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JRE MMA Show #50 with Yves Edwards

2018-12-05 | 🔗
Joe is joined by UFC Lightweight veteran and current PFL commentator, Yves Edwards.
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Now policy genius, the easy way to compare and by life, unsure tat, we did it. My guest today is safe, former you, FC fighters fought for many many organizations. He is a commentary guy, like what I do does cometary for the p S, L, which is, on NBC sports. He wrote kids book. Is it just a fuckin around cool due to please give it up? For my friend Eve Edwards, The job will gain experience. Not much was that shirt with a moon smiley face Year Graffiti Moon, you know me my smiley faces people would grow.
Maybe the moon. They occur as part of the first thing that I have to worry about these virgin flights. People leaving shit, you could see from earth there, tasted everyone do so much to talk about someone's going on is the lagoon unwilling to me in the world the Gipsy yeah your world, we may even boxing slot she's gonna boxing we say we're gonna get me out the Anti wilder on Monday is going be in here. Is He sand. Did you see the video on his instagram? He shows that it's more than that. It is in fact plays the clock So MRS Thyssen Fury goes down, then it's more than ten seconds for he gets back up. The only problem with that is, I mean its human error right. You can't you can start immediately right now, there's his eyes that little by little space ties nurse the guy on the sidelines, though that starts the guy here and then he picked it up with five fort right, yeah the real promised reveries. You know when there
the battle of stock, adrenaline their seconds outside our stopwatch in their hand, they hid it every time a guy goes now which why don't they have put too much to remember We are talking about the hidden moment. Boom click is out to us. Remember I mean think about all the shit Thyssen Furious That is the great fury in that fight. I wanted of course, I'm a member for wilder his eye light. I like big knockout, not I mean and on his good, First rousing just look like he abandoned the game plan and you just looking for the knock out after that. Well, he's got a problem. The problem. Is he knock anybody, the fuck out. That's a problem. But it s a bad guy, take very simple. You almost knocked him out like he locked Emma is it if it wasn't, I mean he definitely make did ten whose levelling down for ten but here's the thing. If the
referee instead of saying eight said seven and citizens sixty five would have gotten a quicker. I think you approach would have because he's waiting for eight nine and then he standing up is trying to give himself he's an overt trying to himself as much recovery times. Can no one when I watch and getting up, I look at that. Their replaying. You see his head, like his head, comes up like he's, trying to get up and I'm and he just like stands up like a zombie. I think that's a gypsy scares. Well, I did not expect them to go I will celebrate light way. That's always does it mildly, while they're so Written. Do the thing like when he went down. I want, oh, I can't believe he knocked about the twelve like that and there was the left took going down. That was the crazy. I spoke on the right hand and bang the left are going down. It was so same and he walked off, walk off it. Wasn't the Alsace knock out dancing and it was point
The woman in the audience issue say I love you and he was like whole thing was a celebratory moment and then the look on face when you realise that ties in fury got not why why you know that is remember, remember the Eightys and Ninetys the Friday. Thirteen when you kill Jason, may turn around. Like oh shit them does your eyes full sit up. That's Adele was how does wild upon so hard as a man who studied martial arts, its whole life like there's some deeds right, don't you yeah, just they have some free explosive power but crazy, how much he's the he's only two and twelve pounds. That's the crazy things. Like he's very small for a heavyweight lobbies. Two fifty member moment gun in my Thyssen: oh yeah. He was, unlike in the two fifteen's Ryan you'd to fifteen. Now most of your truck I don't know I mean I don't have that kind of power, My my knockouts will firmly stuff. You didn't see, yellow and quickness. Put. Like a guy like Germany Stevens, yet like that. You know Melvin Killer,
that kind of yeah? It's that's idle. How do you develop? I don't know if you could develop that. I think there's a natural thing, the rumble Johnson type. Yes, yes, I think you can develop done. I don't think so. I think eccentric, ate it and better techniques hit harder feeds, a bone structure thing I mean it's like. If you look at the anti he's kind of built like a gigantic Tommy Hearns, you know just widened the shoulders and is just of Vulcan Bundle of Lakes Muzzle hopes, it's just it's like those levels, thick ass, ropes, the use for for boats. You, I mean when they more ships. That's like the muscles in that bag, just just Jack back! That's rather power comes from. I guess you should let him body far- call that fuck. All that do not do the scary, dude man, its harder than anybody. I think in recent member
Is one shot power ridiculous? What what do you think I mean? Thyssen was a better box, ass, pure box, or two so, but I can. I would love to see like big power punches lie. They they need to make a boxing game where they will have all the item b. I guess they might have. I don't know, but they need to have. One where they have like all power, punchers our pleasure behind him right will you, What I feel like that's up. There was a perfect boxing match because You have enticing fury first, what this guy that overcame depression and suicidal thoughts- and you know drug addiction and alcoholism, amuses obesity, We living in a world of depression users, drinking constantly and doing Coke and fuckin his life up and then-
loses more than a hundred pounds, cleans himself up, gets in their against the scariest guy and a heavyweight division and puts on a boxing clinic. However, he still gets clipped. He still gets. Clip now wants, but twice is hard and dropped hard, especially in the twelfth room. So it's like it for a person loves watching fights. It's such a perfect fight because you ve got so first of all that both great guys like, like both guys like you, you're, a fan of like exceptional human beings. Both guys are great guys do. I see the Anti Wilder interact with his family. Talk about We talk about the way he approaches fighting the more. I appreciate what he's doing you know, and then Thyssen Fury not love the guy in the way they exchange like pleasantries. After the fact was over. Time will tell him you loved him and kissed his fuckin fist. I mean it's like you is
great all round a great feeling. After even those who draw it was like, I felt good about it. Barely rocky one class rocky want it was rocky wine. I was rocky one sort right, but it wasn't slugger that one you know I mean what it was was just gray, but nobody one know anyone run, for it was a great great boxing match was it was like it had all. The good elements is the best heavyweight fight I've seen a long time. I mean them, embedded in thin, wholly feel Thyssen, that's hard to say, holy field was like the good guy coming in again the bad guy like do so much to that fight and then would Thyssen like he thought he was invincible and then wholly feel just eaten shots and slowly beaten him down and then eventually stop some, not an army of the ear bitten. Bite. Nanosecond sacrifice, that was, it was
It was while the best I'll tell you what thou men Anthony Joshua versus Klich GO was one of the best in a long time before that now they're gonna go that fella. To a fight someone's gonna someone's gotta check their father know. If I want to see those dead that that that three way mix yeah, I think Joshua Birthday, the fuck away from wilder fire. If I was in his corner what you do get hit. Sometimes he don't want to get at any time by that guy, he's trying to avoid it means scattered, head movement going now. I know he's wake just spoken Bob and weaving. It's like the dude, like that. The consequences of getting clipped are so great it's. So it's so interesting when someone has that kind of power. The consequences are just so greatly different than anybody else, because you never stop watching nervously watching that fight with with with Thyssen theory, we saw the gap getting bigger and the points, but then the knife around here
and he dropped him, and I can see. Let's do it I've been watching them. Twelve rowdy hit him, and then you know of your while the fat like me, you jump up and you you're celebrate you. You know your victory and then fucking he gets so impertinent did he get up a one, the remaining part of the round? done wilder battle back off that can't. Well, I guess it could It doesn't really happening Mme, whereas somebody just gets drawing oil Domini. I guess he never made be like a bad beating in one round and then the next round. You come out yours like fresh, because we need I loved him and when you get when when fury got up, and he looked at him. You know he's a little brother he's, probably like I M taking small forgot, and fury put it on him a little bit and that probably not broke his spirit. Black
While he made him kind of shrink up a little bit, he got lit, he deftly got stuck. He got cracked and you see em like desires, rollback backed off, and then he grabbed a whole Thyssen. What was he got? Rocked both geyser incredible conditioning do fervour for heavyweights. I mean how for to take shots that late and Cosette. That's a lot about listening when you get tired, you you, you know your brains, ready to shut off the r and D B. That big means six foot. And two hundred and fifty six pounds and still have that kind of conditioning. You know any wilder to carry that now power in the twelfth after being frustrated and just within a lot for a year. Fuckin rounds at exhaustion. The punch you missile that take so much offer you we out take so much yeah yeah, it was just great all around it was just great, was the best bet. What's the best boxing fight, you can remember watching in
Your lifetime life, not not in person just watching it as it happens, wow, that's a good question. I think Think Homeostasis Chavez versus Manager, Taylor, lotta people say I didn't watch now unless Castello so good. Who is so fast any was winning up until the twelfth around and Chavez just cap, the pressure cap, the pressure kept the pressure cap, the pressure and then Finally, crack crack. He had some of the big red handed twelve runny see. Melldrum is just beaten down. The downside of that fight is magic. Tail was never the same Anthea. There was one beating that just a week he crossed over beyond the pale and went to the dark lands. This is not good enough that fight, so let what do you think if I was Richard steals wrath
was so. Steel doesn't start their fight in the nose last seconds and MAGIC Taylor wins on the cards than than would have their rematch and does he the same as you like was the same guy after that think of you in the match. He's done he's done, no matter what member and Terry Norris talked about after them. Yet he did not look like he could take a punch anymore. That fight was so brutal if you watch that fight against Chavez just constantly raking his body and clever, but Belgic was just so fast and so skilful like his movement is speed, but Chavez was just well. Relentless was a great fight. It was a grey fight molested after but there's a few. Those fights were. You know that that was the one where the guys never gonna be this area.
You, you, you felt that way at watching it. Now. I thought that we afterwards. Ok, I mean watching it. You got what a great fight, but then afterwards you realize that was it. That was the fight. I kind of felt that way, honestly, if Emma Mass out that way about Rory after the Royal Robbie Fight, who any fought wondered waken and, as I hear, doesn't look the same well, I think you have real problems with his nose you now his nose has been shattered a bunch of times and you just can't take a shot at him anymore. I just starts bleeding really bad, but I think Physic, Lee the way he moves and his ability to take punches is still exactly the same, he saw in the lemme file, it looks good still yea. Does he fucked up taken emphasising fight, though, as us is too big to two big? I thought the same two exactly I mean they have a lot of similar cells, skill set
and then the bigger guy slave moose saucy might be a little better to strike it yeah bed, definitely better. What is striking is grounds, no joke either muscle. This is so good. Man is so good that, like I, if I was in his corner Billig look I get the wonder superfine, I get you a new challenge, skies quite a bit better than you and really really fuckin good language ass. He might be the best one in five or in the world meetings ice. Not these not easy. There he's with Whittaker he's with your well he's there there's a mix of em. I really really like. I have a whole lot of confidence and Whittaker to quietly easy, just kind of rose up to the top, and I think people still sleep on it. I think so too, but I gotta say that I was surprised at the door. Anyone in the all remember fight the satellite yeah, I think Romero, one that failure or, if not one it was so close. It had to be a draw. It was so fuckin close, but I think from
narrow, did way more damage, rant, Romero, her seat, fear coupled to the thing about, like the wilder fight, like someone said to me, like other scorecard zero fucked up Thyssen fury should one may be yes Maybe I see what you're saying if you look at in terms of like that, but as of a person who knows what a fight is the wilder clearly one the fight, if it is a fight rail whose getting FUCK up right in the schoolyard one. He won right in this This deal, the Yellow Romero Whittaker thing who won the fight? Whitakers gettin, you noticed he got hit with bombs by your well you're, well, hidden with some in haymakers and Whittaker survive but Whittaker. Put your well in that same source situation, where you well staggering around like really badly hurt me you work Whittaker is a chap. I mean under the that the skills, the heart, the courage, all those things me he's got everything he's champ, but I felt like, though, the damage done. I hate the ten point muscles. Yes,
but you hated ever me hate it mean so stupid. Does five minute rounds you're using ten points? Why? Because it was already there exactly. That's that the big thing for me, because I mean we get aspects of Jiu, yet aspects of wrestling at aspects of striking boxing kickboxing right and were using a rule set from boxing. There are only one set of weapons in like how to. How does that? How does I quantify the two thousand and three grappling exchanges is right: I don't know I disagree. I remember there were they had all these different systems. They were trying to work and I feel like at one point I think doc. Rivers, maybe Haddock Hamilton, thought Hamilton. Yeah, you ask about the dark Hamilton an excellent system. Is a half points is right: yeah, which was better was better than what we use now. The pride system was better year the price system of vat. The fight as a whole and the last part of the more important in the first round of that kind. It tells you the path it would go, schoolyard who's that up
without having to teachers get air whose beaten do deleterious get there. Nobody cares if you like, thrown leg, cakes and box and a guy up for fifteen minutes and then the tea he's come right when the guy gets on top you and punch in your face. I won the decision on another teaches pull that guy off you and then you get ready by re matches in school. There are working hard to swallow, yet it you gotta have a ball every much Yahoo. You know it's no money all glory. This is gonna, be there's gotta, be a remember. This fight is gonna, be the biggest heavyweight fight of all time. I mean he's gonna, be Jai, folk and dance, and I'm happy for wilder because Wilder's finally a star, mean for it forever. We wanted American Hemingway championed the clinical had forever we have not only in American heavily champion, but we had an American. Ever we champion the Knox every body, the flock out Knox, everybody got super exciting, great guy,
for some reason he didn't catch like it's weird like who catches, who gets famous weird But then, when you look at the post fight interviews, an arm Thyssen theory, you know, God, my God, my God bless America. I mean he got a lot of people on this idea that American he's a worker, I am in here he's great means: real character is the real deal both of them are made fuckin so excited about the rematch. When you think that happens, it's gotta be a long time. He got hit with bombs thousand Thyssen's camera like do we gotta take some time. Yeah some ray. I know you feel great. You ride this hunting. How about the guy donates? Outsmarted charity is an incredible s prediction. Incredible Tammy million dollars, ten million dollars. Just don't do that very much. The reunited under my satisfaction, at the fact that it has presented, is back on the floor may whether money the rematch could be the biggest heavyweight title fight ever their debts. Mean is bigger than right now,
She would the world the way the world is bigger than totally failed. Ice has begun in both yeah, Israel is bigger than oil ties, and I think we are right there at least here right there, it's hard to say because Thyssen with such a cultural phenomenon no one like him, we're kids and when Thyssen would fight, it would just be like a watching a public executions and people would wonder, shall pay for this should get this paper view Helen, gonna last. Have a bunch of people popcorn shit and last fifteen seconds? Wouldn't witty you think what do you think the benefit of wild have enticing come into his next year? is stifling, may mean student. Now he knows boxing well. Is he doing that? I dont know about what would the benefit be worked with a benefit. Be great MIKE Tyson knows a lot About boxing I mean he doesn't just know a lot about how he boxed they elstree. But here you know so much mean those like one of the big
things. One of the big stories about his childhood was him watching Jim Jacobs Old, real to real, fast arms, then wash in watch all those old school films, Joe Louis and Chin Jack Dempsey. He like pad a lot of his style watching those old timers Archie more in Yemen. Think he could definitely help, and I think, but this dial of someone who could help wilder would would be someone who is going to in court rate more movement and and more like switch up. I don't always throw bar. Yes, no, I would bring in files wilder Andre Ward, Andrey Warden, Virgil Hill. Have those guys is tight, not what he does. I think Andrea wards the smartest guys inbox and how how easy, as as an instructor as a teacher, he's too fuckin smart to not be good at it right he's too small
he knows too much about boxing? Like he's one of my favorite analysts, when he talks about fights the way breaks things down? Yes, you know and he's a guy who really does fine weaknesses and exploit them. It's not just push and buttons and thrown haymakers like if you look at his rematch what Colville ever he figured that fucking out, I key he got hurt by I in the first fight, but then one the remainder of the fight and then what the decision will be controversial, but then- and I know how to beat this motherfucker and then came back and second fight stopped him here yeah, Andrey Warders aversion, Hell, that's all school old school, that's that would be a good fit, but there's a lot of good fits in I've you know the boxing is an interesting thing is that they had this long history of a trial, An error, though, that may hasn't. Had you know, like you see you see this, you know you got lineage. It goes
the Sixtys and Seventys in Berlin needs goes back a long way. Yeah yeah, I mean really Pat shore, I mean in terms of like active trainers, oh yeah, active gems, you know in these guys have been around for ever they been putting champions
the rings for decades there's a lot of those guys out there. I think about. I think about that too. With light with Thyssen I mean like: if customers didn't die when he did with Thyssen's career have been different, probably one of that it probably would have been different. I mean I think Kevin Rooney did his best to try to keep that teaching going, but I think sometimes that mentor is the glue that keeps you together now alone. I'm talking about the other stuff that guy meant so much to Thyssen, because custom motto essentially gave him this new lease on life. He thought it was gonna, be a loser in his life is, can be hell and then instead he's the heavy. We champion the world, the youngest error, but then yeah, but you know, Teddy ATLAS, had a go very, very interesting. Take on Thyssen, it is felt like Thyssen, never develop the skills to
overcome adversity, such as long as he was dominating everyone who was great, but as soon as it started. Coming back and hammer you you'd never recover from that. We call on him and me the bully, yeah or front runner the others lotta guys like that right now and get on top yes, they're good hammer, not stick a nail, gotta be able to take them both. Yeah here when you say hammer nail, I remind me of like those of the rose thinking we talk. My worry and Robbie like Wooded, takes how much pain you have to be it to be a fighter to be a fire worries
the bird and then just sit down and can see here is like it hurts that much. I think his face was shattered. I think he's noses like broken in the eight or nine pieces, or some shit or just it was just mush, and I just don't think he physically could go on like I've had I've had I've had breaks and training on a basin and fights broke. My jaw ones training as I all that hurts, and then I had again as they get can do is then arm was clean. Snap knows just hear line, but laying it hurt like I couldn't you I was crying the next day I didn't know is broken till the next day put on and then, when I find Ludwig bang and I thought I was on top used on his back. He felt a punch upwards hit me write me eyeball, Anum Bust, my orbital, yet you're talking about this. The last time you here is crazy, when he me, though I was like that, hurts
my head down for second man, I gotta tat the scale tat disguise on just tried. It in you know, instituted Jujitsu game and Numb he's escaping all the time but the pain it was late. Wasn't like I want out for worried. Sit down and concede like I can only imagine, because I've been in pain and fight like excruciating pain, is like I just gotta figure this out move on, but you just like no less enough and is worry. We know how tough he is he's. Also these crazy and I visited dude, who you know ways like you just scanning, begged him to have bodies of bodies on. Did you see him when he was on about just now opponents yeah he's not like you would think he is he's a He is a very like warm and friendly he's. Also. I sat on South sat next day when the bus, a bunch of different times who just ran to the arena without a bunch, comes I love him, but when you see his his demeanor, noise persona when he, when he's you know in
the camera. He just seems very. Do you know ass area very serious in God killer our my he is he's not done either mean. I think that was ass if I was a bad idea, but I still think he's one of the best well towards on the planet. One shore sent one at that meeting. Come I mean he committed you have seen and and and threatened tyrant. Oh, I think so I mean he be beaten in the first time, but that's a different tyrant, tyrant with Duke Rufus, is a different idea. I think you know he's just he knows more now. He's a champion now is successfully defended. Title several times is much better. To he's here still slows later in the fight button, like its drastically different there used to be
and once what I would like to see out, a tyrant is more use of all of his skills later on, and not just looking Lana Big right hand, because by tying can do everything. Tyrant can do everything, but there are those times when you see him started really depend on my right hand, and only look for that and he's like he's like right hand, right hand, Whitman Ray had right hand right the thing about the right hand? Is it works if you have something like Wilder's right hand or like tyrants? Why do you have something that can, you have a right hand that could put anybody out. I mean this is I've brought up does before, but think about it. He fought darent tail and they fought wonder boy twice. Those are two two guys that art with the best strikers in one hour and seventy pounds, vision, fuck bolt of em up on their feet mean ball, fights wonder boy was on Queer Street and then till fight the only punch landed at all was by tyrant. He cracks till
drops until Neverland touch them with a glove drop. Some beats a shit out of them and then choke some I'd think that was one of the best performances from tyrant. I e look really good in that fight real. They looked almost Like disdainful to, like you know, you motherfucker Campbell, you guys got him the FED betting favorite. Yes like what? What is that shit how boys are only a guy was supposed to be fighting and hunted for five pounds of tough shit, but one big fight and also because of you guys, the betting favorite is preposterous. Put some respect. My knee well he's he's a polarizing figure for some reason. I don't know why it's, maybe it's one of those things were guys have to catch. You know like maybe it's like. If tiring like, how to GS, P fight, give GS, P comes at a retirement fights tyrant, tyrant, smashes, jeers p, then maybe people go.
I wonder what Mohammed Ali was like, because I wasn't I wasn't there, like everybody, loves him now yeah, but did they love him when he was when he was? You know one his mouth and I'm sure people did I'm sure they ve had at home is in. The economy Gregg offence in all, because here. He was that good, but I wonder if there was a big continue, the people that would like yeah, no, we ate them almond ally, while he was right that good, but then he wasn't see what happened was witwer got really crazy with Ali was they made him take three years straight off of fighting and during that three years he was supposed to be fighting in Vietnam is like fuck, you I'm not going to Vietnam. Strip homeless title and then he doesn't train. I mean when he came back. Degeneracy has come back final. He came back against Jerry Quarry and I'm telling you Jan? He look like had no muscle like you, you look at him, from the old days like look when he fought Cleveland, big CAT Williams? I mean he was just a great guy.
But then you see him when he's coming back and is fighting quarry three years. The ring, probably barely trained at all his body, just slower and smoother. He didn't look the same like physically saving. You find that I mean and Jerry Cars is a super. Tough guy just would walk forward and eat a bunch of shots but elect you look at body it doesn't look, the same ceiling. Look at his back, he doesn't mean he obviously went through Full camp right it ready for that, but he doesn't look like the Muhammad Ali of Old and then, when he's fighting, he doesn't move. The Ali of old those three years to the toll, like look at his body just doesn't look the same year. Yeah. He looks a little smaller, yeah smaller because he has been training So we probably lost a lot of muscle. Just look smoother and just doesn't look as quick or is good
chinese fighting a guy that has no business in the ring with him. You know he's fighting a guy that mean and the he's a jerk or he's a sad story when it comes to brain damage to the end of his career, the end of his life. Rather it was horrible mean he had fought so many times again big punchers and was known for being able to take a punch and then also, I think, coming up. I think it was his brothers. His brother also had like a real problem with brain damage. Think they did a lot of real hard sparring together and a lot of hearts pain in the gym and the end of his life is awful. I read an article about what it was like at the end for him and of similar to what the end was like four Ali it some I don't know. I always when someone says something it makes me think of something else, and you talk about Corrie and his brother. Maybe think of Gmos on and then those
fighting in the yard when they would have those barbecues daddy's should, over each other like beat the fuck out of each other, nothing. I can do that by TAT. They had a different kind of Russia itself when it's crazy those videos of Joe on top of on punching when the head from behind my Joe that's exactly ass. I don't think it like. There's, not a strain. Yeah. Well, you know that some of the toughest guys grew up with brothers than they already are This should reach other areas. This is what I think it s. The thing is tat. This is Massachusetts. Van Massachusetts is a fucking heart ass place in their fighting. We need full blast kicks punches and then their entire families watching in there, having a real legitimacy fire I mean, look that that's what about a psychopath. They got little girls watching and shit and there on the ground
in these being the shit out of his brother and he's better to look at. What kind of cycle family are the lowest your house, I car family in their share. Have they put soundtrack on it of its Larry's awesome the I was not watch this, like both he's gonna try and about tyrants like I'd. Don't look when when Ali was the whole thing about him, refusing to find the draft like people hated him that there was a lot of people, the hated him a lot of people that considered themselves patron it's a thought this before we have to realise our now privileged everybody thinks of Vietnam. War was a terrible idea. The Gulf Tonkin Incident, which got everybody in Vietnam, was a false flag, was all bullshit. We should have been there in the first place.
Who knows what the real reason for being in Vietnam was, but a lot of people think and have do with heroin and money in all kinds of the crazy shit right when Ali said I'm not fighting their war back. Then, though, back then people thought he was. Our way back. Then people thought it was a trader and he was a line with Malcolm Maxie. Changes name from cat It is clear to Mohammed Ali. Nobody is worried about the black Panthers and black Muslims, and you know what There was a lot of hate towards him, I'm sure, and so then we came back and he was not the same guy anymore. I'm sure people loved it. They were happy. They were happy when Joe, Is your beat him people happy people here, That's a human nature is people, Pixar argue pics, while the knockdown fury there. If we took sides- I don't you mean you, don't know those guys right no play in Hell. I am also not gonna hate out of my way. That's the thing I hate not very. I was like fury Oh yeah we're also successful professional fighter. You not just a regular hater. Now here's the dude, why
a special kind of successful former fighter who fought many different organizations like for you to be rooted on somebody. It seemed feels different to me. It's ok Ok, I gotta get the stamp of approval. If we just doesn't feel I will get it, you, like a style, mean who doesn't like outside who factors like knock out. Everybody loves a love of late Jeremy Stevens Guy. I love to watch fight like I fighting him. That's different story, but like watching and fight. Yes, I want to see that guy, but then fighting in my wants you to root for me. Yes, I know he had a terrifying style still as a terrifying style. He's just do or die. If Germany connects it's over, we fuck Seville and he carries out power D. Deep into a fight now when we were young, we idea, yes, that up
That was, there was a highlight real upper for a long time. Easy to use my fight ordained, whose I saw the end of it to the last round. Those months of mother, goose ones. Dangerous, I was, I was our ability or as ability without with Chile and and number two shillings. I showing what gray write you a great deal, key, looks a completely different guy, we're we're in the the dressing room, warming, he's warming up, unease hitting myths and on my first that was the air. He looks like he's drained fence and take out low comfortable a year is different do he's very different. He's he's gotten a point where you it's not it's not uncomfortable to wrestle like you didn't know what to do for a long time and I've been gone for a while came back and he was use out there with cowboy Mickey and and an end jaffar veneer and those really helped him and, I'm unroll with him, and I'm like all. This is a different character and yeah. You know
This is not going to be easy. I better get my I'd better tat from now. I can well he's a world class. Kick boxer, so becomes a stand up game he's. Gonna have an advantage over almost everybody. As long as he can defend take nouns in his arms. He fight smart. You know if he doesn't recklessly which, as you know, he has in the past that the japanese fellow that knocked about twice yes, which occurs name Koona, what are known as none of those names Japanese, if they are on the same because a beast: oh my god, it's fucking arm Joe his high Joe does his Elliot hijacking cod, Saki cotton, that guy's a beast, that Guy Forum Emma may and then form kickboxing mean that some would it would be stuck eyes and is not really a kick boxers much disease and the rain fighter but jealous
Turning into an american law has hit the shore. So rarely some do everything, and in on top, like secured top positions held, a crown of powers can crochet should move he'll strikers. Real strategies have horrific ground because it just can generate so much more power from the top. This terrifying. Now now now he knows how to how to control his hips when he's only round. Yes, the sedition I want to see arm. I want to see Now you see it's weird valleys like a prospect in a different way now. Well, he just needed to fix that one piece of game and fix that one piece of game happily take down the answers. I want to see you get to the point where he's on he's completely comfortable whirling around Easyjet, these close to it but light, and two or three years down road him and style. Benda I stop Anders special cartoon. Is his brush candidate dared Brunson fight showed it.
So like this is a special power dude. I like that kid who sees he's, gonna watch movies slick. He slick he's fine Anderson. I don't like that for action. I don't like these rights where, like I did, like yeah you're, a Bj. I I want to like these fights wearily these guys, who have done so much for the game cannot get and fed to the wolves, in their twilight, was every now and then you get a show, gone Thyssen, Pedro fight which the fuckin old lie and roars again right. You see that fight. I missed all the Yossi faces began because ability or a boxing match o gun return from adversity. To I heard hard enough. I get staggered and fucked up entice imported but couldn't keep it up and then shoguns down to the ground smashed up a bit got him stand enough. Hit him with a big right. Have the end of the fight dropped him and beat the fuck out of them on the grounds like it was? It was for me when
I saw that fight announced Tyson Pedro versus show them like damn show them to another hard fight. It's hard watching Shogun get knocked out a bunch of times. You know, but he won Anyone in a big way, any any won. The war was a war. He still you start fucking bad ass. How is shoguns still so goddamn aggressive too, not slow down. It was like real frantic and aggressive, and it was awesome. This thing inside you re, you can't get rid of that it boss. I'm doing they lose a bit of it when they take too much punishment there. They lose some of the ferocity or some of the enthusiasm or whatever the fuck it is. But I was one of the things I was watching that fight ass, a God. Damn shoguns ferocious still ferocious. Just everything about like when you got had the dude heard he was fuckin porn on, but who supported on in up to demonic, where a monster like you know like use enjoying like you shoulda, like the show gun of old man. Is it yeah? I mean he fought really well.
Two. I kissed ground game was real solid ground and pound was real solid, but it was so like his is the exchanges. He would be one fine openings, who was frantic and like very real aggressive here was a was an awesome. Five man, a man. I had a fight passes. Yeah. It was there s one thing and one that when they put those efforts, one fights on five past think is like a month. Voters I think, go go. Further ahead of this is this: is this along a period where Thyssen was trying to secure camorra. You don't it'll go overseas right, not anymore. What does a cripple me? Man does fuck it. Those overseas things. There's we drop out right hand. They would. They would direct me for a week in a half afterwards a be exhausted if you're Fuckin Brazil or I'd of Australia, the worst ass. It was going to say, as I Brazil is not just like nor Salisbury much it is, but it's
deal sixteen hours on a plane really you got a fly to Miami, and then you get it. Ten more hours to Rio, can. I wish me to real. South magazine so another country, How do I look to be in there I hated getting there. I have gone home, I hated felt afterwards and I'm just too busy it is to meet its who costly for me financially. Take them much time off and its also just too hard for me, physically, so if they compensated for the time is. Doubts is perfect, but no fuck. You money, do you, but, as you know, the other problem. Is man, this fuckin tv and watching on five passer would do and fight companions in their does fight companions of shit
There are those. If I did. I did I'm with you in jail. Yeah Miller Gloria we had to another one with definite do offer for you see, yes, yes, the outs pick one could get it. You know how are you gonna be for New year's, I'm gonna be on vacation? Ah, ok, Ex Ante view here do do a fight to a fight and for the rice, ELF, for Pierre fell. Yet so tell me about Pia fell, so you are you're doing commenter for the parliamentary until a straight and who else is doing it with you. Randy Amber Randy embossed. What a combination right! what, if a common and where and when I got a call, and they were like in teams, can be. You ran in Boston, like we ve put my name in the same sentence of those dude Zeit as equals, and it's like for me. I gotta get. I get like some fight. Some fight friends may be thinking here. That makes sense but like for me, I'm like these guys. I look up to You know, and now you talk, I get that I get the hang out with them and you know I have a drink at the bar
that's pretty amazing, but listen. Do you're really good commentator, you're, really good, analyse too I loved watching a fox decks desk. I loved the you break down things, you know what why cool things about that desk is you'll, have a gun, Michael Bis being or you have tiring, or you know Kenny Floor and whoever it is everyone's at their own idea of how to fight in what what what's important and what they think it's gonna be a problem in right that such a great move to have these experts writers and continue to ten cornea is always doing it continue to have them in explaining from their own x here that some thou, the first thing for me, because I didn't I was like I don't know what I'm doing I have no idea what it is doing, but it's just talking about fights.
It's so much fun to be doing with with guys that on that same level, likelier, because you know you at home, you probably do a win win when you're at home and you're not going to fight the ban. You watch invites maybe some friends around. They ask you things about fighting your, let you have to explain to people who don't step. But when you have a conversation with somebody who knows what's going on and then you can especially when you come to a point where you'd disagree, have struck. You have strong opinions, why you have strong arguments as to why you're right and why the guy's wrong I know I, like I love those moments where I live in those things, especially being able deal with guys who know what they are talking about. Our makes it so much more. Fun when you're doing it with guys. You know what you're talking about one of the cool things about fight companion is worth. Seven brine counts are starting this kid, just kinda guy just kidding what went on you everybody's, like everybody's own, their own opinion of how something could go down or how what which can be a problem a lot of times. You agree like that, like the till tyrant, Woodley Fight will tools. Chance stand up
and in our files, tired, I take him to the ground, mean, determines a far better ressler, far much much more experience but like, Some fights. We like men like here's one this weekend, Ryan Ortega MAX Iowa FUCK knows gonna go, a golf, that one around my head and people people come up to me on the street. Like hey man, who's gonna, win this fight this weekend, especially Hawaiians. The Hawaiians are a soup excited from Tal way to win again mean he's the new, be Japan right man, maybe a different level. It's always a mother fucker, that's stats, rose, fights yeah, it's very high to pick was that even the egg is pretty even how to be mean. What would sue the vaguest odds are by the way I love the fact you can actually gamble on fights now on line. I could sleep, it's legal data equally right do right. If you, if I would you my love to banana state to towards pressure how and why think about it. Unless I knew less, a guy was a fuckin asshole and he
I'm gonna go smashes epic, there's just no very close, both minus minus one or find my swan twenty five, which would be all away as the favourite flight trip there. Censier not make sense. That should be how it is slight favorite because he's the champion- and you know it's interesting what how we said Katy goes. He it's kind of weird when he goes kind of weird when the new thing is older than the current hacker, because it's like I'm younger man, I'm the fuckin chair by beat, although I beat all these dues younger and yet this guy's, the new thing covered up the challenge me so mother. Ok, I'm the younger fighter scattered, yeah yeah me we haven't seen. We have seen something like like, or take a little bit in arm in February, division guy, submitting. I only submissions off too, like, though the one with cub yeah, you know
I think that was beautiful, like he readjusted on that. Eighteen to that's, that's probably the hardest submission to readjust in one hand, hang it on readjusting and then still thinking it in against cubs want is more like Starlike Brandon. Bishop or whoever comes another year. That's like it's crazy man. Well he's a direct lineage right he's real Gracie Jude, It's too, he is Hanner in here on, you know, he's come. He comes from hoary. On that school mean this. Where Brian or TAT comes from he's direct from those mats and his technique is like razor, blades, sharp it so sharp and precise and so honed and just through drills and constant emphasis on proper leverage and position. I mean they're sticklers to that old style of jujitsu and some people. This unfortunate work
the people are to use that sometimes pisses people, public vd, malaise use. This describe Minnetaki and he didn't mean in a negative way, but he met the basics. He's like his judges is very basic heat and people who fuck you might just. This is basic, but the basic is like the best the fundamentals, but these there's guys that of those basics like Haji Gracie. His jujitsu is he's mostly the basics is not doing any crazy. Dela heave a shit or anything that you never seen before, like that was the arrow yeah he's not do anything. We never saw it before its strict. You know guard path, smashing on top triangle, Mount arm triangle, arm everything he does his classic jujitsu. But it's just so perfect everything the leverage in the way and though that the emphasis on was certain positions over others. It's all like basic classic Jujitsu and that's Brian Ortega. His jujitsu, just so rock solid
fundamentals. You know he's all about fundamental, Man, even his box he's not, I don't believe you gotta boxer is as MAX but is fundamental. We sound strong and to this box. I mean look knocked out Frankie. He knocked off. Maybe he submitted Mercato, who I think has wanted to dark Oriana division here and also more corner was a fucking beast man myself. My brown has nothing but praise for him and he's like that. Kid is legit. He's he's gonna challenge I actually believe that and He super like respectful and intelligent and, like everything about him, I, like I love as is approach the way he fights and in that fight Holloway our excuse me Ortega made him shoot because he was beat I am standing up and he shot it or take, as I think you, the guillotine, just a death grip. You just gotta vice cop now you're fuckin life.
Now I want you to sleep. No room is no room. You're going to sleep or you're, going to tap Ludgate he's my size he's big he's a big. His big macs is big to their mats. Its huge max was one eighty five when they told him about the could be more of a mental fight that that the four The thing about that fight was that he lost all that we really rapidly for no reason and then Wanda pulling magnify the commission's like fuck this. You can't buy a lot of us the time like. Why is the commission tell him to champion whether or not he can make wait led him. Try to make way get the fuck out of here, you know what you don't, but then you find out after that that, like when he was preparing for the the first fight with our take and it was experiencing these we're concussion like symptoms symptoms, but they said he didn't have a concussion and people say no. This is weight loss. This is rapid way. Cuttings body is responding to the full.
They just went through this and now is trying to do it again as bodies rejecting it. So this bunch of theories does not the not given us a whole lot of information, but exactly what's wrong with him medically or what was wrong, whether they do it or not- I don't know, but even or it has been saying all week like what the fuck was wrong with him. What are our common are telling us? What would happen? once again like or take it's gotta be thinking right now. Here we are today it's Wednesday tomorrow. Third it awakens Friday. Here we gotta go nowadays We don't know whether This is even actually gonna happen right. The great would if it gets down to Thursday and Friday He's in the middle the weight caught, you start black now or he starts experience in those symptoms again to pull out of the card. My condoms stand by you know I didn't. I know he's and by for this fight that yeah see, and then then it becomes an interim title. It must it has to camp the negative strip em then what happens? I mean a guy, max that I don't know.
It's one of situations where it's like. If that happens multiple times like what do you have to do, can can you did you know how much longer can you continue fight at that way? I don't think you can continue That way very much longer, because I think he severely compromises himself, get none forty five, but he's been able to do it, cause he's a champion but- and I think You do have a replica George La Carte in your corner, a guy that gets you to do at scientific Galina re hydrate, yourselves scientifically, it can be done and you can pull it off in time. Four hours later. You can find it a very high level, but is that the way to go mean They start breaking down. Body starts getting beat up in your org. Don't want to get dried out like that. You brain doesn't want to get dried out like your muscles. Don't want to get dried out like that no way you perform at your best when you just at death's door, twenty four hours ago and now you're fighting again? Yes, I mean Frankie, you know when he's fighting,
my weight. You know that kind of Canada shows you that you can be smaller guy and do well. But it's weird, because, like now frank, you said a bar and now guys reach, thereby so vague. Did change way class in all this. It's a weird thing and everybody's. No, I mean the fight game. You're you try to get the best out of yourself. If you try to get the biggest advantage, you can still await cuts he's been issue. Unless the way classes are changed and or wakens become same day Josh Thompson just said recently that he thinks that the USA is getting rid of the hundred twenty five pound division. That gonna put on a one sixty five pound division, which I think is very interesting if they do dual one. Sixty five I would like them to switch one. Seventy one, seventy fire. I think that will be why I don't think it's wised over sixty five and seven, but I do think of sixty five and seventy five is great right. Yeah, I agree. Ten pounds
Ten pounds is good boy. I think across the border thing we had every ten pounds away class mean line people. Don't like the bar same thing that so many champions of so many way classes, but who fuckin cares? Who cares? Who cares? There is a well to wait in a super. Well to wait. Right cares that it's only seven pounds difference, Filmore, fight for its fights more champions. It's more champion versus championed, I mean, Don't you want to see that I won't see that I want ya, wanna, see the best and the best enemy where we're getting we're getting some of the best of the best right. Now you get the number let's say commonly right commonly could be a hundred sixty five bout champion, yes split probably that's way class to really improve struggles to make one. Fifty five is a big fella he's a big did, but then can't do it anymore, but, like tyrant, wrestled one sixty five. Imagine you still at age. You know any good fighter. One sixty five tyrant can make sixty five. I bet
I can make sixty five, I think he can make sixty five a definite think he confided seventy five and be at its best, and I think you could also fight at eighty five. I think tyrant has legitimate potential to be a three division champ. He should start issues that rallying for that sixty five per week, listen to me, Mamma. If they listen to be Melvin. Men were forbidden, the USA back in two thousand and two a young they listen to me. Sometimes I think they listened me with Ben Aspirin I'm right on record and I must say I'm a big reason. We have been asked and gotten the c I a brokered a meeting between human Dana. Why ok do I put it together? I called Dana. I said that the good Guy man manage talking shit, but everybody talk. Shit like come on. I'm like guys, undefeated unease. I guess he was like when Amby wants to go to sleep. It takes been asked, and I don't like it is fighting see the thing about fight Is it not a matter of what is like that? What's exciting to watch for a person like you, a person like me whose, like Syn,
How is this going to play our wilder's woods? Gonna worry! What's gonna worse what worked here? I get that see what works when it. When I, garlic been asked, and I want to see what works while always a three one- favoured over Robbie Lawlor Holy Shit. That's crazy said another fight to discard. Listen and you can't sleep on Robbie In law will don't sleep Robbie law, that's crazy! That's crazy! Three! Two one! They wanted little Robbie law can wrestler, yes, flowers been shut and people's lights out since the fucking early, two thousands it's a fucking variable attic. I mean throbbing all about suggested, having been three to one year. Did to make three hundred for if you, if, while its two plus two thirty seed, there is now he's a three two one. So you'd have to win a bet: three to win one on aspirin, bright, yeah yeah. Take that that it's a good bad, but I'd like asking chances.
I think that wrestling just on another level, that's the fight. Here's the fight one sixty five could be bent. Aspirin Well, I guess bank it make sixty Hunt percent. He can make sixty five hundred percent Hunter per SE wants to make sixty five, because he's good friends a tyrant and he's like Arbutus he's too down champ tyrant, be the seven year. Seventy five, whatever the decided go with. That's that's the fight Habib verses. And asking because I'm telling you man, Ben Askern, they just put his face on the the camera the other day while he was in the crowd and the audience went crazy. I can inform you see and they love him fight real. Five thousand. I didn't know he is now they know, whereas now it's like he's been building momentum, the hard core fans, absolute excited that. Finally, this undefeated he norm of ressler is fighting in the Euro area. I would pay money to watch him volunteer for sure
a lot of money. I fly to Russia for that fight, That's what they have in fact Gotta know MA. Am I flatter Russia, commentators and dominant suits? Until I get to my hotel room, I'm gonna have won them things at checks were bugs to eat much effort, hidden cameras and thick rice acts of what's up like a Christmas tree word right. The whole house is a second bug the amount, I think. That's that's. That's a fight, and I'm very, very excited about because, like what right now could be, the number one fight for could be, I believe, is Tony Ferguson. I think that's a day, fight giant fight- and I would say that about that. I, like that I heard I heard rumors spoken a dozen of that whole Tony and could be destined in Connor yeah fight each other. I heard there too, but here's the sin go part of me. I know that Nate Diaz was supposed to be frightened Dustin but doesn't have to pull out with a hip
during some like? Ok well, how about his hip injury and when is it going to heal up? You know it is gonna he'll up or is it going to like beer, reoccurring thing and them saying that Austin is going to say Ben and he's gonna fight Connor. That is a good fight, but does that make Nate DS go what that make need NATO has come back to the bargaining, table and then they have, because that's the big money fight the big money, I was a promoter amount promoter thousand promoter, Billig, nay, what we do- We'd without girls. Do you want new bike? fuck you. What do we do this? We didn't have a girl deliverable leg for real, like if you wanted to make money and that's what I presume they all want to do him. The reason why they want to have Brok listener fight disease because they want to make a shit tunnel one right here, nay, mother, fucking D, as you want to make
you call Nate Mother FUCK India's GO party with them, become as good friend light and up given what he wants to give him a lot money, that's a good fight me. There we saw twice, you know it's not just a good fight. It's a gigantic. Like fan, friendly spectacle of experience. NATO's doesn't take any bull shit. You can't trash talkum, it doesnt work, there that doesn't work. It works. The opposite way. Works like what Conor should talk, nay, nay, it was like flock you. You know what it's like you didn't work. I live in. One of my favorite Nate fight with him in cowboy was grateful you going covers. Indeed, there was a lesson for cowboy those important fight form in terms like the path of his career. Here he gruesome from that yeah, but that that there
round hole. You may stand if women in the back, how good the cowboy losing its might Perry Holy Shit, the new cowboy he looked, different math look different interests, everything like smooth and just like a goddamn execution, heard rumours that to a room was a cowboy and corner. That's a fight that I would make out make that fight and satisfy you. That's a fuckin excite fighting that are also a big, so you can sell them. Shit out that fight, that's a big fight but but honour. Our excuse me cowboys not been fighting at fifty five has been doing. Majority was fights. That's another has made many fighting for till is fought Mozart. All those are all seventy seventy fight pair Germany, Austria, was another Leon, oh yeah, yeah. The on So that's those are all
Seventies now think is five. Fifty five in quite a while I'll give you still make it, though it's not a big seventy Certainly you talk about going back of it via the UN system, and you know and if they do have a sixty five pathway class. Yes, she said she did it new experiences. He guessed he just in that these twenty five right now he's in that peak, prime learning, growing confidence, part of his career, Kevin he's one of those dudes? You don't seem fight for six months and then he gets in there. You got a hole If an animal in front of you skills Numa, Tom new experiences. You guess Just in that needs twenty, right now, I'm learning growing confidence that part of his career, You know where he's just he's just a monster right now I don't know man, those those guys are so much bigger than then the guys. From my day I know was it
yeah, so nice, a disease for five ten year, five, ten and even I'm retired retired, I'm no longer in this. I don't worry about my weight as much dude! You know I mean when you see him, and with Derek Louis. You like Turkey, has no business. We know it's. The craziest to sixty I'm sure from Hell, no business being there would only see no they a no but be a saw picks up who its tosses Moran dude. You know, I mean when you see him with Derek Louis. You, like Turkey, has no business being in their waters. Derek is a legit two. Sixty five murderer. Knockout Oh, I didn't see that fight yeah he's like fire. But then you saw that guy on was you eighty partner at the I've? Really there five six. Lastly, he fought Tom Lawlor Drive train
and see that yeah he's like five six, really here, five six, if I was you eighty five or to evolve I've really five, so who is he I forget it? First, they win less, he fought Tom Lawlor drive these like either God takes me down? Why army he's a good wrestler, but is funny sprawled on Tom Lawlor, but he's on his feet. I e standing, but despite all our lives on his knees like on his knees up right, why and his kids sprawl, I guess, some old in it. Just gets forgot his head yeah by buddy economic and box, to release these little will. It looks a little awkward USA guy a you know, you're a warmer parking lot. He talk shit this little fuck you do remember, Dwight Mohammed car. We know he used to be Dwight, Braxton, was the light heavyweight Champion way back in the day, and then he fought a Vander wholly field as a cruiser weight
and coffee was one. Ninety five you. It was five seven. He was just a third tank of a man and he would come out you like this. Just real love. He would get even lower you with a tough tough guy and real thick like you didn't see. Many do that with that thick back, then anyone, whereas trucks weigh up high. So you have this much body to hit and it was all just Jack slave strikes: oh yeah yeah, maybe to smaller, who is one of the first big tests for events, are wholly field. Dwight Mohammed car, we from camp denude you're the Camden Buzzer death, feels like I feel like that that I've heard of but I don't remember anything I feel ass. If I wholly feel versus car, we copy. You spoke with a cue. You talk about How about that way? W, I think- and I spoke out. We said it.
Q S w I phonetic get. I daring. When how do you have a cue would know you know you language, to a w eyes. To always, as a you write, an Englishman. Doesn't it Where do we start with a cue see we get into that? You see this? Is he would fight real low wages. The tank of a dude here. And they use like all like Bob and weaving and always done earlier punches in this event or wholly field fresh out the Olympics. He had had a few boxing matches, but why, and you know it wasn't, the event, a wholly feel that we think of when you want a heavyweight tied on right and is also before we start training with Mackey Shell, stone, MCA, she'll stump. A lot of muscle autumn made him a lot bigger he was a hundred ninety five pounds back then so much the new areas that sea like this is the style.
Of car. We that bob- and we must also avoid having a hard time hit them. But he s, move ahead, protect your body when you Diana, and he was good. All forehead and it was a little ball for her to say just like he's, like common at all for at first real, skilful old school boxer, though in them stem socks, old, school, stripes, stripes on the calf pulled out all the way up. I so love wash these old boxing matches. This is something that really miss man that boxing used to be on tv wide world sports very shown actually lemme chink. I, like the best dilemma Genco to less than yes and to like it, but he finally s Pierre. You know your spam is doing some serious world championship. Fights ESPN is really stepped up in especially that HBO gotten out of game. It's I mean it's it up, Harry situation? I dont know why HBO decided get out of the box names kind of crazy to me
all those years of covering the greatest fights ever HBO decided just pull out yeah. I know the guy that started or not started with their games. Like the paper view model creator, more tacit pay, the left, and I don't know if that had something to do. I'd. Imagine how severe profitability thing may think that statement in the makes sense near it has to be that just what they were losing money media think that production is, you drag, allows cameras and others thing in their their lives. They gotta get the trucks and production trucks. Spry live sports is probably in extremely expensive thing to pull off. Yeah yeah makes sense, but they were the best at a lamp liane care men mean fucking Cometary Roy Jones, Junior, doing cometary with them, sometimes onto reward you now they
had some of the best fights ever the best team, ever Goin Junior, Lovejoy Johnstone off trying to get him in here too. You know it's because you know what was happening with him, that Michael be Jordan's talking about, he could box roads, I love your reaction. Vs alert areas is theirs. I love. I love cocky, like robust young man, because delusion here, you gotta there I mean he's a fucking beast. If you look at his body right right, Michael Jordan is just just jacked full six pack bill like a greek God, but son stop it creates. A movie is a movie. Now you felt good hit those paths cellular. Look at him.
Jones genuine light, you upload Christmas tree entire, whereas robins good, healthy decisions from his brother I mean is Jack for sure, looks good, but listen with the terrible disaster check out my segouin if he thinks that a vehicle fighting Pia fell for me and so what is the deal with? They fell in a million dollar thing like what Deet does it for, individual way, class generally daren't yeah. So on on New year's eve, this is a ten million dollar prize pool. All When is the six winners of their championship? Fights get a million dollars. So three fight for me and I'll ask as players fights right the play off so cool too, though, because once you make the play off, You lose the quarters that guaranteed fifty who's in the semi, that's a hundred and then the finals are when it gets a million. The loser, two hundred still good, still good money right, I'm happy to see how good venues doing.
Veni, Margolis beast he's a completely different. Is you know he always had the will to put some of the best jujitsu you're ever going to seeing Emma PM yeah, but then his striking wasn't up to park, but now it is his strike. Was good. I mean he one to fight because the striking yon with strikes and one by setting it up with his striking Vinnie he's he's really workin out. He says he says he claims to be training four times a day for this. Many looked that way he didn't get out the first round, but each fight got lost hunger and the longest. Why would like two minutes? Thirty three seconds or something like that? digital is on another level may at any maglev. One just forget about Emma he's one of the best in his way class on the planet. Earth injured. Jitsu me he's a monster. Kerosene flying onboard paid a panel! No do do you fly an arm bar a world champion like paid APOLLO, I mean vintages. They they tie up and villages
it throws, is two hundred fuckin twenty pound body up in the air and snatches his arm at a nowhere slip flip some over his back and paid upon a tap doubt use like fuck, vanilla, Ninja he's a bad mother, Fucker India is your mother belong on. That's all, I think that That is the fact that the second fight that I'm looking to the most never further for the finals. Then they re Cooper. The third do he's another one: five, seven yeah, hey makers, vicious. Why did they make Jake shields fight that dude? just how had played out that's crazy and another seed re smash, but by rail and then he's gotta fight him again and incite. You didn't have it much time tween improve rightly and live months, not even five months. Former was like a mosquito what happened in like July. The second was October July August, the timber three months, yeah. How crazy that Jake fought his dad Jake Forest that fourteen years and then
and when they were scheduled for the first time, Jake his favorite cause we know Jake Jesus. We don't know who Rachel with authorities. We don't know state champion, Bresler AIM, it's like a trot owed he's just a tank of a man and when you see him in there, he doesn't look as small as like when they stand next them and talked him like his short stocky. But then, when he's in there against Jake shields. He the lad, persona that attitude their personality, he's coming forward and Jake's backing up. It makes him look bigger than he is well he's. Only five seven, but Jesus Fucking Christ hit so hard he's terrifying to any got crisp technique like is not. Just like throwing wide looping, fuckin ridiculous, punches Ricardo, my org or some shit that right they hit. You fucked now he's through everything with great technique monster I pay I mean he's he's he's been my biggest favorite. This disease, a just war
but he's unquestionably world class in so many, and that's one of the more interesting things about today's climate. I feel like with Bela tour with appear fell for it with one. I see you have world class fighters in many organizations, it's not just as you have seen, and these guys can all come over and compete in Vienna that essentially at the top of the heap right now and basically yet Lance Palmer. These guys in almost every organisation that I feel I can compete with the best in the world in any organization. It's pretty it's getting pretty even now, much more so and it was for five years ago. Yes, we're, though, because These things happen in the past. We had probably had strike force, you know the BBC and then those things got absorbed, you're right in and all the best guys ended up in the sea like well. The best guys here now, Now these are the organizations. One was still around and one was always not a threat, but always always had quality qualify.
You know now we know that the one listens and really the Jew guys over one than we had asking coming over normality. First, I know like veni This career, like he's a different guy, now like what can compete with anybody to a fine example of you. Now I get the varied story for a lot of guys, but now what happens when, when these guys in the EU have see the number eighth Rank Heavyweight You see seas, make a million dollars I would then he's anything. There was a factor Gaia. I love. It is good to good forever competition is great, for the sport is great for the athlete it's great for the organisations, because the organizations with like it or not. It's gonna make them pick up their game. Yes, gonna make them step, as some people are right to pick up the game jailed. Some people like to be caught. Did they just like that, because the vote that is not life had it's not that it's not my horse, not this picture.
Again then I got there is something I wanted to show you that arm tat reminded me of why I need to pick up my game. I was looking through my from my phone. A couple of months ago, and I have this video my dad, I'm not sure to turn this down, but I'm just going straight to the n, coolest part, do want to send it to Jamie there. I can do that our key airdrop at home. I can airdrop love technology Mac, I see young Jamie's M Bp yeah, that's it down. Here we go Jimmy. We can call yourself when you hit fifty. What's Lithuania, the Coms whereas I didn't, that's right, I name you through good point you gotta go through. You gotta go forward some through some of it, but yeah like like, just reminded us, like so
things in my life. I would I've been kind of. What are we going to see? What is this so my dad, my dad dad limbo right models. Bateson modelled on planet really any did some crazy, crazy stuff Monday to try to Bali. When I close my phone, ok, there we go waiting for Jimmy Grab, it leave it open. No, my dad Sudan's limbo, unknown limbos. When you go into the stick years, yes and arm he I don't want to. I don't want to ruin it right, but he was the best charges from like eighty eight the year before he died. So I don't know. I just reminds me of something and then to my family, anything I did something that I thought was cool. They would just be like So when your dad dad do that- and I talk we get out his shadow, but does you dad
it's my dad. Oh shit, we're fire damn how the fuck is he, Given that there is insane, do does insane did five tons of data from a give everybody to see and do as you did it front of Mandela, the queen going go under their air baby. It's better than this all out. You did that fuck. Is he doing you're gonna course drink? That takes. Blown fire, but this rain here now. This is where it gets ridiculous, isn't it I see this and, unlike here s, my dad got what so this is on. Our folks in this this thing is: I'm not bullshit get to flame and pieces in his hand and he's like that. That might be worth thirteen fourteen inches off the ground and he's gone under. That's insane any spitten five.
While he's doing it holy shit, you weren't Jochen. My dad was a bad ass. That's crazy! How crazy, looking at those Oviedo S, footage, re, digitized, southern longer man now and then different world that back anything, my dad got it. I mean eyes with ice to love me with him. You know he's late. My best friend, I must tell him my son, the story about him. So I have this single, my kid and I'm really But he's conversation me my son and I'm you do if you go back in time, we like what If you had a time Jean go anyway, would you go is like I don't know the nineteen hundreds like I open in eighteen, oh Julia, talking and laughing all be in the nineties there, I told the story. I was like Mama little. My daddy's thing I used to bring us days do that I was like five years. All matters like four years old. I knew you'd pick me
up and carried me under under the bar eight and went over recent days like this. My ceremony presents me in the spotlight on me and unlike shy and only go and he's gonna discipline. You know he's really disappointed me that day I met on recoveries, lady. I was with him again he's like as like that we bring back on stage. Me brings me on stage and armies about the pick me up and I'm like. I heard you walk away. I go back to my c. I really love dip in love that you know what I told my son s story. My dad is likely to afterwards we walk through the hotel, a go back and he has only shoulders and he's just so browser you see. My boy is the Euro. It's all. My son about that my son was like is like forty minutes later in the conversation, and my son is like that. If I had a time machine, I go back and hang out with you and you like that was like those like the best moment of my life is eating it to meet him It's one of those things, man and just just thinking about that kind of thing- cannot
Makes it inspires meet Ike till I want to do things where we're Keno kids like this is what my dad did that remain. He may me excited about things and I want to do stuff. Where somewhere, where I can give something to kids and our most what you do with your book. That's what I'm doing that and, like my things, makes martial arts right. So this thing this is the first book the talent, quest and arm So it's about these characters these days, you write all this. So here's the thing the on seven the characters care with me. I've I've, French she's, she's, my and she's in Australia. She wrote this story out and are now How this girl? That does the illustration she's Mary. Am she fight? She finds one she's fine this weekend. Why so, like thought out makes martial arts in psychology of it and when working on all these different things, but we want to put this whole programme together that that's all about teaching kids like discipline self, respecting our self resilient,
all these things and when these stories, together with these characters and on its a whole lot of fun, I have a book for you and out of her I want. I want you to to enjoy, with with veto, with your little once I will do the donkey man. That's awesome, so is this available for sale will forget it, so you can get on Amazon. Amazon. Kate was Katy P? I have after read the thing on my phone book. It it will be available. We were gonna release it on the fifteenth of December and down. You can get it by e book and you can also get it a printed copy like So let me know when it comes out. It's the fifteenth December of different number, my Mina tweet it man, but when this peer a thing comes out when when is this is on new year's and what is indispensable for sports. So what channel was what is NBC Sports on Directv? That's what I'm weird ones yet to find it. Yeah yeah yeah everyone wants the Olympics is ours
and this is what gonna watch curling say. Take one, though shit, I wonder what they think: Emma may they talk about doing. I remained in the Olympics. Yeah. I heard about that. It's right next, to like every one of us want to nineteen embassies. Essen is to toys are not great virtue, what what is NBC plans for this, for this is a site. This is obviously they spend a lot of money because there given a million dollar prize to three different guys yell, while the path as its own organisation, so that this partnership with NBC, so the peer fell, puts the money for fighters, then NBC does have does in there's an influx of money coming in from NBC, but the poor fellow, control of all of that. So I dont what NBC plans are in all, but the piazza has big plans. They have a contract with NBC that I believe the contract is up this year, but of course they got to renegotiate the gonna work things out, and this is only
may product than NBC has always hot right now, so I dont believe embassy wants that once led the peer forego. It's the That seems to be the bottleneck. Other organizations is the name. It's not. You have seized and fell right. I got this, it's the biggest name. You see them are made of till on people to a lot of people, and then you hear about the peer valued. What's that mean? What's bell tore me rest, one FC was, I mean it doesn't mean it s like tarred to get. I think Bell tours making some ground you know, because they ve Doing plenty of television events and paramount network is a big network. Lotta people get a chance to see it. They ve had good ratings, but still hasn't caught fire right there. Thing with the peer failure? The name professional fighters league yeah, like you here, Well, you know that means year, national. Finally, you have an idea what's going on, but aren't good name, it's a great name thumb and it's the name is, is representative of what it is. You know it's a league have a regular season. So
you find the regular season. You score a certain amount of points. You score points by getting finishes. Your point we're getting finishes in first. You know you win the fight. That's three points you can finish in the first. That's three additional point, second round two points. There are around one point and then at the and the regular season, the top aid seeds geared to the play off and you fight by your seat. So that's why Jake had the fake fiery goober again, his Jake can edged into that eight spot and Rachel was the number one I want to rework that came to light the finish in the third rounds worth less than the finishing the first. I don't make any sense to me: yeah, it's some because as little tougher definition, third None of that. It's a finnish finishes of finnish yeah. I I've I agree, but I dont but sometimes it takes a while to finish a guy like case it prove example, say, you're fighting a guy like Josh Thomson back in the day like this is a tough fight. Bright is to world class,
fighters, verses, you fighting Henry Smith from Fuckin Albuquerque that nobody knows rights different. If you finish a guy in the first round, like you, ve got to finish in the first round, but did you get a finnish over a world class guy? get a Fincher World class guy in the third, that's worth more mean its depends, bon who you're fighting and what what started, how resilient they are, how difficult there to beat, but then it gets becomes more subjective when you are talking about the difficulty and matching styles, when you start to bring the words into it. From my leg, I guess we'll be back OZ, but similar to bedding yeah. So it's one of those things where there is no perfect way, but you take what you haven't do the best which again I get it but a point. The difference in two points, like you get three points for the first round of one point: it wasn't a third flax. All that finishes a finnish man.
He saw a bonus. Points were finished. What is interesting is a finnish. I I made that argument. We had a conversation is it's like. But then again then? What do you do? How do you get boy? Would you get bonus points for his prayer? For example? How dare you? How dare you private diminish year Rodriguez layer. Secondly, a hail of the korean zombie unacceptable. He shouldn't get all the points for that that was crazy, literally knocked a guy with one second to go with no look elbow pack, I mean that's all the points. Came all the points. That's the jet. Yet here you get. You get so many points for finnish. Whether before saying a third round will initially Of course. I agree because, though the one the one difference there we have is is in a draw. I both guys get one point. I feel it if, if you or if it goes to a decision, maybe you should get points
You know me. You should get a point for surviving, but the winner gets more and then, if you get finished you get so no points, but to finish it gets all the points, while its deadly squarely. Like the idea of vine squarely, I get what they're doing by it. I abide by the fact that you're gonna get points for this kind of like Canada College Wrestling. Well, your team points. Yet you get points for a pin therefore, for the pain you get three I'm so you five with opinion. Now he had sex with him. So get five for the major decision. You know you get three for the decision. It's it's weird, but and then maybe tweak next year. There will be some too hard for people too Remember all that shit, that's the thing so we are constantly talking about an hour on on here. You know, as well as the fights going on
a listener. Drunk dock workers have argued and hungry at what point can do the math and why they are. Why put its super cool? because it changes sometimes guys tooth. When they are in there, they they changes what they do and how they respond in the fight, you know, say the fight, There was a fire cow. Alan car, my Kyle Right both these guys needed a finnish to get into the players either. One of those guys gets a finished against players. Josh Listen at home, hoping that noble it's a finish. The fight starts and bore Miko Rock Skyline Car and his leg like he's gonna get a first round finnish, make it into play us collagen, has come back, he gets on top and the second round his look like he's, going to get the finish and make it to the playoffs he's got to go to the third, both guys at gas. Now, nobody finna Josh Open, jumps out his jeer at home and he's in the play off now and now he's in the finals like he was the eighth seed he beat the number one seed that he beat them Five seed by Kale now is in them
in the final than he has just to make me in dollars. Number a sea going at Andrews to ok that you just made a good argument for much of a barber, you buy a jail you buy? Why don't they revamp scoring system? I would not be surprised, this off season, we do some some brainstorming and in change you things, but I dont know the whole lot is gonna, be changed. My thanks A few things will be changed and next seasons gonna be even better and to man. I've heard I've heard virtue. The every highly guy every year sea level. Guy that I've spoken to they said to me. They wouldn't be able to pay that may in dollars when they see that mean dollars is real, then I want to see the reaction to that. That's can change everything once people get that million dollar check here, you know once you you see someone
you see very Magdal s. Driving around Ferrari arose railways. What fuck looking at my foot, kick disaster in the rolls Royce. I know see Ryan Bade. Her sit around on what the fuck me mad Ryan Bade is another goes transformed right he's a good budget, heavyweight contender. Now hillocks fuckin good man, Beat Mitre own, like Jesus Christ. Immediately material is improved, yeah improve the lot knocked out. Phaedr mean come on, that's a mean, that's a feather in you care for the russian life. Shoot. I I sat next to fail or not a feather. Right, we'll I was gonna, go to watch the fatal fatal. Fighting Ryan Vader in allay their fighting at the forum. But there's this you have see that night,
can't go. I wanted to go, see, fade or fight, live, yeah, never seen fight live, and I, a fellow tat was a great find him versus Bayer. That's great fights. Live, I've. Never I've never seen him for life either. I have a picture of me. Failure and TIM greater real, like this did TIM was fighting and fatal was given me some advice on on with the tell tale, Mosey SAM you just he's, he's gotta stay low, keep him. Can you find jail right, but this before jails, jail rise? A season is ressler like he and somebody's translate into black arm. He's talking to me, talking with arguments and comes along translate these ladys gotta stay low and keep him outside, keep him outside I translating sounds like this. This is, he says, he's a fatal say: keep him outside Stella. But just just haven't a conversation with their doing so next time and he's not that big of a guy who was not a bit of a guy's is another girl, probably be a middle way. Dear fatal awesome, though,
mean. If you see some of the mid awaits that are in the Euro Sea like your well, yo. I was in your chair sitting right there and it looked like somebody dry. After a giant iron sculpture of a superhero and put it in living. He doesn't Lavinia human, he so big dude he's like two twenty plus just jacked everything neck shoulders back just jacked. You like that is a heavyweight yeah. You know you sit him next to fade or he looks really even a bigger than fate or yet he fights eighty five, but he's also so Jack and ripped and he's like my age tyrannical I can, but he's he's not like heat like you. Can we, my age be ripped like I am if I took up my share, but I want to be sure I don't please, God. Thank you. Put like the way he is he's rip like a twenty five year old he's rippling a body, milk yeah he's a freak of all freaks, key, like you, see his body in the ring, and you go first of all. How did he make wait? That's what I was thank
We need only steps on a scale like back before we had the early way we had the wagons the actually at four o clock. He would step on scale. Great. How is a hundred eighty five pounds? It doesn't make sense. He looks like he's too an pounds, easy plus that that same thing happened in the match, with O Connor and an Floyd when condos get on a scale now may weathers mirror the motor was like he's gonna make the weight he's not made the weight, but I don't Is there some guys who you know, especially Emma guys, are bigger than boxers yeah? So one of those things like oil has that down he's he's. He is huge, but migration, hits evaluate sucks, longer talked about it. Look at the size of that sector forty, two you pathetic is so Jack and unparalleled rustling skills to ouch.
You'll ever makeovers David branches booked. What is that click on that shit among businesses could be older might be new, though click on edge it? What do we got? One of those You have seen Fox old, so that never happen right. Don't ever happen. I don't remember it had now that didn't happen. Captain real elvers fade ordinaries a picture of the matching up yet a whole thirty. Four hundred eighty five pound division is kind of crazy because their prey, missing if style, bender fights Anderson their send to Anderson. If you win, you get a title shot and everybody else individual. What was like, you think. That's like some trickery to get Anderson Fight, style bender. I. That's exactly what I think it is that's exactly where they get it. I am does it they offer style, bent or total sheriff. He beats Anderson Dan. I don't believe so that a dad hooker we're down hook opposed to that on it on his on his instagram I'd. Just like
hook, and I had to say something I was just like look. We know that style. My thought was. We know Wednesday, Albin wines as Vikas. I really believe it. I wonder how many men, when they fight when he went his way, he's not gonna get their title shot and I for me as a former fighter and knowing who Anderson isn't what he's done for sport and for the you see I'm just like. I feel like. That's that's. That's that's so stiff respectful jas me. That's my opinion. An opinion. It's mine, my stand by that debt You know we want to make this young guy star and whether we want a sacrifice. You do the wolf to get that done, but Anderson still feels like you can compare the highest love man. We all go to feel like Wikipedia. If you put enough money in front of me, I will I will for could be were right.
Right you put something in front of me that I really want read. Like that's the thing they give you a goal and give you a time period to train and prepare for it Anderson's. What forty three now yeah, so that does not apply the roman possibilities, the same age as usual or close to it, the ass. You all know these forty thousand LISA he's always avoided, might be forty one means not the problem with any mean, then Anderson, we started failing drug tests, ok, so pro struggling trying to get that edge, you now trend turn recover and training, so is taking a bunch. Weird supplements yes M of Martine did, and I bet if you go back to just go back to what used to do, go back to it was you did when you became than since, over that everybody loves before before he got to the point where, like before the forest Griffin fight?
because I believe that's when it starts to decline from yea. Still a good new stilled still performed well, but he away from from the fundamentals you know enough, given values able take forced out without the fundamentals his head dune doing is weird thing: ass, Papa Back fundamentals are what what's strongest in the game for sure that fundamental that, though the forest Griffin fights an interesting example too, though, because forest had been Kayo twice in training for that fight, a kid yeah business being in there they really and he's condemned shot, which is nothing I want to talk to you about Tito Chuck, yeah as a guy who's retired who had an awesome career and you're watching and that seen a guy come back at fifty and get stopped like that. What is what did I do for you, You can't, I knew that while I fell, the chuck shouldn't be taken that fight brow.
He D been competing Tito's still in there and then when they stepped in as soon as they touched up. It's like a junction being here, look, there's a first time. He looked out much more than Tito. He didn't look the same size Tito. He didn't look comfortable. He didn't look as coordinated Chuck was always little quirky an awkward in his movement, but Didn't even look like chocolate out right. Look like a shell of chocolate, Adele and privacy and hidden them. The pants, like recent video of him, hit in the council to look terrible. Yes, Let me just warm and not like he had talked branch about, is that I was a bad one and warm up and by its not just that look we looked like his balance was off. I get that I will. I would see if I were to saw that beforehand. I still one put a whole lot of stock in that because, like I won't be a welcome for four hermes, Fraga, the first time the of Sea and Nicky, as was in my locker room, an exit pads and now he's about the fight
Bobby, and you didn't pads and he's like year, monopolies mother fucker out year around, like not those bad right, you didn't want you to look like you, didn't look sharp, look, I'm getting power anywhere. There knocked Robbie out. Well, he promises warm up, though sometimes in Gaza, warm up judges do just there just trying to get their body near the not really trying to look like a fight right or trying to look like sharply. They're gonna be inside the inside the cage and gave them in so I want to see if you can find that chuck, chuckle, Adele, hidden pads, it's different, it's different because it's like it, he bears balance, looks off This coordination looks off it just doesn't look, it doesn't look good, you know it just theirs it out here it is take a look at this more says yeah
Yeah, let's I have no poppea yeah, I mean it's crazy to watch right. It just looks like Lucio throws out, kicking and leaned back afterwards, there is a real issue with someone who had that many Cayos, even chaos, that many times like your your brains been scrambled that many times like what is how was the the connection between your muscles. In your mind, whispered nor Neuro Lodge, makes you uncomfortable Riah. Does I mean that's Chuck yeah, I mean my grace. I don't time I don't have forty nine also fifty that's this. There is a point I almost feel like. I would do it again for for certain I go, I'm not trying to be a world champion of trying to get too could be were destined in those guys. You know
like jewels on the essential somebody less like from the same error. You at least part of the area that I was in some way like that I know somebody I respect for like it's going to be fine at something level it like a man and I guess, potato and chuck yes, but he also Chuckie beat him twice employed by knock out, but I think he just fellow he always had Tito's number but this is the problems like Tita winds. Now right the guy who never wanted to win now wins the guy wooden fight him when he was the champ now announce the winner, like, when all is said and done, Tito Kayo them in killed him more soundly than Chuck ever Caille Tita, because when Chuck Tito he basely beat him down and then Tito covered up, but he was conscious right, like right, Chuck Tito put Chuck out, he put him out, and you know I mean it was a good shot for sure, but it just seems like you're dealing with
whose whose brains are you know? It's just he's been scrambled to many times, yeah prizes. They made their fight surprise of commission that the fight happened. Yes, if that's what I'm not surprised that ask Delaware a Tito at ease right came together. It said, let's get chuck to fight me right, supplies about that at all do you know they said it was only twenty five thousand paper view but answered ere. I kind of sucks, that's crazy, horrible! That's so low tat must have cost everybody money like I have more instruments follows, What's a hard sell in the undercard? Wasn't so good either it wasn't like there's a lot of like big names on the undercard, that's going to draw people in where they going to go. Well, it's going to be great fights, no matter what no The card was not that great. Now now. You know you, you saw the whole show now you may I congratulate you. Didn't you know I didn't know that wins put the arm
Two on the card was not great and then the Tito tough fight. I mean Tito, looks like the the much better strike, a much more accomplish, striker and advice and Tito or knocked out now. Chocolate Dell. Is that that's like a phrase? I never thought I would hear and it be real, but isn't it so the case of not just keep Tito remaining active and staying competitiveness, exactly what is its that too but So Tito skills got better yeah, they definitely better. Some pearls and awesome instructor he's a fantastic boxing coach in he really tighten up Tito's hands. Always techniques over over the course of the years they were together. In the last time, Tito and Chuck fought, iphones hadn't been invented, yeah. Think of that share. You know no iphones people using sidekicks member those.
Things slip up. The keyboard too did and everybody that there were slick yeah. That was the last time they fought to different Myspace was a day is a different world man with just dumb, It is sad to see it go down like that. Where a mean it would be one thing if it was a good fight. If, like Tito, looked like chalk chuck like Tito can t look, good Chuck did not look good right. They both looked good, they put on the best fight and then Tito one of winning good for him, but it wasn't that there was one. Guy was a just a shell shallow himself. So what kind of fight for Tito? or re match for Tito would make sense to do that you think would sell. Is there? Is there one Tito Just chill will sell a little bit. I mean he's been calling chill out saying I want to kick your ass, but I think that's probably for the pay per view numbers came in and then they like Ask salient ideas like now: he's programme fifteen voice
on ice phone. Call me ask: is a cynical FARC, teed Ortiz willing to postpone retirement, kick jail sentence, ass again, yeah see, but the thing, he's gonna try to do that with Oscar and golden boy in that's gonna, sell thirteen thousand paper view buys nobody's gonna, buy the. Why me, if chair of shale gas alone, the marketing somebody'll by look, if if they could figure out a real competitive fight for tee go against someone. Who's got a big name, who that big name would be, but he could still sell some Did you see the arm? Did you see it? Somebody posted this that cannot arise posted these two videos or Tito, where on It was like somebody's ask him: how does he feel about this firewood and he's like much better fine! I was twelve years ago much better fighter, bigger and stronger. I'm younger
so these young citys it'll gets a little flustered said unwanted outlives kids. To look too that's the worst year, as I say, also say also that guy's like so whose making the money over the paper view. Is it just you? Is it all the fighters and the card was just you Jack, uneasy, yeah. It's me myself and chuck we're gonna make the money the review, you know he did he gets for each powers. Do these yeah! Well, now, talkers business fighters business, it's Where do you know you asked as to be several things and when a guy like you, comes along organic whole becoming ten thousand thing. I want to talk about their talkin, call me not fighting tyrant for the title now and then small leapfrogging, over Cobby who's, the interim champ. Didn't they strive. Kali delays Trevor, I believe, collusion, it may be that isn't yeah yeah, maybe this trip and which is also weird, which is weird because like tat, should have been tyres for. If I buy For example, the third year in eyes with the EU,
as for right, yeah! That's! If it's not then what's an interim for unless the if they strip them The only reason why could see saying who smart but also that's another thing where I think it's probably negotiation tactics, it's like the new deal doesn't play thing. I remember looking this up and someone was trying to correct me last time I did it was supposed to be, which I don't know if it actually happen when that fight happen. What tyrant? Until when that fight happen, he was both be stripped when he's on this website he's still listed as the interim champ. Well, it's a good move to keep in the interim champ. If they decide to fight cuz, then a champ vs champ, you know if they do decide to make that fight, I feel on paper at least financially. It's a good fight cause like Coolby talk so much shit, it's like it's worth worth putting together just for that people know who smile is re much, but it responds a nightmare for anybody. He is the biggest I believe biggest threat to tie.
Right now, solid wrestling other without striking conditioning thanks sharper for strong yeah and just as been on, tear and has gotten better with every fight has been proven has gone through the trial by fire inside the octagon. Exactly I call be: has coolby, has the wrestling submission awareness at least is often, of submissions eyed the best, but he can finish you and his striking is competent, but he has no power he's not going to hurt tyrant in term title holder, hunger, it so that ensure prompted to keep em. But who knows the Emerald City guides Kevin Mcdonald, the arrest, the webs here's one, my students, really. Wow. That's great gray. Rough is good ref D. The Corbett thing is interesting. You know it's like his fight again, have failed on Sancho like anybody thought he wasn't for real. Like you see that I am a shit dosages, his conditioning is incredible. I mean that
That is one of the big things about that do. This is conditioning it's off the charts in doing it Does not godard he's a fucking animal. So that's what that makes our fight interesting with time. Can he pushed tyrant, but can you survive? That's the thing than you big thing seek. Dawson Joseph more volume strike at once. Every he's not gonna, knock those peer guys out Tyron knock on anybody. So that's it. I want to see that fight and the thing with with coolby, like the last time, I train with him. It's been about a year, but at that point he was hard to miss For me I know I'm a striker, but tiring tyrants get good Chris Boxing Putty. It so hide, so are so sadly wrong. He so fast! You straight right here! It is worth remembering. Fordham Carlos conduct,
He hit him with a lead right hand, and I was just like well. Somebody like removes a friend from reality. He crossed over so fast like this distance. Like it closed the distant, so quick he's explosive, a so fast. I don't know I tyrants, we'll champion, I mean he's a real chance, be it in and the not getting the credit that he deserves for a long time there. That all is him but he's in a handful of the graves well towards war time now, in my opinion, you got Matthews is a legend gotta course your Saint Pierre be Lawlor when Nan Tyrant, who knocked out Robbie Lawlor, mean, in my opinion, he's right up there in its as these wines, pile up the make more of a case of him being the best Walter whenever yeah tiring with being said, he's been a lot of guys in the division, but he needs, like you said earlier. He needs a fight like a GS, Pierre he needs
something than where somebody else's establish because with him coming in and taken out Robin and all these other young guys did the proven amongst themselves amongst each other, but a lot of like you said, nobody knows commotion and whose men he's he's a threat to everyone here to everybody, everybody you know you ve been Wada. He's one goal the union one down until he wants. You want everybody, because he wants. I shouted the belt unknown, I believe for real he's the biggest threat biggest threat attire. But on tyrant, could win that fight. Also he waited convincingly and then it means nothing to the to the world who tyrant it's to respect what he's done as the champion year in that case that's one. There is why I think that the fight with called me makes more sense, a thing to be the most controversial highest profile. Cobia talk mad shed timing. Really angry and if he beats Smashes them? Then it steps up him and puts him it
in the meantime I mean tails not going to fight at one hundred and seventy anymore tells moved up to one hundred and eighty five okay so like, but you still have a plethora of killers in the welterweight division me going to make a lot of matchups. Call me fight the coal we fight also could help tiring get over to because corbies little talk a lot of shit and some of its disrespectful people, people people like to see those guys get start through and so that's that's dead. Maybe motion! That's you like to see those guys get started. Not just give beat the tyrant when that fighter. For the most part he has to stop goby dear because call he's not gonna quit and in the fourth round he's he's gonna step on the gas year. Time can keep up. And it's gonna be a problem even worse, David Goggins here to night next, and so were aiming else poor get out here. The only other thing was a Kiehtan meals. Like those things.
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