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JRE MMA Show #10 with Tyron Woodley

2018-01-11 | 🔗
Joe Rogan sits down with UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley.
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at Joinhoney DOT com, Rogan, that's Joinhoney, DOT, com, Slash, Rogan, alright, folks, my guest today, is the undisputed UFC welterweight champion of the World Tyron Woodley give it up, for. The Joe Rogan experience. What's up man, I'm chillin now you know whether you look better than anybody. I've ever seen just a couple weeks at a shoulder surgery on the savage man walking around like there's nothing going on. They took my savvy stem cells out of my own, damn back in the dorm show me your back the hip bone right. Bone marrow. The centrifuge Mon shot into my shoulder and I should have a sling, but I'm out Tuesday anyway. So I kind
prematurely decided to come out of the sling. Oh so you're supposed to be able to sling in six days, yeah, so no, no, This time, I would have to say, is a five days fighters yeah for about a year. While yes, my god really aggressive. I went to Doctor Andrews he's out there in Pensacola, and he said no, we need you back punching in two months old the day after surgery, yeah heart surgery, he said contacts too. Two I mean to, the surgery I was doing full as rehab really like crazy. So I'm like these dudes is nuts. This shoulder. I had this done in eight. I didn't move for like three weeks which have done with that one anything clever Now you hurt in this in training you hurting in fights a lot of people I don't know about me to think I just told my right hand a lot. But I wasn't never really confident. In my left hand, 'cause I had that left, labrum tear I felt weird to tow hooks and if I were to use my job a lot, my show with fatigue a lot. So I didn't tell
people that so I just and bomb my camera, my right hand. It wasn't because I was just so right hand heavy so now, that I had the surgery on this one. I'm going stem cell bolt shoulders, rehab crap out of it and also bought this on the real machine called art. Wave Another like a russian sounds like nuts. No, what is it? It's like a russian stim machine that has ability to make your muscles contract five major times a second? Yes is sandy, so a lot of people that a close use it a lot of pro athletes, use it that made it in Minnesota. They don't give a lot of information because they don't want to answer that, for stolen, but they charge you like twelve to fourteen grand for the machine. Then they charge you I've granted show you how to use it. Then, if you really really wonder how to use it, they charge you as another: five hundred million five grand. So I was lucky enough hope they watching how get up to get one for my homie Marclay nation play with the rams. I just bought his from him and so
What is it called again is called art, wave art, wave, ARP Aarp AARP, which is, I think, the stands for advanced recovery program, yeah, and recovery program, so basic. The thing about scar, tissue, soft tissue, ability is not like that stem that feels like the needle poking, but it's like intent stem that goes through. It can break their focus cards issue on go through softish in base. Increased blood flow range of motion, so spray ankles. You know one session that should be healed, really yeah. I'm used hundreds and hundreds of times. I just had a money to buy it until recently, why by using this college, and so now you put this the shoulder and what You put it on your shoulder and they have like this posture. So you hold this posture, this position right and then they also do a balance test first, because if your back is hooked up, you need your balance is off. Then there, logically, it's not going to actually send current to the right spot, so they may be show lower back in your shoes
so now your shoes are messed up, so make it lower back, hurt your not a balance test, so they do. That. First adjust. You make sure you all balance out. Then they found what they call a hot spot, so they put at a neutral site, the black pad. Which is like a lower back or something then, wherever you the pain. If I I'm feeling it right here. The pain might not be coming from there, so Dave. They search around and who about she jump out? So now this becomes a hotspot Now. I take the other pad off and find the spot that when they do those who connect you think about to die, then they're uh, but they did then they do seven minutes on reverse seven. So positive and then for but like I've done. Training calves has some severe injuries and no by whatever, ever, not really, there's crazy. So right. So you're saying that like, if you have something, that's bothering you a lot of times or something that's wrong somewhere else. That's causing that to be bothering you,
and this somehow another finds that now you you balance, you do a valid test. First, I said like a chiropractor comes in and he said: oh, your hips off your legs longer he had just you have to be adjusted and balanced. First, then, they put the pads on their located. Hot spot, so save my shoulder right for some reason I broke my wrist long time ago, so I can't do like that. You can push down things to see how I can get my hands been. So if you get down to push up tire, I'm going like this, because my wrist is yeah. So when I'm doing a punch, special does a crazy as punch. You can imagine that if I don't distribute the force properly, She, my forms in the store pride, was because much shoulder pain, also being the position in wrestling. Finish out overtime, time time it because shock now, just one punch I had Damian Maia with. Maybe there wasn't a punch that might have been the last damn straw that broke the camels back, but I think were
terra from all those different years just beat my shoulder. So you know so what's this guy doing here before and after it best kind of version Yeah have a good video yeah right range of motion. Wise is, is actually deceiving because sometimes you'll fuckin' get zapped on this deal. You could bring your arm up at all and then all of a sudden, now you, like oh, shoot, I'm hill. We should not really heal you continue to do the protocol continue to do the treatment and working range of motion. If you could do it one time you feel great, that's right, shooting threes, you're single, backed up yeah, so so in the Damian Maia fight, you hurt your your show. Like with one of the first punch through right, guys, I knew it happened because, I know I know it's what they call suplex or dislocated whatever so I saw opening my arms the side of his face.
So I saw a left eyeball already almost closed. So I said I finish: to go ham on file. Do the punch- and I felt my shorts go down and let it so then I was like. I can't lose a fight. I cannot do take my belt. So at this point I say I'm a throw straight punches. Ann reaction, and I see my powerpoint on material. So a couple times I forgot, and I threw it and kind of went out again and he took some shots and I left him up and it kind of went out again so three or four times in a fight, I can fellas just go like a whole like five or six light bulb. Just crushing your shoulder. But I had that pain before and I'm I mean it sounds stupid. I'm blessed Out of this one 'cause, I know what it felt like right and I know that the only pain that I'm going to feel Next and when I try to go that direction or any overhead right that she was going to be wrapped. So when I stayed here, I just do straight punches and there's a couple times. I blitz it for it and I wanted to punch- and I didn't punch because I didn't feel confident with my head.
So you, you kind of knew something was wrong. He just didn't know exactly what it was. I knew I knew I knew his suplex, so I knew a dislocated for sure little heggeman was told that I was praying that it wasn't 'cause you can. She do that slip it out without it tearing, but most time when you do that, as a result are these muscles fatigue in you punch it too hard making contact with your target and then your whole muscles will just kind of like the best way. I can explain everything. Jennifer, so you tried to re. Have it for a while right, yeah right to the woods try to do? May I did. I did our treatment. I do regular physical therapy, I mean the MRI. Mri gets him or, as I have one doctor, tell me that you know I didn't have to do it. Could one acted, can care less then. Finally, I went to Doctor Andrews and he was like you know what. How long do you plan on fighting for and I hate when people ask me 'cause, I thought until I get tired of fighting. Any as I well. If you think you're be.
Fine, then don't get it done, but if you want to have a career and you want to be able to constantly punch, he said watch a video. He said you make your with your hand. He said if you want to go out there and punch and be confident let me go in there and then we clean it out. Let me anchor it down, we'll shoot. Some in sales and pr in there on the way out of the surgery we aggressively makes you get in range of motion and you'll be back in their position. So I just today, my as far four four world title fights in a year. If any They deserve to touch up something they hurt in a fight. Is me so I decided to go with it. I was so close man, even always until the day of surgery. I was like man I don't want to do. This now you wanna dance surgery. Now will you still training? We still throwing punches yeah? I was training and what did feel like when you throwing punches mean so I got I got it. I mean straight. Touch is a law that, if I thought a straight portion, I didn't turn my body over, and I was just one question Jim heard, Father up, because it didn't I was shadow boxing pads in the bag
but the overhand right it was not feeling it was not a happy. So shoulders are such a weird joint. You know there's so much motion. Even now like you're, going to rehab now, like part of my protocols with dumbbells, I can, I can slice chatterbox, but if I come out here I mean you can just see this either way. My body is starting to get alarm, I don't feel comfortable yet, but you're. Only how many days out of surgery two weeks two weeks is nothing yeah! It's amazing that you can move it I'll, be back I'll, be back training in a couple months, wow this art machine and then with stem cells and prp. It's like the world is a different place now for internet issued in two thousand and eight, italian. I rehab myself. I took some a rehab book. I had all photographs from the sports medicine people they gave me and I put them all in it together and I made my own workout and I did it religiously twice today, but it's not the same somebody stretch you every single degrees, every direction, every plane watch,
your growth in actually been a specialist. I was just doing she cried. I my shoulder messed up and I just started fighting When I first started, I was wrestling coach for Tl Alvez, Eve hours, Dean Thomas I wasn't really a firefighter. I had a couple amateur fights, but I don't know if I want to do this yet another, then I have a shoulder surgeon like in man I don't know how to handle and pay for this. So Ganaway rooms? American top team guy, didn't know what the FUCK american top team was. He brought the satellite school to University Missouri, where I was he at in the gym. He want to pay for our weight, room wrestling team and I'm like well. She, let me montereina his gym, and I wouldn't trade his jam and I work from four times so I can get insurance. So I can get the shoulder surgery and she had after that I said, let me get his fighting, which are and I wasn't even I was at it. I was just doing just to see what it was like, but that's crazy. It's crazy when you think about how successful you've been at it, and I had a lot of chances to quit too broke in debt.
Fifty grand in debt, my Mycosis. I can do this shit, I'm right, I'm a full time coach, I'm negative day, fifteen Thirty days. May I can't even for the gas when gas member of gas first hit, I was gay ninety nine cent, gas and all of a sudden with three dollars at the brokers. Point of my life as I held that so I, did that, and he said you know what you got a future in. And he said I got a suit alone. I was in graduate school, he said, take out a student loan, so I took, student loan in graduate school. Find my information. Wow. Finish, graduate school wow that's crazy, yeah, it's crazy that it worked out the way it did now, I'm of war chest it. It worked out. She I will complain about it day, to try to pay me. Fifty grand less known being fifty grand in debt, you know, like tables, have turned quite a bit yeah, it's fascinating! Isn't it when we look back if you look back ten years ago,
Ten years ago, god I can't believe I've been fighting for what is it one thousand two hundred and thirteen years now, two thousand and five was my first fight wow nerds, now the world Champs so at this rehabilitation. They said they're they're like to throw punches inside of two months and then when Would you be able to like fully training, they think three months three months I mean grant with this urge you can hear someone say four months you can have six months, some people take a full year it is a hold. A surgeon is how aggressively they push you an, and why you need to give out? I got a bill to defend. I have money to make and I got people asking me so I gotta get back with that said, I'm going I called you'll see a like. This is I'm world champion. I need What I'm going to do it three days a week, I'm not a senior citizen. I need physical therapy approved for five days away, I need this game ready ice machine. I need to do prp in six weeks. They should want me to get back and you
they they they listen to me and say you know what he's right. You know, give him whatever he won't give him, so he can get back and get in fighting, because I was fighting extremely often for the now, so you are living in Saint Louis yeah. I got a house in Saint in I'm Louis here every week, doing Fox TMZ I didn't know you different tv things. So what are you doing on Fox I do I'm doing your see tonight. Brian Dcs out in training camp, so anytime DC, Bisbee or whatever I'm usually gotta, fills in well you'll, see tonight you have to come out here and do that every week, why no, they don't license Abe. Is me you hey DC, don't watch as a mom snag a damn job. The permanent out here 'cause. I had a good show yesterday, but I want to watch out. Do you like doing it? I love doing it. I love getting out of the box. That's why you know. I know we probably get into later. That's why I just the company today, just I'm calling her to the Adam Hunter. Had you up with the dying was a bar, because I feel like acting is what I'm going to do after I get done a and if you
be okay with being embarrassed, not being uncomfortable and really not. Given the fact become a great actor if you have the gift. You going to put in the work, so I've always put into work. I'm not worried about that, but if I got a cry college douche bag not that I'm not used to being. I can be a tough guy that could be great AJ. You know I mean you know film, is you know we can watch a film and mimic it price mimic Friday. You cannot tell me, I wouldn't smokey, I was say, just like Chris Tucker like I was really in for the movie, but he didn't have anybody to look at. He had a script. He had to bring it to life and you know we really critical and actors, and I just want to be the weakest link, everyone film. So so that's what want to do when you're done with all for sure for sure, videos that always been an aspiration or something you saw is like a way to do it after it's over there a lot of stuff. You know, I don't really even like fighting three on this yeah, I'm just good at it. What don't you like about
I don't like the politics behind it. I don't like the martial art aspect has been taken away from it. I don't like to disrespect to the guys are not really training hard, they don't look the part. I think professional athletes should look a certain way I really just don't like to use this generation of fighters at watching. One tv we're going to try to do it. They don't my drill repetitiously. They don't want to actually put in the work. How does that affect you, though? It effects me because I support is also the fans and the fans actually culture who gets to fight and if a guy's going to talk enough and so I went fly suits then this day and age, that's good enough for a title shot and I think there's disrespectful to Everybody came before that member that go ten, and did you get the phone call from New Jersey? Give Connor item lobe, often in UFC and five hundred record he's you see, and I just is ways at the sport is taken a love out of it, but I
find a way in Wayne in my opponents taken all their tools away from them. You know dean, Thomas out to them and Duke Roufus, Fuckin' masterminds. So I take pride net take pride in going in there. Now I get hit did not people out whatever you say you don't like fighting you like all those things you don't like to what other people are doing. I love training. I don't like what I don't like the what the spurs become so this is an interesting thing to talk about, because a lot of people have different. Review on that. In one hand, a lot of people like that, the traditional, martial arts approach of respect for your opponent and just fighting to the your abilities and let the chips fall where they may, whereas people say well: listen to get people to show up to get asses in seeds. To get view buys this some drama in some entertainment value to it, and that's where someone like Conor comes in two colors. Only one is done. It yeah well run a little bit run it it a little bit. Conor is done at the back
and he actually puts in the work right here she before she has an idea, but he didn't hit his mouth, his mom was louder he's. Actually s try the best at it. He's he better than Connor Edit convert close, but Connor actually delivers, are more than more of what he said he's going to do it in a child, in our degree, so If you got to think of anybody, who's proud both work together best, I would have to say Connor Knox a lot of guys. I've tried to call the round he's only last, a few fights total, an even those fights those risk masher or fighting a guy switch to PO. In this note is different way class. You know he seconds risk and rewards that if you lose not really that big of a deal you know just a really all my God, dropping down to the bottom of the pack, but other guys that haven't done it, don't have the skills ain't put into work. I mean it kind of really just
see the trend right. There is a trend right now that it is easy. So, incredibly, disrespectful very rude, and you know you saw what happened with Colby Covington and you know at least we start doing he's letting meringue I mean yeah, they present charges, I mean, and as we've, well this car equipment and there's a lot of attention being. Placed on him. Now I mean- Let me see it's it's nicely effective. Let me see how much attention to me, but it is effective in the moment. Right I mean don't want effective in stuff, it's effective in a moment. I'm gonna tell you why because sometimes people, comma? Sometimes my sports is like nothing going on with life like with this kid talking. She, let me listen to him right right there at that point, ain't Connor was around it wasn't around. So I wasn't around who is UFC really projected as a star sage, Northcutt had a few bumps. Paige Vanzant had a few bumps. They trying to push up- and I know but what started today have so if you
this person is willing to go crazy, even though we know as WWE to present really not getting slammed. We want to live in a moment anyway. We want to go for the villain. Who has you really be beyond even my we'll do what was out top fifteen victory- well. The Damian Maia was a big one, but that was a big one, but he was one, but he was unmotivated and he was a guy that already had his title shot San, you know he's getting then age. What is really his motivation? I wrote the book on how to be daily. And he didn't even read the book he just do it because no part of the book say that did you jitsu guy, funk you up and bloody your face club Cindy there about. So I didn't do that. You know. Even but my right arm being messed up, so yeah yes, I'm just looking like how many followers do you have yeah. Thank you, have a big following before that that was his biggest fight. Those was the big coming out on his credit on them. In my eyes, you gee, you know, I don't one is critical. We, but you know for you to, for for me,
He have some people your resume. Have some. You know I Derek military, Stephanie, Paul, Daley Jordan minutes before I even got new UFC. My first fight, Jaron, who had only been stop by George Saint Pierre last. One I been actually never was closed and had one every fight after that, so I never had it easy fight. All my guys was either former champion a content is a former. You know people that or interim champions well, you got a list like that. You don't get the respect Koscheck check Condit, Can anyone around you don't get the respect from who from five. Oh, my god, Ok, that's why we understand that the respect you definitely get respect watch this when you think Robbie Lawler, ok, Carlos Condit, right right. There are different category, as it were to you that I'm the champion not be both of those guys when you mean by a different category, I see them in a category then this might just be me. I see them is in the category is if you talking about
they're it going into hall of right and all John cash check. Kind in and Robbie Lawler, and you know this Guide, Anderson Silva down all those different guys, but it's funny that I have he did these guys minute. You're, crazy, you're, talking crazy, I don't think so. No, you definitely talking crazy. The champ. I know, you're actin like people, don't respect you as the champ spec. They were so nice to see about eating like that. Carlos Condit gets more respect, a runner log, it's more that's crazy, close kind, it gets more respect to me. Robbie Lawler gets more respect me from yeah sure, even guys, even guys that I defeated like you know Stephen Thompson, These are get more respect to me. I'm not gonna say that, but people are willing to be like. Oh my god, you know tell Dana said tell them to get in the cage with Tyron Woodley is hey tire tell them to get occasional, Stephen Thompson on the seven fight win streak, not going everybody think I would've really super
style that took me months in a fortune bringing all these fucking crazy, Thai Kwando Raymond Daniels, all the best of the best to train, to beat him right nobody gave me that pass. I give know why you concentrate on that. I don't but you are because you're talking about it, I'm not because she knows me when you have these ninety thoughts on Sony's wired through the shelling local channel. Tell me this is all nonsense is wasted when you're wasted energy. You think, when you think about that, it doesn't matter to me, because my path is pretty clear. What I want to do. I would be the best current. I want to be the best what's with reigning defense, undisputed UFC fighter you in two thousand and seven when there was a shift right now what what is in the middle of last year on the middle of LAS Connor and they find supervisor that are bigger than a world title, because I didn't know, I know you as much. They don't know you as much yet and whether or whatever look
there's a weird enigma and whatever reason why that got caught fire the way he did it's. A weird combination of personality results: skill lot of Ireland. Ireland is a big factor I mean if Connor was from Nebraska, I guarantee it was a big thing. She too is not just a big cock fight country, the L T and the love that those people have for the people that fight from Ireland does not not there's nothing like that. Yes, it's It's a weird anomaly! So he's just weird aberration and he gives people almost like false hope of. What's possible. I don't know if it's possible with a lot of people, just it just it's lightning in a bottle, for whatever reason it worked with him, but he started himself into what happened here. Come the jumper cables boom boom you'll see put the machine behind them right. They def. And it makes sense it makes sense machine behind him. There was giant hordes of people fly. In from Ireland. I remember one of some of his earlier Faisal's like and I commenting on it. I was saying this is a guy
who's on the undercard and they're acting like this is the main event of a paper view they've flown from Ireland, the audio, is filled with thousands of people that flew from iron. So I guess I number imagine medallion does, even then it was insane when he I don't know about the you know, it's funny, somebody who making can like kite. Macgregor's is huge star, another that I'm like that's when he first got into UFC and I'm like I don't even know who the Fuxk it is. He said he was trying to convince me now he's a superstar. He did it at all and then Every time I get a chance, I said you are right here and then with this move again that being a superstar and he loves it, they created, because at that moment I think I was going to write fried onion Kim and he kept on my discount Mcgregor. So I said, let me look at his mind. Let me look him up because You obviously got a boner for this dude the mobile, might all right he's good. I get it let me see your beautiful people and in if he can be Dustin Pourrie. Then I'm down give him his props, I'm not
important doesn't break all right, but he's one hundred percent. Jeff basals yet, but it's what else this is going on. That's so weird, is he not just legit he's also this unbelievable personality that people are drawn to him that no one can manufacture that like he's he's rehearsed at he's practice that he looked in the mirror he has natural. With he's he's in the goal risky and say some below to bill share, and he This is research. You don't come in a press conference, just you know, smoking. You like the front row of a comedy, show he looking into some deep shared when you get there, you kind of stumble so you're right He has that he also has my He also has so happened to do. Eighty percent of shady says you can do so now he's the funking Messiah right, but you can't say
the UFC is not gotten behind you or people. Don't give you the respect you deserve. That's why you're not in the same level as you say that, but you said that him and Connor or Super fight, I'm saying that he has gotten it and he said that he had gotten it and he has lived. To what he said he's going to do in the top of that you gotta you gotta, be able to fight, and he can fight. He's been able to talk so now, I'm not only generate the pay per view, buys to get people interested he's actually going to deliver of but again Josie Otto of stop as he gets Eddie Alvarez in a crazy. You know back to back fights. We would need but don't you think that you're in an unusual situation. First of all, because you win the title by spectacular first round knockout against Robbie Lawler right under evil knockout, but then we have the most awkward and difficult guided defend your title against yeah, Wonderboy Thompson is a very unusual opponent and it's hard to look good against him and at all all the people that fought him your
the only guy that put him in danger not once but twice and the way you fought him. I've and the way you fight a many times. Is they look? If you look at tactically, if you look at technique and you look at the the art of fighting, that's the way to find him. If you're a guy like Tyron Woodley, a powerful punch, it was a great wrestler. Who's got one real one punch not going to open yourself up? wonder boy in Russian either exactly don't get picked apart, you're not going to I him the way he wants to fight We did, as you laid back a lot and people booed a lot because of that, but when you connected you were the one that heard him in those two fight he was the one that was in big trouble in both of those fights not you His file was, it was it was not. For me, I'm never know. I got the same thing into my a fight, but at the end of the day, if someone's attempt take you down multiple times over twenty times. It's
to get in any type of change. Every time you swing to one one shot to gather. My fight was tough to have because your injury, but you got to go back and look We could like Anderson Silva's dark days. There was a dark days when did Anderson Silva fought, Damian Maia, where nobody want to have anything to do with him after that file? Anderson Silva fight when he fought several fights where he had just boring results and people weren't interested in him fighting anymore. One spectacular, knockout and everybody's back I will give you one spectacular knockout to get the belt and then everybody slow we forget about it: moments later 'cause at the time Stephen Thompson said no, where the fight Robbie and I think he's going to win anyway and not at all and then the thing I'm supposed to be just so graciously like God. That's fine, the honor and not you want to fight Robbie right. You see Rob who's going to win. You say you personally prefer to write what fight rob, because I've been waiting around. You know that wasn't the case, so you set this up. So
I don't think that I'm just going to give you my spotlight and say: hey, you know what the others do. This know if I'm in a table been set, I know there is no. A d is out there take the is out there. You are same peers, Michael Biz means God to have. The name they have. Status, that I'm trying to get you those are the guys I want to fight. I want to knock those guys down, because now I can continually each myself up fighting him while he's trying to get the same thing, I'm trying to get white help, pull you out with me. If that's the fight, they wanted me to fight with one. They never offered me the fight. He said something, then the UFC thought I will take the files the first time they offer me if I accepte it. So when all if you like. Oh my god, you don't want to fight trying to pick his fire that he just got the belt unless you so weird You listen, I'm talking about too many people saying things that you're responding to that are irrelevant. I think, is the people that there are in the organization. I got it, you know you're,
the people that I don't deal with that in in that regard, but as far as like people that are analysts and experts auto- and it is far as of like those social media like I really don't read social media good. I post because I want to post and I live alone. So that's what I said and I'm not saying what San who it is, I'm not saying that the fans are making me feel some type away 'cause. My my path is clear. I want to be the greatest welterweight of all time, Brian, whatever it takes when I get opportunity I'm trying not to out okay at all times Stephen Thompson, his can type of fight. As you say before, look what happened? Robert Whittaker, Russian, look what happened when this guy right yeah, those guys that people are getting killed with it. Forget it forget all this yet and also realize how tough it is to take him down and get the cage. Remember how fast he pops up. So why not give myself thirty one foot, then, if I want to double check, I got the whole place to stretch across some blacks among you. Don't have one point scale power, so even if back is against the octagon. When I go for a shot, I got the whole entire. I forgot to take them down versus pressing them. Go for the takedown him and the
age or both defending my shot and then try to you know, do some razzle dazzle, so no issue with the him, or Damian. My a I don't think, there's another way to fight him that I'm less and I love you or another. I did I did hear he did take my a series. He train the way he didn't bring in the top jujitsu Jitsu guys like whiskey, Is it a spartan, kick box and look good and never had to take a shot, Actually I put myself in positions. I know I'm never going to be in you never going to take me down never going have my back, I'm never going to be mounted but I'm training to ship anyway, just in case. Savannah Bananas. Can I get clipped with a punch? So George? Mas it Just went away. I Washington fight. He was surprised, even the stuff that Steven Thompson hit me with. Never surprised me I got would it heal and uh some good shots? He's really quick, I mean I'm as a disposable he's, quick. Those once get to you fast he's long and are bouncing. You don't even know what the hell they going to do on what are you about to do? What do you about to do? You can
watch his performance until he didn't do the proper work same thing with me, my heat will call me like trying to take me down? Stop the shot and just knock you out, that's not how it works You got to bring in guys that know his half cart. How hooks ankle Holly sweets, how this is from one side to another. What happens grab around your waist, if you give him his back, that's how you can lock up I travel guide. I'm with him and the guys would have. The day we my on a map that way I got out there had it taking me down out of been prepared, get away. Get back to my feet. Do you think that having a chip on your shoulder in some way helps you like all these people. Now you in some way you have to prove yourself. You know that others that down the best. Like you meeting with China one day and I stopped practice, and I just had a brain fart I'm thinking about your Saint Pierre and I something about all those skills and something about Robbie and all the top welterweights. And I said I'm the fucking best in the world. Nobody, asked me nobody stronger than me work as hard. I do? Nobody has all
the skills to striking the wrestling. Did you get sued? The defense of timing, the explosion that uh Since I've been in wars. I've been in close fights, I've been in fights or not people out I've been at also one. I decided that I'm the best iso I carry myself as if I was already to champ and that's why I had champ camp before I even had the belt it was when was this around like which fight right, Schitt Robbie right before right before Robbie, I was supposed to not Champ camp actually supposed to start with. Will Johnny be Johnny, had some complications that make it to the scale. So they told me, I was fighting Robbie yeah. I remember talking to you backstage one day at one of the way ends and you were frustrated and you were like when the fuck am I getting my title shot. Well that You know that this is a thing the game changes and sometimes they want to see I slid out before they make a call dad never want to be an alliance and you are definitely getting a title shot right.
A couple times and what happened right and they pulled out. So I Kelly, gallon gasoline was supposed to be this condition if rican he miss way by. Ten pounds in you know for me: I don't like this, you don't act like you so signal you didn't make weight and why happens when you don't make way you actually didn't have to go through and suck your body all the way down to scratch. Wait like I did so you should actually look better, so I don't want to go. He was sick and that's why you know he had a chance, he just never going to beat me a bottom He was the one that was huffing and puffing. He couldn't hit me couldn't land any significant punch I landed and after that fight, you know it was some screw go to file my okay. You made a grapple with him, so you can try to take my back the renegade everybody else you want. Exchange with him and let him get into the fight when I know I'm faster than normal sharper. He can't hit me. I got better. Defense all the time he's pushing me against the case. I heard score said: no, no, no don't go. There don't go. There is terrified
The car shack thing was going to happen to him, so he backed up every time. He pushed me to ox nard, while when I play on that, you know maybe so when people look at that, he was said that he was going to get a title shot I'll, never remember that they said it gasol be tire to will get a title shot people saying that they were saying that they weren't saying that they didn't say the Tennessee dinner White said: if Kelvin Gastelum Beast tired, he's getting a title, shot remember he had already been coach selected for the coach. He got the coaching about the loss after missing way by Temple and they told me he would never fight at one hundred and eighty five again. If I talk to fight, let me one hundred and seventy again if I took the fight so he'll, ostomy, Sway, still got the tough coaching job, and on top of that, he was going to but I wish I had he beat me, but why do so again it comes to this chip on your shoulder thing you feel, like everybody is against. You know you do a little.
I don't really want me to the no you do this. What if what you're saying so things that you sent us and I'm just saying that I know I know the I know the deck of cards I got and I'm not a play the stack already. The deck of cards ours is going to come a moment when I'm a superstar when Is it a moment? I have more leverage at this time, I'm not at the point we kind of Mcgregor's at so I got it if I find the number one contender and I can vouch how to find a George same Pierre or is being or Conor and Nate. At this moment, I'm going to keep asked at get that, but have to do Georges beaten right now, George, is in an amazing position. Right George beats Bisping. If he wanted it, he dropped the title. But if you wanted to come back and fight you for, the welterweight title, that's a legitimate superfight right there I mean that makes a lot of sense. You they just want to coming off of his big fight. You don't think he does. Look. You tell Maine The you think faith George George had the chance to fight me before Bismi. He chose a vibe. Is me or maybe he felt like
Is it better for him to come back with is definitely better fire 'cause he woulda came back against me. Looking like that, George would be right back in retirement, He did not look great visiting didn't look great one thing that helped George and a his experience he loosened up is a little tight. You know, He had been an octagon before years, almost a little over two yeah little mystery right now is it for? almost four. It wasn't quite far. It's almost four 'cause. I November. I thought November you'll see the twenty fifth anniversary. I think you're right. I think it was like full of all kinds. The card yeah, for a long time. So he for him to not fight that okay, how she sure us in enough- I you have a training camp focus on a person- is tough when he came back, I saw experience cake? He relax a little bit. That's when he faked heading out. Relax, I mean you know who knows would have happened. You know right yeah, it was uh.
It was interesting because Bisping was tight and I expected I expected him to be looser big this doesn't have the guys out, but he's not a guy that you thinking you like a run boy origami or myself, or someone shot or Stevens Jeremy Stevens. Somebody is going to touch you in is over with Like I said, he's a he's, a person, that's going to be volume, he's going to be in your face great conditioning, he's very durable, an George had to make that adjustment. He said I can be an athlete on this guy we take him out and get him thinking about. The shadow took him down twice. Then we get him thinking about it. Level changes come, look very smart move and that's something that the experience of being champion allowed him to do well. There was some talk about him fighting Conor, but I didn't hear any of that from the official people and and him fighting at one hundred and seventy pounds would have been fascinating. It's in terms of like it's a terrible for Connor. You know in terms of like just physicality, once again risk and reward what happened to the greatest welterweight of all time,
yeah a lot of people going to torture him about it Another fight right now like this is not a good time, especially in his division. There's so much talent like right now. Thank you. Thank you. Wanna see he'll be right. Now, that's what I'm saying that's. Why. You think you think you think, I mean Tony said if I was Connor, which I'm not. If I had to pick a fight they're both are going to be. Hubby be, might be a bigger draw. Cuz you got it, huge huge one hundred and forty some million people in Russia might be. Draw, but they both are very annoying. Fights very dangerous. It's dangerous, Tony Ferguson, you know, I don't mushroom and find a way to get around your neck and choking he's always tired. He doesn't get tired, he looks like he's losing fights and he don't care as striking is very awkward. We can really do. An ideas did to Connor Nate Diaz definitely gamma hate you with everything you still around the economy for the damn shot.
Somethings gonna happen. If we do that Tony Tony's going to submit him here's my prediction, my prediction, counters and fight for awhile, he watch those two things trip. Am they Strip Conner he by me Habeeb and Tony fight for the world title? for you. You guys are in the car right now, but for you know she had so much rain. What's your dream to work? To be honest, is you know my dream was to really I wanted to find yours. Anne I feel like possible. I feel like if I fall, George, I can legitimately I'm the best welterweight of all. It's still possible retired how has said anything about you he one time on, like Fox Kewene, where he was going like so tired and if you thought would be your game plan. You know if you follow us, but they got x out because they don't want to get all the fans pumped up. They were fighting. Why? Wouldn't they.
Do you think that plotting against you serious senior faith Joe? He is not going to do that soon, be I am too bright with you. Want me to be like out the people against me. Listen, I forgot you to just be focused. You want me to be real yeah sure, maybe well sure do I think that people want to see me lose not. I don't think they want to see me, though, so I think that Amazon Pain in the yeah. I am, but in business at one point in any This is not the person is doing the business now, what they best interest. So if I'm an athlete and I'm looking out ' our best instruments and I'm trying to put myself in a position where you know I can I become a legend come Hall of Famer. I should do that I want to be paid appropriately. I should do that in our sport you do ideas he started. Damn you have see
We do what we say and that's it no questions you find who we want to fight you get paid. We want to get paid and that's it and then what happened? the specialist. The one trick ponies stop. Then collision athletes are getting in their college wrestlers. Kenny Florian guide them almost about being a doctor at one point, so they got intelligent people coming into the sport they just so businessmen entrepreneurs. So now. I'm looking at market value, I'm saying with these. The fact is Megan and guess what we making this if they're, making that, if I'm going to I've. This person doing this. I should do that. No one everybody's making all the numbers. To be at least fair. I don't ask me no crazy, I don't know fifteen million and all this other stuff, so we doing that makes me become difficult. Then I guess I'm just a little bit difficult, but let me let me look at it from their perspective, what they look at in terms of an athlete is worth is like: how much are they bring it in like what kind of pay view buys you get
This is your home is just what I always bring it in with the first off I'd worlds. He was making nearly as much money back then, but How much is everybody has to start a certain way you can't, but you can't throw you out and say: ok if I wonderboy UFC blah blah blah, and if you don't do five, oh well, you did three hundred three hundred thousand dollars: you're, not a draw okay, Those are promoted as a champion how was. It is a long, circuitous sort of a conversation if we continue along this way. But what I'm trying to say is There sure is a messy where there's a way fifteen dollars. It's like a circular, it's sort of a thing you know circling back around to it. What I think is as a way for if, if you want make a big super fight like George Saint Pierre, really want to make a big super fight in UFC, wanted to make a big superstar out of you. That's the fight, because one things happens either once you receive and he's even bigger than ever or you beat him and you become bigger than ever. Let's do it. That's what I'm saying to fight that makes sense, but that's that's!
sense knows trying to stop that from happening when the UFC is not willing to pay a certain amount of money, it's because they don't you're going to get a certain amount of money. It's not because they're trying to avoid getting paid if they thought that you be some enormous superstar. They could make Conor Mcgregor Type money from you, there's not I would never say we don't want to do that, because we don't give Tyrone power. They don't think like that. They think, like their numbers, people they're trying to make paper view by. And if you only sold three hundred thousand pay per view buys because the Wonderboy fight how much they can do about that. I mean it's not whether or not you are promoted a certain way as a fighters like that fight. For some of like me is fascinating, but for the average fuqing any lunch box. I want to see blood type person, that's not but the heavy use of our our tax about before the fight takes place right, but so This style they knew, the new the match up, and especially the second time
because was it was it was the fight the fighting night on the biggest card of UFC History, you'll see two hundred and five in Madison Square Garden. According to them, it was the best fight of the entire car, so that was the best fight was fine. Is that because he got the war to fight of the night yeah yeah? This is so you can get a bonus that right I mean it and when you look at the the fights in terms of like, if you could have a a card where there isn't a lot, the fights that aren't entirely significant and that would be the fight of the night. I think, there's anything wrong with that fight. I've told you before I like that fight, but it seems as if you have seen the people that are cash, any checks that they deem 'cause. They don't want to. Decision mundane and whoever, if they say that this fight was a, which means you get more money. You get more come more bucks but think about this, how different was the second. It was really kind of the same fight pretty much the same. So how is that fight fight at night and in a very exact for the fight few months later is born fight get it. What happened? It was said. It's born
uh if you says born the worst says born in Dennis this is born the world's going to say, is born so Well, I never said it was not going to say I say if you look at the result. After the fact, people might say that if you do what happened during the fight you might say it's boring to watch again, but watching it I was not boring at all, because the consequences are so grave. It's one of the things that I pointed out. If the boy up he's going to sleep. If you you up, you're going to get kicked in the head like anything, can go wrong in that fire debris David didn't say it was a boring fight. What he said was man. That way. The way you let go of him in that period. You know why don't you, do that. Every time there is, I said, Dana I said I let go is because I see it opening yeah. When I see it opening you always know me to go. Tell me one time. I see an opening. Not went, and now I had somebody heard I'm not trying to finish it. Don't you think that does just frustration for someone who's, not fighting, who says things that aren't logical to you as a guy who's.
Champion who is fighting it's these are but as people say it is digital, but his damage in when Mister President right. When the president says it especially, yeah the cultish, following whatever he is going to go if they say Damian Myers born every and then our English anywhere, if you say tire, Woodley, Demian Maia, all my God, that's fucking fight was boring. Somebody going to probably Damien, my oh, my god that fucking fires born they're, not even change a word. That's what we have so as a champion, an the position of being supposed to being promoted at that place. It becomes damaging. So now, how are you, come back and say: ok, Tyra's back is sore, fix? You want to fucking most devastating guys out there knocking working at all, but then minutes ago. You just say he was born. I mean It is very hard. Ok, I see what you're saying we're talking about two different things. We're saying is you feel like the way they talked about you after the fight was damaging and shows respect?
and also not accurate in terms of the it's a quinces of your actions in the fire and nobody- and nobody came to its like damn you know I had to find out is more of a good. Or is God in labor in the first round, and he still give a one: damn didn't dance. Get touch at all. An entire five, maybe push to a three times total and that's kind of close some of what get he was half the strong you would like to hear. No, I don't want to hear anything because I want to fight so you're saying you said I'm saying I'm saying that I'm saying it was a choice made to say one thing right, but g, but it also lies off the cuff right and that's always been the thing about him, but but is also. You can also fly the coffee in the other direction. You can also say hey. This person is fuqing next superstar, oh, my god, and God knows crazy. Oh my God, Cody Garbrandt sucking demand on my. Paige Vanzant, this alma may cesar- that you can say that was happened, did do million followers. Two million followers, and that makes a big difference but
it can happen to you at any moment? You are frustrated by the reaction to three particular fights. The two wonderful! You definitely do you want me to be down fella, I know what I want is I'm working like. I know you are and I'm not fresh. I know you are under a lot of you. Are you obviously are unhappy with certain things and unhappiness, stems from the result of three fights, but if you look at one fight before that, the Robbie Lawler fight, I mean everybody was talking about you like you, were the most devastating thing of all time. The fact that you were able to do that the Robbie Lawler yeah, all you need is one or two more fights like that. Everybody forgets about Damian Maia. What happened you want me to press right. It's up now, I don't well. Let me tell you I definitely don't. I'm really not frustrate him alone. Now you cool guy. I see I'm not frustrated, I just know my deck of cards and I'm had a very thick layer of skin, and I'm very I'm very who I am in my brain now when you look at the division, write your check
you're, the top of the food chain. What do you see in front of you like what what threats, what Would fighters? Do you think or present unique, challenges well. What do you think is next for you? If you just forget about the super fights well showing, I think the deck needs to be shuffled. I think when I come back, when I come back on I'll. Take that back Roseman is don't he's freaking he's fighting again tomorrow since March, and that man he's a guy that a lot of people are not talking about some stress for for a lot of reasons, and I I'm okay to talk about it because you know I've always been honest, he's very tough he's a good style match up for me to present a lot of challenges. Wrestling is very strong. He started to come along with his hands and I would like, if I'm a fight somebody in this it also number one container ship ship. I want to find somebody. I respect somebody like RTA, somebody like who Smith till pots These dudes are these the savages and you know not to sound cocky I think my toughest challenges are behind me then
as Condit and Lawler in at the time Akashic was almost a few fights, so you know way George, and you know those. At that moment, those This was in a lot of problems. Koshek had the same overhand right, just a little bit different wrestling, great Chan recondition condition a lot of experience you. It was. From Robbie. Lawler was a fighter year back to back. The craze. As far as we have a saying for the live, hang it open and he leaned in do have to walk through the boogeyman at the time. So for me to get bubble, guts nobody, don't that power, that name idea when he knocked me to hell out. I've never at the heart. Again in my life, you think Colby Covington push me and make me like, went and back up now look how you punishing Maya, those are as you. So if you don't have a, going great resin, defense, great condition and power in your hand, you just give me butterflies. Well, I think for sure, you have accomplished some great things and fought some amazing fights against some very dangerous challenges mean
No doubt about that. No one could deny that those fights you did just talk about. Condit, particularly. Robbie Lawler Josh Koscheck, in his prime amazing fights great results, but talk about lose. We talk about RDA. You talk about Darren till you talking about also put show amazing fight. So great, you know, I think, there's a lot of out. Landing opportunity- and I think your division is one of the most talent rich divisions in the sport yeah, I'm not just creating it. I think that I'm always uh. Or they can do so, the two dog. I didn't sneak up on me, neither still in advance. You saw him. I'm gonna tell you how to do this right, point in time. It was Brandon Thatch it was Erick Silva. It was the it was Stephen Thompson, Brandon Thatch, a silver kind of doing away Gasol when not fought me, Stephen Thompson went up so now
these the Darren till the awesome and all those guys they are in the same pool. So I'm always thinking about training. I was talking about fighting these guys, always game plan for these guys before they even come up at some point, I don't have right everybody 'cause. They got it going to cancel each other out. If his five studs on my walking to three of them, I gotta be ready, Damian Maia wasn't a surprise. I uh Demian Maia. Or so my somebody I fought in my manager was like. Do I even if I did, and I am a suck such a beason? This is this. Is this and I'm like? I know this on paper write me down as much of a match a minute vision right now. Ok, even when Ellenberger was a stud and was fucking wrecking people, because his power, his wrestling and his condition him and Johnny Hendricks also would have been a threat. What guys, where I shot a fight, and then we give Johnny Hendricks firm champion down, so I so I was going up against the US. Carlos Condit still today might be my favorite fighter.
So now watch his video. I was getting bottom like motherfuck good. I was still in his techniques, but what happened when I fought him Did he look like the same quality kind? He looked at now. I punched him. He looked like a rat He will snatch him across the across the octagon like I just kicked him in the knee and all my god he was going to win now he was getting dominated that fight because I did my homework. I respect him that much that I took all his tools and I left him make it out there in and octagon, and he had to deal with my sweet. Yeah my power, that's what I do to everybody. Nobody sees it the think, I'm just as strong as working wrestler with a hard right hand, but look at the a joint military gets me on the way, attacks happening I'll show our daily killing gas. On this is never look like that. Is anybody else same thing Steve the same thing with all my S same day. What kind is same thing Robbie is not is not a surprise. That's the way they do.
Indian and I we dressed well, will be. If I'm fighting me fight, I'm in this way take him to the late round. Kick his leg stay away from his power. Work is way. So now, I'm a formal in my game plan about what I think you think of me, then think about every that you do every skill, every talent, every menu risen. What you do when you get tired what you're going to go to OSHA, bread, butter and I get ready for those, and sometimes like Robbie, took along time took up until the week at a fight. For me to be like, I got this mother fucker. What was it that was different, he just just prices really awkwardly. He points his arms away longer. What you think he's he's got way. Better Boxing new. You think it doesn't look all like If you see somebody slip in the south, he do a lot of orthodox overhand left and upper cuts right kicks, which it's very difficult to slip off line or do any punches here, scramble any first shot. If you shoot a shot, he'll scramble you hard, you have to shoot two hundred and thirty four attempts to get him to the ground. He had
butterfly that he used to sweep to get out the ground, so we just knew are indian at any point he can play rope a he can come out swinging so that's a lot of things to think about, and then he just stand here like this and go boom and you knocked out not technique, not turning hips. He just had heavy hands. Naturally sold us all was a threat and we've seen him in wars. He I gotta go away so I had, You know from game plan that I can get around all that now when you saw the RDA, Robbie, Lawler Fight, you said that you weren't really impressed with that. Fight because RDA had him against the octagon and he was turned off for thirty thousand punches and he didn't knock him down and he didn't hurt him. He was basically just punching the punch anytime, you pun,
a punch he was your energy when he's going up in weight and he's more volume now than he was when he was fighting a party, a five yeah. I think it's fighting a you hear our energy, you get her now I mean if you, if you make the jump to make the jump. You know you can and be like I'm a I was when I was a lightweight and Now he's a welterweight he's allowed style is different than especially guy. Like you rose, which this this is my thought on Robbie Kay, a lot of people. I pick Robbie apart in the film room before I the fight was over with before the fight started, probably start out the first 32nd and string the art he ends up. First, second, thirty seconds extremely hard. Second, fourth round kind of close he's going for you going for it he'll take some get some okay. There are usually takes off. You have another set, he gets because he's confident defense he'll, let you punch and he'll block you, he will a slight, so he can get into the second gear, is not that he's so well conditioned while she fight against
hello. Why she's fighting is Rory? Why she's fight against RDA he spent same moment against acting on what he allowed opponent to punch out of the same thing with Johnny Dini, came off China get to the barn sells out is very Smart, but if everyone like he just freaking marathon runner is not so when that happened. I said: okay You had to get on Robbie Hart you going to be quick, he's been punched. A lot like I did all every fuckingg every you can think re going to fight an amish guy hit me up saying: Robbie has a flat face. You punch is fat face, he's used absorbing those punches. Go around the side portion. A crazy logic. Is that man, I use everything I can tell you how many times you step to the king left notify how many times you was right hand versus left hand it so You know I've been really secretive about a lot of this stuff, because most people just see me as an athlete they just punch hard as wrestler that you know the stuff, you know good game.
But I really overly get obsessed with studying my opponents to the point where, when models, fighting Wonderboy way here, but to do this here, but about to do that he's doing. Is he This outlook tells you there you go up here, but did it and everybody's looking at how to fuck? Do you know that say you, mother fockers, wash their fight, that I fought. He thought it was so easy. Hos in there and that Wonderboy said wonder boys G and he can take much way better I thought I hit is as hard. He went out three or four times. He just had the mentality I'm not going to lose today, I'm not going to lose today and he was rewarded for that for just saying you know what I mean oh, I got an forever have my respect, but at the the day. You got it be well to be honest with yourself, I'm honest with who I am what I do well, I'm not best and elbows after levels, yes, but I'm not going to out there and act like I'm. You know Matt Brown and somebody. No that's just deal Matt Browning. Stormy across the octagon like I will
so once I see what I do well and I you know, I can hide my weaknesses behind my strength, I can allow. My opponent is never to put me in a spot where they're going to have the advantage today. My ever put me in a position where he had me in his half car. No, never did it do you still? You didn't think that road perform. Since Robbie Lawler was impressive, your head a little well and Robbie. I mean he ran the tears. I feel in a fight now take a minor at the the from a tactical standpoint I find out. I thought he had some really good success with low kicks yeah and I thought he kind of abandoned that I was kind of surprised that he didn't do that. An Sarabi do the rope a dope arriving, came off normally, like I said, Robbie will take some Russian Hill last time you never came last only Maybe it's 'cause, he messes leg up or whatever, but just from from two people that they want to fight me next. Let me fight somebody
fought RDA seriously injured. Now those injuries have been revealed. Let's see we got here was a say. And this is destroyed, blew his ACL and Meniscus in a fight and every other thing, that's in your knee out in third round said wobbled over to the, and so it makes sense yeah. That makes sense, because 'cause, if Robbie is Ashley known for well, like think about, would worry him against octagon with Carlos Condit value comes out, comes out blasting, but it's a he said he heard himself before the final yeah. I had another article I was employed, but I found that that said yeah he was injured going into so it or as a border fighting or during the fire We still have the title of that, though, go back to that real quick, the title of it said seriously: you're going into the fight right injured, and then the entries have been revealed okay so they said, I think it said that they're around right, yeah
it's just like when you were saying that he lays makes sense yeah. So so so so he didn't, he didn't come off. You you go. The thread on his brother. Result. You can't go to the thread on as well. Nobody like him from but yeah, you know makes sense because I'm used to be coming off and get those thirty second bursts like I don't exactly not talk to Big John, what for a while about the judging right- and you know damage being yeah. Some of those fights were even if Robbie was in the more active one he's damaging people more 'cause. He punched pardon his look more aggressive but how can Carlos Condit control the fact that he just don't punch hard as Robbie Right Should you be penalized? Do you think he beat him rubbing in a fight? I have to go back and watch that again. I thought at the time a good time as you think it I don't think I did. I thought I think I thought that Hendrix that Robbie did just enough to win, but I have to go back and have to go back and watch it again
I thought at the moment the Carlos one, but I was in like all my god. I can lead again Robbie, but was extremely close. Usually if you can make an argument for either guy when I think the Robbie 'cause, he landed. The more part of groups applies in Iraq. Scarier right, I think that's why he got the not. That means something now yeah I mean a someone hits harder. It has more damage that damage should be accumulated. I mean that should be social. Also sat up, so someone's throws punches in it looks like is the fact that a person more even of the present throw more in land more than the person is the damage in place. You think she went. I think damage should count for more than punches, the don't damage. So like, if one person his elevated, they suppose a score now. Currently I don't know I mean the new it's what's interesting. Is Nevada still doesn't accept the new rules? they need to get the wrong ones right before they try to bring in a new one, yeah yeah, but interesting is the scores, are much wider. Now
Did you see a lot more tenants now? Then you just had before, which I think is good. I just think that we are system taken a system from boxing that only uses hands and applying that to takedown submission attempts. Leg kicks. You would almost have to know this guys. You world champion the fact that this guy swept him he's to score more because this guy, hi. This is no right house, but nobody's going just have that. You know insight. I think it should be, much broader system, I don't think it should be ten points at all. I think you're dealing with extreme amounts of variables. It should be like almost like a hundred point system They got my fight against Wonderboy the first time, the one that was one judge. They gave a one thousand and ten eight, the first round in a ten nine, the fourth round, translator not come down three times yeah. The ten eight was one. You almost got him in the guillotine. Is that why he know know this week? I was going in the fourth round. Yeah
and he said well, if you don't wanna, think you almost comic you team, the first round in their first fight the first ride for this one I just ground up on the hell out of him- took him down. As you beat him up for the whole round, he gay that run it eight so was the fourth and when you got him in the gift, ones are the fourth rounds. When I'm not going down again, I knocked him down again and then I'm knock them down three times it down with forgetting the judge told me he said I thought it was a ten eight round, but then you wasted a minute, a guilty listed a minute, he told me now that I had just got over this year. Right I was, I was just got. Fucking said he said that I had just got over the fact that I felt like it was some bullshit In fact, so you know whatever it is, what it is. I do it again just how long for can beat him this month. Welcome to me now you know who he is say man, I just wanna, let you know I justify an you know, I'm
when I gave you that in a in a first round intended for around and all of a sudden, my insides are burning and he's like No, I see one explain to you why you know, because I don't have a problem with you know, facing the fight is out the worse. You know Well, you did well. I was going to give you a ten round. It was crazy and you know, but then you wasted a minute to get it. I said, I'm sorry. Let me tell you something. I said around. If you woulda said ten on it, okay, I ground up on bloody him up. He showed offense. One thousand and eighteen or whatever you want to give it. I'm cool with that, and I said the fourth right. I knocked him down three times and I say I want to tell you a guillotine choke is not a not a waste and it's not a move that you can say I wasted time in so finishing move. Edit, I head Head Head Head piece bucket, tapped out. If I would have been over with so the fact that try to knock him out then his neck, I'm available to my arms. Then I grab Like an egg, and I tried show them. Then he popped his head out. Yes, he's tough!
making it through the whole onslaught of me trying to kill him, but does that give him an extra point? He said, but then he threw some punches. I said: go back and watch the fight. I said he threw a few punches from top. How many landed He said. I don't know I said, Sir, I'm over right. I'm glad I didn't say I lost the fight, but the significant damage that was landed in. If I came from me, Only knockdowns only you know I only jeopardy of someone the referee getting involved happy when I was on the end of it. So I just think the system, yeah. I really think the scoring system they just don't let it go to the judges 'cause 'cause people going as you know what bug it today, Lego City Ocean Sunday, you know I'm not going to try to not. You are not, I trust them three right. There look very trustworthy, I'm going to leave it in their hands and all my kids in my family, my bill, I'm just you know I'm living up to you know I always hate that expression. I hate it.
So some some guys don't want to be finished most guys in and see this case with a with a little bit overweight, yeah, you know of some. I just I mean I don't want to just be finished right. Nobody does it's a foolish way looking at is not just the the the best way to fight is the best way. To fight- and if you see an opening like you said, that's when you move the idea that you're supposed just rush, danger, that's how you lose in the fact that people don't know that and that people say things like at and they don't understand what they really shouldn't be talking about. Fighting man, It is a complicated thing, divided, complicated thing in this. Also, this one words like if the team doesn't run the ball. Well, they don't run the ball they pass. So if this is Steve Thompson he doesn't have to wrestle. He doesn't have to try did you get it right, he just had to stop you from doing it to him, but he's got no style, that's impossible to find anywhere else. Standing completely sideways he's thrown front leg. Kicks that could knock.
Out the social lowered stuff and he bends at the waist like a snake. He You all those years of point karate, like he's really fastened to the very two women day is, which is a pain in the yeah says. Not cut was yeah. In my opinion, spar wise was way harder than one avoid more mma experience for sure, say it also resigned kicks ages, his sidekick. She knock. I had a word on track, one of it this far sage he can. We do to Now my babies Willie I'm like dance, Thank you. Thank you. No joke, there's no job! so he he It's good. I had a kid named Chris Payne from the same background that I had, the guy name Michael Tang, who's type, one guy from or from the EAST Coast and then actually lot of people Duke. Actually his original base was Thai Kwando. So having all those it wasn't fun. I mean it was That was many rounds. I did not win. I mean sage. Northcutt kick my eyes for a couple of days, 'cause I couldn't figure
How to how to get up on him without getting kicked in the sidekick right now. You gotta think about it, like damn door. How close do I get to him before he moved his side, so you know totally different style of movement and wonder boys, probably the best World is good. It's it's a very complicated fight and that's why almost an easy out to me, but he his his manager, trying to get too much money say that again Michael Venom page. So really I bring him out so he wanted to come out, but his manager You want me to bring him, bring the manager I mean the friend him all money in all three different separate cars, for say I love you. I think I am what kind of money I got, but we not doing that for three days. Well, you made a big change in your life when you started training with Duke and a lot of people. Don't know that before that you really didn't have like a man trainer, which is- the impressive gains been with me for a long time, but as far as a coach
everyday. I put myself through stuff. That was all I was doing so poorly before do, It was just me, I had a gym. I will say: hey guys, are going to start this time. We're going to do this. I would you know No try to just my weaknesses and I've been really blessed to have the man success. I had without having a full time coach. Then it just got to the point: that's hardiness it man whatever. Cost me or whatever I gotta pay. I need you the whole time I said because I can't do it- I've been winging issue. I can't keep doing that, but it was interesting that you told me that it was your son's idea. File yeah, you got a good memory to go to Duke, could take some notes now membership. Yeah my son. I had who's doing embedded thing and then so where we going tomorrow like either tomorrow is so under humbug. Like reading fly to Florida, may indeed or we Milwaukee the in my my son there and he said, I think, You should go to Florida club turn sharing with Ben Askren and Anthony Pettis
those guys and I think, we should go in Milwaukee walking outside Milwaukee. Yet so I said welcome morning I said thank you were going to Milwaukee. So then guys they actually drama quality in getting tired falling asleep. So the the you guys, drive my truck up there and we went out there. This is cold negative fourteen degrees. I was like man, this sucks, I'm at home in a week and by Eve out there, who a never been in a call in his life, he has at least one die but yeah I went out there and then Duke is always invited me to come out. He don't invite a lot of guys, but Duke from Ben from Anthony, always thought those guys killing s balls and after I talked to Duke now I under Duke's brother was a southpaw, so his main sparring partner, he learned all the tricks on how to defeat his southpaw. So I'm like how did Anthony all
because every time you go get somebody the opposite. Stance did great against him. So if you do the math everybody, I thought the model had seven fights women, softball, Robbie, Wonderboy I guess a wonderboy again all Kelvin Gastelum Dung. Kim all of the south and all difficult guys at south and guess what everybody else in front of. Southpaw, softball, RDA Robbie was salt. Became a southpaw. So you get all these guys that are solid. Fossil is made sense for me not only that he made fighting fun again. I wasn't having fun with it. He made it I want to learn. I felt like a kid again and you know there's a great morality, jim- and you know it was- I felt very specific two hours and I feel like I wasn't doing any training just pushing slash and flipping it just to say I did it. Everything had a function and I felt better and I look better and you know I did all this training. I was running my fucking. Into the ground,
doing all this. You know three four day, training and looking all crazy and I got into the scan. It never showed people like damn man target on gaining muscles. You got out of Muslim for my guitar solo, right now, I'm doing all this extra work. But it a show, not Octagon gun there. So. I would do indeed- and they forced me to tyrant trust us you doing too much, and it's not if you're aspiring is affect because you're sure condition and is no. The supplement is taken the and we're not in funding we're fighting you. Barring is number one anything it take for your spring to be the best. That's what we've got to do so we gotTa More do lessons condition in We got to actually do none just bar. If we got it, there's been times I go in there and have it. This one day, and I said I'll see you in the morning we doing this again. We run it back 'cause in the practice room. You can run it back in real life. You can't So I'll take advantage of you know the playground
if we in practice- and I think now I just love right and again I love training. I love competing. I love Winnie the minute where you know you want now how much time. Do you spend in Milwaukee? Do you just move your whole camp there? early cardio, most of the time I had to spend some time in Florida because they were my I'll, be a complete idiot. If I didn't take part of the you know the version two black belts in american top team, it really depends on a fight at usually try to get at least four weeks with Duke the good thing about do do doesn't have a huge ego and he knows does well, but he works well with other coaches. That's why him in has been so. If I to bring in another striking coach, another training partner or somebody else. He opens up the door for that because, at the end of the day, the goal is for me to be the champion state champion an rich golden greatest was one of our time. You guys are great, so so so so smart guy, if it was not for that, you know be a little bit difficult and all
So then we gotta realize I've been american. Top team should say one Dan Lambert is never. Been in a blue about where I'm staying, where I'm going. I've always called him and for him to give me the ability to go and get some, The coach is also been very helpful. Now he's another amazing guy to impose valuable guy and- and I may think about the amount of money that he spent an american top team before he made any money, I mean that guy poured money into mixed, martial artist. You forwarded into it and created one of the. Greatest facilities on the planet, earth for MMA, especially the new place. Suppose it he's great too but as a coach. What I really respect about Duke is not just the fact that he's got this incredible wealth of knowledge, but the soul, humble yeah, so like down to earth and chill yeah. You know I mostly jeez are the people, the people that really just know they don't have to prove it days like that. Do strike that LAN, It was like that some guys had overly want to show you and stuff those are the people that are kind of insecure or where they at its cautious. So I can cause. I mean you share with you, alright
but they got it like get so sensitive. I'm never seen it before. So I just don't want to deal with it yeah. Unfortunately, it's in my boxing coach, like that to Eric Brown for wildcard, I've been sharing with him since two thousand seven, two thousand and eight so he's the same way. So now, when you're out here, like times your home and when you're home, what kind of stuff do you do like if you're not injured, if you're not recovering from the surgery like what? What stuff do you do at home? Hey go. My kids go to football practice, go to rest practice, take everybody school pick, everybody up play video games. About like training, I'll join you don't train at home. Sometimes not much. Really, you don't do anything. I just sent the conditioning with my God, Derek Fairchild, an I got a I got up and come in featherweight, there's really fast and good boxing, so I play around with him a little bit. I might run it might hit the bag by diverse climber, but when this camp time out, when there's not a camp town on both family, that's interesting, so you don't you're, not com.
Simply train. No now, let's see do you feel like they used to do you use to watch change that because I stopped like MMA Oh ok! So now you feel like your kind of burnt down, but I never stop watching. I'm always watching film, I'm always in my obviously working on Fox I gotta break everybody down. I was I just I want to want to miss the shit I want to want to get back in. I want to hear somebody name. They fight me and I want to get nervous a little bit and watch some film and see what they do well and then, let's get this thing, let's get this together. So right, everything out this map out the training count, let's get our partners. Let's do we need to do and let's get after that, that takes away the pressure for me. Right will bless you with his injury and the fact that three months and you should be able to probably start training hard when he, when you look to defend the belt again you know, I can probably will probably fight um April, be kind of pushing it, but
May June July, usually Park July. Fourth party chat away. Today, that's a good one right away today, and that's probably like Main event, July, whatever the hell we can July. Fourth weekend used to international fight yeah, that's that would be. I mean, that's, why the biggest chance to get a big fight. That's what I want files your manager would be something that we got. So July, probably hanging There is no fight in between it. That's going to make sense for me to do George, says retired or retired, what did he do? Just just gave up the belt right sure, search. I don't want to speak for George 'cause. I like yours. I like him too, so I don't want to speak from Georgia, smart. He he he plays the fact that he don't. I don't really speak English here. More focus, smart this was the right fight K. Think about it. This mean into all. The middleweights wasn't really the best middle weight.
We all everybody want to find Disney right. So if George which is going to go up, find for another belt another legendary move fight, a guy that does not have the punching power maybe cannot take him down, maybe cannot stop to take down and for once, George probably had a punch punching power advantage against Bisbee? So with that said, it made a lot of This one do that they also had a lot of history: training together. That was a big part of it yeah George's eyes. He very successful again take training and he was he was kind of worried about the size. Oh yeah, he came, he was like hey. So how much you think Disney way, I'm like This is really really worried about that. There was talk about you finding biz being at one time. I know you guys, would it, but we got back. I would like to if I right now, I'm good I'm good to fight in their way I actually offered to fight George at Middle Anne, give up my belt at Walt. And just fight him if I lose the plug in,
right middle weight. Title then I lost my building. Now I'm going to SAM sausage head. You know, I guess to the bottom of the bottom of the deck. But when you, I think they kind of ball, Z, say I'll, find a middle way and I'll give my build up. If that fight doesn't happen. At that point, I feel like somebody might not want to well. It's hard to say right, because he only fought once in four years and there's no timetable and his return and no thought whatsoever. Though there's out of weirdness in this, for right now is so much rests on January 20th. So much rest signing gonna versus the bay, because I think that fight is going to be gigantic. For the sport is image, I get it for the sport and then you know, I think steep pay is use overly working and over you know me. He he had a Why would he like have one of my family and my shot? Finally got it took advantage of it? I was in a similar situation like when am I going to my got to took advantage of? It agano has very scary.
So here you know, knock you out regular and that's the best thing he will hit you and you fall off. Each year by ocean they won. If you alive still it's kind of like I we did the key here over here. Oh my god, do you see the mean when it was like the pass? Candy yeah, his name is back in his head almost touched the spine. That was insane knockout. He knocked him he's he's freaky in his. Speed is power. Anna stories, incredible, I mean you want to talk about a story. That's like right. Out of a movie, guy was homeless five years ago- and now the sudden, two years. If I so appreciative so happy, you know, fuckin' hands would like two times the size of my you shake it shake his head before. He feels weird. Like you look like you shaking a loaf of bread, I don't mind and I told his boxing coach and like man, I do not envy you, man, you get punched in their body protector. Another
Now you say you could put it on said. No, I will not go turn it. No, not about that life he's something special, so we think will happen in a fight if I was take him down, but hang on it's going to try see if they got a good chain, but I wouldn't test it against him. No, don't touch that he's going to try to close the distance and grab him and try to draw. I think you should I think you want to show everybody I'd stood up ovary my I said a dog, Jds acid or offer Recio. I said over all these guys totally different thing. Right now said I know I know they're overly define on his coaching staff. I don't know what they're thinking I think you should post to take downs, take down a ground and pound, where his arms out make make Engano fight him to stop again, take down and see if you take, steam often hands. That's what I think too, and I think that the clinch is going to critical over and got the clinch on. We could do anything with it and was college. Wrestler cpa's got got good wrestling skills
is known more as being an overall well rounded mma fighter, but I think he's gotta get that clinch. I think, standing in front of inganno is just you're, just you playing russian roulette one of those bullets going to land, I'm not in front of them in not even just in the even if we do it appears. I'm not hey you too, closely movie, oh big gas over there who who, when he connects it's just it's something different. People always ask me to do you think they want in Ghana to win. Do you think they're trying to set this up? So he can win. Do you think like, as far as the asset he's an amazing story. If he was the champion it would be very marketable, and I don't want to see that yeah I mean the firefighter with the raspy voice. I don't think there's I think, of Steve Bacon Turn Francis back. That's very market two, I think the you if you when, when he has the the he broke the record right yeah, he will. He will break right, which is crazy, boo defenses. I know
crazy, the heavyweight division is and always has been. You know all The most anyone has ever done is Kane Kane's done two defenses right, damn that's crazy, right can hold the office Canaanite. And fourteen lead game rock. Kane has so many injuries man's HANS. Dentally injured the poor guys constantly getting surgery. Did he freaking out. I know my man over there LAN's from Ohio so far to Columbus, Columbus are cold as hell out there, fuck yeah it is. I was just out in Canton not longer. Played in NAM the Hall of Fame, who I know your seat champions, defend the belt more than twice have you a champion. So what does it say? It didn't say whether it's Kane Kane, Kane yep is yeah. This is why
Yeah, I think stupid is a version that came with less injuries, it's a little bit more, but you know just pressure and punching endurance. Yeah yeah see basic base, he's. Definitely a beast. Look. It's gonna, be a tough as five for sure in in Ghana's career. But what's what's it mean if Steve Bacon win it's amazing? and it solidifies his position as the baddest man on the planet. But there's something about in Ghana knew that is it's uh it's more. It's more in enticing to people is also the fact that steep a has been in so many wars. In his chin. Who's been touched a lot of times, so he has a great chin, but you don't want to keep testing. That's why she gets to do like in Ghana would awkward power. Yeah? My round g Santos fight was crazy, long fight and he had I'm down marine down. So it's a tough one, but the thing is like
We know so little about in Ghana's, ground game. We know so little about his ability to overcome adversity. He just been smashing people yeah. I agree. I said I said the other day. I think that Steve has been in a tough fight. She's been knocked down and he's on the five If I Ko shrink as well. Like I mean in this against tougher artisan Mcdonald's, knocked out it so exciting. Right now, man there's so much talent. Who's your favorite site on on time and what happened to be because I'm here I don't have a verified MAX Holloway I love maximum skill and I like his style too, because his style is, he overwhelms you. He doesn't he's not knocking anybody one shot. He just constantly overwhelming you with conditioning and intelligence and timing and distance, and he could do everything he could strike you. Take you to the ground is great Defense, article submissions are outstanding and I, like that, fight with him and Frank
anger, that's an interesting fact that I was just talking with this other day, but Frankie EDGAR, his fault, similar cub, Swanson. Yeah or we, but max is really fought. Anybody like, like Frankie so my estrogen compacted knows how to get close. Quick knows how to get out quick he'll. Take you out. Frankly, don't give him he was taken out on who. Charlie, I live here. He didn't even tell how great he was on the ground. He was in his car punch in and I think that can present some. Absolutely yeah, that's the march! Third! buy and MAX is a big big favorite in that fight, which- these folks? Don't all too he looks like he's in Maui yeah, he's alive, confident heading that in Aldo fight, especially the second fight man. You see that confidence just oozing out of him he's the champions, he's a beast yeah. I think fifty Five is an amazing weight class right now we argue fox that they think they get. They try to get under my my skin as light lightweight
W Division said don't play with me. Water is laughing at the after, after after Habib yeah be was a beast. I haven't watched any of his fights. I watched him. I said I need to go back to my my bad. He fights like that. Every time yeah, he's a monster. You see the Michael Johnson Fight, he's talented live up. There must be jump, give up smashing it. His wrestling and his his his ground. And it's just so ferocious- insists on such another level and it gets ahold of guys he's getting ahold of guys that are really good and just ragdoll in him like what he did. Rda Gypsy. That's fine! Yeah! I sorry! I haven't seen those files, I gotta go back and look Ragdoll rds, you know just beats the shit out of two thousand and how is a big fan at the time like man, he something special dude restart special and the fact that he did that to Barboza. He wants move up, seventy two. She had. No, he don't
I know, Mark mills should not send him a man will be by the pack up nutrition. Is anybody out there I'm picking up the tab cycle as down there in fifty five, I'm not trying to see no could be right now, yeah he's making fifty five easy. Now, though, so, who knows, I think I believe is going to happen is, I think, Connor's going to vacate. I think they're going to strip him 'cause he's got one hundred million dollars in the bank. I think he's having fun talking shit and he's going to keep training and he's going to make a big fight in the future. But I think Beebe versus Tony is the big fight in Fuch. They might even do that. One in Russia They do that, one time we do not verify in Russia or that yeah. If that happen, well that's a good fight. I mean everybody's been waiting to see that fight yeah, that's a good like Ferguson very. Are
how many wins he's got like nine hundred and ten in the world yeah he has the most ever in the lightweight division. Ann. I think it's at ten. I think when he beat Kevin, it was at ten who do you lose with Michael he will to boy yeah. He lost in long time. Yeah. It was my worst Michael yeah yeah I mean only so unorthodox and closer to gives to a corner. Even if I yes close and see but man yeah, he he just nobody has told Tony that what he's doing is not who's. Jamie Tony he lost to Jamie Tony earlier in his career was curled of what is that from national fine lines? Interesting, hi I tried, the Hyatt Regency Karen Durability and act. A very good fucking submission artist. Interesting yeah. Well, he let nine.
Mothers have his name, punch, choke, choke, choke, choke choke yeah and then brought in running over guys to the ensign. Barboza fight was fence faster. That was a fantastic loser. If I to armor yeah. Well, that's a danger about about Tony it don't really matter. If he's losing the fight yeah first, the first second round, he keeps it together, yeah. He's a man that dos Anjos fight, was amazing to beat the shadow sandros That's it mean he's a bad man. Tony Ferguson, you cannot sleep on Tony Ferguson so is amazing. I used to be like man striking on look like is something that should frighten you that much, but when it's coming so often is so weird angles and then he's going for shots and he he does. The exact opposite Well, if you think you should do in grappling and then he's in the position and then we get there now he's got like five or six position so he's like switching it here and there and there, for you, know you asked choked out yeah
he's so he's a rotational user will do that. So that's an amazing fight. I love that fight. You know what I'm really interested in right now, I'm really interested is Tj Dillashaw versus mighty mouse. So much talk about that. I don't know I want to see it though How much more interesting to see him Barbara undermining mouth really yeah? I don't know why it just looks. Looked on paper like more, invite dumb man. I disagree. I think it's more interesting to see TJ, because TJ's got more weapons like TJ does more stuff, it throws more kicks he's got more, I mean you saw in the garb and fight, that's where I heard it yeah? I just I just like Cody's boxing in the pocket and it's counters anybody is going to deal with DJ speak I make Jamison, not very many people have been able to do so I think they both are gonna, be tough fights I mean it's going to be tough for TJ is going to be hard for dillashaw mighty mouse is just very few holes he's like pouring water, just keep going to say he never stop line, and then I watched him drill. We've always fight
but you did the same thing in the drill. He just did it right now, yeah dang, now he's special he's special, is his ability and his ability to not get hit. He's he's doing something that was stated in the mountains so like he was trying to take down dots, a member in dot. Someone then take nine. He said, forget I'm a grab a leg up, key punch him in the face rebel in a minute. If, finally, he got the two now he just if he thinks he's smart he's going to or she's not going to discourage you going to keep going for it if he was going to get some who's. The kid TIM Elliott to him and his dad jokes, I'm like I was freaking out 'cause. You know Dj Mohammed. A man is about to lose his kid and Saddam good. He had me in a deep like he's just rattle very hot. Now you don't get rattled he's got the whole package. She's got mental toughness. He's intelligent is his skill levels. On another level. I mean skill levels off the charts. He does a master basics like that basics:
returning armbars, maybe wanna flashes name. Did you ever seen him do, but in general, if you think about it, he comes for it and he does great fast basics. From this side he switched as create fastbreaks. Yes, I very traditional cleansed super active with it hard to take. Gets up to regular way. If mouse you here, believes like if a course teaches you armbar from Mount and his mind, One hundred percent chance is going to work is no way it can't work. So when you see him go, do a regular armbar on somebody. The middle, like you know her Gucci or John Moraga. Thank you know how he can with them mark because we just don't believe in the fact that died in his techniques yeah so It's an amazing time, amazing time for the sport and I mean it's amazing time. It's just amazing time for martial arts period. I mean I, I think, martial arts right now is at the highest level that it's ever been in the history of people fighting each other.
This is exciting moment as well, because now you got so many different hopefuls we got six or seven people that they just one more in common, just need one or this person just need one more than they jump off and it becomes super strong 'cause. We, We need more stars right now we got Connor, but when this kind of going come back, I think Rhonda, my due to WW I John she's done I'm pretty sure I think w anything is uh. I know she was at it like dinner, would triple h in our asian Slater. So I hope she does that because people can say whatever they want, but Ronda Rousey was. She was that girl at one point she She put us all on the map in a different way and The old lady did the Have your lady at the airport. Talking about in the Meso she she she she she paid are do, and I think if she wanna gracefully walk into a different realm WWE film. I think she just produce some type of series that,
you know we should support on it. I agree. I agree one hundred percent, and I don't want to see a fight again if she wants to fight again, but what, if what I would want to see is her move to a camp that could address the entire game. They may in a much more comprehensive way, tell her that she's created something if she's really I want her to go to like Matt Humor, someone like that. But who is she actually fight shouldn't. It she's too big of a name to fight somebody who she fight, fight, someone who's coming up fight, someone get a tune up, fight get an actual, I mean, but I don't think she wants to fight I mean, I think, at a certain point in time you have enough money in the bank, you have enough notoriety and fame, and she's got a lot of aspiration's outside the sport's married. Now Who knows she might want to start a family. You right you right! This is all I want to see. George Saint Pierre versus Tyron Woodley in July. I say that's my big predictions for two make it happen.
Great prediction. Big prediction for me is that if I dressing pair my first five bag charge. My shoulder sore. I can't replace you could barely Georgia Katie Wilpon. How do you sleep? I can't punch hard to sleep. I mean If you want to fight me rather, this is a time and a time shortly, keep me you are right now, sharks, money and and what a fight that would be in terms of like they just historical significance and and how big it would be. The mean he's coming off of the win of his career. Coming back, four years off beats Bisping choke some unconscious for the title vacates the title, steps right in their fights you at one hundred and seventy is eg it'll be fun and he would exit the sport nobody will give him that much stuff from losing to me. Sarah Woodley thanks for doing this man. I appreciate it I'm going to finally got in here. Probably did it
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bye, bye.
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