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JRE MMA Show #34 with Josh Barnett

2018-07-09 | 🔗
Joe sits down with heavyweight fighter Josh Barnett.
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together i love this guy i love the way thinks and he's just he is to me one of the best examples of you can't judge a book by its cover this big old viking looking motherfucker buddy smarter shit so please give it up for my friend mister josh barnett the jail broken experience trying my day joe rogan podcast by night all day room ladies and gentlemen josh barnett youngest ever ufc heavyweight champion we're not tired just i'm free in the wind up like a bald eagle on just how they're sore right now on that freedom still mereka just i decided to leave the fold of the ufc and chase my my own futures by my own hands are you actively competing or going to be actively competing they'll be some grappling
but this year but i'm figuring by the start of next year i'll get back into the mma circuits mainly because it's just going to take some time to set up camps managers the structure of everything that i have proper sparring partners and all that in the meantime we're talking while you're doing commentary for new japan pro wrestling with jim ross and you do it on the access tv right that's right every friday night at eight you can see me sit down and and run my mouth about wrestling yeah we just did the live show up at the cow palace in san francisco which they've been having sporadic wrestling events there but it was a it was a big draw and that building in like the sixties and seventies i guess so
a bit of historical it feels like wrestling pro wrestling is making a renaissance discarded making return yeah i i think that there's a certain audience of a of a certain age gap that our age group that has come into flourishing and and and and the internet and other ways to which to to go ahead and and in in wrestling back up there and show that wrestling whether it's the biggest company like the wwe all the way to say you know number two would be new japan and then there's all these independent companies all over the place that some of them have a quite a decent following as you know billy corgan from the smashing pumpkins huge wrestling fan he owns what what is the company that nwa national wrestling alliance yeah so he owns hard now n dot wa is n dot wa the rap group it's that to you mean that's what i hear but i hear n dot wa i'm sure there's some attitude involved what should try to n dot wa i can't speak about the rest of it but
nwa was is i guess it's a legendary sanctioning body and so it wasn't any one particular company but it was a sanctioning body that would then oversee certain titles and so if you're going to be on this show at this time you're going to n dot wa championship the n dot wa commission would get involved and they had their specifications as to how the title matches would be run and whether or not you could lose by disqualification or not or if you go over the top row it would be a d qa little stuff like that who did killer kowalski russell for killer kowalski i couldn't tell you do you remember him i know the name but i don't really do we use a famous famous trainer after the fact to waze yeah when i was in high school probably w abi does it end oh yeah it was that's right do we talk about that with billy i think we did he was like
local cable when i was in high school is like killing territories you'd like a claw would grab his own risk and i had class like like i fritz von erich electrical wallhead he's got his hand up the claw it's like there's some nostalgia to it that's one of the reasons why i feel like it's it's coming back it's like people who liked it as a kid are now as adults going back to it as and the staff jeff with the internet it's a it's much easier to go out there and and put product out yeah so it makes it more easily disseminated to any audience might want to see it especially with like the shows abroad like there's some shows it'll go on in germany and austria that will get streamed and people get a hold of him i get to watch so it's not like that eight trading days of yesteryear is jim ross hook you up with barbecue sauce currently he's got some fucking
other he's got he's got sauce he's got rubs he's got all signs of whole menagerie of all your meat is he a sections this is one of those devices you do the whole thing with the wood and i don't have a smoke with hickory chips and then he's got his white oak on the side and not one of them guys maybe maybe i can listen my mind yeah yeah there's like two types of people that use like that barbeque that people like me that you pellet grills which is like infallible you know he's one of those triggers sure easy pour the palace in it does all the work for you but then there's a serious mother fuckers chop wood and dry it out and they've got the colemans are those are the ones that start with a w the weber grills that there's just nothing to it other than oh those are kettle grills yeah those are for amateurs bro
the real serious dudes they get those side side smokers sure you have like the main chamber and then you got a little wood box on the side where the woods heating up the air goes through and it smokes from those people that cook in like two hundred and twenty five they never let anything do i throw stuff over over a gas flames that's why you got my letter i i i i no business having any any voice in the realm of barbecue ing but it seems like some he would be interested i love it you're a man who was into all things manly this is true and i like setting stuff on fire and then eating it but do you still drive a manual transmission all around los angeles sister of one today ac yeah man i just i've been driving around i just got it out the shop a little while ago and i have a seventy five formula firebird but instead of doing the ls swap which everybody does and i understand why it's got a four hundred and fifty five pontiac in it that we bored i had a board sixty out
scott forge pistons i didn't go with forged rods i didn't need it i think because well no actually i did put force rosina forged pistons by iron heads dual quads we look at you know i don't know if the the the goal was to just make maybe one horsepower per cubic inch but have well over five hundred pound feet of torque that was the idea just and it's it's a automatic unfortunately that way at center for susie and will give me crap about that a lot she's gets wiped out because i like just being able to drive it third hole sun third hole in the floor board class bell in there i'm i'm more than down but you know how it needs paint it needs interior done okay a well so that's the bert reynolds car right that's a seventy seven years seven five hundred and seventy five so that's a big big circular headlights circular headlights still
kind of square round off rounded off square for the center jamie will pull it up we can pull up seventy five firebird and the formula has the big ram air scoops on it right right the two right the big snorkeler come over those are dope there it is that's a transam be and mines a formula oh look car like that yellow one on the road or that gray one formula awe so i've driving that around quite a bit in hotchkiss did all the suspension on it will it did the brakes it stops in a heartbeat that's nice kind of flowing that's one of the few cars like from seventy five that i feel i feel like every bing after seventy one is real risky
in a way i mean it's the some of the the styling lines of these mid seventies cars i kinda like it in the obnoxious ness of it all but and you know when you whatever you get with these as far as like so this car came with a four hundred the one that i bought and it was like seven and a half to one compressions it's just a total dog hey do burn out like i wish well that was the year that i mean the years where the gas crunch was on and they started making these cars gas efficient well are they attempted to in some way not to mention they would they started trying to incorporate smog elements to try and reduce the amount of smog these things but they were just highly inefficient though we were going about it with the ar stuff and different processes that were things connect into the heads and it was bad news yeah it was a rough time for america
to turn i know whom to the rear of the rare times that is right yeah one of the rare times it was a rough time for cars like from seventy one to the 80s all through the 80s we just made dog should cars made some real real real yeah pontiac one of the few that was put together a decent looking car the firebirds and the trans am's and then of course corvette corvette still had some good looking cars in the 70s they did and especially because they even with the low horsepower motor they say they're still like cars you get get up there and and hustle and us yeah and then with even into like seven thousand seven hundred and seventy eight you had the six dot six liter the four hundred or the four hundred and three i guess by that point in the pontiacs right now chicks or turning off their fucking radio in mass i don't know if any any chicks wanted tune in to listen to what i had to say anyway come on bro your josh barnett chicks hear what you have to say they want to learn the ways of men the ways of men yes they want to learn that there's a lot of fake
surrounding there are a lot of using signals i have a theory that so not that long i maybe just handful years ago i finally got like a a leather biker style jacket like the fonz kind of yeah but and every time no it but every time i smack something electronic doesn't work better so yeah he had a magic touch bro absolutely the ladies love them yeah yeah he uh i got this jacket and i've always wanted one ever since i was a kid and i went to the this store in new york's there was no there wasn't a location locally where i could just try the jackets on and i didn't want to buy an expensive jacket and have to send it but all this stuff so i was in new york went to the store found the jacket that fit me loved it bought it been wearing lebron living crap out of it taken it all kinds of places been nasty black metal mosh pits with it on i've been all around the world with that have been far
in russia leather jacket is made to tell a story eventually at the end of it right but people will oh oh you know do you write a rat biting like no the reason why i have the jacket is because of mad max the road warrior because when i saw that and as a kid though jack is look bad and you know here's the bronze the the mf the running around in their falcons just tear nascent blowing up wearing these jackets i want to jack it like that but i started to notice that this jacket was everywhere everywhere at everybody everybody was making a version of this jacket somehow or someway this biker style jacket guys are wearing it everywhere pics are wearing it everywhere and then i'm like how that's a weird fashion trend i didn't really see that comment and then as i started to think about it more and more
more it seems like there is a attempt within society to try and present the image of toughness right so from hair cuts to jackets to all these different kinds maybe everyone's trying to appear to be tough and badass on the top without but people going out there risking it like they used to the not in king on these jobs that are dangerous or even just your people want to have muscle cars but they don't want to work on him they don't want to by having the item it somehow implies some sort of character yeah some sort of toughness some sort of a rugged element yourself like an a badass like you've gone through it right but for that check at your phone off your bike going seventy miles an hour and just rolling and
does and you see all the like like the thirty year old hollywood he type dudes with the manicured beards and all that on their harleys that have all been you know turn turn the choppers and like you know it's like a a a big show of of toughness without because people aren't going out there and in living tough lives in is it toughness or is it coolness and are they the same it's it's it's i think it's a coolness related to the idea of being tough and attempt at authenticity correct you know to use a term like it masculinity right and even while a woman that's a hearing to be tough i mean you would call it a masculine trait even though that doesn't mean that they're being a man well she's not a signal right check that whereas like a leather jacket and rides a bike she's put out a signal like you better be a bad mother fucker if you want this bitch or i mean girls
it's one of those what one of the agents here at the that the previous could still apply to the latter yeah i'm sure yeah it's it's like you know i'm a bad boy fucker or whatever whatever vibe you're trying to put out there and then you go and you're like well ok what's bad motherfucker about you i don't take no shit i'm sure you do hey bro i don't take any shit my agent calls me i tell him to fuck off locked and i nailed that addition i even have any product in my hair i don't give a fuck you don't know me man i'm different it just is it's just a little it's a casual observations totally anecdotal but i just seems like people are attempting to try and it's like things i always tell people about looking at human history ago that that the issues that we deal with the things that affect us are not new just in a lot of ways are just more magnified there as
specially with social media social media i believe like praise on certain elements of our way of being our process it it heightens our responses to certain things but it also heightens what we see from these responses because when he is let's say a massively in secure so social media can really pray help play hell on that and make you feel more insecure especially if you're putting depending on where you're putting value on what you see here what is said about you or you know how you are necessarily if you're comparing self to others also when you respond to that in some way through your own social media be it by trying to take more grandiose photos or or or i don't know it's whatever sort of signaling of of how to me to make up for that it shines even not much more to everybody else and as much as you see what
everybody else does and then you're given an option on how do you react to that well if you're not i mean these are the sort of you can go back into old books on philosophy in an old historical tax in security is not going anywhere where not any all that much more different from a thousand years a two thousand years of three thousand years and the way we react and respond to things that we are now it's just that all these things are amplified under the the elements of technology that are around us and how they can affect us and how much easier it is for that for those things to get to us in a radically amplified i mean i see people fighting with people on instagram you know see if people fighting with the commenters yes you know someone post something and then other people shit on them and then they they take their post and comment on that and and you gotta go go this is like hours of your day man and people just sniping at you for the
because you're wearing let us or whatever it is something right you you have you could say well you know you've got the person who's got a whose turn their their social media into a very self absorbed sort of a platform that's a lot and then even in in amongst that it's like well let me to a degree if it's your social media and you are the prime element within it well in a of course it would be a bit self absorbed but yeah but i think there's more new ones to it than that and it's not just to pick on say you know the gals that are taking all the sexy self fees and all that kind of stuff is that the due to do essentially the same equivalent and it's all in it you know often it could be in response to drive attention towards themselves but what do you why do you want that attention in the first place and then of course that's something you can't know until you know the person exactly well a lot of girls make a living off between one hundred percent yeah there's a lot of girls that they do like sponsored tweets or sponsored instagram posts once they can get
any dudes are making a living off instagram that way for like that got famous like girls it's like girls with big asses and this one girl that i just started following her whole instagrams her ass i mean that it man i was thinking i was a terrible thing to think but i was thinking of a dog ever came over a bit her out should be out of work that's it that's up just have a an marking spray of gel shooting out of her house we should have kevlar pants on everywhere she goes that ask lloyd's of london i have what would you give me perchik on insurance i mean she has a tremendous ass to get me wrong but it's just weird when there's this like one body part that essentially defines your identity like this which is weirder that great ass to this this person with this fantastic monumen
so epic level is out there taking photos of it putting it out there for people see or that people not only continue to look at it but more flock to this this is a religious icon of an mass apparently yeah well it is doesn't get old apparent it just never gets old no not for dudes for girls is there like one but i guess it's abs is it abs like what is the one body part of jamie jamie yeah hey tell us about what to wallet got fat as well as it doesn't effect is kind of fat watt but it will also it wouldn't be surprised that women in terms of that that kind of shallow aspect of social media in that way could could make more impact out of it because even when you look at say all the men maggie all the women's magazine all that kind of stuff like women want to look at hot women
right so women are even driven to look at highland where of course obviously driven to look at hot women women know bout filters twenty this bitch is using filters look at her that is not what she looks like and then oh my god she looks like a cartoon should i face look at her face and then they're trying to find out what filter that was that's a beauty filter what camera does use yeah if girls found out there was like one camera that really did it it would be the ever girl would use that one phone that has that one camera exactly they nailed it i guess they're all pretty now but if there was like one standout phone that took better selfies like that would be the one that they used it would be a marketing avalanche tord yeah right that demographic for just like your rear phone like if you have a phone the camera on the back is always more powerful than the selfie camera bigger lens and for checks that's fucking bullshit
they need attending included all refers to the other ways i need like multiple lenses you can choose which one you need that like i know it might friends look like i see them i want to see myself selfie sticks if there was dudes only dudes on the planet that we know selfie sticks that shit would never been invented you don't think so no if we and it was only men and we found a guy with a selfie stick that would be the guy we fuck i called him down all right what is this is this did you get injured is this a walking stick is a portable baton in case you get attacked are you using that to take photos inside of a bear cave because you're going to have to go in and you want to make sure you know where the grizzly is or you put in that thing around yeah the rabbit is yeah i get it so we doing because if not i got a problem with this you're sure okay dudes with selfie sticks that is a dark thing is something about it like hold it up hey
in front of a bottle of white wine is a while i do so i don't it doesn't make sense like why is it okay for me to take a selfie with the regular selfie lands but it's a problem for did as a selfie stick i don't know i just seems a bit obnoxious perhaps well it's seems that way i can't say that i have a reason why it makes sense make me in hey maybe it's simply because we we view it as something that that are we seeing women do it more and so we we think that a man is somehow doing something well exactly i don't know if a man gets fillers in his face ever see like older dude gets fillers in his face you like bro i want to pull my side come here i'm sure i have you wanna go no just don't you're going to be wrinkled this is just it you're sixty five years old you gotta let it go
no it's letting go on its own anyways but some some gals can kind of pull it off and you feel bad for them but they still kind of pretty so you like so you know personally myself i'm not really all that into the especially ma in the face that is for anyone i just think that it's it's one of the the potential for to go really badly in real they're into it just i think that people you don't have to look perfect to be a beautiful person yeah yeah your person i mean like your personality is at least as in horton is the way you look and if your purse now the is such that you need to shoot plastic in your face in order to feel good about yourself you know i've got to go all what's happening there but below the surface it could be a indicator of something more serious that no matter how much filler how nice it could look maybe there's still going to be an issue per se so it's also
those things just like anorexia or body builders that can never get big enough where they have body dysmorphia people don't know what they really look like do you know about the fitbit nachi sequence the numbers right yeah it's the golden ratio it actually applies to facial features see if you can find something now there is one busy documentary on that right now at the time i was on on there was something about symmetry and and elizabeth hurley when they made that thing was considered one of the most beautiful women in the world by the sent by the mathematics of it all she still wanna know i don't got it yeah that checks like eighty eight years old she still hot as fuck she's rocking it but there's something about the way your face is shaped you're like a good example of my friend aricia fear already has a thin face in a long nose and it all works together like if he had my nose on his face it would be like hey the
fucks wrong with your face but the ratios of the width of his face in the length of his nose in the size of his eyes all that stuff somehow or another syncs up so you're saying not to anyone thing it's the sum of your part yes it's all those things go together and if one of them is off like you say if you are where is golden ratio in the face so if you are a black woman and you have white lips like a white woman's lips people like what the the fuck is going on how to even listen right she's got a large nose or a wide nose and you know grow this facial hair and hide my skinny little skinny lips completely slipped have viking lips bro i've been told this is i've had some girls go man you're you're actually awake ok so then i expected 'cause you have it seems like you have no lips you know the good bad someone told kylie jenner and that's why she got facial stuff yeah i was reading that today
this is what kind of loser i am fifty year old man with children i fuck pay taxes i gotta a lot of shit to do meanwhile read some article about why kylie jenner cited to take all the filler out of her face it was a fuckin article on my google feed and i was like what is this they know they know what you're into i guess they do i don't know now they've got your tags sons of bitches how do they know they know the inner working such a rogan well filler a fairly recent thing in human history i'm not long at all that round earlier with that i mean i don't proclaim i don't even know what's in it what is filler well it's ok let's facial phil google that what's in facial filler sand jb weld bondo real calm yeah probably depending on what high grade it is for is the fresh levels of the guerrilla composite feel like if they touch your face and you got some shit and i don't make sure cheeks pop some girls look like they got rocked like their cheeks injectable fillers for the face
oh jesus higher all ic hyaluronic acid no psychology in a hyaluronic acid or both going to get absorbed into your system eventually yeah i think that's the good part about it is that it's temporary and then if you just let your body raising scar depressions enhancing lips and play sing soft tissue volume loss through facial injections enhancing lips get it done but that's why it looks weird with girls when they have fake lips because of the golden ratio face doesn't it just doesn't work like go back to that article on the golden ratio of the face please and you'll see like they have a there's a whole mathematical sort of algorithm that they can use to short sort of explain what is and isn't not normal the the the shape of your face i'm
like look at what the fucks name angelina jolie you remember that song there was a fucking song with someone is there was a god damn it this is like two thousand and two like it was a song was angelina jolie got some big ass titties the name of this song it was at a big areas that was that was at top forty about monks me and my stupid fucking friends it was it was the funny song like that dude is sang it is that is that funny so sure as well or that's a good question and you have to ask somebody else those are the years from two thousand when i was doing fear effect is that it she
stating the obvious is that the name of the song yes because of big yes to it it's it's it's so stupid from two thousand to to somewhere around two thousand and seven i think i was high every day all blur driving through coastal fog board rose doing fear factor the only way i enjoyed it i was not your eyes farm you aren't enjoying all eating big game this is and people screaming about having a centipede on their head after a while got bored give you gotta get desensitized to it it i just can't watch porn anymore right it's like if there's not a robot in there you know having sex with a tiger while a midget films it clearly that stuff
does happen right like there's a reason why people like gag porn was that rule thirty four if there's not a point of it the it is the if there's if you can think of it there's a porn out there and thirty five is if it doesn't exist it shall be made yeah that makes sense the fortune thing not that i'm our channel the time but won't someone's gonna all the count there's something about like we're getting desensitized that's fucking absolutely real and that's one of the reasons why i like in time is of war people are capable of doing more and more awful shit it's like you get desensitized you get normalized like people are very malleable you get accustomed all sorts of things yes and some of those things don't necessarily stay for for their subjective in for that time in that moment and plus there is everything that's going around you in if if we're all in here and we're saying we're drinking coffee and we think that this is the way to be and then other for everyone else out in around us like well they're all drinking energy drinks with energy drinks
the best thing to the will now there's this other thing that you see them perhaps than that bleeds into what no let's do energy drinks instead yeah you go from that to you know let's drink grain alcohol maybe not then we could be yeah i mean sure people just don't imitate their atmosphere you will show an if someone else is you know god and war if they take one of your teammates and then cut him to pieces and send him back to you then all of a sudden yeah you're going to do the same then some reprisal yeah yeah i used to know dude who he was a mormon and mormons aren't allowed to drink coffee i thought you were going go somewhere else but i knew he was a mormon e cut people apiece in the centre no i didn't do any of that i don't think mormons they're just so far really there's something gotta be going on underneath something there's a trigger that gotta to find it it's a put a hole in there they get a hole in the magic underwear they're just that's it but i would lock in place down i offered him a cup of coffee
he's like no i i can't drink coffee and he had a one of those huge monster energee seriously yeah he was drinking them off all day long to the point where he was having like heart problems he's getting fucking hard palpitations he was drinking no it wasn't wasn't monsters it was rock stars i wonder which one has more caffeine i want to i think rock rockstar has more caffeine than a monster monsters doable like i drink i'll drink a sugar free monster during ufc broadcast sometimes i drink those during the the new japan shows at four hours but the problem is you gotta piss whatever is in there goes right to use right out right now caffeine in help and goldberg used to drink those things like their water and he was always pm both monster and rockstar have the same amount of caffeine per serving which is eighty grams per eight ounces yeah but what he's not there if you look at wow that's crazy that's our list as being two hundred and forty
or something around there at the whole canon monster list as being one hundred and thirty two this is two hundred and seventy wo so if you have these little bad boys are two seven god damn it take it trying to give you kind of make me jump out of this chair k start trying to give people heart attacks shadow the tape fletcher shout out to take fletcher in caveman coffee yeah there's people are weird with trends right like whatever the fuck happened at acid washed means i was thinking that the other day like people used to love acid wash jeans remember they walk around with jeans with all sports all over on that i think they're kind of making a bit of a comeback like fanny packs have the same you are ahead of the curve way ahead of curve i never left basically a late 80s pro wrestler yeah right like hulk hogan like hold bogan like yeah right here ladies and gentlemen this bitch never left my side all leather never left my side this
real it was made from a bighorn sheep that you track down and shot with an arrow i wish get one made i've got these axis deer hides out there i should get one turn into a fanny pack that be dope before on it fuck yeah right yeah ticks in hawaii but that's the thing about paradigms is you don't really realize it's you know when the paradigm is is over until you're out of it right so we're in a paradigm now of some sort and it's easy to get lost in that and not be able to see outside it everything is happening now that will be ridiculed in a few tough i mean i did
think that in a lot of ways we would end up to where we are at this point and and so many of the social and cultural elements and that didn't even just specifically stay within the u s but seem to be bleeding throughout all of western society and civilization at large i got one word that's that's a shoe right that's just for jamie he loves those fucking things he bought me a pair i won't where am i told him next time i go running in the creeks i'm going to wear him jamie loves these god damn thing so i'm not the hippest so i'm trying to look at the phone thing in there bro yeah disease that come on that looks like a sneaker from the 80s right i would you can say that would you say this by the way you talking to a real man here understand this i understand this
is that just like the bottom of a fucking see of a of a real man like in a visible form is there a phone coleman coolers yeah yeah that's a that's the bottom part still to this field trip what is this this is like a glorified fucking water sock this is the thing you see some some with those frog skin things on his glasses to keep from falling off boys around in the you know wanna get too wet so you wouldn't wear those no where the changes what i wear weird how manly men i wear these that's right my workers are chuck taylor ducks customs suck yeah with my logo on the side drawn by dan panosian looking skull
shit like this god damn dirty stinky chuck i wear black metal t shirts up yeah look at that see that chuck's god damn classics jamie not this what is this a fucks going on here comfort i've been where am i like you just wear angelina jolie's titties write big ass soles i could see jp and some of the easy what's up jp jp competing easy yeah i could see him wearing some atrocious sandals and no one's looking well man that you have to talk to him to get take those off with with like some wool socks on yeah yeah yeah some tevas jamie now we're talking about the uh but you're allowed to wear socks with slides
uh slides so there's no there's no to you well how do who says guys wear mall time fuck that noise the fuck is that about i don't know that they know it where the loud no it's not allowed guys wear although keep your socks out your sandals we were just in vegas and there was some basketball thing going ok there was a bunch of basketball players half of am okay slides okay here's the deal with that though in its i can at least say as an athlete they maybe they've got their slides on because they're going to take those slides off and put their basketball shoes right on so for them it's like i'm out of uniform at the moment but i ready go to combat football wise at any moment i i don't know but in general as far as
a fashion trend that noise but it was a shameless amongst like rappers sissy rappers when those things with socks it just looks like you just i don't know like you given up yeah kind of yeah money just wear sweatpants all day too like you do with a wife beater with your gut hanging out of the bottom of it and you just fucking kicking back fuck it i'd only i can't even bend over and tie my shoes yeah that's candy class the velcro on my yeezys yeah then then the down well you know i guess i guess you don't need a real shoe if you throw on you walk out with your socks on you throwing your sliders again on your hover border in what year electric scooter we would you ever drive a tesla uh i would drive a tesla but you know i got one of my beefs not with teslas per se in any way but i would say we talking about cars as somebody out and about and they'll
will have some conversation and i'll bring up some car or talk about something like the dodge now wasn't demon when the hellcat came out and so like those hellcats i've heard amazing things about how not only is it obviously incredibly powerful and fast but that their massively comfortable you could it's a gt are you could grand tour at all over the us and become free the whole time right yeah and they're like oh what about the test learn like that's another forty to fifty for one thousand dollars more search is fast if not faster i go if i'm pay over one hundred fucking one thousand dollars for a car get better be fast it better have all this shit and i would talk about you know certain other m and a lot of times they got my firebird doesn't cost that much dude i don't care if that test the wind you just spent a hundred one thousand dollars on a car it would have cost was an option what if you were even months a fine ellon musk i'm well god i don't think he cannot drive a test
but he's out there in a god damn three inch exhaust four hundred and seventy you know big block pontiac people are like what the fuck yeah he probably can't drive anything but tesla right and what a trap yeah for real but for now i wish i would rather i would rather drive a car i i don't feel like electric cars have soul soul they don't have any there's like nothing that doesn't thank you beep boop boop bop in the little printer team comes out and i just doesn't do it for me well they're really cool but at the end of the day with that there's a problem the problem is it feels good to hear the rumble of an engine to in the put that collection and pop that gear what is that he wants to gas cars he owns of alright jack that's an old school jack that's a 60s jaguar hardtop is probably a v12 actually those are amazing
it's a roaster okay so that top pops off that's that's a shaped man look at as a rebel the user i d type online ads some of the sixties sixty seven sixty seven and the gorgeous oh so pretty let me see that picture again scroll down look yeah but there's some think about the sound of combustion engines just it's so magnetic test those are cool there silent that i'm sure they're incredibly comfortable oh yeah and then pad that they big ass ipad that you have where your navigation screen is me is the shit what you do driving and that thing and you just ask it to play song arms and it pulls him up on spotify i'm also a little weirded out by the over electronic element
of modern life i i realized the usefulness of it but i always think about you know some shit goes s like i can't just fix it and we keep going or if something goes bad it can go bad in a lot of different ways and there's a chain of command of bad that it that it's all linked to they can go to as well and so i'm just like it just isn't the plus when you talk about engines all right you you start up your porsche right start up that you start up an ls motor and then you started up next to a big block pontiac you start up next to a big block ford and everything has a different feel a different yeah different candidates and it makes it sound different makes it operate different the exhaust is on a everything changes these are different elements and so the car even though itself not just the exterior of it but the internals make it seem like a different vehicle yeah for sure like have you ever been around ferrari not a ton no but i know they have they got this sam
yeah yeah they have their own one aston martin is famous for having it's a very specific exhaust note their sound they have it's like celebration it's like better not drive it too far 'cause it's probably going to break before before for the next twelve minutes this it's fantastic nothing like it the way they sound like i used to love top gear with jeremy it is a great show he's the best whoever he punched he said sorry yeah do that over and get over it fuck is wrong bbc can take a punch nowadays pontius slap it's what you were talking about earlier people are pussified their pussified there there playing tough there doing a god damn car show with a bunch of men drinking booze you guys got in a fight and you got hit way take a little settlement move on give them an egg an apology or even just say let me hit you one back fine i wish is there hold on
but uh seventy million dollars give the man one million people wanting to sort of live at parents house for the rest of their life except then it goes from being mom and dad to them being a state of some sort that does all your work for you 'cause you don't want to have to take the responsibility of either winning or losing that asian maybe well i think you just got punched well it generally drug castle maybe so but if i don't know if it is one of its on germany could just go to me i do it i'm going to get one on you yeah it's an easy then we're done i move on with my life right but i think i can fucking small volume eight is the realm of people that don't practice martial it's like how many people get drunk and get in fistfights that actually know how to right it's pretty small into the internet it's real small he wants his fucking stick district videos who is bobby idea what they're doing you know they think
i'm always amazed at people's overestimation of what they can do with their body especially when it pertains to animals like what you would do with an app animals coming at you or like you know what my favorite thing to watch it is one of my favorite things in the last couple of weeks i gotta stop i watch fucking running with the bulls oh man when is that is in the sprints actually this week i think i have a bunch of friends over there going to be no call them so tell him you love them to get the fuck out there don't do it hey let's let's let's get this two ton animal fucking don't think people understand a how strong those things are in b how shitty their body works people have this idea yeah the company pro i'm going to fucking just get out of the way and i'll just sidestep it yeah mean you're on these slick beer soaked what is
this is jamie what all this is the end of it yeah right now the six to the fourteen it's happening right now i can't believe it i've been watching videos i didn't know was actually live this is this is on instagram is that this is so sick insane this is so insane people are so and said what if we get the beat on you and all of a sudden like i know you're the only one out of this entire crowd of five hundred people right now that it wants to gore all you know i mean if it finds one it's it's still it's going to take its frustrations out and the crazy thing is look how many people are there watching this it watching these fools running around in the middle of this bull fly want to see someone get fucked up by a bull have you ever watched a bullfight i have not i have seen plenty of clips footage of it would happen but i'm going to watch a bullfight yeah interested didn't didn't really do anything for me now i mean i i can up until the point of of of killing it ok okay you want to go out there and a ageable seems like a bad
idea but all right but then all right you've already proven that you maneuver yourself out of the way no need to spirit and kill it is also seems to me that i know it's tradition i know it comes from a different era i know i understand that and so i'm not going to sit here and just go railroading boo the inquisition is tradition to that knows a lot of things it's pretty successful yeah there's all horrific traditions it just seems to me to be a bastardization of our relationship with animals like even i don't think is anything wrong with domesticated animals but obviously factory farming is is disgusting adoration white white right i mean right and there is no i it's possible to have an those that are able to live a more natural way of life than it is to
jam into a cage enforce freedom until i don't know if it's possible to do it the way we've been doing it the real problem is the way we expect to be able to just go to jack in the box and get a burger well we too much meat yeah in general i think that your average person doesn't need to uh nearly as much varieties of meat as they do they need to they don't meet in their diet i believe on average do you don't you know the carnivore diet now see the thing i've been hurt you talking to you've talked a lot about in jordan peterson and his his daughter well i talked about it with chris bell first who's been on it for i think he's been on it for at least six months or so and he's having radical improvements and one of the reasons that he's having improvements and then jordans having tremendous results and jaw his daughter as well is arthritis they all have arthritis like chris bell has to
artificial hips i don't doubt it trying to be that market smelly amar bore chris or yeah and chris is the one who produced bigger stronger faster i met chris i've actually never met mark green person but yeah chris is a fantastic i always got it backward baseball cap on yeah they're both fantastic guys and really really smart in just chris is suffered from serious debility bing arthritis and pain in his joints his whole life having a carnivore diet knocked it out for him and the only thing i was familiar with the key to janet died and all that kind of stuff and and having a higher it works for me as well to be on to eat that way it my problem is my love affair with fucking breads
there drop when you're out there get a coffee maybe in the morning damn that looks like an amazing chris on right now you know how it looks even better in my face to look talk occurs on i do like to look for signs you know you always get the best ones coffee bean those starbucks one can suck my dick you know what i don't eat croissants is i don't see at guy but i don't eat starbucks croissants you don't know they're tearable they used to be ok they used to be pretty good you know when one s he started put in plastic bags they guy do you yeah they're already sealed up in a plastic bag but no ones at coffee bean have way more chocolate in 'em there thick if you're going to go deep godey that's what i said i go to the off the non chain coffee shops that will like coffee coffee and food and coffee commissaries place down the street here a russian bakery now they have these chocolate croissants it'll knock your dick right in the dark and bad whoo thick rich and delicious yeah i'll go get a number for them i got good coffee but if i
i stick to eating and i'm in a ketogenic way i feel bad where are my joints hurt less i lose fat easier but i still can can put on muscle mass it is a better way for me to eat and i don't know if there is something about our genetic makeups say meet you jp we probably have some crossover similar there yeah i don't know if there's anything to do with that i i just know that it's been useful to me and i've seen it be you know that's the way you eat i've seen i've heard jordan talk about his daughter and how this was been for her and and as you she's another one with the mean she's had her ankle replaced her hip replaced is like an auto immune thing yeah as the seats the same it's same exact issue an autoimmune issues also with this radical arthritis is there's so many people have these issues and these are isolated incidences isolated isolated issues people have but i know people to thrive of vegetarian diets have no problem with it
vegetarian is the way to go for a lot of people that are thinking about being vegan don't be scared to eggs folks just get eggs four eggs are great for you just every the office of fucking peta propaganda where they call them chicken periods but if you do i kill animals i get it i get it i told i love animals get free range eggs you can get him at the fucking farmers market and they have a dark orange yolk and their fucking grateful amazing and the chickens don't even notice they're gone they don't give a no check is gonna have eggs no matter what yeah they just lay them and that's there's a rooster there are two to fertilize it they just gonna lay a yeah it's just free food it's like a gift that you they give if you for change keystone chance i had six eggs this morning for breakfast little thicker and heavier and it's actually good for you and of all things one of chickens one of their favorite little snacks and something that they just absolutely love
eggs yeah the fuck up and chickens love scrambled eggs yeah you know they really love they love shells they love to fuck yeah mice mice live and saying fuck officious little fuckers yeah but you know what they don't fuck with squirrels well there little big yeah but they just don't even try like squirrels like a rat you know it's basically rat everybody loves squirrels even chickens step bushy tail it's crazy the bushy tails all you needed that cute haircut is like this little snapping awake and yeah yeah i had a i had four chickens in one time there was a little major chihuahua little chihuahua or a little mini docs and maybe are many men it was a min pin and it got into the yard ended up in the backyard and the four chickens cornered it and wouldn't let it leave and so it's
their whining and yelping and eventually my ex at the time went and got the dog and then tried to figure out whose it was and what have you and it turned out it was chipped i think and you got given somewhere where someone can track him down but it was just hilarious that these chickens are like fuck you motherfucker in the wrong place you know who else loves squirrel my dog is a different animal altogether marshall did you ever catch him now he got that one it was like this sweet golden retriever this kind dog loves everybody he likes fucking up squirrels too well the problem is the squirrels go into the chicken coop they will find away in the chicken coop and they steal all the chickens food and marshall just decided to weigh outside the chicken coop 'cause he knew where the whole was it just been there boom snatched out mother fargo and then it just with the biggest shading grand space
yeah mrs rogan does not like the squirrels she doesn't like the squirrels getting into the chicken food to me i feel like we just buy more chicken food the poor little squirrels out there hustling it's hardly they've been a squirrel it is just trying to get in nobody's trying to get by trying to live your life out there all this peer pressure from all these other squirrels and he started smoking young yeah they find this sweet spot where all these fucking nuts and all this grain is like this is amazing squirrel gang you know when they fucked up though they start stealing eggs basically steal eggs these cuts were trying to roll eggs out of the chicken coop when she got mad i had no idea the squirrels ate eggs and we started finding videos online jamie pulled up a bunch of videos of squirrels roland chicken egg out of it i never heard of that either yeah the mother we they have we have egg boxes are elevated egg boxes a kid a boxes like two and a half three feet off the ground from that squirrels got up into the xbox got the egg
knocked it out of the egg box lands on the ground that getting it in their role in the egg with a clever little fuckers sneaky and they're cute so they're like i can get away with anything they do get away with more like rats must like what in the fuck man versus mars shit we were way smarter yeah and yet people keep fucking want to staff is left and right yeah there's no industry for squirrel killing like no not really maybe in the deep s and that's not industry out there to get their mortgage is paid by killing rats i get driving around a nice car from killing rats and nobody cares nobody feels bad like i'm an exterminator we're all racists when it comes to certain animals and bugs people collect butterflies stomp coaches every stomps merchants watts mosquitoes well fuck mosquitoes those things they will give you every
you know all kinds of diseases and shane gay fever malaria the only the only part of a mosquitoes life i enjoy i think is interesting is when their larva and their these fucking vicious little things with these giant hooked teeth that will can even eat little fish and all that kind of stuff ponds too when i first moved california i rented this house in encino an nobody lived in it for like a year and a half two years something like that and they had a pool in the back yard that was just sitting there with drill gamma green it won't just cleaned there was schools of mosquito larva swimming around like fish i went out into the articles like what the is that the guy was like aw we'll take care that i go what would you take care of that yes would you poison that she had our our launch into it yeah well the first thing you do is you believe each it then you gotta drain you got it you got to take all this group all that shit out yeah you gotta drain all that water out they had to bring like a machine and then they had to clean all the fucking the
bottom of the pool was all green and funky but the crazy thing is they were moving through the water like you know i see those those big flocks of birds yes and they all moved yet we're doing that in the water there was fuck thousands of 'em it was crazy but then it and grow legs would have been a real problem would have real problems they got out and started flying around i want to fucked up there's a meme out there and it's i think it's a picture and it's repeated on the bottom as well of a pitta billboard and it's gotta these animals are sitting standing in a line and it says where do you draw the line between you know food and friend or whatever and then someone else has been they've got that the same thing down there and it's like this is normal food is catastrophic apocalypse i've seen that yeah yeah i've seen that yeah well you know being a vegetarian
or a vegan is a very very first world option to reason why people it is got to this point is because we figured out a way to survive eating all the animals around it's just like they figured out a way to survive even the animals around that all in the the argument that all this culture is mostly vegetarian or fear this or that and it's like okay well it's also highly developed based on what was available yeah i didn't just say i don't want to hurt the animals well the only people to do is the hindu met him those are for fascinating and there's a lot of speculation as to watch dora clear developed civilization at certain points in time in comparison to the rest of the world so yeah i mean you go back and read the bhagavad gita i mean they had some really complex philosophy and really interesting thoughts about the universe but a lot people believe that that was due to psychedelic drugs and one well one of the reasons why they believe they had this interesting relationship with cattle but not with lamb was
because cattle shit would grow magic mushrooms on it this is because so much is a big part of the ancient hindu folklore in their religion and their ancient tax they talk about soma soma was some sort of a psychedelic mixture and they don't know exactly what it was they know that hindus the like a lot of the ancient hindu text they deal with some sacraments and they know that they were into hash and like a lot of the yogis sadhus there into chillums they smokes chillum's of ash so they knew they were into hash but they think that their version eating k cows may have had something to do with the fact that these cow
as would shed and then the mushrooms are grown zero in there with the selections and have these profound experiences right and so that these guys the thought of these cows is conduits to god right but then there's you know also the probably drank the milk you know they probably use them to plow the fields to grow their food so it's it's real it's interesting because when a culture and aversion to eating a very specific animal in that specific animal also is the main source of psychedelic mushrooms to take nor that connection seems a little bit weird no i don't think it's arbitrary i think it's it's it's something that would be worth investigating right and why not an it worst case scenario come down to you have to figure out something else but look achieve like right you see that picture shiva shiva storms six arms and shiva standing on like a little looks like a baby and i always yeah i have a giant bronze shiba in my house and when it the lady said this
shiva is standing on ignorance this is what it's supposed to be i go i thought ignorance would be way bigger than felt like ignorance would be like a dragon and shiva was like fighting it was a much larger than him but when that thing and that she was doing when you trip your balls off okay if you trip balls and you were start moving your arms around i would think josh barnetts got six on that there's so much of ancient hindu artwork that is i thought they were just fan in a bad fart could be that could be that that's what we had a fire around it maybe that's what is there lighting matches but like ancient hindu art there's this iconography this like these iconic imagery this icon like imagery that you see when you do psychedelics you see a lot of this stuff particularly in russia for some reason you'll see like ancient hindu and sometimes ancient egyptian shit too i know
no you can see you'll see geometric shapes yeah appear out of you know to me i'm just like well that's just what you see when you reason but it's a great it's interesting way of looking at it but it's not point and that's about it it's it's a the way it's affecting the way the way your visual processing yeah i per turbine serve your visual cortex yeah but it's not poison that's that the crazy thing is like the ld fifty of mushrooms is almost impossible to eat yourself to death from like you have to your own body weight like you you would get way to stop put him inside those fucking croissants those chocolate their science it might be the move somebody that's a term that is continued to go throughout it's like a sleeping pill now that and then it was also a major element within all this huxley's brave new world which i think that was based on that i probably so i'm firmly of a belief that we're living in is not a
orwellian potential dystopic stop dystopic future we're living in uh huh version because huxley in orwell's saw it from two different ways and in orwell was more of the there would be force and violence and direct suppression of individuals and groups and retrain now there is thought we seeing and you know even though column equity to versity whatever department's i mean there for people that are there too you know they have these chaebols that try to force everybody to be in line but it's not necessarily gassing folks are beating on him or what have you shock therapy however huxley's version of how this would all go badly was that everybody would be so comfortable that there would be so much luxury and pleasure and that you would just not fight back yeah anything that they would try to
in part upon you the way they would get you to do it is just make your life even softer an even easier huxley was right in that regard and also there's so little danger in the world and so little real drama that we look for drama of course we look forward all over place we've made the world going on most of the world very very safe specially for at least for us in west in the first world nations do something that dave rubin tweeted today see if you could find this it's real reason that the mayor of star wars i don't think so durham apparently said something about jordan peterson that george peterson is not welcome in durham north carolina as transphobic and racist views what yeah what is it the sick i can't read them and to make a little larger what a misrepresented person jordan peterson has become
well it's going to be blade very strange we believe that durham is a place for all of us black white asian latin x oh i like how you at latin x instead of latino because if you say loud to next it's like latina latino you get all those marvel at taking any chances indigenous mix raced trans insists this is in the real word you're getting crazy mayor gay indian lesbian queer and straight this is the thing queered cover all of it anymore it's not here always confused by that it got kind of hairy open vague term i mean and maybe there is a an act that maybe there's some sort of accepted standard for what what to define it's clear what about able what about asexual is that alright i didn't put that in a sex
we should march yeah now now route now they're attack at a sexual activist lobbies coming from those who seek to deny the humanity of others will find no comp that's another thing that's always an interesting statement to people like to make deny the humanity like who said that you who's denying your humanity even even right i mean even some of this is just a prick it's like they can't you just heard it and responded to it you're living the life that you want to live how can they deny your humanity will look at this we wish to emphasize is that a person's right to free speech does not include the right to a platform or an audience well here's the thing you can't deny that people are listening to him and enjoy his work but if you're going to make these broads statements you have to have some sort of evidence to back up what you're saying i know jordan peterson an he's deaf and he not eracist know he's definitely not transphobic or homophobic or any of those things he was against compelled speech
yeah so compelled speech state compelled speech meaning that there was a bunch of different words that they were forcing people to use that were these new gender pronouns and they were soon pally right and the of human rights councils in canada and he is in is a you mean he's the clinical psychologist and easy very well read and he understands like marxism and all the pitfalls modern is and the marxism in its its evolution from classical marxism and how it's been influenced the the difference between emphasizing this yeah structure of the base yeah i know it's just virtue satellites worse form i am a a very very familiar with gp's work i he actually sent me a copy of his book through twitter well that's amazing and which is fantastic but the way i came across jordan peterson was that as a big fan of nietzsche in his philosophical writings so i'd go on youtube to see if i could find lectures on need and in his maps of meaning lectures and this is before or any of the the issue
bill c sixteen really i didn't know about any of that i was just listening to jordan peterson lectures because of him referencing and talking about nature so the furniture to you and also heskey and all this and he would then start talk a lot about marxism and communism in postmodernism in reference to each other in other ways and then then the c sixteen stuff and then i was living with a marxist for awhile so i started will you really yes oh jesus yeah it was not fun so but at the same time i had to try to understand what the arguments that were he made and why and so you gotta go research and so if someone says blah blah blah blah blah i'm like ok i guess i need to look up the research and what that is then you come back and you go that's actually not an apples for apples comparison and it's not seventy percent on the doll then you just go into it and they just look at you and they go no i read what's your source well this thing
i read that source it doesn't talk about education level job for job hours work like it isn't i mean no one saying that things couldn't be better yeah they just haven't heard this argument before when you hear about the wage gap the gender wage gap it's not the same it's not people doing the same job that's what's great this is the best way to lot of not people doing the same job and it's not people working the same hours the reason why men make more money as they do different jobs now are those jobs more difficult for women to get is a real question some of 'em i imagine they are per i mean i never doubt that there is a potential sexism ism to some degree in some fair sexism coming from both sides of the tracks are the way they feel and how many women want to be working on a oil rig right in the middle of or doing a pipe lines up and frozen south dakota north dakota or something they did at not the end how many m are physically capable of doing the work too right which isn't a woman's fault at all and you can't i wouldn't hold it against anybody or if they didn't if they chose did did not want to choose to do
that kind of employment there's nothing wrong with that either now you know if a woman want to go off and make artisan soap right that could make the soap with essential oils that are the best for like you know like how you use defense soap stuff like if that was a woman that came and created all of that like that's a valuable respectable fantastic thing that they just doesn't requ physical strength anyway don't don't diminish your compliments of someone else just because it doesn't fit what you think is well the problem is when we get teams man mean toxic tribalism is the real problem the real problem is people getting teams whether it's male verse female in this mayor of durham guarantee well it's not democrat a lot of his weaponized so most of the stuff about the patriarchy which i am also in in grants with jordan peterson you know that it doesn't exist that's not the way the human history has has rolled out at i don't buy that at all not them and or the wage gap these are wet
nice things they use them in a weaponized way to try and destroy your argument or edition or your way of being the it's it's a weapon i diminish your point of view by saying what's your white privilege talking sometime i get a lot of white privilege to drive so why you're a big white i have two very very white if the with the red deer head do that from the pacific northwest how much how much can you get in anyway if i get any wider i'm gonna be where in your birkenstock socks on you should have a retail and and by now while members of both retail but it's it's a war these are these terms are used in in in conflict
when why wouldn't they be because most of the the source material that the creation of the the sort of ideological view points are from post modernist near marxism and and it's all based on the concept of conflict theory so there's always going to be an oppressor and oppressed so if you what you are doing is up is trying to argue with or even just make your case to someone who's an oppressor well it would be weaponized because as far as you're concerned everything they do is weaponized against you you already chosen a confrontational position he there's also the problem with people wanting to be right and i think that's human nature well i also like whether it's someone who's postmodernist or someone who is a staunch conservative people go into any discussion with a presuppose or they have a pre ordained or are are free they have a collected group of ideas that they have attached themselves to crack
and they do not want to let those go and you have yours and i have mine it's very difficult for people to just talk and very difficult for people to someone to lay out their their position and someone else to lay out their position in two people to like cordially discuss the merits of position with an open mind it's it happens so rarely and it's something i can try so hard to do and it's it's something that i it took me years to cultivate the mindset to not not have these pre existing condition pre existing ideas or if i do have them don't attach myself to them and be ready to abandon them at any moment under the under new evidence sure and there's no problem and saying ok well i believe can you believe be and we both believe them to be correct tell me why i am why is incorrect or better yet why you believe what you believe
you know go to some reason what are the things something and let's find if there facts are reels right and i used to uh i'd have these conversations with with this person used to that i was living with which i would say they're like well you just always have to be right i go no i don't have to be right but if you're going to make we claim you're going to have to defend your argument and i'll defend mine but ultimately i don't care if i'm wrong because being wrong only means that i could then perhaps work towards a way of being having the most understanding that i can have we as human beings are wrong so much more than wherever right but by being wrong but by making mistakes like through martial arts by being on the mats and you know i'm going to get this guys ankle right now off fuck that up i fucked that up i got caught up fuck that up you can't get to the point to where you're like oh this is how you set it up this is the way that you can i wasn't securing the knee well enough so it was always sliding out of position i couldn't keep the leg framed in
the position where when i applied my hold the pressure went for the joint that i needed it too none of that happened until you make mistake after mistake after mistake after yeah they can there's nothing wrong with with before making him move moving forward on something to say back and to study a little bit and try and uh understand somewhat of the landscape but eventually the only thing you can do is you just gotta go right now paralysis through analysis isn't going to help you either well i lived a good portion of my life wanting to be right always sure and it's a toxic mindset stare before yeah it's terrible for you because you don't grow and then you have to live in denial and then you have to uh always tell yourself that you are right and they were wrong even if you get out debate did or even if you're faced with new evidence you try to ignore that new evidence i know the mindset i lived in it for many more easy to be in it's an easy place to people and not are you going it's hard to read max yourself just realize that you are not facts you
not your ideas your not your opinions you're you and if you catch yourself these opinions these ideas like you're going to it's a fucking trap you have to know what like here's here's something i know for a fact this would is ha i've hit this would meet with my knuckles that shits hard if it dropped on you it would hurt these are undeniable facts and there's a gang of those that you have in the world there's a gang of undeniable that's what i call demolition objectivity yeah whether or not marks some can be successfully implemented in the large scale with a sensitive compassionate group of human things that all live together can it i don't know doesn't seem to be yeah well i don't know though so i'm saying like this is a this is a comp it hasn't been done before socialism never really worked but can it work did the argument that it can't it seems to me that doesn't make any sense either like maybe you could work what is the argument that it could work is that but i'm saying like these are these are like really
we think about rod yeah complex nuanced concepts that need to be discussed up turn down and back and forth and you also need to look at the weight of human history the myriad times it's failed right and just human history in even in ways that which is not directly related to say marxism but just to look at patterns and trends and ways of people of uh rating and to see how okay ok give given a different circumstance how would that process work within this or in this one or this one this one and then if you wanted to say well if you if you if you like why don't i don't think marxism will work but you can't say that until you actually study what marxism is and what its principles are because if you don't understand the argument and this is like john john stuart mill you can't just defend your side without knowledge of the other yes you have really no position to your position isn't any better than theirs yeah that's a really good point i mean i think everybody should do that no matter
what you're looking at like whatever you're trying to defend look at even even if it's something horrible yeah it's like a racist position find out why these people support this because they believe it right and so what why do they believe this racist position what is it about them that they think gives it validity and you can look at it and go i could see where they could take this way to its extreme in that that i mean that's nonsensical but you see where it started or you can see like that that's everything about this is is clearly driven by something else yeah i'm not the not they claim so well it's also one of the things about societies that we really have to take into consideration is the momentum of the past like there's country has unique freedom to it because it was lit really created by people who decided to get on a boat and risk traveling across the and to some new land yes it said country filled with savages like crazy people that it took awhile chances and did while things because of it and if you look at the history of this country that's clearly established by
look at the art look at the music look at the things that have come out come out the comedy all those things that have been created the cars all the different things that have come out of this one place and this one place you it happens to be the most recent place with the lease amount of historical baggage yes but then you look at the places that the most amount of historic baggage like africa or you know uh but some parts of russia these are places where they have the hardest time breaking out of the weight of the cultural momentum of the past you know it's very difficult for people to radically change an established system that has existed for one thousand years well that's true if you were to say think about common and the soviet states in the length of what constitutes human history is has only been gone
it was only it was around for a short time in its only been gone for an even shorter time in its not remain calm john reilly it's gone but did that it's still a dictatorship over there yeah i guess they're china russia to cheer about that lady in iran it's is going to jail the dancing in the symmetric and dancing yeah oh no the egyptian the girl the lebanese girls going to jail for she she made a youtube video about getting sexually harassed in egypt so these sentence turned to eight years in prison she's twenty two years old hole you shit terrifying she's a two thousand two hundred and twenty four some like that she's young and they sentenced her too eight fucking years pets are people here in america or western western civilization at large just they just put on the blinders about stuff like that yeah there are places and i'm not going to you know demonized these places either but at the same time
you as a twenty two year old kid have a complaint and say hey i know this thing happened and i'm this is fucked up and all of a sudden then go huh you think that was fucked up boom and through trash in jail or have you executed or whatever i mean ok well i guess i don't have the right to express myself whereas people will show up and bang doors and do all kinds of crazy it when jordan peers and calms and does a talk in the thing is they're allowed to they're allowed to protest what he has to say counter protest if they want or to express their their unhappiness with things political and things media why anybody can say what they want in terms of what makes them unhappy without fear of the government wincing you right that's a major thing it's a major thing in this poor girl in iran she just dancing i don't people are always rail against is law or islamophobia there's so much as long
to be in this world yeah sure there is you're right there is but you know what else there is there's all for radical islam and radical islamic governments that are put in with in jail because they damn religious free right now is is is religious zealots ran and while i have you know people often no i will get no conversation about this no bring up all about the crusades or what about this like a hold on these are all relevant things too and while the crusades are not nearly as cut and dry as you think they are in fact which to it ended in like the fourth crusade two groups went down there and then end up fighting each other it's like you're both christian yeah what the fuck you thinking but then you things like the inquisition you have you had all kinds of stuff and it's like yeah no you you did did you just that doesn't erase this and that doesn't they don't balance each other out it just turns it just left power and it's because it's
in religion and not the other doesn't make it's the motivations are the same it kind of comes it comes from the same concept even if it's not technically the same religion well it reinforces it in my opinion i mean the idea that it's not the idea that christianity is so amazing in islam is so bad it's that ideologies forced people into varitek people behave they can they can very very much and they often do i mean most of the time it goes bad when you have a powerful potent ideology that is dominating a cultural imagine ok you had christian zealotry and let's say islam and christianity had swapped and islam i had all kinds of reformations and different sex break off from it and all this and it become more like christianity is in this modern era but christianity stayed in a more less developed sense and had a more rigorous fervent zealotry in terms of it here two doctrines or at least or even interpretations of doctrines
old testament stuff so but within this text of the modern era so now you have the internet so i mean we would say you know you only got like a million people in the world that this way but these main can all connect with each other via social media every different let tronic ways they can create weapon waking weaponized things much easier they can coordinate they can it's it's not like the crusades were you had to get money from a king and other other monarchs get together all these troops get together all these supplies march them all down into the middle east to where you've got the turks waiting for you that that have done the same thing and then you guys all meet up on these different points of battle the you could literally be it at war all over the world all day every day all at the same time because of the modern advances of technology and not to mention you have firearms you have explosives and
chemicals and things that you can use to your disposal problems it just or truck yeah right you didn't have you know six ton trucks driving routes and to drive into a crowd that's just technology it's it helps it makes our lives better but in other ways it can also create calamity for us and it's really their tools you know social media is a tool i think the social media is if you were to track mass the mass shootings that that have happened the social media and the rise of mass shootings would be on a parallel i really think that it's social media that increasing the amount that you see at the school shooting and things like that i think that because they get fame from it they get fame or you're able to antagonize someone and they can't get away from you with much more easily the resulting mong
using a nietzschean term in terms of the resentment the resentfulness from seeing other people having what you think you deserve or or doing thinking that they somehow or having more of what you think you i want that as well why do they get to have it and i don't or any number of reasons why you can be incredibly potently resentful now you have this thing that's just in your life pumping all this kind of stuff that you all the time and i think that it can affect people in some really pathologically bad ways and now you have technology to also enact it and if it's not in the and you can also easily make the argument if it's not a firearm it could be something else and and that's doesn't make it any better but i think that the
the rise of social media has been is is a direct route for later it's a tutor it's directly responsible for the rising and the school shootings directly responsible or directly correlates to it i there's a correlation there i think is certainly there's a lot going on in society i think the big factor well there's a lot of factors people are alienated is terrible child rearing people have mental health issues people are medicated the big one is now imagine all that with the the analogy of social media able to heighten some of the effects of some of these things or two create so someone that feels alienated imagine not only do you feel alienated in the real world but when you're on social media you and it's not a real you know it's your body knows is not the real world but you could be alienated out there too and that which alienates you there could still penetrate and get to you
while you're out you're away from it if people are fucking with you at school or what if you then you're at home feeling alienated there and then this is continuing to fuck with you through so the media or other people are fucking with your social media would say you're playing your video games and people are talking shit 'cause you keep getting shot and you know battlefield five or whatever and while no one knows i mean i'm sure you wouldn't necessarily know that i say you know you knew or something on some video games this person is essentially in real life being told you every day all day feeling like the whole world thinks you the eight how would you know that but it could be
then that person snaps or that person has a there they have a psychological issue that they're not i'm sure there's a bunch of factors there's a bunch of fat first of all does the ability to kill large groups of people yes which is on president right the ability use assault rifles and and semi automatic guns and going to kill large groups of people the the knowledge that if you do do that it'll make it huge splash and giant headlines and you'll be the infamous the the fact that a lot of these people ron disassociative's a lot of these people are on like serious side medications that we really we have only been studying the effects on human beings for the past couple of days it's this is not a whole lot of data on long term use of these ssris twenty three thousand and forty years so you've got varying suppose the varying mental illnesses varying psychological pressures stresses and lives that are just beyond fucked
and have access to guns and they want people to hurt the way they're hurting there's a lot of that there's a lot of factors going on the line you know even if they they illegally acquire the guns and they they still like they mean it doesn't matter what the in this case with the two is per se but well you know i don't think we're meant to to understand i don't think we understand nor are we meant to live in large groups of people where we don't know the people around us that's another thing i think that is a really new situation for human beings panel don't they over the historical significance of the population growth the the population density that is been gathering as these we didn't we get into these these and to be civil as it's civilized areas like city these big cities and it changes everything and people are less likely to know that many like if you live in a
town of one hundred and fifty people you probably know one hundred and fifty people if you live in a city of five million people you probably know ten people you know people you work with you might know a couple hands you know a less you're like a really social person sure he probably will weigh more limited number of people that you actually know than people that have a tight knit small town in small community but you know those people are obviously in business that's one thing of young fucking i know friends in small towns man there's there's things that come with that too yes a lot of busy bodies a lot if you brought in over the fence i think they had the anal sex last night though jesus is going to punish mountain we next lightning storm come on through your junk filters does not live but fucking but fuck talk about you about usada without the loop we were we we started this podcast talking about what we talked about
your your situation with brendan schaub and i had talked about your situation where are you who you tested positive from a tainted supplement like legitimately tested positive from a tainted supplement were but this whole process was a goat rope yeah right it took long time yes work out and you didn't feel well ereli treated not in the least to it it started one way then took a a curve what happened well so did you take i took a supplement that had tribulus in it that's all it was which is just the chinese herb it's a chinese or that stimulates testosterone and by the way barely works it's not it's not going to turn you into superman anything if you get more sleep it's better for your testosterone production than tribulus so it's just tribulus and they in it though couple minutes self as it turns out was
contaminated with a sarm called hasta ring but when i say contaminated i mean like it had such trace amounts that the people that did the lab testing on it said will clearly just contamination 'cause this wouldn't help you this wouldn't do any thing for you and us let's explain how that happens a lot of these places i know this for a fact because i am one of the owners of on it on it is a third party tested company where we get our stuff tested by an independent party to make sure there's nothing funky with him but we've had some issues in the past with stuff being in our our earliest formulations of alpha brain and weren't supposed to be in there and what it comes from is you by your ingredients from a company the company has these vat they mix everything and they don't properly clean the vats and if they don't pray
we can do as you buy some stuff from china who knows what they're chucking in there they got steroids in there they got this they got done a lot of creatine is too tainted were all sorts of a lot of different supplements or paint and that's what you said i thought it could have been it first you have read him means yes have been to yellow romero yes lot of girls so this stuff this is is animated right and so you saw i was testing me i had a fight in september of twenty sixteen against arlovski and then after that i was like yo i'm this is going to take a break for awhile i'm not fighting for i'm going to tour europe and goofy often whatever and then when i get back you know i don't really i don't know what i'm going to get back in the ring alright whatever the ufc we told them we told them saw it would still come around and test and it's fine whatever to this is post testing positive this is pre pre so you fought arlovski and you said i'm going to jail for awhile and then
in one day like for one when i'm out there in europe and i let them know like hey i'm going fucking where the takes me in europe at i don't have a whereabouts to fill in because i could be on a train moving here moving there whatever which is your prerogative as a human being and they know that yet then they go ahead and send someone to my fucking house to try to test me while i'm in europe and i'm just going ok so don't there are in app we've filter is an app but i found that work you have you can fill out where you're supposed to be ahead of time for the most part tuesday the 16th i'm going to be at this place from this time to this time and then and then but what your home base so if we don't go to these places the mall just meet you at your home at some time or let's say you just decide to go to japan yeah do you have to tell them hey today i'm going to take a train to osaka today i'm going to go to the mountains so you have to give them a dt failed itinerary of everyday everyday and so i'm like dude
trying to be out here doing whatever i'm not fighting but you know i get home you test me wherever you want just wanted to enjoy a vacation just travel correct and they go they send someone in my house like fuck all right and then there are times where so what happens when they send someone to your house but you told them you weren't there well for one no one told i don't know how mechanical elements within their organization how that works but they sent someone there anyways i'm not there that calculator but it doesn't count 'cause did tell them that you you going to be on the road road we did so that you not being there for a test yes being that doesn't make any sense well it is what it is so but wait a minute if they're going to do a strike like don't don't they have to follow their protocol and their protocols you have to inform them of where you're going to be right so if you did that you the more you're going to be
yes my manager literally told nowitzki and the ufc he's not going to be home for almost a month and he's fucking practically backpacking all through europe going from place to place to place so he's going to be real hard to get ahold of good time text it's going to get just just as far as plugging give it that rating calling back just slightly to the gills yeah you'll past if they showed up in europe you did give them your location and you told when your if they would but i was gone i didn't fill in any location so i just went wherever i went so when went wherever you went and your manager told you saw that you were in europe they still showed up your house in la ok well that doesn't seem to make any sense and and they give you a strike yes and so i'm like ok that
aggravating if i how boys strike when he was apparate ufc he has so it's stuff about an apple and i saw that and i'm like you know what i just did i i i can't around the the stuff i don't want people to use this is some sort of kindling try and start a fire about me and so then i get back home and there no test me alright fine whatever and then they test me again and i'm like ok he just made me late to an audition as you just get outta nowhere cool so they can do that like they can just show up and you can say hey i have an appointment to keep their there and if you are not fighting like save you running out the door and you have a business appointment how long does it take for them to test you it depends on what they're doing whether it's blood in urine or just urine with me it's always been blood urine so you can't say hey you guys going to come with me because
i gotta go to this fucking audition yeah i don't know i didn't try that i would say that getting the car bitch how are you going to sit there and have someone draw blood not going to you guys are going to have to do it when i'm done to keep an eye on me come with me the whole way i always took it as they showed up at cycle here it goes that doesn't seem to make any sense if you have previous commitments and you have to do something they shouldn't have like ultimate president over your life like they shouldn't be able to just decide i'd like showing up randomly i suppose they could they could make an argument in somewhere on that but if you have a life well okay so i take this test and i'm like all right i'm just retire for now i got too much shit i gotta do i'm not fighting anytime soon i've got my new japan stuff i've got auditions i've got all these things i'm traveling and i just i'm not going to fight so just leave me be
and then i'm in japan and the fucking the very last test i took right before retiring your flag gun like you got to be fucking kidding me really really all these tests over all these years me being the first in the do complete out of competition are are in competition at random urine and blood testing when i worked with water and the nevada state athletic commission when i fought travis brown so no one had ever done actual random testing before and there was no usada involved in the ufc yet you do that it was something that the nsac wanted to see done and i'm define what i wanted to see that done because you had tested positive in the past right and so is loaded you tested positive before in the past you've taken some stuff i test positive for anabolic in the past what i mean the supplement market used to be way wilder than it used to be one also will enjoy it don't do you just fighting
his while dieting was way wilder the supplement industry was way wilder it's like back in two you could still all this shit over the counter that by four got rico if i was there i remember i was taking the should called mag ten do you have a high number mag what what was the name of the company that makes that incorporates the corporation that she i should all stay original with steroids it was steroids are one hundred percent i remember magnum he came like ten pounds in six weeks on that shit you just get jack but that was all over the counter yeah used to be able to buy a lot of stuff and by the way liver toxicity is probably off the charts there's a lot of those things that look super bad for but real effective they fucking at work this stuff worked but so there was a whole different era and then with california i had an issue with with the containment what i believe ultimately to be contamination in but i didn't take all the steps that i had this time and once that hope process was such a mother fuck like this
never going to happen again so every supplement lot that i took i would always keep bits of it behind for until i need i get i felt there was enough time it expired and get rid of it because no one's going to come back and test me i passed all my tests so so once you pass to test you would get rid of the old right i don't need to keep those lots and you're supposed to take only third party verify well that's not what they say necessarily they suggest it i guess now but i know that with this brand of tribulus i'd taken i'd taken three or four different other element the same company and all past no problem on their tests so it was just some weird contamination which does happen again happen to tim mean yes it's happened to several fight as far as i can well i mean i'm not testing their whole product line but it just seemed like a fluke and just such a simple supplement in ok so one ingredient deal so then they come can i call you tested positive for this i'm like well that ain't fucking possible
so then i send in some supplements which i had to pay for to have them tested run through the testing and then bang they find it all right there you go there's ordeal then they went out and bought a brand new bottle unopened same lot tested that one verify the results same thing test samples it doesn't happen tim means as well so then we were in contact with you throughout throughout the entirety of this so we don't ever break contact with you sada we have a specific guy i'm going to throw his name out there anything but we have a guy that we spoke to directly the whole time through my manager was speaking with him and i've seen the emails and so we're talking about how we know this is a contamination and when you know when we get done with all this why don't we even try to put together something some some promotional stuff
anything that we can do trying keep athletes from any of the same issues and we would like to do whatever we could to help you guys out with this and we're not against you were apart we don't mind being a part of the system and we understand why you're here and i'm not against them want to do drug testing or whatever and try to keep a a clean and fair playing field i get the point of it so we get the the supplements tested they test the secondary batch they have all their information is like all right this should be a rock and roll then i got real quiet okay now you're not talking to us anymore what do you mean like you would contact them they wouldn't respond they would take him a week two weeks what were they saying when they do respond you know i i can't entirely remember myself if my manager was in touch with them what is the protocol of someone test positive for something that's a tainted sub men and it's a third party supplement and where it's not or was not third part
verified rather well i don't even know if it was third party verified that anything would be any different okay well if it is third party verified and still is tainted yeah that would be an issue right yeah if you tested positive you tested positive they found the supper i think the idea about third party verified is it's much less likely to be a ten but it's so it doesn't solve anything right and this is coming from someone in the album in business you know years certain amount of the stuff you farm out so as far as i know what the deal is there is a period of ineligibility sort of a basically what what happens is you're effectively suspended until this thing is all finished out and they try to say say that you're not suspended it there's no suspension but that's not true well known okay everyone treats you as you're suspended i tried to corner travis brown because i was training and and they wouldn't let me there were no you the homeowner ocean would let me try yes okay
is there a lot and they're like you're suspended so you can't you can't corner but you said you're not suspended she how exactly can kerr so you're effectively suspended you can't work you can't even work as a a tertiary individual as a corner man or anything like that can't be at the event and this is after the fact where brought them to supplement the independently verified that was tainted and then we start talking and throughout the process i said look i'm not taking a punishment for contamination and i'm not even fighting i'm not fighting anytime soon i'm not you can't like what you that means in these other people you punish them you know that who is contamination but you punish them yeah they gave
many months yes of you know suspension so that there are more new able to computer make a living during those my right now i'm like no i'm not dealing i'm not taking that that's not acceptable because i'm not that's not what's going on here but nobody is doping nobody is trying to cheat the system there is no i'm not even fighting you don't buy pun you're trying to let the guilt on me you're trying to make me out to be some sort of you know guilty party as if i'm trying to be so it she of some sort of like i'm not dealing with i'm not taking so how did it ultimately get resolved well ultimately what ended up happening is we had to go to arbitration that was all that was really left to us because then they started trying to bring up stuff my past and then weigh that against me as well and it's like whoa dude you guys weren't even around and now you get to decide to add to the to of of whatever
punishment you want a levy against me based on things that didn't involve you great the way what were they talking about they're talking about two thousand and one no two thousand and eight they went two thousand yeah and they tried to say well oh yeah well this happens so therefore you know now they start talking two years like even if you can't be fucking kid me they start talking about suspending you for two years for a tainted supplement yes wow and i'm just going there no way i wouldn't even accept six months you think i'm going to take two years and so we go we enquire on the harbor and i've done i did an interview with the guy that we were dealing with through skype we've been in touch just like at some point everything turned and changed the tone changed their even the original penalties they were looking to levy increased new shake it's brought in it's like it they became a completely different animal as soon as you know there was the the evidence of of contamination and that i
wasn't going to i wasn't willing to take punishment for it wasn't what do you think the motivation is here i think that they and this is just my opinion i think the way you sought a looks at it in and it's an easy way to go about it is that the more people they deem the more effective they appear it's their affect their efficacy is based on pundit on punishments doled out not mrs not on lack of punishments at all so do you think this is also remember psychological motivation by the people that are working there so they arbitrary get to decide how things go about right there's not like a very strict protocol they must follow their tainted supplements for this you know there there is actually quite a bit of lever there is leeway in terms of how they can enforce and what they can enforce so when so it's subjective it's a very subjective in it they they have a lot of discretion there is some outlined elements of protocol but there is no
it is always this or it is always that and you know i didn't begrudge them for a pee develop an eligibility while you're going through the process of finding out whether this is contamination or what have you doing any testing and that makes sense to me that's fine i i understand that if this guy doesn't he has something in his system well figure out what it is and you have a better idea then we can decide about whether you can go back into the pool or do this or do that or we're going any ever any sense to me but in addition to that then tacking on more shit in terms of my case i was like that's not acceptable so we we go well i guess the only thing left to go to arbitration and so my manager spoke with spoke with king through them to arbitration and we said okay well we'll what is that gonna take well that's going to cost more money out of my pocket you know the arbitration process is these are guys that they're paid by you sada
to do the arbitration like they work for them in a way or they're not they don't work under them directly but they are they do get paid to be arbitrary another sump something so they get contracted by you saw yes and so that was like i don't necessarily feel most comfortable with that but i don't i can also understand how it's not there's probably not an easier way to go about it but okay i got it then we then we get what is back from usada that we have to limit the scope of our argument right well what you're going to tell us what we can and can't are you work in what way how are the i don't remember what the definitions were exactly but it was like you can't you have to keep it within this boundary and this realm and this and but you can't fuckin try to say the levy this again
me and then you start from my past and tell me i can't argue my full case so the limiting the amount you can defend yourself as a resigned bases like the you that they were limiting the the range of argument you can what would the argument be that you would bring up that they would want to limit it's a good question i don't know exactly did they define that they know they had definitions in the emails with back and forth with my manager and he goes well fuck we could we could argue about this is contamination and go from there but if it's something really potentially limiting which was we about how they put it you just don't remember what exact i don't remember all the digits very detail oriented it's legalese and and then so we get to the point if i well this doesn't even look like a very you know this might not even be a useful way
i'm trying to approach this thing and it got down to the wire to where i and we kept pushing it back and pushing it back in and saying like you know we can can we get an extension and to try and figure out how the hell did we watch this and and also a how to how could we approach without having to spend money on having lawyers get involved i mean the last thing you want to do is get to litigation or or you know even arbitration it's a legal process yeah complex in new is it's there's a lot of lawyers love billable hours they do and so it's down to the wire essentially and we can i go i won't accept any ruling if it's a punishment at all i don't care what they say i'll just be like nah nah i don't i'm not going to abide by it you can't force me to do shit i guess we'll have to cross but so your position is that if you are accidentally taking a tainted supplement and also
will trace amounts that have absolutely zero effect on performance this there's nothing that you're doing by accidentally taking that that in any way would help you and that's a fact that's a proven fact yes so you're position is you shouldn't be punished correct and you're out of the once that i and that you've been out here's the thing that's enough exactly you don't need to say oh well if it took if it took seven months to get the the information that you needed the data right to then clarify ok well you're not at fault to then say oh well we'll suspend you for six months but sense that six months is already passes like we need to spend you at all yeah i know mother when you look in the into the hot air at the data when you go and look at this case it says suspended which means you punished me which means i was guilty in some way you you said i'm guilty because that's how you got to punish me
right it's not under investigation or you know after this on your chest to get yeah exonerated after elvis now this is just no you still levy a punishment in there i say that look how we caught this guy we punish them and i'm like i'm not i'm not go i'm not down for that and so hardly enough i was like on aerials or something like that i said i i won't accept i don't care what they say i don't care what punishment they try to levy i don't abide by it i won't agree to it and i'm done with them and someone from the arbitrage the the arbitrators office we were dealing with calls us out of the blue and goes see see still sure you don't want to do this hi paul and my manager goes well they said that when we have to so limit the scope of argument to this and this and we can talk and then he goes no we don't you can talk about you can you can bring any argument you want who is saying this to you the arbitrator's office and this so who would initially come to
you and said you delete the scope your argument you sada so you saw it was attempting to establish some boundaries for your arguments but the people who the actual arbitrators said that that's not true right true that's not the case you don't have it doesn't they can't force you to argue okay so is it pause that you saw his lawyers were trying to here's the thing i found it about lawyers like yeah for sure they're necessary and that's all well and good and you need him but there's a reality and this is something that i had to deal with recently in doing something with a friend who lawyers where they attached a bunch of shit to this deal that wasn't supposed to be in there and he didn't even know it was in there and then my lawyers like what the fuck is this and so i contact him what the fuck is this and he's like what the fuck is that so he contacts his lawyers what the fuck is this and it turns out this is a cop something lawyers they do with each other yeah we put this in to give you leverage
i don't think you necessarily want that but we're looking out for your best interests and so now you have a good negotiation point if you judge go in with what you want then they're going to ask more than that and then you're not in a strong position because you can't ask for more after you've already established your initial position makes everything convoluted their gross yes bye bye that's the world we live my grandfather was a to just world pretty pretty fair lawyer he was assistant attorney general of the state washington he actually wanted me to get into law of all things but i'm like i think i'd rather beat out my yeah it seems like well you haven't beaten amount very impressive with your memory well so we get to my manager comes back me goes hey man they they just contacted me out of nowhere and they're like well if you want to do this you can and no you can't you can make there are you need there's no limiting the scope here are you okay anything right so then it's like well yeah all right
i'll go for it could you get released except the very least i thought maybe we could have some sort of record down of what we talked about what was discussed the arguments made so in the end you know no matter what how it came out i can here's here's what's legit then you can make your own decision from there and so we go in i brought my legal team they he they had their lawyer come who is the same guy we were dealing with throughout the entire process and and they made you know their argument and we made ours and you know in there there are times i'm sitting back and i go making making closing arguments the beach lawyers and i'm just sitting there listening to the side to side going man he's just pushing and he's just moving the goalpost he's how so well it just take a certain element and then trying to you lip slope arguments and moving the goalpost on things he's just doing anything you can to use rhetoric instead of logos at this point because you know
lawyers and they're trying to make their case in trying to find impassioned responses when you're saying this consider people listen home i don't really know your case don't know the scope okay so it's like trying to say that find ways at which to move the goal post in terms of so i said you earlier i keep batches of all the supplements that i take especially when i'm in this program and especially after dealing the the fluck that was california and it's like well i didn't have anything that to bring to you that i could bring to you that like this is never happening again so i keep everything they go they they test stuff and they find it and i kept notes i kept this and if i help what more could i have done for you guys even if it doesn't matter if there's let's say they were all third party tested as well i would still keep batches of the supplements and any of the stuff taking third party so what was the issue then well it's just
simply is they they kept trying to say that i didn't do a good enough job that did you you use the did you see this thing on supplement for one one it's like that came out after the fact and yes i have seen that i'm fat i use all the resources that you provided your global droyer other supplement for one one two check against ingredient list supplement name company names to make sure none of this shit is on the list so that i don't make that mistake so i use the resources that you give me i keep batch of my my supplements so they can be tested if need be i do what's available to keep from any issues and yet i just kept moving the goal based on that and trying to say that well but you didn't you didn't hire a psychic you know it's a kind of shit how how can this in any better and not to mention i'm not fighting so at the end of what were they looking for in arbitration
they wanted to levy a punishment against me and suspend me for years and this is you saddam yes so you solder alternately even though they knew that you took a tainted supplement yes it has no effect whatsoever on your performance right they still want to punish you for years that seems stupid that just seems stupid now let me when we read jeff novick ski because of its he texted me because i told him this is going to go down and his take is a little bit different than yours i don't imagine it isn't prize it is and i see i told you what it was this so this is i just read what it says he said he'll complain about the amount of time that went by with usada process but he notified us of retirement right after the positive sample was collected before positive was announced so he was off in the wind for many months and not communicating with you usada big
he's in the case took so long to resolve to his positive was from a tainted supplement but he didn't do the number one thing we advise you see athletes on ufc athletes on supplements he did choose a supplement that was third party certified as a banned substance free like on it supplements are there are really hundreds of certified supplements out there and virtually ensures no issues to for an athlete if they stick with those one other point for barnett he was unresponsive to case he missed all of his deadlines to file for arbitration he came to table later and said he wanted to go to arbitration use automated and exclusion and let him which ultimately led to his favorable ruling by arbitrator their reasoning was that they wanted to rule in favor of fairness to athlete rules say they didn't have to after time to file expired well but they're saying ruled favorably tord
ultimately yesterday yes that is in our favor cobley group yeah that the other we should just like he says that the he he retired and he was in the wind you know my in the window was it was even that long i was in japan for rising with my athlete alyssa garcia but in the wind sounds good so in the wind in the wind or fucking you in that motorcycle jacket i'm dragging a coffee behind me like django through the nevada desert so pulls you over got eight days growth in your face you josh barnett some days were you sada were looking for you bro can i keep in this cup for me yeah i was in japan at rise and you know in the wind and they sold in your favor of arbitrary arbitrator and what this is the same guy that the arbitrator is the same guy that put together is easy and icarus he produced icarus the movie
on the line doping he is he's one of the major figures in terms of the world of anti doping so it's one of the guys who worked with brian focal the armature bryan fogel it chris this guy is a market trader moving or water okay actually one of my doing this do you when you look at jim can ask but as a matter of fact and so is this guy has the end of the day everything in terms of of drug testing yes and he said a does he couldn't see any way that i could have done hardly a better job that i was meticulous with my record keeping that i'm ok i did essentially anything i could got it was within the means of a normal person to do how is it resolved at the end it a the last of reprimand that's it yeah what is that what they do third eight chevron mclaren clarinet o c chief arbitrator yes okay so
at the end of the day after all this say they give you a reprimand what does that mean that just means like don't do that and be careful yeah okay in the end but this took another punishment right so all that two year shit from usada was unwarranted and heavy handed it hell and junior to santos went through that started at six months and then bye by the time we they have both supplements tested then the sudden it starts getting weird and you know this claim by now whiskey that we were out of no always in touch no if its key doesn't work for you sorry i know when to end this is so it was kind of funny is no whiskey he is such a public face on this kind of thing but when it comes to actually dealing with usada he's hands up i mean he'll come in will make sure to put something out there in any of the sphere but in reality he got a fucking thing to do
any of okay but in his defense he's a ufc employee i know and it's inappropriate for him to have any influence whatsoever on the way they rule things that but that's what that is that is active i think that's actually the thing for him to do a a in a way but i mean it's just it's a it's a it's it's the presentation is a bit of a misnomer i think so well initially he was responsible for the drug testing now he's was either president of athletes say teen wellness bucket they're running the performance institute mean what concentrating on now but i'm just saying for jeff and his draft that i think there concentrating more on encouraging in fighters to train and fortify their body with nutrition correctly and giving them edge location on how to do this and that jeff is at the forefront of that stuff and showing them how to avoid accidental taking something where i'm coming with this is that he is not fully in the loop with what happened between me and you usada 'cause he's not involved right so
some of some of what he's saying there is incorrect and it's not i don't blame him because he's not apart so is he misinformed at the very least think that they they are not being straightforward it sounds to me like they wanted to punish you badly they wanted to punish me badly yeah two years is a fucking crazy punishment and also when people get do you remember when nick diaz was was being interviewed by all these people and then there was that mean lady who works nevada athletic commission and she was grilling him and i'm like you were talking about pot here the lady like what in the are you doing your acts like he robbed a bank right now it's even not if he's not get in the ring hi leon loan big sack and i think you probably did a few times i think i think in the gonna be fighting might have been higher like bro i'm bleeding oh my god maybe i should choke him right now he didn't give a shit not right john jones is
through this right now i don't know where john jones stands but it's been pretty well established that at the very least what the numbers if you look at the numbers when he was tested you know i don't know a lot of people like to say that he's a cheater is a lot of this going on right now but real clear the first test was proven that he took tainted dick pills tank that has that's proof well it was a actually so that got brought up to my attention is part of all this because you know you saddam fell on it relevant the difference between that fat first one let's say and i'm not i don't know about the second shared with john i don't really follow close on this but this came across my plate because had is taking like liquid ca alice and it was from a company that sells sarms an and peptides all that so it was a company that also sells banned substances
and so their argument was that dude you're buying or using shit from a place full of illegal shit you're not supposed to take death a dumb move definitely yeah it could also just give you god damn prescription for cialis right you don't need to take this funky i imagine you could the second one what he took had such a minuscule trace amount that he tested negative denny tested positive sure if any tested negative again and this is something that supposed to stay in your system for months so this is indicative of someone who's not taking something to get into performance enhancing benefit from it but rather some and who had something that was tainted and these lab technicians are smart on like the guy who saw the results from the the the first little batch of supplements we gave me he he had seen everything and then some under the sun and all different levels and this guy knew what what constituted can nation and it wasn't he could tell right course they can tell just by the numbers look if you take
didn't trace amounts of anything it's not going to do a damn going to your body in terms of performance enhancing but it is going to show up in these tests test her incredibly thorough hate jamie google what's going on with john jones case because particularly after this weekend it's very very relevant you know i mean with broccoli never get in there with dc yeah becoming the first light heavy weight to insect we hold the light heavyweight championship and the heavyweight championship and spectacular fight by dc but jon jones is always going to be sure i mean you cannot you can go on and on about the extra curricular woes of jon jones ensure his capabilities as an athlete his talent his it's undeniable undeniable animal look whatever the fuck he took dick pills where is not making a better fighter he didn't knock dc out because it dick pills that's crazy it has to do
with skill and beautiful left high kick that's what it was and he recognize a tendency dc knows he has you know but with this whole you shot a process it just became and it it drug on because you know we said to them i'm not going to take a punishment and they said we won't we're not giving you any option on this and so that's like there was a negotiation what happens when one of the things that i've talked about when it comes to police office is that when you have police officers and yet people are trying to rest it becomes a game and i don't any game in terms of bullshit i mean it's a game in terms of one person is trying to win and they're trying to people in a row right and this is why people plant guns right and plant drugs trying to win to try to win and that's what killed me was that i'm in my opinion usada was trying to win it was more for them to win than it was for us to have a clean sport this comes back to what we're talking about earlier when it comes to arguments and discussions and then people often times
not really searching for the truth they just want to be right yes i've had this argument about bureaucracies in general right in this goes to this isn't just about you know not you sata and their bureaucratic elements i mean they're tight like the government or other things so you come and you say all you fucked up we didn't fuck up and they're going to say we didn't fuck up to the very they'll take that to the very longest lever and tell either a the scapegoat someone or be they can figure out a way that they didn't because looking making a mistake on a bureaucratic level makes it seem like and here's the thing if you saw a says then tim means in your amerigo uh why did i get punished or if you better to say oh well you know that was that was a mistake
but that was a mistake well then hey i got fucked on that mistake going to take care of me so no drug testing is bad but too much over site is also but i think that the a a clean sport is is a okay and the idea is a random testing all is fine but you can't do it at the expense some of the athletes in that were in the administration of the testing that your try going to blast them like these three brazilian guys that just got busted over contamination that they traced back to a compounding pharmacy on things this is just recent three different guys in the ufc and they were all getting supplements from a compounding pharmacy and everything was traced back to it it almost seems like you shouldn't take any supplements well that's the other thing is like you'll do we are we not allowed take anything anything at all nothing else is no on it what are supplements what they do they help your performance yeah you know i mean
should you take no performance an answer so she but she would take nothing to write food i mean it's got to be someone out there is just the worst food that will enhance your forms right like kangaroo meat the frank here to take some bad kangaroo meat home and that kangaroo meat fuck you get a good pump on that first of all buddy given steroids to kangaroos okay investigation identifies com pounding pharmacies a source of tainted supplements behind 3p is there a chance santos out made and antonio and yeah yeah minotaur in here's the weird thing so it comes all the way down to it and then there their highlight on this is so they've all we put give him a suspension that but at the time has already left so they won't actually have to serve any time but you just fuck suspended him nonetheless you have to do that right so that like seven or eight months or whatever this get cleared up and that's unfortunate junior tested positive for a diuretic is that correct that's what it was which i
or something i don't i believe it's a diuretic which is crazy because he's a fucking heavyweight losing any weight and juniors down on the high side of heavyweight it's not like a two hundred and sixty five guy that's can't wait to make the upper i meant like just trying to keep those wrinkles out of his face trying to look good baby just less right does diuretics make you look good now i don't know shit yourself yeah yeah it just pulls all the all the water on bones jones keep in mind life is a journey not erase gods will for me to be there blah blah blah problem right let's not forget i'm still the youngest guy in the top five heavyweight in light everywhere yeah it is that what is unique ms zeke what is that some of the cow is responding to somebody he tweeted that a couple hours ago up to a four years right now he remains that provisional
suspension of winning the outcome of the situation with usada after testing positive for steroids last july following the knockout win over cormier a man i couldn't tell you john faces up to four year suspension due to second violation of these anti doping policy policy but obviously young side every champion but obviously first of all when says second violation the first violation was proven to be something tainted so he's not when you say violation i want i want to hear this guy too steroids he took steroids because he was trying to get in performance enhancing result from it suspend that guy yeah i don't want to hear you got toothpaste is from china and had fucking something in it but you remember that too don't you wouldn't have fucking crazy story about the toothpaste that had some poison entered or something that they were selling in china what was that some wild shit was that
toothpaste in china then poison in it i'm vaguely remembering this i just said it just 'cause it sounds stupid but it's a real thing yeah okay just made it up he and all of a sudden it's true it's probably in the back of my memory somewhere that i i hear what you're saying the toothpaste made in china found us sugar sure fresh air fresh chef right this like some people that don't really understand english sure why does that mean i don't know how sure should very good sure show fresh i think it's a genies romanization alarm for store in maine there trying to kill people in maine to green up there before what is it what was in it anti freeze ok cool cool its main look at how cold it gets up there why wouldn't you need any help these people don't know that they were doing a good job i want to teeth falling out frozen shut up link like hold the propylene glycol
oh i'm one hundred percent for testing i'm one hundred percent for them stopping people from taking performance enhancing drugs but this sounds very heavy handed it was and i'm i had no problem with the system and then this the way it unfolded he was just like this is i don't i don't need to be fighting multiple fronts what i'm just trying to everything i can this new day as in this as an athlete now when you first started to me you want you have to have a title two thousand one five two at twenty four years old yeah young sever bomb when you want that man everybody was on some shit it was just it was the beginning of the clean up right everywhere and even then going into the nevada state athletic commission previous to that before zuffa bought the ufc the idea of having giant fights in vegas was
a win it was a there was not a possibility now it's not gonna happen so and even then like the testing back in two thousand two that wasn't official person it was like he was like he was esther over him when he fought brock lesnar fuck two thousand and two how about when we saw the rheem when he was when he was uber heem when he was blue bream when he fought brock lesnar jesus fuck even cry damn comic book here if i mean there is not a goddamned drug testing agent alive that would have been great grab him hold him down he's clearly overnight they hold on to that guy like to get them which of him on the scale me that picture is amazing look at both of 'em yeah their bullshit oxys man but that one hold him down everybody would have been like hang on hang on what would need to leave could you even get a needle in his vein dude just like pings benz he was so jacked this part of
just wishes he would leave and go to japan and go right back to it you know i'm just fill a mop i mean look everybody knew what the it back then i mean it's interesting like brock lesnar being back brock lesnar not asking for over over him was the last guy to really fuck him up he wants to fight dc not the same guy anymore now he's not he does not perform at the same level as he does still very good he's still very dangerous here's the thing even when he was a two hundred and five pounder right and he had a tendency to gas out and get you know b cheney to agree but now he was always super technical highly skilled like i i don't think you could over him him and his brother both are are actually very good fighters yeah and you know their struggles have never been a physical one for the most part i think you know they've had and that's a difficulty that that is
most common among fighters is the mental game of it well we saw that with engano this week this week the fight but i heard it was it was one for the ages it was for the eight of those i wanted to let some lines loosen had thing it's just like okay let's crank this up a bit it was the worst have you a fight i've ever seen it was working in my big fat it keep challenge you it came down to the who is the second lowest output fight ever so they couldn't even make it the lowest output fight to be number one i didn't even get to number one number one they failed at failing gens over versus draw hulk from like fucking ufc thirteen or something i don't even know what day that fight was but that fight was number one with twenty three or twenty two strikes landed and this fight was number two with twenty three strikes landed that's weird it was insane and then over
i mean francis go to francis engano's instagram he releases state even today in his state it was essentially that he was over he carried the fear he said i'm not proud of my last performance i have carried my fear from the last get to this one i completely understand the frustration anger that is caused by fans coaches teammates and family and friends weird that he would have fear from the last time we got fucking owned we get treats i've wrestled he didn't know he thought he was the man and then he got owned and won't but he's letting everyone down again all i can do now is prove myself and make you proud again but look at this picture that he puts up i'm swinging on him him him connect the one punch yeah i mean that's kind of funny it should have been him with his head down francis in the future if you're going to if you're going to post a humble shot look humble yeah this is like i'm all in i can't say that that he doesn't legitimately maybe he is carrying some kind of fear from the
last fight in terms of losing the result or is it out of mind that can go into being a fighter and but i think if you bounce back you've been on both sides and the first fight back after ko loss or after getting dominated what is that feeling like i do i've been at this ship for so long that for me it's just like alright that was then this is now don't make the same mistakes you experience everything you've been submitted you been knocked out you've not guys out you submit it guys have won the title you beat some of the best guys the world you've had fantastic performances he dove performances that frustrated you you've experienced at all yeah you've got i mean and your long career i mean from being the youngest ever heavyweight champion of the world ever to how old you know four thousand and forty do you fuck and seen it all you've literally seen it all you think you can do
i don't know but i'm planning to run it out i also have a lot more and brown going hi i also have this bad car habit yeah dad need cash yeah yeah will you know for fifty five pontiac don't get billed and put into seventy five trans am thrive firebirds for free well sometimes they do if you have the time that's everything how you gonna work on your car when you're off all over the world doing all this shit right doing seminars and doing pro wrestling commentator all my fighters i had two guys fight last this friday at cxf in burbank one of 'em defend this title aj brian the other one show hamm mode on his fight and for people who don't know that's not lucrative to try in fighters mean at the very highest level it's barely lucrative barely yeah this isn't a money thing this is a passion project was training guys out of which
ufc gym in llamarada let's use it for fantastic feet and we get use of all fifty five thousand square feet tonight i we also work a lot with chad george is jim called cma and will send will go down there too nice not you good camaraderie between llamarada where's that like northern orange county i would say is it like orange county where do you see it's a town like at that border it's either southern most la county or northern most orange county it's that kind of thing does yes the gyms are badass they are a great job and super nice and plus they've been an opportunity for fighters i think cub and this being also have stakes in some yeah tj does as well i believe frankie edgar does frankie has one in toms river yeah there's a there's quite a few of
now i mean they're all over the place yeah if you're looking for a place to hit the heavy bag and work out and lift weights martial arts classes they also have cages and man's and all that and so we we use those facilities have been really great to us and yeah with these these kids that i work with and they are pretty much kids it's just about trying to help people achieve work toward the things that they want as an athlete but also they're good people that i want to see them make the most out of their life so i'm trying to be a person that can be a positive influence in terms of you know bring philosophy and ethics to their life and helping them be good people and and to pass that kind of on be the ripple in the water that the the drop in the water that sends ripples out the makes a positive effect on
folks are you a poet what the i know birds some right that's what happens to me man you should put that on instagram picture and show your but that's a lot of those girls do i don't know why but and then they have like something about you know don't like mad at negativity into your life because the ripples of that negativity can affect the people around you and you don't want that stay positive put a mass yeah fuck pull up on the mons look at that peach i think that ufc gym is william thing to brilliant move you know 'cause if i'm like if i see twenty four hour fitness is right so you have see gem like oh fucking heavy bags everything what the fights are on tv yes put that on there also at least the one in la mirada has like a whole little section that has astro turf down and all that little with ladders that have been painted into is seeking to foot drill out nice and i've got sleds in a tire is in shit that you mean she can do other non
national workouts kettle bells so they have it really like a real strength and condition yes yes i mean you can do is really anything they have a whole to setup of trx is and shit like that shit yeah that's bad ass yeah that's a i mean that's what you want from jim miller you go to a lot of gyms it just don't have that kind of stuff you know they have your standard stuff you know machines and she lived with it's just not not quite good enough i agree and so this gives you that that full spectrum and to to work in whatever way you want to just about would you be interested in opening on your own gym sometime i think about it i do i wouldn't mind having my own gym but it's just it's such a hi juanita burden isn't the right word but there's just a lot of responsibility that comes with it you know the overhead of having a place and creating a program and having people manage and run those programs and with me being as busy as i am
wouldn't want to do anything half assed and i also don't want to commit to something and then not be able to put into it what i think is necessary you obviously love teaching i do i do love that yeah i like it for me it was such a big thing in my life the people not just in terms of athletics but the people that mentored me an i hope to mold and shape me and help give me the tools and sometimes they kick in the ass is need to to move me along in life to get me to where i am today to give me not just in terms of what what you we would argue for is successful or not but just to be the person that i am and while far from perfect you know i can't i can't think about exchanging bad moments for different moments in my life for the fear of that i wouldn't be who i am today right you know nature talks about eternal recurrence in one of the idea of that is that
your loneliness of loneliness of a demon showed up and it said you're going to live your life in every way as you ever have in every single aspect of it well you have to have to be okay with that you have to live a life that that that's that's reasonable that you would be fine with doing it all over again doing it all over again if you're going to become if you're going to be sisyphus you better like pushing a rock up a hill fix if may they've made you who you are right now correct and as long it's not catastrophic to the point we've cause a loss of life for someone's you devastated destroyed someone else's life the hope not we hope not yeah i mean you know it's interesting thing like that there's the concept of reincarnation there's many concepts with one of 'em is one of the most haunting for some people is that you will live your life over again exactly the same way until you get it right i actually heard a leo gracie talked about this once
everything in your life every mistake every choice you make if you do not do the correct thing he believed that you would have to come back again and do it all over again exactly the same way and this is his philosophy the way he lived his life that's terrifying for people this idea that somehow another you're going almost like going to repeat high school sure here's my question brutal brutal period in my life not mine too but here's my question i think everybody's and the people who wasn't brutal for it's people turn out to be losers yeah i don't know what is the reason that the homecoming kidding in this i mean that's like a billy joel song via the king and queen of the problem now that's a it seems from italian restaurant that's that's literally those the for the the premise of that song i think it was there was a immortals going to norway brand new in any with the popular state is in the king and the queen of the prom running around there
top down in the radio won't nobody looked any finer or is more of a at of the park play diner we never knew we could walk modern out alive remember that uh i like billy joel but i i don't i don't know what as you do well it's good song the idea of living your life over again is terrifying for people though yeah it does nothing but it but believing over and over and over again for infin sure but but why is that when living right now is fine for most of us i mean unless you're depressed unless you depressing life sarek living right now is like ok i'm alive
here i'm doing it sure why scared to do it over and over and over again forever it's a strange thing you'd like it to something like the futility of it all the idea that this is just out of repeating cycle disk is gonna haunt you forever well that would end in the idea that there would be nothing that you could do to make any effect to it i mean it to modify even even still like i couldn't me personally i couldn't think of senna in terms of like i want to do something that it as a mental idea is a is a mind game that if i live my life in a way that i could be ok with doing it all over again just exactly the same way and here's the other thing would you know that it's going to happen like that how could you there is a i can i will i will check it remember who it was there was this was saying that if you were given the ability to
absolutely and utterly control your dreams in all aspects and elements of it and so at first most people would would go to sleep and they would turn it into every fucking wonderful thing they've ever wanted we just be the ultimate winner everything all the time always time and then they would get tired of that and then they would create chaos create catastrophe and catastrophe e and make meet probably make everything is horrible for themselves and they could possibly do going through these cycles ultimately the one thing that you're going to end wanting in the end is that you just don't know what's going to happen at all by knowing everything prior to it to it occurring it takes the want to be experience it away yeah cormac mccarthy wrote how many people if they knew the path of their lives which still choose to live it right well that is not ultimately expressed by fighting
like fighting is the ultimate expression that because when you step into that cage if it's just you and your look across the ring at another guy who is a legitimate top flight mixed martial artist ann you really don't know i have a theory fighting in that fighting is actually a not the only but a great conduit into what i think of as the highest point of is there is a of a of being as a human being that you can enter into this state that it's not a place that you can exist that all the time like it's just not possible but when you reach it's is if you are so alive and you were six years the peak of being at that moment and even though it is it is brought on through through being in the the the intensity and the stress of combat aids is if every aspect of your being is charged
and electric in living and being but it's not a place you could be at all the time you would just be a maniac it's not a place that human beings can exist him for more than maybe short periods of time well your senses have to be insanely heightened your your consequences of your actions grave the only thing that really is elevated past that as war and one of the things that you find about what or in sebastian younger wrote about this in his book tribe is that the people that experience it have incredibly difficult time adjusting to regular
sure and they really miss it and want to go back to it because they never felt more alive i believe that that war is a similar place i think that when you are faced with death that that is a a conduit to bringing you towards that highest point of of being in and yeah i suppose it it's like that once you get past that point of theirs and there's no fear at that that level either it is just an it is in a way it's just an existence you don't consider you don't think you don't something isn't this or that it just is and it's the place that you can't be forever wouldn't doesn't work that way but when you've been there and here just out here dealing with petty can internet trolls and dumb shit and people doing stuff that that cut their noses interface and undermining this and you know the fabric of our relationships for no good reason it's tough to
an existing this single you know i eat how do you get back to that other thing this this state of purity this existence of where these none of those things matter anymore i don't know if you can i mean you you might have i mean look we have a certain amount of time on this planet in this life right you have one hundred everything goes great you can't really expect to just live in that that perfect state both chaos and an chaos in i guess being in the moment there's there's something about so something that is dangerous and intense an ova overwhelmingly filled with anticipation beforehand and the prepper vision is all
consuming there's very few things in life that are like these big moments a person stepping into a cage for a fight and the consequences are so great it's just for your emotions for your physical health this is just really nothing like it is it really the to expect that would find something else similar in life and to be able to shiva similar state outside of that it's all i don't i don't think you ever will because i feel like part of what makes what you do and what all fighters do so intense and so incredibly enjoyable to watch is that we all know how much is on the line i think i believe one a hundred percent agree with you there and i think race car drivers and fighter pilots i think people like that also
klay experience that state of being as well yeah i'm sure yeah fighter pilots it has to be you know fighter pilots apparently was written some story about this about wife swapping doing the id the they are more inclined to have a poly amorous relationships really yeah and then the wife swap because the idea was that they know that their life easily could be wiped out any day any time in the the people they care about the most their wife or the girlfriend that they want other people to love them because they might not be there interesting and that they would want the people they care about the my most to love them because yeah they're thinking in a altruistic fashion of doing what they can i suppose to person that they care so much about continue to find joy in their life because of their their realization that what joy they
be able to derive from them specifically is is always on a thin line of not being there anymore can intense do you love someone so much you want other people to fuck them cuz you're not going to be there how do i get on that list faults d probably already on just gotta ask which comes back to the one thing that is i think poison in life which is to live a double life a group of a boring no risk tenor on no thrills no challenge no growth no knowledge no learning just this stagnant life is so prevalent in our society i think it's one of the main problems with our world is that we have set up these really safe cities and safe societies and cultures which is wonderful it's great but also we we haven't given people the discipline
with the structure or the the framework for living a life that's going to satisfy your needs in terms of your biological needs psychological yes and people star determining that the totally inane things or what their needs are those are difficult to acquire rightly you think of ferrari is going to make you happy 'cause a ferrari is hard to get sure looked like how much do call shit if i just had that man i'd be bawling to be driving around monster animal priority yeah be bawling but then you get that ferrari like this is just a car unless you just really love cars like you could love your firebird and you appreciate it from a mechanical standpoint you want step back and look at it it's enjoyable
if you think that the things and make you happy your craze not more happy than me being happy with who i am as a person and and the life that i'm living the farmers can't you can't do that and there is no item and i have to sit back and all the time and try to think for myself that you uii i love my library that i have all the books within and i love the cars that i have i love the relationships that i have but is it and so the race but just the things like these are all great things but if i don't and have them i'm still me i still have everything that i need in this world i don't like to think about them being los destroyed i certainly had the idea of it being destroyed 'cause even if it wasn't in my hands i'd like them to still exist for others but without them i'm no different than who i am now and i guess kind of thinking of like the stoics it would be you been more defined by your accomplishments and you think
and your philosophy and there's lots of things that people do obviously they they couldn't know about me they with the because it's not the kind of thing that is isn't the act just my quiet am right and and i don't need someone to know whether or not i'm smart or whether or not i know this or whether or not i can do that like i'll do it we need to do it and i have to try and look to either i have my own inner peace is based on my own self knowledge and knowledge also for the book that i am lacking that i can be better that i and if i want to i can choose soon those days that i don't it was a choice not to be better it wasn't that i couldn't is even going in failing like we talked about before is a worthwhile endeavour because it will move you towards either a eventually getting there or be that it's not something that's going to be yours but you know
it is you know what it takes to get there and that's a different perspective altogether and that is where i feel like that's where i can be okay in this world and deal in in there's all kinds of things you can draw your focus and really eat at gm bother you and you're giving weight to these things and allowing them to have an effect on you in that's natural it's a normal thing and it's easy to fall into but he he if you can be okay with all right if all i'm left with is just me and and and what i have if i know no longer have anything no no more luxuries no more this no more that can you be okay with that you know what kind of would you make of this and i like to think the same one i have now you can pick me up here take all my shit away throw me some other part of the world the third world country and it will be
it will be difficult there will be some lament of course but i will continue to be who i am i will see what is necessary to to communicate with others and to continue to propagate this that i'm trying to create in me yeah i think we're all trying to navigate this really incredibly difficult thing which is your just your life the emotions the your goals your tasks your relationships your your dreams and aspirations all these things are just so complicated and the whole idea of not knowing what the future holds is stress cool but it's also incredibly rewarding when things work out well and even when they don't work out well what's reward bring about that is you get the gift of knowing that you fucked up and you get the gift of the feeling of fucking up another horrible the feeling of failure and to understand that that's fuel for you to regroup repackage your fucking
johnson and now move forward with the knowledge of the mistakes you've made and you're going to be a better person how can you up if you don't do anything if you don't ever day right you don't if if if you just sit back and you try to look need the simplest safest version of a life is not a life so i know why and it's not a life i can really imagine that anyone can really be truly fulfilled living you know things are ultimately incre ugly softap on us i mean we have pressures in other ways but ultimately most of us are living quite comfortable lives with no immediate dangers and no no real impetus you put stress on ourselves where it doesn't exist at times because let's just say you want to learn new language there's agitation in terms of forcing you to have to endure something there's some suffering in that
and you know i believe in the nietzschean concept of you know suffering creates growth you know life is suffering short suffering doesn't have to be catastrophic it doesn't have to be the sort of thing that is is going to debilitate you but that suffering is needed for you to continue to become better yeah for sure with everything with x your with learning with everything it with the even relationships learning in relationships that that the all those uncomfortable feelings are how you learn yes learning relationships i've always said too the friends of mine you know the first time they have like a big blow out with something called me up and i'll fuck you know so and so is that this and i don't know how their dick get up there and all this time just like look ultimately yeah no wants to get into a row with someone especially someone that you really care about but if this is an important relationship the only way it becomes a relationship that has that deeper lasting meaning and that really has any real depth to it at all is what you do
when you guys are faced with adversity that shows you what a relationship you have to because when things are fun and easy anybody can be a part of it right we all just you know humping and drinking and going out and wood that's great fucking wonderful but when someone good once yeah it's pretty it's not bad as a single guy i'm constantly looking for that opportunity but ladies you look in human drink up drink mainly whiskey and coffee but drinking it happen and muscle cars if you're into that when you get into these all of a sudden adversity comes across your doorstep how you handle that and you know whether you're the per and brought it or you're the person who's in during it from the other side and if you experience at your life and also an experience in relationship man you might not be ready that's true might not have the tools you need
think about everything that you do this difficult right to give you the tools to navigate difficult situations in the other aspects of your life read yeah it is the the stresses of having to deal with a problem and how you handle that problem because there never be any shortage of of problems of difficulties from from great to small and you your way of of mitigating those problems and dealing with them is is so important it's it to term now how it works out for it that's right bitches josh barnett dropping knowledge like advertised let's wrap this up josh always always a pleasure rather we can do this more often we do like once a year now i would love to come in more often i i especially would love to even at at some point like when you've got get in here and you've got jordan and all that and just want to sit in talk on philosophy and do something like that i love the shit out of it do it let's do it josh barnett ladies and gentlemen by everybody
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