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JRE MMA Show #20 with Yves Edwards

2018-03-29 | 🔗
Joe is joined by UFC Lightweight veteran and current Fox Sports analyst, Yves Edwards.
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It's and a guy been friends with for a long time. Fucking awesome dude, give it up for Eve Edwards. Experience and we're not even you one of those do that. Has that book cover for your phone, I tried to rock the book cover after awhile might win my doing here with this extra step, we're going to open up a book to get to my phone I'll. Because I forget things a lot so like I don't like having a wallet and a phone when I leave somewhere, like especially even house, leave the house in my phone, but I don't have my cash on my card, so I got a solution for you. It's called Mutherfucking, Fanny Pack, that's right event where it's your cool dude, you think you're cool enough to rock one of these. Like are you cool enough to get past? The social pariah aspect of
this bag that you wear around your waist. I don't have that much it with me most of the time, but it's not that much. It is a lot of shit in here, but this is a weird day. I've like keys, and I have a knife in there and stuff, but most of the time it's just light travel light with that. Look at that who's. That. Quavo from Migos guys, I'm not idea. You just said popular rapper, but that is a ridiculous. His you I know, may also have dude I'm an old man to listen to the Allman brothers. All right, but that one that he's got an is preposterous, I have a laptop, hang he's also got like holes in his jeans, yeah, that's ridiculous! When you get attacked by a tiger, Sir Jewelry, all that jewelry in the 80s yeah he's kind of ridiculous looking good, but make that make that bigger again. So I can take a look at this gentleman. This is a light version. Two I probably could have found a better place got a lot going on. Those pants are preposterous. That's the most preposterous thing, like
Yes, the shoes. If you're like you, want to go. But you also want to go bowling. You might wear those shoes I can't say anything bad about the jewelry, I'm not into the jewelry. I mean I'm, that's not my thing, but he looks like he's well appointed, but yes to watch is on the fuchie eyeballing hashtag ball and I think the one on the right is probably just that are a slippery slope, just a fancy as bracelet, but the pants are ridiculous. I don't know how the fuck did that ever get started where people wear ripped up pants. I try to talk to Brendan Schaub about that that dumb mother for those who need. Isn't it a long time yeah exactly that's been going on for a music videos. I just What are you doing? Man? It's like Pat Benatar, I don't have any fashion taste, don't listen to Maine but when I mock shit, you might want to listen to me like Where would I wear likes? You know, don't don't I mostly wear either where, like these things, which are like trail running sneakers, they get no snow,
look or aware, like converse all star like this look at this team beat Wahlberg exactly so far from the is hard not to slip right out of that one on the right hand, side the one on the right hand side come on Silly Fox Israeli has like, like. I see that, and I feel, like you guys, will probably win a thong under that too, I would imagine there's something going on there like with women like it's so much nicer
yeah that doesn't dig me at all. I'm going to tell you right now. This is where I'm a hypocrite like with Beyonc right there. She fills it out yeah, she does it. That's see that's kind of different because, like a woman's legs and everything are very sexual right, so you see extra leg. It's like shut your mouth and take the bonus yeah right yeah. You don't want to complain about it, but a dude wearing something like that. It's like it's literally like well, not literally, but it's so much like a guy wearing a dress, it's a fashion for women. I believe it's trying way too hard like this. Look at this fella. This, like seems like the 80s, though 'cause he's gotta City Jack,
I mean you can look at the quality of picture yeah right that stranded here style, the suit suit jackets, never came back patches to the always got patches yeah. I remember when they do all that all right on the on the jeans to mom yeah. That was that those bases those plans are ridiculous, but still ripped up pants men allegedly ripped Hansen and skinny gee. I I'm like I'm still one hundred percent again skinny jeans So what I say that I'm against skinny jeans, but I wear these things called Barbell jeans ever wear those they look like skinny jeans because they tight too, but they have. I got mine right now. This is their made out of yeah. They got some elasticities yeah man they like wearing sweatpants like you, don't they don't feel you go, throw kicks in am you could like for real, I'm too old for that now, I'm not gonna get my no! No! No! No. Do you train anymore yeah. I still train yeah. I haven't.
Rain. The past few months have been a little bit hard, but now that things are settling down and I'm settling into this new life, things are good, been training with Joe a lot. Chilling. Oh ok, cool gold just moved out here in that area, yeah in the downtown area in Eaglerock- oh nice, nice, so I like it over there, the yards great place. The yard is awesome. That's a great place to train, been going there, oh wow. I saw Mickey training with Joe on Instagram yeah yeah nice, so he's down there too. Smart good move for him that he needs right is striking. Is ground games very good yeah his ground is really good. He moved down here about a month ago and they actually use my roommate now no shit you live with Mickey Gall, that's cool, that's gotta be fun. It's fun! It's fun also because he's so young yeah, it's almost like having a son Yeah you do is doing what you did. You know that's a great resource for him to be able to talk to you and ask you questions about the
we sit around and watch fight. Sometimes it's good Eve Edwards. I saw you fight in hook and shoot in like the fucking 60s. He wears Bell bottoms. He came out to the case I I was. There was one yeah. I remember you fight Erin Riley. I think you were like twelve years old. How old are you? I was about twenty? I was still a kid. Those are good fight, so mad those are good fights that was, I was well meaning that if I actually making- and I watch that fight together a couple weeks ago- is it weird. It is weird seem like you Another life is kind of another life for I told you now, I'm forty one when you, when you think back about yourself at twenty How much memory do you really have that yeah? Like little flashes yeah like I could see little picture images of ship and then I have a narrative that play out my head. That I was. I see happened, and so I can repeat it here. You go look at that twenty
Well, even words how's, dude yeah, now look at here. Wow yeah. You had like this girl thing going on yeah the Kool MOE Dee thing going on too I was you know. I was representing wow! early surely days. This was Jeff. Osborne show up now that was the first time hearing and I flat Is it still he's really good commentator man? Is he working? I don't know I know you do like me, shut down. Who can shoot yeah it's gone, Jeff is doing. I know you had a lot, he was. He was involved pro wrestling a lot too, but now I haven't spoken to him I did a couple shows them in the UFC. When I first came board, he was, he was doing the F c back and then yeah. I arm. I was just what. As another thing That's another thing going back and watching these old fight going on fight pass and was watching. I think it was like you see. Thirty three wow.
Where in Louisiana when Boost Man, Chan that car yeah. That was the restart fire exactly member that yeah. I was right, this minute optim and have them again and big John kind of screwed it up with yeah, and you know that is the early days too. I think nowadays I think big John would have just said. No, no, no! Yes! Over yeah. Absolutely I mean we we're all learning yeah yeah yeah, but that was still like UFC Middle. Championship. It was like they had had thirty. Plus shows it was like it was something that
you wouldn't expect yeah sure Orlando is so. It is so crazy. Did he bite somebody when he was wrestling Linlin, yeah yeah? In the wrestling days he bit somebody hears Bustamonte versus Chuck Liddell. This is a different one yeah. This was a fight where booster mods without Power- he was just too small. Chuck was just so scary back then, and he boosted much wasn't taken shut down. Well, booster much had fought some big fucking dudes, though man yeah. That was the thing that he hadn't taken. Shut down he had fought some big dudes member. He fought Tom Erickson in Like world combat something or another I don't remember the organization. I do vaguely remember the fight, I remember watching it, but on they. They was, it was a. There was a man Adams I feel like I was on a mat and there was no cager or a ring, be you might be right. That's what my dream is. My dream is to do mma fights in a football field,
I feel like if we can run into football fields. No, so you can't get wrapped up against the cage I feel like. If a guy takes you down and hold you down, he she will hold to hold you down because there's nothing there, but the ground a but a cage. You can walk up the cage there. You could protect yourself against submissions up against the cage, there's a bunch of shit that happens against the cage that just doesn't and if you're in a basketball court, but then because of that you got to develop new technique right, you got to develop something to deal with that situation. Are you like? Do you think the rules are okay? Now? What would you change? I? I would definitely change the twelve six available. That's one yeah I I was the only you know what I want to legal right, yeah, yeah, so stupid. I used to watch the This is a demonstration utilities come late at night on ESPN I used to watch those things all the time. I still love him
even when, even when I was fighting, I was still watching those because it was entertainment, so things just so silly yeah. No, they they get they get so intense too. You know, and each of the athletic commissions really thought that you couldn't do that to a person because you kill him so they made that sneak illegal at all the shit. We have that power cube thing we've got to register that power punch. If you go out there at elbow death, you'd, be shocked at how we cast your elbow. Yes, specially a drop elbow against. It's not that much power. It's just I mean when they're breaking those yeah they're, using that that joint as a as a Does it matter exactly and they're just putting their body weight behind it? Yeah! That's all it is. You can't necessarily do that when you're inside someone's
right. You don't want John Downes over you in the face exactly but is no difference of John's hit me with a downward elbow like you got disqualified for Wi Fi, Matt Hamel, or, if he's hitting you with a sideways oboe he's a smashing year. You know at the downloadable is going to cut a lot less and less it's the point on the top of the head. That's true right! That's that's! That's! That's! A very important point like that was always the bomb. The argument against no gloves was that you'd cut feet, cut people one yeah. I I I agree with that. I mean that that skin getting pinched between bone- that's be, you know just get up to one: it's not really a cut, but who do you think that happened right? dub hands and have an padded gloves like. Is that an unrealistic sort of thing because, like if you're, if you're strike and like, if you in a dude which is fighting right, you just fighting like there's? No like hey? This is a play, fight, we're gonna, have rules, it is just a fight you and a guy fighting. You can't
just hit him with bare hands the way you can hit him with gloves on with your wrist taped up. You know you got to be very wary about punching him full blast, a four Ed, you might shatter your hand, there's a lot of things. You have to think about yeah, but yes guess, as someone is done, it and trained to to try to knock someone out you're, not thinking about you throwing punches at your skull right. You know we were aiming for these targets that are soft for sure. Like when you're in a street fight. Like those things don't turn off, so so as a fighter. I know- and that's not a concern to me in a street fight situation when you bring that up, but I know it can happen. I mean it happened in some of the early USC's guy yeah guys break their hands on skull. That's what I'm saying. Is it unrealistic to put gloves on someone and take the wrist up when it? We don't give many other advantage for striking in any other way. You don't let him cast up. Rankles or do you
something where you know you protect your shins, make it easier for you to kick hard, because if you had like some sort of spandex thing with a like a a shin pad like a like the same sort of thing of Shin pads you have on the knuckles. You just be slow coming everything elbow those arms who gives a fuck? You wouldn't worry about it. Just laminin in their to change, again change the game. It would completely change the game, but it would it would slow it down a lot more. I mean in MMA fights now the you look at a punched out for him, a five verses, a boxing match. Yes course they can only punch, so sold very much counts higher, but your hands getting hurt. You know guys guys will lose fights simply because they can't continue going into the second round. Sometimes, will that be the case? Or will it change their style? It will definitely change the style but without having the gloves and hand wraps and and that stuff there there is going to be those times when it's
it's just going to minimum. Not minimize could bring the number down. It's not going to stop it, though I I agree, I think if I want to look at it in terms of just pure entertainment value, I'd say leave the way. It is yeah. Absolutely changed. Downward elbows check out a couple of the things yes, some some things like I. I, like the pride rules, yeah so then I'd rules including with the judging the pride, was judge, fight, judge the whole fight. I agree with that. I like that. I agree with that and I think I'm more judges, you know arm, but I think that's a big one. I too was talking about that with Pat militants of the day were saying, like five judges are more, you know, yeah one three yeah, I agree I agree with more judges. A you'll get a little more diversity. Also, though, I think you gotta change change the the Okay criteria. I mean we are using a boxing criteria but like like, when you talk about wrestling with, I see guys, go he's going to take that one gag,
daddy pops right back up, it's not a take, does not too right yeah so so like. Why can't we implement some of the thing, because we're taking aspects of all these different styles of fighting like the route, the scoring system and the values for thing, should should come from that to some degree yeah take down with the immediate stand up like someone takes you down, you're right back up that is a whole lot different than you blocking a kick yeah you know, does blocking a kick count. If you get your knee up in your elbow up, you catch one right here. Counting. That is something that got through yeah right. No, no, not so you know who does Jackson. Great coach had announced that he so he he. I think he does this logical thing: I'm let the cat out of the bag with this one, because I'm in the cage with with Isaac, Valley, flag and Isaac throws a kick, and I block it a great great guys, a great kick like that landed me. You know and I'm like, and then he does something else and it doesn't affect but he's cheering him on like it does, and I'm like, is he doing that for the
The judges that I I'm like I went back to the court I told MIKE, is like MIKE he's he's cheering him on getting can get the judges on his side MIKE, like don't worry about that, this is what you need to do. Yeah you got to get That's it out of your head, yeah for sure for sure, but if he's right there I'll give you see where, the corner is, and then the other corner is when the fight is not going on there over there by the stairs the judges, right. There yep the judges, just a few. Get over it. It's there look enthusia. Stick. I guess you gotta, you gotta get those judges, a certain percent. Let's say thirty, don't know what the fuck they're watching and so they're, very still name now, let's not say because I know what would say we also have the same name. Unfortunately, nice, lady anyway, this it's fucking situation is. There should be way better judges for sure yeah. I think guys are former fighters, guys who are martial arts experts, guys who like really care about the sport, you have no shortage of them
you go to any MMA school and you just go and kick boxing school any website any website all across the country, and you will find hundreds and hundreds of qualified candidates, people that, tell you why that's a bad decision I'll tell you why that doesn't work. People tell Why this shouldn't mean anything, and we don't have that right now for no reason there's like zero reason. It doesn't make any sense. It's not like wow man is not money like what is this? No there's enough money for it Is this crazy? This is no reason. It's not Well, you know water is wet and that's just how it goes. No that would be, I think, would be a good thing also now that, like the second, I I have like in my head. I have this three generations of MA and that's where we are now in the third starting to move into the fourth, and I feel like with the first two generations being done Pretty much yeah like there's a lot of guys that are highly qualified to two way more. You know and it may mean the sport is giant
There's so many good writers out there if you read MMA articles, they're, really good, writing and a lot of these, like mainstream websites, select a lot of experts out there talking about stuff. That's why I fight like next weekend is so fascinating, because between Tony and Khabib, nobody knows what fuck is going to happen. It's one of those fights where everybody is like. Damn I don't know, and you got all these people breaking into on one side and you got people making compelling. Documents on the other side and like ok. This one is going to be weird: I've been I've, been bouncing back and forth between my pic for that fight, but I because I've been bouncing back and forth. This isn't necessarily where I'm going to stay, but I feel like okay, I don't see how that can change. But again, like you said there, people are making these arguments and if somebody convinces me of something that
kind of defeats. This argument, then it's like mad. Now you open the door for this again and what I think is like what I forgot. My first thought was could be. Was this guy x, everybody down and he controls you beat beat you up and you think he's going to do that. And then Tony this guy. He just does not he's like one of these mission. First now with that argument, submission opposition to isn't isn't a word back position. He'll create scrambles, he's he's aware of where is at all times and what he's giving up so, I feel like he would just can need to scramble he be able to get back to his feet at least, and then I go back It could be even seeing Tony against Kevin Lee and Kevin Lee Kind of control them early in that fight. You know he was able to pass his guard and do some good controlling things Now, if a guy that could be, you can do that right, then he's not getting back up and could be, was going to be able to take him now he is the best wrestler in the game like what is out yeah,
good arguments, good arguments. You know, I think another argument is a Kevin. When Kevin Lee fought Tony, I think everybody knew Kevin on staff infection. I knew I saw him in the cage. I look at this chest yeah. I was like holy shit that guys got staff. I know he's going to be week. I knew in compared the Kevin Lee, the destroyer that you see when he's on point and in shape like this guy's going to be compromised and he's also a big one hundred and fifty five. So it's a hard cut for him, whereas Tony makes it mean Tony could get pretty heavy, but he's super discipline. He makes it easy, Tony's endurance. His endurance is off the charts off the charts impeccable. He was. Most of the other day that he went on a six six mile run at one o'clock in the morning. It's like extra credit. He wrote hashtag extra credit I mean he's an animal mean Eddie. Bravo, trains them up there in big bear all the time he said, he's never seen anything like it, so they do just everybody else like pacing and everybody up the hill coming back down there still trying to make up the first time he's running passing the second time he's a fucking am
he wants did all he wants it bad, but so he knew the Kevin going into that fight was compromised. So if you knew Kevin was compromised, may be. He decided just let him work learn more at that first round. You know and Kevin's, don't no joke Kevin, dangerous, yeah, very skilled, very skilled, very aggressive, very strong, very dangerous. You know so Tony he in bad positions in that fight, though didn't get mounted just rounded. The guy got past pretty like pretty really the fight Mmhm arm, but that's crazy, because if, if he could, if he take that time off. Even knowing that a guy that Kevin Lee was, you know, compromised, that's still a high level guy to be and take
this time of year. It will be a little bit lax. Yeah no nose might just been Kevin. Is that good? I really wish that fight took place with Kevin. Healthy, really wish. That fight took place, which I think Kevin is an interesting guy 'cause. He talks a lot of shit, he's really aggressive. He fights well. He looks the part when you look at his fucking jacked. You know that's a bad break for a dude like that. He had like a golf ball grown out of his ticket yeah. That was crazy. I mean it could happen again relatively soon, depending on his fight with Barboza goes yeah yeah, yeah That's an interesting fight for Barboza to Barboza gotta, recover from that mauling that could be put on him. That was horrendous heating element opponent. Did we tony yeah? Klay and I want. I want to look back at home, the Barbosa fight, but when I, when I did look at it, he defended he defended some of those takedowns early. You know, and I mean it's against- could be now you, yes, you can defend you going to be the strongest in the
first round right still, there's not a lot of people defending could be staked out now. You know, there's a great New York Times are well. That was us just on like three or four days ago, about wrestlers from Daghestan yeah, and about now wrestling is their way out because so many of them trying to prove themselves they wind up. In those islamic terrorist groups and that these coaches try to take these young aggressive kids and give them something something something else and give them another really really well written article interesting stuff about like how powerful these guys are and how young they get him into it, and when you see could be the thing about him is like he's not doing different things in everybody else. You know what I mean like some people are doing different things,
wonder boys doing different things like he stands, totally sideways his hands or down he's thrown front leg sidekick, so he's doing a lot of different things like oh, ok. This is some a new thing to adjust to could be BES doing standard, but he's just doing it at all, not just a notch, but several notches past what everybody else is doing. I think that's the thing about these days that you guys it's crazy because, like is this american wrestling style, folk style wrestling of being on top of having that control. That's a big deal, but like Nick Lance, that's one of his strength, yeah when Nick gets on top you it's like a the the dwarf yeah he's not going anywhere, but he can also escape that a lot of guys same thing with my brown but Nik, Lentz, God written out it did with in in the fight in Brooklyn. I forget which car that I'm from Holly homes not and your major man ran to me. You know that card. He won by guillotine right, no once one which fight I forget who who WI I forget, he funded that
Danny Guy, all, would just got written out against his own style, like We guys are better at what they're with american style is but like for something. Like that. I want to see one of those guys against a guy like Gregor Gillespie yeah, No, because that style of wrestling of being on top and grinding on you, that's a high a high level wrestler like that. You know four four time all American National Champion Kind of guy with that kind of conditioning who's not going to break, but I want to see that battle. That's like 'cause that'll would be like a national championship with two guys that can punch and kick well look a guy, like Jordan, Burroughs a chore Garros getting into MMA yeah like what happens when he fights when those dogs to any guy yeah. Exactly let's see, there's pakistani guys and then this could be he's another notch above them yeah. These are not above them like there's a lot of those guys that are real good they're, real tough. You know
but he's another level he's a scary level. I I, when you see him on top of guys like like especially the Michael Johnson yeah, that was helpless. That was mauling again horrifying. And having a conversation with him leading with him to give up, you must quit title shot. His mind you know title shot I deserve, am just keeps it and he's got his arm tide behind. His back is punched him in the face. It's horrific, yeah terrific I mean he can do. Should do you that, like is like a white belt, black belt, beat up yeah it's against the best guy yeah world? I guess the best guys in the world, Michael Johnson, but Michael Johnson clipped. Now here's the thing about that fight. What's interesting to me, could be. Came in that fight with the same problem he went into the tony Ferguson and fight was cancelled. He cut too much weight his liver, apparently shut down, make him wait for that fight. So we went to the next fight,
and make weight at all you got rushed to the hospital. Then he hires a nutritionist, looks fucking fantastic event against Barboza. Had zero problems, making weight now he's got it all under control, but you gotta. Wonder if he was compromised in the Michael Johnson fight. How much of a factor did that play? Is him getting stoned? Yeah, you got, you got clipped, he got clipped and You know as well as anybody that when you're dehydrated or you have been dehydrate, you just don't take a punch as well yeah dehydration. Conditioning those things you know those things help you recover when you, when your hydrating, your conditioning, is, is up to yeah? I don't know he you see him take some punches. He always backs guys up he's always coming forward and he he does a lot of shots coming. It yeah, but you know if his conditioning is fine and that's the only time that I can remember him getting hurt in a fight from taking shots like the same thing with Barbosa, Barbosa was thrown at him hard. Hard, specially yeah, just stuff everything.
Like a zombie yeah, we'll kick a couple times. It's not club in the back of the head. Would we'll kicks nope? Sorry not today, just constantly charging forward. Man he's a fucking tank, terrifying God, but this is the fight to me it's most intriguing other than him fighting Conor him fighting Conor for the same values like chaos right like holyshit, like they might do that if you inside my son. Do that in Russia If they do that in Russia, Connor better bring his own food, tell you better bring some fucking. Beef and cabbage right from the motherland. You don't want to take any chances yeah, but when a cab um when could be fighting Tony the thing about Tony is that Tony so creative, like he's, very unpredictable. You don't know what he might step in and thrown upward elbow. You know he he'll do all kinds of weird shit. He'll do Granby rolls on you
die for a leg. You know he might try to take a down. Who knows what he's going to do and stand up? He's got legit knockout power legit, and he can take a shot rolls with punches real well, doesn't mind when he gets hit hard. He just a rolls with schitt comes back like the Barboza fight. The Barboza fight with him was a very interesting fight, yeah that, it was fun to watch like. I can't. I can't remember all the details right now, but I remember thinking I remember tweeting man, I'm watch, this, and these guys are savages. I I can't, I can't believe I thought one of these I have bad day can like man, I forum both but yeah that that fight was fun to watch, and that's that's that common opponent thing that you say and yeah No, it's it's one of those things. Also, though, because you know the rule fighter abc that thing doesn't play out like stout beats like every Stevens beats that I be Jeremy, Jeremy and Stout beach me it's this crazy crazy.
Thing where it just doesn't add up, doesn't add up. Mma masters doesn't work, it's one of them. Is why someone like could be be so impressive is 'cause. He beats everyone. Everyone undefeated with the fuck, is undefeated at that level of the game. I think he has twenty five victories at five, no twenty five, it all came in that's the other thing. I still call Johns. I column one defeated because John Johnson defeated in the egg, you don't you get smashed exactly he dominated that fight. One hundred percent, it a goofy rule and I don't No, he totally violated it mean he's trying to get through. Guard while he finishing a guy guys covering up makes me mad. I feel, like I hit a nerve about what time at them at the twelve to six double makes me mad because it makes your MAC is still there because they change the rules like they. They went to this new unified rule system. I'm like oh, this is good. We have some new regulations as far as like putting your hand on the mat didn't take in any
like when you hit a guy with a e now it's one hand now you can do with one hand great. I like that. What does twelve six elbow still in see, here's here's what I've since I've retired is that all of these formulas fit into something else. So right now, you're like well, you change This is one thing. Well all this other sheet is wrong. Well, you look at society and you look at the world right. Like these little changes, a what happens is never everything. That's wrong, isn't fixed at all times. It's always is one little things fix this other little things fix is a little things where you know what I mean. So it's going to take awhile happen eventually, but man there there's so much in this, but like there should be something that changes every year yeah. I agree. I think they should they've got to figure out something with eye pokes yeah. I I I feel like there is, I think some I don't know he may have been you. I feel because it was. It was a an announcer commentator, something talking about it, but having like a love just to
covers the fingers, but it doesn't really change anything even even so much so that, like it's, a webbing yes and that your fingers are still virtue, the individual. You know, but you can bring 'em all down together or you can just put those two on and these two are going to be tugged at but takes no f, right on a media something's covering like that with the padding over the front, something it doesn't go in the eyes as a single point. You know what our is there anybody even playing with prototypes or something that and doing an exhibition or demonstration I haven't seen anything compelling I haven't seen. Buddy come up with anything yeah. It was my My idea was to have it like, like like a like a old school bag, love yeah. Yeah. You know like love and miss you, Joe Louis, with those old school bag, gloves it's a very thin glove that would cover the tips in these to hit the bag with them back in like the fucking. Yeah. It was just like leather, and maybe that's what it is like arm
around love and just kind of a topping of that type yeah, and that makes so much sense like yeah. Why would the tips of the fingers like you don't eat in grappling? You never use individual thing else. You cop you everything is done. Like this yeah, it wouldn't change anything. Nothing at all. I wouldn't change a single thing. The only thing that changes is is yeah because, It doesn't even change this screen now and still hit, makes a better honestly give more grip. Yeah like if it's like a you know, like swayed yep material like something a little rough, you could actually get read yeah, that's true. It would help grappling gloves, definitely hurt some submissions, they get in the way, a rear, naked choke. It's one of the reasons why George's submission over Bisping was so impressive because he went this way. You know he went out the back of the hand to the back of the neck the real way.
Which you don't sometimes you don't see, because a guy can get the glove in there yeah. That's that's the one. That's on the on the display image of hi yeah of of Jujitsu, jokes yeah. I mean that one was tight. That was crazy. Watch George. Do that, but yeah they got to figure out something you don't need to have these open, it doesn't affect risk control, doesn't affect any kind of grappling in, in fact, make it better. What is Bella tore as well yeah Bella Tore is done with pride, did yeah they curved it. I like it. The use and Everlast Everlast is their glove manufactured. Obviously they make killer but Tom what they're doing is having it. So it's it's more difficult to open your fingers up. That's a smart move,
sort of little thicker. Can you didn't? You didn't see a lot of Iphone pride? No, you didn't that's the point right yeah. It was very. It was that you have seen those gloves. It's almost harder to close. Then it is to to open, am yeah, and then I don't know I feel like. Maybe it was just the commission, but I feel, like you always break your gloves in break a mental exist. If, when you first get them in new, but there was at least one commission, they had it. Wouldn't even let us like you, know, break the gloves in they wouldn't give you the gloves. You had that you didn't get them until you put them on. That must be some amateur. Hudson a mission it doesn't know what they're doing at your commission is no they're doing not not the commission on the hospitals. After the after the fight itself in New York, rowing with Matt in Brooklyn, I had the the the crazy well I had it was in me. Dustin had the car,
craziest trip. We sell after that fight with Jim Miller, with all those Shin kicks rented both. They both went to the hospital, the calf kicks and Dustin's calf and Shin was swollen, and they will I'm giving him some morphine in truck, we got there and the doctor came in and they wanted to perform a surgery on him. Yeah they wanted to slice his shin open. And relieve the pressure because they were saying you're going to lose nerve tissue and your nerves are going to Diane and you, if you start not when they go is no there's no coming back. You can't really fix it. You can't fix those things. They were really pushing this day it was a crazy situation right, so we're like a Dustin man, and then I called MIKE Brown back. Then we start having this discussion about it's just like its leg, kicks in this all the time and I and what not know when and not conduct was like. I don't want to do that. Then they started. Like yeah I want to get out of here. Basically he's like. Can I just have something for the pain and I
like they were like? No, they said, no, we're not going to. Let you leave here on pain, medication and I felt like they were trying to keep the enticing to stay with blocking pain, medication, it was just a really weird situation and we were there for way too long and they were really pushing for this like three or four different dot. No three different doctors came in trying to convince him to get this surgery done hello, it was. Easy just for some swelling just swelling in the calf. Doesn't make any sense. It doesn't honestly like? Why would what they think that it would cause nerve damage to have so much swelling the the swelling was pushing up against the blood vessel supposedly and there wasn't. Circulation coming through. That's what was happening. This is this. What they are and this is like over a year ago, so I'm trying to remember exactly and I'm not a math, I'm not a doctor right, but the
well, and they were asking him about because he was having some some loss of sensation right in his toes, but he just fought United, giving him morphine all this other stuff, so they we know poking at his toes of the pan or something you feel that you feel that he's like yeah a little bit. No and you know, rise different answers and they would they claim to be concerned about it. They would tell him This is what this is a possibility and this going to happen and we want to prevent it and it they weren't like well. This is guaranteed that this is what's going on. This is just the realistic possibility and we want to it was just like he wanted to wait as long as possible and they they were just they. They just seem to be really pushy about wanting to do this Where were they going to make the incision in in the Shin up the in how big it was big. It was as long as my phone watt so that
Instead, that's why we were like yeah. This is kind of crazy and they would just want to drain it and they want to drain it. They want to release the pressure right and then they were like. Well, we can a test that we can do, can't really see it from there. Angle but worse in the hospital yeah and then asking they will they will like there's there's a he when Dustin was like. I don't I don't like that idea. I don't want to do that and they were like. I don't think that let's just wait and he's like what they were like well, there's a thing that we can do, but we have to take a needle. They wanted to take a long needle. Stick it into his leg past the bone into the muscle and like do a pressure test on it and he was like yeah. I don't like. He thought I was crazy because he doesn't like needles right. The stage deals. Contact city fights for living, scared of needles, I'm the same way about needles, but I don't have the tattoos that kid has, but he's like. I don't want to do that. I don't like he's like no 'cause. They wanted. It would have been. This much
inside the ship? Well my medicines yeah, I don't know how long it would have been playing a lot it was. It was in there. Yeah wasn't just like looking for a vein, and they were just testing for pressure. They will they will they like talking. They were saying they wanted to test of tire gauge on their insurance, exactly doing the so so so anyway, they they didn't happen, the the dust we start, dozens I get frustrated and and and they were really pushing for it, it was late at night- and I don't think I was helping the situation because I was like these guys- The answer is probably back there with like a and there like they get. They get bonus points for whatever surgery that you know, you never know man. People are really skeptical about that kind of stuff, but he he I mean they definitely do surgeries on people that you don't have to some doctors to
definitely can happen and you would hope the you're not running into one of those doctors, but they have done it before yeah I mean there's a doctor that got it just got arrested recently and his whole whole story about all the different surgeries that he did, that he didn't have to do And including cancer surgeries like he remove cancer they didn't even have had cancer yeah yeah, that's that's a scam artist. I was- Mercedes gotta make those payments he should just got into the plastic, sir, business. I know right. You can talk those crazy. Ladies, in the anything anything and everything you need, you need, you need to take some of that meat out of your butt and put in your lips yeah. That's the move, maybe, but so would they ice in the Shin the entire time they were? They had ice on it, they had a drip for like a morphine drip to kill the pain. Why don't they just wait a couple days?
why they want to just go right into it right now they wanted to take. They wanted to do it that night and they they said they said they didn't want to. The reason why they didn't want to wait was because, when they never did, they have damage, happens, when the nerve die. That's it they're dead. There's no way to you know right to bring those things back so man- I just I wonder one. If that's right, I don't want to be talking about the dark. It's not right, because Dustin Fodder in after that he feels like he's fighting in a few weeks like when was his leg, better um shoot he got on the plane the next day, so I had had real quick little side. Note I had some problems. I was hoping for that camp and I had an injury and I got Tylenol with codeine in it and man that stuff. That's that's powerful message. How powerful is a I was like. I couldn't Dustin took me to the hot:
well. I know I went in. I was in so much pain and they were like they prescribe that I took one pill in about twenty minutes later I was like this is the first time I was able to relax and like three days the pain was so and I was like when I get back, I got to the end of my cat. My thing I like two pills left and I was I don't need 'em I'll keep the case. I get hurt again, some point you know and Fortunately, I had him because I was like dude like this- that that pain that you're going to when you get on a plane because I'll in Japan I busted my foot and I had to fly. Sixty now is in the foot with swelling on the plane. It is the pressure of yeah hi, also to a miserable it started in my in my in my foot and ankle, and it's full of information and count all the way down to my toes, but it was so I was like that's. I don't want that to happen. You so like, like it's going to be miserable to just take this with you and take a pill. You know Ani Di just took one pill. He said it was a great for
it help with the help of the flight. I got ahold of some of that old school nyquil back back one day. I've only taken it like maybe two or three times ever in my life, but the last time I got some was like. Twenty years ago I took some. I was sick and I took old school cool. I was lying in bed and it was like my bed was just hugging me. My bed was made out of love and it's just hugging me and I was like ha. I don't give a fuck about that cold, I was just so relaxed like old school nyquils was amazing I room. I remember that I own that's coding right, isn't it I think coating was in like well, cool was nice man back in the day, Tito Ortiz? I I call Tito one point, because I was real sick. I had a fight coming up to and I was like man, I don't I don't know what to do is like here's. What you do you take three packs of their flu and you put the add one couple of water right
So so it's like you boil a couple. You boil the water and you pull that and you put them in fact I pass. Is there flew in there? I was like um. I started to do and I was like man Tito the light heavyweight. That's a good move glad you did that. I signed a deal with because I was out for eighteen hours why I I I lay down. I will come up and I still I felt like I could I just don't want to get up and I slept I slept for. I was in bed for eighteen hours. I did wake up feeling bad They'll, I would imagine you probably weren't thinking about the cold at all No, so the stress was gone and you get that rest you're out cold. I was late out. That's one of the last eight at that's one of the best arguments for it like cold medicine is that they I'll. Let you go to sleep like if I'm sick and miserable, I can't fucking sleep yeah, but if you take something you just fucking, Theraflu is a good one. You just it cleans you out, like you, could breathe and you can't
check out and and is that when you arm what is this Jamie, that old School, Michael it had pseudoephedrine in it, which is who is used to make meth Jesus Well, math, keep you up, then yeah. It doesn't make any sense, a stimulant. It says the FED. All this I get to Google. What was this is what you have a Sudafed is. Nyquil, not very different to. As Stimulant Sudafed the stuff that cleans your nose out right right. This is what it's like Sudafed Ring and other regional, Michael, the original green death formula nyquils behind the pharmacy counter. Now because gasp it has the evil Sudafed ring- and I was looking- so you can buy. That should still some people are looking at is finding an article. Someone was looking looking for in New York. That's two thousand and thirteen. I gotta get a good doctor, Michael Fay, mmhm interesting that stuff fucks you up. If you go deep with that stuff, I think it's the chemical that it's mixed with, rightly it's. The pseudoephedrine is probably what keeps you alive,
Cody was dragged down into the grave, the Sudafed and should keep you alive. That's the thing about about sleeping all right. That's when, when your body, everything else is off yeah, all your body can do is is is he'll. You know what else happens. Man you make good decisions like that term sleep on it. That's not a joke! Yeah, there's something about going to sleep problem waking up in the morning and you have a new perspective like to us on that big a deal. Alright, it's alright! I don't- or you know- or maybe I should do something about this or maybe I should apologize. Maybe I should you know something about sleeping on something: I don't know what it is man, but it gives me a truer compass as to which direction. I should go. There's a thing about that too. There's a sleeping on it. I had to teach myself some things about like car mechanics, and I I I had a problem but somebody's like that's. Your alternator is likely because my engine wouldn't stay on. You know like really like how much does that cost, and I was
right 'cause. I wasn't. I was just fighting you know I was there was no UFC even on the horizon, yet an I'm like how much that cost. As like too much shit, I was like he's like. I can do it for you can say you can do it it's like. I mean you know it's like. I can't afford that either If you can do it I'll figure it out? So I went to the store I was like hey. To buy an alternator for this. This model car. They were like okay, they get out there like they weren't going I'm going to give it to me 'cause! You have to give them the other one back. You have to exchange it really yeah like at least this is the way it was in like two thousand Texas, okay, so, but certainly one of the managed at that store is one of my students is right across the street from my gym. So I was like he's like here. You can take it just. Alternator back. I was like awesome because I didn't know what an alternator was. My plan was to grab it get my engine in like five minutes find the like thing right. So that's what I did. I found the like thing. I put it in there. I changed it. I took the other one back, but I couldn't get the belt on
the thing that I was trying to do everything in somebody's like the tension built. I was like. I don't know what you're talking about and I slept on. I went to bed that night. I went to sleep and I woke up ran downstairs connected it. You know like I, I because I over no right yeah, but there was something about being relaxed and not being like stressed about trying to find it right. Now, it's right in front of me just away from it- and I see the whole engine. In my sleep and it's like you, put the ratchet in there and you pull on it and that's that's a tensioning bolt. I have a crazy spiritual idea about that. I think when you go to sleep, you go into the Spirit world. When you come back, you refreshed. I think you the new life every morning. Thank you live on the momentum of your past life yeah, but I think you have a new life. Every morning you just returned from the Spirit World, with the mess that you left behind. You gotta to clean it up clean it up and figure it out and, like oh yeah yeah, I should've just cranked it bolt over there. Ok
It all makes sense, there's something to that 'cause. I got some stuff going on now, where I'm just like. When I wake up the next day, I'm like you know what it's not, that big of it's, not that big of a deal most things. Not that big of a deal if you're still alive and you walk in not talking. Ultimately, it's not they have a deal like you. I give things like the ten year test like if you look back on ten years, how much of a big deal is going to be yeah? Not that big of a deal yeah, it's fucking alternator yeah, that big of a deal the ten year test is a good test. Yeah. That makes a lot of sense. You know, but people operate on momentum. That's a big problem with people You know like when you go to bed you wake up in the morning. You still took the shit that you left behind the day before piling up
bills, you gotta, pay and do chores you gonna, do and all these different tasks that need to get done. Like flock. You know you can never get behind it. It's it's it's a good day when, when we feel like okay, everything's done yeah and like this day is completely mine, you have a man, that's that's did had to have like a clean slate. In your mind in terms of things, you need to do, there's no Wade underestimate that yeah, that's giant. You can, under MS emphasize how important that is yeah overemphasize. Rather, I completely agree with that. Islam, I'm one of those guys to my brain. I feel like as soon as I wake up. First thought leads into the next and the next and you you, you You can't stay ahead of it and not staying ahead of it. You're kind of being dragged along being pulled by these thoughts and all these different directions, especially
when I'm trying to organize something. Sometimes, if I don't have a list or something like that, I'm not going to get. If I have five things to do, let me get one thing done. If I don't have a list, you know what changed. A lot of my life, I started early in the morning. My my day almost always starts now, today's one of the rare days where it didn't like today, I'm going to workout after the podcast, but most days I get up in the morning, I workout, and the only reason why I didn't do it today is 'cause. Everyone in my house is sick. Everyone- and I wanted to get some sleep yeah, my kids, a little petri dishes, man, they just always sick everybody sick. So I'm the only one so far that's been able to fight it off, and I woke up yesterday and like oh, I got a sore throat like it's coming. I fought it off yesterday and I thought it off. Today I got in the sauna chilled out.
But something changed in my life. When I started working out in the morning, my thought process became clear. It may make it makes more sense because I clean out my mind when I work out. So I get up in the first thing I do is just go: work out and clean up my mind. My mind gets cleaned up my body's like fully elevated in terms of, like my heart rate, got jacked up and sweating like a pig already strained already pushed already, over some shared already made it to the end and then so, there's already a victory by the time. It's you know. Eight hundred am yeah that that to me like, then, my day just starts off way better. Like I start off with a clear perspective yeah, I guess it's similar when, especially when I was fighting, because you woke up get a run in eat, something
head to the gym yeah. I know and then yeah train. Now that stress you run fasted yeah. I I like. I would tell the first thing I did I brush my teeth and go for a ride. You know I I I didn't I didn't like eating anything. This is when you were living in Texas. This is whenever, like even to this day, when I run like specially specially in Texas, because in the summer Category really got to get it in before it turns into a barbecue outside exactly what I was gonna say is in Texas you're. Mostly flat. It's mostly flat yeah, especially especially in Houston. Austin has some hills but Houston. Is there the only hills in Houston on the overpasses? right, but now they're out here, man there's some ferocious trails. You can run yeah yeah There's a there's a hail on my street. That's a quarter mile! Oh it's yeah. This is a miserable shift in the Hollywood hills like whoa yeah. If you wanted to get it bottom and do some sprints going up at that's so good for your knees to be
you know you're, not really stomping down your question. Yeah you're pushing up. So it's just basically like doing a bunch of lunges yeah yeah. You feel it in your ass dude. My house is way bigger than it used to be. Looks good there was a there- was a there- was a drill went. I did this a couple of times, either with inclined the treadmill to the to its peak yeah and in turn it up to like twelve or ten or twelve, and you sprinting for like fifteen seconds. That was MS but I would you'd feel that really really hard is great until you fall off yeah exactly how do you get off that thing? U sprint to you got to grab the edges and hot. Do you know what I just using the other day. It's a mother is that Versaclimber yeah, full yeah god damn I've never in an infant extended period of time, always in a circuit, oh yeah, I did it in a circuit
So is this the last exercise it's miserable is like mother fucker. This thing, like you, do the first two or three stroke, so I can get through this and then like ten and like shed you like how much time I got left a ten seconds how's is that possible, not going to make a minute in ten seconds of this. It feels weird because, like with every stroke, it doesn't it's not heavy or hard to make the stroke. It feels like it's nothing but you're, also going no, where right yeah. Just like you have the you're making this motion- and I don't know up to read this- you know you like to down here like this, like how much like how is that possible? I've only been doing this for fifteen seconds. You know what I like. That and there's a thing called the Eco bike that Rogue make that I have out here. Okay, holy it's an Airdyne, but it's like an Airdyne built for gorillas, like you're, going to put an Airdyne machine into fucking gorilla cage you'd, make like this Rogan mythic assfuck in steel thing with dicas handles everything
like super beefy and jacked up God. Damn in case you're, actually that I, what I want to try it's the man, it's the I do tomatoes on that. So do twenties and tens twenty seconds work. Ten second break Fark, it's hard, man, the Airdyne machines look. So they looked like nothing. That's one of those things where you look at it like. How can that be hard? Yeah? it's hard to when you when you alternate yeah, you know what I am so you you ride them both together, but you're doing a conditioning, work out and coach. You stand right there and you just take it off of the paddle then you're pumping with the arms yeah, yeah, Yeahs ruble, that's miserable. Let's lock that so I and- and I also don't think not that I don't like it, but one of the in the conditioning work. I It's the pipes that was so hard and kind of draining that all I don't know what you call it, but it's the with the hydraulic,
Press is yeah. Yeah yeah, that's miserable too, because every direction like there's no rest on that machine is none. It's kind of crazy. When you go back and look at like old school strength and conditioning workouts at fighters used to do- and you know comparison to what was all the craze you should. The guys do today who which, which can't on it's an argument saga bill which camps I'll, go can't because I feel like there's two, which camps really started, that that that the conditioning thing who were headed to game, I always think at t. I always think them 'cause. They were like when Lambert created that Place Dan Lambert, the fucking man that guy that guy is done a lot for me and doesn't get his horn blown enough. Yet the respect He he put a shit ton of money in american top team in one of the things that they did about. It was make it a full like they have everything they have great wrestling coaches, great striking
which is great Jiu, Jitsu, huge facility, everything state of the art- and I was felt like those guys eyes, war at a very high level. Early on, like I remember Thiago out, This is making weight this back when, like Thiago Alves, It was a guerilla member how big he was at one hundred and seventy, and we thought values and he didn't make the weight and he looked like he weighed about four hundred pounds. She didn't even look like a human man. He was so jacked. Well, he was making weight once and it was a fight that they did. I think it was at the hard rock. I don't remember, but it was somewhere where they have babies at the palms somewhere where they had like the smaller ring. I think I don't know why. I remember this but remember was, he was Warming up for that day's fight! He had made weight and then um aft making weight, they had a workout that they would do to put weight back on him and one things that they would do is really burn them out, so they
at him. He was in the gym. I wish he was here. I could exactly what this was 'cause I'm talking many years ago and he go through this really hard pad work, as I that Bam bam Bam and they were saying they wanted to pump everything up full of blood and then they fill them up with carbs and they would just everything would blow back up. So, like the muscles get super dehydrated because he's draining himself out big time, you know he was walking around. North of two hundred lb of cutting down to one hundred and seventy and then, after the weight cut, they would swelling back up again, so they got to put thirty lb back on them in twenty four hours, and that was one of the methods that they used was exercise followed by fuel I guess it it kind of makes sense kind. Also confuses me could confuse me too, because I'm a dummy- and I was listen to him talk about this- is that okay, okay, why is this like? What's happening, how you doing this? What's
like I get the principle that you're saying, but what's the science behind, because that's where I'm at science, he looks like a gorilla fight? He really put that weight back on well and they had a and nobody is bigger at one hundred and fifty five in Glaydson, Tibau, glass and t but looks like a light Heavyweight, he's so big and somehow really makes it down to fifty five like when he gets on the scale. It's like you're you're, it's like you all Romero when he gets on the scale like okay, it might seeing something wrong like how is that one hundred and eighty five how's that possible it doesn't make it's like I'm watching him way in. He is one twenty five guy says one hundred and eighty five. He steps often like why in the fuck am I seeing? How is it possible to get I get that they could t bow? in the locker room with TI by a couple of times at Att and I'm like about what are you wearing right now mine is like oh, my friend like one hundred and ninety I'm like you're, not one,
when you get on the schedule. No, you know I get on scale. I guarantee use like two hundred and ten get outta here that one night, so big he's huge he's. So big yeah, look how big he is looking that's one hundred and fifty five pounds. Look at the size of MEO. Five eight nine yeah built like a tank he's so big he's so strong. He's the most diesel guide that I've ever seen at one hundred and fifty five like it that is about as thick as This is no room for error there any ok, wait a lot yeah I mean he might have missed it. He missed it like once or twice, but he made most. The time T bow made wait. He it was miserable for him. Well go back to that. One picture that you just showed him a fighting somebody none of that one right there, that's some yeah, no, not tractor, no, no, no, how cut like in
I know a time about brazilian cat Massot room. What's this argument yeah? What is that crazy, nickname God, damn why can't remember his name same here from turn off the yeah? So now, though, eighty Five a delay. You have said Brazil. Did you five any follow hundred and fifty about four eighty five, I believe I thought Nick Diaz also at seventy. I feel, like I don't know if the elf on the UFC eighty five, though no, I don't think you do it yeah yeah. But when you were saying that thing about uhm when you said about said about a t t. I agree. But I mean even further back than that earliest guys. Yeah, Frank, Shamrock was wondering shamrock and then the militants in the buildings, Is this guy really figured out conditioning yeah? That's how ebt to first time yeah for sure he was so small in that fight. He was tiny and he was like one hundred and ninety and if I
thilo was our goal. Rilla. He was a big fella. Yeah wars asset that was one of the weight class was two hundred to you, have to make one hundred and ninety nine yeah. That was the early days yeah. It was very different back then man I was, I was scrolling through fight pass watching the whole like the entire events. Then I get down to like two thousand. It gets like it's going to be like two thousand and seventeen as all these events across the street and got to scroll. Sixteen the same thing fifteen starts going down to get the tents like it's still last, but you still got to feel about the screen when you get there like seven or you have to like eight and it's like five, right, five events, five events and that's it- you know like I have twenty one USC fights under my belt, but they were five you've CZ year back then yeah like like now there's like two months. You get like six, seven, seven car. Why fi? I felt like
You got fucked and Josh Thompson. A lot of guys in your era caused you to cut out the fifty five pound division for a long time, and then you went. Don't Bodog and all these other organizations there's no fifty five for how many years on my like two thousand and four to two thousand two thousand five to like two thousand and ten for sure, didn't come back until the ultimate fighter, yeah like that's when Gilbert, Josh Thompson, we're having those epic wars over in Strikeforce yeah. It's like those years like there was those guys like you Thompson and I feel like Gilbert Gilbert staked his claim in the UFC and had some epic fights the UFC, but I honestly don't think, We see this same Gilbert that we saw in Georgia for C n L. We no one in no one could say better than you because you've been in there that how much those wars we'll just take out of you
They will and a guy like like the wars at Gilbert and Josh, went through head strike, force and Gilbert. Is that kind of guy he's eat? it's like it's finding the angles yeah! That's it they're, not they're, not backing down and they got the chins to take it yeah, you know, there's not, there's not a lot of guys that can that can take it like that. I been in a lot of wars that that were back and forth. Even if the the fight had some attrition, there's a lot of times. It was uhm. I was winning the striking battle and he wasn't taking as many shots as those guys have taken right and they have to have a chance to do that? Yeah man like I I I couldn't imagine it to this day, having been in having I have like my record, shows like sixty some to fight. I have like eighty plus fights overall, and I still like I look at some of those fights like Diego in Gilbert. I'm like I'm so glad Joe. I remember as a kid. I was late
so my couch watching Vernon, white and pancreas, and I'm laying there watching and he's getting his ass beat and then it gets to the third round and he turns it around Knox. The guy out and I'm like I roll off of the couch. I get on my knees and my god, please let me have fights like that. That's the kind of fighting when I please these. These are like this young kid. You know I just I want to do that. I want to have epic fights like that right, but now that I'm and I'm looking back at it like there their times. I watch that style fight when I get hit, I'm just like it's it hurts it didn't, hurt then, but like it hurts now like when I feel like a slight physical pain from it, not like it breaks my heart. It's yeah at that part will always hurt, but I mean, like that looks brutal. It's painful. It's not, but it looks that way, but you know those fights with Gilbert and like Gilbert and and Diego when they're still in it that it hurt. Yeah you know well Gilbert didn't have to fight him. That way, that's why it was so crazy. Yeah is a Gilbert
how to use a skills and fight a technical fight. He would have been. You know he. He was the better fighter technically at the time, but he just said fuck it. Let's go to war now I like I mean this is not a whole lot of people that are willing to do that, yeah that that I think that's what it is like Aaron. Like my fight would Erin Riley Anne, I was able to figure him out an. I could pick him apart. And Aaron is the kind of guy who would go to war with you like. If I figured you out, I'm not going to go well. I think this is where I'm not giving you a chance for you right now. That's why why I don't have prove to anybody else. How much of man I am- and the other side of that whole like getting hit. That's that's nonsense. Prove, how much of a man you are by getting hit. That's that's nonsense. I like, when guys Gilbert choose to go crazy and go to war, but that's on him. That's 'cause! He wants to that is on him, but you know like there's a guy
Who did something like that and he was willing to go to war, but you can see he he still kept his technique when he went to war and I'm talking about MAX Holloway when he, when he, when he went with Ricardo Lamas when he like right here right now, yeah he started trading, but he will I'm just sitting in the pocket trading. He was throwing his getting out coming back, getting out and getting out. That's how you do that. Yeah. You know you don't just sit there and go okay. I got mine, no, you get yours, that is by telling them out fees and winning punches yeah. That that I mean that's Diego specialty. Yeah goes the best blood and guts fighter ever mean every single fight he's ever had is blood and guts. I would go back to his fight with Martin Kampmann lost the first two rounds. Get its face. Hanging off, like literally like a like a zombie and he's chasing after Martin Cameron, any wins! A third round wins it third routing
Ellenberger he's fighting Ellenberger who's at the time you know a strong powerful one hundred and seventy paint punch Diego's got his back in the third round. He's beating him up. I mean that's just blood and guts. That guy's got more blood and guts. Then, virtually like ninety nine percent of the population of the planet. Earth. Diego is one of those guys to that he's a scary individual when you when you look at him, is like okay, that's a potential opponent specially in his prime put away from that he lives. Now he's a really, especially now I was when he fought rigs like. I felt I feel like thank
for those to kind of personalities, they're just going to be like added at each other all the time and you feel like that's how they're gonna be always but like a guy like Diego, like look at what he's doing with with with the guys in and Albuquerque Hell, I forget the guy's name he's helping out the guy that that his big UFC fan the downturn Johnson yeah, the idea of mild yeah, that's amazing, but like like he's he's committed to this, is not like it's not like, and it's not like a check me out. Do you know what I mean? It's just all the time like the guy was we. I I, like Diego yeah, he's a good dude he's a very good dude yeah. That Rick's fight was crazy too, because rates never thought the vehicles got K. Stephanie Kahler, when the right hook like early in the fight to save and Riggs is those guys that see, I don't think that he ever totally showed in the octagon what he was capable of in the gym, and he also is a guy that peaked during, like the kind of like the Rich Franklin error. You know
like when he fought Matt Hughes did Miss weight when he fought for the title. He missed weight again Mathews, Mathews, Kimora, DEM and but the I'd always heard, is that Joe Riggs in the gym was a world beater like people would spar with them and they were like Holyshit like Joe Riggs, our world champion, like he's that good and that he would be Dustin up all these like really hi level, guys in the gym. There's there's something, though, about being in the gym, and- and you know you know this plan saying that about being in the gym versus being inside the octagon. Some it's that the stakes are a real now yeah in the gym. He is a lot of guys will open up more because you can't really lose their. You can't you know, but when you're in the fight itself yeah you arm you, you can You don't want to pull all the triggers, because if, if this bullet misses right right, I'm expose, I got no defense to that. You know you're, not you're, not putting everything on the
people that you would in the gym, because the risk is so much greater and I think that's where the eyes who can perform. Who step up to the game. I believe that's the the the aspect that they have to their game, that that's missing from some of these guys were world beaters in the gym, but when they did, they just can't bring it to the field yeah it's a mental strength for sure and it's a confidence in your technique and in and the outcome some people think that the world is against them. You know there's an to the some people have like never works out for me, no more, I can't catch a break off, but it's it's interesting because those the guys that can't to break, and you always wonder is wonder what came first, the chicken or the egg. Is it the attitude that is making the life this impossible puzzle to solve, or is it they just they just keep getting shity rolls of the dice. I think it's the attitude, probably it's like it's a snowball effect,
The very first decisions you make real early on, especially when competing yeah like everybody knows that times where you can quit everybody knows, there's times where you you know, you didn't train as hard or you didn't push his heart. He didn't and some people, don't some people, don't learn, like they have those moments like when you're a little kid- and you know maybe you're wrestling or something like that, and you got scared you didn't perform well and then you go back and go ok that sucked. I don't want to do that again. I gotta figure out how to can toughen up or I gotta figure out how to perform and some people just don't they had some people. Just run away from a run away. Never ever see that thing again. Yeah. It's like this weird little moments in fights. Could see happening where guys are exhausted, but they dig down. You know what Fido's call upon like here's, a dude who's got impossible mental strength, Darren Elkins our side back to.
Not bektic his lighten him up like a Christmas tree in Time Square, I mean he's just fucking him up. He is on point. He looks like a future champion. He looks fantastic Darren, Elkins won't stop. He won't stop. He keeps coming, he keeps coming he's. Throwing punches is covered in blood, he's getting punched and kicked and Shandon Fuckin' elbow keeps comment keeps coming keeps coming. He catches him. You see Bektic Waban, you, like oh head, kick like what the Darnell this is pounding out and then the referee stops the fight and then Elkins steps off limits it's like God. A damn like that- is that is the reward for having indomitable spirit like that. That is a kind of victory crow. I that you only get when you went to Hell and you did not give up yeah that that fight itself after the second, I believe it was you just like this is like they should be stopped right.
I think this should be stopped. These though there's no chance and I don't I can get beat up as much so I'm I'm like tweeting about the fight I'm watching and I'm looking back and forth and then Holy Father, besides upside down love that guy and then Elkins chokes out. Michael Johnson shows people he's got skills. That's that's! That's the other thing here. It is right here I mean Mossad bektic. It was super fucking, talented, like just an undefeated coming into this right and Darren was covered in blood and he got crucifix here and he's getting Smith. Should punches and elbows but Elkin just one of those guys Darren just doesn't give up man the thing about massages, massage I've trained, massage massage trains hard his condition clear that this conditioning is on point. Look at this. Did that screen so crazy. You know that This green, like that, when cat Zingano beat Amanda Nunuez yeah, it's another one
Now I remember her victory to that. One is bone chilling hear the scream like whoa like it get scared like. I might I got goosebumps just thinking about yeah. Listen to that, choose that meant a lot to her. Man can hear it yeah to some some. She can't fake now know, there's something that about what you were saying, though, about on people like walking away from finance things. It's it's. It makes me think of like of a kid inside this, this is going to be like a bunch of things tied into one thing, but babies when they're first born, like first thing I'm out of baby- usually cry right right and it's like my thought on that is like this, the first time they felt anything outside of that wound. Right and, and they don't know what pain is like a pain, tolerance. The first time you got kicked
it it. It hurt a lot more than it does now. Yeah right so, like every sensation is new for them right and then you're growing up. You you out up to people, people in your press to telling you can do anything, but at the same time they tell you don't do that right right. So it's like The mind is your brain. Is this? This is blank slate when you're born and you get. All these different influences, and this goes back to the people that are like. I can't catch a break. I can't get your break, it's like. Are we Are we doing this right? Because for so many people have this attitude? You know where, where is that coming from because it's there so people like that, and then there are people that are like that at times and then, but they can, they can either come out of it and and and start having good things and then and then they go back into it bounce back and forth, but why are people the way they are like the
the human mind to me is like the most amazing confusing like it's everything but like there's no rules- yeah, that's what it is. I mean everybody is different there. Everybody is similar, but everybody is different and your attitude has a giant effect, not just on your life but on other peoples lives around you another thing about it, those I can't catch a break, guys yeah get them the fuck away from me. I can't I can't be around those guys. I don't wanna hear that shit. I don't wanna hear that shit. I don't buy it because everybody has bad break yeah. I thought ton of bad breaks, but you know what I did. I I just stayed up yeah and I thought through it and I I figure out the fuck. I did wrong and then I went back it's like I fuckedup up everything. Done a hundred times, there's no way the other there's no other way to do it and I've got a bunch of shity breaks. Everybody has but to realize when you have those she breaks. What that is it's an opportunity for you
to reassess reboot, get better figure out. Another way find another way through. It's just little challenges and the people that look at those logical world war which of these challenges their cancer. Those people danger to be around. They will rob you of your enthusiasm. They don't give you any fuel that the opposite of fuel, like the fuel people the whole, the people that are kicking, ask the people that are out there. Just fuckin' hustling, all he's always getting things done that got like my friend John, go every morning, I'll check his instagram page, four hundred and thirty shows a picture of his watch get after it he's out there working out four hundred and thirty in the morning. He does it. Every morning Why? Because, because he doesn't want to that's how you do it, you go after you don't make any excuses and those kind of guys are fuel, but those I can't catch a break guys that opposite of fuel? That is pissing on your fire. There no fun, though the people that it's around them are all idiots, 'cause, only idiot I want to be around. I can't catch a break guys yeah only a
stick around after, while even if they're, your good friend you gotta, be like Bro, you got a fucking, stop. You got to stop those. I can't catch a break bullshit, all the time, you're complaining you could be instead hustling you could be instead chasing your dream. You could be instead figure out what you're doing I'm trying to prove certain aspects of your life get your shit together. Reading a book meditating something fucking something. But this I can't brake shift is not helping anybody and it pushes everybody away from you, but some people they get caught in that pattern and it might be their parent. It might be how they were raised? Somebody might have told they were useless real early on it stuck and they just they uh please. They never feel like to get enough reassurance. They never feel like they get enough motivation and they feel, like other people, get more, Look at all these other people who communicate the hook him she gets this. How come he's got that going on and that all that's bad for you to touch it ain't? No good. How much of that is tied into not paying attention to yourself,
not not knowing yourself, you know how much time, how much is that is this time as tuned into I tied into you always on. Thank you ain't always outside of yourself, you just flushing with your flooding with tv or Instagram or this or that you know, and not not something that even even reading a book I believe is is different? well when you watching tv, what you're watching you know what I mean something that that has a message where you have to think where you, you can see yourself in that, and you can put yourself play situations and you're like oh well, that's I can empathize with that. I can this, but when you're, just watching o spending money on cars and and make it rain in this. In that you know, and wonder how much of that, because, like the thing that I've found entertainment isn't what it used to be.
And this. This is I'm going to sell all this ship right now show back in my day entertaining like entertainment wasn't what it is now now: it's just like bright lights and flashing bombs. First, This is like something that you could actually feel. I feel like it's a lot less of that. Well, there's some entertainment that you could feel like tv shows. Do you watch black mirror that will freak me out of you, make you think, there's still some good ship being made. Stranger things is then go find it so much more like I feel, like the bigger things like the things that most people have access to, yeah yeah. I think that's what it is right right, but is it that they have more is that was that the easiest thing to easiest thing to to consume? It's very we consume it's mindless, an everybody wants cars. Hulu the car everybody wants money. Look at his money, you know, yeah just get sucked up in it and it's a very low level frequency
that everybody sort of has like a little bit of it? And you see this, I'm dude with his open shirt, all these chains and his all these girls behind him in their underwear. Everybody's dancing is like this guys life's party. Yes, my life is a party can catch a break. I'm over here I can't catch a break. It's cool! It's cool Sometimes you know but like sometimes silly yeah, exactly yeah, this is a point like they. You know who's who's, the deep guy chilling and shows very deep yeah, and if he he, he pointed this out to me through a different way, but there's a point where everything becomes a bad thing. There's a point where, like humility is, is, is a bad thing. There's a point where having fun is a bad thing. It's like yeah you can't. You can't like eating, doesn't isn't always a pleasure if you're constantly eating, if you're, never hungry. You don't appreciate as much as if you're,
hungry Brian L yeah, because if you're, if you're starving, they feed you in union start you your full and you will you have to keep eating? That's not fun right, right, right, yeah! So there it is. Does this moderation thing that I feel it's missing and I'm trying to find that balance myself? Man with what, with life with with with a bunch of different things, with with how much time I spend doing this verses this specially now that I'm not fighting, because that that was for a long time. That was the biggest part of my days. You know is just training and everything else, and now I still get the train, but I have more time and and a lot of time by myself in my own head So I'm I'm back to reading, wasn't schilling the guard that exposed that crime kid yeah for being a racist and his family was over and then his mother
said somethin like contacted shelling about keeping money in the what with the whites or some yeah Joe, is on Joe reached out, because he wanted that you wanted to. You know: yeah, it's like bring the kid out of training, get onto and Bella tore Van kid the kid it was a viral. We should the kid up. His up he's a little kid he's. You know I don't feel like. We should give the kid anymore exposure yeah, anything they this is not case because the kid didn't do anything wrong right right just crying must be, and everybody like all this poor kid you now now! Well, I don't. I don't know this. The the part of one of his part in the in the bullying thing. But what we're talking about is his on this conversation, yes, and that's where it got like. That's where I got to assume it was proven that was his mom. Definitely wasn't someone troll in Iowa. I don't know everything is, for
can a mystery today. Up is down down itself has a lot of trolls out there. Man, I'm not. I feel, like I feel, like there's been, there's been reports that it was and they and there's reports that it wasn't, and I didn't pay so much attention to it that I could be like positive as to what what the ruling was yeah put on. The conversation that she had with Joe is big Joe reached out. To bring him out and she was like I'm just trying to put some money in this account basically than Joe, is like hey I'm trying to give him something more valuable than money and She said some. She wanted something else, go fun, go fun right and then there was something else. Joe said like: what's the money going to a you, can't cure bullion with money yeah like what he, but I got how it turned to some cheap in the money with in the white light yeah. It was something someone says that she, but I don't. I don't know I like like. Why do She even bring that up like what in joes
text made her go to that card. Why dude shaved head covered in tattoos took a chance. She took a chance. She took a chance just like wipe. Power, white power, she went fishing, I don't know man I mean, maybe she's, just a fucking dummy. I mean the family. Is a conservative confederate flag? and shouldn't some of the photos. That's that's still in the flag, the state flag in Mississippi Julia. No, I didn't that's crazy, see that that's crazy to me because, like I didn't grow up knowing about that, like I like as a kid in the Baja, I didn't. Even I didn't even know I I knew I came in fifteen yeah so like well, the years when everything's being set, I was in the Bahamas, your brain So when I got here like, I still had no idea what the confederate flag was. I I told his people is like I didn't know a lot of US history. You know we learn, but history in the Bahamas.
And when I got here, I didn't know anything about that. The confederate flag didn't mean anything to me until I was in my 20s man wow an in Texas to this day. My daughter, where she lives. Where is maybe like four now the way I was visiting and they there on the corner, with with a trailer out and they've, got like confederate flags for sale on the corner? Just lineup? They have an out, you know just line and flying people still drive around. I was in Florida with Dustin and Numb mood, driving and there's a a truck with a U S, flag posted on the back and give better for not not not like posted. On the car, I mean when flagpole flying the as you're driving this is you love the south. The south needs a new flag. Okay, you can't have a flag. I got no problem with you, love in the south. The south got a lot of great quality. You guys need a new flag. You have have the flag the, dude, who are fighting for slavery. You can
have that anymore Joe. They weren't fighting for slavery. That's just what they tell you yeah. That argument is Appris, Pour argument that falls apart. That argument is one She is arguments and people try to they try to like soldier up use big words and try to repackage that argument. They wanted slavery. Yeah period economics yeah slavery, they wanted people to work for free. That's like a big what it was. It was a lot of other going on as well. There was a big part of it as a huge part of it, and I mean it's it's representative in the laws that came right the slavery was abolished. Did you know that there's a reason why you know when people think about people from the south people? Think of them as being like slack, jawed and kind of stupid? That's like the worst stereo,
right, southern ppl. Are you do yeah? It was a hoax warm epidemic in the south four years, were a substantial portion of the population had hook warm with they're walking around barefoot and they got in their field and those parasites infected their brain. And compromise the way they think and severely diminishes your your level of thinking. So does that arm pull that shit up Jamie we deck came up out of a podcast right, didn't someone bring it up to us. I feel like it was run a patch. No was a runner. Someone like that some smarty pants when that happens. Does that? Does that, however, that effects. Your brain does that pass on it. You know what I'm saying Russians: change? Your dna? I bet it does. I bet everything changes. Your dna here goes How warm worm gave the south a bad name here. It is make this little better for more than three.
Entries a plague of unshakable lethargy, blanketed. American South began with ground itch a prickly tingling, tender webs between the toes soon followed by a dry cough weeks later, Them succumb come to an insatiable exhaustion and an impenetrable haziness of the mind that some called stupidity, adults neglected their fields children grew pale and listless victims develop grossly distended bellies and angel wing a may seated shoulder blades accentuated by hunching all gays del deli. Sunken sockets with the telltale fish, fisheye stare, the culprit behind the germ of laziness in the south affliction with sometimes called was Nikki or amerikanis. The where can murderer wow better known today, as the hookworm millions of those blood sucking parasites, lived, said, multiplied and died within the guts of up to forty percent, of the population stretching from southeastern Texas to West Virginia
warm stymied development throughout the region and bread stereotypes about lazy moron ich Southerners. So where do you as you're reading that flock yeah, that's gross? I remember learning about hook, worms can the mom is, but as you're reading that I'm like you know what Maybe this is a guilty. This whole thing in my brain as you're reading. Maybe if they didn't do what they did to the native Americans, because those head moccasins and they probably had moccasins because they learned about this a couple one hundred years ago. No shit right. If anybody is going to be, barefoot would be the native American right and they're like no dog, not a good move. Gotta cover your feet man's much. It gets in there and get stupid and you're out how to find the buffalo anymore. That's where that's sharing information comes in that's a good point? That's a real good point, because I always think that when I see that all those survivor dudes like to walk around barefoot yeah, I was crazy due to get the thick calluses on the bottom of the feet.
And the idea is that you know like if the world goes to shrimp and you're going to need be able to walk barefoot Yeah that is all ends sense, maybe make shoes you fuck, you know, there's a bunch of shoes in warehouses, yeah, exactly if you outlive, would you run out of shoes? I mean if you just if you found the world was going to end. You bought twenty pairs of shoes that might last you too you're dead. Yeah maybe depends on what you're doing a high. Kick your run. Analog yeah burn for those he gonna, you're gonna have to be on your feet more because you got hot now, that's true! You're gonna have to be hiking yeah, maybe more twenty. You know anymore and fifty fifty positions for life, probably repurpose them too yeah, but that's with with the native Americans, did right my clients. Now they they they. They used every piece of the Buffalo yeah
no they were smart to because they didn't develop. Like I'm mom on those barefoot running kick, I will run the barefoot shoes. Yeah. Are you the run with those Vibram five fingers which which are my favorite? When It's money out deals doesn't have a lot of traction and I, like this other company called vivo barefoot. Plus they don't you don't look as dorky device, the five fingers once you're committing to the project. Alright, you gotta walk around with gloves on your feet, a mock you mercilessly like Jamie. He mocks me mercilessly, but the vivo barefoot ones just like they do self, no padding that's, but they good tractions I like running in those two, but when you run in something that has no padding at all, you do all the muscles. In your foot develop because the your toes have to work and push, whereas, like these things, things are way stiffer than what I run with most of the time. These things are hard. Man like a cast like this shit is like a cast for your foot, and so the idea is when your foot is in those kind of like a normal running shoe it's not really
pushing and pushing and your all your muscles aren't getting activated and so they're, just not a strong. They just they're just weaker, and that is not good for anything. It's not good for your balance is not it's not optimum. I better to run with running shoes on then not run, but in terms of like foot strength and like just max how is your ability to move correctly and have good balance? It's not nearly as good it's you can feel it too. When I first they doing ever made for a long time until I went down in Florida and was at american top team, There are certain things that I didn't do without shoes on like. If we kick boxing Output on shins and I would wear my wrestling shoes really how come I just didn't like wrestling without my toes out like that know, especially when I was doing kicks right, but on overtime I got more comfortable with it, but over time getting more comfortable with it. I could feel the difference when I would have my shoes on versus not having my shoes yeah versus not having my shoes on and it's bad,
I felt more text areas. I felt more agile, yeah, no more in in connection with you know, with yeah ground yeah. When I was doing yeah, that's legit. That's I mean that's what I do these barefoot running shoes I mean, I believe in a hundred percent. I think, is a bunch, a good companies that make them morale, make some good ones too, but I just feel like we too much padding our shoes, your your feet. I will I lift weights and do everything else totally barefoot. I just feel like God or we are like a like chocks, like converse all stars, yeah. Those are good too, because they don't they just flat. You know those are good for lifting weights, sometimes want like a little bit more, but most the time. I do a barefoot, I would say. Ninety nine percent of the time I do a pair for It's just. I think it is better for your feet. You know, I just think the same thing. What I'm saying with gloves and punching I is unnatural: it's unnatural,
a bunch of shared underneath your foot. You foots not designed for that yeah if it. Yeah when you when you say that I start thinking about uhm how people are designed and what people are designed for and then right thoughts and they go everywhere. So my thoughts like running to the that's a good idea, I could come together right, but when you say that I start thinking about when you talk about The dna where we started with the home, where everything arm and your feet, if you Take someone from an area that is where they have to be agile for, and you take them to the place where you just have to be strong. You take a show miles from from the agile area, and you make him grow up in the strong area in an area where you have to be strong physically strong does. How does that child
fear in that environment. As he's going up, does he adapt not as fast as the people that already have those traits, but does he adapt and be able to survive? And then can you go back to that to to the a lifestyle and within take some of that strength, depends on how big it gets. You know like if you were talking like strongman strength. Those guys are not known. Their agility right there giant. You know, there's there's a trade, for sure. There's a power trade off. You know that's one of the things it's so terrifying about Francis Ngannou. Is that he's two hundred and seventy pounds cuts down to two hundred and sixty five? moves like a panther right. It's like he's, not missing. Anything like you know, I mean he's, got ridiculous power, but he's also fast as fuc.
That left took three hits over him with its like Jesus. That's like a welterweights left hook fast as but he's hitting you like a nuclear weapon. It's just a different kind of power on his punches, a different kind of power in his body, but he also has the ability to move fast like a smaller person most the time you get a really powerful person, there's some sort of compromise and has to be made right, and but what, if you take what what happens when a guy like Frances in gonna? Do you I love his wrestling so that it's like a Cain, Valasquez Jesus. Could you, though, at thirty three like that's, that's the problem yeah, I like you know, and how much does he does he not like to wrestle 'cause? That was the war or that I had heard is that he wasn't doing any groundwork. It was very little ground work being done. They were just trying to keep the fight standing. The problem with that is you can't just do what you like to do
you can't just do what you're awesome at he's already awesome at putting people in another dimension. I mean he, it's harder than anybody. I've ever seen, I've never seen anybody that hits as hard as Francis in and that's that power cube thing shows it. He got. The highest registered punch, Tyrone Spong was number two. His punch was something like ten thousand. Sounds more power or more than than Tyrone Spong's, which is crazy he's a Mickey should be allowed to hit people he's a monster he's so powerful, but it's like all things, balance out right, like steep page, said yeah you're powerful. For about Five minutes yeah and I'm not going to be there for those five minutes I'll be over here and I'll be over here, and I made a kitten getting the puck away from you. He took a few. It takes a guy likes tea bag that can is smart and fights
our and knows the game like nose like you can keep this up. We came be able to do the same thing them use, expects or on came young Caine for sure, like the came to fight check Congo, the cane the fought Ben Rothwell that came to Jesus Christ, that came to the done at anybody, but I think What you deal with with Kane was like a mental strength that no one's body can hold up to yeah. You know I mean like he does droll for word with so much tenacity that his body is like ours are flying off and bolts are break in, and this is too much strengthen the mind, when you say that I picture, I see it in my head and I picture him moving Would a lot like no man, the yeah a lot just with better striking. Well, people keep forgetting. Never was injury written as well. He was constantly plagued by a lot of guys at eight eight. You know I had three or four my UFC fights because Josh tossing
You know I can think of. I can think of off the top of my head, two of them, where it where it was because Josh was they. What do you think about that do you think that they train too hard, or do you think that that is just the way you have to train? If you want, you want look at world class Fighters AK. Is one of the top gyms in the world, Luke Rockhold Daniel, Cain, Valasquez Josh Thompson and you can keep going, down the road. There's a ton of like guys that people haven't heard of that are top level Nurmagomedov, obviously ton of guys also the printing out there that are super super high level. There's a big fucking tank filled with sharks. Now do you look at their success and it's just undeniable? They have incredible ratio of success like world champions, some of the best guys ever but- injuries now. Is that just what happens when you get both things? I believe special with those guy with those guys are concerned, it has to do with the
number of quality guys that they have that are fighting at the same time, and only the only being so many hours in the day so they're in the gym at the same time, having to do the work that they need to do to prepare for a fight? They are all on the same mat and guys were running into each other that's happened selling so Luke, is over here and could be busy over here, but they've got five different, guys rotating for them, and one of those five guys is the reason that no magmatic gets hurt, gets hurt right, that's a problem right like that doesn't have an boxing Mc World Class boxers sparring the same ring as other world class are seen time and time it's stupid, yeah, that's the size, the issue in terms of Jim Sized, as definitely of the thing in that in the regard. Also, the the layout of the gym, no like a boxing ring. You could put them in a quarter off area right and nobody else could be involved,
You you section off the mats, but then you have to have coaches in between peoples. People when these guys starting to come together. The coach comes in hey guys, who start going back to your area. You know, there's, just know? No borders not having borders and and a guy like hello, my coming out. You know you're you're, you're, you're kind of move yeah, I don't crash in the people. Yeah yeah. I think that's a real good point. I think it's the level of, Allen, the aggression in the room, the level of ambition in the room, all the above yeah and the fact that they have that philosophy to just go hard. I mean they go hard via I got to, to DC about his, like sometimes Canaan ICE Bar, and sometimes we fight yeah, my god dam. You know you fights before the fight like legitimate, full on legitimate full fights that happen, shots that happens
I remember, being being underneath Tibau trying to come to my feet and he stole big punches with little gloves on wearing little gloves. Spying ever made gloves and hit me hit me in the face like three times and I'm like that's entirely too hard, but if I don't get up he's just going to keep going right but like that's what it is man when, when you're in the gym, there's some guys that they just they just, they only have one speed: yeah and a lot of those guys are the guys that could perform when it's time to step in the you, Tj Dillashaw, all the Guys were saying that TJ, when he was barred, would spar real hard and then, when you would hurt him, he tried to kill you yeah. You know just how we but look. It's fucking world champion for a reason, time time, you know that that tenacity You know that makes you a sometime the problematic sparring partner that same, mental strength who knows who's telling the truth 'cause his obviously alpha male there'll salty. After he left- and you know
think they're lying. But I think there's two yeah. I just two sides, a story and there's also you know people accentuate their position. Yeah I mean if you get. If you you watch a video versus hearing two people, though story You see three different things: yeah man, I've had people tell me things like man, you won't believe what happened, and I watched the video I'm like wait a minute. What did you think you saw because I didn't see that I saw. I saw something pretty reasonable, but when these guys go back and watch it's in, like I won that fight yeah like no, you didn't that's a real problem. Yeah like some people and again those are the same guys is the I can't catch a break guys, the ones with I think they won when no one else thinks they want you watching like way. Man would fight. Are you watching, like you, definitely didn't win? Look at you, but your face yeah, the fuckin' judges.
And that that is really the number one problem. If all the the rules, all these different things, those are all problem. The judges of the biggest problem by far like every it seems like every see I'm waiting to interview the fighter, I'm in the cage in their reading the score cards, and I just go ahead. Every UFC is like one fight at least well, I'm like what what the fact that they just say: thirty, twenty seven who how watt you guys getting their asses kicked taken down getting Fuct up on eating their winning rounds. Three thousand and twenty seven yeah one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, I've seen that I saw, I saw a fight. And I can't remember what it was when the judging came up. I heard three thousand and twenty Evan and I was like there was no guarantee that any guy want any of those are or sorry there was guarantee, when I heard three thousand and twenty seven, I thought this guy one because I'm like he won that round, I thought you want the other two,
you know, and then they gave it to the other guy I'm. How does How do you lose that one round full incompetence, man, it's just full incompetence- is it is it like. Now, when you are you're working for UFC and you're, doing the fox stuff, like Fox coverage of UFC, did you do you have like uh That schedule like how often you guys do it um. So there are seven. Actually there were seven. When I start, I think there more guys now in that rotation and you don't have a set schedule, so they just call you up Evie Round Thursday. Well, they give it give it to you a few weeks out yet get plenty of advance notice. So, like the next desk job, I'm working is the Barbosa Lee Fight, which one is that's on the 21st of April April. Ok, cool! I think that's Atlanta.
Who and yeah yeah that's Frankie Edgars fighting. How do I want cubs want? I don't so about that fight? I don't like the fight, I don't. I don't have a problem with it like I feel, like Frankie, just got knocked out yep and that's really soon to come back. If anybody can bounce back from something like that, it's a guy like Frankie, but I felt the same way about biz Bing fighting after eating get knocked out again dropped by George and then got choked unconscious he's like yeah. You shouldn't take that gasoline fight so soon. I completely agree and I I I feel that way about this fight because for I feel like Frank, he wants this fight because he wants to get the taste out of his mouth. Mom put like it's still going to taste the same anytime. You go back and watch that fight. You still
have those feelings right. You you're going to win your next fight more than likely your Frankie EDGAR yeah, but you don't have to rush it like let your brain Rast recover it. That's how I feel about it, but that's only because I'm one now, but if I was twenty six maybe I have been, I know Frank is like thirty, two three thousand three hundred and thirty six rank is thirty. Six thirty six find out for us, I'm pretty sure, Frankie thirty six but I'm like you want to go out there and do it. But when I think about Brain trauma, injury things that I forget, I'm always like my cds flaring up yeah. Well, you know he fought cub just a couple of there's, going mall them and got a last second submission. Maybe he just thinks looked in his fucking thing in the world. This guy can do to stop main yeah. You know I fucked
for I'm going to come up again. It doesn't matter, I'm going to get him going to get ahold of him Ragdoll, just like I did before, but CUB Swanson King crack. He can crack and he's got a kid now. And he's got a second kid along the way and that doesn't quit does not quit, and that makes dudes hungry an that fight is probably of massive motivating factor for CUB Swanson, any there's a cubs still around and Cubs still number four, because he takes the lessons from these fights yeah. He learned something in that fight with Frankie. I can't that fight going? I mean there's a part of me that can see if I go in exactly the same way, but I can also see cub having made adjustments because of the lessons that he learned from the shore and then he had to learn from the r take a fight as well. You look at how we're taking handled Frankie is a. He had a very smart, very creative me cub fight to defer wake up is more of an in and out guy and he explodes on yeah and he keeps
hands down low, would sneak shots on you. He does a lot of weird shit. Cubs he's real he's got to watch out for the take down in the wrestling control, though, because that that is a big factor does giant that's we controlled, but I mean it's a great fight. I just again, I'm just I'm just all about. What's better, what's better in the long run right, you know! Well, TOMS River. The problem is us, he's New Jersey, and this is gonna, be Atlanta City and all the more it's going to come down and I'm with you a hundred percent. I would like to see this fight, but I would like to see this fight in six months now, yeah I mean it's a good fight, good fight for and and for eight Frank. You walk foot Frankie go in there and and white from or do exactly what he did last time or could be a battle and nothing comes of it. But it's just like I'm like, like on the side of caution, some good fights on this card. Man, David Branch Jogo Santos, I'm looking forward to that one, and that is a tricky fight that Thiago
Santos guy is a marker that died, that dude crushes people and he on ever since is lost the spice. These been like, it seemed more focused, he's a animal matter very dangerous striker and David Branch coming off of that performance against look, how he had Rockhold hurt. Now he had Rockhold her, and you know he want up getting dominated one of getting mounted and beaten down, got his back taken and smashed, but he not and if I do for sure you learn a lot about conditioning when you find a guy like Rockhold to Rockhold, is one of the best in the division at top control. He gets on top of dudes like we did with Chris Weidman Weidman is off stud wrestler. He gets on top of him and it's like he might as well how to building setting on him. He has a his body type is is, is something that's hard to deal with with just how long he is, but how good he is at Ju Jitsu and the control
and positioning that's a problem and when you, because you have to make that extra effort, when you start hip escaping and an on a regular guy, the guy that you're comfortable with the size. You know you don't have to, as the movements are as long but Luke his bill. And the way he is and his understanding of positioning that's a hard he's a hard out for a lot of guys. Yeah he's got that hard, your grace type body yeah along yeah, strong, it's it's it's weird! It's just different! It's like when I first ruled with like those guys over the did. You know that zinc can bursae Manny, Gamburyan and Carl and those guys I roll with them, and it's like they're, they have this jitsu style. That's like the timing is just off the beat somehow the hitting all these cameras, and it's like it's. It feels funky. I feel like that's how Rocco's body is Cody. Mckenzie was like that when I thought Cody was like I'm really good at escaping back control.
Peel him off and it's like fucking. So how much leg do you have? No, you know what I mean: it's just keep going: yeah yeah! Well, that's what may you're well Romero fight, all the more impressive your Meryl shut. That shit down entirely he's terrifying, but he's seen everything right, yeah like wrestling all the best guys in the world. Do you see the park as I did with him and Joey Dhea eyes watched some of it, and if I was I like to listen to your stuff when I'm going to bed but like so it's all in my head. Sometimes when I fall in pass out when I was in Texas, I was driving all the time, so I would listen when I leave leave Austin Drive to Houston out here like two or three, those because knowing the ending coming back as three hours or two and a half hour drive each right out here, I'm not in the car as much so I let I get I get a lot of snippets, so I got some of some of the young but I haven't, got the whole episode amazing talking about the program, the wrestling program coming up in it, what it was like amazing.
Yeah. I heard I heard some of that about how you know there a pyramid and then they they was it the top guys. Get the best against some of the best food, the best food, the best thing, accommodations, three meals a day, the other guys get too yeah yeah, like everything, is better and they're all working out with each other, all the time so they're all around each other. All the time and he's like everybody knows, you hurt your wrist everybody. Everybody knows those guys are going to have to go again: yeah yeah! That's that see that that is a representation of capital, yeah right right? It is exactly what it is. It is capitalism inside of communism, yeah yeah yeah, but keep the poor and hungry and like the
in the world. The best they can do is get three meals a day right and live in a better place. It's now you got, we had political yeah, but is political and it you know people need motivation, they need incentive for your actions. People that think that socialism is a good idea have never cop anything. This is no way you've competed, there's no way if you're were up competitor and you understand the benefit- the value of competition, I'm not talking about capitalism, competitive, I'm talking about just. Competitive in anything anything where you're trying. To get a position and it's a very difficult position. So you want to work hard in the other people around. You know about merit based performance. Like you know like you, should you should achieve based on your merit, based on what you have actually shown to like how much work you put in what you've accomplished. You should benefit from the idea that everybody should be paid equally and that we should just have, no man will just contribute
just I'll give a little you give a little? Those fox never give their share dead there. Never good did never the best they do. They never know how to compete. They just don't they just don't it's not saying that you that there's not some aspects of community, where we should have some socialist ideas, like, I believe in free education, I believe- and that it will without a doubt our nation is wealthy, is it is, can afford to have better healthcare, better education yeah, those two things I think a gigantic factors in just having a healthy community. But if you want quality of outcome, you can suck my d That's nonsense. There's just things equality of outcome, 'cause, if you have real freedom- real freedom, you're always to have in equality of outcome, because a real freedom is a guy like Jocko wants to get up at, thirty in the morning and workout everyday, whereas some people just sleep till noon. I'd rather just in bed. Man I to go to the beach and hang out. I'm not I'm not in a hurry, I'm not in a rush good,
I hope you enjoy yourself there's nothing wrong with that, but You want the same amount of money as that mother fockers up at four hundred and thirty. In the morning, Hustlin constantly cranking out got three different things in the air, given the other things going on projects constantly, always in the middle of something you're, always pushing always trying to prove always look at. I'm always being self critical, always analyzing? What do I have to do to get better and you're? Not, but you want the same outcome full full, You, I think you. I completely agree with that. I feel like there's this the world, or especially the country is in the best place, when there are more people in the middle when when you add it when, when there is these extremes- and I feel like the p, the people that were in the middle they've somehow been dragged further out to these extremes because yeah having some thank you for going far right with some things right. No, you don't did anything you don't get this unless you work for a new like yeah, actually one hundred percent and then and would like some of the some of the
Is it go along with that yeah? But then this everybody gets a trophy every like no everybody sing, it doesn't get a trophy there. There is like you should get a trophy if you able to compete to the level that deserve, that's deserving of a trophy and that's it like everybody shouldn't get one you lost, you should get the same thing, that the guy that one got front did well and you lost need and there's a big competition with a big group, and you did better than some of them yeah. Maybe you get some of the some of the pie, but, like this whole thing of yeah everybody's, equal icon, I come I disagree I feel like, but I feel like there's aspects of everything that she be everywhere. So when I say that what I mean is like capital is like we saw. We saw capitalism inside communism in that example, right well. Inside capitalism, there should be some some. Some socialism, like like, like let's look at
the major League baseball right, the Yankees they they they're in the playoffs every year because they can afford and they can afford to buy the bass player herself right would like look at look at Green Bay, Wisconsin small market team. They can win a Superbowl because of the of the the revenue share because of the socialistic revenue sharing inside the NFL, you know it's it's. So weird dynamic, where there are things that apply in different situations but like, people can't compartmentalize enough, so that these things can and then we can all make it workout, like. I feel like, like you said about health care and education, yeah, healthcare, education, we the funds for those things to be to be good across the board. But why is it that the schools in this in this rich area out, always better always have the better scores, but then, when you take that same
take the same type of effort and you put that somewhere in a poor area. Their scores come up in and they can compete right if they have the same effort from the faculty and staff and what not but and same thing with Like law enforcement law enforcement is, is, is better in these areas where, like it's like, there's no crime here in this world, the rich people live in this yes, but like if it because they also have better lawn for right their kid there, police patrolling that area in a different fashion like it's. It's this weird thing where it's not equal, it's not equal and it doesn't like those things should be equal, but but as far as these people live in a poor area now and these people are they don't They have a lot of money because uh family wealth because of work ethic because of all of that yeah like everybody, he deserves to be safe. But he deserves to have that at the very least right. So, let's, let's enforce the laws and patrol
and do those things in this area just as much as we do for this area right and put them put the money into that, because that's a community thing now we're talking about they have. They have nicer pools, will they pay higher taxes and they do this thing? Okay! Well, if you want that you've now that you you're safe enough and you vacation is where it is. Let's start reinvesting in that community, let's not, let's not get get to the point where we can afford to be here. So we go there now going forward to be there an, but let's just try reinvesting in this community to make this community more like that one. But if we have the protections to do that, then I more comfortable reinvesting in this community. It's it's a weird. These things are all over the place and you gotta put him together. Well, we don't treat country as if it's a giant community right if it was a giant community where everybody is equal, we would look at all the problem spots and say: ok. Well, there is these crime, ridden poverty stricken communities that can't seem to catch a break. So the
the come out of that, even though we're saying hey, you have over this open playing field to compete. That's not true right, because they're coming out with a massive difference, disadvantage from the jump and education disadvantage and invite mental disadvantage in what they see around them. All the time there around a lot of, I can't catch a break, dudes right and a lot of trapped lot of criminals lot of bullshit a lot of different ways. You could go wrong, a lot of things that could set you down a terrible path in life, and it's around you all the time and if we try, engineer society to say How do we? How do we have less people that are disadvantaged? How do we have less losers? What's the best way we got to go to the problem spots, all the problem spots. We should be dumping and I'm not saying that we shouldn't do anything overseas because I think a lot of as we do overseas probably help and protect us over here there's a lot of shit, we don't have to do and that shit. We could take that money. And just fix cities just go in and throw
a ton of money and compassion and education and community centers and make places safer people to learn how to be an adult. So with the US military budget is yearly since, You have any idea now, don't it's like six hundred billion, I think it's higher than that is higher than that in the trillions. Then the trunk, that's like that. That is crazy, that that I kinda takes me Let's guess you say, six hundred less, I say one point three trillion wow, I'm crazy, though dude six hundred billion, I don't even know what one point three trillion looks like: what is it done done done both technically both. You know the thing that, when you put when I googled it the last one that was reported, I suppose, with two thousand and fifteen, it was five hundred and seventy nine five- ninety seven billion, which year twenty watt, two thousand and fifteen the new one that Trump,
just signed that was approved is for one point three trillion. That's must be where I heard it. That's a lot of cash back for education, Mister Trump. We don't need no stinking books, although I think that's actually the whole bill, that's seven hundred billion of that is for the military. What's the rest of it for everything else: cool yeah. Imagine if someone just said seven hundred billion for school to be like what yeah we're we're, not around anymore yeah, ready to take over we're gonna have ten years with seven a billion dollars a year in a school system. Man, that's that sounds nice right right. What do you think the education budget is for the country if you had the guess. What's the overall public education budget in the United States primary through high school, I never thought about it. That's awesome!
If we we go at six hundred billion for the military, I'm going to go with a hundred billion I'll go one hundred million hundred million dollars. As of twenty eleven discretionary budget was seventy billion. Well that's up from education budget, yet two thousand and six it was fifty six billion, so it's higher than it has been in the past. Seventy billion, and what does that cover system yeah? I would say that what a cover all but it's supposed to cover one actually covers is a different thing. What it's supposed to cover? I have to look deep into that. You just said: there's too many people to so many people so check this out. I I I I I think the same thing right and I did some slight research. Nineteen
fifty five. I think it was guess what the population of the planet was. Oh, we did that the other day it was like two billion right, yeah right, two, two and a half million and now we're at seven and one slash two billion we went with when I was in high school. We went with like eighty five. I think it was five billion, so just since one thousand nine hundred and eighty five today it's gone up double from almost from the 50s, and now it's we've added another half to that. Fifty percent of that so many people put like like I was thinking about that and I'm like looking at it like if we're. If it's exponential right in fifty years, we will have nearly twenty billion people on this planet that crazy? That's crazy, yeah, everywhere everywhere is going to look like LOS Angeles, like imagine if I still like, I think in like eighteen in the eighteen hundreds there were. Still millions of people on the planet, not not billions heritage right near the president's two thousand and seventeen
it sixty nine point. Four billion discretionary funding. Is that, but that's education? Yes, this is for the education bill thirty. Nine point: seven billion in new mandatory funding for the Us Department of Education, the budget sports implementation of every stew. Succeeds, act which embraces many. The reforms in administration long has long supported to improve outcomes for All students, it also makes crucial investments that build The administrations work to advance educational equity, an excellence support teachers and school leaders promote college affordability and completion. These include, I think college should be free. I think we could figure out how to make how much freon with Bernie Sanders on that it's a rare thing. I just don't think you should be in Fuckin' debt up to your asshole by the time you get out of school. I think it's crazy, so fuckedup way to start your life and people like well, you want to make this separates the people that really want it and the people that know bullshit you get stuck
dad and you can't even get out of that debt. It's not even regular dead. It's blood debt, some weird debt, but doesn't doesn't have a more educated society, help everybody everybody in the long run short like like. However, it will make more money and everybody would make more money like. I don't get that users, but you would have to like make sure that whoever the fuck is teaching these kids like you have to be real stringent with what your let and get pushed through if you're gonna throw that much money on it. There's a lot of bag teachers out there. We have to clean that up. You know a lot of people saying is a lot of bag teachers out there. Now anyone given gun that's a dumb mission of all time. I'm like I was the dumbest. That is the dumbest of all time. Can't you can't expect teachers to become soldiers, that's crazy! That's not what they do, they're, not that war years they should be out there, have a fire fights with build up. You know formal former high school students. It's insane! I don't know what the solution
that is honestly. I do not know what the solution is. You know the NRA thinks it's having guns everywhere. The anti second amendment people think it's getting all the guns away, but you're not going to get all the guns away. The thing about like a guns. Don't kill people, people kill people, I'm like no people with guns kill people. They definitely do here exactly how much the government would have to spend to make public college tuition free. How much on what you think it is. Okay, let me guess one trillion a year wait way way less way less yeah. I would say really I'm more into this article. Ok was it say on, but it. But what is it? What is the website for the Atlantic? Ok, that's a le Ling website, but it could not ridiculous. I got updated this article. Article says sixty two point: six billion dollars a mean at the two, but the there's updates on the bottom of the article. That said, that's some readers say that's in addition to
what they already spend, so that makes it maybe double. Well, you know here's one way they could make it really fucking cheap. Have it available for free on line you but it should be able to get an education online. That's I've really firmly believe that I think they should have courses that you could just sign up and take him like a regular college course. You don't have to be in a physical location, anymore, that's so retro! That's so unnecessary. Get your car and get traffic and go to UCLA. The only thing good about that as you're in the room with someone like a Jordan Peter Center, some really good, professor, that's really inspirational and you're in there with them. They talk to you and, like you like, okay and you get to like be in their presence and see like all this guy,
I was probably my age want anything at all issue down and, like you know, maybe some extra Jews to the east of a book mark saved at I think it was Harvard I have. It was a long list of us recorded lectures that were from any class. I think there probably was a limit to what they were doing right, definitely not accessible anymore, especially for the public, but it was fully accessible anybody that wanted that's why I had saved him. I don't know Jill. I mean I think about that. Like I said earlier, like all these formulas fit into different things, you say that miss like you can be at home or looking at him on screen and learning for us is being in the same room and it's like yeah but like you could also go to a strip club and watched
his dance. We could be at home watching him point and when you're at home, watching you and pull it out rip one mom now right so you're saying saying you like: if you're at home, cation home just gonna, beat off that's a that's a real problem, you know Louis ck was saying once that he has a computer that he writes on this not connected to the internet, because you just can't get distracted force himself. To that, I think that's what I'm saying The problem is the distraction with having having access to everything right there. That's true, But when you open the window with the teach it that's, that's, that's the biggest part. It's discipline, discipline and that goes back to what I believe that ties back into what I was saying before about all this entertainment out there everybody everybody is, it is always like jennette you like hey. They pay attention to me. Give me something to do. So this is some online dot harvard dot Edu, so they
now you to study the pyramids of Giza, ancient egyptian art, archaeology and it's free. This is a whole course on it. For that's nice, there's a bunch of them, how many of course, is that they have that available for free tons. I don't nice one that looked interesting, excellent. Have a methadone or medicine I was like what are you giving people get methadone on yeah what you could take? Oh that's, nice! The problem is you'll get credentialed so that once you to have a job for it, you can't show him like. I took this frequency past it, but that seems to be less and less of a factor in in the future. I think, having a degree is going to mean less than it means now. I I think so I feel like arm with the internet. Yeah you can. If you have the right guys, you have the syllabus from from it from a college course right and you have the internet with. Getting the paper that says you you've done it. You can literally learn what you would learn in a classroom
This is a contest for the job you do like you say. If you're a car, stereo installation person. You should have a real, deep knowledge of the electrical systems in an automobile and what electronics sync up with that and how it works. Well, what makes some work and how does a radar detector work? How does this the player work. How does you should be able to take a test based on whatever job, it is you're interested in you know, and if you want to be a doctor, obviously we're talking about different ball wax you know. Then you should have a full understanding of humans. You cutting people open and drain their shins and shit. He should have a real, deep understanding of the human body, but like how does it any good. If you want to be a mechanic or if you want to be, you know whatever the fuck you do for a living, there should be a way where you could like if you're an advertising executive. You should take a test how much you know about the advertising business. There's a lot of shit that you don't need to know that you went to school for
I yeah there's some weird things that go along with that, though it's like you have all These things that you have to take these courses to grad wait, yeah I'll get in general education yeah. You have to get a general idea, which is a good thing right yeah. I definitely understand what I understand the world right right, but on the there are things that are more important. You take that back to high school and we could talk about. Like everybody knows the pythagorean theorem in high school, but they can't fit. You can do your taxes and you you start working. Most people start working at like sixteen when you start working at Mcdonald's, Org app or something at one thousand. Six hundred and seventeen you're still paying taxes every year, right, still so having having doing that in February and March IN school, in your math classes. How is that not something that happens? You know it's just it's one of these weird.
Oceans, where the education is important right, but let's learn the things that actually apply to life. Yeah, I feel like you should get out of high school with a basic understanding of most things. Yes, right, like general education, high school makes sense right, but I feel like once you get into college whatever the you're trying to pursue. It should be very specified very specific to whatever the your your you know. Your business is You don't need to take gender studies class, but also you probably don't necessarily need all all the textbook knowledge because there is, you know there are there are certain jobs that actual experience matters more than yeah, Well, I couldn't tell you exactly which ones model with Jamie does is a problem with these guys we job where he went to school
be an audio engineer, but all that that you use back down at the chits are useless. How much of his useless I mean the the hardest test I think I took was after we were all done, was for pro tools, basic for computer program to get certified that you know this program very well like. What's almost what you're explaining that program is like version six, the program it was it was from back, then I think they're updating it. Maybe once every two years it's been updated like four times this year, probably there on level like eleven now, so it's like completely useless. I know
that, if updated, all all the limits are completely like unlimited things now, so it doesn't even matter that you know all that, so someone getting out of school with just the education that you got in school, literally can't do it today. You have to go back and do it again, sort of they offer that at the school you can go back and fresher right, yeah for free as part of the the in a fit of going to the school, I would say might like to have the time and ability to go back to Florida and stay there for a month. So I could go take that class like can take a month off of their arrival at MIKE who's. Gonna pay for my apartment down there, and here the really tough situation you put yourself in this. So that's a lot with a lot of anything that has to do with technology right where it's constantly movies, yes, changing and and the thing about technology, it's like they feel like they're, some Simonson, that you know PETE there, these kids in these people, that they pick up on technology and they understand it so well and they
Noel, formal education with no real from the application right technologies. One of those things that I I specially I feel like it's the most apparent thing where you don't have to go to school. You have to have the experience yeah yeah and you have to be engrossed in whatever the subject is exactly yeah. But then again it comes back to what we're talking about with discipline like how much time do you want to spend to work on things and look that's applicable to finding like you, you knew so many people in the gym that just did not put the time in drilling techniques and learning them and really getting a fully comprehensive understanding of. Why you're supposed to do something a certain way and they just kind of like the little bit worked out kind of hard, and maybe they had a little bit athletic talent and then they would come back in, but guys who would stay and drill and think and learn and take notes those guys. He's moved past yeah. They always moved further and they also the guys that were willing
to do what was uncomfortable again to do the things that they're not good at. Like I didn't, I didn't like it. I, like I said I don't like getting hit. I didn't like getting hit. I mean they accept that as a part of the job, but I didn't like it when I first started training. I I feel, like my first ten fifteen fights I it was like showing up late to practice, because boxing was first and I didn't want to spar. I don't want to get like I, and so I was Well, I don't like getting hit. I got to avoid getting hit, but I gotta be had have thing things coming at me to see to learn how to avoid that wow. So I would I wish I started showing up on time. I started doing a boxing and I doing more boxing like oh, this is fun. Like this, I'm enjoying this same thing a wrestling. I know how to sprawl. I knew how to shoot a double a basic double. You know,
the nineteen nineties double, but on then I started training with tiring. Then I start Dream Steve Brown and then about a month, and you wouldn't lean and the you know these. These do d when wrestlers and starting to learn all the other aspects of wrestling. There was something I did in the fight was stout. Where is that ankle break? I tried I tried to it's, not doesn't actually breaking ankles, just the name of the technique where you actually watch the tape and you you call it like a standing heel hook right where, where I have his ankle single leg and I tried to trip him crank is lay down yeah and like. I would have never done that if I hadn't been wrestling with these k, an learning these things and there's so much so much about it and it just became a whole lot of fun. Now, like I used to hate wrestling, I used to not want to do it at all now, like it's all kind of like all. I want to do you see that Everything you see that with Jujitsu guys getting into striking you see it would striker is getting into the ground game. Wrestler skating, striking yeah, they just don't want to do it, they just don't and they also particularly don't
want to get involved in something they're, not really good at like if you're a monster at one thing like if you're a monster on the ground, you don't want to be a white bill. The kid kick boxing yeah legs chewed up and get your nose bloodied every. I'm sparring. You you're covered up in the corner. Like I get just grab this I'm making my bitch and you can't even you gotta each shocks. You know you what he wants, that he saw that a lot with kickboxers in particular, that would go into Jiu Jitsu class and just did not like how they would get humbled Yelp. They didn't not like it at all, because they were literally starting from scratch. If you don't have a grappling background and you go in there and get some black belts and killers, they make, you feel helpless they make. I feel like you, you are not safe. Ever all they do is grab you and it's over you're one hundred percent, getting choked that's too up for people. They can't handle that shit. They feel like then that's the case also be like a slow plodding grappler that fights I've got DINA,
make striker, and then you have to stand up like well and you get leg, kick the dog by its own Barbosa FUCK, all that fuck that I've never been leg kicked to death, but I've taken two or three from Thiago in a practice when I first started training american top team- and I was like yeah, I feel good about checking kicks I'm comfortable there, but he landed a couple miles. Yeah fuck that I'm like. So I would work with Thiago a lot an I feel comfortable now checking case you might get one might get to off, but I'm not going to. Let I'm not I'm not get letting you do that to me how to good whipping right leg into he would whip it in there. You know like him, kick was like Super textbook man when he, especially when he's in his prime, he would throw that jab one. He threw a one two or a jab and then just slam that right leg in there like he's hopping into it,
well, that's how it's I feel like as a mobile. This is like a two point. Oh Thiago, out of it yeah he's a little faster yeah. It's in stunning, like especially that switch kick. He throws that switch kicking you like what yeah his left leg switch he's, probably the fastest kick. I've ever seen. Anybody throw from that stance. I'd love to see like something end up where you you time, like a regular person. Southpaws right right, kick I'm so they're left kick yeah and you time his switch kick to. That will also put his up against. Somebody else is switch. Kick he's got like uh, moitie world championship. Caliber switch kick yeah like you see like a real level thai boxer they've got that same kind of speed to it. You watch you like, there's no comparison in the octagon you're, not countering, that you used to be lucky to re, add to react in time. You just take it. Take it yeah, it's a real, quick yeah. But again we go back to that number gonna fight as good as he was. He got. Mall yeah
now. That's was really crazy because he didn't get mauled in the Ferguson fight. It was a good fight. It was a good fight. Ferguson was winning is a good fight until Tony caught him with a d'arce and sunk that choke him. But then again that's a few years. Two yeah definitely say tomorrow's a might be a better. Everybody should be bad. All those guys should be at about at this point yeah some yeah, it's a it's it's dangerous and I would like to see I mean Barbosa he he's shown improvement after that, after every loss, the id showed improvement after the tony loss. You know so this fight with Kevin Lee. Let's see that's right into that hot of things too yeah. I agree without a frying pan right in the fire, like both guys, though, account for both guys yeah, it's kind of crazy kinda, crazy, Kevin Lee, I'll, beat up in that one. Oh yeah man, he might get wheel, kicked yeah now. You might get Terry Adams. Remember that fight in that crazy. That was the first time we'll kick ever landed in a year.
The first we'll hear right yeah, I think South Roselli landed a wheel kick, but he didn't anybody out with that, you need someone that can speed, though yeah cool, because yeah came is changed within view. No v tore landed on a rock called a bunch of people when it will kick since then, but that one we'll kick was so cry. It was so perfect in land, a ride on a job and you shot the lights on and he went down like a tree yeah. He was out going down. It was in Brazil, as I was on a boat Boces fun guy to watch man. I'm I'm excited to be on the desk for that one yeah to fight specially those two fights MIKE I'll. I love watching carbon Frankie fight like I still feel the same way about yeah about. I think I would love to see that later, I'm not necessarily even love to love to see I'm not crazy about the fight, in the sense that I've seen
once and it could go that way again, but I am excited to see the improvements that, because, if cubs were able to make any adjustments and going into that one but It's not a necessary thing. There's some fights, and I I don't. I don't like them just for the mathematics of the fight like Od Dustin, POR, Un Gate. She I love Dustin, he's my boy right, but I don't like it because Dustin and at the
with us in any fight was going one way there was a was it called a no contest for disqualification right. I'm like that. I disagree with that. I know I'm biased, but I I feel, like my argument, is strong in that the ref herb came back to the locker rooms and explain to us that we're using the old rules cell, if by the old rules, all three of those knees were legal right. It doesn't matter if it was intentional. It matters. If it's legal, that's not the way. I understand it right so that so that's my thing, a few, so you feel, like you should be disqualified, should be a loss right. Yeah come in. I think that's a real good argument. It's a real good argument and I don't think it is a dirty fighter. No, but I do think Dustin was winning that fight up into those moments yeah. I agree he'd heard Eddie in his stunned them on several occasions and he came back and cracked him. It was a. Going on that fight, but those those knees were there supposed to be a disqualification for something like that and that's what the whole
is about doing something illegal. You do something The guy gets really hurt from it. Yeah, that's illegal, you weren't supposed to do it. It's a disqualification. I think he's in the heat of the probably an even know whether it was legal or not legal, just trying to land knees. Yeah, who knows he's been rocked. We got to put that into to account as well. He got hurt real bad enough. I dusting cracked him yeah yeah So mathematically, would you like to see the rematch? I would like to see a rematch mom. Definitely I mean Dustin was was lobbying for the rematch also, and then on top of that mathematically I feel like it doesn't make sense, because Eddie just be cagey right. So, like it's like two point, this disqualification happened and this one guy got to step up the ladder right but you've. Now, if you want to step up the ladder you have to do
exactly what he did right. That's a good point: yeah! That's a good point! Well that that essentially is solidifying the position as a no contest right, 'cause, you're, making you think you should have one. I tend to agree with you and you think that he should have a better position. Yeah. I think a rematch would be the way to go, but I still want to see the fight. I'll be honest, I let I lie. I as a fight fan, yeah, Keiichi boy, a move cage is an interesting guy, tough mother, and he throws leg kicks from like a foot away from you. He's like right on top of you and he swivels his hips and chops down with that leg, as a chemist in ran over with a takedown either. Well, always a very good wrestler yeah.
Very good rest of the chooses to stand and bang you know and just brakes guys with this. Will it done Michael Johnson Fight, holyshit holyshit when you stop and think about that right after I said that, I'm, like God, Dam Michael Johnson's, been in some fucking wars. Yes, he's been in some wars with with send I mean really beat of Tony a bit, but Johnson Johnson is one of those guys. You can't count out either. Don't let he he his inconsistencies with throws me off yeah. You know often times very good luck in the port, a fight we knocked out Dustin, very good, not fight, and you know and then he's had his moments, but then Elkins just take him down strangles him he's like wow. I wonder if that cut had anything to do with it. You know. Did you get cut in that fight? Know the weight cut? I'm sorry all the way, just making forty five for the first time, it could very well be mean he looked real lean Celine. Who knows how we felt doing it for the first time is probably real hard
yeah I'm doing it again, or is he going to go back up to fifty five? I have a knot I have not heard I mean it may be out there, but I haven't heard anything about it as far as, if he's going back fifty five or not, what's the most you ever cut, I didn't know what I was doing. The first time I made one hundred and fifty four to five rumina Sato. I thought I caught seventeen pounds in a day that was ridiculous. Did you have to fight day off or day after day after how'd, you rehydrate ivy bags, no I did not drink pedialyte good work. I don't know the fight didn't last very long. It's on it's on fight pass and it's it's hard to see. But as a fight happened, I throw a jab and I hit soccer. Was he coming in and turn his head over and he's coming in. We clash heads and I go to my knees and I get up and I grab the ropes and I'm just home.
Under the robes in the ref is like screaming at me slap. My house tell me to get off the ropes and I'm just looking at him like what are you talking about, and then he jumps on my back and he starts choking. I'm fighting an I'm falling back and one of the ropes peels my hands off and he just sinks in the choke all happens in like twenty seconds. But, like I I like, after learning about rehydration jack, I didn't know anything. This is like nineteen. Ninety nine right now after there in the first time, a five. Fifty five on after learning about re, hydration and brain, and all that I'm like was was I out from that like and I'm I this is when I was a kid I don't wear hearing more about the result. But unlike was I out, you know as I as I caught a semi kind. I don't remember any of that, but I watch on tape and I see it and I know what happens, but I don't I don't know yes, you don't know how much of a weakened state you were in cuz. It was such a quick fight and get a chance to assess how your body, how you feel like walking to the ring. Do you remember feeling good, but I was I was twenty.
In, like twenty one year old may be fighting a guy who I look up to in a main event Hawaii on a show on Super brawl. Super bowl had some great fights man yeah, like that's that's old school. You know vegan anyway versus mayhem, Miller Holyshit he can get. They haven't camorra mayhem keeps rolling out of it, those impossible joints. Damn soon great great debut against John Hess Yep Hannah Shack was in the audience member John, I don't know that I don't remember that. Have you two are lit. John has some that's when John has was like one, the last remaining bullshit artists. He was a staff, today, I like street, combat like one of those guys poking people in the eyes, and she said that's what he basically did in his UFC debut he poked the shit out of some guy. He thought he thought some short guy and poked him in the
well yeah. This is v. This is back up a little bit yeah, but just back up a little bit, because this is right before the fight starts yeah there. Let it go here. Oh this starts with a beating weird area, okay, this is doing Dum, Dum, Dum negative, he's out yeah. That was super fast v. Two hours train with the tour, then yeah view towards nineteen years old man. That's when I was a crossing Gracie's on Hawthorne is right down the from the comedy store man I was so jealous of each other and that you see Brazil when he fought vandalay 'cause. I was like this kid. My age, I agree. The same born the same year. I guess is that he's my age is already in the UFC. I wish I was two hundred pounds like I remember rod. Woodson was is safety for for the Pittsburgh Steelers and I was like he. Three nine two hundred pounds. I thought: maybe they will only two weight classes back then, and this is when he trade telling me yeah. I thought I'd tell he's only two hundred back then man when he fought in his UFC debut and beat the shit out of Scott Ferrozzo. He was
two hundred pounds and he was shredded just shredded What is UFC Debut for Roselle or was it against Vandalay Telligman telling me was his debut frozen right here. That was the second fight of the night. This is the first fight that So when did you sell Abama in nineteen ninety seven Linda five annually a vandal, Brazil, nine I've. No ninety eight, I think in ultimate ultimate blizzard, Brazil. This is a Thank you have it. This is when Victor was getting bigger, but he still who still fast? He was like, probably like two hundred and fifteen or two hundred and twenty then, and then he fuckedup tank Abbott, but then, as he got older um older, but later it's like here is still pretty jacked, but they only fought Randy Code. Oregon member. This is Joe Charles, that might have been effects ever see that fight. It didn't, throw any punches, their friends
and got him in an arm bar. That was like they kind of had a deal. Here's the vandal, a fight. You got to remember the vandelay. It was when he had slimmed down his after Randy had already fucked him up. Ok, it was after yeah born Randy, find him v tore was two forty and he looks like a line yeah. If you look like a person see if you find veto, this is cry. I was that a picture that a couple of weeks a couple months ago about v, tore at that point before the Randy Fight yeah, because he had no known weaknesses right? That's what it said: no known weaknesses he lost to Sakuraba in this fight. He hurt his hand
broke his hand early, and this is also this is victor. After his sister got, kidnapped and murdered, he was a different guy. Then soccer rob was so fuggin tough to man. Sakuraba just knew how to survive see if you could find Victor versus Randy Couture 'cause, that's the crazy one. When you just look at his build yeah, he was so big man is like his traps were coming up to his ears. So here it is. This is him versus Randy, so this might be says young Vitor Belfort. So it's probably only going to show you the good stuff he was so thick back then, but the thing I remember is like how big is neck was like it started at the top of his head and worked its way down side. Hey, a forty degree angle, the wild West days, man, you know, I mean how many guys did you fight where you're like oh shit, this dude is definitely on the on the Jews. I don't even think about juice.
Then you know it was. I don't know I thought it is. It is a video on Youtube. I thought this guy so boss, who was coming to Texas, and I was like I was huge bus route and fan and he told Michael Jews coming, I emailed my coach email. He said I I could be there. I suppose a fight in Dallas that might occur well, the guy up in Dallas 'cause. I had fought for him before he shorted me on some money was like I'm not coming up there, man, I'm not fighting for you and I went to this arena where boss is going to be at, and I told the guy hey anybody. I walked into the rules meeting I was like if anybody doesn't have appointed I'll fight and they gave me a guy that was like two something big Jack dude Ann big like a man, and I was a child. My roommate was like hey. Do you see your opponent? I was like no he's like man he's like six two is probably two 20s jacked was like. I was like M boss was, like Eve Eve Eve, he's drinking he's like Eve, you got there and you fight and you win I'm going to be like yeah, you fight. Then you lose I'm going to be like yeah.
For these people. They don't understand what it takes to get in there. You don't worry about it. I will corny, and I was like I was so excited- is the coolest thing in the world it does have a boss read your corner has got to be but a motivating factor. That is the right like I I I I but I was excited The kid was watching all these packers videos. I had pictures of my I had before. I even knew the guy before I had any idea it possibly meet him. I have pictures, myself doing that double front. Kick in my. I still have not horrible, but um like and then meet the guy and he's he's willing corner me me and whatnot yeah I'll fight. Anybody, that's incredible! and seven seven without like I fight him right now, That's incredible! Not that that's good man, I own yeah, sorry! I you taking me back damn and bullets. That's one of the beautiful things about MMA is at especially with a guy like you as you were there for them.
Really the beginning. Like the early early early days, man, you were there when there was no money. You know no notoriety, no, nothing! Yeah! Fifty five shows a year that type of stuff. I Josh Thompson posted a picture a couple days ago of him at Hermes, an NAM Hermes Franca forgot about that Dude House, though that was a good fight. I remember watching that and thinking I Josh's he posted on something about that fight should meet him. The number one guy because, like we were the guys at that point, yeah, armies and Josh, and when he be Hermes I was like I I got to fight these guys. These are the guys I want to fight. Then I might Hermes and then I was like that's it, it's just Josh and I we got to do this right. You know that the highlight kick that you landed on him to is like one of those UFC Pre fight.
Video highlight reel thing. They would play with that. The the the who song yeah, the Bob yeah Bob all Riley play, and so you would land that jumping roundhouse kick to the neck. That was a crazy, highlight reels, K, finish man. Now those assist old school good times. You know like those. Those are the guys that I remember those those days. I remember when they had that tournament with with dean Uno and Matt and who was the the third guy Bj? They have that's one for the belt and I was like I am I not in this tournament I was angry. I was I was young. I had a little bit last fight standing at the time. The last experience of the high level anyway- and I was just like I- can fight these cuz. I can beat these guys, I just lost. It asian it like yeah? I know I know how to be on this level. I should be in this also passed an no, I remember those days man that was those it's fun.
But there was fun going back and watching the whole card, because, like you, you start getting these memories of of being around that are preparing for those damn being on the card in and seeing those guys- and you know, sites like in Bowsher City Louisiana in L, some small small town, a small I mean is where I'm close to Texas families driving over and then when I first went to Vegas to fight man. The first fight invade This was right after nine hundred and eleven empty. The casinos were in remember that does when Tito Ortiz fought Vladimir Matthew, Shank Shank, oh yeah. I remember that that was there for that yeah? I wasn't the work, the UFC then no, no now is there as a guest house there watching and that's one of the Nick. Was there yeah one of the ways I got the job is by become. I became friends with Dana and in and I would like go to dinner- and I started asking him questions you know I'm like. Have you ever seen, Ganke Sudo,
you know you've seen this guy. You ever talk about this guy. You know. If you try to do, is get some of those kick K. One guys come over. I would just We tell him all this shed about fighting and he was like you wanted to commentary as I don't want to work man. He talked me into doing it that's. That's literally how it happened becoming friends with him talking to him only found some old. He found Video of me on the Keenen Ivory Wayans show talking shit about what would happen if Steven Segal fought in the octagon yeah yeah, I vaguely remember that Keenan had been in some movie with Steven Segal and I was talking with him about the movie. I just was just joking around and mocking it I remember those rumors of you and Wesley Snipes getting then that was supposed to happen. I should have, But now I think it just needed money man. I think he just needed tax money yeah. You know- and it was at a point in my life, where I was just dumb enough to do it. I was like I'll:
this as like managed to get tapped out by Andy Dick, where you could take. I got tickled out this stat tickling doesn't Work right now is ever done that in a fight like you, won't even feel it in a fight. Not you wouldn't even feel it. Like wasted time, like Moon movie, come on you just album right in the mouth, Imagine if someone like was so ticklish that you could open up a sub mission like a ticklish ticklishness could help with submission That's what you know what you you might be like if someone's totaled out knowing your back, you can hit that rib tickle right. He be. I mean I try that in the gym, yeah in the gym it might work, I'm going to try to rib tickle somebody in the gym. I get them back next. There's anybody! Here's a question: is anybody ever knocked guy out where someone's on your back and him with one of these knock him out? I've never seen that I've never seen it either, but I've seen people keep trying it.
They keep trying it right. I don't think anybody's ever knocked anybody out with that. Like can you practice that? Could you get a guide to do ride your back with the pads on and he would hold up pads and you would like it? It sounds dumb as she sounds dumb as shit yeah right yeah. I would I wouldn't do that. I should know what does work that you can't do. Headbutting yeah like if a guys on your back and if you got risk control and you smash your into his head. That is a legitimate technique. You smashing the back of your head in his nose. That's legit! Now that's legit, but it's a head! Butt head, butt, it's illegal, but it opens up there naked yeah, but it's a good. It's not the best defense. The best defense is proper jujitsu defense, but there's something to headbutting someone who's got your back.
That it's another thing they have to think about yeah, but if you lot head, then you would allow the ultimate moved from the rear, naked choke position, which is him elbow and you in the back of the head. That's the ultimate move, yeah that changes the whole position yeah, but also head change. The guard position Never my Mark Coleman, when he fought Maurice Smith and those old days call when we get on top of guys and just smash it's head ready. You know there was a. There was an event on and on from Australia from way back in the day from, I think the late nineties, where this guy one one and one of one of his fights in the twin when maybe couple fights from inside the God head Buddy well, and then I remember that room of the guy who put his chin in the guy's eye socket marker. That was Kerr Kerr did that okay, Dan Bodish fought Dan Bowl wish got on top of them. Got the back of his head, stuffed his chin into his eye socket and lift up. The back was had crushed his chin and Hi Barton III Gross, that's gross as it gets
yeah, and he said I seen a lot of I seen a lot of those you know from the old school you see there was the things. That would happen. That would never happen today. Right. You know in in it's it's fun, to watch some of that old stuff and with this guy. He just he just running around but running in wow, that's crazy. Is that going to work? That's so late actor and it looks like I mean the right for a second. I thought it was Oleg right. No. He would never do something like that. That's that's that's a question I like to ask young like be like when they ask him That was what do you think of run DMC Mc right. That's it! that's a name that I'll drop one in young fighters like Oleg Akhtar over Jerry Right hander. Since that- and you know, and Jerry Belinda became a cop yeah bulls Say- became a cop to dating yeah he's like Swat Kat notion, yeah he's a talented guy he's like one of the baddest. What cops on the fourth, I
yeah, I would imagine he was a talented guy yeah. He was a guy that I was kind of surprised didn't go further. Wilson was one Those guys who, I believe, couldn't put it together inside the the octagon as well as he could in the gym and also had a little bit. He could have put more effort into preparing. Yeah. Well, that's often times the case, the difference between someone who just does fantastic, Can someone who just doesn't quite just someone who falls off short? I think it's also comes from, like you know the the way you come up in the sport tell me these guys. They come up and they're the best guy in there in their area for a long time, and you kind of get this attitude or this. You start developing this persona of like I don't have to do all that work 'cause like I am not even doing that much and I'm still smashing everybody in here. Well, that's where it's crazy! better Garlic, Jon Jones? He actually can do that. Yeah
he is one of the rare guys that actually can do that. Man like I wonder how much money he's left on the table with with all these problems, especially with attention that Connors brought to the sport, yeah anyway? I like Jon Jones yeah. You know, I know good as he is good as he is and if I die, I feel like for the longest time to is trying to push this goody, two choose image and everybody is like. Well, that's not. You know this is fake and then all of his problems sort of forced to just be himself, and then people like we like you more now than anyone's of testing positive for something else. Which I believe him it was accidental. I believe that it was accidental, didn't in this case because it doesn't make any sense any other way, because if you look at how he tested positive in what he tested positive for and how recently tested negative before that and how recently afterwards he tested negative you talking about something that
such a minuscule trace amount. There's no way you could consider taking something like that and having it to have some sort of positive affect in a performance. Enhancing effect now was that the the substance is it oral? Is it going to be taken orally, so I've heard her and I don't know how true this is. I would expect it to be somewhat true, but I've heard like in boxing yellow you eat main eventers they've had these these issues, where they would only they would I their own food because they don't trust the staff right for somebody. You know yeah spike in their food or something so you definitely have that so I don't I mean that sounds far fetched, but it also sounds
Degree, reasonable. His position was weakened by his testimony in the California State Athletic Commission hearing, because, first of all, I said that Malki had forged signature on one of the documents on one of the things that he was supposed to have gone over, like what you can and can't. I don't know. I think it was a Usada paperwork or maybe with California State Athletic Commission, commission paperwork. He apparently admitted that his manager forged signature and they asked him. Have you ever considered getting a new manager and he joked around by yeah. He has said no, I'm just kidding but that's not good, and then there was a bunch of stuff in like what he provided as a possible source of that stuff. You know like he didn't. He didn't have in the lot of the things that he provided the source this stuff in his list of stuff that he had taken. Yeah
there's a lot going on there, man, but the real problem is like John at one point, Thomas being represented by Nike. I mean is representing Nike. He was, he had a huge Nike contract. Yeah! That's and that's huge, I damn it was giant- comes Reebok too yeah that was the pre pre Reebok where you at I got all the juice. He would have got it all, and you know what can the could have should have would have shit forever and on top of top of that of, it could've would've should've, that being pre, Reebok added being Nike with everything. That's come to the sports. Since then. Imagine, if don't like he could, he could have done it a GonNa Jordan Route instead, since you know where he's got like a whole line of John Jones,
type ship, that's nice shoreline. He could be the heavyweight champion right now. Who knows I mean? Who knows we could absolutely absolutely he could be in a super fight with steep he absolutely one hundred percent. Absolutely that would be a huge fuckin' fight man for MMA John coming up to heavyweight. I mean it's a huge. For this with DC coming up to heavyweight. Yes, you know, and they only got the only guy to have a best. Him is John and not just best to me K, Odom yeah! You know I mean he hit him with that left high. Kick that that DC said you're not going to hit me that left kick yeah literally said that 'cause he was saying: poses some tendencies like oh you mean the left. Kick your not going to hit me with that left, high, kick and then boom. He lands. The left high kick now. Is that, like the Titanic, like on it only site because they said it wouldn't maybe that's kind of crazy. We are a couple of couple weeks ago. I saw you the comedy me store and you asked me about your boy Brendan.
And like you, you would me about you. You explain the whole thing to people that don't know the story. Brandon said something where he was talking about UFC tonight, right you'll, see tonight, yeah well he's talking about, the Fox and the Fox PATH Fox panel- and he said something about- I get it fox you're, not racist, like saying that you have a butt black people on it. Yeah philosophy, broadcast yeah, because they're, not racist, myself, tiring and and Karen Bryant, with the three that were on the desk that day, but also a lot a lot of times DC yeah, and so it was like you king off boxes, because are these the best brains in the best speakers for the right job and it was like- and you know I some people see the point that he was trying to make the point that he he's trying to make. But the thing is
when you, when you start when you start in on this race thing, you you're, saying effectively that these is a person, yes, a group of these people are only there because of the color of their skin right. You could you could a all of that without without the whole I get it you're, not racist you're. Are you checking off boxes or whatever right because if that doesn't matter to the question that or the point that you're trying to make, then why bring it up right? You know, that's I feel, like I know Brendan very well. I love him he's. One of my best friends is definitely not a racist, but he definitely talks too much yeah and I don't mean that in a bad way like he talk to much I mean like he says too many podcast and too many things, and you say things and I'm one hundred percent guilty this. He is safe, Anne, I want even say that and then also, if you're, defending it and then you're you're caught up in a just like a wave of just try? till sort out what you're saying without
being there to say. Well, look. Here's think Tyron Woodley UFC Welterweight World Champion Yves Edwards, arguably the best one hundred and fifty five or in the world at one point in time: massive veterans, sport you can go down. The list were shot Evans. Former light heavyweight champion mean you're talking about top flight champions. Former champions elite mixed martial artists be also have Bisping. You also have Paul Felder. You also have Kenny yeah Kenny Florian. You know you have just there just elite top of the food chain fighters an analysts. I think it was a bad path to go down. I don't I it made sense. I just I think he thought it made sense in his head when he was saying it. I think maybe was trying to be commercial. Maybe just I don't know you know it didn't make sense to me. Yeah, it didn't make sense to me either, but, like my my thing about it, wasn't okay you're being racist right like
it's a thing when you bring race into the threat to the situation today right, but my thing wasn't you're racist because you say this, my thing was you're, saying that I'm in this position, because I'm not good enough right, you're saying I'm only here because of affirmative action or whatever you want to call it. You know, there's not a quality to my work and that's where I'm like yeah fuck, that the not the case. I know that I know that I'm good at. I know that with that I'm good at the sport. I understand the sport and I'm good at explaining what I see friend, who would you know the other thing is like who would replace them as a week the desire white people that are missing out yeah on the gate yeah who's who's. Everybody. Everybody went through an audition who's, not getting the job, though they like someone who's like wow. This guy really speaks really well, but they're, holding him down 'cause he's white. Is that even happened yeah? with the probably like that to happen, but I don't think that's actually happened. Yeah I agree completely, but so we kind of we kind of
do that. You know I am he sent me a message apologize about that and I was like cool like my thing was not about the race thing. My thing was, you said these things and you either saying somebody or a group of people up there aren't qualified. John you're insinuating that a group of people that you belong to right, not qualified for the job, so that would that would that's where I it's me from with it, and then I thought it was squash. Then he said some other stuff after that, and that's where I'm like, maybe say afterwards, um Hughes, I think I forget the guys name. Luke sorry, I remember Luke Thomas right use on this guy show me an easy saying stuff is specifically talking about me. Now is like yeah. I talked them, we're all friends. I talked to eat and he's like well see Eve, something Eve season himself and I'm just like man you're, not you're, not what he said. Yeah Naiza
I feel like that's something he sees himself. He was aggressive in the state. You know he said he said he was. He was emotional in this man. I might like. There's an I never said you. I was emotional. None of these things so like you're, like this bus, is coming your way to throw me in front of it or some like that, and I'm like yeah. That's not, Little man like we're, not friends, we know each other. The extent of our friendship is like a UFC. Last summer I saw Brandon across the island, some guy rolled up on him and talk to him for like ten minutes and I'm looking back and I could see Brandon's like traffic dot com like let me let me go, try and help him out. So I go. And I start talking to Brandon and then to do just hang yeah. I thought the random for about five hundred and ten minutes, and then you just hanging out behind us and I'm just like that's all I got now, I'm going back you know the guy jumps and the guy goes right back in that's the extent of it. I've seen him at different places. Beyond that, you know Brian, I cool so I've seen him. Sometimes when I seen Brian like we're, not boys, we don't know each other right axle and like she and you're, not a psychologist or a psychiatrist, so you're not because-
If I'd be speaking on my mental, I didn't know that he said that I feel like now that I'm remembering it, you might have brought that up at the comedy store the other night. It didn't make any sense. It doesn't make yeah, I'm Brendan's friend, and I can't defend them on that because it doesn't make any sense it just didn't. It doesn't make any sense but sometimes he says should that doesn't make sense, and maybe, if you were in the room with them, he I said it or maybe set it better or maybe he would have you know Are these really the best minds but here's the argument? If not who are like you If you say are these really the best minds? You really should provide better alternatives so who are the better alternatives who better alternative? I mean there's a bunch of really good guys. Online, Dorman does really good stuff. Lawrence Kenshin doesn't really good stuff about analyzing stuff. I don't know how good they are on camera. There's a bunch of people like you know that the do Good Robin Black.
Good, breakdowns and stuff, like that, I maybe would there's an argument that he would do a great job, something like that for sure, but you got to provide if you in this not like this, like some overwhelming absence of the best guy is where they're saying hey. Why you going with these black guys, instead of going with the best guys? Why don't you have blah blah blah? There's no blah blah blah like there's no guy out there. You know I'm saying like who would maybe I have no idea but there's also a formula I mean like you do and Jimmy Smith kind of success- into the formula on the formula is to have you know the other guy in the play by play guy in the play, I play guys, usually the one with the actual experience you've been doing it so long you're as close to having the Is anybody can without having it yeah, Elle and Jimmy's right there? Next to you in that same exact, right, more experience to me because he's fought MMA right yeah, he has had some he's, had a couple of fights yeah right, not at that level, but he understands Robin Black has and like two three fights
that you know so that's the formula, though you know, Karen is on the other side of that Karen. Just her role is similar to gold, ECL right She is the the person that that asked the question that has an idea but doesn't have the experience right right now. She represents you wrap presents the fan for then she does it in a non robotic way, which is very important for the person watching if you've got, a guy who's like a radio dj coming out to those people, they know how to say the right words and they can do it in scene professional. But you don't it's you not smooth words. Karen knows how to be fun and she can be loose and she's non, robotic, Donald being a professional. She has a knowledge of the other end up for example, passion is what makes it even more out of her. You know
watching NFL the other day and I was watching was it was with you whatever it was. I was like that girl really the best person to be interviewing. These fucking giants. Zero I was like. Is that girl really the but she's hot yeah? It's not. It's only. Did she really know about football or she? This is just a gig because she wants to be famous you. I mean a lot of those words. You would say: okay, gotta. Be someone out there, that's better! really understands the game who could get in there an questions to this dude and find out why why they, Does that play what went wrong We thank you in this habit like someone who really is a fan of it That's what I want to see with fighting. You know. I mean that to me fighting is so much more personal, so much more intense when I see someone. That's that interviewing someone, I want to see someone who really fucking 'cause. I know, there's a lot of people who do care and I care. If I'm interviewing someone after a fight, I'm trying my best to figure out.
Like what was happening in their head. There's some critical moments I want to know was this: was this a plan? Did you see this in advance Let me sign training when you watching tapes. I questions like fan questions so my best to relay those. That's why I do my best. If I feel like someone phone and it in or this and the job they're interested in or they really just want to be in you know some other. Yeah. I want to be a fucking baseball commentator, but there was no gig yeah they just half assing it, you know it's just it's weak arable, I I think I loved one thing I always tried to do. I always wanted to make yeah. I try to make you laugh. Every post fight interview anytime like it was like, I want ' knock out. Ok, okay, in Doctor Joe, let's, let's see what he gives me see if it gives me I can try to make you sometimes game with something set up, but on there. One time I forget it was, I think it was a Jeremy Stevens. An you would ask me to take you through the replay
and I was literally watching it and you ask me a question and I wasn't paying attention to you So it worked out perfectly. If you would like to, I was like Johnson. I was watching that I was going to ask you to ask the question again it hit me. I was like I was just thinking. Damn I'm smooth, and I got that reaction out of you. It was fun that would be a natural reaction. He said that I mean I also like helping the guys, celebrate you know, there's there's moments like when someone then there were someone almost asked to tell you call amazing that was like you know. It was amazing, but I want I want to let you feel it even more. I want you, you know like like rose. Number Eunice beat you wanna like that to me, like one of my favorite all time, Post fight interview, yeah, 'cause, she's,
I'll just be a good person spell domain schitt, damn roses out there. You know she's so unusual and have her walk through it like this impossible underdog coming in and even if she wanted, but I thought she went by submission. Didn't think she just step in and cracker with a left hook and then drop her like what that was crazy, like watching that fight was crazy, here's a good one for you on and on and another big fight. I feel like there is a moment right in a fight, especially get a finish. Sometime this is a moment that comes just before the finish that you recognize this opportunities there and you jump on it. There are times went like before. The moment happens like before the shot comes just like this. It's about the filters right hand, and I know I'm going to slip it and drop and drop my right on top of it right There are times when you hit a guy and it's like. Oh, this is my chance when you jump on him, and you know, the end is near- and
all that rush, when the referee steps that that's the moment, that's the biggest moment when the, referee stops the fight. That's when you come right, you know so like if you get figure out how to ask that question. Yeah his getting get Getting someone explain that moment is is if they can translate that that's so sweet 'cause, like I like, I can think of what my one of my last fights with Stevens like when I hit him. I didn't. I knew what I was doing and I I going to land the punch, then, as he went, I was like oh shit, Is that moment right when you jump on it, you know being able to beat that's that's the best, going to get out of guys and you you ask that question. Well, but also, if you, if they can see it, coming Alright man seen that coming. That's the thing! That's when it's like this chick is hot, and I know I'm going to.
That moment is like this is actually happening. What do you miss the most about fighting like what don't I miss it's? I love that challenge man like that's why I still like training and whatnot, but but the actual fight itself. It's been because everything's on the line did he thought about doing grappling competitions or anything. Where is no striking? I I have not I've been. I thought about it once or twice, but not been committed to doing it I'm starting to train more now again, I had some some things happening in life. That would change. For me. I just moved out here and I didn't have
the the team, the foundation behind me? I didn't have the group that I was with all the time anymore. I had to find a cut, find a new group started building new group and now that we have this group, I feel more comfortable, I'm back in the gym more I'm able to do more like that and like I'm still in good shape and yeah, I feel like. Maybe I want to compete again, but just for the fun of it. No, not for not to try and be a. Champion thing as in MA or compete in Jujitsu. I still love him a it doesn't make sense so right, you know there are definitely some fights that I wish, could have happened or that I would have had like what fight do. You feel like you, missed out on finding gold me at one point, and you know when Gomi was gummy yeah like throw those fucking fat pitch baseball, punches man like that, though the the pride tournament. I would love to fight everybody in that tournament. You know, and
every individual flat Hanson. That was fun. He smell like ask, but that was fun was horrible. Do you think you did on purpose, this- is one of those guys does that every fight, just doesn't smell, doesn't wash or two days is bad, come shoot. Soccer. I like fights like that. You know, but now there's still some guys have a lot of respect for I talked to Joe Lozano, but I was like man. I love fighting. I like Joe Lowe's on you know, but that was right after, like the first year of being retired, how many years you've been retired. Now, five three, since two thousand, is almost four almost four November before feel it seems like longer for some strange reason: 'cause. I did you just miss me till I do this message may not do is missing that right. Left leg kick, but no, it's it's those things where you you love it so much there times when I'm watching fights man and there's some guys that are like just outside the top fifteen
tell you any names right now, but let me like, like, like Jake Matthews, when he was a fifty five like I feel like this. Kid is good and he's awesome these also much bigger than they were back in my days- are still I'm like. Sometimes I watch fights and I'm like man, you, mother fuckas, so lucky, I'm not twenty. I've tested the phase. You know now right, you know, but isn't that the thing right The older fighters have way more knowledge and understanding of what to do, but the body doesn't respond that way anymore and that's what the balance of it all is that the young fighters have all the piss and vinegar and fast twitch muscle fibers, and they don't know that much for me. Field because I still move around as the sponsor Smiley Jonah, like those guys making those guys- and I can. I can do a lot of the things that I've always been able to do. It has to do with for the most part. For me, the recovery like the next day. If I go hard today, I can't go hard tomorrow. I can't I can't go hard four days a week anymore,
I can go hide once or twice a week and as I get better shaped like the twice will be more consistent, but the recovery I can still move very close to just as fast as I've always been like. I think that will go away at some point, but I still have it on and I can't take it like I used to now. You know that that's a difference home I don't like in the gym. I can still like. I still walk through some things, but I don't know about in competition when, when it's all online because again, I think your brain kind of you're in a different mindset. You know you think about that when you're sparring right now, because you- you really don't have a need to right, I arm love spying, I don't I don't. Do it nearly as much as I used to. I do think about that. So fun though it's so much fun and I'm like. Oh, we got one right
yeah they got one. I don't I don't I don't want to be. I want to live the last twenty of that one drooling shittin pants and word jeez. I don't want that. So I I try to exercise my brain as much as I can. But what do you do you know reading? I do a lot of a lot of the the cog in not cut but brain cognitive games, like you know, a lot of things with numbers and crosswords and then and then- and I just that's a hard thing for me to not do something, because if I'm not if I'm awake and I'm not occupy, my thoughts are just going like that something else. I've been to I'm and I started to write things down. I've been doing like some start work acting right, so I've been lately, I've been watching old, shows and and just watching it for the acting and and I'll, I'll find a script and I'll stand in for the mirror by myself and do so do some things and so we're trying to play some things out like I'm just like I'm just I'm just going through all of it. I know I did I did. I did.
Well, move they do the movie about Nick Newell, right and i5. So I fight the cat, the guy that played Nick Newell in one scene early, career Nick knows the fighter was one on our rate. The guy in the we have one arm as well. No, but he the green screen at the home so so he's the the whole time is, is green sleeve over his arm, and he has it out here and he's moving it and we we choreograph the fight. We have to kind of account for all of that, the choreography with the green screen all that, but I a couple lines did some lines in the first time I did lines with Kevin Pollak, so that was cool for you know, that's pretty crazy yeah. And then and then I didn't episode of ballers for the next season. So that was cool. Did you work with the rock? No worked with Ricky, so so JD, Washington, ok, so that was cool man I had met. I didn't I didn't I watch the shows I didn't know his name was JD
I just knew his name JD from being on set. I always call him Ricky. I was it somebody told me he was related to Denzel Washington and then I find out that his last name is Washington Lamma set in looking at I'm looking at the call sheet, and I'm like, are you related to Denzel like yeah. He has a look on his face like well fucking, you know, you know that, and I like, I knew we were related, but I thought he would tell me how, at the time- and I don't know- but I later I found out that it was his dad Oh no. She is that you know something from what the information that I've got and so but but I'd I'd met his dad also work with him on equalizer we were for the equalizer to we were. We were help helping to build the scenes, read choreographing the scenes in teaching the choreography. For that, and I have this- this this thing where he he's giving me voice lessons? I have this thing with Denzel Washington, giving me voice acids, I'm just like you know these these these tongue.
Is that he says to practice: annunciating well, It's kind of dope, so so we're it when in the gym working out and he's like. So he tell you said them to me and he seems like you should write this down. Cuz my buddy doesn't get. He doesn't stuff, one fought on the Fox test for UFC, and now I'm so high He pays a little more attention to me at that point. He's like he's going back to theater. He wants to do some theater because he wants to clean up his stuff, and so I'd like write this down. I'm like looking like fuckin' grab my phone and I start recording, and then he sees that Cordy. So he comes over and he's like he's speaking in my phone and I'm like wow. This is a life. Would have this one Denzel Washington voice. Coaching me, that's huge super dope right. So that's what you're here for that's! We gonna do other than fox
desk you doing some acting was my yeah. It's like I'm a I'm a kid again right and I have my site had my sag card, so I have a. I have a ticket to the theme park. So why not just try the rights yeah it it's something new to do! Yeah, yeah, yeah, then the US on doing. I know Bisping doing a lot of work, there's been doing a lot and- and I did a movie with biz being well. He had a big role in the film Kong. We did a lot of ship friendlies doing a lot, and this is quite a few guys and I J here on Jay's doing a lot of stunts. You know I eight, yeah stunts are great, especially when you're doing fights, but I'm one hundred and fifty five pounder, where I mean like I'm, not going to be doing a whole lot of fighting in movies. A guy like like tape, right right, AIDS in Tates Is in every movie exactly yeah he he has. He has to look and he's a big guy.
He's, getting a lot of work in that capacity, but start man, I'm a smaller guy in and most of the time when that you want someone, my size, you're, going to want someone that can do other things like a lot of the gym nest, Ryan and that type of and I can do some of that, but nowhere near as good as those guys right and I'm not learn how to get hit by a car. Killer on fire. You know fall on a motorcycle yeah? That's not happening not doing. So I want to I want to thank I I want to get better this acting thing and and try that out some because, because it's fun also a myself on on episode bothers- and I was like this feels good like they did, the the the the acting thing. It's like This is fun. This is it's it's it's a number that a rush Daniel, it's a new thing. I mean I'm gonna pick your brain went like I'm gonna, I'm gonna ask you for some some advice and you need to stand up
I did a couple. I did a couple even at the dime bar I delay design yeah, I don't I'm gonna. Do it again, yeah I'm I mean I've done it a few times. I like it. If you could do it, I don't feel like I'm funny. That's the problem! You're funny, do you do it? It's it's it's worth for everybody yeah yeah, it seems a lot easier than it is it's not see it all now seems like it. It's not it was just talking? How can that be hard, but see that's the thing. It's like people, like men you thought nothing really fun! Moon means people isn't that it's like yeah, but I'm not looking at them. No thing is to all new things. It doesn't matter what difficult things you do. Try taking up chest for the first time, it's difficult to try anything everything that's hard to do is difficult, doesn't matter how many difficult things you've done. You might have a better understanding of how to perform under dip under pressure yep than other people do, but it's still going to be hard. The end, nothing, nothing worth doing is easy. Yeah, because if it was easy everybody to do it exactly. No, that's the thing
I am the other thing that I'm doing is. I have I do a show with this platform called PLUTO to the show called a thug, Jitsu Master and squid show Hey buddy, this great! We got we interview. We have you guys that got flights coming up. We do a lot of stuff with light as we head coaches, we get people that have nothing to do with fighting, but we make me make it fun is again: what is the song on PLUTO what is PLUTO Pluto, so PLUTO. The platform you get on your like Iphone on on a gal is an app it's an app. You can get on like the playstation on Apple TV and all these things right and do you know what it is you heard of it? He lemon fighter holding out hope they got a twenty four hour. Glory channel, say glory running twenty four slash: seven, I gotta fight channel where they had that song. By tell me all the glory channel, glory, channel, holyshit, ok and yeah. So so
that's. We do it over there. We had a thing. We do think I'll fight party life where we we watch the fights we just hang out with its cuts watch the fights we just hang out and basically do a podcast where are we doing it? Pluto Tv, it's free, everything's, free, no schitt. One hundred plus channels find what you want. They had got everything on this before no, you know what I'm thinking there's something on the Amazon uh. What is the thing? That's on tv, the Amazon fire. But the sun is out and that's what I think I've seen it. I think I see it do do had, and it was a whole channel that was dedicated to the Montreal Comedy Festival, yeah yeah yeah they have the stand up, channel, okay, nice-
everything I said. So what is this show called again: the thug Jitsu master and squid shell, alright dude, sorry, three hundred o'clock, wow we've been doing this for how long now, over three hours over three hours, crazy right by the time warp, how deflected that happen, it's a ghost where death meant. Thank you that we need to say anything more about the brand shop thing. Did we cover it up enough man as for how it goes it's just like that's where the situation we need. We like we need to talk to him and he you yeah yeah. So it's weird to you for me, because I love the guy and he's one of my best friends and also I can't defend what he said, because it doesn't totally makes sense yeah So like what I'm saying when I said he talks too much, I do too, I say stupid shit. I don't mean to say stupid shit. I don't say that stupid. I didn't say that thing wouldn't I like that. But sometimes you say things you don't even know why the fuck you're saying that you know and
A lot of it also is like, like just ranting like you going to these rants- and you say shit in you like see, if you can back it up once you set it yeah like just don't revisit them shit, that's like it was insensitive. It didn't make sense and it was insensitive, and I bet he regrets it well. I mean I don't know why you that's an assumption or making right yeah I'm wide. I know the guy, that's why I'm saying it yeah he's not a bad. A guy, like the imagination, he's awesome. I'm not of the of the I'm, not the guy saying like you're racist, for saying this like right now, I'm like my my thing is when you're talking about the first initial part of it, and I convey this to him. You know was your saying me or my brother, or my sister, alright good enough to be here so like that's like disrespectful, that's disrespectful, because I fully believe that we all are
that that so that part and he apologized for that and we're cool there. You know and then then, then, why you why you talking about like this is what I see myself, because no dog, that's not not how it is now nine wiser and you're, not you're, not a psychologist and a psychiatrist. You have no qualifications to to speak on my mental state like like, let's just weird to that you guys haven't. I think you should I don't know. I think that sometimes someone says something instead of just straight up saying they fuckedup, they say I fuckedup but yeah. You know I'm talking about you know he's his issue is because of this or you know it's something else is going on with him. It's making him react this way. Yeah I I'm more concerned with his pants was shredded up pants. He wears those disturbing way more than what he said. I can't can't defend either one yeah, just don't wear women's pants
I think their women's. They just sit there holding them, they hold it on 'cause, it's like we went through the beginning of the show and the holding of the depends on how many holes right. Like the panel little little if you earn those holes like if you work construction, like a real hole, you get. You get your pants, tagged on there. You gotta do what you gotta do if you're armor you get like real barb wire holes in your pants. That's a different animal! You know, that's! Ok! You earn! holes you worry genes out the star ripped in places in car and car. You can afford to buy some new ones yeah, but if you paid a lot of mine for pants are already far dump. You saw that in a magazine somewhere. That's what bothers me about Brendan Fuckin' pants. I bought this bothers me too, but I would really bothers me. I, like you a lot you're always cool, and I think you do a great job, and I said that
early on when you first started doing it yeah. I remember I tweeted it or something actually, and you said it to me to the last time I was here. I was Joe and I came to do a glory. You can find it with you now. I remember. I remember that I remember everything you say Joe, like Eve even though, because I don't especially when it's about me is where there was a time when you will like. I look at John C, so stroke just gets right back up, please he just he just needs a strong, the guy, all old, and I remember that in a room that I I love it because it is a couple times when Do you not like disparaging of either fighter but couple times when you start seeing a strength and another guy and there's two fights for me where that happened, and I was able to just right as you're, given the other guy. Some phrase perfect. So I was like yeah Joe shut up. Some love give him some love. Ladies and gentlemen, thug Jitsu master on Twitter is what's your instagram
same thing same things about just a massive all right and thug Jitsu master in the squid and squid shell on PLUTO Pluto, alright, Yves Edwards, ladies and gentlemen, thanks everybody for tune into the podcast and thank you to our sponsors thanks to on it, go to and it used use the code word Rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements Thank you also to housecall pro You can get started today. If you go to house dot com forward, slash and tell him the Joe Rogan experience sent you and they will waive your ninety nine dollars activation fee and it can do everything it can schedule. Will dispatching send customers text message updates through tire process online booking payment processing. If you run a service business, it's an awesome thing check it out, house, dot, com, Slash Rogan,
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Edwards, first time, while you fuckers for listening and will be back soon. Okay,.
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