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JRE MMA Show #22 with Bas Rutten

2018-04-10 | 🔗
Joe is joined by UFC Heavyweight Champion & three-time King of Pancrase world champion, Bas Rutten.
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he folks sitting here young jamie and i were just watching the facebook shyt it's all going down folks i mean i don't even know what to say i'm a spark one up here do little ramp before i get into the advertisements but they get this like why do i start off with the ads nobody wants to hear those fucking things who is amber video right i wanna hear some of 'em this good ads good products but after this facebook thing is all about folks it's all about ads apps without jamie
talk about what they target you does it weird you out when you when you go search for something like saying you thinking about buying a pair of sneakers next time you go to a website those facts sneakers that you looked at to sit there tempting you fuckin' with you come on man you know you want to buy these man we live in a weird world when it comes to ads so i was watching vikings i like that show vikings it's the new show i watch and when i was watching it i watch it on itunes i bought the whole season and there's these little breaks the commercial supposed to be within it comes right back on 'cause there's no commercials can you get it on itunes and then i stopped and thought about him like what a fucking
shitty way to sell your product shove it in the middle of this awesome show right you got the show with this amazing scenery beautiful backdrop not sure where they film vikings google dot should jamie not sure where they film it but whatever wherever they film it it's fucking beautiful man that's a good show i can't believe i slept on that show ireland makes sense it's all green and chit by the water the emerald isle i don't know how i slept on that show but it's good because i'm engine it now and i'm enjoying the shit out of it is a really good show and because on regular tv will not regular tv but cable there it's bloody it's not like game of thrones bloody so like if you're more squeamish you get the point though mean sh it goes down it's pretty it's pretty rugged good fuckin' show really good show but
those little breaks like some sh it's about to go down cut the block and they start back up again it's weird it's weird that that's the way they chose to do shows that they chose to just stuff these i can commercials in the middle of them just got to be a better way right so one of the reasons why when i do this podcast i never i won't interrupt the conversation and stick a commercial and it just seems gross so my philosophy is always in only have on that makes sense not that i would buy if i needed it or have bought or do you use an never interrupt that makes sense i just wonder like where is this going
because once we get into augmented reality and people start you know it's going to be you know you play a game on your phone if you play a game on your phone like my kids love to play games on my phone and one of the things that i find is that when you're in the middle of the game something will pop up like some ad and it sometime you can buy more things like more points or whatever get on your phone sometimes is that like there's a certain or if you want to progress you have to pay so they turn you into a little junkie on their little game and then if you want to be a different character you want to do this so you want more more chips to play with you gotta to pay or there's another ad they'll pop up another ad that will say
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he is a great human being a sweetheart of a guy he's fucking hilarious he's awesome he's loved by all please give it up for powerful boss rutin the joe rogan experience and we are live with el guapo as he tries to net navigates phone with his left hand would you punch me right in the table the table that it was talking to me like yeah several hours ago why did you pointed table okay so i wasn't three states in six days i slept for hours per night i just came from chicago and this whole thing i had to get up at four hundred and then i had to shoot a commercial sure my body action system starting at ten and this habit one thousand and thirty pm so i was twelve one slash two hours in and i already said ok you i'm not going to do it anymore because i couldn't retain information anymore i had some
these two lines to remember your day we're feeding me lines i couldn't do it anymore i said is it i i stop but then i said yeah but if you can do this little thing ok i'll try that one more time and of course you did can i say you know what i saw what my photo my gloves and somehow this is how stupid you are you throw up your glove and two seconds after i took it off i hit the table somehow i still needed to hit something and i decided do it without a glove instead of who i think love a solid thing guess what's going to lose my pinky knuckle and they incapacitate your entire auto for that pretty much i think just for a pinky knuckle boxing fresher this these these two are like that's like the old school bring us back to karate combat old school
friday days i would always recommend the punch like this you know what i did and and i i know and i was going to do that but the amount of force i was using at this moment i'd i'd really fast a millisecond thing you had to go say it's better to spread out the impact even more because i was because you had it so i i yeah i knew i was going to be to be going to if i would do it yeah it was just one of those just lost their marbles and and five sec because i hit bottom they look at me everybody's freaking out i go nuts over she she little pain i said no pain but it's broke he said you know i said i trust me i can feel it so so i was right away was calm again everything was good nobody died yeah that's right i know that right been through hell it been and you know this for me to lose cool like that that those ones every five years or so but i get angry i never get angry i don't have that not that kind of anger that i hit i think i mean how how old i my friend you can take this to the use of use seem to always be a happy guy that's what i
but i think it's also because i'm happy so when it gets angry that's what the fights that's what always happens i'm nice nice nice nice nice nice nice to diffuse it then i realize wait a minute and then masking asking that say you're not you don't think i'm afraid right i'm doing this for you how to you right now that's why i don't want to fight and at did you say that you know some of them call your bluff and because he did it for such a long time yet then i'll make sure that smash does the old boss day those all buses no more more normal books like this idea i like that actually and i i yeah i don't think it's a healthy because either how was your arm doing in terms of like the atrophy is a growing back here so just just a little and back yeah it gets a little bit bigger now i i have this new stuff that i'm trying
i have it at home i need bacterial static water for it it's a peptide called bpc one hundred and fifty seven deterministic ben greenfield told me about that is great for tendons and ligaments and stuff yeah even nerves anri grows apparently everything in rats i mean they regrow tendons everything and i'm going to try it i'm going to try it locally here on the bicep see what it does as soon have the water so it seems like the muscles are growing though like slowly but surely it is six years six years of this generation yeah it's a good twenty five pounds again to eight times now bicep curls with the right that's a lot better than it used to be though i couldn't do fifty five wow yeah not once pat miller touches the same thing same thing from his neck you know what you want how crazy pat's injury was pets diskette deteriorated so badly that is discs fused themselves
and he didn't realize that that is a complete he didn't even realize it his dispute themselves you went to the doctor in a like well we don't have to fuse it every fused itself what you get if you talk to him and he looks to add you it's like he hasn't fuse that right is always like that managed yeah move yeah so i guess in grappling man i know they'll blame it on on punching and kicking all the knees injury everything my rib that was out my last nights all wrestling raveling wrestlers are all up we're talking about kurt angle yesterday was olympic gold medalist fantastic wrestler i mean he's got a net it literally is like the size of my waist but it's is next so up both of his arms are tiny and you can see the atrophy in his arms like his his arm please don't match his neck us now and you could tell i mean obviously you know
than anybody about neck injuries guys always like their arm shrink because they get atrophied cuts off the nerves kill edge with him both ways then yeah well looks to pull that picture again jamie see if you could find it comes round house he's instagram you could see it i i i saw him at the at the induction into the international sports hall of fame ocf would run it was there was no he was sitting for us to but he was wearing a suit of course i couldn't tell well he still looks like a tank yeah he does but his fucking neck is ridiculous it's so big but like what happened oh wow yeah to the size of his neck and his his arm should be as big as his fucking legs yeah he just i mean the guy's been through hell but look at the fuckin' size of his have you seen the neck like that before that shit just crazy that build a lot of muscle around i guess well yeah it's all fuckedup has been fused and as yours right yeah for
fusion front and back while one splint it opens it up and then the other ones are fusions and i have a friend of mine was five and he can move like i'm looking hey i have mobility yeah you do this again look to the side a little bit talking to a buddy of mine about a mutual friend of ours and i didn't realize that he had done this but he had went to germany and got his whole back fused his whole back is completely rock solid few still you know as i do who i would looking at for him in the hospital don't fry don frye has a ten disc fusion this guy pet night twice on the operating table he added directions to the water broke everything man i was in the hospital had he lost a lot of weight he had a big beard and he said this out he stood up from his crack all the way to above his shoulder blades one big zipper this confusion that isn't how many just back
i don't know yeah i have no clue we gotta google that that's fucking crazy how many figuring that jamie i thirteen i go one thousand five hundred and sixteen so there's one disc hanging in there he just take me one one disk is going to go but hey what fusions if you have a fusion then the disk below or above i'm going to be next they say because there's thirty three oh well it's not it's not that bad and it's only ten fusions eddie bravo has an artificial disc they put art so this in now these are i that i had i couldn't do it at the time yeah it was the early but he's got no problem with that at all it moves great but that's what i mean bigger for me i can't do it anymore maybe future you know with the printing that you do not the three three printing maybe they can make an exact copy of my spine and then they it's still in there it will be some
but that's a scary attic cut your spine output afucking titanium one in uh my my my daughter my oldest daughter just told me my ex wife she's going to have to do it at the lower back she's like two or three fusions they're going to need to do but she's to do this crap placement as well yeah yeah yeah disc replay when is legit now you know why braulio estima presented well very famous producer guy he's got one in his neck he was the first guy that ever heard about it he fucked his neck really bad and then won the world's with a fuckedup neck and then right after the world i went and got it operated on where did he do because he's from brazil to did it in europe 'cause he lives he lives in england via that that i will let the germans look at my legs are really good for advanced yeah well you know we got really fuckedup with during the bush administration they put a ban on all stem cell research in know kind of like halted the brakes on funding stem cell research this is really
a shame because now we're realizing stem 'cause they were they need to think that stem sells had to do with babies like fetuses they were thinking people are going to get abortions just so they could use the stem cells but now they realize that mesenchyme all stem cells and adult stem cells or some of the best and one of the things they do in america now is sucking fat out of people taking liposuction and then using the stem cells from your own body to injured areas i did i did a two weeks ago for my knees did you know yeah i have no fat though so could have to take it out of my hip bone drill a hole in there i did take the marrow he had to take a number and it's unfortunate because in the fed apparently a five times more the amount of stamps then you have in the bone marrow so people out there that are fat or pump to hear that they're like yeah she told you reasons why i didn't just if i ever get injured i've got a store of madison yeah but never got injured even if he did you what is that guy doing
i have no clue i know he wrote a book that was the last time we had known inside that way you guys had him on yeah i mean that's five years ago like i like i was a fucking character i mean if it wasn't for guys like tank abbott i mean there would have been no early days yeah you know he needed a guy like that if that's a fight with him so a lot of these crazy guys out there so you can do what i can do this yeah that's what you need to add a giant belly nude not people dead yeah he was like a roy nelson only with no stamina yeah and and and no black belt techno glad about budgets you know yeah yeah yeah well roy nelson is a complete anomaly yeah yeah he is who like if you lose weight how is it possible that he trained so hard i've seen this guy throw around like one hundred and thirty hundred fifty five pound kettlebell it's like yeah i'm swings ring ring being like nothing you would lose weight right you would think but he would be one hundred and eighty five pound feet in nam well you can a heavyweight he could contender maybe it's an implant
the belly that he just wants to do that across the buddha belly implies kick him and he didn't even feel it is where a chest pad he imagined someone did that i mean if it's let's think about this 'cause girls do get fake boobs in a fight you know girls have got to mention names wink wink but we've seen it girls have had no boob then all sudden they had boob's you can get fake boobs and still fight but what about a fake belly what about the guys i just like a like a belly i like looking good you know if a guy had a fake valley i was going to try to see if it going hit it to the back so i'll make a hunchback out of him see if you can the move out all the way to the back with a hook to the back wound lower back we never had one like that right you know i mean the hunch back from that's a high right no you never saw a hunchback from the bottom right like
lower back we can make that like a lumbar pad as a lumberjack yeah the new virtual day like if you look at roy nelson he's he's like size of a really good middleweight yet no yes yeah but meanwhile the guy knocked out check congo knocked out brendan schaub knocked out some big fucking heavyweight knocked out mitrione mean fuqing so now so now i've got a lot of people yeah staples to overwrite also did i think it was i do not remember that fight wow the worst thing is it's with his right hand so you were things people going to hilton left up yeah but somehow we connect any it's like thunder within our bars you know you know it's going to happen we can stop it now almost knocked out over him remember that yeah he heard over him up stuff
true jesus christ crazy how many royce like six feet tall stephens threw seven feet tall i mean animal was an animal i honestly i mean look at his got right there how much is that he weighs about two fifty right he he not bullshiting yeah as he is fifty pounds overweight any he's a world class athlete and when you cannot say the roy nelson is not a world class finery there's no way of world class fighter and he's fifty pounds overweight so you drop down fifty pounds now you two hundred pounds you make eighty five you cut weight everybody does that cut pounds eighty five your world world champion it's not a butter bean you know we were somewhere the commissioner told me from all the boxes on car here actually the best blood
cholesterol but are being made him look like yeah you're rodriguez look at him this christ actually looks good there is a whole family looks good look exactly like that i hear go upper right hand corner yeah that's what he looks like he's in his worse meanwhile he's another guide knocked dudes dead then he is so funny at such a good time with him and there was a prince george in kennedy was that there is player yeah as hilarious very funny guy that's funny you know he's a hell of a cook apparently you can't tell but it like there's like who's watching a video of butter bean cooking some ribs and i was like damn
now that looks legit like yes smoker who is cooking in a smoker he broke the rule though don't get high of your own supply so about this karate combat thing you're doing we seem to the ideas of it yeah i like i like the for the fighting surface final right hit it's a great all right did you watch it on the day that what they do with the callers you know when this fight is like a little reticent towards dark purple when there's a break you gonna run up hill out of the pit but i like a lot of yeah because you can use the wall as well that forty five angle degree there to jump up like basswood you know you can use it right to put yourself to improve in the fight so i think it's really i think the rules as well they keep kept everything on distance long much long punches the hook shadow the more she took his you know which are pretty so they allow hooks they wanted to stay way from uppercuts elbows and knees just before the cutting
and they don't want to make a bloody so they understand that you know you should everything is technique of course but for people who have complaining i have michelle martial arts i can't understand the ground and some other arts out there to cope well this is been around for such a long time everybody knows karate find out how many people did karate i mean they grew up look at this it's a shuffle picture the way it's filmed as well if you the camera one camera goes behind the people it's almost like a movie the one amr angle they had from above i said okay we're going to stop with that one that was the only one but they did they stopped and then i have to the heads up display that is also something that nobody had ever before that environment is perfect just like a marina that's how it should be that's how ma should be fought it should be fought in open space i feel like the cage is too much of a tool like you can use the cage you pin a guide to the cage
you could beat him up in the clients like randy couture was used to do you could use the cage to get back up it takes you down if you taking down this you get taken down like that's it you know i have to get up a skill like skill to see if you can get out the only thing about this is if you were in the distance if it was quite a distance away it seems like you could throw that you can throw and then once they hit the ground you can't clinch but the person on top would just threw you can rain down strikes for five seconds from a squatter position so you can't go down there and i already saw fights getting finished like that so it's a very effective technique why only five seconds because then i go back on free they just want to keep everything short and the more attractive for the audience the better it is this like for instance now the are not in but you know we were already talking about needs to the body that could maybe a really good thing especially because they out so now you can use it against the takedown is that a bitcoin logo yes bit
when is one of their sponsors really yep up now a leg kick electric below loaded me and i've been talking to them also this is the good thing about this organization that's why i really enjoyed working with them is that they're open questions know they're open to to rule changes we're going to just see what happens right now and if the urge comes up they say yeah we should have low case that we're going to start at a location above the knee yes well right now they do it below the knee just like to do it in ufc as well well yeah he has everything but yeah but i mean we see it a lot in the u s c happening now does not actually they break the bones right double double snap and with a low key that will happen it will just gemmula thinking yeah i will also you can condition the lower leg the same we can condition the upper leg upper leg gets used to taking a beating and some guys can just take low kicks yeah but not that low calf kicked his debilitating it's
annoying especially if you do it just after like a front kick somebody gives you a front kick your tap it to the sighting immediately kick it so when the muscle is still relaxed and he'll go straight through that's when something breaks if you can flex yeah we over the last few years that's a devastating technique now why are they wearing shin pads no notion that's only this tiny gloves you haven't there in the back so you can check him out with it the store would have been knocked out by strikes i like to take out as well that head a heads up display it the cool right now is the first one who ever does that it's a biometric nutrition training you know dna based heads up display that you can see while the fighters are busy you get a heart rate put respiratory what they eat what they train before it's all going to start happening in two weeks it's will become full circle and then the heads what is the display will look when is that work
bring something they wear these little tiny things so you can see how fast they hit then what direction they had propelling you could pretty much say everything is amazing and these clothes are awesome i mean they feel great they do feel great yep yeah there's a lot of padding yep that's pretty padded it's much more than you have glow it is but it's you know what else to it seems like it gives you a curve to your hand which is great which is issue with the ufc is the constant poking like if you want to poke some of the i with this you gotta kinda is like the pride gloves right your pride go just have that curve to them and we saw how much less i poke and prod right then we do in the ufc you know but i never got that anyway impact krispies open hand strikes and never put anybody in the head right so sometimes you have to think is this on purpose or not i'm sure some of it's on purpose right it's a hard to differentiate how much of his on purpose it really is you know i said it would judge jones at that time to go but he is so
call sure let's show everything and i go and i that almost has to be then yeah yeah i know you said that before and i should have warned that thing they should do what you wanna say yeah my hands you can punch you could put something pretty hard with this yeah i mean this is these are great pass yet man this is almost like a boxing it's like a small amount of boxing glove it's like it doesn't cover the whole area but this is this is the same kind of pad i just shoot the second to the he in mochizuki the still yet that coffee officially with side more washy two key and what you want and it took is appalling show comes from the side it's a roundhouse punch it's a long hook right to say that but i don't like this is margarita close yeah yeah close i returned yeah so you're not punch with the knuckles you're hitting with this party or hand it to that part of the hands but by the some bone yeah but in a way to shut up i know but that's why you know they keep it long and to make sure that you see that
technique once you start doing short hooks that is going to be a different story we're going to very close you're going to have needs that people go to be confused again but you can't throw hooks you can throw hooks log books what does that mean like if you're in a close you can't throw short hook no not for the closed isn't it but that think about this now you close distance you have to remove yourself away combination i always said tell my says right uppercut right straight or right up right straight right straight to the body if i right a i'm too close for close for the right straight but that look i which backwards my right right and i right away i created yesterday why limit punches that seems silly because they want to british is karate as possible and as clean as possible i get it but a left hook like a tight hook of is right there and i am yeah but as a ray you could also throw left elbow you know they took that out as well yeah so i i think is one of the things that you simply going to have to get used to and i think about with fighter it's more difficult for a fighter
you do if a guy hits a guy with a short hook and knocks him out at cool panda reference going to step in well if it's intentionally of course that's a problem is going to lose seems quite well how can you make someone lose from a short hook that seems crazy all devices that they had talked all the fights that they had before now already right none of it happened so but i think it's pretty close i think then the rules meaning they have a guy was repeating it like three four five times in a row as i do not do that i these guys are karate petitioners drive see so not even used to it yeah but if they're karate practitioners in two thousand and eighteen in auto parts there's no nobody's just karate anymore i mean everybody knows how to throw hooks in upper and but i in jesus rules at the closest rule stood at two thousand and twenty olympics that's going to happen in tokyo as well right karate is going to come back in the olympics is it into two thousand and twenty yen tokyo really shows in tokyo and i think
not crazy like your question like what do they do when he showed it come right out of the oldest form i would say in okinawa it started there so thirty eight how they doing but that would be below the neck then like you kick to the head but you can't each the fit is going to have to really figure out the dose but but that's why i love it with that but the glove to probably going to be allowed to hit the face right but not in the olympics right i don't know i don't know about that yeah yeah because thai kwando they took it out as well right you could have gear in boxing now you have optional now a bright for the believe yeah yeah if it's the same glove it is a way why would they what are they willing to listen to you yes no i'm already talking to waste on your phone to flash i'm very public i think the people in this country every time you get a text you get for your phone flashes like the light flashes i do that on a bag because many times i have my phone like this right and then i i can't hear it but i can now a big life flash complete text me text me see what happened i do that on
plus i keep my phone flight on purpose like leave me the fuck alone i don't want i don't want to look at my phone every five seconds it's flashing yeah i know about it right you see that's what i'm looking hooks aren't penalties anymore oh they changed it here thank you thank you very much but that seems silly yes you should be able to hook somebody just i mean it's a great punch it's like we i understand if you want to eliminate elbows glory to god elbows you know bellator elbows beltre kick rather but i think punches should be punches you know any you anywhere you want to punch yeah back everything you do everything you can do flying as well all the kicks are allowed to get also except for the low key to the thigh but for the rest every kick every jumping everything is you know but that's that's again me looking i will go to share what is is going to listen to you but he
they got fired is it gonna love it come on touch i wonder how they're not have looking at that you ain't much yeah that was the reason a lot of dutch guys won't remember all the way back here with a kickboxing ramon dekkers rob came in rome came and got damn he still you'll remember that fireman yeah the guys yeah yeah yeah i yeah i'm i'm looking for do it if you're a nowhere i'm a what is it april twenty sixth in miami to have the first show pretty sure they will out of town unfortunately april twenty six miami how does the air show in america where we're with these other ones filmed over so is they do they do it everywhere haven't ever this will be the for sure it's for you guys so do that as well also with free to free watch free to watch to be there or to watch it on television you go to garages are called there's a there's a button or you can click watch it life is going to be streamed but you also have an app it ever really glad because in hand and give you the heads up display you see that a right at the top watch the
life that's right click sign into email registry book tour next event don't have anything nice so who's putting this together how do you know these people well they contacted me it is a whole bunch of actually a lot at karate experts as well and they i think their side with two twenty olympics and i've been talking about this also for awhile so why is not any you're doing this we had chuck norris doing it right right for awhile that leak and i thought i thought that was cool and now this when i saw this with a bit ago meant this i truly believe it's going to take up i think a lot of people going to enjoy this well i hope so i mean i've been saying for the longest time that striking sports in america like you got boxing and then nobody pays attention to the other shed i mean people barely pay attention to kickboxing just not nearly as popular doesn't mean especially to me
a giant fan of my tie i mean i love watching we tie and i never understood why more tight wasn't more successfully nine states i know line fight had some good tracks they're doing pretty well but i don't think they're an axe tv anymore they stopped at eight no this is the people are asking for it every yeah complaining about mixed martial arts a lot of people because they don't understand what's going on in advance now finally have something in know thai boxing that's what you get in a glory has the backs best fighters on the plan right i mean there's no believable show but not enough election well it's not mainstream enough into in terms of like it's exposed i mean you get in on ufc fight pass which is amazing and then you get on espn three which is only online and sometimes yes paean to but a you know i think you mean you look
silver who've in and you see the jamal ben city cab driver supposed yeah it is and he said he was going to do it like that and ben city caught him too early and density could knock him out six years ago that was a working amazing fight if that was on television that fight was auntie and the end when ricos pointed on ben city collapse in the ropes mean and their big giant guys i mean that was an amazing file rico is incredible his cardio or a giant guy you know for a big let's take a look at this distance is his ring strategy everything is that complete guy and he's a young guy's super smart also is like twenty nine yeah i think yeah it's like lacona right understanding as well yeah so i mean he's got a a bold you a long future ahead of you think of the mount experience he has already how is pull up pull up rico very who've in
lori heavyweight champion champion see how old is i think he just had a birthday i think i think he turned twenty nine he's a fucking beast man was it turns twenty nine happy birthday oh yeah i just don't understand i really don't understand i don't understand why that's not more popular it's keep it simple now even you take denise out keep it a little bit more separate so that people can see see the technique better better technique you can see the technique better right think do a lot of good also a lot of the kids when they say hey mom i want to watch mixed martial arts when you are very young yet i don't think the parents are going to allow that that still that little you know they don't know karate oh please go watch you see this crazy shit they're talking about conor mcgregor fighting floyd mayweather no shoes on in an mmo cage with mma gloves you can clinch but no take
sounds no no elbows no kicks no submissions but clinch then clinch you can fight from the clinch yeah yeah you know maybe it is isn't it all that also but still i wanted to do a little kitchen one gig be legal could it would end it if you had kicks that would be the difference but but conor even fighting from the clinch you could tie him up you could tie him up and hold on to him and hit him but randy couture style remember when shane carwin fought frank mir and tide him up and obliterated him with uppercuts just boom yeah but play monster but then again he chooses to stand there i don't think that maybe it is going to choose to stand there if you can have rep pops out in his mobile now so it's not like he pulled him to then it gets need in the face you sent him because he's not clinched with him if he can
for them they're standing on the outside and connor can grab ahold of him how is mayweather going to take him off he's not going to like if connor decide to just wrap a hold of one of his arms just get him in an hook and just start punching him in the face what flights fuct his whole thing is boxing his hold is boxing nobody his shoulder rolls moves he's not going to be able to stop calling from grabbing him connors a bigger younger guy if he grabs floyd by the back of the neck and hold him in place and punch him in the face floyds fuct i don't think he understands when you say the clinches ok if you could strike from the much he's fucked i'll put my money on conor all day if you can strike from the clinch now if they just have mma fight with boxing gloves or a boxing fight with mma gloves rather that is a different thing that's a different animal just think floyd just so much better than that's what i thought you meant no no i mean clinching the
i read the only difference they're not going to let him kick they're not gonna let him punch dot com elbow or knee or takedown or submissions but they'll let him clinch and punch from the which just that alone yeah that's a game changer just out alone yeah i don't i don't know i'm going to have to see that because you know flow is going to know they're going to work on that as well is going to work on those defenses incredible athlete i mean there's only a few things this is not like he's going to have to learn the whole game yeah but holding on to someone and punching them is such a different it's just completely different yeah but as soon as you hold on to somebody that means you incapacitated your own arm as well you don't have the defense there as well so right maybe i can start attacking him l also that's a one and fight it's literally ice hockey right if you think about the graph but he starting each other sort of yeah yeah yeah but smaller gloves connor will have more impacted his punches that's too and he's so much used to much more used to fighting from the clinch like that we can hold and hit at the same time how may i
i'm interested in that fight what if out foot stomps you know what that's what the last time i heard somebody say they always super affective food stamps so give me one fight that never got stopped with a foot style never ever it's annoying it's annoying that you ever fart where somebody's foot stomp you no no no foot stomp anybody no no i think i wanted those guys who would do it back and that's why they and so they didn't do it marco who looks like first got introduced that was yeah yeah that yeah marco footstompin she got a bunch of notes here man yeah i know i do i just printed out this is one of my my pet things throwing it out because you know going back to karate and and but with the with reading about it all to get all the terms back that's you know so that's why i'm going here like the more she gears with that oil boy she gears
what more do you say hello does get you see but you know you should know it is a you know this you are my lesson with tight window background i would actually get the iraqis object up tell you exactly which i yeah yeah we the check is we get the garrison again yeah so how many events are they going to do a year this is all about they gotta spend about all over the place for the people what i would say here just karate dot com what a great domain name by the way as well to have that yeah that's thinking the same thing was an expensive as i think so too but they have it go there for all your favorite fighters check it out and broadcomkarate dot com yes it big one that's a big thing to happen leash it i give who the fuck owns jujitsu dot com jiujitsu dot com what a website that must be to own that yellow light 'cause there's other ones out there to give you the more you know naked gills that give you a lot of money that's a lot of money
ready to go when sex dot com don't even click on it you'll get a bunch of pop up this virus is should pretty much tell that this is jamie makeup sold for two million dollars rodeo dot com and karate dot com for five hundred thousand total of my body for two million three weeks later sold it for aids two weeks that's what he does binder name that my name is here can you go back imagine go back go back in time god let's start with all the domain names that nobody even signing this should come didn't business dot com code for like ten million bucks some crazy here it i would have those is not gonna biz i want to give you a nickel for that in fox gonna business dot com what he doing there bob got to do business with stupid if you're doing business you don't go look in business dot com that don't even make any sense that's a worthless fucking i bet that's a ghost town
but no one's going to businessbusiness dot com what does it know your business grow your pistol goff do it different views enis even business i don't know what's going on that you go to that supports i can't spell hearing idiot xxx you go to that said nigerian scammer telling you want a bunch of money and it starts glowing up the telephone call exactly yeah so where did this originate what what country started this whole karate you know i mean this this event no clue i'm going to meet these people face to face whatever numbers no no because i've been doing commentary and i met some people from the organization because i did some commentary over so is together with the finnish carnevali oh is great she's doing a lot of stuff for lion fight i met her in a bar friend in new york not not this last
you have new york but in the past i got our tickets for the ufc she's excellent really good post fight interviews and she's doing commentary with you yes perfect yep she's very changeable yeah no it was great then we pulled it off right away so that's why we met these people there we did it in long island was filled with their nice anne actually there was not going to see him in long island as well no no we just did it in my hotel so you did commentary watching the on screen is that what what what you get on screen coming in a special microphone so we ended up you know the right exactly you said that a bunch of times for pride right when you were in america and you were doing commentary for events that were happening in japan yeah and a life to do it the cover terror be right over it life what was that like as weird
no it's not we don't know why i hope that the speed was up to me no because if you seen are coming i'd that i never knew i never really watched it again to say right you know when i was having a say he said he opened our bar you know if that delay is five six that that's a j have a problem but apparently i don't think it is big 'cause they stream it out they shoot it out run the studio so it's like you watching the fights live that's it it wasn't there some that you guys did where the fights had already happened and you knew the result so i did that with steven cuadros we did the first ten i believe pride shows you know before two thousand it wasn't set out on paper view yeah so they asked us to do those shows man sitting there in the hall into sitting with red bull we at stack but that does spills yeah jesus christ heart attack bills we wish it was so funny quarters got so crazy his solaris when he gets in his own you know he's got its only a more
signify a fight and i'm put aside he's eating a green apple put the microphone now but it's because eight hours in will watching really boring stuff also this this was by the way this was not right we did pride but that it on top of that we did not own a small but we did here that's what we did here in america with bud brutsman and the auto show we did in until all the old crazy russian guys who had like an a and an e in the name of the rest i was very lucky are mz you know i mean i'm the guy with the red hair the red pens because i couldn't pronounce their yeah some guys in the ufc that when i read their names at the weigh ins i have to pause and try to put it together like some of them which are now i want to butcher them and then you have these guys that defense right
oh you butchered so and show his name i said how do you say bus route in yeah you just butchered my name this is part of it and it's not true that i suppose there is other nestor who still has to host it's peter arts it's not been urged you know i mean if you really want to start dutch we we asked a federal one time what is your mother call you he says pure door i said we going fura we did that on pride everybody a butcher his name was out as mom calls and that is what we asked will morrow's the only one that would call on the morrow always call the fuel door of a model is very precise with yeah the mro is excellent yeah yeah really this is great at that so nice to see him doing all those big time boxing matches too yeah you know it's good guy that guy if if you sit next to him it's what people say oh it's fakes this trust me it's half that that's what they say not talks bus route he gets in his own bubble and then you know if i look at him if i could put my
the front of his face if he's in his own he doesn't see anything in this is the fight and he's going to down yeah and everybody steps away it just looks at it now he has going for it is designed for the i love it teaspoon w w e too right as in saying it does it does w w e he's doing showtime boxing does he do any mma anymore oh no a bellator because he still do that i don't believe there's a lot of the bellator's yeah so he does some of the i think so i think the big shows problem a lot of goldberg's doing now yeah hitting all crazy team that jimmy is over a toc jimmys with us yeah i got him i got him a gig at the ufc night yeah we worked in the first time this saturday night was great yeah good he's good guy he's a great guy he's fucking excellent is an excellent comment i tried to get the ufc to hire him for years ago so for me
be there saturday night sitting next to jimmy else like look at this man were high in iron man show cooler we are just perfect to me because we're friends is very easy in the commentary very nice together you know we have a good time that's that's what happened also me tomorrow yeah yeah yeah you know this is friends you can say try doesn't bind them now it's just a conversation right well that's why i mean goldberg worked so well for so long because we're so tight yeah so easy so easy but what for the ufc him didn't see eye to eye for whatever reason to bomber yeah love anna to annex great guy yeah a a notice of the law of the good guys and and what the fan should know is that a play by a guy doesn't need to know everything there is a need to know to take his that's why we are that the x right to call our guys yeah because there's so many people to jail why don't you take a gold
search plays i said i'm a play by play mcauley guy he's a basic complete different animals especially for gig yet especially for tv commercials and do all that kind of stuff it's much harder to anakin gold for those guys are wizards that stuff yeah that is a hard job it's way harder than our job our job of doing color see the fight we call it we call it then we already do it and we were doing martial arts our whole lives we know what's happening so we see it we go oh that's a roundhouse kick always going to get the triangle always getting out because freeze out that we're watching it in real time they have to prepare i mean they're preparing everything like long in advance and practicing i'm going over okay turn to page seven you know beat one hundred and fifty two you got introduced monster energy drink and they're stepping into the set framing in the air as the whole time you hear it sucking hard dick you sucking hard gig there the coordination in a traffic cop and making sure everything runs smoothly so
kenny rice is insane this twenty six professional sports at like at the highest level he the football they never did it my buddy calls me says but how many times did you do football it what you mean is that he could be the that's good i have ever heard is the first time he's insane one of these came to the international fight league he never did makes marcia same as what morrow never get mixed martial arts but into shows it's insane yet they learn morrow got the dvd can you get the dvd set and they and they actually what should they start learning about it right and then they get it to you know so and they leave if they ask you questions like boss which should he do yep boss is he in trouble you know what's what's going on here yep yeah no you still doing it for us used to be world combat lee i mean know what is the us as a fighting words he was a fighting and now it's professional and sleek i still don't yes june will go to start that's nice and you they still have john is
fishing belt or no way to went to bellator that will be not a smart move because they're going to come with the million dollar price right if you win this season in every way class you going to get a million dollars so really yeah oh so yeah that's going to be a little i i don't think the judge if that's all honda presents took place i think the judge will stay home now i think i feel like john just want to build to work cc if you google jon fitch bell to our i know benson henderson and roger huerta obviously they have rory macdonald too he's my opinion one of the best if not the best welterweight in the world yeah so that's a big big deal for them to have him as douglas lima first sign out news what if your marriage cheddar yeah yeah cheddar extra he's got a big name you know yeah there it is jon fitch signs
bellator will johns forty years old now right how old is john we had february twenty four it's a great day to be born isn't yeah yeah yeah how will the forty man yeah well give me a no i've been now watching john fights and susan's twenty that's crazy time flies baby and a as i go back easy as i had i am i had a poster of you you from the first time you fought in the ufc they gave me one of those posters and said the world's greatest martial artist yeah and it was you fighting for the ufc when you fought yoshiko sake number that they asked me i said they messed up like that if we got a word i told him specifically the world's grades looking martial artist but they forgot that word yeah over hyping it up big time yeah it that was cool what time
i was peretti he came over to japan at the time of fighting to check me out and he said that they want you in the oc so you know the moment they said something online i someone said something about me talking shit about john perretti which could not be further from the truth some guy left a comment on twitter was like you're out of your fucking mind never said a bad think about that guy in my life i love john peretti and i used to his comments are evil people hated him what is like we were saying things like right on my capone was writing something like a pony right here among some like you i always separate was great he called it like he saw it i mean he fucking had a deep back martial arts world kickboxing champion black belt in jiu jitsu oh yeah i love that he knew everything and he would say whatever he wanted to say he doesn't yeah another fact politician stuff we just throw get things sometimes and then it becomes like a some sort of weird rumor and uh
in response to the guys like you know you should stop talking about john peretti mike when when ever we we right i do that you are you a member of the bus with an invitational be did a long time because a lot of great fighters nate marquardt two men i mean jens pulver everybody was on this because it was in colorado was in i think ninety nine something around at that there was one time we had a sixteen man tournament yet the fight four times and it pulled actually lost in the finals to a guy who had never heard from it was weird because i pulled her became huge anyway one the is fighting this out of shape out of big guy n peretti is a because i got ready as the match maker because i knew if i've already as of the referee if i have made the referee everybody's going to come because they want to show off in front of the the there you have to measure metrics and then they go to fight it out to nothing the bus would if the so he's fighting ron waterman
it goes to run water money says listen this guy doesn't have a lot of skills you know don't go to hurt you know could you please don't do too crazy so run taken down right away he's on top and he oh up buddy goes very gentle starts hitting like gentle giant like really not hot and ready auction breaks it up and it says ok it's over the big iron bar jumps up and he gets it british phase the corner jumps over over getting pretty face and they start yelling yelling at bull crap look happening everybody super aggressive and practical suddenly ok ok you wanna fight yeah ok ok we will start a fight and they reached out to fight and he walked through water when he says do anything you want to do so no oh yeah ron waterman was a fucking gold level he was a guerrilla he takes that guy down he starts the mount sims like a pony he starts hitting him already looking in the audience he's
looking away not a guy gets hit he gets mauled bon bon and he's looking into the already far away and so on the ledge but he goes oh oh i'm sure i break rob stop the guys all dressed up and he walks to the corner he says and your fault you did this and then you walked out yeah early as the early days you could do that stuff yeah man it was crazy times remember when they had that one just admission only thing and they have olympic wrestlers versus mma fighters and i think met met you more right the first one the goals and a check i think you know i don't know what's in that utility monday any monday yeah and frank shamrock far dan henderson no vf was there was there was an overview of and i want to know he was an animal yeah he was in world
was it extreme combat so that was it that was the prediction yeah he was a goat at marios berry at parade that i'm already at weight classes yeah you far ahead of us right they look at you get mad stud smith in his corner yeah that was days man the old days play this this was interesting because it back down these wrestlers thought that just be end dan gable was one of the guys that was doing commentary was really fascinating 'cause dan gable thought that if you were on the bottom you should be losing yeah you know they had that restless mentality well he took the guy down look at that a perm tell about today is the fucking the ring card guy like that kenny monday tank elliptic wrestler
kevin jackson right behind him there yeah so they go at it and he's got his knuckles up which is weird 'cause they're not they're not boxing so he's like trying to wrestle him and matt hume barefoot kenny's weren't shoes matt hume what a fucking martial artist that guy is super smuggled on a coach to hazing could we see it now in what he's done with mighty mouse yeah i mean you realize what depth of knowledge this guy has not to take anything away from mighty mouse of course he's got a tremendous amount of knowledge too but the fact that matt hume is able to take this guy so he just drops down here purpose on purpose and now he's going to start again yes so he went for it that's where he has not even know the guy who knows like like you're wearing shoes sold really stupid about it can do a tell all book i have a good
auto said van or a capped at night that was it was attacking the ankle and that was both his knee was twisted up to so john low guerin pancreas with a total broke his shinbone oh yeah i remember jason the lucia i just walked into the arena i said did he just broke the shampoo and he back and he me because he's up next he says what happened to the word owl he said to me because over just kept on fighting and you see the lacolle flapping left or right and he jumps on his opponent he was another he's another forgotten garden animal he was the olden days the olden days there was some fucking crazy fights when you go back then and look at those olden days yeah i remember we were talking about the eve edwards edwards and podcast last week
i'm over we was underground fighting and there was a tank abbott was there i remember that they interpret so this is what happened let it commissions the police is they to check so joel goes into the cage with another guy with their jeans on and they start wrestling so glad commission to police sees that and they think that is what's going to happen tonight they leave they lock the doors dj comes on he says okay they're gone we carefully it isn't just a moment like people from port industries that throwing porn dvds in the all his was a lot of this place so well yves fighting and he's mounting this guy and he sits next to the the cage and i'm standing i mean i'm a food away from him because i'm standing next to the gate and the cases cases raised and he's raining down straight race race race race race any pricing and he looks at me i say hooks traits do it and he goes hook straight out
we did not immediately not only straight he to hook straight not to get help the old days well good days though yeah man well it's amazing to be a part of something that developed like that because there's no other sport where you go back to nineteen the three and then look at it into the nineteen it's almost unrecognizable you know martial arts mixed martial arts in particular me mean if you look at what martial arts were lot of great tie boxes back then of course there's a lot of great kickboxers but the difference between the mix martial arts from ninety three to two thousand it's a totally different work completely different world if you knew it all who are you going to win you know but it wasn't anybody who knew it all back not a lot yeah it was a few guys is that had you know a good base of college in some of the other sports but mostly they special what's the where the wrestler
one glove yeah jimerson are jimerson remember i remember kent telling me about the event they were in the back they thought that it was still going to be a work you know a lot of people and at first fight went on and it was good to have against the sumo guy when he kicked his teeth out into the crowd he said boss it got really great backstage and everybody goes they thought at any moment still somebody could come in and say hey ok you're going to lose your going to have to win and at that moment that happened but it was like why did the crap that i don't know i think there was just a couple of guys who didn't like that ninja guy that got beat up by pat smith remember that guy who's like a ninjitsu go yeah but the pressure point guy crazy ship it like it is like we had the preparation reels they showed other preparing he's like god laugh throwing guys out him with all this crazy shit and then he got in there with
at smiths market bad axe kick boxer pat smashed him and they're gonna cop amal followed elbows that's where the blood comes back up right oh it was horrible it was horrible it was back in the day when they didn't just stop the fight yet but that's the reason i didn't want to fight in the ocean in the first moment can ask me but i said we never did it he said why i said any of the referee he said everybody can dead the guys who say well radadi indicates ok good luck with that not me do it i have a family my life very much i don't like to die i said as soon as there's a referee you could actually step in yeah i would i would like to do it there was a referee that was there when you tapped to stop it but you had tap but if you got knocked out they just keep beat you up you know and and what john said because when john drew the line was i believe it was with tank abbott they give a guy a big
we have really bad he looked at the corner to throw the towel they turned his back to him later on when he went to them they said well if we would have stopped it think was going to beat us up that's what he told us so that's why we didn't throw a towel and that's the moment he said ok i'm going to step in here because otherwise i'm going to die yeah it is easily happen in those early ones yet now the early ufc's to kick the first gig you're all good hello linda odell beckham and well not just that will always be remembered about him yeah ramco took him down got him in a scarf holden just elbowed him completely unconscious boom boom boom captain ahmad was out orlando what was one of the first real legit strikers like i mean
nasty more tie powerful guy and not a big guy either like a hundred eighty pounds ehlers crazy hat so more so forget that he believed even he believed and orlando which i think they bought they for the whole bunch more times more to a more tight with elbows yeah if those guys were fighting in a hole into the up it'll look a good one we were there man that will flying elbows i mean from the clean she would jump up and it rained out elbows to the to the your bones today i mean yeah complete animal he pull it too because i went back and forth evil twin win then will would win and he believed would win the constantly back and forth so that's why it was so interesting for us yeah you're just getting into more time now and you just hearing about it they'll fuqing hey we live in today we can just go on youtube and find hours and out you could fill the rest of your life just watching a man yeah you can fuck yeah just find georgia giorgio just just google your patrols in the
because that is that you go watch george with the doctor baby unreal italian there's only one aspect in our billion right armenian though wow yeah you needed that italy yeah armenians are fucking crazy yeah that's a wild race of people but but but you know but he ok but italian side of him made him very calculated technical right because their meaning would you think ok i'm going to go in here i'm going to get you there he was very technical as well i mean it's just his mind but just regular time like fifty four or something yeah he got knocked down and glory he boo hoo that african guy will trying to remember the homeboy he fought somebody it was was at who knocked him out i forget who it was but it was so good with angles and technique i mean his technique was flawless do you ever watch him drill you you recognize why he was so good to me was so so technical and
sites in his drilling when you is doing his part you right away what you step to the side his moving while he is punching already lands the punches with two feet on the floor salem and then he moved it up that's perfect yeah perfect technique yeah he's he's someone to really watch like giorgio who who knocked him out go to his it was a big it was in new york and it was glory was promoting him as you know who he was and he just got caught he got caught by a fucking vicious striker well not dutch guy but i think is daniel ilonggo and you see that says that yeah yeah that was yeah i got him yet risky's a beast so you could find that fight so you find andy resty versus trojan georgia petrosian yeah that's what it was that's right andy resty can crack too he's dangerous yeah it is right in madison square garden that was a big deal for them man to get in madison square garden
you know like to have that funny weather day invited mayweather there remember i heard they paid him a bunch of money to be there just to be there here that's hilarious how much do you have to pay him to be there i had just got to be a lot yeah an resty's who was a great fighter in his on but receives a guy who's really good for a couple rounds in the who he would fade and he lossed i forget who he lost too but he lost by tko because he faded he faded in the last round but is the first which fibrous you know when explosive you're really good in the first few rounds and you're does this make sure that you spread out you all your powers but if your opponent is pushing it and is forcing you
tube roll going to run out of gas yeah i don't remember what it was that caught him i believe it was a punch i got kicked in the nuts yeah little love tap yeah i remember what and here there's been so many good fights glory like i said i'm i'm a giants fan and i think it's one of the most underrated under did organizations in all combat sports and they have a great like like very of oh there it is what it is ten left hand boom caught him wow crazy crazy rewind that back for second it didn't even look like that big of a shot this just perfect place boom about like sort of a hook uppercut yeah yeah like you step
into it switched to southpaw column left hand falconnet who did it when we pull up andy risky's i think i don't want it wasn't trying to amber who beat him somebody beat him where he was winning early on in in the faded as the fight went on that's a that's a tricky thing for those super explosive guys like a conor mcgregor you know it is hard oh to trainer buddy yeah i'm sorry i'm just throwing it out there of andrew small and beat him but i think von reis beaten by decision yeah that's it davey kira yeah the resilience and animal but also rosemaling is known for his stamina you know his father was already william you know he was fighting when i was fighting and he's always i mean for that william was not the most technical guy do it the guy at heart and stamina and he would come for you and it's very hard to fight somebody who constantly pushing you backwards and that's what he was doing as well with him a hundred percent make some
i guess yeah von bruce mullins an animal it's just like there's such this such a amazing pool of talent glory it's an amazing organization to watch so much talent and what i what i don't know why it's not catching on because what what what he sees it yeah but k one you would think okay all these people at least yeah do you love it i love it but the average person go to fucking seven hundred and eleven hey man what do you think robin famous follow him like are you talking about magazines sell something yeah you go somewhere and say do you what do you think about conor mcgregor all he's really good fights buses no know people will say crazy they know it's you he is very mainstream glory right now still very french unfortunately yeah it would have been greater for them better it it's if do you she had a channel a tv channel is the wwe do that for a while that will be great because then you see glory will catch on for sure this right i don't know how many people if i pass
do you know that a number i do not know the number i know very happy they make a lot of money but i don't know the number you know ufc came real close back in the day to buying a channel but now i doubt they would do that because this it's so much money to buy the ufc i think they could just go by you want to buy two tv channel hundreds of millions of dollars to london still available in fact really channels i don't know it just never see anything on there i would get channel number one that's the same as with a new bond movie i would one that's what i would do people want instead of seven is the sabbath guy hello wonder first yeah yeah for one the original what those when you back to like those those channels like when people adding channels was last time you heard of a new channel like the last new channels like vice like device vice and i was like watching queue or something didn't they buy mac
summertime some ships i think they used to switch it switch the name like radio stations as which formats pretty much right paramount the paramount network used to be spike tv now it's paramount yeah well look man i'm is happy there's some in combat sports on tv i'm happy to bellator is still around like you know people would say like all you're in competition with bellator tore i'm not incompetent i'm not competition and i like it i want to be around i support it i support all of 'em i wish there was more i wish it was more organizations it's good for everybody thought they want to get better yep it really should but i really wish there was one big moitie organism that's what i wish i was glory was more die so use elbows and use the real full rules elbows knees clinch the whole deal let him do everything let fight more thai style is the best dial for stand up fighting you know and then put on tv otherwise have to warn you of glory glory elbow right
i mean you have special rules like they did in because type boxing they did not do with elbows but a special event like he pleaded with what i was just talking about they added oh no shit they didn't use elbows in some of the event no no did everything except the elbows you know that would be would be one the card brian they would do that well when you see some guys fight like like john wayne car or like he's perfect nation corbett perfect example his whole thing's elbows and then he fighting glory in they take the elbows away from him well i mean he's obviously very good at all aspects of fighting but he's you know now use one of his best weapons i was taken to i bought out in any ufc with coleman yeah this thing remember trapping both arms yeah dude you couldn't stop it yeah yeah when mark home was in his prime head butts were a real weapon yet did you but anybody ever no not enough my face
and they're fed that do you know if somebody loads up all right you may go with my forehead into his face i will keep the this is close to hold all right i'm a show my for the front of your face right in in in the i wait with it if they load up that's the fun part i they did this in the last could you just so they had bought themselves in the face for top of your head that's all yeah it works though i would think that he will be distracted for a moment for sure did you watch we have saturday night no i did not have no terry is flying all over the place yeah i had to go to another show not a fight show on award show this this guy that fought on the cards a beat add sherry poff leash it is this god how many times that you were here is his name many sucked it up at the wans every was they were saying just call him zabyt just a bit
and i might not and i get it yeah he's can phenomenon animal he's one of mark henry's guys telling new jersey ok that's good not waking from daghestan ok i know where there's just something in the water over there they just created it rain with bears right but this guy is tall and skinny and he thought kyle bochniak and this kid kyle bochniak like he was sure had a hard time getting in on him an zebede had more skill in terms of more techniques and more things that he could do but god dam bochniak is a fucking animal he is savage because he was there at every second fight trying to win never gave up never quit and then the end of the fight the very end of the fight in the third and final round the last minute of the fight he hornet on and he's got the beat up against the cage is screaming at him he's got fucking blood coming out of his
mouth is chasing after him this is the end of the fight i'm standing in for all this is the show in some highlights there's all highlights yeah yeah but is a beat that guy is fucking talented like you this i think he's undefeated that's good he might have one los maybe early in his career i feel like he's fifteen and oh though i think so you can find his record does it say so this is and so the end of the fight and i'm telling you bach nags his kicked the whole fight first look at the end standard right in front of him hands down fuckin' ten off holloway whole crowd going this is my favorite part it ends the buzzer goes off and look buck and hugs and they walk around the ring an i'm telling you there was not a person in the fuckign barclay center that was sitting down everybody stood up and went crazy me too i was standing up
time during the whole night i stood up and i was clapping you have to you know if they give it the old days there's nothing cooler than that you know that's what the holloway when he made that line you know we drew the line man and it became a thing now fifteen one house my memory so you are so good my is that beat but it twice in that name but it shows shut it off michael mitchell mega materials fuckin' answer me mother magic very very talented and mark henry's tell me about this kid along time ago he's telling me is like because i got a world champion goes going to be world champion it was like wow mark henry tells you that yeah probably gonna happen yeah i mean he's got there's a good fight coming up with he is who who's marlon marise is fighting
focus the fighting hello i'm good yeah great food workman dammit turner member who is fighting i see his face right in front of me frankie go to the ufc bantamweight division frankie rivera jesus christ that's we find not yeah another the guy who beat uriah faber there there is all right jimmie rivera was a frank gimme an animal yeah many get it i'm i'm just confused as to me ease to ease in this world jimmie rivera who beat he did about good guys but you should have stopped at eleven one or fifteen am yeah jimmie rivera
this is an interesting guy too 'cause he's one of those tiger showman guys when i was going to say yeah yeah when i was a kid when i was living in new york which tiger schulman karate places but we they were always like karate schools we thought of them as like you know like a chain link chain but they developed legit mma fighters it's like credit to that guy tiger showman because he really embraced mma yeah and they really develop some real top level talent well once you're open minded than you noted every evolution is there you know look at bruce lee yeah well the towel viewed could know you'll find toll cause he looks inverted he looks kneebars i mean you name it everything is in that freaking book it's amazing yeah i remember trying to death he was a game desert dragon the crucifix kind doing thing right i was going to order could have escaped that he could have bridge that in but but it was but that's like you know some
wrestling move so you see really work because flexibility is not good adrenaline will make you extra flexible trust me i'm going to feel the stretch what did you think about that crazy ship with connor throwing the dolly at the bus you know i'm giving a call in a lot of passes and the only reason i'm giving a lot of passes the same as the mike tyson is so you know you're getting a lot of money you have the wrong people rajit autobody g ace yes they are you know if nobody said hey you know what we should we should through so we can get the bus or the whole gang is going to yeah let's do that sounds great idea i think he just got caught up in the moment you know be him to be him he can't go anywhere i can't pump gas you can do it everybody i just got a lot of pressure and i think he just has to figure himself out and it's going to ok deep down inside he's a good guy like came in and and away with his family and his wife and everything that he does i hope he never loses that because that made him love him yeah because put it this way like ray borg was on that
all i know yeah he got his eyes cut got corneal abrasions because kind of threw that dolly at the bus and i mean who knows what's going to happen to ray's eyes see if you can find update on that ray borg's condition because who the most wanted suffered the most serious injury michael chiesa got cut on his head and is about i think okay i think those are just cuts and be be fine but ray borg you you get corneal abrasion that's really that's really serious yet out but what i was gonna say the magic of the roles reversed yeah match of connor was on the bus and ray borg through a thing here you have see ray board yesterday showed up because below his eyes it's in his eyeball kind of talking about bus he had a number of other mma stars he another a in a number of other mma stars are seated on so yeah so he's got he's got some series it reports only twenty four
you know i'm what i was afraid of is that somebody's going to show him just like having with russell crowe remember when you hit the guy with the telephone in his face they had to settle it for like six or eight million dollars because otherwise i was going to go to court and if it goes to court he's got a felony can never fight in america again that means for us a could have never done a movie in america again so we had to settle with the guy at the given that money that's a lot of money the guys probably ball in right now yeah probably right now sitting on a beach somewhere drinking a margarita go russell crowe well it depends if he never had money is probably gone right he know how to go yeah taxes fantasy had a beautiful this guy with his feet up on the beach colada something with an umbrella in it yeah and it's all gone now and now he's cleaning making shoe shine and to make his money still in paradise because he could buy a ticket back what i was going to say is imagine if the roles were reversed imagine it was ray borg through the dolly
the cut conor mcgregor's i'll listen i i'm not i'm not saying that is good i'm not no no he didn't do it on purpose but i understand what you're saying i'm just say i'm looking at not going i look at what happened to him the last two years and that's a lot to deal with it you know and and that and i think he has to sort that out and i think that the picture this morning i with his baby and his wife was there you could tell us says that he don't something like he was playing it's like a shame which picture you know if you seen it i've seen it so you can tell jail it's entirely pos they might put him in jail yeah that would be not good and because of its a felony is gonna have a problem getting into america right that's what i mean sure it's a very dangerous i mean what do they do here for his career if he he's got to settle so if he settles with michael kelso who already filed a lawsuit against him are you all free file this some sort of a complaint charges
something so him and raborg for certain is going to do the same thing so those two were cut everybody else on the bus every other fighter on the bus could sue for emotional damage yeah they one according including rose so gross is going to pull out of the fight yeah she was really considering pulling out of the fight she was so shaken up you know the thing that but i i do like that he at least because when he talked today today he didn't apologize but he apologized for all the people who were on board right he said no for the fighting so sorry that so i'm happy he did that you know it's something you can't turn back and you can make it right or you can and you can try to make it run like a band aid on a wound but you know give him all hell i would say
give the guy the little space and then hopefully he'll figure it out and you will sell it with those guys some would say that the only way for him to really learn is to face consequences for his actions and then if you just keep giving him space is going to just keep pushing them needle and he's going to keep doing more fuckedup things like no but that will happen now right he's going to he's going to have to pay is going to have a hundred percent guarantee he will not just a minute i want to go to court but he's got a hundred million dollars and he made from that fight you yeah but does he still and what the taxes and everything off i would everything he's buying it all you know i mean it would say he's got thirty million left yeah let's say he's got thirty million left taxes all that other jazz what you really get versus what they say you get it is not going on there right training expenses bought a house bought a couple of bentleys thora he's going to give a few million here is it going to cost of a few russell crowe the whole thing plus if they really
we're going to do this floyd mayweather thing they're not going to be able to do it now i mean if he gets arrested or he is arrested if he gets convicted and they wind up putting him in jail it's entirely let me he's got charged with assault mischief a few other different things felony charges there right yeah i mean it's entirely possible that there could be some real serious consequences for this and if they really were going do that but how many people would pay to see that mayweather fight in the octagon nobody is give us a little bit with the stupid rules is gone from the mayweather fight it's like almost a nokia money for all the right right it just three four days in normal kicks above the way normal kicks above the waist you know needs no grappling techniques i mean they charge changing the rules just an hour or two
the florida so what would you like to see them fight if they knew i am an inch do with knees knees and elbows i'll kill him i know but that's what i'm going to stick with i mean even if there's no grappling connor okay elements just with kicks yeah given kicks will take his legs out you know get she even just low kicks yeah he'll take his legs out all you have to do is just fight the number one recruit his fault that tie guy in the thai guy just kept his hands out like the just kick the shit out of his legs yeah it's all common would absolutely have to box some yes keep his hands out like this wack wack couple of those and you see floyd limping around and next thing you know the head kicks coming boom yeah ok but let's say the heck is not allowed let's say they do the rules like they tonio enoki for this alley we stopped like shakes just what i i would do yeah it should be a good one you know so he's here two weeks every time he goes to the restroom he's going to go down which
said last night from although when it gets you right he's like you have a scene where would you ride was taking pictures when he was going into the hyperbaric chamber to try to heal up the leg in his leg was giant purple blotches likens twice the size of his other leg yeah google find it that you write papers leg after jose aldo fight yeah who's although going to fight he's fighting someone old jeremy stevens gui oh you look at things like oh my god that is fucking crazy that is first of all your favor is a shot damn animal this i could not believe because it started early in the fight already any just kept hanging in there he wouldn't give up he wouldn't give up in is amazing amazing that he made it to the end of the round or the end of the day
right yeah i mean although this just taking that leg out and then i remember i was interviewing your eye after the fight he could barely stand up he could barely just talk he was in such pain but respect for the guy that guy is that is painted that moment the next day yeah when jimmy when jimmie rivera beat he beat with that low leg kick you leg sometimes that happens with guys they get that low leg kick and then the nerves give out in their foot doesn't work right that happens to a bunch of guys they get hit with that low leg kick and then the nerves just stopped working right yeah i that's a more dangerous gig almost than dental okay yeah because you actually can break a bone there with the cake she wore a special if you hit the third party she and get that little because the fibula this could be a in the field yeah the fabulous little tiny thing yeah that intel it's not designed for kicks is all right thank you
bones if this a ship designed your hand yes i ship design for guy punches as hard as you read this crazy yeah you know i should have i should have put taken of the glove definitely check now because these gloves are awesome man these gloves are good i mean the only thing about these gloves as they may be too good like there's a lot of padding that's that's very thick a special with the with the knuckles car look great here that is thick and that's like a solid inch plus of padding maybe even more yeah i mean i like it is a very even cushioned right yeah you don't see that a lot not sometimes just push through but this is really well certainly for the past your hands and even protect your hands better than the ufc gloves i think prod gloves for the best for free may your big though but that it was a cool we're gonna go ahead take care of so that has warned open even with the thumb and it didn't stop the grappling if you your
a smart guy and your creative you ever thought about re designing boxing or mma gloves may know something where people don't poke each other you just think yeah no i think people should just simply not poker why would you answer open i mean you should as a fighter if it's your profession you should be able not to poke somebody's i come on what do you think about this proposition is a lot of people been talking about this me included every time you do a foul weather it's an eye poke or a low kick to the nuts you get a point taken away whether you meant to do it or not you grab the fence point taken away so this it is no warnings and you do it do it because you're always worried to get penalized a lot in the beginning but once you realize that everybody's going to get penalized you'll stop so it's you know it's like giving a pedophile to life a sense of death penalty that will stop that disease eighty percent as well just get rid of him yeah i think they just stop with the cage think age is a bad environment i think it's too easy for guys to trap people up against the cage it's hard for people to see
it's hard for the audience to see i don't think there's a benefit in the cage i think the cage is fun beginning to those crazy like your cat leave trapped in the cage but no one wants to leave they want to fight right so if they're going to fight like guess i'm the best the best environment for fighting the best environment for fighting is like an open area the area that you know could create a combat as that's a nice area believes see everything but bush with the walls of my doubles because can lean against me now that you're on your back yeah grounded you know because they pull you back to the ground yeah because it chronicled but when you're against the wall you know ground but if they pull you once you're on the on your back on the ground you are you can get hit yes so you can't you can't get a way you can't run away not like it's not your run out into the audience you have to go up the ramp but your your contained in the yeah but you're not trapped up against a wall like you are at the ufc with the cage they were going to do
all the way in the beginning right when they were talking about it with the meal yes we made didn't join us in frank shamrock do that frank shamrock had something but he did shoot he called shoot box frank shamrock shoot box i feel like frank shamrock did something like this where he and then bob meyrowitz came back and did something called the young pit fighting with me i remember that it was intentional similar something like that yeah yeah but that was in the age two are david came to to promote arm wrestling with where you could hit your opponent so that's that's right you arms would tide up and do as well and then each other all my god that was the most ridiculous shit ever iforgot not that one
forgot about that one guy said their arms taped up taped together and they were punched each other in the head with the fuck was that called extreme arm wrestling or something ugly idiot i mean any name is good for that because that shit was so stupid didn't a couple may fighters get involved in that too i i'm pretty sure he knows there were enough to what is this what is it here we go yeah they tape each other yeah x arm extrema team so they take their lives together it's got a glove two oh my god but as soon as you let go of that
think that you're holding in order yeah you don't have that balance you have to if you're right handed you and if you still cannot kill all my god this is so stupid this is what i know they simply push him down and win the fight like that rice is so stupid this is in the fire the bartender tied up the bartenders behind the bar your arm is somehow tied you have to fight this is so stupid i want to see some of this x arm that's what it was called a new sport is boring and not really yeah i'm getting crazy on throwing kick incredible athletes yeah ready says your head how do you win do you win by take my god bar on the table that's ridiculous that is so ridiculous wait a minute he's onto something
this is so as to the k yes all my they stopped it mayweather the tied up pin his arm deep in his you win yeah because that's what came out this is so stupid why don't they just been them right away so you don't get it okay this dum dum she imagine if you pull down to focus on your i do believe this tool to use the phone you up to what the you over good for you wanna look anymore and other safety glasses the ref has like it should just is blood come separated inside this bit and at the camera the graph can all my god so dumb that is so i hope they get so dumb oh my god i forgot about the i'm so glad you brought this out all like i got kicked out and he's hanging on deck so yeah i got him he's out cold untie me from this dead man at what stupid would you do
to training part i was very angry and uh more angry than you were at the desk you know what he had a fight in two weeks and he said this week and my friends going to go to vegas for the bachelor party you think i should go and i go you're asking me for advice yeah i said no don't go is going to go wrong you do drugs you got drunk you do everything right of course it went wrong he did go so now man because you had a fight going on and i i said he wanted to train on he was back on saturday or sunday i wanted on install monday give you an extra day rest but i came in and this time you know normally i never want to knock somebody out but i want to knock him out just now because you couldn't find any way already with young angry boss anger at bush no he didn't listen and i gotta fight who constantly complaining about your losing he had i mean right it has a reason and this was one of the reasons this was the moment for him to get a lesson so i think first punch through but i incredible
i remember i hit him and almost in a feel the impact so you know that they are in the middle lynch road so to say let's trade with iran for him falling over the rope when i grab my stuff and i walked away my card it was in the garage here in the garage in the ring was in there said the front of my place and i over to my car i wanna walked over i look back it was still hanging was no movement whatsoever and i guess i guess started get worried because i was on the ready for the two minutes no movement whatsoever so i get in my car and then i by any still there's no just somebody taking care of him when i got out of the car because i want to take care of as soon as i started walking i start he started twitching get in my car and i drove off that's ridiculous yeah yeah is there a long time before he fought any last but they were so he lost he knocked him out two weeks ago no no he was losing already and it was every time it was somebody else is thing and say maybe shops stop smoking weed for awhile maybe
it's going to help what about that maybe that would help though so if you wake up in the morning and smoke a bong and do it all day long and you keep doing it i mean maybe that's the reason right well not getting value to your potential it could be a fad lessening the is there does seem to affect him there's always a exemptions yeah he's a he's a real exemption i mean when people people think about pot as you think but someone is lazy anything about people that have bad endurance you would think you'd be lazy but nick diaz is phenomenal endurance i mean he does triathlons do you know he swam from alcatraz five times i said two times and he corrected me because no bro five from like five in the slam back from alcatraz five fucking times in the shark infested waters yeah let's but there were also they said it was a you know it was not as bad as what they let the president's of course i was told that the mind just because athletes are just so much
better now but if you didn't swim it's not to let him prepare in prison like they do laps in the pool like those guys they didn't have any endurance no didn't have a little pool either right i'm thinking how can you how can you practice swimming but it's a hard one that's a hard one i'm sure some of the made it there's a couple guys did attempt to swim back alcatraz and one guy they found as close on the beach and they never found him i assume that he got eaten by a shark or some drown they just found his clothes but it's entirely possible that guy swam all the way he was a fuckin' real animal could swam all the way took his clothes off one you i'm out of here back then then in them database laughing right now it's listening to this podcast years ago that was real cold fronts going to call in number i got free yeah i mean i think nobody i don't think they know of anybody who definitely successfully made it but today people do it all the time it's like all those triathlete endurance asphalt
those a serious animals those guys who do like triathlon ultra marathons those mutherfuckers they have riddick louis cardio you'll be also like a ninety year old woman who did it i mean yeah this yeah so also from alcatraz jesus christ did you go to all content you did yeah his goal yeah it's pretty cool you know to go to al capone cell and just to seal that stuff it's weird the movie the rock remember that that's right i wanna add is moved clint eastwood right no no which is ninety from alcatraz oh right which one is the rock the rock nick cage nicolas yeah that's it that's it that's right escape alcatraz hopkins those guys no no what's his name who played james bond born bolt torque wrench partial coverage sean connery sean is such a bad as guy i always love sean connery my favorite
use him with barbara walters who is talking about smacking women oh i was just going to say that the leadership mark i'm sure they don't listen you let them have the last word and national north and they need more and more leisure shafter just take her hand and smack him yeah there it is escaped from alcatraz clint motherfucka eastwood there's an escape yeah so i don't anybody like definitely escaped and made it across the ocean i don't think like this one guy they caught in san francisco still on the fbi's wanted list but there's around they still still on the fbi's most wanted list and what year was it they escaped sixty two oh wow they might be a lot it might be still alive wow those three guys escaped and they never found that probably drowned man if you hear us call us
that will be a story google the ninety year old lady who made it that's insane you know what if they would still be alive they should write a book right and then just before they die to say here this is how i escaped alcatraz and one proceeds goes to the family yeah or just read expedition cover the novel and gone point this is all yeah like oj simpson death if i divided did you see interview where he kind of like says that he did i saw that i didn't see it oh yeah it's free you know you hear him saying because sometimes she forgets it doesn't talk into third person sometimes tasha and any he took this suddenly he made this really weird karate stance like he knew karate and then it's quietly says oh of course you know that will be in my mind you know you will correct himself every time yeah it took a karate pose is we
he's out there roaming around now yeah ladies is available i'm sure there's a lot of crazy bitches out there apparently that park landshuter that kid that killed all those kids in florida it just gets fan mail all day long they say go to merriam girls wanna marry yeah that was the thing with but ramirez the night stalker he just got tons of marriage requests a lot of girls who want to marry psychos yet so straight it's something really bad happened to them when i was young i guess you know i mean otherwise how do you get there how do you get into a spot like that i don't know how people right it's where we need bigger penalties for things we need well like that what you said no more warning boom do it one time i think actually good at it device yeah for fights i think i pokes well here's the thing even if you didn't mean to do it the other guy got poked in the eye and that's a significant impact and it could affect the vision we know many fights that have changed changed the course of the fight like travis
matt mitrione mitrione's winning the fight i poke travis browne then he winds up getting beaten up and stopped it was a big big moment in the fight and it came from an eye poke those kind of sick oceans happen if even if that by accident it doesn't matter they have and when they happen that's a giant impact and that giant impact should be penalized yep i can see now it's looking like this i got pro wrestling what they say you see three people yeah i couldn't my folks referee goes fight i get it i can't see anything so in japan it was processing such firefighters alcohol fight but don't do some hard pro wrestling in japan yeah i was right wrong style they call so that's why it's so good for the mixed martial artist because they use real submission moves if you go out to w w e you know that you see most of the tap on things that are not even move sometime right so it's teacher debbie guys got mad at me 'cause i was analyzing the figure four to hold and i'll
and the other guy is actually in a better position the guy was gay in that old has a heel hook right here this reach over grab ahold that's it you got it yeah and people were mad at me baby wy guys were so mad for telling the truth but they were saying that i'm somehow another diminishing their thing like yeah wrestlemania last night it was the biggest fucking thing on tv to it's not diminishing it but you yeah get add if someone's pointing out reality it is really you know if they say i'm i think there amazing guys yeah there are mainly i was almost about to sign for them along time ago but i would i thought it was good get away with like two thousand and thirty shows none new minimum is two hundred and twenty two hundred two hundred hipness without traveling so i go you know and these guys take bumps every single night can you imagine that it's two hundred and twenty shows you know if you look at the stone cold steve austin all these guys the rock dwayne johnson all this
they did way more year did it some two shows in one night they say they were going from go to town the crazy life stone call steve austin eating lunch pails because that no more money right potatoes eating in the car driving from event to event 'cause he had no money and no money at the time he was building himself up he was eating what is a rock it'll take it like a raw potato not good little bitter right remember when ken shamrock was the world's most dangerous man he did it just jacked he was so jacked back that was ridiculous remember how big he got really sherry got big here two hundred and sixteen first of all the thinking you yeah it's out unbelievably tough way to make a living i believe that stuff what is this just are just had retired yesterday she got kicked in the back of the house show and snapped
but you see how show like a non televised show one of the two hundred and twenty shows they have to do like not nla like whenever kansas wednesday night wo very injury prone man because he's constantly constantly it's really amazing all the falls all these things are real so ok say whatever they want progressing is fake yes so is acting school right let's let's be honest here you've got one of your worst injuries from stunts right yeah what no affect lights out to show on fx you eligible mcelhinney okay if you by the way you want to talk to him he's the lead guy in mind hunter and a tv show what is mine hunt my ninety this year that's that's that show about serial killers yeah no kidding yeah i mean look band that what they have to do is one the hardest jobs in all show business two
twenty shows a year getting slammed and knocked around like that it's one of the hardest jobs in show business but you're a tough guy be such a pushy if someone says that a figure four leg lock doesn't work don't start that should the skin is very thin just very thin i don't understand instead of thinking is constructive criticism i got nothing but respect for them yet but relax should be able to take jokes you can't tell jokes anymore i was serving on inside ever made right i'm telling uh but i didn't even notice was a rebel by i don't even remember i set this so i'm busy and i said yeah right who can write who not go to sleep you she highlights and i tell kenny rice has abandoned that right to duck out is i'll love to see that the show under use the right hook i said you should really practice that's okay he says to me how do you practice that so well if you married you said hey honey come over here for a second and right away open the camera and i say i'm kidding of course right but uh literally saying it because i know it is always people but i start
laughing is a joke i don't even remember me saying this on my facebook look at this you know organization attacking me that i couldn't say that i would hit my wife and i go i didn't say i went through the whole show when i go i did i say it was a literally the last twenty seconds where i said it two seconds later i said i'm just kidding it's a joke you could never do that you know but people are south in sketch can do anything about this would have same people when they ask me what did i enjoy the most of women fighting i thought i'd make a joke i said the wayans right i thought it was funny to say because there in the bikinis right yeah say feminist docking station
is this a you get and i told him i said if you're in the mma business as they get out we altered they'll think like me they're just so you're on the on the nightstand right on the night and they think like you yeah yeah the dark and more to go like you know what i would do at this moment with the girl like that that's how you how bad it is do you ever see do eric lewis instagram eric lewis has the most fucking hilarious instagram photo she get those options it as far as pushing it you see this should he do it rhonda rowsey after he knocked out travis brown after he knocked out travis brown mean shut down her boyfriend and he we got our now her husband he's got
these videos of him mister p like in rocky is doing his face and he's you know i put put his face on someone elses body and ran his face and someone else is body it's like he's full raising these crazy is funny though peaceful and so there is a leg of his instagram page is fucking hilarious but almost like what how long is it going to take for someone to find that pay each and just go over his archives ago what enough yeah like you can't do it this year because it's basically he's joking around he's a very funny guy for you sada after derek is fucking funny man who is he fighting next i don't know but i think it's good posting ridiculous videos of people do stupid shit like if
just go to his his it's almost always have a what's going on with his hand what is going on there danach it hurts i have a fourth metacarpal fracture oh february 21st right well he ain't fighting anybody anytime oh they dig it in there what are they doing all their extracting yeah they're pulling out the pus let's get in there son pulled out plus out yeah now yeah they a once a to me one time i was in japan and dan henderson stands next to me was at the table eating and he says where is the heat coming from an already mean and he pulls his arm and my arm was infected and was streaming out heat in english could you get staph infection but this is really bad you gotta look nice i'll do it when i'm home he says no no you gotta go to the hospital right now this is very bad i went to the hospital in japan they
put an insurance i is big giants racist are start pulling out stuff it was like the in goblet liquid that green go liquid completely clear not one little sliver of slime or whatever in it completely clear like the doctors pulling it out and he goes more liquid already start talking to all the other doctors and they came running over there they pulled it out as a whole fix orange he filled up with green clear stuff wo weird right very and with the with the give you some serious antibiotics here is out of the arctic share does this mean what pam with damon remember when i sure do we did that show and i was laying on the body got real i was acting like it was talking everybody should do it that was unbelievable you at that was how sick i was so i acted like it was drunk and i was sweating but it was from the real sickness i was little between takes laying on the that's why and we're going to go there all right but i did take it it would fall back again
why i was destroyed did you fly home with that yeah but was days later i started feeling much better the next day after they gave me oral antibiotics or ivy oral an ivy in my view right away is wrong yeah so staph infection scares the shit out of me man you can something even better staff from kevin randleman he had a whole so whole industry aren't here underneath yeah they make a snuffbox you know like when did the tobacco thing you could hide it in there you can literally pushed it sees muscles yeah and his tendons and everything in there was fucking crazy kevin randleman staff yeah he's the most famous staph infections ever talk animal this guy might ari and i my ari i i was taking jujitsu for a while we're playing pool and i noticed him walk around the pool table is limping and i go what was going how much do mangoes i think about spider bite on my knee look at that look at that god dammit crazy
that is so crazy that's like systemic when that bad when is that deep your body so i looked at rei go what i go you got a spider bite or let me see your name and he pulls pants leg up when i go dude you have staph infection listen to me right you gotta go to the hospital immediately eagles won is a big deal i go no this could kill you yeah you have a real bad staph infection it was like a fucking big white head i was like go to the this little right now is like a series i unscrewed mike you i'll go dude we're done i know you gotta go to the hospital take you want to go to hospital right now he went to the hospital right then and there and they're like holy ship butt hole hooked him up then he got it again i think afterwards like sometimes it can apps when you get it bad to get in your system and you don't like completely get it out of your system sometimes it can come back friend of mine had this or blue blood poisoning from a low
it was all his like there was fluid sinners and his lived like a pinky thick purple line started going up on his body like towards the oh yeah you gotta see that leg i mean they went in there they stapled it close with like thirty four the staples soul flies are crazy scar from low kicks from low kicks didn't read it man it just kept on working and something went wrong and funding action yes that's clothing as you see i did that clinic things like that as well as what do you think i need to ask you about some certain what do you think about the john jones situation like with jon jones tested positive but saying was a tainted supplement which think about all that i think as it ok i'll go like all the way back window you could do pretty anything you wanted right right i brought my own bread on foot everything to japan
if i would go to a hall i will remain water i wouldn't drink the water they had their i heard all the war stories and fighting in foreign countries that they might paint it or to do something make sure every product at you as a professional athlete is your responsibility you know so once that happens and i thought that painted something wasn't the same thing to supplement as you'll romero head i believe it was the same thing in the room and they have the same manager so so their manager didn't say hey wait a minute joe romero you maybe you shouldn't take this because i don't know one hundred percent yeah i'm just talking at anyway even if it's not the case energy would say i think from now on you should buy only products that are on the list they don't do anything else anymore just to make sure because people in order to fine that's what people think it's always like that to forty i was very happy with y'all romero when he when he brought a product i said that
the first guy who actually does that right they took the product got it off the market because it wasn't there and he was clear this out okay finally i i would have done means to the same thing to means tested positive in ninety five it also they found it on the shelf you say they did a independent test of it and they said yep it's in the stuff that's a real common thing a lot of baseball players are tested positive for the exact same thing that john tested for apparently it's in a bunch of different supplements but you get it in trace ella a trace amounts you know you're not getting like big now it's in a lot of it comes from they take the same vats in you know china wherever they make that shyt and they'll make some stairs boyds nba in and out but do a shitty job of cleaning out and then make some creatine in there like the gluten free products you know because sometimes they use a machine that has product with gluten in there then it's ain't it just like that yeah it definitely can be it definitely can be you know i've heard a bunch of crazy stories one of the craziest one was they think that cocaine
and sometimes they cut with creatine and creatine often infected with this steroid that it's often tainted 'cause you know getting cheap creating from china and they use creatine cocaine with i got a good idea don't do cocaine if you're a fighter wait a minute that's crazy crazy that only make sense don't to cope when did he come back when it come back joe i don't know i don't think they've done is hearing yet men to want to tell them what a waste you know he did the california hearing but i think the the nevada state athletic commission and you sada i think that's in april sometime faces i really hope you gonna see him soon i really hope he turns his life right i true i truly the best yeah he's the best i mean the impact that he can have on on on kits and on everything yeah going out is if you train for four fights for more years yeah his beat everybody i think out i think you can see will do it too i think you can still come back and maybe hope it's clear one thing is clear from his test is that whatever it is
was a tiny trace amount and it must have been accidental i've been this is according to jeff novitzky because if you look at right before that test he test negative the test positive for the tiniest amount and then he test again right afterwards because she is a tiny tiny bit ago so it has to be an accident and it definitely didn't have any performance enhancing benefit with the levels that he took talking about trace amount but you see this is where comes in play what he did before and that's why he's going to penalize that you see so y'all is responsible for your ex 'cause that's what's happening now just with first time idol two which is so crazy i know but you know if somebody has a chance to do it back when i come back that would be i think he can do it one hundred percent i mean you think about his victory
daniel cormier the way he did it that left high kick in and puts it on the sign up yeah and tire fight he was setting it up now i think that when he came back and of before los break that they said okay now we can lead to fly i think you set him up enough yeah i love that man making a pattern and then breaking the better and that's i love that style of fighting yeah yeah mom and i mean he's such a talent i mean and just but isn't it funny how some of those guys are so talented are also so self destructive so common it's because no no but it's not only that it's it's talented and because the talented propels him up in the limelight and suddenly they become somebody and it's like i said was gonna you get all the a said nobody says no to you right and if you have that constantly twenty four seven around you yeah you start becoming do you think you're but you can start doing things that other people can you can that's the worst part is i mean you look i mean he didn't go to jail think about what he did
by hitting the woman and into drugs out of the car and the woman was pregnant and she was injured i mean there's a serious thing a normal person would have been in jail right so money situation and how we changed suddenly with core me a when they were you know were there filling them with the interview and they they kept it rolling and if you know your willingness to say how much money you have i got so much my money i got this i got this ad i go do you doing what is right it's a way thing to say but then again you think of is that he was the only champion also ever right the guy is young i mean i was an idiot i wasn't it when i started at 28th it was still a grown up completely crazy so that's why i never blame people because i know i wasn't complete idiot right well you have a great perspective on it because of the yeah yeah you've been there you know what it is can you wear a fuckin' wildman and now you're very calm except for when the occasionally punch a table yeah
thirteen hours is too long for in a commercial shoot don't do that i know what that's like though they keep i want you do it again you get angry like falk yeah i know it's an ego thing too because they said it's fine but because they said it would be great you know that now what's in my head i go i just want to do it for them so i i feel as bad as i go away but right it's just push it is just saying no little sooner that's the trick do you miss inside mma yeah i do i never and i told as always when i had to show there's now ever been to show menu that imagined today was friday had to film now forever i thought i wish i could stay home tonight i always wanted to go and meet who everybody was at whoever was there i love that show it was great so the new talent that's her call him you know comes in and he was just starting interviewing him is great and ect old guys you young dolph ryan coleman is great is a fun show what happened with it
i think just numbers i think it's you know nowadays with everything streaming you can you know there's no breaking news for us so it has to happen on friday should come along and reboot it give you show just do it online where anybody can get a hold of it do not you too yeah but then all so do it every day but make it you can compute a very short again i'm you can because that's that's happening now so you need to show a live show it like right like a podcast but you need to do it every day yeah all renters breaking news yeah well every days mean man you did it every day it would just take off if somebody just figured out how to do it and got you into a studio yeah but you know what we're waiting first of all the kevin can wait if that goes to the third season i'm going to have to have that then i got eleven shows with the professional fighters leak i just started karate combat you know so i'm good i would like to keep the free time what do you are you a regular on kevin can wait yeah
yeah i'm a regular show but not a regular of the show that would be if this goes to one slash three season i become the cast member that then it will be there when you play on the show his neighbor like yard exist sixteen or seventeen episode so that's yeah that guy crazy guy rutger from holland you know not a smartest guy not the show it's not even the draw very funny that's fucking great yeah so cool that kevin did that that's very cool and it happened becaus once inside mma stopped he said now can finally do an appearance on the show because there were filmed fried thank you for the live audience right so i could never be on a show so i did a guest appearance the writers like they got me back and then i did two more shirts three four shows the first season at the end and then i visited a levee that would show for next year so record as a solution i set this twenty one years ago i believe against george grosz when he interviewed me for sure dog was just but it sure doc
twenty one years ago and my dream job he asked me a long story short my dream job will be working in america said come my set he said you know one fight i said oh did all that i just want to make people laugh look at you there wow that's hilarious so funny what a life that is man is sitcom everybody is happy yeah it's such a good time i did that for five years yeah yeah it's interesting it happened with the we're going to reboot it or was it so in fact or fear factor they did reboot it with loot yes show shouldn't no i was going to you're too busy over the place i don't want i was got into a fight to remember that i want some silly guy yeah that's that's
i'm with of reality show the deal with all these wacky people to try to get famous where as you're on the sitcom you deal with the other people that you're working with on a daily basis when i was on news radio you know we're like a little weird little dysfunctional family you know that's what happens in those those sitcom sets give very close to each other yeah it's up it's it's a it's a great job man it really is like the the i so funny yeah you i'm laughing the whole time with people who have a camera on me and if i'm laying in bed going over the script i mean it's all i didn't realize that almost everything they say is funny you don't catch that when you're watching but that's why the reruns are so good every time you see new jokes but pretty much everything is tide in together if you every single line you go my god this comes back from that scene before it's so people don't realize what a good stand up comedian kevin is to yeah he's a very good writer he said very very good writer very funny guy yeah lot of
he doesn't have enough stand up specials out where people don't appreciate how good he really is he's going for the netflix no no no i'm happy yeah i think you're filmed did you reach out to i think should do i went to a few because once we were there he started you know going do some anna places you know to start practicing because he was out for a little bit yeah and an album we started out together we have the same manager and i got him hooked up with my manager back in like fuckin' one thousand nine hundred and ninety three or some shit i don't even remember what year it was when kevin and i were buddies in new york i love you you know use a room is right also now windows we never live together but we were just like we were friends we're both like and early early twenties regis your
now yeah he told me that he will use to watch pancreas with you and that's how we knew maine yeah and so when i came to america i had this management right away calling this a wants to meet you said i was killed at his school yeah i haven't used to watch all that shit with me we used to watch pancrase in the early k1 fights and everything yeah cabinet series martial artist to people i don't know that i have to he could hit man he's a power is a cool thing we were shooting here comes the boom he at the end with crystal sosinski when you lift him up for the armbar right so they see this going to bring in a crane with a cable so they because it needs to be controlled of course for the film so he's asking he says oh by the way can i have your attention to all these extras are there and it says goes lay down so crystal put him in an arm bar he lives crystal up above his head puts him back to lift him up above his head brings him back does it does it three times in a row says did you see that
it's going to bring it out there so people can see because now to cable comes in otherwise everybody sets that i can do it and everybody was like what he just did that the three times in a row user gorilla and his speed and his lunch is if you see him that's not sped up on here comes the boom i mean the way he's hitting what he's doing the ferry first time i was training him i remember coming home and telling my if she said and i said maze a big guy but who do you listen to every little thing i say and it will do it immediately i mean his mind body connection is really good it is valuable and i coordination as well as really good golfer too yeah he's a good dude i've known that guy forever alright boss i i think we should at the shop so karate dot com if anybody wants to go karate combat and you said april twenty six in my yeah me in miami and you could stream it live on karate dot com okay free give them your email dress boom and they hook it up
and it should be fun and these guys where are the athletes coming from all the world that's the greatest thing and if you have any you know contact these people here because they listen to the fans so if you say remember please do you think about the low kicks i heard on joe rogan we're talking about you know and maybe watch a few fights and see what you think i want you think hey yeah it should be added start emailing him just talk about it there's they throw it into group they listen to the people and then uh let's see what happens when i'm seeing a lot of six packs so i'm very impressed already they look good bus route mazen gentlemen thank you sir always a pleasure my brother got speed got to be too as well by well there we go thank you everybody thanks to the podcast thanks to but box go to butcherbox dot com and use the discount code rogan to get ten bucks off plus free bacon that's butcherbox dot com
use the discount code rogan thank you also too that watches m v mt watches get fifteen percent off with free shipping and free returns but to mvmt dot com slash rogan that's fifteen percent off with free shipping and free returns get some dope sunglasses while you're at it at movement watches m m t dot com slash rogan code join the movement you fuckers and on it open and i use the code word rogan save ten percent off any and all supplements that's it that's it for today tomorrow we will have on matt farah from he's been a bunch of different shows about cars he's a car expert from smoking tire good dude
funny guy and knows a shitload about cars so it would be fun if you're into cars like me a lot of girls going great i don't know if you really talk like that but i hope you don't i hope i'm exaggerating tomorrow okay and then tommy buns be here on friday all right that's it for now daisy diamond thanks so much bye
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