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JRE MMA Show #58 with Brendan Schaub

2019-03-04 | 🔗
Joe is joined by Brendan Schaub to discuss the fights from UFC 235.
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belt podcast and the below the belt show on Showtime? Give it up for my brother Brendan Shop, the Joe Rogan, experience during my day, Joe Rogan podcast by dark side, nine, plane, quick yeah, my Yeah well, you're. In a fucking melee, there's three other dudes in their blast and it's a one on one map that maps, chaos, so fun, though. How fun is that shared? It reminds me of Goldeneye. Do you ever get into that? How dare you first one hundred and sixty four that's a great game that he gets that came, can suck all the dicks you using those stupid, Xbox things. Little controller house in keyboard is where you're at that's. Why you get fuckd up? You don't even know how to move it's hard for me to move back and forth roller game on Watt, yeah sure yeah, 'cause! Nobody can move yeah if nobody,
move, then you are right, control this and did that fat in that games. Chaos, Jamie and I've been going back and forth for fucking, four or five days now. You'd be surprised. There are a couple guys that can compete a few that can compete with the mouse and keyboard I'm sure they can, but they have zero life and they don't even know what a pussy looks like. Yeah we're on quake four, but this quake champions that you play online. We've been playing quake four because we could set it up on It's called a local area network aelan, it's real easy and there's no latency, it's just direct from computer to computer. It's fun! This thing in the one guy he's he's really aggressive, workout dude! What's that guy that I'm thinking of he's. A video video game player very is really good, doesn't have Nick Marks, I'm alone or, and I'm sure he gets fussy. There's some good looking dude yeah, I'm sure there are I'm sure there are, but it's not fun to say it's fun to say that there is a way for power. Sounds like the picture of mysterious yeah. They can't find their dick now, though,
kids make bank and get there's even hot chicks, yeah. Well. It's a good move for hot chick lit like there's hot chicks. That hunt because like and they wear makeup and ship full eyelashes and shed because it brings them into that world and all the guys like hoodie look at her. She looks well like yeah yeah they're, like Stan front of like a endangered species, with that it's out like this hot girls. To take moitie class right and they get all serious angry face, don't talk to anybody, pretend they're real fight, there's relax. Some of them are real we're, not though some of them get super serious. That's when I whisper like this, let's relax yeah they say I I I don't like when people say I'm going to try I'm on a train today, I'm like a. What do you do in you too? Can palade is yeah? We train that's not. Training retraining for Watley training for the apocalypse would be training for some dick
his cut him games, they're, so addictive. You were like straight up addicted right, oh yeah, I had a real problem, I kind of got a little bit of a problem. Now Jamie and I've been talking back and forth he's up on me a little bit too. That's why I have to kick Jeff out every now and then Jamie! I go one on one. One on one last time I fucked him up and he quit because me and Jeff are easy prey right like you can just not easy prey anymore Jeff. Easy prey for a little bit. If I want all these games, how long do you think would be here playing quick so one of these things, but you would be saying you lost thirteen to five because you were trying real hard. You got fuckedup son I'll. Let you up, Ntozake Shange having another person in in the the thing is, he always goes after Jeffers. It's not easy kill that gets Maine
Because I could really get my fucking be quiet, yes or killing me right away. You know Jeff starting to win. You know we gotta. He came real close to win that last. One exact same over now he's definitely Jeff should be playing right now, just be smart yeah. Well, I told him to fucking lift weights too I'm like dude. You got all this whole gym here, while shows going on watch security. Camera get your pump on skipjacks or poop. They could all out there. So, let's talk about these fights first of all, Bruce could start with Diego Mutherfucking Sanchez. All these young guns sleeping on Diego Sanchez, fully redeemed himself. Do not sleep. Do not just do not just don't because he will fall people up still about I saw that video here Yz
video of him by now. Well, there's a video of Diego going look at this yeah, Diego I saw on his on his on his charm. He showed his chest where he bit. That is crazy. I thought They said Mickey Gall had a hard cut like a really hard cut. Maybe that's one of the reasons he has so tired. I just don't think So far he's just the skills aren't there yet now he was out of his element well, I did go out classed My goal is a monster. I mean you The guy who has forty look at that bite mark. That is, that is Who bites the fact, maybe go? Maybe more bites guys are bitten guys before he can't be on my team. Yeah you're off the team is not good. I looked me, oh dear God, and say shut the referee, just kept smash dude. He is such a savage and he's a savage taken since he was four years old and yes, he won ultimate fight. Season one two, three,
and and five hundred and fourteen fucking years ago, at middle weight yep fourteen fucking years ago you gotta stop think about what an insane career that is and his last two fights uhm, I think you last fight was Craig White- is that he fought last ash that do smashed and then smashed Mickey guarded. He he's the he's the mascot for Jackson's right, like there's a logo. If Diego Sanchez yeah and probably knows that is Brendan Chops voice. I still like L Jones right now, that is Johnny, don't know little net, not not loud enough. Yeah you're, right yeah, it's the celebrant job with the cold. I don't see, I don't feel sick. You know feel so. So it's just a sore throat, I think but how's your throat just go. We screaming at someone know, does chill ninety two broadcasting. Wolf howls function. Sometimes my voice goes. I'm not That's so great because I am sick. Little bit
yeah. Well, I had it over the weekend. Yesterday I felt like dogshite. Do you workout? I worked out not yesterday, but Saturday worked outside. It probably wasn't a good idea. Work out when you're sick. It makes it worse, yeah systems down, I usually short to it too I lifted to, and you know it's not smart, no yeah, but I I I'm today. I'm just like a little little worn out, but my voice is all right. You said some rest yeah yeah I mean I'll, be fine, no ' is the worst man because always always take the first flight back 'cause. I want to see my family and we get mostly I got that makes it worse. Yeah. I was up at five hundred, so Mickey Gall in that fight. He asked for that right. That was a fight. He was begging. Dana white give him. He thought it was a good fight for him. He thought it was a good match up, yeah. I don't know why. People think that I guess 'cause, like he's been knocked out right: Al Iaquinta Winter Kodma.
Brown, Ko Dam, but it is a big name- has been doing for a long time. So these young guys go. I grew up watching him. Let me get him they. I think they also think he's been doing it for so long and they're, right yeah, but still so fucking, tough man. He has all the skills he still has all the skills and his ground and pound is fucking ferocious and once on the ground. Then he doesn't. I mean If there's a hole in Diego's game, you would have to say It's like elite strikers has a real problem, connect like guys, like Matt Brown, he's going to have problems he's just not as fluid as those guys. You know yeah Diego's grappling. Amazing, amazing, amazing and his ferocity cannot be questioned. He just mental games, ridiculous savage just Think about the enthusiasm Diego has, after all, these years in the game, all these years, the game well praise how many years, how many years well, what we know fourteen years in the UFC, but he fought before that He was a veteran. I mean he had several fights before the
yeah- oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, crazy, crazy. How long it's been doing it and again how long he's been doing it and how much loves it still, and he says C b d is really help and he's got his own c b D. Two thousand two goddamn mother seventeen years. She thought Michael Johnson in two thousand I see Michael Johnson, no Michael Johnson, my name tag so like a, six years was that his name would probably tag there for awhile yeah would write MIKE well, he thought Shannon Rich on his third. Shannon Ridge has like a million fights click on Shannon Rich Look, it might get diamond the Joker Old School yeah click. Click on Shannon Rich. How many fights is he going to say he's got how many Does it say we should say records fifty Jesus Christ still record every step is crazy. Crazy out to that guy, though, for keeping with it,
now, that is crazy. Last seventy nine times Jesus Christ, forty two kickboxing, oh, my God in forty two kickboxing matches Jesus Christ, but kickboxing is kind of killing at thirty five and seven, my bad, but that's it Cinemagic serious, but just stop and think about seventeen years in Diego still slinging. And so much enthusiasm. That's the crazy part! It's not just that! It's fighting that he fights. Used car stuck in angry birds on Cbd, company now game, some of it any good. I haven't tried it yet. He just gave me give me some bottles of his stuff, but He really believes in Cbd a lot a lot of it's helping them all square, but yeah amazing, amazing, stuff. Jim CB. That's what it's I mean it's only good companies now, but you know and uh if it was crazy how about Colby and Pedro Munoz or you talk to drag him out coat. Will you skip past the beat oh Jeremy Stevens, which I thought
crazy, crazy. You know I mean for the beat to beat the number six in the world. It was good, good fight. Would you think I don't think it helps a bee? stock 'cause, there's so much hype on him. You didn't text I didn't think you look great really well. First of all, he Steve agree, Jeremy Stevens is fucking dangerous. You care about any mistakes with that guy zero. You think you look good, but I thought it looked. Ok, I don't think its stock went through the roof. With that fight, you don't walk away from that fight going. Oh, my god. I can't wait to see him fight again. While you look good, but when you hear Mark Henry's coach talk about him, I mean they talked about him. Like he's the next walking. Did you see at three hundred and sixty route? If you tried yes, this will show she's Russia itself he's really fast it and his his round kick to the body. It's just so fast light. Light amazing, prosocial, ten work, such a town yeah,
so technical to everything does very smooth. Doesn't get hit, doesn't play that game? No. No, it doesn't play the game that Cody Garbrandt played Pedro move. Cody golf It was crazy. I just re losses in a row, three nine three Kos in a row. I just couldn't believe you standing with them like that he got him hurt and then he got hurt and then he was determined to take come out, and then they were literally going right. Hand right hand a right hand, someone fell yeah and Pedro can take a shot. Soaking Cody yeah, I hate shots. He ate some big one. But it makes no sense of your cody, so technical, He said he said he got head button and just saw Brett well, he definitely did. He definitely got ahead, Barry Aaron Pico and he talked about it He said that he saw red light, got angry after that, but it yeah yeah. You can't do that. You gotta fight until it I mean. Obviously it's super easy for us to say you know sitting here drinking coffee, yeah, don't fly You don't fight angry bro! You know it's easy to say, but
also the form so dynamic, agree it's what got into the party, but as a former fighter, it's like coming off two losses which I've been there they are usually a little more like I'm not going to go down that road right. I've been knocked out twice yeah. I know how that ends. Yeah. If I get here, let's learn from right right, that's what's the troubling part yeah and He has a speed advantage. Pitcher money is is very good timing, but I think Kobe has a speed, advantage, technique and speed on the fear the ground, it's all Pedro, on the feet Audi all day I mean garbrandt, still only twenty seven years old and still could be world champion. No, No doubt about it. Three losses: Pedro Munoz. Ok, he played play that game on, but then Tj Dillashaw right okay, so the champ, as your number doesn't in both of those fights he hurt, Dillashaw he's just got to be more cautious and fight more technical, more disciplined. You know I mean it wouldn't be a bad.
Bad idea to get some mental coaching. You know get some game plan coaching which you might have been doing. I don't know yeah, I don't know speculating, I don't know who who's training striking with either, but you know to mix things More be more unpredictable would also be a good thing. I mean obviously they'll they'll. The last exchanges were just not predictable at all, or I mean not unpredictable. All fully predictable, just pray damn right hand right hand, just chaos. You know This is last when he beat Dominick Cruz, You got to be cerebral in that fight to be done. The curves yeah he had doms number. I mean it was a different kind of fighting. It's interesting DOM said that he did the exact thing that Cody did in their fight that he got hit and he got emotional and he fought reckless Dandan that DOM after coding, interesting yeah. He said I know what it's like you just you lose your game plan. You start you get wild yeah,
it's just it's hard to see him get KO three times in a row like that. He's gonna be fine. I hope so he's gonna be fine. I hope so. I will learn from it, but here's the thing when you're ranked was the number two in that division. It's not like. Alright, let's give you a warm up fight. It's not boxing. There's no warmups right, he's going to get Jimmy Farrah or stir Aljamain how to yeah and you know those guys might argue that they don't want him because he's lost three times in a row. Jimmy repairs come off last. Two, that's true sterling actually called him out, which is weird 'cause, he's ranked movies, ranked five. I think, but he's coming off a win. You know huge right! So with sterling it's like sterling called out. Covington I mean I'm cold, grant yeah yeah. To an already. Thinking about him about him? Marketing, yeah, well, he's good at talking and getting his, I'm out there and it's the best thing for the welterweight division. Right now, after oh Cmon just dominated Tyron Woodley, I was
blown away by that fight me too low in one hour takes each other is weird 'cause. I people from house to watch the fights and they were like God, this fight so boring, and I looked on oh, my god. This is brewed on like what the fuck are. You talking about. This is one of the greatest title fight performances I've ever seen for him to do that, to Woodley and dismantle him, you don't understand, you have no idea, watching yeah it's fucking insane, it's not just insane that he dismantled him, which isn't for sure. But also his fucking gas tank, one was pushing on the pedal for five rounds, never let off the gas, but the way he looked in between rounds when death and to me it was this mentality yep. When you look from the for the first round, Tuesday break it up yeah and then the ratings, I don't like this only to all users do you know that word was that he had a fractured foot correct, so he took a cortisone shot coming in that fight. Imagine that age! Imagine that in still
No problems with this endurance, apparently didn't train the whole week of just didn't. Do it still made the wait, no problem but think about what he has to do. His coach is going right. You gotta go in there get out grapple now, maneuver Tyron Woodley. Who is one of the best? Well, he doesn't get taken down. How did everything get taken to who doesn't get taken in Woodley also was kind of I oh he's! Thirty! Seven! I don't know if it's he just didn't show up what happened. I think he's thirty six. Thirty, six or thirty either same thing: either way he's been doing for a hot second. This is why I feel bad for Woodley. Maybe you know Joe, but would he was always that guy where he didn't get along with Dana. He was kind of difficult deal with. Did it his way and made some demands, want the big fight, and then it never happened for him. He was in a big draw and but he could get away with that who is champ right now, there's not champ the road frame to get back is going to be so fuckin' tough because of what he did when he was champ yeah. That's why I feel bad for Woodley.
The greatest ever do it. He is one of the greatest ever do and I was making the argument before this fight that you could. Obviously you could argue that if he be whose he is a great correct. He's in the greatest is George St Pierre right Legend at welterweight. You look at, career me. How many years was George Chamfer was at six years or something crazy like that, so you have George Matthews and Woodley Matthews has legend status because he was the original right he was, I mean he was the first rest. That really developed Brock, solid, skills the fights with Frank Trigg, the the mean, the money you arm ARM Bar George Saint Pierre. In their first fight you mean he was amazing, but then the new school was George. You know George was the best welterweight of all time, but I was saying that he's in the running right now. If you consider the opponents he beat, Wonderboy twice knocks out Robbie Lawler to win the title and then goes on from there
beats Damien Maia I mean you look at how we beat Darren till for some reason he was an underdog in the Darren till fight which didn't make any sense to me. I thought: Yes, I did. I got excited too. I thought damn tail is going to win that really Yeah see I thought Darren Tills very good, but I did not I never saw him on the ground. I never saw a real wrestler, take him down and ground and pound. I didn't know what he had off his bassy. I think their tails can be a problem for him and watt really in size yeah. I think the problem and error is committed to one hundred and seventy still is he still. I think especially now that one seventy, what is, if you are a fan of fighting, what is fun, is Woodley being out the welterweight division so far, right, 'cause now, Gooseman Colby, you got Ben ACT. Ask in there now do until has a shot to be a champion. Well tell you what, even though Robbie Lawler lost that fight God, damn he look good. He looks good physically well, I got the way anyway
Jack best I've ever seen. If you looked amazing, apparently he had a tremendous strength and conditioning routine for this yeah. He looked real good and he was fighting. Looking ferocious like the Robbie Lawler of Old, he didn't. At all diminished and I think maybe the time off was good for him, because he how to get ACL surgery, so it might have been dealing with something before his loss we don't know, do you think? Maybe it was too where Ben Askin's very so one dimensional. You have to worry about the straw, at all, there's a little bit of that for sure, but the fights because he launched Ben Askren into the air and slammed on his fucking head, which is crazy. Here's the other thing. Yes, Ben one controversially, we don't know that there was still what two minutes in that fight. Dude I've been watching much time who got pretty dice for fucking.
Robbie Lawler Can you put it on his twitter or his instagram page? We see Robbie Lawler's arm, go limp to Dick goes limp now, here's the question: did it go limp, because he just let it go because he's trying to like let you know just let it go This is trying like the whistling hang on 'cause, the choke he was you squeezing really hard at going arms out arms out and he said, wasn't is Jen now, but here's the thing this is people need to stop saying that you have to be under the chin, who choke garden conscious. You can do both. You can choke a guy unconscious across his face, for you can go across the face right like this. If you have a real, squeeze you have like Marcelo Garcia squeeze. You could put a gun to sleep. Think I'll strong Ben is to ban, has a real squeeze phenomenal squeeze strain. And he's in this position? Would that bulldog you can, A lot of leverage in that position. I don't know how he's gripping it so much more torque. You can get with amazing to work so,
don't know if he went out and then bend. Let him go the pop right back awake. That's what he's saying your your natural movement, though, if you go, if, if you're fighting a choke him your natural MR hold on to it, is not to go limp, that's true, That's true, that's why I'm like I maybe was. We thought he was out yeah, I'm sorry was out, but in office as I thought Ben was out earlier, the two: but they're going to stop. I thought they were stopping Robbie slammed him. Like he's out he's out you suck. I thought he was out, but damn he can take a fucking shot. He can take a fucking shot. Robbie him with some hammers whose members for that fight, booze, crazy. We got him up so much so we have so much love so much and he came with at least two goober dad Bod gave his justice terrible I figure this out. Let's see the video a video of it check both of those pages? I don't see he posted it. He posted it today. I think is a twitter yeah he was twitter and I think
Maybe he might have either reposted it or replied to it or repo, with a comment. He says this is what happened and caught just a comment: okay Let's see it when he said this is what happened then go to whatever he was commenting on. Just the hey you'll see the video. Whatever he was commenting on is the video Zz. They were saying the in the video that he see. Let's check it out here, Jack Jack Sparrow. There goes see carefully, you'll see that band loosened his chalk, chalk choke a little bit and then her wishing to click on that click on that goes to yeah. But if you go to you top of that thread, you see the video there. It is right there, the top right there sis so check this out. What see that right there. That's not a normal move by, but look but Robbie does on the thumbs up? That's the other thing not seeing this in abnormal movement, but it is uh squeeze. It does so you, his arm, went limp. I think went out for a second and came to well Herb said. Would.
Urban saying is he told them to stop when the arm went limp when the arm went, LEN Ben said as it is lightning up and then he lightened up and then Robbie came back to life. That's fair! That is entirely possible. Folks, it's entirely possible. I do no, but I do know that Robbie Lawler's a classy mother, because you can painful little there. What the fox says. Sorry, man, good job, good fight, in the game so, like you can see, him goes out. He's got a great he's, got a great attitude that he really does he's got a great attitude and I don't think it's stock dropped in that fight. I really don't know. No, I really don't and I would like to see the rematch. I don't well again I mean he says no, but then says no yeah do you want to fight in the first place. Why would you right, fucking murder, but he was so amped up without fight too so angry and, like you could see his face. He knew what this meant dude, how 'bout Ben versus Zussman that's on mother fucking fight.
Barely your ugly ass is too big not to miss. You have no risk check for no one, oh did I say your curly headed Foxy in London, Muppet well till has a tough fight in London yeah, my husband, ALS, no joke man. Models are very technical. Guy he's got his wrestling. Two men he's getting everything up very good at everything. Very good wrestling and I think that's probably, where he's going to try to put Darren till after that Woodley fight. It's a bad situation, should for would man because you you're going to People are going to say: oh, he was doing all that stuff with TMZ. Always a rap album coming out these opening for he's he's doing rap concerts here, though right just for fear could is there does, because I've always been on that side of you and do you know more than anyone. He told me to get the out. Yes, when you're one foot in yep, because what to some doing when Woodley's in the studio going hard going?
this man is all in he's all Lindsey, because men want show. If, if I went up to some located all pay for show freedom on TMZ, right, but you know balance my face. That's what he's going to say get the probably get angry at you get the fuck out of my face that TMZ shit dude. I I was telling everybody for years. People have been scared of Guzman for years, But now you see why, like before you were seeing. People are scared of him, but he wasn't beating anybody. That was world class. He wasn't I'm getting those top ten guys, Amy, Maya, right, yeah we got damn chose to Damian. Maia fight will forever be marred by the fact they separated them when Damian had one hook in he was trying to take his back. Dude was that fucking Homeboy, the guy who's kept slamming them up with that daughtered with I don't know he's doing. What are you doing see? Who that was go, go to Damian, Maia versus a Camaro Huisman and see who separated them?
There's no rough mat mat that era. Sarah was going fucking crazy about that and he's one hundred percent right. Do you know how difficult it is to get ahold of a guy like Lucemon like that and to have one hook? standing up and to be working, his back of them to separate him. It is nonsense to hold on to how much harder it is. That's hard, yeah much hardest to take with glee down in control. Yes and you stay in a month, yep yep! If I lose my what the do you do yeah, but I mean you, don't think you should you stop and think about. Damien Mais last fight right because of just choking flock out of who was that who was it? Who just I someone really good, a young kid that they felt ok. So here I hope that's not a god who is it has the bald feller which bald feller so here's so? Here's a it's hard to tell who the referee as I can see the so it's mine in them
they are exchanging, lose my cracked him, who is it for the Chris Tione? I know two referees, Three, no! It's Leon! Yeah, okay, well, for whatever reason: what was God thinking? I don't know what is that and then he's shade online. At John Annick, what he senior seen your commentary was off. So was annex you, my commentary, I don't know what I did to say I didn't say anything bad about Mark Goddard? I said I don't. I disagree with him standing up. I don't know why you said the commentaries soft but Dominick Cruz did say that, can't wrestle the reason why he standing him up is because you can't wrestle Mark Goddard. Yes, no. He said that he was saying that about Mark Carter correctly, say restaurant recipe through shaded God. I have nothing better I forgot it, although I don't agree with his decision in that fight. I do not agree with stand up, so I don't like standards period garden.
I think he's a great referee in that moment, he's wrong Well, he's probably very hard. It is, but listen. Your job is not to intervene. Rapture directory of the fight right job is to protect the fighters known Phuc up Huisman's biggest fight of live by stand up, because what happens this and we've seen it one three storm up and will because you know what fine I feel good talks amount right. If you've got it can have locked up yeah it can happen. What did he say about me? He didn't just simply call you out what is a but the proper way to say is the only thing wildly inconsistent is your and your co calms commentators make election observation of the actual events. I will book Joe Rogan's. Ask that's well, let's hope. So, Route, I didn't see simply just made that up. The only thing wildly inconsistent is your and your cocoms recollection observation of actual events, I'll save my aside for later well that doesn't make any sense recollection of
actual events. I don't know what he's trying to say there and Co. I didn't say anything. About him other than I don't agree with the stand ups and that, but going to cruise said that he can't wrestle, and I don't know if Mark got it dressel. I know he knows how to referee. I know this computer Dominick Cruz. He cannot wrestle so DA mix finder. That would also John Amick going hard in the paint awesome yeah. I like that. You are way off, but it's wildly wildly inconsistent is correct, is herb. Dean is the gold standard in my opinion and herb dean. No, he that thing with Robbie Lawler's, controversial kind of look at it and I go. The arm went limp. I can see how it made that I see that I could. I think it's unfortunate and it may have been a mistake, but it might not have been a mistake, I'm? Still, I'm still at I'm, not at all, not a look man. His job is fucking with the harder than mine one hundred times harder heard, herb, Dean's job is to protect the fighters and to stop fights to make calls. I don't want to be that guy that that guy gets fucking hated on an ever loved herb.
It's a lot like no one love, but with Mark daughter, don't be the guy trying to Littlejohn replied. He said I was try to be respectful, we just let me see it too, but there's an arrogance with which you deal with the fighter. Commentators in many in the sport, and I find it off putting well one man's take and I'm quite sure, you'll give yours for everyone to hear wow, manic, world store and and okay. So I believe John occurs for to the inconsistent between each referees decisions. I went to separate the fire and John said exactly that's what I was referring to, that that two of the consensus best the best referees of the game would handle those two situations so differently. I understand the athletes are different, but there are parallels to be drawn John one hundred percent correct under percent one hundred percent correct. I'm at this problem. I'm feel bad. That Mark Goddard respond the way he did, because it's not very professional- and I think it's very emotional- and I think he's probably just feeling the heat yeah yeah
sweetheart on them. Yeah, you feel that heat you get angry. But I like Mark Goddard. I like him a lot. I think it's a very good refereeing, hop twelve reps in the business. I love Mark Goddard and he fucked. That up. My question is, I wonder: who is telling them? They should stand things up when they shouldn't stand things up. I wonder: brush your teeth, the pressure he feels from the audience. You think the crowd. Maybe it could be that british people are very nice. You know sometimes english people are more common in dealing with man when you got two world class wrestlers in this guise impossible takedowns, when the best of all time yeah, let it go. Let it go well, I think let it go period. I just I do not agree with stand up 'cause. I think of a guy can hold you down like this are saying about Ben Askren. If guy, like Ben Askren, can hold you down and give you nuggies until the fights over about yeah do something about it. Exactly it's not cheating. If he's not cheating keep it up. Do you know how hard it is to control would on the down side. For ten minutes to five minutes is a good joke in five minutes to hold on to him and beat him up and look good. Look all
credit to he didn't even fucking care, he got stood back up, didn't complain what right back at him and took him down again again he's a monster. Cool story bro. He is hard to deal with a colby for, everyone on the planet earth, but stylistically. When you look at the fight for Colby, I look at what Colby does well. He does that he does that the thing about This one is he's. Got power he's got striking. He's got wrestling, but even maybe more clarity hardy for days here he thought was mine, Mine bank falters, for now you know getting in there. So how adorable his little daughter- oh dude, almost I had such a big issue such a better mic right now, pussy that have kids me too me too, don't Littlejohn in my car, I know so cute and just how happy, mom and wife were real they're, like p Diddy, in a bad video extra
hey man. If I wanted it, so bad world should match what it feels like to have your husband when the fucking World World welterweight title going to beat Tyron Woodley, not can't block until my wife take a hot bath and my mom sure is fun for him being the king, a man like when someone wins like that, they can do whatever they want me. Cars mom's always in the cages dad so she's, not she's, not through thrown out promo. Okay, listen man and who's Mina feel, like he's only like what is the thirty one of thirty two, how old is used by thirty? Two thank he could be the chance for a long time. Scared me he's not dismissing how busy, as in person, of course, you're upset, but when he's not cutting his check, palm Beach toilet, what the fuck you doing anyway, I don't know where the same size he's watching huge well It's just scared the sizable he scared me yeah well he's but he's big like
super athlete not like a bodybuilder right. Where is my face? Guzman will do it just like when you Look at the way tyrant is big. Tyrants, more thick, like his legs, are thicker or tyrants. Look, the height difference get his. He's so tall, look at all his men and wide he looks scary were always painted like we're all going. I'm not so much monster that the This paint thing was a last minute decision to Suzy had to do his face who's in the makeup lady. She had his face last shadow and she's the best she was she's, such a nice lady, and she put it there make sure that they had the right color paint you do. The nigerian flyers face Dude Champ for long time. There's great matchups, oh my god, welterweight is so fucking fun and don't sleep on masvidal folks you know Jorge Masvidal, still capable of beating something money, fuckedup cowboy hope, Masvidal
is the real deal. I will say this deal out there until then he's my dark horse. Still think so I think so. Unless he goes eighty five but he's a Motherfuck? If you know what happened in that till fight with Woodley, he didn't in a single significant strike in two rounds. He didn't rent anything first round and in land anything in the second round. Just understand that this is the big show. This is the world title shot you come out. Neil Diamond Sweet, Caroline the whole deal and sing along to wonder if that's London, but but but he lands nothing all well. Here's this Woodley through one launch in five rounds now, let's not should happen. No one really hit me was very tentative. He well. He was doing the smart thing thing. Is you when you counter, because Woodley so got damn fast, that Smart being paid off when he landed that big right hand dropped him and then the other problem, Darren till is that on the ground on his back. He didn't have anything.
Didn't have anything off. We wouldn't have anything to use for sure for sure, but you can move you've the ocean or something to protect yourself and something to talk. He also didn't see show coming that also because he was rocked. Look. If you look at so he dispatched cowboy insanely impressive. If you look at the way, he beat wonder, We also impressively wonder: boys are world class striker, don't forget, the lemon drop them under blue spend wonder, is a hard code to crack he's a hard code to crack. Yes, Steve Wonderful has some time off to recover and sometime gone gone through those two big five round: three five route fights the fight did tell if I was a five round as well, so those are hard man they're hard in your body, hard going through training camp, and I want to say that I think wonder. We had a knee injury to that. He might have gotten surgery on his head. Maybe, but
yeah, I don't know who that might have made up the name. The point is one of the welterweight division is fun as fuck I fucking every divisions from his park, bantamweight just opened up with Pedro Munoz heavyweights kind of crunk. Now to Johnny Fuckin' Walker, Dude Watch for Steven Thompson this is moving was out the window to Derek kill, kicked knee, kick out. Okay, he's also saying that he doesn't think that those kids should be allowed, which is crazy for someone to say that kicks people in the head, spinning wheel kick in head okay. It says It was almost like. They do is trying to put me out Thompson, told Ariel Helwani yeah yeah, but he was definitely cage. He hit me in the knee and after that, on my movie was pretty much out. The window is more focused on keeping my knee. It was just another thing to think about out there. That's a strange attitude, you know I mean maybe that comes because he came from a karate background and not a moitie background on that
on the show Thompson said he was unsure of targeting the knee with that kick like that is legal. Well, I will tell you it's legal, it's definitely illegal. So Whittaker sewer heel hooks, which are way worse, I mean it's really a social structure, because hopefully it's nothing major, but it sucks man. It really does disappointed by the whole situation then coming out of it with an injury like that really makes it all worse. Here's a fight coming up, yeah Pettis that's right, so we must have healed it up or got so surgery or whatever I just I understand that I don't understand that kind of thinking I mean I don't know, I was trying to hit the guy harder really was. I was just unable to put myself in a situation do so and the reason for that is because he kicked your, as is a technique. Yeah,
John uses, yeah, it's a fucking legit technique. It's Whitaker used against Romero. Look I don't yes and Romero, use it against which, when we first got it yeah yeah, do you want me doing that and he went right apple store. You suck my knee up in the first month or any of the second fight. And it is it, is just as valid and may be safer than kicking. Someone in the head, it's easier to do for more than kicking someone in the head, but so what? If you can kick, I'm in the fucking head with a wheel kick that is the worst thing you could do to a person when a boy is no point. He's just point. You just said about the fight yeah. It just but again I think a lot of that is because he came from that karate background and he came from above the waist style. Karate background. Initially, you know: when do crew fits all its cornering his brother, Rick Roufus. When Rick fought, I forget the gentleman's name from Thailand. Lawrence tension has it as the most important kick boxing match in history. I forget who
because we realized how critical 'cause this limerick Rufus was in its prime. He was the man I mean Rick roof the jet. He would do wild Shitman jump. Three turning side kicks to the face. He would hit guys. How come out with hook kicks in front leg round here it goes Chang try this name Chang, Pucket KIA Song great! I fucked that up, I'm sure hard would have said it do would have said the name perfect, but at the point is at the end of the fight after the tide, element destroyed Rufus his legs and stopped him Duke, whose uh world champion himself said that he didn't think that it took any skill to do that, because that's how out of those Thai guys thought he watched the end of this mammal watch. The end of this can walk. Barely walk but watch they say go ahead and this dude because he knows what to do here. He just got back
to taxing people. Don't want to do that. Hurts is open. This dudes a base to look through the size of this dude wack, just fuckin' those legs up, hands up high an just wack. Look at this dude who's, the ref. Well, they didn't know any better misanthropes look at it. That's how they did it back there with the karate, the ref war, fuqing karate guy, look at their reps gotta. Black belts are like yeah. He does look at that wack plank in the ask. Yeah those leg kicks, and that was it so after was over Duke, who, I think was only like eighteen at the time said he didn't think that took any skill. Obviously do doesn't think that now he evolved became a world more Ty champion himself. It's just ignorance is bliss. Sort of stuff. There is right there. Look at young babyface do group will play it, so we could hear him say it, but that's the way the cookie crumbles tonight just take a look at them on it. Back it up a little, so I can hear him say that I'm not sure. I just know that he's in pain and go leg kicks with only thing that stopped him like. I did
I touch anywhere else in the body. You know, I think you know the trick should want to fight. Yeah, the guy out. There are three major falls, but that's the way the cookie crumbles tonight He said later that he didn't think that it took skill to do that, which is it just didn't know any, but it's like it's high yeah motherfucker kicked so hard to that style is so good that I style so got damn good. It's so good! It's not yeah! Well, the thai style with the other techniques is the best if you that ties style, but you know how to throw sidekicks. You know throw everything else under yeah John, yeah, Jon Jones, Jon Jones, don't know Don everything Arsenal of kit, it's a very interesting watching him managed to last side kicks now and and spinning back kicks lands on to explain to the body yeah. He saw a lot of sidekicks. He seated
there's a lot of everything mad. He fucks you up, he's just he's so good at keeping guys in the back foot. Just dismiss just taking away there are. So I want to say this, though, because this is something that's coming up and it's actually kind of pissing me off, but there's somebody but there's a bunch of people that have been saying should Anthony Smith have taken have like lay down after you took that illegal knee and one the title who said this Ariel Helwani, a bunch of other people, said it. I think area was suggesting or asking whether or not he should have some beta males yet well, it's crazy, because the guy should be praised for I hate the name. He was ok and then, and he wasn't even thinking about quitting yeah it even that even taught him My mind is made up your mind that someone might do that. Some people have done any Smith, not even fight before as an album, and I thought no, no. No, it wasn't. I don't agree with that and I was like oh, we should all give him praise for this. Other know. Why would he do
that's who he is, but some people like. Let's be honest, I think, Chael Sonnen probably admit to this. If took that illegal name, he might say that's it can't go on sorry rematch, meaning keep going yeah just busy yeah get the when you get to try to get a rematch. I could be wrong. Chill might disagree, might say no, I'm a competitor when I'm in there. I wouldn't wouldn't think that way. Now it is not now his age yeah, but The bottom line is like some people were actually actually suggesting that that that would be a good option that he was that many people have suggested. I saw several p and ends with the fans went hard on these people that suggested it like you're out, function. Cut me out of your fucking mind, get outclassed I'd, be such a bitch move. Well in less. He actually could. Go on yeah, but we all saw it could kill spiders, because sometimes he does not find exactly Smith right. You think you have. These! Miss stock went higher now, yeah Kudo Oshit
I thought for sure, and he looked very good in the first round. The first reading look very good just take down yes, very good, very good, John Sort, came and John John is so good, forcing you to fight his fight and for hundred and being first he's so good at being. First first, with the kicks first, the punches first for You know it doesn't give you a chance and that's the thing with Anthony Smith, Anthony Smith. Chance was to always be first. If you look at the Smith fights prior, he was a bulldozer comes at you, John went that's what you do cool and put you on your back. Foot and you go first. Not in my not my night, I'm going to go. First. Well, then, Anthony Smith was defensive. The entire time five, he just quails tools. He also fought very technically in the first first round, who's really didn't try just showing Adam Anthony Technical, John. I which, in the first round yellow wild, I felt, like you, almost felt the pressure of being up. You know minus eight hundred.
Really, since I never seen john- throw those wild punches, not for June you're trying to get my other than what you know what is in, Eazy, I thought re calculating the dismantle yeah I mean he's the best of all time. Are by far the best, but who who win, that division can fuck with him. Now I mean these shocks on toast yeah, which is look. Santos is a wild card that mother can knock out anybody. I would have liked to see Johnnie Walker not below his shoulder out celebrating fine though, but listen he could move his arm? He came in the back and they didn't work their I think today, but in the back after when I'm actually good. Now, ok, What that must mean I mean that he dislocated it and then they popped it back in place, so it could be fine or there could be significant tearing inside that allowed it to dislocate, and that could be a problem in the future. Say it's fine, though, let's hope still not fight Jon Jones. Yet he is a place because it fill that dude up
themselves get a bunch of needles in there and find new Corazon. Do all the fucking down warms. You want bro, I don't give a quarter zone just give him. Some stem cells. Santos is the interesting fight for John. Yes, It's because Santos throws Fuckin' new. Muscles at your head, and you know he did stop jamming the marrow he's. You stop several guys at light heavyweight. He looks spectacular light everywhere. He stopped into Smith and their last fight at middle weight? I would imagine: Santos is almost a bigger underdog, then Anti Smith uhm. I would imagine that too I would imagine he's not going to fight like Anthony Smith. Is he okay? Was it say, I'm fine, my shoulders, not too bad, not too bad is not a good thing to say I just to do some exams and check to be one hundred percent sure that it was nothing serious. Ok, that doesn't mean it's ok, because the thing about shoulder Tears- and this is coming from someone Who'S- had some shoulder issue
They it feels alright until you do something weird and it hurts and you like fuckk and then you get an mri and then they look at it and they go. You got some tears in there. So sometimes it's not schitt. I've had program like dude, I'm fucked. I can't brush older than two days. Right right. That's usually like sore tendons or sore muscles just doing the worm, but he fell face first and landed on his shoulder. Weird, I'm sure he's don't doing that. Maybe man, I don't know this post fight speech I love Mickey Mouse, yeah, he's hilarious, he's a real character, he's a character when you work on his English, but he didn't go far. Motherfuck He has some power. How are flying me yeah? I was grilling for everyone and I lost track of time. Looking at the tv from my backyard, I saw them. I saw him, go let's get it on. I just fucking dropped everything and
Mother Fucker Knox, dude yeah second yeah well. This is one slash three fight in the octagon, but he's fighting miesha, so Chernoff who's, a real tough man he's a tank and he's got some serious. Grappling skill is chokes to shut out everybody choked out Pat Cummings in his last fight. He chokes the fuck out of people, but you know Johnny let's watch it real quick, I mean ma'am, but the thing about Walker's walkers so loose. He came into that fight, dancing, He slapped his own arm on the ground like. Let me see that again just jump on this. His left arm. It's his left arm that hurts so watch this. He goes down, Yeah! Yesterday I Aster Lane has a great photo uh,
God, damn he's lying. There is like a fuck, I hurt my arm he's to be fine. He might not be I'm dude dude. Let's wish for the best for the best, listen I'm a fan of the guy. I'm wishing for the best buy Santos, there are so many videos of football players celebrating touchdowns and blowing their ACL out easy yeah. It's like hey, you get a doctor, so he got up you know it's interesting. I was talking to one of his teammates and they were like you know. You see how Lucy is he's like he's a loser, I think this is how we use with life just walk out dancing when he was stripping no who is the dancer I think in Brazil, thunder down under Brazil style dude? He was an evil good ship, or do this boy probably made some money dude, you gotta leave it well, he he's a real, interesting addition to that division. Finally, have some life back in who's, the other
which God is ranked number ten. I think. Either way light heavyweights killing it yeah. I know he talked about God, different ethnic, kid, yeah fuck. Let me see the division he's top fifteen top ten. I see made a little bigger too dumb stomach grass yeah Donna Grace is a monster. He's he's super athletic so the thing about Dominick Reyes is, smart super athletic and he's not. Oh undefeated him inverse Johnnie Walker below there's so many good matchups Light Heavyweight with the young guys raises a really good athlete the thing about him that separates him. Everybody else. Is psyche as a background? Do you have background in football? Is that what it was I didn't so popular Moses, say: Johnny Walker is probably more athletic than these guys he's so big in the way you move so big and where he's from Brazil's name is Johnny Walker's names under which
weird yeah, who knows with the with Johnnie Walker Whisky, not just do a deal now right now, all right jump on board for this jet gentleman becomes a champ having where Johnnie Walker, T shirt and now again like have you. It will be so much better. The same thing happened: welterweight. If Jon Jones, let's have fun boys and girls to heavyweight right, which we know these guys. Beating John very well could happen, Well, John, might fight Thiago Next and if he fights Thiago, I mean look John wants to fight five times year. So here we are in March. It's you know March. Second, he wins John easily could fight in May or June will find June. I bet easilly April May June, three months from now yeah easily, ok, id technical support for ok. He works at an it technical support, NFL, so you're right hold on real dream to play in the NFL, but did he play for high school? He
in high school, not being drafted yeah, so yeah played football. All stony brook. Ok, so he played football and then decided to yeah. Well still still excellent athlete all got. The points didn't get drafted, but their football smart is Shamina standards, he's super healthier and smarter schitt yeah. You know that's the thing we've talked about this or the difference between the level of athlete between the guys are going into the NFL on the MBA that there are the height of the height dude want watch the NFL combine. This guy was six three two hundred and thirty pounds ran a four three in the forty of the forty inch. He's a wide receiver. Does it work you've ever seen a foot work like Tom Cruise. It's it's mind, blowing there's a defense of lime in rental, for for for, a big fat dudes insane. That's so fast to three hundred pounders Van plus Sub five three hundred pounds sub five. Second, forty that since
saying: that's insane: slow fast. Have you I don't know why? But this one everybody and have you ever seen the guy who won the 40th day comes out. It's the best woman in sports, he's got so much dick. It can't be held up saudi false now, but he pops up and goes the coaches want happening. Is my dick fell out and they bought it? Is this fat? black, let's see him go ready to go. Don't don't don't don't don't? Do you see my god? He fell on his date of your taxes. It will replace the slow it down. What did that is. So, look at the size of that guy when they redo it. Let me see: Whoops bags, like Damn we decided to fall down to cover his own Dick
It's crazy that he's so confident that his dick is tough. Look at that he went. Let's see break it down. Oh Jesus there. It is pops out like goddamnit a out again. Has that kind of problem is right. It's great. I met with how many women are blowing up his dm's. Thank you. I falls out, while you're running you can't even contain a sense of what must, because problems? I've been waiting for dreaming of going down. Well, it's like to another. Next launcher is given to try. First, compression shorts, everyday, I don't get this something. I'm not understanding about. Dudes were not wearing compression shorts with a cop like a diamond in the make up in the end of the no in MMA, oh my get nut shotted like that. When guys Dev Gregory
we look like how. How do you have a regular cup on in into? one thousand and nineteen. How do you have that? when you can have one of those compression cups and you're not going to get hurt. Sometimes those cups are uncomfortable and there's something there for Caviar what's more uncomfortable can get kicked the nuts I don't get it Kenny Florian is where the tie, steel cup and here's the thing, I don't think the tie still cup should be legal but if it is legal or oh yeah, it's a nasty fulcrum, but not only that, but even If you're you accidentally hit it your a piece of metal like why is it okay, have a piece of metal, you could break your foot and a guy can do something to you in slam that metal in your face means some weird shit can happen. If you can break a bone, I mean there's, there's many opportunities where guys like how about this. My shoots in and the guy hit some with his hips
right. You can hit him with your hips and catch that steel cup right in your fucking mouth will break your face. Remember material knocked out Derrick Lewis, with his hips, remember that freedom of the right hookers. Now, like you just brought a knock them out. I are remember a like thirteen seconds. He hit him with happened in humans punches too right at the end, but still the hips. What up and interesting crazy, yeah. I really think that those cups like a diamond mma style cup should be standard and, I think diamond probably has the best one I didn't like them when I was fighting just because they're so uncomfortable I'd, rather you him I don't think the diamond Windsor that uncomfortable just wear those water that one uh. I forgot that it's not we have one here will give it to you. You want to try it out, but you don't give a fuck anymore. I don't use it word on stage, got it we got like gene, Simmons and kiss yeah he's gone with teeth.
Or something those steel cups, though did used to wear those in Jiu was horrible cuz. They get on top of you. If so, anyone else you and they grapevine your legs and Doug that fucking thing in your chest: dude how 'bout Fuckin', newsmen fuqing grape vining. Yeah, yup, mounted him yup and that in the notes, hi my boy Todd coming over my house he goes. Could there be anything worse because that looks like a bad position to be in it? I turn I went skews me, sir. The worst there's nothing worse in professional sports. Then in the UFC we get mounted national tv in front of millions of people and you just it's the most kind of beta male move of all time on your back. You can't get up riding on top of you, dick to chest so embarrassing and he held Morse he held in there for a long time. All your buddies are watching on damn, and you know the
it didn't seem like. Tyron had the energy to get him off like he didn't even hip escape correctly. He knows how to escape turn signal out and you do something is up with young. So yeah he looked off. Well, I don't know that it was it or he's just wilting under the pressure. That was what was putting on here. Here's. Why and I'm not taking anything away from this, and I think that one of the greatest title fight performance of all time of all time, maybe the best that's one to one every minute of every round against yeah and against a guy who many people thought what was in the running to be the group thought of as the greatest the weight of all time top two, and if you won that fight especially stop them, I think you could put him in that category. So we the greyhound it is yeah. Well, I thought he might be office. In the opening minute member Shoots: Woodley grabs a guillotine. Falls on the wrong side against the cage. I went well World champions. Don't do that he's not there mentally
also he kept holding on to the keys. When I was like. Oh my god he's going to give on flute, and I think the only thing we're calling now sp this space, sorry Mon Flu, but S p- is more fun food folks anybody you kind of have to call to SP over the same period, but then but when I was all that was really kind of invented it right to the inventor choke, I doubt he invented it. I want to know if he invented it because We invented you got to give it to him. True, let's call those p, though way, cooler, so we went for those peach. Ok, yes! So he goes through that choke, but at Woodley's level to do that in the opening rounds on it, but he's not ready yet he's mentally, not firing right now, that's that's! really: a black on Jujitsu and the greatest fighters of all time. Yeah. Like you ever seen George St Pierre make a mental not like that. Never no Now in the world title fight ever so I saw that one of woodleys off. You might be right about him having one foot out the door because being do we figure out if he's thirty, six or three thousand seven hundred and thirty seven a month,
so, basically, thirty, seven, basically thirty, seven doing all that for TMZ. I wanna say he opened for Wiz Khalifa recently that they have an album together. Which is going to come on, show working out right now you can get so high. This can be also be fun. When I come in PLUTO companions pass these. Goods ones went to Cesara problem was so high, Alex We had one, but it was only tobacco folks, um yeah, but with with with me once one foot in one foot out. Yes, you to say, because in in hindsight Eventually, he was going to lose before he's doing all that stuff. Will you be tail he's doing this stuff? He beat Wonderboy twice used to in this stuff. So I don't know well, it is just a bad match up, but we we were looking at these points.
Turn off night yeah. He does too much stuff outside the octagon. More loose was just a bad motherfuck. I think it's all the above, It is absolutely bad mother. Who knows he might be able to do that anyway, even if times in perfect condition. But here's the thing the question, time and over the last few fights over the last few years has been able to control the pace of the fight one hundred percent. He controlled the pace of my ified. You control the pace. Obviously, Darren till fight was a good, easy victory for him relatively controlled the pace of the Wonderboy. I fought smart and then hit him when he wants to with big shots and he was the one who had boy hurt right, but wonder boy was never pressing. Like making forcing his is cardio, but if you go back and watch some of the some of the fights we had problems earlier in his career in a park like Nate Marquardt like Rory Macdonald. It's someone pushing him, someone pushing him and this you know this might
He might have figured out a way to look when you're, that muscular and he's fucking, ridiculously muscular mean tyrant, has legs the running his giant lead in the must was for two years, but who spends longer longer it's different like it's. Not it's not that stacked dense most power lifting muscle in and that muscle is one of the reasons why tyrants so fast and powerful, but it also you could make the argument that that muscle just comes with an unavoidable price. And that what he's been really able to do is Jack is condition as high as possible, and then and also do a really good job of controlling the pace of fight. He couldn't do that with this one get point could be so we don't know I feel bad for the guy, I'm a fan. I want to see what, if he wasn't a hundred percent focused. I want to see him one more time focused with a smile. The problem like with with was who don't TJ,
behind the air stopped early, I rematch for sure rematch other guys were it's quick Cain, Velasquez Jds, quick rematch. Let's do it run it back when you get outclassed or twenty five minutes and there's two eight hundred and ten rounds, it's tough there's no way off season three match. Yes, who told TJ you could really call for a rematch in that fight. Usc is going to make with these path to that title, shot a fucking nightmare man who stopped that fight so who don't teacher who stopped that fight who's refereeing? That point was that herb? No! No! So Leon Roberts was the one who separated Damien Maia it Robert on the phone say: yeah Roberts was Leon, Roberts now oh gentlemen, are forgot. His name or flair got though so you that back door,
also these a tough sell, they're the biggest names in that debate. It means this special they decide to do it fly away, they're the only names in that division except Joseph Benavidez been Evita, who also won he beat so who in a split decision, here's there's a real good argument for him: writing for the titles well sure, but that fight so controversial and so hyped up. I would like to see that fight agree matches yeah right, but don't you think if anyone deserves to be Woodley how long he was just looking at the rain, right, but I would say the same thing about Steepe Mio chiche Steepe at Super was the mother fucker. For years, he's the he one more title fight defenses than any heavyweight in the history of the sport is number one most success. Heavyweight of all time beat nothing, but world champions right beat nothing but world mother Alistair, Overeem Fabricio. We're doomed, Gil Santos, Arlovski, world mother champions and you know and
fight, Cingano, who's, fucking, terrifying, beat Cingano guy can't get a break. He can't get a fight. Why can't he get a fight because the parties that's crazy. Only reason the world is a terrible place. You could use a cane Well, kids going to have to get another knee surgery now is he for sure the way his knee went out. How is it possible heard anything that is neat? I have not you don't those knee problems, the uppercut beauty, any update on his name? I haven't, but I haven't asked you know I could probably try to meet his team. His ask DC his team would have released something because his team said something really ridiculous that he didn't get knocked out. They got hit behind the head with an illegal shot. First, how dare you and I love crazy- both Javier Javier must been maybe had a few millimeters in him these are down as dude, and I like that
but you should be for sure he's not for a fresh. Well, we were saying we watched that punch and it didn't even landed landed on like the shelters sold off the shoulder at short, sharp yeah. I just did drug diaries on below the belt with Francis, and he showed me the exact parts yeah just like people are saying that he was not happy yeah Here it is Cain loss of freak. My knee gave out on me, but there was uh, it wasn't him. It was Javier Vazquez said it was an illegal punch. Come on he's gotta, take the loss of back you up back there small, it's, not illegal punch when you're swinging on the feet, it's illegal on the ground. If a guy is swinging in a guide ducks and you hit him in the back of the head, there's not a single referee on the planet. Earth is ever right. There's not Referee. The planet earth is ever said. That's bad, not only that a good percentage of head kick Are illegal shots in the air behind the all wonderful shots, the wonder!
likes that sneaky question mark if he throws that ship behind the ear. So this barboza this cowboy comes right over the shoulder wack, but with Jane that this, this naming him an issue 'cause that punched it landed right. The issue the upper cut, the lights off, which causes me to buckle right, but here's his. We know he was punched if there was any problem with this with this kind of dilemma about Disney his team, with a reported he's going for me surgery, there's a and right l does just like. Alright, let's just move on so you do. Steve Baker. Well, college boy c might be in a position where he doesn't want to have any more knee surgeries, but his knees are weak. Come on now So, if you get hit with that punch, maybe in another world, like his knee, wouldn't given out like that, he would just kind of rocked he would've just got rocked, maybe maybe but him bursty base to fight so good fight to good fight I'm, I'm sure steep. They would like it, but I mean: what's the pay really wants is not a shot. A DC, not a member, maybe thinks that that's the way we get to DC. You would have done it if by now,
There's a million reasons. Do it DC also for DC. It makes no sense. He knocked them out so fast. You can't get anymore more, but then that it's kinda like Jose Aldo Conor yeah. Right right right right. I fucking starched him. What do you have everything to lose now? Yeah, you want me to do So this point pc's going to get Brock and probably right after sunset, although I should tell Frances he needs, let DC just do his thing: dip out yeah he can become the heavyweight champion. Yeah. DC's. Looking for like a big fight in that's it mean errantly. His coaches have already said: look you've got a real legitimate career as a broadcaster, and he does he's excellent as an analyst women Annick are the best. I love it. It's the best relationship, don't shaded DOM! I love doing it with DOM too. I love doing it with DOM. I bet not as good chemistry You know what it is. It's a weird DC, silly we're silly
I'm not silly are done blooming Dominar level, but he's like overseers. Where is that acts like when rose no units one and he's the author? He sees what he's fun man. You do see that it's the best counting team on the plan and what it's you and Don. There seems to be this weird dynamic where I don't live with. Really, I think, a a lot of people are on board. With that. That's interesting 'cause. I like it a lot again. It's not bad, but I thought you'd see a mannequin put dom with You may even with you he's amazing. Yes, for it is just not as good okay, I get it, but that exist. I I agree with his corner, though I would like to see. Maybe or a DC, and then look he's got his wits about him. He's got brains, he's fine. He's amazing person like when you hang out and talk to me a sweetheart of a guy the best we could talk great he's articulating and as
Wrestler unparalleled, I mean his skill is understanding of the game. It's a heavyweight, you could argue, is the greatest faulty Dana just did Pity Dana just made. That argument. He said. I think the DC is the best of all time. That's fair! You can totally make that argument is neverlost. Starched Ebay was the best of all. Time yeah, but he's only fought once in the: U S C, at heavyweight other than this with Frank Mir dude when out in the strike force. Yeah Grand Prix is yeah insane insane to defy dumb to fight at heavyweight in the UFC to defy dumb Roy Roy Right right Roy was in the frame and Brian Frank Mir. Yeah beat both those guys yeah would have beat the brakes off both of and then start Steve. I think without cutting way. He just feel so much better. That's why? If he's going to fight John, we gotta do it
Oh, I know how light heavyweight goes. Get outta here. You think so still yeah yeah, you do it at heavyweight. What do you think happens in every way? I think DC has a chance baby. I put my money on. His DC, cannot benches out at heavyweight, dicey, but he's he's the one who can land on John he gets dirty. Do you think that John would want that fight? Do you think that would be that could be like a giant fourth of July Fight, dude, BOM, BOM Bom. Why don't you and I called Dana White and say we would like to take over the matchmaker? Occasionally, we like, like a celebrity match up sort of deal. Let me get my because I don't want to take anything make Mandarin shot Shelby. Those guys are great, but just let us let us do make five fights do you hate, writing. Well, will help you. Do you hate money, promote this shit, outta complete your posters will do what we can. Here's what you do Uncle D. What do we do? You do Dc John Heavyweight for the world title. What's the undercard
This Brock two really think Brooks going take that fight Brock wants the title and that's right, he wants decieved almost terrified, DC is only a little taller than me. I know he still real. Don't let him fool you. Small and like like your dad, you know, but I'll beat the shit out. He'll beat the shit out of you he's a tank. He says. Why does the house- and you know dude- that's like brock- wants to Brock France, This the poster just take that into the hospital bill picture Brock's the remaining years of, life, I ask Frances about asking why I don't I don't I don't chase, I chased nobody, he not serious. I went home, people did the funny thing is you standing next to Francis is almost like me, standing next to you
so, I did on purpose. Big. Did you so curb on the curb Michael stand here: dude really huge difference in a freak out on the internet, he's so big. It's huge two hundred and sixty five natural. I asked him. What do you walk around that he said he was sixty. Six thousand five hundred and sixty to ask him about wrestling a little bit. You know what those food truck tires how to get a little silly and get their fun with Francis HEAT how we kind of felt like a loser after the steep, a fight. Well, There's no way around a massive fight, no Hacen income. So you see the I kind of felt like a loser. Now, if you like and Well, for now he felt pressure to take the fight. He was not. How well is he like talking? You think I could get him on. Do you think it would work, beat off yeah be tough. He's getting better at English, though 'cause. When I first interviewed him. I remember way back in the day when I first when you had the dreads, I first interview him
He was having a real hard time, understanding me, but he's definitely better at it. Now it's getting better when he loosens up it would be tough to do Ours was ten. Daniel Cormier is getting the Brock Lesnar fight yeah, but Willow run. Stores. Today this post is from an hour This has more to do with Brock Lesnar Post. He said at the Post Fight press conference yeah. I saw but what did the corneas will yield from his injuries, always gotta injury. Yeah he's been injured. What's going on um, I forget we had a problem with hand, for the Derek Lewis, Fight decided take the fight anyway, because the pay off for the fight? That's? Why he's like? Did on the internet? I'm like a fight, you want a mentor. This is all I Derek Lewis. Semis must make feel like for. Steeping must feel, like God, don't feel bad for city Bank yeah. 'cause like if Daniel Cormier wasn't injured, he would have got that shot.
Click. His hand was ok, he would've got that shot in New York, but now Steve Hayes never can get that shot. Dude. How about John Stevens feel terror spit ball yeah. I like dams here, but I feel I feel I feel terrible for steep. I really do because I mean How long is it been since he lost the title a year not year a year? How long is it been an enemies tried to fight June. Two two thousand six hundred and sixty. Oh, my god, he's from twenty six. Oh senior wasn't a year. This disease flat twice is more than a year February February, factors July. What are you talking about? Do not know how to count not wrong with you I dare you. I didn't watch the two hundred and twenty six. Oh, oh, I thought you said that you were not coming. Ok, also, how dare you, but still I dare you, make that mistake Ufc226, ok! Well, that's
right. So that's not quite a year he's been relevant. He's fought twice since that last last EP hasn't fought. Do you have heart breaking Damn Jon Jones, Steve Bay Coach Javier Mendez Candor stand why steep email took his to move waiting. It's not happening, I don't thinking necessarily is waiting for it though he is, he even can't even say he wants it, but I don't they're, offering him a valid fighting in the meantime I haven't heard any big fights that are being mentioned. I mean obviously, could be wrong. You know the only thing they could really off from is what is funny. I have all these questions and I don't ever call Dana. I need to come on. Bro. I don't call Sean Shelby. I don't call Mcmane around here with you. We talked it. We just speculate total star promotion, total speculation, interesting being on ESPN for the first time that was interesting
different cultures and yeah, I'm look, I'm holding an ESPN handle on the microphone. It was. It was interesting and knowing that it's on ESPN, it's very exciting. It's very exciting so that it's on ESPN now 'cause. I think that's going to make a big deal with casual fans. I think it's going to allow the sport to grow. Agree on the ESPN fights were spectacular. They put on a good but they didn't school job. When I turned on ESPN, I do every morning to start my morning. Is they had a picture of Bryce Harper who just signed like a three jillion dollar deal with the Philadelphia, Phillies and John Jones? Does the flyer wow like its mainstream, that's giant like flocks could never do that. No no fox was great and fox. Put the UFC on the map and I think Fox really did a fantastic job over those seven years, but there's a big difference I want to ESPN is like holyshit we're on ESPN. It's like this deal. First,
it feels do any Fuckin' sports BAR Espn's, always on so every fight is on and they're going to have a shit ton of fights and if you have ESPN plus you could watch all the old fights you know less at the bottom, just the scroller say Jon Jones, like breaking news, ESPN inks exclusive rights deal with Pfel Mixed Martial arts league. Oh interesting, what is sapio that things come. That's my boy, Seth's league, that's interesting, Thursdays. I believe I think they have something like ten events for the year right now. Ok, that is excellent and they have a That is excellent. That is so good for me. It's so good ten Pfl events in twenty nineteen they do that by across ESPN, two ESPN in ESPN, plus fantastic, so good, so good for everybody I can't believe any model lost. I was so.
So so sure he's going to win the whole thing I mean he's so fucking, good man when it comes to the ground game. That is like, I think he's a freak is not a light heavyweight on the planet. Espn also just signed Tyson Fury, really interested now. You're, not getting Tyson. Deontay wilder heard about that. What the fuck is that about what it would it say something crazy like? Why would he fight him again? He got robbed of a decision. The last fight I heard that I was like, is he drinking again dude dude this about this about Showtime my boys. They had the trailer they had the hype. Video he's: a lunch on Monday, Tyson side of these Pm Monday morning. No one knew nobody fucking. I feel bad for telling It's heartbreaking. Never deontic is deontay almost put him out in that final round in ice. You can make a real argument. The Tyson one, the decision for sure, but when you get dropped twice and get
dropped one time and most horrific fashion, I mean now they say the fights not happening. That's crazy The biggest problem boxing like it so angry. That makes me angry. That is there's different promoters. That's why the UFC Jump Frog Box in a long time, so order, but I mean look that fight could have been made. Do you think it may be tired and want to fight him again? Nope? I think I think it's his handlers is representation go dude Let's sign, with the get a seven figure deal you can fight two bomb. And the circle back to wild well. Maybe boxing, maybe I mean there's argument: that's a good move! Financially! I guess it's heartbreaking heartbreaking right here. I'll do here. It is. I want to cry, ah
I want to cry that's itself, but it does open up Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder, which is very excited yeah no time soon. 'cause Deonte is still going to fight in may maybe Dillian Whyte maybe Luis Ortiz yeah, loser cheese is still fucking dangerous, really white, some motherfuck yeah. So then you know yeah, Anthony Josh be great, but he's fighting big baby Miller yeah and that's a tough fight for him, big baby Miller's, but some fucking power, you don't think so. No, that's a Madison Square Garden too, right first time Anthony Joshua's fighting in the United States, though, when you fight United States trt out Fuc Tyson Fury, wow Zx, That seems like a fake name. It's like he's a former football player. Dudes name is breeze. You call in Brazil, Dominic Brazil, toxins in May my mandatory, so frustrating
However? You got Mikey, Garcia, Earl Spence coming up. That's amazing that we should do if I can pay for that. When is that March? Something am I in town. I don't know why we should do funding for boxing would have any fight companions for boxing right. Yeah give me excuse to do hold on. So that's a good one to do it. What does it say Jamie? What do we got? ' Oh, that is home and dad is in Miami, but he said he said I mean profit, that's nice! We sort of a bit this week next week. Next Saturday. Is it already March crazy, dude this this year line by January, with we're going to be eighty five years old before you know it going Larry merchant over here talking shit, everyone,
urgency to Floyd Mayweather Jerry Jacket CARE, ask Classic Fuckin' class, which is ridiculous thing to say, look greatest boxers of all time. He's fucking such a crotchety old dude, though it's going to be us one day eighty five years old colon fights think still be doing. Companions oldest yeah well, I was going to drink themselves to death on a live. Show, it's probably going to be ready. I'll, have a heart attack! which is that we should start bringing in other people too, occasionally, especially when Callen's out of town 'cause Callens, always busy these days yeah, but he brings the cheese. Then uh things like the four of us, though the chemistry with the finance you can't you can't fuck with it. No, it is the best and it's the most fun by far is the most fun to watch the different dynamic yeah. But the talking over my God try to listen to it. You did
I tried to listen to something, but you don't want to know what it sounds like whenever it's talking over everybody, it's terriblr I've been that drunk and high in a long time. It was awesome. People for whatever reason love those kind of yeah shows like that. Alex Jones show they love chaos they'll love it. I love strong. Insteon an interdimensional child molesters in fuqing they love all They love it off the charts nuts that Alex Jones one though I told you, I've never been a fan of his. Then I watch it I'm like kinda like it now, people are mad at me, for some people are mad at me, but you know there's nothing. I could do about that they're going to be mad at me anyway, but one of the things that they were saying was you know fuck you, or they were saying, popular for normalizing him and, like you got under that's how I know him. I know him like that. That's how I know him. I know that guy that got friends. Yes, that guy by that came on here, and this is the guy that bought
away on his show said he's going to kick my ass and break my legs and fucking all kinds of crazy shit, and I want to fight with UFC fight offer a million dollars like I knew I knew him. I know the real him I'm like we're, not in front of each other. You could say crazy, shared I'm immune man. I don't care, it doesn't bother me caring less he's doing entertainment show he is doing entertainment, but but what I know is the Alex Jones I was here and by the way he was right about a lot of we should do something about about fucking human hi hybrids, they're working on those and actually making human pig, hybrid fetuses, that's real, the the problem is, is he throws so much it out there all at one time? I don't know what to believe exactly. You got a little time to look into all of it and you gotta go. Slow. Allstate state start start over again. What what's happening on the moon.
He's for sure little crazy. I like him, but he's he's crazy, but I think that crazy is ok and it. Pertaining it, I'm not a child. So if you wanna nerf the world and make the world so that only children can watch everybody because like make make things their own that are safe for everyone, including children. Well, I don't want that I'm a discerning adults. I'm pretty rational when I can figure out. What's real, what's nonsense, dude speaking children did you see the Michael Jackson? I did not, but I heard it was horrific. It's crazy! You know TIM Dillon, so fucking funny, you see TIM Dillons. Think TIM Dillon is pretend that Michael Jackson was a pimp and he was banging bitches go to his go to his instagram We had him on your show. Is that the big idea not think of the comic? Yes? No dude you gotta, get mine,
I have many times in town. He's fucking hilarious. Here too right, yeah he's a funny. Dude listed us listen. This is Michael Jackson, documentaries, there's no fucking music in it. The whole thing is fucking boring. It's all fucking interviews I fast forwarded through all that shit. I wanna see the Biches the guys, the king of Fuckin' pop. You know, he's fucking all the time he was fucking, Elvis his daughter, LISA, Marie Presley. You know, Neverland Ranch was just fucking pussy 'cause they're, trying to make him look like awesome, Terry and all we help sit kids. He let some sleep with them. We got it. He was a good guy and another thing. So there's this scene as it kind of half listing. Apparently some kid walked in on him. Fucking some bitch and the kid knows like every one of his moves, everything he was talking to his like what kind of sick kid sneaks into Michael's room while he's fucking a chick, it's kind of crazy, that's the problem with kids
so you can help kids word to the wise help. Adults, it's ridiculous, You have 'em onto these very funny. He's super into conspiracy theories. Yeah depend he brought me a book, so he want to bring it back, bring it back to the fold, but he's a smart guy really funny dude dude when he said oh, we got him on. He said the comma brutal shop, we can roseanne on again zero zero Roseanne Candace Owens said, although the me two girls and a bunch of hoes- and they were all just selling sex- to try to get successful hilarious frozen does give a fuc, especially now they forced around, but she's like good good, but they fuckedup. So hard kicking her out. That show is number one, and now no one even cares about on there. I don't know the market. They might keep it on just for spite just so she
I couldn't say I told you so, but we know no ones watching Fucktards watching it. I don't want to watch that Michael Jackson thing First of all, it's weird come on not alive, he's not allowed to defend self serve. It's also stories, and you know people tell the truth, race sometimes, and sometimes they don't and you don't know you don't no and in also there was you know, It's always weird like people? No one knew why with all the rumors that everybody had ever heard about Michael Jackson, that anybody would let their kids go and hang out with him like when you, documentary like these parents are fucking moron. I don't get it man. Two of the fathers have committed suicide. Since I found this, Christ we don't have any hard that he was molesting. Kids right all have is rumors.
Well, here's the thing or do you say, here's the problem. The doctor, his very doctor, said that he was chemically castrated about the guy who killed him. Yes, that guy said he was chemically castrated, his To protect his voice, no testosterone, exactly not just know stocks rose. Would you still do not? I mean me, I don't think so. One of the other weird things I thought it was like a fax you should hear no from the documentary was that he had something something to do with the sound in the room. Here. The hallway leading up to his bedroom was wired so that footprints would make a Ding dong sound in the room. Just very strange thing to just have in general for any purpose. But if you grow up in the spotlight 'cause remember he was such a big star. You might have some anxiety. Right. Maybe they want to be walking in on naked or something or more anyone walking in while you're touching boys. It could be that look who we don't know, we don't know, however, what do you think Jamie
I know I'm just so some of the facts. I remember he spent like thirty straight nights with like a twelve year old, that is at his house in the mid twenty kids mom's house and his dad south in their divorce and there's, saying there's so much video, there's so much video of him in this little boy holding hands and the boy in the video goes yeah we would hold hands and we had a signal would rub each others poms when we were thinking. Actually about each other. However, you gotta go up to the shity parents 'cause. If John, I just came to my house like dude. I love tiger you might have. Take him out for a little while, but to get your God dam, mind you're, not going anywhere, not on that in John Legend's, not a pedophile, no, not known, but they didn't know. Michael Jackson was that everybody knew there was something I'm not the time he was the biggest star in the world back then, and then I remembered Yes, it was in the night yeah yeah, yeah yeah, your music. You know- and I know it- hello- everybody knew some was ready. I did and he was like kids yeah to the
Neil Young's new younger than us. You gotta trust me and you knew something was up. Jamies more on the ball than you, So he's always online you're out getting pushy James online, but she applied at Legia Point much it well well played well played. I just feel like it's too weird It's too weird to let your kids hang out with this grown man all those times. I is mentally ill. His family says they don't know a lot of. You are confusing him for being. He didn't have a childhood. Yeah right. This job think that's so inside. He felt like his nine years old, so he missed out on the sleep overs and video games, so he would get friends with kids and I think that seems to album it's Bacci crazy, batshit, crazy. I think all those things that you're saying are true, but I also think it's? True that he was probably chemically castrated. I really think that's true, because I said that, along long time ago, I said, I think, he's Incastrato the waste his voice is,
Tell him that it's human nature, it's just that voice. It's just not a man's voice falsetto, jumping jungle, Womans, voice castrated then, would have zero testosterone, homeless, yeah yeah. Well, he might not have been doing it because he was horny. He might have been because he was just weird these kids, these busted nuts, the kids in the video, said, like you, would jack himself off in front of them boy. It it'll make you sick to your stomach is wife, but the woman that gave birth to his two kids said. She never had sex. Yeah, that's more likely with your chemically castrated. That means your body doesn't produce and testosterone anymore, but it doesn't mean you can't shoot it into your body, and you know you get you chew test in your body. If you have no, no, not you not make concealment. You have. Your balls are dead, but you mustn't similar spermatozoa setting sperm from the notes and I'm like
prostate or some other things that get the juice together life dot. Clearly is the whole thing's for consumers years. It's the one weird it just makes me sad makes me so sad, but it's also there's like a there's, a there's, a lesson to be learned there and so many different ways, but the one of the big lessons to be learned is that you never want to be that famous that that was my takeaway. I thought I was watching my dry lego. Can you imagine being that famous and she goes. We have spidey awesome right now hold on. You know how we like to go to the mall with go out to eat. That's gone. You can't do that anymore, yeah! That's all good people but the starter Ryan take the take that away from yeah your normal life is not over. You just stay in your house, yeah you that's developed an amusement park. You made his house
Fuqing Amusement park? We said had they set this up for him to go grocery shopping when they had a fake. The end grocery store grocery store, paid people to be shoppers, so he could have the experience of what it's like to be normal. Why do I arouse or whatever yeah hey how's it going golden Brown he's asleep how weird this is well, they should make it really Do you like Sony hired people, so he could do that anyway, a hat dancing around Everything was weird man. Everything was I feel bad for him. Oh, oh yeah! So how much is worth? I don't know one point, seven billion dollars this, but that's read I'd see the thing is when he died. He got super rich. He was actually in the hole before he died.
Oh because, because it wasn't true hammer broke when you talk to him like what are you talking about like there's like you know, publicist broke where they released that you go bankrupt and that's fine. I was bawling, I think it's Michael Jackson, he owned the Beatles catalog. Oh, so that's where those money he bought all the originals them sisters of his in the beaten? That's right, yeah Paul Mccartney was mad about that. Apparently he told he The idea Paul gave me good idea, I'll be right back so why didn't Paul by it he's got money right his one fifth. Fourth of the Beatles money, not all of the combine in rye to help the condition. There's no stars like Michael Jackson, he can't write can't do in current society. There's there's pockets. Now he also and happy birthday. He owned happy birthday. He bought the rights to it. So that's why you were not allowed to sing in a restaurant feel like that's over. I think you can say it again. Now 'cause it's back into the public
right and maybe after you die, do that's why everyone sings the bulshit happy birthday, happy happy birthday, happy, happy, happy talking! Things like ask him for Bmi, could literally come in and find the Michael, that's so stupid dude, baller, move copyright owning happy birthday. I went out of money, give him too bad. He doesn't like pictures. 'cause I'd be the biggest move ever, maybe just like bridges, who knows well knows, but he guys dead. He can't defend apps on the spec shop. Here's the thing those two dudes who are doing it they were one- was the key witness when he got away in court what dudes the dudes in the documentary, the two hundred we got molested the one was the number one key who saying he didn't get molested. Okay well shouldn't be able to say anything both. What does that mean? They should go to jail and now they're like well. No, but you we were young pitcher to households in his it was one sale. Also.
Isn't that perjury? It means you lied in court, be flocked. You can't lie in court either way one way or the other. You can't lie to protect somebody, and you can't lie to accused someone either. You can't lie, I don't know what the deal is. I mean that seems like that's something they could drag him to court for in the Jackson came out when it will. Is it convenient? You guys come out now when you're in financial trouble uh of course, yeah course. Seems like a strange thing to do. A documentary on documentaries are killing it. Lately it's r, Kelly yeah. He thought he was flying free. Images. There's not that document came out. He's fought, yeah he's Fonz arrested, yeah, they just released him. Do you see they released him like he. He, leaves jail and he has to walk through a throng of people, people and there was screwed. Someone was yelling at him, calling they took his music off Itunes. Really. They took down all the ship and all the artists who worked with him took their music down.
Let's say: Michael Jackson did get convicted of molesting kids. Could you still listen to his music? Could you imagine separate right? Do you know twenty inch cliff? I don't give with a bit yes of hello areas bit about that. He has a whole areas. Really. I bet I he's redoing it now, because I think it's on a special and his last special. I don't think it's on so No I've already yeah dude Tony Edgecliff he's got some fucking he's got this new bit about transgender athletes. What does it say there? take care, affiliated woman who bailed r Kelly out of jail, receives bomb threat. It's a mystery woman, bailed him out and he's looking like shit right. There spend stressful time funk yeah we're going to. I don't know so. Upcoming fights, let's get back to MMA for a few minutes, we'll get the funk out of to Kelvin Kelly, Israel Adesanya. That's what I want to see. That's next month, son! That's next!
and that is in motherfuck in Atlanta. Ga is that a paper view? Yes, it is circular Gando, Holloway, Poirier, two I'll be there for that. One hallway portrays of grateful. It is a very good fight but stone and who won the first part Holloway Holloway, one right as a decision pretty sure yeah. It's ok, just scroll up and see what else is on that card. Oh, same crew. In the kid cry, love us right in the keys for heavyweight now he's alive, Khalil, Roundtree, Junior Erik Anders Wood, that's a good fight great, but that's under the radar fight Montel Jack. You know what Johnnie Walker knocked out: Khalil Roundtree too, with elbows, from the French yeah and kills a serious striker Wilson Hayes Alejandro printable fact about Cleo Roundtree used to be over three hundred pounds.
If that is that's crazy, this loose merry Lou skin right now, sometimes bounced around good he's young. He was working in the MMA warehouse Well, that's the same thing with David Goggins, David Goggins, the obviously we feel he bounced back to well. Look at him can you chat with one thousand and ten and two thousand and sixteen that's only six years, six years challenging. Imagine you break up with him and six years later, he's jacked dude, I'm piece looking at boy now, I'm just tired of you being off at getting on top mean. I can't breed it's overkill. Now he's like. What's up bich, six years later, big fat, Dick still dude knocked out Gokan Saki with one punch, he's a beast It just shows you like how crazy powerful Johnny Walker is. Man, ridiculous ridiculously probably do with next yeah. Take it slow, giving him good fights, don't kill, don't give her mortifee know know the tv pisses me off
Does he he so good net? You know how Tori Anderson Man, nobody Corey Anderson, any love. How weird is that it's weird you know and a lot of people say it's 'cause he's not stopping people who just winning, but he's bringing his fucking beat. It beat with Teefy, see you're talking about the tv and not talking about Corey Anderson. I know it says that he just take it slow or absent. Corey we're sorry Corey, we're sorry, but Funkoars Bow Hunter too yep. That must be fun but fuck that how about How about doing man Watch Johnny Walker? there's another one on the house, Dana White, well dot dot. Possibility. Yeah Jimmy man was dangerous right now, so is Johnny Walker Darius power to email is great enough. I would thiago. Santos was chaos for as long as it lasted amazing, yeah, Johnny, Walker, Jimi, Manua son,
You suck up only other brain busters who, how do you feel like Dustin Porier MAX Holloway, plays out? That's always so good in counted so not having to cut out forty five anymore stuff fight for Dustin Dustin. You know, I love you! I'm glad doesn't got a big fight super what's interesting. Is they offered the fight? Tony Ferguson turned it down, but here, but this Dustin Poirier stops Pettis right. Did he stop at us right? He stopped just engaging eg. Who else stop those his last fight right? But those two, but those are two world champions, there's another one. There was another fight in there where he stops on the outside, always different animals. Who else stop? He stops someone else. It's Alvarez. Alvarez, Alvarez, Alvarez Alvarez Office? No, that's yeah! I mean those are three likely
didn't champions. I mean, I know, just engage with the champion in the pfl before it was a pfl right. Would they call back then world series of fighting yeah? So he when he beat him beat for the Alvarez. And this is this- is that light heavyweight jump? You know, and you also Jim Miller mean Damn his last fight was at forty. Five against Michael was at five thousand five hundred and fifty five might have been fifty five with Michael Johnson that was before Johnson went to forty five Johnson at forty five, some other federal, he's a mother, Fucker yeah. I mean I'm really excited about that. I'm really excited about that. For you. He wanted game fight, he got it. Yeah he's got it. Do you have any idea why Tony Ferguson turned it down? I do not know. I have not Tony Ferguson mean maybe it was because hey I already am the fuckin' interim titleholder. Why would I fight for the interim title again? That's always, though yeah I guess but I mean he already was the interim titleholder and they just took it.
From when he was doing scrap getting. It's really. Fuckedup really comes back and beats Pettis. Here's what's fuckedup is now the winner MAX always just employees guaranteed a title shot yeah, so Tony still not going to get a shot. Yeah? They were trying to do cowboy versus Conor and apparently the sticking point was. Was going to be a co main event. How dare I think the idea is that they have to have world titles as a main event. Says who, Stw get your head out of your eyes, you guys back to main event in my texts. I don't I don't have his number somebody so hard that he blocked here. I think so. I actually like the guy with no problem. I know which I try to get you guys together, I gave it my best shot. I gave my ffucking. He tried man
Can I let her brownies yeah my own stand his we're when you have friends that don't like each other, you know when you eat good friends with both of them yeah. I know it's that guy, who are currently home, to tell you but I don't I don't talk about about it. No, you don't. I criticized some like the UFC decisions. 'cause I do. Show, but then I have no issue with the middle. I like that, though I mean you look part of the thrill of these things it's got to be region. Al cowboy was in my office yesterday. You know him White said he wants a Pfizer rectified again white spot against working. For maybe rage now not specify who's. Running fighting next said, says show me Connor was like no I'm not taking the fighter from CO main event. Why in the fuck, would you make that are coming up? There said we could be out of until fall. Mcgregor could be you. The other thing is Mcgregor have fun so long. The fight mma, it's so long good.
My last fight was last fight right, but he says takes like takes like almost two years off right. He fights could be. He gets smoke by could be in any Has how long was that November was a long time off? It's not good. Now he needs to be active. Like really act, it's hard to be active when you're, making that much money off that's the problem. The whiskey, the whiskey and it made like a hundred million dollars of the Floyd Mayweather fight he's. Making up up up up up by think about whiskey. I'm proud of him he's doing great type of luck between you and him I mean him while he's in the all of his career in you, Post karere? I mean you guys have laid some interesting blueprints for fighters. So yeah the it was October October, two thousand and eighteen, that's quite a long long time ago,.
That's not good. Actually, it's not that far November December January February is my five months ago seems like a long time ago that isn't it, but he has nothing coming up so by the time he fights me another year, yes, but that was his last fight, yep in two years before that was his previous fight. Now it's it's not good. It's not good, especially if you want to be Creme de la Creme. You just can't like that, I think he's only interested in big fights like things that excite him now. You know because he's got so much money and so much success. It's just one of those things. Can you blame, but here they look at that. Event. The main event of that fight was a non title. Fight Conor versus Nate Dee is that was non title all times are far end, but The last one, the fact it was non title fight. It was also the biggest paper view of all time. Dude, whoever recommended that he be co, main event against Galbally. She kept their mouths piston.
That's ridiculous! so aggressive well, I don't know who that was, but not syncing recommended that. I'm just saying that I disagree with you. I believe I can fly our God. Alright, let's wrap this up before your voice goes out. We did it dude, there's no I I'm doing stand up tonight now I everyone yeah, you can well! Everybody listens this! castle, no you're, not faking it they're going to be pist yeah. We can do. I know you are you at the store tonight for the show, but it's a step back tomorrow night. It's just actually back to my to my next week going back on tour in Miami Friday What are you doing? Miami improv that's next week, then, after that Milwaukee Turner Hall. After that, I'm in Washington Dc Dc and brought dot com
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