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JRE MMA Show #24 with Kevin Lee

2018-04-23 | 🔗
Joe sits down with UFC Lightweight fighter Kevin Lee to discuss his recent fight.
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Twin for Kevin Lee and he look spectacular doing any a lot of people? don't understand this guy and they don't know him. You know they judge him based on Prescott differences or post fight interviews. It's a shady way to get to know a person. I've had some conversations with them as one of the reasons why I was really looking forward to having him on the podcast today is a very smart guy, very introspective, an open. Honest and I think it's going to shock a lot of people and that's one thing that I really love about doing these mma podcasts is we get to see these guys? and just get to understand who they really are get past. All the bullshit in the press and the hype and just talk- and I think when you listen to Kevin Lee Talk, you will find a very intelligent, very interesting young man. I really enjoyed talking to him, so please give it up for Kevin Lee
Rogan experience Kevin Lee. About as fresh off a fight as you can get man yeah. Just about touching dance. He barely slept yeah, it must've been a crazy first of all, like after a fight is probably probably so wired and like can't believe it's over right it takes you a minute for it to hit you really uh sleep at all, at that? If I had just laid there for a little bit. My kind of racing didn't really settle down just it up just getting up getting some breakfast and then right on the plane over here densely Balaton plane came over here. Three hundred am I've been up all morning.
Would you like twenty five yeah yeah yeah, you go rock star lifestyle. I got a live it! Twenty five you like two days in a row for really starts to settle in here and I'll, be good for me because I'd get kicked in the head, I'm all of them that do that. That was the first of all. It was a very, very, very impressive performance meet at some bar bows is no joke and notoriously do to take down even Cabebe struggled getting them down the early part of the first round, but you got him down quick yeah. I think a lot of people isn't that, especially how technical my wrestling can get. I I just feel like Epson was really strong. He was probably the strongest guy that I've ever faced physically. His body is just moved a little bit different, but technically I just had the aspect. And when you add those two things up, I'm equally as strong yeah yeah, I'm just going by the
easy as a bundle of fast twitch muscle, fiber man, and that dude I mean people you know need to be. Fighting will see this fight with you. They might not understand how good that guy really is he's very, very good, he's a beast and he's going to come back and he's going to knock some people out here for sure he's only going to get better from here. I think yeah, it's just he is the styles. Make fights two in me. I feel like I can find any You know that that was my number one goal. When I got into this sport just to be the most well rounded, complete spider that there is an end I feel like. I can take advantage of like some of his things that he's not getting good at, but he's going to get better at he's going. He's gonna be back he's a beast. Well that focus in that mindset of being well. Rounded, was very obvious in that fight. I was very impressed by the fact you fight just as good south. As you do, orthodox you switch up easily. I've been.
I have only been going so far for maybe the past year year and a half or so, and just kind of getting the filler for down, but I feel like that could be one of the. When you listen to a lot of the gray fighters in the past they talk about a right handed southpaw, there's so many advantages. They can be there. N is just is just always great. To be able to switch up in and change time is especially got a guy. That's that's trying to time you like at ten yeah. They say that if I'm sorry but they they say that if you work on the opposite side, it actually makes the other side better yeah. It makes a little bit easier. We switch back, yeah and and and I've noticed that I mean there still some some kinks and twist, that I want to kind of get now. Did you see? I study a lot of people. I study a lot of switch fighters, especially in MMA recently I want to say about the last two years we've been doing it more often, but some guy do better than others. I try to get the perfect mix. Well, some guys do it, but there's a twist.
Like. Wonderboy does it, but when Wonderboy does it, you know that the front leg is coming and then he's you know he's he can fight. Any style. I mean he could fight left or right, but when he switches when he goes right, you know that front legs, Cakes come in the front leg, roundhouse kick is coming and then, when he stands, Orthodox he's much more likely to throw a poncho or maybe even spin, he mixes it up, but he he's limited, maybe in the way he attacks the blending of it. I think wanted boys want those guys that his These are like? Really you can see him coming. You know he. He makes a really pronounce You know their big switches and you know the attacks that are coming there. Guys I t J Dillashaw who's great at mixing it up completely right, where I feel like he doesn't sit down on his pledges too much or you know he gets in spots where he can get clipped in between those with your feet off the ground. So I try find a happy medium between those two switching up too much and being able to,
those hearts which is too well teaches really been doing that style for just like three or four years now, since he's been with bang. Maybe it was about one to three years for years. Yeah, probably some of that it takes some time to get used to it. Get used to the timing and everything and that's one of the things we need like. I try to be the most consistent, that there is out there so the more consistently I'm getting in there, the more I'm seeing things come in time, read the angles and you know get a lot of different, looks a lot of different bodies being thrown at me. So all that as a to experience in It's only gonna get better from there yeah. It's also one of those things when you're twenty five years old. Do you still are like realistically five years away from your athletic prime. Yeah. I did it. I keep in the back of my mind, sometimes because you know obviously don't want to overwork the body too much you don't want to burn out, but I think it's just Stankus understand healthy as long as I'm healthy through it. I got through that fight. No, no serious damage is at all, and
the most important thing is to stand healthy when I'm young and then you know, Taylor back when I'm starting to get more damages are more injuries, but I do a great job of keeping my body of the a thing or anything What do you like when you're in I know Robert falls? Was your coach for quite a long time and we both miss and I'm sure you you were very close with them. He was such a great guy. Yeah was: was he the guy that like did he he sort of map out your training program when you were camp or you know I had to be kind of structured it, or at least I try to structure it like a full team aspect. You know Rob was kind of like I think of it, like a race car, you know I'm on the race car itself, but Rob was like to hit driver, Rob, know telling me where to go. What to do Dooley was my horse power yeah, do Cooper with Tommy Phenomenal, striking coach yeah ever the I tastic fighter eat with him. He he was a smaller heavy weight, but he will fight John, a godly Peter arts in a dude. At u
You look at him he's only about two. Twenty, you, twenty six foot, one, maybe he's fighting six foot, seven three hundred pound guys, so he has to be extra technical in there not rely on his speed and power. That's why I think he makes such a great coaching and he pushes through it, but I had another guy. I've been working with core you got when for the last four five years since I've been on biggest he's kind of like the mechanic. You know he keeps me, he keeps my body fresh and going Is he your strength conditioning yes, but we call it that, but We do is a lot different than straight the condition, and you know it's not a lot of. Only if any weight in people with you will see, I haven't touched a weight since college wow time I did was when I went over and I started working with the. U C p, I guys a little bit. They wanted me to touch weights, but it's just not a good fit for are you doing? What are you doing plyometrics? So you doing, he have to explain it to you more. You know and that's his that this he does he
where do s excel for a long time, so he took a lot of their their physiology and artists are there, which is excels axles, the the I think they just signed a deal with the? U S to a lot of guys were going over there. A big strength and conditioning program. They got a big facility down. Arizona on a but they used to be based out of Vegas, so he work for them. We he gets a lot of his train. Philosophies I from, but it's not any any weight lesson. Calisthenics, charlotta, calisthenics lot of movement A lot of we work a lot of the joints, especially you know where he overextends my joints. He pushes them pass. Pass the limit, and then we workout from there? So it's not very heavy lift and it's maybe fifteen paudi mean by pushing past the limit like like hyper yeah, I mean cause it, but also you getting on board so uh. One of the things we do is he takes a band any stretches out, so it really pulls my shoulder, and I was telling you how I very We have so shoulder problems and I think a large reason he he
pulls it all the way out come up the judge socket and then we work out from there how to build straight from those. Those little muscles which I feel like is is that's the part. I get my true strength from you know. I do that a lot of yoga lot of a lot of things that just all the strength comes from within me, not lifting weights How are you doing yoga when you're in camp to two I've only been doing it for like four five months since the Tony fight It's been helping me out like when I, when I started doing it, like would do you like, not just it's hard like we could just do a yoga like crazy how hard it is. It sounds like you just fucking off.
I'm doing yoga all you lazy. We do a stretch and touching your toes, but like the first two months like I do, like I say, but they'll be able to live where you go like you know, that is someone call. As you know, we will be lived a lot of weight to it, we'll be grunt. Initiate relationship NAM in there with, like the cat house, also hides in the killing me it's crazy right. Kilometer doing me. I've gotten good. Now, though, but I do yoga yeah yeah hi and I do a couple different stay, even if vinyasa a little bit at. I double tried, but I've only been doing it for a couple months now now, when Can you do? How do you structure your camp like a mid term like how much strength conditioning you doing how much skill work, how much so it depended depends on the opponent too, but you know
generally I'm doing three times a week of some type of grappling, whether that's wrestling or no guy, then only spar. Once a week at the end of the week we pick our our partner, that we that we choose. You know we fly guys in or or guys that are in town, because I'm in Vegas all guns are always in and out but then you know only only do something maybe two times a week, not too much. Now when you say you spar once a week, can you bring guys in use part hard or DS bar more technical? You just don't know when I'm in camp, maybe four or five good, pretty garden in, We sometimes get a run on his farm partners. Hey guys, don't want to show up in all this, but the I I I ended up having a star pay. You guys just come on give me some work here, right yeah, which I make some money. Do you think that that's the way to go like for long
Jovani did say, there's a there's, a big debate right when the not use its bar skill, wise and then save it up for the fight or whether you should just go to war. I think I think you need that that reaction time with a guy that seriously throwing at you- and I mean we're not trying to hurt each other for sure the Smart partners, eighty percent- maybe seventy percent- something that we go pretty hard up in you, obviously even on like some of my take down that back down. Obviously, I'm not trying knock the guy out, but I am trying to give him some good work and I hope you do same retired, but we picked smart, guys that'll. Do it that's what it's about at that level when you got two very high level guys going against each other. We can go
and not injured right. If I'm going with like a new guy or you know it's a newer team like I don't even try to make a name of a correct, yeah, yeah, there's a lot of that man too. Much now remember, I ran into vittore once in his hand, was in a cast and he had to fight in awhile. So what happened? He said some new guy I came into the gym and he spawned with this new guy, and this new guy is trying to kill him and he broke his hand. The students for it- and I was thinking you're Vittore Belfort, I mean this is v tore like sh, I want to say. Like eight nine years ago I was like man like that's crazy, but yeah. That's the kind of that happens right. Anger, is a very tough and a jump. I mean special. Someone is doing like they tougher than you think they may sixteen in there tough yeah they coming out with new. I think each generation has a new style to that. You don't get used to it if it if the boys are catch they they be hungry or the new. What you see in all these new guys that have come up that can do everything you know they they have all Thai kwando skills. They got Muay Thai, they can wrestle. They do fly
arm bars and ship, there's just kids or because MMA is such a part of like the Zeitgeist now and everybody understands and kids know if you want to we a really tough fighter. It's not about boxing. It's about MMA, so you're getting these wild as kids at a really young age Cindy should on each other learning it trying gyms in their nine hundred and ten years old by the time they're in high school they're killers. Yeah I mean we have so many of 'em that come through Vegas, especially- and I think that's that's my favorite part about living there is, is the training partners and, like you said, the new kids I try and even though I'm only twenty five I'm trying to see what they doing right, that's coming up next, a smart because they're going to come with something that you ain't seen before this some out there, like even my younger brother, my own brother, skin started. In is America, where he's only got five pro fights now, eight in total. So not that many fights but the some of the things they do. I'm like
me, try let me learn from you a little bit right. Well, the Barboza fight. You got clipped, the third round, the beginning of the third round. You could put that will kick it at. It was amazing, though man, that's an amazing recovery, Mean Barboza, puts people out with that shit and your legs completely gave out, but man it's weird moment right there like anything. If he wasn't near you right where you could grab ahold him and take him down if he just step back a little bit. You know interesting right. Yeah yeah, I mean I was still there you know I never went away and I think a lot of Even the way I moved with. Somebody show me that video after I, cracked, though I was dollars, die eleven because when I'm in there I don't- I don't know what happened. You know. I see the video
and I see my legs just go see the screen exactly at the music is a couple of growth. They pretty good, though I've been laughing a lot of all morning because you want it's funny, it's funny it's funny, but I think a lot of you see my What I was my focus going into this one was really on my footwork. My balance doing yoga I've been dancing to a little bit. La it is I mean I, you know I've heard a lot of great look. Lomachenko is a you know his dad had and old and dance for four years, traditional russian dancing and he credits out for his footwork yeah, I mean I've. I've only been doing it for a short amount of time, but still I can tell right off the bat and I think, a lot of what you saw there was that you know, When I looked at before the only other fight, I've ever got dropped in hurt seriously, was Lazada, Leonardo, Santos fight and really was the drop. In back on my ankle an I broke, my ankle nafi. So,
when I tried to stand back up. It looked like a wobble to and that's why John John Mccarthy stepped in so a lot of what focus on with the balance. So when my you know Equilibrium gave often you see how it's all four guys in front of me I'll. Just let let me just keep my eyes on is my of other airlines, because you think of how hard Barboza is usually to take down. You just got you. It was very fortunate. He was right to here for you to grab him 'cause. He was trying to move in for the kill. Yeah yeah I mean if you were his coach. You would've been screaming, get the fuck away from him right after his coaches was not doing him. No favors the moment I felt bad for the guy who mean in what way they could they could have done better through the he, I probably could have put away in the second row, but he was paid Thank you and I can see it in a mean in this code, just like cause them to panic a little bit more. You know they just kept screaming. The time that you only got two minutes survivor. No nice guy. He really
and the in I don't wanna hurt him to bass this two very similar fights for him in a row to mauling said in a row. That's you know when you're that guy who wants to stand up, and you know guys that are just just constant pressure. Constant pressure mean don't realize how much insurance it takes to move away to moving backwards. It's a lot more difficult to do. Yeah true, I mean I feel like it everything kind of pushed. You know it it's about who control the the pace of the fight yeah, I feel like. I did a good job at the end. Again, I I I thought another guy wobble with the with the kick in at their. I still came back and you will not around yeah. I try to make it a point to others. In that moment you want around you know and You heard him bad in the second round, two with a kick to the body, but you cover up in tents in the, but you could see it. It was a a strong right kick to the body. One of the reporters the x me like well, why was I stand at at range with them and it's just like I feel like I can do it all. You know in that that's
My true says life. I can stand it range with that, with I mean he's. Definitely the the most explosive dynamic all those things. The one say that the past kicker in the weight division and I and I can stand at range with the me in kick just as well with him yeah. I can wrestle with the best wrestlers I can. I can kick with the kick back kick box like a punch with the best boxer, So well, why not test myself? I'm I'm not one! These guys. We shy away from he's an interesting case because he's really primarily a kicker. He will throw punches, but that's not a strong suit. I mean he's, not a guy that just wants to. You know just just dig and throw bombs. But he got some bombs hit me with that. Let you know when I hear me A marsh's left hook in the fifth row, Z, man, Yeah. He still there to kidnap, he never gave up. He was taking a beating. He hit me with a Masha slept well so I gave him one back in buses, orbital up pretty good, but you know you still there to the very end he he he can box to eat he's got some power in advance, yeah and the cut
was pretty nasty, cut, pretty nasty cut over his right eye when stopped the fight, we were you shocked, they stopped it. I thought it was the right call you now, I think more coaches, in MMA should definitely get in there. A little bit sooner. I think I think that's what the my problem with his corner- was too You know you see somebody's fights and you can kind of tell when a guy just doesn't it doesn't make sense of make up, take more beads, not right to somebody like marbles. A kid is explosive to the very, very end. You have to give that to one that's the thing you never know right may be connected with that. Left took perfect and you went out and then and then he's a hero yeah. They then you know, I guess you've been. You look like the, but you know how I don't know if it's a deadline across yeah, it's a tough this you don't want to be there when you guys getting beaten up like that, and you have to make that call yeah I mean, maybe I'm just being from because I'm not a coach. Yet maybe you know my stance will change when I'm when I am a coach, but you know or if I have a coach but we'll see yeah it's so it's it's due
with the I mean the same thing with referees and Keith Peterson did a great job in that fight. Is that he's a guy that doesn't get enough credit yeah? There's a there's a few like you know, herb dean. I think, because John Mccarthy is retired, I think he's the gold standard Josh Rosenthal, is a bunch of we get really good guys, but that's a tough call of decide when to stop. I think even Yamasaki, no Yamasaki takes a lot of he takes on how to bullshit for is specially from the yeah from from data. Don't like him at all. He hate them all, but he he does. Great job in their even that fight where he let the girl take a lot. How much is a lot of damage? still moving. She was still showing that she was in the fight. I think you got to put that on her coaches in her in her trainers, they know that she's, if she's really and you know some guys are just too tough, they don't go like like Barboza. Well, she was fighting Valentina Shevchenko. She should have been in there. She just shouldn't be and there was off work. First, UFC fight and she's fighting
it is just a straight up. Assassin yeah in a in a can't, be on the ref. You can't put it on the ref to know that you know yeah or to to make that call. The ref has to be completely sabino non, not objective at all it. It's a, I think it's gonna put on the coaches fictional. In what way do you walk around about if I'm completely just kind of like bullish and doing whatever I've gotten to his eyes like one hundred and ninety five, when you're in training like when you get like save Four weeks out where you at usually one, eight five hundred and eighty five, it you're cutting a lot of weight. Man yeah yeah That's do you see yourself ever moving to seventy or not, not not. Seventy necessarily just because those guys there. At that point, you talking about a frame issue, you know like I said, like six foot one and you know there's just it's a reference, a different body style. You know I train with a lot of them. High level well to ways to you know is the different body style. So I'm more suited for one hundred and fifty five, it's just we. You know some of the
things that I got to play around with that, I think, will keep happening in upcoming months. I didn't project that, with again until July or so so a lot of the things that I was doing. Dia wise was kind of getting to that and they approached me with his Barboza fight, maybe like eight weeks earlier than that, so I just had to do what I had to do. So is it a matter of just you didn't taper off quick enough for you just came in to have it before you started. You know it was just. It was is the timing wise. You know I missed. I one pound yeah yeah, it's it's it's something on the time and that that I've really got to figure out, and that was the biggest problem with with the twenty Ferguson fight. You know I can break it, you wait wait! So usually you know I'm normally about one hundred and eighty five through six weeks died, I can usually died die down to about seventy six. Seven like that's where I'm optimal and then from there? I start their water cut so the week of the fight, the Tuesday I'm seventy six
you know, I say that all the way until you know I over low, my body will water and it helps flush out some of the the the sodium the cards and all that I say the rest of that up until the day before, and I try to cut as much as I can ask ideas I wanted spend as little deep tied dehydrated. That dehydrated as possible, and I think that some of the problem with having these early morning weigh inns is the timing issue of it and wake up, and then you have to start like from the time you wake up rather than if it's at four hundred o'clock in the afternoon, like it used to be you'd, be able to do it all. Yeah yeah, I can cut more, you know reasonably through the, morning. You like, if you had more time, you would have been able to make it. Oh yeah, absolutely yeah. So it's just in time thing yeah. I got confused when they were doing this early morning wins. I thought you had like, like from eight hundred, am to four hundred o'clock right. That's what I thought I thought the way in early, go ahead way in early, but they gave you the time yeah I mean I'm not really
I don't really know the solution either. I don't think nobody really knows the solution to that problem. The time frame 'cause. You are seeing a lot of guys miss wait because of that and I think that's one of the biggest problems only because you're going to sleep completely dehydrated and sleeping through the twenty pounds dehydrated, that's a lot of water coming, your blood, your blood, get sticker, your heart race, close down when you when you sleep, I mean you know I try my best not to spend which time dehydrated as possible. It's just that an issue on that last one, especially when you see guys like those on joes that just can't do it anymore and it goes up to seven. It looks better than ever. What do you think about that? It's it's always an option. For me. It would be an option now like I would. I would entertain the right fight at it for sure it's just right now at the state of it is, you know, they're doing this bullshit and from title in you know tyrants sitting right there, and this is a lot of movement- is not a lot of movement at the top right now. So one fifty five just more fights interest me is bigger challenges. I think the guys honestly better at one, fifty five one hundred and seventy, maybe in the future.
Got to be the right type of fight or something yeah well there's so many good fighters. Now from I mean you go all across the board, I mean pretty much. Every weight class is strong now but yeah. I agree. I think fifty five is probably the strongest weight class right now: it is a it is so strong that you can make one sixty five. I mean I don't. I really don't see what what the hold up is on. It C five do a seventy five. I agree because we have so many guys that yeah can bounce between those and you'll have a whole new top fifteen a whole new chip in in. Be just as strong as any other two weight classes next to it. I couldn't agree more. I think it's very important. We spread it out better. I think ten pounds is reasonable. They I mean the the way boxing has it they just that you know they have a fifty four and they have a sixty. That seems a little ridiculous, the forty seven, and then they have a fifty four. I think you, better off with ten just straight up ten pounds, that's reasonable, but when you go from like eighty five to two hundred and five, that's it
crazy, big boys, so big so big, so I'm even fifty five to seventy, because, most guys like a normal size, guys but my size, one hundred and eighty five hundred ninety pounds. That puts you in that. In that mid, you know young guys like me with a lot of muscle where I'm not lose a lot of fat in between. You know the for this one. I was one hundred and seventy seven, but I was four and a half percent body fat you know. I couldn't really lean much more lean in that or have somebody fight me wait in yeah before uh I was four one slash two percent, maybe two weeks before the Actually, what are you getting calipers or you doing how they tell they tested, never had the you in the water not over at the p, they have a special Scotty sing. Yeah they've got like so scales. Aren't that good here's the thing about those scales, those scales when you hold- into those things, and some of them are ok but the best
The way they say is submerging you there's a submerge one and there's another one that uses some sort of like electricity thing like you lie in a bed, and I think that the Performance Institute has that too they're explaining that shed to Maine yeah yeah the full scanner yeah then that a few times, but it's not telling much easier just on a scale as long as real low. Four one percent sounds age wise, but as long as it's it's still the same, You know what I'm saying is my last fight for the tony fight. I was five one slash two percent on so This is in the same with the same caliber yeah I mean look to use, and you know that you're basically on point yeah exactly I I I can compare it at least, but again I can get much That much leaner, you know it's mostly just going to come out water. If they added sixty five, then you know I've got ten more pounds of water that I don't want to cut out ridiculous. How frustrating was it you for you going into that Tony Ferguson, fight with that staff infection 'cause? That was a those series for I didn't notice it at the weigh ins. But then the
You walked into the cage. It was funny man because they were telling DC. Don't talk about it. Yeah 'cause. I was going that staff, that is fucking staff, and then they the DC don't talk about. It goes yup that looks like staff to Maine. He just ignored. It was like fuck, you yelled at staff man. I don't know why they didn't want anybody, bring it up. 'cause, it's an important point. It's an unfortunate thing that happens during sometimes yeah I kind of those on a Sunday in the Tuesday do the checkins and everything and uh the girl, I'm my you've, you know put some makeup on it because I didn't want. You know, nobody to find out an even tone. You know I do if you were to Saudi, wouldn't know even one compromise all their, but is it frustrated things to make things a lot more complicated, it put me it made the weight cut just to go back to it. I mean cutting from seventy six to the fifties. Yeah, I had to be fifty five for that fight and I try my best to skim it down in about twelve hours, so
woke up at five a am with at about one hundred and sixty two. Anwandter between nine hundred and one thousand one hundred from five Liam till eight a am. I had only cut one pound compared to in other cuts that have gone really well. I would normally cut off for five pounds at that time, but because I, just feeling good and I wasn't worried about it and thus is using the same temperature water. I was using the same everything, but the staff made yeah my body hold on to the water. So when I went down to check this. All that was still like five pounds up with like two hours ago. Don't pull hot water on me to get. You know to get my spot pot. The sweating to get it off is brutal. He that's for note for someone who doesn't
never never experienced staff, explain what does your body it makes it feel the next day I just felt so tired. I never felt as tired in my life and it felt I feel so tired to the point where I tried to counteract it by getting myself, pump that I care and the you know what you normally get there two hours before the fight when I walked into the arena that night two hours before I was in a sweat in a mob. Body was like full of joy, you weren't taking any medication you weren't going on antibiotics. You did you have to decide whether you should take antibiotics, and then you know that com, is your insurance for sure or just let your body fight it off. I had it before so I have been on the antibiotics and they just make terrible. You know the if you've ever been to this is a terrible feeling aside. I just was like you know what I think I can just push. Through it and I'm young- and I was like you know it like: let's just go,
did you try any like natural remedies? Yeah yeah, your you know it wasn't a whole lot of it takes. I also got to cut the weight still there's like some topical stuff, that in one of the things they say that works really well topical, believe it or not, is minced garlic to garlic. Currently has a tremendous effect on staff infections. I was swallowing whole cloves of ginger I would take gender. I would chop it up and swallow it to see. If that would do something, but you know Yes, the heart is a garlic. Has some real, strong, anti bacterial properties in one of the people that event on the podcast may time. Doctor on the Patrick said she she had dealt with some persistent staph infection and should, like all you know, holder skin in which she did was. She took garlic and packed it into that whole ten and fuckin' killed. It mean geez. I wish I would have known that before I just kinda just fought through it was like fuck it. I'm just going defense soap, make some really good
for that to the make of these essential oils. It's tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil, and you put it on right where they have a mission. While we were, we will win in October because there's going anybody else in the house that staff anytime, you have any sort of ringworm or staff or anything there's some natural. Stop not like some bullshit homeopathic nonsense. Some actual real natural stuff that can help you and defense soap specialize in that, because guys call the guy owns the company. He is you know, coaches. Sling and deals with kids that always have ringworm and staffing. And so he came out with these soaps, these natural soaps that are just designed for grapplers. That's why it's called defense open. And then I'll have him, send you some and then the essential oils and bombs and stuff like appointments for scratches and like that, so they don't get infected. That's you know Jim that you're always going. In fact
yeah, and that's it. That was one of the biggest focuses at its campus. Like make sure I stay healthy, because even if you don't have your health you're, not that and- and that was what it was at- that twenty five and it's just it- it became so- and I didn't want to it- was such a big event. It was my first real big went to that. I just wanted it all just to go right and go over, but it ended up being just a lot of the staff. Originally I think it came. Mental stress. You know it it. It was so many stresses going on. You know you really pressure yeah, you and you look at the three biggest stressors in. I was going through a divorce and had just moved to a house. You look at those in a normal day to day life that those are like the two stress you can have. The add on fighting for world title in six weeks, so I'm like. Let's fucking go like I'm like you, I wouldn't expect it to. I will, thinking, maybe
me Tony, but maybe in December, in the in in Detroit there's some like that right, six weeks, all the car he will with us right. They were thinking about doing you in Detroit right. That was that was that was that's the talking you were requesting a big. Find Detroit yeah yeah. That's where all my like every year, I kind of chore, plan on my year and and and I got my vision in my head- I gotta call him in there that was one of them the a ended up, putting a little bit too much stress on me all all at once, and I took on a lot for for that one, but you do have the tell you what man when you took him down and mounted him in the first round. I was like holy shit 'cause. I know how good Tony is on the ground. You know it's interesting because you don't you look at someone when they fight in this is one things that I've been saying about Khabib, it's because it's so hard, 'cause he's doing what people do right is taking people down his mountain grounding problem, but he's doing it to people that other people can't do it and he's doing it in a way that it's like wow. How good is this mother fucker?
when he was mall in Michael Johnson. I was like how fucking good is he 'cause? This is crazy. Like he's, In that moment, several levels better than anybody Michael fall before on the ground, when I'm seeing you first of all, see the key as a fight in right to this day, I'm like Jesus fucking Christ, just let him go out let him go out and we would have known, but that minor controversy from that moment you got a fully locked in naked choke- and he still conscious, let him go out we don't want to tap? Let him go out. He he was gone, lip he may be, but let him go out, but you know the defense, isn't you can't you? some days at hand, but they think you know what you're saying, but I know Hixson Tenn yeah, but the thing is that you, the ref, you can't put them on a raft. You know it's defend yourself
Intel. The Intel Mario, was a Mario Mario, but is is defend yourself now. I know where no no is is defend yourself intelligently about us. You can't you can't say I'm blocking punches with my face until the guy. He's tired, you know, you can't say I'm just going to try and sleep in this job, because I was tired me how to trade on his neck and just completely tense up his neck and tried to push blood through I've. Seen guys do that now. I feel you, but only to a point right only to a point right and then you go to sleep, go to sleep. Go I mean yeah, I'm with you. He could have let him go, but I I think, as soon as he as soon as you'll saw that his hands went from fight in the hands.
To doing this. Mario stop it I mean, and I thought it was a good stuff, but I mean it's not a bad stop it without such, but it was controversial. You can call it out things. Controversy is always good. I said that, right after like keep it up, keep it going like I love it. They got you to talk about it. Lisa everybody talk about yeah. I know it is an undercard fight came like bigger even than a lot of the other fights on the car because of that yeah yeah. No, no, we ought we headline that that even in honor of the one yeah, why don't you know was it? I thought that was a view. That's right right, I'm sorry doing my thang. There was only, but that fight was really like a top contender. For me. Yes, had been, the he's very on the ground which one the reasons why I was so impressive that he took his back choked like that yeah I mean I think I have a different style than than a lot of people can see. You know you you, you go back to could be bent and I was like Histologist it's good, it's obviously very good, but I can see a lot of holes in it, and I saw
those holes. Many years ago I've been called how big it could be for years. I want to fight him just because people got those questions. I got those questions too. So I'm like, let's see what this mother forgot. Like I see it. I see him holes, I don't, focus on too much of the good I'm like what holes that number I'll tell you what are the holes? What do you see you know, even though some of his take on a lot of his takedowns? He he misses a lot of him, he's very square. He kind of just bum rushes. You know people were talking about the Barboza fight before and they're like Are you looking at that fight? Are you going to try to build off that when I'm like yeah, I mean he did? Ok, if I was good, he beat the hell out of Barboza but I saw the holes in it. You know just run a square Ford Adam. You know he's got hit with a lot of shots find for for people on the outside watching him, because the way he just
came forward on. Barboza was like he was indestructible. Yeah I mean just it didn't matter, I'm just going to get you. It's a matter of time. Keep throwing your kicks! I'm going to get you I'm going to get. You know. I got you, you got those guys, but the body gives up you know just in case. You is the same way. Yeah body will give up. You can't keep put your body on the line like that, I mean if he wants to run at me Square for square like that us I'm getting paid get paid. Sorry, I love Katie. I love watching him fight, but part of me is like cheese, this man, just if he mixed what he can do, 'cause he's one of the very best at leg kicks in close that to to be in the middle of a combination like chest to chest with you and somehow or another. He whips a leg. Kicks straight down on your leg. I mean he's nasty with that. He's he's got a couple things that he does real good. You know I I've I've been studying yeah. She too is just he he's. Targeted them. Thank you so much. He just will take it yeah I'll just take Just walk right into it, but it's it seems, like
when you look at all the skills that he has like, that would be better represented with some movement in some footwork and some other things. Especially with a guy like Trevor Wittman, and this morning you know Trevor is a great great coach. Look what she quickly the rose I mean yeah, he sent it there. I think there styles are very opposite. You know he's, probably listen to him a little bit more. Like just wanted things with me and Robert Fales. You know, I've been with brother. Robert was the pretty much. The only reason why I moved to Vegas, because he it there's a there's, a we're bond between a like a fighter and a coach you know in in he just got me. More than any other coach before or or Since will you know we were very different, but he understood me at as an athlete a little bit more and even some of the things that he would tell me. I would listen to like he
You know you try to tell me to stay. Smart is, you know not brought his act at the end of the day, so I I guess I'm like this. I will fight you know, I'm a bite down on my pc try to get me to be smarter and just some things that he would say to me. Resonated with more than anybody else. So I think now that he's gone. I've put he said it is still in my head, an it. You know I to follow it even more now. You know yeah and I I wish somebody I get you with listen to track of which is you know with minutes telling him right what to do the right thing to do. He said, he's probably listen to well, I think Trevor just tries to complement your style and get you styles to savage he's just going war for going to war every time going to war. I yeah. I guess I get it yeah, but you know I think you watch, I think you can. I think you can learn from
learn it from somebody else. You know, I think everybody has what they do. That's like I said I try and create a team around me where everybody has what they do and I'm just going. Try to listen to you know, and even more so now now that I understand that a little bit more as I'm getting older and you know going through life too, with it, I said with Rob You know what wanted of the the reporters dirty. He when he was like as we've seen you in there talking and they thought I was talking to Barboza. But I was really just talking myself like. I was saying things that he would say or the Robert Wood said, yeah that Robert would say, and I'm saying to Myself- and I guess my mouth is moving. I don't really know. I thought it was in my head the whole time, but I guess like some of the reporters could see it, but I really try to make that default. That's interesting! So do you do that inspiring to buy
I don't. I don't know I I usually try and did you realize you were doing until they brought it? I didn't realize I know not in because he when he actually that it kind of caught me off guard, because I remember in the fight, I'm I'm very to reply. I out, I remember everything, about it, but I remember I was say something to barboza to. You know, uh get my share, you know I'd! Do it if I some time, but I didn't 'cause, he was a nice guy. I didn't realize that I was talking to myself to on it even so you just kind of going through the things that you wanted to focus on in the fight while was was unlike state. Do what we're saying. Even the kick, the kick that he landed. If you see like uh, a second before that I was not in my head because I was I was. I took my mind off from fourth splits, Second, I saw the knock out there. I seen on the bit to eleven, I'm like how, next time he did so I'm about to get it. So I started to to talk to him and I was like aw. I got this and I took my mind off of him and he
You know that fuckin' spanking, but what it should've said, was stay sharp yeah. You know stay stay focused like that's what I was saying in the fourth and the fifth round after that kick landed. I was like stay sharp stay focus, I'm just saying that to myself, because that's what Rob would tell me he wouldn't tell me to Look for the knockout. What was the thought process when you're going to face a guy like Barboza? That's such a dangerous kicker. Was it a lot of feints plus pressure like what was the thought process about getting close to him with a guy like Barboza? He throws everything so hard and so explosive. I knew I was going to have eat, some of that. It just keep pushing Ford and just not take my eyes off of it. When I got while within I would drop, I just try and not take my eyes off of you know with with the a guy like that. That's such a great athlete, which is what I considered Barboza, as you know, Rob had these three things. But everybody in the athlete a competitor or fighter category and Barboza was like epitome of an athlete with that. You can't show on no, you can't show
that he's doing good. You know what I'm saying sorry saying every time you start I'm just like swapping off you get off that fucking switch. Kick is ridiculous. He's got the most ridiculous which kicked in the game fast mark, Dellagrotte, Tae who's seen some of the best of the best fight in Thailand in real in life in like right there in person, he I've never seen a guy with a faster switch, kick you'll, even the top, the most elite of the ties he was the so we could imagine he was dead, tired, I might beat the hell out of a foot and he would still thought I was like. How is this even possible to even in the third and fourth round swap and some of it I'm kinda like look in while I'm in there I'm like what is he doing that can make him do that. You know I try to steal a little bit from every God had a fight, especially, and I'm When is allowing him to be that God damn fast with it, but you know I prepare right. I I prepared with a lot of high level kickboxers that you know they got the style, the kick in a ticket for KEN block off, if you
you let him yeah you're, going to get something from that right, like the little in DC was because the the and your fight was real good to get that rob from from him you just realize now. Oh those kids come out you that fast yeah, let me in and you get that in a lot of different ways like like with Tony. You know, Tony did a lot of things in there that I didn't expect, and I didn't didn't really plan for his only so much planning that you can do until you get in there and you need that experience to rely back on, and I feel like that's what I'm building up at a young age, even if it's possible for you to rematch with Tony with Tony now coming off of that very disappointing fall. You know when he was crazy. I feel bad for the new say something to this is very important and I actually have pictures too, and I'm going to send it to you right now, Jamie, so we could put it online because everybody was, repeating the the the thought that he had
warmed sunglasses and that's why he fell down that he was wearing Sunday. Low you'd be wearing a little. He misspoke. He misspoke and he said it too. I think he said my prescription sunglasses to Ariel Helwani. I think what they were saying: the square ones that he wears a clear and I'll send it I'm going to send it to Jamie right now, but it wasn't, but he was probably No the photos I'll find it Tony loves those I I know he does love the okay. I know where it is. He does not counting smart guy. You know I don't. I don't hold that against him. He was probably something that was already third in his leg, and I I for the guy. I really do. I don't think you'll ever be the same, coming back off that when this, but that's a big, you know he I hear detached it.
Yes, hello! Yeah! I mean that. That's you just push the at thirty four to try to come back off that this is it's going to and it kind of sucks for me too, because I think I've The best tony Ferguson that you're going to see. Really you so because it was before that injury yeah. I don't think it's gonna be the same again after any he'll come back and I'll still be. Great guys, you know he's still he's still going to do very good, but you know I don't think it'll be the same and you know damn it. I got this photo in here somewhere, I'm going to find it. I can't find I'll send it to you later, but in the photo he's wearing glasses he's not wearing, prescription sunglasses. He said he misspoke and said prescription sunglasses. That's why Dana told me Shane is ruthless. Dana goes everybody who wears sunglasses should have inside should have that happen. This is after this huge fight fell. Apart is what David said yeah. We would probably be alright to to be funny yeah, but uhm.
It wasn't, he wasn't wearing sunglasses yeah, I mean I want to clear it up for Tony that and, like I said I mean I, I feel bad form. I really do. I think you, the Good NEWS, is you can come back from that injury? That's an injury. You can come back at thirty four, especially with the way he trains I mean. I think he. I think the body can come back. It's just. I don't know what his mind will let him be as free is it that was one of Tony's biggest assets to the starless. He was, I mean he just does whatever the he wants. You know an hour when he gets back in. There is going to be thinking about. Neat, even if that that's in the back of your mind, is still it's. It's limited on that type of style, the heat that he likes to fight maybe you maybe just was at right now and so the seeds given Lee. You know it no hints of money to be made Joe. I had a well, he will be out for quite awhile. I would imagine he won't be able to even really train hard for six months. Yeah at least at least say he's at least a year, also in our out out out out. They say when I look at that, and I
that fight, and just you know how much difference it could be now you know, went in FYI healthy, especially, I think the entire division will look different, but I'm I thought it a little bit. Let me let me do my has a could be first Well, it's interesting me you're in the running now for sure and before this fight I think you were slight underdog in the Barboza fight yeah. But after that domination I mean you, you for sure more moved up in your the running now a hundred percent, so you got poor yeah, who just look real good against cagey and won that fight after getting his legs chewed up yet and then you've got. But you know, poor yeah, of course, was knocked out by Michael Johnson and then you've got you. Coming off of the losses to Toni Storm the gates, with this fight Then you've got Eddie Alvarez, look great against Justin cagey that it's very hot. Connors
who knows what's happening, I think that's the x factor is what's happening with Connor yeah I mean Dustin is out there. He, but I just don't see no, I'm speaking as it from fan. You know I just don't see no you know, I mean the two: U fighting him not on twitter to him. It could be, but I mean they can make. It happen right and can be, will go out there he'll smoking. I mean it was that they should be real here. But I just don't see many fans get in behind that, just from what is thought to bring to the table that could be made Rtc. This is the big fight right now, I'm just being completely on. The big five right now is to be been conned one in Russia. That's the big fight whatever to take five, or even the square garden. I mean they can make that happen. I don't think New York is ever let that mother Father fight there again. I just don't think they're going to do that. They don't play games men, athletic commissions, at different commission. There to MA, and that was embarrassing for them. I mean him, throwing the
can dolly in the fact they let them get in there with all those boys in the whole thing was just sold, thuggish didn't think it Bella tore happen and was at a New York New Jersey. What thing happened, where he went over and slap garden, all that they call people bitches and hoes, and there was that I want to say that was in Ireland or England wasn't in Ireland. I think it was in England. I want to say it was in London. Wasn't the belt or London card? I mean, I don't know but that God things crazy yeah. I like that happened on the EAST coast too, but I mean if that was one either way since two, it's like he just keeps fucking up with this kind of stuff, and you know No one saying get rid of he's, just he's worth so much money, it's really fascinating. What I was saying is imagine if Ray Borg him switch sides Rape showed up with all his boys it. Screaming and yelling and through a dolly at
it's done daily. What Paul must be at home? Going hey, look certain days, I know why is certainly do that. We just can't do it. Well, I'm sorry, it's pretty! Well until you get to that stratosphere that Conor Mcgregor it's like this so much money to be made. That's the problem. 'cause, like the the rules get bent Paul Paul Daley was did, was throw up punch, as he was Josh Koscheck after it's even connect been sorted out, yeah and because, like will Brooks kind of got the hammer put down on him any after he got knocked out and then push the Ref what's that will Brooks, will sorry. I down. Are you looking at me funny looking right, it was somebody he got knocked out and then pushed the ref right out there and it's like they put a lot
oh, no, it wasn't world books, I'm sorry. It was a god I know who you're talking about goddamnit, who was that God is going to kill me but if I get a you know it might help them against him and he was can cost. You know you know, barely know where: U S, that's what it was yeah see fighter too he's very good fight and what people don't understand. So once you get knocked out and then you come back, you really don't know what happened. You're really out of it. Yeah knocked him out who started. It was awesome, right. Yeah I went to San Jose modules. Welterweight debut right, this might be. Five still have fifty five still yeah. But again he was great fight around me is just things that yeah, we just k, do job easy. We meaning people of color is that we have here. I don't think they like me what they could do it now, no Floyd. I do. I think it's people with that he's,
there's, a level to the game where you are so valuable, yeah that you elect if Conor Mcgregor doesn't pay per view fight. Actually, if they do, you are all that crazy. Not they're going to do with Mcgregor like no shoes, and you can clinch but no kicks and takedowns know so if they ever did that great going to just printing running your printing money and we want to present, but so hard did not take that money, but I mean- and- and I don't hold that against him- and I always said that about the you see: do you see about the green and I and under stand ins, that's kind of where I'm coming from it from, but you know, is just consistency yeah you, I think you just have to realize. As a as a as a black man America, really like there's two ways to approach the situation. You need to be there. Make them or you can just say it is what it is that some circumstances you know like people, just don't support,
black people with Iris support the Irish Russia support. I mean I just be a real when you that reality is white people in America. Don't support white Americans with the irish support on it. Nobody does whatever percent. I mean it is it's an american thing. I mean for you we biggest when he was fighting when he was fighting Mayweather. Do you see the and the people that were in Mandalay Bay, which wasn't even more though yeah was taking place the entire place? this was flooded with people singing together and when he thought Dustin Porier at one hundred and seventy eight, they kept me up all four hours on the undercard at fight. It kept me up all fucking night sitting in the MGM, but they were running up and down the. The horse. Of the MGM like yeah security. Couldn't stop him. I mean they're crazy to graduate, but that's what's going to. I mean obviously he great performances on top of it sure, but that definitely helps you know. Maybe, when your first fight in the UFC Debut is in Boston, Nick going crazy for you like you. Just don't see that much in much and it's sad, really you
about Floyd Mayweather, really how Floyd got big like that is he had to go against the Mexicans and he had to get them to really hate him right in order to get bigger, yes, but it's also his style, whereas styles very different 'cause. He knocks God dead. It's a different style. You like member when Tyson was in his prime. You knew no one was kind of beat him. It was just your waiting to see the executions when you were just a little boy at that, yeah, probably weren't, even born my pops What time are you? Ninety two yeah see Jesus Christ. You missed every. What was the use my time, how many huge box of fans? So you know I go back to ninety two. That's a huge box, Fayette just you'll see actually so that's great all right! Okay, right a year after you were born yeah man, but the the Tyson days. He was the biggest paper you draw, but it was really just you or watching an execution, and there was also like people with Thinking like man. Is this going to be worth it? How long this will go fast, but he still, but he still he was. He had to be the villain a little bit. You know and that's the
and I mean it sucks to say it's just like every real big black fighters. Usually the villain, and that's the way we Joshua's not. But that's, not american he's up he's british is different. He's totally different man he's totally don't over there. It's a totally different atmosphere, and I mean this Last time we had a really loved african american fighter in America. I mean there there out there I mean for sure people scared people, Jones people lure them. People love Mohammed Ali after you know, but even brought John Stewardship for being cocky. But for sure so he was so culture dominant, but that's the culture though yeah, because you gotta be gotta, be all those things like, even though, I talk a lot of shit, but that's just that's just 'cause, that's the culture like that's what I do I mean well, it's also an affective mind like mine game strategy, like a guy who's, talking shit to you. It makes you more
She is more nervous, yeah, more emotions, more everything in certain guys. You know there's certain guys that you can play that too. Like I said, everybody's got like those three categories you with athletes, especially at least editors? You know they kind of get more shooken up the lady, you know you with an idea. The little fugly I think it will be love it likes it. He likes it more me. I like it a little bit more conor. You could tell you liked it a little bit more. It gets my mind off the actual fight itself, So that's what we grew up like polish. It also is some guys, though it rattles, you know the best I've ever seen best response to someone. Shittalking rose number Eunice, yeah she. She just went for dark masterful. She went like that, like among comma huge rolls fair. She saw that yeah she's there she might be the best looking girl in the UFC and she shaved her fucking head and never wears makeup. Just give a fuck yeah. I mean it's crazy yeah. She I mean in a phenominal phenominal fighter.
Yeah I mean, but just when she was standing in front of you, and she was site in the lords prayer you wanted. You wanted, like Boogie man come to get you on the Boogie man she's, like our Father in Heaven, looking at it with gangster Shittu ever Daylight Movie did she made me nervous nervous breakdown in next door. That's what the thing with you know. People look at my style even of the way Ramona and all in the talk fights in talk or whatever, but there's some, any ways to do it. There's so many ways delight light, entertainment and have fun with it. You don't always have to be almost smacked a shootout, your momma and all that right. You know it's there how many different ways you can not say anything it become off just as fucking gangster is right. You know they do this screaming from across the room, but there is a pressure right. Isn't there pressure on fighters to sell in hype, fights to talk a lot of shame you see and Colby Covington taking it off the deep end. Key goes
He goes so crazy. I don't think they would let him go to Brazil like when I heard that he was going to fight Dosan Joes in Brazil is like no Kobe yeah. I was thinking of reaching out telling people like to call it bring your own water, whatever you too mommy. I guess he doing his thing. He still went to fight yeah, so in the end the data, that's what really matters is that he's won his fight. But I mean that about him. He's gotta yeah that too that too, but that style army is played out and you could just just tell it when it when it's forced it. This is not good. You know what I mean well, he just goes. He goes against people, he doesn't have to look who's talking. Should about John Jones. John Jones will smack you in your fucking face and there's not much you're going to be able to do about it. One day you might be in front of him and then we're going to do No, I mean just do you're, not even fighting John John.
Why talking about John yeah, he sent don't know couple people even even females. Like you start I mean, I guess he's he. He just try to get the noise run and whatever I just think, it's so many different ways to do it. That's that's like the most primitive way of you know kind trying to sell yourself and self. I dislike anyways, like even me, like I came up with a lot I should that had started. I just like What would a note in the moment yeah just well before the the the bill, the what the first big one was MIKE? Yes, that they, you know, yeah we're kind of hit him at the press conference, but going into that my my my my set was it like all? Let me see you know talk as much as I can about it all right? Let me you know, jump up and down it in all this. You know it just was. I did have that. I want to stay, and out right, not to say that I want to entertain? I just like I want. I want a state of semi, hopefully Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier, like I'm like kid in a candy store. You know,
So I just I wanted to stand out as much as Do you feel like now? They don't had a few. These big fights right to care. So if it was a high profile fire and then, of course, the to Nephi was very high profile and then this last Barboza Fight was a real big fight. Do you feel like now like settled more into the fact that not only do you do belong here. You deserve to be here but you're more comfortable being here. Yet there's a saying like the fake it till you make it right like for there's not a we don't take it like. When did you feel like you're fit? We obviously would never really faking it because you were women fights I exaggerated, like I exaggerated, or is it like? I was having fun with it, but I was kind of learning on the job to it, because like doing, interviews and stuff like that they take some it's we get to your level like you very late.
I listen. You show all of them that you have love it. Thank you, but you are like very good at it. You know it takes a long time to to do that. I had to kind of learn on the job so yeah That would exaggerate a little bit too much here and there, but the fake it We may get things like. I think it's a lot of people. Hear that egg like take it. Take it like negatively all the time you know I I always heard and not to get positive. You know I have bred George, a Beers book and he talked about that a lot. He takes me two days before this fight will barboza and he was talking about. You know give me some tips and pointers and all that, but the last thing he said to me was you know you going to have that fear. When you go before you go, in there, but once you get in there, your body just going to turn on auto pilot, just fake it till you make it fake the confidence until you make it that's how he approaches it, but you're still that's interesting what what light what it was is, like I said going into that press conference, especially I wanted to stand out and do the rest of my life in Detroit is by
I was always taught type, don't stand out as much as you can. I, like I, like I like to stay low, key move and she'll like keep your head and all like that. That, and you know, don't falls businesses them falls business. You know you eat. I always stayed on what I'm doing you know always kind of had a vision always had to go, so he is my opposite was to stand out, so I had to kinda fake it to live, and I'm not a seven figure time make it take it to live, became it in honor of sand, and I think it was right after the twenty five, where I was like, maybe the two months it took me to get over it. At that moment I was like man I'd really like to have that confidence to to you know I do have that, like I don't have to fake it. You know I'm saying the twenty five, the twenty five. I mean you your pocket has two I mean your park has been huge to me. I mean this and it's it's hard for me to really explain it. You know when me just go like. I didn't have a lot of confidence you know like
will see me see me interviews and they just think that just that's how it was but I would lose a lot of my wrestling matches as a kid just because I thought that in this might alienate alienate some people and it my sound like off, but is just the way I grew up, is the white boys. Above eight mile you know they got the money, that they are working harder to. You they're better than you, so that was kind of like mob mentality kind of even when I start wrestling in like tickets start wrestling or five. I started watching sixteen an they just would beat me and then like I couldn't even I wouldn't even really compete with them. You know it took me to go to college a beep, because that was my first real exposure to why people like obviously knew white people would take it. You know the teachers and stuff you know, but nobody around my same age. You know what I'm saying,
so when I got around in there. There's one school in particular is Detroit Catholic Central. They were number one school in in in Michigan at the time, but they were. We're. So indeed, I every mile is is numbered. I have I was born raised pretty much all seven. All eight mile is like the divider between the suburbs and the city. These kids were like on twenty six miles, so they with what hotel it with you know. Which resile so I just I don't know for some reason. I just didn't have the confidence, but when I around them and I start living an kind of. Together every day and I realize I'm like we all the same. You know like works as just as hard as I could see him everyday. I see him going through
as an I see, I'm gonna do is two thousand eight. That moment gave me the confidence to be like okay. I can't compete with them with with with other people. You know I can compete with right anybody really. Your podcast was like the next step to that. You know that was me at like the collegiate level. The of the first part has had I heard from you- is the Lance Armstrong One and I was like this is like world level. You know and when I hear him talking to him, talk so candidly and I'm like oh he's just a normal good. You know I mean just yeah, I guess in my head. I didn't have that before you know and that's like we all the same and that really allowed me to to go over to Ireland to compete, to go down to Brazil and compete to to fight the best kick boxer in the world and not had that. They still have the same confidence. You notice right. I see what you're saying like you just hearing people talk in realizing that there too we're all just woman yeah yeah, you see some superstar and whatever, whatever their field is
whether it's a musician or whatever you just assume that person is going to be like a different thing than you like this. You know if you see Mick Jagger or something like that a different thing than me, yeah, it's not the same thing as me, yeah and and and the thing with in, and I started a hashtag like twenty five to life and all that be mostly because the- the way I grew up, I didn't to see many successful people in on say I don't have it right. I did it is. Is it nobody ever told me all? You can do this and I'm saying when nobody ever told me, I could either, and nobody showed you other people that were doing it right around you, where you could learn from them. I had no exam So now, the only examples literally only examples I had with the dope man. You know that Jack boys, you know the the pimps, and you know you didn't really have much else to really look forward to. So when I was I thought when I was twenty five like running now. I thought for sure I was just going to be in jail.
That that is that's one of the most important points. When people talk about people being on the pull themselves up by their bootstraps, they should just get a job in this. Just do this, like you say that, because you grew up around the but if you didn't grow up around anybody doing that, like your feeling that you feeling the way you felt when you arrive wrestlers that have been competing their whole lives. You didn't feel like you belong there. You didn't have any of that success around you, that's that is, one of the most important things in life is Rounding yourself with positive people yet so difficult to do if you're in a bad place. If you grew up in a bad neighborhood you're, surrounded by bad people. Very few people have vision to see past that, and they have no examples. I mean you need someone on television again you're going to think. That's not me like. Still to this day, when I meet a rockstar, I still get weirded out. I still get weird it out. It doesn't matter how famous you get weirded out, another famous people. They just don't seem like you yeah yeah and especially when you kind of grow up in
that environment- and you know you don't really- you know- see doctor on tv, and you don't you just don't connect with it. You know, and at least for me, that's what I wanted to be. I want to be a doctor first, but I didn't You know I didn't live in neighborhoods with doctors. I didn't meet a doctor when I did it, like some old dude, and it's like he didn't, really give a fuck like you know you Medicaid Mutherfucking, like it up, take it thirty five dollars into football, but you know I think that is a big point of. It is just to have somebody to tell you that you can. You know. Right. So at least I tried it and then to see around you that are working hard and succeeding in emulate them in and learn from them. Yeah people we we don't exist in a vacuum. We exist in communities and that's this is something that is very difficult to people for people to understand, if they're, in a good commuter
if you're in a good community or if you're in a bad community, it's difficult to understand to the value of a good community, one hundred percent, I think one of the biggest things it's just that integration is like really important and I'm not start to see that the more I'm getting out and kind of see in the world and and seeing how we, things, run and kind of at the way I grew up in it's just like there was no. There's so much. It seems so segregated to me, which is weird term to use in this day and age. You know, but it just did like literally I remember because my mom she did a good job of keeping us in good schools. You know so our school was on ten mile, which is in the suburbs. I went to Southfield High, remember a couple of times me and my brother. We were trying to walk to the school, so you had to walk pass through eight mile and policeman pulled over three or four times picked us up in the car and took us back
Ross and then dropped us off like if you don't and it's like we go to school there. You know what I mean like they didn't believe you got a phone call to see like you, we you know. You've we were I also like the best, is probably right. You have to do yeah yeah. We do, but you have to, but I feel like integration. If it's just it's just really really important and I'm sorry but the more I'm getting out and learn in the world is you know we all they literally all the same in we visited, make sure, but we're all just people and sometimes having all those advantages when you're young is a disadvantage because the hungriest, most determined people are the people that had nothing at one point in their life when they uh stand when nothing means yeah yeah. I mean, I think, attribute that to a lot of success. And that's with dot. I always keep in the back of my head. You know is especially going to college like such a rough. Thank you. So twenty bucks,
we got survived alpha and I was I was fighting full time. I was taking fifteen credits. Is wrestling still at the same time, and I just on the halls all moved to grind yes, super God put on nothing like. I had like uh uh one thousand nine hundred and ninety six Thunderbird would like One hundred thousand miles an hour burn it. That's it out like every day, but I keep the back of my head. Even now that I don't I don't, I don't ever get comfortable enough to get content with. I think about that with having kids, because I have young kids and I think that my kids have never known like that kind of financial struggle. Getting financial struggle in particular, something that, just to this day, I still think about being broke, and it just it it. It motivates me like I'm I'll, never slack off the, as that. I just I think if you have but also like when you have kids, you don't want your kids to struggle to get to all my friends that are interesting. All of up lives, all of them every
everything went crazy. Everyone was a abused or someone was an alcoholics or drug addicts in their family, yeah yeah on the fun once in my favorite people, any use it as motivation to to learn the world and then learn things and that's what I kind of did. Is it as a kid I I kind of took the look around when I was maybe fifteen was probably like the the the time that Click for me when I found him in may- and I kind of saw that this is what I want to do. That's when it kind of clicked I just like. I don't want to be around like like the rest of these mother price here. How did you get started? Would you would you find a good jam? So when I was fifteen, I just I saw George a beer and a Bj Penn was the first time I'd seen a fight, and You know there was no mma close. You know jams or anything like that. I just went out for the rest of the team at at the high school because I was already there all that so
I didn't start really get into mma until I came back from college one year from college, and I want to sign up for Jujitsu tournament an I never trained it or anything. I went and signed up for the digits and then the guys like, oh yeah, we do some fights on the juice normal Sunday. It was like we do some fights on Saturday and nobody had for this. This guy, like five so right now like I, I never tried before. I just wrestled so I was like yeah. Please say it was like Tuesday at how old is eighteen Yeah, I just showed up, you know, know mouthpiece. No, I didn't know you needed a Malteser cup or anything like you, never call yeah to do that was like twenty six and when they went to Walmart because as I've getting ready to step is like where what like you know prepare for wrestling match. I guess in a rented Walmart Grammy wanted upbeat funk on it.
Did you have any striking at all what all tv. Oh my god, I didn't really have it so really strain in into got into the so that got over. To I mean I trained hard with one of my: Died, Shawn did say he was my first true coaching in Michigan and we tried hard and he showed me a lot of things. He was a boxer, so he showed me a lot of things, but I did really have a real. You know I'm still a full time student. When I got the call from the U S c. You know I got a call in like December and finals. I got the like finals week, and I was like well shit. Let me let me go ahead, bus out these finals and then you know with this shift and the fight was like late January, I think, or so so yeah. So I was like a full time student. I took the taking fifteen credits as a med student, so you really only had like a couple of years of striking at that point.
Yeah a if that yeah and you know a lot of wrestling and a lot of you know I don't really get it really get into striking. As I got older, Vegas and work with, That makes it even more impressive man. You know that you've been able to make such a big leap. It's a short amount of time. I mean that's your we're talking about like seven years. That I mean that's really, that's really crazy consistency. I think this is see if the key, like I learned, filed action top love. This shit, like I got the most fights in the lightweight division since my debut they anybody else, and it's just because I stay consistent. I keep my body healthy. I keep showing up. You know the more you see things coming at you, the the better it gets. You know, that's definitely a factor, but I think it's also Intellij, since the the understanding of your. He also like there's, there's different kinds of intelligence to in his intelligence of like how to get good things and some people. Just I don't know if it's a physical thing, if their body works, better or, if it's just that they are able to see how someone does something and let
instruction and then break it down and put it to but I've seen in little kids man when I used to teach little kids there was little kids are born even like physically decided, they were gymnastic do backflips in should they do crazy shirt with their body there, some kids, where you would show him like see this foot foot Scott Pivot, and then it's all about your hips. And they would see you and they would go okay and then you'd see them breaking it down and then other kids, different. They just couldn't see what you were doing with their feet. Up in their their foot would never pivot. They put on pressure on the knee like what will don't don't do that? Don't do that. You got to turn your hips you for it's to go with it then some people just could marry you and grappling especially you know grappling to just figure wrestling it. They just see it. I think it's I think it's come like you said it's in it, digits yeah. You know, there's people think it's just a brute
knowing that you're doing. But it's it's it's very. You know, at least for me, like I approach it kind of like a science, it's almost as Amy CD. You know it I go from here. If, if, if not that branch off, I have different systems for every kind of, situation that will arise. But I can I can approach it like a site that I have. I went to school of a bio mat like that kind of stuff of interest me in on. I mean like there's art to it. There's a there's, a huge huge portion of it. That's our expression, yeah the express in part is, is art, and I think is one answer. Is art forms fighting this door that there is you know if someone looks great doing it, that is like a form of art, I want to know. I had a percent. I think it's I I get so irritated whenever somebody says is not there because he's so eager Taylor. Do you see Bella tore when Gaston Bolanos landed? That
insane spinning elbows, like one of the greatest spinning elbows of all time, a brother who I said shared about eighty times. I just play it back like I'm, watching a flower bloom or watching a fuckin' eagle soar. It's just practice. He lands this. He just did dudes coming out steps and pains at the perfect space planets might that she is just art, that's art, but even when you see like a really really high level fighter move around everyone, our bodies moves different. You know every at work, you know yeah, you you you go back to, you know be in I wanna see somebody and emulate it, but you still will put your own style on it. You still put your nobody moves the same. You know, and I think that's what makes it a pure art form and I think MA is more so even the boxes, because I'm boxing only got two hands. It's a science with this website There's only so many combinations that you can even put together that when you talk about something, that's You know without limit, then there's so much.
Goes into it's like dance. It's like it's like yoga, his like all these things that are really the truest form art yeah. I couldn't agree more, you know and that's why I was mad. It melts Meryl Streep yeah. If not, you know, if you know anything about Marshall, are you know it's not the art, they are the arts, one hundred percent they are. It is, and I think, the most purest form of it too. What else do you call artsy? it's not that it will not seem to understand what it is and one of the things that they don't understand is that it's so difficult to do and that your you, when you see the finished product when the person steps into the cage competes that night you're not to seeing these brutish who's your seeing their soul you're, seeing how much focus where they are, as a human in their life at this point where's the vitality of the body, what what kind of martial arts, education of the got and how technically aware, then, how much did they think about the training? Did they
or wrestler did the only concentrate on the wrestling they stay away from striking 'cause. They don't get hit. If there're striker did they only last chance staying up or did they learn how to fight on the ground and they absorb it all. Did they develop a full repertoire of expression with their body, throwing bones and choking each uh and at the same time going through life the whole situation. You know if you got a test at the end. The day I still have twenty five year old man, I'm still like learn, in trying to put together, like everybody else, so an It would be like that when you're eighty man, man, we look at these eighty year old people who say that guy should never shed together that fucking guys better today than it was yesterday. If he's paying attention, I think they had to go back and I think that's what it is too at the core of it. I always think that everybody else has their shit together. Just so so everybody childhood
understanding why I had the same problem. I think everybody has their shit together and everybody can see that I don't like they can see my flaws, and it keeps me sharp though, and it translates to fighting too it's like, if my hand codes here for a split second, I can see it. You know to me or not, though something I'm I feel like he's gonna be there to block it or you know, that's the best way to say makes me stay sharp, but he is. It goes up from sometimes outside life to well. It's good that you've. Think like this because clearly you're very confident guy in your obviously successful in your mixed martial arts career, but to have just a little. That insecurity is fuel. It just like keeps you show, carpet keeps you aware, you know like to be confident is good to be
illusion, known as terra yeah, wanna percent terrible yeah. Everybody knows that one guy that thinks he can beat a guy. That is not ever going to be able to be. You know I mean there's a lot of people like to me that fight all yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah want those. Are you know? It's the you know, you never see me say some outlandish it like all. I can never be be, right, you know I'm well. I can go out there and you know our bar Cain Velasquez. You know or something like that I mean not me typical rhonda- but I know know, but I think you know over the Rhonda thing this. There was a lot going on there, Ma'Am coaching wise, there's a lot going on there, which she just came along at. A time when there was no one like her, is a real olympic caliber athlete and her Sudo was at such a high level; no one could with yeah and she's throwing people around until someone could fuck with her until she ran in
I'm like holy home and then we really saw the holes in the preparation, the distractions, the fact that she had you know movie deals going on. They wanted her to do roadhouse and she's scripts, and this and, agent meetings and all the man, it's like a fuckin' holly. It was like a Hollywood script. This is what happens to you, and this is how rocky, when Rock, one soft this is literally what happens and then all sudden you got this bad. Holly Holm sitting there ready to fucking head. Kick you into another dimension and that's why and like you said I think I think most of it is just trying to stay aware and I get the delusion no, but it is. It is very easy to kind of slip into that and fall into that. Sometimes she will hit you in that's what happened. My in my second fight that also to Leonardo Santos in each fight I can always see myself losing you know, and people ask me that they're, like you,
about all this visualization that you do like. Sometimes I visualize myself getting hurt to invite, do add to see how you recover like how do you? What do you do? So it's not a new experience. I think Barboza. You can spin inhale kicks meathead like it's, not it's not it's, always the punch that don't hurt you when we were texting. Sweetheart you're, texting before that fight and we were setting up this podcast. Listen. I just gotta concentrate on making sure I do don't kick me in the head and then after that I like daddy, sucking, kicked me in the head. I can't hear you have definitely definitely prepare yourself for the possibility, because it does. It has to be there just to only fight that it. That there for me, was Leonardo Santos, because he would he I mean he multiple time champion on the ground in Jujitsu, So I was only really worried about his ground game. I kind of just dismissed his his
stand up and I'm like no way this guy's gonna be me and the worst thing happen in the fight like the first minute. He got me down and I got all I got him off me at. Thirty seconds or something at that I was like. Who is about to be a cake? I'll come by diesel run. Do this man like he don't you know I'm like it was 17th the people in the arena, I'm like we all just waiting on him to fall only him. He was what he could ecoquip me. I love you too, but is how valuable was that fight for you, though I mean it was probably the one of the most important ones in my career I mean there's been a couple
The losses are. I have always been the ones that I feel like. I will look back and see damn that was the one that really made it that fight in particular. I think really made it because it it kind of drove home some of the things that Robert follows the sound to me. That's the only fight since I've been in Vegas well, obviously, since before this fight, but that Robert falls was in my corner and it was, if I'm being not as a save the money, you know save the ten percent that he that he was one or whatever, and I was like I'm going to smoke this kill. I got like Rob just sit back, you know you, you watch it from home, enjoy and and I'm go out there and I'm a smoke this kid and I didn't have his voice of reason, to make me say this, kid is dangerous everywhere. You know what I mean stay sharp everywhere and I let my guard down any he would punch, but it was that one was like. Hi- rob not in my corner again or that voice. You know, and now I have to make do without it. But you know now
which is you know he was there, but to go back. He was just that voice of reason not to get delusional. You know what I mean 'cause, because it is easy specially when you're young and you got them down. False line and you feel like you demand, like you commented like shit, I'm the mail like you can't touch me but you got to like. Have somebody like a bro bro? You know you very good, but you still got to be sharp to these men that you fight in are very, very good too did. Sometimes someone can't tell it to you. You just have to learn it. Yeah yeah, you gotta, get those experiences and I think that's an all walk. Of everything you know and that's kind of what I bring to a two, like. I don't want to just be just a great fighter. You know I want to be great at everything. I want to be a chef and I want to be You know a dancer and I want to be a scientist in a doctor. Not like that's just the way. My brain I just want to be a better for everything if you, this is great way to think man like that, it's sometimes, but you know, but you know
it is a great. I need that expression. The way you do anything is the way you do everything yeah. Yeah yeah. I mean, I think I think, there's something yeah. If you have fast things and you can get away with being a great fighter and still have fast things, but maybe you would be better if you didn't like. Maybe you would be even even better fighter or better whatever you are, but fuckin' tennis player whatever it is. If you didn't have fast other things in your life, maybe you you would really reach your full potential wanted and I and I think that, even even in the fighting around you know that that's what a lot of this last fight was for me is getting back to making the fight first doing. Focus in on the fight before any, the gals and believe in some of the mental stress off me before I step into the the GIMP when I stepped in. For that call Tony fight I was already to,
higher I was already my body was already my brain was just overloaded and I was already broken down and you know I made the fight second or I made the fight last. You know put everything else before you know it. We went race, car driving the week of the fight and look back on it out there I was like oh, my god, yeah go to one of those exotic dreams, dream racing shut up to me up. I have fun, it's also important to have some recreation yeah yeah. But you know that's, that's those too much a little too much and mostly because they were like film, and I want to make it right in that. You know we have fun with it at all. For, like the countdown shows, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, you know how hard is it, the the press, obligations and all the constant interviews and all that enjoy it? I mean I enjoy them. I I I honestly enjoyed doing media for the most part is, is you know a certain it can be? To my
sometime. Do they organize it around your training or you have to organize your training around media. I usually organize it around much right now in that's good yeah. It was when, when you hear that the training has to be organized around media obligations, like oh yeah, yeah That's not right, I mean maybe I've heard people having to get up at six in the morning and do a write, a block of radio calls in Chattanooga. Well, you know I don't like that yeah. I don't like that. But yeah I mean I yet you have to do that. But right you know. I still I just make due with I mean I, I think, as long as you enjoy it, and you just kind of going with the flow is not a hindrance necessarily of you. If you like folk, I want to fuckign, be your only get up at six hundred, am and read his shirt and then, when you get all I want to do is train the whole time. You know it could be a hinderance even more so right yeah. I guess right like the way you approach something
change like what that thing is in in it and it is going to be natural for you to you know I I actually like like doing it. So I think it's just something that you know if you. If, if I could see myself if I force The or five you know was one of these guys that didn't at all then yeah. I can see it being even a bigger headers, but sometimes I get Amis that's great well as long as it doesn't fuck with your training one of the things I was really impressed about Saturday night. Is your endurance I mean you were. You are fresh as a daisy even in the fifth round, and that was a group pulling pace. You know in uh. We didn't really focus too much on on too much. You know I did a lot of long runs to kind of thin my muscles out a little bit, but I did a lot of longer distance longer cardio stubborn kind of got away from like a lot of the explosiveness that I used to do on the especially for the tony fight. Only fight was all explosion. It was all like big movements. It was all like you know, throwing up this mother fucker out
But this way- and I realized like during his like you Know- got approach is smarter and in that it actually became better cardio than me, pushing myself too hard. A lot of sense yeah, I'm I'm! You know I'm torn on that because I I see guys preparing that way with they do a lot of long runs, and you know it. That's a big Nate Diaz Thing and his brother neck, and you know they do all ultramarathons triathlons, and I feel like this real benefit to having that deep base and cardio. One hundred percent, but I mean, is balanced, it's like anything else. Would like you know you gotta, you gotta be able to balance those really strong. You can't explode every time he has spent the whole time, I can't run a marathon the whole time right. So I I try my best to those I want to be as well rounded as I possibly could be in in having great cardio and in understand. What that's like is is part of that yeah it's it's hard for people to understand, but you're not throwing a hundred
your power all the time. You can't you can't you can't, especially not with a guy like Barboza, who is in the whole time there was some spots tack out Emily and it's like as normally will will, will give up, they'll quit and are you know with big shots he's just steady showing the rest day and I'm still in this thing I'm still moving and then he stands up and spit. It will get you in the you know. Yeah he's still got that explosiveness and you know you you, can't go a hundred percent right out the gate, you you got it, you can't be kind of a lot more. You can't wear out smart yeah and, and that's one of the things that That Rob would always tell me again. That's one of the things I'm telling myself during the fights be smart. Be smart in marbles- is also the I think, the first guy in the only guy to stop to people with leg, kicks yeah yeah yeah. This is like a. Get my shoes fire right now,
I checked the cover level, but if you bring in anybody that does wheel kicks or anything to get used to that, the timing of that yeah a couple guys really good Thai Kwando specialist in his name is I'm even knows flesh out the Blair in that he's, probably the at easy little bit better. No, no, that's what really gets hurt. Which are both very non telegraphic, but those Thai kwando. Guys they they can move a little bit different Bang is a another one that that, like Woodley brought out for for wonder boy, because he's got that same style. They that Cuando style of spinning is a little bit different about like three or four guys. Well, it's the when they, when you train, like that you're not throwing punches to the face, so the kids have to be ultrafast. It's and there's also, I think, there's a there's is this: is some
a fit to learning like Kyokushin for that and talk window for that with when they do they take out those punches to the face. There's something about leg dexterity, those kinds of crazy leg. Like the Irish Rigas tile, like with crazy leg, dexterity yeah, I mean yeah you're got to spar a couple times before this last fight. You know in the he's another one of those I mean he he's got that same type of style, not not steal a lot from those guys. I kind of started picking it up when I fought a kid named, mmhm he's very good. He was not a champion now yeah like when a champion a couple of the yeah yeah for yeah, but I mean he's just super underrated, especially as ticket, but prepare for that fight I work with a lot of Thai Kwando Guisan right off the back, I'm like. Oh, this is a different style like it's like four different, four or five different styles of chicken. I think there's, there's like one in a better mix. This of speed and power and not telegraphic, and I try to blend that a little bit more.
We tie find the best style. I feel like more ties absolutely the best, but there's some that those taekwondo guys can do that will catch you off guard and if you know those other things you can do those things yeah. One percent like like the wheel, kicks in that's what it. What you see with that yeah I mean that the thai style has the probably the hardest kicks and the the most technical of from you, but you know you see kind of see. You know you. Unless you got free speed my barboza, you know, but actually technical wise. You know wanna see a common a little bit more thing with the tile size is more effective. 'cause, it's just more effective. This chopping, the legs it just brutally effective, then obviously window, there's none of that yeah, so those guys when, if, if you're seen like matches were tiger, no guys fight more tie guys to get a blood related, yeah yeah,
rated for sure. If you allow that the more time I got a kick the legs of Tiger, no guys just really don't know what to do yes going once they learn it. Then they have the Taekwondo too. But it's a matter of whether or not we were talking about before, like if you're a wrestler Do you really learn how to strike it? You just try. Take everybody down right if the Thai Kwando guys, really learn how to check leg kicks. They already know how to kick they'll, be able to pick up the thai style way quicker than that. I guys are going to be able to do jumping wheel kicks in ship. That that stuff is already ingrained in there we'll house it's in their synapses. They know what to do yeah and that's that I think that's one of the the things that the beauties about in a such a young sport is you still and got the ball of it. Yeah in in you know like it like me, I'm trying to take that the best of those styles and make them great for in the May. You know, because, there's certain you know, you can't chop down the leg of if a guy's trying to take you down. You know,
but you can still chop the leg but there's certain ways that you can change that up and that's one of the beauties about the sport being so young is still figuring out people I mean I set right next to an aerial show. I said right next to Demitrius Johnson and they asked me who is the best power palm fighter an you know. I think people like expected me to say me or something or say DJ. I honestly don't think that he's been testing yet you know, I think you like a sixteen year old kid out there somewhere that's going to find the best try out there really yeah, really think Demetrius is the best guy I mean images. Does I mean he's great? He did a lot of things, but he gets away with a lot of stuff that he does, because the guys he's going against our twenty five dollars. You know they don't have a whole lot of explosive one punch power to really make you pay for some of the mistakes? You know that like as far as specially as far as like the the hops which, and stuff. You know, that's why I got like like TJ.
Get away with a lot more at thirty five, I think, then, a fifty five pound fighter would TJ cruise thirty five is that leave an opening the concert. It could be so much more devastating because they had so much harder. Yeah I mean your legs are yet yeah shock absorbers. You know the whole and if we're not get the one with the leg of the shock absorbers. If your legs are in the air, while you get, by somebody that's explosive, like that you going not. You know the only thing that's now that the shock of your brain, big Duane Ludwig would disagree with you. If you sat down talked him 'cause. I think the idea is to present a very complex target in to overload the brain with possibilities. I feel that you know in in in in, and I try and do that too. I I try and you know I I've taken the wines, a couple doing seminars actually in these wizard yeah yeah he comes over to extreme between does yeah something so it you know I I like I like it is now shot of Duane Ludwig yeah. I know I I I'm hello
Why Stalin? It's just a different style to be had when I feel like that's, not even the still, not the best out. You know, I don't think the best style has been to meet your job has a great style, but I don't think it's the best style is missing special friend, but out of what you've seen he's got the best style. Yeah, I mean everybody's different. What everybody's different you know this is the argument is him and John Jones. There are two arguments and I feel like Jon Jones as far as the level of talent, no question John is faced for Shogun DC. Twice gust of sin I mean yeah v tore, I mean is Christ, you can just keep going and going and going and going or to share out he's got he's got the resume, but I don't know. I think I think George Saint Pierre right you know, George, is a little bit behind the times now, a little bit. Do you think so
a bit man. I don't know if that meant, but I would never say that yeah yeah, but but you know because because also from the same air, I think I think joy MJ's dressing here for sure I think is the the greatest fighter. That is bad. I mean when you look at the the resumes out of the nobody else. Compares really you know it's got. Two losses have been both those losses in devastatingly in okay. Came back after four years and won the title at a higher weight class and he's never really been in too much trouble in a fight. You know I look at is now he he's one of those guys he's one of the very first guys he's really what got me into the sport, because I saw his fight with Bj, and I just I can see- and I'm like of this guy is, you know, he's smart he's approaching a smart. I guess, but I true athlete you know like a true artist, a true athlete in it they're they're people that do
do you know, did the majors does too, but I just don't think to the level that George well again, it's the level of competition in the face to mean George George face some seriously stiff competition, not that Dimitri's didn't many five Dominick Cruz he's fought some tough, because I was really looking forward to Dimitrios versus TJ and I know they were trying to together, but that would have been the one I don't wanna look at people want, it still might be the one they might still do it I mean if TJ can defeat Cody or even if he doesn't, and if you decide to go down to twenty five, he can make he says he says he can make it yeah. I think you can, and I think you can give them some real problems Oh, it will be the biggest fight of his life. One hundred sure he's fast hits hard. He knocks guys out at thirty five, what the fuck is he going to do to people at twenty five If his body will stay healthy with that week, You know- and you know as good as anybody that's very difficult to do, because you just feel weaker yeah yeah, I mean
is that I I know the guys that he that he trades on it is off California, with as the China LAB that man approaches it like a science is for real. He, I think, he's a mathematician over at Uc Berkeley. She is guy said on with them for about we talked for maybe about five six hours. It was mostly I'm just talking. It may just like sitting there absorbing all the that he could tell me about. You know, Actually he I mean he measures those guys to to a tuiti. So he feels like he was training with him. Uh Dillashaw, an disease and conditioning yes, SAM cut called veto. If I'm saying the right, SAM Cubby down a trail that Brilliant, brilliant man he's he's one of the very few guys that that I think MMA, especially that really he he trained a lot of. He trains David Taylor, a lot of the olympic wrestling team. He work with those guys for a long time
when you seen some mad scientist, get into the game now right when they're realizing, there's real money in it, and it just made his what five thousand five hundred and fifty six does those iron man's. You know where you gotta, like. I think it's like something crazy. Like bike, one hundred and twenty miles and then you swim twenty miles, and then you run a full marathon and he's going in like fifty three. Fifty four years old, like God, don't train with them before and it his son. That is a not a, not a level of luxury, the condition. So if he says he can get TJ down to twenty five I mean I would. I would think you could do it in if he can't then it then you could do it in right way at least well. I spoke to TJ. He was one hundred percent, confident that can make the weight and just well you got also realize DJ. Do features just got shoulder surgery, so he still rehabbing from that. You know who knows how long that's going to take. I don't know how complex this shoulder surgery was, but still interested in that fight. Dominus, it's a big one for
Demitrius Johnson, especially no he needs that extra little push over you know some tips and tricks We were still in the media tours together for talk shifted Certainly the talk ship, but you know 'cause. He he's not going to be able to come out and just talk. You know he's going to look tile, it's not his style, it don't work, but without his game. A little bit more. Let's say that. I know you guys, because I know, and I will go back to the malls well run. Fighter you gotta, be able to promote too. You know you gotta, be able to see people wanted to see you fight too, and I think it is a stress, it's a stress Are you on your? raining like. You said you got to get up at six. Am because when you do it, you get more media requests that you get. You get to have those interviews more and that's a and it's something that you bear initial opponent, don't necessarily have to you know
a guy like Conor, does a lot more media than than his opponent due course. It is. Is this a bigger stress and you know if you can handle all the stresses and still go out there and compete it? Then, if you shy away from that, I got to take that away from you as far as being the best power for allied fighter. You know what I mean that's interesting, but if it's not Dimitrios who the fuck is it other than George and George isn't really fighting it those jobs is for sure Josh. You know. I I think George is not really fighting right now either. Are you saying right now in the sports website. Because John I mean it's up there. I don't, I don't think John took Pe Ds and people give me a hard time about that. I don't think he did. I think he took something tainted just based on what you saw to has said about. Levels pre and post test. I think you fucked up until Mahdi of Mass Manto's ruvo do of that money. But you still, you can still come back and be much bigger. You know Laci controversies. How should we now actually black in America controversy is is, is is one of the best?
he's a cab, the really old, John? When John, when he's loose, you know like what would him and Daniel were in that press conference and Danny was talking. She goes. I beat you after I did Coke here with Josh. I'm self he's huge he's yeah he's he's going to be the biggest. He could already been the biggest star view just trying to be in it. If, if they don't really suspend him for very long one, I'm comes back within a few months. Yeah yeah, it's entirely possible that he could come back. You know and be the biggest still of all time. I I think he's going to be way bigger, especially after Laci. Controversies is a great when we black in America Well, it's not just that. It's like for John, like how much More focus will mean my fear is that he's going to somehow another sabotage again that this is not just this that These lessons aren't syncing in because there's been so many of 'em the car accident with a broke the ladies arm she's pregnant he runs away and then the slam
in the car into the tree. There was so many and then there's you know the first test positive in the second test, positive, like fuc, the brawl, the press conference it's like there's. So many things I think that goes back to you know not being delusional having the right team around you and somebody to really listen to that. You really truly listen to you know, just somebody that you just kind of hard you because it's easy to get that way. It really is, I'm sure, like it have approached it a couple of times. You know you get that specially when you've got that confidence in the thing that made you great in the first place, it can be like until you, too, you know- and I think so a lot of it has been. At least a lot of my growth in the past couple months has been me getting in my own head and understanding it and and kind of breaking it down
Well, we helped through it doesn't hang a lot to you. They do yeah. Thank God is legal. Now yeah, I didn't start until after my last Leonardo really yeah first time that I did but honestly. It was probably like the best thing that, because I was angry, and the fight. I was angry at everything. You know that I was like well coconut. You know this guy was like a ten to one favorite going into that fight. That was the one fight with that. Never saw much. I think don't you so I just had anger to the way. I saw my dad kind of deal with it with alcohol, so I kind of turned to that. That is no good is really the worst way it works way to do it just makes the delusions bigger. You know what I'm saying it just makes you angry urine and it just it just kind of compounded. But I is that that was like had tuned it out.
For so long, because that's what folks did that kind of associated with being lazy analysis as well- and you know these fucking me too yeah. You know I won't be in eggs on a corner right right like, but when I did it, it kind of opened up the anger towards myself. You know I mean it kind of opened up my mom for the first time in in and I I think that actually did help a lot of help with any. I don't like chronic or nothing, but you know I know what you're saying I think that's what people are afraid of The two is that paranoia, I would say paranoid, It's just you looking at things. Realistically, even the possibilities of things happening. I mean some people
for sure, if they have tendencies to be schizophrenic in particular, and then they smoke a lot, we do could spiral them click. Yet, as I get it like anything else about it too, but it is not a good idea. Do it too much of any one thing is not a good idea. He's is a way I agree you have to. You have to be able to balance. You know I mean you can't just focus on the call to but I'm glad that you're saying that there's a real benefit to it too, there's a benefit to it, Mentale in exposing that vulnerability and just making you aware of who you really are like, maybe to other people. We are especially men. I think we puff Archie. Stop and we like to look at ourselves. That is maybe better than we really are because it's it's it's like a shield that yet like a false confidence shield that you put up to protect from your vulnerability, but marijuana says not enough luck that once just look weather for the funk you're vulnerable and stop doing that stupid like this. Is your problem. This is what you're scared of English it the weeds right, yeah
yeah and it in a kind of a less apt, especially at that. If I remember it that really made me that really helped me to get over and not just get over it, but to under stand it and understand what I was doing because again you just you know you get that informal. This, maybe it's test after all, you have again yeah hobbies, though you know, you'll you'll fall, that's the part of it for sure you know it's just. It's also think about what you're doing for a living man, that's the most one was a risky proposition. Do you could do is a human being outside a war that that that too- and I and I took that into you- know you- you are So you take that into consideration when you, when you start doing something like this yeah I'd taken into consideration every fight. You know we have one slight one slip up. You could be you know bad news. Sure one injury could take you out forever. Especially when you and when I was in my situation, even when I was signed with the UFC, it was like. Okay, do I go and try to be a doctor, and you know
you know I was I was going so I was like I was really. Seen more secure. You know I mean That seems more like attainable easier or do I like if I throw caution to you, know at the time when I one thousand eight hundred and nineteen Naga Simon yeah nineteen. You know that was like a hard, You know SAM what one of those ones it was hard for me to make, but it turned out- yes. Well, it's easy. You know you're going to have more One interest too. That's also part of the problem. There's probably there's a lot of people out there that, like doing different, things, and you know you might be leaning more towards one and the other and you just gotta kind of soul search and nobody can for that other than you. That's why it's terriblr, when people tell people what to do when people tell people what you need to do is get a good job or you need, You know, go with something: that's going to be saved, go with. What's attainable, go with that. You know like
and that's not right. Well, everybody's different one percent I think, that's the best. I mean to go back, just a rob dust, that's what he did so well. He didn't. He didn't tell me what to do. He to show me the truth. None of you know I mean he just he was that voice. Mi is like the colleges, and I me and hit your show to let you do a good job. You do a great job of it and I mean I know you've heard it before. Like did you just are very truthful in what you say in instead of being in, like preaching is not listen to fuckin', preaching Richie's mean great she's. Usually I try not to be, but sometimes it comes off, maybe sound, Eg, if you don't know me, but it's just honest in that. You know there's You say about Robert one of the most important things about it is that he shows you. He's just showing you and you could trust them? You know those. Those two things are very someone who just show you things show you what's
wrong, show in and that you can trust he's, not bullshiting. You want as soon as you think that one is bullshiting you're, bullshiting themselves or being you're like fuck man. I can't 'cause, they might good information about other things. That's a real problem when someone's an idiot, but also a genius like that exist there's people out there and those people that could touch puzzle the other girl say how much of this do. What he saying is stupid. To what he's saying is genius, and sometimes it's a weird mixture plan is I think that one of the things that I'm learning, especially as I'm kind of going forward and because you might get to meet so many people in so many people want to be a friend all of a sudden it so many people everybody's got. They want to tell you do your job. They everybody wants, tell me how to fight, and everybody wanted to tell me like what to do and how to do this. Often. But oh, really know what you're talking about. Actually, though, so you have to be able to you know, I think you got to find that
bullshit meter in there and an a and kind of pick it apart. It's for me Rob is that, and you know he, but that they should be still says. This is You mean you still get information on how to five from your yoga instructor. She could say something you know and that one thing what is it in your head, yeah? I had a the girl name, you call it the japanese girl. That was given a private sin in yoga, but the way she broke it down was like anatomy, almost it she knew the exact. You know position that I was here instead of being here where I was losing my balance, I was losing some high power or it was put more strain. One area of the other and making it harder? And I'm just like this- translates so well, you know the your when even when I do ballet it's like you know, I can see when I'm off balance. When I'm you know as one of the things in in ballets as you spend in you know, keep your eyes on
so you don't get dizzy so he went Barbosa. Kick me. I just make sure I saw four of am but I'm like. Let me keep I was this mother he's like stay all of it, but it all it all changed all the human body It's all the same thing, it's just different ways of expressing the way. Body moves and what it does. But it's the same. She says it's only one. It's like a hands on a computer, and I would think the learning all these different ways to move just enhancer overall understanding how your body works, yeah, yeah- and it makes you I think it's like makes more in tune. What do you want to make it healthy? That's one of the biggest keys. I think it's just being as healthy as as possible, and not you know tampering with that. Too much for sure, an also flexibility. I think, having flexibility is so important for a fighter you know being able. To move your body like there's some people that just aren't flexibel. They just can't move in certain ways and uh I can tell from watching you throw head kicks in that fight like give you're flexible
you. Don't have a lot of tension in your legs when you're doing that. Yeah I think tension is that is that it is like the perfect her for relief, because that's what caused you to tighten to yeah like when you got when it guys it's difficult for him to throw a body kit. Can you see him kind of like leaning, and you see that structure? I love Dan Henderson Big Fan, tattoo, looks leaking touch his toes yeah yeah, I mean like he threw a head kick in Hector Lombard fighters like Holyshit, but it's the way he It's like his whole body is to like it takes a lot of work you know where, as some people throw head kicks in you, don't even see it coming yeah yeah yeah I mean it in and also in grappling to you know you had to be sure able to have strength. I think in every direction. Yeah hi this my biggest reason. Why don't live weights is because you get so used to in that one uniform direction. Question you have to be able to move at the beach just strong here as I
I'm here right in there yeah. So do you get all your resistance from just grappling from these these calisthenics and plyometrics and grappling a lot? You know yeah guys up and put it down. So that's not as on a personal, auto body, weight too yeah. That's a hundred percent exercise now did they concentrate on like specific call, or exercises. Or do you do you have days we concentrate on. Using your legs are de yeah different different days dependent. We we do. We do do a lot of course stuff, especially recently, probably at the last year, so we've been doing a lot more with the court legs is. It is a huge when you know you, ladies care use for pretty much the whole way to run.
Yeah yeah. I me up. I live in Henderson, so it's like you know right lot of hills, but the legs is one of the biggest just even my movement like the way you move to a lot of times. I notice how I'll be too. You know up on by the balls of my feet or I'll be too flat on on my heels. First in all this, I think they came for wrestling a little bit. The bright, dances are different, but it's just rounding out me as an individual is going to run about me as a fighter which is just gone, make it bigger better. Do you watch fight? outside of MMA. Do watch kick boxing honors it yeah yeah. Would you like to watch love? I mean I watch. A lot of the Big Box invites, especially really I only got to see like little clips of pieces of the broader in in and I was paying more attention to his arguments with rapper kid that six yeah we're going back and forth or with his wrong with Adrian brother he's entertaining this the week of the fight talking shit on Instagram think they would just do anything making mega media
uh. I think it was bullshit because he came out to 69's song is sixty nine. Ally, shouted out. Forager broader came out to six nine sorry a give up that assault there to fight. I haven't seen the video yeah, I gotta go back and let it go on going six, not Instagram, he that is out there. So there is no changes to now he likes for owner. I mean look at he's, he was sounds, also wrote a smart move. He actually, you know brothers a he I mean he did his thing and if I do that he outworked Jessie Vargas, that's hard to do. I heard beat the hell out of a method after eight rounds he beat out the hell out of it. For so have to watch it. I got an award at home, yeah yeah. I I want to watch your fighting. Frankie's fight and, and David Branch and knocking out Thiago Santos, like branches, that Holyshit soccer. Do people sleep on branch 'cause he lost to Luke Rockhold Luke Rockhold is a fuckin' specially on top
yeah it's a shame, isn't sleep when he got he got Weidman down ground by the way Luke Rockhold. We thought Weidman had staff he was going yeah. I was going through his fuckin' antibiotics. It was two weeks out he's he's in like serious IV, antibiotics the whole deal. He was really hurting man and that's no joke I mean after a fight with Tony I was out for six weeks. I couldn't do anything I was, I got stabbed twice, I got it once and they caught it real early. When I got the second time this. Second, I'm barely even affected me because it caught it so early, but the first time I and I got on the heavy medication and and I was like dizzy.
And I wasn't even train and I stopped training after a guy got on the medication. I just it just hung around here, and I was just like Jesus the first couple days on the medication I'm dizzy. I'm like, I feel terrible. It destroys your body. I mean especially talk to. I mean you talk so many microbiologist that tell you what it does to the the the the Gulf floors I didn't know back then either I got it back in like two thousand and two- I don't know they don't know- should about gut flora back then I literally didn't know what it was. So I just took the medication just ate what I always ate took. Vitamins like I always did, and that was it, but I was like wow I'm like light, yeah yeah. No, it's not! It's! No joke! No! The body! It's that's! It's here's a function of me, Merca and staff and those fucking infections. They scared the shit. Outta me man from within you one of the those little monster just take over your body and eat it. That's what it is is more than there are of us. I more there's more bacteria
in your body than there are human cells yeah. I mean it's, it's crazy to think about it, it's a but it but it just. It's all about balance, you know, means how you would you? Are you careful with your diet, like? Do you take in a lot of probiotics, and yet he had all the especially women can't make very very yeah, probably I'll side of recently, one, a lot more Keto a little bit. You know I I still carbs? Obviously I have to for to have that explosion. Still, I feel like. I just think you I think you have the more carbs and you probably still stay Kita Genic. I think that when people carbs and they say like you, only have twenty five to fifty grams of carbs during the day, like that's great, if you're not doing two a days Unfucking wrestling and Running hills and shit like you brought. He probably needs more carbohydrates than that yeah. I mean it definitely and that's kind of where I try and supplement it, especially before I train yeah trying to eat more carbs, and then I kind of cut him back towards the end of the days and what are you eating
a lot of chickens a lot, because I can't eat fish or shellfish. So a lot of people urging yeah yeah yeah, it's a lobster. Dikshit yeah I mean I just got busy. I love it. It tastes like anyway, but it doesn't a I mean I can. I can look at it lobster with melted butter days like not the bater us so good lobster with melted butter. I, like some of his own grasp, is naked, well that all pretty good I love to cook to I'm here. I love it. I mean I, I think, there's a real art took into that, could probably be me and uh, the life, a chef you send that do you want yeah one percent August of this art to it right yeah? I would love to yeah. Eventually, maybe I guess I cook a lot. I love cooking and makes me feel good man I like, and I like, knowing that I prepared a meal yeah yeah there. It's so nice things specially with healthy and especially when you in, I don't. I don't get people that are.
I mean I don't handle get Vegas, so it better. Like I have a lot of friends begin and end. You know I I never did the kind of doubt, but the fact that they don't want to eat meat for their certain people, like my brother, tried to do this too. He's like he don't want to eat meat, because he's like a friendly animal in are ours feel bad for the animal itself is like you said it. We got. More or not us sales. Then we do a sale yeah like we're all the same. You know I mean even the even the animals like we are the same gloves on means that the same the plants I don't want animal cruelty. I mean, I think, That's what most the most noble aspects of becoming a vegan is to avoid animal cruelty in factory farming, and I think that In that way, I agree with them. The real problem with vegans is that there's a
certain percentage of them that are just fucking idiots and it's just a certain percentage of any group of people. It's not most vegans, most vegans are kind people, it's a certain percentage of them that are using being a vegan as an excuse to be a fucking asshole and that's what as and they just they have this thing and most of them use vegan in their screen name. Those have like, though It is a part of their identity and then they attack people who aren't vegans, there's a few people followed literally go to their twitter page and just watch them attack people who aren't vegans yeah. I mean this crazy, watches, that's all they do and and like you said it's it's that's what I wanna say like. I don't understand, because, because yeah, that's just people in general, you exactly at that yeah, I'm gonna get that it any walk sure going to be eighties. That's so it's almost like in that when I've said that, like veganism is sort of a religion, it's a it's a it's an ideology in the sense of the way. Some people practice it that they want to go after there's some people that are catholic, that he protestants right. They think the products
so the enemy, and then this is just I mean this is obviously something that went on for a long time in human history, but I think it's just groups of people get real tribal and then you know the luck, Yankees hate the Red Sox, and this is just how it goes, and these people just decide I that you're on the other team, so fuck you and you one can see any middle ground yeah. You know this guy restaurant antler from Toronto that I had on the last week and these people are protesting his restaurant, these vegans- I seen that yeah and then the five him to put a sign in the window saying something like no animal should die so that we live, and it's not alright to take their lives on like and so they're like protest every week until he does this, but he's not going to do it yeah. So what the fuck are you doing with? What is this like? Where is just ask there's a bass, there's an ideological battle going on and they're, not it's not doesn't
thought. Well, Lou like examined objective thing in my, in my opinion, yeah, but it's so natural though, like you said this is it's almost like communities you know is, is If you have your your your thoughts, I've got my thoughts and we are part of two separate communities right and it's it's just like with anything else. I think that integration between the two in that balance is like the most. Everybody really kind of will grow everybody. You know the bounty hunters can learn something from the vegan. It's just much of the eagles can learn from them. Additionally, I think so too. You know, and I think that really the problem is when people don't, want to hear the other side and they want to shout people down, they don't they're, not willing to listen and there's common ground across the board. You know in some of it probably just learned, I think, a lot about like how you grew up and I think
it's important to like understand that is for the legacy just go back to my childhood is just that's the way. I grew up and that's what I understood, but when I look at like my dad, you know, like my my dad did, have his dad so and he was out the house by fifteen. You know he and I try to put myself there, sometimes being a fifteen year old kid that didn't have all of the place to go like what you gonna do, and the only people you see around you is is drug dealers and and in in on us. So I like a lot of it. I give credit to him for stick around for me, because I would have no I've hit people over the head right right right, I mean that's, why people do it because those they're doing that it. Just like you and me, everybody's We're all just human beings- and we very a clean we very, but we very more bar environment. How much love we get yeah yeah that that's a that's a big part of it is like, is just the culture yup is it is just you know
and I think it stems from one culture being separated from others, and not having that integration. Then get that like even more of a disconnect and then once you get the even bigger than you know, it's all like an eel more in security, which leads to more tribalism and did so. The whole thing is just it's so disappointing that people stay they operate like this, but I think people are opening up to that more now than before. I just think it's a slow process, slowly, but surely slowly, but surely we still working at it. I mean look at what we were talking before about Rosa Parks picture out there. That was not long ago. Man no no, it really wasn't in the beta thing, with certain there, certain white people too just be like are just get over it already. It is like they didn't have to get over it exactly what it is. You don't understand their answer. Yeah you! Don't you truly don't understand and you don't even like take the time to try it on Friday
you know their tribal too they'd talk to other people that say the same shit and like yeah well, and then just start rattling off statistics about the instances of crime in the black community and how the Asians don't do this, but the blacks do it's like it's fucking, cultural. If you don't it's cultural. You haven't been enough around of people and it does not go back a lot of generations the right road not very long ago. You know my dad didn't have his that he didn't have that person to teach him what not to do and what to do in always is that's it. That's what that's hard rose specially for young. Like you go back earlier, like young gasket delusional real quick, you know they feel invincible. He felt like. Oh, I can do this and I'm never going to get caught. You don't have that voice of reason to tell you right from wrong when you, when you that cut eight right is because he didn't have his dad, then why did his dad because he did have is that you know I mean, and that only goes back to three generations and well what's crazy, is you talking about one thousand eight hundred and sixty five is when slavery was abolished, so we're talking about a small amount of time in human history
They haven't been slave. So all your isolation when you you felt as a kid we felt separate from the people that were in there with those the my, how's that were higher than yours. Think about that times. One hundred yeah is if you are a slave yeah Maybe a million. In an insurmountable gap between a slave that has no chance of ever not being a slave and someone you can go to school wherever they want and travel abroad and do whatever they want and then the idea that some of these white people think that these people should just get over it. With the what time is so fucking short you're talking about literally have black panther. The life we just have released it beat avatar is beating everything, so you like one of the number one biggest movies of all time, stupid big. That should help yeah leave it or not. I really think things like that will help. It was a beautiful movie and it was a beautiful movie to describe even like when you say, one thousand, eight hundred and sixty five, I feel like we sold.
Connect it from. Even that- and this is I've- talked to a lot of people about this- the difference between being called a black american african American. You know I don't hate being called in Africa, I that's what everybody says bothers it to. It makes you seem because she put me in Francis next to each other. France is an in America. You know what I mean so he's from Africa. He has ties to Africa. Who else is an african American Elon Musk, yeah, I mean yeah. Really when you real, but I think even more now it kind of like I just why can't we be black comes in so many different shades yeah. You know I mean as african. Obviously so maybe black Americans by the way to put it, but Africans have ties to Africa. Right, but it may not slavery like we throw. I feel we should have our ties in America like. I should be proud to just be an american, not right. All the an african American called
you know. Well, as with every generation, I mean it's going to take a long time before we just abandoned all this nonsense and just treat people based on who they are as a human being, but my grandparents came from ITALY and they were treated dogeship in my grand father always talked about the racism that he encountered when he came over from ITALY to America and they didn't think of Italians as white people. Now they think of Italians white people, one hundred percent. But the Mexicans are experiencing that, like you know, if you're from Spain you're basically white, like nobody thinks of a guy from Spain as being like you. Don't think of the same way, you think of Mexico, but Monday, all that sh, one day, we'll get past this, whether it's who knows How many generations it will take, but I think it's changing now because of the internet. I think there's definitely like more hate groups. The consolidate and they get together and they you know they live in an echo chamber on line. They talked. You know they
with each other. You see it on twitter and he's twitter trying to stop that, and maybe that's misguided, because maybe it strengthens it. But I think that ultimately ability to exchange. Information is get, get, allow more and more people to compare notes and and and understand that the book there's no there's no benefit to describe or did too did thinking of people as being inferior or superior or better or worse, were just all different, but we're all human we're all just a well the same yeah. You see that when you, when you see people LA yeah, you can really see somebody. You really know all you really see him yeah yeah. It is we we literally all the same, but all different too, because that's one of the beautiful things that you do. You see these little different asked individuals, personalities but took lot people in a group. You know you're a chinese guy. What a! What the you are, your this you're, an african guy on old. You are your this! No, that's nonsense. This is
broad spectrum in each and every classification, but at the at the end of the day, we're all the same. Thanks Ross people yeah, we will want to percent yeah, it's just When you talk about have been like pride in in in it. I feel like helps a little more. If I, if I I'd I do if I would like I as a black American, you know, instead of stead of like an african American is just to send. You know what I mean I right after, like it's a little more, I just looked you know what I mean like. I bought my more integrated than it would give me more proud to be there. And I think that's still. You were obviously all the same there needs to be integration, but you still have to have some type of identity. You know what I'm saying I know you're saying yeah I mean
I think that the movie in itself did a good job and that's what the black after I think you did a great job in describing like the difference. There are differences between them, the black community and in the african and african community. You know, I mean our African Africa itself in any as you get that you get dead. Like anger, you know what I mean like: that's like the stereotype is like the angry black man right, but some of it stems from not knowing and where you from and not having that core identity, and I feel like we can just do that again here in America as well: Steph, I hope yeah, I'm. I hope what it represents. Is it's a meter to registered that racism is dying yeah and that this is this is also people in there out of like Y
so that we're going way out of their way to go, see it because they wanted to show everybody that they're not racist, but I think that's good too yeah. I think, ultimately, it's showing that this is something that people recognize is a stupid problem and we should get past it. It took out there This will be done. I mean we're probably going to be telling us to our grandchildren wanted one and they're still going to be experiencing some of it and then there's going to be something new comes out and you, like God, we just now doing this, like you know, that's the way it's going to be, but for me Personally, you know it's just 'cause everybody every was to be a super hero. Al all right, you know. So what is it like a whole lot of when you could be the half vampire be blade it? yeah, I mean yeah but play with like a hit man. You know I mean it goes back to what you see around me. If I only see the drug dealers in everything. You know there was, a black superhero superheroes. Out there
yeah I'd ever trade as a as scientists are, you know, is it was loud? I just if you want those get over it, guys that doesn't register few, because they're all white, every superhero Batman on July, the man even the whole, because white at first yeah- and I mean I can I can I can get it from a lot of. I mean this. This is just culture yeah. You know, I mean it is not better or worse than one thing or another. You know there's, hawaiian culture there is, there is yeah. You know there is so at the shelter yeah and it's just that needs to We celebrated too, because the more you celebrate culture, the more you can integrate between all right and then there's the real problem of. I don't want those cultures to go away. Yeah. You know I was in Chinatown to Boston this weekend we went and ate dinner at two o'clock in the one is chinese. Russia is China right, Jamie that place who is Chinatown. They got like fun. Alaskan King crab in a fish tank like how the did you even get that here still alive all these fish
of each other, and they they pull the fish out of the tank and cook it up for you. I it's like they barely spoke English. I mean that this is their culture and I want that to still exist. To you know I mean I just want them to be accepted, one hundred percent I mean and and that's the beauty about, and I think you need to keep that alive. You know there's two different spectrums to it. There's the there's the the person just like which is going to get over it right and there is a person just like okay. But you don't even have like they don't even like, like I did it or acknowledge, culture. You know I mean they just want just shun it or just not. You know, just put it in all this somewhere and you know it that that's almost the is the opposite, but is just as bad I was talking to a buddy of mine who lives on the big island about that he's, a white guy and he lives in Hawaii, and he grew up in Hawaii and I said,
Did you experience a lot of racism against white people? He said no 'cause, I'm not a fucking asshole and I said that's what it is right he's like yeah man. He goes. You can't be a white guy coming over here, trying to push your mainland cultures like this. Is the Viking culture dude? He goes if you just accept the culture the way it is out here. He goes there, not racist. Let's take you going to run into a few, but for the most part you're going to run into a few everywhere you go 'cause people are, but you gotta go back to it. Like people are bugging idiot, saying every walks of it, but for the most part This could be not as though you good right. I mean this is the same way across the board, and I've got to realize that is as I'm getting older, because before I just thought you know we just what we are right on to me. I've got family members that only will ever see Detroit. They will only ever those same blocks, they will only ever see the same people and that's just what you think it is, and it's just like
much now, there's so much much more and it's not that different, like you, think it's different, it's different, but you know what I'm saying: it's not it's not it's just it's just different. It's just different. It's not better, not worse, one of the things that I really enjoyed about traveling. So much with the UFC. As you got to see all these different cultures- and you got to see all these different styles of life that these people live in an you kind of like put it all together, and it just gives you I think it is one of the best things about traveling is that it gives you this more rounded perspective like if I lived in ITALY, you'd be like one of these people. This is how they live. They live like this. You know, then Dublin you'd be like this. This is, this is their style of living. Yes, it is important to acknowledge, I think, all those different styles to you know and of living in that in in the in
I think if you really want to like your racism in American, all that and see if it's just being open about it, it just talking in it. People understand other people's up bring is and what they went through and what they do, because they, makes you understand it more. If you try and just shut it away or just say, if you even bring up the black or white, or is he had like people? Do it right? You know you got to see a sometimes people get tens and just just be on about it to be open about it in that will make it go away. It's not it's not! You know shining some people don't want to be uncomfortable. They don't want to talk about uncomfortable shed. So if something comes up that well, you know, as
PAC man like oh here we go here. We go, I didn't do it. Ok, I never had a slave, ok and then you know and like alright man, you just super uncomfortable with being uncomfortable, yeah. It's like for like yeah. I think that makes you that more that's all there talking to a human being. If you really want to have a conversation with them, you want to know their actual experience, and if there This is as a puerto Rican that came from Puerto Rico that fills diskette lot of Puerto Rican's feel super disconnected with the United States, because they're not the United States citizens, but they are it's like a weird thing. It's kind of like it's not really a state, but it so it's sort of protected by the United States and so their disconnect didn't? Is it like on the EAST coast growing up with Puerto Ricans, there's a weird, they have a weird alienation. You know, and that's if you don't want talk to them, and you don't want to hear about that from them. That's fine, but you're, just going to miss out on that part of what life is for them, never going to get it yet and all the
is that they bring to it. You know the food that they bring out the different arts yeah. You know I mean that the different styles of fighting that the brain that the different dances like everything else, our culture, you're gonna, miss If you try and just shy away, next martial arts is a perfect example of like all these different cultures coming together. Everything is one boiling pot. You know yeah I mean, and that's how we get is one of the most beautiful things about it. It's just I can go out. To to Ireland and fight a Russian in Ireland yeah, and he always is different than going down to Brazil. And fight the brazilian. I only have like that is just short. What is at the core of it is still is fine, it's just different styles of of being able to do it ever. Nobody does it. Well, it's crazy to me is how, when you go to these other places like Brazil or Ireland, or something like that like how rabid they are for their local people like this script,
Will you find someone who's brazilian in Brazil holy? I mean. Maybe it's relaxed a little bit now, but I was there for some of the earlier years. Was there as well, and I made the mistake of flipping off the crowd at the way? Is because because we put down there Francisco Trinaldo I thought of yeah, so he three times brazilian Kickboxing champion sure is that was one of a on at the height of his. You know he's on a seven fight, win streak you is feeling good. He was you know, kind of his last run to he, he was. Set a one hundred and eighty five pound. Two big big hit like a truck too, but you know before the way is they? scream at you going to die. I don't like all right So I'm gonna Shittalk are so you you talk that should be not giving it back to you, love it. Look at Dewey too. I love it. I mean they were rabbit for that when people were throwing stuff at me, as I was walking out, acted through
involved in it just went to town, yeah they got a lot of pride in Brazil. They love it, but but uh around the world, alot of because I think they truly appreciate the art of what they do, and it is a representation of the culture there. You know sure which jitsu for sure for sure when they, when they get somebody to Damian Maia, going stand behind that man, because he represents the art of it. Mma in general, like they. They appreciate the art of it. Russians appreciate the art of what they do. You know the sabot in the you know. This is so deep rooted in a culture in in America's due to I mean for the most part, it's just. We don't get as high our own fighters, I think, is I we have a certain amount of loyalty to, but we're so this such an ambitious country, yellow he got away with it some money, because somebody shy
so certainly well, listen man, you doing all those things right now, I'll I'll! Try do it slowly, but surely you know. I think this is a good Asian too, because I think people understand you more now, yeah get a better sense of who you are. I got I got a couple of deeper, then I got a couple layers. The via you know. Do you do thank I really appreciate it. Man I really enjoyed this conversation offers all right. That's it see a lot of people like what is that? Please give it up thing for what is that when I say that the beginning of shows it's because that's what we do at comedy clubs like if I was going to bring up Duncan I'd say, please give it up for Duncan Trussell, but that was fun podcast. So thank you. Thank you, Kevin Lee um. Thank you to sponsors. Thanks square space go to square space, dot com forward, Slash Joe for a free trial and when you're ready to launch use the offer code Joe to ten percent off your first purchase of u of a website or domain. Thank you also to the cash app
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