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JRE MMA Show #41 with TJ Dillashaw & Duane Ludwig

2018-09-12 | 🔗
Joe is sits down with UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw & Duane "Bang" Ludwig.
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no dwayne's name my guests today are duane ludwig and tj dillashaw two good friends of mine dwayne happens to be one of the very best roaches on the planet earth in mixed martial arts of fantastic kickboxing instructor and owner and founder of bang moitie and tj dillashaw is the undisputed ufc bantamweight champion of the world and one of the absolute best pound for pound fighters on the planet earth we got a chance to talk about all kinds of grades training and all of his new scientific methods that he's using for improvement in recovery and it was great conversation i really enjoyed it so please give it up for duane ludwig and tj dillashaw rogan experience trying my day joe rogan podcast by night all day boo and would live i have seen mother fuck about away champion tj dillashaw and duane ludwig
enter what's up buddy good to see you golf shirts now to look at you respectable mother fucker i'm forty now step up my game people watching my dojo he's gotta look dressed to the nines you know looking like it's a job but there's a warning sign on the wall says explicit language oh so you let people know people have swearing up in this bitch yes sir line up mother fuckers down them at first if you say that when you teach classes do so i get absolutely i'm passionate no you are yeah but you get fired up yes that's why don't teach the kid we have a separate room for the kids classes that coach sound cute friends and yeah so you have a children's program yes sir nice do not love the fact that you take regular classes i watch you on instagram yeah camping world regular regular classes with regular people see them in there with you like holy shit seattle starstruck and weird it out go mandrels i love it i love i mean obviously none of his classes are regular though you know even if you're an average joe coming up the street like dwayne's teaching in the same shit that i'm doing right you know but yeah
working out with a guy that's never out of real fight before you know i mean he'll always remember that you know i have to work out of me so it's it's a it's cool man i like doing in special ed to engine to a kind of shows like the true love that i have for the system and being in the yummy what kind of fucking sport other than mma is that even possible could point right you can control jujitsu you could do that but the people do most people don't know who the jujitsu guys are mean you're fighting on fucking television yeah it's almost it's almost too easy to that happen in this so yeah i would like users people you shouldn't be fine with that it happens you know that's why a controlled environments also and that's why i like i feel like the small kind of training camps and teams that have been so beneficial 'cause you know exactly who working out with and who are getting better with but our times to workout with the average guys you know not when i'm getting ready for a fight or don't want to get hurt you know kind of thing and then this is a very controlled system we're doing dutch drills that it's not going to go crazy you know there's so many different approaches
training fighters and you obviously have hit would you guys have like the best fighter train the relationship that i know about 'cause you guys are so tight it's like you guys are really a team where is her always some weird animosity with fighters and trainers and the blow up to just like men and women like when men and women break up and you fucking bitch you fucking fucking fuck and yeah that happens with fight with that makes me so sad when i see like fighter trainer blowouts when they separated talk about each other like god it's so that's such a bummer i think it's both the map to big of an ego one was to be like the coach me because in the fight or wants to be more popular or whatever it may be here and it just i don't know whenever whenever duane came into the gym and as soon as he was there from the first practice i knew we were going to get along he's a crazy mother we like to go hard competitive and it was kind of like everything i do you know you're also you have a very very well
hot out system like i've been i was very impressed with like just your document nation of your system how you have all these different things so these aren't like just happy there's obviously creativity involved when an actual fight is happening but you're sick tim is sold well thought out and and sold comprehensive i feel that's that's what i'm supposed to be doing is organizing the cast of a fight so that the regular person can understand what's happening when i was fighting in training fighting was scary and it was very scared of its own to make sure i understood what was going on so i just tried mapping it out and a lot of that came from sent a routine because he had the number system of in three was job cross check rather than three just being left hook so he's part of the initial interest to start categorizing everything put things into the system and it helped out yeah but you don't successful he thinks about it nonstop he doesn't sleep with only one way to great how good text message in the middle of the night when coming into a fight and like it be like twelve one o'clock even if you think colorado it's two hundred o'clock for him and getting a
in text messages what i should be doing for this fight he's watching sparring tapes of what i was doing we need change this new change that i mean this guy cares about our careers just as much as i do and that's why it works you know true i want him i want him to this system changes i mean it's a great thought out system but like i've never had the same training camp and i don't have the same comma we have like your system base is the same but it always veers off like you know what the tj combo is in i think it's changed really changed eight times and so as i can add on or change well i remember the first time you fought him perot when you won the title in and i had lunch together and it was a bunch of people at the table but dwayne didn't even know they were alive he wasn't invented who just telling me exactly how it was going to go down and he was just talking about all the things his hands are moving and shoulders are twitching trying to because i was moving around back and forth and he was going one hundred miles an hour with his voice is possible and i was like wow dude you're geared up because he's going to fuck him up he's going to fuck
i mean you see the motion the show's inside doc on that yeah it's you know so that's how much you care is going to that's a nervous he is you know and like i said if you have a coach who cares that much about you and your crew here then you don't let it go yeah when you were when you were in sacramento and then you move to colorado you have basically kind of had to start from scratch you a lot of people do we know you are your well thought out train but you were opening up your own place from scratch and now that place is fucking mobbed in your yeah banding yeah yes sir yep it's and we're expanding and just continuing to grow and have a good positive outlet for people to explore their soul right that's why i'm here is to teach martial arts so i'm glad everyone else's is realized that as well and i can cross paths with the ninjas like tj dillashaw and help them become better martial artists and it's just a good on you know one hundred percent living living vicariously through tj in all mathis everybody under the mta umbrella it's
good way to give back and basically relive another career for the most part right so and that's what we should be doing anyway is paying the positive less is forward and on next generation and that's that's the definition of sense they actually meaning history teacher teacher you know from those who've come before you so and to have somebody like tj is dedicated as he is it's a true blessing and that's why i'm all in he's only in nine mile and let's go yeah well it's it's just rare that you find all in coach cochin all in fighter and they get together and you guys have such unique working and one more than all in same with you like i'm addicted you know like i can't like if i'm not completely like full blown into it mentally fucked when i get home you know now coming off of this second victory over cody and then being able to stop him even quicker this time and it is to be all the crazy talking that led up to that fight in the results of the first fight i mean there's got to be very
satisfying to you that everything is going according to plan absolutely man it is especially with the whole build up and it was like two years of just bullshit nothing to deal with that mother and that's not the kind of person i am you know i really i mean the mountie not bill to get a hold of me hutton are just camp in iraq if i if i could disappear i i take advantage to do it you know so that crazy attention in just the talking tv show them accusing me of everything i can has that took a lot you know and so for all that to be like taking off my shoulders feels great for you though did this god that's got to be a real feeling of like retribution to let the matter what i said but yeah you you had the right idea they might not have been happy that you decided to do it for yourself in the right move for yourself was to go and do go to colorado and be with duane but uh basically you were right yeah oh one hundred percent i was right i mean that's why i made the decision i'm definitely
you gotta be selfish in this this where he got to do what's best for yourself in some ways without fucking people over you have to be self of course i mean we have to know what's best for you and so the ultimate vision for me was when i got an ultimatum you know like you ryan knew how much i like training with you he knew how great it was for my mentality and we just vibe right away you know and they didn't and so when he gave me ultimatum like look man you're doing your campus dwayne or doing with us i was like well then you don't have my best interest in hard i'm outta here you know like so my house but minute movie at the colorado like i dropped everything and went to that was tough it was a tough situation to go through and i i night yeah i made the right choice well for your your decision in the way you approached it was very similar to what you were doing too because when i talk to you we're going to put on my own gym in colorado and i remember thinking whenever it someone thinks they're going to start from scratch with the new gym by themselves in lego i mean i wish you well but
damn that's a lot of work you know as well as anybody yes sir i've i've known since i was a kid i was gonna be world champion haven't academy in colorado check check wow darting jim is a tough man we're we're doing it now where we're we've been going through it for the last year year and a half times i think of yeah and did the new place is called the training lab the training leads don't win the story idea and rain yeah as mark munoz had rain down into like forest and sam cal via the guy that i moved down for first and conditioning just his is crazy mind he's beyond smart like you everything talks about like i had to be to south for hours he was doing a podcast with them to figure out what he's talking about usually always because of your head you know i've gone like i said i'm always full blown i mean a hundred percent and so as soon as he sir show me the science behind what my body
he's a do over for my diet my recovery the days i'm working out the way i'm doing voice recognition what if i'm going to go bigger or how far i am from camp like everything has a rhyme and reason like every calorie i ie every macro nutrients i eat he's got it down written down he's like this guy stays up late and works in he doesn't do it for the money or the pride like he doesn't want anything like we do it out of his garage you know it's like a old rocky style training with drago science not on the ufc countdown video yeah man we're on the park we're doing crazy like yesterday i was out in the park with them doing a bunch of crazy stuff and a lot of reaction time stuff and just the way he trains is very very scientific and i've seen the gains sanely you know for his old as i am i'm the strongest and fastest i've ever been told you know thirty two i've trained since i was eight and i never got into
i never got into this until i started picking his brain and i think the i mean everything is not bro science either we're not like oh i think i feel better i'm testing myself you know i boosted my hormones i wasn't able to get my wife pregnant for three years and it happened in three months after meeting sam like i went full blown went so full blown that i created my own like spice company around his diet you know like what does he got you doing differently but how would you eating before and what were you doing before for strength and conditioning before you met him so it was i didn't care about what i was i don't cook much weight you know at the device isn't very big cup for me when i walk around like now probably one hundred and fifty this morning that's a little bit lighter than normal ave might have to bulk up to go thirty five i put on another like good five pounds of muscle before i start to even worry about my weight at thirty five but i was just eating whatever and i used to make fun of danny for being gluten free of like i give me more good i don't care all you whatever i wanted the best you know all this train her
jordan everyone but not only my age but just learning the science behind it now i'm not eating grains you no she yours in this it's as simple as like from fruits and stuff like that yeah man i mean it's it's a special diets elected close you like almost going paleo keogh kinda but obviously our bodies can't do that because i need the simple cards and you stuff but i don't want give away all the secrets but yeah i mean he's he's changed up a lot with me you want to get away all secrets but when it comes to nutrition like what is it what is it like what kind of protein does he have you eating what portions of protein how much of it is fat will you give me your fat from avocado coconut oil would he get it from a lot and not another thought of coconut oils make my meals so i don't really i don't even think about meals i'm eating so uses christ he does all three meals and two my snacks everyday and you live in that area when you're in training camp yes yes so i just house in yorba linda
nice area do i love it it's amazing it rogue one area good school districts so that's i know your life is changed we look at this is for school district from the enemy in a father's gaze but i'm looking change of the the whole shifting of your world it's everything yeah i mean it's everything that's all you think about you know takes a while to be realize you're a different person yeah i'm a different person i used remember you made a comment before saying that those an old banana or fresh meant the right bit from my act so that it was it doesn't realize something there was two bananas and one of 'em was like yellow and perfect and the other one was brown and fucked up but my daughter loves bananas so i took that brown fuck looked up banana and i ate it 'cause i realized that i was i was pudding her above me and that was i never thought about that before i'm going because i love my wife she's an awesome person but if it's just me and her that bitches getting the shit
that's why i drive a frickin subaru car 'cause it's got five star crash rating good in the snow so think of the kids for sure to prove they own denver yeah because at times the sales colorado i did just get a tesla the podcast what kind i think it is i guess drop granule you you on the website you mention it the information you put in a thousand dollar deposit and get away for awhile for it to be built right it's not like a drop fifty grand and i'm a lease if you the business anyway but yeah i've been wanting to get one for awhile it's funny men how subaru's like they've proven themselves in colorado just for reliably awesome to hold one stuff around everywhere yes it literally if you go through boulder it's like fifty percent subaru i would say that yeah they just sure they've just set list just cut the shit this one is the best since now let's stop fucking around they never break fucking japanese cars may never i've had three lexus
this is never had a single problem with any of 'em that's good will cover like fifteen twenty years of alexis is they never fuck up perfect they just start every time no fuckups three hundred thousand miles on it still going to run yeah other cars get in the windows roll halfway down with the fucks going on ding ding ding lights go off the dashboard what is this fuck black tape over it you want to see anymore yeah well i don't know gotta be difficult to build cars speaking of cars as of right now you have the thing outside you a lot of talk about yeah i'm gonna talk about it he got one of my favorite cars ever yeah i love and sex it's amazing because everything's a space ship really yeah elle space yeah it's a real fun car doesn't it would we talking about it has four engines three of them are electric i mean is it is a crazy cat that twin turbo v6 i mean it's only got high five hundred horsepower
we got a high five hundred so the torah is insane because it's a it's a two electric motor so i started since so fast zero to sixty in two point and second j that's valves to so good looking to yeah i love the way they look they look like a car that's supposed to be built in two thousand eighteen yeah i mean it's like that shit from the future it took long time to create that carmen they stop making the second generation insects like what two thousand and five i had ten did you yeah that's why i do those too yeah yeah i had one in the early 90s and then had one in two thousand and three yeah well you like the early 90s or no i like the headlights better in the newer one but they're all awesome there just it's not a fast car like if you buy i think it at two hundred and seventy horsepower but it's all aluminum it's mid engine it sounds amazing when it gets high like hot in the high revs but it does sound like it's not like a like an old mustang it's like
fuck you like medals at travel a street circuit sophisticated sound but a cool sound the vtech end and that was my one problem with the new nsx was that how quiet it was 'cause it's a hybrid so i'm like like i said i was one of three cars in the united states right now they have a custom exhaust for it and make it sound a lot better this guy on chicago ab road i think it is has designed for it you know that car is also even though it's an accurate their car is made in design the united states yeah the factory no hiring yeah yeah it's a total american car but it's under the acura what is american i mean i don't even understand every time i order stuff is always from china or pakistan or something so but it's also like the parts like are all the parts made everything you know like assembled that's with harley davidson right trump wants us to ban harley davidsons now i boycott boycott harley davidsons really
is harley davidson is going to shift their factories to somewhere to make some part of it or maybe all the talk about the lawn musk and saving the world i don't know i don't i don't think anybody could do trump job i don't think anybody president i think it's too there's no way i ask one person have that much responsibilities that person in these big ten fifth and people to handle italy sure maybe thirty there's no way i'd ever want the pressure fuck that job fuck that how much he's actually doing though i don't want it how much pussy i really want to know 'cause i don't think it is stop getting pussy he's gotta trump for sure you know you still on the role his god i mean weather in milani is still hook up she seems upset with them it's interesting as a drama's watch it all go down like's as the investigation closing in on him they're going to put him in jail or is he going to be like fuck you i'm getting spaceship flying away pressure has a spaceship or if he doesn't
trying to find if you get one all in a gold one it's as trump muskie and yeah yes but you learn quick bailed on when they got out of the paris accord yeah the climate accord i don't know enough about this i don't know how your brain holds on to even that much information any other member everything i remember too much problem i don't remember shit but like my wife will tell me from tos today my wife he told me that we were standing right here should go over all the details she remembers all the time ok i guess you're right who can but i'll tell you in eighteen fifty two yeah exactly up some facts stats some stupid stats when it comes to martial arts i feel i i i i understand have a good grasp on on what's happening but the outside a martial arts i don't know that much yeah but that's probably good men in i think there's something there's some real power or in that having a singular focus i think in order to be great
it's something you'll you'll have to be that way i don't i wouldn't be spreading dealer but i would say very don't really focus yeah i think you were because i would if if i was only thinking about mma i would not be here good point right like you need some other things that interest you to relieve the pressure have to yeah otherwise it's too much in your snap i mean what is the best one for you escape wise jumping on my malibu boat in my backyard in colorado in wake surfing and just getting out or hunting both those i getting out i just went and hiked around in the mountains of colorado for only got to do to nap date 'cause i'm too busy but by myself no one else first wanted area i scouted it like three days before it camp but just went out by myself could didn't have a cell phone reception nothing just to your own
after two one slash two days so this type year this time year archery mule deer was that it was yeah so i try getting a elk tag in colorado but i didn't draw i did draw a mule deer tag for the same area but so it's heavily dominated elk so it's hardly a mule deer there yeah it's hard to get those two to coincide with each other but that's hard hunting that's mountain hunting that's the real deal yeah man i mean you're going from eight thousand and ten eleven twelve thousand he you know yeah hi two or three those mountains in your toes when you get back to him and when you do that bring that shroom tech support monitoring tech support any quarter cepz mushroom supplement anything along those lines that literally how it came about they realize these high uh dude cattle herders realizing that their cows for more active when they were eating these certain mushrooms and that's a quarter steps mushroom we actually grow we don't grow but the guy advising forms of growth to grow it off caterpillar's on the way they go off the caterpillar yeah it's fucking
weird shit man all quarter set mushrooms are going that way i don't know about all but a lot of 'em that's crazy yeah they grow 'em on caterpillar's so they're definitely not vegan yeah i mean i takes him tech and i was at a four way studies is that a plant based like its fungal based okay the end of mushroom w mushers eat dom they take in air and they breathe out carbon dioxide like we do they're close to the animals in the art to plants this is a whole different cat ever listen to paul standards all my god i did a podcast with him strap yourself then take three hits hold on tight buckle down and listen to that guys podcast he's a real mycologist an actual scientist who studies mushrooms and he's amazing so that's how cordyceps mushrooms are grown where is the caterpillar underneath that you can just buy us a culture that's a culture of 'em i thought it would have a caterpillar ok
so this is a lot for your for your home if that's probably even better right you get it fresh i don't know how to make it either a lot of dudes grow shrooms though it's pretty easy apparently but just it's a phenomenal supplement and if you're doing anything high altitude it will absolutely increase your endurance that is one of the only supplements that i tell people look if you're skeptical about any of this shit please i want you to before you workout an hour before you take for shroom text boards and get ready 'cause you're going to have an extra gear one extra gear in training it's like one i notice sh yeah because they're they're i taken before a be a session with dj from tech and offering its would be twelve its course ups mushrooms b twelve in a day app digons and those are all really important things for enerji so this kalavryta have you do all kinds of supla mentation and what does he got you taking so everyone's got a different supplement plan because he does a hair analysis
from us and decide jesus christ of sign the only really everything's got numbers meant every hair analysis yeah and so love it so my supplement basically different than doing i mean a lot of us have that we have the same amino as we have the same screed teen office in japan where you're going for fight you know that kind of stuff but when it comes down to what within your body mineral wise like i might have more magnesium or more this or more that gets her body back to homeostasis so will take out we have too much of i might need more they may be to me is there any examples of things you didn't you have too much of i have full i have too much arsenic in my body so what were you eating i think it's rice i think the rice is given a lot because rice is headaches 'cause grown in wow yeah yes i i think it's there i could be for my tattoos as well let me touch you like yeah the ink has arsenic in it yeah
the only person to have more arsenic in my body than me in our camp was cub swanson wow and he's all covered in his whole back and stuff yeah dad is crazy now did what did they find a way to eliminate can you live yeah yes on taking that one taking a lot of different stuff for but i'm taking chlorella i'm i'd use every day i'd use cilantro lunches are good for heavy metals get detox i'm taking a fine nine which is a camino to pull it out of your body and then he's got some drop some unwanted or even though they are now have you got it so test yeah and come down by over fifty percent oh wow yeah i had also if it's still in your system and it's not you're not eating rice anymore so it's gotta be free tattoos yeah
i mean there is just slowly take can't so you can do a cone collation where they do it by iv with that stuff like it's how it's hard on you know how fast it comes out so it comes out like pimples it'll come out like when i'm on is is are coming out of my arm i could mainly i'd get pimples throughout my arm and that's kind of your body pushing it you also presumed to urine and things like that but it'll come out of your schedule arson exits on yeah hello yeah i'm here yeah i tested for arsenic once was but i was eating sardines of seeing a lot of sardines and apparently they they live from the bottom of the ocean and they get a lot of the heavy metal poisons from that way that's crazy but that makes sense with rice the the only makes sense yeah but everyone's got different supplements like it just depends on what's in your body like how like what you need to get back to perfect homeostasis right and any ads like the you know the certain amino body bill are muscle building in and ubiquinol
and the krill oils and things like that for building read new red blood cells and things like that what is his scientific background so how don't know all that i know he works for nasa he was like working with the nuclear anti defense defense system and then he missed a christmas or something and decided to move home be a school teacher and became a calculus teacher hello media is like a private high school and people travel all over the world to do is class to take his class he once more to be in the best calculus teacher in the world like all these kittens placement test scored i don't office perfect are very high in news so yeah he's he's just the mag math math will tell you everything yeah and the number
there's not like i said it's not bro science it's to the exact you know exactly if you're getting better yeah well he must apply that science to his understanding of energy of intensity because like the way you guys train it's very intense very explosive it reminds me a lot of what i'm seeing at least of like marvar individuals type training like a lot of plyometrics alot of things along those lines that would that be fair to say absolutely but then we also do we're also doing deadlifts and cleans and we're doing a lot of stuff then he mixes it up a lot yeah depending where you're at in your camp uhm how your body also the recovery so the recovery is huge he listens to our body while we're sleeping so he gets a report every more hello is next year in the bed it's pretty much just like if you had a couple glasses of water daily you know like well why are you not recovering you just like knows our views your to
so he knows like he'll tell me when i'm going to get sick like he's caught on and we getting sick before i got sick it was like oh your bodies about to crash like you need to take that the next two days off like we need to really read i mean he helps keep tj in that last fight help prepare some injuries right we have to talk about him but he without sam that fight may have different find my last two fights yeah yeah you're right yeah i'm in dealing with some serious stuff last couple of fights but i've been able to keep my body very very strong well now you also spend some time with doctor neil reardon down in panama and did that for the same type injury same thing yeah yeah so come in that combination of the science of stem cell and doctor knew rhoden as well as more here i got me i guess this is in the states i got in panama like i've had to do a lot to hold myself together kind of thing you know i'm so great because the way i'm training in in yeah i don't
i think people understand the kind of strain on your body of fight camp puts it's fucking crazy mean if i worked out the way you guys did once i'm wrecked for a week but that's right yeah two days everyday constantly going and then there's ice baths and what does he have you doing sauna ice bath was ever got come for a recovery i mean mainly it's just a lot of most i'm taking the time off but we have it's always changing it's always evolving too he's got like this i'm all pro we do for like some sort of stem on her muscles but i do like them like electrical stim i do i do light therapy there's this new place is starting to work with down in mission viejo called like two recovery dinnerware will do will be would you have hyperbaric chamber will do was a evac or something like
yeah bunch different stuff we're going to add to feedback is the machine we were talking about really recently where you jacks you up and all in altitude and that brings you down like changes the pressure inside that little tube and that's supposed to be pretty amazing do you have good results with that i actually haven't done yet something he's telling me now that like we're going to add this now like it's always like every time i come back to campus like right in the next step he doesn't do it all at once as it should life's always changing evolving never time should be like you teach me the bmt black belt system right away right without knowing any of it you know so he like gets my body like slowly adapted to certain things that he adds to it what about massage yeah yeah what kind of massage he doesn't have me do it because i love it yeah but i always do gta for the most part and then a lot of that like matt like the stretching uhm kinda like thai massage type stuff yeah a lot of time massage and then also yeah exactly yeah i forgot the stress amazing they stand in your back
pull your arms up like i had a student right tommasini he is by far the best massage therapist i've ever come across he's bad there's someone's out there man he he he is he's got a black belt massage therapy that's for sure like a a good massage shouldn't feel that great to the average for and i guess in her purse to her yeah how you gonna feel afterwards and i actually now i've learned to enjoy the pain kind of thing well yeah actually so i'm and i i've been working this whole last can't to a guy that really help me get to my camp was i'm in india right now it's gonna blank but hobby err he did a lot of body work on me that hold me in place as well to body work as opposed to look what's like what is body work regular massage he's more like a the nerve like the nervous system of all your your pathways and really find out what's week like he'll tell me like something it's like week before i even let him know before the massage cow day i can tell that i don't know how i can tell that i'm not really sure i'd have to have him tell you so there's some weird about
able to touch peoples bodies all the time and you go this is all horseshit and then they put their arm and shoulder what's going on with your shoulder like what what do you mean like it's very very tense up here you have an injury university well the house yeah yeah do you know who is in sixth sense for service in march get used to like the difference to your left side your rights i like also is going on here they just it's like everything else right your understanding of what an athlete is capable of a so different than a person who doesn't train just and i think it's got to be here and we don't we can't imagine some deal touch a pack and go all you've got a tear the your muscle terry would what but there's also some such service will resume house actually feel better so yeah i guess i feel better yeah but this guy will find my weaknesses be without me even telling him he'll know like things that i need to get worked on he knows my hips are lined up like kind of like almost a chiropractor's well but he doesn't do chiropractic were good yeah yeah yeah like how practice i just don't think it's real i love them
i love get land back up good i thought neck my neck just tweeted not will do anything to get land back up and be ready to go yeah it's definitely host size i think and this always works better than anything but it's just too much about what what chiropractic medicine was how it's started it started by a guy was a magnetic healer who learned about it in the and then his son murdered him and took over the business turned out to be something good but dirt and people are crazy as the good thing about it mean it's interesting what's good and what's not you know what's provable is it's very interesting the what's people always say that it's a part of the national institute of health care is that what it is a part of their recommended program but it's not anymore they removed it there's not there's no real evidence that shows
it works the thing about it is it's like i just suggested myself where i just had my knuckles that's literally what they're doing what they're doing to your back i've had for whatever for over you know over a hundred fights whatever how my neck jacked up and resting and shots and i've had pretty significantly i can't like change lanes internet drive in and go get a justin and be back to square one i think god has done the same thing with massage i think there's something to people touching you and working on stuff and lou in loosening you up in a way that you can't do and i'm not saying the there is not good chiropractors out there that really percent all the other things like cold laser therapy and different kinds of manipulation things like muscle stretching an what is a type of rolfing rolfing is legit brutal massage just a brutal brutal massage but it's one of those things where breaks everything down and then after it's over everything is very loose and there's there's a lot of chiropractors at a really good physical therapist too but just
the underlying principles of what the chiropractic medical practices it started off with nonsense the guy thought he could fix everything by adjusting you over some wrong your eyesight let me fix yeah it's going to be limits make sure that i'm a crack your neck and you're not going to have bad breath anymore stupid but if it tells you to believe that people are like oh nice idea in power create this huge for the problem is what it's one of things they prey on one of the uses and a not as if there's there's levels to this whole you know thing it's not just regular car prior sessions there's you know there's different kinds of air quote healers answer that have like different systems that they think they could push down the middle your back and cure your pancreas so much horseshit but it's not real but there are a bunch of things you can do that are real and massage is one of a massage is it's absolutely a fact that it's helped loosen people up and relax people and just something about being manipulated like
like if somebody really dig in their elbow into your tissue and loosen it everything up we got this tim tam never used one of yeah i have a i have a tim tim and i have therapy gun as well to have yours yet was that ok cool yeah he president having that thing is the shit that thing is amazing cross thank you for us a hobby in the house me one you have any things like not it up and really bother you to hammer it with that fucking thing and then afterwards it's like what are my students made one of those out of a little drill yes i think yeah put a tennis ball or something and especially with this yes i mean it's just the same kind of motives going up until by that make this thing for thirty dollars so when you guys are doing camp do you move down to california for that would you do six or eight weeks how many weeks are you doing
i do a lot i do more and i probably should but i mean i don't do camp before i get into camp kind of thing really i like to get yourself in shape yeah i like to be in shape game starts you know always developing savings descampe duane came out like started coming out in nine weeks before the fight maybe ten they also lecture more than two months and he would do three days you come out flou monday wednesday friday no sir i'm sorry how many tuesday wednesday to be out here three days back home for days spent time yeah but what do i i with that i i was define day which was already aware of slow down doing great i got a note battery will slowly over the corners folks over toilet times i gotta talk slower today it talks about people who complain and talk too fast yeah i'ma talk slower when you get a lot of information in that one minute of corner talked about 'cause that's why i talk fast this is why i'm wired why talk best i got about thirty seconds to talk and really in formation which is also white half the actual system encode all the drugs in combination
condense it right i don't want to say jab cross across three that came from box right corner from icy tomorrow fight tell me what to do when i walk out there in thirty seconds later i did not come back whatever it is you know like you should be able to get the information off and there's this system to laying out there's routines and there's a patterns of success you know there are higher percentage drills in combinations that have been proven to be successful well how about we just keep practicing those obviously it's up to at the to find the time distance and accuracy to pull him off and i have to believe that they are yeah that hard to believe right and yet we have to believe in the system too i can't be like like if i didn't believe exactly doing was tell me are that he can see it that i know we can see it because he's good at it our why are you really gonna go out there and do what he says that's one thing i had with boss to whenever he gave me information i did not doubt it so as i know he's been there and done that and it wasn't stuff that he felt he would do is stuff that he knew that i should do right and i feel like i understand tj i could give him the proper information for the proper time but also i know when to sit back and let him flow as well right in window going to type in and give me information and he's really good about
you know receiving information as a case in point the first type of cody between the rounds we had drastically changed things and what we need to change it just the timing of of our attack is pretty simple life to me fighting is now i don't i don't think i know what i mean i know i don't know it all but it's all i know and i know a lot that's for sure but i was going back to earlier traveling out here it is we can back home for days yeah i i found a really good the younger one was a rhythm of us as far as pulling off information as far as the path that class sparring in so it's like we're layering it up we're practicing in class now we're sparring with it and then going back to what we need work on so i found a really good pyramid too for tj to retainer for any retain information can condense into three days it's it was it was really fun it was i look at as it is an experiment with the most optimal way for someone to perform and fight safe and effectively i see
it's fun your love the there's a lot of people that want to go to these big giant super camps and i know you know what with alpha male you were in a big giant super camp well you're doing now is very different and that's this is something that obviously steep ameo church was doing there's a lot of other fighters that were doing that are doing where a lot it is based around them mighty mouse in particular that he's another one i mean there are unquestionably professional fighters around them but it's not like there in a building with what are the world champions in this bunch of you know savages that are coming up that you know and everybody's trying to kill each other it's it it's a different it's a different set up like it's a lot of it is geared towards you it is and it's just the natural way it kind of happened this time is this bet what is better is it better to be in the doghouse with all the alpha male guys were it's all just animals kill each other while you're acquainted yes if it's if it's not for money you know
when these big james turned into something wants to make money then the real martial arts comes out of it when you have coaches then people running it that are really going to the gym in the training lab so i'm very fortunate that i have steve martin a guy that's been he's put heart and soul into this thing to keep this building open 'cause we're not making money we're not we're not going we don't have a its prince private teaching kids class and we do a dual boot blue can't kind of things just to turn the lights on just so the bills are paid and some sponsors here and there to the coaches like we're losing money and thank god that we have a guy like steve martin this one to see our dream that we want to be the team that is not based around money that it's a whatever money we end up making from the gym is going every dollar into the coaches you know like i don't want to i don't want to make money i don't want that awkward relationship between me and watch letter that i'm making money family means you get that weird business relationship rather than us just have a real relationship like me want him to get better him wanted me to get better which i felt like maybe
used to kind of be that way out for mail but it's turned into a money thing to wear it oh man it wasn't like there wasn't like before winter we got dwayne we had no coach it was just us coaching each other kind of thing you know that's not usually the best thing no weird about each other we were sparring for five days a week yeah i mean i've picked up so fast because of it you know like you had to learn how to fight and i'm aggressive and i like that stuff but it's not smart right in terms of your overall health care health longevity in the shower yeah you know on yes so i hey i've control i i've turned into a real professional athletes for instead of it just going to the gym in going ham i got a good everywhere from my diet everywhere from the where were the times that work out my schedule my recovery haven't looked them have been doing is able to travel out with me i built a i built an awesome facility right now with mark ninos circle back
from being a coach joe christian flip a monica and all these guys like it's not money driven so it's it's doing great right now we're we're we're some we're doing awesome yeah he really does have a really good crew of people around in in all this is and what it's not your visited her there were in anaheim and all beautiful yeah that's great so in the offseason anaheim your hop skip and a jump away oh yeah we're right there i mean even fighting in la was nice i mean ten to fly new where it was coming out in your backyard dan lambert did did all this before anybody i mean dan lambert in terms of like throwing money at things and put american time yeah interrupting you i mean that guy he he spent a fuck load of money we put fighters on salary and and then recently built a giant place with dormitories and everything you that guy at all yeah he's probably the pioneer of digging deep into his wallet and putting together a crazy jim set up like that but after that
different kind of crew you go down there and then there are a ton of world champions there's a ton of professional athletes and you know it not necessarily going to get the singular specified training that you're getting right now yeah for sure and then but we're also really so yeah you could be really good we want you in our gym but if you have the right personality as well too it's not only about your skill to become in china there jim and be a pro athlete there we also got to live with us right of we don't have the vibe than this all egos are gonna get involved in the gym gonna split up this guy's gonna go here this guy going to go there so how do you determine that do you get to know them first and then let him in the gym we always let everyone into see how they're going if they don't workout then we tell him like hey man this isn't spot for you we don't we don't have open for you can see it though it with the drills
dutch bros in just drilling in general how caring and somebody's right and there's four rules asthma guys to follow and there are rules that revolve around accountability it's show up on time get better get tired take care of your partner you do those for simple things and we're good it's pretty simple those are very good rules yeah it's it's it's a sport that attract people who are troubled yeah agreed yeah the romans the misfits yeah and then it's good for people that have been abused they want to get people back you know there's a lot of that you remember a lot of what was younger the more aggressive mean or people when you would find out more about them you find out there was i'll abuse dad used to be the mob step dad beat him up there was always thing that they were trying to get back at people for i feel like this for is changing enough now that it's a very common thing the kids want to do and now you have you know yeah kids with a good subrings wanted to do it yeah it's a challenging possible karere now and
a fighter you know young head coming up see someone like you and they go ok look at this guy he's two time world champion super respectful articulate real friendly doesn't have a chip on his shoulder likes you know shaking hands take a pictures and being around people so you have to be a asshole but you don't have to be some brooding asshole for sure i mean you'll get paid for it more of these days but that's interesting right if you get paid more for being a complete asshole and make if you don't mind me full of yourself then you get paid more you know well like colby yeah to the extreme tour come on colbys hilarious i don't know i think it's funny may actually went to the fucking white house and put thing on donald trump's desk given the belt i was like that is hilarious he actually did it you know it really really be funny if it turns out this whole time he's a democrat and this is all just a big act super pro gay rides and so it would have been admitted her women's rights in the office he democrat rumors in the offices
well you just do it only specifically just for promotion yeah him and tyrone woodley is going to be co raising that's gonna be crazy i will sell you know the videos on the internet the one black dude this is i'm tyrone and fuck this fuck that whatever you know the internet oh they're hilarious can you pull up on those videos of tyrone live so far apart it would've been funny you gotta explain what you fuck you're talking about one of my search answer different i'm tyrone larious pulling up but it wasn't already hold no no do you know what i'm talking about jamie you do but it is good i have no idea because a lot watch for the use of a given set was gone although go bring for the beginning this is a long compilation of it just like kind of walks around a bullies people sort of kind of a joke is that him that's not the regular this is
in other words it entirely different yeah this is a different the other one is a different guy no he'll do he'll go i mean you just type in tyrone black dude in the internet i mean you're going to get a lot of it saleri have to do so it would have been funny 'cause if that's not the best clip 'cause if you who won the belt he wanted bread i'm tyrone and this is my mother fucking belt so if you watch these videos in a natural good video of the tyrone and that i would do that in a cage i was i've been thinking for awhile i should've been so fucking funny but it's not funny so there are videos shit jamie pull it up i watched the rogan show mister line was really good sorry hilarious yeah he was almost after one like like nothing happened jesus team doing right by us the ones we fight because this is weird
is another one that's him that the same guy yeah this one we get beat up early as wife or something here's fuck i'm here to fuck your wife long dick style to look at him for aunt what's up i don't make a move will do some stuff with some winds hit ounce of rama code what happens if i didn't make the video just like terrible editing where is this funny shit right but it seems like he's just mean and stealing i don't think that's funny dwayne but what other funny they're funny he's a mean her color this another point is i thought sorry guys shit it seems like a bad sketch summer anyway maybe they're funny agron woodley is not that guy noise now
but whatever fun was it would probably sell more tickets for sure probably yeah that's what i did from like the cold beer produce like super calm and respectful after that it's hard to believe he was just in a cage fight he shut although darren till hype up quick i knew was going to win i would to talk to her own or do can see if sorry to interrupt and we caught him 'cause darren till i made a video about this how darren till typically likes to faint and pump and get the guy backing up get the position and then land the cross you know from open stance from southpaw a slight delay between those two to three punches that he throws now wondering if tyrone did is resource in semen tyrant is not because tyron woodley right
iron wood tyrant parasitic tyrant is know that now the joke with him and it's funny that's i wondered if you if you read that from watching the videos are previously unseen that little gap in the this combination is able to be to much well if you just ducking chucked i'm here to see if that was a something they trained in inside out or because that takes balls right each these coming up his strongest punches cross there's not too many people out with and he just stepped into and beaten to the punch at the balls tyrant that's as he always is that strategy of standing against the fence or close to the fence and then when guys moving the counters yes i mean he did that with josh because jack he's done it with a lot of guys and rory macdonald was the only got a few shut that down he figured out a way to shut it down he stayed long stay long he's a lot of front kicks jabs keep kept his left hand up high to block the right hand you know the big right hand but man the time is
is faster than him wait yeah close this so quick like lightning lana that right hand beat the shit out of him on the ground it was just shocking to me that and didn't know what to do when he was on his back like in terms of like that so i thought that was going to go like him just be on top in the whole thing i thought turns is going to carries out well i thought maybe that was part of the strategy to uh so when you saw them warming up 'cause tyron was doing like a lot of like exchange is and then shoots for a double or close the distance level changes like they did that when he was working with a boxing coach as well he would hit the hit the mets and then move and level chain letter together but i was just dumb like till didn't understand the darcis coming or didn't know but then you gotta wonder how battered was he took that big shot took a lot of hard elbows in the ground how much was he really there that is a beauty i'm sorry not going to say because that doris was eleven mile away
i mean it was there and then it was there and then he sent it up deep it was never like there was never a separation never pulling the hands back to turns a lot stronger than him to be able to hold him in that can hold that position you know he's a freak yeah he's a beast dozen ways the champion but i think that's the the way i choose to look at anyway is having a checklist if you were to build up mixed martial artists how much information should they know standing wrestling and then on the ground and this you just check check check and know all these basics should be covered before you go fight as a beauty beauty of having a quick clip again a checklist no i absolutely agree with you i think you know uh stand i mean the days of just like being able to just fight someone and not know anything about that seems kind of foolish it seems like a massive advantage to study like when cowboy fought darren till he yes i did not watch any tape on him he's like you know he
trigger good i love the strike will okay maybe my want to watch the striker yeah that yeah all watch tape in the beginning with rain but i kinda let him continue from there you know i trust is driving on everything right and then when i'm out if i can since because sometimes when you watch the tape in fight camp thank you can mess with people's heads you know like maybe maybe cowboys getting too nervous and then he's white gives a man xiety to watch the fight you know so you need to have if that's the case you know have a coach that's willing to do you trust to do that for you that's good point now let me do this a mental this fucking sport some mental mindfuck man yeah you know of whatever works the best for you is that we've got to figure out is it better for you to fight so unlike cody that you have all this animosity and beef towards and all this shit talking 'cause you get super hype up and motivated every day or is it better to fight someone who you have a lot of respect for was just a good challenge
i think you gotta learn to like to be the same person for every fight you know i think it's like control those emotions you know even though there was all that coming in like i'm nervous to fight you know like forget all the bullshit you know and i had to not through my career i had to learn to take a motion out of it and even inspiring still you know like doing always tell me control my moshing controlled aggression in honest you hit me i wanted you back i'm i'm very competitive right so it's something you have to learn how to control of how to do that throughout my career and i think everyone has learned to control either to let go or to pull back and i'm like really control that emotion to be the same person every fight anna a mentally mixing up the same person every five a mentally like in your own head the same person but technically need will switch it up that the mental aspect of it is probably the thing that holds more people back to anything like we all know of guys that are just monsters in the gym and for whatever it was when they would go to compete
this could never be there full self yeah tv does better in the cage yeah as in the gym yeah i was i was what i did better in the in the gym in the cage what do you think it is that makes you do better i love it i don't know and i'm just taught myself to love the like i am i'm ago and while i get out there's the sake i want to be there you know like i know everyone's nervous in like their ex like is the highest highs but ways to be so nervous that i forget like what happened in the fight you know but throughout my credit after the mike easton fights when i really started to like honing our during the mike easton files when i really started to hone in and have fun and just realize like fuck this shit man like what it's gonna happen not doubt for into houses like houston i don't know hasn't been around for awhile yeah not really sure there's a pop super fight with you and henry so who the hell is being talked about would you fight him at one two thousand five hundred and twenty five yeah absolutely i don't want no excuses that i'm the bigger man and he probably is bigger than you quite honestly
some say like i struggles to get the thirty four from to down twenty five twenty five or thirty five issue with the coach i have now sam calvi to it's like i i was told i was in a right demitrius johnson the summer before i thought cody the first time because cody did to of his back within three weeks of time i got down to waking up to one hundred and forty pounds by changing the way i'm working out changing my calories change my mac and nutrients and myself just going full bore like i was able to start waking up in the morning one hundred and forty pounds within three weeks and so right now you're about ten plus pounds heavier than that and how much time would you need like if they said hey december 31st new years eve superfi am i cook my coach always wants like the like actual like you told me that before from alaska only sixteen weeks but i mean obviously we could do it a lot i could've made twenty five this last fight with how much water i had him in the hydration that he's got me going on when i get close to fight two is
it's as easy as i i don't do so under the double bass anymore like i want to make way to walk on the treadmill plastics for how long the day of i'd say thirty minutes i sat in a sauna so you're only losing like four or five pounds most right yeah in the morning after i think three or four five pounds yeah that's a massive benefit to you in terms of your condition oh huge he's been having fluid on your brain your cardio your muscular contraction in endurance i mean everything i mean we need to put yourself like that like you talking about darren till may be cut too much weight i could definitely be a possibility you know sure he's huge tells a big guy to get down to one seventy yeah yeah i mean that is the it's trying to find the right balance or your big for the weight class but you're not diminishing yourself really drastically
get down to your weight class in the henry tutor thing also entertains me so much 'cause he's a gold medalist he wants to he wants to claim itself as the greatest combat athlete ever i'm a ufc champion i'm a gold medalist like i'll go out there beach in wrestling mma wrestling is completely different on the better at i could be anywhere i know i can watch them fight so very excited about i think it's the greatest thing for my name right now there is a key saves me a lot excites me a lot to do will show the science behind not only myself my coaching and and into lane in the system like every like i'm almost landed whatever we're doing i'm one hundred percent in i don't take any shortcuts and i want to show that i want to show but i can make twenty five and be my best ever as well now dimitrios is injured he's he's out for a little while yeah so this is one of the reasons why the talk of the super fight is coming up like it is dmitri is going to need a few months you can have immediate rim match so perfect have they talked about it proposed
you know it's been said there's nothing like serious but there's been like hansan like we did our media tour together and they put us on camera together and how to talk shit to each other right i mean they didn't like they didn't save you know that means everything is really everything we do is real but it's like oh shit this is what you guys want you know and like you really think you can beat me then fuck you man let's do this shit you know like that's why i get my motivation from from fighting is not the anger not let's it's the the competition and does he want to go to thirty five is that he told me face faces one today at two thousand five hundred and twenty five yeah yeah that's what you first said after that he wanted he wanted to the super fight right that's what he does it is so he said come to thirty five so it was like look for doing this i'm coming twenty five so i have no problem with that he's got more st credit to drop the division detroit division dj right so yeah it gives you more street for sure no excuses of the bigger man i don't want to come in thirty five and whip his ass like oh he's 'cause he's a thirty five pound piece of thirty five pounds to whoop your ass
he's a huge one hundred and twenty five or he really is when you take out the weight cutting there's not much difference between you two guys when you saw it is and how much better i am but that that's true henry hang on but when you
saw him and dimitri's together me he's a much bigger person yeah yeah now he though how much wood whose whose grow yes hi i don't know no good question it's got to be in the fifties when he shows up the fight week he looks like he's kind where you know mmhm when i shipped a five week i haven't even really started yet mama yeah i mean for your your pacing urine durrance that's got to be a big benefit to know that your body is a hundred percent healthy going in there in terms of like not being dehydrated and to so many guys you see them on the day of the way and you go i don't know how the you gonna fight twenty four hours i think head traumas lamar pro prevalent when you're dehydrated going to camp like i've known some guys have cut a lot of weight and it's already have ended their careers you know because you're having those all
out spoilers and you're going to have to go as hard as you can and and sparring merely for a fight thank you going for your timing is off your fighting right i mean you don't do it all the time we there's there's times it so that when you're sparring your sparring like a fight for the most part i mean larger gloves or you know what we've been doing smaller golfing this too but those those puppies that i have i feel like as padded as my sixteen his work it depends where they put the the the padding depending on the knuckles i mean the camera thicker than sixteen which a company's glove to use for the animal sample always animal here so the one where is that from their offices in new york but the guy that one is living out here in california so new company it's been around it's fresh someone new at not nothing the been around since fourteen fourteen via a make great stuff i mean they have the the puffy sparring gloves are awesome to billy get to get real rounds in because when i grapple i can't i can't rifle in a row
the big puffy goes on with boxing gloves yeah right also with those there puffy around the knuckles but you still grip with them yeah makes a group of them i got everything i mean the only thing that's different is like the padding on your i for a cameo thrown but i came right answer your son here be careful with your phone so you really have to be accurate you're conscious right and with does it with you if you're working submissions for the extra padding in the knuckle yeah absolutely i mean rinker jokes are harder to get the hand behind the head and guys guys can get out of submissions easier because of the they can grab more the glove fever and they're not supposed to kick in as a central quicker a tedious in a in a sparse hard sometimes right so i try to have my guys choice and so storing hard you do have to spot hard but we would have a do that once a week but we do a whole bunch of sparring drills throughout the week as well to get better technically understand the distance the timing but you do need to spar hard but it's not like you're hurting
a guy if he's rocked whatever knocking not gonna knock him out but your tone with which could force to because you do have to experience that for sure like a rock to use him to the body right now for sure yeah if you often that you know her to the body and the so they'll say you hit her to the body you know work out of that as well don't don't take any yeah i wanna make sure that was clear that's when things that's all i've been able to do is dissect the chaos of a fight and slowly manipulate is we can actually understand the layers you get better at it none helped a lot with the actual drilling and spine chilling in sparring in the celso understand a lot of process have you ever found any core drills are abs rules that allow you to absorb punches or kicks better is there anything you shown if you ever figure out i don't know if that helps we do it i mean we have a coach those medicine buzzing is would like we're doing motion movements are again on a bouncing a tire or doing homes like a bird b motions something about your feet and slamming like a big medicine ball in your stomach coming i think i just think
the impact of the herd yourself is is gonna helpful to million than just having a stronger core in general i think i think war's ob by far the most important in a manger jitsu and grappling is your core strength is how strong your core is is like because i can go live weights and this guy is going to be way stronger me doing bench or doing dead list whatever it may be but we get on the mat and he's like do how to fuck you so strong i think it's all core it certainly is a lot to do with kicking power so it's so much of it is not just the legs it's the ability to whip push the hips into it all this that's all your core and your cardio controls your breathing i think it's reliability of course everything exercises and you're doing for that this is endless i mean a lot of medicine ball stuff are you doing different things with mister call vida you doing before yes yeah completely actually this shits crazy it of crazy man like the first i
rebecca news gonna be hard i can only stomach always flick you go hard makes i've never gonna her as hard as a this guy pushes me ever in my life from the all the use of me pricing or competing but it it you can only do so many times he can't do it all the time and he knows when it when the extractor should be easier when we're gonna have those days where i'm for sure going to throw up right you know or like what days and push the slide up the hill we do a lot of cycling i'm on the bike constantly but it's not only for low base it's certain power intervals you doing distance like actual bike on the road or yeah i do that too so if i if i if i twenty five will be doing a lot of road work running swimming this i'm permission tried to make twenty five will be a tri athlete
what we'll be doing some german hand should always run in that apartment over trying to act like campaigns to get smaller but yes so they could the by think the bike where does a lot for a course will too because you could not only your stomach you know course from your hamstrings up to your back to your quote throughout your stomach and it controls a lot you know so even even doing the bike work is is a lot of core work as well too yeah people don't realize is sometimes you have lower back pain it's because your hamstrings to tidy up you tell not like what yeah then they learn how to stretch out their hamstrings and like camelback feels better like yeah yeah so yogas all batman hell yeah we do we do yoga mean everything i mean there's so much beyond what we have to do and how doing this was his first project in this he wrestled so he was a wrestler wrestle
i've always been around wrestling with help mark with his wrestling camps his kids so he's got that wrestling mentality but then he's just a genius as well and so his first project was mark munoz when he's making weight and looking shredded that imboch fight things like when you first started helping out so that's why it's called the training lab as well as well with rain in the middle is because he was attached to mark use the gym and helping him out and mark muse jam for people nose called brain yes rain yeah yeah and so i mean that was funny is come full circle i mean mark munoz is the one that talked me into fighting he's my coach at cal state fullerton wrestling and you see at the time is my assistant coach after college didn't do like what i should've and so i didn't feel like i was done competing is sort of following mark around and doing jujitsu and all
shit i was actually enrolled in grad school at the same time to become a physicians assistant he pretty much talked me into dropping out of school and give him fighting a chance he thought i'd be good at it and now it's come full circle and now he's our coach again wow yeah he's got some awesome anime flow drills mark munoz yeah it's been good wrestling for mma yeah you can just be like a nice awesome wrestler in common in teaching and everything you know you got to know how to punch you got to know the g two aspects of it in a wrestling his own score yeah most certainly there certainly rules that you have to follow the you don't have to phone regular wrestling the things you know there that's the case would you too as well it's certainly certainly helps to learn jiujitsu one of things i don't know if you guys are paying painted to but eddie bravo came up with thing called combat combat jujitsu which is sort of an intermediary step between regular jitsu and mma and it's basically jujitsu jitsu with slaps pancrase some of those bitch slaps palmer yeah boss figured out how you figured out how to pull his hand
is way back and he's basically punching you with his palm where you could hit any buddy anywhere you get him in the forehead he never would have to worry about your knuckles i feel like that's harder than my mma gloves yeah i think so too yeah i mean you really put a beating on somebody with toms is an innovator for sure he's always thinking he taught me how to think how to be open minded and figure stuff hello yes so here it is this is combat this is come out you just to that's a guy on the ground i think i hope to see it now there's other things too like how dana hussein this is otherwise fuck them that one that's where that's where the whole ankle attacking the leg situation changes in an actual fight and you have punches right you wanna watch attacking those legs you open up things the same way you would open up things with punches you know there it is bam is that one of my affiliates tunes from montana with the blonde hair one the roaches stopped quite a few people well he stopped at least one per
with just a slaps but he's use those slaps has a he's got a big advantage in being a high level mma fighters well heading into this but there the idea behind it was created by eddie because he wanted to you make it just a little bit more realistic on the ground is add this other element to it 'cause there's times where guys are going for leg locks and you know your face is wide open you know committing both your arms to the person's leg and that person is exactly where they could just smash your face and if you're used to that and jujitsu gym where guy can't punch you and you just think you're safe and you always practice in that way thank you combat jujitsu is a real wake up call and just getting fucked in the ass i instructor at our academy sam kootz he teaches it's you for self defense and then he asks you if you want to compete in jiu jitsu they teach two different jujitsu he wants to find out why did you
i'm here what you want to get better you want self defense you want to compete 'cause there's a different way you have to approach things for sure which is why tj beyonce met with regular but in my gym because here slightly of a different drill in combination with more contact than the average person you know so you'll get out what you put in an in your academy do you have everything there do you have submission instruction but wrestling or do you go different places for you jitsu how do you do it the i i do not at my gym is my due to i go to gracie baja in irvine with flip a demonic a great spot he's he's a straight up ninja he knows jujitsu for m8 is like you're saying mark windows wrestling for mma and i probably have striking friendly t he has a really good camp around him i would have liked to be his position now understanding of martial arts on record hijack podcast sorry
i'm just so happy for this time not even shut the holdouts too much i mean like i told the other day we were texting about like damn you remember this shit music video it's like this is uh for journey though you know like this is not doing this shit alone if i was doing it alone it would be a lot harder mustang i couldn't do it i wouldn't be this level i wouldn't be who i am i told mrs our journey you know that's why this shit works 'cause i don't have a bigger ego i'm not like whatever you know that mean dwayne really see eye to eye and his family nest yeah i love the family knows but it's so critical the relationship that you guys have because i think there's he can add so much in terms of what he understands and your except sense of him and your appreciation of him allows you guys so like fully integrate there's one project of tj dillashaw world champion making you the best you could be if there was any sort of conflict or you gotta be number one or you don't want to listen to him i'm gonna do what i want to do today like that shit happens all the time with coaches and fighters and fight
and then sometimes you don't hear about until after the fight and you like what happened i gotta tell you man he wouldn't show up for train use this and that he's going to new girlfriend she's pregnant i never remember blah blah that's why i'm online with tj's all in i don't have ass stable the fighters have a few guys that float through my place great i work with him a little bit here and there but tj and so i'm i'm all in now one of the benefits being in colorado was the altitude are you you don't think so now it depends where you fight do you think 'cause you can train a lot harder at sea level your body gets a little more dance like the oxygen and your recovery at sea level is way better i mean when i first going up to colorado and training at altitude i feel like my body was recovering as i felt older man
yeah lack of air up there yeah i think the lack of of rebuilding myself you know we do altitude training we do i'll to to what's called auto lab something i breathe into at certain times certain time links to really different intervals throughout that dot training camp instead of living in in breeding altitude and i'd rather get the recovery in the hard training from sea level and then use the altitude to get in that hypoxic state so the reason why less also and there are you create more red blood cells and the more red blood cells you have the more oxygen you transport and so they're thinking if you go down to sea level you're going to have more oxygen transport but your body has enabled the train is hard and recover as you can at sea level and then use the hypoxic state by to get the red blood cell production
you can get the benefits of altitude right i happen to live there but i had heard is that the best move was to train at sea level but live at high altitude i don't think the re i mean i don't your recovery is good enough what about those somewhat my coaches told me you know that makes sense is making sense what do you think about those tents where like people sleep in those tents i've tried one if it's hard to sleep so if you 'cause you're pumping it up so it gets hot in there for one plus you start thinking like that scene in psycho with uh shower surround my shower curtain just have nightmares and shit everyday no it is when you're when you're ibm which auctions is just don't feel recovered you don't get a restful night sleep i said no i said i see we sent another totally makes sense yeah you definitely feel the difference mum and told me
sense that you would be able to train harder at sea level you can push your body to that super far extreme that you wouldn't be able to get their altitude but if you live it out suit for a few years and your body totally normalized to that yeah but then but i'll be fighting at sea level right you know i don't you don't know yeah no enough behind it that's just what i was told i need no matter where i'd fight sorry ninja i knew no matter where i thought that i would always be ready to go because born and raised in colorado so i don't care where i was and one of my goals was to get tired 'cause i know if i was tired that that mother fucker is dead tired so let's go we need to make my head hurt dude he's thinking about thinking about all these different things that he's got you go on and thinking about all his the planning that must involve the full time jobs that's a straight up full time job like
even like did you sing i do every day the i mean if i didn't do my meal prep and be impossible unless obviously my wife was doing it all it'd be impossible to get a lot done you know the june it's to it so much and how many athletes see working with it's a pretty small group i mean in his growing now 'cause obviously the name is growing and more athlete they were still doing that is garage yeah it's called the garage we do it at the gym as well too but there's a small group of guys is still good was garage and do it there's kind of like our our varsity team i guess you'd say you know once you once you prove yourself enough in the gym you can get a with that's what should happen guys come origin they've worked out with us we've got along with them they become like you know family and then we bring him into the garage outside so he's got see because of one erin pico saddened troops by a i don't know i still pay out like
eight nine guys will come to his garage or account that's a great group right there have an mp go let's go help that future will chapin without a doubt for she's a savage not only like how good he is technically but mentally to like to that falls i'm competitive i go hard yeah and he's the another extreme students can we do this i can't put a live for distance and at the garage run down in declines or or downhill we're doing this hand paddlers for distance and how far would you who gets a who gets to a our first wins and i thought he won the world title when you beat me so but yeah i like your approach ready to cody yeah it in my face after the fight hello or after the hand that he won is he he's just he's very competitive is very good technically he's hungry he takes no showcase twenty one years twenty one years old and wasn't taking any shortcuts i don't learn all this shit till i was thirty and he's already
when now and he's a world class wrestler great boxer working with freddie roach a lot he's goodman he's really good yeah an you know i think there's a there's an actual real gift in losing his first fight yeah i think there's a gift in that you either much height behind them and he got cracked and submitted quick he pushed got finish is the worst you could possibly get worse yeah is very first fight in a head kick what is really recover but not only did you get knocked out but you got submitted as well and you did and you did it in front of madison square garden on the main card for your first fight ever so we experience experience like the lowest lows for first fight so now it's like there going lower like everything's everything's skyrocketing and eh
but he was so hyped up and out of there so much hype about him which is deserved it just shows you that everybody can get caught anybody can get finished that experience i think is so valuable for him yeah i really do and then that left hook to the lands in his last fight holy shat two fights are too fine now the murders yeah he'll find that body shot every time is farm like obviously you gotta get ready for and you can feel it but he he finds it everytime wolf yeah you gotta be ready and then like you start worrying about the body shot and you're opening yourself up so yeah yeah he's good man is really good that's one thing i feel it mister coker bellator does pretty well is gives people the proper fights that help build them up right now i think people's first fight with a bad matchup just got caught your condo asia because i tough guy yeah you know once i love coker yeah i'd like to i like what he's doing and you know i'm supposed to be some are in other in combat competition with bell door i said
or should i mean i'm the one who got jimmy smith hired i was trying to get him hired years ago i and i love the fact that big johns over there now and that you know is right gold is over there too that and more all of moral and i just there's a lot of great fighters over there man i mean i love the fact that rory macdonald's over there that he's a champ i mean it's just one of if he's not the best welterweight the were world it's him in tyrant you know i really think that i really think i gotta practice at noon sorry tires just don't have any in the end of sir i'm on it but if it's not most certainly one of the best new saucy one of the best one hundred and eighty five years in the world if not the best mean they have like legit claim to world class fighters now at at least two weight classes they got the ban as the fighter walk out it's a good school usc i like it i like it i like you know that the fighters are having a good time over there the getting paid well i don't hear any complaints yeah i want
to grow man i really wanted to be a real i wanted to be like right up there with you have see i would love it if it was of a full rival like pride place yes alright i left and then figure out a way to do that crossover fights you stay yeah we can build or build build trip as far as you see is and then have like this like oh yeah we're fucking better than those are for it's a canal on triple g yes look if they had a floyd mayweather versus conor mcgregor mma style if there was like literally guys do is talk about that right well there were talks about that for floyd in net and car but i don't think it was what i mean is a guy who gets as big as mayweather has gotten in the ufc and a guy gets his big is he in mma with bellator and then they have giant ass fucking super fights is enough for everybody i just think for the athletes it's better if it's choices and it's good
you it's not just choices it's more competitive in one it's more competitive they try harder to do a good job for the athletes make it attractive to the athletes like if you're a football player you can get you can go to a bunch of different places to play right but if you're a fighter you got like two spots your bell torn you got the fc it's our it's like these two teams out there now and i think that's unfortunate i think i'd be way better for fighters and i think that boxing is a clean system and i think boxing definitely has its flaws them in terms of like promotion and help yeah i was like what is that is why this fight happened in russia would you can tell when it should have been over like she would you won that fight yeah but that could happen in the ufc and judging happens all the time there's some terrible judge yourself yeah i mean experience that she fuck it's crazy man it's crazy that no one is doing anything to fix it there's people that have passed bad calls that should just
removed yeah see you don't understand professional high level fighting there's been a grading system like if if you see these judges in the can in that they've made like look this person's may look for bad choice right about decisions back you're out i think they should go through a training course in the test on it just like a test mister for the ranking of the system right they should be able to go through this information and get better in under and passed the test or not judge to fight or let it fight go through and let some quality judges judge it and test those results versus their results right how do they judge it compare those notes to see 'cause we're doing what people's careers in their life we heard a lot on the line with these people aren't making the correct decisions from their lack of education they could definitely get better at mr blue sorry no no please don't when they start point is more fighters an old and expires retired fighters as far as being judges but then maybe there's some someone hold back on that from who do you think yeah hi is this totally that's possible but i think you're better off with
those fighters and their bias than someone who really doesn't understand this or because they'll be afraid to being called out to if you if you can use like see their decisions are making like these are you thinking yeah for you know just don't have that also got someone who they have a close relationship with her right it's like frankie edgar where is fighting you don't have a car oil made as adjusted oh yeah 'cause he was part of the commission that's right even though i think ricardo is awesome yeah he right they have no team you need people but understand martial arts and it's a lot of the people that are judges that just have no background which to me is crazy agreed it just doesn't make any sense when it's not like there's a shortage of martial arts practitioners out there there's millions of us are yeah yeah we're out there you could find us and you could get us to be judges some fights yeah there you go man and i think also we've said this before i'll say it again it should be more than three there's no reason to limit it to three all you need is two dummies and they ruin a fighters career you could you could get bad luck and have two dummies out of three
that's not hard to do two people really don't understand a fight you need at least five and i think we'd be fine with ten i don't think there be anything wrong with having ten judges that way if you really gotta fifty five that's a real draw i think real draws are real too like there's fights were like you go jesus i don't know who won that fight i got i'd have to go over that fight with a fine tooth comb and the difference the distance between being losing is so close i think you're better off arguing for a draw in some it's now this is a shame and yeah i know ibm is actually was that close like why not it be it in our chat because there's some fights where the guy gets a decision the girl gets a decision you like how valuable but it's that they both won i mean it's a fucking incredible fight one person goes on a loser the other person goes home a winner and it's almost like flipping a coin overtime when i should leave him when i get to draw overtime glory does that still i would just say i came in second place i never know
actually is it a little bit glory to still one more round that's right yeah just do that i think would be cool shit ok well in fucking wild i could get up there ready here now it's like who i fucking one this one you know like fuck we got another alright let's do this week we have a split decision there saying like oh jesus we have majority draw yoko ono when these girls audience to go not to have them if you have that'll only for championships yeah only for champ ships one more round yeah medical when people start pounding on the graph yeah nice yeah it should be like a ten minute round it should be a timid around two fried style project coming around was awesome for grapplers excellent yeah yeah you think that's a big factor in the curve of the gloves yeah and i box cause trouble women is working out some kind of clothes that are eliminating i poke situation not quite sure exactly what he's thinking but he if there's anybody to do that job it's him i love that dude each
he is he is why i miss technical as i am is from trevor women he's very detailed one of the things that a lot of people were almost like wondering or down on him were trying to looking for some criticize was in justin gaji knocked out james vick crack something drop some smash them stops and everyone is going crazy and look at trevor trevor just sitting there like this so he knows yeah i mean what he didn't jump up and scream he's had his arms crossed and what you see if you can find that if it is could you do that is it it's kind of ninety two not only do expect it he was like quietly satisfied i was like look at that site is i get tiring after this title just like sort of just what lily cried when he got his black belt that school that was crazy thomas two a fighter like that that's all has gone i mean i'm not select how that felt more to him than with that's so crazy the dow would feel more to him than than defending his title is
general champion nozizwe change he's confident you confident without a doubt one of the best wall of all times without it down he's i feel like this three guys in the running it's matthews george saint pierre in him it's just so athletic man is crazy athletic keys and with din with dean and his corner and with duke roufus and he's just coming into his own man you know he mean and people criticized for the damian maia fight and the wonderboy thompson fight but because it's boring that's the way you have to fight those guys period if you want to fight wonderboy do you think you're going to go crazy in charge at him good luck at a good idea you're going to eat some knuckles so going back to the training method that you know that's one thing i wonder how much time it dukie spending with him and dina spending with din din thomas dennis spending with them and then taking that skill and testing it against all the other att guys so i'm just wondering how much class work he is doing versus one on one work
and how much live work he's getting with the crew does that question i don't think they're doing too much work at at t because at t is where kobe is right now so what is it you know it's true that a lot of it to do group okay it's just been a lot of time would do but i don't know exactly where he trained his whole camp you know their passion has said he was a a duty was a device yeah good well he looks for nominal dukes figured out a way to get him to really conserve his energy and manage it properly too because we all know that when some that big and that fast which so hard to maintain endurance but he hurt wonderful in the fourth round their fight you know and hurt him bad like he carries that knockout power deep deep into the fight so he's figured it out he's figured out a way to manage his enerji correctly and if you see the countdown shows too he's doing a bunch of crazy strength and conditioning shit too which i think i think every
has to do now that how that he's a it's a real court espn is a real folks were in a yeah he can't take short cuts man this is a profession like it's what you my training schedule a full time job it's hard for me to get anything else done when i'm in training camp now when you're not in training camp like now you're out of camp how many days a week you working out lately i've only been doing like my string conditioning with sam so when i'm back in town couple times a week i'm going to go back out to colorado on spinning everyday at dwayne's doing kickboxing i'll pry go to start going to gracie baja since this is all fun like i'm doing doing the normal algorithm normal class now it seems it's not like i'm picking for a fight so it shows me taking my body and keeping certain things strong to prevent injury and then good a greasy bonnell pry rule some key just to do it you know just to kinda stay active when you roll did you grab the key or do you trust just try to do you know do you take thanks i need to get better at learning how to grab the key i just still do nogi techniques because that's what i've always do
i yom never did and i would never really use iggy are they ever use it's not my favorite but i wear it yeah but i don't use it yeah i just do no key with the key on they can grow not me but i just do nogi stuff yeah that's why i gotta go in there for fun you can't go in there like expecting to be great 'cause there's so much shit if you don't know they're grabbing your belt pulling in certain crazy shit that they do they pull your your thing out the pals out yeah try to choke you with the pull the back of your d out wrap it around your neck yeah alright settled down but it means for the geek competition and as long as that's all legal that's great but i mean for someone learning martial arts whether it's for self defense or for me what i found about doing guy is it really improve my no ghee submission defense because it was so easy to control me with the gate because someone's grabbing your caller grabbing your sleeve and they bang either hold you down you have to get out of things technically look we get locked up an armbar he can't just six
blow it out of things you have to figure out a way to lick slowly incrementally teach yourself the right way and defend everything the right way 'cause if you get too deep with all that friction with the heavy canvas he they can lock you up you have to be technical in your defense don't really makes you more meticulous about your submissions yeah it does make you hold yeah absolutely specially defensive i mean if you're going to compete in jujitsu then where a guy but if it's for self since then i would actually train nogi i say that but if you're in new york and you wearing a leather coat winter do imagine what rhonda rowsey can do to someone about a winter coat on talk shit to her with a jean jacket on bitch you flying on your head hell yeah you are rolling with the typical close though right 'cause you're not going to be different than i think even close enough but it's enough to grab like if you choke somebody out with the regular
for sure you know you grab ahold of like a regular dress shirt and you get a hand in lapel that's a dead man you know he doesn't even know it just get ahold that collar and pull that fucker in i mean kind of like we were saying like changing who i am because of of where i'm at my life and my family now i wish i could train more outside of fight camp i wish i had more time to get in the gym and train but i might go in every way getting pulled in every direction creating businesses to try to set up my future i know you you got your season the business of user season yet flavor axel f flavor republic yeah did you come up with this on your own so yes he started it because of my new diet was same calvi to you know i had to eat super clean i wanted low sugar and i wanted something that was low sodium or no sodium so that when i'm cutting weight i can still use it but we make don't see salt organic sea salt as well so that we can two we want to you know so that i because i know you need sodium any concern here yeah but when i want to flush the water i don't i don't use it yeah you sent
over a bunch of stuff it's great man i think i i use a lot of it yeah season meet with all the time yeah what is used to last night i mean it's it's not i i'm actually i'm actually into the company and like it you know that's cool specially for wild game and things like that it's cool man it's really really fun do you do you have a pet grill you quickly do i have a trigger those thing shit they see me one of those bad those badass ones timberline yes yeah you got the meat thermometer everything with love that thing taste the best too well it's all wood it's natural wood from people don't know what a pellet grill is and there's a bunch of companies that make real good ones we have outback we have a yoder that's really good he had a green mountain grill that's a really good company the green mountain grills are very uh affordable too and they come also with a built in thermometer just like the trigger what you do is you poor wood pallets and these pallets are made like if someone makes a table like this the natural the sawdust from the an actual table
they just compress and in the natural sugars in the sawdust force it to form into these little pellets is like little to give her pellets and you could snap on with your fingers you know but they they go go through this worm drive onto a heating element and it's fire and wood that's all it is you're cooking your food with fire and wood and it's all complicated in a electronic and shit and it's all sophisticated in engineered but at the end of the day the result is fire an would in the food taste like fire and would fucking great they have different pellets for different tastes so you can taste the difference absolutely i love pellet grills map just such a big fan it's an easy way to cook too and that that timber largest maintains its temperature
perfectly you could start it with your phone you can connect it to your phone so if you want to heat up before you get home you can start heating it up trigger methodology they have an app like i was going to cook lobster tails i don't cook lobster tails in the trigger go to the fucking app it tells you tells you what to have what ingredients how to do it all of it on your phone it's fucking incredible that you want for the house i'll take it if i have room thank you sir so do you didn't get it you didn't get elk tag this year at all i i have a go with chad mendes for rifle but we was going colorado all right i don't know exactly where we're going to some sort of through friends and feathers is companies as a as a guide sir yeah that's awesome do you live in a life and he is he like he even told us as far as like i'm not find them until next year tons season my business like he loves it and he's he's awesome was nice to see him come back and come back with a beautiful knockout yeah good yeah yeah i mean that's the one of my very close friends and so we're doing
hunt here in end of october to for rifle but my loves archery so yeah i didn't get archery tag this year for elk can you hunt with your bow in during rifle season i think you can yeah think about rifle season as though you're dealing with their not running right now we had a video of being up in colorado like just twenty yards from two big elk fight and they don't even know where i was standing up at least through i didn't even know they were there you know just twenty years that's why wow that's where you get to do archery during writ season off yeah dude i'm adjust to that's i live for and i love it so much it's to me to me it's like it makes me so happy that i have my meat for a year you know you shoot an elk basically have meat for year end for all my friends now i've gotten all my friends bryan callen and all these guys addicted to elk tom papa i give them pounds of it man just constantly giving him elk sausage and elk steaks and it's like once
you taste that natural wild mean you go oh man i'm just learning how much healthier is for you to do you feel different when you eat it that's all of every i grew up that way so i grew up hunting 'cause my dad dad's been archery hyundai has a wild man i made yeah he's you tell right away mike okay it all comes from i did meet you miss a dose yeah he's i mean i just i mean he's always been the baddest of ever known he's always just he's game is taking on crazy months will hiker asafa off hike twenty miles and work work really hard public land like it's never been the easy thing it's always been as hard as we can make it this made me really like fall in love with hunting even more those back country huntsmen people are starting to catch on to what in adventure that is and you know these guys i got my friend aaron schneider who runs go far roads of one of the best backpack companies the world they make a hunting backpacks and wilderness back back since like you used
be able to go eight miles down the trail head and they'll be nobody goes now you go there's three tents yeah you know it's because of the guys are learning how to do this to when they're realizing this expert especially high country mule deer which is insanely difficult animal to hunt 'cause they're so switched on 'cause every day they're running from mountain lions as i'm not lines that amount i was impressed so far from our sketched out there so sketched out when you get to a five year old dear you know the which is what everybody wants to shoot what they want to choose a four five and older dear you're getting this giant dear there probably three hundred pounds they have enormous antlers mule deer have these crazy rap all modded up yeah i'm not a crazy and they they've been hunted since day one every day of their life they've been five years it's like a fighter who's been fighting a championship level five
here's like unique in the way we know sloppy bullshit with him exactly good way to put it is perfect you can snap on branches and they they don't notice you're there they fucking turn nocturnal as well i went up five days before opening day and saw three pointers in a four dot zero right there going to hunt and then ten days there i go out 'cause i missed opening day but tinsley i know ten days go after they're gone nocturnal they hide and they just realize that people are after them they've been doing it so long hunting season is literally like factored into their internal like their dna like doesn't realize that they go well there's the people i know what this is i know what this is time the out here all eat at two thirty from staff and regulars yeah yeah they'll get they'll just especially during full moons and things like that it's really interesting man it's once you a these i mean you know you're not in the hunting but if you do i always advise people just please just go hiking deep into the back country just
take off six seven mile hike deep in the back country and it will put it in perspective for you like those two one slash two days i spent in colorado i had pride twenty miles by myself with no one and i didn't get anything i n c n n y someone dropped a horn of elk i don't see you know and i still i still can i was like i'm glad i did it you know yeah hi my off was out there myself on and work is just when you go out there do you bring a spotting scope yeah she brings i ask yeah spotting scope by knows the whole dish finder now you looking at google earth advance or i'm looking at what's the app i onyx hunt yes a sonics hot yeah you kind of like downloads the area right at so then when you chose your words public which you can download the app to when you don't have service you can still use it knows where you're at and you know if you're on private property if you're on public land like maps everything out for you that way yeah that thing that's an amazing app but
just being able to see the territory nor the basins are the ridges are holes yeah i know get a sense like okay what time of year is it i mean it's it's there's it's not just going out to get food there's a there is really like a science to mule deer hunt but the weather's been like if it's been hot there going to be high country they're really high if it's been hot you know you want it to be like over cast and cool it'll come out one during the day 'cause they'll bed down taught they been down all day long and that's why they come nocturnal as well as it's cool enough for them to expand the energy to go get food yeah where if you go in the middle of a at one thousand two hundred o'clock you have to spot them with your binos laying down and hopefully sneak up on him and not let him see you or wait for them to get up and start feed and then sneak up on now when you go out there are you do you have the creeks mapped out u haul and in water when you get in water i i'll always take those pills with me to build
if i water here for the lifeline tableau yes i had and have we seen not supposed to drink too much of that though i'm sure you're not i don't hunt writing for seventeen all right worst case scenario at least i'm not going to go out there and get gerardia then get lost like i'm really similar faison water and i have a lighter why don't have a have a canteen side melt but anyways so heated yeah they really heated up but yeah i know where the water holes are always know that and i bring enough water for me to drink and i pack it into camp too luckily this spot in colorado wasn't very far from where i department truck so i was able to drive in a bunch of water oh that's cool yeah it's my dad though we hiked second the rubies like twenty miles and then hunt back there hopefully not fine anybody like you said you still find people but yeah we have to bring the iodine pills are we have a pump and then we obviously packed in pots and we boil it and drink usually we usually boil it back at camp but if you're out and about and you only ever canteen on it you'll fill it out throughout iodine pill in it and shake around in ten minutes
here you got clean water yeah you don't want to be for fever no hell no that's when the money rough twenty miles out thing a man that was so off yeah yeah it's some it's beautiful country though man i mean to to be able to go out there into the back country colorado colorado was no people yeah i just realize it doesn't even look real it looks like in a fit fine like a mountain lake up there like this isn't even real yeah real sat at a movie theater full yeah yup pictures you take don't look like you like you just come off the internet yeah yeah that sound near you man i mean i don't ever hunt though i need to do i need to do sure i i yeah i yeah i have s as in the sticks it to his house for the last camp actually so yeah we got this in the kingston copier mark also yeah we have both okay what kind of diet do you fall i have actually when i'm out in california with him say
my family makes me the same meals why not the same after exact pretty much the same but i ate the same noses him and i usually eat pretty clean too when i did my hair analysis with sam my only levels and stuff came back pretty good i was pretty pretty baseline or healthy for the most part are you training or just training people do you train yourself yeah so trying to stay sharp you know god lead by example and i love it so that's what i've done since i was eight oh sorry with the kill christian karate and just been on it since then so when it comes with the training lab and throws the ground ahold of minutes for me cubone like he just did like three hours of home it's you know like he's going to workout doing that shit just the impact and moving of course yeah i don't they're either acting at a given the fill in the reactions and throw back in i get to play yet see a little bit about getting beat up so it's fun to still again live vicariously through these guys but i still definitely do train and again lead by example
let's take sharp have you ever thought about one day i mean you're in a weird situation where you could potentially go to forty five and you could potentially go to twenty five when you could be champ champ champ coach larry i do when i first are working out with salmon is fine because the first times i can make it three division champ like that's our goal on to the first one ever to do it he's always like reaching for the you know everything is an the way i know i can do it too is is because i can pack the weight on with them too no i've gotten up to one fifty eight per we saw it before i went on a thirty five the first time max holloway who is the ufc145 pound champion is a fucking big guy i don't think we should eventually is probably a fifty five or i don't know how he does it when when they had a medically stop him from cutting weight to make fifty five when he's a forty five pound champion oh well he started in around eighty five pounds so jesus how crazy
do all taking big two man pig he's a big day does well yeah these forty five pounders look i wish there was a way to stop all nonsense i wish everybody did it the way you're doing it when you're just a little bit overweight have you ever been have you before we had to cut never seen that always been your way yeah yeah and i look good thing too that i always trying to wake him to be in that item if so if i win at one hundred and thirty five i'm going to be one hundred and fifty when i walk in the cage so i train at one hundred and fifty when i'm going to fight twenty five i'll probably walk in the cage when like one hundred and forty or low 40s i'm going to train at low 40s and that's why my cancer longer get in shape before i start my can cause i want to be i want to know exactly what that feeling is it with the night is going to be of being in the cage and i want to be in shape all my weight to be where it supposed to be
and so it's like the same exact thing for my whole camp it's gotta be satisfying for you to have all these changes take all these chances go through all this emotional shit with leaving alpha male but the results prove themselves that you were making the right choices for your career very so sign in on building my own my own everything you know it's all going to find a place in this because i've surrounded myself with the right people i fall doing because i believed in him i came back to southern california because i believe in sam you know and there's guys like steve martin like i was talking to before that made that possible you know and it's just like these for whatever reason this group of guys that i've just gone around it's just very synergistic and it works you know and so that's why i've been really focused on because i've been a lot of gyms they are money driven or ego driven and to make sure that's not the case so you might be an awesome fighter but if you don't have the right mentality you're not part of the train in a you might be the best fighter in the world but if you
a cancer we're not gonna let you work out there and kind of really chino like were professional athletes you know i mean we i am trying like a professional athletes and said before it was just a fighter well you have you seen that really across the board is much more of an attitude of a professional athlete versus just some bad guy who wants to fighting kick and you're you're seeing people approach it much more scientifically now how much of that change since you were on the ultimate fighter alot alot alot when i felt like i said when i first got an ultimate fighter i was alpha melon we sparred four or five days a week and is that two thousand and twelve eleven eleven yeah two thousand and eleven aired i think two thousand and twelve so you think about that that's not that long ago were talking about six seven years so
seven years the sports radically changed big time wow i mean i mean it's also because of how big the and how mainstream use he's getting you know we're gonna be on espn were on fox we will in a live from spike like the more more mainstream gets the more likely g it makes it in the more legit is the more science behind it the more they're like why wouldn't geyser sourcing calvi to go for football because there's money there's like exposure behind it number one is fighting was so raw and say whatever right i think since it's so legitimized those smart trainers inc in now the guys that were with him fighting forever now coaches it just makes it more legit and you have more science in the ways to train behind it yeah i know it's it's really exciting i'm going
growing and i feel like we're on the cutting edge of everything now we don't we don't miss everything we don't miss anything i can run the this is by far of any place chained the most scientific and smart wagering that's so exciting manning really is it is gonna a bump in the marshall evolutionary chain as far as how many people were switching stan incident having that fluid flow before tj stepped in the cage not that many not that many lonely leading the pack when we dom switched his legs back and forth by your tax yeah it didn't didn't fight same way righty as he did left either way you do kind of like you seen it now in boxing to like terence crawford terence crawford he'll he'll come out orthodox 'cause he's right handed but he's like i'm going to do better against this guy softball and say stop all the rest of the fight because he sees that advantage and being able to do that i mean boxers you say like never
tristan's your defense will be is good but not make it that this marvin hagler used to switch all the time you know he's the greatest of all time and then the the you know this orthodox a softball but then there's a whole world of things he can do offense of and defensively during the change of the stance as well that yeah it'll yes okay with and go over the edge as wanting to switch your stance might better that fans but then what about the strikes while switching your stance general or in those crazy motions where i'm coming this way the year over there i can fight some say fighting to people some it does angles and take advantage of on and they have to the slow turn stand the stance can thing in our you know there's this fantastic advantage to start a major incident yeah yeah mapping out the killer shot mma series you get a much mma flow tools go yeah i'm really excited about the switch to espn two really excited about getting the ufc on espn i think it's a big deal espn is such a huge venue for sports and so many like just
more sports fan yeah i think of sports espn shore anything complex sports bars that have fights on i mean if they have they're gonna have espn on yelp in this just this i mean so many people just they just turn the tv on the put on espn men's that's like all day long real sports fans they're gonna get a chance to see guys like you yeah real high level fighters and espn's also been putting on real world championship boxing events which is very exciting there if they're going to do that and then they can start putting on real high level championship ufc fights as well people going to get a chance to compare and doesn't see like wow i think that's going to open up a whole new world i think fox was great and all the fuss but there's like what is there eighty fox sports no one knows which one the fuck it's on yeah there are a lot of fucks channels right now it's crazy over the years ago when my japan can win trips we went to a restaurant and they were showing some fights on tv and we lost our shape quality she had the shown fights on tv
cancel cool now it's out here all the time so you know thank you dana white fertitta brothers you know the oc for making it made you know they're they and you as well mister rogan for having bringing martial arts to being so popular it is now i think you guys helped the evolution of martial arts come to come to life and it's it's fun it is for you know people getting a chance to see where it's at right now which i don't think you know if someone
hadn't seen a fight like your fight with cody or your fight your first fight with him to browse a great example not you second fight was really like a blow out of stock in the second fight he just he knew you're gonna them up for the fight even started to evolve yeah he didn't involve but if you see these high level no we don't world class fights i think of people just got a look at what's what's going on right now the top level to get hooked you know real quick what it means you do a great job of teaching people you know are and the commentators as well as people involved and journalists of mma need to teach the average fan what to look for yes no and i thought he did a great job in
you've helped our sport grow because of that of not only hype in the fights out but making people knowledgeable of mma well we need to teach the judges yeah i haven't done the best job they are out there still i just understand what commissions are waiting for a really don't i don't i don't get what's the holdup just these people are incompetent fire them get new people and it's not hard to do i don't believe it's hard to do i think i think a motivated person could fix the entire system inside of it i don't feel like they're worried about their job make it a bad decision like five if i ruin your career if i still millions of dollars out your pocket pocket understand that aspect you know that they don't people's career i don't think they care they're just doing their job and they think they're insulated thomas you know i don't have
they have to be accountable because they have a name you know their name gets you know you know adelaide byrd scored the fight but about about about you hear that so they're countable somewhat and then people hear certain names and the like not this guy because you know that guy's given some shitty decision the past but yeah it's not enough and if you just left it off to if you ran through a computer and looked at all the bad decisions and all the the judges that call these bad decisions and great american who were driver he just he just get rid of them as anyone who just gets a dear beloved get rid of them you really know anyone gets below in a you know we're gonna make some questionable subjective decisions some people like a submission game some people are striking game some people big some people think a guy takes you down no matter what he's on top you win yes you know what i feel like willie sentencing or not matters much now but if you if you take on your
no damage like the takedown even count which i believe in 'cause i mean it's really who's winning the fight not like the position we're in right then even maybe in wrestler like yeah i could take people down just went from being on top but that's not how any may should be scored no i agree and i think but if a guy does some damage standing up and then you take him down to hold him down for a full minute but nothing happens he did more damage standing up and there's a lot of judges i think that if you take someone down you're on top you win and they can't think that way it's just it's not wise specially when guys are battling off submissions off their back or getting busted up with elbows from their back if there's just do you see niko price is five where he won from his back yeah with the title of the foot i have a system that we have requested them overnight saddam okay knocked him out is that why but of course who did he fight remember who that was and i get excited since you bought off office back one by hammerfist will realize
and there's you're not really safe and there's there's things that people can figure out what to do and we're different places find a way to be successful i just as much enthusiasm as you have about the sport of you and myself and a lot of other fans i want the judges to have that kind of enthusiasm as well yeah i wanted to go into these fights knowing what they're looking at here it is right here outlook right before that is it showed it look for this are from is back hammerfists him unconscious while crazy yeah never seen that before my life me neither that's something that i don't know if you'd see that a curriculum or not but well is an opportunity in that position it's a good place to be when guys start seeing it happen they're going to go for more you are going to see fighters go for that while the travis brown no that elbow well andrea from defending the take down just for that travis started kaelin people he killed josh barnett he check
video dumb cable gonzaga same way he flatlines people from position those long crazy take different alpha brain than i do your sharp some stronger out from him tonight this is his job his job is job is arizona alpha brain turbo that were work really yeah is here now no i haven't how is it just the decision on their version yeah it's got some extra shouldn't sell asking me about that a couple years ago yeah what does exam week our regional out from was giving people headaches we had adjusted along the way some people are braces though so we can we as you say that you were going to take up a brain you know i mean it's a dose dependent thing and it's also there's people that get headaches and i drink caffeine is people that can't drink milk yeah there's a lot of biological variability but what the this is a more potent version of alpha brain were pushing the boundaries a little bit so we're going to run some tests on it and so we've got some trials and up and taking it
send me a couple of tester for you for your fan yeah it works it's do you live after brain you know what i really like to i've talked about this before is neuro one it's bill roman ask he's company he's got a a great neutral picks up men alike it to taste good too i do chocolate i feel like bill romanowski now the way i walk around with all my life instead of having a tackle box at home i do man like when i travel now it's like i have a whole suitcase full of implements he really is like no matter where you go yeah so even if you like a couple day road trip somewhere you bring all your supplements with yeah i have those divider packs you don't have like three of them right you don't fuck around even on my hunting trip really i am and while you're at it should be clean yeah i do boston those mount house for fettuccine alfredo freeze like farts so
bad though but when she once you've been like so clean you know how it feels and then after a fight you eat like a fucking asshole for a week instances like dude i gotta i gotta stop this shit like i feel i feel depressed i feel horrible get back into eating clean you know it so much time did you take off after the cody fight second food and nutrition wise hike a week maybe or maybe like but even then it's just like not the whole day it's just like i'll have one bad meal i'm like focused and they've done that don't feel that shit is it about it like wanting a pizza 'cause you know you shouldn't have it like looking at that pizza called fuck we're going in well now i never used to be sweet tooth without sugar desserts i used to be more just like eat more pizza like stay whatever it could be but now since i haven't been eating sugar i want to drink a soda i want to do in our regular salt and regular soda when i drink a regular so the first thing i
i can't believe people drink this i don't like regular people who drink in this shit all day long 'cause i don't drink it so when i drink it my body is like what the fuck are you doing stupid like i had a mountain dew after the fight i feel like over the next day weird how your tolerance drops too if you don't eat sugar anymore and then you take it in the first thing that happens to me like i'll have an ice cream sundae i just have to sit out i'm like dude sugar is the root of all evil man that is so bad yeah i'm not grossly body high doses they are like you know people of walk around a two liter pepsi just chuck man i mean how many fucking servings are in a two liter pepsi and some people drink that whole thing in a day easy like you see the truck drivers on the cover on everywhere with it is just fill on their arteries just black black insider sludge all that fat butt fat lower abdominal fat pushes into your balls
let's go just so you know we don't the sodas that now that that the stephen xevious does those ones taste good those are only good xevious are great yeah i drink those all the time you feel free the difference between them and a diet coke in terms of flavor i actually like them better yeah i wanna treat die cooked on my house kind of can taste like chemicals yeah whereas ivia just taste like a good flavor but it doesn't make you feel like shit there's no glycemic index there's no change in your sugar levels you just taste good it uh almost feels like there's no way it's there's no sugar in it drink amino yeah yeah this stuff stevie is an interesting thing because too much of it it tastes like shit it's kind of weird after taste right yeah you got it's so potent you just need like a touch but when you put in your coffee like i and they're like sugar but they're like well like well rough
what other stuff does he have you eating that you weren't eating before is there any like concentration like different kinds of greens or i'd juice like crazy now and you juicing mostly green stuff a lot of it i mean there's a lender you know and you said you're a masticating juicer cold press juicer yeah yet it is a it because if it's some fascicle blender killed a lot of the nutrients any absorb more that so even if you were just to eat this giant table of raw food you absorb less of it than if you used it really was that 'cause he goes running this dream something about how your body breaks it down so some about the cold press juices your body's absorbing it more so i mean that's a i even i'm traveling homage to strain a binding which runs good but i i have to drink a some sort of green juice everyday in and are you taking with any kind of fat because what i heard about especially with vegetable juice that you're
body absorbs a better with fast yeah mike with coconut oil or avocado oil or something like that yeah we do that we do yes we have to do a certain certain kinds in situ oil i take dave tablespoons in the day in and i to help absorb not only that but then do you become all goes with a dummy like rebuild red blood cells and too much what is ubiquinol it's also some sort of oil i taking a pill but some sort of like will the as with the transfer chain of you can even tell you get i thank examine your he'd be he pried try to hold back point get in here he'd be very interesting but i almost don't want you to does rama secret so now it's like myself thing is about secrets man these people just wouldn't listen anyway yeah that's true is so and if you were there when they would listen they wouldn't really follow it but it's a full time fuckin job though i mean like you
can't be lazy and do do sam shit i can't imagine how you could be it seems like you have to be on top of it all the time i don't have time of the day to do all this shit that has me doing it as well as training so do you take the mct oil with the green shoes you can or just take it and for people don't know what that is a medium change triglycerides oil is derived from coconut oil so it's more nutritious form coconut oil see you you can take it with google what it was explained to me was that you're better off when you're taking something else is nutrient dense is juice cold pressed juice and that you really should take it with a fat and it'll help your body absorb the nutrients better i don't know yeah he never told us that but maybe i'm wrong and i don't know i mean he did not enough he doesn't know everything everything i know but take cal shakes i always add either gonna oil or why i usually had both coconut oil and and c t oil to it i mean i think that's not bad for you so why not yeah i don't know if it's better or not but i know it's not bad for you yeah now
what is your ratio like fats to protein do you know what that is or does he map all that stuff apps all that out in depending where i'm at and how my body is recovering but yeah i'm high fat high protein diet load and oak are obviously different kinds of carbs i i have to have carbs but just like i won't be ketogenic but i'll get my body into ketosis certain times throughout my camp make me insulin like sensitivity high right
sol e like simple cards a breakdown faster you know they found the people even on this carnivore die which a lot of people are doing on the still reach ketosis needs to reach ptosis because they're not taking any grain and not taking any carbohydrates even though your body converts protein through google genesis stick converted into sugars into glucose it's it it's doing it in a very efficient way and processing in a way that a lot of these people are in ketosis all day most of time just not not seem like high levels if you were going like a regular ketogenic diet i think it's supposed to be seventy percent fat something crazier sixty something percent fat and then the rest protein to tell jordan peterson that isn't eating all meat guy you know i mean i don't i think his daughter on recently as well it's very controversial particularly for his daughter 'cause his daughters giving paid nutritional consult consultation which doesn't really have a back
nutrition but she's just showing people what really has worked for her and her her experience in the background i think her and her father jordan i think he has a serious autoimmune issue like serious i think it's very possible there are some people amongst us that are allergic to almost everything they have allergic reactions to all kinds of different foods i think it's really really rare i think for most people like you are are you really better off eating rich dark green leafy vegetables and and knots and and fish and chicken and wild game and i you know i think if you get some wild turkey or some in a wild pheasants and you see to eat really good lean healthy real food i think most people can eat apples and oranges and watermelon and there's no problem but i think there are a few people amongst us and i think jordan is one of 'em where his body just fucking rejects things i think he his body has terra
reactions to all these different things and going on an all meat diet is cured his depression gotta find anti depressants for the first time in more than two decades out it reduces weight back to the way it was when he's twenty five years old i just don't think it's a viable or intelligent diet for everyone yeah i just think it's it's a good diet for people that are very extreme and in their their nutrition requirements because they have some serious autoimmune issues if you have autoimmune she's definitely go towards keogh yeah you know sam's got rid of my psoriasis i didn't even know you can get rid of it the government services might but i mean they say it could be from stem cells too but i believe it's from i mean i did so much stuff but the diet well i know several people that have got rid of their psoriasis through that i think jordan is actually one of them as well he had survived this in this area also had some serious gum disease it was having for his whole life gone as soon as he got in this carnivore diet
it's just i mean he's eating beef that's it mean literally drinks boot drinks water and eats beef that is it is like this government had for like you would think so how brock lesnar got writing was the saviors brachot diverticulitis anthony bordain told me that sometimes people get diverticulitis from all sorts of reasons from like eating ecoduct have a seed like a fuckin some seeds from plants twenty eight get stuck somewhere in your lining it gets infected and you get diverticulitis from that he said diverticulitis can come from a lot of different things i think brock probably wasn't even showing i think he was probably swallowing animals hold my dogs out in the wild grabbing fucking gophers and shit and just chuck and screaming naked on the top of the hill that sick fuck i'm really bummed out that the wwe ever had him i really feel like broccoli
had just gone from rest wrestling do you is a beast unconsciously he's a beast and if you just completely dedicated himself to mixed martial arts from jump i mean he's already looking knocked out randy coat sure he battered frank mir i mean he submitted shane darwin he already has an incredible resume for a guy that was a wwe star multi millionaire star before he ever fought his first mma fight just such a savage it was beating inside of his heart so bad that he wanted to do it but came in and did it really did it last to kane lost a fucking overeem i mean beat mark hunt even though marc says he was cheating my then correct and went on a rant today about about brock lester really called a cheap piece of yeah mad that is coming back to the ufc it's got it's got like a legit claim yeah for sure he does i mean brock's only five
the top of the top is never fought like a warm up fight is never came in at a woman fight you know i don't watch w w e but they say shrinking off yes it is the site is about to get thirty circuit testing pool thing we knock on your door you it is such a lazy in smaller they're not on your door six o'clock in the morning well the problem with the five hunt right there was a situation where it was going to be tested or something yeah there was some weird loop also he retired in when you come back you're supposed to be go through i could a four month testing before even allowed to accept a fight and they wave that for months of testing and they start like so he was getting tested once he came back but didn't have to have that four months of testing without having a fight is what i heard you sada yeah what you saw was changed the game kids change the game and i look better than i did back then i'm jackson
right now i'm feeling better i'm looking better like it's awesome man i'm the professionalism and that's going around like a brownish spots just show me continuum i've always been hungry but just like the science behind it and be able to go through different weight this isn't being real being real and me being the baddest man on the planet is got me like ready to go you like that's the the photos they have before and after i find a better one i tried that pulled out when up again i didn't see much difference there anybody pull that up jamie any bud who stands or sits the way bro sitting on the one of the right leaning i looked in here the ways arms are spread wide no matter what is going to be big yeah he's still going to be two hundred and sixty five fucking pounds yeah okay well there you kind of get it yeah he's losing some size definitely but he's going to keep a lot he's definitely going to lose a lot the thing that's going to fuck with his head if anything does
is when you are on steroids for a long time or anything that jacks up your endocrine system the way worth we're assuming he did it when this it's your assuming he did his endocrine systems gotta be struggling and he's forty years old now only not even before might be thirty nine how old is brock lesnar forty nine or thirty nine viking years age difference forty one four thousand one hundred and forty one close enough he's got to get in now i can so what do you think you did that elevated your testosterone i think my recovery so not redline my body all the freaking time i try trying to hard like i always went too hard i always want to do more i'm an old school wrestler like more better more is better turn out better
so my recovery big time listening to my body this in it so by your heart rate variability when you're sleeping it will tell you when you wake up how recovered you are and how hard you push it that day so so being the ceo of tj dillashaw and deciding safe even if it's on the schedule going to order the next day but i wake up not recovered call everyone like hey man i'm not coming in today i gotta go walk around the only i'm not training taking it off so you know by how many heartbeats difference it's not it's not the heart beats how are you the variability so sometimes your heart heart shouldn't is everyones every second it should be like eight one point four seconds like like like there's a little tell you that your central nervous system is not worn out so when you get sick or you're overworked your body will tell you from your of our rate that it is about to happen you know writing and if you don't listen to it and you just keep going like you go down this deep hole that you'll never come out of you know but if you catch it right away
what your body is always going to peaks and valleys but you want your value to be lower in your piece to keep getting higher value low keep getting higher their way to do that is through your recovery which is going to help your testosterone production in your growth hormone production when you're sleeping as well as myself imitation what me knows i'm taking and why and when i'm taking them you know the argentines that twenty one blend aminos like a take him all different times when you take them are usually three times a day the sometimes ulta take certain things are nice and things in the morning to bring what is supposed to do for me like my my order find my glycine in my tryptophan i take a night for a go to banks of cell might just awesome microphone boost sting they'll take during the day because it's better for my energy
system my tv production yeah so you just got all this mapped out for you yemen that's amazing yeah he's how many people could you possibly do that for though he would have to teach other coaches to do it you know i'm like a mentor ship or coaches to come in in the train underneath him you know and right then hopefully stay with us yes that's the thing if you teach someone to much i can go do whatever they want they can have this the size eventually it'll get out to where you know you're going to see the tests you know you're gonna see what he's doing and people don't wanna come learn how to do it as for heart rate very very ability do you sleep with a chest strap on in a wrist watch that registers you don't have to have the wrist watch on but as long as it's close enough to register your heart strings you using which which one am simtone or was it soon to sundown though yeah okay this is the main hunting watches as well yeah yes if they make awesome honeywell yeah the best yeah gps trackers every yeah he's one of those yeah those are great and then so what do you do do you take the data from that you
but on a pc i kind of got algorithm its way yeah what went from that i can't see my watch is connected to my phone okay and then sam is logged in to watch is physically connected to your phone or it's through an alley to through bluetooth snap yeah so that so the app shows you yeah the app i can put in my information and send it straight to sam computer so every morning he checks in the morning logs in and get your data mine he's got a list of people that he sexy non depending where there at right now i'm not doing it obviously i don't need to track my recovery but when i'm in camp he's tracking my recovery and he'll let me in the in the morning like look man you're eighty four percent recovered this pick it up or your twenty percent you need to chill you'll decide so my week to week you have an idea what is going to be but it always changes how many times do you think on these days where you looked at the results and said ok i'm taking the day off would you have just said don't be a pussy push through this shit oh yeah i would have easily i mean i don't feel that bad but then the next my next training practice like damn i fucking feel good
ryan i'm primed ready to go you know and so is it hard to do that to us take your foot off the gas hope i of even in the past and ever let my body didn't know the science i've been had to pull back but now that i know it it's it makes it easier for me to do it but it's still very hard server hard to not do more do more yeah but as tommy work your off work right were card work harder than the next guy you know work hard when you work in piano
not work yes i think that supplies the life to i really do i think you just burned out all the time just like i was saying if like it was your sole focus was fighting on burma self out right now i have to have the scapes yeah i have to be able to do other things out to enjoy family time i have to go golfing i have to go hunting i get on the lake yeah and even during fight can't so i have used to be like fight campus i can't that's all i did right but now from goma salmon have these days off i get to spend more family time it's actually do should i like on certain days like i have two days off a week and we spread about different times some of them i have three sons and i have more dipping from get sicker from overworked but i she could go do i had to wait for you know that's nice now is there anything else that he's got you doing that's weird that we haven't like you doing any key stem how you doing anything i mean it's always
changing we're getting really big into like the extra recovery stuff the cryo is the the light therapy the c vaq machines the excuse me i have a very chambers winded do arm and how to die to test everything everyone is always known the good for you i don't think there's been the exact numbers behind it and now he's in track it kind of things were getting more into that realm of it i use it all to lab that helps with me in my hypoxic state to do out to to training to what i'm reading in that for an hour a day and that's you know i'm i'm going anywhere life forty thousand feet you know there's only like certain like blanks you could do a four yes take like like for instance like doing like six minutes on four minutes off for three minutes on do you like in in tracking what my bodies in the next day what else we're doing obviously my diet might so petition we talked about i mean
just a crazy workout stuff he's got is doing to me now like i said it's kinda like rocky training but it's a ton of core work and his warm up is not a one of his one of his usually everyone else's work out he's pushes tore lactate threshold to wear like you want to throw up you're done and they were doing muscular endurance you know so while we're not doing any kind of strengthening until i've pushed the limit so maybe i've hit hard gonna pound you understand a pm also company can't go you don't have that anymore because you used to elected officials higher some of my like the dishes of all is higher than i'm not gonna be able to push myself so i have that that pump you know in so get to that point so you know what it feels like a so mentally if ever gets up when a fight i'm okay because i've been there as well as when you get there and you work out past it as a smart way then it's gonna increase elected
threshold you're likely it would take you longer to get to that point so when you are doing strength and conditioning work you're exhausting yourself before you doing strength work not always but yes some some workouts aren't as hard as others but yeah the ones that were like i said the hardest ever worked out my entire life was that kind of shit yeah to where you think like even specially when i first started doing it but nice good get workout you could job alright was over his head that the set the garage were you know and the first woman damn is res rough too now my girl just called me i need to go to coach sam yeah yeah how many senior every time i drop noah string machine day and i always pull up and like i see the stop sign right before it turned left to get to his house my fuck i could just keep i don't have to turn left i don't have to do this if you're in the garage and you continue to come back you're a sicko you like this shit
now how do you organize that strength you listening days and what president like how what importance is trying to conditioning take over skill work i can how do you organize that that's something that still is always going to be developed depending on person to person who needs more skill right and who's obviously you never have it completely but some people need more skill train than others and if you're getting in there like when i first started in may i prescient training for a year and a half i should only done skill 'cause i need to catch up when i'm to the point now where each camp changes with technique and obviously going to continue to grow and that's why my camps for so long could do more skill outside of camp time and more getting my body ready i don't know if i'm answering your question but now you are
just it always changes you don't want to burn yourself out that hard and then spar that's still something i feel like we're even even learning with sam still too like he obviously is the wrestler and he knows training and you know straight conditioning and that's why we listen to our heart rate and that's why every coach is another thing too is that at our team every coach is going to talk to each other there on the same page we know like they know what days are going to be off like no one's going to show up to the gym today if they do we're going to light because we pushed it yesterday it's never going to be like the string just in coach job is to kill you and they're going to wrestling he's going to kill you to like we're on the same schedule so that we know that wednesdays are active recovery so if you're going to go into practice you're just drilling you're moving light you're not going hard because you got killed the day before so when you're at your peak is hardest days your next days either off or inactive rest there do yoga go do some yoga get your mind off it you know and does he have your weeks planned out in advance or does he doing it day today like how is he when do you know
what you're going to be doing well i don't know it no he plans out everything in advance and i'll be the whole camp your head cam does it dude he's like my life coach man like even up to this music right change the diet i don't want just rice is coming back i don't want to work from ground zero i want to like stay this we can keep building so he's like my life coach you know like i feel like i'm cheating on him when i'm cheeseburger with guns on it you know but that's funny he's got the whole camp planned out my whole just continuing to grow and obviously it will vary depending on my recovery yeah now with this espn deal i know they're planning on some pretty big events right do they have a talk to you about fighting on espn not yet no no i mean obviously being a champion of the paper view though yeah right that's with kansas is a
yeah yeah yeah that's what it comes down to you actually you're betting on yourself you know when you fight live tv it's it's it's get a lot of viewers you build your name but when you have these pay per views you're you're betting on that people want to watch you because you're you you know and i've just continue to fight my fucking ass off in and go ham you're not asking me my style i'm always going to go of the medal when i fight looking for knockouts because that's my entertain as how i'm entertaining like yeah sure maybe talk confidence and talk trash on the you up you know but i'm not gonna go out and be the the cold we seen online and go ziggs rationality i want to feel i mean i know it's fun it's awesome we like those guys but i want to look back on my career and i show my kid like look that's why i was like i've broken stay myself let's say my true color i'm gonna open fucking book i told whatever yes you know but i wanted to be like the chuck liddell days you step out there and fucking knock someone out you get love for it you know like the real kind of gladiator shit
well it's definitely building for you now you know i mean there was a lot of negative energy that was coming way when you left alpha male and when you are on the ultimate fighter there there was some negative shit that was coming away but it seems like with every victory like all that stuff is going behind you and now now it's really obvious you made the right choice and now knocking cody out twice in a row yeah i didn't want to do the ultimate fighter ok so i was like i want my fucking title fight like i'm gonna need it for awhile you know i've been begging for it and then i'm going to cody but they want you to coach ultimate fighter first it's like fuck of course i gotta go coaching staff it's like the last thing i want to do i knew all this shit was going to be fucking crazy so i didn't want to do it but i was going to say no 'cause that's my shot at the title you know and fucking so glad i did it 'cause i got to show my true colors i got to show how much i care about this board how much i had to be a martial artist teach wait me and wayne kind of do things very professional let them be fucking asshole
and then come around and have a bite him in the ass you know i like it worked out perfect for me cuz we got to show it really is what you know like sorry now before it was a good opportunity it was a good opportunity to showcase how to handle the situations get to be your own judge the more evidence can you get to be your own judge of what actually happened rather than you right including running their fucking mouth of of me leaving me being a traitor me doing this mean taken pe ds compared to what's actually going down you know what i mean like you get to be the judge yourself on who i am you know so the more you get to know i mean that's why she looked at the more you get to find out about me the more you get to know me did you and cody talk after that zero now no i mean i shouldn't show respect him and i never had a problem with cody and we are not familiar i felt like kind of feel bad for the guy 'cause this wasn't any of his drama you know like he he's coming to the team when i was kind of on my way out he just started i was holding it for me just
the ufc 'cause we don't have a coach was dwayne left right so i'm i'm running the kickboxing classes duane left i'm only one left there to coach practices so i'm holding it from and stuff like that and then i get the ultimatum when i leave and then he becomes champ and now it's like this pressure from your ia team alpha male talk shit must be the rivals them was weight on his shoulders and that fucking sucks i mean i feel like that's a big i have to kerry rather than just carry your own flag yeah i know kerry kerr which you care about carry on flag sort of like them i got my team them with that on my back like it's a lot of pressure anna yeah i think for him he really felt like that team in that family environment is what he needed yeah that really in me he said alpha male saved his life if it meant a lot to him yeah and what he she thought that marshall saved your life and you know what i mean like yeah the team it's awesome having teams haven't like even like we have a team now i say be individualized but it's really good to have a team because you guys are going through the same shit together
it's good to have friends are doing the same shit like i can only have average joe friends because they don't know what it is to be me they don't know what that what that should i have to do to be the world champion so it's good to have those guys around you but really you got to know that ma large does what's going to see in the right direction if i want to add wrestling if i want to college wrestling i would have fucking fuck shit up you know i just had that personality like i'm really glad that wrestling kept me grounded and then getting into martial arts and i'm a very addictive person i mean who knows what i'd be addicted to it wasn't martial arts i'm exactly the same way at least the right things to be addicted to i think that's important for so many kids i think there's so many young kids that are growing up and they have all this angst and you know that they they just they their bodies are anxious and are filled with fucking testosterone and they just yeah the kids want to break things i think if you could focus that into
wrestling instead of giving them ritalin let him wrestle any kind of martial arts jujitsu something it's just so good for their self esteem and for relieving that x the cenergy allows him see more clearly think things through better is just so good for them and unfortunately you're seeing less and less of that with people today there's less and less martial arts in people's lives so i make a bunch of free videos and just lead by example you know like you asked me if i still train hell yeah i do like i love this and again people deal with seminars and you can find you can find like it's easy the of martial arts right now like during online academy for instance i you can get technique twenty four slash seven your garage with your buddy go ahead a punching bag right learn jujitsu online like not even like the physical fitness part of training i'm starting my own my own academy as well online today she's not only at the techniques behind it but how i get stronger
somehow i get in better shape like a physical fitness part of it is well it's not going to be available probably less than a month hopefully beautiful yeah i don't know if we let people hell yeah yeah it'll be i mean you can get more information on hours on tv to shut out come on but yeah i'm gonna start an online kind of i'm actually mtg do i not only coach me in the technique of martial arts but in all the way is organized everything i always learn from boss how to organize how to create a system i've kind of done the same thing you know i've not only would the technique but the lifestyle and also i'm kind of running with that i'm running with that and i want to show you i'm not going to because eventually i'm going to hold back and have any secrets i'm going to everyone everything you know and i want to start a champ camp i want to do like a very exclusive champ camp where it's like only ten people can come and you come and stay with me live at my house in colorado go wakeboarding but then we also learned like the mental aspect of how i be how i think to be a champion how i eat techniques taken middle jim like and i want to
'cause like what we need to do is lead by example right help out because then i could really feel like i can like let loose i cannot tell you everything to where i i don't i said to tell everyone everything going give away my secrets that's who i am that's why i'm the best in the world but i love the teaching i love to do it and i feel like by giving them small like small groups and giving some intimate time doing a real champ is something i want to do as well and i want to start creating an argument places where we can have some fun too 'cause i think fighting you gotta have fun in this thing like you were talking to donald cerrone not too long ago and that guy has to have fun if he's too much into the like the professionals of am just fighting then he's going to fall apart you know and so i want to teach you that i do that shit are my recovery serious like my nutrition series like teach you how i read everything no secrets you know beautiful well this amanda sport is exploding an one of the reasons why is exploding is the guys the very top like you that are constantly innovating and keeping an open mind and constantly improving so you're a big part of the whole grossest thing that's awesome it's awesome to see
so congratulations to you sir congratulations master splinter you guys are awesome man on the big fan of both you keep taking out always tell people where your academy isn't caught westminster 100th and wadsworth and we have a super seminar coming up with since they have trevor wittman and tj dillashaw october 27th and then we got the kill the anime series coming out as well your website is isbangmuaythai dot com and hell yeah and tj dillashaw against a gram twitter every doll is to usual shot no nicknames no nothing beautiful kim thank you german drug thank you everybody for tuning into the podcast and thanks to our sponsors thank you to the cash app you can download the cash apps for free in the apps store or the google play market and don't forget when you download the cash out enter the reward code joe rogan you receive five dollars in the cache apple send five dollars to justin rents fight for the forgotten to
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