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JRE MMA Show #54 with Din Thomas

2019-01-08 | 🔗
Joe is joined by co-star of "Dana White's Looking For A Fight" and coach at American Top Team, Din Thomas.
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torture. The samurai sword in front of flag would come. I don't know what is everybody else? Do they mix it up? Some folks go blow torch. It's that Elon Musk blowtorch, I'm gonna eat out musk, that's a good movie you know? Why would I want to be like yet you allow musk, and I don't wanna- be that smart money. I think that's bad for you now when I was talking to him- and you know like one of those moments where I said like. What's it like being you and is like it's not easy like he was lose like talking about like the thought to bounce around in his head. I think his head is like a like a runaway train. Like his brains. Just constantly going well yeah I mean, but When you come up with anything, you could make anything to make things work for you in life. Well, that is true. I guess. I guess I don't know man. I want a little peace and quiet Do you really think his ignorance is bliss? You could just
back and relax. Sometimes you know I don't. Sometimes I just like to come home. Put the headphones on just lay back on the couch and listen to music, just just listen to some music. I don't want to think about having to fix the yeah I mean I. I see that too. I mean I'm the same way. Introvert. So, like don't get me twisted, are you really yeah really yeah, never thought really yeah yeah! Not just to play the role, though you know I can play the role. I mean, that's all a part of like life. Well, I think you're both because, like you're really good at being friendly and like your fun guy, like like your extra, you have extra for qualities. Well, you need those to survive in life, but is that what it is like you prefer to be introverted yeah? I prefer to be introverted I, like I love my alone quiet time. I just sit back and chill, but you seem to love being out and being around people too. You do to know that too. That's good! That's a balance! That's a healthy thing! Well, because you know, in order to
five in life, you have to be out there right because you go make money sitting at home, listening to music that so you got to get out there and show do enjoy it? You enjoy it though yeah? Well, I mean I want to enjoy everything. I do you really good on Dana White. Looking for a fight. Thank you very good. That yeah, I don't know if anybody even watch that I've yeah, you have fun on it. You yeah, it looks like it's a good time. Silly now, yeah. Well, you know me and Matt. We have a good time. I love Dana too, but, like you know me and Matt really have a good time. Yeah man hilarious and him and Ray long ago who should have their own reality show. I know everybody was saying that, from for year, like Matt and Ray are like the best duo ever there in the corner of the absolute should be one camera, that's on them all. The time right, I know we'll fight pass. Has that right they have the option to go to the corners. You can listen, the corners. Do you yeah yeah hi? Don't don't they fight pass? Has some pretty cool audio ops
but like with Ray Longo and Matt Serra, that's a that's, a plus Oh, I know I know I love hanging out with them right there. So fun there. So long. Yeah, I know so long. I mean the epitome of long I'm going up there, I'm going to go up there next week and hang out with them actually find it find time 'cause, I'm going out for Brooklyn. So I'm going to find sound. So that's right! That's right! Yeah who do you have on that card? Greg hardy, oh interesting, yeah cool, I'm always nervous when I say that I know yeah, because every Yeah everybody's already cast judgment on know people, don't know the story, explain the story NFL player and it was a very high profile, yeah high profile, NFL player and something happen and with domestic violence yeah he had. Allegedly, you know beat up this girl and you know do some horror for effect things to her and but somehow he never was convicted of it in the case was thrown out.
What do you does he talk about it? No, no and that's the thing is we don't talk about it, 'cause. I'm sure that's something he must forget about his life, so I'm not gonna, be the one to bring it up to right and I no the experiences I've had with him have all been positive. Yeah, it's hard do not a girl you're, not alone with them. You don't know what happened. Yeah. That's what I'm saying I wasn't there so and I don't know how he is around. You know his girls yeah, but I just know how he is with us and how he is with me. It's fucking hard right and it's also hard because you don't know what really happened. Yeah, maybe something happened. Maybe nothing happened. Maybe a lot happened. You know. Maybe it's exaggerated, maybe wasn't exaggerated at all, may be lost his fucking mind yeah. Maybe it's just you know. The other thing is this is something people don't like to discuss, but fucking
b I meant traumatic brain injury, because people do terrible things. There's does just the fact that no yeah yeah, no don't even know why they're doing it there did they do, will wild violent impulsive shipment. We see with fighters. We see it with football players. I don't know what's worse for you, but I feel like footballs worse. We some guys head to head all day long is way worse way, worse, even boxing his worst in MMA. I think I think football's worse too, because of the kind of impact It's when dudes are running each each other, two full speed super athletes. You know two hundred fifty pound man fucking sprinting boom. Some of those collisions. You watch me just your whole body aches, just looking at it. But they had and they have to do that like that's what the whole thing is predicated on like mma like for me, I'm always lately If you get hit twice, you need to grab yeah yeah yeah '
and there's just a fifth swinging right, not uh. Nobody. This brings it to one fifty pound, just yeah, even like the hardest. Kick. I guess. If you get like next kicked of some roundhouse kicks in the neck. Communis pro is bad. It ends a life yeah but like yeah, or like we'll kick like when Edson Barboza Wheel kicks people yeah. Where did Terry Adam Jesus Christ? Yeah will kick so that's like full rotation of your body weight into that one kick off on your neck, yeah! That's pretty bad dude, his fight with Dan Hook. Her holy shit. First of all, holy cities, Hooker tough 'cause- that got tried to keep going, but his body was just I would his organs must have just been Anaya Lated yeah, Barbosa don't play no with us now he trained a top team. Now that's right: he went to Florida right K, Motor Florida. Why did he decide to move deploys? Motor coach was in coach was in well. We because I was with
Mark Henry right. He was with Mark Henry, but his moisten coaches, the guy, who brought up who taught him everything from from a kid and no we reached out to his more Tyco's to come down and work with our team, and you know because I think he was in Brazil whatever. So he came with our team and then Ed since has followed him wow yeah yeah, that bomb yeah. Well, I'm telling you man, he looks fucking good. No, I mean he's amazing athlete he's so fast. His switch kick is probably the fastest. I've ever see yeah. I don't think I've ever seen. Anybody throw switch kicked out fast. I remember watching switch kick and I was like it's like someone took a frame out. Yeah, you know I'm like a Bruce Lee movie about yeah and not only that, but he does like he's gotta pretty high level of intelligence in terms of fighting access stuff work. You know I mean and I look at this site because I've worked with with mark to Takasy physically I mean just God, given
abilities, as he just doesn't have the intelligence to like make all that shit. He screaming out of the tv right, you fucker, I know I say that say that, and I say that, with all due respect, 'cause you buy them Disney young guy mark I mean early to mid 20s yeah. Maybe just trying to get out. Yeah and Esther is trying to figure out any kind of pushed him a little fast, so heating. You have. You know a lot of times. Does have some some had some ups and downs. You know cowboy. If I was a big down I mean he's had could be be. It was a big, a big yeah. That was it terrified fight doesn't realize how God Damn good could be Bis. Oh, I know get out That was like that's to fight that I put Koby VON map nearly for everybody to say man. Who's gonna beat this guy. You know what he did to him. You know this guy, but that's what I've always said. Is that like, if you had a like one thing that you're good at like. What's the most important thing, it seems to me to be wrestling because the rest
colors. Can you get a little real high level wrestler? They just dictate. What happens they dictate where the fight takes place. I don't think there is mean you have to know to strike. You have to know the other things as well, but I feel like if you have a pyramid of shit, that's important. It feel like at the bottom is wrestling and that motherfucker wrestles better than anybody in that division. Yeah I mean but see I disagree, kind of Okay and here's. Why I don't know we talk about wrestling, I don't think it's necessarily the techniques of wrestling. I think it's the waiter brought up different. Definitely brought up differently, but like any wrestlers, just brought up different toughness, different level of toughness, a different level level of competitiveness so like when you go to just to school. First thing you learn: how to do is bout of Matt and kissed instructors, s! That's it. You know you're about
Matt and you learn in self defense. You learn to respect and wrestling is not about that right. It's about dominate it's about winning dominate, sir. They have years of experience of doing that. I just that. My mindset, it's also about being uncomfortable. All the time yeah yeah and it's like it or just the room is always rough, is always You go to Jujitsu school, it's a bunch of dudes smoking pot, Lamb back they've call five minutes sit back smoke for thirty roll another. Five minutes you go to wrestling room is hot sweaty, they're all uncomfortable to all grinding. So you take that guy and you teach him some basic jujitsu you got a chance yeah yeah, it's just a mindset for me, physical, Drank too yeah yeah yeah. They got physical strength to grip strength. I guess so important. For me, like grips is everything in wrestling. You learn a lot of the early, so I feel like that's kind of the different searches brought up different yeah. I definitely think it's something with that and then also being able to cut weight and still compete.
I mean, so I'm always telling my fighters now like when you have that restaurant, especially if you This would in college, like you, go all, your high school years. You got fifty matches a year, so you compete in two hundred times. Before you even graduate high school, and then you go to college. If you wrestle in college you the best of the best in the room and then you fight MMA is it's nothing, nothing to you and now yeah and then you take kid off the street who's never competed before they're nervous. They don't perform well, they're, always at a disadvantage and as somebody who wrestled right because of the experience in competition yeah. No, that makes sense the only thing about some wrestlers because of the like, there's like a tightness to wrestling and some wrestlers just never learned how to be loose yeah yeah and some some pick it up quick, it's weird. What is the difference and that's what makes some of them better than the other ones yeah. When I look at you know, obviously Tyrone Woodley yeah he's got it yeah he's looking he's got it yeah,
even Michael Chandler, when he thought right hand, hand, yeah, yeah, but you're right, some of them just can't get it and that's why they struggle yeah and they struggle if they fight a wrestler who can strike that we have yeah it's terrifying for a wrestler who can't strike to fight a wrestler can strike is terrifying. Oh yeah yeah, absolutely some dude who can keep it standing and fuck you up special. They can kick too. I know I know that, but I think that's another problem wrestlers. They fall in love with the strike and, yes to just you guys yeah, yeah and that's and and that's what messes among many manning in love with it, and think. Oh, I have to be one around is so I have to dedicate a my time to doing this, I'm like man, but you getting worse it. What you're good at what I used to watch. George good jail fight like if you watch that You never know that he was a brazilian Jujitsu black belt. Just come back to hang, I see get so mad at him. I'd like to you doing what are you doing like he yeah,
you know if it was like fan, expectation or just like in his mind. He wanted to be a striker, but I'd like to what are you doing? I think he liked it too and then even something to that to something that they like. I don't know it gets weird when they have that new tool. Yeah, I may, but it's ruined a lot of good fighters careers. I mean Uk Johny like Johnny Hendrix or are just He fell in love. With that right hand, Hendricks fell in love with that left hand, and then, when I caught up to him hand, tricks is an interesting case, because something switched off something something changed with Doc. I like that guy used to knock everybody dead and then it just stopped happening like you watch his Martin campaign fight, mind cam and went flying like he had the death touch John,
which went flying like the death touch like he was some mashing. He called him early, oh yeah. They were flying yeah. I give you if he touched you, you were getting fucked up like something happened and then all of a sudden everybody surviving yeah, I'm not sure I'm honestly I'd have to look back and watch, but I don't really know man, he started, throwing a lot of leg kicks and just like taking a little bit of. Um office shots office punches. I don't really know it could be injuries. Sometimes you see a guy they as they get off. Nder they get injured they just they don't throw the punch the same way anymore. It's almost like. They can't throw it straight. It's like K. Shoulders are fucked up, something are mechanics, are off, yeah, mechanics change. You see that with our or less when are was young dude his right hand was a fucking distance. Hey was great. Let me have you ever watched his fight with Paul Buentello. It's been a while, since I've seen that, but it's like the perfect
example of an Arlovski knockout. He Katie Kale tell with the straight right hand, which is black. Just came right off the shoulder, but it does come off the shoulder anymore. Now it's like it comes up almost like he doesn't he can't he doesn't throw it straight anymore. It doesn't. It doesn't seeing the same when he throws it. Well, I see him in a gym all the time he chained with us too. So I see him in the gym all the time and and uh now this is kind of sad because you see seems like you remember how great he was and now like what age and injuries you know he's just trying to get to a workout and that's not a knock on him. It's just it just happens when you get older, is four thousand and forty years old. So like your workouts are different. Well, it's also he's forty years old with fifteen plus years of war, class combat experience. Yeah I mean, if you look at some of the knockout that he suffered against like Burger Carat on off against Francis Engano. He suffered some brutal fucking knockouts
No, I mean because effect here's is Arlovski. This is this is like you. Thirty seven or some shit boom. Look at that sure that again, real quick, this just the I aiming precision, he was a savage back, then you couldn't really do it better than I am scariest fucking heavyweight on the planet. For awhile I mean he had it, you know you gotta respect his career because he's done a lot and oh good, yeah yeah and he still good he still true, still competitive yeah. I mean he just a fight. He still. He still fights with enthusiasm yeah. He just can't get his body to do what it used to do. Yeah in the gym, like it took him a while for him to kind of lighten up a bit. I remember he'd come in and jam you know he's. You know he's got that Russian, that's scary! Russian! Looked
he coming to gym and wouldn't say nothing to nobody, but now now. He smiles. Let me see it's hard to get these guys to smile. Sometimes so is he down in Florida now he's down to Florida When did you start going down there? It's been like two fights right. Yeah, but maybe a little more than that. He works a lot with MIKE Brown, yeah and they've been working together for maybe long, maybe two years. Maybe so here's what Jackson's for quite a bit yeah. They just decided to just keep moving huh. That's the life of a fucking, rambling fighter, moving different towns and trying to say Emily Mann is so hard single, no kids yep. But now you know I'm a lot of a lot of with end of doing it. They're getting girls and like the end of shacking up with a girl, because it's easier for and what we're like when you are struggling, flatter. You've got nothing, hardly know where to live. You find a girl and you shack up with her and she,
the bills? Oh really answer a lot of fighters end up doing that's why you see him like of Lakewood they in the young paying at bills? That's never a good relationship! Now, girls paying the bills especially when you're fighter and you lose a fight. She looking at you, let this mother, fucking job yeah, get a job, get a job. You got brain yeah, John! Well, you still yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah, it's a it's! A weird road went it's a weird road. When you don't think that you could win the title right, like every fighter, wants to think that they can one day be like a title holder or be one of the elite of the elite. There is not the in the hunt it starts out like that. Is you know it's not like that yeah. They don't always end up like that. Yeah. But that's the weird weird world is the world of the journeyman like when
Yo Gotti's to fight Mickey Ward, and we both knew everybody knew that these guys were not gonna win any titles, but but you still wanted to see them beat the fuck out of each other still want to see him go to war Well, I mean, but that's where we gotta kind of draw, that line between like sport, an event right yeah. You know, because we have fighters have to also be real with themselves too is. Are you doing this? For the sport you be to chat, or are you just trying to be a fan? Favorite? and you should train the way you want it on what you want to project to the world and a lot of fighters on to today. Well, but if you're trying to be a fan, favorite will give your. No just wants to bang it out like how many of those you got in you. It's not many something. You know you know Donald Cerrone E, you know he's that's, that's his road now yeah in a way, but I think Donald still thinks he can win a title. That's tough
it will be tough for him. Well, they were trying to get him. He was trying to get the Kana Mcgregor fight. I had a bit of a tough fight fan. It would have been a tough fight for him, but it one hundred and fifty five is not bad fight for no not really interested, but I mean the problem is stylistically. He just hey, don't move enough? No! You know I mean it doesn't either, but they took a lot of shots. You know to the head, so I mean it's kind of a bad. I don't know. You have a Nate Nate is Nate, is a very good boxer yeah make a box yeah Nate. Is it frustrates the shit out of me that he's not finding was that because I like to see him I want to get in there. I want to see you make money while you can too, I mean you're only going to be able live this lifestyle, for I mean I know him. A couple, one million dollars over the Conor fight, but he hasn't fought in two years more than aim to else, but the dust Poirier fight that was going to
happened, but then poor got injured, he's got some hip issue and then he pulled out of that fight. I just knew I was looking for fight. I want. I want to see him back in it yeah, but I mean I would love the scene that was supposed to fight Masvidal. That's that's that's to gonna happen, don't know, that's the perfect. I mean asked fight where you could have got like the hispanic culture, the civil war in that's, going at it yeah that would have been a great stylistic and like they would have trash to each other. That would have been Yeah, whoever dropped the ball on that needs to be fired. I think Nick just decided not fight, I don't know I do not No, I don't know I'm talking out of my ass. I don't know the specifics, but I was looking forward to it, but then an article that said Nick Diaz confirms he's not going to fight in UFC two hundred and thirty five what what get in there
man. Last time we thought was Anderson Silva, that's crazy! That is crazy. This but I don't know I mean I don't know Joey. It is something that we kind of got of Stop Norman like Baby Day ain't got it no more. Well, I don't know if it's he doesn't have it anymore, because we haven't seen him not have it. He fought well against Anderson, This is one hundred and eighty five pounder yeah that would down yeah, hey I'm I mean I mean Klay. If anybody could still fight in their old age the way those Diaz brothers fight, their style will allow them to fight longer because they're not like the best athletes. Today. Ryland Skill and just just endurance endurance take fight longer, so I oh, they still have something left in the tank. I'm sure I mean they're, obviously not out of shape they're, both in yeah yeah. They look like they're fit. I know I see them training, I see you know, pictures them and to use your keys on and hit the back and, as you know who knows my,
then I mean it's also like they want that big payday now, especially now, and they should get that big payday, but God damn. If I was the UFC, if I am fuck yeah, I think those guys are superstars. I think the UFC doesn't know. I think, one of the reasons why Nate is versus Conor. Mcgregor was so big. It's because people love Nate, Diaz yeah, yeah yeah economy Greg? No doubt Conor Mcgregor, no disrespect to Eddie Alvarez when Conor Mcgregor fight Alvarez. The vast The of the eyes were on yeah Mcgregor yeah, when Conor Mcgregor fights Nate your can add a lot of people who love needy yeah. But how do you think that happened? How do you think Nate that that says that star power, you think Adam thought he legitimately doesn't give a fuck? You smokes weed all the time people love it. They love the fact that those guys are like that, no yeah. But what does that say about our fan base in our society? Well, I don't know you know what does the here's what's disappoint
to me, that, for whatever reason, mighty mouse never became a giant superstar that confused the shit out of me. I'd watch that guy fight, you know when he took rape Borg and Soup Lex him with an arm bar on the way down was like what the fuck this guy have to do, to become a suit for star his skill levels off the chart for sure doesn't get hit for sure. And put on his dazzling fighters puts puts on show skill for skill. There's nobody on the planet, who can do what he does now he's the best ever he's the best physically ever yeah, when the only thing that keeps him from being thought of his university. Grace of all time is John Jones and John Jones been able to beat better guys like John Jones is a fight. The fights a better caliber of competition, cause it to one of five pound weight class. Elise at one point time had a deeper talent
cool yeah, but do you think it was uh yeah? I mean I'm going to agree with you there, but I will say this it. I think that sometimes we confuse popularity were actual talent. Well, I say yes and no, because if you think about like Daniel Cormier Daniel, maybe twice be mumble for sure rumbles. The scarier rumble curious, knockout artist in the history that division. Okay, nobody marks people like rumble, no kidding fuck that guy hits home. I know Jesus Christ, he's one of the scariest. I would not want to miss piss him off. I would want to piss him off. Yeah yeah in Florida once a month, I'm always like: hey yeah, how you doing Buddy Fred yeah you're good. Can I get you anything stay tight as a scary, more fucker rumble beat him twice, think about that and think of what he did, the Gusta synth. What he he does. Everybody did. I mean fuck man, what he did a little Nog or he
smashes people yeah yeah. I mean you're right. I mean John Sarah you're right, John John, the beta better caliber yeah, easily did it easily. I was. I was really looking forward to that fight, Jon Jones versus rumble. Very I was looking for that fight. I wish that fight took whatever reason rumble couldn't beat the best of the best announce it's unfortunate. You know, I think I mean he wrestled too. So I don't know really know what is performance. Anxiety was based on I had it, but you know what he said. Some reason he said after he retired you know in the fight with Losta Dc Cause, I'm just good at this. He goes. I'm not really a fighter he's like I'm an athlete, because I'm just really good at this kind of fuck. Are you not a fighter? You smash people, I mean
he's a terrifying fighter, but he just does not his thing, but that's the thing Joe and I had to tell you, because when I'm coaching guys, I have to identify that early and what I'm working with. Are you a fighter? You are athlete burn your competitors or you are artists Brian. I put him in four categories and they have to be true all differently. Yeah, I'd like to an artist, I artist, you got let him get creative. Well. Give me an example of artist like a as a five yeah. I look at somebody like prime example. We just saw him at all yes, Ryan Halls and artists, but he did. That was like art, that's poetry, what he did to Bj J and the fight world really ready for that. Yet you don't think so. No it's getting there, but they're not ready for a year, because when you saw money for Gray Maynard he's trying to perform his art gray, Maine are Whitley So who do we blame me? Blame the artist
he's a pussy have a fight with smart way for sure he made it hits hard for sure. So he fought him. He dove for his legs fifteen minutes, but when it works, we can appreciate the art yeah. Well, just trainer was prepared and he shrugged him off here. Here's an example of an artist style. Bender stop an artist artist by artist, pure artists, yeah Anderson said, art artist like these guys are artist. They can't you can't train them. The same way You train like a fighter or yeah. You can't trade on my There is a rabbit and I know my Perry since the first day he walked into a gym and he's always had like this edge on him in this chip on his shoulder. I think he'd make it this far to be honest with you, I thought you'd be in jail. I swear to God wow wow. What made you done just that he had a look like he had a little chip on the show and he was always getting in trouble getting arrested getting in trouble, but I'm proud of him. Man like he really turned it around and you know he's got a good.
On the shoulders. Well, he's still in the hunt, yeah yeah yeah I mean he can recover from the cowboys fight he's. You know he's got some holes in his game, you know, but he could sure those up, but he got the one thing that you need in order to cover up holes and that's found Savage's power you even though he got holes, he got power, not just power. He takes it well, yeah yeah, you got a great chance. Yeah yeah he's got a great kid is tough as shit talk his mind like he's an absolute fighter, absolute, so he's type of guy. You just hey man, get on the heavy bag for thirty minutes now. There's some raw meat go fight yeah? That's that's how you train him, yet I'm saying yeah, let him go right, but don't you like? It seems like what they've done a Jackson though, is made him more calculated made him more technical like if you see some of his more recent fights before the cowboy fight he's fighting a more calculated style. I like the way it looks better yeah, I mean
yeah, so that works, but the problem is sometimes it takes time to develop and that's ok, like my prayer still has time. So that's! Ok! But the thing is you don't want to calculate his offense too much calculate his defense. Make him more aware, but then, when it comes to offense man just punch a mother fucker in the face, punch punch him in the face? That's it right, so it defensively. You keep him aware and calculated it's like his attitude. You just want to like keep it the same, yeah yeah! That's it problem. Is it like some coaches and I'm not blaming nobody over there, but you just have to make sure you communicate with them. That look. I don't want to change the way you think right. I just won't make you more aware: you're gonna be a better fighter. If you don't just run out there swinging wildly, are you eating something to do before you could swing wildly? Was it like for you to transition from, in a fighter to being a coach. Is it it? Was it a seamless process or whether some
cups along the way. No, it was, it was a seamless bra I mean it was seamless is, is is a good being. It was no pick ups really because I can I can I in I can relate to rumble. That wasn't a fight. Anything really. I always thought I was an artist mmm so when when it was time for me to transition, I said I no longer want to express myself by punching people. I'm gonna show people how to do it. Mmm Do you like taking people that are already good and making them better, or do you like taking people that don't know shit? I think people don't know shit really yeah. I like I like people, don't know shit 'cause like if you already good so I mean it's hard because I get there already good and then you You want a world title with him right,
mmm. You know I'm saying like there's. No really! Let me ask you only take a guy like this okay. What would you do with Gustafson Gustafson yeah, because Gus it's in that weird spot right can be d c, can't be John flocks up global to share. It looks like a world beating repeats Jimmy Man, I mean he's, got world class talent for sure, but it seems like it's just shy of world championship, caliber see, but this but it's something that he might have to like, go soul searching for 'cause, he might not have it. You know. So if you don't have it said you, I want you know what I need. If ISIS make much money, do you think? Maybe it's where he trains? Do you think? Maybe it's he. You know he's training overseas with you know he betrays the leader of the tv who's. Really good yeah I mean. Does he have world class coaching over there I mean. Does he
does he have a world class sparring partners, people that recognize patterns s? So that's that's what I think too, is it in Europe, and some I mentioned it to me. A couple a couple months ago is that in Europe the coaches are better really and I don't better but they're more they're, more attentive to necessary thing to they. So if leave his coaching is coaching staff. I think he'd be a worse fight. I think he needs to keep his coaching staff, but maybe add something else to it. We spent some time in yeah and I think he needs he needed that. But when you
might need adjust better partners mmm. He might just need a few better guys to give him some different looks, but I think the coaching staff, his coach Steff, it's fine. I've worked with someone before, because Elena Latif used to come the top team, and I met all them guys too, smart and they're more ten of their guys in american coaches, american coaches. Sometimes you got a guy role, punching good guys and remind me to tell you nothing. You know so that I think that's the biggest difference between Like America and then like in Europe, they're more attentive. Do you think of what is what's the reason for that? There's not many, not many guys to work right. You know so um. You know you goto. The states here big, as you go to a room, there's one coach, twenty fighters- the coaches just like well, you guys are good, go ahead, sporran, whoever is left, I'm going to get you a fight, yeah and you're, a little that right, yeah. You know this that's a similarity with comedy managers. It's a very similar thing.
There's some comedy managers that have like one hundred clients and they just let go out there figured yeah and if you're good- and we will take him, take it to the top yeah I've. Seen Kevin Hart a great manager got no just fucking Kevin aren't you going to make it no matter who is manager and then there's some that I have like a small amount of clients and they spent a lot of time with them and they calculated career together. They map it out. You know, I think, with fight a lot of times you just. It is a lot of like who's who's left, who's still standing. Still standing, and I think you know being a coach, a top team. We have a lot of coaches, so I think that helps us. That place is so big, it's so big
It's so big. We have a lot of fighters, but we also have a lot of coaches, so we can give a man in unions, one hundred percent. She she gets whatever she wants yeah, so she could get. She gets the attention and- and I think it is great because she'd get that attention like a different place and she might not be able to get it. I mean she would still get it, but with the level of our coaching, expertise is just ridiculous. Dude that chip is a savage. I know she's a savage when soon she had a smile on her face when she was fucking up cyborg. I know she'd like one slash two, a grin when she was digging Alec is one slash: two grit teeth: half smile when she was fucking, her up, see, say people like that they never. I don't think they gave her no credit card. Yeah I mean at all yeah she hits. Are she knocked out Rhonda she knocked out. You know me steer. She beat me to stage these girls out, but the neighbour, oh yeah, she fight like a dude, but she felt like a
other yeah. She get this again unless you buy like a brother. Would you know want to me? I think one of the the most impressive performances was were Cal Pennington yeah, because I don't think people give Raquel Pennington enough but I think Raquel Pennington was one of those girls, like you see her first fight with Holly Home almost beat Holly homes lost by split decision. Her it with Ashlee Evans Smith. Holy shit was that chaos and she gets her in that bulldog, choke and chokes are unconscious. Like one second left, it was madness, blood, where I mean that girls, tough, is shit, she's
super you're, right man, she's super tough yeah and when a man too fucked her up, I was like good. Lord there's like this is a different amanda. She's she's got everything now before she had the power, but she didn't have the endurance and she would fade- and you know like perfect Example- was the cats and gone I'll fight she fucked cats and gone awhile bad in that first round, so bad that cat's head was fucked up for years afterwards, she's having problems with her quarters, all levels or hormones were all fucked up. She gave her hypo thyroid. She gave her who she killed her thyroid in that fight. Oh my god. Yes, like she talked about it on. My podcast is like that. Girl hit me so hard. She fucks give me a thyroid condition. Oh my god, yeah she went to all sorts of serious fucking, traumatic, brain injury therapy. Afterwards they did this shit, they do for sold down in San Diego, they did it with her. She she went about it in detail with on my podcast from Amanda she's, like that bitch hits home
Bart so hard like different than anybody else. Trying I mean she's, just I mean she's really good at hitting home runs like she swing her swing to, contact ratio on the money on the button is just high yeah and the force behind it. You so much. Cyborg. My god. I know it was over soon as soon I said this is over. This is over. But a man is another one prime example, because I've worked in I've worked in all Amanda's camps, except for maybe like this last one um but she's, not a fighter, believe it or not, really yeah. What's what is she She an athlete she's, an artist, she's, she's she's, an athlete she's an athlete and a and a competitor. So here's a thing like what, if you know you can't just put Amanda into ours Barker,
she's not, and you try to push Amanda she's, not going she's, not going to respond well to that, and that was why I think you know and fight she would guess out because, like she didn't train properly, she wasn't happy really would have training because it was like everybody was trying to push her like a fighter. But when you Let her do her thing. She pushes herself yeah, she pushed herself to the limit. But when you try to take an to let her know? You need to do this. You know that she's not Spahn water, that, but you let her do her thing coach. I got this go ahead. You do it world class best that weird so far her what was the missing ingredient. When you look at like the early Amanda to like Champ Champ Amanda, I think it wasn't necessarily missing agreement. I think it was just everybody was pushing it too hard, really yeah, you know pushing it too hard? You need to come in. You come in and wrestle for two hours. You need to come in and do this you can
be a world champ. If you don't really train hard and she was like. No, you know I'm good. I don't know from down for that. Just let me let me do it. Let me let me figure this out. Let me forget my body needs and when she figured out what her body needs, she said. I'm I'ma push myself and she gives no less effort. In which he would have gotten before she made decision? So maybe she just doesn't like people telling her what to I think yeah. I think that has a big part of it she's now the best of all time. Yeah. No doubt how does she she knocked out cyborg and fifty fucking seconds, she beat everybody she fucked up. Misha Tate, I mean she fucked up Rhonda Rousey. I mean she fucks up everybody. I know she's the best she is just about it, no doubt about it, beat Valentina twice and I think if anybody is other her who's, the best it's Valentina a
she's a visa, but I think that the more confident Amanda Gates she just walks Valentina down of beats. She walks her down a piece of the forces super yeah she's, just too big too good to quit. But Valentin is so skillful she's yeah and that's like stylistically. It doesn't make for great fight because Valentina is so skillful yeah. So, like She had a role yeah she's on our own water, she's she's moving got good defense yeah move your feet. What does everything yeah she's? Really good yeah? I I feel bad for them. Other girls, it didn't fly fly, wait yeah! Well, she might take over the division for a long fucking time. For sure yeah I mean, if you look at what she did, she shut you and Jake. Take down in the OJ check was way healthier way, healthier flyweight. Then she wasn't strawweight. I feel like strawweight. She just sucks too much weight. You know drains or too much.
It isn't she's not as durable, because you look at the shots that she got hit with by Valentina they're, probably arguably harder shots yeah, but she just you're right, she's, more durable just now. She can't cut that way to perform at the same level. Yeah. I don't know why fighters I feel like that's the answer. All the time cutting away certain weight cut week. I hate it. I hate I'm like if you seven to dictate whether you can beat this guy or not. You got a problem yeah that you not that good, then yeah, you should never allow like seven pounds to dictate whether you could beat somebody or not. Do you think that those sport would be better if they illuminated weight, cutting the way one FC did. I think so. I think so too. I think so I wish they would. I think the performance would be better. I think guys would be more durable to be able to take shots better and I think there would be less bullshit. I think they just need more options in terms of weight class
I think that's one. I think that, because there's just too many giant jumps like a a five to two, oh five, like what the is that twenty pounds on lock. Well, I mean this is one issue with the sport is like in Russia and incredibly antiquated yeah the weight class yeah. I just I mean this stuff was twenty years ago I mean it. Was we keep it? pain like the pay structure and antiquity when bonuses but not the guy, I'm like to, we have a haven't wombo Nakadi guy for winning you paying him double to win yeah. Well, not only that you're paying these. Assholes to judge yeah, judging his tear you're, paying people who don't know what the fuck they're watching there's I I would love, I mean, there's some great judges. Don't get me wrong if you listen in your judge and your great thank you, there's some terrible judges and I want. I would like to know how many of them have ever even trained, not many. If you, if you
watching someone, there's some crazy scramble and some guy almost catches, someone with something and the guy gets away and almost catches, someone and it gets where the person who doesn't train. Do they even understand? How close are we do they yeah they? Don't they don't know? How could they know they aren't? How could they know they can't they can't, but And- and sometimes I get in arguments of people about this to another thing is like this. You know the open scoring, I feel like we need open scorn. I love that idea, I'm like because, as a coach you going to a right and like there's certain things that you want to do in certain rounds based on where you are in to fight the hardware, you rather fight it only argument against it is that a guy would coast yeah, then the other guy. Would Well, crazy! Yeah! That's what I'm saying. I think it would be more cynical over his own, of course, but this is happening now, for both fighters are coasting because they thought they won right still both What is a coast in 'cause, they thought they want. You have to be crazy to think that these judges got it right. You have to be crazy if you want the first
things like I got this, you gotta be crazy. Yeah yeah deal with this. You never know you never know guessing yeah, I think. Sometimes they do. I think they do too, but I'm like if I knew what the score I was going into the third round. I would be have be able to tell you better what you need to do. You know what Douglas Crosby, you know he's a judge whether he told me once they are in the middle of a fight and some woman looked over at him. A guy had another guy in the camorra and he's like what is he doing? What is that? Oh, my god? what is a camorra. Oh, my God is not something crazy and I mean these are the guys that are in charge of- your career career and especially in man. You look it's terrible in boxing as well as terrible decisions in boxing, but this one is insane because it's fifty percent of your purse, win bonus is fifty percent, in most cases
yeah. I don't even know why we still do it. I hate it. Why do I still do that? I hated guys fight their heart out. They should get what they're supposed to get paid yeah. You should get what you get paid and you only bonuses should be for finishing the idea that so not going to fight hard like they're not going to fight as hard as they would. If they would want to win, you want you win anyway. Everybody wants a win. You fight any harder because there's a win bonus know that yeah, I don't never. I've never come back the guy in the corner, but hey, listen! You got that win bonus. You got the window and you gotta win this because it'll win, but no you want to win any some advice to fighters to stop asking for those performance bonuses: you're not going to get When you ask it just doesn't work that what it is they never get. They never get it when in less they need it's obvious, yeah You know, there's a some like some wind bonus.
Is where you like, of course, yeah well kind of started. Allthing Dini did it. I think he did fifty cheese baby. I think he might have been. I one start there. Maybe he did, but again it was prob only a performance where he was going to get it, he replied got anyway. He replied anyway, there was some guys do it. Unlike fight pass prelims, I'm interviewing him like and I'd like to wish use, didn't say that yeah not going to get this. You might have gotten it if you didn't say nothing: yeah, yeah yeah, it's just I don't like that either. I feel like the performance bonuses. I'm like come on man. I think they should give everybody a bonus. If you finish because then you get guys looking to finish That's a great idea! That's a great idea having a finish bonus, yeah on every fight, every fight. If you finish you get paid when you get paid,
the loss and then there's the finished amount of dollars for every finished. Yet yeah. I am going to finish twenty right and whatever it is yeah. I agree with that. That's great! I think that I think I do think that there's a real it. I think it's unfair, that you don't fix the judging, but yet you also have wind bonuses. I think that's unfair. It is I don't like it the fact you just how messed I get break is my heart to think that these guys are judging in control of everybody's career. He downloaded Morias. There's a lot of people like that out. There there's a lot of people. I thought it I mean we've seen we've seen scores, where it's just sold off like this is what I think I think. First of all, three people is too few yeah. I think seven should be a number. That's a good number. I would think I would like this. I would like my god a good number like seven, maybe, but then on top of that, I want an online score. I want to see what people and I want to get like. You know, just experts. We get a bunch of fighters
to give their input on it, I can have a ball pool of experts yeah. He also would Tyrone Woodley think about that fight, tyrants, watching at home. He felt like it was this yeah it did mighty mouse Johnson thing. What did John Jones think like whoever wants to contribute? Who wants to contribute to the pool like have a verified account and say this I'm scoring it home. It was this. You know this. It was that and then you look at this online pool like ninety percent felt it should have gone this way, but the judges went the other well yeah, hey shit, yeah! That kind of shit would be very telling yeah I don't get. It we all look at fights ago. Alright, that shit was not that's, not how it went right. This guy, but we all know he can win that fight. What's like the big, can you put I'm trying to think like? What's the most egregious example, the you could, you could come up with Well, I just saw fight in and where was it was Justin Scoggins for the kid this recently, I think I dropped from your c from that loss. It was a bad
I was a terrible that I'm thinking all yeah? I went in fact I left to get something to drink 'cause I was like I have. He wanted. The Hawkins got dropped yeah. He just fought in like Japan or somewhere yeah he's good yeah yeah weird style, yeah, hey I'd ways, yeah right well buzzing around small. Like wonder boy, took a rest now yeah interesting yeah. What are from the same area a do a lot of karate. This came out of that interesting yeah. Did you see that Robin Black Break down of the dude. This I've always said that one thing that I used to see in sport, karate and I see in Thai Kwando with sliding like guys, knew how to lift up that front leg and slide in it. Doesn't I don't see that a lot in MMA, but if someone is good at it like. There was a guy that, with his name Larry Jones and Larry, was he was tall. He was like six two, but his eggs went up to his armpits man. It was crazy and his team would just fuck people up with his front leg in taekwondo tournaments. He would just slide across
yes slide across, and people just didn't know what to do with that front leg. They were trying to figure out that front leg and Robin Black see see. If you find this, I think it's on his instagram, this dude. I don't know who the guy is a nursing and fight before, but he slides in with a sidekick plan, slides in again plan and then goes to the guy's face. With this I mean discovering, like fifteen feet, with his one leg up in the air and one leg down just sliding in with his hips and his momentum will see. That's a unique skill to have, and I gotta tell you when will be entire room. We first started training for one boat, Wonderboy fight we couldn't find any they could do that really and that's why a lot of people have problems with Wonderboy, because oh yeah, I just get a bunch of as a strike puts his striking is different. It's different very different, and it's here's. The guy look at this watch this guy. Do this one yeah yeah we'll do it from the beginning now yeah, but just reset it watch this guy watch how this guy does. This is crazy, see I slide your full stop.
Look at this slide washes boom. That's some serious, slightly goodness serious coverage. The distance of that incident. You see a lot in those sport karate guys, especially guys that know how to correctly throw a front leg sidekick and this dude. Whoever this gentleman is. He real knows how to do what is his name Yeah click on his I that dude always shit he's dumb stuff, some serious fucking power with that front leg, but it's is also. If you watch go back to that original clip again, you watch what he does when he does it. Watch Lee lifts his knee up waist height, which is critical because everybody, the people that do it wrong Tony, is low. Their knee is low and they're kicking up. He his knee goes high. His knee those like when he throws it? It comes off straight, look!
is knee, is his knee is like upwards hip is and then, as he throws it, he throws it in a straight line. He just get all this. Our even delay like he just hop, hop, hop out and we've been range. Danny delivered, yeah I mean I used to see a lot of people in the taekwondo days. Days were really real good at this, and very few in May, until this guy, like playing like that, is a fucking look at that stretch on this dude. That's a serious flexibility to and to fuck a guy about a front leg sidekick to the dome like that is incredible, but it's the slide It's the most impressive, the the distance he could play a not used to that. You think you're, okay, because you're outside but you're, not even nearly outside you're you're right in the wheel house and like he doesn't have to change his position. He's not he's not vulnerable to a lot of attacks being like that. Wonderboy has an interesting way of doing it's a little bit different. Wonder boy does a slide, but he his leg comes up from the ground. Like he's lifting his foot up, and you're not even sure what it is and then, as
is extending its still low, and then he brings it up. Yeah stabs you in the stomach with me like why you, the Johnny Hendricks Fight's, a great example that Johnny didn't know what the fuck he was doing. And then Johnnie smiled, and then he got roundhouse kicked in the face like what. Well I tell you, I mean it's just because, like the way like Johnny came up a little bit later, he came after I did, but when I was coming up, nobody you couldn't do karate Right no karate know karate. So like that Allstate Matours Karate, just like it carried on for so long that now like. If you do karate you got up, you got an advantage 'cause. Nobody knows how to defend it. Right, yeah, there's, definitely something to some as long as you do, the other shit yeah, something to some styles of karate, but Connor does a lot of karate yeah. You could tell I mean you see it in the style that when we fought Aldo, he tried to front lakeside to the thigh back, but he's got a karate style, he's moving in and out Karate
sedan in, but when he gets in box, arrange it but then hands on yeah yeah, the boxer yeah. That's an interesting style. That's an interesting way of doing it. This is that there's just a bunch of different ways. That's the beautiful thing about MMA, there's a bunch of different ways to do it. Man, yeah, there's bad Askmen's way to grab a hold you guerrilla yeah baby to the ground. As my bad too, I'm glad I did. I I've I've, no Bense's before you started fighting like he. He came stayed about my dog bit a mischief dog yeah. I had a little too. Why why they don't mention it. Yeah yeah Ben is my home where man it I and I think it. I was never this about him going to the u of C, because I was thinking that you know it was on getting too late yeah. You know because like when he you know, but I still, I think he still is. It is good he's never taken anything. He never takes no damage, so I was just nervous that they get him too late. But you know Ben is been instrumental in Tyron Woodley Scamp, some easies. His brain is just like. We think on the same line, so he's he's a brilliant guy he's always sending me book. Suggestions like he's smarter, got re here, but he's also
very analytical, and his approach in, like he's not he's not going to no disrespect to George Gratel George go gel abandoned you just soon to Benz Ben's, not no. No, he she's never going to that. It never happened, and I like the way things too he's, like you know like he did. He doesn't spend time away from what he's good at yeah. He stays that rose always coaching constantly involved in wrestling yeah, always coaching kids, but I mean even with himself like we'll, go we'll go up there. Ben China, for nothing will go up and battle. Give tyrant, however many rounds he needs. Really yeah. You know most guys I gotta bring in like two the guys in the get time off from work battle. Given him work, no matter what no matter, what kind of shape he's in he give tiring work. Well, he was talking about you know if they do open up that one hundred, the five pound division, which I guess they're talking about- is there
what is talent in that division? I really think if they moved it to seventy five and they had a six thousand five hundred and seventy five. Eighty five, I think that's better yeah and then bend would fight at sixty five. He doesn't want to fight Tyron him entire in a really good friends, but like a lot of matchups with him. I really love the Robbie. Longer fight I mean, I know they pulled off that fight, because the Anaheim card fell apart, but they're going to fight. Is it on Brooklyn think they're fighting March? Second, Is that what it is, I think, is it rob in him and Robbie, and I felt like they were going to make that headliner for a fight night. I felt, like I said all Robbie's face as I have. I don't know. If that's been sold us just text, I am now yeah yeah right or Text Dana arm. I took the great match up, though that's like yeah, that's where you see where benefits in is against world class competition. I mean you'll, see where he fits in against world class competition or see. If Robbie this is done or not. Yeah yeah yeah, it's a great fight right for both got
or probably Robbie, still a savage yeah, a yeah yeah. I like Robbie taking the time off to time off, think that's important for Robbie. When you look at the wars yeah, so I went through the Carlos Condit fight the fucking, the Fucking Rory Mcdonald, fight to make good Jesus Christ. You know who gets out that on skates, not a single human, that's ever lived gets out of that he can and he needed that he needs time off yeah, because we don't get hit like that. Yeah and just he's a seven he's a fighter when he was screamin and his lips yeah was split open. I mean it was like a zipper was open yeah and it's screen that I'm interviewing him after the fight and I'm like dude. I could see your teeth. Like literally see his teeth right through his mouth right through his lips yeah, my God yeah. He didn't give a fuck, no stitch it up now, like he's a he's, a fighter man, that's that's! That's that's the type of guy like a get on that bag. Yeah and those are meet at you.
Well, he used to not even spar, which is really crazy. When you fight in Strikeforce, he wasn't even sparring, and I asked somebody about. I already know how to fight questions are over. Thank I mean also to you got a but you gotta look at it to light where he kept where he comes from yeah, like you know them dudes in the Midwest, don't got no filter and I'm saying agent was just trying to get shit out of each other. Every sparring practice that was every practice right is the militancy. Ets does not a guy that drag them off the floor today. Wake up and then bring another guy and they would work up, bringing back in bringing back yeah yeah back and that's what's really crazy when guys get Kayode. I remember that from boxing gyms he wants guys get dropped like and then they'd be sparring like ten minutes later. But what are you doing? You should be in the hot yeah right. Do you understand which is happened? Your brainstem see. I don't like that part of the game you know.
Well, I don't even know if it's even necessary, it's not necessary necessary. It was ignorance, because if that guy gets hit again, he could get like you know Joe Savall Tellini after he beat mark to bond and glory he want. He won the title he was fucked up for months like he could he couldn't have any lights on. He had to be in a room. He said the light from like a charger from a cell, phone charger that little tiny light would fuck his head up. He'd, give him headaches. He had a severe concussion of from a fight. He want. He got clipped with a giant knee in that fight, yeah and just boom said his head back and even though he won the fight, he still was fucked up for a long time. Afterwards. I was looking up Yusef.
The two hundred and thirty five take shape with two title fights in 3X UFC Champ. So is that on the cards that says it's Jones, Anthony Smith, who Tyron versus Camaro's mom and then Askren and Baller woo- that's it here. We go. Is that march. Second, you that's in Vegas, right God, damn I pray to the M e guards. Keep their car together, keep the and I don't forget, a Pedro Munoz and Cody Gar Brandt who's on that plane to yeah wow wow. That's a fucking card right! No, that's fucking card Holly Holm Aspen LAD, don't get it that that is upbeat and Jerramy Stevens Holy Shit, gotta love, it gotta love it Mickey Garland, Diego Sanchez, Saint Preux, that's a Jesus,
Red Cards bombs away. Man that is a bombs away card. I don't know about the Anthony Smith and John Jones wow I wonder why I don't even know why they made that fight in the first place. They probably just wanted needed. John wants to fight again, really yeah Johns, probably won't look. He had to take two years off, no money that bullshit finally gets his title back is like. Let's keep this, all roll yeah. You know and then probably also feels like the best way to get back to like his top form, is to compete regularly. You know gets loose, so he could really show what he can do. Although the fucking pressure that must've been on John from that fight, you know I mean part of me that wants to feel bad for him. I mean there's a lot of pressure on this young man, but then that a part of me that man will you stop fucking up yeah it's it's again. I think it's what we're talking about fighters- and you know,
crazy, impulsive, the! Why a make mistakes make you stupid shit, especially if they like to party yeah. You had that into the mix of going to make some piss poor. Decisions and I should have sought a science I hung out with John. This was before he was a big time. It was in Buffalo was like some small show, Buffalo Buffalo! Don't I don't even know why he was there and he was just doing like out Jack bottle like out the bottle fuck like but that's also, why he's so good yeah and such a wild mother that's mean. There's, there's a an ingredient list and great Champions: yeah and then part of great part of it. Is they just don't give a fuck? They just good go, and that was what I was saying about Amanda, when you allow her to not give a fuck and don't try to control her she's gonna fucking rise to the occasion, but the problem is: it doesn't work for everybody, because people need to be controlled because they can't rise to the occasion like right when you
let them do their thing man. He just rise to the occasion. It's funny trying to figure out what is that? What's the right mix, yeah the right mix of discipline and conditioning, but then just being free, you know, Dominick Cruz brought this up, we're doing commentaries like some guys fight better with, like a week's notice. Yeah there is no pressure. Don't just show up and they're good. You know some people fight better when the underdog nobody's nobody's think they're going to win their I'll, show you mother, fuck, yeah, yeah yeah, and you go out there and put on a show. I also think part of a man that that part of the existing Amanda two isn't when she's the underdog. It's just less pressure on her so again as another distraction away. So she just like watches yeah. I'm the underdog watch tell a Yo Yo Yo put pressure on me to be to you know: to win this fight easily. You know, I think she can hold back well. She was this favorite against work. L Pennington she's a favor against for, and I think that was one of our best performance yeah, but were hung in there a little bit. You know she did a little
but she had her throat yeah, we kind of had a round or two, and I don't think she did a shit around. You think she went around she, she took Amanda down at one point and had around. Maybe I don't think so. And I don't I don't think I was. I don't think a man was in trouble or anything but an interesting. I think Amanda won every round. If I was a farmer call in the correct We have to go back and look at it, but I think it was like a slow steady beat down. Was I mean it? Was I mean it was? It was convincing. It was a pretty easy fight for her, but well the fucking woods left for her, especially like this. What one legit, featherweight as wise. It's Megan Anderson the meeting got exposed a little bit by Holly yeah. You know, because Holly took her down a really dominated her in the clinch and got to do kind of to the ground. It will and I'm sure she's tightened up a lot of that, but NASH. She doesn't she's chi tomorrow. You think so. Yeah yeah a lot of people honest
and like speed is everything in this game really more. So that's what I was saying about, I cutting weight. Speed is key in this game in a lot of people get exposed when they're not fast enough. You know because- and I don't mean that still even just speed and physically, I guess heavyweight speed physically, but like speed and decision making right be all that speed is key and I don't think Megan absence will be have enough speed Amanda well. You also have to think the Megan Anderson when she fought Holly home that was her UFC Debut right and that and that Octagon, J legit as far that we've all had yeah. If I had it, you see that moment where the bright lights hit you for the first time you like bow, and they also her first fight- is against Holy fucking home know: Jesus Christ, yeah. I mean that this experience is you get mean. Holly is she's like she an eighteen time, world boxing champion she was like twenty seven. She has
one of until Amanda knocked out cyborg. She had the greatest highlight reel KO in a championship, fight well yeah in a championship fight because I think the that Jessica on garage when she knocked download, Caroline Caroline, a comeback of it, yeah yeah that that was that was a bigger and knock out. Yeah alright sounds like one mom, not bigger. It was right up there yeah. It was right up there, but Amanda just took the fucking cake it's like she's like out this is my, like. You think you saw the best women's MMA Ko ever hold my beer yeah. She who she did it know. I know I know it's. Everything and she did that I mean I'm alive, but I was surprised as much as I love Amanda she's. You know, she's hold her dear to my heart. I was even surprised if she throws bricks. I know she thought you know what she is she's like a bowling ball on the end of a rope boom. But but if you have you ever
time around her a little bit out. You know at the fights when she's not fighting back stage very friendly, but this is what I'm saying you know like a lot of fighters are like you know, they have kind of aggressive personalities, yeah she's, nothing like that. I mean she likes to sit at home like she's, got Instagram pics like she's, cutting the grass and sit and flip flops I mean she's, just so carefree and she just like she likes to play with her dogs in the backyard. Well, I was upset when she was fighting, Ronda that all the promos were about run to coming back yeah. That is off. I said before that before when she when Rhonda was about to fight Holly home. I said that I disagreed with that fight. I said I really think Amanda Nunuez is the most dangerous challenge for Rhonda I seek. Does Amanda has a brazilian Jujitsu black belt and her hands or what's really scary, like LEN Ronda has to close the distance to get ahold of you when she gets you on the ground. His arm Barney, I'm going to feel like Amanda likes sizes up with her, but that's the most.
Dangerous challenge, in my opinion, but then Holly knocked her out and then, when you saw Amanda Knockout Rhonda. I was like well this. How did you does not see this coming like this is not good match up and you you spent the entire promo talking about this one person who's, not the champion who's. Coming back after a devastating knock out, and then you didn't show anything about the one person who is the champion who's, the first Only gay women's champion in the history of sport right, she's, she's, the first Gay UFC Champion champion she's off fucking, destroyer? I mean she's, exciting as shit all you're showing is Rhonda pacing around her mansion. You know, Rhonda
getting excited about this fight and thinking I'm going to go out there and like Jesus Christ, and then backstage here was was crazy. I was listen to these agents. Talk because Rhonda's fights one of the things that was interesting about it was she was such a for such a cult of personality that she had all these. Agents and shit around like all these, like it was all agent to fight back state. So I hear these guys talking and one agent dork is talking the other agent door and he goes who's Rhonda fighting and he's I'm paraphrasing, but it is basically said I don't know who she is, but she's a victim. Like I don't know who it is what's called her for today, so they really thought that they did. They had no idea what was going to idea. They had no idea, I mean look, that's what they were hoping. They were hoping that find the winds, because she's this gigantic superstar, like of Rhonda, comes back
It's Amanda Nunez wins the title back. Rematches Holly Home beats Holly Home, yes she's back, but instead she gets marked and forty eight seconds Amanda just so, and I was saying to them afterwards, legos it. What I was telling you like how the fuck, not you not promoting her like, would she just did if you put equal time promoting her. Now you got a new star in your hands. Instead, The story is Rhonda. Rousey got smack, the story's, not and smashed really dropped the ball even afterwards worth and stayed in and pick up with, Amanda, yes, yeah. I agree it's crazy to me, like it's crazy, to think that they thought that this was going to be around come back to stardom, because- and I sent you again, I think that I don't know if you saw it but 'cause I ask out all Amanda's opponents and I do break breakdown. I come up with strategies for her and after scouting Rhonda. I said this gonna be easy fight for you and I told her that I said this will be easy and in it turned out to be easy and it just
surprises me today thought that this was going to be to come, I don't know I don't. I didn't talk to Jane about it. I told Dana before I thought was a terrible match up for running, but that was before the Holly Holm Fight, and I know now she got this well, he was saying you need. I don't know he. He thought that I was. In the Holly Holm that IRAN is going to be hauling might, but I'm not saying that cz either that's a tough fight too, but the about Amanda, is punching power. Holly's not known for a punching power. Now she's known for speeder, kicks her timing. Her technique, her her toughness, yes, she's known for all her athleticism currents, physical strength, yet she's known for all those things not not known just to go in there, girls blast girls of the blast, people. She puts him into another dimension, she's different in that respect, but they didn't concentrate on that at all. Michael you're, not concentrating on this destroyer that round is about to face, will show the Misha, Tate, fight and people just be like Jesus yeah beats the fuck out of her and then strangled her and look if you like I know, that's why I
Surprise me that they slept on Amanda, I'm how you're sleeping on it's Hollywood. Man, Hollywood, the the narrative that they had was Rhonda, was the best ever which she was when she was the best until she. But if you looked at the way she fought Holly. This is my opinion. I feel like there was a million things going on other than just fighting. There's a million things going on, there's movie offers. This television shows is everybody's agents and deals in books, and all this shit is happening and then she's with Edmond okay, she's, not an american top team. She's not she's not dealing with a bunch of people that are being one hundred percent, honest and people who have a deep background of experience of training, world class mixed martial arts fighters who recognized the holes in our game, the strength, the weakness, some of my you who couldn't like categorize who she is and how to mold, there's no there's no great minds behind her orchestrating. This is
just some guy telling oh you're great you're, getting better and she's holding the medicine. She looks great on the MEDS and she does a great on the men cheat there's times where she didn't look too bad on him. It's when she fought bench: Cohan, pap, pap, pap, pap and she's in Brasilia like damn yeah. It's like a fucking kick box yeah, but that there's a big difference between that and then being able to do that on Amanda, Nunez, there's a big difference and you need world class coaching. You need someone who's going to recognize. There's hiccups in what you do. You got, there's stage is missing. I mean one of things that Greg Jackson said when they prepared her for Holly Home or prepared Holly home, for they said if you look at how she she engages it's always grab with the left arm. It's always grabbing the left arm and they were just quick move out to the side and if you lock, when she ducked under Rhonda's punch she went to that right side, she's, always going that right side and then bone. There's that head kick. That might have been one of funniest moments in the history of Doug say when she ducked that punch and she
the day it hit the fence yeah it out. I allowed as pretty funny. Well, it was indicative of the like some serious errors. Improper Shin and also, I think, the way she fought was just so reckless just charging for champions. Don't fight like that right, How but it's understandable, I'm going to say this in her defense is understandable because that's who she was at the time she was. She was greatest ever so she didn't expect to ever. Be in this position right. You know, that's what true she got. She had an opportunity to correct it and she she dropped the ball on that.
Here's the thing about Rhonda she's, very smart, she's, very, very smart, but she's, also very strong minded and then wield a billion is probably very few people that can pull her aside and go. You can listen to me because you get knocked the out. This is real. Okay, you are the great do you the greatest ever of, of course, but this is not how you do this camp. This is not how you prepare for this person. We need more. We need we need different and we don't need you just spartan boxing with people. Could you not boxing you're not going to have these gloves on? We need a world class mma coaching. We need to figure out how
shoot and and then land a double. You can't just be grabbing clashing research. It doesn't work on everybody right and in in the lecture almost got choked up by Liz. Carmouche. Remember that he and Liz had back a little bit is that she was on the check, yeah yeah. I mean it wrong. Just got it out and got out of x such a great grappler internet, because so God Damn strong yeah. She got it out and and made it out of there, but that was dangerous. Did her job is up after the fight for a long time? Really? Yes, I'm just getting cranked I mean this carmouche is a she's she's. Just I saw learn about strong and she pulled it off. I mean she almost pulled it off from that that headlock position is a very dangerous position. You someone yeah and their their legs go around. Head pops out, you were on your back yeah, it's the worst position. If you can't pull it off, yes, and that was her thing, her thing was headlock people flip into the ground and it worked on almost everybody, but it's like
that's going to catch us. You know avengers and again, maybe maybe not, but the phone. The thing is, you need look, you could look at a guy like mighty mouse who we we both agree is like the best expression of mixed martial arts talents that God does everything he shoots double so ankle he'll fucking he'll hit you with a flying. Armbar he'll do whatever the fuck he wants, could do everything you can't have like. You can't have only one approach. Success 'cause. As soon as someone figures out. Oh, she grabs at that left arm, I'm going to get the fuck out of there. I'm not going to be anywhere near that left arm right, but that's I was sent about speed to like when you look alike, got like like mighty mouse, like he's doing all that with speed yeah and the precision of his technique is just like unstoppable ridiculous speed. I grabbed him once just joking around backstage and he hit me with knees, the body it was so fast. So it's like my brain is too slow to even calculate that. You know that that kind of the the books get pot but I was like, oh
imagine, began Henry Cejudo when he fought him and had experience that the first fight in particular realize like oh, I but we came back. I was just made. I made an adjustment, but I think in a rematch I think I think TJ beats in a rematch. Do. You think DJ beats in a rematch. I I wonder because it was very close, yes, very class, what I'm saying it was a very cool again. Eventually it catches up to you, but it's also get caught. How did you win? He won by taking them down yeah. You win by dominating it's not like mighty mouse beat him. He destroyed him. It's like he could He has a much better chance of finishing. So Oh that's a has a finished yeah, no doubt yeah. So that's why I think dj. If they fought again, I think DJ finishes. The only guy I think, gives DJ a problem. You might, you might not know who what we listen, t one twenty five, yet right, but five Kyoji Horiguchi really already beat or Gucci He did yeah, but that was years ago really yeah. That was years ago, the arm
He dominated Eminem. Second, he did but talk discount think this guy's got speed. Coaching horiguchi I've worked him, little bit, but I'm not like his main guy right, but this guy's got speed. Unbelievable speed. His knockout power out power out power. I have to see here I believe you, I think you know you should. I think he gives. I think he gives the g I'm not saying that he will beat him if they were five descent, but he could, if he could. I would not. Scoggins was a real threat, saw Scoggins. I was like he's done. He should have been. I was like this guy with that style that karate style, but also can wrestle and do more more cochin in anything now, and I hate to say that because bike because right now listening to your mother, but I really do think that is like, maybe not really fill in in his holes. You know, because he's got a lot to work with Mmhm. Like I said like that karate style he can wrestle, I'm sure it's got decent submissions, but he's by got smalls coaching is so quick
coaching can take a guy who could be a journeyman internment tournament world champion. There's, there's there's this pivot, like the fights you choose, who's, the things you do when you do um. You know when when to say no to things when to say yes to things, get guidance, but the problem with fighters. Man is a so damn hard, headed yeah. You have to be right If you have crazy believe yeah yeah, you do you got you have too and that's like, like we were saying earlier, like Amanda, she hard headed, sometimes you know like, but that's what got her her success. But most fighters hard, headed and are in a position to be hardheaded right right and that's like the hard part is like you to tell him. Listen. You need to listen to me right now. You know I got this and then their careers just it's crazy, because that's what made them a fighter in the first is right. Tell sales to fuck yeah, that's it. Stepfather beat their ass and they left the house there. Sixteen fuck, you I'll, show the world fucking girl, dumped him in high school and
come to me and shit. That's happened to me and then next thing I know I'm out there in a fucking get in the cage. I feel bad for Tuesday didn't get dumped. I do buy that 'cause, it's good, for you taught me a lot man. I remember my girlfriend in high school. Don't me I was devastated for months just devastated, but then I realize like what the fuck is wrong with me and I thought imagine five married that girl magic had kids with her and oh and every day was just torture. Her bitching at me controlling and I got light. I got off light. Well, here's one for you to enjoy well same thing, happen to me. I got dumped in high school yeah. The girl started dating another dude I hitting this multiple going to hit with a wrench ranch yeah. I had the hit the with a wrench watching with a wrench. He pissed me off. Oh You pissed me made me so mad. Did he make you mad because he's banging the girl, or do you make him out on top of that on top of that yeah? So I
and then I end up going to jail and end up going fifty two weekends in jail, but within that time, every week every week and I don't know when or Friday four year come out on Sunday HI four year, so I couldn't leave. I could leave my city, so in that time I taught myself how to fight that's. Why I'm here today, one yeah and during the weekend, it's not so during the week because I couldn't leave so I would just write and then me and Power Regus. He he for twenty thirty two yeah. May we train that we taught ourselves out of fight in the backyard watching videotapes wow. To of the originator of the peruvian necktie yep, that's they came is that really what I came for us he's proven no kidding came from huh that peruvian necktie neckties, a mother, that's a great lead that was Tony shit, yeah, sat in on one of my systems, man. I love them, he's a hell of a grapple, yeah yeah, so hey end up choking out Paul Rodriguez, UFC. Thirty two
and I was the night I got knocked out by B J wow, but it all happened because I got dumped wow, that's crazy. He hit him with a wrench huh, the coach yeah. I know I am proud of it. You know the older. You are seventeen frontal cortex not even fully formed. Yet that's what I'm saying like you know some decisions. You, seventeen like you with the girl, is seven for two years as half your damn life right now, all right, you know, so you think, and that's the one also like the heart break, if you're not accustomed to it, like everybody, experiences are breaks on the brakes. You breaks up with you like ha ha, feel like shit. Then you call your friends up. Come on, man will go out, get a couple drinks, you build have a couple drinks that whatever and then you get a text from an ex you're. Like oh shit. Here we go back in the game. You'll be alright. You know that girl yeah, I'm on my. I think it's good to get broken up with. It is good
You learned, you know you learn you also. You learn why you were annoying to her. You know like there's some stupid shit, that you're doing that you don't even realize you're doing but you're doing it, and then it becomes a pattern. You do it again. And again and again, and finally they dump you and then you get some reflection time like come when I so annoying yeah. I remember you said talk about that before about like self reflection and awareness and like that's so important, man, credit being real to yourself and aware and being aware of where you are in relation to everybody else in the world. I try to coach myself. Do you yeah? I try to sit down with myself and when I do like meditation session, and shit. I try to pretend that I'm like coach and I'm looking at myself honestly was like all dude. You don't spend nearly enough time doing this. You need to fix that like a year right now, any love at them and that's great. I just had to start going up it's a skill like like you have to develop it because I think that's part of most
people's problems is that they're not aware of where they are in life. You know another product problem that people have two is momentum. They get caught up in momentum of doing stupid, shit or momentum of being lazy, your momentum of eating bad or drinking, or what whatever it is, that does that's bad get. It can't break that you get caught up and you need to stop reflection, and that's one of reasons why I think meditation is so important. Oh yeah, I meditate every day. Do you yeah? How do you do it? What do you do? Um? I lay down and close my eyes. So what I'll do is I'll start with himself talk. First, just to get me going self taught positive affirmation statements just lay down quiet for about ten minutes. Example. What kind of self talk like? What do you? What kind of positive
it's just you know just uh. You know. I appreciate life appreciate where I'm at you know, I'm gonna keep going. I'm doing you know just um every day striving to be better. You know I get even more detailed, you know um, you know you know. I do a lot of entertained. Try to do a lot of entertainment stuff. I want to get better, it's public. Begin yeah. So I would, you know, try to talk myself into a standup yeah. I do stand that. I do every so often very funny pretty funny not at the donmar. Last time I was there dive bars sketchy. Is it really good? It makes me feel better. That's yes They said the same thing. You say album, nothing, not when I was there yeah, but on, but not so I'll. Try to I'm just really odd to you, I'm intelligent! You know, I'm smart, I'm gonna make it. I got this. I make it the money. You know I to talk myself into that and then and then for the next twenty minutes, or so I just sit in silence and just let all that so can Mmhm
concentrate on your breathing because you know like if I get distracted like noise or whatever at senator back to number yeah. That's the big one. For me, I've tried a bunch of different styles of meditation, but one that I liked the best, especially in the tank, is ah breathing. You bring shorts with you today, yeah I, but you. How have you done? Thank know what is it you know you can do today it yeah. I want a good time. Okay, we'll set it up. I want to yeah right out here I'll show you somebody says some about some tank yeah. What is that know that is? There is only one guy who's, this tank other than me and less jamies, sneaking here in the middle of night is Dan. From good morning. America he's used it because he's ah he's a big meditator and I set him up with it. But it's amazing: it's a tank! That's filled up. It's a flotation tank. It's ah was made by this guy named John Lilly
Who is a psychedelic adventure in a pioneer in inter species communication? He was working on trying to communicate with dolphins. You take acid and get in the tank and take acid and give dolphins acid, and he was out of his fucking mind. Lily was a real trip. You know his books are amazing. He was a like a super genius who was he was going through. His career during this psychedelic revolution, like the Timothy Leary's and all those people of the time, Terence Mckenna and he. He was trying to figure out a way to separate the mind from the body and when he one thing that he realizes like sensory input like you and I are sitting here, your your butt is touching the chair, your feet of touching the floor. You feel the table all that stuff. Those air signals. Those signals go to your brain, your brain's processing that the way I the analogy that always makes us imagine if you and I were having this conversation, but right over there, there was a do with it
cameras. We could still talk, but it would be super distracting and maybe wouldn't be able to express yourself the right way because you would be taken in the input all that noise, so we'd be like hey man. Let's go talk over there where it's quiet when you go talk over there and it would be easier because it would be no distraction, but your whole body is a distraction. Everything is a distraction sitting down to destruction, the lights on this room or distraction. The fact that Jamie's here in the tables here and you're, taking into account all the objects around you, and this is all input without input. Your brain becomes a very different thing, so in the tank, the water is heated to ninety four degrees. That's the temperature of the surface and then there's a thousand pounds of Epsom salts in the water, so which is really good because your body gets the magnesium from that, but also really good, because you float like a mother, you line that thing and half the your body is above the
surface of the water. You just floating, there's so much salt, it's so dense, and then you lay back and he closed the door. Total darkness, you don't see anything! You open your eyes just his dark is when you close your eyes, then total silence your years, air underwater. You just lay in there floating in this water and once you once you center, because you kind of wiggle around a little bit because of water was switching you. Could you step into it? And you know you gotta, you gotta! Let the water settle and relax and then lay your arms settle and you can't tell where the water is and where the air is, because it's all the same temperature because the water is the same temperatures, your skin. You don't feel the water after a while, you get relaxed said then, when I'm in the tank, then it cost you to my breathing. All I'm concentrating is in with the good out with the bad in with the good out with the bat I'm just concentrated in breathing through my nose
out of her mouth and on Lee, letting myself concentrate on the nose, but I don't think about stupid shit like I gotta clean, my closet and I gotta do this and I haven't been in yoga in a week and I have ah but all those thoughts. Eventually, go away. I just got a little. Don't do that? Don't do that? Don't think about that? I need LISA my cars up soon and Can't let those right right right, just kind of think of the bird breeding in through the nose out to them out and you never. I never in all my time to doing this. I've never had a pure experience where I didn't have to fight off those thoughts, some people think they all one day. You'll get to a point. Just hold that and then I have never had any, never been there. Never I try all the time, but when you have the absence in the absence of any sensory input, your brain become super charged. You could see your life much more clearly, there's nothing there, but you and your thoughts. Your mind is detached from your body. This is what lily figured out. He figured out a way to separate the body from the mine
damn? But you sure, I'm afloat 'cause! You know black people, don't swim. Ten ounce either really like a rock right. Good yeah, I say I barely can tread water barely even in the ocean. I struggle to die. Yeah dense man, I'm sure, but that's things so, there's how much salt water everybody floats every effort, it's basically like it. To be stirred up every day, there's a pump that constantly circulates it. It's got all these water purification, in tanks that are attached to it. There's purification filters, rather for, like these giant the guy who made is my friend crash, who runs the float lab in Venice, which is the premier distributor of float tanks. They make the best shit on the planet bar now he's a mad scientist when you the whole set up back there. You realize, like there's so much salt in it, that it has to constantly be recycled and move through otherwise it'll crystallize and you get these giant
salt rocks. He could pull out of there. So he's gotta, constantly you're going float. You'll float is going to be beautiful, be like that baby Nirvana's phone around. There are you're gonna love it. It's amazing yeah. I definitely try a it's. A book I feel like at t could benefit from having one of those down there. It's a really good thing for fighters. It's really good thing for relaxing, like absence all bass right next ' does giant for just loosening your muscles and relaxing good therapy after you train, that's the more Epson salts you're ever going to get in the fucking bathtub? That is Epson salts. Do you nothing wrong bunch of fighters as staff and shipped in ringworm assistant. What are brazilians going to steal it He has you guys, have dorms too right. Yeah, we got dorms, that's crazy, yeah! It's great though I mean it really is really helpful to the guys,
'cause, we got nothing at all times. We got like Brazilians and daghestani guys here and Greg living there, so crazy, yeah yeah. Amazing. I mean it's good though man I mean it's a it's a bit Jim on the planet can't complain, but certainly one of them. Let me yeah it's in terms of the actual overall facility, I don't think, there's another facility like it on earth number one right in terms of the size, yeah size and all with Dan Lambert is done like fucking. God bless down Lambert New guys, put more money into the development of MMA than anybody other than the yeah there's. There's. Absolutely no doubt about that. I can't think of another guy. Who has been around as long as pumped more of his own money into just helping us any he's such a good guy yeah he's such a good guy in a fucking, deal. Man yeah yeah management, but not just a rich guy. That's
throwing his money and he fucking trains, trains black, but yeah he's legit like he had in his house. He had a gym and he used to have all the dudes come over back in the day moral opposed, Martian Armory, potentially come over. The Lowgar brothers beat out training with him he's a legit. Does it mean legitimately loves a sport like when Amanda One, and he was in the case he was so happy. People have tears crying she. He says a legit dude man he's very legit, but what he done is amazing 'cause. He had an amazing gym already, and then he built this gigantic fucking facility, built it from the ground up specifically for the yeah like yeah you're right, he bought the land, an built, the gym on top of it will fuck. Does that just else? Just goes to a warehouse and yeah set up set up the cage here. No, he designed it I wish. I had designed a little differently, though, because I would like to have seen the pros separated how so from
general population way. We send. You know like that, so that it might I mean it's easy to look back. Hindsight is a yeah, it's better if they were separated, but like now it's kind of like you kind of want to separate the pros from MIKE in a five year old taking class? You know right. You know Arlovski walk around with no shirt on and hairy chest bumping into like some old lady who said her grandson. You know you look at his nose like yeah, yeah yeah, it's a bit scary. You know so I mean it just you know my selfishness is like I mean we need to get stay outside, so we can. You know, yeah well how many regular folks do you have come into that gym regular folks, yeah. Oh, I mean it's a whole thing of like regular folks, really yeah, so like classes for little kids pass for little kids. Regular, Ju Jitsu, watching guys banging out
In the same way we do I mean we do a good enough job of having to bang out sessions in the morning, but like at night, you know, there's still run into you know the fighters are still running around acting a fool. Is there good pictures of what it looks like on line yeah yeah. I think Google, american top american top team, the new gym in particular fucking incredible facility man. How much is that shit cost? I don't know so expensive, just think about it. I hate that place. I mean it's. You know South Florida too yeah it's expensive as shit that that's amazing facility to and they have ah giant helping the mats basis holy shit, stadium, stairs or seats. Do they have? They have a whole string to conditioning says on the on the other end of that, where you see that man and they destroyed the conditions, are over there. While the sun was amazing yeah I mean that's what everybody hopes
How many people must move down there just to be able to train there You know, honestly, we don't and we do get a lot of people have moved down there just a trainer, but I think we do better with guys who come in just to cat yeah. How come I don't know. I don't know we just seem to because we can provide for we have dorms right right. Yes, we have dorms, so it seems to work out better for most guys where they live. Somewhere else, and then they want to just come to for six weeks stay in a dorm for six weeks we home yeah? What does that? A lot of people do Robin is doing that right now, we're on the I she moved out, he moved on, but we arrive. We moved down. Tiring was doing that right, not really is retiring comes out whenever he feels like it, but he does his camps it in Milwaukee, which we gotta do Griffis. What do you think about him fighting whose mon I like loose my
it's great fun, yeah. I've always like this. My little, I like him as a fighter, yeah sure yeah. I don't know him as a person, but as a fighter he's terrifying yeah he's he's super smart, yeah he's really good he's very versatile. No way he do everything. So that's why I think it's more of a challenge than Colby yeah, because Postman brings more to the table strike one strike power, wise power and the Kobe thing, though was in terms of like a marketing fight like I felt like that was a very good fight, marketing wise and I think they could have had that fight stand alone. Yeah you know, I wonder why they didn't do, though I think, but you know another thing that could have that fights no, they didn't need Jon Jones and Anthony Smith. I think Colby talks a lot of shit. Other thing he doesn't just talk shit when the cameras right they talk all the time. No! No, I I don't. You know me like we're Colby Camp sometimes, and I got my money for started fighting and we was all
always cordial, but now I'm saying like I don't even talk to him. He he goes his way in a gym. We pass each other wise up just as awkward. You know it's like he's. About my homeboy right chinese dog and you know, but you also know that he's gotta Do that yeah only reason I get to fight, but listen I'll say is to like, even though I know that I'm still like happy for him, I'm happy that he was able to get the success. He's got whether it was from talking or not. Still won the fights he still be Dosanjh. Yes, any Beatles on just convincing link on my site is still one. He talked a lot and I'm happy for him, but if, but I was just hoping that you know it's time to face the music yeah. You deserve this woman. Well, I think the UFC offered him loose mon and I think he said no. I see it. I think he said he wants to fight tyrant and they'll like you're, not in a position to the side and even though they had promised him a shot at the title before Ben Askren said
believe Dana White asked we did too, and he said I love that face he's the most ruthless when it comes to Twitter he's the most ruthless I understood that if they see a Larry is to check it check on the skirt yeah, then I'll get you it's a great fight, though Moose Mountain Tire and I'm not mad at the fight. I do kind of wish that cold was getting the shot, because I want to see that fight. I don't know if I will ever see that fight tyrants, Matt he doesn't like Colby Yes, he does Hangry yet and angry tyrant is a scary human being he might be the fastest hardest hitting one hundred and seventy pounds. That's ever lived who the fuck is faster than tyrant, who the fuck it's harder. You look at fights with Wonderboy Wonderboy recognizes one the greatest strikers in the sport. Ever the only person got hurt in those fights was wonder boy the same thing with
with Darren till Darren Tills, a mother fucker on the feet. Tyrants shut that shit up, quick, Blam one big right hand drop. Some beats the fuck out of him chokes the shit out of him. Well, here's the thing man is it you know, is coming too every like you just can't prepare for yeah, it's so fast yeah, you know is coming you like here it comes here. It comes out there. It is bow. Well, you got engaged and the thing is tyrant too, is he's intelligent and patient and he'll. Just I'll. Just hang around on the outside will hang around the outside. Come on to do is make a mistake that mistake a mistake. The one of our fights were saying all the sites are boring. You have to fight wonder boy that way, yeah. How was to fight him to not another way to fight him, because I know another way: you're gonna lose yeah. This is the way to fight him. You have to fight that way. If you don't fight that way, you get fucked up. If you fight the way, you know Fucking J,
Ellenberger yeah yeah yeah kicked in the head, yeah yeah, you fight the way. Hendricks bottom, you fuck, you fuck, you fuck that yeah, you gotta fight that way you get to stay on the outside. You can't give into those feints and he's gonna to with little pats, little Pitty, pats and tips, and because he's he's trying to tag you and touch you for the big ones, come yeah and he's these extra is elusive and he's got a lever and he's a lot quicker than you think. He also bends at the waist, like a God, damn cold yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, he's very good at bending at the waist thank coming back with punches yeah he's a dangerous fighter and Woodley fought farm the perfect way, and he did it twice and people like all those boring. But that's wonder boy, that's what being fighting, you get fucked up or you fight in a cautious intelligent way and the fans boo see. I don't see Joe. I got you all wrong. How I thought you hated tire. Why would he down? No, you don't say it because, like everybody
kind of always had hiring things, everybody hates time yeah. Maybe we don't know. We never told us into the about about tyrants, all pocket. We we've never actually talked about it, but it, it just seems like everybody wants to jump on him, no matter what no yeah, not me! No, I I think, he's if he's not the greatest welterweight of all time he's in the running, because, like Matt Hughes, I feel like you have to give legend wrist. Back to Matt Hughes was the first yeah Matt Hughes with the was a powerful wrestler that was the first guy to embrace submissions. You were going mad Hughes. Beat George St Pierre and hit him with that far side arm bar that speak. Only on account of my level, shit, we fucked up Frank Trigg twice took his back and strangle them. Matt Hughes was the first; high level wrestler, tough as shit strongest god damn gorilla, who embraced submissions and did it with
in a really intelligent, and you know effective way he was like, I feel like he was the first day, so you got to give him props he's let letting its legend props. Then George, St Pierre's number one after that, because George St Pierre was the fucking full package. He could do everything he figured out how to beat everybody and he beat everybody for a long time. Then this would and I feel like I look at Woodley and George St Pierre. I feel Woodley matches up very well with George St Pierre, and I would I would have loved to see. I think George is still look. If you look the way George looked against Michael Biz being he still looks like he's in his prime and he he didn't gimme me very well in that fight, and I think submissions are probably even better. The way took Michael best things back and choked him like mother Fucker still got it well. You know working with Donna her so like that guys got a wizard wizard. That fight I'm very curious to see, and I feel like if George
really wanted to come back with a big challenge and have a big gigantic. You know epic superfight, I feel like Tyron Woodley A deserves it and be matches up with him very well. I mean that's a very interesting fight to me. The other interesting fight to me with Georges, could Bebe if he could really get down one hundred and fifty five, which he says he can't that's super interesting yeah I'll say what do you think about George and I like that too yeah. I like that too I looked out I like ban against. I like ban against Habib yeah. I got a lot. I like that. A lot because Ben is bigger, he's strong as shit and you don't get better wrestling could run credential. Now the problem like what Emma Mae is like you get all these fights he's like fantasy fights that you wanna make, but you can't make him yeah because lot politics in but at least everybody's under the roof right like before. I was when fate or was over in pride, like God, damn I want to get him over here,
I want to get over there so bad, but that never have and you know and then when he finally made it to strike force, he was kind of the same guy anymore. He had some miles on him. Long fights didn't look physically the same as he looked like back when he fought like Miracle CRO, cop or Nogueira he was a god. Damn destroyer yeah! I always wanted to see him fight in the UFC. I think he could have been UFC champion. I really do yeah back in his prime yeah for sure, because he was like the first dude. It was really like mauling Mall, in the way he was mauling like with his ground and pound and as something that I don't think with the exception of could be. Nobody else is actually recreated the type of violence that he put when you got on top of people. He would hurl himself into you and throw bombs you fuck people Batman. Man also could catch submissions in a blink of an eye office back in if Randleman
random and sent him flying and suplexes and lands on his head. He went out neck and shoulder and then seconds later he catches random in a Maura and fifty high. As I watched this for you, yeah horrible now now watch my turn. Yeah yeah yeah was the man like it sucks like this generation of mma fans that we have today don't have that type of history yeah and they don't know they don't know like the rial fate or, and then they see him now and Bella Tauron, just thinking yeah you're not getting to see the real faint or you know, you're, not seeing fate or from the early days you know yeah he was he was so good. It was so fast, too yeah. You know I mean he was just everything he had to hear the full
How could you get smashed? You standing up he's submit you in the ground, ground and pound the fuck out of you. He could do everything yeah and he was just terrifying because it was a robot. I know you didn't know no expression. No emotion, I was with Jeff Monson when Jeff Monson fought him in Russia and when Jeff was walking out and looked like a man walking to his death, I swear to God and then, when they fought it was the worst beaten. I've ever seen, a human being take Monsen took some beatings to round and he was getting kicked in like he broke his femur. He was from from leg, kicks really yeah. He was getting kicked in the leg, so bad and just falling down, and it was. It was a skin. Every night I felt so bad for Munson is monsoon in in Russia. Now, doesn't he speak Russian? I want to be honest, does right he does. I'm not sure if that's the term, he would use, but he's social. Yes, socialists marxists whatever he wants to call himself but he's in between
Russia, England and South Florida it bounces around fighting and every so often about again. I got a weird fight and I'm fighting in Russia or I'm fighting in Africa are like these weird places where they're fighting or he like, just had like a wrestling match against. Like TIM, Sylvia he's doing like all of this weird stuff that no other human being does do when he was at the top of the grappling world. He was like wrestling. A building was like rest on the bill. He was so jacked so jacked and he was so good yeah, but he did like. He have a diverse skill set, but he was, he beat everybody to do nothing. You know what he did. He also was one of the first guys to use is the North South Choke, but he was So strong, like I talked to some brazilian Jiu Jitsu Guys- and I was like- is that legit is like, I think each is goundam just grab a snack and go
yeah, but then Marcelo Garcia started, hitting people with that, and then I was like okay wait, a minute what's going on here. What is this guy doing and then you realize, like? Oh, you can and if you just get it in the right way, right right, right, yeah, ten, North South choke a a real black belt yeah you can. And mom was one of the first guys to show that, but it is so big and strong. He was just yeah. He would just like just squeeze in it is sweaty armpits. Marcello, Garcia. In fact, more so Garcia taught me how he did it and how he Is it any show me like the finer details of it and I was actually working with honey. I yesterday that cock and squeeze him next, I can squeeze that guys, gotta squeeze and he was doing it to me. Yesterday too, I was like you got this he's weird too, because you look at his body like how is that going to grab or he doesn't like. If you look at monsoon, like other lesser grappler, honey yeah, it looks like like a kid to play: soccer knotty,
hey. He looks like he has never done anything athletic in his life. Like he's like really year, he's like flimsy, just gets ahold of grappling a bit with his the way he moves and, I think he's a black bolt on Hixson is, he really is easy, the easy there, a black belt in it fixing it is most certainly coached by Hickson, because Remember Hicks and was with him and some of those early fights. He worked with Hicks and there was some sort of connection between him and x, but his his his history angles in particular, unbelievable seventeen him I've seen him tap out a lot of good guys in the gym. I believe it a lot of good guys and it's like they're just different yeah. Just isn't you know what it is? It's not that they're different. They do it right yeah, you know, but also they develop a skill like ever. It is, you know, some guys have a triangle to stay the fuck out of his guard. The guy
it has a triangle that you just can't get it's certain guys who just get really proficient at one particular maneuver, yeah and honey. I I was like his his chokes. Just asked. Yeah he's so I'm working with now on some some ground and pound stuff to the ANA, incorporate that into C in South Florida, as well. So far too. South Florida condom hot bed. Now what do you think about altitude training? I mean. Obviously it has to work right now. I mean I tried it. I don't think it works for me. Maybe I just didn't believe in it at the time, but it has to work because I mean I'm. I don't know. Maybe everybody does, it still has to work seems like a work scientifically right here. This is red blood cells. Yeah should work, it should definitely increase your in during but Tj Dillashaw disagrees really and he's got incredible. Insurance yeah and he no, he works with that Calvino guy in what he. What their take is is that your ability to work is compromised when you perform and train
that altitude. So, even though your body produces more red blood cells, you don't you're, not working it's hard, because you just can't is none of air. So the ideas I've heard the you should train at sea level, but then sleep at high altitude and TJ. I believe T J said that that's not even they don't even think that's the case anymore. I think you better off just with all that air just for recuperation and just hire work output, higher work, output in heart rate monitoring and making sure that you know you're doing like toe Botta intervals. Things like that, where you recover and making sure that all that's monitor that it's done scientifically yeah. I don't know man it's hard to go as hard to go against TJ, because I've never even seen him breathe harder to fight so kredible yeah. So like it's hard to go against what he saying, but I kind of like the idea. Give that you know, I mean I just
kind of old school guy, so I don't really believe in all the bells and whistles and gadgets, and I guess with TJ is just work harder, yeah! Well, he does a lot of calisthenics a of explosive stuff, a lot of like like plyometrics- and you see this that he does down in the garage. No, the guy's name is Kala Vida right, SAM yeah and he's. Apparently I've never worked with a guy or even talk to him, but massive respect from so many different fighters, a train with Aaron Peco's down there with that really yeah. And this guy's just a master of strength. In addition, Lucas they're doing a bunch of this kind of shit jumping over over strings and bob and weave and under him- and I mean and Kalavryta is like got the malware and heart rate monitors this, there's no guesswork to the training training is all really well thought out and it's all like mostly that kind of stuff plyometrics Box jump,
boobs medicine ball work. That kind of shit- and you know I mean you can't deny that TJ's isn't fun nominal shape and I never get fat never takes time. Isn't this in Colorado? No! It's here now! Oh, it's here, yeah they're doing they have a new gym that they're called the training lab, but the word train it is has a word rain in it like a mark when your style, a green, Jim, so t r e, I ends yeah and they they put together a jam concert down here now and Dwayne goes back and forth. You know from Colorado here doing still at school in Colorado and comes back you to train TJ so by Hodes, TJ do work with us for a skill wise. While he's here, I think Munoz in him. We're doing wrestling has got a bunch of people down there and punch to Judea to people and then also, like I said, Aaron Peco's down there. It was very high level bunch of the bunch of different guys to train. You know
man, I'm really interested to see how he does it one twenty five, how his body does with that massive weight cut. I mean- and this is the one thing I like about tj- is it I don't think he's doing it just because he feels like he's gonna, be better at one twenty five thing and then doing it because it's a challenge yeah because he's also said he's willing to go up to one forty five to five MAX Holloway yeah. So I I'm kind of rooting for I'd love to see how he performs at one twenty five. You know he says he can make it no problem. What I the ancient we. So we need to look at him now he's leaner than he's ever looked before me shredded now. He looks like he's ready to weigh in now. Really you know what I'm saying like you know, guys look so lean when they're weighing in and then they fill up a little bit when they add water. He looks like that now yeah I mean whether or not he's got two little body found I mean, is there a point of diminishing returns? You know way, that's that's a big question,
and that's the way. I always see it too. Whenever guys cut too much weight, the returns aren't the same like you just you depleting yourself towards almost like the same concept. Is it if you are so concerned about your weight? You're output as Faras like skill, training and physical training, isn't the same. Yeah look at him. There shredded that's yesterday, all right. It shred. It will look at that. That's ridiculous! Is he? Is he working with him on his weight cut or is it just think Calvi to works with him on that as well. That works with them with the nutrition. I mean that guy is supposed to be a real mad scientist. I need to talk to that gentleman and have been here but he's um. You know this is in the garage to get any
adios them training together? Yeah so is nutritional analysis. Oh, this is what he has set up for always got an app Jesus days. Yeah become a fat burning machine who I want to be a fat burning machine. Virtual training yeah, I'm interested to see how he performs against pseudo, because so who do has a hard time making that weight as well. Yeah. Remember back and imagine that you have seen made him fight at one hundred and thirty five for a bit because he kept messing. Wait I mean I've seen the size of his head. Is big boy detail it yeah! It's kinda Tito head big head, so it takes a good one It was big, headed yeah, but he's you know for for for wrestler man like he box, yeah. Well, the Wilson Haste fight yeah, I mean any far karate style on that yeah yeah yeah side. We're I mean We do the rest so that good you can afford to be in any state. You want, because you can always just you know it just revert back to your present position, but yeah. That's true yeah
but I message to find out I'm looking for this next week. I can't wait to that man I'ma that his next week, that's the ninety. Right. Yeah. Are you going out to that now? Let's Brooklyn yeah that's ESPN card! I'm not doing that! ' I only do north american paper view now. That's it ah big time busy too busy busy shows is that I travel too much as it is, and you know I don't wanna. I don't want to the I'm, I'm not. I don't like going australian anymore. I love Australia, but yeah, but and that Rex you for two weeks, yeah not yeah now I know Honey bee. I saw you do stand up in Boston. Would you open for shout right? Yeah yeah, that's fun! I was proud of him in Charlotte Skillet he's about. Do a special. That's. Why? Where I'm going to be on the 19th, I'm gonna be with him he's recording a show special done. San Diego no kidding yeah yeah come like Dennis because he's like it only done comedy for like a year,
or something two years now little over two years- and I saw him like it was like a year ago- maybe not maybe a year ago and he's like doing comedy for had an hour show and it's yeah and it was your honey yeah. I'm thinking like you know, I've stabbed one in it for a couple years and I got five minutes not even I got I got a week, five he's out there doing it every night. That's what you gotta do it every night I mean he's performing with me tonight at the improv: oh yeah, yeah yeah. You got to do it every night. It's like it's sort of like, like you, can't be good a jujitsu. If you don't have endurance from rolling right, we gotta roll You gotta do comedy all the time you gotta get in that mind zone. There's like a hypnosis zone of stand up. Yeah that same thing, Jim Norton told me yeah I mean my whole thing was like I'm not really in love with stand up like that to go out and we want to do it every night. You gotta love, it grind you and when you eat shit like you bombed the dime bar, you know what that feels like yeah
David fee on it yeah. She worked one time. I don't know for one time, not as she don't work well Schaub, treats it like a professional athlete and there's one thing. I said to you comedians when they say how is he doing so good? So quick, I won't listen to me. You lazy, fuck, you don't even write you Bailey inform you Dele the same five minutes over and over again night after night. Without any improvements. I got this guys, treating it like a professional athlete would treat that's the differences, having it being a funny guy already he's funny having a good mind and then having discipline, just discipline you analyze your shit and you work on it and you get better. It's possible he's, accelerated program, anybody doing our special two years in yeah. That's why I was like damn he's killing it yeah.
This call to man like he ripped response to my Texas. It like that you know, and I you know some some people do. You know they get all the time. She now he's a great guy who, like a genuine good person, yeah it'll, you look forward to seeing him succeed. Yeah- and I like this- is that you said it was funny, but it was honest. You know what he's talking about his career and life is honest and there people you know, aren't willing to be that vulnerable right yeah. They be. Cool guy. Okay, I always try to be too too cool. The Cougar is not funny. It's not funny to be a cool guy yeah. That's what I guess what 'cause that laymen every everybody has a bit of cool guy. How do you get how to get away with that?
Ah all the actors try to be the cool guy or wrappers, maybe actors, and maybe singers and musicians. Maybe they try to be the cool guy, but a comedian world. There's no room for that. You know people paid money to hear you talk, you better. Have some funny shit to say: if you have some funny shit to say we don't have any funny shit to say about you, game's weird, that seems weird yeah, so you gotta be kind of self, open it up, open up Pandora's box, but let's see this zombies What's in there, one of the demons, let him out. Let him out. You know you only do so many specials before you let the demons out. He might be able to get away with one special making fun of stuff outside of you, but you gotta. You have to have ever. If the bill see everything. If you're going to be a comedian, you gonna, going you going you how you're looking at the world and if how you were looking at the world, none of it is reflecting on you
none of it, yeah yeah yeah, it's reflecting on you and you're funny. You got to be able to be a fool. You have to be able to be a fool. You have to every every great comic makes fun of themselves. Yeah I mean s o I mean I do more improv shit. You know mess they're, always giving me shit. So hang out with nerds and poking Improv Improv Troupe, yeah she's not do more matter. It gives, Oh, my God did your other, isn't fucking lemon impromptu, the heart and I'm a theater nerd when I hang out with little improv nerds issues. So I do that, but but I guess why didn't really dig into end up is for some reason. I was just like that time going out there for there fucking every night get my fucking teeth kicked in audiences yeah, but I know it's. I know it is necessary in this part of the process yeah,
but it's not necessary. If you don't want to do it like it's, not something everybody should do yeah, you tried it didn't like it and it's not I don't like it. Neither that's the thing is like I don't mind it right, yeah, it's just yeah, but I feel like if you want to be good at it and get to the next level right. Did you have to fucking go through that process? Is that you would say the same thing to a fight. If you had a fighter that was coming in like I like to train, but I want to change that much like. Don't you not fighting you gotta, you gotta love this thing. If you want to be a professional fighter, man do you have to have a singular focus like you have to be really driven and dedicated, and the difference between that is with comedy yeah. You might get your teeth kicked in, but but with fighting going to get your teeth kicked in like really yeah, I'm really fucking banged up and you have to be able to suffer almost every day in order to get yourself in the kind of condition that you need to be in to fight. You need to have
there's a level of discipline. The you need to have to be a professional fighter. That's almost unequaled in sports yeah, because I mean it can be like that, because it's not just discipline like you. You have to have great discipline. If you wanna be a runner, you wanna be a marathon runner or great discipline. If you want to be a professional football player or both perfect professional Basco player the, difference between fighting is you have to have great discipline, but you also are going to get fucked up you're. Also going to get your face punched in going to get your liver kick you know, you're going to give them support. Yeah, I'm going to get your legs thumped with shins SL damn it into the meteor leg? Where everything goes numb, don't remind me, don't do that shit? No more! I don't do that shit! No more! Do your legs go back to normal, to the point where you don't feel like you could take it anymore. Yeah! I can't take kicks. No more is not a weird thing like you develop. I cut ability to absorb those like you watch like Robber
and Bruce my own, or something like that. Yeah Robin Van Moose, Monique I'll, take a leg, kick and is, like, doesn't even seem to affect him yeah. But when you stop doing it, you can't go back right day. I mean to use you spy around a no. I haven't now box, I forever yeah. I was. I just think like getting hit in the head should be uh, something that you should decide. Okay, no more of that like this should be a time where, like you could see, are jujitsu and you can keep going pretty much forever. I mean a LEO was sparring when he was in his 90s still rolling, but striking it's like at a certain point in time you gotta stop yeah, don't do it yeah. I bet I mean honestly. I barely role to be honest with you. Like I just study, Eddie and study. Do you work out a little bit like I mean I still have to so at times to try that kind of workouts, do you just finish eating or not not, that happens a lot of fighters. They stopped
yeah? I mean you spent so many years like running and doing all this like when you don't like. The last thing you want to do is run in fact, are we going to camp and I say: hey, listen! You gotta, buy me a bike. If you want me to go along side of you, while you run, be hard for him to run to running you so thick yeah he's I mean he hates running but like I think that part of part of that motivates him to go this month ago. Maybe run fucking him up yeah. So he but yes, oh hello. It's tiring! Now, thirty, five, thirty five, maybe thirty! Six, how many more years you think he's got left, hey, be bullshit people again of three years. I don't think so. You know his rap career about to take off. So you think so I don't know it. Could I mean you know I mean he's such Easter. Most hustling guy I ever met he's always on TIM Z. He hustles always doing something to cat hustles. So does he have a podcast have one together. We have one now yeah, but we don't a record because together
What is it? What's it called the morning? Wood I've heard that before, but we were record in years, oh well, so he really is consistent state, at least that's the number one thing about podcasts you gotta be consistent. Well, yes, like I do one now with Tj Desantis called the beat down and like okay and I'm like dude, core. We got a record because I guess a consistency is key to everything. Yeah this too many out there yeah people get bored with you yeah. If you don't, if you don't give them a call, if you have to make them addicted and the only way to make them addicted is you got a first of all be addicted? You gotta be enjoying all these conversations, because it's it's the only way that it is um that it's contagious, there's no other way I'll. Give you half asking or faking it. You really don't want to talk to these people. Then that comes through people's ears. They hear that you know
like I always love talking to people. I like I've always been like when I was in the brief amount of time. I was in college. The only thing that interests me with psychology really yeah interesting, because I knew my own mind like I got in psychology, because the same reason why you got into philosophy in because I was scared, scared of fighting was like what's wrong with my brain and my most scared like when my mama scared for every tournament scared for all these different things like what and then I realize everybody's scared, okay. Well, what we'll have people to manage that like we? Is there a right way to think 'cause? I knew this. Sometimes I would go in there with a perfect mindset and I'd win. I feel great, and then I couldn't recreate it like two weeks later, I'm like well what the fuck is wrong with my head. How do I figure this out, so I always wanted to talk to people and find out like what makes you tick like what motivates you How do you? How do you discipline yourself like what are you thinking about when you're pushing yourself like what do you thinking about when you're calm? Do you spend time reflecting on your work? Do you just keep going
keep doing it or do you analyze it like what what is happening with you like? What do you do and then so, a podcast to me almost came naturally 'cause, I'm always always talking to people and always trying don't want always trying to get behind the doors of the eyes like what's in there, but I said Jim Norton said that about you too he's a great conversation wasn't blinking well, I'm curious, I'm late. I don't want to just talk I wantto wanted. I want to hear people like. Sometimes comedians are just waiting for their turn and talk and they're, not listening to you like I've, always tried very hard to listen to people trying to like see what, where they're coming from Tryingto get into their head. So let me ask you this: did you ever figure it out butt out why you couldn't uh manage? Why was those emotions? It was young first
Well, I stopped fighting when I was two thousand one hundred and twenty two somewhere in that same between two thousand one hundred and twenty two um, I um there was also no future. That was a problem too. It wasn't like. I was working towards something when I was fighting it was. You know I stopped in eighty eight. Eighty nine, I think maybe I had my last kickboxing fights and there was no was no future no, that nowhere to go like kickboxing. You got like five hundred dollars for a fight, yet your brains, punched in there was no money in Taekwondo. And then the Olympics scoring System the Olympics were incredibly corrupt, like the scoring was terrible, a key, especially specially korean, oh good Lord in Taekwondo you're, not winning. It beat the living fuck out of them in order for you to stop the music, a and then I was also
brain damage of seeing people in the gym with brain damage, especially when I started kickboxing. So I'm getting a lot of time. Boxing gym I've seen guys are worse, slurring and stuttering the words and that did it just acted weird and see guys that acted different after a k, o a r k o and then you see them just a little bit more distant, a little bit more glassy eyed and slack jawed like Jesus Christ, like you, see it yeah and I hate it meant it breaks my heart. Every time I see a guy, take unnecessary punishment and not even even, if he's not slurring, just like taking unnecessary punished, because you know where it leads. I know where it leads and it really breaks my heart when I see like the fans like expect it from fighters yeah they um. You know they don't know what they're watching. You know, they're just they're, just watching violence that it's,
almost like it's not really there yeah some really happening. They don't like. They don't know what it's like with a guy gets knocked out, yeah and then because for them is over, they just you know they're going back to the regular life. But for me I'm going to the hospital with this small for that knocked out. Yeah and he's got his fucking. I see you know, busted open and he's all busted up, broken orbital bone and for the next three or four months. You know this guy's depressed because he was trying to cater to the fans and put on this exciting fight, yeah, and yet he didn't went throughout his punishment and that's just then, and then you do that have a career of that you're gonna be fucked up, yeah, no yeah, I don't like it. Yeah It's! Ah, it's just it's hard when guys, don't know how to get out or where to go when they get out in this hard won
see them knowing that they have to get out, but they're still fighting. Yes, the worst man, I'm always like. What do you do when you have a fighter that you you know, should stop I'm pretty honest? with them. I'm always honest, I'm always like Manus and this ain't, for you no more, and I always have to tell him like if I feel like it's gonna- affect them physically and hurt them by continuing to fight telling me you need to stop and more often than not, they kind of listen, they're, probably kind of know what kind of no. I just need some miles to say now and I'm more willing to tell him. I always try to tell him, but sometimes, if they don't want to do it, then I can't really be a part of it like when you saw Tito versus chock yeah, that's one of the in my opinion, in no disrespect to chuck he should do whatever he wants to do. Maybe he enjoys it, maybe wants to compete, but that was one of the worst examples of a guy who used to be of
fall. Can destroyer Chuck was a watch like Bob Lou yeah Dude Randleman, Cailed Randleman failed, everybody was, he was a killer. Chuck was a straight I I'm watching and fight fucking pale, the land, the bare knuckle in Brazil yeah when they had the net. The end of the room, yeah ropes, see I'm not down with three times ahead: Texas, still paying yeah man if yeah and in to watch him and then again, another another case is an area where, like young fighter, see him and go on us all, yeah, but yeah. I should be fighting yeah. He should be fine at fifty and he is clearly can't take a punch anymore. Whatever it is like when Tito connected on him everything just shut off yeah, you see it just shut off and then Tito smashes them every time. A Tina we're not exactly talking about.
Okay Anthony Johnson, that's true, but I think Tito's punches are a lot better than the used to be yeah, and I think hello, Jason Pearl is a fantastic coach. I think he did a an amazing job. I think he took you know he's just not a natural striker. It's not his thing, he's a wrestler, but it's the way. The way it happened, it just Chuck couldn't connect. He he's, like everything, looked off his timing, his movement. Just looked this balance looked off and when you talk to people that are neuroscientists and they understand what happens to the brain after repeated brain trauma over and over and over again and and then what we're seeing is just in the cage we have.
No idea, how much brain trauma he took in camps and it's probably pretty magnificient yeah, I would assume his styles, so such a brawler and he had an iron chin for the beginning of his career- was just one of the greatest chins of all time. So when it failed him, there was no. There is no escape clause. There was no, there was no um way, there's no back door. This is the style. The style was an all the sudden, you're gonna, be like mighty mouse and not get hit the switch stance yeah and become slick. That is just not available and when you saw him with this hampered movement. He just does is balanced- doesn't seem like I was watching- hit the pads when they were preparing. When he's getting I was watching it. The puzzles like what is happening here because balance looks fucked up like it didn't look right like even when he's throwing kicks. He like through a kick and then fall back like it didn't look right. Well, what I mean- and I feel that even with myself
like. I don't have the same balance I had when I was twenty right and I could imagine him like 'cause. He probably never even focused on that right. He just did it. He just was launch is so for him that, like I watch their video him shadowboxing horrendous rough horrendous, but did he go back and watch him when he was the champ? like Jesus Christ, he hardware, no, I watched him hit the bag and, just like a fucking murder, He had speed, speed power, just everything put it together and just that style just mean the reason why he became such a fan. Favorite 'cause, you knew Chuck Liddell was coming to kill yeah yeah I mean he was coming to kill you in that cage door shut and they said, let's get it on. He just stepped forward and just look in a smash, and that was style, and it was the reason why the UFC became so famous one of them reasons why the UFC became so popular was chuck. Liddell yep. He was a guy who everybody could identify with and the
fan Base City a UFC saw themselves in chocolate. Dale will well, they wished there they could be, that guy yeah yeah, that's like he was yeah. He was to shave head the mohawk tattooed fearless was not come people out and scream afterwards yeah yeah, it's like they would. They saw it. I said I won't be that guy yeah and you're right and that's how Lucy became so popular, so fast is which I'll see him. Now fifty fighting the way fought against Tito. You like, so hard to walk, but then the other hand it's like. I don't want to tell the guy what to do he's not going to live forever like if this is what he really enjoys and he wants to do that mean maybe wouldn't be the worst idea in the world for him to keep going. I don't know, I don't know, I'm not his dad yeah. I got him, you know, I don't know what to tell him. I mean it also got a thing like he played us worse things in his life. That's been getting in the cage with a on old buddy. You know you think
probably I never hung out with the dude, but I'm just saying you heard stories, but he yeah yeah hey. Will you get out at the church? He definitely didn't share a party in yeah which doesn't help yeah yeah depending upon what you're partying with two. You know, I'm sure, there's certain substances that are worse than others when it comes to your brain, see, that's why I can never live in L, a Stan. My ass in Florida. What's in Florida, is the cocaine capital of the world. I know man, but not as much I don't know the party seems, it seems, is not the same. Florida fucking Florida not of Miami's gotta, have the craziest party scene and on the planet yeah stay away from that, though yeah well, you can, because of the gym and hanging around the right people
But whenever I'm down in Miami I'm like this is the most chaotic place ever yeah Miami. I never go to Miami, I don't ever go down there really yeah it's fun place last time I did a gig. There, though I was it was right before I was filming my netflix special, and so we have these. Under bags. Yonder is a cellphone bag that they use when you have to put yourself on a magnetically sealed bag to get into the room and the only way to use your phone as you gotta leave the room. They open the bag for you, they give your phone. You hold onto your phone, the whole time you have possession of it, but it's sealed in this back: keep people from texting and filming and all that kind of shit. While the show is going on every other place, it accentuated the show because it made it made a show like ten percent. Better 'cause people would just focus they weren't staring at their phone. They just focused at the show. In Miami. All people kept doing just getting up to go outside to use their phone. It was like this. So it sat down wholesalers really up and moving Papa, just made it worse on it, made it worse
and if you play like when Tiffany had it, she just bombed in Miami and was like this big t M Z deal that she bombed there. I'm like yeah in Miami. You got to grab those money, fun. Yes, you gotta go ahead here, show. What I did. I tell you to South Florida is probably the most unfocused. So on earth like nobody's focused on anything, nothing I say if you want to starve to death open a bookstore in Miami as true man, peep Miami like they. Don't they don't have enough? They don't have a football team. They got the dolphins, but a math and Miami dolphins. They will pay them pay attention. They don't pay attention to the Florida. Marlins enter them. Nothing but having yeah, and I did that all the way in and yep yeah. That's all they do like on South Beach, yeah yeah, it's great for that yeah! That's your support yeah, but for into dancing of Fucking Miami is the place to be. They got great food in Miami great food, great food, fantastic Cuban, very human food
You write some great restaurants in Miami bunch of great restaurants. Yeah I mean it's a great spot. It's just not the best spot for everything, my up other than I think it's not. Best offer anything other than a look at it party to in and and and and fans yeah currently and eaten. Do you ever? Do you ever watch those die? Memories on cocaine, the cocaine cowboys I never see me. Oh Dan, you're gonna be so happy. You gotta watch this cocaine cowboys one and two. There are some of the greatest fucking document and you're going to realize. Why Miami is so fucking bananas, the amount of cocaine that went through Miami. They say that at one point time enough to still the case, but at one point time Miami had more banks per capita than anywhere else in the continent, and it's all because
cocaine money was being laundered through Miami, the serious one hundred percent there was what this is all Billy, Corbin's documentaries got to document is fantastic documentaries, cocaine cowboys wanted to, but one of the things that talked about. Is one year every single member of the graduating class of the police Academy either was murdered or went to jail. Every single member, the entire police academy, was corrupt. They were all deeply involved in the drug game yeah. It was chaos chaos is just people are making millions of dollars and burying holes put in bags of it in their backyard. Just digging holes in the backyard and fucking evil sack of money in there are you see, garbage bags filled with cash, yeah, probably still out there, but probably guys died and his garbage bags filled with cash that they left in their backyard. They forgot about it because they got shot it's. The great documentaries managed to find out where they lived
digging yeah devil by some sketchy, looking at houses and start digging in the backyard uh. Oh my god, I didn't know it was that crazy, so crazy, I didn't know was that crazy, easy until watches documentaries, it's there so good. Probably if I had a top ten list of documentaries of all time, cocaine cowboys on there that good. No, she one hundred percent must watch yeah. It is a Netflix right, I'm sure is its own den flicks cocaine cowboys. Certainly on Itunes, it's so good! You just go! Oh my god! It's like you shudder and you don't know about Griselda Zelda Blanco shoes. This bitch, that was, she was running everything packed. Then it was a woman and evil woman, evil woman that was running everything murderer just a straight killer hired all these savages. Just gun people down babies, women, children, everybody, dead, dead, ruthless yeah. So what happened to her
she's dead, she went, she went to jail in Colombia and she got out they let her out those pictures of her with her girlfriend she she was like. Sometimes she was a lesbian. Sometimes you wasn't, but there was a pictures of her with her girlfriend in Bogota after she got released like that. Lady is responsible for the day. Death of who knows how many fucking people millions of dollars, moved around in money, yeah, yeah man, it's a fuckin, great documentaries. Great shit can't recommend him enough. Oh yeah yeah, I gotta see this he's got to see it yeah you're going to even text me afterwards. You, oh shit, I had no, I Did I do? Miami was bad, I mean, obviously I get so close toe. You know, South America, so I'm sure this kind of got to be a ho, but I didn't know it was like Jennifer Lopez is playing her in a movie. Isn't she that movie came out now? Who was like? I didn't? Maybe there to make it really or maybe not yet she's too hot
Jennifer Lopez to play disco disco, wasn't really you'll get to Joey. Dheas will Evil man, no no super evil is just interesting with whole whole crime syndicate run by a woman, because you like see that go yeah in the movie. Really. I have a really was all the blanc. Oh yeah, damn put our power killed everybody in twenty. Sixteen. She was labeled with it, but then two thousand and seventeen there's articles saying that Catherine Zeta Jones and her were competing for it, but it's an HBO tv movie that has yet to be made. Uh okay, get to pull up a picture of her the real Griselda Blanco yeah. I'm telling you too much. You need to watch it. I just need to watch it. Look there, she is right there, Joe ideas were gone.
It is see. How is the that's, what makeup imagine what she looks like in the morning, which is taking a shit yeah that was her boyfriend. Like me, a little yeah. He got in trouble because he was banging some chicks. What she was in the pokey. Can you blame him? Don't look at her? Even him, evil evil, they talked to her hit man. Her hit man gets interviewed in the movie from jail and, like you know, talk about like what the what the rules were and how she how she ran things: the amount of money that those people made. It's just on godly sums of money and nobody knew how to get out once I'm he's is flowing, and you know you may in thirty million dollars a week or whatever the fuck you're making like. When do you get out when you get out? How do you get out yeah you can't get out of that, and if you do, get out like who takes over, who takes just and then everybody, I think, probably just says uh next year
hey next year. Where is my last year doing this and let's catch bullets? The only way out is deaf yeah. I have a friend a very good friend, my friend, Steve, Graham, who did his right he's ophthalmologist. He did his residency in Miami and was doing his residency in the emergency room in Miami while the cocaine days were going on. He said every day, just by blown up heads bullet holes, cocaine, godmother review, but they made it brown face. Casting is just one of many insults and the schlocky narcos rip off. What that is brown face. Look at that that supposed to be Griselda Blanco. That's not Catherine Zeta Jones! Is it doesn't like the at all. You know that you didn't even get fat even get fat that's the difference between her and what's her face from
was in monster? That's my girl, Arlie Charlie's, it's their own yeah. She got fat ginger, the right! Well, aha. She played that lady. The right way, rector body source code, called cocaine, got mother was a lifetime movie lifetime. Give it shouldn't even give not how it you not give on a f is a d or f at least, but I think Catherine Zeta Jones is latina. So that's kind of fucked up that they said they white washed. Her Isn't Catherine Zeta Jones from Columbia, she's also, apparently, losing marbles I read that see you I see. I don't know about this Hollywood shit man, it scares me metal about it. Either won't get outta Heaven outside. I notice that I'm I'm a. This is often to cut a little bit so she's. Well! Well, oh Oh sorry, sorry from the United Kingdom, my apologies yeah, they wait,
the out of yeah. How could you not give? Metro, to a fat mexican lady. How could you not colombian can't find a fat lady? yeah. Why not work anyway? Here's what you do! You have some stars, you put him in supporting positions yeah and have played a role yeah, I mean go to Telemundo the general they got. Many of them on their captains in the Jones is Welsh. Danny may know says I thought she was like: latina collection was swat when she was young. She still married to old boy. This is now Douglas yeah, yeah yeah. Look at that come out. She come on. Tell me she doesn't look like Colombian or something she does right, yeah! Well, what you gonna do: yeah whitewash, yeah, that's kind of crazy. I can't do that anymore. That's cultural appropriation, son! What's wrong with that, can't do it yeah! I can't do it
right now, no well, none! Listen! Anything that offends people may need stay away from it. Just is too much work. Yes, this is too much work. It's just too much work made, so I feel about that yeah. I know it's like talking to you about politics, six yeah! I'm done I'm not so much, not interested, and I don't and I'm not in a position to tell anybody what can offend them and you know snow flake, I'm not in it. I'm not going to. I am going to buy stuff like this. Listen some to offend somebody, but she's too much work is too much work, this two hundred, especially for someone like you, you busy yeah. I have time for this shit. It should to do you don't want to be arguing people all day on Twitter, oh about four Policy man, I try. I try to stay off twitter band
sometimes I'll be in the middle right next week and I go. I need to send it good for Yemen could fill a more friends, not Burke pressure just deleted it. He deleted. Should office phone is go. He yeah, he deleted app yeah, but the out of a lot of people are doing that now. I know a lot of people are deleting twitter and they just don't they don't read it anymore. Don't pay attention to it anymore! I go in every now and then, but the way I describe it, it's always like peering into a haunted house, yeah FUCK's, going on there. Well, the problem is, it puts everybody on the same level. So, like you get you to shit, what I'm saying you work your hardest to get something, and then you let these fucking guys just sign in and talk shit to you yeah you know right, they don't do nothing. They'll do not in life, get on sign their name in and a talk shit. There's a lot of that there's a lot of that, and sometimes someone to talk shit to me, I'm like who is this guy, I'm like what is going on with this guy's life and then I'll. I don't don't get upset, but I will click their profile and then I look. Oh they just
should to celebrities look talk, shit, Nana's and- and you know it's hard to midnight. So sometimes you like ice are with his name, your boy, Chris D'Elia, Elia right. Yes to Lee and I he he announced on his show yeah. I love the this board. Is that what it is doesn't do anything. This is what Chris does rice. Jokes goes. A gym talk, shit online all day he's like making little funny videos and like he just can't wait to do stand up. He said is comedy. Clubs were operating at noon, really Tolia loves doing stand up. If comedy clubs were opening knew he had the store like almost every night of the week. He just can't wait to go stand up again, can't wait to go up there and kill just the most fun really so when he's not doing that, he's talking shit, the Logan, Paul and fucking, this guy that guy anyway, so he's good too so yeah it says: he'll crush yep crush. You
I watch him embarrassed Logan Paul felt so I feel bad for Logan Paul, but I would just like to feel hurt your feelings yeah delete. It will hurt. You feel he's so good at that, but I'm thinking. Glad that you got anything else to do. He does throughout the day he learned that, doesn't he doesn't read he's not doing any he's, not interested in like bettering himself at all. Doesn't care, that's just who he is, he just likes being funny and he likes talking shit like. If you look at his videos, We put videos up on Instagram they just funny. This is him being fucking ridiculous? I mean you got going on here. What's he doing here? Let me it's very short. Okay. We hear this wrote the names off the people and the bands played Coachella
This year, fucking is is, is Two, what do we got here? Who we got childish Gambino can't go wrong there um? Who are these other people? I don't know these people are kid cutie Weezer, I'm trying to get it see, people that I recognize
Ariana Grande, I would be really mad if I was Dj Khaled and then saw Ariana Grandes named so much bigger than mine. That's color, yeah, that's a different one, that's a different one yeah, the singer, how you do you have the same name as the other guy 'cause, the other ones at DJ, say Cuba. Dj get on with yourself, whose boy Pollo Pablo boy Pablo Way down there. Name and this dude smaller name than him who's razor bumps. I think that's part of what it may be laughing that razor Mrs that's what you get when you shave your pussy, don't make that as a name, that's ridiculous! Us girls and I dresser both also um social house. Okay, no disrespect to any of these bands. I'm sure they're, really good yeah Chris, is right. Organism super organise under there working again what serpent with feet. Okay, shut! This off before I become Crystal Leah,
and that's music. Today, man, everybody had come out with music musicians, I'm not in the business. I don't understand. I have them on here. I don't know how they do it. I'm my I on know what you doing, but you have money, The transition is there's no time, but I'm like I just got world is just such a difficult. A feat sealed so difficult to break through, like seems like the most difficult world to break through, because the company does everybody thinks they can. Do it there's a lot of competition, especially rappers. You they have note, I have to do, is just make sure rhyme yeah and you don't even we have to do that anymore. Yeah, mumble, your way, things yeah yeah right, like the rap industry like at least fight in you can win. Yeah, keep going yeah, yeah, yeah and fighting you just fuck people up in. If you for everybody up. You win you win and you're gonna be they're, gonna be the greatest ever. Nobody has to like you yeah once they lock the cage doors you just fucked that person person up. Sorry didn't like it, but I fuck your boy up, cut and dry.
Why that's what it is and wrap or music industry, it's like yeah, I'm the best yeah yeah, there's a lot of biting a lot of steam. One stealing wraps stealing rhymes and there's a lot of that in that world too uh huh, it's rough in comedy. If people are laughing, then you keep going in that, I suppose yeah, but also in comedy there's so many places toe work like the so many comedy clubs there's so many comedy clubs. Really I work a lot as a comedian yeah, you work every night. You might not get booked as a beginner, but once you get going, he wants, like you, name a guy who's who's, a good colic, Adam Hunter, perfect example, good common. I works everywhere,
yeah, it's always every always working everywhere. He's always got something going on and you could. If he was ah rapper, he would be fucked yeah. You know I mean it's like if you're that level rapper like there's, not a lot of options for you, yeah we're gonna work, there's no rap club, I'm gonna go the rap club. Do a five minute set that should It's not real, but I, but I didn't know yeah. I thought it was kind of hard to get put on, though like is it's not well not for Adam? Obviously, because he's pretty successful, but in the beginning there's play. We have little tiny places and bring her shows where you do like you know a couple minutes and then once you're good comedy one thing about comedians: they help each other. Really yeah. I heard it was like the opposite. Would you that Norton?
No? No! No! No! No Jimmy until today said it's different in New York. Yeah, some comedians they get jealous of other ones didn't happen that are successful, yeah, those the ones that suck yeah, ok, yeah, the good ones, support other one. That are good because you realize you need 'em, it's almost like you need. If you're in a gym, you need is really good around here training partners, you you need that with too yeah you need. Other comedians are really good. It elevates your your idea, what's good dad. That makes sense yeah, I think in general, comedians are probably one of the more supportive of all art forms, one of the more supportive of other people that are doing it. I would hope so because it's such a world, where If he is, I should be comedian against the audience. It seems like so like economy, people to support you and have your back and go and don't worry about that one
also as long as Nolan, stealing from you when there on stage you're, not so it shouldn't affect you at all. In fact, you probably got into comma because you're a fan of comedy, that's how I got into it. So if I was, if I didn't enjoy other people that were really good at it like what I took away, the one thing that I really love to watch and then I started doing for a living now I can enjoy it anymore. That's crazy Knowing what way you enjoy it is you gotta appreciate something? That's really good! You can't be seeing some of that good. I could be better shows up fuck that crowd, so do you still go watch sometimes time you ask your homeboys. Yes, yeah, yeah watch, my friends, you know yeah, that's one of the! Why If I go on the road I was bring really funny people with me. I want to laugh. I wanna laugh before I go up. Some comedians. Don't want that, though they want the audience to be suffering until they get up the print terrible opening text what that seems like a terrible idea. I agree, but see. You're coming at it from a martial arts perspective like
Shal artists, like look you martial artist. First of all, every supports everybody? Everybody helps everybody. You have to be training together. You working with there's coaching. There's like your Vance ing each other. You appreciate it when someone fuck somebody up, like you realize, like damn you guys good. That is good. There's like a lot of props like if you see like a comedy special you'll, see a bunch of comedians tweeting about how good a comedy special. Is. You don't think you see that much in the ramp world, where someone is real? the good in a bunch of other people, other rappers, a chime in about how great that you will see a you right. Yes, you're right about that with fighters, you do yeah. If someone who fuck somebody up some big like damn, he looks good tonight. The look good the you'll see all this chatter. All the people supporting it yeah rap is the opposite: the opposite, yeah over a foot, yeah road game. That's the weird one right to try again it
I don't know man do you. Do you anticipate staying in South Florida? I don't know I mean so don't know if they have it on where you from originally from Delaware, yeah so from Delaware. I know I'm the only one I made it to the only person. Ever scale actually mean on remember it was a state. You know interesting fact me and Roxanne modifier was born in the same hospital. Really yeah wow, that's crazy! What are the odds? I know I know, but I'm not about visiting from Delaware. So eventually I feel like I want to be a snowbird yeah, meaning you know. Yes, I hang out in Florida during the winter months yeah and where were you living the other time? I don't know I might go Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Pennsylvania like Philly yeah, I'm off my folks is from really Phil is nice. I I love Philly Philly's real yeah. I said they're really intelligent people that will punch in the face. Yeah, that's Philly, yeah, yeah yeah,
there wow people familiar while it is a really and they're passionate in awhile yeah. So can I have to like that oh yeah it's ah in there better. Looking in Boston, sorry, Boston, really, girls, a better looking in Philly. Why is that? It's too smart. If I grow in Boston, I don't know about that. I think Boston is dealing with a lot of the original jeans of the original travelers that made it across that boat which folk that didn't want to live in Europe anymore, yeah. Those jeans are not the best genes bunch of animals. So they're still dealing with them, fucking jeans still punching each other and lot lot of fistfights in Boston. You go on a Friday Saturday night and go around the bars to see plenty of fistfights in Boston. That's one of the few places in the world where people still are kind of regular basis beat the out of each other on the streets. That's good! Then you know
at least in shoot and drunken savages. Well, there's some shootings too for sure, but there's a lot of lot of knuckle, indica, it's kind of good, but I think there's something to that gene home gene thing when I was in Milwaukee and I was like damn bodies- fucking people so ugly- get those old g. I need to get some mixing going on yeah. Well, so I think that's the reason what California has some of the best looking genes because the people that lived on the EAST Coast Look, I gotta get the fuck out of here they kept going until they got the California they hit that water. Might I don't want to live in Why fuck yeah stay right here and then just the breeding yeah and then is also the entertainment business. All the pretty people from Cincinnati they got on a bus over here
I'm going to make it look at these cheeks I'm going to make it. How make it very very, very, very few: it's almost not even worth it almost not even worth it unless you make it then yeah? Oh, look at me, Bitch dad dad dad who won. I could that's right, Chris, full of cash thrown him up in the air, making instagram videos rolling around on your silk sheets filled with one hundred dollars bills, almost feel like it's best in like in the age we live in now, it's better to just stay where you're at push out online, the online yeah for sure yeah, but I think people are still caught up in the mystique of like coming to Hollywood, making it in Hollywood, even people that do big things online. They still want to do like legitimate things. Like I'd love to do movies, you know we love to do tv. They want to do
things that pay them less money than they do being a Youtube star. Yeah, really Youtube pays a lot of money now like if you're, a big like Logan Paul type do they make. He makes a shit load of money on Utah, although I like who fucking pays and by who signs check, check advertisements, so selling puts these videos on the videos get millions of millions of hits and he gets millions of dollars from advertising revenue, probably more money than most successful sitcom people yeah. If you think someone is on a success, awful television show. You think well that guy's got to be bawling. I bet Logan Paul makes twice as much money as those people fuck. I know crazy and then this people, like Pootie, pie, hi. How much is that gonna make he's, got like seventy seven million subscribers, so the? But the only thing about that guy is he likes to say, controversial shit and he gets in trouble and then sometimes they pull ads off stuff like that, but I think if you're one of those like ninja
Does he another one that video game guy those people make outrageous sums of money, outrageous sums of money with playing video games and shit yeah. I saw it was like this little kid. It was like a seven year old male twin. Doing toys, yeah Ryan, in toy review. That's the kid at him. He made the two million in twenty eighteen by reviewing toys this Asian KIT, regular little kid right there. How much do you think the parents? Let him keep? I tell my parents suck my I did how fuck out of my room. I would give you clean my room setup that fucking video and you clean my room this more from here, just raised up a wiffleball bake, Paul, twenty one million. So you look at that. Twenty one million, just by talking he had a
is the show for a while? He was on a Disney show that my kids watch and then he decided won't fuck that I'd rather just be in my house. What does it say on his wall team team? Paul he ten, that's a team ten squad he would like painted them on his wall. He's got man, she's got fucked up inside. It's got one of those Lego installations. To that some guy came in and put the light goes on this wall interesting, so who's number three. This- is a group of guys to do that. Perfect. They make like five man sports crew check. All I've seen those guys they do stuff with bows and arrows it. Just all kinds of that they've been doing it for a few years, they've been burning down like any kind of checks that you think of so they made twenty million dollars. All five of them, so five million bucks each not nothing to sneeze, and then what else guys solo like Dan TDM and he made eighteen million Holla
slash ball and that I can go anywhere. Oh Jeffrey stars at a guy are girl makeup, star makeup artist, since the my space error has reinvented himself as a beauty mogul wait a minute. You see himself. Are you miss tendering him? I didn't say that article MIS gendered. I think that's whatever that is. Was this one mark Governor Seventeen. Nobody ever see that guy before before I guy go anywhere anywhere Mean made. Seventeen million van owes gaming. Canadian gamer Evan Fong plays mainstream titles like call of duty plays games, seventeen million man another one, sixteen million this guy, Mount Pewdiepie, damn pewdiepie, who is gay? Who is Puti pie like you mentioned him before? I never heard another guy that just he's a famous guy. I don't know too much about him, but I never watched him the most followed. Seventy two dot, five million.
I think the reason why he makes less money is because of the advertisers of abandoned him because he drops a and bombs oh you did what does it say up there? What is say about is known below him below their swedish gamer. The most followed yeah a backlash last year, ranch of anti semitic videos, that's right, anti semitic. He said he, but it was like he was joking around in the like, was making fun of anti semitic people but was wearing. Outfit right stuff like that yeah no again, and there is a way to get to work. Thank you paid. Some people like me to make a fiver video put up signs that that it that it knows that, if they just did it, does that too yeah what it would point being you're right. They can make a shitload of money just being on Youtube and on twitch playing video games. I know that's
that's like if you're a ceo of a gigantic fucking corporation, you work fifteen hours a day, you be super happy to make with these ass somebody's just fucking like you're like you're right, like we think a little kid kid give a pass, but the rest of them do they're, just assholes, you Youtube making money. I mean, I think you have to be an asshole to get attention to me. That's like part of the thing you got to be how what is Miranda sings? Is she in that list? This is just the top ten okay she's, not a top ten, but I mean there's probably like a hundred people that make seven million Oh, I know I mean it's just so much money just give me so break me out. That's why I got my online project coming out: train online dot com, yeah, nice train Bjj online dot com is that is like from white belt, a black belt
you learnt. No so Rick you'll um! No, not even like that, because I don't really care about bills. Okay, to be honest with you, I care about being effective man. You know as much as I do like Ju Jitsu for Emma Mae is different for, like competition, sure very different yeah. So, like that's what I'm focusing on you know the differences, and to make this shit work again. Think a lot of people are doing wrong. Yeah. It they're using it wrong. How so you know like You talk about like you just the way it's been played. Recently, it's like um! Well, did you wait, you're, just playing competition, all about getting points passing card get in the back. Put the hooks in that shit. Don't work in May. The point is that their planet for points right so um. I do it. I've created and developed a bunch of positions to we fuck people up. We hurt people in dense, the middle mmm. That's the key
usually just to hurt people then submit him. When you say use it to hurt people, you mean use it to maintain a position and land strikes. Yeah yeah punching people people and then submit a Wednesday, Miss soften him up a little bit. Yeah, it's like the mentality of it is different. You know I'm not I'm not because I think about you like if I were when you're done just right now like in order for me to pass your guard, it would take me fucking ten minutes. You know you have five minutes to do this shit. I'm not trying to pass your guard right. I'm trying to punch you yeah and also the other thing about it- is like there's certain positions where you really just can't get away with, if someone's punching yeah for sure especially the bottom unrealistic game has suffered tremendously because in a vault like g two has involved from the bottom and like that, so that I can say when I stopped competing. I studied studied studies that what works, what doesn't work and now I figured out- I get all these different
system side. I think the judges who has of all from the bottom in in high level just to competitions, we just haven't seen as much of it in MMA, for for petition to judge who is as great as it's ever been is better for a watch like the way these guys move. You know watching Quina Canarias, like slither on the floor, to get a full, but do okay, anime, but like most like just they're readily most guys, wouldn't I think Gary tone. It's going to do very well he's doing well already yeah, I think so, starting in one FC, but I think Gary tone and has such a high level ground game. That particular with his leg, lock, yeah and you know- and he could do everything to get back armbar you whatever you. Whatever you need and he's he's making his way through the ranks at well, I'm very excited about one day. Me too. I, like one FC, I'm a big fan. We don't he tony like he. He k, I don't know if he wrestled before, but he has a a wrestler's mentality when it comes to digits yeah, like he's very aggressive, yeah and he's like he's fearless, you know he
can on the money. So I like his chances against anybody yeah. I like his chances to be a world champion an M a in any organization and but I think, on the ground like he's so far above almost everybody else he's gonna face. I know you know, especially when it comes to the leg, lock game. His leg. Locks are just that whole Donna, her desk, quad, you know they're raising some fuckin killers over studying ish it now because I think, there's a place for it, and I think that in me Maple daughter should not work through some question face yeah. I said I'm saying I'm like 'cause anime guys, don't really know how to do it right right. I'm doing it right, but just just swinging a leg around trying to squeeze the not doing it right right. Well even Paul. You know when they were when they were talking about. Gary Tonon was going to face Paul. Iris Pars is so much bigger and so much stronger than Gary Tone and Gary Tonon still threaten the fuck. Out of them had been some real bad spots, and you know,
They went to a draw, it was a draw but like if they were point to I mean if you were to see who won points yeah well. First of all, the not same side. Right I mean what is it fighting in one FC, one, fifty five yeah. This is a hard two hundred to pound a goal. Rela he's he's on every max submit an event, hello, pit, bull yeah, I know it's, you would come to him with a look of paper. Towel just wipe. Is we got everything on this? Every metabolite? That's ever existed, yeah he's a g he's a gigantic guy, and but they were saying that his late game, no, it's effective in terms of mma like his transitions in his entries, the very limited in their obvious. They were seen in common and he showed it went and then the competed against him yeah yeah yeah now, but I like a tone and I think he's Don't do wonderful over. I mean it'll be interesting to see him fight a I mean. Obviously, Eddie Alvarez that'll be they- the same division so it'll be interesting to see that yes, very, very interesting, very interesting.
Eddie Alvarez going over. There is huge mighty mouse going over. There is huge, you know. Brandon is the heavyweight champion now no brand of air fucking people up over easy. Yes, Yes, under the radar command, you don't really hear much about him being over there fighting like someone, he knows been south of the border as well about two hundred forty zero, my god he's so jacked. He never seen Brandon Varun! I haven't seen him in years. Do not, I didn't even know he was fighting over these some ash in people, yeah, smashing people and he's like two hundred and forty plus pounds now no shit giant neck entraps jacked as fuck, is he still training at alliance? I believe so I believe so. What and, like you said, a leg lock game like Ryan Hall, has the ability to beat anybody in the featherweight division yeah. If you is a whole of Olympia, real problem, I think he could beat. I think he'd beat ha
always the same as he'd beat anybody else. I'm not saying he can beat him, but I'm saying like if it's already damn late and easy tap yeah, you could help you. He could tap anybody. That's yeah his leg, full of jujitsu. His uh Standings technique is skill levels very, very, very high, like world championship, caliber yeah, but there's a bunch of that that's Brandon Vera now jacked dude, show me a show. Yeah look at that very language. He was in the UFC. He was skinny and slim, who is fighting two hundred and five in heavyweight in the UFC, now he's just heavyweight, and so he just packed on some meat put up put a video of like. This is Brandon Vera Highlight KO video out there, but he's fucking people up over there. Man, if something. Just that one, that's that's the that other ago the truth vera highlights,
mister Freak Z's. Seventy five, whatever the fuck that is, however, the gentleman is put together a highlight reel. The truth, Brandon Vera highlights February. One championships highlight contest, you see some fighting parts. Is it all now here we go honey boom And Brandon Vera always had like very high level striking yeah. He was always crisp yeah and they either one FC can head kick and kick people, apparently in the back of the head, just kind of fucked up, I don't know what the competition is like in the heavyweight division at one FC like what level is, but I imagine, with the size of the organization, about how big it is that the competition is going. Continue to rise in all weight classes. Right now like in terms of the number
for people that are watching it rivals the UFC. Does it really it's giant in Asia, Georgia giant? But I think it's going to they're, making a lot of money. Yeah hey a lot of money at elite fighters, I'm hoping to bring some more. They don't really have a strong american presence. Well, I think they're signaling by having Eddie Alvarez come over there. Miesha Tate is running shit over there. Now too, as well as Rich Franklin he's running things I think he's the vice president. There now lot of shit happening over there we need it. We need another pride. We need something like yeah, we do yeah. We do listen, I'm all for it, because I hate you know. I work with a lot of guys and I hate when he fucking don't handle, wear to work. Actually you know, and I give the just if we only rely on the UFC. We are not. That is a one back. Performance means you're out, so this or a bad judging right yeah. What did you think about the Pfl? I love the now yeah. I love it. I love the structure
was the name. Sean O'Connell said something very interesting, just off the top, but he said Just made a one million dollars, all I had to do was win and he repeated it. All I had to do was win. So to me I was like I guess he was like he didn't have to be a character, and this is coming from pride on Lee Character, Npfl right and he said that, because there are a number of other guys can run into that you know but but who's watching. I don't think anybody was that's the thing. That's the problem. Yeah, I'm surprised. Vinny the whole. I thought I thought so too, but but then, when I thought about it. I said: damn he's been training with Jeremy Horn, his prize whole career and Jeremy Horn is a wizard U so yeah, but I'm, but I trained a couple of Russians for for the Pfl magma. He won the welterweight against Rick over third yeah Ray Cooper's, oh fucking,
I know fifty seven. I know one hundred and seventy throwing bricks and know that when he fought Jake Shields and beat him twice at that, stopped him twice a week. She's a state championship wrestling, I know yeah I was you know. I didn't think he was because my guy took him down early and I was kind of surprised he took him down as early as he did, because he is state Champ, but but I'm he seems small for the division yeah. He could probably fight at one fifty five yeah. I just gotta- have a little more success yeah, but I like The fact that at least these guys have an option just place, they can win a one million dollars less in the finals like leading up to it, they're still making good money yeah like the loser, made two hundred and fifty and then like how did they get eyeballs, though I don't know that's the problem. That is the problem right there, problem with everything I mean, even with Bellator mean the way they got eyeballs was to have like Hoist Gracie fight. I mean that's the way they get eyeballs. They have to have someone. Have to have someone who's got a name. You know, that's the reason
they brought over Tito and and all these you know it's hard that's what I was saying like Sean O'Connell like if you ever hear him talk like he's very charismatic and charming and he's the only person who probably can handle himself on the MIC radioed guy, I think so. Yeah I think he's got a radio thing he's a spore radio and for him to say all I had to do was win. You know saying that he didn't have to talk like what did. I say, for you know, on who won the lightweight. Who can't speak? You know where it is I don't know. I can't imagine where they go in three years: 'cause they're not going to have any stars. Well, it seems like two thousand and eighteen: one championship registered an average of eleven million viewers per live event across its core markets. According to Nielsen. That's a lot of fucking people, two thousand and fifteen. This figure was less than one pop how bad is God's son of a bit two thousand and fifteen. This figure was less than one million viewers per live event. So in three years they went from
Aston one million viewers for live event to eleven million viewers per live event. That's fucking, amazing, of course, across its core markets, the article is comparing it to MBA um viewership in Asia. Dramatic increase in tv, viewership, fantastic, can't be more happy hope they keep growing. I hope they hope they developed like real legit starts and also they have gee it world championships across every combat sport over there, they've got yachts and client is doing, and that is to yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Nikki hold skins jacket, pocket over there, yeah yeah, yeah they're. I mean they're they're bringing in world beaters and basically every discipline yeah I mean I love it. I mean you know we both have a fit our affiliation with the UFC, but like with
the game! Don't last exactly of the UFC as Well races, everybody. Tide raises. All boats really does hopefully you'll see kind of take the page when I see and does the weight thing, I'm in love, yeah wait eight days for some into that, but they're trying to figure out what to do about. We cut it. I mean they really are the trying to figure it out and I brought to their two in the one FC plan, how the one FC does it they basically limited to everybody goes up a weight. You know they would they moved every champion up a weight class. They do hydration tests to find out which the actual weight is, and they don't let you fuck around fight at what you really way. I mean that's really and if you need To be in a lighter weight class, guess what fat boy time to get on?
make a list of matching yeah good, do it again to try again next year. I love that, like the beginning of the year, this is what you going away and fight at forty year. They here yeah, if you don't like it next year, get another weight class. That's right! All right! Dude we stood three hours. Crazy time. Now you see how that is. We finally did it. We finally I'm sorry! They got me on like thirty minutes now, yeah the minutes, and let's do it again. Man yeah, listen, give everybody a social media dresses that Dean Thomas at the. I am Thomas or me at a yeah or at Thomas Jj online, ok, yeah! So very much so it's D, Thomas on Instagram, Twitter, Twitter, Facebook, wall, everything, our beautiful thank a man must resume was fun. It was fun our folks see soon bye. Thank you. Everyone for tune into the pot can
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