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JRE MMA Show #51 with Deontay WIlder

2018-12-10 | 🔗
Joe is joined by WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder to discuss his recent fight with Tyson Fury and his history & future in boxing.
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Clash Rogan go there and join the movement. My guess today is WBC heavyweight boxing champion of the world just coming off of a sensational fight with Tyson Fury, what a fight that was and what a cool guy a really enjoyed talking to him just a lot of fun, very, very interesting, in humble and just a laid back chill out dude an one of the baddest mother fockers to ever. Do it so please give it up for Deontay wow, the Joe Rogan experience and we're live. My man was over with first of all, how the do you punch so I've seen a lot of hard punchers matter be watching boxing stuff as a little kid you've got some freakish power, man, yeah weird, you got weird power almost,
We always say I'm a freak of nature. I definitely got some type of freakish power always stay. The story that my grandmother said, I was anointed by God she was always like. If I got suspended for school and stuff, she was always late, God is trying to use you you're. The one you chose, you know she was very big and you know she was being in this spirit, spirituality and Christiana Christianity, so she's always be a teacher. You know it wasn't really a discipline discipline. Type of woman. She was a teacher she wanted to teach. You tell you certain things. She used to always say how I was annoyed. She won't even let my parents with me well not in front of her. That's how serious you were she like she like. Don't you bend he's going to be, the one that bring you up he's going be I want to bring you guys up. Don't whoop him! Sorry something like that at a young age, you might believe it.
Well, he will not have really you know. Just being so young, you know, just being you know, we went, we did as children do you know I'm. I didn't really think too much about it, because I do understand you were saying you know, uninstall understand until you start putting away out his ways and you become a grown man. You start venture not in life and experience in life when your own and start seeing certain things. And then even even when I got out of my own. You know I really is a lot of things I'd install understand until I was thirty so just to No, because certain things different things will happen in my life. You know, but it's you know. Sometimes you just you deal with it and you handle it. The best way you can handle but it's certain things that starts to happen. He would like my grandma said something about this, or you know it's just yeah. You know and that's how my life been, but is amazing how I can in the two and nine and finally got it,
I'm in a two hundred and sixty and able to drop him like I did like score, but we are all bar stronger than in than what I've looked. Look, it's sing. The cruiserweight division doesn't get any love. I mean the last We've got love when a Vander, Holyfield was fine in it. Yeah that was really the last time people cared about the cruiserweight division. Now it's forgotten division kind of almost yeah yeah. That's true! You know You know my brother's a stone in the in the in the cruiserweight division. Hope we can bring some excitement. You know to Do it because you so right. You know it's almost like they don't even talk about. It doesn't make any sense, because the light Heavyweight division gets a lot of love. Love watching light heavyweights always gets lots of attention, but the cruiserweight division is always like people look like. Why are you here yeah, but some weight go up yep, yep, it's true, it's true because they have always always overshadow yeah those guys really wait. Two hundred and nine the night of the fight. I waited too long to modify it out without
they came in the way mean I would just want to get an official way in and see see where you are so I'm all confident and like I like, I know I went up from two hundred and twelve right and I get on the scale and it says two or not like about what you mean it in my last three you know, I'm like how how did it you know, how did I do that? My manager, you know she thinks it's come from. Chris and a lot of other little different things or whatever the last couple days right before the fight that allow a just just overall, a lot of stuff. You know lot of stuff going on, he thinks is Becaus of that. You know, because your body, independence of your body and stuff like that but I really don't know I really don't really care about weight. Becaus majority of my fire, the majority of fighters that have fought me they've always had me like almost all my you know, so
I always say I rather be the park, then look the part cause because I've been in I've seen guys looking the part, but then when it's when they get to the nitty gritty they're not depart well, you look the part, two don't get it twiste. Right 'cause, you look like a giant Tommy Hearns yeah when Tommy was in his prime. It's just it's. What makes sense, though, is that you keep that power in the 12th row. Where's those bigger heavier guys may, because the bugs got to push through all that extra muscle and all that extra body tissue. Maybe they can't that power. The way you can't because in the 12th round, first of all, I don't know how the fuck he got up. I do not I remember watching it on tv, I'm like wow. We knocked him out in the 12th round. That is crazy. That is crazy and then, of course, you played that thing on your instagram, which basically shows that you did not What are definitely not tomorrow. He definitely didn't get up in time. Well, he definitely didn't you know, but
this job just get up at ten. It's not his job to know exactly when ten seconds is great great. Hello, Gentry's, definitely had delays on the account. I'm not seeing the fight like six times and then definitely got to eight. You know eight, it's a very long delay, eight these are nine, but you know, like I said not not out of changes, would have waved at all. You know easily specially when you've seen the guy role in his head and he and him hitting the canvas and his his his whole head meat penetrated like like it start getting tight the muscles in his getting tight in the back, and you know, but yes it's so much with that. I know how I got out of the understand how you get up either and Onguard good God, or he believed that he believed it yeah I mean like he got up man and he got up he boxed. Well, he recovered you mean you can
after him and you hit a much more big shots to the cat move in. But then you start to get his legs back under him and he started. Landon does also other things as well. To you know you still a gypsy, though yeah. You know you know they believe in a lot of things, and you know that right so you never know? You know it's looking phenomenal fight them as happy. It was happening. I said I needed to watch most, definitely watch it by myself, who is gone. They went out for the day, so it's like this is great. Just main. Did you watch it on mute now? so I would say that the comity this meant it was horrible, it was horrible. Really I felt there was very biased. It was a lot things that was pulling out what fear were doing, but not a lot of things. I would doing just even I'm not in the night round. They had all this to say, but when I It was so quiet and it wasn't a devastating knockout. I was do you behind the head, but they want to call out.
Him behind the ear. Well, how many times I got hit behind the head never was revealed. It was like even just just just a whole. You know bill to it. You know he sold his story, he sold his soul to America and you know any combat sport. It did with of you know: emotions got a mostly Todd to people. A lot of people could relate to the story. You know certainly a lot to relate to, and, and you know when, when you you will you capture the you know the world and you capture, people that that they get emotionally involved. They want you to win Reynolds just because of the storm warned women and stuff like that and home the coming to is your special Polly, specially? a we got very emotional with it. A lot of the other of the castle's will too just going back listening to them and saw the five six two from a definitely had. You can see a very a better look on the flight Munir TV,
you know. Well I listen to the commentary, but you know I do commentary myself for I've seen so a lot of times. Even if I'm listening, I'm not really listening that much, I'm just watching watching what's happening. It's like I'm having a conversation, a room with a bunch of people who I was watching was happening but was interesting to me. Was you made adjustments, you know and it one thing that you made a big This is when you landed in the 12th round. You shorten everything up, you shorten! That right hand up. It wasn't a winging punch at all. It came straight down the pipe and then that left hand behind him in the fucking timing cuz. He was already going now. You already hit him clean he's going down then that Fuckin' left hook. Man oh yeah, it was quite as was really crazy that he got up from cosmos the snap them around like the exorcist it was doing when he went flying. Then flatlined and laid back. I was like it's over. I can't believe he knocked him out in the twelve fuckin' round, 'cause all fight. I was saying all this, needs one punch like you got that scary creepy power and then what you could say,
that all day long, but it never lands. It doesn't mean anything right. And it landed in the way it lands like holy. A toll free area, so you're going to have to be perfect for our twelve rounds. Now only have to be perfect for a couple of seconds yeah, something that I did hear the commentators say they said that he's proof. And he doesn't have to be perfect 'cause. He got hit, but I was like he, but he didn't get hit clean. He got hit one time like pretty solid behind the ear, but the big one was in the 12th. I'm so impressed with both things with you being able to land like that, with him being able to get up writers. That was probably one of the best. If you, if I can ever seen there was a lot me that night, you know Sharon this the I would visit is is been dead for for a long time and then we start with last year. Some just started religious progress in in in people start to talk about it. Especially been dead in America. I remember time when no one knew who was the heavyweight champion of the World WAR.
European guys and stuff like that. So I'll he's made it my business like I want to bring it back. I want to do it. Allow well the other former champions data where people would New well understand the sport of box and who was the champion and stuff like that. I always felt I had that that duty to fulfill, even when I was in the lip because a lot of people don't even know I was in Olympics right. You know I was the only american tomato that in two thousand and eight Olympics as well, and just from that point is like I had to be the one to bring it back and to come to LA bring all the stars and like I got everyone here, and you meddled in the Olympics quit pretty soon pretty young in your boxing career from the time you started training correct. How long was it in you're fighting Olympics Lympics?
Olympics team. In a year and a half I started about half a box. I started boxing at twenty one. You know I'm talking crazy. That is so so a year and a half of boxing you make the olympic team and you want a bronze medal. That's That's insane! You know that even had my name written on the list of the one that's going to be on the team, they always say I was. I just came on no well how to came out of nowhere yeah. You know I'll memo been in a in a tournament in he had his elder man. You know he's seen these kids like, throughout the year at the year and he I remember him saying I said how are you I said, I'm deontay wilder and he looked at his the God. Next to him said he got a wild. You know where you from I I'm from Alabama Alabama. He laughed at me. There because they never seen no one from Alabama You know, you know we was based off of football, and basketball list
like that, I don't even I was surprised it was a gym in Alabama. When I did start you know I was like wow. I can't believe like I'm in a boxing gym. I never thought it would be here. We didn't do that. You don't hear about it, but I started because of my daughter that was born with spinal bifida. So you know I couldn't play. Football basketball in the mall, because you have to go to school for that, I needed the money right now. So I was looking at a way of making money play right now and you know I had a friend The college moves always talk about what we want to try to do and what are the things we're trying to do to get to that point, because you know talk is cheap. We can always say well, we want, but if you're not applying any type of action towards what you which words you just it's just it's just talk. You know he said he tossed the box. He thought assist all box in your home, I thought it was a great idea as well too. He thought he thought I should start, but only for the simple fact that I handle myself. Well, st wise. You know
nobody ever see me just lose or get beat up street this quiet guy, I tell people, I never look for trouble, but trouble always found me for some reason, and- and when I did, release the anger when release like it was. It was even we deal dramatic You know as a kid you not even back, then I believe it you know an now will come down, though. At that point I was like the hulk. Can come down. It took me a lot to come down. Even if I will see blood, I still will come down and it used to be for me because you know even back then I have power, but I was just I had lot of aggression? I had a lot of anger for I never know why. You know an we thought. It was That idea like you know what I'm a do it you know I can't lose. What can I lose? You know and just the middle with the guy went to the gym. You know I've been task. Alabama and walked in and kid you not. I feel, like I heard the bells
in a hard to sound. The heavily said: Hola Lu Ya. I swear. I keep woke up in there. It will just do speed bag and have it be ' being hit in the conversations and in a God sparring. In my eyes. Is it I never been in some place like this before ever should know So this is like new to me and I, like I feel like this and see. If this is my last opportunity to be someone, be a professional athlete and be able to make money for my daughter, I didn't know I came in as a journey journeys. Man, that's what I to be, I don't want you know, I didn't know nothing about amateur or will barley. You know what you know. What he did his journey is Emma said, but I knew that I did the new determine of amateur. What is it you know so so welcome to the gym. Whole mentality was to make money for my daughter, Oh, let me learn just the quantum metals it's just took me out of there, but then we also we had this
conversation in the gym about the live files in the lyrics, so our memory briefly like. We start talking about me and my my trainer. Now we start talking about it and then it just became a whole big Jim. Listen everybody stop doing what they was doing just to get in. This conversation we didn't know how to get there, but we knew that if we can't win in that, we will visually get to that point. So I just kept knocking guys just kept winning kept winning, and then that's how I got on Olympics team, and then I told my daughter when I you know, made Olympics team a metal and did all that, and then I turned pro short I got the no limit to the my daughter when she was when you lost a daddy go, be a world champion is going to be able to support you be on your belief. You know. For me it meant a lot for me to say that tour, because I come from a playful offer, feel you know you have a hair, someone promise you something you wait for years and years it don't happen. You know still holding on to that promise that they told you specially being a child
you know you still like you know the just don't happen, no more or you see that certain thing that was supposed to given is no more there. Is is gone. You know that really hurt me. You know that I'm just coming up That's why I'm a man of my word now you know if I sell what's up, you can take it to the bank. You know it's going. Gonna happen, you know it's a you know, God is on time God, so it don't come. We want it, but it always on time. When he's involved and when well when I say so. I try to make it is, go I'm a man of my word, no matter what I say she walked in the gym. You have this feeling. You know this is where you're meant to be, and do you just? How far away is this gem from your house at the time this June, I'm still in Tustin or poor, does bothering proud.
Forty five minutes away from where I live too far you can get there and how often you going there everyday everyday everyday new change life yeah! You know I was still working for Budweiser, I was driving the truck for Budweiser. So at times You know in about we're good, but was no that you could you got a specific time to come in, but you don't have a time when you get off. You know sometimes you can work from five hours to and now, if you have a bar bar route, which is the easiest, and then you can have a seventeen hour day which I hadn't had before, where you had to go to way deep in the S way deep in other city, So whatever I used to have a stop me two hours to get there before I even be ill of two hours to get there before I even work. My first stop and you talk about having seventeen stops. Seventeen stop so you'll on your list to do no meal. To do list and your first. Is two hours. You know I mean
a hell of a ride, just to be able to it's depression, it. It makes you depressed just because you, wait two hours just to get started? You read it. You want to go home as soon as possible the times when I used to drive the big truck to the to the to the gym. So you have a big while the appetizer bud light outside of the sheer You'll see me out there, be times where I used to sleep in my car right there at the gym. You know I really going to get it. I told my daughter that would be a world champion. I was devoted to this sport, which I still I'm still live to this day, but it was a lot of sacrifices. I had to sacrifice for my daughter to issue to religious, be here to be able to so Who was spun a bit for the because I knew I knew nothing about the disorder. I'm nineteen years old. You know I'm just running a father, a loving father, just trying to support his daughter, That's amazing, did you know Macy's or that? That's that's a that's. A different kind of motivation may name being in Alabama, we had to scrape up
I need to go to other states 'cause, we didn't really have too many heavyweights here. You know something go, find sparring elsewhere by training so this today. You know how we had to scrape up because you get it lot. People want to come apart, be apart now, whatever he always said, why how we were scraping up to change you know we we, you know we had to scrape up money for gas, is on the easiest level, which is all true hello. We all have to scrape it up now. Did anybody ever teach you to punch before you started by? did, you ever have an uncle that help pads for your anything. No, no, no! in other known about boxing right. You definitely know how to punch people, Rachel was right. You learned just from watching tv. Like you know what the story was right. You know me, I mean the best thing. The best thing in life is is, is, is, is pre or is it for yourself? Life teach you ever, you know. Sometimes you can get knowledge from books, but
Let the light real life burn real reality. So you were the same training that you were when you first started a one of the few ones. Still with the Say one, that's the amazing to to so how long did it take before it started? Feeling right to you like in terms of like throwing combinations and Then it took awhile. It took awhile because I had to I had to in the Olympics. I had to play catch up. Well with ours was playing catch up, but these guys they've been box in every state with young little boys and stuff you know that's how I learn really about boxing and how it would take your life away from you. You know I'm looking at I'm looking at these young guys they coming up and some of some of them can I go to school because of boxing so some moment they will tell me how they missed birthdays. They've Miss Holidaze, they've, missed classes from school just to fulfill the dreams. You know it could
it'll take everything away from you know: I've seen some have graduated high school. You know, that's a great accomplishment. When you in boxing the graduate high school, you know, it is so much to so many tournaments in so many different things. Call Box in the url sport. You know I mean so there's so many different things will go on at these kids. You know these guys will try to. You know make this teammate that team go to this trip over the trip just to get the experience. And I'm listening to them till they story, here- I am, you know, just go for those blues Alabama, just picking it up playing catch up. I'm listening to everyone story and what a how they do this and I'm studying them on certain things. Like It was amazing to be able to just go to the Olympics. In and just do what I did to compete with these guys, I was the least the LISA Spirits Guy in the whole tournament accord Olympics. You know not be a year, then you probably the least experienced gotta ever metal ever yeah. Probably so
even come close to that. I bet. If you want over the Olympic records of guys, have boxed and metaled, I bet you're number one with a bullet problem so that even anything close, crazy a year and a half in it it was. It was amazing, spiritual just to be there. You know I mean if it wasn't for bugs and problem probably would have never been able to travel outside the country. You know boxing show me everything you know. What's amazing is one of the things that you said that the heavyweight division, which is always been the glamour division right when Tyson was and but Holyfield was a champ and all these different fighters, the Holyfield Riddick Bowe era. I mean these were gigantic fights I mean everybody in the world was watching. It was a big deal, but then, when clip one arm, I was on a plane with a buddy Myers a comedian, and I said you know that is he goes. No, I go. That's the heavyweight champion the world will get the fog He was it's a white guy. I go. Isn't that crazy, like I'm from Russia, and nobody knows who it is because it was uh
things like everybody been that Tommy Morrison days, people there's always the great white hope dudes always wanted a white guy to be heavyweight champion. Gerry Cooney is going to be very home. Larry home Depot Fuch Category code number. I was in high school when that happened. Everybody was hope that a white guy was going to win and then went away, I finally won nobody gave a shit 'cause, he was kind of very effective style, but it's you know it's not the most fan friendly. He would jab grab, you know grab ahold human you and he can knock you out. If you cleaning your cleaning lot a lot of guys out, he was a big guy, but no one cared. It was weird. It was weird because he was a guy living in Germany and he huge in Germany and speak in Russian in English, and everything else he's a really smart guy right. Now we cared. It was weird. I know I remember, can we still huge people are still paying attention to Floyd, Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez and Manny? Pacquiao is, although
right away classes were still getting all this love Bernard Hopkins people watching all these fights. Nobody gave a shit about the heavyweight division. It was strange. They said you know What you'll have will lead? America have weight? Yeah it dies down it is, it will goes to him we division sold of boxing yeah. It is kind of true in some sense, but but if it, if it didn't happen that way, would the heavyweight division died down a lot of these guys that got a lot of Sean one, one half god no shine Yes, we do is a legitimate and full force. Probably Well, maybe it would just made the whole sport bigger, because you know this is this is a good time now for boxing. A lot of really high level. Champions is a fun time to be a boxing fan to watch, but to look at your record like when you went when it's about a fight. What we see is going to the Tyson fury you when he thirty nine in all low low. Thirty nine, three thousand with hundred and fourteen forty now with
thirty nine knockouts group. That's a movie record, like you put that's like a guy fighting someone in creed right that that's what it would be like? What is for you? This is the guy provide he's forty now with thirty nine knockouts. What like that would be a move, exactly but you'll be a bad guy in a movie just designed to fuck people up, but the fact that no one was is looking at this, as this is a this was a gigantic cultural moment. This wasn't just a big heavy weight fight between two, the tallest guys and odd big tall but move good. Both you guys move real good man Tyson for two for What is nine? Nine, two hundred and fifty six and he's Bob and moving a lot and he's got that weird herky jerky style he's a trip this is very unusual, to you guys together in my eyes this was,
like a re emergence of the heavyweight division. Pop culture like everybody, was finally paying attention to the heavyweight division in boxing like. Finally, this was it- and I was like this is a big fight. This isn't just a big fight between two guys who are undefeated, who are at the top the game who Tyson didn't lose his title. He had it and you know they took it away for, but he was still undefeated. So that was a giant cultural moment and when it the fight, went down and turned out to be one of them best heavyweight title fights ever isn't even just to listen to you. You know describing the stuff, I still feel those those beside me. I'm sure in a way, are how you like it was amazing. It was amazing. You know I'm is ready for the rematch and if people was inside an enjoy it now, just imagine the rematch. You know this is going to be amazing. It's going to be incredible and put Anthony Joshua in a terrible situation, most terrible. He looks awful. Are they big
so he looks terrible he's going to fight some other guy. No one gives a funk, and it's like your titles. Whatever titles you got their bulshit yeah, I mean anything. Everybody knows this is where the real title is. It mean this is just so it's a wrap now this is they. They really big and now he's trying to reach out all of a sudden. Now his management has been, I will try to reach out to Mars as well. You know, but he couldn't. That is opportunity. Yet many opportunity could have fallen. Louise Ortiz, he could have fallen Maine. He had a chance to fall off your as well like playing it safe over on that side of the pond and playing it safe, but nope you know people want to know who's the best now you know I'm saying special of this in distribute file. You know people want to see who's the best yeah and I'm on the I've been trying to show people who you know who to build always said it best on foot with them the best, and so I get to feed it. You know, and right now
the Kennedy candidate for you know year. And also you know, fight on Faisal the you only had a came back with Louise Ortiz, that was epic one and it came back with fairy another we fly and then we go and hit the tool again. That's the thing about you that makes it interesting. Is that you're not just a guy who knocks guys out but you're, a guy who could take it you're going to contain in your guy who figures out a way to win there's a lot of guys that when it's going bad they don't come back when it's going good, they win forever, but when it's going bad, it's hard for them to come back, but you figure your way through bad situations. You make adjustments, even even when something is going wrong. With my body, like, I only had seven operations on my arm and it turns like surgery images breaking my arm turn my ill of him break breaking my hand. You know times in. My in my fights are broken my hands and still fought. You know trauma Basa commit those
degree burns. You know all that stuff, like I'm a true warrior. You know Please think I like, if I do something like if I break my hand or when I told my up in the ring mom whole mentality straight change to what I'm all fall off. That's why but I got keep quiet, I got You go, I'm a warrior! You know never tell you know, because I still throw it with bad intention. You know I'm still No Lennon hit it just like with Chris Arreola fight. When I broke my hand and told my boss help my cam my team knew I broke my hand, but I didn't miss That's what my boss, so cuz, I'm like what I tell them I don't want no one to panic, I'm not worrying about it. I'm going to keep throwing that I got to keep getting Chris was so surprised that I did all these things and was still able to throw it it just the mentality when it comes to come back like my mentality,
just overall edges. I feel I'm the best an if you going to come and beat me you gotta, come and beat me is not going to be easy. That's why I mostly guys when they fight me they bring their a game every last one of them. You know because they know it's going to be tough and they also know I have to how to get a monitor. You know a lot of guys. You know they're afraid of that cause, because me over and over again, like I said my power last from the first through the 12th round, you can never be night too comfortable with me Because of that you know, and- and that's big for me to have- you Know- I've always said back in life soon enough. You know I've said the same question to like damn you got all this power like in you know, me being the person with it. I felt minute this is what I felt dangerous. I felt like I feel like it,
time could be too much power because I get scared of myself at times, because I know I got the potential to potential to hurt someone seriously. You know dealing with it. Just looking back and seeing the guys I've knocked out and seeing the reactions- and you know the unibrow, does arms out and broke the eye sockets out of you know, put a in seizures. You know almost killed Brooklyn New York, you know he laid there for for a while. You know, I didn't even see him breathing, you know and so forth, and so on though it's been amazing to have so much power, but we're trying to understand it as well. To you know in that fight with fear. I couldn't it was crazy and I couldn't I couldn't constrain my right arm office. They feel like someone is stopping me from really religious, loan it straight into the air for some reason like it was it was, it was, was it
because you were trying to knock him out so that was trying to look. I was very anxious of knocking him out, but it or something that was holding like. I couldn't strain it out. I kept going back to my corner. Why? Why you can't do the right hand is right that this dude would bend down like right here in slow motion. It seemed like to me I've seen look many times, I'm not guys out many a time this bar in a competition, the put it right there because you have you'll you'll able you you help you your temples posing. You know when you get him in trouble in October, relive room off, you know you can't get your body is not responding like the money is and he'll be right there in his, like are still over, overlook, puts a lock telegraph and I'm like, if it like, so stopping me or somebody like is great as well said that who are kid you not. I kid you not like kids, Gypsy come on with understanding understanding. Now you know
then every day, but you just have to give some credit to him and almost left to right he's he's a phenomenal box. If he is his style and his movement, I mean it in to see and pull that off and be that fresh, even in the 12th, to have that kind of endurance to get up after you knocked down mean yeah, you definitely definitely down from when he was he was. He was a great fighter that night, you know he definitely brought his best. That's all you can do that's all you can bring. Is your best and put on the performance? That's why you know when we made this fight happening because it didn't take long for us to make this fight him. Just we both reached out to me and say you know, you know, I feel there's forward. Josh we're done doing to you and you know I want to fight. Let's make it happen that show the world who's the best who's. The tube this in in in in the business April. Let's make it happen, and you know it was just like that awful conversation I like the build up to the fight to, because both we were very
finance in both the were talking in that you're, going to beat the other and knock each other out, but at the end of the fight when it was over, it was nothing but respect was nothing but we're. And in this day and age man. It's just there's something nice to see about two dudes who just went to war for twelve and it turned out to be a draw, and even after all, that nothing but respect it most. Definitely that's what it's all about you know two guys can be very bad, each other, and you know we say we want to hurt each other even to the point you say want to kill each other. You know I mean just the buildup is part of the sport you know is to it up to us to be as professional as possible when it comes to that cause, we're not going to really puts his other than the way is what I, while we messed up on Monday, when we try to support our children right. You know a lot of things to have been in the in the in the press, covers in Stowe with because of all those everybody just wanna push and shove the ones that don't the mountain and not going to be in the ring everybody
want to push and shove, so it makes it look worse. Then what it really is when you got two guys that really that matters that's getting in the ring you know, but even you know lot of people they smile at each other. The tone is a light that don't mean that that we still got to get in the ring at the end of the day and put these other in the face and and that's the big thing about it. He wanted put on a great performance and support his family as well as I you know, specially 'cause, it's been in my country, I felt like I had the world attention now. I've been waiting for this moment for so long. It's like I got. Gotta make of gotta make a gray a you so that would all the the pressure in so anxious this is, I was which is to do something that I already does and in fights. Devastating fashion. I did have the force that, and I know that if I force it never happens like I want it, you know I mean, but it was just
is this overwhelming to have the world attention you know but I would really feel than a regular fight if we just it was uh Daisy days, man I swear, it was just not there. Just come on and just feel the energies of the people that were so inside edges, now like I already knew who I was certain people is coming 'cause. We would you know, but doesn't matter who was there? Is the point of just having a dissenter attention I didn't have to fight against Noah? sport and analytical hard here in America, it's hard to make it in the world Merica every time my fault, I've had to fight against other sports and certain things in the and is always always been difficult, especially every fight. I've had to promote it by myself, because these guys are scared to talk what is some of them? You know we or tease in though he spoke Spanish, although it was a a I epic fight. He
spell Spanish in sometime. I had to do something to spanish tv, for my because they weren't too late yeah. You know just to get it out. You know, but with theory I knew I had to write this in well. It seems for you that considering how recently you actually started boxing. I mean what do you? It's what you eleven years in now how many years, eleven years, that's crazy, like you just still yeah, which is insane but you're. Getting your getting better. I mean as you are the champion you're getting better. Is a me and a guy like Louis or tease, is an epic dance partner for that yeah. Because you deal with this. Guy goes to the cuban amateur program he's a southpaw is big Now, the Fokker, you know good boxer man real. With the release sixty some elves flights, you know, that's a lie. If I had that much experience in though you just never know, and he's another one you knocked out late in the fight. Do you for sure I thought he had them
difficult style, anyone our fault. Thus far, though, just being s pole, you don't really get too much training guys with S park, not too not too much around Us Heavyweight and he's a very slick and fast counter. Puncher, that's where he meets I don't him. I really really really had to think about my next so we're going there. What I had to do you know so to that understand? Why a lot of these guys don't want to fight or to you they say he old, but there They get it. They don't want to go against his old old man, though you know tool. Two he's old, but he's not up yeah yeah. Since he moved his last fight man. He looked phenomenal yeah. You know I mean he just he moves good. His job outstanding and he's so well schooled. You know it's like you see the little starter, frank that he does it pops at Jabong. In he's always reading new. Looking for your reactions he's a beast, you
he is now always give him credit for that. Until I see someone just come in and dominate him yeah, Even with me and him we had. We had a connection between our daughters know. 'cause he's gotta go daughter as well and as well as I that's why I went stuff still coming out with him. You know saying that he did drugs. Pairs passing the test, the bottle tests and stuff. All that I still want. Why am I still want a blessing with the opportunity Becaus of his daughter, because I can relate to him life. Just like I say this. The store with with your reseller would did mental illness. So how people was mostly tired, like I gotta, blue tile to or because he was a father that deal with a child with a disability as well as I so I know how hard it is to take care of children with disabilities, and I know it takes a lot of money. You know so yeah,
I'm always for him. I've been talking about him ever since that time we fought. We'll lose a draw. I would have still been talking about him because of the emotional ties that I have with him. I understand them and when you understand the person you root for that person, no matter what no matter who side you on or whatever, when a person. So do you feel like is worse within the next person or you can relate. You know you you, you want them to win yeah. You know that's beautiful man and I think that have a guy like or tease as a an opponent. That's one of those fights that thing for a guy like you who doesn't have a lot of amateur experience when you, when you fight a guy, that's that seasoned and you get to see like what it looks like we get to see what looks like when you're in the ring with a guy, Who's had just as he said, three hundred plus amateur fights. Overall, that's uh, I mean that's an amazing learning opportunity right most. Definitely most definitely. You know. I just
just had the confident that I was that I was the best. I was no matter what he had always going with that comfort Inn. Don't know I blocked everything that his accomplishments, in that we knew we was up against. You know but you know they was called him to the bogeyman under division and at that point of time I still need to prove myself, because you know people still doubted me they. You know I've been down to me from the start of my career I was like since nobody want to fight him. I want to bless with this opportunity, so these next moves, that I've made with Stiverne too to then or teeth the Inferi. Well, this to Vern highlight knockouts. Almost there full time when you stand there with your hands down a step forward, and it's like he was a comic book scene. Like the way you knocked him out, like I said about, like you being that guy in the movie it seemed like you were bad guy in Appoxee move, but it didn't make any sense. You were the guy like. If I was saying, if there's someone who was, I was a coach of a
Guy no sin ring side and I was watching you do that would be like she has to well. I came home to you when I stood over him like that. I was on Saddam, a body to see me and he hopes that in it it like. I was a better person, I can explain it. The no idea when I started doing the pledges like I went back into my body is still well in on them or whatever. I can't. I can't explain it while the field there's so many different things that happened. That was a big one too, because I got shared so much on live yeah that was starting. This millions and millions of people saw that I'm not in there like what in the fuck is just got in his hand. This one they started. Who is this guy? We haven't heard about this guy before him yeah. It's like everybody's waking up to heavyweight division of certain, and it was the perfect convert there. It is. I did play it for the beginning Jamie here. It goes boom
come on. You know straight box and skills. You know I I got boxing skills, you know when I first bought am I showed all that I stayed discipline. I didn't abandoned the game playing and I show people like a box yeah and he tells brother only time. I just really just a super discipline, not this fight, but it's the first this part in this one right here I would outside of my body right here I was standing, then I came back did do not. I don't know what the hell was going on with me. That was ridiculous No, he didn't yeah. He was quite upset. That's the strangest. Little concoction he's got his dreadlocks there yeah little. I tape yeah. That seems like that, would get in the way to keep it so you know how Asians believe in it too, that was, that was sweet too. The referee get down here. If I don't really know it would have been play the red with the Lego, hero to the other corner,
It's either one or movie yeah. That would have been, but you know that fire right there was too real start of it. Well, you know in terms of public perception exactly exactly. I knew I really gloss over with especially when it went viral and then coming back with the arties made it 'cause. People made it that much more, interesting to see what I'm going to do now. 'cause people tunein now, whether they they love me or hate me a tune into c. Can I'm not this person now? You know it is pointed Tom. No, because a lot people don't even know I was you, know people really even get recognized for really being the WBC champion. You know, other people eyes is just that mother fucking dead throughout you know say: oh well now the Tyson fight, they realize you, the champ, I mean yes, you you're it used to be, I mean, obviously, the the belts are fat. Invented 'cause, there's a lot of sanctioning organizations, but it used to be. There was an Joshua, and you people
not paying attention to Anthony Joshua right now. No, it's just it's like it's literally been forgotten, most definitely an astute, that's a great way. To put it isn't really beautiful guy, no, how much he's defended his title since the Klitschko fight. How many times twice, maybe three, I'm not. I remember the Parker was Parker after yeah Parker was at this Parker um This attack was talking before now, I'm not well. What is interesting is if this continues If you and Tyson have a rematch and then you eventually get to fight Anthony Joshua, if you guys fight in Europe, I mean you might be able to fill up some giant fucking crazy, how soccer arena something it's going to be crazy. If you go over to England and find him there that would be insane 'cause he's a giant superstar over there. Most definitely, and I definitely would even be able to go over there and get an opportune.
To we go over there and I, even if only with Joshua, even if it was someone I want to expand out there as well to but would definitely get a fight. Would just well out there in in probably bring a hundred hundred thousand the plus. You know the only thing by the: U K allowed a lot of people. Think that's where the money is, but that's not true. You know they got a cap the money you know yeah, I like it. A lie here in America. Meg always be, will be the medal of boxing into a potato to that, because the money is here, you know how they sell their paper view and how you sell, is like day and night they twenty dollars. We go from shared the cheapest. Fifty some hold up to one hundred dollars and people pay for people. You know It's fascinating and people think, because you see more people equals more dollars, but you know you know if a cap is a coward, a you only make so much over there and that's it if it was that if it wasn't that fact, then you'll see more people from America.
Two: U K defy Randall with the casinos in Vegas or they're they're- probably going to want to this fight. Next, that's what they want, because they want that extra gambling money and restaurant money show money. Well, that's where I would likely. I would, I would say it's likely going to wind up. It could be. You know, a lot of places. You know hour my going back to New York as well buy things regarding main that you got so many diverse people. There a lot of people look at travels and stuff like that. You know all those be busy and stuff. You know people want to still be easy. Access in Vegas Vegas makes it easy for people right, because you know the airport is right there and then five minutes away you on this trip and that's where most of them be at this stuff, but you know we will see when the time comes. You know I'm open for any any place. When you guys talking about a rematch Maybe we look in the April May June somewhere in there. You know
and we see what happen I'm excited, though he said he back in the gym he he hit me up. He sent me a video saying how are you in the gym and stuff like that, and I just hit back likewise because it's As with all his might, cities is being back in the deal and my eyes is the same way. You know I've been I've been traveling a lot talking about this. Fight, like is being like? I'm already, you know in discussion with certain outlets? Whatever is like, we've been boosting up this neck. This rematch fight, like is, is almost here It's been crazy, though. Is korean needed as well to you know, so I don't mind I've been from LA but to New York, I'm just getting from New York. Now, I'm back here then going to go to my original whole time. I got some things I gotta do out there enjoy the holidays, I'm going to take a vacation.
A family and then once I get back on back into the gym myself. Well, boxing fans hardcore boxing fans already knew who you are, but this was the breakthrough fight for the general public. This is the breakthrough, fight where people know about it now and the next fight the rematch. First of all, you couldn't ask for better dance partner when it comes to promotion, Mean Tyson's fantastic on the micro these Larry S got great accent yeah to listen to him talk, so you guys owning this and getting ready for whatever it is April May June. Whenever takes place, I mean this going to be probably one of the biggest heavyweight fights, if not the biggest of all time on the and I'm just so excited. You know me because I I could see I can, visualize it now. I can't really visualize how big this could become. I knew it was going to be big, but you just don't know how people are you know people are funny specially. You know you know. People always have things Do you know, did you nailed it? There was nothing else competing with you, there's nothing What's there to watch was perfect, it was a perfect storm,
and it was in LO stars, came out with a big deal, man. It was amazing, but I never forget it. You know. Excuse me, like I said I waiting for this. I've been waiting for that moment for so long. You know they don't have this prob, I'm in the UK, because no matter, you know no matter what they love. Boxing is the second nature sport. They don't have college sports and professional sport so they had to deal with boxes like I said. The second nature sport and you know you know they don't have as many as people we have here the hell. I would sixty six million somebody Alabama Mississippi they can fit you in Alabama, Mississippi, combined together, but I can fit the whole state in. In Texas and still have space which, over here we got so much, we got how many colleges and professor those spores and boxing is like probably last sport. You know on the list. You know a probably you know
measuring with that a little bit, but it's definitely seemed like that. We definitely you know in the back and there's so much to with his soul. Is the soul hear him to do it? And then, when you, when you, when you for only get there. So you know that's what it comes from. You know, yeah when I'm in it when you're in it- and you understand it- is like how so hard it was to get it to get to this point. You know down there eleven years and like to get to this point. And then when you finally get his life here. Yeah there in the big time yeah when you think back when you So having that Budweiser truck, I just I appreciate every job that I had. You know. I appreciate every everything that you know. That it happened to me in my life, it may allow me to appreciate you know who I am now. Allow me to appreciate just a small. Things. Allow me to just be myself. You know, I mean
the person that I don't really care about fame, I only want to be caught. The celebrity you know I mean I want to be. To live my life and do Do I want to be able to enjoy just a smaller, things are life. I don't want people to take that away from me. You know I mean being able to go to a movie or grocery store, whatever spend time with their family can't 'cause. I like cooking, I like going to the grocery stores the fresh market, pick out my fruit and stuff that I want to put in my or whatever I'm preparing for that night and stuff like that and I'm a people's person as well. So I don't mind being bothered, but you know it can't. Create I've seen other people get get crazy for a long time and you know, and they said it themselves like they, don't they wish that they could do so. Things normal things, but people people take it to the next level. You know get all the you'll be special that this fight, like I had to cut some people you know and had to because some people will call due to its as we've already rolled. I seen the potential.
I'll put it they've opportunity and they try to make moves on me. Already yeah. You know different. That's why I said lonely at the top. You know, because you get to the point where you don't know who to trust. You start down everybody around you. You know my energy process, so I'm always refreshing to filling the feeling of dinner. Let me see what it feels like like. Like you know, say not always allow me to meet certain people to be a certain people, because if you change your presence that you need to to to just it would change as well too. So it changes you it should. That's the way you feel when you're around them and also- and you feel like they're looking for angles- are trying to profit off of you they're trying to get you to do things. Yes, you know, you know, I'm almost minded person. I've got a lot of strong Men around me around always tell people we speak positive. We think positive, Andra surround about positive, you know positive you know in our results is always positive. The time
will see me, you know acting out, I would say if someone coming that piece. You'll never find me and my brothers, you know out this was a was started in paying I'm not a I'm, not I'm not to stay, I'm not the one to start anything because I want peace. I don't we want to see a fight outside, if it's not in a boxing ring I'll, walk away. If I see it on also because I feel like they don't know what it does. You know me is this something to happen easily. You see because being poured out nowadays, and so you know any little thing. So I asked her to stay away from Competition must as possible. That's what they got it on my whole body. You know, if I'm not here on the whole, you know a better phone because of this. I, when you had the farm you know fun things to do when you have to leave home all the time you don't have a peaceful home and I believe in it. You know, I don't understand you when it's busy, you have to work and stuff. That's one thing:
you know when you just man, let's go here. Let's get out and see I don't. I don't put myself out there to be a risk for no one. You know my risk is at home if something happened to you know, Deonte was at home. You know, I don't know myself. I didn't have chance chances after chances of what people look down, a let's do this. Let's do that to him or because I know what I'm capable of doing you know I and I like I mean I just like being laid back down to earth, get along with everyone, I'm a people's person and a lot of people will never know because they only see the perspective of me in the ring or C meal you to win yeah. You really interns, yes, for your very mellow, not like right now, is just chill on a move on to some to cool it from the best. You know it was kind of help to the train a lot, so you know yeah really disturbing. You must must be training constantly right, yeah. I mean I get my time, then you know
so it will now, with my friend I love my family and I love. I got some beautiful children. I got a beautiful woman and I just. I love being around them. I love being able to see my children grow being able to see him smile. You know tell me good morning or kiss me She is all freewheel without me having to tell them or ask them and just come up and kiss me, and see how much they love me and stuff. It feels good. The only way you want, if you want to see me cry deal with kids, they don't even have to be my kids. It can be others as well. I love kids. Then it will. What hurts me so bad with kids? Is that to see some kids have to have to grow fast, faster, Would they they normally would have to? You know have to be adult fast because I I think Your childhood uses some of your best years of your life, because you don't have really no responsibilities and when you got into the real world. That's when reality hits. That's when I was like, oh this, this, yes, this is real, you know
So my heart goes out to a lot of kids. I love I love children and their work We strongly support sport. You know, do you worry, about getting more famous. Do you worry about the consequences, obey well, I don't think about getting more frame. Is you know? I know it comes? It comes with the territory you know, and even if people know I just want people just you know, don't don't don't hold me don't don't look at me as someone that that holds me hard and then you know, people have have high expectations for you and when you do something they think the you know the biggest thing in the to happen right, you know you can do. The same thing is is a being we're work at Donna does, but because I have the name and he doesn't, then it makes it even more. You know worse than what he
We done you know, I'm like we humans were going to make mistakes. We're going to do things. You probably do some things that you don't suppose to do are you ready in trouble with? Don't you know? Yes, part of life, you know noble, I never make, must will seem like I'm better than anyone. You know multiple god I'll talk to a homeless man, and if the the conversation that we're we're we're go, I'm a peoples person. My mother was a people, person determines she never met strangers. I never meet strangers because you can never know owned by me in act. Would a person do. I know that person and not because of the how we interact with each other, and that's just me, I'm a people's, because you just never know who you may meet right there, what they can do you are why so well, you can kill them you to make their day better. You know or logos man, I love you, man or you know, that's that's the final things like that, so football all about it, all so much about who you are and how much money you got because that can be gone tomorrow. You know it ain't about. You know about
swing. People will respect. You treat me with respect, no matter what where you are in life because crying with human being that's what I'm all about and then, as you get more famous though you're going to get more, the numbers are just that's where it gets on manageable. When people start waiting for like you, you ever see what it looks like when Manny Pacquiao's trainer. No, when he was in his prime, especially when you train the Philippines is, it was insane like Freddie. Roach was there with them and you know they would be look outside and people be holding a phone jack just went from look outside the window has hundreds of Peter everywhere. He goes and you know he lives in the Philippines. So it's he's the superstar in this incredibly poor country and he's a really humble guy too, but it's it almost seemed he handles it in an amazing way. I don't know how that guy does it, but he's very chill to
yeah! Well, he had to have you know. He'd have been knocked down, there had to be get had to be brought back up. You know I live life, teaches you lessons and an God bless you some time with second chances. You know when you do get a second chance. You know how to handle it better than the first time you know. Hopefully you don't never have to go through nothing so dramatic, you know or notice of ear. You know to to learn a lesson yeah you know, because he definitely he probably would tell yourself. You know, there's a lot of things that he was doing that he had to correct. You know I had to get itself. Right because it can take you away. You know if a person There were some NASA and many did this, but just talking in general, if a person do well so much on, you know, being famous, and people loved him in on them and stuff like that, like they can take that money away from them? They have become this type of person. That's when people say. Oh you've changed you've changed. So and it'll make I've? Seen it first hand, I've seen a person with no money, and then, when
get some money. They don't know they changing right. Now, it's just something that's happening and people will say you changing they'll, be like no I'm just now. I think they, just Will you know saying right, but not in reality you know so slowly but surely there change this stuff like and I'm I'm a type of person. I'm not judgmental people live, normal type of person or whatever you do in your life yeah you yeah. You chose to do that. I mean who am I to judge you? I don't judge people because I don't want them to judge me. You know I mean whatever I'm a type of person that whatever you get involved with, it's a consequences that you is consequences behind your actions two you're going to have to face whether you do the right thing or the wrong thing, you're going to have to face the consequences behind it and only you going to have to face it. You know at the end, day and that's why I respect people. I don't know whatever you do. You know the show. Is your life have fun with your life. You know we make
they used to correct a mold. We learn from our mistakes, then a we we're we're all human. You know now come and just rematch. What would you do differently, then? Is rematch, What I would do differently, I would I would abandon the body. I heard him twice in the body. So the kibble with the bottom. What we kept telling me to keep going to go to the go go to the body, and and the whole thing I would probably jam more and I definitely more common this time around. You know when you know, though, when you find a god twice, you the first time you get to experience him the second time, y'all kind of know, each other little bit better than the first time an I really felt very brought his fear about the best of fairy, but it definitely wasn't the best idea
too loud and at this point in time we know what the train for, because I don't think he's going to change nothing up. He fought a great game, you know a great flight and I don't think it's you know nothing that could be changed up. Maybe he probably lose it. If you get in the gym now, he'll be a little bit lighter for sure and that That's a mean little bit lighter on the feet, though you know saying oh, but We definitely going to adjust, make some small adjustments and I can't wait. It's going to be explosive. Now, when you do a training camp for big fight like this, how many weeks you prepare for this fight was three months three months, and so do you. You start up and start slowly ramping and who, who sets your schedule in terms of like what you do every day, with with Kim my Malone time trying to Jay. He says so, like all the sparring partners and stuff, I got a strength and conditioning coach and and different and shelves and stuff like the so we I got all that underhand. I got all that
you know also some other pairs. All your food will be prepared. Diet, yeah yeah for sure. So that's why I was surprised. I came in such a low, even at two hundred and twelve because you know in camera stuff I gotta such a high metabolism it just I just never know I don't. I don't really just keep with my way. I'm on top of got it. I weigh in all the time or whatever I think, cause I've got I'm gone by with this power for so long. It's like you know it's just. It's just image. I can't get away like I don't understand. You know I may have to do that. Blood testing thing and see like they got it. Where you can take your blood and they can do a test and see what types of food would make you gain weight I think I'm trying it out, but one again anyway. Yeah I want to get in. Libya always had a goal to be in two hundred and forty five, with my six thousand seven hundred and sixty six hundred frame. But do you think that being two hundred and forty five,
I get tired or in the later rounds I just see you gain gain weight and keep your speed. So, as you know, as you gain, you continue to work. Keep your speed? That's all that's how we always wanted to To go at it because we we had a lot of guys that you know specialize in bulking misled by then we didn't want that. We didn't want to bulk up right. You know I mean, so. The gain weight and keep the speed you know, but just as much as I gain weight it much does not workout and metabolism so high, so it's like, is like I lose weight in my sleep how many times they have you eaten today we will see about three three times, four times a day and like what kind of movie news, diet, yeah. We was eating steak, fish and chicken. You know lot of local, sweet potatoes. Ok now eating you know: Definitely have us with something in the you know I had to have me some greens and cornbread. You know
We was doing a lot of um damn getting rid of my we had. We had a lot Hoppin hop Papa John's how bout like pinto beans and rice, the other will use his stuff. Like that, you put up squash, do a lot of spinach. We have spinach. I was doing a lot of tuner so so just whole foods very yeah, most definitely very, very healthy food. I get all my stuff from the whole foods or have you supplementing with vitamins or anything like that. Correct I'll, using divided, this time, I'll use the vitamins added vitamins. I did the whole nine with the vitamin thing like I really had. They would bring me uh uh account holder for the pills, so for each day of the week and stuff like that, and just and steel like I wouldn't go with the RT I didn't, get any like
Do you like I'm like what the world going on with my body? I don't know what type of freakish how do I have you know, because I how to put on the way we're going to try another method, this time, I'm to actually try to eat I'm trying to eat every three hours or so like that. I'm gonna have my assistant with me and what so he'll bring protein shake New Nolan being able to all just eating right, but I want to see what this white bangle it like you know going to like. I said this next fight is going to be good, but the problem is you doing so well, like I don't know. If I would do shit, different yeah, don't fix it It's not broken and terms of that I know you're either thing about you is your insurance is so consistent when you're in self around your endurance is very consistent. It's not like a lot of big guys, they drop off later in the fight, and you see them leaning
each other more taking more time in between exchanges. You know trying to pace themselves out trying to restore that energy. You've got that energy in the twelfth round and part of that, might be because you're walking around two hundred and twelve to fifteen, and you fighting two hundred and nine it might. That might be up a real big positive, because, obviously The power, is not an issue. So why else would you want any weight? You know I was telling you know some Marty want to see it. Now they want to see certain adjustments or whatever, and they know they know that I'm only will do what I want to do know. They know you can't make me of me to do then, but I am a team player at you know. I'm saying I am a type of person that Give everybody an agreement is also no matter how I feel about it in my art, because we are team, we always been as well a week with my team. I got. I got a great
you know we never leave a discussion with dollar green. We just never do you know no matter what it is. We always come to agreement some something and what this is. Is not told him. I like alright I'ma try. So what do they want? How much they want you to they haven't said how much, but they wanted to put some so wait on us as your strength. Conditioning coach is your browsing co the management in every part of like a boat in the grants. So you know I can you say now: I ain't doing this in my power. You know which I've said before alright. Well, I really need to wait, which is why would you just describe my like? I said the same thing I mean my. I got power and I got true power in but I just thought thinking, I'm late, I'm a team player as well You know I'm never feel like, although I'm the fighter that's going to be in the ring. They're not going to be fine, but we're team, though I'm you know, I'm a team sport.
So how much are we often team player? And you know they have you doing we lived in- will have you will be able to do in weightlifting. What you're doing for this camp most definitely what kind of stuff we live for strip. So we do a lot of stuff lifting for slips means that kind of style at the robes. You know pull ups different things like that, but going to go back to not only lifting for strength buffer balances? Well, too, you know we should do, A lot of things with the balance ball, lifting with a balance ball, the last up with the mayors ball used to just training that I loved you know he was amazed. What happened to him when I have my title fight, you know, I think you start listening to people. You know,
Becky Sue he saw, but he taught he saw he saw he saw opportunity where he he felt like he can make a lot of money off of me. You know, and it wasn't the case it's like we would shortcut here. We was, he was getting paid, the right amount of money, but you know how people don't understand box and they think it's more into it or you can get more heat. Figure it for me. Really. You know awful one client on my bro, it's many of it. Men of use. Yeah, you know says very fuse on me. You know I'm saying yeah, it's like we want in life, I miss him, though I miss him man, but when you when you when you when you, when you look at me like a piece of meat and try to benefit more
I was really trying to do. Then you know you, don't you don't cross me like you can't be trusted or, but he had me right he's not here. I love everything he used to do. We still talk about him to this day we had to move on, though you know, because we know where his his intentions was just imagine now you let him back in you know they may do right. Then they may not. You know you just never know, but that is a problem. Once you have conflict once you're always start having conflict, then you continue to have conflict escalates yeah and then, when people always do think that they're worth more yeah is sad though 'cause I'll talk about he used to have it rain. Everything with all men I lose. This is the thing that I think that you there's a lot of good trainers out. There is an on. All you have to do is kind of explain what the guy was doing, how you set it up and you'll find a guy, especially when you consider all the did. I mean it's not just for boxing, but there's so many.
Guys that do that for pro sports and now they're adapting to boxing and mma, seeing a lot of this as well you're, seeing all these guys who are organizing these programs that you know they might have been doing NFL our NBA now, instead they're doing it for boxing for MMA. This is a lot of things that is straight training. The though we do is a lot of pain that we didn't do Becaus. You know I'm getting away with a lot of things. There's a lot of things in training that I that we so is a lot of fighter. Just don't do You know it seems, like the you know, now when I go in I'm heading. You know when I have a camp is mostly just uh. This speed in the You know him me is in a going over different things. I barely going speedy bed bad. Definitely, no. Do John rose, you know some, he did heavy bag? You know said Becaus of the
the power that I have is something we trying to get coordination down and timing you know me because I If I hear any man they going to sleep, you know we notice this and This is just a lot of things that that I just I didn't do because getting away with it. I'm still. I still get away with it. You know I mean, but at this point in time in my career now. We have the world attention, you know I want a better me. I want a new means, New Deonte, comma. You know an I'm so serious about that's why, when my team talk about certain things, I'm like I'm down for, let's make it happen. Let's see what happens, we can at least try it. That's all I can get benefit of, although I may feel a certain way because still, no one in their fight, but Iggy it like did it. We will team, so I'm at least can get on the benefit of the doubt and and and put forth the effort in to try When you going through camp how many days a week, are you doing strength, conditioning and
running in the mornings like how you you scheduling your workouts right is, is three times a week. You know we go. I sparring days, because I got all these big guys in there and stuff so will need some strength for sparring, but we're going through Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays so on spiring days ago, light or you go light on sparring. Spartan days. We go light with the weights life stuff right, so you have energy for sparring correct. Days were not sparring. Then you hit it hard, correct so so somebody organizes all this stuff. For you know when you do strength, conditioning. Are you running as well so that we do What would a light jog in a little different jargon? You know we do. Everything fast will do will do to to act all we want to activate defense foam which muscles in dogs we do everything with rapid speed bump if I'm and then they consist of me moving. My feet is spring stuff stuff. Like
now I wear a forty five pounds vest me as well too, and all my exercise and everything that I do have that extra weight on really so Chin UPS, every squad, everything everything I usually do that with this training I was talking about you know we just do everything with this so metrics that as well, not so what we can possibly do every night there were no again what we're going to do a lot of things We we within it it all. Like. I said I'm here, I feel like I'm here and no just being regular me just doing things that our probably would do, got me to this point, but now I just feel like I'm on a whole lotta level. Now I just feel like like now which time to apply the things that need to be really done and not the things that you know you can do and get away with right. You know I'm saying and that's just how
at this point in time so come to rematch, they will see a new deontay wilder. Well, that is one of the things that's exciting about. You, like I said, is that if you're only been boxing for eleven years, I mean you're just starting to really touch your potential you're still putting combinations together. Still putting your foot work with those combinations and learning the moves. I mean that you're not talking about a guy like Louise Ortiz who's gone through just as gigantic amateur career and professional career, and he knows what he knows right right, he's not learned. He's maintained your learning. Almost definitely that's that's one of things. It's so exciting about you in this stage of career being an emerging as a star yeah. Most definitely you know just to just to learn. I always said that when a when a when with is nothing else to learned in, I want to be in the sport yeah in all I want to be a know it all
have a an exit strategy. Do you know when you want to get out? My goal is to unify the division. Will there be one chapter, one phase, one name Peter Undisputed Undefeated, the unified heavyweight champion of the world. I want to defend that for a couple of years, maybe until I be all the top guys in the division, even maybe in in the second tier and then once I complete that I'm done like I'm, I'm done I'll, maybe drive, I say I say I have ten or less but I'm on a ten year no more or less lesser over the years, anything. I just want to accomplish my goal, man in your thirty now, three thousand one hundred and thirty, three three thousand three hundred and thirty three started at twenty one, you know know know know, know, too much punishment. You know Maine does. Could always tell you know. I got a great team outside of boxing. You know one day I will
the phone call there was a mister. Well, you don't have to work. No more your life, you know what our bill for for for generation will. This is not just for the moment in time or you know just right now. What I can do is offer my children and it always be for much in a lot of people can come in with different stories about themselves. Doing this isn't it, but when it dealing with your children, you know you always see them. How grow you you know, so would that be said, they got a long life to live, and it's up to me to be able to provide for them, so they can be able to to do what they they need to do. I want to be able to to do what they need to do, but but definitely not not just sit on the edge. Would they don't have to do nothing? I ain't into that business. I man is always been hard for me. You know I mean opportunity that we've given and if it has been a
Tooele given is smaller, but I had to create opportunities out of opportunity is always been like that for but don't you think? That's also part of the reason why you have so much power behind you, not just physical power punching power but determination. Just because you've had to overcome adversity. You've got to push through and that that gives you that will power list up when you hit it you've been there right on it, now. Are you a boxing fan outside of your own career? Do you enjoy boxing? I do I do I try to attend as many spices I can You know I have a you know. I definitely have a lot stuff. That goes on trying to get me out there even more so you know. We definitely working on the house out of box, but I'm definitely I death into a sport to seal the do you, when you think about yourself as being this heavyweight is you know at the top of the division now and you you look at all these younger, lighter weight fighters in you know like guys, like Terence Crawford Lomachenko, all these really found
Dick up and coming fires today, do you do try to apply any of the stuff that they do? No no text SARA Lee. You know it's good to look at and stuff like that, but I'm just me right, like my style, and you know, I never I never. I never look and see what those were. Those guy doesn't try to apply it to my style, a pass heavy weights. No, no plans are with the the you know, the my modem it my all time. Well, my idol is Mohammed Ali. You know I love my knowledge is what he did in the inside of the ring. You know 'cause he's loste many of times he you know he could predict certain things, but then sometimes he petitioned don't come true. It was bad. Clue what he did on the outside. He will he knew we were. He knew what he represented. He knew what he stood for. You know There was strong for me because I'm the same way, you know this day. I know what I am and what I represent. I know what I stand for you know and them it's a lot.
Me just to see him just specially knows time in days to be so stroll it just pave the way you know just like paid away from home. You know and in Mahama Ali paid away from us and so forth for so long with all the other great fighters. But You know we have tried to add sir moves you know event if you used to do this year, step step back like a counter put He tried to come in on you and then when he get you to Iraq, he is step back and try to come and punch We got seven coves that we will just like baseball, we certain things that we say you know and then I'll know what they saying just so, It won't be like just regular boxing right due to war. Two or stay ideas that they understand what you're saying, but if you lose it in terms, I give it nicknames or whatever
Try to do that or whatever how benefit, how beneficial would it be for you to work with different people? I don't know I don't know. I don't know I love my team. You know, I wouldn't say ever not have your team what I mean, but I feel like a guy like you, you have so much talent. It would be fascinating to see you just you know, take a day with virtually it take a day with this guy. Would you get together with different people to it? Just seems like you have so much possibility. There's so much My only thing is my only thing with it is that will will with the eagles in old able to handle the you know. He's trying to big eagles, not say and the you know not saying that the guys they have. I'm just saying in general, I've never worked with none of them, but you know when the Eagles come together when it rain. It feel like that. You need him. You know I'm saying this stuff like that, then that's when things go wrong, yeah, you know I'm saying 'cause, I'm trying how you need me. You know they feel like
If you don't have them in. You know, you're not going to be this, will you know that I'm the head guys come in yeah, you know in with, because I'm very dumb and- and you know, if I don't see it that way. You know I'm saying not saying that. Not saying that I would not do it, but I will put my input into I'm: not a type of person images. If I see it somewhere, you see it a certain way. If I see it some way, then, so I'm not going to spread it. I'm not that type of further just going to be quiet and just go along almost press. My opinion, I'm gonna tell you right now. This is how I see as well too. That's why my team is so great like they can see it and I could see a whole nother way, but we put it in together. We can kind of make it mix where I can work. Like our I'm trying this and I like see it. I can see you see. One thing is we have two in the ring, you know we just make it work together. You don't have any conflict in your team. That's you
giant. That is like a is a fucking distraction. When you see fighters that are along with their coaches or going along with their strength and conditioning trainer or whoever the fuck. It is man. You have issues with management. You hate your manager. I want to get out of my contract like that fox up, so many fighters careers and put some on the sideline for a long time, Andre Ward, I know so militant on the sideline for awhile. My brother, my least, you know, is micro close to one. What does he was a great fighter, but because of management and stuff like that, he wasted so many years. Yeah, it's very common, it's very common! So that's the beautiful thing about your arrangement. You seem have everything in order. By most done you a great team, you know, Mark J, you know look out
You know I got. I got a great team, a dozen though they they understand, you know Jay never been in a situation like this. You know my alone time trying to on the first to come out of the bramble to do certain things that I've done so we both have learned on the way. You know expressly been the spotlight. We got more brilliant. You know to tell what we champion lip eight. For Olympic Gold Medalist talks off. It's amazing how I can hear him, though yeah well It's amazing to the you got mark because mark when he was a welterweight was phenominal knock on artist and similar to you and that he was long and tall an marks, always been like a very like even keeled, intelligent guy. You know so it's really interesting to see him make that transition to a trainer and with you I think, that's like a perfect fit yeah, most definitely most def. When we can understand them. You know you talk so soft, but you know I've been with him for a very long time. So, okay, like I could you can be a thousand people in the in the audience aka.
I remember back in the day man when, when Marcus in the Olympics, man I remember watching him fight on ABC wide world of sports. I remember we fought Marlon Starling. I remember those days. You know great guy. You know the one thing about it is: is everybody got positive? You know. That's all right as big for me is just like you said when you get management and stuff? Are you hate? You hate him you don't want to work with them? It would be it bring avoids some type of avoidance in a group like right. You don't want to do so. You don't you like you, love going to train, but because cause of this person, you don't want to be there. You know just knock your energe energy level down like I said, I've never dealt with it, but I've had friends. They have dealt with before I've. Had my brother, he dealt with it before you know, and I saw as I've seen, you know first hand, you don't have to go to court,
okay do lead you on the shelf, because it isn't like other over and over and over again parts to create good new lawsuits years, trying to figure out how to get out of your promotional Contra or you know, silence a lot of guys yeah. This is the distraction numeric you not want to train because I'll feel like your cruise, not going nowhere. Well, it also stagnates guys, because that becomes the primary focus instead of just getting better prepare for the next challenge. Always thinking about this legal issue, you're going through is actually now, though yeah no you're fortunate in that we're, hard. You know most definitely, no matter what people you know look upon them as because lot of people like well, you need another trainers, it, but the thing about it. You gotta, look at it. We didn't made it thus far, yeah. No, it's well Well, the guys in the sport is is not in every guy out. You know yeah Lee is definitely making them to hit the hit the cameras like me, you know for no with or not I could
So this is not. I know I know I got power, but it still, it still takes more than that. You know I mean just you still gotta be to throw the jab it set it up to throw the right hand and throw them behind that and stuff. Like that, I got great trainers, especially in mark. You know, he's a great trainer. He teaching his ways to throw the jab in different ways. You know, although, when I get in there and I get it and I take my own judgment, but I also listened to him as well too, and at this point in time. You know it's going to be It's going to be a lot more, you know this new, like I see something because one thing I I want to do is. If I hear you, I see did you say, but it's not right there at that moment, time and then I start taking what you see and then I want being gay hit in the head get knocked out now. I just never want to say well I'll let to you when you got me put on the ground, but still listening
myself again putting on the ground. You know I but hello, my gosh hello, my guys in the room. Okay way for this. Okay, we for the food to get back in the gym is gonna, be a new, a new me. I can wait while the rematch man. This is a phenomenal fight and I really appreciate you coming in here. I'm a big fan. I was a big fan before that fight and I think the world of big fan now so best of luck. Sir blessing. Thank you so much thanks. So much these deontay Wilder lays gentleman the bronze bomber. Thank you, everyone for tuning into the podcast and thank you to our sponsors. Thank you to move in, watches, I'm wearing one right now. I wear old time, they're slick and they don't break the bank buy a really nice. Looking watch that you know they start ninety five dollars, which would cost you way more. If you got it at a department store like four hundred dollars or more and they look nice there hi
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