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JRE MMA Show #52 with Michael Bisping

2018-12-11 | 🔗
Joe is joined by retired former UFC Middleweight Champion & commentator/analyst Michael Bisping.
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German minecraft check it out. Experience join my day, Joe Rogan podcast by night live Mister Bisping. How are you What's up Joe I'm glad he finally did this man. I know we've been talking about it for years, feels like a lifetime, but you know it's been quite awhile. Man yeah, but yeah happy to be here quite the setup you have. As an Englishman, please explain to me the hawaiian flag, what the the hawaiian flag, see something I'm like views. I was looking at the other day when MAX Holloway one I was like if I didn't, if you didn't know any better- and you looked at that you like, some strange Morris black by of the bomb like Gilles Smart I've seen the podcast he goes deeper than I might do. I need to read some encyclopedias before I come on here, and the first thing you say is explain the british flag. Sorry the hawaiian flag. What is that? Well, it's like a claim to be an expert
on the history of Hawaii that class funnily enough, but I would say that we colonized it at one point much like America. I don't if you know this much like it's Traglia. India Australia's got funky funky right now. Would we like to insert the union jack in in lots things and you think about the size of England? How much? world you guys kick on is pretty God dam impressive. It really is But again, I'm no historian. No but but no it is I'm a proud Englishman. I guess our ancestors will not. My ancestors am my answer- the polish and irish convoy, but yeah the British. They did okay, I did a lot of sh. It got a lot done, but they do did you know I was at a they a lot of terror things, I'm sure of that yeah flight number. Once I was in that in Canada, I'd say that at a party of all things about three o'clock in the morning as well and as one does and that I'm and some guy starts going crazy at me. The things that
the British have done over the years. You should be ashamed of yourself and he was causing huge scene really screaming at me right I mean going crazy and I'm like dude what the nothing to do with me is that you should be ashamed. So, in the end I said well, where is your family from and you're not going to believe this? He said I'm only in Germany. Are you, a german, german and you're, giving me about my heritage? Okay, but I suggest you shut the up, that's pretty hilarious, but the history. The germ there's way more. Recent, oh yeah, just just left. The english stuff is in the past, but nothing come on. It's like with swords and arrows and Shaggy Robin Hood Times come on. Come on. You know living over here very much so you know I mean, of course you miss you miss home, you miss friends and family. Certainly
you know, as you get older, you parents get all the you know you you do think about those things. So, yes grace great place to live. Your your accent has tamed. It's all a bit well, when back home, do they give you shit about it? I got shit all the time, yeah all the time, then I was this weird accent MIKE and he's like this. I'm intelligent enough to dial to the surroundings that are man. You know a now say: tomatoes is tomorrow because I don't want a q low back fourth of five minutes with the fucking waitress. Do you know what I mean? I just want to order my breakfast to go. Bama there. Oh, my god, your English. You know what it means I'll say tomorrow to see coffee, but when I go back home it kind of you know and then working on Fox did they work me for a while that MIKE we like what we think We like what you said. Well, let me think understand what you say. It seems like he's good stuff, there's lots of energy there, but you gotta slow down. Well the pronounce.
Right so so yeah it is a little bastardized. Have you thought about doing commentary on UFC cards. If you don't need yet I've just uh the? What is it the content series? That's it yeah! That's it but but I think it's well, I know well, should be coming just go. She ate a deal for voice, well great with Zack. So yes, good, yeah, yeah yeah, you know 'cause you're really excellent as an analyst, but thank you very much. I appreciate enjoy your insight when you're on the panel. That panel is great. That is one of the best things you have he's done is do that post fight show, because, when the fights are over you sitting around, going fuck, holyshit and then have you guys, break it down and then break it down beforehand as well, but break down afterwards. I really do enjoy that. Well, thank you very much. You had guys do a good job. Yeah, it's fun it's it's nice to be involved with the sport. Obviously, as a martial arts as a fighter, and now we try to still,
still have a little handy now, yeah, it's it's it's nice, yes, but you've made a smooth transition from being a fighter to to retire. Hard seems at least from the outside. Looking in that it seems fairly smooth. Some guys have a rocky road. It's it's hard for them! Well, it's because that you know I mean I I want to tell the truth. While I'm on a sauce, I will tell the truth, but you know I had eye injuries. You know. So you know every from from when the eye injuries happen in two thousand thirteen. I always felt like on borrowed time, so is conscious of China set myself about side of the octagon where a lot of files don't have that luxury. You know Getty could end at any moment, so I was Ma'Am actively pursuing a life outside the office we are outside the octagon. So then, when that day came, I was good. You know. Excuse me some carbon
energy drink that shall remain nameless but that, but yes, so so yeah. I was working on that for a and, yes, things are going well. You know there's quite a lot of things going on, so you do that podcast with Luis Gomez got the podcast believe you may have got. A company called play: lime that aides say yeah, it's a government with its fancy sports, but expenses for simplified, basically is kind of like a sports lottery. So if we were focusing on the UFC who's in when win. What round? How many takedowns we do? Five stars hit them buying on you get a billion dollars. We had the analyses Harvard and Yale come with us. At least some of the top fifty people split right: everything you get a billion get a billion dollars. One book of b, move him belly and they baby give away a million dollars every single day of play, line, dot com, both married in billion dollar days rise available in our first he's blowing up his blowing up big time just about to sign a deal.
A couple of major sports franchises to be their official game somewhat. So that's going really well, so sir. Essentially like a fantasy, martial arts thing like you, just pay. No, Nascar football mma, the beach, we have, as you can set a playland to anything like we can set play line. How many times is basically going to burp go up another piece, I'm going to draw going to roll his eyes at MIKE. Do you know what I mean you can set it for anything, so it's very applicable, how many times how many likes is Kim Kardashian gonna get in a next past. You know what I mean, so it's maybe getting a lot of traction is doing really really well very proud of it. I would think a billion dollars. I would think you'd be like some guy. She movie where that some mobsters, who get together with some fighters yeah. This is how we're going to do it's. He tried giving away down three times. Okay, I've never heard as an english gangster solid the from what nineteen twenty Chicago Jc is, what we're doing so you're going to do, but yeah
yeah, I guess now, is that nobody cheated yet, but you know the reason why I say this is totally undermining the system, Joe really appreciate it. The reason why I say this is this will happen with professional pool profess pool had a line at one point in time. In Vegas, casinos in the pool players all got together and said: listen let's, for we can put all our money on this guy who's, a ten to one favorite, to win it or ten to one underdog, to win it and will make money, and so they all dumped in this one I think its name Lebron. He won the whole thing. The only way he could That is if there was no stocks, now starts so it game of basketball. Everyone would just have to stay. And do nothing right. Which I gonna shoot. I mean I don't know too much about basketball, but I was, I was, is commissions, referees civilian body, would say something about when we just standing there doing nothing. Well, they did with pool they. Do you don't can gamble on twenty more available place? Two shady man, Do they? Are there shady the shaded? You know anyone that plays pool in England
spend so much time in pubs. Exactly spend so much time in pubs. You're hanging out with resting calories is yeah unsavory characters due you started at UFC Ultimate fighter season. Two. How crazy would see we season three. What what are on now like or some like? What are they on? I think just did two eight and twenty, but that was crazy, but that's only you, They have the the brazilian one they have. The Australian, Diego Sanchez is still going on it. That's what's insane sounds impressive. Seeing one he's a maniac he's, it God bless him. You know good for him good for him any one recently, which is you know the address of now. I know any fights in a way that isn't conducive to a long career now, but he's hot on my way. It's insane, it really is. It really is you are such a character to audit is out of mind yeah, it's a good way. I mean you know I mean I compliment. I do as well. Yeah yeah, I know, he's a maniac, but I mean that guy season one and still
still strong nine. Now I now crazy crazy. It's been a long ride for myself as well, but that enjoyed it enjoyed every minute of it was great nice to nice to leave. Having won the title, though right, two percent off on nice. Is that the capital off, because you have such a long career man, you fought the best of the best and for you to cap it off, knocking out Luke, Rockhold and then having that. Well, no one can take that away. Fear for not for sure you know I mean I was talking about this recently on th and filming a documentary built for this, and that is by my career, and they were asking about that. You know how would you feel excuse me This call today to get a drink. That's not our men and less energy. During the call creature, someone creature on demand and some of the lie that mythological. Where was I yeah scary, scary monster? There you go, I'm not
they were asking about my fight career. How would I have felt hot? I know when the bell- and you know how I mean it would have felt like he was on the business I wouldn't have been quite as content is walking away. When I did how to had. I not won about other than winning the belt. What and when ultimate fighter, I'm sure, but what was your most satisfying victory? Was it Conley? No! No. I thought I don't know my most satisfying victory in my word. Oh Anderson, Silva Anderson, so there's a big one. For me it was a big one too, because of the cheap knee it was cheap. It was. She said that it was cheap. I mean John Anderson Silva Fan, yeah, everybody is get any bigger instance of a fan than me. But you didn't have your mouth piece. You were pointing to the mouth piece you were separated and you took a pause I thought the referee was going to separate you and give you back. Your mouthpiece in Anderson comes in with the knee. Well, I know the that has to be a lull in the action for every step in and I'm backing up and were
engaging in blows to me that's a little in the action, so I say that moment to point down over here say my mouthpiece and as I'm down there boom. He throws a beautiful name beautiful. It really was yeah good for him. You know, I don't hold it against the guy. It is what it fuckin' came back. Yeah like classes, it wasn't fuckin' Eazy. I tell you that every part of my will to continue but yeah. You came back and won the next round. That was what yeah spectacularly impressive, but that's what you said. What is the most satisfying when, and I said that was one of them. Of course you know beating buckled in women about nothing to help, stop dead and a big one too, because came in on short notice as well. Your show, but the yet the end, the someone because of that yeah. It just made the story line so much better yeah, you know it's it's a fight to that. I should to you know, have to dig deep
to win it on. You know when they first dropped. Him drop in the second round. Third round I was winning they're, not happened, so yeah no felt good. It felt good yeah. That was, though, that also like to just to get a victory over that guy. When it's all said and done, there's there's some yeah. Listen, I'm aware of that people I would say, oh, but you didn't get Anderson in his prime. Well, maybe it was in his prime, but with the amount of that I talked, I certainly see a the way for me to the ways for you know and it's funny, because people, always say you don't work that when you talk it going into a fight that you got a multi that your opponent, even more and I always used to say it. Anna don't be stupid, try to hit you hard as they can, but I don't So in that one I think it did motivate Anderson 'cause. He was certainly not fucking and that one that's for sure. No, you wasn't. It wasn't like the understanding, the Derek Brunson Fight, that's for sure yeah. That was a different fight right.
Weather in Branson him almost like limited agreement. They didn't fight. It was a weird fight. Yeah air, Derek Brunson, didn't want to risk anything in one, engage with them to want to quickly or go to heart. But then you see some of this fight to comes at you like a marauder, Derek Pronto, yet yeah salute, and I was talking about recently with the Israel Adesanya fight, and I think I think it kind of pissed Israel off with a couple of my comments and that wasn't my intention, I said I said that I'm not! I don't have a complete completely sold on Israel at and what I meant by that I didn't. Sold on him being a great fight, he's clearly a great vice, clearly world class, what I meant was so him being the future of the division being the champion. That's what I meant, because Brunsen never showed up in that fireman. I mean that with the grace of respect he was like a deer,
the headlights, you know he he was intimidated, just been knocked out of Jack Array. You know a little gun shy, you know, and it was a great performance. Israel did what he need to do, but, as I say you know, I tango and there was only Israel really fattening. That fact. So when I say those comments, I said I'm not entirely sold on that file. That's what I'm I didn't mean because I don't think he's well class or excellent fight, because he clearly, yes, just meant not sold on that file, whether or not he's the future of the division. Well, it's a stacked division. I mean look. I mean you still have your well Romero at the top of the heap, what they're doing with him. I mean he was supposed to be fighting boy Cina, what I am the pilot Costello Coast about hygiene, yeah who's monster. If anybody is who's on steroids, who looks like they're on steroids, it's him and all the
not that easy. These days with you sorry come on. Some of them are on steroids, some of our job but who's on. Okay, you telling me that you don't believe that your marrow ever took a steroid in his life. I didn't say that okay, Devlin still, I think it's possible only possible how's that fence you sitting on that. I get it. It's a tough scenario for you to be in no, no, she Commente hooking, honest bro. I believe it I'll say it and, let's not forget it tested positive. There was that whole yes anytime, somebody says it was a tainted supplement is bullshit. You never tested positive for never tested positive in my life. Let me tell you something: I'm not a guy that How was the back of everything I've read, I'm a child's mother fucker. I really am. I wish I wasn't, but I am I'll just go through I doing what I do. I've been tested. A million times, never come close, okay, some of the guys they blow up the lab yeah, now
no smoke without fire. You know what I'm saying I agree with you. I agree with you. I remember there was talk years back before you Sada. There was talk of certain camps that would hire you guys who knew testing, and these guys would orchestrate a program for these five to make sure that they didn't get caught right. They would figure out ways to you know a off, but still keep your gains and make sure that you didn't test positive at all, and this was on, under the assumption that everyone else was cheating as well, and this for a long time. That was how a lot of people viewed the sport there's guys like you, Bj Penn, there's a few guys that this new were going to do anything. It was their word. They said they were never going to do anything and they never looked like they did anything. You always maintain the exact same physique throughout your entire career. Well, the thing I I think, where they started getting a little weird another one is is back in about
I to too much, because that's been a narrative that I over yeah I've said my peace about that. I want to bang on about it too much, but I think where the water is really got murky is when He came in yes, I testosterone, replacement therapy became a thing I know you had to do was go to which I said hey you knock. A hard on whatever and all of a sudden. They signed you up for unity, artsy, I know even worse, you could take steroids first and then come off. So your testosterone was low, no really go to a doctor and say I have low testosterone course yet because it messes up your not sure, was election offices, we've got hit, guys, took steroids and then, when in afterwards and said, they have low testosterone because they were on steroids. She not exactly so then it became legal. Then you had all these guys coming out. There saying you know I'm on trt I'll die, die and then the outlawed, a and then ten years later, so
I'm still fighting to this day. Yes, you know so without naming names you know who you are chairman Well, it's about t r, Trt Vitor Belfort forever. That was when he was on Trt. He was a different kind of human being. He was just completely different than he is in Ohio. Circumstance no yeah, looking You can say that, because when I fall in my forty Monty I'd say you funny when he was at the super v. Absolutely a lot less. The incredible hulk he muscles on his eyebrows yeah. Looking back, you can see that, but at the time as a fighter you gotta be. You can't think, like that. You know what I mean. What are you looking at? that. Wasn't even doing just now, it doesn't do it justice that's supposed to be before and after yeah coming from the cold in the wake of a little congested, so they'll keep coughing the real. Is that I want that's better, that's way, better, that's much more accurate and he,
the guy who was known to take things things early in his career. How Randy when yeah was two hundred and forty yeah exactly next- are the the top of his head, but SAM yeah there was a I I picture of as well, both on the scale in Brazil and that you know looking back now, he is holy. You know anyone else with the I've seen these guys got big ball of of of law, but you don't think like that, the time you con is a fight if you still having those thoughts, those doubts shot. Looking at fighters physique and thinking. Oh, he looks good you you've already lost right now, but in hindsight you look back at the whole world. Was I thinkin the you know these guys bodies out of his mind, I remember on that. I was trying to get a rise out of him, putting his hand in my face. I'm not really this guy and you know,
bless anyone that is you know. I mean I respect everyone's opinions, but I'm not, as we know, Victor is heavily religious and he kept sticking his thing in my face. He was pissing me off so it'll come here come here and he leans out. There was no Jesus may may. Maybe there is maybe there is. You know me get in jump to the head. In the second round. Maybe that was got the washing. Who knows what did he say some? portuguese both well is the Here is the fine line right between talking shit and a backing it up? But you don't you, you did a great job of piston p well in your career and that is that plays a factor that whatever you can do to get just them a little bit out of
comfort zone a little bit out of the composure I and you you were really good at that, get. How did not you know I mean I hate that to be. You know the first thing people say about me, but you know it was one thousand eight. It was a thing you know I it was will, but what I did and in my mind you know what I come from my background, you know: if we're going fight, then we're fight and then it's all out war. You know until it's all said and done, and if I can make you doubt yourself, if I can, you know it's like at the way in the ways that the last time you're going to get a chance to stand in front of your opponent, send a message to him. You know what I mean and if you get it his face, and you can just instill a little fear puffy. It's not my animals do in the wild sure, no numbing, puffy chest outlook intimidated, look as angry as you can. You know, and and some fires might just look at that and laugh and say this is going to work on main, but some it does Yes, I'm and then, and then they don't fight to the best of their ability, because they're slightly doubting themselves, I'm not fully committed to the punch of the cake and
not fully committing there. Not one hundred percent they're not fighting as well as they can be. Winning the bile. You know so yeah you look like kind of a so, standing up there and pointing your finger and talking she but it's for a reason. Yeah it works yeah, and that was it. A Greg is the the best at it. You know you can get people to fall. Look at just employee id be shelf enough. First, a fight, true yeah yeah. He I mean don't get me wrong. It was great as well. You know it wasn't just the trash to no he's great as well. I think the Nate Diaz Fight, didn't it didn't work in that fight, yeah and it doesn't go, doesn't give a fault there doesn't work. Exactly doesn't. Work talk at him. He's like you, it doesn't, it doesn't make him feel bad at all. He enjoyed it exactly feel comforted yeah. Well, you know is: is this just another day at the office? Now yeah, it's a it's a thing like a lot of people would wish that fighters were respectful and just you know to did well the martial arts way and bowed to each other, and that's great it is you know it's funny. I was
now this morning in the gym manager. He He said you know. I said I feel like that side of things kind of is killing the UFC anise. I should look up. Yeah, I'm not it away and let you know respectful to the guy, but I I sees point understand what he's saying, but it's entertainment and he gets people, but that's another reason why you should do it. You try to sell the fight. You know you want. You want every part of you involved with to be as popular as possible, weathers a podcast, whether fighting, whether it's whatever it is, if no ones watching no one gives a funk. Then you're not going how much money you're not going to get booked again, you're not going to be on the big cards. You talk a little. I know from a consumer standpoint from what fine I mean look at that last week with that fury and wild yeah. You know I was I was you know the palm of their hands and it was an amazing fight, but that you know it hide shades great. It's awesome to watch, I mean yes, it is beautiful to see two fighters walk up there and bow and shake hands and all the rest of it, but it's also a little
looking boring if I'm honest like when I'm working the way. Jordan might give me something talk about, please you know 'cause. I don't want to talk about your boring last fight that went split decision when Nothing really happened, but if you get in the face at the way in great, we can pump it up a little bit. We can sell the fight, we can hype it up. Yeah they have these press conferences and no one's being mean at all. I mean half the fun this time cash. It yeah no have Salute Lee dinner, I'm enjoying myself, I'm in my element of them. It's like you, know the famous one with GSP when his even toxicated well yeah yeah yeah. I'm in Vegas really want me to do you know you don't want to fight until the end of the year and it's January. Ok, we will fight in two months. I wouldn't be intoxicated right now. I am you know so yeah well, there's been some hilarious moments and and press conferences, I mean the one that giant one with the UFC were Jeremy Stephens clout,
the corner guards will focus that it was hilarious. That was great. It really was good honestly. Every time I see that I do laugh, it was great. So he had was. Is that guy? But I don't know but I think he was actually actually serious. My is this guy, but let me out I'm sure he knows who Jeremy steven- I don't know you don't think so. Maybe may may maybe not. Maybe not. I don't know everybody up there. Sometimes at press conferences, yeah, you can't you know what I mean do you have seen as more than five hundred fighters in their roster exactly yeah, especially when they have those giant press conferences, and this you need level so sixteen fires up there yeah it's impossible. Exactly. I like both I like when fighters is respectful and I like, when fight talk, yeah for sure I mean I did enjoy. It was nice to see Brian Ortega MAX Holloway. Had that nice back and forth. Why MIKE's site part of me Brian? Was you
exactly- and I hope, you're well and hope, you're over the injuries and all that Saturday, that was nice to see is great, but the ball, Greg shooting confidence at the same time they were both Adam and they going to win the fight. So it the the being too overly corneal. Yes, you. I want to see that I don't. I don't see two files, pretending like they're in church or meeting the focking president. Ok I see guys want to rip his head off. Call me an animal call me Bob call me whatever you want, but that's what gets my engine take? Well, even when they were at the final weigh in and they're staring. The down like, even though it was respectful. There was a lot of tension, there's a lot of tent. You know you talk about Madison weighing yeah. I never saw that one when they at the way in MAX and Brian they just stood. You know a couple feet away from each other staring at brother, it was intense. It was real that was a hell of a posing credible, he's incredible. Really this really is a main I was
kind of and the concern. I know you were the one who initially threw up the red flag when you you just felt like he looked to tie air door, legislating these words. He looked, he looked half asleep, he looked like he just got outta bed, that's how we looked and then he was slurring his words and then so I just said: hey you, ok MAX and God is love. You know he was slowing symptoms that, unlike and of course, FC tonight, you have a production meeting. We go over the questions, we're going to ask, so you got them questions there in front of you, and I thought I can't stick to these questions. I've got out ask this guy. Are you ok, you know for you, I'm glad you did that you will. You know I felt bad afterwards, because then I heard that the fight was off and then I thought schitt if I'd gone on. Now two days three days out from a fire going on for UFC tonight or whatever just do my obligations as a fire and then the fire on the rostand's called me out for an injury and now the fights off I've been pissed off with them.
You know what I mean. Maybe that's my if I want to highlight it, so I felt a little bad, but I really respect she sent me a message thanking me: you nice, thank you so much. You know Should I appreciate that I needed someone to do that because he knew we. He wasn't one. Yeah so yeah so anyway, but I wasn't fully. Instead, he was ok 'cause, it seemed like he was not enough, will his words or whatever, but this term mumbler mumbler yeah. So my you know so he's a he was fine though he was more than fine dude fine. He looked in insane. Show Guerin Ortega fired back Ortega, his body shots to drown him a couple of big shots again at the end of the third round. He's like this is my round know. I saw her told you yeah, it's crazy. It's crazy and cardiac. His cardio is incredible through the roof you know actually
What what combinations, because angles well reads the fight and that's the main thing. You know what I mean. He reads: the fight, so yeah read the fine and he's he's he's so good good at implementing that strategy of like consistent pressure, constant angles. Switching stances and he switches stances flawlessly fights just as good. Somebody does. Orthodox and he'll switch in the middle of a combination, yeah and then turn corners on normally like That's right! It's not there to be counted out yet, but can amazing man really good and when you hit him back you let collapses. You don't know for sure will remember against Ricardo Lamas yeah. He just pointed at the flies that come on. Let's go right here, standing I get out. Yeah he's allows all soccer. That was awesome. Really was you know it's great to that. He is okay too, but I'm really happy that you did point out, because there was some issues and I think a lot of that. Probably had do I'm just speculating probably had to do with that massive weight cut when he was,
get down really quickly to one hundred and fifty five, which is crazy right. He fights at one hundred and forty five is the champion and even struggling go down from that. He was in one 80s, get down to one. Fifty five quickly, but it could be fun, yeah 'cause, they offered it on the last minute sure you know when Tony towards NY apart was out on the set with you guys when you, when yeah, that that was in that I wasn't there now but yeah. I was in studios, yeah, wanna, fucking freak occurrence. AZ trips over some wires blows me apart. What was it the the five day match three times yeah and then there almost Add that the finish line doing the final bit of press yeah, it's crazy trips, all right now! It's insane you can't such bad luck is not those guys are destined to never fight they've got a fight. Now I would if I was the if I could wait, wave a wand and any match. I want not division pool, that's the that's! The mass health show sure. Well it's the fact that has you know I mean Tony. Is that my my still the interim champion?
You know I'm no idea whether tripped him. They make any sense to me. Listen Tony's, you know, he's a he's, a he's, a character shall we says he is a unique character, but in my mind he fought for the interim title. He won the interim tile and then he fucking blew his knee out. You know so you know let me out to impress obligations. He didn't do anything stupid. No, exactly that's why I didn't understand that they stripped most like this guy. I mean the guys ready to fight and then months later. He was ready to go again. He beats the out of Paris, yeah no noise and he looked incredible. Yes, I was kind of concerned and not fight as well, because it was so far. Just coming back and I thought so fast and apparently was doing his own rehab, who know these wild techniques, and you saw that stuff online that he was doing. I thought this guy is going to hurt himself again but at night he went out there and looked amazing really didn't even do any sparring really yeah I need to find this out for sure yeah him, but the word I'm getting for people to know him as he didn't spark. He just got in incredible shape and
said. Look, his name is healing up it's in the process of healing and during his camp it was continuing to heal and wasted the way he kept. That going is don't. Do we take down? Don't do you need rental? Don't get leg kicked will spawn is as part of preparing for a fine of course yeah well done and the wrestling wrestling and spa and that they had that. That itself is probably wrestling grandes actually find a wrestler does know up knees, my knees fog? Not that I'm a from, but my knees just destroyed, so it's mostly well. I think I have a torn meniscus on my good knee right now. That's my good knee, but my bad knee. Actually, GSP in she ate it back here I was training for to five three final or training with George training, you know Zoo, said the l g, fat, Jai Courtney and Uncle Jim at the bottom of the box remained yeah. We were I sing in nine. The many hit the floor tore. My p c l and then just not a one thing after the other. You know that was what thirteen,
twelve years ago, and it has always been kind of yeah well I'm sitting here right now, when finish, I, when I stand a limp like crazy, because when I see here like they see it, use up, seizes up my crazy. So if I'm in a restaurant, I stand up on a wall like a moron. I don't want to the mouth, even as I this guy Jesus Christ, but then I walked back and I couldn't find the light. This attention seeking busted forgot that he wanna failing when he went to the bathroom sees now it's okay. Just when I first stand up yeah public popliteal cyst. I think that's what causing right now, because it is a system that I think so yeah he won that race trained yeah. I know I know I found this on my right knee about a drink. Twice. Yeah I've got to get that done. It's a pain. In the it is the last time I just went in there and just pulverized. It went in there and just kept sticking it with needles, really yeah yeah I've gotta get it done. I gotta get that I'm going to get a lot of shape. Does my name
case. You remember we're talking years ago in Manchester about Magnolia, taking care of people didn't know, but what I mean it was hard for me to talk about it and want to talk about too much. While I was commentating your fights, but you had a neck that was so bad one of your arms as we can the other like if you were to bench press offshore still to this day I mean you. Could you could that summer? I short I it and stick it through the the skin. Now, and I wouldn't feel a thing. I don't know if I would feel a thing, but I'm told totally. No, my I had a shower after my workout before and then when yeah. Well, I get like the kayaking are yeah, but I was in the shower. I was the timing of been working on tv. I was doing a show called hyperdrive for Netflix in the summer move it move. It was really. It was night shoots at four in the morning and I was I'm doing this. I was like, oh my god. Oh it's, okay, calm down, though it no it's okay. It happens all the time so yeah, it's just pinched nerve.
Now five c six are going to get it taken care of some. Have you ever done any decompression or anything like that yeah? This is it so my hope, my own fault yeah, I'm too old school. I need to go in and have treatment body, but it's like it's a whole thing. Joe. There is a I'm a busy man. I am a girl I'm afternoon to golf say, and you know get my site done. The compressor I need to do. I need to do it and this year, two thousand and nine the year that I get all these little 'cause. My quality of life so find you know what make it I just I just grin, and whatever and just occasionally have a mini heart attack you know, I'll, be ok, I'm fine, but eventually this is the year going all these little niggles taken care of well, there's a
in Santa Monica called Lifespan medicine and they do a procedure called Magenta keen and that's what Peyton Manning had done right over in Germany. Comb Ryan had it done, and this is how I fix my bulging disc in my neck. Well, when I saw you that a Manchester yeah I tried SAM to Germany. Yes, and I was telling you you don't have to go to jury and that's right, mom yeah yeah they do that. It's exactly the same procedure I didn't go to Germany, I don't go to drama, could be bothered the probably won't do anything. I don't want to go down and spend half an hour or half today, I don't want to Fuckingg Germany and give him a week or whatever, so not that much time. It'll take you like a couple hours, you do it three or four times and they could fix it now. I know it will decrease all the information. The other thing is: there's thing that they sell at Amazon, use, get on Amazon, dot com or a bunch of the stores online, and it's a spinal decompression harness of CD hanging on the door have seen the thing where you use that
it would be hard that one too, I thought that's what you were talking about. That's a good one too. I haven't used that one, but I have friends that have used that one. They like it alot, it's not bad. It's not bad to one that I use. You hang from a door, it's older, more hardcore right. It's hooked up this harness eclipse, the top of the door and you crank, it click click, click, click, click, click, click and you literally hanging hang hanging. I was gonna, say chair, but it just oh really, yeah good! I'm going to try and get one. If you do it consistently, it will decompress. Really. I do need to do that. I need to do that. You can do it in your house. Just get up in the morning, you know: have you come up with comes in and finds me hang it could make you suicide, but that dangling from the fucking door frame thanks Joe won't kill you, it won't kill it now, but it does. It does feel good. It's the only way that I know of the route to really stretch your neck out that way, yeah yeah. No, I do need to do that. I try to do in the sauna. Is it wrestling? The did your unit yeah well short for show yeah. In fact, I remember I was going for a takedown. I think I ended up had but in the floor
A lot of it would happen. Yeah there was one of the fighters from alpha male he shot in for take down, the guy went for a guillotine and he he spiked himself and then just never people do never walk, never walked yeah, no well yeah, because, as he shot, you know he went in deep on the arm pit the guy went for the guillotine to his head is trapped and all there waiting to get your you know feet up in the air, the audio power power, double yeah, of course, yeah, and then you got to body weight. Yep going on your head and neck as the pressure point, if you will Derek Lewis was the funny. Of all time for sure, absolutely one on yesterday of a girl, I think she's dead, she twerked and she work standing on her head and then she twisted her neck and her whole body seized up stiff as a board but you would find it funny. I'm sure this poor woman families that hope, she's, okay, yeah yeah. I really do
now she's, okay, but but no, if she's not, is nothing to do about it now. Well, not to raise it now yeah. Maybe we want take the piss out of Ok, you got it. You got to look at derricks Instagram on a daily basis. 'cause a lot of this stuff gets taken down. Oh really, yeah! I'm surprised he hasn't been banned. Yet you know now. This thing is too popular, not direct for a while he's awesome he's very funny he saw he will raise. It doesn't give a damn. No doesn't care! Gymnastic thing! You know, I see things, people said things. You know guys from back home. I got some things this morning, but the mass offensive you know an apple or charcoal in private. You know I'm not put that shirt on Instagram and I'm not gonna put it with the whole world to see. What is this? Is it doing a movie or something he's doing a movie? I think, but then things will move. The other day said
when John John sneezes on yeah. I saw something that captured John Jones. That's he's an interesting character. Huh, oh yeah, yeah, for sure that the big comeback is going to be a tough fight. Man, that's a big fight. It's a big gust of sun is no joke. The way that I love the way they stay size up to the way, the only up again, obviously, life, maybe That's why John struggled a little bit the first time because he's not used to fighting somebody with the same frame. The same physical attributes that make John so great Alex also highs. Yes, what was his last fight? Was he asked to Shera? I think yes yeah Mazen five sensation beds, hundreds so fast and so fast, the combination to put together they were beautiful and really really good. The final Kael was like a video game. Sequence on duty was incredible. It really was. It really was.
I mean I think, in a lot of ways that was like what we're looking at with Tyson fury. Deontay wilder, like two guys, are never fought anybody that size before the whole short both fighting giants, bull, fighting again tall guys. Well, I know you had both guys on yeah on the show and I'm a listen to a little bit of yesterday's with the on set would pick you mustn't from wrestling, but when I watched a fight I so I know when I watch the price of the I hopping, I I I I thought the on sale is going away. Okay, even now, Tyson is a very, very good technical boxing for such a big man use a lot of fame and a lot of misdirection and he's very good thought. The aunt is probably catch him, but then, when I saw that he weighed in at two hundred and twelve pounds, I so it's over there's no way to know twelve pounds is too much of a disparity. It's it's insane, but yeah still got now.
Unbelievable. He said we tool number when he got into the ring yeah. I heard you saying that two hundred and nine yeah talking heavy It's insane! Well, that's what I thought. I thought this guy is too light. Yeah, it's like a twig seven, two one, nine, nine crazy. Is it really is a fucking 12th round KO or the jury failed to down. That was insane was got elected. Teddy ATLAS said it best. He goes he's like for even saw what hammer, but I mean, oh respect, credit Tyson, fury, forget no talk. I mean what I know those old not talking down to put on his instagram about it. Not not! You would be ten. Second, it been over ten seconds, but still it is what it's kind of over ten seconds on the clock, but the referee: it's not the fighters, job, no, ignore that yeah and sex, sometimes last few jobs to to monitor a stopwatch in accordance right where
but at ten, no, he hasn't said ten and he gets up fight still on. You know, there's no telling that he couldn't get up on the actual ten. He probably could have gone up at the actual content as well, but just he got up and then managed to win the round. Well, that's what really impressed me yeah! I was in the biggest fan of Tyson Fury a few years ago. He Ok, yeah, I don't know we have some stupid back and on social media on twitter, but was it about. He was saying that some, Gypsy, John, whoever is knocked me outside a nightclub in Blackburn, but the only problem with that is supposedly at a time when I was living in America so anyway. So so it didn't happen. I've never been knocked outside in that club in my life, but apparently according to Tyson, it did happen. So I wasn't overly. Grilled right, but I gotta say over the last six months or even the year You know he really really won me over. What he over came. Allusion,
way going through that depression or slump. Yeah, you want to call it and then coming back and looking so good and then afterwards post fight speech of four was beautiful, yeah donating his money to charity. All of it is just to say, number one is ten million dollars card, we spec dot that and that that and you've got a series inside. So I applaud the guide him a huge fan, yeah I was, the shit out of both of them, and I think that would happen with you. It was during his cocaine days, these Janice hope to bring in like a favorably. He will probably out of his mind. He said that yeah yeah, exactly yeah, you guys he went to a dark time, but you know what fast thing to me is that he pulled himself out of it not pulled himself up want to pull other people out to shore. No, absolutely I I and again yeah. Don't you know that hard earned money return? You know you have just given.
A million yeah. I never thought I was amazed as well that would've been a huge pr stunt, but no we give it all yeah and I'm not speak volumes about the mon. He even said. I don't need it. You know This is Anita, is probably made enough money to retire already. Is that some big fights sure the cluster fight and then the match will be even bigger or the remote should be gigantic. It somewhere April May June somewhere around then yeah yeah, that's going to be not saying yeah, that's one of the best boxing fights about the save me as well. Yeah, it really wasn't all right out like it was, as it were. Looked like Tyson was out boxing him and you know using a faint smile movement lot of misdirection lot outlet that Yankee Jerky style. That not only does that, so it confuses people, but don't get clipped and dry. Oh, you know, I thought it then get cold. The left talk, 'cause, I'm saying we were. Was the
Us Seattle, a card on and the same time? Yes, only with the folks you do as and when the folks they said you have to deal with Fox is up They switch to Pacific PCB Pacific Coast, boxing of which day on one of the guys. So in the room where we were watching watching the Adelaide card, they've got the they're they're out of Tyson Fury on now. I've got a toy talk about the Adelaide card. Detail and break down in this, and but this one the greatest heavyweight I've way you but seen you live going on that screen over? That's all I want is what's yeah it was crazy. It was crazy and anyway but uh I was watching it. Obviously they aren't. I was that big right hand, man he was doing a very, very good job of rolling away from it. Just a boy did not show up, and I said if he follows out of a left hook, he's going to catch him and eventually that's what Honda that was exactly what it was and he caught as he was going down, which is even more spectacle
We clipped him the first one Clifton with the right hand, then caught him left hook as he was going down and the fact that he got up after his flat on his back his arm go down. I think Six out of ten referees would have stopped that fight right there. They would have waved it off, oh for sure, yeah. No, he looked for him. Moments he looked dead yeah, he looked out. Sorry pardon me, didn't look dad. He looked looked knocked out. It looked unconscious for a few seconds yeah and then the lights came back on. I know he can. Interesting when a judge or referee rather has a decision to make whether or not they decide to stop a fight. And it's the more frustrating things ever when this number referee stopped the fight prematurely it's rough. But then, when you look at a fight like the Adonis Stevenson fight this weekend- and I don't remember how to pronounce the russian General
name, it's with the G Z, yeah, eight that guy who knocked out so I don't see this, but that I don is he's in hospital in critical condition right now, correct! Yes, yes, yes and he's gone underground, brain surgery he's got a he's, got bleeding on the brain and it was it was of. It was a good knock out, but it wasn't it wasn't. Insanely vicious yes! So when you look today, you didn't think right. These guys have issues yeah, he sat up. You got up there like you, look so he's okay and it looked like you know, that's a problem with boxing now you know, I think, what what is it twelve to fifteen deaths per year, name boxing around the world? It's a very, very sad. Stop again, you know, I mean involve the us. You know all the pro mma dialogue, let's put out there. You know well box, is more dangerous because it's only punches to the head and take more blows, but
that is the thing that gets it is shown below it is. It is true for sure the slightly bigger glove take more shots, which has you know, are going to get on the brain American Football Verses rugby as well. Rugby is a better, safer sport yeah, which is, no pads, no helmets, no, nothing right, but yeah, but it's a better I don't know if anyone's ever died in rugby. It's not something that I hear. It's not a narrative. I'm sure someone's problem short exact on this board, but I don't think is a thing now, but unfortunately I mean you see, I mean the poor guys, you see, kids at high school. I was one of the news I think couple years ago, close to where I lived down here and yeah. Thank you. I would never let my kids play football. My kids want to fight at say, look, you can learn how to fight correctly, but if you want to play football, get the out yeah yeah, two two: you guys run into full clip clashing helmet to helmet it. Well, that's the thing because the young, kids, yeah, the young, kids- and you know I remember when I was that age. You think I mean this part of maine-
that you think you're invincible and certainly then you put on this giant helmet yeah and you can you just charge if you hadn't, you know it may now and origin, and that is in the K. Well, we've gone over some of the most recent statistics that they've released on CTE. Would football players and they're talking about from pop Warner to high school to college, to professional the number like across the board. The number that exhibits CTE symptoms is staggering right, it's not only The vast majority show it is yeah, it's crazy! It's a fucking, nutty sportin, rugbys, better, it's better sport and it's a better sport. Why, in terms of but to me I enjoyed getting used to play book there I used to love rugby. I was. I was a pretty good rugby player when I younger brother, surprised to hear that from an American. You know I don't watch football, you know my big american flag behind. You got the king. What are those
that's? What I will release to now? That is the an asian water Buffalo from my latest gas. This is the world of these. Are the asian Wall to Buffalo? That's from me, good mate, Adam Green Tree, who shot that sucker and brought it over for nice. Nice yeah, decoration, yeah, but that's an invasive species in Australia, they'd shoot about a helicopter, all really all they have to kill him. There's they don't have any any other than crocodiles emotional, John Mitchell flesh on it, but it's nothing hi, meeting, flesh and bones and was when he got mad. My pants lock into yeah this size of those are horns. Man, it's a huge animal, and I can only imagine yeah house in town, yeah, yeah, Charles the gigantic. Well, they have house over there that wild the called scrub bulls right. You know how you see. A rodeo rider rides a bull, make the bulls like crazy giant bows in their fucking super aggressive. You never see a bowl in the wild dude. I used to work at a slaughterhouse. I used to smallest five hundred cows today.
Size of those bowls will scare you to death hammer that wasn't looking at the Cox or nothing, I'm saying that their balls are like holidays yeah yeah? No! No! When I was sixteen now that I've come from small town in one of the local employers is that the slaughter any any any young loser like myself is done a stint at the slaughterhouse beneath the job. You know and I went in and I was squeegee muffin blood into the drains as I want to fuckig this so I said to add the former said: listen, I could be of more use to you. Then this is a. Let me think about it. So I went off I'm a break. I'm a bacon sandwich came back in his lap, yeah you're right, you're, good k I'm gonna make make you an apprentice, a man of the that's, not what I was looking and so hello shocking. I've never seen anything like it. In my life it was insane insane and I'm
all the vegans in animal lovers, I'm an animal lover, big time you know, but that is you're going to make ends meet when you're a kid and I live in in a small town, yeah yeah. So how do you slaughter him? Well, the the line up single file, who eventually the come like a little cubicle like this and you're standing above them and as they come in, you push a button door drops down and there in this confined environment like a big rectangle, I could make cubicle an your raised up and you have this bell. You touch their head and then you knock it on the head that shoot bolt, falls down and falls into the wall, and you push a button and the door slides up, and the cal rolls down so. You went down the steps and, as you're running down you grab what's called a Pippin road. It's like eight foot, long flexible piece of plastic is sterilized liquid. He pulled out as you run down, then you put you neon ballet. He put
they on this at the head of the cow, you feel for the hold you just made in the higher. Then you get the end of the pay for multi push into the whole you feed all the way in until this all the way. Until about this much at the top of the, how arrive about eight four, eight four, the your feet, all he goes 'cause the spinal column, so spinal you, you killing all that killing all the nerve endings wiser popping out of his head things: bucking kicking like a man thank. Then you pull that out back in the sterilized thing, you get a chain, pretty brown around the rear for the pushbuttons strings. You don't knife here to here. Elevator doors like the shining blood everywhere. Next, we'll back up says: nice counts, go if you don't quit like Well the Fokker. Let's go come on Wi Fi
today I was such a positive. Has such a little bit. I couldn't do it on my phone. This is I'm going to have nightmares. When I go home, I think it for about two weeks and I'm like yeah, I'm out, I'm out see buddy too disturbing way. You do, and and and the people that work there a little disturbed as well. You know I want to manage and you get a little twisted couple yeah job I mean I think they were with me, because I was a kid right. Yeah now a lot, because I obviously from that the to get the chance of it in half and they start looking like meet. You know they go open. Thank you bye. Yet to go MIKE. It's an acquired taste. You know draw the dead, we just doing it to funk with me. You know what I mean sixteen year old kid wet behind the ears for that Yes, I didn't know that the stock of rod through this the hole in the brain yeah wade through this plan on yeah, it's crazy. It's it's pretty shocking, yeah! never heard of something like that. Yeah fishing rod brought this called. While I wonder if it's standard practice still today,.
I never I've never seen I've seen some awful the yeah yeah, but he I wish there was a zero dollar. I instantly very, very quick yeah. You got to know from one day. I couldn't do it now, there's no way I could do it now is when it when you're young, you know yeah you miles and you get all the field, your your values change. What if that was the only source for me, what is my house of cells and you can automate than the mother dine? You know the main yeah, but I'm not a I. I know you're a big hunting guy, I'm not a big deal. I've never been hunted in my life, but it is an eight. It's a nine, then then good for you. Of course you know it serve the purpose yeah! Well! I became a hunter because of those videos which videos of Peter videos of slow houses, all really yeah, really don't want to have any part of that on on Well, exactly nine! I respect that. I did I'm not so much into that. Well, my detested trophy hunting and think yeah.
You know analysis, no, no, I'm not into it either. I mean I really don't understand the desire to hunt something you're, not interested in eating yeah. I mean these rich businessmen flying out to Africa and you know: shooting images based on Alan or or if from a distance. You know what I mean that there's no honor in showing the lion even from close up. I don't get him a distance hiding in the bushes and pulling the fucking trigger. He did. That makes you a man, even though you know the only great way that makes sense to me is if you're in a part of Africa were lions, are consistently killing your livestock and you have to protect your livestock, which is yet Colorado. There's a big issue with mountain lions and Sean and lot of it. Wyoming does a lot of places that have hunting seasons on Mount line, yeah, absolutely yeah. I did that I wouldn't say it hard and fast rules for everything right for in situations that have you know a different approach.
You know that Cecil the Lion thing, the whole story that went down and you know that what happened? I I'm pretty. If you remind me, I think I know about it. I remember something about it: famous, majestic line that was in this park in the the lion left. The parking went into this area, where it's legal for them to hide in a a hunter. Who is a dentist for America shot this lion brand. Everyone became very mad. This guy, because the line had a collar on it, which meant that there was a line they were tracking. The thing is that you can't see the caller when they're trying to shoot it. They have this giant main there's, no way you going to see where this from somewhere yeah? So he's a fucking arsehole, you know, so it is in my territory, where I'm allowed to shoot alright gray area. I guess but the fact that you're flying out to folk in Africa to shoot majestic beast for Maine, that's a weak excuse,
it is, and this is coming from a guy that used Fuckin', kill fabric hours a day. Here's where it's fucked for a week- and I was an apprentice. I didn't really do it very often when the band glass hit in all these people were furious at that guy and then no one wanted to go over there and hunt lions, because no one wanted to go over there and hunt lines. The lion population exploded when the lion population exploded the undulate population, all the low but get dropped radically Joe, the wildlife I'll. Just made an assessment that they had to kill some lions, so they killed. I think they one up killing two hundred lions and just dumping their bodies, whereas for the money, it would have gone for those two hundred lines. They would have gotten fifty thousand dollars for each line of a hunter taking them and then what they have done. They take that money. They pour back into conservation. It's a very mean e business, sure absolutely you know, and and then there you go, that was the the the argument for it yeah, but it was really argue which it is a tricky argument, and I don't have the answers and I'm not educated enough to really sit here and debate
really cast any kind opinion on anyone. Really I just shoot it from a distance, I'm not fond of that that they should. I know them from a distance you kind of have to yeah. I know for sure I give a elk up closer to real problem, yet not sure so. First, I'm not talking to use going out and and I've I've seen the videos and you barbecue, it looks delicious. Is it we? I'm shows right, I'm sure it's awesome. I have no reason. We've that I'm okay, some place, I will kill you. Did you go holy, I'm sure I will and he's like anything else, man. I love mate. It sounds clock for sure and yeah yeah, no you're right. Look it's a to its look! The the argument for it, you can make the same argument for people Hey you will keep these people healthy, just kill couple of what well there you go exactly how about a you know. We have these really rich people come over in Germany. They spent one hundred thousand dollars, no kill
poor people and that the rest, the poor people, are going to get all this money and all the houses for yeah right now there was enough accommodation for everybody to live in, let's just slower. Let's just coal, we just have a few thousand. Let him loose in the hills with Chase in with both people gets tricky enough. It's not good, it's not! It's that will kill so on the right is a murder is coming over the border job solved and then the other problem is even the animals. It makes sense. I don't think there's waves images coming of the board must try couple, let's be honest, and I think there's a horrible yeah. Most of them are just poor. Folks want to better know for sure, and no shame on that. Well, you're, an immigrant, my family is really. We were all product grants, one hundred yeah, of course, you native Americans Pro shut the up one hundred percent. There you go yeah yeah. I know I was still here yeah. No, I know that's a only thing. I'm not really here. Fucking show me third generation american in this country that the hard come across there are. You know everybody I meet out here to be english
boy yeah, but my my fucking aunties, english or Irish, or the Oakland to be out. You guys, love to claim an irish dissent. All we is, this reason is, is because of Conor Mcgregor. You guys love to claim my my mom's Irish. My mom has irish accent. Okay, if I could talk like this, make hey did you say she's a which is the high. I have never once claimed to be irish eyes. Well, I say to everyone in the lot yeah, I'm swiss, I'm italian on this. Does anybody in your immediate family talk in italian accent? No well shut the phone 'cause you're, american, ok and that's? Ok! That's ok! Be proud of that yeah you're, not English, just 'cause, your great great great great grandmother group in its way killer, Gloucester share somewhere. Does it make you english love? So your kids? Ok, your kids kids will be american yeah. Well, yeah yeah.
We got green cards recently, so yeah they will be. How does that work? You have to mind your peas and queues. We get in trouble over here that ship you back. I guess it's tricky right! That's one thing about me: I'm okay! You know years ago it would have been an issue, but these days I'm german, I'm a gentleman, I'm refined gentleman Joe come on my business manager. She's come on Germany, killing commentator godcast, you doing movies, so love the place. We don't have to worry we're, not we're not hanging out in bars getting knocked out by gypsies. Nowadays, you are getting into the movie business I've been doing a few movies. Weren't you doing a movie during the time you were doing the Rockhold fight. That's right, yeah! I was filming XXX uhm yeah yeah been out there for about three months, and then I will flying home and looking for some walkie talkies for my seven year old. I don't know why I thought that be a good idea.
Getting hold of walk talk, isn't very easy. These days I went on a fucking wild goose chase, trying to get these fucking walkie talkies that didn't even get played with yeah. It could have a phone that yeah. I should have thought of that, but them as I'm looking for my checks, twitter. I got a coffee and a c Chris Weidman pulled out they're text. Dana said: listen in fact, this is true. You know, you know where I am and he was that are great. We love that you know blah blah blah blah blah, but Jack arrays first option, so I thought for a minute there I thought was getting a title shot and I no way Jackie is going to turn it down. So I went to my buddies nation's house and watch the basketball game and a few drinks, and you know didn't party is such I was on set the next day, but had a few drinks. Now, if I knew all this fighting for a world belt in two weeks, you know have been on a strict diet, not overindulging, but I definitely off windows and then the next day going into the gym. Just have you know and little light workout out, I'm a fun
exploded, latching up the Christmas tree. I don't know what the hell now I will have Nichols Maine is that MIKE Dana just announced the sports center that fighting for the belt, but the fund is the first I heard about it. That is really gone. Lies in so I'm not home from panicking like crazy. How much should you weigh side? That's first thing I did. I run into the you've got on the scale. I was at two hundred and fifteen to sixteen cuz. I rough yap yeah. I like do you like a week before I like one hundred, so this is two weeks before I'm two hundred and fifteen summer schitt screw the weights. I need to run, or should I just run out at the gym, throw my backpack shoulders and just have sprinted through Toronto City Center, like a madman of course, there's traffic lights every thirty seconds, so I don't want to stop at the traffic light. 'cause, that's no good! So I'm just running out nearly getting run over by taxis and jumping up a homeless people falling over ducking and diving. It was great training, and that and
some negotiate and you know the fight while swimming to Toronto and and and kind of go in, and then I end up like in the middle of no, where I just running and running and running and then J simply allow gets on the phone and that it's the the DOW sauce creep in and I start thinking Jesus Christ, his cell typical of my career. I won a title fight my whole career. You now been too many ups and downs, and now here I am, I get the title fights on two weeks notice. It says I'll be filming a goddamn. I've been been married, MMA gym for a while doing anything these against somebody, that's already beating me, so I'm kind of destined to fail this so fucking, typical and then Jason on the phone, and you know he talks we round big time. You know, I said a lot of very positive things chase is an amazing coach. I'm really is incredible. It really is there's a lot of a lot of trainers out there there's a lot of pod man, you know fake in mixed martial arts. Certainly these days, you know guys that really have true have t
in martial arts or any kind of steep history in combat sports. The few and far between you know trained. Any guy can watch a video and your little bit cornish how to hold pads, and you see them. They said that all the crazies in it these days in pods to get fit. You know one to left a will. You know just because you can do that. Whole pas doesn't make you a coach right, does not make you. Caution is a lot of fakers out there, but Jason is not one of them. He speaks from the heart and he knows what the fuck he's talking about and we had a good shot. And by the end of it I was, I was feeling a lot better than yeah. So when you were I'm that movie were you working out at all. I was doing violence workouts, I like to show me when I'm in the city, so I was running probably three or four days a week of four point: two mile run yeah yeah, so I was running and I was lifting weights a few times a week. You know biceps shoulders,
you know what I mean yeah chest fast lots, a jazz as you know, the maid and then GS piece called Jorge Blanco. You know Jorge no, I don't. It is very, very, very good training. We shot Evans, put me on to a loss of a job that I went to see him like two or three times in a row, not not training as such, but I worked a little bit of exercise, but sometimes that's good anyway right, so it gives your body chance to recover. Well, that's what I said afterwards, because I went into that fight, feel so strong feeling. Good, I'm not sure. I I consistently over trained every single fight in my career. Apart from that one and, like I said on Sundays, I learned from this and you don't and it's not just a brillo, always says it takes confidence to take a day off to rest. The body you know now, of course, is a fine line between having to take a day off and be lazy. Since then, I'm going to sit on the couch today,
but if, if you know, listen, I'm good I'm going to take Dell to offer because I need it. He now sell is one of the mistakes I made with my career. I always trained too much in Jason said you know I used to mind folk myself because it meant so much to me. You know my fight. Could it's almost to I used to over over analyze, overworking stress myself out with it. You know, and that would was hindering my performances. I I never once for today to my ability of what I performed in the gym, never one. I remember one day I pulled up outside Ruka and Jason was waiting for me outside and I pulled up and he says might come here. Let me have a quick chat. I said yeah. What's up, he said, listen, but you guys in there ok, he said but you're a fucking world champion. Can you go in there and spa these guys in act like a world champion down here, you're up their act like it don't go in
you Tampa, spas out stress out out like a date say things you regret. You know when spas not quite necessarily going your way yeah, he you know he you get a little pissed for whatever you know, Seiji she caught you catching you in topping you out a little bit. You stuck in love for Stratus it can you just you now how come we have none of that please and great advice. Just I when I I was fighting for the belt when I flew home from doing that movie away straight the gym. When I landed and Jason said to me, because he I was always stressed, you know he said, listen, I'm we don't know if you gonna to win this fight. Thank you know finish, but I, but I believe, yeah. I believe you to win this fight, but we don't know if you gonna win this fight, so this might be the only two. Time. You're ever going to fight for a will tile right. I said well yeah, possibly he said well, let's enjoy the process, You know. Let's go through this with a smile on your face. He said this is huge
your position that position that would kill to be in your fighting for the championship you find for the belt you wanted this whole is your whole life enjoy this, you know, and it was such amazing advice 'cause. I was like yeah you're right and I went through the whole thing with a big smile on my face when you clip Rockhold. I remember thinking hold lease. When I see rock legs buckle, see him stagger backwards. I was like huh Lee shared. He got him and then, when he I'm willing, as the Cajun you and Saddam I'm gonna help, but laugh because it you know it does bring a smile to my face almost like you couldn't believe it. It was like a book like a movie. It was like it was. It was one of those things because you were big underdogs coming third fight, everybody know you took it on short notice. Everybody knew that you were working on a movie and so for you to and that when you landed that left him, you missed it once before. Two and remember thinking that man that is fucking close, like that's, looks like you saw this opening. For that left hand, and you you clipped him,
the top of the shoulder didn't see it comin bang, you drop that left hand on his chin and you see like his eyes. Roll back. Lace man. What was the whole plan, the left hook, you know Jason and that it was open for that and I'd seen it was opened I need, was even doing this exercise on these bonds, like a resistance bands. Whatever we doing this and his chin was open, his right hand was down at the end of it and Jason said, he's Julian. These moves here and he's finishing here that left hook all day long and then you know he's coming forward and were exchanging punches and nothing really significant as London, and I just brought to the body just whip, the left talk, and you know as a fire when you, when you land a good shot, because you get the feedback on your face. Yeah, nothing like it. You know what of a when, when, when you feel that that solid connection the knuckles go through, the love you be like. Oh, that was a good one and then
boy falls out of around, and then he gets back over what you bom by and then that you went down in obvious. He's got very good, jujitsu and kind of sat back against the fans enough. I'm gonna be careful not to go in his guard, but at he fish from the best feeling, I've ever felt in my life was big, John Mccarthy's gigantic for nearly pulling my head up my shoulders as he wrestled me, but he knew it was over because I knew it was always great with that feel like when you knew you did it one of the best feelings in the world one of the best, because enough for me, you know the man fights I've had is on believable professionally known professionally. You know when I was a kid. That's all I was. You know that
that was my. Only identity is being a fire. You know, and just being back that guy, you know home, fortunately by the wrongly was wrongly wrongly. You know. Of course it is. You know I was. I was a idiot when I was a kid. I was fine so much, but that's what I clung to you now I I was a five. That was the only thing that I could draw price from. You know Grandad becoming champion. Knowing the everybody wrote me off, knowing that everyone talk about me, you don the fights just just you know it was everywhere UT. I heard what people always said about me. Do you know what I mean so to win like that in style in the first one, yeah yeah felt amazing there. It is right there, oh yeah yeah Rocco's very upset yeah, it was yeah. You know, you talked,
should tell you enough to beat him well well hold on there with my wife was damaged and she does as shouts out, because if it wasn't for her- and none of this would happen but that withdrawal called with what happened after the fight so white. How kids? If you that, if you that have after the first well, I jump on the fence, then I'm just all worked up a skit you whatever. No I'm, not I'm not too concerned about that one. And then I will do my live big to be damned. If you will, I I I do a lot of the octagon and I crossed paths with with Luke part of May and I'm I hate, you know you say whatever you say yeah, but you know good fight whatever above above, I said that and I carried on, hi there. My mom and I was just out of my mind on adrenaline and just having a great time and then I found this out I'd done an entire lap, the octagon again, I was passing him again, so I just thought extend my currency one more time. You know, and I put my hand that he said only shook your hand
Am I oh? Really you still going to be a decade? Is that yeah? I already shook your hand. So then I was like ok. Well now the gloves are off. I said: don't but a in octagon you've just been knocked out. It's okay, you figure it out. Minute, don't worry about it. You'll come to both you'll be good, so I can but like an asset, because people didn't see that he refused to shake my hand. The second time I would go fuck yourself, then and then, when you have with the when you give the Michael, I said the most crude comments ever I'm not I'd, be fighting I came out of my mother, I'm not wallow in image that I want to put a trade to the world when I went well well, you know when a man was ever since I've been born right, you know, but in the moment the words escaped me little bit and the I the rather disturbing image of my mother giving birth to me, but but yeah I didn't choose my words too carefully there. But you know it was great man. Well, you can't be held accountable. For that I mean that's.
There's no one! That's ever going to be able to understand that other than someone who wins the title. No one is going to know what that felt. Like it's impossible thing. It was incredible. It really was. It really was. I could only imagine who is good one good. I'm just happy that for you, I you know. Having a chance to see all your fights and and see your career goal for as long as it went that you did go out with the title that is, that is yet to shore yeah. You know I mean as a hey. That was for me, I'm sure. Well, I would have retired I wouldn't we tried yet yeah. No! No, because I because I I know I could still do. I could still fight now. You know I can still, but but the time was right you know, and then I started having issues with my good eye as well. Yeah the Dylan fight some light. You know this is what I was their eyes now, because you do. You had oil in one of your eye: yeah yeah kicks plane how that was going on yeah. So when I do touch my right now, they did
go to slash, will buckle, and if you, if you, if you watch the surgery, it's absolutely disgusting, but that would one of the things that they do. They put gas inside your eye and I think yeah is wrong. I apologize to all doctors, but the kind of kind of helps hold the retina in place, but you can't fly with and I was filming a movie in England a few weeks later I said- and I said you can't do arsenal filming a movie. They went okay there's another way. We can do it little more unconventional. We can put oil inside there, but then you with that you can fly some okay cool. Do that so where they did that uh, you know it's and then, if we did and then about Glaucoma, I just had a lot of bad luck. I did use whatever. Can go wrong with and I trust me I went through. It looks different now
yeah, it does yeah, it does yeah, but it looks better than it looked. What did you do looks great, don't worry about a job you want now. I know you're good. You got it's. Okay, it's a it's a corrective lens. Okay, it's a corrective lenses, a process. Take so Can you see well out of that? I said I see at tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny bit. I really! Yes, I don't. I don't really see out of it and division very blurred. I'm going to able to pass the test to pass, to be able to clear a commission to fight. You got to have twenty slash, two hundred vision, which I was able to scrape by with the skin of my teeth. You know so don't you was always amazed that I could still see to that amount. If I, if I squint it in the right direction- and I turned here on the light- was just what I could just about make out twenty two hundred while so, but what happens is then that
and could you see into different images, distorted images, you brain councils, the store and one you know sell with the depth. Perception remains, and you know that perceptions real issue, yeah yeah. It was an issue throughout my last few fights, the main. The main thing I mean say you say, and I I was cleared medically by the doctors and the UFC, with very very on top of all of the UFC. You sent me to a number of different doctors and nine, as I say, a pass. The test just be with, and every time I did, the doctors will lie. We don't recommend that you fight he nine. Of course, two and two hundred vision is still clinically blind, really yeah yeah yeah. So but but yeah yeah there. You go. That's fucking crazy yeah but never slow me down. It didn't slow internet. What's crazy! Looking guys, what looking right now if I sit there at nights and get drunk and watch mail. Fights have never done that
once, but if I ever do see some old fights, by which occasion just happens by chance, you you know afterwards, I'm always calling for shot the bell or whatever I said to my with this case. I get it out of it he's out of his mind. You know absolutely out of his mind, but at that time it waiting and trying to not become the champion did not even to me for a split second, giving up, never even occurred to me for a heartbeat. Why is that? Is this how you've always been? This is some. I still felt the I still felt that I could die. I could win it. Similar is not you know, but a lot of guys if they lost most of the use of one of their eyes would have been done, but I'm sure no, no chance is not worth it yeah. No, I know and. Probably the smart thing to do would have were I've been one of those guys, but for me
the non I a. I a meant a lot to me now I want to I want to become the champion. I knew I could become the champion contrary to popular belief and I'm. This is made did the day it was my identity until I will not belt. I wasn't happy when I won it. My wife. She wanted me to be what I fought Luke in LA He said if you win, I want to retire. I said babe. If I lose, then I'll retire. Try! Okay, because fair enough the tile shop. We now I did go my way. It is what it is. I would've had closure on the US to be. If I win yeah mind, if you think I'm gonna tires come on on the jumping in the world are going to milk it for a little bit finally answered decent pay days. You know so yeah but SAM. It all works out. Well, the big fight with GSP, no yeah! That's that's why that took place because you have that well, yeah! You know I mean the
enjoy. George beat me fair and square that night, but there was a lot going on in going into that camp. That final week and again I never said anything at the time because God bless Georgia, a great guy, and now I respect the hell out of judge. I really do yeah. How can you not? You know I mean I know I it's all that shit leading into the five. I was just me having a laugh. I was allegedly having fun with it. You know, I know. Willie wills was like you're, enjoying it yeah, just having fun just bust balls. You know to me- and I I think George is incredible. Think George is the consummate professional professional that inspiration spyro, martial artists out there is one mind you can your career on the way trains away, looks after his body. The way cross, train, George, St Pierre, will be that man. You know these days raising to myself. You know so nothing but the greatest of respect. People, as we said at the start of the show that doesn't sell. People don't want to that people don't want to see that so I'll play the bad guy. I've been portrayed
by guy might my entire career. You know by the see the editing a non, not fall of thousands editing, creativity, take a I'll mouth as well at times cell. You now come on. You know I'm well enemy as well, but the week before the fight, yeah, we've or the fi add that the best training camp in the life Anna sounds brag about knocking out multiple spy pond. Is it not on purpose? You just felt incredible. Fell absolutely incredible finals by session. We adds my protein that flown in for a photo shoot to someone else that for a photo shoot the gyms absolutely packed. We got some guys in sparring may and that I'm You know everybody wants to be the guy. You know that that that as to take down all whatever gets a submission on the guy this and that's how it is That's why? I don't like going to too many mma gyms when I was fine, because every time you walk in you have a target on your back anyway
the final round within five rounds of the Friday before the fight. This guy shoots in shoot a double leg ones. We all the way across the octagon like his life, depended it depended on it. Picked me up. Slam me down and his shoulders went right into my ribs and I felt instantly just all the cartilage just tore completely an I just started swearing screaming out. I fucking, because I knew I knew I went to a doctor. Doctor Juana and yeah wasn't good. So I was hello tree. In every day- and I was ever nice on me and all that type of stuff, but It wasn't working so what we can who came up with this plan and we're going to inject myself with lidocaine before the fight? We all know me, but the problem is the alley where it once was and you can pass along the way I have to go ahead. You you you could
Ok, so let bleed to death, eternal cleaned it. So I got this doctor I was going to I had the needle. I had lied to k that I was going to go in and speaking to the toilet and face time. The dogs are names okay and anyway, the whole thing just to on top it was. It was beau shells. That fact is this: is the stupidest plot ever bollocks to AL fight with the sole rape a bit of a dry land? And you know I'm going to fail it anyway, which I didn't under night. But people said: oh, you didn't look yourself in there. You weren't moving too much said yeah, no shit. I couldn't move yeah but, as I say all credit to George God bless him. He did great. Did you was a a sparring partner that you had sparred with regularly. Now you can add data. Sing a great guy came in from England for the last couple of weeks? So is Dean who took it down? Yeah yeah dean. Very well. Do you know, day yeah yeah day the plan to do yeah? What the dude yeah I know, he's a great guy days. Also is great. Yeah he's is great, you know is, is the way it goes. You trade in and yeah
What are fight gonna, and there was a failed to San Jose when he supposed to fight Mcgregor, like last around the last sparring kicks in album breaks his foot. Also, that's why I'd ask yeah, yeah yeah. It's happened so many guys such a fine line, because you feel good, you train so hard. You feel great anything I like you cause, you will say: okay, let's call it that guys because the call and then your lan, I don't know I feel good, come on. Let's get one good morning, because sometimes I know we trained as far Monday Wednesday Friday lifts the Wednesday Spago's really well, let's end it there 'cause, you want to end really good spot. You know what I mean, because you you feel like will champion you fail great. You know you, you remember how you handled all you, spy upon is and and whatever good shot she landed and you didn't really take any damage. That's a great that's great momentum to going to the
fight with. And you don't know if you have another spy said he's gonna call IDA right. You know you might be tired, you might be one down. Those guys might the game that day and if you get a tough my session well then you wanna do one more because Kong would too. If I have to get your kicked in the spa session right, you know to me: that's not good karma and you go in there with and choice. Always weird would want to find, find balancing acts, but they do you. When you look back on your career. Would you have done anything differently in terms of the way you prepared and yeah for for sure, a lot of things? Yeah yeah, you know I made. But the real time machine yeah do it all over again yeah. I do way more thing he's yeah. It would be so that one I would a balloon up in between five discipline between fights. You know I I didn't exercise enough of that enjoy device yeah too much. You know these days a look after
nobody way more now than when I was fine, so fucking hypocritical. You know I so silly now, I'm the because now I don't have the luxury of going to going through. I come to get in shape right. Do you know what I mean so now? I've gotta stay in shape, simple, as that was in the past, and my yeah, whatever I love pizza or a few beers Vad is I'll. Do I'll leave whenever I want and then when I'm in training camp switch it on, but it's not good for the body. That would be one many things, many things you know. I don't really want to throw any under the bus or whatever, but yeah training was did this things really changed to change. Though there was a group people that I was involved with in England for a while, definitely wouldn't wasting my time with us for Canasol. Did you get clear of all that legally now, not yet still going on this Friday? There's another hearing in the court? Yeah she's still lots of lies let's, but this has been going on for about eighty eight yeah, something like that. Yes, it's two thousand and eleven. So I remember you telling me about this. When we were in England together, yeah
yeah, it was a long time ago, man, it was a very long time ago. Yeah we're going to do then there's a lot of some bags out that people that want to take your money, so it's hard for young fighters to when they get can actually obligated to someone that doesn't suit them later in their career, but then they start becoming successful and they're still contractually obligated to those yeah. For short, I with it's a very common issue with fighters give well for me. I was contractually obligated. I kept my mouth shut. I I I did my five years and and moved down, but they saw a different way, so they came out some totally fabricated nonsense about com bills, going back to two thousand. Sixty just create invoices in. Just just totally fabricated anti case, not single email, not a single signature, nothing! It's last! People that even got this far but if you've got brass, balls, Anya and you're willing to stick to a store and talk a lot of shit and lie You you can. You can go a long way. It seems, but
I want to talk about that too much 'cause there, a problem getting sued again, you thought about training fighters. I would love to yeah. I really would love to because I feel. This was one of my issues as I was a coach, so I part of me as a as because believe it or not. You know I mean I was tied at thirty nine years old at the time at the most fights in the UFC, and you know, and whatever Believe it or not, I know I think Let's move out how to prepare for a mixed, martial arts fight. You know that was of my conflicting things, always with the coaches are not that I didn't respect them about. I I would always kind of feel may be I to do this or should be doing now and and and that's what I would do a lot of the time I was I kinda like the head coach. I mean Jason pros, probably the head coach, but I would like be the one that did the program need to work on this I'll, see that guy on that day right, you know so yeah I I
would love to. I would love to right now. I've got a lot of things going on and and and life is good, so I don't really have the time to dedicate myself to right. I naturally I'm kind of enjoying just well, I'm still working for the UFC doing that you know the the the the fight coverage stuff, but it's enjoyable to produce the different. You have to be submerged in it totally so for so long it's refreshing to be doing something else. You know yeah so, but but one that would love to for sure what you're seeing it with fighters there's some of them that are, can those transitions and in the training and who better to know what it's like to prepare for right. Then, someone like yourself who had so many fights in the UFC I mean if it's almost like that knowledge and experience is almost wasted or at least goals it did that the experience of how to prepare kind of goes away. If you, if you don't pass it on use, otherwise someone has to go through all the sub short in through the yeah absolutely Joe and the and that's
All the while I do want to do that when the time comes. I just say it would be fair to anybody right now, because I have the time to commit right now, I'm working on some things and hopefully they'll come often there. I've got some free time we can set. My ask you know everyone's always lie to Congress. The retirement. I'm not thinking retirement, I'm working harder than ever these days. You know, maybe I need to come out of retirement to get some free time back. You know, but when the time comes, I would love to do that. That is the best case scenario, though your situation, because you, you retired into a very profitable career, where there's a lot of fighters there lost when it's over, they don't know what to do. Always scared me yeah. Scared good for you, you for thinking like terrified me right from day one. So I left school. Sixteen, we now no education, like fucking Idiot one of my big regrets in life, small boy. You know I'll of England not going on that beautiful little town, but in a tiny little town, not a lot of
opportunity and just fell into a rut. We now working minimum wage in factories. You know from seven in the morning till six o'clock at night just doing Monday and medial in on, and I hate it. I hate to I really did, and that's why I became a fiery. Ultimately, the it was a very well planned decision. You know the whole the whole story to me coming to to to do this was that it didn't happen overnight. You know those as steps to it. What was your first discipline? I start do japanese judges who, when I was eight years old, was obsessed with it. So the tell you knew how to clear the sword. Yeah yeah yeah. I was obsessed with japanese Gypsy relatives, a great school yeah. I I was doing see. We didn't know it anime back then, but we were fightin anime. We called it not down sport, video at if you, Google it you can bring it up. You can think of some of the files not down sport Bhutto. Yeah we sent in may bad, no coal, I'm we have like these
international tournaments against. You know man. I was about fifteen, something like that at the time, but ash yeah. So we we do tons of us of when I was younger. You know I was as Abscess martial arts and Pretty much worn every single tournament I ever went in and then on top of that there was little ship out about as well as I was having plenty of variance and then, as I said, just dead, that a job after dead end job dead, end job. I got to phase in my life and met my wife Rebecca, and we had kids was like this. Is this or that life is going to be, you know, and then my boss, at work at the time, make he said to me my you're, pretty intelligent guys this. What you want to do for the rest of your life and I'm life have fun now serrated hey we guys. One of this is wild may fight club, I mean even the CD dark, looking back sound, weird lighting. This is like a scene in the movie came out with fire. He walked. You walked through fire to get here.
Jesus. You did. Yeah actual fire looks smoking in life there's another one actually did, which is true to my scooter headed on this. This is now. The way you guys address and and everything I to this day, think that fight should be held in this sort of scenario where there's a large open, open air place like a basketball court. I just feel like the cage is factor in fights. No, it really is. It really is and it allows I mean you can use the there's one more on there. If you find it Jamie, which is pretty funny joke at a good laugh, and so everybody else 'cause, I guess the early Michael Bisping was on we we we bow age of, and I can give in the face by of the Bible. You know the referee it's at five and yet the you can use it as a you know. It's another
open, install on it. You can learn that you use it to stand up. It's a factor, it's a huge factor in the UFC, an unnecessary box. It's hard to see, sometimes, if you're in the crowd, You got a post that for a brown you end up looking at the screen, yeah, no, absolutely you do yeah. Obviously I was having to meet Louis. And one of our episodes recently were saying you know, usually when I'm from roll the file the hold on a minute. Whenever you ever front row the fire for one 'cause, he was. I prefer first wiser. Am I ok? Well, that's what everyone says that the car get from row tickets. Ok, you all said I'd rather be on the first visor. You know 'cause you're, going to get a song. Not looking up as well. Guess what, when you from around this fucking cool? Ok, you can hear the punches. You can see the blood in the sweat from the first riser was good, I'd be doing commentary for the french fries. It was great. That's where all the selected boy was this. Look at this. Jesus Christ, though the that was five In my opinion, he says hi
Where is where wrestling shoes yeah, while they all head scissors classic, there is the there. So a video on flow grappling from a recent jujitsu tournament, where a guy got a gun ahead says, is to put him to sleep right, yeah right from his guard yeah. But I would a couple of I shitty grappling tournaments, but they had says yeah yeah, yeah, marksman yeah. It is not enough yeah, it was, I guess, the best competition the guy might be. Fifty five is all that deal legit though yeah yeah get the knees on the right by the neck and squeeze like a now a hurt, and especially, if you practice it, I feel like the head scissors, something likely I think about when you, when you, since in a darse right or when you, when you go under for Dar's, any clamp, hold your hands. You pinch down yeah some guys are expert at alright saluted developed or six squeeze six clamp down. If you just can't,
we drilled out all the time you could fuck people up with that. Just get better at it. Just get better at like you could you could, but I don't want to be the guy going for a head scissors in the UFC and it was not funny basement british british wrestler. He looked into the head scissors, it's like the women going for their head. In our view, no in women's MMA, you try a head and arm yeah as a man, yeah you're going take you back to choke you simple as that, but yet or running around and Liz Carmouche. She was wrong. This thing was always get that headlock and then hip toss and get a girl to the ground, and then you know get her an arm, but it's not working women, but not men. Next rate, We will their heads and necks of even smaller, so there should out of the easier you know they really works. I think what we saw, the Rhonda Rowsey fight with Liz Carmouche Liz Carmouche took her back and almost choked her out yeah, and if Liz was the as of today, she probably would have choked her out Joe now. She just wasn't quite experienced enough
at the time. I think the reason why you're seeing it more in women's MMA is because, although the level is very high, with, like Valentina Shevchenko in Union J check inside work, the level of the champions very high, there's still the the lower levels. I know lately near you could watch a an undercard under fighting on fight pass is a fucking world class demon and the UFC shows a man. The women you're still there's, there's some way, some of them in the yeah. Well, this is not his strong yeah. I I mean they have we do it as long right, talent pool isn't as big right. You know that the women aren't as interested in it. I was just about to say the percentage of men yeah interested in pursuing martial law is a mixed, martial arts, as opposed to the percentage of women way lower right. I don't know what the percentage of metal. If we said he's fifty just for the sake of the argument, women is gonna, be five percent yeah. If that it's not it's fibers, probably meant if my wife said, Michael I'm going start training 'cause. I want to be an mma fire. I said
pack your bags get out. Let's say: shut the hell up, make me a sandwich. What are you talking about? Come on you gotta, be in MMA fighter. Are you? Oh? Is the mother of your children got head, kicked, it's crazy. It's some! My thai boxing coach Julie, you mention Vinnie Shore Minute start yet to be in business with Vinnie douse marks. A very, very good friend of mine is the type of shots of any Sharman shots. Does mark. That's in them. He's that his girlfriend he was called me is, is get you know the mother of his children. She was a thai boxer, Cassie and Job Cassie, no disrespect, you know, but to be cornering your loved one, that you had a relationship and she got knocked out hold in a thai boxing finals like wow that's hard. We do that. You know the mental strength to understand that this is a different relationship that she's the student and the teacher. Then this is just
weight is not takes a lot. I don't think I can do that incredible. Well, it takes a different woman who want to do that right. Is that a woman you got it, I mean the worst thing I think you could ever Do is take a woman who wants a fight and teller, now yeah sure yeah, because you're going to find a way the if you're dating Dalmatia Janko. You got good luck with that. Good luck! Good luck with that one, because I get spitting cakes to the mid section to the balls. Ok, she's, a fucking monster! Isn't she she she's, also quickest, spinning back kicks I've ever seen. Two men- and I say this with the greatest of respective to women's mixed martial arts- and I respect everybody that applies them self and is willing to get off the couch. Make something of their life. So you know I'm not being overly judgmental, but the reason to many that I really get excited for and that really thoroughly enjoy watching. You know, because you said the level of skill isn't quite there yet, but you know, as I say, not nothing to do with genders right. Why do I
you see I watered down product If these guys doing it as such an extreme level, I don't really want to watch smaller the call his hard with less technique? No, I mean, as I said, nothing to do with gender, but but obviously there's a few exceptions to the rule and Szewczenko Jan J check. Yeah Amanda Nunez yeah, yes, definitely amazing talent. There really is it's just a smaller pool is a smaller like that fight this week it was essential. Yeah, J, Shuriken and Valentina. That was a very, very high level. Hi really well actually really was yeah yeah young J press me, you know because he had. I think it was a tough three round. Fourth round you know she we might have age that fourth round you know, so I that she still the fight her so late. In the county is just too strong, too big good of a grappler and yeah and bigger physically bigger, like use your we see it, you can see it when they're against each other young Jakes, very slim, very slender and she's chef,
because muscle honor or self check successful at one hundred and thirty five, that's a big gap between thirty five and one hundred and fifteen were young ginger easily on Jake. It went up to one hundred and twenty five is because she couldn't get her belt back at one hundred and fifteen, and I say that with the absolute great service You know as well as a lot of it was. The way cut was crushing her and then she didn't have to cut weight for one hundred and twenty five, but the on the flip side. You fighting bigger, stronger woman showdown two nine. Now, if you find a new distro, a went up to one twenty five yeah, maybe things will be different, but yeah that that was always on paper about my job. Yes, I agree in my opinion. Yeah it went down the way I thought it was going to go. Get a savings does lot fights but the main event man, the main event, was won. Fights where I was like. I don't know I don't know yeah I was like give MAX and if it goes to the ground MAX gets caught up in something mean or
is got the nasty. Is submissions in that the other was chosen. Absolutely yeah, I mean I didn't know I mean I was a sad I favored marks. I thought MAX was going to do but did as well there's just something about Brian okay yeah I mean just just looking out at me, looks like a killer yeah. You know to me, and he say clear. The division he's called me as that presence in it all. Not only is it is just a look on his face. That was just not be neck off. Well knows he's going to learn, he's going to learn from that fight, because a lot hello going on that fight to learn from yeah terms of his movement in terms of just hand trying to handle MAX's barrage in this. The pressure that he puts on you well he's only young, so that should be a massive multiphase of yeah, because we we go away and you win fights is great, there's no better feeling than winning. I'm telling you this, like you, don't know, but you know this, but you know winning fights he's great and you go when you don't really change anything, because everything's going good, but when you lose then you're not ok, shared I don't make a habit of this was the undefeated. I think it was undefeated that was,
first loss and I was gonna, say: okay, what can I do to ensure that I don't start getting more losses yeah, he was to be the champion lot. My first loss was to be shot, I've been, and then I remember on the day the day of the way, he was uh, sat in the sauna killing himself in his usual thing and the in that was with that shall remain nameless back then they'll wanted to eat chinese food, so I was like China order the most healthiest thing in the chinese russian that I could charge each eating noodles and drinking sprite it on ok the way in Jesus Christ. Because, when I was at two hundred and five, I didn't cut way at all Also. What I remember, still still way did I. I know that someone a full episodes it, but back in the day, the first five and yes and I was get tickets for everybody, loving it really living the attendees were first time. You know it. Amazing tickets talk about a funky pain
and I think it is a pain in the air, all my God, because you've got to get the money off the people, then you've got to get the ticket. Then you've got to do the transaction. This is day of the fight. You know what I mean. I remember beat on my knees, the fight with his tickets gosh everyone, my oh, my god. Why did I do this? I'm not sure today. The way in part of me anyway- and I was so stressed out with it and I drove home- in my own bed night before that so the night before the way. In part of me, I'm driving home and I'm so stressed out, I was hungry, I haven't eaten all day. 'cause I forgot was too stressed and I'm driving along the freeway. I don't really eat burger king, but I saw the sign for burger king and I was starving it topple, pull off and I get triple waffle with cheese and bacon fries and a large coke. I don't see it there and you know that is that it made when you get to the bar that sound as well.
When I do it, I thought you late in tomorrow, holyshit 'cause, I'm so stressed out with the God Dam tickets and forgot all about it. I'm like crap so fortunate on the scale, no problem, I'm with the shot. At the same thing I stepped on the scale. So after that I was out okay. What can I change? Well, I'm not making the sacrifices. I could be. You know to be successful as possible selves. You know, for me, that's a middle way. I know it's a yeah. You know he's not gonna drop weight. He does not need to, but I just need to work on some things: yeah. If you live, simple as that yeah he most certainly can I mean he's got tremendous jujitsu and his boxing is very good as well, but you know When you experience that kind of a fighter. When you experience a kind of a champion like MAX Holloway, you understand that there's there's areas where your exposes areas where you have holes and do you have areas where you can compete with him and it is six yes, please, you have been with previous fighters. So it's a learning parents, I'm sure he'll be better because of it
say because of the third round, then yeah, you know he surely made a competitive in the third row landed a couple good shots because I'm I was going to say you know it is some sort. I can see it doesn't matter you go away working. So if you're never going to be that guy, you know what I mean all the work. All the coaches spend all the money dedicated Fuckin' lifeguard live in a monastery in fuqing China do whatever you want, you're, never going to be that guy, but third round he kept him on. I need some good shots, so I wouldn't say that's necessarily applicable. I do some do some work he's in the striking department, yeah in the striking department and I'm sure in the wrestling department as well sure you know he got him down briefly, but MAX did a fantastic job of stuffing it getting back up to his feet. You know retaining you know get to. I mean I, I don't we gotta turn uhm. I did find it. Mochrie curious. Is it Gracie? Yes to give them the boxing advice in the corner?
Yeah find a somewhat curious. You know when I, when I had my fire station pearl of the fight, they even was given instructions on the fire hit the floor. Brady thing took over you now and if there was elements you know, they knew their elements in the corner. You know he said he's bit bold, you go you don't now this is about to enter gration he's doing amazing things with Brian Ortega by everything I online. You know, congratulations, you know, but when you getting out stroke I don't really want advice which hits you right now. That's a good point. It's a very good point. You know it's It's interesting, like you, had a great situation with Jason Super and the other coaches that you worked with and times, a young fighter needs like a mastermind right I a match soon more hobby, someone who could put it all together for you, John. Crouch in a man yeah absolutely- and I was also going to say- and this is probably well by all accounts. It is what header
is to Ortega Mentor as well. It does seem like his mentor. So for that you know, maybe I shouldn't have quite, but in the words that I did use, you know what it means. It says that that is his mentor's father figure, whatever it is. So there's a reason. Why is there but for sure bring gone, an expert. You know in those areas a specialist yeah yeah, it's so you know. So it's a crazy. World the world of fights and makes martial arts. You know I mean, as I said, there's a lot of there's a lot of fakes. There's a lot of that and there's a lot of it works good now, but then fight a world class fighter. You realize why why there was holes in that. Is that now pretty quick? You know when you got a coach. Never now you do after you have real life, combat experience to be to coach coach. It helps it certainly helps. It helps the fight to really trust. The advice that they're, giving you yeah I'd, be standing there telling throw combinations. If you ever been in there, you have experience what it's like to have another gacha
take your head off every time and you're and you're gonna talk to me. Do you see the MIKE Perry, video now plan to my car? It's and now I know is my perry- is with great video. Did he do people telling him that, like like, when you're fighting and the coaches go go go go go is like I'm not trying to get fuckin' hit right now, yeah, exactly it's great video too. I know MIKE he's intense guy and he's talking about he's like we're. Faking were faking with faint and we're trying to make our way in, but no one wants to make a move. 'cause! No one wants to get clip first yeah. Well, I remember I mean when I thought was shot Evans it the most action packed fire. When I watched it back like fuck, why did put a little bit more and then I'm going to 'cause? I remember 'cause. Every time it took step forward, we felt the wind of the punches taking my head off when you see it even myself, when you said what you that, while I doing more than you take yourself back to when you were in there yeah, that was why yeah I was why you know:
it's such a tricky situation and the the fight game involves the with the styles involved in the way guys pursue fights fights involved. It's a brilliant sing to watch. Now you see a guy like mighty mouse who does things different than anybody else and go? Look how this mother was it. You know when enough shore and it's it's a sport. Where you mean you were incredibly fortunate in that you got to not just be there when it was exploding, but you got to got to be a part of the explosion. Sure now I mean great does not absolutely I mean thousand and six you were in the ultimate fighter. Two five. I thought it was December. Two thousand five. Yeah yeah, easy right, crazy man,
it really was it really was. It was good times when it was just popping. Oh yeah, I remember when the ultimate fire first came out and I was on Bravo TV in England, Well SAM's here and I said to my wife as I check this out. I can't watch it likewise. If you run there, you'd win the thing, so I don't want to watch it. Farrah Michael you should be on there and then LO and behold, you know Six months later they were looking for two englishmen and we went down to Earth court for auditions and the great thing was that time I was ten and now I was the cage race champion, cage warriors champion and affects the champion as well as the pre she had kickboxing champion as well, and everyone is auditioning for the light heavyweight knock them all out in the first round. Of course, not my style I made in our in a fully aware of that, but sat It was crazy when I couldn't believe it. You know it was not. I've been to America next man, I'm on some me out, Stevie should imagine in LAS Vegas. You know I would it was. It was
great time. Was it really was what was it like being separated from your family for six weeks in doing that, Show- and it's very hard, very difficult of course, but I was there for a reason you know, and- and so I was the great too good- he knows it yeah. Of course it sucks it sucks being away sucks missing time, missing birthdays, all that type stuff. But if you do it for a reason, then then you know he's got to be mature about it. My wife always was the kids understand it yeah. This is no good being away from home, but I'm working on something here. It's not just says up come on. Do you do me a favor? I understand you know well the worked out that they were always great. You know yeah it worked out and then they did not. No regrets I mean. Maybe if you maybe if you can, but you know what man there's no way to not have them, and that is there's no perfect path. That's one of the crazy things about five, getting his ig, when he should have zagged you get hit, that's it there's! No! That's part of the game that I really is the sport. You know it's uh, it's such a clear,
I think, to say so many ways to win and lose. But there really is you know and, as you say, zig when you should Zack the smaller gloves, you know the takedowns. That's the problem when you find a Wesley such a pain in the you know, because some of the extra exam laws, the rest of the when they try to take down the changes, everything right because you go out and you okay well folks, just try to be down here. That's all really trying to do so. I understand yeah, I'm going to wait for him to shoot and then I'm going to stuff his takedown because I'm for a takedown, I'm not thinking about pardon douche, then you get caught with a shot and I want the funk you supposed to go for a takedown, not punching me in the face and then of a you're striking is terrible because totally thrown off by the wrestling, so it it's, it's a very, very difficult I really is another one of your most impressive victories was the second fight with Dan Henderson, because you got hit with some far in in that fight, but you refused to go out yeah your used to be stopped in that fight yeah. You know I mean that was that was
display of willpower in a lot of ways, because I remember watching those those big show that's from Henderson Land- and I mean did. They were on the edge you make. You are on the edge going out off the shore. Absolutely I mean I remember he hit me. I went down the swarming on me. Hit me with some elbows, but I remember I was always fine, but I was like holy. That was what hit me there and then I might to get myself back to the face and blood point on the face of one of course. Second round the same thing happened and he had two big moments in the five to be charged with. They were a big moments, but you don't want a twenty five minute: five by landing, two shots, you know, but they were big shots fired play to him, but that You know I refused to quit there because you know all those that to talked with, like always I know you lie to everybody you can lie to the media. You can lie to the press you can lie to your family like to coach is, was not necessarily lies, but you can
bravado and this and not because I see self- you know when you let him better at night and you heads on the cushion in a combo she self it out and day the fight. Could the fight was a six in the morning data file? Let him the bad China two seven, not because it's going to be a long night, obviously, and that I could still and all I was thinking human nature. Last time I stepped into an octagon with this guy, I was freaking out cold for a long time. My brain was scrambled eggs for a long time. After that fight, that, as I say, you can lie to everybody else, but now the fight was getting close and it's in my hometown and it's my first time defense in all this on my shirt. Yet I know I'm better than this guy but fun last time. Last time didn't end. Well, so I was that a little worked up hi my I was at the arena. I was kind of you know a little edgy
snappy with people and there's not need for it, and then I just stopped over started laughing and Prill, I said, was laughing, I said well, what's the worst is going to happen if I lose most of what I'm gonna lose a fight, as happened before so one of the stress myself out of and I started laughing and after that was fine, but at yeah yeah it was that I definitely have had a sore face, the next after that will for sure yeah. But you you know, you got through the fire yeah. No, I did, and I felt great the only problem was in the fifth round. Because this cheekbone swallow it was on my good side. He shot the cheek bone on the on the good side and it swelled up so much. I could hardly see I die this size folks as well. So I the fifth round a lot. I guess so in anger. I could even see the guide. You know that it was a nightmare, you know, but
yeah I got the job done. Fortunately, is there anything that, like is on the horizon in terms of like medical science, that you're looking at in terms you've being able to fix your eye? Not that I know of let's go to doctors about it. You know because I was Yeah, I was always curious what could be done, but I don't think in my lifetime race, but the reason I was I was at the casting of five because I was clear to fight and the doctors were always lie. We don't really advise it, but you are cleared. You pass the test just by the skin of the teeth, and for me that was all well and good. You got do your medical, the most stressful now of all of that was when you gotta do a full training camp. Now then fly somewhere and you're going to see another doctor, a commission doctor at the way it right- and you don't know what this doctor is going to be. Like you don't know. If he knows anything about eyes, you don't know. If he wants to be a hero, you don't if you want to make
press, the guy that pulled the main event. You know no ma'am yeah very, very stressful time. So for me the fight was always the easy part, the hard part which is making it to the auction on, and I go to the way that I get cleared up. The feeling was okay, we're good the fights on because I didn't know the fight was on until I got past the commission, DR, how many different fights have to go through with that about others about twelve, something like fights with. I'm not sure. If he's twelve, something like that down Belcher calmly, not Belcher, TIM Kennedy, calmly, walk cold C B tells lies on this is over the rock old Dan Henderson GSP. I got to love it. Let eleven yeah yeah, some stressful and then I'll be said a you know a lost about, and I was in my mind of retired in awe. I said it made a formal yeah and that I was driving out to lunch with my wife and my
in laws they were in town and we heard on Siriusxm Fight Club Luton, Machel is talking about on. This. Is self tested, positive for steroids and they needed a replacement, and I said sure I do it like what we talking, so I texted me right then, and there and there later on a to to Shanghai no download training. Well, I trained Souza found out about that. You know I mean I aspired a few times and then got on and went out there and yeah. God bless him. He got me but they're, not after the fight, because you know, as I said, you know, I was clear to fight, but the doctors always said- I don't recommend it because if anything happens you goodbye, you gonna, you gonna, be in a real problem and I was not well so many fires in the UFC have long careers and they don't get such witness. Okay, it's it's! It's a very, not rabbits, pretty where
you don't hear about it too. Much want to get okay. Well, distract. The light is already stroke. Okay, lightning is gonna strike twice. You know what I mean, I'm not that unlucky anyway, so we have the gas in the fight and then we go to an after party, Shanghai and some club and that the club and every time a lot that way he still does. To this day, I have several of the teach teach teach like a ball of light in the consumer. Right now, when you do that, yeah work with the city except it was at all because someone's taking lecture, yeah yeah and I was in this club and every time a look in these do not know. I saw freaking out because I I know you know I've got a history of of symptoms with eye problems or whatever, and I start tell myself. I don't believe this. I wanted to touch with him a good I I'm I'm I'm freaking out and I do want to be in a night club around but decades anyway drinking a I hate, night clubs. So am I so I was gonna go to the toilet and restrooms and that that was I would leave it. You know, but I just want to be by myself and I I left.
Erin Shannon Little Tear in the tax identifying nightclub crying 'cause. If people see me crying toys crank's blessing, we lost the fire to Gaston was no I'm not crying 'cause. I lost a fight to Gaston crying because there might be going line here. You know it made them so try given a taxi. I go back to the hotel and then a Blair operate alone. You guys came back see if I was ok and you know. Whatever we just kind of talking and having a few drinks, the room for all about it- and you know ten, a bit of a messy one in Shanghai forgot all about my eye and the next thing I want to play in flying home and that on all about F, falsely palm of on the plane, a Waco pop way home from flying over the Pacific somewhere the planes pitch black, an album out teach a sauce. Do it again on my because I forgot all about it: I'm not trying to get a wifi on the plane trying to find something about it. Try to google it what it could be and all the rest of it
Wi fi would work and I'm going over them trying to bag the air hostess. You know please, please do. I need to get a wi fi I need I have to. I didn't tell her why and she said no it's down right now, I'm uh fuck anyway. So allowing the call my eye doctor straight away. I tell him, I said: listen, I think I've got a detached, retina good, I. Why do you say that tell the stories? Don't worry? Don't worry! You know he built ok, so an eye doctor the next day, and he says turn the issue. He says: why do you say that and I'll tell him why I said so. Do you think he detached right now he says. Well, it certainly sounds like one of my fault. My is ok we're going to put some drops in your eyes, everything's going to go blurry, and I only see a tiny bit this I am I I I may I make stupid joke as my defense mechanism on my arm. I guess I better get used to this view, a ha and the doctors that would Well, not just yet and I'm like font. May you know,
that's not there. I'm sorry! Your expecting anyway turns out didn't have the time is right now to be a partial, vitreous detachment so have you either corny. I hear you right now at the back and in between it was called, but she is fluid. Millions of five is connected to the retina. Send a message. I think we'll get it wrong. I'm sorry, doctors and in your that just slides off the retina detaches is not maybe sixty seventy now as well as you get older through old age, he slides off. Can you tell you to trauma? Tell us what happened to me our trade it in, but it partially detached cell, but the problem was it when these fibers of Poland they can call the right next to Tara. So why are they with delight? Well, we need to keep an eye on this and Bubba Bubba. So Do a long show show after the awful for this now they were at the end of the done anything to the I sense now and there's nothing to be done. There's nothing to do. Nothing can be done now, yeah
and at the end of the fine, with the happy with it. It's it's okay, but it, but it was for me, was a baby. It was that in a step too far yeah I I pushed as far as I I yeah. I was willing to push in fact, but I'm a liar. I was as post fight we shot in London earlier this year, but sad we we could end of it. You know agree on the deal to as you the UFC fight never materialized. I know it's up to New York to team. Cast with Lewis and on the plane, I'm watching this we've called the journeyman Ennis at Paddy Considine. Spa boxes well champion at the end. Windsor Fire, and then he has severe brain damage and it's a very very what movie should check it out, really really powerful, very, very good anyway. I watch that in a forge, that's it those would do it. That was it. So I don't have to played STAR podcast said boom. I've got an announcement good for you. I was the best decision I ever made. You know I've been very, very
happy ever since yeah, you have mean you have options, I mean you had a great career. You have options, yeah yeah, I'm I'm gonna say no regrets you know. I mean it was a wonderful ride. I loved it. I never thought a young hey, do martial arts and- and you know a guy that just like to have a scrap when he was a kid, could take it. This far and that's a beautiful thing about the UFC these days. You know if you are, that search mindset said the character you like a bit of rough Trumbull, you don't mind getting a punch in the face here and there and you're willing to go for it. You can make it living you can. You know when I was younger. I used to do a lot of professional kickboxing, but I never looked into Karere because he wasn't back then, but now it's great. You know it really is a career viable career. Well, especially for a guy like you, who's, a good talker who understands how to break fights down and you can make this transition is one of the things that I really like about. The UFC allowed these fighters. Like you know, I do
do a lot of commentary now with Paul Felder and Daniel Cormier, Dominick, Cruz and they've, given these guys these options, it's great yeah Before, but that was one of the things that scared me as well as a kid, because you gyms all over the world and you see amazing talent everywhere. Amazing talent, and you know that they're there, the sleeping in the car as odd as sleeping on a couch in someone's friend's house, you know and and they're struggling to pay the bill wells and the Java, beat beach piece of shit. I need to shame on a see them in my heart goes out to them for whatever reason they don't get the breaks, they don't look right, then they come put. It together find out the nerves the better of them. Who knows what it is, but they just don't make it. You know, I such such a cruel vicious. It really is so that's why, when people I get lost all the time, do you want your son to do it?
I might well no, not really. The way I see is, I fall so he doesn't have to, but if he wants to need the number for Frank, wrestler, Indiana before using the videos is C is is is is wanted to. Of course I support my father. Support may ridiculously. From a father. I would be here either, but I wouldn't wish it on him. I would wish the life of a fire on anybody because he's so unpredictable and just because you go to just because you can take a punch in just because you're you're not of all- and that doesn't mean you're going to be a success, you know what I tell you to be. The perfect storm. Would I tell young fire This is when they I'm thinking about, trying to medical. Don't do it yeah if you think about it, don't do it tell me you're obsessed with it and you want to be a world champion, go ahead yeah if you're not upset. Yes, there's a mother out there that is now yeah they're living it twenty four seven all day long shot dead there. This is the thing you a lot of young fighters now that they're obsessed with the image
You know, you know I mean 'cause it on tv is cool and it's got a lot of popularity now. So a lot of people want to do it. I said this, but these in coaches in fires as well sure lot of people. You know they want to be they want to be Conor Mcgregor, they want to chill with L, whatever they're, all wind top on and what I've been mohawks. And you know if you know the main yeah and they're talking about over this comp I'm going bring in this guy fucking, you don't training camps at the start of your career, story created you trade Monday to Friday. You have a fire the weekend. If you win you back in the gym fucking Monday, you know what I mean. By every few weeks. You know every when I was started, and I think that six five in the first year, public five kick boxing fights you try to build momentum. You know the in camps but want to hear any young fire saying to me for this camp. I'm focusing on my rest legs. I shut the full cup. You got two amateur fights you not doing a training camp buddy do training, that's it. You know for sure. Well, this is MIKE
thanks for doing this. Man I'm glad we did it and we could do it again. Any time line, yeah tell everybody about your podcast, Luis Gomez, Shasta Lewis, yeah, absolutely big. Shout Lewis, I think he's listed areas guy hilarious, absolutely hilarious! I believe you may search. Should I choose how old is she Youtube? Yeah Youtube on their Michael Bisping podcasts? I believe you me podcast. I changed all that crap check it out or don't you know you gotta give a fault if you like it, you like what I've said for the last hour or two check it out kiss my. Thank you, brother. John. Thank you appreciate. It is german. Thank you, everybody! Thank you to all right, good on a use. The code word broke and save ten percent off any and all supplements. Thank thank you. Mother fucking. Stop waiting the you about the website. Oh my god's! Do it do it yourself? You can do it your
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