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JRE MMA Show #18 with Pat Miletich

2018-03-21 | 🔗
Joe sits down with former UFC Welterweight Champion and current commentator Pat Miletich.
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zoom z o o m xoom dot com u s to set up your free account today meet happy with xoom communications set up your free account today at xoom dot u s end that's it we did it my guess today is a real pioneer of mixed martial arts of very interesting guy an intelligent guy really which is twelve ste well traveled and he's been it's been around the world and it lived an amazing life we talked out all kinds of things we talked about martial arts but we also talked about life and all kinds of different things he's into marathons now and just a fuckin' fascinating guy please welcome the great and powerful pat mill
the joe rogan experience great powerful that militants a little about that but you you are listen man am it's an honor to have you in here like you i've i've been watching show for a long time and your contrarian thinker i love it and you feel prompted a lot of people to think differently right maybe it means i think information problem people think differently when they get pounded with enough and hear it enough yeah eventually it starts to sink in right yeah i think so man we talk about guys i been around you you are one of the real pioneers of mma you know it's one of the reasons why i really want to have you in here i remember back when you're fighting and back back you fought match human what was that like and extreme straddle yeah those john paredes thing i mean do been around you've been around you were the
early days bare knuckle goal you know and the thing is i was told dan severn yeah yeah we fought to draw who's one hundred and seventy pounds at the time he was still obviously pretty tough back then still t mobile was not not a fun fight i can tell you karen is wait around for thirty minutes but stop at mad he was the guy that made me real i said i wasn't a fighter yet 'cause i was fifteen and now i think i was ranked fourth in the world i thought matt ragdoll him basically the whole first round three him around like a rag doll but he was just by this i'm waiting in the caught me with some knees much my nose and the referee yeah the referee in the doctor stopped the fight comes back then it was very controversial they didn't want a guy with a crush nose or whatever and so they stop fight but i realized at that point he knew a lot more than i did hear that is an interesting fight because i totally disagree with that stoppage and i was watching
this is crazy how do you stop a fight for a broken nose well that was it i got head by the groups are used to spar with a lot of pro boxers and i got head by the buyer per boxer any he separated the cartilage from the bone so that gap is still there so that's what they feel my nose was bleeding a little bit but so that's why that's why they stopped it but broken noses are just examples right and it's not dangerous like maybe somebody saw those movies where you like remember the movie the guy would hit the bottom of the guy's nose and drive the ball up in his brain like mike tyson talking about it right yeah he did he like the simple to push it yeah going up to the brain that might be the worst my tyson impression ever heard i'm going to let that go i'm doing my best to my best man yeah but back then yeah nobody really knew like what was dangerous what wasn't dangerous it wasn't like a body of fights that we could drop on who's doing televised debates with politicians at the time we really to keep
sport legal in the state that i was scheduled to fight in so think of how stressful it is to train for a fight stay healthy try and pay your bill do all the stuff you're doing and at the same time i'm debating politicians in that state who are trying to pass a bill to ban the sport that i'm scheduled to fight in that state i'm panicking i'm freaking out so i do my homework and i'd get in debates like represent of the bowling from illinois i got by the time we got done with the debate he goes all i agree with mister obviously age he's i think they expected to go into a debate with a punch drunk box right right and by the time the debate was don i'd crushed him and he's like well maybe we should just do away with headbutts got out that was his rebuttal at the end of it yeah i mean let's see how they think and i see that thought i think to hey even to this day i i don't mind head i don't
as you transform if their legal that's what you're training for an it's a legit technique like why is it ok to slam your elbow into someones face but it's not ok to slam your forehead into someones face right and it's very effective if a guys tying you up in the guard and his heads right there and you can do that can't really do it back to you it's a night i mean i i watched when i was my first no holds barred tournament in chicago god only remember the name of it anymore it's been so long but i saw a guy get headbutted forty two times in the first round we ended up one of the triangle we have one in the fight it was marcel leverage versus this guy named johnson mike johnson i think his name was marcel average ends up losing after crushing him with headbutts mike johnson's in the shower cold water on him trying to wake him back up and he collapses and they have to throw in an alternate wow but it was yeah headbutts obviously were legal then so wow yeah head do like now
mark the hammer coleman he's on the ground knees on the ground to the head on the ground but i mean think about coleman was in his prime he was about head and we thought maurice and he took more down that was back in the days when head that's really gory smith he defended against all that doing all of that yeah it's just another technique and but without that technique it's sort of like when i when i realized that time window is very limited it was when i started working out with kickboxers and i start getting punched in the face and i was like oh no like what if i learned i've learned this thing that is only good if somebody doesn't punch you in the face like this is terrible but you know you were an open thinker obviously and you realized so the thing was with early mma everybody was so tied to their technique it's like being tied to a religion using the see something else there was a lot of that so guys who are thai kwando experts wrestlers this that they were so so attached to their art
that they refused to learn anything else and they just die because of it yeah they get crushed because of it i just early on when these guys are dumb why would you want to know how to do a lot of things you gotta have a to a box there is always a lot of pride in your art right there was always a lot of guys like wrestlers who are only into wrestling or kick boxers only in the more time they just want to stand up they didn't want to go to the ground to stand up and that that just cost too in the long run especially when you see like a real complete fighter like a guy like mighty mouse mighty mouse is the top of the heap trained by matt matt right exactly and he can do everything i mean it doesn't matter if your wrestler it doesn't matter if you're a kick boxer you're you're everywhere with that guy and it's because he's got this just in well rounded skill sets and i think the days the specialist i think are still there's still kind of here i'm surprised with that still the case yeah there's a few guys that can still pull it off but the guys that could
it offer like the damien minus or the wonder boys like wonder boys just such an elite striker that is if you can keep right standing he can kind of work a lot of guys and because so many guys have not done karate and things like that they granted he's he's like a a rubik's cube a cafe yeah well he's long in that weird side ways stance with that front leg those guys who have a good front leg like the karate styled point fighting style the did used to blitzing in with that good front leg very hard to gauge that distance so different yeah i think woodley did the best job of anybody in in fighting and i think that's like a road map for it because people booed woodley and gave woodley a lot of shed but look woodley's the one who heard him in both fights and that's the way you gotta that guy you can't just charge after that guy you have the criticisms of woodley in my mind i think you know look it's a two man dance right would we kept it title ultimately that's all that matters you know what i mean yeah
find the champ i'm just trying to keep my title i'm doing enough to and i'm not there to be the most right in fact that was my mentality because i knew once you get 'cause i thought totally different before i the lc i was just a psychopath and go out and just go miles an hour until the guy was done right but once you get in the see it's okay we can cut you if you lose right okay now gonna change away i i well there's also the wind bonus right especially now do they have the wind bonds or accent yeah that's tough to me is a real issue i think i should be paid what they get paid i thank you you're contract the contract beat for x amount of money if you have points on the paper you that's on top of that but the idea that your win or loss could be in the hands of what we have deemed completely incompetent judge i see it every week every week it is i mean when you do a lot of commentary yourself in the smaller shows up at imagine sometimes even worse i i mean we've gotten in trouble to the point where we had people come to us and go look the promoter
different organ from different organizations when there was really really bad decisions working with michael chevelle especially we were brutal the athletic commissions an we'd hear about it and go you guys need back back off i've heard it from athletic commissions too but i'd say go fuck yourself yeah this guys in there that are fighting for their life they literally trained for months and months and some point someone who he doesn't even understand martial arts is giving these guys a desicion massera win and that's fifty percent of their money yeah it's crazy i remember the first time i witnessed it as far as a code when my i team was fighting in texas we're fighting i think bosses team and i looked at the judges all of them one of them had a bouffant hairdo an old lady and then two old guys with white hair and i went back to the locker room when i go guys you let this go to the judges there like for the great and the other on a on a banana peel they know nothing about what they're watching sh like we're in deep if we can't do it well it's i think by
boxing is a very complicated art and i think it's a very difficult thing to score but it's way more easy to score the martial arts absolutely this is what's going on when a fight goes to the ground i mean i have a friend who is a judge who literally said to me in the middle of a fight one of the female judges or referees rather judges female judges turned to him and go what is he doing like what is he doing guy was going for camorra what is he doing what are you doing what are you doing adelaide byrd yeah we've heard you talked about during one of the carmie yeah job around was it's it's a nice lady very nice lady yeah well i guess my mom is a really nice lady too i wouldn't want to judging anything but i said the adelaide bird before the pride in las vegas lawler was fighting in that one right and i thought i'm just going to ask and i walked up to her excuse me i'm new to the sport could you tell me put triangle choke is and she looked at me when or walk away
i go back to left yeah she just leaving work baby but this is a trap fuckin' pat miller just tried trap cauliflower ears asking exactly that's true with new to this sport not solarius you probably have like a transparent grin like couldn't hold it back you know those grins just it's sad that this goes it's awful they suspend fighters constantly but one of suspending referees and is mainly seen at one time i agree i mean judges and and and and for sure referees as well but i think that did the real thing that so disappointing to me is that there's a wealth of martial arts experts out there like there's so many there's so many good coaches that would the great judges are so many great ex fighter there's so many people that are just really well versed in martial arts they'd be able to tell and i also think three people's a ridiculously small number i think for
you're you're like five judges alec five judges would i think it was a lot of the shitty decisions that's good idea if it's to and one and like there's sometimes you get a split decision like why in the fox like one person saw this completely wrong and the other two guys got it right thank god the other two guys there well there's five people and this house there's more than once you say ok we got a weak link here let's get rid of this person right let's get yeah one one judge will have it unanimous one way and the other judges will have it unanimously other so how's the traffic they should be they should be other accountable there's someone should have to sit down with them and say got explain like what are you seeing like what's watch the round sit down with me and tell me how you think this guy is getting the fuck beat out of him as winning i just it's criminal some of that i've seen screwed of it's just it's heart breaking it up break and it could literally is like stealing money from these tests you know i mean you're i just don't like the wind bonus man i just think it's
uh i don't think anybody fights harder for it see and i don't even i don't even necessarily subscribe to you know fight of the night because of the night and stuff like that yeah i don't i don't i think they just bring back the yellow cards first all type stuff right but how pride did it right i think that's a great way to do things and when pride did it what did they take ten percent of your purse like so in the end and they would end up i mean you get de right yes they pull the red card in your done right if it was more than one yellow card you get dequeued so they would give you a yellow card if they thought that you were either doing something illegal or small gauge installing whatever yeah i mean in college wrestling they knew that they had to change things right they had read up the action and they started installing a lot faster in college wrestling and it changed college wrestling guys get after it now you know my prob and with that though is that there's referees at separate fighters when they're working real hard against the cage like and i think again it's guys who don't understand they understand how
this is when you have one guy is trying to take the other guy down the other guys trying to defend their landing shots in between trying to open up space and the referee will say keep working going to separate you guys don't work like they're working with the fuckery watch out there battling thereby they literally don't understand the position and that's that's a giant problem think about how many referees have never truly trained right alot a lot if they did train it was a long fucking time ago a lot of guys going in there with big fat guts and how many times have you called fights in all the years you've been calling fights and been saying he's out he's out he's out stop the fight stop the fight the fight wonder if you'd so close to it that you don't see it as well that's that's not it's not because you know you for so many years in martial arts right you know when somebody's unconscious from a choke you know when joints get droid you know you've been around enough you've trained high level enough where you see it you know you can either stomach where it's going in and out really hard you know they're in right right
referees look at somebody in their eyes are wide open while his eyes are open so we must be conscious europe more you don't understand yeah yeah what are your thoughts forcing tapout ii gets his arm broken like that's a controversial thing like like if stopping a fight but tim sylvia and frank mir yeah tim that was a crazy one cousin that one i kind of agree with her because it wasn't an elbow it was the middle of the armed both forearm bones went the same time so uh see that angle right his back was to us in the corner and herb stops at and tim gets up and he's like well you know doing great acting job yeah right tim for whatever reason was able to pull that off i mean that's not a pleasant feeling obviously having your arm snap in right and gets up and he's like yelling at her i go and i start yelling at herbert herbs like pat i swear to god his arm is broken
please and then i see the replay on the big screen i write why the crowd was booing and then we play the replay back and i'm like watch it watch it right here scratching here we go oh yeah and then i told him like a wave to the crowd when we walked out of the cage with your broken arm so tim goes like she's then we got back we got backstage when the doctor looked at it and i go how bad is it he goes fucking hurts this hurts yeah it was bad so i was out there that it yeah the doctor that did it was a good good friend of mine or to be the guy who i trained for many years he was a bull rider at one time and then became a orthopedic surgeon and then trained with me and kickboxing right tough guy tough tough tough dude from tax would imagine and he goes i never had to order plates for a tibia bone to replace to put somebody's form bones back together goes there as big as the normal humans tibia oh yeah it seems it just yeah there's bombs were massive
they don't even make to use tibia plates wow yeah did one hundred percent yeah yeah this is a long time though right he really is a dog with that right i was i remember him saying thank you to her dean for saving his career now because you know if we let him go on and that thing the rangers down here or specialist goes once it breaks through the skin right that comes ajaya issue for infection absolutely all kinds here it is right here jamie pulled it up frank mir that mother broken more arms but showing it right here it says it was right on the copyright play yeah that's another thing about metal cops that's a weird the loop oh here it is that's a weird angle to look at that crop yeah who daddy that's a weird angle that was ugly ugly those metal cups men that's a weird still loophole like you could still wear those those thai cops steel should be able to but so they can metal and it's also
crazy full chrome if you got a gun an armbar that's you got a metal rod there i like it though i like i'm sure you do the thing with what the the the old timers are taught me in k one and movie tie was you take those middle cops and you sheet metal screws from the inside out and you screw this put the screws through and then back on back out so there's raised edges everywhere on it right so you wear that if they need you or kick you in the groin it shreds there meet up on their near their foot right so that's the old thai fighters would do is that's the way they would do their cup so that's how i started doing it so if they're going to lowball me they're going to shred their freaking leg out the problem with that is it also works if you get a guy in mount them and you drive that thing into a sternum then you've got like jarvis your shove it into his sternum that seems like a weapon it seems a little bit like cheating we yeah there was a couple of the guys that did that back in especially the chicago circuit 'cause i was fighting kick box in chicago a lot the chicago a rougher circuit did it
they would 2k one rules movie tie and then i started in the pkc style originally and i hated it because it was you know the a tree like the dragsters case was you get you get one one in one light lights yeah he sees it like pk yeah basically it was all set learn about the ways kick boxing up with with the silk pants and rhinos you're at right now home boots on so when i started i wasn't flexible right it was a wrestler many who had some boxing experience and the reason they did that was so boxers wouldn't come in and destroy everybody right right so the karate guys could survive and do pretty well yeah so that just having to get the allotted eight kicks per round i hated it because it was all kick above the waist i wasn't that flexible i was pretty shity at kicks when i when i first started right so it was just a waste of time and then i ran into the movie type thing in the k1 rules fights and i went this is my thing i can kick him in the leg thank god wire
the first time i got kicked in the leg i was like oh this is such a gamechanger cousin thai kwando it was like it was illegal it was illegal to kick below waste it was legal to punch in the face so it's great for learning dexterity of the legs but the start training with thai guys and i got kicked once just once i want oh yes you should do this but this should be the thing i was like oh my god it's so painful it's weird it's not just it looks like your leg goes dead weird feeling like oh christ the so effective and also that you could do it from such a close range right you know can be a clutch blast somebody yeah like in her right so the worst experience of my life spine was arthur mariana souza he was the guy in the old ivy season brazil that laid vander they sell those i wide open an all it was hanging down past his eye that was arthur mariana souza examined
great striker trained in holland for a lot of years and he would come up with only the chechen live with me when the trash was dubbed the elite guy on the planet grappling right so we have the best of both worlds where the wicked strike and one of the best grapplers in the world need to come up and we just train hard right for six weeks at a time and arthur started low kicking the shit out of everybody in my gym we weren't great muay thai guys at that time but the experience of watching he started that's the thing he started getting the back leg right for the cross and step outside and come back and just tap in same spot over and over on your back leg and you're always in your weight on that leg off the cross right your weight goes on it then it comes back off of it as you're stepping right when the kick so it's like jello your clothes just cut right to the femur bone everytime he kicks maybe like three times in a row in the exact same spot i winston went dead
which you know with the brazilian accidents like patch i know i know kick you in that like anymore and i don't know do they need to learn the hard way i need to learn how so it's like right across ok fall down ball and he had gens pulver jumping like this like a monkey he was so afraid of his low kicks and then your funk for days afterwards yeah you don't care funky when you try to train your jacked up yeah it's it's an amazing skill that the ties really figured out how to do it right me kyokushin obviously had obviously had of a lot of martial arts had it but man that out figured it out they really kind of crazy when you think about this one small island one small country and they become of gambling and because they had all those fights and they just figured out a totally different method training a totally different method of fighting pretty impressive when you think about the history of of thai fighting between
the laotians on the ties during times of peace the though of those soldiers would fight each other and all that sort is done just a bunch of scary people in the nicest people in the world the nicest people who couldn't get any nicer people who would completely wreck you it's so weird because like when you meet ties especially even tie fighters they are so friendly friendly and humble and warm and when you watch him fight like jesus it's kind of crazy yeah my also might my movies i coach again in long longley's last name was not long it was a longer than that but he was a champion lived in peoria illinois in the ghetto and he had a little should basement with type with like banana bags and all that sort of stuff i found him out of sheer luck somebody said there's this guy npr that was a stadium champion he's the guy so went to see him and he taught me how to clinch do clinch work and he was a hundred forty pounds maybe and he put in the cloud all the years of wrestling everything else didn't matter i mean i felt like a dog
make with a raccoon hanging on my head that surround them one thing that people don't realize that aren't real fans of the sport moy thai is a lot about grappling it's a lot about that clinch work and that's one things that i really like a lion fight above well a lot of the other kick boxing organizations is they let those guys work in the clinch and elbows in the clinch this is it's it's again like we're seeing about head these elements are very effective so why remove them it's the ok what's tolerable to the politicians and the public and all the other girl clinch everything should be there i think i think everything should be there i think the real issue is that the cage the real issues page my opinion because the cage presents this artificial barrier right i mean i've been beating a dead horse here because i've been saying they should fight on basketball courts and like if you can have a basketball game at
as well course watching it with my certainly server striker right yeah the russians are able to get you gets a cage yanking yeah one of the the beat the idea it is it is an advantage for the wrestlers but it's also an advantage for the wrestlers in a guy's not gonna be able to put his back up against the cage and get back up again for you know for a long long time player has you down the center you can have to earn that stand up you have to actually either river the position of figure out a real escape because so many guys are so good at wal walking around this is in there also good at defending a submission i can keeping one side pressed up against the cage and take their back yeah i think that it's an artificial environment like the cage and it's also it's hard to see like if you're in the audience i mean it's actually better sometimes to be home watch so i'd like to boxing rings for fights i mean they go through the ropes now and then whatever right but it's a lot better
at home watching and from the live crowd there's just not that cage fire about focus problem yeah i arise in cameras right i agree i think bella tore actually nailed it with their kick boxing ring because they put this big circle around it so you can't fall through a member one bernard hopkins for joe smith right in his last fight he went through the ropes and lands on us head yeah i mean is a terrible way for a legend to go out like to be this is it's the ropes ropes were loose and he gets clipped while he was already going down just goes right through the mail yeah that's ridiculous that he could fall four feet in and land us headlight was that was the fight were bernard was talking tons of before the fight right was he talking luncheon yeah he was talking a lot of shows last fight you know probably realized burn hopkins was getting his kicked by antoine ackles who trained at penn boxing gym in iowa where i trained right and one was scary scary he got he got side side tracked and derailed by poor management they they really screwed his
but he was the scariest boxer than i have ever seen been in the gym with i mean that guy would he's looking like he's punching at half speed and just crushing with sixteen out sparring gloves on washington i remember antwan antwan went down to it was s america ecuador or whatever the hell it was that was when norris was fighting simon brown terry terry turn or the smaller one yeah michael none was defending his title there i want and antoine akel eckels got on the card because michael nine was the pound for pound best fighter in the world he was out of there before i also we're at right so they were doing what it's fine they were training down there getting used to the altitude and antoine walked into the gym and he started sparring with three time world champions and beating the shirt on all of 'em and they go dude you need to back off you need to you need to stop this and it's
opt out from the fight he doesn't care he's not going to shut out all these three time world champs and they go an basically what antoine said all of them was if you guys can't handle it stay out of my ring like i don't care you are or what your titles are i'm going to wreck you so toughen up i on the ring right how good he was think about that kind of sparring though i think it's great do you think it's great to just go to war i just you know there has to be a limit obviously because the ties don't do it like that at all well here's the thing about because the locates the knees the elbows all that sort of stuff but it's also 'cause they fight a lot right yeah they're fighting every week you know so that's you're smart but you know the thing is you and i say to million times i've said it for years you can't become a race car driver by going down the highway fifty five you just don't have reaction time you're not used to that high speed that high endurance everything else that goes on you have to get used that and everything slows down eventually right experience sometime things slow down for you
i first started fighting kickboxing and everything was like a tunnel this big and i like it was me breathing right right alright just from anything drenaline but then later on in my you know you'd see lunch come at you need move this slow yeah but it was actually i mean so it just happens with time and you've experienced that with everything you've done right yeah the commercial arts more accustomed to it and then you become more relaxed but i wonder is there a way to keep the speed but at least take something off the shots but that's the thing is where you put the shin pads on the head gear the sixteen ounce gloves you go in high speed you go hard you hit takedowns hard all that sort of stuff you know a couple times a week but you know you can't take that punishment constantly but you know mornings would be conditioning strength stuff technique all that sort of stuff then night time was you know more high speed hard takedowns as a coach i had to look and go tonight's takedowns but if i saw people getting tired
he dan sloppy i knew an injury was about to happen right okay let's go to the ground now get regardless go from there let's do you know do some ground and pound drills this and that right so i think you know it was it was it it's important to high speed until you start seeing mistakes happen because of sloppiness fatigue that some people get hurt when you get a you know pull the reins when you were running your gym the militants fighting systems was the gym i mean you guys were the kings you got to think about who came out of your gym mat huge robbie lawler i mean jen's pool over tim sylvia and then a host of other killers that people just forgot other people obviously that would come and train with us rich franklin dave and they who was eighty five champ for awhile he was he was one of the best martial artists i've ever seen people don't even know about it we got was incredible trained with like nelson for a good portion of his career obviously but i think we have ninety two people made it to televise careers and i think thirty or so i made it to the ufc
impressed so it's a you know when i add it all up somebody asked me to do that and i added it all up and i went through all the the tele by cards that i remembered it was i think ninety two people and i thought you know that's pretty impressive a lot of killers we a lot of killers yeah and you also were the first big super gym like this you are the first big american jim that was producing like world champion so it's like the lions den i guess that's true the lions den too yeah i guess they were the first we had to go see where you guys are at rivalry with them yeah that's true well the lines and didn't produce as many world champions mean really basically at frank and ken and who else came out of the trade seligman yeah ask guy masters world champion yeah yeah also had that kickboxing background he had more of an american style kickboxing background
and the wrestling he had written before and stuff so that helped him he had some great fights in pride too yeah absolutely yeah massacre was super legit he's a smart guy two no mats occurs interesting fellow when you hear him talk about fighting and talk about his career is very open and honest about it he's into the holistic health now you know he's he's he's pretty wise to that and i tell you what if you you talked to him long enough he'll have you sold on some products he yeah but you know he's yeah that he suffered through that vioxx schitt well that vioxx stuff that people taken for heart attacks and all that stroke right a structure vioxx yeah they pull that off the market and when people were taken at a lot of people take getting strokes and i think someone vioxx and celebrex another one celebrations bad too has a lot of weird drugs of people taking for arthritis that i guess it was
a blood thinner right is a one on one yeah that was a lot of a lot of professional athletes who are suffering from inflammation and pain and get beat up and so were all taken it it was it was reckoned people yeah but anyway you back to your gym like when you guys we're doing it you guys were kind of creating the road map i mean isn't wasn't really a lot they would the lines had crazy um the initiation the that they would do well they would run you through this insane gauntlet there was similar to what i guess can how to go through in japan right click and it put that together they had they had their own little methods as well i shouldn't a little methods they had they were very big and very crazy but you guys like we wasn't the is it like now you have eight e t have tri star you have all these different gyms you could sort of model after you know get rufus is camp this all these different places we could say all all these a leaf
others come out here how are they doing it i've trained with these guys i know their methods and what they do for strength and conditioning here's how they here's how to do the recovery work now you guys were basically at the front of the line there was nobody back there for you to look at what i what i was lucky enough to be like i said i wasn't a world class wrestler was a good wrestler i beat some very good wrestlers but does not by any means even remotely world class right i had to buy experience i've been around some great boxers so i at least had that to start with i recognized you know i i want to be i want to i would be good enough to spark twelve rounds with a world class boxer and hang we'll hang and go in our straight with a world class bjj black belt and then go back and forth with them and battle tooth and nail be able to hang in there you know the iowa wrestling room during the summer with the hot club guys were absolute beast and reagan throwing around bounce off walls and and spar with good good check box
and be able to do all that stuff and then understand how to put it all together and i think that that you know least enabled me to explain grappling wrestling to a striker from a striker standpoint and vice versa you know what i mean so that was understanding angles from a striking standpoint from arrest standpoint being able to explain it and understand people and then you got to read people you know their personality right you coach everybody different you can't coach really the same way 'cause some people get screamed at and some people want to back in the hood you know i mean just you gotta read people differently personalities are big deal when you were putting together when you were training fighters first you started off when you first start doing it you were still fighting and you still had full fights along the way but when you were put together like training so if you were training fighter for a big fight in the ufc
did you put together their camp did you leave it up to them in some ways did you just have them attend regular group training sessions did you give them individualized attention i would you know i would give them individual attention definitely definitely i had to kind of figure out his body was different how to find that balance between aerobic and anaerobic endurance you know some people need more of one or the other they come to team training and everybody you know you got forty in the room are all a bunch of killers and you just get new guys and everybody was pretty good about knowing this guys get ready for a fight don't fucking hurt that's really important right so we pretty good about as a group looking out for somebody but pushing them to their limit constantly or double teaming up possibly you know every minute a new guy jumping in on him type stuff and doing that sort of you know so it was obviously you know helping a guy like hughes was who wasn't
stryker we gotta do what we can to getting better at it you know what i mean or a striker who can't stop a takedown we gotta figure out how to help this guy we're to put in with a bunch of wrestlers and just having constant sprawling sprawling sprawling and guys would alternate and shoot and shoot and shoot and make him work at work at work at you know that was that it was just different for each guy guess now did you who did you have anything specific that you would do in between camps like say if you had a guy like use and you say like a you win this fight now i have time off would you start working with them on specific things like you would you have a program you'd say like matt we really gotta tighten up you know you stand up defense or going to work around you know if they were healthy and stuff like that absolutely you know there's just guys that it's so hard for people to be well rounded it really is especially when you're that good at one thing you accused was such a powerful wrestler that and get on the ground that it was you know was a challenge so we had to definitely work you know extra with that well
that was the first guy who was a really great wrestler who also was outstanding at submissions he was he really changed the game because like like when he hit that far side our barn george st pierre does a very tactical move right and to have a power house wrestler hit that in a world title fight yeah like that to me i think matt doesn't get enough credit maybe it's just because you know time passes looking at your scene peary start looking at all all these other guys tyrone would lose the champ now yeah and you sort of just forget like that matt was the blueprint this is it happens when a really strong powerful wrestler learning is our yeah right that's a scary do yeah that's that's where you go you're not to be guy you're a catch as catch can wrestler you know you understand how to destroy somebody control position beat him up and hit you power missions for nasa missions all that different stuff yeah that's
and when he was was in his prime i remember when he first i refereed a second flight he destroyed some poor brazilians and the that was a really good legit black belt and hughes beat him half to death and it was in chicago i refereed it and i walked up to him and i go do it you ever come to iowa i know i'll make you a world champ there's just no doubt that was the only guy ever said that to the only guy ever recruited to be honest with you for the most part so he shows up he drives three and one slash two hours from hillsboro illinois i've got bronchitis at the time which what made it even worse and he goes i am let's get this workout in right so we wrestled and grappled you know take down the submissions everything else in about thirty minutes into it i can't breathe and this guy is a monster had even fifty submissions and he shaking on all of 'em literally just like bounce me off walls so far can strong i couldn't leave it and i was i was a strong i mean at the time i was probably
three sixty five to dunk a basketball and run a four hundred and forty so i was not a slouch athlete when i was in my prime and i couldn't believe this guy i had no experience somebody my size being this strong in my life that's our strength shift is released it is real and i grew up after russell farmers trust me the royce algers and all those stats right yeah but i said to him how to hold on man i go i can't breathe i got bronchitis niggles you because i don't care what i drove three one slash two hours were working out and grab me an fracking double beyond on my back all the way across the room slams like alright we're here to get it done so i got him in one guillotine i lifted him off his feet i ran him backwards and randy was hard as i could ask first into the wall i mean i was i was trying to kill him i was so pissed 'cause he just a freak
and he went limp he went unconscious for a second so i let go of it he slid down the wall his knees woke back up and trained doubled me again under my back and went back at it right so we get done we get done with this hour something work out of just go go go and i look at him and i go dude what do you want and he goes what do you mean i go what are you taking you on some fucking steroids or what he goes he got past he goes don't ever accused me of that again he goes fuckyou he goes don't ever say that never that was like the one thing where if somebody said anything like that he was so offended 'cause he was just a farm boy his brother was freaking just as strong if not stronger yeah his brother was two his brother fought in ufc once right yeah and walking back to the locker room after that fight is brother mark goes that wasn't really all expected i really i it was fun but i don't think i don't think i'm gonna i don't enjoy that much well he killed the guy beat shut out of it right yeah
that's interesting yeah i mean even identical twins they don't necessarily think identically right right yeah matt was a he was a real freak and a real important figure the history of mma you know like because you got to think nineteen three it all starts and then from then on it's been sort of this learning experience trying to figure out what works and what doesn't work in my opinion matt is one of the big pieces to that puzzle as we had had some powerful rest of course yet call and so many other guys and they were basically all about ground and pound yeah i mean the only time coleman gotta submissions ufc was when he fuckin' headlock dance everett cannelburg saturday or whatever take the leg in the head table leg in the head go earth india head lockerbie getting some like that yeah it was like a judo star press aurora compressor would look nobody wants to get stuck in that would that fuckery back then he was ungodly strong when i trained him for the pride grand prix right yeah he called me up and he goes i want to come there
and trained with you and he had lost two or three fights in a row at that point so he was kind of cannon fodder put into that pride grand prix he was just a name at that point and i go all come come here you got to do everything i tell you to do we're gonna we're gonna train hard i'm gonna i'm gonna torture young he's like that's fine and he he wanted to come i think because i had so many scary dudes at the time like steve ross who wasn't even a fighter could kill every fighter i've ever trained you just walk in the room take off his fatigue from hunting beat the shit out of everybody in the room and then go back out hunting or fishing that's just that was the rocks he didn't fight he fought more times and just goes you know what i'm not i'm not but i'll come into german help everybody get ready he he help me coach my assaulting he was a guy that after i thought when when when i got kicked out of my weight division when the oc goes you got to move up a weight division i went what they tell you have to move up they go you've trained yourself out of a spot you have jason black
rob lawler and matt hughes all at one seventy they're all right i think in the i'm top ten in the world and they go and i had done comeback fight after losing the title carlos knocked out sony so in my contract it said that i have an automatic rematch clause right and they go not not happening you're moving up to one hundred and eighty five and i go i'm not big enough for one hundred and eighty five right i realized at that point business wise how easily i could be discarded right and it kind of it kind of ruined me to be on within manually it just has like i didn't want to do this but here are there lynnwood after we fought he came to my gym to train for one of his fights if steve rusk is there that and ross was a great crackle guy and now it's the olympic silver medalist greco guy going against a guy that's an unknown and roscoe adult and we're doing winner stays on the map and lynn
gets taken down and won't leave them at you can't believe he's getting taken down by a no name right so rust does it to him again does it to him does it to him again and finally the whole team goes lindland get off the mat part of my limit comes over and sits next amigos who the buck is that guy i go let's steve rescues just these steve he's destroys everybody a lot of those guys in gyms out there that don't want to fight with their super high level donna her was tell me about some guys that he has in his gym that rack some of his best to guys that in competition absolutely yeah now rusk was a guy who he grabbed it was dave crosser who fought in the ufc for awhile they was a tough guy it was very tough but russ grabbed he was in daves guard and he grew his foot in the shin bone went like this was going to just break his foot off right that's how strong this guy was and frosty caps out it gets up looking at him like there's no way i'm ever grow
i'm with you again to go stay away from me i don't want any part of you ever again nick ackerman who was a national champion wrestler he won the hodge trophy the same year kill sanderson wanted they were co recipients of it not akron was the guy who is national champ who had his legs were gone from his knees down ackerman was almost as tall as me on his knees that was the guy in our gym that was so strong that he would just you could just crush your ribs by squeezing it just massive the power it makes you wonder like what would it be like to grapple a karelin when he was in his prime cuz even the great grapplers grapple him and go what in the fuck is that all about he would he was gut wrenching people and snap in spine yeah literally snap in spines like when guys would flatten out when you see a two hundred and ninety pound man panic like laid flat on a dummy to try to flatten out do everything they can to keep from getting launched and he would pick them up like a half empty so
back potatoes fuckin' slam there very young jesus you're see his parents know tiny little people really yeah they called him the experim were they gym gymnos one was a gymnast or something and the other one was a little power lifter or i'm not sure i'm not sure but they were like five five right and you know see him he was just this fucking giant panther it really like he panther like he didn't even move like a big guy he like a small guy and he was a giant i think that you know there was proud play some some sort of beating system with that what beating the system part of the system looking guy was on everything a hundred percent you look at his face his forehead came forward and everything just looked glass of a monster growth from every all kinds of stuff they probably had on growth and was a little baby when they put we just shot him up with growth from the time he was little askarian it's fucking terrifying but look what there open right now in china there he is here's karel and in his prime
kind of a massive man massive man this guys battling to look at this wow boo i mean that guy that giant dude on the bottom probably never had anybody ragtime like that before and it was also like the way he would work out when you see would like to some of the ship that he would do like some of his hello my workouts in the shield cassidy would do with club bells and and steel plates and should he was all about movement yeah circular movements circular motions like so your gym having all that true functional for like that to see indian clubs in your jam i what all right to get to yeah she really gets it indian clubs i collect all the old ones really antique woodlands the huge would ones right yeah all that sort of stuff so guy name thomas taught me about true functional fitness long before any of this crossfit crap and all this stuff came out right so ed thomas doctor at thomas there's a doctor he just showed up at my gym one day he walks in
a little unassuming dude and he goes hey patty goes i'm ed thomas he goes do you have time me to teach you some stuff when i went sure whatever it was the middle of the day nothing was going on so he brings indian clubs kettlebells old med medicine balls old leather stuff and at the time never seen any of this stuff i didn't know anything about it well he was raised in the turner halls in davenport ia and that's where functional fitness on the turner halls were brought by the germans here because the germans use turner halls back in germany to train a generation to become warriors to protect the nation and that's where mentality came from so everything they did was cargo nets pommel horse is indian clubs heavy kettlebells all kinds of crazy just functional fitness they would climb cargo nets yeah protein inside of them they would swing the cargo nets and the kids would serpentine in and out of them as it was swinging all kinds of crazy stuff right
definitely the rings they were doing a lot of the rings stuff and power being able to do iron crosses on this or stuff that's the way they raise their kids and so he was at the time i think it's still is one of the first and foremost guys on functional fitness he was the guy that taught me how to train upside down with gravity boots doing all the crazy stuff with medicine balls and kettlebells and bands and everything else you could do stand it up you could do upside down and he rebuilt me at the time but he came in taught me for an hour he said i'll leave this equipment here with you you can sure guys what i taught you and i'll come back in another time and i like yeah we were talking for second i got on the phone and i turned around he was gone well he was a three times in vietnam he was a tunnel rat he signed up extra tours he would go in and kill the vietcong sleep sleep amongst the bodies and then go back out and find weather channel and kill people again that's what you with three years just hardcore guy but the guy own taekwondo times at the time his kid was training underneath me
and it goes i heard you met a friend of mine i go who's that he goes doctor had thomas and i go well you didn't say it was a doctor but i could tell he was one the most intelligent people i've ever met in my life he goes yeah he's a he's a scholar i mean this guy's a warrior genius right this is a man and he still you still up in des moines ia haven't talked to him for a few years but i taught me what real fitness was about wow this what year was this dear god i don't i've been hanging out so much on there now you're great for a guy who's been hit in the head as many as you by now how concussion i will say we must have never concussion really know but is a concussion concussion is like well they check your pupils are not dialing directly under it none no concussions at all all that hard sparring no i find that i never got hit with a shot that i didn't see comma and i think that's never know know
wow besides one time in a huge fight were a dude hit me on the side of the head with a brick and i sought last second i at least rolled with it and that didn't give you a concussion he i he op it was a huge it was hip hop night at the nightclub i was bouncing at oh sounds like fun and the head and the illinois gang bangerz in the iowa gang bangerz started going at it i tried breaking it up and they all attacked maine right jesus so that's why everybody was when it was winter time so i was choking people i got me in a headlock and i was grabbing people by their coat lapels and i hit my head in between his head in his head and i'd choke him unconscious i'd find a new coat and i was working my way backwards out the front door and finally snuck out of the headlock put him in a rear choke went backwards out the door he went limp i dropped him and then as turn to get out into the street 'cause there was cops everywhere at that point there's dogs are it's a snow storm last second i see this coming out the side of my head and i duck and it bounces off my head and this dude yeah like i was going to go down and i turn i looked at him and rifle them with the right hand and knocked him out and then
next thing you know there's just dogs diving into the crowd it was a good one that was a fun one dogs that's not good now yeah they're not dogs work work they work real well it's not good 'cause they don't know who the fuck they're biting they might you they might buy the bad guys mean little fuc i don't know the bouncer is in a real quick yeah they do now mars that are using our back then it was shepherds really all german shepherds yeah melon was hadn't even entered the scene at that time i have a buddy who trains dogs who doesn't like malema's says there are two bloodthirsty said they won't grow so yeah it goes they don't listen as well interesting goes he goes i can trust the shepherd he goes bite hold and release he's like if i sick amalm wanna go fuck knows he goes i don't trust him like as a pet right you know he the dog that is is a real trained bite dog yeah but also good with the family yeah i can hang out with your kid right what's like i've owned mastiffs before alright and mastiff mastiff there
brindle masters mastiffs and i always love to have males and i had a stalker for three years who was a psychopath right that was when i got my first mastiff king he was two hundred and ten but brendel scary look like a bengal tiger write an he though dogs are so powerful you know at that eyes when they're truly in shape where you can stop him and there were people that were using mastiffs for police work and they stop his name because turn down mastiff on human being they can kill him really fast yeah this is not this is not a bite dog this is a dog that can just have a screw go loose and rips we throw down in a heartbeat you just too big it off that kurt some if something hurts him and they they think all this is a fight right i'm just going to rip your head clean off your by right and i'm not that master interested me a couple times who for alpha position in the house oh no it was one time up plastic bag in the wind was rolling through the woods on my property
and he ran and he grabbed it and i told him he can come here front and he came to me and i put my hand on the plastic bag he goes here right here it is this is this is test i'm so i ripped the bag and it came out of his mouth right and he really got pist off at me i was testing him so at that point i'm like well i can't back down to it now this is it so i put my fist against his teeth that he was showing and i was going to do it do it sees this do it and he's like this with his teeth going or i'm going to do it do it and finally turned him backed off and then ipad mini wagging his tail and i was like right oh that was that was kinda scary ryan parsons got in a fist fight with his mastiff really yeah he had a neapolitan mastiff in college they got in a fist fight this is a real fight because i had a fight with my mom like maybe maybe you did
likely you punched your mastiff because if there's a real fight i wouldn't be talking to you right chunks must not be sucking dead neapolitan that's a giant fucking dog bigger than i have regency mastiff ok half mastiff has to have pitbull who weighs about a buck forty that's a beautiful dog is a great dog he's old now he's like twelve ok he's had some some years under him just socializing really good he's a great dog he's the best get my kids everybody here gets along with three dog and person that's good i got because his dad was on fear factor his dad was an attack dog on fear factor people in a bite suit they try to run away and write that dad was also the the dog that they modelled they used for cgi for the hulk memo in the the original hot without one of the pop movies with nick nolte and eric bana nick nolte who is the bad guy who is the hulk's dad and he he'd inject hulk serum it was fucking dogs and so that the dog
would get to a certain point and they would get angry they had taught him well they would hulk out where they turn green now they would just big ok ok yeah it seems like they should right maybe they did no i don't think they did i think they just look at this point is looking for exact found it yeah oh dear yeah that's scary that was like feel bad cgi too boy when you watch that movie it's funny 'cause it wasn't that long ago i think that was only like fifteen years ago what year was that if you had to guess fifteen years of a long ways will see yeah so his dad my dog johnny cash his dad curly was uh in fear and that's literally what he was built like wow but smaller than that obviously that's that's when he helps out so they took him and sort of exaggerated them basically look like that you can find him just google regency mastiff curly he was a famous stud it was but the thing about the dog was
when we had him on the set he would just fucking chill he was a black dog so none of those are him it's probably a lot of dogs named curly is alright it doesn't but the dog was just so friendly like and then when it was time to go when they put the bite suit on people it was hilarious 'cause we were using malm was for awhile then you get like a big football player type dude is about two hundred and forty and bring him down they can't bring him down so they could hold on to it and they could that dogs like six thousand and seventy pounds come around curly grab ahold you and it would be like they got hit by a truck they would just go flying and crashed the ground and one of the things that we did was actually my friend ed's girlfriend was on the show and i knew her before it was like oh jesus i felt bad 'cause she weighed like a buck ten and they put her in this fucking bite suit in curly hits her like literally like she got hit by a tree like someone took a three one of those swinging trees and just she says she's ok she's done kid how many how many
so of fear factor did you do where you were like this is horrible to do too one when they had a ride bulls one when they had a drink come i see the targets these people just boom get down bitch like i'm not going nowhere nice but the problem was with these dogs they bite so hard that if they get ahold of a bone through the suit they can break a bone yeah anyway anyway great dogs you have people drink come on com i never saw it what was it like never aired it was a donkey com was it got out on tmz and then we they played horseshoes and they had a data drink donkey kong and donkey urine and yeah that's article us it was hardcore there's two episodes where i said don't do it one of them was riding bowls and the other one was the donkey kong people got hurt the riding bulls
we got lucky no one got hurt we got luck just just roll the dice because this was the funny this phone stunt stuntman i'm sure you work around stop metaphor right animals yeah then you've got yet okay balls i mean anything to them those guys are stare animals they're just some of the toughest people for shore and all show up as right yeah and their attitude was like at that we find a baby find and so my friend perry who the stunt guy was like don't worry bout abou their stunt dogs are there stunt bulls i go there stunt bowls zack and pulled no he's a stumble did you have a conversation with him pull as he understands that's a bowl that's a bowl that was so big 'cause we were standing next the person while the will of the they were you know there's the the pen and they they sit on top of the ball in your right there i sat right next to him on the platform i'm like don't do it there's no way you're going to hang on just know we my first year in college rest at sioux empire up by the south dakota border middle know we got record
by a guy that was an all american at iowa state johnny johnson who was a coach up there right and my often three other buddies mike wolfe from american pickers wrestled with maine that year up there right anne it's actually a tough guy a lot of people don't realize that mike wolfe's actually a really tough dude but to keep ourselves busy we would go all the wrestlers would go there was there was fields everywhere next to the college with small junior college in the middle of nowhere right so this huge angus ball in the field right by the college so we would go over there and the first guy that could grab the bulls head when the money would put the part right so we're running around the only the former owner the farmer pulls up one time in his his pick up truck and goes with you idiots dylan we we put money in the pot and the first guy that grab the bulls head wins and you know that's the game we're playing right and he goes you guys stay off my pretty bad and then got to where the he would always escape another farm and come on to the lawn of the college
mike wolfe and i got in trouble one day we take the these rams and would smack him in the forehead palm in the forehead to get him to jump up on their back legs and trying to smash us and then we steven headlock him and throw him and stuff like that that's what we were doing for fun back then mike mike wolfe one of the ladies that work in the cafeteria sauce doing it and she goes was leave those animals loan quick stop doing that right that's cruel it was now we're just having fun we were bored college kids right and i said yeah you should see what squirrel does to him squirrel is one of the basketball players from east saint louis who played on the basketball team up there and we had guys from miami south side of chicago east saint louis just tough ghetto kids who thrown into this this farm here it was totally foreign for them but we made the joke and this was a very religious cafeteria lady and you should see what squirrels doing to him and the next day
payment for lunch she was scolding squirrel about beasty ality and he's looking at me looking sonovabitch so yeah that was good times good times man yeah that's a ridiculous nothing to do with your time we had nothing else to do i understand you should find something else to do she needed somebody some guidance well that's the hey warden iowa which right on the south dakota border tiny little town the college was there and one night i went drinking and i got in a fight with the biking and they were beat me with pool cues but that's not you know whatever happen but i had a guy a biker was at the urinal when i walked in the bathroom and he goes dragging their feet man and i know you know people mind their business don't get the kicked out right and it goes bring it i crush the toilet weather right i'd on the toilet and powdered the toilet like roadhouse and but then the other bikers heard the commotion
i came out of there and they all started beating me with pool cues and i was fighting my way out of there and i made my way out i got back to the school and my alps all split open everywhere in my arms are beat to hell from blocking pool cues and i want my gold necklace so i had to go down there the next day to go back and get my frigging necklace it was a big rope chain necklace that my girlfriend at the time of bought for me and i walk again and i go i lost my chain here last night and the owner goes yeah he goes you put five people in the hospital last night he goes don't ever come back here again man don't don't come back this is so that's just the way it was that was iowa that was iowa what we did has such a reputation for a tough guys when it comes to wrestling no i mean the iowa wrestlers there's it's like you know like there's like thai kick butt iowa wrestling it was always this thing was almost synonymous with iowa when gable was coaching the iowa wrestling team beat up the football team in the basketball team
on numerous occasions we'd have to go get those guys out of jail they just beat up the whole team well i can only imagine you know if someone actually thought they were tough guy in the talk to those tough guys right well we've got a show you something yeah because you're going through this life with his delusional perspective and we went ahead bannock and guys like that just king mueller back in those days some very scary wrestlers i don't think will truly understand the difference between them and regular human beings i just don't i don't think they've ever experienced think you have to like just lock up with them to experience it close of ness the tendon strength just the power of the sheer just vine so those guys can bring in a short burst of energy it's tell you get used to it and you see it all the time in fighting right a guy who's trained with guys at that level of athleticism bright sun they find themselves getting mauled by a superior human being going whole each i never had any idea of human like this even existed see when you're well finds
when you well remember gets a hold the guys when you while you're talking about a guy who meddled in every single international competition he ever and and be kill sanderson when yeah when i was it was eighteen years old right yeah that's a scary to beat him twice yeah he's a fucking monster and when he gets ahold of god so you can see the way he ragdolls people like holyshit but that's what it is it's just this next level athleticism next level strength next level technique and then also just being forged in the competition of that cuban wrestling program did you see the podcast i had with him last week no i had him on last week with joey diaz and joey diaz translated for him ok and they went back and forth like you always try to speak as much as he could in english and joey would sort of translate the stuff that he couldn't but he just detailed his time in the system and the cuban wrestling system and how intense it was i wouldn't i mean think about it communist country that's your ticket
to at least leading a halfway decent life will just to eat now he's talking about the difference between the way the elite guys would eat and wait where they would sleep they would get three meals a day the other guys who get too and the food the better everything would be better that motivate you to win yeah and they're all together that's a thing they're all trying to get us to the guys who want your spot a right next to you everybody know like you got to her wrist they know everybody knows everything he's like that competition it just makes you a machine that eating two meals a day once three meals a day fuck yeah it does yeah yeah and then in and on top of that you have these fucking incredible genetics mean to cubans have unfucking legal genetics just an amazing pot but that's that's real one of the more fascinating things about competition is to see all these variables as to see like when you think you've reached this high level all look at this there's another level pass that there's another level past that and let you you see guys who in the
she performed should be a champion or upper echelon athletically or genetically but they figured out how to do it right right right just super smart yeah but you see a guy you know i would say if you were to see well let me think smiling sam alvey on the street right right right and you've got an argument with him for whatever reason you think i'm going to kick this guys ask weren't sweater with that i mean if it looks like a car sales is the guys tougher than shit he just would never guess you'd never guess yeah there's a lot of those guys right evan dunham you know now you look at evan dunham looks like a nice gentleman right beat the fuck out of you you just go home and go i'm never fight again yeah just the stupid yeah learn and it's easy to i mean when i first started training i get choked out by god to just looked nothing can either deal with hundred fifty pounds yeah with the actually now like i think now now gg two is really been adopted by a lot of like eddie
is like nerd assassins right because they really are like these guys who or just really smart or into the technique and into the fact that it's it's a jujitsu jitsu by a computer programmer yeah yeah that level of thinking through things and it's cool a lot of guys like this this is but yeah this guy is specially now with leg lock game with a leg lock game it seems like strength is less of a factor you know when you guys are isolating legs and you're constantly defending against that and whatever strength that you do have in your back and your cord in your upper body you're not really getting a chance to utah is it you're just trying to defend if you don't understand right and they get they get deep they get a couple steps in on you like you know doesn't take a struggle and i always loved leg locks i love guy like dave manet matt hume those guys were all sick leg lockers right yeah sure erik paulsen good
locker a lot of those guys that were the catch as catch can and the combo who did yeah matt hume wrestle in that do you remember that one time were peretti put together a thing with dan gable as a the commentator with peretti went against an olympic wrestler i'm pretty sure many johnson kenny monday kenny monday i think it was going to want to kevin yeah 'cause to heaven jackson lost to frank shamrock no that was that was dan severn dan henderson house to frank frank automotive footlock right right yeah yeah i think was kenny monday that's when kurt angle was calling the action and i was sitting next to kurt angle and kurt was asking me questions what's doing so we knew what to say on air and stuff right yeah that wasn't sting thing that submission tournament i thought it was great i thought they would never do it again i think but they kind of do that now anyway they do do that now but
whatever reason it doesn't get that much attention although eddie's any problems figured out a way to give it a little bit more tense if you seen combat you just to go over there doing it basically like pankration style slaps the open hand strikes are and you know it opens up it's it's also like what we're talking about before with some there's some stuff that you can get away with an mma because there's no head there's some stuff that you can get with another styles like in in the kick box even because there's no clinching there's no elbows there's all these different little things well with with that with two jitsu there's a lot of position a guy could just smack in the face you have to let go the lock right and now guys are doing that with combat you too and it's a good intermediary step between i think it's a good the way to find out if you're meant for ma to that too yeah yeah yeah yeah i find eddie i've always on any really interesting he's uh these are generally trip and you can tell he's a thinker you know what i mean is a very aunt
purple guy very an analytical grappler with great flexibility i just always would watch him go this skies fucking slick man they knows a lot especially comes jujitsu and i'm talking you know i'm going to see tomorrow morning or really what you doing you know sam tripoli i know very well so i'm doing that show and he's going to be there i want him to explain flat earth to me these are not going to be able to i know this is what it is eddie thinks that everybody's lying that every body and nasa and the government and because of that i believe he has a blind spot and that he they're telling you the world's around he's saying what can't be around right and it's not a good way think no but it's the same reason why he's so good at jujitsu because he sees an idea and he just pursues and chases after it turns around to register is like it's all you know it's all qualified to
right there two bodies it's all very simple there's no mystery right now it's just a a figure it's just to figure out a puzzle but i can see how people get that way because but i was a guy who you know to go off on a tangent but i think it's fun to think about in one thousand nine hundred and seventy one when i was you know young boy standing in line in albia ia with my grandma and my mom when the farm collapse was happening when nixon took us off the gold standard right ship fell apart for the farmers right right and my grandma was one of the first people in line to get her money out of the farmers national bank in albia ia and she and i remember still to this day standing there and asking my mom and my grandma what the hell is going on why is this happening what's going on you could see the panic the farmers went for blocks from all around that part of iowa and it just i think that's what started the turning in my head about being a contrarian thinker there's real conspiracies
and there's real things where people misunderstand the actual facts right flatters not one of 'em now just not just not mean did there's so many stuff i mean look snipers use the curvature of the earth to calculate ballistics yeah it's just it's just it's a real thing right i mean there's plenty of shit that's not real but i want to tell me anything i want him what's mine is going to be frustrating i know i believe that anymore he might have let it go by now i'm hoping he did right i don't talk to him about it anymore i just we had a few conference about on the podcast initially he thought it was stupid he thought the flat earth concept was stupid and then all the sudden he started being open minded to him like what the fuck are you saying are you saying this is crazy and is like in the going the fake the moon landing that at least some of the same people right like the if if the bad that was along time ago you talking about people right now there's sad lights all over the world they there's a lot of people that think satellites are fake i think anything is dinosaurs aren't real yeah
wow yeah you know it's interesting then i'd never and the first i thought the ufc i went into thanks stores are just yeah just it hurts hurts my head i went into the the production trailer at my first ufc i wanted to see what was going on in right that was always intrigued me how tv was the other right and i was lucky enough to bring daughter to one of our broadcast with access tv an lonnie who's he expert to find the satellites he's in on his phone if you ever seen guys do that no he is an app on his phone where you can punch it in and do this across the sky and spot all the satellites right oh interesting so he knows how to dial into call up no the the coordinates to turn the the dish towards and lock onto a percentage of the satellite in a receptor get being back down all that sort of stuff so who's teaching my daughter how all that stuff was done it was first time i've ever seen this like this is pretty pretty amazing stuff
oh yeah you can see the curvature of the earth and how the satellites are set across the horizon right but you could track satellites thing is these guys don't even believe in satellites here's what the problem is if someone has no interruption and they put together a video and that video their articulate and they sound com they use big words and they show so you images that there gaming show that the earth is flat there's there's an ice wall outside an article that the government won't let you go there it's saying all these things if there's no and there you know like neil fast icing type guy here as well hey no that's true and here's why and here's how we know and here's what we found out and here's a test you can do yourself and here's how you can figure it out right and here's what you could find online and he ran for the longest time they were trying to say that there was no full pictures of the earth that the earth like every photo you see the earth is a composite no there's a fuckin' japanese i called the himawari eight it takes full full images of the
high resolution every ten minutes you can go google it you can watch them this is the nasa has one too because there's giant photos of earth from twenty two thousand miles out where the the hell it is sure it's right now real there's a lot of shit to think about that's fascinating that's not one of 'em like that's been solved now there's a lot you know i'm into the geopolitical and domestic policies yet yeah right that's where i i was drawn more about what's really going on behind the news all that sort of stuff this is bullsh and i was lucky to train a lot of law enforcement and military high level military and get connected tell guys who go that we need to talk like now you're completely off let me explain things to you because far as like what we completely off about well i can when i was right about when i called up my buddy and i go hey four years ago whatever it was four one slash two years ago were funding isis honestly because we are yeah those the go between guy
thank how mousa isis reagan also would would you so why did they fund isis to take out syria it was obvious right the mujahideen in afghanistan was to friggin take out the russians but the way i looked at it when that was going on funding the dean was the bankrupt russia right we wanted that go bankrupt and it worked reagan was was it's in that part the diabolical part of horses russian america both fighting over the resources of afghanistan right but isis was just there's that's some weird shyt when you have a fifty man army just appear out of nowhere with professional cameramen and editors and producers and directors making the high level films that they were putting out every three seconds are cut different angles professionally put together films people being burned i go this is
this is too weird this is too weird you know what people stop talking about do you member when they blame benghazi on some bullshit video yet some video that someone made right was it like the tears of muslims or something like that or nobody even knew it existed nobody knew it existed and everybody knew it was bullshit and they were pushing that as a narrative like this is what was the motivation behind and everybody was like what if you had paronto on your show no who's this up what's his name former seal what's his name paronto porol ninety eight pacific his last name is paronto but i think the former seal there were several seals obviously that ran to try and help the i asked her and some of the other guys paronto lived through it but you know he talks about it they're moving massive amounts of weapons through libya in this area into other places in the middle east right there's just the fact that it's happening and
that whole thing going down i think was a way for them to just cover it all up and remove and erase any people that knew about it you know i'm saying that's the way it spells to be pretty obvious because it's documented it's all document weapons were being moved and if you look at uh weapons manufacturing in bulgaria soda go to china who i had on my podcast the conspiracy form right she was the bulgarian reporter that got fired i didn't know you had a podcast yeah it's called the conspiracy farm yeah so i google it we don't we don't the conspiracies we just add the water i'd like the name am i cohost jeffrey wilson he's a really bright guy cool cool name yeah final t shirts can i wear a conspiracy theory that was going to bring you on and he couldn't ship me once and i will say i will ok yeah so it's a it's a barn with a ct fletcher it's uh with satellite in a satellite
dish down next to the bar that's that's it right and you're doing it out of yeah yeah yeah that's right but uh arsenal weapons manufacturing she exposed the isis fighters took her took her to weapons caches and there was massive amounts of artillery rounds depleted uranium stuff small arms stuff and it was all arsenal web bulgarian weapons right and she got fired for exposing now at the same time silk way airlines who is azerbaijani airline their manifest exposed by bulgarian anonymous with manifest of all the white phosphorus when's the depleted uranium our artillery rounds all these shipments massive shipments going into ricky going into libya going into the ukraine right where a bunch of it was going down there an every one of those places who showed up the broker the deals john mccain well john mccain right and look
we can't prove it but there's people telling me that potentially there's an office the company that owns a big percentage of arsenal weapons manufacturing border right so that's the kind of stuff i'm not going in i'm into who's causing it why are they causing it the truth i'm just a truth right you seem like that kind of guy for sure don't you think that that stuff is exposed at a level that's never been possible before because the internet yeah yeah and that these people are probably used to operating in a certain way that they've been doing for decades and now they're having to adjusting the opt out well in you just doing these podcasts and talking about it which open the minds of other people and has them thinking about you know who people screaming the most and i wasn't i wasn't even a trump supporter and i moran pool guy gotta run rand paul shared on ron paul guy gotta teach him takedown defense possible on lawn mower right
now it in his defense right yeah but i thought was at about his neighbor actors neighbors lunatic right good times you know but it's a risky thing to do live right next to gonna tack on right click your burn and the bridge i don't know what kind of sentence that guy got though i don't i haven't shut up on that but i was given sentence yet during the presidential run i was given speeches for rand paul a couple of am to introduce so i'd give a speech then bring him out and i got annoying little bit better in iowa yeah yeah amazing dude we had a great conversation a big fan of his dad yeah yeah so but the people that are yelling the most now about trump and all the other stuff you wonder they're guilty of right the deep state it's just it is a way of doing business right there asher grab there's pay to play smash and grab is me as somebody who is very powerful and government going after industry crushing it
leaving it stock and then my buddies by the company right when the stock lapses and then bring it back up like the gi bill for a the amount we go after it no longer will there be any gi bill money put towards that the stock goes from one hundred down to three dollars goes and buys it then they go we're going allow gi money to go back into it now stock goes back up right that's the ship is going on it's some bad stuff and we just do address to follow it educate people and we have a lot of people who say you're not you're wearing a tinfoil hat but we just talking about jamie about something that you saw seeing about politicians being exempt from matter trading rules someone on twitter i couldn't find the name later but this guy he told me about this guy peter schweizer he's a stanford secret empire so that's the book that's the book you wanted he wrote clinton cash also yeah there's another book that he hit me up to about yeah but
is the one he just have you had him on your show no i have not that's a guy that when they looked up my how the american political class hides corruption in and rich's family and friends yeah it was it was not a doubt there's that shit's real without a doubt that shit's going on i mean but we we're just talking about this recently about how half of what it is to be president is to get yourself into a position where after your out you can make these crazy speeches for these bankers like why is that i mean it's almost like our man actually if i recall there was there was a time when a good friend of mine who was an agent for me at the time got me well because of all the years in mma and martial arts i've met people from all over the world who would eventually moved into peace signs of power in gov or cities or this or that and so we said we want you to help us get our foot door to sell waste to energy projects so it's basically a facility that burns anything guard i mean you can burn tires in the thing at low
sturgeon level so the emissions are very low but it generates electricity right in europe it was everybody from the city province that country and the european union everybody wanted a piece of the projects right that's just the way they do business in europe and south in other places like that they have to have a different model for it here for the corruption right they just do things friendly here and that's just the way it is a made adjustments and they're going to find their way around it yeah the idea that there's no corruption is ridiculous right no one thinks that so it's how much corruption is there and how how many people are out there exposing it and putting their neck out to expose it that's a big part of the problem because if you really know about it that means probably entrenched in the system to yeah and the distance of the the citizenry of knowing that hillary clinton and a few other people soul in all the documents just came out it was fifteen million kilograms fifteen millet
in kilograms of depleted uranium yellow right sold to the russians at what point in any part of the discussion on any planet is it ok a to sell your enemy fifteen one kilograms of freaking uranium what was the justification behind it they agreed that this is a fact this is what the fact there's lots of greed means this is there any dispute this is a fact no there is no there's the the i now they pick but they sit there and use the excuse well there was eight other they have to sign off on this right right but it was it will suddenly that company suddenly that company invest a hundred the five million dollars in the in the clinton foundation yeah that's a big problem that clinton foundation is insane and all these people that were blind supporters of hillary that didn't look at that like how do not how do you not find a giant problem with that right and that book by schweitzer talks about it he goes in detail about that
now i'm sure housing surprised i'm surprised that's what i was just going to say after this weekend after the russians did clinton cash was bad enough this was even worse i'm surprised he's not dead i wonder how many people actually reading it you know i eight i just i feel like they think that there's always going to be a certain amount of that stuff out there and they just tolerate it and they just as long as it's not really up their business because it's not the politicians are still allowing it lan forces still allowing it no one's really going after them it makes wonder like if hillary had actually gotten into the white house and face the same scrutiny that trump is facing right now over the russian press we know none of this would be uncovered had she won right right right right yeah all of this stuff would have been swept under the rug most likely all this stuff with mccabe and struck an page and call me and all these people of going out of their way to and derail trump to get these fisa court free spot surveillance reagan warrants to spy on a present
elect and then a sitting president are you hear me at what point is are people not not charged with treason for that right one they were they were doing this spine before he ever won the presidency don't you think that if he was doing something wrong with the russians they would've friggin made it mainstream news and busted them for it there's for sure some dummies and his staff that made some inappropriate meetings and had some i mean they definitely had some intentions well but they had something on him the way i look at it as this i mean if you win the presidency i'm going to send whoever is underneath me if i'm the president we have they have meetings with diplomats from other countries to make the transition that's part of the art of the deal right it really is that goes on that's just where the right but that's not what they're talking about they're talking about before the presidency the talking about having meetings with russians will long before right with their then planned this whole thing out look they are not there all
thirty three no nothing they got nothing i mean if they had something there it would be out there you know it's it's that projection and the version and everything else because the you know the protesters were doing lobbying for the biggest word in russian bank in the world right in washington dc i've never comes up with almost there's too many things to pay attention to that it's like they did everything they just keep up yeah how do you corral at all with every option for the stock market to natural resources to everything right it's almost there's too many things to take pay attention to it mind boggling it's like a giant room full of spaghetti and you're in the middle of it just doing this fucking insane way to put it yeah that is what it's like yeah it does that to your brain when you try to comprehend all of it when we do shows when we talk about this stuff it's mind boggling how many have you done we've only done like fifty so far listeners in one hundred and thirty countries so we're doing pretty good that's nice work site will you get more now yeah for sure well 'cause you're kicking
thank you well it's going to mean promoting it here right here conspiracy farm go download it check it out so when you started this out what was the intention just is something you're interested in you know i did jeffries podcast it's me speaking to you and at the very end of it it was three conspiracy questions true or false right ok i said can i elaborate on them though because i might something that i've actually researched he goes yeah sure so at the end of it he i forget what questions were but we were done i go hey i've always wanted to do this podcast and i want to call it the conspiracy farm and i want to talk about geopolitical domestic stuff and less any goes i love it man he's like yeah let's do it absolutely so we've had great gas you know couple navy seals former spetsnaz terrorist hunter well if going to do sam tripoli's podcast tinfoil hat just understand
there's a different kind of conspiracy theory podcast it's like is bigfoot psychic like those kind of questions oh dear god and expect to get contact high from the revised i've always wanted to ask you about the george saint pierre stuff with ufos i think its head trauma yeah yeah or did did you have sex with hot green check maybe did but if i had a gas the way he was describing things is very similar to the way people describe things when they've experienced excessive head trauma really yeah because he misses time he's memories not not good get home and then he'll let have groceries that he bought and left in his trunk not even realize it and will go out to his trunk in the rotten and like i don't even remember going to the store while the alien so he's got i think he's got this idea that this these glitches in his mind it's not a fucking coincidence that the i got punched in the head i think they did a stat before the bisping fight i think it was
more than eight hundred times you got hit in the head in his ufc career forget about all the gym training everything forget about all the other stuff and forget about the fights outside you'll see that you had before we got into the ufc when he was in tko remember so he's experienced a lot head trauma one symptoms of head trauma is memory loss issues i mean hendrix hit hard alot yes he did yeah and he's only one guy that hit him hard i a lot of guys hit him hard mancera serra his fucking brain right a lot of guys hit him hard and that's just outside of sparring mean that's outside of everything else he's done sparring with free mcdonald and wonder boy and all the other guys that he had to spar with i think that's most likely what it is okay the people who have been a who've experience a lot of head trauma that's one of the real problems with it yes what is what is the due from the chicago bears a famous guy
then uh the quarterback from the bears homer and yes make man was on the cover sports illustrated talking about well it will be in the middle of his his living room holding his keys no idea how is keys got his hand doesn't know where he's going why am going like why am i standing there holding my keys you just forget stop gary yeah there's really scared actions well that's why it's been so impressive that you with your long fight career you kick box you bob dude you know you had a lot of mma fights i think i learned early on with kickboxing and boxing i looked at the older guys and listen to them talk and went i don't want be that guy so i started paying attention to defense i started watching films on great boxers with great defense footwork head movement you know that sort of stuff and just and and it was
see i never got hit with anything i didn't see i think you have sturdy jeans to get them croatian gene helps i'm sure it helps sometimes the smallest correlation on the planet when you run into croatians are all huge like sql croak up type character steep steep ameo so choose a bear of a human being super but that's have you ever seen the olympic water polo team from croatia know can scariest dudes on the planet that all massive six eight guys that just would drowned you what happen you there was a time where someone claimed that you had next surgery and you didn't like a doctor said something about it i was training for a fight with frank trigg outside of the ufc it was the first round warm enough not to hit him with a left hook in my neck crunched and my left arm dropped in wouldn't work anymore man i want this is this is really wouldn't let at all it was done it was dead and like you could move your hand now everything was dead wow so how long does that last it was well here i'll tell you that was the end
first round i got cracked with it right an let's pick it up the second round and i hit him with four or five right hands in a row 'cause that's all i could do and i crushed it those need to have surgery 'cause i was so pist off because he blasted me right and i do i think it was necessarily malicious but we're still warm enough and he cranked a left hook on me it was bad so time everything started to atrophy on the side of the body everything started falling apart it was very painful and i went to a neurosurgeon got an mri the oral surgeon goes he was your spinal cord your your desk x other exploded in your spinal cord and almost severed it against the other side of your spinal canal and he goes to things worse you have so much to there's no fluid in there there's no spinal canal it's all start issue crushing your spinal cord everywhere servic lee right so you're in this one bound to happen over all the years of abuse people wrenching on your neck punching everything else it just eventually gave way so
you said you have to have surgery your christopher reeves if you don't like do you fall off you you fall off a ladder you're done you have to have surgery and i said no i'm not going to do it talk to another neurosurgeon he said the same thing then i talked to my cousin at john hopkins and he goes truly a moron you have to have surgery and i said thank you i'm not going to do it so three guys tell you three medical so i rehabbed and i got this to come back how did you do it there was some neural work by a guy at palmer college of chiropractic which is in davenport he's a jury this is doctor dave journeys the best athlete to ever come out of iowa but he's a he's a genius when it comes to rebuilding the human body he was the strength and conditioning guy for usa olympic team some of the sports and then was also on the bobsled team got was a free so what kind of stuff that we do the decompression heat no heat well that but he put me in weird positions on a table on my side and they would block certain they would put pressure points to stop certain
nerves from working all this other stuff and tell me to move certain parts of my body and try to get most like ralph re routing like re routing of the nervous system and got things going again and rebuilt me and i got to where this was back to one hundred percent it happened one other time where this side and this arms two inches smaller than this one yeah see it on my shoulders gone here quite a bit there's some things i just can't do i mean i can do pull ups and a bunch of other stuff there's just things i can't do i wondered if my mind was playing tricks on me but your right arm looks more boss went through the same thing right and this is in your neck right now as well save my teresa fused together on their own they wanted fuse effusum with wild chunks a fused together on their own yeah so the surgery that they wanted to do to fuse my vertebrae's together my body did it on its own right i've never even heard of such a thing oh yeah you know long enough when the disk is destroyed and dissolves and then it just all grows together so my vertebrae grew together on their luck that's one of the
these things i've ever heard right so i just ask her just listening to you i just have to be careful 'cause i've been twice from the neck down i got hit with an on forehead was even hard punch from jesse lennox i was sparring with jesse before my last fight with thomas denny any linear cut wasn't even hard but the whiplash shut everything down from here down and i went ragdoll and dropped on my knees and when i was going down that way to my neck and i knew that it was really bad and then another time i got cranked from underneath here and every shut down again but right before the flipper cuts now this was somebody it was on the head trying to bear hug me okay but the the upper cut was right before the times ninety five a couple weeks before and i went well should i can get hit at all now so i went into that thomas danny fight and just said you know it's not a powerhouse puncher by any means but i get hit at all so i just danced around for the first five minutes and then knock him out early in the second round you know got out of there when i get
but it's amazing sense of urgency you get when you know you could be paralyzed yeah i wish i wish i would have fought like that my whole career then you really never get hit right yeah so just glad my neck gave out before my brain dead so your neck now how is it i got i have to be careful i still have to be care you ever thought about getting one of those artificial discs they do that at this point they would have to saw my vertebres apart and put them in for heart of them sealed healing up like that really were they feels together on our own it does happen wow that's crazy so will your right arm come back to a normal size it's been like this for years now wow i did tons rehab this was how long ago did this happen well when i was training for the free trade fight when it first happened i don't even remember again this is like i write dates dates are just thank you how many fight you've called right do you remember certain years of like any fight i could name or
or could you pull it i see you as kind of a guy with a photographic memory so you remember sharra things that are interesting you're pretty sharp but it was quite ask my wife she like this mother fockers will not shift very selective memory right but with fights i've a particularly memory i everything because of fighting for all those years coaching for all those years and write commentary for all those years so it's our one big massive just fights like all remember the hughes trigg fights for a sure i'll remember you know tim went on the title you know i remember that that sort of stuff but everything else is honestly but or like a jason black who's in a war with a guy from american top team and he cums then he sits in the sit on the stool some of the funniest thing i've ever seen was in fights right you've seen it and i think you might even been calling the fight jason black sits down and it's been a war for two rounds of just insanity and jason there's a great wrestler just tough as nails kind of guy and i go jason dudes
boxing with this guy let's go out let's let's take him down was getting on his back was keeping their less rough him up unless we in this round and we win the fight and we get out of here and he's doing this while i'm talking to him he's just looking around at the crowd kind of like this and like jason jason talking look at me and he looks at me i was gonna go what i just tell you to do and he goes black dance with him and the fertitta brothers are there and dana they start laughing their asses off and i go never gonna do what you want to do so he went out it turned into a brawl ended up losing the fight this is one of the guys the first guy is that i saw cut weight to the point where i was like okay he might die when he went to fifty five he was a fuckin' anatomy lesson number yeah sure you remember when he went without the five that mother at zero fat right it was crazy and he he was really a strong guy he was i mean if you under appreciated the underappreciated
one of those guys i've ever been around i feel like he was a tweener like maybe a little too big for fifty of seven or fifteen small for something small for seven yeah it was a rough day if you guys like that that would like real world class fighters but the real the of the seventies is your deal with geyser cotton from two from two hundred and five and up and the reality the fifty it like that's a horrible straining for your body right right when i remarked you know same guys cut weight and being a lot of trouble physically right but our thing was always make wait no matter what i mean that's just the way it was i think that one guy that didn't make weight for a fight in the ifl and he got run out of the gym because of it right right you just got run out of the gym because everybody was so pissed at him for not making weight right i'm seeing some horrible way cuts with people but i had to wait cut where it was in new jersey the winds were the day of the fight which fight wasn't show me carteret continental airlines arena lanes for the day of the five that morning right why just the way it was and the way it broke down the way it all went down was
i had a new gym a golds gym build a brand new house had a brand new baby and i had to win the fight to have enough money for the down payment on the house oh jesus there already building it already signed the paperwork christ so i'm cutting weight and i so busy that i wasn't paying enough attention to my weight and i was struggling so the whole night i stayed awake the whole night and all i thought about was uh we can beat this guy this guy is not going to beat me but if he headbutts mir for whatever reason and i don't win the fight and i look that money i lose my house so my god i start to panic right when you're cutting weight like that it's everything's magnified a hundred times the riot just the fear and everything else and all i thought about was that water and egg white scrambled eggs all night and by the time it was time to weigh in i went and knocked on matt hughes and jump covered or not hey man i'm in some serious trouble right now 'cause i sucked ice cubes all night and i gained like two pounds or whatever so i had to go cut again what i just don't wait
just from sucking on ice cubes all night two pounds of ice i guess yeah 'cause i didn't even know where i was at i was losing my mind right wow so i did that all right and then so so i made weight and then i went back my hotel room when i started cramping everything cramp at the time i wrestling shoes on as tight as i could possibly time so my feet wouldn't bend like this oh and then my cab started cramping everything cramped to the point where i was curled up in the fetal position and i knew i had to fight that night oh right yeah so i couldn't see right there was a bunch of stuff going wrong with my body so i called up peacocks in his room and i go to get somebody to take me to the hospital to get ivs or the ships not happening he goes alright seven hour right so summertime sadness so toms our comes to get me and everybody who knows tom knows he had really severe tourette's right really torres like if around black people the edwards getting yelled constantly right helen hunt
right the whole time it's really loud so anyway he it gets me takes me to the hospital were walking up to the hospital in new jersey the whole hospital is all glass windows everybody that looks in the hospital is black oh no now imagine that kind of situation i'm in mentally and physically and i stopped and i put my hand on his chest and i go time you cannot go in here with me oh my god you're going to yell the n word a million times they're going to kick us out i'm not going to get my ivs i'm not going to be able to find them and lose my house i was like i was losing my mind right and he goes pat it's ok trip trip trip click click right but it goes it's fine because i'm a dade county paramedic because i deal with this constantly it's ok so we walk in go to the nurse at the reception desk and goes hey does my friend click click click and edward edward right and she she looks at him and goes say what and he goes rats i have severe to please don't he goes my friend
needs an ivy badly and she looks at me and goes oh shit like i look that bad my eyes were way back in my head i was in rough shape so three liters of saline three leaders yeah revise give me a nothing like a two liter pepsi that's weird other one three of those three three and one leaders yeah there's a lot of water right and so they revived me enough i was still seeing double when it came fight time an so the and i just took shawnee down i threw him took him down stayed mounted on him the whole first round getting to wear himself out right just something with punches elbows just stuff just not going overboard but i wanted him to be tired going into the second round to minister you in this state bad yeah i was bred like half of you half your co pay we may yeah so the second round i just went ok now i gotta hand it so i just i had kicked him and knock him out i remember that and i just went i made it out of that with skin of my teeth it can be very extreme yeah
we can but we always believed in you have to make weight that you sign your name and that's why i get so pist off and discussed it when people don't make way yeah well it's a lack of discipline for sure if in less it's not physics possible for you to make the wait like if you're a heavyweight you want to make lightweight that's not physically possible right so then don't sign this lack of commitment see that's the thing that i'm disgusted most with is that people don't aren't committed to what they do right you've obviously committed to what you do you're very good at the things that you do right it is it's obvious obviously a talented guy but you work at your craft right you know there came a time where i had to leave college did go and take care of my alien mother ann i work three jobs and realized sitting in a basement that i was raised in every time it rained it flood my feet were in water i woke up one morning and i was doing you had started out fighting and everything and so this is it going to win world title i'm going to ufc title that's it this is it and i loaded a nine millimeter pistol and i put
round in the chamber and i put it in my sock drawer and i said i don't want a world title that guns going in my mouth and i'm done this is it right so every time i thought i thought that gun in my sock drawer and now to go home to it and that's just that's commitment that was my that's what is needed for me to succeed at that point in my life that's the way it was so when i see people not when they're talented and they're not committed i don't want anything to do with them i just don't i don't have time for people like that make a guy who's committed an sucks and training every day because i love his commitment well there's some guys just make some real click critical errors incredibly talented like number to matt off you know when he missed fight the fight ferguson and he'd his body was shutting down they had to take him to the hospital i'll come to preparation though shouldn't red haired better yeah he should have gotten lighter beforehand should watch diet now that he has a nutritionist he made wade pretty easy for his last fight with barboza and now he's going to be fighting for the title and the guys are monster he's a fucking monster but
so ask her and had a real good point what they do with one fc i think is the way to do it you know with nfc they test you they have a hydration test and they test you whatever way the champions are they just bumped everybody up a notch and bumped him up to one eighty five yeah hello this is no cutting weight here like that and i think that's a just an unfortunate part of martial arts masters week cutting was wrestling that's with jackson this think about you know that they complain about the for the fighters cutting weight that's for you three four times a year really that's not that right try cutting weight your entire life as a wrestling season and when you wrestle during the winter then spring summer for free styling greco right that was probably the thing that made me so small compared to my brothers they were all six thousand four hundred and sixty five sure as i cut weight from six grade all the way through high school and into college and then fighting right so my bring my growing years though i was starving right that's just the way it was so it stunted my growth most likely i'm sure it did
yeah there's i knew a lot of guys from wrestling that were like that the brothers are big and they were small but i think that just unnecessary for mma we deal with professional athletes at the highest level of the game i think they should just cut it out i think they should implement one happy now everybody's going to look at that address see if they do that one fc rules they test you three times they test your weight they get a base weight off of you they get hydration so everybody has to follow that same yeah of course look everybody has to fall you saw the rules i don't think i think the the the rules like in reference stood guys using performance enhancing drugs it's just as critical to keep guys from fighting dehydrated from being dehydrated i mean obviously there's risks yeah you know fighting did you saw the which boxing which boxing match was it was that got a little italian dude got the hell beat out of him was it who fought ward three times in wars mickey ward and
doctor oh god god god he fought a little macho and when did not come out mostly macho it was focus his name katie from maine lewiston me but he record yeah destroy him 'cause he was lost so much bigger yeah so that you know there's risks obviously so how's that pull pull up book arturo gatti's regressional record he would think i remember his his name was joe who is from lewiston maine is a talented guy yeah and arturo gatti was look for used to we classes bigger than him anne focke to mop but yeah okay if you had a pretty good he's here write it down we got here we live joke a march i knew the bucket joey come on that's who it was joey gamache i remember that was horrific that was a two thousand man time flies how crazy pat melted tough guy can hold spys
now we know it's probably had a hard time cutting weight doesn't make any sense uhm pull that fight up i'm gonna see that fight make you arturo gotti joey gamache that was uh urban one the thing is like you see so many of those kind of chaos in mma makes you realize yeah arturo gatti was just far bigger than him in this and he was also this is godi when he was really world class two at the top of his game they're working on a got a movie or something well you know he was killed by his girlfriend just killed by his girlfriend she got away with it or his wife his wife was this brazilian chick and she got out of jail when she got out of jail she was smiling it's really disturbing he got clipped there with a left hook it was real bad like i think that there was some severe there's the ko they think there's some severe corruption involved in her her acquittal she got acquitted in brazil
they said that he was he committed suicide but he had some sort of blunt force trauma on his head it was a it was a big deal very it was very sad for a lot of people that were arturo gotti fans because his fights with micky ward were there's fights were guys are matched perfect where it's like their skill level we're talking about a rogati mickey micky ward and how god he was pat melt it returns the restroom how gotti was killed by his girlfriend or his wife right and acquitted she was acquitted in like pretty obvious someone murdered them and they pass it off as a as a suicide and then because of domestic or something no no she fucking killed a man and when she got out of jail she was smiling she's like she's like taking there taking pictures we're leaving jail i think it's just a brazil job right now correct
in brazil is bad is bad i mean they tried to get rid the president recently right i don't know they were just stealing money period right there's some severe corruption in brazil and apparently in this case most people think that she killed him she got away with that to get in standing two of the brazilian people you have to read a book called to guerrero never heard of that but now i saw the city of god though yeah you want to understand fuqing brazilians movie city of god i've never heard of it holy tell me about so l or to grow was a book about sasha and aren't saml two russians who had engineering degrees who went to brazil nineteen twenty thousand and nineteen twenty one during the diamond rush right and this is when ironically ironically i think when the the gracie started learning jiu jitsu right about the same about the same area so ersten sasha symbol both were catch wrestling guys and boxers and it just tough russians right
not tough russians are so anyway they are working their way through brazil and through the mada gras so stopping at ranches and towns fixing guns brazilians did on affect their guns to pay their way further in as they were getting towards the rivers and all that sort of stuff and to find diamonds that that was their thing but during all of this sasha symbol was fighting no holds barred fights again paraguayan strong men and all this sort of stuff in in the ring and then he became a guy who was call the to a guy who can use a spear and kill one of the big cats in the jungles back then it was killing the cattle killing fans all the sort of these are four pound cats right these a big scary panthers in the jungle so he went and sought out and found eh eh indian or brazilian indian who was possibly a torero the expert and he found this and the guys just drunk just completely drunk and he goes i want you to
take maine and teach me how to do this and so they go and the guys drinking the whole time and he goes they run across a big cat and what these cats would do is rifle on horses would go track the cats the cats would double back on him take him off there person killer right so they were killing rifleman so these cats were smart so this guy taught him though he watched this guy drunk killafornia pound cat with a spear and then he taught him how they would set their paws whether they were going high to attack you whether they were coming low how to position the spear all that sort of stuff so sasha semel became a white guy who killed thirty three big cats for ranches right why spear yeah it's a cool us it's of course we couldn't write it any better but to tell you about the brazilian mindset there was a guy in one of the gun smith blacksmith shops where they were fixing guns for people that one brazilian had an attitude and sasha insulted him in front of the front so this guy then
you insulted brazilian back in those days especially they have to kill you because you just respect them so badly in front of their family and friends and that that's there just hot blooded people right you've been resilience is their hot blooded people vanderlei silva when he loses his temper it's pretty scary dude so this guy track some for awhile and then they hire a guy that's the sheriff of passive fondo who hasn't list of human ears to prove he brings back the ears of the person who paid him to kill and that's how he got paid right so we had a necklace of human hairs and he was talking sasha hurts its course book you've ever read wow it's incredible to tell it to grow g i g r e r o but it's a rare book a friend of mine g er er to grow it's a rare book it's hard to find an john wayne was going to make a movie about it but they couldn't do the movie they were going to do it in the 50s or whatever it was but they couldn't because the amazon was still too dangerous there's can't
everywhere and all kinds of stuff and me in malaria and everything else so they there's actually a docking sorry about going there to do the site surveys and all that sort of stuff and they went they have malaria in south america i think so malaria is in the amazon in the amazon and stuff like that right well i'm sure they got plenty of diseases but yeah campbell's that's like what got that that explore that exploring the lost city of z right i've never heard of that yeah the lost city of z is a book that they turned into a a couple of years ago about this guy it turned out that what he had discovered is now been proven that there was some ancient systems they're awesome h and civilization yes civilization but also irrigation systems and they've they've figured out that they had all these roads and stuff because of satellite imagery they're in some
new technology where they can look through the bushes and all the the jungle foliage and stuff and cc structures and yeah i was in there well you see this you do that system all yeah various attempts is a spear right next term there's pictures of sam gagner spear gun with a band aid on it now but there's pictures him with spears going up against cats to jesus christ dude hardcore man it's hard core is a spear that's a spear but so fuckin' animal jesus christ that so crazy i think about that i spoke to his son i was i was i was writing a screenplay on his life wow i talked to his son sasha junior about it and eventually just didn't want to do the life right slang and all that one of the eight the the jaguars i have no idea this is a resume outlines delicious is it i have people that say it's so their favorite food really yeah
yeah i had no idea you could even eat it but it's apparently a more delicious version of pork wow yeah it's supposed to be fan mastic mountain lion loin like the back loin backstrap outline outline yeah there's things i'll eat things i want i don't know if i'd eat a predator i eat the out of a mountain lion yeah like them yeah but i'm killed my dog when i lived in colorado really yeah yeah i've seen i've seen two of them i saw that one and i saw one of them in santa barbara or actually driving through monaci doe real nice neighborhood i saw this thing run across the road and i first thought it was a coyote and then i saw the tail i want oh shit that's a cat well then i realize it was a big cat not that big now fifth sixty pounds is there some is obviously some massive ones out there giant ones yeah colorado's got some fucking whoppers and the coyotes the coyotes where i live there are everywhere you see the picture of the one we were supposed to get that whatever that the one the hollywood sign with the cat with the works
by that i need to get i found the place to get it yeah let me let revisit that and by that thing 'cause there's an iconic photo to me that just symbolizes our intrusion into the wild world and the consequences of it there's a enormous cat that lives in the house who would hills and there's a photo of him look at this this is taken by camera trap this is a real photo of this fuckin' category tag dollar on we got a collar on him they know the i had a forget the guys and the gentleman that we we talked about the other day that was a the the ranger was explained it to us how they do it they have the darkness fucker ever cup years when the the checks i yeah so every couple years this guy goes unfucking dreamland like george saint pierre and i lost it time and comes back there's him with a dear oh wow yeah it's like digging a hole i guess
now the coyotes are ruthless where i live man they're everywhere they're fucking everywhere one killed my chicken just two days ago oh really yeah i have chickens yeah i was i was out in the backyard so the jump on the roof of the chicken coop and then jump over the top of the fence ha there so graceful they're smart it's also smart one of my one of my good buddies who he saw his company to oregon so he was an expert at getting rid of deer getting rid of coyotes the anything off your property get rid of raccoons on your house whatever right he's in he's the guy that started trap and when he was ten years old right now and some of my buddies did he was one of them but he became expert sold his company to oregon for a lot of money but he's the and foremost guy besides one other guy world worldwide is the expert in trapping coyotes and when he explains it to you sit there and go how smart are these if there's anything out place they never take the same way back to their den ever they always go a different route they're smart about covering their tracks
and to trap him he goes if you do something wrong is they recognize it right away and they're gone so he had to go and re study research until grade book by dan flores it's called coyote america and dan is a he's a professor at i think it was from university in new mexico he's from new mexico genius guy but he went into great detail about how intelligent these fucking things are about how native americans just think they were gods well they were trickster and they're basically wolves they're small war miniature yeah yeah just a minute to resort super intelligent night my old house and i had that had timber on and stuff i had a fox den across the creek on the hillside defied watch the fox coming back with squirrels and rabbits every morning at four or five when i'd be up to get work get workout then they'd be drinking coffee i'd have vultures on my friggin turkey vultures or this big man their massive and they'd sit on the railing of my ipad my porch outside you know my here my wife scream that just shriek
oh jesus i go white she goes what the fuck are those things and then they would she not from around there no she's from montreal uh first language is french is a city girl all that style that he brought it iowa while she was studying to be a doctor of chiropractic in at palmer who in davenport iowa and so you know the thing is though i did eagles owls hawks herds of deer are coyotes all kinds of crazy stuff running through my yard constantly and that's when the the mastiff and a shepherd and some other stuff that you know my master the killer everything that came in my heart for sure a big ask dog like that i was the that's like one of the best places in the world for whitetail deer their huge i have a buddy my friend john dudley he bought a farm out in iowa best to hunt whitetails yeah so the the search farm is down in southern iowa my grandma on the other side her farm was down there also and it's obviously a lot of timber also and it's
darius e see down there even you know in nor viable where i live which is right next to the mississippi river the deer are huge yeah i see it here in texas and they look like a german shepherd yeah this right it's you know what that is that's the warmth and the corn principle there's that too worn soybeans all that sort of stuff there well fed all the time and they do not hit a deer what was it a year and a half ago my f one hundred and fifty and all it was was his chest hit the front corner in front of the quarter panel and scraped and destroy the whole side of my truck just a straight through that bag their tank yeah now imagine hitting a moose my dad hit a moose almost killed jesus it the vehicle caught on fire 'cause the moose crushed into the engine compartment and caved in the front of the call and then it all caught on fire my dad afraid to go out to the back window out because jesus christ and if you honk it close if you stop and honk at the moves like a grass they'll run and smash your car so you just seen a moose
on a fishing trip one of the many fishing trips i went on in canada with a friend of mine mark lewis ann we're in a a v bottom boat there was three of us and we were going to the english system if you ever want to go fishing in the summer for bad fish i mean you'll you'll wear out catching fish up there it's north of lake of the woods and we were going across the lake and the english river system is massive and its endless amounts of islands you can get lossed really easy up there but we were cutting across the lake we got into this bay and there was a moose swimming across the band you know the huge rack on it and everything else and my buddy mark those pull up next to it pull up so i pulled up kind of just on its ass and he jumps out of the boat on its back oh no he did yeah so he's oh my gosh he's riding on the back of the moose in the moose is doing this trying to get to him and finally jumps off climbs back in the boat we turn away an right down the moose hit shallow ground and came up right after he would've been dead they would've been dead
big fuckin' animals there one of the rare deer species that almost regularly charges people yeah yeah they suck of all the run in the duluth minnesota in downtown and smash everybody yeah they just don't people in and out the last two usually the problem is if fine i'm a female that's with her babies are done that's when you're in real real trouble right right yeah so do you hunt much yeah a lot do you yeah what do you hunt where do you hunt you if i'm on an i one hundred i will for white tail last year southern iowa i till he's outside of des moines okay about like forty five minutes okay doing i hunt you to i shot an elk in utah this year i uh another elk in central california i try to go to as many places possible i'm going next month i'm going to when i for axis deer okay mostly bow hunt that's right right now so that's cool yeah i love it got a hell of a bow hunting thing set up in here yes free ranch back there yeah forty five
martin during that's cool that's good keep practice they after that i told you about tyson cobb the orthopedic surgeon the fixed him john he was a bow hunter who went and got crocodile in africa you know big all giant game stuff like that and you know the stuff that he haunted was you know killing a grizzly with a bow is the some scary stuff yeah that's a real risky proposition yeah but he did that he did stuff like that yeah yeah my friend dudley that i was telling you about that lives in iowa he does that too goes all over the world and and hans you mess yeah it's very very risky very risky right but you know it's the think about the grizzly hunting is like people don't like it like it's gotten to the point where in bc they've outlawed it right and they really shouldn't have and the isn't being is that you got to control the populations because there's nothing that eats them right except them they're all
bulls are grizzlies all even black bears are all cannibals the key the the colors in the labs all the time if one of them dies like if you i've been black bear hunting before and if you should be black bear an like maybe you shoot it like right before dark and it runs off in the bush can't find you don't want to go after it you come back in the morning bears are eating it yeah they eat their own the guy that you know i am i i don't have time to hunt i might going deer hunt a couple times i just never been alright i'm more fish i love to fish i do too right so that's going to version you do all fish for you know i fished for shark off a beach before us another thing that people get mad at they get mad if eat sharks now what we would have done we let him go that's not a big deal but i watched a guy from black barts tackle company they taught me how to do it the beach these guys are catching fourteen foot hammer heads off the beach to do you know when the best places to fish for sharks rather is off catalina for your wife no for maaco okay it's like one of the mako shark water mass of two huge yeah so but they
i'm going to do that i love fishing for barracuda just 'cause they're so aggressive it's a fun fish oh my god they are scarier than hell as fast as they hit a lure it's crazy do crazy look at and i love musky pike fishing bass let's just say they look like a pike on steroids yeah they are so that's what they are there to see what was your jewish muskies are awesome so i went musky fishing at the lokuta ray indian reservation it's the chippewa flowage where the biggest muskie in the world was ever caught right really helps is at sixty seven downside is something i don't know but it's huge it's huge coyote size must but they've found jaws and teeth of muskies that are twice that size right just washed up on shore type stuff so there's huge muskie still but the guy that took me fishing took a job he used to work in vegas for the casino down in vegas forget which one and he left that and went back wisconsin northern wisconsin because he wanted to musky fish
right so we took a job with the likud ray indian reservation just so we can musky facility and he was the vice president she look at the size of that they're they're terrified that looks like a person that's like a size to fish so that's less sixty pounds but those will those will attack you oh yeah either that i knew i dude who invented a do i know him or not his friend i don't know anyway someone invented a lower that was a duck it was a say my grandpa used to fish down with ducklings you hook him through the tail and throw him out on top of the lake and let him swim around in the musky with him yeah it's not crazy how they do it regularly eat ducks this guy had a allure mutual it in as you the end the paddles the for the feet would move right and the musky would think it's a real dark in america yeah so they but the guy that was the he
that casino guy that took me fishing when he got here jamie called suicide duck lure so the okay so nice see this is my fishing days are a long fucking time ago yeah this is like when i was a very early teenager like one thousand three hundred and fourteen hours connected to fishing i fish constantly i still fish i still love it but i'm out of the loop it turns of like that this is a regular thing so this is a duck the is like he's running away and a muskie ninjago to make him look panicked yeah but the he was the vice president of the muskie world association and he took me fishing and he goes there we tons of muskies that we've radio tagged he goes but we're not going to use that that's cheating i know their patterns any radio tiger muskie they just put punch the thing by dorsal fan and it's got a little so they give out a transmitter and you can find out their patterns or whatever but he goes
i'll take you muskie fishing tomorrow if you want to go i said yeah awesome so we go to the bait store and he gets chubbs this big that's the bait so where do hold your hand out about a foot and a half there at least one thousand two hundred and fourteen inch fish right that's the bait and hook him through by the dorsal fan we go out in the boat drop the chubb straight down then we go back to the aisle any other rod holder put the pole in there such a drag reel like put a barber at the top of the of the line so you can see the barber move if something was taken off with it and we did that for separate comes with four lines and then we sat and the boat an eight how much is it just talked and then all of a sudden the barber takes off he goes alright i love you run grab the pole jump back in the boat maneuver you and keep you have to stay over the top of the fission with muskie trolling motor scarem but a regular bowl motor idling does not for some reason so i'm that's on the stuff from this guy and he goes we have to twenty five minutes you have to let him turn that fish head first and then swallow that's the rule
about twenty five minutes it takes and they take their time they wait till it's dead they crush it with their jaws and they slowly flip it and then they swallow it and he goes but if it starts to run anytime before that you have to try and set the hook that's just the way it is right this is my first time be for some when they start chewing on you just wait yeah yeah they over him that so the musky will be swimming in the size that fucker yeah so the the swimming along so somebody caught that caught that back and then the most my friends read a hold of that they don't have the musky they just have the back right so you got a lot of turn and then set the hook then you'll catch muskie right but so that's what we did about seventeen minutes it took off start to run i set the hook and i caught a fifty two musky for who holysh it felt like i set the hook in a log that is a big fucking thing i really cool fifty two inch muskie there northern pike fishing is very fond of done that in alberta some of my favorite times they hit hard
the english river system where we used to go if you catch up in all pike this law you leave it on the hook because a big ones coming right the first time it happened to me scared the living shit out so you catch a pike that's two feet long you just leave it on the hook well this one around up there anyway and you just hope in that no you're not where this common rail it's come wow so a big going right now cannibals cannibals in the cold water world number babe winkelman the professional fisherman sure also this one is right there it comes and he's just holding it over this one that's underneath it there such crazy animal to like pike seem prehistoric and they are cannibals without yeah babe winkelman i watch a video while i was in canada fishing we were at the lodge
and babe winkelman's asking this guy who's on indian guide he goes so what do pikey and the guy goes pike the pike and he goes know what to pike eagles pike like the breed so they have food that's what the i was just there just aggressive means fish yeah and they live in that dog eat dog cold water environment where this three dice above them half the time right right yeah well all those animals up there like look we're talking about bears about bears being cannibals and right being cannibals in the dear three hundred fifty pound it's just a tough hardcore world yeah i mean when it gets that got damn cold it's a tough world then you go to a whole nother level and go to places like africa and australia and it's hot it's a cool another were everything's deadly in australia i wouldn't even want to live there that's right adam greentree listen to pat mill otage my friend adam was shot that water buffalo head in australia keeps trying to get me to go down there and hunt with me with him every time he sends me pictures of
fighters a kill you a lizard that can kill you around right i saw that you yeah everything every i think you centipedes and they have these gigantic two thousand buffalo that are super hyper aggressive right roman around smasher but they have to kill them though that's another thing it's like the grizzly bear thing they don't have predators right you know in alaska with her so they're kind of meant to be handed in my mind yes you know i agree but there's nothing to hunt them out there read a problem with australia is that these are invasive species much everything over the summer ranchers brought in there something for someone right there a long time ago new zealand the craziest place because new zealand is essentially what they they set it up as a wild game park for rich your europeans right long time ago and so now they have these in it nor price tags and all these huge animals that live there but no predators so sometimes have to thin the herd if have to fly helicopters in this down while they hunt mean we're allowed they made a rule in
n iowa within city limits you could hunt deer with a bow yeah yeah within city limits 'cause there's just so many of 'em you see a relative fifty of 'em they do that in pennsylvania ok yeah there's a lot of places where they just get so overrun they have what they call urban hunting but people set up tree stands their backyard you know as far as the fishing goes you should go noodling noodling for catfish yeah i'm gonna bite your hand talk that that seems so stupid 'cause occasionally if a cup and get a snapping turtle right or a beaver beaver chew down a tree match would it do to your wrist i did at one time and that was it minutely one time get lucky to get lucky it was like fourteen pounder you know snap down on your arm it scares the shit out of them sure right now what is the idea is that the catfish thinks you're intruding or they think it's a fish all they do think it's other stuff in the computer so your hand is bait well fuck that i like fish
kohl's i like to be in a boat or on the shore like all all the sophisticated intelligent things out it's going to ask you how's it how's it been working with jimmy smith i love that guy he's right i try to get hired about four years ago because the ufc was looking for first of all trying to do less commentary 'cause will travel in too much and i was trying to do last sounds like you got to hire this guy is the best he's really really smart i like to enjoy first we're doing our first show together in april the tony ferguson had number metafile good good could be versus tony is going to be it's a perfect fight for you know this color and play by play then is he doing play by play you're doing no no no john annex doing okay bye play and this johnson i called doing color yeah we're just gonna have fun he's a friend you know he's been on the podcast a bunch time right buddy so it'll be yeah it'll be a good time did he cut his teeth doing
a tv show about combat sports yeah but he did almost sliding around the world or whatever learn different arts was it called fight support what was it called something like that fight quest fight quest yeah it was yeah he did that but i mean i think he's and we also had mma fights and right he's a legit black belt in jujitsu he's going to stop super smart and well read a guy too yeah i'm i'm excited i'm excited he's on board yeah i was like listen in them get all tore up they up and i couldn't i was wondering what so what i'm not the private my yes was he just asked for more money probably 'cause he hasn't from the ufc they would match it so it took well whatever they we didn't want him leaving for the ufc four years ago when i tried to get him higher and there was like a big hullabaloo and they wound up keeping them and then i think his contract was up and i think the way he described it they actually want to give him less money than i was getting and it's like i think they're just
experiencing some severe budget cuts if you think about bellator's market like what they're trying to do they don't have a paper view business you know and if you don't have a paper view business where is the bulk of all your money coming from it's like kind of bleeding viacom right i just don't i just thought when it happened i say why didn't they change the name one coker was brought in to take over yeah it is made zero sense to me because bella tore had that you know from porn i've never been a bjorn revenue fan during revenue from that boxing promoter type you know it was and everybody i talk to in that in that business they were all find intimidated and everything else there's a lot of it yeah it was just like i never met the guy i don't know anything about him other than the bad things that have heard from fight right and so king mo dick rider king came out king mo and i go back and forth with on the internet on facebook and stuff deliver at least has him off
the whole staff and get it started out thank you i use under appreciated talent when it comes to fighting yeah i know he's a he's that guy was how was monster first problems though like ruth merca he had some grassy staph infection right i'm real bad ones that wrecked him yeah that he's a great guy though we talked we talked now and then when i see her stuff he is he's cool dude and but i've got where we were we were talking bellator el tor yeah we change the name yeah it's just synonymous with tournament select guy loses the title and suddenly thrown back into a term he's already made his name it's a shame business model yeah and bellator was for the spanish speaking crowd right isn't that what they were trying to get out of that whole latin word right i think it's or roman word for gladiator or some ship but yeah it started out as wasn't unlike espn supporting or something like that yeah it just but it just didn't make sense with coker taken over and i
i don't want to watch the geritol posse fight i don't bother doing i don't want to see a pat militates fight i don't wanna see it right with everybody you know yeah i love some of those guys but i don't want to watch it but it's you know it's a young man sports guys that are animals fast movers just used in sybil human beings in their mid twenties to thirty whatever early thirties a guy that's forty five years old i still not forty five at forty five years old with mma miles on him yeah that's the real issue right is that these guys their bodies have been beaten up for so many decades in the gym and all the years of wrestling and kickboxing and they're just not the same know it takes its toll it definite text alden you're just not you're just not the same i mean this part of me that respects a shed out of a guy like hoist gracie still a fucking savage in fifty years of age greater throw down with anybody he wouldn't fight maine who wouldn't son of 'em when was this i've been trying to
in with bellator i said freaking get gracie to fight him when he was fighting shamrock i confronted shamrock on access that was one of the worst fights that i had i was best when matt this shit out of him that took his background was smashed him and i was like jesus christ was like is this is sold mismatched so the horses in a different era and matters even though matt's not ranked he's a legit black belt right right dan stood wrestler and a physical freak man in and super x with modern high level mma right choice was living in the past and the thing was that was after lawler rory markham myself tim sylvia gan mcgee chuckle i tell all of us were on that movie set in mexico that paul walker fell okay right paul is a great guy he was legitimately a good human being i'm sure you knew him and all that there's no but i heard great things and stuff the stuff that he did on the set to stick up for the small guys was incredible maybe we got time
talk about but not or not but we have got done with that we become friends with paul walker and oakley lemon who was his stunt double for everything and the guys were all really cool with us we kind of gravitated towards them because they're stuck guys were fighters we got along really well with them but fishburne was on the set the carradine brothers you know i'm a kid from iowa going this is freaking awesome these are cool dudes right this is just to be around these guys but they were all at that fight in la and paul one colonel who is actor buddies were in one row right behind him was clear lemon and olive stunt guys an so paul walker was a gracie jiu jitsu student he gonna love that so they were cheering for voice almost not guys what you're in for mac right there the hard core like you know so anyway matt just dismantles racks and completely can i turn around i'm up on the deck outside the cage and i turn around and pull
walker in all these activities are like this like holy shat like i can't believe this just happened standing on the chair behind them is oakley lemon an all the stunt guys going orc yeah military excesses also it was it was but i saw half that crowd brian yeah because they saw god get destroyed right i mean that's our hero to me in like martial arts he he was legitimate hero he was the first guy to win the ultimate fighting championship and the way he did it was like oh look at this guys using technique that we didn't even know existed little skinny guy let's just mainly people in the thing was with all of that you know then the gracies came back with hughes just a better athlete and used all jujitsu gracie jiu jitsu the beat she just so i went through all the stuff he had to duck under on horse when we start to hit him with an elbow right like hitting with a nelson when he started regain guard when matt took his back there was just a bunch of wrestling mixed in there right yeah and so
then they brought out alameda now made it was their dog to come and beat matt right so they put in alameda who was bigger than that he's a big dude for that weight division well matt delivery hitting the wrestling front headlock and choke him unconscious well it was a position that allowed you to guys used to being in there and they just relax to the waiting for you to spend in the back but instead of spending to back matches cranked out about your own you suddenly had on your stuff the head under the arm patton and you crank that down and yeah twist it's your crush if you just get you get choked a little but actually a gorilla like matt right and so when they did the interview you were probably the guy doing the interview and he also was he goes you know it's just nice to use wrestling on the judges yeah and the bottom on conscious right not just you i don't think ricardo knew that that could put him out right you know i i i mean a lot of us have been in those positions before but it's usually a transitionary position where a guy turns and get you back online ever done since either by the way now no one's ever talk to guys wrestling guys in wrestling will use that stuff you know like david
true russell for purdue dave enjoy a little of its or all americans at purdue and the they were beasts and the obviously little bit they were croatian cycle correlations in michigan city in where they grew up in a little bit used to use a move that they named the little ivic where it was so you'd include with fox in name not a d'arce but the college of it was an anaconda right in college wrestling it looked like you had a front headlock and he would show people unconscious as soon as they go let me grab the chin roll a min pin am asking was doing that we talked about that so dave levich pin bill tate iowa state built it was a waterloo ia guy and he put him off sleep he put him asleep in him in the in the nca championships is that illegal it's totally illegal but referees didn't understand it 'cause it looked like you had the arm included in the headlock right right but if you do have an arm included in a headlock or is it your fault of a guy is asleep now not at all
what is it when you go to panama if the referee recognized he went limp they would stop the match for a potentially dangerous holder what would have to do is get some of these really bad ufc referees to referee wrestling and it would have no i write the guy was that yeah but there's guys doing that do you see the nca as the guy hitting the key lock on the guy trying to break his arm no didn't know mark schultz do that in the olympics all you know i'm not sure if the guys fucking arm off with that i believe is disqualified i mean the scholze brothers were just scared him off dave schultz was just unbeatable animals they were trying to build people over in russia when matt member when mark fought the fight big daddy goodrich on in this room right right dragged all them but then in the movie they had they used a different guy they didn't have a fighting big daddy good rich in the movie they had a fight some russian guys at fox catcher some it was a bull scene i was like why would you do that this is actual real history right right you really have a guy who's like one of the
s wrestlers to ever fight never made to us it was a real historical moment he took it on a last second notice he thought big daddy good rich we all remember it but in this movie you faked it you put someone else in so what else did you fake what are weather bulshit was in this movie where you're pretending this is historical recreation of a real national crime that everybody heard about it was a real tragedy yeah and it was a tragedy against the guy was one of the best wrestlers that if america had to offer it's for i felt i felt like it was one of the worst ex samples of what hollywood does the arrogance of hollywood due to a real story a real story the best shot decided to pit big daddy good rich why have him in there and they'll be like mike tyson pretending mike tyson won the fucking world title against ivan drogo or something really would be something like in marketing everybody knows what the real fight was you know i leon iowa guy this whole calif
experience in hollywood and all this stuff freaks me the flag out it should it does there's just some i i was out here pitching tv shows before the ultimate fighter i was pitching on old ultimate fighter show to kevin reilly who was the president of nbc at the time john hirschfeld who you know right john hirschfeld goes look you're going to have maybe five hundred and ten minutes what these people right i had him laughing for an hour and a half and they're like this is awesome i love the show i love this idea and mine was much different than the ultimate fighter it actually made sense the four pillars of ma and competing in each one and all that sort of stuff right well he call this personally when he goes and with the board talked got it the board just because i couldn't get it through they just don't feel mainstreams ready this type of thing and all that then the ultimate fighter came out on spike and the rest was history but every time i i had one show sold to stars the guy that used to be the hbo remember him which guy
i got in trouble for our right now i can't remember his name now off remember brett right rex something all brick yeah chris albrecht chris albert that's it i had a show sold and then we're brand it was spartacus and then the lead actor from spartacus got terminal cancer and they could call brandom together an that deal fell apart then another one that i had sold fell apart because collapse in two thousand and eight and i was like dude i can't win anything like still crazy business also like if you're an outsider and you're coming in here to try to pitch things there's so many people they already know that are pitching things right like you gotta imagine if you're a guy that's a producer or you know an executive there is some sort of a network you got people knocking on your all day long you're used to quality from certain people yeah or when i want to see what you've seen their work before yeah it's very hard for an outsider to get in dude i finally just one yeah so many concepts written on a laptop i'd set up all hours of night writing concepts for shows all that sort of stuff
and what's interesting is this thing that you're doing for fun you're conspiracy farm that's probably the best way in podcast the best way in because you da build it audience and undeniable audience well and we want to go to you know blacks black sites and and arrest us and drag rs in there right we want to get in trouble we want to go to places where were you don't want that we're going to push say you want that you don't want that i don't i get what you're saying but we want to push the envelope right push the envelope and we want to we want expose the real facts behind what's really going on and it would cause some heat i'm sure that we eventually get a call we need to kind of divert off the path you're on think so on without a doubt looking forward to that point you starting do a show like that i did joe rogan questions everything but most it was on bigfoot and ufo's ufos to get trouble for aliens right well it was mostly
almost all bulshit that's the problem and i was much more interested in conspiracy theories before i did that show but the the six months did that show and all these different people that i interviewed and all the stuff you saw in the air was just a fraction of the total mass of all the people that i talked to write mostly was bulshit mostly is crazy people most of these people that just have a bad way of looking at reality like the we have confirmation bias and the way they good things they just have this very distorted version of what the truth is and they also want bigfoot to be real they want means to be real they want the government to be spraying out of planes above us all the time it's all just we said she brennan who was head of the cia admit to that though at least well they admit to one thing
they have looked into weather modification but the idea that every fuckign southwest flight is spraying aluminum and all these different shift in the air no for sure they've experimented and using it for warfare i mean they've looked into everything they've looked through the atmosphere or your enemy or your enemy and have storms break out on him there's that and also to look in abu dhabi they make it rain every week to make it ain't filters i'm here yeah okay do it with they just throw money in the end of rains while like they just figure out a way to cloud seed and that allowed cd's been around forever and that's real but that's not what you're seeing when you see planes fly overhead you see those clouds to form behind the planes that is a reaction between the jet engines the condensation in the atmosphere that he to the jet engine and i was never sold on it i will for a long time i was never sold on that at all it's ridiculous you i was never you know in the nine slash eleven conspiracies and stuff like that the only thing that i've noticed about that is you can see
the detonations going off on building seven i don't see detonation sweet sauce morris collapsing right and the pressure of these floors collapsing causing these windows to blow out right this is just what would happen if something was i think but i don't subscribe to it is what i'm brian i don't know what you're saying i don't subscribe to should be there i mean who knows what the fuck happened with all the ship behind the scenes but we do know is that a bunch of people capitalize on that which makes it look like conspiracy all the intelligence reports that came out before that happened was the terrorist planned on using planes as missiles to take down building we knew that at least that's where i stop eileen much more twords incompetence than i do massive conspiracy bunch of barney fifes keystone cops yeah that's what i think right but who knows i talk to you bout marathons about ultra marathons like you you got into a when did you start getting into this a couple years ago john burn who is a professor the college in my
hometown and he and his family had taken martial arts from me for years and he they walked up to me i think it was two thousand and twelve or earlier and he goes he goes i want to thank you for all the confidence you've given maine and he wasn't asian guy very very smart guy and a great athlete great basketball player that guys now fifty three years old i think and never gets hurt he can do anything he wants and he does not get hurt he's just a genetic freak right but migos thank you for giving me the confidence i love the martial arts training but i'm going to try something new and i said what are you going to get this thing called the leadville one hundred and i go what the hell is that he goes well it's a high altitude one hundred mile race through the colorado rockies and i go how many days is supposed to take and he goes oh no you do it all at once you're going to do a hundred miles without basically stopping goes he goes out every ten miles you get new food and fluids and you just keep going i went awesome go do it man and he went he finished he barely
we made the cut off which is thirty hours you have to do it right and so i thought this is really cool and it was a couple years ago where he sent me a message and he goes i'm training for led ville again i go maybe it's a good for me to jump in i want to do something extreme and since i quit fighting i could never it was just that void in my life right and my health is deteriorating i couldn't figure out how to get back in shape because uh was in pain constantly had asthma all this other stuff i found out that that was gluten i had a gluten problem right and i thought but that i thought if somebody said i'm gluten sensitive or i allergy to gluten i go whatever what is gluten right right but i was running into so many physical problems i started training with these guys and i'd be crippled for two three days i'd be in so much pain and i couldn't do anything and then my buddy goes and i it was getting ready to eat started not the cottons that was i could survive on motor and all the pain everything
but i got to the point where i'd flying i'd walk five gates in the airport and have to stop and sit down i was in so much pain my arthritis was just for i'd be soaked in sweat everything else so i had all these problems and i figured if i train with these guys it'll bring me out of this this point in life and it will change my life and i'll get back to you know patanol church of of the old well i was falling apart worse because the intensity of the training so my buddy blood tests on me he goes you're going to bed years from a heart attack there's so much information in your body if you don't stop eating gluten i go what the hell is gluten it goes wheat and soy you have to stop eating it or your daddy's always gluten yeah yeah wheat and soy so it's all about how women are fun it's all modified grade team always also has been modified like black beans have been modified for what time your body doesn't digest black black beans waste of time to eat so but the the wheat the soya is what was causing the information along with the spring that goes on with wheat fields and soy fields it's really bad right
so anyway to yeah it's bad bad stuff so anyway he said you'll be three years from heart attack there's so much information you have as you have three forms of arthritis your digestion system your digestive system is destroyed because how's your temper been lately i go not real good he goes your brains getting destroyed your thinking it's a screwed up because the chemicals your stomach is given off is affecting the way you think it's your second stomach or your second brain right he goes so you i understand that so i quit cold turkey stopped eating took about a week before my arthritis subsided sure to go away i went from running three mile runs and feeling miserable for three days ten months later i did a seventy five mile run in in ten months now from from not eating that garbage you know so it was a race the seventy five mile route was actually a training run it was a training run with the guys in that we you know they they worked me up from you know three mile run ten mile run twelve miles one thousand five hundred and eighteen twenty you know drop back
onto do a ten mile run on the weekend they always do the long runs on the weekends and a lot of times i was doing these runs on no sleep 'cause i don't broadcast friday night get home get home the next day on saturday have no sleep because you know you could finish lately to fly home first thing in the morning is what i always did right operate on the sleep and then start and we just thirty miles in thirty five four thousand five hundred and fifty and then a seventy five mile run along with the stuff training during the week that a lot of it i was doing on the road too and it's just an amazing group it's probably the coolest group of people i've been around and then david clark who yeah that served as a role model for me just reading his book which is called out there ultra that was three and twenty alcoholic who changed his life one day and decided to become a bad ultra runner it just being a those people they they don't show pain they don't they just die show pain even when they're in misery uh it's it's a weird mindset it's it's so much
princeton ma where twenty five minutes of misery and exhausting fight is now that i've gone through some of the stuff it's it's a joke it's a complete joke when you're out there running seventy five miles fifty miles fifty miles in ninety seven degree heat with the same senator humidity on a black top country rd in iowa getting scorched went through probably four hours of heat stroke my brain was talk i mean i literally felt like i was i could die at any time these guys are laughing at me there laugh they had me in a field at mile thirty farmers yard our me down with cold water from the farmer's house just to get my body temperature down so i could get going again right while just crazy stuff like that they're just hardcore it's amazing group of people and i in to be able to work their way up trying to find a running group and try it because it's it's school sure how often you do it now i backed off of the i've been doing more kind of getting back in
rampling little bat do a little bit kept kept bach really gravelly with your neck hi i tell people look don't go for the gold i got it out and i had to telegraph and there's a lot of good grapplers at the place i go to it's a wrestling and jiu jitsu facility crossfit's in there a bunch of other stuff but some guys that i used to train or the senior guys down there and there are some really technical guy some tenth planet guys actually jole laughlin follows follows that system quite a bit and he's former special forces guy and i just but everybody the first few times i went down there i gotta look i have no hard to be a world champion again i've been paralyzed twice from the neck down i have no doubt higher to get into friggin brawls with any of you i go i'm here back in shape and just grab so let's let's understand that first and foremost if you go for crazy submissions on my neck i'm not going to like you a whole lot right yeah
i'm doing a lot of that i'm slowly getting kind of back into the mindset of ramping back up with the running and stuff like that my brother who fifty eight who never ran he did let bill last year was it last year yeah you know that's a guy that never ran and most people take their lifetime to be able to do a marathon he did fifty miles at led ville missed the cut off at fifty miles but he fifty eight years old never ran before and just he was in love with it he so in love with it using the mountains in i love my sport streams joe already want world title i've done some cool shit so let me run in that when i saw the course and went this is this is intimidating this is to look at them no you got go over it right at the forty to fifty mile mark an fifty to sixty going back a skill set some it's intimidating my brother was only the opposite mindset he's like this is the colour should ever done in my life because baumann down that mountain was the coolest thing i've ever done in my life this is amazing and i just went that's the way the mind supposed to work for stuff like this he got you know what i mean yeah well it is
a lot of it is how you approach things right how you approach challenges like some people love the idea of something being very difficult like what a struggle i can't believe it off once you get out of it you feel exhilarated or his other people they look at it like oh no i need a couch and a sandwich and a good tv show about fucking you know whatever but i did so i did led ville a couple years back and john byrne i went out two weeks early and i had to leave from colorado fly back to providence to do a broadcast and then fly back he picked me up at the airport we went back up but why i was with him for the first couple days we went out up mount elbert which is the tallest mountain in colorado and i felt the altitude i felt the august fourteen five whatever it was and it was painful on the way out and then we got not storm on the top of the mountain of bad storm hail downpour and light hitting everywhere all over the mountain we had the bomb down this mountain as fast as we could and i trash my quads and were
real close to the actual race at that right right it's like a week and a half away and so then i got on a plane flew to providence and i was panicking i was like this is some serious shit i'm about to do right i started sweating i'd never had anxiety attacks before in my life and i'm like what the fuck are you thinking to this i'm crazy stuff and so i we were getting ready to go live and michael chevelle looks at me why are you soaked and freaking out dude i gotta fly back to colorado go do this race i'm panicking right and i never thought i'd he's afraid of anything but that the courses that intimidating right so michael goes do just relax it's okay so did the show everything i got back there and it you know you're out there in the mountains you start at four hundred o'clock in the morning and these are just hardcore runners man hardcore bad never shut down the street you know there's no way that person could run five miles
and then just smiling for one hundred miles they're just going going you know so courtney courtney though walter is right right i had her on she won the mohab two hundred and forty by how many hours money she beat the ten hours and twenty miles should beat the second place guy that's a yeah it is a man or their people that thought she cheated to do that no this newer everybody knew her she's she she want to erase blind she was having some sort of retinal edema so you couldn't see anything but her feet tracer had to tell her where to go and all to go and all she had a pacer she tripped and fell and cracked open she went through the finish line bloody and blind that's a tough stuff and that's one of the toughest people who are going to meet right if you met her completely unassuming thin woman real silly drinks beer needs nachos not on some kind of crazy die each candy right real fun to hang out with like a very easy going because like you meet navy seals and you go they're supposed to be tough right right but i watch navy seals fall apart last year when my brother was doing the race when just fall apart just
really yeah just like if you're not physically prepared two well you know the dennis i know that some of the fifty miler out there right now they so they were getting ready for but you know that get the hydrated at any point or caloric deficit are all this these different altitude problems that can come about only other stuff you know it's it's it's it's i'm definitely a a mental thing that yes it's wild so fighting is the look at it the best way i can explain to you is fighting is so fucking easy fighting harrison yeah i mean in reality i mean i was fighting like when i taylor when he was ranked second the world i was right first i did rain for six weeks for that fight because i was crippled right i was injured low back droid all kinds of stuff i had twelve shots by looking in my back to go out and fights crime he was the number two guy in the world at the time and very unpleasant fuckin' killer at the time but he couldn't do shift to hurt me even when i was crippled he fell back for a leg lock on me and i laughed at him and he was like that's not going work so let's right but he was
and on my head i'm throwing uppercuts and body shots in these plumbing me he ran up my body within these sites like that you know just a freak but for dean is that easy it's that simple to me because you're outwit outsmart another human being right right when you're running for fifty mile seventy five miles whatever hundred miles you battling with yourself the entire time yes that's where you get mine right right right that's the scary part about it because you got to face yourself yeah yeah it's a different thing yeah you're you're in you're in the middle of a fight especially a war you're in the moment you're throwing bombs acting i and eight and just do it and and deal with it top it off you take a minute break drink some water hop right back out again for five minutes is it just a come a different animal you do you miss the old days of no time limits i had fun back in those days because i could go one hundred miles an hour in gas people out and beat him right right with the condition i enjoyed that i did i did enjoy that but
you know it is it is what it is the were fight interment set would go forty five minutes and just chill out you can't cover that i'd run it right right right just can't like when he fought dan was out no time one thirty minutes or even just an argument one round fight yeah that's crazy so it's it is what it is people people would sit down watch it live not gonna watch it on tv even though it was a life of either going to get bombed out right it's just not the best thing in terms of entertainment value yeah not at all not at all so it's now the rounds the the rules all that sort of stuff that the wage as it was with some girls in bikinis between around walk around the cards yeah you know i talk to john pretty we had john freddie on one of my podcast so yeah how's he doing i just got some health issues you know i i think he's he's i know is at m s and some other issues and stuff like that but you know he
he wants people know that he's the guy that did that he didn't write yeah he wants people know i'm the guy that for again created all that stuff yeah well he was the match maker at the time when i first started working for the u of c ninety seven okay and so it has been since ninety seven you were involved yeah i do ufc that's awesome twelve those are the and i came in sixteen so you been around longer than me that's awesome yeah i remember your debut i remember when i was um remember mikey burnett house he do he's doing i think okay i know he got shot right yeah the robbery yeah he's a good guy tough mother membrane he fought jennie o and rectum rectum now everybody thought that he was the next congenial was a psychopath friggin went after hen zone was kicking hanzos asking they shut the power down in the building so hanzo wouldn't lose mass that was in brazil right that was craziness back then yeah but burnett was mikey burnett was a guy who was a greco national champ benched forum
squatted four hundred and five stronger than sh yet fox now yeah old days now man it's been so long it's really interesting we stop and think about it how many thousands of flights have you called i've seen wait many people get locked up i know that i'm real numb to watch people get beat up and that's the thing that's too i i as my coaching career progressed as i got older you know when you're young and you're full of testosterone psychopath in coaching is just hours could do that's right and as i got older and mellowed out i i had to lay down on the floor of the locker room before the first hughes trigg fight 'cause i knew it was a dangerous dude just are tough son of a bitchin' a good wrestler right and i was really nervous for that fight i had to lay on my back and just decompress for thirty minutes before that time just to go out and just coach with a with a calm mind yeah you know and and it was when he was fought carlos newton after kerr
most of the title from me and carlos come and we were infuriated 'cause he's walking out with two playboy bunnies and you know acting that was you know it's a show right it's a show it's not one that big ramp existed right so he was a stand in there and i was all pumped up and i was like matt you know we had to get my life a tractor on the farm to come and fight him right 'cause my automatic rematch clause got they re nigged on that and say choice either mac in fighting or somebody from another camp but if matt or somebody from another if somebody from another can't fight him you got to win on a matter what this man fighting and loses you can rematch carlos but if matt wins obviously that's kind of tough 'cause we're buddies right right so actually inside the cage and i'm pumped absolutely pumped i go you gotta smash this god screaming his life looking smashing and matt turns around and kills located yeah right because we got this dude we got this guy that was a crazy windows when he slammed him of the triangle yeah yeah at
the entire crowd their mouths were hanging up and they'd never anything like that now was he kind of half out he was trying to he was out with a trying one as he was going out and slammed him and then went out here's the thing already jumped up and i want matt know matt sits up like this and he's kind of looking around and i dove over the cage and my let my legs catch on one side so that i could barely touch match head with my hand and scraped his hair really fast i might get up get up get up get up i knew he was out right so get up get up and he stands up and he goes what happ and jeremy goes you just one of these like crazy school that was a cool fight yeah yeah that was very intense calls noon was one of the most technical ju jitsu guys owner says err he was very was amazing athletic do yeah he won the best shows i've ever seen to this day was he and dan henderson yeah
this is insane fight yeah those great fight that was ninety seven resident ninety seven awesomely somewhere in that area that was one of my early days i remember when chuck liddell made his ufc debut i think he fought only hernandez and appreciate he's wearing wrestling shoes noey hernandez trained with me for that fight and knowing that no he got hurt before that flight i can't remember what he injured but no it couldn't train hard for that fight so he wasn't in great shape but he was knocking the shit outta chuck until he ran out of gas i mean he was box and chuck's ears off not without fight peretti came to chuck and told him if you want to keep working and keep fighting for the ufc do not take this guy down oh really yeah 'cause he found out that chuck was a wrestler ah wow those are the dirty days that was gary shot the gary shot telling petrozelli and jam stuff stuff right as only the stand up with kimbo 'cause he replaced shamrock ya i forgot about that guy the greatest interviews ever was dana white after that number one
looks at the camera and he goes you can't do that it's booking illegal that's fucking illegal yeah it is fucking illegal that was the dumbest match up to when there's a video of me in the green room of the punchline atlanta ga i had gotten off stage is waiting to see ken shamrock fight kima kimbo ok and i was like what a fight this is going to be there i get off stage and they say oh ken shamrock got hurt warming up and kimbo is now fighting seth petruzelli and oh this is a terrible idea for you and i said it and i said like through the camera it's like the craziest thing ever i go south pasadena him up i'm like this is somebody's gonna taking down submitting any i thought i was gonna kale on not just sets was way better striker i thought since this is going to take him down i thought seth is a karate striker literally gypsies in black bell right in and and you could submit guys but it's just he was on another level as a mixed martial artist so that i can so here's me
while this is happening if i'm wrong you never see the go to the beginning where it's at the beginning placement i gotta take separate set purchase always going to lock never see this it happens in the green mode literally the fight is six seconds long well america oh my god you look older there was a beard full beard back then that was after evan died whenever tanner died we all grew beards yeah that was a bad deal man sad very yeah that guy was i think rolled out there into the desert with on a mission and they night have
you know whom i mean maybe when he was out there he decided to go that way or maybe you just really did get lawson couldn't find his water but that's one of the hottest places on earth yeah i mean it gets to the one 30s and stuff out there it's just yeah that was a bummer bummer a great guy and he's an interesting guy to you know he was a guy that really wasn't into money really what i mean he was into the journey round and difficult i would love the ultra yeah absolutely he fought down was the show in texas that they were doing back then 'cause he cut his teeth in that circuit down there in texas and i can't remember what shows those who remember he thought texas fighting championship or something he was a tough mother fucker man he thought dave torrell oh yeah mean dave torrell had him gia tien wouldn't happen then you start smashing them and that's how you wanted i was talented fawk yeah he was but he was mentale like he would fall apart right well
did not fight or at least he gassed out now what something happen in that fight but yeah that was the word is that his talent never matched up to his performances yeah and as a jujitsu player though he was very very successful like i i saw him fight now but dobby who's a fina he was phenomenal and to this day produces some of the best black belts who's the best grappler on the planet now you think that's a good question to tell i mean it's probably donner's guys yeah yeah it's it's probably gordon ryan or maybe garry tonon in or one of those guys but then there's a lot of really high level jiu jitsu guys see the thing is these no one is caught up to donna hers leg game like there's if you guys this craig jones out of australia that's on a real high level design there's a bunch of guys that are with closing in but it seems like what donna hers doing and hit me her is such a fucking wizard
such a genius in his application of his mind is gonna his severely crippled he's gotta one fake hip gonna they're gonna replace one of his knees right and he heard is need a long time ago from a rugby accident in the his knee was so loose and up they shorten its tendons and were in stitches back together again but a shortened too much and he never could fully extend his leg okay and he was up from then on out in it it's because of day defect in his hip okay because award yeah wore out his hip so he's severely injured but mine is genius is it in very very very intelligent guy superior intellect and him the way he's applied like that thought process to ju jitsu is just incredibly unique and so
as guys any cummings nicky ryan gordon ryan like this this the donna her death squad with a call right i have to think that it least in terms of accomplishments i mean like i submitted a sideboard ricardo abreu i mean the easy watch that fight and i had john dot on the podcast break down what he did to cyborg cyborg some mulch time world champion and gordon ryan went right through and gordon rides twenty two years old i think somewhere or you could just looking i look at you know great grapplers history from back the the grey seasonal the farmer burns all this is kerry do yeah as it moves forward in time and just watching guys how they it's almost like a constant cyclical there's a cycle there of you now to the fun stuff you hit stuff people learn how to defend you move on and it's this constant cycle of the at and the new check coming out and creative stuff and
i just watch it evolve and go man i just i wish i could stay young forever just one that that you know that right with your body yeah it's it's an unfortunate thing that your mind it absorbs all these techniques and you understand how to compete better but your body just gives out and that's something with mma especially it's a race to amass enough knowledge to win the title before the body gets out right right justice well that's why t r t was so interesting like the t r t v toward days because you had v toward choose to the tests and with all that experience i mean v tor made his ufc debut back when i called my first fight it was when i was a post fight interview or rather right and you have c twelve that was his debut at nineteen years of age now so here you have him at thirty seven jews out of his face lock mind with muscles on his eyebrows i mean who so jacked when he fought rockhold when he thought i mean
clearly he was not just taking testosterone replacement therapy he was jew stop i mean he was way above normal levels i remember ufc brazil i was fighting vander and v tore fighting each other yeah right and you knew it was a collision yeah that was too scary dudes peter were shoes for that fight but here's a crazy i'm in my locker room i'm getting ready to fight an one taurus trainers comes in vidor sent them to get me to come give him a pep talk whoa he said that was the fight when he had hid for like three days because he was terrified family was he was having he was having just this i think a mental breakdown yeah an anxiety attack about fighting vittore about fighting vanderlei silva so he's in his locker room and he's sitting in the corner his leg with his eyes big scared to death walked in there and i'm like dude fuckin' we're fighting for world titles
doing what is wrong with you let's go all that far kelly's guys are right getting all pumped up these are not got beaten by randy before that right that fight took a lot out of he the same guy for a long time after that for the most brutal i've ever seen in my life that was already betesh and don frye ira that cobo arena in detroit too big it was way too strong it was horrifying because we had on him and he's walking his feet down fries walking his feet up the case drop a nice straight down on back on his head and those were legal and the crowd is roaring cobo arena is packed they're going nuts and all you can hear over the top of everything is is is girlfriend screaming bloody murder like like someone was being slaughtered in front of her which they were right yeah and then you've got as volatile alvez who's an encyclopedia of brazilian jiu jitsu amazing guy an alan gomez
and alan go as i'd been up there all week to help on we get ready for the fight right alagoas shows up the day of the fight the night the i walked into the locker room and goes what's your name and i go pat and he goes here's a camera take falcon pictures that's the way i treated me when we first met right so i'm watching in get mall just completely slaughtered and these guys won't throw in the towel and i'm going you you gotta throw in like you can say this is this is stupid is as stupid and john had stopped the mccarthy pulling over and go do you continue all armory new in english was more more things like all right we're going again and you get slaughtered some more pulling back off more more send it back out and finally john's like i got this is we're going to have a fatality or jesus
that was horrifying fight that was the most brutal fight i've ever seen yeah there's been a few of those over the years it's been a few of those but listen pat we just did three hours three hours plus all the time lies by man and hopefully finally did this i'm surprised my attention span lasted here tension spends on point man sold at ultra marathon right right we gotta do this again man i'm looking to please everybody check out the conspiracy farm is it on itunes on everything yeah and if they go to chemicalfreebody dot com you would love that stuff ok chemical free body dot com it's all you can products sprouted grains all kinds i mean the guys got your company or some good friend of mine tim james who saving peoples lives from cancer to all kinds of said he is healing people veterans with all kinds of open wounds from chemical stuff and you say that we do in line fight commentary lion fight we know under cover them we cover see yeah c s in lfa okay yeah and they you're in town for that right what is the the event isn't on access access
maybe friday night yeah mark cubans network we're going to have a blast going to be great fights title fights there's some great fights beautiful patanella touch ladies and gentlemen thank you brother that was awesome thank you everybody for to the podcast and thank you to our sponsors thank you on it go go to onnit use the code word rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements thank you too square cash you can send and receive money easily with friends and family and you could even buy bitcoin now instantly with the cash app download the cash app for free on the app store on google play use the promo code rogan all one word and you will get five dollars and five dollars will go to our amazing friend justin wren's fight for the forgotten charity and we are very pleased to announce again that we have raised thousands of dollars to help build wells in the congo through the square cash app so again download the cash app for free on the app store on google play use the code
joe rogan you get five bucks five dollars goes to an amazing cause an thank you also to zoom video conferencing done right set up your free account today at dot us we did it we mother motherfuking today tomorrow my good and vinny shorman will be here again he is a mental coach and he's bringing with him right i world champion and very fun fascinating guy in his own right liam harrison that should be fun and i will have liam kicked that power show me what the fuck is really up showing how it's done i'm really excited about this i'm a big fan of him of liam a big fan of any as well so tomorrow should be great i'm very excited about that and will see you soon
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