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JRE MMA Show #28 with Georges St-Pierre

2018-05-23 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Georges St-Pierre discuss fighting and more.
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Q. You ip dot com fort, Slash Rogan. My guest today is without out, one of the greatest Marshall Ardor sets ever lived. He is a two division. You have seen Abby. Who was just recently relinquished his middleweight title and dug and all an awesome human being. We gotta talk not just about fighting but about philosophy in life and, as is english it's better. He is more comfortable and better even an express himself. We talked about that too. He is the great and powerful JOR saint Pierre, the get experience, we experience found him, and I guess you: where are your call for years? They keep you from where your buds
those little tomato in your ear, does I'd? Do it and I don't need you, don't need a asked, I don't have to keep this close to your face and what good would go? What's up, man hawaiian, fantastic you're, good? feel good fellow if it would not be for my life, like also that there would be if you I feel better than than our when I was twenty five? Wouldn't you wouldn't you Callias, yet good ideas, but is that what causes. We don't really know what it is it, but the best the best the areas that add for my last fight would Michael whispering. I tried to put on weight extra weight, so I followed a diet for a programme that I was here in every almost every two hours, and I think our system is a car. You know if you do a lot of mileage it over use it and in that, I've been with their stress and everything through my training about
problem. You know why I couldn't sleep at crazy cramps. You know sometime in that I had blood even like that when I went to the bathroom at one point, I had to go. Do some tests because- was worried that it was something Morris like a means. Collide is very serious, but that it was I something something that blood cited some tacit came out may get. And I said to myself that, despite being delayed not delayed, but spawned so many times that if I'd do something if I say that publicly what is going on I'm gonna lose you for something to fight for that at all at one, eighty five, so why I keep a chat- and I, told myself said it. Whatever It is our deal with it after to fight, so I did the fight every Well then, after I went to do where it's called colonoscopy, they put a camera inside of you here, and I did I got diagnosed with also collide- is thus bribed a mix of distress and also that the fact that it was constantly eat-
I was eating and none on the angel. I was trying to put on some way. There was very hard. Sometimes I was I remember many times I was having breakfast, but I was regurgitate regurgitating my breakfast torch weighing up cause you just too much yeah, but I too, because I needed to keep my seventy certain weight and that their crazy thing about it is For us now realize it's a mistake, I should never have done it, but when I made their weight at one eighty five the day before the fight, I could not go back up to one ninety. Does it at your side? Was going back up the day of that fight. I woke up, and I add a little breakfast I drew up at breakfast. Again: yeah, where I was really messed up, then but the way myself. I was like one ninety when they are and what you think MIKE would he felt very strong. I mean is already underway at this time, because.
No wait. I, U way right now, depending what you eat. You have a lot of stuff inside you're, you're and everything. So you can also water retention. I felt like add lot of water retention. Then on us Sorry wait. The eggs equally, so it's like deadlines set out back there. You carry on your shoulder sure what I should have that I think is just stay. The same way that I am We wait. I think the body a way that its is best ways to prevent when at lake performance and that's what I should have done right, but it was a mistake of my part. It was a big mistake, so you just thinking that, because you're going up to one eighty five and you fighting a guy in Bis being that used to fight it to all five executives, a pretty big guy. Exactly that, I taught that two to perform better- I needed to elevate my weight, but by doing that, I trade might create a big problem of health issues so in that that collides didn't exist before that. Not that I got diagnose for
no no and had been dead. That's what trigger it, and so after the fight now gone back to normal. Diet has changed so so after a fight. What happened and it's very interesting to I got an medication and I met the doctor that is msg and flung his intermodal people very searches, amazing, amazing guy and I met a doctor date that treat p with cancer and diabetes with their intermitted fasting. So I start doing a programme of intermitted, fasting and time restricted, eating and almost damn diminish like every every weeks every month diminish. So he got it's getting better is Andrew percent now, but is getting out Lot better a lot better and I feel, a lot better. Lotta people like that now we have been greenfield on yesterday, who is
a journalist Islamic, not with his body body a lot of let Us- and it is scientific research on diet and in restricted eating is a big part of it. He does a lot of and to think TAT. One air, when it gave, must soda one again and I need to eat more, to accelerate my metabolism, but I never felt better in my life if we would not be for that, felt better in my life? If we would not that I sleep better inflammation. I will I sleep. Better in, and I went also did a test in January. I went to my university to do my that percentage, my muscle density, bone density and my am in five month. I did it a few days ago, like that Latin, that this week, the tools they of that last week and my ass, my foot percentage has- decrease my muscle mass as increase and my wife,
my muscle mass than it and my weight is, is often then restricted eating? Might January training did not change. They own thing, ass change, but much of the dead restricting restricted time eating and interpreted fastening. Yes, the other Eating and interpreted fastening. Yes, here that intermittent Fasting gives your digestive system a break and it lets your body recuperate better. I think that's what it out MIA de mostly adding it that's what it is I felt like. I was like a guy like you. Like a car, I was putting too much for nothing and I think, as human beings were all over fed our interests it about palaeontology in and elsewhere is story, and I know that. Human being and enter gatherer time, then that a true melody, no food aid, maybe a few times a week by when they they need a lot. He has any to do with fast. So I think it's more now
for human mean to do so and outside now, I read a lot of stuff and I watched a lot of stuff on the internet about interpreted fasting and time restricted aid eating, and I just wish. I knew that before for so many years. I am I used to follow their rules. Are we need to eat at least three times a day and ran? You know? I don't really care of what I either, but I you know, even though in the morning I M I'm not hungry. I was always my forcing myself to eat which is bad, and yet what what has changed in your diet? What what are you eat like? What's? What's a normal meal for you are I don't really and are really watch what I ate anymore. It's more when I ate. Tweet L T, but I dont have a specific diet. I like, for example, I got you was the emigrant eight days. Does this yet on our words, I just try to eat Elsie you know like I, I I tried to eat good and that, of course, I don't look at the
there's a desert em. If I want to desert a chocolate. I remember that from one of your old videos, like you, were having a glass of wine during training camp like so the wrong one glass wine. Well, if you think about it, do it I don't think, a glass of wine or anything like it before a fight world, we have the tendency to be too much light or which should aid. What should I do disease? Should I do that? I think it's and its two who dance you like I've met at when I went in Thailand, I met some. Some world champion tie boxer and they smoke they get drunk. Before the fight, I'm right, you're fighting tomorrow, man they like is zag, it's no problem, but when you take it This is an extreme this to the other extreme. Yes, but I dont it as that much of an effect. You know what I was used to eat before, like before a fight my meal of choice. Before I get into reading up
eating and something that I was eating. Pastor before before fight most of my fight I like they do it did to chinese Alfredo again arms. I mean since like now needs its, not Babylon if you eat, if you talk to F example, attrition is old black, oh, my god it was grab is that it will be a huge, serious or might ice new state that the aid, a stake in pasta before his fights that was my thing. I you sweet pass all that I'm an and there's no problem with that for me, and I felt great But since I start reading about at nutrition and stuff like that. Now guy. You need to be clean and, like you never affect me, I don't think it as that. Much of a big big effect more psychological. I think, what's also think about how
energy, your burning, nothing for the average person a bull upon is not a good idea, but for an athlete that's about the fight five five minute rounds against a world class fighter. You d have a different energy requirements, unity of different nutritional requirements. You can burn off Waymore I was listening to Chad Ben doesn't Parker so the day when you are talking about how he so hungry. He so much the Esta wakes up in the middle of the night and he goes and eat sometimes well. He just can't you can't go couple hours were eating. It just has is crazy. Capitalism, the internet, so discover domestic restricted eating interpreted fastening. Now I feel better by a training an empty stomach? sharper sharp appear more creative speed in Jiu, Jitsu feel better
the light or am, I feel, really yeah. You do at First Fujitsu class the morning. No, no food in your stomach. I never ever forever need today. Isn't there? The coffee you give me is the first thing. So when will you it's twelve? Twenty four right laughter do some going. I'm going What train would Freddy Roach? and then having daily, then maybe I'll eat. Another time I am late eater. That's why I'm not too good- and I don't like tweet too much earlier during the day, and there really angry I used to aid because everybody aid, but now I'm lying among any this. As I have discovered it, and on eat. When I went I'm not hungry, and the thing is why people eat is because there are big events in Indonesia, when you like, when I start doing, intermitted fasting and time restricted eating, it was hard, in the beginning, because I was condition tweet all the time, but my buddy acclimate and now it's very easy I can eat. Today, is no problem. Niagara. Now in all, I could do it and I
it's good to be hungry. In a way I remembered a doctor. Said something to me said, would you rather be like a lion that just add a full belly. Or an angry lion alike? As fight or rather need. I got hang July and it makes sense to me for look at nature. It, makes sense, know what I mean we just Make sense, especially when you do time restricted eating your. Your body gets used to burning off fat to and using fat as fuel strew, now. That's why I think, when I did the test to compare my my foot percentage, diminish, I don't have much fat but it diminish and a doctor. He says to have a say, yeah gained a lot of weight. You said you know Do you think I'm gonna lose muscle? He says to me: you believed that their weight I put on because now I'm about one hundred, eighty five pound, and I when I turn for begging and when two hundred and ninety seven, when I, after after their way- and I was- I couldn't put back that way
I was a hundred ninety. You believe that the so we're dead. Add was more water retention residual inside my my body. It was not like solid mass, and it makes sense to me because now, if and much and I'm just as strong in even stronger like when I do olympic living much stronger, gymnastic much longer, and I guess I feel sharper. Yeah and you said it reduced her information as well. It does have some time, both in progress now used to have always that big inflated elbow yes swollen elbow it was a was, recital a bird was about scientists answer it. There was during my fight of the tag live as, but I gotta get a surgery to take away the residual the bonus chip, my elbow from landing elbows thing is just use uses using, but by now I dont have any problem anymore and
like it used to be a chronic thing that I used to fill some once in a while. Some time anyway came in it goes, but since I start this it in came at all life of gray, I can touch my he might do shoulder. Like this, when you came back it's very interesting because, with a lot of people, take time off, and then they come back and you you wonder what they're going to look like, but one of them things that I was very hopeful with you, you ve, always been. Almost a Marshall artists. First in a fighter. Second, in that year, always learning and you're, always practising like you. You would always take time and between camps, and you would you know, do judges in Brazil or you would be constantly practising your boy tat. You always child, learn and improve your game, and I was thinking when you came back was like. If you are saying that you are better than ever, unlike man, he might be better than ever. I gave you you're the one guy that I believed because a lot of times, Come back. You like man, he's
out of the game along time? Who knows how hard he's been? Training costs a lot of fighters when they're, not in camp when they are preparing for a fight they don't they don't like to train that much because they did, though the de grind of care almost whereas, unlike you, I see a lot of fighters after they retire. They get really fat like. While how can I get fat like was looking at my donna. The other day is a picture of my diners. Monday, he's got he's gotta, Instagram page he's fat fuck cigar he's drinking whisky me he just thoughtfully may, with a couple years ago. It was wrapped in this. They retire. They don't give a fuck anymore than our do this anymore, but you I knew you were still training We see like in the hands of Gracie guys who were training was you there, and I knew you train with Donna her. I knew you were constantly training. You look good so like that when I left off more four years ago I I I knew I wanted to come back, but I was not in an ip place, had a lot of person.
Problems, and I should have even stub earlier then after my fight within weeks, if it, if I would have stopped earlier, I would have may become back earlier as well. It was I was I felt like I was like I have a feeling of a cluster claustrophobic feeling in all like it. I was up and breed. Well, I couldn't sleep well, I had my mind: Russia, too much pressure, personal problem, so much stuff. Alas, and do meet at its so too early in my life and for the respect of people I know, I couldn't talk about it one day I will, all mixed together. I knew there was a drug issue and sport, I feel I felt it added value and now I was trying to perform undermine those condition, and it was catching up to me I did it. But the reason why I think I didn't lose the edge is a lot of people, because we do have an extreme sport- it cycle what we do is
kind of life and death The situation is it's not because there's a referee, but the spirit is the same as a graduate gladiator aura A person in a war that goes to worry things. Gonna die is the same spirit. Even though is not the same thing. Would we go there in the same spirit that were ready to give it give it all is such extreme feeling that once you but I have that in your life, life kind of become boring. Like you're, not alive anymore that's why, when people step they retired and they tried to come back a lot of the peace they fall into drugs because I want to catch up to that, They want to feel alive again, so they want. They need that sensation that they had previously, but I couldn't get it back as they do drugs already do something crazy extravagant. The thing with me is I knew I was going to come back. Also, I always like to train and keep myself in shipping, and I never did drugs in all areas
The dark drugs drink I drink some day of my they last saturday I went out- and I was completely wasted. Aid is what it is like to data. Rate myself, sometimes not perfect, is have fun exactly and what's that of doing this if you're not enjoying arrive. What's our goal of it? Rhino people to fight is now I don't like to fight, and there's another they like to talk to you about. Because I know why you do that. If you don't like to fight is because I, like my lifestyle, you know that it gives me, but that's why people I believe we will come back to what you say. That's waiting people. They have our time to come back after so many years because they fall into that trap. Brian. They need to feel alive. So they did. They find ways to that. They may make them feel alive, but it's the its deuterium deteriorate themselves during either. I didn't do that. I didn't do that and I would, ever will. Hopefully again it's not my thing so,
when you decided to come back. How far out did you decide like, but you you you took for years off. Yet how many years in what you like, I think I'm ready to come back. When I see USA, USA and their that drug testing programme been Implant did and implemented then I saw a lot of a lot of you not to yes, feeling allocated it. Did you feel Vince created, when you saw like some of these people, just I feel a little bit of a minute. It filled bad to wish people bad luck. To get, some kind of recognition by the that's. What I want I want to do. I don't wish people bad luck, but if you change your cheat men and they allowed people get caught and finally a lot of people in a beginning, including my own friend, they think like I was talking to some of my own friend. They say you're paranoid. You become paranoid, you need steak, I break you you're going crazy. Just
retire? I get out there today you're paranoid, because I was talking about it a long time before Hendricks and they did. Everybody was disregarding me, but none when it up and allowed the champion fell. And a lot of aid, the iranian sport. They get points out with finger is a is a cheater so now become real. So when I saw that happen, it was it was for me. Getting to start and now it's time to come back, you know, because I'm a guy I said something you know: that's had become gonna, I'm gonna do it. I don't want to come back when this boy was there that's one of my thing, and so when I was, the site to come back. I add a big dogwood one of my trainer, John than our and I am, and for us there two main guy and there, like my friend, my Bravo in me and I'm I'm undefeated will deal with these
you guys are neither lightened witten. While I need them when I guess I Syria's knowledge react, those two men and they mix together is crazy. There today one person very different: they boat ass. They both studied philosophy it a very enter. Interesting people for me to talk with because have two different matter that it is in other seed, a world different ways. So I like to drive out of their expertise. So John, Johnny told me said: listen said you always I've tree big, criticize, using criticizes when you were fighting does never again. Went up, have a glass you never you eat. You. People say that your kind of you're, too much slavery of cerebral with technical. You, you don't wanna, take unnecessary race which magnified boring. Nothing that you don't finish your opponent. You know that was one of my big criticising criticizes genocide to come back,
and we would change the way. I was training because it that the way you train it reflects the way you it's you know. People say I'm gonna I'm not gonna train toward I'm gonna. Do this and training by one I it's time to five, I'm gonna step up. There is no step up. You're, just gonna do what what she did everyday in addressing. So I decide to change a few he's an to correct those treating them. That's what happened I'm happy a work. It worked out well, but that was my gold I wanted come back for something that excite me. Thing that was different thing. That was you again rare united and I don't want to come back to do this and then I was doing before an that's. Why I decide to come back well when you came back? First of all, you came back far very tough guy right. You fought a big Michael Bisbees. At a hundred eighty five pounds, but was impressive to me. Like you didn't, look like you were gone like you like right away you
feel, like you felt right back into the groove again, you didn't look out of place. He didn't look uncomfortable and you are showing things specially different things with your kicking in your movement that we haven't seen from you before you looked like you had improved tat. I was nested in their training, even fur ass, some of their guys for us went to tell them like he. Whispered with them is a knockout George, inspiring I'll. Give you money or things. Yemen is a disgrace formalities greatly for rest. My war send me in training, accompanied by a detailed. I tell people as a few who beat drive. You heard George I'm glorified you in I'm gonna get. While I'm gonna talk up, You and you know I'm gonna- be happy, just the opposite of what a lot of people think a training camps should be for a champion independent. What kind of you know it? We don't Like this every day, but for my hearted sparing I've when I'm training for a fight of two days
for my last running can add two days I was like hard sparing. I was called we called it. Should bucks fight should should bucks fighting, which would put the big loves the dish and bad and his feet to floor. Once with Dutch dare floor, we step and we call back up- and that was the area of expertise were bisbee- was the most competent dead. The striking department, gonna Floris way I am I was I was. Bringing in a lot of good guys for aspiring with me and in that there, in that particular training is hard to find someone it is exactly like the mega, you gonna fight, but you can find a guide dusting better than him. In that circular is area. You know, I cannot find a replica Michael bespangled complete as much as Michael Wisping but again find, a guy, for example, adder I gave for coming from
and it is they Miss Caesar is a K. One fighter and he's been guys like two hundred five pound any big and he's a very, very good king boxers lad him during my training camp. I threw him from Spain at different bunch of guys at I than I that I was training with an these guys. I was turning with. There are not like Michael Wisping, but in a certain area that. I was training with them. He could be grappling aura share, should box or a different different area there. They could be just as good. Or maybe better than Michael this. So that's all I do my training camps, I remember when you brought heresies, asked him scar, Bosky. I shall go buskin when you are, I can be when you boy, him to work with you on the ultimate fighter and he would be parting all night drunk and show up the gym then, and still fuck everybody up there and did that.
Guy influence your this, your idea budget be more relaxed and training and just not worrying about it as much but it is a different like it. It's a total different. Stream noontide, like I don't believe in that extreme, but I shall yeah I remember to produce or of their show, the ultimate fighter and when he was about you were supposed to stay. One week and when it was but to say that producer was telling me say: can we keep him for the rest of their show, because a good davy rather like I don't know, I'm going to ask him and in the same dilated a lot of them. People might think that were like man. Ok, that's enough! Now we got what we need and that now, as I gal I came by these guys, have you no need to gain a baby sit in this age of diabetes? It did not this guy ad and eat he gave us was just a big big edge. You know
but, as I shall use a different extreme drew? I think there is any S centre Linda. You know you know, that's what I believe I believe in life. It's not. Why does not black? It's always gray there there's middle zone for everything I believe you know. I think you're right about that. So when when you have a camp and you set up a camp and you have done her and for us today. Essentially, are they the architects of the whole camp they get together and try to figure out what you're doing when you're doing in and how is for the guy who handles like more striking aspects of it or putting the grappling the striking together, I am a little bit. They had guy, in a way that I believe, as a fighter, you need to be dead. Guy, you're you're, the Mai. Strong, but have there people that works like with you an end but you need to know how to use these people good faith
since I I don't know nothing about business, but I have a giant that our dared to negotiate fight dated knows number. They know about investment. I've one another guy you knows about fiscally d, is, is a lawyer and is good for attacks reported. I don't know nothing but I know how to get the good people to help me for that Brad, skirting around So far as and Joan for me are the most but then people that I can have to help me going too fight someone, because in John Spain, you d grabbing area, but John is known and grabbing the difference John and whereas that makes them very unique. Ass trainers. They not really on the trainers, our teachers and, I would say the same thing about pretty roach same thing above you are now need train or their teachers. The way structure? My my training camp. There is like a pyramid. The first layered, the fund dead.
That, their fundamental the foundation is physical. Are you in shape. Are you out here? We are veal to max you in shape. Are you in good condition? No injuries? It is, in my view, are not lead. Are you a good good athlete? Does that? physical layer this dead, the wider one. Does the bottom one looks like a pyramid, then he goes up one layer. Nicole layer do What to do with your knowledge? Do nor number defend Stewart Triangle joke out to counter a job or I'll do so. You know a technical. Speaking in terms of knowledge of fighting, that's worded trainer comes into play also their physical. That technical, and a lot of that trainer they have the last layer down. The have one of those or two of those bodies. No doubt the tree layers. That's where affair. Ass, John, and also, I would say, fret Freddy in boxing, comes into play
by ETA may, especially for us and John D They call layer which is the last one. That's what separate then there is and champion there's a physical, the technical and the technical nets they were equal or the same Then we're gonna make the difference between me winning against. Who are you winning? I guess, music technical because order Saint Prison, where I complete replica work. We're a clone that their differences. The technical, I will know our where I can take you out of your conference, and again bring the fight where I'm the strongest and and fight you too element eliminate the odds word that the debt fight were wills was was stopped at odds of me when to my advantage. That's where John and ass, our master at this end, Freddy Roaches, Master, Edison Boxing, now, I'm so I feel is very, very
We, like you, drive these guy on women in in my corner because they d they their competent and ST layers, physical, technic, technical and tactical, which strainer can I have only one two or may they did not have trees very rare to find treat. Did those dig trainer can do that these treating so when you get. The tactical layer is something that you all agree on de discuss it. Anyway, we are approaching a fight like say, Michael Bisbee, get like What had is how do you? How do you do it? You say this is what I see in his AIDS and then Ferrars gives his input and John gives his input, and then Freddy gives his input yet and start discussing what's the best way to handle it so so coming into death. I will Michael Bisbee Michael this. Was very well prepared, as is very varies, as a very good team would Jason Perillo, so we were expecting. You always have to gauge
also to know you and to know your your opponent. You know something Knowing you open is easier than to knowing yourself, so we have to be relax realistic about Europe's strength when weaknesses and going to match up against your your opponent. Would Michael Wisping what mess mess me up a little bit is in and all of us is. We were expecting Michael being to come straight at straight at me. Try too, to take me out right away. That was moving especially more in their second around, so the first one was. I was doing well, but then there second around start moving away and be more did that is coming at me was more trying to running away from me and that's why of people who said to me as a man at the big, because I love a second ramming as Michael listening and because
like men. What happened to you, you were you eat. It seems that you were you slow down a little bit. It's only that I saw it on his elsewhere. Yeah I got hit whatever we strong right hand right on the bottom. Biogas will maybe outweigh maybe twenty pounds. You know so It slows a man down some nine that my cardio was bad. It's now. I would like to underline what did we get punch on the bottom Its Norman down in you cut me off, change of strategy from ground on two round to we became more like. It was more like a runner and instead of a hunter I know a guy, and so he caught you with a counter shot. What he did is very smart. He couldn't get to me if you look at the repair of that fight with Michael Bisbee. Couldn't get to me straight to my. It was trying to hit me with his job with this strike tried to target my head then, but I was too fast for him. So I don't know this train our own him who decide to change so he decided to be like like I runner, so I decided to try to change. I'm a little bit more and what happened to me
my my lead him, which square me and Danny connect me straight on the on the chin. What why, in the same vein, I was trying to two truer electric so where the perfect, I mean beautiful exemption execution, and only if we practice that by was very well done. Very smart. Several tried to target my de each. My my ma am and hit me with their. No dad aware him and that's why hurt me. You heard me after I put a poker phase on We have already heard me is one of their strike that hurt me the most, even though Michael This man is not known as, unlike our guy this, this should really heard me because the precision was the timing. As I have never understood where people don't take. He hits hard. You look really did the Brok hold here, fucking heart, its think, it's what hurt someone fight, I mean: what can tat way. Someone is unnecessarily their power by this more precision and timing and that but Regular Ryan was perfectly time and with great precision. So that's why got hurt and you
when the second round then add to make adjustments for the third round when Fur Freddy John, NL for rest, come into play their worth they saw what he was doing and they see after ran just slip and come off the hook over the top and their dead there, Diana that's what I did in any knocked him down in an but in in a fight. Whatever your trainer tells you. If you didn't practice it, it's it's nothing, work. I mean you, don't have time to think it's. It's autopilot. So. I was on autopilot. Something just need some, some kind of guidance. That put you back your that put. Auto pilot in the right direction. That's what I've been into that fight a reminder. Yes, a little reminder air going this we're going this we allocate than you, then it's still there autopilot, but it's different direction. The You think about MIKE. Is he he has very poor vision?
in his right eye People might not know about it, but the veto Balfour fight? He damaged is retina very badly said several trees and he's got oil in his eye. That sort of like protecting it and he'll have it fixed months is done fighting. But you know, if you look at one of his eyes is darker than the other eyes tour, and that's that right eye, and did you particularly target things going too? right side, like things off of your left, gets a lot of thing. That would drill done with the left took. That's why, when I went to him would go left. There was a lot about. You would have a hard time seeing things coming out of his vision. We need more it does, but the thing is with Michael is yeah just himself very well to this. You know like it's like you knows if in private, knows it himself away fights yeah just did very well. You may put themselves in a position that you cannot get hit, often this universe fishing in my fight, so I needed almost to wait for him to
would there. I am do come over that up and you look at that would given guess item is something amiss with their ride him and then you get caught. Are, you always want to mess with the re him, but he got can't I've got hardline fight. I think was a mistake. It was a mistake because he was not prepare for this. He didn't what's also just got off of a crazy fight with you. It was bad. I think it was a bad mistake for Miss part, but but look to his credit. I try to do something and that I do to do all that I try to do something unique. And very special, and if you would have win, we would not have the discussion we might have been would be saying like man when I come back at somebody about, you lose a title: comeback straight to fight a given guessing what some amazing in India you took. Our this man and I can't blame Why did I took Irish myself? Do is just something you roll the dice, you know, and you s expect to go your way and it didn't go is way here I fell back, but it is
What did even he said that when he came out to that fight, the Kelvin gas on fighting just didn't feel I E. How does it feel there, of course, Enfield error, because he didn't have the time to prepare for this? I guess it but you're not going to be able to outline than and an improvised everything you gonna do the same thing you been doing in training. Would you ve been doing in training? You didn't have enough time to prepare for that particular type of buddy, that particular type of of like I said, physical, technical and tactical, which is that most important, why you then have the Tec that that the tactical preparation, physical was not bread, reprobate be a hundred percent as well, and they technique is there because, as is brain- but you know it's, even programme is autopilot to react to a certain situation that given will give him. It was easy, lefty, shorter stockier embodiments thousand me completely different
You can have a different and more I'm all among different styles and meat, and then this guy, but he wanted idle that way when the title and eleven days notice aggravate with its like workforce. The past, a wifi for him in the past, but you didn't get knocked down or talked out before, right there, radio that messed up your operation to you know: U S fresh baby, I don't know. Maybe he wasn't. I dont know personally were what he was doing. But you know many nice later was it. He was not like amendment, maybe not even a month or two some idea was not. You would not have been clear to fight if it would have been in Amerika. I dont think you would have been to clear light I think it would not have been to clear dividing it was suspended. I think I don't think so I think so. I think they d be because it was in China is the different, maybe three weeks a week's Yemen you do here. That seems pretty close now, because you heard him what that left took and then he choked him uncle.
Just get if it would be may mean, like maybe I'm not asking rages as Michael listening. I would not not dignified even me. If I win the fight with Michael does me. I will not take up the word, though courageous, pretty created sky relays, yours it tactical GAD tactic, all I'm not! That would not have think that their risk, but it's it's I'm not in his shoes. I don't know right these environment. Maybe what have you done he's off? This is paid offer him. I mean he's one of the toughest falcon guys in the sports. He always has been That toughness is the reason. Why is like it all fight again? Let's do it just a fucking, Animal ISA is a great example of hard work. Perseverance and, and then you know like when you say, like everything is possible, as it is Unbelievable is unbelievable fighter this guy and ass, courageous and and what I like about
Where do we stand for the same thing that I stand for for Europe against performance enhancing drugs, and I think it is very important for me and for me was an fighting him. It was I care a lot of guy last to it this guy that there would have been cut from as enhancing the thugs and unknown, is very old Betty talks about it all the time and at the gives great great model. For this part, yeah- and I agree and a great model, for it is an example of how you can achieve great things. If you work hard and that's what is done, he's one of their guide it like I hate him. When I was in again, but I loved them as well as the same saved I run by one I want my were conference in Toronto and Malaria story after cover. Is we no bad a bag gonna the backdoor or of a mom, and now
there is a God only if its it was stage or not. I am not aware of it was tat. I was not aware of it so there's a camera. I get easy with tee and z or something you was a camera, their followers. So there is skids following us too. They are about to ask us to ask me to take a picture and then I say camera coming towards me, and then s, Michael, that's after the covers and Michael this system is a delicate, F put your aunt on me again because men and then I look in his eyes and I worked as a they do that put my and then a creek create a buzz word. I fight an end and we started to you to shout at each other and that kind of almost pussy charter them Jason forward. Oakum boys leave it. Divide boy that then it so. But it's it's not stay It is true down like and what the hell is doing there. But then, after I rise go. It was t easy to cover other than their jobs. They came to ask me for another grab. They can they gain
kind of Gatt intimidate and there they run back. Then I internalizing it's. Ok, Spain is now you can go to go where they went back to their parent. I may get away. It is what it is you know, but it that was did their best promotion of the old fight, like that particular as incident the anonymous. So I hate him and I love it. Same way, Michael he's kind of a guy that is, is appropriate at boosting the an anticipation for a fight hype you wanna them, but you kind of love him and in the same way, for day the human being daddy is in a nice greater talk. It shit for sure he added that that is a big thing. These days, when, especially after Conner O Connor Macgregor is kind of change. The sport in a lot of ways and that that shit talking is, is a huge factor.
It is, but but something you don't know when is really one is not because I am the support of my personality same thing and at the S S paean in Boston same We do an interview. We go back and forth bladder that kind of an insulting each other so disorders me. Then it they have seen, does everything to separate us for me, one of each other like I'm, like I don't know if Israel or not, I really know, if he's trying to push magnetic push him back, because I feel I feel trepanning. So you don't love it's hype. I don't know myself because I'm not and then together at all like confrontation, but it is what it is. So I go to the bathroom in between who comes next the bathroom with us like a bit? that, then, is that camera that set of collateral or who are taking it business next to each other? We like this, then either on us I got this out. I always it then a camera. Then Dela Camera to do F out, as I get out than ever I go out there.
And men are getting? These are laughing that then I started out and then, when I thought of as a You gotta range over desire, but isn't there garage? Yes, you need to get rid of it because after awhile it dissolve breaking down his eye. I knows our game game fancier later. Do you want, I hate again ideas, you know what I mean, Larry, but I hate him, because when we we insulted, shall we say real and salt and real things that we think about each other, but in as in a way we have their respect, sweets. But so that relationship that I have with was every unique I didn't This aim relationship with the US, for example the US. I know every idea if I meet him, if even the death rate today, maybe hates my guts- and I dont know what he's going to add on If we wanted to fight me, aren't I got my way really want to fight you he's not a hype. Guy now is
Thank you takes it personally. I think it is its man, it's a Rick inspired many more to lie than what it is because I often seen as might now, men fighting is not my life man, my levies. A family man, as is my friend that people I love. This is what I do in my life is not my life. I mean fighting this is or is over. I turn around do something else. You know what I mean. I is what I do in my life some my life, no one I mean said the end of the world. Man is more to life than fighting, who it's funny hearing that from you, because you you would expect to hear that from someone who is considered one of the greatest of all time, your considered one of the greatest of all time, so it would be very, are they would be very hard to argue your approach, it has been so successful, they daylight but able they got. It have to be super absence and eat, Superb says job! That's why I become crazy dna step for four years, then I, when I come back, I a sum
of my circuit than their brains then I started to analyze myself on my. Why I'm? Why become key? What what did I say that, because I am taking this stuff to seriously man, you have to do give or whether it is in our idea so well championship I'm fighting that was fighting Michael Dismayed after four years before I get their fight are promoted on drama and like John said John, then are you says, is a fight? Are not one. Andreae are one hour on mundane things than we do every day. That's how fight are one. Are you program programme you're you're you're a cruise yeah yeah, yeah, yeah crews driver unity in Europe Autopilot dwindle. That's how you me. I see it a fight like a autopilot in only so I went when I prefer myself, where five species would a tactical part. I programme, like
computer. I want to react against that, but specific problem, I'm gonna, take care that the specific problem, the only two programme, it is to do repetition, repetition, repetition and repetition and repetition, Psych said they won't wait. Eddie brevity, so, like tire tying tie up your shoes, yes, we ve been doing is so many time you can talk to someone the same thing. Yes, when I get into a fight analyze again an m fighting and I see what Tony does the most often. So I want to programme my computer to react to that I that would give me the advantageous to fight. I dont know what one that pattern when I caught when I want to grand myself that when it at your avenue, serve wait right away. I don't have to think about it. I don't you think. I just react Does my brother and I used to fight, and I get a lot of criticism before I was thinking too much towards Vienna MIKE error at so pressure. I didn't
from as well as I was it earlier- fishermen. Last night, before I start for the four years, I was thinking too much over thinking to putting much pressure that you says, do serious. You have to take it for what it it's only a fight in ten years. You know it's You know it's sex. If you lose but men, it is what it is. You know what I mean, don't take it for now make it you're in what it is. It's only a fight, and sometimes it's something very right that I like to do before a fight. I drive a car, they went. Fight in Vegas, for example, I drive a car or New York, sent there I've gotta. When I used fight in Vegas baby. Before my fight, I used to be very, very stress and want a very therapeutic things. A that to do his Dr Michael, around and seen our more people than I bag and not about guys do why I drive and I see old lady with our grocery store bag, and I'm thinking like she does
care. If I win the fight Saturday are not you not even gonna hear about it than I always another guy yelling to another guy, because whatever problem this guy's going to the bank to praise is Morgan disturbing. They don't care, then, on carrying out the effect that I, on the universe is sold Reagan. Small. Nobody cares I'm the only one putting the pressure on me no gives them about it. So that's what ailed me the profound now, that's our some The younger get is a date, I'm nervous I'll do you don't sleep. Well then I before, as aid strident soup, were busy. What does your trick I'll? Do you find a way to see what was I dont? Really sleep? Well eater. Nowadays it is. How do but I'll do we'd better about it like. I just know that I'm the gun as well, it is not going to affect the outcome of the competition, is just on our moulding. You learn how to deal with it better, you're not going to change it. Just accept it
yeah distress as your friend man, that's gonna, make you react, there's gonna be on the edge. Have you ever slept well before? If I never never only one time which, but when I fought Matera, I got an idea, then, after that knocked out again. So scared I did happen again- is the most humiliating day my career I was so angry. Like I said I was putting too much or myself. It start. There is one go to it by eggs at a grocery store. I because people these they look like you, ve got knocked out. I thought everything Eddie chairs, nobody He cares about you know many chair is only a small percentage of population, nobody gives them and even if they do what you make a mistake, you using one. You should have zagging to get clear so that everybody MEG mistake you have to take
Fight like it is it's a sporting event. That's why I don't get personally, and I get I when I have the problem that the as yet no problem in this fight is not personally for me, you're you're, in life now you you won't be there in ten years. Maybe maybe will my who knows it's only lake a chunk of life that we share together after he's gone no problem with that, has definitely better out to do it that way, it is that's all athlete they should. Thank you know. That's! that knowledge. As with yours of yours, of petition in all day the problem the qualities and all that. That's because of that that that bs, that I got it like putting too much on me. They only invite fight again, you will be, it will go back the same pattern I will, I will not be, I will be very stress and its normal to distress, but I will accept it. I accepted better now than I used to do when I was younger now after you want,
title. There was thoughts of whether or not you would defend it. If you're gonna fight Robert Whittaker, like what you we're gonna, do what what caused decision what what made you decide to relinquish the boat, so The reason why relinquish about this egg, I want to do some physical test to see what what? What does that problem? One mile condition, because, during that the cap I add programme. I dunno what it was I knew it was. You know that the tests that blood tests and everything for decades, Hurricane negative so after I went to do like- and I guess I can't us copy. It came back that I've got a nose or inside my stomach that doctor? I say how long it takes to get rid of. This is all your life, but the sender symptom can go up down depending every ball, whatever they do differently then I started researching was at best doktor. How can I do this and that's when I start reading about, they gave the fasting and stuff, and I
and I I then I tried it, but I saw that a lot of you know it in their sport of Mme Alot of the guys are starving day. They don't they not hunt they not rich. You know, You now have enough money for the rest of my life. I don't need to fight anymore. If I don't do think crazy, like buying private aeroplanes, that I'm not that kind of person or falling into drugs, and so I think, I'm good now for me, my family and everything that think. I'm good. However app. I'm looking at the landscape, I say guy, like for Conor real economy old onto the title, to do for the attention, sponsors at in that, and I love people do that that can have started the debate. And I said to myself. You know I I stand for for the fighters. Always did you know publicly s hair? Why am I gonna keep their title until deceive
I feel better or not and defend it, because I don't even know if my my way they was dropping down saga I'm leaving at one hundred and eighty five mm, or I'm one hundred and seventy or one hundred and sixty five hours. I'm not. I don't have the size of a one hundred and eighty five or some night shit right away. I don't want to stall division and make people wait right because of me in a dead. Oh well, don't go around me. You know what I mean so for the respect I did I did it just when I didn't know before that, the fight I was going to did is it happened. Like did Ujiji like is because I I you know not knowing no, I didn't I didn't know it was going. I didn't know is going to have a qualities and all that stuff he came up. I never tried before I didn't know what would be the outcome, I would feel I never did it in only at death, and this I know, but I didn't know, You know I have a lot of air. Perfect men drew out a lot of negative stuff about me, but one thing that I'm not is
the power of this. I swear. If I say I'm goes on them in a do, I'm not a coward and every my fight, every my fight, I was I'm scare- I'm scared, I'm terrified but whenever I feel I step- and I and I am, I respect my gun What can I do it? You know and I d I didn't know, equality is, and all that it was. It would be illogical right now, with I want to go, back. When I'm ready to go about one in five on that one, eighty five, it would be stupid move, and so, if you're gonna fight it to be one, seventy or one, fifty. Yes. What, where were you leaning lean towards fifty five or seventy? I don't know I'm Emily, I'm gonna wanna lean were. If I were you not I've climb, the ever ass many times I've climate wants. I lose But use then I climate, do I lose
Then I then I got it than I lose Timisoara that climate again I've done it three diamond. He alighted at the thirty seven years old. I just don't thirty seven through two days ago. I don't have much less ran for what I have left, I want to make the dead the big fight defied that defend. Want to see that want to enjoy our one personally for me, to achieve, something that is unique. That is rare. That may be done never been attempted before you know that would be something that excite me and I'm only driven by by money in a lot like, like a guy, it's good to have money like money, it's drives us all, including myself, but it's not the unique thing that drive me. Need to be more than money and they mean need to be some kind, that chief and think that comes with it that would exciting me. So would that be, though, be harmful
then title that they are there. They offer me made the ass now yeah and and it was it was a they say it was a done deal. It is not a done deal not on my part, I think it was and made the s part as well, because from what I've heard is brother, Nick set and even they'd says, that's is big. Brother is fight, it's not is fight, Nick Nick made the ASEAN thanks, double fight. Our very well rounded, however, form if you put yourself in my shoes, there's nothing good, they can come out of it. Accept money and money is not the only thing that really drive me. If I be Nicky. I need the as decisively people will say mobile before they took uneasy fight or whatever, like that, their criticism was so to I e is a bully hundreds
J, far smaller guide. That can't be that smaller, maybe he's not even more in me, maybe we're about the most fifty one, a lot of one thing, the five guys are bigger than me right now needs a big guy he's a big eyes about the same size. I me, but because I can't be that once have any Formosa MIKE error and you wonder yeah, you don't make me look bad. They would make me look like a bully and this the very when decisively. If I, for example, if I win not this ice, leave, I wouldn't gets. I wore bag invert boot people's eyes saw you cannot even in our aim and if I got beat. Oh, my god. Forgetteth is formalities. At the end of the world is all about work. I put it is finished and I could have a bad day something I discovered to during my car is being the strongest man in the World S. Might that was my dream. When I was young, that's, why did you have see? I wanted to be the stronger men in the world. And I realize over day or does it did not exist? You cannot be. The stronger men in the world is an illusion. I love the younger guide is the bad ass men? Now you
man, it doesn't exist, you would be strong, you would be a better fighter and this guy and that better where at that particular location at that particular moment, maybe in an hour, if I would, I got an hour later or an hour before, or maybe an indifferent base wordy the outcome do desire or lower different scenario. They, an environment? You will lose that fight it out the question of words. You know what I mean Sabena, stronger men and their well, it does its style makes fight. Maybe we're three guys I beat you. You beat him a beat me whose us was a bad guy is no bad guy, that's Emma may math right or is. It is excellent as their way to see it. So there is no stronger men and they were you get you say on the bad ass men on the planet, because I'm champion the bell, thing is, is an illusion about thing is about things, symbol, but it is an illusion. It doesn't exist. You're, not a stronger in the world.
A lot of people would disagree me, but is it is what is at issue? most experience fighter, most people waiting the same way because we realise our point light. Where were you, because of our continent or maybe dark cocky, Are our confidence after it is not that it fades, but Is it I talked with fur ass would might what my trainer and everybody we were on the same page on that is to say so. Is that is now worded, but did you ever see announce it? Did they say that they were working on highly? I think they are now said. I'm not sure. I think our ray. I I analyze it I talked with for ass. We might what my trainer and everybody we were on the same page on that is to say so. Is someone take that idle and run with regret there were working on highly, I think they are now so that I'm not sure I think they said there was a done deal. Look at sundown this time. It happened and that they have a busy surrounding of sea and their their big yes fair,
is someone like that I'd old and run with rights and has been I've been doing it two times with Johnny and drinks quit their Michael best being re like IRA. They say I run by the is for the reasons you know, there's always a reasons and an desert. Biggest sphere, sure so bad, and I understand that they have a business to run its by this site. Www. W E, when you read the giant as the doors to all Coggan map as that doors, because they support a business, any agreed to pass the torch. Yes, but a thing in this, in this. In this part, one then W W. We is my life underline here. I don't care about the business I do. What is that well my interests to me sure you have too. I have to have two a vision that I am selfish. I say it openly. I am, I say it to them,
and whenever I am so very because it is a sport that die a man. You can die in this port and as their truth, can you get or not, maybe not die, but it could create create at your death in there time to come in the next year. Maybe you get at below that messed up something your brain because of a trauma that create this. Something else, so it's a very serious sport man is, is not like a you play. Our key play: baseball play football, you nobly fighting, so you do it for yourself. You do What is best for yourself. The organization will do what is best word. The organization, not your friend, that's right, a relation of with Dana and some other guy, and you have see it's a very special relationship? Maybe and they were set down. I will talk about the good old days and at last have a laugh, but right now
with am always on the defensive one. I find worrying. I see there now I like there, then I say what I should say what I shall not say then, and in it and completely it is about. It is some fighters are no managers if you do that, because you and media, if you do that, if you just take any fight, the fight that I know it doesn't work lay that is the essential to be champion is not a straight line. Is this always end up? They called area than you come back as it is what it is. It is what it is to be around by smart people and if you don't have smart people, you need to be smart enough to find those people that, our continent that will help you in person. Lord domain, that you are not competent to make the job for you and complete you're cycle yeah Dana was Saint for a while that you didn't want to fight. He was saying just want to fight liaison with seventy four. I don't want to fight before. I thought this being said that I've, why? Why do you think you say that you think use putting pressure on you psychologically
fucking with your head. Yes, I'm all my ego, we're ok I'll, show you tat. I gotta fight brewing me, those guy! That's why it is that its african game. It's a game. We say it's a game, it's really solid game, its own business saw a game, like Dana dynamism, the sport was nowhere- does part was go, make them go nowhere because I've Dana we hold Dana miles ring. I hope with today now wait when I do that You have sea winds. When I introduce everybody, I point Emma say did white without him, none of this would be passed on. You write a hundred percent and two percent ease that best pounds. A pound promoter out all day about donkey, whoever you then I. Why is that ass is better than all sport included. I never seen anything like this. You can sell
eyes to a nest scheme or if you want, is incredibly goodies fund and he's good at messing up with my doing, even though some time I was like lightning made the as it because of their stuff, he said do in their way. They try out only if they're, U r C tried to make him say stuff, because some, fighters are more like pond on Chaz on a czech churches. More than others me, I'm not. I don't follow wind. Breathing analyze. I'm thinking I was I why you say that away. Ok, there's big so out of. That means that in my egos I'm a man what an that- and I want to say you think My schedule is too busy to rectify the area and I shall not do to have these as tube and move. If I start acting like this, I'm brown- yeah and I'm not our guide. I don't have that self control and of this in them it's
a gay man. That's all I game. There was a it's, not it's all its bs. It's all a game in its own game, wooded need, say the fucked with you. Came, maybe as they make is that I kind of together in a way they say that I took steadily it when I thought this brother I messed up my glass, my my a rap, I didn't make way, and what did you say? I put something in that in the idea of his brother, so he said if I want take care that like, if I don't, I said it in his own leg, word like an english slang like all three one at that there's some there. He said someone poison timber, guess who was? It was that for which fight was at that and silver I get, I confess a jewel. I gotta confess I gotta confess. Ok, I was I was so scare doing this. This vital
we tried to poison. I was so scared of fighting Nick DS with poisonous every body survived somewhere even more terrifying. So They athletic Commission was on my prayer or so trickle away, and then I made it and I went through, I was even more than so the area and abduct me and they put their gig gamma ray increase my strength, like the oak that guy performance, enhancing drugs and added It was still happening so right before I put some glass and cement, and my gloves make sure and still at a crazy, hard fight, and also I gotta go fast when they move at its a brilliant saying we didn't want. Your fight was that you said all that you see is what you said for my fight that I put on his ivy, that that was,
instead, I that I make my my rap was wrong in any said, also what it when you said that you said yet dead away and, like I didn't make way like I treat their commissioner, they were on my legs lag, is it just when he is, I think, is easy, as he has. Problem of conservation consideration is that you think everybody's again seminal paranoia. Yes, that's why it is that might be the weed we did you know I don't want to add. I say nothing about our way that they get, but we would like all things can be. Good, but also can be by guy, is good. I don't you do it you. I do your report. I waited cell, have ruined joy. We adhere ass, Mart guy I've, much better argument that in our power for nuts and answerable use, though of everything including drinking
drink every now and then, but like I like pot, I dont think you should smoke it all day, but at acting this way it is. I think we are if it's a weed- but I think is maybe we'd with some Environmental and genetic can create something never disorder disorder in in the brain and make you have their transportation. Conspiracy problem, you think, ever by these against you got that but then they should happen. I've seen it of my friend with smoke. I let you have this problem. Yes and I'm they think they can't day they parent yeah. I think it's like all things you do too much of it. It can fuck with you. Everything could be good or bad debt and how are you use it? So what fight is interesting to you? Did this talk of could be had one fifty five the champion now, yes and Connor those are than to fight it. Right right now, right now, as we speak now I added
want not want right now to put myself immediately in a training can because the reason is my symptom has not gone ice eucalyptus. I feel a little. It's nothing! It's it's not as bad as it was not even close, it's much better, but I want to get the rear of it before I get into a training camp before Get put myself into. I stress disaster what it does and amplify everything. So you have like little issue, that day will amplify appear, and at these I need to take out my my out is an bus in front of my performance sport. This very important- and when I'm ready. Like I don't know I may I would like to do something like I said, unique where something is reared had never been done before. That would be a fifty five pound. Champing should be fifty five, which is do you first in an enemy to have the treaty. It'll never been done before or it could be. Maybe by that time it would be another guy, it maybe I don't know
It would be, some one will come back and then do something great though you will be the man to beat in arriving right. We talk about that Yes, brother and Alzheimer's acting shovel subjected Elizabeth, but with with on the same way it Sab four four Nick the as that it doesn't fight yeah, because style Stickley before might think I'm crazy, but stylist sickly. I think you can beat, and would lay. I think you can use a kind, I've gotta keep. We need to keep coming at you and that is good at taking shut, surviving that keep coming keep coming at you, and I remember when I fought him, it's terrifying because you got tired and this guy keep coming at you and make you feel like you claustrophobic, and you Do things at him any keep coming in these various measures, and there lay at around like after, like tree for around man, is like it's very. He never gets tired. It doesn't get terribly it it's it's it its exhausting yeah so nervous,
and on the nervous system. And there mental system not only physically solar them now much visits its on the nervous system, you come at you and you facon in and there is a damn. Reaction time in recent times when you fight in all I'd like that I I studied this with my thing when I was fighting guys in and made the ass. He make people tired you make dead there now Nick Nick Nick, that's why you wins fight. He's kind of a slow gave up, but people gets more tired and in quickly fish in their nervous system. There is guy like bees. A ban, for example, when I forbid Japan. I knew that be Japan at the best reaction time of all fighter I've seen you see when you as I did at his best measure, the guy We know work what means harass measure ridden with the frame. You know a framework make sure when you try, punch big galactic, be gyp. Another reaction time, although fighters B, Japan when he was in his best. When I fought him, I knew if I might go
straight at him. You have a better reaction time that than than me so much I got it. He had a very good reaction. I'm not a bad reset times was reset by MRS is kind of the endurance for the brain. So you could react you, I guess maybe could react very fast, but after a while he got tired very very fast after a lot of faking it and in this I can guess and stuff too was getting very tired facile. Because of that, I could get him because of that equally echo failing to make him firing. Blowers is reaction time and then get him later, so it made the as US ways so good night in Knick, knacks, yeah, sorry that we so good, and am that sad firemen, He doesn't fight. We played especially our best years are now we should do now and they should do man he's always thirty, three, that we said thirty, three and thirty, four
meaning centres. Yea should do it now. We should do in many other airports into Michaela money. You could do it. Could you could do it? They suspended him for part after fought Amnesty silver, and then he had to pay a fine. You never paid the fly, because this is an idea, as it is now, but I respect that because in his mind he think is wrong and he don't yes line. You have a code that you know and the same thing. I have the code for me for the drug DES policy. I didn't want to come back and less they do some eight. I say it to learns. Owen, Dana after my fight Let us fight, I say it is my code, and they would have done it. I would not have come back. Lemme think Hendricks was on something. Does this question I dont have? The evidence would never have let you don't have the evidence that we thought about fighters. I like that, got guts you're not have given as they were there before. It got godlike I have the evidence, Jonathan
I can say is I didn't want to one. Particular individual and to change the system because fewer than one individual another one would come in. That its case was Hendricks and I wanted to change it. And in the beginning he agreed with me to do it, but then he changes, mine, and that's when I got very easily agreed with you to take, we agree with the agreed it was public. He agreed when we say you can look. You have the evidence that the interview he said, I you agreed to do at best, but then now I do not agree, because also do you see told him to not agreed that you have seen told him. We d She told him is the troll. They told him to not do it because I know what they want. They had a problem may be would add the vodka. What were that evader world enter?
don't be s, yes, data is what, whether that make their guideline, but their vat. The that's value that I think that a problem with them. I don't know why I would to continue, did he no it was Merrimac, go at theirs and Marguerite. Something or was a lady, but there are problems with aid. They said to not do with DES met and not do it period. I don't know if it was big. I think of it because I value because I made investigation on that and I very angry. That's why it like psychologically. I said to myself action. I shall never if I would have go back in time enough? I would not have think that fight monastic does like this despite our fight or they stand up for themselves. I didn't have the courage, did I didn't do it when it was time to do it should I regret it about this wanting regret? My garage, I have done it The last iron gate figure bed, I'm gone yeah. I've done that or maybe I would have come back earlier. So I would miss a paycheck, but wouldn't who you know
I would have enough, you know what I mean, so you don't want to say whether or not you suspect that Johnny Hendricks is doing something, but those people that were definitely doing something yes I don't have the evidence. Maybe they may be way to look at and I dont want to use a lot of guys do it, and I dont want one to judge them, because I love than the other family to feed and everything, and this could make the difference between winning a million dollar or not winning like at all. You know what I mean sought. Everybody different reason why they did they do it and I M, and it's just a system, encourage it to do with it as a problem yeah, and especially if there's no testing of the testing is very poor. Yes, like the testing when you first started your career made basically just headed p. After the way in and you were, you have to be given
it still is due to even now it's having so many it in a car with someone ok, now, ok, let's I ever were about in my phone. Ok, and all I'm saying is that everybody knows that, especially that she started or that you have done. I thought it true. So that a hundred percent sure, but let's say I want to ask direction of a product that will lessen my body for today's or I one day. So I know that Patsy Today, I cannot be tested, because if I am I'm screwed right so I put in there I put might under my my were about that. I'm travelling today freak in an article on or anywhere I somewhere that is created. About a year and then I come back in to two days after, but that's absurd, was then my body for a certain period of time, but it will the effect of it will last maybe a month and our
about performance enhancing drugs. Joe people misunderstand this area, but it still doesn't make different. Yes, it does make a difference and then at and the reason is in the eighties and before it was, it was giving you more power, more stamina, more endurance, now men with technology, they have stuff that will change your reaction time. Your confidence you're me set time in latin, this is a huge huge vacation, if you're, if you play baseball or you finding, you see the things coming, you have your reaction time your sharper in their brain one. May a guy athletic, it's not as muscle there isn't why you signed both these you run fast sort is many reason why, but one of the main reason is because his brain is nervous system is better If you make your nervous system better and more more competent, better you're, better athlete man
better fighter you better baseball, very better than you better purse, bright, better person in a way of course, that effect is limited, but they are still there. Damn damn damn muscle memory thing that will last in order to laugh wherever so now, the technology man. I want point sport, that's why I'm afraid, I'm afraid the sport. Become so messed up that with a gene doping, and all that I won't point it would be of sport would be completely. Completely messed up in future at all, not now, but sport will be It won't be any normal people competing when I like. I noticed seaboard people. Yeah cyborgs are people are really worried about gene doping and their demands are already starting to do that machine. Jean even the mud aren't a mother and stuff performance enhancing drugs. They do man, it's very hard to catch up. Peoples are like. I said it's easy to take something I mean,
there's always a chance you get up, but that our, if I would do it ass, I would do you now would prevent. I'm going night on thirty go get there an injection, then I come back. I'm I'm good, no risky, tormented, starting will date they have it and they don't know whether not people are taking it, but they're taking testosterone says derived from animals not from wild yams awaiting it testosterone. Now, if you get a delicate testosterone, injection they're, getting it from my wild yams and somehow and is it yams, the fruit of the other vegetable, ran the too, but you know three rate islands in Jamaica. They they I'm yeah yeah, that's how they're getting testosterone they're, getting it from the land where plant based wild
am testosterone, but now there are able to get it from animals and the animal tests are thrown you you don't like they do. Carbon isotope tests, yes and the carbon isotope task, don't detect the difference between a animal tests. Astro inhuman testosterone, but is a current tests? Wanna things they do. Is they freeze your piss in the phrase your blood for their doing it for years, and this is how they ve caught of these russian wrestlers and have taken away gold medals from Gaza, one in the early two, thousands for they ve found new tests and with the new tasks they were able to deter There are taken steps. Today is the same thing when Ben Johnson beat Car Louis, yes, yeah, yeah and Ben Johnson this, while he was shit, but guess what Carlini there was, and I should say at there living nine out of the town or a out of dead like died at that Finnish, like eight like
was a brazilian guy. What, if any enter you got in the rue de? I was just a line. Fellers word, the main guy he would have won the gold medal right because a mandate that shit change your life, that change your life, many make you a better living, millionaire or maybe sponsorship by just so bad. You know as a man, this crazy about Lance Armstrong, nay, when you go to the tour de France, when he won, and then they took his title away all the people. We're below him were also guilty. So you take his title way. Who would have the number two fucking guilty to number three? They said it one of the years, he one you have to go back to eighteenth place to find a guy who's, never caught taken anything, that's a dirty sport, but man. You asked me if I think he was taking I dont, know ass suspicions abba suspicion. But it's not right. Even without the evidence like you someone. Yes, I grew, and even today it's
fighting there is some guys if there is a lot of guys that takes the red from its announcing drug? Yes, and I have an idea of who- and I'm pretty like just for my God, Ninety nine point, nine percent sure but The evidence is not what you think so what you know is where you can prove allies. I dont know talking, You know I'm in a game, I'm talking to a lot of people in between fighters. We know who does who there's only a few and full of people who does dole the team here, one guy could do These theme, these steam, these team and another guy, can do today in guy goes around them, especially when you're you're tougher to fight our world goes. The word goes around. You know, lady people day they talk to me in They they say Faye. They would be interest ab enough different offered before indifferent things in oh, what have you been offer before I've been offered? Men? Do,
sometimes due to go train and like some deals in all at good, go train and do something being part of it in a like. They have their example of your blood. They know what is missing. Then they put this That is missing. Make you, as I know I said I'd rather I stay in Montreal. If you know what I got, I got don't say much more. Child today could be a lot of cheat or to brag IDA. That's the thing you iq, Jim of cheating, you can actually Jim of Tuna, because everybody is different. You know, there's people treating everywhere now you can see all these. These people are now men they. This doesn't we're like that. It works every individual in only four made the choice. If you decide to go that bad, you have to be ready to Consequently, if you dont Fayza consequence during your freer competition- yours maybe old- face later after you, You're gonna need you retired for your career as a hell of a lot of people. I know These grinning Ella, some of my friend there buddy builders, now the cid
their buddy are mess that man there are moments all mess debate. They did. They got bad problem. I don't want to be like that. I don't want to be like that. I want to be happy and I want to be healthy. Are they tear that joint support to that site? Like I had Dorian Yeats on the podcast, he can't even do pushups now mean and Dorian Yeats was mister. Olympia was fuckin giant guy, but all that everything just ripped apart, psych everything's, all fucked up just doesn't work right anymore, However, if you as these people, would you do it again? Maybe it s a year, maybe was worried. Maybe it was worth Maybe it wasn't depend, of every individual inordinate, but for me yeah, I'm happy. With what I have so far? You know I could get more, maybe in the future, but I don't want to do to go that back to try. Risk everyday. I wouldn't think when testosterone replacement therapy was a thing and they were allowing people like be torn. These people would take to start.
I was so afraid angry about this figure was like you know everybody, it's a different case where everybody, but I believe, if you If you need to take their medication to compete, performance and an automatic, should to competition and be allowed should be and Joe, I'm not that stay right now. We can explain to people's alleys. I get I'm not against per like step, stairway our that such I'm, not against it if its form well being. If it's older man who we cannot have sex with his wife and he is like manna egos democratic manner. I lose the edge it a bit can do that if there was a yeah put decree that will increase it s and the guys Abby area have sex with competition. Yes in terms competition is me and you were fighting, and I we sign that we using any weapon and I'm talking about biological weapons and will fight. Two men, as real Marshall artists by a court of law
would have honour and we'll. Be me: I go in and jack myself, something to make me stronger or more accompanying. My may could also out my neuron deferment fire better to get something to be more, be better Diana, hence my performers now and now, I'm against that does a code of honour and they did. If you don't respect that code, man should be out of Margaret on what are people taking. That makes the reaction time better makes a mine. I don't know that the name, but there there is many feet up to as a guide that there is a lot of things. A lot of things baseball player day, take stuff for their reaction time, like that it sure these, because in baseball in tennis and even in fighting before each one, once there is like an indication year, but the body language. You read something I before you to eyeball there's a moment for you punch there as well so you see better, you write you, your brain, there is even a medication can take, For example, you study in school there's an exam to give an example. Moreover, you gonna,
dear you're, you're dust of that. You need to know that they will increase you. Then you go past the exam. I know a Sancho go, go, go, get it and grazing y know. After all, our ass one may strongly eyes man who make you had better in the brain. If you make your brain, better, you're, nervous system, better man, you, but you you're, better fighter. It's not only visit physical at your enhancement? It wasn't the eighties now in the without the euro. Now now it's neurologic man, that's when it's crazy, dangerous and so knew it would be like good with the agenda. Bring forget, it meant the athlete will be born athlete you want. Like me or anybody that fighting you won't be able to compete in your seat anymore because they not super. You mean human. You know what I mean now agree that future sport will be sole messed up. It would be crazy. We're all gonna, be gamers, play video game right, you're, probably right
we're gonna, be gamers this. This will be. That would do this thing that I've been an athlete whew, saying? I make any sense in the future. I believe you know. Maybe it will be completely ridiculous. Now. Are you not born you never gonna be yet, which you know I mean and will be real, because you're not born to be ironed out, bread to be anatomy yeah. They would, with Jean editing with our going to be able to change your high they're going die collar and doing now they can well it now have. They haven't really shown that they can do it with humans in America at least crazy, but their absolute experiencing experimenting with it all over the world, the cow and every like it's insane Yassin, they're doing crazy shit. I think maybe it's a hundred years. Maybe it's fifty years, but whatever it is in that time. You're gonna be deal with people who are basically superheroes yeah they dispersed. Port will be destroyed? That's what, when one that Aberdeen sport would be destroyed, not agree with, It will be finnish, like two hundred made our can, you believe,
our free, in fact a human being can be to be closer to zero. Second night, do you think, would pass the bar of nine second one? They it's there theoretically not impossible in away like a mean, point there there's a line that you can't like you know you can damage that time, but it's like it at all. As you know, are you happy you know, but if we get that sort of Performance, enhancing drugs tax would be, but the result would be. Some sort of a side effect to it and some sort of a downside to it in other, probably die younger their tissues, diminish faster, but who knows that maybe the vehicle to regenerate stuff? If you, if you talk to some doctor, that knows, I know you have done. They said that stuff I had leg, provide financing drug. If you do it, if they do it well, it's, U K is some people,
don't have any scientific of it right. They don't abuse. Yes, you saw man. Maybe you won't have any side effect. Maybe everybody will be on it. Maybe it would be like like an Iphone would be like psych. Who knows who knows that future? Who knows you know it's totally possible. I mean we, you might be in the lot of ways one of the last of the natural athletes, maybe these few more years before we get there about Yemen it when I think about it, there's gonna be it's gotta be finishes. Maybe I don't know, maybe we're gonna be video, game players or whatever, when you see yourself competing again. How much longer do you think your weight out mean you thirty seven now, when do you think you would be healthy enough? When will your collide us feel good enough, like the other I am sorry to say it? Maybe a few weeks, maybe you take it. Waste may be one tool tree mom. Acts may be maximum ideal, as then that may be less than that little bit of time off just a little bit. Yeah yeah yeah
I want to make sure I get back that because I feel like it I go back into it and I in as it would start all over again. I don't want that. I was bad joy. Could, like I couldn't Last night I was like crap like bad crap nega. I stay up all night, then add despairing than exists. The Annie, my god it was crazy. Man is very glad he had blood had to go in the back. Bad blood men. You follow you. You want to go the bathroom within in and they think I'm alone is the blood the blood that come home and that you look at the bachelor. You see their blood eating segment. Strong, where anything you like dancers day that dream catch art a movie with yeah yeah. I know what I mean. I say what dad it's crazy man, you, like you like what's happening with me, I'm dying is I'd. Is is very was where will we? I don't want to go back to this? I want to make sure I I'd take care of this stuff, so just maybe even a few more months of just taken.
Your body, Mont Weak weak. I wanted to see when I feel good eye a lethal, let a little bit time when I feel like a hundred percent. I don't feel anything like some. I civil. I when I got eight, if not that grant not the pain, but I I fill inside is something different, but it is dimmer diminish every every weakest. Every month it diminish. I said difference. So if you do go back and you'd go back to fifty five, Have you tried to make that cut before I never tried, and I want to explain to you: I'm not a fan of weight. Cutting, I think, wait. Cutting should be Like a marathon runner let them run owing to train for my right and he never does a marathon in this training. He does f. Or maybe a quarter of a the different things saw its eye. Tea to lose our weight by you dehydrate yourself. An
starving, is not that bad. It is more than the hydrate they dragged duration programme. I am very worried about issue, and I don't want this very important. So when I when I go online I'll do like the begging fight. I never tried to do to get my with much it's different. You know when you go up and go down that road. I said: Yes, I do it and I go, and you know what I mean when I do it. Do you the trail of the excitement of the unknown. Will you get having site me in a way? I don't feel so. It's kind of experimentation, its live. I cannot messed up. That's what excite me it's not there Oh, I know I can now. I don't know man, I'm gonna. Do it now it's happening now. That's that's what excite me Will this guy's a two year says I Kevin leaves your size. He never really is about my eyes. I think a guy get babies about, I think, so. Two hundred I saw for Ferguson is that you always pushing picture. He was twenty. I never been Naturally, two hundred like like when I fought Bisbee what do? I was almost two hundred like I was like big guy,
but I was I all like water retention. I don't feel I didn't feel right. It was not in good men. Get cabin is a big guy and there was an article today I saw somewhere that was saying in other cabin really wants a wandering sixty five pound way class, like you, can't really make one fifty five for much longer it would be the best man this guy at eight. If I look out a new guide at our coming, it's freaking scary man, I'm thirty, seven. Maybe I have one or maybe I do maybe tree. I don't know what I'd I do. I think- and I get out of here, what do you think you're a retired, to have an idea forty youve, it's an impossible that I feel past, forty out impossible. I am again I'm not gonna fight an occasion for years old, as thirty seven demand is getting out of jail. J J is like a kid that play like. Thus, our nor Schwarzenegger, weighty sesame is like I did that play with a train is, is two years over three years. All for us all, five as they look at train when he gets Sixers like dial up
with that train at forty years old, spanish farmers fighting in a cage. I then, if this aid is not interesting in forty years old, I'm I'm I'm a grown man. I'm not gonna fight an african cage at forty years old, that's only thirty six months from now Hang it like a there ever yeah exactly so it S. Weapon fast has, and if I don't happen it maybe maybe do well to come back alone, will select one of the greatest comebacks ever come back after four years, when the title B to champion and beat him a definitive definitively make a joke. Put him to sleep that that's why I you need to be something that really excite me began. I tell you something my friends. City flattery says something allow Cd Fletcher ease. I meet us at his heart transplants yeah glowing. Good now is that aren't I love to see tee cd Eddie inspiration then see the unions
duration. Van love. Bagger says satisfaction is the deaf, dumb, blue and its true now maybe satisfier by defining see something with action is what was he says. Deathblow is finish if you're satisfier you're champion in new Satisfier retirement, because you go down. You finish. We're gonna get hurt now as an athlete, especially nor a game nominate and everything. I do I go further and further. That's why I didn't want to fight need the as they have I fight and made the, as is its been done before it's been. It's not excite recited for me and I would be going to that fight satisfy, and if I could do, that, I'm gonna AIDS varied edge of I want to do something that I'm like, like the one fifty five, and I never did before title what or beating a certain guy that ISA.
Reagan, arise and whatever we could beat them, because local media babe already beaten Connor Gub Gub. You could be out on always if their new do something they daddy's unbeatable, I'm sorry, I'm late origin, never gonna, be that that say never man They say never Wendy Dana, that as as presided is when you said, never gonna come back. I like it excite me, and you say I cannot do that- has never been done before asked me. If I do with it would be first time that excite me Lee turn me on as there's a lot of the autonomy on alive is: is woman dinosaurs, I'm busy people that say dollar down that really maybe going?
crazy line dinosaurs. Now its body ontology says I can't I'm gonna need money, not awesome. Catch hold a world during those four years of by the way that did you hear what did you do during those four years off? I was row. I wept trouble out of the world on this site sight, seeing yeah. I would never be that that made me realize tat. I could never be a palaeontologists. I don't have the patience to go like a will to four hours. I would like to get the knowledge of it to be on their failed to get the knowledge Fass right, but I don't like to work. Together, nodded ways which make me not a real by the authorities to find out tat. I just is willing to put the word into with gear in Mme I'm willing to port, though, work into it to become the champion in our but point out you that's how I because our way but I like both equally now I realize now I like their this part, but problem,
the sport of Emma may so exciting and pale. Intolerance is probably very exciting once you find, like a t rex had or something like that, is their knowledge man, knowledge as exciting as every Amanda thing and every month, every time there discoveries? It's in my phone. How can I am here? Yes, Every time is new to me or something like boom and my friend phenomena like of you fight it you better pay pal you light. Palaeontology was role, we do they make fun of me then the Argentina in They go in your. I was there with that. Biotechnology is served by a Jesus and now and then and microbiologists too, five and on site. You know, and I had a bad man. It was amazing, but you boys, I Georgia has gone in african bad land, invite, like alone when is allocated for the rest of the world to get there,
to do that guide our stuff, but it also they were making fun. Did you find anything did not fall I did, but I went on site I saw eggs. I saw sorrow. Pod remains dinosaurs that their these are still in the ground when you were there, there. Now. I know that my always debating it. You have a joint, takes it's a long process manner. Does that mean, as been covered for at least like sixty six million euros. Man you talk about, and that is where I was Wesley was early. The cretaceous learn. I was eight cretaceous. They was like a hundred million years, so that mean it did not get exposed to opposition. Four hundred million years as we get so you, It's like a crime scene when we go and these things you it's broken, there remains a crime scene that you discover by that. Like again, hundred million euro is going to see many cities sorra bondsman these dinosaurs insane,
What's crazy to that is not even really a bone anymore. The mineral has replaced the bone and you just get the shape of the bone. That sort of been fossilized yeah, that's. Why have you see like Magadan teeth, their black I have in my ass the Miguel. I don T raise Ray it's insane man Mid may get it undecided, strongest bite force ever recorded man, it's crazy, big phenomena as a huge fish yet you shouted feed on wells like secrecy, but, like it did. This is one of the thing. I really excited me. So during those four years I was doing add a blast. I didn't have the time to do it before that. I felt like it was sing in my life, real pain. The Italian that's fast and I went out bird, I went elsewhere in Dakota in United States. I wanna go in Egypt and in Egypt and Morocco there is some side that they were once upon a time it was like. I can talk,
this bribing. Nobody cares about. I love it. I that there were like tree. Dr Giant APEX, predator living. In the same, like a giant crocodile psychosis, Sosius Qarqar run the Azores and Spinosaurus these two given the same area and wonder what happened tree alpha, freakin predator of living. At the same time, I wonder if they interact with each other in and it must have been a crazy I have a friend and one of his good friends has a ranch in Montana and he found something on the ranch he called this a paleontologist and they went to his ranch and they shut the place down. Like do you t Rex, here really They gave over a million dollars for it and they ask evaded. This t rex in is, is ranch and apparently is a really good special
in Canada. If you find something it's part of it, it belongs to the government. It are you going to say. Let's at let's eight, let's say you, you find it a bone in Euro backyard. It doesn't Don t. You believe that sat round is very bad. That's what Miss Scott you beat when I was young Joe. I remember I used to live and countryside are used to going to try to go to find islands, but I didn't know There was not its gate, as I thought. Maybe I could find Dinas. I was spending hours and finding trying to find dinosaur Dave Rock. I took I thought it was a dinosaur used to bring my Mama's adds a dinosaur estate air right because it was kind of a triangular shape, but then I found out. I owe the place where you I come from. It- was all a rule erosion. So there's nothing from cretaceous are Jurassic our triassic Baghdad. It's all right before. That's what I'll gown.
So I just crazy. Then it has been a long time. I was in Montana once and others is area that used to be the great western Inland Sea and this this area like the ground is like this maki ground, especially when it rains its essentially silt like the bought above a lake. You know that they forget it was. It was like a seat in twinning inland Sunday in cutting the Emmett D, the goddamn Erika in ass, well ass, you in LA media they to condemn content. You know all about them. I know there has been no as much as I met me with this lily. Almost all, maybe not, but I am passionate with this man long time fascinating. When you walk around this area Montana, it's called the Missouri breaks and because Sir this ground, it does feel like you have you like seen. A lake bed of the water recedes got that still d, so weird mud. This is all
whole ground is like this yardsticks to your boots. I get it gets heavy in camps on the bottom of your boots is muck. Maybe it man, we don't know what the future will look like men, so that I'm thinking do you not people talk about the environment they say the pollution will make, we have hot an ice age out, there has been a going forever thinking, I'm like yeah, of course, the pollution in the human as an effect on the climb, the climate I wonder how much of a big we have an ethic, some people say is: is debatable? Is it is it that bag or is not? That big some says is yes, it is bad. Some says: yeah, it's bad ways. We don't have that much benefits. As you know, I don't how about, I would like to have a clear answer to do to find it. I think I think we have an effect, but I like, I wonder how now we're going in the hotel de glacier a hour are melting, but the hot air. Will
I will go to an ice age. You know that right because the current and everything, I wonder how you know how much of an effect and allow me to take you know, because we don't have any record recent record of Allah with everything takes. We know a little bit, but not that much. You know it's a fastened, subject and that it would be a we're. Gonna live through that time, probably not, but I'm leaving you know what I mean. So how long it will take a murmuring just think about that. That's why I love the these thing. Learning from the past. You understand something at present and in the future I re attic is really interesting yeah. I'm very fascinating, but are you still interested in aliens. The Yemen is still so that that thing when I first came on your show, you cut me really of guard guys browser almost most people. That day we talk about areas. They they completely think you're crazy, argued disregards. I gotta tell you about light in all day. They most report, I tracked with there
you know daddy? So you, if you like ridicules right, then I and then, after I find out you, you read our lot about that stuff, like this sumerian tax, recreation, Tad leds, acquisition, Eliza and aid. Who do I mean I don't always there's like If there is anyone I like, I think they would be life form. I don't if its intelligence, we don't have evidence for it, and I think or ego as human being, want us to leave that the alien came and interact with us. That's our eagle, but if there that foreign advance for MOSS and they come from a different, maybe they don't want interact, because we have nothing to offer them. Then again, I can, the farmer and ask him what kind of suspension is wearing. You know what I mean like day deadline You know what I mean. It's is but think about what you just said about paleontology. We were pendency, stupor, fuckin, lizards lived sixty five million years ago to mean don't think they'll be cured,
So this weird monkey with nuclear weapons he about we don't communicate with it without a directive. There there's ways that again from us without company. I mean it. I think it's our ego that make us we want to especially, we want to know that their that bag are we with different. You know like we re were different beans them, for example, or yeah we can thing because with smart but like had annoyed, this have been giving giving to us. Like I don't know, and you are talking about like when, I was young eyes have legs, we talk about the last time you said you were talking about, like the experience has set of irony. By that I remembered, but I can't recall it when I was when I was young. Add I don't if heads my revised to dry, I used to draw figure of monster. I say my mom is at his them on get me at night. I was right there
we talk less I'm right, but I was, I was very uncomfortable, an idea to talk about a businesslike men's. How the hell do you know that you know everything Mandela gave. You knows everyday may resurgence, so I am I made. I made the drawer, being an and then my my mom even today is a day. I wonder if I want to see the joy- and you know who I am ace- show that drawing it I'm like and then Then after I remember later, I ran however, that I remain but I couldn't remember you understand what I mean. I remembered that I member that something that happened. But now I can we member riders. I Gladwin right could be a nightmare. Could be another slip, sleep paralysis or process here imagination. I dont have evidence, mean when we talk about it last time and that's that What happened me an end and as a whole, hope. It's not me! It's nightmare, you know what I mean by tat, but the thing is
later on. I saw some document Irian Jaya we. I saw some people that similar experience as me, thus of memory in things like this, when they were young, claim they they get. They get it had knows and stuff than they did they they go back in time and they they explain to get an abducted by Ireland and I start to freaked out about it, because I would submit that what happened to me- and I now- but there is more a lot or logical explanation in what I mean, so I, when you brought that back, I freaked out of hell. You know, there's like our daily knows this guy. I don't want to August body with any there was also my agent was theirs. I would even ten minutes I did get in the. We were misinform. Wouldn't know that part castles eyes that long in this hour, these thing in my head, I baby- I don't know what what to make of it. So it has done what it was it is entirely possible that were experiencing something when were dreaming that Agri sleeping live unconscious that maybe there's dimension
And that the consciousness tat I was too that are non physical, that, like this, this pension worry and right now we can touch this table, move this microphone around it is a physical dimensions, but it's entirely possible. That, whatever your spirit is your consciousness or you your mind when, when, when you're you're thinking of your thoughts, your soul, that you said. You said your soul. Yeah whatever. That means you believe this is a soul. You Billy, I don't know what that means that getting gets a weird word rightly so, really has religious connotations but agri, but that the idea of what ever your essences as a human being, there's something inside of all of us. That makes us conscious aware and there and then something is not there when you're sleeping and so is it dormant, is it just recovering witches scientific version of it or is it simple that while you're in this dream stay in your body shuts off
your mind and your consciousness travels. To a non physical dimension, You can only access through the chemicals that are released in your brain, which we know produce psychedelic experiences. If you took the chemicals that are released during your brain. Are your inside your brain like die methods to me and there there's all sorts of different psychedelic chemicals that are produced by the mind. If you take these outside of the dream state? If you take these drugs, you have these crazy event, our experiences, and we know these are produced by the brain produce they produce by the brain, our gas produced by the brain produced by the liver and the lungs people believe they're produced by your third. I wish your pineal gland. They ve shown the cottonwood research
Nations shown that this is done in brats than rats produce, dime Ethel Trip to mean in their pineal glance, has necessarily mean that people do but its logical to imply that people probably or conclude a peep at all. They do it as well. So does those chemicals that are producing. These psychedelic experiences are being really by the brain, but we don't know why we don't know what you're doing well wait when, when you sleep that guy, a guy, Machu Walker. Gas was amazing, ruin you sleep, you're, your guard, your logic is not their part of your brain is guy yeah, so he could that's private. Most logical expert experience by dates its kind ever again scary thought of thinking that man is, I e they make. You wonder, sometimes sometime you at night that night alone in your thinking that I met my guide. I think I love you know, I'm thinking about all kinds of scenario like enough fight. I fight think about us and urban and life on this aim. We thinking what, if.
This happened for red or what, if thy man, it's sick can we talk man, it's it's it's. There is nothing, or a scary in the world. But what is scarier? Is it scary to think that when you die you're just gone and nothing happens or as a scary, to think that you're consciousness leaves this physical damage? Jan and goes into. What's is essentially a well of souls. Just dimension, a non physical dimension of consciousness or all conscious. As interact with each other in issues geometric patterns, that don't you a physical being attached to them? It's hot for me to believe consciousness is not material material let's say you would say something: people have they say he's a good person is about person. I dont believe there is good and bad person if there is no people, know baby born Good or bad, I believe, is your environment, and that makes it shape you, and it has a lot to do the genome level.
To do so when you say that day, the mine Let's say I'm a certain members in a certain way. You know me and as a certain way- and it happened to me- I know I have a friend that happened to me was my best friend and he is dead now. Unfortunately, it was a certain way, but he had a car accident member after his Geiss, a dandy change, many was not the same guy. You become a little bit paranoid. You had some kind of dementia yeah So the person I knew was kind of dead, but it was physically. Add the dna. Everything was the same, but is this the person different? So when say their sole they're mine. Would be really not material lake, I met the realistic that would not have changed but is personality was completely different, is too short damper Marietta Alfred was extremely jealousy was starting to beat her and stuff. He was completely different completely.
Different person that you know before so, if they the mine, your brain, your brain is met. Listen, but you're mine is not if you beat, if you have like it, if you have next to them, like my friend I maybe, I have some sort of dementia, something that's mean. If it's not materialism, it will not happen. Its past but it is a sorry sorry to say when any and you have the the explanation that our leg, subjective and objective. If I've been shoe, you say I'm a hurt. There is no objective way too for me it and to tell you that you really hard, because even if I go out open your brain can see it. The only way, I know it's because of my experience, but it can't prove it brought so fucking
I was Hoover Ear nose and it was also possible that, when you think of consciousness or the soul or the robot that what's going on in the mind that is its expressed through the body and then with a body is damage that consciousness is damaged as well, because your consciousness is now being expressed through Lack of certain hormones, Yo Yo your mind itself. The very brain might be an antenna or up something that uses consciousness in order to move through life, but that consciousness is independent from the brain and that the brain being damaged it just expressing consciousness and fucked up way, because you ve got dimension our Parkinson's or what are the neurological disorders that people have been at the centre of it. It's still the same. Thing is why things that people say when they examining ably led lets you you die, you finish the best out of you. Will
you mean, we're, still exists, someone somewhere out of you, but you independent of the body messages theories Garriga, but there is their people to believe that consciousness is not local and that the body actually is just like an antenna for your consciousness. Now, if the body is damaged your hormonal balance is all fucked up. Your neurological system is out of whack. You like one thinks it bought Mohammed. He said when they would or talk to him about his Parkinson's is dead, he's still in there. He s care express himself. Does his body had been damaged so many fights and so many hard sparring sessions, and so many blows the head that he wasn't capable vocs resting himself, but inside he was still the same guy but he was trapped. His consciousness was trapped in a broken body. I see
is like that, like a prison like like like locomotion, yes and yes, you weren't you- and you know when you think about see tee like a lot of these football players, like you know that Aaron Hernandez Guy, that it was a murderer. Yes, he was a football player in the examined his brain after his death like this is one of the worst cases of city we ve ever seen after he killed himself and present had examined him and they the ideas that your consciousness is opposed to be expressing itself through a healthy brain right through healthy hormones, healthy, endocrine system, healthy neurological system, and that in that way, your brain can your consciousness can express itself and do so without any physical hindrances, then, is also psychological about whether what is empty, I waited Asian. Yet by what age are you a clear? Why are they stopped? At the moment? You start breeding and living. There is some sort of change that accurate my ass off shore. What is their healthy state swiftly and dwell
of one years old at an inn right, you're gonna, hear is already another sane person that fifteen and fifty this aim. As thirty, I think you're at eu- and I dare say my sixty, I think they're not does no independence. I think they're all connected, and I think that you know the physical, I talents of the body is important, the vitality of the mines important, but I think, there's probably something You know what a first time I saw a real dead body like up close was my grandfather. My grandfather died, and you know when to the funeral. They open. Casket is very strange. One thing that I realise when outstanding them, like he's not even there he's not here he's not here, is this body made. This might have been where my grandfather lived might have lived in this body. Bs, not here anymore, it was a very strange feeling to me, because I was like internally, I realized something I get the fact that he's dead, these not move
this is, has been embalmed. They put make upon you and all this weird shit, but it was also this feeling like he's. Not there he's gone there, you know, but what is the body that is the body a vehicle for whatever you want yet it is maybe one day will know my maybe we're out it's very. It's really is. Does it take questions and conceptual it's also being our people have their ideological reasons for believing one thing or another, there's people that are nihilistic. Thank you know it's, were when it's over and then go to black and that's it. You're done end of story nothing happens when you're dead, but you don't know that cause you're. We don't die, we can't. We can't know it's it's a real, it's a real open ended questions. I'm on the same page as you for this. I I do not know I I I the idea has been presented to me. A lot of de I rejected, because it makes sense to logically like descent, like all there
do you believe in free will Brad that's a good life by phone, his heir, and they falls. There is a reason why it follows the symmetry of the fallen make it fall. Maybe I I blew away is a reason to say my phone only fell, but if you do something wrong, for example, you kill someone, you just does not decide. The light kill someone. I there's a reason why you do something and if you go back the reason, there's a reason of their reason. Other reasons I is like them, you know something think I am right. Men made me think I have no choice right again, you welsh, Ivy workforce. As I have no choice was I have no? No, I don't deserve any problem, no choice right! You are the product of your life experience to me. That's what makes more sense for me. People think I'm crazy, but an argument with allowed, sometimes like a lot of ready, just people. They say: oh yeah, there's never that I gave you that's why I believe.
I believe something like I lie doesn't mean, I don't believe in God or I don't. It doesn't mean different like in my believe what I believe I have no choice It's about something I motors, but you do have ethics and do have morals and you do make decisions. So that's where it gets slippery the guy made decision. No, and in there today, you it was a cause to that decision. There is a call to everything and by definition there is a cause. There is no free will well, It's a good argument. I've heard it so Harris argued it to me the best made me really reconsider and Robert Support, who is a famous scientist and in an deals with a lot of the functions of the human brain in terms of like our motivations, four things he's his take was that in the future,
It will be when we look back today at like people that burn people for witchcraft and stuff. Like that, how foolish they are, he thinks we will have the same reaction to people judging and punishing people based on their behaviors. I agree one hundred percent while Let s look go back in time in there, back in the magazine to engine Greek dead men we'll get teaching knowledge to kids in exchange of sexual favour. That was, you know it happened now. We call that pit affiliated right. It's it's wrong. It's we would put their people in prison, but back in a day was normal. You know what I mean. Something our conception of good and bad? Our choice you know I'd I choose like I I don't know man if I dont believe there is good and bad. I believed it s choice of our time. To believe. I choose something, while certainly things that you might think are more positive than negative riot like
to my mind to people and friendly to people's more positive than being a murderer, that's all you have a gun. Let's say you want to kill. Someone is a charge. Can you buy Romeo gun Blue? As I I ass, a nice nice gesture? I will give you a gun, but then you go kill someone. So it is my gesture. Is nice or is not nice bad aid. Are they gonna? While you see joy is old, Evanna values. Plans are why you, given the personal downright hey, this guy raped a little kid. Give me your gun, I'm gonna go, kill em like all year good deal good thing and I let you borrow my gun end or killed us back Asian Mackay them argument is ok. You want to go. You said, George Gimme you're, gonna wanna go kill this guy as ok I go. Give you d done, disguise Adolf Hitler, you go kill, him is good thing or bad thing to certain people would be There are certain people with the bad. It depends. What c is good bad, yeah? side. Solemnity underlying men out
We, who knows with freaking, don't know now. That's take the interesting thing about That is a lot of things in life that are messy, has not there's not a simple answer. Yet so are. We have choices, is like a pool game. If mathematically I can, nay. I thought I'd do stop with for us and for us this is verse, Marius, thirty, five philosophy, yeah degree, philosophy, psych fighting you fight a guy you steadiest pattern. You know like when you do this. You do that when you do this, you do that. So, if you do this, you thank you. We'll do that, but maybe won't because the environment that's changed since then, but you enjoy the same things away. You play ball I can measure the dead dead. The strength that I had the ball ricochet on Dunbar Can measure everything precisely I would know we're all the balls are ending up on the table. You agree without where I asked. If I know the all the data
of the universe and a boom. I I can predict you agree with that. It would be same thing with you, if I know you by hard, I know you're genetic back, rhino the date of the universe. It's impossible. Don't if I wouldn't know I wouldn't know specifically what we you do exactly right now I know that you will know. We realized how you would exactly react or what you are about to say to me. Impossible. So that's why that's why? I don't believe in it. That's why believe, I don't believe in free will believe it, so it could be measurable, we're not it's impossible to measure right and then, when you see people that are doing good things and achieving good things motivates you to do good things in achieving and that also changes all the people around you and me them move in a certain direction as well. And if you look at sir cultures at an extremely negative and crime. Britain and fucked up they produce
strongly negative crime. Britain fucked up people now serves like there's, there's all this going on there. It is the fault of those people and that's one of the things that people really criticise- and I think rightly so- about like hard core right wing people that think everyone should be responsible for their own actions. I don't care if you grab at a crime, Britain neighborhood you stop doing that and you ll be a good person and that's not an easy task. The brain as no way to know if if an information is relevant or not, if you grew up in the demo, rats stem with big democrat value, you'll, be if you're smart. You'll be a smart or democratic? Few grew up in this same, but then a river Lincoln's them you'll, be mass murder Republican, however Maybe there are things in your environment. I will make you switch. You know, I mean you dad you fuck him. I'm gonna be a democratic, so we don't know about your brain as no way somebody theirs. I shant DVD evil genius, the guy I e
comes, is so smart by disease. Uneven Leyla YE data does is comes to two. Where we talk about the good bad, there is no good bad. There is no there's someone I fight a guy, I find it Nick Diaz, I swear it's true. That's our drive, my car and I see as a problem with this government. I would stop to welcome even though he was not nice horrid. I owe you ever it Have you had festers away you think of what he says this down that I'm nice is that the way I think, no day will you are yet it exec. I have no choice to be. I like. I am, it is what it is. You know I've gotten better that have gone older, better forgiving, people are not holding grudges and not being upset a people, and if I see someone that I had a problem with the past is given a hog and care now think it's it's it's it's not healthy to carry around grudges and it make you feel good
something's gonna feel real good and ideals, real bad to keep that hate and anger. Inside of you festers away you think of what he says. This dogma say that fuck him he shouldn't done. That's why shouldn't done that, but you are, but I only data because you this plague heavy, so stupid arguments in your head instead just say in high in just be being friendlier. Saying. You're sorry are saying: hey man, I have a problem and there is guided A few years ago, I I told my car on the street and would surely second in the evening I sat all guy coming at me and he asked for you baby. Money put down my window. This guy swears is true story is that gotta use to bully me in school. I say I don't see you name it. I say with us again. I put my name at by my car park, the car good health tourism the hell you doing here a man's. I am tat would be angry because it when you see me, he says, ready to shoot.
Well champion in I can be they be, they might be Nora begging. Eddie was I tree years older than me was bigger. It was beating me up and above this guy now we see me, I kind of us dear I get out of my car? You don't know you don't know if we should run or not. I go to America, Would you do airmen, zig zag you, yeah, I know, but things doesn't go well for me and all like, as our I say, like man you're at all, guy good, looking and say what you doing Aramis. I I give him in what I have left me. No. I got remember like a hundred something you I give him. I say it get out here as I give you full of potential- is a get audio amended egg. When I was young and we want it to be, like you you're a tall guy, a man, you you you good, looking as a full of potential, so Seismic, as I say, no public then say, thank you, George, you get out, then I don't. I don't hear about him. Fuel
few weeks, few months later, I go to my by my house for having dinner. They might. I'd say you know two thousand few days ago, this guy, Madame so yea said you met him in the street, but now he said he came to. Thank you. You gave me when it stuck to buy. So you don't live here and I dont want to give you a number. We said he Look at energy talk to me and sets. You changed my life now I have a job and I feel good. I just want to say thank you to him. And fell so good night just went out when I met him and I now get angry at him. Die girl because its it was still there. We did very bad stuff to me when I was young, but when I see him it made me feel good can ever relief now, and this guy, when I was younger, was beating me up in the bus Alla time. It was ridiculous ridiculous me I like I did that spends that you can type like this. It was taken off so I
Zack. I non, though, where in front everybody in from their girly was beating me up all the time and he was stronger enemy. Was I trees for years older than me and he was tall Strong guys are key player by Kennedy, and now we couldn't be. Even when Marshall AID was always stronger Emmy. He heard me a lot like beckoned them, so my dad won't I may I was gonna, beat up in the bus. I told him because I came by what a black eye at one time in my life, I told my dad what happened. I never said anything by some that, as a I just a bus, he beat me up said at tell him the name of the guy. So my dad What he did you found out were I'm from countryside, so everybody knows who everybody lives. Egos goes to the house and daddy say listener to stop Can you tell your son to stop hitting my son in the bus because you need to be focused on the school and their dad when my dad
back. He said I want to talk to his dad he's gonna stop. So he said is that it was like drinking and stuff and it was beating shit out of his son. Their way. This guy learn to communicate choice was beating up. He was dead and beating him up- does their way he was coming in communicating with me, it was beating me out because I learned that they're the same way from his that to communicate so I was just happened to be there right right wrong time at the right time in his life had a perfectly- and I was the guide I was getting beat so is a and bad. He was not a bad person. To my ear. Version of life to. From my perspective, you was a terrible burst and them he was terrible. I wanted to kill him. He answered many may my my school time tat miserable man. I was ameliorated. Ella time was getting beat up a lad hours.
Very proud person takes two to go fight him all the time, because I was proud. And I want point I thought him so many things our disguise completely insane. I stopped buttering him because I was was never we are giving up. Even though is be and getting beat up on it, I meant to my eyes it was a bad person. A true is eyes. It was a devil star. Reinvent spotter was a different story today, everybody was a different story: justice, that when I met him that way, we talk about it, you feel so good just to meet him in the street and make kind of peace, give him money that guy you beat me up. You didn't You know why, even though you did that I do Viewed on my knee- and I made me feel like a kind of a revenge and their revenge. You make me feel like yeah man BC. Without me, you wouldn't have nothing maybe to sleep or eight tonight, so I give it to us give it to you. If you do that to me that make me feel much better than if I would like to be read em up, and don't you think that maybe
that guy in him doing. That, too, is one of the reasons why you became a champion because you got in the martial arts very heavily because of being began to was beating up. The school. Maybe I was a baby was not the only guide. I was beating me up all his friend, but he was kind of a dead guy. Was all their girl liked and he was the taller stronger guys. We was kind of their alpha guy and that time maybe it was announced like I said, I dont believe only one thing influence with its many things: many cause that make urban, but maybe it's one of the cause. Yes, I could be wrong. I could be right, but that's why that's my philosophy and life. That's how I think so we ve virtual martial arts is you're, a good guy, as I think. I don't have the time to explain to them everything I just odor, but that's how I think it might one day say: you're a good guy, and I thank you, I'm a fucking
good guy, then me myself. I am thy, but it made me happy when people say dollar, you are a good guy. You try to be a good guy. Try to the eyes, are you? Are you try be those who you are. I try. I try to be good model a good role model, I think, is important for me too, I value that have been raised but doesn't mean like Like other guys, I like they dare guys out. I like the most to two to watch their fight there, another good guy, I've fighters to watch our, not the good guys, Also, I like to watch him. They make the as I like to watch Nicosia like Conor Macgregor when he fight I like him a good guys barring men. They borrowing guys they make me fall asleep. I like the drama like, even though I don't act like it. I like it. I like it. I know it's completely come contradictory, like I love the territory he's back into the EU is my father, men story
These many was amazing came with his like bad at that, and I love the star wars. I love this sit Lord much there much more charismatic did then the agenda. Are you kidding me Jed, I already get, then you don't you already get. I watched it. First episode, moping than your son, get beat up old, Johnny, Laura's I'll, be smashes, heavy didn't do it so you know I mean I did that make me I personally know it's does. Like you know it's different. Where does see things in all right when you see a lion chasing a gazelle you route for the gazelle? I hoped alike, it is exactly that good or bad light. You don't eat. Meat is not natural. So what does natural what does not natural man? It's an interesting. Conversely, when you talk about this, it people think arduous Xaviera Jesse just get here than they had to go to many times
Is it not now? My english is good. I can communicated to true it with you. Like a girl like it's easier, I feel more affordable and they had. It is what it is, but I did that's why I like it because you're a person to I'm kind of em, inside of you too, and I know you. I didn't know that in the beginning, when I first to know you, but I now, I know that now you get interested, the same thing that I am interested in what I I got you Joe. Is you don't give a damn you do whatever you have no boss, you do whatever you want whenever you want, we who you out at me I'd Respect is kind of a code. You have your own code that you do and I respect that. I, like human beings, this highlights two to be. With human being. I guess guys. I have no code our like this. I myself a friend is short, and I met a few guy out. I can, as I keep they did I'm diplomatic with a lot of people, but I'm that threat. With a lot of people here
madame, it does have to be fought for my work for my Business Board person. I am, and I don't like confrontations, I'm diplomatic but doesn't mean I like everybody. You know Why thank you relationships with people? Do you changes. You have a people. Is it's very important to keep only positive. Influential, but strong people around you, because you learn a new grow from those people. They give you fuel. When you around People were inspiration or doing interesting things who live their lives by a code or ambition. Who succeed, try hard difficult things. Those are the people that inspire and give you energy and I feel better around them. I feel like I get energy from them versus people that are always excuses and people that always falling short people to fail. The time people complain all the time, those people, the opposite and those people they take away from you and your round them. You just gotta, get away from this, guy. However, it doesn't mean that the good people that you
in your life will always be the good people for differences, which is a prime example. Before fights my family's, I stayed hell away from them. Pray do are made they care about me? I remember far before I used to go that my my parent with my Byron, my family, used to be like that. Ass dinner. They deal. Did there a super? They look at me. Are you? Ok, you figure units again a ban before our fight. I need, to feel like I'm going to war. What my soldiers are led to fill that? What I'm doing it's normal events, though, is not so when I out with with my family they have a normal life. So what I do they see me like an outcast iconic man, he's gaze is completely saying he's about to go further than a gauge again die or my guy, and I feel that because I love you so my family before the fight
they away from their my stay away from a lot of the people that I love that our my circle of friends or real people. I load I and I bring back closer to people like Ferrars John. They did fighters guys even guys out our maybe not as much on my first day like since in yes, Sir It makes me feel now. Molly made me feel strong because we're going to war when you're going to are you don't bring air yeah? Why? If you were a kid, your family, you bring that people. Are you going to war with one? I mean it's very important for me, so it's it's depending what's going on, I believe, ass, good and bad people, you know it's always Goodenough, always bad defending their contacts. You know now that makes them since the main lesson here, especially I'm being nervous about your fight like Pineau that that our genes can ages. Programme already nervous like like it is
I don't want to be more nervous and I hate I hate. Like I hate to fight It is because I know you had doubt is aid do. I know you maybe other people on that leave me. Madame we're extra explained our best I came in every in regimes. There is no perfect job. Do agree that there is. There is no perfect job that you like AL me, everything about it. It's impossible. My job as a professional athletes and mix marsh art on tree on. Sixty five days, I've I fight. Normally, when I was very eggs are used to fight twice a year, approximately, not more more than that I wanted to more than that. I wanted to stretch suspicion. Why should you want to stretch when you type, because is better for four advertising also for launching VD and everything. So we more time more money, more business eyes on everything and long Djibouti, so about to twice a year
introduced sixty five days. There's two days that I hate them owes is that aid and I'm fighting its breaking bear abode. They feel events, certainty that, if you don't know if you and a boom in the you gonna be the Victoria we gonna be the loser its. I care so much about it. That is for unbearable as much as I try to dismiss it. It's unbearable. Ever I like the fact that I'm a free man, a mile on bus, I do whatever it ever read around, have access to certain thing like the ip stuff that most people don't, my quality of life, that money. I didn't I before, and I do I love my jam, very happy about my job, but there is danger my job that I hate demos is fighting. I friggin I love the study of fighting. I love the site of it on the tactic, all the physical, I love to train I'll have to walk in a room for strong
I know if something happened aimed at them demand, even though its Andalusia, because it with a bullet that nobody is fast sort on this, but I like that lifestyle I do have a lifestyle for what it is, and I ll do it for fight. I friggin hate to fight at this thoroughgoing rubber Magnano I'm whenever they. I why you like fighting. I guess I like to fight you like to fight is a fact of life and everybody in the room turn around. They look at me like I'm crazy right. You guys are all grace to fight the decades, for millions of people may be getting related, knocked out or die you crazy. I don't like divide. Are you nuts, I like to win the one you win you're, it's the feeling is unbelievable. It's so good that its work this year. But I hated man. Do you hate the day of the fight up until the fight, but once the starts? How do you feel
What's it starts men and in another way the tides is gone. I'll just got all the anticipations guy. Like I hate, did they the build up dead, they the closer we get to dead they? I start I loved, but I start to hated more second bill I hate that build up like a ball of eight by that time, that it's time to freak and walk out this? Like that, many second, that it's time to walk out and night Boat Watson used to be their guy used to kick out the door so ready now he's not there anymore, I'm marginally. I allow you, like body, do grow wrong, so I used is like a bubble that build up in my stomach that hey hey, hey than I've written eight, I'm even in the locker room before to fight, and I fucking aided my last fight, I crazy
I saw my friend Ayman gagged got knocked out and I am glad that dinner everybody's I dead. People and she was something as long as it was wrong as I did- they told themselves before I get then don't tell them that amen last, don't tell him he's gonna fuck em so I get in there room in my friend, Eddie Outta. Wasn't there when they do they tell each other first thing you sesame say you know. What I am unless I owe you say: ok physically is a year is ok and nobody's equality. Shit, so am I I remember a joy. There feel us de Gaulle last so I go in my in my locker room. I see one guy with their eyes bag. The other guys all fucked up like this. All my locker room. Lose men share. I've Reagan hate this man better they didn't like everybody? It tried to two amendments taken. I always gonna be good. That is one of my ages. I don't worry, he's gonna be fires. I is
gay man. Don't talk to me like this? I choose be here: I'm I'm a wire led to go, go sit now, it's gonna be fine. I want to be a lawyer and I want to see I'm gonna. Be fine, don't worry it's going. Are you know they're gonna get, and I thought I might use airports, are they gonna go get big, they gradually our regions, gotta, be finally look each other like These high demand Islam. Everybody on the unease had already here that I really like I'm going to make a similar like a cemetery like someone just so I'm in locker room, everybody brigand, those I'm like them, then I'm right here shake it up that go into battle by myself? I go away, go look myself in the mirror and that's why do we for fight? I use James Lange Theory James lounges. Is they say that
spirit can dictate you're mine. You say you: U, Turkey, your mind, tells I'm thirsty. You grabbed the water in Europe. A spirit can dictate you're. My boy, you're mine, can dictate your spirit, so I go in the bathroom grows a door the people think I go to bed room to piss. Whatever about I don during this year as it now, I see a lot of negative. Shall I go I going from the morality I say to myself ass, I see it tried to convince myself. Like a kid. The leg. The greatest and a stronger is at an end. I think I think of it. Look at me, I'm this beautiful rooms. Poem did I'm fine start on the sugar. I'm gonna win as like these young guy. They lose, but I'm going to show them what the doorway to do it, the Uno and maybe they they fell, but I won't I'm gonna show every by the words should be done, so I come back in their Jim with the wood glory to show them that I achieve it and, as always, should be done. If they're going to follow me so dry, booze, myself, that our goal go back. I sell hate my
job, but I am a different person than when I get in the door. So I play with mine games like this with myself. All the time is stuff that I had that that try to change your attitude. It is very important for our fight or because the confidence is a key for a fighter, some guy they do stuff. Very basic enough, but they do it when they do they do it so good than they believe in it. They notice it. They and you have no room for hesitation in a fight. You go hundred percent and when you go hundred percent with confidence. That's when them. You can happen. You know what I mean. If you have their data, data skills, but you know that The confidence is is John says that you have the skills and they have no governance, insight, having money when we don't spend it that's what John than our told me what you ve done. The governance without their skills. It's not good do is a dream that cannot be achieved. You don't have any way together. We have boat, that's when a magic
and up, and I remember when John John says that to me all the time, so you have to skill, and you have the confidence and governance is not a choice is. Is it governance, and that is not a state of mine is a choice. Man you can build it in your head something bad happened. You work try to work on your present to build this, is something you can work on yourself. You know and as we have been doing, yeah it's like all these are the things you're saying it's that there's no there's! No one answer to how all this is done. All those pieces have to come together. All those pieces have to be together in order for you to be able to just go out there and do it. But I love the fact that you say you don't like it. I friggin hated, I hated more broadly, even in the locker room, when I got there. What I've for we'll get there are that night every other night, that I'm fighting asked by my agent ass ass, given veracity I always tell me you're gonna like so what?
their hair out doing here what, if I'm so stupid as we always laugh added, because now it become at that point that I know I know because I am with experience a: u do become more courageous, do become less you say, do lose their fair. You know every never lose affair. You learn how to deal with it. You accepted wide at night than that accepted admire your fight back Matthew was my so I found my user man. I was fighting this monument is, oh my god, oh, that I didn't instead, for the weak man. I came like Africans zombie. I was I oh, my god I gave it even and ass they, I could even look at him. I look up like this. I couldn't imagine my surprise. I knew I was going to lose. The governance was not. There give us, another governance. So is- very important a confidence in hours for a fighter covenants is very important.
Who are you guys and their Jim that are very good in Belgium they get into a fight, they shady fighter, king that Jim they go into fighting all that stuff grab. You have guys their normal in their Jim I've seen guys and the new city, fighting we'll see they friggin body, safeguarding respect, but I borrowed Amadeus Psych when they fight they do stuff it's amazing I'm like I'd. Even knowing that wasn't, is repertoire of technique, dangers that I gotta get time. Yours, I'm a man. It's amazing how even We know that because of confidence man and when you bowed their skin and confidence, and I you see like John Jones, Man is magic man, you go there passed spinning, getting elbows on Sunday, you dont, easy taking goes man you're, a runaway guess is amazing and stuff like that. It is a beautiful, watch. You know, and I really like that, the new generation that is carriers- l, oh my god, works- which
exciting, more Connor or could be those that fights if I was gonna, make a fight for you re right right now, right now, it's like that, the big five that the thing is it with you We call me out physical and always it's not good time for me and he knit away a little bit. However, I feel that one for you, the five division always scanners, their tribe in this Fergus commanding Ferguson is out and an theirs. Our guys to, but there is a two I corner and can be like a cabbie. Now I think, is that traffic, but the elite to fight, maybe they're Connor or are to be labelled. Champion. Aerial ease their real job, don't like to say they will not champion but in my opinion, on the belt is really different than most people say. I don T even think it should be about. You know. I think you should be fight. You, Norman
but it is what it is, and I agree with you. Wanna make fun fight. Know about this. I guess it is. You cannot be. The strongest man in the world is an illusion about it claim. Elevate. Someone like you think he's a God is strongest men and in that now he's not what's a good marketing tool that that eight rank guy that can be deal, but maybe cannot be the seven other in front of you of yeah that you know what I mean. There's six other so I don't know how it could be done. I know it it's bad to criticise us system. If you dont suggestion alternative, I know it's better what I do, but it's Well, the problem always in flux anyway, right because Tony was the interim champion and he didn't do anything to lose. It all fall down while doing press obligations to tears me apart. Then you have Connor who just didn't defend it and then they stripped him and so you're going to give it to could be, but is fighting our winter who
ordinarily wouldn't be fighting for the title. So wise is he have the potential to fight for the title. Does make any sense they had to do it for this event, because they have this big event in Brooklyn and they had to have a champion. So they decided this other going to do it, but you gotta be careful, when you make decisions like that, because you in many people's eyes in the eyes of the purists you d, legitimize, it was value. Yes, I agree on the value to especially like low what I did make lose value. Do fight and drinks left this head, wisping left there hate. My god, that's why? I don't think so, though, because I think you may hear me: it's not good for the brand is not good, and I know it's not good, I'm I'm, I'm I'm not stupid. I realize it, but I had no choice. Man, I go back there and none in condition. You know, but I think it was not my Robbie Lawlor one, the title and then Robbie law we lost a title toppled Woodley. Nobody doesn't think the tyrant would leave the legitimate champion because you retired now I mean it's it's a clear path.
That makes sense then on. The summit is saying, but I guess it's not w w women have to do what is the best for me, and I don't regret my decision. It isn't. I regret that I stayed tool I should have retire. Maybe take my first stop. After as does the as was defined, a big fight and You know what I mean is that the main guy notified then after Russian, but There is always a gauge or with, as I think, there's a way, another african guide as away disport you don't. We always believed that act. That wall. Be no wall. Banal man is always another another another and underhand, and then I realized that debts and every fight our more expected than other in our bigger in another, and it is what it is. Man is one of those it's a hard, very hard life mentally. They put your wire psychologically for me was allowed to take
wasn't. Is our lot reels. I finally have theory about that. One of the reasons why it's a lot takes cause you're smart. I think smart people they they entertain all the possibilities they think about. All the possibilities are aware of all the very Balls- and am, I think, are I think I'll us yet ally- is, I think, a lot minutes good, because its prepared, you very well- and it's made you this incredible- martial arts, but it's also creates a lot of anxiety because you are aware of all the possibilities, whereas a person who doesn't think that much just sums can go in there for people up, that, person might have an easier path to fight, but they might also a shorter, limited potential because they're not aware of all the possibilities and they're not aware of all their flaws in all our whereby their strengths and weaknesses, they does know what they ve done. That's worked and they just keep doing that and instead of developing this incredibly well rounded game, they have a very, very limited, game that limited game works on some people agree. It's it's disbarred!
that that sport in general, its kind, it's kind of not fair. When you look at it likely look, I Demetrius Johnson's bribe me right now, the best ever the best. Ever, yeah, I like men. When I talk about, Anson and skills man. Why does the better guided this? What a guide and this Dominic crews for amazing men, digitally leisure. That's one fight! Look! I don't watch every fight, I came. I don't watch every fight, because I'm not a fan of every fighter, but if there is a fight that I will pay my own to get to sit in front and fly myself is Dimitrios Johnson against Egypt data show absolutely I man has to be done. Business has to be done crazy. I agree I dont. There is a way these things, in fact, or that we don't know. Why doesn't happen. Maybe we don't know everything, unfortunately,
and yet back in that they mean Anderson surveys out if they, why did happen and there's there's stuff that people know that lead that back in the day, I taught them, and I wanted to take care that happen, but they there's this fight. Man, just crazy man. Some time is set in this board like, like. You have followed me whether a mere whether by Co Wendy, it did not happen inside, but it is what it is worth thinking TAT Demetrius wants. He D De Lozada fight once at a hundred twenty five pounds, show that you can make the way, especially when he's dealing with this a long wins street is defended its title more than any other champion ever so he doesn't want someone to come along and break his Windsor. He doesn't even may have away. They did this, as I have thought about this because I believe in a similar situation there This is a way to take care of this with the lawyers. You brightened a contract that, if you dont make weight, is no fight. End
First, you make the guy paying you a purse. Not do you see Russia, with a demos, give diapers. When I'm India now but no need to be. Gay men have to do with its african risk here, but I think Demetrius is worried that the USA or pressure him in defining t J, even It doesn't make the way they have today. Measure for achieving it will make him look bad in terms that would the fan base and his brown agri, our can make it through the lawyer today if it's that much weight, difference. There is no fight right It is always the fights men Joe there's something around five can be made showed the way can negotiate a fight lay depending the the laws. I want you to wear paying speed owes when I fight do it's under contract. You have two, whereas being spit out. I want you to wear this seller or any fifth round or if its everything could be done. If it's written and
and by the law agreed it could be worked out. I don't think we welcome. You are always those guys that do Edinburgh, let's go well. I think right now the remotest set for Coty Garb Rat verses, T, J D, Shaw and mighty mouse just went through shoulder surgery. Yes, he's rehabilitating you shoulda! That's can take quite a while and then there's Diminute Dominic crews to win that makes media amazing. Now Yankees amazing. I like to watch him a lot. There's no talent, there's a lot of talent leaves you right now that the smaller guy are so much better in the bigger gay. I'm telling you the truth like like it. If I would have the same size as these guy, a man, I don't want to fight these guy manner with beat the shit out of me like no man, they don't have gravity fucking with them agri. They know that their gravity that ought to have their size, but there are so good may so good to watch them. I'm not I'm learning a lot. I watch a lot more of these guide and then in terms of for learning men, albeit What was that on board at
Dr Jones things it shit menace slammed what I slammed the arm or in the air and our aid is that now at break this hour and try to you, you learn. I learned these guy man. I learnt from a lot of these guys DVD luxury switch man everytime, you strange angle, less beautiful crews. Man is footmen, then trained with Dwayne Ludwig, a long time ago, yes, I have ass far we train. I, when I was in Denver, helping Nathan Markert for a fight, by a man who was crazy, spyware, Dwayne neighed shine cattle. And do all by guy the Shanghai bad. I was that smart, but I did hear fact yeah. I was not smart. I was begging today. Maybe I should have been smaller. Land is as big as you had thanks God. I didn't get hurt, but oh my god, I won't wherever inane training he it was in granite bonnet with another guide. I dislike, like everybody, knock em out
Megan on Serbia. That was stupid and my point out when you are young, you do stupid shit that I've done it fuck that Woody way back then he weighs me, are our him. The same Darwinian might be like the guy's, a big guy fuck, you GINO Way that was stupid, but I did it and you know you more- man. You gotta think I got a fucking yeah man hip yea hit and run men yeah around not tried to stand in their pocket with this guy, and if you go for it, they dad you go in and out within any weak man holy shit, your timing as to be perfect, the only one round, one round her, yet as far as far as we were with everybody you know like, and then there is this thing like I. When we train with, other guys, but she dies. I went with train with David everybody Ho Jon Joan I try. It was far with everybody with its it's. It's good experience there. You know- and there is
I said that spar like it's their life depends like it's a real fight, there's other guys of court depending if you get ready for a fight, our northern and if you know it depending situation, but that there is one is just aspiring for Spain, rainbow you're, not then training gabble whenever you spar, but there's still guys. I see younger gaddi they'll do No, they lose a lot of their their years of fighting in the gym. It is a fight in the German snugly for your brain men holy shit. I never be a big, been a big fan of this. I feel I even now in my last spiry like. I'm aren't you, but I have to go higher because otherwise they gonna hurt me. That's not because I meat as because my friggin trader is telling you gotta, put him away, we're gonna praise it didn't want, I mean so wide is for us to the scrapping Gub illegally whereas saying I love him to death, but many goblin insane he's my senses, my eyes pay. May I got him pay me John. I you know John. I got the emperor.
John I hour they were. They all have a nickname malaria day their day they Data guy on John is another one like when it. When I'm intrinsic Amity put me with Gordon Ryan: go retorted one after Jake shit I go go, go, go, go a dead man. I get smashing. I get out like a pretzel like something is not good for my coffin and sometimes it is somehow shit man ice guitar to it. I have a hard life, isn't darkness inside Johns, Bahrain, Yemen and its hard work hard man I made it. Made. A lot of good change, might not ask for preparation. I dunno I used to train like an underground. I, following fight round a five minute: you're, never gonna, spend five minute on the ground, where train foreign for an fight, cited treatment, one minute break it make you starting from scrambling position for the boy had had an arm control then go or a mound, Persian Gulf? We didn't starlike shaken in them because you lose time while making who started from.
Position, control over their goal, so make you more active and when you fight make you more reports, an Now I teach I try sort for us like. I do it, because I love They dwelt for us and that's idea, did the people no more five minute around when you train for him. If I too, minute round Raymond, around mammogram intervention. You will never spent The entire five minute round, bran debt Diminute that you're gonna, spend on the ground that you have to be very now make and very reports, and is when you see something that getting enough. I would be spring. I see the neck foam Let him send up dead leg drag Laura Black right away. I probably would not have reacted same way a few years ago. Would we be more? taking a position and safe Diana. Morality in an I that we need to learn to choke was deep yeah. It was this.
But in practice it a lot, because I learned the pattern of Bisbee that when you do this, you like to do this. So I predict we ve, we ve we ve worked on. You know like when I mean like is Have they worry was in my? I guess. Like my my autopilot, de in my hard disk, soul is just reaction. You not have time to think was before Don't train like this, you trained in five minute it slow. We're pacer, you're thinking Marge it's who is more a certain much. A dynamic is more easily Mitchell Export sometime, you did I make, but is more islamic We again position, so you don't want it. This family. You wanna be like Bang, bang fast, and you know what I mean major more make you more. You know what I mean my fashion, while gonna try You're doing now mean you're going to train with Freddy Roach now look, but how much time is running training I trained Normandy, twice the everyday still yeah, I dont train hard every data
so the m some days I once a day. I try to train at least four days. Are we that, twice a day and maybe two days at our once a day and depending what I do is I bought I want to get a train once a day. Today's with Freddy, some or whatever I do at this new thing. Now. It's that really changed my life to its eye training, a pool at all. If we you don't have went down, and I doubt it I dont really. I still don't believe in conditioning you say conditioning. I don't believe I really it's an illusion. Everybody has a deficiency someone tired more than the others, because more efficient labour bite out there level is in shape in awry. I, but training. To put. I do for the ballade resistance, stuff equipment and I train and opposes like my weight training. I do in a pool flexible, you do flies, we have
That guy is that going. It must hold that works Alla time and it's like doing flies, but instead yet, but I going is another going as you do a fly and an end and the pool and the same time Bush pool and you doing it with bans like within an analysis, resistance way. What men now not we risk This equipment is like should I wish I would know your cable now it's not a cavalry psycho resistant as I can handle it that ain't russian develop this like in long time ago, where we just stop to learn now about it. The russian were way more than sent us and in its the egg Gavin Macmillan that make me discover this form of training. When I raised my Asia, so he hates toy training, said hit waiter. They load up our joint damage, your joint you know it depending on how you do it by the when you go heavy damage giant is true as wise, too look young it. I felt better at thirty seven now, even when, when before this my my my also, I felt better
thirty, seven that I feel at twenty five. My my word is true. The only difference is nets. I go out with my birthday was may nineteen last Saturday I get completely wasted drunk it. Take me more days to recuperate because I'm thirty seven then when I was twenty five, but link like I feel, just more powerful better yeah, I'm anyway. We there is hope for our older man. They're nervous, hope that we can last better. We can have a better living, it's kind of crazy that you don't believe and strengthen the dish. I dont think that is the thing that everybody does today, now. I always involve strengthen conditioning because sometimes they mix dub there. Reform is answering conditioning because of this. The riot Emily allow people they say My new nutrition is because of this on my new training. Make me be stronger. Look I'm a better fighter planes. Maybe it's because you taking something you know I mean yeah, I believe an elegant, and you have seen let thy eyes
with some products are a key frees up all. I guess you right here yet this one an example, so you got look ankle weights on its own it as yet but they create their resistance on the way up you see, so so so it doesn't load up my joint and you just exploded. Zack pistols, Gwen, but aid. There is like a hundred like exercise like this, like a sound. Well, maybe not a hundred a day, there's so many, There is nothing you can do what you are every part of your body The exercise of the Russians got to get and and also their NFL football, bear out a lot train, with that, because an increase, your real power in works, so that thing that but that is their stability, but if you want Greece power it it out for increasing the power for muscle the fibre of their muscle. In it make you a better fighter, but it will learn, Djibouti wise keep here, car you're, you're you're a car vehicle, your vehicle elsewhere that
I do a string conditioning I don't do for making a better fighter, I do it because I want to look good. I want to be muscular I want to. I want to be balance. I want to be ever longer long longevity, it's gonna, make me hit harder, stronger, Freddie Roach might help me hit stronger. For you know. I mean John, that our would make me be more creative, better on bars and fair ass would make me you know what I mean like better fighter and in terms of giving me knowledge and different things that that's what I've been I could be wrong. John! I don't we take different away, in that regard. We argue before about this that's. Why I'm open minded and went to a lot of tourism arguing I'm just play the devil's advocate. I don't think there's any one way to do these things like that, simple. I I spar for his eyeballs or our Europe just some guy make an experimentation go wrestle with real wrestler like a high level wrestler pure wrestler wrestle with him. You gonna get much time
you gonna get tired, much quicker than here for sure because he's got a better car. Do you you know or maybe is it like. I did that depending but then after that go underground, sat down and shaken. And start rolling on the run. I guarantees gonna get more tired. Then you because evidence judges who is going to spend a lot more and urges you gonna be much more efficient than him, even though maybe as a better cartoon, and then you, if you take a view to MAX tests, maybe he's gonna score a better overview, more efficient. It's all about efficiency they try to sell you the product. They try to sell you their programme. They tides freaking out for diversifying our life is made. Of advertising. That's why I was angry and I live where we talk about interpreted fast thing like there's. No, pills fighters. There is nobody that makes money. Rats Y know he talks about it, but it's so efficient sell this remedy in their well. You know what I mean in three days: you can rebuild you're. Your human system, and you got all
all of it in three days are facing you. Do it Imelda assault would know. What are Go train is perfect. You go in audiovisual phases, their best in oil, but it talks about the same thing in cards you and all that they have to come here, eyes eyes their money. Is that it's all about selling you the thing right, our life Saul about branding where will go it's free again become, will surround by commercial. If you wanted something, we don't even realize it, because it's so present in our life. So it's easy to second make me a better fighter. I do it, they fell. Good good developed. My muscles is good for me to be here. To have muscle. For her for my brand for for me for advertising, for even for myself how good you know and general fails I get it Does a road showed its negative make me if you think this, Let me have a better hook now mandates and its doesn't transom like that time
making procedure forms. You know everything is not. If is genuine, had the smallest arm. I think is one of the smallest army hit like crazy. I dare you know what I mean when you look at his build. He was like a MIKE Tyson or let me Louis my friend. I then, Stevenson not Billy's until he's anatomy, but man I borrowed it many times he hit like walking track is bright. The heaviest hit are ever seen in my life, no one I mean and needs like is strong. Is that living, but there is guided more more structure, should look look song I am or bodybuilder yet, because that's because of his formed away transfer his weight is, is vector of forest everything is technique, timings, precision to everything is: don't you perfectly beyond structure too little? usually power your friggin bag? Kick men like this and they as I because return, I said. Per that human being that have hit that are produced. Higher some out of force that I,
were witness in my life is your men with your three. I am not saying that is as never seen a human being physically capable of hitting something with that much force than you is a perfect example What are the of whether we argue you it's because you stronger yeah, you're, strong guy you're good at led guy, but you know about you you're older older than me, and I, like you, know what I mean I get. Why, because his your form the technique, the victor. Force your technique. Everything is all freak in perfect timing. That's ways when you turn and you make that's because I dont care. We warn you Francis again, do you you hit that shit on their face? You gonna, be add the unknown, I'm not dead, but you gotta be knocked out man this, it's crazy. You know what I mean when you did that there was. Completely insane narrowing yeah lead as I won
I'm still working on it by the way, but I can't do like you do wooden my knee coming out. I feel like when I do inspiring the guys they they see it, and that is why I have to keep my my need. Tuck thank you just thinking that, maybe because they are already, I learn in a different way. So my my brain is: why are so much in a certain way of the problem? karate? Is that lower knee deny me down and by the other knee verses up by the hip. When bring it up by the hip. This there's much more leverage is tremendous amount of force, and the alignment your lower leg, the supporting leg and kicking leg is better to generate force, whereas the kicking leg is almost independent of the lower leg. If you're going up because it does not move in the same direction, one leg is going up the other ways going forward. So it's like it's our goofy when the hip as up the when you turn the hip, is up
This is pushing this is going forward just so boom. However ensure that power comes for, however, do you do you can? I'm take. One, though, is all the olympic athlete like champion. They ought to do it like that now. They don't know, don't know exactly that. You do within the different ways right where men never seen anybody hit as hard like. I don't care. If it's a pancake, I never see a strike, proved a strike, a blow from a human being that hard man wherever it at that when you were working in, it was a freak, whole animals and their value as I can. Curves in that bag, like with your you're footprint in it own right, goblet insane man too loud power. I was with a rather with ETA rule freaking out than you are back, and for that I lay you in the way we work together because of yeah. Because John came up to me and just asking me because I was accommodated said: I need someone to help George, with the fundamentals of a spinning bag. He needs
like a technique. Refresher, do you know anybody there's gonna sound, crazy, I've. You just gotta, listen to me, but I have a really good spinning back. So that's it. That's all you put it s more. I get it for you put it to me just asking now only what type window he knew. He knew that, told me he's gonna, ask you he's gonna ask if you could work with me, that's funny, because It was at its meat now. No, I knew somebody else. You want to put it this way. These Johnny, Smart Guy, Johnny's, very smart guy at you, would If we don't I've said he would have kind of right, because the memories said that to me- and I say it because it is like my senses- am I in my amendment I says I am I right. I was rolling mile. I want that is your rogue it. I didn't know your background. You know, and I know I know you did Martinez out. He was gonna think now, but you knew that our get our own no word gets around a you. Have a very strong spinning, Becky get you so you somewhere somehow told him or you see our big
He told me: I rubber, you told me that I was I yeah I'll. Do it. When I go on with Freddy Road and then and then I couldn't believe, I call him that the same night ass, I thought what was Like this, be a newly if he ever fights man is this should be a leg. Only get to go somewhere with this is insane male. It's fucked up. Is it almost feels like a lie because it was so long ago was a different life like I stop fighting I'm fifty years old stuff fighting when I was twenty one, so I haven't fought in forever, so it's just I've key doing it and training. But and done it so long. So I tell someone that I can do it am I Yes, that's true like then, is it true that many people do? You did you ever light up. Someone with that regular yo of me, when I was nineteen from attack window tournament, may get a guy fly through the air Are you serious, yeah? Jamie? Oh, my God is okay, now easier life now here it is right here.
Are you kidding me man yeah, it's fucking scratchy wage as very from nineteen eighty, so you do you realize you didn't even cut him like We talk about precision like there was. I, like you, ITALY or techniques friggin, brace so powerful, like you got him wherein the shoulder on that now not caught him on the body. It wasn't so they could see it again yet at its Gallagher. It's just his arm is underneath is lands, but I said and put them on that. Guy always because I regret the incredibly powerful guy would do the same thing it them in the same spot. They would probably not get put await idea ok see a z sailing the impact, it goes right into his body and then I extend and they want to extend it. He was our kind of like. I guess you know I was there was birthday and ages sailed through the is it's a crane.
It's. It's got so much power register crazy technique and I was raised in a type window school that came from the old school type window before tournament. See general J J hung ye. He trained. He was the inventor of type one of the founder of type window, any trained a small handful of of ITALY instructors and one of them was J on cam. Who was my instructor, so my type wonder background- was old school type, wonder where Olympic it was even consideration, and so every on train for power. It was a different thing, breaking. Air was just it was, but he had to be able to defend yourself in the street. My instructors idea was, if you couldn't hurt someone with a kick like wine and practices, and these type window guys, and hermits tapping each other. They were just move quietly. He asked trying to score points and he hated that shit. He hated that shit and he felt like you had
load up more. There had to be more power into those techniques and it wasn't quite as fast as lighted them they're, really style Olympic point style type window, but that Olympic point Starwood wouldn't hurt anybody. You couldn't keep them off of you, but that that thing is hard for me, like I tried to practice your ways but to have a head on It's my hopes are dynamic. Just is just wraps just repercussions. How can we go over your afterward done where only on anyway, now raking hardware, this Jim here a blow us just give you a refresher yeah up a lot of it comes from the front like side, nobody. I know noon I go back. I went back to karate training because I've done more time, but I was coming from karate background. We ve done it straight. Not yet you straight that anymore. I don't. I haven't done it for a kid bag it for a long time coming. We do that, much him where they now went back to karate spite and when I start to to redo it, I've been
again would then need Dounia, but I would like yours, I like the way you do with man is any array higher than he has to be hard to get the full power into. I just don't have the same efficiency with it can be done. You can learn that efficient. A hundred percent, its frigate yeah it, but it comes from learning. First, the right way to do the front like sidekick, see the front like sidekick. He developed that tone that that need comes up in their home. It's all in trust in that had been put forward and then once you develop the speed from doing that, then you do with the turn it in its turn boom. It's the same thing it's that twist of the hip and the extension of the leg. But then it's also the turn. First. So the turn first poem and then the extension of the lady S. While that power comes from sheets on a straight line, ok and then the three sixty when the right leg is forty, you step forward
and then throw yadda was, does ass, like get hit by a train. That is that we are on that aid as the strongest irises, nothing Dutch, it's crazy! It's running at some you're, not even in your private, now not sifting shit, but when I was nineteen, I could do it like a laser beams. Yeah, you video mean that's all. I did, though I mean what, from the time of fifteen, Tom was twenty one. I didn't do shit, I barely did any homework and then pay attention in school at all. I did was fight. That's all I did was I wonder that's all I did I just wanted to be in the Olympics. I wanted to be attacked when no champion wow I wanted, but then the problem was. I started sparring with kick boxers getting fucked up and I as they take. One, though, does no hands the hen. Techniques were useless and when I would be in a boxing ring and I'll be sparring, what someone they just get me cornered start Falcon me ever I don't know to do this, like I to learn, learn how box, and so I realized tat window in
out of situations is not effective and useful. I needed to learn how to box first. So then I start train that and then I started getting dry train with more hi, guys getting leg, kicked them fuck this, because if we were doing like above the waste kickboxing and then I saw Rick Rufus when he thought that Ty fighter, you know this. Really important fight when Rick fought this guy and a guy just chuck does Fuckin lay at random. Like I saw that fight. However, you put this aim fight than there in Mme Contest, like I mean Rick roofers beat the shit out of him. The heiress differs first, yeah, you refuse to few men at tat. He killed are guided by the guy, you kind of, though the rules to step back Danny you, ok, you put out an Mme contacts. That's why it a striking an amendment because they are not so much
there goes into Mme now everybody out. If they stay standing. I don't agree with them that all man ok kill yet even legs, not only the leg. Joy I think even today, and that that, like rhetoric, which, albeit bet Victor about four remember with their out, you saw you say that an English like delicate, dead, a box the dirty bodies. Ox rarity box leaching is the very last very long distance, the timing, with each other small glove and only change everything. Your shore meant ice bar as borrow a lot with much better. Paraded pure wrestler, did me in an main man, put them all down on all of them. That big I'm better resources, because my timing, I learn from carrying out to close the gap in Karachi, but I use that I use it all ready for that that down.
Some use guarantee for blood saying and I wonder by says the panel you user at all. You know what I mean. What do you think, I wonder, bore tell us this weekend, the man I gotta one, I think two things hello european down for I leave on Friday. I gotta go back on Friday. I fight on Sunday it Sir now, what's in England, but it's early. My answer is going to do a fight companion coming here. Why should I gotta get? I gotta get a balanced and well. I wish I'd. Darcy is because I really got to both, but I had We can have some something important this weekend by man. I need be a much older Saturday of shit. I would. I am asking whether Diana that I was her life for sugar. Will I watch fight with people that doesn't know nothing about fighters, viruses or fund we drink couple beers wants to find my fight companion, herb different than you know. Most of my friend are not really fighters are lying around more guys, geeks or whatever they think they know what aid, although that they go on fighting that annoying
That's the way they are rigid. I've tried to be diplomatic, I'm sitting here, and everybody is required dude, is why didn't I had I used to try to correct them I used to, but I put so much a further in their g that I just gave up on one point. I know why do I guess I'd tyrant would lay with wonder baby but, like I was watching. Never is barrio, don't believe I do you just don't understand that we have one, thereby you go. It went away in a new you, you charge him like this. He would you know what I mean. I gotta find out he ran and I thought about for their intel. If we listen to this, I wonder why is my eyes and I've round, but they deserve again. Get that I understand they don't need not educated about dead. Did their culture like something on the floor or now, why don't you do like and that they do
if you find that Sweden is a sweaty, thereby boys man, I lie like divide a lot of their lives. I live. I listened not out of an about some of them and I am a g there is this frustrate eighteen. They know about any no man of their, they think they know they don't know why. I love you guys about my guts out I've inside oil. You know, listen George, this wrap this up. Man. Thank you for coming here. Really free brothers, always great decide you ran. Thank you is that there are no real tie us real time, wholly user via we did three hours. Oh my God, are you, Sir he's gonna be the real time warp in here? Man do that's insane. I need to be taken to. Let me check where you gonna go I got to dad Contender Freddy Roach what times it's either Jake aim there, but you need to train. Would mean anything any need to be there at four thirty before you didn't believe, or I gotta get closer for dirty. If you leave now you'll be there by forethought there, but I missed african Bacchic instruction
which I want to give you? We want real, quick aka, that's what you do need a lion. Delays are now by everybody. Thank you. Everyone for tune into the park cast and thank you too are sponsors. Thank you too. On it go to o n n. I t use it word Rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements. Thank you also to equip the best mother fucking, electric toothbrush ever gonna buy and it starts just twenty five dollars and if you go to yet quip dot, com, Ford, Slash, Rogan right now, you'll get your first refill pack for free with equip electric toothbrush. That's get your first refill pack for free at get quip dot com, Ford, Slash, Rogan, spelled g t. Do you ip dot com, Ford, Slash, Rogan, Tut, and we did it Hoboken awesome that Guy George, a great guy and you get to see- I think, the better he.
That's at his English. You get to see more of who he is and he gets more comfortable and more interesting talked him. A love of big fan. That's it for today, ladies gentlemen, and we'll be back tomorrow with Michael Parliament very excited about them. So until then life
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