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JRE MMA Show #44 with John Kavanagh & George Lockhart

2018-10-08 | 🔗
Joe is joined by MMA coach & Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner, John Kavanagh, and performance nutrition specialist George Lockhart.
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go to. In my past experience join my day, Joe Rogan podcast by night all day, George Lockhart John Kavanaugh, how why folks great good to see you um so Saturday night. What are you thoughts now we're were sitting here. It's Monday morning. The the Mcgregor fight went down Saturday night, obviously huge. Disappointed, yeah and get the result from the night now I still enjoyed it. I thought was a great flight, I'm looking forward to watching the back many times all economies fight I always pull a lot of lessons away that I can pass on to the next generation of cars, but yeah? Overall, I really enjoyed the flight and I'm devastated that we didn't get there yeah. How much time did you have to prepare for this fight
I mean he's always in the gym is always not about, but I guess it was official about ten weeks. Ten weeks airport. Even since the Eddie Fight, I kind of knew- or at least I thought his next mma fight will be happy with just just kind of made sense. If I wasn't going to be the Diaz, but then as time, went on that. That seems less and less likely and happy obviously was doing great. You know kept on winning, so was it apart? so we're going to collide. Was there anything that was surprising in the did that with the right hand, in the second round with yeah was a cracker is beautiful. Overhand right, I mean it's. A it's. A staple of wrestlers over handwriting close, but he doesn't generally do, that is more job and then close button. That was a great show this takedowns. Everything was of what we expected and we spent a lot of time in preparing for that yeah. Just you know,
kind of expected round, one for sure going to get a takedown, so the all around one was to get out of it still having enerji. We do want to put a huge amount of effort into trying to get back open, real, warm, which seem to help many times in is other opponents and kind to go back to the stool Really tired? So why won't make him pay? You know, do our best on the way in fight's and we can. But if you do end up down which is against the fence figured it would be, there tried to stacy it up if we end up in our back just try to play guard until until until the except it will be a ten nine round for round two again same same plan, do as much done as we can, but we end up on a back. I had to put a huge amount of effort and try get absolute master funny people wanted to ten eight round. You know we got some good shots, then obviously he landed the great right hand, so that
a bit more than we hoped for round treating started turning a little bit in her favor, and we did a lot better. They are keeping it in the middle, defending takedowns The plan was to slow him down a little and watch him slow down a little bit in the third fourth and fifth exact. Yeah, so I think I have to meaning that the consensus was current, the first or be Habib Dover from two on like. Where is the wind? The turn around was probably a bit of a surprise to people, but an You know you know Dial iaquinta fight. If you look at that for me, he wasn't able to hit any takedowns. I'm so hopes. That's you have a go around tree. We could define take things. A lot easier start landing air shots, and that did happen for Emma Tree, not as well as a as we applying that as well as we hoped and then around four. You know we had the great take down made a mistake given up the overhook exposed back and o yeah yeah
such a unique ability to tie both legs up with his legs. Yeah a well known good around one at the that come with it. Well, we practice what out for a day a keeper like spend. You see guys to straighten your legs and then from and Conor did do it out a couple of times, but you to get a leg free, so not until the last. Thirty seconds or so around one. He didn't really tie them up and get them flattens back for the major If that he was against the fence, you know use hands to keep upright try to land little shots, And George, you, you dealt with Connors weight cut you deal with his overall nutrition as well. Yes, sir pulled out microphone close. Do you like right here, so you can move it up. If you want to wear technology, hey guys, it's it's a work in progress. You you work with someone as we cut look what what was his way before he started camp It's almost exactly the same way.
Is when we we actually started the cut. You know I want to make sure that his way He was a little higher than obviously with the boxing with Floyd speed is everything and we wanted to kind of slowly. Drop that way down, but with this want to keep him as big as possible and then we'll cut all that weight so weak and what was his He was about one hundred and seventy one when he got back into that cage. So, and what was his weight when you guys started camp, but the same thing same thing, exact same thing: yeah, it was uh. So it's not an extreme weight cut fifteen nish pounds in terms of cutting him he's easy day what's the most you've ever had someone cut so on record withdrew Dover? He showed up at one hundred and eighty five on Tuesday and had to make one hundred and fifty five by Friday, so he nineteen percent, is by the way that we had it yeah. That's the biggest one base. One record he's a big fellow I've always looked at, drew Dober and go out of fuck. Is that gonna make one hundred and fifty five right now?
Every time I see you I'm, like you know you, you make me work for my money yeah. Well, It seems like it's probably not the healthiest thing in the world for him to do either. No, I mean I'll. Never I'll never be. Like you know, weight cutting is the healthiest thing in the world, but I will say that like because the amount of awesome ask people look at somebody like him and they're like bombing. He doesn't have a lot to lose and he doesn't have a lot to lose, but he's got a lot to cut. Muscle is about seventy muscle tissues about seventy nine percent. What so, more, mostly you have the more water you can cut, you know. So if you do it properly them almost you have the easier it is for that cut and that's he's able to do that. How did you learn how to do this? honestly, ma'am like MAC could be like my god this degree, and I got this to people there's no degree in actual weight. Cutting Gore and I was a heavy weight when I start a fight and then I ended up as welterweight and wow yeah yeah didn't do so well, as a welterweight kind of
opposite of Anthony Rumble Johnson right right. You know definitely not didn't workout well for Maine better at cutting the weight- and I was actually at fighting but learning through this process- okay, this this- this works like the this, and this works like this and there's I mean there's so many studies that are out there. You know, like you looked in sea, you look at pub med and all these other things. You see a study over here and you see a start over here. We're going to put these two together, nope, is everybody going to a study with the level of dehydration that these guys are doing? Alright, like oh yeah, this this? How you rehydrate these people? It's never it's never going to happen. So you know luckily, we've you know
so we work with over two hundred UFC fighters, and just just I mean just the New FC. I mean obviously work with a lot more like bell to warn stuff like that. But Okay, this works. This doesn't work. We are when you say you work with them. If you work with two hundred fighters, how hands on? Are you with two hundred different fighters? it changes you know still on. You know how how much they need us. You know a lot of the guys we literally don't show up until the week of the fight. You know some of the corner. You know I'm out there six to eight weeks, I'm out there and monitor and everything and you know the people that we are out there for for for eight weeks. It makes life a lot easier. Now? Do you have anything to do with his meal planning as well like during the camp yeah? one hundred percent hundred percent goes into his mouth, I'm a monitoring from the moment you guys starting camp one hundred what about outside of cam
Is he taking instruction from you and yeah? Okay, I'm doing this. You know like in terms of like work out, that's a big one for him, like other pre, workout, post workout. What what should be taken! I tell exactly what he should be taken and then you know basically stays on a regiment and act in a day. Man like diet, the word diet means Fujita away and I I like guys to actually live life a little bit. You know I'm saying when you lose your soul regiment like okay, I gotta, I gotta, kill this car, but I got account this idea. It's it's through the occulus. You know what I'm saying. So you know the fact that he actually is like okay. I just I just need to monitor what I'm taking pre post workout makes life easy for me. Did you go to school for nutrition? so in the marine core was combat conditions specialist I was actually instructor trainer so like When you go, there's play
because more sorcerer of excellence right and they actually hand picked Marines try to been through. You know like in certain situations in the military br, Stan was was actually you know a part of that and then now they actually store some call the the combat commission and program- and I was actually be built, the guy that they actually I to teach all that so they they sent me everywhere, like I got to work with the the people from the Olympia training Center. I get to work with PI in Florida. You know like just learn from a lot of different people, but in terms of like I always say this from, we could and there's actually not a song. I like there's not a course like you know, if your dietitian or whatever that's good, that's great, but that doesn't help you in terms of weight, right, you go somebody's like hey man, I'm going to lose thirty pounds in three days. What do I do? It's a very specific kind of discipline
and so it's something that you kind of have to learn along the way and no one is going to teach you in a school one hundred percent, but you do have back some sort of background in nutrition. One hundred percent yeah- yes, yeah, absolutely, do you very your diets based on the way guys train or is it like pretty standard, or does it vary depending on how much weight they have to lose? No, no every diet is different. Like I mean people like who sells never get the same diet twice the same person so like, If you wake up at six hundred o'clock in the morning versus eight hundred o'clock in the morning, you have to have a toy different diet. You don't like we, we feed people from the moment they wake up to the moment. So what would be the same? If someone likes to get up at six hundred o'clock in the morning versus someone, let's get it up at eight? Would it be in what time they have to train? Is that that be the the very that's one variable you don't? We we base everything off type, tight timing portion size, a homeowner responses of foods. You know I'm saying
like most diese nowadays they, actually you know they. They can stick to one aspect, like Atkins Diet, you know with sticks. The types of foods you know like zone diet is that portion size we we actually stick to all of them. You know like type timing porches, as one response would be, because you don't, if you look at all diets, they all work. All diets will work. You know, here, if you're consistent to every single diet. If you do the same thing, every single day you are going to see results. We get to a specific weight and is your performance going to be? You know, Eastover off, I can't that's. When person becomes, you know the difference between someone getting up at six hundred and some are getting ever made time to eat. So if somebody wakes up at six hundred we're going to eat at six hundred o'clock in the morning, so we get up at eight going to eat at eight hundred o'clock in the morning. We
fees you have them. You have to meet a soon as they wake up absolutely yes, sir, you you, you feed somebody to the more they work up to the more to go to bed, but only a typical breakfast mail. We we we, we live off it, the basic give give people what they need when they need it. So you know if your aerobic right, your body's primary source of fuel is going to be more fats, your brains, hi, my source fuse going to be carbohydrates or glucose right. So we we give them like a lot of fruits right. The glucose feed brain a lot of fat, so you know we make sure that we, you know a good measurement of omega three of omega six to a 60s, about a two to one ratio. So, throughout the day you know if their, if their aerobic throughout the day, we give him. You know omega, six, omega threes and then when they want to start working out- and you know, depending on the work out, then that's we start giving like more starches and stuff like that. So based.
They just sort of light breakfast of fruits and things on those lines to get everything moving and then, after your first workout like what's a typical post workout meal, it depends Next workout we use some called. You got the metabolic equivalent right. So basically, the met is amount of oxygen in your body uses and that's going to determine basic how many calories as your body so let's say, strength and conditioning work out what if they're gonna do weights and sprints and things almost all right. So what we'll do is thing is actually like a formula. Everything is everything is broke, broken down. Mathematically so will take their met and will go on a scale of one to ten and We multiply that by the actual amount of weight that that individual has like kilogram, so will say, their intensity is a ten. Let's say they have I workout ten city of ten multiplied by the amount of kilograms
that individual has. I believe and then look at the formula we basically did by that by two hundred multiply that by the duration I actually worked out and that will give us the amount of actual calories that that individual is actually using for that workout. So every workout is going to be diff, So if you're, if you're, if you're doing like was with, were look for like training in terms of like guard passing and stuff like that, if you bill out of the address bar right, see a lot of people they actually the the feed himself the same way, if they're, if they're doing former versus actually training likes boring, you don't be. They do the same thing on with a tooth in on Tuesday. Proteome. Take this this and this you have to you- have to actually feed body differently, every single! everything work right. So we'll take that formula. Wi fi
ok, this amount of calories that this individual burns during this period of time and then we actually break it down even more because if you jog and you burn one thousand calories right and if you lift and burn one thousand calories same amount of calories. But you have to refuel the body differently, because if you draw your body is using a lot more fat and if you're left in your body do a lot more carbohydrates. Again, it goes to giving the body what it needs when it needs it. So will look at him like ok, well if it's a level ten and then will literally we have the form this forward, so attend would be eight thousand and twenty, so you find out the amount of calories in a virtual is then in the eighty, twenty meaning eighty percent carbohydrates, twenty percent proteins right and it was kind of carbohydrates. Do you mostly for
first? So your body has some called yeah yeah receptors in the body right. You have people think they're like well, you know if I, if I, if I need carbohydrates nobody's just going to in just a moment, it doesn't work like that, your body to process about one call a gram carbohydrate per minute right, but if you are able to actually access more, or actually use more than one transported there. Every time you can actually go to about two three two point: three grams per minute and yep yep, one two, two, three four: you get asked 1S new two. Each one of these has a dick thing that actually activate some right, and I can ask you two: this is a strong, independent transporter right. If you, if you use a sodium dependent transporter glue for us, is a insulin dependent, transporter glue. One is, I believe,
who five is a fructose, it's activated by fruit else right. So, if you use more than one of these transporters at a time you activate these transporters, there literally you're able to actually synthesize carbohydrates. Carbohydrates in mixing them together. So, like would be example of our group 1S Group is a small independent transporter, so you gotta make sold independent. You gotta make sure that you add sodium right, four is the insulin dependent transporters. What's going to help insulin be just border, you need something that's high glycemic, so let's dextrose my source, what it, but what is like a food. That's a good one! Well, salt breakdown, salt and then glued groove. Five Oracle. Five would be Frutos fruit right, so we know I'll breakdown, fruit forum and then dextrose is basically like in Tampa sugar, as you have you know, I mean
So that's basically we we cooperate sugar, fructose and salt. You put those together now. The funny thing is is when you incorporate caffeine, you it's been shown that caffeine, post workout you'll you'll see four times the matter glycogen in the muscle post workout. If you take the the caffeine really yeah, did you take it and form of caffeine pills? Or do you take coffee? All all Alan cooperated with like the the post workout. You know like coffee shake yeah, it's Anna hydrous. Like that, it's a it's a stronger! type, sometimes I'll see like ok. If he's obviously going to bed later and it'll be more of a green tea type. Caffeine I mean the funny thing is like it's shown that caffeine, post workout four times the amount of carbohydrates are in the muscle find out why to yeah
Andy Galpin love guy is amazing, I am annoyed, so I'm like Bro, I wanna get in the room for like an hour just talk to you, but I was like. I asked him and he's like honestly. I don't know either and I'm like she at so. But you know thing is I don't know why? But one thing I do know yeah one hundred percent caffeine, post workout he's all about caffeine, pre, workout, caffeine, post workout is extremely important, with our sport. It's so important, because you guys that are working out two three times a day. You know they need to be rehydrated, they need their glycogen storage. Is there so did you essentially learn how to wakeup by cutting weight yourself other and every every way, not to a cut
by myself and then re hydrating same way, yeah the rehydration. I did through lots and lots of study lots of studying. You know when I look back at what I did for rehydration shaking my head on my holy crap. Well, it's a relatively recent thing right and think about it. Wrestling. I mean wrestlers didn't do such a good job of rehydrating when they were based You competing the day of the week cut and sound like this past tense, well still do that they're trying to be a little bit better about that with the way they allow people with Hydra. In tests and colleges, and you know still still rough but at least with them. There's no head trauma
thing about. Mma is rehydrating with head trauma. How much more difficult is your job now with you sat in place where they can't use. I vs, I love not having the ivy. Man really swear to God, yeah, why? You know if you look at every study there, like the oral rehydration, is actually better for the body everybody's so funny. Nowadays, everybody's like, oh, you don't like organic. You know. Earth grow nutrients get to have this kind of this and then, when it comes to, like cut, ways like now, this Jim, a needle into a freaking bodiless, show of nine thousand milligrams of sodium chloride in their freaking veins, and that's got to be good. You know if, if gotcha, if they were fighting the same day at one hundred center yeah, you need an ivy, but they have over thirty hours to rehydrate the body. You know the body can do that on its own. It's gonna be a lot of that is a lot more natural in terms of
You know what it needs. Here's the thing we now allies, guys cut. I I break it down like this is the amount exact amount of sort and that your body needs a lot of a lot of people there were taking in like two two bags of ivs right one bag is nine thousand milligrams of sodium chloride. There would take in eighty two bags at eighteen thousand milligrams of sodium chloride and they wouldn't take any the potassium. Your bodies is going to have it your balance is everything yeah, yeah yeah Lego Mega. Six, like you look at fat, see like you, so many studies at the oil major six is bad. You like causes all this information stuff, like Dell Mega Six, does cause inflammation but you're buying. Is it your Ernie's? It your organs needed, but it, is a good amount of omega three to kind of clear that out same thing, sodium needs potassium. Like when you look at a muscle pump. He like.
Sodium goes in to muscle potassium comes out. Well, how does protest and get back in? Well it did you get these magnesium magnesium and if you don't have magnesium, you have to have this these ballots and it's funny because these guys with you know second, it would take an ivy and then and then what they have. I had soup and their ledonne Ethan did take more salt. They would never base we look at the amount of potassium now these guys are like a George. What do I take my dog I eat? There is either see this and I think it's a lot healthier for so they get more sophisticated with it. Johnny Huntress recently said the one of the reasons why he retired is because of you Sada, and they could they wouldn't let him use the ivies anymore. He said it made a big difference with him. Yeah there's a There's a lot of people that are in this job, though, that they have no business being in this job. Doing what I do like I mean I just got our street you are there out there. I know. There's dolce
there's well taken, there's a blue trish and then now I think perfecting athletes. Things like that. I've talked to a couple people you know like out you don't at the end of day, man RC, Austell people, and, like I told my wife, this I'm like you know what game is baby and she's like what am I can see ability to pretend like you, give a fuck right and I'm like? you know real game is, is act given a you. And like there's a lot of people that they're like I want to help you. I don't wanna help you out. You know I'm saying like that people actually like oh cool, but then they realized and that's why they work list 'cause. We actually give a fuck like we care. You know you there like we and just like We are working with it was it was used, I bones and is a fight or whatever and and and I'm like I'm, I think that's I, like. Obviously we work with DC and DC's got exclusively with us and like how is
with every address and like all he is using rehydration. I might do that. We had which I gave you guys was before the the ivy band like this. Not the same, not all you think he talked to his nutritionists. So when it's hot woman- and I was like I was like going What'S- the osmol ality of the the water that you give him you know like he looked at me like, I did growing on my forehead. Like kids like to fuck and I'm like well, well how much fucking salt do you give him his Aqua, I'm not giving him salty, give him salt disdier. You know fucking training camp. Why would I give himself- and I I was gonna- sit down to give me a whole lecture on nutrition, black body works or anything like that, but I was like I just I with the jawbone them as a Bro August. Thirty focus all plugged July depends on a brother because any basically, the most contraction that need like you have a lot of it depends on the I'm sorry that your body, as you know, the amount of glycogen absorption, most traction neurons in the body
all of the panel for a consult them yeah, guys it alive Marin offer no salt. I think a lot of guys are in this in this game because they want their name on the highlights- and that you use you see me like well, it's real bizarre that this is such a gigantic sport I mean, is an enormous sport, but in terms of even the way people train. It's I mean no one, really there's not a consensus on. What's the correct way to do it, and then, when you seems to nutrition, there's not a consensus, and then there's the re, hydration dehydration factor that doesn't exist in any other sport other than boxing this is the one I think it's more extreme in mma than it is even in boxing for the most part right. It's just it's such a crazy thing that you've got these super high level athletes that are dealing with Jim browse. I mean there's a lot of like real high level. Athletes and I've talked to their trainers, and I'm like what did you just say,
your gym, bro how'd, you get with this guy, this guys a fucking world class fighter and he's, but some schmo from fucking. Golds gym no fence golds gym, but you know what I mean some fucking guys got a tub. It was me like gotta, take three days and photos 'cause. I I read about it in wheat. Are you know I mean they? don't really have a strict protocol and it's not really based on science and blood work in and real science percent. Thank you. It's it's sad because the sport is he added a day like, but guys, Jack, your distribution coach. You like to write this book. You look yeah, usually you know like in the call. You know a couple: people you're, not my age. You know I mean like right right is, is you know like in terms NFL? Like we work with, you know, we work with a lot of different people that we, you know we didn't have our own, like that, like you used to, if it's a gift close to face are sorry gets it everybody to
sorry, brother, sorry and I know my voice. Is there people like good you're, going to have subtitles on this the great voice? I remember when Anderson Silva got popped and then people started circulating photos of Anderson's trainer. He seventy years old built like a brick shit house, I mean it's got rains coming out of his fucking muscles that are just like garden hoses. Have you ever seen him it's hilarious? When we found out that Anderson got popped for steroids, then they saw pictures translate. Well I wonder where he got them from and see if you find he could photo, the guy is a picture him taking a selfie at the gym yeah. I know that's, not the guy. This strength, fishing guy, he's fine fucking Jack he's a darker gentleman and he's is built brick, Shithouse Bodybuilding does strength and conditioning coach you got it there here is
The guys with the white shirt on yeah, that's him, but that's the photo. I want. Vet says he's in his 60s. So you see there are well. It's well look like without my shirt. I believe you is a little something going on there. South of the border supplements. But but the point is that, even like the best of the best world class fighters day, Don't necessarily have a background in nutrition or kinesiology or exercise physiology, don't necessarily know exam, actually, the way to the right way to approach things I mean shit for years I didn't even drink water in between rounds right. You know, I mean they thought water made. Cramp a lot of like crazy shit involved in this sport. Still to this day, yeah, you don't know what
enough by the end of next year, going to work with every single fighter in the UFC we have over two hundred fires in issue right now, every single once you're going to push everybody else out: fuck off and fuck everybody fuck. Everybody Batman One, they doing wrong everything. What are the other guys doing wrong everything? They don't know what the fuck they're doing job with like one hundred percent. They have no fucking clue what the fuck did all of 'em all of 'em One hundred I have people fucking tweaking do like all the trinkets see like the drinking Is it a saltwater doing the fucking then the week of the fight- and you are here from Att like a george- why why the would they do that? A might think this fucking asinine? Have people what can be like all. We want to cut carbs out because you know we want. You know like it takes a sp civic amount of time to rehydrate car. But you know the thing it takes like four fucking days actually do it properly like this? This is all scientifiche shit, like literally takes
twenty four hours to rehydrate somebody's fucking, glycogen storage- if you fuck take their water right, so every I'm a glycogen holds on to three grams of water right and we can literally find out, based on the amount of muscle tissue that individual holds actually how much I could in their body holds and how much water that is attached that glycogen. Do you, work with y'all Romero. We did yes that dude. I look that guy and I go how the fuck is one hundred and eighty five pound man. What you want to hear that you are some stats with US man, yeah, so people people will like you know like I, don't have one hundred percent. Wait making wait. I take pride in that shit. You know why 'cause I'm taking mother fuckers that I know they're not going to make a way. I know, oh, that rejected them. Anyway. You know I'm saying but- Dude, I'm like hey man. You know I want to either a be there to be like bitch. Is he not going to make it, and I cut that shit I cut it. I've got coaches that, like he's being a pussy, I might dude
and he literally is fucking cut two God damn pounds in the last thirty minutes he's got ten pounds ago. He ain't gonna, make it his kidneys are going to be always been a push fuck you fuck, you guys. May I cut it off. You know. I'm saying with you well is between us right yeah. No one is saying so so in Australia. He showed up at one hundred and ninety eight and he missed by two one, slash two pounds right with us. He showed up two hundred and seventeen pounds and most one dot, two. Another reason that he fucking missed by that point is 'cause the Fucking athletic Commission. The commission in New York put him off came in there. Like I like a time bro. Am I cool down? Take your time. I give him forty five minutes to like fucking just chill we put him in the bath. Did the commission came in there in like how you feel that I feel good to go and never like you know you literally said he said no forcing that's what all hero say put in, for
see all heroes are dead and I'm like first off, that's the dumbest thing ever fuck turn my life like there's a lot of fucking heroes that are still fucking down the lives, you know I'm saying he wants a quote, and I'm sitting here like what the fuck are you talking about. You know what I'm saying. Like he's, you know he's be downstairs. I'm like well here's a whole hour and then, like now he's in his be downstairs anyway. He we got down there. He was still sweating on the fucking scale, Joe an interesting point to point fucking that ain't shit, here's my thing he should've two hundred and seventeen and we got one dot. Two over so one hundred and eighty five highway, one hundred and ninety seven- and I stand next to him, I'm like how in the fuck is at one hundred and eighty five pound man. He is a straight up silverback that is so jacked. You want to talk about genetics. I mean
what kind of in genetics is that do have first night we we're doing the code, then he'd never done he never did a bath. I know he never did bad because he went in backwards. Like you literally like we're like you are head goes over here. Bro like you've, never been in a bath. He got out, he fucking lost a lot more weight than he expected and he fucking, but ask naked man, fuck come to do a side effect on my own to hug. You know YO bro fucking, not hug me like shaking and shit Jason, I'm losing my man card tonight, but you don't fucking. Eddie is an on site. Yeah! He's that that's so he's like the freakiest of all the freak athletes. In of all the dudes. We just like you look at me, go what are the odds, and someone turns out like that. You know of all the all the like, like a rag looking guys like an Evan Dunham, regular looking guy
and then you got a yellow Romero like the world is not fair. This is not fucking, fair man, it's not fair and that's him on weight. I mean what the fuck, what what date is: redemption? Ok, yeah. So that is him back in the day when you had a cut actual wait for the Wayans, that's before the like. If you look at him with the new ones where he gets to read hydrate such a freak man fucking, when he tosses getting the fact that he's in his 40s like what in the fuck- and they tell says shit out of that dude- they don't even make sense like one plus one is eighteen test them again. It doesn't make any sense. How come you don't work with him anymore? I do no you still down yeah, just that we were working with Robert Whittaker and they decided to not use us the last week.
So we call not using the last week so there's a lot of shit. You know how this goes, I do know how this game goes. This is one of the more disappointing aspects of this game. Is that I feel like fighting in two dealer is so it's so dangerous. It's so personal, it's so there's how much involved that I feel like loyalty should be at a premium and it should be one of the most emphasized things like your team. As long as you have a good team, like your team is critical, I mean it's it's it's everything for the the emotional stability of the fighter, but also for not feeling well you're a piece of shit. You know- and I I think, there's something to that- these guys it just dump their trainers and dump their coaches and then hop from camp to camp and don't get a better result from it. I think there's part of 'em
that realizes, like hey man, this guy brought you to the dance and abandoned them. Somewhere along the way, because you know you saw greener grass on the other side of the fence and it didn't turn out to be greener and if you don't feel like a champion, so you feel like kind of a weasel right and there's a lot of guys like that. But then these guys, who are there in a situation like Tj Dillashaw right where he was in a situation where he was like this doesn't seem right, but I don't like the way this can keep it going and then Duane Ludwig comes along and he's like. I am fuckin learning and growing with this guy and he's like look, I gotta so guys I'll still train with you. I love you, but I gotta think about my future and then they, but you fucking weasel. You left us, but look he's right. You look at the results. Clearly he was right. Tj right now he defended his title, beat coding twice one of the best in the world. You look at his improvement. His over, so growth is improving inside the octagon like he was right
So it's a weird balance like Wendy to pull the chute. When do you Bae? Well, when you get out of there? when uh you know the first person I've worked with Brian Stann, you know me and you are in the marine core together. You know like it's only reason, I'm actually doing what I'm doing he has a bright yeah. While I had you know, I love that guy he's a is is it's just all around I wanted to run for President Bro. I understand yeah mother fucker, like you, I was just analogy. You know people well this the good guys, never cheat on his wife. Never done this done that I'd like to look at the mother fucking, you don't have options like look at him. Brian demo, we've got options, yeah he's like I'm like it was so god damn good. Like you yeah you get tax from a lot of email and they do like hey. I just did a photo shoot Boba now my
life would not appreciate you. You don't text me in this form fashion and I'm like. I hate hanging out with you bro you make me feel like a horrible person. That's enough, there is always on you know. He's just a good mother for Greg is a great mother. Fucking guy, you know I mean, but you not in today. Man, like you know he like you're, building a guy down T Rex, you know big head fucking, your arms? You know what I'm saying, and you know at wc you won the world title got to you, know UFC. It wasn't working out for him. You need to go to one hundred and eighty five is it. You know you have me out, cut and fuck you, and that's where I was doing in the Marine corps, helping guys get down to await and they had to actually perform that's with my job in the marine core, so but your job, the Marine corps, helping guys get down or wait so that the performance would be better in combat right. You you have to. Actually you have. You have weight standards and they have performance standards in the marine. So how would you dial that, in
and based on body fat based on just how much mass there carrying around there's a lot to it but yeah? It depends on. You know absolutely ok. This is to build this individual, this relatively level this. What time they wake up, but then they go to sleep. This is what their m OS, which for us, that's military, operational ski like you know, if you have something. That's a recon marine and they're, going to have a lot different caloric, needs and somebody that's a fucking admin. You don't so so we give the body what it is. You know when it is it you know as far because we never have a base dia, you know like a somebody is basically they don't. Have an anaerobic workout throughout the day. You know like a kettle: genic Diet is perfect for them. You know I'm saying like they don't need those cards. They don't they don't like it You actually need a kettle genic diet, because you give the body he's one needs it when your aerobic revised primary source fuels fat, your body's problem, His view is, is going to be that fat. So what we do we feed it. The fucking fact you know what I mean,
if you were an aerobic near your training and throughout the day, and we and we actually operate a lot more carbohydrates, just given right for when someone is lifting weights, June, LOS of yeah yeah. You know people which is a lot like religion. If you fucking don't agree with somebody like that. My first, like I do this guy, I don't know what the fuck he's talking about notice that it's really it's very bizarre and I've had some conversations on the podcast recently about that the Morrison was the most civil one was between Lane Bryant and Dominic. Doggos t know where they were innately Norton, rather where they were talking about a ketogenic diets versus is a carbohydrate diets, in Bio Lane? You know: do you know Lane Lane Norton yeah? Well, I I did see that the super size Super smart Guy, George, going on the podcasts bitter, effective watch. This I'm like ok, yeah, soon,
Smart guy, very but more emphasizes carbohydrates. Where is D'Agostino? Was there both scientists, like legit scientist, he emphasized ketogenic diet and it's very it's very interesting conversation because Lane really never was on a ketogenic diet for a long period of time, whereas DOM emphasize is that when you get fat adapted over longer periods of time, four to six months, your body there's some legitimate benefits. Cognitive function in e in performance benefits as time goes on, but certainly is in term your energe level, your ability to perform without systemic, no matter what systemic how so so like at the other day. Like I guess, I'm like Conor, you know, if I don't get a genic diet would be fucked. You know I mean he's powering output,
quick fast in a hurry. You know your muscles views that glycogen from that that part of the muscle, whatever they're, using right there and then, whereas because he's explosive, a hundred percent yeah, you know and that's and that's where I think people have a problem like you know like I'm, not you know I was able to hear you know he says you know the true knowledge of individual, not by the by the actually you, but but by the questions they ask. You know like a lot of people that in Lockhart. You know like peanut butter, good for me like well, it depends. I can't talk to you. 'cause we gotta win. This road is too long is a good time to travel. Motherfuckers is when is it good for you? That's the wrong question is when is it good for you like? What, you doing what is your activity? What kind of peanut butter isn't that shit? That's piled up with sugar or real peanut butters. Do people like this like well, I eat healthy, I'm like what the fuck is healthy, you're, putting oil in your gas tank and put in gas in your oil pan. You know I'm saying every
thing that you do interest rate quotient, you beg you breakdown, your body, your body, if you want a different ratio based on the activity that you have and it's like. Well, if you giving your body carbohydrates, but your body is using fats. Why the fuck! Is that healthy? You? Don't I'm sorry? It's not it's! Not it's! So it's so simple! But now we start people follow these program bro and they're like holy shit. I feel I'm never hungry have energean this because you're giving the body what it means when it all the time yeah. Now. What do you limit any foods? Are there any like do you? Do you allow people to eat, pasta or bread? You cut anything out of the diet, I mean. Obviously they can have whatever they want at the right fucking time you know like if you look at like the medical equivalent right for somebody like yourself, let's say you want you fucking bust, a fucking workout, you can burn eight hundred calories. You know you could put in eight hundred calories in a workout, no problem right. So if you
One eight hundred calories in your anaerobic in the body's primary source of fuel is going to be carbohydrates. Take all form is in all the math out of respect, but let's say a hundred dollars. There's four calories for every one gram call hydrates for you to fucking reply is what you need. You need two hundred grams of carbohydrates, just replenish what you just did for a workout. How many mother fuckers you know, take two hundred grams of carbohydrates, post workout. Now not not very few, but at the end of the week select. I don't know why I'm so tired, what kind of carbohydrates would you like say if someone wanted to do like something like a cross, fit workout or something like that. A lot of kettle bells Chinups Box, jumps shit like that right. What kind of carbohydrates should you have them? Re fuel with post, workout, fructose, dextrose, caffeine and salt. That is all those one hundred percent, because that's going
activate all the I think of salt is a carbohydrate. No, you just add it to address, because in terms of transporters, that is one that is it activates the they ask. One is a sort of dependent right now. How much car would would solve how much salt would you added more conflict and what how much weight to lose cells so say? If I did a hard work out a lot, I lose seven pounds man so we'll fight kick. You know like beat the out of the bag to and run around the block to hill sprints right. I come back five pounds lighter whatever just give me a number okay, so basically with sweat. Now this is I'm I'm I'm getting a lot of fucking other math ok, but every pound is basically five hundred milligrams of sodium every pound that you lose for assault. You lose about five hundred milligrams, sodium lost seven pounds. You would need basically three thousand five hundred milligrams of sodium to fucker fuck you do. That seems like a lot.
Isn't getting a lot of other fucking things, I'm telling you, but That's a lot, but a lot of science that you look at this from fucking average Joe. How many average joes gonna lose seven God, damn power to fucking work, zero right, I lost half a pound, on the elliptical machine, that's two hundred and fifty take two hundred and fifty milligrams of fucking sodium you're good to go. So how do you have take the sodium in what form it's all going to be like? I actually want them to take carbohydrates during and post work during yeah fruit, fruit yeah. So it's going to be blended fruit and the dextrose is going to be a specific type of sugar. They drink it and what happens is when you increase insulin that actually decreases cortisol quarter, those not a fucking bad thing: man, it's a Google quarter, cord that actually helps get rid of inflammation problem is like
people like nowadays are, like God, the fucking stress hormone, so your body doesn't create a fucking hormones. Bad for you is not going to like your body, does not create something that is bad for you this is bad for you at the wrong times and in the wrong dose is excessively yeah in France is instantly bad for you fuck my ass good diabetic till like fuck. I wish I had that shit. You know I'm saying, but we're only having excessive amounts and I'm saying that that our problem- and we just we don't know when to take and how much to take so, do you have guys. Take those glucose gels like those like runners. Take no No! No! Actually, you know, like you know I find out with guys like to you know. I've done today like. Consistency on a diet is the most important fucking thing. If I get something on the zone diet, the paleo diet, fucking grapefruit, diet, there's seventy five thousand diets in the fuck on you on the internet. Right now today, if I fucking, have you consistent on one diet? You're going to fucking see resolves consistency, and I always tell people.
I read the be a hundred hundred percent consistent or ten percent of my diet. Then a hundred percent because consist on ten percent of that. You know I'm saying like so I do have a day like I have guys that are they they have sugar to one man will die. Demme's footage was post workout, your body is going to fucking use it. Your body is going to use it. You know, I'm saying I've heard that before with people that recommend candy on post workout, is it the best now you know like I know I know, You have Rhonda Patrick talk about eighty p trap and shit like that, but you know like when you're, when you're done working out. You know your body needs those carbohydrates, quick fast and in a hurry, so activate those those transporters and your body is going to use 'em. Is it the best one hundred percent? No, but it's your sanity and its consistency. If, if somebody works there off and like I know for my off, I guess some tweezers yeah, you know it's, it's you you're you're, still a better results.
So what would you recommend, though, so someone isn't doesn't have a sweet tooth, but you just say: hey What should I use to replenish my glycogen Lockhart Elise submit line? No, honestly like like a fruit, true ptosis from fruits. Right breakdown, fruits! uh, sugars like a dextrose is is, is a it's a basic sugar. Yeah, it's a monosaccharide, so you can find that in just about any kind of uh sure like what do you think about like chocolate, milk, I know a lot of guys are doing that. Can stupidest thing. That was a big thing for awhile, this is thing about studies and she liked it. I mean like it was like this is. This is the best thing for fucking post workout right same for those from the sea. The sea come out with another fucking study was like well, you know, like
eighty percent of fucking, latino populations, lactose, intolerance? Ninety three percent of the african american populations like those from tar and fucking. I was like ninety percent of the fucking asian american populations like this and uh, you get a little it is there, a god damn studying you saw that most the goddam populations lactose intolerant but you're, saying that the milk is the best God damn thing. If I can give s s, stupid is asinine. You know like Cassien Protein, like it's easy. If, if somebody's like, if you take you know, chocolate, milk, post, workout, but it Joe, what do you? What are you using when you work out what it? What is your body using when you workout is using cars that use a protein. Your body is using protein is a source of fuel, you're fucking, doing something fucked up. You know what I'm saying, like literally your body goes through gluconeogenesis you, like fucking, it'll, it'll, it'll turn protein into fucking carbohydrates. At that age. Away is supposed to fucking be right, so you would know, recommend someone doing like that. Carnivore diet. No
no see I'm, never I'm never, never guy. I like I'm, never gonna, say never. You know him depending on your lifestyle, if you're sedentary- and you know you don't anything that's an aerobic crime going to. I would promote the kettle genic diet for somebody yeah, it's not even he did Genic the thing about thing about that carnivore diets. Rhonda Patrick, went over pretty in detail, and she thinks what's going on for the most part, where we're seeing results, is basically calorie restriction, 'cause you're, not you're, just not eating that many calories and eating only steak in terms of like how much you're using throughout the day and a lot these people are eating, like one two meals a day and they're losing massive amounts of weight, they're down to the weight they wear when they were twenty one and they feel fantastic, all the gut prob, go away all the different. You know issues they have with autoimmune. Diseases go away and she's like this is all mimicked by calorie restriction. Dietze she's like this is most likely what you're experiencing and there's a bunch of other nutrition experts that
sort of examining that become quite a movement is movement. This carnivore diet, like people like calories in calories out. You know like forty percent of calories from protein or actually using the breakdown protein. So eight hundred calories of protein, forty their mother are used, actually break down the protein and then there's a just a thermogenic affect actually heat. The body like you need a lot of me. You know your body's hot as you on yes, one of things that recommends you do yeah right. That's one of things actually recommend if you're cold like if you get drenched yeah, I feel like you're you're. You know he and your you to really warm like disease of things, that they do remain warming drills in the military and what they recommend you eating. Yeah eating is a big part of trying to heat up because your body starts generating heat to try to break down the food that you're taking in
This is so much that we look into a temp. Same metabolism actually comes breaking down food, ten percent, that's a on the calories man! That's all yeah! You know that's it out when we actually come to re hydration like in terms of the fighters get ready for the fight. We actually take a look at that. Like do you want your body breaking food down? Why you're fighting stuff like that right? You know you you're tearing nervous system your body's not going to be like you know, we're going to break this food down. I actually you know with your nervous system it body if you see a fucking bear, but it's like we break down food, I'm going to run from the fucking bear we're gonna, fucking run, or so it says the normal after afternoon, through the body fucking, you stop digesting, but it doesn't doesn't mean. That's just not stealing your fucking done right, but without without being sad like in terms of the mean shit like that yeah I mean like a lot. A large percentage of that is actually used to breakdown foods and it's like we talk about glucagon and I get so many fucking people that are like that's not
The body works you know like I get that's not how the body fuck horse when you, when you fuck me the protein like it's not like your body, is like. Oh we're going to shoot. Goofy gone through the fucking system but how many times have you eaten a fucking high, pancake fucking breakfast an you like? Let's go fucking kick today's ass. Now you would like to fuck. Let's go back to bed. Yeah, you have a big ass omelet. You know you like suck today's Dick and let's fucking go kick some ass. You know I'm saying, like you got enerji this glucagon fucking threesome. Obviously like it's not the way the body works, but so in in in essence like when you're, when you're, taking a specific things, a specific times, you're going to you're going to promote the usage of of of carbohydrates, more so the spankings would be a bad thing after work out after work out hundreds and tennis. Every now, what you will? We really haven't wrap that up so fruits. But what
What other kinds of sugars do you recommend a guy? Take post, workout, hard workout, I mean we give him like who work with so many guys like their sponsored by this sub May company, the cell phone company, but we have whatever the fuck they want like in terms of dextrose and dextrose, is just a monosaccharide is basically just a simple straight away from there you go. Bring it to you. It moves that the arm goes this way. It goes that way to me in technology. Do not manage this, just keep it near. You just keep it near you, that's all you do. You don't have to lean break the move towards you, that's what I'm trying to say grab the arm reach grab the article George you right now. This is really good, knock us. This way. That way, it goes back and before a fight. What do you have like when like save Connor is going to fight it, nine tpms, the main event? When do you have a meet and what is it
have the suit? We have to bring it down to a matter, meals right. So what we do is you basically find out the amount of muscle tissue that individual hassle looks at his way and what, on the day of the fight one seventy issue, so we we have the latest on that. So you're, like your, wait, but it's your lean muscle tissue. So you have your lean body mass right, so let's say you're, two hundred right, your two hundred and they have ten percent body fat. That means that you're, one hundred and eighty percent, one hundred and eighty pounds of lean body mass lottery, but let me say one hundred and eighty pounds muscle now. That actually means only forty percent of that is actual lean muscle tissue now each kilogram lean muscle tissue, holds on to thirteen grams of glycogen. So we have to find out ok how much muscle how much lean muscle issues do you hold all right now? How do you, Do you do only blow have them submerge in water do what he has a brother I have literally like. We've had the the hydra
Are you testing we've done the the focus is kind of. Thank you text. Thank you. I appreciate that. So that's where seconds big, we're Decca scans, the one that the use the perform as a guy. I don't understand it correctly, but yeah that that that that machine and they have and yeah this is Don log using here right, yeah in their their interest in the wrong. This is a really hundreds and hundreds and money that I literally his thing there's been, things that you know scientifically can happen. Your body cannot be anabolic and catabolic the same fucking time. So, if you're like I got some of so many people like age, which I want to. I want to gain muscle and lose fat and they also do I man. I thought I would love that, but it's impossible, it's impossible. Your body cannot be animal in cattle balk at the same fucking time right well, when we went to that machine last year with Fucking Connor Right showed him and at today, I'm that's how good I fucking him, but it showed him gaining muscle and losing actual fat. It's impossible. I'm like those those
incorrect those organs possible over a long period of time, you're saying. Obviously some people do gain muscle. They do lose fat like if someone's on a science like. So if, if you manage a few games using okay, if you gain muscle mass your your body, fat percentage can go down right now, right right. So let's say like I was like okay, I gained five pounds of muscle and I only gained like a half a pound of fat. My my body, fat percentage, is going to go down because your body weight got heavier a hundred percent, but what I lose fat now I did not lose fat. If you look at like okay, as your body has ease, makes yeah, I see some possible how does one lose body fat? Well, you gotta be in a catalog state. You gotta be at a death is it and when you are at a deficit you're not going to gain muscle in fact going to lose my side. He said yeah if anybody says otherwise their full of shit and there an informercial and if you buy today for now,
so that's just how the body works. The body work in that, if you're gaining muscle you might have, less percentage of fat, but that is because your body is getting heavier right. Right, yeah, you you, you could lean out like your body. Fat percentage can go down right, but you will get that gig. A Dexa scan is going to be like. Okay, you have, let's say at fifty pounds of fat is not going to be like should be like. Oh now you have forty pounds of fat and more right right, one hundred percent, so you calculate how much lean muscle mass he has issues mainly muscle tissue. Excuse me and then can you coordinate his meals accordingly right yeah. So it's ok well he's going to fight at this time or she's going to fight this time. The amount of meals that they're going to have dictated on them amount of after hydration, so on so forth this month. This Have carbohydrates that they actually had to have this funny ' 'cause men and women are totally different men. Man used to work with cyborg, I don't work.
Cyborg that was an extreme weight cut. Though right Yeah I mean yeah she's, yeah she's, it was tough to do. Chris is a is a is a I mean there is no. I can sign a is big girl, so talk around that me. I would I you know, I don't remember, but I think it was like in the seventies. You know so, and she got all the way down to one forty and what time which we are definitely make any sense. I when, when they were making or do that, I was like. Why are you making her do that we don't even have a God, damn weight class for it house like a you, make into do that, to show that she's close to one hundred and thirty five right there any sense like there's a one hundred and forty five, you could fire fight at one hundred and forty five non on one hundred and forty like what there's one hundred and forty weight class right right doesn't exist right, it's so weird that was so weird whenever I would see her like the videos of her fucking crying and trying
get it down to that weight. I was like that's insane yeah. No, it definitely hang out like with every weight cut man. It's fucking, tough, you know like well Chris, like me and her God. That close, I think we got a little bit too close. You know, that's one thing I learned like I had to keep. I have to have a separation. You know I mean 'cause like when you like, get the fuck in a bath like right. You have to have that and with her I was like man. We were so close friends like fuck dude, I I see what you're saying you can't get hardcore bad that could do with women too. I'm fucking horrible deeds, Brian girls. Are you cry, then you don't really have to do this. Do it right right, yeah, who's, the artist that you've ever had to lose weight, Fucking VIC, James God, damn bitch really bitch. He it's fucking four find out. One hundred and fifty five is a big fellow yeah. I do think I got him. Sweetie
uh George Church Come and, let me add, some Oreos like after he makes way to igneous morias. We have, we have a little, you know go there all right. You get two Orioles. If you do this, you notice he walk around that he's in the 90s men, cheeses, Christ, how much do you think that effects his actual performance. Do you think that hinders him? My talking business, I'm talking reality. Reality yeah, of course, man this it does. So it's a point of diminishing returns. Right, like you got to figure out when you hit that point yeah in the end, because you look at guys like Dustin POR, you done much better at one. Fifty five yeah looks better. I mean I work with you know I'll. Never forget that we're with does twenty first anti see and they're like you need to be one forty five in in twenty one days. This do it man, you know like him home, and you know- and so many The fuck is, you know I mean you're actually right, you know you look at that. Kelvin Gastelum! You know people
don't realize, like the point of a fight camp- is not to make way to point to fight campus to increase your skill increase. Your ability like it should be viewed as a nation you don't say we talk about like the big beef young. You know big mother fuckers that, like yeah, you like this guys drinking Disney coach. You don't know shit about period ization. Do you work with Calvin yeah? we're together a lot you know like now, we don't so much together. You know like when he was an ass wanna things A lot of guys will work with us when they have to make way, there's certain guys, like Frankie EDGAR Agar's, like he invests in himself. He knows that I mean he shows up almost on weight, but it's all about performance. He knows that you don't want me same thing with what he said: I find it one hundred and fifty five when he really was one hundred and fifty five. I get him to one hundred and twenty five waxy. One hundred and twenty five
people were talking about him fighting at one hundred and thirty five, you saying you could get him to fight one hundred flyweight armistead, but you know, and people like well but distance if mother is whooping ass at one hundred and forty five and one hundred and fifty felt like when they were talking about all you just get more and he was champion one hundred and fifty five, I'm like why the fuck am I going to try and cut this guy. What do you mean like 'cause it'll, be the Champ Champ Champ? I know like one hundred and twenty five you think so Bro have you talked about this Frankie, he pulled massage. No, I haven't. I never down Frank will never ask you. I will never sit down at Frankie's, like George, when I get to one hundred and twenty five. My thank God or like thank goodness right. But he's never asked me on that. Never bring you work with TJ. Hey! I have work with TJ. I don't mean him a good friend and this this thing with me Joe, like I work with. Everybody so like in the politics like I'm like I'm dirty,
but it goes from one room to the next. You don't really count that faster Neiman Lingo, the next. We had thirty pastor neon fucking horrible. Do they allow that? More so with you, because it's a weight, cut thing: it's not like you're you're, not teaching. It's not like you with TJ and you go oh, I know TJ's tendencies and then you or the other guy, I'm not I'm not training you to be peed a specific individual. You training people person make a specific way when I tell people as I'm making you the best you that I can be and in terms of business, I'm like don't you want to beat the best them and they're like fuck yeah all right. So it's ok! So that's why they're, ok with it right! That's interesting! That's like That's a rare from section the sport. We can do this on a percent, but you have to like, and I've had to you know we we have a pretty and we have an awesome team. You know I but as one they have to tell him because they get so. You know like when you're with that with
before it can be, get super close and I'm like bro like it's fine to get close with them, but it's ok to root from, but we never route and we talk about the other soccer team right. Yes, we work with them and we were would could be your main for for a long time. You know- and I mean so- who does he work with now? I don't know. I have no idea and he's had some real struggles with wings as in tough cut men, What was he doing wrong everything you know and it's funny, because I think that it's there's like a language barrier and things, but you know that there's also like you're cutting way right and you're. Looking at like ok common sense. If I drink water, I'm going to fucking be heavier right, so fuck drinking water, but you don't realize you got your renano angiotension aldosterone system. That's going to be activated if you fucking, cut back water early, not realize that shit
and you are saying so what they do is meeting at your body tries to hold on to that water. More everything every Your body is created from a stimulus. You know I like first thing: this is you you're hot right when you're hot, what should I do is fucking sweats and then what happens? Well, oh shit. My body is dehydrated blood pressure starts dropping his stars release in ADHD sexually soon. You know yeah as Austronesian like that. In fact you from sweat I'm. So then I'll. Look at that with a look at it like I drink water, with weight on we're going to start drinking water early. How long you been working with Connor since the Josie all those the first hour, which is you know the. So it's been quite a long time. Yeah yeah yeah, and how much of a difference is it made John huge? Because until then I was winning you know. The way quitting part of the sport is cloaks and daggers in
try your your overhearing conversations in your Google Ing, and so you know I was it was it was which yes, work on my end. You know I got him to one hundred and forty five. Nearly twenty times on my own, but when we George, and I wasn't even just about making wait what I notice with him was every session was productive? There was no sessions. Where was he didn't have to pop in those shots or soreness? Or you know, just be a normal part. Where is when we brought in George and that that was a lot each session was a lot more effective, so it wasn't about making the wait was making the training camp he was improving the whole way through it. He got down to one hundred and forty five am couple times and he looked like like a monster, you look like a zombie. It was terrifying yeah. I mean that how to play a big part in your decision to no longer having
yeah yeah, I mean we'd already gone up to one hundred and fifty five is his final fight. Before going to the UFC was at one hundred and fifty five, and I was kind of like Arthur, God. You know this is assuming better because knee joint he was a sort of a scrawny one thousand six hundred and seventeen year old, but any star, become a man so getting down, there was getting scarier scarier and in his last fight outside you see, I told you look fantastic was a handy way. Waycross and he just looked at a stately look at the tank. Now the offer came in a couple weeks later, Sean emailed me and said they were offering you a one hundred and forty five fight, in April, of course, tell Connor and he's screaming and running around We didn't care what weight class. If you have a one hundred and twenty five we would have would have done it specifically want. This is one hundred and forty five. And we've sort of went. We went back to you, know back to that lighter weight class and was on accidental and then students regard opportunity. You went back up again,
you look very thick at the wins. He looks heavier, he looks bigger yeah You know. That's a part of you know the life cycle of an athlete. If you get the same guy for over a decade, you're going to see changes. You know now he's not eighteen anymore. If there is these days things going on in his life, so you know that's the benefit. Of working with someone for a long period of time, rather than you know, kind of I'm hoping that you You'll know what they can and can't do. He does a lot of unconventional training right in terms of like physical conditioning. Like I know it, is you still doing that the the the all the stuff with you know, poor, tell yeah anytime you does in in in Europe p ET tense drop and are then we have a great relationship put on your player. Not that I you know the reality is most. Overtime. Time is going to be spent on the fundamentals of mma and creating ready to is you especially in training camp you'll, come in near d and where you're just hot, he didn't seem to like defenses, retire it'll, do empowered work
he comes in. He does all these fun game, so we're still working out. We're still he's firing. His brain, in different ways. He's he's working in coordination and balance, is that you know the head trainer. It's like it's a nice break is a an am I'm sure John John Empire Hurt say to you know when you have a flight, you know how many miles you're going to run. You know many kicks you're going to throw every now and again. You want to come in and do so on back open in the air, spinning elbows itself. It breaks the monotony. I'm amazed is from Pat is, is you know, because, with all the martial arts together, it's your it's never going to get bored, because you cannot do something different but still there still repetitiveness to it. But it's nice to break with some. Unusual now. How much this is training change when you're dealing with a specialist like a guy like could be. Who is just grappling fenom? How much do you shift the emphasis of the training to takedown defense working on grappling and do you work mostly takedown defense, or do you
work overall wrestling? So takedown defense becomes a part of that as well that but yeah definitely talk about later they get as good as winning. I could change that. I think I was too defensive in in my mind, set for this training camp, but at because very specific types of takedowns, depending where he is whether it's shooting on the low single on them in the middle and then uh defense uh. You know long for Congress to fight, am I loved watching uh, that's kind of my area is the fence. I just love right from the Randy Couture. It is how to use the and sent on so to a you know, a new level to takedown the hidden Connor. You hadn't actually done it until the ALA, Quinta fights. It was nice that we kind of got to see that at the high crotch of I see a bit. We see in that the high crotch an entry when the fire leg and I think you block towards, but catching with US windows. So you know it's very specific takedowns definitely. This training camp was the most specific that we went and then I remember
about a week out or whenever was he did an interview and he said well. If he doesn't make it will off I Tony don't care who it is, and I was going down that I hadn't, even Tony's fights in so long so mean the roads. Like start like ok great, what does he do again? Oh yes, that style, because we wore so specific for Tony could possibly be a fight in the future. When you, when you think about the future. Now after the could be fight, how what do you? What do you thinking he's thinking about just Rast? Let dust settle and then Look at the landscape like how? How did you approach it now? I might, but he doesn't what is he screaming and chanting for the rematch within minutes, it's hard to push for that rematch, though after that fight right sure. No, I understand the logic of that. You know Tony is kind of errands and stuff, but I also first- and this is a business and it would- be a huge fight. You know the rematch would be a huge fight, don't you think
it would be difficult to sell well because of how dominant could be wasn't that fight. I'm sure I do think Roundtree showed promise, like I said I would like to have changed. Things up a little bit specific, a more offensive mindset. I thought defensively. We did quite well. But offensively we weren't really where we usually are an you know, Fifteen silver is over thinking. You know what I was kind of going into is like not to lose, but not to win, you know, and it is shots. Warden's crisp They normally are. He had offered means to him, especially in the third round, and he just It seems to be the range of something was off and see how much of it had to do with the fact that he hadn't fought man two years. Absolutely, let's see right yeah, of course, of course, and we try to mimic as close as we could in the gym, and I brought in guys he didn't know, and I would say to by day- and you know he would do with George exactly is going to do.
Fight, then we have a referee and so to get the fight feel, but it's still in the gym, which means Is he at a position now where every fight has to be a gigantic super fight, and is that nest? Is that a problem in that? You know what I thought after the after it was all over. I was like you know. What a good fight would be would be him versus Pettis like that, would be a really good fight and would be a really interesting fight in terms stylistic match up and it would be a great fight. I think, for Connor to sort of just get a wild three round or I guess it would probably main event. It would be five rounds, but it would be a wild fight that would probably favor him yeah yeah I mean, boxing out, you know when Tyson Fury was kind of coming back together mess you know not the tough is going to worship doesn't happen, and I just happen to me. It doesn't happen. Ufc specifically do a city and I think Disney issue with that. I think yeah. You know he was
you know, and it is. It is early stages fighting all the time and that and as is natural as you get older and as you achieve more, it is going to stay becoming. You know once or twice a year right, it's a natural progression of anatomy. They don't care who you are, but the wild fights that he could have at one hundred and fifty five pounds, whether it's James Vick or Justin, Gaji or Pettis, or there's good fights for him. That aren't necessarily could be. There aren't necessarily tony Ferguson but they're a good fight to get that time. Coming back, get everything locked in You know one hundred percent, but you have to factor in his personality He is only fighting now for flights that are really interesting to him. He's not be interesting. Anybody that not that I've heard Mayweather paper. Oh yeah, yeah yeah money, money, money, money right, so you know what more you know even with his spending. Well, the idea would be the the eye on the future and of the eye on the rematch. You know
getting everything dialed in so that when he does have a rematch with could be, he is the samurai sword, sharp yes, sir yeah, as opposed to having two years off one one boxing fight. Reading between them and then such a grappling heavy contest yeah them. I I don't disagree. That would be a trainer, you know for me as a training. That would be the ideal, but it'll be hard to motivate him for that. I think it would be hard to motivate them and it's it's not the you know: it's not really the OC model. It's rise obvious. It was going to be, though you know I mean that was gonna be. Does anybody could tell the UFC what time it is? It's Conor could be done. Yeah, I mean if anybody is the guy that can say hey. This is what I want. I want a fucking tune up fight I want to. I want a tough guy, absolutely could any absolutely wouldn't who is like when he lost the tears one fight and backstage scream and shout and uh at all the top proself again to rematch at one hundred and seventy as quick As-
I'm I'm in the background on. Please don't do not see. The fight is a terrifying individual right. Let's get a one hundred and fifty five fight and yeah. Ok, maybe meet him again, but he was not letting that go and we had four months later he thought the exact same guy over and that's where he is right now, which could be, but that's all that's all I'm hearing from the have well listen. You could sell it for sure, especially with the chaos. After the fight in you know, just keep doing dance at home. Yeah he's grounded yeah. So with it. What would you do differently around? Like I said from it from a strategy point of view, my number one thing would be to be more to think more offensively that we definite that opportunity to land shots on when Connor Land shots. You know you know, watch the idea right back again. It doesn't take him a whole lot of shots. He rarely misses you know. Even if you look at strikes
he didn't land. Those strikes were for a reason they were to see what way he holds his hands. He was like you, watch in Anderson back in today. I thought you know they have a similar kind of approach, but this one it just didn't seem to be landing. And my only when I look back at the training camp, we did then most of her time with a defensive mindset and I think that's a mistake, but don't you think that uh big part of it also was that he had to be tired because could be biz, so such a Maller one hundred percent. I mean you have to have some sort of an effect in his ability to land those shots, yeah yeah, I'm I'm sure it did, and that was part The strategy for one and two you know if we did end up in our backs was now to put a massive amount of effort into getting up just play garden. And stay safe, because you know the next round starts on the feet and tried to do damage there, but it's filtering, you know I can't get our time of that is that events cardio all the time, but who is could be faced that didn't look like that after two rounds I am going to. I could you
yeah I mean I was super impressed with Al Iaquinta in that fight. It is actually considering he came into that fight. Looking for a third three round fight, I mean that was what he was trained for. He was trained for a three round fight and it changes up and all the sudden he's in a five round fight for the title. Fucking crazy, yeah, crazy set of circumstances, but it almost makes you wonder, and this is me- you could speak to this better than anybody. How much, which is too much in regard to training, for a fight like this, like maybe training for three round fight, is the way to go when you have to fight A5 round fight, so you're, not so fucking beat up by the time you get to the fight If you already know how to fight five rounds, I've already done it and if you're a guy like Connor, was just got so much experience in the game. It might be that it's like there's a point of diminishing returns in terms of your strength and conditioning, and that guys just go too far. Push too hard and just don't have
when it comes to, I mean how many time Have you seen a fighter be overtrained when they fight very often definitely we've given their best rounds in the gym and is very day, it was well in those last two weeks because anxiety is starting to grow so want to train harder. You want to get one more spire in and you want to you know, because the flights comment it's almost like when you're back in school and you're cramming for an exam. Well, it's exams tomorrow, I'm going to stay up all night studying actually got me to college, so it works so much, but fighting we got gotta. Do we gotta do the off, so we don't have it. We don't have a solid taper period, and that is hard when you're dealing with a twenty something year old Man and the ease the ease yeah he's dealing with. What's what's coming around the corner? So but you know that's the that's the trainer's job and how much to taper off for this fight. The same as usual. We have about a two week, taper off period, where we bring it down here, yeah. You did actually spar. Even after that
You know we're all working very hard for this fight in a limit somewhat limited period of time. So we did didn't tape. Not quite the way we normally do, but roughly two weeks. If you want to do a rematch and the UFC did grant agreement, then this is obviously ended up on how the Nevada State Athletic Commission handles the legal ramifications of him jumping out of the cage attacking Dillon Danis, the subsequent broad, the chaos that ensued visas. You're dealing with a lot of legal shit in this fight that that could hold is up. I mean they held both guys purses cry held. His yeah goes Valley, health. So he gets his first and could be me who the fuck knows. What's going to with him, you know and yeah I hope they're lenient on and I'm not just so we can get a rematch. I mean I love watching invite first yet an I can stretch
myself to understand his reaction. Yeah, I can stretch my cell phones. I can't stress, was older son the order guys reactions hi, what what they did? Each of the occasionally jumps lights at the end of the who's, the guy that jumped in there was wearing red who punched Connor yeah, I'm not sure I think that's boxing coach, but I'm I'm guessing the fighter. He fights for the UFC in the red? We are not an old older of okay. You work where you go. Who is a name? You know that the ad, as usual, is almost done yeah. I was either his numbers down there. I I don't think it was either one of those I like. I know islamic guy. He was you know he had yeah and yeah and a guy in a suit that hers is russian manager, Dylan either way there is actually in the cage when, when you're my antenna and and hit him from behind yeah, you know I can't. I can't understand that, like I said for for to be better than it was. You know it was. It's just it's almost it's a five
such a foolish thing to do, because I think that it already one. I know that Dylan was too open shirt and he was angry, but we actually didn't say anything because I heard a few people saying that now I was standing beside Dylan. I didn't see what he did, but I could hear in saying anything. Now I watched back, I see any kind of back in the mon yeah, you know just stupid and the fight stuff put aid. I didn't think it justified that level of response and then maybe there was something else in the lead up. You know. Dylan is a bit of a troll online, so there's probably a bit of a buildup of voter stuff, but uhm yeah, like I say, it. Wasn't that big a deal to me. What would be did just really wasn't well, there's two ways of looking at it in terms of like the trash talk, One way is that man does that sell a fight? I mean it sells find me Connors, one of the best ever at, if not the best averaged talking shit to opponents getting them wrong.
While the other me it is the reason why I chose a, although lost his composure and came charging face first at Connor, I mean you've got to think a Emotions played a big part of that it wraps. Your stress. It ramps. The fighters anxiety, anticipation in the ramps up the pressure on them to win into this emotion that they're fighting with fucks up their judgment. It just does and it's a major tool that that car uses and but on the other hand like one fighters, are respectful, and this is one of the things that could be saying this support should be about respect you should you talking about someone's family shouldn't, be talking about someone's religion, you shouldn't be talking about someone's country, but now, on the other hand,. That's one of the reasons why Connor so fucking huge is not just his results. It's all the other things that come along with. It is the excitement that he generates a shit talking, the who the fuck is that guy
like that kind of shit, that's a big part of who he is it's a part of who he is as this cultural icon. I mean it's one of the reasons why people love am, I mean they don't just love his ability inside the octagon, which is quite substantial. They love the swagger. They love comes in with rubber arms and struts around the cage. They love all that shit, ship, it's like when, is too far, and that is the question when is too far Yeah, you know, colors are real divider, some people love and some people hate it. I'm not really that interesting peoples. Opinions on things, I'm just interested in what is and what is that sells? Five yeah does a reason is the highest paid guy, so is what is and that's just natural for him to do as well. It's not an act, it's not! You know when he bring him in our team are best of friends on every single spirit, shit talking to her, but today you know I'm form today and
people listen to that, like the hate each other and then speak smiles at the end of it. It's just part of the game. His party enjoys it. It's a bit of fallen. This one was darker, you know, as Dana said, it definitely was, but it's this is part of who he is. I don't really involve myself in it. I tried to stay out side of that and then just focus on the does it ever get cringey for you, because you are very respectful guy yeah. I mean it's absolutely not my personality, it's absolutely on my personality. But again I don't find my own opinions on things very interesting. I'm only interested in. What is you know, there's the fact that he He does this and it's gotten the results. He has ok. Well, I guess that's he does not how I am right. I mean if you look at the two. Two biggest names in combat sports, Floyd, Mayweather and Conor Mcgregor, and they both do it.
You know that my favorite fighter back in it was fate or that you there was a man that barely said anything and that the purest of you want to say, love them, but he's also fight. Most, the independent it's different voice, it's different cultures in here you could be that guy and I almost have the two extreme uh huh Nelson, who you never hear a blip out of yes and then I have Connor who's. You know the other end of the scale and you know only be true to yourself. But I look at the there. You know there following their sponsorship, deals and our fight, purses and stuff, and it's obvious which one is is doing better. You know is yeah if, if the, if the, if we can agree on the object, the prize fighting is to make money, and that is the object of Mars well. I think it's very different, but the object of prizefighting and don't ever lose sight of that as soon as I, your fighter saying, is, for some reason I'll try to make him retire, quick as possible because not being smart, you know you taking damage for money and keep keep that in mind amount matter. What your choices are. Do you
five guys in the gym that you see that sort of mimic Connor? Of course, of course, now you're talking you're dealing with teenagers and 20s, and you know, I look back on myself. It's a hugely impressionable impression, period over your life you're, looking men's almost different personalities, yeah and he's such a strong personality into gym. Spot the eighteen year old, walking in with a man, Bun and sue telling me is going to be the next year. I probably would have been the same at eighteen. Different but true, again months and years of conversations, you know not telling them what to do but conversations I sort of say it is. It will completely natural thing to do but to find your own voice and find your own way, and if that's, who you are you enjoy it outside of Rome in it, it's not who you were, and the fans will see true, very quick as well. You know the, for instance. Even someone is genuinely do something in as as an act now who did
guys bring in for wrestling for this camp you know SARA Jay his wrestling coach coaches day, one big to like over. If you bring this guy in under six weeks, to go we're going to learn, You know, that's right, it's it's not the approach, not the approach to learn for camp, but like say now, right like say, if you you got like what we here, we are it's October. If they say we, looking at July, one thousand and nineteen substantial amount of time from now time to train and also it's a gigantic card. The fourth of July week, Then, let's let let's target a rematch for them. Who would you do differently? Well, who would you bring it in terms of like wrestling so when you're, when you're dealing with someone for this long? He also knows this personalities. You know, and it's one of the reasons why you George worked so well used he kind of fit into the how the team structured, so you might bring in someone who's.
It's so many great offers from guys with you know, really good credentials, but what is you said that if, if him going to clash, no matter which athletes I'm dealing so uh to me even almost important. Anything is, is that static can connect and that they have a good working relationship. Let me, let me state very clearly as well. Surgery is a fun us aggression, co he's! He comes with you know, generations arresting moldovans, got the real slick kind of russian style arresting. You know it's not just about kind of more doubles, these very, very click. Can we have some very, very slick wrestlers in the in the gym, so I think we're good there. Both guys, cumming in in pass passing true, and we had Helen Morales there. The female olympic gold Medalist in just First American not to get a gold medal. She did a lesson the Connor and was that worked a brilliant, so things of it, letting that what would happen naturally, like that I've been
the gym, I'm always getting. Fighters coming true were always so meaning techniques when I tell my guys to be technique, vampires get what you can out of everybody that comes true. You never gonna have a mindset of why I don't need to learn from that. Guy knows something that you don't know, so that for a structured Kramer disguise for three months and we're going to we have skilled, is passed on. As far as I can tell from my experience of it good work personality wise and, like I said I, what is there some secret technique that watching an interview with Dan Henderson- and he was saying when he start doing, the tournaments, he found his so strange that you wouldn't warm up pretty chiller or that he afraid to see his deep half guard move because in wrestling is yeah. I know what you're going to do. You know what I'm going to do is just going to come down to who can hit it. And then he would actually warm up with guys. He was gone you competing with it sometimes
because I made a match little bit better. He had a bit of I've gone yeah and I don't think there's any like big secret moved Monica learn that would suddenly, reverse on Habiba thought we did quite well easy almost took him down at the start. You know we were ready for that low single and he had a little technique for their and he actually sat down for a moment He didn't drive in. We should've took the Underhook there and went into beautiful to start passing, but instead with drew and could be did a great job. He followed them back up in the single and then it got to finish so I don't think it's necessarily about to bring in a four time, gold, medalist or whatever, and make a big wrestling program that doesn't quite fit what we do. You know. Do you think, though, that it would help him to bring in high level wrestlers to have like intense sparring sessions with, and so he could feel that kind of pressure that could be put on him. Because the level of grappling that that guy brings to the octagon it's very difficult to match, yeah yeah I like on the reverse, who would you bring into
bring the level striking the Konica bringing in with sprite? We, as trainers were always looking for that add that that carbon copy, so we can get as close as we can, and we did. We had some big one. Eighty, you know what it fibers with russian guys if you're actually thank it's not applying online because they can't go home, but so we we hi guys that were we're we're mimicking, but there's a reason my hubby does is is on the field and a world champion. It's you I get another guy like him. You remember as much as possible and you do drills and you do scenarios- and you know Donna's was a great training. Part is over two hundred and you actually comes wrestling before Judith who's got ready to take downs and he's got a real good eye for style. Basically trying to match somebody. So you get as close as you can kind of would be the exact gyno so You feel like there's enough room for improvement, that if you could go back to the drawing board and give yourself a few months that you could get him to a point where we could have more success
today. I don't think that. Well, I would quit you know, so I'm completely biased and I'm. I absolutely think that if we could get another shot at it, and we can Connor thinks that as well, absolutely, but it would it Connor think after the fight was over, like what did he say crystal up now, if this is very down, you know watching by he hates he hates misty technical mistakes about right hand. You know that he was very disappointed. You got caught with a shot like that, but it funny I was just thinking about this. You know that right hand. If you showed it to a boxing coach. He said: that's horrible! You heads down your sweet again. I don't really care about people's opinions and things I care about its effectiveness. It was a down effect techniques. You know it's one of the hardest clean shot it's been caught within is Emma career, never mind and put the boxing guy. You know you bring in a boxing coach for her beep. He would trained out of him, know your hands. He recalls are straight comes back, so you gotta be care. Look at the individual arts. You know
you wouldn't high level olympic boxing coach wouldn't each of either, but it's very effective Dan Henderson career was was around the techni an outfit. So things change, though, when you add and take downs right, which is not the way to your house. You know it's a great. It's a lovely part of being a such a high level. Gropper. You can go in and swing crazy. You know what has to go in and be always worried about. The guy come in and the need is on in these shots. Yeah so yeah that that things change as thousands what makes this sport so interesting, yeah, we we, we may the comparison between Kevin Randleman when he fought Mirko CRO cop that cup, was so worried about the takedown. Randomly comes with a big punch in Knox amount. You know, there's a similar set of circumstances kind of recovered, very, very quickly, but it got it but then yes, he does he's he's rarely israeli hit and that's, of course, kept is in strong because it does. The Minneci know is he's fifteen years almost daily. So if he didn't have
that style of being elusive, if he was a war, Jim Ward, I wouldn't be able to do it is able to do how hard is the it's a little bit depending on on on who were against of I brought in a sparring partner. It's like a fight. You know it's it's going to be like a fight he's looking to finish. If it's a training partner teammates were You probably do not uh at a lower level, and so, if you bring in someone there's no fucking order, ready they've got to be right, and I tell them we will say it. Then I say two teams, one he's going to talk to you don't take a personal. This is how he lives too. It's going to be a fight, so protect yourself be ready. Now I referee and I'll be quick to step in, but we have to do this. We have to get a level of training, that's going to match the intensity of a contest right. Even did it all the time now you know that's! That's only in a certain period of the training camp- and it's only going to be for owes its
once, every four once every eight days is kind of depending on how to spiral and then how the body is the more of that and do the better, because it's more directly correlate through water, you're going to do. But then then you've got to be matched against, Well, it is a g, more type, because I have to pull back a sperm because taking too many shots, Bryant Cargo Training camp Roping has used is so elusive, indicate so good dude in range and and so on? So he can spend all the time you know it's like. I think another example that maybe Darren till he's he's the top dog into so. We can spare all day long. 'cause he's never accepts in damage, but if you're not pretending to Jim, you probably should inspire all the time. 'cause you're, taking the shot you get a little for him for him, particularly he loves fighting. He loves spiring favorite part of training. You will do at seven days a week of eleven. You know we trains to go to areas, but there's always the glint in the eye when it's what's today, spiring here we go. How do you decide you do it? You have a
set schedule or do you yeah yeah yeah, so we do things in cycles. It will vary up for hand, but it's roughly on an eight in eight day cycle data do with him, and they Monday. Four will be, will be spy ring again it depending on where the way it is and how did allow Spira went and how he's feeling, but you can get that out and that's what I'd aim for now, when you train for the Mayweather fight. What first of all How much time did you have to prepare for that? Ten weeks to the day that doesn't seem like a lot? No, now I remember just getting the getting the message: do you think that that was a calculated on Floyd's part? maybe he's a very smart guy, because it seems like most of his fights are planned way in advance, but that one was like what it's a couple of months away. Sort of happened. There was it August is that when the fight took place- and it was August talking here- and so I remember hearing about it and thinking like wait, wait august- that's fucking real
We close right right for a Mayweather fight. You would think six. We are six months or something along those lines, but I would feel like for Floyd is as great as he is, and probably the best ever in terms of boxing technique and not being get me so elusive still really wouldn't want. A guy like preparing for a long period of time are really getting acclimated yeah it was kind of funny how that all came about, because when he fought Eddie in November the year before our am number shortly after that we were at a function on pull them aside, and they will focus. Someone said right: you're done all the best enjoy the rest of your life. He was kind of shocked over saying this time, but so once you do you have the 2a champion? You've you've got, but the other end of this grind this meat grinder with no damn you're in a very small percentage, and you you've made plenty money often enjoy yourself.
Then then telling my past couple months have passed and then this the Mayweather fight start talking. I could understand it any other reason he enjoyed the competition side of it. That's reason what you're doing with Connor is going to be competition. I don't care this he's going to look at home, Quick D'Ajuda, your little bit for piss yeah I'll do a quicker, yeah. It's just that way, so unemployed, starting a bit backwards. Yeah! Ok, let's quit the boxing and beat box under and for me myself, you know I was on the outside going. Ok, just don't what you know that makes sense to do. Nothing else was really making sense at the time it's be damaging. Boxing is a horrendous for to prepare for and to compete in, because we're looking at one thing really punches to the head. You know, of course, the body available, but it it's so damaging the only justification that was, you know your grandkids are financially set.
Tremendous tremendous height behind a tremendous amount of money. Did you think you could win. Of course, I'm always going to think that way. You know that that's my mindset, let's prepare as best And it's it's their options here when he added that up cut the first round. What did you think, like even we went out to do that. So the whole training camp- and we brought in you probably here and we probably have thought about it- and that was my first time ever seen them against a recognized boxer, the gym we have local guys really happened in those sparring sessions. What we got to see the clip that was released Wes Conard Lighting Mall analogy up, but following on IG insists that most of the sparring was him dominating. Now, that's not what I saw ham when we do we need when you come back from like he did a spar. He went away at all broke,
The picture got leaked and then he probably did a lot of interviews. He was on the EAST coast work in the show. So he came back, he came back, it was coming back to fight and I she was a weird night in the gym, because that the fatigue orders come in Dana commanders, a few celebrities command doesn't fight, you know and the the referee was there Joker today is a great guy and they do twelve hard rounds, and I do it, I think there is something being released on Netflix soon Comanche based around our fight and it will have all the all around. So I guess really, yeah I mean we have. Of course we have the rounds, we have to twelve rounds and it's as far as I'm aware I just did actually did an interview for a recently there. I think it's a three part documentary that's going to be on Netflix soon, and so people will get and make up their own lines about it. But just going back to right. So what did you think, though, about the sparring talk about when they walked out first and I went to myself, I have no idea. What's going to happen, I see them. Buxom amateurs back home and some well. I I'm
ignore the boxing world. I just I just don't really follow it and he was school those guys, and I was like yeah, but there in a world champion at that elite level, so that now right when he went into the ring with Palos Lee you know really owner kind of like what's going to happen here is he is he just got get tooled, and then we have to scratch your head and go shit. We're going to do here right, but he can check out the rounds mean we're going. We have made a second, it's not magic, it's still punching in his range and there's techniques, and so my confidence was growing by confidences grow so. How knew I knew? No matter what happened? It was going to be a good fight and was want to be you go in and just this terribly's is missing where every shot and he's being made look silly, goose, fight. You know is entertaining, I think, no one. The crowd was saying that was ridiculous. Noam was saying it was the money was, it was an entertaining fight and it's going to be one of those things that
I'll be an older man that I am now and I'll be talking about the time we we went into boxing world in full flight. Even on the night. I was kind of this Lucas question. What am I doing here? Floyd Mayweather I have over there yeah the guys that you know of all the boxes. I always preferred which employed and anyone else, because I love defense. Yes, even this to me is the most intriguing part and him in Tony at those those type of guys that how we work the Philly and beautiful? It's so interesting to watch and you getting off little bit, but still able to compete softened ask business whole career was defensive, plays every two shots never never was damage the gym. There was damage in fights but yeah when he was in the ring lever. Working in the corner in air corner, I'm just going what the hell is called didn't fight in flight. This is just strange. Even even at the beginning, you know and so used to Bruce Buffer, and it was a different guy and the Bell three times as a
We did it in the rocky movies. I remember there being being being, ladies and gentlemen, sound at the beginning of the ceremonial right, and I was like oh shit that they're actually going to be, right right until the end of it, it was still does head scratching and then you know flow coming over again and given his little compliment you know he's got a hell of a shawl and he's tough as nails and which it was a great experience. I wouldn't do any different if the Pali Mala Naji Sparring Session, which she said was like a fight. If it was scored as a fight, you think Connor would have won the fight, course in CS and brands, they will know every. He was there and I had you know astane uh, actually Dana knows a lot more about boxing them eat it than I do and all of those okay, this is going to be. This is going to be kissing contest. So hi, I'm I'm of course gonna say yeah, but I guess people let's eat around and make up their own mind, but it wasn't as one sided as those clips that were released with course. Of course, he landed his shots as well. Of course, he's a brilliant boxer was
for me as a trainer was, it was amazing. Look at me know each other is put on a little bit away and you still have twelve rounds because after background I was gone, he's not going to continue. He was breathing very heavy and he's been hit hard and you been sat down once and whether it was a push or opponent. You guys make up your own mind, Lots of thinking he's going to be here by six hundred, so we had another sparring partner ready. I was like ok just be ready to go 'cause. I think this will go by six rounds and Polly. Hit this rhythm and start learning his own shots and eternity yeah great, a great content. It's a contest 'cause, it wasn't inspired. They were talking all time, polio talking to me, you talking the camera man. He talked it uses almost better than Connor at it was great to watch. Everybody had a great night and I think they both actually does. I really enjoyed it, lay Kanakana Ranade, it's Batman and
Joker, like you know, they both need each other with eighty children below each others. It's a weird dynamic when you, when you see a contest like that. Well Paulie was campaigning for a fight. He was trying to get Connor to box him. It's not out of the realms of possibilities? It's absolutely not the realms of possibility. There's there's also It's a crazy rumors going around the the management team and the fight team. And what might happen next? It could be boxing it could it could be. Hammer could be quite equipped, Floyd again all sorts of names of being thrown around well, one thing to happen in the fight there was undeniable is that Connor started to fade and we've talked about this. The endurance issue like what do you think, is that issue, certainly in in that fight, you could see I learned about. It was just brilliant watch Floyd how he man, which is enerji. I think it's one punch in real, warm and maybe much more around two hundred just so so
you know it's such an amazing strategy and then and then switch thing from the usual style to Canada's hands up and walking in and and Conor did get on load a lot on his forearms very efficient, which is the opposite of what I would describe Connors fighting style, these efficient very few shot maximum return. This was a lots of punches and was one of the few bits of advice. I gave him in the corner that was of any use because I'm not a boxing guy was. Let's pick a shit, there's a reason. Why he's not trying anything? You don't try anything This is twelve rounds. It's almost like, three parts to a fight is won't afford is five to Asian, then there's nine to twelve and Floyd. Just worked out beautifully and it be something that we would definitely do a lot more. If we were never get another boxing fight was recognized that there's twelve rounds pace yourself he was. He was kind of in the mma mode of the big shots and like to go up but Floyd's the best in the world not being little
do you think it's a pacing issue and not endurance issue or think it's both if for the boxing, the it yeah. It was pacing an insurance in a new field. No claims work at all we if you little kind of funny, clinch techniques were going to try it with a hammer fist of the back of the head uh well, he was aiming for the side of the head with supposed to be like today now we'd we played around with lid stretches of the rules and we'd see what Joker Tazewell pulls up on and could we do little? You know Llama Chanco, fine as well, and he comes from wrestling, and you see him doing kind of what all my look like arm drags and tie up some stuff that we were trying to use that just broke every time we we had varied opportunity. Even for the back and holding the hip and him we want. I couldn't find anything in the written rules that were against that, but we, pull down the straightaway. So some of the areas where we thought we had to rest and maybe make Floyd Use N Gina, is on used to clinch weed.
Get that it was immediate, a media breaks and that you know that's the sport of boxing, but that's just how it is So it would have to be all those all those type of adjustments. One of the more fascinating rumors was that I was going to be some sort of a striking match in the that with MMA Octagon has been talked about that was being talked about, is being told it is have that that's been going around as well. I talked to Dan about that. He said it was your hello, okay and I will I don't dealing with you. You are trying to get this I'd heard of it who's talking to you about. It is not you know, speaking with Connors, because my notes to talk about it like do you know any chile kicks, but jeez. You know that we will. That would be the end yeah I mean so take this Rc Lloyd. Did the Saigon say that the site on instances. You know what it's like. If you get a leg, kick in that way, you must face straight on, so you can check like it. If they allowed leg kicks and only leg kicks no head kicks, Connor would fuck him up. One hundred percent quickly
one hundred percent. It would be the first cake. No one even understands would be the first leg. Kick now say right away that Connor absolutely don't want to do that? He wants to fight UFC rules or boxing zero interest on the highlight kicks just that alone: a hybrid fight, just leg, kicks alone. He would Floyd Mayweather up, doesn't want to fuck Floyd Mayweather up. He does, but within one of the two rulesets it doesn't it just stinks. I just let kicks just let him throw like just a few. I mean it, don't matter what fucking stance Floyd stands in either inside leg. Kicks outside leg kicks just one of those. It would be like we have a lot of art on this. We have very boxing history and I'm very good athletes and we get, but I'm a good boxer will come down for spar, and you know take this. This can take shots all day. Long and one leg kick and Dave.
It's such a pain that they've never felt before you know, like you said it just it change is everything very very quickly it would change floors entire game. He has no idea. Do you, member, when cool, Vince, Phillips, Vater Masato in Japan when VIN? Phillips is at the top of his game when he was a real elite. Boxer was just starting to slide and he and over and fought Masato and K1 and Masato Chiz full his legs just fuck those legs up. It was horrifying to watch the uh, the one that I remember that went over there an actually oh shit, in Canon Shannon the cannon. Shannon Briggs fought Tom Erickson Tom, Erickson cracked and with a couple of leg, kicks and Shannon actually talked about it on the podcast he's like champ You can't be with a couple of those leg kicks. I was ready to quit. Champ he's like hurts so bad. She goes, but I'm pretending he goes uh.
Cortana, do nothing. He goes home in agony. Chair is just a dick from pain. It's just a mix you acting head all day long and you know most fighters only recognized output, the right, body shot. You know, you've got liver or the right leg kick and just just grit and true it it's stunning for people that have never been kicked before it's stunning to watch. They're like what this happens all the time and if you watch like a K1 match, or you know a glory match or moitie, this is crazy. How often they get kicked and they just learn how to absorb it. They learn how to check in he did, and you know just takes time. It is a false, but that would that would maybe if you could somehow another talk, Connor and Floyd into a boxing match with leg, kick did Floyd actually say that that would be something happens. It was just one of those like while I'm talking the corner. Regli chose
Let me down under what the hell you talking. You know I'm always having weird conversation, and this was just one them where it come up that there's uh ability. It is, and they were talking about at higher bid rules and he shouted not straight away. You'll find him out, you'll fight him. Obviously, MMA rules movie of core ideal. I pink. Floyd is a very intelligent, he's not going to do absolutely That is not going to do that. I don't even you do the leg. Kick I don't. Provider, I think he flirts will allow this stuff and I'll come over to your world, but he's no no Phillies is super smart, but I just can't imagine that he would spar with one guy and eat one of those kicks and he would just like fuck this. So thank you fuck all that, but it changes the way you're allowed to stand. I mean he would have very light on his front leg and have to learn how to his shins mean it's like the whole thing would be different, but they have talked about some sort of a rematch in boxing like I said it's just one of those things that's thrown out there and
here at the movie role and hear this, and this that you know is the world at his feet. To so many people want to pull him in so many different ways, but he seems to have avoided some of the more off obvious Hollywood type traps you know because, like Rhonda Rowsey got sucked into all of them right, she was doing everything she was all these tv shows and movies, and I remember before loss to Holly home, thank God, she's. Getting stretched then like this can't be good. This can't be good. You know I was worried about Amanda Nunis, Amanda Nunez was the one that I thought had Rhonda's number I'm like that girl, punch, so fucking hard and she's a elite ground specialist like it wouldn't be a picnic on the ground and Rhonda. You know takes girls to the ground and submits them, but I was like, but you gotta get through the fire. That's Amanda noon as his hands, and I remember seeing her in all these other things, and these television
shows in this movie ideals, and I was like that. Those things will rob you yeah, they robbia you, they give you. They give you something to give you some money to give you some fame. You walk that red carpet. You look wonderful smile, Rondo, look over here, smile Connor Catch, but the skew things from you in the steal, your ability to actually fight steal, your ability to have all of your resources and Connors done an amazing job of avoiding that for the most you proper twelve become an errand at photo shoots. You know had to be done on, but no movie is all the movies. The movies are the ones that really fucking rob you yeah yeah, you get a small part in the movie when he was when he was just starting off one thousand eight hundred and nineteen, the large movie twenty things at the headers he played a prisoner, but yeah he's because he's obsessed with fighting, he loves fighting. You know he
the beautiful you could see in the lead. Up to this, you didn't want to do much much median press and becomes a new green. We will be doing he'd rather do none of it and have no billop. If you Connors ideal world, I think, would be the fight in every UFC every Saturday night, that'll be as ideal just live near to USC and fight Saturday night and then fun night Sunday and then get ready for the next site. We'd love fighting that way. Please do not scratch my head about this. If I had that money to get going to get a good evening. Thank you, I'm good. He wants to give it back and he wants them or fight. Floyd M, definitely heavy winds, and that's that's that that the fire. If you had to guess what's next, what would you think you know I won't pretend to understand the business side of things Jimin already empowered, and they do all of that, and you know the fan so much and the officials decide who gets neck shot. I'm.
I only deal with what you know. What's going to be put in front of me, I think will be. It would be very much that I think will be that now I'll be getting torn apart and where it isn't there this, and this guys, I'm only saying I think. Is it going to be someone else will be you know? I don't don't really know, that's what I see. Talking about. So that's how my mind is: what do you think would be different in terms of the where he approaches it in terms of like trash talking and all that other stuff he's never going to not be him, that's the side of personality you know- and you know it it's a dividing line in my you know my not mad about it, but Kids in my gym love it. You know it's just it's just one of those things never knock on to do that. That's in Dublin. You know where, where, where he's from there always, they're, going to class that was sharp you know, had the quick reply and from the moment I met him. He was just that guy did
you can't make this kind of thing around here that you feel stupid very quickly and you know being on the end of it yeah and I, but I remember going to it. I remember like I schools. Well, no just happens that he has it. You know a little less and on top of that and then he has to look- we just an unusual package that it that it all came together. So I don't you know the build up for DS to it. He didn't stuff, it was. He was going all over the whole, but don't lose this time and he went through the same kind of mindset he had and I've. No doubt he would go into that fight's full prepared as we can and should be one. Percent sure in his mind, he's going to destroy men around because that's how we always think. If there's another, right that would sell in there would be huge. It would be that it would be Ds3 that could be especially if Diaz gets passed, POI, in deep shit, even if he doesn't, I mean just that fight, alone I mean there's the history between those two guys. I mean that would be, and it's
so appealing stylistically as well. The fight you know like uh uh, I'm a grappler heart. I love grappling, but I also First and a juice, eternal people, asleep sleep, you know even if you're vintage due to hard to what you did you to tournament on, but but you can see hitting someone in the head and then falling down. That's you know. That's exciting human Diaz is such a great personality match up with such a great skill. Clash you know, is the design somebody that's going to bring the best ever corner you'd want someone that you know can hit back and take a big shot and put up at the trash it's a beautiful fight. I I I always. I would love to see that rematch yeah the thing about ideas when they first thought was that he didn't give a fuck about trash. Talk didn't bother him at all. It was normal yeah. It was like all okay, we're doing this yeah yeah. It was amazing, it was. It was what everybody wanted to see at the time because to Connor was so good at talking. Shit and people would get so flustered, but then d
as didn't give a fuck and you could tell he didn't give a fuck. It was just so normal for him and it was like how trash talk. Doesn't work on DS, yeah really doesn't work yeah I had known about some of this training partners and he's like Connor, like ended Jim he's dressed yeah, because I knew every sparring. It's because is it fun? You know- and it's always just you know when we have Connor having a big spy, are you at the gym will be packed out and everybody wants to come down with his power and just talking to the guide, hallway to whether it's close friend like Arthur or whether it's someone we brought in that he doesn't know it's not. Going change. You know I'll, be IBM's burned Rolen's of any trash talk me when I'm trying to make use of self. But it's you know it's. This is this personally, so What timeline or do you think we're looking at in terms of his return? If you had to guess it was funny. I was looking at a march 16th. Is you know
what day is March 17th, that's a Sunday market. Steens is a Saturday. Imagine like msg on the Saturday night, before patties day. Oh, my god be insane. I wonder if it's not booked yeah, I was actually going to go on and she's booked pretty far in advance. I'd. Imagine so I'd! Imagine cell and they're doing one of November to do two at msg in a year. I think you could do Connor in there every weekend on this one. Could you could also do some? India is every weekend on this can't be, is going to be packed out. You could do the Td Garden in Boston too. Yeah yeah, we've had time start fucking Irish in Boston, more Irish, in Boston there, and you could do, of course vague ISS. I guess I'm down with it. Just I saw that they put down. You know, like you, said the the big summer card as well as you have to fight week July, Golite July card yeah, I think, probably summer next summer is probably realistic. You know we have to of the see what what what what the punishment if he gets in a row yeah. I hope it's not a lot.
A long ban yeah I do too, I mean everybody was so amped up after the fact- and I you know I was like. Oh man, this could be terrible, but Monday morning, I'm like hey fuck, happen. Really, nobody died. Nobody even got cut couple. People got punched in a place where people get punched, you know what I mean it's like yeah. Now I have to go to a hat and dad I am. I have a big commercial gym. I coat kids. I I'm headed president of the Amateur MMA Association by column. I deal politicians all the time and this is the exact thing that there argue with me. You know when I'm when I'm wearing a suit on Wednesday meeting with the Minister for sport, I'm not so I'm. It's going great, that's what's gonna be brought up at my next meeting when I'm trying to get governing body status. For from my from my life's work, my is my art, export and I'm trying to tell plus Sixty year olds that this is legitimate and they were showing me this and your for that it was terrible,
does does know what a way around it like. I said it was it if it had been about it on that isolated. I didn't it was that big a deal this app. Does he didn't really hit Dylan and the bit of pushing and pulling? Who cares yeah man coming up in hit and it was absolutely dangerous. The trained fighter he bare knuckles and he's hitting a guy who's tires on hard ground who's taken some head shots and you know so it went for the illegal shot. You know, there's a reason why your not loaded to the stem reindeer. There has to be something there has to be ramifications for that can be just like Adam hit each other, and you can't allow that to happen it. You know an an example let's be made so that order people in in the height of it go wait a second. It's not is a slap on the wrist, something substantial. If do something criminal assault, yeah it was literally is, and I really sorry about him in terms of him having a visa and being able to in a visa and fighting America again, and I believe
you supposed to be fighting next month, do we find out who that guy was? You did. Well, I know one starts with Z1 of them left the guide up. Our team is going to fight in two weeks time. Yeah, that's that's the guy. He was actually bragging about it on social media Zubaria, who go to the other constants and Islam market chef face UFC Access, Conor Mcgregor Ring attackers, revealed yeah zoo barrier. I don't know how to say his name. I'm sorry, I thought he's the one that was wearing red that jumped the cage and and punch Connor Bare Knuckle Islam could you he's the one that hopped over there? That happened right in front of me I don't think that was in the red. I thought I was going to black that him and Connor. How did little exchange
and then again the other guy hit him from behind, but I thought that was. It will be wrong, which I'm sure we're getting a million texting to correct us, not sure yeah, either way that can happen again that stuff, you know, I hope, hope it all gets worked out. Well. Thank you, gentlemen. Thanks thanks for being here, George, thank you for illuminating, the very elusive art of weight, cutting it out. So it was a excellent conversation. You're all dipped out now, visibility by about two hundred percent doesn't dip increases your cognitive ability by two hundred percent wireless truck driver, so stupid truck drive as of right now, for you, as a joke, folks asian shows is when I do a lot more people. Let's say you resent the sellers are made up on the on the spot. That's what I don't know, I'm all about making shit. Thank you John really really appreciate coming things. Really. It was a lot of fun and hopefully again under a brighter times
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