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JRE MMA Show #29 with Cat Zingano

2018-05-28 | 🔗
Joe is joined by UFC fighter Cat Zingano.
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ten percent of your order will go to fight for the forgotten yay a liberty lotions and my guest today is awesome i'm a huge fan of her she is a badass fighter and a very cool human being and one of the top female bantamweight there is on the planet earth give it up for the great and powerful cat cingano the joe rogan experience and we're live how are you good to see here yeah thanks for having me my pleasure my pleasure to look for talking for a while i know it's i feel like been in time come i don't even know how much time we have a philly there's a hell of a lot to catch up front yeah there's a lot of talk about is your get
for boise that's your next fine writing are you in right now july fourteenth and centurylink karina that you took it you took a good stretch off right a couple times yeah times uh let's see after misha i blew my knee and then world exploded inside had i think eighteen months off between that and fighting amanda and then i thought amanda i saw amanda was like september twenty seven something like that and i fought ronda february twenty eighth and then after rhonda it took another big stretch off juliana following year july ninth and then this was another big stretch off so yeah it's been a little bit scattered but doing what i can yeah and you're you're doing some crazy therapy to write some some interesting stuff down in san diego
so there's been a few things i've been working on like i'm not here fan a western medicine you know at lake even i mean you can call it alternative medicine is like original medicine i i appreciate looking at things like that way more than you know big for but i know one thing that you know getting has gotten me and stuff with you know i think it's more prevalent in women although i'm thinking it's happening with men too is like our endocrine terms are not happy with these rate cuts and they're not happy with us like getting hit in the head a lot of go figure yeah go for it so you know within all of that i just you know medical problems and things that like i'm constantly working on and i feel really good i'm constantly improving but one thing i was feeling a little bit stuck on with this one i was like some of the endocrine problem issues but like i don't know i had a i had i went to this
the in in san is called thank can i borrow a mindset and actually you have sent me there because i mean we have usado we have all these things like after fighting amanda i got my head pounded for a good four minutes there i had a tbi afterwards so that was like immediately lowered my jim lowered my ha my testosterone and i'm hypothyroid i will always we have but that right now like i had after the fight yeah yeah and you know still tough that out so is trying to do what i could to go hi rhonda as soon as i did afterwards and you know my game plan is don't get hit and which means like let's just dart and see what happens you know so what that's what happens when you do that yeah people don't know tbr is traumatic brain injury just in case someone is listening to this doesn't understand what we're talking about and then
the run to fight if people don't know about that you just charge after he got caught an armbar like who is a very quick because okay teens it was forty three but i did hit her with a knee i did throw her ass but she practice a little ninja move comedy alarm and it was it was over you know but i mean even the even her coaches were like i mean that's the you did what you're supposed to do there she just got you you know so that would be an awesome fight to be able to be is it one day and she even said we do it i mean who knows her career so in the fight against you need to yeah really doesn't need to i don't think she wants to you know yeah i i think uh i mean who knows you'd have to ask her but there's a lot of lessons to be learned and what happened to her in terms of like all of the distractions and hollywood came calling and there was scripts and talked about doing rd mouse and the result is all this ship going on there was other than fighting
and then it was also look the sport has evolved so happened lee in the women's women's mma has gotten so high level so quickly in the future i'm sure you saw a man and his last fight with raquel pennington like holy i mean so that was a high level performance from her and five rounds super high cardio just put a beating down over cal pennington is one of the toughest girls in the world for sure right i do like i mean i'm curious i'm saying the same thing as the fights going right and then i have some people in my ear next to me they're like well how long has it been since raquel fought because she didn't look her right like b fiesta she looked a little tired she looked a little like not her typical and then it's like she's a year and a half off herself right like right into a title fight which i have to say i'm a little bit envious of because when i beat misha i when
ultimate fighter but that was also totally going to end up in a title shot with rhonda ann i blew my knee and my husband passed away and there was like a long moment of silence in there and then when i was able to come back they made me return my title shot you know and so is like way we're doing that now or just like and unlike what attractive contenders are veiled like what i agree sir yeah looks good yeah i mean i was very young at that at that age or that time to in bantam right now there's like there's no stand out contender and rick alid beaten some really good fighters and she looked like the next in line did she blow her knee out as well she had some sort of at like i could be lying but i think she got in like some accident with a four wheeler like rolled over and broke
later on i could like totally remake about up though she could have just twisted it walking down the street to sell out there some and yeah now that you're saying that i do remember something like a for a broken leg hey jamie to find out what it is but but you will be surprised by that fight between callin amanda yeah mean i didn't i didn't see well being the one to beat her you know i do feel command has been working and doing like you know proving them mean she changed your camps the coaches that she's working with i tried out for a while two and i was trying to find my spot in their legit they're very good can can talk has a has a lot of high level both partners and girls and guys i mean she had a good a good decision made there so i see how she's improved i think with the time off with raquel i wasn't sure how i was going to go but also i just i just don't know i don't not super cow being being the one that beats her so
to tell you know right i mean newman anybody on any given night at the highest level of the game someone can win could be off someone could be high and there's no math to be done in this sport there really isn't yeah and i'm a math is ridiculous now i mean sometimes i hear like statistics on me definitions on me or labels on me and i'm like wait i'm a i'm a i'm i'm a on striker like i never would have thought i'd be known as a striker i mean i've been did you doing digits in wrestling my whole life so i mean i'll take it yeah well as the you know to me she ko yeah yeah yeah yes but i mean that that in itself was like i love to i saw what can i do once i've close that distance wallace those short angle strikes you know there's then there's others there that those are the most destructive things i could possibly do to someone when when we're that close and do all that work to get that close but granted that's all influence
buy more time what i got to learn from that discipline so you know it's all relevant but you know it's it's always just to hear how it you're now of being categorized you know yeah it is weird right but you are you are definitely a dangerous striker i mean you're dangerous i agree i mean i like it and and i'm i'm in constantly learning new things like the basics we're always hard for me to get x i wanted to do the big girl stuff you know you i found my way like right in the middle of all of that and and found a way to use how aggressive i am and how just like domini domineering i can feel in there and all that so it's it's like i don't know i want the maximum amount of damage without taking damage which is obviously the goal right but like i want to put it to a dance so it's like a little i don't know what made you how to go to san diego see you're at alliance now right also you move
colorado to san diego so a few things so colorado so complicated for me i mean i had james up there like a lot just personally happened up there and i love my team elevation like i love ice i'm still close with everybody like i i go to colorado for christmas holidays i it still home you know but a couple things and with the head injury colorado's amazing for training hey it's amazing for building your your insurance and and whatever but is not good for healing thank you'll never see a doctor someone with alzheimer's or t v i r heart problems or even like massive allergies or what's the arthritis arthritis thank those are not the not a good place for people to live with any kind of inflammatory or like thing that needs to be healing because your body is already working at such a high level because the aisles because the altitude i mean the thin air the thing
i that it's just like i spent so much time and so much money like figuring out what the hell was wrong with me ended up at the male clinic spending weeks at a time when all other like specialized different doctors in situations like that for them to tell me like you know if you want to heal you want to give yourself the best opportunity to hell you're probably not going to do it up at altitude like we would the first at sea level an so combined like i kind needed to almost exile myself colorado because i want to love it and i was starting to was starting to get like less colorful for me you know because i felt like i had the best there as far as coaches in the best there was as far as training partners and the situations like everything was as good as it was going to get like it literally was as it was going to get and it was like this can't be it like i don't feel i don't feel right
you don't feel like you're at your max now and and i was like that means i have to take a change you know and i was scared but i will no boy like i'm taking him away from everything we know and we just packed a u haul an we left and we got to san diego and what made you decide in san diego i went i wish i had written down like all the gyms i went to in showed up at like anonymously too because i didn't want them to like i wanted to kind of catch with their pants down like what do you guys like right now versus if you're prepared i don't want to show up and have you have people here watching me i don't want you to put on a show like i want to catch you how you are and like have you and what you think of me too because these needs this news to be if ok i mean fighting in coaching and training is very intimate an needs to be authentic and real the days i'm sitting there ugly white girl crying on the ground but i need i need you to tell me to keep stay on the aerodyne you know what i mean like just let me cry right you know that and the thing is it's a so i went
places in my the best part about it is that i got to learn and train with so many fighters and so many coaches that i like i'm so excited about the she says i mean the people i know but like all of it was like this is awesome but it's not the place this is awesome but it's not the place i came up to la if and i was very close to going to american top team they had an awesome deal set up for me to go like helping me with my kid helping me good and for training like how living situation was going to be there gonna comedy accommodate me really well but this time like pack my car and go like something was like that wasn't it you know and so i'm like the problem i mean sweaty all the time like right here under boob sweat there's no thinking that look hot it's not it's just the humans there there's a lot of cool people in florida but there's just there's
subhumans down there yeah i really appreciate it like the latin culture i mean i'm all about bar yeah it's the white people dance florida white people is not over because some fucking swamp people down there that zero joke and so uh then i looked w you know i i know ed soares out he's my manager and i had a few pockets of people i knew that could maybe be a support to me my kids so came to ellis if i was here i was going to go to black house uh i think uhm where is calvin cicilline train again calvin gas i gotta say his name wrong every time become weary and then that king's own things are okay i was going to kings black house then i was still trying to pick jesse like i wanted like art of to die or you know just some really good yeah because i came from traditional you do too i love
mma in mixing it up but i i need that right so felt you purple ever like six years how come so long because i'm being a weirdo about who promotes me my my husband from enemy to problem well and like i really want what it takes over the lenny to be like that like i don't want it a different one from ten different people like i want that like i want to pick in it right and so actually now i'm super excited because i just started training at atos and i have so much respect for andre and his wife and yeah i know it's out there so well there's so many good fighters to come out of the gym too great to justify i i've been changing their life for weeks now and i mean i've trained there before but like every day for weeks now and i've only had
one day where i walked out feeling like a rock star the rest of the day they were wiping my but it was good you know like i needed that and it tells you you know hello yeah yeah and i'm there it's just been so good in a see myself that way into hold people that we like i was the did you do to me and i was like killing it on the circuit for long time and then mma comes in and puts pressure on like even those kinds of patients even though they're not even the same animal and i'm i'm annoyed that i let that bother me and keep me from competing in between fights because i love you back because you have a big name in mma you feel weird about competing edges to turn i i think i did i or or maybe i thought i'd pick up bad habits or i would do whatever but because maybe other people have that experience but like for me i need to see it for myself like if i go and i do a tournament and i do great then hell yeah i'm going to have higher expectations of myself in a fight if i go and i
city okay well like now i get to learn like that's competing is where i get to learn everything and spacing out these competitions especially the the time of had to take off in between fights like like i'm not i don't leave necessarily in ring rust but like when they say go i don't know what go means until a little bit then i'm expecting and and it's been the pattern in these last two fight's you mean when the fight starts you've still feel like is this really happening kind of well even this last night this last fight with caitlin like we got in and i was like do i remember what to do here you know and i was like fuck it i'm just throw bombs and the whole time i was just like and i'm not that's not meet there you know it's just like look at my hands out here and hoping they win and if they didn't like it fuck out you know you feel like out of composure yeah until the third round and then the third down i was awake and to go and i mean i felt warmed up i felt right in she was looking at the clock and backing up and all this and i was just like
here come here like i'm ready to fight finally that correct and the you know i don't know there's something to be fixed about that i don't think it's a secret but i i don't know i think maybe something with the warm up i need to like fully like have like a respiratory exhaustion for i go in so i can simulate those first rounds being hell out of the way even in wrestling a nerve thing or i don't know rental in thing you know there's there's a lot to it like gosh were bouncing around all these different things but i mean one thing with that treatment center that i went to is like doing different things like dealing psychology dealing with like the synchrony in your brain you know having your brain function and in on the same hurts at the same different areas of your brain so what did they do exactly what it says this therapy so it's these magnets right like the the main people in there i mean it's beautiful it's not beautiful but beautiful to see
sitting in the lobby waiting when you see people alzheimer's come in like there's a man that wheels his wife an everyday and an you you can i think at the beginning of the week she gets like in an ivy so she's like a little bit more up in chipper but by the the weekend she's a little bit more slough shin and like his where he's talking about you know before they the going in there she would just go to the bathroom all over an every day this man takes care of his wife puts her makeup on her like goes get their hair done even though she doesn't even know you know and now she can at least tell him that she needs to go to the bathroom like just be like hey it's time yeah and he can get her there and then you know sort kind of have like meaningful that they haven't had in awhile for there's a ton of veterans in their an active veterans to active military guys that are you know they're doing
he's dore breaches and then they get their head rattled up too many times and they're noticing they have problems with some depression i mean in these are high level navy seals high level like like special forces that need uhm expensive people dave there's millions of dollars poured in these people and they're not ready to let them go yet so they're like how can we fix them give them this like performance edge but still get them like in like healed enough the but we need to throw them back in there we need them and so i've had to again on appointments with the department of defense in talk about my experience with it i had to there's some really famous people i don't even think i gotta to say because i'd be a dick and i'm but that i've sat in on and you know trouble at their own issues with mental health ptsd or uh like autism things like family members of theirs or whatever that i've sat in on and kind of been helpful and talking about
because i went in there on two different antidepressants anne anne these i was put on the mayo clinic and i felt like this post the newness fight yeah this is how crazy me math is right you lose tyrande in fourteen seconds you hey amanda nunez amanda nunez beats the out of rhonda and forty eight seconds that's it that's you might be like the pro example in a mass you know i mean crazy well in it too beaten down to ufc champion well in it i mean i took two and france for me to for me to serve pennington too like there's nothing thank you know but who is it pennington goes toe to toe and round around with holly holly knocks out ronda to like it's just this division in huntington's fight with ashlee evans smith this day that the ending when she got her in that bulldog choke
oh yeah auburn blood and finished her like literally one second it was so violent i i scream so loud at the end of that it was just fuckin' chaos that was she's done she's had two fights that ended like that with like one second ago she finishes the fight tough girl so anyway mma it doesn't work and you might be the best example of how it doesn't work but so you go to this the mayo clinic puts you on anti because you just feel like shit i feel like and because like of the different and problems that i had right so i can't have any of the medications that will help that so i have to more conservative with it and one way they thought to do it is 'cause my cortisol levels are really high they were talking about i'm i mean granted i have a lot of stress especially like you know
it hasn't been easy these fast single mom your husband passes away you're in the toughest probably the toughest sport the plan is trying to be the best at it yeah yeah so your elite you're in the top ten so you're you're in this weird position where you you never know when you're gonna fire to who you're going to find is a constant mass and it's not like you're making millions of dollars doing it either now well in its expediting healing for me in and i also have a kid going through what i'm going through so it's not like i get to like split corners and just you know it's like there's maintenance to be done at all times with that so i go there they tell me you know we could probably lower your quarters all levels of the collider lower your stress levels so we'll try anti depressants the way that make you feel like that as well and like i didn't get my camera can i say on this
ok i know i just don't know if i have a quota before i'm like a bad person like doing right into like a dog it added to a certain level zero restrictions you can say whatever you want to show that ok so it's like there's no one listening got it so yeah if they put me on the flat flat flat which like all that training camp getting ready for juliana i'm just like i'm like okay so it will take off in the five i feel good in the fight like when they say go adrenaline no no apps no downs no no pissed off like i kill you know nothing you know an so not scared but not happy no and i was like why am i not nervous the way that i get nervous like like like i was ok usually like especially two weeks out i have this like flesh of a oceans you know where i'm like fetal position in the corner like what the fuck then once it's over all i want to do is kill you know but
again i didn't have that either what kind of made me nervous 'cause my other friend barb honchak she she's a new twenty five are we would like call each other and laugh at how dumb we are being at that point like look me but that was all gone yeah but what should they put you on an zero is this one oh my gosh zoloft paxil keep going more prozac what do they have do you know any family perfect so i don't know that one effects are anchovies plain stupid over there is no crazy pills everything twice a day just kidding just tic tacs so they put you on this stuff and did they try different ones no because uh
a lot of time there isn't you know and and that they're looking i'm like i need the side the side effects matter like these can be ones that made me gain a bunch away they can't make me like like then i need to be able to sleep like i i have to be able to have like enough highs and lows to be able to function and learn and and whatever and so this is like the best they they could have for me so anyway i i fight that fight with juliana you know i i feel like the first and i came out how i wanted you know and then halfway through the second round like it is just for like she had my old coaches in her corner you know it's weird about that fight is i could hear you an i could this is where the flat came in is like i wasn't i didn't feel like i was in a fight like i could see her beans feet and i could hear you talking about us i i saw like could hear juliana's coach is an it was breaking my heart they were coaching against me because they were my color
jim and she went and trained with them and i know she had trained with them previously so i mean before she had taken but to me it was like up to here you know and it hurt me in a way like it's i wish i could explain it better but it was i heard them and i just wanted to go home you know i look at the clock and i'm liking it be over i don't want to go back to colorado i want to move i and i i literally on this side of the cage i had my past in colorado i had these coaches the drama with that with that jim like how everything went in and then on this side it was like all new problems like san diego eric and then were like there was a lot of trading partners there is sunny was sim colorado different but in the right way is you know in israel i just wanted out fight you were in san diego training for the fire now yeah i i just flew out for it for the training camp and why you out there you were still taking the antidepressant and did that fight convince you to stop
yeah so after that fight i went to uh did i do i think i went to the i was at the p working with people what about that i talked to your insurance is a doctor gordon mark gordon yeah to help me with all that too because he thought there was a more conservative way to help me with those issues as well and so i was talking with him i had him talk to them they were out to figure out a way but still there's like there's no ace even just naturally bring you up you think about retiring yeah and that's the thing is center was really the place that was like okay going to go here i've tried everything else i'm gonna go here and if they can't fix me of and then i'm i'm gonna have to be done how crazy is that my how far hard as amanda nunez hit it's nuts she don't sit like she i don't want to say she hits like a dude 'cause that's kind of weird you know
like a dude i'll say it but yeah it's i remember being surprised i remember like having this open guard on the ground and kind of like come here you know like a dare you and then she hit it was like oh you have those yeah you could see the look on peoples face when she hits and like we saw with rhonda like right away shares that part in that fight because i watched our fight after and like you uh she hit me and it like i did say i think is right when it had to be when i hurt my head because it like drop my arm and it drop my neck and i just remember like see like the little to tweety birds and i was pumped because i was like that's where the cartoons get it from this 'cause somebody explain that shit that's exactly where they got it like anna and my arm like i couldn't get my arm back up and i remember listening to you and you're like
comes not intelligently defending herself i'm like listen joe fuckin' won't work you know and then she screwed up because she grabbed my knee and my knee who is the one that was like the catalyst all my problems over the last couple of years news like don't fucking touch that an after that i get angry when she yes rodney but i knew what she was trying to do right right right yeah so then it and then on top of that is like it's just the rest of it was just like pie sooner she's kind of like sassy to fight anyways like in awkward way it's like not even like cool hype ua's like staring at me really weird in a room where it's just like me kennedy sitting there eating like watermelon and stuff after wins and i look over and she just like
like staring at me all weird i was like damn timbs like dude what do we do i'm like i can throw up plato watermelon at her i can throw a table i don't know i don't know what we're doing here wow but when you stopped her we've played the recording of you screaming like maybe ten times on this podcast 'cause to this day that is one of the raws moments i've ever seen inside the octagon like when you jump like when they stopped that fight and you screamed it was fun bone chilling it was so i mean i'm sure you've heard it but that here it is right here play it jamie this is uh dude that's like from your jeans that
like that some cellular level schitt does intense it's relief it's like i didn't like like we lived you know like lived they didn't we get to eat they don't you know it's it's it's it's the relief i am all yeah yeah i mean do you were like you said you lived because that was i mean look it's just a fight there as a referee you're going to be saved but one things that george st pierre said last week when he was on the podcast he said the mentality that go in there the way you fight you are a warrior like you you know so that you're going to be rescued but you are fighting for your life and when you fighting a fucking taylor like amanda and you get lit up like you didn't survive that first round then go back and stop her that's where that comes from i mean that was just intense well it's the
is that the practicality to me right like yes exactly we have a referee we have cage walls we have whatever you know fans it's entertaining people but like i need to know i need to know that like that being nature you know that be doing whatever that be self defense that be over a territory or food or whatever like i need to know what would happen like if we had like that's why not these finishes we only get fifteen minutes to be able to tell ourselves what would've happened in that situation you know in and when it goes to decision i'm pissed 'cause i don't know you know like you don't know especially these three round fights where i'm waking up like these last couple fights like late in the fight i'm because i'm like i don't know if that would have another thirty minutes or there are two hours that we're scrapping in the woods like who gets the bone you know i want to know
so that's us is is crazy iniciar practicality ensure survival and this is the way i get to know myself two that's deep who gets the ball on who the way you just put it not only if ever anybody put it that way you need to know yeah that's intense but i get it i get it that's where that screen comes from you got the hello so go down in san diego what was your short list before by the way i'm a huge fan of eric alliance is just one of the best camps for sure and i think eric del fierro's like probably one of the most underrated because he doesn't to his own horn he's like in the shadows laid back just wanted is not trying to get any attention like he's the last guy to like request attention you know but
super super knowledgeable in one of the best guys in a corner to like his advice is always excellent never never heard him say the wrong thing in the corner he's always like on point what was your short list of places to go to besides alliance i went to go to new mexico i yes but i feel like i'm not i'm walking on holy in like make sure it weird and we're going to fight each other at some point i know and that just i don't want to be that guy round though i know i'm welcome and i know that everyone there is always a nice have gone and train there before and it's been good but it's just not a cool move you know i it down to arizona with crouch loved it there other great guy yeah good i feel the same way about him very very very super knowledgeable up
la la was cool too but it was a lot of that driving around in the traffic and congestion and i couldn't sacrifice the like the yeah it is so many people here yeah the coming from colorado and coming from like outdoorsy you can drive twenty minutes and be somewhere no one's ever stood before too like stuck in traffic getting are you don't want to breathe like everyone's a little pissed off but no one really knows why it jimmy's right this forever yeah gonna leave we leave we think together a balance yeah where would you go maybe colorados so dope spring to get there safely food culture could be better there i wish we could combine that food culture of what are you into i mean i mean i'm i'm in the health food i mean the like ethnic food i like every i like i like trying new stuff by the time i'm not very like food cheney i'm in a fire and meat yeah
are you so i like second meat over fire so i've decided i tried all their lives and i was go for the stake select side as support festivals are great love vegetables yeah but you can get them anywhere you can get them in colorado not really i mean it's not exactly the produce capital of the world up now but you can get him yeah it's not the best yeah just get a greenhouse grow some tomatoes on my spare time so did you try montreal did you think about five star all star i did not well i thought about it but i don't i didn't get it to a canadian i i i went to thailand i went to mexico i went to do you think about going to tyler yeah yeah i mean when i'm there especially it's like such it's a buddhist cult people are so happy i mean that you have your ship just like you have everywhere else but at the same time like like
the more type training is good i know the places i would go did you do to like the fair texan yeah is is is coming around in in pretty solid like i've been considered that for this camp just to kind of like make some it because i really want to have that influence in that like exposure to the authentic moitie again like when i looked back at my most successful happy times after these three fights i've lost three in a row like that doesn't happen i'm not saying you know i'm like no i'm better than this like some things up and i know there's a lot that i need to work on i mean like and my my life in general and i'm doing it and i'm happy to be doing it and i'm happy to be getting the lessons even if this is how i have to get him like fuckit at least i know right so i tried to look i can analyze like what was i doing when i was my favorite fighter when i was feeling the best and it was like very traditional thick but i am very traditional thick jujitsu so that this camp
has been something that i'm going to also be outsourcing because i want to be in like that element so i'm doing my i'm doing actual moitie with john x he's a jeremy steve where is my thai coach i think too and then my jujitsu with atos and then because before it was i would do the separate disciplines put them together and drills inspiring and then go mango people and then like have right 'cause it's like these little goals i'd set like this little bucket list i would take a fight with me and try to those things off and then go learn new stuff and then go try to do that that's why i was constantly evolving every fight even if with amanda when i like snow shut down and i had her by her head everyone screaming news news i'm like hold my beer and that's what i'm gonna throw it with the and what they call it a ddt was it was a freestyle like front headlock suplex but it like like i want i want every fight to be different
like you know what i have but see what else i got writing in in that that i don't even get to play that right now because i'm fucking up and i'm not doing what i want in these fights so i decided to take steps backwards and how do you still in training and training i i don't know it it's sums something missing and i'm partially wondering if it's that you know so like every fight i'm looking to to make improvements in change like i'm not going to ever sit here and say i know everything and that it's just i have no who is kelly found a way to beat me you know what i mean juliana found a way to beat me i kind of beat myself in that one too 'cause i let my head you know in that sucked in again another thing for me to have put time in and i'm happy i did but i mean that got me to move to san diego so i mean i'm happy for that message it cost me a lot of money to get that message but i'll take it yeah and
i know she found a way to beat me in and to have been beaten by did you see when i feel very accomplished and you do see that like stone differently you know it's done the way differently than just someone else can their hand race do you feel when you're in training that you're the same as you were before when you're at your best uh when i was at my best no but it's and then working on like i have i know i have like the hang i that i have i know there's a ton of mental stuff you know when just how happened in in constantly having it like i had this expedited adaptation to training i had to get new coaches i had to find new i had to do all of this while in and being under like like this isn't the most forgiving you know i go in you're having a day definitely not the worst it's crazy it's crazy because it's such a like you're so exposed you're so vulnerable as a fighter in the fans might be the meanest and yes there is so mean and but
i feel like i have the best fans to like i have the ones like the ones that really love you so right or diane like i'm so proud of him but like even start doing my own social media my husband and my social media and so always i get thrown in the social media social media works when i'm at my most like low vulnerable especially i didn't know you're not supposed to i'm looking at it like investments right like i'm like oh here's the stock i'm going to put money into this stock and let's just see how it turned out and then i was like oh i think the first person that ever told me not to do that was callin meg later he's like never read the cut brian kelly are you doing yeah brian calendars riches i don't read the comments but i'm like well how will i know how i did he's like just fucking know in here yeah you know from your peers you know from your coaches and you'll know you'll know what i mean it sucks when you know like six hours later you wrote some that people are taking wrong or i mean
second opportunist situation they like wait for you to suck up and they're like all right there right there i'm like you know i didn't mean to say that or you know that's not how i meant it or whatever but it's hard because everybody's text looks the same yeah the text that you would get from a howie home or someone you respect versus the text that you get from some fat slob sitting there cheetos does fart in their hands the same person like it looks the same as on taxes but it is just you're going to get like some people that just want your feelings because they suck and their life is like i've never met a hater this doing great like there's no haters are like my fucking life is awesome but you know what i like doing i like going on youtube and i just go make comments that i just started hurt someone's feelings i just tried to cut into the bone safe locked up shared about dead relatives and what they did wrong those people are all just losers just fucking losers you know just no way around it
all they are is so foreign because i mean in wrestling like i did wrestling united soccer volleyball swimming like i never ever heard anyone be discouraging like no one ever came to me and was like fuck you you suck but you know it's like you wouldn't you wouldn't get that in someone who was a fan or someone even if someone's going to posing team in like she ain't sh it's just saying because they want to beat you you know it's like but the haters you're dealing with online that just this a look life is fucking complicated it's hard to write an as you're seeing with your very difficult karere there's there's a lot of like decisions to be made there so you can fuck it up you got to build back up and try our and you're a smart person who strong and successful for losers life is impossible it's impossible and so they go through life just angry and depressed and sad and failing at
i think they do but they still have a phone or they still have a laptop and like you flocking can't you plug in loser and that's what you're getting that you're getting your getting all that and or even know this person why the anger you because there angry at life because life is fucked in the ass that's why they're angry they're angry at life because they got dealt a schitt existence right they have bad genetics they have bad family they have a bad job they live in a bad neighborhood they have bad people around them they feel bad everything's wrong and but they still get to talk they still get to talk shit and they still get the type things type mean things out that's that's why you can't read comments because it's the only thing you do is inspire with your work with you what do and you do that already you know when your human being you're going to make mistakes and you're going to do things right you gotta do things wrong and you're going to have these epic moments
they have these failures 'cause that's just a part of like doing things that are complicated but you can't read the comments he definitely can't take him to heart would it yes noted got me good a couple of times i get a few days yeah on the day yeah yeah and how it's sad because those people that are doing they are in pain well the only reason why they would lash out at you like that like you know i'm just telling the truth who just kidding around the truth even if it was the truth the way in which people say it and the reason why they're saying is because they want to hurt your feelings they're not being kind you know there's a lot of that going on today i mean even in even in the media the way people tell stories and write stories and write articles about people it's like they're not this is it's not just that they're trying to tell the facts and explain what's happening the trying to cut people down and hurt people
and it's this is an and i wonder how much of it has to do with the fact that our fucking president does that 'cause it seems more prevalent now than ever before it seems like he's like a trend and i think a lot of like one of the things about the president hoover the president i think there's some people that are not going to listen to anything he says but there's a certain amount of people that are going to take his axe and use it as almost like a yeah example how they should behave and how this country behaves it's like he's the top dog and when the top dog is insulting people all the time and saying shitty things and still can be successful yeah let's people know this so you want to get ahead want to get ahead you gotta do like him and then they go out and act like assholes too well it's a bummer so anyway you go down to san diego and what what are they doing for you that gets you off of the anti depressants and it's feeling better so it's did you get in there and i mean
it's scary to go again like i said there's there's all these people in there the man found the research by treating his own autistic kid and and you can see the before and after videos of this kid and it's like damn okay i brought my son into 'cause he has adhd and he's off his medication now as well so so i'm going in there they do it eg first and then they can tell which parts of your brain are are firing at what hurts in seeing the congruence he's in like how all of that is happening or not happening in then they kind of prescribed these different these machines like on your on your brain that make these like electric this is but their magnetic too arm kind of speed up or slow down the different parts of your brain so if the front your brain is moving slower than the back of your brain are those or whatever so
listing obviously patterns with fighters hockey players football players like like people that are leading with their heads basically having like and then with the veterans are like emotional thing to worry i mean ever and yeah and then like i mean having apartment allies as well like some of the they see should be upsetting me no end and you know but there's there's different ways that we can train our brains to to drop things like that and then ptsd is when it's involuntary and all comes in and and that so no i i've been diagnosed with ptsd i had walked in there with medication because of being depressed and the anxiety in all that like my symptoms were terrible and i know they're a combination of things but even like my startle reflex like you know
here someone come walking around the corner like clap clap clap their shoes but the second i'd see them it would it would stop my heart for a second and that's like shit on your drino glance you know and all the stuff was it you know anxiety that sleep at night you know my memory was crap and this is all you know different stuff happening in these other fighters that i know as well but i mean like i said i've been trying things so much so much over the past few years that i get excited about and either it works or it doesn't and the the point is is is now i found this feel better from this but i was so excited all these other things like i can't just start telling everybody of the new thing that i found because i've said that and been excited about like everything else with this one of the things i've been excited about like the equal scope it's a it's a same thing
kind of like a tens machine or semi sheen but super super super low frequency that's about us to a get it it on injuries like if i rolled my ankle hurt my toe like you could bring swelling down from this to to normal actually in like an hour and a half just working with this like tens unit on in and i mean they they originally used it for a race horses and and for you know super since his million dollar horses like that equipment they brought over was like ninety grand and likes like these really specific like special metals that were put into these plates and they do stuff like that but that wasn't working on my it was working on injuries and it was working on an ai i say it helps with like my like digestive system maybe my uh i don't remember some some other things that was helping with but what you know i i i started doing that or i was doing that when i walked in the mindset and started doing that treatment and so
they do it mindset so you say chair and they put this prescription in this machine in the machine is kind of got like a like an arm that goes on in a specific part of brain and you you close your eyes and it sends these these magnetic pulses into your head and i mean you don't feel it's almost like you can hear what it feels like you but i don't know how to describe it it's it's a sense it's theirs it's sensual but it's it's not exactly hearing and it's not exactly feeling but you can tell something yeah and i mean you leave the place after your treatment like i go i will go twice a day it's forty five minutes away both ways so i am driving a lot every day to go to do this 'cause i want to give it a fair shot do you do it everyday i do every day i haven't gone these past couple weeks 'cause stuff with my kids
schedule schools almost out and then wanting to try out different things different coaches as far as these new disciplines so i haven't been there as much but yeah for the last is august i believe this is when i was like really really getting into it and going twice a day in forty five minutes each way twice a day twice a day yeah so you would spend forty five minutes one way one way go back and then go back again and then go back munches fuckin' move closer to where the places because alliance was down there and so i would i would drop my kid off at school i would run and then i would go there i would do my treatment i go back to practice down in southern san diego then i'd get my son and then we'd go up there for the afternoon session and then i'd come back down and and we go to his sports and then i'd have my second to it as soon as that does not leave a lot of free time for cats and gone hell no
just that alone could be stressful and all that fucking driver was seeing the results that was the crazy thing is that really better well the results feel like when i just walked in like like god like couldn't sleep i had just anxiety like i had that that startle effects going like the my memory was these are all things that i went to the ufcp to talk to them about this i'm like i don't know what to do like i want to they offered me to fight cris cyborg at one hundred and forty five and i was or the same yeah i was like well like hell yeah let's take that but can you guys at least help me get this figured out first please you know and they're like sure so can french he's at the the he's so he went to college and in ways that he was it notre dame using this treatment with the doctor kevin murphy that runs the mindset so
he was like this guy is doing a lot of things with people as far as brain health he's like go see them when you back to san diego it's kind of far from you but like give it a shot cat an i called the guy i'm on the phone super frustrated like super emotional i'm like i'm woods and like i've tried everything i can think of like stick views like we will use this is like everything i mean spending money out of my pocket trying to figure this out because none of this is covered by the oc especially because i eat you know not something i claimed in a fight i mean find amanda and if you don't claim that stuff with the thirty days like you're on your own and of course my head hurt of course i'm dizzy of course the lights are bright of course i can't think i got in a fist fight and i i wasn't doing good in it for awhile so i figured but then a month and a half two months out when i wasn't better it's like so even though it clearly came from that fight you still don't get covered watt not one in the endocrine stuff too
you know an it's like there's very there's like how could they dispute that that's where it came from though you go he sit down i want you to watch something and just play that first round go with the fuck do you think happened i don't know but if mean if you play that video for them if anybody in the insurance business was did not can you coverage saying that didn't happen while you were under the the ufc like you're your mind watch that video what do you think is happening while assassin is throwing bombs at your face i mean that is crazy that's not covered yeah that makes he said oh it's frustrating 'cause bye bye you literally you look at the papers like it cost me more to fight then then then i make the scene might make sense if it was dealing with a broken hand or a torn ligament or something like that it might make sense and might it does not make any sense sense if you're about brain injuries cause anybody understands how brand
his work now that there's is a considerable amount of time after a fight you still are suffering from symptoms and you might decide thirty later sixty days later ninety days later you got to do something about it all i mean now i know now i i come out of the fight and i'm like my pinky hurts my elbow hurts my hair hurts my eyebrow hurt like it would yeah in a claim all of this you know because before i was just being tough you know yeah i'm fine with yes do this is why it's so crazy and i didn't like i didn't get it and i didn't know and then they should know any they've they're in the business of insuring fighters they should have a large window where people can claim head injuries we talked about i mean that it kind of goes together with like any kind of we kind of mental anything like you talk about mental illness you talk about head injury
you talk about tv i it all goes into that stigma of like you can't see it so it must not be real right you know i mean are or whatever so it's like but that's the head injury business i mean basically yeah the point is to make them yeah and that's what everybody i mean it's not the worst thing in the world to win with a body kick or an arm bar but the reality is what people like is to see head injuries were in the head injury business right yeah yeah so how long after you starting with this treatment do you start to see results so the first i would say the first thing i noticed was my motor skills in so i would go see thank you skills were impaired right well i just feel like i had a block like i said like it was comical and i mean you can even ask them at alliance and it was funny is funny but not too
have like wearing class you know we're learning i'm watching the coaches like they do a drill and they and it they look up alright everybody ready ready one hundred and twenty three go and we clap and i have no second idea what we're doing you know i like we walk off and i'm like there was even a couple of times where like they clapping they clap cat what are we doing and i'm like of three back in there like no twenty pushes man i'm not even like i'm not just a bad kid like talking and like not listening like i'm in trouble because i'm right like i don't write i i can like not lose i contact the whole time like sit here and i'm like focused but it's not going but no i'm not retaining it in less though like if it has to be the last thing that they do like we can't talk about shit if it's the last thing i see i can go do it i could go to but if they like right and then the
explain some philosophy about it or or do some movement or whatever like then i lose what we're doing like my my mind would just go right to something else like i had a very hard time concentrating and you know it's it's crazy because when i got to this facility you know i didn't know necessarily know what i was walking into but they have you do this questionnaire and like on the questionnaire is like all of these things i'm like that's part of something like me not being able to focus as part of something my sleep that's part of something this startle effect is part of something like me having these like completely like spit fix things that are all on this was like damn okay like i don't even want to see the eg because i was i was scared you know i was like what if you can't fix me and now i know all the shit that's wrong with me like that stuff sucks but then no they show you different he'd use and they show you the they take it every single week and so you actually get to see it and you get to see the level that you were functioning at especially the different parts of your brain but then in the thing
that's awesome about this is you get to keep the results like in less you go do exactly what you did go fuck it up again like you get to keep it it's not like this maintenance package which is a problem for these pharmacy there's there's there's a whole lot of attention on it because once people get brains functioning as long as you're not sitting there hit your head against a wall like you get to keep feeling better like these these veterans get to go back to to come matter or whatever it is their job is like we fighters get to go back football players get to go act like i sat in with the chargers medical staff and talked about our stuff there as well i don't even know member who also was from all over the country coming in about this you know in in need to sit in and and and they're looking at these eegs in particular so what is he doing how is it fixing so one uh i think it you know
there's something with what on your brain with with the thyroid suffered the endocrine stuff is like getting your damage your hypothalamus right and that's like at that day that kind of directs all of the information that goes to your thyroid or thyroid you know then sends out everything to your body and there when there is like a disconnect there there was just screw everything up and then on top of it like now that cutting the same way we've always had to cut but we don't get i reason i mean you cannot a hundred percent rehydrate your brain within forty five are forty eight hours like you can get your body decently hydrated i believe but your brain is just it's own thing you know so now we don't have a vis our hydraulic system in our brains down and now we're rattling it even more like dehydrated i mean we're just going to have you bigger side text said brains being dehydrated that now the damage
it comes to the hypothalamus to the pituitary to the your thyroid that that goes on there that that there are there saying that you can you can get it firing back at a level that it was before it got hurt like as long as the cells are still alive in it can re energize the cells now if you have like just a dead part of your brain you know they're not bringing it back to life but they can use these magnets to kind of flow from back up give them back their energy their their life and and put in put him back in functional way that was something similar to you at your healthiest n and make it let me not more or less durable just back right when when you say and motor skills like what was wrong because that's the things that they see in fighters that have take too many shots they start having you analyze fighters gates and one of things that happen
is your legs get closer together your your balance is off your your apps are shorter you don't have that sort of like dynamic fluid motion to your body and you're having a heart more a harder time with balance and this motor skills at totally so are how i felt before going into there was all i had was the gas pedal i was like just will and just them you know just because i i wasn't reading patterns of people anymore like if someone leans this way a little bit on my okay i know what you're thinking like if they step this way that way and and even need you them in like trying like faint at them like i i was in it i couldn't even see the reaction i was making them makes like i knew what motions in my muscular memory to make them do but it like i wasn't getting the feedback because it just like wasn't so that was of the first things i noticed was going back into practice and and watching peoples
goals and beating them to it and and we're in my career member and i'm like damn i don't just have to shoot to shoot like i can wait and do it when it's the right time or i can even like lake take advantage of of the fact that i'm making them step back or i can flash fire in their face and and jump on met their knee jerk and you know like these things of like being able to and if you look at the situation and make them adjust to me like i could see that again and i could see so will you sing before like when i just had go all i had was good when you do see movement like save someone's going to spin and then i reloaded up their hips didn't see that now it's just hit him first we will be seeing i all i saw was get there first saw was like close this don't get hit in the head like make thank get down get low and just be a linebacker you know in because i i knew i wasn't seeing that stuff in the more i tried to see it the more i would
sit there and where it because i'm like any minute now wait a minute i'm going to i'm going to catch the pattern i'm gonna catch the pattern but it wasn't it wasn't popping up so then all is not even if even if you were just like super light sparring just moving around you didn't see it now end no not really no wow yeah that's fucking terrifying yeah it was really scary and like even i'd even get to like position in jujitsu and i'd be like i know i know stuff here i know i know stuff here but you didn't know what to do what was it what was it what was it i know i know stuff you know but like it wasn't like we were the drenalin firing like it wasn't just happening for me and so it like three four weeks into that all of a sudden like that fog was starting to go down a bit hey and i think part of it was in i'm also sleeping better you know have to go before like during like the first week because everything every fucking person i went to could fix me right and you're driving forty five minutes like what the fuck am i doing it yeah
in a in a in a car i leased all those miles it's a super frustrating yes everyone can fix me everyone ask me and then they don't and then my hearts broken again and then i go to the next one and then my hearts broken again and then the next one this one of mike like i'm not even going to tell people about this because i'm sick of hitting up people and being excited about it and telling him to come with me and then it doesn't work and then i'm that guy again right you know and so going into this and then watching it work and then seeing all the other people that was working for in there that and they were never push me to promote it they like just come in just get here you know and if you like it then because the ufc was talking about getting one of the machines at the pi and they're i'm going to have me be like a guinea pig for ian mccall went in there too but it didn't like he he was doing his some kind of other stuff that was making it so it wasn't working for him
but like i i was all in you know it's something that was making it so wasn't working i don't think he was coming in often so i think in in the thing means is that it does stir shit up right so like they with your the levels because again they have to like back your brains running at four hertz and eight technically wear like you're sleeping you're at rest like there's part of your brains that could be under your resting hurts right while the your brain is running at twelve so that's high anxiety but like low g and and and they can they can almost tell you how you've been feeling lately which was like nuts to me right and you they can tell me because of this and this that that you have some ocd tendencies versus this person we feel like they have no enerji in their memory isn't working in their emotionally incapable of like being in you know being
positive force in a relationship right now because i don't have it so you should read rain much thought to i need to get my phone you should listen it's scary because i do you when you see that like a little like in there like with that but it's for me it's the it's a two hour drive shed yeah i know that there i don't if they have anything up here i know that they that they they have a bunch all over here it is it's called i couldn't the websites not coming up but this personalized repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation a non invasive therapeutic approach the treatment of ptsd and other neurocognitive disorders kevin t murphy md vice chair department of radiation medicine applied sciences san diego director pediatric radiation oncology program rady children's hospital san diego wow so that's where you going and i mean obviously during this whole thing you have to be questioning what you do for a living well and it's like
okay so they can fix this say they fix it and then i go do it again well you know fight side work right i mean you were if you were thinking about fixing it and you you were going from one girl who hits like a dude to another girl who might hit like a bigger dude yes cyborgs boards they're fine in as i know healthy at my healthiest like no problem i believe that i believe in myself like that like i can figure them out especially we can find a way to not get hit doing it like i didn't get hit in i mma career signify a hit not one significant significant hit in telling me into and then after that i was getting sick and lit up right and not even not even juliana like she kind of open hand bitchslap me a little bit on the sides but i but like i find a way to to control enough to be like like very effective
about taking too much damage but like that that slow of my motor skills mechanics it was really bothering me and that's not how you go fight someone like cyborg don't go in there with wait in your pocket you know it's so important that you're talking about this so this is a this is such a factor that we don't see on the outside other people in other people than the people that are really close to the talk to about these things like if we were seeing you fight and you know and we see the decline of certain fighters you know you see certain fighters they are in a couple really hard fights and then you see it decline like a real obvious decline in their skills and their abilities very very rarely are they opening up about what's going on about losing memory about not being able to see patterns in people about not not having their motor skills in tune anymore that things are off you know so you talking about this i think is it's so important and it's so important for young fighters
to recognize like hey this is also on the table but here's a great therapy for it but this is also disability of you know if you do fight a killer like amanda newness this is one of things that can happen to you all and it's that partially because i have man i have teammates i have people that are ten times worse than me that are just like i mean the stuff here the stuff i see it's sad and it's scary and they have kids in there not going anywhere soon you know i mean in their passing their mris you know what i mean like the past memorize because what is am mri really see i don't know i don't know but if they went to this place and got all their brain mapped out and find out how everything is firing it might be a completely different result like we might be retire maybe people way earlier at least forcing him into therapy way earlier it's possible and i mean and then thing is is like the risk needs to be
worth the reward in you know like right now in this it's juvenile and it's not getting us like this kind of like like i can word to take another two years off because i went and i thought cyborg while i'm sick and something bad happens you know what i mean like i to be sharp and if and if that means i have to take time take the time i took of of in get healthy and do all these different therapies conserved traditional or nontraditional like all of that and so feel the way i feel now like i'm pumped and i'm excited but like that is i i really want to know that people know they can go do and it's not vulnerable it's not saying it's not something wrong with you like like it's helping your longevity and your future because that shit if you don't treat it doesn't get better and they
you don't understand the depression you don't understand like and there's an identity that goes away with they seemingly you failed or you can't do it anymore or whatever like that that mental health aspect that comes with the physical health of your been like that all that all needs to that all needs to be more educated as far as as these thus far is all they goes like i'm happy to be the guinea pig because i'm damn i just lost everybody okay you know i'm i'm happy that you're talking about it but it's it's been something that you know i've talked about quite a bit and the the real problems behind dramatic brain injuries because i've had a bunch of experts and i've talked to a bunch in rolla just sort of talk to neuroscientists and people that are really studying this stuff and i've been real vocal about it and that's why it's a tricky situation because obviously i'm a commentator but like when someone gets knocked out i'm very vocal
have them take a long time often is one of the things that happened after rhonda got knocked out by holly they were talking about getting her back within like it was like four or five months later to to fight again and i was like they were going to have a rematch with holly and like you guys are fucking crazy like crazy crazy she shouldn't be doing anything she shouldn't be getting she shouldn't be sparring she she shouldn't be getting her head rattled and she definitely shouldn't be fighting holly fucking home who just kicked her into another dimension five months later or whatever it was six months later like there's no way this is not be happening be happening you know what's going on yet you don't even know what kind of damage i mean think what happen with you and amanda you stayed conscious at least i mean rhonda got fuckin' flatlined and then got hammer fisted in the head while she was flat lined it was one of the most brutal knockouts in women's mma ever and you know and you saw when she came back and fought amanda and and
it hit like right away that hesitation shoes stiffened up and out the fear and then also amanda i felt even before the holly home fight a fella command was the the more dangerous fight for her because of hands because rhonda's always in this position where she's closing the gap is getting close to you because she wants to clinch up with you and throw you in take to the ground and armbar you and what have you but with a man you're dealing with the brazilian jujitsu black belt who knocks people fucking dead with one punch like it's a terrible match up i felt and obviously that proved to be true but what drove me crazy easy was how dismissive all these people behind the scenes were all these agents and hollywood people and all these people that just have no idea what business there they really don't even understand this business the business it's basically the business like we said of head injuries and you're just like you trying to sell
sting where are you're dealing with someone who had a fucking significant head injury and now you're in a vacuum there was someone who's really good at delivering head injuries and is this is this really the all been mapped out i mean it what kind of training have his check ancient when what they use she still the same coach he she just done anything differently like what what do you think what what result is going to be different you know and the down playing of the significance of a ruthless knock out like that i just don't think can be understated i think people should take a long time off when they get knocked out like that along time yeah well i mean in especially some sort of like invasive treatment like from out gates or something like that looked at they should be studied and i mean i mean i know they put a flashlight in your eyes and ask if you're ok sending to the doctor do whatever but i mean like and i think
see that's what the us sees like effort was in in this in offering this formation of this treatment to me was to see like hey is this something that would benefit spiders in in a situation like that it's at the p it's not at the butt they were saying as it would be at the p still but the but there is that it is something needs you need to go to i need to go to twice a day and have that like schedule of it in that routine of it but it says fighters like flying the only vegas for it and paying our own room and board our own flight potentially unify our coaches in to have to you know keep us king and doing whatever while we're working i mean it's just i don't know i mean i don't know it's tricky business you know it's real tricky business and how old do you know thirty five do you wonder how much longer going to do this i like i feel like i got like a good couple years left like i'm i'm still having fun you know and like
chest of it is still fine and like the training is still fine and i'm still learning and enjoying it and i don't know like getting through everything that i'm getting through in learning everything that i'm learning is like it's so inspiring to me because i i definitely don't feel done like i saw so much fight in my heart and like i really i've put my hands on people in and always like dancing and improving and in the day i stop improving you know then i can look at that but right now like i don't care about plan b i don't care about what's next because that's not what's happening so your passion for doing the still there yeah in the purpose there's that the passion is is huge i love the passion you know that to me is huge but that the purpose like the bigger picture than the what i'm doing here what i was born to do what i was born to get through like i have to get through this i i want to get through this
getting through this and i'm i'm watching myself and that is like it's bad ask it's exciting to me it's it's it's what i'm doing here you know and i i'm i'm all in like in i can make i can just make things for myself that i get to show myself every single day that like no one could have ever told me you know it's all stuff that i know first hand from my experience from my world from you trying things from me risking things like all of that and and to understand self in in into know myself like it's the biggest reward out of all of this know yourself through the struggles and know yourself through the fire now all of it i mean and they how you get to learn just even going into a fight great like realizing so going into a fight being on antidepressants like ok i'll wait
i'll wake up by i don't know what this will do i feel flat i don't feel flat i'll be okay with these people there i'll be okay i won't be okay with this these people here like like all of that is very clear about things that like this has my attention weather know it or not that that's something in my life that needs needs to be looked at needs to be addressed okay there's direction like all i ever want is understanding and direction like i just want to know you know and so i get to deal with that that that leads me to come to san diego san diego is a new chapter in my life that i get to name you know also my kid and myself like it's i get a reveal much myself through trying different things and to just kind of like letting life take me down the path that i'm supposed to without me sitting here freaking out about control freaking out about is that a can do thing about you know i just want to walk away
all of this like content and happy with how i did weather that means i never have my right hand raised again i don't think that's the case like meeting these girls having the belt that is not a pipe dream i already beat them you know it's not like it's i i mean capable of that and i'm just wishing i got my fingers crossed you know it's it's not that my whole journey of my life in sports from being a kid was to meet my highest best to be my highest good and and that is what's driven me the whole time i i look at these girls and i respect them because they're here doing what i'm doing we're all just out here trying to be the best at it we're all trying to participate or all trying to you know and ourselves in it and learn what we can learn and go implement it you know and so for that i have respect for every single one of 'em summer i like less than a some of them are like more than others you know but really like where
sing this stage together we're doing this together you know an i'm extremely proud to be something like this in addition in in my purpose in it is to you know find my personal good my personal best and you know this is been extremely long road for me nothing is easy and i respect that like i'm grateful for that like all the things i know because of the hard times like i feel fortunate to know you know and i i will never learn them any other way and i get handle them and not only do get to handle them i get to like like relate and understand people and see things differently because i get it you know maybe not exactly word for word pinpoint per pinpoint which is going to make me fall over right but it's
are there and it all matters to me and how i get through this really really matters to me because i know it matters to other people too you know and how they do inspires me as well do you know you're going to do when you stop i i just thought i mean i feel like there's as thing is there's this awesome resume and building right you know like i'm a ufc fighter i'm more national champion in wrestling like i'm i'm i'm i don't constantly advocating in in working on working on myself and trying to help get the people working on themselves to like i don't know what all that's going to look like and the thing is i don't even want to i don't want to look i don't want to care about all that yet because it's not where i'm at and like want to be all in here i don't want to think about what's next sir plan b or or how all like all of that because my heart is here you know it's like what are you going to do in your next marriage right right yeah you know i mean like i am right now i'm i'm here
i'm doing what i'm doing i'm not looking towards what's next his right now i'm here that's great listen that's what you want to hear from someone who's fighting mean fighting should be all in that is the only way to approach it if you're a fighter and you're also a neurosurgeon to part time real estate salesman good fuckin' you don't have one hundred percent you give everything you one one hundred percent especially with something like fighting it's just so such a crazy way to make a living you really have to be one hundred percent committed to it has to be your life hello and i she the opportunity i like i like i like everything i'm doing right now and i like all that'll be part of what's next but i like that that'll manifest manifest a figure itself out i don't i mean not not the like huevo everything will be great i'm sure like when it's time i'll look at that right but right now this is what i'm looking at also
the the kind of drive and discipline and work ethic that you showed to become a top level mma fighter in the national champion in wrestling you could do anything with that whatever you set your mind to i really truly believe that i mean i think the biggest problem that fighters have when they retire is finding a thing to put their energy to and then their identity because there are entity is of a fighter and when that is taken away from them that and also the thrill mean there's you guys are ex sing a level of excitement and intensity like when you're talking about two weeks out you're crying in the fetal position going to fuckin' my dealing but that all builds up to these moments like crazy primal scream after you stopped amanda nunuez like that's uh it's a very few people other than people fight to the death are feeling there's there's something there's some
saying that you guys are experiencing that in less you're the person in the woods fighting over that bone you really don't know now and then for you to go to regular life after that it's going to be hard and it's going to be hard for a lot of fighters it's it's very difficult for a lot of fighters to find another thing that excites them the way fighting excites them because it's such a crazy pursuit and then on top of that you're dealing with what you're dealing with but you're dealing with it publicly talking about it which i think is a a a you're doing a great service to everybody we talking about your problems in your issues because there's so many fighters that you know that are experiencing this and that i know that are experiencing nesson you know everybody who anybody who's done any sort of martial arts competition and been in jams you're going to see people that that have taken too many shots it's just part of the game and you you know it's what you're doing by talking about it so openly while you're
still a top level fighter is i think very very important for everybody thanks i'm trying man it's been a lot of trying things but i do i do feel value in this you know and i mean exactly when people are done like there's some pride in having i'll get a nine to five or a very you know after being in a a level fighter at this level mind you should you not have the scan brain cells to be and i think like i got high functioning thing that you can be proud of you know it can be really stressed well to not live up to the ability that you know you have what you're just not like there's that wall that fog or whatever you know so i mean i just think people maintaining themselves and doing everything they can however vulnerable it feels like i do it like it is possible
they could spread this therapy across the country and how big are these have have mean they they look like they have like mobile units but again like it would need to be on i don't know if it's on some sort of route or whatever that people would need to be able to show up to or what but they i know they have one in indiana i know i know they're going to have one in colorado soon i think relative to the training center and when you say mobile units like how big these mobile units in our these effective is the one that you're going to miss it it's a creeper man you know it's like a this a candy and then yeah it's like you get in and it's the same exact chair you know and then they have their third trying in the there's no where to put it on you i don't and then you the e i mean it's like a it's a white e g so i know that every week they they
you do the e g like same time relatively the same time so they can keep good track of what your brain is doing and and how to describe the levels to be at what on your head and i think they have one in arizona i know there's one in texas i want to say there's twelve over the country but i can't tell you where in the mobile one i mean how big is this i mean is this something that a gym could get and how is it prohibitively expensive i want to say again i might be push it but i think they're like one hundred thousand dollars for the machine but i know that they're being insurance will cover it because the for the insurance will cover for migraine ptsd and autism i think
i think that insurance will cover for that but then the tricare is also accepting them as insurance as well wow so when they're doing this to you and you know you said you got it in aug she started doing it and you start seeing improve minutes after he said four weeks yeah for weeks was like the first time i saw improvements and then the bigger improvements were coming leader yeah does it does it keep getting better i mean is it better now than it was last month yeah i mean to the point where i okay not going for three four weeks you know like like i said these last few weeks have been all about me getting everything right to be in training camp right now so you feel right now like you felt before a new nest right in the way i'm training like i'm having fun with it again like i'm i'm watching people i'm like with them like i'll get them
step that way and then i'll step that way and then i'll be very satisfied oh my god especially on for yeah it was gone in like that is the art to me is the games in the playing and the like getting you to do this so i can do that and then and you know like that was what was fun getting enough it is not fun right but the chess that's what's fun the game like like making the is in the eyes and the crowd happened because you know gangster shit you know what i mean like that's fun now parts fun going in and getting cut up in bloody and having headaches and like your ankle hurts for a month and boiler she's not fun to do that on purpose you know i want to go in and do what i can and not get touched and then have it one want to highlight reel when i happening for awhile and even this last one is just like me and i felt better i totally felt better in
but what i needed to change wasn't that that was fine what i needed just as other things that i'm changing and i am and again i liked us off to learn it cool but like it's all part of the process you know i'm not and that no second in this everything have i stopped believing in myself no second the only thing i worried about was like it was like are a am i going to be able to my is my son changing my diapers here in a few years if i can finish it like i don't want that to that but i never stopped believing that this is what i meant to do right here right now and i have time and i have more right and i have everything it takes about every single one of these girls some of them again you know i do know now when you're in camp how many days are you doing 2a days yeah so summer some it'll be like
it sometimes i have to add more cardio in the morning so like if there's fasted cardio if i'm heavy you know depending on that goes as it's like a science about forty five like when you walk yeah when you walk around i i can get all the way up to like i've i've been all the way up to seventy six with that was for i didn't know i that was when i didn't i was i didn't know i was hypothyroid so i mean now i was in like six calories a day and doing fast a cardio into work outs and my weight was and changing my coaches are like what the is wrong with you i'm like i don't know i guess the women in my family get kind of big so maybe this is that midwestern style hit me now you know no and then when i went and i got my panels i'm like everything was all screwed up you know and then that post the new nose fine before the newness fight what was the heaviest got before then i never broke one hundred like one hundred and fifty five hundred and fifty two yeah that's crazy yeah i walked around like
one point i didn't even have to cut cut for misha i walked look up in the morning like just didn't eat breakfast wow yeah and then now i'm a big mamma jamma like i look at food and i get fat and sucking and it's so annoying but i don't hate it one armour thyroid or something some leave levothyroxine yeah i take it every morning in like fifteen minutes before i can eat anything heavy you should look into armour thyroid it's thyroid that's made from pig thyroid and apparently it's it's more bioavailable a lot of people have better results with it i would i would i will try i will try i would try and now just because i'm in camp but maybe in between the next one yeah i'm hypothyroid to alien runs in my family my family too in them i have a weight problem because i was working out a lot but i was getting headaches and i went to doctor to catch a look at the end of the day
like say around like seven hundred o'clock at night after dinner i would be so tired that i just like i couldn't talk i just had to lie down you couldn't hear it i couldn't tell you know boom and i'd go out and it was like god these headaches are weird like this is it didn't seem seem normal like the late i guess it was like after dinner headaches like right before bed i was just it was it was not a normal exhaustion i start to get nervous about it and then when i got checked out it made sense my mom has it my sister has it runs in our family yeah i don't know if it's that genetic effort my family but you think it's from the head and i ate yeah i mean it was right away yeah it was on
set and then you know then you do these mris and you do all of this other stuff and it's like all right well there's where your head hurts in there's what's wrong and you know i mean it's just it's all too perfect you know who puts together your camps like who decides what you're going to do as far as like how much work you're going to do what kind of training going to do with do sparring or they're going to do so this training camp i i'm outsourcing different things so i have like i talked to eric delfierro about it and like i said i wanted to outsource the jitsu in the moitie in those are going to in itself takes so much time and then my strength and conditioning i'm doing with chad see is he's he's so my strength and conditioning coach loren landow do you know who he is in colorado so he's like family to me were he's been there for everything i don't even know when he got there he but he was always there you know he out chad
i started doing strength and conditioning with him i'm going to do that three days a week and then i know that i want to get working with the more traditional moitie again so i'm working with john x two days a week an i think he's going to arrange my sparring as well and uh andre galvao i'm going to try to work two or three days a week and then so i handed all of that information to loren landow and other coach my nutrition issues josh ford have you seen he's got like a tattoo goatee on his face he's been doing nutrition and he's let me since all i did was jujitsu so he's been around he knows my style he knows me as a crazy fighter of that so so who puts together lauren and lauren lando and josh ford they're putting it together based off of what they've seen out of me in the past but if you're going to jujitsu
do any doing allowed you just your training and then you going to moitie doing moitie training when do you get together and do mma training that be the sparring days and then there will be a light spars that kind of drill day in the middle in there too so are you sparring moitie and then sparring mma mma mixed together that's kind of how i like it too like i like doing the discipline separate and then then me finding to put a man in a lot of times that's where my freestyle wrestling just ties it all together so you're more tie training would basically just be technique drills in thailand ninja moves contact management yeah and then ju jitsu are you going to you're no good i didn't know gave i did give you for like the past four weeks in them man
should it hurt your feelings but then obviously it's more practical to do the do the nogi and now they took the guy off of me and i'm like one thousand miles an hour i'm so happy with myself yeah i'm like you can't grab my shirt and what about wrestling you do any wrestling training that part i still gotta figure down in san diego i want a freestyle i swear i'm not like i got a great shot i'm good at shots and whatever but i'm i'm way more about throw like i like there's so much more efficient for me i got awesome hips for in and it's just like man there there risk high reward but it's my funky style like i just get him done right it's so much less effort when you toss someone over their head on the ground and they don't know where they are for a minute there's so much to capitalize on there with the equilibrium just often like those are things i like i count on so i
define that freestyle situation yet i have good freestyle wrestling myself but obviously like like it's good to stay on top so it's like it's my strength but i need to keep my strength strong so i'm looking i'm going to make that happen so what do you walk around at right now i'm like one hundred and fifty five one fifty six forty five is a possibility yeah i mean i've i've wanted go there as well i mean like i said not having that fluid on our brains when we fight kind of bugs me like if i can walk down in one hundred and forty five and eat breakfast like yeah i mean i won't like eating clean eating right everything perfect on one hundred and fifty five yeah because i watch one of the video cyborg cutting weight to make one hundred and forty member in there with her which should make any sense was even a weight class for one hundred and forty and i don't know what the fuck they were doing with her trying to prime her for one before seeing if she can make one hundred and thirty five but she was like we being
looked like she was dying and like what the fuck man and she do the water cut in that one like the bathtub well she did a lot of ship but it was just she hard to watch and she gets back big too like they uh i'm friends with wait i'll be who is her boyfriend and he like hit me up when i was the fight ronda they were hitting me have during my training camp like hey you because i think they have obviously they have beef up and i think they wanted it to be like kind of political but i'm just like not in to that but they were like hey how about chris you do you have any girl training partners how about chris come train with you to get ready for rhonda and i was like maybe i mean how big is she in there like like i went eighty two and eighty three and like what how does
tell me another big motherfucker on me like oh god i'm banks but like i got neil magny right there yeah dude over like these things and those guys are one hundred and eighty two no fan her hotel she's so fucking big that's so crazy i mean she really should probably fighting one hundred and sixty five and there's a fifty five coming hopefully i mean i just i mean there's only so many forty fives and she's out of sight of the amount of forty five and i think even forty five is a brutal struggle for her and you know as you said you could only do that so many times it's taking a little bit of your life every time you do that and on your chipping away at one and i just remember like i coming into me in like i used to cut to one hundred and twenty five like die dying and so i i wanted to be ranked number one at one hundred and twenty five that was my goal before i moved up in like i did i was
ranked number one there beat everybody could be in then it was just kind of like the last time i made one hundred and twenty five i just i fought a girl named k ohashi from japan an iron it was like a last minute because i suppose to fight a girl something happened to her and then they replaced it with two ko and i just remember being so happy that we are at altitude because i was like i think i had a heat stroke get the the water cut like the bathtub cut because i was in the for like twenty and it's an i remember at ten minutes i was like somethings wrong somethings wrong somethings wrong and they're like you have to stay you have to stay and so at the twenty minute line i like dove like a salmon like of the water and i passed out on my floor and they gave it's that my managers there and i'm naked and like i don't i don't know i'm out to the point where we're doing the knuckle rub on my sternum you know to try to get me up and then i'll on your yeah you know trying to wake you up
thank you everything your sternum yeah 'cause it's like something with the nerves here like hit your adrenaline awake she's crisis so bad and so i'm up and i'm like you know your hands tingling everything 'cause you like waking up you know an like i don't want to get back in that bathtub like poop sana suit on me i don't like put it on me i don't want you know so not that like i mean healthwise i was not okay but it was like i'm not getting back in there so they put this on i mean my hands are like freaking out like doing this weird shaky like t rex arm thing and cramping so bad in my feet were doing the same thing but it is like they had to cover me in the blankets and put all the stuff on me to keep me hot 'cause i was not getting back in that hot tub or the bathtub faucet is terrible and after i like i remember i sell to in the fight and i was like i'm so glad we're altitude because i feel horrible i can do this again and then i went up to thirty five jesus christ yeah is the worst
art of fighting really is and it's so it's so unnecessary there's got to be i what one fc is doing they've got some there adding weight cuts by doing hydration tests and testing people several times during the camp finding out what you weigh finding out but your actual weight is and ben askren went into the the what the way they're doing it in in detail when i did a podcast with him but that seems to be the way and they made everybody move up a weight class essentially just i mean and that's the thing is i i okay like contract kit contracts can still exist but maybe you're just contracted as a fighter and you to fight certain amounts of time a year or or whatever but to have people contracted to weight classes like it's hurting the sport and it's obviously hurting fighters individually as well but like it's just unnecessary yeah well you should do is fine i mean i think there should be more weight classes there should be more weight classes so there's more opportunities an you should be fighting
what you are when you're healthy it's hard enough well at night and i think especially because the sport is because i mean it's very blatantly clear that it's this is not a bracketed sport like this is an entertainment sport now it's clear like we're doing what puts in the seats were doing what's best for the fans so at that point these divisions really matter it's about the match up you know you can throw a belt on any fight these days like so i think if we're gonna of all of the sports to to having entertaining fights or entertainment type fights like we should just evolve the contracts to that as well like should i mean it'll still say the entertainment value like look you can get the catch even like what do you guys want to agree on like who's down who's down for what we an ideal weight would be to fight out yes probably four thousand five forty five yeah
feel like i'm skinny enough that i'm like flying squirrel flexible stuff you know but but still hella strong you know but when you deal with someone like cyborgs coming down from one hundred and eighty that's the thing that was me healthy like it don't matter like the water she's a rock you know and that and that that's something i remember thinking when i was going into twenty five is like i'm going to be huge against all these girls you know like they they may not be as dehydrated and up as me but i can hold him down right no and i can do what i want and eventually break 'em right you know and she's she's got that in her back pocket to yeah but like you know you get the the i i i thought why watching tonya avenger fight like there was a lot of things that i i saw that fight against chris i was like damn like that that right there there's there's a
there's something i could do there despite to me seemed like chris is being very cautious and conservative and that she just picking her shots and and just trying to be very professional like the way who is fighting was not like this marauding rampaging destroyer like we've seen in some of our other fights she fought much more technical and just and tonya evanger was thrown wild fuckin' barstool types choose just sharing we're down she's winging big bomb she knew she had to go for broke and you know tonya ever do stuff is fox just to take that fight i mean the difference in size was so apparent between the two of them when you saw them inside the cage and you know times just just a really tough woman
yeah but her style she was just trying to be unpredictable and wild you know yeah and cyborg was just moving in let's just real real professional and technical i felt like she was cautious it was a big fight for her to you know yeah that was the first was at the first belt sent what was that now that was the first ballot because holly and jermaine thought for the bell and then that that didn't happen again yeah and there may was like cia jermaine random is like not interested yeah where does she go she oh she still fighting well she member right the i interviewed her after she wants first of all that fight bothered me it bother me a lot he holly after the bell twice one hard and really rocked her and i watch that is like fuck man that is a big shot and like you could say you accidentally did it once maybe but she did it twice and one time hurt her bad and
even so when i watch the find mike that's the the times when she hurt holly was after the bell but holly fucked her up twice nice in that fight she hit her with that question mark kick chracter and rocked her and then she hit it with a straight left hand and dropped her too i felt like holy deserved the nod in that fight and i definitely think she deserved the nod take points away which i definitely think she should have taken she hadn't points taken away from her i just think i just didn't it didn't sit with me while and then after the fight she that she needed when i asked her about cyborg so like yeah i'm getting surgery she's going had something wrong with my farm or something so i was like ok just going to get some surgery and then then it became a pd issue she said that cyborg is a lifetime pd cheater that she's a performance enhancing drug user and that everybody knows it and she's not going to fight her so she basically just gave up her title went back down to thirty five i think so she is fighting again i don't know if she went and got surgery on
whatever was going on with her hand but she is going to fight again but she hasn't since i don't believe no i don't think so either see if you find that this is germane to randamie see what she's she's fight next she hasn't tweeted since november what about a fight then damn november yeah that didn't happen see that's person not investing in social media are you doing it right or you doing it wrong i don't know should i come just not interested in this anymore yeah which is crazy 'cause this is how fucking tough cyborg is germane to randomly fatah dude and k odom i mean there's a more time in her final hours yeah i remember when i first started fighting in length gain poignant at looking at like back like here's why you want to learn muay thai and i was watching her ass like that grows
gnarly dancing some wars and she like older too i mean i can't say older i'm like one of the older ones now but she's older than me little then yeah but she she fuckedup a dude she came to do straight right hand minutes and then see if she fought a guy like knew it was a guy sign up fight a guy fought on beat him in the least i bought yeah i'm not doing that scared she is a cyborg i get it i get it cyber walk around a hundred eighty two pounds i get it you can use the amount yeah i mean it's it's a a really open division one forty five right now and megan anderson is about to fight is is that at forty five thirty five i believe that's a forty five meg in essence the girl he sees page but girl yes legit forty five she's she's strong she's in her prime she's really tough she's good at everything you know
is a legit girl and fighting holly in her first fight in the ufc also like shows how much they think of her but i mean how spiders do they have at forty five like fucking three men who the fuck is there you got holly who fought cyborg in lost and then you know without what else you got you got meghan anderson who is over in invicta and most people other than the hard core fans don't know about her you know and she was trying to get our name out there sorted out here is that the whole division that's for sure does the whole division jesus christ are your nose on the williana fought cyborg she little isn't she she got nuked yeah that was a mean she did her best right she when did she fight cyborg same night i uh you see two to the letter she looked good until cyborg got ahold of her it's like one of those things where when cyborg starts landing on girls you see the look in their face
what in the fuck what am i doing in here i mean i was most impressed with cyborg on her kickboxing los when she when she fought jorina baars did you ever see that fine she fodder in moitie bruno mars is a fucking beast man she her from across room in the face yeah bars now after down with a front kick to the face and she dropped her and and times cyborg was still chasing after her for every fucking round i was like that girls i mean she's she's big and she's strong she's but mentally she's tough to like she's i mean to just a fight that like during the bars had she had i think almost three years without a fight we're she couldn't get a fight because nobody wanted to fight her she's just a fucking badass tie fighter fighter real long and tall and just classic dutch style you know and sideboard stepped up fodder in line fight mean
and she was like the most feared mma fighter in the world and said fuck it i'll take a moitie fight but like zero moitie professional fights fought like one best girls ever it's really pretty admirable you know how bad as she is in that regard that's cool but you know when you have a division is that small it's like what what do they do you know i mean what are you going to grow girls make him get bigger like hey girl so once food like you know i mean this isn't this isn't the pride days where they could just film output you know whatever the fuck gabby garcia you and toss him out there either they have to be legit you know hello i don't know yeah i mean it's it's a it's a weird situation 'cause i i mean i don't i don't follow enough to to know what
is out there to the following invicta or do pay attention to any other organizations outside the usc no no i mean honestly i don't watch the ufc that much either because i'd like i don't have cable like i don't know i have netflix and a dvd player and i go to school yeah we we go crazy on eighties and nineties movies yeah well look with netflix you kind of don't i mean you could watch good she all day long you don't really i mean so many people have severed their cable now they just don't want to do anymore fucka commercial right i mean how much is cable it's like one hundred bucks a month or something like that let's netflix ten yeah i thought like that look at the fog out of here
and it's not like you run out of shit to watch like you could watch netflix all day for the rest of your life and never run out of shit to watch you know weird time weird time for those cable companies it's like the only thing that really keeps people buying cable i think or direct tv one of the big things is live sports like live sports is like one of those things we kind of have to have directv or cable or something generational too i mean there are a lot of people that just always had it yeah you know yeah yeah yeah my generation these young kids don't give a about it young young kids don't watch c b selig see what the is that and if you the weird thing is if you watch regular tv now it seems like your watch in a time machine like your watch in some some from like a by gone error like laugh tracks and then cut to commercials like
what is this cliffhanger stupid continue what is this this is weird so what do you do when you're not training other than watch dvds not really much like i'm trying to get out in san diego and like like live oh and play by the like i'll get to the beach when i can try to soak up the sun in whatever really like i have struggle because i realize i came here to to work here i changed my life to come out here and be all nb is as successful at this is possible so my day is about training about doing the like rehabilitation type things they i need to do and then making sure my kids in are met in wash rinse repeat with that like i recently went to like i've been to a couple escape rooms
why did they recently that's fun yeah they're super fun and leslie are not getting out you sit there and then like hey let's take your picture at the end i'm hoping i'm still here yeah i didn't get out we didn't get out either we got out of one room but let us into the second room and like it's hard to really there's a there's a hard it was hard for me to be an athlete some like there's harder we can do like i can work harder at this present working harder at a right smart yeah and it's also very weird to put peace to get there you know yeah and then let's see there's like the there's like a horse rescue do that i go down and i like time it down there and just kind of like be the animal then feed in like you can try to rehabilitate then some of them are scary man like but it's cool 'cause they're actually like something really to be scared of like half the ship were afraid of is just in our head anyway but there's this like
again an animal that doesn't know if it wants to kick your love you and it's like you know trying be friended so you can help it and teach it stuff like that that taken some of my time it's been cool is weird with horses right like you could break them you can lasso them and then let your item like were in a funk like wild horses people go out and catch wild horses and ride him around like what other fuckin' animal can you do that too that's so strange you know like that is the strange that you could like get a horse i'm in the barn the horses like fuck you but feeling like no but you get a rope around him and then like alright alright you got maine riding around now it's very strange i mean it would have weird relationship people have with bucking horses you know it's very strange man my friend whitney cummings has a horse she's all in she's all in with his fucking
she rides it bareback she's like you have to have a connection with the animal has to feel you like not a satellite aren't crazy i've seen clint eastwood movies seems like he's riding the horse pretty good with a saddle on it she doesn't do that and she rescued this horse and she'd like under graham she's always like riding around with this fucking horse and hanging out with it and now she like spending all this time with it it's like it is i they call it equine therapy and like like i was trying to get up disk my brain was working in all these ways like i got really excited about that treatment center that the mindset place and then again all those other people in there that are in there in the veterans house like man if i can get some of them down there working with these horses one it gives them something to do 'cause the ones that are disabled like there hating life an that place it's awesome because after a few months of being there they all want to know how to help their like like tell me what i can do around here you know and
even that without on my man if i could even get them down there like sometimes if all you do it this point the shovel shit you know it's it's so like you're around these horses and this place in ticular they're all rescues and it's called ferdinand's familiar and they've all been mistreated at some point or they were trained to be something that they never graduated to being and so they were trash and now they need to turn these horses into like writable like courses or whatever like that's the goal and then they have this it's near imperial beach it's like on that land like right on tijuana so you get it the goal is to take them on this lake trail that it goes all the way to the beach and you can ride up and down the beach like freely zero you ride the beach to tijuana is there a yeah you can write both and it's like you see through wall an you see them in through yeah i mean it's just like it's like panels and you can see
right through it like i went down there and swim around it i was thinking that the other day i'm like this you guys are almost two tempting like i almost want to go over this is it right here yeah it's there that's exactly where we write fuckin' st seems to me that is so god damn strange to say which side is tijuana this year one of the other side is the unit of the state right and yeah that's exactly what it looks like they have their little umbrellas they're having their little barbecues like chill when playing music having fun meanwhile were all over there like huh like i almost want to how to swim over just to see if anyone's going to stop you there is a little bit of like if you keep going up that fence they have one car with one dude watching who's watching the border patrol and it seems so easy to get here from mexico like how it was him or in how deep can that fence go yeah how deep
going to go into that folder how i mean put up your put up your umbrella in like a special angle and you're gorgeous climb that doesn't seem like it's impossible to climb but i'm not the best climber in the world by fuqing guarantee i could make it over the fence one hundred percent look he just grab ahold have some gloves on so you don't fuck your hands on your going to have to do some soft sing soft sand training 'cause that's print afterwards going to burn your legs out yeah the spirits right but in less they run bug is they're not going to catch those fat fox i just feel like swimming is the move my climate you just swim a couple one hundred yards over a it's like two hundred yards maybe it should go left and then come back it's so weird that like build that wall build that why people are so crazy thing is so strange i think one day we're going to look back on countries like the human race one i think one of the things that's happened into the human
race for sure is that we're getting closer to each other we're getting we can like i'll read like tweets that want to post in spanish or in chinese or whatever and you just press translate and then you get to read it you know translate english i'm like wow there it is i could read this guys words and they have this thing called the google pixel it's you know it's a phone and they have these pixel buds these earbuds and these ear it will translate in real time like you could say some shit to me in spanish translate it in real time to english yeah and how long is it going to be before that's way better and we're going to is that countries are stupid thing but i think i mean i agree on that on the social media site like i feel like social media has made that connection for us on that like that i guess mental social side or whatever but as humans individually like here and now right next to each other like i feel a huge disconnect like look it i mean a century ago more than less than like
who the town butcher was really knew who the blacksmith was you knew who the mayor was like you knew like and everybody a position your kids were safe to run around like everything like everyone knew there is value to every single person for what it is that they're craft was or so there are now no one knows anyone and like people don't want it like like i almost feel weird sometimes i like you know my kids my kid doesn't see all of the same pictures that i see 'cause i have facebook and he doesn't or you know but i'm not ready to to have my kid exposed to that right there you know and it's a terrible thing for kids to be exposed to yeah and i think that you know so like shoulder shoulder person a person i feel like a bit of a disconnect you know but social media like we get to share information sometimes good information sometimes good information like the fact that people are communicating i think is important it's making people take stand
things that they're all finding out oh you believe that too or i think that too like cool like i can find my people you know on the actual like oxytocin like social side people actually getting to know each other like those like intimate relationships like i feel like that part is is suffering a little bit from it i think suffering a little bit in real life because people in cars there in traffic they're isolated then they go to work and then the cubicle all day and get home and they're in their apartment of their house yeah there's not a lot of like interaction with people and i just this is just a side effect of modern life you know it's weird so many in la there's so many next to each other an almost nobody knows their neighbor it's very strange what i'm talking about as i think countries are stupid like states i think countries like states like i think we should build a wall over florida before we should build i mean jessica
florida a state right but florida is just as alien as like say finland or something like that i mean it's just that fact that you can move out of florida and life up for me i'm going to i'm going to move to atlanta and he go up there in like you can nobody stop yeah you just go but if you're in tijuana like you like our dog is a fence up here bitch like there's no there's no crossing did to me that seems like super fucking strange and almost guaranteeing that those spots are fuct forever the only way those anything is ever going to level out is if you let anybody travel wherever they want and nobody's going to do that because it might phuc up the good spots like la jolla like no no no you can't just like we're not yeah when i think we can just come over i mean la jolla has some of the wealthiest real estate in the world right and unbelievable beautiful views and you could walk to mexico from la jolla you could walk
i mean what's the distance between tijuana you la jolla let's guess let me guess i'm say it's fifty miles is if i'm going to say only fifty no it's not that many 'cause it's already it depending on yeah i would say it's a thirty minute drive like like moderate yeah normal speed limit them traffic thirty maybe some maybe thirty miles so it's like a marathon lego marathon run which people do they run it all they've run marathons all time twenty three thousand two hundred and thirty two miles thirty so in two tijuana want your a third world country and one of the worst neighborhoods of a third world country and the two miles away you have like these evil mansions on these bluffs overlooking the ocean likely that ship raising that's crazier in coronado it's very weird yeah exactly it's very weird yeah and
and there the coronado the island that's all super wealthy people right yeah that's where dick cheney lives apparently yeah they have the ability to shutting that whole island down if there's like vandalism or like 'cause it's got its entry and it's out like so it's not exactly when they get does attached to the land what is that called the peninsula yeah so but they have an ability at both the peninsula edge and the bridge to shut it down as a community if it's going on the island and they don't want someone to get off that's how rich they are yeah it's only one of the wealthiest places in the world and another one there's a one off side off of miami there's like some little
find the island that's filled only with rich people that was called yeah it's like one of the most wealthy places on the planet is one little spot off miami just filled with rich folks waiting for a hurricane to fuch up their legs is that at star island is a tiny neighborhood of massive house isn't drama oh there's drama i will see the big x on it looks like this place gotta drama damn bad as houses though but they have good bread yeah that's a little too so they have a little bridge and a little tiny island good luck people weird people were cat that's not safe no interest if non miami higher it a pirate come what the whole the place is filled it's place is filled with weird just in florida sister i love it i'm joking around that i hate it but i love i love miami it's just it's so strange it's such a every time
i go down there i'm like you should have to have a passport to come here this is not america i don't give a funk what anybody says it's great but it's it's chaos but then there's some florida spots like we like ok pensacola you just go fuck yourself would you say basically it might as well be it might as well be other than roy jones junior when he came out of there he put pensacola on the map do you do any boxing i do so alliance has been like real for my hands like i wouldn't see it say there's a ton improvement as far as that goes like and i never really focus on boxing before like i i worked more thai and kickboxing and tween dutch anti style you know and then to so there in how my hand sharpened was was pretty cool i just never it was hard for me to like to relate boxing to any sport i'd ever done in like as as
athlete growing up as a kid like if i don't if i can't understand thing what that i'm learning i try to relate it back to some like muscle memory of some motion i've done before and some other sport like volleyball or swimming or like the the mechanics of how i've moved in something that i can even dance like turning getting like some kind of value out of so i can learn this thing in like boxing was not like anything that i did done before they've never had a predominantly hands on sport that i was good at so it's been the the most of what's the word i don't know there's the the most it's a work in the less the least natural of all of the that's interesting because for this way but you train more time so much and more time his hands of it right but the thing i'm excited about the most and we tie is the clinching the kicks in
you know so to set up as the wrestling right yeah right in just having the the hips and everything with that they came with wrestling that came with you know the foot work of of soccer of dance of all that stuff like that that contributed i easily and translated easily over to that but boxing was not so much you know but a part of me also thinks like you know some of that had to come with learning like you gotta get hit to realize you don't want to get hit i'm not ready i don't want to talk about that right now i don't want it so best way to learn how to move your head yeah yeah and slip and roll with should yeah my feelings get punched in the face i'm sure and i'm happy on the kind of person that it pisses off you know like so it makes me it makes me fight harder you know but like she's stunning it is stunning actually when you get one of those good ones in the nose and now your eyes are watering but you're not crying that weird
stinging sensation learning all of that that all was definitely within the last few years and it's been it's been fun not fun but fun when you see like the evolution a lot of fighters are getting into yoga lot of fighters are doing yoga lot of fighters are finding that they have like real benefits and protecting their back in strength doing a lot of their joints and their ligaments and stuff like that i can usually get supplemental towards like you the physiology of it or because in some as far as adding to the combative side i think bowls i think for sure it's good for your mental endurance because it's it's hard it seems like something that should be very easy to hear about yogi like hot housewives do that shit but if you do it a hundred percent in the supposed to be hot yoga you're stuck in that fucking max at one hundred and four degrees for ninety minutes sweating your azov and i'm pissed at about sixty minutes in that way
yeah so there's actually some mental toughness that goes into the ninety minutes endure you endura a ninety minute hot yoga class but i think for your joints for you range of motion and flexibility there's almost nothing better because you're so hot and sweaty things loosened up and you can get into a like deep deep stretches and he poses and also like for your foot strengthened posture and balance all that stuff amazing amazing for your back strengthening your back your knees it's really good for jujitsu jitsu fighters mean you people love it so that one of the best things just because she just so static you know so much of it is like holding on and like trying to its position and slowly and there's these bursts of explosive women's but so much of it is just clenching and an isometric yeah yeah so much of it is that i think you really benefit from being able to you know in these yoga poses holding these poses for for
the seconds when your your body's burning in your you know you're you're having a difficult time to standing up i think adding the heat component to it too especially if you're a weight cutting fighter like get to know your body in teaching it how to sweat right like this last training camp was pretty awesome because i got a sauna for my when i got while ago i was using a red light for healing in i was using the sauna because i know that you can naturally boost your growth hormone if you're in that every night and help yourself before you go to sleep so i was in that every night i tried to going for like forty five minutes in that was so helpful in going into the fight week weight cut because it was like i know what it feels like when it's time to get the fuck out and i know what it feels like this time that i'm like that sound like and i'm dripping like crazy still got another good twenty minutes of me sitting here like this you know and eye
i think it's really hard an fighters when they're not in a sauna or that hot their entire camp and then they just expect that out of there the the day before a fight yeah i think you're right you know if this is really really good benefits as you said two for recovery reducing information in them yeah i had a i thought it help i got a portable sauna to be in my face with me oh that's nice is it wanted to climb into and like just your little heads yeah it's uncomfortable as hell 'cause you can't lean against anything it'll burn your assets in the chair the chair is like this little half chair by that point your organs are so depleted and cleaning all weird anyway so it's just hell but i mean it gets it off and you don't have to leave your hotel room oh that's nice to especially if you're doing something on the road like who was that somebody that he was fighting somewhere and they didn't have hot water and they couldn't make weight because they didn't have the the bathtub
i think it was uh fuck i'm trying to think of who it was that mister van stressful yeah they were i think they were fighting in brazil and there was no hot water for some reason like the hot water was down and they like what enough uh can they couldn't they went up not making weight i don't remember it was is wasn't there for that event but i remember thinking like that is one of the real problems with doing these some of these gigs on the road you know you these places and there's no there's hot water if there's no sauna and no hot water how we supposed to make way it's awkward to be in a sauna with your opponent to and what i thought kareena damn again is twenty four thousand one hundred and twenty five like a few years ago there it is weekend so cheap was very respectful damn what is brazilian he knows yeah but
we were in north dakota and we had to go in the same sun and it became a competition in their eyebrows unix an when she she like there is a point like i'm sitting there my coach and like biting down i don't even know how long we're in but it like hard is rust and it's kind of exactly like who's going to break first he's going to go first and she via my pocket and she goes and she gets out and i was like oh you have quit and you and i already knew i wanted to fight i want to fight i was like i saw everything i needed to see we're good that's crazy that's so true look there's some i think that i you definitely don't want to die in there but there's this moment when you're in the sauna i have one here and there's this thing that happens at like thirty minutes we like what in the fuck am i doing we start weird now i got to get out of here i got to get out of here it's like it's like claustrophobia but if you you know the if you
open that door this cold air and you're going to feel great just wanted to win just lost someone to ask you a question just pick one over the door for services open the door let me run out the door yeah it's right there but that is what creates those heat shock proteins is that your body realizes it's in this terrible situation where your way overheated so your body starts creating these anti inflammatory proteins and that's what's so good for your body they did a study i think it was in was it in norway doctor rhonda patrick brought up on the podcast that they showed a forty percent decrease in mortality from all causes from use of daily sauna forty percent decrease in heart attack stroke cancer everything across the board it's unbelievably good for you to use the car that's because your body in reaction the response that you're body has in reaction to that extreme temperature is just to create all these anti inflammatory
properties and that's just so good for your body inflammation is just the root of so many different diseases and problems that we have yeah so do you what is like the temperature in duration recommended for that i think it's a hundred and seventy degrees and i think twenty minutes is what they want they want twenty minutes at one hundred and seven degrees one hundred and seventy degrees for four i believe the test protocol was four days a week is that the same statistic for sale like a red lights on a it's a good question they didn't use a red lights on a they didn't use an inference audition also just use a traditional sauna but the theory is that it doesn't matter because that's what matters is your body reacting to the temperature change and it doesn't matter how it's getting to you they used a regular like hot rock song that's what i have really hot rocks on it but i don't think it patterns i think what really matters is just extreme temperature and a lot of people believe in those infrared saunas i think they're better i don't know so your body your body like sauna
whenever i do it i just feel better sleep log paid which is better it's just better for my brain to i just feel better about everything i just think it's just like getting your body heated like that and then cool off just chills everything out just everything feels looser quiet there's like a quiet afterwards yeah but yeah yeah just everything feels like it works better you know and that when i do it on a regular basis you know but i feel the same way about cryotherapy wanted to cryotherapy on a regular basis to everything seems to work better see i i only do cryotherapy of couple times and in it hurt my boob's like so much that i just don't want to all eyes back then i mean the thing is i'll get an ice bath and i'm really like i'll get in but i'm complaining the whole way you know right not saying one nice thing to you or your momma like i'm getting in there and i'll do it when i'm ready and
offhand it's awful awful nose cryotherapy things like i she the speed i appreciate like that but like do you really feel they get through all of those layers of skin like down to optimal level on your tissue well it's the same thing it's cold shock proteins what happens is i mean if they really got through your skin you'd be dead really got through the but the idea is that your body produces shock proteins in response to anything that's over or under a hundred and fifty degrees below zero that's the sweet spot apparently when you hit that one hundred and fifty degree below zero your body produces all these massive in anti inflammatory properties 'cause again it thinks it's going to die so it's like freaking out an people with arthritis and people with severe autoimmune issues where they have a lot of information real real problems with their joints in their hands they have huge results from cryotherapy therapy there's a bunch of people to go to my place that
they said it's really essentially change their life they were just in pain all the time and now they know all they have who is go there step in that thing for three minutes leave and they're going to feel better they just feel looser and relaxed and whatever their flare ups and instead of their condition deteriorating their condition improved and stabilized thanks so it's about your body in the chemical value not yeah that's code itself exactly it's about your body freaking out yeah i'm gonna go yanks what is this pitch doing it's one hundred and fifty degrees below zero oh my god and then when you get out of there you feel so good that's what does it for maine when i get all oh my god i feel amazing it's like this is it's just the what's it called norepinephrine yeah you have this rush of in your brain it's like
just took an awesome drug his feel fantastic or get out the sun feels great people look better everything just feels better you know i do two sessions two i do three minutes and i go out for minutes and i go back in for another three minutes that's how many times a week i try what do depending on the times i do the sauna i want to do one or the other four times a week so either i'm doing a sauna or i'm doing crile so you don't both in the same to do some temperature manipulation sportime four days a week and if i don't do i do hot yoga which is another form of temperature manipulation obviously because you're a hundred and four degrees and you know you're there for ninety minutes what it on that i mean it's not as hot in the room but your body absolutely has that same feeling that it has inside the sauna where you just let claustrophobic coyote at the fuck out of here yeah i'm going to try it i will try
i will send you this emoji like that's how you know i'm there for the one i'm good i sit in there and i just turn up the jams well if you like play with a song and just stick with the sauna i mean i think they're both really good what if i get in the cold shower after this on it is that count is this thing like doing that too i like doing that after yoga specially in the enter when the water gets real cold i like to get that cold shower and just really like yeah i feel the two of them in the the ufc has that set up to where they have the jacuzzi right next to the cold bath that they got that cold plunge set to degrees that's hop in their freeze your and then in the sauna apparently there's like really good benefits to doing that back and forth like that yeah it was the last flight out there is a sit in the hot tub and then because i don't have the sauna hooked up i just want to go in the hot tub and and then i laid on like the partition and i had like one leg
dangling in the cold pool and one leg dangling in the water was really good looking and i'm sure when you're starving and dying and give no flex anymore it's just like i'm laying there like that mackenzie dern was laying over there looking a little worse than me but it's like i guess what did you think when she missed weight by seven pounds dutch it's kind of crazy isn't it crazy because she like i was literally sitting in the locker room with her like we're giggling at ufc two hundred and twenty two like because we're both like curve hey and we're sitting in the locker room laughing about how much that ways you know and it's like what what can you do about that even if you could do you really want to like right i mean all i don't hate it but sit in there and like laughing about it and that was what what was the date of that march third and then to come
how much over like she got her fight right away announced right away you know that she was fighting me wasn't 19th or something and it's just like like when you have that date in mind i mean and granted it's it's not me it's her is i don't have her body i don't have her problems i don't have her life i it's you know not my not doesn't mean anything to me but to know you have a fight and it's signed up and it's ready like at that point it's maintenance yeah it's maintenance like that that's not even doing anything different issues maintenance but like these weight cuts harder and harder on us as we get older i don't know her body is doing i don't know yeah she's i think she's twenty five yeah he's young and i don't know i don't know what that to make one hundred and fifteen pounds asks of her in and i don't know if she's on a period or not i don't know if that makes a difference to her with me i always i always get my in the
day of wayne's i have another i have like three other girls for other girls that i know that it's the exact same thing like the morning of made way about to go downstairs and there's that fuckery looking at you right just like there's there's why couldn't lose it lost two so i would like to talk to john crouch but what happened 'cause he asked her to leave the lab oh that was where she was not yeah yeah did she ever say why she didn't say why he say why either they're both planet professional know what happened she was there a long time to the wasn't she will like because when i went train down there she was she was already she was there one of the days and you know i don't know i'm not sure not sure but i i know her dad he
doesn't teach in arizona megaton i think so yeah her two kids who is nasty though isn't so gnarly she's good we counted against each other yeah yeah i was being her where yeah well it is rough that is rough because i i am it was worlds we are both purple belts i think is open division so i was like i was heavier than her by the next week class and a i went to take her down a cowboy draw big and then like where we landed so if this is like the square we landed like right here and so they called it out so they reset and there's no point so we get in the middle here because she's mackenzie dern 'cause i'm not resilient enough maybe yeah so start us again i'm like ok noted i can
don't go near that line so i go and i shoot another double picker up go take her down again same thing but like it's out of balance again is to close because my doubles like a tackle you know and then we go back in the middle and we shake and then we go this time i go shoot i pick her up and i look at the ref like mike here good is this good put it down here yeah so put it down go to pass her guard and i passed and then i think i i sat back straight ankle lock and they're like and they disqualified me what's in there like you can't even act like you can't do that 'cause i can't do what and they're like you can't do that and it's in the rulebook so i'm like ok i'm going to look in the rulebooks what am i looking up what can i do like you can't you can't do that need to go you're disqualified and like tell me what i did and they said that i ripped the knee but i like
i didn't like i don't i really don't think i did you know so you think they were just juke in the system try a win 'cause she's brazilian i don't know i don't know it does it does have some tournaments yeah and i mean they they they saw the thing is like i love ibj jf tournaments i want to compete in them for the rest of my life like i you know but but yeah there is there is some themes that go on there like you that there's definitely birth writes that get you places that place writes that i would really like to have that but it does not really no i don't wanna have been born into i want to make the statement of like have your birthright like i got this you know i made it to some pretty we had asked tournaments and in just like fighting in the way i fight in trying not to give a about all of that and like i continued to do that i want to do the same you know but that was that was a
a form for me like i was excited about that term i train hard for that tournament and i think we were each other's like i don't remember what match in the tournament it was what to be disqualified it is like but i so what do they call specifically reaping the need don't you have to go against the joint i don't know i don't know like i wish i could draw you a picture show you finger but we were just trying to come up with an excuse will be i mean the first to take downs like we weren't ok maybe the first week maybe the first one we were on the line out fine the second one we hit the ground and then we skidded a little so but we were in you know and the third one on being a dick you know and i'm just like yeah you're good you know and so they like they gave me the points and then i pass they give me the points and then i sit back for that and now i'm just qualified and it looks it is and i like you know i mean like i like her dad was at my gym teaching
seminar at my gym in colorado like months earlier and so when the match is over and we go and we're like standing next to them they like sorry they know like did you see the video that somebody made on instagram of her after one day and liverpool now do you know people in front of her accent that it's not real resigned yes i want to tell me that s only that she apparently so i don't know i mean people accents are weird it to begin with like what people talk to they talk in the first place 'cause they sound like the people around them is geographical yeah i mean it's weird but there's a video that somebody made of mackenzie dern after one day and liverpool and it's basically her talking but darren till's voice instead oh my god so rough i'm not playing that don't play j we don't even pull it up will not do that to her but it's pretty funny yeah 'cause i was
the confused when i interviewed her when she won and you have see they wanted a translator and i was like what are you talking about like she speaks perfect english play this is really bizarre so george could came in with me and is like just in case she gets messed up anymore it's in like i didn't even question i was like ok i was confused i'm going to wait a minute i know she speaks perfect english like this ridiculous raising arizona right i can speak perfect english so i don't know if word selling it you know i don't know whose idea was i don't know i don't know i don't get it but sucking internet got it they would they really they went crazy everybody was like what in the fuck is happening i didn't question it i'm like look i'm just here to interview her i just want her i mean she wants to speak in portuguese you want speak in english i don't give a fuck but i was like wow
do you need a translator like that's that's insane to i you know that i don't know that either you know she definitely speak english really well though does it is there a benefit to the brazilian well yeah i mean obviously that's a huge demographic in sport hugely primarily the biggest uh other than a million american yeah but i'm curious if there's like if it marketing it like is there's a there's or something to that would that would make that more well brazilians have a men's national pride yeah i think you know and her being a brazilian and the daughter of a brazilian jujitsu legends and speaking perfect portuguese and english and i'm i guess maybe that's the idea find it i don't know she's killing it though lake technically in with her style and i mean like thing that she brings to the table is is already
did you know it's like don't look that up don't fact up with it yeah who knows shenanigans i don't know you know sometimes when i get around people like i feel bad because like i try be like really empathetic in when i'm around like foreigners in i will totale slow down my speaking so they will get it to the point where sometimes i think i look condescending right you know where i'm like i just want this conversation as easy as possible for you because yeah i'm already awkward like let me help you out you know that's a different thing but it's like you member when madonna had a fake english accent and everybody is like pitch here from brooklyn or whatever the fuck you from not from england if you can't do that yeah i mean depending who she's around i guess i don't know if that's a thing like you're around people that have that accent you'll you i'll pick it up yeah like when i was a kid i definitely had a boston accent but i heard myself talk on tv once when i was
and with a boston accent like no i gotta get rid of that like how did i pick that up so quick and my family is all minnesota rural you know and so when i go home i get that and it'll stick around for a few weeks especially if you drink right yeah for sure i'm real tired yeah or you have your round all those people it's like comforting access or fucking strange now they really are strange that they like specific to regions may just shows you how pliable people are yeah southern accents well and even like england like you have like like very very different like british accents sure which i'm sure to them sounds exactly like you know texas versus versus work you know it's a different wing yeah my friends wife is liverpool and knew what she was trying to explain scouse to me like the way they they talk in liverpool verses the way they were talking like say london how much also in
english to me like somebody like like like darren till he has like that liverpool accent it's so clear but i don't i still get it i don't know what it is you know like you could say he's from london like ok okay cool english there isn't there isn't like evisa that like whoever was arraigned their head like a list price and so then it be certain that ended up being the people picked up as it was a compliment or just how it happened 'cause that's how things were like pronounced they were being explained like maybe there's some kind of like speech impaired it that went along with every door that i like that is what it is meant with with spain the the way they pronounce certain words is because like some k somewhere along the line had a lisp strange strange
did you know that there's place in brazil that has a list also i forget really yeah i'm not i'm sure there must be like different axes ancillary brazil's for oh yeah i mean definitely different sing songy type tones tones i would say more yeah did you train down there yeah van down there i think three times four times to to train and visit i did uh i wanted bagel jujitsu tournament down there before oh yeah yeah i think it was like brazilian nationals something like that so i would go down like get fully we need to train get there the day before and cut because once you air in and then compete the second day i was there so the rest of its vacation because it's like once you're there all the food all of the like beach in like
raising like there's nothing in me that wants to work hard as i could do all i want to do is just enjoy the music and the sounds and the people in the know how to cook down there on those two has careers holyshit is that good really is really well you guys have 'em in san diego they have him everywhere now thank god but that style of cooking is the best those skewers over over fire that's what i'm talking about meat over fire that's it yeah and then the little sauces like the creations just oil and lime and seasoning so good i better not talk anymore you won't make wait oh my god i'll always make wait i'm just a little bit more dead than others cat cutoff right leg we just did two one slash two hours not crazy time just flew by so good luck look in boise looking forward to seeing you fight i'm very excited and i'm glad we how get a chance to do this and it's is it
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