even believe he can marry. Body was dying, Edward was ACT uniform, yet it was it. It's really good to see him blossom. I think that in a base the Netflix specials than I see our. Bridge three minutes at a time I mean a lot of bad ones. Do I just putting our common specials left unripe by random dude. You never heard of and
a lotta alot of super vanilla net licks comedy specials, vanilla, like they're, not going beep beep, does the little that's going on and is also. I think people need to feel more shows. I think to just film in one show sometimes sometimes to really take. If you can forty four Rick your bias, his new one. I was now A giant family has never really paid attention to only rigid revise. Don't you do like our terms or something again, his special on Netflix, that one is a grand slam, he's real fucking gatling. I was asked oh yeah, that's us! Tansy chapels, yeah about the one in the belly craze about I mean I was there for Do you remember how we ended that shared basically telling people exact? why he went to Africa. Pretty crazy. That's all see as shit he's units fuck
we can't really he's doing international is pretty good too. I didn't like that. One is much like it as much as electors other. He spent like a bit Twenty minutes on Jacksonville cassettes, that's filmed it! I thought you now, ok, that I assume it is doing, but he had some yet some pretty good stuff, Considering the you know are the crazy stuffy went through. I thought, maybe he'll never be back in a just gonna be like insane or whenever I run burgee did come back and he is I'm a big fan of TAT rose. I will join the result of some of the best. All my hip, chronicles, comma, yes, Cow Williams Williams was as one of the guys that if I'm just as we have shit to listen to my car, I just put Youtube, and just cat, William just some random bit, If I don't have anything to go he's my he's a two years ago to shore the good times Good time now the comedy stores on Fuckin believable, it's nothing like we used to hang out there every day in early, two thousand, two thousand two thousand one before ten planet was even a thought. My
I've consisted of de Jan etc Cubs for money. At home, trying to make it out in music and hang up What do you do in common? It is clear El grace me think about waiters, always half empty. Yes, it was. It was like a dying dinosaur. It was right a girl and she was ready. And then, when you add dementia shit, you love man the place it was like how's. It survive in my right there on sunset, such prime at the plant spot put a giant hotel there how's that place, not gonna get knocked down, and then, when you I our asking you a couple times in that that seven year absence or whatever it was gonna, do when I go back to the colonies, storks egg, I wanted you to go back and FARC Because of that you were like really like. You know you felt like you got really screwed by them and you did those motherfuckers terminal. Back on you at the cornerstone took dude side, and now can back. They know they made a big mistake. So you are like
you standing your goddamn graphic fuck, that other I saw so gonna improv FUCK the can restore, and then you in back man and its in its like a different dumb. World, literally a different world like it's fuckin men is selling out every goddamn night bolt room, your pack, it's like it's like it's unbelievable quotas. Are you couldn't Nobody would believe that shit, it's so alive at the comedy store people just go there like during the week like it's a big avenged and nights two's Tuesday night. Sometimes you have to sort out your room and origin at a comedy chaos two's. There is yet greater fires never been like that with no spot, they open up all those those old decrepid rooms we made a bar like their opening up. Everything's is all that are that used to be a video revert back bars the best get away from people and chill out back there
She was in a round back round. There was a how the whole smoking corridor in the back now to, but it goes back outside the outside barge Boulier there's always people their rank in its it's crazy. We write them down bars, always mobbed. And then a Cross Street house, the blues they not dashing down one. Would when you walk, outside, and you go up that ramp. You know that ramp is in the parking lot next or wounded the views and save the views. Incredible like they have the best view the World Comedy stores like it guns and roses man big enough. I can eighties to peer for twenty flock and nearly twenty five years and guns arouses not only made it come back, but the bigger than ever they bigger than ever comes around. Unbelievable everywhere. They play the just sell out.
In its in, I saw him in Mexico City and got completely blown away by Mexico City. We therefore seminar. I was therefore combat. Tony's fly that Brazil, South Korea has sought to bring the always incredible and I was never a giant. Guns and roses fair. I respect the damn like their songs and shit, but as a kid once what are your friends claims them as their favorite? Now they can't be your favorite. So it's like some stuff. That's stupid shit like my friend mad. He claimed guns and Rosa my ok, because we want if people the garden roses record I just take it, I wouldn't buy it so, whoever actually own that the master you don't owe me it was their bad. You know to me black them, that's about it. It's like a sport, they really do have a bunch of team. Your mother was kiss Gaza, you even when everyone made fun of me, I'm the only one who admitted they still like them for a while. Then we get like that. Would boxers to wood
boxing was different, was boxing is all races, it's completely races and it's ok. It's box and re honest sport. It's the only spike in Ireland is a black eye. Why am I rehab? Jeremy is Bower Generals Donald Current, knocked out by MIKE Macao of Mighta MIKE Tyson fought when MIKE Tyson fought Jerry, Colonel every white guy with my own eyes for last year I was my what white guided MIKE Tyson. Yet I saw what bunch white guys, but not anybody famous, no, not really anybody whelk Goliath. Foolish guy? Who is your woloda? That's right! That's right! But comes Y yeah he's from Poland, Latin
pretty sometimes european wide yeah. No, I don't think of them is a man who was other animals on one AG. Whites, we definitely we want laying luncheons, always gotta go for the Russian got two boxing as the only what like, I don't give a fuck, who Mexican was fighting I'm going for the Mexican. Even if I didn't know the mexican airy I'd love for him, he was Executing was panamanian, that's good enough if he was urgent, anyone. You know one Roll Dan member whom I remember. I am Tina that guy's. If he's fighting a mexican I'm going for the Mexican of, but it he's fighting a white guy or a black, I am always gone for the latin guy does all totally racist, my best friend, was black growin up and we we both watch boxing together and he always went for the black. I went for the latin guy and it was like it was ok. It was around that.
Who was another argentinian champion that was champion before Marvin Hackler damage, the tip of my tongue I cannot remember his eyes and a puppy quivers legs zogg whale as long latin American. To me he was right before Marvin Hackler God Dammit, I see him. I see curly hair, the looking fellow Cosmos Zone I gotta got. It has raised energy James Gonna, pull it up of worker. Remember Mozilla a bad mother fucker? Wasn't he from Argentina? It was beautiful whose tough guy man there Those are the blood and guts days. A boxing in our report. Oh dear, can be candidate lightweight hundred thirty five pound killers has a different world back then man dies we're toughest shit. Fifteen
fights comedies different than always would I was always there. There was a point where I thought, generally overall, just people, away funnier than white people based on stand of comedy, unlike gives us the richer prior Eddie Murphy Yonah at really believe that, unlike mexican Committee that wasn't like rooting for Paul Rodriguez up, I was added. I don't mean to you. I know some people do, but I didn't I was. I was Nice against White Day monument see a more than anything when people found. I was really Mexico there. What is hungarian round during a german or Somethin Did he ever mexican? I stage seems He was like, like an end, ended ice. Clad that raise by MAX can be with us here. You should have said daddy, said listen. This is this is like it's my character, count change, parlors, I'm cosmos, see ecology, energize cloud yeah, but you that's first, while that's like care.
No, but I'm saying like changer at maybe criminals. I decided to put taper my eyes and translated courageous Chan. Why right? You can't do, but if Try to claim. If I try to claim German right, decided Well, you don't know any better. You never see my twin, three and or maybe you did like a boycott character? We can you do German, accept not Arnold Schwarzenegger. That's austrian, oh ok, not altogether. I could probably Do I find out here, but also easy so like that I can we do so, I cant do tromp man, you can't. Right now. I can't do it all my voice doesn't make those sounds like I'm. Not a good impression is just go to the ones that I can do. What does Arnold think a trap?
where's rather conversation, not a bad guy. They ve got all that that authorities is listen. He's doing with everybody wants, is making billions he's fucking points us your married him. That's fucking Americans who looks at birth forever, who looks like him and folks like he does I'm a little bit more impressed with dollar. After all, these scandals backfire trying to go always now he's not here no Clinton on this guy who's that China for kids, so that you know there's a thing about like Roseanne BAR what they were saying that rose in bar was was talk about some? Can? Spirited theories that have been disproven does with some think she was talking about tromp break it up. Child sex rings, he really did spend
a lot of time, concentrating on that and having people go out and try to break up these sex rings and sex trafficking. But this is not something that is a conspiracy theory. This isn't that a he's discussed many times. It's also not a conspiracy that their sex trafficking, so much as you want a discount trump here's, a problem that I have people that are on the left right now. They do not looking at everything thrown looking at what they want to look at her bad for the environment. He's always lie. He cheats on his wife He does this. He does that they say all these things. You does bad, but when something like Roseanne says I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt because he's going after sex traffic, and then it turns out all these other people. That's conspiracy. Theory! That's bullshit online! No! He said it he's put effort into like you, gotta give the guy credit, because if you don't the credit for things that he does. It are important, nobody's, gonna, listen to you and your criticising them either, because that you all your China do as when you're not trying to look at the thing for what it really is.
Yeah he's this guy in a brief, but these are perfect person, but he did make note on many times about wanting to break up such sex trafficking rings. Do you know that in the UK is twenty thousand times more likely to get kidnapped. Then we get shot or to school. You that makes sense, twenty thousand its conservative? It's probably really like seventy thousand cause. If you go by the numbers aid two thousand to a million kids go missing every year in the United States, and I looked up, though, that doesn't have never found a source for that. You said that before and I looked up and I could- find that it wasn't me. You know what I read it online, so I could be wrong because I'm wrong, but these things like when we say I'm especially say right now: two million people homelessness, whatever foreigners. Even one hundred thousand five hundred
That's a hundred hundred kid! That's more than schools! One of you ass. My point is more school shooting right. Why would you rather have you you know? What's worse? I don't know what's worse, get having your Cuba shot at any rate will be this accordingly, I shall centre for missing and exploited children, citing. U S department, just as importantly, eight hundred thousand children are reported missing each year. That's more than two thousand a day. The end, see Emmy ceases to one and three thousand children a kidnap each year by family members of family world, I Haven T got so little weight and ethics. Thirty six hundred thousand there are six hundred does so. What's worse, haven't you he's having your kid could, because the consumer receive very. Is it there's a giant international child? sex trafficking network going on that is being covered up that's what's goin on and if you look at Jimmy Apple in the UK.
Brought a lot of light to legitimate right, is only Seattle Festival, yeah yeah, I sat there was a terrifying scarcer with the story with him is Jimmy. Several he's dead now died in his eighty that in two thousand and eleven he was super famous like Dick, our kind of guy. He was a deal he was the host of pop top of the pops. It's like If your band got on that show you're gonna, be he's huge. He was friends with the royal family with the prime ministers. Margaret Thatcher tone Blair picture him Jane? He looks disgusting pull of Jimmy Saddle. Does he looks like a charm this guy? Look at this super, give thought by them. Check this out, but he was so you twelve. Super famous, and you know what he would do here raise money, for hospitals and specifically site the attic hospitals and he would bring
queen of England and he got all this power to raise millions for these hospitals. These mental institutions. He did that's what he prayed for kids, so he would what he would do with he would. He would do so. Much for these hospitals that you would put himself on the board and give himself a job there and opposition, and he would hang out at these hospitals there's all these at least five. There is at least, five hundred people that have come forward to say they ve been, were raped by him whenever a five hundred people, at least it's in a thousand so there's hold it up on his neck- was that sir. Didn't, although he was human fix. If he were, you know he worked for the BBC super famous super human, He had Christmas dinner with Margaret Thatcher. Multiple times was read aloud is gather Lozada matter hat right above the there. Does a crazy guy who turns out here the child, rapist yeah.
And dumb that's the same thing was Sandusky. Then they could not ask you to bring it up the question of the coming, as I do that this year, because people knew their complicit in they did danger the mystery. The mystery is: how is he so tight with the prime ministers, the royal family, all these politicians, all this, It comes out when he died because every time would be an allegation. While he was alive, we just sit them down again. What're you going to do now is to ruin your life, you better this shit. What are you gonna? Do you think you're gonna come after me now many millions I'll go given this hospital, so he would just shut everything down, and there was all these underground covered up allegation needed getting knighthood was a relief because it got me off the hook. Was that mean got me b was needed. So I got him off the hook. Zadig needed when you get knighted could do can they not arrest you anymore? So what happens? Is it like? Being president, theirs there's a documentary on you to call the ninth circle Jimmy
How will the ninth circle you find out why they covered it? Why did they covered up widen this agent deja? These declared they should just mash them up. Why was it all being covered up? It's fucking. Saying when you find out why here as a four dead bodies in general than he honour of dead people, while he loved fucking dead people where'd, you hear this. It's you, then the nineteenth century, the ninth circle on these scanners to watch that Jesus Christ, it's insane It's insane. When you find out when you watch it do. It is crazy that you like you you're, saying this: it sounds like like they can every possible it sounds like it. It could be possible that some guy television star that worked with children was always help in our children could have actually been fuckin them the whole time and a bunch of hundreds raping, and then people must have known
there's no way everybody he was killing railed. He was killing to kill a mood because they found all these bodies its works It's a big scandal in the UK who look around did Jesus Christ, First, there is an island called Jersey, island its own by the queen, and look into I don't know I really want to get that deep railway workers out. I don't have a rape children as young as nine while work B b leak report on veils, and this is in the independent. How come How come there's, not the same kind of effort for this kind Stuff like there is with the dumb The gun shooting the Florida school shoeing wizened there, that's not a big event where it's one thing, we're all the deaths happen and was tat. Sir, that's why I understand I'm with you understand, but I mean this is also why people don't freak out about five hundred thousand people dying every year because of obese like what would you what's worse? What's worse, having your kid get shot
at a school shooting or haven't that mother Fucker rape? your daughter and multiple times and then kill anything. What's worse, farm that the authority examples, horrible you're, you're, just what scary is that that is being protected? He has there's someone that either. You about it and now is trying to cover their ass because they knew about it. I was led us to think about Sandusky Ilsa Gus. Did the same thing. He was raping these kids and the whole time he was running these programmes for underprivileged children and helping all these orphan kids? You gotta watch your heads, man, you gotta go on edge, really got away with abusing five hundred children and sex with dead bodies. Woe hanging out with the queen did disguise tight with the cleanup unto God always will kids around I'm gonna tell you why you got weather left him alone. You do now according to the nine circle. What is the ninth circuit
documentary about the whole thing while cover on because everybody down it I'll, do it. He was supplied everybody with kids. That's what he's the hospitals for while this is not a new theory. This is not an dairy. When it comes to groups of freaks. He was the pimp yeah. He was supplying everybody with kids. This This is something that people have talked about like very intelligent people that I know that have talked about in terms of like there's been stories about people that have taken. Politicians too, like I, and shit because that's where they keep like young girls and underline what you can do that by innovative but this. But for someone to talk to me about it, and they were saying you have to understand that if you are in a group of incredibly wealthy people- and you have extreme desire fixed,
cream sexual scenarios whips in, but you can't whatever the fuck it is you can't young girls, you can't let anybody know about this. So people come into these people's lives. And facilitate these things, and then they develop disorder bond of silence, and this is how, when this shit gets out a hand you can get a Jimmy saddle or you can get a Jerry Sandusky, thus he'll about Sandusky there was like this is: not sky was not his own, like he was up supply, Exceptional iceberg wouldn't want that things then that doesn't come up. Sandusky Google said, Dusky was supplying children to other pedophiles, because that was some and that was also speculated about some of the donors that were donor, to his. His charities were also somehow involved, molesting those you know the death riders is death. Ride tat right now, You miss Abbot, woods were die supply. Ten fifteen boys too. I certain politician, he'd have about it
The man on the boat, he could and afford to have any witnesses sell. Those were always the last rides. Those kids would take their cot. Death rides. She could have wherever this is from the same document or night circle stupid, They know that for a family that is, you just gotta watch end and make the conclusion the long not not now, I'm not ruling party a shit back, so you got a little Adam like a prosecuting attorney. Not a defence lawyer is already a shit back. He's already confirms already, ripping kids would stop of Antioch, exaggerating exact ya mean that's a good point because of Europe, the type of person they re but child. What can't you and that's what I'm saying you're in in the UK the number could be wrong, but I heard that every three seconds- a child child is reported missing in the UK. That two hundred and seventy five thousand kids a year get reported missing in the in just a you, carry it's a big
This man, it's gotta, be more jack ends in a year is not every three I can send a hundred. Seventy five thousand seems low everything. Some say everything not over these accidents are. Has, I think, that's crazy. As I can remember today, every three minutes, every three minutes this according to something I saw thirty one million seconds in a day, yeah the I'm sure the numbers are probably a hundred and seventy five thousand is in its biggest aid, thousand a year, but damn that's that should be pick about all this hour or do for the Florida shooting and for these shooting, with that David ha guy come on man that that's what scary the people are buying all that stuff vinyl. What's that the whole gun control propaganda. You know it's so obvious, it's it's! It's ridiculous its reading. What do you think the gun, control propagandists thrill
simple man, it's like that, they ve been try WWW Youtube to disarm the population. That's what they're doing an spans tryin to disarm, they used to say they used to say all now. We just want some restriction whose background checks now they're, just saying it. You know they some p, Will our San revoke the second man. Yet, as there were tearing the constitution, they're tearing them institution does for kids for kids, theirs they weren't there weren't? That's not true. Now that now that's Photoshop, no, it is gathers regional image that girl. Terry was at a target she's hard? Ok, someone replay hooker image with the constitution, but the centrally doing the same thing now. I know you're saying that look first, while their seventeen, they were school a got shot up, their friends died. I get it from their point of view of our seas. Team. I would think, and also they get cameras, interface and everyone's penitence German, ever the New York Times, in our view on the Washington Post, everyone's call them up. If I was dammit.
Are we doing the same thing you would probably to fewer in high school with those kids and all that shit went down. I don't blame them by any stretch of the imagination, I won't even Blaine people that are trying to revoke the second amendment the thing than in fury, it's me the most- is that all people want to look at is the guns It's all they want to. Look at. You need to look at the mental health of individuals that are willing to fuckin shoot up a group. Kids. Why why the fuck would someone do that psychiatric medications? big one that if you bring our people roll their eyes like all this again veered mass, the changes to the fucking chemical composition of your brain. When you take these things, what you are capable of doing, what bothers you? What freaks? You are what you don't give a shit about when you got all these people around SS, our eyes and antidepressants in anti anxiety medication over and over and over again, when they test these shooters. They all testify represented the pharmaceutical. Please do not want to fuck and hear about this. They don't want to talk about this film.
My friend got shot by his wife. She was on Zoloft. They got a subtle from Zola family got a settlement from Zoloft after she fuckin shot him in the headlines sleeping this is there's a lot going on. It's not just guns is crazy that that fucked up kid could get guns. It is crazy. Do just raises the F b I went to his house two years before, but what can you do. You have other kid that they just stopped in China, the chinese immigrant kid they're sending back there roommates in college retains fuckin, guy, stockpiling guns. The cops went to visit you when I bought another gun all kinds, crazy shit, everybody's nervous about em, like he's a fucking we are worried that ready to happen, stop going to class and that's how they sent him back, because he's student visa? You can't not being class this kid was like gear and up he was dear not been now, maybe maybe they caught it before it happened and labour wouldn't have liked years ago when they interview this the kid from parkland. Now that kid
strangest thing about. The parkland shooting is the interview one of the team, did on a b c. Yet this this to make any sense to me at odds like she said, out of the video I could Senator derives its less than a minute. She says I open I heard the shit I heard shots opened up the door. All the kids ran in the head, and their desk and there I saw the shooter twenty feet away from me, but at four. So I thought he was a policeman. Unlike what is the police doing here? He had full body, armor a mask on a helmet on and was shooting house like what is the common the cops doing here that is the strangers Rio. I've seen what I've, possibly someone shooting at the kid. That's so she said she said she saw the shooter, that's right, but I mean how long she watching for right. If you like, looking up When are you see someone that shooting someone are shooting a gun or
and holding it? First of all, you have to realise that people most traumatic situations, their memory- is very fucked up. It's very shaky. Your brains flooded with it. And you may remember your open a suggestion- people can put things in your head and you all of a sudden think that that was a real memory that you saw he's been like scientific daddy's on that and about suggestive memory. Someone can, literally especially during periods of great duress, they can introduce idea in your head and you we'll tell those ideas, two hours later days later as your own, and you don't you realize that they put him in your head. It's real weird memory. In dramatic situations like guns, shoot out and shit like that is haywire, because you're you're working on that Reptilian party or brain you're down to the law, with level my friend Steve Renault got attacked by Grizzly bear. He was in a fog, neck Island, it's crazy pod
team in these other guys they killed and Elk and their pack in his account they left out by the tree while they were at their camp than they want to go back and bared claimed the Elk, and this bear rush them and whose Ike the one the lazy described to me, like you, have an idea in your head of like what an animal instinct dislike and he goes on telling you this goes way deeper than that this goes wait when you really think your life is in danger? You really think it's over. You don't even exist anymore. Yet you you're moving. You have no idea what you're doing here you you have to piece together what happen afterwards and you are barely there in the first place, you're just gone your God, you see somebody else. I've got you have no fucking idea who you even are right there and that all these people, guy would run of the building. Kick that fuckin, guys ass, you better leave No, you are you got this video As I said earlier, the video that people have to
understand memory? Will is to want to listen with oars and intensity of the sea if she sounds like ok, let's hear what says not actually sent sent you to. The actual club does not deny sent essential one right that's it that's the lady, but I don't know one when she's gonna say analysis because we don't hear it we're not hearing a chain. Ota, writing love letters when the fire alarm went off as students filed into the hallway she heard gunfire, though this is the killing, had begun. I was about to feed away from my door all this and I heard gunshots in the stairwell, which is about twenty feet away from my room and then kids were so meaning and then running back towards me and towards the end of the hallway So I just went in this very strange autopilot mode where I pivoted on my feet. I unlock my door and wages are pouring in my room, I don't how many kids were an era but was pulling them.
Getting the men and shouting of them to get in the room, and then I suddenly saw the shooter about twenty feet from me stand. At the end of the hallway, actively shooting down the hallway just barrage of bullets and I'm staring at home thinking. Why is the police here? This is strange, isn't full metal garb helmet face mask bulletproof armor, shooting this rifle that I've never seen? that sounds like someone saw something yeah That is a very good look at and that yeah there's another video of a girl, Saint Clair. We heard shots and we're running through the hallway, and then I run into Nicholas crews, and I looked at it when I told them like. Isn't it weird everyone thought this was going to be you and then he just stood there and then ran off? Could we heard more shots was that
it doesn't make any sense, doesn't make any sense and that stops all those videos get taken down bills. Video taken videos not taking down they d been taken of down when they find em. They take their speaking actively taken down witness testing doesn't go with official narrative man, so you I think that this is a false flag. Someone is Iraq, a shot up the school they do it all the time. Did it that's what they do and then they focus on they gotta they got. This Nicholas crews, garlic. All we got a perfect I so they come in. They have is a profession. No team. They dragon Nicholas crews. They do what they gotta. Do they throw him in their arrest them and go. We got em and then everyone buys it. That's it right in my united when it mean mining, but this is this- is a crime the opinion? Why? Because you weren't there I'm at the other side, the country I'm sure but every time there's any sort of mass events. Some horrible event is always conspiracies. You know, because most these staff. There are like never
What was going on right before this was the release of the final document and can spare you know, and what's the finally, I was bearing that defies. The document was a document that one Trump release and gotten zero zero, arab play from mainstream media and it was a document that did showed that. A lot of really important people in government from all the agencies were all colors working together to take down trump and there's text judges and emails they're gone back. Unfortunately, all that would we weren't we Hollywood with using Hollywood, so there's just suffice. The document was about to get robbed and everyone was Saint. Wait. What, if they're backed into a corner, they gonna pull something off watch your accounts are going to pull out. There's gonna be a shooting or something wait for it here it comes, and then
so soon ass. It happened. The reason why conspiracy theories were gone. That's it and look at all. The mistakes. Look it look at all the tests Only that doesn't make any sense of their ignoring like that that they think the thing gets me Is it there are so many fuck ups in that shooting, as a false flag were like? Obviously, these witness test witness testimony that doesn't make any sense to me. I think they did it on purpose to keep all the spiritual. There is busy there's so much shit, that's so heap to kill every hand away that doesn't make any sense to keep everybody away from the final document. You know what it's also possible: the people that we read that shooting their memories. All fucked up because there were so many shooting people, that's a real thing. That's a hundred percent. You sound like you to know she was talking about it and sound. Like it, then, but that wasn't when the shooting was going down, you gotta see people when you see people like right when they ve seen some shit their brain scrambled. Now, that's something they have to do. Take into consideration, especially some nice lady,
probably never saw anybody get shot. Their life probably never saw much violence yeah, maybe maybe I don't know there's two sides of it, though right there's people to believe the official story, and then there people that see it as this was the first lag to distract from the fire, a document. Unless I'm not saying that false wives don't exist in United, discuss on his part cast in great depth there were most important form of bloggers, operation northward the willing to do that. They are willing to do it. Then, what's not that this is also the problem when we say they operate north, which is nineteen sixty two. The question is: if that's how they did business back then which is what they did mean operation northwards they were planning on attacking Guantanamo Bay with Cuban gonna arm Cuban Friendly's have the metallic quantum Beethoven sacrifice american lives there. We're gonna blow up a drone. Jet line are blaming the Cubans
all this was due to get us enthusiastic about going to war with Cuba. Their sacrifice american lives. Isn't a hundred percent they're gonna lie and think it normal, which was normal camera empires for countries this is just a normal. False flags are, is we ve been going on since the dawn of time. Father lags that's it's it's old school. Should the question is this: for the rational person is like this is ridiculous. You have to wonder. Is that evolved right? Everything evolves did the the way we use technology evolves. The way we use literature evolves. The way we use tv above everything evolves. Does that evil career Option in government evolve to, or does it Somehow another get snuffed out because of the light don't buy that I'm gonna buy that if you look at all the different things that we ve shown that there's collusion and just look at the fact that someone like Hillary Clinton can run for president while she was may
hundreds of thousands of dollars. Giving speeches to banks like what she was in that debate with Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders like releases transcripts, tells what you said What you said to those knows banker, people to give you half a million dollars where the fuck they gave you that's insane, think that some rules like listen dude, she is so fucking entertaining we're. Gonna giver give her to honour Fifty thousand dollars for an hour. It's worth it trust me. I know when the banking business- and I know we make money with money. You know me we're all about money. We know the value of money when the banking business this lady talking is worth quarter million dollars, it's the best she's gonna go up? There's gonna knock your socks, so girl, she's, amazing, she's, fine, she's, whole area. How much the amazing in her speech is super well aware, and stands up there on the podium edges Knox your fuckin dick into the dirt. Is this Hillary Clinton gets humiliating seven thousand hours less than Snooki First speech it rutgers as a stir
Mary grows old. So she got she got a price slashed, twenty five thousand dollars. I think that in a throw under the bus, her standard fee was two thousand dollars per speech, but some folks suggested it may be her broken record. That set the recent slash price of twenty five thousand. She made so much money to clamp down nation she's, fine, snap and shake it off just like other for a thousand did I got fucking two hundred million from that Haiti Earthquake or you get it now, but those people- people like her. I think one of the things in the back of your head is always the potential litigation always want to stockpile legal funds. Always come after the start of the relevant regulation, like you if you add a hundred million, and now you have you no sir, five million almost fifty I gotta- takes about jobs that shit decent beaches and Saudi Arabia. Listen. It should be illegal for someone to run for president. If someone who they are,
influence in a positive way, with passing things and signing legislature. If we pushing things forward using them floods. If someone is in a position that they could do that for accompanying, that company wants and giving you too hundred thousand dollars to talk. That's just fucking insane? That's insane! That's bribery What are you saying that it's worth two thousand dollars if she sobbed every day, in the room and when we were two hundred thousand dollars right, there's no way who's gonna pay thousand hours for ITALY. Edinburgh job, then for the story. I think she can get a lot of money for blowjobs. Using so did. I think fuckin all right guys- and perhaps I can go on down at last in Devon, Bukovsky out an answer do doable for give this. I feel that this fills disrespectful turn we're taking with yeah I'm sorry as a person forget about as of woman, just as a politician, no one should be. It should just be possible. There's an austerity bury their Hillary Clinton other Hugh Roddam,
I'm assuming these is not alive anymore. Not. Croatia was a huge jewish, my boss, who is responsible for opium, going into Chicago. I don't know, that's real, but it makes sense to me it look what we know for a fact that some politicians have run drugs before the bushes. He has the biggest one, the fucking Kennedys Open, open flat out, me and it was moonshine at the time, but guess what that's drugs. Terrorism to a driver's look worse than we it's worse and worse, mean that this, how the Kennedy family made their money we needed a president to run marijuana without an only child for President Jimmy Carter was like uses doing he D stuck to marijuana times on for President Tommy's guy he's got diversity on aside cheats. Running main cheating, Chong, two thousand twenty guys get on it. Have you the popular sport? Europe's? If you think about all the stuff the gun?
That was why I do over overtime. Like I get out, operation northward, for instance. There Wanna kill their own people this latter corruption, bribery, lotta, shit and government right right out of your equate that to one person you could say the: U S government is kind of like John Gaudy right right kind of right now, little by little They killed some people for shows on people if they cross a lot of yeah allotted scamming, going on a lot of stealing gun. He's gonna like a politician, is kind of like the overall. You know how could anybody trust anything. He would say right, and in any time some would say I do like some John Gaudy nerd came up. Do you know he killed fitting people, one night in Miami, you wouldn't gums, did where's the proof where's that Show me you and say that you would you believe, and even if it wasn't truly like its still a douche bag, he still criminal
when people so yeah. You were wrong about that. I was actually you know, for content, and it wasn't. You know, still you know, domain people just naturally, when it comes to the government, they know how corrupt they are. They know that they are willing to kill their own. They know that the politicians are we can appoint? How am I gonna meet everyone's lives better. So all those speeches you here, China, like Hell, they're, not thinking about helping their thinking about we keeping keeping their power that the criminals that's what's goin on, so whether in a business, and this business has criminal rules have allowed the, to have criminal, that's all about. How can every politicians are all trying to get a hold of that that tax money. That's that's! The ban. Game right there you get that tax money. You know you could see.
Tax money and people were never going to come after you, you still corporation money, you're gonna die. We demand of little tax accident because you think about what happens to come up with something anything. Just anything, ok are: what were we this bills to to build a church judges and we're gonna help children around the world and we're going to find a cure for leukemia that for care cope It's really easy! You just gotta make up some shit. You gotta pretend you're gonna, help people, this one's the affordable housing act. You know we can help our people like that politics, really trying to help with their trying to do is rip off tax money. That's it it's all their allocated, move it moved to the people that they want to have it to its its any business. I'm opened it that changes in the figures. I I think the way We are being programmed indoctrinated. I think it's genius its working so goddamn. Well, because it works really smart people theirs in telling?
and people all over. The goddamn were arrested in the system, thereby invest in this year's doktor nation that the school system- man, you know school really is like designed to get you take the kids from the family, like the kids believe their teachers more than their own parents and they it bit the state tinctured there, the raising their kids, it's ridiculous man. I think most of what's going on in schools is not doubting. Most of it is people that are just totally apathetic about teaching people. They don't give a fuck most these people that are teaching the donors of job there's a lot of terrible fuckin teachers out there and they don't get paid anything thirty years it has not taught and told how to teach and what to shore there now, like. Ok, just give us your own version as all of us, together with educators, they get together to try to figure out a way to get people to learn these things, but its uninspired that
more and more than anything, because it has no money to a conspiracy. Theory is the Rockefeller John Rockefeller and Carnegie. Designed the school system to create slaves and to separate the family. While special career the conspiracy theories they designed to create workers right people That's lay slaves to the day. The conspiracy theories they openly said we don't we don't need any more Philosophers are geniuses, we got enough or that we got go. We got science right here. We got anywhere, you need coming to us. What was the last. What was I the last say great sign? The discovery like in the lab forty years that wasn't government find it like that. I want to know what what their, whose funding, these studies. Why do you think that their government funded like some new shit they come out with? I I don't know. Saturn out and no one can name anything y know what I mean we have to go over some of the stars, but I'm sure alive when our government, farmers, assuming the most sites,
tests are getting paychecks from the government, I'm just assuming that I'm just I'm assuming that most scientific This is not is coming from bunch of scientists who rare yet again glance and they did, they can say crazy shit. They got it and there now I sent it. I want email that one guy was telling me that their We're a team of scientists in their work and for pesticide company and their told to go. What we're gonna do some studies here and we wanted to look like this and look he's doing do in the studies. Until we get all that's legal, they can do the internal auditing saying they keep doomsday until they get the results we want, and then they don't published about studies published a good studies, and this is what you have done. It seems like there's basically in a nutshell like three kinds of science. There's there's the site. Like pseudoscience. It's like pretend science, but for sure not real. It's ball, science, pseudoscience and then there's the scientific fact like for sure site like an it's. A scientific
I can get on the internet. With my, I thought I don't need a real study about it, and so I would actually can I know it. My friends now, that's a scientific and other scientific that does my car will. Take me to play a to point b to point c over and over, and it may break down every now and then that's a fine. That's the science my car. I believe that's. That's scientific and then there's a science. Did you you? You have to the scientists word fork, is there's no way that you can verify that if you have to take the EFTA faith in That's like a ruler, is not about cyber war on a sort of. What are you talking about like what like so kind of any kind of science, whether its medical science, if you you haven't, you- have a choice to believe. In signs that you can verify yourself. You could believe it, but you'll have to believe rights. Already experts in the field verify it all the people that I understand all done. Without that we all the signs that we know that had been has been crept into the big ones sugar science, a tobacco science marijuana science.
Axing science. We know for sure I'll. Just those for that there's been a corruption and so tardy trust, someone someone comes out and especially the governments, Ngos, yeah our scientists. Scientists say that it safe and effective you gonna be like TAT. I don't know about that, I'm going just take your fuckin word for it long and you guys criminals, your John Gaudy and you guys are saying you guys are saying that this is safe and effective. I don't know about that You know. Maybe it is. I hope it is, but I don't know I don't know I can't prove it for myself oftentimes drugs to get past as being safe, and let us not be exactly the problem with these studies exactly this is like talking about earlier with that. Nobody wants to discuss the idea that Psycho Tropic drugs have played a part in school shootings this out of ferry. Recent thing with human beings- if there is one reasons why but they're talking about the recent spike in shootings, even let by people they know were. Mass shooters does bore almost all these pills, but this these
a very really big someone I can about yes, when you're talking about just at the history of human beings involved in mass killings? It's really reach set phrases, wrapping up going crazy about. You know it also ramping up people taking pills these things are somehow aren't. They might not be the cause of it, a hundred percent. It might be society, it might be depression, it might be terrible childhood rearing, it might be a childhood abuse in my bees, all sorts of like mental health issues that are inherited also to cry these diseases that people in their mental diseases in the vaccine pamphleteers. I think the aid, Phoebe vaccine, that girl, are taken into Lebanon, twelve, that this shit that it says in the passing of theirs. I just want, did once that possible side effect is suicidal thoughts wanting to its called in one's what it's called impending doom. What's our hearts take your pills. Last night, the documentary on Afflux has been known or on. How is it pretty good at
that's not a lot on a list of the outer. Our one is as yet it s. So there's not a lot of information. We don't already know. I feel like that. It's kind of a pilot make it look really good, but one interesting thing that I can just brought up a doctor says an it. There's, no side effects to pills. There's this unintended benefits or not benefits that you want there or fix, there's no excite effectively Diarrhoea Frances, it's an effect of the pill. Just wasn't what you wanted. I see where you sound. So if someone else how decided that continent and a fact right right, so you take something in on some people, give suicide thoughts, if not a side effect, just an effective taken together. People there's there's girls wanting to kill themselves for taking the HPV Val duchesse dad for taken acting medication tag cutaneous, one old. You know Andrew Santino, hilarious, comedian, funding, motherfucker. You took acquitaine one whose say Highschool though he said,
it was like the best thing that ever happened am because faced totally cleared up, but the worst thing that ever happened on terms like how made him feel like it just makes me feel like people get it and they get suicidal for sure say. So you can ask yourself you even if it whether whether weather It's really are shooting up schools or, if a false, lag in their setting up the kids. Do it, whereas the other side, whatever the there's, whatever that the truth is there there's a Jaguar? the problem with these pills that are making people crazy. No one really is not a big pushed to stop it or anything. Well and protect the media are but all there's a giant business senators, billions dialed, we're sure, but is also a lot of people like those pills, lotta people that love Xanax, like this, again is one of those things where we always want to look at. The bedside of people have crack to crack
you gave me you could get thrown in jail for I know for sure, but I mean people that are functional people, is how you like weed. I like we'd, some people exotics saying you can have that some opinion that's not how I feel what I I'm saying is like we need to be honest about the consequences of all these things. This is somehow another left out of the equation when I think it's a major part of the equation. I don't think it's there. Only reason why people are shooting up schools or any this shit, but I think it acts lately must be playing a factor, and for whatever reason people don't want to consider that factor, and I think some of it is. Because there's a lot of people out there who, like those pills they like the way they feel antidepressants they like do. They feel honoured to anxiety, medication delay taking ambient before they go to bed. They don't want to hear their like what it gives them. I know people can't sleep without ambient? They can't sleep without it of you.
Its telling them that ambient fucks up your heart rate, or does this too that are meant to make up some things are fucked up Europe to Santa start saying that two people they were they would just, We too now, whatever dude, I'm sleeping like a baby, he would be a great false flag. Is if they set up another shooter, and you said he was totally stoned. You know that they could reverse covers the this noble Organization of Wheat, of course, to chalk. Do you know what I am? What would I started small nobody, but Jane my hour. They have the power in the media tend to tempt turn. It ended. I like all of a sudden. These guys are getting really high in Colorado and Adam and California we needed. We need a joke. That wouldn't work. Today. I've been smoking blunts and I would like I smoked, and I was like okay now I understand rap music like goes like these wrappers, so aggressive, but they're are also high, like what the fuck is. The goddamn tobacco Tibet
go next him with we'd. That is a different thing as a different animal tool to potent. Sometimes, so little to woo, like you're, like you like when we talk I like it every now and then a renowned alike, and am I gonna want, gives you a different gonna head Buzz Buzz and we're back. Ok, I darts Rony got me under dip when not now I haven't done since then, but more in the park gas. It didn't. I swallowed some of it, and but one thing I liked about as I now I get, what you guys do it like it hypes you up, it gets you can like elevated you. Now, it's like the ever smoke, cigar, maybe two too powerful version of a cigarette you're, getting some serious, fuckin nicotine, your system, this might have fats doggie. You got a bit oh fuck, and high oil, the Monterrey double Corona,
Fidel Castro style by time you get to the end of the year highest fuck. Do you not high like you can't talk or can't walk or you can function, but you're definitely feel in that tobacco you'll feel it's it's doing something to system and they say it actually has a cognitive enhancing function that similar to new tropics and coffee as well that I like it, it actually can make you perform better and tests if you smoke, Cigarettes are few smoke a cigar and writers. Are we say that again people who write like rightish, sitcoms and stuff, like that, those guys, smoke cigarettes when they right? They say they can't write without smoking? Is the king said? it's like their we'd. Well, you d done have something going on man, but its instead of local. It's not It's to me, it's more like apt! Then it is creative. We'd is super. Creative we'd makes me think of thoughts. Why write them down my? I can we claim asylum in my thought
but that's we'd, thought you know what I mean like. I would have never just leave me by myself with no drugs and a notebook. I would have never that idea. Weeds I came here was that you know the weed. It is way, moreover, like an eye Dear steroids. I believe it till I see people who don't smoke we'd they write. Unlike hoof. So brave out there We know how may know what life preserver on now it's crazy legal everywhere. This rising is right, creation, a weed and California it's it's insane. You just walk nine states now crazy. I think eighteen states- league legal, medical and nine states have legal recreational NASA yet the waves going across all countries changed everything and its good, and you know The next wave is m. Dna may therapy for PTSD patients.
Has unprecedented result. Will maps is involved in this area? Is a multi Billy multiple does, Plenary Association for Psychedelic studies or something like that maps is amazing. Really above word organization, that is at the forefront of legalization, psychedelic of psychedelic research and they ve been involved in studies of soldiers, and they have amazing results. With this of India Major lets you forgive yourself lets you forget everything. Let's reprogrammed, your brain had reproach every month. You forgive other people in your life, a changes, one head Indian Empty- and you may confusing Molly assets of lobbies, One head can change your taste in music for ever for ever. I believe, because before I ever did it the first time I did it with one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven and before that, a dj at this point and I
couldn't stand tat now I hate it. Techno music. So much, and I was a dj in time. A girl went on stage. Is a techno grow like this? Is play drums for real. So when you listen attack lower house, it's like that's the most basic every song every fuckin beat the same. I couldn't accepted as a musician and musicians feel that way about techno, and I went to a birthday party. Key club in Hollywood, my walk in and upstairs techno downstairs and like the bottom club, is hip hop there's a birthday party? Everyone was downstairs in me, my body Rick. We walk in and were standing. Edge of the technical point and there's all these did just like dancing by themselves and others like a mental right and I was just stand there, look at em going what the fuck is wrong with
these people? Oh my god, so I went downstairs are playing their part like that's what I want to hear clubs only your ear bob at a club, I wanna dance with a girl, not by myself. You know, so I'm downstairs they start passing around Somalia, and so we want to do and I'll never forget. That person was blue, am I. I don't know, I don't know. I took my body both took it and it hit us. First had just had to like a fuckin pint of bricks. We go upstairs and were the dance floor, dance like morons and we looked at each other good, you get it. I get it. I could you get it. I did it and that point on. We got all the threats that point. It wasn't just like that night. It changed my musical taste in one hit and friend at the club, whose total origin, be duty, hated techno and he would talk shit when play Technical one day you
Do Somalia and you're gonna be island. Tat make us far Gue that I'll never app, and I can't stand this music. He starts dating the raver check like six months later at the club. Some raver check. He ends up a re hands a drop in Somali. He starts coming in and bring in all these new techno seeding full blown into Trans, a technical one this is the real problem, it's illegal. So when you get it from someone, you don't know what the fuck you getting. That's the real problem with Molly you're, probably them dna, it's also the dosage. You don't know what the dosages posts to be look. You can open dose an alcohol in our calls everywhere. But everybody knows what the dose of alcohol is. When you go to a bar, you get a shot of Jack Daniels. You know what that is. It's not like. Sometimes I get a shot Jack Jack Jack Daniels is Jack Daniels. Sometimes you get it in its sue. You're fuckin moonshine thirteen times stronger and die. That's the problem with heroin support with a lot of things, the real problem,
M dna seems to be that its illegal, that's the real problem, and what there's finding is that there is great benefits if it's used correctly mean anything can be abused. That doesn't mean we should make it a legal and what they want to do. I think they're they're timelines somewhere around twenty twenty one, making it legal for four therapy is going to change the world. It's gonna change. Everything can change. Where people feel about the past is gonna change. People interact with each other, you're gonna know just by people's behaviour, whether or not they ve ever done? It comes from where it may come home, but that the part of it, the actively reading it takes you that just went right where it was up. It's in. Thailand praiseworthy, either Thailand or took a what's Cambodia, Cambodia, it's like the bark like do something about that. Like the root of a tree trunk or somebody ass. He asked them to do the tree James borne up, but it becomes very dangerous for those p.
Write like all that. Picking becomes crazy, theirs they fuck up for ethnic for serbian chopped down of just just for the people being murdered. It's like it's heavy duty, stuff sassafras. I don't know how I googled inflicted images nets with open up maybe it was empty or may just Cambodia trees, but was it sassafras? Ok, maybe that is ass and Self Rowley Sassafras yeah. I guess it sassafras. Dude, it's or whatever. Whatever that plan is they take the safe that just Google vice the making of ecstasy, exert pressure vice disreputable people that I think vice had the special on that. I wonder what would happen if you just ate it wrong. I wonder Canada.
Is monsieur especial what does it say, the truth about ecstasy, yes or some sort of vice episode where they grow the stuff anyway. This should be something that's not distributed by criminals. Weren't ski masks, like you see this video should be something distributed by stores, And they should be doctors, and if you wanted it, you could have a rave or even have medical centres in the re. We keep people from overdoses, young women, the transitional period from people going from drugs, being totally illegal to see. Drugs having massive benefits like if you are you, go to a club right and everyone, there's more or do a job to do in tribes, the whole fuckin bargain wasted in drug everybody's. Fine with that, but you're, not fine with a car where everybody does a small amount of ecstasy. Why can't you do that? Will that's drugs with the other drugs to just used to those drugs. Once we get past that hurdle,
I take a whole generation before people get used to play out. We want no one drug gets you violent one drug makes you want to have sex for listen, you're, not going to stop that drug use. My point: it's a powerful, really useful drug people gonna find out about it's an amazing, experienced gonna doing so. What's the best way to him The best way to handle it, make it safe make legal may get ready. They did so they know what actually is in each one of these fucking pills, not getting it from some pimp are some asshole or some fuckin crazy. Due to stuffed in a balloon, put up his asshole and made it a crime, the border with it. You don't know where the fuck you're getting it. And they could not afford to. She also gives a shit, amphetamines and all sorts of crazy shit and people die from it because they don't know what the fuck is in their here. It is ok, it says More. A boy am arm load, a h, p, r, P, w p age. Oh, am trees Marie Preux Palm trees in Cambodia
and then they found in Cambodia is oh sassafras. The factories been set up to distil, sacrifice oil process by boiling the roots in the trunk of the ex finally rare plant other really rare trees to while how crazy that, how many these four countries or in the middle to reinforce we don't know about you know I mean there there's gotta be some shit where they haven't tapped into it. Yet there finding all sorts of different pharmaceutical drugs they concoct out of our stuff transplants in my Amazon yeah. They didn't like my cat, Sex are evolving so fast in the Amazon that they only have names for. I think ninety percent ten percent insects. Ninety percent- they have no names. No crazy is that true, they have all sorts of bugs near on four. Surely they haven't identified, they know that for a fact, and they d do evolve there. A rare thing weaken is like some primitive.
I forms you could find it didn't exist before, but they found its crayfish. I think it's in India or Europe, maybe Europe Crayfish, that produces by cloning, didn't have sex so female. They're all female in one crayfishes makes a bunch of babies, snakes, babies, made such as each sex Melick. What the fuck I mean So there's no genetic diversity right because they they the opposite need. A male dna makes it the female Diana. There is mutant, crate Which calls itself and is taking over Europe, so this crayfish doesn't fuck, they just reproduce. One crayfish could just reproduce It's really bananas, so this is a new thing that didn't exist twenty five years ago. This is something that there are very shore was in a living organism. Up until recently, here is a good thing. Crayfish, delicious people starving to death
Now they got some motherfuckers at all. You have to do just throw some stuff and that you don't have to count them fuckin. Maybe it's the same step that made the frogs gay could be cobra. Maybe it's linked could be. You mean you could be, could be. Pesticides could be look, there's nothing about the amount of people that flush pills down the toilet and how much that shit goes to water treatment plants and into aqueducts. And reservoirs and share there's a lot. Pills the get flush down our toilets and some of them make it into rivers and share some of making the ocean you're supposed to be particularly bad. I never thought about this. Until a friend of mine was a surfer told me he was a yoga teachers, sir, four and said nobody told him any got real sick ass. He went to the ocean right after the rain, You can go to the ocean after the rain, there's one means. No. Ah, that's bullshit. All the chemical and toxins and cleaners and oil and gasoline and plastic washes into the water like right at the shore and that's where it's all
swashing around in there with the waves and get in there and you get sick as fuck, you may say getting poisoned Is there some kind of filtration system before they? Just all the water just run right, rise right and from the streets from the run off. Just one streets picking. The word is the toilet water go. Does that sound water goes through a sewage systems? If France, it goes through sanitation system, but sometimes those break. I was it at the Charles River, Boston once and it was it was like Austria from where I lived and I'd hang out. There Tom. I was a kid stand on the shore, and I saw these bubbles and, like he's chunks of things floating up to the water like what the fuck is, that I saw a condom blob. Come but that's a suit we're pipe discipline. Condoms, like shit and condom water. It's coming right through the fucking ground into this river. While these fish live
You're probably live off a human shit, what's the water like after this, the sewage water runs through the filtration system. What is that water effect and word is ago, Fiji does it does not go into now. You know life aid ounces, based on what I on line, it seems like BT. Water is the best water out there like sympathetically tested, alot of bottled water and a lot of blood world water has allotted bullshit and look at this after fifty is Boston. Charles we're, just became swimming pool again took five under million dollars and nearly two decades of work. Here's how the city that's it man that was the right That's connected to over that river went all the way down near my house. Why would you serve loaded people, grouse, dude, one and
people sort of buildings in the eighteen hundred setting give a fuck about the future of that type of right, their proper right near the fucking ocean. I take a shit right in their waters. Gonna go shooting down a pipe and drop right, an efficient head who cares didn't give a fuck when they are building things they would have, all their industrial run off just go right in the rivers. They totally polluted thousands of rivers, The fuck knows how many fish died, because people in early days of the industrial revolution, would fuck assholes. They didn't have any consequences, then they didn't think about the past, melody of completely destroying the environment, but that didn't exist before the age of industrial machines, time existed. For that wasn't dead bodies would would pollute river systems after war, you know I've been people would throw bodies into rivers like that. Would you know that would fuck up people's wells that would fuck up
You know any drinking. What people got real sick had things she had well, what are their toilets? Like back in the fifteen hundred sixty hundreds like some due to his mouth? You don't exactly right. I M lie had have shit right is pimp ass, toilets for the kings back in the day, I'm sure they did watch Google Jamie Google toilet from King Henry, the eighth that King Henry Is killers wise, right, toilets? Forget my back and be seas, but I'm gonna go to work. King Henry, I got tired of those ladys to cut the fine words or does the kings loaf go to what is it, suspected bye, bye doctors want to by doctors to make sure it's gonna fibres. Diet keeps his highness alive. Where did the shouts us go? We're just fine Jamie with a face thunder mug nice pull that up here we go
make sure. Ok, this is for the sixteen hundreds, that's what he should into its nose. So that's! Why is this? Is it she experienced chamber pot, not the bards on thunder mug, but it is a typical chamber pot, that's what they call them chamber parts. So it's a party shouldn, like literally shit in a pot that looks sturdy the so it's really like a toilet bore. So I can It just doesn't have water in it. Do you think they ve left water and me easier to clean up next to it? But we smell have water in their zeal: lovely little water, yeah, yeah, otherwise you're a couple: slaves, pull it out, dumping a good budget year out on a plane and you see how little water there isn't a little thing that you drop in logs into and then, when you flash it never gets at all. And you get a thank you I dislike play stupid and get out of here. Give a courtesy flush revolution is the hole in the ground, ice magic fallen in that all that's your death. He choked death on yet happened on a per
happen happened. I read about a duty hell to tank tanks. Film, septic tanks drown hit us Italian is backyard journey was sing it somewhere another broke? It fell through A drowned in a fucking septic tanks how did they get rid of this ship in the sea, regular peasants like what around the streets, or did they have to collected in dragging out to the woods to question. While there was real issue in Rome. In the early days people shitting in the streets and apparently there's a lot of people in San Francisco right now that a shooting the streets, it's a real issue, Jake shields. My friend and I may fighter Jujitsu Master Jake Shields, no Jackie ass. He put a video up on Instagram of some dude shitting. Like Poland, his pants down and like shitting right into the street. Like you said its habit, everywhere serves glass. An amazing amount of bombs, I think was jake- fields, and I want to speak out of turn pressure.
The best city for homeless people for developing I'll do whatever the fuck? They want, not city there. So nice open minded, they feel so guilty because they made a billion dollars from my browsers dot com or some shit in getting rid of that too. Money it's a different kind of money there there so liberal in comparison to like Wall Street banker, type dude does judge are like not throw right wing like private jet. Fuck. You may call big watch girl go, do and cook. Whereas the money. On the other side, like the Tec money there are like well, diversity is really important and women would need to be represented an intact, and this their space is the space for them too. We need to let any didn't courage that, like they're so laugh way they like these homes. People they also beasts just because it I haven't address doesn't mean the cities equally, there's. No. We have to help them. Offer aid crackheads is taken
area splatter. She had guns walls, they D. Let these people get away, though there are fucking mentally ill people, Mrs, let em wander around to the street. They really cared, you know, do they would reach We put some money into taking care of these people So this is letting them wander on the street shit all over the place have a place. We get close from Salvation army or something like that have a place. We given rise Your showers have something that's like appealing then go to others. I'm so keep them from just shitting on streets in front of everybody gets crazy Billy organ had a residency in San Francisco up maybe eight years ago, and It was all about him, just riding songs on the spot and going on states that night and one brand new sounds like weird Qaeda residency and he had this one song. Did you wrote about you just hanging around the park and scientists can just wrote about the bombs and disgusting, in all, was and causes
peace in love, excellence on one of his greatest songs, its deep about the bombs to so many men. We stuff run D. Amato time we did gigs in San Francisco, we got to eat, you have delayed, is bomb obstacle worse on the way to the rest, I got here comes like a street. No, not only money. Growled are super aggressive. Yes, yes, people real, tolerant there, but it's not better, that's better than the opposite its bets. I think it's good to live in a place. Its is tolerance possible. Even if the super lefties get annoying, you dont want the opposite to see that they might. Fuck up because there's the same sort of mentality that goes on with people on the far left and people of far right now Turkey is my ways the right way, I'm right, you're, wrong. Fuck, you I'm gonna, make you change. I'm make you Well in that doesnt work that doesn't work on anybody, but I always feel like it's safer in better when that's happening
towards like kindness and compassion and income equality. All these things that are I see like, even though its gets very. Authoritarian I see that LISA has like a good heart to at all, like, even if its misguided, some of its missed some socialism, honest guide or even if their pretending, Gives us a good move right if you're gonna pretend you pretend towards the left, he was always a money here you you could does steal all sorts, tax money just pretend you're helping people to definite lie that going on. There is no doubt about that. Dude. We talk about Turn Ferguson's to Iraq, does the carpet. I just already do holy shit. We ramble we there. We have to talk about Tony Ferguson, seeing as how you're his jujitsu coach and I was fucking convened. I told Jamie, I told Jimmy Smith Psmith, like I'm, not violent buyers April. Fool This should come on April fool's fuck. You, man, you're, fired we want shame on you for me:
details or how many times have been busted by April fool's, but there's no fuckin way. Tony Fergus and got hurt a week before the fight is nowhere in its true. That's the point they got my comp, gonna gonna think this is April, Fool's Dana, no one's gonna believe this. And I found out Saturday night in Ireland studio, Danny Lohner, just Megan, some music and you know something something might have been wrong as we were supposed to work. Saturday afternoon and. He never know shows he's late alot, but he was late numbers hanging out from the studio he's got it Jim now and after a wide and return tax on my something he's a fucking superstar. I should go outside Sancho. Forget silent
often when I'm with my day when in the studio, and then I get the tax like eleven twenty five, at night Saturday night he said, but I fucked up my knee blew my fuckin elsie out. He wants to fight he wants to buy, does not. He did not not want to fight, but his doctor said you can't fight any. I need a second thing, and so he went to the you see doctors. They said no. You can't find his l feels detached from his knee wearing two sorts pulled from the bone, its pulled off about They said it's really. It's like. Usually you that's outdated described. Usually you, Terry Elsie, L or empty l, usually cause I've. I've done my answer before it repairs. John, so thick according to what doctors. Tell me I don't know shit, but there you know, but you You tell your ministers ukrainian surgery for that or you, Terry ACL, EU fishermen surgery flat. If it's a bit of a computer,
the Elsie only emphasise the only time there again According to what I hear the item you need surgery is if it's fuckin blown the fuck out like motorcycle acts, axis three things and When I say Tony wanted to fight, he would have fought with that shit hidden, give a fuck. They will not he wanted to fight. Was he walking with sunglasses on endorse. I don't know I don't know what he was wearing wouldn't Dana Data was saying, I think said he a tripped over some wires, some in others. Does the cables that they lay apparently tripped over one and fell since, in its the craziest thing ever it's insane had so crazy so sad that fight is doomed data Why said, he would never put that fight on again and like are you crazy book that shit again, the thing itself The thing that socks and force a magic number Dana set an interview, Canada counted or alluded to
May I hope I wrong, I hope I'm wrong, but that they would strip, Tony of his interim belt, like you know, Robert Wilderness where'd, you see that someone told me, I didn't hear it. So that's what I'm saying I don't know if it's true someone's yeah Doyle, just in an interview he was, he was hidden like I said in Scotland and in such a way that Tony's can get. Stripped of his belt night. Has my vote was so here's my question: if someone is the champ right, and they get injured and they can't defender title than they have an interim title right, but if the interim guy gets injured and can't defend the interim tunnel to this trip to end, is that a rabbit Robert Whittaker? He had only words that loses interim lightweight title would normally about often hallway square off soldiers are taking the air? They don't do that emulating do that to rubber Whittaker he was inner interim champion. Should they have an interim interim man
but it doesn't seem like they lead to Whittaker, take eleven months after recover. Why would they do the exact same thing? It was the exact same situation. Robert Whittaker was frightened. For the interim or had the interim title grown is gonna fight. Forget. It was, it was either so tv online Forget it what was, and then he got injured data. Strip him. Why trip Antonia. Do you feel like its punishment, for him getting injured a week. I like their past, like fucking angel. I don't know I know, but that's You can't do that right. I mean you got here, do tell you how to find more than anybody. Why? Wouldn't I didn't if it happens? Four weeks ago, It's an injury and training any tears from the bone is that they just rescheduled fight right. There and it still for the interim title. Why is it like a week out the internet? cancelled. Maybe it's because they have to make a big fight. With MAX Holloway.
Verses could be before the war world, thereby costs costs tony a lot of money because he has interim belt he he was who can be by far the biggest payday ever forum. I mean he's making some good money rights because of the rob him his next fight. He doesn't have a belt anymore to take to get money. You know- and so here significantly less money. So what? If you don't get a belt healthier life would have MAX or copied winds right. One of the most recent one whoever wanted is, and then Tony gets coffee and then the gonna have Tony fight one of those guys for the title like he would get less then he would have for this, for if he doesn't have the bell really so that's part, the contract If you have a bet with you're gonna, negotiate for a fight, and you have about you
way more power than if you don't have about Russia by stripping them of the belt. His next fight. When heels up, comes back he's gonna. It's gonna cost him it's not fair, because again, Robert Whittaker again, get stripped of his inner about based MAX Holloway and copying she just fight. As you know, the main event fight doesn't have to be fair about cause. That's gonna, fuck Tony well, Why would it fuck tony? If we still gets the interim title VIII kept the interim title, then it wouldn't find yes exactly for next fight. When I go, she was as export hand and he would be interim title- hold the verses world title holder. Why didn't I maxim and could be have to fight, for well. It doesn't have to be for about a thing. Is the? U s c holds all the cards: they can make up the rules, they could do whatever they want when it comes to the rankings and stuff- we can't do it whatever they want when it comes to rules so with their their position. There
Look this second class, a shitload of money. How do we recall recoup that money? You know how to we? Ok, we get Holloway to fight is almost as big. That's a giant fight to ok. Now we're back now we're back in business and the stripping them thing. I don't know what the policy is on that I don't know if there's a public policy or of its just they just I think I think they could do whatever they want to do everything they would never give up that power if they did have it like to some organizing body like why would they Rikers organizing bodies could even get corrupt, but I think you have to be very careful when you make like interim titles that you don't make too many of them have em around too often you know like once you have we gotta get unresolved, pretty quick, I dare they their way too. Build up, excitement about the fight, but yeah I mean I don't think it was drifting if you got injured four weeks ago, but who knows I might
they might just be. Maybe they have a new policy, a strip of evil, but then Conor isn't for five hundred days. They are not strictly jack. We're commerce outstripped yet hasn't far more than five hundred days. Emma may last time, farmers Eddie Avez does his last and I may find tells a long time ago, as a long time ago, and then he hasn't been stripped. So and being a lightweight to sit around waiting while he's on boxing tv. Having a boxing match play, may whether inevitably get stripped of its title doesn't defend. It makes a hundred million bucks, though when you finally getting as I go. Fuck knows it would be a lot of shit, lack clear as to what to do the situation, Ev Conner we're just fought like a writer lightweight champion. There wouldn't be this. This interim profusion, it's so good for Connor, though all of it just makes a bigger, and you're, so days even changed. The rules for him
You know I mean like think about that for him like it just makes him bigger, she's, fine, five. Those who folk and cares Rowan around a bathtub four hundred dollar bills, everyday his dive, immigrants, women can do whatever the fuck you. Why did you see a documentary on that point? I didn't he knew he was area champion back in the day. It starts when he has just one tat to the one down the one down his back. That's it none of the nectar. To see anything he around. He knew he knew he just had, but dynamite, hands now question people on the local local seen crush them, one shots bow. Yes, I'm two thousand thirteen. I think somewhere around there in it. First chance, the US, our have known financing. This document is hard to keep track of of everything, but was in Sweden.
It was a swedish I was like last winter replacement, they brought a man and he fought what was his name black. I forget his name, good guy, real good guy needle a mob, and that was I damn after that. One fight like there's, there's footage of of human Dana and maintain it was around here new to this man. I guess the hype was real Jesus, my favorite fights with him on the two vital new ideas, though you know why says the fights we couldn't put someone away just come and put him away. She had seemed fight, he had a fight and its wholly different game. I give you see what he Eddie Avarice does a totally different kind of fight, because he said Eddie early Hottam her and he was his. He owned M fucked him up and stop them. That was a beating around with that to second, it
so the second by early made it out of the first year, barely made me. He got fucked up from the get go conscious had its numbers way faster way, quicker in like covering distance to just like laser beams at night. I don't think Eddie fought right. I think Eddie was a little bit too caught up in the moment is a big hyper, the fight getting to fight Conor Mcgregor and just got fucked up kind of has hands behind. And stand right, found chicken economic problem and a face like that was ugly, so that you know like what year was that. There five hundred those five hundred years ago, like that's, that kind of fight is a great fight for Connor, but that's all hammer when you thought made here to be the nail a lot of the whole fuckin second round of the first fight when they got him down the second round. Submission right! Wasn't it I don't know when he submitted em but Eight submitted in the second round. Would you look at me funny what we get somethin these
support more than I do with my dick. That's what car said. These fools pull out more than I do with my dick unlikely specify what is there, he must have only told out four times MAX S. Great the fights with Nate were fight. You know he had a dig deep and he lost the first one. He got beat up again taken down, he has backed taking to get choked tapped. May he fuckin lost that fight and then the second fight he drops, nay, but can't put need away naked back up after this fuckin times, what he's got to stand and walk away? You walk legs. You too, tired can engage right now see walked away a couple times. Those exchanges, those or dig dig fights with this body round to yeah, ok, resubmission, ronicky, choke formats, twelve seconds at around two yeah He beat him down warm down and then stopped him. That's an end. The fight had conquered one. Could that have gone either?
yeah right there with arguments, are it s very close fight, environmentalism, language, the new rules counterpart, but we would have one because I think that I think even just a one knocked down, good enough for a tenant round is just not you know, I'm in a fight, minute relic one knocked down: it's it's depends on it the other exchanges were going. Changes are all the same, the new cracked and once he deadly one. But did you One thousand and eighty a beat down, I think, is a I think, that should be wrong. I think it should be that I think should be like a hundred points. Think they should have like scores for like one through ten in striking won through ten and wrestling won through TAT. With a non applicable. If there's no wrestling at all, it is ten, but you gotta look at it this way, though, if if you could have a fight and in one round for close and really nothing happened. Super clothes and- and no one really connected anything about happens all the time
the ten nine around right should amend you you compare that to another round, were a guy got dropped but a flash knocked down, he passed back up and then they then it's kind of even for the rest, the round their camp a ten nine to Russia either you gotta make morgue ten ten rounds, one nine nine rounds and then you could say: ok, knockdown doesn't necessarily mean Tenet Cosette, ten nines gonna mean one dude clearly one and landed some good shot. That's a ten right rosetta! It's at all, how you you lay it down. So if you're gonna give it, you know due to work Brown could have gone either way and you're going to give someone a one thousand and ninety nine and it looks just like a dude getting knocked down. That should be different, so it all the add more draws or make it so that a view knock
Who down that's an automatic tenet round? You knock down ass tenet. You knocked him down what attends the Avonlea Ras boiled. So what? If he's beat near ass all over the place and then you catch him was like five seconds ago drop em and he gets right back up and cracks you with a job just we'll get a ten. I thank you dry them. I think that's, I think I'll. Say that the nine nine, yes- and I know maybe right cause a gas. Your baby has been on how much is being harassed before the guy's beating your ass down the whole round, and then you clip once and he drops, Maybe you weren't really beating him down that hard baby. Just look like it. Cuz he's still cracked you. If you were really beating him down, how was he able to to knock you down? I still have power which, if you run into something that's what other hard won a squire knockdown than a beat down. You get outcome the whole match or the whole round, and then you get knocked out once do you remember when the draw draw PETE? So far
Scots Mouth Scott Psmith from Rocky. For now that's your send a team of draw go in the second round against rocky women. Mats, aerospace. Number pizza repeats. Yes, I know exactly PETE dropped Hurt, Scotsmen, real bad was left hook to the body like Scott doubled over and winced, PETE moved in for the kill, got. Myths just landed the perfect picture point, but he, but he was dead Like was heard in it not taken it now. He dropped in agony after he knocked him out, PETE Hook to help them to the body, hurt him real bad and when PETE moved for the kills, you got Psmith hit him per picture Brad. I remember that just knocked him out. He falls back in scotsmen drops the graph they stopped to find these in agony hold onto aside those crazy. It was crazy, so that can happen. Even if you're being a guy down there, still moving if they still just plant and is on cork. One pat bury check Congo member
shit, Pat barrier check Congo on CO, we're street. He was Why do all over the place looked like the fight was over and Pat moves in for the kids, check. Cargo Hit somebody a maker as he's running in flight lines Pat bear. If the first time in his career chicken happen, you're not knocked out you're still moving. You still cannot so now it can happen. Specify they get caught careless, there is hits when the lastly, this boom, I mean as a picture perfect left to the body, but washes he's an agony. Pete moves in I mean that is a crazy. I am That's like around nine of Lang, verses, Balboa, look around and agony afterwards, pizza, I couldn't believe it happened. Yeah, you should always faint before you move and always always
Even if you think you going, I hurt journalists. That's just to see us things like this, like ok, Gimme, some shown what you got going on in the best guys they never discharge like MAX Holloway fish off Aldo is constant pressure, constant pressure, but when he feels out firing bags? I stepped back for second Rebecca. You base your best. Fainter I feel I waited pretty goddamn good. It seems like I just saw someone like me. You have sea, or maybe Bela toward that was always is thinking just Wonder boy, wonder boy might get mom my vote for the best fainter, because wonder boy also has like it's like what what style, faintings most effective, wonder boy has an extra advantage of having that right. Leg, Ford or left like Ford, which she chooses, I'd way stance with their long body of his that's a weird thing. I've dealt with that man in the martial arts days and type window days the hardest thing to deal with those long guys that can have that have a powerful front leg.
Keeps you where you know what the fuck is doing, so he faint that ban comes in with the left hand or a faint boom is around. Has taking your face. I think he's the most of because he doesn't also doesn't move like everybody else. Everybody else has like sort of a modified type one style or more, hi style rather set for the type one. No guys there's a few guys like even Conner there has, moreover, karate style love the times. He'll stand like totalling. We see him fight Aldo, he stood totally so ways I mean he was. He was bouncing back and forth back and forth, like a karate fighter down the dragon will cease to fight. He stood just get up on one leg and just keep his left leg Aviano flip. It will just be on one leg and just keep the left like all the way up. Do I start with that? Guy wants he's doing right he's very good. It is very good at using real nice honeymoon, China, too much energy. While he was now leaders on good. I kick you could take and renewed he's good at the two of you watched on Wilson's fight with Dennis Alexia Don Wilson
fuck, Dennis Electoral back and dense lecture didn't know about leg. Kicks Dennis Alexia want Wanda becoming one of the very best guys like kicks. He was also want to four guys, I ever saw get his legs broken in a fight He fought stand the man Long Geneva and he had a grass skirting Australia added values, get her womanhood and stand lodge needest. He used to work with my friend shoe key member shook either the jewish, yet Israel, the guy was teaching me kickboxing back in a day. His leg was all fucked up because he would hold has four stand? Longeth need us here that big old Tyler, Pat at all, to judge. How do I give you think some people I give you see, guy kicks real hard right. There heavy way world champion my tigers or tie boxer Kickboxing guys like a stand. Lodging is the The power they have in their kick is unfathomable. Member pick your brother, somebody, you be say: wasn't you
Beverly Hills. You wants and we're watching Pedro his of kick the bag, and I was like what you just think of one of those slam in India or sign. There's no way, there's no way he shook his hold leg was fucked up. Holding the patent once I who's gonna need a hip replacement, they'll dude magic. I kicks your leg where you hold him pats form so hard. You need a hip replacement. What was not worth, a dragon Wilson beat beat Dennis Alexia would like excellent my point, but Don tad that weird style. I know you would stare told decide where you can take any chances. You fought Super intelligent defiant, deepen, do as forties, tumor he's an o j a real data commentary with him. We were. He was my partner king of the cave, for maybe five or six shows man
about the worse come commentary ever me and down the driver, who has really bad imaginable commentaries? It's not that's not my game. I could do color but be in the play plague. Oh yeah, that's just a whole at a whole different. I did that once with with feel baronial baronial fucking glare. Who has Miami shut up? We have You have seen Miami. I think I was the only whatever right. I don't know about that. There's gonna Dragoned Don Wilson, whose fight near dairy is look at him and his red Panthers Mattocks outs, Dennis lecture. Oh yeah see how you just flip that thing out. Everything was like light and sleepy, and they deserve the added and know what to do with it. They couldn't kid to the legs right or they could. I couldn't oh look, that's no, they could see. Just came to my electorate, their Donwell, some fucked him up like kicks in this fight. So desolate likes you try take. This is after what had happened was allowed
these guys like Don Wilson that had a court traditional karate background, learn how to kick box. They realized how potent leg kicks were a big factor was Rick. The jet Rufus Duke Rufus, his brother, who was One of you know the all time best peek a style above the ways kick boxers Rick Rufus. When I was a kid man. I want to be like grip Rufus. He would fight dude. Sideways stance and just fuck them up. Fuck them up with hook kicks and round house kicks in and dive in with punch. Like blitz, karate style punches in me. Rick Rufus was doing shit that nobody was doing and he fought this time. Dude? I do not remember the gentleman's Nay but Duke Rufus brought it up. Ipod gases. Be like a big transfer me, in his life, because tight, identify images chopped Rick down. Those like a mixed rules, a little bit more time a little bit of american kit bonds and they allow the leg kicks. But they didn't know that elbow just arrived at exotic, stood up and Ok, one! Yes! Here!
what is it the guy's name? The fighting Helga pause that report chance. Plaque key at song. Grit get some great change quick chinese quack quack song grit and wish Then he added, ok record. It is easier. I welcome you, like more than a hundred professional fights mean who's a world champion. He always guy. Ok. Guy at I use a beast who ok, let's What what is? What with his hands are recruited. Fucking him up with his hands, had heard him almost knocked out a couple times, but he kept land does lead, kicks and Let the lead to expect any. He had to be carried off in a stretcher, yeah yeah. You couldn't fight, because you could walk down his legs about gone, but he didn't It was there. So I mean by this
Like a long time ago, he didn't understand, but he tagged with some punches male, who I really hearing what he could hang with his hands now augur that spinning back fastened, the punch behind at mediators fucking him up. He really was a little by little. He was handing them half little tie. Guy is, though, to take those shots one of them throughout his act, fights ever in kickboxing history, just just the fact that this is how Rick Roof has earned. The policy than that fuckin go back. There are real go back decades. Almost looking out of the room go back watch this look at this move that he does. He does that a touch jumping cycle, spinning wheel, kick him in the head, toots out on his feet: and the bell they sit down. The core out on his feet just keep Hyaenas. One of the greatest magic reservoir. So Hist,
equally significant in marshal, and this is why this learned gas visit those american kit boxers. This is this. Is was an eye over this? Let you have see one for kickboxing dude. I remember that for the first time, some whenever kicked me in the leg you David do at heart. They did it to show like how hard it is. When you get kicked in leg, it was like went off what? Oh, no, the first time, I've ever heard of a leg? Kick. I was working at the Strip Club as a dj and one of the managers with all into karate its turn him and he always had died, done tournaments karate for two hours. A shit like this. Do these lighten amount, but these leg kicks and then He took me in the back. One day goes Dude stand there. Let me kick you gonna. Kick me with a shit, because people are doing this now. How does it feel does he wasn't? She was experimenting on my legs. Does this heard their lending, with their shin now, my damn it
hurt people. A lot of shit. That's weird little crazy thing is when you feel it feel like from someone who, just like tat in your leg, how much it hurts now think of this dude, whose name I can't pronounce again. Please, let's go home like us. A Rick would try to throw his own kick, but his low kicks we're like foot kicks the evening. He was afoot. Kit. He wasn't like Shin kicker back then like most school are, you guys were instep tickers you'd, the guy with a roundhouse kick, but you would hit him in the body with your instep you hit in the head with your instep. Almost everything I ever did Until I start doing, my tie was with my insteps or you he'll, like he'll, kicks we'll kicks stuff like that is incredibly. Is that Americans didn't figure that out now, isn't it in some way, you'd kill them in a leg. I mean this is crazy. Shit, vehement punch on the way down, backed up again rockwork back just so just a hair Thus he goes down about him in the back of the head.
Holy. Shit. Do show that again, who'd watch this again watchword. Happens. He goes down and on the way down s, poems elbow yo, dude. No doubt dirty elbow to the back of the door one more time, please or time. Please will you this down How much is left boom? He fucking Tobacco is her with an elbow refereed. Even but another was that's an invalid technique. When you just totally misapplied landed with his elbow tried Atlanta punch, but it does not take any points away because you didn't land. Do he's fucking that right leg up, south part of south bottle rigour that made him switch dances, Daddy's chop I'm down dude. You can't even imagine how bad isthmus hurt for Rick Rufus in the middle of this fight. He doesn't know how to block these things. He's taken one on the front lag one on the backlog we just getting crushed. I mean this is crazy, went across the fraught with a dick.
His duties flat footed. Now I can't. Can't spin. He can't spend like this accompanied by a stop. He stopped them. Oh that's up. The body was legitimate. Oh, my God, They need to make a movie out of this. This is crazy. They should make a move. They should make a documentary rise point of view from the boy a poor tie, fighter right, Rufus, intellectually level like like make Rick move as the evil White guy Can you want to blow up the world? He can't. Even this is like, these guys are so important sample to our understanding, because Rick Rufus was so good. He was good and it was doing movies shit on people. Those jump round house kick spinning hook kicks this round to I mean he was doing some really wild shit and even landing, and on this guy, like he was fuckin good. He was a ledge yet champion, no doubt about it, but
did not understand the low kick game yet, and this was it was so important. For a guy like any lands at high kick its. It was so important. Guy as good as him fought sky. So we know for sure it wasn't just that you know the Rick Rufus Wasn, a good, no real if, as was fog, real real good then too old again crying with those, and this tie guys. Google is open hands to look, has moved forward just open hands. He's all about protecting himself. Pushing off and low kicking look at his hands sees hand placement. I mean that's crazy. Shit that boom pushed off he's, barely even punch with them he's based we just using his hands to create space and distance and give work where growth for something to think about and to block the punches in the kick that Rufus throws and then boom leg kicks. He just lay cakes him to death. That he's not punching his leg. Kick leg. Hands up hands up those crazy.
As soon as he stopped exchanging punches. He d start. Dominating the space and then slam and those like kicks in that boom? fakes, one hand across both eyes, that's one of the most painful once man, the ones across both eyes. Rob came back when voting from him. He tapped me across the front of my thoughts. We shall just donk just tapped me my legs her all day, this guy early that throw holy shit. Those ties can chuck each other around two men round A little clip allow shit like that of a fight where they do not. They I just wrapped up there. Have they didn't, have gloves and head, but were LEO's kickboxing where you could throw poisonous, and you can add by It is true that clip now and do evil guy had, but his opponent standing up. He does Just spears has had run into Knox the guy down just lad by Iraq
it's like he only stands that one way most time too, so that that front right leg is so vulnerable to that left outside kick their they're, both southpaw. If route, See now is trying to switch up, is put in his left leg. Ford cause he's in so much pain like locally walked back to his corner. Do he could barely walk at the end? The third round, barely was from Thailand or was in states. Where was it looks says course, beer on the canvas. I want to think it's in America and Pasta whither, making them is where those pants. I gotta think it's America those pants, look so stupid in comparison and also regret This was also where impasse she'd. How did he go down there like kick nor the leg? ok, Rwanda, diamond. Look it too look at the pads on its feet again this. How did it go down? blow me just like a slow kick caught him in the spin and just told took his leg and he's wearing those those booties on the tops of his feet. Take to protect the bones of his feet, cause he's a foot kicker sailor.
Extra weight? You weren't extra browsers of the focus is on your feet. It slows your kicks down and the I got just as taped up ankles and short on trillion because this really is like Kickboxing versus Malta boom each obsolete gambling which obsolete again this week. Roof is in so much danger here I mean he's basically just totally helpless and this tiger is going to cost the shins he's go across the. If he's blocking with his knees, you fuck you just kick and threw him everything look at that bomb. Look at that he's as well. Get him down. He said I got a fine and another one I find that must be to have that guy walk, you die, like that hands. Call that they call the fight. I think that J T will the referee, the famous referee, whose will, in all those crowding that's dick, do that's Duke right there not such a tool that
Duke right, dare tell nobody. Did you didn't think that took allow skilled to kick someone's legs? I think should want to buy it. The big has the courage to tumble tonight. Let's take a look at the March better Job PIC I mean what's Do you like it became like the man, this PAM, burying his back on his knees to fame type Andrew. That answer football players? No, I don't think it takes much town to kick somebody the leg, jumping woods crazy now with all day, but this is all about legs yeah, real power. Where was crazy? Meme Duke, I think, was only nineteen at a time like this change is learned, and one of the reasons why he's so good is because he's open minded. He became a world champion mortified himself, which is crazy. It's just like you
you're too, and leg locks anonymize, like my dad, doesn't take an italian just jump on a guy's lag did all. All martial arts techniques that are effective there, still people that don't believe in certain technical and then the big another big moment for more time in the history that marshal was up. Violence versus Marco who that's when we saw was: U S? Seven, that's when we saw the dam, before you FC seven, everybody was thing ok, you can't really do any kind of striking you you, you have to learn to jitsu or you will lose its gonna. Be just losing faith in striking altogether, like just work on It was almost like John Didn't even work that like who throws job and Emma you're gonna, get taken down and get choked out and of sea, seven, that's when we learn: ok, leg, crook, lake, Work. You gotta learn LIVE Ireland's, whose three hundred pollyanna changed everything parlour
violence was huge, the polar bear, their calm tat. I was gigantic Marco who watches Took his legs and Marco who was. He also be Remo, Pardieu that Judo champion you member. He mounted him and then tat, because it's over once you get them out. That's all that's what I thought: that's it. That is what he thought. Let crazily this market who us we'd, get he'll hook, some people shit if it is mandatory to any I get. Some of the great for this think it hasn't others audio hook in the U S C might have been. If wasn't him, it was all that remains I'll. Wait, a minute wait about a man can shamrock against Patrick Psmith, yes out and all the heel whose ankle are what we just had an equal others shark. You can probably at the first relax lock and then was going to say all attacked. Our are often all I get some. He looks got a knee bar and a straight ankle. Aka things
schools on all those legs are gonna informational, revealing old fights. O king illustrates be given, Paul Paul Berlin's. It's the are vital here we to Eric Apple about his old days, sparring with Margo Davis barbers. In style is get ready for concussions. It's just didn't matter. If you get, you knows broken give back in there, everybody was go and worn yeah, that's what damn you. Everyone was scared to death back in the early days and hours are wipeout ever you hear about Half Gracie school up in its power, airlines, verses out, Margo S, verses, that's Paul, violence, fighting it looks like a preview of sea fight, or maybe after ass, he was music master of was trapped, fighting I don't think you're somewhere it was trap, yeah, you're right. You know it is right that the top it's a! U have scared of sea. He wore a single it remember.
You are a wrestling single like look he's six, seven key big fella. Can you where those singles anymore Rayner? One question girls can well actually looks like he's. Get difficult. Shorts honours at the monitor, so is attacked up. Is it takes up on his would take up on the sort of a single it by it looks like a thing with a little bit, but does not very different colors. Well, maybe right, maybe just we're seeing his leg yeah go to the last minute and has a flame the last minute, other fight, that's where he chops him down. He just chopped him down there with the first want boom. He so much smaller than onlooker. Small Marco is in comparison. Marco's, bigger boom, see poverty doesn't have any idea what to do here, so he he just keeps kicking.
Oh, just touched his leg, he d o chopping down your folks now sign and Marco just got on top of dropped. Hammers on a boat, no gloves old school. The after that everyone started. Lakes firmly believe we need to go back to know. Gloves firmly believe I cannot emphasise enough. I think people get less hurt. I think it would be more realistic. You gotta have row Confiding championships on an indian reservation ought to get makes me number bomb beaten a dead horse, a normal broken record. I don't think it makes sense to me. What's your wrists are very vulnerable, you shouldn't be able just make a cast swam a many things. I feel it we buy your ankles. Like imagine, you could take your wrist up to the point nobody or your ankle up to a point where nobody can ever get uniform, lock. Ankles protected now be ridiculous. We'll centrally. When you get someone in a risk lock. What are you doing? You're Poland against the risk? Is that a valid technique? Ok,
our technical. Your wrist lock like this very hard to do in some his wrists tape, the fuck up when your resorted really sirocco. Rollo here goes all real knuckles. It goes all around you arrest. He goes all round. Europe makes it much more stable. You can really dig into things feels way better because way, better hit things, because when you don't especially, like my hand, is bigger than my wrist self. I hit things on either side it'll built more wobbly yeah. You want it that you want that bitch taped You know so yeah. If your hand, his exact same sizes, your wrist. Now, since this is a joint that super articulating look at this wrist may look at all the stuff you risk does Eurystheus Craig I really think about joint is the only joint like it. You need not do that shit. I guess your shoulders a kind of crazy but you're wrists. When you're punching, you would have develop some serious, strengthen your forums to be able to be a really effective. Bear knuckle fighter me truly bear
oh no wraps in your hands. No, nothing just truly bear knuckle you. Would you also learn? You must punch things with the top knuckles you have to and even then you could break em. But if you say hidden people the jaw a great there with this crack. This fuckin thing just gonna break hit some in the forehead right here crack it's gonna break you gonna break em, your elbows breakin for sure breaker, but with those gloves on you get away with that shit, you get away that. And you can you pity, Pat guys, you could do that more and just not even like tried a fine like specific spots to start hidden them. You can't do that. You have to make. You're, getting the soft tissue, your target soft tissue go. Look for the jaw. Bang video here I'll bet appears to the public to be more brutal right. If you dont right was a man all. You need to do is watch anybody. Kick somebody distinctive factor We let someone slammed their fuckin shin in some due to face that is, watch Jim
talk about. When and even spot honey, Jake. What's his name, haughty Jason member Jason measurements Stephen TINY Jason it is the head kick to end all headgear exam. I dont member poor guys aren't allowed to pull up like you see footage wish we could we I have a special exemption from what was I pass egg? Maybe black promote bypass every time you use it. That would be a great way to promote arrive. There would let us get me a thing one time like they reached out and said, like here's an account, but then they never respond. Rosa, ok. At an earlier. Railway to promote our ought to the USA I'll try to see where we can get on your show. You could talk about bites and and have no issues pulling up value. That would be huge for it's free up. And that's that help people would do it at all. Video hanging out with a friend's gonna fuck member that want, by put it on find, are you coming to New York? Does we get anywhere now come anyway?
I gotta be there. The next week I gotta go to Brooklyn again the following week on Gmos, Fightin Gordon Ryan's brother, Russia does that's gonna, be amazed, gonna be awesome and those guys are awesome, love the level jujitsu that's available right now, it's saying such better. That way, better than ever, I mean the level of just the purple belts these days. Would straw. I purple belts of eight years ago. Amazing isn't rise in keep going up and up to like, I was watching some videos today online. Is that, like your technique, is like the steering wheel but your strength as the engine? Yes, I believe, as I believe that I do I believe that you do? I mean every top politely has a serious, strengthen conditioning program. You look it Gordon Ryan's body. Cyborg. We tornado Guard pass on some big giant dude Cyborg Bjj.
Giant do with that tore NATO sweep. You know he think it's under you and spend hours over here. Very, very interest. Thanks very much. He looks and do that he is so strong, but that's what ways Post was about his poses about technique and strength. Is that, like you're, too that's why it's really create on big. This is looking to sweetly to sweep leg up we value you mean every top proactively has a serious, strengthen conditioning program. You look it Gordon Ryan's body. We that kid's body so I was under is right on disease foot any toxin, as is right, honesty is foot any talk some under and pushes am I going to know amaze I'd like to know and its flat. If you look at the way the what was either Lo Tan is locked hamstring, it's gotta be so strong all duties guerrillas getting anything that candidates flat. If you look at the way the what was either low down his last hamstring is gonna, be so strong all duties, guerrilla loved hamstring, and so
when the air and a hand to death in between the legs, and then he pushes the hip with his hand, that's one of the greatest sweeps of all time of all totally shit. Look at thirty. This signatories under, as is right, honesty, is foot any talk. Some under and peace she's going to know. We can amaze I'd like to know where the left hand is left hands on the hip watch our roles when he rules on watch sees left hand, she's right answer to the left hand, side on the hip, see it pushing where social have like the looks like clarity is right here. We just getting anything that candidates flat. If you look at the way the we see that low down as last hamstring, it's gotta be so strong. All duties, guerrilla left hamstring insane, rightly eats Ex Ivan just a hand. Drink. As he looks to me like his foot sideways watch, where does it again? Look as foot sideways like sidekick? Look. Look at that. I mean it's like he's, we against the inside of the lake? This is, what's even crazier, The strain is like the abductor muscles he's doin this way
another look look at his left leg blocking dude left arm up. Look! Aren't I like em side, the right, my right, my gap, smashing annex, Edith swept is an eighty c gold, Medalist Andy's the pounds and is a really good wrestler he's a blackboard Jujitsu Dat. Right down that that you should, Thirdly, there are the loop at a school while cyborgs guerrilla he's gonna make you. Secrecy is strengthen conditioning routines. Now, dear mother, Fucker doesn't play dude he's a wheel he's a real all. The top guy got two saucer Andrew Gala doing dead. Yes in today, Daedalus Roger he. Let me ask you this: is it better to let the devil I was asked because of that when he dead he's left is at best? Where do you tell me how to shit, I don't know shit either. I would always think that the negatives are important negative for me or very import like for China's. I go way slower.
That seems like every six months, there's a whole new philosophy on and strength like it. It's totally the opposite of the last one. So crazy, like now, the big thing is, you know us minute fastings like ok, there's all these diets and eat this in gluten that now the and the now the new diet is dawning. He for eighteen hours, no integrated! Do that shit work. You know it's great about that, is it makes you have a time ever day where you can have the most fabulous meal ever has been. I when I eat Dorothy and Salads tee. So what I want to pay a lot o er thou and when you, when you're, not that hungry it beat now now, if you like, if I'm not hungry, I don't want to waste meal because it it's so much better when you're starving, you're out of control. I e that we most time, except on days when I know I have a really brutal work on the morning like a weight, lived and worked.
I'll run fasted I'll, do yoga fasted, but if a feminine lift I want to have something I need some fruit or some it's almost three right now having eaten I'm fine, I'm fine encounter It's it's some interesting diet. I It is in both shit. Now is nothing up or should I was never a morning person either like I never did. I never really looked or to breakfast is always that and have I got protein bar some just cause. I had to do. I ever listen I guess I did with damned Augustine. Oh he's. A scientist from Think is universally Florida, but a cottage EC specialists does allow Kido research and research on fasting and the benefits of fasting, and he goes in the scientific benefits. The proven benefits fasting. Very venture stuff, wouldn't it well. It were that the novel really wanted direct you to that. I want to fuck it up, but its fur proof
cancer, yeah, Kiehtan bodies in the blood increase cognitive improvements. I say we too much the same way much of our time so easy like watching tv and snacking. Watch all methods we are. But if that's enough, like since nine o clock at night, a really should be weird. Popcorn became the official food. Watching movies is now we're I know it's loud chewing shit. You can hear dialogue, no one likes as I do the scope. Let's go get some popcorn, no one. No one ever looks for popcorn unless they're at the movies. That's a good point. It is only time is now back, maybe a Disneyland because again. I forgot about popcorn Fuckin and by that, why I'm here to other Natlink, the circus movie, Circus circus, so awkward circus got peanuts into the mix. Maybe there's something about the popcorn like it's it's like. An ethically modified, and it's like that, helps with the with the brain. What
she just anymore Maria probable opens. You up microwave immediately calls this level with your head brow. Did you know that, basically, microwave just kill everything right when you made your food, you basically just don't, have anything you'll just like that, Papa Hank survives right, Grozny, crazy, that we have really improved upon microwaves, acting mastered that shit forty years, ago, and it still the same goddamn micro and which really bad for you, I'm going to take out of microwave popcorn when you get microwave popcorn, there's fats in there that your body, just as no, what the fuck do with that's, where those please consider Shell for so long as little package yeah. I think what is it? What is the top? sick ingredient in microwave popcorn, their eliminating it's a layer as they did? I did all this shit kills you, but we're gonna, two more years. They didn't just make it illegal. They made a moratorium, I think it's trans fats or they can just might be vegetable oil fats there, sir
certain Trans fatty surges, your body just like. Why not fuck is this non food you're making me we talk about Delicious protein bars before show that give you the most unbelievable art. That's all. I know I shouldn't be eaten yeah. If you invite me somethin something and I'm just lighten the inside of my car and fire chemical here, it is. Chemicals used the lining of microwave but popcorn bags, including per floor, oh dynamic, acid or p Ethel S a part of a class of compounds? It may be linked to infertility in humans. According to a recent study from you see, allay an animal tests in the chemicals cause, liver cancer, tick, testicular cancer and pancreatic cancer. So that's one thing, but I How did they ban Trans fats, Armada conflated, the two stores did they cause? What is the ban of trend fats is the one whether given them like all the like hostess cakes, those
bullshit, cakes, you're wrong that shall forever ding dogs or my favorite dustings, those those pot, those pie, cakes, give him horses like the lemme failure dosage. Trans fats to the gills, the whole twinkie method. They last twenty years, Why are you ill twinkies? Still getting that winged you in our land, around fuckin boards, model we'd watches of tv. I'm so they got here. Man, twenty per inhabitant, I'd like rings twinkies am I grab twinkie, I'm starving slain around watched survival for children, and why are you two twin twig the worst wedding cake assist. We know last night at strawberry. Shortcake. U S, popcorn makers, face long expensive road to lose Trans fat is. Why am I conflated it microwave Papa
or makers to face a long, difficult task, ridding their snacks of trans fats. You US food and Drug Administration proposal to ban the additive goes into effect. So the? U S is banning so the? U S ban on transfers. That is what I would. I got confused, Sidney guys you s, ban on Trans Fats is like a d. Given these people like two years, isn't crazy, though there there then little make big deal out of this going after the Trans fads, but don't go after like MIKE real shit like all gone, a killing people all day every day. I know right it's like you, you say what did you say this gonna kill you if you keep eaten it, but it's off but you're going after transferred. It's like someone, someone in the I'm going to miss you just pissed off in Illuminati and after this is like a smear campaign nigerian scratch. Indeed, you know their bad for you once they know their bad for you. About just take em. What about
that one drug that everyone's getting addicted to its legal, etc. No it's a heroine, its morphine? No, no, no, that's not very popular prescription toxic, oxy kind for Sure Fox Eliza Two percent by anti of serious painted, also leave Yeats pain than the thing can you can you just right for funding going after Trans fats here, it's crazy Other popcorn factor that going there making like news articles about it, who good after and what about the eight hundred? it's a go missing every year. What about once gone? Well? Does it with our different people? Look further? Ok, that's true, but these are different people these food scientists, but I think the point is that this stuff, that does other ways to make but the thing is, I don't know what is the benefits of transfers? Does it make processing easier like what are they use that, as opposed to like other healthy fat? I don't know why
probably have to do a shelf life. Maybe yes, probably that's private fuck. You up to here, think about what a preservative is. You know like some rules splaining, did you see what's wrong with weak or what's with weak digital documentary Maybe they're talking about round up in life, is a allow round up this stuff. They sprang on some plants that they said well done. Worry. This only affects bacteria. If these I said that what this one they were creating one of the reasons why they allowed it to be used, but with their explaining in this documentary on earth is true or not or their explaining was yet. You have backed hearing your body dummy like you, taken stuff into your body? Didn't say that way: do you have bacteria in your body, you taken the stuff in your body. Only kills bacteria, it's gonna, kill. Part of your body, like your body, is partly bacteria in fact, is more bacterial cells in your body than there are human cells, but that's just a fact of being a person. So this is crazy thing that they don't know that
They either no it and they did it anyway or they didn't know that and which the case What you're saying earlier? They should have no business. Tell people what's the goods in the bad science. They allow that to go through yet another example of bad science. It's what's definitely example of maybe didn't know when they first came up with the stuff but Aztec ology as advanced state. They haven't eliminated either way, whether they didn't know, or they did now, and there is a diabolical plan whatever it is. It's that science is bogus yeah, but Should you be allowed, like we know, doc folks, terrible for you should be allowed to sell diet coke if you want but dismal. Do most people know how bad diet, Coke is where you are I saw it. I should say most people. Now most people don't most down there We must therefore have a dive held there now and again, once a month or so. However, darker have been pretty good.
Being so, it is out my life tat. I discovered the Pellegrino Grapnels great. Yeah just water was miles, I love it. I didn't notice. No, I used to struggle with being at a restaurant in industry. Going which I just drink water, or can I get it back in about a coke and then have to coax, and then I feel guilty all night that struggle when I'm my whole life did ever during an way too much water. Let Pellegrino delegation that down that period that dab. That dumb said Why me enough? Yeah Zizi is a good one to and there's a couple other like flavoured. Waters there like more must carbonated is carbonated water, raw claw? The clock is the green own carbonate waters is that batteries economic isn't gonna come out here we had cancer from that. Are the bubbles fucking me up here? They are disparities. That's all what do they do?
the bubbles on it just as bad as soda water is a minister is not good. For you. Tat is so it only limited, isn't Pellegrino Satellite or it's the same thing and bad for your teeth en mass amounts. I mean like one or two, probably not So what is to bring about in you want to get in your stomach that do the bubbles do the bubbles like fuck you after Illuminati broader ideas, those those ideas in those bubbles getting you d like well by into banya who now minors labour government. Maybe they find out that the bubbles you're going your system do something bad for you, right. I mean, I wonder, Isabel I hope not help its complete benign, because I joined her. We have heard about I drink the shit out of it. I do too here, along as its playing carbonated water, would no added citric acid or sugar. The answer is no. The process of combination is simple. Addition of pasteurized pressurized. Carbon dioxide gas in the plane, water acid, sugars and saw are not being added. It's the addition of.
Those ingredients that ops your risk for to decay so no no harm at all, so just carbon. It waters. Carbon dioxide gas. Maybe that's an Illuminati. Do stop freaking me out. There's another fungus folk like mushrooms, they breathing oxygen and breathe our carbon dioxide. Like we do this, I make it make a good like an animal more than is plant there. So to animals and their plants, fungus, fungus here, like an animal, almost not real. Because doesn't move made, but its closer HU. The animal Rayner moves bigger locked. I flung his debts worse, man, that's worse but like. Mushrooms are there? Are there I'm sort of other things and not a plant fungus and a different kind of thing. Don't don't show another fact: planet manners,
I think you think I am mushrooms. Aren't legal right! There's, not recreational mushrooms ballot for two common in California in states already legalise marginal, but they should they should do the same way they do with what they're going to eventually do them. Dna look, mushrooms, are great, I remember that you and I draw assurance. Remember the first time unites, did mushroom Euro eleven year old girl. We were children in the backyard. Do we do that talks about life, but it was wasn't much with small those there, but it was enough to go one like it. Just gave me a better perspective, just open up my mind to that. I was I was relying on all the patterns that had been explained to me about life to be correct. Serve like looking at it with fresh eyes fell. I get thirty years all those first Hamas. Even look at my my life with fresh eyes, look at life itself and all this just this weird temporary excel You could seeding your comedy terrier comedy just in out from from the early
Joe Rogan that diversity, somebody someday I'm gonna, be dead right, I'm gonna be that's gonna be dead. Some from that come Tina when she's getting the psychedelic bingo difference the changes we are cause, but also makes you super humble because, even if I don't appear humble when you, when you get hit by that, that the big dose whatever as the empty or whatever you do, when you get hit by the does, you realize you're, just a part you're. Not the big thing is a part of something that indescribably big and the idea that your important or that you're, the most significant thing around do is pretty ridiculous. You gotta Do your best to keep your body alive and do your best to do your part in what what the fuck you do for a living. Do your best that but as a part of something. That's infinite. Did your experience mushrooms and Dm T did that make you think, there's gotta be a creator to others.
Not that there is a creator like a guy in a lab. That's like making a person in sight of a fuckin we should not create in the sense of an individual, but I think that the idea of an individual became more ridiculous than anything. I understand that, like what we are as almost like something filtered through these predetermine like all, like we're a membrane like something from another dimension, Express the self through this physical membrane and then we're almost like the barrier. What comes out on the other side, that this is the thought that what does on mushrooms that what we are, as as as a person is almost like that Harrier like a vehicle for whatever a soul is thing uses this life to pass, that that thing through onto another experience it happens in the next dimension. That'll be so far. An alien that you can't even imagine it today in this dimension. This dimension would be alien to that demand.
And then there is this: never ending infinite press! of soul. Travelling ahead is very bizarre, like thought about like, if you like, people often say we ve had to live your life over again, we were born, and to Morrow you gotta. Do it all over again? Could you do it? You, like White Alma Cargan starting from scratch, and have a baby rely on those same fuckin people again all I gotta go back First grade, there was TAT of all so my pants broke up and people start freaking out thinking, but did it you really did it? Would you do it forever? you have for for ever and ever never over and over and over and over and over again, could you do that? like reincarnation, you might be doing that might be very just as possible. What would hit me is just as possible that you ve lived this life an infinite number of time,
and you will continue to live the slightly different. Now at a time when you do maybe so you're saying, there's a possibility. We have some kind of soul type thing right. I think I saw ass ability that you're on a loop yeah, just like those those Youtube videos or those instagram videos. Cyborg hit that sweep weren't life loop. If so, if there is a loop- and they say either either it in voluntary or voluntary, either you say either we die you wake up in your war. That was an awesome right. Let's do it again or is it just happens automatically? Didn't you the choice either. Where maybe you do? Maybe you don't sums, spiritual guru say that, yes, you, some people choose some source choose to keep coming back, some stay in the infinite Heavens forever, whatever and then come back, every now and who knows what's real but years, you're talking about there's some kind of soul thing and there's either. You brought your you're saying this probably involve and Terry Reincarnation of some sort, yeah right
so it's made possible, maybe either if, if You decide to come back for sure. If that's the case, you would you would sell cabinet I'm going back into that the and you for sure. Don't want to know where you came from that it would seem. I'm guessing that the beauty of life is, Do you down you realize what the hell? That's? Why you you Don't want to know it's like watching a movie like the other day I watched a movie and I'm watching the trailer and thirty seconds into the trailers unsafe. The movie thirty seconds stopped it because I don't want to The rest, the trailer has now. Ok, I got enough. I want to see this thing. I don't want to see more of the trial, because I wanted to go to the movies and before I don't want to know what was going on, I wanted to be confused. I didn't want to be able to figure set out from a trailer so, and most people are like that- I'm not special like if you went to a movie- and you already saw your buddy din and you told them out and
he would Saki right in the chest. Fuck you doing. You ruin a movie from faggot. You know them stronger than I mean. I don't mean that in a homosexual. I'm sorry, I'm just turn before and I apologise to all gay people out there. I part of an ugly people. I love gay people, There was just matron express an emotion but no. It's also at the same time, gonna go to a movie with you. If you decide to do before it starts with a homo. Why A better knowledge is that you never get a chance to see the future. You not gonna get a chess future once you're reborn again this life. When you come back, you won't have a member of your past, you don't you don't get. I still keeps its part of the system. I fear. I think it's either even whether its voluntary involuntary it's best to not know. Where you came from address it's best to figure it out. That's probably What this is all about is figuring out. How can we go to the movie part of it? Is that all about the journey, it's not about the destination. People always use that, as you know, and Instagram Zone about the journey AIDS. Our thought about the destination of the journey at one of them
popular saying as ever in its beautiful. You have to say that we now need to remind remind the Roma. Quite another thing to remind you, don't even think about it as a journey just be in the moment, accept them all and being mom live in the moment. Think about the future behind for the future, but exist in the moment in our don't think of it as a journey or destination, but the people that are the most fucked the people than trying to make it one day I'm gonna make it No one can make there's no making; it never happens it doesn't. It doesn't change here. He does have you any allusion. I fell for ad hoc align sinker. Oh my god. That's the one! to be a rock star. My whole life they caught me. I wanted that mansion. Oh, I was gonna. Have that man she filled. You know what a shake up. That's what I was after my whole life. They got me when I saw a kiss, and I saw that shit. I'm like I want that. I knew right right when I saw kiss meets the phantom of the park mounting. Seventy eight on NBC
one of the worst movies of all. I remember them home, just blew me the fog or why there was a power outage. All my watch it at home, the power went out. I was devastated the weird thing about that that arrows eighteen, seventy eight and, if you find, kiss. If you are old, I was eight and if you follow kiss me We know from seventy three on they already had the early school hears and then Turkey has allowed the attic a few more awesome albums, and then they Now to the point where I started doing disco- and that was acting. Seventy eight: that's when I got into him when they started do discuss, Leyden! Haven't you What selling out was? I just heard I was made for loving it, and I love you. You know me. I had no idea but on. My second point, my fellow member either the point was you're, never gonna get to know what the future holds. Leaders, gonna, be live in your life how it is with everybody. I remember what the fuck
point one of the rock star value. I wanted to be a rocks. I they get. You know you get you there, so many different ways they can like. But here you know you get used. You get you to get you to think about what you're exposed to look. It's like music videos, what they sell in music, sell that it's like their offering look. I gotta and a lot of those wrappers that a flashing on a cash is not even their money aside, even their mansion, but pushing pushing like you want to do whatever it takes whatever it takes to make it? How it shows you rode in on that. You know me up and self up until a few years ago I was a zero dead in on it. Then I came to realize. While they got me real goddamn good, you know is obsessed with some. Some an illusion. Fame is an illusion where you obsessed with a destination and so the journey right I enjoyed the journey, but it was likely I'm saying out Europe's us where there was all about growing, the music business. That's all I was about and its
about that anymore. Obviously, thank God. Thank God. I saw musically, because if I would have had a record deal, and my twenties should I would do some crazy, Illuminati shit back then. I wanted it a little whatever just out of into those parties with crazy mask and between our real unlikely, that of parties with a crazy man like shot they just let you do that wide Saudis, riddles overhead, our milky Eddie brought out, come up California calm down and combine these exact because I would have went along with all that shit and at once I was so obsessed ourselves, zest, wisdom, making it of the means of business out of getting it all, but you wouldn't have done that gun. Hardly Jimmy Savage. However, this hanging out with whoever was famous knows that as well. You know retirement is a lesser example that people are always look into those golden years. One day I'm gonna retire and gathering with our hands at the sunset lucky. I know you think about death happens here, don't do shit anymore. I have nothing to do. You know the only time
this thing about retirement is if you have a job that retire and pay you still and then you I'll do whatever the fuck. You want. That's what you re thinking about retire, but thinking about as this time were finally, we get to reveal. I really should put our way up and then they turn you into soiling green yeah, your dirty owing to finance it. You were really green, aiming for, and you know it and everyone is- is working to get tat vacation. Some far away beach where they have a beer and the destination is that they go far away at least five to eight hours. You got it you got on. Cannot you can't you just gotta? Get me out here knows me, doesn't count count for people and on the EAST Coast right count as they come here, but you live here, so it doesn't count you gotta get on a flight and get on it. Go to a goddamn beach. It looks just like Malibu just got a trap. Gotta go up,
you gotta, go. You got about a few of the ocean Moscow to enable the member states and that beach and nobody can you gonna beat the poor thing going to do is take a seat, there's internet as the latter. Are you going to do it and then every time you got the airport, you see that picture of like some. Do just lay in there own some deserted beach. Like that's even possible. I thought that was possible. Where have you been to monitor deserted you, like a deserted that you have your own deserted beach? That's what we're here, George Journalists, either off camera out of the framework of the picture, is Bunch of people trying to sell you a inner tube in some just people, China, rip you off and sell you shit, don't show that part show your feet issue feeling a beer. If you have a perfect beats like tat, you can sell it to a bunch of people.
One dude. Unless you want to richer Branson guys, that's when you go full bower, yet your own beach! Well, yes, yes, you have to that. Those those only exist for Jason, remain you gonna buy an island while those Richard Branson Type do are Tyler parries got an island and interesting like that he's vacations are all reports. I remember me my wife, winter Cabo San Lucas, and we looked at the pact. Oh shit, let's get this resort, there's five different restaurants. Amazing, all inclusive is amazing. You get there and its decision kitchen by in restaurants, and only one is open at a time. They just take different shift and it's the same waiters the same booed by gas play. Are going to send you to go to this place is a good place in in Kabul. It's called the one and only pour me. I never go back again. Couples. Amaze, love it man lying you know, like everyone says load you are growing up,
as it happens. What about Hawaii like why? It is alarming that someone gave me a nonstop first class ticket to Hawaii and five star hotel for two weeks. I wouldn't go. Why not have traveled so much? It's an allusion to. I want to see all my shit or how much right I want to sit in my house and look out the window until our guy, you know that's what I want to chill. I want to be with my family and want to be with my son. That's an illusion! It can only to travel with my family for them, but I've tried. Not so much to me it's an illusion. I've never been to a place where I was piss that I was leaving always ready to go like do you want to change our flights and leave early. She wounds ah, but we change our flights and withdrew its act why? I would insist on a beach. You wrote we got that we re here, we gotta Santa Monica. Yet if we make it Can we go near by We get hotels. My son loves hotels, we're just gonna Hotel in Burbank. Like a vip. Hotel Burbank. We ve got this gigantic low and we stayed effort
you gotta just do, we will talk after the podcast. Use, vacations right way, ways do go zip line and it goes to radio renewed tricked into going to Costa Rica. Do that's sorry, I gotta go through every ok and that's a spur, a seminar I'll go for a seminar to jettison hour, but I try to go to the jungle fact that We got a rapid socialism. I put my pants. I've been doing it too much a plug, yes mean SAM Tripoli, doing tinfoil had comedy inside Francisco at Cobb's June First and June. Second, at the punchline in macro mental thanks for sure shit, combat convalescent moods worlds, Eddie Bravoes, birth, child along with Ebay. I D, be. I intend invitation best fuckin Jujitsu tournament in the world, but this this is the shit combat jujitsu we talk about meantime, there's gonna change Jujitsu, make it much more applicable to Emma positions on the ground, do July. The bitch slap you it straw,
It's crazy people love it. It was done in the past. This right is rising video ever on my: u to channel it, got to three hundred thousand views and, like my ex level. None of my videos get that Canada is crazy. It's next eleven. It shows what like these positions, where the vulnerabilities are. So it's all yours a good first step in anime bologna lobby is fighting Magna roach for the combat Jujitsu World Championship behind the next tv I, which is in San Diego June, twenty fourth, its woman, sixteen woman tournament plus The combat Jiu World Championship a Boogie against my Vagna Rocha and we got we got amazing women. We gotta at all abc see, I judge Champions B Basilio she's. The best check out there be mosquito and she's right there the top one more time, the date and what's the website
You can watch only of sea bypass, it's gonna, be or paper view inch by inch dot tv June twenty fourth Sunday June, twenty fourth. Instead, Diego tickets go on sale and a couple weeks Maybe it's gonna be amazing. All right! That's it back! Anybody see tomorrow, thank you, everybody for turning into the park cast thanks to our sponsors. You thank you. Thank you, website sponsor Square Space square space. Ladies and gentlemen, check out squares based duck. For a free trial and when you re launch use the Africa Joseph ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain that square space dad come into the coach and remember, have to remember that Joe dot com. My website is made with square space and sang you, also to blue apron yummy.
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hey if Europe, if you hope to totally Corrupt college, if you're like a dog in someone you want Gimme a phd I'll. Take it. Although there was an amber together, not real, How do you get a Phd online set of competence? English Phoenix University Center get a Phd for Phoenix University of Prague says. If you get one of those commencement speeches, I think you get a doctorate for that. They took Cosby's away, based in peacemaking, to calm, Doctor Cosby, but he had a honorary one thing: he had one for some paper. He wrote or some shit anyway. I'm chosen this progress at the fuck up and inspire cast. That's what I think I don't want your fake phd folks. Just joking. I want a Phd in Pakistan. But doktor. Chris Ryan, whose awesome- and I want to give him a chance to to defend his book- has brought ones De Weinstein's shit it on a little bit, and I like Chris,
a lot, and I don't- I don't necessarily know whose correct I tat lean towards crystal. I think I think people the can Joe forever what I think these recently, they were. Stop doing Wednesday branded shall be here in the morning, then Liz Fair, legitimately want em. I oughta fair musicians, very excited about her and my family out. That's on Wednesday. Friday. Night, see motherfuckers in Brooklyn holler Duncan Trussell come with me. Shit and we have special guest, are to continue this. And then the weekend you have saved on Saturday night. Look a border that polish shit. So that's it for now see I soon by
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