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Dave Asprey, Brian Redban = Date: 10/15/2012
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but you gotta signal now server that jacket was we meet me out by the way is welded into the desk of the new studio desk the the foot of the dead the legs of the desk though i had it made constructed by an artist upfront they did a sick job on and one of things that he did just on a zone is right the word me out on the side silly bitch says me now beginning of every contests gonna appreciate the little things in life that is brine brings the bizarre little things just as the extra flavour salt on the meat you nonsense on we will be in minneapolis this weekend i think there's a couple of tickets left but it was there was basically almost sold out and that is at the plant ages theatre it will be joey motherfucking cocoa diaz brian red ban and dug benson is also going to stop them
do a set that should be crazy that's an awesome so he can have some fun we're gonna have so fond of many apples is awesome hasn't frozen over yes we're gonna get to my before shit freezes get and get out we also show this wednesday night at the ice house a p m sure we're gonna do these on a regular basis and not doing it next week because i'm going hunting like a man cowan steve ramallah and i are gonna go deer hunting earned my meat bitches or not or become of it you got that right why can i like it directs where you're world this area a cheese son cheese us but others wednesday night it will be great fitzsimons in other words no dog benson can't do it hot i saw both those guys are daily
first gregg was hilarious strikes always wears he's great colic gregg and i've been friends for fuckin twenty three years that's when we started to stand up to gather he's his old cool dude funny as fact that he's lay that audience yeah he's a fucking professional i think out duncan can stone it ok so here everybody so this was in the ice houses in dunk edwards fucking hilarious dude duncan truss of course solaris brine red men you know him she loved him ran right man he and gregg mother fucking fitzsimons we're gonna have a good time that's ten o clock fifteen bucks and we do on a regular basis here we were asked to recently start doing every wednesday so it is as of as i can sometimes i'm gonna be on the road but when i'm momentum we try to do it and just a cool place for all
friends to going to stand up in the gaza you'll see or are going to be really find guys because we don't hang out no scrubbs yo upset i think really the job of an experience of primates my higher primary teachers or if you go to higher ash primate dot com people than ass i finally got all that shit taken care of look i'm a fucking terrible business now let me tell you about it but i got some don t shirts research must do my tax today whoops terrible businessperson oil has just take that whatever their though you get like finders like many rights not let you go to prison immediately right now you get fine is due to the type of brain that you now is really organised that's not really does a silly podcast totally different brain i'm convinced that in our fight with my illogical tendency
my procrastination in indians impulsiveness and craziness but that's the only way comedians brains work and i think i think it's a cigar constant struggle which had amended the society with that fuckin whacked out new and your head brine riband anyway higher dashed primate dotcom that's the teacher company it's all like monkeys and mushrooms and shit and and this really cool joy in the very soft shirts highquality serves you not regular like like a normal share its nods it's like the highest quality we can get we got really high quality soft t shirt so it's like a fashion teacher you know that was the options the options were spent a lot of money on like really expensive tee shirts or sell cheap loans but i think they come all this way it's very expensive they dare not cheap but they're really well made some that's what it is honoured outcomes are the sponsor if you go to an end i t and use a colony broken you will say ten percent of any of the supplements the explanations for all these elements are also at on it
i do a terrible job explaining these things perhaps dave asprey could help us because he is far smaller than i in these things i don't really know what's going on i just know i use it it's awesome in this about studies that say the stuff inside of his awesome is my favorite supplement period i had some one thing that i make sure to go anywhere without from doing podcast to bring with me i'm gonna call me bring with me i'll take it forever you have see a genius or more and answer genius but a really definitely feel it gives me a mental boost that makes any sense and theirs some studies have shown that lee ingredients in the doses that we use it have had positive effects and studies so we're doing our own studies are now takes ten to twelve months for a double blind perceive a study university in boston and when their done they take it and the process of information figure out whether or not it's legit so well we'll have actual studies but the
ingredients that are in the study of the ingredients whether that are in our brain in the doses that we use have shown positive results it just no one's ever proven that there's a synergistic effect of all the ingredients together that's the controversial aspect of it is it the other the way we have set up on it you get one hundred percent money back from the first three pills if you don't like it works if it's not your thing everybody's bodies different i don't know what you feel we know some people can't drink and also some people can't small part some people can peanuts the bodies are different if it's not that i feel it i know what you're sensitivity if you don't think it's worth it you get a higher somebody back enough to return the product nobody's trying to you off we're trying to sell you shit that i use we we sell it on whether vitamins or the blend tech blenders that are common in tomorrow that we start selling us because caille shakes pitches gotta get more than started off correct i'm telling you so way to live life it's it's a healthier way to get out of bed that's my news
phrase my way so that all too grand scale shake bitches el sheikh some fuckin guy underground so i went to the supermarket there was no caille damn you joe rogan it is like restaurants i'll have a kill everything they kill caesar salads now kill we weren't vs jealousies yourself you're thinking becoming more popular now it just one it's a super food and we were realizing how it's really it's got a lot of protein jails crazy good for you it's really fucking good for you and when you have it in this massive dose the way i do it to take that they the recipe is available on it does come my recipe my recipes for extreme it's got a lot of girls ghana it's got a lotta ginger in it and it's got a fucking walla plug it hits it's it's intense but we feel good afterward got it everything to skills it's alive
anyway we also sell kettlebells battle robe success that we have the blend take blunders come in and supplements is new mood which is a great five http an l trip defend supplement that it enhances your your brains production of serotonin an and trip defend converts into five http in fact she p converts into certain rights are correct and this is all done his aunt scientific studies behind other stuff and all the information available is not just not to pandora combat it google have you google neutral pics you'll get a better idea whether not you're interested in anything the most poor thing to worry to turn to on mine those you don't have to worry about it so they're just nutrients sent drugs in god's s positive financing at work including the hemp force that's a big question that comes up all the time if you have the helpful
protein now you will there's no way you can take positive or rather test positive for marijuana hemp is completely non psychoactive it's just a protein it's just plants it's just it's not it's like your cousin depart and its legal unfortunately you can grow it you can buy it and you can sell it which can grow it which is fuckin crazy that just shows you what a silly silly silly government we have is an awesome planets got the amino acids and you can make fuel out of it henry ford made one of his first cars out of it and the fibre of the hemp plant is so durable it's really like an alien planet the fact that we don't use it just the hemp forget about the part smoking pot forget about all that completely pretend that pot didn't zest it was never invented no one ever had the hemp self making something like camp illegal is one of the dumbest things a human being can do its
almost like making apples illegal it's worse than making apples illegal because he can't make a house eta apples he made a fucking hausa hemp you can can struck cars out of it that are stronger than steel it's insane how strong the fibres of this shit is it makes a far superior paper it makes are superior clothing things it dont rip but the reason it's illegal as because way back in the nineteen thirties they invented a machine called de coordinator and the dictator takes hemp fibre breaks down and it turns it into something that's useful did it it's a long and thankfully process that they used to use slaves for though in slavery became illegal it's much easier to get caught in the news cotton than it is to use have so that's why it's illegal they all conspired all these p they didn't want to lose out to the hemp industry in the car
industry in the paper industry especially william randolph hersey run newspapers and printed stories about mexicans smoking marijuana raping white women it was all like just craziness to get this one plant illegal and it was actually fall its use as a commodity that's what they were trying to to squash had nothing to do with it being cycle it's amazing that that that hustle has lasted so long anyway we have high protein that we buy from canada and it's the shit it's called hemp force would you done exactly i can't handle a true theater i can't you because even i say it when i say that like that store that are just told i know that to be a fact i read it everywhere it sounds a dumb itself sounds so ridiculous it makes me angry so people people just beyond stupid brian yes anyway enough of me gotta on a dark comments oh and
in eighteen oh i almost forgot the thing i got a lot of fuckin commercial man if i was on an internet i would be complaining about me right now a lotta commercials you just always go really long on the onest one well you don't hear here's the thing i go longer aids in an absolutely believin is because your on it i am on and it also was because i want i would argue in the middle i don't know how everybody else is doing them but i think a lot of people are sticking them in the conversations now i know that that's what fraud as he does i pod gas and that he does commercialism radio show that very little i think that fucks with me maybe that's why a flashlight was pretty fun because i can always bring the flesh is like the olive garda criticism yes you always good the downloading we should keep it as a sponsor just for that reason ting is an excellent product everything we sell in a spot cast our guests selling things everything we promote there we got everything were paid to promote is is things that we believe in one hundred percent you don't ever have to worry about us trying to rip you off if there's anything it's being
talked about on his part jazz it's always gonna be one harbour sent to the best of my knowledge if i'm ever incorrect i will definitely another fucked up and every thing that were selling whether its through on it or through audible dot com or even ting is what you do with the king that's not what is tat are acting a cell phone service that you sign up for these sprints backbone and they sell cool i sell an android phones like the galaxy s three big fuckin cool ass one that you seen the commercials everyday lately and they have it set up so you can quit anytime you do you dont have to have contracts minutes can pylons like more than one phone like you can share minutes with like you know your wife and you also if you dont use a certain amount of minutes every month of your allotted certain monuments and you dont use them your drop down
credited to the lower level of payment plan so they actually give you any back minutes are really it's really it's like it's a really fair company it's like i love though that the ethical way in which their choosing to do business there they're saying we make plenty of money let's just do this really fair let's cell people a quality product that all these killer your phones they have regular phone so if you're into flip phones but what they decide to do is use this big companies network use sprints backbone which is a huge we can come up with your own but then you know use it in a way that they feel is fair and so they provide an excellent service and they give you cool phones and you can quit at any time i mean there's enough contracts it's really it's a beautiful situation that's really what i think it should be with every cell phone company it's crazy that you get locked in these contracts and they
hope you end by giving you some pretty discountenanced phone sits on bananas but the bottom line if you want to leave you sharks service sucks because a lot of money will now obtain ten you just uses bail that's it gotta run then dot ting dot com and you will say fifty bucks off your first digital cellular device for talking to people through the air and utility beyond ten bitches dave aspects here when you get to the bottom of things we get educated you can get experience who that's why new that's when tagline being ever show chooses a guess we're gonna gives experience but why do we have experienced we just got out of it from being on it and now we're getting whose bagginess we're in response to some feel that way now date thanks for coming really appreciate it
fletcher is your number one fanboys please give take a big shout out the biggest podcast tate iraq man see does bulletproof every day every fuckin tweedy sends stable at prove my friends that's like he's like the most interesting man in the world yet it's about bulletproof evidence that a stay thirsty he tell iraq's he loves you man he's gonna fuckin serious man crush on your ideas homeboy came in with a jug i love takes maintain both have the coffee addiction i love him for a bunch of reasons but that's one of em we both have the coffee addiction and tat comes in with this fuckin ridiculous camping for a month mama filled with bulletproof coffee i said he poured bees is pretty bad ass man as a first my first experience with bulletproof coffee and this is your creation yeah i'm provokes you don't understand what bulletproof coffee is what it consists of what's what's in an exactly its low toxin coffee which has a different mental effect than the normal stuff the swell you can just by on any street corner you blow
it with grass fed butter than has certain fatty acids short chain fatty acids your brain needs for anti inflammatory purposes and you blended with you cocoanut oil or him see oil which is a extractive coconut oil that six times stronger and you blended it gets for me and for they just like the best latte you ever had it doesn't take grows isn't t buttering oily and when you drink it you are full for eight hours and you have this incredible focus this mental focus its it's just insane woe how is it that with what does it do it's just it's it's bids causing is like a synergistic effect with the butter and the the oil in the coffee makes the stimuli last longer that what it as well hunger part happens because your buddies getting the short and medium chain fatty acids that are really hard to get in your diet so big you're doing that you're already getting a big boost there and then we believe that it probably helps to escort
the turkey needs that are inside coffee like half a strong cohesive that the psychoactive compounds that are not caffeine we think it helps those go into the brain and the other reason that i'm theorizing that it gives you the this kind of boost is because the small drops of fat that there are formed when you blended are called myself and they absorb better into the body in europe they can burn and cd for energy without any digestive process required at all this is a thing that like body builders used to get lean and ripped when they're in the shedding phase it also happens to cure all timers disease and makes you feel really good i put it in my kill sex i put four big teaspoon ice tablespoons of cooking and it tastes good we have got a good taste to we want to be in and cooking oil unless they're allergic to coconuts it's that straightforward you remember when they were saying the cocoanut those bad for you when we were kids so the american soil association got one in their zeal wouldn't want yet they did a like a six week study of hydrogenated cocoanut oil verses their crap oil and then what you know arrays cluster onto this day yes the average like forty fifty year old american you say coconuts
say cholesterol there's none in their like its cholesterol free not that it's a problem it s cholesterol but salt that's another when people so silly with salt salt high blood pressure knows salt is a fucking mineral you'd dummies its is an essential mineral and you can have too little of it songs not now making a fact that is so crazy that that thought that solve is making has always given me fuckin bananas can give an ipod touch it would all that salt i that that that it raises your blood pressure within the error margin of a blood pressure cuff that's it but it's meaningless at why does everybody connects alta high blood pressure it has to do with the marketing of anti blood pressure drugs so they found out back in about one thousand nine hundred and sixty that that was how that that was a way to lower blood pressure while if you get people to be p more water out their blood gets thicker so their blood pressure goes down so they started looking at salts effect on that and they went down this path and get this
ninety ninety seven the lancet medical journal which is kind of a bad ass one they pop the whole thing about how the salt myth didn't how there is scientific fraud people probably should have gone to jail for spending taxpayers money and making up data and yet to this is that your government campaigns the lower saw consumption knowing full well that it makes your adrenal break we get an assault i do ten grand today i have for ten years i carry vile it around with me i wouldn't starting the morning without a teaspoon assault woe morning yearning reflex out ok there's a reason for it ok what cancer what's the best i like the himalayan crystals are still just is it comes from the himalayas invaluable as though bringing back some fuckin him away salt son united in there's other cause any kind of sea salts going to do it but there's less pollution and then lay and stuff and i like the idea that its art that its mind by one armed monks its is it really know
i thought i saw an algerian away to get a job there's chop off why do they do it doesn't have people out there that would probably for fucking crazy i guarantee that would do it so what the benefit of putting the salt in your body every morning here's what happens when you wake up in the morning when you first weight your body says and this is like a reptilian brain the low level parts of your operating system europe any attention to all the mean the whole thing exactly so you wake up and it says boom this this body stand up in a minute and when it stands up i've gotta have enough blood pressure in the brain if i don't have an apple russian the brain is gonna pass out and tigers can eat em so this like a survival level imperative inside your body so is it do it goes you're doing a glance and says hey buddy could you crank up some quarters all and could you change the sodium to potassium ratio i need you to find sodium which is hard for people to do that's where we to pay our soldiers and salt instead of gold and then it says cremona potassium crank up on sodium
if in the morning you take your sodium and you drink it soon after you wake up your dream of us don't have the door that work so then that adrenal function for the rest of the day to feel good just pulled it out journey how it what's happening here i folks you're you're adrenal are more relaxed actually recommend this especially for women when their pregnant because they have enough stress already i've a book coming out in january about like how to have better genes and bigger brains in your kid started before you get pregnant knowing this having this knowledge in your head does it infuriate you when you see these lower solve campaigns and hear people talking about it you know lower low salt foods what what is that it
used to infuriate me but to be honest i've done enough for the meditation the brain hacking like i don't get mad at stuff like that cuz it is not worth it cost to get mad but when i do is i do something about it why i started the bulletproof exact blog it said there's a lot of this knowledge ice we three inner pounds i was profoundly unhealthy for the first half of my life no and tommy any of the things that my body can do it's just the knowledge was now there and now it is but there credibility problems mike look i'm a pretty successful guy and i wouldn't have been the successful if i had to learn other stuff so here it is in his free i just give it to people i've got seven working for me now doing this wow so you were three hundred pounds and how old we when this is gonna see i had a twenty three years old i had thrown about to ninety seven holy shit that's big mose alike it's like i was fat ass a teenager terrible diet it would
i thought i was eating the right stuff in effect during that time i worked out six days a week for an hour and a half a day and i ate eighteen hundred calories you know what if you're hormones or jack you're not gonna lose weight idealists than my thin friends i you can lose the way i was tired all the time to give thyroid anything with your thought i did have some pirate issues but it wasn't i write like there's all kinds of toxin and even like swelling that happens in the body if you have chronic inflammation turned on you're gonna be sorry a third of your fat maybe it's not even fat is just like tissue information so for me had fear what what was causing my information and what cortisol level so there's all these delicate hormones that you manipulate through your food and through your environment the idea that cows in colors out matters i took a run this experiment it was a little crazy i know that the calorie thing is completely broken because we're not robots you're not like a car you guess n you get so many miles as long as when resistance is the same so i thought
four thousand calories day i'd sleep five thousand night or less and i'd stop exercising and i thought the albanian out couple pounds in a month or two and i'll say look i should again ten pounds again two pounds i went for two years posted a picture of a six pack that grew during that time i should wait six hundred and sixteen pounds after two years of this programme not counting the sleep deficit and i wait too and at the end of it and action was more muscular than i was before of course i was breaking up coffee i was doing bulletproof interment fasting which i developed during that time which is interment fasting but you have only fat in the morning which gives you this huge the one that tat was talking about when he was here with you so you can do all these crazy things with the body but if i'd out like that doesn't make you and calories don't make your fat tellers few rain though their useful but then regulate measuring your intake of food so what is it what how someone get fat then it turns out things like left in resistance things like info nation in the gut and things against them all play a role there what
happens is europe contracts and yourselves also can get week you actually get used having eat every two hours that this idea of frequent snacking to keep her energetic we do is your teeth the body to actually like need to not built a store cannot be resilient i built a story any kind of calories at all what i do that is my body to burn fat and i keep my calories it at least fifty percent my college from fat and most about a saturated fat with some omega three makes ten and why happens theirs i can eat pretty much as much as i can stand and i won't get any weight that way so it's simply what causes obesity isn't one single thing but i will tell you one of the unknown things that is a major contributor is around yesterday in the environment a lot of that from more than our food supply is god's around we actually purify in feed it to industrial beef we put in waxy pellet in the cows ear and here is an example of how much the stuff
ex use around it can increase what they call feed efficiency for livestock by thirty percent feed efficiency means if i don't give him this drug and i gave him a pound of food they gained in a however many ounces of fat or or meat that the cow is going to gain you put this pellet in their area change or hormonal function digging thirty percent more weight on the same amount of food that stuff is fast i belong to bio accumulative you do not want to be eating hormone treated beef that was treated to get fat really really quickly so we know fight out just because in animal husbandry if we can change the coward collars out equation by thirty percent couldn't we meet you humans a the answer as we can and that's why every time someone tells me measure how much you eat image much exercise and use wait it's the biggest myth i hope a whole big like research like thirty references bug post about that it's not true it never was so when someone drops third or is down and exercises and starts losing fat will what what are they doing
you can do it for a little while but here's what happens and i can tell you this because i did that lots of times you is twenty five pounds again twenty five pounds was when five pounds so it's a slingshot sort of a year and then there's something called epigenetic epidemics is like one of the main subjects of this book that i wrote and its its awesome because epigenetic shows how the environment changes the expression of your genes and get signals from environment all the time and to the biggest signals that you can ever send your body that choice the way you actually methylated dna are there's a threat there's something chasing it won't stop and you do this by going for run every single day without rest instead of practicing high intensity interval training or giving yourself some recovery time there's a lot of athletes and even not athletes who are just plain over trained they don't get enough recovery time actually build the muscle up that they should build combating a rip it down again by lifting the next day one signal which is that like there's a threat to my species because i keep getting injured on a daily basis i keep having to run the
signal you can send is there's a famine and you tell your body there's a famine by eating low calories or low fat diet when you do too it changes your jean expression and we know that people went through a famine that their grandkids have a two to three i'm tired chance of getting type two diabetes list of passes down through the generations are terrifying if you're going on especially a low fat vegan diet and you're planning to reproduce your kids are gonna be weaker than they would have been before and the evidence there is pretty our strong it's a multiple generation effect while so a vague and dying is lacking in what it's like saturated fat for once is europa away to make up for it in with a vague and died of your conscience but you can get some in cocoanut oil but cooking oil does not have conjugate alone alike ass it doesn't have a lot of the micro nutrients that are present in animal products you can probably get by a vegetarian a very careful vegetarian by it but diet but in terms of being like the optimal as in kicking
the maximum level of what the human body can do to take more than just eggs it's gonna take some stake ants can take some lamb and it's gonna take how the royal and things like that if you're going hundred percent vague and i honestly i know enough people now have posted on my blogs even some close personal friends one of them was a black donna kido he went vigour eighteen months later he's allergic to everything like you had to go back but it it seriously just decimated is health so it's it's a careful to do but i know people who do than their very health in gaza danzig he's virgil thing he's he's been a vague in four years there are definitely arson very healthy visions i'm federalism errand simpson willingness for its new see very healthy guy he's vision how although these guys analysing thirty six thirty seven so really curious minuses younger with their blood work looks like i love silicon aunt aging power from those guys are not any them as ever posted it but i'd love to just go through it and look at their trackless rise from all the fruit does the that's one serious thing you see rector protein
every aunt aging physician i worked with and i say that i run an ant aging nonprofit group called silicon valley health institute ecevit hiv dot com or dot org we for nineteen years bringing guys end like operated gray other like big time aunt aging people to give lectures and you're a t every single one of them except one has said for i won't take a vague impatient because i cannot make them age less quickly like it just doesn't work and neither guys who like see ten patients a day with carefully demonstrated panels the bottom eyes it it's i would love it if the weekend i was was safe and effective i was or for another six or seven months before i went off the tibetans i became a raw omnivores for another six or seven months before i went off to tibet and china not eating raw yakking into bed now does it going to hanging out from the mud wall birket that yak
actually i've actually awesome some of the best me i've ever had dealings better than grass fed beef even like the best prima grasping really yeah yeah but when you think people would know about that but the problem is it only eat some kind of weird moss that grows it i'll do it and dies and bring into low altitude so it's kind of a constrained supply oh wow that's fascinating deservedly tough animal though he acts yeah i'm there their joy normous like most of the things you see are only half yak half cow but the real wondered bigger than the kids it is kind billet roque amy yeah yeah give away many higher this is an incredibly fascinating subject to me because i've always wondered what it is about certain people they store so much fat and and and certain people to stay lean no matter what some of that obviously genetics but
what is wrong with their diet that takes a person and just below them up to three fifty four hundred pounds mean would its there's gotta be is a critical issue right as it should is it what is it is it passes in carbs it turned to sugar it's actually sugar plus inflammation said a combination of a mega six like excess omega ex oils plus sugar corn syrup and things like that what are you doing your vessel just just completely wrecking the metabolism when you do that a mega six oils have lots of pollen saturated bonds that talking corner how can our oil stuff like that vegetable oil what since their soils another one every saturated bond in oil can oxidize and what oxidize it is oxygen heat and light so much these are all good access before even eat them but in the body you try and make cell walls out of them and when that happens you end up with
flexible cell walls that are unable to express insulin receptors very well so we end up with lots of problems like that because we end up getting these that oxidize easily when their oxidize inside the body they make free radical see you get generals make inflammation and you can measure these levels like if you take a vague and you look at their omega six to omega three ratio it can be thirty forty two one the average american on a crap industrial meet diet is at fault one right now my blood levels are one point two eight to one of my mega six mega three ratios and they have been a crank inflammation way down and it helps me to express healthy insulin reset receptors so i dont get insulin distance get left in resistance and that lets me even i can go out i can eat a relatively heavy sugar meal i don't get a coma but even though i used to get a come from it when i wait two hundred eighty pounds or three hundred pounds i cannot no eighteen hours without eating and it doesn't bother me in the slightest and that's a pretty big difference from ice the guy like it's eleven forty five i gotta
we have in this meeting right now because i have to because of anita kill someone you know eighteen hours yeah i did it yesterday yeah i my last meal at four p dot m last night and then again at two today i guess i was one hundred and twenty what do you say about people that say that you should have like some sort of a post workout sugary meal some like a lot of glucose high glucose little bit of protein in what you think about that i looked at that and what you trying to do there's a train of spyker insulin afterwards because insulin or we have insulin like growth factor i do have one which is cause you build muscles its insulin because as the same effects insolent so you eat a lot of sugar spyker insulin allegedly lay down more muscle theirs we'll studies i've seen and i can't site sources from memory right now but what when i recall forcing them is that it looks like that the effect an idea if one probably isn't as good as you like it to be what i do i work out is i typically have a good amount of protein a good amount of fat
and some start not a lot and i choose low toxin starches which is kind of hard to do i've got the bulletproof diet up on the side where it's a free what's an infographic that that basically ranks foods based on three criteria and if you get a bullet like a white rice that's probably rinsing cooked or we potatoes butternut squash things like that what you're doing you're getting your carbs up enough that you can still even stay and instead of couteau says maybe maybe not but you can do there is you can reduce your stress hormone levels and that eating right you work out drops quarters are an inter cortisol doesn't get opt in that post work out window you get a courtisolles by the last for forty eight hours so you're not gonna get as much muscle is actually the call to eat but dini sugar or need protein fat i would tend towards proteins with a small amount of starch so how did it get started that people learn how drink chocolate milk that was like the big thing for a while cuz like chocolate milk is the best post work out drank
there's effects from milk on idea one as well like miracle cause you to put on way across europe but on fat to build if you want to look up networks for broken up why chocolate because on settlements regime's on some orbit catholic what's in chalk enough and make your own with real chocolate what is fuck em up its usual averages corner at like weeds terrible for yeah and plus you ve got problems with which when you organised milk you take those fat droplet body really needs and you put him through a super fine screen under pressure which makes these extremely fine fat droplets at it does not a handle that can actually enter cells so generation can increase inflammation and it causes weird fat reactions at that your body is not ready for and also they passed rise the milk even get caisson and caisson is an inflammatory compound depending on how its process but it's a very careful protein or indeed any case lots people are just plain allergic to it and i mean it you ve probably have people in
talking about the china study that there was an incredibly misrepresented book but one of the key points of the very big was that caisson can increase inflammation and billing deliver cancer and that's actually true so men to get some protein getting case in which has been passed rise you're getting fat in the wrong form you going have for concept i could probably formulate a better puss work out drink using empty oil bulletproof low talks in chocolate maybe you could use honey unlike raw honey has a different effect then a normal sugar does in normal sugar as a different effect on effort does cancer what is the deal was called why why do we use so much corns high fructose corn sera corners and so many different everywhere is at a low be thing is corner sawyer are lobby things and also farm subsidies right yeah you broke inside you extra money from the government for growing the stuff
the whole monsanto connection there which is just beyond evil from my perspective its confusing very confusing that's real it's very confusing this accompany out there it's trying to make these genetically modified food and force farmers to grow them and we see the suicide rate in india there there absolutely asked dunning i mean it like they're having suicides there every day all day long people are killing themselves through the monsanto there's been hundreds of thousands of suicides in india linked to monsanto it's it's really crazy these ports there is even more profound evil going on in one of my pet peeves things i talk about i've studied extensively is called michael toxins and these are toxins that form from fungus and environment and the combination of du pont plus monsanto is a shocking story like thirty years ago dupont made this pesticide called benito mill and what beneficial dead is it killed all fungus eighty per cent fungus it touch which is die unfortunately
two percent would get like ex man mutations or not so hold plasma well it's god what this means is that instead of one gene mutating like nature does whole groups when mutate and get us a fungus can change climate plasmoids like baseball cards with other fungus so what's going on here is we created x men fungus that reproduce every twenty minutes thirty years ago and some of these toxic molds like uber vicious unit that that poison people in their houses at all and i've had that happened to me in a statue buttress aspirin gillis in your kitchen will mess your head up sometimes permanently and when on his bed imo made these toxic but then you spray roundup on soil roundup completely perhaps the soil microbes these like two probiotics of the planet like our soil health is really important so now you get me it'd x men stuff growing the soil and then you piss off with round up you get five hundred times more toxins and that more that's left through sorry am grows in the corn in fact it's a major passes that's a major passed for corn in the u s you get dried corn with talks mould forming rosaria minute it
age early large percentage on an over this year some years it's up to ninety percent of corn has this toxic mould growing and at what it's crazy stuff and this is not like any kind of weird you no concern she thinks this is documented in agricultural scientists known in biochemistry that i know of tends to read the studies on my toxins because they're all like often agriculture land instead of health land so you're saying that ninety eight percent of corn has this micro toxin in its not kill by any proof production process it running into brad or turning it into corn bread torn areas or anything like that it's a miko not micro my y see like as in micro like money arrived yelling myself right some of it is killed you ve heard of these micro toxins before aflatoxin ever knows that's bad one peanuts or penicillin like a tiny little we'll capsule penicillin which is just mould extract has this profound effect on your body right well there's that rather than that has a profound effect on your body at a parts per million level and
of this year ninety percent of corn is that's the maximum i found in my data but at least a third almost every year in the u s of corn of dried corn product that's out there like animal feed like myself by quantity is has stuff on it in four sorry three classes of toxins that mess with your brain with hormones with your protein formation and that's why on the bulletproof diet look first at macro nutrients and then i look at anti nutrients like michael toxins in hedge heterosexual gamins all the others and you got a deal therefore your food if you gonna like really kick can be mentally focused all the time these are the things get in there and mock with your head so a more sensitive than others but if you do the level of things tat you think better and that's when reason do the bull approved in the morning all you're drinking or preferment fasting is low toxin coffee low toxin butter and toxin free embassy to you if you do that you have nothing messing with your head only good stuff no bad stuff that is absolutely fasting so everyone
being poisoned essentially everyone whose eating all these corn products has been poisoned at low levels they are and the links between heart disease and cancer i could talk are very well established in fact a debate show researcher whose written the most research of anyone on micro toxins as a whole book this thick called fungal by x where he cites nine hundred different studies about the links between athens closes in cancer with that's heart disease direct quote from this author as there is a known cause of ethical arrests and it is my go toxins i'm was noticed they know that if they get great these grain that have more going on them they have test gets they can buy where they test the grain because they know they feed much grain to the key to the pigs the pigs will get lesions in their arteries or the pigs will who's there litter before they can deliver it but what they do is they wait till the pigs are far enough along then they feed the cheaper toxic rain to the pigs or the cows and that funds them up faster
and it cost less money and the fact that some of this stuff is to meet your problem so when you getting pork chops you getting it because they grain el depends on who fed the big jesus christ so well you getting stake you're getting that sure if you're not eating grass fed stake you're making a mistake and that's one of the reasons you gonna vague and diet if you're eating really good quality non moldavian food you're gonna get less toxins like you compare vienna vegetarian verses standard industrial meat based meat and hydrogen fattened amnesty diet men i would rather be a beacon than assented american diet in day of the week the promised if i want to for many many years have the essentially levels the most focus with the least amount of effort you're not can build she then diet and i don't think you'll hit your very top level performance as a hundred send you could probably mostly vision but you're going missing out on some things over time like guess there's pretty good research on my side about that
since its it's unbelievable that you you sound so convincing but i'm too stupid to know if you're right it is a lotta convincing beacons other two yes there are while in others a lot of people to tell you how much change your life but my point with a laugh of those peoples a generally is not all but generally they come from a really bad diet and then they starting as to what they feel better of course you don't feel better but i think your point really does make a lot of sense to what is what is the optimum way to do it this is all stuff i had never before had never heard all meat has some sort of low level mike michael michael mycotoxin like to talk to me but it's only industrial meat like that i have half a cow in my fridge it grew up three miles from my house it cost three dollars and fifty cents a pound and its graph had never ate any grain it was well treated as butchered humanely
it tastes awesome face really good meat would it do you have a big freezer severed the customer inner box it costs us and even that hard to do it by the freezer tough on the back of the car bring home through in the basement and you ve got meet that costs a third of what it's going to cost or twenty percent of what it would cost at whole foods i've got links on my tie you can order a hundred pounds at a time and have it shipped to your house jesus christ but doesn't taste funky cuz it's frozen this is a funny thing about me when they hang me to it at age what they're doing is they're letting basically malden backed her and environment like work on the meat well the links between that those molds and human health are not so good think about it this is a mole that likes to eat meat and joe you and me are made out of me so the essence of low level fungal infections like i don't need dry
meat that's could really rare cause they're still active fungus that likes to eat what i made out of their line of thought it man how and why not know by us how i burn calories jos this money that's snorted norton mould so turns out you want the freshness of anything as soon as you kill it and you drain the blood throw it in the freezer only ready eat it take it out how many hours from the time its killed is due butchered and then frozen the stuff that i have actually special requested it it was about two days two days yet meat lays around for two days here what they do is they hang it in a climate control environment which let's all the blood come out but typical like hyaena stake twenty one days sometimes up like sixty four days drives and then in a rage me tastes amazing i'm not going to say that is bad but the difference how drayage meet makes your brain feel verses fresh meat that's been free and right away and then defrost it and could you will feel like a different human being
what is killed during the freezing process is there any things killed it's not about the killing although it can kill parasites that they use on sushi on you freeze sushi for a while at very low temperatures kill parasites you're preventing the formation of these basically psychoactive compounds form in addition to those nice yummy flavors that come from the east and the fungus ending tendrils into the meat to the nice guy off mushy drayage me even if its grasp it has health impacts including cardiovascular impacts that are not present for fresh meat that was frozen why but yet so is how we discovered die a drain how why we really had good freezers not that long so you're gonna kill a jack how a hundred years ago you're gonna hang it in the coolest place you can find and you're gonna walk up pieces of anita like kind callin the car brain so you're going to kill a giant cow a hundred years ago you're going to hang it in the coolest place you can find in your going to whack off pieces of an eat it like a cow on the cob right
i guess i'm in back then they must have a lot of rotten meat treated to keep going now that i have anything to do with this pandemics was the appendix for processing fibre those your penance for processing don't think that their scientific consensus there have alerted it's a store for four probiotics potentially like that bacteria like that's like the little store house for them but i never heard a definitive this is why we had an appendix that everyone agreed with so humans for a long time had to be able to deal with a certain amount of fungus they're always every little dearly in fact wired magazine just published this whole thing like we ve been focusing on the genome other bacteria and got and we just noticed there's just as much this growing your got as there is bacteria and we all know about it she's script how weird is it that we have organised that are essential to human survival and they live inside of our intestinal tract their essential if you dont have a mule die the cushion
are they apart from me that's a part of being human right of union without em they're just like party a repair system yet there that soldiers sturdy little soldiers that's what i'm gonna tell people about probiotics ice sech a lot when i went on the road to type really started getting in cambodia is my favorite is easy i liked the way tastes and i'll drink couple those a day and i'm covered it's made a huge significant impact on how many calls it i mean it's a stay stopped they just stopped and the way i explained to you gotta go it's like how when you eat healthy bacteria extending soldiers you have healthy soldiers jurists gonna go and whack all this shit things that you touch like a really does work together but now think about this if you do that do you think composure and you go have normal rabbi that was industrial meet scott antibiotics and meat that use antibiotics as they make animals fatter faster so that this it's not that they're using it to keep getting sick they just want to the muscle strangers they want to fatten marble through the muscle so narrowly
you just wax those nice bacteria that you put your god why i'm kind of milton when i go out i'll eat fish like non farmed fish wild codfish longer many stake at an almost take us if they say it's grass fed grass finnish stake like double load me up two pounds of it but the time when i'm on the road i'm you'll see my back there i've got you smoke saki salmon suffers claims it gets so when you go to a restaurant what what kind of set your you'd rather but it's hard even get wild fish without a lot of fish is farmed fish like that we salmon where they actually change the color this the flashed to add as that's not right that we need these prison bitch salmon was binds market they have i pale flash it's like they just like fuck it and its mushy its citizen they feeding and poets and the are like soy and corn and antibiotics plus ground up sardines at its edge thereby melodist like you shouldn't by farmed fish on principle because his back
the world like our oceans are already screwed up enough we don't need that it's also like seems fucked up a minutes it's it's fucked up enough the catch him with that's just swoop through an entire environment kill everything and rope it up and that's fucked up enough but at least those are wild while until that moment and they got jack it's just live in this fuckin kiddie porn and while they throw this bullshit and on top you that's all you have to eat since seems fuckin stupid i think we're is there certain things that people do to animals that are really arrogant zoos or one of them and i don't break my heart even though over the world natural ones but i've been to do is like cambodia and awe and like you see this stress behaviour animals this is just horrible it shouldn't be allowed gama hypocrite because i go cause i want my kids to see what animals like it's interesting but if i had my choice i would say let these and bring me back to the wall
man let them live in the jungle it they live this is nonsense you either they either why get rid of them because their dangerous or you know leave them fuck alone doesnt those are two options the idea that you can take em just lock this little environmental people can stare as they patient circle circles that's torture hats craziness even then kill anything and you it's bad luck with a feed those they'll die like in third view mountain they live in the wild and it's not just stress for me in captivity in having people throw cigarette buddy you hits because they feed them crap and therefore to figure that out oh look they keep dying and we keep having surgery and doing those weird stuff to keeping alive kind like they do for people now there given imprisoned food poor folk and guerrillas so sad who was it admin watch them pace run that things are while material things tarzan it's it's it's contrary eagles eagles in this net the eels confined crazy because like a little
in land fly a little bit like oh my god they must we do not that fuckin all the eagles and they can just sore like ticket sore man and float around and they were like kill rabbits and things like that i get much of that gonna do not only legal pellet of its given a dog shit can now it's like it's terrible what are they feeding they put out will tray of meat and eats it would take us we would that would take away the one thing that nature must have them set up for a massive reward of endorphins enough of you know said whatever the fuck their little brains produce a little lizard asteroid crushes evil eyes you are looking to us of an eagle creepy fuckin eyeball those things that eagles this representing our country very well too fly you ever heard that video aware that crazy do that you john ashcroft member giant ass he progressive super crazy but he has a song
member did we play on the back just once you we won't play it again just look up john ashcroft let the eagle sore oh my god or eagle fly what is it something like that and add dubstep at the end of its private it's it's amazingly crazy have you seen a long time ago yeah two maize and increase its essence sky diver yes that was amazed did you see that that's all i was hoping that are you a focus of snatch him out of the sky on his way down how does not faint because doesn't that something like you know like squaring up bunny rabbit that that just your body can't take falling from space he almost head he said he was spinning and said that if you spend spun anymore he could pass out and die and so he was like toy pull the record and slow down a night at the record and needs that i'm just can do anyway he didn't pass out he was flipping then he levelled out somehow another unholy levelled i guess you the flying squirrel things
he it was really weird to watch him step off of it though that was really weird to be right back and with a camera in watching destroy site that's pretty epoch the dude was in a balloon i didn't know you could take a balloon space as ridiculous who'd want to take a balloon space why haven't we doubtless already why under trips to go to space in a balloon heritage branson should check this gap which our rich and if you're here is another question a possible you by satellite khazar satellites whip around the earth show when we go and like five hundred miles an hour somebody i use they pray like the united states off you know have millions of miles off like that don't hit me like a scenario satellites it's the space drunk so we ve been talking about this but like i m a geek like i am vice president at a computer and insecurity company like silicon valley guy and we have problems of space junk serious problems where they map it all out and there's like storms were like little nuts from like a chinese rocket from forty years
whatever is spinning around by not and i like bullet their hypersonic and they who calls and satellites a they can kill people in space station so it's getting to below my guy it's gonna dangers of their jesus christ you meant just sit in the fuckin space station in you here like bowl you're doing like that just once the whole passes a whole right at the other side he looked around your leg is bleeding they track all that stuff now so they know if it's coming all my god they track the bolts through flyleaf space a good many of mother like hundreds of them is now lie and like hole like you know left there were fewer capsules and other stuff astronaut poop that aid the serious like frozen things they do i've been to buy a frozen turn when you're gonna spacewalk begin now i've had it and so frozen turn beamed amy and it's still hurt i can't believe i carefully this hundreds thousands piece of junk up there see ya
he's got clean out either its volume indian put a net up there keep all up guess her mother came from military exercises level what's blow up a satellite and in orbit and see what happens like oh it scatters crap oliver orbit it's just an environmental problem just like we're our oceans are somewhere else military so crazy that in the sixtys when they first started like thinking about going to the moon they they did a thing called operation starfish i'm where they shot a nuclear bomb up into the atmosphere and blew it up they blew it up in the radiation both just lets you and what has happened there is great nobody is normally go hey what are you doing do it to see what happens you guys crazy what's the benefit of shooting a nuclear bomb the space you crazy fox
there's this guy that's nuts on that stuff it's interesting my grandparents met on the manhattan project like in chicago before us almost my my grandmother's masters green nuclear engineering in one like a lifetime achievement reward for nuclear engineering like one of two women ever so i open a nuclear family like this but even there like can we stop those things up everybody like they're coming useful in a war but like maybe blown up a few hundred mb around the planet isn't a good idea what have you ever seen the does an animated give file or maybe it's a video that shows all of these on the globe chose you a map of the world and shows all of the nuclear explosions in their correct order that place all the tests and it's like boom boom boom boom boom boom
bump bump bump bump in the soviet union's bump bump bump whitewash employing issues linked to the whole that i brought a society one video of all of the nuclear explosions just try to eat you'll find it but i've seen its fast is there's been like more than a hundred yeah yeah a hundred works was i didn't know that it is really scary and for some of the things that happen there we are kind of a rise in thyroid cancer and get radioactive iodine out there it and these have an environmental impact the end some stuff we don't you understand like low frequency vibrations on the earth crust from those things there's biological facts from the reverberation of the earth's crust you're the schuman residents when funds drugs you get this reflection between on and the earth's crust and creates a basically the brown to ten hearts i forget the exact nine point something herds frequency and if we don't have this like we dont work very well ass humans and
act in the russian space program they actually figured out that they were not doing well at all they actually replicate this inside the spacecraft now rumble at sound you don't hear it isn't like an electrical things in a super low frequency enough so this this year methods given out by thunder enlightening is actually has a positive effect on human being is like a timing signal if we don't get it we don't do so it's raining alpha brainwave spectrum area in fact i have a human wave residence creation thing in my in my house i guess warnings that lorries biological stress when you have a human residents that you're low level biological like electrical systems can sink to it lowers the stress of yellow wifi router and things like that all over the place your body traced find a signal and it doesn't get one very well and when given very well it just raises your levels you by trying to find a signal what do you mean so there's an electromagnetic signal on the earth and it sounds kind of you to be honest but one of the way
you can do this is with an earthly matt and can i went out on a limb and i started for promoting these as like this this thing rocks diseases is a mat this made out of electrically conductive fibre it's just silver woven into a sheet and plug it into the round part of electoral outlet at your house so just the grounding part partner you stick it into the earth i'd drop it out the window and wire and stick it into the ground you do this normalizes recourse locks grecian at night you're sleep improves really dramatically especially four jet lag absolutely while not travel without my earth man because it did you like it all anymore like it's just a non issue what this is lamb haziness lance armstrong uses this on the tour de france in order to recover faster like you recover from injuries faster when you're grounded in theirs electrical thing you can measure this happening others too affects one is you build up a chair on your body and you can just pick up with a meter around indoors or rank shoes like rubber shoes all the time so we basically just the air
over a scan builds up a static charge when you get spark you like in the desert you touch mistake electricity that's extreme example of it but our body can't work like big batteries that we have different electrical fields and different electrical potentials inside the body so when you spend about twenty minutes walk in and in grass barefoot or laying on earth mats being on the beach we're doing is your dropping the extra charge has built up over time and when you do that you he'll faster you really do recover faster it it's profoundly amazing how it works cardiologist recommending this there's a whole book about this and i have heard about people lying in the grass yet weeping in the grass that's why too to help them heel i thought this was such bs but like isolated bird england every six weeks i was a vice president accompany based out there and i fly from the barrier out there and that's like that can you in terms of time sounds like you're fine east and
go knights errant in the morning i landed in exercise to raise my body temperature and that's gonna be i had my jet my jet lag and they did yoga in the park because like the only data it was not rainy in england and that's how they had no jail i guess exercise works works the next hour and do not harm seem exact thing and had horrible jet lag like what is it and i finally like like understood years later what would then really been the variable that i didn't look for so this is one thinks it's like a seventy dollar little item in you try it and you just now works i wish my one was lila grow because i want to grow room once and this dude had this he was legal whose illegal set up again with a backroom he's got this room larger than s room and its filled with these really happy cannabis plants and they have there been taken care of with the pearl
fertilizer and the perfect soil composition there's misters or go along constantly and there were really help the environment and you in that room and you feel them and it sounds like happy bullshit but i wasn't even high i want in that room stone cold sovereign outside woe to this this this is like like they have a frequency ladders like it's tangible thing that i sense i can feel it but i wouldn't to describe what its dealings like i do a lot of work at that level with the bio hacking and talk about so you have reptilian brain that's responsible for low level systems in the body it's the same thing a salamander has in its senses stuff but it does it so fast that you don't even know it happened like if you put your hand a hot stove your hand before you know the was hot that's ample this thing in action so what it does is it picks up all kinds of stuff from them and a lot of stuff we don't even understand yet but it does it in it ash is patterns so fast that you might just get like a wisp of an intuition from it but
go on theirs is like them the ant a part of you is totally pay up all these things and you can train yourself to two basic be more so so to do what it what is telling you and you can train yourself and train it to behave better because that reptilian brain what gives a lot of trouble it's how you know when someone's upset at you when someone's upset even if they're trying to pretend they're not you know there's something wrong with giving you a certain feel now i'm going to sound like a total hippie wako it's which i'm not too late so you're on this i think that so i'm an adviser to this company called the heart math institute and harmony makes a hurried variability training device is silicon valley geeks they spent twenty years looking at like meditation and how you quantify meditation like what's going on in the body and iter by looking at the spacing between your heart beats you can totally change the way your brain works in the way your body works and in
also the research they went out and they did some really heavy duty science and there's act a magnetic field around your heart its tipped it like a tall degree angle this way shaped like a tourist like a donor and they know it correction the fields move on everything so it's the most electrically active party bodies are higher and get this when a human walks into our stall with a horse before they touch the horse the horses heart rate variability will change to match the humans we have a field effect on the people around us and its and electromagnetic fields that's heart based and we can measure it people get pissed off when they are this and then they just think everything i say is crap it's not like i know the scientists are behind this and be i'm if i had a heart math executive i use this to take people who are super hyper farmers who are tweaking cost their stress in to teach them consciously basely use their preference cortex their human most evolve part of the brain to to training it control of the reptilian brain you do that there's durable changes in the spacing of your heart beats
the change in the field are in your heart as well when you do that that's what you're so you're feeling there so he's pissed off you dig it not a word and you might even see their face when you have a feeling yeah we also nobody's when you know some ship might be goin down i'm catching jets mouths in fact what am i gonna bodies is a special forces guy and he wasn't technically trained special guys he was a long range patrol officer guy and eat nowadays dave what we learned on the field he said if you're in someone sites you can feel it he says zones got at gunpoint at you like you your body heats up like literally how the heck is could this be possible but the bottom and as we have all sorts of weird senses we also know hook you up joe to like weird galvanic annex response sensors and you're sitting there if someone staring at you will be able to measure your body responding to the stair even if they're saying you're back there's all kinds of crazy stuff in our bodies we haven't even really explored yet do you
those are evolving senses or do you think those are just like really sort of intangible senses is that we haven't quite defined there not evolving senses their old senses those were their long beforehand and what what makes the frog move before the eagle job before the eagle dives for it right those kind of senses at it's very very low level survival oriented senses through the not evolving in the not getting better moving i think what's happening is that our ability to access them from our prefrontal cortex is evolving and that's one thing i spend a lot of my own time on it s been twenty thousand dollars seven days hooked up to an e machine to learn how to do like advances and meditation than the ticks forty years i didn't seventies and what you're really doing there is you're just learning how to have the prefrontal cortex your human brain talk to the low level systems and when you do that like you can unleash creativity and intelligence and intuition in ways that most people aren't
what would you think is going on when you see people that are kids usually that artistic but there are super genius in one area there was one kid those was making who was composing it like a symphony every nine days or something like tat and they were really is really good music and then as a kid who can look out a window and out of an airplane and draw the entire skyline as he sees it perfectly i do think that that's it solving possibilities in the brain that are just starting to sort of pop up i dont you don't say that i had all the symptoms of asperger syndrome to us my mid twenties like obsessive compulsive disorder oppositional defiant disorder at enone one's name like i would make icon all that kind of stuff i studied a little bit and i've done a lot of work with the autism community in fact one of my goals in this book then i'm running the better baby book that comes out in january is to have kids with autism because you can handle information even in the womb so there's less likelihood of be later
we can do those we can take a fully functioning neurologically functioning adult and we can with really strong magnets in their head and we can turn on artistic skills and non autistic people so you can me draw the most amazing thing ever we have a tent on magnet focused on your head wow yeah so this is some serious brain that's like that fuckin do from the ex bed net magneto dude i hadn't thought like that genocide ikea is it came a goddamn jean with a magnet homeowner member and they're doing this like in in neuroscience laboratories right now like they have this really focused thing that that shines a magnet in an activates specific party or brain you can you to some extent with the stuff happened my backpack like us rebel electrical stimulation or tedious yes you can current your party brain and turn it on it was in turn before in as long as there's electricity there its turn on i think what's going on here is the wiring an autistic kids chronic neurological information that environmentally mediated and these promises biology and i've got to so
what we can do those we can learn ok these autistic have skills all of us have the skills to their just not trained in there are turned on with you technology can train arraigned at you crazy stuff in very short period of time so you can gain these kind of powers without having to give up to socialize for instance but looking at the window and in being able to capture the exam skyline and then put that to paper now i know things classically trained artist i think you just does it that is a real the special skill doesnt work skill but i'll bet you that if we took six months and we use those magna some things like that we can we can explore how his brain works and teach rain to do the same thing there's a lot of out there that are way teachable that you wouldn't think are its just about an interfacing with the brain the way we do it now is really inefficient if i have a gigantic magna my head boy play better pool think it depends on how much the magnet way is probably why as far as the free
something it's out something it where it doesn't mean you wherever it is now very restless when i say ten tonnes i mean like this is attend something that the changes in their various like articles from neurosciences they went and they did the test and they drew like most amazing artwork or in the military they do other things like that with more with electricity but they'll say alex this person gotta stimulation here and they went through the shooting simulation they killed everyone completely whereas the last time they had no skills at all real oh yeah so your china's like such an amazing toy you can fleetly change it but here's the thing you wanna maximizes performance two mile and ate the nerves in your brain my own nation makes a nerve carry electrical signals three thousand times faster than a non my leader nerve sophronia the form the scent which is called synaptic genesis and you do that through relatively short amounts of practice this time you weren't it will first england abounds on your bike right like you you ve learned do it doesn't take long from then on though to get so it's just automatic that's what repetition does and you ve had
press boards guys near the talk about ten thousand times and repetitions the reason thousand times works is because your mile in aiding but here's the thing what's my own made out of fat cholesterol colleen so what you need to do is going to be cranking up on those kinds of foods and if you're going to be on a low fat or a vegan diet doesn't have any of the saturated fats and is low in choline your are going to have the time i want anything can be harder for your brain to do what was meant to do so synaptic glee speaking its harder to learn things if you don't have enough that you got out your brain functions emigrants made out of that but you don't want to run fat you dont want fair from a stupid cow that aid corn no doubt or i'll stupid you don't that's been impregnated with toxins so you gotta have grass fed me you gotta have it from some sort of a reputable source where you know that they're not feeling any antibiotics you put the magnets on the cows joe
then my pocket mice magnet fed beef its noise caused our walk up to the firms go i think we can get through just not one of these four contains older than i did not know how many with horns active cows started figuring out that you just fuck this up the corn just grows they're just let it grow it will grow by that of i found that idea you wanted to watch the nuclear explosion yes daddy out its is this is crazy not this is by the way just america there's one of the world this is the whole world that would be like nagasaki or this is so creepy we're so nuts one hears a crazy statistic that we figure down upon from the end engine of the airplane to someone using it to draw up a nuclear bomb on someone took less than fifty years
pretty impressive is insane think about that is like a world changing yeah makes more lawlor kind of sissy that's through amazing fifty years later they dropping nuclear bombs out of them russia's starts jack and sell off their own son there we goes it searches getting crazier crazier now we're up to eight from america one from russia families not understand how long is this video as for the folks at homes and its methods of explosions but a lot of them are in there's a lot of slovenia there we go look at those ones in the vodka just goes crazy nevada just lights up like a christmas tree deronda fatah work we'll get it on the vodka britain
how dare you sons of bitches in the ocean yeah cowards optimum in the ocean looking about all my god it's so scary they're all nevada explains nevadas fuck yeah does las vegas right there it explains the reason why is allowed to exist yet they do nuclear tests it explains airport they also very they bury a lot and nuclear waste dump their days not look at russia still glowing scary shit at the same time more nevada look at that and it's only nineteen fifty five i do look at how many of my go and often divided that is fuckin bananas in that more competitive the recent nuclear
reactor week in japan is mighty worse i dont know i think i don't know which one last more fairly brutal but they also have shit buried out there to restoring nuclear waste out their spent nuclear rods mountains other shit they figure be toxic too at the time we're just so ridiculous it's just so weird that we would have something like that just fuckin start leaders it's kind of sounds like music look how many bombs of three hundred moms and were still in nineteen sixty like we haven't even got into the miami its variety and fifty nine and there has been three hundred bombs this is really hard to watch but no kidding total downer there were so stupid backgammon justin bieber videos like a watch as their children
what are you concerned about like the toxic shit that's gonna happen from fukushima is i can the living on the west coast yet is i mean that the plume so to speak is making where we are now in a worse what does that mean we're actually finding a huge amounts of wreckage that are hitting the shore now in fact up where i live in british columbia like it it's a big thing on their funding like motor yeah like hundred ton like cement docks that sir walked wash up and like how do i get rid of this i gets indestructible oh my god a cement fuckin doc was taken from japan it broke free it floated although ever here and it's like on the beach with amazing is that's a little baby salami that shit compared to what could have so so that's happening but they say that those of us radioactive hasn't reach there yet so they're starting to this time to have a geiger counter on the beach like for the drunk the yunkers to see if there are finding the stuff so the question what
due to fish out here i assure you that my saki salmon is radioactive free and that said i think taking some i might add is a good idea i do what is behind us potassium i dine protect you if the form of you activity that you're getting is radioactive iodine it protects you from getting thyroid cancer years later the problem that some of the radioactive stuff come out fukushima may not be in and i'd i'd forms i may not do much for you there's some evidence that asked his aunt in which comes from krill is pretty protective as well so that's probably good thing to take so cruel what krill oil should you take a form i prefer krill oil to fish oil intake for a while and i put and i've since i put i buy a form that has asked his aunt than any which naturally occurs in the krill it's the stuff that makes krill red just a really pony accident that as a good effect on radioactive stuff this is
pod castle is gonna tell your writing shit down abilities lays is a blog as we're gonna have to go back i yeah result by the way yak salts alive but it'll make yak saw you liar fuckin however how dare you gotta gets i'm gonna go right too for whole foods right from here and get some fuckin siberian salt or tibetans either ones good taste pretty go that guy like taking friends who are not in the house and i just try the salt and not quite you care white violet powder over international borders with you dear we get tweak dumb never it's weird i mean i have like my upgraded way protein college and powder and like all kinds of stuff it lemonade should look like i'm caring kilos of random let me ask you to chester they never one time i've had my way protein tested more often they checked my coffee i don't drink hotel coffee makes you feel crappy edged my coffee so i bring it with me just like beans are ground of coffee every
what's that in an open internet television smell it may be well it is that also the people hard drugs in congress the easiest way because it as it stops the dogs from smelling marijuana it you know it's funny i have a little i heard they offer i drink i have a little canister i put in and that that's eat my first george moisture so it looks like i betel little canister of drugs inside my coffee and twice i feel so what's in there and like keeps the coffee dry and the touchstone stop me and i like a hundred times a year like very often
i drink a torrent of coffee every single day in and then i eat my first meal about eight o clock at night night now does it seem like i should put butter in my coffee now is that what you had reckoned i will try it i sir so it s raining nothing else enough i would try just some fat no sugar no protein no when you to even the tablespoon you may finally have a lot more energy throughout the day and splinters ok like artificial sugar will stay away from it just use tv if you're gonna do anything do you can do so i will tell you a little those at all want regimes on enough to matter but if you do a lot as i told you not used to it you'll get the runs like you take me bulletproof coffee with stevie and it was fuckin d let s really i was addicted it it's really good but the problem is laser bitch let's be honest and i'm gonna fuck and get some by respite butter and melted in sheer lend you have melted and just like tat the butter and the brenner pour the hot copyright infringement planned for twenty four need a slave committee that need to get well you i'll get butter
get julia butter get sent you talking about you know you know you could get groceries now just delivered your house it's amazing and it's not that much money like you go online and pick out what you want in any it's like our policy on an hour like a pizza pretty sweet yeah mile that's amazing and puts buttercups wherever you can buy like twenty sticks event and toss in the freezer and you'll have buttered coming out your eyes like oh yeah you one make sure when you go to like organically raise beef is not good enough it has to be grass fed organically ray take organic corn organic soil organic twinkies and freedom to organic cow and still solves organic me the standards already let me twinkies can be organic if they make one you hitherto inorganic countess organic there's no standard for what the cows it's just whether not what they was spread oh i say proposal for a lot of folks it's kind of difficult define grass fed meeting your area isn't it like a lot of additional
it is if you're in the middle of nowhere but here's the thing like fedex annually deliver everywhere it's cheaper to buy a grass fed me online that it is too by like a decent cut of meat in a grocery store i guess you're gonna buy grass fed him from some of the best places on earth like i've light tested different places on my site like a whole series about grass fed beef you can get it for five bucks about like for grass fed perfectly treated animals wow that's fucking really good yeah so like even if shrine of budget like ok eat a lotta eggs because their cheap and supplement with grass fed beef upon the can catch you fifty cents you ever by just fat do you say me some fat i've bought beef tallow the promise was called yeah and beef tells us rendered be fat the problem is that the rendering process is really finicky plus fifty finish it well if you're gonna render fat you need have enough water in it in order to render it so it doesn't oxidize one of the problem
especially in the paleo community and dragged me not feel big ok i love my big element of bacon snob i make my own bacon what you gotta do though is not overcooked the oils if you if its spitting all over the place and smoke coming off the pan your beckons crispy you ve oxidized the fat and one things on the border of day i'm really focus on is like how it get information down so if you fry the crap out of your food then getting as inflammatory oils even if they came from a good cow you also getting delicious peyton that's probably beginning to us bacon but here's the thing you put yourself on like three or four and you cook the bacon for longer all the fat melts have the bacon the bacon does not going to get all super b but to your bacon rise is ulterior but it's not likes like basically like uncooked bacon still awesome i like chewy big but i do like that factor crispy taken it totally unlike its like we're
fried mozzarella to really can you gonna like cheese where you go in the spectrum what is it about fried things it so horrible for you what is at issue is mostly the damage that they come in your bodies like i do this fat i can't process it because it's overcoat guess how do i do i detoxify this so it it's basically spitting out free radicals and then you try and build cell walls and hormones out of this fat and new bodies like i do i do that i don't have the wrong radiance please it's who fuckin delicious that i would love to know i think what what happens there for real connection a chicken goddamn well that's it that's imaging glutinous whatever it is it really emma jane gluten god innocent jesus like everything what goddamn wonderful don't change think attacked french again we only want agro industry and after that yeah what's up
how to think about food in general whether its agents are not spittle please explain though what added what it does actually likes it when you your body takes in like just like kentucky fried chicken i think that some somewhat hydrogenated friday ride french fries and church so we don't make healthy so walls or hormones or anything else in our body made out a fat would even burn hydrogen in fat very well for fuel so basically the veracity toxify it so it goes the liver levers like god when i do this stuff so it starts using up will refund in your liver which is the main detoxify enzyme it starts trying to figure out a breakdown these oils like we're designed to take the awry animal in process it ended break all those fast to reassemble them into our body we're not we're not meant to take those things what you get is actually a big rush of white blood cells when you eat like heavily cooked meat and the oxidized fried fats it actually it looks like an immune response anybody's like ok i gotta do something about this so it does what it can to be
healthy so walls but you get hungry after five years of your knows that like you feel full for while and after what like sugar or something that the craving that you want for sugar there either comes from numerous g or it comes from your livers like could have some more fuel to use to oxidized stuff so i can excreted now and so building and an eye i noticed that i usually feel like such a fat loser as you know get like hungary like your next merely i kind of like an animal cravings myself more child chicken but i do like it like you know when i like it i like it like cold with hot sauce watch and stupid some stupid on tv a good snack kentucky fried chicken
another step tastes good i i don't either stuff anymore i'm on a delicate flower again because i went through inner pounds i'd start crap i need to know how i feel a company to but i don't feel a crab while am eaten it does the problem as it while i mean it i'm leavin it love in the crispy outside mixed with the hottest evidence so far kentucky fried caille would you try that might kill me now i killed chips are like a lotta killed chips beneath no lately for snacks but i don't know what making the cheese out of you know the causes some weird vague in its usual injuries shooting nutritional used which is only want to talk about what that does to add at bath goddammit so fuckin kill ships are bad nosey caille jails have soon after about assess what they used to make em cheesy don't it mother fucker so cheesy killed chips are bad if they're using vinegar doing cheesy favour there find it most them these nutritional yeast and they soon i couldn't so many studies have also been cases how come i knew they tasted two fuckin good
i knew it while these cheesy caille chips are wonderful you think you're so addict over your early you fucking god dammit in people how dare you today you get me to eat your shit it's bad for you but yet delicious there's gonna be a huge storm on twitter about using attrition used has be vitamins and might yeah and look at the just got a pub mad and google cancer and nutritional used as you what you find the cheese is not if she says it's actually a clump of organisms that's what the east as yet bakers embers east while and then they make it like a cheese is actually can has a cheesy flavour on its own so they take on they mix it with some other easily like a not like a ricotta like a good begin ricotta thing i've been like i still eat a lot of like vague and dishes just under weird so incredibly if it's made out of raw vegetables chopped up finally with enough good fatten them like advocate us at some of the healthier food out there right so i am
i'm a pretty good in the kitchen like with raw food and the promise you had nutritional used to it it's makes it i'm sorry it's just not very good for just so that's just those killed four together regular tale to get an art quite is guy delicious i'm sorry you motherfuckers i knew i knew it couldn't possibly you'll be fine if you'd die from cheesy caille chips you'd find other he's not concentrating on dying maximizing your potential that's why i think this is so here's the spectrum like ok if you ate cheesy kay every day for the rest your life compared to potato chips you fuckin rotted gay that's everything on the bulletproof diet has a spectrum it's like this is better than this but like this is a lot better than this so you don't have to be perfect if you know if you want to identify as for perfection is kind of move in that direction you'll be way better off and most people fail in their diet if they feel like i did it wrong now i lose my into wrong could done a lot worse you ve done a better but like somewhere in the middle and the matters i am always in the middle to like academy
macao but was it slaughtered by you know and ordained minister final but like probably some way of making a slightly more perfect it was a massage every day i wouldn't want to minister to kill my car i don't know i like out dummy i actually tenderness continued growth you they get no phone like how blessed by the amateur you bless it before that but there has to be like some bizarre thing you could do that's better like then again if someone really believed in the blessing maybe they're impart some sort of an energy into the thing had sounds ridiculous but what we're talking about before about people litter having some sort of an environmental effect some sort of an effect on all the people around them you dont want some asshole killing your tell us i thought i'd i do not want a cow that was tortured before was killed it changes the hormones that i've been talking to the taste and there's an energy thing there i'm coming at a psycho hippy or whatever but i dont want intuitive like training of my my my heart and of other parts of my body with electronics and like i don't know
something not right about like new some sadistic assholes you know torturing your cow killing it and feeding to be like in space is wrong well it is and if you ever seen the way they do the kosher kyle sauce this must be done by a rabbi sweden by be by rabbis post slice the neck of the cow but year supposed to do it that way that's a kill the collie sites it takes a while the die and it's not fucking pretty there's videos them trying to get up and falling i'm trying to get up and you should see the kosher machines they do have cash machine or they do yeah as long as it is losing his eyes it's it's been blessed it gets approve mercosur but it's even worse because it's like like the cows go in and they just like rip there are thrown out with iran and its it's one of things where people think that argument is the opposite of economic no i care lot about quality of animals i e in the quality of the food aid but i also care that brought the quality my life we want to do with it and if i'm slowing myself down by eating inappropriate foods there is also another thing we gotta talk about urban animal suffering i'm in tibet has been like a cup
months actually three months walking on asia visit monasteries and stuff and i want this monster add the begin vegetarian for russia's began for ten days foreign like a machine all time and then afterwards i go to another monastery in lhasa and there's this giant yak skin prayerful in the middle of the monastery and so i asked lama guy i said ok like euro hypocrite like since you say no killing and you got a dead outlying on your parabolic what's the deal and he just we may need either way like buddhist monks kind he's got laughed and said o one death feeds everyone and then you walked away like those this whole thing and i thought if aid two pounds of grass fed beef every day for a year i kill zero point seven animals and the entire food chain if i'm vegas and i saw nuggets every bowl of soya gets is killing hundreds of animals because the tractor goes through cuts down the soil that the soil not when i talk about what it did to the soil microbes but
but all the same it chopped up the bunnies in their cute little faces in the turtles and the grasshoppers the worms and all the other stuff there and basically you the number of animals killed to bring you a bowl of grain is way in excess what grasp beef does the vigour agnes well there's enough grass fed be everyone and i gather because people don't ask for it you asked for it will turn the golf courses into italy grass fed beef manufacturing plants theirs we have now there to do that by the way like there's people down the matter there would be a big would be a smaller cow you wouldn't have nearly much fat in the taste is different cases different mrs rogan doesn't like grass for beef i try to cook ass with a man like tasty can be dissatisfied cast is grass fed now by how many times did the grass fed is in its matters stamped i would need a ball of gravel if if i could perform a lot like i have real dogma about this like i don't care like food for music optimal fuel for human potential that's not just delicious as well i haven't i love the deliciousness ever could look out for gaza cordelia s skull of grated chef it's like how
cook fast to produce the least toxins that you performed better on such it was this a long journey for you yet fifteen years and i spent a quarter million dollars of greater myself and i started like tracking how i felt and how is performing was gaining way losing weight and did my don't hurt and all the stuff and i came to this can this conclusion that you can change just one variable and expects them into work you got to change a lot of variables at once and start adding things back in because let's say your so just like milk and wheat which so many people are we all know we'd nothing changed this week i'll eat no derek nothing changed to use nothing happened the promise theres many things because information at its core the bull prevail is about reducing inflammation and here's the secret when you look at a food there's three ways of looking at it the first one is does it have right macro nutrients like if i knew deeds protein or need some some fat is it in there but here's the
i think people don't think about so much and you know if we send you look you need to get two hundred grams of protein today generally i that's good but women again this little vile protein is the act of protein that's in black widow spider venom and this is an egg government the protein you need today the bottom line is different proteins do different things your body so gotta pick the right protein in there and then the fast you want hydrogenated vegetable oil or do you want cocoanut oil there totally different on what they do your body so first get those sorted out and then secondly get your food is cynical anti nutrients and this is the most modern nutritionists just dump pay attention to pay their people know about some but not others what's going on there is food has a defence mechanism built in if you're grain your job is to reproduce that means you call yourself in pesticide to keep the bug from eating you so you can reproduce its natural pesticide is called fighting acid and inhibits or eat you inhibits their ability to minerals from their food
so now what would i do now if it does have the right macro nutrients does have poison in it if than i do want to eat it and finally does have a lot of other stuff like be vitamins and minerals and the other micro nutrients you guys andy guy the aggregate nutrient index guy at hull foods firemen who waiting scales you know basically next to god here liver like at a very low number on their yet live as a lot more nutrients in it than caille does the promise sorry to divide my calories for reasons i don't understand going on there is a focus on micro nutrients ignoring anti nutrients and ignoring the function of food and fuel and there to doing that because they have a pro animal sort on the agenda of the others an agenda behind that there's a lot of the work of our conversations of people who are visions and they'll tell you that's only for help purposes and then bring official and most of them they didn't take fish oil and i say well why if it's just for health reasons fischler has been should be very very beneficial
squarely they start talking about even flax eads and shit journey flaccid flaccid oil oxidize of the second and sees air like its incredibly unstable even entire vetting medicine they tell you influx well the drying oil and your body can convert got to the healthy omega three is out of ratio of forty to one hundred and forty grams of wax really get one gram of the good stuff and you got to do of the other thirty nine grams that cause information the body does i don't wanna inverts us between fish oil actually counteracts the lights inflammation raise words are great for grappling oh it's you jim you guys are always in a lot of guys for an across the board as well in the heavy doses of fish oil as an anti inflammatory righted it's good stuff but i take he's krill it's gonna work better because crew as the same epa india j but his phosphor related it's bound to foster lipids which means your brain can use it directly visuals gotta be phosphor let anything you need to get
so fast without syrian are calling to do that in your diet so you have to take coin supplements you take visually at the apt or maybe just eat eggs eggs have calling yeah gets here's the thing some of them super strong calling supplements like no question ever really beneficial effect in like most people in some people too much colleen has like a reverse effects as probably like maybe a thirty people so it is one of those things where if you get it in your food your good and if the coin supplements make you feel really which they do for the vast majority of like i am a fan of going settlements in general i recommend among the blog like you ve got that ingredient in britain alpha brain like by the way it's just a killer list of new tropic ingredients i fully i fully approve like national approval supplement for passive thank you and that's the thing as though if you're one of those calling sensitive people you might not want a ton of calling like you wanted limit yours to a certain amount it without issues with with people getting really sensitive to get like a blanket out audacious action and those
people are coming dominant but here's the kicker you get this people to take an hour ass a time like this are forgotten my site and her ass a damn use up extra calling so that's an interesting way of using a smart dragoon is actually a drug not not natural substance but it's one that i'll bring the current levels down which means you can benefit from the other stuff in our brain but you also get this boosts from the other type of new topic many different things you take a day they probably on an average day about forty pills see i told you i'm not crazy here's there's a crazy number one i was really focused on like like getting my have always where i wanted it for i was always ram did a hundred eighty seven tells a day for several months now
the actual capsule itself whether those meda gelatin is no big deal for me by the process we actually need gelatin are dietary gelatin deficient right now a real yeah and we'd all the muscles and animal but in the old days are moment boil the chicken and eat all the cartilage and all that yes i actually carry gelatin and college and on the site because when people eat that stuff there joints get healthier and there's another thing in this whole electrical part of the bodies is not well known but you know that acupuncture meridian points and things like that well electricity for through your skin not just in your nerves and you college in your skin in order to bring the water into the skins you can carry electricity efficiently so anita colleges in the form of gelatin knox blocks whatever i have grasped el deny is well but you do you actually you function better on many levels including on the inflammation level a lot of fun
is starting to take jello then noticed it and they did this some sort of cribs thing with minnetaki nogueira emerges fought recently and yet it is past weekend it is having a stack of jello said he had this is made me feel good i mean it it works that even for sleep sometimes it helps i shallow i didn't i promise like aiming industrial jealous disgusting i've given you wanna know it's in there what is in their like that you're taking hooves and lakes now it's and like all these like office is like the bologna of protein powder it it's not good i mean it it's better than no college and i realize what most with the best manner vast is made out of the skin of the animal skins yeah so that's a sort of stuff that that i use typically effect like next week i'll have i'll have of listing for the best kind of of it i've been next to exploring in four years so you can take straight college only get x ray gelatin and it's just a question
basically i wanted to taste and i wanted to be absorbed in your food the old days we'd make like soup from bones too much work so i do now if you take a couples gives a college and powder and you just put in yours they are putting your soup and you ve got all the benefits of bone broth with none of the trouble just to work to make other prof no just a process they just take the leather they take the out and turn it into take the outside and exposure to enzymes and pregnant and ass idea and that breaks down and it's kind of a useful food it's one of those things that that we used to like fight for a hundred years ago because you had to get enough of it and it was one of the ways of using all animal now we just toss it mostly so in your opinion and with with those things at youve research what you found is that you can't even just not even like eggs are not good enough fish is not good enough like you need animals you need animals you need you need cows and ship at least the time i actually believe that i also believe let's face it you kill a chicken did what meal to kill that animal and chicken
the worst lives ever unless they're like super pastured crazy expensive chickens so like you a tortured animal modern chickens cayman stand upon their own cause oppressor so big like like their one of the most tweak species yet every three pretty fucked up you see one of those gigantic chicken farms and their last act on top of each other and it is crap at each other and analysis so i say to you i could every red meat and i did one animal feed who people basically for two years if their eating normal amount of it that's less death the out that's the but it's a big death it's like nobody has a problem chillun ass people are not like magneto tested front of stores that sell raid anko they don't give a fuck about ask as their sue small and so we have a thing he could take a man like you finally
a counter kids do your finger and then you just click on the gravity went away i can't do that to a rat began had a rather to hammer into just thrown on the floor and i gotta clean that thing the snail member when admit that snail video anyone get pissed off at me deviating kills now kid snails big enough what does he stopped on an ant known when it given the shit but kill the snail nor this son of a bitch i put its nana listerine stirrup and so the thing about the thing about causes the algeria by the way is almost forty the the thing about cows those that their big you know i am a tiny doesn't really bugger say good by poison for ants and if you get some cowboys another store people freak out cause cancer that cows like tat the individual member radicalism yeah the country rats but then these people have rats reports like man there's a lot of people actually lived off rats and then in why was it forget per
who i believe were loose yet yeah guinea pigs are super carlin i vienna guinea pig was alike in peru yeah i went down there to do i wash go with a showman they have guinea pig food yet its native there they are let me see the technical term for it fucking disgusting that there's like no meat ottoman they stuffing with rice and vegetables dantes good that's the there's like five bites a meet on a whole guinea pig and it doesn't take very good the buys you can get in their swords just like bones and scan it was the profoundly gross those fever destroy you some tough times did what i saw was the sum anthony boarding and they went over this guy's house and they had guinea pigs running around the kitchen like constantly right there were everywhere now just pick one octagonal works map kill em got em cook it involves other dump foxy just running around like a pats practical until they get killed but the constant you say it's awful but they have a constant supply of meat and your point of view burbank you know is very different
point of view living in peru there are two adorable a year this house's don't even have windows dude adam is tat they are kind of acute but i was hungry i do you on you have children you tell them hungry units eat the fuck out of some guinea pigs and their their everywhere do they have like thirty of you had cat not on purpose but i ve been a lot of talk of drugs are not sure whether you think toggle drugs really sally and where you are and i have a theory tell me to steer makes any sense at all but i have a theory that things that are difficult to catch or good for you like wild fish wild game things that run quick like dear dear very good fugues they run fast to try to get the fuck away because they know the delicious than others like her we sought after and then things like cows discuss stand around probably not ass good zoning to that theory i don't buy it
but the ears wise lebanese humming bird the things i can run really fast and spent diamond a fat on em like when the indians would kill a buffalo like the first thing you eat is like the big fatty hump on the back and that's over that of solid his alibi for storing food for the opposite in fact if you take a real aggressive buffalo that fat is orange it's actually like almost like a salmon color and most of the buffalo you goodbye they finish on grant is known most of my orange fat unlike then give me a big old like to pound hunker orange fat like that like the most of it finishes on green or all of it continued donated finishes on i've asked of rules like butchers are really high and markets about that and a gouty we won the guy setting we tried at one time and oranges georgia to throw it out normal by it that so where do you by order online just to get it like kind of recent grasp i need to get that i need to get that just to find out what it tastes like it's pretty delicious when you get like real fat in fact licensed even if you take like that just the fats and good quality butter versus crap butter i've had
vegetarian friends might come on over let me make one of my soups for you and peanut butter and i use the mct oil on the back next week i got my bulletproof mct oil like you look on the shelves and i'm super stoked on that what is it six times stronger extractive cocoanut oil so it two of the medium changed the ones that are most responsible for losing weight and fur on cognitive function where that it's in there and has no flavors you gonna make man he's out of and has created they take her communal and processes and centrifuge dasso we spend it and then we pull out just those ones and i have the only brand i've heard him work whereas at some future work so it's basically to spin it really fast and why did you like your blood tubes to separate out the plasma india and those cells when you spent at the different weights of fat line up so we pull out the most precious ones right in the middle banned there and if we take the rest eventually give that other view that's ridiculous and this
has come out right now it's like to be on the siren i'll get it the order and i stood on the bullet proof or bulletproof exact economies bulletproof exact our cattle approve exact darker and you have your whole story is up there of how you if soap for poked folks don't have the patience to go and listen to this pot guess again there's a fucking of information on this site as well as not just the upgrade city oil you got upgraded coffee evans upgraded chef and here's what it means when its i've credit like i'm looking at the hope so making something and how do you make that process as good as it can be made i really am a computer hacker like i've studied computer science i working computer security i'm not of a hacker like i'm an executive but like i understand them instead of changing a system to get the outcome you want it turns out like to make the coffee the problem was see how the beans get turned into green coffee that's where most of the problems happen so what do i learned all about all the stuff from multiple disciplines pulled it altogether and said what if i created
new process for making coffee they didn't have the toxins in it and you look at that like word about done a study where we're getting advice from stanford university on the card in a function of this coffee a sore comparing normal coffee verses this up get a copy to show it does to your response time and your attention and like we don't have enough results abuse it significant yet we're still recruiting people there is also say tat works so it's this is real stuff and in every step of the way when you create a food tells you how the foods gonna make you perform and what i am trying to do is is help people understand like it for one day they can have the best day ever whether their energy and their focus and everything is super clear and they just like feel like a great golden god if you do that one time you know you're capable of it and you can start working towards that people i know have felt like crap without knowing it most of their life they ve never had a wonderful day once you have that day you can and how to kick my ass we repeatedly says i get all the crap out of
to write for a week and just see what can happen if you look at the comments on my blog like people they do that stick like six weeks is not that hard to do and all the sudden like you know you have twice energy out before that's what i'm looking to do for people and when you have twice the energy get twice this should done idea i mean i'm a full time executive i wrote this book wily my publisher gary tabs introduce me to my agent in new york like it's a tier one book with thirteen under references i start the bulletproof executive blog which is in the top twenty five thousand blogs now hundred fifty thousand people months yet and i'm a dad at two young kids i see them on a very regular basis for medium do all the stuff i couldn't never done this in my mid twenties it's cause i try my brain because i got my might oconnor of functioning hormones functioning you looked at the body like a computer system absolutely anywhere first how you know there's
there aren't that many computer guys i'm forty and for all this computer guys like sixty five right so certainly we ve talked for years about this in their soon the whole cyber punk thing which i admit admit i was part of a mirrored sunglasses and stuff like that but i am one early guys like a lot of the russians the russian space programme do a lot of the stuff like this device this is called is an older one but it's the only one you can get a does the desperate i mean we can pick the frequency but i'll run a current across my brain this is actively the sending you due to a computer when you do that can put yourself in the gamma state that really hard to get into you stick them frozen your head and perhaps put you in afghanistan was the benefit of the gamma state is actually a state where the dalai lama just announced a cash reward for anyone who could help him get into a game estate and less than four hours cause that's how i take them here you ve neuroscience ways to do it so weary stick these things on your forehead
dalai lama tried isolation tax i dont know but it went surprise me he's pretty open with his nerve neuroscience stuff but are you interesting up you turn it on like that and now it's running using sorry it sounds like you're like a frankenstein or something what are you doing it's what i do not running that britain is systematic and grass fed drink so what you do so my god is literally like you are changing the waves in your brain like a computer and what is the benefit of them when you without on what is it actively duty it spends on what setting you put it on a family to be writing like a lot o put her on a gamma stay in your dissenters like focused amazing kind of flow state although our is also something that's more recognizes afloat state so you can control what state your brain is and you want to rapid recovery during sleep if i'm home
honestly two hours i put that on and i put it on one point five hurts which is associated with deep sleep when i wake up i feel really i didn't get all the benefits of memory consolidation and dreaming do sell this thing no you can buy it the explained on your website or any other ever top ten brain hacks videos attaka gave us out myself west on this i loved each other in so the it's giving a low level electrical signal and what does it do exact in fact i have a touching the head so it's sending electrical waves doesn't brightened it's running a slight current back and forward i try to monitor i've hang up i got one you got me one while going and that is that we were trying to get you to quit sworn head work never used it now used it alive it's it's shocked a stick those things on your forehead yardley clips your ears rodya for yeah this when you severe clips but i used are used gambling just cause they're easier and this is actually a ten year old device from the most the new ones have only one frequency and this one wants you had just the frequencies which is which is helpful
can i put on my hat and hit the power button on there are just tell me the controls if you hurry up state posted are they feel weird there's a volume can tolerate hair it sitting in my head it is our turn up ten have i am control till it doesnt sting it feels like a bee whose like childlike say he's playing a game of just the tipp there these playing just the tipp of the singer he's not quite soon come on me at the durban interesting turn turn it down so it doesn't hurt that's for sure what is it now turned up again it is a bad of herbs and now it's not bad but it also work if you just have a little tiny tingle you didn't want to get really smart five two fuckin suffer through a little bit of pain i'm down to it if you do this for fifteen twenty minutes for the next several hours the alpha and the front half your brain will be much higher than it was before why doesn't have by now but this this is real
u i phoned could do this how serious it's not ours could be an app live and you'd have to set the iphone up to do that but this whole quantified something i do like there's a whole bunch people looking at this stuff how long before the government arrest you for others you know i didn't rate superseding the only thing that i have invented that's that's like new some of the training techniques different but i didn't invent sir electrical simulation the russians did their space programme the reasons this came about is this it costs a lot of money to send cosmo not up into space what if we didn't have with it in sleep we could send one third less cost from the huts so they that's why have they yum that one of the turbo sonic begins i know you ve talked very highly of those things to me what those do so somebody told me when i bought it and i forgot but i use oh yeah some those things rock so i'll totally flat out if you can afford twelve or fifteen grand by the turbo sonic i've used one for almost a year it it's the you're mechanism it's not really a sound waves with her one thing that these other ones do any of the ones that vibrate you up and down only argument
the same effect there's a whole bunch of cheap ones that do like aside decide rocking that macedonia low back so and also they can break i've broken well done a couple of its cheap units it's some sort of an sound wave or with eager mechanism it's not really a sound wave with turbo sonic but it is a speaker mechanism you seem like a warfare like a heavy duty support for ngos to do right what's going on there is they took the sound baffles off but they left us though speaker coil so it moves you using that really efficient way of moving the speaker eases since very precise the one have the costs ten percent as much to make it like within reach for normal person it uses a motor so louder but it has exactly the same up and down vibration that the troubles i could have and theirs other branco power played out there and now based on very similar principles and that's that vibrate the body like that you're trigger to make our piazza electric signals in the bouncer increases bound density you must
have to keep tensing and releasing tensing releasing so you actually can build muslin those especially for you know you hold a cattle bell hold out like this like all thirty times a second you know you're doing this and and to say that this is like the adult version the shake weight but its powers seriously works in the file you get from this has to do with attic circulation in the body so we have as well wasted the wasted nation system called your lymph system the way the left moves is you have to move your body and this is why people we have to move movement is so important for you moving important as it moves length its neck is it calories or doesn't brink hours that's a distraction when doesn't burn calories but everything but that doesn't make you lose weight like him or to say to a short high intensity interval will make you lose more weight than going for a walk that burns more colors in the end the high intensity interval it's a hormonal factor getting this is like doktor dogma macduff work so many cuffs work
from body by science like there's definitely like a nor what was the research there about caloric consumption from exercising and dieting and they don't line up for weight loss they just infect the i have a really good blog post about that the boy purses called it's not the calories stupid and knows in response to a new times peace where the actually wrote it's the calories stupid even though the study that they run about showed it wasn't the galleys different people symbolic hours and gain different amounts of fat how does that happen but on the vibration plate europe of course you are burning energy but you're moving all the lymphatic fluids in body and your micro capillaries argued stimulated to like part of you get shaken that might not normally gets regulation so you typically feel like a burst of energy when you're done within an eu tender slimmed down like i noticed like especially get information going on i'm so because of my health background i still i get inflamed these eight throng stuff i puffed up you do too nl to dump the extra information does amazing detox plus exercise
general stimulation of your body all at once like for fifteen minutes a day it it's it's a total bargain just in terms of time aunt whether it's a terrible sign occurred or the bullet provide day they both achieved the same kind of gold but i'll typhoid out you ve got the cadillac like the mercedes of the term assigns the best made anyway de i do ten minutes of it before i work out yeah adieu ten minutes shakedown really like and it feels good as nationals may i love that violate amazing when it really got much really going fast for folks who never try to before if you of your anywhere near venice whips along one of my fuckin frankenstein no lobes you're anywhere near venice the float lap has it crash when he saw me mine he's the fuck mad scientist ladies and gentlemen the given me an updated tank ladies and gentlemen there's a newt acted crash
created its eyes that he's a mad scientist is a crazy man but he he runs the float lab the best isolation task bar none in the world i might get one i'm looking edwin how the fuck do you not have i've been looking to building on but i am because i moved up too busy a couple years ago i'm looking to buy a ranch socio they get the ranch i'm getting a good tank i want to move into this should have it rightness crash will set it up and do everything for i should have one right now especially you times you ve used my views are voting once like ten year how dare you sir hooking up these fuck electrodes to your brain you not even taken advantage of one of the craziest pieces of machine i love so i love it it's it's a huge that you didn't want sounded once it's a question where you live right there's not a floating area than yeah it's i'm alice offer me it wasn't i did it once in i was looking at my house and one of the prerequisites for one house was having a role for the time my vows i'm looking to buy right now same thing it's gotta have space after us ways were pool table i have tat space for the tank that's your non negotiable
else i can live waited a gem i ain't attack in the house you kids hard to find in our view no live near venice the tank me is something that anyone who think the on improving must have for creative de it is in its a fascinating tool it self interest effective yeah i'll just amazing and in fact it's one of those technologies and there's a whole bunch of mount there that allows the prefrontal cortex like the human party your brain that you think of as you become aware of that that really fast torreon brain that run circles around like you you came to see it happening until you get rid of all the noise and when you get in that floating all the sudden like you do that personal exploration you can you can do amazing things you can do amazing things and you learn amazing things out about yourself and start making these drastic improvements in the way you look at things in their because itself of analytical it's all it's so self observation yet when you're in ages you not raising going on when you bought this year alone with your thoughts and you have to do
so we can get confused and severally with busy work is the year in accra in twenty minutes anything really fuckin with you will come to the surface have you ever played a neural feedback what is that is when you electrodes up your head and you get the signal from your brain of this is profound stuff it's on par with afloat dank effect i've had my own e g since ninety ninety eight will be like at home because it's that impact ful and what you do there is is your brain its unable to see itself like your brain can see the whole world around you but it doesnt have nerves inside itself that's why like you see branch or do they can take the top off your head and links poker your brain and doesn't hurt you donors there's nursing your arm like you cut your arm then what happiness well there's nerves there and in the arm heels relatively quickly we get these two brain injuries that he'll very well because the brain does need not broken its incredibly at the world incredibly batted itself so i do see the signal from the brain you play through an amplifier it turns into a music and unpleasant music back to you and when
think about something the music ladder you think there's something else a music quieter you can teach the brain to in a new way so i've done stances neuro feedback training illiterate seven days was they cover of forty years of dailies and practice this is really really hard core intent seventys is the hardest thing i've ever done it cost me twenty grand and doktor like an eleven million dollar e machine for over half the time i mean you want introspection when you look at a when you hear a sound your brain can help and optimize itself the guitar when you're doing around you think it like the meadow asian bath of people on their like oh meditate this way i do wrong for five you're sorry than they do to you and they sort of meander and then the other teachers tell em tremendously in this way well what if computer and it lit up the path so i can either side the packers like what lena did the south get quiet on the side of the path also you can do meditative type of things to yourself that would take you
years of focused practice unit in days and because after genesis this part of the brain it makes new synopsis happens within like twenty days you can totally revise your head in short short amount of time like unbelievably short so you re why your head by use of electrical frequencies he can literally programme it to do exactly what you want to read but we're not putting the frequent is into the head all we're doing is reason like a mirror brain doesn't have any nerves inside of the brain will on its own figure out o my god that sound that's me and it'll start doing things like a just how it works like for things like eighty people i've been here on the head these guys they d get in very dramatically but the kind i did is with a twelve iq point boost that stable your later and like fifty percent more creativity why wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute what we have
how do you do this well i will look up with a guy doesn't iran's a private facility and helicopters return takes seven full days and takes fifteen grand plus travel expenses sounds like no gain rob is is it behind us and on eleven alley it is this your nonsense the guy the guy's an x is an ex ante member from you csf has been doing this for thirty five years and reciprocity bodily organ rubbed this should be available in every street corner and should be in every school and it should cost about three hundred bucks it would transform society the fact that fifty and pisses me off every day which is why i'm not telling you name right now because road she shuddered website down anyway but we will crush you websites on that sounds like really for seven days now actually done selling a rip off if turned you now super genius it sounds like it does it was i mean i'd already done a lot of work on myself but i came out there and like that the voice in your head that thing that getting your way it's your bitch when you're done like
that's so you can go there and it just completely requires your brain and seventy is it is hard work don't get me wrong you have to do what is the hardware you sit there and dark room with the speaker on either side her head and eight electrodes glued your head and then you you do that to you to make the sound louder make your score go higher in the first three as you just like your brain is doing this thing and then after that you have to dig out like your most in like it's just like an afloat my ultimate fairness it'll be that i go there and i'm like super gifted it isn't i break the whole bill i am we're getting or again to that point areas you this i want i want you to do this i think you'd think it enjoyed all i'll do as you have excellent thing about going back reeling they inhabit this way they can you guess what if you like a fucking intellectual vampire and i get a downward you get smarter
perhaps you know what he's already slams ivories reminder you ve got my electors on your forehead right now it's artisan don t last of all this shit's meets a mole stronger for this fat what what is this thing i think said on your twitter about you paying to get hacked what was that all about paying for what maybe it honan nor mine mean bio hacking how much he spent by the quarter million dollar yeah yeah yeah ok so over the past fifteen years i've been a quarter million dollars on everything i can think of then improve human performance unlike i'm just gonna do it so i'm twenty grand actually did a couple times so twenty grand in twenty five grand whatever there i've taken ungodly numbers of supplements and smart drugs i've tried all kinds of electronics i have like a whole mad bio hacker laboratory at home i've got my my vibrating played i've got an ozone generator i've got to but different e g machine as an ozone generator in my tank set up be nice crash using after further water that's the best where purify water powerful crash
are you are you sponsored by grass to pay for all and yet i did it histories size active easy but have you ever looked into eating cannabis as far as food the app it looks at eating have not even have actually analyse canvasses when you dont could it's not psychoactive earlier and it isn t the cycle the planting of cannabis if it does not make you high just just by but its incredibly healthy interesting beneficial i never tried it but it sounds kind of cool was really great juices well andrews that's really cool while it was legal it be so easy and cheap to grow that you could literally either way for health smoking do it have you wouldn't be such a reason why such commodities cause it's illegal are they throw seeds out the window is famous people have been
having their car they throw joint at the window they drive by six months later the fucking giant push marijuana growing there really is a super hardy plant at unlike the protein and there is really high energy its great protein it's a bit hyaena mega expats if it's all you're gonna eat but certainly some of it it's fine but where did you get those protein it's one of effect i would say it's the best plants or protein that i know of the plants are very digestible tat s my favorite part of it is like it's the one of the few things hemp with coconut juice and cooking oil i use it with that sea to our baby see two o clock now choose considers my fair if an eye raw arise rasa rostov to fuck with india robert and only last for a while these areas a cuban the fridge lieutenant but that have stuff force protein powder stuff that i used you could you could take it and go to the gym an hour later the only thing they could do just to an hour later cuz it's so easy jackpot of digestion just not taxing at all the stuff
is too is the most expensive because it has the highest ratio protein till i like some of our more course yandah hearts of course you don't have a higher racial prejudice where you want to do the aids it's really super easily digestible but illegal to grow but not illegal to have or sell finally like your canada will thank your own united states for fucking saying that its illegal a girl plant you done as such you know we add on it we could have had a farm we were thinking about like vermont we looked into vermont is vermont pass laws the federal government of clearly eerily said will lock you in jail if you try to grow this here's ears give us on i just figured out monsanto needs to make genetically modified pot and then we'll be legal to go everywhere listen
within the world of work with a party of nazi its renewed and octopus there's yeah it's gonna do something to you it's gonna ruin you i hope they don't do that and gazing when there's listening please monsanto leave we'd alone concentrate on sweet potatoes whatever the fuck you're doing scary asked company someone needs to get those peoples mushrooms amen get us he was a mushrooms and understand the impact of eu decisions is to have put ones and zeros there's some serious therapeutic value to medicinal mushrooms fuck gatherer that johns hopkins university showed significant improvements and people's personalities years later how did it happen
kilobytes is jos brain being download like is it like that's like a thirty two megabyte file or don't worry smiling o brien oh yes he's taking aegis copied and tasted pangaea i don't even know if my memory by russia on my ipod here i'm looking at what is thinking about it i feel dirty out on dirty black black eyes flashed bird flashed back to the press on how dare you how dare you are doing anything from the electors i don't know it's hard to say that an article about me pretty subtle and just you know see if you're in the zone will more for the next few hours after the yeah i think it's it feels cool i like it i like the fact that i think it does something for me this other thing this fuckin seven day jamming sounds how many hours a day pretty much most of em i like you when you get there you check your watch in your cell phone and you just like do it until you're done you he's going to pay at a time like it's just like time goes away and all how many people have done this ten thousand tonnes
deal done as they ve all report yosemite result yosemite special forces at the sky train them for seven months straight sounds like a jason bourne type thing really there's a way you can go and you sit down this fuckin place for seven days and is a permanent change in your iq and creativity that started kick started for you joe we're gonna make a movie about this ouch now that i don't need i don't need that man's john i'm telling you ran fruit for you you talk about like you know eighty dean just like having your brain that's a comedian brains all over the place you're losing that creativity but it becomes malleable for you like my my point as i did this in late two thousand and eight or two thousand seven fifty thousand know anyway in mid two thousand and i came back i drive ass i am always german fast i'm very safe driver but when
i'm in a previous cut me off it pisses me off right it's always the priests hezekiah so you like you son of a bitch don't do this am i sort of risk zero emotional like costs all the energy that are used to waste on like getting pissed off about suffer it didn't matter right com we went back to productivity and like just kicking more ass it amazing what happens when you teach your brain that you're the boss you tell me the little reptile brain in there to shut the hell up and to do its job to keep you from burning herself to death or falling off a cliff but do not be freaking out there the time for no reason is it possible do that without sin in a room for seven days can blasted with sounds you can do gimme some sound can we give me feeling of simulation we think this could be black there's like that it's kind like that and each time i get louder except it's more like an we're lookin like like an orchestra or like a string instrument kind of thing or sentences are in debt is not by neuro beads though not putting anything in your head it's all you controlling your head other doing is playing back to use you can like it's like if yet
real time read out on your iphone rayner like it's like here's my brain doing right now we could look out and i got my brains getting bigger is getting smaller i'm getting happier it's like that but its coaching you to move in the right direction so your brain will be in the same state of saunter spent forty years doing send meditation i had a experience once when i was on a slack ability and where i started thinking negative thought and imagery that i was seeing get got dark like tat whack in green and start folding into itself and look look bad it looked like like raw like something was gone and then i realized did and i force myself to relax let go i think positive and then it all boom blossomed infinitely like this incredibly beautiful geometry what our just blossomed out of it and it was like a lesson to me of the actual power of thinking that if you do think if it's not if you think negative and do nothing nothing goes wrong no if you think negative you're getting
negative energy in your life you there is no doubt about it there's a copy all you that's thought process the concentration on anything that's negative is not good for you it's just bad period and i could see it in beautiful geometric form a very strange but per they taught me something that i took era day and slowly apply to my life when people realize the effective of their negative emotions like if i was sitting right now and i was thinking out this guy's a total prick i'm just glad i'm here or even i was acting all nice but i was thinking really negative things about you like it would ask me more than sooner me like this is fucking cool stuff to be talking about yeah right or to sit here and justly really think nothing in going through the motions you'd feel it if you read an interview with some one in the world cannot do she totally out this weird feeling over the ash wanna be nice to you it's all authentic even if they're trying their backs try we all pick that public we all know it but then the scientists
part of our brain that likes to ignore the brain stem altogether gets all pissed off and like we try to pretend that go it's just me but it's not here's the thing we can measure this in your body you hurry variability like people think negative thought the hurry variability is low people who think positive ass it goes up and you can have exercise those thoughts with a tune it all a little device the emily too and this is also the way you think about life sets patterns and these choices sort of set these powers that are easier to follow the next time and something that sort of a path that you or narrowly go on and if you can figure out how to get that a positive you will benefit in effect the says that like you you can like the lift left in a lift muscles and work on your bicep right well you can do something your brain and it takes about twenty days of doing something every day for new synopsis to form and when you do that you can work on synopsis for compassion or forgiveness or just calmness being in the zone or you can work on monitoring pissed often cranky right
wherever you put that energy those muscles get stronger so you want to bigger amygdala out be pissed off all the time you miserably grab some necessarily bad two if it over active it makes you mean pissing cranky i've that joey dsl is fuckin huge bed is a mig delays like his balls is clearly oversized that's a serious twitter right there is a big like his balls oversized rate explode jellia will get bad if you have the wrong fuckin solid dressing on table he'll give fuckin he'll kill you kill you should try to give ranch dressing with wings of working kill you it's one of the things were like you know your brains a muscle you work out what i found using electronics like that you can work out just the right parts are variability when you do that you work out on the front of the brain and you live longer he performed better you ve got kinds of sports athletes now using hurry variability took it over over training states you're over trains your body gets weaker but here's the weird thing as
coach like who uses this with my clients i hope em up mwave it's a little clip on their yards looks at the space between heartbeats and i tell him to make the light turn green on muscle machine and then like how do i do it preventing redoubts pretty easy five seconds in five seconds turns green great you got that turn up the next one and i said now i gotta focusing your heart this is ridiculous and i'm not like that much of it be focused in your heart and breathed into your are really not yet do it ok my doesn't exist john graham like great britain nothing about puppies in the dim light turns green i dont like the light turns green but they give you have to think of something that makes from go like their their first born you know that the way the mom hugson whatever it is when you consciously bring that foreign that feeling in it she just the way your heart beating you can see it although green light there's no question about the fact that a change of physiology when you change what you're thinking about you can see it in that see how much power you thinking has over your physical body when you do that
and you do that regularly for about six weeks ten minutes a day build the synapses for being happy because that's where you are and resolved to consciously do among you down you can walk into a meeting where the some asshole yelling at you and you can you realize you're starting to get stressed do you want to kill the guy you like i'm just going to try and happy kara these young i you you're gonna do you're gonna do but you totally and control instead of like the party that kills guy now kill a guy at just the right time when someone's talking in a movie theater just wrote a fuckin kill them yes stewed you drop some serious science on his podcast today i dont know if this been a pod guess where i know i have to go back over it with a notepad i've got about fifty different things that i need to look into now this is this has been really crazy thank you very much spin fungi thanks validating incredibly fast any guy and go to bulletproof exec dot com folks and all
of dave stuff is up there all the different articles are different products the upgraded coffee graded chef bookie road and the way protein that's made with grass fed beef and all this in the suit the upgraded empty oil that is just coming out now and if they want to follow you on twitter its bulletproof exact twitter you gotta do this again man and his address is amazing this is really amazing by the impact danzig wants a debate people say he said that he has the again he wants a debate people from a health point of view but i think i think he might get transit i turned to bring it on twitter if you call a love mac but we might be out of his leg i've converted about three dozen begins backed eating meat at least some of the time will max a real noble guy he really is legitimate he's a real deal and i think his issues with factory farming you know my issue with the people that say you shouldn't kill animals is guess what there's a responsibility the top of the food chain letters gentlemen you can have neither castrate all the males
to control population somehow you have to pick them up we'll have to do something because you can't just have no predators and if you do have all these game animals wandering around like dear and and cows and if there's a giant surpluses because no one's eating anymore you gonna have predator sickening your vegetables you yeah there can eat your vegetables to gonna die of starvation and mean morgan we're gonna we're gonna be baby sitting all the cows to the rest of time gonna have to fund and figure out how to manage cow societies don't live forever if you don't eat m ladies and gentlemen i agree that factory farming is discussed in the arable and horrific but of kosovo and they delicious and is a reason why that is so good that we have something else to fuck and die for southern taste i could you don't get that from beats ok you don't get it sorry although i do love salary and i do love caille shakes and if you go to on a dark oh and an eye tee the blend tat blunt what we did is i talk about the tale shakes that i drink every morning so often the progress that have only
people taken unlike what what the blessed best blunder eye for the years i was using a vital next which is awesome if you get one of those those are asked to but the blood tax must be the best that's what are you a jury britain died and accepted by the same you dead arson avenues ample intact for a long time and if you're gonna make bulletproof coffee the right way you want a blend tech like so they should go to your site they should viable intact as you get like the crimea farm in a real blunder like that like it cannot be that blunder greater they got dave asked we approved approved approved approve on a dot com au and an idea of user code name rogan you will save ten percent of any and all of the supplements but that does not go with like batteries in kettlebells knowledge it we saw this as soon as we can and saw the highest quality kettlebells the highest quality bow robes and of course the hemp forest protein power which will not make you test positive fatigue see thank you also two ting dotcom responsiveness podcast go to rogan dotting dot com sign up and you will say fifty bucks off
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you and your wife or your friend you could get a bad contract together and you get both share minutes it's like as nice as you can make a company that selling you cell phone service discounts man fuck aids tang dealers pow back off oh i also for my boy john browlow my friend if you're anywhere near baltimore maryland on saturday october twenty this saturday my and john rollo is run something called show gunfights and dies frankie lester versus caviled bar is the main event is eleven total fights hens okay he's gonna be there donald cowboys erroneous gonna be there and big dan miragliotta has to be one of the rafts he's a great guy and a and a very good rap as well and is usually about five thousand people these events if you want to get tickets got to jump on that shit that really fun to watch never been to like a regional show
the guys you seen these shows like chauvelin fights are guys you will see one day in the eu have see that's exert absolutely there go on asking me a lot of talented fighters in this card it's really good opportunity to see fights alive and a catch people at early their career that who knows you know you might see so many from this fight from this card they might want to title one day made very possible there's some really high level talent and john rollo is a good buddy mine and want to handle graces blackfellow he's a very good judge of talent this is his promotion so from my boy john rollo go check out show gunfights ladies and gentlemen show gunfights dot com thank you to everybody that listens this podcast thanks saw the coup messages that i get on twitter thanks all the cool people that are run into out there on out there in the field in the wilds of the world and damaging egg i got it we just put on a date in ohio on sale for the death squad tour with me in time signal or i'm so girl now in the dark benson scorpion the show by that that's why don t we desk one
our tv is also waiting get bronze funky can t shirts dose of m available solve some of the original ones right i'll need a triple fat sizes are you fat fuck scott thereby of european farming or get some empty t oil in your lifetime and get get get on what the new programme death squad the tedious and higher primate my t shirt line which is updated we got all new one i'm china i'm hiring people shit i'm trying to run out shirts i really appreciate it buddy by higher dash primary dotcom new design come on my man like maxwell made some dope ones are right back to morrow tomorrow in the park ass we have david seamen don't do and and david is also bringing with him a reporter from our tee and she is gonna break down some more reasons why the government should be listening in on the show and her name
debbie martin seems very cool and she's going to come in with david tomorrow and then wednesday we got victor conte is on wednesday not to be fast and he's the guy from the balco scandal where they were
taking the star wars it was undetectable he's gonna break down performance enhancing drugs in in professional sports he's gonna explain to us what the fuck is going on you ve dirty bitch is to start sewing as bulletproof jackets and what that fuckin singer ladies and gentlemen thank you everybody you guys the share we love you see sir
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