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JRE MMA Show #61 with Herb Dean

2019-04-10 | 🔗
Joe is joined by former fighter, certified trainer and current MMA referee Herb Dean.
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Bro Code, Joe Rogan. All one word: five dollars would go to you, that is five three dollars and better. Yet five dollars would go to port our good friend, Justin Brands fight for the forgotten charity, which is helping to build wells for the pygmies. My friends, today is a longtime friend of mine, who is absolutely the gold standard for mixed martial arts referees and a very in Alegent, an interesting guy and a very a fun guy to talk to, and I always enjoy his company- we've been talking about doing a podcast forever. Some. Finally, I'm excited that we finally got to sit down and do it please welcome the great and powerful herb dean the Joe Rogan experience trying my day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day life and would live herb dean. How are you, sir, I'm good? How about yourself so glad we finally doing this, you dab
what about doing a podcast for the last like three years, yeah yeah yeah, you know yeah, I'm glad to be right yeah. He got what you talk to you for a little bit. I think in the upset this before you have the hardest job in the sport other than the fighters does the fighters. Obviously they have the hardest job. You of the second hardest job referee is the second hardest job in the sport. It's a fucking, hard job like you have so much responsibility. Yeah. I think you have a really hard job I thank the talk. How long do you talk for tea is just hours six hours, six hours in and sometimes there's not always something interesting to talk about and or sometimes yet. So I think it's amazing to be able to talk about that. It's not that easy. It's not that hard! Rather it's pretty easy. I mean it's just a bunch of stuff happened in your call on it and I'm I'm a blabber mouth, so I can't shut the up anyway. So if their spots, where this it's not that interesting, find some interesting, but it's not that it's! You know it into
terms of like. What's happening is happening. You know I mean the guys getting guys getting choked, there's a crazy. Action going on and it's really pretty easy if you're a lifelong fan of martial arts like I am right right right call it. You know as long as you're, enthusiastic and you're interested in you know, you got a tree with respect to get a treat it for what it is. You know you're trying to entertain people you trying to use the. Your words in the most pleasing way possible. You know you trying to massage people's ears and in a way you know, you're, tryna tryna also represent what you're seeing and how special it is. This is actually great. I did it a little bit not for real, like somehow you should. I do this thing. That was for these people, black belt tv, and I was with Don the Dragon Wilson and they're, just like old fights and we're supposed to comment, take this old fight and that's why I think it's hard because I was horrible,
I will hold fights, are harder because you might know, what's already happened, so you gotta play dumb, and so it's like almost like you have to be an actor as well as commenting on a fight. I think it would be harder to call an old fight cousin, though, like you had to be like I'm a big phony this later right now I know, what's happening is fight is already happened. I think they did that with some of the pride fights. I think I think some of the pride fights they did the comment. After the action action. Remember when pride with come on at like three like o'clock in the morning, we wouldn't get it to like a day later, yeah I remember one time I was the worse is when, when your friends tells you because you you, you wait, you don't look at the yeah, a memorable I was trained in out. I think I, when I trained with Savant one time out of you know, I'm sure yeah we have been in, The car, the whole time really looks like when I get home and watch pride and then right before I dropped him off at his house right before I get the cargo vanderlei,
the last phone no or something. I know he said something like that yeah we would have wait sometimes like there was a couple events where I feel like it was like a week or something crazy. Wasn't it so you I like stay off the internet for a week, which is which is good for me. You know I could do it but yeah, but you got to also avoid all your friends were little internet fanatics. They start talking like stop, stop. I don't I don't know who won yet did these days. Is it so bad like if I go, and I do a comedy show on the night of like a big boxing match or something like that. Like my text, messages tell me like people start sending me to they can't wait to spoil to like damn Golovkin got robbed. I was like what what happened fuck and then I do get to just watch it. I want to just come home and hit the dv.
I don't watch it I'll, keep the fuck away from the news: yeah yeah, yeah yeah. Let's just let me get home, but then the text messages will get me. It's almost like. I can't even read text message: yeah yeah, God, damn it it's funny. You don't enjoy a fight, even if it's a great fight as much. If you don't know, if you know what happened yeah, no, no, no you like! Now! You want to watch it for the first time as it is yeah like I heard the gate she knocked out. Barboza- and I was wow yeah, I didn't shit, my god. Oh my god, gage is a savage he's. A savage man he's that got away a special kind of savagery. There's some. You know, I guess it's all judged on a spectrum. There's some do they just so ferocious they're, just so willing to wade into battle to it yeah and to engage and that guy just engages and so weird
willingness to engage almost like almost fearless willingness to engage in it. Thank you like get away and when he's in there get there, that's when a it seems like he's at his happiest. Yes great, yeah. I left a fight like that I got. I refer a lot of fights and and Russia. So I referee to fight with this guy by law. If Marotte Baleia versus Solomon manners for Championship ACA Man, these these guys- went to war. He he heard him early on and you know almost put out and then he came back by I have lost, but it was his. His as a older dinner, he's over forty pushing the pressure and made a really, but you could. I I saw that energy come out like when he was struggling through the hard times you could tell that, like you know, some sort of battle joy was on him. You know he's that
Guy gentle joy, yeah, you hear like all he's in it, you know battle joy. Is real shit, yeah battle. Joy, Diego Sanchez is all full of yeah yeah yeah example. It didn't die with the Vikings people are experiencing, but joy to the head, yeah there's my man right there. It is yeah yeah e, just look at bodies covered in blood, you know, and this is as happy as happy as they can be God. Damn the deeds faces bosses up, yeah, it's some did you see the bare knuckle fighting. I haven't watched any of them yeah. I watched some exchanges between I mean it's just it's hard to watch. It's weird. I was a big proponent of bare knuckle. I was like they should fight bare knuckle, because it's ridiculous that you pat up on Lee your gloves, but you don't panic,
albums machines knees, but Jason Knight versus Artem Lobe off was. It was a weird fight to watch man I mean they beat the fuck out of each other. I heard it both came out of it. Super cut up man like uh lifetimes worth of cuts in one fight yeah, and you saw that it's like, I think it's going to be. It looks like the saw their faces. That looks like it's going to be some long healing, yeah man. I mean these guys beat the shit out of each other bare knuckle, and it is kind of weird that you do recognize. First of all, they're not really their bare knuckle, but they're not bare wrist, like look how their hands are all wrapped up to prevent him from breaking it's interesting. It shows us how fragile our hands really are no, not And so that's why I, I didn't really think that a bear now was going to be that I knew.
That more intense? But when I'm seeing some of these matches they are really intense, but at the end of the day I think the bottom line is still the most dangerous weapons I think are the elbows and knees right, yeah for cuts for sure and for dad. Image, I mean middle sneeze that Jon Jones had a brand new, very well those elbows down, yeah for sure yeah, no John, from the Mount position from the top he's got some of the more terrific elbows of all time or even not from even from the half from the guard right from anywhere yeah. Remember Ortiz, never pass card, never pass card. Just beat everybody up from inside guard smashed him from. He was an expert, Joe Shillings. Last fight. He cut that dude up feel bad all from inside the guard was horrible, ground and pound with his elbows yeah yeah. There's that, but I think for the most damage. It's like. I think it's like a wheel, kick to the head. Yeah like that's the
like when you remember when Barboza fought Adam yeah yeah, that's like the most damn. No, the will kick to the head. Is and that's man that yeah we used to do that will kick to the head. He just fought guy he's Canada, oh from Canada. He just thought that he didn't do a wheel. Kick he didn't. Do it he's a kid everybody with getting back, kick and he's ah UFC Guy or yes for yeah uh short dick guy. Is it make desi Johnny? Does he yeah John Dusty's talk with no guy yeah? How many people he caught a couple of people were spinning back. Kick probably I mean he's caught people with a lot of stuff. He's got a full kicking arsenal, but yeah Origen, you to to taekwondo background yeah. It's it's! It's amazing that you're, seeing all these different styles that it's still even all these years in there's all these
different styles of fighting like they're, completely different, you got like the Ben Askren style, still just grab ahold of of you. Just superior wrestling beat his ass and then you got style vendor stock yeah yeah yeah full on super technical, striker, tricky new, seven traps. You know like as a person who loves striking like it's, it's a it's an interesting time. You know, and so much variety so much shit going on and so forth, 'cause. So many things come back and they go back and forth and there's all these things that for telling you you're not supposed to do this or this isn't going to work, and then someone comes up and shuts it all yeah. I know this is going to work. So it's so it's always so exciting how about that russian Dude, what is his name, the guy that only neck who yeah people with the fucking? He gets people that Ezekiel from the Mount your mountain him and you yeah yeah all the time time right, yeah Zico amount. He gets it from from your God
getting your guardians. He kills you and he's yeah Exactly the guy, like he's that guy who who everybody is yeah. That is crazy. Grip. The way doesn't you can see how tight it is that amazing that he does, though he has gripped like no, because he I mean he he does scarf chokes the scarf hold chokes of people he's done it too. Quite a few- and I see he laces it up a little different. You didn't one and but he stuff did nobody else to scarf hold chokes are legit, you gotta, remember it like Josh Barnett tapped out Dean Lister with partial check he, but he, I think, he's done two people with that right he's the did that one he did one guy in the UFC with it, and I think he did it to us to CRO cop I've, refereed him and CRO cop in Russia in Moscow and he uh he did on the CRO Cop
yeah, that's car full choke. If you've got a real like you know like that, only Nick does that kind of death grip, those guys which brings us to the the Fight man. It's a perfect descrip descrip yeah that Ben Askren fight dude. I've watched that fight I've step finished like ten times trying to figure out what happened or whether it was out the weather wasn't out. I was pretty convinced that at one point time he went out and then tomorrow, Gooseman changed my mind. Camaro Guzman showed the we watch video tape together is like no no he's given the thumbs up in my shit look it 'cause, the angles I've seen haven't been the best. I'm trying to see this thumbs up was the thumb going up or was the thumb in a thumbs up position going this way right as the arm drops, was dominant things. Ok, so when I give somebody a thumbs up like honestly, somebody wanted job, you want this job right, good job that's. What I want to do you know so I mean I don't know like I mean
I saw I'm nobody's going to know whether he was conscious or uh conscious. What I saw I saw everything that would indicate I'm an unconscious fighter. I and uh from gold lamp for no reason whatsoever, and so that's what I that's what I have to work with because that's what you know, we don't know what someone's feeling wherever we just see, if they're doing some but it doesn't make sense and you see an arm- go limp at that time. You're going to assume that the person unconscious, we assumed it yeah as the broadcast team yeah. I can hear you guys and and and I'm supposed to do certain things and like so here's the thing with that Joe when I'm a, cream fights you know, there's sometimes where you know some positions are anxiety. Like you know, you see two guys going after locks. You see a noodle massive legs and you know you gotta you're, going to have to Hell one guy out and figure out who happening make sure you're on the right on. When I see some chokes a rear, naked choke specially got in the back face up. I take a sigh of relief. My job just got so much easier. This guy
you know it's not like he's going to go out and then a second take some extreme amount of damage. He may go out the second to make sure it's not even a second a half a breath to make sure he's okay and then let it go out and he's not going to take any other damage. A bulldog choke. We have anytime, you have a choke where somebody's, where there's pressure on the neck and their spin been the the c backwards. Like that. That's that's that's rough tuition for me, so I see someone go lamp and I know that on top of it they're no longer putting tension on their neck in their neck is being being. I can't I you know, I can't see that I should do something different than that 'cause. That's the I like to talk to people about this. I'd like to talk to people have a minions about fights, especially people are interested in who they know what they're talking about, because if I always have a sip- question. If I have in mind set that I'm always doing the right thing. I can't get better, so I'm going to have to look at something.
Say: is there a teachable moment there is there a way I can learn from this, and is there a way I could do something different and no, I don't think I think, with that same situation with the arm going left with that type of a choke. On someone I don't know of a defense, requires the arm. You know I mean I mean I would think the arm should be doing something else. I at this time I don't. I don't see that I should do something different. You know I'm always interested in always looking and always I love these type of conversations, but right now I can't think of you know Tell you something. It was an amazing fight. It was yeah, it was isn't I mean first of all is the first time I seen I've refereed been asking. I don't think I'd rather reading before and you know when you're a man, his press, his pressure, something special is not the normal and the way Robbie dealt with it and Robbie had him and he had been trouble. You know I was so close to stop in that fight when you're on the ground. Yes, so my time yeah,
There was a bomb yeah, the the amount of respect I have for those two athletes. Man is like, so that's that's the thing is you know we never want to see anything that could make. You have a feeling that it's inconclusive, but I can't think of what else I should have done but you know I mean especially for that that fight for those two guys, you know you always want yeah. The people would have a feeling of conclusion there. Well, when we talked about on the phone, when you brought up the damage the possible damage that neck with the bulldog choke, you might be cutting off nerves you might be bending the spine and a kind of a fucked up way. I really hadn't considered that not what I was thinking of the choke when he grabbed hold them. I was just thinking it was a blood choke but you're right like the way you lean in unfold, and choke. You lean back yeah, that's a lie:
pressure on the neck. I've I've had some jokes where their I've I've read freed. If I were a guy, did one of these moves? Are you had a move for it technique? Where he's been in the spine back twister wasn't a twister I think guys have a name for you, but you know the executioner is so that's what it was. That's. What is that connects quite explains people. The. What that is is like if a guy is not to cut you off, okay, so for so long I've never really want to talk about it. 'cause people weren't doing it is, years ago. I saw it, but now there's a name for it. I guess it's. Ok, but you haven't seen a lot of people doing it before right. Well, we started doing it in tenth planet a few years back. It's. I think people have done it. What it is. Basically folks, it's like a guillotine from the back. It's like you have like rear naked choke hooks, but instead of choking guy this way, which is how you would do it, which is rare,
your forearm underneath his neck and wrapped the other arm behind his head. Instead of doing that, you wrap your arm all the way around the front like a guillotine hold, but from the back, and you have ungodly leverage right. It's ungodly, how much pressure you could put on someone's neck and our friend Scott Epstein. He uh used quite a few times, so we called it the absolution, is that it there trying to find a picture of one, I know this is this: is the executioner choke? This is a different choke out. He calls it the app Secu Shin, a look that up. Nothing came up, but okay, I think I might have a have a Have it here free stuff like this? This is a little different. This guy had arms in this is different, but it's simple, yeah. It's similar, though that's similar yeah, you could have arms. Then yeah, that's the same thing yeah this. Is it
that's one hundred percent it. So I'm I don't know we're going show people that either way it's a real bad place to be in yeah? That's, okay, Scott Epstein! That's the north shop! South choke, but what he would If you wanted to do an executioner or is he would get his hips underneath the guy and get back position? This is just a really good. North South chose. So yes, so what I saw was a guy went North south and he this years ago at a king of the cage and way out in Wisconsin, and he had wow. This is a long long time ago he had North south and he sat up once he had the guy. He sat up and pulled the guy's body up onto him
and almost a sitting position on and then put hooks right and then I've done it before where you roll the guy to the side. You know just to walk it through and figure out how how it worked. He put hooks and I was sitting I was like okay, this isn't illegal. If I stop this fight, it's not you, No. This is not an illegal move, but I don't want to see how this plays out and the guy got one hook in and almost a second. I was about to go in the guy tapped and when I pulled him off the guy couldn't move his neck was fucked up yeah he couldn't move. You know he had some sort of stinger. I don't know what's going on here. He was he couldn't move. He was terrified. I was terrified, oh yeah and then it kind of you know. Uh came back, came back out. Jesus yeah, I know of several guys that have gone paralyzed because of ah defense from get
mean order trying to take you now, one right yeah. You know when someone gets in a guillotine, yeah I've heard of that yeah. So so that's why, with some submissions. You know, especially some of the jokes is like. Ok, things are slowing down in okay things. We got a little bit easier for me with that one things are not easy at all. That's not something that I want to. I want to play with, I think you know, disappointed with some. Some of people have a platform I don't want to the names, but some people have a platform of kind of tossed it out. It was something sensation on sale. Look at this is wrong or right. I think that's a little irresponsible when it's some dangerous techniques like that. Well, I think you really pointed that out about the neck and a very important way, and I think that's something that people should really take into you when you see someone, if you seen people have you ever afraid, someone will got caught caught in a twister yeah, it's a horrible place to be horrible. It's so your neck is so fucked up in the so much pressure and the fact that you're that let your left leg I
leading your honor has getting pulled. It feels like it's going to break. It's a find, a place to be even for the fact of the way it's set up, because it's not like it's. It's not like a fast thing that catches you off guard, it's a long road to it. So you know if you know, what's coming and you're like I'm doing this, but I know how this is going to probably end and you're doing, move yeah, there's yeah, there's a chance, uh korean zombie. I think he got the first ever won on Leonard see. I think the first look at that and that was so horrible dude. That is so. That is so bad that feels so terrible yeah and that that's he then there's def con for when you take a rear, naked choke grip from the twister position. Oh yeah yeah, and you just ripping dudes heads clean off. It's horrible does all those crazy like catch wrestling, neck, manipulate right, right, right, right, those things make mine my neck or just look at them. Yeah yeah, yeah,
yeah so anyway, yeah! That's, that's what I think you you can't always say: look at things is good or bad, but you know some situation, I've seen referees and, and that one, I think, is a difficult situation. Not so I've seen other harder situations, but you know I mean like yeah, it's an unusual one I mean we've seen quite a few bulldog chokes that put someone unconscious most recently, Raquel Pennington against Ashlee Evans crazy, crazy fight for Cal Pennington, so fucking tough mean that was just that was a crazy. Right. Man, just war and chaos and then would like one second to go. She chokes her out and then It's go and she's she's asleep from the bulldog, choke and Ashlee Evans Smith steps up covered in blood, and it's fucking crazy. That was crazy, but there's that one didn't Chris lights out, Lytle Catch Tiki in a bulldog choke. I think you did
we're going to go away is noon! That's the that's one of title: yeah! That's the the yeah that was that looked really tight, yeah go forget that go! Go to yeah! That's the world of Carlos Newton chokes out pat mill This is for the title, any kind of in a bulldog choke in and it's like. That was what I was well. I don't think we we had a name for the used to call the school yard headlock, but then somebody called a bulldog choke at that time. I remember people calling it bulldog like there is already had that. I don't know if it had there, maybe they gave it to but yeah it's a legit move. I gets a legit move. I give you a special if you're of Ben Askren type do with the kind of grip, Rite ahold someone's neck in that position. Yes, horrible yeah. That was that's why I say that referees have the heart. Job because you're you're in that situation, you do have to take those things in any consideration. What kind of damage is doing this guy's neck? Is he out his arm? Went limp okay. When do I still I gotta I got to save him like yeah. No, that is
tough part about you know you were evaluating Situa as always, there's different. You know your value, the threat to the person, your value, if there's a threat coming you how much? How well can they deal with it? There's a lot of stuff going on there and you know we think it really serious. I take it really serious it's to me it's I feel that I have a sacred secret trust. I feel that it's of these position, Is that, like our athletes are not stupid people? lot of them could be doing a lot of things with their life and they've chosen this path too, and they take time from there family. They take time away from other careers where they could be progressing and all to me their dreams and hopes, and I need to balance that with their safety. So it's something I think about a lot. You know- I'm even in the way I talk to my friends, and I mean always you know- I'm I'm all please, I'm always working as a referee anytime, I'm out in the streets are with friends we're going to ask me what I think about this fighter, who I think can be better, and I because of this,
are you doing you don't longer have the luxury of then you know of talking about mixed martial arts in the fun way about who is going to win, and is this going to happen because who knows, I might referee the fight right and every going to be on the internet. Like hers, referee, in the fight and we're having beers yesterday, Guess he told me how right right right, yeah, it's just you know so yeah. I take it serious. No, you do it, I'm glad you have that attitude. What is this one right here? Oh yeah, this is called cause right here, yeah yeah in the transition he grabs the neck, and it's a crazy visual too, because the photograph the freezing, the muscle right there right there, that is crazy muscles and Carlos his arm and shoulder and neck under that Carlos Newton champion of the world. Right there that moment in that crazy, Carla had some spectacular grappling real early on men, wild transition, he was a you tiful jujitsu, his his his explosiveness. Is it
ability- and he was just so athletic. He was doing stuff that no one else yeah. He also had a really high level submission game early on yeah, we like in nine Six seven lot of people didn't have that kind of a game and his submission game was game. The his Hughes game was crazy. Yeah yeah? That was crazy, that a few minutes triangle choke. We had him up in yeah he's yeah. That was, he puts them to sleep and as they get up Matt Hughes legacy. Hers car say in the like stand up, you want you what happened like what yeah yeah yeah double knockout yeah. I have that one. I have one that king of the cage, a double knockout- is right. Here is look how I take him strong. That used was. He was so fucking strong that him up there and Carlos is trying to. So he's to easy. Squeezy squeeze in so goes unconscious, he's out cold.
He doesn't know what's going on and no one knows what's going on and they they so Carlos his head hit the ground. He went down like that and then knocked him out. Right and then Matt woke up from the choke and then like you want device. It's great. That was a crazy scene. That That scene was a tough one. That was like what do you do there, but that was like the thing about this Robbie Lawler Ben Askren fight like mom was saying they gotta run it back and I was like it wouldn't be a bad thing to run it back. I mean well. At the same time you know gotta be honest here like as far as running back. How many Is that happen in the UFC? Are there because it's exciting what people want to see Joe most right so Brock, Lesnar DC is a perfect example right. So that's exciting, as people want to see it, and some of the excitement has been generated by throwing me under the bus but cool
cool, give the people in other time I got take it like got you, but like great so yeah. I think you I anytime that you know the athletes get to do what they do and people are going to watch it again, and people going be excited about it. You know I don't know. Well, I don't think it's going to have now, at least not immediately cause MAS Vidal and Ben Aspirin have a date for July. They're gonna do that July. Show in Vegas. That's a great fight. I like that fight a lot right that that fights that's Mazda dollars in a new place, man. You could really tell yeah he's something special right now he's something really special when he knocked out till like that, I was like whoa. We knocked out cowboys wow yeah! No, must would also be he's so good man and he seems like extra focused right now. You know, like I think, he's probably like what is he thirty
five somewhere in there is an old. How old is your harm us with easy? The thirty four thirty five he's coming on soon? I have been among the podcasts, soon thirty, five in November yeah, so he's at that stage of his career, where you kind of like look man. How much more time do you got like realistically as a professional mixed martial arts fighter at thirty five years of age. You know if you're Anderson Sylvia, like three more, would he have like three more years of his prime two more years, something like that to be thirty, eight, thirty, nine, like that's kind of it, you know unless you're doing something. What's he doing something to spice up the pot? You know, like four thousand and forty one forty two manned tough, tough to compete, yeah tough ticket on the natch yeah yeah yeah, that's that's a whole. Another thing is a bummer. That's a bummer! If you don't know what we're
talking about Tj Dillashaw tested positive for injectable EPO, which is serious performance, enhancing substance and in some circumstances, according to Jeff Novitzky, it's given people strokes. And I had heard this to that- like young guys doing like Tour de France type shit- would have strokes because they were taken too much ep. Oh 'cause, you know like you're supposed to take one to it right right, right, right right as a tally. That somehow is anybody who's going to do that? Yeah that you know, I should turns your your your blood to paint, and I think this is the. I guess that's probably the discipline right of how people are always get away with things beforehand right. To try to maybe try to do it in a way where there won't get caught, but I think that's like it will. This much is good, then yeah, this much more is going to be
yeah and we know guys have done that with t r t. You know there was a few t r t tests were they when T r T was legal testosterone replacement therapy, where we would hear about guys tested like fourteen hundred fourteen, seventy, like which isn't saying that's like super human, no person, several live that as fourteen hundred like. Is it a natural walking around testosterone level? It's crazy, hyper human rights, but they just get these benefits from that. Well, some of these people, though, who around. Naturally, I wonder if they never been tested, though that's true yeah. Some of these people I see walking around like weeks, yeah that looks like he was born on story. Yeah, there's some freaks man there's some legit genetic freaks to deny that would be crazy. There's some people that just like Yoel Romero, yeah? What in the fuck it doesn't matter? How many steroids you take it doesn't matter what you do like to do. Look like that! You have to be uh
and a freak yeah. You know they're in they're out there all right. It's not fair to your. He would say: go to Cuba! Yeah yeah yeah go see the jeans. Have you look around yeah? What's his name, France, the heavyweight from France. I mean he practicing gone, oh well, yeah France, Ngannou wasn't be the one who had the crazy fat would Pat Pat Barry check Congo check Congo yeah Adonis yeah sculpted Greek statue I always imagine like I want to go to where he comes from- take a look around probably super athletes.
Probably a lot of meteors um the teach a thing. Apparently they went and tested his old fight piss with Cody to and that tested positive for EPO as well, and then Cody start freaking out yeah. What do you do if the if they go back like what did they decide to go back, hey and say fuck it? Let's test all the fights unify finds out that he was doing it like five hundred and sixty seven fights. What do you do well, yeah and then what do you do if you ah, but then the whole another kind of worms too, because, like all the fights and then what about all because right, Can we get a test? Everybody chat Brendan and I were joking around last night and I was test him all. No, I want all test everything let's find out know what it was. Let's know what it was and he's like. What if they had piss samples from you know, ten years ago, fifteen years ago, like what
if they could use you Sada style testing right today from the past, I'm so glad that all these things are above my pay grade yeah you deal with that with yeah yeah man. If I was you guys in the office right now in charge of that program, you have you really wonder? Where is the line? He certainly wanted just a guy for a fight that happened a week ago. You certainly want you holding you know and check is if some new testing methods come out. If there was ah fight from a year ago, you certainly would check that how many years back do you go, though yeah? if it's not expensive, like what, if it's easy and cheap to test so yeah. They want five hundred tests on the last five hundred championship fights, and then you have like four hundred fights that you now have to change the result of yeah I don't know I don't know either yeah yeah. Last night I was joking around I was saying because I was taking the the fun
position test him all. I don't know about e mean look. We all know at one point time: performance enhancing drugs were a huge part of mixed martial arts, and that's why the UFC stepped up and decided to institute this program. Thing was a big part of it. I think it's a big part of professional sports, in general sure one hundred percent yeah, and I think that you know combat sports. You know has ah government oversight that other sports don't have. So I think that we're we're gonna be it's gonna be coming up regard anyway. So I think, maybe that's why the you know the USC took a position right 'cause, I think of the other sports. I mean guys get caught doing things, but a lot of the other sports regulate themselves right yeah. I don't know. I think the NFL regulates itself, What is the score of? What are the sport? Has a government body like a athletic commission, saying, hey we're going to show up and do this or do that? I don't know
they do with baseball. I don't know I don't know. Maybe I don't know I don't know much about other sports, but I didn't. I don't know if you have never heard I've never heard of like a we all know about we, you know, that's something different. Our sport is, has a government involved we'll have a commission would not not not, like you said, a government commission, but they just yet the governing themselves, and if I would have a a vote, they had done a suspension. They're, not fair from this. This guy suspension Iraq, I suspension in baseball. They have like a three strike rule. The first time is like somewhere in the ten to twenty five game range and then the second one is like half the season Nerd one out for a whole year. If you do it again, your band yeah, but there's no outside getting anybody right, then shows up and decide to tell you that he is right. Just that the baseball or NFL or Mascoma side right
what's that well, like I say you have a big money maker in your sport and then somebody outside of your company just comes on and says yeah, I'm I'm a government by they have the right to test this guy yeah like we have with John Jones. I mean that's, that's a perfect example. I mean the US. He did not want John Jones to test positive. He is the biggest star right now other than Connor and Conor is not active. In John Jones fighting all the time he wants to fight all the time that if there is that's, but that's the only way you ever find out what's really going on, is you hire a bunch of where walls and they just let him loose right? When I let you go check best go go out. There check check everyone. They check that out of people. I was looking at this list of people that Holly homes been tested more than
like I think the I think Novitzky might have put a steep, a bojic tweeted it because he'd been tested, thirty eight times really yeah some people, it's like in the forties, Cris Cyborg got tested a lot yeah and how the home got tested a lot. Huh yeah, yeah, Holly Holm got tested a lot. A lot of people got tested, um, it's just ah crazy numbers and a lot of them. I guarantee they're waking them up, get him up like six in the morning. That's what this. Whatever I mean, I don't know what they go, but I've heard conversations a little bit. It doesn't seem like now, they want to make sure your there, so they get there really early in the morning and fucked up you're supposed to tell him where you're supposed to where you're going to be at and think yeah yeah. The problem is, if you're training hard that eight to ten so huge you might get hit with a punch if they wake you up after six hours or five hours, it's possible that a punch might connect
I knew that wouldn't have connected. If you got a that's, not rush, it yeah right. That's that's true! That's real right! Everybody knows it when you how you feel good in the gym everybody, even if you just lift weights there's days, you feel good these days you feel like crying make sure I showed up here. Well rested you look well rounded and hydrated, I'm not going to get that. I did. I did hydrate yeah I mean I don't know it's just it's! It's just not smart toe! Stop athletes in the middle of the training camp, wake him up! Yeah! I mean I get the testing, but I feel like the testing so sophisticated. You could get to them at noon. Okay, just you! get to the mid noon. You got good testing now just but we don't we. I mean. I don't know that. I don't know that either I'm talking shit yeah, it's the best time right. The best time is that you know maybe the earlier earlier, the better right. Maybe I don't know the thing about this ep-
apparently- and this is a shop was telling me- was that they didn't it didn't used to be detectable the way it is now. They've they've got these new methods of detail. Action and ah EE, pose one to that. Apparently, from what I've read, don't listen to me, I'm not a doctor um. They can absolutely tell that you injected it it's. Ah it's injectable. It comes in the injectable form. That's what's in the body, there's no chance of a tainted, steroid or tainted. Ah, ah supplement right right. It's definitely e p, o! So That's that's fucked up, because apparently, that stuff has a giant advantage. Um it gives you an anabolic advantage. It also kids, you crazy, Recruit, recruit native powers, so you could train really hard and then be ready to go the next day. What do you think? The answers because like for me like This is all stuff that like to be honest, I don't really pay that much attention to because I don't have. I also it's out of my wheelhouse to deal with, but also
it's hard to have an answer. Like you said like: do we go back and keep testing them when these new things come versus what do we do with the history hall yeah? Yes, it's very interesting. You know what do you do with the history books that that's what you would say like what, if you have samples that date back ten years, do you do small. And what do you do? I don't know I don't know how long we keep samples or how who has a more, how the you know what the chain of command- I don't know man which is, but if you find out that TJ tested positive for the Cody fight too what should code?
as an argument there and what, if it's, the fight before that was a lot of that was a lot of people, have arguments yeah, there's a lot of guys yeah. So it's yeah. It's it's tough to me. It's a shame too, because I'm a TJ fan and, I think, he's a phenomenal fighter, and I I'm I'm a big fan of watching him perform, but just a taint. His legacy that just does is no way around it. When you, when you get caught, cheating, which is this stuff, is there's no way it's not cheating. This is just cheating right. This isn't any accident, it's detention legacy. I think I had an amazing legacy. You know two time bantamweight champion one of the best pound for pound fighters. The way you beat Han and morale, I was like holy SH,
shit, so he went out and fought hand in morale. He was sparring with right, yeah yeah, his stuff, the stuff. Some of his fights were amazing. He's amazing doesn't take away from the fact that he's amazing TJ is an amazing fighter, but fuck man the to test positive for e p, o in Henry Saludo far, is also crazy to watch the progression, all the work he did and how much you know he was getting better. Every fight and Sophie came this yeah, but you gotta think like how much like, if you're an ep. Oh, how much does that really allow you
to train extra time? How much does that allow you to recover? What's the Bennett like what is the quantifiable benefit? It must be pretty significant because there's a lot of you know the cyclists, a lot of lot of heavy duty endurance athletes use it yeah. I just want to try it. You know they say that these executives, trying it they're doing e p, o and entering into triathlons and shit like that for bragging rights, yeah just assholes assholes, with Linear, take an EPO like really. I was reading the thing about an epidemic of really boosted that much like ok, you're, going to take it and you're going to notice that you're able to like, like the other day, you could barely finish roll a loop around the rose bowl, a three mile loop and then he started taking in you can get it wet fifty six miles, and I wonder I wonder I think what it does is. It raises your threshold if you're already in elite endurance, athlete too, I think for them. That's what it is. It's like they already looking for that extra edge, so they're already in elite
is athletes already in that order. France and they take that APL, and it's like well what just just jack some up. They could just do more work. They have more oxygen, they don't run out of juice. For garlic, TJ his style, so kinetic that so much movement explosion. Switching stances like he needs that juice. It's not like a calm, easy game. Where he's you know, everything is fast fast, fast, fast, fast. It's crazy, it's hard! It's it's a hard one to swallow, yeah man! So for me, like I was like man, I was gonna come on Joe Rogan Show and see what was he took to talk about to make me uncomfortable to talk about? Maybe some heart, stopping man. I would talk about some hard stoppages, given what's the word as well, let me talk about when I made a mistake. I don't talk about this. You know I just beat that yet I have no answer for it. I don't understand that. It's like odd, wanted, like I just, doesn't feel like a good come
We're because all I could do is just just get like you. It is going to take away from I've seen of as and then the more imagine about it? It's just going to be more take away and then anything I could say or think about. I can't, if anything, that solution or yeah, I don't think anybody we're in this stage right now, where they're, probably looking at the data going okay, what is this signify and how many more people should we test test once once they develop a new method of testing? That's the whole reason why they want to keep the old samples anyway, in case new, more sensitive methods of detecting right are invented, and you know about this stuff 'cause. I is it true. You're a science
you're saying Dork dark, especially when it comes to, ah anything that can enhance the this life that we have on this earth. So yeah, I'm sure you know a lot about this. Well, I had a really amazing conversation with um many people about it, and David Sinclair was one more recent ones. Who did this discussion about life extension and different anti aging solutions and different things that they're coming up with? But what I've come through with is at the other end is, there are probably hundreds of thousands of people that are involved in either legitimate sup mints or legitimate molecules or sing hormones on people- or you know, trying all these different things to try to figure out how to get the body
perform better. Some of them are legal and some of them are illegal and that's where it gets strange. She get like the guy like the ball. Co guy, victor. Conte comes lungs like live. I got one just rub it on no one's going to shit. They don't even know what this stuff is yet for awhile that worked and then but but blouse. But while worked, everybody is like. Why is Barry Bonds getting so big? You know people just started come on man. Look at me, Sammy Sosa. Look me in the eye. What you doing you know, they all they all like exhibited these obvious physiological changes where that you could tell them whatever they were doing was really effective stuff. There's hundreds of thousands of people working on that right now, all the time on all time trying to get it better, there's, probably thousands of people that are trying to come up with stuff. That sneaks past this testing you know, did you ever see, so I just stick to become yoga. That's good move! Did you ever see that first documentary, I think I did was about who?
Who was the russian dough Anti doll? Did you see that I see that I didn't see that it's amazing. It's amazing, the guy who made the documentary the whole thing sort of happened by accident, so a guy named Brian Fogel and his, his documentary was on? He was going to do a bike race and then he was gonna come back the next year and do the bike race on steroids and see what the difference was, and so he was gonna documents at all in who's. Gonna have this russian anti doping guy from this guy was going to oversee his program and what to take and how much to take and when to take make sure he doesn't get hot. It was no yeah make sure you didn't get caught. That was one of them. I think, I think the drug tests and most of things that he was interested in doing. I think the thing he was doing it. We just wanted to see how good he could get. Okay, because you said anti russian anti doping thing. This is this is why that's where it gets to you
in the middle of him doing this, this russian anti doping guy. It comes out that the Russians cheated at the Sochi Olympics and his russian anti doping, guys is the beans to this guy and explains the russian state sponsored doping program that they state sponsored and doped all their athletes, that everyone was on steroids and that they hid the they had to separate lately. Let a see secret, separate room where they transferred dirty urine through a hole in the wall and slipped out the Goodyear and they put it back in place, so they they substituted clean urine for the year that was collected. They opened up the bottles. They found these, microscopic scratches on the supposedly unopenable cap, these bottles, but they ran under microscopes, look, look. They were scratched these. These things have been open the russian figured out a way to open the bottle without cracking the seal, they swapped
yes, I mean it was like super sophisticated stuff and this guy details all of it by accident. Just he had hired this guide to give him drugs, so he could. He was just trying to run a doctor and let's see how much better steroids make me at riding the bike and when all this stuff broke, he just came in at the right place at the right time and it's amazing. It's amazing! That's why Russia, one like all these gold medals in the Sochi Olympics. There were all juiced to that. It's and you're saying all of 'em. Yes, For me like it's it's. This is one of things like I just don't have no an answer to it. I know there's always going to be people who are going to look for an advantage yeah and I think, as long as some but there's one person looking for an advantage, then I think there's some, we're going to have the attitude that, if there's an advantage out there, I'm a fool for not taking it, the people who don't take it or people who are are gifted in some way or have just a work ethic that goes beyond, and it's a matter of pride that they don't do it. You know,
like when you're sharp kid you don't so I come out of pride to never cheat on a test where some people have to go to. You know yeah. It's it's interesting is like what is what's legal and what's not legal look? What should you be allowed to you? Should you be allowed to use cryotherapy, but if it turns out the crowd there be ramps up your hormones, whatever turns other cryotherapy speed up your recovery, that's commensurate with a steroid, but why shouldn't you be able to use it? You should be able to but I'm just I'm just saying, because I think the basis of this is that some of these other things are supposed to be, may be dangerous, for you there sure. Is that that's the reason. That's the base, really that I don't know if that doesn't think. That's our base! Reasoning right. I think the base reasoning is cheating or no not just cheating, because it's not cheating, if everyone is doing it. Well, for sure I mean there's dangerous stuff like hormones yet, but I'm talking about women like you can use Vita hands or anything or you can have good nutrition. That's that makes sense anything. That's going make you better at what you're doing, but there's ones that
you don't want people to use because they're dangerous to use? For those reasons is the I think that's supposed to be the reason right. I do not know. If That reason makes sense. I know nothing with it makes sense or not, but I think that's supposed to be there 'cause. When are they going to come? When does it come down say? Well, we not using any artificial supplements. Vitamins we want to all your vitamins from your food. What you're doing is you get in some of your vitamins artificially and not a human being, gets it so like there's a line, that's being drawn somewhere and I'm saying the line is being drawn at what is supposed to be saved one at one point it got drawn at that and then became something mouse, maybe I don't know, I think if they were really concerned with safety, they wouldn't let them fight, Tumblr tumblr support, I know, but especially with fighting. If you really concerned with safety, let's just cancel the whole event like someone's going to get hurt. Well there's a lot of things. I said you know that we don't like the fighters to jump on the top of the
yes, the clarius. Yes, it's in Safeway. They would just kick in each other kicking each other in the face, but yeah yeah get off get down of that cave you doing up there celebrating they give a bad day, yeah yeah the celebrating thing, funny man, let them celebrate and they don't like him to do a flip. Well one day, I just did it. He did a flip and landed on one guy. Did a flip and landed on someone, so I get that, but like man, I trust a guy to get kicked in the neck, but I'm not gonna trust him to do a flip. He's probably done before I don't know yeah, I don't know either gage. He almost landed on the guy's last fight yeah and that's what that's what that was. Somebody else gets hurt now that I get that what if he killed a doctor would get how long, how much of a suspension to get. If you kill a doctor, the back foot like for real, I have a doctor's running in and all right. She is not going to hello and and it it would be the Ultimate World STAR video. Would the beast with Derrick Lewis have that
Is Instagram? Would he keep them as Instagram? If someone died, it was a UFC what he might he's so savage his instagram. It's pretty funny best Instagram in the game, If you want, I saw one the other day of a guy on a motorcycle on his instagram drove right into a fucking telephone pole. Guy wasn't paying attention or something he went off the side of the road and hit a fucking telephone pole full on. Oh just slammed into this poll like fuck man, I gotta stay off derricks. You know. I don't like to watch that kind of stuff, yeah yeah. You know like that. Guy's, never gonna be the same easy there dead or he's never gonna be the same yeah like the one I saw. What's that one? We saw the guy was gonna. Do it jump off a house and tools. Oh yeah, yeah yeah. I don't know what happened head that guys gotta be dead. A lot of them were dead. I'm
I've met. I've got something on my instagram about the guy who got hit by a dolphin. I just put that up there. The day I saw somebody put it up dragon hit by a dolphin yeah. He was doing some paddle board and as an adult and was living life a little bit. That was doing this thing so there you know how he's paddle board out and there's a wave. And then you can see the dolphins. You know they like to serve so they get in the way they're doing their thing. I think the dolphins he's the only one who decides to come out of the water and get a little air he's. Like always a paddle border get air bow and he fucks him up yeah. Here we go well you this back it. Oh that's one hundred percent of purpose like it makes you wonder about dolphins like a doctor's like. Oh, what up to that is one hundred percent on purpose yeah I had to I had to put that. I had to post that on Instagram yeah that guys all right, yeah he's all right. Said. He fell in the water. He fell in the water, but a dolphins heavy yeah side checked she's got a little sidetracked. What do you do in that? Do you hit him? Do you hit the dolphin you punch it?
You know I have respect that now. No, but he's trying to fuck you like the dolphin got the air, I'm like a like. You have a little fun yeah 'cause. How much does a dolphin way and it's his element is a big animal. You gotta get back to the shore that is pretty fun walk that one off walked out with you know you don't elbow it as it's coming out. You know what a pissing walk you're in their neighborhood yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah paddle boarding, oh the other, offers yeah, hey, probably thought it was awesome, yeah, yeah, yeah, I I went paddle boarding. It's not easy. I didn't think it was hard. Did you stand? He was dead straight like this. Sh sh, you don't yeah, but that was hard. It was a lot of waves. It was
It was a little boy was a walkway, but I was like I thought this be way easier. I felt twice she would make the following: stop it bro yeah paddle boarding is one of those things where it's like it. It's just used mostly using your core right, you're, balancing everything out, I'm out of expert it. I did it once or twice when I was in Hawaii. You know hanging out with the fam looks like you got like placid water, it actually calming, reserve I've trying, I'm glad you say I'm going to do this year. This is taking some lessons taking some lessons who did a little bit. I've been up on some way of the water was pushing me, but I can't under can't call it surfing what I was doing, but I was in the water. I was having fun. That's a respectable thing to know how to do yeah right when you hear someone can serve like
Well, when I've decided that I have to do it. I've been living in California. All my life, I'm paying to be a server. I live here, pay the serving time. Take care yeah the surfing tax, but I'm not going to the beach and getting my my he's worth. I got to go and get it yeah when we think about How many people live in LA? How few actually go to the beach right? Not that crowded, no comparison. I want fucking people of here. It's one of those things that people just take it for granted. Yeah. So would you serve? No, you know I'm scared of sharks yeah. So I started the quest last year so last year I took a couple of lessons. So this gets a little warmer. We do it again. We were thinking about doing a surfing challenge for sober October. It was gonna, be like time spent up on a board for the entire month. Some of our contest. Are you going to be done and we'll we'll have to wait? We haven't decided and I think the guys are they don't want to do the surfing.
If you do it, let me know: I'm gonna, do it with you yeah, oh so, cold in October. Wouldn't it maybe yeah, that's the idea. Pussy okay come on fear is it cold. In October, barely September. What is happening with this? It happens very fast by the way I saw. This is a navy. You are a french navy. Men jumped off a boat to celebrate and as he's in the water here, a shark comes after him. It just comes out of nowhere. They can't no one can really see it, the most suddenly at the last second, they spot it like. Oh shit, get the fuck out the way it just nipples like what it almost looks fake, but the way your accident I don't think that shits fake at all, it just happened all the sudden he's just in the water, then yeah man, that's how it goes. That's their world. Look at you, even see anything in there. That's the thing that freaks you out the most about the ocean is the possibility. It's like you just look down, you don't see a god damn thing and also the MEG yeah.
I like that australian guy, remember the australian surfer and the shark was coming after him and he was just pushing him away game they when he talked about that. Well, I looking like he. Want to bite me. I decided one didn't want him. Just push him away a little bit. Yeah yeah you just fart, the shark there he's like yeah. I didn't want to be bitten. So that's a good attitude occasion. Yes, I'm not interested in this I'm not freaking out, but I just don't want to be bit. You don't want to freak out right if you freak out that they probably can sense it she really spazz out in the water. They probably know this got scared as fuck. I think this guy smells like food. They apparently don't like to eat us. Is this? The guy right here? Go eight million views.
White shark surprises Sala, Terry Surfer. I haven't seen this. One is not the one I'm talking about you just get. My swimming right also be some that don't look right behind him. Oh Jesus, Louise is He saw he's like man, but he's paddling arm was left field with every time he paddles the arm could disappear on it. Do you surf yeah, five hundred and fifty five thousand five hundred and fifty five? but you so helpless in their world. It's like happens when a shark is beached? I was looking for this video the day we found that one where you were like,
pick it up and throw it out of the water there's. A video I saw of a girl is really doing that, just like a check in a bikini there's. This is a smaller shark which he described. What tale exit confirms it out? The problem was with the one you can't sharks, told to start swimming when they've got put the water, they need to be that they can't stop moving really see. They got to have a little shove it on and it's hard to do to what they had to drag that shark out by a boat, to sort of get it going to get router, Cnet skills so can breathe and and what okay, that makes sense, what is going to come this way the sharks are, super weird in terms of their physiology like if they go upside down to go to sleep, all right, yeah and the specific it's strange and they have to keep moving. I don't think yeah. They tend to breed that they sit still less. They find a spot
it is a nice little dress. Justin. I also happen to. I can't show this one either, because this is gonna get taken down, but it's a girl get pulled into the water she's, trying to feed a shark off of a boat in a grabbed her by the finger and just Yanks or an arch and everybody freaks out. Also, okay, a shark is a it doesn't say, but also to his choice of might be a great white box. That is, I understand. Why does she think she could feed a shark with her fingers? I told her she could, and that is a bad idea. Yeah, that's the worst. You know you're, probably right 'cause, you know like when you haven't done it before you're, going to make your going to ask a reasonable question. Can the shark bite me and pulling in and he's going to tell you something in an expert voice like no he's not interested in you. You don't look like a seal, he's not going to try to you know, but two plus she probably hanging out with like three or four dudes that want to fuck are they're all drunk? They want to show a good experience, so I was giving her
advice. She gets half a finger removed block then nobody's happy yeah you. Do you like going to Russia so much? I do I do you enjoy it up. Yeah. I do have a lifetime. I was elected, you say arm. Well I when I come, I like traveling. So this is a cool thing. I've got to travel so much. I've got to see a lot of the cool places and Donna all rush is one of them. I like us all the different place. I've been there Saint Peters School, because russian want things like America, lots of different places where you are like in all this go to some people could seem like a different country in different states, offshore yeah. So it's like that
so I got to ah go to Moscow Moscow's one thing. You know you get to there's a lot of history, a lot of nice things to see St Petersburg same thing. Um. Do you feel safe when you're over there? Well, I take everything at face value so that that's the way I go through life, because if I was the tried, always read some undercurrents or read what people tell me I'm supposed to experience. I'm never going to do anything like along I'm going to travel is my my. I was go to one of butter being show down in Alabama, and my parents were like man you're going to Alabama man be safe down. There don't be doing all that stuff. He do you know it's going to be different because of you know American, our history with racism. And I went down there yeah. This is a story, so I went down there. I was out that. The show and some cops come up and they look like the
Apps from you know, in the movies from the south that supposed supposed to scare you, ai take a picture with them and they're like, and somebody else came to take a picture now. Look what going on minimum. Do this on this one. I'm here to do. I may hang out with people I'm a referee fights image. You know talk to people that I talk, so I took a lot of sure they were impressed there saying that you know they've seen other people, you know you know tell people know about pictures and the guy all cited to like hey. We want you to come out and pull people over with us. My my no. No. I don't want to do have no interest in doing that. You know I I'm I grew up in LA yet I mean like the like and they're getting palm Do you like imagine, like you getting pulled over by her being patch yeah yeah and I'm like? No, I don't want to do it and then one goes on goes well, some do some, I mean we want to make this do something tase me or something hurt so like he grabs us his taser gun and sticks to take.
During my hand, cheese and I'm crying, and I'm like so I start teasing him right he's in this guy and he's like So then, I, after the tasing, his butt, one of the agents, one of the guys work with me, comes up and tells him that he has some business to talk about with me. I go away. What you want to talk about those men I could see were so uncomfortable with what was going on. And I just just to get get like thanks. So I get back to get back to my hotel room and thinking like man, you know I'm worried about people pre, judging and being intolerant, I'm pre. Judging of these guys, because of some history and these guys are really cool. If I ever get the opportunity to these guys, I'm going to be you know, and, and I yet they came like right. Then the phone rings I swear and they took me to an after party and really like yeah. They took it like it was like the place. Look. Roadhouse and you know I mean
the whole everything you see like in a movie like, like you know some. You know your wife's not going to be happy about that and and I'm going to catch you next week, one of those type of things yeah drove me to the airport, with the lights on. So I think I think I still have the picture of me taking him. I could show it to you. It was like It was a pretty cool experience. So after that I was like man whatever I think I know about things I really don't and so uh. So I take things at face value yeah. I've had times in Alabama. I've had good times in the south. I think the world is changing too. I really do. I think especially this country. We almost everywhere. You could find cool piece yeah. So I mean if you know, oh, my god, that is hilarious. So ridiculous. So that should put this on your instagram. Can you yeah can
They would mind. I've talked to those guys about it. Don't you think he's going to get in trouble, though no he's not going, he said, he's fine, he said he'll be alright. I thought thought would get in trouble so window yeah. That's why put it on now. That's why I never did it, but I've actually talked him. So anyway, this that yeah, that's a big Listen to me like a don't, don't don't think you know, what's going on, you know, take things at face value. Try to be. You know, You know when you've go to Russia. You take that attitude like let's just see what the experts are. You have your own x what it yeah I'm going to have my own experience and not let it be what anyone else is and also I've been to Russia before I went in ninety five, I used to work for a company that made documentaries these guys and I ended up going along to help him out with it was the first time I'd ever left the? U S is a big had a big effect on me. So um do you know, speak it? No! No! No! No! I do I can do my extra actions it and I know some words- I mean that
took some time to learn how to use the alphabet, so I can get around and house it's crazy, and so one on that. Yes, like Celtic, so really high res. Is that what it is so what's a guy name so real! So is the up I White House to really give it is acting named after the guy who made that's the the a russian stuff. What is that celtic stuff that You know that you know yeah those those rooms, the rooms or something yeah looks like yeah yeah lot of letters in Russia like. Why is it that? Why would they do it backwards, like it's the same letter that we have, but it's backwards right, right, yeah, yeah, that's a ya you're talking about! Is that what it is he's the one that looks like a backwards: r yeah yeah yeah yeah, that's that's what they that's the yeah. What does that stand for over? There just means yeah, yeah and we use it like. I tell you now that chaos, so that's how you say I you say: yeah look at their fucking language. What's up with that age? What's up shut up the end. What's that's how using in oh, my god, like when you so once you get used to read so you always see,
opie everywhere you go right. What's that little restaurant was that upside down little aged it looks like a candle holder, yeah right there. That's what's that yeah, that's upside down each uh huh. What happened there? Why so we took that h and dumped it on its head, but it looks like h: doesn't it give you flipped it upside down? It's like the look of the e below that, like what the fuck is that thing, and so that's a yes not that that backwards are yeah yeah, so you would say you would use it like ya, yeah that word, when you like like just how we use I, oh I, and we use it like I, and then we I use it in another reason to you, wow yeah, I mean it is kind of amazing how different the way we write is to the way, asian folks. Do that right, that's a real freak out! That's I! I think you just have to learn it right each another when you have to learn each and every one of those.
I mean it seems. It looks like it's pretty hard to learn. Well, especially if it's not completely ingrained in your memory as a child, 'cause it up late in life, I know, there's some who speak Mandarin, but they can't write it yet again. Try to read and write it yeah, fuck alien. It looks alien mean that the fact that whole different side of the world writes that way in these little characters. So I do have some help. When I go over there, I'm going to tell you some. I got married a few years ago. My wife is rushing odd. There you go and she speaks chinese. So when I go to China in region right Chinese. So when we go to these countries reads and writes China, this easier wow, an English or no yeah, yeah yeah, so we get along some people are good with languages. That's incredible. Damage is better than mine. You're ready just got here to have Russian, which has its own look use of the alphabet and then Chinese, which is another whole deal and English just to chevron
in our head for anything else, I know hard drive would be full yeah, yeah yeah. This is those three languages like three, hard languages right, probably the I heard the rushes hard English we're, I'm gonna say tried title, I'm trying to learn it there's so many ways to say something: conjugate a lot? I think they a lot more than spanish and that's what I have problems with. You know we all get spanish words. We live in LA but can't the verge. As you know. Yes, you can do it easy because he's like all because they get so much more yeah. That's that's! This might be the three hardest language to learn outside of maybe the other. What other age I was like Japanese, is probably difficult. Yeah I heard the Vietnamese is tough yeah and then you know you got those languages that you look at you while it's great and then you see like ancient Hebrew yeah, he looked at Hebrew language like the way they right like what the fuck. I don't know. I bet arabic, stuff, Arabic, it's gotta be
I mean how many languages are there. If you had to guess yeah, I wondered yeah One hundred days, the same Spanish, there. Really even in Spanish you'd like you can under like 'cause, you know I took a couple of spanish This is right, but I can understand people from You know Spain easier for some reason. I grew up right here, it's hard for me to understand the way they speak. Spanish. My friend lives in my front, Adam Greentree. He lives in Australia and he has a lot of experience with like the indigenous people that live there because he work
in a mining company and they they deal with a lot of the aborigines and they have the the groups of people. They call the mobs, that's what they call themselves: okay, sort of like a village or clan of the calls of a mob. That's what that's what aborigines use and they have different languages for different moms. So I think might be hundreds of jobs in this area and they all have different languages. So you drive, I go. How close is like few miles? I go a few miles, you would say kilometres, so it might be two hundred Kalama so you gotta one hundred kilometers and you get to different language. That's all the different languages, of all, but the exact, maybe they're, similar right areas of mobs. I don't believe so. I think they don't know what the fuck each other saying right right.
That's what we can understand the struggles right right. If you look at that, that's crazy yeah, like I don't know, who's documenting all this stuff and what that, whether or not they've save these languages and they they have it, because it's very likely that you would little ones of them. Will just go. You know if these people assimilate other pop rations or move out like you- might lose these languages I like about going to rush it too 'cause, there's so many different cultures, and so many people- and I like that- I like people like I get I get like I get to go to Grozny and been got too. I've been to Daghestan, Grozny is in Chechnya. Yeah like it's. Really, it was a really cool place. I want to show you. Some pictures went to look around well because it for me, what's really cool about. It is the energy that people have about develop, over there right now, because the place there was a war there. You know about that. Right, yeah, there was a war, and
uh right now and they're, really building up and they're. Really excited about it, so I think it's just ah it's cool to go and see people who are really a c. I kind of a group mentality about moving forward. You know! So what? Where exactly? Is this what was their war? You heard of Chechnya, yeah yeah, so they had a war with Russia right now. Civil war so see that's what it used to look like yeah now you got a picture of it now right yeah! So it's uh there. It is not of rebuilding yeah and that rebuilt they're, they're, energetic about and there's pride of it and it's and it's cool, it's cool to be able to go there and get to see it. That is cool to see something in the middle of a rebirth, like rightly as beautiful and in that area. A lot of places yeah there's a lot of rebirth energy going on oh wow. So that's what it looked like right after the war, God damn wow, that's a crazy image!
So you've been doing this now traveling around the world like this, for how many for a long time. I think I probably would doing stuff with mma and traveling for the sport, I've got started, probably driving around to travel uh internationally around two thousand and three or four wow and then, but got to trouble around the? U s a lot before that, so that was really cool got to go to places like you know. You know that I would never go to an Indiana some place in India and I'd never go or you know, and and some of these I got to go all through them throughout most of the states in the US, because, because even before I was doing out of the U S c, I refereed for king of the cage. So by the time I got to the UFC, I got the referee more fights than anyone. I know I think I met you the Kincaid yeah way back in the day, communicate we met there. That was like two thousand what I was probably two thousand,
one or two thousand that was when they were in indian reservation, address probably two thousand because they started there in two thousand you're there at the early ones right now yeah when they first started, they have the as Eddie was working for them yeah, my friend, but parts was well that's yeah yeah, but man, but didn't like Terry decide to let me referee, but but it was hard on me at first really yeah Bob was roughing, but now, but then he started like me, Bob was rough. He didn't want you to referee, Would they Larry was about? That's how I started well. Larry was a referee and I trained with Larry and Everybody like rarely areas are referees are really you know a really good guy, and he did a lot to went. He started doing. He went and did a little research and- and you know, talk to people The commission from doing boxing and kickboxing- and you know so he put inspectors in place and things like that, and that was my job at first. I will
out there. We bring our guys out and I would like kind of manage the inspecting team and then I think they ended up working me too hard. One show I was like man I came in volunteer my time. I want to be able to see at least a fighter or two I just come to work for you and Terry was like I'll make it up to you. I want to try reference that. Let me try. Referee goes okay, do that and then I remember the first time I was like man. I think when I was like wow, I really signed up for something here. Yet I mean you know yeah it was but yeah that's kind of how it happened. When did you you had how many fights did you have I've had I think five and when did you decide that was it because of refereeing that they decided it wasn't. It was a conflict of interest for you two well see. I was never like a real serious competitor is like the train I like to do that and then every now and then I'm want something to train for,
and I mean and so give me something to motivate, may be fun to do it. You know um and what happens if someone told me that it was a conflict of interest and that I needed to pick one or the other and know mine's going to miss me as a fighter, so you know that's that's kind of how that worked out. Well, you definitely one of the best in the world man I get happy when you're refereeing the fight, so I know that it's gonna to be and old. The right I mean I I agree with you on virtually every single time. You and I have had a discussion about what should or shouldn't be done. The one thing that drives me crazy about referees and not you, but some referees is breaks and stand ups that don't necessarily need happen when guys are working towards something, and you can see, there's like a battle of guys trying to defend guys, trying to get out of half guard to get in the mountain, and then you'll see referee referee come over and just separated because the crowds booing or because they don't
and what's happening, how much of a struggle. It is right, specially clinch work, guys get a guy up against the cage, there's they're working for something they might. Install each other out, but Eventually, someone might break down right. And this is how a guy, like Norman comment off, wins fights against elite guys. This is how Randy Couture won a lot of fights. It's a legitimate tact, yeah. It doesn't look fun for you. You know, like a guy beating a guy up against the cage, short elbows knees to the thighs. You might think that that's not enough, but that's that's a good way to wear a dude out and you keep doing until eventually you break him, especially when you're someone like Steve Bay, yeah yeah. I think in the I think, for me it's helpful as I do my pre fight instructions. You know so I tell the fighters what I expect and what to expect from, you know me so I don't want to. I want to interfere as little as possible. Yeah. I know you and so that's that's
my goal, and so you you, I give him instructions. I tell him, you know: hey work, work. What I expect- and you know I expect you to do something to I'm looking, I'm looking for big shots or advance mission and then they'll ask me like well how much? How long will you leave something stale? I go well. What is still if they're, both guys are relaxed that still but like talking about even up against the fence in a clinch, especially that's where a lot things are really getting decided s, so we have to really see that play out. You know special, the guys. Are you know if their their strike, each other, maybe in some of the other weight classes. You know, then, then, we have that one punch, always some of the guys do but not everyone does and that where things are going to get cited in that Clint and if there's attention, if there's a tension there, we need to see where that's going to go and let it work itself out. I'm so glad you said that that's the perfect way to say it. Let's absolutely one hundred percent agree and there's there's moments where it changes the course of the fight. It's really unfortunate.
You didn't referee tomorrow, goose man, Damian Maia did you and I don't think so. Whoever did that one? We don't even have to pull it up, but there was a and in the first round, when Damian Maia got ahold of tomorrow is trying to take his back standing and he had like one hook in in the clinch and he's hanging on to an the referee decided. Not enough was taking place. They separated I'm like. Oh, You can't do that so hard to get ahold of home. I wasn't me who did that day me and my about to get your back whoa? No, no! No! That's not going anywhere that Sarah went crazy. You know he has that that podcast he doesn't Jim Norton uh and he's like you. Just don't do that to the guy like he's got a hold of him like he might take his back here. Like like in you know, you saw what he did with lime and good when he takes you back. Yeah Lima goods of beast, but when Damien Maya gets Ahold, especially early in the round, is fresh and
He's got his back already and- and he has a lot of interesting take down from there to while he's like he goes, goes back and forth with halfway taking your back and then one you're defending the take down. He starts taking your back and when you go back, then he's been working on. Yes, oh no, he works really. He works at a really interesting pace there. You know it's stunning toe watch him go through guys like when he went through Rick story. I was like Jesus Christ, a great stories, a powerful wrestler yeah when he takes his back and he gets him in that neck crank and you see the blood squirting out of his nose like whoa yeah. This is this is a heavy fucking squeeze this guy as and then he did it to Carlos Condit. Who else is done too it's not a lot of guys. He gets ahold you. It just squeezes the life history and when he gets on top he seems so heavy Homagni when he ran through Neil Magny, so yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah. It's just such high level Jiu Jitsu moves on top he's, just just no air to smush. Is you it's
I'm such a sucker for a specialist, whether it's a style vendors specialist was striking specialist or Damian Maia specialists. I love watching the guys that are like at the tip of the ability, in whatever the discipline, eyes and style, Bender man, he seems to be getting better every time yeah well for him. It was just about avoiding takedowns like he was so high level as a kickboxer. He so clever, like he's like, in my opinion, probably the very best in the sport at setting traps. Yeah he'll he'll, like gauge you see what you do in those rooms dances in some information, yeah yeah, it's not! It's not ran, and I like the way he deals with the takedowns. I mean he knows where he say from where he's not you don't see. These panicking is against the minute that this cook a minute by yeah. I see what the scene with the this attempt looks like I see with this. One looks like walking it through all right now. My party's gonna start yeah,
His guy. I talked to one of his guys see trains with. I was refering some fights in China and it's one of the guys who trains with a new zeal, and this guy was telling me so much and show me different things about angles. They do and things that they set up in there thing that I never knew or thought about this before I I saw him our friend in UFC, you know just where everybody was aware of him, but he had been in the USC yet and man. These guys is as a really smart. These the the techniques like the sport is growing so much. You know yeah yeah, that's what I was saying like when you when you seem like a really high level. Super technical strikers like him like who's, a world class will be he is good. He easily could be world champion many organizations as Kickboxer Z, Hammond now in the UFC, and see guys having to deal with that side right now. Okay, this is like the Anderson fights. A great great example. We'd know how great Anderson as yeah, I still look pretty good against our vendor, but you could see why style. Bender was special,
not yet that he had like another level of trickery. Yeah and I mean and Stuff Jon Jones is doing yeah yeah. So you can call him a specialist 'cause man. He does so many different sounds right. Aka is really like a kung FU movie right where he changed yeah, and then they do it. They do yeah yeah. Well, John, such a good kicker. To I mean that's, that's interesting. He started out as a wrestler because, like how much of his style now is keeping you it's a giant part of his game is utilization long, ass legs right in and it's interesting like how, how much time he looks like he's getting them. Nation on the right side of the head of them. Then, when he shifts gears, it's like. Ok, I've gotten a lot of information here is going to do with it. Yeah yeah He's gonna fight, Thiago, Santos, right yeah that guy goes for broke. He goes for broke.
It's interesting to watch him fight! Cuz, you want talk about like a wild. Reckless dude like Santos is dangerous with John John should and probably will be a heavy favorite but Santos, He does what he throw some haymaker knows. No, it's going to be at the end is going to be a it's a great fight to watch yeah that guy's go out on a shield. No, he and he puts pressure. I think the interesting thing about well for me with interesting. When I watch any of the heavier guys fight is that you know they you have to understand, where they're safe from whether or not that some of the John does really good yeah how to be in the pocket in the places where you say from what you know, knowing where yeah he's the best ever it utilizing his reach, no one's ever been better at controlling reach and then never letting a guy reset. When guys try to reach that Bambi kicked some kicks him again Bambi kicks in you. But he knows when you're trying to get comfortable when you try to settle in and that's when he kicks, you like it sounds like he senses it and just starts battering. You like you, see,
no no, no brakes, no, no brakes no breaks no brakes What about man MAX Holloway he's the king? No! No! away no break pours it on you just keeps cumming. Yeah keeps coming what happened. Um he pours it on. You keeps coming and it's fucking combinations. Several high profile fighters confirmed for UFC, two thirty nine, including Michael key Asset versus Diego Sanchez, over fight shit. There's one Michael CASS, a pack, a lunch, Bro Klingon overshadow Santos. That's that's a great one! So that's Vegas
yeah best Good Yamba, overage, Luke Rockhold, that's a great fight to Rachael's, first fight at light heavyweight. You know just how to say that overture. I think I listen to someone else and as for He did the noise I had the hardest time was a beat Oh yeah, yeah, yeah yeah that dude poof he's nasty, he's fun to watch, he's fun to watch. That did tell some nasty shit in there, so technical so crisp. And long range yeah, but can take it. Two men mean he ate some bombs from Jeremy Fucking Stevens, who is one of the biggest bomb throwers in the division. Yeah Jeremy has fucking weapons, you know that yeah yeah. That was I remember when that fight was on and I was like man, I couldn't wait. What yeah that was a great fight is close fight too close fight. I mean, I think the decision went is a
beat Jeremy disputed it disputed little a little bit, but I a close fight, very good fight, but I think the decision was correct, but the beat is, you know, he's interesting stuff. Right really good grappling crazy trip. Yeah yeah yeah, a lot of crazy real school traditional martial arts kicks throws one hell kicks in three hundred and sixty roundhouse kicks and shit right right right. You know a lot of great slide, a lot of sounds there yeah, there's so much talent. Now I mean I, I can't remember it where there was so many elite high level fighters that were like so excited to walk there. So many good guys, that's like really good guys. People are there's slipping through and this sport is growing so much and growing yeah growing all over the world. Some of these, like that's one of the quote things about the travel, is you get to go see and some of these some of these guys some of these athletes and other parts of the world have a huge following and no one's ever
heard over here. There's one guy Amiri Ahkbar. He he has. I think, like almost a million followers on Instagram, really yeah, no Michelle is a USC guy. No, no! No! The I'm saying this guy who's, never fight in the UFC, where your friend he fights in ACA no kidding is the russian organization. What's it called a c a yeah? What does it mean? Was the stand for absolute championship? Achmat was that might mean there is one dot, six million, but look how handsome he is. Damp dash, you know, 'cause, I refereed to fight and iser by John, where he was at sea, heavyweight, yeah, yeah yeah. How much see where he's a big heavyweight do you think he passes a pissed You know I'm not living in the man's pocket, so I don't know if anyone can pass a piss test. I really don't know. I really know that's not something that I'm not in
for on that as the value that Russian, I think that's he's gay he likes wrestling. I think a lot of fighters like pressing right now, the scene Ronda Rousey make that chain the a l I come. How to do that? Do you watch pro wrestling? I watch occasionally when Tony it's cliff makes me. Why do you watch it not now yeah yeah, you would I I don't get it either, I'm not fourteen. When I was I loved it. I know when I was a kid of them are arriving when I realized it was I mean I liked it when I was six, I liked it a lot and I have and don't get me wrong. I don't not that I don't respect what you're doing. I still work at it and gun okey dojo, and I did some wrestling workouts with him just to see what they're doing and the taking those bumps and some of the stuff that would do off the light.
There's no way. I would be doing that with my body, so all respect to it. Yeah, it's just that this doesn't count. I feel exactly the same way they they they should be respected as being incredibly tough. That sounds very difficult job yeah athletic counted. The guys are really good at it that make it look like you know, like art, yeah I like Jimmy Superfly Snuka. When I was a kid, I love that guy Bob Backlund member him removed remember the eye and cheek of os course online yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, there's a some fun times yeah. I prefer real things. Yeah I mean I get it. I get the appeal you know, but I I I I that's like once you watch really good fights it's hard. It's hard to give a about fake fights, yeah, and I just yeah. I don't I don't get it. I didn't know I didn't get it yeah yeah. I know, but you know what some people love it and you
Oh that's the thing you know some people know every bit of it every stick, and you know I don't know, but I think this is Probably you know who knows I might it might catch me, because you know I'm always trying to get hit to stuff. So if there's something I don't enjoy. I like to do. Would with somebody who enjoys it, so I can kind of watch them and kind of learn how to enjoy it. Get me now right, like what's the part that you like about this yeah, I mean or like. I didn't listen to a lot of country music. But then I used to work with gladiator challenge a lot and TED Williams. Would like you don't like country, music? So it gave me country, music, education, but some but you don't like to you can see the same good music and then I was like okay, I got Did you get into I started, I start grabbing. Did I like the old stuff I like I I like? Oh, I like Kris Kristofferson, Sunday morning coming down and I, like your boy, your boy was on your Sturgell Sturgell. I the surgeon, that's it is deep right he's a bad mother, yeah seeking Jesus play with yeah
he's legit, yet he's legit that that song has a well written song and he's a true trip of a storm and he was like working regular jobs. Working on a railroad and his wife told him he could make a living doing music she's, like you know you don't suck at this, so she told him to go for it, and now is that one of the biggest music cars in the world right right? crazy and it didn't take long either. Man yeah that that turtles all the way down like that. So that's a really cool song. First, first time Adam, like almost immediately after meeting, and we got high as fuck and did a podcast barbequed. It's been a couple of times where he called me up after that castle was like man. I didn't even know what the fuck we were talking about for the first twenty minutes, They were so high because if you live in Nashville like he lives in the Nashville area, you
go out there and get the weed. They have pretty good weed. It's okay, but it's not California we'd, like California. Reed is preposterous right. If you're not used to that stuff. You smoke that shit and try to be on air. Like all of a sudden, now you're on a podcast, your on air, we're talking about like yeah, I don't think I could keep up. I was like, Can you keep up with a joy now? I want those part class man and he packed enough. I think, to get a village high. He picked you put in this. This bowl is like and just toward up emptied it out. Did it again and then ate a gummy bear was like alright put on pink Floyd. He's the real deal. Man, you know, I mean he's free Joey Diaz is free yeah, I'm not that free man. I wish I could be I you know, and I I have I have I I I I have respect for the just be like you said: they're free Nous, yeah. A lot of people are free yeah, but I'm not as for like
I think, your boy, let your for your people seem kind of free like ooh, I think Eddie Bravo seems he's a free thinker, man, yeah yeah, but always good ways and you and others yeah. I know it is a that's why it's just too so creative yeah he's he's he's so open to ideas. You know, what's it mean he's he's also like he doesn't like losing size lexicon home to figure out how to win? I'm a figure this so hillock Kong can like hillock. Look at a position in Hell. Have some weird on orthodox, take on how to get to a better spot or how to control the position better? How to finish from there and like to see like damn like his plan? He's worked together. Just everything you know. If you have a conversation with him about about stuff, he it's. You learn a lot just from every time like okay, I know you've,
you're gonna take away something from it. Dude he's. I can't do one of the bits that he's doing, but he's good he's doing stand up now, and some of his shit is really fucking. Funny man, he made me laugh really hard last night. Really, I would have to do the bit. I have to tell you the bid to show you what I've been someone who doesn't have it yeah. I think so. So it's the I she was hearing funny man is getting really for is getting more and more comfortable doing it. He was always funny yeah. I mean he always used to make you laugh, but he tried it way back in the day, tried stand up many many many moons ago like if park in two thousand and three or four some I thought he tried and it just wasn't for him. He was too busy with other stuff. It's just the truck. He was gonna, try it and then get good at it, but he got he bombed a few times. It's like this, and then he tried it again. I want to say, like four years ago, was about that three years ago, four years ago, somewhere in that range and he's been doing it steady since
he's actually pretty funny. Man like like, like made me, laugh like really loud yeah, because I've seen on social media that you guys have some shows were like he's on there you are on it a bunch of yeah. That's a SAM, Tripoli shows a lot of SAM shows. He does a podcast tinfoil hat podcast with and and we're all good friends and SAM is also a conspiracy nut, so they get together and talk about the Illuminati and yeah. I have friends like that. Yeah, like that you're like yeah, I go back and forth with conspiracies. I have a love hate relationship with conspiracies. I love some of them. Some of our fasting, someone like okay, what the happened there, you know, but in and some of them work. I can't do this anymore yeah. I when I was younger, I used to think about it, but then I think when I had a kid at will yeah of time, for that got no time for nonsense,
If the time becomes very precious in this becomes food, how yeah exactly exactly not over here worrying about the fucking Illuminati? I don't even know what that means. What's the Illuminati exactly how busy I gotta go, but I get how people get sucked in. That rabbit hole? You know I don't know I could it into a rabbit, hole the other day, but it with aliens. I watched three alien documentaries in a row, a Rochester this one Bob Lazar who was ago claims he worked at area. Fifty one is very compelling very interesting because at the top of us someone, you would suggest yes, that's what I would suggest it's called area fifty. Will you Bob Lazar our area fifty one and flying saucers. I think it's called it's on Itunes, write it down. It's fucking notes because there's something things this guy new almost certain that he worked where he said he worked the worked at area. Fifty one, the question becomes, he told all it's the to the truth about all the things that have since been proven to be
true weird so he gave he gave first cut at those truths right. Yeah, we'll get a long time ago to he came out about this. Like thirty years ago, there was no her to shut this Bob Lazar? He would. He was worried about his life. Here's what happened? Apparently, the guy- was working in this area. Doing research, for whatever the government wanted him to do it area fifty one what he did there, who knows he gets fired from his job and then takes his friend ins to this viewing position in the mountains with I can see them flying flying saucer he's telling them they fly them out of this base, I'm gonna bring, you guys were going to watch it he's the video tape, this on old school vhs tape, you can see these flying saucers flying around area. Fifty one- and he says these are not not being piloted by a by aliens
these are being piloted by human beings, but that these are real devices. These things are real, there are it's a vehicle and they got this real vehicle from some other some other civilization from somewhere in space, and they had nine of them. It sounds like total horse when, when you it, but then you watch the video, and so the questions come like. How did he know that they were to be flying the things up there. How do you know they were gonna do am on wednesdays? How do you know where to being where he could see it? How did he know? How did he know about the Bio trick data. How do we know about element? One hundred and fifteen? He was talking about this, but this man made element that it's a real element that they now I defied, but when he was talking about it in nineteen? Eighty, no one knew what the fuck he was talking about, or one thousand nine hundred and eighty four, whatever it was when he was when he first got interviewed about this, so when this guy is bringing this stuff up today and people are
looking back at all the different things that he said that have since been proven to be true, specially the existence of area fifty one the government had to at some point in time in the 90s they had to say that they own the base and say that it did in fact exist so that they could broad in the top secret area or the you know like the do not enter zone where they'll pull you over arrest you, if you get past a certain spot, they wanted God in that area. So people couldn't be watching their crafts fly around, like Bob Lazar was and when they did that when they expanded the territory, that's when they had to actually admit that the base was real So he was proven to be correct on so many different things that he said like explain how they get him out there playing with the research was, and he said that they had these things that run on some. They they manipulate gravity and some. And they're very small, because these aliens are very small little creatures, like a child like a eight ten year old child.
It makes you go what the fuck man so he talked about. He said what he saw them. He knew how they operate it well, things that he knows, that are true. That turned out to be true, that how he have known them if he didn't work at area fifty one of the most compelling aspects of it and the fact that area. Fifty one was at one point in time by the governments: take it didn't exist and then it was like a legend, and this was when he was talking about it, and so watching this documentary and seeing this guy thirty years later, still basically saying exactly the same thing with a bunch of things have been proved have been proven, said: yeah yeah, that is intense, it's a trip! Man I mean if the government really did at one point in time have some craft that it got from another planet, what the fuck man, but the thing is like. How would we take that? How do you think people would take that if they found out
how do you think that handle that if they really knew there was something that was so sophisticated that it could visit us from another planet could be here in minutes? gee you land in the white how's law and do whatever the fuck it wanted to you couldn't even shoot it with bullets. How would people take that? I think that people would just keep going on like with every other scare, I think so, yeah, I think, okay, There's a there could be a meteor. That's supposed to hit us right right. I mean how people take it. I mean that's what they're saying I think you would have it. I think it would be off fuck fest in the streets, but that's what they say. They say it could happen. I mean you know if you saw one common yeah, but I'm saying that if you saw one company because you don't see the alien coming, if people realize that you have, these guys could show up right. I don't know I'm of the conspiracy that why I remember I did remember that remember that when they would be like these booklets of like Xerox, stuff corner like the one about AIDS and stuff, like that- maybe that one yet that one had be going for a while- the AIDS, conspiracy, the age of the Holders- memorandum,
oh yeah, yeah, We use the hand those out right, trying to tell people that AIDS was a hoax, not a hoax, that it was because the memory was gonna ho. Yes, government, conspiracy, yeah, yeah, that's right way out for one yeah. I remember I was video I was maybe I was making Asin along that. That blew my mind. Well, there was that one doctor at one point in time that was trying to say that that HIV does not cause AIDS, and we had him on way back in the day. Early on was that guy's name Duisburg, Dr Peter yeah,
that is, I just remembered it. He is a professor at the University of California Berkeley. I believe, I think he's a bot biologist and his take was that HIV does not cause AIDS, that what causes AIDS a compromised immune system, that HIV is actually a week virus and it shows up in the moon systems that people that are already compromised. That's why you're finding it in these people. That is not the cause of their immune system, being confident compromise, it's a symptom of it and that with these people are really dying from is there. Their whole system being fucked up by drugs that either they're taking a z t which destroys their body. You know it was. Ah cancer. Medication like chemotherapy that was so powerful, is killing people quicker than the cancer waas, and then I switched it over to using it with people that had aids, because in the early days they would call AIDS the gay cancer there's all these different, like they were trying to figure out what it was and what it did
early on. This guy was saying this and we had him on the podcast and people got so mad. There they were so mad that giving this guy a platform to spread his his propaganda then his lies and was like wow, but he is a professor. Right. He has done like legitimate cancer research he's. You know, I mean, don't you to listen to him and- and I I want to get someone on to debate him, but nobody wanted to pay him. It was like trying to get someone to debate a holocaust denier. Eleven wants to give them the platform. We want to talk to them, which I understand, but does Those kinds of I mean it's very highly unlikely that all these doctors are incorrect and are hiding the fact that a you know and then now the fact that they've got these um HIV medications that basically they can take people and make them HIV negative. Now right did they have a couple of people, tested HIV negative after medications yeah. I don't know I'm too stupid too stupid to understand. What's really yeah, that's
That's for me that I know that I'm when I some of those things you know they some of them, like. With the statements- and we all know- and we know this- I'm like I don't know- oh no yeah, I don't know yeah, there's too much to know yeah yeah. How do we get in the subject of aids Tumblr conspiracy theories, oh yeah. That was the one that uh that one that one was outback, and what eighty nine or something eighty eight when those little pamphlet to going around yeah. I was like will marijuana in conspiracies, go together like cookies and milk, yeah yeah. Thing is nothing like we that starts your your gears. Turning and you start thinking, that's why a lot of people start thinking conspiracies against them too. All right, you get high and they start thinking of the world's closing. In on you and everybody's watching, you surveillance, but you don't probably don't feel like that when you get high, no I'm okay, yeah I do sometimes I kind of like it, though you know why I like it 'cause it ends and when it ends, you feel great. It's almost like a
a brutal brain workout, like you, go digging deep into your psyche and find out all things. You're scared right, yeah. No, it's like it's work. Yeah is work. You get a little work. You like taking a look at you so go, and you know I never thought about me from that angle before yeah. To do it, I better clean up money, yeah yeah, clean up your shit, yeah yeah, especially if you think, if you're in a high pressure, job and you're very busy like I am. I think those little insights are very important 'cause. You could get caught up in your own bullshit and what you're trying to do and not think of the impact you have it on the people that are around you right, yeah, yeah and then then that marijuana goes hang out, yeah yeah and you impact a lot of people to men- people, especially with you know, like you, know, cuz, because I have things were like in my philosophy- might change or a little thing, and you talking you into a lot of people in like I don't know if I feel like that,
hey, yeah yeah. You could switch right yeah! You could definitely switch your opinion. I do I switch my opinions. I do too, but I don't know there's anything wrong with that either and I think everybody should be more flexible with their opinion. I mean. Obviously his opinions like rape is bad right, don't hurt people yeah, don't steal, obviously those things: no stuff that everybody agrees on, but then you get to a certain point. I think we get real married to the idea of our opinions being right and we get real married to the idea of winning an argument with our opinions. I think that's when things get kind of swirly, because then you start trying to calculate- and argue, and to make your position sound, better writer than considering your position for what it really is and then also being just trying yeah, always tryingto figure out and learn a little something to take something away from it, not to be a knee jerk. That's the thing you don't want to be in
exactly you know, what I want I went real back and forth on pretty recently is universal basic income. I see this guy Universal Bang, yeah yeah yeah these running for platform. That's part of his platform right right and I had him on the podcast really enjoyed talking to him, really really smart. Guy, very cool guy. But when I'm talking to him and I'm thinking about it, I'm like boy, I don't even know if that's enough like what what they're doing the idea behind the ideas that the ideas of automation can take all these jobs, automated cars, It's going to wipe out a shitload of jobs apparently, and the idea is that if we don't have some form of universal basic income, there's going to be chaos, but having just some amount of money so that people have their needs taken care of. You always have food. You always have shelter. This you taken care of now go pursue your happiness, the real problem with that
though, was who was it that we had the other day we were talking about um, meaning about people want it was it Nick restock us is that it was people. Five people need meaning yeah their life. Who was that might be him? I don't think it was. I think it was someone else. There was a bench period. No, I don't think it was, but anyway, whoever it was, they were talking about it. We were saying that. Does that give people a sense of meaning, though, because people like like you, for instance, you, you know your responsibility as a referee, you know how significant it is. You know you're one of the best in the world when you're refereeing a high level championship bout when the fighters find out Herb Dean's referee referee get excited to go good. One last thing I have to think about is like your
you're putting so much of who you are into that job. Do we know I'm looking for a piece of it on a yeah? Sorry, the worst, but I mean the, but that's that's check, can't cry yeah I mean that's. I know fear you that that's a in NAM yeah. You take that very seriously yeah Kevin Hart. Maybe yes, what was it? No, I don't think so. Anyway, you have me you know and what you do if you just got money to lay around and someone said well just go, pursue your goals, ok, but I think what people really like to do when they're really happy is make a living doing something that has meaning but getting to them. I don't know if it would
with smooth things out. If you just gave people money yeah, I don't know how that would work. I don't know how I don't get that when I I solved what he's talking about. I don't I don't that's like that one! That's I'm not smart enough for that when you know how that the work, but he seemed to think that there was a lot of ancillary benefits like things like he lowered crime rates lowered no let you would have lowered instances of disease lowered instances of people were injured, certain things like. If you had money- and you made sure that p a certain amount of money, it actually might cost the public less money I could see where he would come from with that, because I think there's something 'cause there's there there's a lot of people were probably met. A lot of people say that money isn't everything and there's these things that mean this, but it's only one get enough money where you can step off the off the little hamster wheel, hamster wheel for a second to like start a thinking about
these other things, yeah money's, overwhelming man yeah I mean, if you don't, have it it's over. I remember when I first got a development deal when I was doing stand up and I got a big check and I just immediately felt like like, literally like a weight, was lifted off my back there's a weight like I had a weight vest on. I took it off who, like now, I don't have to worry about food or rent or gas, or anything for like at least ah year right right and I was like how to think about it, and then I remember, I think it got it feels so free it feels so different does most people's lives, who are in debt most of the time they're having constant fog of pressure. Now yeah, yes, around them about those song, hills was goddam. Bills are every always there. It's it's creeping on you and then you get credit cards in your max. Those my fuck you still trying to live these dreams that people are given to you that you're supposed to have these. Like you know these symbols, the status. You know people trying to
and really that's even weird, because you know I'm not. The that stuff, but then then get I'm on television. So I guess I for forward that I don't know Maybe that's why I like to I'm deviating deep? Yet no, I don't need a Mercedes man, I'm just you know just drive just driving my car, my two thousand and five. You know how I just need to get from point a to point b, but you know, maybe that's why I don't know. I don't know man you see, so you have a seventy four bronco too. So you must appreciate cool shit did see that's what I'm saying, but that's the thing I was about to get rid of it. My friend said because I was like and it doesn't mean what it used to mean to me, but We appreciate it and now I'm like my friends like hey, I'm going to hook we're going to hook this thing up, so I was like alright, I sent it to him. He says I'm going to give you a deal, we're going to get all hooked up right and that are but it does. I will admit that like before it meant a lot more to me than it does now, Kevin Hart came over here with the Bronco the day I saw his bronco hit, the Red one is better than mine. Yours is to his a dope his
this makes me realize how cool the convertibles are when they're done as convertibles right like he's just driving around with no top on I'm like that's so nice, that's what that's, what I'm doing MIKE I I I got mine is as a convertible and I wouldn't I got talk top. I want to do a hard top on it, but if you taking it on and yeah. That is, that is a nasty You know he has his own car company that does this shit. He does shit with his own company he's got like a huh. Businesses. Did I never anybody as motivational or motivated as Kevin Hart? No, I saw the I saw. I follow him on social media and that man? Is he a? and I saw what he was talking about. You know talking to you about two yeah yeah he's very motivated he's the most authentically positive person, I think, of format and look at that he's gotta Eleanor Mustang, that's fucking, beast man! They made that in his place too,
so he has his own fucking car place that makes him cars look at that I mean the dude off the charts but, more importantly, look his outlook, like his is healthy, positive outlook in the way you know he just goes through life. It's very inspirational to oh yeah, very positive uplifting, like you, salt, just trying to help people and all these different facets of life, help people with financial advice, helping with motivation, help people to get the bullshit on their lives, get the clutter out there yeah. No, I even like when I first really like was when he was doing that thing where he was meeting up with people to run yeah yeah yeah. I was like man I like that. I like that, like that as much try, when I used to like to run, you know. Well, you could Do that other people do that my friend Cameron Hanes. Does that all the time he'll invite people to run with him places yeah yeah, my thing with the yogas. I've been decided to do it when I'm on the road.
So that thing was, I got to do it in you: go in Atlanta this weekend, no blacks, no, but what the fuck is two. Not one. Two world championship fights, damn you didn't get invited Atlanta. Are they going to use Atlanta guys, I'm not sure but there's a good Atlanta guy who knows a referee? Well like grace, Blake, Rice, yeah, hey um, there's, um Is that Matt prices? Ah brother? I don't know- I don't, I think, one of the referee, use, what's his name who's old, so sometimes they use what you remember that fighter. Ah, he used to have the black do with the like a patch of gray here, but that's like a street, makes his hair looked real cool. What's his name is there's a real good fighter. Uh his son fights in Maymana, hey.
He came from kickboxing background on the wild drawn a blank on him. This is embarrassing to us. It's embarrassing because he's going to be mad at me like, like you, don't know me, and I know him he feeling alright. Now, alright, that's the weed hanging out with Joey Diaz will fuck your head up for couple. Was last time you did Joey's podcast nose like it was probably a couple years ago it was one hundred percent from recovered. I'm saying he'll change your life over. In that weird room. Yeah, two hundred and fifty Milligrams t h c. That's crazy! Two hundred and fifty milligrams yeah, that's crazy. That is a crazy amount. Yeah! That's not right! No no mmm yeah. I know you are trying to Josy
in some way. I will come back to come back to it. Yeah there's a lot of guys who are former fighters that that, I think are frank. Triggs doing referee work now you know yeah yeah, yeah, Frank, Trigg, really good. I would like more guys do that and I would love, would love to have more former fighters, be judges. You know who I saw, who was really good? Who can take my courses Chris Lieben, yeah, good referee? Well, he's doing he's been doing stuff in camo and he's coming along he's gonna get nice yeah. He just one in a yeah I saw I saw saw, saw some clips of it was good yeah. Well, it's good for him to like, with his style, his crazy style? That's! Ah, that's actually a great move for him all right. You know, but he retired from finding cause. He didn't want to fight anymore. I mean just, but I guess a little bit of time off he's like fuck it you know,
there was two organizations used to be a different bare knuckle boxing, but they went under and when they went under they owe him like ninety thousand. They cheated him yeah, that's rough in his recourses. Just let people know yeah. These guys will be money. Did you see the clip that ah um Crooklyn from ah quickly and on Twitter, put up of the owner of bare knuckle boxing saying that a fighter didn't fight hard enough yeah? I saw that yeah I um and he was proud of these like this is the way we do it see if you can find her tweet yeah. This is the way we do it. This, like it yeah like that, was ridiculous. Just gonna dock, you guys pay. So she took fifty percent of his money because it didn't meet because it didn't meet his standards yeah. I just
the woman. He said to the crowd cheer as some of the nine yeah. I think so I hope not I'd hate to see that some to croak at your place yet to the president, all the bare knuckle fighting. It is Mister David Hotel who sees a coke, whom was evil. Look as you guys, having fun tonight, make some noise fighting champion tip is a brand new sporting, a burn new company and we're here for action, and we want action and we demand action from the fighter demands get accident that last fight rusty crowd of one of the run. Therefore, he's given half his purse to Reggie Barnett make some noise beloved see. This is how we do it a bare knuckle, you fight or you don't get paid. That's not good! It's not good that he thinks
the zombie profit wrote, this can't be legal? Who is he with Steffi Hayes, wrote Bob Crooklyn MMA on how that works? A later, she wrote what the actual fuck is. This hillbilly holes yeah? I concur. What in the actual fuck is that hillbilly bullshit? Now probably these to dock right, the yellow car was yeah, but the yellow card is a penalty for being boring, mostly work and sometimes irresponsibly. I I've watched some of those yellow cards. Make you crazy. You crazy take that back yeah, yeah, yeah yeah give the guy you okay, can't slightly harder. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah we can engage, is gonna, get lit up these this moments. We have to try to figure out what the to do you're on the outside trying to figure out how to get in right right now and you get live and then the referees I can't fight fight like, but in Asia,
that's some. They like some of them. Must I used to work a lot of this korean show and they change their figuring out their style, but man when I first got there they're, like so there's a yellow card, any backward step back step any back step, you should. We want to give a yellow card sounds like Lyoto. Machida would never make any money. That's why I'm saying I don't know if I can do it that I don't think that's I mean you in to be over here for a reason, I'm I'm I'm just gonna. Do what I do and hope you bring me back, but I don't know if I can do that. Yeah good for you yeah, I do do you ever go to place and the commissions or a promoter will oh you, hey fights go to the ground. I want to give it just a couple of seconds and standing up. I go places and people tell me what to do all the time. Really. And I'm not going to do it because the end of the day? No going to know that you told me to do it. It's gonna, be me doing it hundred
thank you so I'm gonna yeah I can. I can we have bases so glad you said it that way too, because that's that's. People need to get that in their head, because I know that sometimes people do get affected by whether they want to please a promoter or please a crowd or and they're not doing the I think it's such a tremendous responsibility, yeah you're, going to be but you're the one who's going to be for some of those choices. You know those choices that they made they're, making those choices with your name yeah yeah yeah. I did like the Backstep Kevin Johnson answering the guy This is a tweet from the bare knuckle. Fc, okay, Kevin Johnson. No money was taken from any fighters. That statement did exactly what it supposed to what was supposed to suppose and lit a fire under every single fighters. Ass from that point on giving you, one of the greatest fights you'll ever see. No, no! No! No! No! No! No, no! No! No!
Those guys fought that way because that's who the fuck they are right, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah! No, there's! No nothing to do with that Jason. Nine and that yeah yeah yeah. You can't. You can't claim credit for for Jason night doing with our low ball get the fuck out of here. They would fight that way in a fucking WAL Mart parking Lot, yeah, that's how those guys would fight every time they fight the case tonight, both those dudes and we also do they're. So tough Jason has my favorite nickname, hey Diaz, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah. It's like it's a bad mother, fucker that yeah he's a bad mother fucker that, but it was tough looking at their faces man after the fight was like man, I might have to rethink my position on bare knuckle fights look at their faces. Afterwards I mean that is crazy. It's a lifetime of it's yeah all over the frame. Look at is right under his nose The young guys tell if that is a crazy cut. Man is stitch. Stitch. The up all over the place does rough man his whole face got lacerated. I mean that is a lot of cuts: Yeah, that's more like a moitie fight, and it really makes you think,
and I'm that's gonna be the most brutal way more time. Yeah, I believe so more type bare knuckle beat like what they call it left way. They just they. They kind of like rap the hands up into a hand, wrap yeah. It's not bare knuckle, but it's, I think, bear and bare knuckle more time would be the the hardest. But the think what my argument was always and that's it storm. Is this that if you're not gonna pad anything else like you're, not gonna pad the shins you're, not gonna bad, the knees of the elbows, why you patting the knuckles you're just giving people a false sense of security in terms of what is actually effective? We don't want. We don't want to practice something it doesn't really work. If you don't have gloves on right, I mean if every time you punch someone you don't have gloves on your hand would break.
We could clearly can't punch people, stupid, you'll, use, elbows and knees and you're not on the IRA. So in order to fight with your knuckles as much as for UFC fighters do the pad everything the pad the put apps you put padding over it. Boxing is like it's a different world as soon as you take gloves off, it's a different world punches get in that you can't block it's it's way more consequence a lot more cuts, but at least if you would now, we know what actually works right researchers- and I wasn't thinking about it from that point of view. Yet that is given people. People are thinking that yeah you're right like people think that boxing will before form and may everything was the most effective way of doing things. But then, when, when you mm, the whole different from the size. The boxing glove of the techniques you can do and what you can't do and what's going to work and was not going to work yeah, it's it's supposed to be the sport of fighting, and you basically
brought it down to a raw form, but you're still covering the knuckles, patting the knuckles just because of perception and see the problem with that. Guy bare knuckle boxing guy. He says some stupid shit like that is that it reinforces what people don't like about combat sports. What people don't like about the idea? of bare knuckle boxing- that it's brutal, it's just there for chaos right. We come for action where see action that guys like I think yeah and and- and I don't think that I don't go to MMA athletes. I think a mma athletes, I think, are the most honorable and well behaved and- and you know not because of fear anything because of what the sport is to get it out like I mean people, they know event. You know that there it could, because our aggressive nature being put in a channeled, an organized way to make sense I'll tell you one of them
progress. I run around the rose bowl. When I see the Palatine come around. That's when the most aggressive things I've seen men, those dudes are constantly cursing each other out and cursing everybody out all the little soccer moms out there trying to run around the Rose bowl christian man, but the guys punches are never. You know cursing people out, so the runners now oh no- what's appellate on as you guys on the bikes, but isn't that, like? Oh, I thought Palatine can you stand still? I don't know I was. Maybe I'm not I'm talking about the guys at the rose bowl. It's really a bike No I'm saying they'll come they'll train there. Oh, when they come on the train. The riding stationary bikes and riding together the riding together and they're out they're not racing. No, there they're training and then you know different, there's some aggressive, those due to aggressive 'cause they're, cutting each other off and shit. So maybe just maybe just to follow the rules right or just the word pallet on, which means a group of cycling it's not the same as oh yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, so
cyclists, race offer because I didn't think I'd use the word properly right, but you know that well wait a minute wait a minute. I thought I used a big word and made a mistake. So these people there racing in there cussing each other out there. There training, also not racing just train together on the same training to get what that rose. Bowl. Okay, you've been to the rose bowl right. Yes, you know the There's a running loop. Yeah you go on and get in 5K around it. Real, quick yeah. Those dudes are intense, really way more intense than I see our athlete acting well because there is not as much consequences. You know they're not going to get off the pie, compete each others asses talk shit really. I bet they are well. It's like one time I wish one of them would have come back and then he's infrastructure, like road rage right, you get a load reiji when you're in your car. I was a workout done, don't do another! That he's got his work for the school okay, and so they get mad each other to try to pay.
How minute intense it's aggressive may because there's probably rules to what I think I think there's probably way, there's probably a lot of structure, is to write in a pack like that and then also the get their work out in and they're on the and the and then there's other people out there trying to do other stuff and they're really serious about their me. You know yeah its aggressive. Maybe it's just shocking to me because it doesn't look like it would be that aggressive right, because when you think about fighters like especially guys even training together, it's rare that they swear at each other. Talk shit to it like. If, if two guys get in argument with somebody, I doesn't let go somewhere captain people scream or something like that. Yeah, and so that's the other thing. I think that's why the respect has to be get better. You have to put yourself in situations where your
I know where you're going to be at a disadvantage of vulnerable, and so you have to trust your training partners to have this level of respect and you're going to have to reciprocate that yeah. Well, specially with things like leg locks. Yes, exactly you gotta be really careful to. Let go quick and man. This leg lock game that people are doing down to I need to learn it. I don't know it yet see! That's the thing. I know I used to think I was good at leg locks and He used to be so simple, yeah, yeah, yeah and, and then I guess, because it you know, I guess it wouldn't take much. Should we get it like what you said to be willing to do on back in the day right, everybody else like no? No, no, it's the yeah yeah. So yeah, but you should be like a simple set up: yeah diving, heal, dive in a toe hold you now. What do you do it yeah very intense yeah, and this other students some people get it. They were doing other things yeah like maybe the way they hide their feet or the way they do this. Well. I gotta say that the first guy in my modern mma that started really wrecking people, leg, locks, locks with yeah and then Paul Harris
yeah. It was Emma Narian Paul Harris. Those are the two guys remember, George Gratel, He M and r e m, and I ripped his fucking the apartment and you know cartels a brazilian Jiu Jitsu use a very early in the fight him and are just did that in our role does dove on the knee, and actually you know it's got you wanna an inverted heel hook and then Paul harsh any thing you can't defend this like he's too too strong, so he can do. Do ways build. He can do a lot of stuff that just doesn't make sense when we had that guy against the cage on a single. It's like no he's worried about a hill, a leg lock from their boom inverted. Those legs grab ripped it apart, going anywhere, yeah yeah yeah. He was devastating, he didn't let go and he would really really mangled you're fucking me right yeah, like that's what I remember when I, because I I got the referee him in Brazil before He was doing a lot in the UFC, and so I kind of seen him and like I think one made be that
format and I've never had a problem, but you know he'd use. He stopped when I told him to you know with, but as I won fight of his from, I think it was from Brazil or he's got some money in a leg lock in the style and go and and- and I think it's a leglock make see. If you can find it, but it's a it's, an early fight is Kerr, but it's crazy, like they're like trying to pull them off God is not letting you know like like a pit bull right, right, yeah know so strong, so strong and apparently his upbringing was horrific, yeah. Like I heard he had a tough of. I know it's weird, it's like you see that behavior and only see seems like you know. Some people have a cool energy when they're just around yeah. It always makes me smile when I see yeah, but I don't smile. When I see that I mean you know I mean, but he's one of the guys just like soft spoken, then you go on yeah. I think something happened to the guy when he engages you know when you're in locked in mortal combat it becomes to speak your savage
yeah, and he no, he I mean he does leg locks that no one else does because no one else is strong enough to do. They have those legs that just when he yeah I mean doesn't care of both legs as their arms in there anything anything. It's all get smushed saw trapped, it's all getting trash compacted yeah. You know he had a very interesting grappling match with Gary Tonin. Did you ever see that I did see that yeah. I do that yet I saw some clips of it like some bits of it yeah. It really shows you how good Gerry Tony at Tom's of Maine yeah he's because Paul are so much bigger than him. I mean he's, probably forty fifty pounds heavier than them is much bigger than them. You know, and to watch those guys go back and forth really really interesting. Yeah yeah, like he's for those people who did you know you get a position, but it's still just so hard to so he can just move away. You know what
grappling so elite and he's getting really good at striking. Now too, and he's really dedicated to man, he's undefeated he's been fighting in one FC, which I'm excited very excited about one FC? I love what they're doing I love the attitude they're taking of making it about respect, respected, martial arts and bring it like some old school martial arts values, they're fucking gigantic right now in Asia? Put on yeah and they have the best fighter in the world they have Dimitri's. My my is: what's really is: what's really cool is because there's a lot guys in Asia who are really exciting to watch at that weight. So it's kind of exciting to see him get over there with all these guys that that's I'm really excited about. Well, he tested in his first fight. I mean he won by submission, but he got tested and um uh. Oliver has got stopped by that russian Dude Timothy. What is is ah his last name, the guy that stopped ah.
Goddamn. I forget his name. The guy stopped Eddie Alvarez Timofey, it's timofey, not Timothy. It's strange russian name, timidity no remembers last name but anyways, our beast. That said, you can fast. You can yeah yeah, that's right! Nasties in his last name nasty you kin. The first letters of his last name are nasty timofey nasty. You can. Did you see that fight Play the stoppage play the ah, the knock out the far far right, one, no, the far right, one that one right there. Oh yeah, okay, just play right there there this dude is this russian cats a go very seasoned in there, like really relentless with pressure and super confident in his power, and he stunned Alvarez a couple times and that's why I was pretty shocked,
I think there are a lot of guys that aren't in the UFC that are capable of fighting in the UFC. I think what I'm saying so, like definitely there's um. All I get to see a lot of those guys that those shows in Russia see I'm watching this cat, and this is not like a freak knockout or something like that. Guys got real smart technical, striking and he's also puts tremendous pressure on and he's also got big power and their amateur combat sports yeah. That, like you, know, combat sambo and things like that. They get a lot of experience. Yeah well, You see a guy like be numbered. Medoff just run through people. In the UFC and you know where that guy's from you gotta go well, how many more of those guys are over there. You know yeah the Dagestan crew, and that's is a beat too he's from Dagestan. Islam Makhachev is need from that. That part of the world is well yeah, yeah, that's where killers areas boom boom boom boom boom. I set yeah
it's hot for right, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's a war. Our group of people, yeah yeah, yeah, there's a lot of men, so I get to go there a lot. I mean it's really exciting. I get to see a lot of really cool, so his dad Stan like ok, Daghestan was a blast. Daghestan was fun, man really yeah. I went there their I does there was, as it was also at the show they brought over for dune and and those guys were working for doing and and Anderson. So with those guys are watching five. You just you know, but I was working, but They took us around. They showed us a lot of really cool stuff I went to like you know, school, where some kids wrestling school like a lot of schools that were athletic with an athletic orientation and seeing in these little kids may put this little kid up on a bar. Had him doing pull ups man, he was doing pull ups on this little kids live, Billy kit is, I mean I must've, been least fifteen pull ups and then how long was it? I mean he's a little kid, but I've
like something like nine or something like that and when coach, when the coach pulled him off, he was mad. You could see messing message and I got more united me was mad, like really show the people what I could do and the crowd they loved him in may so much they were like it was like you know what it was like it was like. You watch those videos of like the beetle You know me when all people going crazy, but it's not teenage girl, just like a bunch of hard little wrestlers, alright just packs like pictures from someone in excellent wow. So it's that popular over there yeah, that's it now. What did you see? The video of all of those dudes when could be be because honor and the shoot machine guns into the air. Oh, I didn't see. Yeah, but I saw the one of my friends from that area sent me some pictures that she was out on the street. She sent some pictures to my wife, of the are video of guys are like get in horse racing had horses, their horses down
get. Some video tells like horse racing and shooting guns at the same light goes there. There are people where it was like for people were so excited about that without some enerji there yeah me too imagine you're from a place that many parts of the world have never heard of. Until I don't know how much I thought about Daghestan before it could be came around and then now they have not just a world champion, but the guy was smashed, the most famous fighter on the planet right, one of the most famous fighters on the planet. It's like him and Floyd Mayweather pro the two most famous fighters, yeah hi, yeah yeah. It could be just ran through him. So, like he's a he's, a huge huge star over there yeah. No, no yeah he's cute
so yeah that, ah no it's it's a fun place to go mad. In fact, I got to see a lot of cool stuff like this dagestan. Explosive delight after could be of defeats. Mcgregor we're all going crazy with their hats on it could be bought in the street. Cheering yeah wow yeah man Conners. All the shit talk leading up to that fight men did that backfire like on some people. It works on some people it's just it doesn't work at all and it just makes him more relentless when compete was hitting I'm going. Let's talk now come on. Let's talk now with the same thing with him, you know 'cause. He talks the whole time right from the beginning. The start stock could be done so yeah. He starts talk really. What did he say What I didn't hear when he's fighting Johnson give up yeah Do I need a title shot give up, and then he got him in that horrific camorra. I was watching that commercial site.
This is a fucking tap. Come on. Man tap come on man. I just feeling everything going pop snap pop. They didn't wanna top man, Johnson a tough, hi yeah, but I you know that ah either the smack talk, I mean that's what Connor does yeah yeah, but this was a different level. Let's talk is that come on. Let's talk now. Could we hear it? He has Michael Johnson yeah way. No that way you have to get up huh yeah. He sounds like he really cares about him too. You know this. I deserve it after five for the target. You know this. I deserve it as he's beating him right there and he's talking to someone side right in a smash. Your boy might the scary thing that he ever said
about about. I want to change his face. Face. Want changes, face so I heard he's retired right yeah. You know right now. I don't know yet. If you had to guess yeah he's fight, yet HANS Mon Camp. You know HANS from monster. Yes, I have pictures sparring with Connor today, also Connors train yeah hi. This is doing something monsters, yeah yeah, yeah yeah. It works from monster, he's he's. Training, he's going to fight he's, probably just fucking with people. You know I mean Connors a master showman in terms of like how to keep people interested in him, and I just think he just got way out of line with all this. Beam stuff, but I like the wait, I like the way he takes his losses. He took it well,
I like the way I like the way he goes out there and talk smack when every, when I think, as a as a I'm in a lake from a sports psychology point of view, I think, he's you think he's developed there. You know yeah, but I don't think the way to get another fight we could be is to continue to talk tree smashes. You mean you just have any reason to you can just talk shit like he, he didn't just win. He smashed and tapped. You like it was only like one or two moments in the fight where Connor was taking control with some of the striking in the stand up and that's another choke. That's another, misunderstood choke that fulcrum choke that can be brought Connor. What that is a legit, neck, crank, yeah and people that don't think the only tap to that like you attach that to, and if you didn't in stupid and people like yeah, because the chin was down there right there, like you, there's a lot when you're there's a lot of it generates a lot of four's yeah get down. Hanjour job offer no yeah yeah. If a support, yeah yeah yeah that that's a legit, that's a legit submission yeah, especially with that yeah yeah
Acheron yeah, exactly yeah back to the back of your form against you guys back as leveraged within you know, which, because of that full come yes horrific and very powerful yeah. It hurts bad man there's a lot of those neck cranks. It is like you watch people in just go. Please tap. Yeah there, it is right there, you see, with Habib's, left arm the way of pressing against the back of Connor and then also yanking on that that is ripping his fucking neck Yeah you never yeah you you into you felt one yeah yeah, but Connor. It's interesting that the ways posted up like that he's trying to get up in the engine crack to the same time yeah you got it kind of yeah. He was already a bit hearing been smashed by then too. You know I've been hit with hit with so many big punches
in the top. He takes a great shot that I'll tell you then yeah, but it's just one of those things where I think in order for him to really have a real chance at getting another shot. What he's got to do is beat somebody big and say something that makes ca. Bebe. Consider it you know, but not in not in the way of what he's been doing in terms of you know, talking shit about him and talking smack. I mean, I think, the only way it's gonna be public demand like he's gonna have to get to a position where people want to see him fight to be began to see that the result may be different this time and Maybe if you could just fucking communicate something to say you know, I respect you, you know all trash talk aside. You know. I would like to test myself against you one more time and I think I earned it. I think the only way is going to get it. I think the only way is going to get it is to to win a couple of fights, beat some real big name guys and then make it
it's a something that could be is actually interested in well. Okay, so I don't know if that's the only way, but it's the way. That would be that I would like to see they already offered it could be even can could be so off yeah, but like that, pass that you're talking about sounds like a one that one that fits good for me. Yes, I'd like to get that that way. Yeah. Do you think that trash talking and Emma Mae has gone too far? Do you think it's all right, I mean well, I think it's entertaining yeah. Ah for some people, I think it's not well. Here it's hard, we'll kiss. It's not not always what I want to see. I don't know it's not that a person I am, but not everyone is going to be me. That's not what makes the world go round as a lot of people want to see it and also sometimes it does bring some energy and some you know what it's well done. It does bring some energy and some excitement to the fight and to the sport
and at the same time not every fight. What's in wedding, was really interest. Dinner was really excited about. The USA is that there's a lot of fights that people want to see that have no bearing on the title right and so there's something to that fights that just people want to see, and I think trash talk sometimes makes fight that people want to see yeah for sure yeah. It makes things emotional, makes things intense, it's great for selling things it's great for selling paper views, but the question is like: is it good for the sport overall and should it be something that we encourage well hi? Well, that's where and that's the thing is: how do we decide what's good for the sport in what way right? How do we decide? Is it good for the way that support? Do you want the sport to look as faras, martial arts and being a respectful thing, and people looking at us like that? Maybe not. Is it good for the sport of the growth of the sport and for more?
opportunities for athletes and for our athletes to become ah ah names that, ah, that draw attention from other people that normally didn't know about it. I don't know, I don't know either, but yes, so so I don't know, I had I'm torn like both? I, like Lyoto, Machida type character, that's very respectful and bows and never talks, trash and fights like you know, just a world amping caliber, martial artist, and I also like a guy talks. Mad shit think it's funny. Yeah yeah exactly enjoy it. It's like I like press conferences for that very reason where you know guys are talking shit to each other and there looking over at each other on the podium- and you know it's funny come on if some of them- yes, some of it- is hilarious yeah how about Connor, when Jeremy Stevens asking for fighters who the fuck is that guy? Those is the fat
they will when he got when he got what it was like. Ok, I don't have time to insult everyone, so let's just get 'em all in one place right. That was great, so I thought everyone with this be efficient, come on discovery back when he was talking about with red panties night yeah yeah. That was, we made it baby. We got that card, Gregor fight, he's a fucking character. Akamai is in that weird situation, though, where he really never has to fight again, so you gotta wonder what his motivation is. You know like he has a one hundred million dollars. He has a gigantic whiskey company that proper twelve is murdering it that that place is killing it that the company is they're. They're moving in other countries now mean they're killing it. He doesn't have to do a thing ever financially.
Unless he wants to eat diamond sandwiches, he's like basically do whatever the fuck he wants for the rest of his life and just live off interest, but he still likes to fight yeah. I think so. Yeah I mean that's what brought him into the keep the fight he didn't have to fight could be, but just you know, how much does he want it I mean: does he want it the same way, a guy like style, Bender wants it or guy like Calvin Kelvin Gastelum wants it, and also, I think that you know part of one. It is different to maybe maybe there's maybe people might want things on their terms to uncertain terms of way you get in his way like like some people, like all you want it I wanted anyway, I can get it. Some people might want it and say well now I want it this way. Well, he was going to fight cowboy that was a fight. They were basically trying to make, but it was going to have to be a co main event, and because of that I think Connor was not interested anymore. He wanted to be a main event. You know I'm like cheese.
This like. Is that really what kept us from controversies cowboy? Can you guys about that? All right, right, yeah, reverse cowboy make that a fucking main event like make some malarkey title come up with some one hundred and sixty title or some shit just come on man Do it I mean they give out these term titles left and right what you come up with somebody who's excited when that was going to have yeah yeah, I was excited to see it. One hundred and sixty five pound malarkey tight just come on man. The Conor versus cowboy for the title then make a title but that are. You will always make it yeah. I agree. I don't think it would hurt at all, but apparently Dana says it makes a big difference in the amount of paper view thing: ok, yeah, but now they were ready pm plus? Is it really going to be? I mean? How does that work? Now you pay every, and then you pay a little more for the paper view. Is that what it is, so it works. How much more is it it's like it's just like five dollars less or whatever
so yeah, that's a good deal of your into watching all those fights on ESPN plus it is nice, they do have a great library, but so does fight pass right. What does that put fight pal but fly past? I can't see some of the stuff. That's on. Don't wanna see this other, way more. This, your boy tie, organizations and fight pass is awesome for the gym. I have a little home I'm with the Apple tv on and I always have fight pass on to kick boxing watch obscure were more tie. Fights like right from the arena in Thailand. You know it's, it's really cool or how much sound, guys beating the shit out of each other submission wrestling to yeah. Yeah lot of Abu Dhabi stuff is on there. All Eddie Bravo stuff is on there all the Eddie. Bravo Invitational com, Can't you just use on there yeah yeah. It is in a great place right now too right I mean it's just so many different martial arts that are really at the pinnacle right now I mean, I think this is such an amazing time
for a person. Yet so many people, yeah martial arts, time from Arcelor's. Well, you remember when you and I first got into it- there was I mean there was nothing like what it is now nothing I mean Marshall has been around for thousands and thousands of years and the level of martial arts, since one thousand nine hundred and ninety three to today is it's in described ugly, more powerful. Today the athletes are so much better. The fighters are so much more well rounded in even in Jitsu. If you go back to and watch old matches from, like ninety three course, you're X and Gracie's and Vegan Machado's and John Shark Machado's, who are at that? level even back, then, where they can hang with guys today, but overall, the game like some more isn't on, are and also even just the athleticism you seen it yeah yeah. I mean these days there, some animals yeah yeah. No, it's incredible and an really
what's interesting to me, is that you're really only seeing a small percentage of the elite athletes that are available in North America that even decide to get into it right right. If you, talk about how many elite athletes decide to go into baseball or an NFL or n B a versus how many elite athletes going to cage fighting? It's not even close right right, but starting to get some of them. It sounds really little bit, and some of them are starting to get an inch and Ju Jitsu is the reason why some of them are getting interesting. Jiu jitsu they trained right yeah for cross training, doing it for something people want to learn it. You know I mean if you're a big guy, but just about a fight. Yeah, that's gotta, suck big old giant guy doesn't actually know how to finally fuck man, but it learned some of this shit all right, yeah um, it's just for for those big athletes, the really big paydays are in NFL, and that's the other thing too. Is that a lot of
those are bigger than two hundred and sixty five exactly like they would have to cut a lot of weight to make two hundred and sixty five, which is, is not weird that we have a heavyweight division. They have to weigh in for yeah. Now that I think that is interesting, but I wonder what the Super heavyweight division would look like. It would probably be just a small handful of giant guys? It would probably like the flyweights right in terms of like how Iceland they get those Iceland, strong men, do to start fighting mma. Have you you know, what's his name, the polish prison. Ask the apple: yes, you fight a lot now and I'd like to have in you know what I, men. You know when people were all were kind. You know, give him a heart I'm invited, but Man Puja. I have a lot of micromanagement fights hard. He a lot of put a lot of eyes on our sport. Ascii, I'm a fan. He still fighting he's he's gotten way, better he's gotten better, you know, leave any chumps and he,
brings it into it yeah and yeah. He is look it up. Look at the size of that mother, Fucker still Even look at he looks skillful now he like he's moving, much better an here's, the thing this was always getting better got balls of steel yeah. He thought TIM Sylvia that I referee Tabulas yeah. I was like I did not believe that they that's where they put him up again. Who is early in his career like now, some saying fuck, the respect? That's where I'm like I'm respect like whenever I was like of respect. You chose him yeah, it was ridiculous, and heat rose chose him very early in his career, where he really didn't have skills that he has now and TIM is a world champion and and the type of body that's very hard for Putin. Now, ski yeah long and tall long them to wrestler who can put his hands on your hips and in control your lovers and yeah the make you you know your muscles give fatigue and make you gas out there and started for the
beginning, so you could see what it was like early for TIM just start beating the shit out of him once he got tired, but interesting because TIM has the opposite of pledge analysis body right like he doesn't have the best genetics. Just tough and people think that that pushes setup set up is going to be, but actually for it's very hard to fight somebody liked him very very hard, but he's also got massive experience. Examples I mean he's fought. Litter everybody any good all over the world, finding a door and yeah he fought. He fight the Great Sea fought on your lost you in our lot he was a straight up. Murderer. Lasky was in his prime Randy CO tour. You know one Frank nearby broke his arm and he tried to keep fighting. Yes, you too, right now. I've got to do that. Yeah! You remember that yeah I remember the crowd was booing. Like boo, I was like you guys. You need to look get this! No, that's a that's a that's! Let me I will tell you about that, because that was a fun story, because they are
I hadn't really this one of the first times. I think they trust me the championship and he no. The arm broke, I heard it. I saw it and uh. You know I learned a lot. I learned a lot about my job right then, because what I do is I backed off and I let the doctor come in and exam because, like you know, sometimes when you're dealing with an expert, you know cloud, the way you're supposed to get out of the way like you don't go to the mechanic and tell him what to do so. My mind was thinking like that about the doctor, and so of course he comes in. She doesn't know what she's what she saw, so he miss guides are instead, I think, he's worried about this and then she's like a no nothing's wrong, and I was like oh man in my mouth I thing is it's been great being here, but I'm not going to be doing this anymore.
Then he's made that switch already in your head. I swear I was like in my mind. I was thinking that I was thinking about how to get out of there when they start throwing stuff, you know noticed, can't remember their own wrestle with the Samoan yeah you guys trying to get in there and people screaming yelling screaming yeah. Here it is not. I mean it's, our estimate is other. That was all that's as other break. It was an awful one. Yes, so that I was thinking about that and then you know, but you found it, you saved me. Like I was thinking that my retribution was going to be like some kid on the internet. Two weeks later, like I found out, his arm was broken, but you found the spot, so then I was watching the replay and I was like, let's take a look at this hold on hold on. What's that Other words are my dad's. A broken arm on that farm is broken. Look at that watch. It when I had the truck roll it back again and then I went into the octagon, and I remember saying immediately like you guys need to watch yes like here we go. Let's play this here. We go. That's a broken arm. So I'm going to thank you for that.
Right there 'cause, I don't know french path would have been different. Well. That was one of those things where I felt an obligation to not just interview the fighter but to explain to the entire crowd. Like you gotta listen, this is, I know it. Look crazy! Look crazy to me too. This is a broken arm like this guys, fucked right now, three places and TIM. Thank you afterward for saving his career because it said, if you didn't stop that and that became a compound fracture fuck man. Horrible things happen when the bone break through the skin. I saw happened. I saw him afterwards. I said men did you know your arm is broken. He told me he goes yeah I know. Was your plan where you try to continue. So I knew I had a minute before the pain, really because exactly so here is and watch this part right snap right there I mean that is one hundred percent, a double double break, both parts of the both bone to the forum snapped in half, and it's an unusual break because of where it is that just shows you how fucking strong frank
here's armbar is how long the mt is. It was also weird's house arm went back into play how young muscular I talked to the doctor. They say that happens sometimes with athletes. The muscles put it right back here, yeah. Well, he had a plate put in there forever. It's still in there look at me, young will fresh faced Joe Rogan man. That was, call. Young Frank, looks crazy, crazy, so so lean and young he's a big old giant. Dude now does a fantastic commentator. Yeah, no he's a really good common really good commentator amazed that no one snatched him up to do commentary. Well, you know it's funny. He was working for ACA yeah. He just stopped, though he as he was there. He was there for a while in his commentary. What's weird, is he always he's? The counter. I I like, listen to him his commentary and also just talking to him. He always to an angle that I never think of, and it makes sense it's worth hearing you're, like always like puts frank, say about this me Sometimes you get some weird angles. Very smart,
very well, read due to yeah, really miss understood guy in a lot of ways, but Frank Come was. I think it was one of the lesser fight when he fought Lesnar either before the first fight of the second fight. Yeah, I forget which fight it was. He said he wanted to be the first death inside the inside the cage and the UFC is like what the fuck are. You saying, if they pulled him out of the commentary for saying that is a cook, I'm just talking up a fight that was it he was doing w e c at that point, member right right, right, yeah, he was really good band. I remember listening to his comments. I'm like this guy he's it's. I I'm a big fan of former fighters, doing it I think they do the best commentary. He does great Daniel Cormier he's really good Dominic, you know who else I, like. I like Dan Hardy Dan Hardy, is excellent at very, very he's, actually kind of morphed into mean. He really is as song.
It is. Anyone is in including myself is like is doing like professional commentaries good as anybody when we talked about that too. Oh Felder's get standing that one that fight. That's where I learned. Definitely that when the doctor the that they don't know what we all take for granted that the arm, so that was kind of my fault for the now. I definitely always tell him look. This is exactly what happened. This is what I'm worried about this particular part. You know. Oh yeah, that's going to be huge for you because, like if a woman gets the octagon or a man, and they don't know anything about the sport they're just there because they're a doctor right, they would have no idea what I didn't I didn't even know it seems like that should be the first thing I thought about, but yeah I didn't long ass time ago, bro yeah, how many fights you think you've called no out of thousands man. Thousands lot, then thousand Nick crazy yeah. She really stop and think but all that experience do you do you
do seminars for young up and coming right? Well, I just did it this weekend, yeah we're in Pasadena. Oh, so you know you can go on my web site find about her dean dot com. Also, you can follow me at herb. Dean in MMA on Instagram Astra usually do stuff link that on Instagram page when they posted the picture you with a blowtorch, ok, alright cool. I'm going to see this explosion of followers it's com. Baby come come closure yet not so I do it it's it's. If I just did it it's a it's, a cool thing: because I like doing it because it makes me better every time it makes me have to think about things. I look at that, so we spend three days doing so. You say that about teaching anything right, yeah yeah, it makes me It makes me a lot better and I always
read it when I'm, when I'm going to do it because sometimes it just dread doing and then I haven't finished the whole apart. The other part I don't like is, I have to say no, because I have it's for certificate on the certificate eyes, what you need a certificate to get license and so um People aren't gonna t achieve the certificate, so they can come and you know take the seminar, but there is screening right. Yes, so the First, a day. We we we go over a bunch of stuff, then they teach me some technique and had a mean, and so we understand that they understand what's going on in there and so as far as for judging how to evaluate what these guys are actually doing and then so, when you say they teach you take
like this you'll say to them. Hey show me how to set up a triangle like I go to the er, so we we do it and we do it in Pasadena. So I do it at the at the courtyard Marriott right there we got classroom, then I can walk two blocks down and take one block to the right and be at Savannah Savannah. Young's a fight academy. Go right there step straight onto the mat. We do a warm up where we get to see a lot of stuff. Ok, yeah show me arm, drag, show me this. We get a lot of information right, damn it. If you know it's alright yeah show me a pass, so me that's something that then I haven't yet teach me a triangle teach me by the numbers. Teach me you know as it was. Two you are like and I don't care if you learned it on the internet. But why do you like it and would maybe what do you do different to make it work for you and just talk me through it? Give me as much information as I can one guy this weekend took my course, and he gave me so much, and I meant I couldn't wait. Every time it was going was really good. He was a really detailed instructor, but he was really good, then but I learned I got a lot of information from some of the other people who I thought was going to be good, because in the beginning we tell why we're here
sort of like I had a high level class aa lot of them. Weren't um then know much about uh. They don't know enough about position, submission how many guys do you think want to be referees but have no experience in martial arts well. I think, there's a lot. I think it's common. You know on my website it let's people know like hey physical demonstration of mma technique is required to achieve certification. You can and you know, take the seminar if that's fun, for you, which is cool. My hats off to you know, because of the of things like you could do it your weekend. But if you want the certificate you need, stand the techniques at a level that you know the teach at a detailed level enough, because you have to understand the details to make it successful and that's why you out, if you're going to evaluate it as a judge, you know have to know why it wasn't successful you're going to have to be able to talk it through why you gave credit to something or didn't give credit to something. So this is for judging and judging and referee. So the first day I do is judging
and then the judges, the referees for my by the way, I do my certificate. If you want to be a referee, you have to be able to judge also because everyone assumes that you can and I'll, throw you in the judge's seat so interest, judging training. Oh, if you like, do a small show or something like that yeah I will try to do that. Yeah yeah, also we used to have this thing. Where Eddie Bravo used to score the fights in between rounds. It was excellent it was good about it is Eddie would break it down on a piece of paper. He would have like a right column in the left column like Ricon would be you left com, Jamie and then he would write. Okay, turb took him down three times herb almost got. An armbar, her landed, five Lave kicks Jamie, cried a lot, that's what it would say. No, but he knows it would say, and then he would add it up and he would say this is why I think he won the round. This guy had better position, but the I landed the big shots. This guy got hurt, but he almost got caught in submission, so I gave it real close, but I gave it ten nine to this guy
so you would get a better understand like how Howard Letterman do a barrel ways to do it further and I think that's a good thing like so that's one of the things that we don't really have in our sport like you know, are the way we. Score around we don't really score because we don't, we don't have like a roo, Rick were given assign value for techniques as they happen. So we don't that's not what we're doing and also, and but I think, that's a good idea for training. It's hard to do it the way Eddie does that live going around, because who right all that well take your eyes off for a second right, ready to take your eyes off just for one second, you know you missed, you might miss something that was huge. You know, yeah and so so that's why a lot of commissions you know, I think, Eddie. What he did was he had like he wrote kicks punches right he has a shorthand system. I guess on sides, and time someone took someone down ex and I encourage people to do that, and so that's what I do like I, you know,
tell them. You know. I show the mother, like different people, have different systems of shorthand to take some notes, because in the thank. You want it. You're going to want to have some notes, especially when, when the matches are done, you know this, they say, there's a split decision or there's a split round. There's an outside judge. Everybody is going to be getting their their game together. Their reasons why they gave it that way so that you're going to have to be able to talk about. So that's a good way of scoring around is preparing yourself to be able to talk about what you actually saw and then what happened. Yeah context to the scoring criteria. That's awesome and then this certificate is from you is that how it works this kiss from me, but recognized by certain organizations that are going to make it so that get a job. So it's from me and
and here in the United States is recognized by the Association of boxing commissions and, if you're going to apply to, let's say camel here in California, you're going to have to have a certificate of training before you apply to the amateur or before you apply to the say. The boxing commission out in Tennessee to Athletic Commission out there or the Athletic Commission Nevada their own hire people who have taken a course. That's recognized that John does one as well yeah couple. Other people do on that's excellent yeah they had big John's is coming up in June. That would fight week weekend does a big one. Two and six and seven I do did my June sixth and seventh, where at you know we're going to Nevada, So if you look for his for his social views are UFC card that we can yeah yeah, that's. Why does it then yeah yeah, given given a plug to my competition, but it's ok, it's okay! To end the day. We want people to get some good training and get information. Well, big John, is not
petition anymore now he's a commentator yeah, but for my training from a ninety day he never has competition. As a referee I mean we were trying to, but as far as for my course I want, but it would take my course but if they're not going to take model wanted to take his he's, he's awesome too yeah yeah? That is a few a few guys that I get very excited when I see that the referee in a big fan of my crew- okay- not a we're, not that definitely big John. I know yeah I've always feel very comfortable. Damn he's been in there from the very beginning. From the beginning I mean there is not a person alive that has more old school, credibility that big, John and more high level fights so yeah an he seen it all the good. The bad remember! Murilo Bustamante vs Matt Lindland. He had a tap twice
and stopped it and then Matt women complain that they will let him fighting anally. Well, you can go bring of of yeah vegan up so that only one of us he did the other one to write, Conan and yeah. Someone Rob Rob engine man yeah that jet Japanese made the fight again on the same night, when the is that ever happened did not gonna happen again ever, and that was from a punch to stop from a punch right. He drop down grab hold the ankle. Hello right now, but that's the way Sakuraba Shoe that he's he's. He shoots like this call it. What I can You know like he's going out. Yeah yeah and then caught Conan in an arm bar in the second fight the second time they thought that night that night, and that was like crazy. We couldn't believe a brazilian Jiu Jitsu black book of get tapped like Watt Watt, soccer robber. Who is smaller than him like that, and then we realized who soccer Robin soccer. Cause. He to me really carried the flag of catch wrestling that Carl got.
Which style of submission, holds more so than probably anybody else, never fought in MMA yeah, definitely like his style was all camorra, Does an arm bars and remember when he used to tape his legs up to look like the guy could barely walk man, how the fuck was he fight? think so good his legs would be Mama. Five, I'm doing submission wrestling now right. As he's fighting fighting quintet right, yeah, yeah yeah, he thought his crew fought Eddie, Bravo's crew right now, My friend rich, she tapped him from Rich Martinez, Boogie Man, yeah, okay, yeah. What I got I mean a lot for that mother thought right to deal with yeah unless you're a hundred percent full time. Grappler anybody's got nasty, Dar's, jokes mankind amid our CNN, but he's got that all that break dancing and easily yeah. I have his flexibility. Is ridiculous? Read yeah it's rude and is it his dexterity? I feel, like you know, there's some people. You say: okay, he's good! Then there's some people, you
that is so like I've never got to. You know roll with him, but he looks like one of those people that, like you, don't know what it feels like until you feel it. But yeah yeah he's very strong yeah his brothers two shields very strong too, but then they came from that break, dancing background where they have the ability to manipulate their body. So it's almost like gymnastics right right, exactly, but maybe even more so because they like do a lot of stuff where they're standing on one arm at bouncing around in the Lotus position, yeah you're on one arm and one arm handstand with their legs crisscrossed up in there and they're bouncing around it makes you want to give up There's no need for me to do this. He put that yoga man, you're you're gonna, be amazed if you keep with it how much dexterity improves and your balance approves and everything, but we're talking about it before the podcast started that it's so good for your old injuries, especially that hot yoga I'm I mean you know, I'm probably a little bit annoying right. Now, I'm like a little Bickram yoga. If Angeles,
you have to get a deal: a guy, yeah, yeah, yeah, resiliency to blue belts. I've been born again love. You know, dial I'm guilty as charged. I do that shit all the time. I do that with everything I like them. I get annoying. It's fun I. I guess I've been doing in other countries too. So, like, oh really, when I don't take when I take those breaks, that's what gets me. You know derails me. So I'm like can do the extra work find a place when I get there, so I got to go. Do it in Prague and Warsaw Saint Petersburg Berg, there's a little different flavor unit being so it's cool, that's dope, yeah, I'm I'm a big fan. I like to do it on the road to mostly I do it at home, but it's just it. Also that strain of that. Ninety minutes, I think, is like meditative, there's no music, you just
the poses for ninety minutes, it's cleansing, yeah releases, you're, all the bullshit you hold on to in your brain said. No, it does yeah sweeps that out the door. No, it helps with all that herb dean. We've been talking for three hours, Oh really. You believe that shit wow, crazy, yeah, yeah yeah you buy, would you know it actually, it's kind of cool because we hang out he said a lot, but the first time we got to talk for three hours. All right. Every time we saw each other for years, every get some dinner together or hang out of the fights its. Like brief conversation, brief it's at the airport. You know I mean I'm spawn pets. The United Beer landed this weekend. Man. Yeah yeah. I know what the fuck. How does that work like? How do you know it. When you do and don't get sometimes it's a call me and you know, there's some athletic commissions. I know we're going to call me. I lan, I thought would be one of those that, because I usually done it. When they've been there, I've done it. How often do they tell you in advance? They don't tell me that Sometimes they tell me far- sometimes not so far, so some commissioners- they you know they get on board.
I got called about Minnesota pretty early, he reached out. He was aggressive about getting me on there. He was like man I really appreciate that forget, like yeah, the men make wants to make sure I'm there. This Brazil show that's coming up Cristiano that commission he reached out to me a long time ago, beautiful and said: hey man, I'm gonna, make sure you're was on that card who the Brazil cars to see. Who was on that card? It looked that up. Let's see it was on that card. I think there's some good fights there isn't. Although fighting on that card he's got like a big fight on that card,. All those in a comeback search right now after knocking out how not to more con me those gigantic it might not be labeled yet sometimes like the UFC, doesn't put it up on its website. You know the the yeah. They don't put it up. What's up rose is that Jessica and wool.
Oh yeah, so that girls, a little pit, Bull, Jessica and Raj, is terrifying. To see that knock out of Carolina. Yes, she her with that overhand right, Jesus, Anderson, Silva, Canon near Holy, although that's what Ski, that's, a fucking fight all! oh and the Alexander Volkanovski off, is a fucking juggernaut. Little nag's still throwing down all these years later against Ryan, Spa, Santiago Alvarez against our Ipole. I don't know that gentleman man J pen versus clay. Guido. What what damn? Okay, all right, that's a good card man. What day is that Jamie, eleven zero shit might have to have a fight companion, we haven't had a fight,
pain for ever. The couple Herbie should sit in on one of those if you're in town- and I would love to they're the best yeah. Okay, people get ridiculously hammered and if Eddie Bravo starts throwing around theories. You gotta check your watch right right. Right, look! Look at the time, so yeah will drink some beers and stuff. Like that, okay say saying: may 11th change I'm open right now we can make it happen. I'll, be there, you will be there all you will be there. I found out ahead of time that their comeback, yeah yeah brazilian one. Ok, will get you in for one of these we should get get 'cause it's most of the time. It's not the four of us most of the time. It's like two or three, and so we have room for others Number, your bad mother fucker. I appreciate you so much. You have me on that was cool hanging with you, dean laser gentleman and tell people they can find you on Twitter and Instagram Herb Dean MA on everything. Everything dean, dot, com final course, yeah. Okay, thank you! Delays, German! Thank you. Everyone,
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