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JRE MMA Show #21 with Brendan Schaub

2018-04-04 | 🔗
Joe sits down with Brendan Schaub to discuss upcoming fights.
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total human, optimization strength, conditioning equipment, supplements articles in nutrition and exercise and all kinds of groovy, and just too many amazing products to list good on a dot com use the code, Word Rogan, and you will save ten percent off any an all supplement bam. My guess today is the great and powerful Brendan Schaub, give it up for the Joe Rogan experience join my day, Joe Rogan podcast by night all day a well I've. This is a bomb of a fight week, but also an awesome fight week. I'm very he said: did you see the the latest count down? What is it all access? Will they call it now embedded in bed yeah most track over the name of this they're all the same, but all access embedded, twenty four slash, seven bad is very good. I should I should remember. The name is v
very good there all together and this new one is really good. 'cause, it's got MAX Holloway running on a treadmill. New treadmills over from Nurmagomedov who's, also running on a treadmill and their fucking very cool to each other. Very interesting could be thanked him for taking the flag which he should, which he should thanks for taking the fight, and then they have the same weight. Coach. That's crazy Lockhart right is is Lee as long as long as my card is go. Did this locker working with numbers? Yes? Well, both of them so Lockhart was like Lockard is legit like he goes over calculation means of like how much you weigh how much what are you going to take and he's weighing things out took him an hour and a half to do the calculations. It wasn't like hey we're going to win this. It's like! No! No, no we're going to do this weight cut correctly and he's got down to the day. You know like it's six days to lose. It think it was one hundred and seventy one is. That is that I was wonder what did he start at is at one hundred and seventy one. So I think he's gotta lose sixteen pounds.
It's crazy is MAX is on. My show is talk to him a little bit off here, and this is on record that spilled anything that he didn't say, but he just goes. You know, within every over. There seizes and headed in bed, and I think is better than that. U s c not you'll, see the YO ones. I think it's been twenty four seven. How dare you it's been only four seven. When there's a big fight yeah, you know what I mean, because generals are better off. I think. Well, I think in general, the better to the more of it yep, but a twenty four seven they're very good they're get a very good leads with rubber all its I'd love to watch her words stunned that guy. But I, like these better alley, CAT Lee Shriver yeah. It's a toll nodded here Wingfield, but we know what does your will I'd like find? It is because there's been there's almost no narration right, yeah, it's almost it tells us footage? I want to see the footage I would like the video of when they called MAX with the fight is from what I heard he goes. It could be that stupid in the world, fuck yeah. Let's go,
which is insane. Why don't? They have a video of that, but no one knew I don't think they know. You know to turn the video on. I don't think Max new other. They amazing video of embryonic actually view wins. My thing with MAX is, I think a bb is the toughest fight the world on six days notice, I'd rather fight anybody else in the world and could be one six days, because this style images is tenacity but for MAX win, lose or draw whatever happened Saturday night, if you don't receive Actin like him even more after this you're, a moron you're is very few champions on a run like max hallways on. That would be willing to take this fight on six days notice and also, I should say, coming off of a broken foot correct. So he had to pull out of a fight with a broken foot with Frankie EDGAR, which judge happened. So I mean how he'll dizzy. He then, I like on said, show he show you saying you're, not I've been doing some, Youtube in the swing of things. For me, it's good because I haven't been balls deep
in the training. I've been just been a little jittery, you know get a light workout, but it gives me time with my family is which Ingles? You know this in camp, your present, but you're, not which is true, and he goes you know so I'm going through it, I'm with my son in the family, but I'm thinking about something else. So this is being good for Maine to really focus my family. That was what weeks ago three weeks ago. Wow so then bam. Your frank could be. The reason why I want to fight could be because he thinks could be the best pound for pound fighter in the world and which is now that's, because you know when you look at it could be dress. It's good. It doesn't blow your hair back and he's twenty five and oh for God, sakes. It's good, but it's not like all this crazy. You know big name, one is red, but Utah I was just San Jose. Jon Fitch goes dune. I am this is Jon Fitch yeah, you know could be you know, welterweight go he's, did not go, please god damn good. He goes on I've never seen anyone my lifetime like could be. He goes. I thought GSP in his prime. He would beat him that's how good he is
DC, said he's the pound for pound greatest fighters ever seen dc that he hand fights with them. Dc's words the heavy weight Strikeforce champion. He said he goes dude we go to war, we go to war war. I imagine the D Caesar Gore. Will peace jacked Mean DC's got somebody phantom. He strong as a fucking oxy, so got intense, so good. It's like Watch Watchmen DC throws Josh Barnett through the air when they strike force. You just go. Jesus really is the Hendo fight was offensive that God Damn American, it was offensive here AG, don't Hendo and couldn't be a cool guy, Disesa Sky ever DC might be the nicest fighter of all time. Well, my favorite people here are MAX there up there. I love him for an ISIS fighters. I don't know MAX as well as I would know DC, because I've done so many shows with them, but DC is is he is to say that him could be go to war and, like
Josh Thompson? Is the captain a case that you know Ed Ruth Penn state three time national champion freak just are doing man belt or complete freak wrestling the odds in San Jose, and he did a show with him. I go. What were you doing? This I just came from practice could be second class pract. You know what was he doing wrestling the only ones going down and it could be black white. Add Ruth, and he goes oh, he was bro it. I've or something like it, so this is this legend of life. They when they tell me that it scares ability so it well. We killer to see it in action when you saw the Barboza fight he's walking towards. Like a zombie gets ahold of 'em and just ragdolls am just ragged, but this is what's great about this fight in this. What makes our sport so special is yams.
Super bummed I've been in deep depression, 'cause Ferguson fell out, and we've talked about this off here, but our sport so special 'cause. What MAX Holloway has the chance to do Saturday night, if he can beat and if you can somehow pull that out, there's nothing like in professional sports. There's nothing like it. If Lebron goes out. The team still goes on it's whatever. If Tom Brady gets her tits sucked, they still play here, man MAX, has a huge chance now are the odds stacked against some good God? Are they ever going to be a worst match up for him? But what don't want Achilles heel? If there is one for could be a guy? He right going backwards MAX salaries, pretty I'm good at going backwards. Yeah! It's a fascinating fight. If there was no controversy, if it wasn't six day time for him, but that's what's so great, they know it's kinda cool, the only other fight that's been like that was Nate when they took on Conor. First, here's the difference, though
it's the bigger guy right mates in the bigger guy, the more seasons guy there so for native like yeah, it was short notice, but that's a rough match up for Conor right. O'connors should be an underdog in that fight. Don't fight at the same weight class so that it's a little more but wait a minute. They do Nate Nate fights at fifty five. For that, though, is fine at seventy right? No, no! No! No! He only fought three times at seven, but he thought that 70s that point he found Connors never fought at seventy right. But if, when Conor fight him at seventy, that was sanity Econo you're, not seventy pounder right, but it mean Nate when he fought. Seventy didn't go well. I mean who defy you fart about seventy Tom Hotel City fight, let's see at seventy, he lost his fights at seventy. I think
It wasn't great at no, he didn't lose all of 'em. Wasn't great one yeah wasn't great at seventy, but the thing is he's. The bigger man he's a much greater die, but if they agreed to fight at one hundred and fifty five, he would make the one hundred and fifty five weight one hundred percent solve this talk about him being so much bigger than Conor he's bigger for she's taller, he's taller he's up he's a bigger he's, a bigger guys around heavy when he gets heavier, but when they fight in fifty five, he makes that weight and Connor makes that weight. Tough too. They both struggled to make one hundred and fifty five It's a much easier cut for counter. Fifty five, it's not the hardest cut. When you look at the difference between how he looks physically when he fought Nate at one hundred and seventy and how he looks when he's one hundred and forty five he was off, all of the Israelis on Dr One. Forty five, they couldn't have known me- there's there's no probably could have made it. What does all right awesome it fighter when I was a lead off you don't like realist he's not making, for he was very thin during the ultimate fighter days. Member.
We have to be different lighting fire to make weight basically three times in a row. I just think he filled into I mean he was really young back then one hundred percent, but you have to maintain a lower weight. Yeah, that's the closest fight to it, though, Look at that. I agree with you by the same kind of balls that Nate has is like what but MAX that different is that, like MAX, is taken on a guy that eh everybody's, avoiding Noah he's been able to solve the riddle of cab, no ones, even if even put him in jeopardy. Like he's Michael Johnson him, but that Worley wasn't you know it was a little bit. We were talking about that the other day. Who knows what was going on that fight, because there was a fight where he had the same, issue cutting weight that he did when he had to pull out of the Ferguson fight where his body shut down. Correct.
So. Who knows he had that same issue with the Michael J. You might have been severely compromised in that fight, even though he beat the fuck out of the difference between Mcgregor and Diaz. Is the both keep it on the feet really right? It is a phenomenal boxer coast, phenomenal striker, MAX Holloway foot on striker could be phenomenal grappler. So it's even more of a task because copies not going to, their strike with him. That's your one way to win cool. I'm the best graph on earth, entertain it for a little bit. But if you, if you want you down there's literally no one in the world from I'll say one hundred and fifty. Five to one hundred and seventy he's not going to take that, I want to see I really Oh, I see him in some straight grappling competition. To hear it here in this yeah hearing that about how amazing is in the training room at the unit from I like DC, I know and and and Fitch yeah. I mean talk about mall layout, pioneers of the sport animals. I wanna see me gets Woodley, seventy, I I think so. Nice is natural weight class yeah. I think he probably be a lot healthier.
Imagine that imagine being strong in healthcare. It would link a bead Jesus Watt, but Woodley is a different thing. Menu. You mess you you up and you you leave yourself in a position get hit with all those nuclear bombs. Alan Arkin Woodley could put people to sleep. Anybody in grand was outside Apple's off hard to sit down and put people to sleep with one shot. I don't think with the gets is due and I think what the best evidence is, the the two fights the people poor to what they say that, like Woodley, should have done better those the Thompson fights the end of my foot, the modified in my and it never got hurt like he. He hit. My a bunch of times, but it was uneventful 'cause, he was hurt. Woodley was hurt early in the first round of the shoulder he fuck shoulder up, but I want the further. We should fight my if you want to go to the ground, one hundred percent, but my point is in those two fights with Thompson. Would he was the one who hurt Thompson be hurt him bad bad in both fights almost stopped in both fights yeah. I don't see them ever again, but I hear you a great fight yeah
at hard path, if it was a crazy UFC, two undercard that was on it, I wouldn't be mad means one of the main event I get it. I get it. I like white people, twice wow cool, yeah super complicated equation. Bob set up set, though they're just not good days. For the same thing, if they just said no, this time is going to be different. I'm going to war war fuck you and then two rounds in you bastard circle and each other. That's like Dana on Ferguson Khabib is like that fights never happen to a fifth time. Yeah I get it, I get it man It's such a bummer, though. Let's talk business like I do. No, how many paper views is going to do, but for the hardcore fans this was a big one. This was a big one 'cause. This is the first time could he was fighting a guy, that's super versatile: they can fight. Standing up can go out with one shot. Tough, as fuck has incredible endurance and can grab
office. His back and the most dangerous guy could be will ever face. Yeah Tony Ferguson has the perfect style to test or so we could really find out work to be exact 'cause. We know where Tony is that we in we kinda know where could beads at do we kind of do we? Barboza fight, in my opinion, was the best example of it. Centos dot. Does there just was already that's old school does and that's does charges also compromise to make one fifty five right does, and just want seventy different animal. That's a different fucking Anna, well, that's a totally different piece that I think to San Jose is one of those guys where you point to a perfect example of a guy who's body. Just was not allowing him to compete at one hundred and fifty five degrees he's and he's a fucking Animal in his mind, I mean he no first harder than that guy. You see that guy train, but yes, I have you seen in person right monster monster, however, find Cole.
How Brazil in Brazil joy that call me good luck. Only good God, security, please, security to super hard to takedown real hard to takedown. An baruta leg kicks, and I don't know So what? If I get around to that, what ninety minute, but video he's been doing every day, but his legs shot, I think, rob the wrong a brazilian across his chest. He I don't know what the squat front squat. Do I don't know what kind of crazy he's do. I know he did some training in the past a lot with the Nyc curse on at a speed of sport. Nick helped him quite a bit nix. You know mark Moran of it shop, disciple yeah, and he does all that crazy. That mark had Bj due on Tuesday he's got a little tired of videos online Dosanjh. Is he work with hello, Jason problem yeah? I don't know Is it still stands in pro? I got a feeling. Yes, I remember seeing him at the root could just roll the credits coach of all the like he's like you, have a problem:
here come here and just very big cyborg, I mean just these monsters and you know what good dude great again and does want the spotlight, zero zero one be out on camera yeah! That's when the thing didn't win, I I was telling him I think, he's doing a great job. Dude shakes your hand, looks you in the like he's right. There he's right there. Thank you. Is it right to any won't work with just anyone either, which is what I like a like. We did with Bisping help as being a lot. You know Jim World Champ yeah, I mean he's he's a great coat back to to be. You know who I think, and I'm not just saying this 'cause he's my boy have known forever, but you know who I think could be his Achilles heel who matches up better with him than anyone who everyone is overlooking. Brian Ortega Oh that's. A good point, but I'ma take is a big dude at fifty five easy weight cut for him, but around the ground on the ground, he's most dangerous in the world right now. I think so too. I think the way he locks up submissions is very different. It's like if everybody else is hitting
add a seven or eight or take is hitting a ten where you watching you go. Oh that's different and you haven't seen it so for- could be, who he, how long he's grappled Freaking grizzly bear since he was four he and he seemed sombo. He seemed black belt jujitsu. He seen all this stuff you're not going to catch him with our take it's a little different. He actually encourage you to go to the ground, he's dangerous, his feet, but on the grounds where he thrives. Isn't it funny how that thing about going to the bride says Ortega wrote for the record Dana called in yesterday see if I'd step in against Gibbs since MAX had respond. Yet I said yes, eventually MAX applied, engaged and gave him the fight all goes according to plan I'll get my turn at both of them to phenomenal. But but just stylistic limit and if I'm could be could be goes. Why would I fight she's phenomenal fire. We didn't have a belt in a big name. I was against the most dangerous light forming an it's also mean Ortega became a much bigger star with a Frankie EDGAR. Now
not much bigger star, but is we have to go yeah max? Holloway is one Jess fighters on the planet? That's a really interesting fight or take his got. There's some about his Ju Jitsu and it's like it's just wrapped up and sharpened down to like such a just a razor's edge men when he grabs all the stuff. You like you, have very little room to get out yeah and it's he sets it up from the clinch and it's a very unconventional in the head. Snap special, like Tony Ferguson, with a dark joke. Sorry casino! Snapcity. However, why I want to see in this with the snap city is like Josh Thompson. If, like oh, no, we've never never seen Cabebe's neck snap down ever, that's it for him. It's a pride thing grown up where he grew up, knowing snaps make them he'd known snapping him down, doesn't work so crazy. Well, that's to nice thing. They go watch watch, no one's ever snap, his neck down ever wow yeah! That's so crazy!
given our seem lose around like white, why? I thought one This God, Damn legends people like this and I'm drinking the Kool aid drinking it too, I'm so in this Kool aid, where the Saturday night, Sir yeah, damn I'm I'm fascinated. I'm fascinated by this phone I'm always fascinated when could be fights because you're always wondering like, what's the first guy, that's going to be able to give him something different, get a different look at like alright. I hear All this crazy talk about could be. Let's see it like. I want to see. I want to see that pound for pound greatness out of 'em. Let me get it when you, don't you you saw in the Barboza funny now I think barbos is one dimensional. I think I think we did see and I think people are take and for granted how could could be? Beva grappler is 'cause. You talk to Frankie talked to Eddie Alvarez. I know how hard is it takedown barbos they go. Oh it's damn near last one training like we don't get him down very easily in there bad ass is so what could be? Did we didn't think you're going to be able to do and if you look at that third round foot bar,
so this is like it's taken down and he's like kind cage crawling look at his face. He looks like get me the fuck out of yeah, like this sheer panic and that's the difference, drink a beam of these fighters, and so it's the the fight on short notice. 'cause, it's not going to be fast. No, it's not going to be fun for you, it's a smashing, yeah! I feel like the brain. We've seen the pound for pound greatness in him like the potential for it, but need to see him against pound for pound greats. He is the one that's how you get there yeah. I just. I just wish allotting about Conor Aldo right right right that quick, knocked or Dc Gus VIN, Jon Jones DC, like there's certain times in your career, where you have these see Mitchell wins. He doesn't have a signature win right. Well, I think the Barboza as close as you can get, but barbos is lost to a few guys lost Tony got D'Arce choke, bus, cowboy yep, yep, but he's also very one dimensional
not for now on the ground keys, are good, anti wrestler, his striking phenomenon, but overall package. That is the difference. Right is the really good guys always threaten takedowns always threatens submissions. He just doesn't do that. He he stands up. This is a special send up, but in the span of his wickedness got some of the best and up in the world for sure in MMA mean Barbosa so fast to such a wonder, boy Barboza, the right up there, ten till yeah day, current till and Wonderboy is going to be a mother fucker how 'bout Wonderboy ICE well quote, came in here we go, who is Democrat impressive there until who is he like? Did you learn not them from the cowboy fight? Even I learned from that, I touch it like man. Why would cowboy take this? I don't really know who Darren till is, and then my inbox just flooded with shit and even until went off on main- and I, like you, oh my god, this guys a monster he's an animal, have a gorilla tattoo or something
because he's got gorillas all over is like uses it on his screen. Name and twitter, we will he's a gorilla he's. A car lover pulled his bad mother. Wonder boy he's really happen is since just like you all right. If you want this and what happens if one of let's say one where to win, which I don't think he is. Unfortunately I don't you I'm on the same still get I just yeah. I think this kind of a little right now long Brom Hard Dick riding on Kaby till through the few guys DC, always Connor, always always always Brian Ortega, a dick right mighty mouse for sure, now you do dick right there. I think, if I did not wait forever, I think is the best. I mean that's fair. He needs a guy that challenge him. His knee fighting pseudo again, who I love so who tablets like that shit? You guys hate fucking, money that shits ridiculous I mean so who knows a beast, no doubt about it, and I love what so, who did
did against Wilson Hayes I was like holy shit is like a different so who that looks like a karate champion, I get all that. Do you see what mighty mouse did right through all the all your black belt cool do Shahryar bark and what he did. This is yeah. Are you like to clinch check these out to take pics? That's very cool check. This me answer knees. The body is fat. I grabbed him once just looking around plan. He hit me somebody with a nice so fast much confusing. There was a confused where that come from. Like I go, I go. I got shit, he turns out like hey, that's not supposed to go that quick. Like this supposed to be. I see you move. I get to think this might come my way here. It is now it was already there different fly realized. He was doing it he's so fucking fast.
Do we know why the TJ fights aren't going down dude, I don't know, but that one bums me out. That would be a step. That is that's a fucking gigantic super fight like why? Wouldn't he take that fight? Well, first of all, mighty mouse right now is rehabbing a shoulder surgery. So so it's going to be a while. He was doing those. You know that beau thing they do that flexi thing he was doing some of those exercises the other day on Instagram, I'm looking at him like. Ok, that's a guy! That's got like he's, got some scar tissue to workout, that's not, that's not healed up to get surgery, and now I got surgery so he's out for but in TJ pride doesn't want to wait. I don't know. If that's what the case is. I don't know what the cases I mean so shoulder surgery. Six months I'm and so you wait three months and then you have a three month camp. You know and if they won't announce it yet right now I mean I don't even know you can't even say that, because once you start going hard, you might not be able to go Matt Hume,
mighty mouse are about as smart as it gets. When it comes to preparation, so there's no way they would take that fight of his shoulder. Wasn't one hundred percent or any fight and risk his legacy 'cause? He loses that fight was like told you and they wouldn't go hard early to test it. They would let it will look at what he's been out a little bit because his shoulder yeah yeah, he got a change order yeah. He was in here like right. After I got it, he says, can heal up quick yeah then he might prp all that yeah it's going to do all the prp. You know this is much different therapy. These cryo shores probably still takes awhile. Even with all our advances. Tablet faster now he's forced to fight, I see what the she's doing where they do in turn belt between Cobian Dosan Joes? Where that its interim belt, so now Woodley, you literally have to fight the winner of this gen. Half the final, it's a very sneaky may have about what you can do. You want superfight nope. This guys are built I get to. If it's paid
Colby Sound just like champion now. Welterweight champion don't let the great fire with the great great people have dos Anjos sitting there with two belts on shoulders I mean, and then what do you do until? Let's say he, for whatever reason walks to wonder boy, which is you know, tough to do but say walks through, which would be. You know, struggled a little bit walks through a and one of the number one guy now down till June, it's up to number one or his dose at work that way, because the ratings are unscrewing men, others some sometimes I see a guy who beat a guy and then that that guy, who he beat still ranked ahead of a third night, met all all the all the Brady things do now. It almost hurts if you dial eight Sean Shelby Dana trying to make these matchups 'cause guy who's at four. So they want to fight 70s like now. He's seven have nothing to gain from that where, before I was like who want to fight this, he's a name he's on seven fight, win streak. We don't know ranking is, but we know he's damn good. Russian guys were more willing to take it. Now they nope he seven
I want number one exactly. I need three four, you know yeah, that's weird: it Well, it's also weird like the UFC can, just they just decide who's fighting I mean it's, the whole thing the business is so interesting because it's like they satisfied in the decide who's champion. They decide Tony you're not champion anymore, I'm going to strip yet so I put it, I fell. I don't want this stuff is up at Fox studios. I was doing twist my need, but he was working for the UFC. When he fell, I mean he's doing his obligations is press obligations very strange to strip above about when he never lost it and here's the longest winning streak and then then mean but also happy has no belt could because there's no belt, could be, was going to take the belt they couldn't make up about, and then calmer has to build at fifty five. So what do you do with that bell? But what they're planning on doing, I believe and now they've kind of the cat in the bag 'cause, they said it's going to be the world lightweight title. They were going to Strip Conner the MO
moment. Something happened like the moment. The fight started. That's when going to ship Connor going to yeah, because if they stripped him beforehand then what happens if Tony doesn't make weight or something to mix with they have no, but it could be, doesn't make weight. Then what the fuck do you take concern, then you have nothing already stripped him going to give it back. After going to give it back to help you. So what? If he wants to fight again now he's on the champ anymore, though What kind of shit is strange, so they waited and the idea was to wait now there in a desperado situation, strange marado still about otherwise, I don't have fucking April fools April fools day. It happens. I didn't believe a God. Damn word about Jimmy Smith starts texting me. I might fuck that dude, I'm not falling for it Jamie text. I'm like I'm not falling for you text me. You go bro. It's April fool. Some, like I know, put Dana. I set data released a video and he's. Listen, I'm sure he likes a good April fools joke, but he likes. Money mining view, buys you can't honey The fans are like scikits
back on people can be pissed about biased, that's a good point. I didn't buy it. I still was Maybe it's just an elaborate pr scam. I didn't even tweet about it until the next day now I was tweeting about other shit. People like what the fuck bro. This is cool job you're, not even talking about it. I'm not I'm not I'm not going to do it. I'm I checked I checked with you. Then I checked with Josh Thompson who works closely with BB and then boom there. The two main guys and I want aerial cereal to eat. I'm, like God, he's out like journalists, I'm a I'm going to ask. He's a legit journalists like teacher years, the credibility, so it bro. This really goes. I would never joke around like that. Brandon I'm, like she's right. Well, I went straight to his jujitsu coach. I called Eddie talk to him on the phone. Your good friend yeah, so in Eddie gave me the full rundown of what happen with Tony, it's like
He saw somebody and you turn to say hi to some. We didn't see some requires on the ground tripped over some wires, which is bluish it out and it was on the part, Yes, yesterday and Eddie was saying that Tony wanted to fight or day before yesterday Tony wanted to fight. They wouldn't let him fight him. Ligament, is torn Lcl from the bone, which is rare, which is hard to do. I don't know. Where is that one? lateral, lateral, whatever collateral ligament some shit anyways. Do you think it would it if, if, if it went triple off that, is that a freak accident or do you think you would have went during the fight, it's hard to say, That was a freak accident right yeah to the social seal. Yeah I mean the way they said about. First of all, Dana said was very savage? What he said Dana said he wears sunglasses indoors. That should happen to everybody that wear sunglasses indoors.
That's the letter David quote quote because there's only two type people that wear sunglasses indoors, blind people- an asshole- it's true so true- so true- you're, still weird thing man, especially at night, like what are you doing so hard to see? What is this? What are you doing? I've seen a guy in a club when I used to go to clubs. He does a glass on the people, walk, light, lift them up to look around and put it back down. You can't see shit. The biggest tools, wear glasses, sista fights, who wear sunglasses and they sit there with their fuckin sunglow. Isn't it especially celebrities that do that it's like leveraged? It's like get a grip. However, we need that's like when you know you fucked up you got too famous. You have to wear sunglasses at a fight that sit in the front. So I'm glad you boys, site, not alike, at mania where those indoor that makes complete sense same if you were like a peacock coat. You boys, like that's all good most, are two Apopka dude that stresses me out from now on. Stresses me out. Sam Tripoli. Did a podcast like this. Did you say something
say I put mine on I put mine on and we done before with sunglasses with NASA outfits? That sounds good deleted are put. Did the fighting the kid with sunglasses? I go bro. You gotta take the sunglass stuff goes. My future is too bright. Now I'll fuck mine too, and the counters shit have my sunglasses. That's a weird thing: sunglasses That's a whole area quote by Daniel, oh yeah, color, hilarious, and especially considering how much money he's losing Can you imagine, can you imagine you know, call that close like what what keeps happening it keeps happening. Is it happening bunch of times it's having a bunch of time this one, the mma gods, like you morons, I'm trying to do you a favor who was the most recent one. Would that happen where Cyborg stepped in last minute, this close yeah said the last one cyborg stepped in who
that was MAX. Olly blood is also a, but then there was the Ferguson one with could be more could be deliver shut down there to take to the hospitals about that was a bummer. This is happened, a ton of time, I'm still it was the worst one. John Jones, do you see two hundred DC where the the right literally the day before you're like a lot? but I wonder if that's better, for the UFC Shitty Business either way, but is it better for UFC because people voicing the hyper I bought in and then like the next day like what was jaw I'm like! Oh yeah, you don't hear that like. Does that help them more or does this, where you at least that can promote a little bit with MAX Holloway. You could promote a little bit with MAX Holloway and it's an interesting fight. It's a very interesting fight, there's a lot of those men that happened. You like what Jon Jones DC, one USC two hundred and that what was the the thing that John
did which one was that remember that the Coke one yeah, I think, there's a coconut, no coke was he going. This is dick pills. The number that you use like a we got a strip of we had pulled from the card and the DC fought essence Silva. That's right, unlike Tunisia, onus Anderson and then defeated winning fans that, because he just kinda, yeah yeah he just went flying. He just wrestled him in his whatever still wanna front kicked in the gut too, and I think he heard him his messed up but it happens in sports this uh. This is what I think makes fighting so great. So great MAX's opportunity that no one else in the world in sports can have, and then you know then look at Canelo Triple, She is it in combat sports. This is what we deal with canal. That's the biggest fight of the year biggest fight want to see the rematch of the year and then tainted meat. Do you buy the tainted meat? Absolutely not. Sir. I've had many tacos in Mexico and I'm not school yeah, but you're not getting tested for trace amounts of,
clenbuterol, you don't know. Maybe I have to go and snitch come my house just for the fuck of it and just maybe I'm still in the testing protocol. Not yeah, maybe I don't know, but I would see some sort of change, but even triple g's camp goes. Last Friday was on it. What else is new now? Why did you? What do you think they said that he died, I'm sure, listen, I'm sure to get that he's been in there with one of over four five hundred people now for other people and just said in his experience, he can tell who's on pdas and who's, not a thought canal works. Do you buy that I do 'cause that a fighter as a fighter? This guys, I fought, who I assumed work, ok, but what about Woodley a guy like Woodley has tremendous genetic he's always been like that right, always been like that this was canal? No, do you do you look at it? He's he's, got pretty swore now he's getting older, though so it could be that to you, just as he had already put on more size. Well, the big one was meh.
Many man was the one that everybody was always accusing and many users. First I mean many went up. Eight weight classes and kept is now help us find as a little boy in the dress was like raising me and kept the knock out power. True and most people thought that man was on PD correct and then they thought that man got off peak these when he fought Juan Manuel Marquez and got starched, but he got the there's two there's a two sided story: there. He got off p d's and also found Jesus Christ to stop going to a strip club. We start paying out with girls based on having fun and then got serious about Jesus and got knocked the fuck out, yeah Jenice, all Jesus in that flashy services like listen. If you want to be a savage you, gotta live like a savage he's like I'm, not even advising this man just let them do your thing. Keep yeah, take them steroids. Like listen. I made steroids There are certain God that we grass ain't gonna, help you so that's good for you, but you need to get a good, but you need this,
depends on what you are. I mean if you want to be one hundred and forty seven pound, knockout artist, I mean, but Marquez is no stranger to the mexican supplements; no, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Well, his they had the same strength and conditioning coach when man found Jesus, his old strength and conditioning coach went over to the doctor Wet Map, one mile markers he's always on the dark, stayed on the dark side. That dude was always in the dark yeah. According what was he doing now, Alex Alex Reza Reza. Yes, Ariza yeah, he knows his shit man. He this shit- I don't know whether or not he got anybody on Pe Ds. Is it just blaming him now. He knows his shit as a strength and conditioning coach. That is very, very out of work too. If I was fighting, I saw the stuff that he was doing with one. My mom Marquez was like this guys he's so
religion, and he brings those guys up to like moderate levels of performance, not the old school yeah, some of the old school should too, to this day I think chopping, wood. That's all the jet man, sledge hammers on tires. I think it was good at it. I agree, I think it's good at and I think that lives all that yeah, but I think you mix that with the new wave of technology. Now you got some well like what I was saying about Nick Curse on and that Martin ran. If it's math it, it's all suppliers, man everything's, like junk box, jumps and movement. Yeah left right, left right, left right, you know, sunset? Some very interesting to me when I said look what he thinks fighters are missing. Most like strength, Commission was set, foot strength makes sense, it totally makes sense. You know who's who's been on ball sense got since I've known his Loren Landow, who worked with in Denver. Now he just got. The gig is the he's the head conditioning coach of the Denver Broncos, but he was make us work out. Barefoot for ever, even as football players see
actual is always on that too. Yeah all is kettle. Bell were some of those guys who it's like. Oh, this is all new, and then you talked to like a Lauren or that MAX will get we've been doing this for like twenty years, you guys are just now finding out about it. Well so many people. You know you see so many people working out with like high thick ass running shoes that are also Spongy on the bottom. Yeah I'd be one of them yeah. A lot of people do but you're not training for a fight right now. Now now, but if you were you try to optimize everything would yeah. I used to wear those five finger to out where those to run out where those on the track at where those during most of my stuff, so now you where regular running shoes for comfort, regular, run shoes, and then I had a knee problem. Just put so many miles on it and I'm on a bike. I go, I go and spell tunes yeah. Those are dope. It's it's been good, those that's good, because it's you could play along and go. Along with the class yeah. It's cool. I don't know if it's the answer do every day, but I like you, I need I need to mix it up on him, I'm just bored as with working out so down echo bike. Those are done
I want to get all those in the crib got eco bags, but I like waking up 'cause, my Mondays and Tuesdays are a nightmare. I have to be unset at seven hundred am so I'm waking up at like five just doing that Pelton for an hour, then I'm off, oh, that's yeah we're before I'd have to try and go to the gym or I was missing my workouts. It drives me nuts. Do you like just at the day with a sweat and then I get going. You know what kick come on the versa climber, those are in nightmare. I went to the gym the other day and I did one hundred and fifty meter sprint at the end of the workout, the trainer I need one hundred and fifty meter sprint on their first climbers feel like passing a holy shit. It's hard holy shit when you get off man like you're, barely a lot before yeah, but I haven't been doing it now, I'm getting one in here now it might be the toughest thing as far as cardio wise again, more Orlando used to have us to even his football players all the time, and I was like what the fuck are we doing man this is awful, is by far you have these circuits and it always end on that. Everyone the kids, are circuit in the end on versa, some of the best athletes in the
just like, oh my god, yeah, and what are we doing? Yeah? Well, that's what they do it this! This gym that I've been working out. He looks to do a circuit, the in the circuit. You get on a verse, climbing the sprint and it's you know how much time to get to a hundred fifty meters, I've been doing rose with my trainer. Oh yeah, I do Cartoon do wrote, would've one thousand meter row and I'm like what's a good time, so we looked up the top times, I'm typing top three hundred the world right now. Yeah. I gotta do some work. There's a big yeah, there's a big difference between top three hundred in the top one hundred yeah, but did you top three hundred in the world with a row with a rally? I look it up. That's pretty fucking sweet! It's alright! Right! I mean it's a row machine at the top. Eighty five million I mean hold up your them hold on hold on. Let's just I would not knows the humblebrag, let's be serious their yearly. You, the hardest kick there ever on that God, Damn USC machine. Why caught the frame-
this machine. Well, there's a video of me do one hundred and fifty two right now you only see the one that we kick it in with my jeans on and that we've got to one hundred and thirty I stretchy jeans, yeah barbell gene, basically PDP dies yeah, it's like sweatpants man, some dude burned me burn to me from the and he goes hey man, how long to take you to pay on those jeans, and I went home my goodness, sir, he just quarts to me. Three hundred and thirty just brought weird clown in each other with cloud each other. I said you look like an extra from the water boy said he goes, he goes fuck like other because Bro you look like You look like your cat. The Nordstroms rack in your mechanic fuck so fully talking. If he, so, the only one thing books, fucking, pants, mandies pants, are the shit. These are diff, and these right now I have other similar called mountain bo is not
It's a good company that those are like legit, Jane yeah. They like more feel like jeans with a barbell jeans like they look like jeans to touch him and I go hey. What's going on here, like sweat, sweat pads on so good company in particular. Take this will bind you up a little bit more. If you were trying to kick somebody a little bit more. So what did you do? The record setting barbell jeans? This is the did the record on this. Is the record one Z that dos Anjos Trump Missy saw my hill running man. My ass is way bigger, lot of people being complemented me not the wrong with, and I don't like that fat belly down now. You are not fat for Maine, one hundred and fifty two. What's the hardest, not definitely fatter than I usually am. I've been out cheap, not my tightly to my knowledge the men she well. It's also. I can't do certain things. I can't do in the gym right now and I got this man
dildo that I got here, but this is this is for you know, have golfer's elbow. I have this tendon. And is another sword. Focke dude I've never had tendonitis before. If you ever have fun the takes forever forever. Like more way more than a muscle, the shop's owner, I got p r p e, I got regedit keen, I got stem cells. I had a bunch of shots this this dildo, I'm holding this help me more than any of them in two weeks in two weeks, as things help dry needling, it did seem like it should have fixed everything. What did but dry needling yeah. So we do that too. I dry needling, where they used electricity to zapped it and have done that pulse. To do nothing for me, didn't help this helped. This is cheap. You buy it on Amazon, it's called the theraband, you do it then. My friend Brian told me about this calendar now Brian from give his last name.
He's Vinny Shoreman's buddy from Fontana California. I think what is this thing? Double deuce moitie is that his his place here hold on start screen, shirt by the way, Jamie Brian Doppler, self, so we do he had. He had a issue, and he told me this is the thing that fix them. You take it. You hold it out like this right in front of you. This is the arm, that's injured the bottom arm, so you hold out you twist it with another one, and then you hold it straight and then you let it untwist with this arm. Slowly and I've been doing this shit all the time. I do it in my car. I take it with me at home, but I'm twisting that shit out of it and then slowly untwisting it with my right side and helping out too, and it makes a big impact. It makes a big impact 'cause its strengthening it, its strength,
this this little particular area, but it's also getting a ton of blood. You hold it like that, like Palm Palm out and then twisted, and now it straight and out now on wind it with this hand with the injured there, you go just like yeah yeah, and you just do that slow and I'll do that for like five hundred and ten minutes at a time. And then I'll leave it alone. Game come back game, changer dude a lot better. I mean. Obviously I've had a lot of other shit done to it like the Regina King was like So I'm sure it helped that's good. This I started doing it almost within a few days, so I feel better basics on yeah, but I can't there's a lot of. I can't do like. I can't do champs right now have been able to do chinups I could do rose, but I can't go having like fifty pounds like everything has to be
all about preserving this little ligament. Your trainer knows that yeah, the new trailer yeah yeah as long as good trade, they usually know how to adapt, but even here like when I'm training here, so you can't do with so much shit. I can do, but you can't do anything on the rings. No, I could throw punches straight. No, no hooks uppercuts, but it's getting it's getting much better. Just in two weeks of using this fucking thing everything about resting. Maybe just not doing anything. Sir! That's can still get up you're crazy. Crazy for me to sit down the I have to have a meal specialist like delivering my meals on there. Right now? I'm usually really good at it, but but One thing this has done is ramped up my hill running, so I've been doing just good. Are you the type of dude that well we see late night, you're, always posting, yet that ass I will see when PH fat.
I see when at night, when you come home from the common stories posting like protein and veggies yeah, are you really eat that or you like there's that and then you have Mcdonald's on the side. I'm saying Donald. If I cheat it's pasta up to or played a whole pizza, the other day I can give up were from It was at a restaurant. I went with with the misses and uh. We ordered some other stuff, and I said, let's just get a pizza to write that announced on she's, like I'm not really into this and my good forever. I wolf the whole pizza down ate that whole fucking, I'm so disappointed. And so I have these these meals, man, I've been strict on it. When I'm on the road, it's fucking, tough or If I might give me sleep, my body crave sugar and carbs yep, but that all screwed saying like I just want and then one I just can't, stop myself guitar and then last night, my son, this pasta and of course I have to try. I make sure it's not poison. I try to make that fucking web.
Other than my mail about to eat, so I just fired up some tortellini it's hard. It's also hard when you work hard, because I I do a lot of things, I'm always busy and it's like. Sometimes if you want to go off with food, like that's my indulgence, that's the one thing I can get loose on men, but Muh. This is the time I'm very strict most the time, but it's been hard with this injury just because I thought it was going to be healed by now. So it's been frustrating the shit certain things I want to do like I was on this heavy chin up on, and heavy cleans and presses kick and that's prob probably where I want to do it because I felt some twinge instead of just working on it and like letting it heal up no push through it for months the athlete- and you get the idiot in me for my Once I put, I tell you that, but that's how it works when you nasty I'm sure when you doing Taekwondo or Jujitsu, he it hurts like. Oh, let me take my let's off- to make this better son of that yeah
thing that Eddie said about Tony: is it like Tony, when he gets hurt he's like whatever I'm hurts works? found it whatever it is. He doesn't stop working out ever ever. Yeah This is an eye opener. For me, this. This band thing is like always keep searching. There's always another thing I have. Is this other thing? I put my fingers in this rubber thing and I expand my fingers. It's very difficult. Expand. You know it's easy to contract. You're always doing that. But how much strength do you have this way very little? It's kind of showing you ever do it never, never! Never! But this rubber thing is really good, and I think I read, I think, was Jim's Tapani who's, a bodybuilder guy online. It's got a bunch of stuff, men's and and he's is also super super smart, educated guy and he he was recommending that for people tendonitis there's a lot of different things. You do with bands and this one this is the strongest one. They have to shake it like a rubber. Do you think of
went to physio therapy? They would have shown in all this stuff before injected yourself with all these needles and stuff. I feel like that. A lot of its physeal- maybe you live, you learn most of them. We just say, and I sit and rest as loud. Okay. Well, the rest. Yes, but the rest. They want it's just not what I want to yeah the wall. It's also when Your body is so used to going hard and then going hard, and then you buy this arc. Ok, let's plan some problem, now, let's try to sit still, and it's like right now. I'm lazy and effects everything you fucking bitch. I know but, like I said, it's increased my badonkadonk mounted the missus likes it or she wants. You tone it down, she's happy with it, no one like the flat ass. Even and I know one that might be the worst same field. Correct! This is where you go Maserati flat, ass, fucking
loafers are go for it. Gucci loafers knows gets tired, walking up stairs. Imagine if all the sudden you had some flat ass and then you had to like walk around and get to realize. Oh my god, it's so hard to walk up hills. How big? How do you get around get around flat files sharing up the grocery bags to stairs that's out how 'bout I've seen it where it might be one of the easiest muscles to build like this, some girls with flat asses. Then you see him on Instagram these instagram models who do like deadlifts or something, and then just overtime bone that ass is growth like it tomato. If they really are motivated. You can get your ass to
little whinny little fucking little of that right, yeah for sure there's a lot of that going on with girls, men, wind straws were talking about folks who don't know when it wasn't referring to Winnie the Pooh I'll talk about, went strong sides yeah a lot of those fitness. Girls are doing steroids yeah. They just do a little bit just a little bit. It's a little bit changes a little bit. The jaw elect the shoulders ticket badly time to anytime count Caesar IP girl. You steroids, Illinois, steroids, my god, damn bro. They keep that shit, though they keep it. That's what's weird to keep the manly parts like the like: they don't just keep the muscles when they get off the shit over their faces. Still hard, yeah structured, like their face stretches. Little differ as a lady who lives in my neighborhood. She used to be a big old, Miss Olympia and yes you're walking around and it's weird she. She looks like a man not just in her face, but in her her the way she carries herself everything right so, like you
I mean that sounds weird to say, but there's a certain masculine quality that the people, the women, that take massive amounts of steroids. They develop, they just develop. They look different their wider. They don't look like they're going to take care of you. I don't I'm not attracted hello, now, listen to each is so godly hours, though now that I can be the best mom through what I'm saying it was not just to to it's like it's, not that's a that's a. That's even bad, but it's, but if you want that suck those career. Women will be mad at you. Like if you want to say no, if you want to softap sweet caring woman who likes to cut off it's going to be a good mom is just sweet to be around in kind instead of us, yeah yeah, but a lot of career will get mad at you.
They go. That's you want. You want a woman. I just can't take carousel you, don't only one cool yep, it's a day, prank Allen's we go Brian for wanted. That will that equal stuff is like with equal. How? How so all you just can't get your equal! You go your date, some cartoon which are okay, but they want to be a woman in some respect right. I don't want to be any good in a claim and they're like is strong as you or as funny as you or is know as much about pussy, where you equal, not equal, you're, a woman, you just you just an aggressive, successful, powerful woman but you're, not a man like if you were equal I'd, be gay correct would be two dudes like high fiving him, but it yes and what's your name yeah, I was just trying to that's your thing, but, like this whole one in each cool. Why do we have where we play in math games? You know why can't we just be chill, can we just like each other? That is why we have to be equal yeah. What is that? I don't know? It's weird, it's women. I
run from it? I run from it so successful. Who is it who said there can only be one headshot in the household? Have you heard that that's good? You can only have one headshot in the household he's not going to workout. If you both want to be famous, you know what George Harrison once said. He said he said I need from a woman is to be attracted to her everything else. I get from a man we're going to get shit for that. Well, we could say that, but inside it now, I would never say that I would not either. I would agree with. I need all that cool equal. I need an equal, equal pay them bitch and I need someone who calls me on my shit and yells at me all the time and through those things out and even makes fun of me. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. That's what I want to tell you it just to me that comes home with a six pack to rip the huge fart look at this female bodybuilder Candace Armstrong, steroid habit made her grow up penis in facial hair. Well, that's she's, a dude, Well sure! That's real shoes on that GO
golds gym, come on bow wow yeah see she turned into a man. Oh well, and they have be Whitehead. That's a giant white white must've ice up. They must put makeup on her too. How are they letting that Whitehead go staff? I wouldn't they cover that up. Did she so Jack Lew her hand? oh, my God, their arms. Do, she should outlook, says that's a dude. That's a dude come on Sis, a joke It's like Chris angel. She doesn't even look like that. Yeah The size of her hands looks proportionate to like she doesn't look like a girl that shit there's nothing similar about that woman. Look at her back holy shit. Look at those back pics like that same person. He sure yeah, I'm sure, Oh my god, that's funny! Oh shit, yeah, I'm looking at that's a dude with a nice set of here. Well, Some girls can be jacked and muscular, but still look like a woman like Felice work. Do you see Felice Herrig's she's fighting this way?
Indeed she started up, but you see the pics we're doing double biceps from the back some pictures she did at the UFC press thing. You like chat, tractive young lady, there's a few who are jack to retract she's jacked, but she's Jack. Like a woman. Who is Jack like a woman who lives way yeah. It doesn't look artificial now this lady, that we just saw yeah, that's a good picture, but that's just her looking fit. There's a there's, a picture of her. Just Google like her image, double bicep. She she's saying she's, not talking that they see it. Shred city son. That's a shredded fit woman, but there's that looks like a woman like look at her arms looks ago. Powerful, woman's arm who's in shape as balls in shape as fuck, but that other lady that didn't make it I don't mean to shave the balls, can't damn it man now
get shit online she's a tank fire shop. He said balls yeah. We can fire you for your own thing. If they fire you from Showtime, you it'll be like they use the force against themselves or just better stronger I do see a lot of crazy shit, though you could do that show on your own. You can do anything, that you do on your own yeah. I think it's great the on Showtime, it's a fun show to what I like about. It, You're being you on that show I see you on that. Show I'm like they. Let him be himself like you say or just silly share your laugh and there's a lot of cracking up yeah I have fun. Let me do anything the first one. It was like there's a lot of teleprompter and I was like God. It's really not my thing. Yeah! Let me go they listen me. That's a great thing deal Showtime. They listen to me, but the fan man. This isn't why we listen to Brandon to be another freak in sports, show let yeah let him go and literally they all were like all right here. You go man, here's a point to do it want to like really, but then they edit it. So I don't get in trouble. Like, oh, my God, which
is why there Showtime in am what I do well. That means we talked about the other day with Ivan, words of those he was in here. That is that's one of those things like and I was saying when you talk as much as we talk. We both I talk too much. You talk too much. We talk too much when you talk to me, much shit comes out of your mouth. When I step in some shit and then you're scrambling trying to like make it makes sense, I can't listen to podcast with these. I like these. We don't know each other that well the thing that bothered me. But this is, I couldn't and tell you the point I was trying to give us a million dollars. Tell us the point, I'm making I've Kevin De Leon before that. I was twenty minutes deep in explain why DC is the greatest of all. Time is beside you, as a commentator? Why is the future of the sport and then
for that show me and Brian were time out something with race and men and women, and somehow that entered my brain and I have no animosity toward it. This way this makes sense. I have no animosity towards UFC tonight when my favorite shows I've worked with Karen Bryant, For ten years she's, a good friend, Woodley Dc Kenny Florence get Friend Bisping's a good Buddy I don't know ease I work with the team on your c lie. I love those guys. I said Jimmy Smith then and on my show who works, you know there. It doesn't eighty sense and then I was in Saint Louis and I start to get text from so involved. That show, I won't say their name and he goes hey man, some p. Website here, but we said, and I'm like what I can tell you what I said and he tells him like what and then Shingles hey man I'm seeing on line about some of the stuff. You should edit out with no. We never do that. You don't edit. Let me deal with it. Let me see why six that makes me look even worse. If you cut it out, looks like I was saying something that I wasn't meant to say and then you know Yves was upset and then mean Eve
takes back and forth again. I don't know him Brian to them a little bit on certain stuff for help or some like that four shows with trying to do which is great and which talked to Brian. At the you know, if your friends with them, and then I sent the vertex as number from but Brian, and I thought it was over squashed and then I was doing pr for my pull the belt show in New York, and so I brought it up moment our man again when I meant no offense. I come up about ten hours of content a week looking into it as saying I messed up who problems with it. If it's Yves Edwards, that's his own insecurities, which is so stupid 'cause I going to tell you what he should be insecure about right and then, as soon as I get done, the interview I get text my brothers. This goes you're an idiot. You resurface that story, like, oh, my god, So I text Eve again and then he comes on here right and then I haven't listened to it and
you know I text EVA, like dude. I don't want to keep going through this, I'm at zero fence. I've text, Karen Bryant, see Woodley anyone. You see night, this big, This is special enertainment. You know it's bad. Anyone it's impossible to be successful in this business is a fucking monster. I'm willing to help them out. I want to help you know, I'm saying I don't want to criticize that's not what I do this now I signed up for this. I I just got caught on a path when you started talking about this and then one of the things but we do the best part about is. There is no script. The best in the first is the worst that could deal with this. Sometimes it goes haywire. It didn't go hey why my biggest issue is is whenever someone was hurt by my words or upset by something I said then again. I don't know Yves that well at all, but I lost sleep over like oh, my god. What am I doing? I have respect for me, the pine at one hundred and fifty five again I love
the people, you see the night, I watched the show, all the God. Damn time there, my furnace went out at zero said stuck and you try to make sense of your words makes no sense it's. It's all good. I open door policy ones coming. Show me talk down there, but I put my foot my mouth and I tell you probably happen again. I wish I'd say, it's not problem happening is part of what makes it fun is that you are really working without a filter work without a net you're just trying to have fun I mean that's. Sometimes you take some swings in your message. I came to ball. Trying to hit taking. The balls I was, even though it is hitting so yeah. Sometimes that shit happens, but it happens. Yeah, it's just one of those things I mean I've done it a hundred times in this podcast said some shit and I was like what the fuck I even say that, for I don't even know what was going on in my mind and sometimes like when you're to form a sentence like right. Now, I'm trying to form a sentence right like sometimes while you're thinking about it.
Feel like this, isn't going so good? Now, let me try to make it sound better or let me Let's see if I can rescue this the people that are listening and make some sense, and then it just makes it more clapping, more fuck it and it's hard for people to follow. Just like I'm glad that I speak for it. Yeah have you been on stage I just going through my set, and I've been doing it so much lately I'll be in the middle of it. In my mind of fast for the already the next bit and think about that bit. While I'm doing this one have you done that Oregon. My careful about that. I know 'cause, I'm not I'm not present. Don't do that. You know what happened. Is I missed? I skipped over a PA, but that was new and I thought was gonna, be home run I skipped over it yeah and I went back and I record it right I didn't realize I was doing the moment and I listen to you. Oh my god, and I remember it in my head- going dude you're here you're in first base you're. Looking third already you miss second base. You know,
but you're, not even the moment, that's hard because there's like you, never know how you should think when you're on stage you're doing the bit and you just trying to perform the bit, right and if it's going well, then you start thinking. Ok, this is going well. What am I going to lead into next? But while you're still talking about the original thing, you can't do that have you done that before the no I've definitely done it so disappointed myself, man, the big thing about comedy one of them, things is the audience has to know that you are honestly thinking about that. Subject like even if you talked about it a hundred times when you're talking about it. That day in front of those people they want they they hearing it for the first time they want you to be tuned into that subject: one hundred percent and present yeah. If you're not, they can sense, and I know I've showed disappointments. I've never done before and it was very strange because in this, what hurts me about the Edward situation is the God.
As I looked up to yourself Gary Shandling, like they always help people man, you don't put anyone down, they always help people and I don't have the same platform you guys have, but I like to, I think one day I well and I want to help people like you guys, help people like the sixty degrees of separation and you look at all the lives, you've touch and Gary Shandling. It's insane that so inspirational to me and I was watch the Gary Shandling Doc. I went man, that's so cool and that's why the Edwards situation It's fucking me up to make tea man. It's not. I don't want to hurt anyone, but would be back, the comedy I was so like is that shandling stuff when, whenever they Gary Shandling, whenever they show comedy store stuff? It's I'm so into it man his time at the comedy store. I got super inspired and I was like do this. I've never been more pumped to hit the stage, and then that happened. I was so disappointed. You're you're still get in. I mean think about like how long you been doing stand up, you'd be no at less than two years yeah. This is a thing, that's gonna come up then it's like you know it's like.
When you're. You know you do want to certain move and you leave yourself open for an armbar how the fuck am. I still doing that? It's just you just have to submit it into your head. It's a crew, After you know, I mean you're you're you've got a great work ethic yeah and your funny dude and you're you're, very good at going off the cuff and your impulsive, like those are all great qualities for comedy and you also doing the work into involved. Like you're. Listening to tapes, you going over notes, you doing things. A lot of comics, don't do is alot. Comics are fucking lazy like I've had converse the do's and like he. He did a fucking special last August or last October and you're already recording another one and I'm like yeah. I work I fucking worked and like I really work like I get home from a comedy, store, I'll, get it's one thousand two hundred and thirty at night, I'll put something on just for background and I pull out the laptop, and I start writing
when we come back from Tampa right and start right next time I go over, I go over subjects. I'll put I mean I've. Sometimes I just have some in the background. Just for a visual I just like to be stimulated by something sometimes I'll, just by myself at my desk. Just nothing just nothing but that screen staring at it and when I do that, every two or three days I'll come up with a great line. Yeah, every two or three days, which is not which is not, which is a lot of work yeah. It is usually a come on built. Late at night, I'll just take one little hit to sit there and go over the ideas. Give those ideas their time. The stuff you already have yeah, give those ideas their time and then Maybe I have a new idea. Maybe have a new id, flesh that out too and then I'll come back and look at that again tomorrow night and then I have a whole list, I started using this program called screw. Even a reverse. Crib. Now on the Well, you can use it on MAC to work on an Ipad use it on windows, two
in writing on windows. Right on, like that yeah I, like actual paper paper, is good, but I can't write with my hands as fast as I can type the phone version. Oh, they got a phone version. Two is that for Android as well, just for Ios. So what exactly do you do with this job? Well, this one is: this is a different show. The cork board thing, the cork board things interesting. What what they do is sit just see if you can yeah right, they pull that up. So they have it like. This is like you could do it in different colors have different to each one of those things there's little windows can be like a box. So that's cool that you know that doesn't look like a cork board, but sometimes you could change the background shit make it actually look like cork board, but what it is is basically aboard a Bolton bored where you've taking an index card- and you put it up there in the index card- has subjects sweet so do that in real life too. I have a real cork board:
early and I put index cards on the cork board like if I'm doing like Vegan cat yeah that bad I'll put it up right. There I can't wait for that one and I put all these different things on the cork board and then get them and I'll pick one and then I'll do it, but really all these different things is just about making that I'm making to put in the focus of that's what you do and that's why you're getting better so quick and all these are the guys with the full we're doing an hour. What the fuck is touring the road he works. You listen to those recordings. Nobody listens to the recordings man, they record them and they never listen to him. I listen you gotta, listen after it sucks to hear your voice right. It's not good! There's a word for it. That's what it looks like. Well, that's sweet man. So set up like that, like literally looks like so I have that on my laptop, come home or bust, open a card and I'll pick a subject and I'll start going and if so the help comes to mind while mom
and I'll just start talking about that, I just keep going it's all just about opening up the floodgates but really I just about giving giving everything more time, giving everything more more attention, more focus. You know and not just skim it yeah, so we're done. What's good is a moment like this. We fucked up- and you were thinking about one bit- were you thinking about another now you know that that can happen. So that's like a lesson. So just look at it as a good thing like now, you're set will be strong, because of that whenever I have a that set the one good thing that it says to me is like okay. I know how bad that feels. I know where I went wrong. I know it's live comedy. Man live is crazy, it's just there's so many fact because it's so it's so loose and wild. It's just it's a crazy way to perform. You know, and sometimes it doesn't, right, but purest way to perform. Yeah I mean but everyone I know like as far as just the tip of the Spirit,
it's coming like you were to leave. What is one thing in common all you guys war command to work relentless relate because only gonna be doing. Sets all the time you know I'll do sets three four nights a week at them at the least a good week or two for five like wrapping up to my special to five, Wilbur Boston and 21st can't wait man room the best album is crazy right for me that I highlight that one like as far as lifetime achievements, the Wilbur for a guy like me to sell at the Wilbur Twat, and then you uh, going to get this secret and I'm a chatty Cathy. I was so proud of myself. That was great. That was great. Investment will also that place is like three comedy clubs. Yes, it's like there's everyone so close to you, even though it's like one thousand one hundred people, one thousand two hundred people, whatever it is they're stacked up so close to you. It's like
five hundred on the bottom and then yeah. It's like that in the fight world is the poms where, when I thought Roy I was, like God kill off on him and get out of here. I don't like it. The poms was great yeah palm is great, though not do it anymore, right, no I think doesn't Lorenzo on the palms. Now then they buy the poms yeah. They did yeah hashtag Bolin taken over yet is twenty. Seven casinos just isn't enough right now, let's keep it going they own all. Station casinos. Those are everywhere are everywhere here. Don't I one They made me stay at that palace station casino. When I was getting before, I went on the ultimate fighter, the worst never say my life grilling, the worst worst first in which hotel now at the time is under construction, is off the strip and, of course, is There- is a hooker being smacked around the other room. I've told this story when I thought I was going to be a captain save a hoe and they get a lot of gun. I ran my underwear. Almost got kicked off the ultimate fighter. I've told this story on here I think, but that's palace
a sink, a senile guy pulled a gun you well, it was the night before the ultimate fighter right. So if you were here, this is the night for for the ultimate fire and they put all the fighters in there and they tell you the production FG. Do not leave this room. If you leave this room, you will be kicked off the show before it even begins. You're, not not to leave this room, we're taking your phone everything all you. What you bring in the house do not leave this and we'll bring you food, any food you want call down, so I called had myself. Caesar. Salad goes without my finger on the ultimate fighter in the next day and I finally fall sleep and I hear this arguing next door in the walls are paper thin. It's palace station with God Sakes, and I hear this guy in this girl argument. Might it's waking me out like what the fuck and then she just going off man? I hear him slap the piss out of her own like hard and then then I hear keep going and hit her again, I'm like I'm an so like fuck this. So I get up
in my underoos. To like stop this 'cause. I just I was a regular dude hit my girl, I'm not I'm not cool with that man. I get up in fault diagram anywhere. I hear another Do you go now? Man, nah man fuck this bitch, I'm going to shoot her and I hear a gun clock imo. Definitely not going in there now fuck that noise and, oh, my god, it's so cool I'm like. I don't want to hear me, so I'm uh recall in my undies the door, 'cause, I'm afraid fucking gun fires going to go off. I get to my door and I hear him go hold up dog hold up someones that store and like oh shit, so it you'll see see that I'm sure there's video of this power station me just booking. Down the hallway and I run the casino in the staff, was like game with something they seem to go running by and went to go, get secure in your underwear in my underwear I want to go get security, but all the production staff salming like what the fuck is shop. Doing site on Mckay some girls not to get shot next door. I don't know what's going on, but she was hit before
so, there's two dudes in there and there's a lady in my room, two hundred and thirteen and like all right. So you show us, I go up there, I'm on there and then they just I think I'll go to your room, but I'm in my room like look and see. What's going on and like a whole crew of them going in fucking the girl search defending the dude attacks security. They have to taste the dude, the other guy who's going to shoot or they put in handcuffs and two large black dudes, and I'm like I'm like fuck this, so they bring me down. The hallway is just in case is going on. They bring down the hallway, but I'm like this with the crew, and I here, the guy go, I see white boy, fucking snitch will be back in so that Can I get another room that I know that there's no more rooms and like well, they know I'm staying man I'm supposed to. Start a showed him are like this. Is I mean? What do you to do? Only anything else in out of state. I got zero winks of sleep little zero, math,
so scared and that's more and when they knocked doesn't yes, yes, I'm here, I'm here put me in the ultimate fighter house. Yeah that guy got out of jail like quicker guarantee for flat then issues she was a prostitute. I did not know that, but still it was a payment Let's do some. John is she's a woman friend she's, a woman she's, my equal she's, your equal is my equal. I like how you think you think you're a feminist man. I did so. I get in trouble say that you guys jump. Then it's tough, another joke. That's just! on your belly. I know the sole me to move men and as a no, I had a it's. It's a tricky situation. It is you think it's gonna bounce back. Hi fi. I think the games change for a look for ever. I do, I think, if you're creep up, Uniate sought out and found out. However, I think men in power in position and if there's an attack active young lady in the office or the studio there's, this is always the dynamic.
I think, there's I think, there's some attractive young. Ladies out there who are like, I don't have a problem with it: yeah, ok, yeah he's an attractive dude. Just Instead, they now have some power and get me movies whatever, but actually like up yeah, I'm not being forced to do this. Well, there's there's a new option. Now it's almost like a, new element is in the game like if you're playing a game and then I'll send someone found like a new magic power. You can end careers now, if you're, like a woman who is actually abused by guy like Harvey Weinstein used, just have to take it. Now you have a new power which and I'm all about. However, some will take advantage of that power and pull that card. Winston reset and dudes are losing their jobs like whoa yeah, there's people that are crazy. Like look that video that we were watching before the podcast today. That lady was shot up Youtube where
watching her online videos, one of the worst Youtube videos of everything, she's fucking nuts and there's going to be people like that, and there's going to be people like that that take advantage of the me too movement, it's just it's just going to be. I mean there's no way you can deny that this just a part of human nature. That's with anything, though right yeah, but is ultimately ultimately where it's gonna shift is that people have to be nicer to each other and they can't get away with shit like that and that's what Weinstein was doing was nothing but crime just cry he's a bad dude is a bad dude, and I'm glad that happened yeah. I really am I'm glad he got sought out. Any scrutiny should be screwed. Imagine, being a chicken have to suck that fat guys dick in order to get the movie he Harvey. Is there anyway you could. Looked a little more attractive. No, do you have to be so hideous? There's nothing to do at this point. They would have to cut chunks of his face and go back to get the money the diet blah blah blah. It's part of the
well seeing right. It's like he's a glutton with girls complaining for look like Brad Pitt, though tony inch cliff has a bit oh darling. I wanna tell you that, but I haven't either, but I wasn't trying to doesn't use. It doesn't use that as an example, but it's a great bit. You have to see it. I don't want to even paraphrase give it away. No, no! You didn't it's a great bit it. It involves Louis CK, but it's a great. I love it. It's really fucking funding, Tony's brilliant I don't want to tell you where it goes. 'cause. It goes even crazier off and I'll see it. Then I gotta see you are going to see him tonight he's at the store, I'm at story murdered. I took him on the road with Maine this past week, he's been killing murder and he murdered him in Nashville, murdered, MER Freedom in Charlotte Lot of rednecks hack on really only had to go to war. Good luck! Heckling Tony, I mean he's a writer for the rose for that he so witty. I fucked up one time and had let my shield down.
It's almost almost started crying and comedy central and I just feel his neck get stiff and right now, I'm like oh no Harry comes and he's like. You must run in common central and just roast me for basically the rest of the shelves. Why would I almost cry on comedy central, just give this full circle for Gallic Nubian County central doing stand up. You know it was just a special night for me and I, and during the the story that I talked about, how I realize this number UFC Champ, but being on comedy central and Judd Apatow's when the books I've read when I was you know in starting comedy and that dad stop telling my show that night to comedy central, I don't know it hit me in that moment was on stage at a Strip club where they shoot. I don't know I got emotional is like do you need to get your together man? He got his together, you're happy yeah I was I was. I was happy as emotional man and then he said of the project. It's close knit go that go. Well, we all fuck he's like this,
isn't comedy central, two thousand and ten and just went nuts man well change. Clubs always had a thing with common central jabber reason yeah for what he's gotta burn inside about them like they didn't appreciate him he's a very underrated guy man like right now. He still to this day is right. Now he's underrated I agree it, but I think, with your show- and we was closed- I think yeah I mean He'S- monster in our show the most uh. A dye who act. Who'd should be sell out. Theaters a steel bar well We will be talking about that before dinos got it. He he stride like within the this year. He hit a stride where he just like. Sometimes you, the dudes they're doing really well and then, for whatever reason they fit. Something now and they take it to the next learning through and that's with the is right now he's just he's a mop and he's a unique I I, like his comedy, is so unique, like you wouldn't work with anybody, you don't see it anywhere else knows us Thomas that sometimes I'll watch, other comedians and I'll go. I can see how they came up with that
dear. When I watch tv, I'm like what the fuck are you smoking there, where you coming up. Where were you raised house that you can do with the world? We raced by a fucking path of Corrales, New yeah he's even just hanging around with him like off stage he's just a weird day, good bro, he bought himself. All of this deal yesterday he just got a new car. I don't, I won't say quite nice, car we'd like it and he goes to dude you're killing it man that your car is yeah and have some homosexual bumped into the back and beat their wives you homosexual. Is it 'cause? He was all it just happened. I usually just happen to be he's just so hilarious man, yeah. There's a lot of good guys right now, talking about
Hey Gary shandling stuff and doing all the set up jobs documents right up to the document, it's brilliant on his process and stuff. Like that, I got a motion on that as well. I don't get most of him a complete the cashier. We talked about how his goal fit going through everything with beyond the tonight show, and he does it and he walks backstage and kills it right, but that was his goal. He started crying. He falls into Bob Sagets arm search, crying right, 'cause, those goal but I'm at the comedy store in like he's talking about all the big games there, and I think God that must've been cooled, be involved in that back then, around all those big names and Brian Broncos man right now. Now the comedy store, some would argue it's better and we think about. Oh, my god. It is when you think about all the fucking just legends man. You per mirroring that delete, I mean just keeps the list goes on and on and I'm like. Oh my god, it's bad! It's a crazy time
certainly the best time at the store in terms of the amount of time that I've been there and I started going there in ninety four to long time, so long, ass, hot. So in twenty for years that I've been going there it's better now than ever before, but when think about it. I mean I see, there's the seller in New York, but far as like you on Tuesday night going on Wednesday night. I mean it's frickin when was ROE they're very similar in away, but in we're also very similar in that they become big tourist traps. To like comedy store people take vacations for comedy they do comedy vacations and they fly from Australia a lot of people from Australia, because you know, if you show up you're, going to see a Bilbor Rogan Mark Baron and delete in the same night almost every week. One of us is there song at least listens on torso once off yeah and a lot of times. You are on tour, but shit on any given Tuesday Dave Chappelle might stop
correct, and then Chris Ross Rock, you know, maybe Louisville make it come back there. I hope he does people like I'd ever come on come on. He liked people watching you beat off. I mean this worship him on. Yeah just need someone to come up. Someone has to do some much more horrible. You know Callen shooting his special, I think in July now he is for who some, so I forget whose use shooting it, but definitely not, as body were trees spin this time so they're doing it right. They're doing it right this time, but I know they're gonna go out there and try and sell it, but he's ready to go. I just hope it works out for town as far as Netflix a show to or somewhere you gotta land somewhere. So is he going to sell it and then bring it somewhere is at the move? Think so I don't misquote Brian, but I'm
most pas, but yes, someone who I think he shot see girls and much other guys stuff like it's. It's only knows what the hell they're doing was gonna. Do it Fink Chicago who was in July yeah, that's a good spot, I'm there for the UFC June until the Chicago Theatre June, seventh or some I love Chicago. Let's sounds added Chicago Theatre, Chicago yeah, it's great! It's beautiful, beautiful place to yes cargoes awesome! Man doesn't get enough! Love to weird place right: does it not get enough love? I feel like it. One fucking love Chicago there PETE, so people won't shut up. It's not really pizza casserole it. The casserole, correct, yeah, so grab calling up. That's, not a pizza large, thick square. That would be a casserole where I come from. You have a hamburger and you roll it up in tortilla is a still a hamburger. That's a tortilla, not rap! That's a bird in and out protein style. Then that's led.
Let us talk go to wrap the let the letter chinese food place. Current one yeah see the day. This is the way you make it it's rolled up. Look you could take a piece of pizza and flatten it out and fold it over over and over again and then it'll become folded pizza, but if it starts out folded, what are you selling me calzone how to get thick piece of pizza from basic Casserole from Chicago yeah? Oh yeah, if you've ever had those very good the past you've ever had? Where is the place we go to? What is it called you Cortana? Is that one might have? you know who makes a nice square piece, is kings in New York or have you ever heard of fucking and getting the Artichoke Pizza New York Artichoke, it's called artichoke have ripped pants to get in there. No, sir! No Sir Tony go there. When I was in New York working with Showtime, I try.
One slice. You know postmates postmates. What makes me fat now because host made post models that get We will pick it up and drop it off to your hotel room, so I get done after a long day of pr. My copies would be great, so I get two slices like next time. I fuck sounds delicious Isn't it weird how like, when you tired you want carbs when should, carbs. I wonder why I think it's like my willpower is weak. Yeah, I want like I never fuck with egg Mcmuffins or Mcgriddles mouse. Why but if I'm at the airport and I'm on it fuckin? Seven hundred am flight when I ate, when I guess you and I want together. I never had that shit. You and I ate it together. It was so good for the brief moment it was in my mouth. Do you know I was thinking? Oh my god loving Mcgriddle, but I don't be judged right now. I'm gonna wait to see if he goes to that can wear bright place on the breakfast spot on the right, or is he going Mcdonald's. We certainly know that I went
I wouldn't be mad egg mcmuffin and just looked at it yeah fuck this. Let's do this! Yes right before I saw you guys. I thought you would say: no, that's fine! You don't wanna, be the guy who pulled the trigger. You won't be judged man yeah most the time, I'm going to not pull the trigger, but did not feel like that's part of the thing it's like pulling that trigger every now and then for the fuck of it have some fun get chicken and waffles go to Roscoe's, gotta, Roscoes and slather that mother fucker with maple syrup and butter. Just can't do it everyday can't do it every day, but you do it one day a week. I agree rock his instagram, like those pictures, Hamilton stacks of such email, stacks of pancakes, up a photo shoot yeah. I hear you and I and all that you think so now. That's definitely seven is a giant in looking
it's alleged that his knowledge, I mean he d E, that he's under it's up on the line and we're very similar site. Different supplement, different supplements, just serve supplements supplements. Hey. Do you think they come from south of the border, easy to say, there's some talk of yeah and you see the character of depression yeah. I think it's it's football thing then. I think, and that also pro wrestling all that slamming I like getting slammed around. This is my take on this. I think I'm sure you dealt with depression right yet the Obummer days, Jamie UP bomber days right should happens. I think there's a difference between, in a depression, period in your life or events in your life and then you know you're normally happy dude and those people with severe depression who has to be medicated, there's a scale and he's not on that scale. Now he's gone
that makes news 'cause yours, hey I've been sad to before. Like yes rockets at two different said: we're not talking noise. She feared depressed here. You know I'm saying right: he was talking about his mom. Was artist appeared to press the much more so is mom walked into traffic, I'm not throwing shade at ARI. We've talked about. Are you having depression before he takes medication? That's why I said that doesn't anymore he's off medication Does he look better and slid magically all weird phenomenon, Comicon successful and he's not depressed impression, we're also he got off pro pixa because Portia Council taken pro peace, selector, skittles and he's the happiest man? I know yeah, but it's not necessarily like universal, like some people can take inbound penicillin and then of a problem. Other people, allergic to it, you yeah, but it's I think it's a rare case. We take Propecia get depressed. All these are rare. I, but if you look at the studies and this come from down, I mean it look. This is our signs up town just once that here, let's keep that here. So what I'll do anything you,
well good fat. One read one gas just go crazy, so I can yank it off and shit. I want to wear a week so bad like one of those, those mesh net ones. Just Lebron sprayed on, looks almost looks like a Pittsburgh. Steeler helmet RON still doing that. Yeah that kind of yeah. Definitely you just gotta. Let it go question on this, so they wouldn't you take from. He should because your little depressed, because your hair is falling out and if it didn't work, you're going to stay. Correct a little depression, also fucks with your dick game. Yeah. Maybe, but I think what they're saying is like suicidal depression that there's something about the d h t inhibitor die. Hydra testosterone, which is derivative of testosterone, is what causes you to have your hair fall out. The d h t inhibiting factors in Pro pixa with some people, it adds to it. The low percentage down pretty sure might be the study this comes from, which I just I would google it.
I've been more than one study was in twenty twelve, and it was only sixty one men. Only sixty one, how many got depressed said: sixty one man who formerly used per petia, who experience more than three months of sexual side effects and had no history of depression, sexual problems of any sort Yeah, I don't I'm a dude if I'm losing my hair and my dick won't get up on the depressed too yeah. There's a lot, and then also you gotta figure like what's happening. In your love life, but also the present lots of it are you at a nine to five job you hate and that he, the bills and family drama, eleven percent of those, I guess eleven percent of the sixty one, which would be what six of them five or six yeah had mild symptoms, symptoms of depression. Twenty eight had moderate and thirty six had severe Sello thirty six had severe, I mean so that's also, then, when you're asking them. So it's like what
is the state? What was the study but hold on a second you say: sixty one people, thirty six percent percent had severe depression, also found that forty four percent of the men had experienced thoughts of suicide hold on hold on Jesus Christ. Forty four percent right, but that's what I'm also going on like what were they just ask him like? Have you ever thought of it because like well? if it's a scientific study, I'm sure there's some sort of protocol they have to follow. Let me understand this, though. Sixty six people, were randomly out of how many people took it right. It says the Journal of clinical Psych psychiatric psychiatry. I'm sorry study included sixty one men. That's why it's so Is that, like twenty eight dudes want to kill themselves, that's fucked create. I lay off that property, shocked that I just don't ball. Dude ARI said it was like almost instant and he never put the two of them together and with some direction with the with the suicidal thoughts like all of it came like white when
you know he had had some issues in the past with being depressed after breakup normal, like everybody has been there, but it wasn't. That's not the case. I never want to kill. We didn't he didn't. Our is kind of a stoic do he's very proud and he doesn't talk a lot about stuff and so it took like me and him hanging out where he like wasn't talkin, and I was like okay, what's the matter and he's like dude, it's just hard, it's hard, just not myself. He said that to you and I won't why what yeah so playing pool in my house and was like what I what's going on so source. Tell me they put my medication and the medication work, and then they put another medication and, and that didn't work, and you know he's with sackets sag insurance on the best insurance and he's like. I don't know what to do, and I'm like. Okay, this is one of the best friends.
And he's reaching out of my dick saints up for a reason, and I don't have any experience with that. I mean I've had some bomber moments in my life, but I would never say that was depressed. I'm pretty pretty happy birds been depressed, though yes, I've had bad Moma yes, but I'm not I'm not. I'm never gone through depression. I've never been down for like since I've never couldn't get out of bed or thought about suicide. Now, there's a scale of that. She thought about time. He was He was on the dark end in this gang. If there was thinking of, kill himself and trying to trying to not do it. Hi, sir making phone calls, and I found my business manager found the best psychiatrist like you said that this guy is a wizard he's dealt with a bunch of my clients before he's he's, helped out a lot, it's very expensive, so I just paid for it not to assist
I just talked about. No, I mean I don't think about it. That way, I mean Ferrari he couldn't afford it also always like yeah, I'm sure great option. I can't afford that yeah. He was getting by winning poker tournaments an get the occasion commercial. How long does this years ago I want to say, like two thousand- I don't know it was quite a few years ago, two thousand four, some like that. I don't know I remember when it was sure, but it was far enough back were already was really struggling as a comedian. I mean he's up I have talked about this publicly. Otherwise I wouldn't talk. No that's. Why that's why I brought up that. He's talked about publicly I'm not hearing or he's laying right dirty right. No laundry out there I mean- I don't know what caused it. If it was that, I can't stop coughing today I can make my kids are sick, as on this one it had. Everyone gets a yeah. He
he just his career wasn't going well 'cause, he was, you know, was just getting the ball rolling really, but I really think it was appropriate show. Don't you think it was the perfect storm? pro pixa careers. Who knows? What's going on in general, and then it's just this fucking perfect storm of the pro he's just making you even more depressed dude, awfully not kill myself what the fuck is going on right now, but so he pulled out of it got off the propecia in this career took the off right. He got on good medication, whatever the medication, his new psychiatrist got him on, worked like a charm, an like. He was better in like a couple months, the problem months. He was like back to ARI fucking around laughing. Then, oddly enough, when it started working really well Forum, then his career started, taking off. Of course that's how it works.
Stand up started, taking off his career started, taking off, it became happier got off the pro pixa and then weaned himself off the drugs, and now he is good. Yeah now wait to see, but he talks a lot of weed, and I was wonder like how much that a self medicating, but it's okay, you smoke a ton, a weed, it's not self medicating, though right now, I, like it like doing it, you're, not a dark day. It makes you makes you vulnerable makes you think about. Shit makes you nervous makes you like makes you you, don't just take things for granted when you get high, my problem is, I smoke the other night, but I couldn't sleep and I was think about a lot of things and then I got this thought in my head. This is some weird shit man I was talking to Athena Stone Calendar. They hate when I think like this, but I was in San Jose and I saw this mom with two homeless kids and that it yeah and I was at the store it was going to buy an expensive, sweat and I felt so
guilty. So we got cash and gave this mound bunch of cash and start crying like Fachmann and there's like it's weird around the kids and the kid was about my sons. My about two sitting there. This little girl- and I thought I thought I don't know why, at this rate of them once he grabbed by the legs and spiked on the ground. I don't know I know I know, and then I give you the cash felt better as more people around like knowing that having a kid and so that whole night fucked up at it and the summary chapter, nine So that's our side hustle. She does that all the time she's, actually not we've seen it like raise those kids on the street. She gets picked up by her husband. It's a shitty deal. So I'm like right, that's fine, but I smoked weed right and I'm laying in bed, and then I had this visual. Don't do that to my son. I cannot sleep. I felt sick to my stomach. I don't you weird like sometimes we like and think, if I think about a bear, I think that some are good on the school rd. But then, if that creeps in there and then it's like it kept come out, it was so visual and I was like sick to my stomach.
I mean it's. My son woke up five, my fucking beeline to his room and just like squeeze the fuck em for the rest of the morning. Knows how much you love a person how much you can love a person until you have a kid correct once one says and what says that and I'm like. Ok, ok, everyone! I know you told me that Brian, so everyone told me this, but then once you have a kid, it's like I don't know man, it's just a different animal where now like When I see the shootings when I see you know the nuclear war talk with N Korea and Russia God, and I see a lot of negativity on social media stuff like that. I'm like the world is such a kind of a fucked up place. If you want to look into that stuff, when I have a kid, I think about him like hot man, what's it going to be like when he's like sixty in eighteen like what kind of world is going to be when he's eighteen, I think too hard about it. That's when I'll get depressed well, I think the world is going to be ok.
I mean, of course, sir. I don't mean to bring this part just on a bummer, not no, but horrible things going to happen or what correct. But you did you know, it changes who you are when you have a kid, it really does it or you're a piece of yeah your your sociopath any such just. If you're around the kid enough, it changes who you are and if you're not around the kids change who you are because, then you realize you're not around the kid. Not that's going to take a piece out of who you think you are, but you know what, if, if you, if you and we have friends who are great dad's or whatever, and you could see it in their kids, I can I can. I I'm not saying up psycho well just around some expert in parenting. But if I go to this house- and I see the way the kids treat their parents so you're not around enough man, I can promise you I can tell my son. Doesn't act like yeah. Is one thing that you can call me whatever you want whenever one thing I am is a beast of a dad. I know that I don't know if I'm get comic, I don't know. If I was good fighter, I don't feel good podcaster, that's all
for debate? One thing I know is I'm a good dead men good for you, that's a it's a very, very, very, very important quality and that quality when your kid becomes an adult it's going to be. It is a major factor in how you get along. I give you I mean. Even parents, I know friends, that had bad relationships with their parents when they live with them and then once they got out their parents were nice to them with their parents were needed them when they were kids and they always hold it against always they always have that shit in the back of their head, like while you a dick when I was twelve, you know that it is always in their head. It's like that. Avatar horse, when you're young, you mix together If you don't like together when you're young- and I was talking to someone a therapist, they were saying, I think it's from like to the three. If you don't make that connection, when you go when there for like I'll, do it now, it's almost too late 'cause, they already developed these brain pathways, were like no, my dad's an ass
and there's really nothing to do to fix it. Yeah man. I went to the movies yesterday with my kid. Moving uh, we went to see the Nomio and Juliet I don't know, is it: what is it Sherlock gnomes yeah, this Sherlock gnomes cute little movie, but you know we went That said the obelisk place. We know you lean back. You know those things yeah that sees me back good food and you take the the seat rest down and she is myself. Snuggles with me about their snuggle and watch the movie. I'm I couldn't be happier yeah. I don't want to see this stupid fucking movie. No, but I don't care she wants to so I couldn't be happier. I sat there and watch this silly Noel ship moving. She just a little snuggle bonding I've watched baby nine times by not a bad move in like a week. That's pretty funny movie, boss. Baby is great outside the voice. I've watched like nine times, but by and whenever watch snuggled up with me, when you see this, why I wanted Otis? Why I'm jealous you have daughters, 'cause daughters, love their dad's? My son, I'm like you little trader,
mommy mommy I dude its every morning. Your card for your mom cross are like that too. In a lot of ways. Sometimes you gotta accept the fact that the mom is not just the soft sweet woman in the house, but she's also the person who made them in her body the chemical in and out of her body. Man. There's not like. I had to deal with wife like I'm, not naming any kids, I go. I got veto power, I go, but you do way more work like it's way harder to make the person I go along. Charcoal trying to call the kid applesauce or something fucking stupid. It's not even proposition. I did it. Yeah we're gonna do anyways, which has you do anyways, but now we have to deal with this seed. You know you got a bonus in opponents over time for you, it is kind of crazy, though that sex is how you make people. I know, and everybody wants just wants to fuck all the time and you want to fuck a bunch
people, but you don't lock people don't want kids now hell. No, you know who open my eyes like in a big way in a podcast. Recently, that's really been making me think a lot about this is Bret Weinstein, that gotten that do you know that this you know we as the controversy with the evergreen and all that and they they were taken right. That's the everyone it wasn't. Pronoun thing was that the day of absence, yes, they want all the white people to stay home is like that's races, ridiculous yeah anyway. He Amazon who you said, there's two different things that men are attracted to the attract to a woman that they think would be a a companion and a great mother and like someone who he said, there's a difference between hot and beautiful. Some women are beautiful and like their loving, you want to be around them. I goes, but as other women who just hot and in May cells that very receptive woman who doesn't require any commitment was an opportune, be from men to spread their seed with someone who
They didn't have to be around for wow yeah. There's literally like a programming in a man's mind, so you see a girl with big Jaya. Tits and a little waste in a fat ass hanging out of her shorts and she's got sloppy makeup on and she looks at you and you're like ok. Let's do this, that's what that is. It's not like. I live with her, not saying I would like to start a relationship with you know. I want to shoot my load into you, and then you raise my kid when I'm nowhere near you, because it's an opportunity from my DNA to propagate wow wow makes so much sense makes so much sense. I literally never considered it until he brought it up on the podcast. I went. Oh dummy, neither I just thought she's hot she just hot dirty in a dirty way. Why she subtracted to that. Why she so dirty, I told my girl, Joe, I told girl, Joe Pye four weeks into five weeks, were getting serious and she This job offer go to Miami interest, I'm at korean stuff, like that, and I don't know that's all
or so and no one's career. First more than me, however, you know you're put on this earth to be a mom right like you're going to be such a beast of a mom I guaranteed 'cause. I saw her interact with Callens kids when I can guarantee you, you might be the this host in the world, but you're going to be the best mom I've ever seen, and then she's like really I'm like. I guarantee you fucking bam. Bam. Now. Well, that's just those qualities. They can see it something and when someone's not when someone's a bad mom, depressing thing, nothing worse so depressing to be around one was like really short, with their kids and shitty with him and like or even as a kid. If I had friends who like talk back to their parents or mean to their parents, like, oh god, what's wrong with your prostate girl, she'd like badmouth or mom, like what's wrong with you, The hard thing is that pattern is hard to break it's hard to break. Those kids may very well have that same kind of behavior towards their kids, like when they become adults. It's a
word pattern a break. Sometimes you need the right person in your life like a good person in your life, that you, a wife or husband or whoever it is. You know when you match up the person I could change, who you are too that's what I always say that the most important things about community, a community of friends here, is that when you have good friends, those p people change. You like you, react like everyone is your tribe. You react like everyone's, your friends, so you want good for them. You loved you care about them. They change who you are. They change the data you or they, whether they inspire you with being smart or their kindness. Would there be Bishan whatever it is that we are porn, we're, not individuals where a piece of a community always and community, even if it's a small community that you call family, that piece is dependent upon you do that piece with a you maybe an amazing dad with the right woman, but with the wrong woman? You might be
so frustrated with the relationship that you're not as good at that as well right now, there might be chaos going on all the time. You might be situation, you put the kitten when you're yelling and screaming at each other, the kitchen and see all these different factors that are dependent upon your relationship with this other person and they changed you and you change them like you might be. Wrong person for them they might be sue. Super cool and calm was someone else, but This is on a mission. It doesn't hit run through them. It's like a woman saying to you. You know you don't want an equal. What what well? I don't want this yeah that I know I don't want this, you might be right, but I know for sure I don't want that. You threatened you threatened by a strong woman. No I'm talking by you, you just aggressive for no reason who the fuck is ever said that you threatened by strongman
strong Manly shut up. He was. He was on the call yourself, a strong man get the out here. Any guy who calls himself a strong man myself most likely is a bit yeah. Most likely is just trying to problem solve and I feel the same way about women who say that should agree. Women, like you, know, you're scared of strong women like okay. Am I really or are you a con? are you a car is a raging 'cause. This can't talk. This sounds like his kind of sounds or can't talk ran again super uncomfortable. I don't know what got us to this position, but whatever I did please I'll apologize, but I also feel like in this community of friends that we're talking about if you were a father eat, it would show elsewhere in your life around us or if we're at the at the comedy store with a restaurant or in your in your social media, it's going to come out one way or another. You know you know that stuff to be in that group. You know expression how you do want things, how you do everything? Yes,
or something to that, I mean obviously there's people that are really good at one thing and suck it other things. So it's not a one hundred percent correct. But you know, if you're a shit dad is going to be a shitty friend, agree and, if you're a she my friend, you probably gonna, be shit down and I say s2 with like with do to our shitty dad's. It's like right, if you're willing to do that, to your little your connect to this person chemically there made of your dna. If you wanna treat him like that, when the going gets rough for me where the fuck are you going to be, there's no way, I want you, my foxhole yeah yeah, that's big man and then people that don't dinner stand that they'd understand what they're doing wrong that's rough to the people that can't see it and you try to explain it to them and they can see it the one thing people won't put up with those- and I would never do this, but if you give someone parenting advice which doesn't Is there something you can't talk about? Usually politics, religion and the only way
I think parenting advice works ever is. If you talk about one great thing that you found that you do with your kid: without criticizing none of them's, you could give them advice, but not give them advice by, like you could relay your personal positive experiences, and either they take it or they don't. But as soon as you start saying, hey man, I see how you talk to your son and you like what what the fuck yeah man, just just your son is, you know, is an individual man you treated like is an object like it fuck. I don't fucking treat my son. Like almost done. Game over he's, not even listen. What you said now you're already had my son was one one slash two at the time I must take into this display area, and he He did not expressed himself in everyone is older and you hit kids and he's a big kid he's, a ninety, nine percentile for size and all that stuff and he would hit kids and the the place where I was taking 'em in Brentwood. Who I was a former flattered. One of the guys who works front desk is a fan. I've talked me with them.
They took me the side and said you know we got a bit of a problem. 'cause Tiger is hitting kids and we think it's in direct correlation of you. Let him watch fights and for you to I'd start laugh out. You guys are silly as fuck, hey, I'm never bring him. Be he's one one, slash two Nelson there's three I mean yeah, he cold cocked that kid with fuck in a proud of him, but the problem they could took his toy. However, it's just this white kid do, the hitman is nothing, and I tell him know I'm stand out my helicopter parent, the fuck down when he's in there, but the one and a half right, source, kids are and trust me. It's not watching UFC, it's that has now they do it. They think like to see the sign other. This lady was like that you of FC or whatever you get into uh. Oh my god, this is some Brentwood Shit, lady there's a lot of support with shit right now: alright, yellow yellow meat dirt. If they
each other? They hit each other were concerned that you're constantly reaffirming his gender without him choosing were concerned I was reading something about some lady out a three year old Trans kid. I'm like. Oh, my god. How are you sure? Are you sure? It's not just a kid, your three! Oh you mean how he's into cars this week. Next week is mean trolls and with Choppers dick off. Well, they they were like this article was like really super power, positive about it. Now stop bringing the kid to therapy and shit and aid his transition, my keys, fucking, three Read this. Like two days ago, I was like this is so nuts there's so much that's going on right now and I want to transform when I store, you don't see my dad pun, fuckin, Mechanicles arms on me. Imagine about three double arms. I mean I'm nineteen like what the fuck Why am I a robot now? Well, when you're three told you want to be a robot? It's the same. Shit is the same shit. It's crap
it's insane. It's so weird. It's so weird that people are just openly jumping into this, and it's these weird, so super. You know ideological progressive people that they're locked into this idea that it's amazing to have a Trans kid, and you know the kids, shows any sign whatsoever being inclining to be female inclined to be mailed there pushing in my god I feel especially bad out here. Well, it's also very dangerous 'cause. They start wanting to fuck with the kids hormones like you, gotta, let the child, but there's no real science and what the fuck happens when you put hormone blockers into a three year old and try to transition into a girl, but also the real doctors who know what the hell they're doing, they're not going to inject that kid with hormones are going to say. Listen if you want to do this when you're eighteen nineteen even then, too early and then, when you're, twenty one, which is again it's too early and I've seen, and some of the bullshit reality tv shows I watch, but these legit dogs go. Then I will-
help you out before then get out here now get out, let's see where you at when you're sixteen, but there's a market for it, which is a cruel thing to say in a weird way, to describe him. Here's the problem Joan which it we're talking about you know on the spectrum for some as kids. They do feel like the trap, the woman's body you know in the end, I feel form that must suck to go through high school and all that, but isn't that the exception? You know they like it is, is that is the exception that followed also, and they should have access to it. How could you do that with a three year old nine I mean. How do you know? I mean you just and anybody says he do- your crazy people change. You change when hormones get into your body, and maybe you won't be the most masculine man in the world and maybe you will turn into a woman someday, maybe but give yourself a god. Damn chance, it just exist to see the high school wrestler. Yes, the girl just beating right and then she went in there test blues like a mother fuck. She does. I know it's not fair. She should be able
proud to Russellville, or he should be allowed to wrestle voice. You know, but you know whatever manage crazy, your taking high school girl and you filling her up with testosterone with injections, what it's not and then you're allowing it to wrestle girls that are not testosterone. It's fucking, cheating if she was just a girl and she doesn't like trying to transition into a man, and they found out that she was winning the state championship as a woman or as a girl rather bite. Taking steroids. They would take it away others say: she's cheating. Should there be an uproar? You do not wrestle? Yes, not personal interest at all. Why do they think if we can trust with the boys and then just He wants rest of the boys, she per the zero reserves yeah I think it hey if you're going to choose to go that path of this trans
fashion into the female, then you give up your right to wrestle 'cause. I don't have a division for that that yet we don't have enough rest, yeah, she's transitioning to he and it's just not fair. It was the other way. It would be more fair because, like if you for a man and you're transitioning to be a woman, and they make you wrestle men while you're going to be at a disadvantage because you are taking hormone, packers or you're getting castrated, you losing your testicles, whatever whatever it is, you are at. Yeah yeah that ass but yeah he's at a disadvantage. Now, transitioning to I mean he's at a Massachusetts right now, transitioning to a man that he's on steroids the kids on step process, one hundred percent and probably a lot of probably a lot of it. 'cause it right turn him into a man correct. So I'm not smell like where was this thirty years ago? It was it like a silent epidemic. Physical interesting was covered in, like God, I feel. Like a woman. You know there was a few of those. There was like that. One guy Renee Richards that the tennis player that wound up Tran
fishing. He was a terrible male tennis. Player transition The female tennis players are dominating unless you have to do. One of them is the plot of to want him intend institution. Well, I movie knows do one and the woman was a guy who couldn't get suspended from like the Lakers, the fake Lakers in the movie. So it's a kind of play. Basketball so, like you could make the women's team and just wore a wig and put titties on start dunking on bitches. Well, that does happen. Today. There was a guy by who is ready for this fifty years old he is six foot four or five played women's college basketball because he played as a man, but now he's not a man anymore. Now this fool will is a fuckin once before he's a fool. If you went back and you're fifty years old and you're pretending to be a college girl, you, like I'm in a fantasy world. This is my fantasy and she's, a giant swat and basketballs out of people's hands man yeah, see if Mann on the guy who played it was fifty type in
fifty year old, transexual man, Transect will plays women college bath in America, right yeah in America, but here's the thing. Imagine if your kid is on a team with that, person and that person take your kids. Scholarship takes your kids. No look at that right. There, fifty year old, are seriously giant fact Jack and God is dear old nose on him and became a college basketball player at fucking. My Future fuck out of here. Fifty two excuse, Gabriel Ludwig fifty two, two years old and main goes to college, and she ball. I think she played. Doesn't man look at this size difference now, imagine your kid is competing against her an and can't get a show can't get a shot Elonian. It's just bullshit, it's like if she Kilo Neil, was playing on that other team. If she Kilo?
male transition to be a woman and decided to go back to college. This college would let her play as a woman that Shaquille O'Neal as a woman. What colleges that douche bag you know varsity No, I don't want it. I don't want to give him any press Perez just makes me sick. I mean that's a giant Manson with tits straight nonsense. It straight nonsense. This is where she could bubble. This is that this is where Progg I served. This goes down the rabbit hole. What is it mission college? Let's read Juga, I don't know what it is, but it gets it gets. Suck it it can suck up in an existing ticket. Interesting thing. She played college basketball thirty years ago, as it may. I said how She still have eligibility 'cause she's a moment. Now, that's what I said, but you translate woman. They letter the letter transition and
You're transitioning you go back now, you're a woman, you don't have a history is playing as a woman. So now you're allowed to play again five more years of college ability. Yep too, I feel like a lot more guys. Are going to do this there's a few that would do it one hundred percent. Dana white was joking around about that, like I know a few guys if it could be a world champion, they cut their dick off. There's a few columns. Some guys have, but by all means necessary. It's crazy even suggest, but so is walking in the Youtube shooting a bunch of people and then shoot yourself in the chest. That's crazy suggest to that people are out of your fucking mind that bitch was definitely out of her mind and also, if you saw you two videos, no wonder you made no fucking money. Lay those videos were terrable. Well, there's something wrong with that: lady's brain. How about her dad goes, warned the police. I can you guys need to check her out. She can do something bad to you too. There's some issues here, but if you're a cop- and they did find- are the right before it. Two hundred am 'cause. She went missing, they found her and they're like real
you don't see my shoes on herself or anyone else. I don't know what you want us to do like we found her. She said she's good sleep in our car until someone does something it's so hard to do anything about it like they sent that one college kids are sending him back. They fat and his room right, so we were talking about it. Yesterday is roommates were talking about and they were seriously worried about him. He had a bleach, his hair blonde start, stockpiling, ammunition. Botanist. Top gun Then the cops came to visit and and after the cops left, he went out and bought another a r and they're like okay, okay, that's it there. We have it. We have to do some about. This is roommates are freaking out, people are freaking out being around the guy and they sent him back on a technicality because he wasn't going to school 'cause he stopped going to class. So what can you do? Student visa? What the fuck can you do? They deported him Oh really so perfect yeah. They said we to prevent the tragedy? I love that yeah. Exactly what they should. Do. I mean, however, with this lady. Let's say they stopped at two hundred in the morning: she's in a car and the
in the dad the dad who you know she came from his seed. Goes, listen, she's, going to do something bad! We think we've seen times we've known her, since she was a day old. You guys should do some about it. I don't think so our we talk to her seems alright, maybe take her in for the night. Do, though, that's not to say this, but if she doesn't do anything and then she does like you do people are so unpredictable, get those eyebrows and concert jail for that video of her doing those squats in the jumps to work out video to hear more of those hi. This is crazy. The she's not there. She planned horror, movie and they're, not but then initiates matches like given friggin revenue gap from the you too, when you to fight your video suck lady with nothing due out, see if you didn't come up in the open MIKE Circuit, so you don't have a phd inside those like you told Hinchcliffe for all these dudes that have been in the grind like I remember I mean open mikes along time ago, but they are fucking crazy people there's a
certain amount of open micros who think that they're really funny and they can't get work and they're angry about it and they're really fucking crazy. I get on Kill Tony when I've been like two or three times perfect example. Kill Tony is a private exam you go there and you like what in the fuck am I watching and if someone tries to, another person like. Maybe you should connect more with the crock connect, they did they get bad connecting. This is my best bits. These boots are good bits and the people like not enough to meet along I'd like dude you're bombings. They were laughing their laugh and they laughed at you and to use their laughing 'cause your fucking, terrible and we're making faces behind those. That's laughing. You know what the fuck you're talking about me like get off the stage he's like make me play, oh my god, good boy yeah but you see you see that too on american Idol daisy do like my mom thinks, I'm the best. You know the best since Lionel Richie and they get up and it just completely bomb. And they talk shit to the experts. You guys
I don't know what you want, but you have to look at people as a whole right now, if you look at people as a whole like physically right, there's people that have built like you and these people that have built like Verne Troyer. That's just a fact stuff stuff stuff instead is also brilliant mind right now. But my point is: it's: come on seven: it's a roll! The dice! That's the same thing with everything is the same thing with your mind. Well, it just is the mind varies widely it aries racially it varies interracially. It varies age wise, like you're, going to have a fifty year old black Guy, that's the smartest guy. You ever met in your life and you're, going to have a fifty year old White Guy, who is a fucking moron when you're going to have a fifty year old woman, who is out of her fucking, mind and you're, going to have a fifth, Year old woman. Who is a brilliant. You know physicist, then you're going to have everything every combination, every combination. Smart and stupid, and the tall and thin people very, but they also vary with how crazy,
but also there is a very able, I think some people are crazy and then they find a passion they run with. That made this music comedy, but then some of those crazy people, who are different than the others in high school, get made fun of get bullied and then craziness turns into darkness, and then they get ahold of Ak47 and then that's when you get the mass shootings, oh yeah, that says, there's experiences with those crazy people and maybe the eternal right direction. They do something great write. Great songs come up with a great bit or come up with great tv show or that person gets bullied so bad the direction they go in. Stark's font and that crazy mind does crazy stuff. Yeah so one hundred percent physical abuse, sexual abuse along with that medications? Yeah sure medications could do it in at some point, every single mass shooters on medications, but You look at the combination of all the different factors. It's like when you see that lady crying in under car to clock in the morning you're a cop, you don't know what to do. What do you? What do you think
I think she's going to like. I know when I looked at her, that she was going to go to Youtube and shoot that place up. No there's no way to know there's no way out, but let's cruise kids same thing, they they came to see. We have two years before they decided he wasn't a threat and the people like the FBI's incompetent. No twenty four months later. First of all, he probably got fucking crazier right, Twenty four months is mom wound up dying like six months before that, so that probably fucked him up to is probably a whole host Factoring events right, but he never did it before how the fuck can you predict? well that these random shooters- it's- I don't know what you're going to do. The only thing with the Youtube thing is: if the dad goes. Listen, my daughter is going to do something crazy and they find are near the Youtube. Northern California offices. We should at Lee take her room for the night, talk to her and that's the least you lose anything taxpayers be happy to pay for a night in there. You know good yeah. I mean I don't know if that would do it, though you know it's like that. Lady just seemed fucking nuts man, someone, someone said some
posted it and said be ready to never sleep again. TI went well, she's. Bat shit crazy, like super duper. Bat shit, crypt Youtube without four 'cause they choose her views were lower, When, when we do that, though, she had forty five views, I come on man as far as I'm sure they pull you to page by now Jamie yeah, and how to help. If you're gonna I'll be right, most people due to the head she shot herself in the chess. It's dark. That's a dark way to go. Don't people have done that? I guess people new their brain was going to junior sale. That show yourself in the chest 'cause he goes. I want you to study my brain 'cause. It's not good. I can't feel good, no feel like the brain be
then we went dark. We can leave, bring it back. We've gone dark. This probably bring it back, bring it home spring into positive thing. Subrosa grill, That's the fight! No! It's talking about you on a rose. A Jamie Tell Homeboy is going to watch the monitor yeah Doug rose. So let's talk about it being overshadowed yeah, it is being overshadowed it's a crazy one right. It's because nobody expected it to go down the way it did in the first one. You know not at all in the rematch you on is on wait. She's way lighter. She was one hundred and twenty two last week. You know so she's, just a few pounds away. Here's my problem with this fight in I'm still a Hitta. How much I might stop making picks I said on the podcast. It doesn't make me feel good. When I pick against people, it doesn't feel good. I feel like I have to do it a lot of people. Don't do pics and they come to me for pics. What do you thinks gonna happen.
For a long time. I thought oof rose, she's a monster and I know, rose right from Denver. She land that left hook and Trevor teachers, Pat Berry teachers that and that's exactly wanted to do amazing fight. I bet they fight. You know three or four times but if they do a rematch, which they should give you on the rematch rosing meal but the trouble 'cause you wanna is a fucking machine. Here's the caveat to when I see you wanna do interviews and she goes. It was my nutritionist. It was this person, it was this. It was this shit. Never once she state owned it and taking credibility, though that's not the way, call champion speaks that's not the way it also in talks, and when I be a bunch of excuse, I go oh shit have a hole in your boat and cut your masking it with duct tape and you're. Trying to get back to this point. Just Matthew not solved you not actually patching that up and so you're susceptible again and now. You're talking like that now, What happen it was a fluke rose is pretty fucking good and if you don't respect her again
I think it's your nutritionist is why you left that fight you're probably lose again. You might be right, you might only thing that bothers me? I think you want is one of the greatest changes all time when the greatest fighters, but when I see them like just going you're going but the wrong way- and she goes- you know even doctor rhonda- and you know she said she had to wait- come like no ones dealt with LOS. Is worse than Ronda. You don't want to preface that you don't want to reference that at all right. I don't want to see that out of you wanna. She is so much more work to do yeah. Well, it's also So you want to have a long career in moitie along career. You know like a lot of fights yet done lot of kickboxing spa barring a lot of mma sparring. Sometimes you and just goes-
I mean this is there's a real possibility. Sometimes you should just go. I think it's a chain thinks it. I I don't know yeah. I don't know. I just think it's too early to call for that's what ship that weight class I think for her is more. She just was it being respectful of rose, rational, walk through and all the talking she was doing. Brian rose is a different animal. She she reminds me of bright or take a little bit where where'd she's very dangerous on on. Can they in all of these certain spots, can't train for so she's that type of animal with similar Brian Ortega, but with Joanna. If the gun to my head, I see you wanna by decision, but again I hate, making picks, makes you feel bad lately yeah, they can pick his tough man, because you know you're going to piss people off and you know they're over fucking rooting against mean like that's. No, just you have to look at the analysis of it before the fight I thought rose is in trouble. I'm like you want, is very take me to her. Standup is world class and I think she she could very well pick rose apart and
cracker she's, coming in here with that left side she hit her before that and hurt her, but she hit that left hook. I was like gee explosive too. She looks good man rose like on the embedded rose. This was pat. Berry, takes a giant box of tennis balls and throws tennis balls at her and she's popping tennis balls in the air and she, looks solid and rose to her ceiling. Is we're just seen. It is so much room for growth to show young yeah Pat. This is Trevor rounder and now for ever people like you could be world champion and when everyone tells all coaches Delphi's all time, What actually happened to go? Oh shit, yeah there not bullshitting they're, not just saying this, and I I think it was Jack. She believes it now you're dealing with different grows you doing with different. You wanna, you wanna, doesn't think she's the greatest gift of the MMA world. So that combination such a fascinating,
and no one's talking about it yeah. Well, everyone is so caught up in this cancellation and the Ferguson and could be. I was so huge chords for sure. It is also one of those things where with rose coming into this fight Now- and you want to make excuses for the last fight, you know really interested to see what happens when they square. I can't wait for that. Each other is John again. Do the same talking again and roads in town reciting, the Bible. I don't think she can. I don't think I don't think you wanna can do the same. Talking you don't Nothing she goes. This was a fluke under the exact same thing. No, I think rose going to stare right through your fucking soul into back on the champ is when you talk a gang of shit at someone and they do stare right through you and then they Mercu in the first round. It's very tough to talk that she at the second time it's going to be interesting. I think that's a sign if you want it isn't respecting rose again. If she gets up then start talking that shit, I would a ton of money on rose yeah yeah. You're doing the same things. Only oh shit, you learn nothing girl, other! Nothing well,
whether or not rose, can clipper again if rose charges in eclipse clips again. It's also the thing about a striker, always worried about being taken down. Is more likely to get hit with a shot like Kevin random when he knocked out Mirko CRO correct same thing like Kevin was the threat as a wrestler. Keeps him with a left hook and catches and run on a chin knocks on the fuck out. I think there's a there's, a real correlation there. I would be surprised if you wanna so focus on improving our stand up, and you know it's like I got caught this time which can overwhelm or stand up. She gets admitted she overlooked. The submission game of rose, which is actually rose, is best weapon So I was thinking this thing broke, we might see rose through a flying. Armbar we might see rose, do some wild shit. Doesn't care about be on her back? No, no and she's fast. She go, use for shit. She like she's, a wild explosive person. You know and she is a really interesting thinker too. You know she had a tough life. Man
rough life grow and develop. This very strong mind be controlled. Chaos is what I can't she's brilliant now. I think, just about fascinating about this. Not that more, how much more time for that fight anything now, but what's sing to me, is everyone talked about Conor Mcgregor right specially when you talk about one hundred and fifty five and with Connor MAX Holloway college. Never look back direct even better. The thing that gets Connor out of bed, I think, is the challenge and making history. I think, if cabibbo for MAX were to win. That would be a new challenge and he would be an underdog Genske Beeman will not always have a history at fifty five, especially beware to win. I think we see Connor take that fight now 'cause. He goes nuts mouth Brown Great won the best that move backwards hitting dudes. I bet you, I can beat that guy and we see him. I think we see him take that flight. And I've never said that before I've always, I know Dana said: oh they're going to fight in Russia on my card counter fight him, and I think I like we think of all the
challenges in Congress. Current get some going. It's not people behind him. It's always when people that guys the best Yo School give me that guy for similar MAX Holloway, yeah MAX wins for sure they have a rematch one hundred percent hundred percent. The thing about Kaby Biz, you always gotta wonder who's. Avoiding him there's a difference there. Everybody did you see. The difference is MAX. Is one of the best fighters on the planet. No doubt he's one of my top one of my top guys however, several top for the featherweight of all time, but people aren't avoiding him now. It's, like, I said, could be the different animal like Ayra firing. Guy had referenced this, I said I said if you any choice to make the walk against Francis or Beebe I'm picking. Franciscus is a quick death. Do not go ahead in the third row, but it's quick Cobybot, like an ISIS
video teen long drawn out and give me a fucking nightmare that you're not going to forget yeah he's going to beat your body into a pulp, but the worst is he breaks you where it's like? Oh you're, good at this, people thought you were mentally strong watched this now your entire fan, your friend's gonna see how much of a you are as a bash, your brains in round after round after round after round? You see him break guys too, though you see like the something happens to them when they just they give in to the inevitable ability of getting ragdoll he's just better yeah. Oh the only per it's going to be it's not a person, it's a fucking grizzly bear you know it's like fuck. This man You see, you can see it in their eyes. Where did This changes were just like no not happening how many rounds four four more rounds of this dick. Is terribly if he wins and he beats Holloway. I guarantee you is called out Mcgregor. Can. He wants the GSP fight GSP. That's what I hear.
That's the same one hundred and seventy wo perfect time to do it right now, right GSP winds by rear, naked choke against Bisping it Eighty five says he does want to fight. Eighty five again here. Take your belt, so soak get GSP edges feel suck it take him out. Take you know. I told but there sat do whatever you want to do with that belt. I'm just going to do whatever the fuck I want. I made a couple one million dollars through going to kick back for awhile, and now you get party deep. You fancy yourself, a grappler GSP, two, let's party, that's a really interesting. If I can make a super fun If I was like Dana Scrooge Mcduck to sit on top of all these gold coins, I call it Ben Askin, like YO any interest in fighting b, but one hundred and seventy fuck yes fuck, what's up brother talking about that's the pool, your boy, my boy blocks like calls, we call your boy, I don't call him, but I'm sure he collected in this weekend. I want to talk to this weekend. That would be defied
but you know what it's like to give up years of thing would have been Askren wins and he starts talking. Shit and in a perfect, perfect egghead it works. It sells paper ease, it's the bottom line, yeah, but then rule in Cabebe? If Ben been asking to be, I think you give Ben Askren a guy who's, a good fighter GSP yeah, but I think most people don't know who Ben Askren is the problem. Is he fought in door for so long and then, even when Bellator's gotten bigger on spike tv, he was Often one fc, which you have known. We are huge Ben Askren fans now, but we're hardcore like the cat. Japan's has no idea like who is this guy with the curly hair they're sending to his death, but we can sell it because he's six well he's, but based on the my yeah and then you pay an average. An olympian yeah never was on the field, never been hit against right to beep yeah or call
the cold war. I think in the UFC, particularly me, I'm a big Ben Askren, Dick Rider and Jimmy Smith is also a big Ben Askren decried rolled the grand were others writers we we could see. Dell is shit out of it. I could hype the shit out of a fight and to be one hundred percent honest in the process. I think he saw Special, I think, is grappling is beyond usual, very difficult to prepare for an if you're going to deal with Habib against a guy who who can neutralize his stuff, and then we see like what we seek a beam on his back Ben Askren fucking knee across the Bell punching cab. Even the face will acknowledge Trump, an ascot on this phone right. We could be just doing the ground and pound right. There's these trait crazy up, scrambles and grappling communities can make one it would be. Amazed is terrible. Striking. Good luck, selling that to Uncle Dana today, this Sunday fluff a fuck you going to slam that phone down phone fuck you he would have to have music. I'm trying to finalize CM punk Floyd
Utah my pen aspirin to be proud, tear you he would have to have a good relationship with Ben Askren there whenever he does not ease. I disagree. It doesn't know he can go. Alright, I'm making pay off this kid. I have four and fifty, nine dollars. They make money off this kid. Let me do this, don't you think you to put Ben Askren in the UFC fight, though against some money to show everybody what he's capable nope. He has all those delta undefeated Olympian. We just promo that he's an embedded he's on you see at night, he's on below the belt is on JRE. We go on this campaign, he's dressed in flag watch me, beat the shit out the power per pound, great Russian, who else done like Russia, yeah Mag, a great too I like it, it's never happening. Happening, but you sold me think we just get down to listen to this video Tanon uncle D, if you just Have him fight someone who's really good, like
Neil Magny or Carlos Condit? Have him is intrigued him up, like Fucking Koby Ashi to wash that introduction fight? This is a one shot. Hell Mary were selling the fuck out of it. I'm interested what just like keep some humps on for three round people. That's ac man, I know, but he pry won't be able to do that could be, but you gotta watch that one we missed the hill style is so much more suited to one FC because they allow those knees to the head on the ground. True soccer kicks and what they still out soccer kicks in. When I see it, did they stop it after Brandon Vera, like almost executed dude, I thought I think they still do it. How about the Roger worked at one? Oh, my God, Roberta got head kicked by the top out. Roger work. Does fighting Ben Henderson this weekend, Dallas flying under the radar yeah? It is fine underweight well, it's like.
MMA fighter on the cover of sports, illustrated people. Forgot people forgot that back in the day, which is like two thousand and two ish three ish yeah right before that forget to beat then you're supposed to fight Kenny Florian. If you remember it was on the front cover what year was that two thousand and four two one: five, no limit, two, Was it say, oh yeah, here's the head kick the dude is, is already beat them, who ragdoll some horses down and look at this. This is how I mean that is one of the worst headkicks you'll ever see. Well, let's see, I don't want to see that. I don't want that in my speech. That's horrible! That ones marble like that guy was. He was already hurt out, but before that, well the average casual adult soccer player can kick a ball with one thousand foot pound force. The average professional soccer player can kick it about one
one thousand two hundred foot pound force, my educated guesses elite, highly trained, martial artist, perform very similar to the professional soccer. But I'll tell you what, You put somebody down on their hands and knees, and I kick him in the head like that, can be a lot more in their fucked. You might grow. Killed a guy. You know you don't want to see that you could. You could kill somebody doing that. You literally could snap their neck. There's no doubt about it. Sports illustrated cover that Jamie. Does my Roger Huerta work to sports illustrated illustrated, I want, and it says, is MO? Is the you'll see the next emerging sport or is it just a fad, or something like that? I want to say two thousand sixty two, I'm think because six, I think it's post from its post, tough yeah, it's post, Stephan, Bonnar, Forrest Griffin, agree that was two thousand and five yeah, so maybe it's doing seven hundred and eleven, maybe seven! but remember, Roger work to he got all that notoriety and then he tried big dick in the the UFC. When I want this. This, though cool we're going to then give you the worst matchup
possible here's. Greymane you'd yeah May 28th, two thousand six. Their guns also does so no it doesn't so so we're in the neighborhood. So this was you know, Roger where it was like the poster board. Handsome hispanic latino bad motherfucker, never watch where to beat that dude up the punch, a chick in the just like a God, Damn superhero in Austin TX is a big football player. Football player, sucker punch to grow in the face in front of everybody, dropped her and then Roger Huerta takes his shirt off and Fucks do and up there's a scramble. You see the dude squaring off Rogers Way smaller than him cut too few second maybe see Roger soccer. Kicking him here. It is Roger, is standing back here in this guy steps into this girl.
TMZ son. Did you show the first beginning of it along video yeah, but the beginning of is when he steps in and punches girl in the face All right, I will drop the girl go to write to the beginning, not to girl out right to the beginning, doesn't play the whole thing. So the guy Well, the guy in the Orange shirt big ass, to drop the girl female then look where to look at him. Good luck, calling back work does talking shit. Yeah. That's a girl, man he's so much smaller. This guys, I fuck you. I fuck you up to work to always had a good fashion. To spell that out there, There's another video. This we hear more volume when I'm talking to each other This might be the only one ever seen. Oh there goes where to take the shirt off in these pins guy, who ate girl Roger Huerta took their shirt off like I have some titties without Will Raj
as fast as fuck to hell yeah, no idea what he's doing for new animal before he knew what that dudes getting punched in the face. At the end you see Rogers got to do the ground soccer, kicking him know it's like it's like jumping, into the water and there's a locking down there before you know it, the Roger boom he's out cold you know and that's justice. Isn't it he's making a mexican batman there if he kept kicking, it had been justice, I mean it was justice for sure but fucked. I know some guys. Girls soccer punching your daughter, big giant, two hundred and fifty pound football player. Sucker, punches her daughter interface would be hard not to kill very hard, not super hot peppers. Very lucky's alive very lucky is alive and he probably shouldn't be if you, feel remorse for that sucker punching a girl in the face just like that there is a special kind of piece of shit big due to the giant food yeah. I mean what the fuck is going on in his head, but then again, who knows what the fuck is going on with a lot of football players that have suffered a lot ahead? Try
True or it could just be, a bad game could be a bad guy. He was raised around that thinks. It's! Ok, maybe those with the girls, either way, never ok to hit a girl fuck like that too. It's that's a horrible thing to watch. It's a horrible thing to watch a skill. That guy punching a guy like you is horrible, but punching a girl in the face horrible man. There's a lot of fucking shit humans out there, man so really unfortunate part about us. We keep going dark top superhero style, friends like rat time, got murked by Roger work to the time. It's tiny thought one hundred and fifty five pounds in your giant asses all juiced up in God in Weight room every day. You still got knocked out for him. A girl remember that asshole everyday ever live that down. No even now
People find among scrambly, K, Rogan shower talking mad shit about you, man now that I'm never gonna live it down. If he never went to jail. For that, that's the punishment correct! You never went to jail for that. The use of to jail for that yeah. That's almost hit you in jail for a long time healthy. He doesn't have to dark. We went on again. We go dark, sometimes. What else is on this car this weekend? Yet she has the in the menace. That's a fun! One. Everybody's slept on that for I know it's another one. It's gone under the radar, now GS, Aantal, Pettis, very interesting man. She has a man he fucking submitted Beneil Dariush. He gets your back bucks fill the remember he got submitted by Kevin Lee. He did, but he didn't he didn't. He didn't get some of the reference to
I know, but he said he was good look. He was tightening up his neck. It wasn't like that. You gotta let the guy go out I'll, come on brother one hundred percent. He was Dial Felder Iaquinta, which Ixl Decatur. Did you see you matter? Cater fighting in Boston, he's monster Calvin K. Here in my con. Oh that's! A good fight to look at the undercard got bored. You got Joe Lowe's on, go up there up around quarter here are not omoikane. That's a great that's fight fight! The night went all over all over God. There's fucking five excellent fights in that that may and guard like your boy, fleece it or look at your girl, Felice Herring, yeah versus Carolina, yes, yeah, Lena and Kovacevic not even mad. At the the fight pass, fight may want your boy Bruce Lee or love to hear about the art of Lobophora who's off the team, Conner and then team could beep saw each other and they got into it. Did they team Conner and then the team could beat got brilliant to it could be off
yes for Connor Run Tony fell out and I come on. Let's get real yeah, you can't put that have better shot. If I had been asked, as I read, there's video supposedly of low Bob calling him a coward and he was calling about to say his face, but never goes good with those guys from Daghestan. This is Pakistan right yeah. You know any people you must've seen get killed number come out. I feel like mentally he's in a completely different space. Damn I can being color one of I grocery as size MIKE in black and white one billion of ads shoes, this kind of bullshit. What is this bullshit anyway? It didn't allow me to flex God damn my car, I'm just so regular rustled shorts on that get in gym class MIKE jewels on the card to MIKE Slow MIKE, read, read: that's not a great nickname to slow MIKE? It's not good. It's a trick is fast so fast I couldn't get him a colored pick
light heavyweight. Look at that one, two hundred and five and one hundred and ninety two. What is that this is not railway is always on one hundred and ninety two five ones, one hundred and ninety two that doesn't make any sense getting eighty five and they caught them before the week. That makes zero. So that makes zero sense. One guys teen pounds heavier what what weight class they fighting. I mean. No, I know that's a that's light heavyweight, but what is not MIKE Michael Rigas, with strange name for, but let black died. Last name MIKE Richter Rodriguez might be cuban, maybe names my though Slo Mo Mike, but he just and he had a picture 'cause using this threw up a shadow. If they don't have it this time that you know what you're not going to shadow were going black and white for you were going to, let people know that you haven't really fought in UFC before so it give you, but we're still going to pictures. What do you think about TSO and Pettis
right? It's just a bad streak is a rough streak. He won his last alright, but then him find a forty five. We were told to us and saying how much hole we got his belt, but I'm a Kevin Lee fan, but I say he did did not submit Michael kiss. She had it, you should've, let him they should've, let him go out and he would have won, but they Didn'T- and he didn't ok, so we're in the same boat. However, if it would have kept going on, he had been choked unconscious, maybe not maybe not been too maybe long. Maybe no ts is like Hickson Gracie, Hickson Gracie, let's black belts, take his back full rear naked choke is like go ahead. I know crazy tried to show that. That's that's what grace I love Chiazza, that's off our crime, graphics in Gracie, and also he went to go tap. If you look at the video, you look the better he he panics a little bit and now he's
These are black belt. I think he said he knows what the fuck he's doing. He was concentrating on his neck. If you hear him talk about it that he tighten, he put all his focus on his neck and let his hands go just tightening it out. Yeah. You have Kevin Lee who's, a fish anaconda around your neck and has previous winds of Rene could check. Ups, I don't buy it. I agree with you. They should have let it go on. I think you've been Chilton County got to let it go on. You have to get a link on the right. The the only wish rest I've seen was the rough in the Joseph Parker fight. It didn't seem to Josh the ref would not fucking let these guys fight, but I mean we got closely jump in their own push him away. Who do you think that favored, I think they thought I was going to Joshua for sure they want him to win, but actually favored, well. Yeah, Jew grew the decision. Yes, Parker definitely lost, but I'd only grew people are like if you just look bad enough, like none of you morons the end poly mention this. The distance
they fought in. Such a high level known, got hit and Parker such a good boxer. His job is so God damn good. It was just a battle of great skill man and I thought it was so impressive and people walk away from going Anthony Josh is not that good. I want man he's better than I thought he can box away, but I thought it was 'cause. You understand fighting the people. That say what is not that good 'cause he didn't win by spectacular, knockout us, like D, today while correct wilder. That's that's interesting. The wilder fight is very interesting 'cause, while talks, a ton of shit, is exciting. He's brash he's got serious, knockout power, crazy, he's fun to watch man he's like a brash american. You know that's a great great fight. One thing I do that is while they have to fight somebody first, it sounds like John. She was going to fight throw Nelson Wilder gunfights on. Why are they doing that? That's so stupid, so stupid hot box, and it's so stupid. Well, they build it up to make this big giant event and
it comes off link. Look comes off, it comes off like Pacquiao versus Mayweather was giant it's the number one problem with boxing give us the matchups who wants to see that's whether you see gains so much ground right, 'cause, usually day in besides aspirin Usually when there's a fight there, you go super, so we get all the average there you go. So we get these super fights in boxing like now now that listen, we want to do this and this guys are mandatory. I manage this guy in this guise: Pbc Boxing Skies Showtime. So let's solve this red tape. We have an AMA fight would be a phenomenal fight, phenomenal fight. It's going to happen. I think happens. I don't have the end of this year, but I just can't believe triple g and canal or not gonna fight. Let's say if, if you feel like it's not even I mean what is today. Date is the April fifth. Some hello they haven't. Even they haven't even put the the the hearing
yeah. The hearing is like what the eighteen there's some canal it backed out. Why did you back out? I just don't think he knew the odds were against them and backed out, and then you know triple G stills plan. I'm fine may fifth why you still get a fight and I was hoping, if is unified, love it if he fought Billy Joe Saunders, but Joe sons can't fight till June. So why? Because he has a some of hand, injury but he's like I'm ready in June. Let's do it in June, if I'm, if I'm triple g, I'm not finding. May fifth you're going to sell thirty paper views. When can l drops out whoever replaced with it's not going to be a huge name? Just me, a tough guy, it's me worthy opponent, so be tough. You know if I can make you bank, you make bank of your pay per view, you know what is right. Just like a giant fight fight, Billy Joe Saunders in June for yeah, but the problem is they don't have the date in June? When you look at a venue like the t, mobile arena in Vegas, that mother Fucker is both for you a an advantage, except for the
Mayweather on Mcgregor Fight, Mayweather, Mcgregor Fight, they found an opening said: let's do it. Now you're dealing with Johnson Commission yeah, don't have to pay them to pay ice. Cubes basketball league had looks a bit like ice basketball league, how much they're not a how much they have to pay. I think I heard six million. Really active at six, and then they didn't like the parking lot, but it's three on three basketball for so ice cube, get the fuck out the way I'll watch throughout throughout the rack. I'm not trying to see these old basketball players play three on three get the fuck out, so we can watch. Conor versus Floyd has basketball this three hundred and three Lee it is. It have a bunch of old, like college players and some more NBA players, and they play three on three half court game put it on tv. It was like done every week in a different city and I could have a four point shot. It's like but if it if they had a masters leak- and you could only use your left jab- that's why
It's like in the OC, not a fucking nightmare. Karate is back new world full contact. Karate combat league kicks off. Is this with the boss rutin this announced today, yeah yeah boss. Rutin is the commentator commentator he's coming out. He might have something to do with the organization to boss. Is coming on next week to talk about it, El Guapo. You know how, I love boss, love boss too. They play in a pit or they fight. Rather in a pit this is shaped like sampling, it look at it, see it I'll broke chuck just did this shit yeah, that's the way to go man. Oh yeah worked out great for Chuck. Look what did workout right! We had a lot of successful, shows twenty Wonderboy flatten it looking to fight with karate pants. On too it looks like so they're. Fighting with little gloves on, but there were in karate pants and it's going to be in the Olympics. Not this exact thing but cries in Olympics. The next karate in the Olympics,
I'll. Tell you right now, all these files better pray to God and wonder boy, don't get a feather up his ass decide to join this week for Raymond Daniels, yes, world class, guys Now. Can you kick to the legs? You better be able to kick the legs. You can fuck, it they should fight in a basketball court. Stop that I can't stop. Fighting a basketball court period. Doesn't don't get too close to the fans don't want it to close the grounds three rounds. Three minutes offensive techniques scored more highly than counterstrikes is karate is backed approximate. Fifty million Americans have participate in karate at some point in their lives, and then I in I agree the focus, but you gotta stop with that. I grew the fuck up. Then I realized. Oh, I'm, not learning shit that John Claude did in the movies, and this isn't fun anymore. When someone says that approximately fifty million Americans have participated, karate at some point in life, yeah little kids taking fucking karate classes, my seven awesome out correct,
yeah, it's great uh, the yellow duck out of here, even with karate. Is we already know about man? We already know about movie time but injured. It's what I do. So like if they allow leg kicks and they have those small gloves on it's basically like Maybe if I put all standing it's all standing, but also the macula kicks got it got a lot leg. Kicks Okay, his boss just come here is in not an ounce promoter around we're gonna find out next week, but I wouldn't. I would hope that they allow leg kicks. I don't even like The glory doesn't allow elbows us trained up. I agree, I think that's the sport, the sport If you're going to stand up, it should be more time. I mean that to me is the sport, the rule? is a multi! You control wheel, kicks in my time you get through a flying psychics, you do it fuck you want, but you also can do moitie like needs the body elbows to the face, all those super, affective, close range techniques that go
or he doesn't allow, but I think there were about what the elbows guys are going to be able to fight. You know close together 'cause. They will go through the cuts. However, I'd rather deal with that than not allow it, but I don't like the guys fighting close together. I think that super dangerous, I think, you're doing it, but when you have guys fight more than one time in tonight. I think that is fucking crazy. When you have guys fight. Two three times a night like Joe Schilling did in uh The la last man standing event, that is bananas, but you are you're, taking a giant chance, you're, hoping if someone doesn't get severely concussed, even in a win in their first fight and then come back and fight this. I make it fun, though, like that's kind of the nature of the game like what about wrestling see AAS those guys wrestle for not getting head kicked their cut in massive way. They are cutting massive way, but they're not getting head kicked. Getting getting head kicked in the first round, getting up at the count of seven and formulating and fighting and it's not getting head, kicked again an hour later. That's nuts, it's crazy! I just don't like it. Justin. Also, you don't get the best guy versus the best guy,
and even situation right like if one guy wins by first round knockout. The other guy has a four round war. Like Joe Schilling. Do we fought Simon, Marcus, amazing, crazy fight, go to three rounds, it's a draw. They go to the third and Joe had been knock down. I think in the first and then Jose arched him in the fourth we like, if you know the sport the like damn, look out these guys just get through this they've dealt with this and now it's kind of cool, but we know the repercussions, most people don't Well then, the Sebring should bring back tournament. Two, then I'm not mad at that. The pride it's it's so old school, it's in people are pregnant and I can go so good now, but that's what you sign up for the problem is: if one guy goes through three rounds of hell and the other guy just lands like a Connor straight left hand, they did on all dough and wins in thirteen seconds. Just not fair. I know, but but, however, that guy pulled off that thirteen second knockout, another guy had a war. True true true, true
I mean glory is the only organization right now that's mainstream, where you could watch guys fight more than once again night. They do it all the time. Here's the point: why do UFC's net going to do it in most sports? Won't. Do it it's hard to it's uh, long show be it's hard to market that it shouldn't be sanctioned, know there's a reason why they are not yeah you're you're in the right here. There's really it's not. I play double them too, but the reason why it's not is because the masses like, why we're just saying that keeping the faith fighting again the sanction for kickboxing, but they don't sanction. For me is now weird because, like la Saint standing was in LA. We saw that the Fuckin forum, that was that was right here, the whole. The whole rules are without the judge, and we talk about this before and that's why I was so intrigued about Tony Ferguson Fight, and this is why I did stand up at the San Jose Improv and in the front row and I know that you can be. There was all of team AKA John Fitch Thompson, stuff, like that
after the show so in front of them, asked me first this before first and drop them in Fergus think about who's going win and it was a toss up. I mean because I thought Tony was going to do work off his back went crazy amount of elbows and fucked up to beat face, but because could be was on top. You get the can be a decision, and I did the loser can be the judges 'cause. They don't know how to judge that fight and say that front AK team is awkward. Depends upon how it plays out, but if it plays out the way you described it yeah, if Tony is LA, big shots from the bottom simitian threats, elbows his face getting bloody but Gibbs doing working on top, but Tony still threatened. Elbows elbows. This fucking him up it's possible, but it could be malls on that should be real. Clear we don't judge or whatever and see that now and that is as sin against humanity as we will never see it. He said he said crazy. Shit like Jon Jones, never been a main event again. He said, offered crazy shit. True, he says this pushing it's a title shot. Then someone else does
I think he's as emotional he's upset I'd be pissed too, but also the much money's miss down so that be it if they tried again be the fifth time for, promote. This is also three Lee. This is the fourth they've dropped out for, if they try to make this fight, Sean Shelby and Joe Cell was trying to make this fight before he retired. So one fight you want to make never happen. So if your data hold up how, much money. Have we put in marketing to these fox and it just doesn't happen for us we're done, but it does happen. You gotta do it. You know you yeah. They didn't believe it was going to happen until you saw the door bolt in there standing next to each other. In here we are yeah you're right. It's such shame you're. The first person takes. My socks were talking about how sad weepy it's a jet bomber, but this is the next best thing. No, the next best thing is Connor. This is the next best next effect. This is the next best thing on it. Six days notice, you would never get Connor on six days, but if Conor would've con scheduled to fight see the thing
to Connor at this stage, is there's no tune up fights. Never it's never going to happen again, like every fight is just giant only fight. Where would be a level playing field, be Nate Diaz, 'cause he's been out just as long so you both can have we have a little bit of ring rust you're both can be out for a long time. You're, both going through the same thing. You've got like a bee. Do you think they offered it tonight. Who is in their operator? We know they offer to Ortega, Ortega, Eddie Alvarez and Alvarez had no right yeah. Why do you say? No, I'm not sure Oh yeah he's nineteen he's been doing it too long, I'm not making that he said it. I'm all nineteen. I love Elris. Imagine losing thirty five fucking pounds. How much and if you know please say it for everyone, how much you think they paid MAX Holloway to take this site, six day notice and they go bro. We know your champ at one hundred and forty five, here's the
offer just give you this much. All I know is what Eddie told me on the podcast about Tony. He said he was gonna make millions. So, if that's what we now, we got assume there's a big paycheck in it for MAX how I told Brian, goes how much thing is in pain. I said if I'm MAX, I don't take that fight for under four million. I know there they're in a tough position and they need a big name and then trying to recoup the paper views. So I got them back. In a corner I'm on the MS win streak, I'm saying four million or bust Europe old man. I take two two after taxes- that's not worth it! That's funny that when you're fighting could be no hot up, I need a million every day so six days, so you know you know MAX, can submit people, but we don't anticipate him submit and could be, but it just
seems like to be scrapped lens on a higher level than MAX. It seems like the way MAX can win. This fight is by pacing. 'cause MAX is EVA. If MAX is not in shape, he's in phenomenal shape, I mean he's just he's, got an incredible cardio bass and he really knows how to pace himself. Very well, pacing, if into one of the standout fight, and if it's at his temple to beat goes watcher tempo and just throws in a blender yeah he's so any sixty notice and it's a max who is taking time out, spend time with his family. So all the chips are stacked against MAX of It's a weight class above his weight class. It's Cabebe is a huge one hundred and fifty five, it's arguably the best gr popular in the UFC. The other problem. Is he really doesn't attain the stand up game? So your chance of the home run shot is even draw
Steven lower. That's why I'm saying formula? Did you hear what he said about it? He said. Thank you for taking fight. I don't think you'll ever be the same again. Oh said after this fight, I don't think it would be the same again that's a dark thing to say to not just but you'll never be the same again do. We might see hope he's wrong and you know when I do, if I was in MAX Corner and if it's like halfway through that second round and I'm like and MAX it looks. Exhausted is an shape he just taken. He so tuffys parking last five rounds. I throw in the towel, I'm gonna take all this shit for that from the fans ' 'cause. I don't want max dealing with this, because this isn't this isn't his fight. To be honest, this is in his fight. This isn't his path. Make four million, hopefully anything be set for life, an answer if you smart with his money. However, this isn't his path. Did this to help out the UFC he made bank here's the towel. I know you
hate me max we'll talk in Hawaii over ball of a tuna. It's not that idea well, we know, I think, with a Kaby fight. One of the things is after the first round, you kind of know how it's going to go well now it's, but that from Aksu if he had twelve weeks in phenomenal shape and gets taken down all kind of Chad, Mendes Conor Mcgregor, when targeting our like time, where Mount gonna catch, but with this could be in better shape he had more time to prepare for a guy who's insane cardio shape. So it's just the odds are so fucked from act, crazy, crazy, really, crazy, dressed so stressed. As unexplained myself. I'm stressed up it's going to be interesting to me interesting man, it's going to be a good one, so we. Talking before this rap this a before talking before this. We want to do a fight companion, but there's no sites that were all around for a fight companion. So let's, let's do a fight companion
get all the boys in here and put on some fights doing random night or something like that. Yeah ran like a fucking Tuesday, or something and my miracle pizzas, I'm hearing pizza every now and then and then we try not to wait, will save for a cheat meal. How about neither one was cheat till that night deal deal deal I'll, get the pizzas. Let's rock this bitch Brendan Schaub. Big brown breakdown, no below the pens, no more, no more! It's just below the belt will not. The podcast is renamed below the belt. Oh really, yeah! Still, all my shows you don't stand still. My show below the belt the name of your podcasts. Just so it's you go, tell you so yeah, okay, I, like it yeah. I like it next up so the number for ups so next Wednesday night and then that Kay dot com defect. Later John is one of the kid and then Friday, night bakers, field of study tickets left this Friday night when he has his field. Tomber Lynn brewing
some areas that you see that spot. I love Bakersfield, okay, sunken fun man. I had a great time the big issue on there for this Friday night and then April twentieth, twenty first Calgary Yuk, Yuks, boom beautiful Houston June tech levy by everybody, thanks everybody for Tunis the podcast, thanks to on it good o n to I t, use the code, word, Rogan, save ten percent off any and all supplements. Thank you to the cash app download it for free on the Google play for app store, use the promo code. Oh Joe Rogan, all one word you will get five dollars in five dollars will go to our good friend, Justin Wren's fight for the forgotten charity to build wells in Congo. Thank you also to the mattress plan. The mattress brand that helps young, let me come in, rested and prepared Casper dot com, Slash Joe use the promo code, Joe at checkout you'll, get fifty dollars towards select mattresses terms and
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